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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons connects with former Cleveland Cavaliers GM David Griffin to talk about the different levels of LeBron's game, the Kyrie Irving trade and its surrounding story lines, fixing the MVP award, LeBron's next move, and Kawhi Leonard (3:00). Then Bill calls up JackO to talk about the Red Sox–Yankees series, the NHL playoffs, Mike Francesa's return, and more (1:04:55).

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NL as consumer access that work number. Thirty. Thirty, if you miss Tuesdays, BS pact we had asked, and Herman Lindsey, Satellites and Katy Baker to discuss. A very bizarre s, analyses and best tv shows a wacky and each class and childish, Gambino and kindly West thousand action back blackest, I'm pretty sure. That's the only one that combine all those topics this week into one Pakistan view I together you're com, just a wrote about Lebron James, just in charity wrote, can anything breakdown. Kelly, probably not Shea Seraglio did the year, but arguments for the two thousand aids in beer class. There's an exit scenario for the attach asshole, you get stuff and if you wanna hear instant reactions to tonight, Sixers
Celtics Game, the Ringer NBA Show is going to be live right after the game on Twitter, go to add ringer. Chris Ryan and the gang will be reacting Chris ran, hopefully, will not be in a coma awfully. He will become. Or it will see his sixers facing elimination, and I we'll be on twitter and then more run that Anna Podcast Red afterwards so I was sad to mess we had over and for people in there lay offs as this week having meetings and stuff. I said to MR Albert Mazes August. She afterwards he relating to shut out the shadow. To all the other people I'll be back later this week after this gave five come up David Griffin, who has never been on this package, but I think has been on every other part as well. Jacko cause Yankees Red Sox, India, but first our France from protein
I had right now. I think this is the last back ass that he has been David Griffin, former, have here's GM media mobile, I don't know he's got maintain. Gigs are the sudden it's a pleasure. Have you on how I do well Thank you very much. So you are to the brand genes for a few years there, The brain has gone to another level I would say, maybe since the beginning of March and I've been trying to figure out how the hell he's doing this and how the hell he's getting even better offensively away at this route of it states that he has one horse tat, a piece
week about how Lebron has learned had a restaurant games and act it carries? the slowest workloads of anybody just in terms of the amount of brandy covers in a game and picks his spots and just serves energy. As he's going, do you by this? Do you leave their says. There's something else I think that's true, I think, of a huge part of his improvement, though comes from the improvement in his shooting. His comfort level with the shooting is willing go to the preacher lying late. These are things that I think he's addressed from a skill set standpoint and from a compliment standpoint, but he's so cerebral in a we use
we use the joke that he was a computer on learning mode. Yeah he's such a savant, any figures out the angles, the such a huge degree that it's not as the pride they figured out how to game this. This them a little bit. It's why the the foot, the switch notion, is still real. It's why we believed in it so much in Cleveland, because the gap between regular season, leubronn and ass the brown, particularly on the defence, the vendor before, is bigger than any player in the league, let alone in superstar. So when he's revved up at that level, people haven't seen it for eighty two games. They don't even know what the makeup for a while. So what do we do it just so at the end they pay at this point, because we have seen all these teams smartly use the regular season just a kind of survive. It instead is. How is that possible? get in the brain is somebody that I dont know for the most. It has thrown away the regular season in really concentrates on peeking, the playoffs and now, at this end BP, where,
your voting on these six months that ultimately don't matter that much as Toronto proved in poorer and portal improved in a bunch other teams, did you think we needed there weren't do we need a play offs and bp? What are we do here? Well, it's funny dispersed, while I think Leubronn made it pretty clear early on in his time with us that what he really cared about was being finals assembly, which is part of, I think how is addressing the gap. He recognizes to a hugely we might be giving away and BP awards than irregular season in the interest of play. Our successful to some degree heated addressed within spell put the way he focuses its effort, but I think what would be cool. I dont know why the NBA wouldn't do this. There is certainly no be no harm in it. In fact, it might be more people show up at the award. Shell do something where you got off and the player the year Avenant VP do something
are you have a performance of the year or outstanding season? the year end an ambiguity because any added value got are often of player the ear. But if you had often of fire the year end Bp Tom Brady can be an BP every Europe just is obviously the most valuable player to its being, and you can still recognised the freakish performance of somebody else. I wish I had a plan and bp- and I wrote about this in my book and two thousand nine, where I just went backwards and try to figure out if the plan and the appeal an awesome bp would have been different year by year and there are some glaring examples like and oh seven, the spurs one, the title timid KEN was one of the best place in the world than easily the best and most important that team, but they swept the calves. Antonia Parker got hot for couple games and he's define us and Finals Mvp, and if you go back look at that sees in dark. The regular sees them bp. Tony parkers defiles every peered, there's no real record of TIM Duncan
who is the most important where the room again. You know I'm going to go on with your for that. I thank you all for that and I think the year Andrei equal dollar, one final, then BP and Will Braun carried the shell of our team, that the final on yeah, physically averaging a triple double all play off is clearly the I often they please don't you your point. I think that the great idea I love it when you mentioned in the book as well so. Here's my theory on the broad, because we saw him- do since two thousand ten, and we saw them do do it two thousand fourteen, both of those is when he realized He had a losing hand, basically at the at poker table it heating, quite on the team, but he checked out. He became very detached, Almost became insulated in wasn't leading on the core was doing his job was plain hard, but there
something missing and you could see it, you could see, wasn't clicking and connecting with teammates, and you can see it's almost like he was putting up this invisible guard, any definite did it in two thousand and two thousand fourteen, and I felt like it was heading there. For that Indiana Series and there this moment during that series, when of Indiana could have broken them. If Corver me, is to threes. If it go sideways, that lobby and was ready to check out, be, like you know, at this team sucks, I deserve better than this and move on. Did you see that our my imagining it no no it's funny, I wasn't there in Lebanon and and obviously from a distance, looked at the situation. I think what so ridiculous about how good will but is now much better use and everybody else we keep dictates out, come to such a huge degree, but you saw
dismiss the fact that everybody when they believe when they at that Spirit, when there in a place where there they just feel better about Wednesday, and their more properly motivated is better everyone, as Jordan was Michael, I mean everyone, better when they are in a better place? Yeah like what happened with Leubronn is unique. Keep him in the frame of mind where he's going to dictate outcome in a positive way, because he gets so frustrated with people's inability to rise to his level yeah. It makes it difficult to play with him so yeah. I watched the theory. The black thing, then, will you and I did think there was a point where they were teetering on lack of space. I don't think it's because he quit on them. I think it's because at that point it becomes clear Does it believe in them enough to carry them in the way he has been carrying them brown, both its different? Will? You said
You said his brain as I go computer, that's costly learning, he must hate Wait, there's somebody seasons where he realizes. Ah, I don't have the horses they I could. I could go to the king Yes, I've I've ever gone too, and it still might not matter and that That's what I was seen as some degree in game for, but what he did know at the time was Corwin. I've started clicking, he gets is added nowhere performance from tops and engage seven and then, by the end game. Seven you could see he was all the way back in an hour and it was like a completely different team who is like they the Middle washer dry iron, knock them around. For forty five minutes spam back out. Another that clear neither the clear fade, to come out of the east- and you know a week and a half ago,
was thinking, they're gonna lose an italian and five. It's pretty crazy, it's funny. So, if look Braun was it will bring, wasn't on Cleveland theme and they did what they did. Everything you said they Jesus dilute the Elk coach mean he pushed all the right button terrain all the right that to get Kyle in love, going it put tryst in back in the lineup people, but also the right people around each other. They knew how to wind gather like you give him a bunch of credit for that. True, because its were Braun, you focused on what did Will Braun due to make it work. What was about to do to make it fail? And- and that's the thing that I think makes so clear- is the envy PETE? If you put that build on any team, all we're going to focus on earth is contributions to the
bigger picture- and you don't talk about the fact that Ty Lue played all of the guys who knew how to win together and eventually got off of the guys who weren't ready for the moment and I'm the biggest Brad Stevens Fan alive. And I'm a huge barriers to the only way I could get on a par with the pain. Or do you want some bread? I think he get all the crowded in that circumstance because of what their Ross has been in all of the term oil. They had injury, wife now that entirely I've never Any of that were meanwhile other coaches bull very openly day. Man, I'm not gonna, get hit by you after time, Night undiscovered goes going right after time out. Do not embarrass me again, so it's is a fascinating dynamic with Lebron around. Is that the curse of the Brons some degrees when the calves when it's all o Brien. He gets all the credit and when the calves
don't win its everyone else. As far as the coaches far and its teammates in this guy, it's like he has this built in it can't be far lose cause he's la, but I think that's a really tough. Addition to be, I not only if the coach, but I think we ve seen guys who just couldn't handle it like a like a lot of the guys they traded their share in some some guy. In past years released into plan of food. From that constant pressure of, I basically can't win. I just have to survive right here and I think that's the thing with any true great black people thought I was crazy when I said the thing about feeling like I would care taken for the legacy of Beirut, which will Bron look when you when you ve got through all of it. When you look at me,
story of baseball. You talk about everything, the Bay bid and they want all these games and they did all these things you don't talk about. Who is to catch her when he was pitching? You don't talk about things that contributed to the fact that you talk about his greatness, so I think that always happened with truly great players in this day and age, were everybody wants to annoy everyone Two percent are we ve lost sight of the fact that there may only be one or two in every sport? The attic Tate outcome like that, so yeah, it's a hundred percent. I guess the third a purse of being with abroad that he is going to get all the credit, but They also in all likelihood gonna get all the blame on the end, maybe not in the short term but long term. His legacy needs to succeed Well, his inability to figure out how to keep carry happy. I think, was his biggest teammate failure. I would say
of the last ten years now I've her I've heard you talk about this and different platforms and you're pretty adamant that The Cairo thing and it didn't have anything, do carry in the brain and yet We ve seen this situation over and over again and obey history. Where you have you now, you basically need you guys to keep winning multiply titles and at some points It is Batman, somebody's Robin and how the person just being Robin is whether is decides whether it's gonna work long term or not- and I did the most famous example of this- is Kobe. Bryant Shack was best guy in those three final steams, despite were Barkley, was trying to say last night and that crazy Tina by the crowd he had called me was the Robin. Incorporating want to be robbed anymore and that's why that serve combust. It could kite. Why couldn't careers state as the Robin. What was it
carries, make up that made him wanna be Batman, so I think part of it is the dynamic. You know I've I've seen a lot written about the copies a dynamic, and we watched it when we were in Phoenix, we were pretty close to see them in our act together and they felt like they added a greater level of malice and petty towards each other on a human level from a distance, at least than I ever felt like Irene Leubronn, had I really think it was situational thing for us. Somebody has to be taken in somebody has to be Jordan. I think that's true, but Scotty Pippin got the weak because he was a shriek Ashley gives bid decent. This player and everything that he became offensively, certainly not the path, and he had that like he was an infinitely airy playmate there, but everything he had been brought into the league.
