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Kevin Durant IV: Ask Kevin Anything, Part 2 (Ep. 252)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by 2017 Finals MVP Kevin Durant for the second installment of a two-part series to discuss the outlook for the NBA's new-look teams and to continue answering listeners' most pressing mailbag questions.

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Where to mail back and in part to we kept going with the mailbag and it's starting to get a little crazier as it went along and then finally, we just started talking about all the teams in the NBA, and at that point it was almost two hours and we realized that we've been going on too long. But here's part two Kevin Durant, the fourth time we've done this together, my favorite of the four personally but we'll see what you think next on the list.
Said, Milburgh questions. We appreciate it here. It is party, but First Programme Jerome Douglas HANS. Now, what's the hottest you ve ever been in a big hearted hottest? I was my plea for like twenty eight against Denver. Fifty one I was like two thousand twelve did that the basket did the thing where just like it was gigantic house? It is same gigantic issues like mushrooms girl, but they were swishing. I was like Swish Lotto, you ve never had gear random. Seventy point explode. Crazy, never look for those.
If they started happening, you go with it, of course, but I gotta be I'm not looking to get blister huddle yet ended. I you know the game you got hurt in golden state. I was hot, yet thirty, but I had to slow the second half, because data been doubly native been run and everybody Me out her, I would ended up by forty two. I got to know how the games when goes. I rather have like twenty in her and have- and I would like twenty eight in in a rather do that for like two weeks street dingiest, seventy and in fifteen toiled in radio. There are other. Do thirty four to illustrate the have one big outburst: you're, gonna love this question.
This is from Jeff and Chicken PMS Jesus as a basketball fisher. I'm wondering how do you like a game? Officiated, deeper fer, a game called tight, or do you prefer when the referees, let a ladder, shit go I'll alike, arrive to go with the flow out like the you come in and say we want quality or we will let our plea. I let you go the floor. So my bare superficial coup and team from a rough somebody unnecessarily off the bar, no extra staff. There Karla you again, but if a team player affair and higher files- but you know good intentions on a foul like let s lie, you know if you feel like a teen chirping, so they star play in is the players again distracted, not playing a game in control, but it is a healthy competition of talking shit. My had to let their right. Let you got if he had had a flawed again
Now you know come into the game: China, roughly one way you gotta, fill a game out it s. What are really girls do yeah, consistency, ed and sense of the moment. They all the raft, the guys that I grew up with There are always really good at no in Cairo and to shut down or with a let it go guys. Now there was too much they're, just terrified of any sort of conflict. But you think I somebody its technical. I like that think I when he has in the end and I find in MID court like it's our demands. Gabon dusted best agrees it. So when you compare is right, we not compare and again we just apparent physicality now yet lay back in their stuff was cool and made fun as I watch hockey using their file as flagrant see now is a little bit more, but so does what it s a different hoping that was my favorite. I have allowed a favorite Gerardo moments, but when I hurried Duncan Mcdaniel in there
and then he thought pepper, Amino Pippin? I was you you didn't, dump gonna bet he did the finger raw and then he stood over him after he was a poor, yeas ETA Daniel. He had still at the end when ass, when he stood for yeah The guy had happened, did it to you in, don't I waited too he faintly fig middle. They sped back baseline yeah. All of this is all in the room, but ninety one pile series paralysis first year, dont managerial. Anyone I too and yeah that's what he served. Warnings that covers a great series. I went. Sevenpence Agora really really turn that team into just a bunch of fiscal maniacs. Yet an expanse of that
which three movies would you take on a desert island if you could only watch free movies? For the rest, your life and you're stuck there like Tom Hanks castaway Jamie from Rochester, wants to know you three movies. That's it rest. Your life over to America can go, have a mom movie, China Paper to either Godfather good fellows. I was on laws speck of war, I lay take both got knocked over three godfather. First one, The low movie love movie has on different emotions like a rabbit Yoda by yourself. Tell you despise it up a lot better. So again, origins godfathers, a good choice. Casino
Outside of winning a championships- and he wants to know- what's been your favorite thing about the Bay area favoured there you're about to bear. Is this the Coacher list of food? The food is just like so many different pockets of like I feel like mom and pop stores, mom and pop restaurants. I mean like and different pockets of San Francisco in the Bay area in Oakland is like so many small like really boutique restaurants in his culture in there is just like you know overwhelming, and it's just like you really get interesting that like two different restaurant, you tell it. Take it really really serious I never experienced nothing like that, so I think I think that was cool. Just just different restaurant experiences out there I swear. I didn't write this question: Kevin Husted, whoever that is expand, who is pretty sure Danny?
