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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Joe House and Cousin Sal to discuss Bill and Sal's 2019 Oscars bets, golf futures, and more (3:00). Then Bill and House talk NBA playoffs, the MVP race, Lakers coaching buzz, Zion Williamson's injury, NCAA alternatives, and Robert Kraft (32:00).

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yeah who fancy up number one mobile, app and fantasy, based by the official Ferris again the Emma be check out the Yahoo Prologues Public's reproof play for cash. Yeah, who handles all the money? No commissioner, by and for as long as twenty bucks are as much as a thousand build your team around pantheon level, superstars stash prospects for next ten seasons, hey give it a whirl, download the Yahoo fantasy upper side up right now: Yahoo, dot, com, sash, fantasy, baseball it stuck by the ringer dot com for a second, the world's greatest website All of our Oscars coverage is on the same now, we also had the big picture which went live with post game shall read after the Asker Sean Fantasy and Amanda Dobbins breaking down green books.
A surprising, but not that surprising, when is was Glenn close losing what we talked about that a second on this and a whole bunch more. That is also running on the big picture feed and then we also had the flat circle. That's our true detective show which, if you missed it, live on Youtube last night. It is on the recappables feed. Today. I also if you listen to channel thirty three. I went on the tea time podcast on Friday to talk about parenting with the I'm crew? I needed some advice, so they help me out on our check out of our pack ass check out, winging J J rhetoric ring round. Bs show all that stuff sitting up. One shining pack ass much man coming, here. This is in no way and are the target Your house is here he's in studio, cousins, can be on the line for the first twenty five minutes and we're talk about the Oscars weren't talk about basketball, we're tugboats subjects. I don't want to talk about all that's coming up a first.
France for project. It is said that I hear Joe houses in town in the guest house. Right now I came in for the Oscars, taking the view that, where the text I like to think that Syria effect the lobster, the dynamo loves her. Let two months ago we had drunk house now we have eight too much sushi has also on the line briefly at the top of this package man who yet again he did it one more time- did the impossible. He looked ill, he looked at odds, TAT seemed insurmountable and he said you know that these are some honourable.
Is the man who room Glenn closes. Ask her cause it's out how I close, but no cigar again. I can't believe I keep lose one, what am I gonna learn my wasn't. This nonsense, you know, would get I lost when I one by one with with moonlight. And then I had stolen teach me lesson: we did you did you you with Moonlight. I realized I was sure they called moonlight as the winter Leon and I still lost money, changed it. Yes, here so yeah, I'm a loser mob yeah! Well, these all this time around new text to me anyway, new tax me a month. I ask your parlay. I just fear for everyone, safety. What was the one this time you you were like I'm workin on S. It's got this. It's got. Roma manages seemed destined for his eye. I got it down a minus one. Sixty sixty one sixty two one hundred, but you can imagine. I did it for many hundreds and I'll tell you why in a second housework appreciated, but I had I had what did I have ok,
I had a Alfonzo Koraun for best direct their rude winner, ok good. I had dust and Johnson when it was like three strokes up and minus two, hundred how you said about the editor feels a set of attack refers golfer, does the jets if he had a little sister I had a vice for best make up here and make up. I had spider man for best animated, I have what what am I miss him over some of the bay and then the big ones admire Martian so. Our certainly has a reference for a second and Glenn Fricking close now I was worried about all night was the best director. There was some screwy things happen that open that we're all was minus five thousand and then the director of the favourite something leaked out somewhere like MIKE Maryland or some college someone
said their parents were on the committee. The Oscar Committee and that the favourite the director for the favourite shot all the way up to like plus two hundred the Alfonso quarrel was minus four hundred thousand area. This is a screw job. I haven't, though, with before this is what's going to happen, but that actually did win and Glenn close lost, unbelievable, so there's a lot of drama today house? or go somebody the director, the favourite that confidence is less than he was plus forty five hundred heading in this weekend, oh my and then on the arm, my sites, that idea the numbers started, dropping and it started dropping and it started dropping and it started free following and then who didn't people start to take it off. The board set of this was the first year you could legitimately bet this add at the inner added a net and an insult fanned all is tied to that that Jersey Coast
now the applicant sports partaken make bets and legitimately and they took it off the board yeah they in and some others. So that's free five such south thinks he's gonna lose the director bet right, but he wins it now that served as Glencore slammed dog. This is gonna happen, she's right if she's, the Susan Lucy, if the Oscars his eyes like five or six times this is gonna, be her moments day. Innovation, vase tears ran down his face and then the lady from the favourite winds- and she was more surprised. Can anybody she did. You know about it when all the precursor effing awards and almost guarantee you will win, and these things are not give up. I can't than what what did she do? Did you like her in the original, I'm a queen and I'm gonna. This robe and everyone's gonna tend to mind what what? What was that? Who cares about bad have ever what everyone on the ringer rose? Pretentious that said that they love that movie come on. I got up what was
the count myself as one of the pretentious rare people. I really like that movie, but what's funny, as I thought she was the third Bess actors in it who I reckon I liked, I M a stone and Rachel was on that movie. Yeah I'd I'd, really, honestly tat. She was the third bear attaches little over the top, and I couldn't figure out who is who is potentially gonna, be going clause, which is why automobile stayed away, but I just don't think a lot of. I saw the wife. This was famous big case for it fancy not in my view like who who saw them what did who sob of the favourite? No wonder that over the years by the way, no one sees any this move, while Thou shalt every with the you worked Gratulation the one Really nobody saw was the Willem before when I didn't get a screen or for thou right at one end, and yet I won that happened in a vacuum somewhere, but at them people more people saw the favourite than the wife, and then the wafers gave it a really did feel like their career cheap. It ask her, so it was fine, it was go in her way
and that's how bad honour and laughed and all the other crap though the boards of matter on. I don't understand what goes on here like what why every everything has to change I am glad, though, that foreign and it didn't chant. You know nothing leaked out like I do feel like there's a little bit of legitimacy to these Friggin award war, but maybe not well I want best best picture yes about them. I was gonna tweet about this today and I now decided save it for the podcast I'd texted yesterday, how site I dare say that text MEL I texted Sal yesterday and I said I've decided green book- is gonna win the asker for two reasons. One is that Old white people love this movie. They just really do they just love this movie in the academy. Last time I checked it was a lot of old white people and then they
little anti Netflix sentiment like from there, especially the old School Hollywood like who do you think you are netflix you just going to buy your way into the Oscars, so that was three hundred and fifty, which I just thought was too high. Roma had stopped you know why was it was lined up at one the foreign the form it it's an old people, the old academy members watching these greenery was subdued laws where you have to be normal title and no wonder in another moment the whole. It is every everybody over sixty just love green book in the moment that I decided I was gonna bet on it was when France was on his share any did that first, the ticket ten ten minutes pronounce Mahershala Ali and then he did the whole green book. That's that only the best movie I've seen this year, but the last couple of years it's the best movie. The last couple of years for me- and I was a green- was going to win the Oscar cuz there's a thousand my princesses.
Enemy and there was plus three fifty so actually won one. So that was good. I'm proud of you! Thank you. I will send you a little nervous when the director Roma one cause a lot of times. Those go hand in hand. Now it's it's. It seem like the scares again. Little walkie actually felt pretty good for green, but his green book one when earlier in the thing and was funny as they, its Green box, taken so much shit as kind of the crash for this decade that you could almost see Peter Fair, fairly space. The director like he was almost seem semi aid, not ashamed by just like it. I normally take shit tomorrow. Who's gonna, try to enjoy this doubt hold the word and that tomorrow morning, at break through the cause cause? I'm already wondering why someone, but I will say this- gives real nice opportunity do an impression of you a few months ago before all the other wards golden glad deserve this. We have to jump honest where's board up its plus one fifty now it's can be minus four hundred yeah I'd, as often happens, then, when anything went like twelve to one for best in my defence- and I know
actually put stars ones through that's true. There did. I wish I had a defence. I just fuck I suck at this their seat. There was about a two week. Stretch there were stars born could have one like for the top five, and I think what happened was they didn't law before you got a really suck up to these people Right Cooper was like his there there pr campaign for at last October of Ember. I just I just didn't even play the game right even like when they went in Vegas too the only one that stage and sang with Gaga the year do shit like ten December, had do that any loves vague as he did a home to movies about the air to move out or know least, did you watch with your wife right she's out tonight, but I do so. I was checking Anna was. Why would the kids and watching? But I think, there's a first time. Unlike nine years, I've been home for it. I want the last two years Jimmy hosted in the last seven
for that we hosted a after after the Oscars. I am come alive, so Jim is the last asker so ever because it actually worked with no host. Whenever you re opened a girl, I mean I'm I'm a fan, a comedy. I missed the hundred jokes were lie. I bid the here's, the problem. Nobody can be funny anywhere you what kind of common you're gonna do you you can't cross anyway, so you just kind one liners like what's game I got you may isolating IRA. It's gone before. Falsely reported that without a hose. That's why I went so fast, but they cut they caught for warden to songs and stuff. Like that, that's what made fast I did. It got ass. It was like three hours? Twenty men, a house was five points associated with almost over. I got there halfway through. That was exactly the right, those is being exactly half of whatever was I got five play the sushi. It was an hour in twenty minutes.