Then grown evolve to the point where he was ass, good ass, he was, but it wasn't like the situation. Is a cargo precluded him from showing those thing Michael needed everything? That's gaddi was yellow they fit together and I think the fit of were brought in Tiree was difficult because Cairo so good often the boy had been carrying the load off and the belief or a bad hadn't been raised. The undressed, and out a leading and hope you will necessarily having been given that opportunity. Yet and just we're gonna, be goodwill Bronchos up up and be so keen, never got the chance that tape like that show progression in his career where he had to try to carry the load and see how good he could be, and he really wanted that he'd been doing it on a bad team. You wanted the chance to do it on a good,
and it wasn't about being a man. It's how good can I be what what am I capable of labelling and story doesn't need me to score, but one can make all the past. He doesn't mean that I'm not a better defender than he is I think you get to the point where the state in the Need La Braun had four tiree. What going to allow him to become daddy because the he didn't need Tiree to fill in the gaps. Necessarily. Now rendered have been better situation away, he didn't filling the gap it would have been better if they could have tricked each other in the recognising hey, look just make it until we get to the final than than you take over the add. That would have been great, but I just don't think that's a very realistic outcome, then your tea about guys I want that is those gut yeah I was surprised.
When he got to Boston, and I have seen a lot of people in the Boston realization? I think of them were surprised by what an alpha carry was and how similar he was impersonality to cagey, which stages were expecting, and they were surprised that Cairo could have lasted in the shadow that long. He really wanted to be the guy, but I think I think, if there's a basketball, I don't want to say tragedy, just maybe a bummer furlough bronze career, the stuff Cairo I the table for him in a weird way, really did compliment him, because I think the better. As about the one of the greatest thing, By carrying the thing that I was just shocked by wise, I know you got to watch him game in game out fur, forget how many years, but I really this is the first I got to really watch him carefully week after week and wood really incredible about him is how he does it need to be involved and can get involved anytime. He wants ankle
they had a certain level of hardness and get his shot based got any play and does it does it isn't one guys who needs to score fifty any like. Oh shit, I'm feelin it tonight, I'm going go for seventy. Seventy doesn't care he ill here, yeah, bushes, whatever he wants to establish on one play in first quarter to remind whoever's guarding him that he go the basque reverie whites and then he it's kind gets everyone involved and lets the game. To everybody and that's kind of the perfect gotta play with the broad right on paper. It's almost qualified for it yeah it's funny. He is he's perfect in it. I actually I'll think of it as one of the biggest failures in my time and Cleveland it I couldn't grow to a level of individual accountability where they felt that old into each other? Yet I think one of the things that really separate tiree loaded
Kijiji. I think they all have this they're all superstar talented, but they desperately want to be told what they eat the here, and I think, I really was searching for an environment like Boston relative to Brad the way he raised that young team. They have such ridiculous personal, ten ability to one another. Environment areas, more than willing to stand off on the side and weight and I think cagey didn't really become cagey until goodness, the Jewish more somebody else would call him out and tell him what he needed to hear my role what were Braun was very much to do that and I dont think I recognized the degree to which I could have impacted by positively and we were very close a minute. I love the guy and I dont think I realized at the time the degree to which we could have shaping impacted his willingness to be patient,
What the way the environment was speaking about would almost seems like a Brady grappled story as where it is that it now is where Tiree probably thought. Well, you don't. Nobody stays great for fifteen years, like at some point, the bronze gonna start breaking down. Robert, and then I become the guy in a switch, and it became clear last year that that was never happening in that Brian, as I was saying, the plan to his seventy five years old and her tiree I've searched areas. Private look at you. I don't know if I can do this, but I do think I do think there's a piece to him. I do think there. Parallels with him into rant, where part of why they wanted leave because they knew there was a better basketball situation out there and that scene. Way to say because carry was playing with somebody who's now, probably the second best. By about time, if that the first I haven't number two maybe two way in Russia to be, but I'm sure carry
saw this whole world where you know it, the judge. Your turn, my turn in every spread out an occasional get the bob it's like. I could move off picks I could do where things second he'd probably saw the stuff even stared, and once he knew Boston was on the table is out. There is a great organizational greatcoats like that, would be awesome, I'll, be I'll, be a better barrier. Where and I do think the rain was like tat to withdraw and state that's a better place for me to work as a basque welfare. You by that. Yeah for sure I do, and I think the reason is that, certainly in the situation of guy ray, I dont think that would necessarily true of dry because he was growing all the time and the environment brothel was part of, but in the case of carry this situation in Boston, fit what he had grown to be able to do before. Leubronn got you know when we sat down with Tiree and he made the decision to stay with us Abe recruited every free agent that we were going to bring in and successfully
though, everyone was willing to play with them and with excited to play with them, and we waiting on the broad Maketh vision, but obviously o Brien, want to come back. You're gonna get the greatest player with generation, you're gonna bring abroad, but Tiree was really engaged in building a team around and successfully brooded Heyward. By way of example, free agent and travel Rita would have wanted to come with us. We had. We had gotten commitment from a lot of guys we're waiting on the ground to make a decision. Fill your carry. You ve been carrying a very bad thing. You now wreaths, I'm you successfully recruit a bunch of all all american team. You as they kind of players that you're ready to win with your gun,
be the man on that team and then bear not, though I think he's development was stunted from what he was led to believe it was going to be just by virtue of the situation. Then that's really unique. I don't think that's true of the red situation and at the same time I think you're right. The rain had believed to really be in this situation. That was the aldermen expression of his greatness I think that's what I read chose to do. I wanna keep talking about very quick break with single quivered stubborn Casper, the sleep brand that continues to revolutionize its line and products to create an exceptionally comfortable sleep experience one night at a time with three mattress models. The original spur the wave and the essential Casper matches perfectly desire to see the cradle. Your natural GM not to mention the breathable design, helps you sleep, cool and regulated by the tempter throughout the night. Delivered right to your door.