Who is going to take you first in two thousand and seven? Was he going to take you if they got the pic? I heard he was thirty was heard the Ark article. You said he was going to the areas that have been Bow IDA. Urban, bold. I think there was another team that would have done it s really at the terrorists till I came over the second. We had some Portland Quest oh Tyler from Ben, very concise. Now, what's the best placed to eat at and deceive you guy one meal there homeward a warmer than there were some been view that jail. I can say that on war, more random back, do you see I was gonna. Keep us busy plays a man in his life perfect, so full
Would you players around the league really think about the next situation? That's no Julian a near transplant in LOS Angeles, are you even have any opinion I will stop? There is everything starts at the top. You bear leadership slate leadership at the towers, wondrous trickle down to everybody else. So once you get the once, you get the barely drew out there. So the players are really aware of this. They, when their certain teams that seem like their not being maybe Chris right, yeah you're players, debt of new players is so much separation between the foreign office in your pledge, gotta come from. I gotta come from. The type is no communication from the owner down to the GEO. So when I want to make a decision toted owner he nowhere to be found, he don't care they're kind of stuff,
in echo's tension. I think that's the biggest thing, that's different about your generation and the motivate since you guys have to play wherever is that in those days it was just a game. The big city or get me to a place where I can be seen to be famous, but not doesn't really matter as much where you play cuz everybody's league Pass and A ten year in Oklahoma, city, you're city, your about time now seems like the teams. Whose well run by the players whose work who's, the owner. Do they have a plan.
You really sustainable situation. You wanna be have formed. Lambeau have a chance to work like you, gonna go when the term should bear we're losing making such making decisions solely based offer immobile when a championship do I get a chance, but we gotta chairs cause a good environment coup. Do I, like my team, is to highlight the city is alive, factors are going to do to do is make indeed decisions. Not just offer. Am I going to chairmanship or my will make some money like near their black and white Jaffrey till he wants to know? What's the war was the clutches basketball player career clutches clutches enough? That's a word most clutch most
those class game. Three Irvine, that's what I said: Connor Link. What's the now hearing your name drop by so many wrappers must be a humbling feeling. What was the best job then also? Why did they basque well purse share such a unique connection with the world of hip hop, which is really a thousand percent. Sure I would say it is a unique connection, was wasn't capricious unique basque bond hip up on our no wackos together was a look. Those NATO cause like nobody says like football and pop goes together its. It seems like a specific for that sport you best faced for anchorage offer us.
First question again: when you name get strategy, this respect. Knowledge was the first time it happened while a job, my name in the sun. When I was in college, I wanted to back those eyes had respect they watch oppression, I don't know it all swine, and why do we have such a huge connection here? Maybe there's no answer? Will majority or players are black? Immature players were black grew up in a heap of change our lives. I, how will it how we look at our last so and it was telling a story just to keep all we will. I think what suggesting is most hip hop. Artists would change places with basketball players basket stars and vice versa. We will. I would always. I got the acts on my own way.
About. Would you rather be Drake or Tom? Brady announced five superboss enduring a Sunday and only a gag is passed on world. I who inspire work time breeze told you ever be so yes, just elbow as a good question. Another drink. This battle- I probably does really well, but I'm just saying No, no I'm just saying as a good question. Many from family wants to know what this guy
de view as his own role in this moment, where MBA stars and feeling increasingly emboldened to speak their mind on issues related to politics, slash race or another sportswear athletes may be more reluctant, say in football. I understand goes on with their eels. Far as Burma looked at, you know your family and take care of my affection jar and was a girl like that. You go makes decisions and I understand, but most guys, if you feel like you need us, we go be confident in it. Like her, you back and it's cool our conversation about working. How we can help to stand a better chance of we disagree. Let's try to come together and make it come to an agreement on some points. Software so is good. It displays
Talkin caused us. That's they always on tv. We always on tv is about access, is above you so about you. We have a platform talk about something, as priority is really really important. It seems like, over the last two years that the most visible and stars or sterner realise how much power they have you miss me with it, like I say, is about views. You know me especially nowadays, Lake yet Palmy follows you, got kind of dictates your life almost especially, if you
make it an entertainment business anywhere in Airbus, where you people, I see so when you get there platform, is perfect harmony, use it to give us some awareness as some people in some areas. It is probably what lesson to from somebody else, ass of the browser, somethin or may not have been brothers or colleague cabinet play some by is more listen because a lot of views on up so they use their path, offer good. They should be praised for that. What's the next step is taken action. I feel, as though I mean a lot of guys do so much in their communities is not take us a long time to see some change, but you know, if you put in a word everything day you can Conor fillers, though you you did your part. So we might, we probably all see the result you all I will, but we can.
