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In their 13th season of Guess the Lines, HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons and Cousin Sal continue the age-old tradition of guessing the NFL lines before each weekend's slate of games. You'll get the classics: MVP odds, first coach fired, marquee games, watchables, barely watchables, "poopfecta," and more. Buckle up. Here comes Week 1!

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for Bob Profile, Bob Baseball. We got MBA coming yet M, o ass. We got concerts, you name it its super, easy download. The seeking, but go right to seek dotcom use. Promo code bs twenty hours after first seeking purchase. By the way? If you listen to this on a Tuesday before five p M East Coast time, doing a live. Winds pulls draft when winds pool draft. On the Ringer Twitter feed on the Facebook and Youtube. You may remember, I wrote about this. I grant land in two thousand and twelve. A wins pool at every team is assigned three packs Sophia. The first pick of the twentieth and twenty six. He gave the second peggy this Nathan, twenty nine, whatever it's an algorithm that actually makes it even for everybody and we're doing with some of your Ringer Favorites Kevin Clark. Robber, maize, make Peters? I would we horse slew, a people that
to that we do not live. I'm hosting I'm picking a team. And we're going to do the order and then we're going to do it and the best part of these is two teams always get left out. Cuz the Olympics. Thirty teams and two do not make the cut, and I can't wait to see who doesn't make it this year. I'm guessing the Buffalo bills will probably be the number one make the cut team but check it out. It's gonna be really fun were to make fun of each other. That is five o clock EAST Coast time on Tuesday, and if you missed it, you can go backwards. Watch it, belatedly, on our ringer, twitter feed or on Facebook, or I knew too don't forget that you got there Now come all week last round of NFL coverage before the big game, Thursday Philly Atlanta, taken enough Robert Maize,
doing his usual very, very elaborate for power preview, and that is happening right now on the ringer dot com. He breaks down to four groups of eight so check that out coming up the thirteenth season of guess the lights with our old friend, the cousin cousin, sound, but first budget before we get to the guy's wider, remind everyone knew relax was back. Ass, went up I'm Labour day taken with me and Shea Saran I saw this movie. There's mean that much to you, because you don't have any daughter sooner, be like to be scared that your daughter back kidnap just sends me private.
I don't know you'd make a deal with the negotiators. Maybe you could you can cut down the two sons right here? I am thinking of getting on snap than having daughters. Just I could be a part of all those on the amount of committed to Tinker Erasmus world. This is it on the phone. This year, you're not in person, you are hosting co hosting the new the new efforts one show that starts next week, lack in what is the David September tenth right. It's Monday, it's after the first Sunday, Games and near their authority, have odds on who will be kicked offers me Rachel, Minetta, play Travis or or Todd firm and so on, who, how you're too, to add himself controversial you now that is Rachid Banana place too fast, Clay, Travis, plus two. Seventy five tied firm imposed to seventy five added those trade. This Clayton besides are juicy. Who does what that data say? He can
You could himself off any show hey I before get to the weak one lines. We had a big trade this weekend. You and I did. Over under odds for AFC and NFC last week, and both of us we're having trouble finding the prototypical sleeper team and I promise the audience pod and then on yours, as we did, we did per one party in our paths. I pray the audience by Tuesday. I have a sleeper. I would have the team that you don't really expect and I think I have one for each conference now. Where do you stand on the sole sleeper thing? Hey lookin out, don't say a bear there's because trade. I'm thinking- and I am thinking about it. I've come on, I'm thinking about it, and back. It's really easy schedule and by the way, the quarterback listen on that Excited badger risky, I'm really not there are you gonna. Do the r p o them, which is
salvage a lot of careers. Their schedule is just a. I just went through it. I was like wow. This is just cream puffs after cream puffs, they play most of the bad things in the league and I think their defense is going to be awesome. Cold weather team and I'm starting to look at them, but the other one. Is I looking at Cincinnati Here and we are now like it- we already have money in them to win the urgency to Nancy North, and I think that the two teams that Gonna rally behind who do you have you have Cincinnati in her Cincinnati an added three twenty five the playoffs, without a remember them being that I certainly not the Marvin Lewis. Right yeah. You know that the industry is top or because you know you could say the bears I like to read a little bit, but that's to get a wild card spot there you going to have to have ten, or maybe eleven wins right. So that's that's as far as
nine. When bangles dame could probably get the sixty day of yeah. You know: I looked. I really wanted to get to five teams that had made the playoffs last year because it's always five or six ray- and I can really only get to three. I had the IDA bangles. I had the bay There's a man who is the third one that chargers yet the chargers and in that of sea. I just had a lot of trouble. Bumping teams. Could you go through its fillies that one of the best rosters in the way you talk Superbowl, hang over whatever, but their friggin loaded and then he Minnesota and there are loaded to- and you have New Orleans which didn't lose and it would be it's hard pressed to. Imagine then that making it and then I think the rams are to be the best Damon Papa, right there and then you and I like Carolina, that's five:
so all of a sudden there's six spots. I don't know what to do. I, like the falcons through two may make a jump here, but but the other thing it contained, what does he have the packers back? They make it last year and they're gonna deaf. We contend with Rogers this year, so you already that's amid a flawed down and upset yet does see my the sea has more good teams. I think we can safely say And I think the F C, unless he's too, or are you now ex about who I like more a lot more last week until I I really was looking at their skill guys the last few days I just I just don't get excited about the move in the bar. I don't like it like I, don't know what to do and thirty nine. It is a question of the killing call or Didi Westbrook you're like a hit I was just Inter Data C4 ballpark s last week and I felt was raving about killing call last for eggs, forage and seventy five yards and- and I said
talk myself into Keelan Cole and call on their own. Oh, like, oh, my god. What am I doing? This Jaguar can make the placid these receivers. So I think I'm out like nine in seven for them and a lot of like tough this is where they can move the bar. That might just seems beyond waiting enemies had trouble, then we'll get through it already there at the giants, and that should be in act. We should count that of the wind concerns more Talbot on deepened than they should run that game by day. You you, you wouldn't that caused the taking it. So I don't know I don't off. I would go to be noted thirteen year we could say whatever we want. I know are eating years. We We have about they we should have had a bar mitzvah, oh yeah you're right. Maybe next week, while the bar mitzvah forgets the lines the story of the air, but this started with you and your friend there and who is now parlay kid and rather than and her trifecta against all odds you would call him and guess the and then you and I started doing it when I got the job it Jimmy most new show, and we would be in our ass.
Guess in Lyons every week that if the Show- and you start economy and on Sunday Knights in my wife, would say. The Senator Begone for forty minutes play. I guess the lines of the year in question happen. I thought we were watching the surprise hold on hold on. I get three more lines to guess. And then finally, this became a Pakistan O seven It's what you said now it's legalized in like we used to hide in closets to do this, and then we can. We can show our faces. It's a great it's a great time. We survive Fischer era. We survive deflate gate when we survived very good. Now at last I guess the wine Did you see that prop somewhere, pure came This common embassy sports- and there had this. He did a twitter Paul ass. We bogged down With- is with his listers, was like shocked to find out. The Dell had lack the thicket twenty one percent, improving radioset they here. I am pretty sure. That's not like the greatest samples
eyes is a twitter audience on Roger Good now, but it was still can the kind of alarmingly bad, how bad the numbers were. An eye, I'd love to know Today we have the same polling. We have four like trump and stuff like that. What are you or to drop by bank, because it's like that, No matter what the public says, the Republicans did. Albert Congress had to turn on tromp. They owners up to turn on good down a dungeon MIKE either right, yeah disorder by so much easier. If they just let him by the bills drop me. I know I just told you know each other instead of the entire country. I think even season tickets would have done it here. So I have four points have teams. This is not final. I'm in a post instagram on Thursday morning, my twelve plan teams. I know everyone is waiting with bated breath because, because guy you know, God forbid, you can wait. Thirty, six more hours for my picks, here's a laugh
I have division, Champs New England, Cincinnati, tenancy, can't city. I have Wildcard Spitzbergen the chargers and I see I have division Champs Philly way for it wait for Chicago. How can an area and the Rams go, and fourteen and two in New Orleans Minnesota's the wild cards, so they so that's good. Are you like that? I have. I have the Vikings and steelers in the super bowl this year and then get thirty thousand five hundred and twenty one on that. Right now on Bovada I like that, I would take them. Seven hundred and fifty I take Atlanta twelve to one to win the NFC and fourteen one and petted five to one when the absolute cuts it I have Rams Chiefs right now is my tentative superber. Oh that's onto yeah in the a lot of fun bet that would that be the least amount of experience for quarterback throughout
I made my house I'm all in. I don't know why I'm so confident, mom's a basically comes down to one week, seventeen start in a couple good precision season, but I'm like all the way I believe in the guy I like. The I like it. I like the fact that actually tried to get younger. I, like air, berry, coming back late, their skill guys and I, is going to be weirdly an upgrade over Alex Smith. Who, I think, is pretty good, I just like the virus that team and I did too many people are on the charges bandwagon. Talk about what happened on Saturday being held big Coolio MAC Trade area, the unexpected. The raiders now justified it after the fact, as we didn't really want to have to super expensive guys on our team, we can. We didn't wanna paid car uncoil MAC like forty eight million dollars for the two of them. Basically, here that sounds good.
