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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined live in Austin by Bill Hader to discuss his new HBO comedy, 'Barry', some of his best stories from working on 'South Park,' and the state of satire in the world today.

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Today's up so the built in Pakistan, the Ringer Dr Gas network, is brought to you by the procurator. Our old friends are two thousand eighty presenting sponsor. I went there last week and they have a view in the office of the Pacific Ocean. That's all you need to know about how successful dipped critters been. Eighty percent of employees supposed a job, a zipper critter get a call a candidate through the say in just one day there powerful picked out a job, it does that the web gap, or that identifies the right people with the right experienced by some. No plenty, your job, my list as contrived for free deprecated accomplished as meanwhile seeking the best that provide both of the sporting events concept, but more for twenty two hours of purchase them any gamer sporting events for things I gotta know arch badness. You know what to do his promo code being asked miss it this week,
how to download the sticky gap of iraqi sticky back up by that time. This week we have what I done coach calipers bracket that people are getting kicked out of today on a Monday we have what shining podcast there were there last night. Craig you now, I'm so proud of marked. As you know, the naysayers dead. My Titus could enable package. That is that the night and then right, a calm about large banned as bracket people believe it was like a plus. Two eighty to pull it off, but he did it and he broke down everything that happily the maddest other up that special storylines everything that's got to one shining black ass. Now you can win you bracket. Why wouldn't you? when you bracket you lose every year to people running Adele Boycott Basque. By like me to check that, check out the ringer dotcom all week will be covering college oops. Deep dive
earlier on podcast day that cause, but on its grandma now at the ringer, don't forget, against all add cousin sow their blown out a low march bandits thing on Wednesday, so all that's coming up. I know this sounds good about the phone Where, where my boy, my car, at the bring my car and had to do stuff- but we have some good stuff coming up here- there's a great bill, hater package that I take that step by step was thus I want to talk a little about them, but that happened.
But first we have project really become african. Have a bit of a belated. I don't know how may have had a mine is probably like the fourth or fifth them I did make him do Jane gum. I think I have to do that every time we're together, but we talked about, is show which is called bury, which premiers on each be. I think two weeks from now and I really liked it which, which we don't even to on the package, but that it was really cool, millet different. I went this out by satellites. I can't
I think this is like my fifth or sixth time that have been there and it just always amazing how big that thing, as has balloon and I'm actually mad, we didn't do more ringer step there. We had we had a ringer basketball panel on Friday was shaped Toronto, Chris radically linen and Curt. Gold's bury our old grantline friend, and I and my two hundred people were there and then we did the hater thing in in people couldn't get it and I just next year we're gonna bring a whole bunch of my people, they're going to do right, but it's it's really cool. I was there before it really blew up and then I would say when it blew up, maybe really know what to do with how big it at that, and now they have a pretty good handle at it really well run. Ah Buber and less than all that stuff has helped people being able to be able to get around to others that the need to shove. Firstly, I think he's seen like nine or ten movies
In like three days, it's it's got a little bit. Everything is got panel club, though away, is there really cool place. I like that. It's blown up and take the part where it's it's like now call to set it up by South West School anymore of is that back by us to open its actually cool when he go, though I'm glad I went in what was this thing about fire back ass if to tackle with thing without it and I wasn't delta and somehow we have now perfected the whole Directv Putty another airplanes. I think there's a lot of personal dislodge cannery going on what
What these aeroplanes can pretend they can and cannot do the wifi is still bad. We still can't get satellite went around there for you. I couldn't watch the Tiger Woods thing and yet I was watching it goes on twitter and, of course I had a movie on the background. So what better choice to pass by which I had a good sixty, eight, but really spectacular they. I can't believe how good first five is. I really think I seen the conversation proposed action movie about time. It's completely satisfied, but I had first five on because I like, when I'm on an airplane, I like to watch stuff that I have already seen about about like to absorb eye, and then I'm just watching
the tiger thing unfold and twitter, and what was cool was equally between the Ringer slack and twitter. I could I really it ahead of what was going on. I just couldn't see it, but then I twitter people put up the gift of the Miss pad, or whatever shall I did feel like. I was belatedly Folliot, though, when it got to like this the deep and any had like along pilot as they are done in their eyes and my twitter time, I'm lights up about these people get excited about it and then they give his island in like two minutes later, and I got to watch the forty three further with this chap he gave on an airplane, and I was just as this pump the point of this story. Is this really nobody like this any more than that?
We are a kind of want to succeed in sports gaiety there. Yes, is there any other athlete that has kind of a unanimous? I want that guided do well. I don't feel like a basketball. This is certainly the wisdom. Football is nothing. It's really just tiger. Maybe Michael votes, oh yeah, I guess you re if the Olympics, but that that yet you right in the major sports ye I mean it was amazing how many people were jumpin back on the tiger thing, and I see I really thought that he was gonna make that put on eighteen and chasing. You noted the cup Lugosi old days. I'm sorry did we're that we get the masters coming up and poor weeks which ran away. I'm going you for the first time ever in Britain, my dad and it still bucket list of all time. They then he wants to do now that every Boston team is one the title and was not expecting. There's gonna be this whole package. This crazy tiger, woods, wrinkle and now I'm sure it's gonna
like the other hardest, bastards event of the decade like who who's that the item pussy was plainly, I really like just missing parts tat if he had made three of only one tournament and if they were hard put see. There's, though, that's amazing, and then we are bad, is coming up. The Abuja seized his is closer to the finish line that it then it feels like it usually as and when it comes to the greater the really made sport stretched pushed Thea. Ghana fell draft after I like this structure in right now, Kate, you and Titus Data did the madness preview. Yesterday, Sunday night what's the schedule for this week. Will we get the first for games which are indeed in which are on Tuesday the most interesting there's, probably Arizona state attained the less undefeated team in the country in college Basque, while the season they fell off the face of the planet, their plants here, using debate on Tuesday night in Dayton, and I say Bonaventure suppose you see allay also in Dayton and the other two
that young man right yeah does. It does have to bind him to delay the nice when I you know my way through the body guard broken every monitoring and I think that's a nice batch up for their work was. Why should they be scared of you kill I think say: Bonaventure is gonna, be the favourite that came out. I would assume yeah yeah, absolutely I'll pay. You right out dated turned out enough. He knew that speaking gamble on some of these. You know that yes heard at it has spread breadth and everything and, of course, the problem as you go, and these are my sites and they have all the turn my games, because there's all these other parliaments that other guy came out of it. Now I don't want to take the bodies. Then we got Bay high birth there than a state, the other unregistered, better, the Tuesday nights, actually of funding to be all the better that usually the case, none at all, but we did Bob Hurley coasting it
and bay. I'm that's one. The tune into we actually are tightened. I talked about this but Oklahoma. You know they didn't turn Mitre youngest and the tournament year. Your chosen sundry young. We were We received the guys, like you know, tray young. They really want to make first for matter these Tuesday games put in the most interesting. Seem so Arizona state should have played you now and in the first round of Dayton cause they need to play cells internment anyway people with a really wash illustrate young fellow Sousa Austria, has really looked like tray young at about six weeks insane happiest thing. If we can turn it back, I'm I'm I'm still a believer. I just think you know that the combination of the weighty fences, replaying em and just all the hype and all that stuff you could seem, gave a little bit, but I could back on the most wanted that happened this week with an eagle covering replied with context in a guy that we had been. I bought it for a while
as somebody that seem to at least a little bit special and really seemed like a good teammate and play basketball. The right way, maybe his people's back ray and then he had at tat moment pull them into the tournament aunt Kate had Titus has been kind of clamouring for this year's Campbell Walker. There really wasn't the candidate, and now it's like count. Sextant like the perfect candidate right is the perfect candidate. Unfortunately, he got a really bad draw. They have a eighty nine gable there in the east region, so they play Virginia Tech in the first round. Buzz Williams has been done a great job with this Virginia tech team and Virginia Tech kind of got screwed out of the ACC tournament against Notre Dame, and there was some questionable calls down the stretch. At Ferrell, doing some dramatics, no flopping out of bounds and leading to a technical against Chris Clark. So Virginia Tech has a little bit of redemption. They face Alabama than of Alabama in a secular able to get past Buzz Williams than they have Vila Nova the second round, which is.