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We got get you a Casper matches with that matches. For ten years, chicken outcast Britannica, Slash Bs Africa BS for fifty hours after batches purchase terms missions apply. I Rebecca Cairo Irving, he hits the boy a shot in the one game that Leubronn when's that ends up when in the brain, the title. And brain the title, a clever all that stuff, and when that happens, I thought I thought those guys out. This is This is going to last forever and that, obviously things changed following summer. You were not the GM of Cleveland. By that point, you left I think a June, so I'm a month before it came out the carry Wanna get traded. I I think it was a mistake to trade carry. I would have kept them and try to figure it out and done everything they try to figure it out at least until February, and if things got bad then make the move one
They didn't have like really a legitimate at a hundred. In the dark trade form. I just in the shade and eye, and I was stunned by how many people thought Cleveland God What are the trading kind of Siena underestimate? How good carry was so this to park where Sogo the first part are shocked that people realise how good carry was. Yes, and I can remember having the conversation with age when, when he called the pick my brain about carry in one of the first things I told him was there's a kid who attended this quarter. Just to prove you could do. It is so good if can decide to do certain things like that yeah so yeah I was, I was surprised, more people hadn't looked at his body of work and figured out how truly transcendent he could be certainly often
yeah, ok and also we saw him deliver and the biggest possible stage in the most possible pressure. So that's one way: now when the jailer The other reason is sometimes this stuff, each can't have to wait it out and it gets better. There's been a lot of different moments over the course of MBA history, when a team actually did in panic, and rode it out. I think one of the more recently famous examples was cobia in two thousand and seven when he wanted to get traded and they went far down the road with a pittance trade and then Doktor bus came in black. That is in no way we're. Naturally, copyright we're two guys doing, and that was there. Then, two years they won the title. If you had and the GM would. You have thrown your bike, in front of the carriage read it it's funny. Actually, I think a lot about the situation, and again all of this was thwarted. The perfect,
so I leave the Monday before the draft and I knew threw up those by aspect. Tiree wasn't obviously terribly happy with the situation and that there was a struggle and, as I said, Irene our clothes. We thought the lad I could tell what what was going to be a little bit of an issue for him and where we were going to be in the off didn't. But I think the most recent example of this is part of its single markets. Aldrich this day when the market asked for a trade gray, planets pop when its path and pop tells you x, Y Thee
you take it to the bank is a given. This guy has all the power he has all the authority. I can believe in bought for twenty one years. I can believe in part- and I think we're Tiree will had gotten was in my absence. Everything was sort of an upheaval. Chauncey coming he's not coming in depth work for dealing with the situation where they don't know what they can. They don't know what they can believe in and I think it accelerated and exacerbated the situation in a way that, in the presence of someone who ultimately. Everybody trusted in new had authority. You would have been able to do a different thing, yet I dont think were in a position where they were going to get to do that, because there was just too much turmoil it.
Why and no one that was actually in charge at the time, so it is not fair to say what would have happened if there was some one in charge they trusted and believed in, because that wasn't the situation there were even tromp units there I do think I don't know. I think, once once he found out that Boston was possibility that probably change the equation to it spend the Denver, Phoenix type, a teams, you can kind may be real and back, and at that point I think I'll be honest. I think it's incredible that the calves are gonna, make the files. Again I I was watching them January February and even before, made the trades. Then they made all the trades and irresolute they save their season, and I felt like it a voice crying in the wilderness going work, how did they
their season, that three of those four guys have never been in a big game in their lives and the only one who has his door chose always hurt where it would seem that they save and and and you look at you know by game. The last series? None of the new geyser playing George shows hurt, but now George playing well and the five guys that Leubronn base. No seeking go to war with, and somehow this is enough to make the files. I am just like staggered by this. All thank you. But you're, not like it. If you just separate yourself from all of the crazy in it, that is Cleveland. If it can look at it, you say: ok, let's take Lebron James and put him not any team in each. What, with the expectation level, be you're supposed to do this, that's how good he. It is it's funny when I when I say that not being from the things you ve talked about like Toby Haldeman taking, is there relax after the trade did a remarkable job playing the coroner about now
really bad disagree body. We disagree in that's, ok and we can get into the, but I thought I did a really good job. For this rate. Don't even think about the players they brought back. He got were born to buy. Owing to the notion of ok, this thing can win and therefore you got the leubronn that dictate thou come in a positive way, and Leubronn could be on anything illegally supposed to go to the final till he added value, of pudding, Brown in the right he's. Giving him hope now look are their individual players that you brought back that are contributing sure, George Hills never healthy. Also true, it makes a ton of money. Also true winnings healthy extensively presents, makes it possible for poorer in love and J are to start together and do the things they do that make Leubronn comfortable, which is in the small too. I am I
did like the trades and- and I thought I felt like- ah, you know now it's if he leaves there's no safety net whatsoever other than this broken pact that isn't really even a grey pick. You know it's thickets, pick nine, it's fine, but but there's out there in salary capital has no real way for them to bats out of it. So I guess basically was a hail bearing and now, if libitum makes the files, AMS, much more unrealistic. I think for him to leave and had also doesn't really seem like theirs, a team forever? I you know fillies had allowed a buzz. I would for him I would say since January February I started really hearing whispers and I don't think it's any secret that there some overlapping
friendships and business relationships and Ben summonses there. Obviously it's a possibility what you, what you know of labour Could you see him joining someone else's t? Might that again to basically join the Simmons a process whole thing in this kind of sir himself into this case. He did it that one other time with Dwayne Weighed- and I am sure you know, doubt our aid that first year took so much shit for it? I just find it hard to believe gonna. Do that again at this point of his career. Where do you think you know it's interesting, I think he's is likely join Simmons and allay joy, build Amendment no eight and the reason I say that is
knowing o Brien like I do when he makes his mind up that something is the main thing for him. It is and he can bring about. Whatever reality he wants to accuse us of all is well keep believes that its presence anywhere makes them at least be open tender. So I don't think he's gonna make his decision necessarily based on where he has the best chance. The way- and I think it's gonna be about the best expression for what he wants, the next phase of its legacy to look like, and I don't have any idea what that is really don't, but I think we know any of the things you gonna make the decision based on and it's really hard to say it's funny. The trade being a hail merrier, something that actually work in their favour. To this extent, when Leubronn a one year contract every year you don't get to be long term sustainable. You don't get to do Danny Age
did you play that game, those aren't the card. Your being, though, you have to win right now and put him in a position of frame of mind where he believed, owing to win in the future and everything that happens because he's on one year deals with the absolute maximum amount of money is an unsustainable formula so to some degree put himself in that situation as well, and I think he appreciates that because it would it's what gives him the ability to make Cleveland do what they did keep lesson care of Cleveland have nothing left to walk a charismatic leave. One believes in item enough to invest and again, and I think they did that, though the method pending the airlines, but we still get it and yet what I again that's meaningful. If your damn Gilbert you you really after do that, I'm torn on it because
You dont. On the one hand, there is no loyalty and sports anywhere and there never was any as a is getting traded from Boston. How ok see so quickly turned at the Red egregious reminded over and over again that there's no loyalty and sports so for the bride, take these series of one year deals which are really damaging for a team because I'm no stability at all. How many first round pics to new trade round When he showed up five five in three years, they you basically guided the future the team. It was the cat he was holding this carrot like we haven't. We need to be good now we need bigger. Now we need to be good now, and that was you were the prisoner of that but on hand. A blame them for doing that? He had all the power employers never have power sebaste got into how to feel about it. You know it's interesting.
So I do not know how many picked it was to be honest with you. I think that the deal that gets talked about the most in terms of a number of factual, J R Shepherd might have got it looked like he gave up to first to get are they, but really all you did was give up lament the fact that you already at Yale thing that I think relative to the future. The t it's one thing to give up protected person. Pigs into bringing guys that's the really well, and that your mind and all about it another thing to give up and unprotected they ought to do it. Brooklyn did where they genuinely gave himself no future of any kind. That's not what happened what, though a brown existed but because Tiree was lost in the process. The one piece was going to be absolutely when something is gone, and so now, when you're building in the absence of Tiree, looks like
you- really left the baron when the reality is that it wasn't that bear a nucleus of carrion cabin love, the play off thing for sure right in who knows what else and Kevin Love thing I've never given up on Kevin love. I really came close to giving by Kevin Love, this air just seem like he was used in a way that did not benefit. Allow things that he was good at an hour for whatever reason him in court have been unleashed and carvers another one that these. What does he like? Thirty? Six at this point, I don't understand how teams aren't point in those guys defensively, but it doesn't Does the signal matter hey? I want to ask about quite quickly because you better you. Never really been in a situation like this one, and I think that carry happily the Cairo last year, He had two years left on his deal, but if it wasn't taken care of who's, gonna leave
I've seen this term for around the internet a couple times that I kind of like cut pre agency, see that a free agent. You're like a pre and Can you use that, as this weird form, a leverage to teams are like a black man? I get something for me now Pa George Data to aid. You should get something for me now. As you know, I'm not gonna say I'm leave him, but I'm probably levin- and it's become this weird. Form of power see with Kawaii Kauai's got a year left. You mentioned that you thought the brain was the most logical place if he was gonna leave is allay. I also agree with that, and I have written about this. Lebron loves narratives him go now. I am learning for magic. Johnson had become a billion our media mogul. These are all things that, would make sense if you find the bronze career what's interesting about him go now. I, though they can have calf space. They have people to trade, to create more calf space, but
as I said, of people available quite Paul George, maybe buggy cousins. God knows who else tomorrow arose and could be available for all we know. How would you handle the cool I if you're run San Antonio, because really does seem like he's leaving a year from now. What do you do all its body so that my intention wasn't a fairly to say that I lay makes the most than just? I think that the likely, if anything else, young Antonio, could be as likely as anything else. Why couldn't San Antonio find a way to clearly state that bring Bron make why happy on Braun thanks pop is an absolute icon, so that that's an outcome that could happen as well. Somebody could pull that off its path to for me when I look at it and you're making the decision to do this. You have to start with. This is the spurs
If this was any other organisation, I would believe all of the fire starter nonsense about ass, believe or you have to get back. I don't think you have to do anything it's you cited about Jerry, but no, I'm not trading Kobe, Bryant, more part, as the level of costs all in power to stay. No, I'm not trading. Why limit? But if you're gonna not do that, then you need to put him in a position to dictate outcome. So maybe you have changed places around them. I think that more likely than me just gave and move the guy who, when he saw them like he, wasn't coming to the plan, Afghans and stuff like that, what is it read as somebody who has been an executive vanity when somebody just like I'm out of here. I come in earlier luck in it. It says a great deal about where is mindset is about the input she's getting from other p.
