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2018-12-19 | 🔗
It’s our latest episode of The Conversation, and this month you’re speaking with the one and only Ben Shapiro! Elisha Krauss will present Ben with all your burning questions, and as you know, his answers are guaranteed to fill your tumblers with leftist tears. Date: 12-19-2018
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Hello, everyone I release across and were live with. Our new episode of the conversation and with me is our very own Ben Shapiro who we'd taking your questions. Live for an entire out Please remember that the conversation streaming for everyone to watch, but only subscribers get to ask the questions. You got that right that I did only subscribers only daily worse, How do you become a subscriber? You ask whalehead dailywire dot com, the login become a subscriber if you're, already a subscriber and in our video description. If you want to ask a question or become a member just head on over there and be sure to tune in for next month, episode on Tuesday January 15th, at five hundred and thirty p, DOT M Eastern two hundred and thirty p dot, M Pacific featuring or very Andrew Clay. Then that's awesome because that's my birthday- and I won't be here- you know what I'm here a sort of want to die. If you don't want to die, though, and if you want to think about that- and perhaps you should think about life insurance is deeply unfair. On top, sort of me being here, but most people don't like thinking about dying. They definite
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The US, but also the brand new book, is called the right side of history. How reason and moral purpose made the west graded? should we really says in March, but you can head over to the right side of history, book dot com and you can priority or copy after the show or during the show. I heard that it is a great red. You know I hear that because I wrote it you're, definitely gonna wanna added to your collection and if you don't want to take it extraordinarily personally, I did in fact spend an awful lot of time and effort on this book. I can sit on my Magnum opus. I think it's the best thing that ever written, and I hope that you, will enjoy it. So go pre order it right now and make sure the get your copy one to finally comes out, so if they don't than they would be on the wrong side of history, you right now that is correct and then you'd need life insurance. Because I mean this does protect you eternally this book, I mean I don't make promises I can fulfil, but I just made one so there you are so we got some questions that are about to be wrong. And who asked the questions. You wonder, o r subscribers are a daily where it come, who we love a lot. We do if you subscribe. We love you. If not, the real question is why I'm here and you're not subscribing seek I slave away each and
every day to bring you the best in continental subscribe. You nor, I think of you. You know, I think, will first vial I'm just going to argue. Thank you for listening, but but also, why aren't you subscribe and you can ask questions? I note what you really want to do. You know if we really want to do go check that out. Right now are if we get scollops, I can see this autumn's subscribers named Mary Go Samuel. They will want to know you think political science is mayor and sergeant. You think a political finds major is useless, or do you think it is more valuable if it comes from well known school say like Hell's Dale. What majors are good for getting into polity? Ok, so political science is indeed a useless major. I know. As always, I major eight you see a light here is what a political science major is good for one getting into law school to nothing else does not qualify. You'd do anything. If you go to someplace like Helstone, actually teach you some of the actions they very focused in true Strauss, fashion on Aristotle and Plato, youngest least: read the classics, you'll know about western civilization, if you gotta a generic policy policy programme, then there?
teaching you about whatever stupid theories, a couple of the professors at that this school had already learned all that much. How is, I was good for me in the sense that it taught me that I couldn't trust what is being said in class. I needed to go outside classes in real, honest off, but I think that policy makers with this. Why won't wait? You're graduated Graham how's your qualified to do nothing except the law school or get a job or who actually learn what you do on the job. I love this light hearted question for me. She wants to know a little behind the scenes. Funny story your kids, all while you know it's hard to do that, because there are so many We stories about my tribal here's one from like an hour ago, so my son just came. Charging in the room I studying Tumblr somebody and my son comes charge into the room with a jellybean in each hand, and he says to me daddy jellybean, you want- and I said I'll take that one smiled many put both of them in his mouth, because that is what children do. Children. Just little monsters, their little evil monsters are terrible. People yet lesson My son, we went to dinner, ok self rule number one, never take your two year old Son
but my son is an he's in the mode right now, where whatever he does is the most troubling thing like the most troublesome thing he can do. People did so. We go to the restaurant. The first thing that he does. He takes a glass of water imports. It on the table and then he takes salt and shakes it out all over the water, and then he takes a knife and search beating it against the pot of water on the table. A final tackling all the somebody says: I want orange juice, I get some orange juice. He then proceeds to take the orange juice and pour it all over the table. Then we get in the cars will be left of the orange juice and like a fool like a fool. I give it to him because he's crying and whining you won't stop crying and whining, and I give it romantic dont Spilett by the time we get home it's. One block, one block is poured out himself self. I get a lot of the kind. You know it's Sunday cutting a shower. No, no I'll take a shark. You cover nor no letter I'm big or small, no,
So do I wrangle him finally into the bathroom and then he proceeds to start digging immediately through all the doors in the bathroom and dumping things on before this is my life pretty much for four hours a day with my son, my daughter is my daughter- is really smart and also very sassy, declining very cunning and she's nasby crap from anyone under way. She gets that yeah shit, my my daughter's a lot more. Like me, my son's more like my wife, my son is just sweet by nature and really nice and a little bit mischievous and and for my daughter, my daughter is like you cross or you I mean my daughter. In this area of our really good evil, glare too oh yeah and then she's, given that centuries, like two weeks on exactly if this omby apocalypse happen, I have no fears for my daughter what However, my sons, a wild man like it, if there is only a part of my son, would do the same thing. It does every day. Just find it livestock and six finger, but my dog I would immediately grab some important start going to work companies outside, but it is true that it's gonna be. I want
from city a lot with my kids and when people see with nearby gets there, like. Oh you're, happy person like right hasn't with my kids: that's that's the actual rule cancer, the best they are indeed and so the worst. This is that this is my theory about. I have said this before theory about if, when you're single, your spectrum of happiness to sadness goes from like me like a seven at the upper end and with a two with the lower end, and then you get married and then your spectre, of happiness, ghost like a turn at the upper end, two zero, because when you're spouses upset it's worse than anything else, responses, sick or something. And then you have kids then all limits our move, so the happiest stuff than ever happens with your kid, a whit with their catches. The happiest off the lover, and you like my kids- are playing either what I'm watching them. I cried the ponies aggressive park or something like that spectacular and then, when their hurting like when you get hurt or when their fighting with each other or they're just being maddening, it's the worst thing ever you're like. Why didn't I sell these children to the circus? Concern has been now
No animals can write them. I know I'm surprised they still be read the pony anywhere. They started a mammoth sizzling, really politically incorrect, but then there should be a child circus and the child circa should be only single women who have watching babies. Notice tat whenever my children, out of them all, if you like up- the single area of a single women are like looking at my kids, so we ever want to make a fortune. They would have like these where these live porn comes on the work they have likewise baby comes on the web and all would be just like. Ok make the baby crawl can make the biggest heard over maybe I don't use those two words in the same sent. You have that extra was provided in the same way, guys stop it terrible moving on norm, says ban. The sum total of your new book indicates that you believe that the West is built on two poles, Athens and Jerusalem. Do you believe that these are intention with LEO Strauss's view, or do you believe that the moral purpose of Jerusalem and the tell us that Russia is our aim, that of pagan Greek are Hagen. Race can be regarded the same like this
as a first, let me unpack the questions repeated the question for votes. You don't actually denying that Austria exactly so so distressing is basically that there is reason and there's revelation: there's Jerusalem in theirs. Athens. Jerusalem is about the revelation of moral principles from on high that are not based in reason, and Athens is based in reason, and so these two things are been intention, and that is what actually has created the west and then the perspective of the scholastic that these two things: russian, not intention that Greece there that religion is indeed rational. That news there's an inn, rational side to religion, so I tend to was, I believe in one sense, I miss rouse in one sense, I'm Aramis what the baby, when one sentiments rousing in one sense, I'm a scholastic some scholastic in the sense that I think the basic principles of religion can be reasoned out through natural law So I think that if you have a view toward toward the purposes of the universe, I think this can be reason down the same, whether my mind at ease and Aquinas did serve mystic thought and in these matters.
