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HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Joe House to discuss the 10 best NBA players today (2:40), a Thanksgiving preview, and Million Dollar Picks (56:53). Then Bill sits down with actor Sterling K. Brown to discuss some of his past work including ‘Army Wives,’ ‘The People v. O.J. Simpson,’ as well as ‘This Is Us,’ NBA, NFL, and more (1:32:07). Finally they discuss Sterling’s new film, 'Waves' [SPOILERS] (2:16:40).

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there, millions of homes each year, CBS Health, is creating the future of health using a simple idea from the past kind like when the wildcat caught on a few years ago for power at sea. Health. Health is everything not also MRS Veil boy in all states were awesome. Are you by the book, a basketball to point out back ass? We put up a new one on Tuesday, there are Morey the toothache in eighteen rackets and a brief history of the advance that's revolution in the NBA, which you can basically tell the whole story, threw him was a very good pack ass. It was tape before the whole thing, so we did not address that, probably for the Basque as we attack but other so so that is up there. Now we have now I guess you can visit them on Apple specifies that show every wherever you, the book Basque Matthew, Point OPA gas, don't we but the ring and our common, the Ringer back ass network all week. And we have a
we watch was, I hope you didn't let your subscription lapsed, thou because December is load with gas stars and all kinds of stuff, so get ready for that as well. Come up here and talk to you ass renewal and window loathing giving were do little. Anna foul packs, the red, I believe our picture back and then early K, brown, delightful interview with him and if your wire fan, I would urge you to listen to this. So that's all coming up. First, our friends, for projects it's hard for me to imagine Thanksgiving Week TAT, giving way without the mayor I may now Joyce not working just eating
Watching sports and he enjoys sweets- and it's really everything comes up Joe acid Thanksgiving requires. As I like to call it. You know it's it's house giving in my I can tell you that all around telling everybody that that will within earshot is happy Giving everybody I'm great we did this a year ago, we're doing a modified version of it. This year, eight, you know we LUCA started out. Amazing yeah addresses on pays for another and they pcs, and we have already lebruns playing great again and you just keep hearing the word boys, the top ten, where ways the top five guy. I just thought you know what let's put: let's put all these names down and try to figure out who actually is a top ten player last year we try to do two thousand five hundred and twenty five, a little more complicated. This share and probably a little less interesting to attention to me as the top ten, and maybe even the top fifteen,
but ass, I sent you a preliminary lest which I'm sure you're looking Aurelio, would strike an open in front of me. So we all some caveats. We don't have covered the rat, we don't have curry we don't have Victoria depot. Yet we do not have quite Thompson so we're for short. And more notably, to shorten the top ten. So we have that the earth is it we always get confused when we talk about best twenty five guys ran out best hand, guys right now. Are we saying right now? Are we saying? list. We would make we're trying to win its hidell. Who is on that list. Verses who is on the way to Stanley Passer, urges dominant from night tonight, what should we go at because by my take, is either we should go with them from trying to win the title. Who were my top ten guys. I was gonna, go the other way, ok cause I want
to reward a handful of guys. I I'm an agreement on a top six. I very easily came up with a top six in that top six. A plot fits both care glories both whose playing great right now, but also who would you want to go to war with if you're looking for a title and then I have- three or four guys Maybe not I mean they would all be very important guys on title teams, but I want a reward them further roles that they ve been playing in pushing their teams forward in kind of an unexpected way, so that's the way that I organised this ten this at this new member of the twenty six. Two thousand. I teen juncture ripe, aware twentyth century the season, so I don't feel like this is premature. You know they re there two weeks ago? Maybe not, but now I feel like I have a nice or for the weak. I've been able to watch everybody. I have been able to see the important people over and over again, I either
we should do this. Let's go with right now and then read it. We'll make another list of the top ten guys of return would settle, thorough, ok, the title go that way. From going right. Now this moment I agree that the top sex I would have yacht us in the one spot out of aims hard and second Leubronn. Third Luke advantage for quite five Anthony Davis. Six. Would you think of that there's nothing to argue with Ike. We could quibble. You know it. You want to swap they Davis and Luke complies missed. Games already may be quite should be six out of the top six, like you wicked split hairs, but what's the point that was at the top six their day, there are the most impact folder that right now that the It's best players in the week, so what's notable about that tab sex. First of all, I think
This has to be number one. People quibble with that he has made a final. Yet he's is getting better as a player I just feel like were watching somebody night after night is put, is having a better season, then shacks best possible season ever which efforts was the case last year he was having a season, good as any shock season ever this year. It's actually better and he put up were taken this on a Tuesday. He put up a fifty fourteen and six last night, which you know if you go, and I don't know Charlotte or the wizards, or something like ok yeah, that make sense he did seconds Unita and in a grey it has been done, but it still its debts are contending team and they were playing really well and it was a really good game and he just awesome and I just think is the most NATO a dominant guy in the leg. Your thoughts on that so
tides game was impressive to me. For this reason, Utah was we without go. Bear Tsar, wasn't just They were banged up, they were without their Patino sort of arguably single most likely player they have an impact on Giannis. Getting off impressed me was the bucks were flat. Yeah tall led most of this basketball game, and this was a game that Ian has single handedly and you could see it happening at the as the fourth quarter got going. You just said I don't I don't want to let loose tonight. I don't wanna, let my team was tonight and he asserted his will and got that fifty spot on them and they needed every one of those points, because you tell it is good, like that's a they're, well coached they're deep, they are they. Woloda flexibility that can play a couple different styles, like the things that we imagined they could be. We were looking at the overlanders at the beginning of the season. You know everybody's bullish on you talk with good reason, like they're they're there
constraining. There is good reason to be bullish on you, TA an end. Janius was the best player on the court, so he willed his team to win. It was a classic best guy on the what kind of game you that you agree with that and he was missing. George hell he he am quarter far out a favorite seems like no bragton, the citizen and bring him back. If you look at the box car like like the villain over kid point, thirty three minutes I state West Matthews paid their. Two minutes. I was bad. These there's a three day case form, but. They crunch time, they're gone Lopez, Bledsoe, math is Dante. Let your crunched, I'm five, that's You think you're side of that and that's like a twenty one team, so I'm with you what I liked about him last day and would have liked a bottom a few times a season. Is he,
has that air about him like we're, not losing flights Argus guys, but the other thing could do whatever they want. We're losing feel like he has a chance of getting better, but I posted a thing today about how the highest p, r ever re Douze Lukas. Number one he's in the thirty three range and yet it was a shade under thirty. Two now is probably over thirty to his last night's game, but statistically he's been out of control. I test out control and ask basically just completed, overbearing. Here There is a play in the last two minutes yesterday when he can like a euro step in traffic any MR then the rebound, but it was. It was like some nanking, before shack shit that he's when he just seems like you suffered for now. I know is that, but does feel that way watch them. It feels like he's some four for you. I think that I was so impressed by last night with Yon fifty point,
fourteen rebounds zero turnovers, the arrow turnovers, and so we saw this dad he's the fourth player since they started recording turnovers back in eighteen. Seventy seven, seventy eight yet worth player to have fifty points. Fifty plus points. Ten plus rebound and zero turnovers, the other Guys Moses, Malone, Michael Jordan, and I found this hard to believe Carmelo Anthony yeah, well done. Malleson Carmelo the first ten years of his career, unassailable. He get shit all the time, but that guy that there could be a whole famer, any dessert to be, and he was really good and I, I think, a lot of people criticising them were probably people that you know what fifteen and under when he was really good in the two thousand. So I think that's unfair just like that Europe is a pr its thirty three point. Four I now, which is thine but I am even higher than they get over LUCA, because you know that happened would be, are no turnovers, fifty points and no turnovers. That's it
you're, like that. What is everything he. This season is now averaging eleven point: six free throws again He had nineteen last night, so he's Ford. Rebounds a game he's eleven have free throws a game too livestock steals Post box combined, but I don't feel like there's room a girl because of the three pointers in he's gonna, will probably end up copyright and the thirty six percent range, maybe thirty, seven, but from it overpowering. The He always leads Ligon dunks than by a wide margin. It's real just kind of like what Shack would have been like if he can thirty years later, and and had the footwear Ghana, Sazen was thinking more reappoint guard all of sir I I think, he's the clear number one. And I had to be honest- I know- there's gonna be a look at p, run from a narrative stand. Point. I know hardens gonna be evolved, busies near you know, hi there,
something that, but if yon us, if the bucks are fifty seven, The sixty two ends in that range. Again, eighty has to be the repeat as they yarn and and once again Milwaukee leading the entire NBA in differential right averaging, one hundred and twenty points a game and giving up only a last image over a one hundred and ten and one slash two one hundred and ten point six nine point three differential if they they sustain that all season. Last yeah, and that really are a sign of you know: kicking ass being the team disposed to they. Their second in overall in percentage only to the Lakers. The thirteen period. This is- and I guess I think it's a worse team. The last year were, I think, He'S- but I think the team is a little bit. Where's cause the negative the broad and thing here. The bragton thing and brilliance been really good. As I have in one,
I think hard and has to be the number two every talkin right now. Just what he's doing night tonight tonight is outrageous and funny with Zack, I did the podcast for book, a basketball about his career, trying to figure out you know does. He have another level to go there. We were both in no way was beginning with the average to fix a gave ass, they were what other level was there. And somehow he found a new level, he's shooting more features than ever she's shooting more, Reason, however, seems to be born apple than ever, and now we're hitting a point where teams are just double teaming up at the end of games. They air Gordon, which is an open them, but teams doubled at the end, the games and just force him about the bother like we're good with anybody else will play for, with the other four guys but you're not going again you know you can do that with the rules these days, but the degrees that-
teams are going now to prevent him from hurting them in the last two minutes is a tribute to how good this guy's yeah, I mean it's. It's really just keeps on innovating leading he has is at an all time, historical paste right now getting to the freezer line. Nobody's got into the freedom that even like will well being Goodbye cigarette is ever white guys who were just value any time. Is there the basket. It's I don't get a disease and paste issue like torment of redress, so pretty good. I stood out like watching it that much think that makes me I hate her. I think I can as somebody is, love, basketballs or life. I think I have the right to decide what I enjoy and I would just but rather watched Luke advantage. You, by the way has the ball almost as much as hearted does, but I think. When I you know one of the things I joy about Lukas, just how all his team it
you seem a little more involved in his decisions are a little more collaborative than the heart and decisions. I know hard and I know eyes, that's about you know creating open threes, all that stuff, but man just watch did dribble at the half core line for twelve to thirteen seconds. I just don't enjoy it. I don't know, that's why I mean we ve been talking about it for what feels three or four years now, I'm really bored there. They,
they have. They have to win a meaningful play off series. Yeah. I had to make make us all believers like until they can demonstrate its a winning brand of basketball. There are gonna win. Fifty four fifty five fifty eight games this regular season, depending on health than and their own ability to ward off boredom, but they they let you know we just gotta, see the play off. They have to beat somebody good at it in the interplay us before we can really validate this run. I mean that's my view and I understand, is all kinds of variables that play, but they have to beat somebody in the play. Ass was Zack where the crucial point and the book a basque while ass when he said it was he's an paste. Come Guard Carl Malone, Jameson. Okay, this dad said Malone put up for in sixteen years, were just fer a power for the consistency.
