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well here we are the day the Mayans warned us about election night, twenty twenty the Superbowl the World Series and that whatever the heck soccer calls at all rolled into one we'll Donald Trump. well off. Another upset did the media do enough to get an old man and his basement elected to the highest office in the world. Do any of us any idea whatsoever. What's going to happen nonsense, does anybody know what's gonna happen? No, not me yes, really know. I'm going to know this guy, so there it is,
a profound and pressing a political analysis people comes from my God. It's gonna be a long night. The first Paul's closed in just under one hour and no matter what happens. I think what couldn't be more clear is that the establishment, media and social media have utterly failed in their basic responsibilities. We're going to devote some of the many many many hours that will be together tonight discussing problem and discussing what we can do about it, but the first thing you can do if you're watching them right now in one of those channels you to Facebook or click on the daily wire dot com and watch the exact same show us over there. We ve made some terrific enhancements them. Your viewing experience on our website tonight and to create a truly one. Stop election h, q? Were you all the information you need to know exactly what's happening as we go and we're making the entire broadcast free for everyone. Not just for our daily wire dotcom members. That said, we will be taking questions from members throughout the night and we'd love for you to get your questions in
so members will also have access to our live. Discussing discussion feature throughout the shop, don't be afraid to become a member today use the promo code. Election you'll get twenty five percent off tonight, show is going to be bigger and better than anything we ve ever stage before the daily wire. We're gonna have killer guests all night from candidate ones to make cuts Stephen crowded, Dave, Reuben click back more, but we have also set up a war run, to bring you the most up to date, numbers analysis and social reactions throughout well throughout Armageddon, which is what we're facing tonight. to tell you how all that is, gonna work, I'm gonna, kick it over to the brilliant Ilusha Kraus. Yes, I said the brilliant Ilusha Kraus, because my attorneys
credibly inform me. I can no longer than all have a lovely without getting rid of the first sign. A waiver ilusha show us how the war room is gonna work. I hope I look pretty lovely night, and I know that I have other lovely people here with me and we're gonna be bringing you hard hitting brand new news, information and data all throughout the night, including what people on social media are saying, with a very familiar face of the daily. Where audience Cathy Dylan Eyes, on Twitter all night long watching the reactions, maybe another, later will see what happens but I'll be watch, You guys are saying so if you want to get involved tweet out us real daily wire and I'll, be here keeping you updated election night and ass. The other thing that we have had those daily, whereas editor in Chief John Beckley John exclaim, what's going on in there, actual physical war room, that's behind you gorgeously ass. Thank you very much who got the woman, but this is where we're crunch and the numbers in the rest of the most recent data. All the updates on the election feeding
to you guys, through alive deed in websites or trying to just keep you up today, you can stay with us the whole night to worry about your missing something now we ve got it we're on it. Editorial staff is is on the ball, so we're doing in there. Let's take a walk over here and see what we need to be looking for it. So let show this is another continuation of our war room. We have the data entry happening over here and, like you said, it's gonna be cohesive, so people are watching the stream, hopefully Andy, where dot com and then also check out the homepage our team of working people there is gonna, be updating this mass throughout the night rights. We have this interactive map here today, not interrupt so we ve got map has lain other saying what you know we were. We thought about the best way. How do you explain to people? What are we looking for tonight? We just were twenty sixteen. This is how, wanna in shocked everyone. He Lee total.
over three hundred electoral? That's, how do you do it? He one ten, twelve battleground states known so this coming at all no active in no one's actually predicting. He will do that this year. He doesn't need to do it this year. He needs to get over two hundred and seventy to do that. We ve looked at it. Looked at all the latest, pulling in the last week has been major movements, actually Nepal, which for highlight later he needs to win seven of the twelve battleground states, so the twelve. Seven to watch out of the twelve or Florida Texas. Both must wins, George North Carolina, Ohio, Arizona, and Pennsylvania, so we're gonna, especially focus on those Pennsylvania's, become a major focal point for both campaigns What are you up to date on that and beware: in these razor thin margins,
for these reasons, as you know, it could be a long night like we said, and rightly along couple of weeks, we ve got to keep up to date on sale in and in this scenario, what are you paying attention to rights We're looking at where comparing results, the early results from twenty, still looking at how it's it's a playing on the different states. Florida is the to watch shut? It George, closes next watching those very carefully. Those are super tighter within one the margin of error of one in terms of the polling same with North Carolina text. close to that Ohio in of Pennsylvania, all of them within two ok
so is going to tat, so I wanna watch them in the order that they closed and in the updating and be an audience ass. We get information, ready, updating the guys on their set over there and, of course, also be taking subscriber questions. Member questions which we love to hear from the audience. So we have a lot happening over here. It's going to be really interesting, hard, hitting news lots of data, and you guys can just enough chat and smoke severity or something very little. That's essentially all were good for adding in smoking. Cigars guys looking ahead, at the night. We agreed. No predictions think this sound everybody all day keeps texting and asking me predictions that some people want. I think when they topless, but my my spirits with this is Only prediction you can win, if you say trumpets, gonna, win forty states and then from points forty states, if that happens, you're a genius, but is a high risk with every other play only makes us look like added our drafts are not here today.
What's going to happen, we're here to tell you what's happening and what it means when you talk about the stakes of the night, because I think the same are as high as they have been in any election, probably in modern memory. It's funny everybody says every election is the most consequential election of our lifetime. Part of that, of course, is probably part of it is the sort of bias of the now, but part of it is because, as government, intrudes further and further and further into our lives. The actual sakes do ratchet in one direction I hardly ever get that ratcheted abandoned as the thing about a wretched. It doesn't go. we are very important? I we're gonna help. People contextual lies that, let's start just by talking about the stakes here together, What are we facing tonight? What does it mean? Well, I think, before you get to policy. I think you have to talk about culture, because cultures, where the future fight are going to be one lost and when the things we have seen as we have seen: a news media that has wholly corrupted itself
the legacy news media, which has just all in four one candidate to the point of actually blockade reasonable news after three after years of selling us a russian collusion story that didn't happen. They actually shut down a Biden, corruption story, the breath much looks like it might well have happened and certainly better source than the rest. The collusion story right out of ship doesn't know. It'd have first wasn't there and it wasn't physically, and this comes after. What to me was the turning point of everything which was the tower relaxations, we're after listening to a woman, acute bread, governor of something with no proof that you never met him. We Have you read, accuse Joe Biden of having done something even worse and actually has met him and, in the one case, a full court press to destroy bread. Cavenaugh went into place wash the mediaeval all the way from one side to the other end.
What from the left over the four left, the offender and with the other, it was buried? The other case didn't distort wasn't told for nineteen days, nortons buried in the Easter paper, and so what we do, you know now what do they have the power, as you said in your opening? Finally, but it's also not that money is do they have the power to take a clearly senile old man was a front for a radical left party. and push him over the top, and I think if we say That's stopped! going to be very meaningful because it means that we the replacement media, have a good, gotta replacing this dishonest and corrupt desiccated legacy. Finally, but not that finally is gonna, be the name of my autobiography, been. I agree with what you just said. I think that the real story tonight, no matter who wins no matter who is the next president, the most the most consequential event of bananas, must consequential stories is the state of the media in the country. What you no question that that's the guy
I think the media, I think more broadly. It's the take over of virtually every cultural institution by the left, and I think that did. The right has typically fought the cultural or violating Republicans. If the Democrats are able to take back the auspices government power and use that to foster the culture war as well, All guns are turned against conservatives against religious people against people who just want to be left alone, daily lives, we watch takeover of nearly every institution in America by article left very small. movement made extraordinary gains and are not just talking about the sort of thing. Democratic. Let's I'm talking about the Woke lasted six to cancel everybody who doesn't fill the obligations put upon them by everyone, candy and Robin the Angela. I'm talking about I believe that you shouldn't be friends of anybody who would even consider voting Republican certainly should employ those people. Those people have become I
moving force in American, linked to the point where so many Americans are even afraid to speak freely. It's that that cultural level, yet the power of government behind they did Joe Biden Uncommonly Harrison Democrats in the Senate, wrecking institutions in pursuit of majority Marian crammed down on everybody else. And things can get really really ugly, really really quickly and when we talk about the institutions as well, Obviously, we are talking here about the establishment media, which has been worth eight to ten points in nearly every election for Democrats in my lifetime in this election, I guess the problem or ten to fifteen points, given how much they hate Donald Trump and Helen, rage. They have stopped against tromp, particularly, where they just promoted, The Donald Trump is almost like a sort of bizarre Blake, upon the land, that of trumpets removed from office covered will just go away, but it's not just them its business over of corporate Amerika. It scared the hell out of me as well, and that includes social media, because corporate there was this conventional wisdom idea that report It's about into for a very long time, which was that,
that you sure everybody gets walkin college for everybody goes radical in college and then grow up Ray get out, get job get married. You pay taxes, they, the old Winston Churchill kind of did the old old saw about liberals being being YO having heart, but but your brain by two hundred. Forty thousand now start to apply. People would move up movement, but instead, whatever people got out of college. They actually change the institutions to fit them and said. Are you have me a corporation saying that they will not do business with you. If you are of a particular point of view openly catering to the other side, you have a credit card but he's that are rejecting business with particular- with particular. Businesses gives social media that is acting the same way with the kind of live halfway and that space between media and corporate Amerika, but though the social media shutting down the hundred Biden story, not because they thought it was false, but because they thought they feared might be true, and so it had. down, because if it were allowed to be put out there than you might have enough information to make your own choices. This is the battle that were in right now the trump is at the forefront of the Federal Republic.
These are at the forefront of their battle, not because that's what when the cultural war, but because if we continue to lose the cultural war and we lose the political war as well, there will be nothing other than a complete separation of the american public, which is what we're watching in real time gap. It does seem like for the first time in my lifetime. Balkanization is an actual possible outcome, as has the red gets. Redder is the blue? It's blue, and, unlike the last time that we saw a separation happen in our country, I not sure that anyone actually cares and a further for their work citizen who disagrees with them politically We engage in any sort of armed conflict to keep them You can really see the possibility of something like Rex it forming, and you know You spoke about this eloquently in your book, but a sort of de unionization right. It is right that the dissolution of the republic try it could be at hand. The only reason I think that it could get ugly is because people who are in charge of the federal government. If their democrats don't want to see the tax payer dollars, walk out the door in their very much afraid that if job create
it's happening the reds days and dying in the blue stage. You can't let everybody has got the money, actually walk out that door, there's a reason that that Germany has actually build a wall to keep people flying from escaping all communism is international communism right it actually doesnt work in any sort of local Emmy. It isn't working under that would at least like us they they don't know that when Joe Biden says he's a unifying figure and then it is perfectly is that his party has decided that they wish to basic subsume individual rights and personal freedoms and the philosophy of the declaration of independence in favour. The pursuit of left wing utopia that they're making Why that's an ugly choice- and I thought that maybe the future the country rested on good hearted liberals getting together with conservatives in classical liberals and and at least we're, unified over what we thought, our basic Rights war, and then we would argue about policy, but it seems A lot of members of the Democratic Party, including people like Joe Biden, have decided, is much easier to go along with awoke left that gives them an easier past utopia, even if that means getting rid of american philosophy. American history and those personal rights will never is another important issue, Michael, which is that
seen and unleashing of racial analyse during the last four years. That is certainly different and anything that I've seen him in my lifetime lived through. I don't know problem Civil war ass ever let bathrooms real shooting. I believe you can only moved once, but still you know. Nevertheless, it really seems like in my lifetime Lisbon great wreck. Racial reconciliation has taken place all throughout my life and now you know even piles of ours. David French made up a speech in it the debate that he did with Eric Metaxas, in which he kept accusing trumpet fuelling racial hatred and the country port pouring fuel on racial animals, I think, is what is but I look around and see the only people who really wielding race and stirring racial animists or this modern left its Joe Biden saying the Republicans when a patrol back and chains, it's the burning down, It is now apparently, even when an armed black man attacking police is killed by police and Self Defense Europe. What what does it mean for our country that these racial division
are being played upon. The way that they are. Is there a way to get back to a place where we can? All? Colleagues, Why think? What it means is that Donald Trump just has not condemn the white supremacy. I hope I election night he would do that is, I think, he's done about seven hundred million times so far, but what he should do it seven hundred million and one tonnes. Of course, don't from Miss LISA racism is evenly goes on because we all believe the same blood of patriots. which is true, we do obey the same water patriots, if we're patriots, if we love our country and the left has made clear- they don't love the country. I wish it didn't come down to that, but I think this election presents a clear choice. Trump supporters, We have the american flag Principle, Restoring the american flag. Nano abiding supporters Obviously there are many who do not, but all the people burning the flags right now support Joe Biden over Donald Trump and more, in a greater number than the flag burners there
Many many Biden supporters, you don't like the flag on fire, but they think that America was founded in sixteen nineteen, not seventeen, seventy six. They think that America's fundamentally defined by the worst aspects of our history, namely slavery. Among other issues there now people in this country who want to fundamentally transform it, who think the past of Amerika is uniformly evil. We think that the present of Amerika is uniformly evil and they love America in the future and the future of their dreams where its unrecognisable they want to, to quote Rock Obama funding them transform America for when looking at in America, that is becoming fundamentally transformed and it's pretty ugly that fundamental transformation is, as you are, pointing a German, creating a new american caste system ripping racial animosity sexual animosities also its animosities, that that is a really awful thing, and I think the election comes down to do you embrace your fellow American as an american wave the flag, or do you torch that country and it's a new project that looks pretty scary, yeah, there's a lot of scary things. out there. Not all of them are related to this election
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It's the same way they used because, obviously, in two thousand there is a lot of fear the by releasing early results in Florida. Thereafter we're going to lead to decrease voter turnout in the Panhandle, which is sort of what happened to start announcing. The results are alien flora, bunch people in the panel's at August. The voting is over and didn't show up in Panhandle rival Forbush. They shifted how they report devotes in Florida and most states basically it can Eastern are in Illinois Main their Maryland S, dismissive, Mississippi, misery, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oglala, Pennsylvania, Rhode, island and tenancy. As far as when the states actually tell those vote Florida, nearly right away. The Lord is gonna, be probably earliest indicator of where the election is going at this point and I haven't spent some time in Florida. It's it's! Alright! really competitive and always tends to pull a little bit more democratic. Being that's what happened with round his answers and Andrew, given last time toil raise in two thousand and eighteen just anecdotally enthusiasm for private, extremely extremely high, and for I think the trunk is The wind Florida, although right now
If you watch Twitter, if you watch the various parties there suggests that there is a lot of late turn out from four to six p m for democratically in Brower County, which the Blue County in Florida, its close to Miami, because Miami didn't and Brower than pallaby each as you move up the coast. So we will see I've learned turns out keep an eye on. If China and slaughter early on later keep an eye on Arizona from Eastwind Florida. North Carolina areas, diseases path for Carolina, Arizona, Pennsylvania, that's his path, It does not win any of those states. You're gonna start seeing we're ta about Nevada, Minnesota, maybe filling the gap. That is unlikely. I think at best I sell key. He doesn't even those three southern south western state He needs when Pennsylvania as well, that the binding campaign was betraying lobe of anxiety about the way prevent really what it really comes down to. Four people watching right now is trunk can lose quite early tonight. As with
Romney and twentieth wealth. He can only win quite late tonight as with trunk twenty. Sixteen, if we, if we see the Poles close in in just under fifty eight minutes at the polls club, I'm sorry in just under thirty eight minutes. If the false close in Florida, president were to lose. Florida would be like twenty twelve Mitt Romney, a very short night we hear the commiserate with you, but it won't be the joyful celebration we're all hoping for and for the present president awareness can have to pick up. There which means we're gonna, be here, probably till eight new. All that, of course, best case scenario that if that were not within the margin of error that we're not litigating this bank until I don't know Yet to find me yes, Florida again, most of the votes come in pretty early they ve been tabulating about. So they go on. Pencilling is the one it's the nightmare scenario. If it comes down to Pennsylvania's people been talking about, there's a court ruling the basically take the can down the road on how late? This can be received. Bout can other received four days after the election is unclear, whether they can be postmarked
the election, which means that the election day is not actually the election. They are doing everything they can to fill them outright. It'll be, would be pretty while I need a pen. I've thought about you look at me. Look at a time. There lived a sort of basic Nath, thus far is that it there is an expectation that Democrats are going well in mail in voting either public are doing well in early voting, not melon wagon personally voting are doing very well and that at all the Republicans are expected. Is the Democrats significant, really surprising the early voting link, the Republicans really turned out Republicans or a little stodgy. They liked vote on election day I like to vote on election day, but they did turn out earlier than that was kind of a surprise. I think that the term campaign really put a lot focus on then. I think we made a strategic early error by saying that mail and values are in essence bad, but from shift on their rights are travelling to accelerate floored, informed that a lot of public and started to take him up on the ok. I don't trust anyone doubts, but I do want a voter away. Some gonna go in order to show to listen. I don't blame them. Let me take up an annex that are going on in California. I've gotten I've been permanent.
some tea in California says it. Basically, since it is impossible to be permanent absentee in California, I dont believe in voting until election day, but what my wife I have always done is of caution in case we needed to travel around and any other kind of problems were permanent absentee on election day we take our absentee ballots were pulling place and we turn it in instead of taking it in the mail I've, never trusted million voting, but always thought that it was that it was prudent to get the absentee ballot for the first time this year. Restaurant republican? I did not receive an Ex ante ballot. I received these. ample ballot islands- I receive the instruction packet, you get about things over the course of the months leading up to the elections. Not all of them did not get about. My wife did not get a ballot. My neighbour, whose registered a Republican did not get their ballot, his wife was a registered independent, did get her ballot. I've been stories, like this anecdotally from my friends all around, California, several people who work here so for the first time in
in quite a long time. I went down to my pulling place without an absentee ballot. I checked the and I asked them track as if any one had voted on my ballot. Fortunately, they said no, and they were. cancel that ballot and when we vote on the machine in the past one is always used up the ink punch ink system. Here it was a digital system is basically an Ipad in that, isn't even all that private right people can watch you, but you outta. This I've had. and amazingly, when you get to the section on voting for president. They listed the presidential candidates in order alphabetical by party d is for democratic, so right at the top, there was Joe Biden calmly Harris. Then you had your green party. Then you had your libertarian party, and that was it that was also is on the pat there's a little button down at the bottom. The said more now, I'm of a certain age where I grew up with computers. Everyone here is accept, Emily
Europa than advocacy you kind of honesty and what we can do nothing, but you weren't a media, your entire life. You can navigating you actually almost every you access fairly intuitive, but we all have parents and grandparents were of a slightly different generation who can't navigate. unlike the simplest apple, you x, you know one when you have, apple up? I always extra Iowa. I always ex point one. looks exactly the same, but the colored changing your mom's like Germany, I Anderson was the worst a green button at almost the same, but what used to be green you'll get now it's like almost my green! It was therefore a screen anyway, if you're. Eighty, There are ninety nor more. likely to vote for tromp than younger age demos. You dont know how to navigate these operating systems in this sort of organic user experience. You dont know to push the little tiny more button at the bottom idea, and it takes it
second place. Even on that page Donald Trump. Isn't the first name is there so many parties an hour, is pretty low in the alphabet, but can you just that small thing how how much how many votes get lost its people of a certain age at the end of the booth they didn't get their male imbalances are accustomed to getting they get into the boat it doesn't even look like Donald Trump is on the ballot you will they can ask but in order to ask you don't have to tell people who are voting for right, where I wish you wouldn't. I had a strange experience, also California, and voting in a very liberal district, and I insisted show my wife's chagrin on wearing the mega had to go vote and I wanted to do a little danced avatar we're Donald Trump. Ultimately, I that should be illegal to do that dance of your mate. So I go down I'm wearing the mega hat and she said we're gonna get shot at best yelled at and she was right, we did get yelled out. There was a little box that you can put it in, and then there were people waiting in line to cast their early ballot and I did get yelled at a guy who is
four Donald Trump any said: hey man Mega loved Lyra, and then yelled out by another guy, also voting for Trump thing don't put your ballot box, you gotta do it in here a safer. This to me would have an unthinkable I voted in California. In many times I have I, We weren't silly republic insurance or matters at me like that. Never I see that kind of enthusiasm, alot of people haven't lived out here, don't realize there rallies in Beverly Hills during this compliment that I've ever received, because I'm unbeknownst to vital What is essentially saying is that I am damn good at my job as some poor schmuck action, recognize y know that personally I think I've got the appalling places, my entire life, no one's ever wrote. I guess no. This is very serious and give Germany. My regards is an absolutely I couldn't get. I mean these were fired up from Verona in a liberal precinct in L a
been rallies has openly here. What's going on, I'm not saying from going California numbing any pernicious unfairly, not making that we're right. This is a big change. This is a big change and Republicans we're not to bring did which they are where the stupid body that level party, if they, not set such everybody. They would catch onto this that this is an important thing job. Exclamation Mark was never gonna, get that they have. No John Mccain was never gonna get there haven't. You know Mitt Romney never gonna happen. This is something that has really ignited people, and it is what the Republican Party into new strain of enthusiasm won't turn California, this time for could turn California eventually, and when you see those crowds coming out. I know they don't mean anything in terms of the poles, the ultimate votes, but when you see crowds. Turning out that does tell you that there are people in their desperate for the kind of talk that their hearing from Donald Trump- and you know I think we have all, I think, very honest about Frumps character flaws. We ve talked about this. Have we met? We all
under the three of us knows how I had one time. You only got thirty thousand morality, you didn't get forty, but we should talk for just a moment if we might about his character virgins, one of which is the fact that while Biden was hiding in a basement with a mask. He was after walking around covered three days later, pay more in a single day than Biden is in a month for time, any new findings varies from him today. The main inquiry, obviously doors that gives greater understanding heat he's, he's flooding nearly everything right. It is very difficult to look at how we believe that this guy's got me president, in four years, with even even beyond. That is just when you remember when, when Trump got the disease, we came and you don't want to dominate your life and the meat, once have no don't be afraid media variable domino I actually want to talk about is a virtue represents the Americans. I want to talk about the president and covert of my talk about the president and the energy that is really shown here in the last thirty days of this election
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You tell it to you because I don't know nothing about it. We're gonna, go to Cassie when in the worm fastening, what's goin on other citing keeping an eye twitter and a lot of things, are going on right now DC boarded up before them actions and so did many other cities. Others action wall outside the White House, but right now in DC there is violence taking place. There are many of us going around on social media. There's one of a man with a mental back outside the White House and then there's one of actually people getting arrested. The police are taught him than on the ground and apparently the violent started after. Besides you dispersed across to move a car that was parked illegally, but by this is already taking place in poles have not even close yet You know that's not really telling the rest of the night, but these videos, you coming out in its very trouble You can take a look here: people on the ground, is through them on the ground and deliver what people are coming. What things and already caused some problems. It seems like. Have we seen anything like this?
