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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by his longtime buddy Joe House to talk about LeBron James on the Lakers, how we got here, and some of L.A.'s recent signings, including Lance Stephenson and JaVale McGee. Then they talk Paul George staying in OKC over some "unfinished business," the "new" Western Conference, and teams that try to fill their rosters in July.

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thankfully design. So it's never anyway, orders impressive security system. Today, simply for also donate went to a family in need. Just go Simply save that comes ash that simply say for two eyes simply say: that calm sash bs were you missed the rear? comes MBA, fridge, sick. I were all over it all weekend we had we had Feeling things really are fast: we had a lot of good people, our car ready thanks to them some great pieces up. Age, the trackers Paul. George GonNa Casey Kevin Oconnor at a really good piece about Lebron landing in LA and what that means for next year's is career. We need a ringer NBA show. Last night I made an appearance from that. I found connection, and it still go on today, world cups up, we have any, and it s really funny piece about benefiting. Armageddon commentary twenty years later than this,
a word about Drakes new, album, twenty five socks settle down, Drake now they're dead, by twelve so check that now and then last but not least, some early Vegas. It starts this week and we have a lot of people going. We're gonna blow this out, we're doing a ringer take over of summary, I am going on Thursday, Joe House and I are driving too Vegas on Thursday he's gonna be able. I guess in a second and We're gonna do some Instagram staff, because we are driving a Bmw details to two to come on now and what we are doing in Instagram. Dr El Vegas urine experience are with us. And they were to be in Vegas are weak and we have a huge thing. All we got a bunch of rooms at Caesar's power state of this up in a bunch differ. Ways for some content, things that we're gonna try out most important fry.
July six nine Pm Las Vegas Caesar's palace Cleopatra Barge. Which is apparently a little little boat and the seas pass area I'm doing alive. Podcast nine o clock right after the suddenly Sophie there for summer leg leave the Games comrade the podcast I'm going to have a bunch of people, their bunch, a guest, I have some gimmicks going on. It's can begin and we'll take It is so everybody you can't go can here, but you're in ceiling is limited. So in a way we didn't, I think hit member how many seats we are, but as Santa many tickets available right now go to, good to check it out on the ringer dot com. We have the links and stuff for that. So there you go summer. League Vegas were gallon. Things are happening, Since our may be there. There might be some meeting.
There's been rumours of a cousin, have house first Valor Reuben at the Caesars buffet rumours room much cycle abroad may begun a let the Lakers start to Muska. Check that I were going to wear to house, but first our friends from project We are taken as read out his nine twenty pacific time. Siphoned delay you now, the Brown could awaited, could waited during the work. We could have done this on a Tuesday as if this is on a Sunday night hanging out the family people doing stuff. What does he do that? I still have sweaters. They I like it better on Sunday night than like on the fourth of July,
the only way out the barbecue. You no need Miller lights. That's a garden Herod did that as last year in July, fourth be weighted. T really rainfall Jai forth to ruin a lot of media people strive for islets with theirs lad to discuss here, but first I come clean out of you know. You know this. I talked about in a was with we week ago and you may now listen Keziah. I I would have got an angry text from you. I we Now, when I cut you out of our Leubronn through the Lakers bet, we just we cut. You are completely and I apologize. I can't believe it. So you know how close I came last night to sending the two of you a text saying if you ve sons of bitches bet on this in and cut me I don't think I can ever forgive you. I literally came like it that thought crossed my mind close enough to, whereas the fund was sitting next to me I was gonna, send it yeah, but we did. We thought you know what bill wouldn't do that I did it a the mother heifer has known for
a year. You ve been saying it for a year now, at an end and be you know, we're friends I now or the problem. Is that any time give us have bet together in the last year, something's gone wrong and I and I needed to erase in debt, so we cut YAP what are the odds we we When I was at the finest and just had heavy inclinations that things are going, some way was plus two. Fifty I thought. Oh you fill up ad, ok get together. Fifty is, if you told me fifteen I mean I was going to hang up. Now I got the hen her, who is there were fifty? I am. I got scared, though, when the Brown broke his hand or in the final side enough that would make will make the Lakers back off. You know I ve say his hand, you dont know if it will be ready in time for the season, but but now it looks like it's it's ok, I'm being psychiatry, not being serious. I know you're not think so
if by some dry, some dive off cliff and there the hamlet really go: go go through the water, liquefied passively browsing line that past We base basically broke. It adds a good guide, will never know what happened there. The media is just so afraid of abroad. At this point, even even this Lakers thing, it's it's everybody's, a how this is grey. The brain disease go in there. For the re reasons, he's not jump to snatch and champion instant champion, he's gonna build something first by this is bad It has been in the west for over a year and I Ty. How many times that we talk about this in the package? Twenty I'm tawny. As reported on this podcast, you ve been saying that for as long as I can remember when they gave in TV as Caldwell Pope eighteen mind hours last summer. That's whenever it that's when I was pretty pretty convey Something was up but you'd ever now in it's like if Cleveland Head Dunbar,
in the final sir, you know who knows if failure they won the final, not I wasn't happening, they weren't winning the files. Now, if we didn't as a season began, who knew what kind of how that Russia was gonna turn wow, it's ok reporting was another bad sign. Doing the one year contract, not not hurry GM, the kind of stare down when they had that broke impact that they didn't traded. The trade that there were a lot of sites, and even there have they tried to protect last year's team.
