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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by the Mother of Dragons, Mallory Rubin, to discuss the anticipation of the final season of 'Game of Thrones,' future spinoffs, NCAA football, MLB, and rookie NFL quarterbacks (1:57). Then Bill sits down with actor Jason Bateman to talk L.A. Dodgers fandom, being a child actor, 'Ozark,' 'Arrested Development,' binge-watch television, sports movies, and more (27:13).

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Or go right to seeking dachau morass abroad by the ringer dot com, where you can find a bunch of football stuff, football stuff, galore dwells and pop culture stuff with the Ringer pack, ass, thou art their whole slew things. You know it's on their given gonna reared outcome. At this point I want to do it's great site check it out, come up we're inside the malware ribbon about her favorite army year, couch football profile by world series all that stuff and even the add the game. Thrones rumours whispers. May become a back and then Jason Bateman wow. I don't know. I don't know how this finally happened, but it happened: Jason, babe in the B S past, but first our France.
For project. I remembered the mother dragons. Now this is the time you get concerned by you. Have I'm dead there's two times a year. One is re before for buses and started with a baseball players is coming. And the other is when Game assurance Thrones happens, which fortune and unforeseen theirs. I seven life six left six hour? You hardly long ones, now our long each feature film length Do we know what these John Danny Fuckin we're gonna get in those episodes of MECCA had so much time for invest it. They're, saying it's. The most incest a year remember had borrowed psyche away turn it come from.
Stay for the insist tat. So Six have our have long movies. Basically, I dont know that we know exactly an hour and a half but yeah. All the reports are that there are there in essence, gonna be like movie length episodes and we think April. But may sprang. You know spring summit. What is not, in my view, inside information means certainly not- I assume you do know it I don't know. You're there s master over our solution did I feel up to me we launched in July. When we need content, the Ringer Dhaka thou be great. I think that they should we until have enough set with the spin off then roll right in from the conclusion the season eight stunning season- eight finale them right through the spin right into the spin off It will probably require waiting too long, but you need at least like a substantial spin off trailer ready to go. You wanna, keep everybody engage. You can't risk losing interest even for a moment, the spin off stuff I have
hundred percent more and ass. They are less than says they where's agenda rank. We with our back and then surprise us in season three with just a very incest a year. Great question, I think, we'll be lighter on incest initially, because you know it Maybe up north? Why I love it to let us down when you re a unless you're John and eager, and you go into the cave very malodorous under those first little mind now everybody smell bad back then so they're all knows blind. Now it is a normal. Thank you and ask you about that. Uses lose your sense of smell. Afterwards, I always think about the hygiene of that moment. You know Johns first experience with Colonel Lingus, obviously using natural, the lorries, the Lord's kiss was second nature to hand, but it's like what was the last time you get caught cleansed the probably never very dark behind This is something I love to bring up what I watch the show my web, just how bad the hygiene must bank is tough, even going
I too, like the eighteen, hundreds, the hygiene at great yeah, they're out there, in for a swim trying to cleanse here and there I guess, but even so I mean they thought the day was a good idea. Man we know better. Now Europe has the hay her there came a throne, that's too bad. I say so. I have an enhanced. It's a smile ass. I did. I just wanna died right, Eugene bad, I sighed enhance sense as well and we gave it turns out, I'm just dead. You need your where our judges, so what what show has captivated do that came with your answer, I have been quite wrapped with Bachelor I am saying it's is actually one of the only things I'm current honorary now we're table.
On Tuesday afternoon, so we're gonna mess, whatever the big surprise was on Tuesday night. Somebody shortly will happened tonight, though it they're losing meal and I'll bet it's too much at this point of cotton and tea and Chris and T I'm Cresson crystalline, I just don't really care about those people. Yeah? What other shows you insecure is wonderful. Will Chris gave himself a nickname, silly goose? I dont think give yourself a nickname after like toy aged twenty. Three, I would say is that, our aim to twenty four I came in a word comes. I can't use I've been thinking about it. I think, to be called goose. From now on, we Billig, what's going on a guy Vienna sitting palpable enough, could put Africa summit. Twenty five or more thought into it and use what if he was eight the came in you coming came in and assume any became a notably the came in TAT whenever also face a cave man.
Then. I thought that was a direct reference to what we had just discusses, and I was actually in each violation is the case with it. So back soon, at your Paradise year, energy in Europe, big but Harry Potter, rearranges binging, the hell. I hereby Laneric patterns, Mehevi World Harry Potter, game, thrones, HALO, baseball and the ringer with nature. Passions and life out in the law. I thought the Lord of the rings. I do love. The Lord was Lord of the rings, the Lord of the rings, the Lord of the rings, the fellowship of the ring. So I like thrones Banana, like the other two sides, is something I've gotta upon ass. I like to introduce you to, but you know that you know how they avid obsessive personnel conscious, yeah casually Diamond Harry Potter holders in there doesn't need to be anything casual about it. Let me show you the light. How many of these I wonder how many hpv then we
or through the fourth book yeah, and we are about to start the order of the Phoenix bundle for the fifth book and so what s the movies about what we're doing of the movie after after each book. Ouch for buses- and you most excited about Maybe I don't want to talk about the dove, though near it, Do I just can't do it I'm out agricultural now I'm done this was yeah, it's too much, it's really to right. Now I live in the last thirty years. I just I mean part of an item of Maryland fan, so the Maryland story is just like it. It's just guiding it's really terrible. I thought of the column. The Bouwman rose, fabulous everyone she added vows, Exxon and late. This out Jenkins went to him and be they export similar themes, layer this the things that are happening in college football. It's not
it's not actually we're, not even in the realm of sports. Now this is what happens in war when generals and politicians are abusing power it's it's disgraceful. So it's real. It is really hard for me to invest in like an army and excited. And we're right now I mean you'll. Do you like it too much? he'll be back, I do love her sad is. Are you carrying out? I feel excited I I I I do love the sports. Mohune that the urban mired story would be the second most pressing and horrifying story of the summer. That is also terrible. Oh yeah, that's that's a rough combo this she said- spi, what's happening when football. Now, where the off season of whatever sport is just of these terrible things, and then the game start now felt this last week on em we do in the pot? I guess on Wednesday in
that the Monday night game of the first month- and I was lines Jes us I've upon back like there's justice, animal instinct just to love Obama. When you know it's actually gonna beyond the television. That's definitely true. I think we all feel at black eye. Think its increasingly difficult to separate the off fields, realize I mean partially because their increasingly outfield storylines, you know we sought out with the NFL last season here the way that politics entered the game it's impossible to, nor and in many ways we shouldn't ignore it, but it's it fundamentally changes the fans relationship to the sport. I think it has to name, Take them Richie, Incognito, STAR Esa. Today now such is bounces off me now. No, I don't that late, but it just says like every week. There's another story: it's almost like when, when you watch the news and there's some for storing cigar. That's awful and you just inspectors get me I'm not saying this is a good thing man, but with football now just dishes office door,
for storing this guy this former and I felt where, in this terrible thing happen- and I think that's the scary part- become a kind of not immune to it I just did not answer, but there is an element of desensitization Surely the product of sensory overload- and that is like your saying- that's actually kind- tragedy, because all of these things are worth our attention and time and taking seriously, but when there are such endless barrage you dont have in order to work you don't even know what is really worth prioritizing, are focusing on a given moment like the fact that the The people you say about our Meyer, oh he's, lucky that this Marilyn thing happen. Like that's disgusting, it's also a human reaction to think that, because you can only you can only process so much at us at once in the it's just an endless innovation in full power now so you, the tough tough summer from Maryland Sports,
that cause the Orioles thing is. This is the worst aroused him of our time and they traded your favorite. Where I mean they traded. You had a near break down another offices. I was despondent. They trade in mind my sweet son, any Machado to the Dodgers. They treat everyone. I mean Scope: Britain seen Britain and Pinstripes tougher than Britain's good. I just that was on really whose hard to head now read, successors yeah really I really respect Adam Jones for staying put, and I can't stand the backlash that he's gotten, because he's made a choice that he thinks is right for his life and his family were, why? Why is he not entitled to do that? he decided to stay in Baltimore way for a forty one thing, because he likes living in Baltimore he. So he veto to trade to the Phillies here, and we know was partially like they don't meet me right He's been a legend in this town for a decade and he's gonna go beard. Reserve player
without your. As you know, no connection to and look, I think he has a point when he says that players fought for the right to on these contracts so that they could decide where they wanted to be Nick they're, not things and objects, and I think we forget that every time Tracy's unrolls around and just the nature of like capitalists, thinking here, walks into place in our minds, and every player is just a cog in the wheel is just another piece on the board for some rich white guy to move, and I really respect of the fact that he said I'm good actually like. I will get to make my decision in the off season about how I want to spend my time and what I want to do with my life, and I decided that I was gonna, be here when I signed. That's it. Your extension, and so I'm gonna be here and no one can tell me otherwise alone, the Pieper Madame. Yet Russia will be four zero, others, a contingent of people who say you're inhibiting their ability to finally rebuild
legally or illegally, and on your location act. You are standing in the way of them getting a retired, though the left handed reliever they might have here, and I mean it's ridiculous baseball, stupid haitian mother at socks best human base, Baroness Ashton, outside. I hate peeking in august- oh my god, I'm just trying to say so that the jinx it I will say that the course thing, but red succeeds in his bed and Martinez being three spots apart from each other, because bets comes out and occasion there might be someone on base in its excited, but most of them there is it, but then, if you can just whatever one and then I'll send J D comes up with a two or three guys on, and it's like everything to three innings shrilly great, it's not much different than when poppy Numb. Many were feeling at the same time, but it is there such different players. I think that's been
Bull bar and then Bennington has been really fund there. That's how you know that J D Martinez has really worked his way fully into the heart of Boston. Phantom you're just call him J D come hullo Daniel, sometimes in my house screen schooner he's been good it is clutched. You really feel I've really feel like he's gonna come through when, when his innocence it's like surprising, aided double play the other day, whereas, like nobody out second and first relatively beginning, any just double pleasant. Oh on my God, he failed. This is incredible. I remember when, when the deal went through in Zack Ramrod the reaction the ringer and his angle was in essence the Red Sox just got Giancarlo stand but cheaper yeah, and that ended up being right with closure, which is incredible. Kimberly. That's real life; just very annoying to me, but crazy about this team. Its Fred Socrates.
