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Fields to the Pats? Plus Masters Bets and David Alan Grier | With Danny Kelly and Joe House


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Danny Kelly to discuss the Jets trading QB Sam Darnold to the Panthers, as well as who wants to trade for the Dolphins’ sixth overall pick, who’s at the top of Danny’s mock draft board, and more (3:00). Then Bill talks with Joe House about his favorite bets for the upcoming Masters Tournament (40:15). Finally Bill is joined by actor and comedian David Alan Grier to discuss working with Eddie Murphy and Martin Lawrence on the film ‘Boomerang’; some awesome stories from ‘In Living Color’; David’s new series on Netflix with Jamie Foxx, ‘Dad Stop Embarrassing Me!’; and much more (1:06:25).

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Taylor, Swift, nobody, Nathan, Hubbard and the one, and only nor Princess Mary had been breaking down. Every single Taylor Swift, album on a show, cod, every single album, which you can find on ring or dish that is coming to a close pretty soon, because they've run through every Taylor Album, except for there's. I think one more plus all the rereleases so check that out on Ringer dish. That's also where you find me David, Cobby, breaking down. The challenge will have a couple episodes left, but that we do in that onwards. And knew new watch was posted lethal weapon that one is up. When the most influential action moves ever may increase rain breaking down come up. I have an action packed pack ass for you, the ringers, Danny Kelly is gonna. Talk about all the NFL draft movement specifically, can the patriots get just in fields? Oh my! we're going to talk to my buddy Joe House of the fairway rolling podcast. We're going to get some masters picks from him
the one, the only the legend David, our Greer, who I can't remember- fees ever on an aid package- but he has never been on a ringer podcast and he's one of my all time. Favorites and we talked about a whole bunch of great stuff. This is a really really really good podcast. I can't believe it's free I can't believe it first pearl jam all right. We are taping this. It is eleven thirty Pacific time. So if there's another massive NFL trade today, I'm sorry, if there's something on the level of SAM Darnold, going to the Panthers perfect time to bring in Danny Keller from the ringer he is,
One of our main NFL guys, you can remind the ringer, fell, show he does an awesome draft guide for us with mock drafted, and she sent me a little special top fifteen mark draft you're kind of between mock draft on the website. So you did a little tweak. I'm still. Here three days ago I gave in I talked myself into Justin field: Adrian mixture. She laid the debate, the seeds. He had the trade up, everybody. What that's about the paths trading to Levin, give fields, amerindian recorded, I love fields. I dont understand why he's dropping on four and now there are real sides of hope here for the patriots looking at the guide and you had they you had them. You think that the trade to number eight washed in today s there, yet It's either going to be well there's three spots, specific trade nor afforded the Falcons because it sounds like the falcons are open for business potentially with. If the right
comes along number, seven to the lions or number eight with Carolina Carolina, and I think all three of those potential scenarios make sense for the for the patriots do that now, I guess I can ask you this: do you think the patriots kind of go against their local ammo and trade openness scenario. I think you're having a year without a quarterback, I remember always. Those that exist today is important to have a second. We have the top three and it really seems like MAC Jones is going in the nineties. We can talk about that later, and man is the first there's there. Three swing teams are now when is the first swing team at four you had in the mock draft. You sent me that you're still tinkering with you think they take Cole pits if they keep the PIC I didn't alternately he's the best player his ease that most talented nine quarterback in this draft. I think he is- and I
May I see more people saying this over and over? He is just like a truly special prospect. You don't see many guys like him and when you look at some of the opposition's like tackle or receiver, even these classes are very deep or pits is basically he's in a tier of zone by far at the tight position. In fact, you probably call him just a pass catcher and even then he might be a terror in immature zone. So that's kind of I went there. The falcons are one of those things that could trade back also in the running for quarterback. Honestly, like there's some people that believe that they'll take a quarterback here and it sounds like I'm, based on the report by Mortensen. The other day said sounds like the GM terrify now and head coach, Arthur Psmith are sort of in disagreement about what they want to do here so I think Arthur Smith thinks that Marine Sagoths wife and his legs- and it could last night
of seasons gives them a for which I kind of to agree with an icy like their caps situation. There would point to them sticking with Ryan and kind of building that foundation so ultimately, I went sort of with the head coach on this one. I think that they're going to either trade back here or take an elite prospect like Cole pits and kind of just go from there. If your art Smith. You're, not like in the situation that Shanahan was in with the forty Niners where you're like. I know I have this job for the next seven years, whatever right I'm going to craft the team, I want you, mere like Moran still good? I have a chance to compete. I could get basically the best, not quarterback in this we we were team that was weirdly competitive for what I record last year. In you, add a couple pieces and two savvy fridge inside whatever and then all sudden, maybe we're ten and sixteen who knows versus we take a quarterback project. As
has been mentioned, ad nauseum all over the place. You have fifty fifty chants when you're drafting a quarterback. Basically those are the ads. Those are the ads for the last ten years, those ads for the last twenty years, the last fifty years. It's a one in two chance. You struck oil and you even think like the San Darnold draft that was probably less than if SAM's right, basically the swing. So if you're him you're like let's just keep back Matt Ryan, take pits. I've actually been studying this draft, and you know I don't watch college football, but I am able to throw myself into a draft the thing to me. It seems like the all time, no brainer pick where you just look at the big picture of the NFL and you go alright. Kelsey and Rock were game, changing people at their position for the last of years, and all those deeds were were playing games games as one of the key players in their team. Everyone us was just them and then he got if, in a fantasy situation at auction, you pay twenty eight hours for calcium twenty two,
thirty one whatever it is, is the highest paid tight end and it seems high. While I can put it then it's like everybody wants it. The whole sees that you could you regret it? You never had it so the pick things like. I just think that could take pits. They would never regret it, but the question for me is: if there's a premium on these last two quarterbacks and the spots or for seventy trade. Eight Carolina is Atlanta better moving back right. They could pick up a lot of draft capital. I think at the spot a future. First, probably I mean it. When you're sorry about this draft in particular it's almost like this is the first pillar, and I know I realise that three eyes off the board here inside so dilutes, what's left, but they can reach like you eat it. Any team that wants to come up for correct here. I think it's like is open for business and they could get a Good Hall bike also, yet my like, we are, like you just said, and laid out perfectly, they might just decide here. This is like the closest
prospect to Julio Jones that we've seen in terms of the level of prospect that he is the type of field tilting talent that he is and then just there. They don't even have to trade up for like they did, for I'm not he's really obey. I do think he has the ability, the talent to be a match up nightmare for them, especially in Arthur, was often switches has been knew too tight and heavy. Is it focuses on the tight opposition? You know- and so I think he's a perfect fit for what they want to do. There is- and I think just makes too much sense, so that's kind of like where I'm leaning but like barely, I think they could move back. Certainly you think about it lets say: let's say he's Kelsey would say, he's a bigger, cosy, yeah. I think that's a safe bet if he doesn't get her. So you right here of your drafting and you're like I could basically had the last six years of tribes, Casas career with this pick, that's gonna be,
Valuable as anything other than a franchise qb is based based on the way the League plays football. The way we think about these days is that, as one of that is almost more valuable than a receiver, I would say: there's definitely that argument. It's like it if present such a difficult conundrum for defenses, because when you have a guy like that to some, some teams are looking at this guy. Like he's basically receiver, you can go light him up at ex dot on dot the out in isolation, looks or you can bring a man and in line he stuck in view. Run routes from inline spots in Travis Kelsey run sums. Some routes from the inland position, and then you get a matched up against a linebacker or a safety, and it's just toast, and so I think he definitely. I think you could make. Argument that he's more valuable as the tight end, because he has that Miss mismatch ability to go
I have been altered. Its multiple different spots on the field he's not like worthless, says blocker. He can lie on think he's like a good grand style blocker, but he gives good effort to get the size, get the wingspan all that stuff. And so- man, the more I think about it. He is just like going to be a guy, that a lot of teams really really want early in this draft and- like the tide, opposition in the history of behind it all kind of aside. He is the most talented guy at the spot. Non quarterback would be funny if the patriots shaded up to four and then they took pets and there, like a crisis I am humanitarian corridor back. Let's rob can I just gave like sixty million guaranteed or something to tyres idle, ice. The made the forty nine is asian of caste move, which is betrayed Nuffin taken pits not accordingly now be dull niflheim of their terrible.