Gotta, later foundation. Downloading allow ya doin it on a low too, and they should be. You should go and those communities and see what the door with a change of any given lotta hold the keys. It may not be like given money our dna and by like a magic, come from a small as neighbourhood Bambi, Argus or an mba player may severe, and people see him or tv. You not bade areas with a city that debt that region my dad goes a long way to sometimes beginning donate money matter. So it s what these players of joy and when I go back to their neighbours just show is so people can see what they do best day goes a long way, and I say so many players, It gives so many so much hope to play to people that is at least by the people. It seems like your generation is more involved with. Their own communities that they came from than any
their generation. The league, its article wasn't happening before, but as is so urgent nations really into it, it just so much operation because we cannot were seen racism. There were seen police brutality. Now, like you always happen, but now is like us is above views. We say it now so now like when you see someone separation is just like I want to just stay close to home. I want to know what these people that love me. I know let me back. I trust I love me. I want them to fill a love to our one it I want to share this with them, so let me invest their, but at the same time, on community stoking community action plan. Grab you to Breyman grab a community to bring together community college brain of together. Put does the power we have is athletes and a lot of the play. Dream on grain domain. The mission estate is not about. The money, does misery, as they can make. A lot of money is yet that dream on reigned at it again.
If you walk in Michigan stays facility, a siege, They migrate practice young, like a players on like damn there. I can get a boot into It goes a long way and then kids at fans of the Michigan State, live in that area. They found Draymond green along where he comes from. So I think that's why so many players are going back to your community. Just like me. I need to feel some love again cuz. It's so much separation going on in our country, so, but along with going bad, we still need to grab is me to meet me as we can and kind of bring everybody together. We I did a podcast about why NBA players have taken such stature versus NFL players and it's like you know, the 25th most famous NBA player is as fat
says just about any and I felt where and you can see what the social media files you see with the commercials all that stuff. Maybe why? Why do you think that is it we're home is the so many of us were in Basle. One player can kind of short changed team and forbore like it has to be recorded that yeah. You know that will soon receive as a big amid all those players are so important to the big group, but rather the quarterback carnage. The whole thing. So I think the biggest difference lameter blame. So you I blame. You got about China, kicker users, so you can't blame the demons. Lavish already know he does so there will be no game as much about you know. They know more about what I do: football anywhere homeless, if you're not leaving Europe kid now that would make a lot. We would make a lot of money. You make a lot of money, but your careers are so long. If I'm an eleven, are okay. Now, I'm a staff eight. Why would I want to be levied on bow I made by made of a nine year career I be the best
back in the week that Colombia and by Yvonne you I get to play for eighteen years, more kids, they later, ok, we'll a kid who does what it for my dad if it does not apply for a good boy. Oh it's much easier to play: basketball, other I find it rather than this. Why didn't you ever reach a point where your leg I'd love to do this, but just to Tom. Now I can pay for Papa. Would you played for? I love. You were like six five I'll play more football. If I was, if I was shorter hours, will wider year. But what was light there is a lack of game when you in the brain.
Video that I just can't I was hilarious. Can you hit lay our can play football, but I can't you hit thus one of actors Blanco. I can't you hit if I thus last our plan. Firstly, Mosher he'll want on Wall Street US walk straight through the miles. I just coils ideas about women football. Let's take a quick break to talk about our friends at Directv, for over twenty years through activity has been the exclusive home for Anna fast and they take it. The only way to get every live game every Sunday, and one of the only reasons I allowed myself to move to LOS Angeles, because once Directv was the thing you could live wherever you want and watch your favorite football team, baseball team, basketball team, whatever good news, NFL fans Directv, is XP. The service. If you live in an apartment or you earn enrolled college student, you can now get any of a Sunday ticket without one of those satellites just get its dreaming to see.
