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Inside the NBA Bubble, KD & LeBron, ‘Showbiz Kids’ and River Phoenix With Chris Haynes and Alex Winter


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Yahoo senior NBA reporter Chris Haynes from inside the NBA bubble in Orlando to give us the scoop on how things are going. They discuss how the league has been administering the quarantine inside the bubble, why players decided it was in their best interest to play, Chris’s start in journalism, and covering the Cavaliers and Warriors during their rivalry (3:15). Then Bill talks with the director of the new HBO documentary ‘Showbiz Kids,’ Alex Winter, about his life as a child actor, the stigma associated with the profession, Hollywood in the ’80s, and what he learned from making the documentary (1:09:05).

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I'll be out. It is directed by our winter, whose can become an on this package a little bit later. I was one of the eggs. Get a producers on it. It is ringer. Films is involved. And it's a terrific documentary and if you miss it tonight, for whatever reason should it because there's barely within a watch, this is really if you like pop culture. If you about Hollywood or are there is no way you want to join the stock, and if you miss it tonight, you can catch it on each behind the band. You can catch an hp, oh go at the grove and should be Energy Bill MAX. You can find it on all those places but showbiz kids. It's really good We also commemorated so busy kids by doing a reward. It was on stand by me because of you know, built around for child actors, including Will Wheaten who made an appearance and show biscuits so you can check that out on the on the relaunch feed
one of my favorite movies, the movie that is thirty four years old and could come out right now and basically be the exact same of its great and a great one awash with the kids great. When a watch the date? It is just an immensely satisfying movie seeking here that on hear that balls, don't forget check out over other Pakistan, Frank stay tuned, we're gonna be announcing a new additions to the ringer package that work a little bit this week we also launch the feed. For she, surrender and Jason Tipsy adds new park, the connect where they connect a couple movies, one that inspired a more famous movie and what that connection was it's an interesting idea. I think it's gonna be a really cool back ass if you want to subscribe to it, go find it and subscribe, because I think its launch in next week
they got coming up, we're going to talk to Chris Haynes from Yahoo and Turner, who is been in the bubble for about a week and a half and we're talk to my friend out sweater, directed showbiz kids. Though they go. First, AIR France for bridging the bubble is in full swing. It is going surprisingly well so far, one of the first people there I was: U Melick Andrews precedes you guys are like the Lewis and Clark of the of the bubble. You bet there for ten days, what's alike, three days they live longer than that rule. I actually I know I've got here. I got here in the first. I got on the first of July
to allow yeah, that's yeah! That's that's too sowed weeks. Jesus here earlier two weeks ago, a menace! it's cool as interested as things are going to change so, but you know we're at we're at the Coronado Springs Resort at Walt Disney world. In the nazi article twenty four seven days? That was for me? I was up man It is not that be, and so on The only time will the only time I was alive. Go out was the one I was good it you do it's a lunch worked out still keep some shape, and so on. RO, the Foster cross. The cap is to the earth, just every day every day, but in the last few hours like you know what Dale
I'm running all this time, I'm not even getting the chill outside you know for a little bit. You don't think I caught on last minute, so I'm old and it walked on the final day, just as much of what was decided man. It's been alone has been a unique experience. So they wouldn't even let you guys walk around they do that to our power walk around it. That's even with a mask on that didn't work. We couldn't. The only time we can walk out was to get tested soon. As you get tested, walk right back to your room. They have to see if I have any They would give us this: isn't video to write, do yeah this video so they will send us they will send us doing for its interest in as a whole, but two items like a whole. What sort of a merger good solid, read out what I got one of these
gave away one of these no water, Zeus, options is along the same lines as the whole budget, whose snacks just give you do that pointing an arm it was lack lustre there. That's tough, to be in the same place for that many days in a row about day, for you probably start losing it loser. They won't be at this goes. It was nice answer lies outside other people walk by joy to such noticed this, so what's up the teams have arrived and you'd you did you stop quarantine thing are, you must be allowed to walk around now and do stuff writers, it still kind of regimented, you know all about what around European Council asked the US here so I met wholesale, all the casino.
Something like that, but there is a whole Jerusalem Saint rapidly, as all where the books the Lakers Nugget you talk ass, their stand as well, so we cross past What're! You know we share the same lobby, We should say same restaurant as a right now that can change but we just say, were restaurant lobby space, the soul it's believe an like that water coaches and players walking by you know, not to interact with players, but now they know me. They were coming out of here, de I was going to say you know a lot of these guys. Thou be weird to just gonna walk by them like you'd, like they were there and others it's a league about that guy. What what do you know? A broad majority, not a metal larger. Also, not was a big future, but as
now. That's that's gonna, be an atmosphere that is just be illegal, So you have the other writers James allows will arrived Sunday. They article twenty four seven day, so I expect things change. Was they get out we thought about. I initially we're gonna Saint Kavin Oconnor, and and the more we looked into it for what we were getting back. It actually seem like it was more viable for him to just stay home cause. He would be able to watch all the games and react and deposits the fight that it is an interesting dilemma of is this. That are not. How did you decide? It was worth it for you to go well, so for me. The league allowed the to broadcast partners city. Road ass, wise long here for right. Now, it's her. Yet to open doors, Xilai silence, but here too oh yes, you had to go yeah yeah. It's all that's! Why me
the road, all that that was done was the only Ashur, Natsir PAL Gandhi assignments ashes way. I got Probably a this is Louis. These talks were with those what is worse restart goes. I probably had a to day goes as far as life. If you want to do is valuable. A couple days driver rival, because I was planning on you know, get year life before the rules. Before rules came out, I'll get it. What a week for this is that year. I think I got word on a Friday that they wanted me to go Thursday or Friday that they wanted me to go. And I had mother. What we should mention, you have leg Many kids, you have only twelve, Seventeen I got guts worldwide, but also the man I
You daughters, Ray I offered the rose, is what my oldest daughter she's actually go to college. That is why the causes are gonna. Miss I'm gonna miss her now What kind of what kind of tears who cried? Everybody cried when you left pretty much better. My dolls! Well, my youngest daughter cry wifi. That's about it! I submit that my daughter's fifteen. She would absolutely cry if I was leaving for three and a half months food aid there'll be waterworks, not at all, no one or share for my feelings, my youngest, my youngest obvious. What the thing is I with face time and stuff like that. It's not is crazy, to go? You still feel, like some sort of connection you could see, faces the fact that this is happening twenty years ago to function. That said, I think it would be a lot more jarring to be a way for them,
but you're not here for law. Or will you know that, yes, until early October is gonna be rough? So will you worried at any point that this might fall apart? there is about. I would say, ten to fourteen days ago, once we started to actually get close to it and the Florida numbers were spiking. I felt like it was fifty fifty that this was gonna. Because I was worried about a snowball effect where a couple players are like fuck that I'm not goin in n It becomes dominoes and now the sudden twelve guys aren't go in and then who but now that everybody is actually in the bubble its so this is gonna work. Were you worried that, despite our work I still don't know if it's one were completed, but I'll say this life answer was we have about getting this restart wore an arm
What's was the players understood that there are significant financial implications that this isn't it was so no one autos factors. I figured it- will come up to some type of solution and pathway to get this thing side of you so are I was surprised at the guy you also numbers- are spikes, employment and asked. Why did you lie with it? Jimmy changes, WWW observantly LAS Vegas. Really one of its a bit right now I see the players really wanted in Vegas I saw up, but there was just be too many loopholes updates to overcome I was surprised in order to get it back, yet they did vague. I think there is a way to shut off like the bottom part of this where Mandalay and four seasons are and stuff like that, and basically completely shut it. So it's a bubble, but then there's whole casino aspect of it that, on that sure they would have been able to control
the whole issue ass. They build a short alot of players are familiar individuals who reside in LAS Vegas can also be bailed out to be individuals over. You want this world ran right there. Higher risk, get the trouble she. When did you start thinking about the actual Roy. Said, the season and play off just as somebody who analyzes Basque above for a living has, I am, I Didn'T- want to go a guard down that stuff. Yet in this past week started to get by mindset into oh shit. Basketballs going gonna happen at length, remember what the store lads word whose on with tee who's that their? What the match could be it I'm kind of like slowly going, but it feels like it was a million years ago that the season stopped when Wendy used when does your brain shift to oh, yes, somebody's gonna win the title, the sheer where no
I've always always figure that they will find a way to make this thing happening here. The elderly officially announced that there was agreement. It gets and so that's what I was like. I really will happily like I'm really going to to go now. That's what it causes lie that here, but obviously It really hit me hard until they call that right, about three days before the lady. Don't you got away now go away. After three months, don't get I've started. Had excited for the hoops, but I still feel I felt this way when they asked it this too many James. I they dave. Probably could it settled on fourteen and it would fine and it would have removed the latter variables for just a couple hundred extra p, Or that maybe didn't need to be there, really see the point of like even before Bradley Bilbil.
Out the wizards being involved, who care So they have a punchers chance, get the eighth. Will great they're gonna get killed by blocky weissach? no they're wise, Phoenix there. Why San Antonio there I wonder: do you think if they had to do this over again, if they would a lower the number teams that may be had fourteen, given the one seeds by and round one? Would you think they would do if they could do this again I'll, be those who thought they go look at the attraction of thy Williamson. They will get the attraction of the important role as a slot. That's right! There I'm not going out. There say they move socialist written with words, but But maybe there was capable of those long days if you are going to let you have to see. Ok, wouldn t worry that rights, because they're gonna feel some subtle way so lucky I think that played a large for reasons why we have so many tv here and I had
what's a month ago, Daniel Miller, he had that statement that he didn't want to do the ball: he didn't have a chance at all the boy ass like it, there was no go, he does who plays want to set it up I'll see that has changed over the Portland. The Portland Trail. They would only team that voted against the treaty. They felt the back twenty everything That's I told day there is our neighbour I told you before it was was vital those will be twenty two cheese. I told us that you know what do the despair didn't? It aspires as an order blazers deserve the media because you guys out what they play. Video games offers suddenly like that the gave the show through with you, should be there air in whose work is what there. Carlos what their rotten understand, but how it is what they might just was safely purposes just break.