It and just go ham on the league. I think that would be fun. It's just. You can even see the Jersey leg to pitch down the middle like it just feels like he's, gonna be good, so Atlanta is our first swing. Team everybody thinks first, it was Cincinnati is going to take a and now now it seems it's it's to be be the best receiver, which people think is chase, there's a little bit of an argument, but I think is probably probably the safe consensus, number I lay back over the battles. Yeah I like it. I guess I don't feel like a sewer who you have gone seventh trade, It's not like soul is a generational franchise tackle right, he's the best tackle on this draft, but she has a chance to be a petition. The generational receiver anyway, you put him with borough and you could figure out the offer later, the counter to that would be. You had no offensive line last year and you got your quarterback basically he's right tobacco. I can honestly see both
sides of this argument and I waffle on it because you know giving a like bro more time, is only to be good for their offense. However, I think cases is on a tour of his own in terms of this, this receiver class- and there are several good offensive- tackles. I think that you could get in the second. And you know I mean an hour also tackle slashed guards, whether they decide to start over tackle our guy wherever they take. I still think that they can improve their offensive line in the second round or the third crowd there's. This is a very Often divine class- and I dont know, if I mean I think saw is definitely a very good prospect, but I dont know if he is like you said that generational type prospect where you know he's he's a sure fire Hall of Fame type player, I'm not that I saint chases ABBA chases definite game changer, and I think that especially considering you be going back to his college quarterback
They can just hit the ground running and they have immediately a really really good receiving core there and we sit. We seen colleague that difference tat made with stuff on digs going to Buffalo and Buffalo basically rebuild their offensive. I'm through, the agency at least a big part of it. So maybe that's like the route that they take and with with Chase Higgins, entire Boyd and your Mason. That's a very, very good ski position group in any. You cannot. I just can picture them doing a lot of really get things with that. That's deposition, grouping and gig borough back on track. I'm with you, I feel you can address, second, a third round, but you knock in it have many chances to take a receiver like Chase, and then everybody has Miami taken. Receiver at six. Are we positive? Are we positive, I'm going to say it again? Are we positive that they're not going to take a cube at six? Are we positive
No, I don't know why they would have traded out of three if they had that mind, but same time, I'm not I'm completely, not eliminating them from like the running for quarterback. If that makes any sense, I think and- and I think that the general consensus as they traded back up to six because first, they trade back to twelve and then they trade back up to six like in this and I think what that told me initially is. They want one of these top tier past catchers, whether it be pits chase, Devonte Smith or and those are like the consensus for guys and for whatever reason, I feel like there's a lot of buzz about water over Devante Smith. So this was one of my curveballs, the dolphins taking jail in water, here over Dante, Psmith much. I don't know if that's gonna happen, but it feels like that's what the winds hours are pointing to there there saying right now that forever reason the dollar. Really like while and I think,
be because they see him, and we just Don't imo Kelsey! I think I ll oddities might see wattle as this Terry killed type player, where the speed is just impossible to match up with and he's that type of speed and is also like. If you look at kind like what D. What the dolphins have on their office right now like to want they Parker Oppressive Williams, MIKE a city. These guys are not speed. Demons tight, like field tilting type speed, guys and I think adding waddle into that you know could be very exciting for what they could do in the office. Obviously, both waddle and Devonte Smith have experience with to us. So again it's the same situation, we're just talking about with Boro. You have this built in chemistry that can give these guys the ability to hit the ground running from a
one- and so I bet I think, that's why I'm waiting, thereby I'm with you. I don't think there absolutely for sure, out of the correct running the more looked at the trade back up from twelve to six, the more confusing it is to me, because you probably have five quarterbacks in the top twelve. You ve pits in the top twelve the three receivers in the top twelve, but not everybody needs a receiver and or I guess everybody would need pits, but I think if you look at the top, twelve it's really hard for me to believe that either Neither water wouldn't have been. There are twelve miles away did they trade back up? Did they trade out because they want pits or did they trade out, because trade back up what if they just love the deal from San Francisco near there like the their overpaying for this three back? This is great. We're gonna love now, move backup,
sex. We feel like we're. Gonna get a guy that we probably would have been happy with it three anyway, we just got out this extra assets. Maybe they like fields, maybe the gather quarterback, maybe maybe they love pets. Maybe they wanted to take pits three, That's why I didn't I'm not convinced with anything I'm reading about. I don't know they were there taking receiver like how do we know? Why would the dolphins tell us? Is it in their interest to tell us it's that is going moving back up to six. I dont have. This is reason enough for them to do this. This is just speculation but like being at six gives them so many more options being at six gives them the option to trade back if they want again because they can hold that that pick hostage, and you know we talked about this on the NFL show like they've done. Such a good job of leveraging their picks and
that into more pigs, I mean they turned Laremy Tunsil into like four first rounders or whatever it was, and so at six. You just have so much more flexibility to do what you want and whether that be take a quarterback here hold that postage. Maybe pits falls to the spot and that's ultimately their goal, but I think that to me would be like maybe reason enough for them to move back up there, just because it gives us the ability to do so many different things that puts them in the cat bird seat. If certain things fall, like the way they think it's going to fall. I hate giving that egomaniac Kevin Clark any credit at all, but when we did the Ringer NFL show last week he made that point about the tonsil pick become in this crazy. This happens in sport. Sometimes right
then, in the NBA this age and they build Duffy, forgot the mail in the contract in time. For this rain and point out the heat had, whose name was gotta? Can your members? They must Anthony card or something like that and the guided becoming a free agent- because they re now the contract in time which allowed the heat, design, Lamar Odom right, Maybe this NEO Lamar Odom for the coopers. With this extra cap space, they magically got and then a year later, the rabbit a trade for Shack with Lamar Odom and Crown Butler, and then this leads to the all these sliding doors, with the shack trade than of winning the title. They trade in Phoenix trades for Shack and there's like seven things that happen. Based on this one thing: butter from the council and the council is, as car pointed out, the weird gas bass tweet completely changes the course of and of our history. It leads seven things side
That was a really a good point and I'm jealous of it because he was gonna, be I'm just going off memory, but he was going to be like a much higher pick like third or fourth. I can't even remember what it was and then he fell to. I can't even membe of top we had like eleven or twelve or so I'd, better g wholly yeah chain The whole complexion of traffic, that is just yeah, that's so you're saying there's a chance, the dolphins could do the double trade back because, if their hats, if they want to move back up, actually, let's take a break in the medium term, the air with the path can do it? What are the best things about? Gulf is Gimme a sure thing. If you want to start betting on golf guess what sandal sports, but has a gimme just for- you knew users can get Wanting to one adds twenty two one: does the job said more Mcelroy or Jordan speak just to make the cut it. The masters take your pick,
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let's go there, it's not going to cost a lot. They go there. Now you have the patriots at fifteen who are terrified about people jumping in front of them at seven with Detroit or eight with the Panthers, if they really like Justin Fields, which I think they do just for the record. But then it's a question of well. We move up to eight with this Panthers pick, which is now available because they had got same darnold, but then what happens if somebody trades ahead of you to the seven at the trade, I don't know what the trades plan is, like you think, they're taking their doing this, we're Jirga faint, raise a clear they thrown away to those twenty one. You might have to move up to six, but I would say the safe bet: if you're the Patriots is to move up to seven with the right to move in a bait spots, I think it actually cost another first and maybe even a third that would be. You had the movement,
eight with the Panthers. I think they have them about the seven yeah yeah, the more I think about it, and I agree with you. I think that might be the ideal spot move unless, unless you think that the dolphins are no trade back, but I don't see the dolphins training a patriot and the scenario. So no, I am so seven is definitely like the number two circle. The reason I had Washington was, logically speaking, scarf errors the GM there he would. He spent sorry with Caroline, I should say, trading up with launched at Washington, trade up the Carolina and the reason I say that is his Panthers Gm Scott, fairer. He was with us ox for many years, like the last like couple decades, basically and the Seahawks Emma was always been to trade back in and Johnson mo, am always to accumulate as many packs, especially early I when they were when they are trying to build their roster. Like basically rebuild that thing, they just look like a team that to me will be looking to trade back unless someone they absolutely love false
spots allows basically while sitting there, but I also think that detroiters another situation where they're, probably therein, this like a multi year, rebuild the other guy like six year. Deals in that front office, like they're, not gonna, be rushing into anything they're another team that could probably get a pretty good haul based on the bike, based on the fact that this year is sort of unique with the quarterback position it in years past. The number seven pick route thatched, quite as much as it will now, because your still have one of these top to quarterbacks our so yeah, I'm with you that may be. They are like looking if they can get actual first hearing and move back with the patriots or why or whoever. It could be a good move for, for them. Is there something to get a good player in the first round, but though pick up NEA much needed Am to rebuild that roster. Yes, so you have Denver picking nine, who you Trade lads goes to them at number. Nine, which that's thou, be met,
call if they were able to get field emigrate man's without generating outbreak in Asia. I couldn't they understand so drew lack was almost. Didn't they backed out of the trade like what was that story? Was he ever officially almost radiator was at all conjecture, I really don't know, I'm not sure. I think it was one of those situations. Maybe maybe there into, I dont think like bottom line, as I dont think that their satisfied at the court of acquisition. Why, with as it yeah I'm in they shouldn't be really there a team that is, they have a very strong roster, I think an a good car back in there, you know him with that really like one of the better developing skill position, groups in the NFL, you got Colin Sun and Jerry Judy Noah fan even their backup Albert he was really promising what he showed in his rookie season.
We ve, got a lotta, really interesting weapons, cagey handler, so I think you know their team as with that defence. With that, you know the current every clearly and ten on turn their defence and to adopt your defence. They are like a quarterback away and in whether its tray lands are just and fails to meet the widow there. One, the cheese. I think that benefits really from the flurry of moves are, alas, be waste. Is there a potentially going to have you As you see massive tradeoffs, their potential can have their choice between lance and fields of things fall right for them, which is just crazy to think about. So I didn't dare in a really good position, but they're going to be careful because I do think someone's going to try and trade up either seven or eight at this point. Well, the move for them. It's so obvious, like they should just flip picks with Detroit yeah give them a second round or something like that, and then they guarantee them substitute quarterbacks with what they don't want to happen. Is
who were at an iron get one of these deeds and then seven and eight that you read out to you guys got or my because rogue and takes a quarterback. You know him, I don't feel they can stay impact. So I was thinking the actual years scenario of you- are wasting the Panther spot, but that could also be where the patio but yeah. If member wants lance you just for pigs with with the trade, you know, the Panthers are probably trade in their back. You know the Panthers love the narrative of we got sand. Arnold. We gave up a second and a fourth, basically for but then we traded backward out and we picked up a first and if you look the exact out of it, we have to first and Sand Arnold for this. This you got to see where that's heating and then, if you're Detroit, you move back to nine and if you're going to take that tackle you get them anyway.
There you go, I mean that is exactly like the scenario, I'm kind of picturing with this happening, because if you get so at nine after doing all that that two right there you, you ve, really worked. Well, so you know there's a lot of other really like high and players still gonna, be hitting at nine ten eleven twelve. This mark. I've got Patrick certain who is one of the top corners in class or Sean Slater, who, I think, a lot of people have him rated a so I ve got him just below swell, but he's a very, very good prospects and then Dantes go into the Eagles twelve, who you know I don't have the traits in the market for a receiver right now like that, puts more the top, but there's there's some still blue chip players in that area. It seems like twelve as the drop off.
