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Adam Carolla on 'Fast' 7/8, 'Cobra,' + 'Cast Away' (Ep. 211)

HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons celebrates 10 years of podcasting by bringing on 'B.S. Report' Hall of Famer Adam Carolla to discuss Sylvester Stallone's 1980s cop thriller 'Cobra' (9:00), the best '80s montages (14:00), the lifestyle of liking "bad movies" (28:00), Tom Hanks in 'Cast Away' (33:00), hanging out with Helen Hunt (39:00), the start of the 'Fast' franchise (44:00), the plot holes in 'Furious 7' (49:00), Vin Diesel's global lifestyle (1:02:00), Charlize Theron in 'Fate of the Furious' (1:11:00), and the perfect plot for the ninth 'Fast' movie (1:17:00).

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the way if you dont like fast and furious, I dont know if this is the park ass for you, my guest, Is that you like at least one of those things? Are you gonna be listing out of Corolla common up right now, a pie cast hall, a farmer in the BS empire, These were this on a Friday afternoon, first week of May, which is a shame, because we could have talked about the shadows versus canal aside. So, if anything crate happened in that fight. We are not contact to talk, we it before them, but there. We were champion in the world out of girls. I hear it's been awhile MAX. Confide fans are the greatest cause. They love. Fighting so my they loved the mast, and they have this great, provide
which is haze, mexican style fighter, meaning he's the guy whose losing like rivers, if your mexican style bar fighter being a coma. Your entire life, like he's, really taken a being who got back up again and then you for you to Billy is the same thing. You don't really fine. He swayed he'll trade punches where the right I'd rather be. A Floyd money may, whether fight or where you just hammer checks but don't get hammered in the head. Give most do brand says I am so couple things we have not done ass together and this at than yours, be you undermine since I've had the new one there you're my second guest ever that's right. It is may eighth, which I think is We think the day we may be person. This is the ten year anniversary of my first Pike, asked guy then Five days later, you came over
and we that have the technology to to have to people on the same machine in you, to call in and wander around my backyard as we did in Pike ass. I could watch you wander around like a crazy person. Years later. Here we are, can now remembered as if it was yesterday long dry. I've way yet little hazardous ass, converted garage and the back a the converted. All versions aren't gonna Herman Emory, saying: there's a conversion. It's illegal, even the van can have an agenda got an apparent. Anyone is ever turned a garage to a guest ass in southern California has not had a permit for that. I grew up. Sleeping in a garage that was converted and it wasn't. Even it was converted. It still had the hay, isn't springs on the door, they just sort of both the door shine and ice less out there. So yes was perfect. When I hear some mention your show on spike yeah you,
finally figured out a way to do construction be found for it have re year, your body from way back. The iron somehow get paid and to be found in the had that on television you figure this out. It took how many years almost fifty well, it's funny causes like this now what new new era where Lebanon, which is like feel, rose and all has assured, called all have what feels having could feel likes travelling. He likes eating and the old world order. If you like travelling in eating you just do it on your dime yeah. That's what you did during your right. You ve gotta Tuscany during your vacation, but the but Universal studios, not paying for re. Now. You know the master of this is dug. Bands don't you think it's stories like what do I like doing? Well, I like getting high- and I like not working, I so
His first show was called the Benson Interruption, which I've done. I've done all issues, and it's like how's that work we got largo- you come out and sweat your ass off doing a twenty minute comedy sat. I sit on a Barker lounger off to the right and make comments about high, but that wasn't good. Not his new one then became getting hot, getting Doug with high and that's where you come to him his place and Culver City and watch him rip What will you do? Carmody yet he's gonna do a show. His neck chose gotta be called watchdog. Benson, take a nap later. Maybe he'll masturbate, someone's gonna, put all think up on anew to hurry like it's, it's it's diabolical
I urge the events and take a nap and then masturbate would be by these overture whether it will be his neck mark. My words Beverly spot. He started with like our eye. You do yourself now hang out and sit on a following chair and comment on that went into undisguised smoke weed and we can talk about it now. It's him getting I and in sitting at at at at robe, where the gavel this hand, but it will digress to this one. So smarter than all of us, one of the email, get. The most is your Ellen and everyday fast, seven pad and yeah, because we live fast for for my old pack ass. We did four five and six which we broke down the correct way. The way it should be broken it's a writer and this package we're going to cover seven and eight but I know you watching other stuff. I just rented sleepless and brain, and I would acts Millyard this on now, but you know what I'm familiar with it, but I did not. I it mortal accurate
This movie, Jim relaxes, is a cop in LAS Vegas. He is dirty cop is a cop on the edge his company edge. His is losing control of it he brought by the book. He goes by a pamphlet. It's fast the red we don't know is is a dirty easy. Not thirty is being dirty because he's trying to infiltrate the dirty cops or is it just dirty the bad guys don't like that take his son scary to somebody's gonna casino. Take the dope daddy store, give it to the peace movie star from the get his son back and not going believe it, but but but craziness ensues, can we talk about one one theme about all the cops on the edge like yeah. You see him and I think it pisses off every other middle aged dude the morning, so like lights, up on the dimly lit apartment with the sun coming through the tattered curtains, as he gets out of bed a pizza
false maker had a bad. He takes a hit awful liquor. Biologists. It is day started yet then grabs a handful of Purkis sat throws it now takes another shot off the liquor lotta cates afforded out. Yet it's the recipe. Fared vaguely looks at what the remaining what's left from the pizza couple: a tattered peace across a bite off that gets out of bed and is completely jack. Rip brick trap at hang out vain striding like hold on wait a minute. I I've with you. The part worries tat or per annum and perker sets, and second second right off a flask to get himself start in the morning. I'm not down with the part where he looks at like Hugh, Jack men and will very rare, but they always do if Stallone plays their part
well, Psmith plays a part. They always look amazing. It's now rising nights when it Stallone it's never can make. Stallone and crews are to people that you can just never by the perker sets with the we rush way get ten in the morning right. But there has been a lot. I have been asking you to montage. Yes, like Company movies have started with that scene Wallack. In a. Let me tell you a guy who does live, that life already lying. Have rightly what he looks like with assured Craig. He would think he's a hundred years right. That's what you look like when you take drugs and drink any PETE's, all thy pass out there and never go to the gym, there's! No. Ever seen in the movie, where the guys go into the twenty four hour. Fitness threat. He never works out, he's weird acts. Yeah he's just an amazing shape all the time, and it sends a weird message to all the young men of their who did that, where weapon watch,
now. The sir tat same terrible movies for forty years, who do you think, was the first cop that became the recipe for this. While I feel it Ben jackets and forty eight hours on enough anybody was earlier that the nineteen eighty two yeah I mean the universe, Clint Eastwood dirty harry, but it wasn't clinics. There is never Rowan at a bad, have radically sets and get drunk right. Bronson leg, like the guys we grew up with, rose These didn't say that much kind of cops like Bronson Rice, they still marine right, yeah that well until the eighty zero. Maybe it was like Miss Gibson lethal weapon that popular as a donor. The male Gibson was another like the phenomenal shape guy for a guy who just had a problem and again there living off of carbs, but they have the six pack Arabs. It's a weird message: then said the Youth of America were winced alone. Finally said I want in need, and eighty six with cobra.
