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Guess the Lines Week 2 With Cousin Sal (Ep. 258)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons brings on Cousin Sal to recap all the NFL action from Week 1, including the QB panic meter (6:00), Russell Wilson's woeful protection (14:00), Carson Wentz's impressive debut (18:00), fantasy football standouts (24:00), and Tony Romo's budding TV career (30:00). Then, Bill and Sal run through all of the Week 2 matchups and give out their best bets for the week (35:30).

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Those out I put them on my facebook page hope everyone for it is doing today dune. While today it all of a sudden was gone. So my buddy gas at sight of Orlando, he thought he was going to miss it than almost a nose like the eye of the storm, was comin out of poor guy lived in Connecticut for a hundred years, yet have advanced northern Iraq little snow the anyway, but yet thankful each post pictures and kept power, but man that was Would you be one of those whether man who's out there a hundred Mount our wines? We should be more scared for these people. These woman was almost like falling over the deck saunter firefighters. Like me, I can't drive the truck I just have to be in it. I think it's probably the same feeling with somebody's, whether rightly unable standing in front of a green screen for three and a half years before they happen so innocent Cooper was right in there? He lay in it just like any now this hairs, Oliver the highest, maybe maybe maybe get exhilarated bad, but I was scared for everybody, hope, Everett afloat. June. While this week come up,
sound, I break now. We can do in the guess the lines we do here. We go pass out? What's happening? You had touch for flag football game. Clever, clack, head tail with Cowboys Giants Euro African and by turns out, you literally miss nothing. I was you missed out one thing by little we did miss nothing but act as I was a whole parent whose the there have also been that a parent. The bad thing is when kid sees you re at the phone and it's a look of disappointment. It's bad! It's better
If you have a son and I think a dark as the directive is. Finally, where do you see the guy and bring an oval college or maintain a kind of glare they give you? My son, looked up from the field I was about. Eighteen rose up in the bleachers and he saw I was watching my phone as he took his actual flag boys like football and dried it from his up where you live We had a terrible day for by yesterday, I gotta be honest. Seattle, verses, Green Bay was a terrible game and it was horribly officiated and with super disappointing and then Cowboys giants was where pseudo you wrote: six thousand words on how football socks and then turns out football sock erratic Aussies at second reading of the season with China sack what One element to the stature of like. First of all, there are really no bad beats yeah whether one game that there was one bad beat. What happened to be your better, the wheel authority where a man is not in doubt about that and say ass ridiculous, but they only one game. They came down to the last play and I was Falcons bear
Two games decided by a touchdown or less the under was and into yesterday, now much going sixteen scored fewer than ten points as Lombardy points out that the often should be headed defence at this point. So what are we to look forward to really bad I said that we didn't have the cowboys giants under which, with five minutes was the most obvious better. Thank rare just like while the giants obey the haven't practice, brain and martial any law must amiss communicated fire. I don't. I stood on a whose fault it was. I just know that brain of Marshal was repeatedly wide open, but the ball wasn't going anywhere near him and he running game. The offence of line is bad, nor, let's stop, but it's not now the ears at day and now the overreactions what's the biggest overreact, because I think you'd, like I'm gonna cut the jail, some slack, the best player was out your best players out. It's gonna shall engage you, so they see that graphic at the end where they would. I think I've had ninety one points in their last seven games dating back to, while dating
to the last six from last year. They they have not scored twenty points in games that there can be. No member gave yeah me, that's a brown, I wanted to go through fan base should be panicking the most about their q being before we get to guess the lines are that stuff, because its panic time red star with the giants you out of terrible, I dont First of all, they looked at the head of practiced eye all summer and I don't know what they were doing for the last few months, prodigious like computers Bible, but he had no strength, he'd, happy, we ve seen him look like this a million times, but what in his meat there is that things like thirty five? Thirty, six, thirty, six, very sex farmer- John, then, I'm concerned sure, and that he looked awful for a couple. Now. They should be concerned yeah but end, but I dont again. I don't know that often of wine may be as bad as everyone saying. I don't know how much how much credit
in Vila. Do I love it? I wasn't even still missing wide open, guys, that's badness! It's bad news. Silent conservative? I got the desert, starting really let em in those nice to organise sick. Really, I think starting line of fantasy team. Here I hope it's like a toy fifteen league right, because I can't think of a twelve times or less. I can't think of any scenario where you ever started. Lamenting again and Orange Games are cancelled because a hurricanes or sound like I don't know why you would have been the hurricane would have to go through the entire United States number two team freaking out about their Kubi, the cardinals Carson Palmer was an atrocity yesterday and he was up and down last year. I cannot remember I'm finishing the are okay, but Lombardi was just obsessed with this topic like Woody and about a qb. You can't bring him back, he's not going to get better, is just older really really really really like almost
like he was throwing the game, even though I know he wasn't like some of the passes he made right and I thought he so bad. It singly only change that game. They gotta turn over touched at the start and it just seem like they had. They should add more madame it he was awful lost David Johns along the way yet so that was in great, but I apologize for I had I had Arnold setting winning ten games- and I forgot how atrocious he is like inside. Even just one is pressure. Now, Israelis The message we realise, as missing throws looks match our been two thousand eleven right over there. You kind of feel too it. Rather, I had him as my draft kings quarterback this week largest. Torpedoed my team, whose you step that was it. I could have had Every other guy rests on ravening quarterback. They could add. My homes organise spot for any videos guys, but well. So from what I saw from him. I don't think that gets better the Bengal snare says,
big picks. It sounded well my com. I saw that you, euro, vignette user way from the sweet I for by four by football here my winners and they're all gonna win. Now I didn't say I hated the offices. It had the ram so big on the ranch and when big on the raven suitable and then I have the Steelers charges tease, but but the bangles it. There were six nine and one. Last year they brought back the code in the Queue Bay who have never had any real success and neither fence of line, is worse and I think never really see Navy down with a bad offensive line, has always had really good offensive Landsmen, his kind of maybe he's over achieved for what he actually is. He was surrenders yesterday that he was gonna, be there Do we want this is borne out. Maybe the overreaction. To is that the overreacts deem really weird about that. As I like in these lopsided games, we tend to give less credit to that.