Program I'm holding up to winter, so that mean I have to this. We should put odds on calories and and what day of the week House expires he out these out. For Grady? I ever fully kids can move around here. The Oscars was three hours. Fifteen minutes I think so Lord shows need house, and at that Jimmy was my favorite version of whatever the modern host is an empty domain. You need a host who's. Just like you have all these celebrities that can just go up and if the host is like going to get in trouble because he's making fun of whatever and that become or a lad after I don't know what the agenda may just impossible to finger, but who this show is for right? That's that's my point. It's it's like. If you're trying to have the best possible
show yea, you need a host, but I'm not sure they want the best possible show. I think I just wanted to move along handouts. Maskers have some performances and new gown speakers in you guys could talk me out a glowing clothes, but I only doubled up on that stupid Oscar parlay, because I lost so much on the M effing golden Stay warriors, who couldn't be the Rockets without James Harden, explained that quickly to me why this keeps happening. Nana no now, you may have you thought about not gambling anyone. While the great thing is now harden still gonna want every pay like shouldn't. He just by just should that be the leaks policy. If you can go to golden state and win without a player that I cannot be named on be paying yeah. David aid should heard his case a little bit. We we blew it today with the Oscars. What am I a favorite traditions every year is trying to figure out who can get the hammer in the end nor am my attach the they screw it and we should have. I should have come on you're against all odds this week and we should have figured out. We should add a whole list of everybody who died and, as they went
montage and they showed Bert Reynolds pretty early yeah, and it was I well so I guess is that could be burnt. Reynolds is gonna, be somebody big then they dropped the NEO Simon a little bit later, as I go, man knew Simon Man there really that really hold it. Somebody awesome for this and then its go in and go in and at some point I started having real hope. It's gonna be waived. Goldman, my friend who, when the two asked the great screenwriter Maguire they might really. This may be the time the writer gets it. No, he gets he gets thrown up there? He was inside like the last year. We made it till I pay you made it so that at the last minute was really exciting. I was really rooting for, like it was like agony. Hasn't Marshall got like three clearly yap anyway, Yes, she gazed around there with hard to over Siberia. She was in there and there just run through names and at some point, my how somebody major must have died, and then it was the last one. As Albert Finny,
you didn't see that one come and I would add that I would add em like plus four hundred, so I dont think they because of conversations like this. I think people end up feeling bad about who's. The best its goes along would save your applause to the end. We know rail make this a competition kind of thanks, it's gotta, be by Reynolds right. Yeah yeah there announcing winners all night might as well announced the dead winner of the night right by asylum is speaking of save your applause. Till the end, an hundred dead. Where have you and if you had a chance to talk the summons about robber craft, yet now now I would even say that for later. I think we can do it now in the middle and at the end I think that a man
but I think it is a middle and there is an end to these figs bill. Ass could have been house a great moment where we could have made fun of Siemens because he went and saw a prostitute if it was just a prostitute. But now this becomes a much bigger story, because we know the background that as yet now it becomes ugly again, so we can't make fun of hand ass, a summons as well. Look again. I feel there is a whole sex trout. That's really really ugly. It's a bad story. I am this is a man who seems like he's been going off the rails a little bit for a few years. Now, in just the behaviour has been really erratic and there s the you re a story like this: it's not like it's shocking was. I call my cat by craft, where this is somebody who's been out all the time he's as girlfriends or like forty forty five years younger than I am. I think I think his wife's death, if I can defend Mr Craft, who brought me six both for one second, I do think his wife's death really screwed him up and I don't think he has been the same sense from
a behavior standpoint, La Thenardier, all if river defend again, the only observations are weak defence, but I just think he's acting like somebody who lost his wife never been the same and has just acted really radically ever since I am, I think, he's gonna have to step down the railroad. I don't think he says the team, but I think it's the right time to pass the team to his son, which I think is something that probably should have been having anyway just make sure of funds on the list I caught, etc. I called my dad like two days ago at one o clock Pacific time and he was sound asleep on the couch watching something and he's like seven years younger than by aircraft at some point. It's time you know it's that it's time to maybe the day to day operations. I'll tell you when I thought that maybe he was losing his fastball a little bit with the whole deflategate thing when he just like folded and we lost our number one pick, I'm still trying to figure out how that happened. You know,
Calcraft, what would have Wheeler learned dealer, debt and Fatah, and he just cannot rolled over on it and now is another man. What's gonna put your basing this on bad decisions outside of football? We can't you. If this didn't happen with a massage parlor, you wouldn't say, are disguised out of his mind. But you just want to super by what I did. A pack has done Wednesday when Mallory Car can. I talked about for a minute how it looked like he was going, as I think I use the words he's been going off. The rails like he was at the embryo are weak and wearing a huge diamond pending. That said, champions honour and dressed like yours. Like forty years, all the guys and almost eighty is celebrating you celebrated.
We don't need a three and thirteen year before you. If the kick him, I mean if this hadn't happen will now in Saint now. I think it's time for him to maybe maybe maybe Hin Hin reigns over some of the capable son. Somebody else needs to step in and do their job. That's the whole. The whole thing with, though, with the investigation and others, and they tease there is going to be more names and then saw they were ads. Are the sudden my name's there are? There were light. I started looking at whom had houses there within like three miles: yeah audio golfers. Now you should be worded glove community there, one name I yeah I've. I've asked a numerous sources about one prominent name and everybody swears and declares that this gentleman is not on the list. So fingers crossed blazing eager, because he does own house or is one of the main able to receive, and I think that the Johnny Bench alive
John also on the list goes on and on the people, if you ve never now, I think the crazy thing with craft is there He's in a limo getting dropped off at like up of fifty Nineth, our Robin took place like all what is going on. This really bizarre behavior. I need a ride. Elsie I long to get there. You're out of around thirty one on the right, a bike multibillion their right to. How else would you like him to get the money? They forget the helicopter landmine issue them through the top. It's that great, so we ve had this way that we ve had some things happen, but we also have one six supervise and I think most people take this exuberance Well I mean that's it. That's a dynasty with a happy ending with behind us come why do people enjoy this so much with the pets? People really hate the pats more than anything. Yes, that's true. I think people heckling,
was more than a passing, but just the academy is just they carry me. They want to go back to my point about how crabs cut off the rails. Like the near per said, he was at the Asker parties. Get in allowing about again what else would you like to do he categorically denied violating the law, but maybe keep a low profile for a week. He seventy eight with a long awaited, stay home, with a weak kids in a rage, hairs what're, you doing the movies, I think he knows he has Carte Blanche. I think he knows his body trample declare a national emergency hardened him. If it shows us he's, got the pardon on lack tramp tramp pardoning craft, we would now that thereby working as it would not be a great moment for the add the Patriots dynasty, wouldn't whenever you're not a happy ending that sir, what are we? What are we going to bed now? What do we have
two more weeks before this, the conference tournament Start Nancy double ay, so that's gonna be fun in others gal I'm in a bright light, a great gulf coming up. Absolutely we got dj. Look great lords swings only underway in two weeks in the players championship is three weeks away. They saw how many air writing homage tennis. I bet in the last two weeks, not a lot of tennis, a lotta. You ever see a bet, soccer, I'd, I'd Bournemouth. I was pronouncing it incorrectly. Only a market end. But yes, it is a why don't Blackhawks over thing by the waste cause isn't like eighty on the first period, Blackhawks Game's over those gone eighteen and one crazy, can I give you a couple Tiger woods bets God Tiger Woods, Owen, no majors and two thousand nineteen minus three. Fifty Tiger woods will when exactly one major plus three hundred.
