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Guess the Lines Week 1 With Cousin Sal (Ep. 255)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to continue the age-old tradition of guessing the NFL lines before each weekend's slate of games. Topics include: NFL futures (6:00), Philip Rivers's number of touchdown passes (16:00), MVP odds (21:00), odds for first coach fired (27:00), Pats-Chiefs (35:00), Packers-Seahawks (40:00), Andrew Luck's over-under games played (47:00), Steelers-Browns (51:00), Bengals-Ravens (57:00), Cowboys-Giants (1:05:00), Saints-Vikings (1:12:00), and the top-tier teams heading into Week 1 (1:16:00).

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Teaching lay David, the crew launches September, sex subscribed now apple, pie, gas or wherever you get your pod. Speaking of subscriptions Install adds America's Highness gambling part of a new idea. That's that's what I call it that, gas yeah. The trifecta has taken off the general yeah. I've got about actual garden friends or even more degenerate than you together to talk gambling and now being given every in the yard to its. Why those things where I don't even of the name really captures it enough for an harry was watching DJ, saying he hadn t win some senior Torres watching all we can look the southern countries where the nets agenda so basically used for months. There's the precision for this, we had known for ballast coming and have here new eventually would get here began on wednesdays. It's going up Thursdays.
We're doing science every Monday right. We met a couple crossover over paths so he entered his NBA. Thank you and want to tackle those year when that, when the NBA comes round made, we can probably have to do some may be able to guess the lies. This aspect to be ready for that don't get together how can we have a tunnel NFL preview, stuff up and my column? comes back on Friday, now yeah, I'm back, then I think saga. A border region. I someone goes writing that thing. I shed. That's actually voter probably been a better idea. That's coming Friday morning on the right, on Thursday seven hand them enters. The knights and they're gonna, be a Friday morning, good monistic that so your eleven pestilence can't believe it first, the rock and Roll Alzheimer's protein
let's take a look, not only weaken not year, eleven guess science, but we have our fancy drafting my answer. We again voted out? I every I hope. It's me it's ever me. Maybe it'll be may this year. Every year you send an email life. What do I have to do to get voted out? Who'd any ten salt and unlike its work for you because like while that they want to be voted out, and so I we're not going to let him have it, but this year the people in charge of magnetic decision did not respond, which may thing makes me think you could be on the way out for people having been voted out right, you're, one of em. Why make
leave my fine. I just wanna PAN Brad, who is now there's so much changed their draft between Brad and Paul, avert our bread twice that Brad removes Paul from every c mere. I sensed he says, we're moving Paul and then rates as things I decided should be. Netflix areas will involve Brad, kills polity, Heston disperses, but so far removed from the earth. Her feet, pop the sequel, be removing take so This is a really weird precision oh, why we ve been doing this? Are we spending our wheels when you're freaking team is minus six thousand last minus six thousand to make the playoffs that's insane? I blame myself presented the two hour pie cast with hedge about the twenty five greatest pages. Vicarage book
but it's been a whole century of the paths theirs, but all these games. We put him on a package of item and got her like a week later re read. I do blame myself for that. We find ourselves in Vegas insiders at say. Even if Brady went down for me to believe. But if brain went down, the patriots would be favoured still to win the superbowl twins I thank you in a second revision, not on the whole day. I feel sad As for years and years and years we are able to get the agencies that desire price for them in this year of eggs is like enough. Pacemaker like twenty five hundred hours to one hundred when, whenever that at present, we pcs, and now there is an incredible amount to turn over it. Like the turnover has got worse and worse every year than this year, it's like you, too My daughter soccer terminal weekend even know about T J words on the box threat. Sammy coats is on the grounds of these things are happening and this concept and it's really hard to figure out who's on what team? If
like every year, it's just a reset button, the quarterback, so the same cup, or the famous skill guys and defenders of the same none other than that it is a completely new teams, each team. I think that as something do a date this there did eliminated the seventy five man caught or whatever I was meant, and so it goes right from a hundred to fifty three which kills Knox by the way, is not good. Congratulate you on that. Actually, we can arise, yeah moaning walking in with their heads down everything, but I think it's inspired more trades teams can't figure out what they exist We need to do and and where whether weaknesses are but yeah a lot of tractor fun like the paths traded, Jacobi percent fur I have to say, though speed, you add receiver, who is yet another failed ranks impact, but so one of those trades it's like I did. We win this trade that we live. Zero percent goodbye Why are we just assume you? Well, let's assume everyone you picked up from the bills, although there were free agents, why you have Gilmore and you have
jealously is back. Those guys will be greater ones can be great. We find this guy let's get banged up, but I was hoping I thought they picked him up as a quick return, but and whenever ten to one that you're undefeated come on schedules to our. You can actually pick when they lose first December. Seventeenth at Pittsburgh fifteen and one that might not be terrible. Where do you wanna do futures first and then do guess alliance for we want, and we have heard that slightly tinkered with structure for what you're gonna do you pay? You put everything in categories airs zealously couple features. I wanna talk about here, one is that anyone, but the patriots win? The Superbowl is mine, for seventy five lesson five hundred when a hundred, yet again hitherto, you may get thirty one teams for minors for seventy five that seems kind of crazy. You get browns you to his wife.
