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Brady vs. Belichick, Sad Spurs Fans, and Best New Action Movies With Shea Serrano | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 354)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons talks about the bleakest Patriots outlook in recent memory in the wake of Tom Brady's hesitation to sign a new contract (4:12). Then Bill is joined by colleague and Spurs fan Shea Serrano to further discuss the Kawhi Leonard situation (16:33) before talking about the best new action movies and sequel hopefuls (45:45). Warning: There is a lot of 'John Wick: Chapter 3' talk.

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Regrettably, I shall taping whence it eight three great games tonight and the crew who will be on after doing group, chat posting it late tonight, so you ll be able to listen to it late tonight or early. Myra morning and if you go into the ring it, I can't right now Kevin. Ok, lays out the blueprint for upsetting labelling James, just integrity. Charity. I'm sorry writes about. The ambivalent tower of James Commie, Roger Sherman, breaks down, say qualm, Barclays Worth in the modern NFL and Brand Curtis Rex about the Denver Post Sport section, which is finally fall.
Intuition police check all that stuff out. If you miss Mean House yesterday we broke down all our thoughts on where the Basque, while plants, where we did this before last states, incredible pelicans game, as was the South Xbox game we went to where I had predicted yesterday. Yet another bad protection from mad predicted a monster game from Janius did not happen, but more the fault of his team. It said how he is being defended the Nathan, but I think the best our real trouble. I did not like their body language, I think Bledsoe. I might even say this because he you know it said the stuff with terror regime after the game, but in person was he's not a leader. He doesn't make his teammates better. Bobby languages, terrible and whose get his bucket and concern that showed a first round pick frame and grandma RO who, by the way, will really help them. I state that was not a great trade. They do not have. I don't know what the right five men might up. They should be
playing, but a definite wasn't in the lineup Sesar last night. I don't know why they don't play our guy, I would go down and flames of birds on bride and Chris Middleton and real any other shooter as the fourth line just to spread. The forges hope that work, but I dont think I have a five men light up that works in this year's AIDS, who knew the South Ex amazing come up. Gonna talk about Tom Brady for learning. Right at the top and then calling Shea Serrano to talk about the Kawhi Leonard situation, San Antonio, but more importantly, she and I both of action movies and we're going to break down the bay then the worst of the last two years, the stuff we love on cable. I demand all that stuff, it's a fun when the first
projects, they went sandstone boss, the Massachusetts, my favorites echoed this great buzz, ass- they may have had some very strange sign in Boston sports. The red Sox have a really really good team. They really did a nice job. I'm actually fired up the the line at a J D Martinez, Bulgaria, too, went out recently who was hurt last year, but was healthy before e g cracked, the little thing in his accolades backs in but looked like a different guy. Their share in the top. The bottom line up now is ridiculous, sad that
They have two starters that look like they're going to be good game won game. Two starters in a playoff series Chris and Rick Porcello who's who's back who's figured out whatever was wrong with them. David Price, I don't know what to make of him. He looks great, then he can barely make it to the second inning in the Yankee game. And then I Eduardo Rigorous, who I have the highest hopes were as their number three guys. I think if you could just stay out there, big he's really get they ve good hours in the bullpen, the share and a great closer, and it's just a good team there, and if Muky can really put it together. The shit three homers last night, I think this team destined could make some noise unfortunately play in America link with the actress who look like they're gonna go a hundred and thirty seven. In twenty five years,
but this looks like a really good red Sox. In the reason I bring this up is this is the first time that I can remember, you almost have to go back to like the year two thousand, where the patriots have the bleakest future of any of the four Boston sports teams, and I don't even know how bleeped that future is because they made the super bowl last year and really had a legitimate chance to win that game in the fourth quarter and led with ten minutes. So it's not it's not like. As completely fallen apart, but you know the Bruins it. This is a really good bruin steam. I don't talk a lot about. How can I read about hockey? People are crazy.
I know what's going on, I watch them, but I'm not going to give you my expert opinion, the Bruins cuz. I I think it's really hard to know anything about hockey unless you're living and breathing it. It's a really good talent, the Bruins team that can score and has a good goalie, and they have a chance to win the car. Today they are in the mix, so it take that you take what's goin out the Red Sox in you. Take the celtic season where they live. Career being taught with twenty games on the seas are basically they last Heyward five minutes in the season. They lost Marcus, Smart, who you know, he's probably the fourth passport in the team and kind of the backup play maker sash creator for what they had. They lose others as Europe to nothing and a series. Next, everybody's come back. The east is
at worst, the only thing that's really going to be noticeably probably more dangerous. Next year's Philadelphia, just cuz they'll, be a year older and that things could be really good and it really looks like it would be Philadelphia, VS, Boston, the next few years here and that's before you factor in dad. The Sacramento kings pick next season, probably the Celtics, which could be in the top five so future incredibly bright for them, and then you go to the Patriots story comes out today about Tom Brady wear. ITALY has not made up his mind yet reportedly Adam Shifter, whose usually read on this stuff, is reporting the braided as know if he's gonna play this year- and this is the culmination of some not really started. Last. I don't know before around one of the playoffs european road of wrote, a big piece about Brady Verses, bites overs,
crash, Brady, verses crafts, Bela check and real dissension and craft, telling Bela check, basically that he had to J grapple out and that there is no way that that that they were doing a transition plan from radio grandfather stuff. I wrote a piece about the time I still find her out by their craft at his advanced age. Is ordering Bilbil check around I'd? Do not it that it does not add up to anything. That's really happen during the course of the Bell check era, but there are and answer questions there really are. There is something that I have not heard the right theory about this other than this is starting to fall apart. I didn't want to believe it last year. I didn't want to believe it there in the class didn't want to say that after the plants, but when you think about Brady in Greece, they seem to be aligned,
Where I was Superbowl about them, Belgic doesn't want Guerrero around anymore, so they're they're badly, about that! Brady and Belichick have worked together now for two decades and it's it's never been the easiest marriage. I don't think I think, a ton of respect the ton of professional respect. Obviously they love. They the winning and everything and they ve got a lot of great. There really has been any rifts, but I do think their different people and Bell check is cut throat and he's been cut throat for twenty years and when, when he thinks you're done you're out and he's usually cut, date a year before anybody would even thing to do at ease than this. Over and over and over again, he did it with Bledsoe when he gave job he did of alarm. Oi Didn t law, heat, wave, tray brown. Traded, the branch she trader, Richard Seymour, his over and over again cut bait and with guys that were great patriot. And the question as you watch the stuff without check was always: when he's doing
is how does it affect the people in the locker? And why are they so loyalty? Patria away. Why did they believe in this programme so much when they know as soon as they don't become as useful about Jack he's? Gonna got up he's gonna shackle. That part, I never told they understood, and this is the first time in two decades, where it seems like there's resentment? for the patriot away a little bed, for we do all this for you and yet the first chance you have to Let us you will that the prayers filled Amygdala, the stuff that he said to make Greece where, where just talking about how the prayers were, like legitimately bummed out about the Malcolm Butler thing. And how that was held on the Superbowl in that they followed that basically the application was, we don't know at hand and he owed us an explanation in that probably cost us the Superbowl, and we haven't heard anything, and we start or no it happen
