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All-Star Weekend Buzz, the Ludicrous A.D. Saga, and a Surprising Knicks Scoop With Ryen Russillo | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 484)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to talk NBA All-Star Weekend, some interesting angles in the Anthony Davis situation, NBA ownership, titillating Knicks buzz, All-NBA front-runners, and more.

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It'll either be Sunday night or Monday morning, depending on what kind of mood you're in and whether we can get Priscilla to drive in from the beach or not. You know you never know what that guy, but coming up for sale, and I talkin all star weekend NBA at the two slash three point and a whole bunch of other things I have planned, but first, our friends for protein is Sunday night close the nightmare Pacific TAT. We're in a in my guest house in the back ryen Russillo is here: what's it worth going to rent you get for this? This is promising your back up plan. If your place it up,
Yeah things don't worry, work we're coming off the asked our game, the Astor weaken was that great. The three point contest was fun. Johannes. One got a big Joe Harris said: Thou contest not fund the ILO one. He has a chance. We argue about this hammer Jerry Evans from you tie, who is gonna, be the least successful MBA prior to everyone, the dull contest, I Jeremy Evans, still in pole position, but the ILO Campi rolled out is exotic, he's playing yeah, you just feel bad? If you go in the two Julie members of one, the donkey has now developed place so much I resent, but it just a little, I mean we can go with you. Can you want, but would start with the game? It just tat occur it. I was excited for the game. I went
Last year they played really hard. This shared revert back to the old, let's not played defence, except for the last six minutes strategy. It yadda, so thank you is gonna make it every p run at one point: lauded dunks, very shack, late. Ninety shack cut all star perform. To be all around the rim kept waiting for courier to make the run. He never did and then fit that direct one. The envy p, I thought Westbrook should award it because he was the obviously for the bronze. Which he was not on Westport, came in and completely swung the game by just take a terrible shots, and I think his plus MIDAS was like minus twenty. I was begun, plus my snakes. This is this is the first full all star game I watched in a decade the blame I am one hundred percent blaming you because we knew we really be doing this week. Replied. You got ok, we're gonna start at this point and then use,
it's actually we're gonna go live right after the Ostler game in and I sent a text to you and I said, doesn't mean I have to watch it Any hirlaji was an ironic attacked a theatre. No, no, I'm serious. Here's the thing I don't get mad about it. I think that don't contests for kids, the three point contest the skills. It's it's a celebration of the NBA and as much as I love this league. I don't get mad about this week and then it gets four kids. I think it's for them all deal are weak and when you get to go to what its offer my dad's in Righto edge White, guys guys, who has for I've, been to a couple and it's just a big party- is like a mini Superbowl weak. Yet personally, I don't like to Don contest. The three point things whatever stand a game by only thing with a game after watch you tonight like, I was always trying to figure out who is obviously going further than VP. Eventually the only fascinating things about it, and I don't even think Janius. You know how the first ten points was trying to do it. The BP just was around the remedies. Dunk another is binding right in so
that's what happens a quiet. One point had like a serious lay up attempt. We're almost got. Looking at me, like our users, you just driving up in getting the layer, Africa. I was a little nervous during that Chris Middleton run where we know where we do here. He asked sound right so readily Reggie cannot undermine them to him those guys we're doin, remember. Reggie minutes have made that threes. Reggie said something like yeah. You know he had never known if he's gonna, be back here DR by Weber It was like no help and I go anywhere. You gonna break. Does tat like it's a real Thursday yeah and am I go care you know, and then it just gonna turns into this free for all in everything. So well, Equally, I gimme a whispered numbers. Nineteen minutes, while that's it. I thank you for twenty one for eight from three. So here bread there. Only one turnover, minus nineteen
well he's. Ok, baby the irony is that right. Is he supposedly changed a lot? If you watch us under games, like he's deferring George aware of these efforts for anybody but yeah, it's it was imminent, have lowered, look at lizard stat. Why did he take eighteen? Three? I think he did a shots and all eighteen were threes and could see early on like some of the guys, their bigtime scores in league, they got a minute or so that a bucket? It's like. Ok, I'm not gonna, stop until. I know nothing adona without any get on the board re at a half. That was your attitude in this liberty, a basque buggy jacket on them where'd, you get the donor, I didn't know I wasn't starting. Could somebody told me I was starting- and I know this isn't really so, whenever centre tap into european producer, the headsets, like get off of the floor raving app and harden was going to put me back in and I just got to sell myself back in Lillard six. Four, seventeen from three thousand two hundred and two s that's right, seventeen and then, and then James Harden for four thirteen from three took note
Is that was a very low key he's used to people defending him and then following him you know so it was. It was weird to be open, well, I agree in hand? At a words, I think he wins. The word for looks most hung over. Definitely, first half sweated out, he always kind of looks on her every day this year, looking hug over elaborate esteem for the most part, look tongue over at that, indeed, the pretty pretty worse for where there is a view. Around this weekend. Him sing in some hip hop son late last night, with, though shirt I don't have problem. And I was like when I say that, as a hits, your husband have trouble rally in a tough thing for him. Bead is improper, get hacked a few times round the room. Yeah he's looking for a call, your arrest or look at em like we're guys like what can we do? One night offer this so crunch time was that I think it was the starters who has come,
Carry Janius envied and George against Tiree hard and lowered the brain and the rat yet has lowered. It said. Lighted vulgar disclose tough date, for I owe you the Miller. Did it wasn't a steadily rising, but he has set out a roaring closer yeah Willard was out there to clothe tough day for coach, but this was not the crunch. Further Joe Ellen bid. I actually. I would again, though, smaller tried to a match. Here's a question I have for you yeah. We know that sort of a showcase game for Anthony Davis, because Charlotte's on the list yeah of teams, he would go to is a huge road vehicles, I did so. You have to think now. Are you less interested in him? If your Charlotte casually play five minutes, do we know if he left the Davis leave? He played five minutes in the first half. He did state The second of these new psychiatric dance of notes of things I enjoyed, I forgot, my notes were you you could play off these rich positing court set for this game. Yeah
out about because the NBA controls all the seats, so it's that will this way the embryos that ducking me Anthony Davis drama this week by putting the guy, who is basically lit a grenade into the whig, the last through eighth, let's put this guy courts at riper. They're, not gonna, put him in the three hundred g put em in the third rail. Davis his shoulder miraculously hailed is able to play five minutes after a train wreck of Thursday. What would it was? Almost a minute's restriction? Obviously Cosette shoulder rough. They from our about. He called Yoke edged Europe which invests a bitch within I've been expanded, wishes go fast ring. I love your eyes out there tonight. So yeah love, but the Marv mess ups would have good profit. Yeah. I had an attendant half a mighty gone over I'd, I'd, better curry and they ve pay. I think that's all I've ever seen in June again and he was bad. He was terrible. So I think the reason was he's probably getting tickets for two hundred and thirty people he knows in Charlotte would be like. If
the Austrian, was in New Hampshire and you are what do you? The cat? I don't know where refer variety shared Martha's, vineyard, Martha's nasturtiums, Marthas Vineyard, albeit after I think you're for New Hampshire. I don't know that's the least amount of well probably mean yeah, the author game, is it might this vineyard read you have trouble again: every tickets, private trade, some with Clay Thompson, most hung over. I go it's hard and least fine. All stars of fund topic. Just the least Falada, it's gotta be quiet. We know, of course, I'm tellin you when he drove right when it was left to run in achieving drove right and it was an open lay up. I think there's an you're standing there if they have no his garden, you don't just drive to whom he had done I see that you suddenly you out of your cherry pick and fine or you know what it's almost died into so many threes, his guys like what at least let me take a deep three was somebody pretending their defending me and collide drove and that was kind of
pouring earlier, had a massive conspiracy that I was tracking, the bronze passing and it was only passage rank. Why inquiry your tracking this air, I don't know, I'm gonna- have to get stats and info on it, but while the bran is Westbrook Trade, I think saved the game for member. He pick Westbrook than traded in four bents events, yet You know it's a climb, the bandwidth, the austrian area, there's a wilder, then Simmonds is going. Why can it be like this all the time he was? He was having a gateway, rather most excited that he wasn't and beads team. I think right in any swiped, Adam Bede yeah indeed like that about Turks blow off to around. You think that was real a little bit real, I think he's still got he stood. Little edge torn from eleven cause. They were making fun of em about how he was sick member, yet he and Wage Faye coughed yeah as well then retiring for five years. It's unbelievable. Did you see that article there is,
you know it's it's a weird year and all the stuff in like look. He still put up some numbers. You know I watch him every now and then, if there's another game on is another the heat or something you're going like I. He must see tv, but he the remedy said like I did: I'd gone from being the best plan, a league to now role play like when, were you the best plan or use? Never at any point the best where the theory that one year he was unguarded all for a stretch their, but you know what he was by himself. You can even get a first round. Oh nine. He had one the great single season, random years of any perimeter, and I don't think I'm knocking abuse. I thirty seven arrived. He was that the report in the way that, but you just never at no point- was he ever lie hay and end he's the best player. I ever. Thank you ever even one of the two best players in the league. Now he had big deal, gonna go six finals, and he was on the article writing files with I'll abroad- he's my all first team play. Much bigger than he is alpha right. I remember going to those doubts games
This makes the salad we're dumping, I'm just israeli army things going on. I think he's a top thirty guy, our time resources, but I do think you know he's been filming. Behind the scenes for, like nine years he's got he's going KEN Burns, Doin yea, headache, bedside shopping, it I really do. I drank hey. Here's to depart for. I buried Gabrielle Union part for I went to market, good twitter tweet. I was Joseph from at our Kalen to us junior version. Now I just you know. I really like just somebody slash somebody put our sack, I'm stealing a blow, your credit, he treated Katy winning VP in it. Where everyone is gonna talk about stuff staff, did seems appropriate colleague that now we still can't win when he He won the are repaid over his about over the next twelve hours and if you are going to say