Yeah. I know it. I guess I was played drop off, then it becomes there's more arguments about who comes after twelve yeah, I would say so so the pats they need to navigate four things here. What is Atlanta? Do what are the Mai? Is Miami gonna go rogue or they can take a receiver cause you're, hoping they take a receiver, but deep down your little worried that they're gonna do something weird the lions would be stupid for them. They said seven. Ideally, they just sweep swap spots with damper, pick up something and then who gets up Panthers pick, which we both think is for sale now, because it is done yeah yeah, so I think we really take up what is it TAT person aid, then? So what would entail day fifteen another first and like a third. So I think it's gonna take what again like it so before
it's a unique situation, because you can't really rely on history. So just one example: the cardinals move out from fifteen to twelve and twenty eighteen for Josh rose and just Rosen was on a different level in terms of like the hype, and Saying, but they only had to give up thirty fifth and out at the time, was incredibly cheap to move out five spots, the bills and move from twelve to seven to get Josh Alan. They gave up two seconds the chiefs, this one's a bigger jump. These are just some of the previous back trades, and she threw from twenty seven to ten and twelve seventeen, and they gave up a third plus a future first so somewhere in that range? I'm guessing this year? It would probably something like you know, either two seconds or a second and a fur like a future. First, something in that range. Because the teams that are trading out of either that the Detroit Lions
or carolina they're. Gonna, know that you know they ve got a very like this is a valuable peck we're not necessarily going to go straight off to the Jimmy Johnson Trade chart? In this scenario, I think it's going to be a little bit. You're gonna have to pay a premium to make that move the path getting fields. I would give up a first for that. Well, first of all, people really like fields part of the thing I've already seen from Patriot haters of my life. Like me, two camps for just a distant, not to name just anybody, but just for example, people would be real. Upset if the pats got fields, because I think everybody's brooding form there's this chicken, shoulder answer with them like being basically the fourth or fifth, you be what's wrong with this guy, I'm a believer. And then him going to Bella check and then just us getting twenty years of fields after twenty years of Brady, I think, would drive people crazy
I would love it. You can. I injected evades you're gonna fucking force people to be fancy patriots. This is absurd and going to be one of them- and, I know mean, is probably in the same boat like it is. One of those situations where I think everyone's Ike somebody's narrative. The fact is falling. I guess I'll be ass. It now we can have this big ship on his shoulder. Just in fields is and we're all gonna be room for him to do really. Well, you know we all watched him in cleansing game like how tough he is the way he plays. I don't know yeah. This is setting up to be a disaster, for he personally he's a more athletic ropes burger. Like he's so big and he's going to be. Years from now will be twenty pounds. Heavier so be playwright, like, as I see it as a matures he's gonna be like him he's gonna be like. Can honestly will it is, prime, with more accuracy and in like a more accurate arm or more power
arm in a little and ass. I do right. Yea ran like a four for you. I mean, I guess if he gained twenty pounds, probate lose a little bit of that, but Yeah he's not in the same category as said it's someone like a he's, not like a Lamar Jackson, style guy. Where he's going to juke people, you know, out of there x or whatever, but he is hereby of cam, watching him the way people just slip off of them in the pocket or Ben. I think Ben is a great example to work. He just stands in the pocket guys right transact, given the aegis like shrugs it off he's so strong and sober, but then he also has that four for speed for five speed prelate his waist down bodies I borderline freakish like He'S- got this huge, but Big legs are like they're, just bouncing off him. He's a wider than I had a look like what is twenty seven year just made a granite, he is one of those guys you just, I think, he's a special athlete and honestly, I think he has very special accuracy to which is
they know you always look for the correct position. So this is why I am so sorry about this. Why have always been adamant that he's my number two guy in this class just behind Lawrence? It's been a bit strange because you're watching kind of like the narratives changed or the net, does not change necessarily but like shift as he sort o Father a favor according to a yes like the draft consensus, and now, is like thirty. Fourth need behind. Even last, I meant to say last year, where time out, whether he's better than Lawrence and so yeah, it's gonna be very, very fascinating. I do think there is now a solid chance that the Patriots game, I think I think they're gonna- have to deal with Like Washington, potentially trading up. I think there Washington makes sense to me. The reason I put Washington here is number one not to completely just cater to your fantasy that you're going to get Justin Field, but I think Washington makes a lot of sense number one like we just talked about him like RON Rivera experience like they went fifteen and one he turned him into a.
BP, obviously open to having a quarterback that can be parlor run game all that stuff there. Another team that their franchise, like the rest, I should say, is relatively stacked and defensively. Ask a very good defence like now. They have good weapons, are fenced java, good core back in there and they a very dangerous, so I think you know their another came to me that that is a threat to move up here and in throwing maybe the Steelers I mean I don't know where are the are the same sort of like a big wild card here cuz? They seem to always like get involved in things like this, but I think there's a few teams bears. Maybe the bears are another team like just kind of a wild card. Darling you, if you don't do that they get their advance come. I felt that the various fans have suffered enough. They don't want to think there shouted fields, you re hilarious effect. The falcons just took him at four because, by the way that's what they should do, they should take fields it for
they're in CAP hell this year anyway. You know, I think they could definitely overachieve, maybe ten and six eleven and five, but with some of the cap things they have going on, because I was looking at them for their super bods, which are like sixty five to one. But it does seem like this is a tough capper for them to pull off. Basically the depth. You would need We first Balsamy Brown. Is you Jeff fields? You have rain for another year and fields is amazing, urine and Alex Smith Mound situation, yeah yeah. I think the one thing that like hangs me up on the on the Falcons is, you know they would have to eat a massive cap it in time twenty two not just this year, but in two thousand and twenty two also to move on from Matt Ryan. So I mean it's not like impossible. We've seen teams do it, like we've seen teams move on from quarterbacks that weren't the answer, but the idea of like in theory that they would wait two years. So, like let the quarterback a plane is third year, and this is a new coaching staff.
And a new GM, you think they want to make their first. Take this highly valuable pick. Wait for two like you haven't changed my three. I don't do that to me just like for me personally. That seems weird like. I would not do that. If I was in that, Listen! If you gonna be here in twenty two and three wheel, Python Arthur Arthur Smith, watch those pits games. Say: ah a guy. I could do yeah and imagine, I am Johnny's Emilio and Calvin Red Lion, like I don't know, I think they can really build something like a really good office. That way so bullet feel. The field thing is stupid, as the criticism is basically, I don't really like how he progresses office first read so now he's the fifth escorted back of the strategy. All right. Well, he was in college. Maybe that's something he could get better at it. You know it's not. Gonna change is the fact that he's got Ben Rates, Berger's body and CAM Newton Speed. That's going to be a thing! The next level
ok with baby teaching about advance passed the first read: I don't get the draft ass, the thinking is just crazy, like we saw with Lamar couple years ago, where the morrow falls out of the first round, because it's like you know, and they start nitpicking, and it's just like alright. Does this guy have an amazing blue chip talent because, ultimately that's why these quarterbacks succeed or fail right? Why did Josh rose and not make yet he didn't make it causes average. He didn't have utterly how it yeah. He just wasn't great at something. Why did Josh out and make it well is fucking unbelievable athlete, ultimately it was they can. He be accurate, ass. Well, he learned how to be accurate enough, but the athleticism was there. The whole time and with fields is just like that it's a fucking, unbelievable athlete. I don't understand how you could talk yourself out of him as a top five pick so anyway. I hope the Patriots get them and I'm afraid that's what's going to happen now, I'm going to tell you this I mean
We completely insufferable sooner everyone in my life about this. I will buy the Jersey, amateur change my back to serve of him, so I'm just gonna lose my my lasting before we go. Let's make this quick its like the Niners have just basically decided on MAC Jones there's a lot of dna here they like certain types of quarterback, say I get it. I get the argument, but could this be like legend airily weird move down the road it. I think I could end up being situations where you ask what if I do still have confidence that if the forty Niners pick MAC Jones and everything is looking like Adam Scheffer said today that he would be shocked if it wasn't MAC Jones and like when she says that you got to listen. So I think when I look at this, I think that MAC Jones is going to be a good curve.
In the end, if I'll, because he's gonna get into a good system with a good coach and good support system around him, good off into wine, like all the things line up, but I think we would all be asking probably in a few years of work, could look like which us in fields are trail ants. Instead, So I dont have it's gonna, be legend airily bad, but it's going to be one though scenarios. We asked what it forever. Well, what a draft, I think scary This is the most fiametta fell draft. We ve had some good ones right. We had the one with the rose and drafters really fun. It's not like every every year. There's some an angle, but this one where you have I'm just thinking like the football cards angle casino. My son, like said he'd like to buy the football cards open the pretty prisms. There are so many potential incredible cards that this draft EU, the five gb, the three receivers and then pets who
go down as like one of the five best offered subtitles. We ever had the eyes like wow. Just from that standpoint alone, I can't wait for this shaft great storylines, all kinds of stuff when you're next might derive from it so we're am wearing. I think it's either going. I think it's either going be as programme be next week I do Now you can hear my the ringer thou shall he's break another step down rate among the Ringer Dotcom, Anna and he's. If you want to torture, my twitter just send fake Russell, whilst the trades Adam it sets him off, and businesses went good to see you you do this. It has brought you buy, ran up four lines. Products ran a prolonged is great because it kills me it's that farming, your line. It's got a ready, tease formula that cause the toughest weeds down to the route and a one extends to feed to reduce bending over. So, instead of thinking about weeds think about whatever you want to think about whether you could poor mustache off like what are the twenty
demonstrates the self except ever made like what kind of personal funny story Late night talk show host, even though you might never get interviewed by late night. Talk show so could happen. The roundup brand think about what you could think about when you're, not thinking about weeds is red and follow pesticide label directions not open. Eggs are registered. Na states may be subject to use restrictions, I'm a good. Joe has to scare. You can hear him on the fair way, rolling podcast and we have known each other since nineteen. Eighty eight. This is the law guess stretch. We had never seen each other in person since nineteen eighty eight, but there's like it here had a week. We will be hanging out together at some time. For now we can hang out and the zoom attack, but the masters you talked unfair. We roll needed big preview pod that is going up, it'll, be up by the time people listening I wanted to grab you on to talk about some bets. We should mention this. Is a house like intro? This is like a three minute interests me.
We should mention their fair way: Roland Dough contest on fanned or you can sign, join up. You can compete against me and how Nathan and Kevin Clark, all these people, if you just want to put in six golfers you best possible line up. I did mine, you did yours, I hear go house gimme. Your best bet to win The two thousand and twenty one masters, even though we just had the masters like six seven months ago on the masters, is back, but we love it. Give me your best bet right now: yeah, the last masters was four and a half months ago it was November, but because of the weird Timespace continuum that we are in, it felt like it was eight months ago. I love that you want made a start right off the top like this. Is this very much fits how long it's been since we ve seen each other like it's, it's gonna, be very glad we're gonna Haagen it'll be over. You know what I mean that'll, be like we're. Fourteen years old again, you want to know where you could pick right at the top.
