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Giannis Stays! Plus: Mark Cuban on Luka’s Ceiling, NBA Bubble Lessons, and Dirk as Dallas’s Sports GOAT.


The Ringer's Bill Simmons shares his thoughts on Giannis's signing the supermax contract to stay in Milwaukee, and all the winners (there's more than you'd think) that result (2:30). Then, he talks to Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban about the NBA season starting in just a week, lessons learned from the NBA bubble's success, changing NBA policy, taking over the Mavericks in 2000, adopting advanced metrics, Dirk Nowitzki's career as a lifelong Maverick, Luka Doncic, and more (21:00).

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We're going to talk about Giannis re signing with the Milwaukee bucks and we're going to talk to our old BS podcast friend Mark Cuban about everything? That's changed in the NBA. These last twenty years is brought to you by the ringer dot com in the Ringer podcast network, or you can and a pack has caught the relaunch of where we did. One that I knew is going to cause problems arise with the relaunch, was fancied country, strong, worse, move ever done, and there we watch was its endearingly watch about it as a kind of strangely huge audience, and we put it up last night. It was the all time example of a one for us I'll be making it out to the major movie on the reward was next month, and I also want more pack has now for me book, a Basque Bobby fine. All episode of the first half of season three will be gone up Wednesday night, it's Chris Weber, that's it we're talkin about stating for that and don't forget to check out of the awesome package on the rear. Pakistan
We have a very famous person, come on Thursdays, but so stay tuned for that this up, so the best service pack asked is presented by chase freedom. Introducing the new freedom Flex card with new eastern cash back always earn five cent, cash back and travel purchase through chase and three said I dining, including take out, which is huge for my family, because we are fighting every night, but whether go get sushi chinese food? pizza, a whatever where I was taken out, find new ways to earn cash back, a chaste outcome, slash the ringer cards or she by J Morgan Chase Bank and a member of the icy restrictions and limitations apply, offer subject to change. I have some good news. The Maghreb is back tender juicy pork smothered entangled barbecues ass, tapped with crisp tarp pickles encourage young. It's all wrapped up by a toaster hoagie burn. Oh yeah its Germans people to travel overstate lines to get it, but now that it's
nationwide that is one more reason. This is the most important savage of the year is fleet, as it is famous, and that is what people love about it available for eliminating by keeping come up in one setting up, I got is signing Supermax extension today. This is unexpected There were a lot of indications that people stern you're worried about this. He had gone a little bit, radio sowed the last week and ass. Basically, since the bog down of its trade fell through for them- and there is, this feeling like holy shit, if they gave way, are those packs and the pigs, wives for drought, ay, and then they don't
the fires this year than yours just leaves in the summer twenty twenty one. This is one of the all time disasters for a small marketing, no yon assigned the super four two hundred and twenty eight million dollars it doesn't mean, gonna, be in for the five years after the extension when it kicks in you know he could demanded. To three years from now, like a lot of these guys do, but it's really good sign and instead of doing winners, losers. I'm just didn't winners, because this is a rare case where I feel like everybody is a winner in yadda signing the supermax, for instance, Milwaukee. I know this is hard to believe. I think this is the greatest bucks moment in forty nine years they won the title in nineteen, seventy one they swept the bullets, they had one of the greatest start to fit seasons in history. The NBA there never mentioned as one of the three or four best teams ever the legs, a little weird at that point, pointed people started, drifted the NBA and from a player talent standpoint, maybe not
strong as some of the other great teams, the competition they bad, but that Karim early at is, I ate packs just awesome. They are asked Robertson and that was in nineteen. Seventy one. I was a year and a half a tea months old supplied that so since then, here are the other possibilities for greatest bucks moment since they, when that title, making the nineteen seventy four files and winning the double overtime game in Boston Garden, sending the finals back to walk you for a game, sandwiches promptly, that's in the discussion, they swept the nineteen eighty three celtics the only time a Larry Bird team has gotten swept in a playoff series, so they have that face fleece. The clippers on the Terry coming straight. They traded Terry Cummings or they got Terry Cummings Clippers got Marcus Johnson. Johnson got hurt shortly after, and that was an awesome trade. That's one of their biggest wins the fear. The deer
he's in whatever you're that was an angel Bogot was was really good. Can they two thousand ten range fear the deer? came the thing. Was it use the internet, a lot of it? That was fun? I wrote an EAST Pierre magazine COM. I think in two thousand seventy two thousand a voluntary, my services to be the bucks GM, because at that point, they're pretty beaten down, and I did it as like our apart parity alum and a lot of bucks fans were actually like fired by the idea and tried to gain momentum, and it became a thing and local radio, and I I can't that, as my personal highlight, with the balky bucks a its but the highlighted, a low light for them is a franchise. They almost beat the nineteen eighty seven celtics
and I went to game seven and really they should have when it was a game that Kevin Mchale and I broke down and Nbatv they were up. I think, eight. With six minutes, I have Sidney Moncrief Paul Pressey, John Lucas. The Celtics are really banged up Mchale's on the broken foot by then perish as a sprained ankle. Dj has a sprained ankle, they come really close and we got some awesome calls and I came and Larry Bird was at the peak of his powers and I'm pulling it out, but just being there coming now close to beating the eighty seven celtics when they had a centre rotation of Jack Sigma when he had his is a blind permafrost thing Paw Mc Caskey. What am I all time, favorite bench guys in an unintentional commonly leader back at the time, to see us
Had the firm thing and then Randy Brewer, who look that chemicals Frankenstein brother, those are the three centres they use that series. They must be the labyrinths ethics made. These define us see of that, and then I would say the number one greatest moment they have had in the last forty nine years is a tie between almost making the toothache. nineteen fires and listen to Toronto. That wasn't even really anything memorable for them needed to nothing. They they blew it. But then rod, I repeat, getting robbed the two thousand one eastern finals, where, unlike in the twenty nineteen eastern finals. I think Toronto is a better team. Two thousand and one Milwaukee, the better team- and I do been to this in my book and mention it a little bit in the eye. And podcast has to. This was during a really weird stretch for the league, which were talk to mark even about in a second ninety nine three where it was the result, the legal,
over and over again just became. The result in the past is a classic example. That work is better than fairly. They did. That interesting team. They had Ray Allen who went toe to toe with Allen. Iverson that tears. It actually played a little bit better than Iverson Dead, that Glenn Robinson TIM Thomas during a season when he actually cared, which was exciting that SAM Cassell and it was the best team in the east and they lost partly because Philly shot think like eighty more free throws than them. You bring this up and they can go on for minutes about it and I'm telling you losing that series and getting screwed over and being kind of the two thousand two kings with worse. Pr was probably their greatest moment of the past forty nine years other than picking on in the teeth as third draft which, by the way they had no idea, they struck oil with that yon aspects. So Damn committee, honest to Santa Supermax, they know, is there for the next few years. It's a huge victory both for the franchise for the owners. Fur role
that's a drought edge, how they trade and an if they had lost the Addis a year from now, after a protracted now is it going to stay? Is going to leave? Is he going to stay? Is going to leave seven unless I guess, and then he leaves that's even more devastating than what happened to Oklahoma City with the rent cuz at least one Rant left Oklahoma City, they still had Westbrook and aid could at least had somebody in this case they would have drew out a Christmas day in and day out, forty two ends and no traffic. So what a boy dodged so Walkie biggest when a second biggest winner yacht ass, he made two hundred and twenty billion dollars? He gets to stay in a city that he really likes and he has the chance to have a certain whisky type career where he stays in the same place and
He ever win the title there. It's just going to mean more to those people, then if it was a hired gun title another thing we talked about Pittsburgh Cuban II. He is not open the door for that possibility and It's always mainly for Rwanda, a title where everyone it doesn't really matter. What's it it is, but a guarantee Leubronn feels like the two thousand. Sixteen calves title winning a title for the team that drafted and even though it left and came back, I promise that was the most mean. for the three telegram it means borrowing. You have real dna rail routes in the city and he does and they took a chair- at a time when he was a sixth time came from Greece and the draft videos of egg is planning its wives decades. He grew three inches. He became this improbable can't believe it. Oh, my god, this guy looks like he may be a potential franchise guy within about ten months and in it now we're here and now he is the guy. He stayed, which is just heartwarming
another winter. The NBA, because this at least for now kills the narrative at the NBA is turning into the Premier league. Chris Ryan laid out. His Friday, Ringer NBA Show Pike Ass on his new podcast, the answer where basic services in sovereign out prayers to change things all the time you transfer fees all that stuff. The NBA can at least point this and hopefully LUCA in two years as another guy who stays in in one stay long term as like hey some guys leave. That's why we have prepared, see other guys want to stay and this isn't like the end of the world than this isn't going to just turn into NBA 2k, that's good for them, another one who's, the winner. This is going to sound weird, the other twenty nine NBA teams, except for Dallas, because I felt like if Giannis was going to leave who's going to go to Dallas and he's an employee, Luke Dodge, and they would just be the guaranteed marked those guys in them.