Up with the generalised main principles of the Torah. I also believe that, in order for you to even utilise reason, you have two turns you have to take certain principles as regulatory, and this is where there's attention, because you have to take certain principles for granted the capacity for common reason. The capacity for free will guarantee that there's an understandable universe. These are all things that cannot be proven. In fact, science consequences of these things. We have to assume these things in order for you to even use reason to achieve certain ends, and that means that you have to take certain principles of reason on faith right. That's revelation have to take those on faith in order for you to even you. Wise. Your reason now the reason ends up being in in can't it ends up being in conflict with the faith in it with a faint because then you use your reason like what. Why should I believe any? those things in the first place, because it's not necessarily rational and that's why I say that under guards reason: animal
take. One reason goes to war with aid to the extent that starts undermining itself. I could answer. Thank you. I mean I'm sure you're telling yourself that in your head to I was arrogance to now high van I've, a crush on this grant my school. I love romance questions, but I haven't been able to work up the courage to ask her out. Is there any advice and he wants you to run twenty twenty four? Well, I mean honestly, I would have better advice if I'd had an exit success that like ever, except for my wife, I am old fashion and very straightforward. So I know that this be it depends. I am very relationship oriented when it when it came to dating, which meant that to me There was an end to the dating right that the idea was not just to want to deal with a girl or have the time or little movie or whatever. The idea was I was getting for relationship, and so I never did. This whole will become friends with her first and will hang up groups now gradually like kind ask her out and really ask her out. My feeling is that good women good young women good age, girls, whatever, who everyone date, that those people are interested in guys who arson
for now that may actually cut against your high school when their allotted frivolous people who wanted you frivolous things. But it's rarity now for a guy to just ask out a girl forgot it just walk up to a girl and say: listen. I found you really attractive. I think I've got to know you a little bit and I really love to take you out for dinner. I think that girl. A lot of women pretend they dont want guys who are aggressive. That way. I think that wriggled woman wants, a guy who's aggressive, nothing s got a girl. If he's not aggressive, to ask our enough to ask it to grow, he's not aggressive enough to God. Protect woman he's not he's not aggressive enough to to create a life, and a family in a cold world forum for that woman and for your kids. Women actually like guys to be guys, they dont want guys working like the email. Ok, maybe we'll go passing guys and if you're eight, if a woman likes a passive guy, she's she's setting yourself up for failure because their certain qualities in manliness there,
necessary to the success of relationship, but I mean he's really ass. He lisa that question because Ilusha is a woman ratio. She she might know what, like a guy, should ask a girl. So if you're a teenage girl again, you know it's. Some years ago I was twenty. When I met my husband instantly had a crush on em casino, lumberjack and it's gonna hear music like like a real life aching, and so we actually worked together. So we are always professional and in our work situation, but once after we worked together for couple months, cannot know each other on the road all this stuff at one of the things that instantly attracted me to him, and why was willing to jump into a long distance relationship with something that I have only known for couple months because of how directive was yet women like to be pursued,
and even the girls that pretend like they don't want you to be direct, really do want you to be of direct. So I totally agree with MRS how was of my wife when I, when I met my wife. Basically my sister said: there's this really attractive girl who I met at this charlatan like on a Sabbath at you, see away, and I said, awesome, and then I just might actually my sister emailed her and said I want you to meet my brother and my wife was actually kind of trepidation about this, and then I just call her up on the phone. I said you wanna go out. Now is pretty much that soon. It's again, I think that what a lot of feminist say women want, is not even close to what women actually want in men, which is why every single started its evidence shows that women actually like more Moscow and men, including feminist woman. You say that more masculine man- I mean it? Nobody actually wants they mean for lack of better from the soil boys. That's actually not a thing that women actually want there.
With an article years and let us I run vegetarians, that's a little revitalized, revamping the the appearance. There is an article years. They probably twelve years ago. I was in G q and a talked about how republican men bleep, better and they're here but I think that part of it, like the authors perspective, was that she was this purpose here, swollen that went out and like had Reno relationships, on both sides the aisle, and it was that because republican men were more manly, and I also suggest that one of the reasons that that this study would show that sort of thing is that republican women tend to be married to those Republican and that sex within marriage is a lot better by every survey imaginable women, particularly inside marriage. I went women. Women require a level of comfort for a good sex life and the here. The women are really happy. Jumping by the bad is just nonsense. Deeds are happy jumping better because just physical advert remember for women is an act of emotional intimacy and that's why inside me, inside long from relationships are mainly marriage. It hasn't amendment attach Sex Iowa.
