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Dominant Warriors, Five LeBrons, Soccer Trolls, MLB Struggles, and Chappaquiddick With Chuck Klosterman | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 388)


HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Chuck Klosterman to discuss the Golden State Warriors acquiring DeMarcus Cousins and how long their dominance in the NBA can last (01:56). They also debate whether a starting five of all LeBron Jameses would be better than a starting five of any other player in NBA history (21:12). Then they talk about soccer trolls (52:30), the current and future state of MLB (54:28), and the Chappaquiddick scandal in light of it being turned into a movie (1:33:22).

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Today's observe the Bs Pakistan, the rigour, Pike, network brought you is by our friends at super creator having high sports IQ very important. Just look at the conversation we're about tat right now, which are close to high sport I use all the way around comes to hiring. You don't need a hiring like you. Just used up recruiter, zip code is powerful. Technologist can sizes resumes five people. The right experience for your job. Eighty percent of employers to post on Ziprecruiter get Aquatic ST just one day. My listeners can try it for free at Ziprecruiter. Slash BS, had procured the smartest way to hire were also brought to you by the ringer dot com. Even though its MID July, and even though there is not a lot going on, we have some awesome pieces, on the rigour and now Jonathan Charge, sword about Jonathan Isaac, who may be the first one to break the magic curse,
Roger Sherman were really funny piece about. Movie set it up by networks and the fact that Lucy Lou the sports media. Higher Seo Pistache person and all the flaws in whatever they turned him thou, and we have an oral history and step brothers, which is also be. The reward was for this week check that out and who will be the next and affairs next Legion. A boom identically, just a whole bunch of awesome stuff, including a big feature Dave Hill about a cock fighting ring raid that appended a small town that happened check it out. The ringer that come up checklist meant first
program I check close to banana lad. It's been a couple mice. A lot of things have happened, warriors have ever car dance of dominance. I don't know if Chuck likes that or not Lebron is moved to LA the World CUP is happening and we're to talk about Chappaquiddick later, because we are both fat. By Chappaquiddick. Let's start with the warriors people are saying this. Bad, for the NBA to have a dominant team. This sacks, which or take Well, you know I heard it was we'll great NBA seized him like a lot of people that, I think is neither the advocate
unspoiled. It was real interesting, but there is strange out there The year was exactly what everyone sobered happen in October, we pay the warriors playing the calves in a world where I don't think it's bad the weak there. Do you now I like when there's I like, watching great basketball like what you great basketball bottoms, I like having really good themes. I would rather have dominant team I think what sucked was probably private, that round to range it fell. I just felt there. A lot of time between games. There was a lot of excitement and They just seem like four about seventeen eighteen days there. The NBA was that much fun, but the Houston God states. Errors was really compelling. I thought and Celtics Ex casual issue and then we added in other finals
was what was it it turned on the first game. It would mean that all that that the east plows forget the whole way through the West play out. I mean the eight yeah. I know what you're saying, but I mean that can happen regardless of how the camel distributed I guy, but I dont know if people we, I mean it's something to talk about you that they like this good or is this bad? I get you. I think that the thing that it's disturbing people maybe a little bit- I don't think you're colonel you not conscious of this, but I think that is the hard for people particularly in the United States, to get used to professional sports league. Players run everything yeah, I mean it's way that this happened like this was not even fifteen thank you to go. Didn t possible and now, in all the players have all this agency and
the money is so master. The guys can cake a lot less than they could potentially earn, and it's still David has almost no matter. How do you even visually M? Imagine But how do you imagine the difference between two hundred eight million one hundred and seventy nine You know that what you, how you look at those thing and they all well now I can't give up I know, and I do it. Everybody in this scenario is like it it it's almost an abstraction. So you know when husband, was going to the warriors at first I was like to getting weird now, but it totally makes sense he's not gonna play for a long time, it isn't even necessarily going to be the best move for them, but I didn't
absolutely see a scenario where he's healthy and their better off with him now the floor. Although the bank? Maybe you can have the historian on this? Would you we that is, here. The warriors are healthy. That is the best starting five and basketball history. I know NBA history. We can calculate the gate and envy history, would you say that if the warriors are all strike, those are the best five guy any Kieva everywhere on the floor simultaneously, I would say it sees Anna buggies in there. He asked any helping playing well. Have to look back at some of the sixty celtic teams has there. There were some years where, because the legally had, like eight or nine or ten teams chair absolutely like where a couple of southern team said have a check him out the mansion. A clear statement that, although he was he was coming up the bench, though often when he was the first or second best player on that she drew from
the airline talk about be often talk about the eighty six topics. You got three that got the key players at time on edge. But here you have to empty peas, who are still basically at their impact You have a guy who Ikey was on a bad team, but probably lead to legal scoring. You have the most birth it'll player, way player may be in the lead. You don T care. If you score more, can have a good games going four points, add the first or second best centre in the. Why not? I don't want that situation has happened before I can't. I can't think of a gene where you would say their best. Five guys are all potentially first came, all NBA play. It. I haven't eighty six ethics is a good comparison through this, because
I don't see him playing allowed a minute's next year. I don't think he's gonna come back until January February, and even then add out there? I don't see him playing big minutes. And I see him in that Bill- Walton, one thousand nine hundred and eighty six role for this team where he comes off the bench in both halves. But occasionally finishes games and where and switch is able to swing the momentum and swing different, eggs and the other thing that was graven while was on their team, which I still think is the best him ever starts a Finnish. He He had one yet in his own storyline kind of invigorated. Everybody us and I think, that's what that words. He was missing last year. They let who had no one yet the bill I worried one and seventy seven, but he had the he hadn't one with that team, and it was a kind of the new Morocco and I get ice I made this bogey, I did it causes it helped me he's not coming up the badge if he a
May and he's a hundred percent and here's the deal. Isn't it we injury on a real big guy? So in the past like I don't know, but now it seemed like anyone can come back from anything I mean situation like what the Viking piercing had to change my view on all this now. I think anyone can come back or anything, and I think you'll probably be the same place It was your very close to it and how would you not have him so in, alas, I disagree. I I think that's the one injury. We have not seen good track record for people come about. Especially in basketball, its. Spend a lot of people taking really two years before they were close to what they were and there and even then it was in the same light. There's been
We call these came back laid in his lights, weighed his career Dominic Welcome, came back and was still pretty effective call. We was a pretty old person when that happens, and he still managed to a person who could scores sixty point and again haven't fifty Toby was that the South West These are the same guy. What he wasn't it. Here. Of course, she wasn't is good, but I am just think it does not even possible to me. You know there s always a first of all its drive and Bernard can came back. There was the first time a symbol. Had ever have been injury like that came all the way back to continue using I ate it seemed it seems more and more plausible bad be able to recover from about failure. I don't know I'm not adopt, I just want to see somebody come back from this injury, a hundred per cent and pretty share in basketball as nap dither thing. Is there not a
and really too, Care about what he thanks, because he's there for one year they can't peoples I think he's gonna be there for ten years at the way the seller cap works, they offered and five billion following year, they can only offer him a hundred twenty percent of that and he clearly using them, because he's gonna parlay this one worrier season into a big contract the next year, so that easily town whatever they. While I actually think he'd be pretty devastating coming off the bench, because you know it, it the right way, You always have three crew the score is out there you now you would have some version of during a curry clay, and then buggy is the fourth and Many of them are always out there. I did thou be pretty great, I'm really excited to see you when the minority I wanna, watch gray, basketball team? I'm excited that this team is so good an when you, Where did eighty six outbreaks
bird at his peak in eighty six was better than the tyrannical or, but I think the combat and curry is probably higher upside them burden Mikhail pair. His verses, I would say, maybe clay clays, probably you crazy top twenty guy perishes probate top twenty five when they play its roots believe in and then and then, though a card is dream on J man is better than than a shattered. Any age was buggy. Is below the dewy theirs. Certainly the most talented team we fad. I would say you know: data to Lakers were really loaded. You go back to that to him dad young magic there. Korea may really still in his prime there I will get back to you norm Nixon that aid. That aim was that team was up there, but this is This is pretty crazy because you have Boogie
I pace to be a second team, I'm Ba guy last year, so if he doesn't get hurt well, obviously, that the same now, but they have three guys in their team. As recently in the last twelve months, people, reconsidering top ten gas, play as a borderline on NBA guy and then that same thing, pretty crazy as you know, and here's to exploit it doesn't bother me. They have. A team is loaded there. Still eventually going to lose and that's going to be interesting. There was a big big gonna, get you let that rocket theories was the first time
I was watching them and I was like I considered it isn't a situation where they just have so much talent somewhat, shooting that no one can beat them. It's like they could have lost their theories. It was very possible. I think the still thinks it can be very good next year and in this I think the sectors could be very good and it seems as though it were any dominant theme. Eventually, you know they they lose something, if not, how and big game count, but the edge that Europe needs. Have to disappear? The desire that matter. So it's like the way you think I've ever had to put money on who in the title next year. I would obviously bet on the warriors, but it's not gonna happen in perpetuity now. So it is, I think, when you have a real dominant d, it does make it more
interesting because every time they almost Lou, it becomes important, the other thing, if you go back and he just look over the last forty years of final force and the idea that the top seeds in conference usually go to the go to the lad through the third round, with very rare exceptions that you had the ninety nine season? I've been this. I've taught my head, but the lack out season and ninety nine when they only put fit games. The next made the files is innate said. You know. That's. Pretty pretty crazy that that happen, but it was a way shorter sample size is a lot like Lester City when, in the Premier League, where you, when you just have less games more whacking, as happens, but for the most part you three year by year by year- and it's always the teams best records that usually make the final for. So I don't know if it's that much different, I think, would what people seem to not lag is that this was so
August traded in that it is. This conflict of advance with exotic, have gone up and dread deciding to jump to a seventy three when team, all that stuff they sent. And they did everything by the rules. I would argue it's more annoying the situation the Lakers, where they do everything wrong for six years. I literally everything every day Take they made with the exception of Brandon Ingram is: is the sub You can criticise or look back on and be like wow, that each mistake dared to trade two issues, one bottle, Kuchma Tom. I bet they put boy good young players, time with their Larry tax. They did they pig seventy seven I can seconded second Randalls gone gave away the angel arrests altogether. Biogas contract, Lazo is available. I just think people are afraid of his dad the mass goddamn combo sightings in two thousand? Sixteen were apps, atrocious.