Hug. Then you could be like goods gossip. That's gets up three yeah you're right about that yeah. I can be of aspect as well I love just in Thomas. I have you no one in one day and I hate going chalk. Right now looking at fanned all the odds are bought by bulky, Bryson, beefy Bryce. Plus nine fifty dj, plus nine fifty and then and Thomas at plus, one hundred along with Jordan Speed. So it's a chalky pick, but Justin Thomas has an incandescent at the bastards, the last handful
of years every year that he's competed in the masters he's made the cut any Spanish better better each year he's improved his place eat last November. He finished. Fourth, he just one the players, but more importantly, for just and Thomas is his second shot shot. Making he's an outstanding from approach is, first against all competitors in the masters over the past three years in strokes, gained approach over the last three years, he's first in Greece, in regulation over the last three years, and these so an outstanding potter at the moment. First in parts greens and regulation and burst in putting birdies or better and
ok at this she's like Kurt Goldsberry. Oh that's a man. This is unbelievable. The description of Augusta for this April moment is very different. From the description of the conditions back in November, because you know different different season altogether were back in the traditional moment for this and the reports grounds are that the courses play as firm as fast as it ever has its also true that the Green jacket Hermes do not want a repeat of twenty under and it's not that anybody's embarrassed by dozen Johnson go out and shootin twenty under, but they want this thing to be tight. I get between nine under and eleven under, so the greens are gonna, be crazy. Firm and so you need guy, that's gonna, hit the boy into the green into the right spot and then be able rural. The rock that's J T for me this week now also love John, And you want your head, we ve had a tiny other genre,
John Robert, I bet on a lot of dates and sandal S with we ve. I bought a bitter. I bottom drinks. I've tried to and what you come home with me Jimmy I'm if we were so much so much time on those two guys. Really really according them, just trying to get them to come through for me and if their app and John Rammers by Why was there it yeah? I I think he's do. I think it would make sense for him at some point over the next three years to win this tournaments specifically, because I think he has changed me one of the best offers of his generation. So you need one of these two pushed over the top that I'd love, that he had the kid Last week I love the storyline. It s an idea picture nets with smoking jacket on covered in body oil on Sunday as roms up by two strokes do you know ram Naxian the winning partly does that
daddy so or whatever? Whatever coordinates one further father? I just feeling John Rum I drink the tunnel. They once you and Harry pick them. I was out area as well as the fact that both like him, I'm out that's death. I thought We understand that an end. Rom has all kinds of great metrics that reflect him as as cable of winning the scarf turn of the child You know, don't go. Of two ways right he's coming in on on on a Wednesday, as opposed to the more tradition arrive Monday and and and play on out, because his little baby boy was just born over the weekend and so yeah coming in with whatever's and in his his mind and in his emotional spit will he arrived drained or will he arrived buoyed,
I don't know he answered. That's not from here he's from a different culture. He's all right he's like now he's gonna, he's gonna go, do his thing and then come back and be a dad. After that Ok in America, we which would happen in this case he would at you'd have a lot more pressure to do the right thing hand of the first couple: daisies he's fine: don't worry about it. Well, he's a stud seven top tens in this last nine starts in his last three appearances at Augusta. He's finished inside top ten. So me he's a stud horse and if you want to jump stud horses back here. You really think that he's going to come inside with you tonight, then then by all means, I'll go right, John Wrong. I lit the candles of the room, I'm ready for you, John Rob it's time for us to make some fan. Do love Spanish, the spanish stallion That is the real I'm a loop,
So it's by elimination on the top pick on Fando, Bryson, Beefy, Bryson, plus nine hundred and fifty you just said it they're, going to make the course harder. The minus twenty was embarrassing. It was humiliating, that's the masters in Augusta that we know and love they're, going to add some wrinkles to make it harder. That's bad for beefy Bryson he's out He also these terrible gliding at Augusta, DJ one. I thought it was six months ago. You claim it was four and a half months ago. It could have been fifteen months ago. I don't remember. I've lost track of time. Dj. Winning two masters in six months seems impossible to me the back to back thing, I'm crossing him off Jordan Spieth one last weekend and ass deep down. We know he's gonna choke on Sunday he's out why miss You ever lander just Thomas is too is too she d of a pic across. Rory no way and then now we go into and bricks. I don't think Brooks body can hold up for seventy two holes
no, it's gonna play. I know I have a moment. I know it's good to suck man. I know I'm on it. Sending you Brooks traverse. Live on Greek Beth and live better, can't lay at two at twenty two to one Zanna sharply at twenty five to one I think have to be mentioned. I used Our fair way rolling down are closer to the by picks they weren't too high salary guys are caught him in the next year. Those guys I never pay. Four fanned. Oh, I always lean John ROM Fleetwood Brooks all my guys. I decided the other way, this your cause. These guys are always in the hut. And I never have them in Zander specifically, I could see him winning and I think that twenty five to one just His he's always around you know, he's always hanging around in people never take seriously. You take observes the your huge that's why I ve had to take them seriously when it comes to the master.
He has an increase in the majors. He has an incredible record across all four majors in this in the masters in particular he tied for- Second, the last time the masters was played in April, so that was April of two thousand nineteen tied her. Second, he tied for seventeen when they just that in November he's play he's is indecent form is not an incredible form, but he just finished inside the top twenty at the match play event in Austin. Texas can't may also checks a ton of boxes. The guy has four starts at Augusta. He has a tied for ninth tied for seventeenth and across his seat. And so far eight top twenties. He has a win the seas in the second place and a third play. So nothing wrong with either one of those guys they both fed. You know the thing about the masters is because play the exact same Ben you every year you can come up with certain attributes of of
winners and identifies and trends so ugly lowered, ten years it's is you gotta be aged under forty. Typically, you gotta be ranked at the top liberty of the world. You have to have a top twenty five under your belt at Augusta. Both those guys have it. You have to have made the cut the previous year. Do both those guys have it. You have to have at least one top this season. I know that can't lays got it and and enter it's gotta be right on the edge and you have the ten out of ten finished in the top thirty. One of the last two events entering this- and I think both guys fit that as well so no all kinds of of metrics, hidden in and attributes that both those guys satisfy And can't leave one of those guys he's been in the makes for a while. But if you ask the casual golfing, give me like you to favour, can lay moments. I don't know if they be,
come up at them dead, the very badly needed a moment was him in Hawaii Talkin about ordering my ties from the tea box a year and a half ago, by the way it's the three year anniversary of when we were at the masters with my dad and nephew Kyle, which was one of the great free day trips amazing. I love It was now kept off by who had the who had the the tiger, though the coming two feet from But what was that? Sixteen? When we're Zan cigarettes on sixteen tigers, stuck it he's right. Next to the pin for us right, he did, he did They dead. Stick at the highlight of that Europe really was the rental car. I know we re, not it we're still not allowed to tell that story has Kyle still with his girlfriend that worry it didn't. We all we did was hear a little bit of a text message. That's all that's the whole story. That's it something
at some point. At some point, we're telling the story it won't be today is is my dad is the greatest moment of his life. Basically person. I think we both gave five pounds. That was a all. The sandwiches were spectacular. I bought a bunch, your brackman stuff, half of which have lost income The hat, which I were you I'd worry me because you gotTa Bert. Well, you know we buy at last. I heard you d like it was me like. I was gonna lose their the fortress. I never lost it. Noto wasn't my voice. They sunny there. While I go a tennis in it and then it mysteriously disappeared. I can't believe I would. I would never call your wife by the way job a visa and that it really is that offers face. Yes, I so long shots Fleetwood, forty one to one. You know I didn't know an army Tommy, look away, you don't get to sit next to me at the matter.
And oh bar and that not by New Jake, this time time. You know about your eye lashes at me. How bout can I give you can't swim? twenty three thousand and seventy one or Massey I'm at forty thousand six hundred and twenty one you like either of those I don't like Becky. I really really really like Camp Smith Camp Smith, just tied for second at this, in November and since then has been on a bit of a heater. Was in the lead through two rounds down it at the Debbie GC event in Florida. The golf course call the concession and he has a bunch of top five finishes if he ended up tied for fifty. First that event, which would have been father and his cap and we'd finished it out. You know the top ten that also he wrote the rock beautifully. His short game is spectacular. That's definitely a guy. If you go, you ve been to build the Ep S line up. If you can afford to get him in he's, definitely worth investment. A deck he's just been to inconsistent I just can't have a guy who can't put
greens that you know are allegedly the fastest greens. These guys will play on tore off season. Long, fair, I'm gonna give you a miss the cut that Great Jordan speak plus four. Eighty, no chance! That's that's slander! it's a defamation. I won't stand for it. I am here what I'm rooting for. What I really want to see is George Speed and just and Thomas the old howls and end the rivalry rekindled Sunday afternoon. Three o clock tea time there, the last go off. That's what I want to see speaking J t battling manner. We motto coming down the stretch about beefy bracing plus for sixty. Now you ve got my attention sea because he had said. Weird experience the last time that he played at Augusta and he talked about how
some kind of physical reaction, physical element. The worry allege that it had to do with gut bacteria or something that idea eaten. There's some kind of blockage, all kinds of nonsense. I think it was mental he came of winning that U S open at wing foot he had all of you know, there's this research gone into whether or not he was going to play a longer driver at the very last minute he decided not to play the longer driver. I think he psyched himself out- and I don't know once you sort of get into weird head space with august- that it's not easy to get yourself out Rory Mcelroy about that, especially if they made the course harder. I think that's the best point you made this whole ipod and it's a really important point for the audience. They made the date. I know they're gonna, make course harder. And they're gonna- make it finite and you just knock and be able to fuck up this weekend is not especially Saturday Sunday,
Then I can allow it. They may delay light. Give the momentum Thursday, Friday, but Saturday Sunday there in a mess with us and that the beefy bracing knocking You know the eight iron second shot off the green rolling out like the idea of us, though there I was for sixty eight via a low juice. The I'm gonna get review. Do that I'll, join you on that. The sad thing is we can earlier. Maybe maybe we can find a place to with the couple of them. Though, do a couple wicked rigour. You can always carbo make the kind of miss the cut right, if you know the odds, the young, The odds are here on vandal, we'll have to come up with a little little parlay on that here's, my favorite better Sandro top former winner, ok top score for the former winners here, the ads dj, plus one. Seventy five speed paused to fit the bedding red plus five fifty year. Then we
this Garcia, this Garcia one Scott ten to one Bubba, twelve to one Mickelson, twenty, two to one Danny let member him twenty Zack Johnson. Twenty ninth Wantage is kind of you going gets more more unrealistic until we get the rejoicing at one hundred and one dj, plus one seventy five to be the best former winner, Golfer Seems like a really smart way to bet on DJ. If you just think he's, gonna have a really good turn met, because basically he just has to beat speed and read and Scott and on the flip side read if you like red at plus five fifty just in general, if you like red, if you think he's gonna be top five, finnish or whatever. That seems like a nice way to play red and just like I eat is based the needs to beat Speed Scott GIN, and indeed
I'm not throwing in Sergio, because I'm not a Sergio okay. What do you think of that, though? It's interesting, I don't know if there's a ton of value, the one thing about read at plus five hundred and fifty that's interesting to me is he owns Jordan Speed. So if they end up in a twosome together, Patrick Reed, when they play it had to head like the last six times as as beaten him all five or six times that that those concerned would be Can't you now read over over DJ, but why your sword betting on there is that dj, for whatever reason is Scotland, a little bit dj had trouble. There must be clear about this. It's not outsize trouble, he's been missing, fair ways. It started down down. I were in your backyard, Riviera, any ease tinkering a little bit. The t ball is not as crucially important in terms of accuracy at Augusta, but if, if you thought that DJ was going to find himself
trouble and not able to land the ball in the three square feet were allowed to land the ball on these greens then read what would be the bad at at at plus five fifty and then you know cause you're already saying why, like red over speed, so red, over a dj. That's the kind of story after tell yourself to make that worthwhile read tat. Five is plus six hundred soon a weird way. It's better I'd suggest bet on him to be those three guys than it is to bet on hand to actually finish in the top five. I think aside. Fifty percent plus six hundred, I think the camp Smith is past. Seven hundred to me, the top five, which I thought was a little tasty. I also like that. I mean you know we're wondering about muscle memory, since it was not that long ago that he just had a great performance there, any really potted so beautifully.
