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Lakers Panic and NBA Playoff Overreactions With Joe House, Plus Triple H on the WWE’s Crazy 2020


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Joe House fresh off of the Lakers' Round 1 loss to the Trail Blazers. They also discuss Bucks-Magic, Celtics-76ers, Heat-Pacers, Rockets-Thunder, Game 2 gambling odds, and more (1:55). Then Bill is joined by WWE legend turned executive, "The King of Kings" Triple H to discuss how the WWE adapted to the COVID-19 pandemic so quickly, the impact fans have on pro wrestling, unveiling 'WWE ThunderDome,' working closely with Vince McMahon, searching for the next WWE superstars, and more (52:54).

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where it's a movie is the first time this ever happened. We could not find the movie streaming anywhere. That's all! I'm saying we somehow found it, and will have the whole story about that. I was an aid package, so there you go come an opportunity. To our Joe has late night after a dramatic Lakers last the poorer than talking about the first forty eight hours, recalling it add the bubble overreactions, because we're ready to overrun, left and right everything we saw there. And then I triple h, yeah one of the most famous Debbie Dead, performers are the last thirty years he's come around as well, but what's gonna with their business during the pandemic and a whole bunch of other things. First, our friends from
we're relate to the Lakers places, assuming we might have something but after that game House, it amazing two days a basketball games one after the other all day here on the West Coast, starting at, like God, tenth are eleven o clock, six of the games really good and then culminated within oh the blazers, take a lot that big lead over the Lakers Alba GAD,
I'm dying to overreact, kidnap oil to overreact here today is a basketball, would only do live. That overreacted have other, what's totally over act with due die in our way of, I would start with the Blazers Cosette just happen, so you and I both like the Lakers in this area. The boys What us a lot of money in the bubble we love them. I watched every Blazers game, I still loved them. I still love them and it was weird it gets a mosaic girlfriend, but that's right. We just that they have no answer from abroad. They have no answer. For date, Free Davis, they five guys so case as I could happen, and then you watch the game. The big eyes that Portland has were actually like. A pretty nice match up against the Lakers. There are able to play white satin Turkish at the same time in a couple stretches and
I don't know they. They defended Lebron, okay, they whatever was going on with Davis. I didn't fully understand that he didn't really look like himself until the second half, but all of their weakness is never really fermented and got used against in the pace was slower. The points where you know headed toward the nineties. I think it ended up by conjured. Ninety three simply that, but at the more I watched I was like the Lakers actually might be in trouble here. What did you think Naso You ve just head on on like three of the four key points, the pace The Lakers pace, the style of play. I, like your style, a play. They had the match up that they wanted in place? The key? important you mention it was Anthony Davis. Where was Anthony Davis? Why is he? Can seeing the ball outside at three my line and holding it for one b for to be our travel
now a path look lost run and all with Anthony Davis catching the ball and initiating from perimeter. It look like it was a first time experiment. Tonight down in the post and led him to his work well with my brown? That's all I've been point of those two together. Well, here's the thing they look bad in the in the bubble for them offensively, they sure did Milwaukee. Also didn't look like the same lucky we saw in the regular season and when I go in the play of stars so Gekko But had planned starts here in a bubble, you don't have the fans you're, not gonna, live from being in, all the advantages you get us as the top seed, and they ought. They had all the same problems today that we worried about. I dont worry about. I was embracing it cause. I hate the Lakers, but you look like Caldwell Pope. Twenty nine minutes of Caruso, who they desperately need without random Bradley twenty nine months, one for six. Forty waiters
the UN. Waiters who look promising the bubbles plays one minute and then Davis, as you mentioned, was eight for twenty four. Now I think one of the reasons and one of the reasons we like the Lakers so much before the pandemic was they were so big. They had so much size. They could overpower teams all that stuff. Well, guess what they they couldn't really overpower. This blazers team that had some big deeds from a rebalancing point it was. They were plus five, but you know Davidson Leubronn had two: when around the room they got stuff the couple times they are, they weren't get the same office aboard said they usually get from firmer. I guess at seventeen offensive boards, it's pretty good, but but I did the Lakers we're all set up. They played the boy ball style that they needed to play their up six points with seven minutes and twenty seconds left in the fourth quarter,
eighty? Seven, eighty one, so that's exactly the kind of point total that you want in the fourth quarter, if you're the later pliable boil and by the way scoring Many of the sixty four points. After the first quarter. They had thirty six points in the first quarter. Sixty four to the remainder of the game, so the Lakers were able to impose their defensive, will impose their style of play, They claim they lost all their offensive advantage in the last seven minutes of the game by they brought cod it can off the bench again. Inexplicably, The air is part of that. The challenge I have been at the root. Why are we gonna play your pay? David? It's charisma, get was more off crews. What needs to be starting the game touch the ball seven times at the beginning of the game, build his. Opponents idle and get em obvious their third best player. It's not really
A mystery at this point with this play it ignored the Lakers he'd fourteen Dana Green, who started out called he finished with ten bat in the Blazers at that game and I'm taking mini, imply that well, we wish at thirty nine percent, really made thirteen threes. We had a typical four hundred and twenty four Amazonia, the worst part of the week. We had only two hundred and forty eight from Gary Trent who's, just starting to cool off crash back there with a little bit and then archived Gabriel, who nobody ever heard of it. So we could go sixty minutes, two hundred and forty two
close only three for eleven for four hundred and eleven like I didn't even really feel like they played while Lillard was only nine four hundred and twenty one got the blind couple times, but you know he made a couple long ones, but he didn't. He didn't have like those crazy. Dame Lillard stretches that he was having her in the bubble, so Fun Portland, I'm leaving this game, and I'm like this is pretty good for us, because we are going to be to get rid of their centers and play Davis at the five more and try to spread it out with more shooting and try to cuz. They were getting killed in transition stuff like that, but if they're taking out the centers and play Davis at five that we're seeing They're just there's some good things and play her for Poland is my poor, though, that this they ought to me. The single biggest determining factor was Portland. Having played play off basketball now for games. Right, yeah lowered did not score in the second for this game. Until there is about you, six or seven minutes left in the fourth quarter,
core in the third quarter, but the boys of Portland Gary You mentioned that he didn't make. He made a huge three mellow huge three day made too trees, Macao to gigantic baskets data, we're poised all the way through, and the Lakers, with, with ninety seconds, left The game in the game, still you very much, hanging in the balance started. Taking these rushed off bow Once this threes they didn't try and fell at all to create the you know like in there but I really look like a team in a plan in October and November right just getting used to each other and they made at the point of the bubble right. I know who they are. That's it I'm with you. And this is why I like Miami so much. We bet unite bed before the plan we better I am in the clips afforded one in our role as the
it combines yeah. I want teams for four rounds who know who they are, Davis and La Braun Nova. They are coups. Mamma is fine, but if, if like war- and I agree with what you said- they need him to come through as their third guy he's. No experience nets is for, five game ever played in and you goin down the line. I just don't trust some other guys. I dont trust Caruso. I dont trust Caldwell Pope by the way, I'm not even sure those guys would, cracked the Celtics Thine made rotation rate You think I'd be vigorous in itself explaining we're talking like yours, get that celtics got in the way they would either those guys both for the bucks. Oh, yes, they will pay, happily play for the way they have both papers. Robot, I'm so mad at us that we abandon the boy
there's after I well, they treated us in the bubble. I were like a black jack that hook this up for an entire night ages, gave us twenty ones and double down and gave us kings and we're winning we're tippy them they're just hook in a separate hours, and then we see them crap stable and where they were betting, don't come against you with the a good what we have to. We have to go back in and go against this, so I think there's gonna be a huge overreaction over correction. What's wrong the Lakers, but the great thing about bubble. Basketball is theirs, so many games at last eight hours and it's not like you- can hear the whole crowd, get nervous certain like that, and I do think like Milwaukee mentioned today, one of the guys at Milwaukee, I think, was George Hill
in how, after the game that it was just weird like day, had played all year for the one seed, they thought they would have this home court advantage. That would give them a left the now just in this bubble, and they really have no advantage at all other than the prompts and the voice saying they reside gets tough another one in your leg. That's an excuse like get over. You have the best team, neither hand you're like well. All that's doing is evening out all of these different seeds. Evil when verses aid seed, but ultimately, who fuckin cares you're playing in it in a in there, three of the league. Has there ever been an instance where the two eight seats in the future? play off games of the series beat the one seeds. We know it's like it's like hockey. This shit happens. It hockey all the time and haggard eyes a place where homeless advantage. Just as a matter of teams can. Go and when a game seven wherever they care they're just skating around