The way they have handled their coaching staff. The last six years is just a churches. I would say there were the three most poorly run teams in the league this decade until this year and then they get Lebron anyway linked to me, that's more annoying. It's a! U view you have deserved. You haven't done anything to deserve. This is getting uncas. He wants to live in a way that literally the only reason. Well, ok, that's some what you say there. I give I disagree with some of it. Ok, personal will you. I know you you're always and a fixed period on the hard in trade, and it would have been interesting if Ogle Homer city had kept bet team together. That would obviously be a super key, but they had those three guys. Don't think anybody would mine there to do. You have an organic like true. What you're saying is true, I guess not. Lakers are just gonna fascinating situation. I think that they are the interpreters, Joe, is being override by catch. Fan but under
aided by like the serious basketball people. I think they're real performance food in a false somewhere in the middle. I think the gear you know, a lot of people are now I listen to the radio driving around sports talk. This idea seems to be like well abroad, obviously does care about winning tail anymore. He met, there must have been deemed a cap. That point is life because he's going to this key emerging may not make up after it ever. I don't think. That's true accuse me. Can is wherever I go, I'm kind of all. We need to make a team subsidy Julie, better. In fact, you know where my big regrettable, bill. I kind of regret after these play out every negative thing. I've said a ball of brown throughout my life. Now I guess it's not like. I went around, you know criticising him incessantly, but I guess the ice. Really fell almost lucky to have what can play in the play,
the here any is a good guy and yeah. I guess I think they're there That was it those like I like it. This one guy? How could he be like sports? Want you really love Libra degree what's the big right, yeah yeah, I'm down, but I thought I think if they could fill entertaining but like for a while. I wish you would like any time you mention Le Brown. He would you sort of like China is an ancillary thing. Their role in any of the greatest pleasure of all time. Even talking about like, like we're, gonna cut Brown drives your average gonna, throw it in that yeah. I would like what's real like was trying to do here. What's the point be trying to be the first guy to be famous, Bang went round the display forever, but do not like that point.
Here the best player ever. I think now that he is. I think that he has said that the way you ve gone about achieving that is pretty admirable and I feel like a jerk kind of her. Having said a lot of negative things about him, just because he was so famous and maybe so easy to criticise somebody that great I'm I'm shocked, is did Michael Jordan, I think I think he is talking. Here's the deal. Ok, you all. We always talk about Herr errors or whatever, and I dont know. If I really agree with that, because when I always think of, is you have to look at the gap between the bed player in the second best Blair? Now the gap between Jordan like, partly or come alone, who was ever the second best players, whatever they
it may be, probably was greater than the gap between the brown and around. So I guess it better. Be the one thing you could still say that for mixed Jordan, different that the gap between him and everyone else may have been greater. I don't really free thing. What brought on doesn't do as well or better than Jordan, except hate people. What are the only thing that you act, that Jordan aided people more and was more? competitive, shared a little bit more about the bottom line, but in every other way now I just did it seems silly almost now. Do we not silly may be going too far to about argument, but I now is it. It seems as though, if you had to pick one of those two guys
For your kind of theoretical hypothetical match against the alien do wherever the fuck it is, but the name when we re really is that what you are we talk about sleep, the Bobby, I would say there he had by rides alien. Ok, I sell for an ok spell. Work were fighting the alien yes, but we now know what we're not fighting a Brac were they thought there really amicable. They will play its been bout, showed advocated, challenged us. Yes, they now we can, and I suppose because they're aliens girl, like the long, whoever you want to be the best version of that letter. I guess I would firstly like what we gotta get the broad. I think that that would be the first thing just because you bigger and everyone what what's kill What would you say? Jordan was a better give danger, but I think what brand I can show you for one production could be the best defender of all time.
It has been agreed to shut that you had to shut somebody down through one position. I think I would put would run up against anyone. I didn't Jordan was a better score. Egg had endured and was just a better quartered. A quarter defender is better. Brad. Lybrand took a lot of time off and that in the last four years, which is really smart, that's what he had to do. I think the best As for your argument, is the if you add five of the same guy against five of any other guy who read, this is always been the best brackets five The bronze would be five other. Five anyone else's right, who it It would be further Brad, maybe, five lebruns versus five magics and the virus so possible. Oh, I like this one, not that this also work. Would you take for your football team you're gonna love another guy, I know, but I'd take. Will
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it is too early to be a minor and full sales campus in Orlando Florida to learn or about forcing universe. These Damn Patrick School sports casting gotta full sail that Eu Sash Bill Syn, back to check. I were back so you're saying eleven of somebody in football yeah. I gotta play both way and they get a kick I think the obvious choices alter paid, how I think Walter it is clearly the most complete football player of all For some reason I was just thinking, but eleven Bow Jackson said it out. That would be good. That would good bye, bye. The eight. How do I guess the idea would be pretty physical team a
should be like a defense. Guy would make more sense to pick like a defensive back would play quarterback in college like a Visitar that have been nine thousand time. I get a mention: the name Nolan Crime, while you were having an affair with Raphael and forgot every time out at the end of the great weight annually than ever where everyone says that Lawrence Taylor was the greatest athlete has ever play? Football seems to be the consensus viewed. Eleven lords dealers are those that remember we got. We gotta have it's hard to sort of imagine Lawrence Airplane Court, and that's the key to this. Whatever guy you pick I challenge you go, we pick a quarterback. You can't really pick a quarter back because it hard to imagine the quarterback doing anything outside of that liking, Aaron Rodgers hard to imagine playing tackle. They would ever you gotta pick somebody who is Sort of Canada Pure aptly, who could also peaceably
FR. I forgot Paden type, paying quarterback answered the possessions and gay like that. At one point, the quarterback got hurt and dick a bench. The second guy had a negative against the Packers Hammer, here was but like budget, but Walter Paden shocked. I need the back like what position he's a great example of missing era he may be in the top. The greatest missed, missed his arrogance cause is, but Eric you better put her one of you twenty years later, during the era of fantasy football and everybody be able to see every game and highlights, and even if you brought him in thirty years now, twitters above I think we just I think, area while repayable when the most popular for Bob were of the last twenty years. There were people just loved them, for I barely was a pretty popular player that you go on Youtube Fairylike, just watching, utilise yeah, I would say he's up down by one arab campbells, probably number two
Gale, Susan Grannie. You have left it at all like when you watch that when you watch Walter Paden Clips- and these are ok but everyone the while be like energy, withdraw that kills. There is such a limited number of Buddha Tune, as only finally, it looks like you never see. I've never like. If someone shows me dumping gale fears did that. I haven't seen shocked like thing for each of them. It. All that I haven't seen. You stop megabyte blown away that at its got it Randy mosses deathly in that conversation he's he. I would put him in the top five year. The debate, thing. He as I love football, amateur or the new grown up, and we just had the two games they showed an embassy in and CBS, sometimes every three days the bears really ever because the bears were good. So the item we even saw Walter Peyton was when they would cut in through the half AIDS let's go to Chicago or water pay debts of the great
any real. I got my god whose yeah the Vikings with a local key fur. What so weak out you always see the bears way yet, as our that I saw you know then? Usually the late CBS Game was doubtless till I get a couple times. They played there whenever a Monday night, the very rarely the other bears on Monday night. These guys really lost out. I feel the same way about the Basque. Biogas is magic, and Larry in and Michael specifically, and I think Dominic there the twitter. I would have been phenomenon because of its his in game ducking. I still have a number one as as the best thing and Thou driver said, but just now, an aid, magic and bird messing around and doing some of this stuff. They did translated better to leave pass into other than anything, especially the passing negative, they- give a single Hayley rejuvenated the whole passing her in
I think I see this as Chinese. The hut highlight on Twitter, though it like you just you know it look at again their up there all the time, so they seem much. Meaningful. I dont know I you know like Jimmy. The apex of highlight was when Howard So give me half the money needed here was the best it ever was because you were seen stop. That was the only kind you're gonna see it announced by the perfect person to do it like a little kid I almost and would like that like I do like their part more than I could. He bestowed wait, glad adapt often like we like, but wouldn't go to bed. To watch the highlights that boy went to bed, he would ever now highlight the very cheap story doesn't seem as though now I am I I can't look at back scores more than that.
