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May Mega-Mailbag: LeBron, LaVar, Harden, Pop, Dom, and More (Ep. 215)

Is LeBron a baby? Could Boston trade for Anthony Davis? Is James Harden the Peyton Manning of basketball? Are the Lakers really taking Lonzo? What should Chargers fans do? Why are dogs allowed on airplanes? Earl Woods vs. LaVar? Did karma injure Kawhi? Who is 2017's Jerome James? Was the Boogie trade good for the Kings? How tall is Dom? What's the opening scene of a Clippers 30 for 30? Where will CP3's Clips statue go? Is it OK for Pop to be mean? Is CT one of the greatest Boston athletes ever?
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So many things I want to cover that. I just said: screw it and decided not to have a guest, so the guest is myself, but it's going to chime in we're going to do a mega may mail back. Here we go Let's do it read through these, so I listened to the first couple times we did this. What I need to do is read the question then say my answer. So you know that I'm done with the question. I am actually answering it, but if you send any questions too.
For this down the road either fervid, the written mailbag of or the pack ass mailbag, just send them to the mailbag at the Ringer Data. That is not hard to remember the mail bag at the rear dotcom. Before we get into this, I wanted to talk about. I went to Boston for game. Seven of the lash series, which I discuss would show house. I apologize for the terrible Iphone connection by thought. I forgot to bring the equipment. I got a couple emails like how do you guys not have better podcast equipment and the reason is, I forgot- to bring it and made the mistake of thinking that my cell phone would be better than the hotel phone and I just blew it so my apologies, but I went to Boston. There for three and a half days. I brought all the good weather but he was so happy was nice. I take it was like you walk around Charles River and just people just couldn't couldn't run in by
fast enough. They saw this and there let go. My guy, like good people, are half naked rare as freedom together. It was. It was great, so you're welcome for bringing the gray whether so I went to the door seven on Monday night, which was spectacular. Watch the law My dad's ass, we one and we are holding his new puppy Winnie with whose, like eight have, we saw the opposite. We gotta get puppyish may be good luck when, as in the two, thinking of her name. Yes, she was so when the latter than we gotta game. Why we're like this is great. This is the greatest. We gather we're going to refer three that you're gonna have to go in for three remedy yet and then the branches kills us. He hears what I want to say to the Boston fans going tonight. I've ever seen in my life, anyone bitch from our cars, then the Brown James, this he bitches forecasts he bitches one thousand caught against them. He taught
so the raft he talks to the coaches, it's just a constant yap session, which has earned because he's the third best part of our time, in my opinion, but I will take. The crowd was declared really hate celebre the Boston grab that gets its real hatred, its respect, Mick with a genuine dislike of just one watching be a baby first, six sixty eight nine years, however Lisbon and everybody was so angry. It was almost like just people young, indifferent things, nobody can galvanise behind one chant or whatever. Yes, it's easy, just check your baby out of where you start your baby, that's it just get it go and because I don't think it's going to affect him cause he's like a about boys already embrace it. He has that commercial ring Alonzo baby. Here he loves it, so it will affect the rafts. Yes, the rest are the key to this, lybrand brands. Gonna do his thing: he loves the hate. He feeds off eighty, let him from his Mohammed days, but the raft shouldn't be able B,
are afraid of the brain and eighty thousand people? I agree in the Boston fans have to effect again tonight they have the abroad, they have to use the rifts and anyway, that's that's my advice. Just change Europe Beata. If you want to check and others others stuff, come up with that stuff to bet you'd. The south experience have to mobilise to make, as the crowd could not figure out what to do. And why another thing is when I say it doesn't get gone, the crowd can I use We can't remember that as egg is, as I say, and horror for above one day, they are both one for aid to start the game. You and you have that like two four six senior to best players, that's tough! When he's passing up twelve voters as a knowledge of weakening it too, that the man back Eureka Rhine for broken New York ass. You are Danny age. You are the number one peck you wanna trade it for a star which stars are worthy of trade in this year's first round pick for
My answer, so you have to be careful with somebody. Who's has a chance to get out of his contracts and others that I got Kevin. Their analyse, traded remedies, a free agency, Anoura Biscuit the other guys who can get their contracts and contracts, and next I would not trade the pic for Jimmy bother. Well I'd rather keep it for this region, I dont think they can win the title anyway for as long as the broad celebre, I would Their seen them try to sign Gordon Heyward, keep faults, it's better asset and just kind of build for the next five years, verses like trading for Jimmy Butler, who we could signed two years from now, and the bronze INA two years older was their buzz for Heyward in Boston. There's lots able
Ok, let's get that's what I expected, but it is our people really one of them that ban the Stevens site Gal Titus covered in our progress in this. The fact that Stevens recruited how many was like five eleven Heyward grew and stuck with Stevens light there somewhere. It's amazing that mark out his thinks he's better than Gordon Heyward. Still to this day, he We think that end and he's wondering whether subjects are pursuing a so. Hu, I would trade the number and pick for Meda List, Anthony Davis, obviously Yoke edge towns, Janius read for the sun quite absent who gets knobs yes, now from the Allenby eighteen, he felt like the fourth man, the odd man out, so maybe it's an option and the boy I'm thinking about a private Jimmy Bother, I wouldn't traded for Paul George- did that the different
That is the key thing with that pig is its seven million dollars a year for that salary. Capsize, whereas Jimmy Butler makes like twenty, so if you're, actually like Bela check wooden trader for Jimmy Butler Bow Check, would say Now this is great. I gotta seven million dollar asset that I can grew into a star and then a year from now to kick, I say to the curb on with this guy inner yeah. It's getting bout checks, not ready, but you know yoke age, towns, Janius, there's no way they get those as for number MPEG Davis, they would have to do, and I don't think answer even did SB you'd have to do jailer brown. Yet this pick the broken pick and you know J Crowd earn something else, that we have political and even be good with those with those options? Could they even make that work? Does the team that drafted often rivers number ten? Now that I'm in view the immediately Bandit EVA. That's why? I think I think the ethics are keeping the pick the only
I could see them doing. I think they're gonna keep their cards close to them. We're not gonna who they. Why would they want to do and their hope? that somebody is going to do something stupid and make some crazy offer and, I think, fillies, the team I keep looking at so Phyllis three, yet Philly moves up to one and they get faults or lines, probably faults. Yet he put faults with Ben Simmonds, and indeed that's like that's it that's all this gave you keep a bead instruments? Healthy! That's! U does your three guys for next ten years impulses need the bonnet and show them that eliminates old problem of like who needs all the ball. Seven centres can add the ball. Folds. Can Roma around hit threes stretch the floor? That makes sense, so they love faults in honour of the do. Would you offer the number three pick sarge? He don't mean cause you. Events in his Helen in next year's Lakers pick to move up to
Next year's Lakers. Pick might not be a great pity me. As you know, you who knows they're gonna try to get better this summer. There not can have it anyway. They're, not gonna. Have it anyway so that its I'd they're gonna, be they do something stupid like were broken? Did it take the pressure off the sea? that's right. The address you. If you disagree, Tommy no I've descend it isn't that enough. Is too much for that pic. I don't think it's too much. I just think that there is pressure on the Celtics right now to take folks cuz he's at the unequivocally that write the best player, the number one guy that everyone thinks switch, I'm not necessarily on that, but I don't know if they are either yeah. So if you so basically if they could beat that situation where they they can sell that number one pick out sixers. They get that in. I tell anyone what their think, India, and then they get what just Jackson at three and that Tatum. I think I think they like Cato
and I I mean, like I've, always loved you guys here, but so you, basically you turn that pack into Jason, Tatum Jackson SAR as our chair and next year's Lakers pick it. So what is that? What is that line up? Look like with that team sergeant for he is a year you replacing a mere Johnson massage, that's an upgrade yeah you you would. I think trade J cracker that point. If you do that trade which is fine and have Gordon Heyward. Still in this scenario, might Soviet Heyward Sarge Whore, furred Avery Isaiah that you're starting five, something that's not bad! It's pretty! He s pretty good exit from myself into that. But what is it? What is Branco Angelo? Thank you think he's really sold on faults. I see, I don't think I think that their thinkin, I think hawks did they take facts. I think they're in even if they even they may have internal trade back right, because it is just like we can maybe get Fox had five. Maybe they turn a trick
things are moving up. I think facts doesn't go lower than three well. I guess he's gonna work out for these teams and they're gonna free gap. Thinking back, oh my god, this guy could be Westbrook, I'm a fan of Fox, but mainly to high yeah. I think it's too, I I think he's perfectly the king five. That's what I see happening, but are you or I dont want seeing? Let's go there? No, I don't. I don't want him to get stuck there out in Sacramento the bus is that he wants to go there and his friends of cost. I I don't know if I believe it has who the hell do. I go to second redder next, one from Mickey new bread. So it was hardens listless game, six against the spurs, the worst performance ever by a star in a crucial Plath gamer, remind me of Pippins Migraine game, but he wasn't in VP candidate way way up there, and it goes on his NBA Erasmus and it's on the short list off the top of my head.
