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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to discuss the yearly sports lap, March Madness, Zion Williamson and sports activists, NBA playoff projections, a deep MVP race, All-NBA teams, mailbag questions, a new edition of "Gym Corner," and more!

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Today's episode of the package that we still haven't named the bran reseller, spread to you as always, but zipper greater the best team star with great talent like Duke they just went- got great talent. Another number one see their generational plans. I am that was easy. You know it s easy zipper. Could they deliver qualified candidates fast? They understand talent, so effective. Eighty percent of employers who post than hypocritical aquatic Kenneth Satan just one day, my listeners contrived for free good as a privilege, slash, bs, zip code. Is the smartest wait a higher meanwhile Yahoo sports Seminal Marge, and this is here as soon as you know who you're pickin head to Yahoo sports failure free bracket for a chance to have America's best bracket, the shirts worth its one million dollars. One million dollar Scots paid every minute to fill out. Maybe you ought to be perfect, you you said to be the best someone has been
be the close to someone's gonna win measures will be joined. The rest of the country for a chance at a million dollars, sat up for turning pickup get started. Goody Oda come sash best bracket to get picking are one shiny pack has crew, they did a package. Last I read after the brackets came out. Mark Titus wrote about his favorite scenarios for the ring I come today and on the ringers twitter feed we're doing alive bracket, show that is about to happen by the time here. This package already have a beacon go on our twitter, which is at ringer and watch it. If you want to see those guys make fun of each other, new foot states back situation, let these this Zapruder enemies, upright you, let's get me. Ok, good! Dayton dates in running into the madness form, so we got that we have also speaking Titus his old.
You teammate may once upon a time. My kindly is on this latest episode of winging it with with a bays and vc in any so check that out we have new reaction was come in this week. I think I dont know what they it's gonna, but we did. The natural which I used to think was the grid. Sportsmen without I'm not so sure now, but me, Mallory Reuben did one of the all time deep, dives Anna, it was way racier than I thought it was going to be. I got to be at this is almost an r rated podcast there's a lot to talk about Roy Hobbs, a sex life. It's all over the map. We tried to figure out his stats, which I tried to do in two thousand one. Four page two's ESPN he's been com realize eighteen years later, that I screwed it up when I try to figure out the stat, so we did a better job of that this time around also try to figure out if it is still the greatest baseball movie of all time or if it's something else, but this was a pack has Valerie really brought us today by the other she's been watching too much game with France? Come out we're going
you talked to Ryan Russillo for the weekly edition of our NBA talk. We have some possible names for this, for the spot, I'm going to throw it out, but before we get to that, are friends From project I ran so acerbity this every week through July. Jaso hosts the real threat of Pakistan, the rear- I guess network March Madness, which you get it worth in ten seconds. I don't care about. Your bracket I don't care about mine, neither of us have any ideas. Gonna win, it'll, be really fun. Watch Duke and that's those around me, yeah, doing I thing add that is this: the couch bass
bog eyes at a real college, basketball guys- and I used to be one guy now, I'm just not. I watched all MBA games and then I try to throw on an MBA lottery picks game whenever I get my guess when, when a month, or so before, I'd seen Job Miranda like hour, at which we need to get some eyes on the sky, so for college basketball, guys to hear all of us talk about how bad the ceding is, because we watch basketball for once. It's gotta kill them. It must be the worst yeah. You know- and I am thinking of services people just screaming about Michigan state seeding any like you literally watched the big ten tournaments, and now yeah, you haven't looked like any of the other thirty games. You know, Annie the Reza and your outrage, That's your living as it with the ceding, let's thirty of the arguments, their personal and their completely isolated there, your argument your ear the year, one you're mad you're, so pissed off the ear. Six and not a five- and you can
Leslie, ignoring like what the other thirty moving pieces are. Besides the automatic bits, yeah term fifty this share, and in some ways I love sports, exactly how you do and then another way is unjust Then the lap year we just kind of like. What's the lap, the lap just like every year, we do this Then it's the same arguments the same things and then we get to the actual tournaments, like. Oh, my God of thirteen beat affords Ike. Yet these kids are nineteen and twenty eight aim, which they don't know what the fuck. Gonna happen. Ten minutes from now these kids, but oh, it's so too, to make to me, like you actually know, what's gonna happen with nineteen, twenty and twenty one euro kids is insane and it took me years to realize that like so, we always talk he wants to do. A thousand bets will do. These parlay is with the higher seeds.
One of the employer and he's like outrage and say what you expect these kids are did their babies now. That's that's! The best part of it and that that forward is the the Thursday Friday and Saturday Sunday. It really is my favorite. I live a it's so much Fido know if there's anything and sports, I like better than that, but I don't take it personally. I don't don't get little blue? We had our re right doing his job. How are the hey I've seen? They have been higher than seven it's like who cares that's gonna know I'd just wait till authors and we can look at dirt. You know certain regions and we like ok, this one. I just don't know that You understand what it's like to be in that room and try to place these sixty four slash. Sixty eight teams- and I hate that it's the extra for I hate the Pieper like no, you bury that rapid and on Tuesday around one third to satellite. No, it doesn't add now I've sent there I'll, never mind, stop pretending the lap thing. Those is really good cause. It does play back into the whole like. How do we fix this? How do we fix this, and when you looked at the bubble this year, the book?
was so bad and when people start saying well, look at the expansion of the other leagues and look at how College football expanded in a people that want to double this up. I don't need a ten in eighteen team in there. I just don't let that happen. He's in your conference of inward tougher conference. So I dont like I'm talking about this as a guide. It knew he was just peering in college basketball, sporadically out the season for four Titus and TAT. They must lose them. Since they must lose their minds, listen the people, the last twenty four hours I can you could we in the leg? Ninety six before I will agree to sixty. Why do you want ninety Socio, like sixty? It's a stupid at that point has have like a hundred and twenty eight or nine Saxon just have a horse around diving, seen hall of six and twelve a sneak they got out, I don't wanna. Have I don't want to see billets, arguing, six and twelve? in hall with anybody here at the old days. When was so when I was a kid, I think it was thirty two
Now before I get my dad went all across, which is where I have gone, but progress has gained the seventys, and you know when we crises be Austria where well, you know, but they made it and I think they advanced. I can you remember, dispose forty years ago, but that, but it is like a big you to make the thirty two and then, if you advance it's like eight year for went away from winning title. The sudden you know now it's I added value. I do I dont get outrage by still over I'm with the I dont get outrage, but the lap thing is is really get because when you sit there and you'll think, like I heard somebody sing of K, doesn't win with this group. It'll be the worst season he's ever had and you're like wait a minute there there, all babies and his great design is. It was so much fun. I watched I desire was appointment watching this entire week, whatever doing us. I gotta make sure I'm their watches. I When they came about in my lab, they can't you they have no batch, they had his white and one white that comes out whose only role is to be scared. The whole time now
are we sure, coach cake and stop culturally well. I couldn't believe how well, but there was without Zion the second you and see game. But I was very clear, recruit more three point: shooters and two thousand nineteen. Normally, I think he has had a cover heading because, like for white, due to all they can do, is had twenty five voters that the problem is when you're gonna get the number one number three a number for pick, perhaps in the draft, and you bring them in. So actually I haven't like bear in radishes minority to do all the science of later. How do they gotTA, Addison, echoed like Evans Villain, just find some. Some kid who made twenty seventh reason around some division
two eyes go. I don't know, I guess he's crazy cause he's regarded look around his look at his benches. Have one guy that's absolutely hated by the entire countries what is and what it? What do we do? Rug? I was reading. Titus is Bracket privy to day, and he was talking about. Purdue is playing on the villain over somebody ran to potentially it's it's two teams that jack up a tiny theories, and I was thinking that this is the easiest way for only cross to come back. If, if you just like suggested an entire team, a three point- shooters, that's all you're doing- is looking for kids around the country. That should the reason you shoot like fifty three again like has money barge as more about trickled into college basketball. That way, because we ve seen this super gimmick version and they give to but has a colleague has like a mid level. College team just said screw it wishing sixty three is again that one I don't know, I don't know
I feel that it would be a decent plan for a wholly cross decided earlier. High thats really go holy GRAIL segment for it. They are Pepperdine like one the wax schools that never makes a k a beverage, I'm gonna, look at the beach every day and were taken sixty held today is about yeah. That's great! That's all! You could say that I have a couple we will add to get to the old about lap woods at just quickly, and I love the lap allowing this theory was activated it's a real thing, another jailing of events to complain about another thing: I don't get banana shape anywhere. They legislate, then, the laughed too many times at the unseen. We're not changing the hanseatic, it's that happening. So you? U joke about this- I towards other time, decide design stuff. The last couple weeks is incredible: this desire sports Activists- yes, sire sheep, he doesn't know If anything said, sign my spine Basque, what he likes estimates we ve talked about this for your word. What fucking concept? we're not changing the anti AIDS never happening. I've done that
now a million times of get down the NFL, and I was really in it. Obviously, an editor buy from a career standpoint. Maybe cost me a couple times Do you regret any of that? I doubt if I may say you, as you say, I go across me. Little bed cost me money himself, so focused on the to accelerate last, but whenever changing the ETA how the way we would want to change it, they're, never really going to care they're going to pretend that care they're never really going to care, but never really going to make it that much safer and ultimately, these guys are making the decision to play in the NFL and you get paid and at the I just give up rivalry given up subject in the lap, and now that's like arrest Roger. Who else does it comes out down item of his ok to say, like one time I wrote this thing when I filled in four Oberman, where I kind of made a point where I stuck up for detail. The writers were like hey
kind of the show it doesn't take comfort now. Can you not have to be in your monologue, clung to it that it just ages, this thing. Like anything, I go out Karim Han here we go again like what's up Roger and you go. You know Rogers, the one. That's he's not hitting anybody like you guys interest, that right there and when they're like adding Charles Pierce, had apiece up recently, because the double standard within its owners and players will go away. Limits of the people in charge have a different kind of policy there, the guys that were formed no way, that's crazy. What it like where, which country is this report from so I'm? I dont think that people are Surely wronged pointed out, but I like you have given up on some of the stuff like No, I didn't see able slowly give in a little bit more and a little bit more. Not I think the money is right, but I think some of the money separate say a mafia, but for the entire sector, should it be torn down, which is really what my whole Zion point was. It was the sports activist work being about Zion. There were thinking how can sum.