In November, Xander is plus four fifty can't lay is plus four ten one thing you could do here. Basically, I think we all go into the masters and there's four to six guys that we like right, you just be. You bet the four guys you like to finish in the top five tried had to I mean I'm with you. It heading tourism for its art. Is a mother upper thou. Just what, if you, if you would be likely reminding back re deal, one eve paid for all the other Betsy didn't make it. If you want it to five. Now you're making some real money, you could also do it with the top ten by the way, yeah. That's right. For some reason, the top ten leaves me a little placid. Well there is one other sort of thing to keep in mind either the last at times The winner of the masters has been somebody that open the weakest, sixteen, the one or higher so shocked
whatever reason, doesn't tend to win the masters. Not DJ was number one in the world an end the high. You know the best odds among the best odds coming into this in November, and then Tiger was also right around fourteen or fifteen. The wants of those are the two aberrations out of this but if you're looking, you know four first, some names further down the card. Likes lie Zander like a cat lay. You can play a smaller amount on them too. Windsor you get the real return and to go with that play the top five any and you ve covered in case. You know there they big they fish or through something like that. I haven't answered we're going next year. All right thousand and twenty two we're going for the whole time I went there and Sunday we're fucking going the whole time.
I want to say. I've never been for a Sunday. I've been to a number of masters. I've been lucky, not quite double digits, but a bunch, but I've never stayed all the way to Sunday. You know who's going to come with us. You got to bring Nate right, nephew Kyle wants to be invited, his texting. I thought he deserves to come. I think we have to negotiate. I think he has to lead us tat. The master story to officially invited you might have to be engaged for. That, though, is that worker were caught says Allow, and I t take his I'm so next you, the pod, will do where it's. The last section of the package would will tell the will tell the story carried a year that your dad it's beyond them.
I did my dad is to be beyond. We really need to do. We need to tell the whole story. It's a great when I was thinking about the food to the air with the sandwiches and stuff, and I have some regrets. I said I think I acted like a worse because I wasn't like eating A bread at that time and I wanna come. I want to come back next next April good and I want to eat the sandwiches directly yeah. I agree you never let us as yours and you know that No, we experimented with. We David did a podcast. That we had the former editor chief of Bon Appetit magazine. My pal a rapport on we were talking about different sandwich hacks right so like we were taking pimento cheese and put with the chicken, because that I gave you a cheesy chicken sandwich or you could do that. Salad, and maybe you want to put that? You know little egg layer with, but I don't know we could do that with the chicken also and then aid there. There is some
their daily turkey. You can gusty up with the cheese echoes a bunch of stuff that can happen. I have another announcement: ok vandals, paying for all this, I haven't told them it talked about it. Bidding credible partners for their behaviour and go out the guys we're gonna fan do house we'll have a banned all party might eat out of the twenty two tigers, gonna be back. The amazing our I'd, be Aachen again is Galileo is a thing is where the greatest, whereas ever sees no reason. I too have big dreams. I love it. Important in today's life will spread my dad, ashes on one of the holes in the house to be alive, and that point thirty, don't that stop here spread the ashes of his moustache. I can't wait. You know by the way house you know wrestle mania in the masters are going ahead that on Sunday I I thought mania, but does not come on late enough, so that that we get a diner in the green jacket and then you can go right over Russell Mania. You are correct,
what is exacting Sunday, it's exactly how it's going to play out yeah. So I feel like something I feel like it's a special special day. I'm excited I'm excited for you. What's your podcast schedule you're doing one after round, one were no, so we're just doing the recap Sunday night as soon as a green jacket is on somebody shoulders, we have a show that both goes up. We are when they are preview show, with the picks the deep dives into trying to generate a low return on investment and the night. My were flirting with maybe I'm gonna be in Mexico. You know I'm going down to Mexico at the end of they'll, get only, I hope so, but we might do like a twitter spaces. Something on Saturday we can promote a properly if we decide to do it, but we're death. They gonna do a podcast Sunday evening there is a green jacket, is on somebody. Shoulders were jumping on great and then and then other cigani have now courtesy.
I can wasted time. Thank you. Do thanks Vander. Take thank you for this fear into two thousand twenty, the family house. The part is gonna, be great. I can't wait fine, we weren't member, we met Josh out at the sea, a party that was amazing anyway, great interaction- and I was all in four Josh Alan after that- and I was like this guy- this guy has it. I really like by interaction that may seem like a quarter back out. One put football for that was great and information, and agents if we only use that three years later you now Buffalo one on that little IRAN, although I didn't, I think I bet on I bet against- fulfil the role we wrote them did I buy. I pick the stupid ass ravens. Why did I do that? I see my regrets it will you be? but a better, unjust and fields and the Patriots next year, so that it be exciting to be granted me. The masters suggested fear majestic fields, Josiana being credible, it's gotta be hilarious. Ikea rouse
enjoy the masters view as IRAN, you and alright He body this episode specimens pack ass his bride by Mccain, Quick Cook, fries China to feel about, but New Mccain, quicker, fries cook and half the full time a traditional Mccain. France have guessed what else. There's no weapon. You can cook an entire foot: the bag, these Delicious crispy, one hundred percent, real potatoes and half the footman timers their traditional fries, making mealtime less footman difficult its unflinching, unbelievable. So please do yourself a favor
had to your favorite stores, freezer I'll grab yourself, the bag of Mccain, Quick Cook fries their fast to prepare easy to share and you flippin deserve that I gave in Algiers here. I can't remember if this is the first time we ve done a pike ass. I know I know we ve had many conversations but ideas pain. We might have done one another step in the first one for the ringer. You know I just feel circus Spected, Kosovo is what would happen I'll see you at camels Snowboard and it would go. Why haven't you been on my show? All you should do my show. Let's here's my number here's. My number silence. You know it happen. Corolla get super territorial, but now it now, I feel like you're free age and on the other, gas market and single baby. I'm a single
Mengele. You watch the cutlets on sports first and then we gotta talk. We have a whole bunch of talk about, but there's a whole bunch of sports tough going on including good Zaga. Last night there undefeated season went up in smoke because Beller was way more athletic way. Faster completely destroy them. I felt like I swung the game and I bet on Gonzalvo before the game on the money I might add that I didn't read that the Post game reports, but this game of value is over in three minutes. It really was. They look confused there, do the white did with the handlebar mustache. You know the wild West, all of a sudden. He was like you're older brothers goofy friend. Does that to happen match it looked like us versus nephews. That's about it was just oh, my guy
page they looked bigger. They looked older, they look like they recruited them from like grown man leak and a parking lot and said will pay you fifty dollars, apiece to love ass stages. Faster, stronger, more aggressive, and Zaga looked before the whole and I switched off midway through the fourth quarter and started can Hemingway Kin Burns documentary. What are they Let it was the usual users. The soothing, as a black watching any kin burns documentary whenever they touch on rates, because you know you can hear the following: He was a man of his time. I mean we really expect give in
generation of growth. Everybody knows Hemingway is problematic, but I didn't. It was amazing and interesting and also how influential he was and still is. As a writer you know I was going to talk about this later, but let's talk about it now because you're talking about influence, you know it's been the thirty plus years since in living. Color the heyday of Eddie Murphy, which kind of came back when they did come into America too. There was a little recycling that you had Arsenio show on Fox. You had spike he's starting to take off. You have John Singleton Boys in the hood, which was thirty years ago this year. You have this. This color had only one caught a renaissance, it was in the science and now we ve seen
basically happening again the last for five years for different reasons. In all these Hollywood things, weighty as you watching from afar, how do you feel about your era where this is happening? Where all this influential stuff and tv movies music? Are that that's happened versus the last couple of years. Here I feel like any old guy. Our music was better our faces. We M a braver. We were taller, we were stronger. We were smarter than kids today. I feel all that, but Also in temperament and emotion, I'm more alike I can t jazz players. You don't like me. Dixon came where big bang came, it went and be bought from swing, lotta due to never cross pollinated they just like that's chinese music. We're, not playing ok,
Didn't you were really cool dude? I think it has been because, as you may be, white guys tenor play. Who actually was really cool the musicians. His ears were more open and that's what I mean the younger did this music and this culture is for fifteen to twenty five and sixty four is not supposed to be. For me right, you gonna mean is not supposed to be for me and Also, I think, the maturation of a generation as soon as it goes, to about twenty years. That's when nostalgia kicks in, because a whole new generation that fine your old closure old records. Just like we did in the seventies everybody was wearing forty stuff. I used to love to go to vintage stores get vintage shirts. Now I'm like someone else wore this, no wait.