Their ability, and especially as the pie slow down and he was still putting up. You know twenty seven and alive, in every night, when there is like sixty five sixty six shot, attempts were was really stands out, if you just look at the numbers- and you are actually there, card in Europe. The policies and he's gonna have to do this in some form in the process, and I will say, watch in Iraq against. I do enjoy them a little more than last year, because the Westbrook part of it, because I think what was bought them as something that when we make in that case about why we thought there obtained. Gonna be good in the over under Pakistan and I was saying I thought the most important thing he brought to the table. Was unpredictability and chaos and diabetes, grab, a rebound edges go close to call for a lamp or the ability. You know you miss the train. He comes flying and over three guys and gets edges the athletics, the athletic
holy. Shit plays that he does. I think it's really hope this time. I think I think, I think it makes them a little harder to figure out versus the monotony of the heart. An offence now is kill them at the end of the game when it really matters yeah probably had happened. Frightened, I write you see Friday night again, the very diverse yes, yes, yes, so they did You know it. They had a really interesting response. The clippers regain the doubling hearted thing and they put west Could the foul you dump into Westbrook and then West would either just go to the basket or he would you know chatter. Poor people toward him, and then they capella or hit a shooter and it was working. It was an old man. They they solve. This and then in the lash out of the game, suddenly Westbrook twenty five, you from the hoop it's brick, and then he gets marked by Patrick Beverly. After I thought that was like about
personal, as we have seen on a corn, awhile and Westbrook just screaming Bitch Adam over and over again. I have all history dating back Beverly injured him in the in the play off some years back, but I am but that rockets per series in general. I think, has a really really high upside. If that was a pair of scissors as illegal, be a real power but for hearted because they have others defenders the further. But did you see Everything I didn't see that I missed it better. Was on the sidelines, the game was an area through the clippers were shooting game. Winning free throws Beverly was mocking Wes Brooks Brick and how he shot it and he just kept shooting at leg, almost ass? You know like the were shooting motion ever been a kind of looked Westbrook III. And he was issued in over arrogant and laughing with the teammates and Westbrook was lifted. Gonna run over and fighter. He's caviar, Bitch bitch out of it. It was It was really good so hard and second
Lebron James number. Three back unbelievable. I went to that Cooper Game operating aid as a guys. The third best guy in the floor. This is makes it this is eighteen year. This is just the stage occurs in. He is Ben reinvigorated. As the point forward Flashpoint Guard, I hesitate, come appoint. Carcasses not is that guard the other teams boys point. No one it's been reinvigorated. What his hairline I've been that plugs unbelievable. He lets grey there. I think he's really really yeah he's really really energize by playing with Davis. No surprise Davis is also to be in this top sexless but ie been so long since he played with somebody who is This consistently good right, like he was with Tiree, carries ceiling. Was this good, but you know, carries up down opinion the weak, Kevin Lovers, never as good as Davis
the sun both ends in there's an overpowering aspect to the com, of them, and I just think Leubronn seems really energized lucky. I I thought he liked last year's team and it now were autumn sense. You, like you, wanted to be. There has never forget basketball, it's very professional way they could on that in a Christmas. He hated that too. He did you like what am I doing with all these kids. I ate it here. I got the coach here too. Maybe we, of course, creativity and by the way we're talking about him being energize. He shut a lot of energy. He got to take four months of five months up the first time re what fifteen years that he actually had a break. It had been terrific for his I'd body and spirit and and also go tuesdays and credible. Talk go talk to you about IRAN, you back
all the way back its. Steve her eyes, been pretty open about talking about the game season vortex four five six eight years and how last year they were at the tail end for five years, and how last year they were at the tail end of that cycle, and you know it the silver lining for that time. It's that they get to regroup mentally or physically and then try to make another right at the next season and you think, like LE branded, that fur after eight years is really consecutive finals, anybody either back even before the files, like. Oh nine, he goes pretty, begets Orlando and then too in ten. You know he plain Ninety game seasons, the two years before it to you now ass, I think he does seem reinvigorated, but ass. A thank you to the Steve her point. The brake probably helped mentally cause. I do think that's
to be in that hamster wheel of just every year hunt of course, it days. What do you mean? Probably, of course it did, but here's one, because it is only a human Berlin awhile here's. What does it make sense tat. He is as good as he's ever ban in its year. Eighteen, that's the part that doesn't make sense to be his is now approaching these game and minute totals career why's. That really don't have any parallel anybody, so it might be a modern technologies, science. You know he puts more thought time in his body, probably than anybody used by the sport before, but it still eyes I see if he's playing this wound March. I guess my point is history, says early in the season with old guys looks great, you don't remember. Larry the eighty seven eighty eight his last great season. She memory had lost twenty pounds It was tat he had a vague drunk. I got my god. The legend alley is another level ago, and then he broke
because he had a lot of miles item and he had some some elements that use old. So we'll see, this is still got out of March, but I've been really impressed by Leubronn has been fun watching Lakers, so I have The best part is re now dodge Fourth Davis Fifth inquired. Sixth, who I dropped only because of the the injury thing but we should mention they play Boston and Houston back to bed. Jack Games at home Wednesday in Friday and quiet, looks like he's about eighty percent. I went to the boss game, you say is eighty five percent using the same thing gets, who made the blocks to end both games quite letter, I know I know who still the fourth quarter guy. I want him out there as much as anybody in the Lee Great, maybe that's why we we had the good great good fortune. I was with you at the beginning.
In November and we got to catch them at home against the Trailblazers yet and he had a quiet first three quarters and then it was time to go when that basketball game and I dont know if he's scored, twenty buddy scored. Sixteen or eighteen took the game over made every big shot. It forced his will on both ends of the ball court. I mean it was true: oh gee, like TAT like Michael J, kind of stuff. I know you gotta take a break, but I mean the Cook Hawaii, reminder TAT two or three best guy in the in the in the hole on the whole planet earth, and could you I don't want to? I don't want to get too crazy, but I would love to. I would love to see him in the finals again. That's that's it! That's it I'll go right now. We're had take a break them we're in a host outhouse all of Europe. At a given think about your own security. There is no better time to get it right now, simply say: pumps carried, giving our listers an amazing exclusive black Friday offer you get twenty five percent
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I mention this one or two packing. Ago about how he is started to more offensive late nineties, Michael Jordan, with from an offensive game standpoint where fanaticism is aware was a couple years ago, but he can still someday whenever he wants any developed this style. Playing at the pace that he likes getting there. What's that he wants to get, but there's nothing for think about it at all and over over again? He goes to that right. Elbow just like m J. You still at the speed that he will to get to MJ would use little push off every once in awhile or our Ino little shoulder fake or whatever it's more like a turkey jerky thing where he's gotta Hitchin how he sets up is shot that just seems to throw off the fender, every single time and over and over again he ends up with a wide open nineteen further. He did again in the Houston game on Friday night and it's become in my opinion, the most reliable shot basketball when, if it's the forthcoming
in the last four minutes as the ball unease Isoude and he has decreased, sat for himself. I feel I can get that nineteen further and make it trust that more than any other shot the league Woody's. Then it where you stand on that it is in our view, but he did, it for an entire playoffs last year, he was the difference in series that they easily could have loss to Milwaukee easily could have lost to the Sixers. He would not let it happen, and it was those fourth corridor moments where they had to have a basket, and sometimes it was a humongous. You can't believe it three but lots of times it was him creating for mid range shot as you're describing and the change of pace is reminiscent
to me and I'm sorry too, to go. You know sorted deep dive in this way, but, like Brandon Roy member Brandon Roy, I like that you agree with this year mean they eat a really could start and stop in a way and create space. It was IDA peace that was not. He wasn't going ninety miles an hour and then putting on the brakes. He was going like seventy five and then kind of putting on the brakes a bit and end all of a sudden. You he's rising up as like. Where is everybody nobody's within three feet of we notice so he's twenty six, eight and five, the sheer basically to steals he's forty four percent he's only thirty percent from three he's getting the lad seven times again, but there is a limit the trees, I've known Sometimes he doesn't have the legs right away, any view if you large of letters, they have so many good events that are above the sea, ass tat of where shots hit on the rim, because we could track front room shots,
is there an leubronn same thing for him, sometimes where he doesn't seem like he s legs all the time either, but quite a lot of front room for him and then his legs kind of com, it's almost like gets warmed up and his legs come, but I'm the man is he he every few ends with the clippers that, will rank among the greatest NBA achievements to be the best guy and three title themes. We really hard to. Then we really harbouring pass. I don't think anyone's doing that on fourteen right, be the number one guy and four times three is probably the max and that's the rapid ask outfits lies excited it! Why it's why I tried to call myself: yeah. I were. I really am psyched fast forward and see this clippers team in the play off a guy, I'm kind of ready for the players to start now, LUCA. I had a week ago in this by we titled the
full fledged LUCA Gazprom, and I salute dollar remarks time for an hour talking about LUCA. I did so I shot my I get enough left, but you did. You have not had a chance to have a LUCA gas among the podcast anything. You want to say why have a look at them because they believe beat three teams with winning records why so, but here's the that sounds like a knock. It's not a knock. They need to be doing what doing right now, the early part of the
season in the NBA, is crucial for certain teams who have to come out and try and and change their direction to establish themselves is as having a different identity, and there are handful of teams that fit that description for the season. The Phoenix sons fit that description. The Minnesota timber will fit that description. The Miami heat that description, the DAS Mavericks bit that description, I couldn't be more in love with I mean LUCA seriously plays like he's twenty. Eight years old Yang amount of his basketball iq, I dont want to do. I? Can we look at his birth certificate thing? I'm not I'm not against it. Yeah he just plays the he's so savvy he's so smart. He so fearless he's clearly
like learned a version of basketball from competing at the highest levels in Europe. That translated, so perfectly here he's is, I mean you know this disdain. Third through the roof, the thing that we have to see the others to think without us, he got tired last year. So what let? What lessons to be learned from the second half of last year and part of his thing? That's just incredible to me- is his athleticism. He does play. Physical style, a basketball, yeah. There's not he's not avoiding contact, he's finding contact and he's he's finishing through that contact. It is unbelievable unbelievably bad ass, I wanted he had not through the whole season. The other thing is God he's dragging this team along. You ask asked you probably know this already. Who do you think is the third leading score on Dallas hard to a junior notes, J J Beriah, so
where at like eleven eleven pointers up, I'm not getting he's the. Thirdly, skipper, barely play, he's only play two games now, and I I'm talking about who is the gibbet harder? Is the third lady score bring forth? pay times. It is there any eleven up once again that stuff That's it! That's all! point that I made at that. That's all I'm getting the average pointing Lukas averaging thirty ten in ten days It would seem tired, I actually my question, for you is deep Are we entering some weird era and it's that it's not the steroids era. Liquid, his ball. But when all is said and a home run, stats got super weird and we didn't know how to compare them to other areas. Is it just past that that's where we are with this weird basque borrowed threes in the pace that you almost can't like Luke averaging at thirty ten, ten
I'm not even sure what that means anymore with the way basketball player that makes sense yeah sure I mean it does feel like again its November of of an mba season, we're about twenty games in euros. Sixteen to twenty games in for all the teams and the it feels like over there hitting at an incredible rate we ve, seeing all these games and the one thirties, and that I won twenties every single night that the washing wizard play their over under for them is like between two thirty three to twenty eight and to thirty three, like the combined score between raves and lots of times, is it a hitting the over because it is playing you know at this, this pace and its across the legally. This discourse feel I don't know if you measure it a year, over a year whether or not this is just. You know where Reawake Worry in Vienna or twenty games and its new season. But it does feel like pace wise
and efficiency, why's that the leaves at an all time off offensive peak. Maybe I'm crazy, but it just feels that way jail in print Did they James hard and was gonna? Have a ninety game? Ninety point game. The season. It has very jealous of. I would actually like that, because of just think about it. A code. You got the eighty one, the eerie average, thirty five, a game hardened six, thirty six game last you're never really had anything over. I think like sixty two, something that but feasible forty again this year Tsar he's gonna have a seventy five to eighty point game at some point where the three surges going in same thing, we're LUCA leg worldwide. Only pass on that Luke Gonna have like sixty eight points. It's gonna happen with them. Oh yeah, with the bad at three in the pace he's just gonna have or those games, and I just hard. For me to put all this in context, I need to end it
wrap my head around a more around me when I wrote my book, though the early sixties, the sixty one sixty two season when war ravaged fifty again another hundred point game and whole bunch we should happen and a lot of do it just the pace was completely unaware of whack, to all these outcomes. I'm wondering if error that when what we may be thing it led to the law, sky on the top sex for both of us. His Anthony Davis, who, I guess he's fifth on the best part, is right now behind twice behind him on, because otherwise been missing games, but Davis The only thing is is blocked, they are without we look. The only thing is, I do about him physically, it seems like he's already low banged up, and I doubt be my fear with that, but he thought. I mean it's easier. Thirty Davis heated guys had the benefit of taking off half a season last year. Another guy, terrifically
energized invigorated by his situation. They are you know of an extremely professional basketball team with mature, her professional back football players, surrounded by them, even what's avail Magee out the tea and you every day This is out there doing Anthony Davis stuff. I still the thing that that that I find gratifying is he still either leads. The league in blocks Rees is the top three in blocks and delivering on both ends in that way, yez rude still that's the place where I we may get to this disguised Joel and beat. I don't know where he is, whether you have him in your top ten or not, and we will get to this eventually, but that the fact that that an bead barely averages up a block, a game is, is just an inexplicable to me and that's good that the thing about Davis that I find so admirable.
I need these guys to win the title which is do right now. I know these guys to win the title. Eyes first for me whose second for you, casinos, I first four years. Why think until somebody beats I had a plan series she's, the number one and that less I don't care given that other, where you have to go through, quite And beat him and then up up regular, then, the next day a guy on the list is leubronn. For me, I'd I'm leaving the same way. Because I can't put any these other guys over. I can't even at his teeth he's a champion now is it for number three, I think output yadda sober harden from trying to win the title. I think I have to take us.