People think they'll know is the best, even the country, so that's a tough to african section. We're going over and Virginia to pay restraint now, five times? How did you, like fur kind of mid range sleepers? We did this a couple weeks ago, my black ass, an you guys. Now the Michigan thing they ended up with the big and burned with their anybody in that twenty to thirty two one range that you guys retard: In Kentucky Twentieth Colombo, it continues to need to one, and we talked about that on your part. I guess last Friday, when we came on, I think the problem of Kentucky is again to get it together. Draw me: they get the hottest team, the hottest minimum your team and its heart even say Davidson them in major team with Bobby MC their, thereby Mc Killop as one of the best coaches in basketball at any level they face Kentucky in the first. Around. They have this guy killing Grady Number thirty one on David. And he's he grew up. Stuff curries, like you use a family for staff, curry wanted to be staff, caraway grew up,
and now, as you know, a six five shooting guard plain for Davidson and does the things like carries. That's a really bad match up for Kentucky in the first round, which scares me about and in some other teams utterly no executives, and I have in front of me, but to some sometimes a watch out for magic. Getting that I said: Gerda cried in an area where the at ok North Carolina know you're going think that's a Tobias Paper North Carolina. They get a greater role in this west region is Xavier's the fourth gaseous they're, gonna be out, Caroline has been on the LA bracket before when they lost. It was content and Frank Kaminski twenty fifteen, and then you look Our missions had two weeks off. We like Michigan, going into the big internment, but you know they went to time with Iowa that term it you know they had. They had theirs and tough games. That people of color washed away just because they won the big internment so Amelia. I guess this is perfect, but I am still a little concern
about them in the MID West region. We know that the AIR Carolina eighteen November eighteen, the day it away this weekend or next weekend, will be next weekend soda before the actual regional, the regional, about Nellie for the West region. So if your team can went to game your team communists to you- and I say this- is what you tell yes I'd stable sinner. When do we start the campaign to get paid Frazier ticket and the EU, and that I believe we must do that, Ben. I think he got up. Please please. We need that need to be there and Mark Titus. His team is also they also have a chance to be on Ella Ohio State, the five seat in the west. So far say Wednesday Games granted they have to play Gonzaga Agora. If they, if they be to go to state which a measure that can be the JAG rabbits, but if they were your games, there will also be our now lay so it could be marked Titus tape, Frazier Extravaganza Andella, for you guys could play the better. You got that
lady. Yes, in LOS angeles- oh my god, while thank you committee, deck split the package that yet he had been ever be the same. Yes. Well, this divide that happen. If that happened to three of us are going and an ominous just Instagram story, the whole thing and you got the virtually fight to the death and then who ever went to fight gets the package
just that they did. You watch was elections by the way, the new selects now that without an airplane right that people, how did a good job of securing it today alot of people there, but it's really interesting when they over think think when it's like this is such a simple idea. It's just like K. Here's the bracket show here the bracket and this teams by investing in its true that up, it's impossible, bulimic screw. That up is by not giving people the bracket, but a bracket Joe and confused them, enraged them and making them wait to see you. I just don't understand the logic. I know they after you know they can drag the ads.
If they, if they dragged the Shoah but to just make people like really violently unhappy, seems like a bad game plan right. It seem like they try to make an event. You know by having a crowd there. They try to make it as if it was a game or a part of the incidentally tournaments atmosphere, inexperience, which makes no sense, but why I haven't. I bet your life is out there. They have the shouts of it, it would be like if they could change the Oscars. That dear like I, before we get to these five days let's go over the nominees for another hour and a half like put that put the brackets up. It's an especially like in two thousand eighteen, where, when you screw up that stupidly, it's just so you just get. You should get a drag. You know, is it just why the rules in the room looked around and said now? That would be fine. People will be fine with this.
We say that people in that don't ever do that again out. I don't think so, but I know that I think they were trying to do a for a general audience. You know they return it good for young people, don't really care that it. You die hard fans may care about the bracket, but you know general audience just wants to the teams that are in so they treated us like we were and you know this is what came out it was. It was really bad in two thousand and thirteen. When you treat people like they're stupid, it doesn't look out and go up the system, no no track record whatsoever going well so tat was there. Tat was done through the we have thirty Friday Saturday Sunday afterwards to grant these. That is playing games with against the planned ears, but now now that there is actually a couple against them, little more warm to them, but is there? Is there a day there's always Thursday Friday? One of those places the good day, one of those days did but TAT Day, which day would you say, is gonna, be there.