That one like the ravens. We probably should be praising the ravens. A little difference was great. Instead, we will, after the bangles like well there a bad and I put a pull up on Twitter. I said Bengals fans who, which Louis would you want coaching your team Marvin. Now Marvin, Huey or Jerry. He was well here. We should firmly supported here which pocket outrage, everybody overflow. Thousand votes, and you guys, like fifty seven percent, less Huey would be a breath of fresh air. The new phase is a sports. I dont know if your biggest Spaniards, sucking at bargain those they lay down, was like these. This dual has already peaked in re everyone to play a game when they peaked, wait for Joe mixing it you're going to get a little spark into the Zapatista declare in trouble. It's not kid, and I made a big boy in weak one in the com about that Raven see because I like what they data language teams double down answered than there are good at and the ravens are just like screw it yet
as my computer science, the ravens are like screw it we're getting the we just an right, we're good at home she's, double down on all that and will score forty points. Again, maybe we'll get defensive special teams and it's really the fantasy strategy. May I guess such is my fantasy in this work, as I have just attacker, the Ravens defensive, like thirty. Three points combined, I too, those three now the fourteen, the Panthers, whom I thought can look terrible tat lot of people every day to make this year. Just for China is more. A lot of people want to meditate pass Johnny you take that camp is awful became, came like banged up and Miss throws. That was my take away from came yesterday, he's always been on the West Coast. Thousands The boy was sorry choked had alignment so go on. He just me. The game and they want it was easy. Ok, I'll I was it concerned and that there be a lot more score eroded. Unexciting, we're, ok,
Free though we heard about Mccaffrey the real loss fumble, yet the most high visibility and he struggled right now, I can keep an eye on the Panthers. Do I like them myself the entire year when the debate- and I hope we can see hawks- is the fifth team that shit. The families that rather than where my guess is one where it does will someplace sixteen games It is easy prey. Thirteen games, many get loose drivers life, I'm in this was a thing a month ago. Their left tat goes out and airlines are boy will replace them. Is this statute decorate anyone like twenty six or something, then sign children register make all these defensive moves like see. Sir Unbeatable, like they still can't protect this guy and at one of the Mai properties and prospects. Most proud of his Eddie lazy under seven hundred fifty yards. He looks like he's, gonna be out of the league and yet MID October. I like that
They're gonna win the division right like who's gonna, the rams going to challenge them. What happens now, I think me he's, pointed this out on twitter. Apologies for somebody s the packers. The Un Louis Trade waiting to happen. Even watching them. Yesterday there, Montgomery, who I like a day their missing that laces just can't play anymore, if I had a the pats for some reason: have good running backs and nobody good at the feds events. But the Lewis, I think, is logical J for them. I I don't want to overreact. Our bad the sea ox line was because I think the Packers DE might actually be pretty gives this year and it was a way your game and they got bone over by really too other buster density eyes. I saw a punch by lane. I really did the guy here
after he grabbed his face. Bass like went completely after they literally looks out to see if they're going to suspend the player further, actually think alike. Oil, as a spaniard, but we're gonna, give you a little little per day. I'm here is here's. A hundred. Fifty bucks is put at your I had happened. I had no idea bet on the Seahawks. I did have them in the super contest and they just had eleven points taken away and it was they lost by eleven but the, but they were around the fact that there are now ass when they again Line troubles they went, they kicked on forth and all of the two now they should have that their needs seven there inside that who is just there? no, the hounds are done scoring right, so you have to get seven six? What helped sure it would happen? they had the lead and where, instead of what safer from behind a candidate who is over, but with Wilson, he said after the game. You didn't understand. Why, then go no hot or more like spread out Shack and that's it that's seems like it.
Seem that should be doing this spread out Tom Brady. Second half a super, fifty one off as a genuine help, pay skies. Miranda like the running back at that Carson was good. Now, you're twenty bucks an hour fantasy league this week I feel like the x. Yeah scares guy to recall and is the war that so and so I have Jordan Howard right. I spent forty five dollars in Jordan, Howard and he's that the best friend, a mechanism to mature inability, woody vinegar did a hundred south. It clean out everybody. I don't there is also. You talked about teams that didn't look ready. Seattle look not prepared at all guys like falling down like cramping up and everything just outweighs. We ask that everybody knows the guy involvement on the field. Aaron Rodgers Susie! how many would be interesting to see how many games I've lost when he's caught? with twelve men on the field has done that pass their problem zero or one over the last five years. Who is going to have time they're they're Michael, was
echo. My motto is just like a stone. The locker room is dehydrated right like I don't know what to do practice the fitness. Sixteen that should be concerned about their quarterback error, maybe our concern the the washed impression of about them again men of lying, just just did in running for his life and in the throes weren't. There either is this away. They knocked down his value. You just give him five terrible offensive alignment. He stance than any consign it you're, not gonna win the Superbowl this year anyway, lady, for, like eight million a year, the Timorese get shall act. Maybe you'll break his collar bone a week six near through where they pay in these were these panties bluechip or so of the of the teams slash Van bases that should be excited about quarterbacks. Please don't throw a border that me at the lumber liberty and take the geometry last name: Lombardy nailed the border same date. Borders with the lead, not
ask him to do anything. Looks fine lobbying should when they're down ten without our rabbits and as for the issue and one I think they wonder, run seventy percent of the time, and I did just that, like that's the only re stay in these games. Fourteen for Tina ten seventeen, thirteen they're, not gonna, get sacks again. That's for sure now. Can you therefore about Calais is Campbell. I dont know why used and started top savage, but Watson now adsense and hope for those start on Thursday, daddy. I thought gaff look good, but in these so bad it's hard to say, but we seem didn't look bad rights above but the one who look at his wits, whence was, but as a split, accurate overview and last year, vomit egos fan amazing, Lombardy Cannon went all in a dog Petersen being company of the coach, but I don't think use factory in the Carson whence from year went into which we ve seen were, but they always get off to a good start out. They fully in the Reynines works in the lash n t made that beget rest
its loud yeah six times. Six aims are over the touchdown now when we vote on the back and one dollar, and it was one of those fast bids- do like one doll Europe long Going wants going towards like well awoke, Nobody really wants him, but should go for a dollar drop. The hammer dollar was very strange, I'm still recovering from when I threw met for TAT for a buck and nobody bid, and I got stuck with a pet. Thank you. For to average is kind of stared at each other. Now I have therefore tabled a drafting week. What Dr Kings week, one is in the books. One week, financing for Bonn draft kings keeps going a one, does not contest that is free to enter his mad start- May Carson Palmer, quarterback citizens in drafting as ain't who is the bed. The best quarterback was who probably words rate it might in garments or off was Jesus of Yad Jerry, Graff congratulations. Drafting
between public contest as a by catch prizes are private contes we can competing in group of friends or my personal favorite single entry contests each part gleaner one at the US agree to pick on this year, newest and fastest, where to play one week fantasy, they organise poisoned eight tears. All you have to do is like one player from each tier. Part of our draft gangs Jeff the new team each week without any commitment. It's like dating its I kinda Go to trafficking that cause he's promo code, Simmons too plain half kings, free contest with one hundred thousand total present Sunday. Jaffa, perfect planet, that's promo code Simmons. Buddy restrictions apply, see draft kings, dot com for details, How about we too in a second? You lie
sweet line on the stairs he left the back door open. I told your lack the backdoor your I went to bed you. I know, and I think my wife lacked it runs down the door. Is we're just come in your house and your own one for the air. Will, I know for sure, when the Steelers offers Walt first touchdown of the year night. Nice motion rollercoaster is the block Pont and the Steelers recover seven other my great I'll. Take that that's my best bet. Twenty one. Ten twelve minutes left big bent, rose I could go line as like. That's it the aims, scoring, and he was here. The brands plus nine and a half. We really did. They a team of just wanted a one knows it thrust. Said there was the browser bad. Yes, I don't know, I don't think it it wasn't like the Steelers were mailing in their game, not trying to win it, doing stuff. I think they thought they
kept thinking there is going to be this moment they pulled away and they never. Then the bronze gonna hung around even that strap for the back door cover was like a nice drive. I was impressed, I'm not going to lie. I was impressed, but what do you mean not bad? Like five wins, when I got more than five, I think people thought sport that we did demands in the jets were the only aims I didn't get peg. Somebody pick the courts. I think the brands are better in the court's regime for when you say the brands. I think I am sorry the courts and the courts are the worst him in a lady Cumnor under seven have was the best over underwent back, had adjusted somehow I didn't do it. Even though I wrote big chunk of my calm go against the cold. This is the team reassured her grandson. Seven have wins. They never worry me at seven affluence near Zack on we camped Atlanta and other weeds. Two and a half chucks first coach, thing is gonna be the eager eyes. It replied. He had some weird cos. Greg Doyle, rather good piece in their Indianapolis star jeopardy
Courts like this is our offensive line, I promise you they're going to be good that he had. You went all end on a couple of things in their just look about the other slowed after the game, giving kudos to the forty nine hours you have is preparing to their own team. Of course, he's gonna lose tolls. Such thousands thou o three and one. Arts and, with I think, to touch stands at nine picks career. He's thirty years old. I'm gonna, say he's lacking to get better. Jacobus percent just bring him in and frequent option with. There's gotta be fancy guys that I thought I swear make sure your goodwill sailors brands you you recover the edge of the only other. They bomber nominally other bounced back this week, but huge acts and gay a shot Gimme a shot of his twenty one. Ten. It was forth and two at the fourth in Fort than to at the.