Barry, one thousand nine hundred and seventy six western finals warriors are the favorite to go back to the final table in the air before gets in a fight in the first half. I wrote about this in my book with Ricky Sobers, who just started punching a half court. Both of them stayed in the game by the way. Forty plus years ago, and what the worst and really defend Rick Barrack is like oh yeah, so half he saw. Apparently he saw the replay of what happened in you noticed stating defend a sudden, the second if comes out, each, doesn't shoot, and he just doing these really angry. Chris asses and just doesn't shoot for like a quarter here, and I know because I got the tape near Vienna Axis and it's crazy and end. They lose this game to Phoenix. You'd, never should beat them and their home. Yet so that's up there. For me, the people migrate game. I went to those Brian two thousand Levin Finals Games in Dallas, specially for five and.
He was so far in his own head. It was like a meltdown Eddie. I like that in the bran game, five, two thousand tanning- it's a celtic sweden- are the tellers like he melted, those secular Dante. That's the last agenda. Taylor see seizure swill leave it at that, and then you know it's. It's Kobe gets off the hook as he was good in the fourth quarter game. Seventy thousand ten, but is, he started crash in the boards and get some cause, but that really would have been the all timer if they lost again. Yes, Cosette one point: he was like three for nineteen years Then he was a single handedly shooting them out of the tyrant and would have completely changed his
over. There was like this is this? Is the cobalt ball Hog he has for rings? You know yet he completely lost by it. You know going back, though he revert back to his own problem. We as I got yet Hannah yet next question. I have to think about our waited at the comb through history and see if there are any other ledges complete mountains, I will say the hard and thing this next question is now fair question from the cure. Mercer, I hope that's a crack pronunciation is James Heart in the pig manning of basketball. Big stats, a story, history of not doing well in the past two thousand to a final sues, terrible, two thousand thirteen against Casey you didn't you re even back the college in Arizona State is the same thing: the rapporteur, when he gets into eternity colleague like he was already one foot out the door, Herve Syndic was like what're you doing James. Can you help me out two thousand fifteen clippers game
six, he so bad, then they just take em out any sits in the bench with the towers head and Josh Ben Corbett back, I wrote a labourer for pigs. Emma it's early to calm, the painting, a basketball, but it certainly in play the idea in the hands of the payment repaired bidders to super balls. They, I think, that's like giving like some credit to heart and even a given that yet yeah premise is Pinon big step. From our them ass how many years until we look back on the extinct position of coach Gm and I realize how idiotic an idea that was, I think, we're here but here right now, esteemed Bengali Dac rivers. You know once upon it Unlike like the Red our back days, he was codes. Gm travelling secretary trainer. He did everything and then eventually, teams rise will. This is stupid, but we had planned coaches and through day
Collins in eighteen. Seventy nine. In my opinion, I think a prayer coach makes more sense than a coach GM, but Jim is own job. You shouldn't have any other job than being a GEO play coach its. I could Leubronn coach the calves conceivable Just a bunch of assistance, I yeah, probably I think he already does I was there the other day. That's evacuees. Coach into calves. Tyler was kind of appointing a plea for a couple times challenges as the act like you do in southern adult. I raise areas job so. Am, I guess the owners, especially in the NBA Coz, its young money coming in the owners, keep getting smarter and smarter. I can't imagine I can't imagine this is gonna continue. You just look at like somebody's gotta. Do a piece of a cure. The last nine times somebody's tried to run and coach an mba them guarantees would not big it, sir
I think that's that's his name. He didn't even give the city he sighed slinky sling, it's his, then I'm watching black hat and Chris hems. Worse accent is the only thing I can pay attention to. Not sure what he was going for other than quote American unquote. It's like someone is doing question of someone doing a fake american accent. It has to be one of the top ten worst movie accents ever. Why didn't they? Just make em be for Michelle I saw this movie in the theatre with Chris Rain, and that was what we left the theatre asking. Why not just make Mr Alien can he be honest, giant hacker. Why was it talk, unlike those who like a sliced alone, and it really is that side tracked the movie. What's crazy is it was. I think ethics are ten t spoken channels. Last week it and said blockhead directors cut. Oh there's directors hurt and Black Vegas just them just making sure he stays
the axe and at all times you back at him pets. If there's a regular cut, they should see gee. I had a bad, his old access back, those terrible Adam em ass. What are the chances Leubronn senior place? Seven too more years, waiting for his one and then sent to enter the draft, then some GM the branch to make sure they Jaffna Brand Junior and then they abide read. The league is the first father sent MBA do so. This cannot be ruled out. I went to a game on Wednesday in the broad as it is, Teen season is paid fifty thousand minutes and he played the entire game. He came out for two minutes in the first half the whole second half and came out like a minute left and I've seen their God. This is I don't even understand how this is physically possible, so I I think he could away to his fifty and labelling senior in June. I would say if I gave you tend to one
which put a hundred bucks and that he gets it having thus the sort of how his my work and I think the Miami move like he preserved his career, like everyone thought that was issued, a ring chasing was the girl up, but it was genius, guess he kid defer at times, and now it's elongated his whole career. It's like how he can stretch out his prime because he had to kill himself to make sure you had to get their wishes that just shows he's making chess moose. I think it was that in only that, that's a mandate, his career, just TIM Tim wonders, couldn't the south shop. Ones or ran at sea with the highest offers, are then tell the Lakers their selling the number and pick comma lands- Obama comma until the Lakers trade up to one and send the subjects and ass it great theory on paper, I am not convinced the Lakers are taken Months- Obama. I don't think we have any evidence other than lawns Abbas, crazy, dad appeared the saying how powerful acres and the fact that he's a fun passer by
magic. Johnson was anyway, you silly save these three peripheral reasons, but we have no actual evidence. Acres. Wanna want to taken. There are to have a point guard two years ago. They spent the number to pick on a point. Yet we have no signs at all that they want to take lines by air not even sure, he's a second best part in the draft and his dad has been a crazy person and they celebrated the pic on the local cuz. I watch the local news here in California and they showed the video, the ball family and them doing that celebration. I just think that's bad! That's bad karma! You can't do that. You can't celebrate before it's already happened. You can just celebrate the pic be in there and expect yourself to be taking it. To I mean what they really should do is flip pics with Sacramento I'll drop back the five job back to five and make Sacramento take the damn contract made then take some bad contracts and just bathed at five they're gonna get somebody get it
my men get caught some day would call out day despite I'm. So if it is still try to scratch the jaded, I'm that's all of them take a miser. I do you be really fun of the mean. If for NBA fans, it's the most find that they take lines out of its the biggest star sideshow whatever how long? How long is the package or not or twenty minutes tournaments? Let's talk about our friends had separate router. I care TAT, the the Red the Jimmy Kimmel did for zip recruiter, cousin Sazen Airlines path is really it showed the difference between the two professionalism. People like us. Are you hiring denoted post your job find the best candidates were post You javelin places enough anymore with the perfect tire. You need to post your job on all the top jobs sites, and I can ziprecruiter DOT Deca poster job to one. Best job sites, including social media networks like Facebook and Twitter, or with a single quick. In fact, over eighty percent of jobs posted on Ziprecruiter get a qualified candidates, just twenty four hours, no juggling emails.