Hundred and budgeting match updating it. Tugs became as the first game so tuning on Thursday. I'm excited went to network sharing factor when shining pike ass we're doing a bracket tomorrow. I will repeat now the Games Kinney and Charles back. We can agree on any games it. Guinea and Charles Mark. We can agree on any games that has put question mark so ties, and I may add that monsieur so, who knows we can give you any clarity, may just put question marks an exclamation points and in no other things that on our bracket, but he ever that tomorrow that we're doing a park as after Tuesday to pray. You are the games in and make picks and try to help out with you. The general fan, and then you know Cousin Sal, going to call at two on Tuesday night, so it'll be a full day of podcast in tomorrow, then Tuesday night Cousin Sal will get into the gambus perspective. Give out give out some longshot insisted as a longshot. I love Rhode Island as a team are really love, not when the title, but to maybe some noise get to my
so we'll give it all that stuff on cousin cells Pike S more night too, and I know at least one of the three trifecta guys will be diving into the woman with it with some thought. This is not quite as much greater innovation, it would be the woman bourbon though, fewer people who actually know what the hell's going on. With women's back about that. That's when you boy you now and in which our two buddies part, the thing is this chamber's good, their brackets easy there brackets hard, which why, every year this somebody up that people go? Oh, my god, my bracket done already, but the woman to really make it. You really mean debited, get them the guy. I went back at this week,
This is why we created this package for birds next couple. We hope for you that survived the house did not come about by coming up with a duty bill later pack. Ass firm felt by the west is just like package that we did with the later. It was infirm about a hundred or in a room at the year at the very often backed up on Saturday, and then we had like in an accompanying room in a big bar watching tv. Those one he's somebody that I think the first time among us. Died and it was before it does define and is he was taken off and I set up and I totally and then by the next couple times it come on his career had gone applicable matches so yeah almost ten years, the pact as the debate at this point. Here we go from taxes that
guided awhile. You well. That's right! You look like you haven't slept in a couple days: man, ok! So last night we had the premier the Show- and I don't really drink then sounds like here. The thing is called electrode, jellyfish is good. Beer, and I have like twenty of super trashed and then added, at nine, a m and do a bunch of I don't know start doing interviews at nine, a m and then Amy ground it is like the had a comedy at HBO. The like. Let's go, have breakfast tacos. I did that in Austin is great. I so yesterday was emotional for you because they show you been working out for a while. Yet that was the first time you Jonah too
audience bury Yea Alamo draft. Has we as one of the greatest ideas I've ever seen for anything like they just bring you baron popcorn? Yes, I, like a movie nerds dream I have to go nowhere, they bring the beard me watch, my God Zella movie, and now it was great and yet Its yes, it is it's like is not nerve, racking or anything is just kind of like you do and then that lives the embargo on reviews right, which I didn't know about so it's like its aired and I'm sitting there in each year and they go oh Holly reporter of you just came in a variety of yours came in and then I was lake with this is get drunk the winning listenin to the audience reactions for stuff right there. What are you listening to? I don't I don't know why? Don't you weren't, even in the now I dont go I'd, ask you guys, have fun because
for some reason, but you were there, I what thereby left in and We entered energies, did an imbalance, bird like ok with you stay, but I leave and I don't like what you got like to an alley. Yeah stood in an alley self, is like the ending. A Blair witch just staring at the Wall Come back and then when I come back and I go, eleven, now is very Larry David. Like reactions, I mean you know whether it was a comedy and they like the people. Laughing and thread it's a really different show and when read about it. I was a little way because we ve known each other for a long time and I can't make wow that's kind of ambitious. I loved it on that
you're saying they have begun on, which was the nicest were our let's say I was excited he came out. It was like that was great. All your showed up to the thing that some sweet, it's about this kind of tortured, hit men who basically has done a mid life crisis, because his younger but sudden, as is life crisis, and just Well, I don't spoil too much of it, but it is. The easy game is like the proud is a former marine you now works is like a hitman unease unhappy in his life and he travels to a lady kill a guy. Any tales and two is acting class in the valley which is run by Henry Winkler. So neither say I'm in my language that sentence is any decides. He sees all these kind of its kind of way a version of Lake Travis, big O, meets the William Money, character and unforgiving. Like taxi driver,
and for giving guy meets the people from waiting for guff men yap and night. That's his salvation, but the device Balance in its very brood owing a real, so yeah it's a tone, all better tonal tightrope away when. Started to weak, became friendly early part of this decade. I was instead, you like a super movie, nerd and kind of fell into this ass backward he handed the ESA, like you were your basically do you like a lot of people area? There are unaware that move move there and they think I'm in a direct movie Sunday. I very that that's what I wanted to do was brightened direct movies to give them a thirty five. Second- and this is how I know from there two other sudden amendment, no forty four x up moved away and I raised, and then I was an assistant editor and our work on a bunch of movies and then I was trying to make movies and they didn't, and then I ended up. This is great. I was
second city allay taken a class the do. Megan Malawi, for willing gray saw me in the class, is Nick offer men she's married him. His brother man, governments, my friend, we're in a group together, and she said you should I just she call me the next week and when I had dinner with more Michael'S- and I told him about you- there's, no way but that's literally what happened. That is what happened here. They taken my life. She was then, and now I'm I'm getting too the thing I wanted to do initially areas is very weird securities thing, my favorite those jobs you had didn't. We weren't you playboy no cause of our time play by nine calls. Do you guys? You can admit it. You know that show that this guy one deeds. They cause
labour. China was a show with these two women there gave sex, advise yeah, I recall in, and they start having sex with their government. It was not a show that could have been a network to Vienna yeah, and so my job was, I will go, get coffee for the porn stars. And now is funny whores like I have an order for candy, Candy India. So me whenever the names and the cops but and then yeah. I would be sitting there and someone would call in with like a fantasy and the guy would come over the place like hey Bill. Can you get? You know it is Cindy and whoever ready I was like hey guys. So you can be having sex just go out and do whatever they ask you to do. I think
some sort of cow girl thing to get ready on the new Pierre to meet Can I get your water? Can get you guys a water, maybe after maybe after a shower? Ok but it was sad. You know I mean in all seriousness. It is a buggy nights thing reduce it was a bit wake. You know I was bit sad. One of the reasons I like bury so much as it set in this part of allay that I've always been fascinated by its not anywhere near where I live. But it's it's the valet bit it I kind of deep valley, yeah Ladderlike actors, work in his waiters and waitresses in bar tenders and like their scenes in though in the shower light, the acting class goes and get. Beers
it's kind of this whole area of allay yeah. It is like strip malls and it's it's Diana S like the opposite of la LA land. It's not going on the lot and then dancing and stuff. It's it's more kind of the valley that me, my and new, and we grew up dinner when we move their ninety nine. It was we all live like in you know, north Alleyway Valley Village, like all these areas and in your friends were struggling. You know filmmakers, and tourism swingers was the first one there really tapped, and yet I was like all those fields that yeah and those shirts and people, because by everybody everybody either on car and low jack, yet era we got those guys reduce revaluing those guys are doing, the guys in the movie with guys you were trying to do swingers we power like come on. Let's go to the Dresden, it's like shut up
Maybe they what made you stand out in the three or four or five range from like a common standpoint, we're Megan Hollywood, town or minor. Now I impressions are well now is just doing voices and I didn't do impressions in some way ass, an audition lake. I never really done it before, and so I was sitting there. It was an improv show and she happened to come on a night ass. She had come on Saturday. The Sunday mine I got that call, because on Sunday I just was hot, like it just worked in an improper show one night's terrible nail in its great as you're improvising it and she just happened to be there on a night where I was really funny and sank Where would you write the ratio of people happy for you that you got the car? They were all browsers, likes bitter and resolved. Now most people are happy. I mean we have to do, is show for WAR Michael's in New York, and so we had to go with my my my three four.
