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Is the NBA MVP Race Over? And Other Questions With Kevin O'Connor (Ep. 332)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Ringer staffer Kevin O'Connor to discuss who the NBA MVP is as things stand right now (6:00), the pace of the Pelicans (13:00), LeBron vs. Giannis (20:00), takeaways from the Sloan Conference (25:00), Brandon Ingram vs. Ben Simmons (38:00), Kawhi Leonard's trade value (46:00), and the top 2018 NBA draft prospects (1:01:00).

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bunch of Oscars videos with Thou Shalt fantasy. Chris ran Amanda diamonds. They looked awesome unfortunate, four of them prince though the show you can see prince rate there. Cassie he's in the back, and it's like he's watching them and judge in their points. It's hilarious, putting up a whole bunch of videos, are we on our Youtube Channel on Twitter, others places really get this passions that we are so I ran as Podcast Sunshine Channel thirty three, whereas those are running as well. We doubled depth so check those out check out all the pieces? We have the sweet check out on Monday on the BS black ass. We did. We re did the two thousand thirteen Oscars and then Tuesday, on the re we didn't get out, which is the early see that ever done a reactor was that movie. I like him at a year ago. We think it should, when they ask for best picture on that, Well sure, would you have? What is have you see me? shape water guy come get out. Get out was great. Everyone's gonna feel dumb get up
right, side of history now Anne and tell people they get out when the best picture, because in ten years, it's gonna be like a hard and whispered thing. I was on the right side of history with James hard and last year. May this year here, hearted when it make up for right, but I had a good. A grave knowing that I made the right move there and I made the room. If you get I made the wrong move with Dwayne weight on the Ringer NBA show. I say to you is completely washed up: ridiculous sat. He takes his last May shots, and yet he made the game when at last they elect burgers two thousand seven last night he was, I can for six. In twenty five minutes believable. I dont think that happens again. This I'm doubly data my doing weighed his worship by can go to Hell. Here's perch,
It is Wednesday morning here in southern California, for the rigorous here Frazier. Here I commend him for showing up after the devastating. Maybe see game yesterday tat? is eyes, you know when you could tell somebody's been crying for like twelve hours, and they just say. Riser read in their their faces: puffy! That's that's what it takes to interpose this morning about the alarm clock of late. A play. It's all here that we're gonna want a national champions of matter makes things there are better chance to win the vacated two thousand anything national championship. Hoo hoo hoo effort would be vacated the rabbit
We have a lot to discuss the NBA. We covered some stuff on the ringer, ambitious on Monday meaner and alibis. Vulgarest, who made a dramatic reappearance as well as I just gets up the Amazon that just very well. I said Monday, was too early to talk about the VP and My mindset is always like I'm not even to think about it till sixty games, and then I was doing some research today and I realized it's been sixty games and now at the point where I feel like there. You have two candidates and it's a dual for the last twenty two or Somebody has a big enough cushion that they reach a point where there are they can do is lose the image and I think some examples are like LE brought into doesn't nine, which was just a smack down and be pieces in their data point there now it's like, while the only way he loses reappears. If he gets hurt, he goes in a mass of sub. Hearted may be there hard enough. He's at thirty one in nine five rebalance the prince.
Energies are as good as they ve ever ban. The team is great there. Forty seven and thirteen, really no other monster challenger for him right now. I think the worst encourage it's hard to say who's out who's the basket James rang the brand up and down all year, Yon S that the bucks are above five in short of where I'd want them to be seriously start thinking about him and really the only one who we discussed on Monday, who could make a run hears Anthony Davis two games laughed. What's in it Do you see where James hardened does not when the VP, I think, Anthony Day, it's really up there? Have any of us here to really enter that made late April stage revolts happen through enough momentum worries averaging, let's just say, over the last twenty five games in MID April. Thirty eight points and thirteen rebounds in a the sound like a which is what he has been doing, is about what twelve gains sit. Yes, six games are over their winced work, especially especially, but if he continues doing that, putting that team or honest
Then I remain narrative as their posts bogey injury, but he can. We have the ability to feel about to talk. I dont know if he can steal it from harder for me, but I certainly think that there's a bit Nobody could feel about. So I laid out the case on Monday for what would need to happen. I think they'd have to get to forty nine. Fifty wins. No New Orleans and maybe like a five seed and we'd, have to look at this and go while bogey went out. Their seas was over and he just refuse to let it die and actually made their better and kicked ass, and he was just the best where we have to give it time that he's ready. Two thousand eight hundred and eleven with two blacks. I looked at it, but just curious who's averaged two thousand eight hundred and eleven in a season. It's like ten guys
I know he had a rather like shack and people, then, with two with the two bucks: that's including the timeframe, the buggy the seas never never mind this time when it's just him on the court right. So in the West re now, which the West this turned into really a dramatically cool conference and somebody's gonna get asked Finally, in the air in the plant picture, but New Orleans is quite succeed, the thirty four and twenty six. So they go. There's twenty games that they went fifteen and seven that gets them to fifty wins and if he bumps his stats, two hundred and thirty and twelve, and he first or second and scoring, I think I'll, be second he's like say than rebalancing leads the league and blacks any puts a team on his back. I think that's a logic case, and we saw last year where hearted, an edge on Westbrook member Westbrook got high demand a couple game winners as ages. The
what Thou hast went crazy people remember when they're looking at their ballot, thinkin about who they're going to vote for it when every p went from those last three weeks thinking. I offended that people think Westbrook as the envy. It will at least be like our he's. At least China earn it, and I can can consider it, but I still feel card what they have as its whole season. It feels like there's been almost looking for other people to vote. For aside from hard in itself, like when hard in this time of all current make IRAN rag curry, make her and then look them. The Cavaliers had their surge lebruns, making a push, and yes hardens been the favourite really the entire season. But, despite having one of, I think, when a more We never sent scoring season, rightly making seasons that we ve seen its. I find it a little odd. There has been more hypes around him as I repeat candidate the season. I think people are bored by heart and because It's just so deftly boring to watch the rackets as brilliant as they are, but I think the fun
Does it we're after a thousand times at heart it at the top of the Orient stated there? It's just its. It where they were by somebody got a lab. Oh I've, never seen that, unlike any other team now he's true, I think of everything was doing that you just like. It was your right before the season. I mean, maybe a little bit part of it, You don't know their will to your credit. You double down big time on the eastern over. That was like your best. You did the package of me and ass. I was your best bet. You're, like I love used in, I think, gonna be actually ridiculous and I think there can be staggered. Those guys and be based. Glanced up. Question analysis is ever translates the playoffs, but that's really it now you were there. Forty seven and thirteen, you figure they blood would say.