The top sixty discriminate resource besides that way that way, you're not written in a new economic players, is that what the jackals, because we all know how does the player, yeah. But surprise at all there. Attitude like you wanted to give him a shot at a new Orleans. Do you have the app fees that were in that same distance away from the H street? You know it's funny, you're saying this is now that you're saying it. I'm thinking that for game cushion where a few within the for games you get to be in the plan. It does seem right, It was specifically designed for New Orleans. They take it said it was a two game cushion. Then that makes it a lot harder remain. Ultimately, if they can get, Lakers New Orleans around one with a healthy Zion, I'm sure would be their James situation, the problem for them, as in the east you're gonna, have the seven seas in the eight seed is just gonna suck. You now and n me
Eve in Indiana two of theirs, though all the depot there can be a little bit limited. Then you have you how they lost Bogdanov edge it. It might be a situation where you have the three teams, maybe three and a half a few include the south. Spending on how they look that are just way above a ready us and we're gonna fuck that pretty early enough to Belgium, this office. During his start, Are you saying it s fair to say that the US on this and the pale you talk pails, they say there. The schedule was actually, we're Doin, a romanian premises, if you like it, does not somebody ones as not as high as others who do you think, ultimately was the super. Start driving this the hardest to have the bubble. Come back, you think of the broader Chris. What it was here, what we call them
both are sure we we know whether roster along he made it. May that declaration early on in the process. The date they understood my thought in prison bronze, easy. Another browser is not final. Executive committee does hours way at all out for it all. Reverse. That superstar call that it was wrong. Chris Paul all while Damien Miller westward Afghan well sedentary, but they all say it like. We gotta make this work got to go and looked built. You imagined, like sake. Place, we're not going up Weena, risking their lives, not was more safety right then owners from then will. Walked out that senior machine they still my anyway, but
They opted out there. They were so you know what does it cost us? You know is a billion dollars by that come out. We have the fact that these new senior jerry, so I think the players looked at that I felt when I say players on the same superstar place they lifted today, saying no promises. They can give us serious measures is possible over. There is an obvious issues: interest blocker, but that car was the most positive moment of this whole last four months when because as Canada, had been kind awaiting fur? Is gonna happen? The superstars after cannot drive the low bit. I thought that they make of who was on the car was really interesting and the FAO TAT Day was on the car For a variety of reasons was really I've. Seen you ve yemeni how old how old was he when you start a cover him monsieur C,
you are right. We there really is working out. We shall always be greater yeah, so you watch him evolve over the last eight years. Did you feel like he was an actual franchise superstar. This was a guy. You could build a fifty when playoff him around I knew he was special. He came in the summer league and I know it's Emily, but he came in the summer league is dominated that performance that are dominated at home. It's all I knew there was some talk potential, but back If is were still today the light, What does when it is? So slowly become a point for me this would apply guards were even now that is, that is a big. At that point we get there. Yeah Kelly and he was with the leg up recently with the wages that day there is one interesting mass gave us the masses, our your prayer, what day gay and he
It seemed ass if the need any national. That was it. One would have thought it was just a drop of what was out there. I didn't because I think she will kleiber so that category, does the only involved with a more results, because these trading this became Frazier San Antonio you. He just got more leeway with organization issues. Amongst others, use them. I thought you be good. Maybe maker also are too Definitely up there summit was debated in the top one. The most people say said the joint debate on the legal they evolved in his favour, which you know you think I'd buy his second year, two thousand and thirteen fourteen season. That's when the he's really started to kick in I found this old email. We had a grantline NBA. View email. We then there
Oh for our meeting about topics we want to write about before the start of the season, and this is for the two thousand fourteen season. And one of the one of the angles that is, He bow was like our three going to ruin basketball and at the I we We actually even wrote the piece cuz. You could kind of feel thing shifting or it's like wait. A second are these: are these teams going to be shooting? Thirty? Three is a game? Is this where this is going? That seems easy and obviously that not only is that what happened. But it's what happened? You know on steroids, an first They like Daimios, perfect, but I was thought the whole market. Same thing, was so fascinated a watch from afar, where for whatever reason the Marcus it was like the Classic movie poster. Where markets didn't kind of to, except that both faces should be the same size on the poster. He had that thing like this kind of my team on that, and you could feel the damn thing come in
Why do you think he didn't, except that this is the perfect gotta play with Well, what is is a guy who you know he felt he was under whole time here. Will you show me the tea was random railways. Then It rather annoyed great old right. We have to be so he always felt like he was being dismissed as all the, Is you don't really by with the with the? what is our diversity here? You don't get out much to day was just like no evil There are some people have an equal to a certain extent, but Let's talk about his equals, not to the point where it goes like he's about. Anyone else this law. Remember there would be situations when better
ass the weasel. What is being apathetically replied to use a globally masses and right now I think of as yet was it was three. I think the library. So there will be situations where the blazes were pitch. Commercial ideas poster ideas. The waters there. Where are just like, he wasn't like that. They're, gonna day. They like the other way round this should happen. This can happen. Resumed alone. Now you go. The whole city is flooded with it was aimed jobs as a lawyer, I hope to build his popularity and sit down. There is still no Mr Blazer or delete all time. When is blazing right now in his soul
We want to see it if you'd probably took it ass, like you're trying to give you must stop and Daphne, That's not what it was a day in the market into that. Talking about that later on, just about that, just because they never had a problem with more than day. It was a problem there was it'll. Work is going on behind the scenes that were set. On the table, were here and that rub the wrong the and then you know those officers we remember his last Portland year. He is like an awesome that year, Dickie was like twenty five and ten. The play off suicide, twenty six, a game and- and was really like him. The level that I I gotta be honest. I didn't think he was going to be able to get too. I never thought he was can be like a twenty five and ten guy in the com Damn you think about hands, are gonna San Antonio. We don't know can be quiet and it was like
they he's gonna San Antonio for proper rich, but then he adds up with quite so he's played with two of a ten vespers of this decade? But has I dont think everyone gone to a conference final? It's getting. He's gonna, be an interesting hall of Fame case now you look at me. Look at both situations. He goes into such wasn't. He for life. He was don't be a man right, you know they did so it another colliding was covered, cover just like you don't know Dame was come, they saw He left to be in the situation. To get away from the situation was at an intensive walking into another one. That is even you know, even worse situation. In Afghanistan Yeah he's out of some interesting what ifs stirring is clearly that gives you think when he got drafted, we did the redrafted both that draft in Chicago except to and then flips inferred TAT, Thomas and beer, he really just should have gone to Chicago and he would a ban.
It is young nucleus that either said again, a poor land where they get two years, a brain right and he gets her and it's just basically a crater. Until lowered miraculous? It shows up thanks to Billy King, I am I think it was Lou Ricky year Anna. He I went to copper game, really good seats was, on the few times, have sat court side on the actual on the when you're like MID court, which is actually a we're way to watch a game, but Chris Paul, just like manhandled, Willard Ed, watch I go and I like lizard, but man this is like watching but the all Madden level play somebody at like the all Ricky level. He had so many more tricks. He was so much more powerful and it was really- and I left that game thinking that get lower to be fine. He'll be knows you. Some three is so be fun, but never be anything and then to watch the way he evolved has been you no spectacular.
I'm with you? I think, there's a statistic: case for him verses caressed. I would still take Currie every time. Keziah that does not produce the best. They wanted to go Break to remind you. Showbiz kids are new documentary, firm, Ringer films and director ox winter. It premiers on HBO July. Fourteen tonight, nine p m. And if you dont Dvr, do you don't watch it lives? You can eventually catch it onto band later this week, really out of this one. It's in a densely satisfying jack, and I and if you like, Hollywood and pop culture at all, I recommended water to make sure that it was on your radar. It's alright, there's anything why watch in this is really you're, really a giant so show biscuits, HBO nine Pm July Fourteenth witches tonight check it out. Two percent.
Yeah, I will always admired your story. You know I'm a big fan of creating their own breaks. I certainly did way way way back when, but you you basically bait, Everything that happened to you happen again. You know, You were right near late, twenties. When twenty eight new work and as a security guard and are free, Lance and be a writer and trying to make stuff happen. You already have kids at that point like what were kept driving you, what they do not want to give up their losses. I just want to couple. I want to go away, graduate from college gradually from took the uttered, the junior plant education. You know you have the range and I'll play college ball. You know you had brains and brawn, that way the reality is not good enough and so are obliged constantly. I was it s all about him.