It's incredible. That's incredible! Until you know, they're gonna make the playoffs for and they'll be ended. Definitely in the conference tramping get to see the Steelers, your odds, their hackers, always packers, whoever the mystery awesome team is. Do it but alone, on the definite doing. The wind total thirteen. Whence surveys gave you Beth somebody's downfall, to, even sir. I think pats? Gonna go either fourteen to or thirteen and three I think there in threes, more realistic, I actually think the odds are little off and you hate it at last came could mean nothing. That's you never know if it goes in any binding manner in the majority have three losses by them. I, like the other side of that will a team have to losses, were to wines wasn't that looking eyes lost total thirteen enough losses. Solver rise minus one. Fifty five see you betting, like
there s. Another weird thing about this is in these teams that a kind of thanking and be as Latvia taking doesn't totally makes sense, like the brands. Joe Hanan rat whew, good for them, regardless of like? Isn't it good? good players in your football team or whatever you call for the team, is why do you do just want to be so bad? You get! Your ass kicked saving the jets agreement of all their leaders like pact rail link. I get the shouting Richardson trade right. These are coming back, brilliant, etc. Pick for just wait Joe hate him and then he goes the Steelers, the team that has kick your ass every single year since I ate in setting the new open with weak one. What's the point of a fifth round for that guy where the brands we get it, but I like that. I like that over something relating to if somebody's going to fourteen one of fifteen zero. Sixteen, he bet one fifth
five to one hundred, isn't there always a team? That's Owen, ten or like one in eleven and they have the wind like a random. Go yes to Europe, the wind total by division winner eight F wines is minus two, fifty or so basically. You bet that everyone's at least nine Argos. I guess seven one does undertakes is just days after south right. Is there any other team that good patriots? as we would say, ABC South. Raiders or cheese pays. I realize you have to south. Will they have seats outlined our baby and that Ireland seven twilight the bed? I think the Texans arena began over yeah, so Similarly, I get them, but also get the possibility that Marietta's in good stuff happens in the titans got tenants? Here's what else I'm with you and that division, I like the Texans. I don't know how much you emotions gonna play in it, and now this hurricane everything it's terrible but yeah, but if lock is
for a considerable amount of time. Mario, does best quarterback net division by Friction Mile, my a mile or so that that's hard lots of them. I think he's gonna Mobile, they figure out. Will they figure out to put him in early will and you read for your output MA homes in early may be too late for these teams that that's like another issue. I think what was here Houston plays the jack's in required and we're getting time? Savage first Blake borders not even one of the two worst quarterback match up of the week. I don't know if retailers in play. The note they're starting some guy. I feel I come in maybe the ninety eight ninety nine percent of, and if I fancy complex there was some guy in the ticker that there are the hit the heating bills by such as I don't know that it is simply airman related Peter manner, no Eddie who there was so much
Peter been started from the bills that sign Joe web two right as a backup that was taters shaking his head of crises of the nice about eight and then Tatum might this year in Chinese, and they never again will take, is does this pod cast, you want to nope I faced as it with the jars tree with I'm dyin snacks, it's terrific- and this it was always my favorite column, no offense and the Grantline one grand woman. When body we govern bluechip resume wretchedness. Now turned it into a pod chairs were young, take was relegated blue shippers, offence, defence and coaches. When bodies are knows everything right, Lombardy met mentions the chief special teams scotch tape? says. Pronunciation of the name is honourable way. Is that all you never know Hi guys really is really getting. Should stop. Listening to this now and go to dilute shippers was
It tastes like surprise he's listing like defensive, tackles wow, I thought so it's a would be guy. There was not an I'm like date they get along in the pocket, they wouldn't hang out and realizing the body with eighty party will even anybody. One body when spit clams used in his face without combining Philadelphia rather The videos you did for us angry outlined. We should mention you're gonna, be doing picks and yeah video pigs modem. I bet they're waiting for you, but Lombardy had this very, very and flattering their peers and take a stance on. He wasn't, alas, are in these up maybe as unqualified to catch a team. Is anyone who remember and the Philippines rather happened. Somebody asked Pearson about it. He and he real again. He was saying. Listen, I'm more! I'm only word with your musician Hermes. Eight. This could be a thing I'll go if they start out slow
Do you want to do anything with somebody else? I can genuinely believes that its out, like always, I'm gonna, throw this out here. That keys really like. I can't believe this guy's a clear agenda. Us began its match and we do. The head coach has first to get fired. Yeah, I'm an at a couple more quickly: future stood ready asking tvs is thirty five and a half he's always right around their yeah it seems a little high because I think they are going to run the ball out more than I do. I do I get there Banks are good this year, despite Berkeley, I think he's gonna be something he'll, probably catch nine There are five enough seems I rivers passing tedious, thirty one and a half. That seems well what was the last chapter back, but I nevertheless twenty eight twenty nine last year they had no offense, allow any less keen now and that those good one Jordan, Howard Touchdowns was eight and a half you of the sky. Our respect, can no longer take joint. How
in after you can get to nine touchdowns one it was not an authoritarian, passes MIKE linen right, or do you believe in committee I knowledge, I feel, for tat because he comes in North Carolina. The greatest athlete of all time came from their any any and he carried it wasn't around four. Now he's gotta demonetized tailor our planet tat, mixture, ability and clicking on these and other years, the undeniable both Jordan and ass? I don't understand it arising Nick RE, who actually lay coexisting, showed Chris Carter, and I for one of the largest donor, and he was on my twitter feed video in its egg com hope was an argument that an J is better than the brand. That does not involve an j. Has six rings like eleven Betsy argument
Why is today presidents Salami because it's governs receiving tedious was eight and a half an hour. Here is going six seven three than every fantasy draft I've seen this year. I love that Kazakhstan, our friend, damaged check on some Anna found that were dragged. It was leg. Nine guys and one girl and their army impacts and Adam Adam rank she's parading damage. Second, when I was a yeah, I thought I was gonna intervene, damaging as an expert bodies. May the play often only like one of the last six years as I started, labelled in Asia, that explosion loveliness won't play off a few thousand bad but yes so make Evans when like Seventh and that is receiving kiddies eight and a half year. If you top simultaneously guys angrily. Kids ten touched the only thing I they would do receivers it's weird with touchdowns, like hullo Jones, had six touchdowns last year to
levelling receiving arts had also had sex is moving, sometimes even walk me acid rain and cuts with seven and a half phenomena. Walk of that to this, I think, is black in the year. I may only be reversed things in this little bit worker play in our sixteen have ever and yes, plus four hundred. No man is five hundred page. Sixteen gains a nose Joe in such a way and you'll have like some sort of Stafford faction, add some part of his body for one week right one would their record have to be for him the play weak, seventeen, eighty seven He sits. I came on our no is minus five. Fifty I just just most audacious put that connects the Floyd may, whether bed of the bananas of our family, sixty Games. You know what sober Directv really quickly for over twenty years, Directv has been the exclusive home of NFL Sunday ticket
the only way to get every live game every Sunday. When you get directive visa. Will you got em grandfather, then I want to say this. I would like to EAST Coast Feed Neri thing. I got it in ninety six, seven Realler, Adams thousand dahlia satisfy. We owe to our good news anything Its directive be expanded. The service. If you live in an apartment or an emerald college student, I can get any of us and it took it without a satellite deceive you, we'll go online to any of us and take it that tv street every NFL Sunday ticket game this season to follow your favorite team Promo Code Bill Simmons check out to save fifteen percent, while fifteen percent It's a good deal once again. That's NFL Sunday Ticket Dat TV, promo code, Bill Simmons. I think it's worth every penny sure it's. The only resolve Directv is very little to allow me to add that there is no other reason I love Papa. King, for any reason,
Is it hurting ratings, though, Is there a z, I now the eighth that it said they made it so easy? What are they calling? But what are they called the Red the Red Zone dad, I arrive there. She is going to tell you, I think her. I think that's all, and other people. I got a standard, changing diapers and looking over his shoulder. They want. They want the Red Zone Channel, but doesn't it virus sponsor for football games, Somebody just watching the reds on the whole time. The rats interesting thing I forgot to ending the ads, are helping were ruinin. Abandoning all us every day, adds Brady was forty one Rogers five to one car tenuous Wilson, ten to one cinema and fifteen one banning you. You Dac twenty two on deck and manly, intriguing taunted Marian when at leisure matter, I'm on lash era and fifteen one. He did he
there are already lost the super idea. Five plainly: the fuse plus nine thousand my ship fuzzy's into israeli ninety two one and now, even as a winner fifteen one Thirty two ones are: can breeze living about Marietta and rivers. Really like the prices for many years, but I I think I would- we'll get worse and attend to work schedule I'll shape, teams, gonna be really good. I don't think he's. Gonna win, adjust tenuous seemed a little high, but there's any one you like I don't know about walls and I still think they fix their offensive one. I know you love them. Their defence problem vehement runner pass on for sure, but for him, get em, we pay. To have Brady Woods, Rogers five to one cars, twenty one like car, almost incursion one last year we have to do see their first game play off game perform in the last three weeks, but maybe cars up there like desert.