where the biggest shots hit tonight, not just that he had the most points for the winning side. This the three city had down the stretch were. He was good in the first quarter to isolate the asked our game, because I do think it's a nice- and I say this area it's a nice little snapshot of who matters during a season right and there's always like seven or eight guys? I think Paul George moved into that group this year. I don't know if he's really been in that group before we really felt like he belonged as an Mr, we want to put him there. You know when you wanted to today's around, maybe the second best player, that it was just the play of disappointment. What's up You know when you look at the overall rosters you go. This is what it should look like, yeah, that that power I love I ever. I liked the NBA It's always we're. Whenever you see like a weird vote, total week or so away and yelling what's goin on, here. It is and always will be aimed at. It seems to Otto correct. You know the one guy now you gotta had a rough weekend, so I don't wanna make excuses fire but
last year and bead looks like he really belonged out there as like an a lister, and this year it didn't seem like a blond out there, and it didn't really feel like you blind there either, but I think that's, moreover, of an outcome of centres just have such a hard time in these games. Yeah. I wouldn't even you she's, a guy diversion real games, yeah he's not I mean the sum of stuff. You tried to passing wisely. Just you haven't fine, he did do wanting at about thing in the game, did you see when the brine a real battle. A brow was standing at a bad news is body was turned their eye when AEGIS through against Leubronn. Shoulder, yes, said to me bugger bats, I'd riding around like that. You definitely I like about this. I really, but when you say that about in bead, ok, but I mean Zella you'd be starting next week, thinking differently, but I thought last year it really felt like. Oh, this is like there's a guys who matter in this game
one of them in the share eating, really make an impact, but again on that women are good LA bride. I wrote this down for you. I thought he spent asked are weak and acting like a forced Cougar at a wedding hitting on everyone else's husband. We think that, like that Scottsdale Scottsdale abroad like the forty two year. I've got cat got divorced from her eyes, sweetheart two years ago. Now the wedding Samir guys there but hey who knows everyone's fair game, That's how he was treating a d Are you talking about what you saw carried? No I'm about just he was in the mix with all these other Where is that other teams that it's either there were these pictures of him like you're, sending Anthony Davis shaking hands and then shoot around and then hears him and Anthony Davis and Ben Simmons of the picture out of each other's tech? What's going on here? Is this the league we have
just guys, flirt guys, basketball flirting with guys that other teams- that's just where we are, but if you think about him in like a to pass, this can go at the end if, if they don't have somebody with him next year existing to get real, we and I think, he's gonna get a referral brought. Any people can restart beating up on the brain in the media that have wanted to take their shots and, first for somebody, who's been, is in tune with the ways talked about as any athletes is. I can t I mean the bronze a very aware guy. Don't you think that I mean he doesn't really care at this point, a he's gotta figure out a way to solve his Laker problem. Had he saw them Nothing I just tried they exist. Although the Davis thing today, a letter they ve been looked at. Pelicans role is gonna, say nor that offer until they knew what happened this summer. So I dont the handle of it was bad. I mean we're talking. They blew it. I'd I'd like that you're gonna. There was a deal to be made with the pelicans before the deadline. I think I don't there is a road to get close to one and what they did
his antagonized pelicans piss them off and make it adversary, which did that? Is that our new plan cubic? Let me put it this way: no, there was animosity from the pelican side, but if you're saying the Lakers Blue and the animosity got away than your argued pelicans like the deal but decided to say no, it doesn't make any sense. If I say to you, if I say to calm in America by IRAN's car, Incog has that's weird, but it was still really likes that car and, like I'm, just going to try to buy it. Why do you like my car and then and then I just start planning stories that You have to sell your car, the mortgage is too high and the only person who can get it his bill. Are you tired, my dear like what the fire acquired, I'm not getting rid of my car? Why is the story out here variety of how this point out. But what, if I also knew the to your neighbors were going to offer me more for my car once you know re once once they bonus check the summer. There is never any reason for them to trade him to the
Here's when he had a year and a half left in his deal, so we we do agree. I think we he'll here I don't. I dont think errand I've heard. Is that no, we don't agree because I think they made it harder to deal with the pelicans. Stan I do think there was an approach you think there is attacked that rich Paul clutching the Lakers grew collectively taken where they have Anthony Davis for not an extra the lay. I don't know how and by the Lakers, wherein that whole and all that you cannot. I really think that might have been re, rich, paw, audible, where just like it was so orchestrated right down to that Monday morning, woes right start the Monday morning, new cycle, so that every showed during the day could get it, and then everybody write about it. Many if you're going to do that. You do that on Monday morning, eight o clock, which has basically how they did it.
About Leubronn. You know he's asked a question about Anthony Davis and we beat up on these guys too much for an answer when we ask that question, but I do think that Leubronn consistently sends warning shot stone. A sharp management of every team is on and that may have in part of it, but I just I'm I'm asking like you think if they handled it in a more secretive. Professional way that data and indeed now and I idle we do decider- I don't know if they would have him. I think Where they handed it made it impossible, I think, made a really adversary with an organisation that was clearly in turmoil, since they just find their gm and an owner who has no idea, which is doing so. If Europe, rich paw and your clutched, so you're gonna kick your year and a half is little bit different. We gotta go nuclear there, that's what you're thinking, but that's what he did, right, but that Porto even kind of understand, but then when it doesn't work and you go nuclear and then I'm wondering when they said David, the wolves on that frightened I game in the fourth quarter of a close game that actually came back and want it
What was what was leaving early with your agent was that was that pay back, because that made look even worse than that and that's my point. With this whole thing: they went nuclear, it didn't work. They heard his standing with the pack and fans we have just. However, many of them are out there who have room for the sky for the last seven years. The occasion the Puebla Louisiana even even if your team, like, like a year, Boston, fan you're looking at this like weathers. Seems like a schmuck women. Are you having second thoughts? Then? I'm just like he seems a kind of a schmuck, though he's handle. This could understand. I won't rally if this is not a matter of a fire going over share. This is, like, I was sure, he's a good guy I will first you're gonna rally. I was suspected you will rally if the Celtics acquire Davis but is Schmuck I write orders is, it is an impression of all. Sometimes I think we forget. You know that the latter
do is have really sheltered lives. We obviously you know we forget how young they are, and I want to get in the back cuz I mean everybody can just see what it could be that he's just as impressionable as it gets, and I still think he wanted you to kg thing. I think he wanted to be light in the It's like you go nuclear nobody's, gonna like you, you may have to be all in or not. Cagey stayed with the timber wolves thy two years passed when he should have like of us we're having interventions They are shows with news caught news. In reality, thousand seven is driving ninety six year. Nobody was o five or six hours seven when they do, they couldn't write. You mister Platt, restrict years at his prime and by like the second year as I can. Just ass for a trade. Remember those arguments over this other cagey, though, lay what people, eighty sky, how good easy, nosey a loser ray initiate the boys has, I think, all the stuff you say about a gala cagey before he wins and now he's like the ultimate winner Davis went from The incredible run last year to the bed
share being. I came in I care about my legacy and every night, I'm gonna be bringin it in this who I am now, which I think you said in like November. Had that big thing about you know I what my goal is to be great every night and then within two months. It's I got to get out of here. I got to go to the Lakers your guys, so I can play with the brown by the way we won't have any one else in the tv it'll be us in just a bunch by our guys and other trade. Didn't work, retreated for dollar the hit the chain The work will now nominally with some bogus injury and get on a charter to oust are weakened with age it when the game still going on. I thought it was late, while not sitting you're, saying that it's not lame, but I just if you're gonna go the nuclear option. This is the way and do it and then once it doesn't work. I think everybody should just settle down, and I think now, everybody's feelings are so hurt that you can't settled
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is how strange it is that this pelicans owners in the middle of this whole thing, Gale Benson, got the team. Her husband died. I can remember how I guess was a couple years ago, but the grand kids and the daughter were suing her, basically since two thousand fifteen, because they were claiming she shut them out, tried to change the will that other stuff Enchanter, getting the falcons and the saints out of it. So when I was at when I was flying to Charlotte, I was going to research this little. I don't know that much about the store and I went deep dive that they got married in two thousand and four. The guy was seventy two she'd been married twice: that's a red flag! Sorry, But ten years in really started to have a family kind of chasm between her and all the people. He was related to red flag,
She is a cutting off them out of the pelicans in the saints and there's this whole thing big lawsuit about. He changed his will change how where the trust was going to put the redirected, the pelicans in the saints toward her the family contested it and they were saying he changed aid. He was in the right state of mind. He had dementia other stuff and ended up it worked she's, basically in the middle of all this, it feels like this should be a bigger story. I she Emilio credentials whatsoever, tone sports him other than that she married subdued. Who is seventy two and get sick ten years later? Ok, but that that happens, I mean that that has happened before were
The male owner dies, as it happened wish that the kids have been to shut out. I don't know I mean, maybe it now don't remember this happening at me. Maybe it's happening that if you like to think that there's got to be more stability, the oak Mickey Loomis has done such a good job of the saints and that, if he has the final say on Alice stuff is damning. That's what I thought is that EU ultimately, but out of anybody, has done a good job, because we read the stories like have extra had a thing. He wrote about Perkins this week about how they ve had the second most injuries of anybody. Since they had drafted Davis. He wrote it allowed their same. One of the reasons was they share training staff with the saints they do a lot. Like sharing resources which doesn't seem gray in the saints hoping where the guy had was diagnosed with the boundaries, but he had a broken leg. And if you look through the packagers over and over again, they did they spend more than bad luck. It seems I could actually seems I kind of shoddy they had
Nicholas Injury so that I have this. I am that everybody was like. How is this guy still the GM who Baxter Chris portrayed David Stern The data dry by shooting of em in September that Yankee about their real NOS eight of analyses, right held tips, is a terrible gm. So he's been in charge all time now he's that in charge. Now we have Danny fairy who got it the on that island. A hawk thing. If you actually read the story, it yeah you that story, I mean what I remember the original story. They remember the actual investigation and what was actually uncovered that actually had. I did the first big interview with them on national radio after the fact that I don't really have much relationship with him other than I say hello, and you know I have his number, it's not like somebody, I'm texting or ever I don't like that, but I had a common cause I was like. I want to hear your side of the story cuz. I don't feel like anybody ever listen to his side, because if you only knew the headline there you're like other guy, this is terrible and you're like wait a minute