But it led to them training, Khalil MAC to the bears, and they got to. Shriners back, but then threw in theirs commander year from now, which could be like the thirty fifth taken. The draft- and here I got an American. Yemen is so they get. The two thousand twenty bears. First render bullets say that the bears are. You know this night best team, the league- that's the twenty third or twenty fourth peck, and then they would give up that so they re move up eleven spots. Congratulations, I hated the trade. I I just feel it there's eight or nine guys you don't trade period under any circumstances. He was one of the and what kind of hidden under this is basically chose. Every car, I'm sorry car I'm off the bird very at the current there's may sell. Verandah was congratulations to me. They picked there over Clio MAC is. There like one of the best, I don't know
twelve quarterbacks in the lake which tat magic, putting in your top twelve now right now. I think Derek cars even beyond doubt that they took their car over it. Look at all twitter reactions, you look at just the general feel I of know if this is Gruden second or third year, and he did this, it might be something different, but A kind of joy is lost. The team already the tweets after the trade just than just a lot. I just another. Their whole attitude is our partner, on Mcdonough, one on record saying I don't know what he's doing it knows, what he's doing pollinate laid down. I Martin Avis. They they cut Martinez Bryant. They gave up the third round of the Pittsburgh from Artemis, brine he's got to fight it. It's your like wildlife, Papa? I dont know if he makes it does make it to Vegas. It's like swingers is more exciting to see if its neck make it the Vegas then fabric and then Vaughan. I think, you're makes it to Vegas, but I think it turns out about as well as it did for freighter
and and and then quickly out, living and later somewhere. We too bad last week, I think even I quote like I'm going all in I'm like night things. The seas in one of them is JAG. Regions could be a complete disaster. I know it is going to church glue MAC. I think, Actually, worse, that there defying it, as we can't afford to twenty five million dollar prayers, because there, now: twenty five million dollar prayer and you just picked. Somebody who's, not one of that. I would say ten best quarterbacks in the leg over one of the only three defence of Persia matters and somebody is twenty seven who I was looking to re Louis's stats Any no railways won the Superbowl, the ravens in two thousand, which Coolio MAC has not done, but Re Louis twenty seven and I think the two thousand to season which is clear, MAX aid right now. Imagine
havens, trading Re Louis in two thousand to. Who then goes to play? twelve years basically wins another superbum. Thirteen teaches us about currently spray. Was the best of it somewhere in the league, or at least in the top three, for at least six seven years their energies in registry, but, like all my god, I can't be they try to re Louis and I thought that's what we're gonna say about this clear mandate. I think it's a complete catastrophe and you agree. In that way. You're gonna play with a chip show the way you forgetting the big big story about really big story of sad Is that and when I get a lot of chances, do so let's grab congratulate ourselves, our self on winning a bet. Basically, as soon as it came out, we were surprised. Say that provider that it always ports with the added on the board big under a parade. When's, which we liked anyway, was eight and minus one thirty, and then we jump.
Men like three hours later, with seven and a half and minus one. Fifty was the under so regulations to us. We really did it will we didn't in then we had the rate we did in Cincinnati. Last week I was yelling at you that area to talk me into a parlay a make the plants parlay with three themes and was gonna, look at it and go, oh, my God, Yeah you're right, there's, no way this loses and then we're gonna die offered up and has led to a few. Not doing that. You can go to how you not talk me into that, and then I was the one that send it to you. That's right I know your cycle already all we're not done with that. By the way, there's going to be a lot more, not make a poet playoff bar lights for us, so we did. We did the rams minus three twenty five to make the playoffs the Patriots eleven hundred debate. The plan Sebaste gave Brady gets her. We're screwed up
and then add the raiders not to make the playoffs, which was minus two hundred Saturday night after this Coolio MAC Trade. If the wreckers make them, apps. What's the most disgusting I could eat on the pod, cast videotaping. What is it like? I'm trying to think I'd brain? What is it? Kyle cow? It's the most disgusting thing, equity. Catherine Kyle sandal Nebuchadnezzar Kyle, cause you're selling gives fed me. I think I think gab, probably desperate side of food. There could be I'll, let you know what I've always swore their ordinary testicles. Those like me, the brains, you know, like those big people, tat cow testicles, our delicacy earlier We'd testicles, on a par cast
and they can be human testicles, cow, testicles, I'll eat, so alleys, some pair testicles, on this package, raiders made it will never her annually Roderick Adele's tat, but rather to make two points. I can probably only one there so huge, emphatically to meals, so we are right, this is good. The other bats we did we jump on the bears. No, we stayed away from the bears over on look at it We did our it division, Chant bets, Tennessee, plus three, twenty five Casey two to sixty five Carolina plus two, seventy five b where plus eight hundred bangles past seven. Fifty, though our division, bad suggests of four people is sound value plays, and we hope that we can go to four five, three four five for free. For that. We don't. They were no five for five and those, but one
I write you for one provider, you, you have a virus for its use, you for over minus one for six, but if we had tenancy push through twenty five Casey Post is to sixty five Carolina. Put seventy five, even if we have one of those we cholera, If we had two great and I think we can help to those worried the care the Thomas Davis missed The first for games has me worried that now colleagues out at their left tack over, they claim liquor in place there there little tiny signs with Carolina. Let these first for games by be tough, but I believe, you're, not gonna, they're gonna have the one that the vision at the right at the tail and not by two other last three against New Orleans. The New Orleans like week, thirteen and weak seventeen years day or at a longer. They need to be eight and five gun in the last three weeks and came Newton once again. Nobody believes in you know. Nobody believes me forty, two one when the M Vp Jimmy had better adds a new
my home said better adds a new. Nobody believes you can put that I thought you'd money shoulder you, I came to an end date is over. For tax passes. What did I get? Is twenty eight Twenty one and a half who, while we gotta, get up on that I would also like, I'm sure, can be thrown out the problem that the next hour Mccaffrey over eight rushing receiving returned touchdowns minus one, twenty five alone, So we have our draft tonight. Oh yeah actually hold on. Let's take a break will come back in this
We'll talk about full sail university. They come by and hands on learning, immersive projects and faculties, real world experience to prepare students for life in the media industry for the Dan Patrick School of sportscasting. They brought some of sports media is best to be part of the program included. My good friend, Gus Ramsey who's heading up the program as well as sportscasting, pros like Sage Steele Jay Harris goddamn anymore, I'm thrilled to be part of the Advisory board, actually went. Two weeks ago I spoke to a couple classes checked at the campus. It was, way more elaborate, n n awesome than I expected. Actually the virtual reality side of it was incredible students in sports, casting their inside and out on camera beyond the camera pack ass to radio interviewing everything between at full sail unit. Since the impetuous school sports Cassie, you can earn bachelors degree and about half the time as short a time months and you can choose to earn your degree online or unforeseen campus
Orlando Florida, which is very close to the Debbie Debbie Performance Centre, and an T is on the full cell campus, my son and I went and he's doing. Annex the entrances ever said to learn more about full sail universities, the Apache School sports cast, Go to full sail that ie. Slash Bill Simmons, that's minute. We're back. So we have a draft tonight somebody's gang yeah. I don't know it is I'm I'm definitely one of the favorites I have not been kicked out of the sea. Get damage ex pickin I would say: Brad is due to one in your seventy two and then some people that nobody knows or right in the middle there to create how's gotta be in the next amnesia withdrawn. I do so in future every year, there's one or two guys who just go for twenty hours too high, and it's ridiculous. I would say Christian Mccaffrey is the ads on favorite tonight to go for, like