that's a few. Just really haven't heard that much with the patriots over the years, so it's a copper its situation and on top of it they trade grab. Hello Brady, add you know, can be forty two next season. I think it's. I think we can say pretty safely that he, Concussions two years around the black Sea deftly add one in the eye. Lana Superbowl cause. His wife spoke the beans on that one I've always heard that he had won in the Denver game near before, and it certainly would explain like how strangers play was in that game. But the word The street was always that he got one and that came to early in the game, Lord knows how many other concussions he had. I think it's up to that. His family's worried about at this point the species when five rings he's made a crazy about money- and I were
the item versus time, which had its ups and downs. It had some good moments. I thought the second episode of particular was great. I really like that. I think if you're pats fan it's at least worthwhile in the first two, maybe even worse- first three but the last episode Lee, a kind of open for Brady to walk away and- and I think I ve talked about this- the pact as poor, but watching your leg, the hell. Would you talking about? Maybe it's time to it, maybe maybe this is it there. I don't know, maybe it's time for reviewed by other stuff. He says he lay the door opened. It was really hard to tell whether he's doing it for dramatic purposes. Whether he really thinks he doesn't want to play anymore and from what I've heard his wife desolate I play anymore. It does not understand it and thinks he's too obsessed with football. We should you made it She won the Superbowls. It's time you know
out now I y you bodies to heart the all that stuff and if he has other people as I like his parents and things like that, maybe some of his friends. Maybe he is thinking about it, and I think you know chapter wrote today that he wasn't or if he was, are treated there, there was a sharp rate is coming back. I, in my opinion, I think Brady's, watching what they're going to do with this draft really carefully, because Is the guy right amalgam butler they traded, Brandon cooks. They got needs older. The area come on the has gone. You know they it every law, some guys they they lost more guys, they added and theirs scenario where they just start rebuilding there in the draft where they d have to first and to set. And there's a scenario where they just say are men
Bela check says: hey, they told me to change Europe alone and I need another. Quarterback long term. If I'm going to be here in Brady's going to stay for not going to stay forever, I'm not sold on him playing couple more years. Just gonna start rebuilding. Now I want to make one more run at this before I turn seventy five and if Brady thanks there actually rebuilding? Maybe that's all waiting for. I don't know for sure just a theory and maybe it's a little cat masking my Kay We have all these pigs useless for immediate help, uses for guys who can play next year. I wanna when a title I through four five or five in this the last year we almost one so. May I hated media that it really does feel like their smoke and fire now and it really does seem contemptuous and though the way grew can Brady or leaving everything up in the air. It seems like there and staring contest. Bela check and obvious should decide
this place out. But going back to my original premise for the first time out say since two thousand the Patriots, the bleak his future in Boston sportswear. When I say it is such a good time at the south, this game last a great crowd, great sinner by the great to be home. Everybody's really nice, when I come back thanks, everybody who yes outcomes are talks are all that stuff. It's always great to hear from from everybody, thanks for all words about the ringer, all that stuff coming up we're my friend, the ringers Shea Serrano, we're gonna talk about Edward Zobeide Axiom action of is well first, let's talk about clear. I've been using it for flights this year. It's been absolutely incredible, areas, is biometrics thou, be bypassed the long lines and get through scared about five minutes? It's like your own. Personal security. You can create your account online before going to the airport and finish your only when you get there without a clear bachelor use the clear lance immediately. Were it works great with project too I use them in tandem.
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clear meet outcome- slash bill for your first three months of clear and see for yourself. I think it's a pretty Cooper anyway hearsay surrender on the phone from Irma Location in Texas, undisclosed, almost like an act. Movie here our man trace around a liar among the on for why you don't know who I am year, working talk about action movies, but I want to talk about Cuba Leonard first, because I will check that justice and the BS back ass. Yesterday more for me, and has come out in the last twenty four hours We discussed that about that is reported they not even responding the texan emails any more. What is it laggard year, lifelong spurs Van? What's it like watching this,
Old, and what the hell do you think is happening. It has been so I will get a star with this one. It's been bad it bit hard with a white cap delighted that rapid burn ever this would be like if all of a sudden break pop vicious started saint, a bunch of racist, think they know not unexpected the likeness of that to happen so out at all. There was another know. What to do or what to say it, but the bad, though, do you think he's on the team. Next, you I want to say yes just because the, but it doesn't feel like that ways now with a deep. That's the part right now that make me think. Ok, this is kind of over like each other, not not gonna, go to the game, you gonna, be an own other part of the country feel bad that building a ban.
Yeah feels like there's been a breach. It feels like whether whether he is to blame or the teams, the blame or both boast heads or whatever that now that now there's more stuff going on because has said, I talked about yesterday, Housemaid the theory Maybe he feels like his rehab hasta. And in New York, and he doesn't want to mess it up and he's really worried about his leg and he just as one o roon. Whatever progress is making both. I can imagine what machine they have a New York that they wouldn't be able to get in San Francisco arson and Tony. Oh, you know no way that it's because you worried about the reactor at this point. If that were the case, it's not that art record a video like eight lit up by those personal and then take five seconds that don't if Israel, bad yeah and we ve seen this happen before with athletes- are recovering from injuries and they're, not happy for whatever reason, but the devil,
was kind of kept the fans in the loop a little bit and especially with social media. These days it's pretty it emerges, send out one? You know one I don't even know if he's on Instagram, I don't even know if he's at social, but one thing that case spurs fans, it's cool. So I say I love you guys, I'm working hard to get back. I hope I can be back at some point the season, but how is he shut out everybody? And it's really strange it certainly not something that were used to disperse you. Now it it's it's that it always felt like a family. Mr, silence really felt messed up at an order do or say I mean Gordon Heyward is showing up the every cell these game and given the twelve minutes speech and half time well, we can't you want to do what can you one thing: a media from quite a distance to pursue per Sukhi? do you do you feel like it's, because I am certain that deal with to the patriots like it. You know
you know, the end is coming at some point. You don't know, what year is yet a great ran. Uk, complain about anything. I want an aggravated by the patriots or the spurs right now, but at some point it at some point. It's gonna end and you almost become a wistful about our ban. I should have appreciated this more that much more, but it's when an incidence fast and I feel like we're both in the same situation as fans where you can kind of the finish line now. That's a little scary, I thought I was going to be. Yes logic use was pulling it. I thought I was gonna, be both whispered about. I call this burden would jeopardize for a while, but it turns out I just wanna gotta play in one game and soon an unexpected twist what else is there was an article I think it was in the washed imposed about spurs, fan in Texas having trouble dealing with pop of age and have put he's got announced that that was there and it ended.
To that, is that a thing in Texas? That's it that's the thing in Texas them among the one percent or his family like they're there. Forty five people have been internal were very rich and up that things like this, but but the rest of us are we are very pro. Is it is possible the spurs or more dysfunctional? Then then we got it. I think our man, they say everything seems so stay by. But then, when you go backwards, there's been some weird stuff. But the spurs right like Tony Parker bribery that was weird Stephen Jack. In getting chickened and a week before why I've started that when you're, that was weird the richer Jeff, since then that will always where the markets why to get traded last year. Is it possible that there just the Average MBA team, but we don't think of them. That way.