And now and improve it, while also not completely decimating the future, and they were adamant about never chain that broken pick. So I dont want to ask your opinion on this. That doesn't Cleveland have dirty hands here that the not resigning Griffin, which really is the thing that catapulted an accelerated tiree, carries departure. Those two things together, yeah see suggest a franchise that that they know is an unnecessary disarray. Yeah would say that's fair, I think all bets are off when he won the title cause at that point. He had an exit in. He knew the booty anguished. While he knew the claim people would be mad and then there's a there so join the title and then he came back and they gave them former good years that you know at that point. It is
I don't know it became a little days a year right happen. Is it to go to the finals every year mean every year you get to go to these great play off games in the east and you get to go to the finals. There was sadness in n people, see it coming when I went to those two cleaving aids, especially game for a kid, I was talking to people in my section about it and they all kind of value is leaving at the every body dead end but they were so far away from the warriors and again into as in seventeen. I think there were a lot closer. An event You could argue her, but our arguing about this on Friday, and I think I just think is wrong on this. When I thought that two thousand seventeen team was really good and they just went against one of the all time juggernaut through ever seen that two thousand seventeen where's the eighteen warriors did you feel like that team
as eighty percent as good as the seventeen workers. Where they were. Did you would you rank the two that's hard? I haven't. I wasn't thinking about ranking year. Every year Warriors teams echoed Allah being injured. The difference that the thing that vat that has been most impressive for the warriors is the great good fortune of outstanding luck of having all their most important guys healthy for the most important stretches I mean, staff has had a couple of things that really compromised. You know they're there that at the time misty the building, but they were able overcome that I go. I would say yeah I did the difference to me as a good Islas injury was I would say: there's three differences. Ecuador's injury,
I never felt like it was a hundred percent, maybe by the by I think of the western finals, maybe seventy five to eighty and then by the NBA finals at the he was in the nineteen. Ninety five range hood, nutrition of the whole season, They ino all those guys talked about how hard it was just how hard it was to go through with the balls on their backs again- and I didn't feel like it- was the same team. I thought they could get to the same heights, but they couldn't it is consistently you now in and also that the though you know that game three, two thousand seventeen was just half that I was told it slugfest now and in the world is an old timer, but that that, where I think that you that seventeen warriors team was really really great, I think will remember that one. You know in the day Wednesday at itself, but I think something, Lebrun realised how far away he was with this common thing- and this is well why rights peace around February like
didn't have a move. I dont think around. Talking about Houston and in a perfect world a few at cap space and he just could have gone there and they could have kept their team intact and basically just added him like the words added the written. Sixteen yeah made the most sense, but they couldn't do that they had their stay were where the salaries weren't the only way that really worked as if you went to a minimum, Fifthly, I dont think guaranteed him anything. He was going to Boston. So, let's start here with with just big picture questions was this the right move for the bride actually think it would you think it's the right move for, because he'd he chose it it's if its, it is by self definition there there. Move. It is the move that he considered and and and made I dont in other that we ought to give him the same benefit of the doubt that we gave Katy,
which is he chose to live and allay over living in Cleveland. That's that's pretty reasonable. I can get that people like that another people moved ally and then don't move back like you Like me, I thought I was at that has been there for a couple years ago. Two, I never left yet whether good food was, so that's one part of the only thing I think there's three different parts to the away thing before even get to basque bar one eyes. Yes, what is it they find city to live in a view as an extremely famous person, he is now walking among a lister. Left and right and just doesn't stand out in the same way as he does in a play. I go higher, which leads me. The second part which is now here is kids. Obviously, our again, all there and now one son seems like he's, really really get a basketball, and if he, if that he's to school in and Kevin O'Connor counterparties gonna see our candy, which is a really good school about. I would say third
minutes outside of away in the valley. He's not he's not gonna stand out like him in Ohio were fear, the brand James's Sun and some private school year, he had the you're, the biggest celebrity in the entire school, be a celebrity here- is not the same, and also the basketballs better at here too. If, if you really feels like that kid, as dance. I think I think those too things and then just you know if thou those two as an umbrella which we found out about. I think, a year ago I was suspicious he's got his office, businesses are here I've as operations are out here. It sounds space jam too is happening, it's gonna, be out here this guy Lowery. Why would you stay, and I are you stand I if you have a job and he did it so now he has a chance to build Here I thought it was interesting though and I don't much of it- was bullshit, but the second piece of this about the building
building a long term container with the Lakers, which was seemed like that was the intent of the Lee Jenkins Peace cuz. We jack is only reading with it, with their bare skate trying to get him to write. It seemed there was different. This time round was the four year commitment he get out and three, but it's four and the fact that he's not forcing them to trade angel Wiggins for Kevin Love, right away, and all that stuff like it It actually seems like key, like he has a multi year plan am, I am crazy thinking that or is. I was able to go into that sensible. It all fits the narrative like He wants to live in a in and have this chapter with his family, like I think Keaton and will allow for the rest of his life. I think that both the two houses there and so thinking long term about all aspects of his life, his business interests. The films You know what he's gonna do after basketball, and then you know,
having, as as aside peace, the reinvigoration of us a cornerstone franchise, that's pretty good, rather than there's nothing in ink. Andrew US about thinking long term on the basketball peace were not when the other pieces are certainly on the face of it long term yeah. The third piece is just the magic Johnson part of it, which was in that Lee Jenkins piece, which I felt was a factor for a long time. Chick, showed the identity of magic like fake. Clearly had a relationship madding. The young up and coming superstars with the NBA look at magic differently than just about everybody. They theirs. Just revere. My keys would not reason here he's accomplished the most he's accomplished more than MJ he's in what business sense yeah cause. He was one of the five vespers ever and then this whole second life, as as a really astute businessman who do you just said
and gives good advice and is funded, talk, tunas fund about six out of it. I don't think- you know Lebron James, doesn't his dad was never in his life. I dont think he as that kind of all their senior person in his life. Other than Lynn merit from Nagy, who, I think, is somewhat spend his life for a long time. High, ranking Nike guy, but magic somebody that he's better. Most every situation, the bronze been right. It's. May you just talk to you whenever you want, so I'm sure that was appealing to him and I'm sure he wants to model his the next phase of his career after the after magic. How do I become? a billionaire had oh, I become an mba honour. How do I can become a soccer, what all the other things he wants to do. I would say, magics at asset, for that I was felt like that. Was gonna, be water. The driving force of this post. Signing narrative was gonna, be there wasn't just about our family makes more sense, for damages. Like you know, I want to become a billionaire, This will help me get there. He wasn't it.
At that point, the Gilbert clear they didn't ever will now. It was clear that relationship so yeah three things and then top of it over everything else does one of the most famous franchises in the world. Now the NBA anything right this is. Really the only its Lakers next and I would say, the Lakers are even more powerful than necks where you know you're talkin, Barcelona, Real Madrid, the Yankees, the lakes where's. The cowboys is only a handful of these teams that, when you're the as player on that him. It's just different. It's sound like Lebruns. I was a super famous already, but this is now is the most famous part of the Lakers, is, if it's ever possible for him to get more famous and have more of a recession and And be more loved and respect it. This was the team to go to. I think I don't think there is
I'm getting out the Philadelphia seventy six years. You just our aim. Now, that's right! I mean there. You know it's it's one of the largest tv markets in the world, and another celebrities at the games, and just the forty one games a year where you're just kind of king of the court like he could see that with Toby. We'll talk about Kobe, the second cuz I'm fast and another Kobe part of this. But. Appointing things, ITALY, Jenkins Peace, one for one thing. Amateurs can read this part? Go ahead, spite olive of recent free whiffs, which is fully funny itself, that, for me, David Terrible Rivers, and be a person was universally acknowledged that the Lakers leagues most attractive destination as well as they made a baseline for town and competence. I disagree with that both get in a second, then you right with Johnson and Rob Polenka with
Women can coups. They ve crossed the threshold. First of all, if they're getting Kayak Kayak Kawhi letter their trading Ingram in that second of all, he mentions Cosmo over Lonzo Ball. Fascinated by the whole Lando Bob Aspect of this cause. It really seems a glance wants to play with them kept what kind road is peace? And I a hundred percent agree, I think Lonzo's and nice fit with the broad he's one guys, is a great passer who doesn't need the bar. He well. I was interesting about him as a point: our disease, not Bob dominant he's. This guy he wants to get rid of it, always moving his heads up and that's actually a really nice type of gotta play with, but the way that was put in the way that was written. Reminded me a lot of how he wrote that peace in s eye two dozen- forty member wiggans- wasn't at it- the whig as well.
