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Burrow vs. Herbert, Ravens Concerns, Seattle’s Ceiling, and Trump’s Big Meltdown With Mina Kimes and JackO


The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by ESPN's Mina Kimes to discuss rookie QBs Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert, and Tua Tagovailoa; run through Bill's NFL QB tiers; and make some Million-Dollar NFL Picks (2:30) before talking with JackO about the 2020 presidential election and the turbulent vote-counting process following Election Day (1:03:00).

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Coming up on the bill: summits pack aspirants out about the election and we're in, and talk about, weak nine football and best Ricky quarterbacks with many times it's a topsy, turvy podcast kind of like the weak and general saw next. Today's observe the bills him as podcast is presented by Chase introducing chase freedom, flax, the new credit card with new ways to earn cash back on every day categories. You love, you can always earn five percent cash back on travel purchase through chase. It's a great deal, three percent on dining, including take out in three percent at drugstores, plus around five percent cash back. I'm bonus categories like gas stations and department stores, and you can find new ways to earn more cash back like on the things you need for game day. Spokane those Sundays at chase, dotcom, slash the Ringer bonus categories, spending limit supply and you have to activate each quarter. Cards are issued by June.
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Earlier, I guess late last much his famous apparently, who knew now. We know that package is called Rabies house and having listened, go check it out also check out the Abuja draft coverage. We have. The the draft guide has been great cabin oconnor, updated it this week. We ask The Ringer NBA show where we ve been hit, after man, Marcella had Kevin O Connor on his back asked Talkin about everything. So come up many times, and I are going to talk about Ricky Quarterbacks million our backs. whether we trust the Seahawks, whether we dont trust, Buffalo and a whole bunch more then nobody Jacko is gonna command just to talk about The election has been coming on this package for thirteen years fourteen years, always dogma political stuff, so we're endued again. Why not what better way to do it. The nest? That's our common at first, our friends from prone
we are taking this early afternoon Pacific. I mean a kind sincere. You can see here and read her. Yes, I, like some, I retired. Like me, as a writer and Al Qaeda, I do aren't we do these insider panels where we see some retired pre by their young. So if anything happens over the next twelve, whenever from now to when we put the package that don't blame us cause, the covert news issues coming fast appears now this it seems like the first weekend where we might not have multiple games. We don't have to dwell on that too much, but it makes a weird a tape like
You know how they threw matters, they pod do Billy, Dar packs, try to figure out what's going on and end there's so much uncertainty. What's it like to do daily show any is P Edwards. Just that lesser me every day, mercifully its lie, for end of alive is live. My other issues are taped the day. once. It is a problem because like to wear in this on Thursday in tonight's packers Niners in half the Niners cannot play I mean it half were injured. I think they like a million dollars in salary on the IRA, something, but then now both of their, why receivers or kindred born? Maybe he had a pot negatives unclear. So we just didn't really time of day I mean I can't I'm alone but that's what we saw there being vague and like muddling through or some other is action on the Niners. This morning the line went from, I mean yet the land, from seventy six and a half of my group. bag in the nighters re loud and understand that does it puts Nick biology
backup quarterback in They just played four days ago, so I guess the packers don't have any running back so we'll find out what happens that I wanted to talk about Kubi tears first year, I asked you commanded a million dollar picks. It me you ve been red hot on the Lebatard show, but I thought we needed something at the top start election related thinking Everybody has fatigue. John King just turn round staring at the board, explaining how Philadelphia works further hundred thousand tat were attacked, Cubey tears, so this started from this premise. I was trying to figure out if I was going from, went thither the how high Joe borough would be my list right now. If I had to win a play game, in January. How high would your burgo, because I was so I've been so impressed by analyses it, but then last
when they actually black forum for may be the first time in that Crappy Tennessee defence, and he looked like Tom Brady Ito. It is prime and unlike what faster, with more scrambles and is back up back and he looked so get on. My cowhide is this. Guy goes out. First of all, are you is in on, as I am, You did say Tom Brady in his prime, so it sounds like no, but I like him a lot. I looked like that. I wasn't saying he was done I now I liked him come out of college. A lot of little concern is we like had you're samples ice, but I think the same concerned I had and remains a concern. Now. Is that there's a little bit of a ceiling on arms strength? And that's the contrast between him and Herbert who's. This, like sex. The big arm Super athlete manoeuvre athletic like to but her birthday, tools, told you guy and oh boroughs like the high floor guy, but I think we see that the floors pretty high, I think
like watching him. I'm not ready to put him anywhere close to my top to tears of quarterbacks, but she looks like a guy. You can have an annual career at least gone for the next fifteen years. Who would you rather have it sounds? I d rather have Herbert, is also younger. I think you get an extra force for years that basically yeah hurt Kilburn like twenty nine percent. Lastly, and I got into it- is our last dinner last you and even if a life was saying if I was to build, run young one young quarterback, you would be Jobbery ass, like yellow Joe Boroughs the same ages to Watson, basic right and then he said moreover Watson and I'd like gloomy gasket, but probably lean borough just because the ways in which Herbert has been good and he's been really good and that's been far more surprising to me, the borough, by the way like I was not just in her buyer coming out of college and at the wrong about that, but the way
which has been good the big arm playing under pressure kind of like a home, run hitter, that's the stuff that tends to be less consistent and predictive. So if there was a quarterback was more likely to regressed from the first few games based on what we ve seen so far, it would be, and in college be just to Herbert. He is the old school finance, our guns, singer. A little farmers like before far became five and we actually want to Superbowl, but though the early early farmers, this guy's magnetic pussy, I think it's really helped them that every, He plays there's only like one or two other games, so life is like an insane and that we are allies. Those always on I guess I was charges raises whatever, but well you know what I love about him, though there is like he's doing the opposite of bread, far visas like quirky interval Miss Lindon Doc. I M coming out of court. because there's nothing that NFL teams paid more than I guess the kneeling than introvert. Ok like there at all,
where's. The combine we're like I don't know he likes to read books and spend time by himself and then turns out to be big arm, confident sexy quarterback, I fine that combination really intriguing goes is really where air cover the perfect guy, here the chargers an year, basically a tenant in Siberia Stadium you have no foothold, it are in any way, shape or form and allay, and he be a top five guy. You would want to have a legal person your franchise year for going forward if you're just trying to sell tickets injuries, yes and gain excitement for somebody like son who pick them up and fantasy is really got enough about this year and he just like you you're gonna gravitates at the young guys anyway, Herbert's the most fun young guy to gravitative. Sixty yards down field, we're going to cut them on the sidelines. Don't you just feel like it? doubly old every time they show his face on.