It highlights just because I'm going to see what happens when you can imagine I ask you: what do you think would happen now, a tray yeah? I think you play well ass night. He finally ETA goodnight shooting, but I watched the better, the heart and the next game anyway. The first game Knox played here last week and Observe of mixed mind, what's gonna happen with true young? Now I am wondering what you back before. I get my sort of traditional I think, he's really young the key ways about a hundred and twenty pounds I dont know We totally knows how to play basketball when it is, then the bar- and I thank you ridiculous shooter and I would urge, we're ready to just read the up and down this first year. I don't think have. They were you to for five years. If you go back and watch curry in the warriors and Oda. In ten and eleven there's- no real sign that anything. That's about happen is gonna happen mania, catch aid for Andrew Bogot, so
It can take a while I'm hoping that people don't go nuts first time he goes like too eighteen and again, because it's gonna believe that can happen, but here's here's the thing that I find interesting. Normally, when a guy like that become college, the NBA. If he ended busting it's because you can't get the shot you guy, did they would like? He was knocked down shooter, whatever in college, and now he gets the NBA and an equally can't do it. I don't see how that can happen to him now than him getting his shies criminal law of the court and pull up thirty five feet away? But you can, you can kiss filled at some point now what you forget, how to shoot right is like a cat. Suddenly, it's not my fault or whatever weathers the mechanical problem. So I will, I wonder if you'd just gonna like why I don't know why you going one for thirteen in two four eleven in so many of these family guy
I don't really understand that existed. It seems really contradicts what the way he seemed a player in college, but by the end of the college hearing was struggling to so I don't know I didn't want him. Mystic see you to give me last night, He example is ever there anyone what, but will he was he made because, like seven per thirteen on yeah, but like seventeen of nineteen overall yeah, like seven nineteen, we keep like you. The only made three immaterial a baby who is poor turnovers to have I think he went to the right team, cuz they're gonna be awful and he can just kind of add who he is and what is the ways gonna do? think, though really seems like that. The order of that draft even just a month then after we ve had the draft would be totally different I don't think there's any way. Marble Bagley go second I just don't see it. I did. I was I'm impressed by window Carter on the balls,
and had not slept really good edges to show you yet again, like these teams tat to get into the top five any every year, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven twelve thirteen. Like two or three jams out of those packs. Teenagers have to know how to pack bad teams. Sped themes do dump thinks. Can we go back to the the five the for a second ok, Who would you have in the files against the five the brides? Would you have wilt five worlds you, don't you don't I don't owe a great deal about, will ball handling because an end, the thing is, is very positive. He was a pretty good all handler, but that was during a period where a shadow wasn't supposed to drivel my wheel. He wasn't supposed to bring it up. Ever
any really, though, if you could handle the ball yeah that be right in there I mean. Can I give you don't worry? I can I think. Ok, sure I think five Pippins would be pretty good. Lastly, we realise some guy to play, the three that, where the obvious choice for this right, yes, they can go up to doubt the guys who can guard different positions, handle the bar and dug his first, Tell it a grandma would be another and that I think healthy Greenhill is some at five. Grand house might actually be a fun. What I've been sitting. If the listers, at their have any ideas of food play five the of the files, but What did you say like five gripping the river against Bible Bron? It doesnt seem close to me yet tat our bid it our only eighty, I guess I would take Jordan depict nobody in this.
New alien scenario: close to the sort in that, like youth work from the premise that somehow He ain't gonna, want it more and you're gonna, just gonna do whatever is necessary poison, Emma whatever did succeed, but there. Let me you'll, probably have observed a bit bigley thick, sixty pounds heavier. The Jordan are shopping right, yeah that, while the early dandies journey, I laid down his journey and I think we had more weight, but I think I think I've jays would be the underdog depressed Vito, underdogs and would take it personally and which is go out. The five? The Brons were knows happening, but Fourthly, I would too funny thing What happened with the bran for me from a historical employment was, if you the warriors in that fine us
I think it almost sort of an unassailable there was the greatest whereby type, because If you go back and you go to the mid nineties with Jordan, nobody was This is the greatest pleasure of our time in the ninety seven. Ninety eight fight us, the combo of alone goes against them. He The game when he shot game on he's the gaming game. Five thanks the mistakes and then the next year basically carries that broken ambles team, all the way and makes the shot and by the internet they were like designated wherever Leubronn We have had that moment. I think in the final lasher feed to evade gone Toto with the bad. Team in the in battle in the Lee, but at a decade, and actually beating them. Somehow with all these duties plan with a chair, smithing Corver as it wishes What's going on. Well, ok, it's over! No more conversation! I mean I don't know, maybe the simple way to look at them:
Could you take two years are both are still pretty good like they won. In our I mean me, they were in the play off. They work imperative game. You'll never brought up again this year, terrible I they wouldn't find no therein. Utters, I mean there's no question to me that their dirty be awful. And I I think you can go through outside of It- Here. We need the Miami that were the case every year, what part of that is so, much revolves around him on a basketball team. I made this point before that you don't want when he's not there, it's it's. Just people don't have the wraps to know how to think for themselves. Basically he's doing the thing everything's rang for him that's right, I'm out of the game, you guys do it and they don't know what to do westward. Had this issue with ok, see to it by the time and when he leaves the court, the team would fall by a paper bag,
they're on offshore with west broken again as their whole. Everything they do run. Sir em there's nobody thinks for the bazaar me by Kevin Love. It had a period in Minnesota. Were everything ranch damage shouldn't be a completely alien experience that when well grounded on the floor, that sort of becomes the player I agree, but I thought I heard of a notice if out of three point shooter, like he almost lost those scale say I actually think that's clean following the bronze far to a lesser degree that love came clever with all these different really. Shifting skills and only use the couple them. I don't. I thought that was a mistake. My second, those really gets. You yeah, that's true. And it turned into Lady Ryan Outer selling it they were. They were a bad theme with one great guy,
so that one great guy mean we're just walk your honor with anybody, even during the second best players, switches role but Durrant on on that, we want how far they go, they make the play off in the east. Probably there probably probably the eight day that both parties again Durant leads the league in scoring, certainly, but that's the end I don't know, I think, the red, I think the right would have had a pretty interesting a fact that some of those guys cause he. He just or find a play with them, the I Bigelow Brian, better basketball player, but the rain is is definitely more inclusive and he's. Well, you know he's not one of those this system has to fit to me he's one of those I want to have her. Whatever system we have, I was like those guys more dangerous goods having INA play play basketball back
I was I play with people out there. Now you have a Europe of us. You have a special relationship with you. I do it suspicion you're perfect, you are for your professional invested. I am really that a by the way we ve Jimmy Butler We have Jimmy Butler, my podcast as next week, and that will be the third time is, but on the package, which is to less than their it. Well. Here I be better at like you could budget a budget guy do is that a number of times that they have been on the pot gas is the idea that sort of, but now you have special act there. I don't do. I dont know retired because where'll, where else that your reactors candidly for long stretches the time, he did. You manage to sort of kind of shit all away this one thing I don't know: there's been no chiseling, he did the files would it do pack ass, it lay jacket sports illustrated didn't it
Chris hands in. I didn't do anything with them. I think retired from the paths we took, this fires real air. We know we now we'd ideal. We we cost every single thing. We could pass away the scar. Sarah there's much left, but I don't know the next one you we may have to invite you see you can push the emblem of it. Oh no! I, like the rapporteur. I think it is like it. He does seem like a different person any and I'm not sure why that is just maybe two themes that way I think you deaf ears, I don't they the request I made the ok see thing gave him an edge, not necessarily in the best way at the guy
we, the warriors, are kind of I mean I have. This is not a controversial statement. They are difficult to like now the clearest example being the first game against the calves that went into overtime it sort of like they should have lost their game for it. Four times and then in overtime, when it became clear that the word of a win, the very kind of the laughing on the cord and acting like the outcome was self evident. Here. I would like my than look there You know like like, if you did you act that way. The whole thing is one thing, but, like the other, They should not have one that game in any differently. And why they shouldn't one that gave the part that I don't understand and I've ass people as Turann. I've asked him for pupil. I work for the Tv Steve Fur I don't understand why it's been so gruelling for them and divide. Spain, I even a good. I talk down when it did they our show. I remember if we
put it in the shower, not but we're talking about Why is it so hard with you guys? a study by a hard. As is why so much talent why why is it so difficult eyes? Is such a grand in these dislike it? Just ever? night after night. It's the Superbowl, their team, you now and when turn that, from October on, every game we play is the biggest game the season for the team are buying and work. Then covered Nonstop, like you know like where, where the president, or something and she's day out day after day of unawares down again that makes sense but they're not the first time that I had to go through that in earlier I mean it's terrible, there's probably some truth in that, but I have generally in life with all people. If you ask them to describe their career or their work life, they aim to either exaggerated that it
Harder than it is easier than it is very difficult for people to give an accurate stored of description of what their work life is like. Has to do with their perception or attitude about work in general, because people are always thought of acting as though their job is so difficult there still art or so Jack or all my life is great, though he reaches come than the luckiest person. The regime to give a real, accurate portrait of what working is like it either. Exaggerated, where there that's true hello, take a break Who is about Merle from status. Shipping comfort functionality borough has reinvented the luxury catch. These sofas are maximize than comfort and support birth, sofa handcrafted in the same factories. His other hand, retailers delivered for much less ship for free, ergonomic, designed a built in usb charger. You can actually customize your borough, sofa
by selecting the color size, armrest height and leg color. You can enjoy thirty days of cosy on your comfortable. Borough risk free or chimera one of their partner showrooms. Today we have a couple of these at the rear, go over to? Where are the website? Part of our offices are located. I frequently see brand Curtis Kevin clerk sitting Amber surface seeming, so After all, there not actually working its frustrating go customize your on burrow in get seven Others have your order by going abroad, outcome such bs. That is burrowed outcome, such bs for seventy. Hours after purchase borough makes the luxury catch for real life I'm back to their word saying. Do do see similarities with when you had these ask about teams that, where down over the course of a few years, I think this happen in the pistons. The same as Thomas Pistons, where