Once they south they blow to more and then the last three games. Weird shit happens, you start resting guys. I have them at like sixty five and seventeen and harden right now. His piazza thirty that that that totally matters, but that's usually get indicator that you're having a monster see anything over thirty year. Thirty one. In five now he created the ten and ten club this year. Ten point six threes gave it ten point one Praetor attempts, which is is like more, is wet dream. It's is bent his his dream to see that possess a shoot. Forty five percent is make it almost forty percent of histories. Eighty six percent of us free throw it's one of the most efficient seasons. We ve ever seen as one of the best seasons in the history to be calm to guard. What we following? What our position today, really I mean he's just a he's, a play maker
so what's your little Jerry West forty five years ago, were Jew. S was easy points our guard, our now he asked It was an point, our Jerry vessels, at an odious. You're Darrow Morey, say hearted might be the greatest eisele eisele selection score ever so that its loan hate. So I did hear about that. I just want to remind people that, if Jordan played in this curandera- and you just put him at the top with forty minutes around him- he would have gone by everybody every time, especially with the hand checks, no big guys in the paint. So I think, has been a beneficiary of this era, but at the same time he's, I would say, he's the best penetrator. Now of this generation right, two thousand nine doing Wade was pretty Emily while he was there and even then the spacing was different and two thousand I never mind in the nineties of Jordan. I think that's what so tough about creating these guys is hard and the best within his circumstances, perhaps but put Jordan in this role
Unbelievable things could happen well and you look at some of the pay stuff which we couldn't really figure. I had to compare eras, even as recent as ten years ago. Cuz. I remember trying to do that with my book. The pace that the pelicans have been playing at since Boogie went out what it isn't it like one of the top three its previous ranking, Shad, worse usin, slow down yet, but Chris Pass Chris Paul Susan and a tiny bit because of which, by the way, working cell elegans in February had a piece of one hundred and six point eight, which is three higher than any other team in the lake. It that's crazy, explained what that means to the people who don't tell me,
then it's basically like possessions in a forty, eight men, a game or at a hundred been again. Yes, forty of innovative forty, you getting hundreds six possession, yes, so think about the ninety eight finals, where I'm an absolute this, but I think the ninety finals game six, which I wrote about last week on the record, our common. I think they, I think the bulls had sixty nine shots and then came the possible how members sixty nine that's a slow, was an inner or pet paces behind from the league since around eighty seven. Eighty eight season, I believe there was a great- is a real danger,
yeah, I'm looking up bulls, jazz right now. Alright bulls win, eight thousand seven hundred and eighty six. They went thirty four four hundred and sixty seven from the fields and chat. Nineteen free throws the jazware thirty two four hundred and sixty four from the field and chat twenty five free throws different game. I mean that is like at sites like a difference for it, but she had you Karl Malone out there Antoine Carr Chris Morris man, Adam Keefe,. Luke Lonely, Mass Jesus. How many guys from dated eight would would not even sniff the coroner I can't believe can free doesn't play down still like fluxes. May stop
like that, like free, not playing or even got a guy called unquote bad play, I'd riding Stuckey, whose rang not good, but the fact that he is he's. Historically, you think I got I can but still have like the thirteen or fourteen spotter roster young valise deeper than ever run out the clips. I think A good example of a team that's a little bit old school, even though they well out of the modern staff, but like Harold, Harold somebody who doesn't really exist anymore and has been unleashed a little bit for them. Harris is somebody that I guess he's alive, and stretched for, but I don't think of them that way call between or ten years re mood I was like them by, though I wanted to south exercise, but as they have it's weird hodgepodge deeds and like they bring it Bobby and less than the last night was with great, really move about you. When I went over joy joy, I dont know what to make of that. Denver team it's like a better fancy team than a real time. You know,
yeah like I like their players, but I dont like them together the decisions they made, I am curious to see how that all either prevent them from making more impact moves down. Aligning might keep them kind of in this middle range in January has terrorists the money that they did. They still haven't freed under contract, I am able to unload him, Chandler to we'll be on my team. If, as Jim Outing on whenever I am already just, I would actually plan. I think he could do inherit this There should be a team in the play us surrender. I don't understand. I wanted to talk about the west them a bit. What's, let's wrap up the though envy peeping would say, Houston goes I'm sorry gone state is forty, seven and fourteen. Let's say they And the slate they won three straight but say they finish the the season on a twenty four game, winning streak. That's the only other monkey ranch. I can see friendly piranha, so Courier Durant's would take. One of em gets-
Curry was hot. Last curried led the league and scoring a junior agenda that neither yet he has stretches where he is He channel dignities channels as envy pcs and for spurts I've been quietly man. Encourage stats, a kind of a secret stat nerd, but old school status. I like these the advanced metric stuff, which only like five people on the earth understand Currie there's a lot. Sloan at five o my ear orient over then. A second curry right now for his career is forty eight forty four ninety splits and feel go percentage. This Where's. Forty nine point. Four. I I've been Rudy for him to have it outside chance at the fifty forty ninety club for career, which I think would be for a guard to do. That would be like friggin staggering, but I think he shoots too many theories like the last four years is shot eleventh freezing and ten. Three is a game and tenth raise again for he shot over forty percent each season, though I now, but it's
even if you shoot forty two percent, that's those gonna dragged down your feel going, allow it'll tail down the air. Actually, forty, those are happier shots ear. You almost set to shoot. Sixty percent but you didn't like a lot of cushion Mary said forty three point: six percent for his career from three right now, so you think he's forty eight percent career, Any has nine seasons banked, which means rest of his career have to be a basically like fifty two percent. The swing that Sorry, I may add I miss I miss heard. I tell you if I was three point per cent. Now we're talking about ok because of the three point shot the field oversized won't get over fifty years, not happening. It's not avenant. I dont think will ever see a guard. Do fifty forty ninety now let me check turann cause, I think to me it is another guy who's. Potentially I don't the gives the free throws, but caddies him. A great year quietly said the rents at forty nine thirty, eight. Eighty eight.
That's kind of conceivable this year is fifty two forty three eighty nine and with golden state. He shoots fifty three percent from the field here, his is last six years have Alban over fifty percent the season they too will soon was that his Ricky season, when I went dumb, ass, Pga Careless, most playing the to guard any chef, Through percent, but if you just wait that year out he's fifty percent for his career and I think he might be close to forty percent from from an area if you take out that sees and he's forty nine four point: six percent from the field. Thirty eight point: nine percent from three than any point three percent for it herbicides, plus ruthless, and then yes, I guess the other person we just have to even mention even yesterday that the game was awesome. Mr the box was here he is Isabella will take over games. Granted me miss that shot at the end
I put my head or tat again, that's he's a year aware of the shot so not bury it and that's the scary part with him is to talk about this have been seconds. I haven't shah bananas. Alleys has a threat, is a threat to shoot, but if that shot actually becomes competent like thirty four percent over you, don't you there will be great Zambia, knockdown guy. That happens. I think we're gonna see a guy who's. Gonna want a lot every piece and ex decade, thirty, three and twenty seven for them not get enough of the team. His stats are, basically the totality them is probably better than Davis is, is basically twenty, eight ten and five overnight with with three star steals post box, but I just I look at the town and their team, and I know that Mr Bari, I stood on thing to be thirty. Three in twenty seven in the east is not acceptable
We now have one of the best five. Personally, you should be better that so again taken seriously for everybody or here now I can either, but I mean I don't know if he's very recently, twenty three years old, I think he could get better at some point, The shock continues to improve. That's it he's another wildcard darker candidate, for he Could go? I don't. Let's say they just get hot and they go eighteen in two. And he finishes with some there at someplace. Well, look that story could be there. You Bob picked him over the Branford, all NBA right yeah. I found an interesting. You disagree, make the case to the brain as from the broad James is. It could have social media staff, the unintermittent very little, of course, authoritarian, overrides mythology, always the x factor, but with the broad of care. It is time I mean you mentioned how the bucks, only thirty three and twenty seven I think, Leubronn- has carried polio worse overall team. There, like the most expense,