Ends and they knew that they weren't gonna get a job out of this, but they went to support me, which was really cool and one of these guys. Milk cow and you actually went to school out here are now he's a teacher. You cv in there. They reduce the best, yeah me when I did my last show the next morning. I called all those guys like. Thank you so much again like I just finished ass an hour eight year, yet layers of you guys, like you guys, I was so's cool that you guys, Did that was so mean volume so's go there's two types: people on SNL another type that they just love it and they soak it in and then their type who are just stressed out there. Our time about ass, they drew near and that can be added. When I wasn't like he has some friends some people on there, just for so laid back. You know, like my Rudolph, could just be having a conversation with you and then they be like and RON and she
do a thing and then continents Felix anyway Roy you now and I was like an it would be shaking once I miles Ryan, see grass and and I was able to do a miracle idle and and I'm it was a cold open it was a Mary, Katherine Gallagher, cold out, where my Shannon came back to host and she came in out of the cold open and I was Ryan Seacrest and I was shaking I started shaking. I was looking at the crown I'm just like. I have to open the show and Maya Rudolph just right when the She has put her finger up. My ass just grab my ass this and I will take that right. Is there a good account town? Just It was sweet air, his eyes, as you say, whoa whoa an hour ago- and then I was out of my head- is thousand being the finger at the ass
good note for the future Cassie. I man, things are going back, What are your finger upper ass, well When did you shake off the fear that Europe is gonna, get the call from Lauren and that your arm, where is my season for as South Rogan hosted in a member at the after party warring came up to me said you can work here as long as you want, and he was a vacant relax You got the job. We just need to relax man! Ok, because I would these pacing around. I'm going over and I still do it. I mean I am wholly next week and we do in the next week and we walking around here now, whenever my stuff. How do I do this? Whatever and in its more the anticipation of it and you get out there and a it- is all kind of goes away in your way.
Though I hosted last time, I was, did John Maloney Roadway Monologue and he put my first line: was I'm so nervous because he knew I was gonna, be nerve, so go ahead. Bill shouts, I'm so nervous. What was at lake? Did you feel like a kid who is in college, who was gone back to high school for like the homecoming game, I mean. I know it's more like here. It's like going back home. You know, like you're, older brothers leg, a squirt man shut up. You know insight immediately, go back to where you were when you started out where it's like a ever gone. I've had some success and I'm doing now and then sounds like that. Wasn't funny in your again: oh no you're right. It was a shiny view, go back. There's that day when the host is going through with the everyone's pitch in them you, ve, never been in this. The piracy position I was in the barrier when I did that and actually got really nervous was very sweet. Is Lauren
You have a meeting with him and then he says, or can we bring everybody in mega? I news here because I have been in that meeting as the person sitting on the floor as is like firm like there, that the door is smart. Now we pile and in everybody's pile up on stuff- and I always am I spot- was on the floor- now sit down. So, rather than five hours It's not even two years ago, like thirty forty minutes results, but more Michael's goes like this not only Boardman. We do you apply, and Ngos are right now any points to someone, they go. Yes, I had no idea where maybe we would do blank and then he just goes around the room to everybody, and you have to have an idea And it was terrifying. The best guy was Jamie news writer when I started there and he is the funniest sky on Monday pitch meeting because of the delay, year. So I cannot be. You got back
the ball. Those you found. Your phased runs right back up One time Steve Martin stay Martin. He goes one of his ideas and yet a little book is going through the barking goes. Take his time. Everyone else do you want to get there and you you just slow it down got a family policy family. They walk like this. Yes, your guy used to work at a bank. When are you working to Delhi and no one likes it, because you make the same what you like and that's when he did the Vestavia spit was, and it's not. I don't know why it's playing with Steve Martin was hosting so Steve Martin's in the hot seat and we're all kind of like it's Steve, Martin, those hasty Martin, and we all can giggling cuz like what's going to be in his eyes,
deal years, you're smoking extra long cigarette. The ce marking is looked. Ok, if I may just the balls that yeah you know. I was up a night before going to see more in my ideas: gotta be good. What's it going to be in jail, he just didn't give a fuck and he just went in There- and I was like Y gotta- be able to get to that. I only get there. Which one idea, for example, people at pitcher couple usually it's like if you want to lay claim to something that happened in the news, your if it like a holiday, I would say. Oh you know, I do Vincent Prize we're going to a holiday thing, so hastily non do and how, owing schedule that you know that kind of tells a room. Ok, there's gonna be one of those overriding Fred armies and used to play joke were there's something really terrible had happened in the news like ours, Fritz. All that I raised a daughter and employ. Needed or whatever you know, some terrible story. He is
call any view that common wants a decent, our fritz, which I think is really really. I didn't. I do not want to do anything about it. I know you're to Saint, come on it. I think it's back there, but you want to do that anyway. Do you. You look back with them thence down their cast. Whether because that cast was I mean it Just back like a man, I love you went to a lot of stuff yeah I came in. I started not just like book. I star was in December, Jason Sedate is increased and with those who I started, work So we all showed that was you Ricky class. I was already glasses in Congo started as a writer and brain Tucker is now that when they had writers was there we had a great year We were Canada in the lonely. Island eyes were the other writers. Sir. I mean it was. It was crazy, very lucky. You miss it a little bit. I miss the people there. I direct light on this as the fear. Yet
I don't like going out- is pitching stuff, I'm already had it on the phone starting Eric and where it is one of the producers errand, a young ideas, new systems. Ideas and as I see it, all comes back, we're like art will forget, you know I forget it. I don't know what I'm doing. I don't know why I want to do this anymore and area and what what movies from that decade, you run a few of the earth appetite. Communism has its super batteries, which Wednesday get which wonder people bring tee. The most Seeber batter pineapple, expresses the guy at the beginning, but I have expressed in stoned train right now as one way. Those they say gas. Forgetting Sarah Marshall, has had a big cable, how we have to raise their design, as you never know, when you're flippant channel ever get to see their areas,
this so we we are thinking about now, nervousness When you, when you're thing, the barbarian where you want to do it, that what lessons from what was said, the fund What this is really is banned and asked him and even what lessons to learn from those ten years incorporated Newbury. Why so? Much because, You know and Sarah Alive, Chris Rock do what you want to do. Man and I want to direct somethin and he's like if you ve been on, as you can direct, you know, because
right the thing and then, when you, if you're sketch, gets pay as you go and say: okay, so you gotta that all the department heads and you gotta production and abusive use this debt that you know that the set should look like and here's what originally drain you picked. You be cast it. You do all that stuff. The only differences get to work or the DP cinematography, her and site, really relaxed actually making very you directed the first episode. The first three episode, they directed and then and then Maggie carry here a mere. I end Alec Bird directive, the other three you directed anything like now. As all reason, a move that delay was a direct and I rang out to direct- and that was fine. I've fucked tat, because I buy worked so hard in private action and directing, and then I showed up and realise that didn't had made a choice and how to play very first day so late.