I'll? Wait till it's re stopped. You know that kind of stuff. So that's what we're doing my daughter's thirteen she's everything about me, vintage Have you let you gotta watch boomerang it I haven't letter. You are one of the great things about kids is especially when returning teenagers Europe no interest in it Cannot imagine anyone any thing? Any culture? any time- is more interesting than theirs. In the car. Once with my nephew use about twelve its time, and he goes very smuggling Uncle Dave. Have you ever heard of fly in the family, stone, I said that was my first answer. I want to. I think those thirteen into the Olympic, delete the Olympia
in Detroit and yeah. I know all about him and he says. Ah, I saw you listening to me. He said yeah. We listen to different that you guys do That says it in a nutshell: we hear the same music. Now we listening differently than it. Ok, yeah. So that's what it is. I have to worry. She is. There also do a search it. It you had a stair toward the BT version with it has like sat at its I mean you know. This is all old news by like this. One thousand seventh grade error. This kid found these ah poor. Now still he found in a parking lot on the way home their torn out of a clearly out of it. Porno magazine, we traded them like they were Bitcoin. We
trend and report they will go, the corner store and you get like this little likes plastic stuff that you can put your life sore Matthew. Licence Cosette was plastic, but I mean like your birth certificates of like laminated. We laminated these pictures, but we did at home. Down with just start scotch tape and pass them and traded on that we have internet, maybe moving pictures. Now, where is all out there, so I try to regulate like any parent does in my own house, but you know they got friends. I don't know if you have kids, but you know every kid has the buck wild friend right. The one whose parents go fuck it? You can stay after midnight you now, so my fear is by Might thirteen year old son might be that friend for it
France, but my birthday, my daughter said they would buy daughter where it's just like you at this age, rear the coolest person to them and then something flips it like age, eleven aged twelve and I'll. Send you the lease Cooper So when eighty will, I think about it, I mean there's this girl. I can say name because I don't know what I mean She was a coolly cool as crazy as white girl in my class, and I was like a sixth grade. What happens? You're cute bipolar. We didn't know what I know about them. Back. Then it was like she does any day. She's crazy g ADA with eraser. I love this chick mega, she's, probably yeah setbacks. If you know we data with his back has got the relaunch of us that we do in the ringer that worried we. Basically, we watch movies whereby these categories with a boomerang, probably not ten months ago, it such a fascinating.
Time. It's fast. They had movies aged, it's really a wrong com, but I dont think people think of it as a wrong combat its one hundred percent around come it's Eddie at like the peak of his powers and then your tapping into you and Martin that really good times your career. I thank and then there's all these This is in it. You know that a young haileybury, it's an amazing movie and its age. I think really well in theirs, obviously some early nineties stuff that wouldn't find thou, but for the most part, just so impressed by how old age, who, first of all everybody, was general everybody- and so I heard about Eddie Murphy Snoopy, we're doing a living color. At that time. I would see the huddled brothers just around and it was always exciting to where you guys going to work with me. You know they put me on House Party, eight hundred and thirty seven. Got some coming down so
wait to read were boomerang and when I went in their heavy was in there I remember, Martin was there and a few other people and they were kind of doing round Robin I read with heavy really when the real Barton thus mop. What MECCA. Boys in the, We finally did everything was taken care of by mean. I could see that you know. Reggie was trying to get a look trying to see pool of vast who best he mesh, where the right chemistry, but when I left that day I did not think I got. This movie, and I didn't think they wanted me. It all worked out. And king Gos yeah. You can do the movie now. I just found out a few years ago, so what I would do is, I would do he said you can't miss any show, so I would basically go and miss all of rehearsal. I was there for the red, through them living color, we read all the sketches, then
to the table, read much like SNL there's. Usually twice as much material as you see on the show. That was the first at it for then you rehearse for like for four days three days and you put on a deep thought. So I would leave after the table. We get on a plane and fly to New York and film and then fly back on the day of paper. Jim grab. That was me don't know. Indian Grand was like a semi private airline. The only way to New York and vague, as I think they took all planes, but they refurbished up so first class was light. It is like a private jerk. You know you have allowed you chairs the steward. We come and go. How would you like your omelet today and all this stuff? So that's what we would do we do, but anyway, I always saw it Fox new,
I always thought the networking knew that Are they signed off, came and told me later that they never knew he didn't tell them because he knew if he would have asked black spots. Wouldn't let me do so talk about a boss move talk about Adieu, doing salary. That is what he, Did he never told me until I think about five years, we got in and the deal he made with the husband. He said just have him here on Shoot day, so expanded, you know is movies net. They never stay or schedules like we need you more. We have just seen calling Kana and then would come to me and be like man. You got to go back because he won't let you film, you Know- and I was like what
but I had no idea. I had no idea that that was what was going on so he's just the best. It's an important Eddie's, my all time, guy, it's an important Eddie movie because he has this run. That's like you know it's like a jury like Jordan. Ninety one to ninety eight Connemara. Your words here is just like it's all time. It's I contacted in very few people to be able to compete with. It is directly in advance and then there's economies back a little bit. And then it's almost like a comeback movie, even though I don't know if people felt that way at the time, but it was kind of like him reasserting himself as like. No, no, I am still Eddie Murphy, I'm still going to open awesome movies and I'm still fucking here. Well, you know his talent, never right, especially at that time. When you are the elephant in the room. And literally when you do a
when you sign a deal. You make everyone millionaire stature anyway. So ten percent Eddie, that's gonna, make me a billion so there, interesting lot. Every he's trying to get. You do do this project that I brought you. There was always that you really. I really love love hanging out with them and stuff. And I remember we were at Bubble Hill Martin and I one night- and this is the difference between me and Martin Lawrence Martin was like his head was blowing up. I remember Eddie left to go to the bathroom. I was like, oh my god, we're here at bubble Hill, and he said I want this now. At the same time, I was there a bull he'll like it was like. Why must I kill grace land right, yeah?
I mean it was. It was like hanging out in a customized four seasons. It really. It was huge. But inside I was saying to myself: gotta pull by never meet thousand livres remark. Oh my god I in retrospect, I guess I should have said I'm gonna get the world but you a little older than Martin. At that point, you probably had a little bit more of a perspective yeah, I mean also it's just design where our heads are coming from. Martin, I don't work for ever. He, and I dish and for in living colleges I auditioned Martin. And with Chris Rock Susie Asthma, nor have resumed their going. You guys to do this? Show I don't want to because she didn't want to move from New York she's New York, she's, like I don't do this and she didn't but love just so
during boomerang. One of eddies mantra is wise, He wants to be like the Black Cary grant. He doesn't lends itself to a lot of comedy, but why reasons why I think that film worked so well, is because we were Hearst, we end for three weeks ready Eddie was we would fly there and we go seen by seeing all of Etienne Martens- and I see that's why I feel like they were so good and they were traded improv. So the director was there Reggie hardware, he had his assistant and a note taker and he would go like in Jim. He would say: let's do this scene and we do over and over and out of hours. Three four hours we work and at the end they cut it down because he'd say or if we wandered off into some Did he go none and go back to Europe.
You guys we're talking about David's, girlfriend or updating and go back so you're, guided solely came back to shoot it. It was all the best stuff there owned from knows at all, it was a genius because he was allowed Eddie. I didn't know anymore. I didn't know that but it allowed our friendship two to be melded together and chemistry, relationship, ah but attack by the first day. We knew each other, which was really great. You know. I noticed that when I was doing the research for that podcast people didn't do comedies like that back then you would have like in the eighty s when everybody was on drugs and they're, doing Caddyshack and they're. Basically, like oh shit, we need a scene with bill, Murray and Chevy Chase. Let's just add lip something in the shed, but it wasn't really boomerang. I think was one of the first ones and then you see in the two
thousands just became a staple for appetite when, when he's all his comedies right a lot of ad living a lot of like we never know where this is going to go, it's just keep the cameras rolling Would you get used to hang out at eleven color at nine p m Yeah Jed would hang out and he would hang out with Jim Carrey and that stuff and I'd be like Why are you hanging out with you need access to that? You got away why you should be in school? Why is he here? this we are in order who knew that judge because you know Huge is most influential in especially in the journal. I'd like roaming, comedies. That kind of stuff is news, media one here the kid he wanted to be a stand up, and I you selling jobs and that's how I remember him. He and his mom too his mom was like a music supervisor. She had all the rights to every
as a matter fact should introduce yourself and she give you her card and scope. You ever do a movie. I got the song for you and I was like yeah, okay yeah. This absolute. Simmons Podcast is brought to you by fresh pet, fresh pet is real pet food fresh from the fridge. The reason it's kept in the fridge is simple: fresh whole ingredients, gently steam, cooked without preservative, so the Your meals have to be refrigerated, just like all other meats. It's all natural ugly source parents when you switch to feeding fresh. The first thing you ll notice is increased energy know they were zoom is high vertical, Job happy pets just live in the dream, eating recipes they really enjoy in the weeks that follow you see a softer shiny, coat you'll see improved digestion.
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that was just because between your show and our sine there was this entire culture coming on the television that just wasn't there in the then all it was there and it was like. Oh, I felt like this door was opening up to me all these different talents, these jokes, these inside jokes conversations it. Just how is in Connecticut was living in Connecticut. How see any of this see any of all I never thought living color was gonna get picked up because it was just. Out. There I mean no network is gonna. Let there was no, so there's no HBO show time Netflix option. It was just the three big we're not gonna, do it Fox was not even a network which they told us every time we tried it so we did this pilot. The pilot was an hour long now, Jim Carr HU. I didn't know what data
Jim had done this movie earth. Girls are easy and it wasn't unit Avis, yeah, there's Jeff gold blew my ankles on day. He became friends. So? They knew each other from doing stand up you know, and so, think he was really was responsible for bringing Jim onto the because the whole thing like we can get off man, it's not going to be Like all done, pilots. I've done pilot summit has happened, but the main guys, Jim a deal you know for his own sitcom. We all been through that in that year I audition for overtones Pilots and you know, they're. All the same is like, maybe maybe David can play Rashan? You know the negro friend and stuff like that But there was in living color, but my agent didn't want me to do it. Nobody, nobody might have a manager, my Boyer,
because they knew there was not gonna, be in a much wider. So we should mention just for people listening, you don't know the history there Psych Fox, when you say Fox, was really that were again. It was barely a network that that was when the Simpsons restart in this didn't get football until nineteen, eighty four in a thick when they got the football yeah Berlin. That's when Fox became, like oh Fox It was very patchwork, I think until then. Well I has something to do with affiliates the number of affiliates that they were able to secure nationwide. The anyway. So do this pile. The pilot was an hour law, and We just went back while we do whatever the fuck me watch and die, but by took like a year ago, dot. So wherever I go and work in television, the crew, the camera guys belie man. I saw this shit that you were end, which is the funniest.