for my son. It's like keep what a pity, because there then the same age there, both the seventh grade he ass, he looks like he's sixteen ailing area I looks younger and younger and yeah. I think you're the one who said he looks like he's like to Disney TV show Oh yeah he's like Highschool Musical for burnt brow looks like all that he is old. Buddy also looks all comparatively. I likewise, I think they're both great I love them both as well. I want to make the case for Burma for you, because you're at the Gue floors to her that thing? That's bad amazing to me ass, his demeanor, and I care about that almost as much as any other quality. With a tv like during these games, especially copper, these Bengal games, or you just got the shit out of him yeah and was never maize never seem rattled that red deer in the headlights, always in control. his surroundings and the last two games, especially when against the brown when he was just every time down the fear. There
having item and he's an assassin and, lastly, to I think, there's wherewithal to him that's just different in it out there for right away theirs for about him were Herbert Herbert. Has this well factor that reminds me a lot of fun, where there's I too throws a game. We just like wow holy shit. What was that- and I think it's going to be really fun know, what's it about that, the big question is gonna, be where does to a fit into this, because you know that my son, by did these penny blaster box cards? He had his birthday and this is what he wanted and that as the Herbert Ricky in the two, a rookie hook in the borough, rookie and Clyde, and all the receivers to her. He was excited about. Have I watch to Alaska against the rims granted. First start errand Donalds not ideal, but did not have any other well factor wonder. If, when we
the sea, then it seems like that's why my aim is play and they want to find out of next day games, as you have heard, as he does not he doesn't show it over these next day games. Does that mean doesn't have it or is it just a Ricky well in the that doesn't mean them, thereby move on, because there's been whispers that part of the reason they wanted to claim this year was so they could evaluate him ahead of the twenty twenty one draft, which is insane like that. You have something that never used to happen. Pre Joshua in Kyler, Murray and now moving on from Haskins. After hearing change in it feels I don't I something I would do. I don't think there's enough, though sample size and it's kind of crazy. It feels like such a admitting you're wasting a drastic unless, like Josh Rosen, they got a second for him, which retrospect amazing, bright eye. You that's
It's the rumour now around Miami and it's complicated bill because Billy actually have a good deeds. So they could content in the Irish Sea east, but then they ve, moved away from the high quarterback in rank is Patrick. We all knew of it, we can employ anyway, is due to a to evaluate him in a season. That's not a lost season, so the stakes are really high and weird. They were six hundred and twenty one a week ago which houses down I'll jumped on to win the seized a lame duck game this week for them against Arizona, but you may the key point: their defences, actually logic it and the law. three weeks. I think has been a top five defence. They can rush, they can make plays they. Could they get turnovers, they can defend pretty. Well, I was sorry is it felt like one of those stupid Rams Games where all the sudden they're give me down three with three minutes left, but it never really happened. Miami kind of slam, the door on him and what really jumped out in that game
then they get. Their defense was was to a really didn't do anything. He didn't of that. I am thinking like I don't know what I'm supposed to think. He didn't show me. He didn't show me like this speed to run around like a Kyler Josh balance. By that I didn't wasn't that oppress with his arm strength, honest I bought it seem pretty. Pretty I said some of those throws then screaming where you dont want the flash, but I just gave I gotta go. I did it yeah use more of these arms. More comparable oh and indeed, for the region. The fit when they drafted with him was He is, you know you spread, ball out loud rpf. It made sense, would change gaily kind about rainforest pursuing you think took a potentially do that as well as problems. As you know, is a rookie going up there in the playing behind day, not great offensive line
so I just system reserving judgment on him for now. I think the defence is the best in the division and it's not partition, close right now. Agree, I'm U hours by in the game you disappear. Resin. With you and I'm getting the Rams dolphins game. Last week I was flashing back to the civil war, the Kenneth racy ball, which everybody was incredibly board bike, suffer like football dogs and patriots trans. I guess because Belgium came out with that, like it in the defence of game plan against your Gough and watching Gough, I was flashing back to watch in Gotham that game. When you look totally unprepared for the zero pressures they were sending the simulated stuff, the disguised coverages that was straight up patriots yeah like all right right. Four is. Was there The coach back then, of course, he's good at this. Of course, is defences? Get their built exactly like the patriots they have, it should turn a former patriots. It makes sense that they have a good you
it worries me more or not that the dolphins have the best defence. There have seized and cyclists its honestly not cause they might have the best coach come come on. Don't do this, don't chicks like he's like seventy. How do you like soldier, the coaching staff had suddenly hands? I'm just I'm worried about it. I did say I think, there's some just the first time I got a lower it. I know my dad turn. Seventy! That's when you know he's too mix it at the grandkids names. All that stuff it happens. I wish you had no, people. Kid is an audio format, so people can see the look on your face, which was really that look when someone's about to say something on. First take that they, like probably don't believe, but there are about two like just let it wherever you like. Your light eyes were like flashing, would like demonic, airliner, believes that shall criticising
take the GM totally fair game the season, but come on coach courts. So here's the carrier advice about yesterday scotch about them, but he is there. I think, therefore, as is done dating back to the second half last season, has banned a top for coach. You jump in the NFL, I mean, you think of the turn over the last year. Where there is space leg you don't care about the season get rid everybody. We don't care for your own sake. and then his they. Now taxation submitted try to win these Jacobs name, you see this year and that's why the Arizona match outputs tat a million dollar pigs, but it's two teams on its two teams. I I feel like we'll know more after that game about both right. I'm not sure Arizona showed some stuff defensively. The last couple games, especially their secondary, that is there like a little frisky and the office I think we all agree has some potential as the game breakers them. Miami Dick when the bar there really gonna need to it. It can show
the game, with short passing, which we have seen, do not yet have the sauce of defence, and game could go variety ways, but after the game, I think we'll know about somebody would ever learn about Cuba because we're ass the year. You can really make excuses ram against around with that pass rush. Arizona, contrary to what you saw Hence the model does not have a good pass rehash right. So too, I should have time to accede is offered any began in this game. I would be then I'm out, I would certainly a little bit concerned about him on office could be the choice from his awesome? I would be surprised me less I'll, be fine, all the college football people my life are like. but he is the best college football quarterback. We ve ever seen that, like everybody, the sword Amber had the best season. Two was the most out of college quarter. you ve never seen so everything to settle down. It's going to happen in the press. He then he'd suffered incredibly demand.
He keeps turkey. I and I look and argued friend they damage check isolated and a one v1 match up a rarity in today's and fell number one one, that's huge Maria, the actual yeah yeah, the battle for one one is My favorite quarterback number, so I'm like already predisposed to like both these quarterbacks plus killers korean I I find myself clearly leaning Miami and I'll probably regret it. Maybe it's just too much reasons you biased for after the Rams game in our defence, I didn't have so a coach like to your point about forests. Can we go into the Kyler being korean thing? Cuz? I feel like this has got enough play. I feel, like he's been in the shadow of young way coo for a while here also it is really embraced his inner hon, as we call it, can give yours korean stuff all the time. The green group tech, Simon, are lighting up constantly what a water
here for their korean and allow connection I mean and where coup between the outside cakes and he had a couple weeks where he was like winning fantasy links for people he started. and both of us examine for him, I'm thrilled for Kyler Jim Taylor rafts Knox. and the decision on the rams has been dig for us to rethink of the days when hides word was every. That was the guys that hides word. That was really it are, so we think borough, safest bed to be superstar Herbert most interesting ceiling, I'm saying out of the three and then too, we just have no idea of incomplete no idea. I was eight actually browser to save us better to be a superstar he's the safest bed to be like any fell starter for years. I do quite how you're relay down on him. This is crazy, like seven days they games and if your listing comfortably Sunday. Let's take a break
you'd be I I did Kubi tears. I did ten groupings, I sent it to you Herbert intentionally higher than I had actually hadn't deceived me. If you read the letter, and then be where you re actually be, but the first thing I'm going to say the top tier, which I think is homes worsening Rogers. Now it's questionable whether Roger is on his own. My kind of one beat here whether he belongs on that terror, the homes and that's all other argument, but usually we ve had you know years I would say dating back to the mid through thousands, we ve always had four or five top quarterbacks. Its issue me in two thousand We really only have two and a half penny and you feel about Rogers at this stage of his career? I would say he belongs. I still think it a big game, but it's so clearly. Bombs, Wilson Rogers and then you start talking about her body ass. Is there anybody ass? You did it? Can for that is mad this list
I am now in the harbor thing jumped out to me. First of all, there is so many crazy rankings. Now, let's focus onto your. What no not at the moment, I think the one you're one be point- is probably correct. Based on we're coming off the Green Bay loss to Minnesota. That was more on the defence, which I don't have time to Green Bay game, but that defence is a serious problem, but Rogers, you know, I think he is it not he's playing at a level this year has been really fun to wash, because every game is been a little bit different with him. He's really like operated within the structure of that offence. In a way that feels sustain bull, regardless of whether or not to buy playing around Jones is playing he's not doing The kinds of things that are like ok. This is going to last for a long time.
he's been really accurate, obviously doesn't throaty picks and he looks really comfortable in that particular offence. That said, I dont think he belongs with the homes and Wilson at the moment you are, I think, just playing indifferent sport right now from agri. So really he should be in the chair. Look at many terrible out just by himself. We apparently oh yes, a minute here. Yes, the three areas somewhere things go haywire yeah, I think so I'd say brain eighty problem. He belongs there too. If I'm being honest I would say, I probably could Rodgers and Brady in the next year. I still think with Brady. I think he can look great on a certain week. I still think the right defense could break Louise, I Scott yeah. Here I'm able Brady I think you will unite when we talk about foreign season. I said like his arms fine, the issue with him as the ages has been pressure
showing up this year. In the splits like when you pressure him his, Kubi, armed guards put everything just falls off a cliff, fortunately his playing line a very good sense of line defences are afraid to blitz him, and so he just rare under pressure, but you know like if they and into like a pit spur Gore again Chicago, as we mentioned, is art that many great differences, but you run into a defence and the right day. I can generate pressure without blessing. I rose. It's like you know a full moon. It granted Brady death, Struggles in that situation. Worse, like Mohammed Wilson, do not what s the thing eventually they're gonna play a team in January February. That's gonna. Have a defensive urban me a little bananas with the box where you live this autumn in the regular season. This is great. but I wonder what happens if and then they find