export media thing where the first story came out became the story, but then the second story. That was the real story and nobody really, that story right he was reading, quotes from the sky report dogma we could have been a little more diplomatic or not. It's a good look right, so he he's making them because now or easy there or is it all he's I can in terms of GM. I dont think he endeavored were working together with Danny Ferry was bad in Cleveland. Back and look at the last file will relieve Leonora picking, honor in Atlanta here's the thing that when you go back and look at the end of that any fairy running Cleveland they kept doubling. Down on longer contracts for other guys. So trade out. Always it is disaster. What they were doing it like. It wasn't good on paper and you're gonna win the argument. But in the moment
when he would trade. I remember I forget the order, but like he would trade Wally's or be act who was one year short for Ben Gordon, whose another year and yes, I let's get drew Gooden and then can now, let's do something else, so they kept taking on all this money for a Marshall, Adena, mayors, yeah just to try to approval abroad, how invested they were when apparently didn't care anyway, so rough? It was. It was just I think, ferry those guys were so desperate. The end that you can look at all the transactions and trash him, but I kind of understood what you try so you have him he's kind of involved involving S. Tell them stay fired after the way that Davis thing, which was one of the more egregious things that happen with the NBA in the last ten years of just a player being legs Craig ass about I'm believe in the third quarter of just kidding. Costa Rica now tell me how the game went away now. Declare right allege another mri when I think that reflects terribly in New Orleans,
If the really like think about some of the stuff they do and just how it reflects on that, but I don't think I dont pressure, I think they're so in their own world and insulated for so much of it when you're that greater player- and I'm not saying he's right, do I just think that you can understand how we get there, that that is agents going alright, let's get out here. Let's good all start, these guys are doing right right. You know, look what they did. They say in the fourth coronet fuels game, the swings Edith allowed or more people ethnic gentry, trashing you, you know. So I I machine getting to that point and now realising like bigger picture like maybe I have to stand up for myself here a little bit to protect my reputation and then you know the quotes they had this week were brood all twenty nine teams are on a list which is they wait a minute did what such as and then the whole. You know when I leave I wanna, be remember. Now take a big ad in the paper with figures
The grand I was around I'll. Do it the other guys, do and stop talking like a week ago. Yeah any add something about how the next their great franchise, which I tweeted about today. Please explain this further, because people realize the real like bullet points over the Knicks have bet the next an awful franchise. Now you could sad, I loved play in Europe because they have incredible fans and amnesty is awesome. Think how great that place is considering what any misbehave incredible fence chemistry is awesome, minutes the biggest stating America. That's it. That's the case to play for the next, because every other piece of it is train wreck. They ve been a train wreck for two decades I think I counted up today. They won for final games, total gazed, eighteen, seventy three games, which has to be like TAT, bottom five lowest of anybody. They ve had twelve coaches and seventeen years Morton the pelicans
they traded their franchise player just now, who's like twenty two years old and who is utter working contract for cap space that happen there just really bad. They'd there, the most paranoid organization we have be they they actually tell media members are not allowed to come to things that they have like access, yeah right Fraid I saw as made a living on its an absolute majority. Many things I'm done by love, Frank, but, like Frank, is constantly like look look what they liked it yeah. This is what they did today there only now good franchise David. Did you hear about that? Irish ex people running that? Did you know the David Griffin thing now did you This was new or came up again, but apparently Griff phenomena. I just ride red I'd. Never talk to him about this specifically, but grief was close. It the gig and then they went, gave heart away that massive deal and I was like He was. I wait a minute
doing this all you're, making these kinds of decisions I dont know. If that's true, I read it. I think this week and uniting Griff bound from Cleveland, Cuss Gilbert doesn't really value jams as much as other organizations you? And I don't know if that was the Adobe other disgracing about Holloway deal to users of fifteen percent kicker for trade? Can you magic and who are they bidding against? Could you imagine being like? Ok, we're gonna pay seventy million and always probably a better player that gets four, because it really makes one of the contract. But then I am also going to ask you for fifteen percent rate kicker, and he got it to me. He's. Finally, under the though I like him LUCA, so you have you have this next organization.
That's incredibly dysfunctional and has been for two year, two decades in MECCA, you have the pelicans at an incredibly dysfunctional I'd like to throw in the Lakers when later no, I think it is fair to make the case for it. Since the since the dock, dad you think about this decade, Kobe Bryant that last contract, they gave him the twenty five billion a year for the last two years. That was one of the dumbest things. The argument for that is the logos, loyalty. Now Would there was a way to recruit other stars to know they be taken care of at the end of their deals yet at work, but you go even go back a little further to the Dwight net. Howard, Steve NASH, that whole thing leading to the Kobe double contract leading to they. Finally, you know they they their basically doing the process, but they're not die of the process
Carlos Boozer, their dry here they're drafting. Are these deeds in the top five? It's a disaster. They have trading the angel Russell. Who just made the austerity they traded m after two years to get rid of Moscow contract it had Moscow, contrary because for some reason they were urging and two thousand sixteen. Yet it was we ve. They knew all. This creates a cabin went up so Kaplan up, but they spent like sure it's a dream: git billion a year or two guys do you know. That is? Rather, I don't know if you know the cap when up job for me, but I've been saying overview is literally every contractor, like Evans earlier. Seventy million anatomy Billygoat Kaplan uproar heart away, get sat in the cap was named up the year. Thus, I, though, is regularly action. What no Ryan the Kaplan up. Oh, I got it for everyone. Talks about, I got genie. Bus may yeah she's really gets their evidence. Such is good because they finally ass this year they landed the broad and then
Look at all the other free agency side, Caldwell Pope they lebrecht Lopez, God to Saint Jerome, Agree Rondeau, Michael Beazley for three and a half million, I think about all the money they throw out the window. This is why Lebron's not happy with this team cuz. They have the same young guys there last year, but they use the cap space like horribly. Okay, let me make a counter to delete all right. First of all to compare the nexus in fair. When you have recent championships like that, ok, the Kobe contract was absurd. The Kobe fans will never think and they could have paid him a billion dollars and Kobe fans are to argue for it cuz the most obsessive, sometimes difficult people they are going to run into butt. I think, what Jim busted, even though he was just an absolute punching bag on first take because Coolby was telling Stephen AY rambled,
Jim Boss, socked, but when Jim brought in Dwight Haggis, all their traded NASH for NASH, when they figure those picture to being the twenties anyway, which totally backfire and still had coolby, everybody else would have done like they were showing a willingness to do whatever it took. To put those four guys together, the problem was, as you doubled, up at a position that was being outdated. Dwight is soft, as it gets cold Who's gonna hate him. I was right about that. The NASH trade was less defensible because I was hurt now I might even say that it's just like what point art is going to succeed with goby probably one that could shoot as well as national. I still feel like NASH somebody if everything had been right would have figured it out. I had a few that have now healthy. I honestly, like think that NASH kind outside our, I think now if you were healthier, could have played to guard and just sat in the corner, giving you twenty minutes and made every open three like I wish she shot more Kobe had develop just so many bad habits at that point of just
by so boss that you're gonna get a yard. I don't I just what is the edge it looked usual Russell was: was a skilled, difficult player And some of those young reducing they first guire to allay they were kind of about the scene, and I think this an office was sick. That's that's why they halted over. I can defend the Brook Lopez thing at all. I can't defend the Moscow. The restaurant shags wrath folk as they how young you as its raw, because who has been now but last year he was a high usage disaster The actual Russell had a couple years. There were we're talkin like he was approaching. Westbrook usage numbers the actual Russell and they got some coups. Mythic, adamant, Brighton, he's a better player now, like the digital Russell, like I still thought it was the same due to begin in a year later years ways she there were and we saw this with the his trade to win a team something really really really really damaging and then to erase the mistake that was really damaging. They then have to sacrifice an asset,
absolute and then there like. Well look. You know this was a smart move. We at that- and it's like you but you're in that, because you guys are dumb asses those same people. Decided aside Moscow four days of her cup check who's out, but you now and then Look at this year. They basically had all that cap space. They clear out. This is the other part of the Moscow trade. They clear out that cap space for the second free agent to team with Lebron, and then they don't get the free agent, so they gave away Russell for all the cap space that turned out to be Caldwell, Pope Rondeau Land Stevenson. Beazley and makes no. It doesn't that's why I always was arguing that like when Leubronn was looking at the Cleveland situation, he goes I nobody's coming here, and then I was.
Ok, he's probably out he's, probably out. You know I held on longer than other people did. Maybe I'm an idiot, but I dont and all are you I just don't ever think he thought he was going to be here with this roster and that's where I think he's upset and that's why he's like are you serious liked is the best we could do have a prediction frame, but thought Paul, Georgia's least gonna, give meaning doesn't happen, and I dont know immediately if, like they loved collide per se, will abroad. Zoning Lebaron, like Paul George, would have preferred for Lebrun because he knew the Paul Paul Georgiana bowed to the to the throne, gliding an ado that Jimmy Butler. And to do that. That's why I think they're still some like ok, we'll who's coming here, who's coming and that's where I think it gets you now, yet we have, they will make the plows it's gonna, get really weird this Aussies anyone economic that threaten the plants that actually helps our chances. Yet Davis, I think, is the pic- is better yeah. How much better, though I mean you can make a case that pickets like a history.
I've kind of stinks. They can't see in our jargon those guys say that after, like five drops it, weird. I was looking at it again today because I was watching all the games yesterday and this morning is not like me. No no House day in Michigan State was packed with prospects, but kind of weird it's it's in a look at this time of year. That's always seems to happen. The round June guys look out. Oh, it's got more death or get more this rather there's. Last year you could look at five or six aims at a wholly like this guy's gonna go sit. I still feel like will have this always happens where we get to Morrow March Madness to stud stanchest by MID March. There's two more guys were excited by ever prediction for you.