Better for women, then it is just being ran away promiscuous. Despite what society says, the women can be happy with the second, the city, lifestyle, there's a reason at the Saxons any city, basically all of them and are buried, because that is the end goal for most women wicked If that right, if the method, I think that most women who are healthy and most men more healthy, but when it comes to sex, most women haha, we want a long term relationship, because that is how we are biologically built. I know that but in train, run up against biology now, but the reality is that in every primates species women have to be a lot more. Sexually selective than men, because females have to be a lot more sexually selected the males, because is how we are built. Evolution airily men are built to spread the journey. Material and women are built. Females are built to be incredibly selective about in the people and beings with whom they mate. So there s really interesting video over Prager you and it was the pretty video that got the most hate and talked about how men are better off when they marry cause. You live longer. You typically make me are and yours that you have a more active, excellent, yet women, those of a totally drove is this idea that all men are getting you. No, I haven't
whenever they want is, our single is just now That is untrue. Upper jaw wants to know that Georgia might be deep purple due to the trend of the Tec, cyber security jobs that he things are moving to the east, like the army, cyber command in four, Gordon etc. How can the GEO P gain those suburban urban votes, such with all these demographic changes? So I think the number one, the GPS sub scorning urban voter. So the gentlemen Blackthorne Semi, like people question women, big cities. There's this cultural gap. Words like we like cowboys, we like steak, and we have to we used right. We can like all those things, but we can also say that it's kind of cool to live in a city where there are lots of cultural things to do. We can like movies. We can like tv, we can like all of these things and we can like symphonies. We can. We can do all this if, as we can, like Gastro Hobbs, where we can do what we can, we can I play for the where you get. You can be like one of these human rights you can do those things and stolen qualitative right look, look rise, sadly great, although the best description of across that it is soda for ghosts by the, but the
truth is that we haven't reach out to urban voters and again I'm not speaking about minority voters. As I know you from whom I and we haven't shouted suburban boaters. Particular president Trump is in a very poor job of reaching out suburban voters, because he basically double down on the rural base women voters are still families, mins families, heart occupying trap, homes in the suburbs, and particularly you can't alienate demands. Ok with security moms, one bush, the electorate in two thousand for and women in the suburbs are still deeply concerned about law and order about security, about the predictability of their local government, about the capacity to raise their kids. They see all these are winning issues. I've never felt the conservatism is limited, is is limited by hand of cultural overlap in terms of kind of cultural, harmless like what kind of movies you watch What kind of food you eat, but it is limited by by principle, if you are allowing your kind of cultural conservatism begins, are terrible. Vegetarians are terrible. They can't be conservative all this kind of stuff.
Why? I know it's a joke about, but the realities. I know a lot of vegetarians or actually conservative and I don't think that's terrible. I don't think that's wrong. I think we should be trying to appeal to as many people as we can, without giving up our fundamental core principles actually have a very dear girlfriend who happens, sort the heritage foundation. That is begging, big any person. I know not mean that there are a lot of Grenoble conservatives either, but there, but their actively being alienated by by. I think, a lot of people who we talking in America about how much Hollywood scorns us that's true, but in response we ve cultivated a sort of reverse scorn and I'm not sure that's that's helpful. While coming from a stake eating IP drinking Humber, I feel like I read the line you have like chickens in Europe. You sound like Dennis. Why are we talk about whether your white trash before the show Ilusha you're having acknowledged everyone from the Bible Bell is white trash Ortega. I lay value thousand, hitting everyone Ilusha, let's move along the subscriber oysters knows good job.
Then says how Ben I really enjoy your show how this turkey accurate? Do you believe the new testament, as I mean as a Jew? Not particularly so I think that the historical accuracy of the new testament is mainly in the circle stance, as do I believe, obviously, the story of of Jesus dying and then being resurrected and then and then ascending the Heaven nor any of that sort of stuff. Now you tell me the story. So let you dont member the story, not another story, another whose resurrected yet out of the three days not running water, and I went out and after that, what happened after that we are then there's there's a whole all the epistles. Sarah talks about like Paul like Paul, the apostle ran his traveling in growing the church. None of that is that all that I got one haven't Jesus What happened at this he's in Heaven
don't know any come back right. So ok, revelations about eight about that of annex anomalies, which goods so that so that's the part of these regional make sure, like a has matured contract by works, but have you at that? It is a good question, though, because there is so much that have there's a lot of early church later, a lot of the hysteria influenced history for years right. I think that these stuff about the relations of the roman empire is is largely accurate and there the part about Jesus specifically, is not historically acrid from the jewish perspective. I think that a lot of discussions of the Jews are not particularly historically accurate, there's nothin in climate Gobi, whose can gone through and looked at the new testament and describes what there is not supremely accurate, like, for example, its ox about these on Hadrian meeting in the Temple on a young too about meeting on pass over. Basically, they last supper wouldn't happened. They didn't mean that night, the there is talk about people in Jerusalem waiting conference during the time of last upper, and that's not accurate, is happening and pass on a different holiday. That's a coat. So there are certain areas: where do you read it and, like all that doesn't seem particularly accurate? Me, but again, this is not my.
Case against Christians believed what want to believe. This is why Jews, don't believe that's interesting, Keegan wants to know hey ban. I can't wait to read your new bug. What's the name of that new book, it's called the right side of history. Thank you for asking you he wants to know, do you have any writing routines our habits that you stick to? Oh, I love it. When I drew get these questions, do his drew so regimented when it yet writing it. Thanks for all the great work, you do, ah thanks He said thanks to maintain that non. He loved the show some unappreciative, it's it's appreciated as I do it My my writing routine. When I was doing the book so is fantastic because this required a lot of deep thought. I mean it's basically a philosophical history of the west to mean everything from the Bible through the enlightenment and beyond. As I mean It's it's references, starting with the Bible and anyway, I'm Harris, basically the history of western philosophy, and so what I would do is go into my very well apportion the library which is the best from in my house, and I would shut the door and put on Brahms and then I would sit there
we'd like to three hours, move the phone aside and just right. That's the best way to write. You do have to do that. So the the notion that you can multi task has just nonsense. There's no such thing as multitasking there's, just you being distracted and some people are better being distracted than others, but most people are really distracted. It's one of the reasons why I've accepts before on on this show, but when people say can I have a minute of your time? The answer ought to usually be now, because a minute of my time is usually thirty, meaning that it takes me five minutes to get out of my retain. Then I have to be asked the question answered the queen. Since an hour it like twelve minutes, and then it takes me a solid ten to fifteen minutes to get back into my region, and so by the time this quick question has been asked. I've been distracted, so you really do need to be isolated. You do need to be outside the realm of your children, jumping on your back, which which livings, yet it simply the weather is dominated by my kids, no one in the house and I've had a sneak into my house because what they do is they they run in the library we also require, and they both climb. On my back and my son pounds the keys of the computer and made authorized my
I can shout right daddy ride and then I have to, and then they have to run around the house with them on the backs of having children unrelated making working men like having no yeah before during and after you know it before it gets it's like. I did make. Imagine how terrible I was the person before I had a wife and children. Thank goodness so little behind the scenes here. There's an unnamed person at the office that just had a baby, and this person said that she not now knows away too were actually have a dialogue with you that isn't socially awkward or work related. It just pull out fund, show pictures of kids. I love kids can draw. Some kids are great. Adult suck hinder fantastic, they insulted with adults, have the capacity to make bad decisions that pisses me off to make their decisions, but kids, so that attention will make the decisions that they make a bad decision. There can live together if it becomes a little, but a grace Yemen until until they had about for ministers to change radically Nathan, probably an adult sorry Nathan, Benda them like you, but he wants to know if you listen to music while you work in it,
so what type or no, neither my make good life decision so that there is as far as the music music that I listened to my work back is good. Brahms is good. Anything that has a particular level of regularity is is good. Chamber. Music is better for me than for any vocal music destroy it's me because then I start listening to the words. So I can't really listen even if it's like operatic in another language. Yes, I start even then, is still distracting. I'm trying to hear what the words are, even if I can't understand what they're talking about. But when it comes to Europe, I find chamber music to be best piano music to be second best and then symphonies to be to be heard of him from concentrating our destiny once now? What is something good or beneficial that one can get by reading Nietzsche any solid meat to put on full from his wound will. First of all, I will say that that his thigh by the five meat is really that's. Ok, so that what is the best cannibalism jugs. Yes, I will focus on the nature and tired or you right now, so tired and so tired of being here with you. So the needs
the boy Nietzsche, then each a question. So I did this does come up in the right side of history. It has come up in my but I have a long section on Egypt that the part of nature that is exactly correct when he suggests that with God there are no moral standards and so human beings are to have we make them moral standards and and base stem around well, his critique is correct. Solution is wrong, so if you kill god- and you kill a purpose to the universe- an inherent purpose, the universe that can actually be filled by reason and will it's, not something you can do, because once you remove God from the equation and it's God the grants you the capacity, be creative human. Being your maiden gods image, it's gotta, get your value is the idea that you are given this divine spark that makes it different from an animal. Once you get rid of all that is very difficult to make the case. They should be able to pay a rational moral system on this basis. This is my main argument with SAM heresy things you can do that. I don't see any evidence for that at all, so that critique is right. You know this is the part of nature where he talks about that. That man whose wandering saying we ve killed God much replace him that all that is right. The problem is that Nietzsche is optimistic about that.
