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Does the AFC Suck? Plus Lamar Mania, Stumbling Rams, Tales From Oakland, and Logan Paul Bets With Cousin Sal | The Bill Simmons Podcast


HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to discuss the Vikings-Cowboys nail-biter, the L.A. Rams’ meltdown, Packers-Panthers, Saints-Falcons, Lamar Jackson and the Ravens shellacking the Bengals, Bills-Browns, Cardinals-Bucs, a playoff check-in, and more (2:15), before guessing the NFL lines for Week 11 (41:15). Then, Parent Corner, DAZN’s Logan Paul vs. KSI boxing match, and more (1:11:08).

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but Apple, Google spot a fine stature where we get your pack ass. Just do it covered up the cause coming off yet another terrible cowboys less. What years is? First, our friends from Brodie, The latter has always our friend cousin South, stuck in a coach candidates south, and he said you know I was thinking about that. So here's the face of a winner, that's what he said,
Will you really talking to coach gang? Now you can see that coach K dead the thing they did their the cowboys gay with. Can I, as did I miss that I was. I was off why what what happened? Collins were talked about how they it was like this whole thing: coach, Kate. Talking about that Prescott at how he ate it of a winner. It was this whole produce pianos the weirdest, well, I've, even in the bathroom. Why did Morgan says here, that's great yeah! Well, he did have face of a winner today at four see you there when the game? It was the most interesting game, Vikings cowboys of a really disjointed bizarre day of football that featured multiple times quarterback throwing football and it was either rude and complete, but then it was ruled a fumble and another game. It was basically the same play over and over again I don't know what happened to them so Roberto volume of golf verses, cousins and the ball is men is above the hand, is going forward or if it's not
they, then they need to figure something out. What this whole thing, I do as a very meadows, is definitely not a good day to try to make money. That's for sure, lots of ferrets went down lots of money, lying parlors biggest upset the year in saints Falcons, and the colts were a big favorite they lost and who else. While that, though code the courts and this its word double digit, favorite, yes, and if you're our obviously were a bigger big lost there. If you and I'll kick, say, was disgusting offset yeah, we were do we we we always down. Member. Mr there's a walkie weekend did not expected to be this weekend. I was were appalled by the quality of football for the most in all these games, which is why the DAS menace. I noticed a lick in your movements, cause you boys last, but yeah. The quality play was really high, that I actually thought. Both quarterbacks by well that the running games were really get an email
Like all the other crap we watched all day there, it wasn't turn overfilled wasn't gonna controversies of is the well play games. It was good I felt like they were adjustments made like. I thought I was going to be a really long night, like forty, nothing early lots of pressure on back in the outside to know Hunter, and it just did Michael it's gonna end and then dinner. Then they often sublime like tighten things up. Zeiss decked passing all over them. Just couldn't stop the run men. Minnesota. Two, a hundred thirty five yards rushing to air and it now had dinner there just could not stop and you know I don't know what the blame Jason Garret I was called the plays anymore, but I knew second into down where we were he held this time outside, given that that was nice, but I think I'd does that my son, ask me a designed run here for DAK. That's what they're not looking for us, what they haven't seen all game. I don't think they play. I don't think they practice a fourth and two out pattern to Zeke. I really don't know it was there. Go to there
on four down not ultimately killed them, for that last, Dr Dac was on fire the whole day and then they basically took it out of his hands with some runs, and I did not agree that decision, but go annual carbo over a hundred yards are Hooper over a hundred yards of nice as night to watch, and then they got down close knit got very conservative. Big big mess. I owe somebody apology, his house, and I took the cowboys minus three and million dollar pixel There is, then the biggest reason was it was her cousins on a Sunday night that he was gonna, do something dumb and give down the game never did. Never daily, and I don't think he had a good game. Look better than it was. He had like two one you're touchdown passes the right before the half of his eleven seconds left at a time out or something he through a through it like to the five year, thine again. Of course, feel go, ought to know what he did. So he mismanaged a few things I guess it matter. He was running the running it runner up on this team,
is anyone who no interceptions? No fumbles only took one SEC that's a great game for car had the best game of his love. It's better that at that. I think both themes or plastic aims that are of both teams are you to make, may I ask where the wearily where'd situation now Dana say or where the Niners, when Seattle, tomorrow night, eight now packers are now aid to which is really confusing. If you watch them, especially, if you watch it Carolina game today. They do not feel it could be into the saint and two coming off, probably the most embarrassing loss. Anybody had this year, Seahawks. Seventy two and Minnesota seven in three and then it drops sea have that is your top five there's a to win drop off to Dallas the Rams in the Eagles and Caroline are all five at four.
That's one spot, those those guys are fine for well, but the thing is doubtless and fifty one of the one you have to make the playoffs right. So if you look everybody else. There, actually three winds in Chicago cases. Three wins behind the second wildcard team see it's bizarre. I mean the rams or five inform the chiefs or six and for not to the jumped the F c, but you would never never never think that right that right, he's team, Tabal, eight losses between them and I know what to think what the rams and you know what my therapist said: stop blaming quarterback so much not looking at the offence of lions? I've done that advocates. It's maybe add ears to my life, because I am constantly women accord backs and robustly and golf and that they do have their terrible moments, but that often of line was got thrown around today for the rams can never seem to run the ball anyway, but think we give you don't give the Steelers enough credit defensively. Eight were
is a game I feel like. They should not have one, and I think that golf cart completely changed again. I actually don't think either get either tincture I probably should have just ended up within a tie. Why are lotta guide me NED Land, to what you were saying with low, though the quality of play was lot into genuine sure when the bills Brown gale, that was, you know, Arizona, temp bag. I felt the same way that jets giants, you could throw that now anyway, neither seems deserve to win, but now I felt that I felt the same way about those as yet the bucks cards game and the Titans Chiefs Game were actually pretty fun, but for the most part of his pretty bad football and I can't tell if it's just kind of that mid season malaise where everybody now is enough tape to scout everybody else or whether so many different teams have injuries. Like you said the Chiefs game, they ran that graphic with their offensive line was that in the second half- and it was like for the guy-
EL right area was, I got my God evil. They teams only keep like eight offensive library, The recent one of whom was Schwartz, who had like thousands snap consecutive shriek, broken so that really, whenever garlic bad out a really trouser off, because you don't know how to move guys in an hour, there are a lot of lack of media good tips. And yet I mean he ochre teams and kicking me. You look up at any screen. You like this kicks in a mess. This is for directly guards on the road disguise act. Yet this this extra point as a fifty five percent chance are going through it just wiser, kicking getting so much worse right now, with a bills the brown score. The first touched out of the Brons bills, game and, of course, get atoning penalty on the touchdown. The bills, look at it and go normally. The team takes it on the kickoff in the bills are like no we're going to take it now that we don't think this guy can make a forty eight yard. He missed it, and it was six instead of seven of it was so stupid
boy, so many states things they live breaking point. If you have plus three all over the place and the Buffalo bills, but look at this Thou Fc Pats ate one raven. Seventy two yeah texted sixty three bill still somehow six and three, even though, if you watch them, they don't stand out more than fifteen in these craft. Hymns ripe chiefs are a stunning sixty four, and then Steelers Raiders calls all five and for the tens are five five. This was the first ever We started to wonder if the stores could actually make the playoffs yeah, just I just by almost by accident than she could be preset thing. I think you know I'd, there's no way they lose to Miami. If you play that game, brainer was so bad and if it If the mistake probably was trusting brain where they feel they can not just nudges
the ball and controlling the clock, had just giants and keep it those going again but am but the Steelers. This is the first time like ninety seven is probably gonna get into the playoffs and they can probably get tonight and several other deepened right. Well, they might be the full crap team that we'd never want to believe in and we we wait too long to believe in them and lose bunch bundle of money doing so. You know in six days dolphins on Monday night, a game they were losing. They ended up when it by ten points, but lucky to win that one thing: if you watch out, then they play the call to like you said percent goes out my getting this right. That was it right here right now
That was in six days and then today they could have won a lot. But then, then you look at it like this Minkah Fitzpatrick thing. This might have been a really good deal like the first two games, the defense fallout six touchdown passes and had no interceptions yeah and week. Three through ten nine touchdown passes in seven weeks and thirteen interceptions, and that guy is all over the place. Returning touchdowns and taking balls off. He spectacular it takes out your best receiver. It was a great trade for them. I still do not agree with not lottery protecting the pic now. I still think that's indefensible well you're, not in a matter that right I mean they're gonna get a matter now, but I mean thinker though they were down. Fourteen after my Amy in there that doesn't get her last week. They provident when that aim, and then this game, I have no idea they want, and it really did flip minute. There often scored ten points. Today. I think the team at the watch out for a ride. I know I know that it stopped to watch the movable and rode off is gonna, be rude.