This is the thing you're about to say when I was kept going right. One I just this is a prediction met the Lakers. Just this is just firm a decade ourselves of studying the ebb and flow of love, o Brien experience. I feel like there's going to be a story written in the next twelve to fourteen days by somebody in the story will go like this. The way it will have no fingerprints celebration, there'll be no quotes from the brain in it, but it will be about people close to Leubronn or something say the broad feels really let down by magic and Polenka and their plan for this year and the free agent they signed,
and they told that they told him Paul Georgia's come in, they couldn't get em and it's like every promise they have made hasn't come through and he's not. He loves, being a Laker loves being here, but he's he's a little disappointed that the front office, slash ownership. Part of this hasn't got better thou happen. Next, two weeks is my prediction: somebody alright! I would not bet against depredation, but I would always ask you know whenever we start what else where they supposed to do, what else where they supposed to do with the free agents Now they Leubronn can be mad at me like this wasn't a deal. This was in the agreement for anything put together because they clearly when after did say or stopping guys up quickly and magic made, it seem like they had really thought. This out the types of guys who Leubronn wanted to be around anyone have Rondeau there, so he's playing off the ball. Morn didn't want to go
another roster likely when he must have talked a magic in those guys about. You must have signed. Often these guys rate Dorothy they have just signed a dude that run into biome he's always Love Rondeau, where here was the oil defensive born of other signings. Here, he's. Always love cousins, neurons, always like cousins. They would want an ok presents member. I dont. I don't I they cause got so mad so fast that he called the warriors. Other teams are like wait, a minute, these entities- five million for one here, you know what we think about awaited the Casey P right. Yeah, they did a huge numbered line. I do two years: thirty million for cousins.
If you're, going to make a Braun happier it's better than Casey P32. What's a thirteen right now for one year one year and then what could you give cousins? You know one year, eighteen team option. Second year, you can buy it at four to something after one year, fifteen whatever I just think there is no ingenuity out the with what they did they put together. Roster that I thought Leubronn was gonna, be just good enough. Keziah Leubronn, they get it to fifty winds, but it became clear pretty quickly that defensively, they were just even worse than I thought. They're gonna be now there and its we're because good, that there are competitive, Lasher defensively and then the beginning. The around Owen, Leubronn were probably two worst offenders and then Leubronn had a bit of a resurgence defensively and now that he's back he's just trying to figure it out again. But here's the thing like we keep doing this right it. He doesn't miss eighteen games there, probably of four or five
right now. I am he's at the fifty fiveth as minute mark like there that I think it's unrealistic for him to wait. Two games at this point. You know that that he can take on that burden like it was it like it's two thousand and nine anymore, where it's like guys, I'm going to get us there, I'm Lebron James, I don't think he's physically capable that anymore, but what I see in games and fill it off his example. This any was doing before you get hurt he gets his numbers, which is a testament to how frequent career right. But how many weeks as last year, long stretches in games and sometimes to be like the first and sometimes would be like the third and then it's even- look. He was pushing it and try to get in a bit like a decent stat leinen that fully game hindon. Anything in that game. So, even though you're giving me the fifty five thousand minute mark he so smart
I think, he's going. Ok, look at. It would still be the thirty some minutes and still play semi games, but I am, I am coasting, but there's nobody, because you know that means that just means Kuchma's gonna go nuts, sometimes coups was really good, and sometimes he is he's bad defence or member. There is the very last shared their played really well last year, his last capsize in all the way, through the Christmas game, and then went into a tailspin and he wasn't playing are. This is the big, is it like? I wouldn't consider firmly bakers. Edges fell like there's a five to six weeks, stretched air where he just was Playing wisdom play defect was explained, events at all, and there is the theory that he was not sabotage yet, but coasting because he was trying to pressure them to trade for help to trade that broken pick. Anything people even wrote about it about their like we're, not trade in pact that that's, if you lead, that's our insurance fer, you know, does does next few season survive. We trade that back and then you leave were left with nothing.
So now. I dont believe the animal that, but your by saying this year. I wonder, like when he had their great injury. If part of it was like, it was the same, kind of wine that wine to back when I download a bit but really wanted those young guys to get all those minutes because their showcasing them for the Davis trade. Only in this case a backfired does gang room. I felt worse about him after that month than before it. I'm not going to do any of this stuff out, like I don't think any of this stuff is crazy because I think with Lebron dead, especially, is he sing out over the next couple years. It's gonna be about him. Even blaming him for that, but he handles it in a way that is different, and you can say it's driven. You could argue it selfish. You could area all these things, but if you go back to the camp pick who they trading it for that actually made sense. The Andre Jordan like their way. Agree on market right so that in Indonesia, Jordan is somebody now are you go grates we're gonna trade and imagine that now
when one of the worst writes a decade, but course- and then you know you can't you can't treat for guys like that really, okay, this is cool. We have this big guy by the way, when is five minutes left in a close play, a game? You can't be in the game, so you can't treat for those guys. So even if you, showcase all these days before the traded deadline say this was a. He was healthier, says this conspiracy, say everything. You're saying is true. You still have to tell me what deals rashly able to pull off like what did the Lakers, not due to hook up Leubronn before the trade. In line with these guys and they, like the Celtics, knew they couldn't I will convey eyes for something else, because they, you're gonna stay in the game here they still have to stay in the game for Davis in June and July, but also of the guys that bounce around, like a mere tat, should have been a good faith with the broad. Would you, given up an asset that hurt your chances, ranting, Davis, mere touch. Lose the warriors or thunder rockets. Would you ve trade order here? Would you ve trade, your first for it yeah a Lakers first near Ameritech's yak, as I think, topics in the twenties they sound rain trades and by the thorough
read it, but that I don't know if I would it than that, I'm just trying to think of like Tobias here. Would you ve gone all in with ichor coups something I wouldn't Jabber Ireland's Gimme the same every time owing to jeopardize any Anthony Davis Deal for a deal to propagate my head beat in at least in the second round. It's kind of amazing they couldn't pull off the Deva stale and I think it goes back to our brought up the donor. I think If it's a normal organization, looking at a rationally in their going
this is a lot of assets for this. We should just do this. Who knows like what happens if Tatum kills it in the playoffs in Boston, says we can trade this guy tomorrow cause a riot. What happens if the Knicks pick they fought at four and they're, like what trade did Kevin Knox in the fourth pick for Davis, some of that sounded good at the Lakers trade either like they're. There was a point there in this, where the Lakers trade probably made sense if they had thrown in a bunch of future picks and just done like the godfather offer. But I it's like what we talked about in the trade deadline. Think she was looking at it like. Why? Don't I betrayed this guy he's under contract, I dont understand. Did I bring it up the traded liner? I do without you that this is a trade that I did keep saying to people. Maybe it is because I was using the european stuff, but
everything you just said about the structure of what this team is right. Now the pelicans management structure is a massive challenge for anybody dealing with it yeah because it there's from stuff I've heard there's this kind of a football mentality from Saint side of it, namely wait a minute. How do you know what this work, J ass if it had been just a basketball ownership and had been Dempsey, better standing. Let's say that he is right now or just one or two members in his eye on the person here the buck stops here. I know what I'm doing and then there's still pretty persistent buzz that there's a chance. This team might get sold like that. She would just rather on the sands instead of trying to do both of those. So if that's true than why would you trade your best playwright as you're gonna happen, you team around, which leads me to my best
piece of gossip from last weekend. Ok, how long will it take Kyle, I feel like I should just shut up for all that under the new agreement is now. Do you have a good one up? I'm Anatolia one rumour from last weekend that almost made be dropped. My Keyser Souci CUP read after this right to talk about Hulu. I love her mother, who is paying some of the legs best players, a lot of money to do some pretty crazy staff. Joel changed his nickname from the process to Joel who has lived sports and be, That happened. Damien lowered got a tattoo that says: Hulu has live sports, clearly they really y know that Hulu has lived, sports, Hulu, plus LIVE tv offers, sixty plus live, and I demand channels tons of shows movies,
an exclusive original cigarette, a cable switch to Hulu plus LIVE tv for only forty five dollars a month. You never left Zulu the Simmons kids. In fact they love Hulu, so much they ve gotten and trot for what you shows on Hulu that aid that we didn't realize their watching. But that doesn't mean shouldn't get Hulu use have to monetary kids. I have a better. I need to do better and therefore I guess com, my sons. US cause rate you may have unilaterally. I give up on him. I don't give up on Hulu, though. What's your favorite themes of the biggest games Aussies with, though cable required watch on the go and on all your favorite devices, restrictions apply, learn and who the data I this is a daisy man, hope or sit down for this one. I am multiple people told me this guy who know thanks carry
James DAWN is courting offers for the next. It's happening it's on its go time, while, courting offers for the next. What was the latest value I heard at last I weaken from people. I trust it's gone well, why would you want to sell so here? Here's? This is what I've pieced together. He really cares about buildings. In the experience in the end game, slash in
concert experience, and he wants to put even more money that, like the forum and allay, which is an amazing pussycats, are what they ve done with them ass. She he really cares about the buildings. Doesn't the next hour just a pain in the ass way, people shit on him for it? He feels like, if you can just sell the necks for some crazy price than he can put their money back into some of the music slash game experienced up that he cares about, so the next are available from wherever. What's the number, when they say I think I saw what four billion in the latest, so he the late, but does that include, wants five without the without it out the Then he already knows. I think he knows he's not gonna get five, so I think- is, for the number one is days: devaluation of them with the building its that building is not included so that the thing he get not only is the building not included.
But you're gonna have to swallow up a bunch of perks with like he's, gonna get DAS and he'll get this in your basically just get the team, but he's an official new year's eve, it's his band. I think that might be part of it, but here's the thing- and we saw this- and this is why I still think somebody's gonna over pay for this, because we ve seen in the Bay area, Jamaica, you gotta those where's games he's man you as ETA Q, there he's got the frequent read it see, he's got the sales foresee the guy's yet already valleys in town he's got the benchmark eyes. There are common in Lake UPS Place Lake ups, the guy you so Besides, what you decide where we go, this guy needs ticket, so this guy wants to come in the owners club, but he has his party every night can't put a price on that and I think in New York, the person I don't submit
maybe they becomes their parting. I don't know what the word, how that changes, the price for this, but from our I have heard the Knicks are available. Everything. You just said, though, about ownership is, is so perfect? because you member, when they first did the Barclays Deal, and I forget the first sky that was aunt. I forgot the name you is it. Ratner. We out, I was doing all the railroad starve and talk about and look they. If you look at that area now I mean it was like goes hand in Brooklyn younger, but it you can see the the attraction of the whole thing Brooklyn that some stuff you read they'll, say as a higher median price in Manhattan does not yet I replaced live. So it's not because the nets but is revitalization and he was sitting the hair and he was talking about like it. It's this painting on buying this painting that there's no real value on, but I know people want to come. Look at my painting. There's evaluing
I can bring people here and show them what I own. I can show em off and is a value that closing deals, and I dont know if it was somebody from Places Association that wrote it. Earth summit is a very plump pro player and CBS stop. That was like This is the argument, though, like all of the owners cry poor about year. Your operations, but yet the appreciation of every franchise you clean up every time. I. And rhetoric aeronautical about anybody losing any money in a long time, so that the last time this happened was ripe for the lock out, and this is why we had a lock up where you had. They basically gave the hornets to abject right because- guys and was he was I claim that they may not have even paid back a hundred million cash for it took on a lot of dead other stuff. The Sixers deal goes down as one of the biggest ice ever. I can't remember what the what the exact number is, but I think those guys like me: put it since I bought it- but that was a little weird thing to remember, like that: had a we're transaction to beginning to get it to these guys.
