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Guess the Lines Week 9 With Cousin Sal (Ep. 280)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to discuss the never-ending Game 5 of the World Series (5:00), the Texans-Seahawks showdown (15:00), the Pats' trade potential (21:00), the Zombie Browns (30:00), Chiefs-Cowboys (34:00), Rams-Giants (38:30), Broncos-Eagles (43:00), Kirk Cousins's trade value (49:00), DeAndre Hopkins's stake as the best receiver in football (56:00), and another edition of "Parent Corner" (1:01:00).

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There is absolutely no seven Spock asked and the Ringer pack has now brought by seeking our presenting sponsor, buy and sell tickets in two tabs on your phone. Everything guaranteed indifference. Thirty hours after First Seagate purchase an MBA tickets use promo code, NBA plus it expires on November. First, that's Wednesday, download the sinking of the red seeking their comrades sobriety by the Ringer and I fell show which has been fantastic. Eight Lombardy, Kate, what you do on Saturday form Foreign one again, yet forty one lombardy does it. They do this. Fifty men previews on saturdays and every time lombardy goes. Eighty percent against the spread of the number of mind he doesn't. He doesn't it gaming part by mermaids, it's pretty bermondsey. Anyway, again. This is a bad match. These guys are banned. By like this, I don't like the way the uneasiness lays down eyes so Lombardy, Taylor Sunday
I'm sorry Saturday, Wednesday and Sunday night, and what is it The night was Saturday morning Lester learning lays network right yeah. I can't remember I can't remember that in five minutes ago, Rear Natasha and then against all odds. Your package, the other trifecta, do so I went with Harry's pick any had wake forest oval, Louisville upset and nice egg winner easier. I take exile. So looking good. We heard about the Ringer Dotcom, that's where you can find my com every Friday actually did pretty well on the pixels. Not too, as well as outside, while do we're insurers Hadrian Project, no other,
if we get it for Halloween, great conundrum right now for the parents and tickets for the statute to you, do you Do hollowing with your kids, are: do you to do it again? Sex you go to or even while, the ads, tough, because you gonna miss or started five twenty out here. If you have a care undermine and you don't speak Halloween with the kid it's the biggest affront. You can do other than not be there on Christmas day. That's bad It's no use of the two days you have to be there with. No, you do you have to watching the autopsy gave a clear, but it gets cylinder. Yeah we're starting with baseball for the first time I can't
Nevertheless, time we started with baseball, Nedda part well Game and the like forty seconds ago, so its fresh in our minds pity they should add a rule that, like they do so slow pitch softball we have only have you can only have for home runs in the game. You refuse, when you had the four you bad around to be at the said after you hit your fifth Omer, that's an average of all its only double it was getting better look I know everyone loved it and everything, but I I thought came to was the one of the best Walter's games. I've ever seen him yeah, like one one going into the night and then the boy we're only perfect game in play right and then, in the end, this, like it's good, does it was close. I mean if it was like it Phyllis nineteen. Eleven you'd do I got this is garbage. What's given over the bike, boldly teams and get here, because it is there that the because, We can get a freaking out, you know, so I don't know when we let our part of it. Member with the Phillies, play ninety three, the blue Jeans obligation-
There is a crazy, fairly blue Jays game that year. That was a little like this, like sixteen yeah thirteen, something that just felt silly Africa. One felt silly, but at the same time I was completely captivated and closer You know- maybe you ve really World Series game where the teams home there three in the ninth with nobody out, and you just feel like I don't know, I don't know if they're going to get these three outside, three runs a more realistic than the three at the Dodgers were plus would like, though I plus one eighty five, two score, one run in the night like that, given how they did not, of course at and take it but yeah I entered they do these. When I say a twitter, though these when expectancy things because We had to create a staff to describe that game was exciting. Brett sort of my pet peeves alighted acute stab at stake.
No the gains except. I don't need a red checks to tell me that this is an amazing game, but I listen you have to manage in the playoffs differently than you manage in the regular season. The other Roberts is managing some of this please don't egg I don't know I know Kirsch. I didn't pitcher yesterday and I would have liked for swinging swing and MRS Doyle that stuff, but he had ninety four pitches. I just one to take an amount. I want a writer diagram version of these four five in aims through that one more he's is now only the best picture of my team he's one of the best five pitchers, the last thirty five years may have on our work it out been like that I did not like the Rich hill and game to. I thought that was just weird. I thought he got her when I was at game to why they taking him out and try to get I don't understand it. I think this does too cute sometimes and his ease you know now, there
the dodgers in this position, where the what we're liberty, who trusted this point they ve Kennedy who most lights out closer. You know you're happy Their league and now it's a feels like he can get hit and for the ass those Giles is just using up rosters Charles I want, and what any of you have to get to the pitch. Acca fifteen must set to go backwards. I trust him. Vince keyed, maybe like twenty percent Peak ACT, Finally, he was solid who'd. You chose the dodgers at an I'm India morals at others in Grannie, possibly rude Mara. He has always advanced Betcher, see brigand moral three games at around like this is what happens you check Mark one by one now everyone's been exposed, as is out there all damaged goods all these pictures so yet Crapshoot game six unless Ver lander throws like ver and what? What is the line on that game anyway, we were talking Gatt How many times did we talk about that in the series and ended up never buried in the weird about my reason for again to minus one
overland regime and we wanted dodgers last night- and I said but do so serious as it is somewhat. Can we put it what so maybe golden state just to beat Detroit just a she's very large I got on. I don't trust and so my young commander and eighteen point zero they're gonna win the basketball some mess. I don't I do not just the workers in any game. I think you're right to not trust them. That was ready. Yours really there's no time their trust in the NBA Cleveland is a fucking duster fire the day day it's. The creeper thing is not like they're, so start that got to get into it. It's like they're, really bad defensively, don't offend anybody can put up. One hundred and fifteen points in them. And they have all these guys on the team that you just think about. You go through each kind like, three situation for this guy outside their gross now Dwayne with no interest in types and now they have and love
you go through and it ended J Cracker, definitely not big deal and sixteen point favor would lose right. It happened like twice a year one, you know now it's probably four times. Unless we can, The middle class in the NBA is better, which I think is turn it off. I don't think it's never allow the way so top heavy is not, as top heavy its there's these weird Now, like Orlando and Charlotte, all trade, always teams are in the middle, the pack and I could anybody in any given game, but with the based bother, Ver lander. He at least has it in him to just be amazing game six inches just basically say get on my back I got this threat. I could see him doing that. I have a few dollars on out to obey and Turner who's. Gonna win envy pay, but who is who Zambia Pino?