All. It said. A lot about the waste and Antonio sort of publicly hung him out to dry by saying that he was ready and that he's been cleared. The play that surprised me that they went that route they did it for a reason, and I know that pop knows his serpent band better than I do, but I looked at it. I thought, while at a really negative thing, but again you can overcome There was a lot of negativity around. There lay as well copious shack hated each other, better and better and better and Jerry Bus. That now, though, in certain situations you can do that weren't. They Margaret break a quick to talk about our friends, a racket mortgage by quick loans. They understand that plays a big role in your life and family. That's why they create a racket mortgage which gives you the confidence. You need one, comes to buying a home or refinancing your existing Haim Home Loan, it
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broad James story. What is it? Well, God? That's a great question. I think the one I'm falling back on the most is. It is there's two of em, so one Braun, on the court were playing Chicago the game. He hit the fall away, buzzard beater to win forest. It was one of the most ridiculous games. I've ever seen an employer basketball earlier. The game Leubronn turns his ankle. We're on a drive he stepped on someone and literally lay that completely slap to the point where the phone it's the wood and I'm watching in the back then so nervous. I can't even fit nicety of that and I'm watching in the back with our trainers and everybody else, am I always shit. That's not good. For she comes back years. Trainer comes back MIKE may be put back the grab something forums, but it has been a waste. The shoe up tighter and I asked them, I think,
ok, then, and he said to the other choice when I'm never ever forget that because might doesn't say that if that's not bronze mindset and that is brand new he's going to mind over matter his way past things, but other people won't Toby had a similar minds that we just got to the point where Physical deterioration was too great, but he has that ability to just transcended the wage and more so than anybody. I've. Certainly ever been around and Steve NASH had a great deal about himself, the other other bronze story from me that our boys and joy we're standing in the lobby of these four seasons in San Francisco, but day MILES garb joins the theme and my God,
dancing is basically coming up the elevator and walks off the elevator and I'm standing with Bron owing him by the way, my these on his way better bronze, really excited what the trade me feel like this are gonna, be meaningful thing maybe walked off the elevator and brown turned and looked at him and with this joyful little kid kind of green on days to go. That, though, really dig dude and he was all struck by somebody for at first reading. It- and I did remember the look on his face. Well, maybe that's great and when he did the black and two thousand, sixteen were you in the arena, for that, are you hiding somewhere in a conference from having a heart attack, No, I was in the arena hours with Trent Reznor and GM and often legislature going
and we were all standing next to each other, and I think I have been kissed them both at that moment you're my favorite part of that that's actually my favorite J R Psmith story. Nobody heard did J R, the love for being there and forced to be doubled, but that enable blonde recovered one of my favorite things. The watch, because in that video it almost like he gets poster, lies doing something very positive right. Dear, I just said been there. I ate that's probably my biggest basketball fan. Regret of this decade was just not being in the house for that chase down backers. In writing. Since probably the mid two thousands when it became clear that the brine ethically was just on some, different plan than with anybody- could imagine, and I remember radio must have been my two thousand to two thousand. I like that at some point here Can you give us one
rate highlights about time, and it was just western waterways was in a dark over somebody from the FAO. I was again oh like some rebound off the top of the back where they will sit? Nobody is clearly could be something, and I never imagined it's gonna be a black that basically swung the NBA files, which is what really the best chase down back. That's ever happen, and I think that's become his moment. And yet now were singing the plan is to buzzer booze already he made, I thought, one of their all time, crazy, as orbiters I've ever seen in my life on Saturday, with the running full speed off one leg. The hedge you're really does seem like he's heading, that Jordan Point that Jordan, I felt like a ninety nine. He said, Ninety eight, I remember bird. He was able to hit this point in the mid eighties, whereat they're just kind.
Fucking around in huge moments and laugh caves and, as I hear he's playing itself that the other peoples I would if I can make the shot, try this one- and I never remember him doing this before- do you know it's funny? This is actually something bringing that somewhat circle at something yep I re allowed a credit or because Jerry was natively like that, he loved to make left handed finishes the beam circuits like that. He had no even after use, but he would anyway, and they will do it in practice. Some would play one on one endlessly after practice doing things like that in the Bronx sorted out into the routine of doing these weird one legged left handed sort of thing What then, for no reason- and I think I really unaware
sort of way really made low problems start to think about. You know what there's more than I am capable of doing. I dont have a left handed runner. I can't stand the ball off the glad, and I think I read how, in the net for doing things like that challenged brown and bronze thought, and when I want that he's so damn good? He can incorporated into his own game and to me maybe that's the best brown story: burglar, really nothing. You can show him, but he can't do. There's no point, you ll run against him. He can't name and then go out there and teacher players how to do it better than anybody else. I watched him. You know it's funny, but the thing about not being in the German, its money. Your big regret, I don't think I took a break-
for a minute. Forty five, I mean it was agonizing, not wonder at a time when the game, but I was also in the June when I watched him on the floor again. Toronto tell Patrick Patterson where he was supposed to go on the way they had called out of time out waiting for because know that you're supposed to stand over there and you're gonna pinned down for tomorrow Breyer what now That's where I saw you you. I did a park ass, a labored like six years ago, and he was just casually- I member bringing some game and he remembered other details from it with some random game veto. Thirty. Seven years earlier, as yeah. I third quarter of aid, the there must be something people's brains, like you, said it- was like a learning, a computer, that's costly learning, where they're just downloading information all the time and it never answer they could just reach into it and do whatever they want. A one last question for you cause
obviously going to be an executive again at some point in your life re enact just gonna be on tv, shows, Zack low or not at all, unless you're so, but you shall have it so there's a I would say: there's four types of situations in executive can take over that. About this, a Darrow Morey the funniest thing about there was either he's trying to build this contender in Houston and they were always competitive and they always had a really good player. And when hanky took that Philly job, he was kind of jealous of it cause him in Haiti. It always talked about. Well, if I take over team, that's really got the franchise. Here's! What? what do you really get it you're gonna go all out and get the living hell out of it and he was watching the He thing really generally abused and delighted that hanky was doing set. The data is talked about. Save that scenario you have the take over. Team that is at the crossroads, but has a real choice. To win the title? You
The team that has the one good player, but they it's time to Canada, reinvent itself and then you have the tea. That's just like you know like Brooklyn three years ago, were you ve just got a blank canvas. No expectations and years to figure it out, because everybody does it's gonna be impossible. What is what's here scenario with the next job. You know It's something similar to what we had when we started and clear by no Chris Grant never gets mention in any of the conversations about the process than any of those things, but we did Joe you'd degree what increased? doing- and we did it on the model of ok, the in Seattle, what press be done when he made the most heated? get younger and trade away Ray and do those sorts of things. We were very much using that template part. Did it a million years ago when a tank to build what rang with the right people
by the way where nothing will James multiple James have done this before same hanky. He somehow gets credit is aegis it. Isn't it I m degree, but it's it's been gone out for forty years and I think it I love them, and I love how brazen he wasn't very clear about his mission, like that's why it was the right thing to do because they would all in on it. So I appreciated that about it. We didn't do it in a similar all in with our burbage kind of nature in Cleveland. We weren't talking about it, but we were doing something very similar and I think the reason it was ideal situation was we got there. I started in September when Braun had left the previous, you know in July, and it was like jumping into a burning building
you re literally, do anything you wanted to do when you add cover- and it was all gonna- be look round spot for a couple years. That's a great future waste than you know. If there's a occurs, the having him on your team there's a blessing money leaves you get an awful lot to cover any good, word on the fly. That's a good. I think that was here I mean I. I think it was just an opportunity to release figure it out long term and build in the right meaningful sustainable way, and I would love the opportunity to do that somewhere if it's the right fit. But it's got to be with the ownership that you can be in lockstep with, and that's not it's it's more and more difficult to find the right fit for yourself. You know I can't reach fit with all of the pieces on the court and and not in bed the same thing as a human being. So from a leadership standpoint, you just need to be in a situation where you can have the wrong.