and I wonder if the bubble playoffs, if this is turned into hockey. So if I M, I found the blazers his. I dont think that received, can win a series of that winning game wine, and that's why the pausing, a suggestion was so devastating last night that Thou assessed beat them for the six times that realistic she trying to pull off and upset. You have to win game one in that's the history of all this. Upsets nobody's. I go you remember that time we lost came on and then we pulled off and upset very rarely happens. You get to set the tone in that first game. You see you don't know. This year year, you're wizard bullets in a you, have really had any good plan, memories and forty assigned eyes from my unnecessary for airline operator. It's. Why would they thus did you watch the ten t crude? You watch Charles Barkley tonight? What he was saying was a bust went for the Lakers before, the game or media is not already say that he said of Portland one this game tonight that Poland's gotta Street the series yeah. That's when he's doing there
our bodies that he also called Kyle, Charisma Carl, which was spectacular, carries with a car of Karl coups where they live. I finally make it works are being hit you gotta, here's where they were busily there's gonna, be a game where there's going to be like a sixty detained. Free, throw advantage headed today where he committed three thousand the same possession, but the lad as regards their get a better lakers with this. But you know it's a I dont like what I've seen for them. They do not look like the team from the first week of March when they took care business that weaken we're like. Oh, this is the best he middling. I do not feel it there. The best him, the league, guess what that was. Almost six months ago, it's like half a year How much can change the law the pressure on the other. Brain trust, because what
We saw three Davis standing out there outside the three point line repeatedly the ball and holding it or tentatively taking he was awful taking threes. It was like the best defence that the blaze played, was lighting, Anthony Davis have the balls to three point line and letting key areas, Caldwell Pope shoot every time he touched. The ball tat was their best defense tonight yet contagious Europe and for a reason, his jailer as it says I am. I heard this dialogue a couple times in a cupboard there from places about people talking about a week. We both really like-
can appreciate Davis and I think we properly evaluate him as one of the best I personally, but people are wondering, is this the best teammate the bronze ever had to me that so offensive to doing with? All I'm saying is eighty Davis make around three before we're say you are better Leubronn debate all time. The debate when it did that's an eleven wade, M o Brien we're through the three best guys in the league and if that game too in the final doesn't flip, and then Turkey starts playing out of his mind. Jason Terry makes inflicts at. There is in thousands of winning stop wait. What it had to in six years here in appointing two more anyway come on board. I don T at all sports talk, radio, think who is it that saying that I hurried over and over again, play where people,
many people say its people, its Typepad, absurd by the way? I'm not even herbivores programme were didn't, read the whole thing and I've just throw sub now that it's at their negative turner. The path I just want to remind everybody: every Davis is a free asian out of the season, they'll go like we're gone with that don't go: hey speaking Dwayne Maids Old Miami team I loved what they did today. Cause, I thought Indiana actually was had a good game plan did all the stuff they wanted to do in that. In my image is really good. Guess what when you, when you're making threes and you do- that slashing kicks stuff, and it never ends, and you always have three shooters out there and you always have to guys who can create it's just too hard to keep
but their especially in last, all deep early, but very I'm glad you that's the point right. Like data They don't have a bonus depot, and now standing that I thought they were super competitive. I was so impressed within the Anna, but not all Thirdly, you and I both love Miami. What we thought them today valid it's our our point of view on why we think they have the recipe for long term. Success in the east tat you know, did even I wouldn't even say they played like that great today. There only thirteen for thirty, five from three thirty seven cents, pretty good now buzzer was good yeah dragged she's really get, but their role, guys, who normally you know out of harrow. Add of olympic Duncan Robinson, maybe crowd her, though
you get to those guys go nearly yoga. God today was hero, who a just fucking kills me over and over again, because what happened at the South X, I lose the coin for that due to replant for us, but I there were a couple teams that I thought took care business in these first forty hours. They were one of em. I loved her heart did. Hard man hey by the way for everyone saying, ok, was ok, see the big upset pick, I'm still the best part in the series settled down and he did his old thing and then and then yesterday I thought Tatum took care business, I'd like to a Toronto dating it's a nets, but I thought Tatum played such good game and I want to get to the cells of suitable later, but then even the Coopers, the poison gas thing whatever. I still take the cookers, probably when that game. But I, like that day,
they were awesome, initially took a huge haymaker from the wolves that they was four thousand eight hundred and eighteen run whatever and then just kind of figure. And I have some real mismatches. Let the pall George thing is just a huge respect for four doubtless, but so you know the teams that took care business verses them a walkie Lakers, it's kind of jarring. I don't feel like it's just like. Oh that's an aberration, we walk is looked like that for a while and the Lakers thing I can't say I am shocked, even though I them tonight right, we ve been serve postulating wondering allowed musing, you know what kind of impact is. Is bubble gonna, have through the These teams are sort of you know how to put the brakes on back in March. They able to today do they have a switch to flip and
both Milwaukee. Now I think we anticipated seeing the switch today and there was no sweat. They want the thrust of love. It's tough. When, when you don't have the three point shooting cause, I think there's so many teams tat can just make eighteen to twenty three in a game and get it we sought over and over again the bubble. These teams, I would have like a hundred twenty five hundred thirty points and even a team like the nets could have these streets where they could have like a sixty five. Seventy point half and with the Lakers it really has to be more in a bully ball, plus them kind across in there.
There's that some of these flimsy rope where's can come through Leubronn. Statistically, what did he finished? Will they get twenty three seventeen sixty whatever I'm losing when he has again like that incredible triple double? Why wonder so? We're so- and I talked about this week in africa- Braun was alluding to issues with the bubble, and I was wondering like: what's he talking about is? Is he not happy in the bubble? Is he worried about some things he seen with the Lakers like what's going on, but I'll be It is how we handle the next forty eight hours. I do, and I am sure I once wider and do like the weird sweet. Where you don't know who is tweeting at shit like that? Maybe he'll do that tomorrow, I want to ask you this question and I and I think it's it's related to what you're getting at here the teams that most impressed us over the last forty eight hours are the teams- and we said a little better go
who know who they are they have identity. They played a their strength and the judges definitely have a role in that right, there's some kind of stability, institutional support whatever. However, you want to characterize it all the jokes about play off. Bud coming out in all of the twitter pictures. Integrated pictures of confused but face where we're hilarious but like play off but just doesn't instil a whole connachar whatever is going on with the Lakers with you? No three, Have you know we had coaches, where you Voebel stag to name, but does he really that coach, every Davis the ball again and again and again outside the three point: live confuse the hell out of me a second I used. What would you what would you do offensive a bigger than that you fight there?
doing high low high level high low get earthy Davis the ball down near the basket. Let him come out on the on the quarters, You can escape from download a create room from abroad battle, but getting when the day was the ball, let him cock who's, gonna! Stop him! Let him go up again for someone Father the bomb out in the first half of the game. Well, wait sides audition fur Lakers contract. Guy fat aspect. I would say what fifty eight percent chance is on the waiters next year. Midway Dwight had is typical, garbage Dwight game. I mean he continues to be one of my least favoured prayers in a long time. What did he have tonight? He had fifteen minutes. Five thousand. Her deplores minus four points by ribbons, puss, seven puss minus joker, five thousand, and it seemed like
there's a couple times when it seemed like he was about to get in a fight with white side, which I think would have been trouble for the internet, trying to figure out who to root for in that fight. But that's you know it it. It could have been effective right, like cuz Whiteside had five blocks like he was down. There are shutting down the pain on drives, come in from the top in this in a curiously, similar way that markets Boris really affected the outcome of that clippers. Dallas, and by getting under way Did you know that Workers scared and he got honours anger skin. Do you think the brine has text that every rather yet this that's why I'm worried about what I'm saying tee: thou right, this institutional stability? Just like the chemistry you been able to see it. It's it's a cute. Under these circumstances, Toronto looked awesome.
