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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons sits down with actor Bill Hader to talk 'Barry,' blending comedy and drama, the NBA Finals, sports-talk shows, and more (2:00). Then Bill talks with rapper/actor Common about 'John Wick,' playing a hitman in multiple movies, rappers crossing over into acting, Chicago, the NBA, Celebrity All-Star games, Kanye West, and more (43:35).

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Thus, on any gamer sporting event, he's promo code, bs download the seeking gap or go right to seek dachau, whereas brought by the region. I come the world's greatest as well as through air pack, ass, thou art, the world's greatest podcast outwork, coming up. This is our celebrity addition here. For the first time, a basket, break, we ever seller come in a couple days. We are you had every single mba angle possible, but we have one: the only Bill Haider had to talk season, two berry and a whole bunch of other stuff low Basque with him, and then I did an interview with common who somehow had never had on the pod cast, but he finally came on and on and he was awesome. This is a really good bye cast, I'm almost jealous for you- they haven't heard yet anyway, here they re. Now. First, our friends from project
I feel haters here I figured you stay. I like it here. I had we had thought about amongst other aspects, but I wanna breakdown season to bury ok, including conic episode that I'm sure you ve been asked by a lad. There's some good stories behind you. Ve done so many reside filling unlike getting sloppy steps. Fire. Now it's our acts, find you know. You're buying, you'll find something I haven't spoken about here. Where are you Do you really very interview friendly this year?
yeah, it's I get hope you get a lot of. I know a lot of people are going to ask me for interviews and in the yeah I am. I bet you know it's like good. It's weird when it's your show, you know like it too, is about to come out and I'm very excited about that, but there's eight of us. So it's a lot of like when the interviews come up on my MAC. Why do that? The iraqi, but when its ear thing, you're gonna wait I'll go talk to them in our yeah. I guess you get your eyes. Did Joe Dantes podcast Joe Dantes part ass. He has upon cat with its great yeah I'd, say guy, he did trailers from Hell, and so it it's like a pie cast offshoot of that with this guy Josh Orson and whose great and yet I was entering just time, my movies and and sitting with the guy made in a grim ones and the birds and yet.
Hey Terry Gross this week, but yeah, I'm always doing and I'll people ask you. When I get excited cuz, you know how it is. You always still think you know come up to you and I like to share wherever there's always more. You can be doing when it's here your thing: what's Terry Grasses interview, style egg, what's it like a boy yeah did everyone out? Oh geez, I've, never matter. I have no idea what she looks like and have done. Her show twice: yeah yeah she's in Philadelphia, and I ran away and you're just kind of talking to summarize the online and it's almost like you're being interviewed by a computer because her the equalizer. You know it's like what the radio waves sound waves, girls who is thick talking to a robot, were he'd bill How are you doing you know, and so it is a bit strange, but she's great you now and she usually she yeah. I shall ask questions
are pretty yeah. It's like I hang, but then she'll say things like. She asked me about my eyes. She's like you would do, or you focused on when you are performing a very Spratt United, is a lot of expressions with your eyes. Is that a conscious or not conscious, like no one's ever before I make your eyes. Yes, like you, use your eyes light when you add suddenly I do as opposed to the other, here's the air, I guess it doesn't make sense, so Cassandra Patino did sign of a woman. They made the though critics for it. Thou writing passively batter were like Patina, away his biggest ass. He ate his eyes. Given that my most people use there I guess bury especially season to like would bury goes a little bit evil. A couple times may add.
Makes us raises psycho faces year, ban that it's that not even thinking about a year, I think, is very sad to ease these kind of earth. You know internal interpreting character. You have taken up, maybe do Without dialogue, or whatever you know like when you read the scripts times, people will go obeys barely in this. In our What's he doing or how is he driving things, and sometimes they are right. You know, like episode, seven and season two blueberry gets an audition Alec and I Alec Berg who co created the show with me. We came up with that at let our things where everyone was goin, I pay We're gonna MRI writers. Are producers were going into production yeah? Why what's berries story? You guys don't have you have everything else laid out? You have
all Fuchs Cousine our thing in the words of our staff, but what is very doing this episode? And finally, we are now when we were I'll, lay prepping episode, sex We would go in and his figures available. What are we gonna do? Is it doing so? What have you got it? dishes, and then we too started laughing fizzy relate Wolf, he gonna dish and I would make a coup snow and Sally lose their minds. Rather, the hen so really would have we, it could be funny. It's like bury, gets an audition, it's like the closest to a sick tom that we ever got yeah, because we had this really dark, ending with Fuchs and coups. Now we had this last frame of she explain. A gun accuse knows had every shows them Janice his body in this whole thing, and we all what have we started it really funny and the silliest that we ve ever gotten they are that could be interesting.
And so then I was just the once. We figure that out it actually wrote itself pretty fast. We near brainstorming that were the goods suppressed, so you just sitting in two chairs, does: is there a whiteboard allowed ordered use? The racing stuff yeah there could be a way board. Sometimes we just have a big monitor. The has the script upon it and were writing scenes I usually one is the whiteboard, I'm up at the whiteboard writing out ideas and raising things in China structure a thing in Alex it's in a chair kind of now not say my chin and just getting just thinking. And then, when we're typing it usually Alec typing a me pacing everywhere and then am. I do have a funny so he's the Tiber.
He types, but I'm gonna grab the I'm going away for a guy, I'm whiteboard guy he's Tiber by night, I'm pacing guy pastes we moved from, We need a paramount. While we are writing and we to a new big riding was a giant room I was pacing and I was I got. I got lost. I turned around Then you can walk another guy through whereby fishing yeah you now now the way usually works is, is a wall. What kind of talk it through and kind of talk about objectives a real picture, they could sure kind of objectives, and I may a good example would be an episode. Seven's Sally has this great monologue dare Goldberg delivered, amazingly and air, and when
sleep. We wrote that has a it was like okay, so it's good to check and was Sally here cuz. We know an episode aid, they have to do this show and that she she has always pressure. Her and everything so ensure slipping out about Berrigan. In addition, we know it whose no seen as but we don't know what the but the Sally seen as and sweet wrote. It is a dialogue of her same look. You is bad raven him responding and things like that yeah, but as we mapped out on the board, I went yeah. Ok, here's what's going on with her and as I wrote it out, it became instead of one thing and it was two things and it became three things. Nine thing and she was going through. And we were, I dont know how to make nine turns and a conversation and I said you know what,
knowing Sarah. If we wrote a two page mile AGA addressing all this, she can make it three pages yeah an shill just she's amazing. Add just rattling off what you saw in her she's. She can do that incredibly easily and its impressive Dwight she's, a feeder, theatrically trained address, says she just nail I bet. If we do that, and we never cut away from her and then it's now, it's is impressive scene. Where you you get to see, will you get to sleep? It work for us in a lot of levels? Reader, oh! This is great. Do you get understand Salazar and actually see that there's some himself? Ernest stare, then you also get to see what an amazing actress Goldberg is, and then we also get a massive joke, which is when you cut back to bear any, has at look on his face. You know- and I am
so that you know, I mean it's like what kind of map that out and then all right it and then at some point you stumble into the as version of it in TAT man and anyway, I share and Sarah worked on it and then she would deem Ella saying hey guys. I was thinking I could add their staff more, like whatever is easy for you to seek a rattle it off. So she actually, it was two pages and she turned into like two and a half pages she added stuff to earn some shit. It's funny could have done. A lot of pack has obviously with actors directors and stuff in the car somebody like, and they were amazing, relating I've? Never namely somebody like Lemnius and taken tunes, are confirmed. Her Johnson was amazed at the not- and I am at an earlier, but she actually is amiss. She's phenomenal actress, she's enemies. She's gonna, that's actor actor, whenever you the balance of she's, pretending to be this,
gonna be actress, so you also have to navigate that party. She can't one hundred. Some big actress, all the time you have the air stumbling good actual was occasionally great. Well, no, but you know what, with with her what Sally. I always thought to be interesting. Sally was good. It was kind of the first thing that everybody say when they read for the part and we do the pilot. Is she good, and I said nothing is more interesting as she is good. She just not catching a grey Jim, yet by catching a break. You know: that's bladder later, there's gotta be right tonnes who are just great, yeah now and they d bottleneck, gonna break, I'm Sally yeah, I'm a sally I would like to be more interesting as she was really good, and so then you understood why she was frustrate. Oh, yes, she can't be Marrow street, be there and there would be no about very few people are yeah, but you know its debts. You know
by. I always thought Sally as being a good actor and she, I think, is polarizing for people. I think she works well when she's not she's crazy, ambitious, but I don't think she works well when she's not be mean. Yeah in honest red and sometimes at honesty. She just you, know like an up and season one when she's like. I should be Mc Map eyes: Remit Beth, you know I'm the best person, the glass, yeah and should not wrong. She is not made clear that seen it he's in two and when you get mad at each other on the stage there and its super fuckin intense way in the very end of the season or the one where I am supposed to choke her upsets. Yeah. I was rather an eye. That was we shot, that it was right after Thanksgiving Break and so everyone with an again I have another way: their periods to address Nairobi and Sarah joking
that day in our regular absurd and he was laughing and we're off tyre noise I got together. Kyle writer editor that upset him? I am together, it's really rough, it's real tat man- and I was I really like yeah man. It was three He sat in a jam, the assistant editors. They shouldn't want to watch it anymore. He felt in and we were like it doesn't work. You know it think about it, and then. And then yeah watching it. I was like oh yeah, I know it's it's. It is laid right. You know that that's the way it should have it should have. Is that honesty does what the whole shows about is that honesty should be rough, and it's hard to watch here and to get to that honesty is really tough for the people to get to that truth of where you you, you know that her truth is really
terrifying, but a you know at the end of the season seas. It's this thing where she can ourselves out and doesn't do that and that's kind of story. Everybody wants in other the town wants. Nice to you know strong story, you know so it's fun. At the end. You know when I watch episodes eight and she cannot be now that scene. Her in the lobby. Was her agent play by Jesse? Hodges is an amazing actress too, and I always think of is Fuchs was right. Members like Fuchs tells us my way younger they did. The guy did the thing and brave our yeah. It has got himself killed. People want the stupid brave heart thing, yet you know he's right. You know, and you see that all the time. What do you know?