Eighty seven eighty eight they couldn't get over the harbour was so hard. Eighty thy. Ninety, they win the title. Ninety one, the balls knock them out and then they just They just kind of like broke in, you see this with bans or our bans will have these five Seven year runs in their down and I feel, like that's gonna happen. The worse. I don't I don't see. Team stand together for ten years. It seems like we're headed for either It's gonna, be after this. Patxi's inner the season after at least one or two of these guys will leave like it's almost like their destined, not to state again. That this is the way the league is, and we see now it bans, but this many bans that they had this, point where they their stay together, they break up and it happens for five years six or seven years and and they usually break up Deasey similar- is that I am crazy Well,
We in some ways what you're saying you nothing while and that true for all think right I mean you eat. Very few things that are valuable, distorted, victis, eternally sports. It actually kind of pushes that, because it has trade negotiations in all this stuff, bandit. I think a lot of it has to do with you know you can't, start a ban with your relatively young, it's rare that you would DART abandoned late in life. Lively, you do when you are young person- and and years means a lot in the different. Between being twenty one. Twenty nine is substantial, you're totally different birth and I was a totally different person. I did. I was twenty. One, though, in order for me to start a business, but three of my friend and I was twenty one and distinct wishing to go on forever. Right, I mean only bans. Can you think of that kind of Your mate, your ban, go, it's me regional line up, never
Does that like well. You knew the biggest example really. Cop is a big example. I think the bans glowing like that that they haven't had need blind changes who else it would be some other? It's it's not allow me or ban here it's hard. You know it's hard to find groups like that fell. Staying together is actually much more the exception like it, you shouldn't be depriving it should be. Depriving a big with this similarities I would say: is that you Bandit MBA team, it's three or four. People that really matter right and that's it, and maybe even too, maybe two and a half way it wherever you want to say It's a relationships and the way they mash in every aspect of their life that keeps going, and we ve seen the same thing about times once they start to either of them
is getting more than me. Oh. Why? Why people like him away. What will you do there Fighting over a girl, I, whatever the hell, can happen. That's when it goes. I get. Ok Radiohead? The ban has now need changing. So when you had the ban, but one guy who clearly the leader a second guy who's, absolutely essential the essential guide brother than the ban, that kind of simplified, the drama seem like a real sourdough understood. The person who just like this would have been all just. Let it go out. Qatar Blair also, I think me the way them them. The money is distributed, probably play their role, and so did you did you about this pike. Ass is the Cairo Leubronn thing. I think eyes in ta this rate, Cairo,
just decided hidden, didn't like playing with anymore. He just had it at it. There wasn't, really any great reason for it. They theirs is packing. Said David name. It men Amanda Varden and Jason Lloyd, three guys covered the calves. They did this long, podcast, the bad and I do you know about it. Jake hang about grantline, timid, semi. This link, that kind of summarised it but It was all about leg. We didn't like my Brown, because Larry Hughes, a client of, carries aging, operated a bad relationship with Brown, carried it Tyler very much because he felt like he May God Tyler was on the brand said. Tiree was because he was the first onto worthier. I can't breathe shirt and ah the brine word after him, but Leubronn got the credit for wearing it. It was
like a little stupid shit like that, but it added up and then carry wanted to trade yeah well, that doesn't sound implausible me what. You mean you gotta, be some explanation that happened that good at any time- and I I wouldn't- I assume but the bedrock reason is that, in all these situations, like a day like this teacher deal what he'd, basically Fang like even now I did something the other guy is seen as being the important ass person you did it. You know what good it wherever I do not know what I always succeed is always going to be seen as ancillary to this other person, but they can only do that if we win five capping, I've been members, the guy who is will guarantee made armies by championship for maybe thought this is not yet
I want something different out of my life and here again, like I say, because the money so big now is almost not even a factor. You know the title stuff. Interesting how the NBA has really. Away or or accidentally made it so important to us in the legacy in a way that you just don't see and other sports Come the whole thing, and I give you two: are you keep it once? Those, though, with pardon me right away, he one so I screw this Need this anymore, I think what the red set on my part about unto attic, I think, is true. Think he just wants to buy basque bond hidden idea there bullshit that came with it, is fine, sharpen and hope. I. Worried as subjects fan. I'm worried that there's a Durrant Carry partnership looming down. The road is,
my fair or I wouldn't know you have special access behind the outside. Looking one, oh you, you know, you know what you know that I dont know that you now am I supposed to know that you know I'm I'm just somebody who's gonna following this sort of you know from a distance more in the mic. Why I D grant an error out? I think we're in an era in our people become bodies and they decide they just want to play together. Well, maybe that's other media were not you Maybe that's how greatly worked. We say about that. We wanted to play together, take a break, Let's talk about Ringer Pack ass quickly,. If you dont know about all the Ringer pack ass we have here is just a sampling Juno Layer Wilmore has a pack has called black on the air
cousin sounds a gambling pack has caught against all odds. What about Joe Houses eating Pakistan Carbs? What about me a ribbon and Jason Concepcion Bang it out binge boat, Harry Potter. Today, like seventy episodes. Did you know one shining pack has marked out Isn T Frazier is continue through the summer and that the impasse on in Vegas rang out, you know, but the Dave Chang show he did to Papa as without Yang reason. That was awesome. I think you know about the real actual cause we ve done. Some awesome once would, but the J J Reddit package still doing through the summer. What about the Ringer M? L show what about the room and if come back, what about the watch with Andy Greenwater Chris ran what about them? man show with the one and only David. Matter what about on shuffle our new Podcast Bank Peters about Music pretty much been excellent right away. Jonathan The three has the press backs in the big picture
jam session damage, control of kind of our higher cupids that other packers aren't. I q, but this is, does a deep dive conversation whence bachelor. Julia Leben, Talkin, bachelor, nonstop jackass, Joe Ass Jeff Shackelford. Being an Algarve. Ringer FC has been live through the World CUP that so many package we have. I think I just name them. All. Three watch was Recap Hosea. That's it check The ringer pack has subscribed to them an apple packages Spotify or wherever you pack aspect. I notice that you guy used that you use speaking of ruin. I guess this is a rare thing. You I was mentioned any teach you guys round about the death of soccer draw. I want to talk about that
I didn't really remember you're being a world control, I thought other day irreverent. Nothing. I rode fifteen years ago, totally understandable, impossible, feminine possible person to find out. How could you possibly by This is, this is great and web guide. You brought this up. This is my last year, You kind of you don't really care about Zachary the way they are right. No, I mean like in some ways that was the ultimate. There was the ultimate soccer peace, because it's like this american soccer Fran is up that, even if we are not talking about yeah, it's like it. It's like you keeping me your teasing me. Your marking, Why aren't you talking about it? But if you do I mean, what really I've I mean within a world CUP ragged of building a welcome cool, so excitement following the outcome. I studied shoot out there
sure Croatia shoot out, but I haven't really watched a lot of Have you been watching them? I guess this has been very close, woke up all the game course. So you know you still him about in two thousand eighteen external action, is, there is no real. I mean. Is that for you? It's me it's not! I I! I guess I would have There is now under different circumstances. It's not like. I know it's not like. I would walk away from watching it. I just really been watching it in our trying to think of me, I watched the very beginning, the very beginning of the of the World CUP. Maybe I I will be there, but not too much. Now I was watching a lot of it. I have and I would say, the single most surprising to me about this decade was signed
so basically replacing baseball for people, I would say under thirty five. I think The baseball is in a colossal, manageable in their attend starting to back it up and the interest and just having run two different websites and since thousand does eleven through two thousand eighteen, the appetite for people just two, red and follow baseball dated ages. Isn't there anymore, you follow your own team, you don't really care What's gonna with other teams, we ve seen, is coming for a while, but this is the first year where I really feel like they base I was in trouble as like a monster sport. I just don't think well. Bodily is gaining ground in trouble, but are you I mean what what what do you mean by that? What what? What? What's going to happen to think that, in twenty years. There will not be made early baseball knowing it. RO baseball player in twenty years will be making fifty thousand dollars a year. I don't know
what's gonna happen. It's it's either lottery winnings from from alive red standpoint. Think from that standpoint it's always gonna be pretty good, but I'm the maize by people under thirty five Dat for a variety of reasons they just don't? They don't really about baseball and, I am sure, there's exceptions, but the I think there's a million different factors rate theirs aid, they were showing all these world Series games. After these little kids were in bed like we ve heard all the factors we ve talked about them over again, but I think the length of the game, the fact you know. Even now, and when you go to the games, have people on their phones. I got Elliot, cease Emma less tickets in you, these games of paper into it and its two hours in your out, and I think, what's happened. Soccer, though ass, I don't know, twelve years with the TVS gone white screen with the hd with the
the fee for game, which is the biggest sports video game. I think of the last twelve years for younger people, then the Premier League in the feed people showing them in the World CUP. Ah this is to this point that I just judging from the pure I work for the ringer. They care about soccer, more the baseball that uses. The fact I put you know what I am absolutely certain. That is the case, but I guess you, but one thing I would say in response. Any time we're looking at the popularity of any good ideas it always like, but what our young people, whether people, eighteen, ok and everyone makes the same mistake, Everything'Ll crime. They seem to think what people more eighteen, thirty years old our into is what
to remain popular going forward and all it happened to be replaced by a new set of eighteen thirty year old, who have different gazed into Brandreth and the whole thing happens again, so I really think it the sport like baseball. If I was you is it the baseball old man's boy? Maybe so, there's always gonna be old man, but always going to happen, but always going to get it always going to be the kind of person who wants to follow baseball to look at young people and they like well, ok, younger people are interested in a more than be. I guess areas with popular now. Ain't gonna be placed by feed, because that's the difficulty of trying to change your audience. They never remain static, but the problem here's. Here's the counter that the audience. Ages, into an idea. Said still lag soccer when their thirty to forty five right. Are you sure we helping out how many people who watched go, we're Gulf Band whenever fifty?