To do the right things over time and that's not what the Cleveland situation certainly was still holistically. You'd like to get a chance to do it politely once I suppose yeah what's funny about the NBA, is we have a clear road map for how they should actually work? We have a certain teams that, successful year after year and their successful, because they have good players and they also have an organization sash ownership, that's in lack step with each other, ever t might the subjects had the same owner since two thousand three. They ve had same GM, since I think two thousand for and his right hand. Man makes Aaron has been there for the last ten years in his turn down a bunch of real jihad jobs. They ve had this in President's since the mid two thousand rich Gotham there. The same see about, since God knows where nobody Sally Ann,
basically the organization ever changes. I saw them at the film game, it's like eight. It could have been two thousand five. It would have been the same people and to no one. Surprise. That's one of the best friend teams in the league and then you look at these other teams, like? Would you ever in a million years, if you are rich guy, who ended MBA team, would you ever in a million years, make somebody the coach and the GM? Would you ever do this as a formula that doesn't work? In other words, unicorn argue over used, but pop really is Bela. Check really is order there like one in each but can pull this off over an extended period of time limits even videos goes hand dead, attorney help.
Two wasn't like they reject all dear reader, who job search in, I think, stand and to try to give themselves up to. But I think that different is the notion of our EU wine. Is a coach is a fairy it's a very here and now concept. Typically we're going to wind tonight's game and it's a rare coach in eleven fell for the coach The big enough picture, like Brad Chicken connect that's over time and grow young kids and understand from a player development standpoint visit this I'm going to overlay everything into the situation? One of the great things that I heard about Brad very recently, brats already put all of the time and effort into understanding what Jason items development plan needs to be for the off season ticket. The next step in any detail is already laid out what he that's, a very rare gift, even as a coach
So then what your thing is. I want that coach and I also want that guy to have the even rarer gift of being able to make short and long term decisions. At the same time, it's a very, very difficult model to put into place than in really believe is going to work, despite the fact that you're gonna stay awhile Bela check that, but we'll share about check that Bob craft for how long he said Tom Brady. For how long does it. He said the ownership he said with Peter Hole in San Antonio for how long he had Jim Duncan Monument Tony Parker for how long he had already Buford. For how long yet being does it to your point about the stability they ve had that all starts with ownership and their willingness to invest in the process than
power, the right people, then Danny clearly was the right person and yeah, and if they ve got the incredible death that you talk about right might therein, and all of that it's the thing that I look back on the greatest pride I thinking in Cleveland as we do. Very each on offer and growing that its heart, let alone growing that encroaching just as hard to imagine. It's easy to be the coach in the GM. When you have one of the five best parts of our time in your team was the other lessons, they're, like Tom Brady TIM Duncan, is the six best part of our time, You could do under those circumstances, pyramid the acquire the pyramid. I think it's really hard to just go to church go to our Minnesota and just back. I've got this, but I get it like a viewer. She went out the most power you can have, but at the same time I think a coach in a gm should look at a team. Different
coaches are two reactionary, and there too close to it The GM job, too, you know, be, perish from above and going hey. I noticed this hey this looks off hey, I think you're too close to it this way, and ideally should work hand in hand. I don't know, I think the about I'm sorry to interrupt. You are, I think, the other thing, though, that from the two did you get good at what you practice right. Why wouldn't running a team be similar It's not the skills that you ve been owning over time. Then it doesn't make any sense to assume that you, natively be good at it. You you have to do that over appear. At a time and in the case of pop with dug in the case of biological Brady, it's not just that their transcendent great tyres that they allow for leadership to leave them their selfless enough to just a symbol
into the same level of expectation and count ability. But everybody else on the team has a thief: Steve, curtail the great story about thin Duncan when thin and following the championship, they're coming off, the title came, is coming off, being finals, envy p, their training camps, next year incur and George Bush were walking down the ramp of the parking garage and they had just part their cars because they weren't staying at the hotel that pop required everyone to stay at for training can write so they're doing it at their own facility, but pop at the hotel. We make everyone there in San Antonio, those two guys or better
with families, so they don't stay at the hotel. They part their car there walking down the ramp and they steeped in Duncan and then for a guy who, what are you doing before? We just part four or walk into practice distant part. You you're not stayed at the hotel and they said no. Ten were we're. Staying at home, kids that you, you can do that. Even just said in your final, been Bp Mayo, you can do whatever you want. It's unbelievable! part of it. I told the story in the park as before, but I was there. Tv. What's so they rejected and even hosting down. For somebody, n n was asperse uppers gamer spurs Lakers. One of them, the spurs or in tat an average ads and gets a call use, we're gonna go get it Jake, o them and he gets his coffin is guys. I gotta cancer. We get a team dinner, in jail in their luck would have it
he didn't you that at the team- and he met the spurs- and it was like no matter how long you've got bit on the team looks like we're going to dinner tonight. You're coming in Avery Johnson, it was like he was still a player. Is that I'll be there at nine hundred and thirty? I got to cancel plans and he even the team, but I think that's what he's bill and I think it's something that I think Stevens has a chance to do especially, I think, it's by charter in this day and age, with the roster turnover you have, and I'm not sure, We want to see a lot of TIM Duncan and the same team for twenty years, moments anywhere, but it's pretty cool when it happens: prediction for the final quickly, so I think it'll be golden State, Cleveland and I'll bet golden state again. Nothin worries you about the golden state. Continually, not kind I haven't
later on fire and being unable to do it for more than one game. Nora did start here a minute. I think it was pretty obvious date. They were completely they were struggling with motivation and all of those things, but you give staff time the rest. The knee and get freshmen billion come back it back at it with the fresh eyes and there being really successful again with actions, but they were always successful bulletin. Got to the point where they weren't executing them is harder. As well and now the willing to do that again, good they're back in the spirit of it in the right sort of way. I just there there so talented that their spirit is what really set them apart right, Katy looked at What I call it a joy engine, but he looked at all that from a distance. Gonna wanna be part of that and I think tat found that again and one that thing gets role when you just don't you don't stop at last,
Can you explain to everybody in the internet that there's no way the something censured and Jason Tatum for collected or really anybody us in a league other than may be honest and Anthony Davis? I would be done this. They traded them for anyone to be honest with you, I think, they're track record is that they're gonna be far more patient than that and not jump the gun on those things. You know what what makes that team Turkey was debate, is their average age is what twenty five I mean. You know about me, but it maybe it's twenty five and change tat. All of these incredible ask that that they have in their coffers moving forward. They got all these young kid their developing. The do they thought was gonna, be the best player on their tea. Didn't play all year, yeah he's coming to re. Why would you jump the gun and in try to accelerate the process with
one, coming off the teller surgery like or or didn't even at the surgery. Actually right, we only whenever was you know not only where you yeah it's it's been funny iran- talk about the young Sixers than the young Sixers had been. One of the subjects in the series are actually younger there too. A twenty. Does anyone pouch yeah and coaches younger and they have less veterans that really has. But that's why we, those narratives David Griffin. This is really fun to see what the final some sure gonna be there right. I will. Their, although I'll be working for Turner, so maybe in Atlanta thought, but our lobster I see them, thanks for coming out. I'm glad we finally did this year by bill thanks man but before we call Jacko, we should mention mother