Is that a kind of lauded or whatever you always go? A really actually think what happened was really rough, and I don't know if you would want to watch that right. You know what I mean. Let me know some cases that are that way, but you know what I mean like is just the if you got into the actual nitty gritty of it and I've been in those meeting. As you know, and that's kind of how we came to that. Storyline is Alec, and I would talk about certain things in comedy and wine to add You know what we ended up. Doing I'm bury you now, which is all the violence should be real. Are there should be some real rough emotions and you would have people go. Ah, you can be found after that are really think that'll be We want to see that it's a bummer, that's just a huge. Are you now want to see that and I always found those things can always that those things can co exist.
As you know, and I did too, and I think that's why we do they show as we we like, that you know, but am I mean I was I to the public. Action secrets us when it came out there and it was so violent. But then there are these funny parts and people did it really know what to do yeah and there is no structure to it- allows a whole other yeah holidays. May I was in the first move. No, now that it is the that I felt like yeah, You know I mean also also just having some sort of an emotional wait till you know ago. Tional consequences two things and comedy now I mean that there is a version, a barrier, that's like a very glib kind of treats violence and a funny way because you don't want it to be a bummer. The hours ago we gotta keep everything
aid and fine and is a wagging his wacky hit man, and you see that allow and am- and I think because Alec and I so much a buried the emotional stuff. You know either comes from people. We know or birth things that we have experienced where we go away. We try that? May we would rather have this thing in Vienna thoughts like rather sanitize version of it. They don't make a lot of money in, because people want to watch that no one wants to bummer. Can we talk about the crazy observed yeah? He was an old timer, hey tax to me. How do I get Alzheimer an eye it was one of those how the fuck did they do that episodes which don't do they have that he be shows this. It's a game of thrones reality, and this was like. It just came out of nowhere ass. I felt like it was, but
their advantage in a disadvantage that you were following game thrones for some of these upsets scab buried by game of France, but at the same time it that's what I love about. That episode was, I wasn't prepared for it. Yeah now, that was nice was that we were following game: a thrones, but there were those people, the amount of people like a game, its rosebud end, and I would start whitewashing the dishes picking up after my game, Thrones Party and the nebula great. What's this shall rise cause banks, you probably got some, a bunch of by fans. Rule number is went up. Yeah big after they came thrones we stir following gave a throne. Get away up? I would imagine, but now I like- and I went to this screening of that battle. Winter felt episode the night that the running Lily episode aired a buried, and it was just hilarious cause we're just watching a giant battle scene and only we have the fuckin follow
the Muslim The gray were found that there was one of the little. We are also then a little girl jumpsome. We call it the night. Yeah it with a knife in stabs them and unlike those little girl with a knife jumping on a date, We have that markets, they boarded a chance, is better, but now and then I forgot them on the same night. There lie age beyond idea, I now I mean it was crazy that we so that happened, and then we were at the party afterwards, and it was nice, though, being at the party has people wait, started texting both of us and going all my gathered up a soul. Sheridan you're sweet spot with the shock is people lover, but you haven't gotten that yeah. Not very our world fight. You here that the perfect position yeah,
he has always. I always try to keep that my whole career in a position where he just try Justin yeah, it's just like I don't know him that. Well, they hate him now. Yeah, it's like you're, the guy from the thing. I can't hate the guy from the thing. Yet, but that is so that episode for people who didn't see it. It was amazing, goes: we Forget the initial reason why you're at the guy's house, so even I've seen load, I so large, a cop who's been gay, he's been tailing berry and using Fuchs again inform bury you think, he's gonna arrest him for killing his partner, but instead he says I want you to kill, That's the guy who's! Daddy, my ex wife, so he name Ronnie Proxy, the flap Sego, the house, barbaric us
go to the house that kill Ronnie. I tell Ronnie. Who's is kind of stoner guy, hey, you know, I'm not going to kill you. This guy wants me to kill you in a two but am entailing lax about IRAN go and you got your conduct trophy guys. A type I find out is a type line is like one of the best I can do Nor was the problem. Yeah, I'm ray, I wrote it was funny because I didn't we didn't really. We didn't really table this. Why me I do in the room I kind of one often like in outlines for the season. It was like episode. Five and I just wrote Blake, you know shit goes down here. Melo's loads dies or something. You know this lake and I didn't pitch them the them. The idea was all railway, but it was as Alex. My sallow album in the middle of the bed. I went off and wrote it.
Back and was your bring on the night sting pianistic my eyes, yeah this first year see now I did this little thing on the side use this year, but it's like had In writing. It is a fine thing to write, bury trying to convince the sky.
Thing and then you go get it go to get the bags and go what's the worst thing that he could see when it goes yet the bags it is lay Orpheus attack on the trophy of one of the whole rooms shouldered condo trophies. Let's get so then a fightin sues which, just by I gotta, give credit to this guy wait I'll understand, coordinator and Daniel, who plays Ronnie yeah he's an autonomous stuff he's like war. The matrix is almost what he's one of his day. I think he was one agency and all the matrix movies he's the guy that America Matrix too, and they had a big fight on the freeway yeah he's the guy that jobs and lands on the heart of the car and smash as a negotiator.
Our motion. They think that's Daniel he's at ease in atomic blind is on all these things, one of the nicest guys in the world. So your sketching at this whole fight seen yeah yeah with with weighed, and I just said I would like it to be one But you know that a lot of those there now, I remember, like sequences of moves and Much as I am, I just wanted to feel kind of. Just like one. I directed the episode to cite as I wanted to feel kind of justice. Meandering camera and the DP power widow brow initially I was gonna, have them father the cameras,
and Everywhere- and she said I could be interesting if it is going to come in and out of frame because it makes it a little bit more. You can have observing it and yet more, you know, and it seems that you the point I raised. Think of that size, your most from the point of view of someone telling them to stop. You know that I'm guys command you now and then a goner us- and I got this when you don't look where they found and you look, or are there on the ground now in There- and I M so yeah mean wait out and it was really cool. I can, I told him what the shot was and then he choreographed a fight specifically for that shot. So it play all out to cameras all the moves and everything very specific for the shots was like the shock came first, the camera move came first and then he went ok here's. What will deal will go what's plan against this wall and also dance with him, basically getting a broken trick here
and the Hungarians naps is this drought and then you think it's over, but then he goes any its nature, an uncharted, and then he has to know Jackson IN and Daniel can do that. Obviously you see it, he says doing on checks, and then I thought It's so funny that we're in the added Jeff. You can a matter of that episode as they can use double it serve. You watch it, he does. It wants a cuts to bury. It comes back. We just that's the exacting shouting, because I just thought it was really fun like it, because what you just want to sit there, and just like yes, Is that you showing off, like your finance emanating from tee, what, I just sitting there watching him do that. I know if it's like our memory,
as from is traded out. It's over. It's done so then berries like fine, I'm gonna kill him. He had to kill him if he feels terrible. He goes to leave and in his little daughter their Randy's daughter, Lily is walking, and hopefully the audience goes on. Our various gonna have to kill it kid. The audience went their way. I can hear it my way as on our base, gonna have to kill it kid. The audience went away. I can hear my wife and I got out that way, so the girl leaves your dad and she runs out bury goes. The leave stops puts his mass back on, goes to find her. He says I do know, will grow in old negativity Chicago. You do but he can't she saw his face and anything she escaped at a window and actually she's behind him, and she then is lay a tie. Condo master and she's like an animal she's like an animal, is a of while Naomi and she beats the.