War and he needs to scores. I don't don't kick the failure to have another shot errand animals again stupid about a girl on anyway, we had teases. Firstly, we choose the Chiefs and Patsy, so he started fares and that have already less money there, did steelers falcons in Rafi on the door Barely one thou and thanks to you would do it this in Jordan, Howard cut or we may have to drop in a passive, though at the girl he catches are passed on the time run out into a ton of written on that. I think it was the second you work on tackling at no time out and then the other. What we did was in the dark Steelers. What can you imitated text. I sent you like nine o clock. Ezra was I care about the Texas a keener. My is that we have, as I Ouch in these pre gave shows that there is no way that taxes are losing. Today there is a leader. By that borders,
in the higher the beasts in their daily lives through much a mother like that, but we can still chargers restaurant even further vanity to recall in cash gala day who somehow in the bar our team as early as one thousand Nelson Angular, the Ravens DE any. Their fantasy. I cant do the ravens running about a western and bow, but now I like the other guy. What's dear glorious a somehow and yet, yeah. I, like him, Fancy guys to be worried about I'm concerned about our Robinson. Now for the Adobe Darby Unbeliever, they gave a chance. It looks like he's out four six. Seven. We celebrated rest, which makes no he's sprain way can play the spring wow. I think it's Gallagher breaker sons gotta bring something bad Jordan. Howard wow
It is terrible spammers investment on forty five, forty five dollars I should have set on fire and then what about the patriot, receivers, wise gonna, say Ground Caskey. Yet we didn't after the Monday game? I mean we don't have a back ass after the Thursday, we're gonna cost He looked all than that game, every It really scared me as a pads fan and lombardy plan. The package will take today like they started at Dublin Grog and about in the second quarter? Air bears like I got. This is another guy. Some, whereas legitimately bears shut down. Grog yes I gotta, say he's twenty. Eight years old I've been watching since two thousand ten I've never seen a safety shut down when they I went and grapple. Thank you uncoordinated and slow and I don't know what is that? Hopefully I was sick, but
This could be the end of an era now or two things. First of all, you're, not a true chief span, a few wooden trade that, when tavern bury back Brad that that is a rough rough low and he had only reason it grant couldn't open. The second thing is I taxi, which put together tease, are you and say you are now I like to pay, its dealers. We should do that visas. As you all know, we can pay. We ended up, don't about what I propose and I ended up. Also doing was patriots to win and grant Gore touchdown ground catches, down past. I too Yeah has been seventeen exclamation point. I go to my car to get something and I'm getting old bunch attacks from people, including you like clay, excel hilarious, mother piilau land for weak when what the hell happened again. Not only does he not score, but they get stopped on Fort down if they got forty nothing game is over May masses over for everybody else. It's the key point, because
firstly, he should have caught it there and at every one of his career: he catches that passes the first year. It's like he added upon the guy. The boy I was delivered in the perfect by any should caught it, and I was a was of or point swaying and forty nine in that she's have to basically throw their playbook at that plan play from behind, and I don't know that's can be one of the most vulnerable members is easiest overreaction right now that the pact's defenses off one of every overreact inheritance of peoples should now by activating that that the path Stevens is awful and maybe at the rams or play off team, does to me of the two big events, might be laughed in view like it scared, unjustly use. I really like that on Friday, eighty nine in seven days very realistic for their parents back another overreaction. Then I ratings down eleven point. Five percent right too big They make a lot of sense to me. That means
I'm not. It should impact chiefs. What are they blame other blaming Capron ACT for the past chiefs, like guys not in the league, so why why they alleyway blaming now Collins or limit big misfire by cards were at last night. What will you do that when they brought it. Islands or live a big mistake, a cause or last night. What do you do that when they brought about it at the beginning, is a guy we're gonna just talk about him as a full. Ballplayer today has not go over well as economic and social reality iser mad they made up, for. I think somebody got to them because in the third quarter they started talking about looking off, you can avoid. Does he get it? If you do in the sun? And again I want to see the guy show some remorse. That's just it's me. It is very clear that such a long way, I will say that the feed me sign had definitely that is much fun. The share reservoir I'd get like a twelve guard wronged me. Another here are the weak and attend kicker Georgia to value who favour guy cows community the feel anymore.
We all family lost the polish kicker, which is a blow, but we do the korean kicker in Italian, it's all right. It's nice, pretty exciting, Giorgio tobacco. It sounds like a George colluding, carry like this George Colony sports movies and then finally, your boy totally Marilla. What do you give em at least a b plus right, very solid? I thought so now, I'm gonna actually Noah quickly direct Oh come on now I want to save Tony Roma to endure. It actually run for over twenty years. Directive has been the exclusive home for any of us and it take it. The only way to get every live game every Sunday hope you Adam S yesterday Good NEWS and if fence, if you have Are they have expanded the service? If you live in a parliamentary role, college student now can get NFL Sunday ticket without a satellite guess, when you could have used that if he lived on the West Coast yesterday right you
tony rubber? That's true does only way to get it Directv. To see algebra go online and if I send it ticket that tv stream, every head of us, undertake again this season to follow your favorite team, better, where you live use, from a code bill, Simmons a check out to say fifteen percent, fifteen percent- that's not only gray value, but now I get Tony Roma. My life maybe the best, oh, you gonna make a nice analyzed God, since really Collins worth our new guys once again and if I send it to get that tv promo Code Bill Simmons couple things in the latter people wrote about last day. In this morning he was predicting stuff we we had reached this kind of Phil assumes a vacation. Poor fell sense took a more of a beating yesterday, just cause we're not broadcast fell SAM's, it was a lotta. This something would happen and then act there.