And ass for the next ten years? Oh, my god is the greatest do about time, though it is sought for the rest, the whig who had been They call of your doubts. Family had been really cool. If you loved Lucan Yacht us and I think as a combo, they would complement each other. In so many ways whenever now, but I think it's great for the rest of the week. that we have LUCA on one franchise Agnes out another verses them on this. in time, Adam Silver, I think, is a winner, because this at least pushes off the player apparent. What do we do? How do we fix this conversation because he can just pointy Addis here? Big winners here Mart lazily Wes Edens, though the guys who bought walk. I think five six years ago, the bottom for five hundred fifty million as part of it. They agree
keep the team if the state help buy in a beer rate at which is always amazing. To me, when billionaires could visit the cities to pay for their own arena, or at least most of it now Yanis is locked in NBA. Values have skyrocketed over the last five years of the that might have cooled off with the pandemic, we'll see if that bounces but they now as long as your offices there. This is one of the seven or eight best teams to own. We saw this with the broad and Cleveland when the Brown, there. They were one of the top five most died, franchises Susie left the vague, a cut in half with yacht US everyone's going to want to own a team that that has be honest, but as a chance to be in the finals of your. So these guys wanted to flip their five hundred and fifty million dollars,
for three times as much money or for actually be warned that they had the option of rich guys get richer. Who cares but way better than owning the team that last year on us and now it's like factor? We moved the Seattle mention yon us the possibility of him become in the next term, which I think that the whisky somehow wins it s, because dirt is now the comparison of the guy who stays to solid decades. Foreign, where shows almost like a baby on ice gates gradually Morse into this awesome, superstar kind of a unicorn and puts his roots down there and really decides I want to live. I want to make a difference which it seems like we honest, is doing and
as your here when we have Cuban on a second that was a good decision for dirty whisky. I think the though the feelings for him and taxes are, you could only compared to a couple cities in a couple prayers. I think the ultimate example. This is when Coolby passed away tragically in January, and I think the entire world, really a feel for the first time of how important Kobe was to labour fans into the city of LOS Angeles, there's only a few players that have that kind of impact and scientists as a chance to have back packed in Wisconsin and could be him in Iraq? Is he now and then a drop off bread, five and then everybody us another winner fans? Why fans as we just got saved a hundred thousand hours of, whereas the honest going programming and in peace, Guy Miami is really starting to feel that they can get em
Toronto, Masai Ujiri super confident the honest make. We don't have to hear any of that. We don't have to order. The twenty minutes. First take monologues with MAX Kellerman and Stephen Day. You don't have to listen to my podcast as I do my tent variation of if Giannis leaves the NBA is going to fall apart completely. We just avoid it's great, it's wonderful, winner. Victor B, o the deeper Rudy Go Bear Coalition and black Griffin were wise that, because this suddenly vaunted two thousand twenty one free aging class is now about as exciting as the two thousand twenty fridge and class was in that lead to Gordon Heyward, a guy with a Moroccan, his ankle, who has been healthy and three years who came really anybody in mind doesn't go to the free finally free, throw out anymore site for thirty nine years Charlotte, because they're just weren't allow
of good swing. Man reagents, and he looked out now in a situation where you have Victor O Debo, whose in the last year of his contract with Indiana, and middling trade value compared to probably what his ceiling is if he shows anything in Indiana fees. Ninety percent of what he was two years ago, he's gonna make money A hundred per cent look out. I mean he's. Looking like a legit MAX Rudy go bear who goes from in March. He is kind of the lightning rod The pandemic in the NBA Games, getting cancer that stuff and now by July, two thousand and twenty one will be one of the market agents. Blake gryffons another one fishes anything this year's if they make Blake reference that can make thirty million dollars again. Won't you said that about Gordon Heyward about six months ago, guess what happened. Gordy word made thirty dollars again and uncle. I would be the big one. I am
slide dubious that comply with the valet this. This was a three year odyssey for him to get to allay To be in San Diego, the living California has played for, birds, and even though he has a shorter contract thing, I think that's more to do with leverage against the clippers in anything which is our Paul George side of MAX extension. So my guess is cool. I will end up signing so already crossed already crossed Paul George Anthony Davis, now Davis and probably, and probably quite so, that Frazier class Gunnysack and then our last winter. Dishonest thing, I would say next fence, but why makes sense? Because next fans have been dick around really for the last twenty plus years since James down by the team, always convincing themselves that the next Savior was coming, that they're gonna get the next awesome free agent, my friend brand coppermine his eye is
Sammy laid out. This awesome thread on Twitter. That Brian was delighted about comparing as morbid as the sands trumps handling of the pandemic to James Bowen's handily at the New York necks, where it was like the vaccines coming. It's gonna be great, where almost ere, we got this and it was the same thing where how doin what he would do with free agents. He wouldn't do a puzzle but it was always insinuated. Other lieutenant Leubronn two thousand here comes. The bran Durrant may have a chance at him and injustice care. Getting dangled in front of the noses of next fans. I think, after twenty years now, They have Leon, rose and Worldwide Wesson and for the first time shoot their wide bridge scene lock locked themselves down contracts. They just grab the bunch of Kentucky guys. It feels like the necks and their fans
have hit kind of a new reality of this whole thing that guess what the honest wasn't coming, he wasn't was never happening. He was never considering it. The next friends knew it James though I knew it, everyone knew it and they have to now build. This the ground for they have to find their own yacht us whether that happens through the drafter, some lucky free agent, whatever but the days of next year- hands and, in general people thinking. Oh New York: that's an option instead and I am actually really for the next phase that I know my life. That day, I know they would have talked themselves into the possibility of Vienna at some point between January and March. That Well, you know you have you win a winning TAT, New York. That's the best thing you could do in sports right now. He might care he might see it might have the report now he's not coming and in the next are going to have to do this.
Old fashioned way. They're gonna have to stop trading aware of their picks. They're gonna have to stop keep their fingers crossed at the next awesome provisions coming cause. You won't and try to build this from the guy. For so in a weird where the honest thing is good for them, because it removes it removes that, like pint of ice cream in the fridge that you know you should need, it is better to throw the ice Milk is guess what you gonna eat it and with the Addis the longer he stayed in the fridge, as stability the longer the next fans are gonna, think that somebody who might we but you never now and now and then then you just do the same thing so watching attics, So anyway, they were the last winners from me good, like the next dance. I say that I I say that with with with love in my heart, because I don't consider Ravel, because
You want to titles and seventy years there's no celtic snakes, reverie, there's not, but I do have a lot of next fans of my life that I like and for some reason they become fixated when these superstar phrases become available. Maybe now they know the two thousand twenties. This will be the time when you have to build the team. The old fashioned way: good luck to them. Good luck, tiaras, congrats to market regrets to my college remit. Ship Kane who's been telling me this whole time that Europe was staying. It's weird a good day for the NBA, it's nice to have somebody who's awesome on the same theme for more than five years. I'm excited we'll be back and one second talking to our cuban good. Is the Maghreb is back in. Tender juicy pork smothered entangled barbecues ass, tapped with crisps, tart, pickles and young, it's our wrapped up bad toasted hoagie, but its driven some people to travel
overstate lines to get it? It's all rooted in truth about Maghreb phantom people have built websites to track the Maghreb. People have spoken to their local city councils by keeping the Maghreb you around. They created petitions petitions. Not bad articles, but now that it's back nationwide, that's just one more reason. This is the. Important savage of the year. I know my kids feel that way. it is fleeting as it is famous and that's what people love about it available for a limited time. Today debating sushi. In fact, I just stated it happened. Sushi whole family loved it. Always enjoyable actions around here now I there's just so much great food around me. I can get it all. I knew breeds withdrew breeds. You can pick from a ton of your favorite look restaurant. you can also select from a range of zero down to a review. Restaurants every day order, your favorites, your door using Newberry
border with you breeds tonight, I'm a Cuban is here were taken this late Tuesday morning pursued sick time haven't talked to him in a while there's so much shit going on. I don't even really know where to start push to start here at the season is starting on December 22nd. Do you feel good about the season, starting on this second as anything we should be worried about what other than the obvious I feel good about over. There is obviously the risk of covert India back, but you know our first road trip prescribed he's going to know why you guys were very, very you all the issues in a safety risk and really stuck to the stock to describe so that naturally occurring. Do you feel, You know, I think the Anna FAO and you ve been critical of the intifada theirs. I know I have probably two critical times, but data files attitude is basically ban were ploughed ahead. You know
This is this: is the league we have if you ve curve, eighty, your three running backs go out, put the fortune guy and we don't care. I would say it diplomatically, not as player friendly, maybe as the National Basketball BAR Association, you guys are really player friendly young. You talk to your prayers, constantly euros, get input on them. What happens if a couple of your better guys look at this and go ahead, don't feel playing. Would he do wish him the best deal? You know you safety, first right, Now the conversation and explain why, like this morning, I was at the brakes facility and we're talking about the vaccines. You know you're very blue, from Latvia which has a lot of Russia You know as russian history like that, the russian vaccine or their back to the old everybody's curious about it, and you know, but we had a conversation to what would happen if guys, it's the same things if they got her
you know you, you try to put him in the best position to recover, do whenever they need to do if they're, afraid of coming back. For whatever reason, even getting started here, you get the information from their it's that bubble at the whole play. I think, I'm sure you're at least a little bit involved this one of the inflection honors it was. I look back in and now the basketball was so good. It was so much better that I think I ever expected. Like removing the fans, all that you probably didn't end up, but I didn't know you were there for around one right now I couldn't we had a death in a family affair, able to go in the basketball was just out of control and it was like, like a couple of like a: u and college without fans the benches are going nuts. There is a real energy too. It was everything we could.