At the same time the Fresno? Really never let fresnel president all my life, friends are going to jail. You know we should go on all around me. That's not positive solemnly and I already had at the time I had two dogs, monsoons dollar sunlight. Now, a real one raised. So I graduated call is building a light. Colored gambled away right this last night, looking at gave out just write my stories of the games and send them to different publications, and they were like some Why did you gotta call with workable the beef and veal market, you are to give you a break, we can pay, but we'll get you credentials. It's all. I said that will somehow convince the why the mood of Portland
because I was just atmosphere going away like there's no way. I made him that way. Sacramento idea of yours, you tell your best be there. I must go not too far. Close enough about fail. We ve come back home. It was gone, there was the best decision, one best Bismarck Rear man like a puppy. Up until the unemployed or supper. I gladly What were there I could get a job you're gonna batches reintroducing no people would really be a preacher. Not five ajar Eurasia the file was the insecurity got eyes and a secure legal problems so I did that through today at night, when the places were hall, I will go no cover some of those guys do that were used who are you cover in the games for
Islam or lie slam flights I'm alive and it was on the site. That's the thought now basketball, news gamma that yeah, last. That's what idea do that for a whole year. It is like Is this year I was gonna credit Dwight James Malta was com, is their important he's wonderful Comcast was that North West and bear the reality of the places and they were looking for a fourth there. First, Blazer PETE Rock somebody to cover the team go to all the game, be on tv three four times a day. For sure. I've got a job. That's how we also away from never flannel plays with them be it on tv suggests, the tv obligations. Life is worth a fly. It ass color with another story,
It's amazing ended the best part. Is you pick the right city, because that is a top five. We care about basketball board than anything. I was gone. The Portland Sacraments, the finance. They don't have any other tv sake. Now. It's like all the four major sports combined into Won t, so they they care about thirty six five days year. Every single thing that's happening with them and I will ask. Why are you so you do not hear right there with that point, That's all will cover the t known as light we'll work at the time he was like before for fifty more or less what he would do bar well yeah new rights that will about will one day here right back here when I went to claim the cover The Brons were here, but not you What's that. I fly the little bit. I save one over the other important Cleveland. I don't wanna you Ellen right with the method of it now Joe hairs at that time. No,
la la LA specially Tribes urban agenda, but the broad run riot ass death. That's what I realize. Ok different walks, paused with different ways. Otis when it we would have, rain coms backwards, we redder and they would take like the paragraph. I wrote about them, researchers and Ruby. This long blog post on Poysers Edge Belize and I thought about whatever lasers and then, when I start when the pack ass really started, take it off and not like I've Zack low on and we would have This, throw away too minute conversation about the Blazers interviewed other, like two thousand as these guys are crazy- I kind of loved it, though I love out passionate there, how ah, how many years you spent in cleveland- I do two years so I after all alone, happened. They won. I shall then I want to use new style covered wars What was your leubronn strategy when you, when you
the team had a Jew handle. Are I gotta win this guy over, but he is one of the most famous Americans we have. How do I cover the sky year? a little bit of relationship with him before I went to Cleveland at the odyssey that played until we get the job because while I'm always important bill songs cobra, I was covered the blaze in we're a trifle might be alive all were was there the job of car, neither by not felucca moonlight idea was it that was it so like asthma, life went on and ass for my career. If you ll get bigger, grows Islam, We ve got an awful like me. He, although local celebrity whenever you want to call it a multi bree. What's out there like I've learned like this
we're talking you and you're getting a soda eleven yeah, some eleven you walk through the car coarsely want take pictures with you, so I made this is did bill. This is it. What's he like, I fear the respective national ones you wanna come in detail. So you see a national rider commentator. Ere you see, they opener record figure areas at random slew that this right on not to go now you see that night once more become dropped, his story, we so many new studies in it. You know like TAT, gave a moderate access, this therefore just bought a level respect. The national asked why I wonder about this over. For that day, all you know. But enough. I noticed the gay like medicine stories that local people just don't get it I'm doing all this work buy the best covers possible, but
there's still stories. I don't come to me because this local guy the guy had that reach over what, because of it. Iraq, every player has their own little inner council their media strategist, their Pierre Guy, whatever, if they're going to give a story to somebody there again into the guy in Portland. There too, the guy has been com or whatever exactly I people know like players. Nato you know they dont control most it's on. Story, goes to you done so from that point from that point. All was combustion what's that in order to measure What would be a study visually now? why so far boys always thought that I will read the same context. Will save executives of Saint Ages, Jose people you talk to about the blazes, I thought asked them about other plans so I started working soil or other trees while
opponents were blazer, be right People saw local people lost, it loses cash flow. Regular Miami, he saw. What credibility does he have? This want my pocket still, that is still not anymore, respect like on its own Well, the broad enough after, like I had to make the next move, but I gotta bigger platform. Some of the brain ass. It was known that clean, like obvious step, a soul. A nobler there's arrived questionable, that's why I clean Zambia level were thousand happens, I have always with the broader use people before because you're fired he put me where new year, brute break loose outside of four That's all! That's all that I was able to get in there just it grew from the attacks by that time by the time he got back to Cleveland here he really understood had
The media and there's been some good pieces written about their swear. He would have is forty six guys any Canada I was caught: watering. The plant You made very watered the plant with with certain guys ray and when you rats about everyday, like that, it's hard that take its hard not to feel why do they not gonna snake that guy this guy's disguise been good to me, and I think some guys never realised that. I think he's been one of the best guys to to counter Natalie realize that, but the ways handle that cause. It really does I can handle the media programme as well as anybody than maybe curry right. It. S like an eagle yes, the Cleveland. I was myself. Jason awake Joe warm dead men. If you would take care of us, but we all remember, And I had to suppose every ever since there, but I
remember destroy our the story about life. His leadership at its first why I must have his junior, you know when it was like subtle shots, be taken at global level, line right those like little these going on, Islam wrote about who lose tackles now. Peace must be changed and just ass, though got a few days later he pulls inside. He was like your Chris our mind you right we're taking shots bills necessary, but he was like at least come to me and asked me Why is that? I do it this way. Why do I Why don't do that? He said now. If you still feel that you Do it your way right which one right you go here, but at least it prosthetic. Then he said I will function for. Right. What you right by at least here for me, why is on its way
From that one all girls, like you, don't s affairs as logical. You know he's not to see that what I see you the behind Cecil I don't know. I can't it's. Why why? Why, We did that that night is often That's what I'd like to have a negative story? negative circular, to write about an athlete now taxable call Doin this way. As one of you should respect. And that's the right thing to do. It's kind of its. I guess a heads up, but I should give the heads up. You might get somethin yeah. You might get one more piece of info that need out of it, so you live there. To that? Sixteen right you and then you went to open the to. I wanted a so did you The Cairo departure thing coming back when you left
when into that. Sixteen relay these guys only have one you one more year together. In the end, I bet it blows up I see the odyssey get into that point, but see there was fresh throughout those two years. It was never lie. This is like a lot of those in Russia that those teams have cleaner, slightly were forcible, because abroad is a guy guy licence. All be there. I do. One person has a robber I'm having my party I didn't see you earlier save a little bit forces working with the letters. My page eleven months, my page, you, the I was ended, there Well, my invited me to allay and majority joy. Whole team was there Braun eighty? I take it down like that and so they say, is safe for somewhat surprised com with a well below.
I guess. Looking back now, I guess you can see the country will be able to say this route with what are we to new sphere to take their job in the bay I do not want their job. I didn't what their job, because I felt like a covered the chairs for two years, this is the highest- be political. You can have Before coming ass, because that was my whole eight, my uncle and ass, I saw They taught me into taking a nap you can go and covered war is not steal, didn't want. It helps the eleven great news outside the wars, but I still haven't forms of words, but I remember I was like I was concerned about the image the procession you go we'll cover in the in the middle of this. Why we goin over covered wars right away. Like always lie is so I did hear from the hole time since I
it's a balkan wars as though it was Prince Bill Christmas Day again Warders cast equally, first time are the raw says since I moved on and so I walk into the media. Hafta. And Lebron is walking article. One is illogical. He sees me- gales you try blah blah blah not like this trade as well as workers a lot, but I was this idea. At the end of the day,. I thought I wanna locker and securing like you can't go in. Oh my god It's not a good idea I was sorry
I'd like to get one of your guys come helping was tat. He comes over Please be honest about it. First of all, there was a walkie arise, laughed loudly. What what is it that so he's? Probably Ten percent did feel like Agora trader, the job sides If this were like it, I was concerned about the research not from he'll, just like I'm, never see I've never heard of any by covering the pistols. Why dont want Lakers fiscal lead, stop it but the cobbler letters in the middle of that rivalry illegal and overcome the self inflicted idea. That's interesting, even though I will kill with this is why this autumn, when I want to go to state, Dream I was a little bit if young initially
he was like I use this is over, they were serious like it was, It's for you. I got my trouble. There I'll kill where I'd I'd say that two thousand, the warriors team he's in the running fur best him of our time at its edge. Think as I listen to the past did with the ran. I did six of them, but the first were so marched, who sat thousand seventeen and he said freak and happy when you get in its like thing. He ever wanted was happening with that team in and selfish, they were in the level basketball and just not deal with the bullshit, no casein kind of being able to be himself all that stuff could really here at the whole pack ass an I would say the fifth one we do which was there in that seventeen eighteen season. It felt like something had shifted
and my theory had always been here- he went motto about against the brought into does emptied finals. Why did pack, ass them, thirty six hours after they want the title thirty hours, whatever any, really fight like on the despite the league, now everybody knows. I went totally with the brand mighty one as I played better than him, and then and get the credit for it, and it was a huge you chase. The title does matter be Bob. I and all this stuff he thought he was gonna, get hitting get, and I don't know- He was ever the same. What what's your theory on the whole thing a girl cover will he. He was the best way gas traveled around these web player, but she was in the ears deafened Kirsty. And I don't a problem with that, but I think it was
the strong over there that he was a little boy. You know it was you to stall over there that he had jump over there to be a bra. Even though here to hear shady due to stay a big shot a bit- three over the broad I kind of such as both moment both final see was. He was great human right Adam, yeah, but right out like he was that guy becomes a steel, the fact on wars? People were not giving him his credit yet. He definitely saw you just saw his Vijay's from the first year to the next there you go out with her with a dream. I have We always say this about eighty four pertains to now tonight: isn't it Is he says that the alternative is, as you know, very well to deal, but up.
I asked almost respectfully but he'll and his character. I had I will start model. I was that my party has put the proceedings were first what I'm asking you to young yet so I started my project I asked him if he will be my horse, yes ere? He said yes, great gray under Katy. Guess I'm a plot park as possible. Cool so now as a weapon of war, not to a few of what incident it. So there s an early happens usable, do it away for now so the two days later, there is only one way happens there, ok, this is party. There's no way. He still do wonders. Why because you set me up remember he didn't talk for weeks yeah after that, Can you guess I believe nobody, these man
he's just a thought, so much rather be pace might be like the days are taken. A few days to the day we were supposed to do with which the Monday They play the Rockets legal right in see Katy having spoken to and they re used it. So I made the trip to use the boy. Again. There was a big guy who is rocket now really made. I would like to see worm rat Are we still going to do this? Yahoo has equipment to prove the chemicals that we are paying to have everything over. There So I go there in Iraq is laughable. What is lacking before again. Shady guys, your phones, all his life in his own. Is it really does want to mess with I gotta go, I got so I'll, go with you. Was that small and I was like, I notice at the time I want to make sure girl for Monday
the EU now talk about these. Why, then, did you use it like that right? Someone will the HAWK Elizabeth Dispute Emma so the United States to Know- but I have to say so, but now The days went by still no confirmation days will buy. It was Night Sunday night. Still hasn't talked to anybody. Sunday night attacks of late, like a letter now supposed to be more new. Please do still do I gotta go happier She gave me the first interview. Far out the first interview about the whole. Yes MA am, I was super jealous of it,
Only ruminant we'll talk it over competitive bill. Of course, our Christianity, that's all that we need to give a door was gonna. Do it so that we make night before but I'll be held, as were the dead man? That's all I'm appreciate it. I went to that game. And I watched the whole thing and you know I'm the body language doktor. When I go to basque boggles, I love watching the body language saw. I watched everything, a income. Did Draymond not pass it to at the tail and regulation Katy reacted to it and I just fine, damn cuz I was Katy, they color showed him up there. That is unusual and then watch the huddle and the whole thing happen was bad. I was tweeting from an ethical, might even videotape some of it and did a couple tweets at night.