You brought me to it in a nor less or thy. Well, Wiggans! Isn't that? What does that mean? That's weird and then wakens get traded, so Lazo napping in their made me feel like theirs. Another move coming to that jump out of urging I noticed that no, I didn't notice it. I think I would like look at odds I, hopefully we can get somebody to post them, whether or not Lonzo ball. What will be on the Lakers? Whatever opening day it was October, 14th or 15th this year, whatever it is going to be a Laker about land, so when they dying for John, while thus crazy talk. I may I really am there now come all the way, their near their story over the again. There was a story that came out one of the embassy sports. You act like I didn't see it. I was laugh of ass, a guide tellers, there's the the basic cost of. It was
during one of the team. Only meetings Gore TAT called out wall, fur walls, lack of defensive intensity, which is at lately well, founded Java has not played this two years ago. And while responded to Gore tat with a series of efforts and mother efforts and and and F offs, which was a Apparently the moment where became clear that Gore TAT had to go now, I didn't enjoy hardly any of the John while experience this past season. I I try to give I bent over backwards. I've been so far over backwards I tried to do was gonna call can cut this. I try to do with a groan, Caskey Self suck. I bet so for her for backwards, but you know the body of work for John Wallace, this season. What was not very Encouraging
not very confidence engendering. He showed up fat. I dont know whether that's because his name is hurting him or not and then between the lack of being in shape and the knee that key donation led to him needing to take time off and- and the new right and during his time off he went on and did a public campaign was on a and other things in connection with one of his. You know side brand opportunities and basically pilloried that, though, that the team fur galvanizing around his absence. I mean none of them Behavior was leader kind of behaviour in this story about him. You know running Gore, TAT out There is an element to it of of of Gore tat. You know really did make a career receiving being on the receiving end of of John while Dine switches. But guy made a great point, though he is like Joe modern fighters
green. So I'm guarding guards and get him ass kicked they can you fight, there's some screens downward? Can you switch? Can you do anything that so I don't have to begin? ring like Kyle, and while I am asked them, but they were. Great points watchin the way, there is. I can. I can backup quartet's assertion that he was left that island over and over again so The worst thing that the best play in in the universe has left my conference, and my team is still at best. The sixth team in the conference die, I haven't moved up, a lick. I want you we're gonna talk about that after the break. I do want to say that John while Clutch Client- and you know wasn't lost on anyone that I read after they signed the brand they are so saying could Tavi is called were Pope for one year, twelve by clutch, client, Thou. I've heard that it was like the the little if you sign the bran. This also happened bonus so called by Pope
the average is in average starter. I use exactly if you look up replacement level replacement level starter Yeah, never somebody that really not my socks off might either never. No chance of ever being at all star. Seems like somebody that plays a position that you can. You can find do second give you eighty percent of what he's giving fur, not that much money in the lake we have paid him. Thirty million dollars You're amazing happened, that's like Austin Rivers, kind of shit right there, it's worse dates, were they I was so excited your retorted Clarkson contract, and then they give that did thirty million. You know
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slash savings to save up to two hundred and twenty five hours of your order until join it. Two thousand eighty. I did so last piece on the brain it does, the old Philly deportees. I think My theory on this, as it was happening word talking about the Ringer slack rich. Represents Ben Simmons. You know obviously have a ton of ties with Chile and it just seemed like one of those saved the face, Philly YA, just so they stay got. They got heard, of course, idling respectful. The brown was there and I'm not sure which powers either so he heresies gaping. Fairly, feds excited for two hours that data beating you now basque about words that they were is its. I come on. He suddenly effort Josh Erreth a lot of money. I really do
the brown face from angry led to allay people's tracking is plain. Twitter, I didn't say that cross died for me a little bit of it I kind of enjoyed it case. You haven't, got a family vacation. He dead. Nobody ever I should be able to be at a plain that people know exactly when and where its landing fees, fine private of part of the entry gotta minded They do the same thing in that in Europe with the soccer here. The problem of the internet has. Today, our soccer, I think so so He pretended he is interested in fairly and then that there, though that derive from meeting it, was a courtesy meeting the lasting. It's Lakers. We should mention my Shit shit sandwich they signed yesterday. Oh my god, poor lad the poor little Did the person whose killed the brought over the years has the broad the gm I dont know?
if he was responsible for the scientists, but just to go through the hardware pope for twelve by Land Stevenson for four and a half and Gmail Magee, first something. But those are three guys they ve added. It's like o Brien legs to give himself a degree of difficulty with with with crazy I don't understand say is those are the first three guys had them play it in a play off game. You know said since His cousin that there isn't a Laker Daily Laker play. The play off game was was blow peasant Will the last because of a pang. I dont know of cholera paupers even bed in round one now here they right he's not politically games, so you're saying they need needed. The plan for experience of Jerome again in Land Steve said exactly that that's. What I think he Davis plated, supplant caves can bring him back.
Rather than what are you crazy people giving industry in its I will address thinkers. The rush like why why? Why do they have to go? Get those guys right away? That's the thing: what are you gonna miss out? If that's gonna good side, I think this front office. I did the Lakers been one of those secretly most incompetent teams of the past six years and the yet again last night, first of all, it live first they get Le Brad. They can't wait five days. It's is It's like my son at the old toys, are ass before the toys or ass. If you gave my son, like toys, are as gifts for visas for style he's just buying by insects. Just walk around the store see what's in here they go get three people that, by the way, would have been available in July ten. I agree with that available of our twentieth. You know it s, you notices cap space right, during a time when every team is panicking about the low
the running out of whatever they have in the World I actually had cap space and they go and they shoot there while in these one year deals I'm guys that. It even like guys, you necessarily had the lock up probably weapon available in August. Of course, they're just bodies mean that the case c p thing for twelve million Casey peers, like a six million dollar player at best like to twelve million. We were press the point where we see ridiculous things. You know over pays and the mark now it's just the mega contracts, the mega stars, but is, unlike any other woman, said I dragged out while they had seen everything else and corrective, because the I was that's very new aims, as eight million isa I really is over. I followed the bucks overpaid for him. That was three years twenty one million
That case it is better than earlier in the week and and twice on Tuesday. Alias over is a better basketball player. His whole career, then and Casey Pay is not even close. Will Barton got four from fifty but Overpay thousand overpay, but it average at the twelve battle, Will Barton's better than Casey. Better I only on better, I dont. Stay. Why they just didn't hold their space. Just wait swayed couple days with the debate: problem teams make over and over again is trying to build their turn July. I'd, never understand it. It's issues dame inexplicable that space anymore, the biggest asset you have- and you know you two February. You you had these biogas on the market, the can go get in that's. Last year we had Beilin Ellie, we had Ellie Sullivan my road and work at that grave for the Celtics, but all those guys a rough. The same as as this
I recall was was out there to be traded for nobody at CAP space, is everybody in July by others, he's right away bombs another one was Indiana like done Mcdermott three years, twenty two who are you competing against? I sum available. They're waiting for my first, they emit Daily that down June thirtieth, so adds value this team that. I don't know, maybe maybe they don't care, maybe they're, trying to save cab space, for nineteen, and they just want to make sure they lack down. Dude someone your deals, but even if they were due, that I don't know why they pick those guys for that actually the rash. Now right, that's what makes most sense one year deal so if they found these guys at various points in their careers, decay seeps I'll, never understand, Casey, P, but definitely prevail. Casey players, clutched he's a clutch quiet and that's why you got that by the way. Coups must sign for clear sign with clutch reason they so you can.