fifty seven box or something rather while each other's stupefied like what gruesome a cat. Where, Why? What up each other for this issue? he's getting so much buzz with how many touches again, how good he looks he's he's gonna have the by the time I feel the overreaction coming. I mean how the hell do? I did I wanted a draft Kirsty Mccaffrey of Commissioner now, I'm down aren't I dont know how to react to this doubling now its banks, he's. I put everything up anything any more than eleven. Now a bid is silly domestically You should have I'll give you just because I like units are bar mitzvah together yeah, you should check Europe and Canada and the Niners these every border but he went like early second round and a lot of really wraps that that went last week and before that, by the way that I mean I feel bad form
so bad that research, but it did make my decision making process for the planned themes native see little bit easier because I was I was Leaning against them anyway, but they're running back search is bad. There are already China talk themselves and Alfred Boris. You had offered Mars for couple years. Had there they for you. Now he was Isabel resign, satisfying change bay he had thrown in their abroad is back like Matthew burying them. They like embedded Ambrady capital, heavy load anything more than fifteen carries. I guess he's done, while of God carrier. Ireland, the fishes the spot running back, but I don't think you're gonna have a drop in trouble Jimmy G thing anyway, like it's fun to love them like you like you do, but at some point, if the Niners got as good as everyone helps, they do you're going to get jealous. That's going to be bad for you, the patriots. I will always always refer Jimmy G,
Just don't think this is going to be the year I think This'Ll be they said I then next year will be the year for them. I don't think it's issue there. I do. I do like the division there that I will say that It ended. Does he like, in terms of being able to back up when anxious there there there. Its embassy, worse the natives. U S play each other They have the raiders and they have the Broncos who have come from last week, talking about how they were slippery and drove indeed more research that I don't think, there's sleeper synaptic half guy tat. Can I give you a prop that I am absolutely madly in love. That you're gonna dear dear dear, I don't want anything to do it, but that is no way it's gonna lose the tarmac divisions. The well, it's the vision later when total went all for the division later over eight and a half.
Don't be no division later with aid and aid or worse and its minus two fiftieth happy it's through the happy beg for sure but which the visionary worried about. If you have the over, I feel Do you have the ability to force something and proud of? What happened in this case? a thing and proud of what happened in this case. It's an eight near division, ship and if you bet this, I feel like a will happen that way people. Swayed, align minus four hundred now jump on it, then an and then like you gotta go. I made them when they unobserved Strieber, which is the division, is at the end of the east that it now would say I have seen north or South Sea, nor which, as you know, if all those teams or like pretty, had not great. They are just split their games with each other and just recently it was like three teams on eight one, one, seven- and I can see it s here.
I think the runaway picked for that right. I'm completely, you understand. I think we can help to haven't figured out how, but I think the way to so. We bet minus two, fifty and as long as every division shape as nine and seventy higher. We win that, that's right, my friend. What They go over there and would have to go out seventy one now that enough when I know that that would be so eight seventeen, so eight. Seventy one has happened a couple times, seven eight and happened. I think what then Carolina win seven, eight more. Could we parlay thereof? Could we parlay? It was something else are now tat will do whatever we want. Thirteen years Superman We should have George rose preside over a bar mitzvah. Did you do you have a bar mitzvah? You didn't! media in and do anything. My father's battalion catholic
mothers, Jewish- and I gather just say this: let me out their data do and everyone. So what's the tracker when, when the Italians, marriage, jewish people, what how does it work out? Usually I mean in your case, have had a great in your case badly, but that's that's a unique combination for marriage. There, I think, I think, was jewish Nicole up to look back and that much work what other seas and perhaps do you have. I have a binding. If we all gain by game I'll, be able to draw them back there there. What do you think it s team with most wins? Thirteen and a half beyond their is minus one, thirty, as themes high for most wins, but most losses like ITALY over thirteen, an app, that's minus, I'll check that the standards for the last cup, whereas it is surprising how many thirteen in three fourteen into Tighty seasons, error that
as in fear, you always feel like it's gonna be around ten and six eleven and five, maybe twelve for, but I think the rams are gonna, be the team. The share everything I learned TAT. I think they can get to fourteen I You know it's funny. We did we data little Ringer fantasy draft the other day and the guy was the nineteenth fantasy paragraph. Four be picked. He wasn't anybody, anyone would start. He went later mages like nobody takes golf seriously, and then the ram skill position guys go no girly went first, but then the stray receivers went pretty early, and here it is. I don't understand how the rams aren't going to score a lot of points combined with this crazy defense. They have. It feels like they're, set up for a lot of like four thousand two hundred and ten type games, and we saw from the
last year like keep, puts the gas e presses the gas battle here on an errand Donald, that's the nail in the coffin, possibly for the rest, the ban of eight and fighting with the review of weight. Philips back number, can be the best defence, the open air. You write that, like me, a lot asked of the opt out forty points out in any way by accident. You know and this is the case for the bears too. If you can get by with decent are better a quarter back on the Richter scale on that the first person to make this point, but I do think it's it's just incredibly important if you're not pan of Freakin boatload free of Cuba, and you can put that money elsewhere, it's the biggest advantage. You have right now at the Ramstein got on their Ricky contract fairly. Still as whence Chicago has true Bisbee. You now- and I think those are three massive advantages for them-
This is in a pan, cam new nor Matt, Reiner Friggin Joe flat, go see anyway. I I just think the ribs Avc talent in the air in the league, and I like their coach the most. I actually think. You know removing ballot check, I would say Who would be your top three couches. I would say, babe Petersen who's. The third makes Zimmer. I mean it. You don't want sandy radio and throw him in there. I may I would like, in coach of the year odds and Are you? Are you you didn't like Anthony Win. I did when I didn't, like him, Lester Data to steal that the vision from achieves not bad. They just seem sloppy last year alone to give them the benefit of the doubt gone from your one ear to, but man dead. That team did not seem well coach last year. In my opinion, the key twenty one, the one an Shanna am sixteen one
is huge Jackson of Data is huge Jackson, the same as bearing that like Mars, will invade earth. What I would do Lenin Section One and in Chad answer genuine for first coach fired, what's really do this, because I think it's either your door, dirt Carter and one's plus, three fifty any others plus four fifty be very, very surprised that there was any one other than those two right. I can be one of them, Jason Garrison. The mix and I've really really enjoyed the last two weeks as people keep pushing the you knows. That could be bad. The cowboys Right actually is setting it up for further the guard fire, because. It's its outlived, their low expectations, people, actually start. No wonder! Avow hell! You know affiliates there that I really weird for them. The sheer supplying over maybe doubtless comes in. In that, I wonder if it gets yet another path