And usually I don't do that. But as I this something happened here, then you could see from even when they went back added overtime. Stuff, like that, theory, though, is that it was gonna happen at some point. That just happen to be the game. I think James, especially his somebody who just loves on a team. So much in the concept. The team is old school that year, you're on by sadder gets me that in that's how he feels about everything and assume Katy had that one foot out the door heading into that, season. I might, I might not it just felt like that. Was gonna blow up at some point, and I dont know. If there's any way to avoid it, you know you think but personalities the situation Katy see realises that points, its staff Christine he's, always be considered a hired gun and it became Where is gonna leave and It's amazing. It didn't blow up sooner right. It's it took who is basically month.
Three of the final season better. It could have happened earlier in that. Those issues could have been avoided. You know I saw Draymond say that if Katy, would have told them what he was going to do. Been all this Fusion escalated, changing, Bill, I don't know that Nobody has a right to know what you are Katy added the kitty duty was gonna. Do I think he just wanted to keep his ashes open You're not gonna do after that is again a growl were you wrong altogether rise? If you know it, and was deals old, give yourself flexibility deleted, you give yourself by just one more time to make those decisions, and I thought I thought that was it But even I would remind you don't reminder player that. He'll show you up air. You take the idea
that's looked ass, beautiful ass dreamer, here's leader fears, prepare regulate. Must I used to some? I don't act as Katy was clapping AL after hearing the wall. Somebody showing like stuff is not going to do that. Play is not going to do that. You know so that was a big uses, escalated Jesu raised. I used to that, and I think he was also embarrassed because he made a bad play. He should a pastor. It was the man himself knew himself, then he's got Katy. Do this at home is kind of low. There now go. It's too bad. You think, like. The heat those four years of the heat, the three Here's a that warriors team and to them as in the two thousand for a shack cobby. Those are probably this, three most memorable run set a team had in San Antonio was the most successful team of all those teams, but it's a little more, you don't really
like what I could. We say the two thousand three to two thousand seven spurs, but there's not kind of I don't know speak about them. There's that the fears that there's nobody having conversations about those teams that, ironically, those seeds are really good either for whatever reason data resonate the same way. I don't I ate but thou, because I really liked watched them that it is one of the three best Thebes I've ever seen. And how you are built into. The spurs maybe has to do with it, everyone back the bad times. They're, all scattered through was doesn't it take with us. He said taking it away from the greatness, but well, there are seven team was the best version of air and me they just through the short straw, the fires, because they played this year, terrible Cleveland team, whereas just idle abroad and of banana bunch, a rope wares and they kill them and that they have gone against even the,
wait! Celtics! If you just take the oasis I'll fix, you move them forward. Twelve months and they have a slugfest with them and they win. I think that teams remember completely differently. No, you won't. But that also means that you mentioned that there may be right, but that spot What year was ever? Maybe it was? other, ordinary consumers. The excellent yeah the boy never seen ball. Booby like that mankind will move in a brown paper mill the man that was beautiful- the bottle wash the heat had no less that's it. That's right, there was one vessel was exhausted. That was the that figure out where basketball was gone. When you look back at it because they were others, I watched a tunnel old basque bug. Aids has four by the way that team where they didn't shoot, as many threes has are happening abbot. Basically, style and the slashing kick in all these big they just kind of new. They were, I remember going on tv.
Game foreign him being? The series is over and people to fuck you, you see your he'd hater leg, is one gave three gave for by twenty points. A piece like that later have an answer for this. This ain't happening. Do you feel like with the broad heading into this point, Is there a little bit of a last stand aspect to him here or do you think he plays at this level? Fur like is everything Who is the count out Leubronn ever leaving his private This is just keep going until his thirty nine years old, but I don't know bill. I thought I thought he was. When I was coming to clean when you back is set up, like two weeks and I was the most time ever set out the athlete- and that was pretty that's pretty impressive, I mean you got come at some point built you take that's right? You know
What is our here Mary? I knows Freitas were there, one of the good health of our people want to see any rest. During this resource It has the globally he's themselves up and shaped like nobody assassin. Maybe excellent Muslin Toby. I think, he's probably number one on the list. I remember talking to maverick about this too, as sixteen and I was like what it was One thing people understand about the broad and he was like Each time and money he spends on his body, people have no idea what he as day after day after day after religiously and of the thought money energy training all that stuff. That's why he's gonna be great for way longer People realize I he really and he was saying this in sixteen. He was like this isn't gonna head down
AIDS is how it ends with Kobe into those twelve or you. A bad injury, and then you can't put the time and on your body like that- and you lose the eight months and That's how we ve seen with older athletes, who were great that injuries which, when they can't do that day after day after day after day, that's one falls apart, but he doesn't get hurt so yeah what about us were made. Miss tebbs it today, and I know a lot more like this, make this year alone, mass Arabic. That's what happened the plane. I kind of like we ve, not admirable, is more to come. They hope with proper made, is that they can provide it was a bilateral problem care of his baby. Squeeze, are no here you have offered up with The air was junior, small love is all If anybody do his job play? It highlights four for we gotta get asking about media basketball
You must mind you weren't you or the model, my meaning jail. I'm right now I don't know do this, but I'm retired I've been retired. Since two thousand fourteen, Oh no longer duties, but most people are play, will retire, no less. Retired, I don't I left to good of a legacy to go back and attain it. The way I did at last, the less I had one great come back. That's thirteen fourteen everything based It needs down wet languages. I just It moved the same way to modernize, basically like I'm a stretch for who, who just can't go as it. This isn't funny I'm gonna for rebound. I see the rebound, I'm looking at the rebate, and then Siberia absolving at very bad. I'm, like I gotta get out. What am I do real? You must allow me, even before the males got us about what what do you know right now: yeah you
when you have you have forty every year, one thing goes its eye on how I catch your book. I left it anywhere. I can't I can't rebound like I used to really hurts to hangs out. Will you just start losing things at forty, but who is so who gimme the AIR Gimme the first here, I'm Ba for media Basque, but where's widow me. Strong. Strong start anointing yourself. How do I get it me leave us. It was there I'm a day with men and ass, my sheep. I'm not sure he asked Rob I play will play with him a useful. You don't really get out of these still plank as he met the oder now, but John Schuman AD and at the Vienna, was really get yeah here, like inanimate, he can
a daring, Williamstown game like visible physical point Garcia traders, game yeah. He really knew he'd knew. What to do. I thought is get everything Chris are now look at our used to be so. But he is almost by its beauty was apparently really good way. Back when they arrive yeah. He was He was like a scoring forward. You know was apparently great was the and Patrick who is that It is six a year, apparently in the Eu S being games, he was he was really really really get far away here. This forces fivefold- oh yeah he's likely. He was rejected resellers, he had I they receive those early forties now ass. I they added a few places much, but here is another when he was like a banker. It will be an aim yeah. He was so
I never I may mark spears is older now, but I'm sure my you know he had used like six five, I'm sure he had a run at some point. As far as six years longer, some of the bigger the big guy I miss Woodley, I were you televised. What are those games rate it was it was. It was largely yeah, largely we're we're play my plate you know we have worked by we're different Campbell, able we have always camels that move across the court was it we would. It did at the sheer obviously button so abandoned. Did you think about it? You think haven't a media, big, three team, a media victory that would have a fire I have not been habit. I've heard about that. Think about that when the pandemic in seven years from now, we will finally have a vaccine it would definitely be The mediaeval adapted appreciate that more not haven't raffle court
the boy was true, That is another sign that you ve turned early, for it is not up to half a court becomes a lot more appetite about. Where you better give me a pig for the two thousand twenty bizarre playoffs. I can see how. I can see how the walking just about, with these conditions, everybody, on this long, hiatus, innovation even to happen occasional walking past the east I will say this bill. What gives play a guy when it is in the same bill there are most dangerous tee, in this endlessly. I think, if they get here even at this alliance. Never was see, fortune had particular take the Lakers, the distance.