in living memory. During a presidential election in Bosnia and other asian day for trot brand people went nuts and there was a bit riding and you see but but action. They they deprive that you're, seeing on the ongoing for violence that people are looking for. Violence like the fact is. If Joe Biden listen, I think there are still valid by the way. I think that there's gonna be celebratory. Eluding I mean when you out here and allay when the Lakers win the championship. There's laboratory looting means, there's always group Both are gonna, take advantage of any situation to do that, but everybody understands that of Trump wins. The violence is to be extraordinary and a lot of blue cities nobody's boarding up here, they're, afraid of mega headed dog coming down the street and wailing on their business front. Anybody who tells you different ways just lying to you why I'm gonna go and get myself a gucci purse tonight. People always mention this horse. Michael, I need an come on, does not go beyond one thousand people have said as for years. Donald Trump It's me so ashamed. You Uranus mostly from the lively when some Republicans makes me ashamed to be an American trumped up ignore shamed. I is the best present in my lifetime. You know what does making
came to be an American, though those seen because the world's greatest democracy now looks like a third world banana Republic with doors burning up and people already engaging in violence because of an election antonyms famously said in the two thousand election bushmeat war, but it was so humiliating as a country that the greatest We see in the world couldn't conducted zone election, how much we're humiliating that before the results have come in, we are warning up shop the political violence in the street like we're like worse, I think it is in danger of this, but I can't help myself that four years ago, when Trump One and you were kind of saying over this bad election- and I so well these we have the peaceful transfer of power you scoffed at the course we have a peaceful. That's nothing to celebrate. value, these things, what we gotta, because they disappear like that.
it is another element of what we're tired. When we talk about replacing the media that the fact that there have been calls shown, a plurality of Americans believed that the violence in America, cities are being caused by militias and right wing groups, etc. And that is because of the ongoing propaganda effort by the Democratic Party in the media, which are arms one another, and then they are the same to you, claim that violence in America is chiefly caused by the right wing. Simple poverty party, terrorist workforce, Joe Biden, the even it's up to say anything bad about Antigua, and then they could. that the violence on the streets has nothing. Do them, I'm sorry, but the a lot of what we're talking about tonight there are problems in there is violence, love what we're talking about it has been actively fostered by media. That has been proclaiming the only way the general from loses the only result from wages, voter suppression undecided their actively saying this day after day. They are arguing that all of these losses being found all over the country by Republicans about what
to be illegally counted out. What ought not to be legally counts about that? That is an act of voters suppress. We saw an oppressive interest that long lines, for I think our voters suppression almost for bread. Bernie Sanders love guidelines for the line. Devote offended then is very bad, for airlines are good because at the end, you get red lines are bad because at the end you vote, but they also that's voter suppression so that the devil Claims of voters- suppression had been so much more loud and boisterous, and you republican claims of voter, fried I'm not a big fan of the border front claims because I don't think there's systemic evidence of hundreds of thousands of votes being counted fraudulent I think that it has cropped up its head in particular congressional distress from very, very, very tight raises. I would you some worry that, but when you click, why red voters, oppression, which has been the democratic, lie the last several years right. Debt, Stacy Abrams, must by fifty thousand boats, but if it hadn't been for voters, suppression turnout year? Then Stacy Abrams definitely would want. If there is violence the streets because of that, when you HIV of Pennsylvania, literally saying there is no way for Donald from to win this state. Almost active voters
it takes place. What do you think the result of that is going to be a sound from whence they can. If it is sad because it's not, I don't think it is the typical Democrat, the typical democrat voter. It is a small portion of the democratic population dawn. by these mash of corporations. These massive wealthy duration, news, industry, social media, Amazon, Amazon. Sending me max. Can these book your advertising? That is now you know if you like the poetry of John Keats like it, but that's the kind of thing and and the thing is it never. It's never seems to occur, occur to our stalwart communists on the left? Elsie or anybody in the squad. How come if we Socialists on these rich people are supporting us, we'll never seems to that but never goes on the left, but here's the thing. I think that I think that when you're talking about that, when you talk about, I you know, the Socialists. The corporations are supporting them that I think
corporations- are the ones who are being short sighted. I think socialists know full well: that's corporations are supporting them and willing to ride that trade as far as it goes till they turn around and execute everybody, often against until robes fear takes over and- and I think that they understand that if they get the court, the backing of the bewildering cudgel them in debt and back them into a corner, and the corporate world goes along with them. This is the thing the scariest may I mean again, I mentioned earlier, but that the take over of corporate Amerika by anti racist April next annual city and the take over of the media, philosophy that that is scary as all hell normal. Leaving the allay times the Ebner and he's gonna, be leaving out for the election of articles on beds with how many members, the media, like if promptly from losing our job here, is done because democracy dies and darkness and others it's bullshit is the basic notion. ignoring protein said you said one from his out of office, the media are going to change their mission. They have to more diverse and more antiracist, so openly acknowledging
political agenda, acquitted Wesley Lowery Report for the Washington Post and was fired, guess who's, overtly political in his coverage of Ferguson Missouri and who now says that all reports should be overly political in their coverage, and he says, yeah of the media corporations came around us that that's what's morning, had not only scary, because the ordinary person who has three kids in a job and Jan, yet while not only are they not be attention, but even if they disagree, what do they do have What right do when you have to go into hr and take the antiracist class and say you know, and basically now, of all this nonsense from those racist nonsense and you losing their job? If you don't do it, that is, that is awake thinking over people's bodies. That's because freedom of speech, yes, a legal contract in the country that present the first amendment is the case that the government can't infringe upon your freedom of speech, freedom of expression, but freedom of speech is also always been a mentality in the country. We, basically country of people who want going to be told what they could think we're going to be told what they could say. The problem is
lose the mentality, and all your left with at the end of the day, is that legal protection you ve already lost its legal protection will hold right in a society where people don't grant the actual moral premise. This is where people like David French within my profound sorry about this election, or he is an altogether wrong when he says, for example, that characterise destiny. I think that David French, Piper Mitt Romney these sort of decent man who can't let go of theirs stability is being so shattered by Donald Trump. They try to make this happen, that the character of a leader is the destiny of a country at its most extreme. Of course, that's true. I dont think that that actually the day to day. I think almost all national leaders have always been of dubious moral character because power corrupts wealth, corrupt, fame, corrupt This is why even a leader, Applegarth Zone Heart, like David still doesn't get to build a temple right because Why Moses can't inherit the latter promised, because being the leader actually comes with some consequence net. Nevertheless, it is true that the character of a people
is the destiny of eleven nations, and so, if the character of our people is no longer a character of freedom from the desk our nation is not only that this is also a very if I can just finished this thought. This is also why I've been so hard on the social media and dont believe that there is any argument, will you say well their private businesses, because you have to stop the idea that our right to free speech comes from God. Fishermen protects us. from the government interfering with it given rights, but the government has to protect us from social media or anybody else. Interfering with the white is absolutely right. The right to free speech comes from God and if we don't believe, we let it go right there. You know I remember, and in two thousand eight when Braun Paul was running for president people would make fun of him because every other word he would say the constitution. You know you're always go back to that. In our means. We run the internet, raising oh you're gonna talk about my constitution again and more about the constitution and in the the joke. If that is not that we don't love the constitution, the joke of that is that if the people move,
they're, on their knowledge of and respect for, our constitutional order, that piece of paper isn't going to help us has to be. Our founding fathers talked about this so much Abraham, Lincoln, especially talked about this week. We have to review our founding documents. Are Vanni institutions- the men who gave us our country when you lose that, because now the legacy media are constantly Bush and as they actually rewrote, the curriculum is called the sixteen nineteen project, these Bank educators. These pseudo scholars are pushing this kind of nonsense. Big Tec is put, this nonsense, then all some you woke up, and you realize you dont have a country and well We may all with women quibble with Donald Trump on various policies. I do I really like the guy, but I still quibble with some of the policies, but you ve got this image from hugging the american flag and you ve got the others. I basically saying that country's right into the core that that's a big the station, and I will defend the first amendment every single day of the week we have to build.
That we have to embody it. We have to act everyday virtuous, visceral level country up that don't from developing countries, and that is. I don't know the loving your country is virtuous per se. Loving your countrymen, your country is possible, is certainly virtuous hating. Your country, when your country is lovable, is anti virtue right, don't hate three as good as America is a failure of character and love. A country is good, as America is a requires, a who is requirements, and I would also sees its unnatural, not yours. Like love EU countries like loving your mother, video, you might have to have a problem with her, but she's your mom, it's an extension of filial, piety the other countries and Extension of Europe and, of course, and of course your country goes so far, just like remind you can think of seeing you gotta talk or over the outlaws and getting it as it is. It is true. I think that when you look at how added Willie everybody approaches election day. I wouldn't from the right is a lot of nervousness about. What's gonna happen
in the aftermath of the Elect and one thing from the left is sheer panic in the very. idea that Donald Trump would be re elected. So if Joe Biden Wind, very concerned about the state of the country and they don't get tomorrow in order to keep fighting for the values that we are fighting for? What from democratic sheriff for on panic and the same crazy here on fire way, but they ve been sheriff on panicked since two thousand sixteen a minute, let me read you this fleet, from the estimable Sally Code just sitting there About four years ago, I used my jobs here next, the knight of the election. Now I have my own happy. Twenty two While why adds that somebody? This use definitely healthy and we should put our tragic thousands of it ass. I was with drew about this before the shops, One of the things that I think is so indicative of the conflict is happening right now in the country. Is that the left believes that insight oceans are only there to be used very their obstacles to utopia, or they are tools in pursuit of utopia. The right tends to believe institutions are built in order to protect certain values, and so we respect
prostitution, because we believe the constitution is there to protect the eyes of the declaration of independence. The left believes that the constitution is there in order to do all the things that it wants to do and if the constitution doesn't do it, you just get rid of the constitution. They believe this rather university system. They believe throughout the educational system, was about pretty much all that about the family. Nuclear family if it doesnt achieve what they wanted to achieve, then all those things are responsible. an indispensable, though, is your home, and that's why you need ring. Why are you doing better than I think about what this personal information about? Where I wasn't check you work could make you feel better than being able to communicate with people when they come to your door without actually opening the door The olden days you have a lot of people in Europe have no authority to railways. You who is out there. I was likely funhouse mere now you can actually see inglorious hd, who isn't your front door from anywhere in the world over the internet because of ring there's a thousand by protecting your home matters to you ring, has security products for every corner of your home inside and out best of all, you can see it all.
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it- is that kind of something like that way: CNN, okay, so there haven't healthy one over its yet at the brain, stouter and also a very reliable source, yes is very, very reliable, mythical was very reliable. Source of resources are reliable sources, are reliable and fair, reliable himself in his horses, so he just wait. out in slap motivational user, bouncing back and forth. Here we go good luck. Everyone don't forget to eat, stay hydro. and more ominously stay safe, there's, nothing left to say, except let's count the votes, by embarrassment that lie in the fact that this is happening to reinstall threats facing stay. Hydrated semi is uniquely committed nuclear glaringly display hydra, I'm glad it's better than his uncle S. The Gibsons get a pop into the car, we're all counting on drinking problem. How to answer tat is right. It does mean that between mats boot declaring himself,
a hero last. I wonder what did he say? I met. It is pretty great he treated out last night about how she and the, her trumpery, like the true, never tempers the people. When I want you to look for Democrats, another real Republicans, the people, love conservatism so much. They should not just vote against Donald Trump Surely vote actively in favour of Susan colleges seizing how upon and made ready. that's what you need to do so he treated out this peace he'd written for the Washington Post all about what an incredible here He isn't. I wanted at the wording right summit to dig for it and set a ceiling for times yes offers. I can do I find that, rather than that, I want to take a question from one of our daily wire dot com subscribers there, the people who make it possible for us to bring you the show free tonight we're making free, a daily weren't com at Youtube Facebook for everyone, because we know This is an eye when you want a lot of information, it wants them inside, as we want to be here for you it's because of our daily work. I come members were able to do that ilusha. What are you hearing from our people? I'm here, and I will make sure that I don't throw anybody under the bed.
Michael Animals is not that interesting and slack. You just talks about where he gets the cigars and what we're we're drinking later tonight, which you know depending on happens, depends on how heavily Michael will be drinking. Our first question from an amazing daily where member goes to the God, King himself, Jeremy boring you once now do guys didn't the media is going to drop the covert stuff after this election or Babylon down. So I think that most of you, sadly, I wanted a list this week of different states whose mask and covert restriction policies expire within, ten days of the election, and it is remarkable, amass mandate for New York ends the third and on the fifth, as some of them are realising that they were a little too on the nose with how they said What are these things in their racing to extend them now, but that's just cover. in their own a tart they knew what they were doing when they made these mass mandates three months ago, expire on eleven, three or eleven five or eleven six. What magic thing was
staff and by eleven three or eleven five or eleven sex. We all know what it is it's the election. Does that mean that the covert is exclusive we political, the people, don't have a legitimate health concern. I don't think so, but it does mean that their primary concern, the primary concern of democratic governance. The primary concern of democratic mayors has been to ensue. fear and to be able to blame Donald Trump for all the deaths that happen with open arms. That's a let up on all of it. I don't think so. I think that now they ve actually It is a problem that they can't solve by example wedding. These businesses be locked down four seven, eight nine months now it can be very hard for businesses to make we'll go back to work when they try to reopen their employees are rightly going to say. Why am I speak now when I was safe four months ago? What's happened? There's no vaccine. Active anything cases are taking up as we into the forest? as we enter into the part of the year when viral infections most likely to happen winter when it's cold when its stamp
They have created a lot of challenges for themselves were now. I wouldn't be surprised if covert is essentially with us as a political issue until June now, I'm not been has an opinion about this. I've heard him talk about, or they may even spoken about it on his show today. I wish I do think important, additional which is how they they? I think they gained the system, another trapped a little bit, but then I think there's a way they can extricate themselves by gaming. What happens next, which is other decline. That will naturally happened at the end of the viruses and then do not talk about that. This is this is my only protection of the night. I am fully confident of them really really conference of this protection, so we know that every single November we know the number signalled up in December and according to basically every law that being the algae, apparently going to start declining in January February, and so because that's what happens, it goes up It comes down again and then once it's down, what do you think people are not really paying attention to? Is the fact that the states where it got hit hard first time are not really getting hit hard. This time floors, I can hit hard Georgia's like it and had heard your features. Not getting hit hard right now. There really is
a second wave there's really just a bit first wave really stupid for countries exactly That's what you think Europe to raise our second wave in Germany or France is actually kind of a big, firstly, because the harder you walked down at the beginning, the worst, the second type, so what is that you are going to see this thing skyrocket continuously. Rocket, nostrils, dustbins forms of cases and by the way, if you follow the stuff Doubts and hospitalizations. Don't pay attention to cases. Cases are incredibly useless statistic, particularly among children. You keep seeing headlines hundred thousands of cases have been diagnosed monkeys a hundred and twenty one children have died in the United States of Cuban nineteen out of several hundred thousand infections, the desperate passing away lower limbs lubricant anyone here, what's gonna happen, generated integration. They assume Biden wines for the sake of argument. What, then, They happen is vital. Come enable declare mass mandate, even though it the constitutional power to do so or I'll, try to bully Satan you doing it with a variety of incentive programmes, there will be a media celebration of this as the first. And that we as a country have overtaken cobbler seriously, then the numbers
will already be declining by joining. Twenty as well continue to decline, and then they will declared that the mass mandate is the reason for the decline electronic. Declined to the actual Joe Biden. Even those who have absolutely no whatsoever to do with one another, because every country in Europe basically has a mass mandate and has seen a massive spike. Nonetheless, ITALY, France, Germany and all however, another just as they did exactly within regatta. Think eat and then homo declared mass mandate, and then they declared it was Andrew, almost stellar and intrepid leadership of the decline in Europe, but I've I've been promising. You guys, so far tonight that we're gonna have all kinds of the process is the biggest show that we ever mounted here at the daily wire and the first one is upon us. The poles close info in seven minutes, working to start getting our first important information about the future of the country, and here too walkest through what that might look like is the guy are afforded himself a man who, while only one year older than me, is far more successful and slightly his handsome governor Rhonda TAT Morning
to be here and just for the record poles in the eastern times that arouses seven ripen hand, always seven central, so they will continue to go until eight p m eastern time. Member back in two thousand and now the network's forgot about that, and I made a big mistake by calling floored of Al Gore before the pioneer, not even close yet keep voting in the Panhandle here and there, and if your line you vote will be taken to stay in life in the pan, handle it in line about also governor dissenters, welcome, meteor, stay Some are now residents of us today and I will say, your state is far superior to the state in which I currently set. It is more beautiful. It has better governance, better women's. My wife is there right now and I it's a good supper, spectacular advice, I have to say it is: it is nice to live in a state where they have decided not to walk down. Every single thing in I went to the gems. I try to go to the gym this morning. An ally in the hotel was complete.
something like there's, no one in the entire hotel in they locked the gym thanks to Governor Gavin. If some that is not what is happening in Florida, I so should we start by about looking politics dumber disaster, which you start with thy covert stuff because he's the best of their eyes eagerly. I want just in terms of the elections. Have you register the boat in Florida night? But I would ask you bet your ass. I did my entire length interesting because you know what we're seeing any one of the things for you guys to just remind your view, resolve when Florida reports resolves the first dumper votes will be the absentee nail votes and the early votes, The Democrats had a huge migration away from in person voting towards the May. Also, we usually Republicans when usually be Democrats invoked by male. They would usually be Republicans in person early voting that
well this year they had a huge advantage over. The male Republicans actually did very well in early voting. We still at a deficit going into election day. It was about a hundred thousand more democratic balance than republican bowels had been cast but now we ve seen so far and election day word about so we we re Republicans or race that advantage by about nine thirty in the morning, while in now there's been two hundred and twenty thousand more republican bow its task, then,
crap ballots, obviously, with the Panhandle still voting. We think that that will increase even more and just to compare that in twenty sixteen, when Donald Trump one Florida he had about a sixty five thousand ballot advantage are overdue and so he's enemy in a much better position and as we and you look Florida historically absent strange circumstances, it typically have the Republican nominated. Ninety plus per cent of Republicans and democratic typically gets a pointer to less in turn, calling the Democrats. Part of that is because we have the ancestral Democrats who go republican in federal, racist still, so looking at him going into this, I gotta think he's in a stronger position. If you look at the turn out in Miami Dade County He will present a lost by thirty points in twenty. Sixteen, it's a big county. I was, I told them you can just cut into twenty, that's like fifty's.
Fifty thousand vote, swaying that could win you the state. What I'm hearing is it's gonna, be less than twenty point. Margin is a chance to get it in the ten to twelve point margin, and that may be best case, but the turn out has been really really good for Republicans. Republicans are turning out down there and I'm here the way these races in Florida go you know, Democrats have this three really strong counties in southern Florida and smart candidates on the republican side. Don't ignore and you go down, you try to reduce the margin, and I think the present has done that in Miami Gay County and I think he's gonna win the state, and I think that will be a big reason. Why obviously he doesn't need to end the state of law and order retained the presidency. If it goes, the other way will be an early night, so you're talkin. The timing and how fast the votes are tabulated. So, if we're watching tonight, what time do you think the vote? are going to be all into the point. We're gonna start seeing people call the stake.