You saw that it has seen it takes place in a back yard, where these guys are telling me my mission to cure, No, they don't say anything really at seeing as I didn't know how to play the part Frank sounds. I think I need to say that line there. I think I saw my smee, my dream actor homeward. What What's the biggest thing you learned about the rectum from those first three episodes, it is keeping its Paul you now, and then he stood style yeah, but even lake. Now it's it's kind of way. The emotion that you're trying to get and know what comes before. What comes after and not Tran, let people do their jobs, you hired hired people. Reason yeah on all counts. What tell the dp? No! I cannot see it this way, and I like this and if it's not right then say something, but don't micromanage, people don't work all that way and just honestly it
that is my thing and I just know this from work on other things is, if you're just kind of maintaining a cool attitude and being you now in a good mood and kind of white that sets the tone for everything. So if I seem everyone else will become, even though everything's going to share breath it. You know by the way this works in sports, because you see this would coaches our Yad Vashem, college Basque, abolished this coaches that they had their panicking in the last four minutes. It's like that open your players. Now Jack Harbour, poor bastard there he'll do that from time to time. Now it's like, if you D, be common, hang out as always remember that is appears and act or anything. If you saw the director going like this, you and our food, like what's happening. Why these freaked out than what's gonna? What about men train this outbreak which learn from those guys? With this the strike
sure had is right and writers room. So Lake Alec Bergen, I you know We were the show runners and so is us, and you know about. We know forty five. Other writers and it was how to run a writers room. You know which is kind of others. Conversation between me and I like, and everybody else is kind of throwing hitherto sense. You know, but that everything has become be led by emotion. There was the thing I learned from tray man, so Even if it was like a cart, men has delayed killed. Sky in and eat him her something you know What's his emotion was he going through here know? What's the reliable thing you know, and This is because all that was a big thing. What train in man, which was you can't see this happen?
If your due outlining your show your story, you can go, this happens and this happens in this happens. You have to say this happened so therefore this happens there for this happens, then this happens then other for this happens. You know I went to dinner once with Matt and Trey and him and at some point you and I, tray. You started in this improper voice. Like Edith went to some place rounds. I don't belong. It offers very good cause. He he like loses that everyone we start yea is acting praise and universally all the sudden. There was none other people at the table, but there is real only for people there. The average is doing all we have is whole group conversation. You should issue when I was in the room. We came up with a pc principle because I was me talking something that we are going to my we're just like us like, therefore, to frat ran like and as I said I, but it's not cool you can not. You know we're does Yahoo in this thing and then it became this character, but watching him do people
What made me laugh so hard, and I may do the hard, as I laughed in, that room was when we did this Canadian them either canadian stuff, maybe laughter harder, Russia is a canadian sex, Ed Video you saw that Apis urban areas like yours, watching this video that media are going through a priority. Might be noticing differences in your body. For instance, when you did, it gets because he's our babies banana exert has been women as of a dying man. She puts the vagina armaments face, increase, that's how it is about, and then it goes well because none of us about their when my wife, some of it and we will do that. Five outwards. This walk round Lama we have given them is why do you even my face and in his life- and I guess, he's beans, any media? Do those voices and anger
if you know that producers leaves sank, I'm just going to New York. We from my face for the next five hours. Were you We worry about those guys are like a cassette. He replied with them last year when there are coming off the seas in that when drunk out elected here and there our place with just how it play that yeah, where I was in the room after the election, and I was discussing what do you do this guy and am what answer that got real today at this the show and redo it like with. I don't know about that. I just now that it was a bit lake. He knows. That's another guy satires is gonna hurt. I guess right now, because you have you know it's. It there's a whole thing, all the hat on a hat, which means you put a joke on a joke. Ray I was the king of that, like I would be like I'm doing Peter FARC teaching people how to do so. Our words impressions right and people like now. Oh that's like a joke on another Joe. So doing, saturnine trumpet
had on a had its like those joke on a joke, and so it's it's just difficult. It seems like the breast, the best impression are always like a piece of who you're making fun of it then like this, crazy regime. That's when our works, the best you knows if I ever saw parking areas, that's another welling also gives the onion then really funny with promptly, really made me laugh the mule Robert Mueller. There, one of his eye, rivulet eats eats five, chicken nuggets and once hitting ticket the transfer of it as this drought. Reviewer, like looking like a snake five. Twenty peace now gets her whatever it is. Looking at this chicken algorithm, that made me laugh quick break to talk about Sue's march. Madness is coming. That means you're going to spend an insane amount of time watching tv on a sofa. It might have been
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The code bill, it's gonna, be able to get twenty five dollars of your first massage. Let's go back to me until hater live that real from Austin Texas. Where did you learn from appetite ease, forbearance. I think it is just that that leaves, nurse and trying to find just letting things be special writers room what in the emotion play the way it needs to go like not again its calling not trying to micromanage stuff for instance, is apart in a movie or the show where bury this doesn't ruin too much, but berry hooks up with somebody and he and he gives that person there, he notices her laptops broken, and so he gives her laptop the day after they sleep with each other.
And I go and the guys in the room. We were like: hey, that's a nice thing. You know he gives her her laptop and all the female writers were like that's creepy as fuck, if I slept with a guy- and he brought me in a laptop I behind what is it, you know and we went up Then we have to rethink and we were when oh no keep it that way. Actually that makes it really interesting. Ok, no, that's awesome! You know it's that's like letting it be what it wants to be, instead of like no. I had this idea And so we have to keep it that way. Em you develop the chauffeur. Yeah? How long will the process? I found out had a deal on the set of train wreck. So as not to set a train wreck. The agent call me and says: hey, there's a fifteen. She doesn't fourteen yeah yeah, and so he rode at pitched it shot the highway. In two thousand sixteen shot, the shown you doesn't seventeen so the pilot. That was the pilot.
I watch last night at one year two years ago I noticed your hair. Looked a little differ in the second fuck off civil, innovative funding. Now you know what it is doing. There's a seemingly in Henry Winkler at the end, were I'm talking to him and he's in his car and now my half was totally re shot. So when you see him in the corridors, do that on sixteen may two thousand seventeen fixings less interesting. So well, what was the big startled to get over in the development process. Albania, just you know each is viewed as a lot of shows those runaways way neuter raiders were waiting. Turn, but it was, and they were just cool like the fact and I came in and pitch the show with our work and we you know we just talk like that is talking about, Travis, big Owen, anything my taxi driver and unforgiving when you're pitching a thirty minute, comedy yeah, most places with the same leave
but they had seen me in this movie the skeleton twins and they like that they like to Ganem the vibe of that. They liked me plain like a dramatic but dromedary, it. They were in time any people in the room. Nowhere Henry Winkler is the most famous for just out of curiosity. God, when I was a kid Henry Winkler wearing and agreeing on the air- I forgot he was in great when I was a kid he was the most famous person in the world like. They re realises that he was the cream listeners somewhere in the world, which seems improbable tat yeah. Now you need a mounties Ike, hello, oh make that man stepped on me. You know and re Betty, so sweet, and he very he's. Just a great. Die and he's very he's. He's just eat
bon set is so great and gracious what the actors- you know he always comes out and I saw what you did there. That was beautiful, you know, he's just a very sweet man, because when they, I think about now vs somebody who's the coolest personal live. Now you get fifty different. Joy, arab, enabling seventy seven a link, anyone at twelve about the funds without a doubt, yeah even Osborne. Eighteen, seventy eight mostly very bill. I really do they said scream. I that I'm sorry I'll give you some money. I'm sorry, looking at wicked Wikipedia to see how many people watch happy days once and it was like thirty- five million people per episode a couple years he's jealous
Like three channels back, then, what the house knows that happy days is a very important shell and others content left and re in order wasn't repeat tv, all the tv shows and involved with would not exist because always does so weird like this documentary. Now they wouldn't exist without you know a tonne, Tv shows it would suck about document are now how many, how many seasons are we at the war? We were talking about a third season right now, so rich. What's your favorite months over pick, one. I like the Spalding Gray, when we did because became me in germany- the one where I was the model of the monologist in the second season, I think, because John waning, I we got like this scheduling who happened when we had to make an episode. We had a right and make an episode in like forty eight hours, and we came up with that episode and forty eight after his and did it in fourteen hours later fully done so a lot of the actors and that episode they audition and immediately went to sat.