Thanks. I can well what will feel that, with its human will will further with human Well, and I well human will goes on a terrible places. It turns out that when we make our own purpose, things go wild wrong. That doesn't mean that people haven't misused. Religion and abused religion too, for their own ends, course history. Obviously they have but the bounds of understand there's morality outside you that you are not the same Von morality is deeply necessary and You don't do that. That's how you end up with the that's gonna put the twentieth century. Basically aren't Bob wants to know. He says that you recently argued that Google needs to run on bias or needs to work on the unbiased nets. Algorithms, but won't capitalism and competition solved the big problem or, as Google, quoting quote to beg us all. I do not believe in Britain of Google, I don't think so. Actual monopoly. I believe in you unbiased their algorithm, but if they dont and by us or algorithm that, I think that there will be competitors that arise because there will be room for that is. The issue here is a good example for patriarch is a massive company
They tried is getting slammed over the last couple of weeks because they bandit, I M sorry, got a boycott. Who is controversial. I dont rhythm on everything, but he's not like David Duke in any case they, him and even if they had been David Dude, I'm I'm not a big fan of this whole social media arbiters gets to determine what is or is not hate speech. Even when I agree with them on what they consider hate speech. If it's not violent, speech was not threatening speech. My view is that you should be able to say it, and that is our job to refute you. In any case, they did this to sort out of a car and then the next thing the day and then Jordan Petersen, Dave, Reuben SAM Hairs, awful their Patria accounts and they are building an alternative. That's the right thing to do How about regulating Patria on its about making patron feel the pressure of you guys better hold true to your terms of service or people leave our David wants to know hello future. President Shapiro do think one of the reasons the Crimean WAR is ignored and popular media is because it's difficult for the leftist in the media to cast the? U S is the bad guy yeah. Do you think? That's that that is certainly one of the reasons
I think that the fact that I was a successful war by the United States for humanitarian reasons makes it difficult for them to talk about it in the same way as the Vietnam WAR. Now, if we want to be a no more, I think we can talk about either in what I mean by when the Vietnam WAR is to secure south the unknown, though the great tragedy, Vietnam, is the precipitous pull out. That leads to the take over by the com in the slaughter of a million people in Cambodia. You know that that is a huge problem, but America is in foreign policy great. Because it is good and there would be no South Korea today if it were not for the sacrifices of men. At that time of the american military men, we lost tens of thousands of men and in Korea I end by the way I tend to believe that Macarthur was right and we actually should have crossed the other reverend gone after trying at the time, but that is a rather controversial position in any
face. Yet we don't talk about cream or enough, which was a row of war fought by heroes, and we have a thriving nation to to show for it at bribing ally, but Michael says, do think of religious or non religious world view influences one's political world view such as being a liberal or conservative. Can we expect political progress with opposing political philosophical world souls? I definitely do I mean I think, that the religious worldview, ten store conservatism, because you have to assume certain things, number one more loss or does not lie in you subjective ism is not correct. You have to seek truth outside yourself. There are. Forties outside of you that you will have to acknowledge. You were that human beings maiden gods image, have certain rights that are not alienates. The name of the collective. I do think that religion has a deep hold on on the roots of the enlightenment, which are the roots of butter conservatism. So absolutely can we get along with different worlds
well, I think the answers are actually now I mean it depends on. It depends on the extent of the lack of world view, so I think we can argue about the proper or government in taxes. I think we can argue about the proper or government healthcare. I think we can argue about the proper role government education, lots of places where we can argue, but there are certain basic things we have to agree on if we are actually going to have a functioning society and those things include the idea that you do not get to force me to say what you want me to say. You do not get to force me to worship who you want me to worship, you do not get to you. You cannot say that my rational capacity is secondary to my ethnicity or my routes, which is what intersection of fury basically says: we're, not creatures, rationality, who conversed with one another or just creatures who are made stamped the particular mould, and efforts are more limited. Ability to speak with bout with people who have had other life experiences. That is, that is anti enlightenment, nonsense. I, and all these things are things that we have to have in common. We also have to have a common sense of what liberty is and for the left liberty is, is basically being given things and for the right. Liberty is being left alone.