Eligible go online to NFL Sunday ticket that tv stream every NFL They take a game. This season follow your team, no matter where you live, use, promo code, Bill, Simmons, guess what you say: fifteen percent with that promo code. Once again, that's NFL Sunday ticket that tv promo Code Bill Simmons watch all the football you. I knock yourself out and if a Sunday ticket that tv back to counter it down wants to know. Do you think the embryo around four point line and do wish they did na? They threw point we're foes from half court. Then we will come again. We play we're just the first three quarters we're gonna gay. We plan in Aachen shock me is no: is Africa I will now I wouldn't play You read that so eager out amount as a joke. Doug Ziegler wants to know what your video game of choice right now to do. We,
that woman came in GMO. So when I came and I had to talk to tie Yoda uploaded now from the internet and put him in a franchise re expansion, team and my GMO a nose rule deep. Yeah, I'm like sixteen years and in my gmo and I'm making trays. I'm like I'll trade for number one pick and got lonzo Ball, starting point guard for me on my gmo. So oh yeah Youtube perfect time to plug you too, this year I got to Kgmo whoever want to jump in myleague we playing live to we going through the season live. I give you all the details once week once we get it going, but it's a nice little fun league. If you enter the GM mode in 2K your boy- special. I can recycle analyze the part that you play you and see, I know that your last Wednesday, always deep, I gotta explain almost video promise. I just thought about a day if you like the gene
I got a nice lowly to play. So am I get big guy Tosh, o Brien alone is real GS, a row cap room like strictly, creators of Irish to feel a video game? I can survive on time. Do the basque volume, or else it only if you get it, it is low. You'll be addicted. My boy Bryce users here the day he never play video games. I loaded up the GMO key body go by a whole Xbox wars, housewife. And we don't get online for three weeks are now my wife's gonna be like happen, you those playing, drew rein to Kay ok now, which has lost its ban on polling day, see the faculties you and see every Texas globally What am. I chose taxes furs as spanish attain, but yours is whack, so I felt Yours is a click though, when I say you see ass light ass fire in a blues dislike, have you been
I believe there to correcting. I could change. He's got a nice. We want. You have a nice, we give a change. Go to you. Some bug is enormous change. Alonzo Rodriguez wants now. If you watch game threatens not, I fear, not larger food cause. You were dimension it as your favorite shown. Instead, he said Billy with a producer. Henry firmly and reform Henry from Canada. There was no, if you could steal one move from anywhere about time and take it for yourself. What would it be here? came dream shake you just take it add to your arsenal. Arrived just shoot around Joshua. Only the two earlier c mon. What anybody's move would you want cream sky now what's unbiased, move on what to show what the dream she even ordering shake as tough as our look stupid, donut,
about Karim Sky Hook, a city of cream sky hook in your arsenal. A downer enough. Now you are talking about the other day, the calm alone movement. I got it. What is it talk about what you're saying. Oh, oh, you come along just simple one drivel hit you with the shoulder fade away. Every plaia disagree move but we'd like to ingenuity, pants every touch you the shoulder. You find backwards, but I'm a more modern and play So that's mass! That's my shoulder with my life. I got a million emails where the head. Pull up Jimbo Jump Jimbo Imbroglio, Jazzy plug Jimbo. Jimmy. You never explain what it was. So that has you know it has used year. Do hesitation, So you happy with the left. So when I say Markelle Fultz Door, he has he with the left and hanging light up and put it back down. He went straight into the shot that stuff and I'm to do, who taught him.
Told me that so a new unknown hours work he put in on it. I dont know what a I is there as a juncture Jimmy. You know I didn't I've never heard like names or call it a Jimmy, I'm outta Jimbo lucky if you hesitate and pull up what else could be left after that I didn't did. I knew that Jimbo I've figured. It was a variation jumper bled enough. It was some sort of college. Do you have any other weird Fraser? America. Now I can't say I as is Connemara I'll, see you see a move made from Cleveland. Zealots worshipper been done tat. I know you know you. Definitely, Madame A be done to me. I had had a bullet. I headed asking the bar souci, put the ball of are seen as one to chase it. I wasn't Pinochet every bad, he grandma he grandma left
were usually blog much ass from he grabbed a shoot perfectly to all. He gathered all I hears KGB, purges, tar shit down his eyes ass. He gave me every last year. Johnny wants to know he's bill, many may wrote a whole NBA, but based on the premise that the secret, a basketball is that it's not about basketball, Katy, just one. The title is this true, meaning that its natural, about now is not good at basketball. It's about the relationships of the players and sacrifice is allowed to go unselfishness knowledge stuff. So you re the premise year: death pride Morse before a morsel mental
many there? What's the biggest lesson learned last year that feed them premise is ok to Turkey reform to fuck off like no door. Precious thousand season is hard Turkey will go, go my face. You take, my teammates are blowing your lies. Now nothing makes this family friends like I'll. Have time to talk to you. I now feel I told you I know my focus is also knows yeah, it's ok, to say to cause the honest. There is now He made me once I realise that, like Norman, it's all right now, so I told him about this. Onawandah washed is
just leave me alone. Leave me alone. You know that. Let me just focus on what I want to. Let me think about what I want you and, like you really can light, show to yourself in a good way from people from stuff that doesn't matter not pouring it all cuz you can. We always focus on stuff. That's not important! That's what everybody does so want. You focus on like just one thing, and you know you have a passionate love for it and it took me to another level of lake joy of the game. It was fun till you tell rich to fuck off know if my thing was rich know, if you were there when we play Utah and December, if you was at a game, you stay out of my house, or you came to visit me. You ve come to find out. If you didn't Dan, don't come to come to the farmers You know say you remain like if you come in a dog days, like you and me when I'm don't feel like going to practice,
You know that you see that you can come up with not there s only a few. Ran sovereign was no. Who has the greatest stepped back? Has he Jimbo Lee Grandmaster? By? Has you can't do that? Women you care, stepped back at night. This is I'm. Sweden, the question to me the best time to MAC was nice. Is the birth of this is a good one, Blake from Indianapolis. Did any of your team. Usa teams have an inner squad battle. Scrimmage, not videotape, like the famous Monte Carlo Battle, they demanded to the same builder, were in Barcelona.