rigour for Anti AIDS had even any who was right. There's been a spring has been kind of their own you out to very good but Springer, and this year in American, the person you would intolerably noted with great concern, badges good with the bad, but the offensive ways been us here is an all start, our, but here now, but I mean I don't think people think when their target by like the best players based by Anna, you don't hear his name but converter lander. When am BP, if he wins the be lighter like you didn't. I guess he had a good game, turning I think I'm out later gonna hit her career. I don't know as the best tat you always that's on the asters. Nor answers without to be correct No buts, greener, sobering was mad for geographical began. Everybody does not mean, Ben, pretty amazing. I can give to the racist first baseman stuff- that's tough, tough!
suspension about just suspended for game for the air, will I ever like imagine if there be ahead than Thou o j mongering other than the two that sixty five ass I was spending next year, suspend unheard aim later, yeah We will deal with it. Now will not come back when no one remembers there see you you do like the most. Obvious, terrible asian racial slur there in the dog- when cameras or any you should get suspend forget prices that set as the engine of an right. So it was his things it wasn't the most obvious terrible racist slur. You could do it. It's a mess up world we live in on that, usually in over active outrage. Culture guy without this is spent forget their one game, what their fire. They have. Twenty four other players, though, before What is it? What do we have with our theories?
to stay away now. I think, but we're not going to treat watch. Do I know my kids going far for inertia, save repairs, you could say whatever massive ok, we gate is almost in the books. You know I have a tease tonight, the second half of the tests, Sweeties Pittsburgh we got the three instead try snuff I went out and so great about it, the shit. What is it? beside the eight yard line twice to get zero point, seven and one hundred and ten Pittsburgh one by five at an eighty, seven, your touch them an answer. We have Casey. We did. A six point is down to one right and around four There have been attacks you and say: let's hedge nets take Denver and the points you say now. Just doing just tell me now also know Diana Why do they centres scenario, hedge cases, thereby Andy.
A swing game for December. I think we should have the ball that integration have achieved. Some black and one drop three interact, keeps her fine, mocha, they're, gonna, win this and hey what, if the chiefs, when this the air is finally making sense to me. You got New England Pittsburgh, you have Kansas City, maybe a couple feisty wildcard teams, Buffalo somehow will be in there the incoming a consulate sense. If you look at Danvers Schedule, they have to win this it's bad. They go to fully after this right. They are three in the three five Yonah Philly camels cross mouth at case fairly there'd be three and five than they play the Patsy and that's why we're right? Yes, there s a gun at Miami and at worst in and ever game game against Casey, an arrow I think tenant six has to get the wildcards cards. The eyes? There's no nine seven wildcard team there see the odyssey might have a woman at the reader, those fillip to have aid losses their number and broke
This is a must win game, which is why I think we should actually alright. Well, I don't think so. I think we should ask said we'll never share this little thing: you're, not I break, or do we edge height Can I draw something else and relocation is way so bravado has. Proper bewailing so like last week a teams didn't scorn often of touch. Now this week they made a prop three and a half Teams will not scorn offensive touchdown. Do you go over under what I'm thinking about it go under? I went under right Thursday night. Thank you. Dolphins, right off, at least you were those why Tampa Bay at home, I predicted. I said the time I had missed, grew game. Once one of these teams throw goose egg up. Tat is too San Francisco, the Niners. Where was an It is not an irish knock. It touches on the bare snuck, untouched added, but whose third third was last night. The
and twice they never going to touch it touchdown twice inside it. So now I need Denver. Kansas Did he too, but I need one in both of these teams. Discord. Thirteen fifteen points. Those five here goes all failures. Somehow check aim. It didn't tell her. I was hardly it earlier on seventy five times and get there, but so I need. I need an indistinct to score. Blue House, the top rated website provider pairing over two million websites for bloggers, a small business owners blue Host- is everything you need to build, how to manage the personal or a small business website. You have always wanted.
Those on the website. I design your website your way without being limited by templates templates templates templates templates, simple enough for beginners powerful for even the most advanced users, fully customize templates, their party up support and then an end point absent uptown guarantee maximum security, including malware monitoring and protection and automatic secure word press installs not to mention blew over twenty four seven tech support online resources and expert services. No wonder and spend the top recommended were pressed on Wordpress that work, since two thousand five bluest makes hosting website stress, free, seek and get back to what matters most Jane, terrible things better and that our listener say fifty percent. When he sent a blue us that calm slash a bill, Simmons blows the campsite bosom its edges, murmured, I'm really excited from a particular. You are.
The buyer corner less a AUS stupid from people who don't listen to this entire park ass. You do parent cornered than in the past, and everybody who makes it to that part. It's their favorite part real it and you did you, were there was their blood prepare corner now, it's. Why doesn't know. In fact it was a little disappointing like two too to see how few people listen to me. I don't think that's what it is. I think people are just so condition now right to to every kind. Potential story that it just bats is ok, I got no good. I mean that story thousand com- I gotta can be that's like Thursday for Howard right. It's true, that's what I thinking. Well, I loved it game of the year yesterday. Seattle here site? You know I tripped, but I was right wrong about a better game than she's wrong about almost everything, but last week, when you pick the best game you be went wash them down at watch out for using self
no way. I thought it would be like that, but greater that was phenomenal. Finance I wrote. On Friday, I wrote about ten ways. Again. I felt a little more fun and one of the things was: how for some reason. When our argue about football anymore, we can oblige about it or retired, like trying to figure out where I say what the hell's going on this get out the owners, this gave our word, imbibing dare to campaigns players to inmates. And argue about this stuff enough and one of the arguments, and there was no Watson wants and DEC. Pretty nice. Since a nice, Ricky class and body like- and I think you would say, what's going into this weekend, but I thought Watson was magical yesterday, there really was a key. You know we about the in fact ruins he deftly has like he's just was not afraid, I think the sea hogs the Sherman Quotes and Peter kicks peace today, bitches raving about him. I think it's really.