He's just like. I want it. I didn't. I need to do a cop movie. I did it the first time read: the beard was a movie with Rucker how're net hawks night hawks I've known ass. I want to redo that I've been watching this shit out a cobra yeah, I'm really on a cobra role. There are so many great things about that forgotten, class There's that your great that great seen you know like eight minutes in, minutes into act, one where we discover why he's called cobra the best part of any caught movie of my off Now, that's great We have to have the loving interest or the partner has the call him by his sword, a poster real God christian name, Marianne, that's always up, but that those good freedom, awkward comedy in there there is a car now is that they have some car. That is a lead.
We beat it out. Driedup are really at several hundred twenty thousand our characters. There's a couple of things that are always funny about these guys in their cars in ACT one. Dr, and by the way, a chopped slammed french headlight completely done. Fifty mercury ran and that we take this to a car. Its pride and joy is: is fifty murky driving except one somewhere in the Middle ACT to he's drive and next to the bad guys and he's just turning the we matching sparks, are flying the matching into ever. Get like it's, not something you do. Do you least a cardiac less your pride and joy, but the movies great it's it starts a maniac who just taken over supermarket. And the Swat team is on the roof and they ve they ve surrounded the joy and somebody goes call CUP Brad yet, and they do that great eighties movie thing where you see the fifty mark
a lot, you see the door open that low shot in the boots just get out of car for some reason. Seeing the boots like it wouldn't work with crap. Now the anatomy, like our guys, weren't cargo shorts with cracks and no socks, we're just wouldn't look, but maybe he was gardening. At most, any would be wearing proximate. The boots come out of the car and there's co brandy and he's like What's the problem- and I got a maniac in There'S- got hostages is just walked in the front door, which is a weird, because Yet they have the Swat no vera yeah. There's no plan at all helpful profess he'd, never takes sunglasses office weren't. This sunglasses last his anxiety, Cooper, their expertise and a dimly lit outwards I don't know how you can find this guy
and then I knew a lotta o o o a lot of great about, but by the way, the greatest part where we will then, sir, you ain't even really dive into the part where there's hostages it a grocery store. There's this guy's a mania Is it so easy, but I never understood their part like why the grocery store there What kind of money as Albert sins in south central? No, but this was evil to be a right, not not for profit. This is that this is the extension of like the last couple death wish movie. The just eighties mania is a very violent react. He's right, lotta, like axes and stuff, for no reason torturing did your victim right, you're right, that's what this guy was yet. I dont know why he said you don't making or their inhabitants, but incomes, CO, Brady the best part about any eighties movie. That involves a supermarket hostage
situation. Is they just use a regular, supermarket and they're going up and down the aisle, and you get to go Jesus cheese, its and as a huge lots of big box achieves its eighty. How much reject mix all with you. I thought I'd go. Sixty nine said for Big box of checks like its awesome, two leaders of spry, twenty one allocated while the stuff was really cheap. It's like seeing the gas prices and, like a seventies, it's like forty Force answer something a nineteen, seventy two and you I love whenever there is now a movie from this early late seventies, early eighties, when, though, be unlike sunset or Santa Monica, there's no build that nobody has up yet the ass. You like woe, the skyline, the others, a fun verse. Gin of all this there's one you can play called God that chicks teeth were yellow, like before lorry has? Why never anxiety and nobody widening their tv? I mean, if you turn on, like Fox NEWS
others. Chipped teeth are like, Suddenly, programming, motorways and movies from like sixes and sevens didn't didn't do it. I had like film over the top Tom ass they do now. I know they are slow, they drank black coffee and then they yelled- I that's That'S- will so they put their cigarette out in their cup of coffee down and start building the so called Brady. There is a will there there's his wife bridge, need between their jeering. You started: shoehorning earn his movies rights, always a red flag itself, she's in their she plays the role of a model, so she really had it. Strachan use her acting chaps on this they have an insane eighties mine tie, of her modeling in the middle of the movie, which is so tremendous is so
credibly Anita, you didn't tell me you wanted to talk about cobra ready at that. I have been a man I wish I'd. Research is less than I think. I'm thirty years, for they are now it's it's kind of fell between the cracks of below, never easy. By around me, their budgets for first society may society. I love the montage, but Also, there's a lot of good like just here. Then there is also navies power there. The reason she's in the movie she's just I've been home randomly everyone in that way back then throw is driving home on the worst streets possible right. I mean I've been there for fifteen years. I try to stay towards streets or the other cars arbiter. Eighties movies it out the witnesses. Basically murder right was. I would, yeah yeah yeah, but she is here and there are some other see any that shows are those something bad. It's a bad premise because it's like we have to take her out. So she doesnt testify, although she doesn't know anything, but it leads to.
Really effective ten minute horror Movie section in this move in the hospital when they're trying to cure the it's actually good. I like there's, there's a there's, an interesting thing. That movies do that. I sort of like in two cops: no car cops and then patience and staff verses patients and no no patients. No staff in the hay asked also like in caught movies. So what they'll do in movies is they'll have like a twenty a minute shoot out there in the Bin. Oh cops and then some why, when they need the cop like how here come, the costs are get out of there, like even unlike pulp fiction. There disdaining around that apartment, firing guns and talk about big Cahoon borders for like two, we ve been over. Devil is like hey. Somebody just took a thirty eight, fire that I shot was probably by the way or in the neighbouring apartment sons. In this crab like we should stop talking about
theirs and get the hell out of here has deprived vows right down the street. Someone's everyone in this apartment unit must have called the cops by now. We need many ITALY, but this is a kind of cops, no cap and they have it with hospitals its ARC, there's nobody at the house, but almost never anyone at the hospital, the maniac. It's like a fire acts. Brigitte Nielson is barricade herself with a bath he's just swinging, I think I'll youse mad. This goes on for twenty men around no sign of any staff or nurses aren't its desire to huge building its open twenty four hours, is very well let yeah and then at some point after the guy gets away, everyone pile
out of the hall. I what happened? What's going weren't you twenty minutes ago, when this guy had a fire ass, though there were no ordinary round and then there's rate date, the other one what's a moment ago and he's in a coma for awhile and he's grows the beard and it is, I think it's for justice bag, the blood yeah wherever is the item and take you to the bag, the blood bank, wherever that movies, but he's in the hospital, but it can't totally movie Keller, the Brok guys come to get em and she's New, ran through the hospital there's, nobody there it's during the day. He had never been a hospital than have like a thousand people in it. I know in and was at an end, there's no mood lighting and that when I meet its light out, one of since you do, when you lay out your hospitals like lay out the light, yet people need to see the pudding syringes into people's veins here. We need to see right. So you know, Seagal did price
probably the blow heartiest move. You can do as much as a celebrity witches sort of become american Indian at some point because That's when he made a deadly groundwater, Tom Laugh when did that with Billy Jack at a certain point, a Tom lawfully, just a blue eye, whereas now, but at a certain point he became Comanche leaves he lived like it was that dude and its blow hardy move, but I I think Seagal did that to back to cobra, now later on. It was this great things up Stallone sit. That is, help has his super there we have supercool digs. You know he's in his own great car and grace it great apartment. Yeah a also does movie, loves his car parts, it right on the street in Venice, and they eighties thing You don't see any more from the eighties witches generic,