They happen to get by. You can see him in a box. They help they help not just by the council. His bad dreams. Caesar also motivated being their Syria, also borne. That's the skin. See I'm picking Lakers ethics Of course you are, of course I like, where the extra there's only only thing that worries me is Campbell. Walker had four for months off and his knees still doesn't feel great here. Follow up is still below the surface. To those I lay. I like the here's. My theory young young legs, both were basically be plain. Every other day it's gonna be a grind and I am I know, other people have had this theory- I am a subscriber of the younger team- sits in advance
and we saw inside and ninety ninety nine with a team like the spurs who had Robinson winning, Philip was stone is fast bar, but then you put young Duncan in there and that they can go out day. I don't I did the young the young legs help decided two thousand twelve to with that was dear, ok, see made array, and that was sixty six game. Seasonal pact player. And also no cases like our I will make the finals will go and it was young legs. So I think from that standpoint the subjects are in good shape at the kinda thing in others, always been rumours that that's why Charlotte basically wasn't ready to commit to a big time cause. They knew like his knees were great and the fact that it was only for months here and it's like he has like us. Sprained ebb see our supply that this seems like its arthritis, which makes me nervous, Locri gone, but no to your point,
but the young lyrics you're there, all the other member under these, dishes were everybody's is being brought back like all the same you don't like the first, poppy all games is really like a training camp. Here you know myself whose want to recover the quickest he's. Gonna, be those your let's is worrying so you got me have thereby signal walking ass almost to pressure of the debates in funds. Chris Ants congrats out everything enjoy the bubble, look for you! look forward to seeing you on tv sailor porter like TAT, you have a man scan on when you do that. Gratis at work, though I will have a massive movement, was not taken the well beyond the interviews, but they'll be how do you see the air was the leader of the basque colleagues, one over the other
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about a bunch of ideas you had and then you had this one and it was though the whole process of this has bed, so enjoyable rose to site, that's a great idea, let's make it and then we patronage beyond HBO like great. I go make it, and then you made exactly the film you pitched, which pretty much the only time in my career. That's ever happen that easily it's that always this easy right right, yeah, I now and then I was like ground using all this treaty. Music is lake is like Tampa, wondered pretty, would score, or we will agree on the above and we're. Finally, here they I you know, I ve said: there's bigger concerns in life with the pandemic, but acts that we didn't get like. The big premier in and all that stuff, but I still think it's really cool that it's coming at a time when people want content Annie,
a, and this is a really good Agamemnon. Honestly, if you only project of got that isn't been completely sidelined by the pandemic, some really grateful. You know you being greatly. There was great HBO, have been great partners and they were like, let's bring it up the schedule, you know we're all stuck at home. It's all been super smooth, so it yeah really get good experience really like. I'm really grateful, though putting it out in July. I just think that you know which is people are stuck at home and it gives the funding to watch amongst all the other stuff. So happy about that Well, let's go backwards, just for some of the people. They don't know who you are as yet. You ve done a whole bunch of things over the course. Your career and one of the few, people that have gone from acting to just make it commander is mostly, and you have some people tried that, but now a lot of people than it successfully but gone backwards. You child actor, which is what
did you interested in this whole thing, your child actor in the eighties, you intersected with a bunch of people. That I grew up watching their worked with some those people, you on a more all over the place in the decade than people realize your I m DE is action packed at what point in your life. Did you realize I when a travel backwards and talk about what site to be a child actor, not just the oh, my god. There are these dangers in you may get hooked on drugs in back, there's so many more pieces to it, which was the compelling thing to me. When did you realize you wanna tell that story? I think what became a dad, and I had kids and I looked at their childhood, which were not in the entertainment. I started professionally nine years old when I asked the clean fruit at twenty. Six and I look at my kids doing when I got twenty two year old died when he was nine, when I got a ten year old now I look at them like.
There's no way I thought I'd brain like theirs. They would be like they would be like cannon fodder people up, and so I restarted think like well, how did I action? We manage that and it wasn't like all like. You said it was an old negative It was just full I'm here now at years old I was, I was co started. A Broadway show a giant show with like a lot of responsibility, and you know my kids at twelve and thirteen were you know, drooling in the backyard, still the dirt em and their great Kazan are really smart. It was just so, unlike my child, that I began to think what there's a lot of things about my childhood that were very similar to my kids, because I was just here and there a lot of things that are like literally like an alien from another planet, and I never felt like it ever seen that conveyed and I felt like I never felt that at any one had ever showed me anything remotely like what my experience was. It was as soon as you start talking to each other, like ok, circular. Sexual abuse we're just forgot how crappy
transition and do regular life was real George for drug or- your terrible stage, mother or like all of these sort of cliches, which still abound and still grab eyeballs in these things do happen, but it's so it was such a fragment of my experience and not the whole experience, and I was even someone who had like extreme trauma like I could even sake. You live friends like you know. I guess one of the best friends like Eliza would literally have no problems again and no neuroses and he's just a perfect human being, and you know, I love her dearly. Eddie just sailed clean through. I didn't sell clean through, but I had a great time and I don't regret it and I'd never seen that expressed. I've, never seen the real full spectrum of that experience express a mess I really wanted to do. I remember the first time we talked about it seriously and We lived in our land. My kids have grown up here and as see my son, who is a really charismatic
Kate who in the wrong hands, I think somebody a bill I go, we should start auditioning around and things like that in my attitude and when I talk to other pants about us like. Why would we do that to him right? Would we want him to have that life, and so I was always like than the prism of? Is it worth? It even like the people who succeeded. Was it worth it to go through. That and then the more we talked about. You talked about the film you wanted to make. I think the peace that I never had really considered before that. I so fast and thereby was the concept failing when you're like twelve, and you're. Like you ve spent a year making this movie or twelve, you don't know any better. You think it's gonna be this massive success and bombs and you feel the biggest loser in the World yeah, you don't have the the psychological capacity to deal with that kind of rejection, that kind of disappointment, expectations are all over the place. It is a very
Is the warrior fantasies do come true in a way, so your nightmares can come true to like. I talk about this, but I remember the first time I stepped on a Broadway stage at one thousand, two hundred and thirty, years old, it was a giant theater, was in a huge head, show carrying the show with a do what it was like Paradise. You know as a kid had grown up, loving movies and theatre. There was opening a big Broadway show it at a really young age, and it really was great and a joyful experience and yet was a lot almost immediately. That was not great, so it was a very complicated Bala wax from it beginning, yeah member, really there ass couple years, sometimes I wanna have actors are acts as on the pod cas in there. A child actor background in now. I'm always so fast that in that part, a member Ethan HAWK was on top about how he got explorers and explores is post, be this massive movie and it wasn't if any
Back to school and people are making fun of Uncas, yet explores that soft and he was just a completely devastated and that's that's. The piece of the child acting child singer, however, where the whole family, component. Would you really dive into in your firm that thought that resonated with being the most yeah really interesting me? That's why open the film that way with Diana Sarah carry who had this, who had the biggest career you could have at a time when no one She was literally the all like the only child sovereignty on the planet, and you know say that's literally being, though, what right she's neo, basically, he and then, by seven years, older careers like flat out over and she's like doing extra work by twelve. Like we're Michael,
I was just starting. The phrase was already done and she was out there, the industry by seventeen completely. So we that's an insane trajectory when you think about the age that she was having to try to process all that and she spent a good deal of. A good chunk of adult daughter, just trying to make sense of what the hell happened between zero and seven, and then you know We are thinking about the seventies and eighties, the nineties to thousands each decade. There is different. Of third rail things have to worry about re writing. Seven days, it's just it's a fucking free for all. Shields, is make a pretty baby she's thirteen playing a hooker like thou, never happened now, tat the eighties cocaine has become a real thing. Yes, that's an predators start going into the business in a real way and that's aid is through the nineties, but Now you move into this century. Some those things we ve learned had a lead litigate them. We ve learned had a you know really
worry about who's on a set things like that? But now social media has become most dangerous thing, and that was a tough on for us to figure out. How much do we do with social media? How tough, as that, for shout actor. Where you get an instant feedback, you can get. Just crashed the Graham and your machines. I caddy Hannah that so what was your mind set of had include davers is the old stuff. Well. I wanted to find a kid that had gone through the the Disney machine, at that the internet was really taking off them and no it's a very short list of people that I knew would be good on Cameroon and compelling and That's why, when after Cameron, boys in and he was the person I really wanted, the most out of all the kids that I had that lesson we are that very lead and talk about the fact that he died the epileptic epic seizure year ago almond. It was absolutely devastating the eye just the greatest greatest kid and maybe
only twenty years old when he passed, but from five to twenty. She was on fire and the thing I learned about Cameron was like. I knew I wanted to show you there's so much of a stereotype in this industry like it's. What kid would want to perform I'll be there kid you dont want to perform right, but there are kids who really do want to perform like you were going to their mom and dad, who are you? in the industry and saying no, you don't I want to be on stage. I was that kid right yet Cameron would that kid more Wilson was that kid. My parents were kind of aghast right that there were very a feat: kindest College, professor snobby people. They were like you want to do what it up and so it was. I wanted to show the passion that sometimes does come from someone that Young, whose really boy to be on stage, but then, if you're doing that in them in a modern era, that every single mistake you make every temple
every screw up online. Every girlfriend that don't you like, even your very first Whatever is all documented on social media forever its? It doesn't go away. It's it's back into the chronicle of of you know of, our times. So camera was a really good way to that, because the obviously had never get navigated it successfully he was not like. No one is that thick skin is a human being sensitive and I really wanted the perspective of someone would be honest about what that was like, but you haven't been so crushed by it that it, you know, was they couldn't even communicate the there is one I you're seeing the cycle of aim for young people is now condensed and you see in it. I watched my kids like these Tik Tok stars and Youtube stars that they, you know becoming, granted by and those people are are done in six months or nine months eleven months they were right and hide their huge, and then there
just got their discarded for the next whence I can even imagine what it's like and that universal least when you're an actor in the eighties nineties, you could move on to the next roll. The next thing in this you almost on. They have one chance, it's true, and even when you're performing, even if you get rejection, bless you really just don't want to do it and not because, as you know, this is the same in sports it you may not be have Meda had been born with, like God, given superstar talent, but if you really something and you're willing to work really hard at it. You will get somewhere right and it's the same in the entertainment industry and so for the kids. It really wanna work really hard. They do get somewhere and that positive reinforcement when you do get like what happened. Ethan Hockin explores exports he's what of question for deepening picked himself up just himself now and he knew he was good underneath because he knew he was willing to do the work that he had passion. Henry Thomas same things like that is to tea with you lot of shit and adolescence. A lot of stress, museum, lessons