But if you had to sum it up, the left and the right basically says. Ok, these are the things that I have in the absence of the government. Take them away from me and the left as I can truly be free, meaning I can truly be happier have a shot at a life that is paying less. Unless you give me a bunch of stuff that that that conflict divisions is extraordinarily serious, it's best described by Thomas Horrible called the conflict where conflict visions, one of em. He also wrote one called the quest for cosmic justice, which described sort of same problem source fantastic on this I eat on. I hope I'm saying that greatly media eight times that's good afternoon, Mr Shapiro. Recently your profile Then banditry, fair with that photo of you sitting behind your bookcase or sitting in front of your bookcase of star in the area of Armour Josh books, and if you wouldn't mind, sharing your favorites in Recommendation Fleming, I have knowledge set by the Essen sets of of forum. I knows a very neat question would be very hot orthodox jewish that they people gone crazy over. This apparently
I saw a Bethany mend I'll, come near defence to yeah GSM. Some people were really nasty about it. For some reason, I so that the obvious ones are: that's not what should be the four which would be the old testament, the torn of income to them. That's the the five books of Moses, the profits in the writings. That's obviously top of the list for produce the Tom would, commissioner, but as far as can more specific books are, the artificial fund, which has very specific caloric taxed, is really going to good reference material. Study that once a week with with a rabbi and then other other home inspirational books, I'm Eminem, it'll bunco, monsieur sharing, I witches sore what we can muster in introducing which is basically also self help work. It's like hey. You become a better person that one's really good there's become apparent that Ireland's called path of just there there's a bunch of other books that are. There are like that. There is there so many really first rate. There is one of the river
cattle in the bird, which is all about sort of metaphor in atomic and then unknown. Orthodox identify beggars books on the suffer are interesting. Dennis does a good job, breaking down alive, the various commentaries on various versus the Bible in itself is interesting. Like reading, not only orthodox perspectives, Banana Orthodox perspectives Y know where we agree in where we disagree. Our ain't guys we're almost half way. There are, we are little overhang. We there is ok, I'm living on a prayer, but if you want to ask a question and your like, how do we ask a question? Well, arc Conversation is life for everyone to watch, but only our subscribers get to ask the question. So click on the link and our video description to ask questions or sign up to be a subscriber, and then you can ask Quest, been questions for the next thirty minutes, ok and be sure to tune in for next month, episode on Tuesday January fifteenth at five thirty pm eastern to thirty pm, Pacific featuring our very own Andrew claim, I gotta say I'm so excited about doing known as my actual Bertha, I'm so excited, I'm doing an episode with Andrew Cleveland and his beard
away, while in others beard they endure, looks like he's day no, no books. I love her over. The man. Looks ninety wavering, lean old guy to being a hot old guy you're successive beers is your husband is an actual refugee from the show Vikings like blood eagles people, but that's not been slashed came up throat exactly men with beards are harder. Sorry, I'm just saying, and the internet agrees. So while if they incur web says so, if a home for Hake says they were so the very radical left EU drones on about how awesome unions are, and recently has fiance just became part of one now within a matter of weeks, she's about to lose your job. So what who takes all my feeling is that voluntary unions that aren't kneecap and people are fine. I mean, if you wanna, get together with all the people who work with, and you are bargaining collectively on the basis of your talent, with management and obtaining problem with pride, sector unions as a major problem of public sector unions, which are basically involves a corrupt cycle by which they are
Politicians by giving the money and then cut deals with those politicians to give them more money, which then funnel back to the politicians to make deals with them so that that's supremely corrupt and has led to massive public sector deficits in places like California. As far as private unions, those have been declining for years. Only about seven per cent of the of the american workforce is now in a private union, as opposed similar. Forty percent of the state and federal workforce is in is in a union which pretty astonishing again did unions where people are anything that that involves consent. I'm fine with anything where, you're going to blast a scab like going to go to kneecap some guy because he wants to work for a job for less money than you want to work for. That's your problem, and I mean, if somebody's working willing to do the same job for less money, then sorry to break it to you. But you can out compete it. That's called the free market and either you should
increase, your skull sat or you should raise lawyer expectations of life. Are Christian says that he often hears the word Neil Con used as an insult it. He has no idea what it even mean, so he was wondering if you could please explain what NEO corners and what are the examples of New York on shore. So this is a term that is easily confused and its use I think three different ways. So there's the authentic way that NEO Con came about so Neil Con originally applied to people like Irving, crystal and normal pod horses were people who were on the left in the nineteen sixties and then, as the left left them their sort of interventionist in the cold war. They were in favour of a social fabric, but there on the left in terms of how much government spending they thought was necessary, for example, has left move radically in the nineteen Sixtys and Seventys. These folks found themselves neo com. They were new conservatives. They found themselves in the conservative movement there very forceful in shipping foreign policy. The Reagan administration, for example, because there are very hawkish, and so these NEO cons, what kind of associated with a hawkish position on foreign followed policy.
First and foremost, they were also associated with a certain warmth toward government involvement in the private sector. So this work and passionate conservatism I was sort of a quantum, could NEO con development now going I should ministration Rhine Junction with the war in Iraq right. So that's not the way that it has come to be used. The way that it has come to be used in order to raise one. You hear people basically say anyway, I don't like, as in New York on, and that means the people. Our foreign policy. Realists are now Neeoka. So if you are in favour of any intervention anywhere, this makes you neo com, its absolute nonsense. So people called ten cruising Johann. He opposed the intervention in Libya. He appeared. President Obama getting involved in Syria about calling him a Mineo con anyway. I just because if you wanna keep troops in Iraq, then this means that you are in Ok, if you are in favour of the war in Iraq and your neo kind, ignoring the fact that ninety five percent of everybody at the beginning of the war in Iraq is in favour of the worn rock. All this makes you a neo. Cod is basically an all what a slower used by people who are isolation is very often and then its have been used by a certain cadre of people to mean do, and so when people say people involved in foreign policy who happen to be hawkish way.
You're? Very often, is the NEO cons only care about the fate of the state of Israel by the way the Israel oppose the Iraq war and serve with no but, and it wasn't involved in Europe or in any way, because the United States and want the the Israelis involved in that war in any way by it- has been used by groups who bull semen wall while mere shimmer famously would you sort of the term neo caught in this way, so it's been used to label juice like you're, always be like all Paul Wolf wits NEO Con, William Crystal Neeoka on copyright and the same foreign policy, but you're not a neo got so it's been inaccurately used, and so I think I have to decide how you're using and how its being used in order to determine what people mean by our Lorens wants to now advocating for absolute freedom of speech requires blind faith in human nature. Do you believe that humans are more likely to handle hate speech reasonably today than in the past has been questioning, and I think there are a lot of folks who would basically say that we need to regulate speech, because if we leave people to their own devices, then they're going to engage in hate speech. Hate speech can be convincing. This is how you end up with the Nazis, wouldn't have been