low rider, dude hanging around doing nothing. Just I waited river waiting. So it's like the guy with the Heron where, in the white Paper and as a matter of the past, what about all those movies is the little business they give. The five guys affords alone pulls up like they're. Just hang around doing nothing in Venice like either not go into the beach. Do not claim that those people are just send the internet, the other geologists pulling people hanging around, and then he pulls up you gotta problem homes and then he's gotta. Do is how taffy is kind of thing is because work with that babies, research to the height of scared of hispanic gangbanger guys. I went right but Stallone RIP, the guy shirt open a ghost. You got a problem home enough and then if this car any goes up those Harmon undecided, architectural euro mess with with the guys you you don't take a guys
by the way those guys would have you know the nice long sleep with the print on it there. You don't take a guy shirt, bed and then leave your fifty merk and then go walk up stairs and not expected to be key to the tyres in whatever get at least key it. He goes up stairs he's eating pizza with scissors that It's a bizarre out about the disease keeps his leather gloves on. He keeps us sunglasses on. I think he keeps his match, stick in his mouth and he's using scissors to cut up pizza then, later on whole bunch of guys show up to his apartment and he beats them all off, but they're swinging machete then later on. He has a chase through the streets of long beach would like eight guys and pickup trucks and bucks standing in the pickup truck firing, uzis adamant staff and then they go to inside of the commissioner's office, where the mare in the day and the commissioner and the like, CO brandy widow, your idea of more than one killer. We
What's a lone wolf and you got no proof to back up your theory here and is like how about the twenty six cock chase just went through. Downtown ally allow or the nineteen guys you showed up my apartment with the axes like that would suggest more than one, where there's always get caught that never believes in the hero and has the garage and grind of down and right in here echo is, gets punched there, the movie, which is what happens, a cobra, the punch at the end of the movie right off the aim of the moon, but who were the bad guys in this? What was going on? They like a call. It was back a violent calling. You didn't it back Scientology with weapons, you did not have to explain evil now, eighty seven, just these guys are evil and that's who they answers that one when, when it site there protecting Brigitte, Nelson Runner, remote location the bad guys, always furthermore, location the eightys, the other all why women poor either one female cap wrong, turns out she's on the
their sight. She belongs to the motorcycle. What I thought I oh I like it. I like it when nobody really has a job either like hey as Doris yeah. What do you do? I work at dispatch? Ok, but it all up to Mount penalized for two winter had with these guys. Like excuse me, you you don't even dignitary arises. Where are you, low level. You don't get that just look for my bag yeah. She was a slight well just be gone along to view guys are going up to the chief get so many all seamen. I still don't know who alone, one in the end. What anyone ah a free harley. He got Brigitte Neil, on the back of the Harley that a common dared. He got to punch out Mr Nay Sayer back then, who was where in them yeah cross a raincoat. He got to punch him out or the so he might Pacheco but there's something very interesting about the end of that movie when he jumped this guy cobra.
So committed to his reflective shades that he wore in the Albert's and strained at catch, the homicide maniac with no lights on he wore. Inside his apartment when he gets on the Haug with Brazil, ACT. That's the nomes Amano sunglasses. For that now we just gotta tool down the highway on new, not the day I very hard gotta figure, as far as the shades with her writing opportune. Cruising, are the two hardest to figure eighties caps and this movie had fire. There's that poorer were they would go to the ban in warehouse, but at some point, abandonment, EVA, they flip a switch and all the convoy about start up and fire just start shooting from everything you know guys banning. There's a great seem where there's more fire coming from the hall and capacities at the end of the hall, any grabs this random knob any turns it in a big big, big, plume, afire
shoots out up burns em they do the stuntman catch on firemen admission bearing average of guys in India real situations who turn a vow that have the exact right thing happened to them is one thousand percent in movies. I feel like if I was it a warehouse and you're coming down the hall, and I just started turning a random vow. I would catch Oliver. I thought they could hurt you I would say it's the same batting average as the there's gas on the ground flicked, the latter, throw the lighter in the latter, somehow doesn't go out ass through the air, which I think what was at fast five there there was a guy as the big There was a grassy eyes, the perfect, the perfect one for like the movies, would be like pull the gas hose off the pull the gas Hove off the kitchen range put their MIKE set their microwave. For fifty five zakharino whatever days and then just walk like TAT was the greatest thing from the fast for it was for when he turned the noise on,
on nine are and then hit the cigarette lighter and then sat there casually for, like ten minutes, either executor along with a view to high. So when they have the timing, like at a certain point when the guy takes the gun, cocked like puts it to the guy's Temple and goes, I'm going to see you and Hell Diamond Helga, I'm not so sure about that. Oh you have it down to the second, then cause I'd be stalling for tat. Even when you re a blow job, I've been, I wouldn't really blown, but I'd like that. How I'm bad another day like start preparing this goby awesome. Oh, let me get my knee pads malware. My blowjob Jews hold out to stagger stall and then the car would blow up, but I wouldn't really is an issue that I did not get to health. First guys just go to squeeze the trigger. You know it's
One of the hundred and thirty boast improbable moments in value site. Cope, ready, go back and watch cobra in that tax. Everything cobra bet there is air shooting from like who will devise such a factory where just fire shot out from every wall, everywhere. You are not how many people are in your whole universe. Now in terms of what you're doing six podcast and you have a whole package that work. I have you paid it's mostly older people around you right, I have no doubt I have. I have the pod CAS guys that are the kids, the young guys so are so, though, ass is drive. You crazy. When you mentioned a move in, they haven't seen it shouldn't, because it's you however, in the eighties. If somebody said to us, I call you haven't seen so and so and it's a move that came out in eighteen. Fifty nine women is seen it yeah I know I like I have people who were for the ringer ability,
using the good son right that the good son. What sad like the agency, the good sense about twenty years ago. Wall also part of it is just the sort of narcissism we have, which is you should know what I like you should get familiar, whereas now, god dammit, you know, I love curb ready. Now you should go George yourself, a correct and the like, but it this is the same thing that a lot of people have with us. Like our friend Kevin Hand is like go. You should definitely check out propriety. He'll go is good. I know it's not good, no go. Well, then, what I wanna watch, videos aiming, I will send you know, get you don't get it. You have the full support, the part that its words bad means. You have to watch right right, but problem for us is that in the last ten twelve years people became so hip to the it's it's good. Because it's bad and then try to make the movies bad or who went there, trying to heart the witches
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retrial, add audible, gotta, audible, that calm, Slash, BS today and start your free trial right now, that is audible, Deca, sash, B S, oh, I forgot, forgot everywhere: oh rode all of em and is in charge of the entire franchise Chris Morgan earned over here, rider for now in charge of all the monster movies that are coming back. The universe elect the Mummy and all that kind of stuff the man has now in charge of all the monster movies that are coming back to you. First like the Mummy and all that comes up, the man has acreage on the lot. You can imagine how much money It turns out he's a nice guy in the world and it turns out he's a neighbour of mine and it turns out he's a big fan of mine and we found ourselves sitting around having lunch, a few was actually ants.