roster of our time and its his far there. I see, I believe that every creeper career relating to leave it can use. That is not good enough and I will be asking the guess. I can't I don't know why most liable, means what. Wouldn't let me out of here every pr they are all you know, but I'll be right for emphasis. I that's a tough pot within Vps, like how do you define Maybe it is at all that other stuff. Now they want that they want us to be confused every year by this, because if I of player the year. I can the NFL, where you're, just like numbers or impact on winning, it's that, but I think the last sheet last season, my talk to semi executives about maybe they're, like nobody talks about leadership, are off court stuff. How a guy is on the bus and if in the flights, how he acts of players, but he's like that matters just as much as anything else. What a star player does impacting his teams mindset and you could probably use the brought that for or against the brine season with
Seasons, convert Cleveland its unclear how how much he should be blamed for carry one in a live in what I'm sure we'll get the story. Ten years from now, somewhat arrogant, no lie at the Astor weekend, but a lot of mixed signals if a farm him and mentoring year, fourteen fifteen o my career and I've Cairo, Tim, I'm just trying to make him happy I'm gonna be there. I need him, I need the second guy. I need some. I need to win the title to the best twelve guys in the week. That's my only chance and on cancer that they'll be mermaids. Could you could be a subject for the next day? Neuber. Add with care champion a care sea life is too short for bad food. For me, ok delivery for settling for what their sling and down the street you just moved here, even if you are in charge here on meals, now ass, we go about four hundred percent, the better let caviar deliver they bring you
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In a few days. They are tragically we take the Ringer NBA Show yesterday then had had some technical difficulties with the scrap it. Our policies, even get to your Chris Vernon complain about Markka, saw this week saw comforts Boston. What twenty five hundred the equator fear. Twenty four hundred and eighty two men here. Overcoming always. I see it in three days: eleven, not alot protocol on my hands under under, I don't know, under thirty. Thirty, not my That should be one of the panel's. How do we get more women at the Sun conference? So where was that? Was big take away. You wrote about it a little bit on Europe some of the scuttlebutt stuff on Monday and reared a combat every Sloan. There seems to be some sort of statistical, something that's going was the big take away from this year, more defence, the sheer,
dissent. We like to say I think you know we're having jail in rows on stage having Nick right from Fox sports. Some guys, who you know both go, who you use numbers and support numbers by day of Africa. Contrary an opinion- and I like that during the panels are- I mean the greatest value and slowness in the networking and the meeting people saying people you may not have seen and quite a lot I'll do more research papers, but the panel's is what everybody goes to when everybody, I think, a lot of blood. Therefore and it was nice to have, I think, a diversity of opinion at slowness year jail, and is that you stats? I don't know what he said and the panel, but still Sloan said. I think I think it's a tool, but not the toolbox kind of echo's something jail in ASEAN. I was tired and said the day before, which the ice. We presume that sets out that's what I already said. I think do it down and it told us twenty four hours you're not supposed to in it all off the record. I guess a standard of heard, so we ve been
and he you wrote about that the peace or a bit on Monday about when advanced measures go wrong and I think We have the same issue with it, which is when the sample size is in good enough. Yet her about talked about this on Monday, Ringer NBA, when the sample size justice in their yet and people are running with it. Anyway to me, that's on advanced benchmarks likes early in the season with our Lando shooting. He asked three or even when we were in a fight weeks in the season in Dubai ears. With this five manly has been lights out and say: Ghek as they paid twenty games like what line up date is the one thing I put put much in there and this article about, but I've talked or have what I mean, people that some like line up data for noticing trends
but other said to me, there's just so much noise that you really can't. You can't really put too much value in it, because so many variables that can't be accounted for. You had the honour of data and that's what you is utilised lot thing isn't like publicly. We. What else is there to turn to there's? Not a lot about, watch the games or that, of course, let's do that we get a lot of too much basket. I met that's kind of what I like about one of the discussions between my examined: Darrell Morey. I would thank you know we're all pretty good at watching basketball right in and he said that's why? Sometimes, if you have a stat, that's disagrees. What you're saying with your eyeballs something's wrong, when we look into the black bother collapse and inquire stats. The greatest example for short defensive rating is actually Brenner. Whether I could forget here and that's where you know, if you see something like that, I think it calls into question the value and an odd off staff
right, because you see like all sullen, so team is eight points per one hundred possessions better defensively. When a guy's on off the floor, which the spurs were last season when cool I was off, does it really makes sense is? Is it worth grading a defence like that? I don't think so because it doesnt factor and who else is on the floor for your team on that player or when he's our honour off, doesn't factor and who's on the court on the other side and also doesn't factor in luck just if a shot made her mist and that's where for me, defensive stats, I think maybe privately teams might do this, but I publicly. We had a way of looking at the process of of stats like we're positioning on defence weather. You're you're Reed or your rotation was good or not. It's almost say you caught the Harvard, the horses
work is the best example of this. I don't I want this that say, but when I watch last year- and I want you out of something else, but he always knows where to go, and what to do I defend any be always make fun of porphyry thirteen, six and fives yeah right, but he making fun of it he's a master. Listening I'd be five, even though the fucking also game. He knew where to go with the dew and Yadda says run around like it, like you know where to go on. You know, indeed, is Doing this thing to take the Orford was actually directing people, so guidelines now openly ask about what that's Hey Frazier, because those what to do more to go do my best. That's the most important part of events. Right is positioning and timing and communication. So that really that those valuable thing if you're looking at points aloud, defender when in actuality the great often some players can just make tough shots. When you can mean a perfect positioning, I think the positioning needs to be graded more so than actually the way
that shock us who will occur is a good example of an over his defensive stats are but they're, probably pretty good. Kazanovitch defensive team said, I think, he's a very good knows where go knows what to do and knows what to be guy but he also has the insane luxury of he doesn't to go against the other teams, but point out ever neck is quite Thompson, is usually the guy that's guarding down the stretch: Damon Willard Chris Paul carry Irving, whoever, instead not guarding them. Guys and if he was garden, those guys the defence originating would be worse in his rating would be worse and we'd be lay all the stuff curry for what it's worth the ranks of the eighty first per cent tile on synergy for defensive stats, beginning because he's playing free safety us this is with the labour of my favorite basque welfare about them bread bird, he had Mikhail any a dj. Are these guys any just would play free, safe, staring nobody's, seen in threes, back dancing to govern of ground and huge is being the paint jump and passes.
Stick around backdoor stuff like that and made it seem like, he was a good defensive where in some ways, but you also they hurried, uncover cart, carries a good. Right, Mercedes outward Dominic Wilkins Are you gonna wanna meet current Scotty Pippen, see, I think, curry he's but he has to have clear times over there. I mean I think that that goes for a lot of players where situation named fit and opportunity whether it's off ants, already fences everything in earlier. I I meant you mentioned, and I mention how certain players are allowed to do certain things or certain players might have certain responsibilities: other stout. Yet that's what makes grading defence so hard anyway, even if we were doing it the way I propose with voting at the process aspect of it rather than the results. Even then it still tough because you can watch out. You know one of the four all game. You can see the free safety made a mistake but actuality. It could have been that the defence of the that the defence of Game plan called for him to do what he did.