I don't think once would generate that from this year the fancy went a little overboard still to three interceptions firm, the setting of best performance anyone's put out there. Stars set at Rob Chairman Germans at that, but but phenomenal. Like you, I, like you, said like protein interceptions, that their rise garbage somewhere, but Prescott, is second year player. He's the mole Watson is the most exciting player since I heard you say a mean right just doesn't get credit for being said. He, but I think, gradual, all the way back. That Y know what well I mean I was away till now other say Don't say our G3 or or also hustle on Basel II was never that EC saving. You issue is alarmed, but he wasn't like this guy I'll buy it on with that, with this guy seeking he deep yeah he's accurate,
but then he s ass this capability, so it's almost like he's, got all different pieces of all quarterbacks that I love you. I think he's more counted them. And is that it was amazing, which is why in three. This is all on you about her eye and he is tat to be peace. It out. Aerial coach has option at dinner. He's gotta be awful third threat, not Lamar Miller or come at this. He watches guys in July and August and started time, savage how's that their people made that point, it's like seriously. Let's look at their seas, disguise like a prodigy ajar and it came out of college and renew use getting college. I want by this, I know nothing about casual by barely follow. I watch one Watson game ass, I could see. The number of pic is number picric know now is actually rather now savages. They were, all players wanted to beat Watson said Savage. Couldn't pick pitch the thirteenth ending the asteroids right now Houston's, embarrassing there, three or four years who they played home for Jacksonville add Cincinnati at doing on home for TAT
see home for home for Cleveland at Seattle, three forest. A worst case scenario for yes, first seven game snail, one of underhand still how disappointing is gonna, be if they don't wanna division so with their bad home. For these and other foreign for at the ribs good gave at the game in the week. So let's get a loss for that's for five home for Sonia at Baltimore, put him away, and they were six in five at ten see home for salmon Add go Ajax averted. They go to in tune one another at six losses home for Pittsburgh with sixteen at Indy, so there you lieutenant six or nine seven. There. Ain't saving on tell asking I don't see crust from now on all those teams Oberon that will then you like a jack foreign. Three, who knows what this Jacksonville team
can't pick home for Cencian the chargers at. We want Arizona that bulk alone for Indy. Home, foresee out on Houston at San Francisco at Tennessee so they play seems wafer play for the five words teams in the way, Brett Dan Stretch- and there already and three, if you say they have, they have saffron Indy annually, one still left here, while and and Arizona. How did they manage that cause? They were schedule Esther, so they beat the for the first five for the worst five times the league. Their aid and they just have to into Morgan new other kaluza bangles. This week's yes, I think we should put this round refer. Jackson, the real. Yet let's get to bed against them, three cedar forcing ran home game.
People rely on our borders? Just has to manage the game. Will you should route for Jacksonville because of Texans make the playoffs? Yes, it's more interesting, but there is obviously a threat to your patriots amid the pledge it tough already who the Texans you want. Do you know what the Texans, when that division in much ram? The jaguars come the font. Lou act like my teams, gonna win the Superbowl here I am, I see my tail you're gonna buy. You know your Gordon was that we had to play Keziah seven injuries. He ran for an eighty. Seven are touched out right now we stink I think you're, right you're, right where you need to bear that we. This is the worst good team we ve had zone you're gonna make some stupor trading. It too. I held in seventy five, receive all running around here, refined so that the guy, what in this has fitted to the belgian profile? Guess Vladimir of European Tate Sue
Soon, as I said that gyros slangy, really, possession receiver about attacks, always liked them. He loves nothing more than stealing dates from our division there this team? Is they don't have element? I knew admin was. This was a disaster and I had no idea is going to be this bad there, just not the same team on you now sure Yardage Red zone, their data, let's Africa, Brady's Two years in fifteen years, where he's never had the one slack either totally tresses does now can't be burka, does come into the back of a market was dead. I picked him up and fantasy a week ago and I feel good about except that I think he's gonna, be the guy he's gonna move up. Look here: we're rich wines made after you ve, given up seven, two thousand and thirteen to the the rate. Other the chargers. What do you care? That's all matters, defenses company,
six into outer, now he did it. I really know, but an hour we did it. I think that's about right, Could you gotTA beaten, achieves there's some good writer tatters this clause, some good over Anders God, no income had twelve and a half lance was the over under their six until they get their listening. You re more when just gave up on a team a minute ago, our way and now you're gonna get there. Yet thirty, three more wind semi, not three more lasses Bessie. I don't. They d get of two more losses will say they have the by But he has had ever at open Miami at Buffalo at Miami at Pittsburgh, home for Buffalo Home for the jets they split, the bells I think, but you're Miami twice, you can't lose those games the judges, Viamede terrible. Therefore winds are we crossed the mine. I am, I haven't re Thursday was awful.
Buffaloes over under was six and a half thirty, thirty five with three Cleveland, overlanders, foreign. That's why? Why here. We could do that and we just go now. I may be clever like we're so stupid. Let me ask you to that: is the lack of the arrears parliamentarians about this. We still have a little life as of last week. I guess it went down a little. You can have the now there's or the browns ten to one to go. Windless it's over now, I'm in a separate bats butter. Jackson was over and over six and a half their foreign. Three Oakland nine in a manner that is over the US ass. I went over there to their three and three so bad eagles. The half there's Ivan, were there not three Andrew, but what? Let's all languages in three five three factors
the Eagles eight and half their seventy one than the and ten, the lacrosse the Giants the half one in six hours as by this Minnesota, was eight laugh and has more surprised at their six into F is Minnesota Citizen to case Keno. Is it Lady Harriet Murray, but we will figure this out but of Seattle thing at their shit together and I think they're starting to you're, looking to Minnesota, Greame, Minnesota, Philly and I've seen championship not not very earnest case keen of islamic law dosage up whose in their, neither, if you get Minnesota schedules. It's the reckoning is coming now, thereby weak there. Big, then they go at last in home for the Rams at Detroit on Thursday Thanksgiving. Also, that's a tough one, visitor at Lana Carolina Cincinnati ACT,
a ban on Sunday night Home for Chicago they won't get by, but the one that the banana lose former times the Packers over under ten half their foreign three cross off track, saints, eight and a half their five to piss me off. Sid I but they're good temper Bay might have been the worst over under of of these eight and a half their two and five, The rams were more when they make their over unresolved after five into file, and then for the future for them tat. I think there were hard knocks team over on there for some reason, this three, What is of a when added to the total? For no reason have you heard about sauna, autonomy together it blind great sound with Amazon Alexa for Handsfree control of your music and more do you have Amazon Alexa? I dont have Amazon. Now its aim is, is it going?