Fucking pocket so is being passed around like this boot, like I did everything else, which, by the way you were back, if you called out markets, they would kick you off to set their lives and their mother Fucking muppet he's a mean drunk the I just to decide a word. I was like what today. But yeah man, all all in all the crew. The book I will, I owe the name issue. You know, even got written up in vanity. Fair, you know was Diller was the head of the network. He would come to some run through. I remember we. Men on rehearsing, very Diller standing there glowering next to us and I'm like it was most heterosexual men on
She's gonna be evaded. The circle so it was like like the network was bullied into taking us up. So what pick us up. It was game I remember we do the pilot and I was just I do so when using the word was. Genji was timely. The key elements was rosy Paraca, because rosy parades became kind like the unofficial, music, supervised. There was no music supervisor. So to speak, but it was all rosy the conduit to the hip hop world. Her office was full of tapes and twelve inch singles all kind of shit and she was like you got to get this group, you got to get
This group- I get this rapid that wrapper, so we got em, body in that moment, who is important in here part came through in living, color It is time the clothes, the language, the music. All of it was right there in that moment, which was all about people thought we shot in New York. It had such India It was such a fascinating contrast there, s, no, which was also having a great run at that time. Bright s now head may is probably the best from a talent standpoint, probably the deepest roster they had from eighty nine. Ninety two were they just said in a Philharmonic MIKE Myers, Dana Carvey, Jane hooks like they're loaded and you guys were loaded, and it just felt like it felt like this era to me. Looking back here, I was like holy shit. I can't believe we-
and other comedy. It was like the negro leagues. If that is what I would have like. Nevada would be an essential right in and you guys would have wherever the biggest a pauper RAP Act was new issues, planets Google planets when they were when they came here, they were so different, so wild man, one thing about hip hop. Then there were so many groups really young performers, and so many groups and artists to have one hit. It was like the sixty you know that you will be huge. Why wasn't why they came back with salt and pepper? I mean that's what they do Not your people get ripped off the day immediately. A group would give bathed in you issue the record company, Should we never saw him again, Anti and MTV was in plain really any them soon.
The very your shower scenario, that was it does with only two places there get out and like the do they would come on. They will come on. A show that they watched and- that's because you always When you watch it Sullivan STAR. There will be like rock bands- nobody washed it saw to it for, but they wanted to play at solving, yet they all the players. I was national, not man, all the kids here when Marlon miles in other, using a freshman in college. Maybe a senior high school. What these first started- and he called came in the next danny- said Man Jaska, crime last night, so only three episodes of living color aired and we won the people's choice awards and I remember sitting there at the good,
I know we went to people choice and I was sitting next to Sean Wayne and I think, there's it's birthed out crying like when they said and winners, because we didn't know it there, three episodes. Four episode: like that and it just blew up it blew up like that, like that big and once in my life, I was on the cool shop. Usually hours ago you were ok is three girls plus totally is decisive year Let nobody like mine yeah I'm go was widely that show where everyone wanted tickets? You can an agreement on everybody would be an all but the cubes with stars- and I was I'm on the show, and it was great- first two years were just crazy.
You would be there. He said it's you. This is your show if you know it not if you want to wait for a writer to write a character right. It yourself. I'll put it on if it's funny I'll put it on you know the way you do he had to say who eat breakfast in the morning before we start rehearsal, use around ten o clock and so we come in their most occur to you saw started there. We're making each other last June. Did fire marshal bill for weeks, and until we will be, with laughter relate Jim. You have to do this news. I will you can't it's too much. You can't play a horribly disfigured. Third degree burns scars on fire on a fireman and play for, and and finally we just him- you ve gotta, put this on the shout and he did it and it was just like I'm goin it and he did. It became
same the same words like Mr Mcafee, who is my high school guidance counselor? name's, Irving Bird. He lost his and world WAR too, and he told us every day by air. I lost my leg in the war fuck. Did you do Greer you're an asshole? and so I got a letter from Mr Berg he's retired, and he said you know: I'm a counts camp counselor. He taught art at this camp and he said all these kids. Talk about this character, you do on your show and I believe that its me and I'm not you- would you please write back, so I can prove to these kids there We know each other and I wrote back. I said now
like ninety. Ninety, the the shit, that's gonna his magic at the Lakers are still read my high. Kind of kind of like hitting his apex your shows going on there and I would add in what they were like, like, ok, so keen and I see anyhow and any deal knew each other. A slightly hated ass. When we made fun of tat, he would come, stage you call rosy he seriously. Oh, he. He hated it. He hated it man and Arsenio two we're only may occur. We would do more statues. So, like one
Do your Martin got his? Shall I started doing Martin? He let you do like three times for them after the third time he's like desert, so you know my life so it's is very territorial, you know I could have said. While I'm going to get a lawyer, I'm going to sue you can't you know it. Was it never got to that level cuz. It was like our hood. This is our gang. That was your and everybody school now, I'm? U S. Larceny I saw the telescope like So when I was supposed to do our Sineal Hall, when I sign this deal to do boomerang and at the last moment I had to fly to New York to do table red and also Do our senor that night and environment watching episode and our scenario wise. Basically, it is my Lord David not convey here, but his cool, it's cool, because I know for a fact he's my boy Eddie,
so we knock alive, allow yeah, ok, so we did that dairy thing about way back. When was just there is a lot of people. There were less this amendment. We are worth seven hundred channels, others streaming services with Techno. That said it was like you could get like fifteen million people watching just a random Saturday night episode of so you're alive. Here's what it was. I did a pilot. Why actually did a tv shows by the Charles brought the Charles brothers did cheers? So I am next they did after chairs, so that I don't what shows I remember it was called all forget. It was about the worst lowest rank soap, opera on air, and I played this black tunnel disrepair. Man, who's a soap opera added than they hardly writer. So I was talking to these days while doing dry, ass, doing drought shut the become Michael Shit, and I said I gotcha
you said said: you know the council does become as a rating sketch one of the young writers, because what were your ratings? We debuted to twenty million people and they the eighteen million. Then they took us off that. You may be what is best man. That's how many people when you get back there, everybody thought there was some. There was some twitter account that I like the car Rachel NEWS down. They published the ratings for like nineteen. Seventy six shows the top fifteen. Every show is sixty million up times good times, as like eighteen million people per so yeah yeah was even light. This special episodes Virginia again shot generic episodes, bad! That's! Why? When you, when you you should see what will they cancelled shot was already.
Roy. I was going to eat a story thought I was doing heavy and martial arts back and looking color and in terms of cultural influence. I was in our locker and ears is being black here and he had all the little Pewee kids lined up on a bench and he was lecturing and he's here what are you gonna watch tonight and they all said arson and he said why, because he's a cool is, do not tb. That's right Emily was, Watson is no way that no that's how big arsenius your words yeah. I don't even know what happened, but for a few years his show was crazy, like I like Liz Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor, M C,
hammer and like a classical musician, all on the couch at once talking that cultural, racial ethnic mix was never seen before on television, the way he was able to just bring people on like that, it was crazy. I don't know what happened either was there a definitely was happening for three four years and then it just seemed like a petered out, and I've never heard a great explanation for why I think a lot of it because you know, as keep growing up. Are my favorite shows Beverly hillbillies. Family that kind of stuff. In my memory I grew up with them. They were on the air for ten years. In fact they were when you go back, I love. It was four years three here. It wasn't like mash. Some of those really It shows only a few years man, I think it's more healthy. Now.
And creators are not trying to Of course, we all want are not trying to go for a fifteen year right a rather we don't do the best that we could and maybe six two years we're out because a lot of shows after three or four years they need to take that they really do. I just realized I might have to rename myself on my son because that's my daughter, we We can cut that out. We got it so now. You're playing Jamie's dad in this new Netflix Show and Jamie was on cs I kept member was he he joined in living colored, what halfway through its policies and suddenly there was a second year yeah, so that then so he comes in after it. Established. So there's like a little bit of a little brother thing with that. But then he became
Jamie that show, and then you watch him over the next thirty years at some point, think it was Lee when he plays Banditti Brown. It's like holy shit. This guy's, like is he gonna, have like this whole acting career. I wasn't expecting a comedian for by gaining ground three times about head yeah, but I was doing my unsure is actually a direct conflict. Finally, I think whatever happened Jamie got it because he deserved it and for me it wasn't It was what came after, because Ali was great, but then this movie with Tom Cruise, then he did any given Sunday, so he built resume. I may be right. It was actually you re any given Sunday was the first one rear like oh
and then Ali, it's like oh, so now he can play characters, and then it was up. You're right and look at a cruise movie was just basically him and Tom Cruise and the camp with Jada Pinkett, which is lateral yeah. Great Ella movie, so Jamie by the mid to thousands of the sun is in a puzzled ass actor. I really enjoyed his career I've enjoyed all of the choices I think he's always relevant, but he cannot like being anything for two years, but I don't feel like. I You know any star doesn't fade. It's not like hey what happened to Jamie Fox, like he's just kind of stayed cool for thirty years, which I think as an a lister is impossible. Y know, you know I know Jane. I know he is life story which more people now and I know his ability. He is a classically. Classically trained musician was major. He was always the class clown now, and so we can, it did in the comet.
So he always had this music in his back pocket. When we were doing lemon color, he had like a little recording. He set up in his dressing room like player all player of digital stuff. You know- and I was waiting for that and I think Fox signed him to a deal. Had a music thing, which is what you really want it now the world is thing and you are right it to watch those one year He enjoyed hurry, we're both at holding clout denominated and, was watching and it was like. This is so crazy because we all came from the same place, maybe Jennifer. Lopez day. I mean that show last July.
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We ve always been coup, uneasily him a few parties a few times a year the conversation is always the same, so amen. What's up you looking good? What's going on, you got my number. I got your number call me amen. Let's do something yeah! Let's do one thing. I just keep rolling. Our last year I was doing a revival of soldiers play on Broadway in New York, and I got this weird method. It was a text. From my stand up Asia now usually people who do stand up. You have that one agent that's their forte, so she goes. Would you be open to having a conversation with Jamie Fox? I got this from his lawyer. He and I had the same lawyer and I was like yeah, because I knew what this was about. It was going to be some Tarantino shit. You know probably going to be. I dark moody, dramatic and we'd. Better get is our yes, sir.
We finally talk, and he said Now- Majuba saw comedy and ass. I get this can't be dark, a crazy, He fucking to die yes, you're right and I'm on this Oscar and go ask it sitcom, and I was like what and he says, he's a list. Ah it's what we both really believe the country is going through. Ptsd, I may add, from coal. All this shit man, we really people are trying to get these. Last year before we get too old. I want to. I want to do this. You know- and I was like okay, but where you going to do it, he said on Netflix man. We can do anything we want, and I was ok, so he sat on I worry about the script me. He has used my father,
We can change everything now leave leisure, their television. Speak to me. It's funny. There are people all of a sudden they're like Chronolog, well physiologically is that possible? Jamie are like eleven years apart I you used to tell these reactors you now golden girls. Still Gaddi was younger. Then I am now I don't bring one guy, but is this right? logistically? Can she be Burma now met with his car? Ok, so did we got bitterly Evan? Who created Jamie show. Jamie Fox show. He worked with Martin The deadly keen ends runner. When we did part has been cry so it s our far back, we go. What I'm telling you is.