By to see him stand the TIM Big One common in two years, Frankfurt Brandon Ingram wants to stay with the Lakers. He should sign with clutch jump over there right now: hey rich fides, bread and eager How are you really need to do it it? Maybe it's indicative of of where the bronze headed out for this upcoming season. He just had by far the most gruelling season, probably of any human being. That's ever played basketball in the history, if of humankind. I mean that the combination of Ross, Grover Hall Age to play the minutes that he played you know which his age Did I hear fail even right? So maybe you he come into this situation like yes, I'm done, This is a long term deal we're gonna do
start time to get things straight, two thousand and seventeen two thousand and eighteen nineteen Lakers. What's the over under I'm going to fit fifty three and one slash two I'm going to take the under cuz, I think they're going to win v Well, I have some news for the second, who knows what who what the teams gonna be so they have their own first round pick this If you're gonna get super devious, I'm not saying they would do this, I'm just saying I'm just carried out their rest as just a game plan fields. Four devious beating the warriors next year anyway, I'm aggravating Houston either by the way you not being used in and probably five other times you dynamic assets in the west although with o Brien in us, if they can't get away, they couldn't get by George, wonder if the move further Brian is. Is you just Take it easy. This is maybe, get outta here it's some surgery, you better get some surgery that we didn't know he needed in
could fixes dig it fixes broken hand, really gotta get aircars heretics there that there should be shook magic and now that they go get it fixed I this is, I think this is possible. Carrie injured the head that eleven for quick dive. The wires debated right? They called out which, by the way, but they have their first round pick next year- would be funny. In the west. It wouldn't be that hard to just finish with the six pack he's, never missed. The plan Senate thinks it's a rookie year, but maybe if this was I kiss M J, Baseball, move Beata that you do that They ve been instincts strategy if they could get anybody like Ireland gets him, got some demand is in his neighbour in a clean up, but I dont he's gonna, do that. I think he's gonna be invigorated by you know those Ella crowds Ellie has great friends, you know these. They have funds that have been here. This team shut up
Nineteen fifty nine They ve been good ever since I stood on a the tree as jobs and when the brow outside their uniform. They will have had. One of the best. Thirteen point is about them as a Laker think about who think about that will the wizard that had any of the top forty Five pairs of all time, best player. You guys you enjoyed into account. Jordan, yeah You had like Zombie, Jordan. They wore the dirty Its zombie journey, Brad came, the better read was, was Elvin Hayes. Right or Wes Unseld. One of those. I can't remember who I have a clue who I ran to, but feels to even the thanks. You have won the most titles and have been the least dominant franchise. Bird and Russell, where the only two guys dad the top twelve, that than they have a check, then
he, although you are backwards and you go until at cruising cowards and SAM Johns- Macao the great eyes at. But when you take it They all timers lake getting of thirteen is pretty insane and then add. He imagined algae Bailey. Yeah. I had him like in those seventeen eighteen rynch began money. Yeah he's tiny. So there is easy eight of the top twenty As you know, it's become this recurring theme, the gray players, good at some point in their been away. What would you have? if you were Lebron James, the thing that you know I'm at the stage of my career. Just had the hardest year of my life. Where can I go have in it? You know I want to go, live somewhere and not move around what a great place to go live. What's going on with my kids, I want to see my kids like you know. I have a kid who is really
I wanted at this one thing: he put him in a position to go. Watch him do that stuff that that's will be. Those will be the factors you know In my head, I wouldn't he's at work were passed, the point where to me there's going to be any more legacy defining like, I think, it's possible that they don't make the finals during the the rest his tenure and know it with the Lakers, it's impossible to say what players they will lower and you know what what the comic mystery and everything like that. But as long as you know golden state, How much longer do you think gone states run is gonna. Last fears like at least three years nearly two three. And in the rain is leaving that near next door open day there, which nine, these linear Dennis DOM site for that. I want the next day to get better and we think about that guy's now in the West, looking at the east and thinking while I go make a mark on some historic French
as in the east, but they wouldn't it wouldn't blow me away if sitting here today July, the second two thousand and eighteen- we looked out over the next four years and said the Lakers didn't make the finals any one of those four years. I wouldn't say: oh that's impossible, you know, I can't believe it. I would believe it, I agree with you. I think the Lakers were the best move. They are also seems, like the take the least shit option at their for him no begin and with TAT he felt anywhere was given him shit last item three, maybe because we're we knew this was for a year bet it's now a guy This was not like Doreen joining the seventy three. When where's, he was an hour on the brain drain team with really know all stars in terms of that seasoning. In terms of that softening the beach there. The message management We have previously got down on her knees and and tickled. The testicles of his media his media force. Yet this is unbelievable, it's really great it's.
The last two years they have been set in the stage for this. The end even starting last summer, when people really started to think I was gonna happen, they then, and they shall of making it. Like I was gonna happen, and then you know all the way through the Ass in the finest here's what I'm holding onto as this is I'm turning off by normal. You know trying to be objective. My brain and just might be hatred of the Lakers, just such an attack on a good job so far. It so happens that for ninety seconds you can be a ninety second Clack Kyle Fora for simulator hatred. I was texting Louis K last date, yeah our friend, I deliberately didn't he yeah, huge Laker fan also an angels fan and mad that I didn't text him yesterday, even though I was like why do I need to? I told you this was going to happen. I didn't text you back and forth.