You know earlier right: Miami stuck to their identity, the clippers day day, other business. That game should have been something different, causing should not have been kicked out, but go back to Toronto. Doc. Has this? Was there a couple teams in the night air lock out that state and shape in practice each other and had a huge advantage sitting in the season. I remember San Antonio is one of them ended up winning the title, and it does seem like that Toronto team. You can kind of see who's on the same page. Conversely Philly who I want to talk about after the break Philly looks like no. They haven't even at a practice yet to teach somebody had thrown enshiu Pastel bid ed. Just I was shocked by the announcers during the Sixers game last night and then even are our buddy J One and a half times shown people? I can beat you gotta, let em cook it's like they were give, the boy kept losing it. How many turnover can the guy have. He had he's at that. You was credited for five or six, but
a key had like eight or nine in the Celtics were just when you have the ball. They would send a second guide, diving kind at his legs to try to tip the ball touched by whatever force him to make a dumb pass, which he did a few times and I don't know he just looked. He didn't evacuees totally in shape. He decided not to guard Tice at all and three not enough thou strategy. Here he was just trying to conserve energy, but to hear him being praise for that game. Brett Brown finally said after the game leg somebody's I do need to get Joel the bomb or is like we did. He kept the whose head they hate is again. He kept turning the ball over. That's a problem for us and So that was one thing and then the other thing is they just don't know how to set him up, because once they last Simmons summits was the only that team had. You could create a shot from somebody s whose creating a shot for somebody else and let him they may again. Now. That's it at that The problem is a design problem. Today they, bent their money on Tobias, Harrison Orford and
said, we'll get a role that dies with Ben Simmons. We think he can be somebody different Try him out to see if its growth is development with our franchise is going to produce a different kind of, killed and something that is shown before, which is tat. Table setter, he's at his best. Running down hill he's great at pace, he's finishing on fast break, that is not good Annabelle Jewel and B. We ve only been taught about it for two full fucking seasons. Now we can watch I mean we ve everybody's, the poor sectors answer are already you down for a while a brown put him inside the Franklin, Balin ring it till till whatever hold on, I would take a break as I want to talk about that suffers,
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greater, is the smartest way to hire. I would talk in six or south x and we'll get the Heyward Injury and a second the six hours that was lined up for them in game one day. Every time it seemed the subjects are gonna blow the game, open The Sixers would make some crazy three with a hand and somebody's face, and they just cut. Italian around hanging around? It turned the ball over shitload at times that a matter Tatum Brown were the only guys by while the South Ex then Heyward gets hurt, and there was a moment in that gamers like oh, my god. Fillies gonna steal this and they just couldn't get it done, and you I I thought Red Brown should have been gone last year, but it just does not seem like a team that I would say is running on all cylinders, and I mean it's not really fair right and we talked about it when servants got heard earlier in this bubble
scenario. We know it's fair, start fibre and make sure he's on the court every minute with Tatum. I hate giving way that secret, but guess what you have to stop Jason Tatum, especially now that hatreds out Bible has to play every minute tames out there, if you not doing that, then you deserve to get fired if you're playing, Orford, Adam Bede together, stir the game. You, the Celtics, a favour, does Tatum or Brown? Whoever Horford has the guard that scenario. They have a huge advantage offensive he's going to be able to guard them. You put Seibel out there at least Tatum S to work for his points. You know and that's I couldn't believe he didn't realize that and then finally, he ended in crunch time. He ended up with viable, but I would assume like their best lineup would be course. The bench enforcing forfeit any him a dial you play Richard saying you play shake mountain.
New play equally Harris and that's how you are going to beat the South ex that's gotta, be the line of the biggest advantage that the Sixers have, with the line up, that they have is bead and he didn't touch. The ball is in the post: Kyoto within the inside. The free, thorough line in the last the minutes. I think they they said he touched it wants or baby zero died are now at the start was, but it work. As you know, I guess it was too hard. The subjects were making work to get the bar and heating one. But in the work he did it the fact all right, I once again you watched it did that guy life depended on it. In the second half words, I gotta get the bar. No, it's it's a scheme thing now right. You, we set a date of two minutes ago, who's, the guy that setting the table that can get hit the ball in the best position for him to be successful. Now it dear point is ass: really well taken. When are we going to get over the basket? He needs to go
there and start putting people and the torture chamber, and we keep begging for him to do it. It came when in time you can go steal a game. In these circumstances, even with the Euro depleted line up, he had the opportunity sitting there in the fourth quarter, and you know you, you just basically outskirts yourself by her. I am always about where he was. There is one possession where this out thanks just put smart on him to follow them. I mean that's fine. I like that match up. Smart air laid yet go post them up. I had so Heyward out. Heyward did not play well in their game for the record and my head, my friend hedge and I ll added tax complaining about Heyward. Esther. I mean he had six terrible place just terrible and it was like a man rate the bubble Heyward, as I got the baby well here. Maybe
and then it's a gallia. Ok, here's the it's like Doktor Jackal bestride dating herds, his ankle and theirs is minute of panic. Words like a flock of that same Anko and I'm frantically googling to see what Anko he broken today, as I think out of the left Anko, but it didn't seem great, now is out for four weeks the celtic steam was a segment in the starters plus Marcus, Smart Kanner off the bench water maker. As the eighth man who is you know the more, he plays the more nervous sieges, I'm sure you ve had guys. I then the wizards boards over the years, and then this weird rob waves grant lands the penny on the game the match up before I'm out their hook. Keep your fingers crossed nothing terrible happens when Thou hatreds out and you lose thirty two minutes with Heyward smarts gonna get some of em enforced. They want or makers, gonna get some of them and then they cannot have to cross their fingers.
I think we're semi usually or tobacco green, because if you get a situation where jail entertain, I'm gettin foul trouble they don't have another swing now other than smart to defend like a Tobias Harris type. So they have this guy, Jamaica, green! Do you? Let your you know those guys when you watch your team every every week. Yet attached to these deeds- and you wish labour simulators guy was to make a green, his super athletic swing guy. He could shoot threes, he really gives a shitty tries and he just never really totally got a chance and when HALO, I heard yesterday I was texting a couple friends I was like. I think it's time. Can we see it? Can we see little Jermichael, but it also tells you where I'm at with my favorite team, where I'm sending text wondering if you make agreed it's going to get run. This is that where I want to be in the playoffs us- or we talked about
go two weeks ago and you're pretty honest with yourself about what the prospects for the South Ex team look like that cosmetic. As Cambodia, a great strategy that yesterday I mean it these not for combine. He bade his very poor camper, but here's the thing you ain't view I beaten Toronto services right. Isn't that what were you were that the batch up that would come next? I got out we I thought we had a real chance to beat them. If we ate the team was happy, calico cause we ve just like in that there's a bubble game granted. There were high stakes for Toronto, but we just mantra pretty well them. Oh, come it's in there, always one. When we play than that
games are always like really good games and really intense and good back and forth to great coaches, all that stuff, but now Hayward's out for weeks, and then you know the other piece of it is just. I have that I don't ever remember Boston having an athlete like a word that was more snake bit where it's like you know it. The fucking guy got hurt first half of his first game after he had signed a hundred twenty million dollar contract. He is one of the most gruesome there is not his fault in the history, the weak and since then it's just spend like one set back after another. Was you, and I were together for my my birthday. Why, in the game when he got her and I was hit telling you how awesome he was playing and then he got hurt and it's just like one thing after another. I feel that we need to have an exorcism with them are Thank. You might literally have to exercise him. You might have to give our freedom ideology angel. Getting airy he's gonna, be ended team next year, because so be opting into his
Oh yeah sure it. This scenario for the south is: if Tatum just does what he did yesterday for seven. We You need me sidekick and then, in the end, by doing more than when he did in those seven weeks, he need you need to a hyper bear chamber for Canada and just let him go in there every night, sleep and you know get extra oxygen. Maybe you need to seek the doktor in from Germany for some yeah, that rich black dollar, let's go, let's get him where's that did from Germany the release of some p r p
that's it that's Gunther, P, p c p. Was it PCB now that he's very pale, platelet risk factor for Europe when it comes to America and fix Canvas day, because the other thing it was just an offence? You know young couple moments, but he's pretty a banana fence we but defensively. He was knock it and it's not gonna hurt them in this very serious, but when they get the next round when they have to guard vainly Lowry, as that would be able to do it right, Marcus Fur as great as he is as a defender he's really kind of better off defending bigger guys like it's, the little water by guys are never great for him. He's always had issues you'd have to some degree, with those guys he's not like lights out. I'm sure I'm taking these guys out the way a Pat Beverly? What he's always been better with tolerance but yeah? It's a bummer cause. I do think. I think that six or Sears could ended early now, I'm not so sure I dont want to give him
any life, because if he ever figures this out for a second God only knows how the serious plays out. Thank God, nobody can throw em an entry pass, I'm so glad they don't have to jail model. Can you imagine, He would be such a help to them. Just for twenty minutes, a game you just be able to get in bed the ball exactly that we'll centre that they need yeah, they could use that they kind of you our seas and long similar expands our feet. Is by the way that they let him go, didn't they have trademark. Now that he's a table set about the task, and I thought about it and you lied, you're, not gonna. Get me a beer was saying nice about him. He was in Washington and I thought about it. Didn't belong in. The leg is have decent DAS, quickly
got the weirdo Series Utah versus Denver cuz? That game is going to be happening, probably by the time people hear this, but you have on the one at Denver exactly what we thought with Porter Jr. Once I got to the playoffs, they couldn't hide them defensively cute. I was just speaking about destroying of, but then you had this random Jamal Murray, another Jekyll Hyde. Guy he's awesome game to. We could have eight points you test and fifty cent for Mitch just feels like a series. That's series: that's gonna, go seven right! Kiwi, I'm looking to see. If I can get those right now, can we get that serious bad up? We let lick. We bet on Denver and seven is a two way serious exact result. Can we better neither not up those those, sir, are not up at them at this time of night exact results where we have so you tie is plus four. Eighty five.