You like that one has long candlelight fell in a tiny bit. I I want to bet what I wanna route for those other Bart brutal. Three, two one. Think about in terms of value. How many golfers are as good as Tiger Woods right now, one only five year, Jani five, yes, those guys all their ads or way worse and minus three hundred to want to exert a me the second dummy tiger taxpayers? Zammit? Yes, as exactly rights, has your tax? If you add support of name too in the two thousand nights in masters out of thin air, what name would it be a head start in my research? It damn it just in Thomas at his post, twelve hundred, he does angry when aid when it screws up and even today, nine under he went today. Yes, MA am John Rahm is sixteen one, no, not wrong. I'm not Rama Rammer Fleet, with thirty five to win that since I, like your guy Fleetwood, said unless couple times always let me down in financed thirty three to enter now. We need meaning
revenge for a break in his leg or breakin dislocated like a lot of attention. The top time ass glass, you after that Bastard ankle about Zander, because Zander he can get hot, so he went he ate. So let us keep it on him must keep an eye on eliminate the one with the Erika gets above thirty, I'm sure that is above thirty and some other books sanders interesting. What about the FED Ex Capacity any thoughts so little orally. Yet still early still with a lot of golf yet to be play that it's a jam pack schedule, we get all the majors in by July. The river, the Ryder CUP odds are already up and two thousand twentieths USA is minus one fortieth muskets it we'll be there to bet that now now we're gonna win. If you heard him when the radical luck, it's a lot, we win in the: U S room. We may never went again Europe with its a lot that we women here in Wisconsin, Steve, stricter the Ryder CUP captain. We will not stand for it, so I do have one baseball bat. I wanted to throw you to think about
The report written real, quick enough or you know we do a thing on sharp tagline. My buddies, degenerate trifecta come on and they give picks at the end and it it's it's pretty lean. These do not usually Emma may, but what Harry, but my friend Harry, had Lydia, what what's lads? First name Barton, lairs, Martin laird- to want to be in the top twenty guy finnish dead. Last I'm a guy and I think we might be done with it with both its depth sharp time Tom unless we have a nice track, Regular Riviere, it's not areas fall back. Camaro tries on your pod gas, not that so much of my number livable breathing rig. We both gave out Martin learn on that pod costs on us. That's a good You think Harry gives a game and has his back ass, but I beg you does. It's where, where raw Lord have mercy, I like TAT,
ready. The cyanides are not yet, but I'm ready. I read a piece about Trevor Bower, Anne S, eye that was about just what a polarizing guy. He is an end. The peace made me think that he's going to have his bessys in this year he could become any Wednesday at last. He got hurt. He missed like six weeks of the season. Bedstead like had like a borderline, say on case what are ya, but his easy ass, his twenty five to one for most pitching lens issue. Wow, that's pretty good! I like that. I'm proud a house house put in about thirty bear with me for overlanders Island even of their as many team before the house today might doubled up on sometimes but euralia they really by pulling at least one over twenty, when total major league baseball winter there's some concern with the in though smart red Sox stands about the Red Sox in general, the real the pagoda. You know that are that that advance metrics reactive wins it has
red Sox for aid and winds, but their over under and biggest is like ninety four and a half or ninety five benign your door, and I have been in there closer and their Canada staring contest with Craig Camera, but and then is the classic the year after the World Series and who the hell knows better by. I can't believe the free agents are out there, like a general still like you now that he eat my poor levy on Bell this year and obviously, instead We are still not signed very strange Machado just signed last week. He had a harder one. I just that for share. Somebody at some point was just gonna pants on it. For thirty, two one rate is still less vague: ten million years
hundred for ten minutes, still feels like the whites white socks might steppin. Don't they have to do something really getting people to show up this brace Harper gain a show up like did he get you to show up in DC the last four years? You know what I will say. The answer that is yes really is interesting thing about Bryce Harper, his his stature, his brand are out, see, exceeds and out paces his actual on fuel performance. The interesting thing about about. Him is, if you put him who, like the five biggest stars in baseball hem, my rare out, put out and watch out Clayton Cursor Persia, those five guys go into a bar who do people recognize The address I've heard this Joe GO now held began. The irish guy had thus the ball back of it that suit, really taken it with you hundred dollars worth the effort.
I don't know it's buzzes defence said the word. The last two years and then you're just getting him for four at bats and there's no sign that he could be the anchor of a championship. Team he's going to be a Philly and that's the sad NEWS for me: the automatic the best managed the Mets just sat on the South yeah Were you have the best really fishing in the game sent went inside a matter. We have blown out the first six endings. It's weird. His eye just assume machado- that the ponderous thing is, though he has any player ever gone to the pod Rayson in his career thrive like been gone there like day when field started there, all these other guy, but I mean they're two hours away an I have known each other for sixteen years. We both like going to baseball games and eating a baseball games and we have never gonna Petko part yeah. Really well. You know what the only time I was airs Desgas. I hate that I was there when the egg is one game, foreign swept them,
yeah I don't even know what I was doing. I drew had nothing to do other ninety last question did our age and James Baby Don Dixon? Did he loved green book, I don't know that he saw what I gotta there. Is it did you get any ask her pigs for him? No, I didn't know ass did he wished anybody luck after actually, there was a scene where the guy we're bigger ones and was littering right and got yelled out for the area as babies favorite say: that's brought that had to be as very soon the whole you you got. Should we take, M about baby. There saying the Oscars don't need a host anymore. You Jimmy's unprotected. Yet again, he really did it unbelievable. Oh, that's a fact. Dad thought that that's not his far fuck that fact those illegal they'll be begging us next week you watch So we can watch you are market in this week, licking your Glenn close wounds,
that against all odds, four thirty, five, thirty against a large, we'll talk, baseball, we'll talk, basketball and f I'll. Take this as an about ass. My wanna bet nothing. Well. Actually you view the same guy who, out of five Asker Parlez enable this is the wrong it's about time this Orlando team on the money line, as awaited guys really is, is a flashing sign that you mean Again we problem. If you ask me, I could be official, didn't wasn't christian hackenberg like starting games. He was not anymore that right now they took him out. The cat over whose urim hacker can hack it. Now you can guess who's the jet guy. I can remember of Genome Smith. Nano the jet depends steak. I that they, just the now. What am I think about this ring a ringing endorsement of F robots. It's out all met Hamburg right. There's a hackenberg do a lot of birds.
All I'm state. This is should be the fact and birds me, the commerce for the close sad thanks recover What does it take break tugboat seek the way to go, as I've told you forever for years Millie the tickets. In one place, you can easily find the seats you want for a price you're willing to pay. Get you closer. The action for a great by the make your ticket buying spring it's easier than ever. They search multiple ticket sites grade every ticket based on value to help you immediately identify the best seats that fit your budget. Every purchase, fully guaranteed shop for tickets on Seatgeek with confidence. I have the app on my phone. I love it. I love it
a coating am weird. I love go into the seeking gap and just like in the sea like say I wonder, what's coming out of the Lakers game tonight, I wonder if people are actually leg snapped up these tickets for the Raptors Lakers, pretty interesting, the color coding and just what it looks like a different cities, Anna and very valuable as well. I have bought tickets. I am a big fan of donor, seek badger games last second, get two Extra Lfc Gets if I'm goin with my daughter and I want to more people, be like me my listers get ten hours off. Their first see give birth, purchase, I've just download the seeking cap N a promo code bs today, ten hours off your first seeking purchase promo code, BS seeking lesson of it. We have the tickets. So we ve couple things will talk about how the Sierra weaken away. We do not do something really fine red breakin attic offer time.
So, my mom, you guys idea that I see you with a guy your hands in earth hitting ball with that's bad what's that everywhere and farther river. Where that there can be some Gov. What was your take and everything that happened the last couple weeks with them with the NBA, with the with the the player movement than the comments and everybody talking about player, empowerment and some people, arguing that it's gone too far and other people saying this is great. We ve talked about this in the park as before, but now some other things have happened. We re standing right now. I think big picture wise again. I have talked about a couple times, as we saw have thought about it.