played the wrong came in and it fell apart. So second tier, I guess what our Rogers in the second terror movement, that side Rogers Bree, I put Kyler Marine there for the upside. You think. That's insane, I mean he's passing numbers this year urges knock man, I mean its aim, which is to say, like I think you do have to look at quarterback holistically boy he's had a bad games. and until he can consistently pass into this Lord and intermediate areas in the field of energy? In particular? I don't think he belongs in that year or so had Maria borough and then the MAR as a sub tear guy. Why Loughborough I'm sorry, you're not going up bad of it have. If we have, Rogers Brady as the three and four was five in your mind. Nonetheless, in who you have way down the list has been related,
why then impressed by this year he's really- there are many of us, the I'd I'd he's he's been play really good. Papa he's Risa really the correct, but his team is terrible and its taxes. I don't see the path for them to get better, Like in the world, you can consider that at first and second epics Jack, three I really wanted them to treat. Did you I didn't not just because it wanted it to be ass, Yok necessarily, but, like I e that team, it states oblique its Blake, so you'd have Watson Fifth Avenue just. See you you why I'd Watson largest cause? I just had not been impressed by the text as a general teams, Quebec the team soccer or does the defence up is that that does the difference, it coaching soccer, the whole team sucks cuz our offensive, could argue. He has pretty good weapons and I don't know either
he does. He have like away worse office of line than twenty five other quarterbacks they're not great, and but who does have a good officer? Why there's like five teams? Will it's no coincidence, Sell Baron Rogers, who we talked about and Tom Brady, your entire, to tier two, or to have, I think, amongst the best, the best in Football Mayfield as good since the line, but obviously in dismay filters. have a good friend in ITALY's doesn't matter? I think who do you have in that next year because then I would have its we're moving people around then my third terror be Moreau Mary Burrow in Lamar Merrick as the upside cause. I think I just you can pull drives and games out of this he's a vast this current like he is the scariest going back on its feet in the NFL right now, it's not my keys. I thought you might be too fast
correct ever right like when he turned the corner it's over. So I think that's fair, even though I think you're throwing is concerning at times, and then the MAR. Were you talk about the ravens? I think at some point. So, what's going on right now said the yeah wages they their passing games, been garbage and, as you can see, the better the team, play the more inefficient they see him and at some point we had a one what's going on here, because they have invested a lot of capital running back studies and receivers. They spent for multiple first round packs nice razor money. I mean I actually legal Dave and I believe they ve under invested on their office, and there are suffering now as so I mean you're right up to you know they drafted a running back and I didn't what about how they went round. Now is the first aspect, but he's he's a number two or three. I guess what my point is like be. What I was really hoping the ravens would do would be to go out and trade for a receiver, because by washed out game it seems
clear to me that legal Mars been very bad imported or throwing under pressure this year and allow that is on his right leg. Is that should be, but a bit like defences are king and so hard and work Andrews and at Times Brown there he needs that, like just go to guy and hot rouse. A slot receiver like a tree, Steve Veteran, but he need like Jamieson prouder you need like, is doing Evelyn basically and there's no one on a team playing the role that this year you're going drafted. The drafted of those guys last year who are supposed to be those guys. They just didn't become the gas made at the right way to put it to you, ready to have tried, guys. I just think if in IRAN is the really young also built like maybe that big right day of the second cheapest office in uniform, now so what they ve invested draft capital and I think they needed veterans and that's what they didn't do and also this seems really suffered because of the office of Line losing Marsh and our health and guard now they ve lost rye Stanley. Like that's, that's the problem without offering
this absolves largest seo I got it from a million dollar pig standpoint. We're gonna get to that area is ass. They passed the pointed out Burma that offered by now, which is that, if they are, they could just get through gettin a sea plus they probably take it. At this point there was the two best guys it sucks No, I think you ve got him in the red spot, so I agree so. Where do you? How would you rank big Bang breeze and ran? Matt Ryan's? I would have breeze way down this list, but you know I am as Anti breezes, probably anybody or the platform, the fucking guy the body and the fear that so frustrated a bet against them. Very it's three players per first add its. it three placing at eleven yardstick, camera bales them out. Every five plays, and it's like how you move in the bar, but I was feel like he's gonna. Do it Example a like football escapes the
we were at home some time because every single person washing the saints is screaming. television it keep going to compare the rare you doing really vital to how the guy, and yet you can't stop and then he gets an additional five years after the catch. Part of that is because drew breeze as much as you did you describe as placid earlier other the tour Well, you d adverb care for because, through breeze tat arm, I mean dude of fakes, flag, no joy and beat it. This report, like he has not taken that shot down, feel the guys like just come on any. He looks at you. These moments in the game where I dared cookies, like twelve yards down field, and you re lucky, I mean he's looking and they have a mutual understanding. This is gonna happen. You noticed going to happen, and yet he is still able to move the ball around the fear of because his ball placement is perfect. Ok,
then that's the kind of thing I think escaped. sometimes at home, he still incredibly accurate between in zero and a yards, and it turns out if you are like the most accurate we're back in the world. In that particular rate, you can still have a functioning office now there Been games were that has disappeared, and I I have confidence in them down the road, but dates I got it We can t burn these events and it is it's really difficult to start when you that accurate. It reminds me of the old guy golf game when you Somebody who, like each drive, is thirty five yards behind everybody else, but then near the end. Then it's a chip in one part near like you, gotta par. What just happened in Britain. He's doing that for weeks. Stand I've been Betty against them pretty much every week, they barely part these games. They never cover the next. I dunno screw by had moved what
nothing in command. My good! Let's see we are we didn't yeah, but it still like garbage time. Fantasy, moraine, big big ban is in the red spot. There's he's just at the point of his career. There's three terrible plays again then he's gonna make, and that is where is in his career yeah. Him he's been certain he's like terrible suitable analogies that he's the point guard like he is just executing that thing and they surrounded him with like this awesome group play makers. I guess there is wide receivers might be the best. To bottom later, not high end, but like he's around did by at least be plus it. You know what I mean and so like all he has to do, is get it get about them in space. You getting crazy yards out. You mention Heinz war duty is basically a kind word in their often right now, chief cables monster, like all Ben is doing facilitating- and that's all I ask you you- is it not turn it over you're still worse than you, your worst nightmare?
She thought about more than ten times is year up three in the fourth quarter, against some team in round one around to your favoured by nine you're supposed to win your ear base last six minutes in bed for as the terrible peck and then all of a sudden that other teams going down your like. Oh, my god, arena lose cause that stupid pick benches through. That would be out be so terrified of that if, as they were spent, they don't talk about the next. busy Herbert Josh, our right, our group, I caning almost more than most, I actually think he's been really level really sincere halfway mark last year, but he still has that Ryan Tannehill stink to him that people don't trust them. I these been pretty good a meeting. he has been a really good. I think there is a not unsubstantiated belief that if you take away play action
by the way like half the quarterbacks and yet, if all right now like maker, Mayfield and whatever Jaramillo but get jerk off and get you. But if there's A lot of you ll feel that if you take away play action, not the run game play action, he can't succeeded to drop at closer. I think sometimes occur, sometimes not, but he has been plain the boy Josh out on the edges noticing, I need to see more on that out of that, today. This wasn't afraid him reading for the past week was afraid like that, I put buffaloes money lying in a couple. Parlez and just didn't trust him. He was not get making there and it's like he doesn't have people to throw down. I can often yeah I like has offered so who knows them this extra above Stafford, gaff, cousins, Bridgewater and car
I don't know if the penny and the week like Teddy Bridgewater can look good one week, then you can look like you did last week where you're like, oh, my god, how is this guy starter? Car can look good. Sometimes been good MA am wily by raiders. I I pick them last week because I like that offence, I like what they're doing. and their cars been thrown down field, which is I had on zone, you won't do I'd, have em again this week on a like that game and we'll talk about it s next, as Mayfield Rivers and whence altogether I'm completely atta whence I'm just all out you don't wanna, be her once you bill area as trend Vanessa defence, will the next group would be the fools lock Newton Fitzpatrick Group fits daddy more, they started job, but lack. Maybe could move up a couple groups down the lie that are now kid. He become one.
A really solid, mediocre quarterback. Maybe I think it's probably fair these past upper- various you actually been playing pretty well. I might actually knock him up a few spots, but he's always you know of multi interception can't do it yeah. I get those rivers that last group to a Jones dark then you have after they have Niners Cowboys JAG washed in roulette, whatever is going on in there, but eight it's funny that those two near quarterbacks are probably the two. daddy starters? You would want at least half a year ago, I will say it again, A lot of these quarterbacks are gonna, potentially be on the market, the saucy lucid, and we really fun and spicy, especially these teams move on ahead of the draft like rakers. The chestnut giants are both picking at the top
so who would you take if you weren't? Let's say you are the Steelers and you are looking for Big Bang successor and you're gonna. Take a fire train, a third, would you take Jones or Darnel Donalds I've been Joneses is out of the genes, can make it He's too slapping either you dont changed when your sloppy is acutely like that, the cases the workers on the ground them all in the other you up to this, I see should they had Winston back here. Winston I would put with the Stafford Gulf causes Bridgewater Card group got through for fifty two hundred yards last year, yeah we listen Winston on the day at work and whatever the bare spent imaginable instruments on bears. If I had to find the stores and I'll make, let's go to try to get us
ass, her for sectoral pick, somebody has been in the wrong spot this whole time. I think I would go for whence I think, whence his head. Whatever advice he's getting here, he's like the kid in college is where in the wrong clothes everyday near they hit. Can we talk? talk about some of these outfits when we I just agree, agree with so many decisions. He makes a football player, but I can't just be it can't be him. Ah, no can take that out to him like he will not give up on a boy like you couldn't someone. Could fire a gun on the field and like You know, I don't have it. I was driving at what would a day like Egypt. Is that do it will not throw the football away at its first rank? Is then at least twice again, he drops an absolute die right. Look up into the like outreach hands and forward all boss, Boston, Scott, you like, oh, my god, what did I throw come from, but then on the next play.