is coming up. My mom refuses come on this package. My dad has been on forty times. My dad now has a twitter following of twenty two thousand people, which is astonishing. Doktor build eighteen for seven, you kid. I see him flipping out on Scott Foster the referee that their game for he was very upset. Tom, braided hair cut all these good things happen with my dad's twitter feed in my mom. Just as now come on. My mom would be a spectacular podcast guess she is a lot of hot takes, probably more had takes then anyone ever met. My life use delivered after about tuna classes away, she won't come on, but the Good NEWS is, state is coming up and I could spend mother's day with a fresh flowers, guaranteed delivery and unique vases bosses and accessories that mom will love. I think I'm going to use proflowers have everything you need and I need for all the mobs. You know just choose the do. Every day you want it's guaranteed, you can even
you give delivered on mother's day. May thirteenth may thirteenth. That's this sunday, afire, don't forget to show my How much she means here or make her feel guilty costs will never come your podcast sender, one hundred call for bloom, so the free glass Vaz for just thinking the shipping and handling visit pro flowers that can't click on the blue MAC Fund or the upper use my code bs, that is pro flowers. Dotcom code p s. I underline nobody. Jacko big fan he's been on. This path ass, roughly a million times Janni ravage the reveries back. Could you feel as if its back baby, we're back? There would show Kelly combated, well paid and the egg you felt their fuckin minds screaming at him ass. I grew so back and not solely
their stars on both teams. Again like real star power. They boot Luke is the best part of the Americans, right now and his eye. One of the best six weeks stretches I've ever seen from a red Sox, where this is an up as an opposing philammon opposing care came up last Friday. I was good. Interpreted had I was I was that right, scared and an opening the bayonet Vasquez might somehow get on basin and movie would come up. I was ripped genitally frightened of that possibility so we had is definitely scary. There's mercosur at it. Yet an unbelievable ban against Robertson who everybody chases is stupid, breaking bonds in the dirt. He Adam o too he fell off one. He checks swing weren't, you just stop that took a pitch and then drove in what was their time ran, but it was I write. It was such a group
they are bad and I do not like he was gonna come through and I don't know how long this is gonna last but see have him yeah stand and judge. Yeah two, I kind of closures right, have a bunch of good starting pictures both sides. Several radio is really great. Last night I made fun of max garment. He did a tweet he pitied rather have at his age. Other supper like I thinking the same thing watch it is. He was over a hundred pitches sitting a hundred thousand hours the radar gun I texted my buddy, had we were like what the hell going on history sixty together they wasn't even that dominant even better than previous game, where he was. He was again drawing nigh denied or a hundred at an hundred page and watching the egg is broadcast, live like ok, but your golfer like shooting your age. You know that he was because he broke three hundred and eight hundred page, but then he threw a change. I think for nine days how it didn't happen, but yea he, I think no amount of stamina. What you don't say- or he gives Doha
but ninety nine hundred what it s like the seventh day, betting, it's crazy! You felt like an old, cool crowd. Last. I too, like everybody else, on every to strike count. It really kind of fell a deal. Had you stadium, and now it's not, but it I did had their vibe on my television set, where I watch the post game on both channel that both the Yankees broadcast in enough and the beauty of living in Connecticut, educate, Drudge, both in our Cora was saying. I e felt that the stadium was like it sounded like a bit in the policies and when he was there at the asterisk, last year that it was that we had in that rock gets them. Why haven't even got the sense? Even on tv when Joe Kelly was was warming up? Is gonna, be like a roman calcium situation like Joe curly groundwater blood. You know I was working, Its accidents has made the point that Joe Kelly is definitely an adrenaline guy read that was one
time, adrenaline situations and I really thought he was gonna- throw like a hundred eight miles an hour in his arm is agriculture is certainly going to happen. Yeah, but did not do is poorly, as I would have hoped, because other judge got gap. A single enacted arrive in the eighties ran branded this about on the bases, but either limited. The damage could have been a lot worse there. So Well, I urged Israel. I wanted a Kite that as efficiently Fraid estate and last night, the prayer yeah it was it. You know that I felt like a plan, last day and you go into the mode of whom I afraid of and I've I you know, and it sometimes its irrational like always afraid Abrek Gardner, whose like what a career to sixty hitter, an awful leisure and has been offer this year, but for some reason I'm still scared when he's up, but I but Sleep
Brett Gardner's he'll, put a tough at bat like when it's needed in late in until work, a picture, and you know he might not get ahead but he'll make it out, go for like at nine or ten pitch at bat. So the guy down, but Stanton HEAT second home runny is re, looked like he had popped out to like shallow fields any bright had caring and went like ten rose into the Redfield stance? It's pretty frightening. When somebody can even really get all of a, and I and still put her out the first already hit that they showed the argues badge after the fact and judging and theses about the or try to make fun of his swing because I always like swung down on the ball. It is just like this. Laser beam went out of the outer swaying up in the zone and he just like a Gulf swing. It I've got enough. Even a Gulf swing Attica. Look at why the just like out like a Tamar chopped that just went out. It was crazy, It went off his bad and got out and hurry. So that's a good sign that he em,
I'll, just so big and so strong that even had not the perfect swing, it cannot get out. So maybe they were form it up in his furniture, their and our good. Now you out so who is it? comical in those guys come up there's so gigantic. They look like freaks and on the top. I've already nervous of about a mighty nervously, in the game anyway and then make these giant Paul Bunyan people come up. That's the one could argue that your kelly- because I remember last year's eighties came in here to be argued before they had even Dayton, but, like judges, enormous see the big guy Chapman's Big Matanzas, his big member by doping, looking at their mouth, when they were all end up on the foul line and, unlike God, no one's ever gonna fight the eighties, because their legs time and again this year they attend to it Joe Kelly's either Dublin after crazy enough. That is, what good are accorded suicidal without I'm, not sure which, but it could also takes, gets ITALY's Irish them
they got everybody so well that Tyler Aston is no small. Either there is a big deeds in their team. They definitely do so anyway, it up I dunno, but alas, but it's a good thing. Is it there's? No, which tell her light up that Didi? Who is it player on earth a couple weeks ago in areas like over fifteen Gary Sanchez, you know was no runs, left them everywhere, now he's kind of a slump, but there still some other guy. That's going to rise to the challenge of labor had a big at a huge head over the weekend and our Red hot is called off, but it's like the next matter. It out, like some guys. Always there that's gonna, be hot. Nor light up is just there's: gotta, be a nightmare for pitcher to work through there's, no breeders who now is is our labours like thirty five years old No, I don't want it
when you see him, he has other grown man. Old guy body he's got ass, a beggar look it up the river taller than twenty one, but they claim is twenty one up I'll go with them, Don't worry about that? I'm good authority I was expecting designed and seen in the village. The team- I I was expecting somebody who looked like the bat boys of the consumer may cited yeah just cite this little kid. And now he looks like a grown ass men fell, yadda mean it other sites lucky make you nervous the men and then in rejuvenated rejuvenated Hamley that Bennet tender Yellow but of a break, but then and then the Hamley and Gaiety Martinez make you nervous. An olive famers andor, Bogart is liable to get on base after that you couldn't be Consort Route back from. I gotta be a hundred like that that seven, eight nine, with the automatic out
rather Junior and and Christian Vasquez, really, I put the bitter got and everybody its task as my dad and I not not J J B J fans its it see. Might there is this window last winter to trade on a riot? real value- and I don't know why- maybe I imagine this and it was a dream I had, and I just wanna this time I saw the sun the internet. This is a real thing, but it see like is a chance that they could for paper for a call on Pittsburger, where those one of those tat betrayed him with somebody else, and then you get in there. I will do that now. Please do because either allegedly, when their allegedly like a week, for baby J Trade offered by the Dodgers out the eyelids. Can we do that now? as I about that may have seen it up. We bring some headaches hidden and what have you been
get have been, and I caught at Boston were paid out with a big, bad and everything I gotta go. I wanted to say that there were spent an enormous disaster or he could have been like a legendary icon to spitting oh brother or after home, run over the gray monster, but now the Red Sox, Pino B, you can't do that J B jets of able and events, but I mean to call him I billowy at it is offensive to liabilities. Are many easy just about emetic out? That's why? When Chapman but I didn't like oh, my god, you could build up their underhand. Did he get hit treading a key, and like a j J. When is it out, you know, and they have no other guys, it could play centre field which makes it even more fresh any doubt the death of the red Sox catches this year has been. I think the strangest part of the seas- as other than whatever the hell is going on David Price, but Vasquez.