But Mcvay. Never let go. How did he lose to Rudolph in two weeks and I was like I think it was a defensive stepped up for the raiders that that team? I think it would say the bills get the v. The raiders are scary at five and for next two Games Cincinnati and at the gym yeah, they're, seven and for other up, I think they could score on the chiefs right. They have coupled with their game left there that charges think well, improbably there half came out of the air out of the house. He was led right, so if you had to go favoured FC teams right now, just to believe in the rest of the way. Would you have known about tomorrow in the one spot for you. Well, I'm glad we're taking the chiefs out of the two spot for sure But would you go patriots Arabians right now? I still go why we're talking in Fox borrow with, but pheasant are just who do you like the most from what you said. We have now had a nine game sample size. It thought about what I've seen this year as well,
I've seen January anything I think the patriots get it done. I think that can be home game anyway, but spreading Baltimore is definitely second it at work, really good yeah. You dont want to read too much into the Cincinnati Bang, but Lamar just these fail in new areas. And then the woods interesting is now. If I asked you are it what's the number three eighths attain that you feel the best about? I dont know what that answers. Yet it's it's kind of up here. I sighed the guy like that actions more than a lot of people do. Do you like the Texans more than the chiefs there I might now than they play that game that I miss him. It's over right. Yet Hannah like this achieved, the chief defenceless looks so saw at any time and give up a big play or three size boys eminences now tat I held thrown against them in mapping his way with them now
Chiefs, a really sloppy. It's all the stuff. We made fun of any red teams about over the years and it seems like a much worse version that they must not a lot of bad luck with the measures is that by I am still stupefied how they lost their Tennessee again. Well, I'm too, but I like TAT, was one of the biggest giveaways. We ve had the season the first hour weeks. Theirs, away, Tennessee shudder when their game now and really know why they should have one anyway, because or did they should at least get that kick over, because that was an Josh Halloo humming with all sides. By like they would that for an MBA travel, how much he was off sides by, he was like three steps over the line and then blocks the kick so I don't know what the answer is. I know why can't the last play every game be reviewed. If the idea is hey, we sent the wrong team to the Superbowl. That's why we have these pass. Interference, calls what the saints and rams- and they want to as much but that's why that's exactly why they
They don't want to make the wrong team when, in the last play or down to the wire. That's inside two minutes. You'd do not have to make new near challenges, its automatic would challenge, let's review them. Ass play. Not maybe for holding on the offensive line, but for stupid shit like if the ball was snapped in time, ray someone was off sides or so so blatantly out how they missed at anyway. It's like everyone spread out everyone staring this back. Judges and field officials are staring at the Office of Defensive lines right. How do they miss that added? Get it I mean do it just seems like we ve had more refer than ever. Baby were more hyper wherever because of the twenty four seven, whose social media cycle now, but I am at the big loser today is probably barrier because Canada has a pretty pretty average to have decent quarterback rate is like a sea plus yeah he's. You know, if he's your quarterback for ten years, you propaganda, seventy five, and so
the seven year at other gets back. He comes in and he he looks like he's in a sports Bobby compared to what they had before there's so fired up to have a competent quarterback? You would think it's like Tom Brady in two thousand seven. He made a couple great plays in the way the team response to him, making a play is hilarious, cuz, they ve said three years of just complete crap with their quarterback right here again, you thought like well, maybe they're, not gonna receivers, Adam Humphrey, but ever dinner, they that were supposed to be her Saviour and he obviously he wasn't, but it all all the other respond, the big Derek Henry runs through, and I got a couple thousand that was nice, that put them right back and he does that Classic Derek Henry you now you like the one in nine chance of going against him and fantasy me. Just hope. Is that those two Derek Henry weeks when he's writing havoc but
tell us in our offer, because you can make a case gone back the earlier part of their schedule that Mary Oda just cost them a couple whence you now that he was so incompetent that their records five and five, but maybe, if tenor of applying the whole time, I think he's swings at least one of them. Gave scared that ugly Thursday game against garden immense you in Jackson, Bill was dead. I did that brings about near they could be better spent. I like to think that the text into Gonna pull away and that division. Why think? I think there is a world in which the bills fall off here really? Is there never get to you ass? The bells in Gaza? I can see them the plan now for sure, but I remember there schedule on another, no remember being very light. The city
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well said he. I think he has the most points and mostly exact two hundred fifty nine points, so I saw this and a couple places a thicker was worn, sharp had it. So, thanks to warrant he's had sixteen regular season starts now. So that's basically a full season, even though its last year and this year, three thousand one hundred fifty passing yards, twenty tidies eight interceptions any rushed for one thousand two hundred and eighty seven yards intended is now so he is responsible for It is a really starting to get excited for what has ended. The season. Stats are gonna, look like cause he's, got he's gonna rush for twelve hundred yards yeah easy and he's I'm one out there. I think different. I know people worried that we ve seen this guy before we see invent Young, we seen Archie three now. Can you think it's different? Those guys were more little dumber with the way. The sorry for that
wrong word, but I remember Margie three trying Tipp till the sidelines get an extra five or six yards and yet hammered march. She doesn't really get hit. Now he thine, like Tom Brady, with wheels now he's so much savvy air he's also. He just seems like he's too chest moves ahead on the chessboard with everybody else, like a man and a player seems like he should get head. He always knows what seems like he knows. What's gonna happen before it happens, right is very bad as a lot of people out there like yeah. I don't want to consider him for a bp because of what's going to happen to look what that doesn't make sense. You have to look at his body of work. Amazing pass operating at that. Your thing I cannot gonna dinner maybe down the road. It is gonna, be ugly form by the access. This milk is great, but you know what Sunday it can be sours after every us at the trash now does make sense. Also people are just more durable than other people write. A James Harden plays seven
eighty eighty one games every year, and if you ask them, he takes a ton of parchment on drives and you know the way he plays a key. He should have had more injuries by now, but he's just a durable. NFL, I think Lamar will be the favorite. I don't know that San Francisco wins, but I don't think this is a kind of game that Russell Wilson is going to light it up. Stat wise, so San Francisco wins for sure. I think Lamar's is number one right. So Sempstress go. Winds and Lamar's odds are even her around that. I think we have to investigate yet. For sure I don't even know who the who would be the number to pick you mean Rogers out back to those to whom using Rogers is the second pick writer, while third for every sate up Wilson. Second Rogers third yeah, I think at an hour Mccaffrey those
I'm back she's, never win. I don't mean to sound like a Haider, because I really like in respect Rogers I just when I watch the packers there's a lot of times. I don't feel like he's, given the most viable poor they have offered, you know there is a most valuable Aaron on the team why AIR Jones has been really good and has carried them in some of these games, whereas in our I'm I'm not sure really battered as much was blank quarterback for them. I just Fourthly, Mars Lamar's everything for both my every single thing. They do feeds off everything he's good at nuts through the true, but if Rogers keep stood, mistakes to a minimum ends up with thirty seven touchdowns and eight or nine interception, seven, seven or eight and have twelve wins, he's gonna write be right and they'll be top three. By think. I think I bridge waters in the top for an active because we ve seen the before and after drew Brees could have had thirty more drives, and I don't think it would have mattered. I don't think I would have call Zach at
So, on the one hand, with the saints there was a pretty off, game. On the other hand, that was the classic how'd you get up for this game hours can roll over these guys and then he knows Tipp GO and you could feel it right away the fur forty minutes ago, this is gonna, be one of these caves now didn't, thought I lay there rolled over for the year think again, but will you get up for it because it's a division, game I dunno. I know it. Lana has one when before today they have one when the other one, when the two in Serbia not after dinner, but it's different. If it's ours owner coming into on more Cincinnati coming into New Orleans, I just think Matt Ryan drew Breeze should always bigger became. For coaches and themes. I dont know what to make of it. I think every team insight that Packers game. What was a game both the two weeks ago and they just shit the bed against the charger here. I think
Lastly, elastic I think you're allowed one shit, the bed game in the first ten weeks yeah. But The weird thing give everyone a what heads up before you do give us any type of eliminate or for we have unities. Yet the weird thing they would. Then this year's is Camara and in way when you think about where he was heading into the season when he was in the discussion for who's going to be the number one guy in fantasy and he hasn't been closed, but a little banged up, but he hasn't played in a couple weeks. But These. You see this is at a bad year fur. I think what we expected. Barclays had a bad year. I think fur compared to the expectations for different reasons. Cause is unaware team and you know, teams arrives. I cannot forbear should shut him there,
right what's the point, it seems I M a cavern has been the one who acceded everybody's expectations, but unless you expected in the score on on the last play the expectation that was where they looked like he slept, I would have if you just told me, here's the play there. Do, I would have thought ninety nine times at a hundred discourse right and if he hugs the ball through his neck. Instead of his mid section and falls on his back on the girl, I bet it's a different. We're out of the great, and I have to give it till I Kyle and adult I feel like we see rookies like this years ago, dinner in bunches, coming up big spots on the road. At all, the sunset the snow, its Lambeau field that the underdog joining its Pakistan, like you, said a rounded last week, and he is right in there at the end, pretty gaudy really bad for in two thousand if a game, it's always fun with it when its nose and Lambert, but I am not crossing off Caroline.