or if Hitler had just been banned in the first place it well. Human nature does make room for demagogues. There is no question that human nature people will resonate too bad ideas. The idea that the kind of hopeful, our window homes idea, the marketplace ideas will inevitably bear out the best idea. I dont think that that's right. However, the real question to me is not whether people will follow bad ideas. People certainly will follow about ideas. Human history is replete with such instances. The question is: is it a bad idea to restrict speech in the name of trying to protect good ideas, and the problem is that who decides what a good idea and whose what idea, whose making that decision, so I'm not comfortable granting to governments and that's really lower talk matter. I'm not comfortable granting to governments that. Passing to wield a sword against any form of speech that it deems hate speech, because it could be you next, I dont The government with a sword, when I'm not sure whose hand is actually can be on the health of the sword and which direction the point is going to be pointed. So I acknowledge the risk that, at that
allowing hate speech will draw a certain number of people, but if you actually believe that people are inherently going to be driven to the worst, then you should not believe in a republic. Inevitably at all even a republic of checks and balances. That's why I m believer believe in a mixed system. The makes a very hard for people to pursue. Very very bad ideas, but allows people want they mobilise on mass to actually do what they want to do that with the founders were seeking to balance out these two problems in human nature, the problems of ambition and problems that we make their decisions, but basically saying there's a bunch of sport interesting to fight with each other nothing's going to get done. That was the way the founder saw of limiting human, he's doing bad things was limiting the power of the government. I think much better way of limiting the power of the government, then than seeing the government now has the capacity to restrict speech itself, because again, that's just giving one small group of people the ability to point a gone another large group of people and do what they want
with that which is which is a serious problem. Marcel has hayband how, in your opinion, should Christians vote in Europe and how is european conservatism different from the american conservative movement, and he appreciates your answer he's a big fan and Hungary a subscriber hungry. Thus, provided we get him a tumbler exactly so he so european conservatism has been nothing like american conservatism for a solid. Yourself. Basically, the the Europe European conservatism his aunt, I left, but it's not necessarily about small government, individual rights and preservation of those rights in the face of an overarching governments. What you see from the european conservative right very often is now we have to maintain our national health system. We have to maintain our high tax base. We have to ensure that we have a social safety net that takes care of everybody, but we are to remove an increase welfare, but we have to cut immigration that we can pay for all of those things and we have to build a paramilitary for
possibility of foreign invasion. Those are really the to places where you see significant differences, aware you don't see a significant differences on the size and scope of government, and so this is When you say european right is usually talking about folks who are in favour of big government, and just sort of disagree with the the internationalist left in Europe's left in Europe is very internationalist and believes in a multicultural ethos. Is unworkable and the right is distinguished by its belief in a non multicultural if those that can be preserved, basically through limiting immigration and has very little to do with the services the government provide. So you ask separatism is based a lot more on the idea that individual rights in a state of nature pre exist a gun meant and we're not thrown away by handing power to government Europeans both right and left, to basically decided that the government is there and take care of you. The question is which he was there to take her. In the left basis, as everybody no matter who you are marijuana or culture, Yalu cautiously, well come on in everything's great animal and will raise
when spending for all these folks as well and they and the rights as well, we have these social welfare safety nets and we have to maintain those nowhere maintain. Those which restrict the people who are coming in will agree with us. On general principles up where the European Right only in common with the american right is that American, the American might also does not believe multiculturalism. That's where you see across over, but where they dont have a lot of crossovers in terms of the size and scope of government spending and role in the economy are eight eight countries that you discuss the possibility of visiting Israel, possibly as part of a speaking tour in the coming years. Is there any chance that that will be happening soon? So I would really love to come with my family in around the soggy measure. Relics of timber, over this year, since I have to take days off anyway. This seems like a pretty good time to go to Israel's I'm not missing additional days on the show or on radioset we're we're thinking. Serious
about their right. Now I have to figure out the next couple of months has now some big production for me for travel, concerning any votes have to bring worth and insecurity, and all I can to stuff Yep Stephen says if you could create a secret society, assuming that you haven't already what color, with the robes be first of all, were called the Jew meet on Friday night. My son, a dog and that's when we decide how the world economy is going to go and also when we decide who is going to run the media and also when we decide How you Nobel Prize will be distributed this year, all happening at my synagogue every Friday night what about the interest rate in the GDP and all that others have failed to meet all that's all that stuff and we are busy on Friday night. Lemme Earth Emmy is all of it wars it we should gas prices and web, but the, I really to create a secret society. What color, with the robes, be one
If we do not create a secret cited, they have to be read. Write- and this is why the Catholics are awesome- I mean they they really do have to you. Just have to get to go with the most colorful thing that you can find red is a great like you wouldn't want to those like me of for a secret society that you're gonna go like scarlet Red right. You want, I, like, I may entail style, set right, sell something intimidating. Something scary that that's why in environment, create a secret society would be called the constitution right, but I always necessary. That's called miracle Blake's, the feds Ben do think your book could fell as well. As a particular blank book. They cannot remember the authors may well. This is what I fear. What I fear is that people are so stupid, right and higher book on the history in philosophy of western civilization in itself to your copies than an empty book. I endorse called reasons to vote Democrat. If this happens,
I will be near suicidal if this happens, all hope for the future is lost. If this happens, then man- I better- have export policy genius, because I am just telling you that this is like people wonder where, in my hatred for my Connell's begin opium long before that, but where did it begin to culminate? It was when Michael Morsel, two hundred and fifty thousand copies of a blank book in which I wrote as many words as heated, and then he proceeded to cash checks in then I proceeded to get him and agents to get my book deal. I could you not a solid book deal for a blank book that any publisher could have created four zero dollars, This makes me angry. You bet your ass. This makes me angry. I love it when people ask us to sign his book. I always I always find it in all capitals. Why question mark exclamation point question mark explanation. I always right the words I am writing here are more than welcome foods for one and one time, Cassie Dylan came in with a copy, Michael Moses Bush, political realities. I won't have you and then, as yet a cushion
protracted image workers that she tried to play off your book right, it was a terrible is a terrible moment. Everyone David says, Haven. While there is an obvious moral disparity currently between Israel and its terrorist opponents, what do you say to people who do cried? The original settling of Israel as Colonial user colonialist Jews were not being sponsored by the by the occupying government, which at that point, was the british government anymore than its colonialist for Arabs to have come in that area and settled in that area. That was not colonialist. Here, there's been a continuous jewish presence in the land of Israel since biblical times it has never has never weighing. It has never stopped that that presence is continuous. One predates the existence of the state of Israel. Jewish settlers were were coming in and building up the land. The eighteen seventeen in the eighteen eighty they were buying lands. All this was happening despite serious colonial restrictions by the british government, the Ottoman Empire. I so that the notion that that all of this was was just Jews being pushed by the Europeans into this area, its interests, its nonsense, is nonsense about what we should mention here