We're not the same bill, nay play that game, but their game were they play. I wanna stay Wanna go metal, we are practising their where our italian twelve, sixteen twelve guy we're practice. In that same arena. What I wanna go metal I mean it was, and we had a nice. We had a nice scrimmage. Several were the team. Steamer was there was a star. Was she p c p, calling me bra Thyssen, Chancellor, and the news mellow.
Mellow historic city, it was D. Will Russ services on the other ten year. Could rest was come on his idea. Man are you dollar mellow a traveler s, herbs, energy energy? Was I about the way the way one on anything it was every Davis and James Hardener Serbs. He was for that was a good take. There is thus to get him the powerful of wrath of surface they're gonna have a new situation and we went it was again, but it wasn't like that dream team Monte, Carlo Game, that magic verses might let the MAGIC verses Michael moment didn't happen right. I was a little bit fabricated, my pain, but there's no video tapes, so they can put mad great. I just you know
A good sees a story. Tat show me, of course you got to hide. A major game this fully way a game tat. It shall eclipses. My magic goin at work is crucial. If you move a show of Bartley in calm alone, doing it but no matter how essential that lies is always name prizes. Boat of borders is not. What is your game no, but I typing it to be, this game of essential, either though I know that just now, who did The death penalty. Would team was closer, the twelve tamer, the sixteenth him from a hang. Stamp, sixty two was are you guys it wasn't like yeah, yeah Cobler Brominated Day was dead and personalities are.
Huge coffee and the brown on this anti. Yet not once a satellite, when you have Kobe Bryant late, ran on the same buzz you get off a bus. Is It does not me yeah and you guys were you pretty young air were young with those to carry a lot of salary. So in this same now the Tina we hey wasn't really know. I like that dumbest purchase you made earlier in your career for Madame Parker, a bull mahatma off a boat house. Oh my Ricky I wash and about it then Sierra anew s uncle anew only not the dead direction, where some poor, you knew is somebody s adding to this, but somebody s ass. When did you know the scientists were leaving a new? Did you get Tipp dotted? Also general knowledge. You laid you so my communists who slew model we moon or home city
I was asked to Texas. I got a lot of emails about if see out again, expansion team. Would you finish your career there from people in Seattle? Closer knows no, the Phil I got dessert day. They deserve to see me grow up in a lead. You knows, and as far as like me pretty terrible. I mean for a variety of reasons. You loser, you lose your team, you lose a team that won the title, but then you also lose the rant westward as development around. If we really want to come to that, but you never know what happens on ends. The business side is done by whom Yang knows who, in order that so far from his fast empire, they see me as soon as the first serious you liked did the start NEO, those with sound
He's got this again start over Jeff growling, I felt like they deserve to see someone at through local. What's your favorite ran into plan, besides your own wonders Stew, Madison Square. That seems to be the consensus answer. Yes is so loud history, great great acoustic, millionaire uses knows the MECCA. Our danish ever changing emigrant of ages make a grace to boot, This is a good one. Those under report, wherefore about massive school, is the buzzer. Is our school buses Are you sure does to me every time I love is a sham? so I know what is the minimum hate you believe you would still be an Oscar at seven. Set in areas like six one mug
his cousin, my late lay whose that's my advantage on a strong bullion. Nobody saw on blog and allow people Sama used it Wasn't there, how do you figure it out, but does my game? I learn through that buzzer's sound again, We all know that Israel's pitcher how to download ran found from Baltimore was no. You proudly in rightfully wrapped the envy. Why can't? They keep highschool prospects from there in that region?. Why that's? Why did you say I want to get a Maryland language or some way every time this happens, it does seem that they keep those kids or for me, I don't want to go to move over to stay home. Yet I want to see was outside the area. The logic is beyond his: they don't choose Marilyn unless they play in like a normal system. Commoner
companies have real real big and force already scarce bill. So no, I was a plan and arms are like Turkey as though they are play Nike retract, his staff about this nobly come what may I knows that it is no more. I want to say men, but nobody remained the kids that play that group and our normal system negotiate early in those keys endorse how this system can. I was no by one to plan and no more, it was cool earlier, but the king went to play up and down now so yeah, but they pass more unchanged at up to what end and this one from. Dax as good Princess really great, as you are right now. Do you think you can still get better and how or are you at the point where you repeat, is a basketball player? Now you just have to maintain it. Yeah, that's a question here of how are you I told him twenty eight, but between noise some see right around.