for another year, because this diamond banged up on the up and sublime, and they don't have a lot to help, make threats wide receiver position, but that one a great extra extra appear to me. If we beg you and caught her for birds, coach fired and its actual Ya J Finger chapter, almost Hugh, Hugh, arguably, should have been fired? Cigarettes point during the hard knocks season, the era, but a hum of it here. The insider trading sub platform. I love it always arrive about a web browser Kendrick to God, insider trading. So you Damn schedule quickly at Carolina Home for the job. It's on Sunday, night NBC. I can't remember when you play the giants. They went in Dallas and then you in New York. I have as I work. Done better. I lay we will leave one at the girl ass to home games against them. Seattle Weak three there's this is so
tiny chance, your own to go in there came near at the end of the troika, adheres to Jack and all the tough stretch after all, to sell in any of our last week, seven by weak home Tennessee And then a climate of ad Philly at ran a week ten week, eleven followed by the Thanksgiving Game home against the skins Redskins. There are five prime time, those three of our bank. Let me through this very coexist scenario you're owing to your blood, Seattle, game, Owen, three and then. Home Detroit weak for fire. Signs blue all that stuff and and writing similar. I could see it is my point I could theater but air that they want the cab then I know about when we give everyone a little bit of an inside thing here, because I've among us had parted with the cowboys, but I
traveled with him for a day or two day like they draw back from top the organization and I think, there's a lot of stories that are being held under wraps, and I wonder if Jason Guard bore witness to a Horrible little therapy Yes, I'll get a bay is his job for life that is already plus five and a half years. Man if my buddy J bugs listing, I hope, is a joy it Jane they sought because he was once and had a job for life scenario that we still joke about. Twenty was all railway, yeah, hey, you know, you'll asian country, I wouldn't like he was the one where he was the one who says that the haitian state aid first coach fired. Is there any other sleepers? Let me say:
I don't know I was so long in honor NOS two and they couldn t get mad that we do the first code. You talk about a guy, get fired, yeah causes happen ran in the case of coaches, get fired, it happens and its right to talk about it. Let us take, let's take another break and then we can do We can watch you go into the weak one lines and then we can hit a couple of the other. Perhaps, but I M very excited about this vandal if you're, not a fantasy expert fain to include key the place, the play, fanned or something forever and more ways to win than ever before. Doubly of us has the sad a free to under fifty thousand our survivor contest. The biggest free ceramic contest ever pick. One team each week can't reach that team. Again, for the rest, the season lacks before week. One though MR chance, sign up now. Guess what so you never do. What is fan do that
Slash bs you now you're gonna go in, there would do in it. It's free. New users get a twenty dollar about bonus when they make their first deposit. Fanned, oh, but you and I are doing this- we are diving in to the survivor contest, beat me new right eye, Ethan, better you or me who last hunger new, like to stop, You like the others, can be different from too much different from just re or fantasy, but you're at the attic. I would need a few weeks to get No, this is either is pick one team did I answer. No other for a year or just every week of every week went in its contest. Gives away check it out. Back of such bs speaking, a survivor had been won. Naked and afraid, and that is Regina you familiar with the show me, I fear the couple that doesn't to be pointless by
its flat out incredible. They just these people in the middle of nowhere with all these horrible things that could happen to them, and then they filled them and I'm just kind of speeches. I dont know why I don't know how somebody has died it anyway. I recommended, as as Hulu watch. I dont want, what's the contract life for these producers in Cameroon and then an audio guys, okay, if this guy dive- is going in a cardiac arrest us simply suffering at each drove you back to outlaw don't touch him, you don't give him one Sheeta, I better Thank you, Sir airplane. Four million dollars right, air conditions every three days, Jeff probes. Is there like prime rib and they show people leg I saw this guy hang an alligator. He came, New city hung an alligator, and then they ate the alligator propriety.
Making like a per diem. I don't understand the shower hats and we're gonna be saying the same thing about you when you're eating testicles. How many writers make the player Amity Roger, denounced testicles? If the raiders made the playoffs, you heard it here Thursday night said good, bye, good, start Philly at home, Plain the Atlanta Falcons get the rings. You might remember last year, first down and goal for the Falcons in fairly and they got sarkisian and they blew Philly ends up. In the Superbowl now they're back. They would definitely be running that serious would he have. I said my ass for. Would you have? I said five and a half of the actual. Why is my too- and this is one of the two fishiest lines- my opinion of the weak minus two Superbowl champ.
I gotta say answered. I am stunned tat. So biggest, not like the eagles what's going on here. Well, how much can you drive but it didn't drop that much I mean it was only like three. When Carson Wentz was supposed to be quarterback and drop the two, I don't think it should have dropped it. All. Nick Foles is the hottest quarterback in football right now is an aim. If you get me a thought, the precision and just go by weaker eighteen on the different. Why should that be a difference bay and be aside from the patrons won't? Last year the hunting dominate this Thursday night Games openers. I dont know Nick Nick forces practically still hot those like eight months ago. Yet somehow I knew at something you cool off a little bit, though be allowed, but Philip but her very their begging. You to take the eagle, but one issue I get twenty to twenty one final, I'm stunned, I'm surprised, I'm her
I don't like being three and a half points off with my with my first back there, I d Bessie. Can happen here. Is the eagles find out that they're not even three point? Favorites first was somebody who have to explain how lines work Secondly, somebody have to explain our southern this as they are banged up in May, and maybe people feel like there's going to be some sort of forcing over. I guess I just don't. Love this Atlanta tamest see outdoors, not in the in a dome? You know not our track. I don't get it I'm confused. Are in fact, I like Ryan, over twenty five, an app touchdown passes. I like him, twenty two to one to win and they pay I'm just looking at my gun season wines Atlantis pulls up nine half failures, boasted of cannon. Half the wind, more plus there, and they don't even get the obligatory minus three very strange. Losing is silly blue, this game,
that's one of their eight home games. Sure they have seven road games, plus the lending game they said that rams? I mean that if they this. There is a road map for them not to go ten insects, there's a man. They have some easy game, so Attemper film for Andy. Home free three of the last four on the road and Dallas Rams enough and the skin Sarah Road Games. December bizarre. I am speechless that would not a guess said. I five and a half was gonna, be a tiny bit high, but it it seemed Lego is gonna, be in the Vegas. Stay away right back. I don't know what I am in a big way. Nobody believes in us for the next two days to see if the Eagles found that they did, it is respected that are, as we won the Superbowl. They stirrup waited us. Let's say that gets got Sunday key game, there's some good ones. This week I actually was excited about the as scheduled Sunday March.
Minnesota at home for Jimmy G in the San Francisco, forty diners I'm excited for this on, because its Jimmy Jeez first forces in her cousins had his echo Vikings, Marquis team, nice outdoor Rina. I think we're gonna learn a lot about. Both teams is game. I think the vice things depending on where this line is is very, very terrible. An ominous, say, Vikings, minus seven. I said minus six and its minus six, an app, so we both get it. We tie that one it is a very wine line. As you said, we can we just say right now. We're teasing them with somebody. Yes, but I will say something else yet I did I like these younger quarterbacks over interception, so garage blows over twelve and a half baked like darnel.