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The promo code, Simmons ten Simmons one zero at sunrise that controversy, this exclusive offer see for yourself, gotta son. As that consular more, that is Sonar Stockholm Code Simmons ten safe return, not thirty. Three any similar one zero injuries and by all my code should be severe threat, have ever stronger. For some it wherever they want the code to be its here, but it should be thirty. Three week, eight favorites Levin and one straight up the have against the spread with four teams. So there's one women are cover, including you're, saying that you back and are covered by point the pets. No, they they cover cover what was the other in the ad, the favourite I wanted them to see hawks one but didn't comrade. And there is a will there is too utterance anyway, you have to believe me. Bs
Member were in that underdog Christ Lana one then cover, and they have the right there's one more thing It's an eighty one then cover yet so the favorites were, in games under five hundred two weeks ago, that territory this happens? We should look at each other and go around. Even ask us back to the main now we'd until we got so beat up because it Lana loss to Miami in Denver loss to the giants like that's it. That's where we're words we have to take shitty deem. Please do it anymore, either. By weeks this week, Patsy These chargers, brands bears vikings and, unlike the sixteen buys, but two weeks Firstly, they must to the most funding. Yeah see to watch sadly, this to say the brightest on other grounds and the charges has brought. Can we jump on the browns enough? Is it possible? I mean if whence and
Watson, go one two or one three or want to three and envy p voting, and that these are just two more guys, browns passed on including the prize you do they dare not iser and in Kessler, like Anything you need transit. Quarterback spoke here, as I pick one. Do you take this team away from them that the Irish? If I had my mail bag this week, somebody suggested the kind them the zambian brands. I learn that It's a really it's the right idea, which governs zombies of a little too much life. I think it's just a little bit of an intense justice. Most application with Keyser, though, is not accurate right, That is the answer. I did seem college, but I'm assuming a college when he went back to pass occasionally the barge is bound to the receiver arrive for posts decades of football. Actually experience at usually a bad sign for quarterbacks when they're not accurate, I'll, say that a tiny bit in his defence. A godsend is, entering the league with nobody.
Situation for quarterback. I think fuller have in that burner just outrun, everybody will last Hopkins, as those scientists has been rent, even back fantastic Great Lamar Members, and I would say that not a great offensive line that now that we ran home that has been grave now right right, but compared to what Keyser has been offered to share its a nice deal. That said, what how do you just keep passing on these on these legendary players was so, I didn't realize toys workin on the little refunded abandoned but like the ones trades defensible. I don't agree with that. You know they got a huge or for an obviously there just didn't like him- and I understand the Watson things indefensible, because I take a mouse guerre. They had the toothpick in there. Just taken Watson. Instead, they move back. Thirteen spots picked up Houston's first round or next year, its Spock, you take Watson in Lombardy, who big on this last spring and his biggest.
Other than that I just liked Watson was that he thought he could change the culture, when you have a when you have no culture or near the zombie browns, and you have a guy like that. You be we can may be built around this guy. This is the kind of character we want the wheat, our team and take us to the promise and yet indefensible really crazy. Make a smart move just once rounds does do something here here Another thing: that's crazy, who leads the who leads the world in fantasy football points the whole world the world. What what NFL poor leads the world football points remain as of averting it was like whence last week, is an. I went anymore resolves why Disney TASER just Watson, the amnesty casualty it still whence how'd. You know new employees wants me out of it. Brady in the shower Watson, hundred ninety right, some Watson did not and weak one and was Albert our Fantasy League for two weeks,
and ass ever before, weak three lives, seven games eagles, applied eight and then them by the first next to her Wilson and Alex Smith, who was somewhere for life? who bucks an hour leg out Psmith, I don't think I drafted right now did whence get draft earth did drafted in the same way and get it out. So you have three of them I fancy leaders there, we rat happy endings, what's up called, therefore how her slits employees can I care? Member were there for four hours named this week. Everybody drafted eighteen prayers reaction, may every point in the leg was taken and not three, the guys who are out of five. This is why do we do this item? Will be our opponents? Whoever wins it? I'm new added ads. You could a loss to connect for again. You know how to do this together. So we have Thursday night.
Jack, you're gonna beat me this week. I leaped one exactly right jets hosting the bills Normally I would said bills by three and a half the third than anything screwed me. I get scared adopted a point at the bills by tuna. Surely I scared, I said three: it is three and a half color, Ass game right: this is the one where everybody complain where they couldn't disable it. There were blind, but there were happy. They couldn't anyway buffaloes next five at the jets in this game home for New Orleans at the chargers at the cheese home for New England. That five into this feels very following buffaloes had fast starts before India and say this is our above and then it falls apart. I would worry about,
starting Afar parts. I tweeted yesterday at the but when they play defence at home are really feels like that: fifteen guys on the field, Julia Arming and just and any ball at great length rather grab and at the crowd, but always running downhill. Again, like looked like berries, And in is just crazy, I'd like to go to a Buffalo home game, I've been the one could I went to College Javier everywhere. I got an act that lots of long term and there's no really. Bene. Seattle, bended, ember, abandon Lambeau. What else is what there's really navigable at a great NFL for Box, which area those last Mozilla enlivened the DAS period as though it's what's left Cleveland. Then, when I grant you gotta zombie game, Can they suggested up? For example? Is it all about? They shift dress up examples in the dark zombie, dogs Sunday Marquis at that. This is a pretty easy car.