Am I wrong this about racism, apex territory, but I look a career like since I first started they were Where am I when I first started plan, and I must allow the game individually, my scorn aboard four legged mastered powder score from every area and how to make a shot from every point. Every stone floor about, like the moves. I was like making a shot at every single swung floor, a massacre, but now about my humming different combinations. Can I got a lot more learn like triple moves lake
for work, the marked rose in his pride, got the best for work I seen and long long time and he worked at China about China watch him to see. I does his. Is he just way more ass, like than I am First Warsaw's body can move along different, but his his pace is amazing. He again miss studying lately just causes for work. Every time I see how much I was just like total just look at his body. Mrs footwork. I think that's where I can get better. Just China be mine defenders just movie now off it is late enough. Lettuces umber
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Week you are more like you were more like trouble doubles every week, I don't point night, you know I don't care about. I don't care about you, but there was no, I'm sorry about acts. Job which sets no but kid could this lead to sustain like first of all, individual excellence is just like more consistent, but second, while they just a game. Themselves, the regular seizing gains we'd better cause you're gonna road should now started the old days. You gone these coast in your plan, six games in nine nights. Now your plan, six games in twelve nights in you, rested. Free game you're just play better. The real figure get exposed like now bombs, thereby causing my when they were tired, get expose basically witches. I'm San! That's what I told you so, ask God knows: that's gonna, get better
setting about anything better ass, but yet some people will exposed to fresh lakes. Yet again, last year, because no move by somebody is Steve. Carouse cod Adam he's that they alone a collar, but it was called schedule ass, like just a schedule, almost determine that this game was gonna go out there year year. I once like, when the warriors lost in a walkie schedule as scheduled.
When double overtime abbas- and they couldn't really one again but is like do have relieved mentally, really really need to go around the peak like play off performance like focus not performers play. Our focus cannot do have a forty eight minutes on no one, I'm going home ass. It is, I say, my family a week. My that's when you know the scattered dashi ray is get when you thinkin about light damage to our can wait to see my kids, who I can't wait to go home Sigma be still gotta gave ago a schedule. Do you by the theory that the where's shook up the entire NBA others player movement, chaos that haven't you cause it's better, especially crazy. Summer year by year we had the five major moves. You had the to the one in the two seat in the eastern comforts traded,
a less started to each other out of those, because those books now might have been the noble, odd things make moves, because you see you soon make a move because they wonder what was the one that surprise you must, though its crisper, I'm not surprised, and so I am not surprised by anything, but it was the scarlet that's a smart move. I wouldn't think number bs marked the pull out one off. What do you think? A James increase partners anti there's a great move, you put Together that dead, crafty with a ball like that they going to get shat anyone get each other shots. Sir, it was a ballsy move to pull off by Maury, and I don't think nobody would have thought to do that. Cuz, especially when you got James, who, basically page of point guard yeah, you really have to have some type of like clarity.