I dont think the raiders economic players, Real wow, that's one of my wife ass. They can this year. It is the fishes Deauville underline right there. They gets like nine one, so many close kindness. I steer the there from talents and point the team does have as much town as it did last year. I don't think I'm that sort of Martian Lynch for five months. I think there's gonna, be a waste of time and he's gonna retire to bodies as bluechip rose, red shippers all over the place for the raiders right, yellow, reachable, as a good sign for the really tough division. My committee, Yemen, aside in the french camp, I am leaning toward every year two teams that our resolve therein and they eat nobody, even things are, has a conversation about their refusing the raiders suggests in that now. That's on that positive. They should be in that well Look like a chief sunlight, the charges, rabies have tough schedule. The chief schedule, outlook and achieves hazardous have scheduled really we're even recognise some of those things are so that's a case for Houston used in
What's I've z back, which is unbelievable for them Watson's the big x factor there? ere, I d backs are worse, but then, if you look, their schedule they really only play Threeg quarterback, somehow there, it's a bunch alike, whatever's and then lack maybe could be. The fourth is healthy, but I don't know The coroner backs are connected by them to the play ass. I think the Houston scheme- again it's a weird they neighbour that should have been a one score game with the patriots that used in play off Turkey's patriots cover that game. When buying dinner nineteen, but you get anyone other than the heist while in there that's a good game, haste back Endeavour Office, Ricky the year, Mccaffrey five to one five to one hunt, one foreign at six to one that's about it or force them and soon had you mention Watson, her Pfizer, it's very solid, really sovereign about. Maybe you should see what happens in our draft today with the Ricky's I went with Cook yeah. I think they go around those those guys. You said for net, for nettled fetch
money. I think tat S all right. I've tried five. The one I think he handles highlight observed he makes the Vikings really good coach of the year, when's pad area next coach fired. Let's do it next coach fire all five to one forgot on cod. Well, twelve to one these facts, Louis twelve, to one for that while these twelve thirty six, four six gonna the damage. The attic Pagano Cobbler six to one case factually was twelve yeah I had a rather than painting twenty one MAC O Brien, Queen Hugh Jackson, grew in Zimmer, twenty five to one malarkey, twenty five Twond Petersen, thirty one, However, I have a while Cartier you, you might not like this Bell check five, hundred to one five hundred to find out what happened did have just cheat. You normally does it gets expose their or they can lead an affair with the yours is because, after craft girlfriend
But my firemen and one five hundred a word: we deploy life five hundred times as one thing, bigger I I I like malarkey as workers, so that, sack her. They start out flowered. Something goes wrong here. A bland media. One thing we learned is that if a coach signs and extension it does mean shit you're like Fisher got, can what six he's after its extent, Russia don't shy away because of that futures, you like. Well, I see minus one who won the Superbowl. I've seen minus one line is one that line we always stared at. We never knew anything anywhere anymore. Always. I am reading grabbed the extra three points, but I think he will clearly be minus three by the time the sir boy up and who would have to be in there for them not to be favoured, so patriots are favoured. Still a famine,
then, as I get like Peckham Ash yeah right in their pay, but we think that there is a big one of those two or make it like that. We did. Wins poor that we do every year, yet only Again I had the third third, thirteen and thirty you what at seven cents? ten and twenty one and twenty four something nobody J bag had? First, pay: took the pats. Obviously I was going the stores and three other Daniel, whose picking second was gonna. Take the Seahawks second odyssey that so we should take, and he took the Wes Leslie Hawks of our laughable Jeff Chow sends me a taxis leg If you take the cowboy second wind points should be kicked out of the reality of Charles Math,
radio Seattle is treason and bugs in thirteen. Just as we well know, you have you end up with three teams: each and you there, two teams of weren't drafted by ground and jets there the browser jets, which were the ads on favorites yeah before we did anything right, I'm a red, I don't remember land. I know I've Carolina I know in Miami and then I can remember thirty you loved tap about you. Have a bay second, research team, if you want to do this wins poor used today, the doing grad, nine France. First pick team one gets first pay twenty twenty sixth team to It's too sixteen and twenty nineteen three gets three thirteen and thirty four In twenty five five in twenty seven six thinking only two, seven eleven and twenty eight eight seventeen and twenty one nine for twenty three in and the lasting gets ten twelve and twenty four. So I ended up three
thirteen and thirty what's funny, as it gets really slim pickets near the end, and we, like before I'm, like, I hope, the forty Niners their thirty thirty there, by me. I'm excited. I got the moulding when five games you wanna, get about twenty nine thirty wins interesting seeing you have you like tat, twelve, ten and five, your ear, the most impressive house, had nine fourteen point three to Texans cards and reasons. I thought that that's gonna twenty three. I was shocked by there. I was thinking about them at thirteen. You tell them your item higher, so many there, like seven guys out for the year already right, Take your nods eyeliner, but lacquer Nirvana D is still good and they saw the heritage of the very good their needs and I start with the bangles and we'll get through it, and then they end with a bang. Although, like that's, that's those team, seasons right there at one of those. We don't three years who s teams are gonna, make the plaza haven't. I have
The two I see, while cards being five hundred You think it will be one of those sitting at learning, one pretty bad you're gonna, get it really like the charges, ensure. I think I had the year from her last year. There's some positive signs for them. I like the stuff they ve done, and I think that a home, it's gonna be an advantage for I know it's fell back as guys. I can't flouts, gets a criminal that they're playing in such a small negative to deal. That's gonna be awesome. I like it too need any time you get a small states mean get in and out just do as long as the monies violent. These owners keep back on forever, but The charges of the team every years like for boys, and they, like so the next year, they'll be better, not just that always the same thing: they always losers. Crack games, so maybe changing things. Actually or they'll, be better, not just it's always the same thing. They always losers. Crash games, so maybe changing coaches in stadiums will help maybe help. I think this, things got out there
that's stadiums more and I think it might make us rethink what we want for birthday and when we see it in action annex are too, I don't think Marianna one game, you're right, there's a lot of people like us ahead: ethical idea. When I go about leans yeah, I guess so I guess. Do you think this is year their college football becomes more funding profile, but now Kosovo's amaze, even I got into our child, like games of angry chosen, arose in there, That was a man I was ass, we never rose and Donald Talk. All your long can be found out. Emma looks like unstoppable there and then floor to states deepens, look raids. France was out, but it really day here, because we could For a while, I was there, a gambling shocker for cultural bothers, while the biggest upset of all time occurred this week, bad parachutes. This is a big against all odds topic. The non violent would do now can His brother lead Howard university- so
over forty five point favoured you and obey. Who is supposed to be good? This area of a good finally called about you and I had immediately went whenever this fix the real somebody got that again. That's it taken every year and over game of the board of forty five point, underdog winning is just absolutely decrease thing, I've heard in my time. Ten years it's bizarre and Bower was entirely right. Yeah I was like a thirty three put right was Even on tv now think I can catch up. Let's take a quick break. The tongue budget. Let the Tipp of a Gillette Razor blade is measured, I'm at scale. Oh yeah, Are you not address eat now mean blade. Edges are thinner than a single brain, so that procedure. It is the work of many brain cells, hundreds of men, of Gillette's research and development team has spent over forty seven hundred years combined working to make your- if closer and more common
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Are you ending s eyes, I'm ready. The man to get answers in the bubble bath. Ok, in view of the summer and he's shaven me energy, let we count down the yacht regime led to say bathed mutating. Why? Now, if you just toggle between Katy and yet, I was so delighted and pleased to be here, yeah right captain this weekend, nice job Jimmy, I think, was genuinely jealous, lasted the Oscars, either use Viet choose the asker around every soul. Use comedy ready, diarrhoea, I wouldn't step four, I said I wonder for hours Jimmy said there were four hours he arrives right about that because I went to. I was at his house actually probably an hour after that all tactic change after Eu Canada down and we started hearing repeats about twenty five. There's probably about forty eight Iraq sucks, that's generous.