So what will happen? Is one supposed close you'll get the initial down of the early in absentee ballot and then start to get the precincts reporting with election day boats, so that the process that will take, you know a couple hours, so I think case scenario, you're, looking at nine between nine and ten, but I definitely think we're gonna be able to make the call no later than that ten o clock to eleven o clock. Our it just depends on it elevating things are looking favourable for the president. Does he went a typical Florida victory? You know eighty thousand boats or These bow in advance agent and strengthen alive today within person voting you know, does he does he went by two hundred fifty thousand end. I think both are possible. Obviously, that's the latter. We're gonna be able to determine that you no closer to ninety eight and eleven p M governor Floridians count. Donald Trump is one of their own. Obviously he he lives in the state,
great deal at the time, our logo, such a beautiful suitability, location therein, Beach added Floridians, perceived Donald Trump, I think that they do to see a connection with Florida and obviously you do have Marilla go. He goes down here in the winter and has been doing that for a long time has also been very smart. tending to Florida issues now Parliament's because I call em in Belgium too, then. Suddenly we have certain issues here. Like you know, our water resources were big. Unleashing voting stayed are Everglades restoration, some of the military bases that on that he's help save one of them was in the Panhandle Pope AIR Force Base he's been very strong on space. We have a huge space renaissance and the speed because the Florida right now keep Canaveral area, so I think he's done a good job of turning the Florida agencies also been good,
supporting democracy in Latin America, which is very important to a lot of our residents in southern Florida. So I think that yes, they count on, but I think what he's done is he's really done. Things then resonate with thirty ends in a way that you know like a bite and just wouldn't do without having that that connection, but I would also say how many if you already and young, proud of it, but at the same time our states always in flocks. I mean you always have a new people coming. It's just not the same as being a lifelong clarity and doesn't get you as much as save your life long. You know a resident of some of the other states that have a little bit more stable populations. Well, then, alluded This at the beginning, you ve been the best governor in the country and dealing with the covert crisis. Can you tell us just briefly a little bit about your philosophy, on how to handle covered. Why you ve done why you ve been able
preserve liberty in your state in a way that many governors haven't been able to end when you're gonna run for President one within the law. So you know that marks. There is a lot we were still learning. I mean I thought it was pretty clear by MID March that this had a disproportionate effect on elderly. Yet we focused a lot of our efforts on the nursing homes. Now, of course, and we were sending p p, we're doing things like that, we didn't essentially have all the testing supplies at that point. we get the fifteen days slow, the spread and Canada's followed president's krona Vires task force. But then, when you start to see in April worthy serological studies to show that, for every documented case there ten times as many actual infections, which meant a couple things one and then that the authority of this was less than we thought and in fact, if you look under the age of fifty survival rate, is ninety nine point, nine percent per CDC raw analysis.
and then we are, but it also means that its much more prevalent than we thought we thought in March there, maybe there's a cobra case in this county or three cases, let's find out. What's isolated, turns out that this was something that a lot of people that had had didn't develop significant symptoms. It was more prevalent in the community. So for me now I thought at that point. It made sense that we needed to make sure we opened the state and move forward and that we get it deliberately, but we were resolute and doing it, and I think what we ve been able to see is the areas they look at what is happening in Europe in a lot of harsh mandates walk down over the summer, people were celebrating that, but really they just had a seasonal respite and now coming back, and so I think, you're better off with an age specific strategy focusing on support for our most vulnerable residents, but having society function so, for example, in Florida, these seven counties we're school open for in person, school districts, charter, schools, private,
because in fact ten most populous school districts in that country, five, Florida all open the five New York City name about ten percent of the kids in person Chicago closed, Los Angeles, closed, LAS Vegas, closed Houston, I think, has just started getting kids back I think, though, that what you what's been frustrating on this is one it's been very political because they wanted to use it against the president. but just a lack of fidelity to data and evidence. I mean, schools? It was very clear by made at schools needed to open in the fall. Studies done in Europe which were conclusive and there was literally no countervailing evidence, and so we push forward with doing that. In July thing, parents have a right to send a kids school. You don't want to do it. You want to do distance fine, but we have to do it. Oh, my gosh, nor that the blow people were complaining all the seller stuff sure enough. We ve gone into school
Parents had opted for distance learning. A lot of them are each and to get the kid back in person. Very few parents at opted for in person are trying to get their kid and distance learning, but we knew that obviously, the dick, the kids were not significant risks for this certainly lesson flu, but we also knew they were insignificant, spread after the actors in the community. In fact, we are not at a single example of a student infecting a teacher, and I don't think very many states are countries have very many examples of that as well. So I just think that the data are focusing on the data understanding that, just from a health perspective, one virus is not the sum total of everything involving health. I mean when you start having myopic focus on just corona virus at all costs. You cause problem
with mental health. You cause problems with other elements any we had people so scared in this country that they would literally be having heart attacks at home, but they wouldn't go into the emergency department because they thought they were gonna, get corona and die from that inaction. Basically fear that was whipped up by the media and responsibly. So we focused on your mental health focus on helping people who are abusing drugs focusing on getting people into the house will mean that the thing about it started all this remember that the hospitals were somehow gonna be overrun, is up in any hospital system in the country. Even New York was not over run, they did not use the ship, they did not use the jacket centre and I can tell you Florida peak wait about ninety six hundred co
positive patients in Florida hospitals, but we have sixty five thousand licence hospital beds, and so we never even came close to capacity, and in fact it that's the case. It really should inform how you do this, and so I think, we're in a situation now where we have obviously businesses, open schools, open and really trusting people to make decisions about the environments that their comfortable be. I am, but I think what we found is the more and more we returned to normal and more and more people appreciate it. governor dances, really appreciate your time and frankly, look we're getting out of this hell hole in getting back to your wonderful say over the next couple of days and look forward to seeing in person their absence we take care given around from the great state of Florida. One of the states that will have the most impact on what happens is that either through you heard him say, importantly, that while the Poles closed in the in Time zone in Florida five minutes ago, the poles do not close. In the past,
and handle until an hour from now and if you're standing in line of Florida, you will still get into vote. So, if you're in line stay in line, don't forfeit your right to register your choice in this That's about the aggregate harping on a lot on twitter. A lot of my friends will say: I voted I don't blame me about four Donald Trump now say that that's great well, You voted for a huge about four four congressmen who guided next Both for a moment I supported by many of my god, I think everyone is going to do about. It- from being a latin vote. On it off your sorry, ass, it don't write about it as in the high like Donald Trump, I shall go in voting for the report and say that I was going to propose to you so please, if you're in love. If we are to stay in line of one of your online anywhere in the country and your Poland place closes stay where you are and make sure that your vote is counted tonight collection. Common for just an illusion, the governor, but the sufi was changed from a kind of sin:
century point of view. Yes, I have been listening to the left talk about Donald Trump Dubai, He is the vibrate and its, and I keep thinking these people some children is at me. you know I mean my my just hearing this kind of logic. We're done companies, the big man, but he must be spreading the disease the sound of that guy was show adult and so rational, and I urge coming out of his mouth made so much sense, but now it is the actual, your children more, that more than even children, honestly, they occur like religious fervor from around from it really is the elderly is that they believe- and they made this clear- that that Trump is the devil, whether that they really into it, is that it is from? Is this sort of cloud paint Henrietta peanuts, gonna get rid of France. Encoded magically goes away. That's why over the last forty eight hours, seventy two hours, Joe Biden, final page, was I'm not. we're getting that he was going to be your parents, the Pope, if you like, Michael the night was it was those nothing. He literally said that if you know what
you will treat you like members. Failure that excellent economic bags of cash in Ukraine in trying to say, is going to save our collective soldiers it if I figure that crap Politicians who want to save myself you're right, the seventy eight year old, geriatric can't put a certain together, lifelong corrupt, bureaucratic, Did every major positioning ever held, including one where he used me for life, to probe choice that Guy's, gonna save myself and then his vital page was that he was going to crush the virus, but I'm not going to crush the economy. I'm not gonna crusher the questioner hopes I meant to crush the virus really outlook with your foot or widely how's. It feel like Hillary Clinton, cloth or racism. Smaller, its method of the virus is gone, and I thought to myself. This is Captain Moon shot to kill cancer. Is, though, people are trying to kill cancer like the in religious faith that isn't it didn't the power of government by so many people. Unless these sickening it is wrong. It is
Alfred Productive and it is childish. Calling you know why I mean you deserve saying something perfectly obvious you can crush the virus. I can do. Is yours and protect most vulnerable? They used to be how we all dealt with medical product was not yet, but the reason why, of course, is that everybody's got a serb somebody, so you always you're. The left talk about religious kooks, the left, which believes that babies aren't you men in the belief that men can be women and police. Rural is gonna end in ten years. So you you do have a natural religious longing and you put it on this guy. I mean that this has been going on for a very long time in this country and most recently, I guess Brok Obama, who said that the earth would heal in the oceans would lower. If you, if you will accept Mr Elles said she was gonna, he's gonna take out our are hard to study replaced at the heart of life. Basically, that's right! I really don't you. Yes, he said that one of the Indian Jones movies into you know that the statement that Biden made that I thought was most shocking in a campaign of shocking mostly incomprehensible statement was when he came out, and he said that if I had been president two hundred,
one thousand Americans would realise that no one would have died, that the votes that America, unlike every other country on earth, would have no deaths from the virus and if you believe that than Donald Trump really must be the virus. I wish the president trumpet asked by age. If you ve been present, can you give me a number inhumane, specific item right? Why one thousand two hundred and and and unfortunately, we didn't get that hit in making it would have gotten a crap. You would have gotten a crappy soundbites, not nearly as many as five hundred you, but that's not the answer. Right dancers, pal mainly in Vienna people, so the early poles those are starting to closed. I wanna go to our daily wire election, more room where Ilusha in John thickly are going to give us a little bit of analysis about what we can expect next, some of the states have already been called- unsurprisingly, of course, Vermont in Virginia and going to bite and Harris once again. Rats, unsurprising and the pulses close in Florida and here for a breakdown of what we need to be looking for in Florida is the daily whereas own in Howard. And what are we
was the lay of the land in Florida. Twenty sixteen verse twenty twenty laid out there for us, so people when they think about Florida. They think of it. Things I think I've always closely runways. So two thousand technocrats yap into the month of legal wrangling two whole saw that myself, twenty twelve. They would only stay twice decide between by under one percent between broth abandonment run wild. So it's always close people. Think above Florida is another country, but a trump only one by one point six percent between sixty, so we can assume, as can be very close, really also as I asked, but with Cabot earlier, when the crucial phase that trunk simply has to win, if you must have it. So what parts of the fate should we be paying attention to? Is that those metropolitan areas as the Panhandle? What are you looking at? we should keep an eye on by the Panhandle North Stay, because he has have big turn out there: but, as always assumed, I think, given the creator see those both rates, I wanted about bread redefined, so we need to then be focusing on the blue areas towards Miami day. Brow county those accounts
where Hillary Clinton, one by almost three thousand votes in each county and she still lost so Democrats, will be for a huge about ten I'll bet. being kind of interesting in terms of turn out early paused suggested that, the Republicans why she, having better turn out proportionately, can enter this answer but other poles are coming in saying that Democrats are actually outpacing Republicans as the day went on social reality, and then also in twenty. Sixteen Donald Trump was able to outperform perform even the poles of what they thought he might get in the cuban Americans. Manatee could not help him make up some of those Lena, pretty liberal places because human arrogance and reside in that palm beach County Miami area, xenophobia he's community level, we will be suddenly looking quite closely and twenty steam. He got between fifty and fifty four percent of the cuban american vote. This year sums poles to justice. Actually I mean there are sixty percent allowed. If that's true, that can be a huge deal for tromp. It has no
true than he's, gonna really have to pull. Some of us have someone? Ok, so we will be continuing to bring all of you all. The information as people are appalling, faith and poles are closing everywhere. A lot of people are paying attention to the trend of Florida, though, because it someone might hence can't pull it out in Florida? You know their pathway to victory just continues to get smaller and smaller so when we have more updates will be bringing those two of your. Thank you. In, and thank you Ilusha Simon telling you guys all neither we're gonna have some big announcements and I and are all focused on the exact same which is that we have to replace the media. You have this establishment media in this country in, in connection in conjunction with sulphur media in this country deciding what kind of stories you yet. here and what kind of stories you dont? What kind of expression you get to have and what kind of expression you don't I don't think we ve done enough to communicate the scope of the problem, the New York.
is essential. Even for us, the Neuro Times is essential. The new times has forty five hundred employees. They have sixteen hundred active journalists. They have a budget of one point: two billion dollars a year, they do over a hundred million dollars of profit every year you wanted, conservatives are granted investigative journalism. No, no, my conservatives are such the bandage when it comes to subjecting the left to the kind of scrutiny that the left subjects us to desperate, the New York Times is only one piece of the establishment media juggernaut. there is nothing like that that exists on the right. Are you might say right, but there you're, saying that nothing like it on the right that nothing like it on the left either the New York Times is mainstream there in the middle, there are not in the middle. There is more diversity of opinion at the daily wire about Donald Trump, and there is in the
higher forty five hundred persons staff of the New York Times where there is no diversity of opinion about Donald Trump name. One single prominent approach from republican conservative voice New York Times. Forty five hundred employees, I'm not asking for one percent, I'm asking for a single person. You cannot do it. It does not exist. That's how bad where they have us outmaneuvered. The way that we're going to deal with that is to replace them in your subscription to New York Times. Interest subscription for the Washington Post endure touch cable cut the court. You know that some of the many of your cable build goes to see an end was you watch CNN are not some of the money you for cable, just MSNBC, what you watch you mustn't be sea or not because of carriage these. You are funding the left as they try to take your It is a way from you. The only way we can to stop, that is to replace them and replace them. We on our side of the idiot, logical divide, have to our game part of them.
We have to get out and laid apartment. He means we need you to follow. We need your support. We need your help so daily wires, going to start taking the lead in fight in ways that we have not before we have a ton of huge announcements coming for its tonight and the first point is gonna. Come courtesy of our of our guest Canvas Owens Hand, as is the case of the Box of foundation. Henderson is the host of the canvas Owen. Show for pressure you she's one of the most important, not only political, but I would say cultural voices in the country today she's blaming it from Washington DC, because I'm just gonna be honest with you. We can afford to get candles to allay the fears she moves all over the world all over the time. All the times he's busy doing. The work of not just commenting on culture but creating culture and change in culture. She's. Here with a slight, we couldn't be more thrilled to have her hand ass, though you with us, I'm with you, there's a go on talking so we're here
Reports right now about rioting, taking place in Washington DC. So the first question is: are you sex? I am safe. I am safe right now in a pseudo on, but I will tell you just leading up to this the last couple of days watching all the boarding going up and here's what's really remarkable on a lot of these stores non these borders there. Actually writing. We support black lives matter. Nominate, let fashion why would a business owner First board up his business and then right? We support black lives matter and the answer is simple because they recognise that it is black lives matter. It is anti, for it is alleged that is doing these. These riots and action of a friend who runs a German. He tells me that he puts assigns window. That says we support likewise matter. I know he does not support
This matter is not left leaning. He is a republican, but does that? Because today bad for business owners is like putting up like Sloman Shield in our joint riot? Please don't please don't from this down. We support you and it's very sad that we ve gone to this point and then just getting to the studio. I don't live two partners. You should have been a five minute drive. It took thirty That's because of ST closures. Because of why it's I mean the left is ready to go and live in planning this for months and months. In my question, I guess, but I would ask, is how can we be have the baby to shut down the cell, how they went to coordinate this. How are they bring in you halls and Metal Batson and at all of these things of this nature, so it included. We frustrating that has come to this point. We should have been able to suspect this and to guard against it, but DC is really really scary right now we just know they're going to expect a lot later on in the night remarkable that what's your point the F b I haven't been able to get on top of their. Not I can I want to kick that around to have it is a discussion with the five other is is the,
Recent I mean. Obviously one reason is that free speeches is sacred in this country, and so you expect our law. first went to get the maximum latitude possible right. You want them to err on the of letting people over expressed and not under expressed, but given what we ve seen in the country in the wake of the George Floyd killing, given what we ve seen in the Chaz Chop Zone in Seattle, the constant burning of Portland, the burning of Minneapolis been going on for but why is it that the federal law oarsmen hasn't been more proactive and cracking down, It's really good question, because when Donald Trump announced that he was going to enforce the law against point over statues and vandalism largely stop, that was a big movement, largely went away and that you know the Ep I sent out something like a dozen age to investigate what turned out to be a hoax attack, a black NASCAR driver.
there were some major civil rights problem there, which there wasn't, and yet they can't seem to infiltrate, or at least the star, to discourage these people. I have to I have faith. I have faith that the FBI's on it but their working hours. I dont think the FBI's totally gone. I think, obviously there under James call me their leadership was corrupted, but I think, for the agents are cooperating on our hope that their work yet Michael is it is it is it that there are complicit? Isn't it deep? Spain did state conspiracy against they said all of that- and I think I found upon the president as it is this- that there are complicit I've talked to friends of mine who were in the administration who have worked at some of these various swell agencies in the deep state and you can go agency by agency and no their ideological linux. Now you might say, agencies are exposed to have any illogical things, but they do and We always joke about. The state department, for instance, is always pretty far left. This is true even go down the line. Fbi Cia, although all the various alphabet agencies- and they have
insistently undermine the president and part of this by the way might not be some nefarious, tinfoil hat conspiracy. Part of this is that people at those agencies just happened to share the views of like lives matter or anti that war of the Democratic Party. I guess there, basically all the same thing now, and so it's very difficult route that obvious the President S elected is there for years are hopefully eight years, but the the agencies, are so deep, even example. You know how many people are employed by the Department of Homeland Security quarter million people. Yes, they existed five units about yell ill, almost twenty years, nobody right sixteen to twenty years and innocent That large, it's taken in other agencies, that's the tip of the iceberg on this, this federal bureaucracy, the problem runs very, very fast new by it? Is it is it I heard you say I find the west interesting question is to what does he can speculate? All days what closed agencies are doing behind closed doors, and I have no clue- I welcome it, and I have a clue what I've done a lot more problems
fact that the entire median democratic party apparatus continue to cover for this book. Rapid and suggest that were wrong, phrasing. One gas questions about it that if he is even question whether black lives matter has and connections, and why so many these protein Surely the riots this hell? This is because you are not sufficiently antiracist or you have jobs suggesting that antifreeze, a philosophy rather than actual mean that that's that's, what and consider more in an election year and the participation of the interests of the intelligence agencies has been an ongoing issue, but having a party overtly Amber This crap, I think, is a much much bigger as Canada. Thoughts about that at once. Ganders, listen! one of the things we love about you at the daily wires that you're a cultural figure- and I know that only talking to you about raise issues- is actually a waste of of your insight. But I do think it's important in this particular election to talk about the work that you have done with black set theirs lot of talk, especially on the right about how we might see a major swing in not only the
black men in particular voted for the president, but also the hispanic population. Something I've been is observed, first hand happening down in Florida. You probably have your Europe finger on the temperature of that movement more than anybody else in the country? What do you say happens tonight, or are we going to see something historic, we're going to say something different than what we ve seen in the past salute lay and suffer so I will say how remarkable is to consider that over the last for years. The latter could not have heart on race harder and more how many times if we actually had a ticker like we have the cuban nineteen death ticker the Vienna Racism Ticker honestly, an end must then be seen every time they said the word racist. What were the number be seriously emphasise a hard question right and yet, despite that, despite, they are acknowledging that black american support is shifting towards Republican Party is shifting towards President Trump very dangerous, flapper Democrats to be it, of course, because they can not be to at least get eighty five percent of the black,
sustain their party and an I've always bell. I instantly said in twenty twenty I think trunk and get twenty point. Two people thought that was a pipe dream and it was never a pipe dream. It was just so obviously have somebody to actually community it's a black Americans in a cultural manner, which is what I try to do. What is actually going on. We ve been married to this party for seventy years and nothing has changed and the problem is, I think, Republican Party for a really long time. It's almost like the suffering. Just eat. You guys have been called racists for so long that get out when I, when somebody calls you raise issues, let them shut down the conversation and needs to be somebody like Donald Trump, because he's the only person I know that he gets called races any doubles down on whatever it is. He said right what
Erica. What do you have to lose remedy off, freaked out and said? Oh, my goodness, how can we possibly say that it's so racists? And now it's his favorite thing to say and in front of minority crowds black America? I asked you in twenty sixteen. What are you had to lose? The answer was nothing. I d seen article two days ago, which mainly really happy about black men. Now between the age of twenty five and thirty five, there already calling them chauvinist saying the reason for freezing my other friends, because they are chauvinist so black men welcome to the Republican Party when you're, just a life is a second system. So otherness lay like a game of Bohemia and I've gotta catch him all right. It didn't expect to get the White Supremacist one. I got that one randomly in a neutral, I'm really winning the left this programme on game yesterday, the Poles couple weeks ago said eight percent blacks. Poor unmoved now is like you, gotta, be kidding me now, they're saying fourteen percent and I think it's going to be a little bit higher, which is gonna, be it's going to be a game changer. It's gonna be the first opportunity for the republican Party.
to win back the black boat. Well, if happen, you're gonna be one of the most important people in the country, because you, more than any other there's another than the president himself. I have devoted so much your attention to that issue. I do think we have to give some credit through the president on this as well is his. I don't want you turnpike reach to the black community living you're. Talking about Americans outreach meeting is absurd, but what Donald Trump has done that I think Republicans have been afraid to do in the past. Is he actually just talk to people? Who might and I think, is able to do that, because so many people hate implicit actually is actually comfortable. Can invite for people aren't kindly hands because he's a custom even just being up. Builder in New York, probably is entire life has been talking to people who don't necessarily I can trying to find common cause with them and use them fairly remarkable job alone. Will, when you talk about communities in the United States, have just got in both from politicians for decades and that the black money in the United States gotten bullshit from politicians literally since the beginning of each country and an down from when he talks the people. There is not
funds are bullshit, I mean it in and cutting threaten speaking the way that he does, I think, actually translates really well. The non politician aspect of Trump speaks very good. We then the same typical, politically speaking, you get from every other politician and guess what would canvas mentioned his thick skin, which is part of some of the things that maybe we dislike about him sometimes, but is also one of the reasons he is where he is. You have to take on the left the massiveness of the legacy media, think of how about corporate power legacy, media and the sky has been stand against them all by his long enough for four years, and he has just given us, eaten it up spit it out, and this is the hardest thing, because America is a country that is reckoned with its historic racism and we I want to go. There again is very sensitive to the charge and the law. does used that better people into submission and only trumps
turtle. Shell of skin, could withstand. Well, you that's what I saw just the other day with Chelsea Handler right when I dont know how president from history among the black community, but he's totally killing it among the rap communities on the island of little way and fifty cents. A thirty seconds then says yeah like trumpet. I wanna be twenty cents and shall see gamblers set. I couldn't the words came out of her mouth. She said I had to remind him that he was a black man and in many she also offered him some sort of favours. If you go to for mines we candidate, but anyway, it is unbelievable. Could you imagine a political coalition? Ten years five years ago, where you ve got an amish parade and a rapid paraded going on inside binding. I can imagine political coalition was an orthodox you and a platform best doubling wrapper. I'm calling for John Tramp in this room. The things I love about our team, her, the daily life, just how different we all are, and yet we have this kind of
community that I think other publications, unlike especially in a woman planning the show without what we the as good a job as Safe Fox NEWS at bringing for information and now I dont want to feel they can go down to the precinct levels. I dont want to say that we fully succeeded at that, but we set a high go for ourselves we're gonna bring people the best deepest must set the data from and we can for the night So when I really focus on what makes us us, what makes us unique, what makes us other than cable news in a big part of that is just it's yours. Can a cigar we're having conversation that might be a little unorthodox settings. If you may not be able to get away with saying on cable things replies, as my boy tat you over but part of things, because there's so much about us as a group that is You brought it up and you're a very religious, orthodox it you got through. this document it is conversion from sort of secular Judaism to faithful Christine.