Same thing with the NBA, whether certain rotations or not, and that's what makes it so hard work. You don't know what's going inside inside their head, yet I think with offence. The date is pretty good, but defence, I'm not sure how good you can actually make it, and I don't know why we care so much. I think that at some point it's like Swatch Basketball man like Marcus, smart I dont know if the stats accurately represent what he does. I have no idea But I know that when he wasn't in the lineup for three weeks, the Celtics effort and when he came back, he plays with a certain energy and grand their schedule is a little bit sore. But things and his ability to visualize switching just the intensity had really change the tea Tonia on another guy, like that back in the day for short, near certain Gaza that I think Harold but like that and the cook Rosetta lowered his that's our, but the energy he's playing with when you guys who are just trying to kick ass, like that, I don't know, I'm not sure, they're stats for their eyes
I love a lot of this that I like looking at them, but when it gets too late. Offensive staff. I just think that are now I just I just I just I think there is ever going to be weighed up properly quantify that for what it's worth I haven't analytics guy told me that he hit he hates stocks he hates stocks of stairs puss biogas hates. He hates? It is the result of reason why he brought about, because I told him You know, I had another executive say to me that one of the stats he really likes his steals plus blocks divide by files. Reason why that executive, like that, it's it was kind of an indicator of. Keeping the ball moving, having a higher pace right for your stealing a blocking passes or shots you're, not turn them all over on the other end, so you not very rather you not falling word. The games,
thoughts again the game moving and he's like yeah, but sales and blogs anti per a good indicator of defensive play without simply ISIS tonight it's like it's an indicator of activity which had energy argument, energy activity more. I feel the same thing about fritter attempts. You know maybe an indicator of fanatical and energy, and I got negative way we might be falling too much as well. Maybe but like you know who came in David Robinson, as I doubt when their put up like seventy four blocks steer sake. I think that it may be. That tells me something if you were the divided by false, comes in right. Yes, if you have a guy, what will these ample that was brought to me? Was Jordan Bell from Oregon and the person said? Look it look at Jordan Bell his stats from its fresh when the sophomore to junior season, and how are you better, each year more feels more blocks in a files dropped off cuz. He learned how to play with better discipline. Each season learn how to not jump. If you know what I pump fake,
learn how to rotate better. So he wasn't falling as much and steals and watch for continuing to rise. I think perhaps It's not the be all and all types tat at all, but I did find it interesting work in certain guys like that, because you did mention you know that you do need discipline and maybe it makes sense, have ratios with these stats rather than just like adding them together lake. Until then, a name executive, fuck off I realise that idea another when I really like it's free to attempts. That tells me not just activity, but even the dozen lie you know like I was treating yesterday about Carmelo fur. His entire demonstrators, like eight or nine further attempts, a game which backed up what I was watching my eyes he was a guy who he could shoot. He could post up. The on the phone with those little Dirk eighteen voters.
You just put his head down, get to the basque and fat daddy's juncture, and he's that even really a good juncture, I think members are really damage is for The two percent is like thirty one percent for three. It is us not getting the line he's also not rebounding. He doesn't said anybody s up, he's not active raw defensively in there two point we're like, while you're not even be and even more remotely is get us to buy his heirs is impressive- is ok he's been in certain times the season when they had those flashes of what they could be read? Our mellow still hasn't been the ten USA mellow than I expected him to possibly be. The lot of people thought he would be in this situation: That's probably one of the biggest disappointments free of for me of the entire sees I'm shocked. I really thought he was going to have a nice midge there. His career and I've always met I've been Cardella Defender, but
Even I am glad this guy might be wash his, maybe open, expands or right. Maybe it's the too fast for him there. I still don't understand the class two thousand three guys with the technology. We have an and Others instead we have another dieting, another sleep stuff and just everything Leubronn has able to continually reed and himself year after year, in weight is like a than this Farewell Torah point. His career Carmelo is really like. Liability, everyday skirts. He dies skirts need think about. See who is suddenly seven seed, but really tired. The eight seed in losses and Westbrook in Georgia Adamses Ben, I think really get a boxing match. It fellow Carmelo is an average where for the man of shots he takes for what he does. I would say: he's league average they make one too many moves if it's easy to say in hindsight, but I'd say
who is in the criminal shadows, cancer, materially raven? Basically, just that, would you of those two worry Anthony I've. I think I saw rather mellow just for the b the chance that he figures things out by April for slowly in February Serbia or twenty Eightth right now, there's still time for him to develop a rhythm, get hot from three encounter, isn't suffered. Point shooters, just the spacing aspect I think, helps, but could Kanner been used in a different trade for short term? It yeah I still like Mcdermott, take much criminal of. U s good about very well. What do you think? I am in the West Upscale one in ten. I think he's saving over the plus interesting I could. I can't see. I think you may be right the option. Of of Carmelo just figure it out or can they get? they sent HIV Aids to ok, see. This is why she should be legal. I would love to have Carmelo backward and take some hgh give him some p d
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give code, bs your hosting on Fridays and the ringer ambition. Your hosting draft class means in each of our draft? Show you go you deep you go out on the draft. I've been impressed by your hosting chaps, trying to get better Europe, you're moving. Yes, I mean you know me read in the proper Clodagh come type am, I put its members, are ethically, has been very helpful in the outer yea and having read radio hurstwood. Now, let's get you get down Duvalier. Worse. Some topic, someone here really quick youth. There is still a case that brain and Ingram might be a better traffic, the measurements to make the case, I think you look at the. That one of those players shoots the wrong hands and can't space the floor outside of eight feet effectively. I think that's that's one of the issues I have of people saying the Braun goes to Philly, because the staff fit issues with Ben Simmons are something where the better that team.
Yet the more guys are going to have to touch the ball, whether Stoa be it or some other guy. They get the next star that they get the balls gonna get take out a ban, Simmons hands and when, if not in his hands off answered way, I'm not sure what he gives you on the floor. He probably a sad face. That for sure, and could you put you might get it- you can pull somewhat more short, but then that means of bringing to I'll be just spacing the floor. From three and is happy that he likes me until thirty three percent through. Why should a, whereas we Ingram he's he's a multi dimensional, often of threat, potentially not there yet a shot, something to get better buddy shown flashes of what he can be with his ability to get in the lane finish with both hands, not just one. I've been summoned to only this is right pull out for mid range delay that should very a complex. Take a picture of my Benjamin's. Does
a programme simmons. I thought I was gonna, be all right: let S thousand Sophie Pharma Scram, my son, I found out ten days after he took the selfie that he had a selfie of him enjoy bid. I would have liked nation sooner, but that is a full it's worth with with Simmons, he is a dynamic player. I think his play making is extraordinary and when he wants to turn it on defensively, which he will in the play. I don't care about. Inconsistent jealousies, season events at this time for him when he turns out he gimme a great vessel defender and that's where he's always going to have an edge over Ingram he's, always gonna have a edging play making but enormous just a guy who's, also good pass or, as we see as we seem Alonzo balls been out. Yes, Billy the play make it six foot nine six foot ten is really good for it for his arm for his role he's sixteen five and five since Christmas, forty nine forty three, seventy one splits, the Laker fans are losing their mats shores, but gave Duff
My Christmas back to the curb he's been summoned to bed. I look at Ingram and I'm like I don't know what this guy is. I know there's somethin, there's tears way more potential there. There was two months ago he's clearly something like a hearty players are like that are due to hand they don't look away. Yes, a lot then some gives a shit. He shows up and are being sent to see if he grows we ve seen that some of these guys, though, add like the extra jobs and much more you thrown ass, pretty lanky, pretty long as you get the seven feet her I mean, I think I think, with Ingram man. I'm gonna make the case for Simmons an elite passer. I don't they. He's like to me. I got a brown level. Passive really really good passer, I think rebounding, especially in traffic. I've been really impressed by like a minute. Laugh Togo and he'll get a rebate in the intergroup like five guys,
and then the downhill drives a really good. They play five feet. Offer still goes by people with real speed and leg and purpose, and can also shooter pass commoner. Those drives if he's ever learn how to shoot on that positive. It matters. You make a good case, though, like if we're bronze the team Nebraska Unaware of the bar. I wonder what they treat: they wouldn't fitzsimons, get Le Branch regiments. Elaborate, ample, George and then flips emits I mean. I don't think you do Guy failures, common services- I fire Simmons, someone's gonna, beat the drafts of the broad, I think, but would bet, would bend simians. You know I would take Siemens right now to be clear about. The tweet I sent out yesterday was what I can for my beard of five years from now. Yet five ten years now, and I think, if I'm taking a guy for five years now, I'd I'd, give Simmons a very slight age right now, a ring around
in your motor Simmons prior to the draft right now it puts him and slightly severe Jack your GM, its region today, right now, Simmons barely and I would kind of construct my team to try to build on, and I give shipping when twenty million dollar seven fixed Simmons jumper. But that is the point. The executive meet. What kind of made is factory and play off for Fort Put projected play off performance? Obviously we ve seen needed. Planet pirate flaps yet, and he mentioned the bride and he mentioned earlier in the bronze career and he was a competent shooter, but not a super effective shooter. Even he had moments where he was limited when defences really had time to game plan and they have become the Branford eight years source in the sleigh offer, and so what happens to bend Simmons? Who is an inferior driver? Finisher then Lebron James. I think we're gonna see that in the play off the share, where we sport, and its clear, the ottomans at least needs to be a threat to shoot the ball, at least at the highest level.