Cowboys hosting the Chiefs of Kansas City Saramago. Yes, I think it is. I think this is first asking our pretty sure atta like Snide Dac remarks. Now combined that limit the negative one would have made their region douse tough stretcher home. Casey Atlanta, words, bad home, fulfil a home for the chargers. Next, you did say beat a good team. Last week I beat a good team and I think they did who the Red and, in a large one, Who needs are going about their have like behaviour? They forty eight July said if they wanted to laugh again if they were the wash demanded. Navigating. That's a nice when they had no effort at eleven that team stakes- they have no receivers, no led the Lima was bad. I had a lot of things that chiefs. I was going, a guy washed in as one of my superconductors picks
and lombardy was, I run from washing their their lines are bad guys out the great now the others is neither chiefs by three. The chiefs by three why in Dallas here I don't, I don't think you have a good team or you and vague, disagree. I said Dallas by three in its thoust by two and a half. I stand by that. You know he thereby my pet. It's silly thing because he doesn't know your team should be here. Is another appeal Zedillo out what this week's, who even those what's gonna, go on needs to survive that otherwise yeah case you good What did you do to Casey? On a short we go in Dallas Dallas? It's more! You not take you. Haiti should leave. Aver chiefs are better. Ok, so what happens the toilet bore? We don't have perfected the sweet we just have to other bore. Ok, there's one.
Swung game. Let me let me a zone in Algeria as it's an easy one of his own, and only one real action possible learn about our guide, the fort- nine at home, taking on juice and in the Arizona cardinals wow. I watch one man in this you I don't even want to see this game on Red soon. I think they should ban and Unread really just get rid of it couldn't be allowed on gesture. We should retain its happening now. Here's the thing now clearly, beginning October, you loved love this game, you loved, we didn't you love in the boy you add the Niners. There are dumb did you down the door? You love them they'd I did and then they may have ever they cover than what they re doing. I think they went at a loss in order that what do you think the line is a bit? The line is cardinals by tuna. You got that exactly. I said for
yet we are saying here, but I out they go and windless team going into weak. Nine should be given less than a feel. Go I've prediction because we're at the halfway mark, but I think the Niners get three Windsor S, the one rail air, while their home, wait for the cardinals their home next week for the giants by weak Home for Seattle action at Houston, home for Tennessee Home for Jacksonville at the Rams. I think they went through last five. You said real losses, but did there they would have because what the Giants or Arizona whence they win one or two. Then then they know they're not create the number impact clean and lax in, and then at that point it's not a good laugh. It's like two three four or five minutes not dare not day, just don't or not, but we don't have a pumpkin patch picking anymore as Academy NASA. What right it's called the red zone. These games that are for three that now on, but when I'm on the red sound, they might show, however, that in the first
on Tennessee home for the Ravens Baltimore. I think the ravens have have they screwed the most about again where's this year. Would you pick another tat were I think this is such that they are such a stay away: you're, a mental patient. If you pick the ravens in any or take their law against Sammy or even if you are in a pool- and you have to pick one of em right- just crop- take the zero cross. It off, don't worry about it last week, yeah don't look again we're acute with our game to asters cry pride with the aid of dolphins plus three and a half ago I hate the ruins there is no lies here. Don't it with both go, not black rang out. We don't offers blacker, but does that hence our home, for the future, RAM soon America's new team five and to chance go six. Sixty two. I have the rams, favoured five who put around the vague as we are going to split this year.
And a half heavy I went one have light three and a half as the line I said to that stupid. While I'm gonna pick, the rams tony right now. You love those Ramstein, I'm a very weak would tell it tell me when they stopped covered, but don't you want, do you want to cold rain? I wanna cold Rainy November dead at the Meadowlands right there, whatever they want to call it now, that's what I want to say. I want to see the random Ryan yesterday. I don't see a small hands if you listen to table was ever thereas. Adrian tat makes it lawyers in replaited. In college, India ambling these likely never play outside before it was the strangest thing I think Moraine has been really really terrible he's down. When I M Vp last year, rat twenty two three leading the Superbowl in this year, he looks like a schmuck. I think there's a lot of sluggish. I think there's one you gonna step up stars category and I think divide the freeman is one those guys get a big MIKE Evans algae doesn't look oghee practices with James at all. This is a beast, should be
and after many others make Evans. Who is one of the top seven fantasy, less expensive, guys threat? Is this year my governs fifty? He meant for like fifty hours there first round pick up my stupid snakes Let's get out there, that backup quarterback I think we need to know who it is because I think we should now where I sit back Ryan teach my lesson warehouse we're gonna convention for a serious. We know this, who is is it. Christianity is on its sharp yet and that they have a lot of mats, rightly like some amounts of the third, the game is the the jack's at home. For the bangles. It was somehow our aren't across after him. Yet I have the jagged laying three and I said:
in an all, so it's for boy. They really wanted to be a cross of want one way to get yourself crossed off so lose at home through the courts those poor Bengal fans- I saw too first, two game to score: touchdown offensive touchdown and then I'm going to lose to the and they almost dead, almost pulled it off the Bengals. The ban. Fans like, I would rather be the brown to be the bangles unreal, at least browse. You have an identity route for the biggest sad sack, loser team of other barriers. You just lose and nobody even met nobody and throws you in the arguments for the boys tortured bridge as well. What is their identity that my name like mixing coordinated, ass words, and they must be Joe Montana Grant in do anything for twenty five years cross. Our teams giants minors, Zonia Cleveland Indy, bears crossing them off right