that a huge number of Jews who are currently in Israel were expelled by arab countries during the nineteen, forty seven one thousand nine hundred and forty eight Israel out of war that, while everyone likes How about palestinian refugees were mainly created by air? governments invading land of Israel and telling people that they should get out of. Why we need the constitution of these than the original declaration Hence the state of Israel, says Arabs. Our citizens and the israeli government was actively attempting to say two Arabs. We want you to stay here and be part of the new state with all that happening some seven. Some hundred eight hundred thousand Jews were expelled from Jordan from Morocco to sell my my wife's family, most of them and their their expelled from from places like Saudi Arabia, their expelled from Egypt, which is to have a larger population rocky several large, population, a huge number of Jews ended up in Israel is took all of them in the Palestinians who were made into refugees were not taken in by any of their arab neighbours, any of them up neighbours the reception refugee camps for seventy years. They could be used
as a tool by those countries in their ongoing war against Israel. Aren't Gregg thats. Why does the moral right struggle to connect with the blackened latino communities, considering their more religious by numbers than white Americans? While I do think that you know one of the things in politics there that is is true is that face to face contact makes an awful lot of differences, and the right has not spent a lot of time trying to actually cultivate that face to face contact in minority communities, because what the right actually feels is that politics should not, in the end matter that everybody should be left alone. Their general approach, repulsive, has been I'm an illegal on. I'm going to say this at thirty thousand feet go to your life. I don't I'm not interested in your life in our interest. In my life leave me alone, or that doesn't work when it comes to activists, politics, when you have people go into minority communities may say: listen. We know that your victimized by the society were here to make your life better work here to help you that's a pretty the pitch I and when the right basically says. Well, you know those people and helping you. Those people are screwing you, it's not unfair, for people in those communities to say where are you? I mean you're, saying
things go browser you here. As a user every day, working with me trying to make my life better, enable This pledge they're going to do it even if they don't actually fulfil it. So, a lot of listen balls, we have to get more activist conservatives in these communities. We have to actually try and change people's lives on material level or people are going to take the help they can get and help them get right now is coming from the Democratic Party which is suggested Firstly, I think that their solutions are gonna, make people's lives better and they also built in and structure and a lot of minority communities so that you can actually see their presence in these communities. I say this about conservative charity, overtime high level of charity according humanity's, is to give anonymous charity that when I give charity, I don't talk about whereby charity goes, but the problem with that that people then don't know that you're actually charitable. It's what you hear a lot about the right, as you guys aren't charitable. You want lower taxes like what we give way more charity. Then folks, I left leg it in. I gave a fair but a turkey, the sheer regicide and a lot of checks Esther Day, but I dont like talking to whom the Czech Skull, because it's awful grand dining out, I'm not into like putting my name's on buildings or endowing chairs
But what and whenever the right does this than what those crazy read the coat brothers have lots of money to various causes it slandered for anyone. But if you're not talk about the good stuff, nobody knows you're doing the good stuff is part of the problem. Here I can't says: should he be concerned about the liberalization of Kansas, his district, which it encompasses suburban, Kansas City, elected, a liberal, democratic congresswoman, and we now have a democratic governor? What do you think I'm, and I think that everybody should be worried about liberalization of their areas of being part of that is a backlash to President Trump. I think a lot of Democrats didn't show up in twenty exchanging shop and in twenty eighteen having suburbia is moving away from their public and party. I think that what this election really showed is that ready he's got more red. Blue areas, got more blue and All areas got no more blue. I think that's! That's really what this election tended to show an Republicans about
the most peripheral areas and a better make sure that the blue areas, don't feel so alienated by Republicans that they need to get out right now, because your candidate is the worst person who ever lived always can nonsense. Matthews has high when you said that the government should get out of the business of marriage. I agree, but if this happens, what would you common non religious people do as an alternative to I'm. I'm not saying people should get married and seeing the government should be involved. If you're nonreligious just go signed a contract, that's all that's all. It is anyway, when we might my marital document, I have the one from the state that I will care about at all is buried my garage somewhere and then you have to do, but which is the actual jewish marital document which is framed in my house. That's pretty common in the jewish community, because that actually matters right. That's the one that matters to me! Well that it also contract just at its answer stock insane we're married actually has liquidation provisions. It says what these services that I owe to my wife, my group, It has all this written in there and this thing's thousands of years old this formula. Well, I don't see why you can't sign that right now. My version, basically my vision here is that it's funny the gay community basically have. We want all the benefits of marriage, but a region
we don't want marriage right, civil unions or fight, so here's the recommendation ever regrettably in right. That's my recommendation: gonna cost like the contract, governs your relationships with other people in the world. And business? It works and relationships, and then, if you want that sank bye. Bye religious community go for it if you're, not religious. What do you care? Why you want the state to send the volume state has nothing to do to provide all right. Tyler says I've recently been getting into LEO Strauss. What works of his? Would you recommend and do you have any overall thoughts on his foot Oh I've, unstrapping philosophy, absolute fascinating. I am a big fan of of LEO Strauss. Natural written history is obviously his most his classic. That's a Marquis Valley is, is pretty accessible, so nearly part of stress that I dont like is the part that tracings like so the part I likes rouses philosophy, because he really was attempting to revivify the importance of the classics in the ancient.
In western civilization. There's this view by a lot of people when he was writing a basically. The enlightenment had been a clean break with history and that you can abandoned all the actions and we have a new way of thinking. That is reason based, and this is what's going to care the world. It's sort of the the same philosophy that you see in the NEO Enlightenment Crude, the Steven Pinker, is in the sand Harris's. I don't agree that nothing Strauss is correct when he says our roots have lots for history. I think stress, took on a lot cheaper questions about the limits of reason and where revelation is necessary, but this it s a part of his philosophy. I just love- and I think, is really great and he's he's provocative. His writing can be abstruse, and this is the part of Strauss it's difficult, and this is where I will say that their shrouding scholars who no way more value stress the night, but that's because Leah Thrust designed it that way so LEO thrust very into what they want. They shroudings call the esoteric exoteric just from the idea that you can read a strategy in tax and if you dont, have a teacher who is kind of winding you through the strategy in tax, and you get the wrong impression from it he's written at two levels. One is for.