We are better at keeping secrets. Cuz, all that it is you baby, it's it does see by day. With things happen, if they had happened, unlike the Knicks, it would have been five times a bigger deal that Tony Parker thing TAT would sure, but a massive deals is kind of pushed under the rug and everybody kind of ignored it, and that never happens. I should have torn the team apart yeah what it should not happen that, like Derek Fisher re around for the two thousand and two Lakers. What how much blamed you give Zaza? I don't even know what you're reverently, but I blame These were his you up to a blind blaming of Zaza Yak is whenever I some investigating. Yesterday, I talk to a couple little birdies I ever and the league and what people
then the league, where people seem to think is happening. Is the nation of coercion, family and friends. I basically being like you know, You should be bigger than you are you can't rush back for them to see you have one chance to send a giant contract, all the stuff, that's easy to figure out, but then another piece that I've heard a couple times: thou aside all mine mentioning it that he just doesn't. You like his leg, is healthy and whether it psychosomatic or whether he's feeling said that nobody else is feeling but whose ease become of obsessed. It doesn't feel right, it doesn't feel right. You can't tell me it feels right, it doesn't and that that might be. This whole thing that he just disagrees with, that. Actors and that's it and it can't be fixed until he feels right
they will get them every real possibility, because that does happen. Thank you can convince yourself that your ankle, her or your orders, a splinter in your finger and you dont, be it in there's no evidence, but you feel it, and nobody can tell you that I would give the out one or two percent believe that happen. I would one hundred percent believe that it was quite that it would happen to, and it's just weird, then he doesn't have a way to explain this to people, because it s just not who he is. That would make a hundred percent them and then other EU got anything about that. He's gotta meeting it about eyes, data cost and also a hundreds of million dollars young to be like ito playing through a thing like I would come back. I wouldn't come
again, I would wait if I thought even a five percent, not correct this. No Ambrosius, two hundred million dollars, if uncle, why we talked about, has I'd like to buy yesterday about whether Isaiah becomes kind of a watershed moment for this situation, because he he unclear, may cost himself over a hundred million dollars he played when he heard the injuries been diagnosed. He played through pain. He did all the stuff that people like us, That's a word man they tat. The galley cares about is a team is great and then all of a sudden that guy's making five million dollars next year instead of thirty, and I wonder this point on whether athletes are just gonna be market like he. He
comes the example they point to you know like one end up by that dude. I really think that's gonna change, how people think about this stuff gown for yeah. It's that plus the whole the players happen, could grabbing more and more control of their of their destiny with better work. They have been making that a priority, and that now you have the idea thinker, yeah. It's all come together like this is just what's going to happen now, and I don't have a problem with it: Can you gonna technicolor? There is forty years ago bill on they win the seventy seven title and as if their fifteen fifty eight or something the next year any he goes down with it with us. Injury and they don't really know what it is? He comes each eyes to come back for the playoffs. They shoot up his foot with a whole bunch of painkillers, so it s a fear of which is bothering him and they shoot up his foot. He ends up playing
He makes it worse, any basically the rails. His entire career is never the same. He adds up soon. The blazers he goes to the clippers that's a disaster thing- is covered in breaks in the game by David Halberstam, which is still the best supports book any anybody's ever written, including both of us by But this way, as this is the all time example of but he going no, no, no, my body doesn't feel right in the doctors going you're, fine you're fine get back out there and the athlete was right, and you know I guess thing, that's hard for me to understand is the whole, that wit, where injury. Is that it's a god that somebody could have acquired expenditure for this long. It's bizarre, very much weight. Talking all Walker into shoot me in front of my life, I'm here by birth. Evolution must
Those are just give my shadow be fine, though this will give nice closer cry with what was spurs relationship, spurs fans, relationship with them before during a now after the choir pray, like wait like he wasn't as popular as can obviously, but would you would you say he was on the generally Parker Level or was there like a lack of a connection with em cause he's so quiet always alike were uglier than number one most beloved wow Duncan overnight,
We can, as is the best of all time, of course, but just as far as cultural figures in thin and Tonia money was first by a small amount of money is definitely bird and then tell me and then under them you do get the David and then Tony Barker Likeness the dumper order right their co wise, feel it and eat it out among cavity. I, if he left tomorrow, people would put him in the list of like you're, putting together greatest worthwhile time, but he would never be caught fire. They never got to the point. It has been allowed to happen like with Timmy. So though we felt the same way in the beginning of his career like the first ten years of it, it felt more like a relationship you have with a very good dented. Yes, the dentist
used above anybody, but I don't want to hang out with them. It does what it feels like with why, for we are his greatest every time. I go great magazines in the office awesome nurses, super person well tat, I would say if you make it the top, I think the ice. May George Urban has to be be a had arrived and said would be my guess. Right, you'd be number for older people. Yeah he's out it's a further for the over forty fancies, gotta be high on the list remember. When I was doing my book and I was wreck it all the dudes. Astonished by how good his career was because it ended abruptly and by the time it did the league was just taken off, so he was kind of the guy for the generation before that use the tape, delayed finals generation, basically the cocaine generation but uses crank first, he might be, as is his
scoring was basically what harden is. Right now, year after year, they kite governments in the thirties every year in credit. We found a watch and I used to of him ass, a kid I suggest, love him, and was never on tv. They cannot. Estimates a year- and I probably play ten times as a kid when, nowadays, you think the IP they see drew how they play more in the last three weeks, then than I did rightlier childhood. If Germany carbon but wait wait The spurs augener are gonna, be done soon. What what bandwagon DC use of jumping out for the boy ass anybody by the warriors were the warriors are planned,
who's going to be extremely fuck in the western conference violence when they, the rock of care for the rocket, but because the champion of danish underwater champion lose and although they gonna beat the spurs, and the thing that I want to avoid at all costs is one of the championship dvd that comes out at the end of the season, yeah. I want for this first and not beyond the dvd on the camera, Darwin simply yeah. I want I want somebody else, but with a championship like two thousand and thirteen when the EPA does burner, while super sucking around the dvd for like thirty minutes when you watch it, please I don't want that to happen. If I, like Derek Fisher Point four shot, it does mean that that much because they locked in the final vote. We then have to be on the fine. That's aid lost moment, inebriate history for like fork in the road titles. It's probably the most ridiculous shot,
then the Rio and shot? That's when the two thousand thirteen find us, it's probably the most ridiculous shot. Anybody has made the basically save their season and I start out really think it should have counted. But I we have got into the final that year against Detroit in oh for you caught them. No a year before you actually caught them in all five, when you beat them, no five and Duncan was really kind of broken down by the final seed, a plate summary minutes over that for years. I I think you, I think you would have beaten eminent for two I dont think that fisheries, when we arrived in an awkward yeah, we're gonna repeat them enough for, but yet I was agreement yet one more thing works, It's your target, Texas, basque work. As you live in Houston, and this rackets thing everybody is kind of themselves into them as a contender and then in game Wanna gets Minnesota. They don't look great Chris Paul alma,
throws the ball, I almost all the game away that would have sent in overtime if Minnesota monoplane, however, that that residual started the surface up of oh yeah? None of these guys have won anything, including the courage, and these guys have a story history of not coming through. What is the mood like in Houston? Are they define about entered? Are they as slightly bit worried about this time? You know what I think,
the way. It goes right now that that was the best possible thing that could happen in n me now, because you ve got a situation where it field I give that was the clippers. Blank increase Bob grows up all the way about the team comes back in his three and they were in the clear, including overtime for games. Harden has a bad game. It feels like they lose that game one, but you ve got Chris Paul who says I play a horrible game. I made a very bad and we still one and that's gonna feel very refreshing them toward. He knows he can make a mistake and James or shame you make a mistake, increases their like. They feel good about remain unfulfilled, like talking to people in Houston.