I. I can't argue with that. I I still can't and see what Toronto did him last year, as they figured out the over the course of the series that they would let him catch the bought, the free the line and then follow him down into the wagon and then cut him off at about eight feet, seven feet and then he would find himself a little bit lost. I really would really love to see like a replay of somebody with that kind of defence against him and see how he, what he's capable of in terms of innovation- but I am with you he just it- is right How it feels like to versatile, but I it it's it's a close one for me. I think the difference in him at heart in his if harden isn't shooting well it's for him to make up in other ways, especially in the defence of Giannis,
can take a matter but offensive way and he can still impact the game. Nineteen different ways out have a mad. It's interesting for now for. If I knew I was getting healthy Davis, healthy Davis I would have healthy Davis over LUCA and over James Heart into ok. I'm not gonna argue with that. Maybe it would be a sample size for day in. The playoffs is so small, but on the other hand he single handedly destroyed Portland. So we know he's got the. Sighed out. I gave the rate the reason. I'm the reason I wanted a flag put it out there is they ve had. Call games this year and they played the most cream Pub Schedule Martha Way to go out observer. You, Europe create your lakers or superseded by giving them bunch marshmallows that dimension aid, that
Alice Game, that the reps gave them the gift card of all time when South Korea pulled away from the game. Thank three. I sound like a bitter salt extent, I'm just Winning out like I want to see the Lakers play hard schedule of is unbelievable. How many times can they play Oklahoma City New Orleans? With that said, I have like have Davis, has risen to the occasion in some of these fourth quarter. Slash last few minutes where he you seen like he has the the perfect block at the right time. Rebound in traffic, where I'm just excited to see him in a play officers with a good team for once you now, we ve never seen it now receive. That's exactly right, we'll see, as then hardened LUCA hardens Barrymore plan, am, I still would probably weirdly trust Luke aboard that is that wrong, that Route look as one euro leg. What states would we gotta see LUCA, get?
ready to regulate game fair, to apply offs various this, not that that's disrespect for the job number seven on that list, though. I can't believe I'm saying this, and this brings us to the the next part of our lives to, but I think sciatica might be number seven sit right here on the planned Adam bullet, but let's keep two topics ok, so we're doing best players right now. Yacht harden James, Dodge Davis, quite and then, if you may get best, whereas fur from China when the title climbers all the way up the number one or two get shit, the Lorraine. Now we get to the next group people, animals are reared through this because we had to talk about Thanksgiving the pigs, but it's a group of for right now, Yoke edge. Paul George Pascal See Outcome Carl Anthony.
Towns, amazingly Damien, Willard, Joe L, bead. And then after that you start target, knew that Bradley He'll dynamo, Mitchell, Devon, Booker Group and don't even mention, carries name thanks. You see, I M the case for seven right now. Is the seventh best supporting the league right now, because I think he is what he has done so far in firms of improving all or his improving is nearly unprecedented, and for sure it's unprecedented, that a guy can win that guy has ever one most improve player. It's never happened back to back right because it causes kind of illogical, but he is up ensue in every statistical category. He is exceeding his performance for last year. The points is through the roof of me. He's too he's a school.
Machine now he's up again another two rebounds game he's up a full assist a game. I mean it's it's it's it's real unparalleled well had any left out. This part she's so Kawaii leaves and basically bestows his Kiwanis on Siakam and that's the comes the guy who goes twenty five aid for and helps care them in crunch time they played last night. They beat six years, and indeed was awful. Simmonds wasn't much better, but but the outcome is the best guarantee for, and I think that's notable as a year ago. We did this and be would have the top eight or nine and seventy probably been in the top thirteen or fourteen anatomy. It's like you would clearly rather have she them both of those guys in either situation. Whether we're talking about
I want the guy right now. Would you rather have them in the plans, I'm going with the outcome and I believe it gets an argument. I agree with you that the third, the rafters or twelve and floor look like way go raptors way to gamble validation, Parada than humming. That's what I'm saying and all that credited to runs to see outcome. You mention the quite affair. That that was the point I was gonna make not only was quietly and prepare the final he he might still be the pay of this too fast. Nineteen. I avoided, whereas raptors give what he did for first, I'll come one more afraid of their views. Vainly went up to other levels and he is probably in the conversation most improve too he encroach time, if LE in LA right now flowers there may be different, but in crunch I'm it's basically, then we see outcome event It has turned into this guard that
can create a zone shot he's got this weird hurt. You jerk a game. He goes into. The paint pulls out leg. He is he's kind of unstoppable, sometimes and it all started. Those last two rounds of that play off see went from being one of the worst where's the rafters to being one of the most valuable guys in the files and everywhere donors kid was born after his kid was born. That's what really propelled him crazy so I think, the outcomes that clear number seven and I and I still have yoke edge eight based on Bruce play well again. He was shape to start the season. There's no other way to say it. You just look fatter and it seems he's playing himself in the shape of Tibet, but he was, but he didn't say now. We know, but I think he's in better shape. He looked like the start of the season. He looked like a guy who had just been visiting is younger brother in college for a five day week at drinking and do whatever
But you know when you think of what he did in the past last year, as I think he's number eight and then I love what I've seen from Paul George. So far, I was worried about his shoulders. You know somebody made this point. I think it was chaos. It was on the Kazi Vernal shown a care member which once said it talks about, oh George, has never been an offence or actually had space before and has again That's your and then I'm thinking about like yeah. What good fences that guy over bedded, indeed Andy! Ok, see can remember the really fun Paul Georgia fence never exist, no now is an offence where quacking create a shot for himself, for Paul they can. Screen arose with waves and Harold that's the best green around the league and then Paul George, and if the guy the bar? Nobody can double Paul Georgia, shade overdose cause is surrounded by shooters again he just exhaustion. So I to meet us at top them puerto question. So YO gauge George and see outcome.
So we got one more spot fur who is in the top ten, For when we say that as a top ten player, now we neither extended the twelve and include and he'd Carl Anthony towns, endgame lowered or choose between the three. You're gonna want. I don't want to include a loser, so I'm sorry Dame he's gotta does it? Isolation singularly to blame for how bad Portland is yeah. But how can you let him escape all blame for how bad Portland is? I mean they are completely Disco Bobby waited as a result of the column injury- apparently As a result of the Whiteside acquisition address of who is the terrible
doesn't belong in the League White Guy Small forward that we watched it could believe. He was also an mba floor Zonia. He was so bad. They had to go said Carmelo. How can he be easy? does not belong in the NBA he so bad. Yet none of that dames fault, but you know they they there their terrible. There are bad basketball too, and so I can't I can't say: oh you're he's a top ten guy or top of guy when your team stinks. They stinks thing you know so well Tat twelve one could free, but for top ten- agree he asked to get, but the season cause how bad is teams Van DEN towns, verses and bid? I think the fact that it the crush town said the hedge account but ass. I think the fact that and beaches doesn't seem like is better not only physically,
it doesn't seem like he's an awesome shaped. God forbid that ever happened. Hoop psyche was, I dont know whether the blame him or bread brown or maybe they should share the blame. But I hey how they use em, I just hate it. I deliver I hate the more the maize reseller leg. Priscilla cannot ride, yellow he came Just six eighty diameter tweeting about a drives them like backers, but he's right Why is joy, be twenty five feet for the basket? Why what are you doing in there? they have to prioritize Simmons and his freakin weird limited offensive. That doesn't seem to be getting better either. It's just such an odd team, may I hate overreacting after sixteen games, but I just don't that team is they're gonna, have to pick between those two guys and I think the moments coming sooner than later. In my opinion, greek greek- we can
saying that unless they bring in something on the coaching side, there you know- allows them to you now have a strategy to to let these guys you look at this. He was I wouldn't indeed in the in the top twelve right now as punishment for last night, oh for eleven from the field over three from the free throw line, and he missed four shots. Three point range. Why is Joel and be taking for Mother Epping shots from the three point line its garbage ball? That's how you lose too good teams, whether there are disappointing eleven and six we all were Harry boyish on the Sixers entering the season and- and you know- is we're right now November, the twenty six times about the exact same God, damn things that were the criticisms. We had backing Toper with Brazil. Oh I'm right there with Brazil mad at this team. I want and to be better he's a top five talent.
In the NBA we're not getting that out of him. Well, here's the thing Do you switched him in towns the season and that six or steamer the six is better off this season? Yes, tat s been shootin. Is s off count as a credible, report stroke I found this is the guy that they should have shooting fourth report. It's a game. I can't really. I'm about to say this in Kansas, the tent Buzz guy in the leg. I think he is weak, We have shared the challenge at the beginning of the season. We said, and I mean I went off on one of my typical, petty atop, crazy hyperbole, death to two Minnesota Rance em cause. I was bad that they didn't when forty games last year and I lost money as a result of that yet come out as I like he's doing the thing that we want.
To see out of him, he's doing it right now. I would love to see him. Do it for a full season. I would love still I still have defensive lapses. In fourth quarters that let teams come back and tie games at they, they they should that Minnesota should win going away or they lose games that they should win going away. But by contradistinction there also some times going out and kicking ass, Fourth quarter and how bout Wiggans Wiggans heard all that blasphemy? All that slander is yet. One hundred and fifty player, he's twenty of having every damn good. Pretty good tat is twenty six and have twelve and a half and for any shootin now three the game is begging for threes again. And I really good forty four percent for three- and I think I They give you gonna say the top ten guy. I think he has to be in there we saw herb
being for now. This is for right now, Thanksgiving weak, we're bumping and beat and lowered the top twelve, and if you're gonna go tat fifteen outside the next five guys, for eleven through fifteen would be and be lowered. Bradley beer thought of a Mitchell and we can argue about Devon, Booker Jimmy Butler Avid, say Devon Bucker, even though I think that sons teams can end up around thirty five thirty six winds, but I've I'd like that, he keeps keeps getting little bit better each year, which he should because he's in his early twenties, but is he showed? if this year that I think I feel better about- the pace. Where am I still wish to play for tv? I say I think to help them. I know it help Tatum and Brown, and couple Walker Marker Smart, but but I would say he's at least a tab:
Sixteen guy right Myra, I like I really liked to be Butler. I would have butler at a tick ahead. It feels to me, like you, know, Booker this. This is the first time he's had a chance to play with the point guard, probably in his entire basketball career, he's, never yard, with appoint guard as good as is Rubio Jimmy Butler coming into my enemy and essentially like rebranding that team in his image. She's the guy at the funny thing to say, but they have some dog in them. Have you watch many Miami games? Yeah, I'm up huge fan, that's why I was so surprised, Philly, just clearly annihilate them on Saturday night and I was one of the waiters results of the earth and fully understand it. But I lay I'm with you. Buy me: has ladder attitude together so dilate. If you're gonna say what teams gonna get into a huge fight this year out, my army, the a Brito. I like that I'd
wow, so I'm with you upload, bother fifteenth because I do think for trying to win he's, these proven he can win and he's been in plan, games and stuff and inspection that six years in one gave him he's not bidding games. He was the go to score for the six years out about us at last year. Here aren't that's fare. Well, that was fun and take a break than we do at Thanksgiving an awful bucks. Let's talk about the drink works homebuyers by courage, You know those high premium express the machines you might have an arm while the drink works here. Bar is like that, but only making cocktails now coffee. Who drink works home, our paths are made with premium spirits we'll ingredients in NAM of favours agony, Stay there back in the old Barton in days was great at making cocktails girl realise about it. You know I I always made them who strong your mind and a I wanted the customer to be happy. I better go
to do that, the one shot out o is add a little more same thing for wines. I wonder why the arrival from Somebody glass of wine have given them those big fat glass of wine would thank God for that. Inquired somber because they Just do other word for you. You know even better this week, only fifty percent off the m s: r p by going to drink works that come in the disk what automatically be applied at checkup, no code coordinated, available and limited states or remember, Please enjoy responsibly hey, finding keep as for your team, can be challenging The patriots right now receivers are out, they had to rely on and on drafted free agent, they had to rely on the floor. Ran Reggie Julian at a man, Skinner Old, read the merest Thomas as promised shouldn't. A good chance that Antonio Brown didn't work out. It's hard. It is
to find keep, whereas for your team while CAFE C, O Dylan misquotes one cows favorites lava he could relate. He knew the to hire a director of coffee, so what he did the email Gretchen he there now that actually he posted his job and zip recruiter any found the best. So for the wrong? Just a few days for Adam of five employers imposed that they prefer to get aquatic, can it through the site, within the first day, I keep telling you this. I've told you this for a couple years now cause zipper. Critter were buddies. Four out of five employers tries it for free at Could it have come Slash b s zipper creator, the smartest way, to higher ass we're going do million dollar pigs in a second millionaire What a comeback we hit rock bottom: we waited all back on the patriots in its egos and then last week. We want a lot of money, has nine hundred twenty eight thousand dollars? Hats