I guess the lines week, one Thursday night, the p, sure it's are playing home against. Chiefs of Kansas City. I selected a line of mine. A seven have for this. Would you have our long? I said seven it's nice steady now. I do not want us to tease I found this isn't going to passengers. They do not allow us to bring this down to two and a half. God forbid. The NFL give us a freebie on Thursday out Smith, who seem he was gonna, lose his job ECHO: is his job in place for weak one who manages again better than him? I am, I guess, lives too high. The chief play the patriots were, I would bet on the chiefs. Biologists nine seems high, but as this spot that Pat screw up and I don't think you're at night I, but in terms of losing the game. That is the case at all Nine seems high. We got member last Europe.
There is a lot higher than sex murmur. If I were smart, I would have brought them down, on this, but I feel like the home team just kills and these games and the first there's a guy. They usually do them, it's usually like eighty eighty five percent, but you need. A second point is that I met those basically they're doing three. They want us to do three team. When these are which we have sworn that we would entail. Private, enabling one week why the ethics of because we're stores. In Cleveland, and how would you know your Diana be thrown CERN in there, and I will just find the thirteen were good gap will find it. Now you were breaking down so that was theirs, and I now there's a Sunday Marquis game Seattle. Green Bay. This is the best game of Sunday. You re sure yeah. This is Joe buckled me. Their treatment. By that I mean I'm out of my dad, was in town? we may or may not have watched Superbowl fifty one yesterday.
You may or may not. You are tweeting hours, glass intently, my dad's getting bad at certain plays whose really funny same way score twenty eighth. Eighteen, there's like six minutes left go for the two point in trade. Where does this is a big? to play right here for the Patriots, the better surpass bastion of the. I really regret is right. It was a big falcons. Went awkward twice Twenty eight in tandem all are forty ways out of their last for drives and just went backwards. Twenty yards through had
fumble on the other one day, it's incredible collapse show you. I can show you like your nine aspect in the woods pool. I think that was part think when the man I think, as they show the silent dank once I wanna keep attacking we gotta keep attacking impossible game lose. I don't know how they lost it. We were just watching in disbelief that the patriots, when it was twenty one, twenty eight eighteen still seventy one odds. A member of the commission S own before the two point yet and Jones makes the kitchen the sidelines on game should be aware of that right after that, two, where easier than any, I have ever seen. No wonder converting the to bolt two points that I think I figured out when baby gap can cause if you d get concussed while on the other, ass drive when they're like near the Golan Heights had. He gets rid of the bar, but often lameter, elbows em, in the back of the head. Somehow made him play better being being buzz horse it dead, but but he s had gets now. I think that's, which is ours too, which is L, knows Sunday
ok, I've, green bad home minus three over the Seahawks of Sierra thought. There was a little allow, those a time when anyone into Lambeau. There was for more sex, more I sent for but you're right on its three. Only three so. Finally, when I had. I think this is a huge huge gave. This is dinner ball teams the twelve and for yeah Green Bay ones as one Seattle Jonah Lambeau in January, so This big game is generally in the season surprising that this is just the afternoon game right in our view. This is one of the four best games in the entire year. Well, then, learning better than cowboy is put Dallas giants on Sunday night at an hour how they done that. I was in the first on the night gauges rejecting I think is that, when its cowboys giants, that's gonna get dies rating at our single tennis, belted built them.
So now we have you called it. The poop factor gave its route through the unnecessary again regimes. Airborne you're, not gonna, watch jets bills bills by sex where we don't know the quarterback as those you're killing me already. I said bills by four seven and a half I think it was nine when they knew when they Tom towers by ethnic payments can be great jets, who's the jets quarterback Macao, its Mccann and they're gonna yeah. I guess it gonna get by so this line they get double digits. All your long. Well enough in their interest, If that's what you ve been a member, for a while rat with but a gas. His body Jana ceased Cotta Janos game when a team favoured by seven or more that had no business being favoured by several. Moreover, anybody here I would say the bills cloth I still have no idea whether trade around Darby.
Rather I reached a good cornerback is twenty four that can be in the future when it just keep Ronald, that's what I mean is totally figure defence worthy. Second, the ape man Secondly, we have you ever seen. Two teams and a division basically announced at their tanking stockpiling. Draft stockpiling draft takes me you're going to suck this year round try to block and they turn Reggie Radwan. I asked that this team is dot. What are they doing? I can we go on there with all these teams, but does loser and winner Leave town match both against is one of those guys I just judging by when I watch the Pats Bills games and it seemed like he was open all the time rat in the past, We just sail over his head and danced and it was hot to watch him and just think like. I wonder what can be like if he has a good quarterback ever put together. Now is for the rest, we start now. I understood that change at least has its egg and private until they can keep on, he might get hurt again. You get a second, but the run,
It makes no sense. I don't understand why you giveaway young asset. You read thing is young asset: through its younger asset. If your title or an you knew that they were going to go Generative Watkins get rid everybody. Would you rather beyond the jaguars this year like when you ve, tried and tested yeah yeah Mr Andersson. That's bagging cards at lions at the lines by three. We both through this via the lines by three also cards by one half now look at the overall. There is a kind of makes sense, I guess cards or eight and a half in mines or seven and a half. Where am I miss him with the carts? As a farmer now worse this year, there was last year. I think you're gonna be all right. I think they're. Actually me, ok, I thought they would compete through the vision before Seattle made all these moves, but now it Sheldon Richardson there there's two years or Carson Palmer's, just two steps and he's on his back. That's can be.