Lying there, seeing right now that they don't have to do everything to prevent Perpich honour prison at a time when a championship, that's what it felt like a game. One sucrose pause in the Bible lesson, dead heat and choke in the team can still win. That's a step up from Hard, it is remarkable. I know you hate the rackets where is hard and rising up the rankings for you or do you have him an mba players? He had like guys Ray Now that cause you're still here, Stoa Bron Believer like when the chips are down that that's the guy you'd. Why but way, but
easy easy on the corners. He handed the river neo number three right now. For me, the Bron ran the way that the planning of the earth is stupid and an ardent. Why the when the common I give it hard and win the championship is here and finally, the bp he becomes a default number one guy now, which would be an incredible thing. Tat happen over the pictured three years ago. We're talking about. There's no way, and then here we are looking at it right in front of him. He didn't do it. This year you become the best player in the NBA on planet earth that could be James Harden engines. I work at which is poor and- and I think there are some top for guards ever stuff at stake. There's a lot of historical step at stake too, because his statistical resume this decade is ludicrous in it. I think he's only twenty, seven or twenty eight may be created.
Twenty eight at an hour, but at this point it's true holidays league and where I live in, whether I grab a hundred Falcons bandwagon a little bit really like the pelicans, though I let my it feel like you lead paved, I'm in a dream. Do let Anthony David when applying of game and they got all. But this is different. Great? Let's keep doing I like this now their trouble of do they glow on his underrated over it in their properly room in the branded underrated. Why? I think that they give you get to a spot. We are not talking about the greatest backed up where a long time, but you there's no way. You can't make that argument now, but people are still putting him like for the vote, but Lincoln created a me they'll abroad underwritten, because if you put him at anywhere understand in the history of the world, then is under it.
I haven't third, here's that you, I just read the rustle eleven and thirteen in as the years go by and the stats get better next eroded scored into this is just like just, I trust the council people who were there. I think it's really important, and I know what I wrote my buckets there's barely any. Age, and I really I went back. I read every book that anybody ever wrote about Basque by fifty six days were about. After all, the different quotes, the stuff that was in sport, magazine and stuff, like that, and people Just revered Russell is same way like thought about Tiger Woods as a golfer last decade, you now people are just like that. Guy's amazing, you you're not winning a game. Seven, if he's on the other team, and just a reverence tat: everybody had fur had dominate, he was and what a great team eighty was and all that stuff. That's the stuff tat fate.
Says, as are, as you know, as Guy get orders fans get other things like that. I think that thing amateur remember about the brain and I think history will remember him finally for this, and I think you know it's something that the state, like somebody fifty years from now, could look at LA bronze body Workin, get it in a better way that maybe we'll get it like Russell is just how fuckin consistent he was and how just register his inability to get injured ever and his ability just she's key, just take pounding year after year and never really central. Fact in that much you know these issues were more mental and physical and end like a feed- have the right team and get frustrated or a couple times. He would just get like the two thousand finals AEGIS would melt down, but it was never physical and I dont The only other guy can really think of his car, I'm alone, who was just This consisted year after year,
after year. At some point that man, this guy's just different you know, and I think that what they remember whatever you're putting together you live like this. Are you? How are you doing this? Are you saying ok, we're only comparing players in the air and that they played or are you think, does the cross all error I give we we switched Bill Russell and the broad name like. Are you doing that in your Henry is going not only on Molly about their Russia with regard to the bill, Russell ERA, yeah, I think for me I mean there's no right answer to this and I know I know it's up to that year: ear little anti ranking guys from their foreigners, and I don't love it. There, because I just don't think there's any way to compare basketball and nineteen sixty six, the basketball? Now it's ridiculous, but I began to look at Far ahead, the guy was in his era compared to you know somebody now and how they work and the consistency, and also like, if here just now
a team from scratch- and you could have this person's entire career, would you want versus somebody else's entire. Rarely does forbid that US one whose magic debating it Ricky MAGIC, because badges played three more years. He had three more good years, basically survey, imagine over twelve years, so there I think, that's the case for them. Right against Jordan make feed does this for twenty years, you really have Star Goin, while would rather have thirteen years of your dinner twenty years old abroad. What would rather have you now
because the argument. So what do you look ass if I drop amended a different era, which I think unfair to the other guys beatin? How advanced everything is now I give you put the Bron in nineteen. Sixty two you're, putting a tornado in the middle of buck and target is what you're doing everything but Bill bill was sold for handling. You mention you so good, he could play in today's NBA, no problem like which is a great thing to say or think about. But what about what? especially now the last couple years at the league that just a guy guys play is just so inherently different hours at the bucks ethics game. I state in just one seeing how guys, instead of in the old days Instinct was all we have a free hand to, however, to I'm what I'm gonna try to get a lap, and now they ve out of the three point line.