To win the series, I gotta say: that's that's too high. I think they could still come back pretty easily. I like some of the match up for them in this series in You know the Porter Junior thing I you he'll have wanted to get games of this series, but ultimately, I just think defensive, Wade's, too risky to play him for long periods of time, so with that. I think I echo seven Delmar. Two man, game of Jokic in Murray, is still pretty darn good yeah, but you're saying that cuz we just came off a good burning game, you're going to be texting me and game to win his two hundred and forty nine what the fuck happened each barbary this gave. It is that, as I just mean that does symbiosis of those two true, it is a very, very complimentary that's our as it's a shame. I mean you'd Utah, now calmly apparent
Is going to be able to be back by MID series, so they another reason why picking it it'll make you thinking is to go. Seven. Has some good legit legs I was really glad I was at the hospital and my kids are born. Just for the record, I understand where'd, you that's like has anybody criticizing and forth. I don't know I just. I was trying to put myself in position to athlete and if it was like round three like let's say it's like the series is two hundred and twenty two and it's like your wife's having a baby and it's like at some point. The stakes have to be at a point where you would seriously consider it and I don't, I don't think, there's any city ass. It was the finals for me fills the five dollars, not even the final fuck that you kicking me. The birth of your child would uprooted here. Your profession, who gives a shit, we're gonna be a kid whatever. The second
You know where the light is nights. The knife kid that's. What am, I would say: ok, I've had a. I was there for the first date that night I draw a line I'm going to go to the final this year. Third, kid: I mean I want to be there for all of the kids. Well, that's how I felt, but I didn't know if I was a professional athlete and I had limited chances to win a title. What the what the stakes would have to be for me to seriously consider plus you're, also dealing with from from the y of a lifetime of love lifetime may at your age, eighty they're bringing worded the fucking us, moreover, sick, a kid. May the eighth ninth kid at that point? Maybe it gets you know, but when you have like that, just the first,
why and full come on, you gotta be, and it's only a few days. It's not like you missed the whole series. Let's bring and fill rivers fail. Kid number eight did you have to be there? I think it's funny cause. I do think there's probably been Guys over the years who probably said fuck, it just stayed with the team right I mean I'm sure we could find guys like that. There are I'm sure, there's that they would have read stories about it, but yea anyway, my kind they hurry back as I did, deserts can begin. The maps are plus eight. Fifty the net serve plus thirty five hundred these seventy six years. I don't really understand this are six to one which seems high. I mean I, which seems high, because I actually think that series I'm not sold on the Celtics like being in the runaway driver seed. Now
Hayward's gone right, sixty one sixty six till one underdogs. I mean I need them to be doubled, digital whenever I catches my gambling interest, why so we don't have a Blazers line, yet maybe we do the other may refresh. Now we stood up, I don't be What happens? I'm betting on the blaze? I don't I don't care what the very first moment align comes up them in their series? I'm betting on. I don't give a shit. This is the over reaction, broad gas. We owe it to the blaze. Out of loyalty for what they did for us through the first eight games of the of the bubble
commitment that they showed how serious they took. This whole thing. They grab the opportunity we all the soccer bombs in Portland Bill servants. We love them. I have a mocking point I forgot to mention, I think, they're playing too many guys. I actually think they over did it at the trade deadline and they added Marvin Lambs whose either got added that in two thousand, the deadline- ok, Corver little before the deadline, but look at the box coordinate, and I thought this way watch them again to they played ten guys. I just in the play ass, I'm good with eight nine max I dont need
Can I thank ten makes sense to be in the regular season, but what I mean that, like the baisers played Ache eyes fairly carer best day, we're gonna win with these guys in two days later, we're gonna play Eric eyes again. They played they played ten and Lopez only played two minutes, but you know Wes Matthews can attain deepened, send sends out. Barber Williams. They couldn't you just can't. I just figured who you best three ETA. Those guys are, I don't get it this, but this like a weird coach bud thing make looking to be fair. It could be the case that their approach to the serious was still to do some. Experiment because Experiments Airplane Orlando Yang Ass, an because they really were so lack lustre, so flat said
in the entire bubble. Experience it. I don't. Love is its while I'm not even get to make a joke. I wanted to make their way. You know it. You know that flash the job they to remind you that Weird Atlanta Indiana Series that you're impair and teach a peer antics for them. They must centre twenty five feet from the hoop Poland Hibbert out and completely fucked up that India entities number, seven games, cuz Orlando was like hey Bootch, pull up, pull their centers out and shoot some threes. He shot eight hundred and thirty seven minimates, I'm too it made five, but Gary Clark for four hundred and twelve for four hundred and twelve from three. He took dough to shots he could. They took forty one threes at all, and it's like, I think, they're just agrees bombing threes, its gay where my hoeing, their centres out were basically gonna fuck with the bucks we're not gonna. Let you do it. You normally like to do and it worked and then
and also they use the day, Toronto playbook from last year's play off in the fourth quarter, just packed up. And yet air the freak. The two to write, dry Try and drive in and create shots. You know he started settling for those jumpers again, though, those low percentage. You know inside a three point lie low efficiency. You know sort of medium prolong right legs two's because he didn't. Have any room to go. You know, DR it into the lane Toronto did that the great success last year and real delete pays attention when, when a tea, MS able to shut down an M bp. What are you looking or to most for the game, Tis. Well, what's allergies,
I'm in a really some lines just to whet your appetite, this is great Toronto nets. Okay, Utah is getting foreign have points against Denver. The sixers are only getting four and a half points against the Celtics, which again Deere six thousand two hundred and ten underdog, but you're getting for that points again to and then Dallas is getting sick. Snap points the under four over under for that game is two slash. Three one slash two wait till you lose money on it. One way or the other guy I can't I'm writing I can really like. I can't talk about it. They stay combined for thirty four points in the third quarter.
The third quarter was among the worst quarters of basketball. I've. I've watched in twenty twenty, the third quarter between the keepers in Dallas knobs this thing or getting kicked out, contributed to that, but it was awful. They are taking terrible. Both teams were taking terrible shots. They neither team, look like they gave his shit. Twenty was toward twenty one to thirteen quarter, that the clippers one, I'm China and I its armor. I think I just think that series go seven. I dont they differ as anyone on the team to guard Mitchell. I don't know he's gonna score, fifty seven, a game, but I think he can get wherever he wants. I will join you on that. One listless bliss come up with the parlour. I like that one a good start up on a joint EU on you. I probably do them with their with Houston again. Today. Well I mean that the Houston that we saw tonight is unstoppable right, like that, that version of it
where all their guys are super comfortable, they're all getting to their spots. Air Gordon was of force, It was the very best version of air coordinates the air coordinate used. It needs to make to the deep run he will. Certainly, if he's at this affair Dave tie them over and tell Westbrook is back if Westbrook able to come back that this version of abuses is unstoppable, but they're not gonna, shoot this well through the entirety of the playoffs, and so the question is when I run into some adversity, but I dont what can Oklahoma city because they ve they got pretty good games Outer Stephen items gallo- I mean they think they, both of their big guys, had pretty good games, but they they went with a three guard. Lineup Oklahoma said he did and I don't think it worked at all. Well, they're, missing, Dort
We say that in order to combat their heart, a guy- I be it- I've I've, a couple times differing circumstances, but we need endoored. Apparently, last but not least, we are going to give our thoughts about the college. Kids going back to camp Ass, including some kids at our roads play crossfire to get in trouble. If we decided we talked to her lawyer, so we decided there's no possible way. We could talk about this without coming off like complete assholes it heads and dumb asses saward, our already completely. I think that's what I think. That's the right decision, men. We tried it three different ways and we said it worse each time. So, let's just you know why but the best I can save everybody. I will say, we're on an email with a third person, and I said that if this was night
nine house and I would have tried to get cove it out of the way the first couple weeks at school, so we could have been playing pick a basketball back, Toper and House agreed. I maybe it's it's possible. I can't just flatly rule it out. We would have thought because we were any it's. You may terrible decisions, we're going to get this anyway. Let's just get it out of the way that How dumb we were I'd like this, stupid, loyally that I've got grow now. I understand that the public health implications, but you know living inside that kind of insular environment right and you don't expect that you're gonna come into contact necessarily with any sort of vulnerable class right, you don't think that you're gonna, if you're, not attending classes with folks at all or that you you're not gonna, see your family, so you're not gonna endanger your parents, like the risk reward analysis just gets a little too complicated.