NBA season. Its is such this unique calendar season is so Epping long started in unlike the second week of October, and they re all star Break didn't come. Soon enough? He, I think guys like are legitimately but tee, the guy The players are fatigued, and so like that, I think Explanation for Durrant losing his patience in and it was a perfectly innocent quest yeah, surrounded by all friendly reporters, and he just lost his shit for really no discernible reason, I think, is cause they're. Just they were so tired, they're, just physically tired because of the length of the season, so the I think to me. That's like the context that we operate, and then this attempted power play with
any Davis and clutched sports in and what Leubronn clearly had in mind in terms of a design for the lake, your team that he hoped to sort of riding the plan, and now this is interesting thing again with the schedule thing. It really is a sprint from the last hour break to the start of the play off its less than thirty games, and so, if the Lakers had pulled off, they earthly Davis Coup that they attempted they were they be in great shape to go out to make the players and really be running in the form for a terrific play off run God bless the new or how it can go Bill dams either. What I thought you weren't, you know what He earned all of his money workin for that franchise, which, by sort of design, has this function on it, because it's really a football franchise that
happens to have a basketball team, as is an amusement as an army. That aside, gig here really is aside its aside plate the pudding in food terms. By like So what, with in a big picture, since I don't mind there's having an opinion about where they they I want to go. I don't lie the way that Anthony Davison Representation attempted to maneuver this later you a grenade, but now they are dream on this week, other everybody that does happen in further last year. What's that mean they stole Grimaud clutched Hookah Jim? green this week. Ah, he signed to clutch reactors his representative I'd she's he's appreciation. Is that a free age, I think that's gonna word I I I you you're, the body language doctor you haven't, we
seeing this golden stay team. Do you think that they're gonna Miss dream on when it when he bids Adieu. You know I was watching a couple: Pretoria gone state games and relatively areas refunds for funds each year and if they take set map for this third title. I think there's a world if you're golden state person we were like we can. We want three actually one slash four, because you also wanted two thousand and fifteen made the seventy three wind thing: team of the decade, one of the best teams ever and now it's just ride this Stephen curry thing- and this is the greatest backcourt of all time, potentially and we'll just figure out what pieces to put around them and that'll be our team and we're good. And if Let's leave the question for me: would dream on his has again at age as a player you now I we were watching it. I it's not as much doesn't look great MIKE Stats suggests
three years ago You could say he had an aberration with those with his three points shooting, but I just work like that wear and tear that of being the undersized centre. Other time Lana death or the play games. Eddies played the fact, he's never gonna be legged, Dahmer up, it's a pervert. The guy was taken in it. This is there now like at all, but there a little anxious for what kind of the effect they had, but like member and Ben Wallace when he had that run on the he's in the boule for a little bit and then the magic and then he went to the pistons, but he had like that five year run where he was just you know awesome, and then he sends a big contract, but then it just like he faded a little, but because his game that complex the fading of a little was actually a lot. Any just wasn't an impact I anymore, and I wonder.
Draymond at six seven? What is his game in two to three to four years, especially for painting twenty five million year for guys averaging, like nine points, a game, ten point, the game, whatever I wouldn't be surprised if they kind of look the other way. My question is want to grant to come back interesting. Why? Wouldn't they want to rent to come by think they would be, but are they gonna? Be like that stated if he leaves. I guess is my question None, I were out they their build their not light years, Add but they really are as long as you have clay and stuff, then you have a compelling story: you're a top. Franchise in the west for the foreseeable future but you also yeah this new awesome building. You have one the best twenty guys. I'm all time now staff we were the best backwards ever really smart or organization. Indeed, look at this. Just go, this is
we're not even happy this year. It's your three. What are we going to be like in year? Six with this nucleus like we can barely make it to the finish line two years, three this is a good chance. Katy leaves thanks for the titles. James I believe in a year, will see, but maybe there the chance. The Carter reset reinvent cure that makes sense to me yeah they they still still be the team of the decade. Boogie can't come back. Air unless it's just for a hundred and twenty percent of what makes which he makes like five million bucks. A share so he's leave he's leaving a hundred per cent and then he looked at the other. My area logic was angels Laker, while they could. I had him last year you sit there. They should think this charge, that team a really have to look at that where
every basically every move they made. No, I my question is who's the team in the next five years in the west, whose your money on We'll go the same way to me. It's gonna, be still. I dont use data is a world where the rents, I think, he's like ninety two. Ninety five percent, his on the next extra, need to know how staff curries legs are. That's the only thing that thirty one next year here, five years, so who's the team of the next five years in the west. It's funny like, I'm not gonna, say Denver, but we're in this position midway through the decades right. Two thousand thirteen fourteen range when the spurs one there too, on fourteen, and we knew that was kind of probability and that run Duncan was playing on one leg still doing amazingly, but who I was going be
Nice guy they're gonna bring ardor gin at in the fifteen sixteen season, but it still further, There is room for a new team in turn out. It was gone state, but you know sound. I bet on them when the title to those fifteen there- thirty one, I say people see that coming so, whose, though we didn't see that coming to him maybe your wife, knowing what could be the clippers with quite seems like he's coming, there is still some pieces. The clippers need to assemble, though, but I know if I look at look at that that will slip into an aggressive mode right away. The clippers with bomber certainly fit the bill and the debt and allay as a destination. You know that doesn't have abroad, think on it. I have it. I have another candidate, ok, you're left, I dont think Sacramentos far away, I'm not laughing
I thought I think, watching Bagley month by month. I should think you might have a chest beast sure player so funny, because I still think they made a mass of mistake that taken LUCA Lukas, generous superstar. That's true badly is fucking good he's really talked about this in the trade veil ass, my bike, while bags or a gibbet others, fire on him. Then I was last month, but I was at the jerks. Are we'll go reason because he keeps his easy. What he's able ease bees shown the capacity to to sustain it is performed his? aim by game. It's a week by week better, but I so the words they played a few days ago. He was a problem for them. They got like a real like genuine problem like we can't keep this guy away from the rim, had a problem and then he's thrown the body Fox Pat backward,
and then he look there s a team with their barons who then the shared next year they have our bogey, who the closet the pass king Svenska bogey knockout CUP other guys, but that's it because they are Fox and a Ricky contract. If he'll they don't have to pay. Yet that's a team that kid they made did do some manoeuvring, you now and maybe get one more guy. You know I'm not laughing. You know who they remind me of their remit of the gone state warriors. In that light, as an authority that Mark Jackson, TV or even the first year when they like beat, I think they'd be Denver, and then they smoke by the spurs. I would only be whether, when they re, maybe Dallas when they be Dirk yea, and BP. Here. I think the their team that has to be taken seriously is ok, see as a team of the next like for you just cause of what's happened powder, but for this is the thing with with ok, see and we're gonna have an opportune,
to do a bit of a deeper dive on them this week. I M very excited about this and I am not going to say anything more about it because I don't want to tease of further by our gonna talk. Oklahoma City you and I will be no, each other's company. I think we are right on the brink of the end of Russell Westbrook wow I just he in n n. I only end of him as like in impact superstar. Yes, yeah that he eat just can't, keep up this pace. But what, if he's your second best guy? He well so they have to two things have to to make it. They have to change to make him viable. He needs to go eighty percent of what he is going right now and he needs to be able to shoot a three point shot. He can't be the historically worst three point shooter in the modern era and be
make a meaningful contribution to the team. If he can't be a super duper dynamic, athletic dervish, then he needs to be able to shoot. I can't believe you're put in me in the position of being a rustle Westbrook defender. Dare you I think the impact that he as overall, he is one of the all time table guys we ve ever had- and I remember right in this decade I think I wrote in two thousand and twelve and the final as I wrote the the ninety sat column about everybody's Ninib day. Everybody has ten percent of things. You wish you could change about them and some people's ten percent is more glaring than others whose basically they consider the car His ten percent has always been the most glaring of just to anybody, but fact the deed. Ways so hard and it really is in just like you watch how hard ok see plays and it's coming from him
George, all those other guys are. China match what he's doing. He's averaging eleven Rebecca Game this year. I don't feel like they're like trying to get him the bp at a really just seems like this is, I think, its opposite. I think he is dragging Paul George into the M Bp. Bulgaria, Paul George legitimately, deserves the last six weeks of em. Bp Buzz he's, earn it Russell brought deliver that for him you want to be on the record here as as sounding like I'm anything other than that Russell Westbrook supporter all I'm saying about ok diseases attacked you asked for that. Five years, and I concern is Russell Westbrook in the next five years that was you put it to and I gave my answer to that's. Roscoe welfare deserves half of those Other Am Bp award of Paul George wins it because he has elevated Paul Georgia's Play and Paul. George is playing absolutely at an end bp level. Right now, I'm shocked