a bright idea that thanks Thanksgiving sire, I not to take it personally, but I was gone for two weeks. An end and those two weeks of the two weeks that all we got all the money back now, don't blame yourself ass! Ok, thank you! Don't blame yourself say: you're far safer us safer your will play in the Patriots money line is pretty smart. We could just do that. You know before We do pigsty wanted to redo everything. That's gonna be on the menu at the summits, ass for Thanksgiving. In writing. I'm very excited for this very excited, First of all, my mom, a k, Jamie, that's what my kids, car, she is making. Famous agents, big beans, and even that you ve had the big beans ray. No, I've never had engines bake beans. We're always have,
italian when you and your mom cooks worth my mom makes the greatest car? How good are the big banks with the bacon and yet how? Yet the top is three times types: beans, there's the latter, maple syrup, there's a lack or not. And their delicious. So we have that I think she's making lasagna too. So we got back into the great I like multiculturalism on Thanksgiving grew. And being casserole. Where you stand on that classic. You believe you know, there's theirs I I'm very interested in hearing because I dont know how this is is gonna go. I have a question for you when you're done, while just ask it now
What I'm wondering is yearnest coaster, amateurs, coaster, and not only are you what we both we had like the New England tradition, I would say, as as our style of Thanksgiving yeah lived in California, since two thousand and three yet has Thanksgiving changed for you, since you ve been out in California, are things Japan on the menu like is? Is it less Centric now what's this was the approach same same? Ok, they get some one day where everybody goes. Let's that ban such assholes about all this health, AL stuff. Wishes. Go I've got oiled school, it wasn't even yet wasn't necessarily the health stuff, although I guess you know the with the pro that's avail, but a legendary southern California produce yeah could do like a cauliflower. Brought in and you know I don't know what you could do with sweet potatoes, and now you know some some Kay
or something down there, but ok, let levy let you keep all with the menu The other thing I bade him My mom is not making was on your she's, making the agency potatoes. Good, which is, I got the ranch, it's a sweet potato casserole and it's got peak. Hands the top with a lot of sugar and you big, for a while. So it's like hot thrilling it so that aunt Jane Eyre Jens. The author of the big beans, the author of the sweet potato, cast role is she also the author of the people's, yet me everything an aunt Jane was. I was I'm trying to think of of sports parallel the shine Mcveigh coaching tree from my mom's family. My Janshah Mcveigh, but if she the gray one more than one season. If they want for forty citizens instead of one jet Azra traditional young guy so here or elsewhere,
green being caused some of this stuff. My wife is ordering. Surely one you make yourself dreaming casserole traditional stuffing crew mashed, potatoes, corn pudding internet plan under the corn. Pudding mixing where they are generally potatoes. Regular corn, pudding, sweet, potato combo thinking. It cider roasted Brussels Sprats ice creamy premium agitators their fur that firm, Lamb, there's a huge, add to pass plaid platter. Far and sub guacamole, as well We grant located there. That's that's it off in the other direction. You don't know nobody on the EAST Coast haven't guacamole as part of Ok, that's their mental or any of it. You got butterfly grass. Thea, a giant giant turkey and then my way, Just put this in their mediterranean platter
who's gonna, be on that as they suddenly. Cars could be bringing home at night. Thirty than that that that's the guts their corn, bread and sausages dressing. Oh good, so I was worried when you said earlier or stuffing that there was not going to be. You need a sausage green sound with cranberry, go cheese and peak hands with southern corn, bread and sausage dressing. Oh good so I was worried when you said herb herb stuffing that there was gonna, be you need a sausage stuffing of some sort of airline every a proper what we don't have in. There is a ham and I know you and I have tackled it before biologist re tackle the ground for a second, some by pro ham on Thanksgiving and having them turkey and the ham or maybe been thrown in, like like a roast, go in that way, laggard, ideally a prey. Rib, even with Turkey I
Just I just want Turkey, don't give me other Maidstone offer other meats to me just today, by day with Turkey have the turkey. I want my wife to make the Turkey issue but the leftovers day the next day, the whole thing- I don't. Centuries other meats into my thanksgiving. Where do you stand on this? I have to tell you I approached this year's thanksgiving Looking at all of the content we're prepared, we had a wonderful house of carbs. Yesterday, Andrew Knowlton, editor at large for bone Appetit came on and he's down in Texas. Now he talked a little bit about a Texas tradition where they're having brisket and he's having a smoke risk it now. I m they're gonna have a little smoke. Turkey, also but you're talking about a Texas tradition. That was utterly
Foreign I have in in over the last handful of weeks and in doing my research preparing with a kind of food diligence. You would want out of the house to House of Carbs I'm getting that other proteins on the Thanksgiving dinner table is a pretty cool, one thing like if you're in Atlanta, Georgia you're having Turkey for sure, but there's a hearty baked ham. I think on everybody's table an I've now coming to think. I don't think we're quite at the moment where people are ready. To cancel Turkey, although don't ask day without adding, would cancel Turkey how he arrived. There were a few s. If you change your cancel Turkey, you, though, every day the wicked twice on on Sunday, but I, finding their oars. There is if there is roast beef, there is ham and alive. It fits some other traditions out there. When you think about a beast
yeah multiple variations of potato you're gonna have, or are you just described to me, two different kinds of stopping dressing that you're gonna? Do people have multiple kinds of of salads? Why can't you have more than one protein the Thanksgiving table, and how about this can't wake. I answer that question will go ahead. You know it can have other other farms cause it's fucking. Eggs, giving its a day we Turkey, that's that eggs giving us thanksgiving, giving the energy ever fuck off bearing that people would call that the tyranny of New England in our guest yesterday and has a carbs called at the tyranny of dead skyways, either ass, a cancer culture, two thousand eighteen, arrogant, fucking, cancel Turkey, saying: In writing. Not there yet. But I will say this: here's what here's the point that that stuck it to me.
When you're waken up on a Friday morning in your thinking about that the college football it's gonna, be on around new new thinking about your first postings, giving sandwich yeah in addition to the Turkey, if you had an ear, fridge, half of a delicious honey baked him a ham and turkey. Which their first ass, a male, that's pretty good, so maybe by then I am just for Friday were aware what is left to ruin. My Thursday, I forgot to mention live ruin it we have to do, types of cranberry Thanksgiving, because I am, I am an all time- cranberry guy, cranberry law, you guy of Thanksgiving had vainly what let me hear about it. The two ways are our either one of the forms coming out of a can you because I am a big. Can cranberry guy still, ok thy life, I mean putting and no wonder the cranberry and haven't laid the jelly thing in it's. Probably not a hundred percent Alfin
the care and then ass a leg. The soup expensive cranberry. That's like somebody spent a lot of time making you know like a ladle for it. I I want to have both I like that both options- I don't know what kind of mood I'm in for I also really care about. The mustard situation if you have the ham which they give wherever Ricky South, which easing Connecticut won't be happening, but he would always have the ham. Get the hell am I want differ mustards I don't want you like the honey muster, maybe I'm in a dijon kind. I hate people. Now my master choices. Are you? Talking about that at the Thanksgiving Taylor, you Talkin about Friday lunchtime, either. Ok. I think it is just underrated like people by catch up they just get one catch up and that's fine ketchup can work for anybody. We given the mother of being mustard is like soda like Everybody likes coke. Some people like ginger ale, some people like doktor, pepper,
you know, whatever down the line cream soda you never know Minnesota preferences, adding mustered the same way I There is a and nearly infinite variety combination of of mustard and texture and tasted sharpness in sweetness in spiciness absolutely positively. I applaud your evolved palette. I want to drop this on you cause. You just went through a bunch of ingredients that I think are going to be absolutely delicious on Friday. When I want you to consider, you don't have to do it, but I want you to consider yet I want you to consider again cheese sandwich would raise our dough bread, I've behaviour with. I consider drug cheese sandwich every day. It was probably one of my favorite things now, but listen. I hear the ingredients, your ingredients are Turkey ham, cranberry
I want you to take some of your left over cranberry yeah tart cranberry, and I want you, you could choose your cheese. I personally would recommend where's your building this swiss cheese, have your dijon mustard yet and then dont be afraid. The stick a little pickle in there After its all the way been cooked up, let that cold crunchy you could slighted in there. You can pick a pocket and slide it in an hour That's it's a kind of a modify rubato right, but all The ingredients. Are there it's a cheery, it's your thanksgiving, your put in all those great fires right back together. Again, that's that's my thanksgiving gift to you business, car: where do you stand? Cow just stands on have virtue showed possible cause then I'll get to bring more how? Yes, he said, psychology, agnostic gazing at the dinners I can feel myself cars already really getting be just hearing about the turkey before anything, for the next two weeks, unbelievable
is hungry, Let's get a brief thanksgiving thanks boy violated awards, where'd you get it he's the man behind our backs, three thanksgiving games. The bears are matters through favorites in Detroit. Oh that's my invitation of the landscape down as is minus seven at home, against the bills of Buffalo, and the New Orleans saints are favoured by seven in Atlanta, against the seemingly resurgent Atlanta Falcons, who suddenly word that research got their asses escaped by tempered by so those are three up other games? I wanted a flag from Sunday if we want to use them in Parlez can is getting three at Indy Tab
is getting one point at Jacksonville Pittsburgh is getting two and a half at home against Cleveland. The patriots are giving minus three at Houston. In Minnesota getting three points in Seattle against the Seattle team. That week after week seems to have an exciting for a quarter or a fourth, the game in doubt, unless they're playing a team in the wide receivers like Philadelphia classic end Those games job out here. I do like the idea of taking some of this disappointing thanksgiving and spreading it out, Perry it up with some Sunday action, though the Sunday action that I personally like that.
On that I'm am going go heaviest on. Is the Green Bay Packers favoured by less than a touch down at the New York Giants? I think this is a terrific bounced back opportunity for the Green Bay hackers. I think that they come in motive. In wanting to re establish confidence in their often there is no better team. In the end I fell for your often to get healthy against then the New York Giants. They need to reestablish the run and Green Bay. So the six and a half points is just a magical number. Because of of what you can do, tease wise with Agree Bay, packers at minus six and a half. Do you. What do you think about that game? So the sound I threw them in the teaser rascal on Sunday night here the giants are awful best was hard there there really bad at that short Danny Danny dimes. Naturally has it.
And that's any doesn't have it. I just a guy We talked to a little on Sunday was sound like if sake one bar Glenn guaranteed even slightly get the rocky. And I don't know it's like he's, plan with a bunch of good like it. Thank he's on the Redskins. You know he's act has some weapons, so the van that they're not that there seemingly heading in the wrong direction. They lost. They ve lost to some one, two, three, four, five, six, seven straight games. I think in the same way that they're gonna prefer No. Yes, that's not good. Last the vikings by in the past by twenty one, the cards by six, the lions by five, the cowboys by nineteen, the jets by seven and the bears by five, and it seems like the crows or certain
pat German, so you're saying would do a cow boys pack. His tease or which do a cowboys, saints, packers, tease and I also like to factor in the fact that I imagine everybody had thanksgivings going to tease thousand since together, which tells me that that's a stay away, what I actually like the bills in that happens. Really I haven't seen one thing out of Dallas: that's that suggests that they are a winning for party. They haven't beat it this season with a winning record, their Owen for their one in six, their past seven games that that includes this season and last season. One is six against the spread and their last seven games against teams with running records. Since two thousand
an eleven? They are one in seven against the spread on Thanksgiving. I also wanted to ask you this. While this is it's, it's a revealing thing: Dax Past seven games, fourteen touchdowns, seven intersections now, do you think Josh Alan's numbers are or that same period, Tommy. Fifteen touchdowns to interceptions very quietly, the Buffalo bills have come up with a competent. Miss Mistake, minimizing kind of orphans and that's the reason that they are. You know eighty three, you you last week when against them, because you had them kind of pegged as the bad good team is out there there there, the the good bad team, which would Wooers Buffalo,
Well, he hears a thing since their, thereby waken me six. They beat they beat Miami, they lost a fairly by eighteen, beat your terrible Redskins. They lost a fuckin, Freddy Kitchens, thanking the sixteen They beat my em again and then Denver was their first win against. Anybody have decent in a long time, and they week, five, they got to play Marietta Tennessee. As barriers last game. They lost through the pats they be. Since he may be both New York Times when I say they ve nobody Dave played nobody, they have No good wines at all, except for dinner, in Denver, I think, is what three and eight or foreign seven so So that is a real referendum. That I think that I think they're the good bad team personally, ok right, why? I don't like any of those trends for Dallas end I don't like the idea of teasing, doubtless down the one with everything.