First a teenager at eighteen year old and I draw the twenty or at least from our era. All talk about some talk now it gives up today. It's gotta don't get in this area. Is why we bring this up college kids. We were there once we were as dumb as you are now make good choices. Just put Kip put that extra extra two minutes, a thought. Dear choices, we certainly did it back in the day. We would have been terrible choices right now in college, in terms of safety behaviour all that stuff, so we're just or give new there be careful at their debts. Did you do the best you can? This will be in our rearview mirror at some point probably hopefully, willing and sometime in the next six months, it will be in our rearview mirror and we can all go back and have great parties on care o street and incredible part,
at the White House and all asked of it, I mean I know it's tough, for though across kids did not have you know the awesome football team in the three and twenty six basketball team, potentially not planning takes on sexual flat. I don't get it sports again. Well does, is there is no sports fur wholly crust be bad. I guess it's bad news, a good this anyway house enjoy enjoy the rest of the around one Bobo's good to see you thanks for Stanhope lay for us. Drinking in the crash people be get hurt or killed. But let's take a moment to get some surprising statistics, almost twenty nine people in that it states die every day and alcohol impaired vehicle crashes. That's one person every fifty minutes, even though drunk driving down seven by a third
and people in that it states die every day and alcohol impaired vehicle crashes, that's one person every fifty minutes, even though drunk driving down is bound by a third. In the last three decades, drunk driving crashes still claim more than ten times lives each year. What a shame drunk driving can have a big impact in a while to get arrested incur huge legal expenses. You can even possibly lose your job. It's a hearty prevent, drunk driving, planets, safe ride home before you start drinking designate a sober driver or call a taxi, and if someone you know- been drinking, take their keys and arrange for them to get a sober ride home. There is no excuse for driving drunk none. We all know the consequences driving drunk when things for sure you're wrong. If you think it's no big deal, Dr Sober or get pulled,
over and before we get to add your boys want to mention the we watch was Caddy Shack went on Monday. That was a really fun when it is forty year anniversary, and then we have another movie coming and when now that I'm not gonna give away, but you can't stream it anywhere. So it doesn't matter. I was the first one. We ve ever done that we could not find any streamer ETA stating for that one. I will say it is a classic. I without further do here, as trip wage art is not the first time he's been on the pike ass. We did one wave, when I think of my office a Grantline back when you are young, you just breakin scene. I bet in eighteen ninety years. At that point I didn't have a full twenty five, yet but air to replace good to see you again, Somerset some- are come on Sunday, you guys, have been in the throes of you really the first ones to try and figure out how to have a vast without fail. What have you learned over the last five months
I think we were the first a minute. It's a funny thing as the a remember being in the performance centre for an episode of Annex II. We were because of com, looked out of the arena. Wholesale and we were doing an episode of Annex III out of the performance centre, we're all set up to in there and now we're going in and I was going on a Tuesday and, as I called venture to say, late at night to say, seemingly, with all this pandemic. Talk going. Maybe we should leave all this stuff up in here, just in case right, and he was again maybe might be smarter, going to look into it see what the cost to be in all that stuff to leave everything up there and get back to me so next day by the time afternoon, James was colonies, and I don't care what it costs leave all the stuff upon their brain.
Be added that way by the end of the night, and we did our show in their life that Wednesday, with fans by the time we were done the NBA had shut down, we knew the trucks were headed. Do I think they were going to Detroit at that time. They were turning around and coming up to Florida and we can do stuff on a closed set. We're going to have no fans that look like, and I was really the start of it. We never shut down. We stayed running old time, taking as much precaution as we could. Following guidelines in everything, obviously the health and welfare of our town comes first by them We never never. Really shut down. There was a few shows in there that were partially pre recorded content and all that, but damn. And now here we are, you know, as you saw today, they'll be putting up an insane spectacle of it said
that we are calling the thunder down inside the I'm way centre in Orlando. It will be taking a residency up in there for the foreseeable future will start right. It gets bogged down in and I can you from there but it'll, be a spectacle and then we're going to add virtual fan. Sport, I've got a virtual fence, offends live, but on screen Yeah real time coming in yet I know I know the NBA is doing something similar will allow more than that for a web of a large arenas, one a lot more to fill in land should be spectacular, I've seen it in renderings, but this company, whenever I ceased They ran renderings at I, Jean Luc spectacular. When you see the person you're blown away, so I can imagine this is going. Be any different one. It's done yet. I was watching the NBA bubble- basketball and seen some of those that they did even add some tricks they if they had had some time to really assess what might work at his word,
Your fans attics noise, the fight that- and I remember thinking first applies as egg. I wanted. W B is working on the complete, blown out version of this in an undertone thing. Ass, a guy other hears it, here's the blow version of this year, why you don't want to do. I think it away is not known really new where gonna go, she started work on things. You do and shows that nobody in there, but nobody really understands how long this is going to last, while long it'll be too, we could do anything. Then we working on closed aunt with are quite a few of our. Mental talent for the performance, anyone on an extra yet in crowds- and am I made imported all tested in capture. From everybody else in but the whole time we were working on a solution like this. If it lasted longer, what could we do? How could we make a bigger you know? Damn it I believe is where were we kind of it away when you think about it? The first interactive sport for
did I don't just mean by being a participant overboard. Damages and bunch, but yesterday there being a viewer and watching yet you know, the yea, the Buddha bring your signs at actively participate in the show it and that active participation cells and changes the outcome of things as it's moving forward. You know maybe not the final outcome, but but how performers interacting and all of that, it's if everything is designed not just to win a game. Everything is designed to get reactions and without those funds there is a different product it really is in that sense moment, and we ve been trying to figure out a way to get our fans back engaged as they are. What Debbie Debbie is truly at its core? Get them back, engage, get them back being a part of it in a way that was for everybody to do, and we are we We think we gotta gotta get place on its own,
What was he tried- and I don't like down this week on smack down and then for the foreseeable future? what did you have a residency nation that will be our own for the foreseeable future? look. We knew their fans are important and we knew they were ass, big of a character as any. The actual character you had. I dont think I fully realised how important they were. Until you had no stance and even like the entrances and just the guy's coming out in the way they would feed off the reaction, good or bad during a match. All that stuff to just remove. It was really are really surreal watch. I had trouble with that because it was almost like watching somebody dance but not, but there now Are there any more in their kind of other dance was, but there's no part to play off I've been. I don't know how you guys. Did it the standard
with no one and when no darling rightly said, is it in his jokes, make it himself Pasok and ran riot anybody just yea AIDS was to real, and I tell you you know for me my hat off to our performers. Anybody does doing this because its that's not an easy task, and while there and do what we do, have you been doing it a lot of years? What one either a lot of years? From the standpoint of I- and I can go out there and and get my way through this, but the physicality hurts a lot more well, there's nobody. There make a noise, and you don't have that adrenaline right on the flip side, it out of you only you been doing this for a few years and everything we tell you is about fan reaction working towards fan. I listening and hearing that crowd to affect your psychology and, with things are going, if you're going down a path and is not working, fans will let you know, go down this path instead, right, that's everything we do
them in almost than that all goes away and there will go out there and do it going to be tried so the habit of doing it, but there's no fancy. Aren't you know for you guys the decision makers trying to decide who should get a push. Doing great you know you're you're, relying so much I'm feelin reactions in effect rats day somebody that you love it's like out. Maybe this isn't working now you have no idea of something Workin, except for the internet, one hundred percent and so you, U base almost all the reactions that or that we have as a company or based on how crowd is reacting, and sometimes that might be hard for people to get. But it's it's base and a lot of factors right crowd reaction, ticket sales, merchandise, ales, all those things factor into how how you're, using utilizing talent and end the directions at your headed
and with them right short term and long term, and all that all the sudden goes away. Because now you have merged sales, but it's different. It's based an online sales, in Reno, whatever you don't and ticket sales anymore, you don't cry variation on noise and the inhuman Did it yourself, social media, Social media is very tricky because heavily happening yeah depending on the platform you know negative algorithms in some platforms or much stronger than others. The things that resonate something bad happened, trends at least something good happens. It doesn't meaning get out there because its the way the algorithms worked askew scenario everyday, which doesn't have you you're only somebody Saxo somebody's, that doing while nobody's gonna twitter gone. Then I really like that man. I really appreciate the effort of those two gases that happened. I'd die observers since the beginning, like him in some manner the the The internet makes our jobs more difficult, especially would