Saturday before the Oscars he's the sweetest nice sky in the world, and I said to him: it's funny: Edison My name is finally because he was trying to pick my brain wonder about love line and above man, jobs up like that. As I want to know about. You know, what's going on and talked about Paul Walker, where TAT movie was at how he would have it, can all the footage and scrape everything together. Previous movie ass hair had imagined that crazy, great super sweet got. But at a certain point I had a couple of drinks and I was like I like bad mood like. I thought I'd rather not you're, not gonna win back like a really bad. I mean like its do. We lay like yeah. That's worth yes observer, like I said
I like bad movies and like about that, none I'm not not fast enough to fast Moselle. Those are good. Bye, said that mean bill sermons. Wee wee. I said. Let me tell you how much we like bad. We went the day the marine came out with John scene. We were sitting alone at the arc light at that, like the one p m, showing an empty theatre in his eye that so that's how much we live bad movies, it is like the other my movie While this is didn't work, we, as did other it, was his purpose in his script. That, like he gave somebody or whenever that's nice, neither world, but that was so so I I love it. I love. I love all this stuff and I love I'm looking at the post of all the right and I love other write another yeah animals with all I can't get into it, but
we'll just say just one thing about all the right moves. The whole thing is its: they build this premise and it's always kind of way. When they build a premise and it becomes sort of their whole movie, except for it doesn't work, which is the bill. This premise, where he's like this achieving guy has this coach debts you know up as but in an unfair and Bob ah, but in practice when the guide, as the ten yard out- and he closes the window- he gets there too soon and its interference and its interference. So the coach, like ghetto, goes, a knock it off like don't do that. You're gonna get flag, That is a anyone else goes a good play. Those going play, then, in the champion. Ship. You know in the iron ball at the end after it gets the pic and always when it rains, it rains It raises major argument, Sunni them, but what but then, when he does it
in the game? He interferes with the guy again like he wraps it sits. So it's such it. Is it such a crucial issue, but He closes a window and wraps the guy up before the ball gets there, and then they throw the flag. And what did you think you have deserved a flags or whatever the premises, is tat. You can see now in either of heritage. You got it There too early dimity did, you know, movie it. What cable movie at the guy we watch the most times in the last ten years. Fast fears accepted castaway, I will always stand on cars. I might my thing about castaway write, em right with you. The thing about cast away is it's really like three movies, yet fat fat, Tom Hanks. On the plane. It's like a rock com for twenty five minutes, it's a small, medium and large, but there's no point in that movie tonight. I think
say about all good movies. You no point. No, no! No! No, not only no point, there's no juncture. Ok, that movie Where, if you start it, you can't just keep moving forward right, because I can catch him on the plane. Catch him on the island. I think it's mostly watch a movie of the censure. The best thing you can say about a movies. You could come in nine minutes in or one minutes then, and you're, just in internal till the end I so I can't the cave dentistry with the Bower hockey skate. That's the only part or I have them pause and fast forward I can't I self dentistry, so I've wireless movie, God knows how many times and my son watch it with me like a month ago, and we are It was I who jumped in half way through only just watch arrest air. So the end, when he's driving around in the car, the volley boughs in the in the passenger seat, which I never know,
So sooner a hundred times westerns I looked at the volleyball right, Sweden, Volleyball backs right. What's going on there I think that's their small size than Hanks lost. His mind ride also it's it's going to really go off the rails cuz. Why else would he have a volleyball? What's he going to do like he's, going to paint it and bring it around and talk to it? I never even notice that either I love the same way comes back and is just big king crab legs everywhere for the buffet great. That's great, that's a brilliancy. I love that scene and bullets about it. So does he is there any way that he survives aid the plane crash the plane crashes in the water and throws them back. The is dead, I think everyone dead right there are some areas die, then is then he gets caught underneath pops out right lands in that RAF. That rafts in the past effect, the others a monsoon reprimand ever flips ray passes out right and makes
on the island. While my favorite any movie and least he had a raft. I like movies, where there are thirty foot waves issue stolen Liddy Anti laughed, the person falls off, there's thunder lightning storm huge waves and then they cut to not a cloud the sky. And the person's laying on the beach and then what happened, I don't know the history of maritime disasters vicars. Anyone who won over like a tune about when thirty foot sees edges, woke up on the beach now I would simply because I like it when they wake up on the beach like. How did you get here by the way your face down? This would never work, but I bought everything in them. Of a hate his? I hereby so we an hour later than he almost killed himself. He went at the top of the mountain. He bought got a whole bunch of rope. Who's gonna hang himself
I didn't even get that part Ojeda cause. He goes he's. I gotta you gonna go he's talking to Wilson and he says: oh, you know, there's thirty funeral babble. We said we never go back up there and he goes up holes, the role that I believe like vulture eggs, because when he pulls the rope up, there's like this piece of wood that there have to try to stimulate if you would have died right. If you kill yourself how do you not open the last FED Xbox First bear. He leaves the one acts he doesn't open. Also, there should have been a masturbation seen as well as Are they really growing very ready to best Obama loan on an island, and I got a picture. Honey Bobby, do myself in and of twenty minutes. I saw he while they they interpret that after he gets out when he can't sleep and he's lying on the floor, and he looks over the Helen hurt picture. I got out of comments and observations that there be a prejudice in bad times. Yes, so the the evolving situation about all survive.
All rescue island movies yeah. Is they always have that part in the Middle ACT to act, I've been on the island for two days were the luxury liner goes by their lack of its own money. For me, as I'm always cheering like come onto, that is right there. Why? But were thirty seven minutes into movie and I have to know on some level. There's no way the yet a general turns around, but I'm still scream. Will I get those palm Franz? Let's get a black, it's weird emotionally right, like I must know better. By now. We are, open of those boxes right away. I'm gonna save that last one in case I get out down, I'm opening it would if it has like an Iphone in their jobs, I even have an Iphone in two thousand, but would at some sort of something they our satellite phone. Anything there I've ever now. He found I mean he got ice gates and one of whom you never know
agree. I use that for dentistry got that small she's. Thank you. It may be that good of his spare Fisher after four years, now I ve ever forty feet away. You're just pluck out. Marlins now I always d artagnan. Whenever you talk about the fast me unless ass well, well, my castaways the eye. Our guide you, to help her, you marry her After this guy does in the plane crash, yeah yeah, the guy comes back there. She saw emotional about it. She, can't even see if you're living room has all the maps. The crash which she is somehow capped, even though there they found this guy she's, obviously obsessed bad enough that she still try to figure out right where this guy is the first night back Levin. Third, nay, he's outside your house. You don't wake up there.
The eye this whole conversation. He drives the car, the garage Thea she was running after him. What's juncture right, brine rain. They out in the driveway he drives Actually, soaking wet you not up with a gun at this point is very complex. Makes me the gray had too much to drink yeah. I remember there were sad model there is that, like Victoria's secret model, that was with her boyfriend when the sooner me on my dad, sore island inner took came out to the sea and she ended up being fine and he was never seen again. That to me is the ideal ex boyfriend to me because workers
really. The other alternative is while she was Bang and David Spade, and now he keeps like you go to your cool restaurant. He comes walk and aim of some twenty three year old Blind and it's like. Should he say something she I say something and then later on, you gonna work, do somethin, wear them like. Why do I say this weird heat tax did her chum behind my bad for the guy, but I don't feel bad for the next boyfriend you gotta supermodel and your last boyfriend was just taken out to sea right, like literally that would, just God, Force majeure God's will now I'm here. I that's just be her next boyfriend, that's a good deal because normally there bang and some pretty sir, or something and ultimately you're gonna, run into am or see a movie or whatever it is. I so I'm with you, I'm I'm with the on that. Ok, let's have a valid huh yeah. I won't do ok,
Dan Finnair D of the day and ban yet is married to caffeine. Jimmy yet, and the Dan Dan Energy was a big fan of mine and I am a big fan of the damned ban and- and I think Catherine Ajib me like said- were throwing this big Vegas Fortieth Birthday Party for Dan. Could you come be really excited. If you're there, an inviting a handful of friends in and I'm paying for them, dinner and whatever, and I like. Okay and I went there, and I found myself just sitting next to Helen Hunt at this like ten per table in the middle of the biology, our some that you ask your wife. She didn't go back with Czech Owen first question: I was just sitting there go unlike what we say to Helen hurt like man. I love. I love it
twister movie or whenever soberly glittered, like some kind of like that movie, I live. I don't feel like it got its dear sighed. She like one domain. She said, I love your movie and I said you, by moving she's. Like you, I saw the hammer and I said how did you see the hammer and she went. I went to the theatre like what and she's yeah. What's the point, the theatre for like two days and we just went there and so we really enjoyed it has like wow of how hard, but I visit, I ve- no idea that Nicaragua scientists to pray Israelis die immediately. She went through the movie theater and saw that stupid movie based on nothing so that was ass. I told you my daughter. We were the hammer. My wife was away. My daughter and our hang out there
resign as they that's atoms, where music Adam made a movie sunny Natalie's to address in a movie like your stunned, provide without even our rate of over that's also Ba rights, it solid, and how that then, I was like TAT, Ladys married hedge, my friend, hands around baseball team, athletic I'll call you, He started kissing, hunches wife lack infusion block a year, every guy knows that it's hard to find a gesture that fits? Maybe the collar is too tight. Maybe this laser to LA maybe the shirts too loose guess what I have some good news ordering a custom fit shirt has never been easier
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Fast? Ever we didn't know what to expect the poker right. We knew we died in real life near we did know if he was going to die in the movie. No we do not would resolve it now we didn't know how they can do this e g, I'd Paul Walker face all that stuff right fastened turn out to be really good movie and the ending is with their say them the marshal ending of any action movie that I've ever say. I would agree with that. I think of another one that that matches. And I want I'll, get him- I even like the twentieth time as togo- cattle choked us, certainly not in the seventh and stuff. You not I mean like. Maybe you you an emotional moment at the end of rocky one, but by the time lag. Rocky savage, but for that blood, not Rambo layer crying about right over a year, There's been moments, but not like this. Well, not this not this.