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show within fifty hours of this fake salary cuts that SAM should be made up. You know, SAM you, big big vanish. You be here the other twenty seven year Old America It is already very easily. Could passport seven year old, like she Cecil, they saw an old, so the wise man, wise man, so he did. You did this era, cap game and and- and I came up with a fake shown, I'm in a reader ragouts caught Chicago juice. Ok, have you heard this? Not ok, it is to back it up now. Chicago juice. The latest spin off series from Dick was he not have other scholarships Adam ever and J, fair or lifelong bodies from Chicago who move to allay to become actors after college, neither them caught their big break, so they had to work a creation creation it's like that glued free, organic Zuzu Place Jews, but they have leg sound!
apps images and healthy sounds sounds with fake chicken death, so they start working there to cover their wet rent. They become gluten free. How freaks they just state they buy into the west thou. Neither move back home cause they're acting has failed to open their own creation, franchise, downtown Chicago, where they quickly become outcasts in the land of deep dish, pizza, heavy beer and to pen Wrigley Field, how thugs they ve nothing come with their friends any more. In the first episode drivers character gets knocked unconscious at a cubs game. After telling overweight cups Van, then it should stop. Beating bread goes to the hospital and adorable resident doktor Play Benyon Adobe Rev, treats him and happens to be the only other group gluten free, personage cargo see really there's that nobody is good for you,
She starts moonlighting at the creation, store, she's little chemistry with both guys. You don't know which way she's going. Every episode is filled with gluten free, shaming and someone trying to either rob their store, set it on fire out right, trying to shoot either driver Farah, Sync, two guys: a girl and a gluten free pizza place crossed with Chicago PD, with extra turmeric Chicago juice. Come in this. But if you want to read, everybody else is fake, should go to the Ringer dotcom as really excited about Chicago JUICE and they get as a chance worthy Maddox rates here, my crazy fear and how the seas can exploit their home court advantage? The brain is going to be intimidated by any hostile road crowd, but couldn't he be psyched out by extreme me over the top supportive crowd What, if they cheered every time you touch the ball and chain and envy p at the free through allied cheer? every brought the bow and just a whole bunch of
brown love the whole game. With I throw off, I say now. I think Le Brad's me into the crap. I think they should just show like the twenty ten like Asia, just showed the highlights of leubronn like choking in the garden like an they should, just though it up on the on the Big Board, everyone cheer that I've zero make him mad, but it also get his head he's like. Oh man, I do remember, though, show like the teeth as eleven fine rca right, they sit like show just show moments, Lebruns career that didn't go well actually, two thousand seven finals who showed TIM Duck and zoom in on him. You know get rebounds are really I know there, that's so they need to know what they do. This ethics Leubronn any Tammy commits a foul. He looked up at jumbotron, yes, said the sultan. Never show the replay apologize crazy. So, when he's looking up, they should just showed the teeth as eleven violence. Yes, anything to get his head. There Zack Taylor, ass with hard in West Africa,
In great regular seasons, but not being able to get this done in the policies and who are the best players that have never wondered. Ah, my answer: I came up with a starting five and a second five centre, Patrick, giving forwards algae, Biller Carmelo guards. John Stockton, George Urban, o second team, Charles Barkley, Nate, Thurman, Dominic, Wilkins, Steve NASH, papa. I like that, I will say out I'll alike: Domini Coma, firstly, say you'd, you out in our amendment no I'd bumper urban and put Dominic two point. Three forward soon come on don't Dr Weir Publishing Opposition was basketball position. Listen task about another aims,. Joy in Jerusalem about that her Jones,
Let's keep email and as they alteration I was a chargers. Phantom effing span us move them, and now I hate them any to find a new team. Can you help me so I got in this question? tabs acts, including decoders working for the ringer. Now he's a chargers fan who is dumped the chargers and is trying to figure out what to do? I think it's really. They just our rooting for anything. You can do it like if you move to Nashville and every that is predators crazy. You start going a couple games like I kind of like the predators. I don't think you can just go. I'm a charges vandam of now Panthers fan, for TAT Newton. Now this is weird to me. I also don't like that, because the charges- and they came here like Philip Rivers and all those guys I feel like they ve- been really you know they ve, they ve been active, evoked or to say We still love San Diego, didn't wanna leave. We we wish that we could play for those fans
Why are they turned on them? Philip rivers? They would have felt rivers evaluated as have kid silver is like. I just wanna play football, and I wish I was too insanely ago. It's a lot nicer, it's a! U! No less traffic traumatize yeah, so Why do they had? What I feel is their fans enjoy? Boso was excited and fill rivers told him he couldn't common on it. He was a hugely. Therefore one year can comment on India. He hears my advice. If you really looking for new team, of course involves gambling because arrogantly profit pick, a team picking over under winter just bet on that team and right that team and then also put a bet on them for the Superbowl. So bet you know bet. The Tennessee Titan sped on their over and bear in just every year that the team and room for their team and have a financial incentive. I would do that over just randomly. I think that's the Unifil dreams,
because then it did not to worry about. Like you say, a catering, imperfect Reggie does that's great Daniel astern rates. I read your tweet making fun of emotional support dogs on aeroplanes to my wife and she's, ready for to vote for you to be our next president after Trump gets impeached. So I flew to Boston on Monday morning and this family was on my plane and they had to seventy five pound Shaka labs that were quorum quote emotional support dogs. This is a very normal adult couple. Yes, sir totally fine actually seemed like a little on the wealthy side. With like a four year, kid. Who is nothing wrong with the kid and years? Why treated that is people like how do how dare you, emotional, poor, like some people need those dogs, I'm that saying, like some people, dont need those dogs. I'm saying anybody on the planet go, get an emotional support Douglas and you can go on the internet to there's been all these stories go read them. It takes five minutes to go, create some fake excuse to get your fate
my people are doing this? Is the China save money either and shipping, the dog or, if you go away for three, weeks, and you have to hire a house it or to walk you dog at that as it may, the ideological mario problem here. This is a real. These people had to fly to boss. Today these two seventy five pounds chug lapse at the end, the than the Where does the I've seen near its it's crazy to me dead two years from now on that we'll bring my laptop on an airplane, but I could bring our three of my dogs. I didn't get a licence from from some random internet site that I have emotional problems and I need my three dogs have made all time. What kind of country every created tat will do have the pet, the dog a certain amount of time, so the qualifying we'll have to link Gimme a break. Listen. I nobody lives dogs where they may have three dogs. We just adopted a third dog Willie