Eddie. You have Michael knows who we all Maroni, wasn't catholic banality fairy the biggest papers. We really hard more catholic than the Pope, who doesn't mean what it used to be something I'm essentially a protestant colt leader. You really get outta my present with you. You see some of this too, not just on the religious side, not just on the political side you have canvas is actually quite close to the present you have been- and I who were major trumped sceptics in twenty. Sixteen you have the two of you whose Would the president in twenty sixteen you have Michael who not only support Michael who actually just wishes. He was a successful askin, have been friends with the private? Why? What are you going to do about it? I've already ended. I did my texts, because the war ended afraid to engage in these ideas in a way this that's friendly and one thing the canvas has that none of that, I think, is the is an important part as an actual. Holding the culture. So somebody told me wait it I'm not famous,
They always does at least like appeal list internet celebrity checkmark. Don't I gotta aren't going to offer me you ve got been whose extraordinarily famous we ve been these market surveys, that weapon right only from Europe is the most famous conservative in the country in terms of social and gay when is higher than like the entire primetime bought canvasses. Something here something that none of us are, which is not its not famous it's so what are you actually managed to become a cultural in a way that, in my view, time, no conservative, no one- is what There is definitely no one who started in the political sphere as a conservative pundit been able to cross over into being a political celebrity. Yet people have moved the other direction. People we were like they have a big acting career and then Depart stopped coming in and then they realize they could talk about politics and was on reality. Tv Sarsnet became President network, you equally been able to cross the average the other way
I am very curious what that's like em in you, you kind of live a life that the rest of us. We never get to live. How are you received when you, when you and you have to name names- the hurry received behind this and when you deal with other people who are sort of cultural celebrity, they're more support out there. Then it seems like there is. definitely is now say that everything, but I did was a much more. Strategic and people really gave me credit? For I mean I had a sort of sort out when I had you might come to moment when I was like, I lived my entire life as a lie. I bought into Democrat propaganda, the education system, propaganda and I emerged as a person gradually the high school and genuinely believe that Republicans were racist, that conservatives were racists but pretty smart girl. So this stuff, it wasn't something
I came up with my own, it was actively taught to me, and so, when I weren't you no kind of dabble in the politics of bursting, I ask myself is how the left do this to me, and I wanted to end and intentionally with intention, reverse engineer exactly what it was that deluded media. They begin to begin with, and I understood how important culture was an end look into. Conservatives had just given up on culture at virtually everything you see in a new sort of hit at this earlier Jeremy, but everything you see on tv is done at the expense of conservatives. I think, for that reason I have conservatives began to stick up their noses culture and say: ok, we're does not gonna do culture and there's gonna be the smart guys and- and I thought to myself- we to be both actually end, and I want to be funny. I do I love culture, I love music and ain't. Oh I get it it's I get a why people like
music. I know Ben doesn't like rap music, but I get round as soon as the rapporteur does enable rapid alerts and other friends let them in a way that no one would have if you are really good and wipe, I will say a failure while you're at it is beyond doubt that, although these appreciated, what can I say, one of the things we recently canvassed I found really interesting- is that I don't want people to know if I'm about to run, president or to drop a rap album. I do think that volatile my art of what gives you the ability to do the things that you do. right right?
and that's exactly how I feel, because I love so much of it, and I think that both if it is really important- and I think your bride part was right years ago when he said politics is downstream from culture, and we have to make sure that we're sort of connecting that men and I have always want to exist as a conduit- and- I will say, anti anti earlier question behind closed doors. It is incredible I mean I wish I could publish a list of the Alias celebrities that I'm in occasion where
all around the world. I mean not just in America to see my husband's British in England. You would just be shocked and go. Oh, my goodness, what we're all really doing something they know all of us. They they follow bench purely followed, daily wire in other dowager. They know I ask, is that you do not know you leave me when we know we love software. You first answer we're having a huge impact, and I think that, because I've been sort of in between your comp reaching out to me to have these sort of private meetings behind closed doors, my wish more of them would come out ahead of a head of today are not going to reckon. You can expect a lot more aid, Lesters actors, nice decided to come out in the next few months and really say what they believe and I think we are doing so Odin, and now I think it would make a coolers if you did it with us. You have just come from it.
me, I'm a woman joining the Daily Y yeah man, I mean if I well, I've heard of any woman we're gonna. Do you invited to accompany daily wire? I think one hundred percent, I will take Up on that offer, if my slogan can be feeling care about your fat. I love that I'd like a deal's a deal not kidding. They wanted to come from the daily wire. I would one I would love to join the daily. Why? I think there is a lot of stuff we can do together. Should we make official honor should I America, joining a daily wire. Is it real bench appearance You first abso.
Like others, I am I gonna do what do you think this is the most formal way by the way Germany's ever done. Business usually interest over. My only drinks that are far have been at least now doing a casual conversation. Yes, absolutely come, join US ganders. Andrew I've been Angie lobbying for this. For many many years gathers, please come over sailors favours. Guys. While that is a done deal on election, I never knew that made good. Ghana sounds is common in Nashville Baby right. What would that this is a totally we're gonna break them neither like, and this is going to make the move with us to Nashville. I can't I don't. I tell people so much about what we're workin on, but I assure you as ex out? This is not as violence, no more of a joke in everything, we're wasn't, gonna show together. Canvas and I've been collaborating about this behind the scenes. There will be not only unlike anything, this happened at the daily, where I think truly different in kind. anything, that's ever happened and conservative new media we're not gonna. Do
too many details, because it's got here. We want the big impact when it happens, I'll give you the one tenth of utility in front of their lives, studio audience in natural and you're gonna- be able to see it the beginning of March, and we can be more excited at the on the team, so excited. I think the time is now the energy bills. Right. I've been saying for years that conservatives were all doing different things. We need to all come together under the same umbrella. and just you know, fight back for culture. I mean people are paying attention to us. I know Ben Shapiro gets more downloads, Michael, mostly towards animals were better than CNN, we're bigger were bigger than all of MSNBC, but we're not united and in its high times I couldn't be more excited. I wish we could unveil more about what we ve been working on it's gonna, be really good guys. Twenty twenty one is going to be a really big here. Oh thank you so much for in time for tonight I know
you're in they say you're, probably right at all kinds of parties that will never be invited. Let's hope that worry about to lift a glass later tonight and celebrate a huge trump victory and we'll be there and people more and more about what we're working together over the coming weeks. Thank a canvas. Thank you guys so bad smell. If the glass decanters reinsurance arouses enters overflying right, so that is the first our big announcements. For then I can't sell is moving to national joining the daily wire. We are going to replace the media. That doesn't just mean replace the media in terms of investigative investigative journalism, it doesn't just me placing the media in terms of The troll commentary means we have to make culture. We have to make the kinds of shows that they make. We have to engage in fiction. We have to engage in Shows we have to engage in a broad swathes of content, reaches people where they are and that's what we're going to be doing both with canvas and
Mother, exciting announcements that would be making for you as the night, those on the right now the poles have been closed on the east coast for thirty seven minutes we know you're looking for an update on what's happening, we are going to kick it LISA Crowd daily Wire Election war run, hopefully they're gonna be able to walk as tourism of what's been going on what we ve been busy celebrating ourselves. Writing our nearest edition in Canada, so one so again bit pointed this out. I think it's important that you know now. a joke, and this is actually joining us in Nashville, for It is going to be just a true, I mean revolutionary kind of change in the kind of content that you can come to us in conservative media and best of all only one of the EU announcements that we have for you tonight survives went about the ticket to the war room and here what's going on in the country, and what are we seeing those first, on social media. Are there any states, reporting that are are critical to our request is arresting the night. Yes,
have some updates here with Cabot, actually won the editors at the daily wire cabinet that I mean we ve been together all day, long realities and it wasn't for longer than that few hours. I had to spend inherent make up you're there with me. That's all There's some updates that are coming from the cable news networks as those east coast. Poles are closing like Germany, just like he also right now. Florida is over sixty percent reporting. Fox news currently has president trump trailing by about one point: four percent in Florida, abortion around. In your times, projections now has present trumpet ninety six percent to win Florida with the remit. Votes are left at forty percent left, so people kicking that around saying will nor times already predicting essentially ninety six percent chance of winning for a long time ago. Still a of people lies laws you're in line you can still vote winning action or the poles close joys of President Trump is down about two percent. Only fifteen reporting, so it's gonna be a long night ahead and so
that's where we all right now, no big surprise as yet in the states that have been called Virginia, has been called by Fox NEWS for Joe Biden few other Ngos have not called it yet, but side Virginia being called a Fox news. There have been any big surprises, anything call, ok and the thing that I think everyone will be pleasantly surprised about, as if we can go home tonight- and I mean, thank God, we're on the West Coast about world still pretty tired and in full how long it's gonna be? How long are we gonna be there here? How long is it gonna be drawn out? everyone's been contemplating. Is this going to be a contested election and as we talk about with an earlier, we have a history of contested election. Sometimes I don't actually sometimes I do relish bring the bearer news. This is not one of those times and there's the bad news. Is that Very high likelihood that we're not going to know the true results tonight and I especially if President Trump is performing better than some unexpected, which we now does look like is happening right now, so gonna walk into a few scenarios looks like going. We don't have the results tonight. Starting from
likely till you, like the most likely organism recounts. So twenty states across the country, if the final tallies under one percent and automatic reconsidered, and that includes Arizona, Florida and Ohio. Now one percent automatic recognition That is something that we should certainly expect to see. Some of those states, okay, now, could be out of the hand anyway. It could be a situation where one can it s. A big league with recount doesn't really matter at the end of the day. We only know, but ever anyway in forty two states, Canada can demand to recount. If there isn't one automatically triggered and in a few others its lawsuits can happen. Where, for Canada has clear proof of some sort, election malpractice dumped balance that kind of thing they have clear evidence of it. They can sue the state to try and get some kind of injunction going on there and at least likely scenario, but the one I should like to bring up is congressional intervention. If there is, their winter. That is chosen by the Electoral college by December six Congress. ravine they step in and they will help. Choose, the winner is something we saw back in two thousand pushing
Four. Ok, so we have a month. Do you think we're through a month out, I dont, think I looked out. I have I am optimistic. We have some clear Samples of of what the reasons are hopefully with an extra days, but I dont think People should necessarily expect to know exactly what's gonna happen tonight, because this is an incredibly close race or to overstate just how close the results are right now that we're seeing coming- and we have heard both candidates talk about how they have those legal team is re, exactly the Canada reflects their illegal muscles, something so we're thing to envisage mine, but they have made clear that if the results are close, especially in some of those keep our own states they will be demanding recounts if there is an automatic one that they are willing to go to court to suit and make sure that happens, keep an eye on that
again, the re so far tidying up in Florida in Georgia. Those are the two main state for keeping an eye on the world. Right now are also North Carolina Mesh again of those other Pennsylvania view of those other battleground Ohio. The poles just closed, like I said we're on the West Coast, were keeping an eye on everything. That's happened, and one more thing I will add both candidates encouraging all their supporters telling them if you are in line staying line, would do the same thing here. Is that the wire for anyone listening watching that's in line stay like, voting on the support of clothes. Ok and as we get those Pope results that are coming in and being solidified will continue to bring those two. You guys excellent, ok, so a couple of things in Miami gave. Margin in Florida is excellent news for president from from got three Four thousand votes in Miami date. In all point sixteen. He already has more than four hundred fifty thousand vote in Miami date. Cubans are showing up on Mass in Miami day he's doing extraordinarily, while their Biden was the wind Miami Day by some thirty points is artillery one by last time. He's really running it by like ten this time, which is bad news for guidance. It looks like a very good shot. The Trump takes Florida
expected also. It looks like a fairly detracted from six Georgia as expected. If we are to trust the famous, our times needle them quick reminder for we just had on gender balance in Germany. as it is one played his. This was a silly move, threatens they silly movies, because it's an actual thing real Candice Airlines is in fact joining daily wire she'll be having a show here. We can, but we can't wait for it. It's a creative brand new really oriented alive audience type thing, there's gonna be amazing and we your support in order to turn this into like a full on NPR help us replace NPR page, you need it over the daily wired outcome right now and you get twenty five percent off with Cody Election, we have all sorts of big initiatives that we are pushing gonna hear about them. out the night. There was only the first of a bunch of big announcements tonight we need your help, we do because it brings a programme like this, isn't exactly dream, and not only that bringing onboard more and more programming to counter the essay. Women media and to replace them. That's. The whole goal here is to replace the establishment media so goes right now, which I want every joint go to jail
I'll come if you haven't on this yet you're watching a daily? Where I come because you're watching alive, because this part is for free, please don't over there and you promo code election get twenty five percent often subscribe over a daily wire dot com. A candy citizens is in fact, coming with. Stu, Nashville and she's joining the daily wire YAP. It's gonna be twenty four and is going to be a turning point for conservative media and daily wires be leading the charge you know, who else changing the face of media. As we know, one over on the right is our good friend Megan Kelly to launch the podcast, and this is what I love about making tell me what she decides to do. Something like take twenty sixteen for him, she decided to walk down the hall girl knows how to down the hall with a purpose attains the game. That's what he's doing now, Podcast Megan, we're so glad that you, this and we love your new pike ass, its bad guys. Thank you. So much will help. Thank you for that. We need to promote it and for being assisted in people backers of it from the time it was in his little embryonic stage has been kind of a tree for Us
to talk you behind the scenes and watch you give birth to this thing and to see its success right out of the gate. It's really a wonderful thing. I think this is the Europe that are really free they engage in the podcast, I'm sure coming off being in the more restrictive environment of television. I think it'll give you the opportunity to say all the things that you what you say in your already doing that in doing a very whilst welcoming work must talk about the election. So asked first of all, since you spend so much time in the media covering this stuff, I believe that the media have been worth eight cents. for Joe Biden in this race needy Maybe the media seem to have given up on any pretence of objective journalism, since you have worked in the halls of the media, not just a Fox news, but obviously it network news. What are you of the what looks like the decline of establishment journalism, I'm gonna get it done.
I did I not talking placement all my pike yesterday was already almost downloaded. We have yet to talking about the media. Committed suicide and truck was their Kevorkian hidden them something I willingly jumped for rich. They didn't see themselves and it's been set aside for me was respected disgusting for me to watch. we ve been trying to take him out from from day one and look I I wasn't exactly Ludwig President's role for years ago, but I'll tell you something what the thing they helped me really see him clearly and analyze him with objectivity and fairly was down, was how much the media hated him and how against him they were, and then you know how it is. It's like. You have to rise up your strong itself and in both the most focused lines on the guys that people have someone bacon, listen to whose night don't forget to be part of the resistance in bringing him down everything. Was it
please shirking journalistic responsibility. Their credibility is gone and I cannot get back and I'll. Tell you one reason why people back home you're coming out there and they are trying to tell us they are listening to us where the media were telling you that motorists and we're all like screw. You re like so many times that Covington case just see small, let all the lies about trunk Russia, gay ugric. We no longer believe you properly either hand who doesn't have an adult relationship with the truth. After telling us also stocks are not backed by over this us- regularly going out. Suddenly, I really want to know the truth. I'm anyway so has life in the digital age? For me, I think it's it's a great place. Villages deliver the true whenever it is, and I do think that's why digital media and you don't places like the daily wire on a future better future we see me truly is dying
and what's tromp goes, whether its tonight or for years from now, they're really done, because he is the only thing keeping them alive. I about writing the ironically propping them up right now. I think this about the legacy media I think about. It too, has for some never trumpet. Weapons, are not not people who were trump sceptics in twenty sixteen, but Peter four have gone all in I'm begging, maybe the Lincoln Project and others against the president. Is it there? this interesting irony, where he's responsible for their ascendancy right now, and I dont think that they will have the same kind of reach if they have today with Trans european money. That yeah I mean. I think that in the future the meat has made clear that it is now no longer in the business of objective journalism, and so there are the same as we are now they're playing in our field. Before was like, we had I'm play in their field. Another playing in our view of the important things I want to ask it out. Is you wanted? figures in media who did not succumb to travel arrangements syndrome, so you had every reason by all available sort of objective metrics use. It comes from
arrangements and drove away the nobody also considering the president went directly argue in twenty sixteen repeatedly and yet You didn't you maintain your objectivity. You maintained a perspective on from that away. for the possibility that he would do things that you would like. How are you able maintain an even keel, because it really is a quality that you don't see in a lot of people in the media sphere. I'll take your word You take yourself out of it. You know me: there were many nights during the nine month. He was coming after me, where we had security, where people showing up in our house and has in the mill the night. It was just got a little scary and every night before I went on the report about him, I would remind myself it isn't about you. It's not about you! It's about the voters and him You know, I'm on the sidelines vehicle strata bring me out of the field, but ass was beyond the satellites next year, which allow report It was hard, I'm not gonna lie. It was hard, but I did It is one of the reasons why I really resent the fact that no one's normalcy try in her life. I know they don't like him. There ve been lots of leaders who I haven't light, but I
your job is to not making about here. You'll do to make the Duke lacrosse case about you justify led about you. I need those keys are not about using your opportunities, are important to prove to the audience how woke and liberal a liberating you are. Megan. I understand this feeling of despair that that legacy media is just completely collapsing, you know we have no one, that we can trust, but is there not also a little bit of hope there is there not a silver lining, which is that I think a lot of us felt for a long time that the legacy media were utterly partisan. They were completely unfair. They were just hiding in a little bit better and then, when Donald Trump works and that the scene, all of a sudden, the mask slips a little, and you can see us at the objective journalists, and I would certainly include you in that category, but from the less objective journalists. I don't know, I'm just a name comes to my it Jimmy costs or other people who have made the story always about them in their own political preferences.
That's a good boy and any no use do in his country that when we are about it, be all about partisan breasts, and I think our founding fathers would have understood. The attempt to be equal objective they were set is all about in declaring restoration and arguing for them in a blast, and maybe that's exactly where we're headed but bring it bothers me about. It is the gist honesty about who they are. Was channels are serving, and my assistant is here with me this long ago, like on our agenda I put on MSNBC, I'm going back and forth between Boston. I wasn't saying she's like Amazon, beseech you know that I like them. I don't watch Rachel matter. God knows what truth increase follow once the guards out there. I know what year she explained to me: she's honest about it Please let me know those guys don't want you to believe their objective journalists, news Juba. Do you think we are, and what really bothers me about it is we're all in media
but my imaginary viewer collar mass cheese, I what she's an attack was watching all businesses. Mash doesn't know she's, like my life, I'm not following in other media websites to figure out who's. GonNA buys nonetheless it ass. She thinks just a news: well, it isn't the news, its complete propaganda, so in Europe, me and for now I am- I always Rachel, show but I'd watch a panel autonomous embassy beforehand. What I've seen it would you know? In the early days this country. The media declared thereby seized in the media, actually campaigned for like President's instead of candidates campaigning to get elected, as This is why you still have newspapers like the Tennessee Democrat right there actually named after the parties that they were formed to be propaganda outlets, for we, think of ourselves as a propaganda outlet, we we don't say things that we don't believe are true. We dont say things for which we can't find factual evidence, we're not trying to be an answer to the foot of providence tendencies of left wing
I acknowledge that we have these biases. I actually think that everyone in the country had been so much better shape if we got rid of this entire idea of objective media and everyone. Just Their bias is, of course, the only people who are against credit. If you don't want you to know the Roma, it would work. People could work out the same facts, man I was in a ban all the time I love years. Two german welcome to the broadcasting world was murdered man behind these Anne and Michael, an unseemly to download yours, but that that happens I got I can get out of it What is a guy who he'll tell you when you think speedily, because a backdrop tell you Jesse straight analysis? Anything strong has done something wrong anyway, reed illegal. Back. This is my thought in opinion. Now, if you re just that- and I would say almost bank- not that was never never tramper, you know sometimes tramper, but I think some of the most honest
analysts of the trunk era had been people who started off at Republicans who started off not so into trouble now coup Then watched with the media and the Democrats were doing to him and they can still see him for what he is but they're, not they don't have the derangement glasses on, and I think that one of the reasons why you guys are so valuable. I think it's one Smee report fairly on him? Do me, a set of backs that were agreeing on that were working offer an excellent, The legacy need has got off the day that I think you're absolutely right. That's why grateful that you are now joining us here in new media. I am grateful for the opportunities that our daily wire dot com, audience and particular are. Subscribing members give us to be able to give that alternative point of view. This term legacy media. We were talking at the beginning of the show we have to do away with this. of the mainstream media, which is part of hold over from the early two. Thousands, because There's nothing mainstream about the point of view that are being sold to us day in and day out, by dawn,
by a cost there by the New York Times by the Washington Post. That's not how mainstream Americans see themselves we should. We should take that term back very, very pleased. beyond a certain. I make a thank. You, maybe weaken our circle up tomorrow and raise a glass tat. You know either the tomb of the public or the salvation of their public, either way, be worth a drink: was it, I think, is also that you guys are not drunk this time too soon. Madam, I may I in about myself with me, read its date forgotten new podcast everywhere, where there are podcast. I like like an hour for its headquarters. I can make fun of me he still every time that he speaks in front of alive audiences voted, ten crews, dot com, this TED crews, darker, my name is TED crews, and I have a website TED crews. Come and like everyone else I use. Google search has failed to get your website go we're broadcaster. Megan Tellers, Newport Gas, so the best things out there mega. Thank you for joining us, guys. You later
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I will send an email, no more wasting your time stand, stop stamps outcome, breaks the services of the Post Office and Eu P S right to your computer Benjamin. So if you don't wanna stand led the poster let's face it. Who does you need a head on over to stamps dot com? There is no risk with my promo code, Shapiro, the best of all promo code. You get a special off that includes a forward trap. Last free post agenda it'll scale, no long term commitments or contracts, she's got a standstill, com and click on that microphone at the top of the homepage and type in Shiraz. You don't waste your time or wasted money. Had a number two stamps that conflict Annette microphone at the top of the homepage typing sheriff that varies I shall deal so we are The friend when this instant here tonight, a blast from the path I say that only because he was with us in twenty sixteen far election coverage when we the last it addressed, because our came up that little phrase. It's our power, Dave, Reuben taste. I got it happened. I thought that cleaving just got like more here younger and gave her a little one. Honourable, and let's just go through a couple things here has first up. Are you ve left me?
with claimants all glass and I have your glass could send out in every day and much much imbibing. Let's start with that, that's never won, but before I do that, I bring my especial thick rim, election, glassy, Emerson, policeman, o a lot. Yes, because you know a lot of times on Amazon BC. You know their wary glasses. Now these are not real glasses. These programmes, as I actually of twenty twenty vision to make a point news, Catherine, is you guys, are blowing up and leaving the year unless Andrews and going to natural, it's very exciting. Those are really does the new. I you guys are gonna have to do more of this. You're gonna have to get sick grim black- that's that's not quite rightly worthy, and then, when you make a point, bandit you're, always making point, and then you he thought wow, that's good you! The way I did I cannot live, I believe the Roma. Let me I didn't need there will be right, it might I made it and then you can also do this. Oh, my god, I wish you'd make a point. We design all live, I'm on your side, reporting biting the president.