Seventh version on offer for sure. Does there just jump the shark by two and a half Didn't you ever imagine. This will turn into the James Bond of this generation, where they could, just keep releasing these basically forever. I say I remember very well. I was I always go to the ala. Auto show, and you know I'm a car guy and I would go there and one of the things I like to do as I would like go there preview night. So wasn't that crowded like press night or something, and while everyone else looking at the Ferrari he's in the labour guineas up and that the top like in a pavilion I'd, go down into the basement and walk around where the guy sold like spinner ram and and the sham, while guy was their Hawken a sham me for your car that could draw dried and ally in June and not leave a streak.
Love all those weirdos down there and I came upon a bunch of likes slam to the ground pink me I'd as with stupid, stripes and stuff on it like three for cars and there it is enough when you see those cars in person, they look pretty junkie in our and because they do really fast. Jobs on Ottoman slaps, the and stuff does work and like the new, we fast inferior coming out in August, in our whenever it is in. These are three cars from the movie and I remember just stopped- and I just looked at this stupid, pink Miata and this stupid honda- civic in Ireland as like. This is lame. I d sit this country is life, was gonna, be changed out, not only my life, my family, I mean the miserable, but it's still a Jay neither the age sperm anyway, but I was over these three like crap
like literally like a hand, a civic front, we'll drive with a one point, six leader, nothing in it by the bunch. A lot you know with neon lights, underneath that, like all real car guys, we hate all that stuff could just a bunch of window dressing and right, junk and everything else, and as like, and in the name you now fast and furious its it sounded stupid like this is gonna, be super lame, and that was all I remember, I remember, seeing and being angry. How unabashedly they ripped off point break the air and images point break with cars. And I and it made me mad, but I enjoyed the whole movie a yes and then of harm. A hundred and thirty miles an hour and MIKE I didn't love that maybe, but yet I'm still thinking about it and then, but by the third one by Turkey draft there I assumed it was over. I mean I don't even think I saw Tokyo drift in the theater and then I had been diesel at the little cameo at the end there and add new more s, the pity
The report dialogue and he said he commenced. These are to do that. Little came at the end, but they do not like the third homes be straight. The victim in the guy who's in the third one is not a great actor Lucas Black, the Texas guy. I just sick, oh yeah, you're right, goes to, for which we signed the theater and inside the bans back together, and it is magic, yeah Ives the best. I still feel like five the Brazil, why that is standing in the safe insight. That's peak fast furious, thou, didst everything done guinea better and five but it was really get in seven starts out with several because if you had a major obstacle to overcome, which is the star the franchise passed away, half way, but he was foaming Wayne filming this, and how a are you gonna deal logistically with that? But then how are you going to deal with the story of where this guy
and there's a little bit of a story break with fast seven yeah, step with fast, seven, slash fast date, which bananas, there's gonna be spoiler, thereby darker. Anyone whose listen. This is probably seen the fast movie this point at it again. If you haven't come, I don't want you so Cadena fast three, so that in the end in the middle of fast Rihanna dies right comes back, so we It's almost like we're ahead of time in Tokyo. Draft there's like a whole time lapse. Think there and they went for five. Six happens, that's kind of earlier than fast three who here, but at the end of fast six Hon dies and its Jason Stato. Now you sound like Lynette from this morning. She net on our way to my report,
dial cheese, Jason Stadium, the app Jason states on stay them Jason state them was the guy who kills heartbeat it right in the middle of whatever Tokyo Times Square is fast seven. Here bad guy. He almost kills the rock here he tries to everybody and allows people speaking have like the deserted hospital color we suffer. I love you to delete. The history is happy eyes what they're here, if eight o clock debate the ass, he was, he was just put cocoa butter on his arms. Everyone else had cleared out of the building and he was just chill acts and back in his office yeah. So fast date, it's like we need Jason stay them, bring to light the basically the too bad guys from five from six and seven. We now have the team up at them, but stay them killed. Hon
yeah? He tried to kill the rock he basically trying to kill ever on the move in their like. Let's let Bygones be Bygones too big of a stretch for me one hundred percent killed Hahn who they are loved and her days as I get about family. It's like this guy killed most of your family. They invite him the barbecue dead fast hey juices data, can you give me a hard time? That's like you, try to kill everyone at the building, the idea I have a short memory that game really short, while is alive or quarter mile tied round. You God's that's pretty shrewd memory order by having the the the part that less Billy Google, for me, is when they constantly having there. Chicken ram fights where all this stuff The straight on cohesion in fast is ludicrous, literally interview,
the guy. For my taken me podcast, who invented the railing that goes around NASCAR hee hee hee Hee investigated Dale our hearts death why he died. He invented that this kind of barrier that had this kush area itself, you hid? It wasn't cement a brave and Bob a blood. Any basically jazz, like of two cars, are going at each other thirty five miles an hour that seventy miles an hour combined and you die you and that's how it works Seventy! Seventy versus seventy They're gone like one ten and one ten. Adding further combines reads like two hundred forty miles an hour and then peeling out and are going right at each other, and they poachers hid each other. With this you take
Look at what killed, they'll learn heart, it didn't look like anything compared to that has been was wearing a super van. Didn't move worries crack this next, like furs up his head, wouldn't be attached to him yet, but then it gets better. He walks out. He looks at the acid Martin, Vanquish D, be nine or whatever, whatever he's drive and stay them striving, and he goes reinforced front clip like itself so that what is day them dead as he bought a bone stock asked and Martin vanquish yeah and then completely reinforce diffrent patent on the off chance, that he'd be rammed satellite celebrity. Let me thousands of dollars sunk into a car
away and then, and then he accuse us of of not fighting fares like that's like pudding. I say I say so that that's like we use and waited gloves are put no horseshoe in your gloves in a box. Match in any has explained on this, isn't marquise of queensberry, but rather point is that there is a lot of discussion about reinforcing the front of the car. I just feel like that certain and will end at the end of fast, eight Vince FLIP, a cheeseburger how'd, you like those Jason's, medium rare- I like it when they are in seven, they were both equally. You know that the whole thing about the whole thing about this a series of from the they can, both both the guy Agnes in the protagonists are equally angry at each other, like if you'd watch a Thyssen fight, from that from the nineties. Thyssen was passed, but the guy who is fine, this kind of scared normal. He usually how work
were equally like is positive. Southern. You see it like you see in sporting events and stuff, like that, like one guys really pissed, the other guy you can. Tells a little man. Nunez against grassy arises. Matterhorn really want arousing, look a little bit scare, the right the thing about like stay thumb and been diesel or the rock in State Mervyn. There equally outrage at each other. All the time and the like, both gonna, kill each other to the point where the boat, just in a car, the high performance, cars and they're just gonna, throw at low piilau ram each other. With this same velocity I'd, so when this happens, let in the fast move, the two cars next to each other in their ramming into each other. Here, if you do that, like one that's NASCAR. These are the best drivers on the earth and a lot of that lie. The accidents happen because somebody like