how good he is aware of this, as I we first started talking about this six weeks ago. This black ass and then I think I do I was saying that I thought he was hands down the number three choice for every pay. If the season ended, I'm I'm not ready to put him in the heart and yadda conversation, because I think more is a chance to get to. Like sixty four winds potential is about that, but would shocking to me is. The EU is yadda of forward. I mean, I don't even know who can only call him a forward where one is what is called cacambo just don't com. For dinner com when every one SEC he's a collar mud com, a chicken. And which I don't care. What you call me delicious everything about him is fantastic. You see him at the top of the key is re nice row but I must add that breast cancer
over time. You looks like he's trying to throw a golf ball, a golf like the it's like the mailboxes irrevocably. I think Podgy is the best traditional forward. The season I think, he's passed. A rare thing is possible I will now in the play ass. I still one Katy or Repair George Desgas. I history of shared is rarely units it resume. But, as I said, I might say you tat game, frightened, eight, I really fellow part We're just gonna win the game for them in the inn. Regulation, no t it's he's got to some level fur for fans watching where your leg God knows is one of the best personally now so the potential we always thought he had. Then we had to go on on hiatus for two years, gives you a deep broke, his land that he was gonna? Be this good, though we I gotta say I never ever thought he was gonna, be this guy, don't know as its we, that is the problem. As you, you can early
career, think about what his ceiling might look like his you don't know what kind of other great players he might be playing with. He wasn't playing you know any you never had a teammate like Russia, Westbrook early in his career that their causes. I want to go on record what was uppermost in this and recession. Yet- and I were I just want to demonstrate the consistency of my logic. I am going to be very upset if James Harden Winds and BP, the sheer ok, I'm I'm just gonna about gonna to be out there in that, for the same reason that I excuse created the NBA voting community and declare them hoops perverts yet for their support of Russell Westbrook. The same thing now applies as far as I am personally concern with harden. He did a terrific Job of dragging his franchise back into the play off picture, he said
handedly did the only thing that team had available to them in terms of making them competitive this season, and I absolutely honour and respect what they did in what he personally did. But him didn't ten points inside of seventy five. And so you keep that thirty point Street going three years ago that twice about that night that that's perverted far as I'm concerned these animals Davers Westbrook, chasing rebalancing like fifty seconds, I'm not bow with chasing the numbers. That's that's perverting the I think you're with me That's the only time we support it is if somebody has a chance to score like second, seventy points if a horse every fire. You know that you're having a game here, Libya and stay in the try to get all your points. This review may never be in this spot again in China, maneuver history with these stupid streaks either thing is the street nobody knew was a streak, bright, etc
The EU is chested only WAR Chamberlain, it's like I did know. This was anything until you just told me that sure this is a streak that will let you know that's because we're in this era, where another a whole bunch of factors that contribute to hire scoring the pace efficiency of the game on the offensive side of the bar, the way the teams of God and smarter These games are like he how much Would we have won the bedding the over in every game? The seas might be interested. I gotta we gotta cocked, call up action, network get Melvin on this? If you Betty over on every single NBA game this seas and how much would you be up you'll be up, I assure you now now that the January from the axe network is get a red piece about this, as I did, He listened to her pad, we challenged him and then he writes the piece I want to know these. The over is is is up by some meaningful number. This season. I guarantee it
so hard and has a chance. What what's so he's gonna, be the second choice, I think the address is gonna. Win harden be second, ok that will give hard in a first for em VP in three second place finishes. Seventy four different seasons he's been wanna, talk to guess, that's pretty get. That often is better than pretty good yeah I mean so like Kevin Garnett. He had a first place to second place in the third place. David Robinson first place to second places to third places, shack a first place to second places and three third places Rebecca cheated. Also a shave is Jack, was always treated differently and then Doran had a first and for second places so hard. Women up the less like, if I was doing the pyramid again his the conversation now for top four or five guards.
Tat. We really really really allow they laugh Razumihin. Now we really need him to have one stand out: stellar she's, the guy and he's the man he he was the difference maker. Serious. We need that out. I am what this is out of all the years. This is the year I agree with the warriors. I agree with you. There begging anybody to steal this title from the let's look at the Rockets odds to win the western cookout, their renown of interested This data look at every performance against golden State Saturday night caught my attention bill. Sediments Kenneth for Reed has found himself he would have been out our team Ferko gee. I would have had him like two years ago, my god he here my much ass hair. All these day, there's a place. These deeds in the you? If you have the right kind of team with report, shooters like this type, a guy's gonna at least be somewhere effective, Why and- and it's making us you know of kind of fruit- forget the myths step that use.
And started off on the season with they. They really. Mr reason, they really miss MOB Muti. They lost identity. But boy, oh boy, does the snow Chris Paul is bad cuz, all of good by the way. Saturday night, I thought I don't trust it. You don't think it well he's just got to stay. Healthy So he's gotta basically stay like this now for formats known, you know what I know its, not necessarily he eat he they know what they will get one more damage area. The way like the next big thing, We are just rest rest with rest and worthless, like both be deliberate with him I will say this in order to equip break the the complete, abject, unadulterated lack of here from these themes that apply in the world is now really jumps out to me week after week that anybody who's paying them really thinks they're gonna beat them they're, not afraid
care by your line up a death there not intimidated by Durrant, incurring clay and their use them. In that style. Now because you personally place our way they see at night after night after night, it's not like different or special anymore. It's not like you know it. Ninety nine rams when they on what their dna in areas where the fuck is this, and it is people just stages rolled from the regular season, people just added, seen it in that form, and then people eventually got used to it. They figure out a plan. And with the where's it just it's. A really bad for them, because I will say this in the bulls: three p: evil in the bulls were tired and Pippin Miss the first two and a half months of that third season of the second three PETE. They still had the M J Fairfax, there and it was still like he was still your dad who might come down with the belt, beat the shit out of you. If you made a mad the warriors out like that, while they ve never,
like that they have they had they weren't but from the town lies there so overwhelming that data, would they they were just very would be. A barrage should be a belt barrage right, but they did it she's, not the same it's. I agree. I think the shack Kobe Lakers when you think about like oh one, what they did in the playoffs there real fear factor by the end of that, and the only team that really kind of kick them in the mouth was that Kingston in oh, Do they were like fuck? You guys were as good as you and I woke was, like the add, the old MIKE tasted. Everyone has a point that they get hit. This worst him nobody's afraid of them uses deftly not Oklahoma. City is definitely not, and I think tat, While there may be a bad match up for battle. A sailor actually so not afraid of them that it actually may be a disadvantage from the figure to be cocky yeah. I really think they're going to go into that serious, be like we're tougher than these deeds were bigger. We ve had a lot
success over the years we match up really well with them and we're gonna beat these guys were actually maybe Duke area. The sixty gay mark now begin. This just start the playoffs. Next week, with my work anywhere, where what supported jarred jerk about the bronze gonna the play off. Let's just go ahead and call it now. What's that, where talk about the Lakers is secular cigarette, we're integrate to talk about Roman erected dysfunction. More common than you think. Fifty two percent of men will experience rector dysfunction at some point in their life.
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To take care of it. Today, Rome has given the bs package listeners a free. I my visit and free to shipping she's gotta get Roma Dotcom Slash bill. So this caught my eye, talk to me. Lakers next, head coach odds are out up spat law tough times for LUCA Vegas, so disrespect Tyrone lose your favorite of one. How can that be? Luke is plus three. Fifty two come back. This is the first game of the toothache nineteen twenty season in dealing with the Lakers coach me is that the building a hobby, the Lakers head coach for game, one of next season- ok, Mark Jackson, forty one, I don't think he works it Jake, it forward. Brian Shaw tend to one ten to you like that pick. J red Fifty one July, Howard, fifteen within it just gets stupid. Some they add stock rivers is twenty five to one. You, like Branshaw, make case,
I, like Brian Shaw, because jail and rose, has been talking about Brian Shaw since the brow enjoying the Lakers he's made the point multiple times that when a comes off the court who he goes to speak with on the coaching staff, is Shaw. Oh that's your tie, Lou! That's what he's through TAT! I love you: jail met his eye lashes at the bar at Bradshaw, your body jail and made the same point and jail. Intense know things. He d gets these kinds of things right. I wouldn't be surprised now, look when when they missed the payoffs lukewarm is not going to be the head coach of the LOS Angeles Lakers going in excuse me, will you job, as a result of that, through no fault of his own honestly, and that the first person who made this plenum knock me the last. Nobody ever blames the front office If it's a wrathful linkage should lose his job, can you do worse than this year?