Thirteen and a half or somethin beholds is thirteen ass to those three teams can make the play out, but those guys will still have like fifteen sixteen interceptions right. Aren't they good for one a game just. The learning curve. Didn't you may have won a game during his manners were added. It met there like five touch on seventeen September. Second, what we're Darnel interceptions! Let me save was thirteen. Old. Wasn't thirteen ass dead, that's ludicrous, visit the rap on him that he throws the bar for grabs too much. That was as you as Europe they went up. Greece is not a problem with that is if he throws six in two weeks, the same for a while, so you might wanna bet O drew you get. Benched did think that
yeah, probably data. So we like the Vikings Entities, Viking, six and a half hour at the poop factor. Gotta love the peace, factor I really we already. That was, if you were there Thursday did Sunday Marquis. I have for games for the poop factor, a whopping were usually not that many a start the year. These are foreign aims to refresh your memory By the way we didn't say the premise of gaslights: we we could try to guess the hand members closer lands and we keep score, and I think I've beaten, you probably nine thirteen years. Would you say maybe ten accurate, yeah how'd? You know Way for anything, the first year was supposed to be radical, responded by subway and you're gonna. Get me with a somewhat you're gonna beat me with the subway sandwich and then you want a new got scared. You thought I'd retaliate with you. I thought
you might retaliate what Turkey, if I'd, be the subway, so I would take it easy because I'm a nice guy, if it was reverse you, get the biggest most disgusting meatball sub and beat the hell out of me for, like ten minutes, hovering tomato and she's a nun every war with you, where you get to beat me up somehow just say you ve, come only to re, evaluate the poop factor. These are the words came so the way these are the games that even fact that these are the words came so the way these are the games that even pass. If you have a set up with four tvs at home, these games are not crack in the four. You might only know their happening everyone's throughout something crazy happens, one of them it gets on the roads and the first one Dep Titans at Miami. Maybe look site there, just gonna be awful Heaven. I've read anything encouraging about by the shared, not excited about them at all
And I like the titans that I think there are potential of his jim- I have the Titans mine three in Miami what you have I couldn't rabbi this one. I made it a pic. I can't stand I am the sheer I'd like I'm in years past this problem here they do well. I bet a pick. It tightens minus one that have so we put that right used to breathe. Try the middle em. Why would the Titans lose their game They came win that game than I don't know your mother to warm weather. I hit you that I like an idea, Louis and any time a patriot go somewhere else. Yeah I like it under five and a half rushing receiving return? Touchdowns? that you're shorting, the Louis that hurts my feelings Roger it'll make. You feel better If I go yet point for real payment that well, I can make it work and benefit
I don't like that. We ve only then three games so far, and I want to bet on our three I think about ever get a driver. Here's one I don't wanna bet on it. Tomorrow's at home to pay the bill labelling is now This is a rare, but only not already you wanna bet on this one, but even worse, did not gain that altogether night and even want to talk about it or mention it d, only way, this game is interesting, as if something horrible happens, we have another Nathan, Peter men, five interception thing or who knows, but I think they jacked up for some reason: people like the ravens orbit the share J. I dont totally understand, but it's I have read. In seven and one slash two: what do you have? Raven six and one slash two in the line at seven, so we try that one as well. That's a lot of times and uses you have if you do in the neck out, poor the bear the boss,
on mobility used the ravens for weak. Why we always talk about this week, one Gwen. Basically, we and we too are when you have the most value. If you want to go all in on this teams, gonna be horrific. Teams gonna, be better than people think, whatever its to go out on this stuff. I the re on, and so I would impersonated this. But if you like the ravens, you know like the bills. This is actually a good knock Apple pic. I think they came but over the last decade are two of the three games that obscured made of. I can't win the game for whoever I tag I'll. Take my paycheck component. Aber shredder, but we have left I would give facilitation. We can do that. What that you have lived for patients, Now you can do that a lot of attacks, but the bill it seems, We have given it seem like they gave up this time last year. They trade made a bunch of trade that would you believe it. Rebuilding three million dollars poison dead money. They already got people
Round the corner common killed aerial off the seven rout seventh rounder Nanda cut gory comin I don't know, I abandon the ravens at the same way. What would you do for this one? The Marge action over under a half a start. Oh I go over minus one. Fifty not that red work as the ads Flacket get hurt who now this yet the heard the promises don't need weak. Seventeen almost definitely if they're looking to make the Playoffs I gotta get up temporary start. It didn't Might the bills wandered about make the playoffs last year and kind of into it, but yet this is maybe they throw away Arizona Home for the watched him Redskins. I had. More problems trying to figure out this line than any of the sixteen lives, Big Arizona stinks. I have no fear dinner, all other then I think the upgraded Kubi
washed in his is a I'm, not gonna, say Nicky, but a little bit under the radar possible wildcard peck and then The eagles are as crappy Vegas seems to think there are. Maybe who knows when the division? I picked Arizona, minus one and a half. I do not feel good about it. Would you have done There is only one apple washed in one eye cards minus one: it s, okay, Washington, minded Who do you get it anyway? It's a Peckham Vegas through their hands in the air. They can figure it out either weird game. Very true, some fire on most people, but it is a strange, gets weird go back like round we five weeks sakes, we look back a weak one and we get mad that we didn't realize certain things it feels like this. One could be. One of them were like wow that Redskins we're a peck, I'm in Arizona errs on his awful they're gonna go one and fifty year and you get married
called going was usually manners, but one of the first came in here, maybe not as much of a factor I pregnant norms. Last rose in amity starts, I would say five six, seven tat good number six and a half of the over under. All right that once their seasons done, though, though he'll be plan Sharia until my bisher now I know that when they're like one and seventy two and his cabinet wondered oh yeah sure we cross them. We usually crossings off or know anyway, but for now and then let across into enough it three anyway. I last saw poop fact again. Is actually could have been in the barrel. Barely watchful section, I added I was torn on it
you decide. Should this being the poop fact there, the barely watch was broncos. Seahawks gets barely logical so: let's launch failure as six three final potential, but I am interested in than a few things with this. I love. What's move to the barely whatcha Buzz Danver around Seattle? I think this is a Ass. A man is three times You didn't think a lot about this disc. This seems I too, indeed themes. One of them might better than we think one of them might be worse than we think both of them who the hell knows and will now after this game. I should at all more right or analysis is right on it as minors to pass at minus two, but yeah tender minus three at all, The people like the Denver running back people Chris Carson, Doug Baldwin. Banged up Earl Thomas, This situation is that been resolved, yet Denver tough place to play,
Russia will soon be the best power in the field. Finland Sheila Door about him. That's you! the thing I was reading this It our be a dead, whereas a possible sleeper when that, when they weigh Paxton Lynch, somebody wrote the piece about always last two drafts. Sixteen Seventeen that that this eighteen drop at sixteen and seventeen June. It's it's a catastrophe. They they basically They just got nothing. They got no young talent out of those two drafts really, and I always feel like that is the death now in the NFL, if you're not dont nail couple drafts and around it goes the other an you actually like batch two drafts her pretty hard to come back from that act. I agree. I think the best thing they messing up and looked amber. The raiders higher giant written it's taken away. Taken everything away, all the attention away from my what's gonna be a whole humpty than in the rest of the vision, the getting better chargers chiefs. Would we agreed Bob? I come double digit, so computer
are Ford. You know it so rare the shaggy thing: it's really a gift from the gods. It doesn't happen. Often I remember when the raiders hired shell and right here, coached in a long time, the internet has really rounded into what it was yet and people people just forgot how bad our show us so there is brought him back. Unlike for call em. I don't even think I had the park ass. Yet at this point call it was just a godsend. It was. I am going to gets raiders every week, art showers of bad coach. This is this. Is this is a gift and it was. It was great I'm excited for this. I think anyone when I get to watch you in tat struggle that they lose, that they win I think reading isn't give from the gods. I think he is going to. I think that lack room as can be toxic. I thank you.
In its rights under the bus, and he will spend this first year being leaking staff. And we wouldn't have to take LEO Mac if they had never paid their carne its Go and down it's all happen, ripe and obey inches interesting to see how he is PAN Anna's it whether they go kid gloves on it. As he is a former I used person or whether they actually read about it, read about attack but accurately hey, let's take one more break hey, if you let to score amazing deals and credible hotels, you'll love hotel tonight they partner hotels to them, sell their unsolved rooms, help you find sweet deals, a cool top rated hotel. Hotels. You actually want to stay at no more scroll through endless system choices, even though their names so tat today. There are not just for last minute bookings. You could book in advance, perfect for players, impress netters lake spontaneous, we can get away stations. Thirty weakens road ships, business bookings.
More easy to use ten second street taps at a swipe. They even had the aged perks programme, the more above the better, the deal's get we a soccer turn me in San Diego this weekend and it looks like we're your mate finals, though we blew it semifinalist, but there is a moment there were. People are scrambling for the Senate, hotel rooms and people hotel tonight, Fourthly, the secret is out of touch to find a good hotel rooms, hotel tonight's doing great get in guinea. Hotel the night before, Erica design it get those efforts that now to start scoring amazing deals an incredible hotels, hotel. Today, the only booking app you need by the rest of the barely watch roubles. This art they could have been a perfect again but sound. I both like the Benghazi Share Year home. The Bangalore Sow, I had the colts favoured my one and a half in this, and I hope I'm right would you have. I got this exactly.