So in the reply, and for some insight is like you now we too too bad it with the coach last night. He said there is a more. Why didn't you tell us? Riah Roma, they're gonna, the lion and Roma like this is the third there you know its third down. They just ran on this play. That means are going to go for a fourth she's. You wouldn't run for a third he's. Actually Splaining shit. To me he's look: at the line dick messing play on offer. Dick more can be run. I bet they run again mouths life's a receiver on the right, and I'm, like I felt like I was watching the game without meaning is wrong. Some is, is definitely he's. Gotta work on when the crowd gets lad to yell. More is the type of shore, but go. Was I'm watching a game with Tony Rambo mission published a relic, we're watching the game of them. What you feel absolutely the same kind of same thing, basically like dickie like a little slow start, adding gonna try to take everything in and then the analysis was stupor and I love the predicting and why not predict no one's gonna think that the football is fixed if you make a protection
and get it right now, like it. It's great he years ago nice boyish enthusiasm game and that the Jimmy Foulon type that you want to punch a regular, but just now you're nice. It really does so. I think we genuinely enjoyed it yeah you're, not watching. You know that be a difference between what you watching in and then playing Madden and hearing these guys broadcasts and the like in a vacuum kind of thing, there's not a lot of good color, guys just in any sport, the basketball really doesn't have one right now. I think I think and is probably the closest he gets too obsessed the fishing and stuff like tat, but You know him and Jackson. It's become stick to some degree. I think at this point Malta's good kind of humorless snap, four, Larry I your video, I count or a lot of more and I like colonies worth councillors, kid I'm to cards or through this point, re added, just
a new blood. You know that, for the idea that Steve Car was the best guy was like a real ass when he laughed, I ve never really replaced them in terms of new blood. This was, really good and- and I think it as a potential terrorists- about when you're watching implemented. Yet that's. Why wasn't I bring out maddening Sergei now he was working. I don't have enough but I told this brought: no. You have now we're over Turner, almost House Jimmy. I need and about broadcasting they showed us. This is they desire. It was the summary we showed us a little like a pre. He called the chiefs, Falcons game that was one was at bury ran back yet the two point version hundred whatever. So he all that again and he showed us and as you know, should do you should watch Madden and see what the lay by players and the collar commentary, and then you, then you could what's marketable, then you could see what you want to stay away from our go. Where these that's agree ideas. We puts mad non and plays, and
We end up watching him play all afternoon. Beating up on these twelve years now is only right playing rank kid guys in the world rest at his rating. That's all you could do, and these listening for a second, what we gotta their Jimmy's like do you realize you didn't listen at all to what they're saying is again now, I'm gonna beat this guy and he was changing every play at the line, because you would see what the Fancy is any point, an eagle for thirteen yardstick and offensive players like spectacular these buying, like he's play like the tartuffism mad and guys in the world, and the kids are targeting and because you could hear it over the audio, he never says aiming back. They have no idea the playing Tony Roma. There was a great thing and finally lost. As some kid was playing. The Viking Zulueta hit stick fumble.
Barton. Doubt whatever raised basket from every completion, he had an immediate fumble, so rough always is going to the line and man that seeing what the defense was in every time, audible in four thirteen year rise, I guess he's not. Some are enough to keep the safety to cheat the safety here. Somebody come back what they like it, but this is a great man, the spectacular funny like for different reasons. I think I've been in the fox studio. He's had their second life this career. Now it's actually, he was somebody who is hugely popular now is become more light from tv. Romo is very well liked, but had this whole thing why they there's this whole polarizing is a plan Cuvier. That's enough, I think gonna be the most popular car guy we ve had good for through matter I really do I from what I say yes to this, guy is going to the best at this job. Now, let me add to and- and I also thought as I saw savage, fall upon my how how quick afloat
is it for he had used ass. That's it! That's! Why bring other set? The irony is going to be like six weeks he's gonna just play fair and effective Vieira he's gonna sign with whoever, like the Cardinal Sir he's gonna, be gone over your leg. Oh my god, S, six Tony Roma tv experiment. Anyway, when J Cutler came in someone asked a mom, would you be willing to go back to fact if this doesn't work eyes like Something I would consider that you'd better consideration is not. It is not a ten year, gig media, the only back for your inside. You have indicated that, because in two thousand fifteen we watched that play a game with him right. It was the pact game ethic with the hail marrow and overtime pay is car. We came on the package sounds like tony aromas can be great on TV, Maria, the whole conversation about it, they disguise unbelievable watch the game of them. You just point. I don't want to hear it again. Cuz. I didn't think his career was right. You buddy, I, seventy heading you out we should mention, and I we have two games by the time-
people here in this. The games, Rapporteur, movies ain't vikings charges bonkers like the chargers Bialik, the Vikings too, I like vikings is, were pretty bagged, outlines a little below the both like three now this could be the year. The rookie running back and could plan to them is losing crema foreign, Dawson like he's a wrecking bar the kid and the ravens as he Ricky they all pretty good voice. No second you're gonna die, maybe like just shut up and coming new generation running backs could be doubted. Mixing. Do I mean it was so bad that offer the hardest idea, but but otherwise, like for good rookie position, pleasures of them? These that kit, Carson workers you second year yet Rubio Goma, state new blood Thursday. Cincinnati at home for the tax, since this is almost amongst, wouldn't game, for
either the city bad. You don't want to be open to eight days into the season, with quarterback drop the ads. What's going to be the case for one of these will see this round Watson, I think they didn't have to keep the job and have the bangles by two by three and one slash two, and it is three and a half. So I'm up on you, one slash two and if the bangles lose too tuna Rowan home. You do call you Louis and right, let's at easy, if you look at that age, south hard to say of tat. You and I were not believers in Tennessee. We talked about our weak, somehow in better against them, but see anything yesterday from then that made me think they're gonna, win nine gives for generous it had to see you didn't see anything makes they look like an aid aid or worse. There ex ago. Their is good. They therefore they spend money in aid. Their defences get the stuff, they borders rat. Maybe they can help.