of course, any cost there, you gonna Gulf, that you be you age and a guy, I think, with soccer I look at some like Bobby on France, whose nineteen Euro prodigy, you think, he's already more famous unpopular than any baseball player. You throw me and I see from people american girl, there, Evan how're, you Evans, Prism packet dear. And care about soccer based bomber yeah. It's I wouldn't know this. Unless we had this, website and I was around people every day who are they care like this Rinaldo transferring to who ventis that at that was bigger than any baseball story that could happen any based. Jane obeys by frigid shiner it just matter more. I don't think that would have been the case we rely on. You believe. Why do you believe, though, in one or two years there will not be people having a conversation like this thing. I think soccer is really in trouble. People are much more n
export. Now. The young people who are more aid is like that can happen only might happen, and neither is it something like that will happen, but it always does. There is no point. You can't go back to any point in the last hundred years and look at what young people were into culturally and say. You know what that never change, Why they are user alchemy, hardly ever needed outcome, here too, when the NBA started a really take off and eighties the seeds were there in the fifty Sixty seven is and then for whatever reason: the combination of more tv games, the popular the players, the branding stuff, all the kind of collided, and at that point, In the mid eighties, you could have made the same argument: the NBA here you you're you are making now, whereas I, while young people twenty years now, but the embryos- here and it's bigger than ever and others fans the aged into being able to buy tickets in raised
in that light, the wagon daddy now going away. He almost doin that ran the ninety Doktor Jordan, which I am an suddenly the ratings ditch, and there are all these people thing like where people and a basketball, or they just nervous guy like that. The bombing in those authorities were stupid. Then. I never. I never bought into that. How better now It was seemed to me like bids. It seemed like a more race driven thing than anything. It seem like. You had a lot of black Athletes, making a lot of money and people are pissed off about that was really the fundamental problem, namely that always people looking it was people looking at a slight dip in popularity. Sport interregnum up with explanations why he Miguel ended baseball thing isn't a sleigh dip them. You're talking about attendance is down like twenty percent this year and tv is it down and look at his Pierre? You spend
these alternated anymore, they don't runaways. Tonight I want you making your art. What I would say is that I would say a soccer is a more global sport and the natural moment Some of the internet as part of the world in general is to become more global, so it does seem possible. That factor will can continue my track in United States. We you know that the next generation and coming generation will look at sport. In a more global that enable think like well. You know I'm not just interested in what is happening in America is an obligation for me to sort of I know what's going on in Europe, the Premier League always so that possible. It might be that, like suddenly, we will be interested in fodder,
where's from other countries. The way my journey happen, people in Germany are hitting out. That would be a bad thing like any of that is that that will continue, and that would be the thing because, but because the way you keep looking at this issue, but these sports are star driven, think I'm like when you talk about the Indies popularity, you often being black eyed today, seven or eight, most popular happily in America or back bubbling, and that is true- you can be a still less populated football. Ok, despite the fact that there are more famous basketball players and things Let's wait for bus in trouble for a different reason. Is it is. It is in trouble the way like because it has this sort of kind of blue prices to the tobacco industry like yet the tobacco industry kind of thing its hanging over it. But I and I'm just talk about saccharine America. I think
I soccer has been there. The whole time most Gaza that saying I'm talking about people, though, the culture is now the way people like faster things. They, like They want to spend four hours what you baseball games, suckers to forty five minute haves and it's over, and I think it real advantage for and the whole thing about. Christy boy. Nobody scores people understand soccer much better than that. I know I do. I understand soccer a hundred it's better than did fifteen years ago. I actually. I can watch a one, nothing gave in and legitimately enjoy, and I would not have been able to do that in two thousand and four yeah. I think a lot of people say bad about. Cannot merely when there was a telescope happening at all, People were saying all I get kind of now. I understand that you want. I understand why you no matter, played in this style and boiled in this dialogue.
And those guys went away and a kind of Can it didn't evaporate, but a kind of a loaded with it? I only about it. You know, you're right factor is obviously the things that I wrote in two thousand and three about soccer, never having the potential become probably on United States Clearly it law, like I agree with you. I further further, I one thousand percent agreed with you and in two thousand three. I didn't think this whatever happened here, I'd never ever ever envision a world where people care about soccer in America like they do, but I've been here's the thing. Ok, when I wrote that in two thousand it wasn't a provocative, opinion. It was the conventional opinion. Ok, the conventional perception of people who were in sport- and I was a young person- I was twenty eight or whatever you know, and that change, ok and now you're. Looking at this change your thing,
This is how it is now, but it is only how it is right now either you defend his way. I think it's been this way since the earlier part of the decade. I really feel it gets been building and the fact that America is not in the World CUP and people still give a shit about it would have been impossible twelve years ago. Nobody would have believed that, but people care just a tiny, what I'm saying I dont when The last baseball argument you ve had jargon: anything that baseball view heard a baseball argument that compose you now, guardian of it I would like like a red line, was like what they might try. Became really political legacy came for like a left wing ideal. Would that help base? like what you tell me. If you like, a. If we think that this argument with what, if you wait,
hardware obscene, either right yeah any sort of any interesting anything with the baseball player would help baseball borrowed there too. It's actually have the selected in the leg, And they're gonna be in a one card, wildcard and get knocked out a number of spent by though, as dollar baseball. Just for the record, I still watch base by care about by three deciding on forty years old. I can see. I can use that you commissioner, that would immediately create greater space bob. I think if somebody was batting for late August or particularly if somebody ETA hitting streak, That was rivalling demise. You I think that would create a bunch of interest if those two things are covered in different ways and people like to have them and they can follow every day. You he's daylight in baseball. You follow your own team, but there's a guy to follow every day to see. Is he going to do this
I think that, above all brown, not worse, if somebody was gonna hit, eighty on runs, we can immediately be skeptical of it. Why don't I hear hear we wrote about it. I never heard this on the the ringer this week. It's basically accounts at home- runs now to the point that its dangers for baseball, because when you watch. His bar, I Harvard duty had some staff that it's like everything. Minutes and forty seven seconds. There's a ball put in play during the Heaven. Baseball game which is the nutty number it doesn't no problem is it doesn't really fit into what society is like now, and I just know this from much my kids, my kids would never sit through a four hour baseball game. I d Did they forty years ago that continue, though he also interesting. You know when you talk about it, yeah but been eighty one empty with on people like this is going to stop people's attention span, people like got what an old person idea but actually really get her.
A media cream, which clearly see the evolution of television. All the negative thing people suspected delving would do have actually happen exactly in every conduct. Your legs ignited continues. Even and even a soccer game. You know a non, no motion, commercial, three events will become true merchant, Nelson. I want the game to be You see a small window, our you re Bobby, but the aim to sit in the worst ideas and vulgar does not mean there is still a sort of this time. I know, what's with the positive connotation at the word baggage fuckers,
Good, but not begging, something they white were to pursue. If you go to perceive and present yourself as a soccer fan and United States, you are lately thing, I'm kind of intellectual like this, it's like you see a game or nothing happening, and I see all these things happening me, I'm a little more sophisticated. This is part of a big deal Stoddard utilised more young people that it's almost away to a brand yourself, smarter kind of sportsmen and fodder continues to grow and popularity. When all of a sudden, you walk into You know, like a small rule bar in a bunch of guys, are watching a soccer game on the television at good disappear. The meaning behind being a stalker fan, will end, and I think that that will be Well, to a lot of people now will love song. I've been
lay. I took my son too, and I see game he didn't want to go, he hates soccer. You never replace actor. He does want to watch He dislikes it and way for my daughter, our going where, like you have to come, you you're only ten How do you get to decide it is mad about it. So we go. He had a great time. Guess It's really fun to go to a soccer game and guess what s it ends in two hours. Any go and eat it's a forty five minute. Half again, they break you another. Forty five minutes have your out and which is really entertaining they do a nice job with the crowd and and I'm just kind of just shocked by the whole thing. My son lives, gonna baseball games, Waymore my sense legs baseball, which he's in the minority lackeys loves gonNa Fenway Park. Dad. You stated my that stuff, but I dont know if there's a lot of kids like that and that soya that around they either, but it can I I
Guess I still question your methodology, leaving. It seems to me that what'll, you know it away what you're saying might be true, but you you're making the mistake of thinking that somehow the world going to stop and continue as it is like any other gonna keep changing, and then we prying to predict the future trajectory of these things. You, after you, know you're talking about how your kid is friends, about baseball using the minority ever he likes baseball by whatever. But if we you, the ten year old kid the might of ten year old. Kid is the example. We have you we're going to be a totally different. Ten year old in ten years by two totally different person saw his behaviour doesn't indicate the future of anything except alike for our games? everyday. Before our games every single day for six to eight months is not a sustainable entertainment proposition for anybody
thirty years out there, just they have too many things too. Too many opportunities now in too many Chances and too many it to me. Options tabs is built. I'm throw away all my other options. I'm just gonna sit further tv watch a four hour baseball game. I dont see it ass a thing of beauty, business support visit. This success at this point depend on someone that's their time and the entire events. I would save. If you have people under forty in your losing an entire them out, that's bad for the sport basketball. I still even in the late seventies, early eighties, when it wasn't going well, I saw you on a people the who the Basque about love, latching da these different players I get. I never felt like the league was, you know Cocaine was gonna ruin the leg. I guess was a different story, but I never felt basque both going away, I don't think baseball will either, but I just think when you're talking
these guys making forage remind our contracts are less of it. I dont see that's the case twenty years from now. I don't need the money, Take the money will be there. I mean the money will still be there, but it will be in our twenty years to get a look inflation cunning and how is the way I do still have been so they'll probably be making a yell of emu. Interesting, but everything you shouldn't be okay. So what do I mean? I bit character blew my mind. I was here. We were talking about I was talking with somebody about the old, the old super. Super keen Competition ABC used to run along with the area. It would be like where it be like the sea, like the Steelers when he was allowed to play there a play? What everybody be like the rams warned that Europe all against your id like ever,
the war in all these races knowledge by general against his keen to know why the murder and somebody was like why the player even do that you now allowing going back in like looking at what is the money that the average salary of the idea of where and like they would almost do it for free trip to a why you guys are making like seventy five thousand dollars a year playing propyl ball. Do you know you probably do it you're working on it? day, contract in the NBA. You know the minimum that is, is it Seventy five grand I give my twenty eight thousand for ten days Are there today is its Althea that still remain in that the work you have? No, if you're better and more I get so that's like. Would it keep your date in Mississippi? back in Africa and Asia and conquer the Abuja never touch more. He stole it.