Could you could well? The answer is yes, you traded Daniel Russell to give it a mosque contract to create calves space to decide a bunch of jack offs. What about this? They could had Boogie cousins, Red brick Lopez, they fabric Lopez, they can have lots of people There is much that Paul Georgian the Brown and they wished on Paul George. They get there whether a block that whatever is she's funny change the coach and RAP Waco, probably at five I've. Really this quote. So let me take you back to two thousand, Thirteen house, okay, if the time ago, yeah files before game for the fires heat spurs, the nets higher Jason kid to be their new head coach. He's worth Lebron James had to say about it. Think it's amazing, honestly Jake it is under
leave one of the best he mates I ever played with on the way to a big team he's one of the best friends out have on and off the four he's a student of the game. His basque by Q is crazy and I think it's gonna make The easy transition friend would be a coach. It's a great thing for him. And then he said, I you play the game. You're smarter than you made transition, much easier, though by just said about nice things about Jessica, Sir Apparently they were very tight on the OIE team. I did some research and some buzz. Last week I told you there are some buzz about Jamestown, which I stand by European ticker yeah. About couch Tuesday night Bill, Cinemas pop our shower than on our son of a bitch yea nobody rate emissary denied at the next morning and then people will they deny that sick, of course, that fucking denied that neither selling it all
It was that he was courting offers in there in rich guy circles, people put it together bids for the team and that's a fucking fact. I stand by it. He status, but I dont know if I don't make shit up on the part of Catholic. Therefore, data, the feelers are out. He's made it clear that if, he hits his price. He would. Really consider selling the neck lower the price two and a half now, morning he wants five. The thing is: u he did, this is pure magazine, peace, where he threw the five out that was like. That was like but he sang with the building some girl in college that you're in love with his leg. Yeah I mean I might break up with my boyfriend will see like just kind of out there. I data the girl like that What, if I go her, I think I think forward. Do it there, for
way we're not what the building their own rich guy circles. People are put together, beds treasure. We think he wants to sell the team. So that's what airport it I didn't say I was gonna, sell the team. I never used the words James stolen. His cell in the next two cities he's courting offers for his court in the idea of it his ease basis, Putting a big comeback: my socks off and people are at their rich guy circles, missed it for the ranch and they're trying to put together like big ass bits for him. So there you go. I stand by what I said I'm excited F, you emissary, I'm excited for it. She kid without so J created at the guy. You hear it being stir
Rumours out there now there's wherever I don't. I don't feel good about that, but there there's deftly bene pretty persistent J kid rumour add that is now the only made is project kid, as as ahead coastal either case. I thought it was absurd because he really seem like he ran his course of blocky bed. As that, that's your professional up at all. When the J K Gossip started. That's a lead me to research. I was like. Are these guys friends and that's when I found they had all this history together? I don't know what they do I will take this. From day one. It seems that they ve. Never the inner lukewarm was heard before the MAGIC blinkered, combat you're. So that's ever get When you are in charge you you wanna happier yeah, you did your dude, that's fine, you and have your people in place. I'm not ready to have the what's the best. Fine us back conversation. I want to? I want to watch a couple more weeks, a games. I think this ethics are across all the while. Yes, like that,
you have your last last night. I think the chemistry is is kind of it mad about this point, one at that I read: leg was the three interview idea? He had kind of killed it. Who told him he was in charge by the way. Is that happened to stop talking? What happened here that this is the curious? Thing about the empowerment of the players- and you know them with choosing their direction On the one hand, from like a basic. You know I support the idea of you guys having a say, in what they do for a living. You know where they go of courage and suffering. We are there that that proposition and in it you know that the sports links have been historically grossly unfair in that respect forever. So No in that. In that way, I there's an interesting element to it, but carry walked away
Braun James walked away from without a chance to go to the finals said I want to go to Lawson double Bass and I'm gonna find with Boston and in the space of six months. Has it's been. It's been like four ok, the self employed are like three and a half bizarre appointed leader, the self appointed spokesmen for the team Hickory Basic on the team who legitimately should and could the leader of a team, our vote. Yes, of course, whose actually believe me very seated. Your arrival there and do away with Just a normal kind. Free agency process didn't forces way out of of situation, and you know took the team pretty damn far. I wasn't kings, and until the two games for the Astor Break, when he didn't play and they played like, if they didn't win the game there they were, are gonna, be blown up in the lap grammar
thing like tat there, the urgency that they had this a few urgency in those two games really was I want a Sixers game was especially impressive. This is one of the word is situations I've been in as a Finn, they ve had like nine or ten lecture the terrible loss as a share of like fourth quarter collapses, are like the boy Last weekend, the browser like intensely trying to lose their they're trying to tag. As is weird, so that's that's situation is strange and I had a like what merited gave them in the game. Against Celtics on Thursday. Eight is couple stretches. In the game when he came in and ages when you have a vote as well, whereby the rotation has been their aside, even about like whether he plays crunch time or not, but to be every twenty minutes at us but he whose good, whose ban in situations made big shots at like their team, whose son
rather than has been really really really impressive. I gotta say he's better that thought he was every debate. He he's a guy that has greatly enriched Buffy yeah the situation situation around him got so great all at once, and he's been up to the task. The thing I was so by with Milwaukee having had merited for all of five games, maybe yeah. If that many there already, hunting him like yeah on all the other four guys wherever they are on the corner, going where's merited yeah we're gonna get the border that ducas. Where I get em off cause, we know we had two. He might hit ten an that's our pathway to turn to two when in these games, goin away Yeah, this is shock to me. Oh mere words, we always talk about. Who is yes? What's this comparison, woozy lake there's really no answer for it, but I he's like young shack like if he's with
in six seven feet the rim he's Dunkin you're, not stopping it he's talking with either hand is ducking off balance. I mean it's: it's our boy goals, berries, favorites, TAT, the air that honest you know the asked again made me think of her watching him just like it just like you could add fifty ducks and geese, we just how he's rather above them, but then also leg in fast breaks. The fear that he causes in transition, which is reminiscent of like young abroad and just a couple guys we have had over the years. Somebody s scary was saying to me. The wilt compared it's out. Noah who works for the ringer was talkin cause. He he worked out the encloses basket. Of storing how cool so saw work footage. And was saying how ya this and will watching will in the sixties, justice, in these six foot a wake as
like how he was just around the rim so easily just constantly that he was right. There, too, I think we just have to start thinking of yadda psyches like a legitimate centre. Now that you are not a forward yeah, I got that's fine I'll go along with that he's overpowering like the great centres that we ve had. The history, the whig, whether its young shack, David rabbits and if he only had to him if he wanted to, he could have a shooting percentage of like sixty five to seventy three percent right. You know, if that's what you wanted to do it right. If you wanted to get all this twenty eight point, two game around the room, he could shoot. Five percent. I think that team is going to be near impossible to beat in the playoffs if they can get on court further for the firstly rats. So it's them. In Toronto I mean they're. There has analysed the sprint to the anti anything with the Addison. Discuss back to the shack will thing he so hard who officiate because of
How he's always around the rim, with bodies around I'm getting head and and reaching over people and you're just getting those calls at home, and this is a guy who, probably in the playoffs, is going to be like sixteen free throws a game at home. I do have a question for you speaking of Toronto. Are we disrespecting why the season Putting him an egg in and BP conversation is it this rather, I feel like it, but I do think, doors open for him, never run. I think the thing with envy p is. You need to have like the four five six week run. Where you cannot sit people socks off, and then you start that you jump start the conversation about yourself and he really ass. It had that. You have a date if he carries them the best record the NBA, which is very available it is available. I mean
over the next twenty twenty two games. It's available, I don't, I think more work is gonna get it. Then work is forty five and fourteen. The rafters are forty four and seventy mark is twentieth: twenty five, five home. What is us at all Nine on the road which I think it's a good rotate get thirty winds on the road is, is special, better monarchies hundred seventeen again in the given up windows: seven, there thereat their plus nine point, seven point differential which, like when you get in the tenth year on a rare, list the warriors are only at six point eight, so there- and you know that at this stretch, where they're just can be planned, a bunch a shitty. Instead, we have two more tab. Is we're turbines iron? We had about craft, we have to have the right