They were all there was a two year run there were there in. Remember, writing writing about it a bunch of times for when I was thirty like to like to make one third of the league was available, and that was why the independent lock out cause attendance was going down. Didn't know streaming was coming, they didn't realize the league was about to transform into this three agencies. Five day, social media, just everything, that's how I live rights with all the new technology, like guys some years ago. People called it, but when when you when you're, really really really crazy red share their come. There comes a point where Molly there's not really alive. You could do with that money. You can bear it. There's a bunch of like super super rich guys nobody's ever heard of, and if one then buys the next. You will now have heard of them and they will be the guy who, by the next and they're, going to arrest her aunts and Pieper, pointed them going back islands next. Does this same reason bomber
sun tv over and over again that you're saying the clippers were going to go for, like one point, eight hundred and twenty two billion, everyone thought I was crazy, but he doesn't he Here he had the money he just one or on the clippers and by the way no see bomber way more than we did five years ago. Right raised his profile, put him in the mix so developers developers develop guy. I think he can get four million just for the team. I really do. I don't know what we're how you would cap that price especially gets embitters in some bank, and we don't know of your people this this book did, I reckon all the time, and I just reference that I actually did a baseball podcast on it. Yes, pianos crazy, while lords, the realm, it's the best sports book beside the book, a basketball ever ready and it breaks down there higher history of the economics based points, the kind of book you should read if you want to understand sports better and one of the great quotes, because they get no holly
where's treated players, the collusion and arbitration all this stuff. It's unbelievable! If you like stuff- and I do love it and one of the what's the point of being rich of. Nobody knows who you are and that's what this is Whitcross back when those guys bought that team people laughed at his ownership. For spare three hundred million, they didn't even own the fleet centre right, like do you even have a fleet Santa Anna They sell that for now the lake up got dumped there like waiting at least Celtics are historic franchise in Boston through you spent four hundred for the warriors: inebriated live rights, and how right The latter was desired. I think, like you, still smart, though, is four billion, still smart for the Knicks with damage g that, like that's. What I always wonder, is I fear that we argued crown jewels, the league that he here The part I dont understand. I don't understand streaming money, they're gonna be able to get as the streaming keeps going like. There is the big thing: their talk by India and Africa
You know they're already in China and their Japan, but, like you know in the as there is like one game a week in China or like in in England, you like that to be a games awake and now it's like all these people have the internet could just watch NBA. So I don't. I don't really understand how much money is going to come in I don't think the league does either the immediate argue that they're gonna like triple their revenue in five years. I ass it. Oh no, buddy because of the big shore now like saying bubble right, everybody, the gods, bubbles, the bubbles a bubble in Slovakia, but the counters it. That would be that is there's more and more competition and uncertainty about how people watch stuff it still hard to bet against the most well positioned league in comparison, age of glove aunt globally age. A fan, the basketball fan like look, football fans could talk about carrying out their fantasy line, but I think
the regular and be a fan, watches trailblazers on a random night, because he wants to watch tv lowered like it. He just I added that's. What's the best part about this leak, so I dont know how you'd bet against the live rights of this stuff, unless you know any espionage, somebody would get annoyed with the fact that way to man. There's your providing so many different revenue streams differ ways to consume you that now you're sort of cannibalism. What we have I don't know if that's, conversely, I can be totally wrong. I don't has a new deal coming up in a couple years. I mean, I saw Miss. On Friday, the Toronto Jim we're just talk about sciatica, who INA was a really important guy for him in some way that came from the basque bow that without Borders programme and we're just like her many mercy outcomes are coming. This is a guy we wouldn't have found twenty years ago. You now and now there may be ten. Ten more see comes from matches after, but you know another yadda from Greece and just because
they're, showing basketball on all these different countries. So I I don't know I think it's a great bet and if you're buying the crown jewel of the week, the number one team in the the number one city I mean the biggest team in that city. What are the most historic franchises we have, even if they haven't really won that much and you have the money anyway. Would you care, if its three point, three billion or four, I know you ve done well, but are you are you? Could you be par that ownership you? I owe you a bit of I figure There is now a pace with you see anything member when, when the guys, but the Red Sox yeah, sad horrible owners, and the joke was always like. This is like following the guy who was the worst boyfriend of our time here and it's like anything you'd. You take her out to dinner like twice in terror. She looks nice viruses once and it's like the greatest in it,
Oh, my god, I can't and that's how we all felt with the new owners was like. Oh, my god, they're going to they're, going to add more food to Fenway the buy another bar like we were like so honor did touch. I remember their spending money on lansdown you how schools The thing was, though, is yeah. I gave it to Henry because you know who is bidding there's a local bitter who was Well, that is the big. What if it would have been frankly court where there was a lot of our data, has also been woollen Llewelyn Was- and I remember, wanting to be Dolin. Ok, it was true it was Charlie. Aims are right, and I was by was Vince, because I was so into it then I had bought. The whole idea they couldn't win. Ah, they couldn't compete as as a mid market team, because a fenway I was convinced of its size. I don't want to hear about remember that where there is a wholesale Fenway thing in the late night is frightened, then hearing or longer be able to compete with this remember Harrington put together a new Fenway,
yeah remove it and had there been a sinking into the ground, you, maybe I'll walk by the green monster, looked down on it because it would be street level and like that was the whole plan, and I will say what it does is enriched. Spectre, but one of the worst ideas ever put. I was convinced that they couldn't win. They had more revenue, which is again stupid as before live rights, regional network. What lesson was worth all these stupid things, and I was annoyed at the time to that like ceiling was blatantly just hooking, his buddies up with ranch, ices and then Dolan, complain and said what kind of bidding is this you just like? I a beard. Somebody else makes a bit and then I'd outbid bid Henry and then the beatings just closed like beatings. Closely ceilings the one they got. My court, the Dodgers where you go back.
Good, all this stuff, it's not so anyway. The point being that actually forgot the point. Well, I left out one part with this next thing. Yet keep it almost ass, you I mean I'm just this is dead. Don't answer! Somebody told me that, as long as the dad's alive he's not gonna, so I don't know if this is true or not the dad still lab Charles Gonna, like an inception thing here is just like, maybe waded out, cause who know so I don't know, but I do know that he's courting offers, no, which was that Before I would imagine whatever the number is. It's you, the number? Whatever number we haven't had right now, it's gonna be bigger. It just is without trial. I shall like it's a forty percent tax on whatever you think the number should be, which it's almost like. Buying a car you buy a car and had psych whatever it is, is the poor.
This, and then you have for too much I like, while fuck I can't get mahars that were, sixty percent were paid to once again, there's u sticker tax, and especially if you have multiple people bidding like we here: the Coopers five people were in their bid. It was like member Russ Caruso. Guy about all the groves he was in the Dodgers ran in and it becomes like a fucking Ebay and people are just fifty. Do you get out? like what new putty another bit and all of a sudden you just go higher than you ever thought. You release Ebay's, brilliant that workers like I'm not losing. And we ought to measure out he's guys. You don't have to So you don't know this. But if you this school auction, we have drunk parents and they have I gets a weekend at a big bear. Any use have the two. Aye, Sir Leon that fuckin guy he and it's going but I am aware of our action works. What I'll do that that drugs echo apparent after so many
yeah, so nicks and here's the other thing. If, if for whatever reason, the Gayle Benson decides to pick the saints over the pelicans and somebody comes in and says I'm buying the pelicans and I'm moving them to Seattle and I'm going to pay extra. So you don't take shit, I put in an extra four hundred million or whatever a wet your Willie at. It gets Seattle still sitting there as like Dino the NFL. I lay version of what the NBA as now and at some point, somebody's jumping out, and I don't know what team, but I d New Orleans is probably still the odds on favorite, maybe Memphis Memphis, I would think, would be needed in the running their to clip be the other if he doesn't get the Inglewood thing from what I heard he wants to be, and with the next to the Football Stadium IRA,
equally Irving, Asia and Dolan on that that forum and they would want to be cut in if bomber put a basque both there, because you can't have three things right next to each other. It might justly the bombers saying effort and go Seattle gave you wrote that says we were even own it. He would own interest Boadicea Bomber Yak has, I think, like two thousand twenty three, something like that. Seattle, not having a team is now and say it would be like if the warriors, if there is no team in the bear, is just stupid, Seattle, there's so much money in their from Amazon. They they would sell out all the sweets and five seconds they'd. They just have a real basque boffin. It's just inside. I hate I hated. They don't have a really stupid team, thereby favour history. They do- and I just want to give
Oklahoma City, thunder alot of credit for not having Sonic Jersey night, like the hurricanes, did with a Welsh that was horrific, details ready you just we fuck you at the reality is, however, that take care. Kids are the Lilies Whaler Jersey. They were not even whalers France and we get it. Ok, it was like a kidnapping, someone's child and then fifty minutes is any ideas. Prom viral kid throwback, jerseys of the preferred a look at this Barely Zagreb is every great time here can't college. We are we to take one break, right to talk about Roman. Did you know that?