But so that sets out a good thing. Now now it's bad, but I do think he beat up on some of those other division giving dangerous. As you say, to treat its happening again you're not winning. Are these ludicrous games again you're going foreign twelve so whose Archie my last year, the lions, while our team are foolish a team. I like that, I don't care, I bet against them every week, whose name that's gurus, essentially this year is a tendency for that. We're already life against Tennessee and vague some juice, your test. He's a possibility, but about the vikings I heard of aggravating the air. Like the Vikings chatted, Michael Isabel experiment, I leave the bangles are another neck again whenever I can't believe they just brought it back. I'm with you made. It is previewed amazes previous review this year for he broke down in parts. And for the bank he's just like he Firstly, all these other teams, as you know, the defensive
negative with our offices. Everybody's got one good thing. When bad thing is the Bengals, it's like nothing Dad it's just nothing's that good either near a nowhere. There be minus across the board. I can see being frustrated by them. Yeah, I'm all or lose a lot of money on them. What am I the rams could be kind of a wild card. Weirdo team will same culture rams. So I have the rams by five at home courts and that's probably to learn this jump all over the. June, when I thought lock, was playing culture favoured by three rams are favoured by three and a half. I said to split that right. Said five as yet to threaten have the number who this ram schedule then out there, first against for andean washed and then they go to San Francisco on Thursday. I take it
we'd be legitimate and our three now wondering what the Hell's going on three ws right by three legged, that at thousands, alas, home foreseen that's, alas, act Jacksonville Home for Zonia, they could be foreign. Three And then, who knows a mean just sign or any errand Donald INA wait? Philips has taken over that defends. You do nice things and no mean ever meet with white folks a meal here. Why we felt this here? Who really want? To be frank? I have a meal is. Definitely you can talk about how he fresh ideas, coach, what you ve come. Let's put the invitation out dilemma meal. If we go with you wait we'll get some barbecue. I love it Human Dignity now you're the road favorites I need. The courts are due to be flat, attache issue. If you could not whether that comes back in our everyday, give me some with your brother somewhere they blew deck Greeks and who ran their team from
We have two sixteen in his teeth. Ass twelve draft was good. Can you look at thirteen fourteen fifteen there's nobody left rather uselessly late. They just pointed out through strict drafts, Lugano work over under hollowing Pagano. Oh he's like that fall guy now right. If they go, if they go to him and say we want to throw this year away, I dont think would you think, over under fur shoe do persons our special additional cosmic wave casino yeah? I was presented by Canada marketing or enter I don't have it. You know together and more come up with a fake products having do its ports or pop culture and Catherine Morgan's removal, casino make believe. Revolt casino has open.
Their doors to us and we're gonna get on board. You didn't come up with a kind of country. We have yeah rap on the capital markets or equally casino in twenty four hours a day, you're counting down same threesome, good, Jake, irresponsible, endlessly, the same nine Sakharov, arrogant urge to drink catches, Morgan's, make believe casino one angel lack over under games. You place a sham, they say eight and a half to you over and la I meant to say under I think I'll go under tat. I saw reports that might start weak. Five arousal saw snuffed out either it away twelve tat. Where do you go? He said? back to be backed by. We do take us over he's alive. No, I'm gonna do you know who I am always lessons to respond to being caught her eye. Marshall responded to the treatment and I would love to be back for to have a lot of faith in our causes, a lot of faith.
Andrew the giant mock waiting on is prognosis, so we're back under four eight had he had and they have no legal he's casino commodity. This is great, counting Drake responsibly, already Pittsburgh Cleveland. This is a road favorite situation. We have for road favorites that I thought we're gonna be road favorites and you said, there's more than for less than four dollars. Theirs. More than four years now is whether you you'll see I got side yours, minus now, half at the brass So I went low and, as your crushing and I said, seven arab and its nine, so you get that one. This scares me for some reason. I can't figure out why resident there is very obvious three teen teaser potential there's been weird stores brown games in the past. Where I remember the last year or the year before
stores were heavy favorites in the brands whenever they want to take a twenty two, nothing, we cry. I was gonna end than the Steelers round back and some are covered, but there's always weirdness of nail is finished the season each other yet be careful that this game. Well, I don't know, I don't know you they Cleveland as one in seventeen and season openers that's putting one of the arguments that tie criteria would say now they wanted seventeen. I swear. I saw us that that Cleveland for the last four years has started three quarterbacks in each of the last four years, and this could be the fifth street year. They stared at restrained anyone's feelings. I want you to play here- is the division? Is a real is a real problem. Fourteen half game started over under many. What do you know? You see that fragile z s fragile there once saying We know a starting this one. I go under I like it. I like the fact that the book
and finally, as just an apple, Kick ass guy, mouser, Thalia, that's fund, An eye for all the other high picks they ve had in they ve had good prayers, Joe Thomas and give them had the guy who's juice you list, in the best eight nine, whatever guys and he's defiling one, and he might just be awesome right away that met there. Maybe what if he has three sacks, what if your nails rather spider, knew the truth is that he's the first tentative had at least a little bit of an ex back them up. They may have had a kick ass guy internal prior when his twelve touch on this year I gotta they used to have had a fantasy love for through a lot of it. As somebody who rode with him on fantasy, from really gay, why he's a little fresh I think, as a number one Kirk Do you like this guy on the brands he was on the brain falcons at the bare sad falcons foreign? After this,
I assume you want here is I'm get my ass kicked. Let me find it Chicago as you know, I had plus six now I witness its plus seven. Falcons on grass near that's. Why Glenn in starting? What are they tat how long, how long before four weeks We back the make bleak casino. I get too bad. We actually guy ok yeah you'd send out a couple weeks ago in the match. I think they're more match up there. Others pick six is honouring its head he's right there, that's great! Yes, when scares me who's, putting the falcons entities right.
Let's get so you don't want anyone want falcons, pay went nowhere, you be afraid of the Falcons year from her, while don't take to roll games on teaser. That's for sure to China that we want greater recommend that leaders at the tight inside the raiders by two and a half million tennis, here's the screwy one. I had oakland by two This is not a road favorite Tennessee. Favor. By till you get this endless, I get it, and this is why we gonna lose so much money in Tennessee this year by lines like this, but Vegas, whose job is to put the line in the middle and try to get an equal amount of action for whatever reason America as decided Tennyson he's gonna be good this year, the line to China to track the same. I think we're the right side. In this. You do the idea I think, used in the best case that division Tennessee he's gonna hurt people's feelings, I'm trying to they do they have the same? Those does it over under wins the same for these sittings. Yeah it was. They are
Oakland, is nine. A half in Tennessee is also known: ass, a campaign additives Niner mass routine Panthers by an old on eighty on Roma nance. For that aim. That is, that the one that's a good first game right, sciences. Ramos first can, I think, that's the best CBS game over twenty would do. Tat was gonna make you call Roma and at the end of this black ass, any of us here. Would you answer flake fifty fifty outside the context back, yet he would take, Back Fisher, yet yeah, that's a Basque. At best, the pcbs gave is that it is at an early game, or I think that an early game action it is early The last road favorite panthers at the forty manners are the Panther. By three and a half, and that's probably too low, I had this is alive. In game, I had four and a half its six. So you then either Caroline Orlando gets tripped up this week as a road favorite
I think the forty diners are gonna be better than people think, because as we learn every year, especially when you have this much turnover having good coach is way more important than I think people give credit for an human aware, hey no higher Garcon marquise good. When I better them I'll? Give you a thousand dollars an hour if you can name their starting tied at all, even let your China Laguna, Vernon Davis, you noticed tape, do unfortunately have George kid is. An aim is a fifth round array of major. I send a team, before we start taken ask: is data Panthers fan Panthers, you almost can't bet on them. Are they gonna win? The vision that you made the plan has everything depends on whether Luke quickly can stay? I therefore former gesture she gets here. They're down.