because as a talent You can go online and selectively pickle. You listen to and don't want to do so. There are certain places in people and in Europe. Look in Mrs everybody wants to talk about reactions or or all opinion. That's all it is five star rating opinion that's all it is. It is an opinion. There's. Nobody like if you knew you see someone tingle disguise actually Knox everybody out right. You don't like me bad, You know it's. It is what it is and the image a definitive answer. This is a subjective business where there's opinions and they all matter, but you can selectively, find your opinions her talent, you just selectively over the internet and everybody San. How granted you already integrated single? I don't understand why about that guy or the girl
I don't think this is also a problem in the media business spent about. I think about now is like if you in a selective. We look for reactions on the internet. You your journal, but think about like the right As the x ray midnight is if you had no fans. How'd. You have known you're doing while other than we want. We like what we want, you to gas, fired hamburger fires, but we would again fire because what was saving, as is the reaction of the fans, and we will come back and get told You do that again and you're out here. You know, but the ground was gone crazy. We did it again and I would double crazy was hard. Come back and have them go. You know like eating. They're gonna gotta go with it. You get the reaction that that you're looking to get worse. In some cases I got like Bray Wire I would say, is probably your hottest guy right now
The no fans and aware way is, is helpful in some ways for him, because the studies do in his so out there. He Canada does need funds for somebody yeah look again. I thought that there has been a lot of things have been done that have been groundbreaking to me a little bit in some I'm out of necessity for phenomena we re anyways that they ve never been done before, whatever we like them, the brain, Wyatt Firefly Funhouse address layer was like some crazy mine trip, break, Imagine that crazy, mind you're, playing on a drawn inside of it, are sold out. Eighty thousand seed stadium would nothing happening in the arena, just the stadium, while you were, they got tragically boot out
building. They wouldn't have been the ability to even try something like that. It's allowed us to get go into different places. Some successful, some, not judge what you can out of that, but you also see some performers to meet them the performers I can really connect emotionally with himself. Liver things and understand that, when the why those are the characters that have really excelled and don't necessarily need that fan reaction. Jordan doesn't need that fan reaction, Randy can get inside his own head and deliver something that you just give you a chill. Do Mcentire people like that that can connect on a different level, but I think we've seen a lot of performing to do that and internet different levels, then they may be would have if they would have had surely been looking for after ten thousand people arena reaction- europe- you I mean this,
spend probably the craziest two year stretch Debbie history right because you had the other reason, a real, competitor for the first time in twenty years a w you had behind the scenes stuff like here you see, if our lasting obey he's gone there. You had to huge deals. They did he blew up. Smack than you had a whole. It's a tv money coming in your ass having the source dreamy universe. Now, where you were so ahead of the game at the W W network. And now you look at other streamer, the latter To that end, but you could also end up potentially teaming up at one of those people who desire Nick Nick I'm from CS dementia sports, which is now this Writing a guy and there's just all these balls moving all over the place. Well, what's woody
think is the most important thing for you guys, the next five years, oh. Well, there's a lot of things. Obviously we have to continue to put out the best product possible right. So again, and in this moment of when you look at arenas that are empty and thought about how important the crowd is, the most important thing we. You're making sure that there is a wealth of talent coming in the door and that we have limbering, something that our fans are are enjoying. It has never been a flow, but we had to stand on that for sure. After that, I think it's it's just the growth potential and and we ve talked of land. I think you see this to me the growth potential of what this company can be and become its content, company is much is arresting cup right yeah.
The media company and as as everything else when you look at the rest of the world to expand into those markets that, because of geography in the past, only been able to go in there for a one off or something and come back to do television not be able to delegate time and effort the markets are localizing in those places becomes I beg you know, sometimes, especially in the: U S, gonna think about just the U S, but when you start to look out I doubt that you, as you will get India has just potential alone of the amount of people want, Five billion people learn when the second biggest sport in India, the outside of cricket, which is cricket, is like a religion yeah, you know, show the opportunities as poor as there were firmly
did there and everything else that we have a long long. You know twenty five plus year track record in that market but we can get in there much deeper and create opportunities in a way that we never have been able to before, because of technology, and everything else like that you have a competitor, because I think competition is good Frazier strong baby, you and I are the eighteen, thirty four baby, I think raw last week, but This is what happened in the mid nineties right where the debit ivy was a little bit of a crossroads, doubly cedar view that momentum for a year and it led to, most creative prayers. In the history of the company and yeah I mean it did to me. That's the thing. You look back openness and I'm not gonna be little anybody's. Anything, that's not the end,
but when you look back at the track record of a company that can shift vivid and move it might gain. Time is no doesn't happen. On a Thursday, you don't say is, it just takes time, effort and there's a lot of people to move, but a company that historically, over and over again, as recreated itself, reinvented itself stayed relevant to the next wave as it was coming in an end. With that and being able to ebb flow- and it is the strength of this company, it's We'll talk about our work and anyone I cannot work and man God bless him. Anybody he's worn out more people than that. I can count trust me. You know that that is what we do and I would put my money This gives people ask me a lot of times it I ever contemplate, leaving in India then the money and I was to go someplace else,
I've been there and I've been here the way I'm advance and saw that level of passion, delegation and everything else, there was a letter like no way this guy is losing out. Not I mean no absolutely no way, and you know it on spiralling. He really is and he will pay and shift- and he will put the people around him- that he needs to get it and shift in and I will work. But you talked about it before and I think. Funny thing. I remember coming to your studio that day, as you said, When I was young, sir, and learn your young thought we were into the elevator, not an overview. If you remember, you said to me off line, where do you see the company in and ten years in twenty years- and I believe as the number that you used- and I said I said you know you are asking in relationship to the wrestling business and I said no Disney Ratan in twenty years were Disney annual like, while that's a lofty guys, we're media
money that is more akin to Disney Set of a mouse at its core, we have a wrestling ring at its core and the content the availability to do all those things are there, and I believe you see that now more clearly- or at least I do. More clearly that now that I could see that even at that Debbie always reminds me of the NBA, and even like Saturday night, the couple things that are so dependent on having, though the big ticket stars and it absent flows right, look at the late nineties yet is loaded. You just say alive. Major major stars at the same time, and I think that's the biggest reason people remember it so fondly I did. The same thing happened at the beginning of the two thousand dance. When I see I was on their eyes. Did you Brian AEGIS I'll, send you sat a shipload of stars on the same place? Then you ve had events dark eyes get older age out. You ve had
some stars either get hurt back in which his case she gets pregnant. How do you the next generation for this decade. And who in Europe show you continue to do what you do. You continue to put down out there. You continue to build the stars, the same way that we always have an you. Keep your balls out there. But again it's not it's not it doesn't happen overnight doesn't happen on a dime. Sometimes it's not the person, and you think you know you you mentioned the late nineties amazing plethora of down here, but if you would have gone back a few years prior to that, you would have end and taken a couple- the stars that were on the on the top then and move them to the side which happened. You would have said. Oh, my god, this company has nothing nothing and then you flip board when stone, cold, Steve Austin was brought into the company he wasn't brought in as the guy. This is the guy. That's going to save the company
when I was there in only right up until the time that it happened to be borne down again right, the rock, certainly when came in the door. What a lot of you no potential and hope that that first, that for run. Wasn't what are you or anybody else thought it was going to be, and there was a lot of people ever live while he's done, then you know fully in you can go on and on from that time frame and then they just become yeah. I think if you would have gone shortly before that, when MASH and hall and and all these people are leaving Brad and if you would have said who's, the who's next one, I don't love you to pick that group of people, but in a way that it is good that the doors and for the next group of people, because a bunch of people times. It's like playing time at a basketball team I'll- send us I'm starting up get shot, staff and now I can happen- I used to say it all the time and I think sometimes it was perceived as an ipod.