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re free visit to get started. So I'm traffic. What us? What other asked our buzz? The damn thing really hit everybody on Friday, it the timing that was so bizarre, You don't want to do something like that on a Friday, because then it becomes all the media member there just whispering and talking about it in that it's never a good idea. So I think they probably rightly felt like the days. Nobody at any control the staring wilderness time to review it. So now we have the situation where Davis I guess isn't gonna play the rest of the year. Going to throw away. We saw this with Paul Pierce, I guess in Boston in two thousand seven year where he could come back and they just I is nowhere backed embassy. Here's. The thing is the reason. This is an issue in
I give silver alot of credit on this. One is that you have your partners in Tanzania Span and was becoming a joke that that sir yes, the endgame everybody was sitting it out for rest. There be sitting out, guys like they play. The Friday than sitting on Saturday Game and you gonna play, you're regional network, one system on Friday, and then people do this thing words. I got you can't tell where you can't keep dumping on your partners that are paying you triple the rights fees and they were in the past, so TAT, the first kind of like right when the football season is ending First Saturday night Marcie match up Lakers Warriors Le Bronze back. He had played one game and then sets out Saturday for load management, and so, if your speaking, you gonna. We do in this again again break you know it our time now, this Saturday Marquis game, so I might senses, and it's just that, no Anthony Davis to season ticket holders different television packages. We don't wanna, just be able to tell him
Should we get your specific situation, even though make sense for the pelicans want to shut him down. You just tell me not don't come back. If you fly away early, don't even bother coming back, but I also can understand the tv part of this because they don't want this leniency because that was becoming a joke on a Saturday night games. I remember when I get suspended for me as being for three weeks, and I came back and edges fate, the shoulder and your interest. Oh no. I didn't do that at all. I just kept any incomes doing park ass. They did the grail of Basque glowered where he was arraigned grant land was attic. Adele is a liar. I just feel like if somebody's paying you ye should work, there's an idea. That's been my theory throughout life. You should be happy. Dont cash checks, just say you know what I'm that can cash check. Somebody give the next two months up to give all paychecks to charity- is, I feel bad about how this happens, but you never here simply do nobody, but ok, but the thing is like I'm, proud of
I've done. You have been a pioneer in this thing by we ever been remotely not just to further you have you ever been ripped important enough as an Anthony Davis. No, I'm talking about pride in what you do. For a living? An? U sign a new contract in your somebody's MAX guy and then three and a half then you decide. I don't really want to be her anywhere much rather be in this other situation. It doesn't work out and then you just like our item out just So, unless you towards rate underlined here, here's my think are we because I don't like it either and I think it's ridiculous. How often people just keep referencing like good for the player player power and taken sure that's a pretty girl, again decisive. None of this is good. I find myself rooting against the media, people that say that more than actual specific player, but what we have as a combination of how many the top players have been unhappy. Ok, we're bronze, been unhappy, Durant's people all the time.
I read is miserable Calais, alive, wise use to play that who I quit for a year and gave him a pass by the way actionable Braun had done that it would have been unbelievable, and I should I bring it up all the time, because I still can't believe what passed Y got for just it down because you're mad about the data point. That's like we ve turned into this thing, we're geyser. They want to get paid back money and then decide, if they want to pay for it at our understand how we gonna get, this is a problem in so many people immediately holding outlined. So Jimmy butlers been pissed off only what three times in two years. As you know, the aim of the whole matter, you know if we went further down the road, we could do that. The sea p three thing from before when he wanted out an orleans- and you know, look there's more we're stuff goin on that. But you look. You could make an argument if you went fifteen deep more than half of the top players in this league have and so mad and have forced the issue
I get a weird way like do you wanna be Madame Lebrun Duties is a free asian. At least you know like. Maybe you don't like did he goes year to year? Does it commits you, but at least he doesn't sign the deal and the demand to be traded somewhere, so when I see silver her this weekend. I see people write about stuff like not every player that decides to bail Not everybody situation is the same, and I'm wondering now as you and I talk about, because I think we do agree on this thing. I can't understand, like Why are so many of you guys so unhappy? Are you write to be this unhappy, whose right whose wrong, but collectively like it's just bad for the league the future to leave that seven of the top ten there's you just gotta, be pissed every six months and want to go somewhere else. That's not a good thing that this isn't about a player, empowerment and guess what like theirs. An employer. Employee relationship is special as these deeds are and when you sign it, like when you sign that deal, I'm sort of things, does it getting mellow did five years because he's like whatever artistic to five years- and I worry about it later-
I could have it's out of starting to think. I know for a fact: that's what happened. It was the most money and he knew was in the best basketball situation for him and his thinking was- I'll take the money- and I know in like two years- I could just force the trade and I'm never going to get that fifty year, I'll never get that back when I become a free agent for years, and if I sign with the bulls, what really backfired and some people have written about this- so I'm not I'm not saying this is my original point. They thought that this new MAX thing where you could, the team had an advantage a year before the contract ended to sign the poor to an extension, was gonna, be this huge advantage for the incumbent him right. And it's the opposite. Not only is it not an advantage, it's a disadvantage because it it with the term
dad I my list or Meda Pre Agency, which now people areas it, but the pre agency year has now become a real disadvantage for the team, because now we're seeing with a year and a half left in the contract two years left there's are trying to use that leverage while on that reciting a year and a half from now. I'm a matter here see should do something. Now. That's never happened before this last at an OECD months Yoke. Why had almost two years left yeah and you are starting here. These rumblings I could tell it- was real cause I sent I sent word attacks, take our u urine think about quite yeah. It is his way out cronies, with them right now. Rickets in a week later, Waage wrote, though- and I don't blame Boge reminiscent DNA Is it to me if he goes yeah Ryan totally than I'm on the radio later that afternoon, going I'm hearing some stuff about? Why? So I don't I don't blame owed for not get back the anatomy He clearly was ready to break this story It was a big deal and it was the first time or like waiting than we thought coercion.
Was the guy. There would never be that guy and he was a guy more than any of em and he's not and for an awful franchise he's playing for them. The the model. Size. It may be all of sports and he's unhappy. So I I just don't you write about the contracts because it also coincided with everybody's money. Basically, doubly like it's one thing to make fifteen or twenty, but relay aren't so you make thirty eight or I can make forty three like who gives a shit like I'm out here, So this old others worried both ways, because either you end up in the John while or that Campbell members, can be a perfect zip. Camels gonna make potential, make two hundred and twenty million dollars. Don't you know how to say? No, if you're the, if you they're nuts they're gonna, do it, how do you have a bad? about them. At that point, I was my dear I think by June the Hawks did Joe Johnson Deal and I was can somebody there was close to it and there like it out
a guy. I guess you just have to kind of do it. You can't lose the asset and that's always the way business has been done. I'm starting to think what these supermax is. That Maybe you'll see more Gm Cisco. You know what. And here's. What I'm not gonna do we have come on the books for two hundred million about nine eleven year five of Cambodia aged thirty four. Making like forty seven eight hours guaranteed stuff one. But I would just go. You know what I don't care, I'm like, I'm, I'm not gonna have none of my books. Would thing is if you're the Hornets indeed do that we will really make ever winning the titles. I guess what you're going to go to win a title or, as you go I just you know, go forty seven and thirty. Five in your fans at least, have a gothic where's jersey. Forty, seven thirty five. Maybe I do it and he's been awesome, One point in her first team, all nba- I think I may I had him on that for us to do really quick before the end of this has read the two thirds mark. I am already I
many sound like the old guy, but I just feel it. When you have a year and a half two years left on your deal like play, basketball, you cited Dale site, now? This is weren't we're right on the Israeli. We're not the young guys are wrong on this. One, ok The union has a role that this is not good long term. If everybody just gets a sign for five years deals and then say when's ones that are going to do the three years left in our by God, you're like the money and then six months into edges, Bill Jackson, it yeah he did that we'll Chris, I asked you about it, so I know is. I could be me up. If I see him now, he did. He admitted it yet. He just plainly was like I wasn't that contracting Chris BAR said my Pakistan. It's now just say you and like all these guys, you do that
who are in the league. Now, who are the best guys are all guys that grew up in the system. They're just used to bouncing from team to team and if they're not happy with this code to just move to the next team and if they knew point Guard joins the team, they didn't like him that much I'll just switch teams I'll go to that team over there and now that's just what the NBA is becoming. I don't think this is a good thing. There's always show his grey volume finding another way to blame. May you, did you just takes it on a chair in order, maybe he's right, but you know what this isn't I, go back. I feel stupid rhythm, written up alike. I wanted to interview Corinne recently because I want to do can you share with us. You know that story and enforcing his way out. Milwaukee yeah you have, because you just did another interview on and then said. Why was different and I didn't get to watch. The whole thing is I was I was watching. My recollection comes from. Do my book was the team was invaded, he was dead,
I want to live in Milwaukee anymore, and you know he was pretty open, for he changed his name, how religious he was in like Milwaukee. He just didn't, wasn't the right place for him kind of spiritually and it as a personality shopping. And I think he just wanted to go to a bigger city. So you want to go to the Lakers and Knicks Free Agency was coming any year and he told them like look when fridge that comes in I'm leaving So you can trade me now he actually did right by them and the irony is you know they. They missed the plans for them as last year, who are key element that can look it up more people. Her, I meant to ask you. The reason was that it can you do that seem cratered Asker got old immediately. I think Bobby Dandridge
lastly, it just on the title and then they socked right and they may they made the files and seventy four than cratered? Ok, so title finals, crater, Oscar yeah, ok and then the Lakers traded. So many! This is the fear that demonstrate the Lakers traded so much for him that he missed the playoffs his first year. Now I. And the average like twenty seven in seventeen. Second, Emily picketed it. Yet when you go look, I was looking at those number rather like monster numbers. Stupid I don't know that that seem pretty defensible to me, but any of us live. Them a title. Anthony Davis has delivered. Nothing in the world has been their seven years quickly. Where do we handle the we handle that the right way I'm doing this, I mean that only one out of this out, because I just by what it would what part then we handle the guy's under contract in these max kind and doesn't seem like you just even once by Basque mine it would we ok, here's because I'm always trying to do is to myself. If there
and been a string of like for other guys. It had done this in the last couple years. Yeah would be be more sympathetic to Davis, or are we piling on Davis because were sick of the trend? Why do we have to be sympathetic to him he's not that far or before, like they merited went out, they lost some games was now far out of the platform was an unrealistic fer, a team that has one of the best five guys in a way to make a run. A potentially sneak in as a seven cedar and eight say if you look at the standing side, was an inconceivable late, the clippers at the eighty, their thirty in twenty seven. So probably be like forty five winds to make the class there's also a theory out there on Davis is. That is good as he is that this is evidence that he's actually soft and not somebody they can lead your team, which, every year
would be like I cool things through notes ye. I want every day, and I mean right now, there, twenty six and thirty, three, the coopers at the eight seated thirty two and twenty seven, their stolen five f games back without this drama, you figure. If he had been playing ass of the last few weeks right and merely there maybe they're two games. The maritime trade was weird other day. The One seemed to be really fired up about all the second round. Picks I hate I hate doing the I talk to people in the league thing, but doing it whether they get for second round picks to make great it was like twenty second round picks. Who cares? we have seven semi. Usually I could always tell which writers were hanky guys we like, and now they have or second round pigs in this draft in four and in two thousand and twenty and you just go? Oh, my god he's been a fun revisionist history thing because, even though he had a plan, any did some made. Some is the master of trades
matter of trades budgets? Every treaty may be one he was, it would have modalities for eating with new. They did he when the neurons in micro cartoons, through we got two to you, got two latter. No heed dated microcredit webs of their impact. Was it. Let me do I thought they ve got nurslings and then the text. Sarah got another lottery pick. I think that I think that was a good trade. I'm double checking. I think both teams did well in that trade actually, but the funny thing with Pinky, though by all accounts, that organization was in shambles and turn away because he was like had no idea had to like run a staff and do all that stuff they like kinky, but I think they were more issues beyond just the biology also gives the offer Peyton pick the extra oh yeah, and then they foot that and yes arch quickly, NBA
we're gonna have to go because I didn't. I didn't know I d homework assignment you didn't so at the two thirds migrate out than with season. I have yoga Genus Paul George hard and encourage, as my five. The other choice to be in bed for the centres yeah go and beat. That was the only one that was the first thing I thought of, I think is greatest issue. Could she is he's not what embitters defensively and I have nights in all the channel serve, where is Giannis is in that group right now, where I watching go. What are you supposed to do this? Like? I don't either. The can- and indeed to me, is- is that guy more than YO catches but yoga
so his style that not everybody is aggressive, is indeed fillies of five seed right now, Danvers A to cede yoke is the only all started their team if they evanna being a two cede NGO. Unlike fifty six in twenty six, I'm just Tonia pickin him. First, beer that matters to me team success because it isn't like there's another. You know Murray has moments. I light by the way, like their team had like Morris I laid my like easily forever. Rain bids Hernia government I never understood why hurting Gomes didn't get more love. I mean greater.