who makes me up every morning by bury me NED, I love dogs, but we can't like break the rules with dogs in the system. Sport. The system, you don't ruin for us, don't work for the people that actually need and emotional support, because you know their blind and they need to bring a dog and a plank as they can't see that not just cause. You don't want to pay for a house it for three weeks. Yes, the worst Matt Colorado ass in your eyes, Ailer Brown Column, you mentioned the inevitable trilogy shouldn't- be called the three match. My answer now I, like the children, three matches, Conifer Madonna, snatched from America, it was so far we that a snatch slink- and I know it's gone out with these matters- the movies. Naturally, I rather like well, what or marine canny. Let's say Trump shut down the NBA because he thought the acronym
as to similar to the array newly started next season, the entire NBA prayers and coaches. When an draft one season, twenty team, sixty games, Eighteens Bank to play ass, the great idea, the championship team winds, one billion dollars distributing prayers and coaches. I still like this idea how many players would get drafted before Papa, which gets picked. My answer, I don't think he goes on top fifty in poverty, doesn't go the top fifty now well, but I think around sixteen twenty, because at that point you're, like I, don't have a superstar eminent, build the team. The misguided around there. You know he is, but I think he goes force by tire than I think, somebody. It's like fantasy somebody, jet liquid crackers, nine peculiarly somebody just
Elsa Anna Maryland Crabs in Taylor from Pachogue. I think I said that right wonders multiple times over the last couple weeks. You claim it is the most popular Celtics, Larry Bird. I think Paul Pierce would like a word with you, don't be a prisoner in the moment. The truth shall set you free. My answer, Paul Pierce was never as popular is Isaiah Thomas's. People of paupers. It ended really great. It's it's the chair in the Halford Sunday of just the guy who stayed with team. A long time earlier observer picked this year. Come there more packets, great, he was never as pipers as eight Thomas's. He too, for I was there the first couple years in the from after them. Paths. Oh two, two o five. He got very strange and I think there are some residue effects of like when he had stabbed and may be angry. There are people and it reached a point where no five, though there was, I should betray them.
At a meltdown in Indiana Series and people on a chain of Indiana, try to trade em for Chris Paul, and then he had to not just dears lottery year, cagey shows up cagey villains, Piper person, that's object. He made the brigadier Gus F Hillocky. Can I took his sight pop here. So just once it. None of this is reflects my feelings on paupers. I'm just saying what people like there are more cagey jerseys in this stance during that time then that five year run ends and then he gets traded and now people very nostalgic. He was a great sought. Gun busy the crowd feeds off him in a way they never feta person. I don't think it's close. I I I think it's. The parallel for me is more like Ortiz, when Ortiz started to take off with the Red Saxon, I think it's. The parallel for me is more like Ortiz, when Ortiz started to take off with the Red Saxon O four.
Cameron, harassed and wonders. The fact that Croatia was injured on the Bruce Bow and Special is pretty damn funny. You gotta admit right. My answer is it's not funny, but I do think that I don't love pop should have gone, is self righteous, as he did about it when Bowen me a career out of doing that, because you employed that guy in your team, you know we're intervened when he did that stuff and he was the dirtiest pair of this century. So far he kicks someone one time use just flat out thirty Yandah N Pardo when he tried to do is put it in the shooters head like when I take a juncture, this guy my go under my feet, and that's that words as I it does is a big. I don't know whether he meant it or not. Ninety probably did it felt like it was intentional, but he did. He has made a career of like when you
you to jump Ramadan, jump on your feet, which is what Bruce bone. That was part of his conquered India. So I am a big karma guy. I just think it's interesting that their best guy got night out on a bruise bone in Calais, questionable for game through tonight. Officially questionable I love, why I mean why why did have to be quite couldn't have been to another spur? I wanted to watch quite tried. A bit words by himself team from would reach New Jersey, if castaway really happened, there's no way chuck and care don't eventually wind up together in two thousand ten in two thousand, when it came out, churches goes. At his own way than ever see each other again. Ten years, either they're both on Facebook, they went up, connect getting together after Kelly's inevitable divorce. Maya, There is that's the potter castaway too, but the problem is chuck at that point as gone or really dogs. Actual place with putting Volleyball Mass Ambrose adds yet
can only get erection if you have a vibe, I'm asking you had well yeah. Why is it that much darker gas is much darker Johnny Minnesota wonders. Does the net celtic state trade officially Tap Herschel Walkers the most ill, considered of all time? Right now we ve been waiting for a long time for somebody's. Take that mantle Not ill considered when it happen, the trade made sense. There were dumping for them. There dump your wireless three years, thirty million they were giving up three packs that day and take we're gonna be in the lottery and they're getting POP Harrison Chemic Arnett they already had Joe Johnson, their lambs and brick Lopez, and we all thought that that team was a championship contender. Updating, no cagey was luggage they didn't know that their lambs was just gonna get add a shape. It not give a shit. Now he looks like a middle. I backer spent to marry the bride and he's a great shape now passive.
Seen about believer shape. Now, if the verse, climber layer, attitudes the verse acquire and now he's in great shape wherever and whenever the kids God these days it is reversed. The clamour integrate great machine, we gotta get one for the ringer, but but you know the big mistake they made was the pixel out, yeah Cosette got thrown it at the last second, and the reason I do is I what would work. Better, the Boston four years ago. You don't know that your art, given them three first round pigs, mainly thing that people should remember about that. Trade is the price to dump salaries, because the cap was much lower. If you wanted to dump salary, the price was to first round packs the warriors dubbed Adrian's are mature Jefferson and two first, around picks Tita, so that was that established a market for if you want to get rid of a terrible contracted to first writers, said to get rid of two of,
the third one is worth it for Pearson. Going at the I don't understand. Why did the pics? Well, let's do great Billy King just come in trying to make it happen. So then they yet do grass then get a problem with that. As you know, the pigs didn't. Have to be this bad. You have to buy our daily lives and Joe Johnson last year, like the subjection of gotten the third pick last year, and they should kept airwaves Joe Johnson they're, paying their lives anyway. Lopez, there's Panem they're paying them. They bottom for like thirty five nine hours, why you buying up where's me or of a pic make a make the guy retire. Isn't. This is the way to make sure that programme is always numbered like in the lineage of MBA history when it comes down to it. He's the worst well aware, Steiner's about tat. Let's talk about simply safe mainland talked about these guys.