Surrounding them. At a core competency. You know the entire world watched Jason Garrett poop his pants on television. Repeat now. You know that the league that the shipping stuff is just otherworldly- I mean I had this lee- can continue to indulge the meaning of its product in this way with it. The unbelievable incompetence week in week out of its referees, and why we're talking about the referees and why we're talking about trip tripping in weak twelve of the God. Damn NFL season is absolutely incomprehensible, private eye shield. I thought it was great. I fully supported it. Don't knock outlet, you can't. Let cowboys get away that stuff. You can he's the banner vital, maybe buyers over that many of us that
Here's where there is. I doubt whether you would stay away from those buffalo. I think that's a stale oak effect that were adopted so he has you get. You could tell me they ve ruined by thirty. You could tell me Jason Garrett's going to be getting booed by the beginning of third quarter, who the fuck knows: let's stay away like the idea of teasing the packers incense I think that that should be we'd packard these have to win Saint just have to win. We get a little action on that same game and and that's fine. I kind of wanted suggest: can we put the bear into it. You I have the bare neither bears common, oh good, ok Eric, oh yeah. I want to have a reason. The watch that game, because otherwise here's the reason we're gonna take the bears. Minus three. Ok, look good upright there with you on this I think the lions are awful. I didn't there Thirdly, awful they stand back,
terribly lasting. They lost to the rather AIDS. I it's that whole game. I couldn't believe it first of all its in comprehensible thy watch that whole game like what's going on in my life tat. I wanted a blogger is worse than that than the W c AC championship. God could congratulations to good counsel, beaten, say Johns. The abbot What does what the mother s? It was terrible football I we needed. I await. We came up with Fanny Pack Fan GEO for the coach of the devil. Broncos map Patricia excess fell go to the year next year, potentially I need I need that we need a name for him for proof pencil. Seeing Patricia, I dont know what it is, he's fucking terrible thereof, awfully t I turned at varying every face. I tried tat everybody for two years. Nobody, you listen to me
He wasn't a good defence of coordinator. We got better when he left, so we have There's minus three! I don't care about your risky. I think they can as even matter. I think there embarrassing when their own. This series lived at the last three game the fairest one. Last three, the lions are owing three against the spread in the last ten games. The lions are two six and two against the spread against the bears. The lion extinct at home there, three and seven straight up and against the spread in the last ten home games, beat the lion there, always six against the spread. Their past. Gave they sock. They, sir they stink, and there are none of our game losing streak which is also fund, bears in six, not totally out of the way picture. Amazingly gonna taken, take ten get a get a wild there. They at least it's not like there done and re evaluating stuff like they're still trying to actually make it. So we got that box plus one
or am I just love at the box you're in love with the box? I I feel like it to stay away after last week's minute. They they really validated everything that you love about them. It was the full James experienced last week and incredible James is experienced last week, the one I do leg and I'm worried it's too obvious. Is TAT, a sea plus three in Indianapolis, and this would involve us going against the call to have treated us so well over the years. Never treated me well and even on Thursday night. I want some money and them covering by half point. I think there are a lot of trouble, the courts. They really only have one receiver from a coach standpoint, it hasn't been great, defensible they can't seem to get stops when they absolute need to end. Don't think preset healthy. The big thing for me, as I think per se, is like sixty six five percent. He can't create
plays with his legs anymore and extend plays and and seem like he wants to go down, feel that much either Doesn't seem healthy either he a couple big drops last week. And in general I just I just haven't really like the way they look that much they can stay in these games. They force hitherto their pays the price for them, as Tennessee is a better version of what they're trying to do every week now, because Henry by an unbelievable. They have received big, physical receivers that can make place there is the really fiscal team and I there are better version of when it is trying to do. I actually like I see in this division, so I like them plus three when you think of that I don't want to go against the ports because we have too much riding on it, but I understand
and the rationale I'm I'm they been impressive. Since they went attack hill, I mean they're their direct, their competent looking for party, they know their identity and they like late date care business against the jagged. The big thing for me is- and I think we can still grab and on Tuesdays is. I think this is a feel go game either way. So when I take the three and if you push push, I think if they had Danny, although season it might be an eight three team it may be, it might be. I mean this three way. We started off kind of believing in them to begin the season will have our languages play cause it's three now. Combo acts. I wanna do ten, my plus three, with the pats minus three parlay plus two six low, because If this, if this works out all the sudden Tennessee is looking awesome in the AFC South and pupil gonna wait what the hell just happened. Ten
Tennessee wait. What does right out six on five and six and five used and seventy four fantasy winds and used in those is tendencies in a tie with used in first place and they play used in a week any weak. Seventeen I'm actually making a parlay based on. I think both Those things will happen and that's prostitution. So far that away the last one. I really like is the stores for a few reasons, they just finally realised Mason Ralph was unplayable. I could have told them that two weeks ago the truly disappointing thing for Steelers fans about the MILES Garrett thing is. He did not rude off out of out of their being able to play it. I can't we getting suspended for the fight for six caves or something that was the truly galling out like a bad thing. Going aspect. Was that route was so bad in that game and then the helmet thing happens and then nobody saga about Rudolf was that game, and then last
It is just as bad and they Benjamin half and they brought in Hodges, and he was actually pretty good. There. Tom in the press conference on Tuesday morning, why Hodges Are you playing devil lodges? Why did you make the switch, and why as Hodges gonna start against cleaving read parliament's response was he has that killed us the two thousand, team, piss bursting with a gentleman. He quarterback, you didn't Cuba so he'll be starting this week the ad translation that is masonry I'll, fucking, kill us, and I had to give out there and he has he killed them he's been awful, kill them and I think They think part time and likes this team, I think, This team has is built a lot of confidence weirdly and the Nothing was the elephant in the room and now he's out and their blankly one.
I think this is a revenge game different ways: And I just think they're gonna win, I dont, I dont think Freddy Kitchens is beating like Tom and twice Sorry, sir, I had ever ass soon ass. I love that there is a little extra something here. You know that that the classic rust bell- you know a of Sea North head to head like an old school Cleveland. Pittsburgh slugfest lining up here with with the dock, hatch, it doc Hodges? Let you leading the way I I get a mom with you on this and in anything that that avoids having Tipp to put any faith in in soup kitchens.
I support so yeah. Why not? I like this? The Pittsburgh Defences mother, effing good in its that it's been the difference maker for them. Is it save their season? So sure I like site? I like it in the points, I'm with you Its ears do has milliner pigs, thanksgiving, weak addition bears minus three three huh thousand dollars. They about to so happy in Hungary is available? You pick an added picking, Watchin Map Patricia do dumb hoping for biscuit as in that, keep your eye on the ball. Other team out of thou happen my guest that they would take the car keys away from shore Bisbee and give him one of those birds, scooters and a flower and jacket and just tell him that they had another car three two thousand and the bears minus three next one. We're doing this since the Thursday night game teasing them down to one with the packers? he's them down to a half point against the giants.
On Sunday. Putting three hundred thousand hours on that one as well Dad we're betting on Hodges were Betty against Freddy Soup kitchens, the Steelers two and a half in Cleveland. I just think they're better at their due fences better Cleveland is. Seeing as good as their ever gonna. Look after a Thursday when and then a Miami win everybody feel good about them, wondering if they they through the plan picture I Breyer there could, by Freddy KIDS itself happening three hundred thousand and the Steelers plus two and a half and then the swine, we're gonna Two hundred and fifty thousand dollars on a parlay plus two sixty two see plus three in It was with pats minus three
Houston a little road team. Thanksgiving parlay in honor of all the people are going to be on the road on Sunday. So if that one has two hundred and fifty x, two hundred and sixty what is that Kyle, six hundred and fifty Six hundred. Fifty thousand Darwin fascinating, bears monastery, parlay Tennessee. Three pats minus three ts needs, Packers and then Pittsburgh pushed him enough betting on Devlen Hodges House. Well, how do you feel about that? It's it's Doktor Bruce, that's it poultry, thanksgiving, weak and you're gonna have your turkey on Thursday and your duck on Sunday. Maybe a little rose goose in between that's called a winner bill. Simmons has But thanks giving doctors said everybody, governor everybody happy. We giving I'd stay firm, believes in helping people in strengthening communities being a good neighbours rooted in the dna and core values of states.
Employers and agents stay farmers love with many organizations and initiatives that are focused and bring about positive change in the camps We live in, like Atlanta stay firmest teamed up the Atlanta hawks to support the people in Georgia's capital v. Very few people embody what it means to be a true atlantean like Domini. Kids, whose here my guy Hey hey been Tennessee and integrate park has once upon a time, Bang went here. Five years ago there was a low darker than he had ever had and you're gonna come on my back ass later at down the road to talk about this exciting new hochstet. But let's talk about Georgia, at Lana Basketball in the late seventies and eighties in Georgia, and everything, happened since then? that error was a gesture, beautiful timely, be about a basketball game, not just in Georgia but no across
country, the basketball, was man. It was just such a delight to be a part of the air. We had so many great great players in great ratings, against every single night? the statue outside stay farm arena, but deserved, exciting hawk about time and as that close marriages, pretty get he's. Probably their marriage was really a bit longer run the marriage said and for the ox nothing. Marriage was daylight four year gasping problem, whole career, In Latvia, the least ninety percent of my career was in Atlanta, so I mean I've. Never I've never felt more comfortable in a city, then I felt To this. To this day, I can never leave that city, don't toe toe with Bird Jordan, Isaiah greater as their I grow up special adviser to the sea of the hawks and together a stay farm. Me a bottom half the des. Why am I mean? I don't know anything of both up at me, and so is it
state of the art. Were building long term, give back initiatives Wharton. What such you into this. What made you know about me, a pot of half the desk, I am I mean. I don't know anything about me, and so is it is a blessing to should be about of Great Organization, great ownership and tony wrestling group that he's brought in to bring to our houses Atlanta Hawks and state farm to come. Together to try to eradicate hunger city and we had a campaign. Will we pack one million meals in a day well over a thousand volunteers in how we did it? It was. I don't know, but it was one beautiful fight to say so. You have to ask other million male pact million meal tat, yet one million mailbag. So it's it was that it was a great function that the Hawks and states put together by renovating the arena. I think we got one and it is not. The best
arena in the NBA for oh what we ve done and how we reconfigured that whole arena, just a beautiful place to play basketball- and you talking to me concerts and all the different activities is a wonderful place to be see. Why million twenty thousand. Six hundred. Seventy two males are packed in total. Showing how each individual can do. One small act to make a collective impact and fighting food insecurity in a letter, what do we need to do next? What a thing is consistent you too, to expand on it: add to what we ve already done, and now you put something such so big Althea. Now the key is to make an even bigger yeah and get more p. Involved, and this show people whether organization we care today One million meals a mean that shows you how much we care about our community done a lot of stuff and me from court. Renovations too, feeding the hungry. They all these efforts.
Things to show our community that Olano Hawks really care and and stay far, will you can listen to me. Gonna later observe the bears Pakistan Farm is built on the power relationships, their focus than helping strengthen the neighbour where they live and work discover how can make a positive difference in your own community. The neighbourhood of good that contacts dominate thanks Man, we appreciate it. This is a great campaign is needed, dear to our hearts, so any town we can spread. The messages is very good thing. Thanks for being a thank you, I'd say loosen the house know: did you wanna talk about Superbowl? Thirty, six at all, he wanted just pretend greatest shown. Turf you talk in the railways is, will yoga we can ignore so what's the other rams leave, but they to where you are this, is there to the wedding, stand there, a man without a team. So your widow I'm from say any lower that everything is from Saint Louis. Yes,
looking for team right now, I try to find like connections for like Randall Pearson, because he's from Pittsburgh like do I go for the steel, is now just moved to Philadelphia as possible, be an eagle span like I'm looking for connections, nothing feels organic right. Now, and it's not that I hate the rams are anything but is being Saint Louis I chant before them they enable there is some dishonesty will work with the departure. I mean people were led to believe that there is a possibility with a new stating that we were gonna, keep this team in perpetuity and I do not think the chronic users just like no. They said that and then a pull it and people felt awful. If I knew you off students in the game. Yes, you know I'm a student and again no doubt He bought other land in Alaska. I got
about this land. You know what I'm gonna do that it leaves. I happened to be the exact size of what a football stay we allowed the guy at every turn. You fly into the city like you see like it being built and it looks like it's gonna be steadier and I'll. Maybe I'll go and watch the charter, You refer to Louis guys in all the sports, you straight it say, like others, Gruber you on a text read like you, Jason Tatum, Bradley Beale. No, I dont know their way more famous than I am and to cool in two young, but I dont know if there were famous in you This is us is what twenty million people I been laughed at me a maybe once like all the plus threes sevens, unlike online and everything I tabled, numbers are different than what they were in the nine turn on Saint cheers and caused me in all that time. Stuff is different. So I'm always cognisant of the fact that most people don't know who the fuck you
If this is us was on in, like nineteen, eighty five every it would have. Fifty million people and others that we give it back and looked at the jewish ship for like the scent, the shows how you are you for it is only forty three a m. I just turn. Fifty good man, but that I give you all of this shows in the seventies were really had three channels and it was like thirty nine. For every absolutely yeah We'd like Ireland, shows that weren't doing now lay dead, showing ETA cancer denies twenty two million euro devoured. Even like you know I e g, I would they did on ABC back in the day, with full house oh yeah, I weren't huge numbers, but They were compared to now massive. I remember like maybe like seven years ago, camel told me that more p or watch the man show. Then then showing a b c and as it he's like sent all the numbers, and it was. I
He's the man show uncommonly central twenty years ago was more than any late Niger. Right now Fallon, but here the audience is so sputtered now here, so may place, because I really wish in places I Dan Hulu is a friend of this. Is us here now is our well. Everything now becomes like part of a conglomerate because Disney, in fact sir sort of merge together and others, the Disney Pleasant coolly and he has been plus like I feel like I should just think Bobby, for everything tat, I really ever see him basic thanks popular for the job at least give my half hug yeah. You know what better way He'll, be seventy on his next birth, better, the guide as forty five minutes of the verse, a climber everyday. He wakes up like four thirty in the morning, yeah he's a beast great posture tale about incredible like he's. Given me, something to shoot for is get his gaze very active damage. These did the areas year? Career is really fascinating.