I mean another in the play of picture Northumbria. I think they can do some stuff on that. You know they can move the boy over and over again in this game. They that that I had the honour to make throws in Meda, you know and they were harassing until wasn't like you just sit there, NASS Grand, drawn a guy's, honest and on their knees and there he kept buncher drives alive, keep him, but I don't know why that you know you like that: there's a you probably know about this, and now the auto on. Why did they go for two to make it twenty for sixteen hours that weird chart thing. That's the when you're down there new chart under what happier when you're down fourteen the thinking is you go for the two cause. If you get it, then you can win, game? If you don't get it, you could still go for another two. You need to touch answer. I dont totally understand. It is a classic example of the nerves have just made every day more confusing right
Up, I mean the way I'm going to miss a trick in check and who knows just go for to every time, just such a bummer. Another thing that happened, the Pats end up winning today, somehow. She wasn t the only ass chief, sixty four it. Now we deaf, I don't have to go to air head in January. For any reason, the bills lose, they have a two game laid and they ve already beaten the bills and adjust looking pretty get near, makes good for you. Only you could come open when on a by forget, feel better. They did a week ago. I say that mention Sates Falcon was damaging gambling game. We ve had a year so far. I think so I think it might have been jets. Cowboys is pretty bad to cowboys when a world leaders tonight but are killed every ten. Every ten point, these gaps, every if he's where you through three or four money, lying favorites murder of those and then
whatever the elimination poles were left, I'm share them shared, took out a bunch of those yeah, because you're getting elimination pools? You can go against Cincinnati who go against Miami? You can pretty much go against Arizona week after week after week and it was going to hurt. You can go against the jets yeah. This is a bad one. Well I was thinking it's, it seems like Cincinnati has a chance now to lock down that. First pick, Read it I, she watched an entire crowd for bugging you, your money on Alice, you there, that was fun, re really wise want to watch a little bit. I was confused why college football Games seat take four hours, the edges, the standard thing Oh yeah yeah I mean, depending on the conference, sometimes those ACC Games, a gal issued the Alice you thousands can be allotted passing in that game, but oh yeah, big twelve game,
you don't like nine nine. A dot m start on the list goes to go to like eleven point two that maybe don't stop the clock. Every time somebody gets a first down in the last two minutes. We have it at them. The reason I bring this up, though, is I thought I was used. Quarterback was wonderful, bar, oh yeah, and if you put that dude I said cinnati, I feel pretty good for them he's pretty solid. You know I don't want to be able to get mad at me the Roma and how nifty you just can't young Roma Roma They point out Roma to burn out I'll. Take it right. It was fine. I love reading its Alabama ever since Nick Exhibit took his ball and ran home cuz. He can win the FCS for a couple years and my back to college head there and gets all these five star recruits every year he's so many five star recruits Valor said they had three top twenty wide receivers,
their kick returns the software. Can you come in the draft? The magazine, Evan Hester some poured out right just loading. Everyone knows that Dame, but yet at bar, is like minus one thousand to when the Heisman, and now he was like, plus one eighty going it. He was terrific and I think if that's gonna be the first peck. It's a pretty good first back. I'd feel better about that and then same Donald than some of the other people have seen in the top. Three situations nip the rams. This is kind of catastrophic. Are you did it? You did you did good fellow check slay them that's it. I dont think they have any out. I dont know what happens to the steep the golf contract. You know you can blame the oven, why was bad women I want. They have no out.
There's no scenario where they could really improved see the way they need to prove it because of the money that have going out to like five guys and it it's weird to think that the rams have already peaked, but I think they've already p. This is team. We thought was going to be potentially the team of the twenty two but if we, if they win that game, we're not talking about a right if they go section, three I don't know, that's that would have been a bad when even winning that I gave they just like so incompetent offensively lay mother receivers can get open and I feel right Cooper but zero or one catch Lydia. Zero catch shut down by this stewards take the path secondary and then you that's. Therefore,
when did you start dog early isn t girl anymore, he's that we have no running game, but we do have that five yards seven yard slant Cooper cop. Then then, when you shut that down boy you're, just relying on safety and in defence of touchdowns, it's the only way you gonna win. While the other thing is, they gave up a first round pick for brain and cooks who got another concussion recently, and now it's like probably is out for the year. I think he said five and in that was their speed guy. You could feel the lack of this be guided, they just there's nobody home by separation can stretch the field any of that stuff and then girl he's just not curly anymore. There's been look, there's been a ton of stuff written about this. There's all kinds of stats on that stuff, but the rams for the first, like twelve to thirteen weeks, the last season and then in December January, when thing flipping with girly and they really never been the same sense
no, why? What made me think that they can go? I really thought their defence could win the game by itself and almost dead they're in these situations that were, if they're gone, the road outdoors against a good defence. I dont think they can get to twenty points now so there across crazy, they might be across. I mean they play the bears next Sunday night. That's that's across off game right yeah! I mean I would probably cross those two teams up anyway, but that's pretty bad and then I want it. We talked to a Tennessee earlier. I had this so they're five and five here the rest of their games. You tell me what you think happens home for jet or the bye week next week, home for Jacksonville. I feel like that's a win six of five at Indianapolis, I'm guessing besets back by then so percent of Tyr back, that's a different close to him. If neither of those guys are back, that's a win and if one of them is back it's a toss up,
Then there at open, weak fourteen, but then he had forgotten about this home for used and weak fifteen home for New Orleans weak sixteen, but then at Houston, weak seventeenth. They play Houston to the last three weeks of Zagreb. Is it not for re? Furthermore, as that actually fantastic for them Andy at all, Glinda had used in the least two out of three losses there and then what that seven losses. When a new Orleans upside like down my need it now, they can only lose one more time. Tat. I am silent, like I have to do a clay Travis every day I can't take camping, molested attenuating. Well, I like the fact that they play used and twice and they're playing down with the right quarterback as one of those games could have happened in September and near a third of insecure. Now there are better team. Now for sure Freddy Soup Wanna talk about him,
I do got so lucky. We were that I watch the house in Jaco and and Blueboy cuz. They were on time visiting this weekend and get the eighth plays inside the two yard line office. Never seen anything like it was like he was just reaching into the deep recesses of his ass off and pulling Yet another terrible play the tariff six. Nothing could have gone up nine, nothing! I dunno one that team is up to scores, but woods seems like it would be good bright once this year to be up to his course. I've never seen a team run more plays without running any of the place that actually work or near under figure by like where's the play where the court Access rules out thrust aside, Edward seems to work every time or just a quick inside run or the cubist the care I don't know they're doing these do these plays there's a wide receiver in motion and Yonah Fair enough.