The two thousand Trent Del routine for seventeen weeks and just ten often stand a trouble but culture of right there sapphire BC, Texans go on to one These teams have wanted a vision, starting out o into that camp at long last that I'm sure that seven hundred thousand I like protects inside. Let let me ask you this. Remember Florida Evans, yeah We need to remember that forty is in every one of those times. Eighty good times is ill teasing. Good, of course, look at now facing the poster in your office without floor. Evan, was always disappointed. Yeah issues supported her reason or Yahoo answers you eat by a tv. Every time we thought it was gonna get a job that was disappointing, like all, would lead some protest at school again job. On this point Thelma J J fighting shoes owes she
was the most disappointed to calm character of all time. Here, who is the Florida Evans team of weak one that think it's a Texans who'd you say the most disappointing Florida evidence. Are you gonna go that sucks, so that other be better. It was hard to say with, though, even though it the post hurricane outstanding, emotion, the building, but every they kept talking about how bad their offensive line was in the prices, and so I can't say I was like stunned the one at least the Carol Brady Team now Do I have a MAC Air, the house, but I know I know you have de facto and emotion. I guess I did the giants or the most disappointing rails. Eighteen people are talking about. Is a french Superbowl continuum, their defences, great pot, Hurricane Sue. I had a fantasy last year's sucked last charities last night. They did not look like laughed. They beat the lines by TAT
without doubt there back and if we had the floor. Evanston suddenly look for I like the gimmick. The full respect of the film It'll bring me old, seventy six fans back again and do their part. It's our tv one GMO free time directive, eighty outskirts Sunday, Marcie Game. It was you chiefs eagles, our pat saints, and I think it's Chiefs Eagle some the most tension that game. Can't city I have chiefs minus five and a half against eagles, would you have We, both at five and half in its four and a half its right in that zone. You don't trust the VS under God, but a lot of people. Convinced that the chiefs are incredible. We see this every single year, yeah everybody, yet super duper excited from weak, born performance and the chiefs would be the gold medal less than this category, and I think
The Jaguar as in the eagles, are yours, silver and bronze, and somewhere, whether we might is an agreed is Ernie ill will There is a need, this game or against the Eagles password. Not abide. He has great record on by weak, but basically as ten or eleven days to prepare Important to prepare for two, Wednesday and try to figure out the couple things with that too chief say. I have a lot of speed. That's why even lay guy they could be down seven in the fourth quarter and they just get like some ran a media that Terry Careless Tarifa. It's amazing me. I was so scared him that game debts. It needs a team of typical. It took them for ever to score for many many years it would take forever to get up and down the field. I have Karim hot, entirely, kill date. There could be good for two or three big players. It makes me wonder: do they are a top for team.
Giving away what they gave from home services just using that pack for one more piece Rowena. But airfares good, that's gonna, bother them. That's that's like the Ottoman injury for the path which was you know that that's, really miss settlement and their game, and I figured and businesses the poop factor the area for forty four for these two this being the annual brands Baltimore game to go see their old franchise list all right once upon a time. It's right! I had no idea what to do with this sign. I made it ravens by nine, because it's not like the ravens offense was lights out at the same time, I can't imagine any scenario taken the bronze unless it's like over fourteen. Would you so the Vegas is a little and in tune with you. Are we sure the brown? They don't know what to make this at eight and a half? I want a little flour and it's actually seven and a half a wow. So ok,
that could be the scary game or could be the teaser game of the week, and we really surprised that they are backdoor cover potential, which you gotta, look out ass great here. You'll get a call, cite the culture down twenty two three: the gave their night. What are they Prescott Tarzan going to lead to rallies in the second and Diana Wallis? Brands teen Keyser could do some staff and I now there are not our honorary that's good, they're, they're they're, decent dig. They can move the ball I'll Keyser Pfizer last week in the park idea. Just it was an old man moment. I know his name's geysers just listen. Pfizer too, for I turned forty eight two weeks where you to have these moments a season what's gonna happen so just be prepared, be bump, bump waiting, so Ravens reporting entities, ethics and about our MAC when usually asked away like fourteen or fifteen weeks before his course touched a big side for the ravens. I now eyes, I am leave her in the ravens, especially at home. Ben Barnwell, our old friend,
from grassland who now works three, as did a piece about home, Fyodor advantage and whether it actually matters or not, He doesn't believe and isn't believe now really reacts came up with ivy stats, trying to figure out if matters and really the only two teams that had a real harm to avenge were Seattle Baltimore, which bore out I've seen the last few years, but Baltimore has home field advantage. Where was here about Seattle, Seattle, Seattle, to talk about all that stuff, Baltimore is great at home and especially, bad teams? I don't know what the numbers are the last ten years, but I feel like all the teams of six into an arm and foreign foreign around at their way better that Taylor, you look up some Baltimore staff from the last five years. I think it's like twenty nine in force and its really high second poop the match. Raiders jets I didn't raiders thirteen, and I want to talk about this game that I had thirteen f and I get it. I get it because it's fourteen
Third, one Seahawks forty Niner side Seahawks by twelve and a half you get that one I had twelve and thirteen yeah. So just begging us to put the raiders and see hawks and then on the bags written in terms of defending they just politely ass done and then add the fourth perfect. A game rams ran Redskins. I had the rams by two and a half. I know I don't wanna watch this game rams home. What do you have a talk? Well, that Barnwell is right about that. Is one home failed advantage? It doesn't matter who demanded the renders. Fifty, thousand more fans. At cowboys rams, precision, game and I was out than there are at the opening The calls by begs the question, let me just say you you get this one as I had Redskins MA it is too I was gone by their over underwent, totals Canada and its rams. Minus three is a line, but what would you
would you want to win a super bowl every four years of it met you couldn't sell out near arena? Yes, I wonder what the cranky this is more than he bargain, for you. How far along with leaves theories and tricks, I think they limited their number there. I saw like sixty thousand tickets as IRAN only not sold out that cause. They cause of the traffic in our different stuff. Couple friends, I wasn't going to go away ever will love you if you remove eight thirty thousand people going to the game and makes it easier to get nine makes it easier by water problem last, but tat. My accounts was got hot. The sun was out all day yesterday was in the mid eighties here, and you just bade, there's no shade in that, A car was it too
and one from one for the afternoon. You just baking, that's a good Humphrey advantage for them. It is about yet I don't care what fans are their sight. They want the other tenderness of agent used to being high, and I guess is what this is in. These goes to either worse than they have been shooting offensive line. This is the weak last and fans are gonna, really turn outs later. I think they're already disgusted by this time. No Mcveigh thing. Maybe it is a restless and everything I laid this out. My com on Friday, Humphrey week? One blow out for western, we to certain great at Francisco Thursday week three San Francisco looked horrendous. Israel. We had three of us that there will be no better and that at thousands, four, that's, alas, for Seattle, wheat, five. If their due he's, going to resolve as applying Wilson's already banned ever there's something. I want your rights, seven, yeah they always husband. There was have one game in Seattle, either winner or elsewhere, at
acts of a week with weak sex home four Arizona weak seven by weak, at the near giants we get home for you and weak nine like We like seven into her at first five and Lions last year were lines. I start. What do I mean you're now and Donald back? We see this every single year and this is the logical teen this year. If you look at its really, whenever he sat on a team, there could do like we're. Not much excited by the bills went over the jets now, but I will say that members all summer has been like that. I met them. It's a good coach that guy's a leader and you saw the the rifle from afterwards in the bells were like. We following enlargement is a later his great not everything I can to six and ten. But let me ask you really: We had the. We end this is a nice start. We had the cardinals with the best most points on Sunday, blue, yellow,
fifteen and one yesterday, twelve toward twelve towards disaster. We re really nice score and I start to have a nice day What will the rams? Those gonads rams we're like thirty to thirty two, forty, political and by the way. If we had gotten on the phone and talked about, after ten minutes, I didn't we witnessed. If that out, we have your basically Benny again. Scott Tarzan adds one. I have five road, favorites is weak and maybe maybe that's off, but which is zoom Titans act. Where's, the titans favoured by one and a half, the biggest think the Jaguar should be fair in this game. You got that. I thought what did I thought by three and a half and you got an exact It's one at times by one half who do you like it again? I think leaning titans, but that's, maybe I'm not giving it enough thought the case. The titans would be the raiders are really get this year and made the times worse than they are there actually pretty. I said to you: this is the one thing I'll reenacted overtaxed like
are we ready to move lose money on the titans again, the raiders Jackie, I'm not ready, and that ready. Yet I'm not trust net raiders tables are now. Getting it. We have to lose money by staying away from the raiders were not actually also kind of laws we, whatever we chose, would have been a bad idea. Cards are at the core. This is this is This really was in his own poop fact that matter, but cards I had favoured by three and a half the courts. I dare Play would not advise betting on this game. I went slightly higher, I said for, and I think we were off by this is the one we were off most of seven and one slash. Two is a line I do want to bet it. I went to bed his honor- I doubt I didn't say one thing from cars upon me yesterday: the tape You like him again cards Seven have at the shit. It's possible team in the Whig Indianapolis, you haven't, you gotta get the cards.