No, but he knew he had enough positive reinforcement, like you know when I know I'm good like. I know I'm good and he picked the dust yourself off and has done great work as an adult. So I think that that's the thing about- and you want to talk about this- we first started talking about conceiving the movie. You know about why we didn't want to include Youtube. Kids. You know why it wasn't gonna just be so broad that word include, was shot. A social media stars cause it's a very different phenomenon and what their no, for and what their skill sets are so different that you're right, if you're famous for basically hang out your little room and, like you know, look at unboxing things. Then what really separates you from the next person that people want to watch you on boxes. Things are no living like you. Don't how do you do develop any sense of worth around? That's gonna carries two to rebuilding yourself. Why joke was always, I doubt, would be the sequel after this one did well for primary. I guess that's why
This move into that generates. Should the next one. I think they now it was fascinating and like any other documentary that I've been involved with, was the guest list of people were interviewing was so important to have a good mix of people. Makes it different voices and experiences and then there's this whole other sub part of you knew out people and there are some other people who seem to be interested in half the time. It was. I can't do it but that sounds like an awesome document or I wish I could, and that was the message over and over again that I really wonder after
This comes out who you're gonna hear from like shit. I should have fuckin that an interview with the God, damn I'm already hearing that that's already happening that started happening. A sin of the trailer went out. I started getting calls from people that I knew who were like. You know. This was then look. This is not some thing because of a great or anything it just we did it. We, we told sort of the inside story from the perspective of the people involved, that the subjects that got you know really great and didn't incredible job and were very honest and very compelling. So, I got a lot of people even casting directors from the huge cost of directors from below the age of doing big, kids, We're just like this is a story that no one's ever told like some grandly telling it, and you know,
I have friends who, who had kids were big stars? Were poor parents are like this? Was I watch the trailer and it was literally my life like. I just got that from the trailer, so it it just something that no one you know a group of us had. Never us meaning a bunch of child actors, forgotten together and told our stories before him, and it is weird I mean I remember when I first set down with each occupied with both kind of look each other like. Why has no one to condemn? It seems like it so We should have done this at some point right. It seems so obvious what we were saying. It could be like seven hours right of continuity, Gary multiple pirates I gave I was so much materially to eighty ninety years of material. We could a dove into its true as true, so you know I'm very grateful that that we got to do it. I do think it's we know to your point at the beginning of a conversation. Is nothing
and of one there's a lot more to be said tomorrow to really good book about her experiences. I will probably Sunday write a book about observe my experiences in that space, but you know: there's there's a status faction and knowing that that group of people got to tell their stores their way, and I also is very happy that we got. We got really great responses from the subjects themselves when they saw the film and what am I favorite responses I gotta meet Evan and I've had no great interchange about about the sort of nature of having done it for both of us. Frankly, I read your word forever, your idea and, and obviously I feel so protective of the people in the film you feel like book, parental and sort of fraternal. With with subjects, but my Wilson's there's something so lovely to me the other day that that you know she had said a thing in the interview we had a lot of what's going on, my story is very well known to most of my fellows in the business, so they know what I've been through in
there was a good level of trust there, but you should set a couple things that sheets said she didn't usually saying interviews and she'd network. But it was a little concern how that would come off, and then she watched the darkened and the thing that with which, even though, what a wash you taught me, but you said the anecdote that she was so concerned about, was sandwiched between what actor saying the exact same thing and another act or saying the exact same thing and a kind of neutralised. Her own feelings of either remorse or sensitivity around that anecdote like around that part of her past and bright. That really happened to me to making the film like. I realise that even things have stigmatized about myself what you're kind of abstract in other things, you would think that they can be subtle. Something weird thing happening when you're a kid Jakarta, neutralised by just hearing, so many people tell the same story in and from such a heartfelt place, and that was that was cathartic and I'm hoping when the film goes out into the broader public that that's kind of this sort of net result
of the impact that it has were there was we deal with the stigma of what the film could be to people where there are thinking like. I know, I'm listening to you. I know I know what you're saying I know you're saying it's. I could be like this and then the comes out and its twenty five minutes on how River Phoenix died and thirty minutes on shout, predators and the Ladys, and then my interviews breaks into that right, I did feel leg even though you were doing it, and you had a ladder relationships still see my there were some people that we tried to get that were decided ere. It should not worth it right, it's not worth it for me, give me the time I dont know what this is. Gonna ultimately be- and I think there propaganda, regret it yeah. I think that that to be fair when
dealing with with your childhood and events that happened around your child. It a lot of trust issues right where they earn in show business or not. So if you re, like your trust, have been betrayed her over the course of having been a child actor, you always going to have some Some level of vigilance right, you're always gotta have some level of this may be called, but it's just like you said it's not worth. The risk is not worth be, putting the wall down just to get for trading and thirty years later. This is why you're, the only person who could have done this, I feel like it, had to be some who is a child actor young baby Otherwise, it's like you're, not even getting the people. You got yeah yeah I, I'm going to be willing to say anything to me of any value some of them I'd known a long time, even though I wouldn't say any of them, even the ones I know. Well, I knew their story. Like I didn't know. I know very well I didn't hundreds story on meal, as you have known since she was quite young. So
there was the level of trust. Then you had been there, but there was also there came to the table are prepared to be honest and that was to super. You know that was super. Lucky has really great for that, but I also was very understanding of the people who did want to talk. You know I would talk here. Will they be like I can't do this is no, I mean I would love to do it, but I just can't I can't tell these stories. I can't revisit that period and it isn't all pain is just a lot of times it's. You know they feel it might be damned for their career vena. They feel like the things they haven't told their own family. Whatever more, they fill identity talked about it in their good. There are already on the record, exactly ghettos, plenty of that. I mean in fact, that we often didn't go out those people whose, like this certain shot actors who stories we know and we know we'd, have liked. We really need to hear them to talk more about something that we already know into
We are meeting their people who stories are particularly interesting right. Yeah, like you know, there are people who are huge respect for who have been really successful, but their wives are pretty and eventful and they didn't have much to offer its part. There are perspective on and then another decision we had to figure out is how They are you and your story in this, a thing. The ito to mixed results. Over the years with documentaries. We ve seen people throw themselves in yet and maybe they're down it as a subject or they ve damage is caused there, like oughta, be cool. If you hear my voice says I'm interviewing somebody, it's like, I always brave, for the standpoint of don't want to hear from you unless there's an awesome reason and it makes it better. Otherwise, let's not hear from you, I thought we handed a right, but it was a really interesting thing about around and figure out what the ready to us. He I think it was important to examine the possibility of it or would have been no irresponsible creatively from my hand, and I did go
the forest my me all my media, like I went back, got all my child photos all videos from my shows budget stuff so that a west was Cadwell who got the film he and I could have easily sort me into the arms, Although we did John I'm sure ever sent this you, we did actually do a pass where we tried that I just did it as been like, as if I was an interview area I really did not work was exactly what we suspect that it was the all it was like a. Record scratch right, held movie just stops, you just go. Oh the directors here now and he's going to tell his story and I'm with you creatively, I very very rarely like watching the filmmaker, inserting those it's a very kind of Troy. The thing to do right now, just because we live in a world where you know we're playing a lot with the conventions of narrative and what even as a documentary and what does the launching a document or in a narrative- and you know
where's, the truth, where's the lie, and all of that and I get it. Some of those films are interesting but is very, very distracting and it's very calls a lot of attention to itself and the whole theme of the movie. I was but I wanted to make was that these stories are universal, that this, one conversation across time and that doesnt work, if I'm in it just the automatically not one conversation, is my conversation but the only thing I can think of recently that worked with the with the director in it was minding the gap because he such of yeah that'll, part the narrative, like its literally a coming of age, sex, stand by me and he's one of the kids here. To be in that he had agreed that yeah, but I almost otherwise almost never like it. I always feel it. Oh god I was feeling its next secular somewhere told the director you gotta, be in this find a way to put yourself in and indirectly coda. Begrudgingly starts film of cells, I didn't want to do that here, one gimmicks
My friend Jason Hair, I did Andre where under the giant, but he just did Michael Jordan thing, and he had this gimmick in there when he would Michael Jordan, his Ipad too, look at some letters, a bit of an interview. He had already done with somebody else, and then he would capture Jordan's reaction, to the interview in the camera, And it was really effective and really smart most The time those ideas make the thing worse, when it it's like, hey I'm coming in and if I'd known Odo stay over there, would he do it yeah you don't. Let's talk about you in the eighties, because you're in a whole, but the staff, but then, you become the guy from Bill and TED, which is another one of the themes we explore in this movie. When you get pigeonholed by one raw people just see me like oh you're, just this person in this One thing I saw, I can accept you as anything,
Did you how? How strongly did you feel that happened to you? It did from this standpoint that I was suddenly I was. It was a phenomenon and worldwide. So any where I went, I was recognized his bill. I been recognised from low. Boys have been recognized phone from other stuff and I came up on Broadway, and so I have the experience of like coming out of the stage door and signing autographs at one thousand three hundred and fourteen. Whatever doing interviews, you know I had a inexperienced with. We haven't sums, of notoriety primarily the weight and packed in my life was. The recognition was, was that I like? we talked about in the film. I could not go anywhere on the planet. Without people freaking out because build sticker, you're out our people slide all the way across the floor bars on their knees. Doing air guitar up two bites bar storm, I mean it was, it was impossible and God forbid count on. I have always been very close. God forbid. The two of us
we're together anywhere. Forget it lays down again to bestow like that, but but but back then it was just. It was literally like a whole other thing. It didn't really impact me in terms of fit pigeon wholly me, because I stopped acting at that time, so it coincided like you know, I did all this acting from aged ten, and I was on away all the way from twelve until seventeen every day, eight shows a week to long running shows back to back all of high school, all a middle school all on Broadway. So by the time I got to college- and I unlike hammered boys, I I've wanted to stop acting and go to college. I wanted to go to film school and I went to, and why do you And I came out- and I was directing- and I had an agent manager and I booked billow TED and lost boys- know that while I was already directing items at propaganda and making music videos and commercials might a whole directing and writing clear, that was
started and my intention at that time was to phase out the acting and just focused on the directing, and it wasn't it wasn't just a career move. I was, I would beg you know, I would very much like Heaven and will and bar or talk about in the movie. I just been I've been at it so long since I was so young and I love to act. You know I love being in the billions, had movies and everything, but I was pretty fry and I've just been under the public eye a little too long. I needed a break like I needed. It does not have an active agent and not be in Hollywood and not have. That But let me just do my work quietly in kind of do my thing, but I wasn't really ready to come back until we did this last said we have to give me twenty five. We fear so you know its sides.