Happen that damages the answer that I dont like. So I want the and say to be ruined. So I want something bad happened them I want. Zion did not play that hurts dmca. I feel better about myself and I guess you ve completely ignored the part where the guy who play sports his whole life, like Spain, sports and wants to actually try to win a cheer and widely rate memories. For the rest of his life, the time he went a national shape, it imagine, being a college kid imagining a freshman in being him, the best player in the country and going I'm just gonna jump on boxes, impose an instrument for the next few months. Ready for the draft and I don't want a watch them on tv cause. I have a chance do they dominate but onawandah, but where does this end? So now, let's say Zion decides he's, not complain, Nancy Term it does. When somebody's going to do it because hasn't happened yet Zion becomes a number and pick and then is you know I am that the I'm only make him like ninety years. The number impact, but five years not can make forty summit to take it easy. These I'm here to see you and I made twenty seven
I'm new to the eight thirty Davis. Parkins retain eminently limited minutes, twenty five minutes again we'll get allow lottery picks and then, when I pay? That's what I'm really gonna try all. Where do we stand here, and this is all the stuff in the member state one time and I brought it up and it was like, Oh you know I just whenever we, I think about some of these things I think like whereas at hand, and then I got pull decided Didius PM and they were like. You know, just be careful with the way you phrase that cause it has a lot to do with segregation in the fifties: phrase of when it is a good way of it. So now we're doing that. We're doing that. So, if I have like the fifth, as I have a parent teacher conference, don't have a kid, but if I. One year and said hey, you know, I just think it's Blake for the greater good. I mean a mouse s tongue like what what what we doing here, like I actually get pulled aside for phrasing of something in the night, Matt, like you know, little dicey their Mississippi and unlike what the fuck. So I think what you just said is a great like further examining the tipping point.
This of, and I dont know who came up alone management, but it's horrible, but I am decide unilaterally by the second you so, unlike them, her dress Milady decides that the third day I got I wanna be capped at fifty Irene I read a really good article on true hoop, yet I wanna play like fifty games MAX, season. The first item on I'm gonna make forty million my first four years. I rely what I did, but I could make two hundred forty. Why do I risk it I dont mean look stupid. I know this sounds stupid, but this these are the kind of things I think of to where I go. There has to be a point where you go, away that our she may be bad. That might be back here at this. I am thing- but it didn't, hurt our debates going on. Well, it's out their basic NASA. It's not a healthy debate. To tell somebody a hundred percent did not play basketball pitiless by Basque. Well, there's nothing out the about that he's can make three hundred
plus million dollars with his shoe contract. Zionist; fine, don't don't bring them islands out resign, the contract, the shoe contract, any signs would be the biggest we ve ever had, and maybe Now that you can't say, there's probably somebody s coming who's gonna, be maybe even greater than hampered. He certainly the best prospect since Leubronn I have a mobile Davis there. Okay, so that's doing do this then I want to. I have two more lap things I wanted very ok, MBA asked are weak and I'm done, I don't have any I've tried to try to save it, for the entire, to thousands, of course, slander. It is a matter of guys the NBA Groupie, somehow game. You know that it's gonna it's got outdated. Now. Can you not see that which are when you said you should have a violent five female groupies pledge other Games and BP gets a chance asleep with whatever
There was an is that on call now. What did I say that I was that vacuum archives Jesus? I have to apologise for that. He has said that the military, Georgia is the ACC minors. I swear to God. He overheard. I remember that wrong because I remember thinking a funny it was in here. Maybe I was back in the days and people could be funded nose like yeah anything here three years ago we were good, Thirty Emma then here's another thing I'm done within this. It is a personal example for some. This happened this weekend soccer the penalty kicks none of us like it, but but he's, been able to come up with a better solution. My daughter just lost a national cup on Saturday, this game they dominate. Second half they done. An extra time. Neither teams coaches starts subbing to basically get to pk cause. The odds are better get to PK's. I think sixty
kids kick before we. Finally, last with a kid I mean it was the first five were tied because third ran away. And was devastating arrays crying? Did you grow? I didn't cry I felt really out of a judge, you or think less really one area that, for my daughter, was really upset zone. Your kids really excited a deaf layers. I dont know we could have done what are they gonna play for four hours? The only other move as may be removed to kids. It maybe go nine, but then I don't know so. My point is I've done the law on the soccer thing, a thousand there's no solution. My pen, I kick sack and that's just the way we have to do it. What other lapse? Do you have the college football expanding thing that whenever
that happens. I go. We left everybody out. We left. I still think it's gonna silly, the count the conference presidents agreed to something words like you guys realize it, no matter what happens every year like one may be to. You are screwed gratitude on this in your agreeing to this at a time, but they move in slow motion. With everything they do. But I don't really know that I want a in every time it comes up it's because they give we're doing bracket busting last foreign last we're out of college basketball. Those are team, sixty nine through seventy two. I can't even fathom what it would be like if we go to a in college football. And then it's like teen thirteen things they haven't argument right and to me you're like that's what the twelve games were for the forest seems like Edward pretty well. Yeah people would rather have a people rather have eight saw. Not Eight goes a magazine handler by weak, for the top two could you could but like people look at. You see. I think. Oh it's it's a shame. I I'm not that guy
This is a chance to play for the national championship and there ninety five automatic bids and then the best non five to some of yours- that team- that's in the best non five, is going to be like what are we doing here with this yeah? So that's tolerable recordings, another one member how to change a day. Another coached us sit down with a writer whose like actually the way they should do it is this way and if they did it that way and changed it then, next week, another coach from a different conference ago or the problem with this is because it just no one's align. So that's why sometimes you just have to be harsh and go here's the date. Everyone shut up, sorry that there are problems of it. It's almost like a budget plan with some of this stuff bribe me. If I had a right up a budget plan for the town I lived in. There is no question that people could pick apart. Twenty different thing in it, but it's like you're only it's almost like the beginning. This conversation you're only looking at your team seeding in your teams argument all these things and that's why the stuff his heart? That's why this stuff is hard to come to any consensus whatsoever. I do have to do a budget plan us on our left
just think of anything else for a lap. I wish it by I've given up on this too, but I wish the World CUP was more frequent, that every four years I've heard our reasons for, and I've kind have given up on fighting for her, but she feels like logistically that's not. It is not any. I'm asking the settlement I wish the Olympics in the World CUP or every three years- and I have said this over and over again, no will never change our lifetime, but it just seems, like everybody loves those two things there, this great litmus test fur countries matter like why do we have to wait for years to find out who the fatuous fewer less and less about yourselves american, when we don't do as well in the Olympics now ripe with whom but that was where the USA care eyes to count em up, be like Russia, Remember! Eighty four: are you kidding me?