I I don't want to say he was like Johnny Bench in the mid seventies better. He did have good at bats and I did feel like he was gonna come through in here then, just to save the share. His aid cannot have everything an Blake's. Why heard again one point, my crazy. He was half an hour texting about day yesterday, like just assume, maybe he cancer, the second baser something bet he's gotta, believe your highway pouted rips I'll be right back right yeah, but he was a catch her. He was going to be the case the future, and now he never did he play like entail. There's something I don't know, it really seems. I Gary Sanchez is the only highly targeted manner they catcher who's ever actually made it for the original that he was highly touted as everybody The matter is around: we like it better. He could actually catch, but more than makes up for that. But let the ball go through his legs
little troublesome, but he doesn't always catch the bar. That's about disconcerting reminds me of my said: stead: Euro Baseball games where the poor up, whose behind the ketchup half the time the kitchen MRS the fast bar that then just nails. The umpire like in the chest, protector think and the poor guys like his under sought for three hours. These pictures flags that must be had the feeling Gary sages is part of the leg of Everybody the bars over the game the other day and they brought in Chapman any through I'm like a hundred and two, and there was no chance that planchet was gonna. Get you hit the outbreak in the mask Emma Cabinet, how Madison shows that it was like. You can add three catchers back there. They weren't technical Chapman was so but play out of adequately blame Sanchez like you gotta catch. That is One was what it was that Gary's father. He had the one last night,
and it was batting, but I was struck out, struck him out and the ball went through his legs and couldn't handle the flatter. Now through. Like those you re, he economic fly off to the right. Guy gets obeys, extends eating like that brought his bothersome. I use campaign on any Martinez is alright in Africa about it. Yet you are using J D Martinez, he was a little frisky. I was surprised, but he had some good at bath and I was a little nervous bottom. It definitely. That edition was good for them as much. They did that because yet it extends their light up in and yet he came following handling that that's pretty it's pretty capable of three for their sally. Eight eight did make me nervous by this nervous, his movie, but there are a couple times I like it. I wouldn't want eighty Martina to come up with a guy with guys Andreas. He did have a poor home run up. I think he had a for homework him against the Yankees last year, the year before or so in Ottawa and disturbing coming a yankee.
Yeah, he did make me nervous. The problem with Mookie is he's coming up after the end of the line up, which has been a quagmire, and he says he's outpaced. I like sixty five homers and seventy two lobby. I I was watching their I'll. Take you home dig either Diana relax, your planet, nay, and I I watch some of their game and that they were talking in a post, game and and like what we like him leading article. He gets a lot of our paths like there's nobody on base, though I mean that out of the back of a light up when it turned around again, is just awful like if they drop him. NATO is hidden. Everything in the world do not get a lot more run to submit that we more able than getting a multiple at bath for there's nobody I'm base, but does: what does it make a lot of sense? So we got Right now we have a we tie down boy by return for both of them. And then you have the asters at twenty three and fifteen
getting more publicity than the edges of the Red Sox, everybody. We add road peace and the ringer bad. How credible they're starting rotation as I, The scoreboard we realize game lead on those losers, crazy is its main I've there's another. You know almost five months of the season to go and the Americans play off its basically said: the Yankees, the Red Sox when they going to win the east and one's going to be the wild card that you needs are going to win the central and then it's going to be in an Anaheim and one of them together when the division in the other one is going to be the other wildcard right leg? Is there any doubt? I think I think, that means that division right then, and it's the mariners versus the angels for that dad. Second wildcard spot or maybe they get buzzer exit. Actually I did my math round. Yes, It'll be the ages and the mariners and allowed Cargan. What could we at their work
we'll be it'll, be either the Red partially. I guess you don't when the division that currently right, so the angels managed that second tat yeah actually like it lets unless the regular attacks completely- clothed in Toronto with some how to get back in the max, which I don't think you're gonna happen. I mean it's like may knife into basically, but you could just pencil in the play out right now. Ripe can be met. My wake widely yesterday, between getting no hit by the at the vote they underrated, but not by anybody. His in an American. They only fantasy lay James Paxton right then, and there, Their closer had like a really bad domestic violence situation that we might not see that guy again, I think Toronto done so. The mariners versus the angels, I've for some reason, I'm still not a hundred percent bind the angels. Time is already had how many injuries
and yet liner things and staff, and it's like bear it's not even midday yet, and he said Blisters Cobb, I don't know. I just don't, I don't trust that when that outfit their line of possession, I ate the mariners a kind of grown on me. This is a pretty thing is if you look at the american way going over to the american Weak central today, Indians are like seventeen and eighteen May, like Currently it yeah natural as atrocity. To answer the worst. Baltimore is one of the worst fears history baseball it it? Oh it's ridiculous. How bad the? If you look at the risk of american leg, it's horrible, well, that's a thin them Machado. Trade is gonna. Be would probably swings, though, though fat, given a little better, seemingly uttering hunting where they have the endless reply. Rather trade into the National legal got. Obviously that somebody gets him. That's gonna make a world of difference.
Yet is there no poised between, but will that neither did the asterisk the asterisk right it's yesterday, the egg is have no spot for regulating the markets are either we him next, while a famer, Zander bureaucrats or be great, but we have future Malta, VP wrathful endeavours to our own. We don't have a clue For me, I can't tell you: how did you get this ox were to get up and they say that endeavours are gay, dear dear you're, on the bench now whatever, but then you bet I do in the Machado or Bogart has moved a third band and they both wanna play short that so that yeah anyway stay away from the relax brought the maids, and rightly so interesting. I got you know every little literally, with barbarically gives the winners can have a hundred and twenty gave the losers. Gotta have a hundred nineteen. The second place has played gonna get to play Baltimore nineteen times. I forget them
these have already started of all against them. Incredibly, when the eggs were in adult, I like me, realities- and I like it They have that's in the American there. This is worried Iraq. Where could I wanted to come back crazy and central is like another. Indians are gonna win that division with eighty two winds, Janni D D thing for is that your bans bats in your grandkids on your laptop them about the vaguest stamp of an age. Our final! Actually, it's! What are you guys? I read the text because I've been listening before proclivity ragout. Now I alternate between friends mad dog, Russo on Syria and the the day he had a hockey guy on and the hockey guys prediction for the heavy cup was ever again to win a peg. Thirdly,
you, the joke about, like the NBC promos when there was no stars, are anything like the most obscure possible championship ruin a peg camp over the Stanley CUP. I dont think back. It ever be tab Batman literally will be out on the ledge on Hike Fifth avenue, aware of the initial had like having to be talked enough. The ledge I mean if anybody- earth getaway capable of its tamper when a peg calling obtained a badge, probably not the Tibetan Berlin Tamar the Temper Bay. That's it sad example: lightning and their bay lightning appointed jets like it literally, is Eddie in America. You know what's that hurry the parties. That would be the funniest thing in the world that would literally negative rich widow. Why? What is different? That was our joke, for that I feel are. It was late 90s, I'm going to say they one denied and it was like the passive
of Indiana Portland MBA fire beds, less media, the Baker Ba fires versus for those right yet reading so hard? I mean you know the whalers don't exist anymore. The Rangers, to the extent that I'm a bandwagon, help How do I need a great team? The rangers out of it. I could originally harder for a camp of day when a Peg Stanley CUP Then I can name one guy and went back I mean, if you could ever me, you can offer me five thousand hours. They wouldn't be able to get one guy when impact I know Tampa just because the bruinsburg them so actually works, gonna pick. I have no idea how to make them. Colleagues from the Rangers, I do know that money goes a step closer to big player, but like everything, oh god, what a bag-
with a big bang. Is thing is: is it's almost like a fire if Hartford just randomly an NBA team, this the shared they were in the fireplace any everyone she said. You start the tags and your hats. Tax at your jerseys a year of set it in the final site February, while a mad dog How do you go? Mad dog was like a public hearing challenge. It may look at this draft through the garden expansion team and they, like other phenomena like working to protect anybody. It was ridiculous. They were first play off the first priority in this round. It was like eight, nothing that will put an extension, we had. We had Katy bags on the podcast yesterday and she was saying that when they actually did, the draft people were that impressed by who they got His anger wasn't one of those things were they did the draft paper, like? Oh, my god, we did this wrong. Again there like that's kind of awaiting him, and then it cannot thrive yet so far,
ass, his back right. It's a it's been a sombre, make France S a sofa bed. I think a fish fish microprocessor, because when you go out in a blaze of glory and you're burning, every bridge behind you, and then you have to go back and rebuild the bridge and crawl back over it's it's got to be tough and all he does is like hype up this app. That's like basically like what the tap going to do for me is going to change. My life apparently like get me up and, get me dressed and but me a ferrari or somethin like he hopes the hell out of his app it's really loud a bit like a spaceport football show. I don't think I can it be that revolutionary. I love France, s eye. You love France, s me too. I thought it was hilarious when he is come back charities Erika, I think gaps are going to be a big thing, I think ass its fig set out like a decade access. I too Apple, makes like billions of dollars.