It put on those that David Johnson, so much delay or their levels whose they re back to Charles deploys are failing to do is get a few years ago the air Kirwin right, yeah, good, Lord God, dammit. I try to drop Steelers Vikings at Minnesota. I have this day I'd think I hit this exact steelers by three at the desolate. My let's say: if he did know five and seven stares at Minnesota, Now you got a wrong. It's Minnesota Pittsburgh route so they're, not road favorites Zat Minnesota Pittsburger Reserve never obtain right after that, even if you wrote a wrong near, etc. My that many of its man, so I deserve to lose away. I left, I would guess seven for that. That's that that should not be in the road favour category that Germany is only watch was so that line depending on how the Vikings do today that that linkage shift
vague in Zurich awesome. Today the lines going around like five and adds a fun games. That's a good one! I like I so that's a great seventies, uniform you're just nice to see you, stewards wagging, much cowboys broncos, I think had this one exact cowboys by three, now I said two and a half minutes one and a half what their expecting from them. Although today undertakes is, are we haven't seen his dreams? I like his team for him. I think your team scared, I mean we depends is Emily, didn't really have to prepare for much. It seem like and we'd methodically kick the crap out of a man that wasn't much fun funding watch, but you defence, the France, Evans, I know the secondary is not as good as it was last year, but the front seven looks can have some blue collar guys idea play hard, but standard brokers radically setting out a game that second reactor. And then Broken resets. Only one games. I wondered at another. There miss diagnosing somebody David Johnson ART.
The last one is path since for the road favorites, but before we do that sponsor that God this may be the best sponsor for the Simmons family that has ever been a sponsor for this back ass. One is a relative something sir For some, it's love for some its purpose for summits, unforgettable experience for most might, like my wife, it's it's your keys. My wife, he is. Seventy does only last has to say glasses her, while it you shit, we're dating ambassador in the way that is early, two thousands just purse. The cab once a week like this so track our pixel. He'll never worry about losing things. Can eight years ago, tracker changed everything by releasing their first tracking device, now nodded and again with the all new track, our pixel the latest blued to tracking device in the market. He's ready. The pixel whenever you tend to lose keys, while what's your dog, he can put it-
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was to leave fifty minutes later. I hear the beeping ever phone and she comes it there. It is like you were just in aerial, say, eye tracker. That's all I did that. We really are like twenty four season, two right now, like what being dry earlier. This is great. I think, that the step that happen where there was a Equifax but it's called net were basically everybody early, I was apparently about their. I Did you check your less now apparently that's another scam. If you check you have to put your secured and does not do enough, so member mid. Nineties arise. I dont pay your stuff online people and then then ten years I resent now it's fine there. It's totally
a fine of information? I know but bad put your credit card in Amazon, my. How do you just so anxious to Amazon right enough at every still out there? I was watching the net with Sandra Bullock, which has been the most dated recent movies of the last that's a worse to twenty five years and in your credit card I, like bid ninety Sandra Guy, get sucked in service ass by four Sandy smugglers and there is the as psychiatrist boy ran through its get killed, but that movie basically lays out everything, that's happening now: real yeah, they don't you everybody. I only get on the internet can be called the net, like those whom I thank everyone who called the net nano got in and I sat worthy disclosure. They laid out this whole world that, just by careful Sunday Watch impulse. Three way you didn't get to patriots. You said Merriwig Jays answers out about this pattern. Since I have my industry after the pet. You predict
We went to low you don't believe in your team. I went six and a half and it's six and nobody's betting. The saints come on. No one's better, later on a teaser. This is a freebie, not Nagano into you're not going to defects is terrible. The chief every time, we're wilderness cartouches in the second half flagging. I'm scared this doesn't care about logic, salivating saints on a short we rate. Ten eleven days prepare, I'm frightened we have the worst satellite backers we ve ever had My dad said when we talk the next day was tat. The white guy they enjoy, that other white guy who's, that guy caches wordy like these guys The leg special tumors there and their China Cover Karim Hut. I'm scared! That's wrong! That's a tough! This way you don't have to, Brandon cooks still on the saints anymore he's yours That's about,
fly in the ointment of this pact season. People are worried the front seven and that you know who is the edge rasher heard that we have enough lie backers and then the draft rivers that they took in the third rather was, can be the big paragon. He got our new issues. Make a picture tires. They just don't ever bodies, but I'm sure they're, gonna they'll pick somebody from like that courts practice squad up with eleven sacks, but for I I'm concerned the page it's just weekly low between two and a half and three and a half to want to win the Superbowl up two plus five. Fifty now member we talk lie last week about thirty. One teams to win this bright eyes like mine is right. At the I will say that this is what makes me feel the best about this game Brady in a dome has been really get just but this numbers are, did you find the ravens numbers yeah? What is it so?