gently nudges, the back of somebody's car and send them in this tale spent and yet in the fast movies, they're going ninety hundred miles an hour ramming into each other and keep in the car straight. Is that conceivable? I can tell you that, as a five time participant in the third, a celebrity grandpa You can ram alot of cars, and everyone does and have some racism and cleaner than others. Some have been just all out. Carnage by you go around the hairpin at the very beginning of the shoreline drive and they even do it with India, cars and regular cars razor and you go around it and somebody just bumps you in the back you'll soon you'll see I read your turning in any way you gotta be turning and they got a bump, your straight ahead straight ahead. You can pretty much rub: pay you'll be fine, just like a NASCAR when they tap em right going into the turn in the they spent. I so fast, seven,
that's a movie that has a bunch of planes, ending on amounts with parachutes, yeah perfectly condom landmine, but also has the cars jumping through the two buildings into buyer Qatar wherever that as the air, couple, the double event: these are the brakes. Iran right goes through the second on which one was more probable for you. Well I'd, say the building to building one? I always feel like the past ensures a little to calm the amount of aid, it God rest, his soul, Paul Walker. Like my friends, I will go under the Ex Building Paul's like as do it, that, like Y gotta, think you gotta put shelf and halls fish yeah you're sitting in a car, you gotta,
Leslie trawling. He lives as I've a quarter mile a time that's on the ground. Yet I mean nice in the present. Do isn't do not a common and the air, he doesn't quarter mildly on the ground, with sink immediately. You mean when it when it flew fly. Through from one bill. Nether wouldn't interest gravity immediately falls. If you got enough inertia I'll buy that you can travel like jump at a motorcycle are jumping snowmobile or the like acts games they work. You can cover a lot of guys. The bus in speed was always the most improbable in the bus and speed actually went up. Will the persons it is a little improbable, because the take off in the landing ramp worthy same elevation, yeah so and no angle, direct the same elevation and set up somehow why are there so you think that was more problems than parachuting from plain the car driver,
paying them go away? Wait now and the parachute goes up and they just landed, read on that red on the road that the most improbable part of the whole. Let's jump, the sea one seven and are modified Dodge challenge. Your was the direction they were facing its like that loaded the cars in forward in Gaza and then try to innovation, and I should have backed all the cars and so on the good. The tailgate dropped on the sea, one thirty that just drive out railroad that go out backwards. I don't know that always bother me if I am ever goin out of a sea one. Third, I like that that is on average, he had he had is modified Dodge chargers, Abigail dodged Charger VIN diesel drives the Hemi charger as the par guy and he had the thing all lifted up with the altar. Tyres, he had to spare tyres. Are there not what he would have done with despair tie? I just don't feel like there would win.
I'm on the side of the road to get this is or Jack out and pull the London love, aunt Jane. I feel like the game's over by the time you change a tireless extra weight. I hears my next question: fat, the fat man next fast kind of big picture: question VIN Zone fast, one he's like a street Sir re his system in downtown away somewhere they this modest house and in the heart city. The only races is affected He probably hasn't gotten out of Ella Much the other point. Well, maybe so I've gotten a vat or somethin for road ramshackle Winter weather house down there I have is whatever they got out to race wars or wherever that was in the desert, but I don't know unclear if that was even in Nevada. We get to four
seems U S, bowed bright, get the five he's now: Brazil, the connections in Brazil summit. Yes, there by the time we get to seven Paul Walker, like the whole thing, it's a date they blow up. Somebody blows up Paul, lockers house. Here, though, that it sank finally somewhere safe, we'll call my friend in the DE are: here the de are snares and de are in these guy knows all these people there. He by the time we get to aid, is in Cuba. He waited. The devil in Cuba just living there has had its day tarento. We Are these people these contributions from like low level street punk to ally I too, to the world's greatest traveller. Maybe two hours of Orange County yeah, too maybe maybe ventured event Urca to basically Richard
France and meets the dough. Second terms there is international regime is, I know, will be safe in the de. Are we'll go down there? renders a major had you have friends you're like a street racer these delay. I don't know, I think he I think the minister is called personal growth bill. You should look at India's cares about family loves family. There is about family, that's the thing he finds out. He as this bastard, sign it even know about their in fast state. Yet this woman, he is broken up with their immediately turns on every in his family. His corner quote family, nothing more than family. Less allude me familiar. Does. Are these toes data now he's now, on the other side, committing hundreds of millions of dollars of crimes.
New York city cars flying at the garage I mean I claim you I got the day and hold on a second son- is in danger. I can't say too much because of the pending law suits, but I did lay down a little premise of a movie called navigate and a few years. Dead, allow you to take it up with their friend Chris more time limit here, because on my radio show and like two thousand and six there had this whole thing was like: oh, the car, parallel it self remember that a good show commercials like a hit a button and the car just backs in and turns rather in navigation. Bruce Willis plays a J, p L scientists, but he's old school. You show the beginning a hymn pulling up in his vintage bronco, yet ripe and put like. Well I've put water because its overheating and all the other guys or Poland up in their praises and stuff, and make an finally manage and join us in the twenty first century, but when
Satellite goes rogue and his hacked into by that the russian hackers, while the scene that that the mother and daughter just driving their their press and also the doors lack, unlike what happened and also that they can control the wheel drives them all into the Grand Canyon enough again, but Bruce can't be affected because he still driving the seventy one bronco smart. Now yeah man, so they ripped off because it allows it can't really say my talk any more about it. I'm really I'm supposed to bring it up. I use annex fast question the this one's gonna hurt. This gonna hurt your feelings. Saddam is with. Brazilian cap, and I say this is real, quick like it. If my wife, like if linnets listening it, does not give she's the site, but but if anyone knows or can tell us if, wherever in that
situation in IRAN I like Cabana king, came Coon or something around Cuba, our wherever port of call Don lands in and we just make sweet love under the mosquito nets. You know with the ceiling fan, that's turning slowly, after not really doing anything that mosquito net love and at a certain point I just go out into the balcony, where the curtains, rather than the gauzy curtains or flow I look really good in my shirt off and I'm just standing there to come. Look at ten thousand yard stare and I'm like just looking drinking a corona where I hold it so far up the neck. That has my hand, is actually off the bottom actual drinking. Through my hand, if that ever happens, that done here what you normally do, which is just watch tv inside for an unlimited amount of time. I need you to come out, put your hand on my shoulder and asked what I'm thinking of catches that never have Hence the bitch I stand out in the balcony for days lead at just shots.