From the Bower now, but then it's a delayed, you know pitch pass, putting us doing what you think. There's a you get more points if it's a cool way rise, put by the answer damn asses they're all over I mean I was a game that no undeserved wainwright, I mean leaving the Classic Tom Brady shovel pass that hit the ground and then the bills recover ran for touchdown. You thought that was the game for a second ever buy things the game's over. I am, I am sure they got lucky there that that was the one time this year. I thought: Baker felt like using control he's like relax, relax, it's incomplete. We got this and sure enough. They did I did it. I won. The game are inadequate, red zone in the fantasies on a directive, a success through some river. I think they shed the dread zone and it's just cameras and fans for teams, like the brands kiss
you can see the people in the Amazon ever so horrified. They just didn't disbelieve by what was happening after, like the six play, the seventh plane, you cannot see some of the fans and the first cut. Rose there behind in the end there, just they look like there was their car get toad. They said that What has happened? Egg seven, where I love the dread zone the jailer controversial fantasy trade gnarly than involved Dodo Backrooms, renewed INDIGO is controversial, but basically guy last place, above all, though, backroom Junior and James White Fur, like three eagles who were off this week, one of them's mile sanders used by far the best eagle, the bunch but you're. Ok with that, but I was okay with it because, though, does been awful week after week, and he was the reason the guy was in last place are Franco first, so, as I am sure I do, he's trading a guy who is singularly murders theme on paper. It seemed like a crazy che, but then yet you watch today, no doubt into an thing again. I know, but my thing is out of those fine
guys Odell, the only one who can have seven touchdowns in the next three weeks, right, right as the only one, a very uneasy bluechip, or still I know, he's, probably the reasons and last place, but my thing always with this is: if you're gonna trade, one of the top guys top names at least yeah, put it I'll, just say: hey, I'm trading, Odo back home. And retraining and within the next two days, and if you can't say shit to me, a feed on offer me anything. I'm just gonna take my best offer if that's mile sanders so be it yeah few two and seven in you and your basically dont want to pay for the end of the male shaky lunch which is gonna, be bills. Raiders, at whatever terrible game, Yes, said the email out everyone on my teams available, I will be, I can trades. I do not want to finish last Adele's available, you name it! That's it! That's all you have to do and no one could say what they think the bronze. Could trade, Freddy Kitchens too, through accept felt it I'm so for me, because I have a third- and I bet you do Browns Browns stores this week and I was gonna shit all over the bridge
now they want in the steel was one only now have to regret. Well time in our we ve already kitchen stinks jokes, one eleven stray plays from inside the four yard bind in the first half and did it and never put any them in the the I know, then they want. Why can't you turn on the brass. I don't understand. I just feel like I don't I don't like when a team comes off of win like this cuz. Now you think I can. Maybe I will Freddie kitchens is in the running for the worst coach I've seen the last like six seven eight years. I have to think about it, some more, but it's really. He hits every checkmark on the checklist of.
When you know a team is awoke host, they don't get around to get huge action back and erase everybody's memory that he was ever there. You think they would do it right now. Huge acts in her Freddy Kitchens near what seems likely his prayers see. Might they're kind of like on would be the prayers deftly did not like you, Jackson does about it and I hear well, I don't know I mean Baker, call them idiot unfilled, but yeah. That is true, like a friendly like waiting a like MIKE August, I would have Dennis Larry. Maybe was neither coach in drafting the he's more realistic to me as a coach and further kitchens Bertha. So what do you get? Science, but we take a break. It was dogmas, imprecate or finding. Keep where's for your team can be challenging. Just look at the rams. They gave all that money to jeer gaff. They paid errand down on the gave tat girly big contract there when they traded for joy,
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apply by Thursday night? You mentioned it, brown Steelers, it's in Even this games that in London there no more the games right, that's it from London. We do have Mexico game I'll. Let you figure out of its this week or down the road. Now their master gave this. When is it said, money right. It's don't help amount Kyle now grown man. You can figure this out just Mexico game Monday night right now. It's scheduled to be immense. Mexico, it Why I would happen? Lasher was gathered right. The field was already while I have the browns favoured by four over the Steelers. Now right, I'm gonna get this. I said three two and a half three over Buffalo two and a half over Pittsburgh.
Its burger worse record, they they are figuring that there are better competition and buff lawyers. How would you describe your feelings about Mason, rid. Having made, would you want to have money item in this game? He's, internal light back that bad things about someone they go like a slightly poor man. I dunno near seems locked in the James Washington a married, that's better, the Athens with James Connor and when Schuster, but it has done to make it work for him. You just thought a feat in turn it over the rams, we're gonna have trouble scoring seven right at the Gittin Rams had a score three they might be able to, but if rude off turned it over what he did. He threw away with which to our economic, aiming towards the end. Their last guy Verhofstadt pushes wait for it.
Sunday Marquis game? Inaccurately this? I do not have the patriots game here Really. I have ravens text since I think it's a better game on the on against Lamar their cement BP implications to to another in the top five, both among its incredibly it's gonna be incredibly entertaining. I can't wait to watch it and I think the odds of this being a very, very good game are much higher than the odds of the Patsy, those being a very basic again certain that's my Sunday Marquis of the ravens by foreign f. Why? Out of owners, I got it for an average Zactly, also and that's what it is for now right square and the biggest zone. This is a nice time for the ravens to catch the eye
since the vat some injuries- I wouldn't say it's- the most- must win game of our time for the Tec. Since I don't know now attacks and take our business another vision there there get, there were good enough weight that they could not be fine a thing but I dont think the ravens destroy a team like the bangles. They destroy a team like the dolphins, they surprise it seem like the chiefs but you're home, laying points with the weird China. They were surprised him. I got patriots run this. Is it Range thing: crazy, reinvention by the ravens, where they had this Paul Ryan dating back to the earlier part of the decade, with. You know the talent array, Louis and Saxon, flak, oh and all that stuff. Then cannon, traded water and stayed relevant, but not not hundreds irrelevant, and then we're just able to reinvent themselves in a year thousand usin, now greater by him
I mean it is true, though, that they did have the twenty fifth pick that year and did not take Lamar ripe and then traded back into the draft to take him at thirty two, but it is one of those classic things or they loved them. It S. Lover, love after take em over the title. The twenty five there are funds team. You don't want to see them, you don't want to see him and Fox borrow it all grew rather see the Chiefs now Lamar's terrifying. I don't want to see Lamar ever again. This is now the watch a boss. I got two saints at Camper. I continue to think the boxer the boost that, if anyone past him, everything joy factor. The stated again today. Through a couple terrible picks they they had their usual three turnovers, including just running back just decided to drop the ball there is then, no one around him. She was just kind of
it is right handed in heading toward the sidelined and then he just kind of lost it. So that's easy. Now you're gonna know bucks game with three turnovers fish can be five and credible. Mike Evans plays yeah, there's gonna, be the shadow James come out of a time out when he staring at for now. Just researching praying answers happened. Understanding what were that safety came from really enjoy them, I enjoy them too. I was. I was starting to get sick for Bruce Arians as like this. He s got health issues brave. Yes, it's here with two James Bigs every week to restart then you're losing your Gmail Arizona was coming in on the road was caused coming east. How much more can this man take? I you know I like them to their the south. We belong out of it. Fellow members Salvatore below mode of? How could I forget it? He was slur, he wasn't a job or a job. As a guy who got pinned every time you went out there in Salvatore, Avatar would beat up on some dinner
read up on the jobbers and then yo against, like the iron Sheikh or Georgie Animal steel, or one Better heels and he get he'd get paid himself. He was fond. He'd clapped his hands. He dive around. He knew drop kicks in everything. I think that's what the box on that's. Why? You're? Not the union even mention them team that can make the plasma, but we don't everyone across him off, see you're on Stared that analogy you neither I'm wrestler. He would you want to say as the genes now they were there, the unpredictable Janni ROD saw Johnny Rods, Urca Johnny Rads, his nickname literally, was the unpredictable. Jerry rides. Furthermore job I don't remember him being too many guys. That's that's my back yard. They may be iron, make sharp because, He asked me to get pushed a couple times, but could never? He was like a twitter is between iron. Some, I push exactly was tremendous. They had that. I had that for Ambraciot that injury. But do you know I would have liked to three years he married and needing give up the brain,
and he would actual use. It is benefiting slug it at a guy- and I was just finishing move you know the there. Obviously there are so many resting shows that they should be stealing from old ideas like that right, yeah cause. I thought, the cast at the guy might not totally need was one of my favorites and gimmicks my sharp cowboy Borneo cabin at the cost, for a year and a half the ep, whose great, while I have the saints laying three in Temper Bay and how they are. You went light dated six and a half in its five. Do I get that there was off point after up to five points out a plate already October, six, thirty one. Twenty four saints that home.