And there she probably play now it's so much of it is geared around. Can we get a good three? Can we get an open? Three are the slashing The staff and I and II when you watch again from the eighties. Now it almost as enjoyed it the same sport, it really desert. You watch view at sight. The Philadelphia Boston. Nineteen, eighty one eastern finals- and it's like it- it feels like Vincent May, created this crazy physical sport retract as vetoes funny about last night, with boss, malarkey leg cause Stevens is a genius. As you know, he does We bow old school and starts. I need them. Download Monroe, Orford and really try to take advantage of is lack of size and it works, and how much is going well is there a place for their. So when we talk about guys like oh, I like that, most argument is: oh yeah shackles, now how? Where would you plan? How could you Eve Jesse just get shooters
They shoot him off the far right. Now it's actually movie the apple sit Jack would do whatever the fuck. He wanted I don't know, there's some guys from the, but I've talked about this before pads, but there's some guys in the past that actually think would have been better off in this area and then other guys, who are probably in in the right. Air like somebody like Robinson, would have been ludicrous. They eat nineteen. Eighty two David Robinson and put him now and this site the way Basque was played. Oh my god, you're crazy woman right Shack where men on average forty eight point the game we do a coward. It's like blockade of stop Shack with John Hansen. They get after you, ve monitored the ad respectful corner for us for a long time- and I wondering we'll run they six days in. Is there anything you ve seen more disrespectful, the then air, but so
pretending that he'd know a terrier. Rogers name was after he got his aspect better. As your lesson, I think I think that now will be. You can't be the guy, the disciple guy, when you're the one that's a good point right now, you're right it comes back where I think the most difficult thing we ve Dana play. Our part is re, calling Kelly. You re a bomb in the middle of a game and happened during a with his game. I joined the court training course died in Toronto, as usual stands up very clearly in Kelly. The Iraqi dreaded by just call them a bomb. He describes. Barbara was fantastic yeah. Well, all right, but we haven't had like the women had like the ridiculous dunker black, yet drew out at a really good dog last stand. But it wasn't a hundred percent over somebody, but he had this great left, the in traffic slam in the first quarter, but I still feel right eye
number one can if we had to rank like coups most like good, have the disrespectful dunk moment in one I would say, Davis cause Davis just seems like his intent on ducking on everybody at all times and is just waiting for his victim sky legacy. RO right, using the thing I liked about about the drew holiday dont. Let me is he really dont Unburthen right yeah. Ok, though that was a Anthony David tried to dunk before then he was near the ribbon and distorted, shut off and realizing it might have blocked the shattered Bob abolish the joke. You got that and then Davis banded due to a true and is like you could call them back up a reinforcement stop this guy and then buck and rightly been wonderful. Ah I drew I do. I just think he's been a revelation. I honestly I tweeted
last night I didn't know you had this in him. I knew he'd trouble staying on the court, I knew upside. He seemed like one those guys that when playing is above average but has some durability issues and can go little function and stuff, but once they moved to the off guard, basically with Rondeau saw something. Happen in this year that the ferocity that he was playing with last night, the thing liked. Was human Rhonda really generally seem to believe that they were better than Portland backward? You know They were carrying themselves more confidently differently, like really taken it to those guys and fighting for everything. And now I think Portal is in a world of trouble where you take a break and but action movies, with Google This then you can complete. Over a million actions on your phone in your car around ass, for instance, he Google book me a table for food, majordomo, sounds good. Let's make
reservation with open table for for people at Majordomo. Well, you better go. And I Google says the right now- I had the chance because it is getting linked up with anything and everything I felt in a couple years you're, just gonna be walking into an atm going Hague, although he could take money up. Hey, hey, Google! We feed me it's gonna, be all over the place. It's going to be attached to your car, Lord, only those with After the Google system. It's really great its awesome. It will answer. Any question have attacked with time and as whether what everyone download the Google assistant right now back to shit, we're back the only person, so just some background for the whispers I love. I love renting. All moving especially action movies and thrillers especially like when I see likely they sit on a train I'm just in. I don't need to know anything more to see the trailer
he's concern that, like that's it I don't need, say trailer the only say now, who probably loves these movies more than I do a French S right now and we thought we thought we would Oh over basic the last two years of action movies because look there's a lot of people, like us, she has three kids. I have to have three dogs we're home debates were looking for stuff. We look for stuff to watch. We Jane. I both treasure the eleven to one, a M air our when every bit, as you say that It stated that one last bad movie that maybe our wife does want to watch and weeds have a lot of opinions on stuff. So what we thought we would do is we're gonna play a game that I basically like the prices right crossed with on demand where save movies words like John we too, as I demand an there's like this too weak.
No before it goes on. The actual you can just paper view afforded hours were, Amazon will have an apple and I'll make you pay the full price there. A test you they stared they play gave a chicken like. Do you run away? two weeks for this too just become available for five than denied or do it's so badly. You gonna hafta have it right now for one thousand four hundred and ninety nine or one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine, when they really show how many times do you fall victim to. That ok, sir. There I buy you like the the computer was on. I stood in the theater. They He said I m apple at Amazon, all that stuff and their decide on me with it there, like you know you on it. You'd know you wanna, you know you don't want to wait for two weeks, a bigger say: it took me two seconds to order a sore. It is worrying to go through some of these action movies. This is a combination reckon nations slash what we were of paid, how high the price could have gone before we blinked, which,
This is a really should game for it since January to if that's Amazon. I I dont know what my blood price, what a ban, but it would have been troubled digits right, it would have been added maybe a hundred hundred ten. What would have been for you? I get forty nine forty nine atlantica, now Let me ask you this John, why three is coming out it's coming out in the theater but It aside we're going to demand this too and its ninety nine. Ninety nine new release, John with three get this in Ass remain of the leave your house, you watch it with with that both your boy,
When we want to do what we won't you pay ya would I could hit ninety nine ninety nine programme, which will be regularly be not only a forty nine nineteen I profoundly do, is because you can watch some of this being done. You too, but they're always better and content yeah. You want to watch the subway shoot out with him in common when they had the silent Thurston had gone at each other on the watch on Youtube on a Tuesday morning, but have you watch all the way up into issues better Four thousand nine hundred and ninety nine John Wick, two nine thousand nine hundred and ninety nine John Wick Three, I think comments career, has been really funny. On the one hand he's in January to- and he has like one of the great stretches in recent action movie- history with chaotic, really great, really tat the sun. Stuff comrade over after piano commits, is the way to yourself the bathtub, though the little game they play,
now that night club shooting each other than the subway other stuff, it's otherworldly, but yet, at the same time, he's the guy, who is reinvented himself in a word, shows as said Saturday live. Cod live like the like the of here of up we're here These socially aware, like kind of pseudo hip, hop things that he does, that he's made it clear that too, but at the same time, is of the subway tried to shoot. John Wick additive let's go another comment: I've kind of a joy. It, though, is claiming the latter quarters the good thing about comet you're gonna, get that fight financed with John wait when they end up less than through the little one of the best biting the last ten years in a movie up behind it. Getting that war you're getting a bug in a spoken word form about civil rights I wanted to thank the other half its signatories to lanes right now, the tanuki, let's start with the computer. I you know, I probably would have
not knowing anything. I probably would have gone into the thirty to arrange range for this on a Friday, desperate it. It may be. Realize I kind of heavily indecencies and tickets. I was talking about season tickets for her sake, the seas it take. A representatives car, maybe like hello, you'd leave decencies tickets are up in April. Would you like to reiterate that? Yes, we start discharge. Mad cow, I dont know How much longer he has, though, because I think he's like secretly, sixty secretly six thousand know how long he can keep doing fine scenes or how long that's gonna age, I did not love the computer. I didn't It is very good, and yet I love that, because I love are terrible action movies, I If it is solid, eight out of ten
No, it's probably means and what you thought of its meaning. I feel the same way that the good call on his eight mentioned, that in the movie, when they get fired like an extinct years of age, he's got the box, it actually sixty five in real life, so they did a good job there of do those super quick cut down. They move Cameron, vibrate camera to make everything seem a little more violent, but as far as the community go that put Leah Mason on any form of transportation, yeah, I'm gonna watch it. I will pay. I will get ended a thirty out, three thousand four hundred and ninety nine, the West, if I'd not seen it in the movies. Already right, I will say on the subject of Liam Neeson I think taken two is through the cracks, a history, I am a complete believe. I take it too. I think it's really good. I think in in some ways it's better than taken one. I know
in some ways, I'm not saying it's better as it has really good stretches. It really like away when he, when his daughter she's trying locate him because then they said he closed his eyes and a car after this is big kidnapped. Remember all the sounds of work to do to being held hostage and then can tell his daughter. They go to the bell, go if you You heard the noise take a left and then she was there. His daughter, whose completely terrified and useless in it taken word is now jumping buildings like been diesel and take container hutus from building build a debate to go faster. I really enjoyed its dumber and more ridiculous. That taken when taken one is just great from start. To finish. Take Two is more like can a canopy, but I really like them. I think that's a great, though to combat that is really you're not assign taken too.