Play me a great shooter, but he needs to be at least a threat to make a shot outside of one thousand five hundred and sixteen ft any under twenty eight pairing you'd, rather have been Simmons in a the answer could be honest and everyone yeah yeah. I know if anybody here, like anybody plus blank in eighty puss banking out. Eighty spending, where are the last two months for short? Allow he's really great, I remember two months ago I was on the ringer bitch, I think you're, even as I now that trade and free they can stay in the court. I mean that that scouts question with a couple of those guys who asked the question with poisonous, and now he is hurt, You know me cas amateur ability, guy, I'm you gotta be available to Frazier posed to I guess produces. Mine is the durability. Guy he's not he's them play. Fifty agape season sees go and eighty two
EL abilities. The best proxy tat go into the blue, VIC Agitate, Hawaii Leonard turns gonna, but that one I this is God for Marco faults, consistently a bigger story, because we can only handles so many well you're debated during. I think I think the increase Vernon talked about this and January at the time like a bay, the rift was initially reported, where what I had heard was that it was basically just disagreements on the injury on how to handle it. How to come back from the timing and all that and that's kind of what's been reported due by the divine actual Neuro saying that go, I won't be spent a year, the ideal, I'd distress jail, anybody as incentives, if you think of the Jordan breadth, and they too have a single big, starved star player in a big. As incentives, if you think of the Jordan Brand, thank better, have a single big, starved star player in a big market, not a single one. Yes omit the college in Southern California, He also has clearly had a rift definite
What's the most, you would trade for him. If you're the Lakers more, I think you're going to see him play and be healthy, but season he wasn't the same Kauai early in the nine or so so they played you trade banning over. Yet, if you should, of course, you would have been about no question what England he makes Grendel up at no kidding do guy, if I'm spurs I'd be pretty excited, have granted hang on plus whatever would you trade. It's a gigantic forget what his trade values now, because anything Philly medicines for have all. But let's assume village I been summits require that we should look for. For ten scenario. Quite comes back. Any looks like the same old dominant why we have inherited and eleven months. Let's say we do not say he comes back and we look handler thick spurs. Make a little bit of a play off runs, Twilight straight yeah then I think his values the same as what what you would have thought authority.
Really bad when it came to look right heed that he looked off and slow and not right. It's almost like you can't value him right now. You can't put a price tag on him because he No, I will say this a motor than you. I've watched a lotta good basque about where's, one thing that is completely underrated with them. About where's is how they handle when their bodies and a hundred percent in some guy just can't handle it and they don't trust there and it gets in their head. I think their growth is a really good example. There's no way their gross. His knee, maybe wasn't hundred percent and two years after that surgery, but I bet owes like ninety percent. He never trusted his body again, whereas, like watch somebody like Westbrook who comply Lee tresses body ran, isn't just a running back, that's arose, used, play roads got hurt once in ages, went away and I just I don't know. I worry about that with quite a big some of these guys. They have something and they start thinking about it and it just kind of snow.
I was talking to somebody I thought about this, as we were talking about faults and in whatever is going on with him between his ears and I was like well. Could it be that with quiet and responses probably not the actual Claude issue in annex I get is I mean Tom, have referred a great story any a spin around two years ago, how the spurs took collide, a ps3 and solve this weird quad issue. Yet, but since that story went live it, the quantity was something that bothered him. I think later that season in point sixteen and then last entering the season. Of course, he's missed all these games, so the problems back and shore the poem is real, but that doesn't necessarily mean there is never a mental element Baldwin about saying there is, of course why but currently something I think that's worth thinking about what any player has a lingering problem or rage or injury that affects them. Maybe they should send him back to his planet, tat the aliens work on it, and then they could be him back down made it I haven't tried that yet we
stand on the wizards Canna, where I did before were I think John. While needs to change these revolve and we ve seen how this team plays without him move in the Baltic, hell of a lot better on the court Bradley Bill of their fun lash the fund now? Suddenly went from Canada, nor have they been there. They went from frustrating the watch. Why Isn t not better now this talent and other really freedom get in there. Look at average other. Do they play this way when John welcomes back, but I don't know, but yesterday I tweeted you're, doing pictured house for you, and there is the user various circles. The wizard and George could allow money about contracts. If I were a lot of money to fire the ways out be flipping for gerardi as soon as June, Rosa Rash Republican, how their eyes just like cause. I think, We want to go to new with Davis New Orleans has done enough to take a huge risk to try to keep service and then you at least get out of that war contract. You know the brig
Trade is already kind of a semi disaster for deteriorate. Can we got a semi disaster? It's looking pretty pretty disappointing, which other Blake Reference Base airs every factor in contract yeah I'd rather too. Cyrus. Would you rather Blake referred to by OSIRIS with that fact I d rather have wages from the outside if they have the same money I'll take like yeah what about wake for thirty, billion into by US errors were sixteen I'm starting to take, but railway feebly. What is less tapes, backs talent, data this new jail. I move that doesn't look very good hastily, but it takes last jail. Aztec John John Wars gonna make forty seven and twenty to twenty three small, my god, that a scary trade Mandela. So what war, trade, Walter allay Wall,
Comrade lower league minimum playwright. Everybody goes like yours. I, like I like Bradley beyond. I just want things to work out for him. He's one of my favorite, not Celtics, who your favorite not Celtics James harden for it. Easy name but love working to answer them. I don't see why people tricky sport, I don't know, I don't get excited his visit, why they but he does, it travel will huts this five year old conversation I tweeted about is game. We remove the other day they now there's this whole, and this is all controversy five years ago and now people just given up on it, but this whole gather the boy. A thing he has taken more liberties with this than any then anyway, I've ever seen kudos to him. The raft can't figure it out like here, to play the other day where he gathered the bar, took a step and then took like this to step hop step five feet away from his defender. It's a few allotted
that and nobody's gonna be able to stop anybody ever that's the plague, Steve Kerr, accidently tweeted about right I think now this was a similar version that play from a week ago. Yeah. I guess you know. Leubronn gets away with stuff, with the three step, basically gap the bow and then the two giant steps the Euro step so confusing. I dont think The cares about this one. Oh yeah, your show me one year now, that's a different. The exact same thing that we have with the gather the bar step and then the two steps back I mean they say it travels like when I don't think it is by the rule. Would it by using Tommy Hudson with one hundred percent of travel tories for you yelling about right now, but I dont think of its. It looks different cause he's doing it behind the art, but it's like when you are driving the lame you take the one
that's how do I know you love James Heritage, which means you love traveller, who us do you like other favorite. Favorite Jonathan democratically bills, probably my favorite machine homes, needs more humility on a family, Darya Sarge darling. I love to see him on working areas. Ideal situation not team with a guy who handles of all the time like a multi ball handler offence. Kind of like with the clippers, are doing with gallon area right now, but for sharia that I am in clippers or the bald angrier. There's no point guard. It's just multiple guys, this big team for peace for you for guys who need their own team, I'm out of sorts zone team. But would be a bad team. I'm just saying over five zero!