I always feel like those games. Are closed. Bucks ain't, no matter what no matter what year now I want to see a couple of them again. We see them going to be gray Camaro as and played with fries, and this defense and Thomas that, if it is like been like two games that they've all play together and then this happens. This one was in the running for Marquis game, but at least we know it's a full fledged watchable we're going to the time of the year, and you look at this pat's Eagles game that we're about to talk about when weather Could be a factor, hey Google? What is the weather forecast for Philadelphia next Sunday they'll be scattered showers, their Sunday with a high of forty nine and allow a forty two woe. Scattered shower, so they never do. They did the whether that can change, maybe it'll, be real showers.
The weather, can't change of Google saying scattered shower his own eight days. For now. That's what's gonna bade point googled. It says that I, this game is, it fell down here. I think the patriots are going to be favoured by three points. I said three and a half minutes for so ass. I had you out there That's where you win this game. Will you freaking win this game and I'm? Hopefully, the cowboys will beat the broken lions and I will back where we were before tonight. Just tell me I can feel good about my offensive lad again chasm that there is now no matter it barely watch was by the way you wanna talk about fair basis, that kind of secretly hate their teams right now. The eagles are at their secretly hate real, really eagles fans. I think they're just frustrated the if you can get if you can get to egos fans
by the Ngos and really gave like in about three minutes, and they start land into everybody in the great they start complaining about. I get this from an eagle, spinning, wheel, guy just taken. The apple is job. We nevertheless Frank rank ass. He bounce dugout got that one from somebody with what he says about my badge. You see let the Eagles fans vet. Dear boy, early watch first one cowboys lions in Detroit Trade has has Detroit. Was we thought there were to go out to get that. I have I the cowboys, favoured by three and a half in Detroit. That's what I said it's a three day. Who is this? This is trust all that this is the old bangles quarterback ride the planet. I wasn't awful air
he was not mediocre. Now I have learned that aim. I don't know I guess he kept that he kept his team in that game before too risky. Remember now to throw a pass in the third quarter, but tat they have to win this job with, as this is now must when for a cowboy, so the mat Stafford thing. How do you think that conversation wet? Where is like a really wanna play? Nike cat- I really want to play. You have broken bones in your back. Yeah I don't care. I will just get me a brace. I want to go outside this streak, Matt that is unbelievable and I I woke up- and I have been a fantasy league in oh, my god, oh crap, what it was, but don't be a pussy I just played in like a broken bone. Take back my god that we hear about this on Thursday, I know he was like not a full participant practice and everything else, but not hear the x rays. Thus see those broken bones, those are in your back. You can't play it allowed yeah
tacos with us, giving you seven hundred million dollars. We get to decide which phones are important. I want more information about the broken bones like where I can get so they're, not rich they're, just broken bones this I got. There was more than one broken bone in the back yard. Jesus sit down next one Vikings home, for the Denver Broncos, I don't know why I didn't put this in the poop backed up but actually kind of enjoy watching. The vikings I think David Cook is, is one of the most fun guys to watch right now So you got the islands on the other side right as no flagpole either
Kings by night and half you're gonna get this island low. I said seven hers is before us on a bit cowboys and windows. Seven, it's nine, but you want that Anna teaser basket. Tat looks like the de facto better the week. Twenty one, seventeen late yeah you're like whose had at this hour and have three touched our passes right is her cousins why's. He bit sacks ever drives our people. That is this. What I'll be thinking about forty diners home for the cardinals, so I've I've watched the cards a couple times the last few weeks, interesting teen, they have a pass rush late. They can actually do some stuff. They can run the ball. They have a couple receivers that can make a play cursing.
It was hurt and all until this week and any seem to have like three steps on everybody. There are not bad is by point. I would not put them in late. The bottom, eight or bottom Niners implied that I actually think they're closer to. You know that that Buffalo range that maybe we think I like some of this stuff there coached US kids, were you stuck noticed, Stuck in a terrible division, terrible and that their they're gonna be hard pressed to win any games at three six and one in that annex II, Wester everyone's at each other's throats, but they play the forerunners two weeks ago. I know ever yes, the line yet but The that's that's in their memory back yet weeks is pretty pretty close. They lost again by three points on a third and was a good battle. Yet there to me, they perfect young team in this respect they actually like there.
They take chances. They do things that you do when you know you're not going to make the playoffs but you're trying to build a new culture. You know they did that crazy, punt fake play today and it works. But it was really cool way and it was. It was like a drop. Your balls on the table kind of way where they have their coaches doesn't give a shit, a clear, the Adrian Adonis, not the Nobody has a flower shop guy other, but I like, I think, that's how you should Thinking when your team, that's acclimate the playoffs, and you have a really good young prayer. And why not be aggressive in these games? Also worsen, that's gonna happen. That's kings barrier if you see a minute, if you saw them as a college, Garcia had Stella they almost when the Tampa game cause they're playing then Tampa had a really nice drive to combat. But there was some impressive about forty hours by ten enough. This is high. I said eleven and a half its thirteen and have that's too high. Their cargoes are competent.
I don't agree, might believe the area mega boy. I can't believe the teams undefeated- I guess they should get all respect in the world, but even six and a half ago, Seattle, now thirteen and a half against our zone of these at the vision game is my God on. These need to be close right that feels like it because plus comrade, like you know, however, the sea at the Seattle amended, I gave em share, that's gonna be a war yet, and then you get a play, this five cams later kite woody. What are your thoughts and Kyler Murray after ten weeks from what you seen? I think he it's funny. He made a remark about the Heisman trophy went around like a dog, during the week of the one you worry about winning off it's rookie year the year. This is something that you take every snap You should be running away with this a warrior Daniel. The idea for touchdowns- but you know, he's acting to win and again at this stage, Jacobs, basically on the radio, you didn't say a word in hard not to do anything to publicize himself yeah, but on
I didn't couple more games like this and it says I don't mind him at all as a franchise core back with you. Think he's been good, I don't I don't. He hasn't been is electric, as I thought, maybe you b, but is also young and is trying to figure it out, but he can definitely he can make different types. The throws he can extend place he can do is basically as advertised elegant, poop factor. We have for games start with cold Jack's. My my Ewing theory Courts, man I guess the you ain't there just jump down the Senate and the nationals than ever back just did the court's its. It was real Graham watch them together. They have just have no above average scope, whereas other them. Well yeah, but wouldn't it be a revised Ewing theory like it's. If the if there's like so now, the block is out, that's the Ewing Theory percent is out. So it's like Ewing.