There are seven wind came with Adam and they may be an eleven wind came with them. You just don't know in any who knows at an early backer, who's gonna be Leah with his head I don't see how you finish the season we too Raisa saying it's on key in Mccaffrey shareholders, air, but I feel like Mccaffrey support perfect player for can write like you don't have to. Deep to Kelvin Benjamin the worry, if he's trying to catch a born for further similar, I would say that the seminar flare pattern right there, probably most downs I agree with you, but it can be healthy is gonna, be the big thing for them and whether they can protect her ready. Mccaffrey is going to be an amazing toy to watch. I'm really excited for the Rockies issue. Now I like all for those working running backs, including the one that I just found out about today's gradually copy my career as an argument say Joneses feature receive renown buffalo, it does
what you came here: to buy football carts thought the foreman right could start news what's to actually Xilai, wasn't no actual Cincinnati up all the more they end the season and begin the season with each other. We we These next for games are watchful. Yes, either Ngos, minus three and a half an hour died. The sands Threem inside the same three and a half in its three. Should be. It always felt like these are three playing games with you. Why in the same week, while that, if somebody sees it as underlined by the who whether that is the home and home match up with these two teams is gonna, be apply after lack room in the wild card. If you lose this game, meat of this feels like one of those games where that there's two Lee changes in the last ten minutes? Let's go back to Baltimore, where my work as one of those red. So why
fifteen at home against the Eagles. I had watched him by three now we both tat, this I had washed by four Philly by one and a half. Well, why in the USA, overlanders ain't, my eight and a half for filling snow, totals a total and washed and seven half I don't know, I'm not bite and I'm not in love with all these reagent Moser Philly lies. Work out related turn over. I you know whence the law asked ten. Eleven games just was not get right. I don't see it I really doubt of it there well coached, I don't. I lit the quarterback remain to be seen whether he's a franchise Ghana. I don't see a little higher on Washington and maybe to Washington, Beaver. You know, still have greater prior you'd think I ever did someone the stretch of new staff cousins.
Still a guy who, through four thousand yards, are too strict seasons, John Reed top. The reality in Thailand and no again variation Vernon Davis behind Anastasia. Vernon Davis Areas, as long as you don't like twenty two year olds retiring, that they should be ok, so Reproduction guy. I think this is the line that moves. Based on Darth then on Sunday morning. I think all the sound of the washed and professional football team is favoured value. Added design moves three points over the weaker. I could list revenue job surveillance use them she's come around this week by the way we're gonna talk about Houston. What we can do and in your site to help out with this whole thing has got there, but I, like the game staying and used, and I have used them by six. You now that I spent six and have Adobe a little higher than is minus. Six are
Confident enough to put down entities are now mattawa. Now you know my role I don't put shaky quarterback matters about putting types average entities not gonna. Make me go against a really shake. You really really shaky quarterback I'll play portals here's the counter arguments that how many more weeks do we have to bet against play borders right, for that when shy, where these job lost it. That's all burn October, that you earn AEGIS far off a cliff We started looking at each other, like I'm willing to EAST laugh when the long was like this to enable, could be like that. You know Houston's plus one. Eighty two may make the plastic gotta I don't understand any the Houston through their schedule and- and I say only found three quarterback stack had towards them here was a graph Asperger Wrestle Wilson, Ambrady,
through the rest of our ministers, the latter middle of the road geyser bag ass, her at last, one dollar, box, we don't know were aware or if the schemes can be played, one of them be playing images, we don't know where to begin. Eleven right It lacks a move, the Mai weak, they considered cancer, but they come on what one move it to London, like man, S play in London anywhere like here, it is London ship it or I will go and would not its later. Miami, if there in a neutral site on that sheriff it's that much of a different home phone advantage for them. Then being but I had Miami by two and a half on us. I admire by three and a half Tampa Bay by two and have as its errors The public teams is here, that's a third time we ve done the Zanu unto you pick them in the way. I do. I think tempers We made our our listen
teams? I can win the Superbowl. I think there are nonetheless rail idea. I think they're they remind me of Outline Alastor, there's a lot of stuff lined up for them. I think everyone has a hard knocks hard on for them all ass hard ass. I thought I'd really. I would have had the same. I dislike the team. Whenever I don T J warrant. As I were now, this is getting serious, Gus we just head hunting. Everyone in the annex ii, sack of an ad in the Navy let's get married and Howard tied, ended the Shannon Jackson, Ev Evans and whence Inzana thing, I believe EAST could Doug. Martin tat could come back and whose back sets out the easiest busy day if they can need finer run, How can we sex they don't go violent lombardy. Now, tax them back and forth between the best defences were China figured out, let me guess patriot now, and they were not in the morning. Eighteen dimension, but who is we all see hawks giants and Raven soon and then there is a slight drop
after the next four and he thought the bucks computer. They could be like that six. Seventy range of offences, the Steelers are better. This year, defence out there and brilliant your Minnesota, it's gotta be Minnesota, was in there I for Africa, do they There is one other one that was a good one, but grams process. Of course rams like in the eight nine ranch, actually get their thorough Yemen, the Box. I think the bucks would you be that they had the upside of others. Next year tv, I would say, aside from the titans who we're gonna need all year talk about a blue hair stood top right away. Say: provider pairing over two million websites with Europe. Our small business owner Blue US is everything you need to build a house to manage the personal or small business website. You have always wanted this website, you're way without being limited by templates, simple enough for beginners powerful enough even the most advanced users, fully customize Temple.
Third party ab support a nun. Two point. Nine percent of time guarantee maximum scary, including malware monitoring and protection automatic secure word press installs at dimension. Twenty four seven export resources, expert services, no wonder expenditure recommend were oppressed and were pressed at origins, two thousand five they make hosting. Website stress free and I can get back to where matters the most gambling. In our lives. There safe such a half hearted here since a fifty percent, when you sign, I bet, blew our stay. Calm, slash, bluest outcome so specimens as Bloomer that calm, slash Blue, that gun I share your eyes lashes as just throw its water Sunday night he did it again. My son is
football game. Five pm realise that re legged they now they know that after made this boy right, Sir when I arrived at five p m on the ass all parents and be watching something other than ever feel bad about. Then I went too far Soccer Games and two days and Saturday and Sunday. Why? Don't we Was it there was to for games. Were parents yelling at the rafts parents yelling at each other? It's really can why're you, girls, I bore enjoy it. I just kind of echo to sit back here. You can't you almost can, but they destroy We are gradually and shipping. There's elbows made a girl in a bloody, no really thrilled, chippy, my after the game for one of these games were walk by the team she's trying to search out the girl she was still mad at him like was going on? You have to set a line on these games, make fun man. We lost two we played too
best games in southern California and last one go age in one of my last fires, worrying close its cut, we're coming up where we could be heard actually goes to having to go to a torment this extension, but She hasn't. She is game Saturday and Sunday this week and, of course, the Sundays I like eleven twenty, which has a time you guys get back the want of class it. So I may actually may not go out. I want to make. You should start listing all the events and then you, you present a book to Zoe when she turns eighteen years, why you know- and it was time as best as what I missed the three of us turn Superbowl in it is kind of like more exciting than having your team in the city where someone is your own dna, I hate to say, is TAT minus four over the giants, and I came up what I had four- also keeping it at three and a half as of this morning with making this too complicated or pour out.