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Stockholm, Tate, like three years from Now- and you really reckon it in, but you don you like your Is your starter house here you're on peer to peer you're like argued Romania, Jones issue, has been cancelled. Banalities with use making to come back, What does your starter? Has you have the assembly safe here that we get they still with me. The had simply saved you know what I've He's gonna get. I mean alarm system by mild friends, it simply say from getting right here, simply say for two eyes: get ten percent uptake your family, the smartest way, simply safe, Bs Dhaka. This is a big one from Jamie in Toronto, If Tiger came up in the age of social media, would Earl words have been the golf version of Navarre once
you said the words Tiger will do more than any other man in history to change the course of humanity. Pretty bald right is the closest. We have two Lamar in terms of overbearing. Fathers took a becoming athletes. I think it's a fair comparison. My answer. Yes, I mean he's like Earl words in the social media slashed twenty four seven sports talk age, beer. I don't think a little created, not only people could have handled or a woods in today's world how he waited because they would go name with the whistles on the course tight around at school blown whistles like tell you, never be effected by mean he was actually all up and has been. I got think Laval actually probably means well like he has more well meaning and a good will towards his kit. Like Earl, Woods was trying to build an actual like superstar. That was almost not even a human he's. China.
Thy Jack, Nicholas crusted Gandhi, yes, but constraint here he was trying to view all racism in America with his with his his son. Yes, I tweeted about the sort of this week. I have a real problem with the Larboard like is pan in fact, just put him on over and over again hoping. He says something done so they can get caught them out of it. I saw it all for announcing they had all the times are the terms of our law has been on one of their platforms and two thousand seventeen care to guess how many times must say twenty one The appeal of submitting Billig I've seen him. Everyone has been an effort one eight times, while anyone like Pakistan or other platforms for them five times and they ve tweeted about him like over a hundred times, so you just keep having come on in. I gotta be honest. Like you know
They kill him when he's on that show, including Christine lays from Boston on that in a debate about her, but She did kill him on that, shall he watches the show he watches all the shows he tapes are the show your end just passports and total they talk about your pc or, namely, whereby so he seen everything she trashed his parenting. Yes, she trashed his shoe plan. All that stuff was just a hater which is his point. Was your hater any foot the line on her cause? She said that Lando scared of him using I'm scared of you, so thus out. That's how we live re, that's how informed he was on the conversation go into it and his attitude I'm here to talk to con coward, you're sitting beat fifty feet behind me, which is weird anyway, which is like that's problem. There sat you're not treated as an equal on the cen, I'm just looking car coward. Why are you talking? You hate me and then said they came off like an ass that defending like what he said but use put in a position
I'm off like it ass, and then they get three days. Attica of Continental still going on. People are still talking about she and she's like on the next year. Talking about it. I got five thirty I'll be on talking about by a conflict with the verbal it's like yeah, of course, of our body and get into it with their share at that. That was ridiculous and is a microcosm of how these shows work now to bring the person I am. I gonna try I got suspended from twitter. Reality is p in which I was hilarious, cause Richard Chairman Let's get Bayliss issue. Yes, our members have promoted at their go ahead, Tad they're going to fight other stuff and they come Sherman, was a terrible escape, argues actually kind of mean, and it wasn't fun. He didn't even let him like tat. He was like I'm comin it. You skip I'm coming to you, but it wasn't fun No, I don't know where it attack you. It was mean spirited. A mile attitude watching it was, and at that point like empty, the European right, I'm doing grantline undoing. Third, for thirty, like I'm, actually really care about
us doing good staff. How is this on our network? Yet why are we? promoting summit coming on and embarrassing. Somebody's on one of our television shows, and I tweeted something about it, and then I tweeted that it was embarrassing for everybody involved and then he is peons idear suspended from twitter for two weeks. We can't have you questioning this horrendous programming choice. We may because that's cause bigger shitstorm. Unlike what about the shitstorm itself? Why that it? May I just want to do good work here. Anyone do you think the Lakers, Iceland Ass, you think, pulling good man there. I was sent out of our stuff in in L, a f as one fox boards of the round about surround people, see it on tv when they see other stopped eating. It affects them, because I don't think magic. I think magic stays in his happy bubble on a lot of stuff like sees lawns, though, is the player is that he has, but I think pulling
I feel that as a better future, for he is a year, is a bigger picture. Can I gotta see like what this will actually impact and that what is going to deal with- and I make it so they don't take longer to so they take Josh acts and I dont know what happens. Then? Is people lose their shit? Especial have their condition people over the course of a month and yet be like a sneak attack on the day, the giraffe they don't take her eye, but together they go to the ball famine. Is there s nothing nation that take LE lines. I now think I'm so confused wherever ones already like precondition to believe that he is going to be. Even we were that earlier that there is no there's, no actual evidence that the grand Take lads abolish all like materials that are today. This magic does not care about any the shit. He doesn't it He has somebody who does this tweets for him. He just tell he text the person. What to say he doesn't go on is twitter. He doesn't readers replies when when he was after they caught them with them the first year He was away, and this guy was away in his
It resin emailed me asking to do three tweets for magic after the Lakers. After great our left, you shouldn't treats abortions Ms account, I did it for my account, so I set out by K. Magic magic has to do these streets, so when they call me, I'm like man, magics really going to go in a Dwight heralded, the tweets were like we're late? good luck to Dwight howard- and you said that there are like these three of my key is that a vacation leads me to do this Dwight how it is a great rebound her the Lakers. We fight like ok out. Is it a bad sign for the Celtics? This is from Austin Wire tenure is a bad sign for the subjects
their second best offensive pairs of ponytail wearing Canadian with them, but with a pew beard, pubic ever heard that lookin for my answer to terrible says it's one of the number one reason said the rec room in this year's Daniel H rates can cousin, South God awful good gambler, karma, save our country trump serving a whole term is plus one twenty. If south roses backgammon garments dollars on it, I think I think Trump gets impeach by next Tuesday. Also saw saves our country. I think his game occur mode, make drastic improvements. My answer ass about this, so maybe you need to do this. He had already bet on Trump. That serving a faltering says so we're screwed irrigated years, ensure basically cousins outbid that happen man. This is a good one from Jordan, a suffering kings fin from p.