This is from Russia and show our right of initiative, and then I'm member, my father reading the excerpts like Russia had their own limpets and eighty four or they decided not to show up, and they were like smoking as certain events book on my God. The schedules to shop put so much for, like? Is Russia just had like their own little deal? I was speaking of that. That's another lap that I'm done with. I don't care about the baseball hall of Fame anymore. I used to like really really care and it led to a bunch of pieces. Already is pinned com and then the book, a basketball, was the wily rams. I did a blow up, though baseball Pham had an hour from Esquire. All these guys should be in the fact that their nodded has ruined the whole thing. For me, I can't believe I could go to Cooper, sound and bury bonds, there's just no record of Import Export Roger. Or a ride. These guys just start gonna be in the hall of Fame. What the fuck is, the point just put it on their plaque. Howard is us the rose when I actually have an issue where he rosy. I would never want him in, but he
be it in some for me at the most heads. But what does that mean? does it mean and like I've been a couple times and the point of babe it's to learn. Everything about We usually like Michael Jackson's out this is because of the other stuff that what's leave it at that, but so now Michael Jackson's out. Like at some point, a whole famous museum, we go on, you learn about what the sport or the genre, whatever your. Therefore its Are you what are you doing, but she liked it? That's the thing is I don't need instructions like I know when I show up bury, isn't there I would vote for those. Eyes. I would never repeat ah, but do we really think these guys were the only people that she did at sports. We don't think MBA stars have done pities yet, but that's where I think we had on pities lapping, why singling out these dudes right, but that stupid that letter say verses like absolute proof. We don't have proof. But these guidelines, not whose
who's, the one we don't told like Ortiz within that near tat, same, but we don't know if he actually, we just now was like us, Since we do not want a worthy those always gonna pass, which is always gonna, we wrote these my neck, it in case he was and then your times thing I don't know if you like, the public never takes like shots in him the way that they do other guys picked up. One piazza got in. It was a wow you may not get in, because you know that We think he might have taken so that when you he's not going to get in there, you have it. That's. I think the whole baseball thing is like far more obvious. Even if there is not just hey here's a positive tis test in front of you were basketball. We just don't talk about the support that way. It's her for us to register like wait a minute. Why is this guy? Like we don't have, these here's, where all of a sudden, a guy who scored a game, scored twenty eight again, these delays by guys did anything wrong
there is no rule before two thousand, for they had all probably would break a raw it rolled up small rule in in law are two different things: aren't they but like so somebody courts there back? Are you the jailer Perry like he broke? rose to I'm not even anti the stairway guys. I really am not, but. I can understand how like, when I go through look at some of the records. I was looking have based while reference yesterday. I was just going through it. Yes, I was, Can I just remember being in the back yard and knowing every one of those numbers and ask this funny? I dont know those numbers aim work as I dont care, and so I can understand and old school day, poor guy being like. I don't wanna vote for these due to this generation, guys that kind of through chaos in this whole thing I personally would for I know that if I went and saw plaque of a guy, I would know the difference. I would add just again like need my hand, held,
the game ass, nor if it came at that multiple NBA stars, there is some hope. Pd thinks about clinic somewhere, and these guys bought Ever and now we know if they were the best players I would buy still want them, I mean look: everybody gets into the basketball fame. This parliament actually respects the baseball fame a little bit more, not because the steward think, because they just harder again too. I liked it David West is West, is gonna, be a Basque above him. I think about it, for mark a smart guy back it. I don't know what the boy I'm threshold is like an art in a conference final. You might make the basque behalf if you're fifteen years in League in you wanna title. In the NBA Williams, half Amor when you sit there I got go finally gave us a boat big doll baby, he might
is this. I don't notice total numbers over like I, don't have to go and look at some of the Nepalese Vince Car for awhile, like everybody, loves garden of his guards, India, when it was five years ago before just turn like a love. Festivities out there in playing there. I'm like what's his play off moment. What's like this Carter, going to get in, but to me it what point like Vince Carter was fun dunker, but beyond that, you didn't. He wasn't scary. Twenty thousand points- and I know, is in India and China do the rest may reach really. I think him and see. Web were probably the two guys from the last twenty years dead. I just feel like their career, should Sherman better and see where battle had the whole run with the kings and he was first team. All big like VC was never first him, albeit he was never. I don't think, a top three or four VP candidate. I
the year that he was because at first he comes out on seeing you like. This is awesome right, the scripture years or so much fun with Vince and then the first real controversy had was the graduation thing. You know when I don't think we realize like how bad the east was like. We thought the beast was bad, some of them, or retail, takes almost made it. The next year, that is one of the first me that that was. It was bad, I would say the less time hundred team, but when I look back at some of those issues where light were so excited about Milwaukee like while, like I would I thoughts on this sacred right, let's take a right to talk about killer mockingbird? You may remember Academy Award Winner Errand sort in the lead It was on this show earlier this year discussing his long career and all the great moves in television shows he made, including the West Wing Social network. Few good
well. He also discussed his new play on Broadway, which is an adaptation of one of my daughter's favorite books, Harper Lee's Pulitzer Prize Winning, to kill a mockingbird since Aaron was last on the show to kill a mockingbird set, a record as the highest grossing American play in Broadway history. Select, it is a critics pick by the New York Times called great place in history by NPR two time: Emmy Ordway Jeff Daniels from the newsroom endemic dumber. That's how I know swiftly he stars live on Atticus Finch variety said it's one of the greatest stage successes of this any any Broadway season has not played to a single empty seat my daughter, my wife, for you to be a New York City this spring. I I can't get tickets, have ass, errants, Orkut doing Hey member, we did that package could have podcast Koleston CO, Mockingbird went abroad, ways how does tickets in a long time yet stuff to get her next few weeks, but good seats are available directly from the shows website.
Four performances beginning this June. So if you want to go over the summer, go to the shows official website address to kill a Mockingbird Broadway darker I think, when we, when we talk about when we talk about the NBA, sometimes and especially with the army. I noticed this when I was doing my book and now these last ten years now that there has been another talent and explosion in you kind of look back at you know you talk, but that two thousand and two thousand three stretch There is another really bad stretch. I think in the mid two thousands were the kind of abs flows with the tower for whatever reason and that marketing it was re on big dog when Robinson Sandcastle, those that was like they're kind of big three
that, really that great, that seemed really should have made the finals and in two thousand and one they one hundred and fifty there was to see the one hundred and fifty two games and that's that Sixers team, that's one of the greats turn might have don't know if he's fixed it, but definitely the referees were instructed to call certain things ways get serious. Philly shouted think like ninety, more free thousand answers the Milwaukee supply that eighty five seven cents upstairs yet, like I remember, being excited about these teams and now, when I think about the depth, and sometimes it is kind of being caught up not at the moment, so its re sell and TIM Thomas's. The team right, but you know whatever Linsey Hunter but think about the O. Three final Johnson, o three finals disperse beat the nets spurs Duncans there only like holler famer. Be a guide. The team, Stephen Jackson, Real
young Parker, really, oh man who, in a broken down David Robinson. And then a bit that's who had Jacob kettles, Kenny, Martin, Richard Jefferson, TAT Mccullough, but that the teams? I just think that It is now also have something about how that team on paper- and I dont like doing the time travelling thing too much, as I still think this is the three point part of it. Where you go again, magical guise of thieves. You did the time machine and the rationale games. They would go like water, but if you just looked at from like a talent on paper- and you put that team in the EAST today and that's the thing that I kind of like about this year's, the whole season is that the top teams in the Easter are awesome. I think these teams have really good top for three and a half, maybe top foreign. Then it's really a shame Oda about it, because really think that who I think we were added top five, your count Celtics. Yet when or how long did it take his cup,
Celtics now I don't talk about subjects good at what did you learn from the fairly mockingly Mister grey question, Here's the minor broil less than legal first nano I'm just visiting leaner top three August giving guiding about Progress is really good at I'm shocked by how much they miss him in a game with that, where did you learn to things? I keep watching? Philly, trying to figure out how they're going to figure it out and what I ve realises. This is what it's gonna be she's. The average is going to be right in Havana, that's kind of a light yesterday was clearly: let's get Butler going right in Butler, was really good against Samuel merrily go so he's had a good week His overall numbers have you just looked at his numbers. You go like what's the point once the ravages Jimmy Butler like going to these numbers? Nineteen again, that's the shootings, other fats.
I just think there's gotta be knights, were he looks bad or Simmons looks bad or maybe Tobias into buys shot numbers still pretty good, but in beads consistently I was gonna, get hits the rest, those guys you're just gonna collection, where they're just going to have to deal with the disappointment of having a bad night and that's how it's going to look through the rest of the regular season. That's how it's going to look through the playoffs and expecting this thing to miraculous jail in some way were everybody's gettin, there's an erroneous plan off each other that's ever gonna happen with eyes obey. It was still may work based on what you just said right now, first round their down to one there's five minutes left and their plan who when the trial, the added Detroit job there try it jumped. Nobody can weigh the series they're down to one deteriorate: the crowds go nuts, five minutes left who's. The I got this guy and fully who says I got this at that moment. I feel it gets Jimmy Butler
Would you the most experienced kind of confident guy and in a situation where things are unravelling the for Jimmy I it'll. Be him looking ok, whose check in me here is really. If you look at those to match up setting broke away more options, check em Your Simmons may go hey. Let me just let me get the let's get him out and I'm gonna go post. Somebody I mean actually like that. I, like that from summons overtime, have it and be dislike, you know? I wanted a double and and beat rise drivel like that's the warmly I have two minor Knox: Adam Bede beat the three pointers outrage its he shootin twelve percent this month, I think he was twenty. I briefly my range anymore, like five attempts, not allows looking into this morning, so band those threes. You can make an argument that that up fake. I can't believe how many show invite for his up figure three point line go for spooky, it's slow it at. So it does
actually allow him to use a fake. I mean it sounds insane his size like seven, two up fake, that shot fake into dribble drive in the three point line, but it works. So there's a part of you. Were you go let's let him take a couple to keep everybody honest, but if you just took three less those a game, those other shots from zero taken, you shot it really well, as rookie year has declined to set it at first, you replayed every time he takes at the other team is delighted. I in the South expire stand out there from twenty five feet, keep taken him five five games too many two. I think you wanting aims to many. I like him to give to those too late pay of eminent. These Ben we'd, like you to miss a couple gesture to get more comfortable
are so fucking talented that are so good and that's why I think if it's right and even if it doesn't perfectly gel- I think my my question back to you would be. I don't have to be shocked to Philadelphia gets out of the east, but you think that they are fragile. Still, you still think they're fragile enough that they would get freaked out like I don't think they lose the detroiter Brooklyn really, but I could see it being weird because they haven't clothes there's times or I still look at them and I go on and on how to tell whether in the plans have we saw I share that south exposures, you can
more talented, does a matter? The crowds are different. The pressures different the pace of the series is different. Teams, get really used to what you do over the course of a serious, and if you don't have a grey coach, you can make stuff up that that's a hindrance and that my fear with this team, I still don't like the five together at the end that they plan and on site. I've figured that out completely. I don't know where Riddick fits into the fifth and I'm not sure he does, even though on paper he does, but when actually watch it it just doesn't. Maybe my brain is that recognise the equitable doesn't feel right for me, those five guys relics, probably not going to get the shots that he should get. I mean as good as I've read x. I don't know when it first started so not acting like. I just noticed this, but I've never seen a shooter have as horrible of base a Dirk used to be that way. All the way legs knees. He ass. It
I'll be wrong. Shoulders could be wrong and he would still get it square on on the release and it was beautiful. Rhetoric is catching these things. Full speed floating, sir. I'd ways in hitting the shots in an airborne that game? Yes, I was like that's what it should look like all that this is such a hard shot and arrow. I think you had all hand. I hear red x. Whole role now is just a whip around these and hope to get a hand off makes. I've been really good for them. The bench has been fine, like worries about the bench. I think after his bonds gives you like Timor. If there had made the hairs trade but never made the butler trade yeah, probably in their Covington inside rise, more whatever it is to turn aside. Our now maybe I don't know that seems cuz. Then butler. You write about Butler like there, sir. Guys that take the shot because they think they're supposed to Please really. He really believe he's the one who should take it
Nothing would annoy me more than like a bee tear tear whatever you want to say star who just saw the Jordan pads and threw up with Jordan and that he taking an awful awful shot. You look well, at least I'm not afraid. Like the rest of us, were he's really good he's? I dont know what goes out with him when they're not playing- and I dont know if he, if you'll be happy unless he's really prominently about than this by Afghans. I have a lot of time in the latter and that, by the way that breaking news that a ban when you watch a game like yesterday, then yadda puts up fifty plus and they were never really they'd let day like our within two, but it was like it felt like Philly was gonna win. I want the sector have again last night, as I felt like, I wasn't really locked in the everyone stuff saws watch. So when you sitting there going ok he's about to have thirty five points in the second half, let's watch him and count em and keep trap and see, and it was
So effortless, it's like it's, not recognising young shack issues gets points. Thirty five in the second half minute didn't even seem that crazy, but he wasn't a hat. No like fell again his three, you know he had a couple threes, which is always nice for him, but the way he can death, and you don't really know what to do. I mean there's different ways that these guys were unguarded will now yeah with the honest that he had that dunk, where he came back right and finished his step left look like he may walk out of bounds, and yet he stopped himself like a full speed step to his left and then got himself settled stopped and then got in the air and finish right handed dunk and I dont know I might have been a b turbo or somebody and they just like looked in, went what and then how about him, Collins, Simmons a Fuckin bay. Now, what about you either? That was those bent yeah, maybe get confused. That was cut. Oh, I don't know. I did that. Did you see that from him before?