he's on the verge of getting SAT and you just won't throw it away, and that turns a horrible could tat tat like just fumble and thirdly, to wash That's the rub on him, the right it wasn't for nobody. Just like I just look at whence almost saga Look at a basketball player who is on the wrong team at the wrong habits. Thinking like what have you got him like a mentor and somebody who could really lay out of the things you're doing wrong verses like a you're gonna, have to take three guys to sack me. I'm never giving up this play no matter. What happens that I met a man, I don't know. I can't give up on it right we're gonna do Millie million we're going to take one more break. This episode is broadly to you by Infiniti make your car buying can be
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games and look at an just for the record did well again last week a mind, our picks we're up five hundred thirty thousand dollars for decision. One. Three hundred ninety a thousand hours last week, and if the giants didn't get that cheap. shouted the end that almost tied the game now would have swept the weak. So here's what I'm looking at first one bears Titans bears, are six applicant underdog they have a terrible office. Twenty seventh outfits debut eight. They have a really good defence, and you could make a case for their efforts they played in these DE camp. Is the Ramsay in the Saint stay the last by weak? So maybe that's. It looks a little worse and worse than you have the tightens the classic good orphans, terrible defence teenagers, cleaned house that all bunch of things there's questions about by grave, or should it should have added defence, a quarter of that stuff and Tennessee place. Indeed, next week,
That means that the look ahead game we just saw a temporary tape, as the states here, they're playing the giants Cloud is game. you just kind of trying to get through it. You don't show anything good, you're doing a trick plays anything crazy, it's kind of one. The game and arises of being closed? I think it's a pretty big game for the bears, cause, they're seasons go and sideways and their though vibe last week was really weird and yet their defences really good, and I like it in the six and a half. Why wouldn't I take the bears here? Get other points so you are right to point out that make fools has played good defences, gray now, they're resurrecting the Mitch true Bisque IE, like the ghost mischievous gives returned in there. I really wasn't there bad. Maybe we shouldn't have broken up with no, no, not what would then he's hurt so
does about insensitive. But my point is the first few weeks Chicago played much easier differences, which is partly why they want the problem with this particular game is like the entire bears off into line might be out their missing. While at sea I bought an overdose, Cody white hair is heard and then yeah couple Kova guys. So that's concern being in wild tendencies. Pass rush has been left for dead. It feels like just from watching titans when you wash you see. I know this is the classic today, your clothing, but he's so close to having a big game. I ain't always that, and so you member last year in that minors game when ever was a colleague in countries like the best popular and earth is this one of those Gators a CUP tea house has a couple of games and I feel like this might be one of them. I really don't like Jeffrey Simmons, who are these very good against that interior of that bears line?
on the other side of the ball? While I love the bears, the events and the really good and you're one of the best forests for Fibre Stevenson, the NFL, there are a couple of things they struggle with. What is stopping the run? Robin has been better, but I was not surprised to see the rams run on them with some success and the other is in play action when you look at their splits versus play, action versus non play action. It goes from top five and EPA play to twenty, worse. So what are the two things? The titans are very good at random football in play. Actions that makes me nervous about this matter were you throw it if the offensive line. This is what sucks about in this on Thursday, at a sick of it, staff re well, it's like who knows they, but they might actually have sixty percent of our festival are, they might be completely decimated and yet the thing that would worry me if they didn't have enough. That's a lion was even if the titans went up to three the game's over his hour. The bears
The Baltic barely with body raise the matter at Seville will hold off. We will come back to this. near the end, but you're right, the covert they makes its use Gary next line on that scared of yours. you're, Seahawks, minus three against Buffalo I I studied this game intently, because I was my favorite team, I somehow bet Buffaloes Buddy Lanka's. I thought my team had packed in they did they didn't have Gilmore, they didn't have Duggar, but no actually ran the ball right down the throats of low yeah, and I wanna played wealth came, was we get Damien Harris is maybe the best guy in the team liar is the Buffalo Randy Fence just that was so that is relevant here yeah, but we knew buffaloes defence or the stats for target were basically indicating. This seems disappointing that can't sap anyone and third down there are these markers and then the paths who are basically like we're not for the bomb or that seven yards down here
and we're gonna run the bar replay and buffers We do so Russell Wilson, my guy my and bargaining or better to EAST Timor. Back we're back there you by your own rose you're, the emu. Would dive Chuck, followed this journey closely, they'll annually from hustle and bustle in love much the way you're. Now, in love with borough, you were in love with the young Russell. Then you got that who a little you you did. You did the town the tones aims, but now it sounds like you're all the way back in we had the now we battled in a super bowl and after that its gets what they say. We had to wear through it every relationship as proverbs he passed for me. He took the matter from Rogers of Guy, I'm just ever Betty again I have a bet against Seattle and I don't know a year and a half. It won't be happening time soon. I love the spot for them, because their defense go talk about other defense lip last week
So they looks really good for three course against Jimmy grapple. Oh they were actually that was the most Jimmy grapples been pressured in his career. Hence the sea acts. Were I blessing him at times. Bobby Wagner was a monster monster in that game. Things Barbara Jeanette Mullins play some pre van. They got big game was over there so this week, big Jamal Adams back and they add Carlos Dunlap Course much needed to that pass rush, which makes me much more up. Mr Corbett. I think this is a different. I don't, I don't think they're going to be one of the better defences Nina fell, but because the Seahawks Office is such a buzz, I think all the Stevens has to be is average. I think they have that capacity, especially against a buffalo. Often sets really really regressed from the first four weeks season before looks like the rapid change this year. Look, I got everybody excited you now, the rabbit in the in the race to gather gets out.
really early on everybody and then by the halfway through the races. Seventh, I didn't It was originally did Josh Ellen envy, car was rampant, ramping up my network was so here's what you got. You have Although this week a buffalo here, LOS Angeles against the Rams next week, Poem Arizona on a Thursday revenge which is the week before Thanksgiving, and then it gets super easy Philly. The two New York Times at washed in home for the Rams at San Francisco that by that time, they're probably everybody in the team will be injured by that game. So you would his Buffalo game, theirs run the slate potential for a guy rest for my best friend Russia, Wilson. This I sleep. It's I don't know if you know this about me, but I am, I often pick against to see hawks as an emotional hedge. That way
Don't you ever do this with the past, but it like you did last. We win, it did you in, and so you get out some validation, because at least you're right, even if you feel bombed I'd so last week, I picked it up yeah I'll, even though I thought they would win. I think you're safe this week, and I personally, I dont woozy. What I'll do, but I feel good about them against this, very surprisingly, bad Buffalo defence the all time emotional hedge was trump when he was like plus when eighty heading four, election, that it was, I get the karma rose. You just can't do it, but I loved the Seahawks pick back and it's actually really one of like three games that I really like, but to good our friends, bad defence teams, but the Seahawks defences training up. I'm not was the events. Because the offence really stakes and worsen, should write them up. You have the best receiver of our time. Decay MECCA that the generous to point out- and I think this is right freely. I,
this is what was on the same guy. He said ass. He Africa, I think, there's blood potential, I understand why the lions three. That's the only reason that I'm scared, I felt this line should be seahawks by four. I don't think I feel banners. I think any is less of a home feeling. There is still some respect for the Buffalo offensive, the first four weeks. has wild Josh. Ireland has come back to earth is still a really good group of receivers. Good coordinator, fair in any way they played, you guys were New England, like a lot of that was by design I think, brine deal with things are really good off its Grenada realise that doing like seriously could not have the right, in that game, just leaned on it pretty hard drownded nothin throwing a deeper last few weeks with any success. So that's the Seahawks weakness. Is they ve given up explosive place? Leave again demise backs was the other effects things, but unless you can do that, I can't see them keeping up with Russell
ex game. Bucs, saints boxer, minus four and a half which I don't like. boxer, two two hundred and thirty two win the game which gives us parlay potential with them. So he hears the case briefly. We don't need to spend a ton of time in this. I don't think the saints are very good. I did the Bucs defense, regardless of what happened the giants last week. I think that is the classic look ahead. There was the classic look ahead next week. I want a judge that giants game for anything more than what it was, which was there playing a shitty team in whatever the saints beat them The box, when this game there, you know in the division of day when this game, I think you're, several Antonio Brown or but but little ran over the offence. How long ass, I do nobody's out, there's could get, and I think that I just think they're better. I don't think breeze is good enough to beat their defence from what I've seen from the bucks defence. So
I like the money, landmark minus two thirty I wanna get created with it. But what do you think of this game? I think the blacks when pretty early, I think, because there was some meaningful take place from the giants game you saw on the box office how badly they need either Chris Godwin or Antonio Brown. They will have that in this game. They also There's some really we're play calling on the part of areas left wish like they weren't calling action until the second half they kept running on first down was like really infuriating they weren't hitting Gronk at all. The saints are uniquely terrible at defending tight ends. So I'm a little change in this game. And then on the other side of the wall. I think the best of the best of the best one of three best evinces Indiana fell. Agree. You saw, however, that you can be. Deep Dale Jones had dude already dismiss them, but to be scattered it? So I don't see that being an issue in this game.
these are apparent backers. Do their sole fats, Laplante David Demmed White are maybe the fastest line backers in the end of all right now and If there's any one, you can stop. You know the time it earlier like outcome, as you know, is doing the ball. It's these two, it's it's the perfect is or parlay, but I am also encouraged by the foreign half its say. I was caught at the vague zone when its foreign have five or five in Africa's Vegas. I guy are we threaten and its foreign half, which means even biggest as little confused, but I just wanted to censor good uprights or market now and that too for that I like not quite as much as those last to the court's plus two. against the raven. So these are two top five teams. Davy away, we talked about the ravens off line has been. She- and I like that. The courts are getting points. I guess the one and a half now I should say I am still waiting for the Jonathan Tower Break out- came to know what happens the thing that worries me Betty again spots on Mars.