I don't like it a whole bunch now tell me why, when the first, what happened? I need for it to be, at least, if you're gonna prodigious over the serious movie. I need for it to be at least a little bit believable I can get behind a daughter goes to Europe and should give kidnapped in now. Yet it'll get her back but like it happened again and then get like it at some point you got you know they're. Just when I got out anymore trips, we're going to hang out of the house and we're not gonna be kidnapped anymore. I just couldn't get there with the author. I think that's the one when he jumps offence.
We're like ten minutes drink. It has been spent. Put him up again, taken taken. Three is bad. You know the fun thing to talk about. I was talking about this, but my wife, we're watching run all night, which is another Leah, Mason action believed by heart, when I think is easily amazing a good, bad or a bad bad, because all of his kids terrible should evolve into them, and I don't know it's hard to talk of figure out. If you can get better about that yeah. You know the first of our great question. I love love. How taken taking with this? I would say a loving dad but kind of an that should be ruled out that, and I do think this
point. Does it get bad enough? I think taken is one of the best Father daughter movies, that ever happened to you you're, not you! You have our sons you'd. I can understand, there's lessons with dot with their swear. If you don't listen- to your dad. And if you tell him a white lie, you might get kidnapped and potentially gets and into prostitution and your hand, I forget, ruined if you like, your father, That's really the lesson that baby. Don't my dear father, he goes to France? Yes, she tells him like. We're staying with our friends and we're gonna you that, but now he is she's basically staying in this are crazy place. We just heard Fred. There like seventeen insane and that's she deserve to get kidnap, but I do think we all learn valuable lesson about telling the truth your father shot collar. We both loved I shall collar and alone at the moment, I I I typical, say you know typical sixty nine seventy nine, but if I could take
knowledge I have now and go backwards and with the right level of you have the sea, this movie measly I'm drift into the thirty nine forty nine ranch right Eighty- I repay- I- would pay up to forty dollars- could watch it right now like them. I would get off the phone with you to the watch on right now before it out and out handling a forty dollars. That's it it's an unbelievable movie like they just stripped away everything with thing. I think I'm gonna like so much bunch. I thought they made shot collar, feel like you're, in a prison cell for the whole body, like there's no extra stuff them again to the things that are happening years, whether happening and you think you know everything in what way. Why is he putting this? Why did you have this chapter think why they do this in all together the anything at all, but I had no idea what would have been all that unbelievable. Jamie ladders. There were their career career performance, gave Jamie Lancaster from Game of France,
didn't know you had a shit. He really it's a top three prison move at or no. This is probably another podcast but in blood and blood out- is that a recount that as a prison movie here is a bigger than a prism movement number one. Because I would say if we broke down prison seeds, verses non prison scenes. It's probably about the five percent of the movie they go to make up the star of them will be read. He spent a lot of his time. It's probably closer to forty five percent. Again see the latter them a lot of the wizards out there don't know what we're talking about, because I haven't even told you this. I am to deal with all the cable companies when we hired you for Grantline four years ago to never show blood and blood out again, because I wanted you to be productive. I told them to sit back Showtime Booby channel deity of amounts like
you can ever show this movie again? I think she has a chance to have a really great career. This: is an age be or two at eleven at night we just lose him is that right, you think I'd so kidnap. You see this one with Haileybury berry, aren't you drive a car real bad? I did not speak out when I only watched the trailer divide, you watch now that I watched I saw twice I my daughter now at a soccer tournament, and we had like for five hours to kill between games and went back to the hotel and it was available hotel, and it was sixteen ninety nine. Tell high for this. I know for a fact. That's my praise. I love are kidnapped. Movies. I've said this a million times, but if there was a prison channel, a kidnap channel and a heist chain If Cinema axis created,
As for those three genres, I'd be ironed out, o is checked to see what was that Napa, salad, solid, it's got how Halle just her son taken she's gotta get up, she's gonna do whatever it takes and as a pair put you in that situation. This is what I really joy of how far would I go well I. What would I do in this situation? See you get the kind of transfer it so well so it's answered goods for ninety nine because this has been available for you never bought it for ninety nine for this one, but mostly because I didn't know it without I've ever seen a big poster at the bodies and then it was gone and then I didn't know now anything. How far would you go if you're walking down the street you kid? What? Yet your son and a car pulled up grab them when he turned and takes off. Do you just like right that went off yeah I'll do it I'll go all out of still somebody's car. That's where my that's all my life
driving schools would have to just come into play in society. I get a car just getting just go to work. I think harder than you might think. I give anyway it's not like that you're, not if the door's locked would it is the door at the doors. Never lacked a good. No every car could just the card are opened. Open. Super easy, I think tat. I think parents have superhuman strength with that when their kids, you know like I'd. Never aid had two small kids and it's easy. When you have kids you confront up in the air and catch suddenly become like Randy MOSS like there's, never those very poorly drafted. You could live cars off that you could do all these things. I do feel like
situation. You would develop these me in these entail skills. Did you see primary? Ah, my watch, maybe like the first thirty minute and that's where I am right now and it's not that of a big to Roger Ban. I wanted to make sure to watch that one and so far so good at one of those wondering you don't just sit down and get all the way immersed in the background of a booby. But if you like, the rising payments legally empty figure, driving, but that will be on account of the weather. So well, how would you go for this for ninety nine six, then I would do to twelve ninety nine Brown Mary. Is it really been at it where she got it right now is a great thing where she lay where she's doing a job with a sort of the Jews were his driving the car going to shoot out women a card should not the window it it's fun to watch. You
probably at about ten ninety nine. I don't think I would be at sixty nine for Thou and I did like her and that movie there's a whole other genre like the from hell genres come back of which started. That. Can the rocks the cradle and those movies right, the nanny from how and then the neighbour from how in the tenant from Hell, and edges goes on, and now it's come back and she made one were address Alba shows up at her house causes. It's raining, and then you see that one in there in his car had trouble, but he's really a bad guy needs that one, pray to get in and then they made another is kind of a similar version of some kind of premises. Sarah Dawson and some do I don't know, and then Catherine had or she's the no ma am of the step daughter and she stopped yet more? Moreover, that once gets you. I like those movies when somebody kind of loses their mind and yet the fatal traction premise, basically the account it with Ben Athletic
You don't have a complicated relator have with the account, because my brain is telling me that I hate it, but probably seen it twenty one times. I every time limited agenda than a thunder. I have to look at it broadly bit and I don't know why I I don't know what I'd really like been out like that, much utterly like the without much but I gotta watch it knowing now it's available on cable soon have to pay anything. I think I were I would have. This is sixteen ninety diner. For me, what century but the account and is it gets better as it goes along in the last half hours really good, which makes it for HBO setbacks purposes like I like a good one cause you can kind of jumping at the right time and really get a nice forty minutes out of it like what his brother shows up and all that stuff here, yet
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for a while and starting somebody that I like- and so I would guess by I said before nine denied, because I haven't pulled the trigger yet and- and I think it is for that- and I bet it's a movie Joe Braven stars, I'm sorry. It's got brave in and it hours, Jason Mama, who is the guy, Mary Khaleesi in season. One of again the threads it says it starts him as a character Joe braving, and it's kind of like that. Then cigar he's a good guy, but something cross than something happened. Now he's gotta kill some people it. Early nineties cigar found plot. Have you seen Joe Raven. I have not seen a brave and I didn't even knowing that those were right now, I'm not automatic event, that's real, because that down like a ridiculous I did think about that when I was taxi you last night with movies, I was gonna, make up a fake movie and safe. You believed there was real, but I do want to do that. But if I did I