Do our so there but like I just whenever an audition your great you need to go to this place right now. And so it was their are you a mused by what's happened with John Millennia over the course I like it? I love because when you invited me do it, s now shows like two thousand ten and he had ridden. Stefan yeah, you re the very first Stefan show yeah, and then he is a dead cigarettes defines great. Rarely does stand up to news, like he's very mellow am, I gonna, be a giant by just was like this guy's There was a guy on a plan and then eight years It is worse than the independent spirit. A lady is sold out radio City Music Hall, like for four days when it was insane he's one of the greatest guys in the world, how many people either great for that show that our thinking this is my gateway to actually do this. I don't and it's funny, because I look back at signal. Burress role when I was there, you know a lot of people. Too
J B smooth. Well, you re is writing. Marianne heaters made me laugh super hard and then we can never do his ideas. Yes, it a guy doing driver snow, storm, storeroom, wriggle yourself, breaking up you just do that in Ryder's room and I be on the floor laughing and I just got a bunch of you're really well have you noticed any transit comedy they don't like why I don't know I kind of they play. Don't worry, I type what people or more I don't know I don't really it's weird. I can pay attention to stuff as much as Asia. You know I, like actual Nathan, for you that that show is funding at its like detroiters, my friend, TIM Robinson
Senator but yeah I mean I don't really watchful eye or pay attention just to watch S Anna I really know the music starts- now be late pages yeah, this event I like I. I watch clips. You know, I also have like three little kids and I'm like no at person. That's like a sleep at nine hundred and forty five p dot m. Let's talk about my anyone's leaving, what have you learned from having three little kids man The good comedy audience right, yeah everything the last piece of far jogger moves with kids yeah, but the edges farts, even when kids are just before they even know like when it is babies, though and start laughing, say it s, saying ok, says just there from the beginning: Now I love it. I mean am misunderstood,
and barrier thing I don't think bury, would be so kind of like emotional of a shower can examine this guy. You know it's like you get older you now, When I was in my early twenties, we liked you know just really crazy. Punk humor in you, no fucking what the fuck and all this stuff kind of crazy, sucker brothers style stuff, and I still love that it's not against that, But, as you get older you, you know bad things happen to you or people you care about. Yet, or to have more empathy towards things in your search can a realizing things about yourself and things like that, and so you, it fine
its way into your work. You know- and I think, having children- and you know you like gotta gotta- be alive for this thing you now and I've never love or anything as much as these three children, and I just got. If anything happened, you guys, I don't know what I'm doing. What's that that you suddenly have these feelings, and so was like all that starts to end up in the show whether you know what an oxygen to be worn out. The acting class as a good device for a tv show a movie career, You can go a lot of ways and there's a couple. People in their hero is way too terrible on Sunday. I can add these moments like I was thought I was gonna under exploited, yeah, it's also like therapy and railways, urban and acting class, but when you take acting classes, people just really one over share like immediately and for a guy used.
Trying to hide his identity who murderous people. It's a funny position for him to be an because the minute you walk in people just kind of go higher himself so- and this is the worst thing that ever happened to me now and I'm so yeah yeah yeah. I don't know how long the acting class gimmick goes. Deanna go through all forces in the area. The part I was excited about was obviously they grab different movie speeches, yeah, like somebody do in a merely west of breakfast club yeah that we found out. That was that we went alleys, acting glasses and allay, and they only do scenes from movies yeah. They dont do cedar. It was and we went to a got. We watch these guys do a scene from training day and a guy when we saw on play. And in zau and he's gonna play even hawk and we were like those aren't the characters names like script doesn't say: Denzil Washington, the actor, I guess it's also a crazy cop show. You know
and- and you know, you'd watch. You know that but yeah it became really expensive. So we have to do you have to get the right. Yanza lies in a clip yeah, so I mean we used as seen from Angola and the pilot kind of solely because it was posing as expensive as the other one. We had written, no offense I know you're in Ass air Goldberg actress. I said: what's a scene that people usually do and she goes well Julia more flipping out the pharmacy magnolias, because it gives the people a chance to vote, have a breakdown in red cry. What about James, Oh man, I love James. You can't give you get the rights that James GUM foreseen were buried. You James GUM, Susan, we'll keep potentially somebody in the class could do it
I don't know, I'm basically setting you want me to say that this very thing idea there really is a bad guy from silencer lambs. We did a sketch once on the show that never made a review it. Does Jamie them. Talk, show Hurried. Iran is Jane, begun gauze and you any depth. Thing was anyway, so Shell, and of a great deal like the joke, was that the gas were kind of free doubt, but he was just like a man about go man an airline. Now I did then, as I realise cool love, that movie like he wasn't creepy at all. This caused where's, the girl in the well. So is this a shot of a wow? What a voice like our first gas is intended as a shot of a well
an area that was deemed weird? I also data Chris Handsome one that one guy on the John and whereas Press Chris Hansen show. The guy to catch a predator game gap and is like, corner a country late night talk shows At the first gas, Philip Zimmer, half men and sedateness comes as those who are often, but there is no house there anymore and no one there, and it is a plate of cookies on the desk and he goes in a play, cookies and cuts that high wide shot like indicated predator needs the cookies come out is present can I get you a glass, a male, no nano, whereas the? So what are you here for promoting a movie? Oh yeah, you made a movie what's the movie about my favorite,
Can I get you a glass of milk. I felt there was a guy, the guy key for members leaving Orison here as well. What of it. Because if I live tv and every time I see you might think of your impression tat brain is song Is that a thing he goes one time, anyone, but then there was that DNA. That task- dna you gotta know you're just lay, and these are people who lost loved ones like you. Imagine that one like that's my dad you're talking about in time. He said a woman like my husband, went missing and they found his car out in the woods and they pop the trunk and they looked in the end. He was inside and keep Morrison said was the hour. I
Now he was in our dad. Was there any one from the last five years they are like shit? I wish I was still in us now that Oh man, I don't make it out as we yeah. Maybe I will see I mean there's always somebody there we can have It's always week by week to remain is never alike. I rarely what you'd rarely hold onto a thing ain t you try to pre planned like even right now, people like all what you gonna do online, You know I mean you, you you show up in These new, as is the case member you can it didn't like it when someone showed up with like an arsenal of staff, and I'm gonna do it this way to do this, and then this coming in and you as a cast me go well here you know that it's gonna not do anything in there. So I found a way.