I like that. I, like the man we like the Bengal this year, I said pulled by three and it is three months even though I pick three, I think it's it's a little high. If the Bengals are going to make the plants issue, they have to win this game to use must win for required by this is fair. Ten in six. Eleven five beat the courts. The courts are good. Take our business in this game I've come around on the bangles in this respect. With the d, Louis thing may gather last forestry times in the past on that. This is really sad. I'm almost a barrister said at least Dave one stuff. At least they have succeeded at least Dave Ben involved in big game's over the years with the nucleus. They have for the most part and have come through a few times. It's that it's not as far fetched as like talking much talk yourself into Mister Bisbee, make in plants like Don and Louis had seasons roulette, they ve gone six hundred eleven five, whatever dared that dared defensive front said
the a best he lives in a league and they can get up, get biologist enough on the find she's gonna, be like a beast like one of the three best he lives in a league and they can get up get by with just enough on the other side. The compete maybe you'll make sense. Gonna be really get there there's some pieces air, and this is the kind of game if its lined up for them, that they should take care. Business. I know you agree that is bangles thing to do. What it and, if any, to get off to a good start its them, because then they weren't they shut out at home. Twice the start to see them. I think I know the raven shut them out in Cincinnati week. One last year Yeah and I'm lots injuries. We discuss this on over others, Boyd Roth age a green they get the play together could be interesting, want the other. That I noticed their backup. Quarterback is Jeff Briscoe, so don't get her to on just opened good happening.
I honestly don't know who that is Jeff briskly nowadays, another you're gonna Nike endorsement, I'm so ass. He earns yet did the bay I think, last year, their family I was just so agitated and frustrated by just watching this. The kind of stay together, but never actually do anything that date. There is a real negativity. Last year, an outside they give it up say it's like one of those marriages where the couple they think there get divorced and what, though the husband moves out in there and then they Johanna end up back together and they just look at each other in their like we're in our midst. These worrying yesterday again like fucking I'd, stay together added so are you are you? Ok, you need I know that I say I said in the difficulties I said bids for another nervous. Bengals feds are just in that Phuket stage desire, arid whatever
thirteen earlier this year we are the elevator there when they play the state. Where are we draw in that in the barely watchful category only because of the violence that is the exceedingly whatcha I love in lead their lives. It also barely logical get out ass. He had some its morally thou actual Sates Box. This argument could have been a perfect the game of the boxer as bad as we think they're gonna be, but who knows no J mess. New Orleans at all. Neurons or the a lot of indoor games, a share as usual. They think they have eleven. I thought about double digits for this, I am looking at them in a three team ride, the saints, nine and a half You got it exactly. It's mine ass, I said nine. What's this line of James is quarterback seven to twelve.
He has shown us. How can they just not make it double? Digit, Sir Division Game strode off the bad out a bit, it probably should be higher than those now. They're just dying for us to throw them in? I am break him now. Comrade history blues thirty five, eight thirty years ago. This is a let's be careful game. Doesn't it? I just looks too easy. It looks too easy to throw the saints in the three themer and these NFC Afghans are super weird and could you see having a lot of money and the saints which I know both you and I will talk ourselves into it and then they like Let's go to New Orleans, Worryin Ryan Fitzpatrick has a go in. And were like what the house gonna, we do. A windfall
you're doing with a ring on another matter will make that one, but then we do it separately there and the way it works is thirty. Teams are taken at the end of the day. Two teams are left out. As one of on which a bet on the two that it can be left out, I think it's tamper and it there down, I needs he body. I said Buffalo errs on over the to the railway, not tap anywhere. We are doing that and the ringer we mentioned earlier in the ringer, the twitter feed Facebook and Youtube five p. I'm Tuesday, you can watch, you can't be their cause. You have other obligations, but you can watch it on one another night right here, somehow. I have to figure out how to organise the other poor before before Thursday, hey More barely watch was jagged at the giants. This. Has one of those the under look so glaringly obvious that I am convinced this is gonna, be like in the fifties four points here.
Good Classic ban the six Eli For that an interception battle fumbles and I and some other jobs or wind. Thirty, eight to thirty I had read the jagged minus one and a half against giants in giants, nay, even the full three and it is. They are favor by feel, though, that one this is such a thank God. It's in New York in early September, as if their like get up there, they ve gotta. They gotta met life in November giant. Could when, like twenty seven, thirteen or somethin like I'd, feel better about that Why is this? What you think see- I am really I'm kind of new could argue the gene.
It could be in the Watchables Catogram excited to see them together. I miss, I know Coughlin Jaguars from David. I miss him on the sidelines in this game, like the lights went, there's big big red face, that's the one I like. I want to see that more peering out of the fund. Yet I'm excited see how downplays plays out. I don't know why I like this week, say more than the usual weak when sites, but there's a ladder Windsor. My car jack giants hurry. Let's see, let's see how good Barclays in this game, good defence, snip, panthers home cowboys. In Carolina doubts on the road to start, there's been a lot of Dac Prescott. I break out lecture guy, Ojala Lecture Guy, whereas it People forget how good dad Prescott was as a rookie people. Just yeah! That's when you,
you can't do this year, sport stocking sugar What do I do. People are gonna dig into to isolate our cakes and now yours, because this is your character and draw a right back in our face, put together some kind of you to, but talk, I get lecture guy, but we're not supposed to be doing lecture guy. I was coming. From Florida. With my son, we're at seven a M east his flight, like nine get in, Gilbert overtakes takes an extra ten minutes to get there and read as a red spot on one of those DMZ type cameras comes up and they're asking when I learned in the later Hosea there's another bridle acres and everybody think whenever they made files, I'm just I'm in a friggin, coma, my size that China in the car ask how many titles around one in the Lakers, with the Lakers what are my possible answers? There
If I say like two, then everyone Calm is focused synods. He goes tallies now. The way things all the bronze gonna win, the title and if I say, zero, now, materials equip but eight the Lakers, so I d say I had to hold up the zero, my fingers and, of course, the Algarve zero. The visual, too, was key there now by the flagging up the door with the same end The area like a like, I almost as if planted on the runway as we had landed we say it sooner that data, like fact that's going to be a taxi dammit. I didn't. I just say I don't know I like the way to do. It is just to never had anything right, yeah, the boy, the example of I'm sure that of the throne in my face, if I don't usually Yeah he's really excited furs, first DMZ sports thing, but yeah there's a classic example of I'm sure that to get through
my face. If I don't usually does had disappeared from the top of the herd of the car bouncing elbow on the planned photographer tab, and then they know that the screw with animals He was doing annexed, he entrances yesterday for like two hours with no shirt and play these days. Done, then we are these guys. I barely even now and is imitated them in, were likewise school starting today, and you should be reading anything anyway. I have Carolina minus five at home against the Cowboys Classic Vegas on what you have. European aid minus four and its minus Ray oil. You know our boys are right. I, like it like legs dialysis year now. This is good Kazanovitch dictating to begin this shapes up well. For me, the one
three the latch of us, what a motley crew of of entertaining and we're games. This is the case even Browns crack in the watchwords. For the first time in over the years, five expect it'll happen. Don't don't get used to it by the Steelers at Cleveland, Laugh. I am actually kind of excited to ashes. Steelers four foreign slash favoured over Cleveland, I want six and ass. It was five and a half it's done For a year, your closer air, only one imbalances, playing or fucking like at the hours drug drawn and on look like, is not playing right. Yeah or he's gonna wait until like three hours before. I don't know that I get together. I was like bad news, bears a break and Jane another day. Colleagues showed a break for the game, maybe that's what they live outside yet
play in forbears for everyone. Such different attitudes in April We ve seen these stores Cleveland Games was at last year. Two years ago, sleep was up by twenty two. Nothing Mamma had the second quarter, so John DOE Ripley fundamentally something couple years ago last year last year, this was the first game at airports, burger Clay, one, I know cause Pittsburgh was my best bet. A favour by nine and a half, and they won by three. It was a brown closest game of the year and at a weak one game. Only two games were decided by fewer than six points at something to keep in mind what you do with it. Yet shrinking more and more in the brown paper like to work with Bell being out like because how much can you help the brown wrong and they deserve all these topside pig they have to. It looks like at least these.