They fell. Rivers, I just don't treadstone period, that's my hesitation, so the courts are kind of like what the bears could have been I think, like really good defence, just inefficient efficient, often said you know, isn't super, at sea. I out they re really highly in just any measure, but can move, bowed down, filled a really bad running the biologists confusing, because that of its wine like were so monstrous last year, but the good big score, unlike the bears they can actually score. The problem is Baltimore. Stevens is real good and like they did it I think there's been a lot of over reactions to the region, Steelers game, because yes, the rain and should work.
again, the leader of the ninety seven two hours into the game. Glasgow Lamar turned the ball over it and simple as that for time right. That defence, and also like yours, made some interesting adjustments against that defence, but I think they are incredibly physical, opportunistic they ve got like the ball. Hawking is secondary and how they go up against the quarterback, who wants to have a multi her gay, like that, is, as you correctly point at which it is in him at any moment, going to come out and if you're going to make an office or permit defence that would bring out of him. it would be Baltimore endemically really nervous. Well, it's it's! ravens by one and a half, so one possibility is teasing them to four and a half, and just it's either a close gamer, the ravens win and better. that's so rivers isn't gonna, beat them by five or more. I that's not gonna. I don't think that's what I'd only cover receipts them by
You know the other thing we left out t why Helen they'd always happened since I call away in my son birthday too. I hope and getting hurt are the three necessities of late October he's hurt his miss in practice. She's got the red flag Next emmon fantasy. This happens every I dont really love their receivers, and I just me the right. Maybe this is the ravens came so yeah, so maybe we team those together, ok, last one, why She turned minus two and a half against any Jones in the giants washed and forth in defensive dvd. I so this would be a pure. I am picking hate this game, the washed in defence, to do their job, how far ahead? If there's one quarterback, football loves to turning over as much as Danny Dimes its Kyle out, and I I I was
I was really impressed with giants defence against the box. I'd mouthing turn out like a top half defence, but the secondary school genes, bribery is really good drivers, please rule on this. Just hey ass game! I usually both escorted bicycle. Turning over bunch, think about note off. Take a note. Get it right away from me: we're gonna, longshot, parlay the weak. So a lot of candidates? This week I like to team two of them together. We ve hit this three times and should have hit it more. We had a bad luck, so the candidates are the JAG surplus to twenty five to beat the Broncos the reason that line is so high as cares who are they starting our guy Jake Luton, Jacob I might say that he can name wrong Luton maiden so that adoption of the bears post affording the titans. We talked about other reasons, maybe that through that either
Panthers two plus four hundred against the chiefs. The kind of game in the red likes to blow once a year now anyway, why? These guys, Meda. Let's be honest, if a does, but I dont think you see, I think they'll shred them. I think the teacher them you have the jets plus two seventy against the Patriots team that basically had their season there last week. Yet the path, I think the pets. I think the bats when the sun prenatally thou art, so you don't like any the launch, a powerless. What was the first in Romania we have, we have dolphins, plus one, seventy five to beat the Cardinal So that's it that's appear to pick kind of like that, one. And then hold them generally and one million one is: are you like them one. What was it again that one's plus two twenty five? So if we do,
I'm trying to see their anybody else that we, like I did yards get there. I have of lions, plus one. Ninety against the Vikings, ok city this one's walking is raise keys covered. Right, so yeah. Right again, Ok. Now I feel good about the doll I don't know, but you did one more cowboys plus six, forty against the stores, ridiculous. We don't know starting is either Cooper Rush or whose the other guy, so we don't have to do a longshot parlor than I mean it. can find the second him he's your money about this, the Jack's, the Jackson, the dolphins are eighty one plus seven. Ninety eight dolphins can win this game. Luton free how about this I'll, just
dear parlay, not just bet the Dauphin straight up, Puss one, seventy five. I am I wrong to think that they can win this on my writing. The hive, the defence and the Rams too much. I would rather bet them plus one. Seventy five than prostrate ass is: if there is, if your black in the dark ages, I went back and when he saw the bears, there's no way, I mean there's no way. I So I'm terrible in like gambling podcast for the beautifully discuss. I really don't. I really think this is a game where the titans defense looks decent. I know what I'm doing you're not going to like it pillars, there's dolphins, plus twelve, forty six, that's where we're going
I hear the millionaire pigs for weak by without from Munich Times we are putting four hundred Kay On the seahawks minus three, we are putting. Four hundred k on a tease of the box, going down two plus one and a half against saints whereby in the ravens, going plus four and a half against the courts on their respect, and then we're doing a little twenty five k actually would go less than twenty cable mugshot parlay, dolphins, one hundred and seventy five with the Panthers four hundred, which would pay one thousand two hundred and forty six, almost twenty five, almost two hundred and fifty thousand dollars a week.
Then we're gonna put a hundred. Can the dolphins plus one seventy five cents? We didn't get two million dollars in in spending the suit, but I'll tell you why I didn't love this week, a mouse on the road, my daughter's soccer term. At any time, I watched again after watch games when she's play soccer. It's a disaster from scaling back on the undoing the smart thing. I like that. I, like that, the way you're thinking I mean a protective measures from from the women who famously brought you there's silly, no way the ravens loose to the titans. I would cut off my own bleep if it happens, if you take these eggs and run with the fox, We can see many times and if I live every day and it s your book So if we turn Lenny his my part, I've still got rid of it. Oh really, which were always invited pedantically is held, is bent on CAM Clark, spin on jeez, just starting right, yeah
thanks thanks for them by even advocate of a dog that kind elixir Glennie really here, Libya. We were three dogs with damned my dog will aim. We caught fish tax because his breast was like fish takes that had been left in the car for three days. Then Jack, see, we call garbage water mouth because it smells like when the waters at the bottom of a garbage barrel and then Olivia. We call diaper diaper breath because it smells like went diapers go in those little things like those little throw away things garbage than you forget the clean them We just have terrible dog breath in our house and it's like an epidemic. We don't know what to do about it. You got like the toothpaste things all that stuff. It's a green elastic yeah, a fish fish was indeed no tadpole as a child named Jesse
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as I just while everybody Jack on we ve, been talk about tax fur since we're in college. We Freshmen Ali Grass root the ribs next to each other. He was ok, I have is like a floating Democrat. I remember where's seniors that was headed toward the bill Clinton. George Bush election Anna In her marriages, argue about tax and in a way that it wasn't as can angry and divisive as it is now and that to say that politics was a friendly place, but you know, I think we all believe in democracy back then and in whatever side, you're on you at least listen to the other side, and there is a given taken and if the other side, one year, bonds your past, but but you respected the process and I think what we ve seen this week with the stop, the president.
done specifically in a vision about the election even before it happened, and then everything is done as few days in. really shitting on all these people in all these different cities and towns. In county is who are counted the ballot sustainably, tonight's, the fight that- and he said there corrupt. is no evidence, he's basically trashing. This process is the foundation of a country that we have again You know I watch that press conference that he gave today and it was his sobering- and it was sad and Anna aegis- like man, the sky, the president, is supposed to be one of the best people we have as well. reasons we did. The reaction was at the american president this week because that's a movie really believe in the institution, a presidency and
the possibility that a president might have greatness. He now and at the end of the pivotal speech in that movie, when he finally is realises that he needs to go at Richard, Dreyfus has been his antagonist that's the guy whether you place Bob Remsen in the movie Barbara since been killing those care to all moving then hardly Douglas S. Dana terminus horse staff is pushing the stand up and Michael J Fox. As this big speech, oh you're, the guy voted for you. Ve got a stand up, there's power by and then Douglas gives us great speech in it. this is the greatest that the staff who serbian believe then- and you know It's a liberal movie, it's a and movie- is that about that? It's it's a movie about! This is a job that fundamentally people expect great as firm or at least goodness
and what we ve seen from tromp the last four years with you. No other dogs verses other terrible things. He said and done his disdain for half the country his willingness to try to divide as much as we possibly can to double down on the base that he had expensive everybody else, and you know you know, he's gonna come to this week I didn't knows gonna win. I figured by not a good chance, had only trust the poles. I dont the people are honest about yeah, necessarily who their voting for in general. I think there's a huge disconnect right now between you know, if you're on one side, just having no idea, what's going on with the other side and the fact that people thought the bottom walk away with us and you can see the ban lines and all that, but you know we're Biden's Baystate, two hundred and twenty one favorite any of this, and that I was pretty skeptical and dubious and nervous. I just wanted
it the end because I really believe in the presidency I'd take, but I think it's important the in this country, even if it hasn't been shown. Be that the last four years in so I think me something beyond is getting political deals done and the fact that you control the button and the fact that you're dealing with other countries in your protecting people in the markets can sir. Your go down depending on veto. One speech: I give there's a dignity to the two at that you know, even today, like George W Bush, to a lot of people hated by the time that he left the office, but I thought he, you know one nine eleven happened. I thought he handled the the next couple weeks with certain dignity. You know in like his presidency? I didn't think he was a good president, but there is.