Stop. Apps is that I think I think, there's just incoming call the apps and I think they could take cars might be better than it was to be time. The car on the way to go to work at the existing common. God streaming video it Skinner, but the potential replace, cable and satellite mark my words, but I tell you they they spent with MIKE at dinner. With the sea egg eyes may. Are they expand him? The difference between apps and appetizers acts like cried about the real estate lapse. Another absolute, your computer, like acts like a mushroom, see the play of the funny thing is that he is on Twitter, as you pointed out to me to be very real twitter, but first play, I'm listening if he's talking to go to be a twitter snapchat Instagram. Whenever he's on that, I know he's on twitter and then people come up me like. Are you going
live on Twitter. Like we respond to that is like. I know it can be run by the people shut it right dad now that it has been like promos and when the applicable to the girl thanks my bare to the things that they have requested, that you will never be there to respond or look at a map Did you with that view? It is by going to write about the Woodpecker posterity twitter, but about what a pig's backup go. You like that would like d ye be they'll, probably rigid, so that its washed in may Yes, that's it. I had her and with their last in Vegas, is a fun serious, even though nobody even us could recognise the biggest informs or anything I repented learned at the may have stirred his memory came running like a stern underlings. Astern rang out, be like you to throw yourself in front of his cap with a pack train them
tat the other players legislative or would it take without laughing at me up so much? I want that sober that was the prettiest thing of AIDS, twenty five year, tradition of whoever wins the cup, it's like the happiest bomb the fan base is life and better out and they may lead to him for three minutes. So so Vegas wins the Stanley CUP and Batman is delivered them. Steam. All he's done is done positive things for the people of LAS Vegas with happy. They keep bridle expands the team he's exe. Ending. Nobody understands it. Phoenix should even have a team that could it just disbanded Phoenix, moved it to LAS Vegas. Now he's gonna take more money and keep their crappy terrible fee stamp and then so he's gonna come out. Third they're, not gonna, boo him.
Be the one place where he doesn't get booed blah about when a peg Winnipeg was like the whalers, were there used to be a would it take jet, and then they left the eleventh hour, the team that moved the phoenix and there was no one, a peg gentlemen. He got them to have a Winnipeg team back rail and that, but there's looking about him like, even though he gave their franchise back if they witnessed barely cup it. Oh Natalie, they lose came in and get it came back and then, if they win the day, but there's still gonna blow him I'd beds in a bag. I went there for any european peace and like two thousand one, when member brain, Danny and season to the brink yes Maybe they did that movie say I got a Babby night one if you, Google, my name and sees them. Bring Brad Danny. There's some article. I wrote about it, two thousand one I didn't have to pick you up I Didn'T- have enough juice to stop it and they sent me there. And it was a minute say January, and it was was like minus nine.
Minus forty went show and like everybody in the hotel, the one they tell that to have their areas stay outside for too long like not even not even it's bad for how the city of that the delta Was I one black ass? It was incredible was a kind of this place. Have a hockey team. Does barriers to does one like all my their Hackett C Mere places like the size of my finger nail and it's free and now that I have noted that might make the file us yet but I've. But I've heard I met David. Their fans, like their fans, travel friends are rabbit there like a because I pilot Green Bay Packers like it's the only thing in town, everybody's, Berber into it and they love it and don't let my laughing cat academy aspersions on the fine citizens employed, peg or attack team, but just the notion that that's gonna get any kind of a rating is so badly ridiculous
when the casual hockey fat. If there's an original six p m at it, like that, we, like oh yeah, the brilliant lever to them or the black cocktail Gallagher uniforms. There is no juice within a peg temper. None Now, while you know Euro yeah? I don't want to make it seem, like I dont think, when a picture everything, because I think I got love, I think twelve canadian city sharing, there should be more writings in Canada, I don't know why in excise a team had still has been explained to me, but it had an understanding and they should not be a team in Miami like no one to get leave in Miami to go into what I think nobody's gonna go to clean, it can do it. I strike there, we understand tacky, nobody grows at playing it their state. Both those team should move to Canada or Hartford yeah, Hartford scenario, Those names you would want to build up here should move the Hartford and the other one should move the complexity. You could atoms I'll, get avenue and shouting and it could be run by nature. GINO Emma and then then everything and
the Gm Rebecca Lobo anybody know you can women's basketball stars and maybe Kevin alleys, the announced a new gesture. Eads writing Yuca yeah Park Avenue Did you gonna hurt yet What's his name Bobby Hurley, I hardly know Debbie's early here they re lobby early was the better player Danny early from signal in the NBA was a player, a signal that it coach it you're using the Yukon guy the excited Why not? They are there waiting for that. I don't understand why he took that job because the EU is being groomed or not grown, but he was being sought after by pit and tat is a mere these conferences anymore. But there's a good conference bet they're like him. Are they in the big ten? I did there in the pact twelve,
We have had this better this. Whatever you can put it that way,. And even though they were like go in seventeen, eighty see pet, maybe even better than what we need is a huge wit like, oh and seventeen in that conference, but still that's like a real conference can recoup real players. There. Danny early always had a vague, his dream job become the Yukon, and so there are fired up there. Like getting Calhoun at it when he was a young and at his prime. He broke out authorities than you could recruit players points out that the american conference that only gave a great deal Paul but sure all the best for demurely elect him Danny goes in and sees GINO in his cage soldiers thyself wanted to show. I get the fuck out of here. You will never step on of here, over there. This is by TAT baby Jacko always apply. You give me your thirty thirty seconds and Trump before Riga,
Thirty seconds point. Forty two today was a closet trumped, as I saw something until they were apparently at a problem at a press conference. But a cabinet meeting in the press is a modern somebody said to you: do you think you deserve the Nobel Prize because of his alleged broker? a patient. Korea is like, while every one thing I do, but I would never say that my god say that everyone thing I deserve it. I wouldn't say that myself, but such a plan, Who say that it did one person's it, but but I think the President of South Korea, because he knows the way to get whatever you want, but the United States is to set up the trump and telling me like a God, king, and then you get what you want. I was at dinner last night with bad my dad America than and we started talking about tramp and Michael Ban was like it was
about well, maybe maybe trample. Who knows this? maybe he won't get reelected in design tears laughed and- and I and other that, like it's crazy that he still the president, I mean look at other stuff that just happened last week and he listed like three things like this is crazy, like we're we're so deep into it at this point that the fact that he paid out for porn are and laundered money through his lawyer and reimbursed lawyer like that, would have sunk, I think any put: a figure we ve ever had until now. Just it, I want you to find the it redefines the patient's own. I mean it out. I remember the Bill Clinton thing with you now. His mistress is in the market Lewinsky paying in that, like big round the country to harm that was the subject of leg, infinite amount of cable news, viewing and stories, and Bob shells in newspaper articles magazine article
Toby Daniel the geek captured on my computer, without our being on Yahoo and Google, or else you go and she like a household may have now, and people just like a trumpet fixed that point turned out of show complete a paper pop up whatever languages move under the next day. They please it's convincing abiding runs against him and you know Trump oil play up there, plagiarism thing from thirty years ago. Right no question com like lie. Joe Biden lie, Joe plagiarize in jail, just like that in the ground and he'll just be Obi leg, the your theme will be. Like look, everybody's, a bad person. That is what, for me, is Joe Biden, bad person to that person's bad and where our bad progress bring the trumpet was usher in this era of all these people that are just like in plain people. It shouldn't be involved in politics like this data just ran in West Virginia, the Republican, primarily he answer. Mine
People are killed like I went to jail at running at risk. Pour it out he's running in talking about China, people s, pupils like run him out. Like a like that. It's like I know well but wait like. Oh my god. It's like a circus, its insanity, an alliance asylum. Yet Laugh it's it's. I guess what is a tragedy. Puss comedy was type enough lab clearing arise here that I loved Rudy Giuliani, is about began whose just a flat out lunatic like area so pastors private. Should it me comes out with some, state? They were really. What did you just say it? We admit to the dictator, like I didn't mean to admit that serious crimes like just forget about it they already are confused, Rudy was in your family and you're having a big Family dinner, like your daughter's birthday party, an end
wafers like uncle route, is coming back, are really here going to allow you yeah bunker, really start socket aegis, but can we have a signal to get away from here and this power this is the guy nine hundred and eleven, that was like american hero and you know triumphant it in the face of tragedy on that day and everything else, and it's it's a perfect example of just staying on the scene. I don't know what you gotta know, what a retired get to know the exit get it over the exit, the stage. I think it is really time a while ago You're a while ago to two thousand too crazy with their gender is good, sir, No wonder the trouble we will welcome the two thousand. They teach them make our champion when a peg just to the went out from America, their number You know when, when, if this Yankees
does really well when Trump ingratiated himself into the soil egg is thing, would not find it. Oh ass it may your descendant of the part on the part of its trump attaches itself to be. I gave up on the seas bastards employed I'll go to the egg, is game of sitting in the first row. It's a wonderful, wonderful team, a very proud of these large bed. Take. It was like me, love with uncertain Buddha Winner Bear judges a winter. I beg you. Karla statement is roommate there I shall be pictures. Should the furniture is wonderful, beautiful to get a beautiful couch you should table. Viewed, Marbury Graveyard, it's wonderful! This is a pleasure. As always, we add, it would argue, said, take a taxi dare I thanks to David Griffin, thanks to Jacko, thanks to zipper, could represent Sponsor Gazette protruded, I caught the to check them out thanks to hotel tonight. They help you book
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and I will be back rather than the Bs Podcast ITALY.
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