In shit out a bare so how'd. You find this person names Jesse her parents, sirs stunt performers and their way down. My stunt corner is, but during sees a one, came no tomatoes, hey man just say no, it is I have this little girl off in Jesse she's desire of young slightly ass. She showed me this video of her on a roof of a house and she ran along with your house and she jumped on removing car, as it goes off news- and I won't woe use yes, she can do type windows, you do this and he showed me a commercial she d where she was gonna. Go cart was labors. She was driving a golf, cart, yeah school and is a gas of Europe on a why, but to say now she exists and she's brake on
if your parents are rather than by one said Dan, I had it in my head. So when I was writing ass, a guy kills Ronnie at Saxon mayor what if there was a little girl there, and then you know she escapes And then I went all weathers little girl. She was this growled wade, told me back and she his shit out a very and she and then in writing it. She became like an animal. I was more out of white. You know that what I said in my mind tat. She was a stump person. I know she was an actress I thought well, maybe if she's Mormon Animal that's an easier thing to play. Instead of our position she turned out to be the great factors. When you add a mask on see, you could just have a stunt. Man play. I totally that was totally I desire. Smart does like, as I gotta be old, watches shots and I'm not gonna. Have Daniel Blake kicking me in that. Actually later on. He d almost get me my dear I,
We needed at the mass. So then that goes then she if that shot, where she climbed the house, while she stabs name It's way Mean Stephen Route have to go, find her yeah and then we here in the she runs up the atmosphere and applies to change up. Some ass was the siege either that the tree isn't there the trees e g? That was it's like a green yeah shrunk. Ok, it's a good jobs. Is ago, green screen trunk with little things. I was like a rock climbing all kind of, and she ran up that and then the effects put in the tree. Oh that's Colenso YAP and then she is on a big. She was honour wires to for a safety, so Can I showed up giant tower with you now? wines going down to her and all this stuff and people that everyone in the neighborhood, where they were allowed to leave for work,
That day I had a heart down the street because we had the same as those assholes the daily Riyos asshole. I hate those people, I know- and now I was like this all cause. It is you want this. When one shot ass a whole? Sorry, that's what I did. I felt really possible and then also every time she gonna tat roof that house I'm in, Rashad, I'm sitting in the passenger seat fuse gets out yeah, and so I have to act like I'm out of it, but I actually had a monitor in my lap, so I'm acting sick and he goes out this way by this monitor then I'm looking at so I can watch the shot and every time they would do it. My stomach wasn't as I have eleven year old girl right re for this house, for she Zion thou its answer. She says: she's iron and steel, They will the dearest Jesus and then am and was so sweet and then later,
there's a scene where she jumped on the roof of the car, and then she gets she is able to do this mover. She gets through the back of a career and she bite Stephen written on the fate of hate, and here we have a little dialogue seem while she's like tat to his yes, then she's really keeps usually skewed. I said it is initially she was so I do I just by them in, and I just might you know wrestling. I don't know. I guess I ve read a dog by you and chewing. Yes, I know the dark and enlarges. Aren't you and finally, because that I hear she went yes but she got so excited because I know exactly I've had not happened, citizen, it was really sweet. I know what you mean and other yeah do that and then just you know, just can't work off debt. I you know, I'm breathe, breathe a lot so there after that, it ends up in the grocer store and there's another fight Yang into the ground.
Store. There is an urgent that shows is gonna turn over and there is Ronnie, isn't dad he's gettin a net praise in the same thing ass when Daniel almost kicked me the head, because he walked up to me and he did like around house and I had a dark and I want it all in one shot: radiography it's the stuff I gave em like mine, don't be an asshole and Daniel though I say that I think I was nervous because he showed me it was amazing. He went for round at full speed and went stopped right there and then to go on the site. That son who see a google here I go here, I'm gonna, kick you you'll, be fine, you'll, be fine, don't worry, don't were hit. Markets is better while the nicest guys in the world and our favorite guy actually was a stunt. Guy as Matt Damon Stunt Double, isn't that he's the guy that he had, but the guy's stacking the things ass Madame is long time stunt double and our glove talking to him because it really
Boston Axon. Over here now I went to Harvard and live in Boston, for whilst Alec was a site, this guy and he was just at the end. Those things. No one will find funding button at Bay, our favorite, the thing that made us laughter harnesses when he comes out hey guys, climate than the annual headlights, when he goes like that, and he did that on purpose to make us happy when we fell down laughing when we shot it and actually the hardest we laughed Logris shooting it is when large gets it when large, he shoots Daniel the face and he thinks he's dead and he goes issue bearing and Daniel comes back up like the terminator it turns around. He does this round house kick off my,
you re thinking as John in its load, I said turn around and I can say is that you turn around Us Law, United startled by the steady played a return, anyone putting up a fucking re like criminal, Everybody's swings ran and that's a dummy had so he had a dummy had that day. Nor can really just kick really higher. Yes, and he kicked it clear across the aisles like you didn't. Do it went like forty, Ard, flew off and weighed and Gavin climbed up the first. They d we over laughing- I mean it. We are also it was like five in the morning, but yea relate losing our minds laughing when every time we did it like three times reared its head in the sand, banks that the emphasis I don't know I think so I bet so pretty other. Does all that stuff. I think I it. I think it was her.
That that one is one of those we either when its IDA black out of this one. Ok because now people watch that one is like you. I hope you will. You gotta see this. They haven't seen the show this otherwise that first and I got all the shows not like this ah raid, the residents startings sopranos by watching pine baron. Then you got all this isn't what the show is, there's always other characters. In a lot. You know, and so a kind of I know it seems like I'm being We are now whatever, but it is best if you watch in order, because the fact that a kite comes out of nowhere and is a different feeling adds to the experience of watching anything. There would hope people That is a lot of people to think. How is my favorite occur by episode is always I italian aggregated, shall you just have to have them? Do you have a finish line for the share in your hair.
Yeah yeah I mean I am going to talk about it. We don't know when it lands, really. How many seasons or whatever, but we have talked about thirteen, may be carried out from his Alec, the Silicon Valley. And it is the main his address donor to ending the share their yeah. I guess I worry about his health because he does man like ages, buses ass. He just worked really hard, so awfully hobby. You know I want he needs like eight. He needs like six solid months of doing nothing, Did you go to our final scams before we go now? I was unable to go to any files games there. You gotta give given up on Basque about now that all cases windows now just really out clippers now from him. Switched now. I like ok, see the denial of here. I'm gonna go to clippers games. We get away
Do we actually maybe eyes that you will help me at home depot boxes. I saw that picture there. The depot boxes that could be cool. Actually that's a nice job of like this whole last year, put out perfectly firm because he has no- Now let me just say that endearingly lackeys like You wouldn't be, but even really describe him in a sentence and yet has become this. And of mystery. I love it say. It's like perfectly played he's he's got a new balance sponsorship. If I were a new balance for Basque about yeah way, it makes sense for him ever they make sense. How would you use, a new no way better than I do cause you're, the guy that was lying on. Other actors are gonna win out, like lads, My dear fellow earlier, the fine us but what are the chances of clippers getting quite aids? I think their excellent because he wants to be back
no a few months eleven, I yeah. I think these guys just look at it like. I would like to have an eye, so I will find one of the items in the right way for them right and that's it, but I might be wrong, goes all the way. He also came in Toronto too, that it wasn't. You know what I mean like. You cannot legged, just that's where he would rather be clippers liking. Europhile Tirana was is: why is that so has the advantage for him right, yet they want a title with them and his party ass or family, in the fan base like Revere SAM and if you just getting that day after day, you start it's not that holds in history yeah that's my ear when he one I've through when they won the way they cause. I had my kids at nights of looking at the game and they wanted stared thing and cleaned up, it's like China. Can I finally got Jesus the wire- and I was so badly. Why is he was gonna? Do I found out they one was. Was my friend Jake Bergmann text me like tough as that,
Man is no stands for on our nose like bash shit. They won it, damn it damn. I don't know man, there is a link on a cool but the clippers. I would love dog IRAN quite whether they be amazing, but I also just like them as like a scrappy. Like. I just fight them the under cheaper, yet another sailing sleigh yeah they dislike when they one when they be gone state. Those two timing, those awesome it would be funny if tee, he had the version of what the NBA has were insane July. First will find out of bill haters going. They on bare. However, our will he go, we're gonna see the elder. My own decision is made and still Stephen S, men. Therefore suddenly gone like. I know he would leave never cared about cared about HP. Oh, I have it on authority. But he waited a jury. Oh I'd. Try
yeah. What's the guy who's wrapper boxer guy back Mexico, Romania he's funny, I won clever him he's a quiet winner is better, and Kobe Bryant, a major c c pronouncements attics weightings when things are really by about that is done, I feel it is at times that, are you tell me I'm not like a fair I've got in and out of wife's like a couple, a pleasant gets theater, but were crazy bad. It is it's there talking like this rate, but these are three men are monologues and then thank you finish. It goes to me and there's always This dramatic pause, Elizabeth Simulator, and then it goes into the three many things as they use dramatic pauses really well and that Russia is a breaks. It's very some sort of big the illegal wake, the edges weird monologue, theatre,
yeah, I don't know man, I said to the other guy in the other, guys like it's, I so he's acting? It's like you in that area, so where you have to play off the love monologue, yeah he's gotta like air and less than the Abbe like either. We just want split screen, while sallies yelling at me, in on display not you should watch it. There's a clip of MAX Kellerman saying the choir is better than Kobe, and you just see like the reaction made me laugh so hard to just Stephen a Smith, and I forget who else he has not, but I seen his he gets out of his chair and starts pacing around his so mad, but yeah. I can't I love how they break these old Basque, like enterprise hence as bacon their yeas, always on the jump yeah. They I find these older in his eye guide this guy, the giant like Rachel. Naturally, I think They went even the ridge and acquisition of yeah she's, great intangible
Hence I feel like it's like apart audition, there. Yeah data it there and attended contract face it. Isn't I really feel Kevin Terrain, Scotty Pippins, pretty chill Scotty diseases and carries is allowed to do you do not even have been I like now. I remember him. He was great I remember like all this game was great. I love him. He was great he's like well, you have to work a little hard for that. You know everyone else is being really hardcore and he always seems like you have the flu game. Michael did that where's guy given is this may have-
fly out to be the pilot of any plain and I'm on the gradual site that last night we were taken this on a Friday. Where would I did the drafted two years? I was pretty candid, and maybe I was probably two candidate, but you know I don't know why they did that there was a terrible pack re outside the EU. The kids greatest moment of his life, their hands on the ass all his other god I was too early. Yeah I thought he was going to go later. What the hell happened to Conforti family members watching it is tough, so you do have that in the back your head, but I just feel bad for next fans. They just got. I mean you, don't feel bad for next, That makes you feel better, I mean, are Jay Bird denied. I bet exciting bed error that the draft and then it never.