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so try simply safe sea habit. It feels that fear, less good, simply saved outcome. Slash be asked to learn more than simply safe with two eyes, simply safe. Dhaka, Slash B s desire, I thought. Did you again game. I I did. Of course I did as through Carolina Duke with the most interesting cars persons since Kevin. Yes, I walked a game. I made the mist going on social media much too much again and it turned into immediate Fernando my whether college best my purse, you get paid while they should. But what was that? Well, I was just like you and me: lay it turns in this whole thing is we have to have the most hysterical reactions at all times in my, reaction was just like. I was just bombed cause. I was so far for the game. I knew people that were there and they were like. It was devastating sure of is like this was exiled birthday, party and z
and showed up, and there was two hundred people there and there was like a guy with a Batman costume, but I got a Superman costume and there's a big fan of I saw there was bedimmed. Wasn't baby came for there now may hear people people getting eating Our torches and right is already showed up like he found his head and had to be taken to hospital. That was either the birthday party, that's There really was like bad. I feel it got lost a little bit that it was? You devastating that this is kind of like his his basket bombardment. They really wiseguy cruelly taken away from him. Either we were so I dont know I wouldn't gravity thou and then the other thing is in this might just be a younger person thing where it's always about two best, for you do its best for you. I am so I'm old school a nominal far and so are you. I still feel like theirs
in matters about like the relationships you have with teammates and guys that, even if the everybody I for one year there still there still relationships, you're gonna have fifty years from now, and the shared experience, however, and people are making the case exile should be out of their. You sure he's he's proven. When he's, guy would it needs for Duke you should go, and it's like well, then, his great. But Zaire from everything we know is an awesome. Competitor, loves basketball, it is really really close with these guys. And now you're asking in disbelief, k fuck, you guys. I see later good luck in the tournament like bottle figure. Is asking him. It's a perfectly would be a perfectly rational decision for him to never play college basketball again. The east. These debts, doesn't, I agree, but I asked we'll be it would be perfectly rational. Firmness say you know what these are. My dudes, I'm not we! I I wonder when a title with these guys, a people can talk about our first vote,
There is really no injury. He could have been a college game other than like the the will is there the Baron Davis. When is the exploited, our strong Livingston. Are the shore the Shine Livingston one day like I have to have an injury lead automatically K. I can only say that the odds are like detestable nine and then you imagine even both preceding this injury. He has some kind of Isabel Insurance policy in place. You you hope you have to figure. You know somewhere over the course of the season. You know he hated his his The folks surrounding him- and it seems like he has a pretty great support network- recognize what you know his potential, there's. Some kind of insurance policy in place to offset any kind of catastrophic thing God for did that might occur. I I'll. Tell you as a kid at that age, and I'm like you, I just would want.
Play ball with my friends yeah. I just want a ball with my back is my point. My college is the very best most fun if I could go to tomorrow and know that I had three or four more years of it. I would guy would go at a heart, beat I figure out a way for my wife. My kid be somewhere on campus, but God bless. I want to go back to cause a b with my friends. One thing this is the funniest thing in this argument to me: he's been playin basketball his whole life is banned. Games constantly. He said all kinds: teammates he's prob complaint a since he was like eleven. If he should imply anymore. He should be worked out for the draft avenues flash for you. He stopped.
You're playing in basketball games, they'll be pickup, gave out you don't get hurt. No, yes, but the risk proposition is different like why, because it's here asked by learning, I feel you know this. No, it is a difference between all look, it's a difference at home or to put it in That was our relate for you and I is a difference between client on three in the field house angle, up in playing our interim your games against the football team there at a different level of intensity. There's a different level is a different skill set like it's a whole different thing enabling North Carolina. National television went berserk Obama is sitting in the second round mother ever indifferent, Fang at different rates, frail basketball and I still think he's playing for more. We ve seen this dude. I dont think he has gears well, yeah. I, these playing interference in the friggin, Duke Field House, he's playing
speed. Is that, like our ears by some, were pointing to eleven and it is as I guess, eleven format desire acts Xyz lying dead, that's trying in any game he's in so basically You me if you're telling me that he should employ best while for Duke anymore. Is that he? didn't do anything until he gets drafted? we find this work out with idle. Did the deeds wire that, where you ask by the basketball, regardless need both both both are our right. Both both are the right answer. As long as he has assurance and plus eating for insurance, both both things can be the rainy fees. Ninety percent healthy, don't play these ninety two percent out? They don't play. I agree with the right. If he's healthy a week from now and the doctors I goonies on upset healthy and he has five different opinions I can play anywhere about the opinions is his competence of these. If he's plan, for if these practices and with his dues and he's like, oh, I feel good- they go play play if you want to play.
Play play and by the way, here's the thing that I think is compelling The nations attention turns the college basketball into weak Reda and Anne and everybody we'll be watching and end its. It is just a great moment there it's an unparalleled marketing offer unity. If you want to think about it, I read everything else. The absolute and the other thing is And then I'll let this go. I do think there's theirs. Some worthwhile benefits to playing in big stages in testing yours, in the recent past, but against defences disliked him you're talking about little stepping stones year career. Like look, that last year, I'm so glad you use and painting ninety Games have Europe that's ruined through that went through the Turkmen one at tournaments. Now my men, by the way you played against its who could like under caught him ever and at some point you know, could about in a situation where it open, like I'm gonna, be a top five picking the Abbe, I'm just
you guys, I'm Dynamiter, leave leg, guess what the thing we love but that duties as competitive, as I only want to title so, do I just think like. It's it's really weird! That's the way people talk about sports now that it's a totally logical situation that science legislate quit on his friends. Well, aren't you now. If he quitting on his friends, he got injured, you got hurt nothing quitting if he comes back? air. If he's a hundred percent up any could come back in a week in their late there's no rescue these stable, you can come back in a week. Any just like I'm out now. I've already proven what I've made to prove. I dont think Why, though, and I don't think he's gonna do they may not be, but I that would be fine with me if that's what he chose to do. I wouldn't worry problem with that but you see either side. Of course I do. I just articulated it. I agree with you. I wouldn't
play, but people going into play, people are making, it seem like he'd, be fucking crazy to play, and that's what I don't get it's like everybody's decision, if you play with his friends than he should do that, it would only be crazy if you didn't have sufficient insurance and place. He should have a De million dollar insurance policy without the you know, without hesitation reservation. I hope it's that big now this would be great if he said I'm in a plague, Eminem that what's wearing this fucking neck is again siding with the data ceramic caught when in the well, I'm gonna be wearing Adidas in this game coach again, so you can eat. So does this mean I can't play and that where those again I submit splendid on my foot, I almost broke, I must broke. My knee of this is the thing right whose more incentive in August, I gotta, give my boy you copy of some props on this. Who is more and said they give him a big gigantic, unprecedented Should the Oda Nike, who is the price of
issued the wind from a hundred million to three hundred million because he needs to show up on whatever team he placed his first professional game with wherein Nike and here's the other thing. There are. Then this is my last point because I am just really I done lazy now says from people here. Not getting the three hundred million our Nike contract. If he doesn't play this year in college, I think our ports is reprehensible. I think it's fuckin stupid. I think it's crazy that somebody he go to school for seven months and then in March, and then say that they went the duke to it's ridiculous, he's gonna, be there first semester to have he's using them for basketball. He sees it spotlight that they have he's parlay that into an awesome awesome us financial windfall! That's coming to him when he signs, probably the biggest shoe contract anyone ever side coming out of college. None of this happen if he doesn't go to college. So