Or and watches Maria, and how they do then update my way. Never ask me when I got up all I feel like every time down steps out on a balcony he's dead like fourteen second sub. Second off the corona before some hot you're, coming as what's going on, I can tell you things. But I have numerous outside the producer new markets. I asked them wide visa drink beer. That way he will have an answer head teacher there is. However, we wrote about the ringer billions, they ordered pizza and it was Damien Brody, the english guy, who plays acts and mail I commend the sweetest actress who places wife on the sharing their eating pizza reading it like like they'd. Never how the peace, a pizza me our guy, it's my non smoker who hast needs an icon on over movie, deserves cigarette right and been been as abbot. They only had corona. When he's found these movies. That means reject
there is no way and now he's such a big star. Nobody has the balls to go up and say then they behold it lower heating. Like two inches lower and don't dont tilted the hallway, you know what he needs. He needs a cosy, I feel like this because you out on the agreed go hey all the cool kids are, like you know, there's that old picture, the rock and he's wearing Fanny Pack yeah. This will be your fanny pack, it's the Vince easy and one of his latin american friends should Tom. When is travelling Piazza getting older re rich Israel's array giants are here, is the curses enter your feelings and fast? Five ed's is with the brazilian cup beyond fast cities, incredibly understanding by the way like one iota, I'm wearing get like Linux. Listening. If I d learn, allow this thing: well, ok, but so Intel I like love comes back into my life.
We need you to understand that. That's what I'm thinkin about on the balcony. Ratan soap test. Five peace with the beginning of the end bright, fast, six ladys alive right, finds Letty the brazilian cap at the end, says you follow her. Father had just now. Could not get a standing aware you loved her. That's what I'm saying like I got to follow my heart fast, seven, by fast forward Paul actors. Gotta House, the gangs are spread out. Stuff starts blown up, We gotta get back together. How I mean how many I do think goes by between what say the end of fast five. Way through Fatima say. Like two three years, here's Y know Paul walkers kid the house blows up, he's taken the kids to school right right. These many years has initially the baby and fast five right, but then by the by
The start of fast seven decades, unlike precarious. First, kinda guy, and so I have been a few years and I jump in first. Second yeah I've dropped my kids off at school dozens of times. I was never greeted by a mills like the one who grates Paul, locking and never she smoke anytime. I get the check with the like that, I ride problem barbarity and we we get it. She volunteers is pretty long life, there's not much to go home to, Usa. Can we say this page way too hot to be violent there? Three three and a half years, yeah Minnesota Fats date turns out the Brazil in cap, whatever he held flame had a kid yeah to baby eight months old math! As an add on now doesn't add up as if they were like they hadn't dated four four years. Has the kitty months also did either? Did they screw up the math, or did VIN go back and get an extra while what
once you do they sort of time continuum where you re about to hop back and forth. You can do it off spring. Well, the bigger question is: what's up with our hair, like she's a hot check, then she cut it. Short did some weird proudly. I have. I guess she is better looking than Letty they had to, they had to start mess with our with her hair, I hope I didn't you do more. We set about this time continuity to more set about her hair. I think been went backing and stepped in. He should have gone back and fix her hair levies. Mary, it's gotta, be leg, wait a second. What happened this babies only eight months old, Reuben dating for three years at that we're exclusive, but he would it's gone out in the boundary about back. I mean how many hours collectively with you and I had a balcony view, and I just went out on a balcony before
a website. Like me, I would just dive exposure before my wife came out put her hand on my shoulder and wanted to give me a penny for my thoughts. I dive its vote. I be eat my crows, so like what happened to your father. He went to the balcony to think about an old man and that's the last time we shall have so fast, seven ends the last thirty minutes. The o shoot out, which I thought was pretty weak, Ursa, fast at seven Bell or the Pa Walker Farewell Nepal, workers in with with gods around. Grips, his arm off guys. Just one my life is I'd like to advocate, has removed by flexing. Just literally just flexing try seven here the key word- I hardly see there's so much body butter from the last six weeks. There is Melias ass. I like what he said, I call on everyone woman, then. I would, however, that there should have been material should have been a cameo via Caitlin General
so he got a woman. I don't got time for this stuff awesome so fast day. Yes, everything's. Ok Don then has to go dams in Cuba, but now has to go rogue to save his bastard be whose should before- and I say this to you in my every movie- not just fast- and it was in fast seven and of his fast, because at the end when like Paul Walker were and if it goes all the way back the karate kid you're. It goes back to every one of those like movies, every every every kickboxing, moving every karate moving Eric at some point. Like Walker Squared offered the dude inside the ass when he had a highway great seen. They always start this, did it with the karate kid they do with all this? They start the move were the guy, we're rooting for who really is kind of a street fighter and doesn't have any
serious training like not spent a lot of time on the map and the dough Joe, the guy doesn't move, and then the guy does a back flat. And then a spinning crescent, kick my kicks out the light bulb and then pulls out an uncharted. Doesn't why? And you go with guys like a seven the great black belt is yet doing this entire life's private been competing in doing this, and then our guy just comes in and kick that is like Ralph much bigger, though do them over. You knocked the guy down any gets up by going into full back bridge and which brings back up those we and our guys weren't genes and boots. Yet how does he acts? Maybe that I shouldn't be that highly scale than how had been these. Are these judo skills? I treat regularity Stella, but at the side he is like sneak in. I think if they did a little bit storyline where that guy did all the crazy stuff and he then went, but I have drank four beers.
I would then go okay. Now this is a little. I can believe this, and agriculture is now. I sobers today's long he's a chinese acrobat. It is a human weapon, wise. Our guy get a kick his ass every time so fast. Seven! ending a fast seven. These incredible, I loved it. I loved it. Could you have any, we couldn't have ended the series there, but we could have. We could of, and I don't think any of us could ever complain about just seven movies or any law can often this right either and we go back to the last date, dams now bad. We are under the premise that Brian is still alive. There, dams got off the rails, he's causing hundreds of millions of dollars. Damn right, nobody in the group says we should come except for one person in their quickly Poohpooh arrived Brian, who has been a as worked with against I. How tional spiritual leader of the group well
and it's just poohpooh it was. It was kind of thing they did and they did in the specialist yeah was alone they make the hafta dread, something, but they can't spend any real time on address it. It's it's. The answers were dick. This right. At least we can say we addressed in the special ass. They had to go there to share in stone this guy, raped your mom and killed your day Why not just higher guy assassin? Why not just shoot him too, So two matters to a higher guy, just go puts C4 in every mail box. Is a blog, followed, my so somebody said why get a guy to shoot. Em and she's like too many innocent people could get her mom going a guy who's gonna blow up the cabana, the guy's living it, so they had to address it. But the answer wasn't very good. Ok, that's what were you happy with
state. Ah, I thought it was the weakest one, since that is the weakest of the last five. I still enjoy the hell out of it, but I asked I realized for me, it's become like Mcdonald's, like a big MAC like a big MAC, isn't even a good hamburger. Just a big MAC, unlike when you're in the mood for big MAC, its awesome yeah, but it's not like you go. This is a fantastic hamburger. You just go it's a big MAC Fast. Five was a twenty seven dollars, gourmet hamburger. The eye I agree, but the thing is you can't go wrong with the whole franchise with me because it just is. It is now it's like. I too call it. What it is you so it in I wish they really should have consulted. They should consult with us when they. This. Well, here's what we're missing, because you had a you know they with the Cuba, the balcony. They did that we now had the scene. I need been talking about family.