It's an unusual arc in this day and age. You just on all these shows for years, I belatedly it happens here. Did you ever give up about Pope no because I at the time I was happy yeah you don't sound like I actually was paying bills. I was but a buyer house, like my wife and I had a kid yeah, I did. The tv show army wise for six and a half seasons had a great time Nobody wants it fire, my like military, Families would see you in the airport and enabled fan out I thought I was like a sneaky heavily show them, it already with military was lifetimes number one show the whole time it was on the air and then definitely Middle America, military families. It was big,
who is, it was your character and that I was one of the army rights. I was the military spouses, the male variety. My name was doktor roman burden, rollin burden, he was a psychiatrist and specialised in PTSD soldiers of react. Amateur civilian society live. Hence my wife was the lieutenant colonel with me and for other women were running around LAO yea. I run around basin just new solving problems and helping each other. We were community. Yes, I now see run through the airports in anybody earning uniform, yeah. Ok, totally like women were coming like you, help me get through my husband's last deployment like things like that off time and it was also right, but
you I can allay it. It was relatively on deaf ears and then all of a sudden oj happens. But first I say this like there wasn't a possibility of re upping my contract for me yeah and I said I feel like I've- explored everything. I want you with this character. I'm excited to see what comes next and they dangle a big carrot and I say like: are you going to turn this down? And yes, I said yes, I'm going to turn this down and knows about two and a half to three years in between, doing guess, spots on different things? I booked a pilot on AMC that didn't go and I thought AMC was picking up everything that they had shot nose like our man. Sucks, and there was a moment of like a man. I got this kid. I got a house you know like. Is it going to work out and that pilot season was when the people dot vs OJ came along As I gotcha cook yeah. I felt like I'd winners, love that gesture thanks when I saw you- and I was like- I know that guy yeah,
a magazine. Instead, I or that had already been act. Yeah now you're you, but for years you're like like a guy, you can place. What were you like them by you? How you like they're, all over the place here, but the new graduated from back I status yeah I did and now thing was a master. It's crazy. I mean to see how quickly it happened. Yet you made and will say the same thing is I ve noticed didn't happen like this all the time, and I am well aware that it has happened this, because I was a new kid on the black and looking around it. Sir Parson, including be vans and giant Walter, Nathan Lane in this cast of all stars and this little dude from St Louis Missouri. We just kind of like snacking between the cracks, and I thought they were going to hate me. They didn't hate me. They are all pretty cool, very sweet Ryan Murphy was really wonderful and he scares a lot of people.
He's like my dude. If I got a bull ride for him to the day I die you, you wait for that opportunity, like you, think that you have ability. You know you have confidence in that ability the more you get overlooked you like. Well, maybe this is gonna, be my trajectory and that's ok, and then someone gives you an opportunity to be thrust into the limelight with a show. The kind of became appointment, television and it's hard to come by these days. Like you say in the eighties, all you had worth three or four networks to check out and everybody sat now and watched it together is a family. O J was the first and the people. Came up to me, but, like look, I don't watch anything live, but I wait that night. Send me my family get together and we watch this show and that sort of just like turn things overnight. It almost created. It didn't create, as we grew up with the ministers I feel like a bright back
and now look at it. Look at each be own are differently the seven episode serious things now fast standard, but one, to happen. I wasn't gonna tell you so like they talk about the the rebirth of the invalid, you series and and rang it's a lot of credit through, like american horror Story now american crimes for itself, but I'm a site one of your favorite shows yet, as you ve talked about the wire on on many an occasion, yeah wire on the sneak is the rebirth of anthology, because it was five seasons, but each season at a different focus right, a good point. You start with you start with the dragon. You know you move on to the kids. You go to the news, you gotta dogs. Do you go to the kids? Can you go to the newspaper so like focused on all these different tangents of Bob the more right, but it was all under the umbrella of the wire- was really five different shows with connected character. I'm actually watching a renowned yeah I'll about this exercise back,
you Palatine manner now I've active about. I feel that this, while it's one of those hands free x amount of your legs, and I play video aims and I put a show and that I've seen before us on that to distract yoga. So now midway through season for the wire. But it's like I'm sorry, do it again and have already. This is the third time I acquired through it ran. I feel like when I get back when I wanna go through it again. It's like my friends are back, all these people are just say: I'm a fucking Miss Mcnulty. What's your very thirty? What's so my favorites was for forests. Pretty because I thought
the time it gets the for the show knows what it is currently like. Mcnulty was the star the Shoney's barely and sees enforces, took as they had so much swagger at that point that we can do this, but in the kids are sick, kids, it s so good is that when we meet snoop at the beginning, a season for that seasoned zoo comes in season. Three then season for is when Jane she avows, but I just love the kids yeah and to me it's a key seizing cause it's about it starts. It starts to discourse there, the fact from the beginning area that the whole thing is, I think, about. Oh, my as one of the great scared all my mind, television history. Who would you want to play if I audition foreign was close to playing string about? ya YA, Lexington, Alexa, Fogel Casting Director out of New York City, and I had a couple of rounds of auditions for it and no Idris freaking fantastic love them.
Perhaps they took a british guy area, they took a british bad, not the first It won't be the last week I was David Then there was this idea were really long time. Like people about like how american actors on his well trained as our british counterparts yeah now. I think that is starting to shift. And people are being a bit more like you know that there are so many different pathways to fame in America, whether through music, the rat through sports, etc and like there is a training background that tends to be pervasive. Crossed the pond, but like we have some wonderful programmes here, I went to school with my surely you are my buddy Brian Henry who is yeah, whose honour Atlanta, right now he went to Yale. My friend
from Juilliard from you see as the etc like we have some really wonderful training programmes. Here, I'm glad to see with OJ the producers were talking about how they had to like they're gonna, look inside Africa. They were gonna. Look in London like we couldn't find. The guy has lived, down the street on Pico, I'm thankfully like this guy away from the idea that we aren't good enough, because we have some really wonderful people. Tat was a hard there. I ve got the other ones. You kid, you know either you play the character of the character you or you can put on the right way in that does have the battle darling was always so like during the whole, I was a huge oj junkie ogre. He was so inscrutable even there the trial and stuff. You is the one I like what's going on in there and then when he would lose it, it seemed like. Oh my god like and then he couldn't come down after occurred when you out of sight, like he
needed it using a third greater who needed a time out last you take them out, go in the corner and ass. The men lay such a fund character to play there. So many layers too, it is really a guy. I think a lot of people passed on it because of his relative lack of public thirty year community. If you re right- and I remember being in college when it all went down ass, like she's on the wrong side of the room say like as a young, man, I was squarely on the side of the defence, so was doubly sort of
amazing about it was to step into the side of the prosecution to look at the evidence as it was presented to them, be like how they had a case like there's a point like whether or not you think o J did or did not do it. There's an overwhelming amount of dna evidence that suggest he was present at the crime, yeah right, ok and then he is pulled into this thing incredibly unpopular for black men to be a part of right, his family told him not to do it. He had. This is something we can talk about Michel, but he had a brother dying of AIDS right at the time, so he was taking a lot away from him. He had a daughter who he would try to visit who's up in the bay at the time. There was a lot of personal sacrifice that key made in order to be a part of the case to now feel as if your voice is not being heard, that you're being used for your face, but not really being used for your opinions in your voice. In your perspire
that had to be an incredibly difficult space to inhabit for a long time like the case went on much longer than anyone had anticipated happening so yeah. It was fascinating for me to just get a glimpse of what it must have been like for him and for Marcia I was a bear working sportswriter at the time you workin in restaurants and was home during the day and it was like a godsend, William, the internet. Back then, the video games on the trial at three in the afternoon arouses I get it. There go get coffee together ass. I watched the latter that man There will never be anything like that again now now, especially has this so many more outlets now the Hague in news to taken media period also to take sides now back, then the reaction of the different community the verdict was, I was wake? I live in Boston, daylight
I had no idea what was going on like other than reading New Yorker. A couple places right. It's not like I had this diversity in my life to talk about the trial right you know and when their reaction that- and we are all agreed that the seller Why are they? Is God just gotta we're Maria and is opened everywhere? We're how's at Stanford and I was living in what I'll causes the african american dorm on campus and when they said the verdict, we rubbed it right, but the Dormice half Black and then half everybody else and other half of the dawn is like. Are you guys crazy? Like? Are you not crazy? Like this is a wind like how often does a black man actually have the justice system work in his behalf right, so it became less about the specifics of the case. It became like the imagery of a black man actually getting over on this
system and it took me a while. I remember I wrote about it in two thousand, for I think a ten year anniversary year, and I am When I had read every book and as a guy get it now by right, it took over and then when we did on women for thirty one. The first ones we did was was day that he escapes or down escapes with the chairs the chase cause all these other sports things happen at. Yes, we grant their land, the mix, raggedy exit was aren't Palmer's ass, master, Ranger stained, the cup, where she's all these things- and I the audience for that was pretty bag and that's what eventually led to us doing their mother part Series was out there for the beginning of and that was coming out after your thing, yet and then your thing came out. First answer: ass can be terrible for the other thing to say now whose it was actually the compliment. They really were like nothing cancelled out anything else. I can, it was passed for me to watch like just see
him grow up in San Francisco, but really the epilogue like the Florida stuff, Oh my god. Video is all each ship brought like yeah here he unravelled events are a little bit I was on twitter, you can hit you up. Hey man, I love she has done a great job, really enjoyed it. You can't run our visit black. He was given miles. Garrets thought get mask our thoughts last week. Movie he's on Twitter is talk about his vanity. I don't follow real quick tangent here was the punishment rights for months. He I thought it should have been for the season at this is either People got a little carried away idea by comparing it's. The
test may lay on some of the earth by their tells me that I'm going a hundred times what right does not go in and I was like way, scarier near literally, almost hidden or riot yeah. This was hidden with a helmet and also route have just kind of took it his mind. I should just bouts dialogue is a kind of God like the inside parliament, when I learned not to take away from the atrocious like I was. What is bad max talk about one that yeah he was the game was tat. He was on the bottom of the pile trying to rip his helmet off and then continuing to follow him. But now, when you, take her home it away. I play the game in high school and I love the game. Dearly like it's as Chris long about I was sick. A group of we ve precise, does. Pack has run resign again. He played further than twelve years rams here here, Ramsay began, I was like Much wouldn't hurt to get hit by the helmet and he's like in
part of the head. That's where you want it. You like we're. Bad, as, like knows writer side of the IRA, said, though dab actually leg and there you could take it yeah, but make sense so but it was it was it he could see. Here too, he just turned around and did the right thing. Gonna fall again or an assault career at CERN. They did with our task. They did you know, it's do add, also has to do with the hour tat B. The personality of metal world peace is well. You know, I'm SAM, like I think miles when I hear him talk about an express the remorse that he did. I am hopeful that he is able to move forward, is a really talented player and really decent human being ripe, distinct, saw, read in a moment and saw motion, makes everything were seizure cause. When some than forty like that in Second, there is, then I'd want to step on your movie, but now
he did this year yeah, but and saw motion. It's all set in ten SEC I'd love seconds, then it seems like there's more right anyway, Can you ve done? First take right I know what I do I when Marcellus was on with the with MAX. You did our fight it out. You don't first take for this all media thing not as of now not as you go. I noted that before her before so fires watch in this day and age game. Let me get a word and there'll be Granada, emotion. I only there should be excited about the day after the battle dared thing. He had this previously scheduled thing with David Borealis, okay, so there answer at their screaming at each other, and this I cut out they bury answer. Then he comes into the lake. Would
You think about the biased as like, I'm just here to promote combined ABC obey, but here's bivalves guerre take than I do a joy they pull at the lab there. I would love to do first, take a great so it takes off you get. This is us, then I got this men vermeer year after year. And then to winning the if they like speeches Ebby, given our words as like five three m is one golden club for Amazon has doubts that you have a look at your sports em over there. I have to emphasise two m: is I have Third, regional Emmi forward at campaign that I did promoting tourism in Saint Louis NICE Summit, where they may as well forget I have, I might actually go. Tell you what I know you ever gonna golden glove. Golden Globe and the first golden glow given? for an average american actor as best drama mislead act on it.