ravens cumulative home record since and super bowl, twenty thirteen, twenty and eleven and then from two thousand to twenty twelve ravens home record. Is twenty seven and five self reimbursed? So tell me: I live in the last couple years. That's bad day. They basically been cited over five hundred team, though cs, I won the Superbowl Five. Twenty eleven home there lay eleven and twenty it yeah. Let's bring that its neck as quotas, at that, but still get Sunday Whatcha balls. I have three: a mature by Panthers bills. In Carolina, I'm in charge from a watchful sense of. I want to see more from came noon. I want to see how these Mccaffrey this week again, because it was clear he does like this new toy. They didn't know what to do if they tried all these things for them, but I think I you know the price
and a couple days I worked in work and then the bells, like maybe the velvet frisky this year, who knows right they traded wagons, they traded, Darby, everybody kind. I wrote them up, but new coach stated bad coaching staff last year have assumed Rex Ryan, I mean by this game. I want to know what happens? What do you think? I think this is gonna, be my trap taken here. We go seven by the way, and then the line is seven and a half and there's always apple or maybe more to an hour. Aims in a weird yap. Is it the bill Is it the jobs? Is the rams this year that all three possibly be all three, which is where like I said, I liked the Panthers, I'm not dead impressed by the bills over the jet, so the Texans killed everybody in April of this year. Ran riot and appeared there so that we too kill everybody who takes out right: there's! Does them good choices? Otherwise, if you want Seattle in Oakland, just one advance but true, but if you're China
Q, riotous one never supply want the Panthers entities would just be careful the Panthers I didn't love, whereas on this week Secondly, bucks bears tough. We didn't have the bucks dolphins this week as the hurricane privacy, but there it Teams are really intrigue by four weeks. Just kind of wanting to see dolphins butler? What's act like the box, I think our superbowl contender. I was excited for that, so now bugs bears, which is a bummer, because I asked the bears they on my radar, as may be being like the frisky six and ten. Seventy nine possibility team there deafening frisky box bears. I had box by six and a half. That's probably you appoint low. Now the Thai. I went six and in five and a half ok, but say this peer can get a nice job laying out that schedule. For the next three weeks, with a tap and and and Miami it's kind of brutal Guiana, these guys
travel is a bummer. So if you don't have to handicap unease, games dont do it. I really like the bucks, a believer in temper, but got hit hard yesterday and that with the hurricane, been theirs about four hours before it. Hid their yesterday where it seem like it was Gimme a catastrophe and then that but is it thought I think I realized power and stuff like that, but that it really seen. Terrifying there for about four hours: chargers: dolphins, another I have the chargers minus four against the dollar. Friends. We have no idea that charges and by the Broncos yet so they might get killed tonight in this I might go down. Would you have no empty? Neither these teams- I don't know! Why are the charges minus one but you hit on add its mines for another five, seventies, eighties, uniform measure This is now
And the Miami he's been off, but travelling all over to get away from the storm chargers playing on ashore, weak, also first came in the twenty seven thousand Zonia arena GO let's helper rams and so not gonna go Hank it. I can't think of anything. I had not one do more than go to a football game like people in these cars like hey, you gonna, go this game. The rams or the charges are not always, going. I dont. Anyone who's going. I now do ever know anybody. It's sad I now my aunt go. Kosovo stands actors. As I see it, fellers left over from the amnesty Conaway Stowbody awesome seats, I think you already have awesome seats, Otherwise, it's like maybe once a year and then you big in the stadium in there, I never to go again had taken his seat is at home. That's my I mean I would much rather watch for games at once, but chargers, dolphins,
guessing what five, six, seven thousand often fancier, feared often Spain, I live in a way you're going to that is as a chance to see the dolphins are theirs. Seventeen thousand families Tony's dolphin fan unceremoniously booted from our legal. Imagining that we never talked about that now and you can deny myself of it when that connects, so I had to pay I feel that if you didn't hear it only, people hadn't been voted on my fantasy. They guys one of the four and the people that one I stared tall, John and the trader Jamie again, just completely on their forgiven makes me play connect for game. Disdain league right, go into their game? Who is favoured? Why I bought into your whole. I don't even know how many ships do we get added Nosegay does virus psychological war. There is growing, less kids is played connect for me areas like I don't know what we do. Is it for that site. Try psychologist I made Kyle.
Mistakenly, I I made him a minus one. Seventy five favourite and he hasn't been he's, been high twin. Out there was a year provision does eight the yes, I went pretty early. He just like this x move. There were a lot of ships and the thing we completely misses the three I had across here I am you're still angrier about it and then the guy who got voted out here. Makes me angry. We had this stupid rule then she gets the vote at summit. Every year we had some didn't show for the draft, but you can't take a mile because he was kicked out last year, so he would have on cars was kicked out last year, so that guy comes back automatically that the roll, yet I rise work tomorrow with you. I sense a proxy of unbridled using green, make my own role, but it meanwhile scenario
Three people left that I've been kicked. Craig power, is the brain bar and they were there together this year, no great powers, it no enemy, guy and survivor, whose makes the final three never want to challenge its Michael We get people to turn on power the ship. The problem is it's not funny enough. It's fun! if you're gone, it's funny of tone is gone. It's funny, John handles obviously funny Figo, because I came over this dumb wrinkle read but yeah you're kind of steady in Geneva in loud trash talk in this. Oh, my god is very eyes. Lotta hats, James Elles, forgotten he was achieved, span ladder passages. I will keep forgotten. The usage chief said Sunday night Falcons. Packers Lana in the new Mercedes, Benz Dome or whatever the hell they're calling eyes falcons. By minus two and a half over them
resided exactly pulled the trigger on three. I thought there were good enough to give three and home. I think the that's two and a half packers comrade then they seattle in there is this an NFC championship? Preview or was Green Bay. He was yesterday's game of siege amateur West Allison, the mix at the death there. Vikings Bears Game is kind of illuminating. The falcons really come on. They should have lost the bears, a power. That's a tough road game I think come. Again sweet one. Business in Ireland at a believer in the virus? I am. Perennial eve you wanted. Them in these night games rats today. I have no idea what the sounds going to be like that. Don't you think Arthur Bike. Does he go to the sidelines or does he just never do that again now We know that I he's done. That's I've watched the soup
about fifty one now eleven times and might have to watch another twenty of the season is going in the direction that it's going and the best part Arthur Blank comes down his girlfriend that sad. Isn't it now? That's added! Ah, I love it every time it makes me so happy. Then it what do you do and when the game turns out there and your eminence, like? Does you pretend to go the bathroom and just run accept? What is it tat? Won't you your other blanket here billionaire, a cool, lady toys, mustache, bringing your girl dance. He can watch your team in the super things flip you ve computer underestimated the greatest quarterback about time. Do you?
stay in the sideline. With that dumb. Look in your face what it is destroying moustache and tell your money later that maybe he's these built the stadium with that in mind and as some trap door NED, I could get a whole legal undecided exactly and get out of its no use. It is there that medical tent they built they re trapped or in that time and again in the medical, your hand to see how that guy and then he is gone, worn injector button through the roof, though looked no local, so you, like the pack, you like the Falcons a night s down to two early Monday. In that Stafford yeah, a giant stadium. I predicted that he's getting three points him in his lance and giant stadium Johnson Mine, isn't agreement scoring total DNA three and a half it's up to five, and I guess I assume that back on this planet, do the giants. Have a home fail to manage? The ethics are ok.