From that going forward fur for future seasons, we're we learn to live in terms of travel impact on guys right inability to get your own bed every single night get sleep in you don't have all the facilities available to you for recovery was correct. you know, you saw performances that are going to be very difficult to replicate in travel environment, which is typical for the NBA so I think that was the greatest take away and jobs are players, health arm, I also think that a war adapter schedules- you were testing something's your destiny. So like when we go to a later play, are on Christmas day will stay there just like we didn't know what you precision and that'll help that that road should be even better. Well, The trade balance everything out from this day to that city, where more back the banks, but don't be in the same city in order to build the logistics, will be easy for a place to stay.
then and health reasons. It's funny you and I have known each other for a while, and I think nowhere allowed their friend and allotted for ways. I think we look at basketball in the NBA the same way we have forever like kind of questioning. What did they do at this? Why do you know about something you like fifteen years ago right, they disguise right it absolutely well. That was the officiating was the big thing back then were were a kind of looking at each other. You know, I think, whether sport, sir business anything you'll, get in trouble when your answer to why you're doing something that clearly,
working as well. That's how we do it. That's how we ve always done it and you're the really the first owner who is like we'll wait, a second we shouldn't be doing it. This way in the travel thing to me seems like an obvious one where it's like yeah. We always talked about schedule losses. You know for the fourth game in five nights, the gambling lines would be five points different on that fourth road game and five nights at all these different things that I quote what why don't we as rather fixing it are. You re wholly hell so one day and I will throw out any days, but do we had a very specific way of how it is scarcely preamble right do you guys use algorithms, yeah we use algorithms what algorithms you used to minimize the impact on guys, and then I never heard back from them again right until I get the impression of a press Nebraska we would just the other scheduled away, was always done and they just because people do not
down in the link with the algorithms to our algorithms. Truly workers die. Then they just ignore it you know and that's what we're having for games and five nights continuously right in here. All of a sudden, you know just cooler we don't have those organs of five nice anymore and the number of back the backs were reduced in eighty two games and yet even those not perfect, you got a whole lot better because we entered his check now. Do you know about them? Gaza me, but all my guy, just to your point I remember said David STAR, NBA, nothing better Why do we have a charger? That's not how you do great businesses are run right right. Well, you think back either some reasons they did travellers we re like. I just did a book, a basketball podcast about about repairing and one of the little nuggets, and there was about the nineteen seventy five finals, which had to go to a one to two one: one schedule, because
couldn't started. They can have game through an open because they had like a circus and then they couldn't you in the back. A place deserves a rodeo and Ok, we're out of radical arenas. That's it you're going to use the three years ago in one of our means. Unlike can we finally say that basketball is a priority that we are not second class citizens, yeah, we make my unconscious and I understand that your honor Reno arena like I do that causes you're revenue was they get revenue would really profitable more often than not all, but still right the NBA. Should we be other primary challenge, because the benefits in terms of scheduling out
Why don't we start doing that? I made about gas while the other thing. So there are two lessons that I heard about both of these as were relieving the bubble and to travel. Think him up pretty cook. I talked about them in the pot. One was they're, gonna change travel, they have, the players are, gave them feedback. Your reason we're playing so much better, is partly because we were not flying we're not landing at four in the more you're not submitted forbids the other. One was the marijuana thing and the players were were pretty open about hey this helped us this is really good thing and the kind of suddenly last week, all the sudden again that we're not only that testing for marijuana anymore. Speaking about that not be yes, I know about it, but younger kids are not smoking as much as the order Gus right there, she has come in ITALY, Gummy Genji. Yet a letter, ok This is how I relax will do this or that they just have a different view, start just a different mindset, the other more self aware that the more the self aware, yeah Older generations were answered,
You know where the smoke it was like a big deal. You hit it in this mad and guys who smoked a lot. Those are like you know the twenty millennial still, but Genze is not nearly as as into it as the older generation. When you came into the league, you bought the team two thousand. The parting was an issue that immediate who is clearly actually affecting performance of some of the guys, and you could see it on the court's suitcase and not just possible yeah me too rarely miss you and you know it also was the branding of the league as well, because you know the way media really came across it was ok. Disguised up forming. Well, we have any inkling. That is, you know he is most. Then it must But you want you to gather a correlation must because causation and it was illegal, It was. It was unfair to a lot of guys. You know, but at the same time, that that was the perception twenty years later, the possession of perception a pot is completely different. I mean there's a
your bill passed in the House of Representatives representatives. They try lies at nationally yourself just where we are on our now. We are in the legalization night Day and the c b d, creams, all that stuff I can. If there's a lot of things, have been done most. Let nonsense some size there, but everyone makes round decisions there in a game legs. Another thing that I think you were on the friend of hey. This is revenue for us. What do we do it and it took an extra ten years before it start happen. Now it's happening. yeah no here aren't I get no credit borders, just pretty obvious right. You know you this to me, people make choices, are gambling anyway, it's not like you, don't have you got it? the ten guys or in a fantasy for Bali you don't five of them got bookies that their place of Rome at Oh, I don't like it was anything you know that was really not happen in any way. Do you feel what do you think? The reasons why I mean there's a huge difference in the stern administration?
the sober administration. Even it overlaps a little Adam has a lotta control. I deplore control. The people thought the last two years, but why do you think Stern was so resistant. in general to all this stuff was in an old school thing, white like what were the demons with some of these things that he was afraid of I give David a lot of credit and I really miss him cuz. He was so good at what he did. He hit, you know, there's transitory, think the NBA was in different places in its life cycle. Right when you know We just had a strike and you know you're not earlier you know there was. We were considered to be partly that you know and your social media with you, the internet was really just taken up so they're alive, changes that were going on in society and in turn of online and media new to him, so we went so. My city was still try and all eyes he was trying to learn and trying to figure it out
so I think it was just trying to be adapted and they also, I think it was left gave a lot of the old school owners. That were understand these back in two thousand- that are in a long gone now all were really insisted in there. We were Davis boss, Edward System, that we not take these, forward, you had odor owners that young couldn't relates We on black player, put relate to him up, relate to the culture at all and saw tattoos being like the worst thing I mean, I remember, being a means whereby you know it was just a guy. Just couldn't relate to it, and David had created, balance, a joyous credit. He was able to do it his credit, he brought it and you let me come in and he brought in a lot younger blood. He brought it Michael Jordan. You know where he Michael Jordan, in this way, and it was brought in earned his way there. You know- and so I think we had a lot to handle and he had a lot of balance
although I did a good job, but by the time Adam came in a lot of them. guys we're longer yeah. We did I did it out. Iverson Podcast, like four we scrap book a Basque by and a big theme of it was this- is a guy in the moment, was considered a certain way and was threatening to veto all their fans to some of the owners, even turn to some degree, and now you think twenty years later he's one of the most beloved Ex prayers. I think that's out there and you look at it now. Is this this iconoclasts this guy led this revolution. We did not feel that way. When you buy The behaves in two thousand was the opposite. I mean back, then we gonna headed up calling competent moment right where we exclude Somebody like, I remember all great authority, Ah, he wore Steve NASH came out against the war and it was you know yeah right. This is a problem right Howard at one point said something about the national anthem.