I guess, although their defences better than I thought idea than their economic glass, there are us up Oakland. I think you're, fine, now not yet only five, and, unlike anything as a three and five three and five yet jets one more Gimme there's any across our tamper either man? I want to do more than cross them off that last night. You know that I don't think we should cross of nightmares of my life depended on it. I wouldn't now so still only have five cross I've teams after eight weeks earlier in German, ok, division, ok divisions to to thrive, not the jets, but he's other teams can make. However, a couple more red Zone games, good to Texans home for the courts of indian apples. Are the Texans by nine. This this game is don't. Let me put this in a tease
what's all settled down in the Texans, because they give up thirty eight points to attain that. As far as I can, has no running backs the ETA Sierra have one running back. I really would now to mess with. I don't even think I think the it's for string, running back would be the best, and I think I made one good futures. Bat now is Eddie Lacy under seven under fifty yards off. Like the other, their mass talk about overreacting, I said: nine half Vegas as a twelve stay were well stay away. Last one this is a key, could have put this in the watch was I just don't really like watching dimmer matters put in the watch. Sat egos home for the Broncos. That's I guess that's a watchful game. I, the eagles by seven. You're gonna get it. I said sex it seven and a half year. This is That we always did the worst team gone east early is gonna, lose it never seen the shake out yesterday. It was perfect raiders, God above
of chargers. They could a kind of covered at the end gone annoying when what do we do with this one scene he's right them on a short weak. I didn't. I didn't like your readers pick now. That was the first pick you ve had that I just like I could just cause. I dont think that teams good and unethical, They are also gratified game lose rhetoric. If that one play, it happened, but sometimes get lucky when they don't. You know, like eight, probably, should allow us to the chiefs, but I thought maybe this are seizing around poorly coach the bill, get up seven hundred passing yardstick to James and dollar, two too weak atmospheric weeks. Us what do we make a James Sissy her eyes not hurt is heed that it really looks like that in practice, the runaway he so far off on some throws. What lombardy say about James Estate Interspaces a heap. He was the reason, the dirt cutters their echoed from now on and see the coaches fired,
But he's gotta be up there. Look at the court has fired. I want to talk about today, really acts in cutters at their hotel tonight, which are is this weekend my daughter and add a game in palm springs We want a derelict attend If things at the last minute, the ETA. Today it was great, you wait. Last minute you just keep putting in place sprang into the hotel tonight thing and make the deal's keep drop it and then you grab. My group welcomes the book in a hotel being last minute. Actually works in your favour, a zombie. Got the hotel tonight at bows. Again we draw never gonna palm springs before Joe Biden Morocco, the nice vs met the Miranda Debit ever couple, Nair, yeah, wrangles, I don't know of Morocco on hotel an ape literally nicer looked high tech. Let's go, you said, today was a super Davis. Minutes away or join us resist all morning as dead nephew, guided the press of internet operators that were reviewed. The tape
we started playing your Halloween costume of November first, the last year and I'd like to have things like that had time you can actually book room with hotel tonight up to seven days in advance and certain cities, you can even booked up two hundred days in advance with hotel tonight, you'll bag, a sweet deal at a killer hotel with you need a room for today for Halloween or beyond. You definitely want to download the hotel, It's really cool lasers, keep look any keep waiting and the hotels they have rooms laughed and not just start start cutting them. As I said, I'm not gonna related. I sit at home with the wife and family am I. You remember the drive and thirty minutes. It's actually cheaper to go stay here than it and put the lights on two thousand My daughter love staying at a hotel more than like anything and if I said to her We must stay in a hotel. The end it was ten minutes from a house be soaks like we, we got there, we rented. Are we ready?
nap with Haileybury, which is terrible, integrate. It was really get on allowing already now for your father daughter now in kidnap now I, like all kidnapping movies, whose get with extent oughta saints at Saint Home for the bucks the seeds just the schedule fair, just keep shown up for the sad says, good time, just catching all these teams that the perfect time have they What is it, why did they score only twenty other better as a bears defends a good there, dying alludes to the bears that why do reason my fantasy Lake there, and these are not my roommate start insulting about twitter. I now they without the full pop where's hate when the fantasy people had observed, but it's like you'd nineteenth best Fantasy back your drew breeze. I can eat when you're in the red somebody throwed like attached ensures lounges. Both please twenty,
for twenty eight to ninety nine no touched a right, but I'm sure that's a good game. Isn't it? I guess Yeah he's I mean I know now willing games, is a sector where where's the game, where you have forger Navy yards and seven touchdowns. Yet it's private coming in this game scuba since by James, is twenty four forty, nine asking just so bad at you're, good, I add a foreign half its seven and you of the saints on a to do. I like lessons. I think their defences is pretty get the latter Mars, get here the number one raided cornerback and aiming as they, they least have guys or good. Now they have the other three or four guys are actually come Hops are home for the washed in your dead skins. This is, I mean, she's, perfect, Phronsie, ox yeah. This is nice. They sneak out that Texans game there. Kitchen is banned a blast in time. In there
Maybe six into this is the finally facing often line worsen. There's no regulation. I have to see. I didn't go so high said I had seven and and seven that's Estralla. You thanks. That's too the last one last watchful so good one. This could have been a borderline largely before we go on washed. What what terms? prior priors another star- maybe maybe we just over blows stars dad, but maybe not not that, like he cousins hate, he won't look. He won't look his way, it's like the raiders little ass. I said no, face faces, gonna melt. If you stare that thing we to find out why he hates kids. Why does lottery? He might be a better quarterback than in the area that is jealous so that it may be is now running round. Yet could washed in trade, her cousins. We keep hearing the same quarterbacks put these trade rumours further,