Just think phenomenon. I hadn't thought about that much honestly bill. It's all. I made the dark and I just heard the same story over and over again from my subjects, Jose yeah. That's really what I did like this. I had given it. A ton of thought I was like I always wanted were erected was good, it does it. No! I I didn't want to just direct. I really want it out. You know what I was the part that your kind of hoping comes across onward. Flying around ideas for something verses when you're actually you're putting all the interviews together, and you realise its undeniable. You take somebody story from two thousand eighteen and somebody story from nineteen. Seventy six and its basically the same story there at all. These things have changed, but that really yeah, and I think that was the most shocking thing. As I, you literally could have add one person. From every decade, starting in nineteen forty and made this film yonder finishing my camera voices, finishing Diana. You know a hundred year old woman sentences with the exact same sentence
so that was really really interesting. So he offered me, I didn't I didn't really get build so much for that reason was like it was around the time made freaked than I was like I'm out of here can I can. I ask you a Keanu question that Europe a question I have already asked you, but I'm just gonna do for the forecasts. Did you expect what Ben to him over the last thirty years to happen when, of his career in terms of like speed, the matrix, John Wick, a guy like is. Quickly became I think one of the most bankable Alice. Actors of the last thirty years. They were there signs of that when you working with a hammer d like how would you explain it now? It's not it's not mystical to me because he's honestly, one of my very best friends and we have like grown up together
I see a lot of him and I have all the way along the path of his career of we ve been very close and the Then again, you know you deal with media with a lot of accuracy. You get a big deal with a lot of athletes to counter started doesn't have now. He was almost pro hot yet and I haven't met any one I mean literally anyone at the top of their game in our field, who doesn't work harder than anyone else like markedly harder than anyone else, and now no radically and not work a holocaust ie, but but in terms of focus and drive like you, don't have that career. If you dont want it, you may even think you want it and not really somewhere in your heart want it. You won't have it where you have to: u have to want. It
and you have to be willing to work ten times harder than the other guy to have it. He has no real. Has this has a lot o a combination of of intellect and drive and frankly, a lot of really high functioning people that I know in my business and of Silicon Valley have done a lot of stuff and technology. Have that like they're they're, very, very small but it isn't just talent and is it just intelligence? They will work markedly harder than the next person, and you know they taught you talk about rejection. You talk about the things that can hunt. People out of the business. I do I don't know anyone him included, but not, if you know not to psychoanalyze Reeves, could I feel this way about all those people working at that level. There are human beings, they all feel the sting of rejection. Life can be difficult and you have shitty ears, ever, but they pick themselves up in there.
Moving and they and they you know they have that kind of resilience of like I'm just gonna go at it and reaches always felt very much like kind of the kind of a poet athlete The other essential airy fairy, but like it, he isn't actors actor, is not a party player and he's very studied in his craft and everything, but is traffic. A proactive okay like ok, I had a crappy going to keep training on the keeping my best and is a very good. Come out on the ice next year and not have a crappy urine. Lo and behold, you didn't write well, we did. We watch balls on stand by me, a kind of our view. Documentary coming disfigures Bay is either and by mere eighty. We pick stand by me in a coal, mainly because we want to have the River Phoenix conversation at the top, and that was the guy from you your generation, other you're older than I am a little bit by bit. Are you really love tat? My shoulder yeah pretty similar, so I knew him these kind of day the keys-
we could have been in this stock. We easily could have had a river part. There has been a river Phoenix stock and everybody. That generation. I think Simultaneously, revered him in his super protective of his legacy. Why is that you know he was?
very very lovely person from the the few interactions that I had with him. He was incredibly talented. He had a kind of an yet a very clear artistic sensibility, but there's a protective nets that we kind of all had coming up and a sort of was like us. They know your brother, your brothers and sisters. You see each other about distance here about people going you hard times that his death. I remember vividly- and this was my whole social group at that time, including friends you ran viper room and death was like. I was a. She was a blind side because you know it wasn't someone who was sort of out outwardly Joe Crazy Party guy I'm even though
there was drugs around all of us at that time. Just think that it was such a a and intense shock to this kind of system of the community. There was a feeling of of loss with him, specifically but there was also this feeling like it could have been you yeah There was a real relate ability to river, and you know we all had a checked ourselves when that happened. We were all liked off the rails on some level or another. All of us, myself included and we all just kind of stopped and were like. Oh, this train is kind of going somewhere. Great, like collectively, and you know, a lot of people, bailed out will be bailed out. Downy went through what he went through. I literally quit and left allay. You know every person I know not to get into detailed, went through some stuff around that time.
That we're from that generate know that group. You know it was sort of like the kind of lame parallel to the summer of love, Torino after Ultima right, it was like rain was like the Party of the eighties was over, and everything got really dark for a little while in the early to midnight is here you think about the cocaine air and the party era cause. I just said: Rob Lowe. My podcast and we're talking about he's bake. It sent almost fired, and eighty five and they're just forget on their part in their he's, got a place in Hollywood hills and, Nobody really knows that half the stuff there doing is really that bad. Who then, the gray, but there are no it's. I came in you. People die and you're gonna lose all your seven and he's just out and everybody's out. Everybody knows each other and you.
You're generations like a tight, like probably a half generation after that, but the same thing you're all out. It's the Ladys you deal unchecked yeah, look in a week or two lost boys and eighty six, and that was divide. That was the eighties on full turbo mode. And it was all go, and there was a lot going on exactly Joel was a really good den dad and that sat was really safe. Energy, comfortable, very professional. Truly mean that I got to see I'm not long for he died and we had a really really free chat about working together, but I mean no at night like away from the shackles of production. It was insane it was totally off the rails and- and you know there was a price to pay for that. It just felt very strange to everyone that river was going to be the one to pay that price. And I think that was just an incredibly unexpected. When was the last time you are the last place. Idle,
why should we be all the way through it and in decades I think my kids watched it novel. I should into the room to see a little bit of it. Not always I'm always. Struck by how gorgeous it is its unbelievably well crafted that movie for what it is for, like a crazy genre movie about them it's kind of half a comedy. Now oh yeah, but it was that I mean we. We knew then, that it was a look at the way he handles that you know Corey Feldman and like even off, like old thing, was so grotesquely over the top. We knew if there was like cheaper and I like a thing, why don't they guy new watching intimidate, is a cool vampire movie that you you realize thirty years later, like that sack scene is completely insane alcohol? I we had an evolving now, let's cargo closeups of the sacks guy, he had it such Abby SAM Old it up in the demo, but I've such fine memories, as so many those movies could have age, did such a fun way. We have
they say no fire in Rwanda was that movies insane now It was a huge head. Have people like this? Is the big show for that generation? That worries? of course it relates to the it's really funny. I it that areas so distinct the hare yeah all that stuff. It's really great So what was there doing this? comparing what was that thing? If you figure You know everything about this story near the axe, What was that? Did you learn anything that just surprised you there was there revelation that you're like holy shit. I had no idea. There are many revelations. I think that the main revelation is the thing we touched on earlier and I really had no idea, which was the universality of of everyone's narrative. I mean it almost like. Even my crew like on go my deep you, we would look each other actually really be like that's crazy, like we're just convert. Doing one person who whether Diana two hundred or whoever data talking about come up in Baltimore than you got Cameron annual?
the stories are literally identical and again you know Tom. I got two Evan Rachel word. You know who I knew her story, but I didn't know that the new wants a bit and she's talking about having that that moment in her early twenties, what you know, as greatest for career was in his great it before it is. She wasn't as much as she wanted it. Those things light up. She still had that moment opposing and going who am? I am, what am I doing, that was regulatory for me, both symmetrically and personally, like thematically just never had. No, I always wanted it to be, like one conversation across time. It had never pseudo litter
maybe one conversation across time, but personally it was really cathartic to hear all these different people tell my story and because they were very considered people working for some of the things I'd work through a lot of work. Some things I hadn't worked through that I thought I'd work soon. It was much more cathartic for me, individually than I thought it was gonna, be like I have done so much work on like mine. Out in the stuff. I went through all of that. Damn I'm turning fifty five and a couple days I've been around a while, and I got kids and a good life and everything's hunky dory, I did a lot of work. Like a rolled up my sleeve, I was like at a certain point. I was like something's, not right, I'd, better use of it I figured I'd done the work on good. You know that it will set a movie, but I was sent in illicit. They were going well, there's stuff about myself and my own past, and it was weird man because about to have built tat come out. I haven't been on Cameron.
Long time- and it was like it was a bit with a real head trip in terms of like really being brought back to my childhood like there, I am playing a character I haven't played since I was twenty five, your movie about being a child actor. When I left the business intention Molly and went through a lot of stuff like I'm habit, it was all that stuff was in my face at the same time unlike and thankfully it was good, it wasn't bad, but I did have a moment of going. Oh, I have a lot more clarity of my own path and I've ever had just making this film and hearing these people like I totally see what I did not like. I was running I got fried. I left at a certain point K. Like I'd, never really put the pieces together that clearly before I think it's a special movie and, like you said earlier, it's kind of amazing. It never happened before yeah yeah, I'm going to hand, and I think the actors have earned it happen, its now that that's always my dream. What I'm doing any kind of documentary is always are we doing
that's it I haven't seen What I want to see this and from the moment you pitches, a man. I'd want to see that I would. Rather we did. That Somebody else just be jealous of it, and the experience was a pleasure really town to did. I was just really impressed with the IMF, our process, it shouldn't it shouldn't, be as easy as it was. I'm excited to see with their action is to it and who knows maybe there'll be a sequel. Support will see what happens are certainly more story to tell so, and good luck with Bill in TED, thanks man, I'm excited to see where you kids think of that word. Yet they love the first two we made in Vienna movie. So if you like dogs, had, I think, you'll like it, it is to be about now you, but now you're the age. You are now near their dad who their hang out with everyday and then I'll send european this seventy full screen other hope it. Maybe who you know, maybe one movie, theatres. If there are even now jes nowadays,
but I will be on some screen. That is true. You be indiscreet screen subway out eggs for comrade Congrats on the movie with. I am honoured to be above the event in a small way, but it was really great was it was really great that we got to do it together now? Thank you so much. before we go wanted to play separate from the remarkable about stand by me. This conversation Chris Ryan. I had about River Phoenix its to watch a movie not think about River Phoenix, it's not hard to think about shout actors, nothing by River Phoenix, he was one of the great one of the best. Under eighteen actors, I think we ve had a my lifetime, so Chris I talked about this and in the whole concept of loss potential and how relates to sports and acting mother, stuff. Here's that conversation I it's snippet from the new we was about stand by me. I
a in a river phoenix because. It's really hard to watch this movie and knock heads. Type and how great he is and other potentially as and it's really annexed You only have a couple times with actors. I swear you You know they're gonna, be incredible. I felt this way with add Caprio in this boy's life. I felt this They would Natalie poor men in the professional and beautiful girls rage aside. That person is gonna, be aid it. A number one over our draft peck at. Point in their life, and I can't wait to see this awesome clear. They have the best way I can explain the River Phoenix saying that people are younger is another and algae that might be hard for people to understand when their younger bed to me, it's I Glenn biased for acting where it's like. There's this led by a scenario where nothing bad happened to him and he based he becomes as good as Charles Bark Larcom alone on the South Ex witless.