To me. One of the best things at Hogan ever did was leaves, and- and I don't mean that is denied to him. It just is a comfort level at a focused. Their failure daddy, I'm I'm shown for the people. As in the back ass, I have. Have every resting glass from this error to see no junk yard dog. Writing paper, big stead, Guardian, Andrea and these are the best as ever, and why still early that Iraq's their money and I'm afraid this is like real glass. So when it breaks in like a real danger, they bade they were less than around in the Middle EAST. Anyway, if you throw it down, it makes the glass breaks out. And then you get a freeze, don't got divorced. If and how big a democrat. Yes, you know like look at you, you can't you You can get into a new relationship until you and the one you're ends at that juncture. That, as I feel like, and it's a process.
It is what it is, but I would put my money on this company every day they wanna give a quick shout out to our fan dual contest that we're having right now it is called the ultimate hoops ringer everyday. There's Plath games, five, our entry fee per contests, and if you win a contest, you get a ticket to the leaderboard series there in the NBA finals were all the winners will compete for a share of fifty. Hey cash, ringers, swag and even to be deemed these soul survivor of the ultimate hoops ringer his we do learn more enter. Add vandal dotcom, slash hoops ringer, you have to enter before the first game each day, age and location restrictions do I back the triple, which can I give you like to nip cure. Why is Rostov three hours. Other than money. Is that the only reason
Just a money decision, yet I think, gum. I think, that the Urban ass. I was gonna make a joke that I didn't bids loves that challenge with you, guys the charter on everybody else. There is, I guess, three hours yeah. You know if I was your kids earlier in your leg, they'll give us a couple. Subject Mcgraw two hours to stagger negative filet Mignon make it you gotta, give me your best to ours. Bill of you said three hours the two What was your best idea? I would then I wouldn't do as by my incidentally, I venture to doubt that the pretty obvious what year what, but why not? When could it happen that the boy? That's it that's above my ear, decision making level, but I got a euro aid, it is look. I can. I can stay this. Do you like it as much as people watching a cheese. I wish it was two hours it's three. It is exploited
and surely harder to write a third, our ability. I mean. I can't even exclaimed you how difficult that is. I can tell it don't get three hours even with commercials. It still like two hours and twenty, that's the Stanley agree, our movies I'll, be honest with you. So one thing that I think is fast any about the last five years. Wrestling is always reflected. What is going on in the real world. Right was storylines and things like that. You go back to the seventies eighties nineties, people again Sheikh on live all cast, it was always I would ever was kind of going out with America. You can't see it a little bit in wrestling, even they Bruno Samara Tina like that. You know working sky. This is our guy had a representing these things. Why hasn't Debbie tried? tap into just happen. The last for five years, a ban in America with any plan. Is it like too much of a stay away? The two scary
that there are moments so in in All those other moments in time. That don't the uniqueness of the world right now is this cancer culture, yes, Do you believe in that? No matter what you do, if you, if you straight to far you run the risk of alienating half of the people write that that are out there, maybe more arms. I think you have to be much more calculated then you could be with something in the past. You know you could. Could do an angle in the past in trying to try to maintain a line and go too far with that line, and yet some day you know backlash and pull it it goes away now today, it's different- and I think you just have to be careful with all of them, and I think you see that every single day, from every single celebrity news
soon spread the year across the board. It's very easy to put yourself in a position on anything where people go that's it, I'm done and are they I don't know, but I think it it requires much more thought. I also think in the short attentions and theatre in the world. If you said to me some of them the most relevant in the last five years. I beg you could pick a quite a number of them that in that five years span, when and this was the belief and its relevant to the exact opposite. Is now the belief that relevant read, it most difficult. You really latch onto a moment in time, because that moment in time is intense, but its brief. Two weeks later it it's gone and people are talking about it anymore, and it seemed like the biggest thing that that's all anybody was talking about it. It's a bit. You need time, the world? You know that I have. The feeling is only any more unique
was somebody who never shied away from those times where Oh, this is happening screw Let's try to do some sort of anger and create come character that this time around he said, I'm staying away, witches, yeah, Belize and characteristic from him he's always taken calculated risk yeah, I dont think it'll Vince is not just the throw caution in the wind. I'm just gonna go crazy and just do this of us. Rash re absolutely really believes in it. You know they're they're, all calculated risk physic, here's the is the risk. I wanna take here's what could happen if it goes badly. Willingly. Take that gamble and I'll take the shot at it. You know an end when you are I don't want to miss a Megan Sally were a cautious company because it, but when you have more to lose and more on the line and more people that you're responsible
or more families, more more opportunities, bigger companies, bigger growth operate. Please you know you're you even just small It's like going from Fox USA, Gable to Fox Brian asked and the level of scrutiny and and everything else it comes along with that. You know you need is a different ballgame. It's their different rules in and did you have to abide by that states that related risk. You have to be of the way and a lot more and you have to be willing to up. If you got it. The gamble. You have to make sure that you have the right gamble happening than you willing to take the downside if it goes away I think in the past, when the double cross lines with some of this stuff. It was always a wink, weak thing and now I don't know that when quaint thing you ve been exists and in to your point, I'm not sure you could do it. They even some other stuff. The acts, the lines you guys try to push in the late ideas into that
in twenty. I just think people react differently to some of that stuff. If there tv shows that were made five ten years ago that you couldn't make today. Yeah people wouldn't happen. Function and people would not allow you to make people centred poverty levels of things? It's it's, not a joke. Kids. You know it's it's a very, very sensitive time in and they will have to be cautious about. What they do in and you're trying to be entertaining and and Jo Leinen and pushed the envelope? But you can only do it so much, because the risk is very severe I think maybe the answers you have the most work, surpass about whose just costly offended by everybody else, that's just as gimmicks work where these errors, that set up the time of his tries, become that everything got the Roma complaining about something is just try to cancel ever less of the roster
eventually he'll eventually hillbilly champion, because everybody else can you up he threw Vince Weak Ban at this stage of his life. Would you like? Is it? Is the better start unaware down? Is he through our two hundred miles an hour? Is he Domini early sleep liquids gone out with him he is a machine. You know it's hard sometimes, Jog about had been well. I gotta get a good he's getting older and others like we have it. It doesn't bother him unease, you know we ve been, I probably I guess, given them, circumstances, he's probably sleeping on ever has just because of the Selina DRAM right piano anyway, things are sort of a lot less than it used to be, but he is still he missed a day at the office and entered the funny thing because Who is it that the almost every single day and when no one was there? I gives right that's what he does in you know about the east,
trains every day. In our view, oh did the, and you know you got round stares at the two in the morning, he probably in their training she's. He's just a machine, but that's it keeps going. You know he eats incredibly. Well, he just he's a very routine discipline version. So is, Diet is on his. You know all those things are there, and you know Egypt, guitar, I think for people to understand when people are driven to do something since his passion still days most passionate person about does it. I know what he will do it. He doesn't get up thinking. I gotta go to me and I gotta make all these calls. I gotta do other stuff, I gotta sit with theirs and in that way he gets up look forward to doing it. You know it's, it's the years later it still he's dead
the new girl, in a way that, like it's still like you, can't wait to get up and get on the phone and do the stuff and go and then he just it's it's on firing. It really is because you still get there and still have that passion for everything. Do you think, like you know, forty five years now, nobody dies and date day it's when secretary that and they did the autopsy. They realize Secretariat had a heart that was twice the size of a normal horse heart than they were like. Oh that's why this is the letter so advanced they find out like he just didn't, have blood or I'm gonna find out flare flare used to Joe go. We still say that his day, that is, he saw this special. I remember what it was on some documentary special these people at this particular gene where they never get sick. They don't get. You know, diseases they can abuse their themselves. We whatever physically
well that work out anything and they just live long Ray wives and right up until the time they died a hundred plus years old there there you know, still just go in and ways to sail time. You ve got the jeep rich. The jaded why you ve been able, despite everything, is still man and he still regular, and if anybody has edgy incidents. That is something that, when he passed, which I'm convinced most of us have begun before he does that don't find something like that. I will give some kind of crazy thirty and indeed like the funny thing is: do some of my kids have it like where they're just like by all this daughter can be like all night and just go in, and look I'm like your Lord. She has I've, always stamina. It's insane! What's grandfather Vince like these often eleven there is busy and ease. He works. All Tiber winners,