Team ever at least from a wind standpoint, but they through the sand about dragged and they threw the hand their marriage contract. It's actually not the best version of what this team could have been. Not big Dave firms. Thirty five million dollars at the window from the previous regime. That is the best version of this team. Had they just gone any decent starter. Read that they ended up having to change for one in there, it's fine, I mean I stopped. I still judges that by what's a steamroller vagueness having answers in october- and you know the sixth seventh deepening guys right the egg about one yanking aim when they actually got two Chapman in the night, then answer eight, but they went Britain and their matanzas in the seventh and eighth night while her. How are you getting on base year? I mean in the ass. The Yankees shook, should they advance minnow beyond the wild card game there going to be able to go to the pan and the author forth, a fitting
right at the start of may not be able even get them to where they get it there. S thing is the most amazing did to me you in on the idea of unease, Rockies World Series, his head in I mean the Rockies earned in it in the west and the aser in it so it's not impossible. Just wild, So we're in that keep early together now, and I made this trade with somebody in June, and it was, subsided and Louis, we made the trade with here to waive somebody to fit all the present trade. A mockery waving is, I don't know, probably fair, I will throw him back in the data so negative in numbers, and now fears is like the third best pictured the merchant lake is literally waves. They, is now he was on the trade there. No real sign whatsoever. He was gonna, be competent, confident him they ve Edwin Jackson yeah, who feels like he's the eight years on now I thought came up in one of my colleagues in that's been really fun. It's it's! This sneaky.
Batches starters and then this closures, having like one of the autumn, great closer seasons and anxious- is another classic Billy being thing: it's amazing. How did happen again. I still think that the ash euros will get healthy and they wall. They will take the division of sprayers back now when all too vague comes back If my colours and get healthy, I the know the have so much talent that I can't imagine them actually not when the division or It's one of the seasons where everybody keeps saying tat: they ve watch tower like of court and then all the sudden there seasons overnight world aid. This crazy. They made the boy asked needed there neighbours have really let them down while have some of them are my team, like Devinsky, was absolute lights out all time last year and this year's been banged up inside than they ve giving a poem runs and made any
so I ve been watching them and modern them just cause. I don't want them to make the plants, because I think that the most out of the rain I, the egg, is I'm weirdly. Not that worried about really the edge is now I dont think they're. Very I don't a lot of injuries to right. Now I don't trust the starters. I'd to me, the Indians are are much more dangerous are more concerned about them. Then nationally you fall that more than I do, but it just seems I bet still crapshoot yeah yeah. I mean. I still think that others are the best him? The fact that they tried to claim Harper on waivers today is Lake Diskin Bobby relating to even contemplate like what that line up would have looked like. You ve been. How could how would that have worked? I don't know about the nationals wall. They're doing full so off you know they zoo, moreover, the number impacts for when he leaves verses. Just let me ultimately, they didn't want him now, buyer. You know, I think, dodgers in the cops are still the best teams because getting Daniel Murphy for basically not ours
sneaky good new. Do you darbyshire as a huge bomber? You know not vehicle. Many thing out of him, but officially knowing that he's not gonna, be back, and you know that he's he's done for the season and isn't gonna be a factor in their policies. Irritation is a problem for them utter now. I think. As long as Kasza Elsie, I mean Maybe they were one of the better teams. You know, I judge all my things by how they play the Red Sox cuz. I just watch red Sox games. I was really impressed by yeah, they're, good good, pitching I just like them. I believe in them more than the braves at this point there. I think air noise creeping into one of the five. Best pictures and baseball conversation, which is that I really thought Kevin Engagement would be the Alice you picture would be saying that about, but, alas, here Are another guy, the oil strayed away by the way in Europe? Furthermore, jackson- and I mean it's like what We shall all I have in my life. Have this it is just hoping that Lamar's good. I need him to be good
so all in all this partially because I'm just so ready to be done with the Joe flak o air. I'm just ready to move beyond that in its of that super boy. When Spain, they cost, has it all every year, but also I use them so excited about the idea of a team that has been this pain even though I am conservative for so long. Finally, having an injection of Genuine excitement and energy and often supplier, who can actually create like it's been so long since the ravens, had that at all and I think in general, the rookie quarterback classes is really exciting rain. I hope one of these guys are good other than Josh Alan. Of course it does feel like it as a change. I share fuck it s, just be a transformative class paper. Bakers, looked amazing in bakers, create hard, knocks, perform announcing an incredible. Did you see the picture him? Using what I think it was a rolls Royce on a tiger moment abandon whose a fancy car anytime earn you a shortlist just great stuff. We might
have enough good quarterbacks this year. Maybe I'm high right is good. In my homes, my began on online on gas, former pitcher goods at MILAN on all in arms. I'm all in another stats about how it does it really matter who endure Eads quarterback is that some produces. I think that overall quarterback equation wall in some ways come down to whether carcinogens into shown Watson, combat faithful health and also, obviously under lock, like those three guys we're back and healthy than we are in a potentially transcendent sports movement at the quarterback position. Here we still have Brady, nobody is allowed to be touched and you're not lead touch receiver over the middle when algae out their touching. Anyone who wants to me Jack I'll ten, four
while the precision of this week and how are you feeling about Jimmy G as a pathway to Jimmy T, touch somebody while the barometer Porn STAR the Porsche cut that why dont want to sound, like I'm saying he's assaulting someone when nurse sour, that nobody thought the adding life which is peace to get everyone, saw. Somebody and poor urban took it for some pastor. The thing the way be more about the porn star was when he compared himself to Vince from entourage him in his buddies that is generally concerning and for the first time as happy the bats traded form, but that I doubt very quickly- and I wish you sometime ago- interesting- cause turns out our quarterbacks forty, whether we though backup but are you, are you worried he that's where we're not where it has a division, so bad that it does feel iguana reminds me of it, as did the sea, of the air. Was I oh, nine or two thousand and ten when they made the point
She is concerned, they have ceased and then they just got crushed. Yet I'm in the east, by the by your ravens, a bottle. Lake, unless you're really all in on SAM Donald and the jets immediately the dolphins sock, the bills would be the worst human football, so there's a pass through the playoffs regardless theirs now that there is an article reining in Spain that come about there's been a lot of Browns action, yeah yeah, which makes sense because I don't know did it on the pack hazardous with South China figure who Tibet but use, go through, other teens leg, while the Ravens era, the Steelers, while the Bengals, then you just can't you Coming back to the brands I well, they do have this guy this guy, this guy, this guy I've had then there the browser- I don't I in the brains. Do have a lot of talent entered the coaching situation is so fraught that's what well, you just need to watch hard knocks for thirty seconds as see I mean
same comments on a ringer video. That's coming soon, but it reminded me of like the tyrant, Lana Sir, a real king doesn't need to say he's a king idea when huge access is on the table and constantly has to tell tied alien as coordinators. Like I'm in charge you if you have to keep saying that, that's that's a perilous jewish it it's. It was a. It was I opening especially. I was watching their loads of somebody who's who's in charge of people, I'm in charge by the way Mallory, but this that. Tier inner circle is just so adequately. I believe it's embarrassing, and what are you doing now at these people, the Zulu agar that succeed near upbraiding them and tell them? You are in charge. Who are you it's tough in a body language in that room? Sad, really to really not since day camper going lay back twelve. How can I remember a worse hard knocks coach performance, it
really you just watching oh wow how's, that guy in charge all the players are the ones who are coaching and we saw Jarvis Landry, give this speech to try to rally the receiving core and then tire I'd pulling his head coach, silencing, hey, if you like- get you film them, and then you show them the faint like pair. Taylor should not be the one who has to tell you Jackson yeah how to run a meat, though I do like the idea that this is spawned. This is increasingly gaining steam on the internet that Taiwan should become head. Coach of Baker should be the starting point. Back interest. I love this idea like Paul Work, Walker, immersive blues by the way you we did it. Varsity blues in you. You admit, It's the M biggest flying that movie, for you was Lance, where pretending that he invented the rpf. There's like the wick, quick, quick, a mention of the college tape they ve been studying, but its very fleeting. It's very fleeting
not enough time given to the true roots of the areas where, but the twentyth anniversary of that when some good food movie. Anniversaries coming up, wonderful, we're due for a good obama- we I don't know what's happened the last five six years. Maybe we should make the ring wrapped around here. Now the ribbon. We can hear you on binge mode hair party of a football. Do you know you can anyone super war? You you to call figures who butcher definitely not to call of never been accused of being to call for anything tat. Can we thought about it? Much, let's see Shepperalk Ivan, I haven't come up with one either It feels like over the next two weeks or even after really all I am saying this now. Yes, I got reaction and I refuse to be hellenic above Minnesota, Minnesota near they're gonna carcasses- and so I can't believe- saying that a module on digs, though, and that defence loosen act and make falls,
the trophy last year and these passing over. I just find the correct cousin sing hard to believe me: I'm not a chat, but look how far with keen on last year anyway, Cook is healthy. This year, man, offences gonna, be incredible. Ironically, quarterbacks might not matter that much anymore. We saw keen him almost make it, and yet we saw falls when a Superbowl. We suggest gaff look like the rams, would to make it a one point like it. Just guys are also wide open down. Nobody could touch the quarterback, maybe AEGIS needed Emmy. Look just like I wanna Superboss accorded a porter maximum mattered and quite some time I think you, oh Joan apology. Sorry he brought you a super bowl. The happiest moment of your football life. Listen, I'm very grateful for That's your problem also ready to move on both of those things can be true, re Louis he cheated for you. He covered himself a deer and their spray. He sent for you to win you a super, I'm kidding railway.