I'm serious and certain at that time of the seventy five years of the golden gloves and as crazy, as I can't believe, is the first time that solution to buy at its yet tat very pattered with well that they ve rectify the situation that I won. The first burst male led acting I'm serious, for the saga words as well, which is just twenty point. Or your speeches are really good. Thanks man, I pressure, how are you memorizing them? What are you doing visit an ad lib bullet points. Four points you do sort of bullet points of what the Bay suggest is that you want to talk about the try to just make it a heartfelt as possible at the best piece of advice that I got for those speeches is if you can go up there without a piece of paper. I think We will remember more and I took it out now. I really that someone there about the word show because I really respect the art of a good speech here and I think it's hard to do sure it's hard to keep it the right length it's hard to make. It seem like
It's coming from the heart would mean words in your head: let em how ballplayer rarer spare Ghana lets. You did a good job of this. This. Is us two people just come here and there just already there just cried the you just trigger tears. Every much by people come up and how do you such an emotional shire, they linger too. I get a lingering hug. That's like ok and you sort of like smooth out the back his faith. It's gonna pick up, and this is in the middle of the sea. The US bonds or wherever legged their matter, because we you come into people's homes. Once a week you become a part of their family, another lagging, I know you, I didn't you hear that all the time I know you. I have no idea. You were like I appreciated and thank you and you sweeten your kind like the fans
his eyes are there really die hard and they feel it to their core and when they see that can help, including my wife, yeah she's Van funny when, because I was standing before we started there, no Daniel obey guess he's an alchemist circles whose appear think on the Mantua Okra ever seen the trail. The commercial of the one minute at or something before. The show lounge- and I remember we're texting about it. Jimmy in a couple of Us- and I was like the shows going to be a monster hit, you can just If I get this, sometimes you get ages to me it's a combo of the timing, yeah. Has there been a show like this in a white armour and just like what just and you can just fake? Ah there their thorough work? This is filling some sort of void that it
surrender and sometimes I do have to like medical dramas. I remember feel no about grace Anatomy year me to see that as an area it's time for another one of these will you go agreed and I think there's something about the way ban structured it to have like the parallel time lines of the parents and the kids living at the same time in their lives here, because it sort of you have your parents up on this. Had a stone, and then you reach a point in your life in your eyes. Are you just you just people and you guys it is making this crap up as you go along, and I expect you to have all the answers, but nobody, as are the answers in you, start giving them a break like I feel, like the show collectively gives parents of brake because we're all doing best that we can now, we know how to do better, and I think the streaming thing really helps editor yeah. You can, even if you miss the first eight, A show becomes a thing you can go. I was told this story about further delay its edges. I watched. First, one I didn't advocated cancelled and say this ideal Highschool for us
on the mitya thousands, an embassy like I'm not attached to these people. They do this to be an end, and it became a thing like. How do I watch is that I had to go and a ban on these japanese dvds of it There was the showed the japanese subtitles eastern big. I got up and I caught up yet had to get now you just catch up on Hulu and fire is gets up on stream of my intro last was I'd heard August of buses and one of them from an oasis crap. I wind by the dvd from target and my wife, and I will do in a play in minneapolis- was watch one. It was ten o clock and we're up to five o clock in the morning in the first seven hours I guy I didn't over the wire is the first reason is added the corner. Was the show he did before an earlier. It was just intense for me, right leg I think sometimes art can pass a point, were you feel like
I'm gonna watch this, but I'm gonna be like fucked up from next two hours like it's, there are different things: art can do. Sometimes you try to show life as it Sometimes you try to steer life into the direction of where you think it can be like Sorkin at his best as an idealist right. So the West Wing is not are necessarily heart government system, as is but he's like look at what it can be. You know I'm saying with the newsroom like things become so partisan and what not like, if you are purest like, let's see if we can steer towards what we, to be, I think both things are of value visually holiday season. Everyone loves it give they can feel good in and good Bow Aubert's. Stylish comfortable sustainable can go wrong Albert. A streamlined design, verse style elaborating lay snub wide range of colors, inspired by nature of riotous silhouettes. To keep you look in your best in water.
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this holiday season or get a pair for yourself at allbirds, dot com, so you're doing this? Is us and it's a massive success, but then you get a chance to this movie and you have to fill me in on the week yeah. This is the only only research I did for the good bye. I'd rather, Why, rather I like winging its findings are now feeling like you're, just gonna answer some temerity read every year but this one, your flight of Florida on Friday, red eyes, Yemen and then you're acting Saturday Sunday in a fine back and then did see you basically work in seven days a week for how many months we did that of about a month and a half full unease is like six weakens and highly stay fresh as an actor in the seems like you have to be tired right and you tired, you sleep, I can sleep on the plane, so I sleep when they taxi like they're, so I don't know how people stay awake on a plane. To be perfectly honest with you, unless I
really good movie. Like I start to read on the plane, I pass out of my taxi for too long like this open about the air airline, just like you know, MBA play they jail was right that really jailing the sea, but on his plane lands. He wakes up, hey where we went out that badly, how we do it like he hears the sleeper you in a coma four days for hours you right away, you know what it is. As I say this on the fact, as I didn't realize, jail in and Molly a married yeah could for shit. Forget it last day, that's go jail passes by as the latter wind, the letter boxes farm, including on top? Yes, disease, he's yet six eight and a half year. And how does she section? I may cease she's
retorted zones in that she's at least five ten five, eleven Shoestore novel governor eggs. I slept on the plane, man and the other thing is too, and I'm sure you ve had this experience. When you get a chance to work on multiple project, simultaneous You can have that. Experience were like all right, I'm a little fatigued here, but you not fatigued in general, like you can actually have newfound energy for the that's a good point. By moving from one thing, the other you can keep your energy up so that that's that's. I agree with that. I started realise that no eight or nine that I like working a multiple things at the same time. Right now, energy from the different things I was value is one giant thing, but vague over here I'll go over there, but it still two point: two different characters. You didn't care. A little bit of a different animals, I mean yeah, but then you something like orphan black way, like ninety seven different labelling and ad hoc, an awesome like it was now
Like I love Randal, I love the image that cheese able to put out into the world should have no the guy who's very well, meaning who wears is hard on his sleeve right. But I'm wonderful and often cognisant of the fact that I want to take advantage of that Thirty two show that I'm not Randal Ray I'm sterling and sterling loves to play many many different people, and so hopefully people get a chance to check this out. They get a chance to see a dad, but who manifest in a very different way. What's this is so many years now for season for another year as the show evolved. You know you talk about tv, first seasons easy right, you're and she saw the characters. Your stories, you ve, created this new kind of thing. Second, seasons, always a little weird cause. There's time hype yeah we didn't write, but we must understand the typical archive, whatever is somehow
if there's a little backlash. People know what they're going to expect and that's when using grab and season threes usually really gets as history of shares in dreams really then season for now. You're gonna, therefore alive than what six Seventy episodes of his wives, Vienna, sixty ass is usual. Somebody has very you quit their ratings. There we submitted our rights were so we wish. We did this thing at the beginning of season. For where're, we introduce three nuke Yes, is what I mean I do. I know, and everybody was watching it like who the fuck are these? Why they are my tv I should like, as this was the media council, but then like these three people, so, Ty into the main narrative of how they fit into the peers and family at the end, and so by the end of it. There like. Ok, that makes like you had me waiting for a while- and I say this Feldman watches like online, like a hawk
Is that a good thing, though? It is a thing how to put a good or bad Annika. Sometimes I think he gets a little over immersed into the Hall of Fame yeah, but he cares deeply and so he's freaking out for the first forty five minutes of the show is like I'm going to lose them when they lose the loosen, the God and then the last fifteen minutes when it all comes together and he's like a cat. May I made out in those as it is, is she's delightfully neurotic. More fun watching him watch twitter the show was on than actually watching the shots. New? The show is doing well anyway, as it was absent. Doing well and I jumped ratings. Yeah, but when there is a cop catch us out. This shows really doing well the other networks. A new version of the same basic was amazing, whereas do because they are doing
they are trying to do our corner now? Look this is, I grow. Marlowe shows up. It sees the three who's this guy, the guy. You know we gotta. Do they get a chance to sample people's product, but hopefully, at the end of data, come back to the blue magic, silent, about waves, but I told you I want to put it the tail end up, because there's some spoiler stuff, ok and I want a did, we do other sports, we need to do Is there any mba thought you wanna get out any NFL, I'm excited to go to stable, sinner any given night I'll say that much I am a huge leubronn fan. Here and have been a fan from the beginning, and it's not just what he does on the current. It's how it conducts himself
the court for young men to come straight from the league from high school there and have that level of polish that he has shown over the duration of his career. I don't think a lot of people give him the credit that he really deserve. You right here, I'm SAM the foot, his friend group, who his legs ensconced himself with like they ve made major moves and they haven't had, if you can say at the end of it, clear that his biggest misstep was the decision. That is your hand when I twenty five, you told me, I could go play in South Beach for you we're all gonna build itself. We're gonna make sufficient enterprise amazed that the biggest down fathers he's he's he's one is when you die I agree with the end of the year. Socratic is, I think, of him almost like a child actor yeah he's famously sixteen year you down, and that goes wrong. How many times
nine nineteen twenty obsolete at some point. There is some rest this year, and now you added the best way you became famous later in your life when you write really see and appreciate yeah, they became famous from sixteen to deal with. From that from that young on I'm amazed by I am amazed so you have chosen the Lakers over the paupers. Choose Leubronn Hooker, providing any failure, widow I'm a widow catered prayers. I found this. I say that because I know you from- and God bless you and I hate I hate. I hate to pay I know this is the last winter and summer and endless. Might Europe I am not even Brady's, but I feel it bears the smugness of the coach. The fact that he stole signals
when I'm supposed to get to super bowl broad and he didn't steal, sickness, never proven Kyle and I might as well We embrace the hate now green, raise the hate with it. Our feelings for lab then, after, like the fit super yeah really can keep. It even got to the point from me for, like as a young man ass, they don't care what he does in his career. The goat will always be maintained, and now even I sterling K Brown of Saint Louis Missouri after? You go to the game nine times and you get six duh views you gotta get outta. Here we go. The best Saint Louis Movie, water, even Army, Saint Louis Movies, I like the Arab, their shot, partly in Saint Louis, you probably know more night out, not too much shoots. The fight there's nothing
not a lot. I remember and vacation Griswold they passed through the less they passed through the other hookups, but like Burma, be for me to do the production coming. I gotta shoot someone in Saint Louis I'll be production over it. Oh yeah, I got a production companies called indian meadows named after neighbourhood in Saint Louis Missouri, trying to put some water city up there when I can like it feels like things are moving in a way where there's an appreciation by Hollywood. The diverse stories are not only important but can make money. I'm saying that you only addressed the universal through the specific and so while the doors when I try to watch it open a little bit more and put my own those thank on it. I have two thoughts on what you just said: data It's awesome that it's finally happening belatedly and that somebody like you, probably this should have happened for you sooner than it did the cynical sodomy is like this is also happening, because these things are ready money. That's
cynicism about a little business, but I think I think everybody strain at present. This is how things are better and, as are the pressure put on its egg, it's also a This move a little places cause there's a fucking audience and anything you don't know shit. There was an audience the UN's work here, I think, from the misnomer, like mainstream society, I e white men would not be able to see themselves and somebody else's story, and I think, like you, VE, had black pampered sort of current destroyed that that man in a way, the only other thing was I'd like black faces, don't necessarily so overseas, so Batsman destroyed. I think at the story as well. Hold what about the moonlight. Moonlight makes no sense. As ahead the review if I, if I try to sell that somebody in a room, so here's here platter moon, I get making five dollars revise its. It was the first very just shut
so in order, because it was a good Fatima movie like that ray we're. We're getting and now have thought about waves that we like you know, I don't I don't wanna go. Nuts browsing it tells when we tell them to like start lit up there. I don't want to I tweeted today about I was I don't really think about this movie. Yes, go experience, it is, I knew nothing. I voted everything here. I had. They said is greener. I couldn't even stream it's my tv. I watch em Ipad, some line, a bed put it on an fuckin intensity, It starts with everything's with limited Aragon and have the other sixty camera and and it is moving its move in a dozen let go in its energies goes and goes in a goes, and it goes, and it doesn't stop now finally stops you, you need to have a cigarette and then it goes again and issues I rarely do you see movies. I bear surfers raw