So for the narrower x out there that says we went out everyone with our baggage lies the ivy. It's true I mean it's true. It's lake, the Lakers I really those are the ones. I have an issue with right now, because the latter dancer leg- a day in the first round, pigs for radio who's, the man now yeah, oh yeah, we shaded like your entire future for forever. Ass is weird I don't know yet as light as people think wise NGO Lakers, which I think is bananas, so Lamb and has read a thing about, then I think that will be bananas. That makes no sense at me. Sullen Well, we should mention you're gonna, be on the remarkable. Yet when I can say what movie ok but that's the other reason. Your hair cause we're about the tape. It a very excited about it, me too, I wonder if people guess the movie just the heavy so weird they guess, like yes, sums
I've seen it fire I guess what I was going to say. Almost by hater symbols filed totally foggy greatly break it down, break it down breaking down what a cast so will look for you and that thanks to stop a buying. Some is thanks. Man living aid summer time, and that means it's time to get outside and enjoy. The weather was some crisp, refreshing, bud lights, oh yeah, but light has the perfect summer line up with, but lay Lyman, but Lead orange, both brood with real citrus. He is new and just in time for summer is but by Lemon T bread with real lemon peel and tv the ideal drink for some are only here for a limited time, get it before it's gone too, really get you in the summer spirit, but like giving everyone the chance to win the getaway of a lifetime get two tickets. You can win aboard a vip crews. The bomb is a summer future lab performance by J go in and, of course, plenty of bud light for a chance to win simply post your buddy
Summertime photos using the hashtags hashtag real enough to get away and hashtag, but thy contest on Facebook and Instagram see bud thy dotcom. Slash real enough to get away for more details on how this hasn't happened before base here What are my son's favour? People common man sat near the guy you, the guy from John wait for him. He was so stand. When I told him you also did music. You couldn't believe it with me I actually feel like sometimes honoured that you don't. I not a kids so I don't know my music. I don't even know I do. My is eleven p m. I mean John wake? That's like the first, the crazy, action movie. I think I let him watch how really here out. I think I think, as the villa your characters alive on that convinced is he's dead. We never saw. I'm actually die here, he's alive, Dave we noted he's alive, but they didn't put me in three, which I was really discipline
and it would too when I saw them. Story, boys for three outside this is gonna, be incredible and I just had a fine time like doing John, we too and work and we Keanu went and direct like the whole world and just the people to come up to me about it, We, like you, said I'm reads. The levy also never knew who common was banalities like ok, I got out as to govern John Wick and, like so many people come to me actually at the airport man. I love you you workin tonight, lives. It will exactly the date gather abiding because one, there is always the lads only later you workin tonight, but I mean As honestly, one of the best action movie seeds of all time, he comes out after killing after the kind of kills the lady, but she you he finishes it. Then Download comes down crazy nightclub.
As people. There lay that synergies and then you can assize each other up, and then it's really is always just incredible and I got you get ten minutes do down super light gate in order to be a part of that franchise, because I do take, is there the apex level of of action movies, and I agree, and I and it's entertaining cuz when I honestly, I hadn't seen the first one until I was really given the opportunity to potentially be a part of the second, so I watched it. And I was right from the beginning, as lightweight really loved. This is outrageous is something so entertaining and what I love about. Movies lie in the fact that it has like a fun element to discuss, not even allowed to suspend, but is the action it is really enticing and I'm usually not as member just likes action, that is actually what is done so
man. I have to say so. I'm I'm graver you'd be voted out some great a minister of action already ten minutes, but then it has that it takes up again and it not that awesome seen. That when the train, where they're kind of death shoot. And each other people around this quick shouts, light I've been there. I love train, fights cause. I was trying to think about what I If I was on the train in these two dude, you started a high level of violence, riding again they fight forward, and when I watch it out, I be like I tell you get out there with you or do you think you would do I defend our depends? How far away I was there, I was like another into the car might actually like can again. Caraway reveals the it sector, but you know people at that level. Fighting gonna, pull out a weapon is simply adds employ fewer. Like a stray were ever that's the we actually in. I was just
the fine and the hard work of John Week, why we train for life months, lay ourselves of four or five months of training. And chaotic? Does all his own shit in these movies yeah? The random does I mean me. I had to do it. I love doing to light. That was one of the things I thought the directive offers was given in order station. We have for me to be a positive of the. Let me I'm gonna work is high. I'm going be one of the best in your found. You know like their work ethic just come from sport, You know me want to be an athlete languages is, is this the old Emmy. So we were married. We're film in those things in life. Four and five in the morning, You really gotta be alert because yeah like we worked out, CS I directed chatty or change it up for you in a minute. So is like when you you have to be super aware
You have never heighten awareness when you don't facing, so you just gotta catch. A lot of punches stood face, Oh yeah, do you think there or your kicks or whatever it? Is you remember your script, a vague, I punch you there, you doc, you come back better, go under eight things, right man, like twenty three things. You know. If you look at the d, the course of especially a long fight scene is light. Is such a long like press in establishing and create new, but I gained a whole new respect for action, films just being a part of me, ways, loved a lethal weapon yeah, you know like Bruce well as data diehard and in Beverly Hills. Cop is fun but action, but but that level like the Jason Bourne in the end of John Wicks of the world I gained a whole new respect and participate in those movies I did when I was a grantline. I wrote a piece got the action here at Cambridge about about like who was like the time
action. Hero ghoul, almost like almost again, barely p Outright Leubronn announced Hawaii, whose use through its rules you up for If you had a mile, I'm in the eighties were the best. That's all we grew up whether we had left alone and shorts and anger and others deeds and then Bruce Wireless die hard. He takes over and I just can't keeps going and then lasting a kind of died for a few years and only a niece and brought her back was taken. In an hour and another good run, but I never thought piano. Would be like that. The championship Bout Oda, Philip, he is he's dead, on em out Rushmore. If not the the grape have to give him a lot because is not many times at the start. The boys actually doing again so, and he really is really good with
martial arts? Oh there, I mean he's in his early fifties now which its that's no joke to is no joke to carry that kind of athletic burden. Those movie and I saw his body like em in pain, but really still stand shoe to find his work. Ethic is rather phenomena when he to think what he, what in the replacements, he was a football Kubi go but he was also for buck. You point break out man, but he was actually like a pretty good. Be could be the fighting about you, better hitman in for movies yeah, I mean I need a podcast about John Wick two and I was researching it and it was like this. The fourth time then a hitman. I thought we might have the record entered the old man. I gotta say I love it for me when I first the first Burma was in Morgan aces out it may yet. It was light as active
look at our really, I mean I know, I'm a musician, but I'm an actor to like and the same. In love, I have for music, I have acted so I had to break through the walls of what people stereotype me to do. And you know what they knew of comments, so I was able to get their marrow audition. I was the first row, gotta back and then I got the role and it was like man. I was super happy because the character was different from me. One like that I'm not a hit man in yellow someone. A baby menacing there may have aware, like your face. Changes cannot be blank, but there seems like theirs. I'm gonna get hit me Look. I'm crazy days gone on in my hair by voluntary lovey knew no alarm of free spirits, loving individual, but I mean the South Chicago, so something Been around enough to know things so
President Simeon in in smoke There was a mere uses doorway you represent West Chicago? I was, I know him. It, has a lot more dimension today and rang one of the things I always wanted to bring to any character was the dimensions of of of lifelike is hit. Men have emotions, zip men have daughters. Is it man you know like like John? music is thy you, u care, stereo site, a each price anomalies, character so flat. The best part of the whole downward to stretch when they end up caught net on their now at the child, kill each other anymore. If have a drink, is I admit it is such a word is a fun is like: where did you come up with the flight lesser get there, and I think you know it's. A franchise actually continues to grow like this. One is getting better too. So, who is that first wrapper to cross over and start acting as a Tupac Tupac. I think
The first juice juice for he was the first one and that it was the first rapporteur. Active people were like yeah yeah. Does this year's maybe ice, cube and boys in a hurried out too. Why don't you go out with? I think it was around the saint there on the safe Harbour, Giuliani, Google. This was before juice is ice cube. So he's the first. He was the first one by, but when peoples are too, but they saw something like the others. Do is act like they were like this. Do really act I've been out of the seven hundred bombers about him that being around anymore, I was always interested to see what kind of act inquiry would have caused he is one of the wine above the rim, which I love right am I The knife rooms, than ever ramps. It's fine work.