They feel himself a little bit and I text at home. This is gonna, be posed to the angels to point out. Really out the feds. Every tax to back three years is better than ten years and I take back its to be a long three years when the Brown becomes a two forty hitter overnight, like posted, there said, if really felt like this. You wouldn't be said. The lady left. The east I want him to worry about. Let me have this and an eye texted back. He took it for years, because he knows he does his body is breaking down an degenerated into name calling at that point. But, of course, we ve The poorhouse scenarios really, I have told onto a Celtic, fan it can have on that. Doesn't fifteen years anyway, that's tenuous cause pools was, the when he went to the aims of the bread. Maybe fifty you'd yeah yeah. I dont think I think a basketball
the brand takes. It takes much better care of his body. I think the pause did, but you know any it does go to show you, though you never know the guy Oh, my god I was, and then the guy shows up and weird shit happens. We ve seen that's better it maintaining the NBA over their Siena. Sir, you Such things are Howard, a member, the debate Steve NASH s I cover in and twelve, the only thing, that's a sure thing is gone. State gesture, Let's take a wreck every day about Peter Millar Comfort, fit qualities. While their setting the standard immense, where Peter Miller was founded in two thousand, with a sin cashmere sweater in his garden. A premium american lifestyle, their brand, the pyramid Our polo shirts are so is it take care of? You can wear them stood at the dry unaware needed Peter Miller. Perfect. Any occasion vacation dates, work events cough even workin out. There are significant, Chris cause. Each shared has some protection, the performance
courts. I wore this weekend perfect for playing around again for taken. Their chores around the house, easy to take care of fraud, went to your washer enjoy. The most comfortable parachutes. I've ever one. I can say that about everything. I've ever worn for Peter Miller, Renee you can head over to lard outcome, slash bs to check out some my Peter Miller favorites be sure to use my link in your receipt a man or a shipping in a free had that is Peter Mylar spell by Kevin Am I a r d, such Bs Peter MILAN, Dotcom, slash Yes, Woodstock about Paul George, ok conspiracy bells gonna come, and can I common conspiracy welcome at it. Hey guys! I do it ass, a conspiracy book and talk to you. I have no proof of this doing it for fun, it's a past turn this into a bypass cause, it's just for fun. This is me tat. My buddy has here's my
spirits it there for the pall. George thing got her. I think the lake tempered the shit out of him, they got him sober, basically told both parties. Now sign in their wow. That's it. He can't sign there. I want. I want this any further, but here's how we're gonna resolve this you now let us out the Lakers and that's it. That's conspiracy, bill I have no idea, if that's true, I'm just thrown it out there for fun to my friend Joe has just for firewood just for four times thing is that would be its such the anti stern move, because part of my own distaste dislike for the arrogance of the Lakers franchise, Anne and their fan base is the enormous gifts that,
League has given them has bestowed upon them over the years if David Stern had any integrity, any basketball integrity with respect to the franchises and the trades and everything the trade that he would have put his foot, down and stop Dory or delayed so that other teams could have participated in was pow, guess all from Memphis to the Lakers. We as the singular trade that elevated the Lakers an elevated co, be created the opportunity for Cobby to go get those rings. Tat was a gift Wallace bestowed that gift upon the Lakers there's never been. I want the deep dive I wanted. The deep investigative reporting I ever seen a single explanation as to why it is that the grizzlies had to move when they moved without giving anybody else in the entire market, an option to participate in the power of it stakes. There was three reasons. Why, then, I guess all sweepstakes well
whose legs for the deadline now the counter. That is, that trade work that grave for the grizzlies cause. They got mark a sob when they traded form. He was alive, Saccharine pick any was like three hundred twenty five paths: that's not a counter! rise out of its counter a meeting they they word. They had dumb dumb lock. It wasn't the point of the trade. There terrible for another. However, many years after the trade, is any blossomed, because he does. He changed his life. I think That is a very fair phrase, because that same year kid took her shameful behaviour over override over who they take over No, that was the year they day they took Kevin. Then shaded approach a mayor. A year later, they took a shameful beat over Steph Curry
James Hearted, which, as it turns out, was a mistake, but that the trade that Stern does block is one as have the potential Yanks exactly right, two for three franchises that that built in a heads up arms length way. Tryin and improve each of those teams, and there is still no explanation for why here intervene on that trade, and so I love this idea of silver intervening in in this moment it is hilarious, the position that the thunder find them of them, and I especially enjoyed John Gonzalez's peace with this quote from San Press. I haven't, I never saw. Any of the many docks did you see the many doubts about the thunder with Presty. In however, that that that there is the process, kind of thing for them that I see it. I thought it was some of the funniest content. We ve had Basque by related in five years.
Am I? Why can't I get afforded Chinese Pierre values? Periods? Cable and by male busy play godfather times its mouth, like a million out of my job amount in the golf course yet iraqi event, the fry, the tribe, called Quest well yeah scare money. Don't make none yeah I mean that's. The James Hardened deal dummy like how could that come out of your mouth? We re talking about. It is almost today from franchises. It is spent I heard Rachel on the jump as watching the job that night had hugely July first, she saw the jump and she was talking she like. She had banished people who thought the James Heritage. I was just about the lecture tax.