I wrote a blog posts between all the hate mail and this and that and this right? You know what I think I was like you Wasn't five, you know right around, there are soldiers, it was different than it really what is it that fifteen twenty years ago was that long ago that culture is society were that Jeff, but we were. I mean I am a member in a lot of those really ignorant emails that I got and then getting them. What an the from the people who email them to me say only get fired. If you don't take us down, it also different era that bad enough Finally, on and click Robinson Recipes rights, guys who really work pushing forward on on pay. We smoke deal with the right and left just wasn't favourable for a lot of the old school honors in a lot of society. Where you think about what my man I mean it's not like way completely away in society. right where we stood up anyway,
system is. Not politics is not politics at all, miracles, ideal you're with liberty and justice for all, and yet people try to make it seem like it was political ones. you know, and hopefully we that and pushes deciding forward to realise that? Did you see when you you back? the team. Twenty years ago, twenty years a cuban a hum, did you foresee a world in which NBA prayers were agents of social change like what happened this year, because it was inconceivable the main so recently yeah I mean social media changed everything chain. everything a hundred eighty degrees, I'm so the answer. Your question is no, yeah. I just want to come in and when basketball game to have fun- we the cord and ensure baskets and just hasn't an all. and over time is social media became more and more. In fact, all players became brands. And the brass before they even get to the embassy in a lot of cases
so how they act and Holly present themselves and how they use their platform is about as well and a lot more. You know when Lou, comes here. Was I am Williamson comes it will, just anyway, you go down the list to just a lot more socially aware of, what's happening them what's happening in the country, then, twenty years ago, twenty years you should be guys who just here to play basketball and they really did have as much of a platform. What, then, about twenty years is not a long time right that space GDP in Time Life span of the internet minus about five years. You made your money on the internet that bought the maps, and you think like that, thought that long a time, but then you The idea in your like, while everything is different except the Knicks, were terrible, the entire time this proudly openly cuts. It signed expense, but with you, you had these players that are wired or certain way when they come in, but now the young guys come in, and I am fascinated by how
I don't know polish. They are compared to like we're. Probably even you and I were like when we were twenty went down with you. I don't understand it. What is your theory- and this also media, however, that everything you do like I accused at eleven fourteen and seventeen there very aware of how they're saying it was on this. Some media, what they can do. They can't talk to without you Ok, what's off limits, how they present themselves you're, not really in the spotlight. It also imagine a kid who has been in the spotlight. You know you ve been right, there's a players as Europe's big screen or fourth grade. You know just crazy shit right and you're all the son. You know you the high school- and you know you got hundred thousand or two hundred thousand followers, various you that's all also media, just what I want to get to feel when they junior high, and they were put up your highlights of themselves. is that really never went anywhere, but they develop. Following on an
I had a couple of everyone in particular result makes about them hold the line. It is like a junior and ice to adjust the whole prospectus completely different, crazy another. that change over the last twenty years is the NBA really started caring about the efficient and think that whether whether they have succeeded and whether there is
lot of work left to go. Get that. How do I get in trouble, but it was a shitshow when you showed up- and you know- is- there was a stretch from ninety nine to two thousand and three with that was writing about it. The time on page to an ESPN. Where was just like it just feels these games don't feel one hundred percent on the level. Sometimes it feels like they want certain teams to win. Everything culminated with the six finals and I wrote about the that finals before the finals. Well, and I said this is going to be a possible referendum on the efficient then because my name is the hardest team in the way to officiate Waco's barely in the basket. Nobody knows what to do with Shaq and my fear is that the officials are going to decide these games. You know what happened next, you doing a lot of work behind the scenes and then publicly to try to fix this change this in our fourteen years later. Have we succeeded how closer we, what needs to happen or hoarser were better ah, but
I been within the last two to three years that we made it about sixty percent of the weight mile appointed for the whole twenty years was we didn't, have professional trainers, training, officials right, we had four player, former officials that got promoted into management because they were former officials right, you, around publishers, editors. You know just because you are order, or writer doesn't mean you have the skills that to go into management ants It's taken me a long time to convey that I'll. Give you want perfect examples. The jelly right does my hotspot, the last two years. If you're, not getting train properly in the jailing. What can we expect to really happen when you leave the jail age and counter the idea we'll little. We effectively did on the job training there we had. Person. Basically, maybe we had some with them help right the charge of Ali officiating training up until a few years ago.
just re wholly how it was just like. How can this be? You know they're not gonna Julie and diseases of this year, but if you're not good individually and are not getting our full attention in the jelly. Isn't you laid by the time they get to the NBA I don't know why don't we have been Salvatore Joan Crawford, all the rest, all dressed up and pretty soon be games if there are best training on people, send him down of the main, with the red cloud scent of the plane with the Texas Legends and let him There are working with the staff is that's where we need, because it good in the Julie and we really make them good in the jelly he officiating. We're. Time is gonna get better in the NBA, and so that's it. Like one of the latest, thanks again after all, believer that we need to bring in the past
The people who know how to professional trainers and know how to implement as support them with people who You stand officiating rather than just presuming that somebody who was appear to you know no sooner senior wrath, you Ellen, we're done the court. Without now the sun is gonna, be there boss to me. I just doesn't work very well. Well, you see you now. You ve had this title. I think for twenty three years, you're the most fun owner. If there's something controversial, call or moment against your team, like it happened, k pay in the in the bubble, playoffs, where he gets turn out. I'm still not sure why you got the second FAO and everybody's, like. I can't believe that happening There's a b o, my god. He could talk cuban there that wasn't what happened at the word. Rights go on you got a deal with the NBA and their analysis of it and adjust the at risk
If is one thing, but it never is, you know, It's always just in the in the moment, but tat. This is part of the challenge. We just have to give better why they can I like how they had the announcer who's, the former referee, and they think I d like Steel Javert, retirements, I guess I thought that was good causes. You sure you what are you guys? I disagree, but marginals are at the heart of call again right at the outset I just want to have an impact on the we started to put these. They saw biometric cameras in the arena which allow you like this. There was a copy of three d already did that I invested in like eight years ago with the whole idea. this boy cameras on you can come in and look from any or you could retreat any April, and I can tell you about that, you know when you watch net again they do that. They were the role it around. Those are biometric cameras other just starting to get to the point where they ll be able to recreate any angle, because you got
video cameras in the arena, and they can see everything basically ends. Re using the technology will be able to say in how do you know it in a resolution or guess it is resolutions, whether the boy was in browser out about whether there was you know it I was touching his fingers. We don't want to flock expire in all his life Serbia would happen very very quickly. I immediately within within the next three years we will be. I have a new topic for you to devote your time too with the because, because your basically you lack any differentiation
Where he's right in the letter every week for more library books and then he gets books is examined a ride to letters every week, wrong that the game play and the delays that we have, for instance, replay where we have to spend five minutes with three minutes left in the fourth quarter of an awesome game, and we have to take a five minute break to decide whether as a black or charge, and this guy was moving one percent to the right and we gotta see a hundred replace of it. I dont understand how they ve screwed this up so badly to me in the report she just be like was his foot online for three did that shot come before or after the buzzer? And then anything else should just happened during time? That's why can't they solve this? There were we brought the reason. I just told you they were, but here is a fun fact right. Let's let job a little bit if you look at four times sports only to leave out there. If you look at the tea this horse with the highest rates, right there. This board with the least amount of game, play the left action
game play. You have all across sports, the more the higher your ratings are, I don't know that people think about how much action is there and if a body that's legs, six sixty minutes, maybe less, as there is now, a lot of its huddling player should write their negligible right, because what you want a football game. There's only a little bit afoot watched and then I'll. Do the NBA and with your colleagues were bilaterally, the NBA in college basketball, which is low, short, our rights and the ratings fall that that in is crazy, so I'll. Take it so much the slowdown as it is. We got forty eight actual minutes of game right, and I think it may be time for us to look at changing that. The forty minutes, an animal. ASEAN and I might say we have to do to Morrow, obviously I think it's a conversation we need because
we live in a short attention span world right now and kids. You know a thirty second tik Tok is too long. Fifteen second tiktok is better So you have our future vans is something we have to consider. I dont, like the forty minute thing, I'm gonna emeralds. HU. I like that. I, like the old records Look I get direct decided, but I'd rather have sixty minutes about spoke of alabaster while that much The reality is that it is not the way the business is any more you ve already is literally would go out just the way the math works are rabies would go up if we shorten the yeah. That's depressing ivy, let that says more what kind of generation wherein so has brought you by Microsoft teams. Now there are more ways to be a team with Microsoft. Teams bring everyone together in one space, with a new virtual room, collaborate live drawing, sharing, building idea. with everyone on the same page.