They lost Ewing and Charles Oakley yeah. So to you, we go clefairy if they had one today, it's it's kind of past the point of no return for them. Unfortunately, though, I will say, Frank Reich did something that drives me bonkers today. What it is. This is like the fifth time this year. It's happened a three time outside their losing the game and it's in the last minute and it was Fort Down- is that going great, but there I think they were like around, maybe the twenty something like that they had scored, touchdown sports and ten or four tonight Let thy bad at it there and the eighteen and are in horror, causa time out the cigar right now, it's like, if we don't get this through for losing right. I'm off guard miraculously held on as today keep your damn time.
You'll get a whole mother shall have the three. We don't waste your time, ass now the game, and if you don't get this out exactly understand where people can for you that I had the court's by three and a half at all over the jaguars. I said three, it is right now three seem at stay away. All stand I care. What's goin on bills are at Miami. This is gonna, be a terrible game. I have the man I trouble with this. I want to say both by three and then I thought people are still not buying into this made me think, even though they ve been pretty solid for like four five weeks here. So I started a bills by four. I said four and a half and its six and a half six and a half, as well as the sooner they beaten by ten three weeks ago. But to that too big a number at Kyoto, the bran Floris that these than their staff that take place hard and
have five guys averted. Do made a ballsy bed today and I'll dinner alot of people like also taken on the dog one once in a while on take favorites on teases it's on such a balls. You bet my army plus the points of the Bali but the German, a cheese or two. I had. I teach them with the under Yapped easily one yeah nice, I wanna starch is bacon. Weird bets has any time I try to do conventional It seems like they lose. I mean you look at it today. I was reading online today, cuz, they have all this until now from all these different casinos does that they have casinos in New Jersey all these places, and at some point they said it was like nine hundred and thirty in the morning, our time that ninety five percent of the money in the chiefs titans go on the chiefs in some form, and I saw that are so they are so the titans. Somehow, of course this is. This is why these key building considers that
The masses are asses theory, but I did but but did the problem is a lot of the good teams, carry a big number like that. Seventy five, eighty percent on the ravens and teams that one too, but under more seven three today against the spread panthers kids. I had no idea what to do. This is when it's in Caroline, I put the Panthers by nine and might be to her. Oh, we split this because we're about two and a half points off. I said, for it is six and a half year. Oh, so the falcons look good for one game and now from now we're willing to take that a good team. Again, that's basically that's ludicrous and they're playing like two or three weeks again to did you see Matt Ryan's pack with like four minutes left as they were closing at the game and they decided to get Q throw any just euros. It raises a classic terrible Mariah, hiding taunting drew breeze finger. They ain't even have a good game around,
I don't really know how that ended up the score was saints, are bad raiders, our home, for the Cincinnati Bangles, and this is just jacobs- wants to put away offensive of Ricky This would be a nice place to start. I have the raiders, amazingly by twelve points. You're gonna get it here. I said thirteen. I went higher it's ten and I don't think they get tripped. Up. Last year, Crown were launched the first off the field, water break to encourage fancied the gained a moderate and hydrate to stay in the game. With your watch The stadium watch in homer in a bar have a great time, enjoys a crowd dopey that person ruins it forever and make the recall it take water break so who bade the re called this week? who made the right call, em an to say, I'm to say the raiders made the right call for moving again Have a story attached if you listen to it yeah, let's hear it so
doing Thursday night I'm doing Thursday football I'm doing alive head on the game in the pre game, Thursday morning. I tape lock it in live in San Francisco cuz. No one stays in Oakland side tape in San Francisco, from one hundred and thirty to two hundred and thirty, and our hotel in, like a conference room that the camera setup now should take a half hour to get over the bridge. I'm done at two hundred and thirty. I'm downstairs two hundred and thirty five of four hundred and forty live hit in Oakland Stadium. We got on the bridge and it ain't moving. The name is not moving for anything. I don't know what is it? One of those things like five lanes is down to two lanes that we don't. We don't know what it is we're freaking out going to get. There finally starts to move its four hundred and twenty five. I have a four hundred and forty hit and we're still like
half a mile away until I get out and Brother Brian's with me from against all odds, podcast gas. Unlike we got run, we have run and it was like it was like sprinting through Felicia. Because everyone's may want ticket egg minor. You guys who need who's got needs to get through this all crazy war zone of people, and I, finally do and then they see my fox passing like or fancy guy. What is Fox pass or maybe we'll take TAT Romeo MIKE I'm gonna get get mugged case there. Get mugged, never gonna make it miraculously we get three good answers from security guards as to what door we should at their and our pass as good, and there were things are right I get through. I get might up at four thirty six for a fee the forty hit I'm in the black hole and with all those maniac fans and I'm sitting in wood I'm I'm actually in like right. There is, the real as all painted faces, and this is a spite Childer pads and everything, and rightly so,
we go alive. I feel I am a hand in my pocket, my back pocket as you gotta be, and I turn grab the hand and I've been the wrist back, and I turn around and there's this guy. Are you kidding me he's trying to pickpocket may block all? cameras, pointed out as he doesn't even care that the cameras pointed out as he does it's on or not? I turned around like we ve forgotten behave yourself or online tv and, like forty seconds, looks music on maybe some wrong with them. Maybe not I don't know, but then I did the live hit. I'm sweating like a pay. You could see like my armpits sweaty in everything, I get out there and, as I really don't know how I survived it now is my that was. I can cross some pickpocket it in the black hole of my book. It was well so this guy had your wife, halfway out of your pants yeah. He had to lose like ready to pull it up and I don't even know how I felt it, but I was like kind of baby Hyperwear. I just like grabbed his wrist and turned it. I mean I guess it would have been a
good score for him. I robbed the tv guy, you know about it. Let it amazing story How are you not like covered in sweat? I don't understand their part, I don't know. What do I mean? I'm pretty bad. Look very first of all, when I have, guys around me. You know, I'm not I'm not going stand out so much, but but you know other net. I want to thank veto and mark for Nook in me up because then I ended up sitting in that they, like the President's box, which doesn't have. Bathroom, that's all bad off the stadium is, it doesn't have a Adam. You have to go so you have to go into them, bathroom outside the president's Box and I'm seem like a chargers family pushed around a urinal and is all kinds of small gun all they have to get out of here. They have to get out. They have to go to big dislike like now, no Monday everybody get on the southwest. Terrified. Yet the president's sweet doesn't have a bathroom now see now many get in trouble, but it is the truth tat while they said they sell Arcy COLA like dead, I want to
I should then have arcy collar and who hawaiian punched lemonade. Forget That's all you know they're, not even trying anymore I really joy that remember Crown Royal reminds everyone this for buses and to take a water break in moderate, to stay in the game and don't don't takes as well. What have you didn't? Have a you? Don't have a water break, our you, you did by thinking at the years was good for both that they know what is going to give it to have been in use outline what d, you. Why haven't you? the right call, leaving your own party, the other you really you loaded up on crowd royal on your responsible, not to leave My wife had a little surprise party for me that a lot of people there-
Unfortunately, I saved the Kobe was there and with that usually means there's going to be shots and probably did too many shots, and I made the right call. It was time to go. I left before I started pickpocketing my cell we miss. We had a blast blasted by lasted till twelve fifteen. I laughed until good time your body, the following it is absolutely true. I woke up the next day in my contacts were gone. They weren't to my eyes. They weren't in the where I put my contacts when I put them away at night. I don't know what happened to them. Tears, god I don't know I decide to do my contacts were gone. I thought you measured all your friends in your phone. No, my contact lenses I don't know whether I like took them off in the uber on the way home, I'd like to punish myself
for a word, but I had this never happened to me before I woke up the next day. No more contacts he's Kyle Madame eyes of my body, not in the container, nothing the latter. Will you put a member and like and about my hundred I took them out I don't know when, where or why, but they were not. They were to be seen, said to open a new context. I know a nasty raider fan who might have access than ever now fit well. This it was speaking have that this next one his candle rose, poop ed, which is how could have ended up for me when I woke up that next morning we have a real terrible game this week, it's really especially after the jets, are unwashed him. I have the jets, covered by three points, which is our radical, but true I Canada, I cannot imagine a world requested is favoured, but maybe I'm wrong. I beach it this way, because I have watched him by two and its wash them by one.