There is a lot more going on theirs. Equity. Talking about that shows. A hundred percent about will attract export where the hell is going on there. They offered him for years fifty two and he waited for your sixty. They traded as eight million bucks, but it's funny because now they ve done as complete when eighty and now I would say by I could add to them. We criticise them six years, go for that spending money. Now their spending money too dad I'm actually kind of frightened for them they paid never payroll with the luxury taxing by costs like three hundred billion dollars or something there, so far, the luxury attacks it's almost like watching those Paul on Blazers teams, but They had to do it because they're trying to save Basque or Oklahoma City. Basically, if mother, keep on rockin r us is going to leave. Well, they just locked in a forty, a twenty in the kick it out of the first round. What's what's going to be different, Roberson's going to stay healthy and though they'll be out,
Defence Carmelo soria- is on that basketball team. Well, there, The hope would be there by our Carmelo. I I told you my plan for Carmel used on plan. I just baron, I reproach down that Russia, but we're gonna, send you checks, don't come to work make it so that he eventually with is best mortality looming. He wants a chance to prove that it can still play and then I'll get take the buyer like we're doing Wade, division Gaga either you they Carmelo cares. You think that supper. That's important now I think I he cares about next year's contract with them than the better and minimum There is a lot of weird stuff. With the pod saying I was absent joking about conspiracy, bill otherwise would it be, would be completely stand if that was the case, but that the part I was surprised by was it was like this unfinished business. Motif,
that, like the pall, George, I thought was a hash? Did somebody did somebody hashtag the insignia unfinished business? we'll keep in the game. I love Somebody did it. How can you can you research that region Paul, George unfinished business. What to call the fifth unfinished for ten years, wasn't whether the called if it's never finished, did, I say, never finish the hashtag, never finished business. Well, that's ignorance, which went beyond words here. The hours a day. And it was here's the funny thing about that they want. Games in the first round, it got knocked out six by you, tat who got killed them. Yes, ran their unfinished business about he's getting to the second round. Unfinished business were wouldn't let right or more. They want what
or play off game with Paul George than they did the year before. When Russell Westbrook, you know was well and chip triple doubled, the I just I was amused by the whole thing. Is it was the part was great: I'm happy for ok, see they got to keep this guy. They take a huge gammell. I do think the whole Gamble Thing the gamble was they had to figure out how to get ready to sign their giant extension a year ago and they do their part George shade they taken Square one year flower and I'm hoping it will convince rest to stay that part worked out, but but but they're screwed dwell It just doesn't see my dad had that team as pray. They constituted with how much whether they're paying rests and Paul George, he's the mellow. What Carmel is only one year there eventually already, then then they go
Jeremy grant three years. Twenty seven I like Jeremy, grant me too. I dont well hats. I dont know if, if, if he's worth the luxury taxing repaying like job there. Whatever the added money by adults is that fifty three and fifty four million contract. It's not our money house, but I I wish I was just flabbergasted by I'm looking up right now, how much money they spent and the other thing is possible. It was completely healthy. Last year it. Hundreds of outrage and fell back ass. I do For any of the three items, That is reason I thought he was good. I don't they. He had the best possible Paul, George Susan, I dont think if, if he's number two guy? and your team in the atmosphere,
four star, not positive. That's enough, I feel really, I think, you're you're right. We just watched a The first round of the play off. There was barely three months ago. They couldn't beat Utah This is amazing. They have a superstar and he's the second guy Georgia's second, I am an area run out of the gym avenue, read their salaries just for two thousand eighteen, you can react this by the way. This is great, I'm so glad their spending money now because it it's like they they screwed up. Hard thing, and now it swung so far the other Arab actually created for them. Where money don't make It scared may know, make bad thirty five point: three: five million for Westbrook thirty Point: six million for George, twenty seven point: nine million for Carmelo. Why not? So That's where already at ninety four Stephen makes twenty four
rather than one eighteen? I'm sorry robber, said, makes ten. They get ten million year this year. He could. He can only play on one side of the court, but apparently he's so crucially important to them. A girl when he got her. They weren't able to play any more defence for the entire rested there season cause they Andrei Robeson the glue that hold them. Together got hurt. The egg is eat out there no other team in the NBA was audible in after some of their starters got injure Lester. I, the south things, came within willing, who bid it's a big. The files was there to best guys, but Andrea Robber suit was again breaker. Ten million for him. Jeremy grant eight point three o we're not then. Alex Sabrina, is gonna, make five point: five, Patrick Patterson, five point: five cow, singular five. That is just. I have speeches house,
it's a lot of money, their active roster cow sailor cap for two thousand eighteen. Ten is a hundred. Fifty five point seven billion and they have an infinity filling up where's. Yet why I want to thank Oh, my lord, so much better about the wizard. Oh my god, there's a franchise out there in worse position with the worst future early suck a comparable future. I think they had to do it. I dont know if they had the german granting as much as I like him. I think at that point AEGIS, I just don't understand how they're gonna pay for everybody there in Oklahoma City. Make as much money as other tabs I'll. Tell you why amazing. This maze money. Don't Magnon was did you think about Paul George taken four years a a three year at this? This was the most he hears. What we learn and- and I'm gonna be- I want to be judicious about this- I to be gracious about it. He had a life altering injury, I mean,
like career injury, career threatening, yes, but also you know something that made him look the mere hard and and wonder about you know his own sort of professional future and he came back from it pretty damn good, but I think it changed a mentality for him. He has not been comfortable as an alpha dog since he came back from his injury. He was uncomfortable in that position in Indiana, which is why I'm pretty sure he was. It know out there publicly saying he wanted to get to allay. He needs the pressure off of him. He needs to be in a place where there is somebody else is going to take the heat out of him by the situation. The player, so he likes, and here I agree there. He likes the way Lara that, yes, I ll take forty shadows rise like it, he loves it. This is great, takes a more shots. Number here: you're forty three I'll do sixteen and there will go to the outcome.
Afterwards, we we have unfinished business. We to you tied six dated Ev Rubia at Ricky, beat us Joe angle, because ass, showing us beat Yours is S. Do there unfinished business too. To take for you Seven redwood! That's that's the best business to have this debate. Finished so rice young after they had asked the George saying he's a guy covers Casey for years, be rice, yeah, nice, guy, closer nice guy, like racing. He tweeted scared money to make them, as is. Firstly, the second tweet was This is a massive, a landmark achievement for the thunder in same presty. Can you If they had like made the finals last year, I could see that sweet baby. Lasting round one in six games to Tita.
I don't. I also gave away the sit the most approve player, the league who's, that depot and that trade are confused for second remark, achieve it. Oh the depot. If he ever but enough, it happens, when a case here he did changes. Body was taken, or day when he shot by mighty suddenly turned into a tab border low dozens and dozens of new tabs and your browser in search of a promo code, just one that works afraid. Close, any them in fear of missing out on a deal well before you crash browser yet again: try honey honey. The free browser add on that over nine million people are using every day to save money, while the shop online add honey. To any browser for free then show like you normally do honey, scans and test millions of coupons in the background
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That was what she right now are the West Writer warriors one Brackets Tilden who'd. You have three right now it's. It's not ok, see for me. I'm just telling you now outside the ok, see from either it's either you TA or Ella. It's probably Utah I would have you, I would have a three that continuing at Calais, ok, that's fine but if they don't get em, I view TAT three Ella for Minnesota. Five. I dont have Minnesota ahead of us. They see, I'm ok, see six Minnesota still up to figure out. They have a chemistry thing that had to figure out without figure it out and I find their coach will that's what needs to happen. Something needs to happen like that with them they under achieve last year and there,
weird they had a weird by. There was weird chemistry I didn't enjoy it. I thought that Minnesota team was gonna, be much much much better and there is nothing I saw in the basketball court that that Was made it clear why it was that they were under achieving? Would you Portland, or we make a mistake that put in Portland TOP five no come on pretty good. Last year they just ran into the wrong team. Are who they are there great it's fun to watch I'd the people of Portland have a good product to go, enjoy regular season basketball, but they're not think that they don't have any genuine ambition or aspiration. They can't go anywhere. Who they lose? Two on banking, Anthony Davis oh yeah, that together the values that today we are, we didn't mention the paths yet right. So we don't know buggies come back right, but the pad out the west is when you get past those first to you have like aids
teams that are going to feel like their absolute clapped him? What the amber just been enough money the temporary too I mean you gotta, get real right, precipice, equal kissed, embers the fiftieth birthday, because they re weren't healthy last year. Your mama is year other too they have a deal. They can make a deal. I love doing Windham announced Basque about Twitter. So for the last few days I loved one Denver announced that they were in on the broad James, Daddy they were ready to make it clear that no cap space and had ever been mentioned for him ever and he had already acted out of the Cleveland there. So there is no way to trade I was actually think of it. Ass in the ringer was gonna, make a run for him and tried to steal from uninterrupted which he adds but that made about as much senses damper stealing the broad. I just think its fight funny. It's it's it. It's indicative of ambition and aspiration. I, like that dumper ok,
we have a couple more things there really quickly Cleveland that you take. I mean what I feel like the clearance best go for next season should be to invite us they're, so we can improve their ranking on the food seen because there that's the only ranking that they have any opportunity even prove again. They there we'll get. Em we're going to do a rank and they're going to do a tank, because Kevin Love is not going to be a cavalier. You know for the upcoming season. I don't know if we're going to be back in Cleveland Anytime ever I don't think so, In the end, you had some good food at the baseball stadium. I had a good time in Cleveland.