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this last week. Talking about this on my part, to meet Dierks two thousand and eleven title was one of the last pure titles were probably ever going to have. This is the guy who gets drafted in ninety eight. He goes through all these ebbs and flows. He hits rock bottom. You know in the late 2000s and everybody kind of gives up on him as a title guy, and then he flipped the script, beats Wade and Lebron and- and it meant so much to the Dallas fans a bit more than just the typical. We want a title with some hired guns thing like what the Lakers decide no offense to the Lebron Davis, but those guys said they had Here's another teams when it when it's your own guy. It just resonates they're feeling, and I don't want to lose that aid would woody because you ve had it with work and now you're gonna have with LUCA like. Where do you stand on that issue? I agree I may lot. Hopefully we can build a team organically satellites we want take up from another team, and we make trading I am not opposed to. I've been
You know a super, but at the same time when you build it organically, with Europe of Europe, in your guy, like we do jerk and hopefully like what did you do with lower look up its reward in your fans to grow up with a mummy. I can't tell you how many young dirt twenty one years from now jeez Dracula right, whereas, like I grew up, one did you and you know I grew up a mass banned because of you. You know what You'll Dallas in jargon, art, wind and that will never change, and there is a lot to be said to that and now was crazy pressure because of the science and technology. If I get a job, Look. I really really takes care of himself, you know and we use the size and a medicine like we know we can be complete twenty five years, It's always really going to be different because
come into your age, gender nineteen debates like twenty five to forty four the Tom Brady, you know, insults there, really gonna, be that opportunity and- and so I think, there's a lot to be said for that year- is you'd like a measure yardage sign again today. I hope he stays there forever. You know I think it's great for the NBA. I think it's great Milwaukee Walkie an you hope that continues yeah, that was are those moments. I rarely fear this way about a sinus pressure he's at my conference, my favorite teams, the Celtics so eat. As a celtic fan on a man, I wouldn't mind if you went West, but it's a good thing that he's stayed and I just because it if he's leaving Milwaukee and then but the next guy You have to worry about, would be Luke out, who I'm sure you're going to do everything possible to keep it forever. But you know if we get into this mode, where everybody is just for five years ago. The next team, now Chris Ryan, laid out this case in the Ringer NBA, show last Friday that thing you're turning into the Premier League in soccer
hired guns and transfers for your baby was begun. That way and other than quarterback footballs become a lot like that as well. You don't let it but it same. The economics and the world has changed, would call it You know- and it's you dont know where the economics are going to go right now place with television as well for streaming You know we have a lotta decisions to make us believe it. I'm not saying anything out of turn. They ve been widely discussed, and so you know he is going to be a financial benefit for staying with the the incumbent, with the whole Jane Eyre. I think you know we'll work through all the economic challenges and the debts? the current challenges, but you know over the next. Years. I think that safety factor will also make a big difference. Is there
way to use the salary cap as something of an asset fur teams that keep their guys longer. Where I got say you keep third for twenty one years rate you could maybe, in year fifteen cause he's been there for fifteen years, even though your paying and thirty five million Do you get a discount because he stayed for law so long, and so would a bit of a competitive advantage for daring to want to stay writing an answer? Could you come up? somebody, my better. Now, don't you The ten year, vets writer, two point: six million dollars in payment to them from the team is only one point, eight against the seller account, and so You could do something like that like now. If you stay for this with the same team, they ve got your offer contracts for eight years, then you get the default. No trade class right, Are you gonna do something like that works knowledge? You get the default, no tricks, when you get an extra experts sent
or the your count against the cap is a little bit lower, which gives more flexibility to reward that player for stay, because you can put together better t wreckers. I think all these guys ultimately are. They know their money is gonna, be there there are driven by winning and it would seem of. You could do I'm a couple, tiny, competitive carrots to stay. Where they are, we I mean like we did, alas, all negotiation. I guess it's one before the whole form. the four million dollar cap on exception. You know you're under the cap, you get that that was be pushing at the entire times are like look. We watch seems to be able to get under the cap and get better and keep their player. Right you wanna reward guys, would stay and reward guy genes for keeping their players, and so, let's give them in it. option, as opposed, although rewarding team that go about the cap, you know incident, The four million dollar exception came from on so yeah
there's a dead right ways that we could do it. You know it's just you know players one flexibility, but things ebb flow right things, don't cycles, you know super tee with my army, we saw you know what happened with the Lakers here recently on was the guy's China react in the opposite, you didn't want to be the third or fourth or fifth, the player to try to do with somebody else has done well in the flip side of it, and yet this is the case all players being able to do whatever they want. Whenever they want, is you know, there's there's cold hearted trades every every two, my former argument, the players desire to do that are right to do it right. Yet I mean you worked away to be used to get through that first track with its a rookie contracted your second contracts, you ve earned it make your own decision about your career period and a story
now we create incentives as the NBA, because there's value that we fight but is still up to the players to make the final decision near its it's weird, because that will you join the week in two thousand and it's the height of these seven year backs contracts that seventy five percent of teens would regret the contract within two three years. You are in a position where sometimes you had the contract other times your trading for the country, act fear because it's like the right that is too expensive, but we're trying to win a title, we're trying to help their we'll, take it so you're running back. Then he turned about a bad start by drafted to number one takes in the two thousand draft, which was probably the worst ever right, now added new right arm, but geology backwards, all the time and you're because to get a competitive advantage. You know said as much now, because the other ships are completed.
