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Jordan's Greatness and the Winter Olympics With House and JackO (Ep. 330)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons calls up Joe House to discuss the need for the definitive Michael Jordan documentary (06:30), how every MJ game was "must-see TV" (19:00), the trouble with comparing him to LeBron (26:00), the Kawhi Leonard mystery (41:30), and tweaking the playoff format (45:00). Then JackO gets on the line to talk about Johnny Weir's style (54:15), Canada's performance in the Winter Olympics (56:00), Tonya Harding's undeserved redemption (01:04:30), and their favorite moments of the Olympics (01:05:00).

Read Bill's article, "How LeBron Can Finish His Fairy Tale Better Than MJ," here: https://t.co/dze1usPJ0m

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