Then shame on anybody for thinking of taking either side here usually like with these games. There's fans from the other team but like what jets fan is gonna wanna go to this game who's going to this game. Anyone elixir not only one person. Now I would say in all its funding his case. Is questionable for those games. All you can find the line a lot of places, but I did find one, but I dont know If you could have any of the last five quarterbacks on either team, would you even bet this gave him? Oh, who would have to be taken taken snaps here, you're like when staffer got knocked out this week above the line? What four points yeah right? I don't know what what Redskins quarterback would move the land anyway, Now that not happened. A matter Sunday bears Rams sinhala he's going be a lot of Chicago offends there. It is.
Loser leaves town match. I initially thought this game was in Chicago add the bears by one and a half, but it's in LA which means the ranch would be favored by four points. Yeah. I said six hundred, it's six and a half, and I think this is a Sean Mcvay. Get your shit together, I'm going to fire everyone of you kind of game. You say you think he lays it out this week for them. I think he has two and if you want to point the one good thing happening and not that Mason Rudolph is good. You know you can expect a foreigner, your game from many wherever that defends played while a dead in a while agreeing a while, since they all came together in play. Well so unforeseen thereof. Now Monday night chiefs at chargers unless this the next cows that Mexico is in MAX ago. So it's chiefs charge.
In Mexico, which means the chiefs I think, will be favoured by sex. The charge is even a professional team, important job wherever they guard in advance, a travel ban on her vans. Its aim at home are going to Mexico. You said sex, I said for its foreign ass killed me this week there was thousand bloodbath, I'm that engage shape this weekend. I was frightened I killed me Saturday. Was much better and I and play with half a deck tonight if you could tell I needed not find your contacts and now we find the rest of the year. It actually happened to be one other time. I think when I was like twenty three, where I woke up in the contacts were just gone. I know it happened, so I don't know if I just like-
I don't know, I don't have an answer. I know where they would have gone. I don't know why I would have taken them out. Why wouldn't put them in a safe place, decided I didn't need them anywhere. You killed me this week. Some prepare corner tat corner, as always brought you by car max stress, free car buying with no regrets guaranteed climax, makes Carbine easy she's from fear. Eighty thousand Carmax certified cars at Carmax COM book, a test drive that fits your schedule and go. Every car comes with an upfront, no haggle price with no gimmicks, no games. You've got seven days to decide if it's the right car for you, if it's not bring it back for a full refund. No questions asked its daddy's a car max the way it should be check about today, a car Dhaka Sally of the die out. Will you know- and I know I haven't even great for this week, but I did posted video. This happened last Sunday, but I didn't even know the video exist at my mother.
Shouted up. My son running all the way down the field and slide tackling and taking are taken, get out and it was as red as a red card can go. I mean he ran the length of the took him out right, rang, worried jungle and it has like five hundred thousand. I call them a dick on twitter migration at dinner, but as like a half a minute, views on on twitter, and I was getting a lot of feedback mostly negative, but from you you gave me some pie. You want a few that Gary Project, that's good. Those are good instincts, that's a terrible care, but those are good enough. I know I like that he has a nasty sad because I think with boys soccer you have to have that cider you're not gonna, make it so good boy said not net, not as necessary and girls, but boys in the boy as the boys are nasty. We watch them. When my daughter has the games in Toby Le Boys game on a field that storm we watch him. Those kids are like. China kill each other. Really it's interesting it, because this is now so this is weak.
Eight or nine. They haven't not eleven. They once weaken week. One scored a goal as a team since week, one so it's all about. This is what it is. All about these a five year olds running after and just taken guys out cuz. They know they can't score a lot of fun, but I have a good parent corner that will that will take the one you hadn't been pushed up a level because an above my kid playing sports, my son, been football. Playoffs first game is against a team that they had beaten the week before by like three touchdowns. My son is in sixth grade, but he's play
Seventh grade team with four of his friends and then some seventh graders and it's they weren't going to win the whole league, but they had a chance to make the finals potentially Therap twenty two to nothing in the first half and it seems like it's and I'm not there. Thank God cuz. I honestly would have lost my mind and I don't know what happened on the sidelines. It's decided that they're going to ease up a little bit, so it's not a blowout, because this is, You know this is in classic thing that happens out here now I it's a little softer out here. Let's be honest, the kind of its after they want to run up the scarp. My whole failing is it's a plan. Game can fuck around three scores. Is that a big enough we'd when you're talking about twelve year olds
My son five days earlier was dressed like Jack Dickerson from the shining limping around with a fake acts. A minute said these are not brain surgeons, so wheeze up and the other team cut starts coming back, because we had a younger team. It just kind of falls apart so set, and it is a thick I think, we're up two thousand four hundred and twenty two. We have the ball and the other side lines going crazy. We have a chance to put the game away. We got screwed by a couple of calls and it's some point: there's some color some flag, or so black garden penalty or something and one of the kids at our team goes Shit. I gave you take one guess who who got the tenure apparently for that. Was your son. Then well, it's even worse, because
thought. It was somebody else on the team and they gave him the in the kid that they gave the pounded too, as somebody who had never in a million years swear, unlike my degenerate son ruse, so mad. That their lives in this game that he just last then ended up swearing and then tenure we go backwards? It ends up missing the drive so now he's like hangs a bad that fifteen ten, which one January simultaneous is too Swearing powder gathered ass, I grateful, but so now he's so upset. He feels like he caused the game. We're still winning and he's upset the sidelines opening comes down. They get a play in its support. The clock supposed to run in the Games Post and for some reason they stop the clock, give them a chance for, like a hail Mary, throw which, of course they complete our team, listen
let and we get knocked out of the plants and one hour having at twenty four point, eight near or twenty two point laid whatever was that's a good and then my son is convinced that, because he swore during the game and date, data put the game where the last drive that, as is far we'll, listened and then you probably said? No, no, no, it's not your fault. Let him take one of these every now and then let him say, yeah band yeah is should have we did say you This is what happens this is we tell you not to swear and then actually swearing, you get a tenure pony and play a game right. So I Some I told you the fuck off. So the lesson here is: if your son is
swearing, when he plays for nay and you're, telling him don't swear, please stop swearing, but then everyone's wise, those where's. This kid eventually come back to back in a really big way somewhere, so that it is a good lesson. Our kids I stand by my my what I said about your son I like he has a nasty saturated age. Five the rightly took up a red cards down the road, but it's fine. I hope I don't know the prison Socrates. Hopefully a willing participate affair, Member climax only says the best used cars. They were
millions of cars with their varying processes. I thought the best become car MAX certified with over two hundred stores nationwide him, where the fifty thousand Carmack certified cars to choose from they make it easy to find perfect car for your family seven day, money back guarantee in every vehicle, a climax, there's, no haggling. Never any pressure by DR worry free for ninety days or fourth asthma. Whichever comes first with the climax, limited warranty start the car for your next start, the car start the search. Search for your next car at Carmax, all right side where you got the plug, so I'm at the pregame show I'll be doing a bid on Thursday Night Football Steelers Brown this week on Fox Thursday night, lock it in Monday, through Friday, four hundred and thirty five hundred and thirty eastern on Fs1, then, that's at all, against all odds, will be covering all the big games me brother, bright, parlay, kid inherit figure.