I know that every day in Africa disappeared for long stretches I likewise employer, port, any city where you can walk around two from hotels to sporting events, those are the best, absolutely criminals, fun and probably won't be back for later. I dont who were they got their title. They can't complain tat. The second best paramatta employee Therefore, eleven years, that's pretty great labored labour paid for the South EAST for thirteen years and was really badly hurt for two of them, so who played for the Lakers from eighty ninety one, I think it was it, was twelve and then came back for that half season in ninety six. You know and may run really hard to complain. Craven has a great baseball team. Very, very good baseball team knows what the Brown together do, but that's the focus now. I thought no reason to think about
Ass bought him anymore. I thought: bringing the Brown back was a mess, landmark achievement for the Cavaliers and then Gilbert with a massive, where market J one area, that they won the files- and it was great really it worked out for them. I don't know Do now they're they're screwed contract glass next year. I would like to see my my one hope for them. I would like to see Kevin Leviathan, the team that uses incorrectly before his prime is over. I still believe that did and where, where who's, who can do it? I did you know, I was having some Utah ideas with them recently, somewhere prized. You know who I think I think old there are more, is rubbing his hands together. He, oh yes, always got. Obviously, like Mr Maggie, yes yeah and his inside out game, like I you know,
I know there was a little bit of of gnashing of teeth about the idea of a tremor Risa laughed Emit Houston law, something I'm not sure if anybody watched memories of the season, maybe he's a good maybe it's a chemistry guy but like he. He he's another guy, look up replacement level and then look underneath and that's where you find the deadline adds Devlin the case for his offense. I share he shot abysmal in the playoffs excellent defensive, where glue guys generally good good. I am and super competitive, listen he brought a lot of good set the table for them fighter, but thirty, four, the season right the shot went South Loop, Mama Moutan should have all all of those minutes. He so much better. Why things on both ends of the floor? I think If anyone is going to be able to find rear, random, weird three, indeed, deeds all over the map, its can be Dara.
I would say he's right ass to quit. That of anyone who do that, I didn't mind. There is a thing in aid to be honest: I think him was crying over it, that's one, I think they were identified. Okay with it basketball cut common. Area saying all of use: little net little neck. You know little neck to Houston wide when you talk about tremor Risa. I will tie. I thought it was a massive landmark achievement for the Phoenix sense and GM, rather than to get a guy I've ever have Memories is experiencing defensive earlier. That is, gonna, be a fund him. I was taken last night. I can't remember a meal fine West Coast League Pass batch of tea. That you're not going to be able to watch cause you're gonna, be starting and your catch at midnight, but just go through the Lakers gonna be really fun. I think clippers have a lot of players. I enjoy
Actually. I'm excited frivolous government clippers, Louis Lambs, Tobias Harris, Milos, treasure Errol now only one that I'm the only one that you got me with with Milos. He got tired, I'm interest I think there I think it's a goofy team available to you. Due to play hard to know how to play basketball in Beverly Hills, and then it is also the creepers too of when you move to allay got those tickets. Nobody was got exactly worthy. Yes that's what I wanted. I wanted them to come back. I wanted they, Marco Yorick era, charisma, Getty or forming a year were bad Marvin Eli over me, lad yeah, we're back you're ready for Bulgaria. I am I'm ready for me getting again so that you had to. Things with that. Dear Fox and Bagley other weird shit, they're gonna do they bear some terrible fridge and signing that they have done it and then
and then the sun's I think you're gonna be delightful, so delightful team now bigger me interesting. The wash definitely they're gonna play so fast. After they got bunch a good swing guys. I, like Trevor raises the old vat with tasted Chandler Semester there, eight and as the young young. A prodigy centre. That's Finally, we the warriors. Those are otherwise customs and Denver as well. If you count them as a West Christine they do, they start like. An hour earlier. But You go to the ILO to the Pacific. Northwest He got Damien there too, and the ban blazers I enjoy watching them, for my is a joy was cause Basque while the share. Alternative would be if the EAST Coast was on. You know thirty a diet- and it was like Orlando, Charlotte Cleveland Lana every day were: let's quickly go,
there's some silence, angered and for years, eighty four Orlando kept them. They see. I agree with that closed area that you you you keep it because you know you're gonna trade, the contract at some point he doesn't make sense in the team, their building and I've. I think he's available there. I said I still, but I'm a believer with the hair Bob, and I thought about a Friday Two years old has playing at a opposition without point guards. Basically, furs most was MBA career and I'm a believer happier. I am I for well, I think it's a fair contract. I think they're gonna be able to get something valuable for that you have. Twenty million is soon gonna, be like you know the of the old ten or something you know second to be like, oh my god, it's back breaker kind of contract and he so young and so athletic. I think the he's got the world in front of him I know impossible for like six months, but
oh and I dang for AIR Gordon would be a trade. I don't think I could have until January, but I would to see like it just incredible athlete with opera. Just we never really seen it. We ve never seen like the just. The all time kick ass above the ram kind of wing guy? For that these just on weird alley used to. I would try that Chris Paul, for years, one sixty now. This was wink winked a year ago when they agreed the trade farm. So you can't really fought Houston for this, but man You know it's gonna be frightening for two billion a year for Chris Paul near for this, and that excited about that from here is now used it now putting a very shy finish line on this whole Jameson increase both I think, this coming year. Next year, maybe year three, they ran right reminiscent of of where this, thanks for when they did the cagey round stuff in there
they thought it was probably a three year plan and then everything else was grave in this sum has stretched out five years out of that nucleus. But really, I think we all thought three four max this and they ve got there through year. One already allow it the over under four major contention years of these, as to best guys is probably too agreed, told me more and up and also think goes worth the money. Don't have a problem with that sign and don't have any problem with the money. Agree that that's their window go go for it got to go for it, my favorite signing so far. You know what it is I don't even have a guess: Fred Vain Fleet for two years- eighteen million, like that one, I get it because he bet on himself me, neither can table Cobbler Pope he tinker with back either. I visit