is the idea that I problem with that? I always get Mozilla taken format out every time I, where those glasses and if its heritage, I dont, know how to maintain a citizen s. Work was an airline worked very well, but you see, I can't do it now that at no time says there's a ninety. Five percent shouted problems, water The aim of this Miami Day County thing, it sounds like someone is awesome new homes also goes already breaking news from one West Virginia. I don't Is that all then I swear I like that now, whenever I think of for the man, I think ever worth it actually listen run. This answer sprawl of his down home John, is a hybrid loggerhead that right we are. We taking over the state. We have grads anything it's it's it is impressive. I did you know I don't want to I called Florida, but is it is maybe the only state that I actually call this watch and I've been turned from her. Only prediction remotely actual production. This election was the trump wasn't gonna win flora now for the states that actually, you think, he's gonna. When I do things going North Carolina do things grow in Georgia
he's no in Arizona I much more sceptical of the states in the Midwest, that's that's cuts or where I am. If I'm gonna have one of them right, he's gotta have passed. is really the one: you have worked better, I'm bite Florida coming and strong from and not just strong he's he's, apparently getting an outside shared a black hole now treads the house. I share the hispanic vote and this something that the Republican should keep in mind going forward. Is that the a working party had been the party other by weight. Super Ben college, educated people, then under front became the Party of Highschool educated white people and they sort of broke down like stranglehold until those body and says in the Midwest if the republican It becomes the party of more lax more Hispanics and working class white people with some suburban women, because Trump is really the barrier between superwoman? The Republican Party is George W Bush ended, Romney showed. That was what the Majority Party but like a minority guardians over all of the Democrats being very sanguine about tonight. That's reading a lot from Florida, but will see how the election this is. This is the big e, though ban, because it is you mention we ve
told now, for years and years, you know that that their republicans ain't black people in and Democrats about a huge of the Black Box and then during the Trump era, we weren't old, from peacemaking, inroads among, voters- and you have all these poles. These babbling ble is trumped getting twenty percent twenty five percent, two percent- who knows there's only one the matter is that the pull the matter election day we're getting those more members and if from can actually succeed thing that we conservatives have been telling ourselves for the past four years, that could be in a fundamental shift the way the political parties are. No, it just seems obvious to me that minorities are breaking minorities are realising who wants to be owned by a political party, because, if you're, the color of your skin or yours, actuality or your gender. I mean look here- it can design and its great you guys. You may do so together, like she literally change the world, whether weather from winds or not- and I do think you will win tonight and about play and he's gonna win and talk about a frequent
Local evolution over you're gonna get out the sheet. She changed the world, but I do want, give credit to the missing daily. What Mister sitting, and because you remember four years ago, when we were doing this and add as the night was going on and it starts, become more obvious. The trunk was gonna win and everybody was kind of Regan out. You were laughing and cry simultaneous lily somebody's nightmare. What craven cleaving said, something that I have repeated and I try to credit him when I can that I think we do so on the money that what an incredible country we live in that can happen right now, the four of us we live and breathe. This of anything happened tonight you know, and we can anything happened, but it also depends on what the media decides. That only one thing I sighed out have been almost almost only one thing was impossible: colonel, losing his seat so there's been destroyed, amiable graph this money into that's the celebrated ninety million unbelievable trying to defeat Mcconnell, which is this
what is vague by falling on his hands and help to take anything you throwing their care, not Ruth Cocaine Management, there alone, so much money on those raises. Also after It has been called for front, which is good news for lunch am who said also there wasn't a close battle, but it wasn't prickly hospital. I think it's gonna be all right. That. For now, I actually think everything's gonna be ok. I think he's gonna win
I just think people have just woken up. What we no matter, what happens kind enough. People in California is really a question. What you got screwed me. You scrutiny as a matter of fact. I had knows it is lovely wife. Over for dinner. Just a few weeks before you announced that you are leaving an old and I after some whiskey and yeah some wine, we may then he said I will stay within Dave. I will stay here. Why would we trust this failure? Then literally, would like twelve minutes later, I see across the twitter. Can Shapiro announces normally. Why now eyes? I accuse you write a headline was knolls noses soldier up the river. I we had this great dinner little,
Coca COLA. As you know, we were drinking a little bit. We made a plans for the future, we're going back. California we're not! Then I kind though it was like good appetite. You have a few drinks. Did I go in Germany calls me, and I could you not. It was like two days later he was already ready. Eras Dave, who I gotta know what truly guys aquifers I've loved. Haven't you guys here it's been nice and I get to Florence every now and again sunlight. So we will break break again and- and I do not have been to national ones out their white lovely at EU level. But before that the rise in sea utter it was great what you may be enjoying their new habitable bodily. Throw you out of a state will listen. We got and we got a ton of em over what is, to my mind this. How did he said when it is I'm the one that staying I had to get all the gun you guys are leaving prevent, has anger, we need to bring people. That's that's our there So, basically, as ourselves like this today, we are clear liberalism,
can be hilarious, is when all all of us the be married, ledges, Judea, jewish and christian conservatives watch Dave. They, the gay formerly liberal guy being go in the middle of yes, I've gotta have basically by all I always told daily. So you knows I was gonna end up the most worrying. I believe that it was obvious because I've been with these people in their terrible horrible you're on an island and a lot of time with them and their awful, politically you're gonna be further than a right than any of us may become the pope. At some point I dont know and honest. I will for a while- and this is what we decided- that we will stay here for a while and see if we can fix this freakin thing. You know right what happens? You guys know this leftist and progressives break things, and then conservatives fixed and everyone is like- look California, that Reagan guy was once the governor of California. Like things happen, New York, one then begins. I progressive not back in New York. City Giuliani fixes it. So I like a challenge- and I also like aids-
the degree whether every day, when it's not raining fire like the weather, the furthest, other bends living California, his entire life. I've lived here for twenty years two months in two weeks. I love California unfair by accident, so great a state in the country in terms of natural beauty, disagree to state in the country in terms of gesture ability to start off. It's nothing, engage with media and find a voice for years the promised they destroyed it. I mean in the last ten years they ve completely unravelled the magic umbrella. It's a totally different town. Then what was even thirty six months ago my hope is was it my hope? Is you join us? and ass, the failing that. I hope you turn the state around I'll look, there's always a chance like how to any of us do anything in the political world. If we don't think there's a chance right like we think you have the right just putting Jim Carry and of endeavour. Now my political believe they came from my earlier, but like like there
Right now now, what Betty totally myself when I got the reference now I gotta tell you say there is a chance. Ok, now I gotta let us law on our newspaper movies me myself, and I really believe that that night before he lied to me about the greatest movie of all that I'm gonna believe came from the movie yadda yadda yadda anyway, I'm gonna stay and fight for a little bit, and I think that I think people hate Car Seti this this plan, our mayor, I think people he gave a new some and I'm going to see. You know Rick Grenelle still in California, Larry Elder lives here and early. It's not that nobody's here and by the way, as Hollywood crumbles, which it is crumbling indiscreet is crumbling, and Hollywood crumbles, New India, these will have to try to step in and filled out, and they won't be this crazy left. This model is so there's a chance, but let's try this to tonight, which is the right there's, a ten thousand person trumpet. in Beverly Hills he was amazing, unbelievers, a memory there I was there
unbelievable. What was the spirit of what was the attitude like? Was your joy, pure joy? I ve ever done ecstasy, I've. Never Have you ever got accessing come all lines I can Arbela Philip. Was it will let you I've gotta see. This is where I can never say, I'm a full conservative cause. I say ecstasy and I can see all you guys start you get extra collar, I'm gonna be Anthony. I got my wife what time did on my family has a history of drug use and so I've never been tempted to do drugs and even inside for people. I cared a lot about you. People who I was very close to they would we ve been amsterdammers someday boy? I'd be great. If we spoke to join together- and I just I just- I can't do it, because seen where the road can lead? I don't know. What's genes, I got by making a fool around with what if I got those genes you should always answered. I have said to my wife: if our efforts, The target will be ecstasy is called
x x. This was an analogy rises to turn to the european public. Have always what I've always said, as I want to have a little more libertarianism into the best. Everybody movement anyway They were led we're taking crocodile, let's less relevant. Excellency metaphor here was if it was pure joy, thousands of people and it didn't matter if they were black or white or gay or straight or any of that now incense, They were little Rambo. Nobody around. You know there are plenty of ages. It was. It was a serious websites and everybody's happy everybody's hugging. I found out that Prager Dennis Breaker was on his way there. So I take you to my met him right outside and we walked together into watched the people, because your denizens really tall and he's dressed like that. This programme in the teeth of deliberate and until one he's out literally like thousands of people like yelling, like God, bless you Dennis we're gonna take this date back and by the way that sustain you're. So, like you pure joy, it's it's not
eighty refers both the about that. What now? What do you know? I have you any need. We are this lack of euro area where their financial data with issues is, you may caroling, and rigour and I've got Adam on the roads. I mean I I think I can get animals. I think I think I M, like you, got all those fancy cars. It's it's very expensive to move those across dreamy. Lighted rocks, they are made of car car, alien and I led the best argument on Dennis that he is a word which was Dennis Prager. You are too your committing an active immorality by spending your taxpayer dollars in a state. That is hope. Leslie Blue and is using them to reinforce all the values you hate. It contains Scholarship Brown. After an actually told me this week he said I have to say this here's an I say you ball, LINEAR news desire about whose job it is apple, watches Dennis, is taking to heart what
said to him about the morality of thing. For me- and I know I know I know- is that is less right- we're Dennis lives. This are aware, greater and more eligible that he was left. Prager from this is not a show and considerate gender see right back. Is it possible obviously, that there is an innocent gonna win? California, we have low, but that's how you start the recent better. I guess so. I used to run organ donation conference of Abrams about twenty five hundred Hollywood professionals, who were conservative in would bring twenty to forty of them into these new member lunches and people would with whisper it up. the table in a private room outbreak they would they grown men would weep, and I don't mean one or two I made numerous times over that the day that we were in operation, people would say obvious my agent. If I knew I was your one. Guy said, if my I knew I was here and my wife does not know my most deeply held beliefs, but the rally in Beverly Hills said to me what your experience it at the polling place last week said to me, with the caravan
FR, oxen and vehicles. The went down venerable of our three times now said to me is that conservatives, are not in a mood to hide from. well yeah. I guess I think we have finally realize they. Ve got our number. They are going to dogs as they are going to destroy it, The only way you can defend yourself is to take absolute ownership of who you are and stand up and by the way who do we have to thank for that its Donald Trump, because he'd mapped out a way to win guns. Who did the Democrats love now they love. The idea of John Mccain was not even on this earth anymore. They loved Mitt Romney, whose just to sell out they originally love. They want the crystal, of course, but they love they loved, W Bush? Now they love Republicans that are either retired and gone or dead, and it's like like what I'm here and I'm alive, and I'm going to fight for these things. It doesn't make imperfect but she's, the one that that allowed that. So you when you go to this thing in Beverly Hills, I mean the heart of the matter and not just Beverly Hills, Rubio Dry, which was destroyed by black lives matter and eighty four a couple months ago, and it's all boarded up now somehow
Hundreds and thousands of transporters can walk through Rodeo, Dr Germany and, I can believe, is perfect. Nobody bus into were Gimme a fancy store. Come on those nobody's less did into private gucci Iris Gopher come on. There are people boarding up, Dave, Reuben S, conundrums, those aren't gonna burn everything you. Maybe it isn't. Gonna be white christian militias, parading Beverly hills of writing. Gotta get outta the reference to destroy. Ok, I was then known as coming deported brigades door. I don't wanna, tempt you overly, but you know who they just call for Donald Trump, one presented about reporting, and yet they called the state. The great state of Tennessee but here it is Look how read, but how it is very beautiful, color! Isn't it the beautiful color of red
today. This I was in Tennessee once when I was on tour with with Jordan and I performed at the grand old operator Riman Theatre, which is the legendary the right and the people. There were extraordinarily nice. You guys you can have to get used to being round nice people than ever at its very different there being here and allay, but I think just with the right amount of time and maybe a little ecstasy, I think they can organ recently. You know this is something that even I have friends and family were very meek and mild, and they have has lived in blue places him with their conservative and they say there sick of it, because now this is actually something that changed with corona virus we are now when and how the mask as a great symbol on it. You can tell someone's politics by the millimeter of mass is on their no thriving alone on the situation, and now the power you can't deny the pilot. Every single interaction is. Am I of jobs, or am I a fellow American, and am I kill you and I'm either. Everything is so you're, so one edge all the time. I wanted
into a sea of Republicans in Tennessee. I want to feel like I'm, not always on the defensive. What I mean when it comes to ask actually. But what I've noticed for Democrats is that they weaken tell them. How are you There are worrying and improperly serves a prepared that Republicans when they were masters, usually because they actually are concerned about the very risky everyone Democrats. It seems like the masters being warned simply as a pure virtue signal in so doing their job and it wasn't it You know, I'm not his aunts and ask you guys are so that they actually think that that the masking is not the case. give away the chief giveaways when you think them asking is the is the failure of ideological consistency, deputy chief devoid of People who say that it's terrible to go to a crown Donald Trump now we're amass, but then there, like that you know it's very simple, for you to go into a racial protest about the United States. Is evil like someone is literally a story. I think yesterday on Yahoo I think, was Yahoo but said somehow they figured out that when, when people are doing these super spreader black lives matter things
destroying everything. Somehow the virus is actually gone down. Yes, because nobody, but I was lying on the ground there, what they said I did because anyone who stay home he said. Staying home because of the riots writers are actually doing you a favor there having already wouldn't die berwin down European Zizi announced today your day, the CDC says that, even if you, we have an active, go actively have covered nineteen, you should go vote and what welcome I reside ever. What bothers me, the offices and analyse the compass, the shock, the people there is no cost, It has no right to vote for president right. There is a constitutional right to freely worship and yet church basically CDC recommendation remained shuddered all over this country. But if you, if you're gonna vote.
I gotta get down there make sure that there is not a red or are they calling at the Red Red, Murat Red memorize? It doesnt turn out their way. It's a mirage right now. It is worth noting that Georgia looks like it is lining up for Trump as well. So at least Florida in Georgia have lined up for Trump Arizona, looks a little bit ice hereby centrally stats. Ohio is looking a little and at last summer, remember Trumbull supposed when narrowly and how you and broadly in Ohio, looks back to narrow territory good NEWS and George. I was a little bit more worried in Georgia and we ve seen some. The commander had been a little scary and obviously Stacy Abrams as the governor there. So that makes. But then that is good night after tonight, maybe depressive issued voting. She made this all ends with Stacy Abrams. As the president, absolute, we are in a simulation. Yes, absolutely Dave, I wanna go check in with our war room divine sitting around from or second I'm here I have whiskey and I think I'm attached to the chair, so I think that after we have no choice, are we now but these are our most rear analysis. Yes, yes, elation, in the daily Wire war room
I am here, and I have a very own Cabot Philips, as you guys mention. Of course, President Trump, just one Tennessee. We have updated our map here, so how? looking what's going on the guys this reference Georgia's? Well? Can you break down from the data from that angle? The directive will know we have enough to really story get a feel for how the state are shaping out. Georgia Florida camera? Your time, secondly, there projections has trumpet about ninety six percent to win The Panhandle one large areas remaining four votes to come in traditionally conservative stronghold. It's looking very, very good for the President in Florida, Georgia, state were poison. How president from the head is going to be incredibly close right now, you're times has them with a sixty percent chance of winning George, if you believe those numbers we have right now, with thirteen percent reporting present trumped up about almost six percent indoors. Obviously we have to weigh perform countenance wetland is that's where most of the result of income in after the Democrats are really banking, Fulton, cop county to cap, county or counties Democrats stronghold? Traditionally, it's gonna be tough.
for Georgia. But it looks good right now and one of the things about Georgia that we ve been discussing in the early voting there. So what was the early voting turn out like because TAT technically, that tend to ski, more democratic Reda? Technically, you would think that pass elections are definitely benefits. Democrats, this year, democratic, really voting not as they because Republicans have been calling on early voting. Democratic mail in voting is what we're expectancy very high numbers from another interesting point: we talk about projections from New York Times, another one people like to keep an eye on the betting more, sometimes people thinking about a feel for it's going with the money. at present, tromp was sitting down and the high teens the low twenties earlier in the week right now he's up to forty five percent, and some of the larger betting market so seems like people think this more money lying or present. Tromp releases starting get that way. So that's knows and keep islands and Progressive Ohio another one, the big one the people want is higher in Pennsylvania next week, don't have enough data coming from those states. Yet, oh hi!
especially where you do have a few more votes, but a lot of the key areas and Republicans are waiting on not coming. Ok, and I mean who knew that Michael knows had time to get to Vegas, to put in his bets on that springing up, something that democratic spend. A lot of money on a hundred million dollars on the race against which Mcconnell incomes but it did not turn out. That's what's on. All is one reelection. Can we look at a Senate map absent? Actually, we have an update their. Can you give us an update on what's going out with the same? Well, if you close your eyes and listen to their sound, that laughter is actually no cooking match laughing all the people that port a hundred million dollars into EMU Mcgrath came that's what we like burning money and yet the Joker sitting on the Castro before lights and fire gap. As for anyone who sent me, the rat campaign has done with their money. Mr Connell, you bet against him doesn't go well for you, a lot of people did, is going to be remaining. We ve seen a few other races called for form up What Keynes in half in Oklahoma few other states, not many,
big surprise is yet another races were holding all foreign unannounced. You need those. Yet until we get to some of the more your contested election. Ok, thank you Cabot for that of the guys. We're gonna continue to bring those face, but right now we did with love to come on over here and get to some subscriber questions. Everybody Worley wants to know at what point this question is for Ben actually, what we think of the riots and looting will start ban if Trump, what ends up winding Pennsylvania. If someone Pennsylvania immediately so while there can be a lot of folks who actually wait until they results or anything you're gonna start see unrest tonight, if there's not a clear result for by citing, did it get to nine o clock. Goodnight unease coast, Washington, Dc New York, yes, so that their worried about this It turns out that that it's a very all action that looks like it's can go late into the night. You might I can see some preemptive looting. Some preemptive upset we're tomorrow. It looks like from going away Pennsylvania
Rituals is an act of violence for sure. Ok, now can I just say that I agree with that, while demise ionizing man levy. even wiser, not the gets you saucy, but I'm you haven't devouring those glasses and I'm going back to floor, and I'm saying my sweetheart would you like to you know I'm just the outward work. Do you mean they do have three kids? Ok. Next question goes to actually I won't ask this question a David. You don't mind. We will want to know that, given that pulse we're, so act inaccurate in twenty. Sixteen, do you think that the Authors may have air and on the safe side, this election, we ve heard across the board how pollsters have changed. You know the different levels of which they look at Dayton, one type of people they call and include in their polling. But do you think that they ve aired so much on the safe side this year than that they would be
reporting and in a kind of going too much the other side reporting. Similarly inaccurate predictions. You know I've been when people on Twitter and in real life asking friends and family, and nobody that I know I got one person to say that it Ten years ago they were called on a landline. I can't find anyone that was ever have you. There has ever been Paul. I've got one text in my life. I got on one glance: have you ever been pulled, never forever? Bimbo then, if you ever been, oh that's what happens before or after the ecstasy I don't know all environmental work and wounded, and I I don't. I don't believe that all is actually have much bearing anymore. It strikes me as a vestige of the old world and in many ways, no matter what happens to night, but especially, if promptly it seems to me that the old world is coming to a close. Now, it's coming toward home, maybe hangs on fuel for former years. If bite and winds or whoever becomes president wants bite is declared, incompetent or whatever incapacitating
but whatever you want to call it out, and we know why don't you take a, but we also know that in essence, I think that the idea that the posters are getting this stuff right- it's just more signalling and waning us the way the New York Times tried to train us. The way all the studies out of Harvard try to train us to think certain things. What joined and as you know, we did that we did. The breaker unite in informing everything they do is doublespeak in confusion. So the idea that the people who lie about everything in the mainstream that lies about absolutely right everything they don't lie about it this is the one thing that they decided not to live out, because it so serious, and yet we don't know anyone that they ve talked about this and what it is. Actually a debate that we are having before the shell been an eye. Michael was part of a driver's part of it is, can do pollsters have more of an interest. To redeem their profession by being accurate or more of an interest in gratifying
client legacy media these people, don't it's it's almost everything that's got on with the left over the last five years. You would think that Donald Trump being President for the last four years they might got in and reevaluated what they did wrong, but In so deep, you don't want to be the poster. The one pollster added a poster. I guess thereby hang in there. They hang out that they like an eel, chat, room or something that I think, but I do not want to be the one poster whose I cannot be won this a little bit differently in talking to people a little bit differently and you're not going to believe this guy's. But I've got trumped up five So that's why all the Poles said the exact same thing, which, by the way over the last couple days, was a lot closer. Point. Then it was four years ago I just there's also thereby there's just sort of minor historical point here, which is that everything we're talking to modern social science, modern statistics, modern falling, modern media, modern university, modern state- all came up with this in time as part of the same project, the issue, the word statistics them from the word statist read in statistical Germans, that these data dying it was all to feed
the modern administrative state so when it works within that system, if that's some starts to break down the whole thing breaks down. You ve seen the university Britain, you ve seen the legacy media breakdown magnificently and I think The last vestiges pulling it sounds most sciences. You know it sounds the most factual, but as the system crumbles, no one's gonna go to overcome Look at exit pulling the idea that there's a pollster outside of the place where you vote, who is going to come up to you and then you're going tell him what you just did there. I mean I've. You're in LOS Angeles, I'm I'm a public person and people know that I voted for Trump, but the idea that I would have to a random percy. I know firstly with the stupidity of the mass and everything else like all yes, yes, let me tell you my last or you want to come to my house. I stop accordingly, that's all This seems real anymore and I think that's what we're seeing There is a new world on the horizon and I think truly, you know, guys, like us, are going to help blaze a trail to or we'll go to the gulags order going we'll be in good company.