When you making a decision like that cuz, it's like play well last year, but cannot sustain this like you got to know that you know you can't just look at it number, so you can tell that he actually like seeing some stuff within this team, attention. What about Puget? Ok, see those usher to now. The shock is on you the key issue is one of your favorite opponents. Any three matters that I feel is all the trees. Play their claim. Opposition does only played I'm really rivalry with round
I'll rule with no other players are not gardener. Point cars or game will guard sugars perforce like I'm looking to only small for so does work ass, much respect, and I think polish orders or good lap. He would disrespectful because our playing us on our spoke my position. So that was shocking because any average is gave way and I think ok see reason think about giving up anything a tray, for I think they are. I think they would do. But there was a pause goes of shows a case. Is that as the third as pay? Rather sad enough is that good. It's been Stephen Atoms, Paul George Westbrook Andrey Rogerson and whose the fifth guy and concern for them a blanket who'd, you say so is Robertson's. We rose Ras Andrew Pigeon,
ass. The announce pursue patch affairs ass, your person, so that's a crimson proudly, No, no, no, it's gonna be thing. Tat thing all party go rose who the sick man The main task is another wing they may use and Porpita therefore put Steve another five I think the game. You need another way of kind of talk myself into them, a maybe ass of the use of space Russ among the banking, has whereat linked to our market. This pike ass, my brains, relevant alone, not on allies, but I remember a film, but tell me when I'm thinkin about will move diet, that they got a suitor had one whereby I should have been more prepared for Ferguson to digest the Ferguson, oh yeah, dug in the document
look, it's for your play. There is, will be Dray, but they last ass, P, Steve anymore or shoes, and then the clips have the random Patrick Beverly. Dosage. These gives a heavy playing us. I can't wait to see if he may want to grow. But he made the greatest pass ever seen in my life less last summer. We always like to hear you say that he was ran like twas, a big silent. He flipped around his head, my throat through to people on a downright hated report. By always, hey here's, what his right hand and hidden in a kind of thing me ask whether certain like those of greatest pass of human life from anybody best pass. Everything seen so to see high place. What is the address and about the revamped coopers
I like, I know your size side about it. They all fell at media. Does my best friend my daddy, so you could tell us some point that the area by their needs some newly life energy, whether some, I believe in or somebody was brain and no big player light. They need is a new energy and you could sense there now with the cliffs, especially with doctors been echoes there. I don't ask me go for- and this is all my pants anyway again offended by sir this half year. Listen ever I went to a couple, those regular, seizing the analysis yeah now, I'm just a green debugger had so, but you got to go pointers. You are starting point our age, backup of ashen, coffee, ass, the rivers hooting go
Often did you did you? Thirty boys gets the waiters dna in all. He Emily, always on the same out there all right next door region here this guy he's gotta canal, Those gonna look now that leads into waiters out channel the channel year. The ocean he's confidence so that the issue should be good boy boy. You know now is a mere down our gallery. Sounds like the man so nice, you with all the movies that made, I like the team on paper, but those guys got to stay in the court. Like I don't know great, but he misses you know their ability. I think there. It is in underwrite obey, scale can stay. The corner for most is the shortest shorter. But the schedule is stretched out longer. So. Your boss, be optimistic about injuries issue to be hoped that schedule promoting modern like saint? You are
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flash bs, yet a free trial or three months off your yearly plan when you joined today that is be ally and K. I s t dotcom, slash, be a start. You free trial or get three months off your yearly, plan back the blackest? I wouldn t women, so I did a package for Jimmy like a month ago. Jim use excited yours. He said That was her architects use. Hurry graduated definitely was work as they did. They buy and sell them he was in Paris in dollars. You do you. Do you think Jimmy we said he's developers fashion. We would do way rather than boys. Had a nice close good go fabrics. I don't know if I believe, that's very hunters,
I do not lead our believed away place. Carts o interesting shock Yeah tat Jimmy by their towns Twig envisions, Jeff Teague, as La Tyler, Tash latter aboard, but she has heads so Go down allowed that now tea came really shoot their well being and play he made the bottle rang and Jimmy he can shoot it but you need a rhythm, so you need a bar to witness the same way. He need a bar. He stick our score. They are good, but So my guy give us some who argue our can landmark. Katy doesn't believe in timber of some man. Just tell you, I'm just tell me where the internet, I lay some dinner, just point out their games, or am I right about again? You read this,
somebody's gonna sacrifice up something in her gay guess in order for it to work, and I believe that they will. But the house needs to be the guy that they get a ball to. I think cuz he's so good, but Jimmy need to be like facilitating you don't saying. Wig is going to be the guy that you need a basket. You know I'm saying he going to finish it. I think. That's just if I was coaching the team on 2K, we think that a person do always nice. I, like no sir. I like that everything that I think that's Canada's second making offers more data they. Secondly, illnesses. They can shoot a Threed ago, passengers in bags which bears you are personally. You bears as you got a small gars. I think they need a point guarded. They really really believing as they put Moody Marianna bear. Sometimes
Will you cause he was hurt the major airlines and played a mere and, if I may, to play off so they went, must have rhythm of gas like I get it by late after, like any to stay, will point out that they trust and hopefully does moody acre them. I'm pulling for him, but I, like their Tina office, Might Malone was sacked. Let him go by what are you doin do the guru with offers yeah so mention save Murray, can make a low Beverly in his second he's up, and I see Mary, is you got it? You he's Lou whales he's a new improved, not new, improved because lose still give me he's Louis to me up on a goody yeah alone at these guys, like the tapie, rather victims like how to play in June this year, we then say Llewellyn clips either. I owe you forgot, bewildered he's gonna be the Williams and the clips he's gonna get back on the cliffs loyal will be Lou will actually like description.