The sensibility of the shows different from when I was on and that's cool. It's like a different comedic sensibilities, so you kind of want to just sit in there and go with him. You know what was the runner up tied. Four bury. It was your second choice when you really want it, but there was a line, it was my Lombardo and the meeting was language called berry. Diet. Don't think about this shit, just kind of his art school right on, like that we had done title like. Oh, it is ok, What do you want you? No one and, gave me a show. I mean I'm an idiot My aim is about Barack Obama, anomaly know where take some questions, whether the MAC far here this again, this could get lively quickly. Raise your hand. If you have a question, though it is question there's one about you guys can ask as any dang seriously
and here s my name's GMO Joggins, Dandy Louis, you know famously gets into method and does a lot of crazy stuff for his roles. What's the weirdest thing, Lebruns instead for the tag it. Yeah. He. La brought was his eyes and so laid back. I mean, this was kind of a chill and is hanging out in and you love the idea that he was cheap What, if you were cheap, and he was what you mean like we were sitting there and shooting the scene it. What if it was just like you were cheap, like you split the check, and he would he just started laughing, as I do that. Why did you just say, shit to urban and huge go for it and when we do the same reply and one on one Chris Rock was unsaid, so Chris Rock was shouting out shit for him to say
This whole thing about like they'll, meet her and then you'll buy her a nail salon, and you don't do that. Like all that's Chris Rock, and I was nerve racking man aiming to play baseball- is Bron James. You get the hang out now are you, I got to go to Akron and we went to act and- and you know he's like the king of that play ways- the king, I guess where we want to act- and and walked around, and it is they re burger place behind ear. Thunder fan Yeah, I as distance at the gate and give studies. I will we be items on that score very many years very. Is very sweet, very corners. One moment we're in Akron we're just hang out with his friends. He just is best for answer, his friends from high school minutes who hangs out with and there is a moment where a leg whirling around his wife was like. Am Haiti? If you want,
in another speaker and will have a go dance party here at this after party we Everett in rank and usually ok and then the guy's by EVA breaking. Pick up this in this endeavour Yeah ok way were wait. What do I have to get again and it was just like you know anybody like pick this bigger they are calling him and making him do at least or other issues, but like a speaker but also wake. You know soda nurse and that in some aspirin burlesque, whereas We have anybody out there. No, it gives a shit. I request and I know when supplying a popular was ever consideration of us- define movie and indeed brainstorming, Yes for one now me in Germany, they talk to us about it and then our continent,
really into the idea, whose day, like Lake Paramount and stuff and not like they didn't say we want to make one more Michael's wasn't like you have to make one. It was kind of way. If you wanted to make one, I'm sure we could do that and you know what do you guys think, and we remember I was just like it didn't work as a sketch yeah. That's why I've run uptake the sketch made no sense I make a movie out of there the reasonable. I could ask, as John makes me, laugh Doreen successful, Where is the funniest thing he put into the car that you didn't know is coming? I was why I reside here. When he's a jewish Dracula was the one I just right when he said Macular, the black Dracula, you know they ever jewish Dracula, says Myers knew what the thing was right in these that, oh, what is it? What's his name and I said, Sidney Apple
nay laugh for like twenty minutes and it went we put spiderweb and all the clubs and then tell me there and then find me put Dan Cortese and all clubs and tell me one time he said a kid had knees like biscuits so you read in the queue cards and you have no idea, I believe lives says he s knees like biscuits and either spread The funny thing is like, as I'm walking out, their people are laughing the queue car guys are laughing. Everyone is laughing, that's what no one sees that everyone's laughing people on that. Psyche guards laughing. You know, but whatever sandbags lake, it's an act. Whereas we have various other hand appear, I, whose you're all time favorite character from personnel
you didn't play didn't find anything very unfair and gave him lawyer firemen- and I of deep thoughts, whereas like Bergen, I actually were just doing a bit it deep thoughts. We were texting as we these days. They they put us apart, and so we were texting deep thoughts other, and you said there I bet the main reason: the police keep people away from a plane crash. Is they don't want? anybody walking in and lying down and the crash stuff. Then ones Buddy comes up act like they just gulping go. What was that a funny
A free dummy was our favorite one, which is if you ever fall off the Sears Tower just go limp like a dummy and someone will catch you because a free dummy MA am frozen came and lawyers the harder. That was the thing that at unlocked my brain in some way of what you could do and sketch comedy, whereas this weird the combination of a reared concept idea, but it also to great performance by fishermen and good theme song Yasser Arafat. They pay Marie I made a cup or in your world, frightens and confuses all that shit is maybe I'm anybody S zone over there. I was wondering what the first idea you pitched when you start yes and of the very first pitch meeting very first thing I pay
Steve Corral that you would play Bobby Flay, an iron chef and then he would get electrocuted As I worked as a as an assistant, editor and iron chef in Bobby flagrant electrocuted, then it was my favorite piece of I guess he grabbed a thing. He grabs. Thing any just goes, but he's. I do Juno Stephanie I was angry. Leggy proudly shit himself once again and we were. I did you see this meat is kept playing it over and over again and slowing it down. We were like who, as other this, I would question who are most intimidated by like, doesn't have to be a famous person, even Blake who, in your life
you must intimidated by an interesting question. Tina? It's interesting. I still have the kind of relationship and an wonderful, very warm people, but like you're a freshman, I always think the seniors railways can intimidated by the senior. So ain't embassy Tina, Fair, Amy, Polar set Myers, you know France, even extend I'm always lake. Can. Therefore, you can hear they're, always rocky. I'm always the rocky around me. I said by if we're around Steve Martin and Marty Short I'm more comfortable around them than I am, and fifteen phase era: noise like oh without funnier, you know, and I will make a very clear: they're, not that way to me: they're, just normal nice people, it's my own, I'm just a rookie to them. Said the scene and bury when he leaves the acting class and goes to get beers and he's super uncomfortable around them. A new and Amy and ten it will mean going to a bar and you go to a bar with all these people, like you known
for now and with Carnero Rachel trash any of those people there When aid, I see any of them so kind of immediately a freshman in em. And you I just so badly want to fit in there. You know, and they were perfectly nice to me. I just was so uncomfortable So, to be honest, my eight year old daughter, I'm super intimidated by she's, just weighty, smart, nobody, s couples, persons been super super. You owe me money. I give her the microphone. I can help you out, you throw it in my face through the phenomenon. Do you prefer drama or comment, I don't like them. Both you know. I never see it that way, drama or comedy. I kind of just see it as a story. You know, and you kind of
you do the story, and sometimes it's funny or sometimes is dramatic. I kind of feel like things all of one I don't enjoy. It is much I kind of like a combination. You know, that's gonna, feel it that's how, when you're trying to figure out the truth of a thing you know like there's, I've been very awful situations with something really funny happens. You know I mean I think we all have a year and a funny thing and then suddenly something really terrible happens in everyone now you're in a new mode. You know it's those parts in life. I think on the most interested in another vagina books. I, like I leave you know, George Saunders, as a writer is so beautiful at doing that stuff. You know of a right in these stories that all that alarm that by that, so our Tobias wolves, another guy, really liken so you're gay, no money, the sky by weight.