we'll do this all my god? What are these guys get the rim get paid? It's like he Actually gonna get a three hundred billion dollar catch, our data there so You can use example for ninety percent of the couch deeds, but at least for him I would say, go Duke, was a really smart business decision and he's getting everything you would ever one out of it, even if he's not getting paid this year with that said, I hate couch I mean the ISA is a generational talent, so it's tough tat to him. You know derived very by making it see my keys. You know eaten spam. What's that mean and Jake and toilet water, so porn site. That is going to be fine. Don't worry Nowhere resides gonna, have a huge house. Texture, doesn't change any underlying exploited generations of his fair, we're gonna be said. He I will say: basketball is different in that respect, where it's not like the grossly unfair football system. Where that kid from Clemson,
be the number one draft pick revise our further aggravate that's fucking disaster football is represents. Boys dataset voting. I oral. They don't point WAR games. I fully support all eyes God. I love fur, like all twenty of the best guys on a tv, went up, oh game. What's our here was the point of view ballgame cigarette every Ahab exactly but ask These dates his thing they're playing costly Fifty two weeks a year since there like aged twelve and they're gonna keep playing, whether their plane for Duke or ever naked argue yet North Carolina, bigger than maybe there's a slight chance of a job. I would say: there's of chance of injury playing in these dumb stupid in games that probably playing at Duke, where he's going to get sick. The left guard of the football team. This is this ridiculous, but the basketball does have kind of an eight eight month window of great television. Exposure for like fifteen program
You have your guy, the with pro ambition that once that is pretty unparalleled exposure, like think about all the scepticism that Luke advantage faced coming into league and the funny mean that the smart, basketball, folks reusing, was why saw him. It gets Missouri in February I never saw a local best up a glass. You know this college diseases they prove to me. You know that I was TAT was funny what he did was more impressive, yet any this couch suffer sir, but which we did not win didn't all we knew four of his game was what you tube offered up to us like. This is the thing that they I why some MBA Tv, LUCA Bushes, but I've? What I'm saying, though, is it's not all is big Monday. It's not now tat. I was ready, it's not the thirty nine prime time. It's not! You know they ac see big ten match up. It's not like you Your tried and true tell it asian vehicle where it all I know is. I wish college basketball game so that ruling forty
minutes and there's forty fucking time outside for three and a half minutes and acid action, this is it's it's the most broken system. Sit on my life. The fowls still where's referees are so bad and cause basketball. It's just a million vowed avoided stops every four minutes on watch. My god, I'm having fun up or foul look a thing, I thought it was funny when he said just come to Europe. God I was terrific by them, he's right. How about you out to make money right away? Go to Fucking Europe Sancho some enterprising cable operator is going to put that league on television on a map. In our there's gonna be available on a platform that that's like more widely known at a reasonable price- and you know it's, it should God, the G leg,
I mean this- is I it's saying to me that the NBA owners who have made so much money on there eyes. Their teams have not figured out that I'll have to do is twenty million a person into the G league, and really a real official? this is awesome. Let's get kids read out a high school in now the being I do keys, I'm freaking El Paso or whatever therefore year and he belongs to a team and or whatever I just say, that's a small businesses, Everybody needs content, as we saw by sound budgeting. Have you see ever seen the F C blanket refund, on the Julie go about doing Bob. Craftily click. Ok, how much
cousin saw conversational we're gonna, keep where very they re doing it over again. Ah now, yeah, indeed over the whole thing, there's a couple moments. We can keep waiting Kyle. We can keep this. Let me slice it up and we keep both illegal we could keep both we give folks someday occurs in it up. Fine fine. Is a seven year old man is lost his way. This is the point The conversation I'd find the maid lost his way. I've been watching the sopranos and I just finished it kinda eighty six season. I like this. I don't really is an uncle junior situation, you'd, let me die or down, I don't ah, but why not? I do think. Of the Sopranos is about, especially when, binge watching it, and it is an incredible binge watch I recommend that only been watching, but reading set the Wiles Book
like a little guide as you go, he's, got like these little four page chapters about each episode anyway, Then it's almost like the cliff doubts, furred stuff, you either kind of half thought about it, we thought about or whatever Ah, the surprises about mortality, unlike what is with the purpose of things in you know: put all your time? It's a doing this for thirty years, then you look around new. There get whacked should get thrown in jail where your cat, sir or person turns on your and Tony's case leg. You doing everything. Your family, then you end up with like Fredo. Is your son and nothing? You cages can't figure one possible good. They now pull out of this kids and its I. Why did I do others for every person I have around me is beneath their whacked or has gone crazy ears stabbed him in the back. My point is a bit
Is the craft thing in this sopranos the mortality of it? I think there is some. The mutual symbolism in that. I think you're uranium laid late seminars in you just like you're looking at the finish line and some people just go off, rails and I think he's gone off the rails orbit. You you, you dismissed the junior comparison, but I think you who is too too quick. You know like dementia, yeah, yeah well foot, but underneath of that, an early in the development of the show the tension there is at what point is a tie for the leader, too. You know to really be properly retired I mean bright. Nike egos from titular We get to show up and shake hands, still be the face of the franchise in a way to be like. Ok, you have to now recede. So
like these are allegations. Who knows they might get dropped, it might be the who the hell knows. This is why we have a criminal system, but I think worrisome about it- is that it wasn't shocking, because. Whose eyebrow raising there was, I brought a razor, but it wasn't like. Oh my god. I can't believe this, because this is somebody that had been acting kind of a radically in and bummer disobey that has been in the life of pages fans fur. That's about. Twenty five years and save the team, Has been a good honour for the most part in its is weird dad this person, whose, like seven hundred ninety three terrific jokes, were three days. I feel pretty great for me and I see it. I could see it all.
I hope I can. I hope regardless I her. I hope this is kind of a candid uses moment for everybody about where, like maybe, we need to rethink something's, sure sure great life is lead, seventy eight years, terrific. What do you want to happen car? I wanted to go away, they her I'd. Have you have house carbs here this week? we're gonna. Do we have food knows we have data jack amount, but nothing he ate this week, I'm gonna, couple unbelievable meals, I'm here in LOS California with you. So I have a gathering to talk about special guess: guest episode our own beloved. Our rapporteur is also here, hear LOS Angeles, he's gonna sit with us and be our special guess: hostess news and the best thing I this week next week, another
in a fair way, role will be talking about Bay ill in the run up to the players championship down active and which I think, there's not a lot about meddler momentum for the Gulf season, but it's about tat. It really gun role. I made a really starts with the event here in law, is that Riviera, yes, really the official, where all the guys come out, and then they had this event in Mexico they just concluded where seventy five of the best players in the world so and a leaderboard spectacular like all these great european players these are all your old friends are coming together starts to feel like it could be a major. Around the corner and by Golly, where six weeks out from the masters a tradition. Unlike any its call me again, ass, calm, Kiowa lasses call it could the navigation Mister MC cars. Cod cod Kyle
house base for thanks for coming out. We caught up a whole bunch of things. We can a lot of territory, we ever Ceylon I come in. We have a plan. On Tuesday the watch was was can be Wednesday disregard in reality by its then one more pack ass for me There is then I'm gonna to be in Boston, end the weak, interviewing Adam Silver FIR. The sun covered, so we can talk about a lot of stuff, actually poor empowerment. Why isn't? Why don't they have a super sized g league? I'm going to be asking a lot of these questions and I will see how he answers them. Hill filibuster mean but I have always gave he's a perfect, be reviewed, but just get the schedule tighten up or to his group a little better scarce. Taken too, of the seasons too long can be mid. October took two July the ratings are down which not sure what that means, because it feels like the interested size, its ever been in the week, but the ratings are down.
Just operators it out like ten percent, will be good play off. So maybe they do the games thanks s eye thanks to zip code of it it is obscured outcome. Sash bs, thanks to seek Ega, forget about promo code bs for ten hours after first seeking purchase thanks to Rome enough. We had about get Roma Dotcom, Slash bill for free visit and free today, ship and he had started excessively safe. Don't forget about simply safe dotcom, slash bs. Actually they have everything you need the stab fear at the front door, including twenty four. Seven protection was cured. Experts on stand by this and the authorities in an emergency simply say keeps working in parallel. The wifi goes down of a burger smashes your keypad scenario. Monsieur always, try simply save see how it feels to fear last go to simply say that calm, slash, bs, to learn more simply safe with two eyes simply say: Dhaka sash be ass, will be back with was alone in about thirty six forty eight hours
ways, Do you.
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