Did you really do that? Why did your car, with their antlers and in his suit from I never was found how a family Louis Great Sport, Mary! Thank you! Thank you. I forget the Jason Bateman turn this season into a fistful of epic winds. By joining a Yahoo Fantasy Football League Yahoo has been, I've seen making serious upgrades to enhance your experience, upgrades like easier scoring new trophies, in a buttery smooth, app experience so when you come to play for, everybody I owe the winds are as epic as the season is long. Get in on the ones you have to get in on the season. Yeah. Fancy. The only operate can manage all of your season. Long daily, fantasy teams in one place, create a joiner league right now at Yahoo, back, I'm Slash Simmons fantasy, By now here's Jason Babies is coming up. I met him. A few times
but he has never been on this path cast, and I dont know how that happened or didn't happen, but it's happening now here is Jason bid. Jason payments here, I don't know how this has never happened before we circle that the sounds like this sounds like gum, pillow talk. Fourthly, end of a really ready. For my first day, yeah we ve been together, now. How did we ever do this? I really enjoyed dinner there. Give better my life, my whole life may there's another reason: now you give me interaction. Maui, they thought it was dropped dead. Are we ready to each other a few times in the in the camel circles? You say you some outlined in the camel universe: you're hurt I don't know that avenue putting happen for you. He hired me.
My was much more again a key literally hired me from Boston threat for his Tunisia, and you, as until I was, I was the first writer yard other than cousin, sir on the gun. The Jimmy come on down here. How blotches show with him? No one here so worked: farm Fer, a teen Munson became an honorary member. The circle, how is the exit was smooth with an arrow, the sad, because I really I wanted to raise a calm and had they hired me where from the com- and I just at some point that shows like all encompassing and you can't kind of yeah right, you can't slow down at all on how to stay ahead. Gotta be intuitive on all the issues right in here. Stand near there you're there in that any battle. Ten o clock recommends a bitter something so anyway Finally, asked me the other day I said I said: what's your day: we, what did you do to day I had is? How does it work over there? He any kind of walking through some stuff. What that the part that was really interesting to me.
Is that the writers come in at like six in the morning and basically have a lot of the show written by. Six in the morning. He may well I'd about that. Well he was looking. She was looking at stuff at nine yeah, sure so, stuff and stuff that had that couldn't be written before yet in the morning because you want to be as current as possible. If the wait until the entire news day is over yet gesture, and then right all the stuff women that news. They is faster and faster right when I was there as crazy as we did in my view, to be it so there video we wanted. We would have the guy, like some weird internet server and search for the video we had this dispersants whole job was to do that, and were tape still around back then. Will you pull out intestate area that the three quarter inch with Dvds, Yemen and people would hustle over dvds for him, the watch Some pointed up I went out. I was in his office
because he needed somebody has offices. So much was going on, so I became the rider that hung out when, in his office today day these people hustle overdue. These now they must send and those like the link, some guessing did you become chief of staff now now eight who you're the one they had to talk to to get to him no little Molly came in and said, listen no Molly was Molly was an internet browser. Where are an assistant yeah, Yes, she was at Daniel the annual assistant. Initially, She was well as you go. I sell something was getting something that we should have. Where is she definitely ladderlike charisma. She was the one they are likely to have the conversation about. Can we ve never done this before? It certainly brought it yet. I was theirs that first was crazy, though, because we he did they show was neither did any of us and a new kind of you figure it out That's always been a fantasy of mine and I've. I've I've tried to respectfully imply that I would like to do that
right with without without without without implying that it's easy react as its clearly not, but he certainly make look easy and the view that the routine and the rhythm of it seems so What simple in that it is, it can only be as good. Is that day and issues using just like a baseball game or or or basketball game? You know there's another one immoral and and is only an hour long. That's fine! I, by the way, that the perfect analogy its major league baseball yeah, you know you're gone every day I went for today out I went forth, afforded a renewed, just kind of right. The way with the season here you can hit reset every time in your constantly talking to people that are at least mildly interesting, even if their outside of your your interest circle there there certainly current or relevant, I guess by virtue of them being on the show right there could have. You could have done that in another life. I don't know I mean I I I I I think I would still like to
there's something that I love about routine and I like what I'm doing right now and I think it's going to be a long time before I become bored of what I'm doing now and and and does does that age make me to old, then to start that cuz, what I'm going to be fifty in January, I'd like to And others done of all work. As on tv, I don't know, that's true, that's a matter that we think that that's a great put at age bracket is not represented at all. There's an opening over PBS Travel Chat show caddies to be hooked. Charlie rose, I watch a show every single night. I do miss those conversations. He always brought people end for MIKE all different corners that you. Your predisposed to be interested in by you took a layman's approach to it and asked all the questions to kind of get you into that subject. I really I do Miss Sacho, it's a hard place to get
We ve been fight like without great ass on the last four years, and you know you ought to get up guess where they com and they at least respect what the show is yeah and you can feel theirs First come you ve got it out with this, don't you I mean, I certainly not add to it eventually yeah nothing about podcast, but I know this one year we got there eventually, but the first couple years. It was a lot of leg, so we're to talk in these my ex and then super gonna hear this sitting, just people being confused generally Thea, and then you know I they. Carrots turns the best example of it, though, where people go on that. You bet on that you know you know he's going to add. You know these are the three most uncomfortable things that anyone could ask me and he's going to ask all three things and you're they participate. Will you case, though, and overcome because the way in which he asks he's? I'm sorry, I know he's got some acting skills, but he's not that good, whereby he can convincingly
take the level of enthusiasm and sincerity that he does seem to have yeah and curiosity about those particular three tough subjects for you: he'll sit there and just like it. Hope you about that right. That's weird! Isn't it you you're gonna get goofy with you and you colonel wanna Philammon on it like like your buddy, would sit across from you and act as that's the way your buddy would ass. I had tough, which are common to with such and such for you date, mostly lank, right yeah. You do forget about the microphone where she was going to gave psychologist got everything shows how ready When I saw you, I say, maybe two plus years ago a camel chauvelin this about them? in your tell me how you were talking to networks in Europe. Have this: therefore the show its in South America You like laid out, I got this as you like, and I think they're gonna pay me to do it with by talking about those yeah yeah you're, like a
they're to pay me to just created. Do it in fact it's like ten episodes and unlike really well yeah, I think it's gonna happen than that, so I'm gonna have to go away and do this shown. A ground, Amber black way. Think like something. That's fifty fifty let s have a look at him? I must have been high on some of Jimmy's incredible food of it. I D say South South America, whatever you say everywhere, you said: well, new. Well, it was, I mean it was always going to be in the title there. The lake, the ozarks is this, this creepy place, or that we we focus on a creepy section of it. And I certainly didn't created this guy and build abuse- did who spend a lot of his youth therapies, and I want to remember the story the way I remain right now to re write. Your dinner is when I remembered me up, it was all you did they that you took away from them, this guy is talking about some crazy crafted. Maybe, and it happened. Probably not what a dream
Would you like? It seemed insane they'd? They were just gonna find the entire first season. It seems super ambitious, but you see the proportion about it- and I was feeling of somebody's that Alan and that idea and their talented amid at least either there my guard down right well, if, if, if you ve stuff that is highly ambitious, we can live, it can livid at Netflix. They argue aired there, certainly supported with with with p who have some some ambition and drive and clarity in a plan, and that's that that's pretty cool in it and it doesn't it being the main fuel of execution I find in this business on enough. You found the same thing but oftentimes. It really just take some of that. Stick to it. If this, yet that because there are a lot of people with a lot of ideas and it's a cliche that everybody's got a script right, but it's it's true. It's those that actually say. No! No. I got this just trust me. I know
x amount of dollars and I'm gonna deliver you something you are going to be really really proud of. Just trust, and then you know, you've got to fill out the rest of the pitch meeting with some specifics and some some interesting. You know comparative projects right that they can kind of label this this with. But beyond that you just got to end up having enough gas to go out and do it and that ends up being a lot of what it takes. I think well so there's a couple different models, but one of them you need a quarrel quote: bankable sovereignty, the crater, usually I'm in those two again, you ve good chance at least can certainly help, but it, but again that I mean look look at what you do. I mean your ear. You have a great deal of success in a lot of different areas and it takes a lot of work right. I mean you're you're up early, go to bed blate, I'm sure you're, you ve got some sort of way,
and plan in your ear, encouraging people to kind of company you on that, and I mean that's that's it if somebody with with some drive like that without being of noxious with it, but you know you got a bigger gonna, want it and its people that you you're not gonna clank, it was their mama. Those out when you thought, then am I clanking fuck this. This is hard to believe that ten episodes here Well, there was the original plan, which was to direct all ten. I knew that was gonna, be a big mountains to climb in that with that, but that was what drew me to it that we were looking for a show. We are looking for a bigger film to direct as I done. These two festival movies is a directory me. That's what you told me that you're directing it not creating Yeah I mean where there have been directors that that that do all episodes it has declared that the act
If we cannot get did all of the yard, the true detectives it was. It was eight episode which is which is not completely insignificant but then end up in the hospital and the snow, but here I talked to him, but he said he. I only had time to prep five of women than we did the other three on the weakens it after work, and he said just don't do it. This is it died there. He since gone on in that it again, so he says, he's he's a real stud but We ended up not being able to create enough time for two to prep them all to do production for them all, because in some acting in them they have to all be done beforehand and was a bunch of I kind of stuff it that I I saw as sort of nothing. We couldn't overcome those obstacles and that that those words her heartbreaking moments and I ended up just having a clean up time to do the first two in the last two- and I are the people who do the ones in the middle so going backwards with silver spoons is first a little.