Even further crazy guy play basketball by himself. Do those things that had a better, better suited to back so good, and that is the bad guy he's really genuinely menacing. In anything We are learning and there's all these dimensions to that performance. As I holy shit, this disguise I buried actor not to You know he was a cause and there is to be honest in his acting. Was you know An odd is to me Billy great you see on the screen and you see man is It is an act of light. Yet like most deaf was, is wanted, for me. I like asylum the sum and they ran and sounds like this dude is really great. Yeah thing, obviously, Will Smith is one queen lucky for you here, This, whatever gets credit for he was actually wrapper. First man made, as mentioned in the cross, oversee Asia may desires, because if I was is his back, something. They were a respected group
he brought out like a humour to her. Barbie bought a fine, but he had joints life summertime was time, was a everybody rocked in the song called brand new function. You know even now pass parents just don't there wasn't like the joint, but we still like disliked Will Smith. We lightly fresh presence and sassy Jeff. So I'm ever seen him in six, Greece, separation and being so excited. He was in like a real that independent movie and then when he did bad boys next year? That was like handed down the weeks as I am. I learned in the same way, and I was there in the cops all my God, but they abruptly six degrees actually says it should actively of his career catapulted, because everybody attitude I'm serious at their between an uncle Phil episode with their when the dad left down there two is ours, buzzer lustrous, a really good actor. You know it's funny. You brought their episode up. My trainer well put him on the spot, but I guess I'll
Just tell me, was watching their episode went far when a father left and it any tat it made him tear up the other fresh. Where he was now the writer you two rights where they had. They just had the twenty fifth anniversary that episode, and it was like on social media the whole day and is things that I actually think it was like one of the most important like three minutes of the decade in tv cause. I think it is did like two generations of black men who I sat and were like. You know it. Resonated in a totally different way. What asked were me first right as it? writers answer. You know their whole cast but where, why I give we're ladder respect because you know it it takes. You have to convey that that emotion. First, have failed, for somebody to cry. What's in it, then you gotta be bringing some truth. He also he had lived there
some section in the thing where he went off describes the end when he like, when they to really got upset like that was in there and then the uncle Phil, the guy, who put him just kind of road with it, and I thought I don't think the hug was in the script either so they just kind of got caught up in it and it was like apparently magical Worthing girl. That's some of the best moments in our is like yeah is when things are not planned at the moment is happens and answered, for a moment, and you know to be to go off scrip because you fill in it is something a super important for any, Acta. As the entertainer eyes. She ran away. Boy, you know you can't just only if the players there. You gotta create something, and I think it's alive today in the end it really allows you to notice you definitely in a moment I heard dens out and Malcolm X. They just
he just went on doing some of the speeches like contained light fight just that rolling cuz. He like He went way beyond what the script was gone and was speaking. I understand I feel incomes moments is act aware: billet able, judges being a moment. Improv and- and it just like, is brace almost life to a sing, spike and then in this package in the last year, and I got than the tow each their versions of the story when he played re out and he got game and he was supposed to lose again. Nothing that's what round thought was gonna happen and then, and scored the first four and started talking shit to him and add living the stuff and re hours again. Mad like real round, was getting mad like what the fuck am I to afford a figure. You fill it with this and a guy like really hated, but ten thousand so fired up that he pulled that on a but as a good ad lib. A member that does a great idea, but I mean from my experience of working women,
Then there is an american gangster how I love there. You know it was really a good lesson for me now only my second film so watch you one of the greatest ever is how he was able to not only improv budgets. He created the dynamics of us being his brothers lay off camera and That was you know what him staying in character was like a good lesson for me cuz. I cuz. I actually was turn. This damn thing to a certain degree, and I think you know for start starting to act as it benefits you to do it. So I can see- and I can see how Denzel will you know- do certain things just parked that emotion, cuz! I can remember we were famine. American gangster and Denzil was ages, Elba, Idris, elbows character.
Was light that was the enemy of deserts catch. A Frank Lucas desire was to put a gun to his head, but in the life you were supposed to pull the trigger, because you know the gun was just too close to his head, but I think he did for the trigger at it. Just oh god. Oh, my god I mean mean. Obviously they checked the guns and yeah, but just the pressure of you know, because you have no recoil. I have a. I have a scar on my chest right now from recoil of the movie suicide squad. I was in suicide squad and because my character, they didn't even keep it in the movie. My cat had to shoot itself in the There are basically but that the recoil kept going down my shirts or burn my chest.
He'll kill you I gotta keep lower. But my point is: is that it Albert felt that pressure of what tat gun you not a bullet. He was man at that disturb them, but I'm not goin back to it. That's pretty girls. Do there is no joke burmese Nego jeopardizing by safety, but he proudly were you guys. I e just these is a love data. From a charisma, to call in a room if all the coop in the same room is Denzil. Cause one in the room like did the Basque Bob stars, even like there lay among others, Denzil. If he said Jordan. What happens, I think cause without an hour dogs paper. I think people were today, there are more just
we going to be more at all MIKE just because it's us MIKE yeah they like, but I think, Denzel more people probably feel like he's a more approach to a certain degree by what they were you, so both at home is present for some reason, when Obama, good, yes Obama's he's, got a champion That is like a second at the river I mean you raise a first black any haddock. Charisma, an incredible wife, and you know it This is some about me his we'll go now. They were member lotta, gray actors. The gray athletes, but the first by president nine days later, the world is thus etched in history like by You know, as you get Georgia in the nineties, the yet Obama, the two thousand as a nurse.
Democratic right, as we admit, we need more men to be as commodities where we need more executive black exacts women, execs in and in all these places are of a business there. We love whether sports Films in television can we talk about? How come you don't wash Gaga? Yes, browser As my fellow how we feel about tiger these days, it's never been more in the news for the violence and other stuff, that's gone on there and it doesn't seem like it's getting better. Were Thank you. No actually, lash yachting the number, and down a little bit, I was fastened murders, stillness anything that to celebrate because they are people bear kill us. A lot of people make efforts have been and at home saying, like allowed a different organizations that are doing things like you know, it was some
many started cutting grass company. You know it's just you know to be productive. Yet was Tamar was only darkest organization. Carded, they D. Take they take young, data young men from the who were like shooters lie, who's out there doing stuff yeah I give them jobs and train them, and I've been amongst these young man and man. And to see their transition and the hero speak, and I know what they come from his do. Does that tell you man shot thirteen thousand now work in an end. This is incredible. To have this opportunity. Sew in in Like Father MIKE Play girl, who has been a staple in the, and that is who is a white priest who's always you might as well be black the way just fathers and helps you young people around the city. I like to celebrate those people because we do have a lot of,
violence goin on, but we also have people at a really taken. Community and in a really combating violence were good things, and I think the more we talk about it. The more people understand it exists. And I'm so there we are made in our city is a beautiful city, ultimately, especially in the summer yeah. That's what it is the best men, and now you know we just got up. By more opportunities, we got a new mare in Chicago on Nay Male Lightfoot she's, the one who even just spoke about aim is there an aim is the programme on a dark, and I doubt you used to be the secretary education with with President Obama's enemies, lever celebrity game, our famer duty again, let us move without the bar reverse gone one. On five at least I gotta go back at that. It is the levity,
I'm gonna. Never out of these showed up and really do great the celebrity game and my friends always like me, play way better by in no right everyday life that you don't celebrity game was the matters that the lights now like a model. Team play allow passed by now. You know that software, Doc. Anyone and we we had a good chemistry the two hours I guess can be out there joking you think it is very easy. I am in a way that we want to win and we like the Imma hit. You have you curtain like that dude. Ass. He could play man like coasted one year against jailing. An was on the other team in its act As soon as I get buckets, I Kevin hard who is just like gone Westbrook. Two thousand sixteen obviate arise heavily out let us show you dollar is inadequate. Jesse lamps, who had like a double double and was like really rare,
they go and hard, and I make us that when a young artists me now, I didn't have a lawyer and then add my be Jordan, who was offered to play that game, and then you didn't then get the text looks. I tried the guy you learn to many. I tried it I'll get. Everybody involved that tried to arm. I had stooped dog who was shockingly good right, you just would never expected. As per se after I saw his pre game, warm uplifted I'll, just say like I was they are where this is going to go out, but but he's gay. I one point: he basically demanded the to go back in a coach, but my back, eight, I'm like ok. Do I tell they rolled over, but he was gonna use like Snoopy play. Yea II was at least I gave you like a sneaky good rebounded traffic
They who has been very shit aware jail in solid than over me. For the rest, my life, I envy James site for free service at the end of Kevin Heart, had leg nineteen turnovers, but we had. I owe jail in a big dinner after you so happy, I man is a mere people's rights, no celebrity televised, erroneous pay and they run it again and again like four, four straight hours are running. It has some very low points were Justin Bieber across me over. I know how to highlight over and over anyone across it out yet night fresh by crossed it buddy Pay anyway, another now a heap, he wasn't terrible night he could play alone is loaded the ground, which is hard for people who are tower there. Did you stay in front on this planet? They who has been the best place Parson, as seen in the celebrity game that uses said to railways, was one of the better he's fighting it
What I mean is it the at as early a greater Europe was a just right. There you have it train for that and you took them seriously. I remember yeah. I was on our training with assisting calls for New Jersey nets. At that point, and men I grew up- lay a basket. I love em point guy and I saw a lot. I love the dry. After the whole I care my game was, if you look at it, Gaza spot guides in Chicago like D way. The rose I'll do the whole night. You know that's what we do here, the ears scoring plank. I ask and I light to drive, even if you end up dish, Isaiah you united Thomas and Sub, like I'm in a class. Now I like a but that amount you guys I mean as their ground, but but but the thing is there a developed, a shot? Men are really developed, jumped shine it
further training? For this more time, China for its was move in man? game and never been bad announced thy wow. This is amazing. Ackerman China light your play on your play. I felt like you know, and I really thought I can play against them. Some envy its allies in the movie I had to plague as the way way, no sight. I felt ass, strong and and fast he was an you out, even in those very games and in it there found those guys ages. They lay on the left is longer than has a bigger and they had a speed and and and super human The strength is that they net you completely under arrest. Even like playing Magellan well, after a retired but he's six eight and you cannot even go NAM is buys like a force fields and he can basically even
He wasn't in shape and ways to pay now is in better shape. It he's getting and his body wanted man any veered. Like China dig for the boys bouncing off I'm a bad thing. Eyes the best version of everything that the wise, like he's just like a rock a grain it here I may you is it's funny you can measure, I got, I understand what you say you know follows: listen improperly, fill it to a certain degree. By You know it more. I know more because we bought up against some basic differently? I can describe it. You can't exile, I play and pick up orange mirrors or any that staff. This there's something different about The elite, yet only ask about dates by an Jordan was I'm sure when he put the muslin after the distance being the shit item for a couple years in a row as same thing, like is not going to bother me
what I noticed with DE way. Was it like that course Trent? Where you can't move the person? I you got bump up and person is, is move and light as yet here so is, that out what I realise that time is legalities Gaza Workin on muscles, do don't even dye. My body don't even know like you know that mean that core I I was more than a game when a sour la Brown was doing in elementary school summit to train. I was Doin outside wait. They had this many good, I didn't have obviously mean we didn't mention the brown for strongest guys. I remember I was down park as once, and he just pass by me we're Talkin fellow bed, and then I say goodbye- and I, like of the thing like I am and many slap somebody on the shoulder not a shoulder it was. There was a he had. He had shoulder pads but he did it it just his shoulders asking. I can't imagine anybody regard this dude like six.