We have breaking news right now coming. Order we're going to the daily wire world room to get the uptake Ilusha now back to that, I'm gonna head on overtired nifty little map over here and our very own Cabot, Philips Cabot, what's going on for so long ago, brought this because I've been running about filling all the latest out now multiple sources have said that present tromp is set to win Florida or that for president twelve multiple sources, operating on the board the outward away for a little bit more clarification, but it looks like barring some kind of unforeseen craziness present trump. gonna come forward, and that is where the eighty six percent the precincts reporting is this. The breakdown of what has happened is a curve Rachel right now. So eighty nine percent is most recent. That present trumpets at fifteen point four percent bottoms point: seven percent in the world, where the remaining votes are coming in from international concern strongholds. It doesn't look like there's anyway, for Vice President Biden to make up the gap in Florida, so first state where it looks like all throughout
section the pulling showed wide enough anywhere from now to five samples even had him up ten, we did it start to get a little bit closer. This week, president tromp invite an alternating being leading Florida, but like border is going to be going present, and that is twenty. Nine very big and important, or has the right and the present within Bigley, important design, This was a must win for present gallop. You didn't take Florida. Strictly speaking, was gonna, be nearly impossible for him to when the election, for this is of the core five say speaking tracking today, the wire events. This was a big one for him. They can for I'll breathe a sigh of relief and now it's onto Caroline of Michigan Ohio Pennsylvania. All those big states are thank you guys, so much will be bringing those updates, specifically North Carolina, intensifying Pennsylvania, where we're paying attention- and you ve been talking about the pulse cabbages mention the Poles were in not now thoroughly. We know how wrong were they once all the votes are counted, we'll see what that margin was an, but if the poles there were two,
being against the president and the vice president in Florida. Does that mean that other pulling data that we ve seen how to places like Pennsylvania, North Carolina is going to follow that trend? We're gonna be paying attention that and bring you guys updates, as we can in this by the way is. The big question is whether now is flawed negative of other pulling errors all over the country, or is this Lord? I just outperforms Republicans that's lordy is running right. I mean did see this last time we saw that Rhonda Santa's dvd and rebuilding a very bad, your for Republicans in twenty eight June and we started Florida remain. rather read. It may be that Florida facts running right, because a voters are turning toward president from particularly in Florida, where they are cuban expatriates, venezuelan expatriates, brazilian expatriates, lumping in everybody from various different countries as less equal member tenanted everybody's from as a kind of latin next right is really just by the way the pulling this year would be pretty egregiously. five. Thirty eight pulling average did have Lord at two point: five four Biden there now predicting that it could be plus three.
for four trumps. That's a significant five point: error in favour of of present outside the margin of error files on the margin of error, we'll see if that carries over to anyplace else, like, for example, Ohio, which right now looks like it's gonna, be a real dogfight them. So what I will say is that we had wondered at the beginning of the night would would be in for a short night or a long night if we're going to be twenty, twelve over again. The president would be losing Florida, we would know there is no path, a victory. That is not what we're facing the present you guys sound from very competitive tonight, picking up the state afforded, almost certain now to pick up the state of Florida and therefore isn't it opposition to battle it out for the rest of the night they Reuben. Thank you for hanging out with us really Pritchett Eminent, especially appreciate the glasses class. The joint out, it's been a pleasure being with you. Obviously, I'm never going to see any of you ever again, I'm going to go down with the ship here and you people will be looking to be very serious right now, I'm in real. You got little that varies out there, that ITALY has a little sad. I mean I mean
What are your funeral I'm in adjusting pats on the side and think remember that time before Dave went down with little one Scarface Blaze of glory, doing ecstasy and firing machine gun under their Letty. Remember that Europe about my impending doom, but I'm not the one. Moving the dough Boca this reverence and ensure Piero bench appeared just carried the state afforded president drawings, this variety, no one vote. I irresponsible just stand as always is radically shifted the blessed in favour. President rob. I shifted the floor to vote in favour of president from by mere presence, just as I have historically shifted to vote in favour of Republicans in the state of California. That's thank you and all joke society, and this because and I can see those leaves Deborah while the fact you guys are going. You put your money where your mouth is like. We can fix this on many fronts. I truly believe that, whether its mean here, you got their wherever everybody else ends up like this is a country if we're going to remain a country than some good people have to stay here and some we'll have to have to get going and we'll do it. Let's do it
fix this thing. I have nothing better to do, but you get nothing at all we really want is jerry. Nba protection not only be an error, but just your friendship in an kinship of these laws. several years as we ve been watching. Our business, you ve, been watching your business ethics everything knowing your right down the street? further away a guy. I had something to do with your higher here also, You know this hair of a thousand only for this work it has done for something that area this happen. I thought was that all joking aside, I was writing sentimental and now you guys are taken what does a very seriously but earnestly no jokes day of the week system- you have shown us over the past, like nine minutes or so since you took the glass is often there shoot on them a little as as floored me in Oh really made me think he's gotta leave now I'm quest, perceptual orders, the guy smoulders, please thank you ghosts fitted up and take your hand, tat students they make you
due to covered restrictions- or I will catch you later on this year- there all right close up on me, so I can get him unplugged before he walks away in tears. I think I heard said terrorists and others that big note. I love this my favorite part of the evening is, when things let's get a little bit worse for Democrats and all the estimate started go down. So I don't know what's going from here, but one I've ever parts of the last with external action, as you will recall, was watching. estimate on political. Or from ninety nine percent to zero percent over the course of the narrow. Dr thirty eight is now re evaluating their shot. Abiden wins the White House. They had been ninety percent. They haven't sixty six percent if it from carries flora, so this does change them rather radically, so that is up is definitely a good thing again there. It is Keep your eye on now is a highly Ohio, is getting those votes in we are still waiting on more results from North Carolina. At this point, it is, It is amazing to see how hispanic voters info
I moved dramatically dramatically away from the Democrats, according to some early examples. Florida Hillary Clinton has vanished in Florida and twenty sustained plus twenty seven February in twenty twenty plus eight forbidden, plus eight four ok, that is, causing a nearly twenty point gap categories instead of Lord of those examples are accurate in Georgia by underperforming by fifteen percent versus Clinton among Hispanics and you Ohio Hispanics are performing when seen better for Donald Trump than they did last time around which, demonstrates once and once again it seminary. Two things one Democrats are fools for lying on. The demography is destiny. Argument attracted foolish and two white nationals are fools. Relying on demography is destiny, argument by the argument that Only if there are more white voters in your hispanic voters can there be any hope rest of the country, The reality is, people are individuals and people will think as individuals have treated as individuals, and that will be the hope of the Republican Party going forward. Apparently
then your terms, needle by the way that those needles back and I normally hates on the needles. But then you know because it honestly ain't, one of things, is greater than ecosystem. Give you like. A quick endure, fell down in dirty way of knowing exactly where things sort of sand in the region This moment they suggest from a slight favorite to carry North Carolina I am obviously they have from one in Florida. Intra heavy favorites win Georgia. That would be a big missed by the posed by the way on Georgia. as well Georgia was turning from the latter is not going to local politics, they're pulling average George, was running basically daddy, even five. There they had Georgia running toward fronting for button. So we'll see if these posts, historically wrongs their systemically wrong it off their no trumpets, reelection, unbelievable somewhere, I too welcome back our own Andrew claimants way. Name on a bathroom break. You got laws, I think you ve been up one
Alpha lovely dinner met some nice people out brought numerous bravely in front of our building. Our boarded up. You missed our farewell: Tar PAL Dave, Reuben yeah, but you also missed the unbelievable news that the president is being some some out which now calling for? Therefore the presidency we are in for a long night, the president's competitive that looked good have remembered when a packet of five points down thought. That's outside the margin of error, Emily that Bastard wouldn't use latin acts. Only only racist refused to use light next races like every latino personal government. Can we also celebrate the term which we can all Isabel said earlier, european, every million bucks. I missed the celebration, it is pretty fantastic. Where have you been cocaine off the table? Olives do not know yet another day they literally just took a giant how money and it it was used the Joker and think it we're just trying to send a message here. I think I'll go there's broke into the Joker laugh. You should have written a letter on issues dollar bill.
a really long, measured, but what's going hi or hope, not looking good, I get Ohio is low, but uglier I sold in in a lot of the counties that tramples winning heavily particulars of suburban counties that he did pretty well, unless I'm here Performing in suburban counties of Ohio, he's really underperforming in places like Cincinnati is performing, he won the county surrounding since it over there not showing up in mass numbers. Here this knowing of closer to what he was pull, that is twenty and twenty sixteen than what he showed out in twenty. Sixteen mocha send twenty sixteen a lot. A lot of rural white voters showed up from if they don't show up but something Ohio. It's hard to see unwitting Pennsylvania. I think because, if that the question competing patterns. Right record of a pattern is or is a highly political influence over, performs my tendencies that you're under performs in Ohio or if he underperformed in taxes. That is more likely to predict the night and open performance in Florida, because Florida is fantastic state, and not only after clicking away again for a bucket one in twenty eighteen, which is why round us answers rather than
a man who was caught in a room with method, a hooker as far as governor of water, a communist who was caught in a room with math, and it gave me We have everything. He looked up at the very fact that we're mighty proud to begun ownership, the data, while every single one of us on this, owns a firearm. We cannot an awesome responsibility when the framers wrote the constitution. The first thing they did was to make sacred the rights of individual, to share their ideas without limitation by government. That is the first amendment. The second right they enumerated was the right of the population to protect that speech and their own persons with force if needed, owning awry. It is a heavy responsibility. Building a rifle is no difference. Our friends at Bravo, company manufacturing, piecing em for short, build professional grade rifles built to combat standards. Why well, because I believe that you deserve the exact same level of protection as any other American, even if you're a private citizen, you deserve the exact same level of protection, but a professional. a soldier, a law enforcement officers might be able to expect from their fire on the people
I assume that, when a rifle leave their shop going to be used in the life or death situation by irresponsible citizen law enforcement officers or a soldier overseas without a mind. Every single component of a beastly rifle is handed simple, attested by Americans people are busy em up because their moral responsibility is Americans to provide you with that will not fail when it's not just the pain target on the line, but someone actually coming to do you arm see and also those that making reliable lifesaving tools. That's only half the story and so What company manufacturing is working with leading instructors marksmanship from top levels of America's special operations forces from the Marine Corps force, reconnaissance, the? U S, army special operations, forces, Connecting them with everyday Americans, these top instructors teach the skills necessary to defend yourself, to defend your family and to defend others. That's what wrong owning a rifle is all about. That's the responsibility of owning arrival is not just a right; it is a duty, the responsible thing to do Benjamin
so to learn more about Bravo Company manufacturing, these dudes, our stellar hadn't. Bravo, company, M, F, Guida com. You can discover more about the products of special offers are coming as it is probable company and f g dot com. If you need more convincing, even more about these young and the often people make their products at Youtube. Dot com, slash! Bravo, company, USA, gonNA, Youtube COM, Slash Bravo come the USA, while others were commander, well he's coming with us. National though ones is moving to Moscow and she is joining the daily wire. So if you want to help us out because let's face it, all- wonderful programming that we are soon to bring. You is going be quite closely and yet incredible, if you only part of our you need a had another right now to Daily Wired, commenting subscribe using promo code election for twenty five percent off. heal your literacy for, while we want to jump on board now, is an excellent time to do it and help us to defeat the stuff. We ve been median become the replacement media. That is our pitch the old join us and now, in the actual, regularly scheduled programme not hold back included by the way that I might not get this humble right at me with the with the actual, but the actual control,
your tumblr, which are better than its hopefully become entangled exiles year's annual subscriber you get the leftist years hot or cold tumblr happiness? we're announcing a lot of really exciting initiatives. Tonight, not only his canvas Owen, international, not only she joining the daily wire with the show, unlike any other show, but we are also these two announced and I told you to be more than one big announcement. Seconding announcement. Is that begin in the coming weeks, we have made a partnership with our friend over Prager University. The most I think that wasn't there are three can the board that have really emerged over the last five years to today, new roles and very important roles in the movement. I think Charlie Cargo People, USA has done something. workable and important. I think the wire bit self serving the way something remarkable unimportant over these last five years and our friends Prager Firstly, we have done something remarkable unimportant. We ve been fighting the five idiot they ve been fighting the fight for education, five minute videos at a time our friend
this programme for an hour s friend, came up with the idea. Ceo Marisa has taken it to hide scenario, Many of us are coming in the early days when me in Jonathan, hey, we're help and draw little videos for Prager when you first started now, these videos have been viewed literally millions of times, and you should be pleased about that because they are watched by people who are young people who will Perhaps it listen to say Ruslan BAR, wouldn't watch Fox news and are getting a d education are learning about the concepts that are actually relevant that four years ago. When then, when Donald Trump went his surprise, twenties Ten victory, a you, video that I have had the pleasure of working on about the electoral college did fifty million views in the wake of that election, as Americans started asking questions like what the electoral college. Why do we have an electoral college and who worth? Who was there too? So who is there to stand? And I got a friends of rigour you in our new partnership with Prager you, we will
ring daily wire dot com members, the entire Prager, you catalogue behind, I pay low on our at. We call an escort service as a stream video on demand service? That's the way you watch been Shapiro on the daily work outcome is the way that you watch Andrew Clayton on the data dot com, and now you will be able to watch the entire catalogue of Remarkable Evergreen, pressing it an important videos from our friends over at further you one of the important we're taking aid to give more value to our subscribers, but More than that to make sure that you are exposed to the exact content that you need arm, for the battles that our ahead and to replace this media academic in Social structure that is alliance against as it's not enough to fight the battle of I the media, we have to fight it on the level of education to we have to teach people the things that they current do not know? We will be doing that with our friends are Prager you we couldn't be more excited about it.
I am also going to welcome to the show a good free. Of while no one and has no friends, but he is a daily wire host and his sometimes with us what he's in town people all the time. Why is it that was part of backstage? that was part of your life in my covered that was doesn't like us. Was it doesn't like aeroplanes and when you don't like us and you dont like airplane, and you live literally thirty, two hundred miles away you're, just not going to be under them, show people I'm sorry. I try believe me. I try. Oh man, what if we send to the first class and his eyes, were they make me a Mombasa? I don't know man coldly. I can't promise it why we can't promise me I'm a motorcycle passed with it, but he is with us tonight streaming in from his new digs in Nashville Tennessee we're hobby, obviously much more integrated, I think, into some of these broadcasting. I'll be in the past, as will be together. Finally, our good friend now mass they stay with us
that's right, and we think that introduction. It is true that I dont like anyone, but I do my best to pretend not very well most now, but I do try to freeze up for when anybody bats are met as a very cynical human being whose always downcast and oppressing are you there hasn't depressing tonight. Are you a bit tonight and if so, why
ah well, my projection with Congo westward when the present on a feeling depressed about that. I don't think that's gonna happen. You know, I don't know I'm looking at a right now. It seems, like things are kind of training like they didn't twenty sixteen and no it s. Only one call myself optimistic, because I never em, but I think no one, that's how it turn. If that's how it turns out, then it's it's. It's no big surprise because of course, the Democrats are gonna if they lose their gotta, be dogma, voter fraud in all these different things, but the reason why they lost if they lose it simply because there are horrible and they ve done absolutely nothing. They ve done not one thing in the last four years to attract new voters, especially the voters they need in some of these states everything they ve done has been to appeal to you know pink haired, gender studies, majors and
the alarm looters, but everything I've done for years, have been just to appeal to that site and what we discover, maybe at the end of the night, is that there aren't enough people in that category through when a national election by what was so mouthwash. We have been working on a media all evening long, and we expect you to do the same as an employee of daily dotcom. We are now building ourselves as replacement media, because our media are such garbage. So please spend the next few minutes and thirty seven seconds ripping the crap out of the media, because it is well deserved well, that's not. Actually they found a mediation in Britain and I love the National about listen. They hear you ll get some of these images and in D C and in Ireland in New York and other, and you gotta talk to others, and so these cities are their boarding up windows. the call on the national guard. You know I've,
in the past, when I've seen other countries doing that sort of thing for their elections? I've, always felt good that an entire sort of superior and thought where we we don't do that here. I feel so good that we have a peaceful actions. I won't have to worry about that, and now we have become that sort of country, and we know we have the media largely to thank for it and its yes, it's no big surprise. When you go around telling people that you got literally Hitler in the White House and his evil to its core and he's in, and there are police officers who are prowling the streets. Hunting and murdering black people need these needs, lies have consequences and we're seeing the consequences and their intentional consequences do this. What the media wants. I have nothing but nothing but contempt for them. exactly what I was looking for, South Africa. What I was looking for either Manawyddan fuck around with us, as we welcome our next guest. I told
were we ve made a new partnership with our friends over prego University, and indeed we have always had a partnership with our friends Prager University from helping within, mason of some of the videos from the earliest days of the company, nearly the earliest days of accompanying the also Michael knows, and I in our own journey the shell having the opportunity to with Alan S for non many of the scripts with always seem pretty here's a bit of a sister company and we're really pleased that will be working more closely going. and here the help us celebrate that new partnership enter. Analyze. Events of the evening we have our dear friend Dennis breaker while I am dear friends. I love you guys The. our minister. I did not expect to say this, but it is what it is. If the Republicans win its law then trump, but but if the Republicans and in the president, when you and what we do and enter
in point and and other, we have made a difference. Now am I I'm really that we have cause this country's two important the world. Lincoln was right. It is the last best hope on earth and Allow me to say one other thing: the story of the day. Is it is the boarding of the stores, cities. You can that we have lived to see this day, but there's even more dark about it. no one, but what we are the media or not, and a lot of Americans are not blaming the left for the fact that people are boarding up their storage right as if
I heard a thing on one on one: a broadcast remember what chaos will break out. that's like when they ve one's eyes. Here s a twinkle in a five year old drops spills grape juice on a white tablecloth. It fell, Five year old says I spilled it. That's what this is. No one has no one does the riot they its chaos breaking out at best that's if they don't actually blame rightwing done, although well said, then its role in the shocking thing to is that this is still not wise of the of the lower orders, Israelites inspired by them richest most successful, most powerful people among us. They inspired Encouraged by media giants, bye Amazon by Netflix feeding into a narrative that makes people in that their country and mixed people feel that this is an evil placed
many people have succeeded most. Your fats are the ones who are selling this now, so there there's a phenomenon that I've been thinking it after a while here, there's an often and Nicholas knows him to leave the rights about this gallery normalization and it's how fringe ideas are wandered into majority propositions, and I think that's what we ve been watching with regret to the towers for writing and by the small group of people need the basic idea here. Is that if you have, saved, whose briefly, whatever you have a family, and one of the members that families vegetarian and they say- ok, I can only vegetarian, but you can do what you want the mountains. one meal and is: can we vegetarian for everybody concerned have time to make emails, and then you take that famine and you put them in a block party- and they say we had we vegetarian for our daughter Jake and make one million materials they make. One meal was the same
With regard to the writing in the looting. If you have one in France in radical group, there are fuses to go along with any silent majority proposition. They can mobilise entire contingents of large based companies who refused to say no, because you have very much a sort of concentrated benefit too. hiding, alluding, but a diffuse diffuse downside. To that end, working people say that if you download offer its also the weapon cessation of decency, this is one of my gripes with our friends who remained never Trump David, French, John Piper Middle. Most of these guys- who you know John Piper and and David french- I think of article this point of view, the most eloquently over the over the past year, but what then, what they really objective, they'll say: Donald Trump isn't have character, and we all know that done Why doesn't have traditional if we might as we might describe, but as we have discussed on what he does have virtues it's a different set of virtues and an important said it Why not seizing power during covert an aversion to,
I was there. We haven't seen in a chief executive really since Reagan, Ronald Reagan, those our actual virtues they were virtues are missing in our chief executives, most recently in Indonesia, but what we might call a decent man is not what we might call in nice man and there is- an important role in the world for decency there's an important role in the world for now This is an important role in the world for kindness, but it is the most important role and one of the things that happened with, I think, the christian church, I suspect, the Mormon Church, I suspect, to some degree the the the jewish community as well, is that since the eightys, we started a pivot away from heart, the illogical truths and pivot toward now. This as a replacement for religion, and this is why evangelicals, by the way, now are more likely to be socialist, then double. Events in concepts like the availability of scripture, which
not making and am not advocating for the availability of scripture. Necessarily they certainly a long held christian belief that you would expect evangelical turns to adhere to, and yet instead, there, Their leaning for itself was and why their religion has been reduced down to my license, We have been reduced down to decent by the way you know devoted my life, and I am finishing point three of my five billion commentary on the Torah battling. She gonna pick it up. Like my wife reads: it average about its hands ass. It is the right way they thank you for that. Give Rebecca three well anyway, but will integrate going to Florida. Where I wanted to talk about, I'm taking you have learned, my son would love that, and you know. God is, and always nice certainly he's just but not, but not always nice. There would, by the way, there is no biblical words for nice. in a strictly, doesn't exist and any of my
from Germany boring I wish you'd be here with us today is pointed out more frequently. You know you have, you have pointed out frequently Jesus isn't that nice was very hard to find Jesus being like a pal, you know is actually that's. That's right is somewhat more trade in movies. Yes, it's like a map. As it happens, there is nothing worse than a hippie. I've always wanted these military differences. There are some worse than a happy, Obviously these the way I have often said I want to write a book called Jesus. The jerk awaited cheating, Jesus, treats people out of love, but biblical love isn't sentimentality right. Biblical love means that you speak to people truthfully. You tell them within their best interests, to hear from a technical point of view, would be telling someone the thing that no one else will dare to to them? Also, you know their virtues for the moment and this the moment for niceness the thing about them that I think is struck me from the very beginning. I'm sorry it takes a man like an affront to do. What,
to do, but it does. I just don't think kind of Man and Michael Man, more elegant man would have stood up for the kind of pressure. He's gotten in that pressure. I will stay visa issue that they never trumpery. A guy called my radio show today and he was so sincere and eloquent any just things than is explained to me. Never trumpets. I know all of them. Most importantly, Prager you, videos and said to him that the truth, I still do not, I kept the icon. explain why God made the mosquito, and I cannot exactly what ever trappers for they are ties for. Among the riddle recognise that damage the left is doing to America and and Vienna trumpet. I tend to be slightly kinder to some of them, because the agony, we're friends about some people. I think that make a division between people who have been.