Which is the money the numbers are still astronomical, but that even if twenty years from now baseball player making exact what they make now up. It doesn't increased at all and you zoom inflation cuts the value of the dollar and have it they're still insane numbers to me I guess I just I don't know what I say for being in trouble me. I just I don't really know what you mean by that outside of people saying it's the second most popular sport in America, which nobody, but what I think that's what I mean by in trouble. I don't I think there's a relevancy that its losing watching The same is so Sir Te Sixty witches accommodates scheme, probably a nine out of ten Jeremy shall be at one point: Sosa gets up, he's got the Michael Jackson lightened skin. I just that it's a crazy half hour, but they go to ninety eight, the social Maguire thing and I'd I'd.
Dont know. If that happens again, I don't know of it. You guys having a home run chaser whatever quivered, unless it's a snare, like you said, were somebody's trying to get fifty six eight it straight. It's in the chair, tobacco or some is training four hundred I don't see any scenario that happens again and or where or would care about baseball that much indeed told they invest in these guys. I don't even think he is. It would be all in behind it anymore and She shit changes and one other We forget to mention the way people talk about baseball Because it's so stat obsessed debt, now allowed a wig room left for arguments anymore. You know we're like the Lakers sign, Rondeau, unite You talk about Rhonda. We can argue about random for two hours straight. We actually learn where the same page like we but we're both pro rata. But if we ads
if we had an anti random person. We go back. For then run over two hours could argue about Russell Westbrook until the cows come on. We can argue about whether carry should leffler Brian and what is curious, superstar the Indians are these built in arguments, that kind of are outliers from stats end with baseball you're not allowed to have those arguments. You can't, It's a everything has to be backed up by the numbers. In you, be like. Well, actually I don't they that you can never have a rustle, Westbrook, Checkerberry argument about Bryce Harper or move bad. So you just can't see you basically you just Trapped in this dialogue that just all numbers based and that's really you can be like a man. I hate when down Matanzas pitches. The eighth, I never think he's gonna come through an that might actually not be the case statistically baby, the opposite It's like where you can argue about it. So I did
what is it that hurts baseball baseball went too far with that, I'm in ages. It was day there was You know there was a period when people didn't care about statistics enough, and then They they cared about them too much. They were just at that. There was an equilibrium that was not a few people used him even make that joke about baseball like in the making eighties I'll crazy, but sometimes a guy would come to them and made show like what are you to write Andrews and what are you to get left handers and brandy like a baseball off tat their at every other greatly, and now it's so far beyond that. It like this, like there s nothing like that be more like an argument over do each we even about adding our citizens endeavour and you never know with the new thing we're not supposed to care about. I be the first and I happened to the army. I then bent it should happen constantly. I possibly being told what
The first is that the big about, what's funny Gaza, the baseball people get really mad about this. There, like who were you talking about the stats, are the truth. Why would we argue about anything that other? That is? In the truth, I'm conceded that I get that the stats we we can measure every baseball where to the ninth agree, I get it, but my point is: if like I'm get, I lay J D Martinez's counter for the Red Sox issues. Twenty enormous he's been awesome. Is them VP candidate? Theirs? we go room with that, that's it, yeah J. These, but great now we ve moved that we're not talking about. Over thirty years ago, Wade Bogs was hitting like three eighty four, the eighty six red sex and the big argument day after day in Boston was it. They'd bugs actually good or that are these fake stats he doesn't drive in runs? He doesn't hit for power
this guy actually worthwhile to have in your team? Now we know at the Math Wade boxes. Actually, phenomena have on your team. He increases your jades as their roads, but we would argue by weight bogs four days. We argued by any with baseball anywhere. I dont know. I haven't heard a compelling baseball argument. I don't. I can remember the last time we met let the Cairo the compelling. I refer for the success of the sport or anything else. Do you think Indiana, you can kill the health of something be again. Sport or films genre or I'll. Take the whatever. Can you can you gauge the help it it by how much people are arguing about it? I don't know, but I also use encounter their legs like boxing people wrote back in boxes, dead, backs, he's done. Boxing's actually had this weird resurgence over the last year have because people live rates and then
there's more of it, and for four years and years it was like the. U have seized killing boxing. You have dear sees the export. The seas can be dominant, fierce is now in the matter. Of like the were soon of problem as ten years they don't have any stars they day a year and a half ago they had roused unless they're Macgregor, John Johnson, yeah they were just loaded and it just seemed like it was going to last forever and then a year later, all those people were gone so that it's a good example like don't get carried away in the moment of all. This is the next thing and then but I'd I'd think that I think soccer. I think soccer is here, stay in a really really big way, and I think it I just think people get it. They understand better, and I don't see a goin away. I really don't Were you, my dear I mean we used to guide dog in here. Obviously I mean I, I definitely feel less stable about every opinion.
I have about everything it seems as though some becoming more and more. I am here here degrading dapple email. I stay liking. I drive around radio out, I was jealous boy stock, radio and because I have you know that lead like that, the satellite radio, if you, if you listen, if I'm listening to its ports, talk, show the person's name keeps growing across the be heard about this, the elderly, the faith of the radio Shack think target I don't do that every day so casually a guide naval come across a woman neighbour come across and I realize I know nothing about the person and yet I find myself ready, having opinion an opinion about, suits, and I'm like? How can we be sent. It keeps happening over and over enough, be someone's name and I'll be like I used to go the racist right or like someone naval come across more be like. Oh, this
this broadcaster, she is a throbbing feminist. You only see sport do at one prison or some guy will come across might be like. Oh you we're going like the music, he's real intellectual guy, and I realize I don't know anything about these people dont bringing them. I am listening to them. In almost every case, the opinion I have going in his lot, but that's not really an accurate depiction of this than what I learned. You have to have their twitter the summer. I thought people making statements, but these individual, and even though I did not take those statements seriously, because I had nothing else, compared to it just sort of merger. In my mind, the internet does not seem to have a huge impact on the things I know about this. Massive impact on the things I don't know about you, but I'm getting
other information and is making me think things take time. Nothing, though, based on one thing, which is the kind of person who likes to have opinion on Twitter, which typically need somebody who is a performer, somebody who probably dialogue and somebody who might have some elements of mental illness, We need to sort of consistently have feedback from the public to validate that they exist. And they are always turn the discourse out with you, but we basically said you guys get the decade toward the collective discourse, because you want it the mocked, like you, the most interested in doing that, I got it. I just don't feel like like. I look at the world and I just I understand less every day, while people are definitely reading this
I what what their reading more than just not reading Vienna reading uniting the stragglers disagree they're kind of reading all day. But I include myself kind of waiting. I used to read books cost and now I feel, like I have a proper red led less books in the last twelve years than at any point in the last forty years of my life that thought in it. But there is also a strange thing happening right. Ok, so we want to talk about. You quick today, so you sent me a story about Chappaquiddick right from the National Review one sixty then what is the likelihood? but you would have been reading the national Review if the internet didn't exist of zero zero it. What is the possibility of a real conservative person? reading a story in the nation, if not for the euro but why there's like part of the reason, the show tension
I do now because you would think no, if you like a real sort of person. If you like, or carry out like now, somebody after reading, the National Review and someone on the right is reading the nation. It's gonna cross Paul made ideas. Nagoya, that's not happening at all, because publications like that are only intended for their base, their written or their base, so anybody outside of their own. Reading. Those publication is only going to become enraged only going to make them upset and because now it's very easy, the sort of get defied anything and you have free access to. People are going to be less happy about how they you information there taking in because they are not really making the decision. There So the following link: well, then, when people when their super laughter super eight alot of their tweets are directed towards
people that are find them who are most likely to agree with them, and that opens up its own carnivores, its violent. This agreement is somewhat from the outside violent disagrees with them. And find them violently agrees at them. There's no new out anymore. They Discussion we had about baseball just now. I bet some his gang. Pissed off promoted by post about it. We just people talk about baseball, hey. What are the reasons this could be? It you're not allowed to avenue our conversation about anything? It has to be used? all away in one side or the other pause really complicated. I dont know what is going on. Like twenty years and I'm pretending I do. I just know that that resonating with young people, you're hiding pretending you deal because you keep saying it's trouble over and over again They get in trouble as a major enterprise man. I don't think it's. Diana think we're never gonna have baseball anyway. I just think I dont know what happens to it. I think they're. Eventually, it's gonna led to they're gonna
have to change brawls, I think have to speed it up. They're gonna have to figure out how to do it and they ve done, half as versions of it, but people did when a large firebug had they done so there. It's like second asked about a gate, because I thought and right and I'm still jade with like Classic Rock and rock music in general. I am often the person you get out. You know it is the end of brought music is rock need again. I should have been but water. DA. I have all sections or about the end of the rock era by adding that out, but to say something they rap music is dead what you really saying. Is it's just not the normative condition of music. I mean jazz filling. This is just not then thrilled through society, so you can still be great. Rock band like a new rock band could emerge
day and make the greatest rock record of all time, but it's impossible for that ban to be the Beatles or to be banned or even be the stroke? Sir? You know anything can happen now because the genre in which work is no longer central to the world. Now. Could that be the situation of baseball, maybe authority Hap, but does that matter to the person who likes baseball? I dont know they die. Like you, and you know why I learned the NBA more one is more pocket, no I'd, just told you I still love based, buys to watch it. I still care about it. I haven't my fee. Things about, have really changed other than that? I don't think it's nearly find a go to games anywhere eyes twenty years ago, that would have been my number one dream: writs axes tickets. I wouldn't want bays buses tickets that so