Sweden, like this early, like this trade barrier, he's gonna, leave anyway, you're, not making the my ass well the trade in right now who's the most logical in the NBA you'd, totally J, this guy now, but whose excite, if he goes to the Niners robot Jacksonville this week, thou be fun Jack's was. I know thanks. We have our guy right for hurdles straight up, stirred up deal, Panthers for the Falcons at the Panthers laying three and a half. We should be more excited about the scam right. I said three and it's too so I think the Panthers that I get it it is kind of that being that good, an offence is doesn't make sense. To me, do I know, It makes me Sunday already explained this test for thirty seconds. trying to run basely trip plays for Christian Mccaffrey, the renewed at all year character Everydayness, yes, exactly and then Kelvin she's, not quite their functions, is supposed to be the guy
be the one get wouldn't when its Dixon in bunches things your well when those guys are involve Ngos, poorly functioning zere, nothing, nothing that nothing Mccaffrey Jeffrey only gets like two or three and jobs are all. Did you see that he broke the the franchise record for receptions by running back that position, and we should all, so they put them out. There he's basically James Way. The I don't think. That's what you out. The eighth pick appreciate can get James Way later new go back and a draft and offers of and eighth and then draft Cohen in the fourth round, like the bears there may be a better team, oh yeah, absolutely, and they don't ever met But if you take a running back in the top twelve packs that guy's we like gotta before net, has two because it's it's just year after year, you get too many Rennie backs. Second third fourth ran, but It's hard to get in the top. Twelve is the left that's a lot of pressure to shun Watson. What is
Sakhalin Barkley GO take in the draft Yazzi I filling Barclays. Again that he give or take a year he can run at them like they can't run cosmic area of the Middle EAST, nor nowhere now, when the first guy hits me goes down. I was a motion by that I thought he was, can be more physical. Those we need tough yeah, he's totally contended use from fall down and get back up he's a wide receiver yeah. It's strange! Well, congratulations! this even further division like Atlanta, Caroline with a guy worries teams, is going to be a division wonder, but neither is favoured Tijuana division sites. Recently in a line is dying, but, as you know there, to go home, their Dinah, be seventy man for the air just get out of the seas and rare, and yet they just keep stealing these gables and they're gonna be lingering in the wild Sunday. This is an awful gave. Dick. I beat you again three of us. You have them when these next year,
how many I'm going to hit these next two exact Sunday night Miami Home for the Oakland Raiders. I have the dolphins by two and one slash two. I had the darkened by one half Oakland favor by two and a half. I don't know I mean when you're coached, as we have the worst offence in the game who said that J J, gave was vague, as has Vegas was once a trade deadline. Is a Tuesday there. Tomorrow, prevention, If they're going to trade, Jarvis Landry and basically throw the towel in the season before Thursday, because I wonder if that would move the lion cuz, I haven't watch dolphins games the only guy that is even trying to get open. Everybody has just run straight lines, can, I ask you how the dolphins got three nights games in a row like when did one did the schedule makers
this would happen a gay stammering. I was gone right again today, out they day new. This team was what it was. What happened in case? He was like our favorite new coach I'd are that you screwed up this. Lord thing and even the scratches added a team. I can't score. No, I like more, like he throws long. I like that. Like a baby upwards by, but then the gas anger and mean nothing millennia, even worse, Packers home for the lions. It's other packers by four rainbow by one in its Detroit by one God, I'm I'm just way out who even the stuff what's good about the trade, I don't know that I am in favour of the report. That line was half time of the night Jane what I want to pull it, but the others yeah that shouldn't be, I'm not sure said that, just when you think they're done, they win that selling their battle so too. To recap way:
we have a captain of the week. We do we're. Gonna. Do, then, is a recap She's cowboys is a must watch Carolina alone land, I'm interested in those really it so good week to go. Since the time of their vision, your patriots data they took a by they took a by I've. I was just wondering what what is what kind of spell this ballot check put on these teams, like Gordon runs Free Dead said that did the flame the whole crowd. That's great! Your hang with the patriotism. Benjamin takes a point that the fifteen makes it a safety which represent back to pass and drops the Baltic. Yards behind. I want I don't think that's one malaria. Benjamin survey right there were lighted Ex instead of eight I've never seen
Somebody run thirteen yards backwards and get a safety on a kick return. There was a big, even my someone. Do them fight for bought right, he'll, be a patriot, Tuesday, Yossi Captain, we love CAT, the Morgan. They have a collection of rooms that are unparalleled. They wanna bet it think, like a cat and like a cat and what does that do with captain. Yet the drink responsible way, how data input cap and Morgan with all kinds of things was famously coke of their would actually putting our ginger Elsa big captain. We pick captains gotta, you who's, your captain, my captain, Joe Bach. Ok, I think I think the first ringer article, one of the first three ring articles was about Joe buckled. Yell rising is a most say this. We have now had Joe backfired. Two three: twenty five hours over the last seven days. Doesn't annoy me at all how many
People in your life. Can you say I spend twenty five hours over six days and then no you're, not you're, not your wife that your parents went out your kids, not maybe not even may not too many people Joe Buck. Uses just enough enthusiasm. He measures is excitement perfectly delivered. Some ass, it calls on those home runs. I'm making you my captain, Joe but good job this. That's a great job! I! U sailor! I thank you. You know, I think, he's gotten better now I think that in the o, four or five ran she he be scaled back to murky. We, I talked about organism Ipod with em like nine months ago. The summer all influence, I think, influence them too much and awe- and I think he's I thought
I thank him and sports are fantastic, brilliant. I really think small sum Roma we're tired. I think I tweeted something about this couple days ago about with Smarten Romo. Arguably the two best we ve had it at those positions for car guys in those sports- and I wish there's gonna be a version of theirs- is not her was probably the closest but a player, Just played coming out in just being able to offer the continents, I think they should give the commission a tumble shot at it. I think people They will be impressed. Terrific color guy for basketball. My my captain as the Andrea Hopkins. It's weird. We we see this happen, run it without receiver. Sometimes we saw with Fettes Solid Johnson, where you know the guy is great, but then they have so many quarterbacks quarter. You start subconsciously, Think maybe the guys that great and we we just kind of take it for good.