Like that that scene, we love from a vigorous vast it just inexplicably, then, import Hocker hanging out is a tell me about your father there. Amid so my father, my father, you because he saw Dick you. It's bad luck about his dad right. My dad used to go out there and it didn't have those more it's. I don't feel like it was. It was like a formula movie, the air, missing a cup or the human elements. While there is this, where maybe it becomes so big it like can't support its wait like it needed. So much needs to be done. They literally gotta ice method. They do nuclear
an ice and ice riding a nice, Dr Ayman missiles. I like the part where the Soviets Sub from the eightys was catching up Lamborghini. I just don't feel like you can go through ice that good how to go about two, not our surviving isomeric. That would like that subs catching us hid it. I would be happier Shirley Stay run yeah. I like Betsy, user names either. Cipher cipher, I like cipher, not since Angelina Jolie and gone and sixty seven oh yeah, called Sway Yasser been hatch, where the cooler name yeah, she was swell cipher yeah. I didn't. I didn't like that. She's, is cruelly shatter. The cap and the head dams, baby, Mama, ass in gunned down the ladder he took her,
It is like one way to resolve the Letty versus the old girlfriend plan, but it was pretty brutal. Letty was crying no tears over they, they gotta thing going with aeroplanes in the fast series witches in in sex, they had the the unlimited runway jack that than ever. I aim when my first just never too. I've never ran out a runway now number number one this one. I kept running waiting for them to refuel I just feel like you got it, you gotta refuel in the air or something like we gotta know that their plane never landed. And never reveal Jennings would go back raising living. Why are we went about range? I really think that the thing about planes is like they're get bigger refuel every ten hours, or so that's gonna, that for me
also when they got his car in the middle, the square and they got the grappling hooks all hope in the door, and there were doing that crazy, Paul thing on it and get all apart there. Doing that thing or their like cars got a thousand horsepower two thousand horsepower three thousand hours by an edge on this here. To tell you now is now three thousand have spared? No, no, no there's no two thousand, and it's really now the answer, but I brought you know it for the first time I brought the LE net brought the kids and we went to a movie there. I brought I brought my tickets and has like I was waiting for that balcony, seeing as I want to say to a guy among us off when I had out to the porch ran, but it never came, but they loved it they. Yet my kids loved the two- and I was like real good for you because they had not seen any of the other movies prior to this one, which
Jesus. It's there. Never it's it's it's it's a stand alone. At least the illicit work can outlining fast, nine yeah and the more rapid up fast, nine. I'm I'm playing the successive dom from becoming just as guy and he street razor to now this richer Branson of St Racing, who and also the fact not whenever he dies seems to have no repercussions and he never asked to serve any time in jail and random stuff. It's like you caused billion pointy dollars worth of damage yet, but I had to get much back. Oh, we ok cool, that's fine, so they so he's. There's no repercussions in nine time is now his famous easier This guy is now celebrity right. He's is, ST racing slash what whatever world his enemies out he's he's now in about it there and
as a reality show the eyes like Jesse James, remember when He Vienna one made an endless came a big off reaches like sit around welding in some sharp vexing, though, is married to Sandra Bullock. He's got his ear, selling more tee shirts than the Dodgers so Netflix Time and says we, I do like any Anthony Bore day and type of travel. Cars and hire you be on the road and we were here's a great shag veins in right. He goes to that thing that you went the thing that you gotta celebrity this Liburnia deterred a celebrity here. What's the best celebrity charisma, while that choice Celebrity Grand Prix from law, long. Beach is cancelled now, but they did it for free, two years I will in the motorcade, have at beach and go to the have a big littleness acre severe celebrity now
wanna. His celebrity friends are never the cameos, maybe it's Adam Corolla. Since you know the guy was gonna advancing dub heads in their beds, its eye, they bid. You should This take down the celebrity things. Re celebrities too easy she's still just banged up, so he goes and when it has now is that terrorists are going to take over the celebrity thing, nights VIN and a bunch of be less celebrities in their stock. There, the team ass, the come right now a man, your aunt will you you'd literally, be because I think you'd be it the movie. I have you I get the one showered fifteen minute mark. What's EU The other day I'd Erika, cameo yeah the I love will be urging scenario from fast. I you know, I feels like state now part of the gang. Well, I I I guess you have to take shape.
Least or on in and oh, oh, ok! I just started. Ok, I figured you come up because we have to never give it any thought at all cuz. I just wait and want to be surprised, but because we have our sort of time continuum thing and in a babies being born out of wedlock and dates not lining up, We have shared lease dhahran returns by she returns is our character from warrior. Ok she's been an arm. Yeah mad match it ass. You had a shave, we don't really explain a cheese just that now, who knows when that movie took place? We don't know that at present the future, the ass their whenever it is, but she shows up not only down there. I had a good, but as the character from that Moldova, why would you combined John Wick and fast and fears? Yes, yes, cannot show
I think I enjoyed January to more than fast affairs. How near I did. I cannot my two as one of the best five acts movies emerged in my life. I we saw the first one. I don't see the second one. Oh my god, I gotta, yet I have is now the wax at one with the ice a which shows up and she show from my man that sounds great there did you see. They Joshua. Have you a match? The ass, I think we're done with a quick goes. Finally, I think we can make our national nightmares over, but ironically Lula a mere while Lattimer finally had a good fight. Now is an awesome fight. That was not the best way to fight in at least ten years, and yet it was
none of the iranian women Hog and everything else Joshua's thrown wicked upper cuts in the eleventh round and following up with combinations here, he's gonna try and then there is the six they just seem like. He ran out a gas and then somehow he was able to sound. I bet on Youtube Joshua. We took just with Canelo we'd parlay them. Oh, oh yeah, yeah, that's good! We got together. We don't forget canola here that the items grief I mean that he such ass is literally super haven't written. The thing is I don't have you any more cuts goes running in the guys that are bigger than him for some pastime ever and he's never run into guys are bigger than has this gas six nine three hundred yesterday, because no inner door and in any has skills normally guys that are six ex, don't have skills Joshua. It was the most even match we have had since rock verses, vin Diesel and fast five, which is still to this day the most evenly matched fight we ve ever had no movie.
I love it. I dont even our Adam Corolla, any of the sick pack ass, you unplug! I just got an curled outcome. We do Parker All the time over the coming on which one of my coming, I taken me with my anyone from Norman Leir, two guys that invented guard rails and things like that. It's our inspirational pot, gas check that went up and use shows that Spike Levin O clock spike Chrome friends are built, stuff live and to fund, show check it out and you see I got a Newman documentary, I got. I got winning the racing life appall, no one else of a movie on the twenty called twenty four hour war which afford versus Ferrari Lama, the sixties, epic battles of your into that check it out Ankara. Thank you. Thanks again, Adam Curl, don't forget to subscribe to our new podcast Larry Wilmore Black on the air. You can subscribe to them
now before launches answers. They may eleventh and don't forget, to subscribe to against all odds with cousin, so no relation to the nineteen eighty four terrible movie with full counts are now. He did the theme for it. Jeff just James Woods, Rachel Word now, no relation that you can get some game. Attempts welcome bored, Larry, war, more glad, you're, here, cousin, south and we'll be back later in the week on the BS pastors like a slim, outside chance. A might show up on the ringer ambition on Thursday of the subjects of the said the crazy happens making if that will be back on Friday morning and the best part as always pastoralism ways?
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