but I still looking urging the because based boy change, because you are, I would say, both so think what a change more a crazy, I was on a plane recently and they have no other little. And burns baseball at their house watching the one. I was watching the section about the twenty she now and it is surprising that it used to be a little footage from the distant world of baseball. It doesn't look radically different than paid as now it certainly looks different, but compared to every other sports. It looks more the thing ok, you like you like it or particularly by favouring still, but still from centre field of a baseball game from nineteen twenty eight. It looks like this
be a baseball game now, where the guy their standing, everything about it, even a static shot of a basketball game are certainly a football game seems to have. No doubt knows the merry now, if we, if we were planning a sport, but we will stay with you and I were making up a sport right now. What would you favour a sport, confidently changes or a sport that has soared over food of a stable, inflexible I'm sort of nature, but the support that we create will be the support that it, I would say, basketball basket, far were whatever age right now not arriving perfect work. I think making up a sport now. I know what I did. I would try steel as much from basketball in over the mountains, because is the thing with Basque was issues constant, its a tv base. Say every possessions different. Something, though, is happening as those the potential of something to you, what that I think again,
I don't know, I don't know what the answers, but it would be. It would be something that man fast is disease, and for this aid degeneration always has something happening. Well, I'm trying to think you were you know. What so always has something happening up now is bad is dead describing soccer when you say that I wouldn't say it seems to me that soccer in these the placing of the event what sport would you say it's most similar to I get hockey right Party, the closest analogy again of the major sports hockey is the close. This analogy to flow A soccer gets people are interested in hockey in a major way. I would people love Oghee nowadays, baseball,
I should think Sakharov replace bit. I think it's replaced a lot of the things that people loved about baseball for certain people because of the kind of like the casual watching experience it on your also reading something and talking to someone you can work and look back and nothing has really changed in that way, I guess it is like big, but there's a lot of new answers to the advance metrics that I've got a lot better over the last five years resembles the latter was started happening in baseball wait. Nine is early, two, thousands and- and It's one of those things where there's not a lot going on, but there's a lot going on The more you know about it, the more you know, there's just lack going. But if you actually casually you just watching guys, can a running around and hoping somebody scores. The other thing with soccer is that, though woman's I shall team here is. I'm kind of monster you know the way the World CUP next year? It's gonna dominate this course here. First three weeks and
sport as an have that version of that, where a component of these female fancier little girls people who might idolize whoever the next Abby back is, I guess, outsmarted. Now it's outsmart, I don't know who I don't know who the who the next one is gonna, be for the woman soccer bet it's. In all these different demos cost, I guess, is my point and its attract kids. Have you been all baseball game? The sheer oh, no, I personally know baseball team here, but there was I would be. I don't wanna go live sporting events zones hey, let's change baseball in person and they had to do it, but it has to be mentioned. Is the net this net. All the way around both dug out so people and get it by foul boss anymore, but it made me realize that one of the reasons I love gonna baseball games, those causes of possibility of getting a foul bar is really significant in. To have that removed was really a game. Changer stages, and feel the same.
They were the sex or not getting a fair. It is any I had a barrier like that boy does have the psychological aspects now, in the same way, the distances a barrier if you are a long way away from a sporting event, not the same as being close, not just because you can feel better if your clothes beans, feel the game away. So the tat sum but whose it was weird it was weird experience, and it made me realize for life ricotta far back in close a few times. It made me realize how meaningful the foul, by the possibility of every pitch being the one that this could be. The FAO the wind in the catch. My whole life and ashes. God basis the gay, as I had the chance. So I saw the Chappaquiddick movie. I listened to the podcast cover up that the narrative pack has that's that done yet, but most of its done an eye. Realize that I've done a bad job of being properly obsessed by this topic, and I love
deep dives, you know whence did a gigantic J F K assassination, Pakistan, my old bs report. We D also did the dust bring airplane fight. I think, would it Partners that do so I started deep, diving into Chappaquiddick I said the only man who could have cared as much as I cared at that moment. Chuck Osterman, who I asked if he had seen the moving your leg. I went to the theater and see inside they never heard feeder. So I thought the opening up of the act came out. I went so I. Realize deep dive. There said it's, it's kind of the most underrated incredible american story, had the last fifty years that I dont think people under and you know it Chappaquiddick S, evidence now. So no, I think people under thirty five April don't even totally know this happen or they heard it or whatever the background. TAT Kennedy Senator Massachusetts Young
brother of Jack and Bobby, both of whom died Babbitt that dear before he's in Marthas vineyard he's with a group of thousand females who worked for Barbicane. His campaign there over the year, the year anniversary, mostly women, Releasing the boiler room, your girls or something it up. Let them come on guys you so At some point, agnostic now at some TED leaves. I also other nobody seems to know their there, but very much like like candy wasted. Nobody there I mean it's a sixty says is everywhere it's the danger. Prayer TED, leaves us with one of the ladys merger. Copeck me. Its unclear when he leaves his spine. It by O Marthas Vineyard Where was it a Chappaquiddick Agrafena care members of one of the poorest people saw his car heading down the wrong road and it was stopped and he pulled
and got out of the car and then that the- but we think was the TED Canada car. Maybe panicked and sped down the wrong road. It was a road called dyke road that was a dirt road had passed. Awesome Bob's office staff. The road. Next to it was the road towards the fairy address this shit. Sergeant said he saw the car at twelve thirty. The fairy was already gone at that point. The last fairy our fire Chappaquiddick was set at midnight. This, those fine down this road, and we think it, same car. It ends up. There's a turn misses the turn and goes off the bridge. Lands upside down with half of the car, sticking out of the water tank AIDS swims out of this car then ten hours passes and then we find out that there is this merger. Copeck me was also in the current she drowned and may have been. Live if anybody to learn the authorities, and that is
TAT, our work, happen? Why did he go to the house right there to call the police weird? he go. His two friends got involved. They allegedly came back. Swam and tried to savour then take Kennedy, they get in a boat, back to EDGAR town. And he seemed by somebody to thirty and goes to his hotel and goes to sleep in their wake. The next day goes to breakfast and then, when they find the debt, on the car and it gets covered up to the point. At their only been charged with involuntary manslaughter it's his car. Here. To use in it. They get if the island and the whole thing is just absolutely amazing. What did I leave out check I mean it's just like those summarised the store. Basically like again, he drove off the road. With a woman who was in his life, into the water she died, he didn t seem to get
If you it, nobody would notice but didn't want. Why realize you can't just forget about this than an opening if anything like it, is even a conspiracy figure that bears usually indicate that there are sort of one story like the government or the beginning of June They're trying to promote they'd like the real story, underneath it came at the story under need, distorted the story. Everyone accepts. But the cat Kennedy was a kind of our drinking guy like women quite a bit. The assumption is that there was probably something going on with this woman badger bed. He wouldn't want for anyone to know about an hour and then, when the accident happened, you just try to get out of it be kind of did, although it did and the possibility of them becoming present He got reelected the next year in Massachusetts,
but an unbelievable bogged down, but it stopped him from becoming proudly probably would have become pretty. At some point you probably would have got the nomination in eighteen. Seventy six odor Carter's, I got probably would have happened. I think it's the only thing. He also want there that I didn't know by word from the movie like. Apparently, he invented the crochet of wearing a neck collared court right indicates that you're hurt like that. Would like his big. Where the neck people think I'm ok, you think that in some ways there was a collective willingness him because avoid Avenue the brothers unrepresented familiar with it was seen as like an umbrella I would like David Katy Umbrella. They had used to tragic things happen in their lives and their with a desire to forgive him. He died last. When he does this,
amen. He finally gives a statement. That's televised! Fifteen minutes on to the american people. Jazz infrared happen and brings up the Kennedy. Curse and somehow makes himself sympathetic, even though I think, there's a ninety nine point: nine percent chance he was a drunk. I try to get later drove off a bridge in the ditch the girl in the car and got it did you tell anybody because he is afraid It was gonna ruin. His is a presidential campaign me, while the girl was probably alive for multiple hours in the car it seems like why. Why do they and she was alive for multiple hours. I mean a car would have been filling up with water. I don't think it. Like it, is filling up. I think it was filling up so slowly because it wasn't totally underground and Pike S said the cars side down and she, completely disoriented, its pitch black. So
can't see an ear instincts are telling you to go out toward the top of the car go up to the but she's upside down. It doesn't realize to just go down and then swim in the water in the window, so she's panicking, and Maybe that's why you know. Maybe she ran out of breath fast or something, but she deftly, though, the top slash whatever court the coroner the other water came out of her lungs and stuff in hated that she was alive for web for she died, but there was no actually an autopsy, which is another crazy thing about this. He got so many. Things buried or discarded, including the fact that an autopsy could approve in. If she had died, for the car. I d ve driven off intentionally. It could approve in there She was super drank. It could have proven that she was this then in some way like who knows, but I think he paid off the family. It's pretty clear, laid the family,
the family, let it go like immediately, which the area, I think the family of the Kennedy, wonderful people, their daughter, completely believed in politically we have done anything war and I don't think it occurred to him tat. He could that could have dark haired about whether or not she lived there died. I think I don't think that they were willing to do that, tat belief, tat. Well, let it be paid out of hay. People are like what you have to be paid to accept the death while I think millions and millions of ours don't know that would be enough. Are you saying that I mean you your own kid Don Quixote pick up a number, but like board? What number would it be like? You would accept their wrongful death from someone,
I think that they wanted to believe they. Never even whenever you did a civil suit, they wanted to believe the story. They want to believe that kid Kennedy did everything he could to keep their daughter alive. Oh God, it already was so bad. You did he a story with a story about what empire was he said after they couldn't saver They were driving back to EDGAR town. And he swam across the channel a hundred fifty yards back to his hotel cause they cause There is no fair anymore and I just see panicked any swam light hundred fifty eight not like a short length of time it's late at night, it's completely pitch black Annie drinking the whole night, any just crashed car propaganda concussion and there like currents. It was like a lake, it's like you, know a river and and I was one of his stories.