Moment there were really needed somebody to be in charge and we needed somebody to be a leader, and I've talked about this before, but a Yankee stadium. When he's got the bull professed on at the World Series game- and the whole country still reeling and everybody soul searching. Nobody knows. What's gonna happen, do you know whether were safe? What lives gonna be like? Are we going to be able to fly again all the things we are thinking about after nine eleven is? Nor can it be the same end to end came out need through Austria, right down the middle with his jack around the bull professed. There was a great moment, and I think I was thinking about the other day because we're on things that such a bummer about tromp is. He has no great moments. You know he is just egomaniac, his inherently selfish, the qualities that he brings to the table that suck
Oh much larger when you have a job like that, like I, it's fine you're sore loser like I'm, a sore loser census or diseases sore loser a whole. Another level he's ready down the government because the bad guys way- and you just ceased to fight that anything better. How are we represented by this person for four years? Where, where do we go from here? What is how do we rebuild this? How do we repair this, and you know I think, like We're so divided right now, a country and even to the point that a matter nobody jack on in a second he's, a Republican. You know. we agree to disagree and a lot of stuff. We still have discourse. We talk about stuff, I'm worried what in that as a country. I think there is a fear of say. One thing wrong, you say said it's wrong: something gets misconstrued, something gets pulled out
contacts, especially for somebody, as has a platform like me, and you know, there's a tiptoeing now and there is a danger of just. You don't want to be the next one that gun fired on, and so Are we retreated into our little camps where see even on twitter. Everybody is everybody, follows the people that think like them for the most part, and when we have something like this week, where the poles are all saying one thing, and then the elections happening and holy shit, seventy people in for four charm and people like stunned and staggered, and it's like it's because there's a lot of people are ones there's a lot of people, one side and they're, not interacting at all the other channels. They read their own things really strange. I I dont know how we come out of these next few months with
really doing some soul searching on an were regarded as a country I can't imagine what it'd be like to be a black person right now to the to see that seventy million people voted for a guy who blew dog whistles for four years, but I know what that's us, but But you know my view is concerned. I have a fifteen run a thirteen year old and I think about what is life gonna be like for them when they are? What is our actually going to be like eight years from now? It's gonna be angrier. Is the online That's gonna, be worse. Is there to be more this information. How do we police this? I don't trust any making the decisions on its disheartening time. and you know so, even though, fundamentally I think the people that really wanted Chantal too to lose, they feel like they got something ever win this week. The Republicans hijackers gonna come command,
there might lose control of the Senate and add this become a democratic sweep across the board. Phil, I barely one something and there's a foundation. It feels like you know there's a lot of people on opposite ends. For for somebody to try to rebuild this. I don't know if it's going to be Joe Biden, I think he's said the right things he's tried to be. You know a voice, a cam he's he's made a point of saying: I want your things and I want you are what this country back to what it was will see. If that happens. she had divisive tramp tramp to be over the next two three months before leaves office by it. is it the really weird dispirited time it for me, this the podcast right talk about sports in pop culture. I don't really you know, I didn't really talk about politics at my buddy Jack on and we talked about certain things and make some jokes
A sense of what each other's thinking and try to recreate will, with the phone calls that we have. I just hope, people continue to listen to each other, respect other people's opinions, we don't turn into this country, where you only want to listen to other people. Think exactly like you and every lady ass. He doesn't think like you, you hate, you have no time for your against There's gotta be some sort of middle ground. That's the thing really scares me gone forward where. There is no middle ground anymore, and we saw today in this election we had the most people they voted ever and the elections can be cited by you know for thousands of boats in five different states her now. I just hope that things do not escalate over the next few days and
I hope that the people who are counting all the ballots and stuff stay safe and all that stuff, but I really appreciate all the work at, but he's doing out there so anyway, but that's ever going to and jacket are the tough one by one of my oldest friends. Jacko he's been on this Pakistan, so seven we ve taught baseball. We thought sportswriter politics dumplings shows like this one man what three days and kind of culminating couple hours ago. The the red spoken front. Everybody seemed like kind of sedated or drugged, almost images rambling about. Surely it is rarely. bout all. They did what happened in the different cities in these cities were fine because she's actually coming back at those meetings, but brilliant trade, it so corrupted outcrop. There
had no evidence at all, and it was also one of the worst moments recent american history that this guy, who represents our country and is supposed to be a leader and he was acting like you know these videos, you see of some little coach in New Jersey who gets in a fight with the empire and will leave the field, and this is our president, rightly I dont know have we, violence, gonna, win a bite and closing in on Pennsylvania, he's probably gonna win Arizona. So by the time people listen, there's Biden will officially be the president, but I ain't jerry for me just sobering week in so many different ways, it doesn't feel anybody one. When you see the turn out, not just for trot but firm. The message
from all over the country- and you just think like the country is more divided than it's ever been. It just seems like two sides that absolutely hate with the other stands for, and it feels like it's going to get worse and, unfortunately, for us, the president is the guy, with the big can of gasoline who's, fully prepared to take everything down with him. He doesn't want to lose if you this is gonna, buy him else, and its she's gonna be a miserable next couple months. What was your take? Watch everything I mean it was an amazingly good election for the Republican Party really mean everybody figure. There were gonna lose the Senate, dad five one, the White House than he would have. You know a big majority in the Senate they would increase their majority in the house. In an amazingly, it looks like the Republicans, certainly ammo, and your chance of holding the Senate. It's gonna come down to these run off elections in Georgia. In January, but they they won, picked up like at least ten seats in the house,
Oh you you! For me, you get rid of trump, and Biden, that's hamstrung by MID Mcconnell, inner and no more power. full republican house- that's blitz great for me, if, from a conservative pointed Oh, but an you know, given everybody Ali all the push, the vote you couldn't wise tv couldn't write any sporting event without multiple coming Poles, reminding you devote make a plan vow enough from athletes and every sport actors actresses in the local news people. Everything, like I mean, is the best turn out we ve had in this country. I think since nineteen sixty, maybe maybe we're even longer. So I mean it's it's it's good in terms of democracy that people participated in the end voted, and you know that this this is sort of like the man Venus of democracy, the counting of votes afterwards and, of course, Trump
never was never gonna go down easy. He was never going to concede or be a gentleman about this and he gets too age in his favorite things. Now I guess I go if I have to lose. At least I get to do conspiracy, theories, negation and whining so he's like it's like a gets, a good trifecta for him. even in a loss because he always engages in conspiracy theories. so he will now make up these things out of whole cloth about wholesale vote fraud. Now you know it's it into What sixty, whose two hundred and two plus million votes that were cast. Could you find anecdotal evidence of people that were died? They got a letter in the mail and maybe a grandchild, or somebody filled it out mistakenly sure, but that's not enough to swing a state. He has these grand conspiracies about the whole skit wholesale voter fraud, where balance just appeared. you now appeared in pulling places and and work. How did not vote
five did not checked it's. It's nonsensical, but he's gotta give something first, supporters to beat on and bang the drama, and so he loves that more than anything else in an AIDS depressing. It is that in its out responded, but it's not on a character for him, it's totally in character for I'm. So it's not shocking. It was an amazing performance from a lying standpoint, because on the one hand, he's getting excited that there have momentum in Arizona and they may come back in Arizona Nevada where they have to keep canny boats right, but any of these other cities that, he's losing his giant lead because the kind of the boats surreal, besides arbitrarily to complain about
PS over his. I had not the piece of any state that you might have a chance. Regular would stop start counting here, but don't start counting here. Well, you can't do that. You get to pick and choose which states you still keep coming the votes in. That's it! It's nonsensical! The other fundamental piece of it was he had spent months. Telling his supporters to go to go vote. You trust the melee ballots go in person raw. Are these people go, and you know who wants to be line the lot of them are voting in person, whereas you know, I think most smart people Anna just wanted to mail the ballot and seems a lot easier, not that hard, not rocket science to fill out some things it. So it was very clear in before we had the election that the democratic side was going to have more mail in republican side with more people on that thing, which then got rewarded right away. You saw these ants results. I got my god their leading ray,
maybe you're right. I was just going to say that he spent months and months denigrating mail in balance and saying it stealing it was fraud. Everybody should go on election days, all his supporters, who listened to his every word, followed advice, need they didn't do mail in balance, they voted in person on election day. I believe, and then he's lamenting the fact that while these mountain bouncer culminated binds women of eighty two twenty yeah because buffet incurs his people do mail and bowed- and you explicitly discouraged your voters from doing that like it's not so that rocket science is not shocking. If, if, if you tell people Do have one candidate tells people to do one thing and the other candidate tells people not to do it. Guess what were they committed? They're gonna? Let's get it follow. That course you now It's ridiculous formation, wonder at sea! This is almost as get out a GMO free guard with heavy loss. if at all this stuff up in the months ahead of time, then you lose newcomers, Mamma, dont trust as ballots exam.