kids, like Phoenix, is number to the guy. You look like discharge, Darya Sarge on Youtube and you're gonna get videos of him when he played overseas play making the hell out of it. I think I can think I was a point forward. We ve seen accent. I like the chasm. It's too much guys you that you like better for some reason, bothers me. I thought I'd better, I'm not giving up on these twenty years We knew he is going to be our projects. You can keep in touch with them and is playing in Spain Marquise Chris. Can we give up on beer? Ok I'll give up, but pretty close, can we give up a ride? Mcdonough the sun, job. Now I don't want you before asking why. Why do you will like it, because I think they have nothing could go and farm then, I would hope that the good for the ten million built environment of workers or the best young players in the way they just got elsewhere patent for nothing as I like all joint guard T. J Warren is starting, but he can become a really good score off the bed.
Get plan future Josh Jackson, I'm not the biggest fan of but a lot of people, his game and he's been really good the past month or so you have been really good. Qualify really go Gazette team gets killed every game, versatile, versatile, too under. We knew he was really defend. Nook and plucked make pat plays after the pass vertical bill the score from multiple errors of the floor sense. Had a special moment. This week I was watching them play. Somebody and my daughter came in its offered pains, hair and Jack Jack. Sincerity said what's going on with this team, and I did answer it by the way the sons have upon a future picks ton of future pigs, so they have the ability. Caps bay without the Miami pick the ones I am that this year think twenty twenty nineteen. I think right wanting nineteen, I believe- and I obviously they have all their own first pics. While we have a stroke, They have my enemies picked this year. Actually, so they have my enemies. First, the share their own first. They made me
Is this year this year out, so they have to first tropics and in a pretty good draft that talks are to have the ability to move around so foot that second pick for Sarge. There we go Bender Chris in the 13th pick four sarge. Now the Philly fans are going to definitely set her off. No fire Phoenix has a potential star and Devin Booker. They have a lot of draft picks they're going to another player this year. If he's your fourth best player doing really well, and then you have cap space when you're entering a market, where there's not going to be a lot of teams that have a ton of cap and you're in a pretty good city and Phoenix Good State close to LA close to Vegas on the West Coast, they had eating with microphone. Last year granted cancelled. They had a meeting months, literature that lucky bullet. I think they might have wanted to meet the deadline to, but I do know what the price sets out. Another gm savour job here, these things, do you think we are the best?
jets. Dire standing Gandhi intimates the ringer dot com. Hulu hurry pointing out. What are we hire stand for well, when he gets fired by defray God he's getting fired hook it you got a lot of money. It's fine! Don't don't worry about standing it quickly. You are about the South X for Simon awhile,. The reality is tat, their pang thirty million dollars to someone who s M was put five minutes. Somehow, The second best reckon these regenerative Stan Tatum as Ben Average to below average. For two months now, Smart got her Brigman a bust, terrible GAD men have to turn him a basketball chops card. I just did not see that will come and that that Stevens would beat he's like your class, a kind of flaw guy, that's the
and usually figures out how to maximize than has been the opposite. They don't know what they have so much about that. He knew the play himself back into actual shape. He's out of shape. I mean it could be. That could be like the David Lee situation a couple years ago in Boston got him any just was never in shape, but then he went to the spurs and aims and shape many perform Well, what is wrong? You think he's less Irena right. Monroe Gregg have a salad, some of those juice drinks, stance and good juice buyers in Boston he's? really slow. I'm we're still thinking April. Maybe they ve been super quiet anomaly. What that those right now, I feel less less sure that he be back by did before. Would they April maybe fifth best been in the I normally what that those right now, I feel less less sure that he be backed by did before, but they be the fifth best him in the West, with Heyward or about right now
yeah, who wins a seven games. There is between this Celtics team in Minnesota, with Butler back by bosomed relay now. Let me so butler, coming back, oh, what level will see gonna be out after surgery. I think ass refractory as well is a hundred percent in the vote. We are really to serious, but I would never be confident any Gallagher Bagger over eighty five percent that lay in the season
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that style, grim and cooking drinking travel will be number one for you. With a b spoke postal, comebacks you're through us or mortar style, grooming, cooking, drinking travel, travel, tat, same travel, tapes drinking whose kidding a tourist save twenty percent after first subscription backs Tat was therefore Jake and last night, after that I am a gamer shot. Would you do you go hard? Liquor eagle, bear no nothing hard liquor. Some say that said the girl to receive. Twenty percent after first subscription bags gotta be spoke posed a calm and promo code. Bs at check out once again be spoke. Post, stavka, b e s, P, Oki, K e per second theme boxes for guys that gives them draft. I don't wanta well after four I do want to talk about who's, the top five and the draft right now, Doc. Ich don't judge
let us have the imprint choose one of the ways: Doddridge or don't judge Dantes She is right. If I had a conversation with someone about this and I use gonna get the treachery. Dots are LUCA dodges, the way everybody, So look doctor. Everyone is listen. This package, especially the people, have been with me way back since those seven know that I'd mangled aims that are on the French either more trouble with this one then, maybe ever because it really seems like he might end up being one of the thirty best players of all time. Potentially- and I can't say his name- and we have this- We approve a siege, the soccer player who's, the only good american soccer practice say his name either, I'm just upside just why? Why make this every element, LUCA Lucas, a good Nick, I'm LUCA Nuclear, because a green Have we had a LUCA narrowing, a good LUCA now, just This is a vague assigned the euro member. Could you not honour his european stats for his age and, more importantly, Hammond?