I have two. Eighty there with no body fat is truly the I mean able they were safe. Well, last female J. Now nobody cared not only is lagging, listen even over Second, I worry about it. I was I early ballot in my mind without I learn that it fight it out, but but, alas, this rouses say about the boy. He is a true example of when I say like a superhuman in our athletes, are like his strength is b and just big. He is in if you say like nobody fab, which is a man who had their skill with that intelligence when it comes to the game, is thy I love watch you play is definitely one of my favorites you know it's still Michael, join as the as the greatest of witness meter, but but
no, I think, Leubronn as is right under is definitely who voyage fireflies in a manner we have. People had sought out its arm, but yeah. I will take great talk but simply safe over too. Lillian Burglar is reported every year. That's one! Every thirteen seconds I just did the math, What's crazy is only one in five arms have on scared. That makes no sense most companies, we you don't make it easy. It's confusing its expensive, take how much time it's a hassle yet be home in the person comes, but that's why I simply save as much choice, hands down, protects your whole every window room door, twenty four, seven monitoring for just a fraction of the cost to make it easy, Annie, no contract in fees or fine print around the clock, minor interest. Fifteen bucks month designed to blend raided to your home. Nowhere is no drilling, no wonder
it's one tonne of a words from the likes of Cnet and the near times where cutter visit super safe that such bs, free shipping in the sixty day risk free trial. He got up and others go to simply say that come such bs that simply safe with two eyes. Just go there. I had Lebron at two cuz of the the years now that he's put in we were talking about. He comes in the league in three and in the eighteen. Playoffs were probably his best playoffs he's sixteen years, and at that point No, I think it's probably on the way he catches M J is just if he plays for like twenty three years. What any can be good for five more like at that point, it's what I do I was does last year's. What made me be like look man, this dude has we got it cuz. This is a conversation because he's in his 16th year and he just hit fifty one
it was ready, went if fifty one hears us. I mean I went to game one of the eighteen, fine us the J Smith Game desperately of fifty years ago that that was the best. I ever seen anybody. And do anything you a from twenty games and three seen a lot of great. Also, that was the and I ll have you see he was beating the words by themselves by himself, and that was an unbelievable wasting away to know what to do and he was like the blend of he could do. I they want from twenty to twenty three feet away, but he could also get to the room where everyone and they just you know it- right, you now and then it's like you, ve triple team is always go made. The re pass and at some point He is coming out shit. What would I guess we have to leave these two guys open gas? We can stop him and as one of the reasons he got so madmen, When J R, I made the mistake, but then in overtime
is the only time I've ever seen and do this? I have seen a lot of the brown aims that has been in person, but I almost him accusing me in a fight in the last minute. There is the moment when he started like really talk in a hurry and like it seem like he was gonna like fight somebody who he was so He knew that you just now, They were gonna win the finals right back, as you can't be that in five times the easiest see their ships sailing in the game, and it was I ages reprisal to release the somewhere medicine pointed ears like me. When I a competitive again, man do yeah right. To be honest, the nice asked no eyes I'll, be won a fight on a car, but I do know each I'd say get out. What you know, meaning like in the game you know, slackened and especially of you know, The gain type, a game he had like you said, and it is this that one mistake could have got light our legendary game everywhere there was that there was an and
it became much like that game. Five we had in the air and the finest just now Katy gone out, like I think as the years pass is just one gains re remember, because not just that he went down but then currying clay like kind of digging deep one. Last time what kind of insects a kind I affronted scattered said took the wind out of me for the wind meaning I got really like tat man like this ain't, even excited for me anymore, because a sad is here, somebody who, like really sacrificed and made it like, worked hard to do. Back in an enough to go down is live man. This is our largest be ass. Such in size when you watch in a game you plan, somebody gets hurt, it puts in perspective in a way it gotta brings all that happens. There was something
carried off. Yes, a guy. Let's start the game again like like what we have ten minutes exactly so I kind of There were, even though, as the I had an event as a video screening for my new single is coming yeah and I was like side. I even get to see the game, but now everything I was like manner. You know even here, staff Gary be like mad stuff goes. I love They know who we are now like, whether we were not like this show we are not there. You know it There is, then that it was kind of like almost man is championship up, don't mean as much as it did before, because our brother just got hurt yeah and his. This is like a real injury. And everybody felt the weight of that. So I thought he was going to start crying after the game and his Doris was interviewing him. Steph, curry, ya, is that that was most most I've ever seen.
One reason. The reasons I'm warriors fan is because staff lay our staff stuff his his soul, very energy like what, I believe there he is have fun. He is when he plays the guy. We're really. Fun. They are as a team, but to be honest, but he's the the the the core of that you know and he's the spark in the leader of the store I love and- and I mean ASEAN emotional- is something you know cause. He doesn't she Joy. He show disappointment a little bit, but I never seen on to vulnerable when I think it was pretty rock is with the Toronto. Is chairing right after Katy got hurt, you see gas from both teams, I told them. They should therefore be they're. Dead. Tat came out a different any in a most it. I wish I had better that game. I think there is a deficit, like a special different kind of experience- is to be in the house for that, but some of them That's what I mean. I guess thousand, the thing that demand
maybe like mare, in our sorrow, brother heard in it of the Toronto Raptors Anna warriors yeah. You know like a move forward, like men, get Toronto out here. You know like I want ya to win. A war is fair. I just didn't, but when call Toronto like really Katy like showed our brother heard, is, as I saw calorie say it made me just black man ate at the end of the day that they are brothers that you said it's only a select group make it to the NBA, and they are you know, even if they get into a fight and it's tough competition, they all respect each other at the end of the day. Just for me, to that league and it like us. They made me my passion for Petition right now is not the same as it was a game before yeah We had seen that that's changed basketball and in her Papa raft you add the night There is so much more adversarial yeah in back
by any music. Where you had just people. Few laughter, I mean you earn in a couple, but now it seems like in basketball guys are all much more allied together. There are friends very Are they d c like bad by myself, and I think the same thing it shifted. I mean we thought little little fields, but for the most part it's much more collaborative and I think any use to be there. I mean One point you know, like literally east against West Coast in and ass light ass, a lot of different acts and artistic heritage. Beef, even if they d like each other, they want to be a part of it was you were classified as EAST coast and you never know.