Was first whenever they ran allowing you should also format. You should check it out. I watch another very at times and Jefferson extra grasses to fear. For me, I fear, for than your obey there's gotta be some sort of dark theme. Run Surat low. Have I ever see, and probably you could go back and watch a rag every seen his dark is like a plain records backwards. I can't believe they buried actively back a landed, looked at her but I have ever silver spoons, first silver spoons I mean where the same back, then we really had a couple channel see you saw Russia and it was on Saturday. Night is, as I see it, we were going out with twelve yeah yeah foreseen that one and actually really interesting theme for a show which was all Just super rich yeah with it was. The dad, was supervision and had done some pardon. The term arrested element- and here comes this- the sun, whose Sousa pre precaution
listen and becomes the sort of the dad's Dat Ryan. You played the buddy. I played the asshole friend yeah. They which led to the greatest show that's ever better in the eightys it your marriage ceremony, I told the autumnal holds up now sure it's the classic I'd. It's another thing, I've been a member of the way. I wonder if I like the way you got your life, a nail rear of do. Take the review mere off your car, yeah goofy, adamantly back look yeah it's your move was a lot of fun that only lasted a year, because embassy was getting notes from parents or on the country. The kids were doing the scams that my character was doing and semi explain what that show is about, as I must have. The odd answer probably have doesn't know what that show as it's not yet it is unbelievable that had happened. It's about this service scheming, kid that Lisbon Apartment Building and he's got some kind of dupe that lives next door. Is
eating his mother, and so he hates who hates you cause you sleep with his mom there, and so he does everything he can to sabotage this poor guys. Life as well as trying to make as much money at school as possible by sitting on tests in India getting answers for the other students. Unease is like a wheeler dealer. Its literally that's the show. That was what the show us. Every episode you, torture, this poor guy, was that a year by bright, who is great via ah, I love that yeah it was pretty, it was far more lasted, but when did you officially become a child actor? that was happening or cause. Your sister was a family ties, yes, She was doing. Let's see, I think I think, maybe I was going into its your move. I think family family I started,
Today, Europe, you both guns blaze, were both. Do her gun was blazing pretty hot? What family ties with huge huge is an idea. It was kind of the lost monster show of the eighties that doesn't get me on paper as a cheers. Cosby it was. I am tired of having Irene ire. I think it followed their hearts be. I think it was on it he was on, is incredible out, as is eight thirty. Nine, I think was. Was it like night corridor something and then cheers So my tat I was a year was something there is always one show that didn't totally belong. It was eight the powerhouse line that had the one to twenty hitter bright, create them there as you you, how did you both and go into it. My dad appear the since I was seven yeah, we moved here, in seventy six and my dad the writer director producer and so should the thing that he'd,
add with me on the weekends as opposed to going to the park, to throw the ball was to take me to like the local art house and show me these. You know movies, with subtitles, and shall now really alot yeah really drove me knots, but eventually I succumb to it, and he would say you know this is this is what directing is- and this is good direct. Bad, directing good, acting bad, acting in kind of why and So when I got an opportunity to to follow a neighbour to to an audition I jumped at a cause. That's what dad like Tenaya just do. You know you try to impress dad by working on your. You know you jumped shot or your pitching or whatever, but in this case it was acting ways. In California this we were and several valuable than hills. So then family ties takes off and you have your own show how in your like third, and I am twelve thirty- I like thirteen right around then yeah and so Justine, and I had this pretty interesting, a typical
I said where we would spend what was it like cept Bert two February on the set working and then from February two June back at our school say I was was a really kind of uncomfortable transition? You know it's like. I get the crap out of me when I go back to school you know. He says I, U comes is dickhead. That's on tv, invoke this guy. He eyes see cycle while the world those girls do in talking to him you down there. They weren't, like China, hit on me not to legislate curious, but that you now the studs were like that. You know he's more in Ireland. Let's kick his ass here and I so that was you're, not junior high hard enough. That was that that made an offer, but I did was up to meet a sort of let him know that may be I'm not that bad, a guy. I guess I did. I guess that's we all try to do at school. That's when they sense of humor really ratchets up the exactly this. Is my man ever make all these people laugh as you get They asked because I could. But what have you heard this? One
got a great time. The sword, certain Jesus. When did you stop going to school?. I stopped at the end of twelve great and actually didn't even get my diploma. I was doing I favour film team of two yeah. I don't know if you're listeners know what an incredible fan- Europe team of two and a great building the scriptures I came in here, Libertine will three and three the which is its world. We three, I was upset I'm tv. Did every brought back the team often made an authoritative adds Diana half a second of like hey what Why where's, my fright, but then nice are unaware of. This is the core version, but you gotta, let kind of, I gather that the two teams are very eighty six, but others movies from the eighties most, if not all, would have offered for things not feeling dated anymore but somewhere like mid nineties issue, I think you're out feels music to yeah same thing,
he's on Don T move to an arm We we shotted Don t. You know like in the last quarter of of the school year and I was doing such hours on that that I didn't have time to take two of my four finals So the high school never gave me one diploma, and I still I don't have to this day. Wow team will soon it costs me long high school education, overrated fire Mr Watson. Charlie rose imo caught up with Thingabob stuck about proper, finding addressed shared that fits is nearly impossible. Something is always off by the collar. This leaves. Thankfully order and custom featured, has never been easier with proper cloth, a proper caught that com, you can easily create a cost shirts eyes in seconds by answering ten simple questions choose from, over twenty hours, Thoust handcuffs thousand five hundred fabric stars from classic too busy casual to completely customize your shirt,
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in your big sports fans who back then right. I went over the dodgers. Thinking offering the Dodgers think kicked off for me when I watch the can burn stuck mineral baseball. I was I was before that I followed every support quite a bit yeah, and then I saw that documentary and basically just started fallen. Baseball almost exclusively. Even now. I follow follow every sport a bit. You know most IRAN play off seen I'll turn it on ANA Basque Bonn for bond, so sort of a cursory owner and fancied tat. I loved him. Your pick that that squad here, let's let me leave all like I'm on the commissioner, you know ass. You, like I'm, not fucking around you're in this. Dodge Fan Kind tax, I don't. I don't know about that. I'm gonna do a year. I go
twenty issue a year, is it that is alot, isolated, every single home game, and then I had it heads and it wasn't a good look anymore. So I I I said to the season tickets guys said why if I spent the same amount of money but only went to twenty aims, work I said, and we went, we went down low. I think that would be a good tv show images, because that that that and then had kids who suffer whatever happens before that, so much more funding than haggard I've seen a lot of AIDS is allowed in Indonesia has not broadcast network bill. People go off the rails, thence. I daresay rails and two gathers real real progress as implied by the Dodgers. They moved at her at the Dodgers maker. France cause I in I've sector from Boston, just hate allay, or you re such man, I'm on everything, Fanny Red Sox, fix
Congratulations are she's, saying they re Soongoora. They debate today pacing to break the record. They ve got a silver taken this on the Friday before the weekend and they have to go like thirty, eight or somethin to break the record. The thing is: is that a record you gonna break when I because it seems like it's bad guys. The red Sox love the Yankee. So much say they want to. Let them keep their record. It seems like who ass. It seems like almost every team that wins out many games. Then this is the path. Is that you did U verse did they used the delusion, though then idea, Yankees came out unscathed. They one billion dollar one mariners, one think like one sixteen or something and then lost in the past, but a yank, the Yankees one like that you're the only one here they did. So I can't imagine ever better record at this point to the anxious than the socks to its. I didn't,
we realise that I watch all the sack scams and you know you always go glass half empty with your teamster. So even though we had they the two heavy candidates away, like probably the best pitcher, now great closer but euros castrate am what we don't have a god will have anything I and all the run out and at some point everybody can elect the record and said there was the Astor rate they the most winds, any red Sox, human error one of the historic where they well. It's usually that that's the case with any team in any sport right, there's, there's, there's a there's, a bunch of high b plus players, there's no real, clear stars that gather all the gravity and all of the light and all other. Then it's sort of a rag. Not not ragtag, but it's it's well disperse parity on the team. There's there's not a distraction of sleep it always weird about the shares their these two also matters And one really awesome pitcher and then there's that the dead, though,
parity with everybody else, but it now it never really felt like. Like a strong team. I finally had better tat S, why don't you go hunting with based by those that the rhythm of the season in if you get into it still remain? Why did they were so many runs in general and the American League? Certainly the Red Sox, but is it? Is it air? Are the hitters numerical league better or is the pitching worse that than the nationally age? I dont think that act that you share our lit. It's it's it's it's dish practically different. I mean they're softball scores in American League, big big market teams that ups war so rents, axing egg is they're gonna score bread sexy is Cubs dodgers. Ten twelve foremost spending bet best anything I know, but you look like a Roger Metz score would be very typically. Forty, two and a Yankees red Sox score would very typically be twelve date.