what about graven Starry Jason Bobo's, Joe Braided. I my Jason Mama believer that he was good in that one side alone, movie theater Why don't you come back actually movie? I liked him in that. I, like I'm, like but the brave and right now it may take a guess what remained at the box office and you won't get within ten million dollars. Really. I were. I would guess I three billion dollars and make two hundred dollars a day. So the its primary straight straight to video. Do my guess, you know what I'm gonna watch brave in you. Brave in and then then will compare notes sleepless with Jamie FACTS, this one came on and I would have gone afforded. I denied for so I was afraid it. I remember the weekend. I had nothing to watch
daughter had an early sack again. The next day really do have a lot of options of their frightened. I Jamie fact sleepers. I was in the review is one great I don't know why I loved I really enjoyed it. I thought it was good like J B faxes were is I would say, is one of my favorite actors, but I think when
You know he's in the re movie. I just like my joy, and I like this. One came in fact was one of those actors who can turn what should have been a bad movie into a fund movies like yeah, binding law branded and should have been awful, but Jane is rich in it are abundant till I thought I thought the same thing going to sleep with. I saw the trailer we got Jamie Foxes, probably a crooked cop. You got drink plan ended in the background of the trailer like this is our men. You bet you ve got all the things. I need an movie and I just couldn't. I couldn't get there with it. It just wasn't that much wonder. Watch when funny the wooden cool it wasn't there we're gonna get a gigantic action feet just felt like I felt,
They came up with the name and the star, and then they try to do what I want to show up and nothing will happen, and it didn't happen. Oh I like, when they do now movies when they come up with the title in the star than they forget. The premises I left out. I am probably biased. That's cause it set in LAS Vegas, and I I get a rational and when action movies are in LAS Vegas, I like action motors in LAS Vegas. What was the one I think Nick of time was that the one with the boxing no not next time, both oh ass naked. As Nicholas Cages at the boxing. We agree that trade in Vegas and got out a Vegas. I get you right about Jamie fast, though, where he all that movie needed was a couple wisecrack and jokes and it would have more Jamie foxes, but he'll do this, like you, do this a Mammy vice to where he D become serious, Jamie Fox, I dont
No, why there is a serious Jamie Fox like he should just be everything in the movie. You know I like There are there needed there out and let us do all that- and I understand drama Jamie backed by great Charles David Young, yet it or even showgirls Jamie bought. Dream grub geographic showgirl shaven is, I would say that island I think you I liked it more than but I think we agree on one thing this move you had had a rather potentially a real possibility component turn it doesn't. I saw the one time allows. Data kept my interest, I would never I should again- and I think that that was the missed opportunity like if they had done this. You know, I mean it's not fair. To compare these two movies cause Day day had totally different goals, but I think
The state is the loss, great Wilma will Psmith movie. It never gets measures when people talk about like the great wall, Psmith Run, and it's really good and it still kind of holds up and it still in that area, whether people risk scared of the internet and they just thought the internet was gonna, get to this place where these little satellites in the sky would be able to find out exactly where were you weren't our time and all that stuff now attend The internet is just the place where yours Siberia places just sell your information to heed of other countries, you can walk around with that satellites, falling Philip but enemy. They states great and very watchful and sleepless. I would say, I did not see American made with Tom Cruise. Did you see this, of course,
allowing here- and I wish I was surprised at how not bad it was better than the glade, but be terrible, but would also not good. They do this weird, like the whole device of the movie of Heath reporting the confessional, so every ten minutes to stop and they could- and he then oh tell room and the editing up to finally give the hotel room and those sort of stories are usually a good timely. Would you follow a guy who start out at a little tiny being any become very important there like a big drug cartel thing yeah? But it's just I don't. I felt like eating lean into it quite enough. He wouldn't come true enough. He was trying to be somebody out their work. So what's your price we walked out when one might well now too to watch it originally. Would you do
What's a richly I they are paid out whenever the movie price was thinkin. Ninety nine for my RPF ticket and Yoni for ninety nine percent nachos. So I know for a fact that my prices zero, because I was on an airplane with this movie for free and made it ten minutes and didn't really care, and I just think Tom I e was too old, for part I dont, like Tom Cruise pretending he's like a thirty six year old guy when he's in his bed, Jeffreys thou. It's like come on Tom Cruise you're you're, not young anywhere, the mountain. The mountain between the mountain between us address? Album and Kate wins. Let out a mountain starts out. The great plane crash then their trap, that a mountain which I usually enjoy, I always like when they ve gotta figure. They get down somebody's heard the pilots dead it's over good wrinkle when there's a dog- and in this case there was that the pilots dog they are worried about the dog
there's always coyotes or bears, or some sort of animal that they're gonna have to fight with. At some point, there is over If somebody gives up and then somebody rubs here, the person back again and then I'll, let's go. Oh there's a cabin. What sad? Oh my god! It's us cabin in the middle of nowhere there's tonnes of food. While we lucked out- and I like I- like all the bits of that this one- which I think I did pay forty nine and ninety nine for It's too that it also has a love story and They never really made a choice between action, verses, love story and, The ensuing mass is kind of a mess. It has some moments, but ultimately I would not reckon and this I put this where I live glad there haven't seen. I would wait until it's on regular cable That letter
I like if you want to watch a movie, that's like this. They watched the edge, but opening up in almost the same exact movie minded there's another love angle ban it, but not between Anthony Open, annulling Baldwin, but it's all tied up in a definite the edges, but I want to make it known that if I'm ever in one of these situations of me in your on a plane flying the crash of the mountain, and you hurt your leg, accusing who know about young thing: how do the Santayana building up a flat and pulling anybody down yet like the lovely leg, listen the feeling is mutually video is well worth What did workers Eddie? Certainly injury, move, I you know that's imitators I've that person's get it that keep going yeah yeah, I know the edges, well guide! You brought that up. I think it's it
unbelievably underrated, so great about when the guy miles in the wheelchairs in it to get from lost that guy, and I are its Harold, Harold, Harold Pair now and then I think it's the best. One of those I also have a complicated relationship with the gray, which I thought was. Kind of over the top. When I saw it, I think I think we saw it with Let me in some of the great lumpy point over exists by next autumn. We watched and all of us are cut. Ok. It was, but now, on cable. I kind of enjoy it yeah a better What they're gone for now, I think of it. I thought it was. I take it on a mountain when we went and it's not it's it's a little more thoughtful. It's good, though, Some good day, I would watch that one. I would pay sixty nine, the great yeah If you knew
If you knew, then, if you knew then wait, you know now. I agree with a couple more the foreigner where'd, you figure tell me about the poor, and how did you feel you didn't see it yet right, but I watched a couple of the seas and I haven't paid for it yet, but I would buy and do so you're prices zero. I paid, I did the fourteen ninety nine There is a great explosion at the beginning. There is a great explosion. Seen that's really. Are there, some good happy chance of jacket. Chance meant anything to any point of your life, but you'll enjoy it's all alike, in the older aging, Jackie Insight Michael Jordan and the Wizards Jackie chance, but like very sentimental, that a movie out ever watch again, it's a little like sleepless in that respect its more work than then sleepless, but there's that there is not a real components of the total grim I dont relax, I'm like
in the trailer. They have the one b, where the guys like running through the forest, any trips and academic barony, rather than cover them up with, but camouflage blanket robots like yeah thing like that, are always our that thing. I thought up in Washington would you know one of their action will begin next, as somebody catches on fire and they always know how to put it out immediately. I would just be like: oh fire wooden. Not fire around me. That's just be twenty minutes later, covering a story about how I thought I burned new movies coming out. We're gonna end at this. This is great. I mean this is the best version of the game, because you know these. We have The bed in this situation, yet rampage rampage with the rock
I wouldn't you point opening night. I won't opening night I paid. I did my wife I took my three thought: is Iraq and the giant guerrilla ban, whatever price do an hour tickets? Were seventy dollars yod on the big screamed with our be extreme debate, seventy dollars without we paid fifty fifty dollars for snacks. It wasn't good, but I would pay another continent wide alors. Watch it again on the big three great you know, I'm the only moved the only indefensible rock movies Baywatch and he should apologise everybody for that. All the other rack, whereas I joy Baywatch Baywatch, was not a good movie. I locked Lock me down for sixteen. Ninety nine, when this is on Amazon or up I'm ready. Just try to my card now. Deep blue sea too, is apparently happening. What do we know about deep blue sea to anything we know it?