The non Strauss you want is for the strategies as somebody who spends their life, can clarify ideas and make them easier for people to access. I'm not a big fan of the side. The other, like you, have to be near. The holy of Holies really understand the sort of stuff. I think that that's going to stay but he's taking his cues from from the attention to who said there was sort of a national interest, see we're capable understanding these things understand what he's doing? He actually first got the idea from amount of these, because in guide for the perplexed by Monday's explicitly says, he's writing into levels, but with all that that is not my favorite part of his philosophy in a lot of people, I think are fond of it because it allows for obfuscation of of what exactly is ideas? Are you to understand its essence esoteric and say? Well then, its wage brimming with one business videos than let's do this together man just got taken back, Lincoln Fellowship, that's exactly right. Haim says I
they should just hanging out, as he knows what the idea behind hire me. But I love your works, as harassment, perhaps, is the there there's laws of marital purity in Judaism? This is some of the controversial stuff in Orthodox Judaism, so not get too graphic, but if you go back to the old testament their specific laws about when Men and women can have sacks when, when you're married but such when you're married there certain times a month when you're not supposed to have sex, and the idea here is that you're not supposed to violate a woman's, can a privacy that there is sometimes a month. A woman does not want to have sex, and that then, so during those ties month, a man is forced to not be with be with his wife during those times. There's a lot stacked on top of that. As far as how you, how you go about that women in the orthodox community, upon the completion of the period to be perfectly frank, about always have to go to a mere five which is embodied in immersive body of water and then they have to, and then they are considered pure again, but I think people have miss red
a lot of this stuff deliberately in order just that, it's all about women are groves from another period or you shouldn't touch them because their yucky or something that is born out of a virus. But my understanding is that its born out of respect for a woman. Well, why are we want? I mean, frankly, I'm allow women who are desperate have sex on the period. So that's so. It was really meant to protect women against those sorts of things also, I mean just speaking objectively, it was meant to channel the sexual drive towards protection of children because when the woman's warehouse, obviously not a that points out, that that's sort of the basis for tar automation pulses high ban globally. That there is meaning or a purpose to dreaming. I had a dream that I was telling me. I had feelings for someone that I'm trying not to because I think she's into someone else, so I think sometimes yeah. I mean sometimes of your deeply frustrated about something it comes out in your dreams because its buried there that's. The truth is that scientists are still trying to figure out exactly one dreams are for our way with their home figure. What sleep is forestall radius sleep designed to allow memories to consolidate. In your mind, is it about this
to allow your brain to sort of recover our dreams, just recapitulation of things happening during the day or are they something else? A lot of controversy scientifically about what dreams are, but I found my personal life. There's a dream very welcome you. I gather symbolic example. A daydream was and then there is certain dreams where you're like I have no idea, what in the world was happening there, and I said I don't know whether if you won't when you felt like thou symbolic in terms of feeling for somebody, then probably it was because he eagerly We acknowledging now what it was, but that doesn't mean that, just as you had a dream about somebody that this means that your internet Cameron with them, or anything like that. I wouldn't take your cue from your unconscious because you are unconscious, but if you're really into her, even if you think she's into somebody else, you need a man up and ask her out. Maybe yes-
because I think one thing she then to somebody else, but she's really someday also about there. I don't want no couples who are now happily married with children and the woman was beating another guy when they met ok. So I think we have some conflict your. I think that is a good thing to do to approach a girl if she's dating another guy. No, they didn't approach. They became friends than broke up with a guy in and they started dating lawyer labour, those conditions were like ok so used so that guy, so that all your boyfriend I really hate the way that it reads you. It's really terrible the way the new treaty maybe should break up with them. You know would be great for you. I don't know you sue me that that was the scenario I dont know that either of the cases that I'm a wearily nor the scenario just gave. No, they were friends and then they just happened. Wanted aid effort by the way, good role for women. If a man wants to be friends with you, Not married again is not really ventilation and correct deletion. My brother and sister, we met each other. We are both married, a guy like does not. This was never a thing. But for a lot of men and women when you're a single women and single man wants to be friends with you, he ain't one, be friends felt, that's not a thing: ok, bye,
women who think that's all. I'm so naive. Does that I actually just one we know now, All that does not enemy even has a girlfriend you're the backup option. Lady sorry, to break it on your men also like attention and where they can get the attention they're gonna, get the attention totally accurate. Like is the deep down there. All really and secure, and they just want attention from field females ya I'm afraid. I can't argue that ok, we're five months over it and keep Roland here. Danny says what your opinion on Rex at the good and the bad. So my opinion on budget is that breaks. It is a necessary reaction to a european over regulation of national society. I dont think that the European Union should be regulating internal politics inside Britain. The problem is that because the EU has been gradually increasing, its control over british society now is very difficult for the Brits to extricate without you trying to punish them for the owl think that there's India, Brazil without some serious pain again. I think that the there is
a box to be had step by step, but it's when we very difficult, because the EU is trying to punish right now. Anybody who wants to any sort of breaks it by say Ok, we'll make new trade deal with you, or we won't allow people to from from your side of the channel to engage in particular business without we're gonna take while these benefits, because you guys been mean to Us- which now again, I think that law that is ever played. I think that the if there were to be a hard bricks it it would be really problematic for a short period time, and then the EU would still want the british involved in some way shape or form mean it just doesn't benefit anybody to to say that, because Britain doesn't want a free flow of people into Britain who can just lived there for any reason, and because of that we're not gonna trade product with you, it does make any sense. But what are your feelings on me in Mercosur I mean I don't even have so many doubts on her. I know you do and others a question for illegally legion of, like you mention what your thoughts on Megan Mark. Why tell you my father big I know you will know what are your brother? I know another you're take about about the fact that you feel she's ripping away the british identity of her husband knowing upon to know no, not even I could care less about.
The british identity. I know a man, whoever your husband if he wants to hunt lower Manhattan Island Hut. I know your suggestion is that she's, a gold digger, because you and sooner with now you know but David still. I have no thoughts on this is the rough everywhere. Yeah you're, like bow women, do we were eliminated from them. I've testes anchor your mom as those I'll call her up. Rather than trying to sort out our capacities axes, grandchild Falcone, IRAN about it. I will be like Megan versus Kate, who is going down Megan. Our aim is to remind everyone that bends new book the right side of history. How reason and moral purpose made the West great will be out in March, and you can create order your copy right now over at the right side of history book dot com. I just love the title of the book, because I am reminded of Obama and every single time you use that done for a right, it is a dumb phrase. In the point of the book, the right side of history is first of all. There really is no right side of history in the sense that history is not self creating. It's not as though history exists. In the absence of individual sections,
Second of all that if you want to talk about the right side of history than western civilization is what's on it, and if you want to be on the right side of history than you might want to actually book back at what made the West great in the first place, I think we have time for that. Allow question, drummer, all from Neil Ben? How do you countered the idea of free will with the idea that your brain can uncontrollably? Send you into depression where questions? So the fact is that obviously your ability to choose is deeply tied in to your brain chemistry, their people. My family, have suffered with depression their people in my family. My grandfather suffered from either manic pressure, schizophrenia, still kind of unclear on diagnosis that. But there is no question that your brain state can change your capacity for free will. The question is: do you have capacity for free will at any level, not is limited by rinsing, because sure
it's her, surely to buy a brain state and in the number of the kind of decisions that you can make our limited by your your biology, remove now borne with equal mental capacities when I open with equal feelings. Capacities are not we're not born with with any of these things, but the question is, in certain specific situations: do have the capacity. Choose otherwise like, given all the same circumstances are used faded to choose this thing because biology environment have dictated at or can you choose to not do that now, I'm not as somebody who thinks that you can break out of depression inevitably without drugs. I think they're, certain people who can but I I think that that is true for everyone and I think the medication be incredibly useful for depression, which is why I'm not anti the use of medication when it comes to people who are suffering from mental illness or depression, because that actually expands our capacity to make freely wills choices, but I'm not can pretend aren't limitations unfairly. Will choices in the same way that if your chained in a dungeon there'll be limitations on your choice, biologically if your chain in certain dungeon in terms of your emotions, in your feelings, your your choice has been circumscribe. That doesn't mean I spent
plead the removed, but it does mean that has been heavily circumscribed for sure. I know that you didn't have fun, but I had fun for this episode of the. Conversely, glad I'm so glad I someone had, I hope, everyone viewing with having fun because everyone gets to watch, but only our subscribers asked all this really good questions as a good run. A question this time around. Thank you so much for joining us every one and be sure to subscribe to the daily. Where D come now, so you can join us for next month. Episode of the conversation on Tuesday January fifteen that five thirty pm eastern to thirty PM, Pacific featuring the hotly bearded Andrew play that absolutely I'll see you later.
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