You mean like there's area to merely is so is pitching or is it hitting? And now it's some the ball parks? I dont know other reasons for it, but it does seem like we have more efforts. I do that. I really do think, though, psychologically for pictures, knowing that, like the seven eight nine coming up when you're in the now and that night, guys the pitcher its it's just I get through cause. I say with my son with thy, so there's chose a little extra pitching than is better innings won through six, because they don't have to go a hundred and ten hundred twenty pitches, what they just they have either they get to the bottom of the order, and they can do so. I'll get through these guys we're dead, there's the bottom of the orders, just a little
of my son will blow egg is a little way. There's always like three, really good kids on every time. There was put him at the beginning that and then the light up when I get through that gauntlet. That's I now here comes the Kate who's got headgear on ranch. I get through all those yeah day. I think numerically also is typically a better hitting, secondly, men are better hitting catcher in the guys that are there yet bundle down at seven, eight, nine or you know six, seven, eight, it's weird why leg in the NBA the West has been better than the east fur almost two decades, Nobody really understands why other than the next are completely incompetent and theirs is for whatever reason the town has drifted to the west, but it may be like an accident and aberration. Well, psychology sports right. Those players are more attractive to those winning teams were given a choice, they'll say: well, I'd rather play you know out and on the Pacific, the
in the east, but I don't think that's the case with with baseball right now, just simply drive out, but I mean when you call for free agency like when, there's a choice right eye, a deaf there. They seem to want to play as much in the west as they do in the east, or maybe not. Maybe the better players are playing in that and others. This whole tax thing that problem DR some of it here. What is that luxury tax like? Why are the dynamic talk about income tax for plain view over the dodgers you're paying late? Thirteen percent for verses accused in your bank, zero percent, and it actually think for Chris Paul. They said it made him an extra twenty two million bucks or something what Finally, what if you're home, though, is likely SAM Dodger, but my home is in Arizona or in we have to prove that he is alive, half the time or something right. But I didn't, I think I think you giving a bad aright technically. I think you earlier me yeah, I think you can now be
stand. Just this the season right. Maybe there s the where you play that men are similar for six months anyway there at all the red Sox yank thing is weird, maybe because I don't understand why the Mets also wouldn't be successful, could conceive away. They should have as much money as the egg is. Do so comes back to my theory, which is its eyes about the owner. The orders like way more important, then I think we give credit for doctors had bad honours right friend your court was yeah, run bottom, looking too had to have a high profile team so that he can leverage the thought that the parking lot fees and maybe get up football state
they're right and also didn't, have anybody right and somehow ended up making off like abandon its really one of the great american business stores of the last twenty years? How that guy, actually in making money from basically buying the Dodgers with like a bunch io use, weird shit, but the group diamond there now seems like such a bunch of great guy stank abstinence is. Is such a good do his spanish shitload yeah that move it out? I was surprised by the Dodgers and Lakers Psycho. A good, their fans or, and also the generations advance. Like you see, the Dodgers game is like: seventy eight euro guys would address. It is about Amr, though, where how we don't get up and and cheer and oh to count. You know- readily as the as an east coast in exile, Yankee YA, like it's gotta, be the eighth ending with a tide score or one run, led to get up and cheer Uno to count you now I will say it same time, that's kind of violence,
though I now and in the island, it is not good. Thank Hannah. You sit back with the latter. I think the majority on the national games to utilise the play off the office it out come on guys city, even one and thirty years of your. Where I know well above and I'm a little ashamed of how ok I was with last year. I was so thrilled him. We were sitting there seven and will you know we had a Louis lost by one third, fourth inning yet, but inside it's ok, look at us here we are. That was illegal, must expect to get well, but I was I don't know- maybe I saw a higher for that game. Five in Houston was just stunning, I think the best based bugging I've ever seen, yeah but ie yeah. I mean, I think if we get back there again this year. I'm gonna want it to be one. A lot blot more than I did last year I mean, I think, that, to your point, I was just so thrilled after thirty years too to be there. I was at that
Gibson game, and eighty eight I mean I like add yeah I saw it was. It was very much a part of my thinking, but I was pretty satisfied that we made it through your at that. Giving it yeah walking sitting down the right. Field line field level? And It was a typical L. A fan started walking towards the elevator behind home plate to get a jump on traffic and resell right about that. Got behind home plate waiting for the elevator me. My buddy heard the crowd cheering and from that walk around you can see the field there s a we looked down and we saw Gibson to having just come out the dugout whose only on deck circle so we body a lot of people had already left. We were part of a big big group that was walking out and there was no one sitting behind home plate.
I mean zero tonnes of Algeria and ass. We walked straight out. We are right behind our plane. Oh my god was really call we my dad I wrote about this when it happened. My dad had a similar thing in the game and everything turned around the Dave Roberts steal for the Red Sox yeah, their dad three, nothing useful that bass we left, but we didn't leave cuz. My dad's like let's, let's go down in the tunnel and if anything happens, we'll race back, so we went down and then Millar got to walk start any. We raced back, but it was like a classic red Sox fan moment where we kind of quit giving up, and The hope is that of us, but we couldn't leave your leg. Just show me one thing it I'll stay, then, as I put back, have you seen the the the tenth ending on that can burns yeah document which covers the Red Sox when an now
the home run race and I mean I'm just such a fair that that a homeland races pretty funny twenty years later, the Abbe glorified those deeds. And then you know that's pretty awkward, well idiots, yeah, it's pretty awkward that I mean what's when's the last time somebody hit fifty homelands. It may happen the share of man who Leah Daniel Martinez, already yeah. You may get there. What is about there's been some theirs. In some fifty range, but nothing like I mean bonds had seventy three right and the year before that had as its aid area so aid.
Who I was, as I'm sure you would probably agree with, like the only real funny thing about being even remotely famous irrecognizable. Is your ability to have a conversation with somebody who you really think is cool? Yes, I'll talk and it professional athletes certainly qualifies, as is one baseball player that indulge me and in some annoying for a fan questions I asked him about steroids. Is it like what is it about that that makes makes a numbers go hires. Just just simply cut your stronger, like you just hit the ball harder He said that it was its much more about the twitch muscles. It's it's being able to swing later, being able to recognize the pitch deeper and then snapping the rest and
hang around and shipping it off. You know just just found the ball off and staying alive and basically working pick. You know getting into hitters count and avoiding a bad pitch. You dont need to start you swing as early, because the small muscles in your rests in your hands become strong enough, where you don't have to start your swing early and commit well and strike out. I think a change sure. I say better to really I'm pretty and british convinced that that's a thing and that's the thing there is when you were right now, isn't there isnt kitchen round with out or something I don't make like you don't know, look at the size you ever listeners. You can't see this, but I am aware that bill wherein lives today, but that is where it lists. I dont remember that during these incredibly tall of its nearly ass, if there's some sneaky top people out there, you need a juncture to go that height though they ought to have one look out.
Excited. Somebody was telling me this Eddie. Anyone was on two weeks ago who is like a chef, slash personality it, but he plays bass, worries the play and imagine his command the pike ass in a cup. The people I use lights out from nineteen feet. Mr Lambert, yes, I was like a Medina that sir for five years was gay, because they ve put ones in Tunisia, USC tool for threes, everything I'll reliant. So ever knows you jack threes, and I was always like I'm good from nineteen. It's it's cats for one planet, but I want to make to make a lot of them. That's my move! No one! Ever again, no one! Ever We heard contact my elbow in and get like a straight sort of my uncle was always out for the just could not. I could not shoot we plan and tv set, and we re all through yeah, exactly is tat. I was evil of those stories about Clooney. Eighty are places
the vast one region, the rags yeah now using maniac about it yet, but he's like he's Killin Anthony Edward scene. I fear that when its eyes, the level that it puts the fifth idiot I bet I bet Anthony's gotta game to. How did you hear that these different phases of your career, what were the nineties like, we're trying to deal with, and I was trying to continue, but things come flattened out for me and I got your pigeon all by like the child starts now yeah. There was definitely a feeling of my my experience so worked against me. There lie. We see enemies, that's tired and, and and television companies moving away from multi cabin to Single can pursue a camera, shows and so I was kind of far old news and it was really really tough. I swear I never gave up. I proceeded, I swear it. A hundred percent. I was, as I fuckin like that, guy
when it when you ran back ass. I guess you just can't stop. Stop price went down just gobble up here Here's how much of a fan hours when, when Matthew Perry was doing Chandler France's, whereas a disguise I'm fuckin, abatements corner. Skype stated the big game. Tapes rapid, a jailer character debate, began tapes, as I remember watching him just come on man. I love that part If I ever hanging out with a tiny bit through there, you know we'd bump into each other just here and there and it just it felt so tantalizingly close like yeah. It was just It was something that I'd that would have been grandma, never read for that show that cause you're playing child jailer. Unlike Tudor Phronsie Vicious, I suppose I mean he's so these just fantastic at what he does and I would have done it hopefully is good, but that was that was. That was one that would have been that I would have
Blast said season, someone Chandler and then eventually, friends became a around come and they can defend them over the course of the show, just kind of would put his armor corny Cox ask illegally go get on our. He was with corny colleagues with Cornick acts and murder murdered the character, but the season when Jane there was like. I was about the same age finally were on tv. Rises, the greater its of wiseguy there's trouble with women and he actually anyone he kill, shouted divorce. Cecil areas he's fantastic I'd, love to see him do more stuff. So what was the big turning point for you? How did he had? You will arouse arrested development, I mean eyes, I wasn't until then yeah I was. I was working a little bit enough to kind of Vienna pay the rent doing like a pie, at every year. So I kept thinking well. Maybe this pilots gonna get picked up and I'll be back on a show, but is bad luck with the with the projects? I suppose
That, and I mean maybe I would have gotten better pilots to do with if the one, if the people that we're doing those better pilots were more interested in me or maybe I sucked I don't know, but it just it didn't work fur bizarre decade, but I was really I was busy kind of catching up for a long time as it as a kid Tusayan partying, and having on doing that, that would that was a blast HU, we runner around. I mean Did you have a crew yeah? Most of them were not actors and abandon the LEO Crow. In retrospect, who'd been great while he was wasn't he. He was busy doing growing pains. Wasn't me, I think oh that's! When you are running around so early next, I don't know. I can't remember it's a bit foggy bill. That's a good thing, but in retrospect
It ended up being all all good, and I I can about pulled out all that at a time when it was like. Ok now it now, if not cute, and had seen a now you're that the thirty year older thirty one year old, you know at the club down the bar, and you know it's. It was that show came along and my wife came along and I put down the boughs and everything else and have another drink sense. Really I didn't know that was no seventeen eighteen years, some of them. I know it is a fact that thinks you learn to Pakistan. Where we, where we going on Hollywood, yeah all the clubs and bars, and do you know that just a terrible sort of trashy tacky euro, you know if it was a blast. You know the colors were big in the pictures.
Ah the greasy, face, the city scan big fat, collars, achior disgusting, they thought it was in the nineties. Sing like a really fun place, to try to make it. I remember like Jon. Hamm was on my podcast once we were talking about it cuz he was basically he was out here during the Swingers era. Swingers comes out, Dresden Room and address seven oversight. This kind of like our life, now in a movie. This is weird but others struggling actors. Look scene of such that lads was kind of pre internet yard. With someone we are then Boston from writing standpoint, because, within the options it was argued, there's two newspapers are the monthly magaziner, How am I going to get red and it was how do the same thing with actors? Now it seems like salute there's so many more show.