Quarterbacks. On that, bearing the Breyer report, I, like Jarvis Landry under five and a half touchdowns all that said lesson. I like it, I like the fact that we're gonna We look back at this forward. And now and not be able to believe that the browser only four point underdogs against a playoff should mark that we should all the other one. Is that Arizona Washington at the one that had scratch from a month later years on a lasting and called spangles are the three year the belgian courts, game deck and that really ridiculous and a couple in a couple weeks. Next one next watch a ball. This argument could have been the Marquis game which at which gave me more excited for vikings, banners or charges shapes chargers yet again blew it. The market again say it again. Now felt like it
Why, when it we want accuracy, biking aspire to. NL. I. I meant to say fifteen thousand Casey Chiefs fans answer, maybe sexting something like that last year I needs a classic, charges by would you have. I had in its three and a half, so we split that one whose winning right now just out of curiosity, but I have to ask I am the last one were left others for laughed you were tied right now. Ok, good, we're type. So for our chief sped. The chiefs when in this game, immediately puts us in the driver's seat right? Ah, Braun the before either about says San Diego. Instead of Bela chargers want an ipod gas. We don't count made saying that right now, but I am wondering next week's biker I have,
kind, dare Card David Car, minus nine and a half over me saying the San Diego chargers for the entire cigarette deftly happen, pats home for the Texas. Who other than though bizarre Jacobus per second, the Texans have ten a pretty good job against the pats over the years? I guess there are New England. Every year I e everything earlier or you can play out, but its schedule. The irregular suit and gay. So guys I surrender pats, I'm not. Sure who the number two receiver and the team is right now You got no clue now, one clear they picked up to deeds from people's practice guides, who are apparently gonna shoot up for this game which seem d, The first year for the Bell Jaeger,
two guys who do they just pointed up that door said that I think just like everything that it might be. How come on it made them? Hurrah Patterson, I don't know their Billina grandpa, I'm way, but this game. I have passed by seven. Dying, be teased, dying begging, for I had seven also in itself I agree with you. I don't think I was another opener home opener. So what are we like? We, like them and minister no I'm not I'm not bury the Pats IDA. Our I want to I forgot about. I wanna watch him. One game on a few pats: props, buyer, cataloguing, I'll. Let you guess the number drunk starts. Oh that's, last year we made this a lack and we're right was airline Fourteen lasher, I think so up almost eight twelve and have they had starting now,
Gazelle cinema hatred they'll see him if he, if they conceive, seized a set of Adelaide, though ass, to gain alone and start out of the Middle EAST. For no reason, Pedro, led the Cayman. Rushing Burke had minus one, forty five, forty Michel, plus one fifty Jeremy O five to one James, five James five to on them way. I dont even know you twenty five one. I don't recommend you bending carelessly he was caught and to get a new world Saint now it Burke had really leaders came rushing. They like at last year and got hurt and caught a knock backwards, but I'd. I actually do think. There's gonna be ladder Rex Burke this year, not don't know if that's a good thing I'm worried about this game on that is in the pats and the Texans there's like three or four teams-
I'm not necessarily IDA I'd impact animate the plants, but there's three or four teams out there. They can kind of see the path where they would like all the Texans. Why are there eleven and five- and you know cuz just to have some shepherds they have really good quarterback. Potentially they have some studies on the d. They have probably the best receiver in the leg. Not sure about there's no dominant theme in their division. There's a case to be made. You that you like them more than I right I do and I I like Hopkins, most receiving large plus nine fifty they could get hundred airy, I'm watching the door bomb this year and not just the fuller right, yeah, nine. Fifty four most receiving arts jump on that I gotta say, as I love it, in the shower Watson. I just Canada, to see it. I don't like the injury. Add IDA is that necessarily huge guy. I think there's it. You know it
Add to save bet your life. How many starts as yet this year, let's say thirteen one slash two is the over under. Would you go so Watson STAR versus grog, start jeered at even ah shit. I don't together, give get to fourteen on Sunday excited about dynamics about them and which I about the charges being good job. Everyone in the AFC for the patrons been good. So obviously, though, bubble for what you will be? No when Adam and comes back will know what we have with this Patsy, but until then, I'm a little concern. Sunday night suddenly the best game of the week. I think I have really genuine they're waiting for this year, an Rogers in the packers in limbo, to host. LEO Makin in the Chicago bears. While that's a great game and pumped.
It still: it's still, no matter what it still mature bitch. You go. Lambeau, Lambert, China, right. Which is why I was gonna say I think now. The thing is, if you think the bears aggravate the playoffs than you have to believe in them in this game, but man, the packers or diabetes. I have the Packers seven and a half over Chicago at six and a half that was seven. It went up to seven app after that. After the signing after the coil max I actually went up to seven have, which is which is weird, as is our second, please game or euro, and on the bears you don't do that I want to remove for the barriers we have money on them. I'm excited for them at this point the right here's what I've gotten transpire- oh no, they wouldn't have played yet now Monday, It is by a year I want to refer. The bears I dont know who are teaser team is so
I thought we didn't want you and Minnesota. You like more on that, but many factor, more now that the hours passed against them, and I think you should go to you tax from like two thousand and fifteen or two thousand sixteen there's a text than there are- or I basically say if I bet on Joe Facto entities again, you have permission bludgeoned Mean NED show that, to I think I had neglected. That text come to me up, you can kill but the saints and you cannot go to jail. Please shoot me down the two. You should have taken the subway sandwich, beating a little bit about less painful HU, we do a seven point. These with the saints and and the banks can do that best. Instead, the two and a half there to do that. Then we do you're up one going into the Monday game. Oh it! take a dramatic break and then we'll finish
talk about wink week with the sea, here's a test pick out a wine you love it has to be. When you haven't had before where do you start while wink makes it easy discover great wine by sipping wines personalized, for you right to your door the best day your month, all starting it just thirteen dollars a bottle. Just answer. A few simple questions in winks pout profile. Quiz like how take your coffee here How do you feel about blueberries, then wink? Send you wise curated to your taste, the more wines rate, the more personalize your monthly selections each month new, delicious wines. Like the insanely popular summer, water rose, I know, membership fees skip any month, cancel anytime shipping covered you don't like a bottle. The replace it with one. You love discover great. Once today,. Gotta try winked out capsized bs, you get twenty dollars after first shipment. That is t our. Why W agency Dhaka, Slash bs for twenty hours off, try wink dachau, flesh, b s Monday night. Shockingly exciting set,
P M East Coast, but it gave it Savior SAM is headed to Detroit to play the lions. I I dare. I say this is probably the most I mean we ve had fir woods. Usually a crap game are destroying a game. At those weird time, waste have granted the Jew they're gonna be slippery at all. I think that, after when this game, I have the jets as six point five point underdogs? Would he have damn you got it? I said five rather vague its own. It is six. They're, not trusting Donald on the road and maybe with good reason. I wouldn't put this in a teaser, though it should be exciting at the general public What are the things that makes a to do? This year's bet against Matt Patricia, and that's one of many reasons why I want to put this in a tease but especially now, the bears are gonna, be good to you, three good teams that division than the lions who have I have flustered us
over and over again over the years, but good calling this guy I always like the ears p early Monday game as it is like nephew, Kyle they have now. I don't even know I don't know How can you look that up whose kind decided to destroy you, my card actually do it. Yet, if I don't do lose calling the Monday night Sevenpm lands jets, gameshow shall Mcdonough shall Mcdonough very for supply. Can't we shall maintain as flavour play an answer. I gotta teach cow Google, how that hold on he's out she's, You thought I would add, asked him to explain: blockchain adjacent wind, now he's doing the Sarajevo way now is. A bit of a negative game there, because gonna tell us in we.
And we ve packed. I saw TAT. I had understood the joy nice guy following get. It does call you single handed labour day. We can man had delivered an aim to get to know now, people as we now people email you buy me, did I single now dating. Back together, we were seen if we responded to public yesterday. God relating to this p, David centenarian grandma We don't know whose ass in this game and can certainly can't tell us but a lie. Hidden heads were: the worst was. It was a bird. Was that our low point for this game as much as we lumbermen Dear Berman, used to do the thought of it right? Their year was like Berman and some random added. Then the game and just people got so mad.