Kings, friends, don't even right long suffering there, just like I'm suffering, I'm in pain rightly pointed out, said first aid with boogie in the fold its highly likely the kings would have finished in the top and the bottom ten there late lottery pick would have gone to Chicago as a result of that game. Changer, J, J, Hickson Trade from to those eleven good point There- also that's gala. By saying it plain time, he showed signs of potentially being still the two that sixteen draft. Knowing all this, and knowing how played out with the kings. Rather, have to Marcus cousins or buddy healed. Pick number five pick number ten and pick number thirty. Four. And a better Scala Bessie, I do we all o the flying, vs Veg invited that's funny, nickname an apology. I think that trade worked out pretty well for them
I think it was great. The problem was the way they handed. It was terrible that they didn't way to the deadlines. Freedom is terrible that they did so abrupt. It was more how is handled than the concept of the trade itself, because it's a good point if they had buggy, they wouldn't have you know they would allow lost their pick and the bloody concession that he had better deals on the table, which is like this him saying that you can you can that use the layers of the aid will have to say that to the people that we really are, these guys really don't know what they're doing so, even if it does work out. This is great. They even they already made a did. They did know that I was gonna happen, so they can imitate credit for it. It was but a good, the and scowls gonna be good. I think. Listen. It then upload with dear facts, but here Laurie market in the rue de gaze outward here s? Why again, yes, scale, ask
the base year but healed, and I think that, rather than Boggley veneer right yeah imposed the book is a lot, so Tate we're doing some stuff with the NBA award shallots can be anti anti yep minded eight June twenty six from near city, hosted by Drake, begins at nine o clock the whole and said the NBA. We'll be there? Are they all NBA words, some thou, some of which I voted for are available, and there are also doing some faint awards to like best on things: oh yeah assisted a year after their nets in the already team, most viable player, all that stuff good times? at the Vienna words are best our back their game winner assistant performed severe, so we thought we would help them out by coming up with some fake awards that didn't make the cut
now, this passed over the next few weeks. We have little spots and air, or we come up with a fake award. This fake, a word is brought to by Tyler from the long way Malawi? Why a male w! I was at a mile away. I didn't get my geography degree from Carolinians Tyler. I will just can't hour after his game seven performance against the wizards Kelly Elinor cast, have led in the Tyrol, Lou Memorial, overplayed pair player for one play of performance. A word right is there anyone else that has a better chance. We're getting three years and fifty five million from Feel Jackson and the next first of all, that's not called the I ran the law, a word. That's called the Jerome James, a word in two thousand five Jerome games at Seattle in Seattle, making their low playfrock he does is over. It centre whose stated shape for two months played well and then, as it was half when I was joking in my com on page to at the time that I say.
I was going to sign into a stupid contract and how funny I was gonna, be the summer comes next Sandra James, terrible Catch ACT like thirty million for four years, something awful and then he started eating again, and it was a terrible idea he had. Millions of dollars has been allowed, it isn't. Right, so the Jerome James, more a contract, I think Kelly's in the lead Kelly, one game: seven, it's the Galileo and again, I will never get over watching that happen in how, whereas it wasn't about being away TED placated right now, like the whole wizards, tea was even mad. They disappear, like I can't believe examining so Arthur. Stan Ba word that actually well beyond the show anti anti edgy twenty six. Is the jury James Memorial Plan performance iron some forty million hours extra work goes to Calais Olympic NICE Mac Eastman ass. If labelling,
in the final mysteriously retires. The next day, where does Larry Bird rank on the autumn forwards list against him, Liberality Pass layer bernay to break it to myself and all other south expense. Fourteen straight years of this is just more impressive than what bird did form d: peace, one less title, incredible: durability, that's not account steady, my head to set Danny from Chicago wonders. You often talk about our Chris Paul would not be fun to play with because he is such an asshole. Had the flip side, arguably the serious player. This generation Dwight Howard, is perhaps the most disliked NBA superstar ever so. What is the ideal? permit for a star Leubronn. As the where this error you'd rather want to play with an implant game. Yet he still criticised for being too passive and forbidding at his teammates. Maybe you just can't win, I think you can win his. They must have Duncan yeah in maybe
possibly choirs, building or mental foundation that can just steady till I get square for twenty years. That's how we want our team. It says. Matthew from Sidney is Julia wonders ones. Next, trade via calm. We waited two years. People need to know who you'd rather trade, for the Brower yon us up the way for the truth. I come to give up gases in the conversation, which is amazing, that from Buffalo New York, says in fast eight remember the scene where MR nobody is bringing the team together to explain who cypher s cipher was played by Charlotte there. Yes, they showed file on a screen, it lists height at six. One. Is this the largest misrepresentation of hate you ve ever seen? I used to laugh at six for Charles Barkley being listed at six eight, but that's nothing compared to dams, interpol file. My answer I think that is the moon, Isaiah being less than five. Nine is pretty funny, as is five seven, but vintage
being six? One is pretty good debate that they may be asked him what to be listed at six words, excellent, six words like six feet in three forest. Put you put me down for six or ok, ok in diesel. James from Hartford. Once again, when I say do we really need a sixteen team and be a plan failed since a necks were the aid seed and made the ninety ninety nine finals in a lack out season, no team, seated fifth rate, has made the finals in only one made a conference files, fifth seed, Memphis and two thousand thirteen who got swept by Saint Tonia, Sir James says an eighteen year stretch. Seventy one of the seventy two conference, finalists or from the top half of seeds, other than money is their competitive reason have such a plot of such a large path. It now That's why I wanted to do the entertainers hell Tournament Open, open the other seeds to
a one game play off and why not make make the first couple rounds more funk has we're going to end up at the top for anyway, in some order and a seven game series Just for the round. Legit against ITALY should be five games and the way to do that for five gaming make the one in the to seek for the five at home, so still have a major advantage, but get it over faster. But people even talk about like the scoring the points I count rigs, though the record book cycle abroad I was a crap on likely get when you I have gained exactly like you play more games check from New Hampshire winners. There's an old quotas soccer a good manage it can make a teen ten percent better, but it manager can make a team? Thirty percent worse, what's the form-
for at Bay coaches. I think it's about the same. I think I would say and be a coach can make a team twenty percent better, that Brad Stevens bases Celtics twenty to twenty five percent, better Papa, which makes this bird toilets. Whenever percent, better Scotty Bricks made the wizards thirty percent worse and gave seven, so I would say I would say to twenty two thirty balance: Jeff from NATO, gas, If Westbrook was an NFL, Kubi you're like this one tat, he would take off running. Seventy five percent of the time make a ton of spectacular plays in sparely squeak into the wild card, because every defence would know it's coming. The sportsmen and women receivers wondering how can expect whispered. Great of his receive resigning China platform in the plaster Mountain, the narrative would be how could Westbrook PATH
to their shitty receivers, they were named. China get open, that's like their blacking for some reason. Also, this analogy Westbrook could be the team flat corner and bit blatantly not cover anybody. So little harsh acts reject for data. I do think the whole thing of- and we sat with that, hard and two of the offence belt around one guy doing the same thing all the time. Yes, has a shorter, shall five from the plan when you're seeing a game after game after game. In these kind of figured out there, because people have their spots where girls like rust knows rate go, and eventually you realize what he's trying to do in yet another guy he's going to this issue here last right to talk about my old friend me Andy's, I dont- want to pick favorite sponsor the US back ass, because I love them all. I love them all like my kids, but I will say that I will
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you're on the reopening of the gray. The slogan can sell it to me and I will send you unease that they think will make you swim for each month of narrative that you still save twenty percent off. Your first pay plus free shipping by just going to me, is that camp Slash B s once again, that's band? Is that come so PS here. They should name that underwear after me and have a picture of me riding a horse. Yes in some in some large boys, let the boys Roman, the bill. Simmonds addition, crisper d, Wonders is anyone the history of the weak better at chase down box than the breath? The great question I thought about Jordan. I still have. Above the Brown, because he was like three inches shorter and it was more amazing when he did it, but it is saying the same thing. It is like you, you could see coming in half. You knew he was going to do the other guy do and he did it anyway, Lebron when he does it. It looks like he's doing it like he's thinking about how he looks as he's doing it if that makes any