just don't know. If he's smart enough to even think six months ahead, like that, maybe it I don't know. I think I think he was kind of priming the ground of like. While I have an excuse, because all the poles look bad, and I'm going to blame these mail in ballots and that they were all fraudulent and they're all fake and that you know they're all made up. So he was already priming the ground that and then, when they started coming in in aid into his lead in places or evaporated his lead in other places, and here They go home. It is ridiculous. What say you mention the Republican Party, the top that there's actually signs of light. Is you now that we ve been France forever year, eared conservative, Bob again for the most part, with some exceptions, lumbering whenever I I kind of vast, lay back and forth opinion, I vote more in the personalities and issues that I care about things like that, but, like a year ago, you hit it
pretty dark place. Even on this package. We talked about it where you said I this the parties dying. I don't know it's what do we stand for? What are we doing it like where we headed and now it actually feels like there's a little butter? item again. In luck, I I don't love some of the people. That one day I can't stay a busy grand, for example right I do feel like I do care about democracy, and I do like that. All these people turned out- and you know it's about- for me that seventy million people voted fur tromp, a guy who has been blown dogmas, the last four years and who put it obvious danger without ended the virus. Just those two things alone she remained a mine electable, but I am glad that
bore engaged and we were going to have one hundred and fifty million people voted the browser like that, which is a incredible. I, though, in some ways like it, is a good week and in other ways it's such a bummer weak because, like imagine you know any black person, you know and they're, just like others like. Whilst seventy million people voted for Trump Bright did you know, I now see what happened the last four years and then I can't rabbi etc. Her I'll, never understand from appeal. I've sent a million times on this broadcast. I ate ever understood his appeal as a is this. Man is a tv host as any as president as a politician as anything, it's completely lost on me when I watch these rallies and people. Are these rallies like it's? You know the Beatles in nineteen sixty four and it's just like What what is it? I'm not seeing here what what is it I dont get and leg
people really. You know really go for him and then the funny thing you said in terms of like his dog whistles was you're. Not clearly not wrong about. He got the best percentage of like latino enough american votes of any Republican since Nixon in nineteen sixty at out I mean I don't know it just that he's a celebrity these on tv. I dont want to denigrate people vote for reasons they foreign, maybe they like the economy etc. But is this? Is it just like? Oh he's on tv in his strong an end, but he has some appeal that, like that met, they did not have that jobs will be. A bush, didn't have the George W Bush that Reagan. None of these other in our various republican president's had any of this appeal to to minority communities. If you look at them exit polls from the other day and an tromp who explicitly he tries to shun these p,
and somehow gets their vote. I mean it's like it's gonna, be a relationship. I dont I'll, never understand it. It's a waste, the weirdest thing, an american pop political history. Probably I mean there's private many other where things, because one of the weirdest things in american put battles that this guy who's is every dog out right and beyond dog whistles, and you still has this appeal and it's incredible know it's mesmerizing. They were showing some of the maps and you know, is it's hard every time, there's election, it's hard, not to think about previous elections, new think, like cuz, John King I'll, just drop these pearls of wisdom from two thousand and four to twenty twelve silver that my John Kerry was pretty close to know for, like closer than I think,
people remember, and conversely, Mitt Romney wasn't that far away in two thousand and twelve in others, couple things that have gone different from anything clang like Trump swings a couple votes here, a couple votes there and it's a it's always amazing. To me how close the states are every four years when you think I'd like I'm looking right, our tape in Pennsylvania is within. forty, nine thousand boats there there of each other's state, they're gonna get us nowhere. Votes within this thou like six states, but over and over again. How split people are really I mean not everyone's vote counts because I, my vote, didn't count, California other they might. What does it matter? Hearing kinetic great but like if you like, but nine states you ve only right matters, it make a louder. You're out literally might come down here about right. Now, it's it's nice and we are such a divided country and like if you, like them, you know the coasts in the media centres in and what, if you know, what people
better in the chattering class think you think, like? Oh, my god from there's gonna be repudiate. Tromp he's gonna lose forty states. Now it's gonna be a, but it's gonna be a bloodbath, but it is now under current court. Real American it now. He he's got this appeal and theirs it other these these folks that are not on the coasts. Are it's like two differed? It's a couple different countries at this point. It is it's crazy why you think, like I had a friend, asked me yesterday, why I thought why people who made less than fifty thousand year in a million years ago for job given what happened the last four years ago?
What were there and said to be, and I said to me it was more a vote about everything that was a job it was about. You know a reaction to cancel culture and the Woke Latvia and celebrities and being kind of being told what to do and like if you dont think like we do you dumb Yan some of those people, they just kind of instantly, rebelled against it that the funny it. I just think it's it's where we are as a country I
almost eight. There hate votes, it's like when you hate, listen to a package for you. Work in a few days show our you hate read some com. It's like there. That's going on the Trump side is almost say their reaction to all this others that that they hate about what America's in twenty twenty their fear of. Like you know, you look at the stuff right there with the near posed a hunter Biden thing which seem like a bogus story, but we also had this whole system in place with journalism whereas I give you write a story and it's not true in your d, hear somebody then a little prosthetic legs out any ruin and that's how it works. now we have, you know all these different social platforms kind of deciding what, is speech and I and it's really sing. I remain some writers. You know like that. Tie you be. People that have barely writing him, the last few months and about where this going our we are, we getting rid of free speech
there are young people are worried about that, and I don't know it's it's. I can't remember when the countries been this broken. I guess is my point. There is so many bad things happening at the same time and its the audit shit now is the pandemic in its everything else, and you know people are way to on line in the dinner Democrats, I think by larger spy, Do a twitter community or like Twitter, cancellations and irregular person is like well five minutes ago. That wasn't a bad thing to say, and now it's like I could lose my job if I make that Joker. If I say that not something clearly offensive, but me: no border liner was not borderline until five minutes ago and and either outrage culture of like college campuses, we're in this hot house
Any hung college and everybody's protesting in your fired up on college about these veto, seemingly really not very important issues and that's now expanded into they ve no corporate community into politics and end and people that are not part of that work are sick and tired. So delighted with a lot of it is like a middle finger. Now that whole leg collar, she no wolf. Super duper woke ism. You know that that bothers people you're right I mean there is some level of hate voting there, because it's like well, you know when you're, not gonna normie with fixed book for Trump Andy, almost disregard really that he did nothing for them the last four years and if anything, probably put them in danger. right, he came to see them. He did all these rallies. His positions itself as a man of the people is one of the strangest things I've ever watched from afar. It's stimulated
personality thing that really has no rapporteur. Anything I've. Seen in my life, do you know, one of the things I guess I've read about him is that having spent a lifetime on construction sites, building buildings in hotels and whatever rubbed elbows, with all the guys that we're doing like roofing in doing dry wall whenever he spoke their language. Any you know tat about the Yankees or them or the mad, sir, or the giants in how they did that weekend and sports, and so radio he's conversant on pop culture. He knows all that hit like people, people who think it's not think he's not a phoney with that now. I don't particularly understand it people like eat that up to now and if you say the fact that he has these rallies in like in Florida. during all these people are there and he's in oh he's their fight for the nets, what they perceive it as and he does all this stuff while they're not coming for me, there come
for you, I'm just standing in the way you now the elites are coming for. You, just blew, I'm standing in their way to protect you from men. So people believe that shit and that sets his appeal. It's it's unbelievable. The bullets, that's it! here and I can look at em and think that there is a complete buffoon who can't put two sentences together and MR five by how he's got nowhere he's gotten to, but I don't know that's, maybe that's part of it He'll too, is here. You know it doesn't he doesn't speak the kings, English and so people are like guys. Just like me out, I watched a beginning took across and last night. She said I was so bored were seen Anna MIKE. I wonder at the other side, as I went over a couple times, so the fox side is interesting. They were really playing up. You know, CNN, had certain headlines like biding closing in on president, it would lead Gary background. Is it I? You had a fox in its Ike lawsuits pending,
Euro area like doom and gloom, but Tucker Cross and start this thing about how about how important it was that you know the Republicans one back. A lot of these seeds are protected them things like that in his eye. You have these Democrats, they wanna. They want to change this country They want to add states, they want to change the electoral college. They want to do this. They wonder that, there's no evidence, he wasn't poignent anything at all. I personally have not heard the let's add some states in well, as you pointed out that, after the after the Amy Coney bear it nomination, and look at them, and there were democratic activists and twitter that were like we're. Gonna make Washington DC estate in order to make Porter Rico state. That gives us for more democrat senators. Similarly, and we know more electoral votes and we're just gonna ram shit through and that without the other. as long island was gonna, be a state
Oh, I don't know that I have is that has gradually I accept after you talked about it. I googled there. The couple through better there is proper pieces on their remember is that we get to fifty three states that a swing their satisfying. Then, as I know, if I want to start changing aids, that seems a little extra consider it. As we did last time. My wife and I watched recount that HBO movie about it. Two thousand election, which is I should really real Archibald Movie, could just consider in the context of everything that's gonna industry at John heard span. One Christopher, I posted the video maids Grandma said he has his great speech about the world's watching us cause. We're like the last.