the other there's a little bit of I've seen a couple times, there's a little fuck you and which I like, and I think grape, where Hasta? Oh, no, I'm all I got hit, say I'm collateral buttons in the games. I've seen, but indeed as a tune- and you know if that's when would that be so that would be fairly rain. As forty five and twenty five there three seed in these forty four and twenty six parsons forty three twenty seven, there is still a chance this kid for breath. Actually, let's just do this now plan match ups. Every time we ve done this. This is the best version of the pirates batch up so that Bugsy, I think so, do we think bragged and can be back contaminated. There's no way. I could stay weeks I'll now I felt the boxer. I can't say that super biddable and round one because no broaden, I add, due to veto, get around one, even without broad the penny and who they play commander, don't be too. He do
Are you serious make your life on it yeah? I would you would beggar, father yeah yeah. What do I get there? I don't trust you play out of the aims that have really know. France at All- and I liked I like they're, like their crunched, I'm five, but I think Bragton was was. Way more important for them than people really still emulate redolent Middleton they have. The Lopez deal really serve as it always a player. I would always want a mighty sow night. That's it does it scared? But here's the thing? It's not spoke Fronty. Now it it's like when they did that whole breakdown- and I don't know if it was just the countdown stuff that their cargo very did gathered. Then they were doing this shit. They went from the worst rebounding team to the best there, the number one defence patience together recently talked about buttonholes, her hair plus ten. He done an amazing job with this, so I I'm not
grazing spoke, is commanded the heat or even five hundred right, thirty, three and thirty. Six at the heats. Me really didn't we do this. Then we followed this last your memory, their sneaky, beat the Sixers same man same shit- is lava. Get you tat man, Toronto Brooklyn would be our two seven. I just wanna play CO, Wiseman Nanking Games. Already, I was going to do it just now. If you didn't cause remember, we were doing online video wanna, seventy, while we're gonna do I'll be after this cause. Remo use you can pull abroad Broncos used to sell these games in Kauai automatically was on it, and then I started thinking about it. Last week after we talked about its played fifty one Miss nineteen. These missin again, I think, he's missing tonight, Can we get idea on that.
Brooklyn will be a sexy. First ran upset peck, whoever they pledges, cause they're, really fun. Watching people see lots of them the entire backbone in it lives in Brooklyn. I did their crowds of a good yeah. I dont they bear the town to beat but there are definitely like kind of what I want. My money baby. You just stop manner. I still feel like I filling block is vulnerable. The penny, like Balky Brooklyn, if there is broken, was there was the eight hundred and seventy seven on yonder, and it's not like broadband is good as he is. They still have a couple. Other guys can fill so the recipe you'd be Bledsoe goes South AEGIS right. As the keyhole call reigners hung round and round. One right Middleton has to miss everything. Your big reason why they lost fifty two and fifty was great neck game, but merited was terrible. Bragton gives them insurance.
For whatever game, where Bledsoe so just looks like you did that Boston Series at least have the other guy by the way. Another point about the choir missing you'll end up missing, like a quarter of the season when the sauce and done feels like right. Yeah will actually be more net if it keeps on space. Think about how good they are as a team organization and what I do to be this close to being the one seat cuz it. Why is Kawhi play the whole season? Everyone, it's cuz cuz. This siakam thing is out of control out of control they just basically if Kauai doesn't play, they have somebody who could just do a choir impersonation. If you like. Green Griffin. Turning into its economy miles, I ve, but I think they I think there. As we know, is leaving and their due,
everything now they don't. They don't mind the games or collide as in play, because it also gives them a little bit of foundation for down there. So the doing the Anti Brewers NED Yossi cease about the thing tat yet Amber any pitch like every third game like we're not resign and a date which gives look Philly Detroit would bear three six which are genuinely excited about as the german them eating your journal. Then great for the last time. I don't know last six weeks or dynamism. That in part of me wonders, could it be that can be just really Moscow, it I'm a couple times there and only right. You can't destroyed under regular era, stone and determined got another eleven. I wonder fees like it's like Rocky three he's in the Fraga Jim get get ready for this. Some games gets a bid, so if they go fill it trade. There are at least be fight, there's some spiciness with that and then Andy Boston would be the four five but data which is now the
Despite the week, I that happened, which one are they wanted to lately, a James hearted by database and that step like a super loses all serious for the south for a while. Are they lose in this? They have so much more talent and just weird shit says happening. I've been happy that they play the last two weeks, and I really like seen from Cairo and that's all I want to say a ease. He found the sword. Any played differently the last two weeks. I is much more. A gauge the army is much more touchy fairly and he's much more. Let me Everyone else involved the now. Whether this is our plan. Because he realised that he sabotaged his own. You know fridges dating bear in this zone act. I have no idea, I'm withholding judgment that ok, Julia Khazar, I buy watch them last week or so, and it does look bad
so the biggest habit, the South Axis jail and Brown has got a lotta yeah like here is actually been better than Tatum now fur I'd say five six weeks and I four things that worries me because believe in admitted it now. So when you talk about him being dinged up like you, because after attacked by ten people ready or for having the best runner his season. I like I just went to the game. It looked like He's plan hurt and now seems like anyway. The west gone stay clippers of beer, one eight, which might break the record for most opposing fans at and went to Roma laughter- is every bit as unwares answer. If they ever did thing we're just one through sixteen in the self. Explain the clippers here that that's really weird when you're in that building. I was my first Celt exact clippers game and they, like man, there's so many people out here. Would you wanna play the clippers fear? The worse, I would not
we'll sacramentos falling off unforeseen, whereas at the bank with Morocco that throughout I care like on the warriors. I wouldn't care. So whenever we do this stuff words, they will whose dangerous at eight I'm worried about myself that one I actually was, can ask in this assembly I think the warriors without Durrant would still be the one seat, so so that would take doesn't look. We couldn't have been nicer over fifty seven and twenty five is the once it. I think they could do that unless they were just bored and playing the same level events, maybe they're not I mean maybe they're the three seed military three so that they would have had to live by out by our guy like a west math is, I think you have their place some of those minutes summer. Right. They were never going right. Little peddled Patrick MECCA, maybe he's
Maybe pep MC cost is the exciting yeah. I guess we weren't sobered him. They pay a little bit. I think Chrism BP campaign is Thou indurated that further talk to, but when the third spots wide open and at the Korea has to be discussed them without the ran at, I think is where, between fifty five and fifty seven year, not impossible, if there are three seed idle there by a couple a couple,
you're a right now, no one, even though I love with the clippers, have done in lieu Williams this weekend again and look. We spent twenty minutes on them yeah by the way one clean up for me last week when we are talking about the Lakers, which are not in fact about, ah, which I don't think so. Unless we leubronn stuff Numb, I did have a team that was like everything you said about. The Lakers is right, but your way to soft on them about the quite deal and that its known around the league police, according to what is being told that if they had included Ingram, they could have done that it could have done at the sheer, but they did the same thing as they were doing with Paul George thing, like we'll: wait, will just gettin later So I was given I was given like it be. For my analysis, I've heard conflicting I've heard that version, but I have also heard that San Antonio is just like fuck. You were never change him. Yes, less yelling Who was that are now? I don't know what the answers right. That's why I want to share that after last week, so you too,
Evan right now. Is that as vandam Rita, where are you with Denver that Yoke Ich Dodge Game? was so so in crowd. I want aim in mind. I want to send somebody a check. I came it was so thanks by the way he hasn't. You know he's Africa Therefore, although expert that Duncan traffic with five seconds, I was fully shared flicker of top five we are highlighting guide yeah. That's not giving oils unit trotted Yoke, this yogi chest weird off balance, you know around nine ten feet these wrong foot kind of in the end, but we need to do that makes them in it. Every time he's doing that's a terrible shot. Let her go with it. Had I hate, FED I still worry about, like the consistency of the other pieces, around yogurt shittiest, it's my say, miss
lucky a lot of guys really never been in a big game Milwaukee take a couple. Those guys had the games, seven Abbas nicer than ups, so at least winter, once these damper guys, you know Beazley Morrison Jamal. Marine. I think more has been great. I am, I love their guards. Yeah, you know Bulgaria Harris is like. It or miss, because they show you like it. Just probably doesn't ever make sense to spend more than like two to three million on a guard unless somebody really good see! It seems like these Beazley Morris types are just out. There are Spencer Dinwiddie. These days are out there that there's a guard, Sir personally great ass, you? U Treaty, I like hurry that yet will the When did you ever spent twelve million hours, Marcus, smarter terrors year? Maybe not, that might actually be a bad use of salary cap cause. You can always get these due to a rotation guys. I kind of like this theory. Almost