we have the same genetic we enhance sharks, think die, and we know that even though we know there's an evil billy their great and I think the sharks might be even smarter this time around and they were last. I am concerned that the cast is not exactly star studied that is now that this morning I mean there's no Samuel attack that this is not going to make good. There's no way is good. Coming up behind the bag, which is going to be a credible. What movie? I thought, the MAC, you don't see the trailer for the bank, whose remind me Europe, however, the bag, nowhere at whose editor refresh my memory is it safe Is he still? Some areas are apparently yeah Alex Amazing, I'm with you, I'm I'm probably, unlike
where's, like seventy, nine ninety nine for the MAC. Oh yeah easily. Seventy nine and I'm gonna make deep blue sea who is gonna, be one there in the morning on them, We channel like three years from now. I may get sucked enter, I will say, zero dollars. I will say deep, blue sea, the original is it is, in my opinion, a cable classic. On that sure it's a real archibald, I dont know if it has that kind of vaulted whatever but really the policies, really satisfying same Jackson's. That scene is one of the a timer, I didn't know that was coming classics and I love it. I love it every time, three more. Where did you know how to do this? I would start here the equalizer too, with Denzil that's happening MAX. That's ok! I think, like
I'm definitely triple digits. For that there is no question. I don't. I don't yeah my dream as you can only take three hundred dollars out in a day that there were back you yeah, I'm using all three hundred to my dollars to both the eagle eye. The to my dad loves equal either one or the I should just cause you realize that is like for some reason and he loves, and out themselves does want his guys, He really loves equalizer and he ate like made him mad it and do better ass. It did fires Adele it shouldn't done better. It's a great tragedy now. People should like that with that gets agitated embedded equalising two I'd like that. Denzil, I hope he's heading into this phase of his career. Our were were heritage training. Me, I don't know how they would
but I've I'd. I think he should start thinking about it. Maybe it's his brother to inventors, and now this one I'm like a ten out of ten for excitement for this one, Guy scraper, I oh yeah, I love tall. I I get freaked out by tall buildings and heights, I think the original die hard is one of the great ones ever. I never understood why there has been more something bad happened in a skyscraper stuff. She has a fake leg in this apparently I don't like your garlic is a prosthetic leg in this somehow fur regions that are that sure, but that's in play its role. It's, a lot of egg somebody, diving added: window, but somehow catching on to the window, queenly, bang and a lot of that stuff, and or somebody a fight scene where they're getting closer and closer to the window. I can't wait Maxie out made them for the soldiers were
they show the trailer. I've been the trailer on the internet beforehand, but they show the trailer force scraper. Would you go see rampage again, we rather big rpf screen is going to be. The movie will be bad even tell it's gotta be, but have you to be so much fun to watch the shock that they do? They take a lot of advantage of beer of being up that high though the one main came from the trail is when he jumped from that construction rig over to the building tat. They shoulda long version of that in the trailer, and celebrate. It would outweigh the whole now it back now for talented either thing is the technologies is flawless. Now we had a stretcher would see g I'd all that stuff. Where would always found a little off you know, which is right with cliffhanger recite. The loan is so great that was actually pre priests, e g I and whatever they with the start, man and the elements all that stuff. It's a really, I think that's one of them.
Under a reaction mechanism, for I love size, love, but now you have the technology to really do thee, skyscraper in peril and just Adam. I M excited flower, the last one we have it's not fair. To put money on their I'm amateur frame, a load differently. If I told you. I can arrange for you to see John wake three to night, but you would have to live in an eight by ten prison cell for them. Eggs for days afterwards, which now Minimum security. Prison might not like a dangerous that, like that, like dogs, they show, and I may MSNBC been like a white collar prison there be like guy. There might be one back.
Guy there may be one Jamie latest are gone wrong, but I'll be lots of people who tax evasion stuff like that, but you'd be in prison. I gotta go to white people present and I would like to make a focus: its a hooker which, by the way way your move in a maximum security security produce, take somebody I ran away. I know I ve become Oh you gave you mainly find their yoga because they still it seems like you either you have to just Oh somebody right away to lay it down or you have to find protection to now.
Could we be worried about John with three now we should not get up dates somehow turn up the volume I dont like do and it got better and yet you have everybody in the world trying to kill John awaken jointly three every a faster yeah elsewhere. What is actually I made? We went to see John with three together, a man. Women Take it today and wait outside. We should take away with me. You mean, quite rightly, in my view. We have already made progress in the next four, then my feels we go you plug back. Stop we plug your best Bubba quickly. Yes, it's called the book basketball
I'm the one that fella robber Basque about other things by ships or on a Wednesday common on paper back started a paper bag. A paper bag. A Wednesday when it that's right? You're right, they come out any one is a comment in the updated. Whatever money grab. Second version of the same book version, I should have said it all: we did. We we put on all of the remaining copies as they parameter Rocco bombing, but In particular, we didn't move up day. That's wrong. I was really smile air. Only congratulations on that Imagine him like hanging out with the in some answers I built a ruler, join this book pressure on among other things, so great it's a great book. I really like it.
We have my Obama already, we ve gotten Obama oppression. We utterly amazed that impression this was a good package. I think there's plenty downloaded bucket. I'm really proud of Us Shea surround autocracy I thank the Zapruder, don't forget to try them added zip, Gerda COM, such bs. Thanks to hotel tonight. They help you book. Amazing deals a great hotels up two hundred days in advance and tap destinations and up to a week in advance ever us whether you need it. Sweet deal on a nice room for today for the winter beyond, starts growing amazing deals. An incredible thousand download the hotel tonight tonight. Right now, I'll be back later in the week with one more bs Pakistan forget about the ringer and be a shout tonight. There come on right after three laughed at stake.
I think it's been an awesome player so far hope you're enjoying it. I'm going to go, enjoy Boston, see you in a couple days.
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