The sewing we're shows how many more ways to to make noise ram and you can become famous through a bunch of different doors which do you know it is fine, but at the rector from a grade that both Burnham, he cannot. My pride last month he's a stand up, cuz yeah, but it started as one of the first Youtube stars in like two thousand and six made some video that a lot of people forward it around. I hear that, having last Sunday, the director and its great you're not going to see that this weekend, ya hear heed your great great job with those get so arrested. Did you know you, like a vague this idea. I might at my agent, who I just I just left after a number of years, I felt like you. I got a site gingham of firing, the man a baseball team, even though you it's he ain't, throne or hidden in oh, yes the team song, is the bad biologists yeah like like us with something up in and she she kind of got it so
the sign with a new agent and six months go by and still nothing then and then mild aging calls. As she says, you know, there's this there's this pilot called there s a development that I see on the left you haven't been out on. You should tell you, know those those new fucking agency or its just had you in on that, and I said, will think that that's that's very nice of you and we looked at the at the I'll call made of agents said yeah now that that shows not gonna go anywhere. Lemon limiter would says on the on going to cover page. It basically said any actor. Who is interested in a you know me. Cup or lighting, or a dressing room, that's bigger than you know, of a corral shouldn't shouldn't. You know come in on this because it's gonna be bare bones documentary style and aunt em, and then, of course you read it and it is pretty subversive, challenging stuff at that
and so they they didn't think that it was gonna go anywhere. I said world, but this is a single cameras, well sort of a mocking memory style, and it through imagine neuron, Howard's gonna be the narrator like the ass bad ass. You know it's, it's the opposite of what I was known for, that sort of that sitcom studio, audience Multi Camp thing, and so I thought doesn't that other probably not can even see me for this, but the guy who created. It remembered me from an audition that I did for him on an old five six years beforehand for a multi camp shown and as he does, he tells it he just. He remembers that I was good in that but he didn't end up going with me, but he remember that I gave a good audition, so he said he's very up bring them in and then I just kind of guessed right with what that. What that character could or should be in, amongst all the craziness.
And he followed me out of the audition room afterwards, and he said he said hey, so you have an audition tomorrow, for that other show that that I'm producing on on a b c that that that set common front of a pseudo audience ass. I can t he goes right she's, but but this right I said yeah yeah Luvis when he goes you guys it dont document more than the one. I want to underline our to see. Ok, the sounds good because what we will be in touch So I got to my car and I called age, and I said I think I just got really good few pack leaving this addition here, so it from that moment forward. I was really excited about the possibility of what the show could be for me not only just communicate, because it was kind of a more dry, less sort of throw to the back row kind of stuff like in sitcoms. This was this was smaller and more kind of by my sense of humor and plus what he could do for me, sort of resetting that the optics of
who I am and what I am, what I do. What was the ABC that favours a modern family, exec I'll. Take that other. I don't I don't remember the driver, their edges, it will work Were you didn't go down and then, six years later, that your life involves just eighty dinner and people coming up and shouting rested Valencia, which is which is- I mean I'm sort of the limited level of fame I have is, is is sort of just that right. It's the people recognize me as an actor is opposed to you know some like I've got friends it or that are bonafide celebrities, like gather like real high profile people super famous.
You know they walked down the street and ended its equivalent of like an animal getting out of the zoo. Why? You would without your phone immediately and you take a picture that and you would tell total strangers around. You will look at that, look at that and it becomes impossible for them to live, and fortunately I guess- and I don't mean to Sound- you- no false him monster whenever it would be, but that that's not that's not me, I mean I'm I've got enough fame, I guess to to the baseball player or get a table at a restaurant or you know, keep working but that level of fame. Ah, I don't I don't know, I don't know. I be good with.
Yes, I've noticed it with the big players, who have be obviously a plus less celebs out, but there are so tall he hasn't had. I can then go anywhere, but they literally can't go anywhere. They stand out like this or that wherever they gotta just got to deal with it, there hotel site or they ever very small and circle around them. That's it here I mean like these are high class problems but dumb, but it is, it is ever present for them. Why? I think the weirdest would be just people writing about your person. I've, costly, yadda, yadda Georgiana, raised at the outer her life. Just being covered- and you never know it's true after all the time I that that parliament- I can speak for her, but I would imagine that you ve just kind of baked into the cake is the assumption that the people who were reading this are reading this for fun like yes,
no know that those magazines that there's more than a grain assault and there's probably a colonel of truth to it. But it's super hyperbolic in order to you now get the magazine sold or the click bade on the computer, whatever it is an end, you know. Sometimes I, send to embarrassing or damaging stuff to do to you I would imagine, but for the most part I think, there's a there's, there's a trust in an assumption that that that the people who are consuming at her darkening doing a kite tongue in cheek, I'm always amazed on people can escape being that famous unscathed. Thou Asylum Brian was amazing that respect disease, basically child actor. Eight, these his equivalent of of its your move in silver spoons, was like he was his Highschool Games right, ESPN right, you know he was eighteen is in the NBA and he's handed it
Well, I think Kobe propaganda that allow worsen eventually got to the right place of that, but he has drafted man there's some yeah. I don't know if it's it's something you can learn or read about or on a k I gets unnatural sort of disposition depends on the people around you too. I think the brown is very close to his buddies. But though he had bodies warrant is sort of FED. They became like his family kind of infrastructure and if they were, if they were bad people, he would probably yeah he would they would be permissive of sort of a lesser instinct that that is that we all have and and my parents- you no more perfect, but they were. They were people that I knew if I kind of got lazy with with personality and treatment of people,
I'd, hear about it, and certainly my friends around me would would do the same thing. So your sister must have been like crazy famous there in that, like our you stretch, their shower eight billion as a third main people watch Legend yeah right numbers back better legal, mostly ETA, whack, insuperable numbers, fur episode, eighteen of chairs the Vienna right, yeah. I remember her handling it really. Well, though, I am yes, she was. She was pretty cool with it and remained so so rest advancement how many years ago, the first two and I know that the greatest thing that ever could have happened or show is critically beloved and people of that so much that they went crazy when it got cancelled and it's almost like the vaults of this whole. Eleven, then instead of coming back here and for the most part, the people who were really watching it and loving it were were well. At least there were
lot of those people in this city and handing out jobs Oh yeah yeah when it went down. I am I gonna get this this. The second shot an and treated differently I was very aware of how lucky I was to have another chance: it Tom had had relevance and yet what he can do at the capital now and how do you, sir, diversify, and what what what projects can lend themselves to? Longevity is opposed to fame morph June a minute. It it was a real big. Did you do at least one I'm only doing this for the paycheck, who there more than one of their coverage, yeah I am, is tat. That's it has of that added its cisco I'll get the off. But it's you do. You do have a few too many a thousand a great yeah. He said I ve been point for sure Ratlin. Maybe too, I feel like theirs in theirs. The year allowed a few more maleagans. Today
like these see a lot of people out there doing in kind of these commercials their illegal, really yeah, but it's kind of in the culture now like oh yeah, that they pay them? but for that in our letter, let him go it s funny like set with music to their songs that I can't believe our commercial size, Ai Weiwei. But that music for a dad, you know, I think, we're all kind of weird. I was really worried about this with podcast. Like you know, five six years ago about doing doing you know bringing in sponsors during the show and tell audience to take a break in paper, is used to it. You ve got it now. Still fascinating people get ie, you got it. The bills and an you're allowed to make money in and tell people about some great sponsors, Jason Lasorda, one right now. Ok, let's say quit bread, TAT, badger, lad, Are you sure this week cuz? I shaved,
had the same same scruffy, terrible sometimes trimmed beard really since, like April, I finally got tired of it. I was tired of I don't know. You know food that its Obama and God knows what else and I just like I'm getting rid of this thing. It's gross, so I like one thousand two hundred and thirty night I put some shaving crema myself and I just crossed by here's that my face wasn't going to get all cut up, he's the chill at five and I was nervous cuz. I thought I am going to ruin my face. My face isn't ready for a razor hasn't seen a razor for four and one slash two months, but guess what my face was fine. He was a smooth as a baby's but his eyes, the joy at five, is the red, shaming, cream and Gillette. Did me right, as always as it's done my whole life ever since at achieving Gillette offers radish aiming products for every
regardless of his persons task and needs are budget where they want three blades or five. The joy three Angela fibre users have recovered all under ten hours, high performance at a low price and agile. At his back, my life has apparently like the bear them go. Clean shaven for a few months were back baby means you'll, get your performance, liberty, door, fine, Gillette, five Gillette onto Banda, subscribe to day back to jail great out by the way, our by those us. Thank you thanks. Helping out yet so Netflix brings back net. Netflix brings it back and we do did you did you we worried about coming back this guy is it really was, would just focused on being all being able to hang out again an undue these characters that we loved and that were so helpful to us and our careers yeah. It was just kind of a no brainer, they cut him.