Writing. Any cometary cause I'd really like even getting into it. How do you want, this Elliot Thin play out just as immature football. What's best for the team just to do get, suspension overwhelm there haven't, come back and then have to hang over leg you want to get it over with zero games felt shitty, when I heard that the Players Association was backing them well. This kind of energy cowboys Van obviously were better off with him in the back failed. Only one Take chances are the best friends of line and fat and Mars. I would love see and play, but he's he's gotta set for six games, he's gotta right. It's tough, the presentation, because their job is to protect the boy S and to protect the process, and this is exactly what happened at the farm gate they're coming I says I've decided this
you can't challenges on the commissioner, so that's it. Skinny have the same outcome that the figure did it I ve been established, so just let it go who the who the hell knows exactly what happened. I've seen something bad happened. And I mean I feel like they have evidence, because there's no charges right like so. I think here you have to think there's something we're missing but now you know why I just can't you see that our guy he's not a great guy Monday night neurons in Minnesota,. Association, peers and ball takings versus saints. That's another way to set very first, the saints I feel like there history with this match up like fun, history like there's, been fun games. I've no evidence whatsoever. I just saw the Maghreb ass. I gotta be fun game though I do. I well know that we all know that war was not the bread far. I think a lot of fun games and other great game, but Petersen who may not even factory in this game,
it's our ally, How does a running back into their revenge, or does it even harder if its hornback it's what they better any bank seven touches? Go. I had the Viking by three and a half with that said I am in the same him, there's a frisking, about them that if they finally beat up their defence, which is probably a good idea of it. Now that you know that at Ford Strain, half telling me this. Somebody from me and of sea south. I think the boxer I am all in, and the buxom led by ships in the book stating something we really bad. Now I think somebody else is gonna be good in that division in the panthers of be my first choice said so quickly gets hurt. My falcons would be second choice but saints right behind them. As a third choice, bits, arrogance, me too ten, when teams in this division take the Panthers one fifteen games not ten years ago, rice two years ago, yet let's forget them, I get it back. I mean Josh Norman. Maybe that took a year
figure out yet not a bad ego monastery. There said you see bucks eleven wines, panthers eleven wins, see it's ten winds and falcons. Eight me. Let me look at my car, I mean this is the division it's gonna be. Some that so every team is expected to go over five hundred according to vote. Usually when people think that's gonna happen. That's actually use when has right around there may be a team is seventeen. I go in the right last season, but I had to say at seven ones. I think that at their they struggle at the same struggles areas. The Adrian simple! This is the game by everyone gets pissed off. I started for ten West Coast time right, This directive for tens or the west causes like school on that at a worker. What are you doing and then the next one starts at sending Denver starch visa, something that we as great for us. It's the battlements, Boomer thou Boomer used to be used to combat these games.
I am well aware now it's like now to each they fired everyone. They only have one on your personality and yes to fly as like eight minutes to fly from Minneapolis too Damn fat guy, you're, better example him grinding than that, Denver I have this is in Denver. We should say we should also mention that fill rivers has to have gone in Denver wreaking havoc and other branches. Friends are afraid of forever. Then we should also mention Trevor Simeon Estella quarterback brackets wait a minute, I'm a very capable back of haste as there are costs, while it's the three added crap miser, and then at the wheel. If T word, the demon Daphne is going to be his goodness where they live. Skies from lashers defence ever get wet and discharges team than I
This game are weak eyebrows by five and I, like the chargers number twenty one against the rush. We are good as a defence. In his last twenty one against you had five. I had five it's three and a half, so the to Montana Games are going to have a new killed me like son, I'm sorry too, for the personal budget. Firstly, this week nine three four son of a bitch week, one pair pole, really quick. This is my top five good Patsy Knox dealers, cowboys, Packers, Patsy Hawks Stew. Where's, cowboys, packers, rethink, neurons near entombment, Vegas, except they have Green Bay. Taiwan, Pittsburgh above Dallas here's my that's gotta, put Carolina fifth Sandra State Carolina
second tier raiders bucks, Texans Chiefs Falcon Slash Panthers one of those two good, I think that your tat ten and then and then I think, your while cards from the third tier lieutenant the hate us chargers. I agree with you on the vikings. Am I put them? Secondly, However, if the running backs really really good cook the features lights out, ass, a matter on Bradford because they d Aubigny, dad the field somebody task crappy teams are plan. I like it, tell me about your pack ESA, against all odds. We will go over all thirty two team overlanders, Tat is your unexhausted having here areas, thoughts but yeah, we're gonna go all over all thirty two it's an hour, maybe it's to enable those Marie
teams in there as well. Went to Hawaii last week, yeah, it's true, hours behind our way. And on Sunday, the Red Sox. Game came out it like seven, thirty, two or suddenly in the morning coffee has taken like This is where I want to end up threat. By coming, and I at seven o clock in the morning ass, the sunrise, the coffee's on a veto. Everyone. We unite from these curves immediately. Then you get used to it at the ape like I am thou another blizzard by car gotta run and you don't know any better, you, gotta Hawaiian. Its exports is commanded set out in the morning. It's beautiful totally see why crisper images like I'm out he's using away the one bad thing. Good friend of mine Neil Everett lived in. He said
there isn't any that not nazis. Talk about himself is like when you're screaming at the tv it seven the morning. You can't hide that you have a gambling problem, most intimate since when did where I had you. I do not want to hide it in great fish, nice, healthy fashion, for you agree with me that live there. I want to note that the ringer may be moved there, but this It's coming on. That early was really a game changer to really anxious enemy, angry text, but the Red Sox, eight eight in the morning, that's really early finches lost his mind with the Red Sox. You can ask about it. Tonight, as he ok here, we have Bugger, whose heading two hundred since you ask our and whose left five thousand Why base clearly has a broken rest there, some weird splint on it that they won't talk about an this text to me when Legs Zena Bogart, is walking through the battered by her. Oh here we go.