Made any changes perception forever. I mean like when he died in two thousand and nine and of course he had a long political career. He was a real, meaningful in a number of Congress and all these things, but he was never so diverse back kid. Saved, is having a huge amount of personal integrity. Because of this event I mean the show exactly. What's that mean I mean it will pay. It did even like, like here you get out the guy in the room. Like you know, a chap acquitted give never like no, but I bet you ask them to describe Kennedy assuming the person to do this. It would be kind of a mic description. You know it the meaning of this event never left her. Any other carry family in general. It seems like like that thing is over
the idea that carries being the closest thing royalty in the United States and its movie shorted isn't like cars of bad, but I kind of show which the protection of the family as having fail boy living people aspire to a kind of dawn entirely, now if it will be hard to imagine a family having sort of role again in society yeah, you know the same reaction to that the Kennedys have not age. Well, I did that we're ok stuff is that age, while Chappaquiddick I don't know why didn't age badly at the time, but it seemed like he was able to keep his career and even though he killed but he got away they basically, but that How is that age or the movies pretty damning? I recommend the movie. I thought it was really get adjourn it here something I will I'll just ask you know we can finish it gives us
When I talk about glass, Amazon picture, which I guess would abandon and me I think I saw if you went any the enabling other went to any of the book of energy. Grub was doubtless but ok, so I was at home one night and my wife is gonna. Take incuriously why don't you take him with their friends, and I have no idea what you're talking about protecting about that like the last royal wet yet can't you see, I'm vaguely knew was happening but- and I can also sort of if I don't wanna or something I can just got here about joining something was going on, but I didn't know any of the details, and I realize this certainly dawned on me that is not used to produce to people in our big row. Weddings up- and I was speaking about kind of the absolute culture of the United States and the happily, culture of the UK in general, like the tabloid in England, are much more salacious
each year and like more tawdry than the tablet culture of the United States. However, the apex of heavenly culture in England is always the royal family yet always been that way and always will be and it's kind of a class right. It's like their royal did you did their very matters very formal, be there's nothing to Hungary about the world family. Anything comes up that is sort of sleazy that the most minor thing is a big deal, because you're sort of work is the sort of prestige thing I get so that the apex of of of english tablet culture, the apex of american tabloid, told it's always changing like if the curricula in family, but it used to be the end of elvers before while it was
magnetize hardy, yeah, yeah yeah, that's all we can't get so. On the one hand, this let that always the apex of american culture in terms of its tabloid were in England who have sort of a respectable a thing at the top, but it's completely unchangeable is based on one family. You can't again to it once you confront I'll, find a way to marry one of them it
like a immovable bank like that, the top of cavalry culture. Anyone is this one family and that it is no, it can change in the United States, the top of happily culture has to be kind of something kind of growth and unseemly, but at least it is based on for lack of a better term marriage, but you can aspire to become the situation and it can happen. You know it's like it. It is a meritocracy to being the most famous worse than in Amerika for reasons that are not admirable. The world situation you stay is better is the way it is in England, better or way in United States back big. All talking about the top of the tablet thought it better to have something that acceptable but fixed or something that is a kind of unseemly
but constantly evolving. I rather the unseemly, constantly evolving. I was this story today about Kiley generous words that had your million dollars through the Forbes magazine Cover story, people pissed off back as she's twenty she saw business ousting like that makes his head of the cap actions keep doing it. They're like I voted down how boys, in the seventies, Eightys and Ninetys, just continually coming up with the tabs that have. Its Kiley Right Kiley, require collective shimmer data, one of them to be confused. Now its highly yeah. I mean now she's this whole industry. I would argue that carnations are the welfare wherever for better or worse acceptable differently from the way there he replied the deadline. We will never be replied you now, sadly, the royal family after after shot,
Divorce Diane and it turned out. He is of Camilla both the time. It's him a thousand loses Lester, but now they love it That would mean that that was sort of energy is a guy for that world, like I was like the fact that this happened would You know like the biggest scandal within that only in like recent memory or whatever- and still that's not. You know that would not be in a controversial, move in the world, the Kurdish, it would be very well. I think it's interesting. I think that it is interesting how Hawaii the family, and I would like the deck somebody. I was talking about the things, though. The book abandoned, and somebody may The audience said like well. You know I have a friend from London and we talked about this and what the person from London said.
Like what did the reason we care about the royal family is because we all share that. We all have is something that we all sort of experience together, but it's interesting you can send you think you could change the temper of your voice that suddenly become sinister. Like we all have the development we all share edge. It all something that officially suddenly like this, this dopey in world. It's weird, but it be the idea of something that you have to sort of know about and that you have to in some way care about, because it is part of your shared citing the dead. You kid that is very positive, a very negative where we have the trumps, though Don Junior and whose the other Eric Nevada,
and yet I gather and no could we were talking about the caddy nonetheless lady and like all like what about the caddy, the candied railways in a sort of american? I'll be back our Camelot or whatever, but I think that guy, I think the idea of being the caddy family is somehow special in a positive way that problem He has passed right now and no, and this movie sort of illustrate that it's like you would. It would now be very difficult to do. A hagiography of JFK I am a vacation would be that you would you do that it would be a sort of Lee The portrait obey complicated person. Who, like I'd, who were about brazenly brace and the yes The candidates Thea.
We'll never see the whole like the family, rich enough to just buy off a murder. And then people who love them enough to just kind of look the other way. I dont think that happens again. It lets say Hilary at won the elections one meal aghast and she had a great first term, was re elected and then some years down, the line Chelsea ran through the press. The thing that I would prefer, I think that at some point Chelsea William improvement. It's very boss, but you know that would have been in our obviously unique situation in american history. Their family would have had both spouses be president. Kid would have been in the past. What the other, quite large pursued, the way the caddy were proceed. I was just on vacation last week
Father in law is pretty be left meeting is now like. I really now believe that point should have been removed from office, but you're going to do for office, but the Michael and keeping an eye like boy adventure lying like maritime. You know there was just an overwhelming spent from the American. People that the media had gone too far and can start had gone too far and that it is not that big a deal and that that we recognise that marital infidelity and lying about marathon infidelity shouldn't. Be reason you can't be present right now. I don't know what people think that now I hear you talk about like the young people in your office, I beg of their own world about what happened with Michael and keep. They would all day book. When should not impressed. I think the dead
become sort of the standard position to take. Even though we had happened, the more progressive way to look at it was to say there are over reacting to build. This is not something that should be cod. We don't want to be in the car. We want to live in the kind of country where someone activities outside of politic destroy their political career. They no longer people as of opinion, that there is now seen as an incredibly reactionary, be one of the opinions was basically like. Why would he do with her member that whole thing that would not fire? Twenty years later? They are really that's who had two he's gonna cheat with that
her father, the whole idea impeachment. What because you know you perker himself and testimony about white water that date, the Monica stop with good of ancillary. That network for in this whole thing I think now the thinking would be well. He should have been removed from office just for having done they haven't taken advantage of this person who is to subordinate was not much. He or she was an adult woman. He had to give her agency, but at the same time she gave the president she Britain Amman always brings with it. Would I think that that would be what people would justify, because that I think that there are people who believe that would be an you know that the removal of drop that can be registered there, that there could be some sort of justified simply for
personal behaviour and the way he talks member another thing from back then was worth Hilary took better CARE Va. Maybe who now have to do that there's the desert. Other angle, there's letter had takes around eighteen, eighty, nine, with a good thing that would fly, two thousand. They won't because built that that kind of cake you just mention like it's hard to find mad written anywhere. There was the kind of only cocktail party. It was like a hang and other friends now that would be made public there would be like someone be like a work at social media. Look at all these people who are blind Hilary rebuild infidelity happiness, entire list of their own and that that was useless. Strange thing This is interesting thing when they talk about social media is often described as like kind of like a town square,
this kind of like a cocktail party, you know you're involved in his day like region being in the town. Square or and a cocktail party with somebody who every twenty minutes loudly give their opinion. Some unrelated avenge? That's what you probably wouldn't stand there close to them. Would you probably would not want their bedroom party? If there was like that, like every throw up and down the table, they gave their Kagan pumping the men and women really good again, we wouldn't say that person like gotta glad they came radio. That was a real great addition to this party. Whenever that that was different. Sort of you know these it it's it's not like. That is actually very different. Then just day you start about is not like a conversation at very different. We have to go through her. What's that, due to our mark, we talk to each other. Well, we d like to talk about Jack, close german editing, the plug
No, but you can get out thanks, as always. Thanks for coming I'll get pleasure. Tat lie back I'd thanks to check ecstasy, uprooted Humphrey at the check them out its uprooted outcome, such BS we about other new Ringer tee shirts. I we put up. We were given that some of them are vague, as people go. That's that The ringer dotcom, slash shop and weird, on Friday or more bs back ass. In other ways,.
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