You don't walk in a room and you have to explain it. If you don't have to tell people. This is how I work This is who I really am and hopefully I've, always Now we all know each other, so I don't have to extend any of that energy. It was mostly him encouraging me to go farther do more, because I was like He said I could say anything, but you know everybody says that bill. To do. Is show you can talk about anything you want, but I'm your butt, I'll be your boss. Could you can say anything you say anything more like it off get out. You can't say that I was just was kind of like I'm going to do the script and Jamie Everyday for the first week. At the end of the day, he'd send me a text message. You know, you really can say anything. You want David. This is just like a guy and I'm like okay
or you could catch me Bentley as asking cars that you want to tell you one now equipped say anything: you want and satellite three four days we're doing this sea and we started improvising. Jamie goes gotta. Do it do it to two images: blue open? It blew up blocker from then never look back so happy fire vilified will be lack say I remember I came out. I think the member to doesn't to work for Kimmel shown his lodging and then we had the first year at some point. You either, you must have been. I made them, I'm sure we pulled you on at some point I remember there were like dogs, the best dogs, the greatest dogs, the greatest guy. He say he's like one of the only real guys like this would be great and you ve you ve, kept that your whole career, which I think is pretty rare right. We use, have a unanimous
prove a reckoning with with other people in the industry. I do I do remember I get bad days like anybody else by. I. Don't believe it well, I have what is the opposite is who I am is authentic portrayal of me. They also you know, is a young actor. I ain't Turd older actor is a holder perform. As we have all had that experience, you know what your idols, you meet them and they are a fuckin lightly. Air lake. They ruin everything. I know one did the at do yeah, because I've I can't do it. I've got I've seen it had work with those guys and you dislike why douche bag your house. I try not to do that, and if it's that that means, I shouldn't be doing its job Sancho, do something else also do
lots of things and play. I never saw thirty years ago. My career would be like this at my age today I never thought you know I'd be like in Santa Barbara someplace retired, now man. This is, and I feel like I'm finally figured out how to do what I do. Much better at it, because, while this experience I put in my ten thousand hours So I'm just trying to have fun, and it is why I do now. You know Listening to. Ah, actually I read a review of this Bob Dylan Cancer and the recent Bob Dylan Cancer before covered
and the reviewer goes at the end of the concert. Bob Dylan stood there and he was very emotive, saying you don't mean so much to me that you guys come out, and you see me now using two hundred and seventy and he never did that. He he was like my old famous back in the day he barely faced the audience. He was like fuck you, it's my art poetry, Vienna, stop laugh, but you know you, the old ran we cherish reprocess things differently, so that and what I am and also so. With Jean I coming back together. After this time? That is really the guy. That's on the said, you know, because thirty years ago we were all yeah you're like young hungry lie I to get there why two steaks I want your spot is different now
we're older, more mature and we just want to enjoy and do great things which allows for more generosity and sharing going to get your going to get off. Because that's going to make me better, you know before, we arrived sports questions for you may ask I'm I'm a Michigan alumni. You got to know that just like my man jail and rose, who loves the part five, it aren't you happy. We did the fat five document. I felt like that was really important, where the important document of a team that really battered outlets- that that's probably two thirty, four thirty the proudest that we did you know the one element that is missing is the fat five came of age. It was exactly sank within local color. You know it was so so when I say culturally musically, where their heads
Brad is young. Players was absolutely in lie within looking color ah I remember them and I'm unshaken. I took my head to decide because Must I watched the Sab five five times already? I just watch, Over and over love that love all of it, and Jane rules. Man, German rose is a gift, were a gift I love and and listening to watching those guys, german and you call me a hub, Michael or the broad I'll, tell you a story. You have to be in one camp or the other I'm going to say, Michael and I'm going to tell you when in living color was poppin, they did the. For people who don't once a year. This is
when everybody lies to New York, all the networks within the same two weeks and they all and now their new schedules. Shows so every year that will inside with the bulls and the nix meeting and playing in New York City during the upfront. I'm a return robber towns. We just bump. We got on the elevator and this road to the top, in other, be at the entrance. Take you up like this, the ip Our area should offer aid by was hanging out you hanging out there, they never As for tickets, so The game started. We just walk down after the whole game. We will discuss it with people. And then the guards would be courts. We and the network waving at us the bull on the whole game. Until finally, we got kicked out, but we did everfor
so my memories are of that time of year when the nix were great and the bulls were Michael, Jordan was banging and I just I was on. Color stand in a sweet, going shopping and we see Michael Jordan Man and they bulls killing it in the garden so come on love Lebron, but they're not the same, don't understand why people compare their now. The same is like him Jim Brown to a quarterback ferries. One of the younger generation to hear I figured you Michael take, would kind of, but you know when I was a kid my parents would, you know the generation, we love Muhammad Ali and they were like he's no brown bomber who, with negative who the Brown is Joe Lewis
that was my parents, my uncle's, they're like Joe Lewis, what the message, and I remember No because he was from Detroit at a funeral one time and he was an old battered boxer and my mom was gone. You know in hushed tones that is cool. He was at the church, and I saw this people. Do I'll say We saw Mohammed Ali on American Bandstand, that's it Mtv would you like to tat? He was a rock star. Are you, gonna do poetry, nobody ever did. They said. Okay, so same deal They should not be compared. Lebron can never do what Jordan did six the stop stop talking about this old man
into other shit- he's gonna be great. Use already is already redefine the gay. I love everything about, and this is not to say star, so, let's say October nineteen. Ninety You're in a nightclub in LA Jordan walks in MAGIC walks in Eddie Murphy walks in all, at the same time, in three different entrances where to people's eyes go? Who who owns them room Eddie, because what do you say nineties are eighty, nine, say no ominously, nineteen. Ninety! So you better in the Congo ominous say area not tell you why? Because you said club claw Maybe if you what is said in arena sports bar, that's different than a clock has any was a creature of the clubs, especially back.
So yeah man, I would say probably Eddie an exact out, you would roll with his all of all of them. Out into the night, no cell phones. You could do that people weren't. You know, I would say, probably off the top of my dome. I would say, because I was huge, huge, huge, huge, huge huge. I asked when asked interviewed magic, and we would just we mean Gonna be room with him for eight hours watch Basque about how we were just ask him. Ridiculous questions and went down with we ask them Hugh half their Doktor Jerry Bus. Decide they want the same girl in nineteen eighty which one of them gets a girl. He was like Fatima Like him, he was a doktor bus. It's done. Doktor bus gets her Lothar you. Haven't you ever biggest you, the girls, young girl, you know you can get you the cynical got a bus can get
that was by argument magic, was adamant. It was doktor bus, suicide, doktor bus if doktor best laid his eyes unusable Yeah? Maybe I mean I wasn't rolling like that. I know. First of all, because MAGIC went to Michigan State. I went to Michigan he's from Irving, not magic. That's the first thing you know right, he's sweet type, you're back in the day time old, like applaud you being about everybody, everybody was intolerable sports stars was a thing and then everything again tat problems from it s question there is talk about on like pollution
Chris Farley, how just in a room when nobody is trying to be funny, they're, just people that are like the fuckin funniest leg. It is clear in a whole big room and funnier they're gonna try to out alpha funny everybody else in the room and that through their who is it who is in your circles in the nineties was there's somebody that in the room was just funnier, thereby us for was it just everybody was funny to me. Ah, because my personality in those things I was really can acquire and self conscious I didn't really hang out, because it was too weird man to be well like Eddie, our sinew oh keen in any area, was the answer, but Eddie was very cool. One like us when we did boomerang, we basically made each other laffer fifteen hours and here
is the dynamic I thought. Martin was the most naturally find that just when he described What are you guys have for breakfast? We falling on the floor the way he described, how they made an omelet so there- they're. All talking tony stories me. It's. Larry, I'm crying Crimea, point either to on their trauma, girls, you now you have this girl that girl any good David? You redeem someone famous, and I said with no irony I dated had a car watch and, of course they fill out. There was no job, What I was so now I mean that's right I mean some for me. It was Eddie in that situation. I was always scared to me. Richard prior, because what I did my first job, I did a little under a key onboard.
Way. She said several times that, oh, my god, I wish me richer prior and from me. Richard prior was like my trunk. Parker TAT was do that was The major comedy and plans to this day What's in that leads closing she goes. He would either have you are he would hate you and why a kiss were so everything is a medium and I just like a wave. Like they played that correctly. Yeah I'll you one last I went to a Hollywood party at this woman's house. Steve Martin was there and who else Steve Marty and ass, he tv Martin, Martin Martin, so my short Martin shore, he came in. So Terry Gars House and Terry
a friend, and she goes David what everyone to see how funny you are so already was we're whew, men and we're playing charades and its d and Martin going head to head like it was a one on one game with look brighter oh my god, you're Michael Jordan, now just sat there. They were. Wedding, shoe were like David. They were squirrel, I'm like I'm good at chancellor. I was exhausted just watching and yeah. Those are two hours and nobody was given in it. There are like normal. I can tell you that Mayor paths are dying and we kept you for an hour a merely holy. The show Jamie I'm happy you came on. It was great to see you your well. Yes,
yeah. They now talk soon and let's talk about some more sports, I'm not baseball. I'm just way, ask you a real, quick question. I have you the leg. Yes, I don't think Lebron is injured, as everybody says. Is he you think you think he's but open it. No, I think he twisted as I go. I saw it was his ankle, but I also get happened at a time when you need to sit down he's gonna sit down anyway. He knows he's gotta come back right. And this is just what happened in a date. They need to be careful about making sure their top succeed and not fuck around this playing games is that is the piece that's what they they can fall. Two hundred and sixty and it'll be a tougher road, but if they're healthy they'll still be the favourites, but once you go to at seven, extra play games yet extra attention so that as long as their top six I'll be fine, we're busy
I am not convinced about Brooklyn because, as you know, anything can happen in the next few months. Ok, there, like a crazy super band, aware they, implode, anymore, doesnt. Just my thoughts. I dont think the clipboard are going to win the championship this year. They could, but I dont think they well that's what it can be: a fascinating science experiment, yeah yeah. I can I think the plans are going to be really great this year, they're all kind of crammed in there condensed to see a lot of games, I agree with Nick right those said like in a random two thousand, sixteen that yeah, but it's two thousand twenty one. So all that I I just love basketball and with myself. Anyway, it was great talking you, man, Anna, take care with tax rates agony did they say see you camels, prop yeah, absolutely alright! Thank you!
right. That's it for the pod cast coming back Thursday with one more including a very famous person, seamen I see a one on the.
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