Making landed at a year. They had the european parties guy on the side. I what would happen with the way they thought he was having like a theatre young last year from sea, and I was ass yet something weird always happens in this game. Madame back that guy back he's got himself. This is the last one. This is Great. When I love this game Rams Raiders oh yeah I have rams minus ten IDA. They can make this line. Oh my god really are you can't win this wait being off sick now boys. I had, I added exactly it's for an app rams by foreign app and we second where's, the game. Boliden when did. I thought I was in allay my bad
of course I can't win still is still one by one. You went forward three. What for I got to say. If I had known it was a no good. I still would have said rams by like six and one slash two Here's where we do so. We we might be line parlay the vikings in the ribs go down will take us above plus one you're right, take a secular plus one, twenty plus one, twenty five plus one thirty range. Yet Ryanair care business on the Vikings game, and now we just get the whole that day money line parlay, all the way until until Monday night and then we went because the rams are gonna, be the raiders and then when the raiders win people jumping on Twitter, genes and cause terrible things for the next twenty four hours. Either way we win
They waited solidarity, Remilly added or we just when money either way its grey it out. This is. We were just up to three against sex and black, report met three down for more money on the table, now adopt another three and were sport? Not one now adopt another three, so we have the raiders under wines we have yet the raiders do not make the playoffs We have the raiders Toulouse Monday night, betrayed accelerated I'm shorting all things good in this year. This guy, this guy, I can win games of its time, preparing corner now here s favorite segment, his back, you go first out of our half related and have just weird story to me so Saturday, night at home. My son got a fantasy draft. He afterwards friends to be in it
and you ve got nine flocks filled and he's got one more and in the draft is like at eight o clock we worry about the laugh. Why did I gotta know at four o clock? If I don't know what you're talking about this for drive me crazy? You need to be on the phone to be pushing this to get get a gun. Get this lousy like well enough. Bilbo is big, six o clock. You know that for my life, I'm I'm not do good. I'm in three weeks will want to you ass, my friend Harry Arrogance, along with them. Well, from against all odds they want to do it sure enough areas already is not doing anything on the phone I? What could we be doing to Harry is gonna jump, and so my thumb goes up stairs do is and there's a knock at the door? Pretty wild knock and I open it up, and it's like an high school kids bigger than my son and it's gonna. Run, lot o clock at night for menacing grouper, guys Mappen, bigger than
at the door of my aim, as I can. I help you know like yeah like this the sound weird, but we know you're a football fan and we need one more person for our vanity leg. Unstrapping I get an hour. Would you want to join with us I got Jesus. Thank God you not robbing me, but on the other hand, you you don't know me in I live here and tell them not. Even if our way, though I let them off easy, but I like this is so close to this is the sports nerd version. Christmas scowling and two thousand eighteen, so yeah. I don't also beware, beware knocked at the door could be kept asking you to join a fantasy drift net, some believe I couldn't. I had to go through it in my head, a bunch of times, because the coincidence and organizing other fantasy draft just it was. It was so strange to me, but no one's as far as I can tell put them up to it, my my parents,
my daughter's that thirteen everywhere warned me that, further x, seven to ten years may well, and daughter would like genuinely detest. Each other and ass, it there's no way my daughter they give her in the package such a sweetheart there's no way, I don't see it, everybody was right. It's it's just I don't know what it is, but the mom daughter, think you're going to miss out your three sons, one of them's, going to be living with KEN and Harrison in Arizona and kind of wax, and it's just it's. It starts it starts out with an eye roll I wrote coming from my daughter, she's flies went out little dagger over The minor food by my wife, overreact into the IRA, followed by my daughter than overreact into the over reaction to the IRA and manages
his back and forth and Ben I just sit there and its leg we're just kind of their as there they go at it for five to six minutes. We we had the sack termed the cigarette. The hotel rabbit on China Saturday, beautiful day it's between games. They won the first game everybody's in a good mood. The ten hit, my wife got up and left, literally level have referred and things I can't take it anymore? I don't like the person you become it just gets up, believes my daughter's their crying and my second, I urge a slick venture the case he said for anything minor staff and other just ever been in this situation before it's getting it. Where is
Boy that, where the cameras right on the heels of I don't like the person, you ve asked me what you meant by that when it comes down to is she doesn't like that? My strains are here with the hair. Iron then leaves the Hare iron and the weather the curling earn then leaves the current ban on in them. Bathroom in my way, facts and touched her hand and heard her hand, because my daughter Sapien, just say that I share your own iron, I mean it seems like that can be found for fourteen hours or so it really does. But then you talk to the other moms and it's you say world where three, with with thirteen zero girls near mobs it she's decree the board its, not my family. Really feels like this should be a pike asked where like survivors, the survivors. Terrible events is she survivors of people from families with thirteen zero girls and their wives, NEA like real housewives, but let that focuses more on the mother daughter relationship yelling. I could tell the story about when you know
some story that lead to somebody storming off, and then I get to hear. Maybe it rehab, where people go to our colleagues anonymous. I just mean Ben These things were people just tell Dorias name. We all feel better about our situations as an everybody so yeah I don't know it going spheres. My liver are like, but well I'm doctor number, if you guys wanna talk it out, my by way of Gaza, my wife, via that my daughter recently that she dresses like a Russian whenever it sets if you want to wear that? That's fine! You look like a russian. Which I guess is insulting directions, just survey I guess I mean it depends what DR its bottom, your or one the way with their journey, and I want to be compared to the networks, you ve been caught in the crossfire couple times, I'm pretty pretty held in high regard sides- and I, like you, really get nephew cars like the favourite member, the semispheric now so hoping he does just
anyway, I see as emails at the mailbag at the ringer dot com. If you have any advice how to deal with a thirteen year old daughter and in a mom- and I feel like I really but that was my daughter too. So if it's happening with my daughter, it's happening everywhere. Cuz I see some of them. I see some of the some of the Instagram it's going on now some of the Instagram Games. Some of these pictures, kids, her age, are posting and I'm like I'm, actually feel like I lucked out so far, but we'll see anyway, check it out. You may allow the mailbox at the rear, Dotcom south plug some stuff Oh yeah, well Jimmy came arrived and I Rami Malik Jennifer love you it lemon twigs or on against all odds Wednesday. Tomorrow degenerate trifecta, whether NFL prop at their bed
oh jack? I walk it in fact, towards one next Monday De Beers board. Thirty five thirty eastern I've met live I'll, have a job like two weeks before they come to their senses and our vanity football draft, an item in seventy two hours to get kicked out bread you're, the one favor I hated damaging in the policy either the aim is to blame Michael Crabtree. Could I was in the final against them, and Crabtree decided Chuck his helmet into the in the crowd like the first quarter net with it pardon me hopes. I gave voted out like a relief it out, because you'll never come back your beer, big baby about these thanks, you'll, never return way, I'm a big baby. I don't like to perceive you become so found the Monday night common to set out. It is just a little cheeses, brain Greece, Chorodyne Greasy and about and who Beth Mounds Batman.
No, they do that of Russia and then you have against all odds year. Ear can do wednesdays, assure yes, Wednesday night, ok, we're gonna get and the trifecta then props all that stuff up ahead. As good job. I owe the job I hereby I dared say, don't forget to check out against all odds, don't forget about zip recruiter our presented, are good as hypocritical com bs to find out how to hire successfully. Don't forget at the ringers winds pool draft happening today, Tuesday, five p m e check out our twitter Youtube Facebook, all that stuff. You know where to go, can't wait to see who doesn't get picked thanks to fend off. If you not a fantasy expert, Fernando clearly the place to play,
he's in their running a free to interfere, does now thousand survivor contest. The biggest free survivor contest ever pick one team two in each. We can't raise that team rest of lacks before week. One don't miss your chance to sign up right now to get us that free contest gotta Vanderdyke, I'm such bs yours is getting twenty dollar bonus when they made the first positive veto comply with me. Phantom Deca slash the don't forget to go. The ringer dot come back with two more pack ass this week one way.
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