love that you had that experience watching it by yourself, because one of my favorite things is the sickness screening and there's a couple moments in particular and I'll. Let use the specifics, because I'm not sure do later. Yet what is that a good bye? There's the scene yeah right there is a collective gasp right in the audience were people who I was right and even before that we're gonna believed were you believe what you just said so in as well a programme with you like, there's something, especially so out of this gift. Now wait till the ended. I waited an awakening to talk about, but the feeble licensing about. How can Perhaps it is- and this is where you know movies and can be well directed and then there's a whole other level that people go to ears like just every decision is really carefully made there for the second rate and the pace and the intensity of what he does
yeah, it's just so like I was like when I saw it as I there's no way this guys order than thirty five. I read nothing because I was like I would have heard of his person for this as it as a filmmaker Keziah. He was thirty one. Yes, I think so. I wasn't surprised to see that there is so the script it there's no hard copy for the script he has on a computer program. Any has like music cues imbedded tend to the script and hit a button listen to a song, as you read the sea and musics at one of the most essential characters and above its huge right and most of the music there was in the script he was able to get the right for for the actual felt, so you had an idea of what the proportion of the movie was going to be just reading it. On the page right ass, I like that
is not the typical music. It was actually like modern music. I, on the contrary, I think that made sense for where the stories yeah I we will. I get took like right down to the last minute to get right for that, for that kind of some does. He was busy making his album we didn't know we were gonna, get it and not leave a kindness. Totally easy do at is yeah go round, not looking girl. Colleagues, you school is the other side of the pillar where it so it like I was something that I knew his writ he's done too
movies before trade would show yet, and I watched one of his rooms creature, which is about his family and his shadow leg over the course of nine days, or something like that hide his family to play the actors in the thing and is not a lot that happens in the movie. But his aunt comes home for like a thanks, giving or family reunion and everybody's treating her sort of strangely and likewise rebellion. So meaner was because you discover the course of the movie that she has a substance, abuse problem, she's, an alcoholic and they're. Just waiting for her to slip up because they know that every time round she slipped up until people walking around until she finally slips out, and they, like, I told you so like off. Just this simple storytelling, I was so immerse like he creates this cluster phobic sort of environment, where you feel is it
you part of which, whether you want to be or not you can't shake that lead. Writes that. I am glad that you have that experienced by yourself on your ipad. Above with my story right next to me, I started at like eleven and it was done at like no one hundred and fifty in which is late for me. Usually I go to bed early that cuz I wake up early and then I can fall asleep really and I was like my heart was still can like going with me. I just thought I'd better. The ringer had nobody talk about it with their support is everybody I can talk to anybody home right now. You could try, creates it's really. Did you really get there? I beg you, you, you know, you'll get other plodded cinder, gonna be a desert. Well. I thought it was a different character than its you're. Not
as I stand, as is like a different person, I'm completely different chemicals that are totally different journey yeah. I will talk about more in the end, but also just my shower. Like Calvin and Junior who place my son yeah and tailor resolute place. My daughter like they are really phenomenon in the end it their movie I'm there to support and lift them up, but like it was a joy to see the work that they brought to an end Lucas hedges and elects a demi as the two young love interests, and even my wife to rename these girls very. Like hats off from Hell, right from Hamilton. What's so people out of Xenia don't hear turn off the back ass, though it was seeing you come back for the end of it after assume of ignorant. Ok, so the crazy, about this movie. To me is this: doesn't work women, becomes differ movie halfway through here,
I'm saying like just in general. This is a bad devising globally switched luxury disaster, vaguely point you like this, where we now? Where do we go this way here? It ain't never works, and it actually worked with this. We believe as I wash, and can it really pulled it off? No, it's too. I say this like. I was terrified of this movie yeah when I first read it because a young black men takes a young woman's life halfway through the film. As it is this a movie, that's going to be exacerbating and already negative stereotypes, or is this a movie? That's gonna be humanizing. In being who loses his way, makes a terrible mistake, but that does not negate his humanity, and so I met with
I talked to him. I said I don't know if I can stick with you for the second happy film, because on the page it is beautiful, but my mind, a sort of obsessed as a black man with two black sons yeah. What this young man just did and he's like look. I don't want to lose anybody either right. So let's talk about the ways in which you think we can make sure we maintain our audience from beginning to end, and then I talked to Kelvin in place. My son as Bro. You not do you know what you're getting yourself sovereignty no two to the listener. Tray is white right. Yeah is a young white man. What are in this movie is largely autobiographical. It goes in a fictional narrative, but there's a lot of him in it, but when he decided to hire Kelvin to play the sun, they talked about the script together and Kelvin got a chance to give his infusion about what it was like to be. A young black men in these Anna, his father was very much a taskmaster, and the arena was music. Tray was ressler. His father put a lot of pressure on him to excel in that particular area, and so they Belinda
two things together to make sure that they did it right. When I mean by doing it right is that the family is not black just by happenstance, but they're black on purpose right. I said now that this character is black like if this was a white man, young white man, doing the exact same thing. It would elicit a different reaction, now that it is a young black men. You just need to be cognisant that, It may land in a very specific way, once it's in the audience his hands, that's it! You can't do anything about that red from he said yeah. I hear you mother thinks it's kind of crazy to, but is a really good part right. Once again- there is a really good pipe and he said well said on that who had just because I am black. As I said, I didn't think. I guess I add that that shit mean away, there's like you, so I've been so fearful of representation and like not representing the community in the right way, and you can't ever shoulder W.
Sometimes feel that pressure to like make sure like weeps had so many negative images of ourself thrown out. Is it like? This is not us pass? Not us. That's not us right, but now this family is very specific and their very an upper middle class family, and I know this family rights whenever very specific set syrup. Problems with the drugs and in the household, like you know, the over the counter drugs were not talking about a list of things, but things that you can find at home, yet who's. How you want to like this is the type of shit that happening. The pressure that children of feeling, the the advent of social media and how they can turn the pressure, the dial up on anything that you experiencing on a personal level, because everybody has a say like can see everything at the saint is a really important scene with that with the daughter after the incident. Huge huge thing was seeing the repercussions like how her brothers murder has like impact in her life and like the hate that he's receiving
and it in she sort of internalize as they are too and she just dies in Siberia, wholly dies inside and that The other reason why this movie for me was or was a most was the scene that that Ronald Dad has with Emily the daughter in the fishing right after they go fishing, because I think that their conversations that happen in black households or in communities of color that don't necessarily happen in white families, at least not as early on, like the idea that you have to be twice as good a ten times as good to make it just as far the ideas that people are not looking for you to succeed. Yet looking for reasons to dismiss you write and we're trying not to give them any reason for you to dismiss us right, I think that these are appropriate conversations to be having with your children the short falling
father, I dont think he ever gives his son. The space or the stature to represent himself back, you have a two way. Conversation re write like the learning, is only going in one way he thinks he's binding with them. Just cause they're like lifted waits exactly in work and wrestling moves at ten. Kennedy the girl S mad actually like connecting with exactly so when I was watching the first forty minutes, or so I was gone. Oh, this is cool. Ten years ago, they made this move in its away, family run, but now or at a place for it. Psychic does really batter with color. The family is its more about this family. Here, then, is you wanna. When I say now, it actually really does matter that this is black sure, but it too It takes a while to get there as the viewer I've been in then a really really comes in the second. What is it It also one of those things to bow were like the eye
here. The misnomer that you're talking about is that, in order for people to all universally see themselves within the story, the face has to be white right like as a little, you like our man super may be, so cool, but all I had was quite kid in our you. I was Michael Keaton like all these things are now you have Chadwick, and now you have this family, but the biggest compliment is that books or say, like I see myself in that family and it doesn't have to be a white face rang for asian african latino white to see themselves in it like, I think we are getting to that. Place where the specificity of the story that were telling, whether its ratio, cultural, what not somebody can bond with some aspect of it, whether they are part of that group or not. So this move your mad at me. This is weird causes something like, but I feel like it is ordinary, people forty years ago, which is his family, that it everything seems ok and then it
yeah, then it's really now in their movies film completely differently. Here its film Super Stana Redford, actually one best director which that's his first thing only I think he lost Scorsese. He lost that you're too took for renewable yeah, yeah yeah tablet. There is accurate, but that is what want to do what kind of imploding on itself here remind me of that, and it made me think it was like the two thousand, a version of what ordinary people doesn't want. Full rights today, firstly in the music and how found than issues so different were basically
in Paris. He's really that just the point out the difference. It he's a vague visceral film maker, and so you time about the specific. So he changes like the aspect ratio of the film throughout the course of the moving it's probably hard to see an Ipad. He gave him a laugh when things like start to become claustrophobic. He actually like changes the frame side and then like when Emily finds, love with Lucas, like things start to like expand again we I hear he doesn't really cool shipment, it's fuckin awesome and the music. Even the collars colours a rich yeah, it's it's! It's a beautiful for MIKE! It's not just the story is the way that he tells the story that makes it feel so immersive, it's almost like you could scratched the screen. You could smell like salt water, coming from it in the carriage. You play that's just a great part thanks and you have the Euro gray in it, and you have to evolve in this almost devolve at it, but just don't care tickets
calm down as the movie goes along the way that really feels legitimate fears I'll say it's an evolution, because some folks around this term toxic waste. Lydia, I don't know exactly what it means in this particular context, but I do know there's this idea of what it means to be. A man can be very narrow! Yet right! You know I'm sand like. Even sometimes your catches of talking to your kids or I dont, because I'm I'm pretty cognisant but like people selling be a man, could quickly be met. I understand I grow up that arise and so what Ronald is able to do? with his daughter out of necessity, more than anything else right, a lot of changes born out of necessity because He literally has no announced that he can talk to who understands what he's going through right and if he wants to make a connection with his daughter. He Canada has to be the change. He wants to see an share hymns.
Self right yeah and when he finally shares himself. She does the same thing in turn and I dont think. Unfortunately he would be able to do that with the sun without the tragedy. The beauty of the film is that he does learn something from I also like that the sun's gone half way through the movie and they don't throw in the token copper scenes imprisonment. He basically dies as a character which is kind of what needs to happen here. Even though is alive, yeah needs to die for us to pay attention. Let us move exactly an end. If you talk to try about it, the whole first half of the film is about trying to immerse you into the perspective of tat. The music that he uses. The Al Jazeera Tyler's film in the second half of the famous Emily's, so wooden makes sense to round back to Tyler, because now it's Emily story, what ass, a movie see thanks how optimist not really again how optimistic either find a big audience,
That's why I really want the pack has partly because I want. I want people to see it. I thought it was cautiously optimistic. Get tough watch right! It's it's something that hopefully will inspire a lot of conversation. I think that if there is a genre that this movie falls into, it's the r rated family film, like I think that parents and kids should see it together there at least fourteen you know, maybe thirteen or twelve, if you're approved, the fat but like, I think it's something that they could learn a lot about each other from because in this hey social media, where everybody has a little pocket computer all the time you spend a lot what time in the same space with people but you're not actually connecting right. You know, I'm saying so They like this movie, is that to be like I'll fuck we haven't been paying attention, ran, you don't say children to their parents, pants to the children. We have been paying attention, and hopefully this movie can can can break that water
Well, good luck with thanks thanks for phenomenon. This is great zyobites about their sex. I thank the house. Thanks to Sterling K, Brown don't forget to go, see waves, its awesome thanks to all birds, thou comfortable, sustainable. They come in a wide range of cars, inspired by nature of riotous silhouettes. Keep you look in your best? But ever situation fighters of the solid season, all birds, the perfect gift, to make them. It is little more comfortable for everyone on your list, give gifted for this holiday season or get a pair for yourself at all birds, dot com thanks so much to state farm thanks to simply safe. Remember Friday offer exclusive to our listeners. You'll get twenty set off any new system, plus a free, hd security system, and if you can think about you
obscurely. No better time to get it right now sit beside that come such bs. Twenty five percent are plus a free security. Camera best obscurity deal you'll, see, though method black Friday supersede that guy such bs up is ever to Eyes book of ask about two point. Pack has don't forget about that. The Darrow more passed is up, enjoy Thanksgiving think of you as I eat a ton of food and watch the tunnel football and will be back on Sunday night gear on the bs to their ways.
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