Drag with looking what like just he's, inversely bats has completely lost. His ability to hit the bar for some reason, but there's an aging go into the season like the Indians and Anna ashes or south african girl. Like you actually patients will allow an hour it's starting to feel like two thousand level of it. Now, like there's collapse, potential there, which, which worries me better, we run throw gesture, Mally Ruben the mother Dragon s about trying to figure out an American. We came here because I dont think any these american. The teams are lights out. I have ever knows. I got the asterisk now ver lander. I have other pictures of my fancy team. None of them have been pretty well and it does feel like something weird can happen in the air, the anchors and think we're plus seven fifty and either
their bull pan and some of their Batson most Cleveland? They can't lose out within the Cleveland peeking right now it s almost had. Haven't you don't wanna be peeking. Now, look at the Dodgers epic three weeks are that, where an I rate after I'd Robertson, we're talking about, can you know, do you think about when's record. I listen they're like really one eight Olympics real Jake, Baseball is have for four weeks and that too, in Conversely, you can have a shitty weekend in their done right. I don't like it, but for our purposes Anything I want to make a teaser bet. Well, Caesar bats are presented by Carlo industry. The lambs I'm told them no other really not. I would even even asked registering scrambled Galina signs. Callaway you're teaser, I'm gonna, make me I've come back this far so man.
I don't think we're gonna like these lines, and I like these nine three to seven point impacts- are vague kites or this one iceberg doing what that's down a basically even mentioned afterwards, stores were just have to win and include my right chargers. Getting thirteen and had then very if the way till Monday may reading is ready data more than it does at sent the wishes that that's pretty good right, that's a bad light. I would not like to have two kids You want you and take Seattle. Thirty, almost the same number, I dont, like I dont, like the ten t The point is with two good themes: Cosette, the timing of this is gonna be or somebody beats. However, either one Phillip. We worked on the three road tonight. The revenue rang out one plus twelve over tenancy, someone antennas, we ve been we. Promising the scared workers Dickens had too much smoke born at their bites. La makes me nervous. Shall we
that's how the lesters about the big division that we made. What do we do now? Easy Seahawks and patriots minus one fifteen traits or minus three thousand. Yet still as were like minus two, forty and the ox we're like minus three sixty we teach them up together. All three of them have to win minus one, fifteen million house. That was our big that this year. So if you want to know what does it away from state whose Screws s pats dealers are Seahawks problems, so the cardinals would have to pass a year. That's not happen, but I see also ultra allowed. People are already bound when they control the media narrative themselves out there TAT S really come for you two years ago is really really paid off.
We did that and then I also took those three in team them with the Texans who were plus one. Twenty four innovation. Yes, well gotta, be more perverse to Fortier whenever wherever they were now puzzlement, twenty two in the algae. Whatever was that was like almost three two one putting others teams together, I soon after I get out now that was more That was more, as he has three or four That makes me see ever actions plus one eighty two, when the division. A way around. Eighty was one of the vision born. I dont know so many to make the playoffs will not make the players will further Jetson there will. Where we're going go and at it we're going to talk this week for sure now I had you get up, seven pages printed out. The right answer, plus one fifty yet make them less like that. I can't on the box,
was three hundred to win the revision of the box where's me that you don't like the hard knocks hard. I know I shouldn't worry to harness. Scared you awake, is? U S genius make all these dumb passes in practice? Endure cuttercoats of Tunisia, James Starr, together that stupid. I'm sorry coach signal no sorry necessary to stop I want to see him stealing crab legs are not getting. The third rang, like patrimony, ass, dome. How great is chargers or plus one I do to make the paths and plus three to do in the division. I wanted to make the plan be higher than I think people are betting on them. So almost language orange, if I ask yeah there are over on there's like seven and a chance. There are seven and half while in there they make the platform were barely better than the Brok us who were there and resilience. I'm telling you that the new the succeed will be five hundred team. Can I bet that
I don't know if you can Benny. I ask your friends at sports, but the DAS is nine and a half over under you like that. It's right there at ten, becomes our last meeting last we get Philly Philby garbage by then which heresies team are the most afraid of I once had just heard my when their good men to these. And began event, a solid add Perkins and my fantasy team last year and you'd run into the land and fall down Airbus sleeper Hopefully they get better for last year. That is to be bad, but maybe Brandon Marshall makes a little bit of a tiny difference. I like better than Victor crews and pluck last year, would Yours is a weak irony Nowhere is it bears, cannot league, oh my God, the Atlantic arm into the giants that Clemson run a back there when the national drilling it he's like. Second street no hurry
there isn't any improper contagious puts us to shame tomorrow we have the korean kicker and the charges is coming on the Bs Parnasse from South Korea, Israeli. He is is it now a hero and that this is a possibility for Lindsey to point a tiny quack? one of our best rare people he wrote about it today The salient point that if anyone has a fantasy draft, then you have a korean guy, orderly, new draft, this he's going to think she would be like if its adoption there to be an option for this, because we saw this apple, Jeremy, Labour, OPEC, I'm so excited. I thought I'd the giant that I had in Command David shanks enemy questions, because, as this could be, the most funds are part of the year. Yeah in this guy, like you showed up to America,
Sixth grade had no idea what was holding the football. What the hell is this, so how does this is easily the most fun supplies anyway, there's a lot of time for the Ringer, where things going channel for blind snapper somewhere each of you has come about until he is he ever Gavin him on this. We too, that was Did you see that the Kurds raising here play every week. Now you gotta bring the AIDS I support it. The Europe of Knowledge, private use. What about now Jimmy him alive tonight, Steve Harvey Slave, the hurricane, our major bills, cars garden and there's an east our desire, and I guess, degenerate DR fact, and I will go through the over under when totals for every team on ones twitter at their cousins and don't forget the best bet, video, oh yeah, my best man, They will come out.
Monitors Thursday Friday morning. S best Bam, really excited for this year would say: what's he ever under for your record this out for you, because you had best bet for the seas and twelve m, you taller five, you a greater our guy. I daresay you got one family. They send me a. Therefore I got the Argo ten half an over. Are you get it tragic. She said. If you don't start, I won't do like to best bats and weak. Yes chasing. Yes, to the Burma they now it's like that weak seventeen. This is worth nine. Paragraph punish stay away from a lot of the Burma that thanks to Blue, asked, whether your blog or a small business owner blue us as everything need to build houses and manage the personal and small business websites. Those wanted support for beginners, powerful after you, in the most advanced users, design your website, your way without being limited by temper. It's no wonder it's been. The top recommended were pressed on work
a statutory since that five and now our listener say fifty percent Santa Blue hostile camps. I blew a stack of sand. Simmons. Thanks to Gillette, Sal shaves everyday yeah, I shaved my neck. Three days, but a joke. Razor blade edge is thinner than a single brain. So best dragging get that fast the men and women are not always working hard or make you feel better. Now you can get Gillette blades for less edgeler demand that come again The man can get pressing two select products and that they saw discretion of the region don't forget about the Ringer ineffectual Kevin black rubber maize, every Tuesday every Friday during the season and this week as well tee. Already Gm Street moving up to twice a week, don't get underway managers on fire, it's a good part, its crest periods thirty minutes. I just zoom through air Lombardy toxic.
Couple mafia movies, that many things that some four by large thousands against all odds of cousins, our house of carbs. We did a big thing on for its part has occurred and I think we're running their next week. The week after Tea House, Craig gains the ringers copy chief. About what makes the perfect sports bar really one of the best forty five minutes in the history of a thanks to tape. Thanks come back tomorrow, the BS pod, whence they and Friday of this week ways.
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