We decided that they have withdrawn from politics out of mere disgusted everything. There is political and I'm stuck in a vote versus the people, like the Lincoln Pro tor actively fomenting. I we're contrary to our blood. That's what he was reforms have he's. I met the Lincoln Project as Democrats for the integrated and we also have no other way of putting it. It's a pure drift, she's loans or use the poem which may in the Wall Street Journal. Now they heard a couple reports on what I don't know what happened and an end. He is used the child of refugees from the Soviet Union, or he came from the savings of unions and called the week that I was elected. You said he had stolen stolen by one My movie GO said: wash your mouth thousands to fill in fairness, the only difference between Donald Trump instalment about twenty million, but the only democratic. That's a good point because another, let's talk about while you're staying here in this Hell hole state title either the survival I've left. You and I like I've, been gone for like a month and its
nominal. Just like what are you doing? The air is only in the way of theirs re jewish community. Yet I kid there. What do you know why you playing your extraordinary levels of taxation to this hellhole states that they can promote all the values you hate? Whilst I have so many people, I love here. That is the only answer is they message. Rawlins Dennis, I'm sorry invented phones. yeah. You know that exists, you can you. I do not know of any aid, the synagogue here, people I love. Obviously We need every Saturday, There is that's the issue there for me, people was first, people over Alice- is everything that's my reject the little they were wrong. I think what you're saying is actually important one of the things they distresses me from time to time the business, the whirlwind there's something unpleasant about.
Business right and we were referred earlier to Most- is not getting tat. Go into promised land and they did not being able to build the temple. There's a there's, a cost that you pay to willed certain kinds of influence, a cost to leadership, a cost to wealth, the cost of fame posted the kinds of influence that we ve built with our lives we play in a space where we focus on all it takes, is the most important thing that we talked about. But politics is not the most important thing that there is some fundamentally left wing premises. To think that politics is the most important thing of course, both towards that. When your life that people s you the people, they got it I won't load that goes to one of my poor, believes you know I've written a book on happiness alone without mentioning it to sell the boy they just want to make a clear mentioning it, because if we are not trying to sell my user copy folks, I don't get a web site. I am saying it because I have. I have no
from an early age? How important happiness is the moral significance of happiness? Yes and here is where I do now. Every week. I'm a radio show call the happiness, our that's for twenty years. I've done it so that its thousand hours of unhappiness every week I say, ok happiness our because the happy make the world better and the unhappy make it worse, and I I, while the hours not let it go. On other hours of my show, I have noted I have now I met a happy leftist. I have met happy and unhappy liberals happy and unhappy conservatives, but there is no no. moments you become happy. You leave, leave leftism. Here's a beta Middle I've made up one real in my whole life ruddy. What do you call a happy black, a republic in general,
I think that one of the problems in religion and the problems with charity is that it's very easy to be human as people, you don't have to interact with the people, love to give money to Africa or they loved to give money to in foreign contributions they don't want actually give money to their brother alone. Money to five years are going to end up with her it s a bit of a drink up because he's a real. Human to them. They actually know his paws variable two years able to idealize people, you dont know, and one of the problems that I see in politics is we take actual communities that we are in a sofa media's made this much worse with the community we are actually in, and we lesson its value to us in favour of these abstraction it is of strangers who agree with us like us. Social media thumbs up the things that we say I had this Precisely with my mom went hunting and as all of us do, she got riled up about something that someone we know said facebook she's upset about it. We ve all been in the same position
in tat moment. I realized, like that, was my ass. My across this neighbor when I was growing up like when I was a small child, and I would ride my bicycle industry. If I've been hit by a car, that's the actual person Would have come out and cared for me and politics would have been meaningless in that situation in it, but because of the sort of evil temptation of policy, we're dehumanizing those people in our I've sent him is truest room. It's an old shawl, short peanuts, a gag humanity, its people? I can't stand and the other it is, I feel, exactly the opposite fabric. That's it that's our defining element. The conservative I mean I live contempt for humanity, love human! That's that's my line by line somewhere I mean every person I mean I find something incredibly be raised. We ve been doing it on the known, so we're gonna get an update from
our daily Wire war room on what's happening in the various states are now of as much as you love our inside the most about the bishop had to pay the president's so Ilusha fellas, what's happening up here by illusion. I mean what is fascinating, is I'm hanging out in this war room with all the people that are gathering all the data? The understand all the data, like our very own, editor, enhanced powers and like when I say, hear him say while well like what happened. Tell everyone why your wound I mean, especially in English, both in Russia and emotional, toil. Ok, some as a one off throughout its life. Florida was going like in the direction the trunk getting across that we took silently loafers went down little bed now. towards Georgia. North Carolina so got some data here which we found fascinating so new type projection. The Georgia eighty five percent from the north Protection for North Carolina. Seventy five said: trot lavender, just like that it adds in context that Georgia, twenty four percent reporting and button, is up
when Clinton by more than ten percent Enfolding County, ok, where Atlanta, so we should take out of the picture. because if we have huge ten other Stacy Abrams now the gun, Georgia. Now it seems that is pushing pretty hot page, ten out. Ok and North Carolina Sixty sixty seven percent reporting, so the numbers look a little better they're holding up wrath, because if those trumps way this nice. Looking better. While I mean we already said that if Florida went his way, which, if it is, it was gonna, be an easier Patsy victory. We mean you have been looking at the data in Georgia, so you're saying like fascinating that the projections are showing that it could be trending from but you're so waiting on the Atlantic area, yeah I want to see some of those areas sameness like some thought Florida with Miami Gaze. I want to see binding form we could ever forest are celebrating to hang our aid. While I mean we have some daily, our members that are probably in the middle of celebrating right now as there are watching this. Thank you for that faith and come back to you guys. When we have more updates, we promise
for right now we're gets a member questions because people definitely want to know. First of all, my mom wants to know if I have done ecstasy and that's a hard, no such as just just letting a man. I know there are no politeness ecstasy, none, not none of the things never been to coach hell. I don't plan on going at all. I wanted to ask the question to Dennis Prager if we can, because we asked them awesome daily wire fans over there and They want to know from the great Dennis Prager how long you think help not just kidding I'll finish. What you got enough there by Dennis is actually possible to turn. California do think. Like David Urban was saying earlier, our people and our people disgusting aircraft study and gave a new some that we could see a trend in Vienna to Republicans here. I don't see it because this is This is a puzzle up there with the mosquito issue. Why don't
behold, the left responsible for four what they do, I it's a puzzled me telephone. has been ruined to ruin. California actually takes effort right. The rich greatest, whether literally on earth with the possible section of Perth in Cape town. I've looked into it the this, whether on earth, the greatest natural resources, including farming, I mean natural in every way. We have everything and it the place of joy go West young man. This is where the opportunities for the left ruined California and are not held responsible. This is what but blows that right is held responsible for one doesn't do we believe Katrina on right, we dream, we believed by the way
I thought we'd a virus on the present. Why doesn't why didn't the Republican Party take out ads then Do you believe, the belgian Prime Minister for the fact that there are more than four million in Belgium you blame every country's leaders for the court the virus, that's only America's leader, pursue a trump Dennis, I'm an oversight Dennis Prager back to you, because you know the answer to your question, which is this is a religious world view they have made leftism their religion in such a completely unfair survival if left, isn't, doesn't work. it's because it has not been sufficiently tried. If, if Download from is in office? when everything that happens on Donald Trump enough. Hillary Clinton had been in office then she said two million lives to completely unfollow viable thesis. The answer you know it is so is no longer in the mosquito Romania's outlines. The ala had suicide. A man named him demonstrated that Ngos are now available at all aware that combat higher dot com is videos will now be available Dennis the fuel stick around with us.
Have another good treat for our daily wire viewers right now, and that is that we are joined and also joining because of the magic of the internet at a cross dream. I don't know who gets to take four Baino assizes me talking? I'm gonna take credit for we're being joined currently by our good friend Stephen crowded also live all night. The weather we look at in that hand. Yes, we can you hear me now I can hear you I can hear you I tried to call in and then Dennis Prager over there was holding core hundreds of years, something like tat stuff to do too. Well, listen. I want to know what you guys expect and I went through why I think it's far more likely for trying to win them. not and how by naturally needs to be the only person needs to run. The board tonight is abiding by needs to win Minnesota Wisconsin Michigan Pennsylvania he's when all of them have trampled under North Carolina, Georgia, Arizona. What I think you will- and I sort of contrasts with the
the model, the party votes, that we saw states and it was accurate when we say guys too, to the letter with florida- has a moral and ethical seat in Ohio. So what are you guys expecting? What's the feeling over there between the two?
Jen tat. Well, I guess one gentile in two and a half do, as you know, actually innocent. I together add up to two Jews Athens Dennis like I do it the way. I think that the feeling we're just enjoy the incredible discomforted Andrew Craven, converted from yeah. We just ignore that we pretend that need the magic Neely outcomes, shouting at odds. Let you handle snakes, remarked claim it will be the first person to find out whether he was right or wrong. I'm gonna get a notice, so I think that the feeling in this room right now he's no will include a tip, cautious optimism. I think, as is the feeling in this room, at least from a cautious optimism,
now they're saying that North Carolina looks like it's. It's running from Georgia's running from Texas is going to stick Trump, which means the next stage really gonna find out about Pennsylvania and Ohio and their these are all too close. These are all too close for comfort. I think I want to know. Now. I was not to close for comforts. Freebies, not a swing. Stay Stephen! You spin time than we do in the respite domain, you have he had a lot of routes in Michigan and spend a lot of time therein and with their governor routinely, rifts Tell us tell us about those states. Why isn't Ohio was state? What are you saying that we're missing Ohio swings it, because if you look at the early voting- and I had this before actually Donald Trump one Ohio by. I believe it was eight points Lascaux around, but actually Democrats outnumbered, Republicans and twenty sixteen, which means it was a huge portion of democratic, voted for Trump registered Democrats and even now, with the early voting without any of today's voting in we're already seeing Republicans with
a pretty wide margin in Ohio verses buying. So if you believe it Democrats will come out today and vote out what republican Street a one then maybe otherwise, I don't even think it's close now side of that Michigan. There's about a four point spread when you look at the the modeled party not model but again down from one that where he was down about four points again, so that would mean that, if he's down four points, he could be up seven really in Michigan, because a lot of Democrats will vote for it out, and I dont know that Donald Trump will be victorious in Michigan or Pennsylvania. I don't think we'll know Pennsylvania until we look in every single, ditch and find a few extra rights. But I well here's a question right. Logically speaking, if Donald Trump hangs onto North Carolina in Georgia, which Heaven was saying, was a swing steak and I said, I'm very, very confident in Florida and Ohio longer for Georgia and North Carolina stuff. Those go trump. then I will. I will eat this bag of coffee. A wonderful sponsor
if Ohio, goes to buy, and I also would be Surprised- the Arizona go to violence when people say I guess what Trump just needs to win either Pennsylvania or mission. that meant that I just laid out for you remains true guess what Biden these two in Minnesota. Not enough was constant, not enough admission. Not enough Pennsylvania. Now he gets over. What do we think is more likely that Donald Trump keeps the stage that we have all agreed upon here and wins either one Michigan or Pennsylvania or Thine runs the entire blue wall. I think former is more likely and of Michigan could go either way, but I dont think I was too close for comfort Ben. I dont want to say that your defeatist, but come on there's no way. I'm going for our by night comes very surprised. Us we're getting over bench of European
cautiously optimistic that let us have a greater I cautiously optimistic for Ben is still very negative. Stephen. I have a question for you. That transcends the political. Are you actually are you strap right now? Yes, for you here,
This is a wonderful actually says: I'm goin classic. This is a three fifty seven Magnum Submissive, Astor Smith and Wesson model. Six. It takes us an old revolver. The tat carry seven shot, two three four: seven monuments, a moon clips in here. So we have many guns in this office. We don't live in California, I dont know you're getting real yea investigating what what exactly happened. Well, you know what I will say this I wore at once for open, carry, and I came home and my wife just got very comfortable enough related, not now I'd like suspenders, but who am I Larry King, so I just where they opened carry and my life like that she's like a really like it and it I enjoy it, and it makes me look tougher than anyone else on this stream, which is
which is really listen. If you didn't look tougher, though, like the one, this dream you begin today, rarely pay you complementary, like there's a big guy he's like six foot. Finally, you don't want you, don't want to wrestle with Dennis thats what I rarely get. You compliments on the agenda by hates you know, and I gotta be waterborne at that time. You don't even need a gun, you're free, giant practices. Brazilian jujitsu. I think that if you take good care of yourself well. Thank you very much. Madam things. I've always avoided physical arctic altercations enables it to anyone who tells you this out there if it does not only physical litigation I'll take a gun just like whole Gracie family, who created the ethical like industry. What are you out of your mind? Law, bang, Bang, George you're dead, it's it's nice to realistically mats and drunk uncle jujitsu, but otherwise are getting some three. Fifty seven or my wonder the real reason that he knows brazilian you're too, is just because that's how he gets to know people in Greece them
the first time he came over my house, you put me in a deadlock and put me back that's a light, has been correct. That lie because you're, an honest guy and I dont want the right people to go out there with ammo and perpetuating the negative stereotypes. I did not walk up and choke you. I asked few and use it. Ok, be careful, and you you forgot to mention that you had a first but I'm feeling, because it saying I have a story that I was outside of budget, because environmental and I think you live, really shot the original parotid kid stating that I have the various non sexual ass. An unrelated first got together the room he put me to edit padlock and then I watched, can be water boarded the end,
Frankly, we just need to stay out of the same state, as you know, was worse than water morning. I was adventure periods that, and I thought we'd never talk again, because Ben Shipping, put me up, for I won't name it specifically, but he put me if he recommended me was very nice for a morning radio drive for, whereas I got news Chinese at hearing yet asshole. I think it shows in Orlando yet has already set up and then like the data
for I did it. I was going alignment to do what they show as they said. We don't want any opinion it straight news. I went and am I a bond in that's half so badly that I remember sitting there for five minutes before I opened the door just because I don't want to abandon the face. If you look me in the eyes- and they told me do straight news and I made a joke about their like word bent, and what would you like something about my penis size? I don't know I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, Madam President, oracular at times. Rather then I get on the fact that you have a life and I have a wife and at other times it against the last. I saw nothing, let's focus thank you very, very good, looking life s friend, so I know this has not been a fair world. I mean I think we have to get out of. There are no rules by the way. By the way I just saw
Ben Shapiro sister for the first time three days ago, really not easy, not like a lonely place, get it's insane. It's insane guy, look alike, but also beautiful. It's like square fickleness, got ready of mine met the president for the first time, I'm in the middle aged guy and he has a beautiful wife- and he told me he met the president. This was basically the entirety of the dialogue because they pose for picture. And he said to the president. Mr President, my daughter is currently in turning which he is at the White House. Yes make for great norms on sky and Trump looks at the guy I was told the seriousness and says I hope she got her looks for
your wife, overly complicated, failed to achieve the same story happened was Joe Biden these that I hope she uses per tell us the truth, and then we will have to let you guys go. We were we take this video there today, where I was asking people about Charlottesville, very fine people on both sides of the mediterranean area by the way I think that a growing problem I made a horrible mistake. I should Charlottesville North Carolina. Of course I know it's Virginian Charlotte North Carolina, that's one of those things so fat jet me but I want to make them clear abandoned. But what happened was I dont know what to say what we tell them. How before this somebody out there is a lady sing, the danger was sexist and it's ok, and you believe that an half asian build my level like this, and I didn't you, you believe this. Why should I think he ate everyone having respect from an? I said, ok, but I believe that by now she said yes, absolutely
I did all of these equations. In my head, I swear to you within two seconds. I was close you just leaning into her and going. I live in Canada, Norway to second. If I do that I'll get sued, but then I said wait that would be absolutely hysterical because I could get sued for doing exactly what Joe Biden did. However, I don't wanna be locked up in lawsuits, so maybe I'll just say what, if I snifty right Now- and I think that what undercut the argument so I said nothing gotta. I rather think that talking about leaning go maturity, them watching them ensuring a Stephen crowded with that you're right. I absolutely three years ago I would have been out of snifter, I wouldn't like nibbling or even gave a baker hanging out tonight and basically are predicting, am hopeful You know more about the rest belt and we
I am hopeful that your way of looking at this is the right way, because I think the one thing we all know is it that hair sniffer cannot be present at the United States, right. Well, let me ask you one question one question: everyone, Arizona, Arizona who: how do you think it goes? You know the way the trumpets performed with Hispanics in tatters, what more positive than that. I was earlier today about Arizona either. I thought it was an ice edge. I think I got a favor in Arizona, no one about the block vote that we said might be the biggest
wherefore republic- and so it is in Florida, but we don't have enough staff to what we are seeing where there will be significant we're seeing some of them are seeing some movement not really in Georgia, is violating the North Carolina. Some of the descending majority lightness maintain Mensa members. Let stand Arizona, didn't everyone's aid from providing safe from outside Europe in areas on the question arises rates in Arizona. That's a good point. Our right! Thank you guys, daily wire dot com, where's, your stream for people to watch the word I come back. You stay vented our friends at the place and lack of strategy. We may chicken with you later all right, beguile. Gentlemen. We will see you in the world be well. Even cried away. I turn tell us, is running a little ahead. Right now of president from spoke totally North Carolina. We have paid any attention to the centre S and thus our gardeners already the already held a gardener as done, but that was pretty much a foregone conclusion. Bright wants to keep an eye on tonight or time tell us in North Carolina on Cuba and Johnny Ernst, and I want you to keep an eye on choosing talents in Maine
our friends in the war room, are ready to give us an about data on what actually happening from a data point of view. So let's go to Ilusha Kraus Hang on We actually have a lot of updates right now that we're Natasha two cats in just a moment for some social media, checkmark updates as Well Cabot Philips. What is here So let us now earlier, Florida is still looking very good for present tromp again gonna, taking your miracle for binding, pull that off now more than a little bit more North Georgia. Also can very president from thirty five percent reporting right now. Present is up about fifteen points. Are still waiting for more votes to come in from Fort and counting whereby news about eighty percent, that's where Atlanta is now the real becomes how much ground is able to make up in foreign county when that county Maria? county all buying strongholds. He's gonna have to just hope that voter turnout is high,
to keep him there, the New York Times those projecting. If you play their projections, eighty one percent chance of a victory for Trump in Georgia, moving up world but more to North Carolina than your time projects in their eighty six. sent chance of a Trump victory in last Carolina. Seventy percent of the vote reporting the president does trail by about three percentage points at the moment, but any part of that is what the expected boats northern becoming a little bit later Florida. Looking like an almost shirt from factory in Virginia interesting situation, playing out right when the Poles closed Fox NEWS was the only point service or only knew that they strolled Virginia right away. However, A lot of other outlets holding often calling it because right now present trumped up twenty points with forty percent reporting in some of those counties. The reason people holding off on holding some of the northern counties ardent in county prince doors. Other ones like that for its work on the other companies like that traditionally place it can expect binder perform, wasn't huge voter turnout, some of those counties so well
for a lot of absentee balanced outcome in those might be a little bit later to bring more democratically within its with Ex expectation, is Virginia much closer than people respect finally workings of lost their first see in the Senate. Corey gardener in Colorado wasn't pulling and, as expected, has lost the Republicans down now. The fifty three in the Senate okey dokey. Thank you for the updating of the Alabama we'll get over there. Yeah yeah that to answer that question for you Dennis yes, a lot about, let's have already called Alabama, as you can see, on the map over, there are going to continue updating the map and to update you hear now about what's happening on social media. We have our very own, Cassie Dylan, so now social media. All the talk is Florida. The left is very matter Florida right now to wear the daily show is even put out a little video blown. Florida. That's quite interesting enemy, always out of we have call Hannah Jones of the sixteen nineteen project announcing her next right.
Gate. She wants to write a piece about how glad Tino community is contrived of ethnic hatred. Category the artificially lumps wait. Cubans lack work again, indigenous Guantanamo Yadda yadda. So I guess I guess the Cuban, though, is now cancelled out of the hispanic community. According to Nicole Hannah Jones reactor purity tests are our lovely white House. Press secretary said that she's excited the search for president trumpet no Tino community and happening right now, primarily in my Annie in just one more quick update. It looks like the violence that is happening outside of Washington DC outside the White House has now had a slow down, and now it's a dance party. So, what's the along the dance party continues way now we have more results coming Cassie. Thank you for that. Although I have to say that I've never agreed with the left that words could be violence. Violence is just violence like violence. Is the summit's bisque connect with your chin?