Because as I've seen a lot of stinkers in that stadium that make you go, almost like a home field. This advantage of you like for as a pick and the ratio render all the crap gets bogged down there. Just like a weird vibe and there it's one of those but I've seen them loose games on, thereby retire sims number, where all the borrower, like that, it's just that you take it with an inflation, but they just now nothing there have they run out of giant surrealistic foma, cocky lazy, yeah, I mean he's tiki barbarism. Position player before Becum. I bought a about a ton of tickets from carton for this together on the roadside. A baby client be careful about anymore. I'm on a lot of, I told you so, No, I told me what We never did of baby. We have em is yes, you did believe. Cacena You can really bad
We can actually better now other Gulliver's on. Let's go not the maples we're not gonna the captive work. It's make. We ve just seen after this on each. I don't know it's kind of doktor other, do their gassing, best drama, actual I'll, just call em out new Tammuz favorite, how to cards better call all western world the crown and made this is a stranger thanks. Stranger, things is gonna win really near. Strangely, plus one thirty handmaid tail, plus one seven? If I say I say, handmaid stale, adding a run, run. Handmaids too, that's like the cute kind of China to China now. It's I think, huge choice that tries to win over the heretics causing you look, smart. I am I voted for, but that Schumann, one. So they have
the creative modest, cloudy handmade stale. Now its other funding now is enough. I went into a thinking I was gonna be funnier than it lies with not a funny shall couple belly laughs and nobody This is this. Is us Maybe that's the sleeper, I think for that category, because it so hard to make a network drama that Russian a ton of people and, like my wife, you have why such a now now she waved doesn't went in my view. Only vote might arise and joy for crier yeah not with tv only with things I say to her my my wife's acquired is they had a teen episodes and first he said that she cried their sixteen individual, but it is only because you can find a phone first heavier track, arctics attached to her tears, swell sterling K Brown. This is for others of best act
minus two hundred Odin Kirk plus two twenty five The western world guy and now Hopkins five to one matter, resale, fifty and then it gets This is us so stern and K Brown that must pay. Like him cause Susan Thou J thing last year has around that's, probably good odds for for him kind of one of my heart, somebody Attica, ok with tee with team. Could we Can we parliament, the team patriots, but the ravens? with re register, where no one you want the browser. What did the remit of sterling K? Brown, dog man? Ok, let's say best act This drama was a Lisbon, MOSS runs away with it, minus six hundred who s Claire Foy for the crown plus two twenty five Robin right: twenty one now ever Rachel and if I buy our Davis thirty carry Ross people do like valid Damosel, that's way down: what's comedy accuracy have our well comedy is
minus five hundred Atlanta three could Atlanta. When that yeah. They do somethin wacky yet at the camp Three is in play, at least let's keep that in mind best actor the best show our lives and other Lana minus three hundred overdue. Tat bore plus three hundred. You want a few times a year and the fact that that's a comedies it's funny, I wouldn't say Donno Glover. I think the show is spectacular, wouldn't say he's like Deniro taxi driver his car is the way place it is, is really smart funny, but I Sadly, I can't access has my vote. Thirty two one nation when to write and these points to characters and assessments, and then the last one he's array she down in what is she for secure for caught for comedy you didn't get I'm an ever Kommeni now who are they
I'm a laugh round Robin Right ever written over comedy. What did you say which best comedy best comedy addresses Lana here that today factors are the one with Julia we'd like to say that. I am very sorry, though, whom Gate Jewellery Dreyfus is minus two thousand Tracy Alice, ROS, blackish, plus four fifty get Tomlin Tom on twelve hundred Ellie Camper fifteen Allison Janni, twenty Jane Fonda, forty path. Adeline right, That's my girl for no you're right. No array that category. So what are the right and I ve richer weep- do The lorry drivers and Elizabeth Moslem experiments beeps it heading that danger point we're at someone so many times we bear board. You know what in securing your has now tell you I just scare you have seen
units his second season- I at no second seasons- great I'll- have to people on the Ringer staff to talk to about a real Hannah NASA, that's it well It's going to remain of our people text your and he's got his own part gases? Editing skylight, seven pack, like crazy, That's what we're doing Sterling K Brown! That's a big! That's organizations to hook k, Browns quantities are synthesis. The US in a play against all odds, we're gonna go over college starve, profitable, triple Jake Canelo. How did this fight fall by the wayside? This is crazy, try like this. It should be much better wrongly near whether Macgregor running at sea, the Emmi weekend whole thing. I think they had issues, figure it out well it seems like I just liked. At first week in November. Is my favorite fight weekend
First, we have various asked are its now, it's just a greater and now that all away that is when MBA starts no I've MBA starting this year, and I took the fifteenth, but this is, after the world's ears views yeah this September, sixteen Theo soon for a giant fight now, but it's just we're just gonna put it. We like what are they ads? Alvarez is minus one. Seventy downside, downside Gmos, one seventy I thought three years ago that avarice had no chance against him down a minus one. Fifty miles when fifty it's just cause, budget looked old now fight. This is a b they're gonna, get more than one five. Others are out there, so be careful Jimmy came alive. What a week we have first tonight we're like David Dave, Salmoni, Sloan Stevens and Sean Spice or later in the week, Tis Loan Stevens what they are eating, though she's my favorite athlete she's Windsor,
After look at times when I got some into that, you are just sheet. I like the way she handles herself. She seemed like so genuine initiative has Adelaide Hogarth girl. She stuck and she loved that girl, but she seemed so J. Even the interviews you'd give after matches we're so used to tennis but Serena has a personality, but she just chooses when the dough it out. Belinda share parliament their personality and I don't I really like Son Stevens she its Josie outdoor. She died. Yeah really strike on the. U S men's national matter, I lots of scorn. I love when athletes date, I'm always always try to figure out. Where no more said I would play in our meal is like that Agassi Agnes in Steffy dated their kid is now like they go. Our baseball player, I D got recruited for one of the best colleges, Junior Josie insulin. Stevens men knew TAT
her hand I and then his physicality. That could be Valence whose cornerback for September Grimes in his girl she's in the standing at the legacy. Kid though there kid becomes like a fifteen year. Bakers, says like crazy hands. I love and athletes day. It's my favorite. We should also mention every Friday morning were putting up your pic. Yes monitoring. Are you to channel Facebook all that stuff this makes me nervous when you take a high favorite No, no! You don't worry the last four years net yeah you may want to do. I forgot the feel of a screw job early, like you're sitting at that feeling like yeah. Ok, let's do it not interested scoring at the third quarter, thanks also to Directv, don't forget.
And I fell Sunday Ticket Dat TV, promo code bill summons, yet fifteen percent off and why dimension across the package, presented by Callaway with Joe House and Shackelford they're, not at this week. There FR. I tell you, can always epic driver now the number one side drive in the: U S will be the number one driver in play at the president's cup. Few, not playing Big driver bring your game to a local retailer test them had that visit, Callaway, Gough dot com for more details, epic delivers more half speed. Joe Ass big offer began it off community. These. You got
took off the shared shocked me. He got me into gangway that I grammar and Gaza. He picked like four to five major way you are buying off now, giving it a guy filling I'll start hating it. Now. I can't figure out you're athletic thing like you're, an unbelievable softball poor. Thank you, yes, you, but I would God, like that coordination you'd be unto tied to staff attack from the wrestling softball. Just there, everything's compact wrestlings have be concussion sport net. Is you're getting concussion wrestling. Now I like em photography lot, unlike where we're chicken weird staff are in the run up against the mad, but not not concussion. My site is, is determined to become the next west worker. We have to get him in there. His fight, where the flag for while not refer, is on a frightful pereda cause he's got his first frightful buses in one's gaze you're fast, and we
work about my catches in staff. Its great mainly, is hopefully lavish first concussion readier none not flag for help now flag it'll, be Fiona, dad flags easy, but it's fun COS the debate, the job I about ways.
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