it's like he's like he's, like hesitating a little bit. Demographic looks right. It's so determining I hope I said this guy's name right out. This is different, shot forward Ferrari, any he wrote this and may second suggest, as a caveat its. Second, the fact that five thirty eight is giving the calves a three percent chance to win the NBA titles ridiculous. Did they watch the grandest further disaster and I'm a huge south expand but giving Boston of forty six percent chance, making the finest compared to Cleveland straight through percent chance, oats absurd twenty three percent chance at three percent compared the grievance twenty three percent chance is just wrong. It's the worse prediction five thirty has had in the last year and that saying something while shots fired yet while shot cat put the gun away, I mean that's why we expected
in other words, the Jasmine Radiators Isaac. I hate when expected, when expectancy to me, is the emotional support dogs of stats and play off all that say it's a stupid. If you can't judge a team, I because was when they have Leubronn. You can't put that in a normal formula, if we're simulator games. Yes, then it would make sense, but we're not we're going to play in real life and things are to happen and we'll see what happens, might win expectancy of hating win expectancy, us a hundred percent. Ie and warrants in wonders, if the words faced the calves in the final should they take heart from the fact. That no one knows how to limit elaborate. Let offence like MIKE Brown, let's or shots via the goods are bullets are fired cheeses? Wouldn't it be amazing, though my brown like gets to go up against Leubronn in the final figure of a man that Lebron James, basically
it all on when they were one and sixty two games, whatever sixty one gains, whatever wasn't tells nine. He basically like MIKE Brown, can't get as passed over the hump. Yet in my brown gets a coach against him in the final stop him from destiny, that's beautiful I really am everyone says: make brand? Is a nice guy resumed, letting you love might bring? He seems like a nice guy. I wish we could vote. Danny from Brooklyn Wonders and area twenty one. Did you see big baby praise Rhonda while pushing C p three under the bus and then backing over him a few times? Should that ever happened? Some of the points are God so big baby at already trashed day, a doctor where's Ankara's and then Doc rivers showed up on the screen on every time you had a big baby was mortified Solaris, but there was a really interesting part. I think it was, I might only when they start talking about Rondeau and big baby. Just goes out of his way to talk I love this guy right here. This guy may be better poor. I would have thought
While for him, that's all you have to be increased. You just not like that with Chris. He has make you feel that way doesn't make. You feel heads whole like men and a half, the ashes that was gonna be bigger, do, and I watched it out like wow this overweight bench player, seems, like ahead case, somehow managed to put into words all the reason. I am suspicious of Chris Paul- is a great pleasure to Chris Paul. Didn't make him better than his egg scam might have the stats like eight and say this, that's purposelike sketches than does it make us better? You have to fit into what he does yet this what a great blanket. That's he's passing to you, where you should be in his mind and eyes mad at you. Any message Agnes renders a giddy you to your spot. To get you read out rates are totally every situation, so just in Pegana rights since nineteen sixty nine, these are ten guys that one finals guys that, more than once, Jordan,
Leubronn magic Duncan, her came, Kobe Larry Karim and Willis Reed take out red and Swappin Bill Russell, since he word is named after an there's, your tat, ten for the twenty three hundred page paperback Nineteenth Edition in the book. A basketball I feel like this is an almost perfect measure. Everyone I want in theirs in their except maybe well. Never I'd want to exclude, for some reason is already ass, good, a they didn't when a second one I even light staff does an already have even one. I want to monitor that God before even talk about him historically and then he talks about the guys with one r D Wade, Parker Pierce, dirt coin Nagy, Pierce retired. I see, but quite would be your only chance again in that group yeah. It's a really. She measure I like that. In the final say, you have to have to find out the two finals, Vp Club, so
Duncan, should have four figures. No seven, they gave it a tony park, as you pointed out for a couple Ganz vat. I was personally insulted by that they're gonna win it anyway, like puzzling, whose Goran Tony Parker on the calves, you know and also its tenant him. The Ets TIM Duncan you, don't you don't give anyone asked the final unless TIM Duncan just sucks, but that's a great measure. I really like that. I went I dont know if I did this my book or not, but I think I figured it out my book having Russell. Would add a finals every piece, its authority to wrap up so just in from us, Texas winners. Do you think our role as more pissed off about the fire festival, the back or missing out on the remainder of the fast franchise easily? The fast french idea, those are here
Meyer thing or go out. Nobody remember it somewhere, primarily document or about it, but he missed out on a huge paid out. The fast for each year would use too fast. You furious when using, though They need a car. I seen at again thought that he had a big deal. He'd have eight a big thing: gone form head, murdering behind them. Give time for general huge mistake. John from San Francisco wonders. Please tell me how great Pavlovitch is going to be able to treat people like shit without being called out on it. Is it because, as society. We determine that sideline reporting and press conference questions are dumb professions and no one cares what happens to them? My answer, I think people use pop as their proxy for how much they hate this stuff, but he is acting like an asshole. I told you it There are vast sailor report again ask about wine s, money battle, sir. What civil War battle is his game right now I love it here I mean: what's he really gonna tell you that
in a matter of the moment anyway, just ask him or why not use it to find out. Other information like Papa, was last move. You saw. These attacks are rich. Ok back to you MIKE when's. The last time you called Boris deal what kind of Kurdistan Dunk agenda here. Ok, factly make On a recent bs pad your producer take predicted that c p three will get. A statue had staples along with mad. Check Green Shangri La Luca Oscar incited predicted. I said that's what he wants as everyone, whether clarification. Where would you p three statue gown? What is this statue pose? I think, statue poses emailing in a rough and I'm trying to think of the cause. The clippers are second class citizens staples, whereas the most second class citizen he placed that they could put that statute should be across the street nose like the little
You know staples right for the of stadium. He should be across issued on the other side. Railway line of that's two prominent, I would say. When you're walking down Figaro a year on the backside, ready that acts, Edward Super windy and terrible, and it's like that everything is to the are too long we're alive ass. He gonna walk around in the other side, and issues is sad. Dark windy, walk out put this statute, like Danny Manning crazy. You think I'm crazy. They have them where they work. Let other corporate question. What would be the opening shot of the thirty four? Beyond the clippers moving to Seattle, great great lead here it- this is from James in Dallas, hairs choices, doc, rivers and the first he Brentwood country Doc. Rivers during his arms have been disbelief at a Falco literally any other Cooper throwing his arms up undisputed display bomber fidgetting in his seat, a bad state farm com, saw a Mayflower track. These
Debbie, Otto, the Starbucks or other go the other out. I would start with a montage of guys riding on the far right after they got injured, followed by the Mayflower Track, and then then you have this montage and then it's dark rivers, and the golf course in here He is now drive and his walking Zack. I thought I could change a clippers that could it and they, I hated to mobilise and fair way like it. I like that idea, David Obama wonders at this point: do we have to assume that big our plan. Is a hoax developed by Nathan feel the right two hundred twenty hours for Saint us. My answer: it's it's not! You can't roll it out. If the awesome,
May it for you season three or C4 wherever there are now starts with love our body. That would be the greatest thing ever how we do not have done great. Sixty nine minutes, Jack Bailey wonders I love are the biggest pads, especially the one rapporteur. I feel I must cost. Seventy attention the country that crystal posing, as comes from his Latvia, not the tibia that makes in the lab being gangbanger net. The LE tipping Gangbanger feel free to create rapporteur, not your choice. He knows the whole joke as that rapid for the first time he brought him up, call them the tv beggar ex then lady and I said he's from Latvia, Unwrap report said I dont care his. I remember the tv, Latvia or care and that's become the joke.