using the glaciers on it. Yeah later JANET just find a way to sit in a corner from for this fuckin shade and now he's like ease point: twenty five minutes a game at a place where he could dribble do I mean he ran teams, so it's not. I think I think, there's way too many guards and it's real. Easy to find them and our internet running back to the embryos or you show me, that's what I'm telling you through the They can, I mean Williams, so was who is the fact? the RAM Siege Anderson see janitors has allowed a siege Andersen's in India, I've ever deejay Burton checked in for the thunder. I went home what? Oh, my god, and then I looked him up. I go every Iowa State Room, twenty five years old there some rule that when you go to, I was Dayton like hey, you know whatever happens, but once you we promise, you get the embryo, be almost thirty, but the clips have a guy Wallace, yeah yeah. I like has to play more think he's gonna. I think he's gonna have a moment for somebody at some point and then even like who's, the guy Thorn well STAR Yoke. For software,
He doesn't play it. I like him to give somebody fifty minutes. Hues San Antonio would be our three six. I can't wait to watch personally, I realized. I can you my rotation of all the stuff I watch. I got haven't my eyes, but we all know we all give up on three eyes goes out: they mother Minimum five, that's gonna when I stopped, and anyone like eight straight fiddled, I'm looking forward to watch them tonight because they get gold stay right. Portland, ok, seizure for five still seems ipod. Georgia's Reset? No longer know what the actual injury is, but it seems I get some sort of rotate or custom, but I'd like to know what it is. We had the one shoulder that was ized and then he hit the other one year and he has that cool tape that I've even tried wearing hoping. It was gonna help me
a better he rang arena and I've known, I feel great today. So you tell me the Teddy Desolate he's he's tailed off. I think, but it seems from of physical stamp. Why not from a performance, soulless art Westbrook as Westbrook shooting improved from really disastrous levels, and I say disastrous: could anyone would ever be allowed to or no one would even think to have the volume that he would work at and continue to take us Bagshot. Yet I have this really hard thing with Westbrook all the time and I feel like I, I sit there qualify it because it how hard he plays and said all these things a million times over, but that foul against clay to get the attack was so lame and Westbrook. I dont think understate like how how much he's benefited from now, De Jazz guy for people to overlook the parts of Westbrook that suck and he's had come and Asia Nasty Judge eyes down. Monica right, so nasty jazz guy is clown. I n was proposed
men, and I don't have a problem Westbrook you for the most part, defending himself We saw a video him go and after different out it will keep the weak link in character. It was again there was a bit. He not now. Nurkic may a trip them. It looked like he had, but he went right back and courage in just knocked him to the ground. In the same game against clay on Saturday night, given loony like put his hands up almost help Westbrook from running into him in Westbrook like when it him and like slapped his hands away I can't believe somebody hasn't really decided hey. You know what Westbrook I'm done with you by do. You really think like. I can't believe it has caused a fight think of this bullshit with him Anthony paler moment. Yes, exactly like I'm ready now and then bright punched him. I I think it's just all of this stuff with him he hasn't is, has no idea how good he hasn't. Ok, see by the way, did there
scared even criticise them because of what happened with the right. That's what part of this is all about? It gets enabling it. So what are we had this guy that I have to bet on to do things in the plants in there. Times are I've watched them where I really like this team man- and I thought they have maybe this mental thing at stake with a match up with the rent, screw him up a little bit at Durban. Most of the season I felt like ok sees the team like. I can't wait to see what they look like me to ask I like them or four weeks ago, but I have a hard time with this Westbrook stuff it it's the same stuff. I keep coming back to he's very agro. Any seems he's got more agora. I think he has sixteen technicals already done suspended now any e he's, Harry's himself. Now, all the time lag these days. In the mid nineties. Dad if your common view, walking by the harp at two in the morning- and you saw like the three mass ask- another descent look in there. I, like a look at a you, look at it
yeah, I mean, and I see how he cares and some others right now before is a walking confrontation, but even in the Those game I was I was driving aware today and restocking he played. The press conference like Russia, beginning eyes, wandered in technical and he's like next question, and then they asked him, the next question, any just just like swatting the reporters away. I think he cares himself the best. Jackie give is in us. But he whose on a long running tv, show where it's like they were on the table star the show for nine years and the show can exist without them and they could just act like a complete and it doesn't matter what was going to happen, they're not going to fold the show and you just kind of have to put up with it and cares himself that way not not to his teammates that people are workaround, but some court like that. There's, like an ego with him. That's really weird! It's like a How dare you, how dare you cross
me. I'm Russia Westbrook, as I do that you did thing, when a title. This is always something like I've asked people down there like. What's it like you'd like him, I ve, actually he's not a bad, so totally normal sweet back, but this is like them I said he's in now with Basque, if I'm looking at them as a team that I have to bet on it team to go cigar- I really trust them. I just dont trust them, because I think all of this stuff that happens with him he so pissed off as they are How things aren't working out like ie? It's like a guy that gets her working out. And then he so mad that he's her. He works out harder equal. That's that's not the way to fix the problem, and there has been nothing throughout his career. That tells me tight moment. Lay in a gets a good I'm not seen. He hasn't hit some big shots because he has, but I know
no win. This is ever a you're asking a guy that is built a certain way and that's. Why he's been this great to change the way he is, and I don't know that that's ever going to happen. It doesn't matter who the coaches and has matter who the teammates are, and the clay thing was so funny. Cuz clay's, like whatever dude most guys would have been pissed encloses like laughing at the current law, so that caused the most like where the leg right selected on with him right, you re imagining. It call any new. You check me clays, like whatever, ah I don't know I don't know I don't know. I look at our thunder fan, I'd be annoyed by it but another all gonna get magazines decreed so preach to the church of West. I'm going to tell who your reminds me of read after this break. I think it right to talk about hotel tonight. This winners are great
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Wes Brics is, moreover, peacetime presented to me it's a U autumn, when you gonna get Memphis and game forty eight at home in his eye, you down six unless prohibit when I think he's had some play our failures I think he really really wants to make the files, and he really really wants to prove that it has made the rat and, as the stakes keep going up and even like these national. Of ass game. He's like that I don't know if you can win win your best where's like that. It say there is certainly no record of it happening in the history of the league the day. At some point you just gotta die, don't hang I don't Z cuz. I don't think I don't think he ever goes. Ok, I'm struggling. We saw last year new tasks. As member their terrible member when in which really started to go south and game sex, and he took like four thousand take forty three shots. He like
unravel threatening us. What happens like people go well, hey, look at least he's not afraid he's. Try it yeah he's trying like he's the only one out there competing and you just go far better shots, because you know who else is having the therefore guys now, they're, not playing is hard on defence. There not running his heart and transition there, like this dues, gonna take forty three shots and ten of them are going to be just horrible. Looks I am pleased to be invested. This was Le Brands greatest strength these in the middle of this decade, when he, as is supporting cask, got worse and worse and you'd be in these big these big moments, and especially in the road- and there is a com this about him. He would almost say get more focus. Then which is better and everything he was doing like them, the bigger the moment he actually would embrace there in that you know. I heard somebody say how camembert I read it, but people talking about the bronze game, one in the files in two thousand and eighteen last year, jail.
And were therefore that when I was there for that- and I had forgotten how amazing he was no game heads we need. The warriors were saying that when I read this but they're saying let that was the greatest game that ever sooner and play I kind of felt like that when I was there, as I think this is the greatest game of efforts today report. Is he just kids? every aspect of it and you know it Toby Westbrook am I just don't think he has that wherewithal to to be that guy. I just don't. I don't think it's ever gonna happen at this point has been eleven years. Yeah, wiser gonna change, sidewise years. Who is this right and I that they were you there, things. I would watch him differently, Umbilical Casey. Deferring more is he even if he was regular season games in eleven other people initiate the action playing off a shrewder which they were doing and seen how great Paul Georgia's Doin Lascaux minutes of players.