Get your in Chicago. I don't even know how you are easier to add your uncle's, allow, I may I was represents a guy like you somehow had been. Mr deeds in the Midwest mean less, never got its own thing, God, member with, but ultimately we didn't have like a big LEO. These costs was calls me with it. Even those EAST cause West Coast in the south. But if you look it is from Chicago and creates a loop bade. The chance you know to light little baby. Somebody's art is no name and even to us then, and Badhaai from I'm just talkin on the hip hop level. I can go a lot with the soul and all that. But the point is, we will bring in a lot of good music? That culture is wasn't I yoga the MID west? I've got, it will need to be more items from release, the mad branding bad branding. The night is Eric, as I had the same issue. Elinor was kind of over here, but still
as much as anybody, but that there is cause West costing. The panel swallowed a burberry ass, but I think, but I think those beef stopped honesty with their fight to the death of two park in Biggie yeah the candle was, I is shook everybody we, I had some bad ones after that. The deaf murmur Medina NICE about that. As I see it here I mean a deadly, but those what that was like a low personal riff to it, and I like with when I got into a drink, it was a little personal. Then go and how many years ago there there was. That was all those twenty twelve. So there will no longer accept Kennedy, I will read out. It was like many wise. It happened. I was personally three kind of one at that those because he knew that was good fur drake to blur ruffles of feathers
Can you make up and Larry's kind of good for the bread I mean at the end of the day. You know, I think, he's one of the obviously one of the most talented artists out there and and also he was you know he was able to say what he wanted, he had thought of prices places as you are right that other jobs Egg EU covered as they call in his ring. So you know some people like you, get a job. You lie out, I'm a fighter lay. So when you were songs with West connection. My dear, I was the thousands of his arm you had to few people to intervene in that area. We are, we definitely but you know, beef is bad when third parties, have the intervene here mainly about us into their level, because I think you know a cuban and night weizsaecker Next really looked at me. Lay our common justice hereby backpack do, but it was a man
hey bro, I'm from the south side, man, we don't imma, go from mine to to say whatever level we going to take this to it's going to be that right now. I think you know that's that's just that was my mentality and I said what I said record wise and we kind of got into a confrontation face to face Maxine, but I'm glad agog. Amazon is always go brothers and even I actually gadget the commercial whim acting like a few years after that knows, I make them do this coup eyes. Q was was simple, cool with when we fail barber shop and outside now may first, It was always want to my is raised in the end I loved from care: Iraq gowns MW eyes, Q be no easy a dollar like being in Chicago. I these calls them and West Coast. You know, in fact, some of the West Coast. Art is like the language with them.
Most similar size. So I kind of related to some of the stuff they were saying. New York was like the mecca we just kind of like looked up there by now, but actually related to some of the things that you know the West Coast. Artists were saying because, like really alive, on the West Coast. Specially allay allotted routes are like ours is a cargo to come from the Wheezy Anna Mississippi. You know Alabama like here, so I cannot. A deeper connection was I may. We cannot come from the same places and I had a connection with with the West can so funny like as broke work. I live in Boston and I was just West Coast worry. I was like I was it. That's a man ass. I was I just like the music were here. I just where I just grab potato territory that three thousand miles away from it, but I think that the stuff- it's everybody differently, era, seminars virtue- and I can understand that, but yeah
I think you know it was after all about the West Coast line. New York in itself is, as his is his own planet in a light, as yet all were also, I think, like I said that some of the West Coast stuff was probably just relating to a lot of people outside. A new Europe, and then everybody in the south was like everybody forgetting about us and NATO ages get like When I say we, I think really help them, and now later you argue Atlantis Eyed at the epicenter everything right now. Definitely when it comes to a lot of arm, you know the trap sound in the music. What is going innovation dead and the younger? I received a broken out date. They definitely have innovated in in when it comes to hip hop. I mean they've definitely brought some new things to add a new things to the new sounds, I'm glad, I'm glad they want something as they can't win in sports
yeah they deadly I'm an amount of anchovy for my I member from Atlanta merely twenty or thirty falcons. We came back Now let s gray, I'm reading those guys so made him up from a ladder as tough, but aid Marijuana Marcos Recipe for money on a Falcons man. He thought he was calling me enough like by have satellite man about witness, she's, so you you bet on the ground, for for this basque Bob wares and rapid. Leadership our borders where they ve all kind of just me, into one giant, grew basically, and now it's like living out with this and be a fine as with Jake you're hoard side, just almost like he's in a bit five, though, is that there are made by like so you ve, you been from the gecko. This has happened in our here. Can you explain this the cross over people, Drappin names in in lyrics and songs in it
seems like it's all one giant group now where I think no us growin up magic bird join, they were like in the rat rat was just you know. I was just coming into play with children of the Six is certainly not. Music was a different thing. I never asked you did that strong eligible double that was they who ask about me, we opt out is definitely were rap reference. America's blow made his own car basketball. We cast what I look like. We looked up so dense notes of athletes, but I think what happened in the mid nineties like I can remember seeing pictures. Red man met the man visit, an ally, Iverson and light, and it was I started to beat the fat five was they were pivotal and bring a hip hop to sport,
basketball jail and has never been happier than doing this right now I mean an and I think that likes that the fact that at least there were coming up in a certain area their music was about. So once we like China got over like the fact of thy. Ok, these somebody's at least one to be rapid and Arabas want we. At least that we like mad? We really love ya static. A name when you have people like the late great store, Scott using hippo references in his broadcasts in it was, I guess this is Everything was connected, and now you know tell me, like you said, Drake as part of the like I've seen articles about Drake is much to someone I mean as much as on reading about like somebody of the to different media entities. The Wall Street Journal Eneas, pan rope pieces about the writer GIS Watch, drake the entire I want
it s about a arousing ices. This is two different people that this yeah, I'm sorry as being one where he was every Dana Jake was Doin. Do again. And even I will you see as being clip saved me he's a topic on Thursday. It is a disgrace if you guys, now, come he's in like five of the pictures that they know they gets traffic. It's five that we reach a point where have Drake Feudal, withdrew my green during a game and then, after a kind of makes sense. Why are like years ago about, what's going on with wise, fallen fence, and with it the ape were, but now it seems like just part of the whole process May I actually think that, as fans gotta, be a limit. I e, whether you you know whether you like a popular is- or I mean, but they were the apart movie star whatever, like I feel like. I did this
There is gone. You think this is gone to shades too far, but I mean look. Drake is ambassador. He can do it probably do what he want, but I'm just saying that, from my perspective, as I think that man these people are, this is day is their profession. He may understand share, and I understand like even like talking to load you tabula stuff to people hours. I can see that, but overall, I cannot think is you you want to have us. Like bound just allowed on like this. Do worked hard to get here yeah. You know I just think about if somebody was held me doing the shell for a long time and believe me I'm a gorilla he'd like honest answer. That is nothing but a but ours AL. I love the dragon. Is about his team. There much any light. Haven't fine bread the end of the day, I'm fine man, so you know
You know who created of this one of the world I raise wrappers Job Nicholson. I started with him in the MID eighty. Was he He has gone in the south, the Lakers fires and he came to Boston and did couple each day and night to choke sign from the balcony. Shall I bet he was the first one who celebrity finer kind around. I was rounded up, but I would ask why I like is much. You know I have to understand. Their legs should decide Drake, not the first. When the legacy is. Finally, despite spikes, democracy. When I saw the most, barely did anything like it was regiment, our talk in all kinds of shit that whole game and spike stood up a one point yelled at home, but but you might well say some they're right where he was like under his breath. You a drink as I got up and demonstrative, and really China get guys. You know, our position. He feels like he's on the t. Bear me you gotta gotta, light
you. Gotta love it through the ice. Somebody does light really light share for the same, I may add: do it at home yeah. I know what I'm at the game I feel I got. Is this base? Does that let them get their stuff off our cheerfully hey my lab, where you go into the nineties balls games will unite Europe. Mr Liese, for the last three but I already titles, our famous enough to get those court said Zeb Bright, but I was you know, As you know, a name in Chicago, and I was definitely out there were at the algorithm I got it that point: was it not? I was a all boy for the bulls were I was above all for the boys in eighty four, so in my usual first came in Reggie theorists, regularity, urban, whereas it is yours government is widely Orlando, all real Lando wars. To ban does do Quinton daily was, is due
I thought I'd problem, the legendary troubled. May he had jumped up spats, I think, have citing a busy was like a twenty five point, a game guy, but heeds demons Linda. We may now. I was I Kabab, where we might first came like an and it was amazing jostle, but they was. I was stopped, being a byword love into all. To do it I was when they turned twenty five before the other man enough. It is man of good, as I cannot just watch bullet fan. I wouldn't have our beloved ill gotten gains, but I didn't wasn't making those connection. I didn't have those by the way you s top five who's, your tat, father, basketball, Now I got mine ever I'll. Give him I M J, one Leubronn Karim.
I know, em jailer Brown bill, Russell Karim, MAGIC Manning AIR of a bird man is GPA thy two more years and birth and as the Boston, then, as I know it, I wrote a basketball book and it was like the toughest by the book. For me that pretty medical doctors had to my really get ears embedded go and make MIKE brine. Korea MAGIC and it came a logical does myself in the UK I believe I know Bill Russell, I'm in you goin, because those are the players. I actually see this offer me to watch clips of players and really determined if they were that the gray that's why they come to grips with so many an illusion nation was like girl abroad is the best. Could they only see some of my clips by air We say it's a generation thing, though, because if you weren't therefore euros anything your guys better
the guy beforehand, but one we can all acknowledges MIKE settle Michael, join too league in the NBA, so international level really like he took it to the level of light. He had the magnetism in the charisma in the stardom. Just He made a and b ache kind of what it is, along with on the obvious, these people back their marketing, nothing, but you gotta to the star most important celebrity ever for Bob people. Nobody, no aid thought about the sheep. Eight, the shaved head thing in their regard, credit for it I mean think about that, allow it to five years of it now there, but- but
Had we had, we had our little images Isaac Haze and require that, where he's going in my back from the ever MIKE, what you write MIKE era, hair was the thing and you absolutely right were MIKE Mike was actually the Jones, and I had a first those I got a pitcher me in his first like air Jordans, sweat. They may create a lie. That was like it's impossible. I right now how important he was that first year, when common out of the Olympics, the posters I got every poster the snake, there's nobody came gonna David Letterman, like other stuff, it was like. We never really had like a cool Basque about where for like this. Like that I'd get out, he was the course I may and ended the so incredible light, because you said some of the data he's heading.