I've seen that line dancing, unwilling to reassess all my previous positions on what constitutes found once and what does your something interesting, Henry also one of the best poor watchers. I know a very honest. here is a conservative but very honest, never lets spies. And away he that forecast and victory last year blessed the Elect he was the closest to forecasting a trumpet greed, and he said I'm going to be a very comfortable win in Washington Post he's doing that that isn't be starting to. He says he says I don't like to eat crow, but tomorrow the data the more, I think I was too optimistic, providing these not calling for Trump but he's dialing back that to me is very encouraging because he's just a smart, smart guy singers insinuated doing so. Bar that I'd like about all of you, I don't he's not my own original thought, but I I this many years ago and it turned out, I think, in the quarter race that in every
Presidential race, the happier candidate, one amateur some very interesting observation is president tromp loses. That would be a firm exception through a pretty ironclad rule could not possibly be true, or do we granted Mitt Romney was less happy that Barack Obama have you have met, Mitt Romney, Mick, Mick, Mitt Romney. I can came for Mitt Romney than theirs. Certain everybody acknowledges that I mean this is certainly a wooden this that's where his person, they may be more, want any more, truly happy, a wine that nobody knows who truly happy. so, the your psychiatrist may know your spouse main oil bill Clinton is really happy I think both lives is truly happy, I'm taking back
have you got a book, certainly somewhat more charismatic version one and, in that case, well structured when fifty. Why? Yes, if that's true, that's that that's wealth. It started because Reagan was the antithesis of porter when the observation was made up and and I was very true- Oh, what was his the National Molly's his talk about anyway, as Jimmy? Can you imagine this is just a thought. I can't. Jimmy Cardinal laughing, when you think about it is not an interesting thing. He was a great. He wasn't groom guy to begin with, but after here asked that a leisure he became one of the most bitter cadets right. Exactly it's exactly right. So it is the The thing is: is another fascinating question, sidebar again I have never seen the passion for a precedent that exists
Donald, and that includes Ronald Reagan. I agree, and I love Ronald Reagan. I never heard massive chanting, we love you this. I have the chills, as I told the steel of people in in cold weather, owing coverage around standing. Gather in the tens of thousands more might might I have two sons. One of them is that you mentioned in Florida. One is in Pennsylvania. I purposely did that. Isn't my gun and America TAT. I have one son. What swings add another at this? They were fifty thousand people unbelievable in in what was it I forgot, but were counting. I think it was an my son lives in Redding Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania have fifteen thousand or twenty thousand people. This is it. This is hardly the sellers. Do you gotta put it up? He sent me a picture of what the
That may be my favorite picture, Amish Shrub Caravan and, of course you shouldn't buggies from who has, I will say, somewhat casual relationship with the truth has said some very actually profound things in his time really I'm serious and maybe the truest thing he ever said is there you, because they hate me, they hate me because they hate you got that right and that is wonderfully hundred turn on, and that is that the man that's, why there's a passion for drop? Really isn't even just because try Benes any any work, is going to be any just one knowing in old media, and he responds to the crowd. Now. That's right is because you are proposing to us- are acts the outlawing of of absolute scorn, hatred, people spies Trump and we're not falling track. I think most Republicans, aside from you know of your work I met earlier, have not fallen trigger believing. We are only doing that because they have disdain for his character. Personally, re recognise
the minute, but Donald Trump is off the national stage. They will turn to whoever the next Republican is and that person will become. repository of all evil, which is probably why Donald Trump was nominated in the first place in twenty. Sixteen, these they did this to Mitt, Romney and Twentys. Well, then, we will hold I dream is to Mitt Romney, most notice, human being rather to walk the planet until you. ok, we need somebody has always been a functioning people directly in the restaurant and that's what tromp was about, and then they have gone so in saying over Donald Trump, but I think every who is even remotely conservative? Look, there's! No, what ways the thing that from it all like really deepening A copy of your heart, isn't that you hate Trump into Europe, at me for voting for from its thinking. me until you hate from has probably just to stand in for me evident. The evidence of this is that Donald Trump Character, probably the most widely known character of any character in in modern media. Right balance has been famous one hundred per the days of my life and not just like a little famous life rafts stars rap about him famous like he mixed, he represented
York City like you to put Donald Trump and moving, and they did frequently represented the idea of New York. They had affairs. We There were strippers, but all of that was known and we love them. We celebrated celebrating the left, elevated and they loved him right up until he decided to represent us only in that moment they decide that there is a problem that is to me to be one of the most telling statistics in the last ten years. Is the fact that so many people were dying of opiates poisoning. In the MID west in the middle of the country that our life expectancy life expectancy of America's was dropping solely because of deaths by suicide by suicidal behaviors, and nobody knew it until to Harvard researchers stumbled. I am totally surprise. That means the vast number of art countrymen. were dying and nobody knew because they were fly over country, but
We, and even we on the white catching yes but you're. Iphones are cheaper because we're about to China we're making them in China and down from got it another two people- ass, well the time. This is the bridge Stevens theory. It was the most discipline to make us think that he is a courageous good men and women. I want to say that, for the record and- and so he hee hee What is what its trump? Don't you conservatism and the Republican Party so I was asked me for my local station in Ellie. having me though we had an event Sebastian, Gorka and Charlie, and and Larry Elder, and I so we re stage. And the moderator said so: ok and throw out a question. You gotTa Windsor with one sentence just stuff I will start with you Dennis what one
as the wanted one effect has as Donald Trump had on conservatives, and it's like I thank you, God he these words in my brain, he gave them testicles. The place went crazy. Yeah big. I am, I know why they went crazy because it's true so here I have been saying for twenty years. We are in a civil war, and only one side is fighting because of Donald Trump. Both sides are fighting Now I didn't think this idea. He made America Manly again, it's not so far off you, that's right. I did. I was lying around without a mask. He gets covert shrugs at all that. I can say that I disagree with this we're talking earlier about how one of the problems this happened in religion the last forty years in America, we ve redefine the love of God. We as sentimentality, we ve, also redefine Syn
where. I genuinely believe that now the almost the definition of sin masculinity, I think the churches basically said all things masculine are evil and the worse the worst failures as the feminine our righteousness. So it's almost like, though the worst, yeah, of course, are negative aspects of masculinity. This ammunition to touch sent the difference. There are now saying that even the positive attributes of masculinity or sent and the most negative attributes of the feminine, our righteousness so to be able to say, conservatives to be able to say to men the fairest masculine virtue again we can talk about. down from visit the most virtuous person. But were really upset about, is that he represents a different set of virtues completely lacking in another set right in doesnt, have behind it is tat. We ve covetous admire, but he has in high measured some of the forgotten virtue.
that's it. That's part of one who was a great way with the people who forgive me for the language. I don't know what goes on in the daily wire would write, but it's not a bad one, but the people who crap on his character- But I know that in this way we are sending out. I thought I had already every that bullshit regional, greeted us, not oil rigs. Where were they with TAT Kennedy the horse breaker forget John Kennedy taken the line of the Senate, I will Wait for translators yet which were sandwiches with right with the right track, but by the way, was advising job he'll, be back by Christa was on the advisory committee, attract through an aunt had Kennedy and Joe Biden really lead all of the great character assassin. Patients became the judiciary right over the last, that's right, forty, The things that people love about from the trunk refuses to accept the premise of what the left is saying to him. and sometimes that means he rejects things that are actually true and that's irritating to people like me, because I mean Frank, later
These are objectives that are true, but very often from will just refused. The a question where you like no other Republican, would actually have the stones to do that. For example, there is a lot that came out Bob Woodward, but most of it was stupid garbage, but there is one exchange that the left really played up where Bob Woodward said to him something like you know: you're it America has real policing problem with racism and to America's kind of racist and from said Elsie you bought into that by an end, I heard them say: ok, We know that you do. I mean it's not like that little bit, conservative, because the fact is that every other can pay lip service to myths and from does not he lives, overestimates into their allow five times in which That is so deeply necessarily she's greatest successes are built on their right is great. Success in the Middle EAST is built on refusing to buy into a prevailing myths and you're saying that animals should submit a right that was so like we focus in media and people who are from skeptical living. We focus.
The times when he called something admit that isn't a myth. Runway does the crown size thing is the biggest crowd size are, but his his refusal said. The promise of nearly any question that is ass if an adversarial way means that meant. the questions that were asked to normal Republicans, avarice airily and they accept them. She refuses to accept. The programme is going to pass the actors who so back to Jesus the jerk. One of the things that I love is that you haven't. You won't grant discontinue Never in the end. That is again, that is a masculine trading on banana regime between men and women, and women are, as I argued, many years or more amiable them. They get one about forcing me, though, oh he's missing our ally allies of dependent completely upon american money and and know how to guard them while they get rich rights will be, excuse me. You made a deal that you spend x amount of your gdp on on armaments, but you're not doing it. Why
Is that wrong? Why shouldn't american leader not say that to our allies and NATO right, because it is a nice visited, that's and you know it better than they used to put out about Trumpery. Doesn't he doesn't pay bills, and I would talk to people you know just ordinary working guidance, and they would take me pays bills. Just people onto the work placements bathing but what I will say, I'm I'm very friendly with a guy who's been one of Donald Trump. Real estate attorneys for his entire career very high end hotel, but the hotel real estate attorney, and he says that Donald from is a bit of a Scrooge. He says that he he in the organization. You would have to approve five hundred dollar expenses it will affect which, if you think about the size of an organisation for these Darlin remarkable personally, but that's right, he said, but I will tell you ever timing ever brought me to New York, which is dozens times over the years. Flew first class carpet me up carpet me up at that brought me state in the best best dinners you take
you know he he would lavish upon us in that way, but he didn't want to be frivolous with his money aside, it may be held on a bit too tight in that regard. I listen. I never want to be killed of covering over what we know our character? Mr President, I think that is a pity that not to cry Ryan of measuring who should be present, and I will agree with the years ago a great the peace, adultery and politicians, God wooden, chose chosen King David, fifty not only committed adultery and had a child when that woman, but has a husband, basically killed, attract on that's pretty sure you for all the way back to Abraham? Is that he's the it system of our Messiah? All like a man, a man at the bar, I ain't Afrikaans zone heart is what the Bible says of David. I actually said this: what are today that you have people saying some people the christian churches, failing because it supports now Donald Trump, when in twenty
And ninety ninety seven they or ninety ninety eight they went all land to say the characters, destiny and condemn, though Clinton, but the problem. Argument? Is it actually assumes the feed even show turn in ninety ninety eight was operating in good faith. Well, they always abiding by the church and ninety? Ninety eight, with leading political, get its agenda. The threats right, don't point deserve to be perjured because broke. The law. I'm sorry, does everything here because he broke the law committed perjury. That was a hot sell to the american people, and so the evangelical church pursuing its policy preferences can, drafted a theological argument which is false, which is then God judges, a nation based on them character of its leader exclusively, which is you cannot find a single biblical killed. Well, I can't find the american president. You can't find a king of England. God seems to go on this way. Actually hoo hoo hoo to God choose to let the Israelites entertaining they could have picked a Canaanites accountants.
a key to night said he picked it came in. I prostitute attract this message. There there's got to be a part of that part of the message. Is that God is God and then the virtue, the virtue of a purse does not make them more than what God S dog uses the week he uses the broken he uses. The sinful focus that first, because I feel people can use, because that's all of us on some level of, but also as a way of saying. I'm the one who's delivering you indicated, he's giving you the land of promise. That's settlement along is recognising the complexity of human beings doesn't mean dismissing the sin of human beings are absolutely have to return to China, not saying that the character of a leader cannot affect the destiny of a country more importantly, very complex question: a saved how many Jews, a thousand Jews, six, a mandate, an unbelievable act. The guy was a surreal adulterer and wait till one without this is not regulatory one of them
major biographers Martin Luther King is already come out with it s not going to come out when the papers from out he was a serial adulterer. What are they if I'm right, credible accusation. Yes, that's right! is really interesting to me. Just listen, there's IQ points in this room and then mean Jeremy and end all are sitting here, having serious conversations prescription God and every one of us I happen to know for a fact: managers yourselves according to how we are moving toward God or way from God or of what we're doing in Gaza That idea is completely ridicule.
Our friends on the left, especially among the elites, etc. You never see a serious conversation about that in the New York Times you never she shares common. Are they not any kind of aid for training and retraining, honey merits energy trying to limit our life and then serve God in her job, and they said that major theocratic, exact idiot and I dont know what do I don't know, withdrawal from believes in his heart of hearts, but at least his? Why can t you become religions, universe, force of the four years I Billy, maybe just a piss off the left, honestly I'd better. I think you're such an atheist godly said you know what I love Jesus. You know that's right, I don't know. I have always convey plainly focused on its problems some ten years ago, how the left, me religious somebody. Somebody told me that that God made down from president to save his soul. if these are usually by worth noting five. Thirty eight says that right now we, the North Carolina Georgia, Florida outrunning, withered Hispanic voted running in taxes now, maybe in Arizona this
There there's himself, as you have to talk about what we are hearing religious yeah, I mean a bit which means that it's all gonna be horrific, Berwick magazine. If you haven't house up electronic comes down of Pennsylvania any have the mess omens. Albania is holding me where's lawyers and the Supreme Court, the mass no any time on one, the Parson point of view, I want, is making Kelly, and that is the key. There are a lot of IQ points in this room and ain't. None of us are smart. Now is our altogether the altogether. None of us as smart as our four main Kelly, whose back with us again right Megan? They will making us more time for us tonight. What do you say? Another? My pleasure, I'm falling on the five thirty eight, so far debacle, as I have just mentioned, she's crazy. How much people putting me? workers and look. I don't know how his nose gonna shit out, but it's really appears that needs over the got altars and laughed at completely blue Florida and blogger, You're gonna get right as the one pulling out. Let those been predicting trumpets, gonna wind is raised tonight,
the works of art. Ohio does not bode well for trunk, but its very early and the boats diy accounted so we'll see right tends to go. Blue First and then it turns more red, but their milk has little higher in Ohio, was never Zawoiski transfer with his racy does not win Ohio. Hispanics is interesting. Alright, guy. You got me all count was not. His Baxter filled their basically white hispanic, so they can claim them as their voters by people did anyone for doubt, and it didn't happen if Lord in the voting for him in other states right now, rising a lot, and I think this is a core. Henderson? There's somebody afforded treating about this that the top Democrat had complained to him privately was the balance of work by Democrats there that turned out a lot of his backs regarding they don't want to define the police by the day. The standard that that caused the love danger as long danger in minority communities and elsewhere.
and use a sort of a liberal dream that they actually try to Minneapolis Minnesota. Only to totally reverses that was the George Floyd City right There were defining them, it was a unanimous vote and it had been reversed it. I think you know what what we're seeing we'll find out. They'll ask you know with the reasons why the examples will show it another pulls Vila. that actually, which has managed to do to your pulse redress. It's gonna be major story. Voting for these are any of you know. I don't know the answer, as is an open question. Maybe Megan those. Why is Ohio close? Who is voting sincerely of eventual leftist Ohio is voting for binding. I think it's college educated whites. I think that that the bigger worry identity in Ohio picked, a big sort of this election may be that Trump actually gets the inroads in. In minority populations. That, though we ve always wanted to see a Republican,
and then he, but he had losses among white voters that still manage to costing the election we'll be an unbelievable story. Well, not validate. The posters has been so wrong. So far tonight they'll be able to live to find another day, because, if binding, when it actually does it matter, if they blew Florida by almost six points right, they just get credit because they were, they may be What I find that a major reason- people don't turn to speak about this when they speak about free college. To wishing are they really? Excuse me. They really want everyone to go to college color produces leftists is, that is that the first thing which the endless think colleges. I don't think the universe, I don't think they Academy can be reformed. I dont that the media can be what the legacy media can be reformed. I dont think Hollywood can be reformed. It's time for us to you can't redeem them. That's right. you can't leave that you have to replace them and that's what pray
you were saying where the academy is concerned, what daily Wire and Megan with her pocket. start doing where the media, concern. We have to figure out how to do it within or told me they will try to shut us down. If he, if they own everything except the Supreme Court, then they will do whatever they can do if others that restoring selection cell farm, obviously still early in the night racism we get the story, Russia is a shift in looking about a minute just enough, it's stunning, and then what really shows is that, when it comes, the Woke coalition is stronger than we noticed. My pointed at the strongest members of the war coalition are the weight idiots, there is a strong members. The local loop lack Americans. Don't care about this work which is why they voted in favour of Joe Biden over Bernie Sanders into democratic primaries. Latino Americans are sick to death of this crap sweet I've seen tonight is Republicans, are winning watching over and Democrats are winning the wet next vote.
All these issues are sterical and it's all these self flattering himself legislating. Why people we think they're going to read minorities the promised land by by came by treating them as as not fully capable Making human adopt decisions there, it's absolutely while Megan wait when you get this right now, I'm in the media coverage so far, it seems like people are really holding back at this point, but we have seen some early indicators of the integrity from the call Hannah Jones and in a couple of reporters now reporting that lets you know people are not. What do you know any more? What do you make of it Of course, you know it's like a knee jerk reaction. The thought that somebody like Nicole Johns, gets the credibility she does united at her Pulitzer Prize has not been revoked for her juggling sixteen nineteen project, which the New York Times is slowly taking out within a razor without enough and announcing always
that were there, any mistakes has been charitable. Intentional lies might be another way to put it any better, even makes candy whose tweeting I want to make money there. It was nominated, like I'm, not talking about her August sang historically when, when people adopt life savings on its eyes and exploit them time and directly to her only with two minutes after she was announced, thousands and thousands of dollars to educate wake people in various corporations and so on, and how they are. Racist immediately is insane, right, and so I do think, though, that the weight suburban women have tended to the problems for trot and day a lot of them have brought into the Woke message, they ve been killed. You so much for the neighbours that their biggest than their awful of adult bet, there's something I want to be like that, that's right, Megan differently,.
by the way you mention about revoking the Pulitzer Prize Big and the New York Times, I still held onto the Pulitzer Prize of give it a try. All around the who denied that Ukrainians were being starved by Stalin million Ukrainians were start by Stalin Route, read an apple bounds bought by moving out rather than I did all now to move it out, as is their right to follow the more it is. It's really really really got. I should bring up by the way for small, like them, congratulate Megan Honorarium Ex candy imitation was excellent. But secondly, I just want to point out that Ohio is closed very very fast- is getting very narrow, gathered there saying that Trump has the momentum there in the final counties and it looks like there's a decent job Then he pulls out Ohio. So if you can our high, then. Obviously the next look moves on to presumably
Albania and end at that, is I mean for the country goodbye right nor yet North Carolina stone there other than your times are saying that that their needle hasn't got an eighty percent shots windows, Carolinas everyone's North Carolina, its echoes Pennsylvania given performance in Ohio and North Carolina. That's very competitive I was extremely fast and opposing North Carolina in the polls, which had been economically off their systemically office here. What is uniformly thing happening is happening about them in and the amish in Michigan those horses, or so they were all or Megan leisure again for giving maybe sitting right for days and days, we rise. You ain't that right. When does have you on in our seventy eight, the horns by the way, is discriminatory in some ways. This nightmare scenario, honestly, if it goes to letting you want me to show you guys. I'm sure know this better than I. The judges ruling in Pennsylvania is that if they
we'll be allowed to open up ballots, how long after election day sent in and they do not have to have a postmark prior to that Two of the election days are correct and I get that right now. So there's this country with its large. If it's much right out of the question, is what right, if its, if it's much and if you like a wide your spam four thousand votes that are coming in all smudge post election? that's going to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court put it off, they didn t anyone been in. There would rule on it. They said that we're not gonna role on a right now because generalities, a coward Roper actively and anything that means that would put the legitimacy of the court in question. Of course, for seeing the possibility. The generosity of the coral we put gravely into question the five years now monastery, like he's just terrible the was to be like. I will say this for John Robertson may be slightly more than he wants to be like. I think he lodge but we believe that the left will destroy the court if they make certain moves against the left. I think it thinks invaded any cases. The state support.
Legitimately. I believe that if America moves, the embassy to Jerusalem arab world will blow what an attractive as he could back, but Jerry that has still not. That is not the chief justice is job, even though I know absolutely right. There's nobody agent of course- and maybe it's one consideration- that he has the associate justices, don't have, but really whose main duty is to uphold the constitution. You no rights in my husband dog, said it theory of good. Looking Supreme Court justices, he doesn't believe we should have any more of that. Is that actual actually Georgetown cocktail parties love being loved you before you know a thing or more in Georgia over here is no more only unattractive once yeah
definitely get behind that, because then I have a shot as long as you don't have that going to college, be a lawyer be a judge or any other quality being homely fast for myself. I wasn't. I agree with you. That is not the job of the chief justice. What one thing that I love about the court swinging with the addition, Amy Coney bear it as for so the right as it has. If that's actually not a partisan swing like having original with some the court is supposed, What the court is its must be nine out of nine. They should disagree about like the new one. Of the law, not broad things like do you have religious freedom for broad things like do you have freedom of speech and never supposed to be with the court was about his so another leftist redefine court packing mean putting people on the court. We don't why we're actually the ones who are deep politicizing the court by putting a region was on there and the problem. The problem for George W Bush with John Roberts is he he put a partisan on the court. He did not put an original listen
why there should be a cautionary tale to advance he. I don't think he knew that I mean. I cover the John Robert Confirmation hearings wall to wall for fast news. I went down to national archives and read everything that guy ever wrote. While I was with the Reagan administration, I of course always judicial opinions, and I will tell you I did not see signs of this jar Roberts. Eight. I didn't miserly seismic potential suitor when I was researching she, John robbers. He looked like he was born in his little grid, with his little justice. Robot get ready to become you know it is a frequent you justice, wonder he lived a late that was sending him in their old. Unlike a sloppy cloud, so in Georgia we wishes defence, I don't think you can see it coming but I think you're right, because we just want incidents liaised safe in the batches lifelike slogger lunchtime, but I also cover the high court for three years. He was sitting in a court of everyday and police. Say you you want to say that either founders, you wrote this document the constitution,
foresaw a constitutional right to privacy to an abortion to same sex, marriage. Even you go convince the citizenry, but that is how it should be used. you'll, get nine unelected people in robes to re. Read it he's not saying it should never happen, I'm against it. He was saying talking the electorate that, time for such arrangement recognise ending limiting appropriately. That's all I ask a megan I'd like to ask you. What are you? Are you were a broadcasting so to speak from home now yeah yeah, I just want to salute you. It is such a joy to see books in a house. I can't tell you recommend seriously people, even if they don't read them, have it one room in their home with bookshelves with books This is a major and kids need to see books. They need to see them, they need to touch them, feel them.
this is a home that says ideas are important a home with books. Well, thank you. I wish I could say it read them all, but I don't know I showed its irrelevance he's a writer and he took a long care and actually selecting which books in wonder there is the one sees ran in the once. He wants to read and judge alone, aspiring writers data so far, so good inviting wake up, and you, like twenty minutes ago by nine year old daughter, was here going through the New York Times of data which state is read in which state is blue, and I am I a little bill hammer in your work into billboards reached us something in these books. Maybe singin does, I think, I too, I mentioned the God bless. You may think never make us how much time for us to night and congratulate again on your wonderful new about gas. Thank you guys, always a pleasure to hear Meanwhile, Tom tell us to close to call in North Carolina really to yeah. Tell us in Kehl. Cunningham are separated with overnight
five percent of the vote. In, like a grand total of I, could you not five hundred votes while home a man out of a two point, seven million cast. I was hoping it wouldn't be an ugly night, but it looks like it is going to be for that. I want to go to our daily Wire war room and he leash across to look at the data. I am glad that you by that I mean for margins during the whole project, without actually referring women's arguing with the House and Senate Zita across the country. We have an update right now with the electoral Matt and daily Wired zone editor in chief genetically here to tell us withou