We all know. What's gonna happen, we are leaving it. Does it a thirty five foot three and it's a game winter and all that, like kids, get their keys. He's one games that way too, and maybe the hat, but I just it's hard for me to go for seven games against another, really good team. Like the warriors. I expect him to come out on top and make all the right place down. The stretches it's hard for me believe will therefore Fibrin Abbe, Portland, ok, see I dont like damage or broke. I I think they're gonna have the alimentary Zena B I can tell you now Ah,. I don't know that we know what the deal is. So, if he's out for round one, then that suddenly a team I'd want to play, but if he's healthy for around one, forget ok, see as anybody to guard lowered. They are really thank. You could run amok, Mark and answers and actually, like the Turkish Adams, bad arriving, dark age, items their fighters and look the same. I dont think that he looked earlier in the year. I'd he's band our bees play
a lot of games over the last four years. To I like what I saw, I like what I've seen from their- and I I don't know I if Portland's healthy, I think that's a dangerous ears I say: if that's what it ends up, what is safe from a golf ball reevaluated a week with new strength, so you dont know young Turkish. Do You should just declare for the NBA now package basque body were to risk it. What Maccallum says I know I get back the players, but this is a long term play loved her play right, my leg, the figures are all MBA checkpoint, Janius George hard and curry is still for the top five its first embayed is gonna, be a great argument, as this gets a little closer about two weeks from now, and indeed be the defensive. Metrics agree with them yoke edge. The fact that that
as a chance to be a one seed and he's really the only gray player on the theme it's not, but I'd still be. I am I'm still. So the was it's gonna be one or the other second team lowered and widespread. I think would be second theme on beer, the second Forward Spot Griffin, the bride and Co. Why? If compliance of missing like twenty four games or something on our voting firm for second Sima Ba, I was looking at this pistons team. You love the pistol care, but their thirty. Six and thirty three. Can you can you name? Can you name their crunch time right now, not the question: can you name their nine men rotation render now now that I know that the other day I was watching a game in it that Lucan ART had the best plus minus of. I think anyone off the bench since January fur
I think that is a come their authority of the year. Ok, so this is postal star Break, which is now a thirteen game sample size, men, its leaders and the persistence Drumming Blake Griffin, Luke, Conor, thirty, twenty seven minutes again: Reggie Jackson, Wayne Ellington. Smith. Langston Galloway. Is this issue mistlike for time being pistons yeah, Bruce Brown Fine make Yeah thin made ass their rotation egotism peculiar as their tenth guy. Are you kidding me People get it. We go forty, five and thirty, seven so high, so ever get Blake and Blake is basically twentieth eight and five every day and is their crunched. I'm guy like. I think he has to be considered for second Zuma Ba, and this might be the best Blake references than ever.
I think that one year the reserve, the clipper regime right were were Paul, was out for a good chunk in the middle in the play ass. He had the best free for weeks, edge of his career and by the end when they got knocked out. I think we all thought he was one of the best five personally yet so that's the best, that was a failure in the regular season as much there stretch now during that there is a regular season it might have been before fifteen than when Paul had missed a good chunk in the middle and employees. Blamed point I urge you to early like in the m. Bp conversation in what we mean, that is, that he wasn't going to win, but it was disrespectful- and I mention him at some point. So then thirteen towns tat has been islands right, he's been on that it's not a fool's Voltaire with him, because we know how good he can be in the other two from the brown. Quite Griffin. Carry is gonna, make it and I think Bradley Bill is the third gardner. Are they add? The six guard
because he's like thirty eight, the first outbreak and he's carrying this washed in team that was trying to tank and he's basically not with it not allowed than the tag no, I only every night with them. I go back to my man, Beale Beals, having this incredible run, hidden on this terrible team. So those are the facts. In those are gonna, be the fifteen o MBA, guys in some sort of order, Adam Adams anybody else crack and at this point, unless you know, unless Pascal Sciatica really takes it up a notch how many games would you not? If quietness twenty three games, could you would you panel, ass a man he's thirty mombi. At that point, I ribeiro I really wanted to knock Lebron off thirty two mile bay, and I couldn't figure out a way to do it. Last time we renew and as she would put together the formula to do it, but if your whole there's that damage it, I've already you're putting that standard on him, then you have to put it quite too and here's the thing Leubronn get hurt.
Why I have a problem with you and I'm just cool missing- must give the back to back right. We would numbers by the way are sick there, sick so, but he's not hurt, so I would think would mean it would damage you more to me as a voter, if you're just missing all these games versus missing because of an injury couple of just random stats just to consider hard and it still at thirty five point. Nine points, a game. Is he a point higher than an ii? I have to have in front of me now did he s the thirty five point club as well, Jordan, Baron and copyright so that he will be the fifth where ever to do this significant? And if that you know you could point to the three pointers by the look on your face. As you said significant, I just want to listen to know. He means it was this time. It's eight points better than the number two scoreboard. I think it's a ludicrous number
and then you talk about he's gonna play like seventy eight. Seventy nine. Eighty games that, though it that is generally get three thousand points which is like other ludicrous number. That does not happen and actually think I, like total points. In some ways more than a scoring average, because it's the combination of the durability- and you know the ridiculous production. Like you, you score three thousand points in a season. Ura you're really doing something. I don't think you can get there because I think could be just Europe, but that this is the crazy number to me right. She's already scored more points this year in sixty six games, then he ever has before right now, if you go leaders Basque, shut out to the Basque by reference guy, whoever that I shall he's eight points, he's eight points off his total scoring from four years ago. Your soda only
People have ever scored three thousand points in a season. Will thirty three X, Jordan, didn't eighty seven at three thousand and forty one points. Kobe is the last guy who even came close seat? Twenty eight thirty two in the five six season and then what is harden have right. Now. Party has two three six: eight, with twelve games to go right so easily as a chance to get to where Kobe got him? That's about it, sort of ours that yeah we should just mention is averaging twenty eight thirteen insects. Imagine a last week, I am an immense every week, fifty percent shooting and be down to twenty seven and fourteen. These are crazy. Number is it's all like? What's? Is it bad? It's just This is the part where I go. Okay, we both agree. The league, like we forget how leans of those years are we already even over that not only in his pocket
for what are we really this lucky that in this moment we have this many guys that could when an embassy like that seems nuts, I think about it If you just said at the beginning the year give me the that's, not fucking crazy list. If this guy wins and yeah it feels it gets twelve guys now, dancer I think it's a combination of the the not american play The note the number of town two guys we have as their better the guys just healthier these days and I think the. And the way he took care of his body in the matter money he spends on it and how seriously he took the day to day, which was also cobras legacy to, I think fit these guys. Just do it now the card- and I think somebody twenty years ago who just would have been wired this way now you read this up at heart. It he's like you know, they'll, have a game and he's like working out after is in the gym, say he doesn't get nearly enough credit for
hard. He works on his conditioning all that stuff, and it just seems like all these guys are doing that you don't twenty two like we ask different people who know me like. What's this guy like her who goes out or who's gonna, in their life in hard, and so is the guy pupil mention yeah, but now is out you just hear about how dorky a bunch of the teams are rare certainly not complaining about the action plan for night, but are worried about his fort that use here. You wanna hear a story like me story on somebody, milk out this guy man. The eyes is crazy. Now it's yeah, they stay in Oregon. Postman! so I M Bp Watch Harding Janius, one two or two when everyone said who d for three right now, when we have twelve games of the candidates, are yoke edge and be Georgia Curry, I wanted to put him beat in there all the time. Ah I see like I just
except curry, like I always feel like I'm the one. That's arguing that he's not appreciated enough men. That theme came up again in the saturnine game or the like people actually think he's unrelated bank on his idea. Yeah is underrated. I'm, unlike at courses like the most overlooked star, like to be that guerrillas in aid this after thought they were not. We don't really throw em around in the other stuff adders. Were this always weird to me and Van Pony Starbucks Zog and his odd resentment from his peers to curry. Ah, but I don't know that I'd put him three. Now, I'm not gonna get off the pall. George thing just yet. I have yoke it's three. Now you have him over and beat it weird. I think there is a world in which I vote envied for firstly, my Ba but Yokel Firth because of their chosen busy. I think he means more just how infectious style is and the fact that he has come through the and again in June,
it is almost more like a high school team or like a mid major college team, the way that seems constructed and he's like the focal point of it. Where is Philly like if Embiid's out for two three weeks they can get by with the players they have. You know they won't be as good, but they can get by. If, if Jokic is out for Denver, They're not getting by then had a lengthy lay either like there. The eight seed fringe so and then Lou aims for people in climbing up with an arrow nobody usually were struggling for five m VP guys. I remember. There's year pages, Average was the third our vote like a final real vote. He had third tat was at a shack here I mean here's, some actual guys, some actual guys who have third or fourth place envy peace ran risks.
Germane o Neill Third Place member Bettina, try to trade war. Carmelo third place Carmelo had a year there where he deserved it. So it's not Blake Griffin got a third place. Davis got a third place. Fourth place Tracy Mcgrady two Slash four Robert Parish the fourth place. What's what year was the high ethical was? Eighty two said: Microwave Mikhail TIM. Her way. Senior fourth place less surprising. Fourth place to acknowledges forthwith by bad joking, no, a fourth place they Miller, for Remember that no a deserved jamming in the top five. Absolutely mother I couldn't get about this year. I look where I want to know Memphis. Now I go, how could more teams that were competing now of wanted him to my nuts there? Do I just like him too much in my seeing them differently as at the time, I'm always stand. I like up to
We ve done that the name. I am always done when that anybody just buys a guy out over keeping Amazin expire contract. It's like negligence to your fence, Vicksburg like Phoenix save their does expand contracts now those two guys they could. It have been so much more creative at the death without one so nasty it should have no one's bad to know does it could buy, they could have extra, could have done the car about thing this summer and I would add the same effect right I've been the no one's like we bring enticing Chandler here. I do not know the phoenix you agrarian Shandy want in Algeria. Is a guy's been to exceed z soaked it all up were good. Let's, given elaborate, I mean that's that's what was where I can't believe a resident end up at the Lakers there to earlier, and James Jones have kept him up and servers like women. I can sign
eyes and then save a little bit of money budgets buying amount if you're using a disease and done winning good to go. Let's take one more break in the way it is a mere back. It was sad about seeking getting tickets on line can be far too complicated, with hundreds of sites and varying levels of reliability. Hard. No to trust while seeking you know access them, they put millions of tickets in one place. He can easily find the siege you out for pressure willing to pay closer, the action Gray- Faye, that's what's he kicks about? They make your ticket by expanse as easy as it could possibly be verve rented say you know a great. It is the great every ticket based on value. They search all kinds of sites to make sure that you know what the best deals are. They have color coded maps. I haven't on my phone. Sometimes I just checked to see: what's the had ticket lately,
I view, seeking to buy last minute tickets for Cooper Games to buy a last minute tickets. For I have see two concerts, you name it lately. Lakers gapes tickets are available right now to see the alleged go. The brand James Bessemer, my listers, get ten hours off their first seeking purchase just download the city gap and a promo code. Bs today seek lifespan of it. We have the tickets New Microsoft surface Pro six cannot be get things done, whether on the Fyodor Running, a business, take bran, Iraq, PO and Michael Griffin, two former NFL team into of opened a cupcake shop with the surface pro they can do everything they need from setting schedules. The creative promotions for such median designing, new flavors, plus its light super fast, has great battery life.