And it had terrible establishing cord rack and here this guy, who we all know is awesome that he was probably him who LEO and Odell were like this next wave deeds and then he's just sadder with this shit quarterbacks it had put ass Weiler last year rat you now, now it's like Watson is unleashed. Him is fucking awesome. And how they respond, swear there. Well, I don't want yeah, it's fine, I swear I saw I swore responsible but pm and I think he's the go right now for receivers like right now, this Mama, because all these other deeds are out Hulu, what's who lived on this year star that hasn't stepped up so whose As for savers, tat who's, the scariest receiver, around Brown Hopkins, I put them right together at the idea. In scares Mamma. I am what because I think, like we ve known a thousand,
quarterbacks made receivers. Look good, no merit our Rogers known for that, obviously Brady How many receivers you know make every quarterback look good, rather than they should IRAN's awesome, I feel like you can eat you contain him a little and get him so that its a ten catch for eighty seven yards game Hopkins is just a few the court about that deeds petrifying where it wherever he goes. You like, I will answer many brings ever written. It is sad. I dislike the got good chaplain parents corner using a very algal, you have a good one. I could tell you your brewing over there I mean it's out. As you ye said, the bar lies a glass. This is not even in our friend Brad yeah. We did it podcast with whether it was my most listen to project by a mile. He's a maniac yeah? He went to what are we doing another when we were to do another one year before expires
He wanted a navy to avoid a gambling dead. He was in the navy for three years and he's a little jittery. Yet we ve got some of it are under summers, lamb and you ve seen the fight. Where's go off and he's just flying out of a jump out of it literally that receive right, yeah. So we're watching football yesterday An hour would corollas Archie. My son is what the other Corolla kids, And they have these snaps nearly snow, should throw the snap and now that yeah and by action, set one off and Brad jumps is. That is not funny, so that's it! So now the next four and a half hours, are extensive naps. Every eight minutes when he stopped is not looking throw. It is like in its and its historical and its funnier every time a next time, but then You then he's like starts I'm up a Warner illegally as from now. This is like a shitty that you never heard guns go off again, like these aircraft,
in common with, I would like Blonde Eliza its PTSD age, so I have to explain to my son, that it's not right and what what Brad's been thrown his life I blame the war on drugs also and that now asked the other wars and not a word. Yes, I told splendid words rounded read in his head, but I explained to him, and yet they just did three or four more, and that was it. Those are my parents, but also to explain tat talk your kids about PTSD, because they may not be on board with it where poor brand here when we do another part of their territory that that's not watching that this bread, western, your things. I don't know it is something out in it. He did you. This american vandal, now I guess it's only matters for people who watched it, but friend Daniel loved. The show then and didn't realize it was scripted
any rises above you add one crazy here this evening grazing doesn't know how anyone can work in television. Maybe maybe that's why they're just add that you have been. My parents garner, highlight the pussy envelope with movies of Nigeria. Was I just figure leg? He can't hide. That from them cause it's I'm gonna made them want. A more later read like my kids to have a sense of humor so frightened eight, we ran a girl's trip. Not. My son was very like I was just me my maya my way for my daughter, and I knew about the peace in theirs as the planned piecing when jaded Pinchot, whose face does not move during the entire moving. Just for the record that a lot of I know what's goin out with her Her face does not interest, but does the Zeppelin and she peas? Oliver is the hardest. My daughter's ever laughter move around his dying laughing.
I knew about that. I knew was a little Reggie there's a scene when Tiffany had a fat ownership whose hilarious lying on my site, the the female Tracy Morgan right there on the table. And she starts talking about giving blowjobs, this is using watermelon and she takes his water- mount slice and a banana and puts the hitherto. What matters is that you gotta get our sloppy and she starts like blow in the bin. And I told them on our show the air and and gravity remote I'm already uncovered the why China, rather more than a dog enacted over and my wife's yelling at me, like I knew this is happening. My daughter's laughing but doesn't
positive? She understood what was going on, but I think she dares. She met him in playing down the end. I didn't get their mon in time. We all get towards Tiffany address, give a blow job with the water and edges you cannot move on Roma. You just move, you pretend didn't have to tell me if you think this is what happens. I think Sunday night. After all, the games are done. Seminars not this podcast, trying to figure for games in London or not the type that area this is too confusing. What do I preparing his shit? I'm not the repair corner. That's read books I remember you asked the trouble with these things. Just for the record She said it was her. Favorite movie she's never lived a long time why she's ashy? They have not arrow life. I've never seen her laugh harder than the supplanting like she was a key. Although marriage is dire,
I join the matter now. I think you not take away echoing the banana watermelon blowjob say it in a way that had been thereby giving there's another completely inappropriate things that your movie review take. I was on a text thread Saturday with that fantasy and was a Morrison Amanda, Dobbins and Juliet about it. Whether it was the right move in A man in Julia had made the case. It's a movie about female, binding and friendship and important lessons to be made, and they were ok with it. She defiling what was going on there. She deaf zoo. She was sparing your dear failings in your shoes, China, you like it. So our dinner time limits, I can't even describe, however, the tap at his I'm sure, a lot of people in gross shit man, any yeah yeah. I realise that sad addition, appearance, color. What he had to plug Jimmy Jim Alive Bigwig Shaquille, Neil Jennifer Lawrence Dave Growl chair in Tatum against all odds this week of the general trifecta they'll. Have there
but and I have a real live bookie. Thirty, I beers. He was a bookie in Brooklyn. I met him in Brooklyn. Like I love, this guy. I want to talk to wear at the half way. Point I think psychologically can give gamblers tips. On what maybe not to do since he. Aid money over the Merlaison tease Jacqueline Appleby under what was that I betting situation of that World Series game. Last night it the Dodgers, were. Well, I didn't catch the earlier innings on a dodge is up there in that ash was right at three, but the dodgers you could have got them at twelve. One. There were down three gone into the night: twelve thousand six lost buddies. Thanks the Sun Ass soon ass, one blends great, with Amazon Alexa for Handsfree Control, your music and more use your voice to play your songs manager, smart devices, all use. A single sono speaker for them
What timezone is offering the losers in the bill summons paragraphs, ten percent of one order of twenty five hundred dollars or less for any product than saunas that car he's the promo code, Simmons Ten, that is Simmonds one zero at sauna. Stockholm to receive this offer, thanks to blue us for bloggers and smug zone as blue host has everything you need to build a house to manage the personal small business website. Both wanted simple enough for beginners powerful now for even the most advanced users Blue House, given the freedom to design your website, your way without being limited by templates, our listener, save fifty percent. When you sign up a blue hostaqua, such persons don't get to check out the ring of this. We glad a basketball, Stifler football stuff, stranger things you are strangers, I want first that Belladonna home I'm an hour you watching these. And turning Arabic screwed up. I don't think they should have released them all real. I actually think it was a real mistake. I think they should then three interim IP.
Watch em and digest and figure out where this guy was amuse, you watch or do kid you watch out. My kids out yet was the day came out their bang in it, but I think they made a Roma steak with that offer the binge watchword. It's like a show like bloodline, like Erasmus, for this is new I observe the cultural interests than it really. Three release to these two then said the seas of finality and build for four weeks, because what's gonna happen, as is gonna come and go and three days the elegant watch a hollowing episode this week and then for Europe due to a week the rest of the way, but they are taught gauge shadow to Michael Myers, thirty nine years ago to Mary, came home, really air thirty, nine eight year, fortieth anniversary for God's sakes, whenever figure who was able to drive a car, Gapes insane asylum hops ran the current drives away.
Can you give a man a watermelon? Six, that's gonna, be the Rebecca cut saga java you about.
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