As if they can unlikely anybody out there like the clubs, but who talk about that. We talk about them. Yeah, but you Mamma. I think he can shoot it now. He issued it. It's funny that you judge people that cause. That's how I judge people too, I think about is June So I say like: where were we when we change downturn eyes, we with the southern Jason Tatum and I'm just can come in June. What happens here? You gotta disease, tv playing cat whose, regarding what are the words, do against them all that stuff, and I think he could. The whole thing I think beyond the second unit title, but in June Jason Potato Mass, which potato his second, But I can't imagine him actually like been out there and crunch time. He's highlighted the be out the towns in enough to be out there across to eventually year, but he got here. Figure rhythm of the game offers a figure like this is in a high your play for
Ran out into the new hope by June Joe. You will decide just like our agenda brow. He found his way right ale. He found his work as they place on gay because our cases where we're gonna go, culture and coaches, the house, the hopes where was Jack servers Tina. I just kept thinking leg I really like jazz Jackson, but I know in June there not guardian, therefore feed off on their innovation. Now, so how does that help? Us? I mean three years Ebay fix that cooperate but then again like. If you get somebody to open throughout the opening three he'll start feeling confident and then conferences take over in mechanics any day. I think so. Will you start making shots? You feel like you're, a shooter in that He look like on a player so that confidence just pushing it too many good shooter. So in a good system, he'll be all right Anybody out a guy in a system. I judge ass if I went away given good, every or two but tat,
as for jazz Jackson is everybody say he's like an after dug his supercomputer dude, the one flood the one Flung s m is. Is that such as the mechanics who knows I was Celtics? Eight now carry, I think jail. It's gonna started that jail around the two Heyward, no moccasin, Marcus anymore. I support my things. I think he's the third guard who kids so we met before the Heyward Marcus, Moors, Margus, Morn whore. I like the big men and bans, as is its honest morsel before, because started power for the four and then Baines Tatum, unlike Bay, As pick up my you, sly erosion, Anita Rima and his tough Marcus monitor,
Will emerge year, two cars unlike over and then they need they need this french kid to potentially because you have a cell in the next few days. I have not had there's so they traded the broken pick and I think the thinking was broken has it's fast, two, three, four five they get the pic just it's only protect everyone protected one if it fast to sex, it rolls over and becomes the kings pick the next year and it's got the forest. So I'm reading it's a Lakers issue which I wanted it one if it fast to six. It rolls over and becomes the kings pick the next year and it's got force last July, so I'm reading its Lakers issue, which I would add than anyone the assets have dwindled. Not really they have pick, they have other on pigs nab. That meant this first rounder that becomes unprotected and like three years since the handsomest of yours, you would think their people suspect will be the end.
Yeah, but that that the key thing for them as the salaries are match. Now now it's like Heyward Orford,. Tiree. They know they noticed resize for this your next year. They have memorandum, rookie contracts, navigator forget the Marcus Extension, but now. They know like what you guys have. And there were you guys know the salaries Hillocky bravely That's the one that I can't I haven't reconcile Dounia. I think, if yeah. I think they could go back down baby. They walked at back. Alright Avery was out, he would get hurt every once in awhile like he was out. He would always have some nagging injury. I think that was one of their fears, but man was abolished, may made big shots to miss. Musha alike, he again against you guys. Last year the key was he was there, he do I always thought I ain't. Nobody stops:
hurry, but he went Adam. He may curry work thus always close to burden Now it's good, I don't know the Kremlin things work as they. There. You have Isaiah and love who too defensive liabilities, but offensively, if I say, is backed away was the Rohs directive Is it out? They data dealing really adding on trader pick that centre, but does Imogen visage he's only twenty? There are now that they have other Europeans stashed. It was or they gave him a couple more. But he is dealing with climate change their pack, if they think Le Bronze leaving in a year and a half years, appeared to noise stay right, so the pit that'll be the farmers are not yet I think they are personally always say stay out of him this,
Ask me, I feel like he going to end it in Cleveland Crib, that's the crib! Now he running and you just going to show you going to turn that into something mega and once he's done, like some do you do when you wanna bet on this I've said I lay about vessels. Ok, I mean I'm betting air. Our daily. I think he goes on early at taking us combo move I think the Lakers thing is thanks? A lot of sense. Anything any less than is regulated and yeah any less. That rich, There was a first rate I actually I was too low. I wanted you to try. Men like three more times you got mad at me about air internet is, is it? Is he dead
this it is a leg was unless you read, it pursues possible said, is going to ask a second aim, North Have you read? except that pretty well always got your work as rapid may extolled mix all makes not unusual kitty. This is fine, as always the quadrille GI. Thank you. Ve rich,
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