I and my group are proving you can tackle all your patience with the power in speed of the new surface prospects. I this is the best part of the package We're going to save the topic that I sent you that I want to do was save it for next week, cuz we blew by a cuz, I don't know, but yeah we'll save it for next week, did it, but I need to know what the hell I'm doing right now is I've gotta maladies, the male backwards, creative things that I would say to you send me the heads up now I mines been workin. What is put in the freezer for weak may not be as fresh. That's bullshit as some other some other titles that readers of air listeners have suggested. The air, the scimitar Scylla, Weekly India, Pakistan three hour run. I wish, with Sunday pick up pod strict
and was thrown out there, which I thought was a great name. We decided to do it without love that, though baby we have barely love it so much, maybe that's. How will end the pie cast every episode with a red stricken fact food than outside for pod Stricklin? That's right- what to do, I want to name it that, but it doesn't make any sense and I'm afraid, after a few monster Billig. Why are we so calling this pod Stricklin and you? We would have to do some kind of rod. Strickland thing, Well, I'll, tell you like every time I ran into rod stricken with combine last year. Did you throw Patagonia ethical I'd, say came in and I don't know if he had any. I do I wasn't, but he played along as a guy's gonna tell you, like of all the guys who have met the played. There's. Always this like his slow, almost label revered just way at the former player talks about gigantic rod, Strickland man that Dude ACT like he doesn't get the law of light just full blown established stars, arrange, has that too, but better version of it ROD Strickland has
High, a level of respect that you can have from his play, the guys it played with them other than being just Jordan or something like that. Like dude love him and were like, he could ball and it sucks it may play with a toothpick in his bath, for they told him here to get rid of it, it that's true. I don't know another title: load management saddened. Where that is, born. Yes, I guess who came up with that. It sucks load management, its. Bad welcome the load management. I'm only get your ass a shall we, a new next Monday of someone suggested better than me, but that we just that and it said, were the bastions acts at every turn right and then I just go through slights throughout the patient work. Do you think out of the day there. No seven. I see that the Meda I
this, I didn't tell you this: the glue gas guys at you know, there's a great glue guy story for you: yeah Ripley, drastic ripper and had him on, and it was when Rick was so pro coolby that it was almost disgusting out. Antella brawny was yeah AEGIS was that was what he's gonna do. Is to just mock him openly to him on my part. Cast about this, and so Bucharest is are we were comparing them again somehow, and this may have been like they could, even before the bronze first title. Actually air and he's gonna look. He goes is, as he has really la bronze, more of a glue guy. Then he is anything else.
The best guarantee for just a glue guy and I just lost it- was like cool guy, you read it. So we had that drop any time glue guys were mentioned because I couldn't believe it I had so it looks like the double shift: pod Stricklin and the glue guys. Maybe The three final us: how do we may pod Strickland, not ninety six months from now will have. We get him on every week we hear from the listeners. You can email us more suggestions at the mailbag at the rear, dotcom posturing, just sound like if we were huge Knicks fans and another at Minot Young. I forgot one name. This is from Patrick Mccaw. He said I'm a bartender huge fan of you guys,
since Sunday night sorrow is industry nights for bartenders. I thought it could be an issue where the fact the boat bartender near MBA industry insiders call the Pike S industry night. That's that's pretty good, strong LA thought that industry night was the best. I had someone someone put that in the end as a fourth action Jeff Gesture prison. The ringer had a joke recently them and repeat on the package at those really funny we're talking about players only and I was just complaining about it as I want to do it's too much now, the ads it's over, the top and
now they have the catchphrase of players on the baby, which I don't understand either and I was like this is like on an airplane. I wouldn't want the passengers to fly the plane, that's why we have the pilots and that's how I feel about play by play guys like their the pilots. It's like you, don't bring the guy in from the seventh row and he just suddenly going to fly the plane now so Geoff Chow said passengers on me, but that could be a gimmick for delta, like players on man and then I'll, try and think what's wrong, as players only air passengers only a way if I had to have one for the next twenty years by life, which gimmick with wood would be worse. Since I actually think it still poses a past years. Only it's over that guy. He flew in the air force it still.
Still feel better than in the area. As you know, and then it still thickets by resuming this is I'm from Mitch blood. Sounds. Isn't he manages to insult us air, which I, like most suggestions, are focusing on the fact that you're both masses of a basketball, what really unified As use you both Gaza, when Hollywood, you still want to claim being from Boston a boost. Your credibility, we ve got big time. And clear. I think you better than the rest of us Bostonians, hence big time, hoops with Z. He thought that should be the day they tab, who observe I'm waiting to go big time. While I don't think I can do so. Yeah and then I just in from Golden Colorado, said thanks. So much for running
my idea for trim corner and this weak spot was fantastic. After being a college professor for seven years, I think I've finally made a positive impact on society. Let me know if you want me to speak his class. If it's Colorado couple mailbag questions errand salmon wonders what's the biggest story, that you knew about, but were allowed to shared at the time that was leaving. He has been now nowadays sports
I'll do my radio show. Video will can be alive, as can be awesome. Ah now he knew he knew in. U S private, I gotta do absolutely spent. Ah, I had some good stuff on the direct thing going to go and state really early reaction to it. Yeah I mentioned it and then they got to the point where I kinda had the whole mapped out moving pieces of all the transactions, and I did it I make it might also if it happens. This is out what happened and I was at all and I was actually kind of amazing nobody really paid attention to. It was like when we didn't he just
like this is what to do MRS Harrison Barnes, and then this will be here, and this is where the recital will have to do this kind of deal so that want to get that one, but I only did that lay once reagents he had started so that point. It was just add that that information was like look if we can get em meaning golden state like this is. This is how it in theory happened, but I think I'd first heard about it and in January that you're a laugh. I had a pretty good. The broad to the Lakers that that two thousand seventeen summer show your target, or we are aware that only talk about the ringer yeah. That's like we care scene. I did all Pakistan, we felt pretty confident. I was gonna happen. What what can you give me any just Hudson heard some things it wasn't. His interest interest in tv shows that right cause like that. One to me,
the one I win, the Brian sign with my army and Stephen. I reported it like a week before, and everybody thought he was crazy, including me, but then about thirty six hours before I heard that that's where he was going, and I wrote a piece right before the decision like that day like setting it up, and I find it in a way that if you re read, it is clear that I knew who's gonna Miami, but I just couldn't write it, but you can tell if you read the peace, so do you, right that peace to get the information. Already you write that Pisa later on, you can say see. No, I wrote the penalize right. I was assigned to read a piece about the decision and I had to write it in a way that you didn't dare attended. You didn't know. I mean I wasn't I bet my life on it. I don't know. I was, I Danny nine point, seven percent sure I'm one of the bank s eye. He has? I went back and read all the articles leading up to the decision. Yeah, it's the best,
people have really so no I'm talking about before he had decided in the theories and in all the different like Chicago played some clips from family guy. His favorite cartoon Baghdad pitch the bulls like two sources. When the bull said this couldn't have gone, better design knew tat. Casting a ring argued about. You can read these columns of make fun of them, will have this forts illustrated scouting reports for the beginning of the sea, in that I'm in a red after the seasons over. Bigger begged access? Were you just read all things from the past see, I need you spent five of them in the car they are so stupid with red reserved for amateur, read the family. I am existing from eighteen. Ninety their authority in horror and get a revolution as baseball. Derek Barton is a better on base. Our poorhouse dared part- I remember him, King O, BP, Karen
Now, if you put a forger fifteen vapours in a bar and they were ordered to compete for the right to bring one specific random girl back to their hotel, that night who'd, you bet onto which best question a great. Where do I go? First now you first ok, you can eliminate, probably hundred plus before we even get their cause. If you go even go almost stuff curry, why are you to go home with South Korea? Fair, no offense paper, so we had a kind of go it at the heaviest guy The biggest alphas, I think, is in that room where there's alphas. So I called you or just no chance. I'm sorry like Rudy Gobert has no chance, even though french guys are smooth and girls always fall stuff might do I'd, never rule at the French. Never Boris Dio near salted american women tone. It was hard Irving insulated. Their yeah yeah. Not matter, so where now, when I started thinking about this, starting a dream on Gaza
dream on. Oh he just fas, everybody right. You think he would just scream and other guys, and you know you got a fact, like how good a guy looks like a dream on you know, I'm not. I don't know if he be voted DES. Looking guy in the NBA buddies ease working with enough force a nature, I foresee Nature MID West Michigan State Strong, like daddy. Not like you couldn't be another guy fighting over that girl and be passive around him. He's he's gonna eat you up, but would it be too much would be too much worse, I started thing: ok with easy ones. La brought like Leubronn walks room he's more the show stopper than anybody else, but it looks doesn't have enough help. He's gonna be like mother. Fucker I told you don't wear the hoodie and then like math. I said, live not over like this is bullshit yeah like if it started, go and bad for Leubronn, then everybody around and we get blames like, maybe that would that would screw that up to get clay, wouldn't care
Clay would be like wait. A minute, I'm assisted the girl would have to make them right at dollar suit clay, I've, a dog to pat and yet leave I actually do say, despite a spending a lot of time on this, that it would be Westbrook because Vashon he's not absurdly everyone we should say of Westbrook with single his happily right right, right, yeah. This is where I sit. I finally get single he's got the allay experience with the mid western values. He's outweighs hell, he's not afraid anybody all rational, confident, right, he's, keys and he's just gonna shoot, so it is not always beverage Raymond. Yes, I'm for the same and he's gonna win was pursued. A win cause he's going to shoot Marcus Dream on still struggles of the shot a bit and his has and even wide open Russ walks into the gym. Thinking is open and he's gonna can club, I really like the closer by. I went in The thinking was Blake Refund, because I, like the experience of being away being rammed beautiful woman, four eight nine years, these data are lot of attractive woman, I just
feel like might want. It became the, albeit I'll write you became experience. I like the west against that's a good one. Kevin J M Portland wants to know. Is the brown having the greatest good stats bad team season in history that the answers not even close, go look at some of the wheelchair bullets. Goods, good stats, bad to season is the best one. In a couple years, though, cause he's gonna, like twenty, seven, nine and nine or something inverted, though, is thirty two gives already forty two this summer, when everybody forgets everything that happened, we start talking and whatever ends up happening with Lakers knowledge, stuff, yeah there guys are like. Are you kidding me? Lebron did everything he was awesome. Look at these numbers and you just go well. That's that's part of it Caesar in Brooklyn. This one got me thinking brighter future right now, right now, not knowing. What's going up in the draft brighter future right now, Knicks or Lakers.