events is of a funny guy that when he will work one thing, but when it comes down to it, if he needs to be, therefore something for somebody family wiser anything else using the guy. That is right there The things that they need to do is therefore their events in their moments weather. By phone or whether they are in force and in a video or whether they are in person or whatever he's there and his great any also have a good time with a man. It's funny when, when, with family studies, alot of an observer, so he lies to sit and watch them. Do things in and now you know that gives due in and that is the last one, level. Many one item around and he loves being around themselves. It your relationship with them I will be one of the most unique relationships of any to man right where he you grow up in the day the he's, your boss battling immorally you become
one of the biggest stars in why in one of the foundations, but now to his daughter. Now now he's the grandfather, your kids, but now you be the scenes and he's your boss and you're just navigating like paisley, every piece of benefits. At the same time I dont know alone as there's a lot of people with out of another press. Their life like that would imagine its unique. That look you know Anybody, if you ever read books on it or she shows on and family businesses, difficult road, because it's it's not. You know why way from it and you don't you know you know, the phone or you don't, leave the artist and go home, and it's done and you forget about it in its is twenty four seven of your life
in its every component of it in an affects every two border of it, so it's very vague and very difficult and there's a there's, a lot of factors and uneven You know how you react in business to each other, because its family in Vietnam you can treat your family different, then You would treat everybody else and it's it's there's, there's just so many components to it. You know that it's it's difficult, but it's at the same point in time, while it's difficult, it's wonderful and we You know we all share the same passion for doing this thing is rate, is form of entertainment and our show passion about doing it in being a part of it and see growth of the next generation, whether that be my kids, or anybody else you know you you just wanted to continue in and to be everything. Can be, and we're
and a new and that so at some point, while its difficult you're all work and for the same cause. You know that, with the biggest argument you ever had them was a when your was there. I mean you guys that talking rubbish gaiety became aware tat. You know what I mean for both of us, we gotta get over that. You know where it had moments in you, s largest asked around between the do you yeah and you have moments in you have things that happen and come up and whatever, but that you get past. Didn't you get over it and look out for me the other day Do it for me that, while it's all business, if, if it meant difference between my kids out of their grandfather and their life and not in, and I was the gall and is a step away, They began rather your problem. I would walk because his are worth that at the end of the day, but you know it some, it's you need bit family business
tough but its autumn. It really is a one change thing. Why Its HIV infected my family about two years ago: My son became enamoured with water and specifically the chest: slaps aim being the kitchen like? I don't know in coffee or something and here are the city here, the water music, and I know where is he and my son would flattened out her China chest slap me that end? This has been the last two years of my life of em. It's almost like the pink plant there on the big guy there. All I get attack guide that do my son with them. The and he's really caught him mastered the chest lapse like they heard any smaller, and he can go up and you came again back as its heart just sat down so screw you, authors my point, four plus it just looks bad. You run around
slab of that, and let me just tell you something else that that to me is the guy's everybody always oh, my god. When big show with job, you would have to be the worst thing ever and I would say but his hand. So big ray, I get them to me. It was different. It always the guys at her worse, we will engage in a little hands their hands or are they job hard with yeah yeah yeah? There's a smaller surfers, they're just would cracky I'll, let you know so I'm imagining his hands. Aren't I normally yet so he probably is it's probably a lot more painful than My job lilies I'll, give you that any way, so it doesn't really matter explaining that a child was chopping. Well, I I think I Only this rather virus, like six months left, I think before he could. He may be able to beat me in a fight five three and a half and hysterically his future wrestler kind, a body
this guy he's kind of look at me now. I can see he's gonna size me up like there's a moment when there's gonna, be play wrestle. Where he's going back. I think I can take em so got an I'm. Just gonna enjoy these last six months, but the slab sir and theirs, and a big ship and the servants ass. He has this whole library doubly Debbie moves. He studied seduce age for animals. I'm I'm behind the ape on this. Let me know when you need him to come to the performance center, so I roll around a little bit to get him off of you. He's ready to carry him a couple years ago. Rigid allege reads: yes rather know he did. He had a blast, but the girl, but physicality side of it by the whereabouts of the problem Maybe that's true. Our performance centre ban heard the last five months and you still been able to work with your guys, the same waned and Ladys, and no that's been the craziest. Is we really haven't been able to get in there? We ve tried to keep the environment as pristine as possible. You know I'm annex iii issues still shot with our.
Is runs Magda, shot on the performance center. We flitted to a studio. Yeah and I'll see you have now having to work out. Damn it all now Every square inch of it has been. You know used for television plus the other side of that is just medically like. You know we were operating closer with essential personnel, but the training cited it was. You know it's not necessary central so we're trying to limit that we just start. We have a secondary facility. We just got a bag training, you know it even even know where that to put together the medical protocols and everybody s ago, someone and on it today basis to even get in the ring and drain and do so conditioning work in everything else is very, very stringent and now we're getting a performance centre bag. Because Where is your home, You know that will start digging this Friday flocks
how many humming matches for you this year right now, zero is into your officially retired, because you're not retired. Could you definitely wrestle? Maybe once a year. At some point, I just feel like there's a moment where use calculate I'm retired and then you're not I'd rather does not say it and at the right opportunity comes up. And everybody believes is right and I feel like I can do it without its falling apart me or or the match. Then ok, I would consider it I'm not at a point yet where I would say like absolutely not under any circumstances bright, not that far off, but the thing for that's good. Is I'm I'm so transition over and satisfied with the other aspects of my career
life and everything else. Like I get as much fun. Men excitement out of watching others. Do it in and succeed at it too. You know I always will use now do that for me and eggs t for me in a way and even main browser watching the guys in the girls Gazelle come through their budgets. The difference between as exciting as your own career is then watching your kid succeeded something it's a different level of GM passion and excitement, The pride did you feels while it was exhilarating for you, I've been there done that side of it now. For me, the other side is almost better I'd I'd. I almost prefer the helping them guide. Whatever aspects recanted can to. Then those opportunities to go out there and shine, and then you know that The course things about doing he's gonna, do it my best friend, I said it. Side by side with John, like you getting link, jumping up and down
this is something that we help somebody went for were watching them succeed in that light, but go on for the first time. I don't have that that level of success that they only dreamed about what people were, because you know of any use used watching them succeeded that dream is, is incredible, and to me at this point if, if no the opportunity doesn't come again for me to step into the ring, I get asked in a lot. I wouldn't it wouldn't it would. I wouldn't be lighter man, I miss those last few years. I should have done it when I could have you know. When two was Battista have forgotten yeah. I was the year I was in the front. Row May in Saint said, yeah and you, beat the shit out of each other. Who is that one of those who say I will say Triple h in the hair and bill will take it easy on him. You know he has a wrestler, why I was so you guys were killing each. And I was actually worried for both EU. It's some is one of those things were like you
I didn't you, you have to do it or you don't write. Having said that, I am, and I think gum We both want, and they were that majority. We just have to do it. They wanted to make sure I was gonna, be his last one, it was him come into me in saying this is what I to do this, as I would like to do it and ok, you know for him, and so, I just wanted to hold up my into the bargain on it in and make sure that he had the out tat. He was looking for he did. It was very successful and was happy with that, but you gonna gotta just go, do it and if you are at the place where you will can't commit. Do it anymore. We were in evolution, every single, like we'd, be in some small down somewhere and I'd watch flare, bro somebody out to the floor and then throw him out there and have them problem on the floor, she placed upon the floor and I would ever United yet alive, but I know you stop doing that like You don't need to do it. You don't need to do.
But in his mind he still wanted to prove that you could do it and take those. Things do those things it was. I go approve boyfriend for me. It's not necessary approve boy, but it's like how to do it, but that's what I wanted and then that's what I'm gonna do it. I just want to build a while there do. You know this is fine. Congrats idea thunder down. It was good to see that without Amr SAM summer cyborgs don't forget. No, they don't forget. Also summers. Last Sunday but Saturday night and sixty take over thirty Oh you acting at no extra take overs Saturn. I know you do, but you didn't bring it up to promote it. He had made animals and and and and window it myself out. I gotta talk about it with carried grass deeply imagine: we never got an annex iii and he was right to go to arrive and it's gonna be spectacular. Night people should miss it it'll be there's gonna, be one for the books. Congrats good to see you
they seemed to see you too many other for to do to get we gotta. Do it any quicker, cadences that about the heirs? What under process takes Aikman tell you son, I did a good job, I'd like to triple age. Thanks to you, Joe House, thanks to spot a fighter forget knew we watch was coming on Wednesday. Caddy Shack is up there now and we have one more pack has coming on Thursday night see them.
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