different than they were back that you know it wasn't. There are very few singular all your team by one. Individual rights are eligible by ownership group groups end so that age completely for those ownership groups, don't quite that the financial pray. there's that guy's back in the day did employ now selling out you know we're lot more will have better Shelly. and we were back. Then you know times when you just the tenants was awful, was Yoda entered He gave me a lot of opportunities. I mean think about it. I remember one of my first betrayed his brain and you want our joy at night point, one million dollar contracts in two thousand and one I can point, one would still be a big number today right. The max for this year of coming off a rookie contracts is like twenty five or twenty seven. I forget exactly. I may have someone this signed a nineteen point. One million dollar contract worth their debts,
pretty damn good right and so that the economic so completely different back them yet funny. Now you think of it. The the shorter contracts have probably lead to a lot of their turnover that were seeing year to year. But then you don't wanna go longer contracts cause there. Now the same spot, you're too tat inside of you that there is a way to solve it. Yeah guy killed her, and you know you you why keep a guy and is still early in his career. You don't really know always gonna turn out or whether it be good enough to plan a championship team so ill, but one on the flip side of it. I got work hard to keep LUCA Katy and all of our guys happy right. You can't take any for granted always gonna stay promote. Now you know may turn them into the general manager. But at the same time you got him, sure that no they're, not just with Europe letters, but all your players, that you put him in a position to succeed and keeping a mapping, but that's the thing about any jump right you yeah, you better free agent, you should,
before and you understand exactly what you are you NBA owners now you're, almost like the spouse, who asked to stay in awesome shape in Libya. Really good you're right, you're gonna, get to talk your game and honestly Oh god, I'm forty years old, when I buy the massive forty one, it was a whole lot easier. You know they were built here that were my age within a year or two, and it was a lot easier to relate now twenty years later. It honestly more is different right, but the Good NEWS is, years ago, Josie they're, gonna, ignorant they don't like that at all. You know, because again it just less impact folder, back in the play a longer have at their aim to there you go back and twenty years ago, plaintive thirty was considered a challenge. We made the mistake was dead NASH because we thought our daughter were telling us. He was gonna have issues and he was twenty no you have to get in. There
our union is early thirties rights. An idea pointed I am insults. There was right that was discussed at all, and this is not the case anymore, but at least it didn't come back to hire you. it all worked out that you and the title anyway the two years later, but I am I of the two thousand. When you come in, you made what of the things you did immediately. What seems really simple basic and stupid that people were doing it back then you're like hey. Let's have a nicer locker room with that, whatever let's have a first class training facility and people were like well look at this I I don't learn for money, because I see these crazy that now, with the Father The matter by tell you with this report is so when I got there we spend more money on fixing computers and training people for computer software? We didn't player development and, unlike wait, you guys know
what business or, as you know, in terms of our players in trying to win championships, and so I am like, let's go all our former players who want to get back into the empty. I you know him brought back kicking. and what he said he didn't wanna play in dollars, but at a connection to the Nelson's, and, unlike yes, anybody who wants to be a man about, because pre emptive Tina wearisome it encourages we want to give every player personal attention now, that's good, given right, you're gonna do player development of Gmos. I know many you'll be shooting coast. We chance sham guns, ball, handling and player, develop and other player development aspects. Everyone. We got interns now that are there just a rebound, so guys can shoot all the time We have an internal analytics person who try from your just shooting and were worse for Emma Jane to see how are you doing there so we can track progress and so back, then, though, I got so much
share the matter more coaches, the players. How stupid is that when I started cosy up there were three of us and there was me an assistant, a the trader buddy. I gotta help. Do you know it- is a year in the assistant coach, he was also the trainer tariff you you got in early in the statute of the problem was the two thousands, the stats weren't that good yet and they are not brought together advantage, always great story there. So and I would in the end you never sleep. I am not going to the ambitious programme literally snuck in in the first place I snuck in and took because back then it was cards to decide for class. It wasn't digital slightest stood a line for introductory logistics in the NBA programmes. Air. My teacher was a guy named Wayne Winston number forward. You know when two years later on and on lodged in jeopardy,
there's ways wasted, and am I My staff Frost OJ described passport if human, later on Indianapolis. For the first time we play patience, I buy the maps your mark mark March at his language. and I swear I want to recognize him. Had he not been on jeopardy, we start talking would you be? Are our stance? Guy right? You understand that does anybody you just accurate we're doing all the predictions for college football this time so he came in, he started working really advanced despot. In his appeal and were really play offer us is we knew what a good life were in bed, lineups work for ourselves and for other teams, and so we were able to suck or other teams into their ban I love you see in one or more decent. Why does it not our best line up? we knew how they were due match up and that helped us agenda. Two thousand buys ah play off. We went down to use, didn't too oh at home
We think we're closed. We get used to it with brooms outsider bus at the hotel, weighing suggested we put our chief oh and I forget: do we replace and the rest of it We came back and allow by like forty points on and so just weep, views. The problem was well Darrow and others came, and we lost our bandage and now analytics has become an official. market for traditional analytics and now, approaches and work. How can you use a You know, how can you use computer vision? How can use volumetric to be well to extract data and stimulate when you, to do which is just blows away. Anything that came out of play by plane and maybe some other things tat. I think the staff that the teams can track bow is incredible and its fine, watching, you guys know you hired hurrah. Bob oozing
than your hole in your whole team. By trying to figure out you have this generational superstar LUCA at the early stages of his career, who are the right place, with this person. I got with anybody. Writers are two or the best players. Are we get to put roundup yeah in some of the decisions you made, which I think last year like set curry is like uh, that's interesting, eight billion year for set carry that seem sign than you watch him look at all that makes sense and that some of the moves you made this share in you add a little more defence stuff,
tat. But do you have that you have this toy in LUCA who, in some ways his leg it out John, have a check where he could play forward our guard, so you could fit different guys around him. It doesn't even have the necessary be the same types of guys. He makes everybody better. Yet it can have the ball a ton or he can have the ball not that much to penny and whose out there with them- and he is literally if you rejoicing up from scratch. Who would you want in the two thousand twenties as an office of where you'd pick somebody with his skill, set, how the funds you do this twice. You had you before you get there. If you come to live with Derek, and now it happens again, you don't let anybody tell you otherwise right I mean. Obviously, we were really sold on LUCA, really sold on dark and and hope they would be great.
You know what you're came here out a fan and everybody was conscious. Another big white stiff that the Nelson's drafted right when looter got it or people say the same thing. You know, there's a Maghreb, you know over overemphasizes foreign players and this narrow me, and so we, take a chance and another Eliza. We knew you'd, be this good, this past no chance right, but that just The you never really know the chemistry in that till wiring of a player and shoulder in those circumstances and look just have that men are wired. He wants to be the best and you is ass off to get there demanding of people around him and is demanding of themselves and when you get a combination of with skill and talents, then that is with special things happen as with the game changing more to shooters? in that elbow pick role, roll rider pick a pop airily. were dark and Jason Jerry below the differ right.
Below harder, if not, that Steve NASH and others were great. But you know this place wars De Luca, spread because by spacing all that space was shooters all around him. He so strongly. Yet the remedy was one. The top three finishes in the NBA last year: you know now is it becomes a better shooter with good shooters defenders around him. We'll go as far as local taxes in terms of his improvements, I think you're being too diplomatic it you guys do. He was gonna, be this good. There were some of us. I include myself. I was hardly. I would argue that a week we had. Evidently he was gonna. Be amazing. I mean you don't like. Is we had a whole season? Where he's was seventeen and eighteen playing against fucking adults? Edwards was dominated them I still can't believe it. I will never get over him go and a third of the draft. It's unbelievable,
I remember watching that it wasn't so much watching the video it was watching. The players that he played with deferred again hurry up a grown man who had been in those leagues in the NBA for years. What the ball in his hands. That's all I needed to see. You know because there's dangerous was now give it to me. That's gonna, whereas the game and you know get be paid more but not be deferred LUCA. That was incredible. Me I'll, be there. I mean look at his own guy. Did you can't you get? say: ok, does the pattern? Is this this business, look at his own guy said in his own bat, we'll it's interesting that if you are starting a franchise from scratch right now and you could have any where the two guy you gotta eat of anybody from next twelve years, The two guys have been looking yeah, that's for me to be in that order. So maybe a couple people to have you on his head, but neither of them are american players and both had these atypical experiences. That make me wonder like is that
Luke or is there something we can learn that went beyond? I remember watching the two videotapes we had in the greatly and we had a plan still trying to maximize dark those two years after we one, and so we get down to the 18th spot, to have enough chat room to sign the guy, I'm not getting on Talking to your guys, like he's a real job will be the real deal here. We are thirteen If no one sees I'm a knows, I'm just after these two videotapes I'll, be there at eighty not as we would have you know. Well, here's the thing you did know: Janius was gonna, grow. Three inches either remained eight. You know it's that stands a case where that that took some real luck and it was a nice big by Morocco, but at the same time the look, a thing I it was. It was crazy, as is happening because it is clearly, I think
the thing that change the both even in the last twenty years since you ve been the league you come into the league and the mindset is you gotta built around a centre? If you could have anything in the leg. You want a centre you, what the next big guy you want to find the next shack anatomy. It's like! I want the next creator. I want the next hardened slash, learn it I've got it not just a crater, But if you look at why look up the broad yon is the brain of the border, all six, seven and above all, superfluous. and they all have enormous basketball. I choose so bring the ball up, control the chapel again freight shots for themselves gets the basket, create shots were other people as well. see over right or not the little below. What is good about like we talk about a guy who doesn't have the same passing lanes when you're you guys are right and so does, I think, game is evolving where you ve been here.
have the big guy who could see the court and get to the room and create asked is really you know where you are building your teams? Well, it also be if, if you're saying the ceiling for LUCA, how can he be one of the best? Seventy requires effort. I actually think is conceivable if you, if you look at his first two years, you hear the best second year of anyone, probably ever, but you look a Jordan and the bronze specifically physically. They figured out how to carry the load of doing ninety five. Two hundred games a year and keep on the bronze the ultimate example that he was like an alien and that's where LUCA has to get to physically. He is strong enough. I don't you know better than me about their conditioning. So who's going to treat his body all that stuff. You know him by somebody knows: Yellow goes as far as his body and Armenia almost every day were attacked them. Almost every as you know You look at all these years simply because we don't know the schedule, coming back and guys out the routine to get back and shape.