And unlike this, he was really hard to get everybody. The schedules and arrange tat will, because we kind of at by this point the other than the showed basely given us careers, and so we are all doing well. And they couldn't pay us all the current fees that we were making and other stuff. And yes, there saying will, but you gotta be exclusive to us for three four five months. In order to do all these episodes and more San will, but that means it's three or four months where we can't be making act. Ran, so you guys have to be more flexible with our time so that we're kind of in for a couple weeks then out for a few weeks and that can switch. It became complicated. The scheduling this is early on before Netflix just was like
How much you want! We need each other, not they're, not doormats, but they were they Heyward. They were, they were they were there very supportive and cooperative in they there they are not cheap. They they they pay. People would what they deserve for sure they ve deathly the. I would say the competition with us. Either there now cheap beyond other with it, then for documentaries, as by incredible. I just think it so impressive how they continue to reinvest in their company. Yeah I mean The amount of money they spend every year in acquisitions and licences. Are it's just incredible. Do you feel so season? One came out and was ended well liked critic cited by which on Netflix now, but I I do not think it were not or I don't think it was it wasn't. Me certainly was a universally praised. I think there was a little bit of pushed Ragged acted out. Yet
you no matter what should really, I think, a really incredible thing, which was he looked at the Alzheimer Ozark O, wouldn't no, it's I well know closer loop on Russia emitted Mitch. Do the thing where you know it was it was early in the Netflix original series effort yeah. So this notion of dropping all of the episodes on the same day right like an album where you can even listened any saw the songs and whatever order you want he wanted to embrace set in in the form. So, yes, he gave each character. One episode to sort of appease the scheduling problems and then figured will he'll have all of these. All of these events that happen in Egypt. So it happened concurrently, so like while you and I are talking so this is my up. So, in the background, we see Joe riding a sags headway, yet stop mine click over to jobs
and now you're with him, where he's going yet so it, and it was a really ambitious thing that he did, and I thought it was it was. I remember there is backlash for that. Yeah. That was it. There was a day just didn't, I think, braid as as as well as he had wished, and, and certainly the audience had wished. I dont think that they didn't kill him for it, but it was like hang on. I want to go, see the concern you not gonna play the hits the where remember them here, which I get you know you don't want someone to pay play that hit. You know what we can do, this all acoustic. You know no guy plug it in and give it to me yeah, or they play a bunch of the heads early and then, as I hears our new outline, the Ngos to get beer yeah right. So I saw at that and then so we just did another season of it would be broken up into two halves as far showing us episodes we did first have already and in the next half of the shows are at the end of the earth. So Ozark everything comes at the same time.
I have now gone the other way and this model I went from liking it too, as somebody who runs a company that does multimedia content when stranger things came out season, two major put all them at once. In reality, days out of it now is that we have no idea when people are watching which one, whereas like a show like succession which our staff just really got into right, are your name yes, really get in at first couple we were like one or two: it started a really heat up round. Him said five minutes every week by like weak seven, where leg We're gonna back ass about succession like we re about a minute for abide by the time we got too late. The last week we like five pieces and two paths and we're in a building with the shall run. I think that's what's getting lost now. I'm saying that, overseas. Somebody runs a cried, I guess cuz, their drip drip dripping out each episode and it's giving
you guys time to not only ingested is feeling really becomes, like all sorts yeah it's a season and that's like with game thrones, which is the best example of this. Where we treat game friends I gets the India play. Frightened. You have time to review that last game. Talk about how the manager, might play the next Gand whose go. What is it our aims? Not yet was this little nugget here we had. We are like a reaction cast slash Twitter, show to it, but then another deeper dive, pike ass. They came three days later. That was like further true, true maniacs right, but if they dont those I once our staff would have a seizure. In an add on a bag and why it is so it is a bummer cause. I know I know what you're TAT lay us when the regional of baseball, because of the pace of because it lends itself to a now, says and and and strategy, and an EU sort of your guessing.
Ok, I will now the count one to like what wonder what he's looking for and with the motto you're talking about its it is. It is tough too to do that in what I wish they did was. I think, when a show it launches, I think you put all the mountain, because I think people watch. New shows our cities? Are there on pay setting succession and billions was another one? Can it not very typical, but I think one season to comes out most people caught up at that point there ready. For the next season and they want to enjoy it with other people. They want to read staff and guess what steps going right the other matter would be to put out two at a time It now looks like made me tsar, Ferdy Moon idea, as they put to utter the time, meaning between two week yeah and give people give the audience and the media chance to catch up and write about it. Now that the four sided out be if it was a bad season and then by the forever season, two's terrible where
if you put the whole thing had at once, yeah there's. I don't know I don't know what the radiant, while others from from a creative standpoint like a now. Imagine yourself on the other side of of the of the the metric right where you are Actually writing the show in your ear directing and acting in it whatever. If you assuming that the your Ten. Our movie is being watched in sitting through day or three sitting naked about it differently? Oh yeah, now you don't have to think about the kind of pseudo, subtle, recap, stuff! You have to do if you're only dropping an hour every week. I'm have to remind people, and so, if you were to do that, when you watch him big chunk as viewing guy? I already know that you don't need to hit me with that again, so yet allows you to treat it more. Like a ten. Our movie right to attend ten chapter film.
Raggedy middle and end of the whole thing, as opposed to each episode being fully intact, with a with a big significant to kind of cliffhanger. At the end of each episode, two to pique your interest to drag you there it's a different way of of doing it. Will I'm not saying either one is is better, but it is, it is go about, is so different yeah in it it also it gives the viewer the power, in other words, if all the people that are that we are following the the podcast on let's say: oh arc of which you dont? Have there are no, they asked me. Yes, you have to have the we have ozarks biggest fan out staff Chris ran now. Let's alas, machines are closely watched. The I love you say he Second Ozark like Scientologists. Is he really think badgering people? If you watch you lie to me Yeah he's a bright and I can arrange it, but so you just weird. You have to tell those people have some self discipline and only
We want a week and just no age limits, question bill, when you go to the market. Are you just buying a day's worth of food, or do you have enough fucking self discipline to load the fridge up and just know what I'm just going to eat this tonight and I'll probably have that tomorrow? I don't know why Jack S and out of the market. You know six times a week. Hits the viewers fuck it's a viewers all of this when they should now there's something too having all the shows available, but are the targets when his years come out August. Thirty, first, end of the month steer autumn drops yeah. You got time to watch for seasonal, dick I'm gonna want you get on. I want you silly that smart guy they worked the ringer. I was waiting until season to his ready. I actually it's probably gonna, be this weekend grey a man I have how'd, you, kids, eleven sixth are busy. Don't I'm not companies, and I'm over your house now, but I do want to watch it with you, but I know my daughter's get sacra this again
as this is the weak. I owe you don't have to turn this weekend. No no she's getting netflix. You know they do drop not same time, but it is like a saga cockroach than never never die to always be there whenever you want to watch him. Take your time. My thing is: it's a ten, our commitment, and especially as it was you, I wanted to do from a position of strength and you wanted give it the class allergic sure was gonna, be a second season. Another s, alarm may even comment. I did the same thing with fright: any lights, my wife loves it. Shall I didn't watches and one cause I didn't want to get drawn in, and then still reeling from love monkey got cancer. There's I've gotta go! Finally, once it hurt my feelings of people who made a foreigner lights or or Ozark Eddie, we didn't know if there's gonna be season to suit the it finishes Like you call yeah, oh yeah, you can't you can't be in our presumptive. Unlike leave some big obnoxious dangling, you know cliffhanger, you got a close it and we
we did that was our was I we're gonna make up a ten, our movie and if it does well them Gonna do a sequel. I know I'm in a like it, frightened I usually aligned and taste and he's been badgering about it. Fire while watching tonight, I'm just just watch for students, I'm just watch first to and see, if you know, did you study other shows to try to figure out what to do and not do that, arts like this? No, the the head writer Chris Monday's is, is very, very capable on, and I leave all the writing to him and I kind of focus on everything else. The Seed away. An answer I mean you know we talk about the seasonal arc and what each characters gonna do and kind of that. I am at what episode share your ass initiative. Episode. Six. I think you have some legit really nice. I shouted me. I was really disappointed. You know. Could I ask that letter,
I don't wanna get to see my ass yeah. You know I was ass time. We looked at your us where you'd have to turn around and look at it in the methods that you don't get a real nice natural shout of it. Ryan you gotta go out a way to get a look at your outright right and you do not do and that at home right now, right mean either, but I am watching the show and I'm like, whose is that it puts, were always saggy ass. There done, is like what's going on over there does. My favorite at my favorite, asked Flex about time was Michael Douglas and basic instinct extra shared stone- and he said Is this scene where he walks to the bathroom by shared stones, girlfriend the movie and it's just like four, ball swinging under the Ass Flexi, a mega tablets resurrect assess to stay the bologna people say I swear you bought up about a fearful movies created or five. Oh yeah yeah. It's a total ass flax it'll happen. People do this short staggered in terminator. You never ceased three hours are. You will be like all naked, absurd,
Just bulldog. Imagine you'll have like some personal trainer. You. If the IRA obvious fifteen January and Iron Roddy personal trainer, I run like I'm being chased by the cops every day. Yeah and I still it's still there's just there's an elastic city. That leases leaves you after thirty five years it had a sports movie other than team of two right. I did a pretty smokin football film. Necessary rough. I like them. I will be used to apologize for necessary rafters. That's a classic Winslow semi saw Cathy. Ireland has got Baculus wow, oh yeah, you, I think I haven't seen every sports movie of these five types. We, but like wooing but your knee deep in Bonn in drowning in boiling water. When you watch that movie, I can't deny that media. I think you should try sober, see, humming means other than the add the ninety.
Bird, some of those movies of that, as we discussed earlier, have that Asia even like the programme. As that Asia was assemblage of programme. James calmed Cricket college football coach. I don't know that movie etiquette what yeah yeah that's a good one. They ate it became famous after the fact, because there's a steroids character in it, thou really Lattimer who gets off steroids and then gets knocked over on the big goal and stance of then gets back in the steroids again. The movie said became kind of its executive teaching moment speech on learning. Mom like don't stop taking steroids gets the thing I loved you and services that I got to where football paths for the first time a lively, some such a candy ass actors, I ve only tommy- could where football pads, as you know, in a movie and from the lights- and had nook. As my mother's English says, she may play soccer my whole life. She added play football, so very excited but I had no idea how to tackle. I was petrified of breaking my neck. I could you go the elite with your helmet as like guys, this doesn't sound smart at all.