He started going from one year to the next. Things can get the railed, but so ok, but do you really think yoke is better than indeed would you rather have yoke, which indeed, I think, indeed so as a chance to grab my first team on baby, I'm just saying if they stay a five seed with all the town, they have an yoke and get stammered to Sid Ahmed about your courage, but indeed, if it they climbs like we think they probably well indeed, private, put it the only one, that is to say his to a game. Is it out, you get harden George Genus, and then you have you Could she only one other the usually when there is unanimous in George it the rank, gets back to the second theme and he's having like a typically great, the season, statistically borders. Nobody around than usual
came out and be quite Durrant, Damien Willard. Here's where it gets a got a small forwards, brutal there's only there's only three guaranteed guards for first him obey second team obey. My second guard for second theme on beer it now. A Westbrook that wrong he's averaging that twenty one eleven eleven values, percentages or audio, though he's can't you he can't shoot and ways is absolute ass off and you could argue like how hard he plays has made Paul George has taken into another level has brought guys. I grant all these ran a bench. Do they have that the intensity that team plays with from him, and I got to give him credit that I think that's the second best team in the west and actually think that is the biggest threat going states had in a couple. In the West Agri exotic emotionally game in the eastern series was, I know, people gonna sell used almost beat them. I still feel like the sixty
thunder was, moreover, even more scary cause that one was eight they're down three one in the rain, just didn't shoot! Well, last three games, but other work under should have one that series yeah. They should have, but your but I really can all time great team, the your turn eliminate know. Oh, I know they're not allow to be called out, I'm great. They lost the calves I have a problem. Westbrook. There exists a thing for somebody that egg my thing eyes that watched I used to be, like God, Easy, Westbrook score defence in the back yard. He can make long Atlantica active active any issues to gamble all the time and quantity sucked on defence. This year has been a lot better and yet when I say you can't shoot it's not my fault, I should have opened with that to make it sound. Like I disagree, we hear the percentages. Forty town, Nine forty to fail. Twenty four three for three point: I dont understand he makes these six freight through its conflict, the markets, smart thing where people would argue Blake Unita, let him take those five bad shots game and he's gotten battery shot it better
Single handedly lost the Sixers game and then got that dunk, the sealed it so like. I was a perfect, Marcus, smart situation, but I would always argue with you and me like. Why can't you just? Why can't you, way to be like hey when it's a terrible shot with a time of from the shock don't take it. I dont Stan and utterly West books ever. I don't think, though, ever change with him like this is outside the obstacles that are expecting coming of age right now, but I just would be man. You know those ones report up in transition and nobody's back to rebound and there's four seconds off the shock and your thirty feet out and you're not even set emission limits. Now the rosier like, let's, let's take for less allows now we can't but thirteen towns. Would you second team again? Indeed, quite the rent, Willard Westbrook prisoner Westbrook, see if you and we are working to put Campbell over Westbrook right
now dare to have to reward Campbell, foregoing twenty, seven and thirty and on the whole, you know who is second leading scores right now in the leak now, do you down the hornets after TAT, my head, Jeremy Lin? I think it still Lamb and if you go through like when you look at who his second and third thing scores are that team. That is bad. It's a bad team, Sir, I'm not gonna, knock Campbell for the record thirteen towns, Leubronn, Griffin, Blake or david- carry. I don't forget about carry Larry. I dont forget about that when he there really tough defined six carts Ben summits as a case, if you wanna, from a guard adult louder than at any other Lowry benefits from dollar depot injury. Guess as we left off,
We left Lowry off when we did this last time. You D Buzz, I mean, is there's no way now No, no, I'm not even further to third he's, just like fifteen get around, I'm not gonna put a whole depot on your thirteen. I've thought about putty men for the two thirds, even though he's done for the air just like if he played forty to fifty five game sees probably the six best guard, but I think Larry gets you know He is a big. What about LUCA? You have LUCA, I thought about it, seven number two in the trade value. He might be higher. I just made that oh yeah, I hate that I didn't go through this in and think about it. You don't have to. I was just. I was just check points you can do it next week there are a guy, my homework assignment, to go back I'll. Look at your worth its really that it's really not run a figure who I could be for. She's a little early for shareholders, Alexander emptying VP checkpoint for the two third part.
Pardon yadda yadda started its when they will be the penny and higher Feelin Georgetown that consensus third, which I I've been that bandwagon for a while, I think, he's gonna, give you keep this up Give you a lot. I answer. Harden votes so he'll be the two thousand seventeen quietly designated there's so many legitimate Emily he candidates and if the and I mean this by the be annoying. How come you only mention, my God, really what you want me to tell you he's coming in fifth grade all right. I just need your guy. If there's number for the number for who's number four for the Mvp. Now is a fun make us there's this guy. This stuff up. Another record was too bad for him to be in it, but his knowers were in twenty nine and thirteen everyday look at his number, like whatever you saw Dave b last year and I go to that's probably best the way he played until all this crap happened, you're, like my god, he's taking it to a whole nother level I have a. I have. Curry is fourth, but you could also talk me in ten beater jokic
And I don't really think there's any answer. Setting indeed, should be mentioned in the way that you're just gonna, giving somebody a mention, the things can be really you don't hear them bid. Is the game site that Tuesday nights out again where he gets done hold any turns it or yeah? Just like glass? Three minutes I feel, like he's gonna make the wrong decision. What would happen as they sat at the time? The subjects do is get a job like the horror for numbers against or terrific Orford picked him up quicker, doesn't give him as much ground, but the subjects are really good. At that double and I think of your six fan. You go K. I love him, beat I love and beat, but if he gets it in the post and jewels for a long time, you can see teams just jump on it. It doesn't care how great you are when you're that big, cedar and every now and then like try to go through some traffic and it's like yeah, but you credit cross use over at seven ft and their six to make it's just hard to do and Embiid gets caught in that stuff. I just think the Harding things going to be really interesting cuz if he keeps it up. I think you,
having to vote for him I'll, say I got into a cup arguments during the two days out and asked her about it, and it's over. It's gonna be a really fun n vp argument, because some people here hey. I I spend some time with Daryl and I thought it was a Daytona. Now he there was ensure Charlotte Anna. What's he do that beard he claims he can aims he started growing it when hard and went on the hats. Oh that's right: yeah unguarded tore the average is actually pretty clever. The average teams that do these. These hashtags you're, like one who came up without one so you're, not really a committee. That is it. I'm not allowed a bet on this Khazar, but I dont think this hearted thing is sustainable and I don't think even he thinks it. I think they're gonna scale back a little with the scoring I just don't change its, not sustainable, because its absurd, I mean that such data retention odds again, seven singly realities, assignable, although the thing that is gonna like that Braun pacing Hisself thing when you
get harden you go. This is a sustainable. He doesn't move a lot he's at the time. She's too, of a bird, never nay. I they applied for this team to get better for this team to global ever they have to fix the Chris Paul part of this, and if you watch right, you ve seen since he comes back asthma yeah I'll they'll do the thing where he'll be switched out of these bags in these he's, not torturing the big anymore, and they have to figure that part out over everything. Pga tuckers us away too for this. I know you're right for them to be the best version of them. They should stop doing this, but is much. Is it drive me crazy that I can't understand no official has figured out that harden flicks, the defender away with his right elbow, but he's smart enough to keep it talked in Sierra Leone. Make their colony arms extended. He like they do. This thing is oh, my god, he shook him. You like no heed, literally elbowed, that dude off of home and you guys never call it, and you can't contest and like look I'm, bring up all things in a like about it, but yet still admitting
they one way more games doing it this way than they would have not doing it. So the by resigning, twenty four right in the fact that he he kept them above water- with all of their injuries. I give him credit, even a full admit some nights in light of the Rockets run, so their thirty three and twenty four, their fifth Janius forty three in fourteen, and if you look at some of the stats, I have like that, like their therein sites, top twenty all time point deferential like did this? If you want to vote for young snow I, but if they go sixty three nineteen,
and your lines arrives? She'd we're probably lean towards yacht, as I think that the first part of this is theirs for really bad teams in the east, in that's accounting washed in Orlando, and I just think Orlando's it rate when dogma of the east is just there not as good a couple more things. Just for the two third mark. Milwaukee is twenty nine on the road which I touch is worth mentioning that getting thirty Road Venza. That's that's a red flag grill via their that's a white flag to run Nineteen eleven on the road. I like look at a road records because I think it gives you a nice little it was a Celtics Roma, real sons. Fourteen in thirteen, what's down his home record doubts this home record is twenty in that its on yeah. Leave twenty nine six. Thereby dollar is twenty nine, as so,
one more red record for you. I think over eighteen and forty one points are: ok, see seventeen thirteen other. I I think, that's a team to watch these last six weeks. Their tough. I think they're young guys are getting better and better George has it's weird he's a