Democracy in this is part of what democracy is like figuring out, who won election counting every vote. This is this is what you do and I was watching. I was like yeah. That's that's kind of the point. That's the point of what we're doing here. You know for these three days and look if it doesn't turn out great, sometimes and the other when some whatever, but that's all the country. I grew up and they want to exist. I don't think we need to blow that up. I think truck was a real outlier in a lot of ways. I don't think we'll ever see it again and I think the damage that he did as we're going to take years to recover from it and that's just it is we need to change systems, except only runs again. It is a bit like a well, don't you think he's gonna, don't think he's gonna, just pray. from tv yeah added I do. I do everybody seems to think do. I saw allotted chatter today about he apparently weeks leading up to the election. He was already talking about. Like
you know I'm there, if I lose, I'm gonna run again and twenty twenty four enemy you know, a lot of the parties his party now it'll, be it in four years is a long time. So, if even it You know he loses narrowly here and he's like I'm a media, I'm going for it again one I get any younger is not exactly the most fit guy in the world. You know where you're going to be held. Wise for years from now to you, don't know where the country is four years from now that there on a map, have a taste from more front when amending letter I ended it or there might be a better candidate comes along. That's right, so you can't Amerika assume that he he's gonna the guy who try to talk myself into this automatically assume that he's gonna be the guy and for years. Please, God, don't let it be the guide for years, but but I think he's a super mad, apparently at Fox NEWS, because they call there is there were like the first you to a zone wrath, and he claims that was like suppress above the votes. Somehow I don't like it here
If your line of vote, you hear Arizona, woods abide nearly well good. I was going to at all, but guess so he super pissed at Fox and we probably has more incentive- and that was apparently the pie in two thousand. Sixteen, when he assumed he was gonna lose, is that he get it started, rival tv network yeah. I think if he has the opportunity- and somebody bankrolls him some money and he gets occupied and burning the tv net could not dishing anchor women and etc. You know maybe he'd have occupies his time and he decides. I don't need the headache of getting back in getting beaten around by the press and I'd rather just be on the sidelines. Throwing grenades without was that that was at that one of the reasons it was so fast ending Fox went against him
yeah with the Arizona thing, because our part of me was ordering light. They know he's gonna be the competition. Are they gonna turn on the daily? If it be they quickly? A kind of came back on his side. I added watch today after his dreadful speech, but if they feel like he's gonna be a threat, since then, obviously to see how to handle that, because there is a whole path where they could basically say he's out is bad for the Republican Party with we ve gotta, make America great again, but not with them, and we still have the Senate and let's go and we can still saved us, but we have to now get rid of. Trap is bad for us amazing, very, very single handedly. Well, maybe not single heavily, but they are largely recent. the ball for him being the president link for his rise because they gave round these platforms on tv going back ten.
Years ago where he would call in pontificate on the issues of the day like people wanted Donald Trump opinion they thought like people are clamouring for, that, and that got I'm a huge following on Fox than they were building him up, and it was owed Donald Trump, this Donald Trump that so they they build them up, and maybe if they see that he's gonna be a competitor, maybe they can tear him down. But I don't know that a big battle, the interesting I'm gonna, think of it. I just watching the shrapnel go everywhere. Rooting for their benefit regularly Agnes by the asterisk. Whenever a placid areas is yes, oh so Joe Biden takes it, he did just to have to win ye basically gay managed his way and I are she thought he did a good job the last couple weeks. He is part of the cap, the lowest profile said
right, things didn't get caught in any back and forth with Trump and is clearly probably gonna put in. For Dear sir, I would get out of here and I would even now. I don't think so I mean I don't think he explicitly came out and said: I'm going to run one term buddies, sort of alive. To that you never want to come out and make yourself a lame duck. President ran out of a job, but I think- the centrally alluded to that that he's gonna be a transition to the next generation of the Democratic Party led by. Let us now obviously so yeah and you know, people kill them for like shutting things down at nine in the morning and saying, oh, my God, houses got going to be president made it. You know what he can't do anything past nine in the morning and made a lot of hay, but it's like but your opponent is destroying himself. Why am I going to go out and try to make any news to distract from that in? can be there. The hopeful visiting of toll campaign was on,
Then it was basically just like I'm not gonna be Trump and I'm gonna do things differently. So I wasn't even so much like he had to make his own case. It was just He had a just, not be trumpet and not in out. Do anything the blow anything up. So you know clothing. You know who ball management at the end of the game. Clock management at the ball. Gis is run the ball and you know kill the clock had. Would he did and it worked it bizarre that he wins the presidency, but the Democrats lose steam in the Senate. A kind of shows you how bad of a job that bad of a job as a candidate trump, that of those it's everyday people voted for the fact that there is clearly momentum going against the laughed and against the democratic and a big part of this country that fell There is, as you know, these two models and every asses let down fuck, that's where we're grab and back and yet and Trump. Somehow,
when anyway, citizen almost impossible, I mean two thousand and ten when it. When the Democrats ran really strong, took the house back, it was because people could vote against trumps. They took it out on Republicans, but there may be some significant portion of voters appear Molly, who were necessarily an inordinate, thoroughly angry the republican Party. They just didn't like Trump. So this time you could actually I will vote against Trump, but then vote for a Republican for Senator for Congress or whatever, so there was out of those voters doing us while they seem it's a pretty rudderless party for the most part there caught between like we're different in different fields, the fees there's. No, I don't. I don't know. I just felt pretty rudderless, two men and they were so focused on, take it down Trump, which they should have been, that it seems like they lost I know some of the money they spent like. Are you really going to unseat Mitch Mcconnell the guys like a fucking strand?
there's nothing. I didn't have to get rid of it. Lindsey Graham you're gonna beat Linsey Graham I spent a hundred million dollars in turn a beat Midge Mcconnell in someone's many five. I think they try to be gram, and it's like you could have meant that money elsewhere and more competitive races, Georgia or in NAM, with Carolina or someplace, you may you know Susan counts. But the sender four main for a hundred years, and then these we now tried to beat her and they went all in a man. It's just like these- are the greatest plate, locally relocations for you, but You know. One of the problems we have in this country is like the parties are not as strong as that used to be beyond the old. as you know that they get in the back room and there would never be a candidate like Trump that would never ever get to the nomination, and then they opened up the process through primaries and what have you and now you can get anybody that can sway enough people, especially in a crowded, feel the next You know he's the nominee editor
of like the Senate, you now the parties would be able to spend money where they wanted, but now there's all these outside groups they can is money, super packs and everything else and spend it where the line and site you must said that hundred billion dollars on fire in Kentucky had rather than trying to beat me Macao with it. Yes, if it was sports and you had back, I dare more it's a gm and he was actually looking at what the what are the best places to spend the money tat he would not have picked, let's take down which Mcconnell and once again I would have gone after the smaller states rightly would have, on after main you'd have tried over power just to grab the deceit merlot just quickly before we go that the CNN piece of this John King. how many straight days could he do it do? You think were awaiting the same five beats over and over again. He has to you, because you never know the new viewer that's going in for just over
again and again, you know I gotta wait, not all the votes are and not other butter and thereby here's them its end again again, lot of Democrats, you know their melanin votes, Republicans through their outline again only just as they have always fascinated. They all have these maps these interactive maps, and they can touch it and be like what his walk, a shock county and here's. What demographics are? Here's that leads Republicans trip needs to win here and sank to lie information to process and on the fly on election night, like that, like you say when things It updated very quickly, ledges picnic Beaufort over again, it's gotta be tedious, any say safe side. I would guess he said. Maybe three hours to blame I would thank the aim of MSNBC Store, Steve Cornell Keeling, he's alleging that this too, like TAT, he could you like any county in the country, I think you're like what the what the political breakdown of it is, which is pretty impressive.
I'm amazed by how are the key needs, the touch screen to desire to use some of that when I was doing basketball free spirit at the touch screen was a lot less elaborate than were John kings. Doing Peter PAN of like jail, and I didn't Baxter drafts you like moving the guy for the four freedoms are generating. I decided Lystra there. The other great dynamic, I'd CNN was the Rick Santorum peace, where there is just about Ives or ever is do. Thank you just outside a job over the table at about. There is some good debate. It was pretty riveting depressing television. Therefore, three stray days encountered so going out his retaken. This right it will pay As for another couple days, then we'll have the Trump law sued, so nothing will form. may be decided, probably in four weeks from now, but it's gonna be binding as the winner teeth.
I made our friendship bad when I was making fun of constant. Now now is used to that. Our friendship is from Wisconsin we're just a joke about how he was the indecisive guy and how he would be like. You know. You'd want to tell Remit fuck off, but he didn't want to and he would be like. I want to turn the fuck off, but I can't do it became a ready For thirty years, and then with Catherine was well when the Tuesday day, her hurried always get away and we started there and there are a lot of us provided that a key, I better go back, has disappeared from the text of the executive committee came back die. These figures are, I think these are. There was a godsend Michigan a blue Albania. Its we were higher its worth in Ohio that one of the up and down stairs
suggested earlier highly yeah. I'm kind of always leads. One went up to recover. Think so so by our own ex president will be making progress and we get a burnish jokes over the next four years. But look at the very least, a decent guy who seems interested in actually are not enough. Setting an example for four people that seems like a bonus. Probably define hygienic good to see how that's it for the BS podcast this week, thanks to Mina Kimes thanks to Jacco, thanks to all the people out, there counting votes. You probably not listen to this, maybe I maybe if you had fun size, crunch and some ballot, but I really appreciate democracy there's a controversial opinion.
In other words, all the people that they go in there and take time out of their lives and stared late at night, and just try to get this done because they believe in the country- and I did you have a good week
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