games they play overseas are ridiculous, full NBA Seas and your people, you know and college european thirty Games, maybe thirty one like, if you pay for you and see the shade thirty game rigorously in then You lose and let us first week ancestor two games total supply that, but my man, LUCA, is, can put like eighty spent forty two already spent about eighteen, seventy, seven or somethin. Sixteen points, five rebounds five assists in twenty five minutes forty in which a lot of last solar per thirty six is like twenty, eight, nay, basically per forty. According the two draft, Express Blue is twenty five points: nine rebound sentences, which is just ridiculous for an eighteen year old kid playing a second best basque colleague in the world. I was assassinated draft class with you and Jonathan Sharks, and we start talking about him,
and you qualified it. You admit it were about to say something completely ridiculous, and then you dead was driven oppose that I say you through the a bird know about I struggle jobs discharge. When I did, I did I blacked out, I didn't know who said it I just I worked out by the rapporteur, Mr Ferber yeah you Larry burnt out. Let me turn that happens. I have to go on Youtube works like three hours of the guy again say, who is really very little area where it is really good. I mean he's an amazing passer who beats ever the jumbo he plays. Like he's one of those guys at his feet. Aren't we
and the ground ever when he's dribbling playin, it just seems, like he's, always ready to decide. I love them. He's always alive. Yannick would LUCA with his passing ability, it's great if you for blogger, LUCA doctored from Youtube and just passing, there's like five ten minute highlight videos or him just passing the brain. What sort of system just the great passes that were, MRS or you know okey assists the dude, it's friggin awesome this kinds of players there's guys who look for their shot. First, our guys that settle for their shad after they couldn't find the perfect pass and those guys where does I've been a few them ever and it seems I may be one of those guys, the keystone of the basket and he's out thinking about how is gonna said somebody up osier, I don't know, saw the bird Mikhail thing in a bid to be, but bird was talking about Mikhail. Ask him how he was such good passer and he was saying how is this? Is It seems so simple, but I've never heard anyone say that she was like a bird said. I knew if
beat my guy and I got the paint at that point. I'd have they pass. I want because the big eyes instinct is to come over and try to back your shot in there he's gonna start moving so act as it has been. My guys I was, I was always trying to see where the big I was cause. I knew once he started moving I'd. Have this guy, this guy, this guy, as they were there seems easy. I wish I had. I wish I was basketball and I feel that the highly easier said than done. I think I may because, like that, he has been my guy. Oh, that guy's open everything would look a lot of valuable knockers. Athleticism. Bonaparte, athleticism is more than jumping in dumping. Luca has a great NBA body whose strong for his age with the ability to get stronger as he gets NBA Training are going to go in a pc ethnic training that is Jabbar Mary Theory for sure, and I think explain the jet what happened and your mom area through the listeners or Jamal Mary was a guy from you know. I think for me. Prior to the draft I worried about his first step in this building.
Re off the dribble, but we should mention you spend months it's working on an average draft that you're doing it for the ring in this year. So you, where you are really Wait about his first step. The nine you're worried about his athleticism. Yet I liked I liked Marilla primary flexibility to conserve. Yes and those concerns look silly now. So what oh but explain whether look silly because you're going on behalf of training, you get your full time. Basketball training with the Beth best training in the world and LUCA Doctorates granted. He is this his job right now he's not a college kid. This is his job right in its on another level, in the NBA. When you're getting that level of ethnic training and right now to memory now as a first step, I think Jonathan give only set on podcast somewhere else or tweeted. This doddridge spent like two weeks at Pee three last summer. And his athleticism this year already looks better than it has in the past, so give him that that, again and again and again with all that They have any and be all the resources. I am I
I dont worry at all, but his first I've cause has his instincts in this field are so good right and its first. That by the way, is pretty good, if not leggy slow, and I guess he beat ethic his feet. Tell me he's gonna be fine. He knows how to move. I think he's not gonna be a guy dunks in the lane, but you mentioned with Larry Bird. He knows how to turn the corner and that in the pic unrolling, keep a guy in his back and survey the floor and always tend to make the right play whether its thrown up a floater. Let's go into the land finishing with either hand weather. Pulling up and shooting taking out a pass or whatever else I think, Don at his age. His his instincts are just on another level and I'm a big instincts guy. So when you factor- and that is also a good athlete- not a poor one like about- if you will knock em ass, I think he could potentially me a study. The question is: does is three point shot get
that is their right. Now is a thirty three percent, three point: sugar, whether it's off the end of two thousand and eight in your short, has already improvements on flashes, he's gonna, be tremendous so and guy right now gunpoint gun to your head. Dates. Holding a gun to your head. Kisses furious stated that you would say goodnight that eighteen or LUCA, with the first Molucca Doddridge Number one. I have him in his own. Dear brother, give him his own here to teach you hear that they like Satan, you like you like French, I sent her some taken in old school. I bring back. The big may has the best chance. I think it and during that level. For me, who does eight Romania of Young Ewing on another jumped out is perfect. I thank you in a good cause. You it is about a computer, Ewing without light the giant ice packs and his knees is John Thompson random into the ground. For foreigners, though his voyage eight aidance just looks like you, she's married her basket,
I was say, eight and passes my task as I was a good centres. I haven't seen him in person yet, but there's two types of there's the guys who look like they are centres just because they were super town. They figured it out or the I saw her like that guy's an awesome athlete he just happens to be that hey look any seems like drew the seventh year. He was already fine. He already had handles red ribbon, shoot the best pastor kid. You really like that Fiji was always I keys seven feet, but that's that really what makes him great it was his feet secularism is in What about it would abrasions motor of these were fine vast more now we shall we, always only four hundred thousand down, we did. We think that story may be bogus re. Yes, the timeline does. Then you have a one on one chat. Biogas is talked about it. I'm Landsbergis, yet european reported twenty. Seventeen originally did. They said I was twenty. Sixteen there sticking with the time libyan Twenty succeed, but they only had wiretaps in twenty seven. I thought he is
only fucked up stories about the patriots come. I can see you here so got gonna moratoriums, thereby title LUCA one eight, and to whose three that so amended and drops honestly. For me I mean it's not a cop out, but I have I have it dodges innocent here in Canada in his own here and I'm emptier three. I have Bomba german Jackson, Marvin Bagley, Michael Porter, so I've those guys kind of lump together like importer and I'll, take him. Probably in that right now: Bomba Jackson, Bagley Porter, probably a bad times from a Manchuria, that's hard. Some guys I mean for our skies over the weekend in surprise, we. How low some ambiguity people are somewhat someone's enemy tray young is the type of
I, U r panicking about your owner, is gonna, be like we're takin him number one he's the guy that stuff carried the butt healed syndrome. Yes, yes, and you know that you, if you'd the order, has you take him? Your problem is in your job and a couple years we note is taken, as is the case pick from abroad outbreak of those out about eyes. I feel we Napier they reflect. Charity, hesitate, hurry August, the leader, the calves, heavy sound on trial, we'll give both view two hundred hours if tray on, doesn't sound with clutch we even two hundred hours notice that exists in cash dialogue. You gotta get on that, and that say they do say I'll. Give you two hours. That's our bet. You'd have to you be anything if it isn't. Train for two weeks was, that's got I've ever seen in my life in college, basketball and
I don't know whether all the attention wore him down or the way the defensive shifted item or heeded got his own head or whatever, but he doesn't look the same guy and I'm concerned he needs a sports, acknowledges that think. Just talk to himself down, he got way too much buzz and then we met. We took the blame for every said it will we when I'm on French free for everyone. We ve got to stop ruining our franchise guards. America is was it? Is it the defence or is it just a family? he's taken? His vision was unwilling. Holding again was insane when they write your own everything. Oh Carter is also the best of it. The country, yes, never the same after their get shook him were taken. Where would you feel good, heifer, rather I lotteries that Italian. That's ridiculous! He's goin seventh to the gay, have Comport or fails to me like the most Sacramento pay possible. I feel, like he's been a little bit overrated.
Because just because we have seen my cover areas, we haven't, we haven't seen himself, he will, I think he has weaknesses, but if I hear he's a guy who still needs Ball Hayley Align, prevaricate, scoring, said defence, the potentials obviously there, but they The team with hair jazz, When shall I guess I got guy with major new problems limit. I've said back surgery thickening out together, like porter to them as mass, loving, Michael. What eating rapporteur to do this I don't know, I don't know anything about it. I haven't seen him I wash and play in other high school games, but I've been confused by those authorities in it can be hard to mean any deftly sitting out. He can play renown. He just doesn't want to ruin his value. What? If what? If what if he can't hurt his value anymore, like aside from getting hurt again but right now, I think a lot of a mere people probably haven't like seventh or eighth and if you're Michael Porter, you're thinking on the number one guy in the straps and you'd. So
We do need to play to help your value, or maybe you went to college and saw the other guys we're like weight as possible. Take they'd think you know that that thing that linked with other payments, there was a anymore they agent. Yet, with areas getting out be, so if I got less than some of the other guys on the sheet as better. I am thinking about that like if we ve got like thirty two grand and then he saw some do that you're just testing a you got like fifty six grandmother of your eyes. Whitehead you saw Dennis the Junior who like didn't, make the turn of it. Only things get paid. Seventy three thousand right guerrilla pressured by that what I got thirty, though I loved.