for one guy, but still not the number one guy he's a kind of in the perfect spot. He's everybody this whole career, where his one b but he's the best version of a one b, and I gotta give credit to sack for this, because I heard this sense Ex Pakistan and ran off Zilla, get though he had this tat were. You is Betty, or he said that George, this year's basically replacing Durant's protection from three years ago. Unlike all that's insane looked it up. So George is twenty nine for the sheer Durrant three years ago. Twenty eight eight five he's averaging three more three is a game. His Pierre twenty five point: two Durant's is twenty eight point: two, the rain was basically a fifty four
Ninety guy missed it by one percentage point Georgia's forty five, forty one, eighty four guy, but that's amazing and I hadn't thought of it. It was like day lost a rat, its catastrophic catastrophic they almost when the damage make the final, where I think we all thought they're gonna win falls apart. The rent leaves staring VP there's no way. This comes back, and now they are basically found somebody who is a six eight better to aid where the Durrant, whose matching is. Fits of numbers for every year from his last year, that's fucking, crazy, yet seems impossible to lose hardened where they did and if cargoes back to our rights thing but yeah right sake how do you own NBA team and I have any inkling whatsoever? Maybe it is, who everyone aware the NBA. What then end the bidding ended up being, but you want to save money. You afraid attached. I still thought they could it and the hard and trade a year later and then the other
They like they're afraid that already figured as they like the trade there that there are making a greater that made the better right and then decide. How could you not figure out a way to make them? Now, look at it's kind of a happy ending for everybody and the fact that they have. It happened to him again in a different way where no, they didn't think they're really gonna lose them, and then they do and they replace them with Paul George, in a bet that nobody thought was a good bet. It I tell you quite signs Toronto, which are still not sure. I would believe that Everybody's got retraining for guys. It are mad with honey hills at that these new discharge get credit for their sea, basically created the imo happy with a year ago, my contract, you should try me now move forward. I left him up. I left him out of our top on how the unhappy list it's. It's only a tiny little has ever anomaly, but curry clay, Indiana Clay Clay might be unhappy. Juices can't forget the had had the courage to tell anyone. Clay is slowly become my favorite personality assets
Anyone solely for me. Currie woke as I just love curries game, and I love that everybody sort I hated him and that it was like y see this almost dismissed super there's a lot of stuff going on there with curry that I don't like, and it's still ridiculous and people seem to still like the clown on him, but clay. If you could have talked about drunk auctioning, if I could, I'm just a chinese atm night with him. I'd call em acts and be like how high can I go. It is funny we need to talk to anybody the, whereas you like that cuz your favorite guy, who did loving their us at clay and there I'll have a quest already and they're all ready to go. But it's yet. You know it's the old pro used to have this joke when people don't really like working with somebody and you ask them about them, there's always the long pause and then we'll say their name. So like some as a nephew Kyle Egg whatever Scylla lackeys. Again you
Ryan's Ryan, who has just you know he doesn't like something attire it's gotta be bloodiest, began What are they Katie's I day, Billig, what's with cabinet is, are you know, cabin gray player? it always moody, sometimes, but then its clients. I love clay eyes closed the best above that call think how many guys like member, when he went and AEGIS Murph that dunk when he was in China. It was oh all foreign, embarrassing, the other guys would have gone like government agencies to get that stuff raised in clay. It works for clay like he fell down. He laughed we did a thing with clay wants where he was doing a chocolate milk sponsorship. Yeah, the chocolate milk Paulo on he was set up in the jam. He's gonna do like twenty hits and we got him for one of em
and we asked him every question that you ask him anyway. And they were like. Eighty everything about in is it oh yeah forgotten sure you forget what he was doing for chocolate. Milk is like yeah yeah yeah Jude Sugar, milk yeah, it was just It was every moment with clay feels like it so genuine and I don't blame guys for Thank you, know calculated worried about how we're going to interpret every little thing that they, say, but some guys or to process knowledge of it so refreshing when I feel like every time, something from clam like that's exactly how it feels next week. We're going to I'm going to have some categories that we have to hit. There's actually be a blueprint where we jump to different.
So struck her tears and be more structure. Now we need to speak, we needed it. I had some ideas for some substructure leg thing: thing, a minute thing I would have been afraid to tweet, but I feel ok saying it on her part cast by categories like that. I have up, but I thought we'd wrap up every ask as we do in this every week thing that will taken out of context in this week's podcast. Ass then used against us in some way. Where do you think it s bill? Simmons says next: go for five billion well, but I was pretty item about that. I think there's some somebody could try to tweak it where Bill Simmonds doesn't think they'll Benson can run the pelicans the fact that could be a blog posts. In slams Gale Betsy. Slim, I'm just pointing out that she married a seventy two euro guy and then ten years later, shut out his whole family and to control the theme, and I'm not sure
those around them bathing set a bad thing to say. Maybe in a dick I know how you act like. I already see that the road map to eat something that's not again call. My mom is seventy one, so she married steep bomber right now they get along in ten years later, shut out bombers kids and took over the clippers, I would be like oh, my god, for my mom owns the clippers. This is crazy. I hope she does. It say anything like it would just be bonkers nets. You don't have any Cairo rumours from the weekend that that's all over the map I'm still waiting to run into of anybody who thinks Katie's back onto the next time. I have met the power now is no. The way is noted that person has that come into my life. I yet that's a good game we
Do it just an old school. Would you trade Diskiver that guy? I think I think kids love that stuff on past the kids, like that kids, like the kids Le Pen, empowerment, and would you trade described for that guy? I do think, though I really do think there's a chance. Leubronn never place another Auster there the sacred contract. Will there you go why'd you save that land, that's a torture! Will the brown play over under all stars the brand plays with during his for your Laker rent next for years? How many austerity peiwoh, not counting former our stars like Carmelo now now? That's that's fine I can't wait to see what happens with this Lakers thing. I can't wait. We've already done that we don't need to do it all over to do it all. Next week, I'm going to leave you with this stuff, Jayson Tatum still intouchable to me because he won the skills competition, love Jason Data. You know what I want. I really wanted to be. A pelican is
On that I just one room for the same guy for twelve years you so bride. He saw all my all the vital babbling thicket, like courageous roof, which can I watch Jason Tatum go from age. Nineteen through his career, like I did with Paul Pierce, where I felt like I spent fifteen years of my life. Piercing about something you get five good years and then one year of torment and another year, trades speculation here's how that that's, how the contracts restructured now I dont want than the Chadian I dont care for cost Us Anthony Davis I wanted to timber Davis. Now I don't think so. It is incredible insane, as is incredible stuff, if it straight up yeah, of course, but If it's all his high sounding revising next week Wouldn't trade, no policy? I'll, never does the rationale that saying this is I'm being Russia robbed, you saying I surely one Jason Data for the next fifty years, Gazette. Ok, it's one
guy, that's fine! That's why we guide. I dont worry, you know, I'd love US agencies, aid, only Davis for three years and then is unhappy, namely leaves you know, I'd like to see from Tatum now, I'd like to see him have more accrues. Moose gear work elsewhere our because there are more like- and I don't know if it's gonna carry. I don't know if it's Brad, I don't know if it's passiveness, I dont want to be at the end Here, too, I want to see a little bit, thereby above this way more aggressiveness. Last few extended we have made as the lack of assists the black, the black hole Now we can initiate, he can hit it from anywhere, but I just feel like four were, I think he's capable of, and it did so think about the Celtics rosters. I feel it would ever live. It's like ok, I now there's some stability now in order, but he was to do this better without carries thing. Is so stupid the record
one thing: the net rating- it's not even close. There are much better team inquiry but feels like there are different version themselves. Why? Unerringly? It had a rabbit, or You know what we get it is. We can say that no don't lose to somebody terrible the next week and we can get mad about it. Then I think they're, u can get mad about it. They played harder when he was that there is undeniable right, but there I know, are the efficiency ratings, but ass also know like they actually seemed like a real team. Those two games have been watching them all year and for whatever reason, as that their an abandoned them together and they look at a time when he was out there. They blew a twenty eight point. Lethal clippers right people are very afraid, is gonna, be a Celtics to our podcast. When doing that when I just really like Jason Data so even an object. Slowly like that guy can ever it. I want them to sign into MAX contract in the two years into that contract. Aegis quits on US debates to be checked it's a play with your yard, honest hit him.
Lads Obama, boys wilder, play together tat. They got real. I really where the Ricky software owned by the guy from virgin their way red reseller a pleasure. I would take the next week blacksmith. I thanks to arraign reseller for driving out here to do the package live over a cell phone calls out what a sect thanks to use Zip recruited Africa disappeared, a concise bs thanks to simply safe. Remember studies show security systems, deter burglars. Our friends built a brilliant when it simply add simply safe. They believe there is no place in a place like home. A ridiculously smart scarcely sister twenty force have monitoring for just fourteen ninety nine, a month ago to the only homes carry our trust, simply save go to simply say bs outcome that is simply safe with two eyes wheel.
Back with one more pack later in the week, plus the real actual stave gone up at some point Monday afternoon and I'm in a pop on a couple of the ringer passes. So You'll get plenty of us enjoy President's day Sahara. The president's for us ways
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