Bird and kept Mikhail. He becomes the forward version of Michael Jordan the in this whole new era of basically our plus ballet for an mba forward and he's just such he's. Probably one of the first and be a bad ass is that we have any has this whole career- and we just think of him so finally and in one minute it was gone, I feel the same way with River Phoenix. The guide died in his twenty three and when you watch this movie, I think potential of him and what he could have become It almost overpowers the movie, and I mean it in a good way. It's his movie. It belongs to him and its. But a watch it without just constantly thinking about what would this guy's career been like or am I do you feel that way to action? It yeah? I think that there are, when you think about Greece performances are memorable performances by child actors. Very usually follow one of two categories: there's kids, you were great, being kids like I call it in home alone
or Hayley Joe Lisbon. In the success rate, I would see he's the second category where he's ex incredibly precocious, it almost seems like an adult in a kids body like the way. It is the way he reads, dialogue the way he seems to be interpreted. The world right Phoenix and stand by me- is just think of all three demands. Human being like there's no filter between actor. Performance. Like you, what you get on the screen is lake. Absolutely uncut and I think that was a hallmark of his performance. Is that that he did leave behind there is like my own private, Idaho or yes, though, it running on empty, which I really love near these, these movies you left behind. Like no matter what Ici was. He had like incredible raw, humanity that was always on display. Unlike this, the stuff he's doing and stand by me is absolutely ridiculous. It's like off the charts. How present and vulnerable. He is but also like weirdly cool like even though he's just a twelve year old kid
It's just. You can feel the entire movie Joe pop into another stratosphere when he's on screen, which is obviously a lot and I had semi as do. I is just so everything about emits a complete package and my wife and daughter watching it last night in both my god he was so good. Looking you know it's a its. He just had every single quality you would want. If you like, I, we want a lead actor for the next thirty years, where dwelt with this part, look like a ban and woods crazy about is LEO, basically shows up those on growing pains, Ladys and then eventually using Gilbert Grape, and that is in this boy's life and he starts to have a real career, probably in the ninety one. Ninety two range it was really hard to watch LEO as his career took off, find the culminating titanic without thinking like this is kind of what should happen for River Phoenix and think he had issues.
Pretty much within two years of this movies. I think fifteen, when he makes his move. Fourteen or fifteen makes his movie by the time he is My mom private Otto he's he's having issues and this battle in them, basically for the rest of his life, and he ends up dying at the Viper Club, an overdose, and I think it was a big risk, getting for the movie industry and the young actors in the same way that the Lamb, biased thing was a big reckoning. Sports, where it's like, hey Ok. This just took lend bias. Let's be careful! What we do and I think with However, it was the same thing for a whole generation of guys. Yeah hugely impact will death, especially on their generation of actors. Me I think you are doing, I'd or talk about it. You obviously have a huge impact on his brothers life. I in one thing the kind of connection is it when you watch him when you think about like these really great great actors that we have had over the years, whether its the ideal they Louis or Leonardo, Caprio, or even to someone
walking, Phoenix! You know, I always think of those two, those guys like on an island. Like you don't think of as part of a crew or a gang or like eight. They don't the River Phoenix seem like a really good friend, and you can- C in the movie his facility with. Will we character and the other guys, and even like he's, like our social bull person, the real world. Not like. I am eight. Actor made it a petri dish who is just gonna, go off and learn this part and then learn how to leg, be Abraham Lincoln or be Jack titanic or figure out, the blood diamond. Not I'm not a knock LEO Do you know what I mean, we're sometimes gray actor seem almost unknowable ever Phoenix seemed like incredibly noble in that way gear and he has You know he has at monologue about the add the milk still in the milk money and then the teacher Beijing lying about him so shall keep the money for himself and its
a form and had seen and its as good as anybody under eighteen is going to do the same, and I think I had a couple moments like that too. The course of add the first part of his career, it so to find somebody, especially an actor. You could just kind of show off all the tools by the Basque, by analogy with the eight it's almost like, when you go back read this stuff about Lebron when he's like a sophomore junior high school and ended in the sports illustrated he's comes out there, this is the total package. This is everything you would want the Basque about why this guy has and I think, River and LEO are the only two guys in the last thirty. I've years under eighteen, You could have said that about where it's like I check. Let's go GA, the boxes of who can how somebody can become an plus less movie star, they were the only people that were gifted with the car wash package, and it is something that I remember
read about basque basketball book that its it happened so rarely in the NBA and in football, in baseball and acting in music. Worse but he gets the car wash package where it's like you go to the car wash in sight, which, which section do you wanna get for your car and there's that one where it's like I for thirty nine ninety died, will do everything in their only a couple actors really in our lifetime, that of Ghana. I really feel like he was one of em in you, and this is the movie at all the movies he made. We see it. Yeah, you me and you see little little taste of it. I mean that the idea that he could do my own private, Idaho and also be the same person who played Young Indiana Jones in last crusade and that kind of range and have that kind of me star magnetism, but also like real real dramatic chops, its to me just even talking about it. It's really, you think about all the stuff we missed out on you the Indiana Jones is interesting because.
That was one lane that his career or d gone right. It was like worst case scenario, his Harrison Fort, yet you know that's like his worst case. They are best case scenario, might be Deniro Pacino right go in that route but worse case there he could have a thirty year Harrison for career just and ways. I had my colleague Riddick. It's interesting that that challenge of of That role is like because I was sort of offered up to Shiela flake oh later, and I think I will getting to into the weeds on that lake. He obviously, as someone who child actor would like did it, your blockbuster stuff, but also clearly had a real chops and then kind of off the rails? Little that I think said, dear friend, psyche pointed out between a successful child actor and a child actor who can You can see what the future is for them to end it poor men is another great example like if ye left beautiful girls and your leg-
that person is going to win an Oscar like you, just you kind of knew it she had. She had every kind of note you would want from a thirteen year old actress, yes, it is the people who projected that, like when you think back on early shine, pen, performances. Yeah, that's another delay, while these guys, just like on fucking deniable, like you, you did, they will have to wake put this dude in a hole in the ground for him not to be something amazing. It's funny. I was trying to think of. I didn't. I was really trying to think of people live. The last twenty years that you can I have said this about I don't know whether its cause, our culture is change. People get to hyped up now or were make unless movies that have good parts for people who are under eighteen or whatever, yeah? You asked me in silent, Texel a while ago about this, and I think he and I were both saying, like Social Ronan, Timothy Shallow Mayor, probably like the best hundred thirty Agora actors right now,
and it'll be really interesting. I shall always gonna be in whenever movies come out again, he'll be in doing which is like his big blockbuster one and so for a while he's been kind of making more art how stuff but like. I think that it will be fascinated to see what whether he can a cypher epic, like that. Even shallow may, like I, never but about him as Indiana Jones is son. You know I think there were certain doors that ledgers work can be open for him with movie arose as good as an actor as he is right. They shall above was the same way. Where the promise shall above us he was trying to do that river feed. Ex LEO Arc. In there early part of his career- and I just don't think he was his talent that is as good as its we came- say. River was a unicorn because I think LEO ended up doing a lot of the things without river is going to do, but but the potential bed and kind of, though the loss of what we it and get not to mention like the guy died and how horrible that was in the EU could even fill with his brother, who carry
to this day and won't even talk about it, and I think a lot of ways feels like he's carrying legacy of it, but then you think about that. Were you you had these two and credit talented brothers, that obviously Would have done at least one amazing project together at some point in their lives, but river with such dominant force that that that shadow kind hung over the brother for a long time. You know I was hard to take them seriously as it is always just River Phoenix. His brother was, I go out, he's always gonna, be there yeah. It's like. I think that that whole extra Textual start, like cloud hangs over stand by me. Sometimes making the movie a little bit aiming for a movie that is, as almost like, effervescent stand by me is its is incredibly, dark when you start to consider all the others suffer like just the fact that rivers, character. You know the first seen, is passed away already and has been murdered and dear you're, going into the movie with that. Then there is the kind of the older
Other plot line with joint use acts character with Denny, so it's just like it's got a lot of residence or anything about where this movie fits in with the documentary that we made with age, be out and out winter. The show his kids is not about man. Hears are the horrible stuff that happens when you become a famous shot actor, it's it's, it's way smarter than that and its way more subtle that and would sing sing about stand by me as it fits into the cot. That's great movies fits a lot of the lines for how this can go right and wrong. Right leg will wheaten, basically, because, pigeonholed as the stand by big guy and has talked about their open, and talks about, then a documentary where it's like people just knew him as Gordy. He couldn't break out of it. The key retirement was like that with e to some degree, river. The way his career, when that's all
I, like the the ill effects of what can happen with young stardom and getting a lot too soon to make it a couple. Bad choice is getting drowned by them. Corey Feldman, everyone knows his story, but I think this movie right, the ties into nicely is real life, which was by arc outside his childhood was really miserable and an probably just as chaotic as the character in this movie ends up following it. Movies, making a couple and get thrown into the the fast life of highly wed becomes for of course hame. They do that Fang and he, living like he's a thirty five year old guy. When he's fifteen, that's enough I can go and then there's the Jarrow Conall side, which is this that's not a sexy to talk about, but it's like yeah he's the fact stand by me virtually all the site and ten twelve years later ten years later, is Jerry Maguire as Kirsch she's, the quarterback ass. I
say it's in there and he had a really good experience. He added child actor experience that led to an adult experience and he's had good career, and, and so it's basically four pass are all in this movie plus he for southern path, which I guess you could throw in there to celebrity kid yeah, and also. I think that that comes across in the film it self. They know it did. The guys in this movie have talked about how the guy characters were essentially who they were. You know that that yeah Weedin was bookish and shy that jury O Connell was kind of lake loaded a clown that call It was really that intense and that river really was that fuckin cool and that you is that, like he was that do or that's it? black ass thanks to zip greater thanks to Chris Haines, thanks to Alex Winter forget about showbiz kids, preparing July fourteenth nine p m. Be. Oh, that's tonight catching the band.
Starting on Wednesday and we're gonna be back with one more bs podcast. Later in the week impossible, we watch was his wife's thanked him for that Joe, the middle, the we stay ways.
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