How about this whole world, where you get loans from agents, but you don't necessarily have to sign with them, which is what is happening. We gotTa Pics College basketball last thing: oh yeah, Lessingham, Alice and then we're gonna go the west. We have ten teams. Re player spots occur over here the here. The ten teams were gone stadium Minnesota's at thirty, eight wins in Utah's. At thirty one wins: there's a seven win difference between the three season: ten seed. But if you go by the Lasses Minnesota's at twenty six lasses you test at thirty losses for last difference. The spurs are thirty six twenty five and they only have a tool F game lead over Denver Unreal right now, its Minnesota San Antonio Portland, five new.
Insects, Oklahoma City, seven, clippers, eight The press have the same number losses as ok, see Denver nine. You tat, ten who's out fears. I guitar that's just too much ground for them the cover in that conference, even though they will play a while on the ringer last Friday, the Friday before we we can't do this. Will it whatever teams that miss out and I had New Orleans and the clippers, and this I leave the clippers make it to. The only question is, which run a dark grey visas. Media cronies are going to read. The dock review should be the coach of the year. Peace cassettes come in the next two weeks. When that happens. Treat that makes a mistake that case somebody omega he's got cronies. You knows to the air Doc rivers that to look after our that's come in Jeff again you say it on the ABC Break assets. Another day
the culture, the areas other than a complaint about officials for three minutes. This is this is really hard this kind of, road map for ok see not to make it thirty five. On twenty seven may I tend to select the teams that have the best players I saw. I have a hard time picking. It's ok see with George One that leaves best two players and obviously right he's been on fire for tuna is unbelievable so much of this you're gonna have to do with luck? I think these amazing they saw team in IRAN night and they beat you Jesse. Ok, schedule stuff, really taught us that this is so. May increase Vernon talk about our guests of the last packages. Did you lose a black ass near home in this case? Is for eating their enough about it? I'm sorry for next three at doubts at Phoenix out Portland their feels a tune, one bright, Humphrey, Houston
Phoenix San Antonio Sacramento, three one possible Atlanta form one home for the clippers. But and at Toronto, at Boston, home for Mammy Home for Poland, at San Antonio home, for Denver at New Orleans home forgotten state at Houston, my Amy and then home from office who will probably be play Chris Vernon Neck aim in their last attempt to get the number I back, but how many ports is earnest court to over under too and he Pappy the flagrant valjean like a minute, but that there's a roadmap therefore, like nine, more losses which would get them know about. Thirty seven and thirty five, which is in my opinion, might not make it stop. It might be a forty eight win over the year. The year, though we believe warriors the year after they did make it Forty whence wins. Saturday
because you're picking a galley, tougher Minnesota to let's look at their upcoming schedule as well, would Minnesota liven up at Portland at you, traverse, boss, Inverse Golan stay at Washington at San Antonio verse, use inverse clippers. Guph tat is tat at the gauntlet with them. You're gonna need towns suggests continue, elevating his game easy enough to channel Anthony Davis. I mean I, I have a hard time, pickin against Minnesota, with the cushion that they have, but what kind of person is it really three and a half game's over Denver? We show the spurs economic plus, I'm not sure I'm not we look. This is like us, so much of this attitude lot facing facing a bad team that has a hot night. I watched the spurs and have no idea how their eleven gives over five hundred. I think I think I put very belgic patriots dish, wages, looking around on wages that carbon noise are best offensive. Where what's going on here,
We would say: gotta keep the spurs, I'm gonna keep mess around with the cushion they have towns. I think you keep Portland N with Firefox, or take who does Adams overcome the reference to say, let's make sure These guys get in ok, see, definitely ok, see doubtfully. This briquettes every Carlyle monthly? I think the nuggets or fallen out, I think nuggets out They get really legged Santa Claus. Jazzy they get coincide. Are there to be like this could be the Lakers future coach or you get the clever genetic go against the warriors I'm so mad that have to pay for Equipoise, Plath tickets and it's gonna be like to home games, but it's gonna be a cheque for sixteen. We get refunded after working methods escapement rationalism. While they do you really. All your money now and renewed for next year, because you won't get plastic its otherwise. It's like I always well yeah. I didn't know that.
That's how they destroy us that that league wide everything area near that's interesting. They have many scams, but once it, when you have a really bad team, he can't do it most. Fun first ran Plath match up then we'll go for the west. Who are the teams you're not going out? I am just assume endeavour. Are the ones that don't make it, but most apps come back for Denver. This is a wild card. I like this hair by the way good job homo set clippers. Houston, I think, would be really find that their actually plan tonight fun sweet gold state Oklahoma City is the two seven Rina. I love a few minutes New Orleans is our three six and San Antonio Portland as our four five. It's pretty damn good Sinfonia zero team. I'm just not excited about sashes era.
Like the no collide spurs our data? Not even load resign about them without quite yeah, but if he comes back and ease eighty percent Annie per SE. Here is another thing: prospers are fine. I can make some noise, I miss pop of its being a dick or you know like nice guy, I dont know. There is a great part of its. I don't like him like praising Leubronn would like the secret kind of stealth. Trying to get him on the spurs next year. Compliment my colleague friendlier the southern reporters idle, I can't I dont like I just Venus. All again, I think MRS Ass, on this made, maybe LE broad, would add spurs to his listeth pop turns, went to an asshole exhorting now and if we pay our eyes did file that away spurs not ever Papa, which basically tampering data, captured the branch the super here These kids need he's the real life black Panther,
for my part, I he is an amazing guy is it is. It is so little about how great the bread like nobody, nobody wanted to say anything on the record about the price. For the thing I wrote a cover we last week or whatever it was yet and like them, you pop out their say and always beautiful things about them, which are true. You know I mean it's trying to probably poetry, to make unfiltered China try to give themselves a chance. The summer Text the zip code of the smartest way to hire my listeners can try for free at ziprecruiter dot com vs thanks to proper cloth. The leader in men's custom shirts need new clothes for all of your holiday festivities at Propercloth, dot com ordering custom shirts has never been easier, create custom shirt size by answer. Ten easy questions, shirt start at eighty dollars and it deliver in just two weeks for premium quality. Perfect, fitting shirts visit, propercloth dot com use gift code, BS to get twenty. A few first custom shirt today you can Kevin Oconnor on the draft class show on Fridays. The ringer arbiter, good share some fun. I really like it.
My family doesn't like it is much better each week, my daughter to get there on Saturday in droves, soccer get that out those guys. You talk about basque loafers. I don't know I really like it. I don't care what you think I spelled she's my passport. We take Frazier. One shining pack asked the Eagles landing today. The original bag, man himself might riotous he's drappin bags and the Pepperdine campuses repayment from Ohio is here tonight the jap bags a pair but only goes drive and about there's no telling what he's doing is no car this time. So there's no freedom, so that's gonna be greater watch car Titus just wandering around our last rates of Hollywood, then we're Avenant up when China pad yes, whole bunch of stuff come in its it starts. Susie Lance picked interpret this week. Picked internment this week lasted get ready for them. Fights erratic fifty three to fifty one with till in New York City. Take ten tyrant
Thanks Cassie, we will see unfriendly.
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