Joe H in and see wonders if the grids blow it up? Is there any possible way to get calmly on the box? Please tell me: there is perfect fit Jabbar Delhi to First renders is that even close, it would have been close of job. I was tat an blown out as Asia six months ago, idea. What happened to your by just this? I tend to that because it now labourer Talkin to gather the jury too much. Nobody layers of my life and my own, you anywhere, we, I suggest you wanted to do well materials in Jenin, Germany. We get some great countries in this and, as a result of Germany in my lie out international, he wonders
and your sharp pointed out for years go quite made, may not be the great periods if another team drafts him, who is the biggest? What if the spurs drafted a guy in the week, I went historical for my answer, see web. We do see webs queer over again and he ends up on the spurs with pop. We discuss him as one of like eleven vespers Malta, but the way we discuss ten dug his everything about it changes mildly is TIM Duncan right leg, us what he is like he's right there David Robinson and then he's the pillar for the future and they build from him and then I'll handle the railways have play in his statement. Tank and ninety seven after their challenge, victory where the city rank and all time, Boston athletes. I have him below
of bird and Brady, nor tease, but above all, waves piercing, rocks grog thoughts. That's from John from San Francisco, California, my answer or Brady Bird and some order or teasing lamps city and sixth gradually taken a hit. Bach antiquated coxcomb stand the fear yeah, but city, couple, challenged titles. Now, by far the greatest F aided challenge history still going, I don't know what's than his tank, but there's something left and in your porn form because of the deed. Story like names as a tunnel named after him. I don't know what we're doing a city. I will end. This one from rarely a mass in Wisconsin back in March, two thousand fourteen years but the action hero championship belt that October two thousand and fourteen January was released. He blew your load a few months too early.
Chapter two comes out on Blu Ray soon, it's time for Keanu to officially take the boat from Leah. Don't forget! This Jemmy wrote rule number one over anything else. I need to believe our hero can kick anyone everyone's ass in any conceivable situation at any given time, and he needs to be this to this world disqualifies Ale,
Theirs. I keanu Reeves. I wrote that two thousand fourteen rally says Good Carl Bildt, Caper Junior, that hurts we're tired of words. Her not hurt and listen. I have to live with that for the rest of my life. It's one of my worst cause ever unable and with this one from Savannah mere brick, hello love it. I hope I said that correctly. He wonders I heard you talk about as a Thomas's extension out, but you haven't asked yourself the most important question. What would bilbil objective here is out he's out of this year is Belgic no egg. It's a big deal.
No way get the MAX Belgic, definitely trades of this summer. He might keep him for an extra year and let him go, but I think he trades in the summer, and I think it would be a trade that people are like, while he did not get a lot back for him, but he's just trying to wipe his hands clean of all their money, Belgic trades into the vision, rival, Becky UP stakes, he changed for the better air he got nets Give us a more picks and everybody in Boston does not seize the worse. Pouch exhaust is fast bar. Then he takes markka faults and gave the one. Where gave
Portland said my friends and I have a long running conversation, but the most mediocre band ever hear our five popper suggestions. Nope took your orders. The derby brothers they're, fine type it in her breakers. I think they're mediocre my friends like a more village. I love and too much. My friends think is mediocre. Steed nor ban, probably the favourite now earthmen and fire they're fine. What then he says I've been reading forever. I've never had a mailbag question posted answer. Not I'm really out of this question gave go back to the drawing board Earth one in five La Beale, Isoud Euler, better five has been deeply brothers were like a car, is easy, better, that use active Toto is the most mediocre bad. Ever Hello? What's some Grammy's, they were terrible. It's like the right and the vortex man, village, oh boy, just thought. I'd Andrews failure is accepted by go movie out tomorrow. So if you want to send us a question, you can do that.
By emailing I said the mailbag at the Ringer dotcom, thanks to simply say for members, there have been easier to protect your home and family thanks to simply safe order, I'm scared airline set up your system and an now than you can start enjoying twenty four seven professional protect and immediately no long term contracts. No it if he's gotta, simply save bs that contrary to protect your home and get ten percent off, don't forget about me and is that calm such bs? Twenty percent off your first pair puss free shipping, sip recruited outcome, Slash bs, you can post jobs there for free, Tate's Podcast Gm Street with MIKE Lombardi and TWP with Mark Titus to that end, Ringer University, yet well, Gm Street design- greener, thou shalt, Tita Bizarre Ring university ringing universe. We may joining our yeah. We made fun of the combine the measurable we made fun of other the fat people. They went to the combine in: U S beautiful girl, see stream. That yeah, because you wanted rap report is
We can say he's your favorite bs biogas guess he's you enjoy the most he's in the hall of Fame, Bs Pike, s guests, are the most exciting. When he's come in a yak happen, though my wing and have the added out man, the last one was something else, but yet too funny. So you are you too, for girls, which came out almost before your born? Yes, in what you think, I thought it was a hit. I thought rapport with a star, though, when you told me that before report on that Moliere. He does he's funny. Sisters we lay off all income And together all can certainly be out the themes that it has the TIM Hutton NATO
Portman now relationships a little weird, Riman love Nellie Portman, like my life, where Europe being left with the right of seeing her, I say, may yet were like there will. I grew up in the saint the same times and Jack he's a beautiful movie of great to see, then so to see here at a young age. I put me back where I was so with it. It was great, but it was low creepy that everyone's creativity, TAT Hoddan S, islands that that's a whole peered through the window and had I added I got that but yeah you know it didn't bother me when I say the movie. But after I had a daughter- and I watched you get em like. What's he do it like? If I had my neighbour like chicken out a when I daughters likened the driveway were thereby say: hey. What's gonna like wiseguy Talkin, my daughter, I am pleased to have to wait, let alone led manlier, maybe every every time we.
Mailbag you'll have to give her a view on one move. There came up before you were born. I mean I watch any movie. Thanks tape, Frazier thanks to see geek thanks to everybody. Dont forget south expanse change. Your baby in the bran tonight hoping joy, the air to be as package mailbag. Back next week we have a bunch of our budgets Lebrecht S, next week's sitting for that internet ways.
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