What do you do give it? You can get to him I'm sorry. I can only I can't see or their gets to see. I was wondering like as a dad. How do you have you give your kids perspective about you being famous and like that, not everyone dad is famous. What I don't give a shit. I mean really dont care. How do you like expose- They involve Elsie. The billboards me upon and allay right now, there's like these giant billboards me everywhere. They just like I'm a five year, although my hey look at that, but where's your dad, you know, and she goes get over your south. Then I took undergoes see finding Dory okay, so they saw me and clarity
meatballs and I'm like? That's dad and there we went. We don't watch this movie anymore and then I took him to go, see finding Dory and I'm in the very beginning that movie and my voice get my five year old has stood up and walk. The theatre and I went out and she was gonna like, like You should tell me you're in this thing. You can't just spring that army what we're in the theater kind, get like my dad showed up and the millennium falcon I'd, be fuckin. Tarifa they age you, we will see in Europe guys wow. I don't want to do in the way. You're gonna ruin, stir the bill senior I'll, be over here in another terrible they don't, they could give a shit, unlike their friends, will be like. I said, your dad and anything in daylight. Ok,. I hate get older, they get their act together, Gyp mean yeah. Maybe
here. Our daughters, ledges through Cythera, barber once large, is cut your soul now as yet Solaris shut up dad you never play basketball, anymore visas. Well, you're dead. Near no. Now I don't know about you. They fire backup your kids. Now my fire they oldest got gather the tooth fairy came in a year ago. Two very came and then I go hey the tooth fairy came last hater. The five when went with was in our house yeah no very came is thanks. Dissonances announced was sleeping MIKE I'm on the bottom bank and she's our bugging. You guys are to school with that. That's fucking, weird. It is not into it
I try to get him to watch stuff and try to get him to watch the Goonies and they were like this looks, and they just want to watch. These mermaid shows on Netflix, where it's like four Australia, that's why we gotta get back to the water at times. I must now you know like these things and Emily widow none of them are in the EU to stage a right now. They did what sharks day some kid showrooms staff on my last daughter, Stefan and she was like these kids school- showed me. This thing. Where you covering your mouth now as a yardstick airdrop like all Stefan and she went all right and the guys you and the other guy, that's your boyfriend and I went yeah, that's my boyfriend and she went all right. Well, that's cool and I was like so what story with you guys they were
the guy in the news, and I was busy there's an urge. Isn't it you guys? Late became a couple and I was like yes, we actually got married and she was like. Let's call, while news is normal conversation, anybody s other, that Euro area, that guy's berwin were there any non comedic hosts on us, and although you followed a maid, writers, full time. Oh I'd John Hand, was really funny when John Hamlet host we're always relate wow, jeez Johns, really funny Bieber. Fact Beaver as my least favoured Ursus, Justin Bieber, and I have no I'm by. I don't talk shit about anybody publicly ever accept Justin Bieber use such a is very.
To be. I think, he's in a better place. Now I hope so as any hosting is dangerously icy beings, Aruba people, they re, think ham, who I will just in Timberline guy, he was really funny and timber languages show, but nobody is people show was like turn. Dozing Bieber have like a giant entourage with yeah. He had more people than Obama. Obama came like a war I remember one time he didn't like you're, like a guy who elders pizza guy, that held like a diet, coke and at one point he didn't like the because you do a quick change. This Donna will should do a quick changes. She takes you're in a changing costume. You get like thirty seconds, and just in was I let you touch me. What are you doing like you didn't like her? grabbing him wherever and the guy who held the pizza. Anyone just unjust and she's trying to change your clothes
The answer I thing is funny, though, because I like, when people come up, You pack answered me: it's always You're just shows Uppsala, like Kurt Russell, was like the sense. My answer is that I'm just here, scoundrel cigarettes was ten in the morning. It was like everything I wanna from caressing arousal. I saw him at Christmas Party and fully dusky down. I was like do. The thing is like one of my favorite movie, and he was like our man- I want to tell you some shit about only started. Tell me things stories engage able. As I am doing so many name drop started with engage Abrams. This came over. Who is like way why we, both really he was just telling us things stories and ran mate yeah Hampton. Like just shows by himself and can just do anything and you throw anything out of me. You could do it
the people that come in by themselves and just try to fit in her eyes the here yeah Decanter, the ones it you kind of fuel, really Blake. I get it. You know. Franco is kind of that way. You're an halfway was outweigh Scarlett Johansson that weighs girl transport is being believe what you want to do, and you announced that there should be rapid up and see. I got one more I'll, stick warmer any good Amy. Humor stories from shooting train wreck. Now I may we just I mean the ivy in areas like the law August. Of our lives like we did? We went Australia, we went to everywhere the thing I think Amy there is the first time a matter and her sister, we audition for the movie, and then we went to the girls three,
Premier Party in New york- and I we watch the show and we're sitting there and I'm in Amy, and I are kind of chatting and she's like so. Basically it was. It was like I done my callback and it was essentially like. I think I got the movie. You know Judd Apatow made us go, have a date together and watched us seriously yeah is awful Amy and airlines, which is a waiter, was you know, you know who's a while ago specimens came in Netflix Special and now there was nobody said Dan Geese. He said, I want to see how you guys interact with each other, so he took US servers, restaurant and made us wait just talk to each other. We were just looking and he's a city looking at us, while we ate and aping gonna just looked at them and it is a bizarre. I hope you,
to do that with his daughters, yet everywhere the real bad but any, and I so he Cairo's like. I think I got the part. I feel like I d by an official again, so we were chatting and it was a really nice thing. We're there's really awesome kind of getting to know you talk and then, when I went up to put on my am I fell. My coat was really heavy No, why and I walked out arise sooner sister had put all this. Where, where money, so I got caught like sternly city later Brad. Their cameos really running. Wrap this up, chickerberry
it's really good. I think it's a funnel next upper your bags Van yeah really get really appreciated that the fact that the bill era back to everybody, a box for spent that up back to dip recruiter the smartest way to hire by listers contrived for free at deprecated, but be ass. The one sided I don't get to download them this week and watch all the stuff they view at Ringer, Instagram on Twitter and a whole bunch other places thanked later in the week with to Pakistan. Also she pension the rewards of is coming back this week we did creed and it about two hours in a really good goes the latter not a direction. Psychic were put that about you
we waited with Alan Berlin.
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