Familiar was a lot down. Also, you didn't have access to all livestock on its own yeah he's not worry wanted to be coming to him, but he's getting their very quickly. You know you ve got the discipline to do it. Do you look at tat? The weirdest part of this is that he shows up during Turks farewell season, basically in they cross pass remark about. This could be forty years of mavericks and they end up like crossing pass for one year is bizarre crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy. The way turned out, I think, was grateful LUCA. I think it took a lot of pressure off again because it was farewell tour everywhere and heat have to call in on up your lesson. Stellar team, and always had improved. There's gotta be great, you know he got No pressure on from that perspective, you'll wondering what more games or we didn't have to win a lotta gains on. There was no play our pressure because you know we're fishery dark. We want Europe to have fun,
older jobs, and I think that really help LUCA and even in his last year, dark was, you know a man of habit and precision and everything he did so, I think you're really work you don't really should look at the way to go. Did you ever stop a hundred percent believing in dark at any point there in the two thousands Of course not I mean I've felt horrible, but the way I look at it dark skills it was, no undeniable is it was? Maybe you know that screwed up and not putting the right pieces around any open, we it won't be others happenstance and balls. You know you go up here. We have rigour we want sixty seven gains. Dark was the bp and you talk about referee because of it breathing If I've ever told you. The story works that year were gold state, just nothing to the play off my one game rights.
There was a game with data, you were they play the Chicago Bulls and it felt that does like twelve seconds to go on the game and you see daddy at the baseline and What's his name, then Gordon is dribbling the bar for the bulls and getting ready to take the last straw. Jim, daddy, daddy, called defensive three seconds pushes Andrews baby out of the way other age, because you studied Hey too long, instead of very bad Gordon the free, throw line to take a game when he shot up free drugs and they get the ball back and just run out. The clatter fridges awfully those there was an over time. They make the one code. They have done Elsa NEWS, your Arcos for all those years and it would play a great towards the end of the season and we get upset And so you just never know all the pieces worked out, but it is just yet do you know I felt bad. I dont awful because
Don't like. I owe jerk more an arm to discredit don't complain about anything, almost lit. What that take the back door. Planes about everything as I made the attitudes that their workplace, you have smokes like me. I got there came when it is it S. Never, too takes Sure superstar, I never did. He shouted at everybody's face and, like the greatest way possible, believe about my own again happenstance everything lock. The people will how much love so you get patient channels, so this is here the love, the broad right going to Miami, and so we had arrogant, here? It is not guaranteed contracts. That was big enough. Plus space that will allow was of Leubronn wanted to do in a week or we could do it as a sign of trade as he was a sign, a train because back then you could do a hundred seventy five percent
and so we could have given a draft acknowledged up obviously did not work out, but Charlotte ended up trying to trade ties and Chandler to Oklahoma City and the surgeon. did the work on Thyssen's toll on foot or whatever they even though he was the doktor problem, a city, they we would approve the trade. So he goes back to apply did it with one you're lived on his contract, we trade area appear and for him and we get because the doktor did surgery on Thyssen decided that the funding should not take that chance. It is crazy how many titles get decided by a story like that like given the oh, it's our things, Mikhail. Couldn't you said I could take this ain't, your buyer Lamar Odom Package,
cagey and that's it, and then we trade paupers an wherein the abyss again. You know you never know you'd, only partly storing Monti Alice stuck her. Take your pick right. What what's the closest you ever came to signing a free agent that we don't totally know about and it didn't happen, but you thought you were gonna, get him not not can endanger Jordan. The first of all the groups, We on the bride. Was that conceived a bicycle? Incidentally, I never really thought that was like that. I was the longest block shots on your. We really did have cap room for years. the way you two thousand and one or two after we won the championship that we ever had capital, because I spend all day higher time, and we try to just take back contracts to get people to come to the maps and so That was how we did it. That's out you we had to trade for Jason kid. We signed Sean Marian with our mid level awe and then we
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is going to take a huge revenue hit this year that I don't think people fully understand how little money the teams are making this season and also like how important stuff like season ticket renewals are, and you know, teams losing fifty sixty percent of sick cuz people are just like a fucking, I'm not going to keep my tickets if we're not going to have a season. So all this money you get to hold freight nine months, you don't have on top of the no attendance and Utah you said put publicly: you thought you might lose a hundred million dollars a year with the manner revenue, the league right with the amount of revenue, the leagues, gonna lose this year. What am I theories that I feel pretty strongly back? As I know it's been disguised as could you replace it with expansion money? Could you bring two teams in replace our money, you for against it, but I don't think it's the right time.
Yet because you can't get momentum in those places on, but there will come a time. Workshop were it'll, be for some years use the mass of it rightly so. I voted against the sun and expansion and the reason I voted against it is done, three hundred million dollars we talk is an expansion, thieves now surely gets one thirty years of all. The shared refugee right and so on. with thirty million dollars, to pick a number of the air and their game million dollars every year, one ten years they get all their money back right. so it was with alone to us, and I tried to explain it. At some of the os will always that were involved and ate it just resonate with them, adjusted the stated about we had. A million dollars looks like the bargaining volatile, and so when we do something legislation three billion dollars. What seemed like crazy? Well, though, one, thirty, first of whatever
come that we are coming to a let's say that fifty million dollars- ok, is worth it take three billion dollar alone and that we have to pay back over sixty years right. So three billion divided by fifty million. Ok, maybe you can make that argument that it is, but it always comes down to is theirs incremental value like having somebody in Vegas having a gene in Seattle was an example where we increase the pie, big enough to warning the money that we're getting now well, but here's the thing. So, let's say Seattle: you have some rich guy. There there's plenty of on the same basis as you say: ok, I'm so bored with all my money for three billion and you just give me a team. I ll give you three billion right now and I won't take any media stuff for five years and then somebody in Vegas says and here's our two billion right now we have five Billy for those two cities love. Why, no matter what right wove, especially for Seattle,
have you got any market, see, give five billion total. That's alright, let's say six six and they agree. We won't take media for five years and you have a bunch of teams right now that are struggling. Why, wouldn't I say: hey we, Do that it's just a law right, so you gotta go back and borrow money for a lot less, not There's I went out and the Lee decided to borrow three billion dollars and we pay four percent interest on it. We get to keep all of our revenue, never have shared up over that period of time and were headed again. That's why passed by Doing it's possible, no is not possible, I kind of like the idea of a little levels rights because I think Seattle without incremental value in different ways. At eight LAS Vegas,
just a financial mass based decision? If we think you increase the pie, you know all were would come in. I think is that there is a period of time. Where we have to make up for revenue from traditional linear tv and moving to just and interacted consumer, I think try to fill that gap that it would make sense right because then you don't, have you not giving up a set to sell it on? revenue to the team is out of truly alone. There may settled Are you re in six billion dollars from two teams and that allows You the leeway to now. say okay now, for us, do not be so dependent on your traditional tv contracts.
Taking allurement less from linear tv so that we can stop across the stream. I'm at the same time, don't make sense. What would seem like the smartest thing you guys could do is basically create your own version of Disney plus and you own every single piece, but right now in place. As you know, what we're? hey you more than you got paid on a european Army and Navy Sea because, with this is direct consumer. and now we have a nineteen dollars streaming option that has all of our games Great Oliver National Debt and, to a certain extent we, you could you get slain tv in some of the others? Already right? getting all those national games. the challenge Jones with all your local tv right, because that that you know the sturdy teams that have to address that issue.
Second, thank Julie you mentioned earlier is in this the biggest growth area for the late potentially like wait like when you think about the ability to incubate referees to put potential second round projects to take kids, who just don't want to spend a year in college. You don't make it one scholarship and nothing else. In this the biggest way to get better as an overall corporation, nothing as a component of it, but I think we have to go to a whole academy based environment, where we completely. we had a you with a lot of those are comparable programmes right. So we really do things that emphasise education. I emphasise personal growth and development, emphasise basketball, education right and that's why you things that dont have always ridiculous inhibitors like the the hours you can practice together or ice books. You know things where we put the interests of the player you maybe fourteen,
then Academy, you're, eighteen, you don't coming out ice box and put their interests first, I think Julie, can be one of the destination that worked well, I think the bigger question that goes. All that we are really discuss. Knowest discuss publicly is what happens to overseas now that we see with the other economically on the NBA. You know it worse for a lot of the international gipsy. Just don't have the resources. Some are owned by rich people. You know some are owned by corporations and their doing up. But there are. A lot of teams are particularly in smaller countries are medium size, countries that are having issues to expand our whole concept, blown and where are the economics there and does not allow it do a better job of development globally We want as many Donald always many great basketball players as we is. We can for the NBA for the quality of the games, but also we want to be the best
a global and so that we will judge after soccer globally, and you know and then, if we do, that, how do we deal with fever? because I've been a big proponent for twenty years of saints. We need an mba world shop where We have all the players competing just like they do with Sakharov Prize and our players in the Olympics to twenty one another. we're all worked up because now, especially when we need refuge, but you ve got that push policy. an international teams and the country unions. That's why you d there so you think and be a euro leg is conceivable in the next ten years necessarily and be a purely as it is. Maybe investments in those leaks out initial.