Move will know a lot more next week. I feel like about the NFL in general, especially when we get through a couple. These market murky ghastly. Well, oh, we did but what the other thing we have talked about is the bizarre end of France, ESA, Dr Time W fan. I don't know what to believe, because I see all this, but it's the he, but he still doing bizarre smaller thing. What's going on boys, leaving the fan he's back and have his draft have shown more, but he's gonna do this radio that kind of thing but the whole it's just very. I the whole thing It is very ad won't even more bizarre because than I am joking when I say that this is what precipitated it, but he was accused of farming and then the next day he he defends himself said he didn't far on air and then the next day he announces eddies quitting the fat said. I hope I didn't have the have. I do with it
defiling my my feeling was that it was probably related right, he's probably decide now. Is you see TAT Ye take so much shit on my because he's got people out enough videotaping these? our shows waiting, firmer, fuck up, and then there are the videos up and maybe my lad, but I feel as someone who has to be about seventy picks awakened on tv. I get it, I get. It knew what you have to make opinions and mutton. My guess you have to make taxi, makes picks, and then they just pots and they slip it off and it usually funny, but that it probably gets autism, and I think he has kids right doesn't have kids like fifteen or probably like our dad this one saying this right now. It's like a different story I had it on Saturday I tweeted about how well the Celtics were playing. I was like. I can't fight it anymore. She looks awesome and Hayward broke his hand like two minutes later I don't know if weather is by five today
the Logan pacified those lasting allotted as I did see it. Not. Dare I say it I bet on it actually bed chaos. I was the line he was like, plus one thirty, eight or somethin stooped, We are watched it last night and I got to say I was shocked by the quality of the fight. It was good if they actually looked like real boxers arrive in the crowd, was really into Yes, I thought it prize was like, I think, can be a bus at that. Don't die those affair decision to actually like ass. I one like God for round yet would add that they gave look upon who played penalty for doing something that in a normal boxing match, she would immediately get disqualified right. That's a pretty clearly did not want the fight. Then I d help help. His eyes head and delivered an opera caught with the yeah, but they often yeah and then, after you went down, he punched him in the side of the head the use of it. It was like a double violation. He just work anti queued, then either situation there. Yet I am I.
Surprised by how an attorney was but the bed. The reason I wanted to bring this up was, I don't know what and there is some timing issue and they had a fight that was supposed to go on after the main event that they ended up inserting into before right before oh Papa fight so right right when you have almost the biggest audience they have this fight and it was four rounds of some name white Chocolate, again Jonathan Battista, and they do the records and its again with a record, nineteen and fifteen hearing. It is just, we're all actually we're like what the fuck is going on, because record is nineteen fifty. So talk, shows when you run late, they just bump. You re just come back next next guard This guy comes out and like about a minute then he might have gotten.
The back of the head. It was unclear and he goes down and he's just like. This is great. I have a chance to grab the DQ in the announcers, are kind of ridicule and the whole thing and he gets up and he ends up getting a fight with the with with he's fighting it's after the bell and just keeps don't have punches Adam and they just stick. Your medical faith is the weirdest ten minutes. I tell it I thought Horowitz erodes the zone. I was like. I want to do a twenty four seven about the re batch of this ridiculous fight. You admit to what was that, but yet out of them, Battista scenarios, nineteen, sixteen, he still three above five hundred, I think back my dumay gonna come back. I think it's good for the zone that Canelo is just about a monster knocking out light heavyweights. Now it gets me mad now, Kazi that he Floyd was so smart to fight him when he did when he was young. Oh yeah, twenty to twenty three at the time. I got him super early. Now I think you will now is just too.
With the store I M, but there's some good ones comrade, because the Joshua Seek was coming up a wilder fights this week. That aside the wilder sequel against guarantees and then Joshua against Ruiz whence Alan that's in the next two months. I think that the summer I wanted to. I want to watch both of those that endeavour heavyweight. The heavyweight division is more fun. I like the way ass. I see Logan Paul. I think these guys, yet you know like doing Lenny direction. The big boss, that's a joke, but I like to see more guys. Will it take it seriously modify? Why was that? texting you and Jimmy, though, from the celebrity boxing from two thousand to and Danny Bounden Duty, far ramp, Halloa, more shack and now is about a it was a screech screech fought, ran Palermo and is pretty riveting. For
below is tough, was terrified? Clearly, the first fighting at every minute eat? He just got a punch in the face for ten minutes city with by somebody is fifty pounds bigger than a two year, but I I don't. And the out anything, but this is I wanted for this idea in the logo, yeah saws thinking, because the fight before words like to light waits leg, hundred thirty pounds, but they're really good- and I was thinking like if we're heading towards this world of leg, Logan Paupers K S eye and stuff like that. What would it be if it was a if you take one of the best lightweight threat, best hundred thirty pounders, and you had them fight like a two hundred pound guy who didn't really know how to box both tough, like what? How big? With this the difference being before you would be absolute fascinated to see what would happen. Gimme a give me an example, Jimmy
see you so who's a heavyweight I'd, say brother bright. How tall brother Bragger is about six three six, three like two ten yeah: that's right but doesn't really know how to box re. That's a tough one hour, so weak ass, we do this and wrestling because we wrestled nice girl so that there was yes there was. There was a limit where estate Champ Ressler at a lightweight the ad, eventually he's not gonna, beat an average a hundred ninety powder, if you re a hundred and twenty six pounds nature, but I think he would be yeah. I know I think, like brother Bry, he would have trouble with the one one hundred and twenty six guy with would pepperoni enough with that would knock them out, but it has like five seven one
when he ate guard against brother bribes, like six three to two twelve yeah, it no brother, bright catches, I'm a different story because you got some skills, but but I think I think these guys are so used to moving in and out away what your thing you want you want to pay, for nationals and allied await against his what the hospital I would just want to see. What's like Kyle, let's say: Kyle gets a bantam, wait like a hundred and twelve pounder I think, I'll guys. A skilled boxer cause no box experience about how long about making good decisions. At this point, like twenty four hours before a forty eight hour snow, you have like four weeks to change. Now you get smoke as much as you want for forward. I believe that I wrote I think this out, maybe other something with the slogan Paul chaos. I, like I'm ready
see weird shit with the inbox and cards. We had this wives of aims, words, but yet no but, like we had said Wassail Loma Genco beats up anybody. We know. Oh that's yet nobler Doug De Luca, he beats all the banning any beguiling. But if you got to like a hundred eighteen pounds are hundred twenty pounds I got at some point. It has to the size would have to come into play, but I'm not gonna hurt you. As much, but what I was thinking was I've never watched a box and guard for forty eight hours rate. So it's always like you in a box in the right before the main event and then the main event nobody's like I'm, going to sit down and watch the seven fights in a row yeah, but they could get weird with a couple of the fights in there and maybe this They were maybe brother bright against the bantam way chap I like that, Let's say you think about it. I want you to talk about this and against all odds. I went out. Everybody thinks because, as always good job by
good job. I you I'd thanks to the cause thanks to stay farm thanks to car max thanks to north European, don't compromise your online privacy with the wrong Vps feel confident knowing your protection from neurons care, Vps, a leader in consumer cybersecurity, which uses bank raid encryption, Thou backers from steel. In the affair, you sent a receiver Wi Fi right now you get North care, Vps adorned outcome, Slash BP and Siemens. Three thirty three a month for the first year of the annual subscription terms, apply Norton dot com, Sash BP incidents back on Tuesday, with a very, very, very famous movie, star yeah, that's happening and don't forget book a Basque, but to put our drop in a park ass late Monday night, the next one,
series stadium for that in some ways
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