Casey, p money, you're right, but I drafted or sector after the second round undressed our draft of a ban on himself. Making more money the next two years, then I think deeds who are in the top five in his draft, so they made the minute the fixed era. He he was one of the two players on Toronto. I genuinely feared do our best chances went out in the first round series, yet the wizards is against. The wraps was with him being injured, was a huge opportunity for us to go still games course. We didn't, we couldn't do pull it off, but he I feared him when he was on the floor. He so things smart he's got up like a world class basketball like you deejay, when you're twenty four cubes, what Dallas DAWN
what a great crested would agree. Question. Why why you back in business or the did, who Natalie merrily left you at the altar. That. Wasn't just like to leave you at the altar situation like it would be, for you know we're getting married, they screwed he screwed them over for that summer, with their caps space by the time they get their way back of his over here. Why were unfinished business though it is. I realize openness, business where a jailer Parsons he's gotta be available, J maybe he'll come back and get the ban back together, get him pants dj, the edge one for twenty four hours. Ok with, I think three four sixty would have frightened me because I'm not sure I'm not sure I fled play. What his next three four years are going. Look like I'll. Just tell you from the coop again: I went to that. Harrow is more effective, come in and
as the as Canada New a five verses. What the Andrea does? I want to say this I feel like the Andre after New Year's started playing the not get hurt, that's maybe extent I watch clipper games and saw them in doing stuff. I thought that that he was playing to protect himself very reasonable, very, very possible ambience too, for eleven, the man by his back. Yeah, Joe I'll, do it. We come free, Joel he doesn't like mad, that doesn't the man, but he still pissed baddies twin about after they also give afraid of him. His own kit weighted down on him, the favourite dunk target of joy and bade him. He got he was might have been a target, but he got to wave is joy. I left the court after game five, ass, a landmark. She preferred beds Joe AIR as a method of joy two years: sixteen million back with Brooklyn
now this is somebody the Lakers should have said: actually exactly rice GAD at that price, about give Joe Harris one year for twelve million right you stay well if I'm Joe Harrison taken that over two for sixteen how do they is due there's have scouts. Did they watch basketball? Why they they clutch. Well, what would you say about that? Poor, elaborate His whole career, even he won T titles, no one, three titles all these fine us, and yet it fell intermittently did hear people running his franchises that actually knew what they were doing. Take it away from the bombs intermittently like what what clean did to him from oh six through two thousand ten was just a travesty like ale, they literally drove him a town they
play the moves and tied their cap up in so many different ways like he had to leave and then and then what he ended up both of Cleveland wasn't much different. So not a lot of non aligned. Big moves left Marcus it still out there right best of luck back. I think the Indiana thing, really hurt and then the teams that doing anything right now book is illegal, honor, but also go out or area hit. Me baby have said that they're not who knows who knows will see That's it that's all you may will see you in the airport or for buggy still makes sense. They were firmly set, are not their running for that, but that might be smokescreen. We end you sign up for that outside of the absolutely positive
immediately. I think washed in is the most interesting. Hasn't done anything team yet left of other tabs, because I guess why and on this point Then in now are the clear front runners in EAST Timor still looming showed the new coach. Leubronn is gone. There's some narrative. Everyone will talk themselves into by December. Yes, Indiana MILES Turner spent. Big topic on the Ringer MBA Slack is body in some shape. All the stuff. So he might have a break. I hear they added. I dug Mcdermott shooting, I guess that's good thing, o depot. They still have some calves. Get somebody I think they're in the max and I think you're lucky
I got a bad guy, as I said at the outset of this broadcast At a deadly malevolent at the with the wizard, still seventh well. With the boxes, it seems like the reenacted Le Bronze two thousands Cleveland experience. Where now they ve just saddled yacht us with this roster that it's like what the hell is. This You have Bledsoe it earlier, so very fine maker in one year of Chris and obtain who, by the way, is a fridge and next year and, as is you have to yeah in the stare, he's gonna jump and I don't know now. There's there's a time stop watch on this Vienna Serna stuff, like that, the team they put together. I'm surprised move off a buzz. I thought he was awful for them, but even if
I was thinking was Dennis Shrewder as the three years left, but chosen expiring. That trade actually make sense for both teams in some in some way right I'd rather than a shrewder than butter. I like I'd like to reassure the basketball player. He seems like a irredeemable dick. Oh don't ever seen, airports as Gandhi. You see him there were deck, thou, be Dick predict trade you, so you just given up hope on anything. I don't know I is its July. The second is impossible to say so many you know moves yet to be made. Are you excited a drive to Vegas of Man, Thursday? Hey now now we're talking? Yes, sir? I'm really I'm already told the four friends I'm getting together with on the fourth of July,
we're gonna get together the fifth July, but I'm really gonna try hard to not over indulge button. I might a mite. Or indulge in, and I have an early morning fight out DC sour. The first stop. We make. We get this cars, probably coffee, Instagram MAC Address Spic. I thirty three You could see a picture put me in house from nineteen, eighty, nine and mainstream are put at last week. People comet that the worm shall crass was behind a steady look like MC caully, coconut Thou Party with MC caully, Coke and the time when I could see that the word the air So now is that was fine, that's our her, but will be doing I RAM stories and all that stuff we see at the of course, you're gonna be hot yet and then, where european patches barge I'm frightened at then we can suddenly too. I am going you go out of my way to see trail. Seem, impressive, writer,
Is there some illegal more excited about his damage? Is gonna, be there I think tray young is gonna shoot from, like thirty five p m and and make everyone I'm I'm fired up in people going to lose their minds and, like I can't wait for the over reaction to trade. Nobody play events in summer league. It's be awesome, forever, he's gonna love it shoot is. Oh, my god! That's that's! Why? I'm with excited Summer League is the place where you want to see. He check really elite three points shooters who are being guarded. Whoo, hoo, hoo, hoo, there have been any defence beat rather I'd ask this. The blast as always congrats the Lakers Vance. I hated better They, like his words gas again, you date again later fans Congrats to Louis K. I hope this is opposed to I know, and I will give a global later. Nothing could go wrong, we'll be back later the weak with house thanks ass body thanks again
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terms and conditions apply last but not least again, It is said that the last but not least, for a second time Friday, Vegas, BS, podcast live Caesar's palace on the clear patches barge nine o clock tickets whereby the last Vegas take over is happening the Ringer swarming Vegas. This week we have a lotta get good stuff plant. More did come as the week as the weak, goes along. We ever jaws relax was coming joy for fire. He ready for that. Until then. One way
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