And then maybe a branded version. Yes, what would you do with the draft? If you were in charge of Adam said to you, I want to change the draft. I'm gonna do whatever you say, tell me what to do what you do leave for about five rounds. you I wouldn't they do that, put it over like three days. I will not so much to try to recreate the ETA fell from a tv perspective. you look now. Let's say you have a first round back and now you ve got pigs in the fifties and sixty two of the new second objects in the cities. right. You really don't know whether that was the player or not as the chances are. The exotic or there will be a two way player, and so will you ve gotta, fill to two ways Is that your first round pig is said to be on Eurostat, your fifty percent roster rights, and then you got two ways. Last filled you all right. And so you get the person who drafted the second round most likely. If you have a second round back and then you gotta, fill out. Your deleting William
dealing with all these guys, like his reagents data, get up for those two way slots Simply if you don't have a sat around pitch and now you're trying to fill out your Julie gee. That's not the way should be. If we had four rounds, then we can say. ok, if your first round the economics you drafted second round. You know. Instead being open, ended because you're like decide tight around who really like with number thirty one right we it part of a level accession and sows and with tat which Ebay, because he was are we Because we had a set to be a two way is a completely different type of contract, and then do you know I believe that a completely different beast you have these, ten contracts and try to fill it James. A hassle It really really is, and so, if you guys that you get your draft for five rounds, you
fill out. You two way: players. You have your powerfully better, targeted, more reasonable contract for both sides, and then you got your geology, that's what I did to retire was my guy. The Celtics passed on and twice tonight almost had a heart attack, and then you took on which made it worse. As I know, a smart teens gotta take up, then this mighty vigour, the thing the thing with the draft I've been saying this for couple years, I would have the lottery just be its own night on a b c Thursday, eight fourteen picks fifteen minutes between ran between pacts are twelve minutes really. As somebody who actually don't. You cannot do it to the players you play. Do you imagine here you are thus you're gonna, be a lottery cake let me get up early to wait. Another night come back. You come back to this day. It's fine
There will be more than Grandad's agreeable stroke it out. There would be cause. I having announced it two years in a row, it so crazy how fast it goes, and you re not going to talk, but the there's so much to dive into the air raids to ride out another minute or two There are a lot of trades than you think you're going to happen that you run out of time right. So then, if you did your father, Brad thing if you had like the latter is day one in their day to is just a five hour extravaganza stretching out the first round of put it just they want right, and then you have to prove four or five on data? Were you could be quick as are not can be as many trades, then I think that works, I think, is better for them. I told you that they just any What would the union on it and the higher bigger priorities? And you love the plants You were pretty early on in the wrong form of that it. Yeah. What our extended further, I think, is good for the big picture, who's your.
But new owner the last ten years. I knew you'd guy coming as pretty cool and only for a while and who else. I gladly until I didn't get a good guy. This is different. Now, like I said, is not one guy just right under the law, Right, it is terribly grew where all you have to deal with a bunch of minority partners and that just because you know the pricing got so eyes was natural, so bombers a little on your corner he's as the wacky Billy there who try stuff and think outside the box. The court's, I did you get it. on the right, it's not like dogs, they resemble each other on those people. Ray, we're both in the pvc industry going back there, five years and so ghastly It's been crazy. Just like I've been crazy forever, as it were in his heart, The sleeve anyone's the were certainly not just the way it works, and you know what you ve realized at sea,
a good example as I am it's not a winning is really easy to where Israel hard to lose. You know able as it is when I was just a fan following the mass, and we saw I got over it You know the last is right you walk out the arena and its dot when you the chain that is its soul. because not the economic side of the budget, because you can only do so much. You know you have to trust people. You have to include your own judgment. You have to make these decisions again. Put aside the dirt, a million dollar plus decisions. You know that people are rising up this contract Fifty million dollars you at seven hundred million dollars in obligations that you just say this off season. Put that aside every time a play happens, every single possession you're taking to yours here's what I thought was going to happen now. What exactly is going to happen here is aware that this
I could play here's: where does this aquaculture away this guy? This team would be competing with other James the minute that bothers. You have zero impact stolen from somebody who's run businesses but successful, financially and had always accomplishments need, a situation where you want it. Ok, maybe I have an edge because I believe will accomplish a b and c that bothers up. You have zero impact, I give you all I once the most impact I ever happen again is yelling. Even though it is in the laboratory at a good second dollar, an office building brow? Because I take the point, you know that's the greatest impact I could have, and we learned with desk with a bubbles you're gonna get sent. I found that we don't want to do that again with the NBA yeah. I wouldn't even so much against the NFL, because the first part of our seas and traditional use always up against
I found you know. We are sorry that I just think Darien Season is a bigger You know when you would you just get them. I said TAT. You college vast calls on the NBA, as I was. The balls over is our time. Your base most makes its I'm a little bit from April. Still pretty much our time on everything in Vienna Georgie there, but it's over different fan base, so yeah, I think, just being back here in December and kicking off any being passed to bully, right and we're talking. You were watching college basketball edge watching him be backed by just those normal right. You stay inside you're not going outside and oh I missed the game. You know it's cold outside I go outside its core. outside, I leave the house and the bigger John. Yet it screwed up everybody's schedule, body clock, basically wait a second its August, but there's games and I mean urges every sport was almost made. It even tougher. Last question make the case
Dirk is the greatest our satellite about that. That's the greatest athlete of all time. For said, you know you These data here is is better and envy bees been at the top. one shabby ships is still what he did and community dirt with dirt was the envy pain and took out the seven on the courts a champion of two thousand eleven, but that's what community door saw that answer that goes into the decision process. Dark judges, the maid, and we ve got some amazing athletes here and some amazing players, but with jerked it does for nor taxes Youtube you, you came, engage when she does anyone know if knowledge during those places where the cameras are not enough. people dont really realize
that being one of those twenty best parts of our time. I get so the case, because I've had this argument. The counter would be thousands football town, town, thousands, the cowboys, the greatest Dallas at of all time, can't not be a cowboy. So then, my my argument, Bacco Big, are at whose the cowboy Right Roger STAR back you pay for for nine years, was paid for twenty one learn the title, basically as the only restart the tee, my cow, is he not, but some people? Just I don't know it has to be a cowboy. Now, that's fine! Whatever roaming- yeah. We can argue other video are. We really need is a bit of jobs and it gets worse. It has Jerry ever asked you for advice, because you ve won a lot more plants games that he has done for years have been idea Jerry, I thought more often the people thank you know, there's something probably not advise from a football perspective.
What about anything related to football, and I was like ten years ago just now, I've told you, because the heart is day and professional sports is picking ahead challenge. That is the hardest thing. It's boards no exception, because you know every person in interview has first date things right. Every Thursday is perfect, because everybody is on. You know a little bit about you. You know a little bit about them and they know exactly what to say. Again, all your gains made no was robbed and that's why? never rushed to make a code, you change ever the grasses. Rarely if ever green or on the other side, you know what you have to do What would your coaches and develop a relationship and try to figure out what's wrong? we're trying to get done the help that they need hurried, good, seeing you We did others. I haven't talked to you since you got LUCA Meda. I feel like just every time. I see you at psyche, one
battery just every day for next year's you come on average every guy come on item on our. I am making a regular good to see you. Thank you not take your body. Are you that's it for today's podcast, coming back with one more on Thursday to forget about three watch was country strong, the most polarizing movie with that I'm twenty twenty new book, a basketball package with Chris Webber's? Come out they need. Also, on Wednesday night did Kobe thine the Ringer dish pack ass. We will be doing our twenty five minute recap of episode to the challenge on MTV the challenge: double agents- so go check that went out. Seafarers basis. Stay there again, speak stay, safe,
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