Then got credit for, but even the longest shorts thing was something that is between him and I fifty five right that it did that. I think it was MIKE, though, probably first, long or short fat. Five took a in blue it out that I mean I was above the fat five. Third for thirty we did, and it was one of most important ones. We did because- This kind of this loss team there had this huge impact they ma am. And we were able to capture, and now it's like this document for all the shit. They did a me, as you said, they ushered all these different things and I think Iverson, who The media hated for a while there, but I was was really important to. He broke a lot of He brought a lot of laws, went down with him with her Iverson is please the same level as as far as ushered in new things and bring in like a new culture like the tattoo. The car rose the heart
people know what the fuck was gone out with that I mean you had it, people on the first fibres like what's going on with that. Guy ages did know had EVA reactor, but I mean that the true that matters he was his brain and like a black cultured it. Yet there was very true to a new aspect of us so the forefront remains. I end it was unapologetic and it was like Raw who he is it was natural and everybody gravitated to it. I mean My last love the intensity that he played with maize. He has some everybody knows he s so much hot may. Once I my. I think it was just as us gay, nosey and allay. I got to see him and eyes there back by arm. You know in battle grows seven hours I manage to man these two of was like from Chicago hovers start listening to talk. There was a man his eyes.
To hear a I give it up like he was a man. You wanted a reason she was telling her. I said you wanted reasons I am who I am. They both had that toughness. They both was on six feet all I really an essay and both had terrible, shouted Corona till his heirs of houses, TAT five, toughest efforts. Here bill. Cartwright. Both car was seven one whose go and after as if he is it sad ass. He and he allowed brothers and yet, and so he knew way when now, when it first fight data, much right, there's a My Bobby Knight went to recruit him and the brother we're like China mess it up bobbing I got mad and mosaic Bob. I looked at and the brothers egg, and you know why you can the loser just like him and he walked out and I was
that was it. I say it was a good guide Indiana and that is, as I like kind of noticed, chased him down and was like I'm sorry but like he had gained a really family. You know it was in this book breaks in the game that was the covered, like you know how I say: but Knight nine other stuff, but here is life was as well Is anybody for surely made a tv movie adamant that was actually really get really about him here, as I gave us a lady's about? I say about I say in his mom, I think more about his man than as air. The asked why the latter respect for his mother could I am, one of my mom friends Was- was I like a police officer, never say area, and he can't it was like a mentor Isaiah to ascend agreed. He always sought to buy incredible. His mother was raised, no autos young men and random and
a great job. It was. It was something for me to see Isaiah MAGIC, gown conversation when a DNS there's a lot of history. Does gas married in bed yeah. I would feel it in the conversation fill that in to see don't like come together was like man. I was special. I really want that for the speaking of five five. I want that. I want to see that for the five phyllite to deceive Jalen, I thought that you won't get them Michigan job. My dog That's another hour, there's so much history, good and bad there I don't know, he's crazy because I'm out do understand those things, because I have friends it. I grew up with it. We ended up with several ways Ivan conflict, so I do know is human nature, but this is a that an affair you like man, I love them- do Chris would have been a documentary. The return on the whole time up at all, Now when I was gonna errand ages, it now,
things been washed by legs around twenty million people minor. Rather me alone. See where, though a mean- and I love jailer in a meeting with the amount that at some point it comes around the way we you have to go fairly soon. I wanted to talk quickly about Karnak, as is an important person for me. Just cause this music and their effect on one of the last offenders You are on the ground floor with them here. When did you know, when did you know he had it had Really a super talent. I would say he was planned, beats he was around nineteen years, our neighbours plant beats around same time. Is a producer must produce a new idea who was likewise mentor. Cairo played beats and out- and I was like man is doing- is really good, but then
What made me say had it was. He were wrapped in any were free style really girl. I have three thousand really good now set aside people. You meet a life where you like this dude is really good. I don't know it would turn in Citys. I will never claimed that I knew tat. He would be one of the biggest artists ever, but I knew tat. He had a special talent, and I noted that I have heard people do some of the things he was doing when I, but our fast forward it to about two thousand three I went to show it S. Obesity was performed and I saw hip pepper castle backpacks on and I saw them torn up the Rockefeller side, and I was there
damn I didn't know, these two worlds could exist to coexist, because if that time and hip hop it was either you going to be you going to be on some like get money or gangster stuff or you going to be artistic. You know backpack underground, hip hop, but Kanye brought together both those worlds, and I was like man. This is a special. It was like a special moment for me cuz. I kind of broke a wall for me to to know like you, don't have to be, it doesn't have to be set because at one point we kind of let that be. The separation like, if you rap about getting money you feel like you, can rap about anything socially conscious, but Kanye did that on the college dropout. Would you appear to day you also added? As you know, this or may you must, because people must mention table when you guys ranch a pal. Became one like the iconic two thousands tv
Parents is it's not even on Youtube for some reason, which I think is bizarre, does worry it's like one of those things that was thou didst collision of these three different worlds. Ambition. They didn't last very long, but people just love and issues that call moment glad in your careers, was incredible tat light. Is that moment as you speak about it like. I aim that was the first sound we, like you did like today produce a bit shabbily bees for a minute. Just like I had all these other I was my mom is on doing these different types of music, so that beat was actually a piece of music. He was making for somebody else, and I got to the studio and he was like out of the house I goddesses doubt use. I owe you want this as a year I particularly like the present was come into the studio. Yes is Ireland's, I guess I took it out when brought to it and we created a sound.
Recorded in the studio was now Dave was potter. Davy is part of our family. I just went to the goals. They go. The warriors game. The Oracle. With David o you dad at other day it was fine. No there. May I love Davy. You seem to stand up in in the Bay area. That was amazing. Life is at this little spotting San Francisco anyway, so day was just able to come to the studio and just hang out sometimes with us. You know prior to him, having a show and we got it beyond the show they actually had a different place was to perform. They had like this chimney and all these candle lit a man. I want to do that. Looked like real, like China. And I like candles. This done now me out like this aid, the buyer, but the sound is eight like you know that Gonna lie at like yoga, it fell yoga like what they wanted to do, and we,
as I now and we walk into the set and we saw a kitchen and enable the sounds of food waste management the kitchen of food and we just ended up. Doing that lies, I'm glad you said that was a senior great moment on his show. Cuz. That show is one of my favorite stuff from him. Those couple first, two years, stuff with him and John Legend and means that for you and you this kind of early you do, but there's a lot of the others, go tamarisk we're getting them back right, yeah me up hill. I think this idea. He has another great alum and are here with us are good about me to out, but
he is he's coming back. He is telling a guy giving gift that you can't take away is not, I don't think I don't think anything is going to eat that sound. It is there so when, when he focuses and chooses to do and go to the spirits place of creativity is not letting other things like. Doyle yeah. He makes some of the greatest music ever and I thought you were so year. Career, like you know, things happen: flower edit separated yeah? That was that we had before B B Orellana Electric Circus people, man, this isn't a commoner, why it is that they need in other our river yeah. That's why they're very sick! You know that's a great deal. It's ok, it's like win that since people in different directions and then
you have to know that you have to know that, as I saw a mean, any career that has ever flowers is valleys in and mountains, and you go to it like. It is be like. If you can sustain your purpose and what you'd love to do within and just be humble enough to grow. Then you erase that mountain again. You know at some point, I'm buying out the kindness stock. Tell me about the book really quick for you go so the book is Karla love. Have the last word really. You know me about my journey and understand and love from these different aspects in life like love, for God, learning love for self more talking about therapy talking about like my relationship with my daughter being challenged. She tells me saying that you know she didn't think. I was a good good enough father when she was young, it also. It really is me discussing this journey.
Of me, find in love and discovering what love is and how to apply it in these sounds with these feel so divisive things feel so by unstable, near luck with our words come here, is our sound now actually have an album. This inspired by the book, that'll be out first single, is is out now call her love and produced by J Della the late great J Della we get it from from cancer, yeah lay great J Della, is feature in day of Caesar and is Canada's cousin. The evolution of your body is color is, is indirectly sequence. The sun I caught. I used the lover which was talking about your pop in and out. Actually, the Sunday ICE Cube no fell out, I started to beef yet, but anyway He saw her. Love is really a beautiful, sound
about about him up in his off the album. Let love I'm excited about here. You next book should be about midway rap. China gauge trying to get it as it as a brand hear We got a little army in these cost anymore reserve lying dolly we. What we dig classified as is cause for some reason: fifteen hundred miles away from as early as possible, lay right through to our common, Thank you for there. This is for you, For that reason, I hope you come back in January for a man you're that knife at your chest, a man stitches yes started it in your heart. You got a big voice campaign. I rise at the people would be excited if you get back good Nike those rule thanks to designed every get a daisy and act on the sign up. Thanks to simply safe over two million burglars reported every year, only one in five homes have homes, carroty, simply safe, my top
was there actually one that was. It makes it easy to protect your whole home every window, room and door. Twenty four slash: seven monitoring for a fraction of the cost visit Simplisafe slash, bs, simply save the two eyes. You get free shipping, sixty day risk free trial. Methanol is simply safe that calm slashed bs the two eyes. See you in a couple days of yourselves, one way.
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