Are you. You must not be saying a crucial thing to me. Yours, things lead with the crown of the helmet then you're my head is that's where my head is and my neck is gonna. Take a real big shot here. Fellas visit and so what I would say what I love doing was I to ensure a shrug, my shoulders up high and I've lock my helmet into the cavity between the shoulder pads, yeah thinking that or that's gonna lock it in place. Now it can't can't ride or kink left or back at all and that's away I'd look a lurch like India, an idiot stunt, double that a lot of work and I found for I was gonna baseball. I've put up with you. I can do about a baseball movie who want to watch shows that all the good ones have been done
yeah outside that we ourselves are a great scripts and I'm just like I daresay you oh yeah, like disappears. Pete rose one right, no sight for solid stories, not not finished yet, and I just don't think you can touch the sacred ground of the bull, dirhams and natural. You know, even major league- and I had this idea- I think Tommy the guy gave the idea for the baseball movie, the mass tower. Didn't he doing tonight. Well, so there's a lot of these athletes are there. Are these efforts are frustrated baseball players? So I had this idea forward in its like a half baked ideas. Murphy
it was just cut. Its base can excuse to all these actors who secretly one are shy, ruin that their good at a sport like baseball, Costner, Tom Selling, yea, all of the other great Greece a leg. It's basically some some actor buys a miserly baseball team and puts in Hollywood and giving Gonna be, as is actor friends kind of beyond the double eighteen. But then they actually become, get in its sake. Why those? But it's the only way, deliveries and do it is because people are brand craftsmen are still egg Yacu play. Now I can a baseball three hundred, is gradually residents in order to get others. Tony dancer hazy. Com run up twenty days at the Hollywood stock, as has the sprinting referring now creating a gaffer that it was willing to Hollywood stars gave or the Hollywood stars night. They still do it, but now it softball they bring in and everything, but at the back then it was it was it was. It was hard. Bali was over God
yeah I kind of close my eyes and hit one pretty hard right, feel gap supplant the play. Amply then taken freedom for defence slate and related area. He was he was, he was denied or they might have low Ewing Osborne s categorically yeah, but it was. I was greater than Fred Rogan, host game interview and everything: oh my god buddy you own a dancer yeah. Ok reliant into my house, Tony yeah. So thanks for your ozark and then went us. We await where workin on stuff now will say: what's your favorite movie, they that would you go to this is on them most happy with this movie. That's a good question. Still have met the movie gee, I don't know, I mean they're all kind of good for different reasons, but that there's nothing like doing on ensemble comedy ripe another and on the air like a studio budget right where
He got along schedules. You'd have to do a bunch of pages every day. See at the pace is kind of rules. Text and everyone's playing grab ass all day, cuz no one's got a big emotional, seeing you got to be sensitive to at the end of the day. There's no big action, dangerous stunts that somebody's ray is just like people are just the movie is just die. So, what's your favorite of this I mean pickers. There's plenty dumb ones of Vienna, like like the horrible bosses or identity thief, heard even change. Opera Eddie, you know really good fun times with a horrible bosses to which I thought was better than the first there is. You made a sequel You know a comedy worked when there's a sequel to it. Well, either worked or worked just enough, but nobody consulted the audience to see if they gave a shit. What ever you guy? Why didn't you ever gonna, the appetizer? Harrison Legacy, MC unnatural to you Joan I don't know I mean I I do. He knows her words.
Hold any eyes. I M an amateur, I think he's a great guy. Did I say that oil into the microphone enough. I am one of those little asinine mouth. Listen, there's a lot of talented people he's got access to await. My turn is came all do you think he's a ten episode, Netflix Show and ABC Sitcom or legged darkened maybe you mean when he transitions in love you may have yet to make. If you're making the camel story, would you won't which path? Would you pick? What was the last one? A dark, India Movie, Thou dark, comedy heat? I e g, I think Jimmy I think, Jimmy could like do that. Like will you know the clean? My colleagues is that the other all dark, but like GINO in Jimmy he's not doing a show Jimmy at home, like Haiti flicks a switch and he's like a real interesting gotta talk to, but it is not does not is not on he's not you know banging the tambourine he's. Some scope
I think you'd beef, your receipt, Jerry Louis in can a comedy Jia. Like that some she went into be kidnapped and movie. Why just, I think, he's he's got that he's got some mystery in there that I think neutrality Laszlo care with a camera yeah. I remember the first year. I work for him even gone through divorce, who's dating Sarah and his kids, who are basically the same age of our kids now and like on Wednesday is. He would be It is kids, but he was also doing the show and made the kids are get delivered. They would do homework and he was a China. Do this talk shown corrected interview like fifty set right, but then, like his sons, playing video games and his daughter- and I was like- as a very thought about turning this into a sick. Come more like like a single, can't, HBO show any leg. He paused for a second he's like no
what happened. Why would I do that? It was going to those urgency of that's no better days unabridged other problem in the middle. There Sanders right. Then too, it was like. I was right afterwards, so as it was probably liking, whereas we are right now I'll know, that's the thing is like you can't ever touch it, but yet now it's been twenty years in physics, you probably could touch it have to be a completely different you might be allowed to, but would you be able to sleep at night? You know Do you think it's sacred ground for just me personally, I just love that you're so much in every way, I'm used to talk about Patel in use right there. You know we did this thing with the hundred best tv episodes emphasis in the rear, and we did it sweet about describe your favorite episode ever in five words. So these people tried to their things, and I think mine was like Larry Sanders, Larry's friends
stammered like. So I was there because my favorite observers, the layer centres or us here, but I got I gotta- have not seen all of them, but the ones I have just big just totally just spot on. He agrees to being a roast and ages. Go said has saved, they criticise your predecessor, Yemen, that create the framework for the latter, where leg arrested above in its resolution the one I still am watches the office, which is ridiculous now that the American, when that my entire staff is obsessed with, did you see the british one? Now that's what
people go is gallery a celebration of Grass and Amelia. Had I have to choose right, not not decide not to say that the American, when it is no good, but it is just a just different tones comically. You know just where I had only british people. Well, then, you should probably talk to somebody but didn t there is. There is just its em, it's em! It's it's! A much smaller, quieter, yeah, ah uncomfortable brand of humor, like that, the humor is in the discomfort of the silence and end. If, if
that's a thing that makes you giggle. Then it's for you did the days. American version does that for sure, but I think that there is a difference. There's a different, no better! No worse again can like Woody Allen, humor verses, MELT, Brooks humor like they're, both incredibly good, but while they different Ozark August thirty, first yet Pherson and the other projects, they won't talk about now, nothing left to about Here- there's a possible things in the happar. Maybe oh there's there's hot you others hopping thing. When I come back here, I'm gonna have just a list What you're gonna do you gonna have season? One done, I'm gonna watch watch Ozark. I swear my kids unrelated cheese. I just been saving I should have actually called and said we'll hang on his building. Mancino's. Aren't I'm not know that I knew I was going to see it. We forgiven article eleven, the ringer, that's good. I dont think you have we have night. You know autonomy
We it's on my loop yeah, do check the ringer every day and it is now- There there's a lot alot of utopia too fucking Game the thrones in near your Hunter Basically, I guess what I needed: click on a hundred best episodes article, because I knew I was nowhere in it. No check out. First, you definitely in it really arrested was in their doubt. It I don't know for even at your great also tell you has dark, wasn't, have you had your great episode yet he had succeeded harnesses are our neighbours The treaties in force when the time is right I hear breaking bag smokin. Then I volition overseas and bring that I hear that that's like dig in yes a year we haven't seen Ozark. If you have any Missy breaking daddy and I'm ridiculous. What I've I've seen don't agenda happens. I haven't seen friends come on, I've seen scenes of it, but I don't think I've never seen a full episode
of Seinfeld. I've never seen. You know the Chandler Character, friends, oh sure, but I've never seen like I've. Never like sat down. Oh ok, it's time to watch friends right now, there are shows that you kind of sit down to make appointments for, I suppose, but I'm on that dork that watches every single dodger game. And MSNBC and that's it. Here was going on in Washington DC with its present of art. Here was going on. It's a real show. It's that great. My question is: when is it start trickling into Hollywood and culture? As I saw there was some. I saw trailer from of the cod, the oath, with Tiffany Hanish in all these people, in its basically about they hit through the White House releases, some Patriot ACT and everybody s side,
its clearly like making fun of the term presidency like cross with the purge right and as I go here ago, I guess we're starting to make the audio there's goose can be a whole generation of things the area affected, because either about in the seventies when Watergate happened in starting about two years later? Was justice run of suspense? kind of washed in thriller, although we grant, I think, is one of my favorite funds. If not oh yeah, my top, but there is a lot of those like marathon man and rubber. Just like for what they seem in the government's evil people around it, corner and it started this ran. I wonder I want he's got a man or one of those are who's, got the lead on the lead, meaning those winning the race in having a fully developed ready to go Donald Trump Movie in about about the whole presidency. About this whole scandal about the whole, the eventual take down, I'm I'm sure
knock would like at like Catherine, not Bigelow and and marble were ready right with the Osama Bin Laden. Thank like they were there well down the field on that. Would you play Donald Trump Junior. There was the right thing. Why have to be the junior younger fifteen January? I put on a lot away. I get it we had some kind of empty pad nice light rents in my hair. You have to have get lifts. He's like six three. Is he really here he's a big man? That's part of the in person kind of mistake about him We all remember the debate with Hilary when he seemed like he was like five times the size of her. Does he was I prowling around her later figures? I gotta know that move you ll be good. Whoever does it see had they done tantrum Junior as the Asker part.
The Oscar support I'll write, supporting actor Askern vandals- you how it now that I'm gonna have a real, pathetic melt down at the end, I think to really bring the award home he's gotta just turn into a blubbering fool, understand, and then he, then you get your word. You gotta cry is at stake. In this way to lose out on easy Asker case debate with this is fine. Thank you thanks. Thanks again adjacent Bateman, eggs to the mother, Dragons Mally Room and thanks to separated unfit to good as uprooted outcome. Sash be ass. Thanks to proper cloth, though, if we had there, they leader and men's custom shirts,
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on Friday will more. Pakistan includes an announcement, dont untie designated, that's not about announcement and also one of the favourite people, my life who bear no, but he's very important personnel. I feel understand why, when, when you listen Fridays Pakistan today, one way
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