Which seems rather be I'm amazed how fast I sat on the next May yeah I've been on the it took me three seconds is that it Brown get blocked by Mary, has less yesterday, yeah figure they're gonna get rid of Zonia khazar season gather like what are you doing dared SAM boy I'd, rather The top three back I'd rather have the cab space Katie's common? Probably last and Davis Chest pieces to baby trade. If I don't, I have the hope of Zaire, I do know, is like their bidding for Davis now can be met. That should be way worse than we thought it was going to be cuz. You get the Brandon Ingram thing, I don't know if the Celtics are still going to want. Kyrie bolts
really do that. France, ITALY, as they all of a sudden, the Knicks, could be a real player here for Davison Trade, because the Lakers Celtics package's aren't the same. Now this ethics An twister, Wolf, rotate him in there still watch any of his Marge, you just don't use it as a dvd from the first abysses. The dvd from him go and had tat against liberated red. Three really look: how great is weak. I can't really struggling eight part Tatum against Charlotte Hornets Series eight hours. We get screen lit side rather be the next, I'm not I don't think you should answer with that swiftness. I'm sorry that step however, you might not be wrong, but I just feel like you're, two decisive grant from San Francisco said a few pads back Ryan asked the question: what is the case against Adam Silver as to say who actually dislikes him well to my knowledge, to fan basis? Have
did make grapes Philly for pushing at SAM Hanky installing the collar clown. That's what he said and then golden state for the unjust dream on suspension, and if you don't believe me, he gets booed during the introductions for the seventeen and eighteen rig nights. Is that the biggest mistake he made? This decade, hey man, suspension well in the sign of the Times dream of being suspended. There was not that crazy to me it wasn't. It would be crazy ten years ago it would be an unheard of prior that that anybody be suspended. I just I just think the way should happens there. Somebody cause I'm like all that will be that make up there. It is I mean that caller was offensive.
How on not grant in the game on Saturday night like these are just kind of the way the games gone, and I think it's ridiculous. So if you're, making specific to fan base is being upset because something happened that hurt thirteen to me, that's not part of the overall approval rating for a guy like silver, but should I should draw out, have been suspended. Ah, I think dream on James kind of like all these guys. You get into trouble all the time they act like dating start all of it. Yes, oh I don't think we're dream on did by itself deserved, then being suspended and we could be looking. The word is probably going to have on the right wing a series Were you you you're looking at me right now, like you, don't think, there's any way that he should have been spent. Do you think silver made a mistake? I don't feel great about it. I don't. I didn't. I didn't like it at the time and more matted dream. I guess that's what I mean that a loaded into a badge is, I don't feel like shit. Lay Anthony shit like that should decide apply officers
Still I still like some other, like the sun spurs stuff. When you know Robert Hurry, throw Steve NASH against discourse day when really that Peggy heard em in these guys, instinctive wait walk over a couple steps because their leader just got her. I saw her son, I, u penalised people you feel it by the way they ve been more lenient with, like the actual toll on the line Yang, I think they have towards the cardinal area that I last question. This is a good run from holding K. Would How many would Zion fetch if there is no draft inside, was just a free age and available to all thirty tapes? Max I grey he get five years, You forty right immediately even be eligible for that one nonsense: I'm saying we're losing their homes with all the rules, yeah yeah, he would get that What if we had no rose at all, we had no sailor cap. Where did you get. I don't even know liquid anyway, I'm seven years, seven hundred million dollars heresy is that a ban?
idea. That seems like a lot. Could you make their money back, All these guys all say they're losing money all the time. Seven year, seven hundred million dollars resign or like Brooklyn does it feel the Brown was worth a hundred million a year. Leubronn years are ever raised to make their case all the time right that he was worth like. Seventy five millionaire easy because you could see the evaluation of the Cavaliers when the Brown was in their risk as well. Braun, was their value the franchise either by the French. As I said, there are one point: seven billion dollar franchise. Cassandra like what's curry, been worth the warriors date. They curry took a team that was worth they paid for sixty and now they're worth probably three billion yeah body Irene. I mean some of that too. The just the tv contracts- let's not some right, let's not make it all like sometimes I see- was valuations and legitimacy.
Team is now worth what like Forbes is worth a quarter of wireless g. I sat lattice cause. They don't factor in the eco tax like the next are probably were to seven, but they would get for plants, because somebody one on the next and be the guy New York and hey yeah, I on the neck, some Bob Johnson area, these aren't these aren't camps on Zilla. Now I sent for Jim Cornick. Ok, I so nor happen at this. Is it Jim Corners, our closer until we figure out a pod stricken gimmick, Logan mom, I'm not so big is we all know Leggum normal decent size, yet I'm not Oh, you know look at him at the gym at all. My red Eyed him close, and so there's always a couple guys like that of the Jim, and we used to have a guy back in Connecticut who we said behind his bad. We call them steward Rick.
But every light up, nice, the sky and like he would he would be like ass goin in you. I gotta get like a torrent, I sat and yet what happened there is it goes abroad in the eighties and he was Would he got to the point and I'm kind of wanting to get their ragged words? Is full blown tights yeah, but I'm just not there and he started doing it and you know he would just go. We would like to add psyches and on a Bob said team, you had no shorts, just tights out she's yeah yeah, but he beat worked for him. Then sometimes you we're like a big hurry and sometimes he would just where they Stringer T stringer tat.
Or something anybody was always then he's the nicest guy and then because sometimes the big guy, like each team, had their big guy and a lot of times. You don't know, what's going to happen like his is this Jim's big guy going to be cool and accepting and like sometimes like I'll, have issues with some male trainers like some trainers or I've gone there like all this guy, like I just put my head down and do my thing and some people think like all he thinks he's cool. Yeah I'll be like I do sometimes and then other guys are really friendly and I've legit legitimately come friends with guys and in our them itself. Like this, but as I first referenced him, this way a story Rick I got this frantic call from another Jim member being like staring Rick is looking for you and he's looking for your number and he's like he's pissed that you said that about it, because I don't even know, if he's never take anything he's just enormous. So ass, like a funny nickname- and I was- I was legitimately nervous at home in their
the chance. I was gonna, see him yet so I I was kind of like man he's pretty big AM, I am. I really gonna have to deal with this and no, your movie go, LAO you go, allow new knock backwards in you hope, like he had said, as is We try to get an elbow in there. I withdraw like a faint Arafat job or something, and I would know full blown like you're, getting my right elbow as hard as you possibly can occur, and if that doesn't do anything to you than I know, I'm in a lose any yeah I get you one shot right. I'm loading up on this right, elbow right with just as you're gonna think it's a fist coming somewhere, I'm just going. I'm gonna. Go I decide when you want to do to somebody normally, but I have to do this to stare at rich kill you right, and so I was I have like a little anxiousness about it and I was like there's a weird feeling. I haven't felt this in the longest time but might have to handle it. I will see what
and he I go hey man, it's rosillo heard you looking for me as, like so just gimmick all like. Let me know it's up and he calls me back and he's like dude are you kidding egos greatest nickname ever he's like we're on, because we were at work? and I played it like twenty times. Everybody thinks is the greatest thing ever. That's you have to fight staring right have to fight of where our still good friends, that's great yeah. The happier great story, Jim Corridor, exclusively here at industry date. It s about gas through carbureted segments. I do throw you ve come in this week or no yeah we're going to do a dual threat, where we're just gonna. Do I just free agency trade stuff and they will get back to part three part for the backup Kubi stories which has been awesome, bail, OECD, leisure, seen, Exley thanks so much the zip code, it off get gotta, zip code outcome, slash bs thanks to one China, Pakistan forget
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save Cisco. Two thousand thirteen tat came up right now. If you want to check that as well back later joy, the first parliament
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