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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to discuss their gambling losses on the Bears, Chiefs, and Cowboys; how seriously to take the Raiders; Christian McCaffrey's jump to the front of the MVP race; NFC contenders; and more (2:50). Then they guess the NFL lines for Week 6 (47:15).

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The single weirdest movie that that's ever been made. In fact, as watching this weekend and frogs were coming out of, the end and my son came down and he was a dad. What's going on. Why is it raining frogs as then people, but ask this for twenty years? So now and also the re watch was the original feed, she's around a rubber brown. Myself remember the titans. It goes for ninety minutes. It's extremely funny. It's really good, check out chaser on his new, but by the way is called movies and other things it comes out on whose day you computer now an Amazon or bars no more of a gay books. It is the Ringer books first book that within an hour imprint chaise third book to given you can order that now come up the cause, but first for all time
our friends from Tik Tok, melatonin what all right. I've lost about eight leaders of blood from gangway today, South probably last ten to twelve. We have gay, decided the injury car came out for us. We waved it off. We have game, we decided to this pike ass. They saw I'm starting to wonder if we should. Campbell. Maybe we should it would if we just stopped now I wanted to attain that nonsense for a second butter
I do not like the last six hours between the cowboys in this and this chiefs money line backing just just murdered me, and then you had the raiders. You had that earlier game. Yeah, it's a full day of just crap I had a bears patriots, tease million dollar pigs and in real life, the patriots she said when, by double figures, the bears had to just win and their up for The raiders are on their own three yard line there. Six minutes left their car has not thrown a pass that traveled more than five yards in the air base to the whole game. I just figured. I got this: the Khalil, Mack revenge game, I've escaped the jaws of death, and now I'm here they force the force of fourth down punt run into the kicker in fake Pont run up the middle, which always seems to work by the way and then they charged down the field score touchdown Chase Daniel comes back for us a pic. I guess my first question to you, since the raiders now have cost me three,
the five weeks, have cost me a lot of money. We made fun of them before the season. Do we tone to apologize as to John Gardens. Raiders do apologize. I think we have to pull the Fonzie and you know when you were just like the I'm sorry. He can say at right angles to go to say: you're. Sorry, I don't think we're too cool. I think we do their game at first place now. This is crazy. There's raiders Dame makes no sense at all. Well, Jacobs PIG was was a I mean, he's is advertised she's, really good, and now I should the bears were in the right spots. China's at the run, a lot of this game, and he just was able to create a little like what Marla matches did to the chiefs. He was superb car when If he's getting rid of the bar in two seconds or less sure passes, and you're, just not all over those receivers. He could actually look pretty good too.
I don't know a way. I mean fine, six ay of supply of teams free, it's gonna, be hard. It is tough as the bills. I guess you have to believe in the bills for the five slot. The number five but yeah, I'm back to the game for a second, it was it's where, because you and house I didn't love the bears as much as you guys did. In fact, I bet the raiders over seventeen point. I just thought was a weird game. I did some research on this London Games, the good defences, don't often travel. Well, you don't o Koyo. Mac has overdoses on rose. Peanuts on the floor. I don't know what, even though it usually travel well, usually Chicago's going to their rage. We're gonna get out to a lead. I think Chase Daniel screw up or given good feel position that seventeen in the third quarter now score that seventeen at half. I almost I was curse because I want you guys to win, but I wanted to win my over seventeen bet ya. You guys were hilarious on the tax, because how's want that a bell,
cause a mobile. The line be if the raiders score, if the bare score and the beginning of the third quarter- and I was trying to figure that you are calling names for trying to hedge, and then you wanted a hedge. It was just a big mess that last hour that game our tax down like giving an hacks our phones were were dead anyway, but my I definitely crossed the line without a couple times. I challenges manhood said me names, as fuck him right in this out, and then the bears taken, twenty one, seventeen I was still parade again, you you, I think he wanted it. You wanted a hedge see now this and that it did not happen. You, like it, ass, a greater collapse fumbled at the one right now go an end for the Lee. They followed the one than you gotta back and you it wasn't the tat. Yet what what we asked ourselves, often with these we'll call back his eye. You belong to.
Chase Daniel on the teaser. What happens if you are down ten? Nothing and you have Chase Daniels like well. It wasn't that it wasn't that kind of game, though they came right back. They score the first like you right right back, but six minutes left in third quarter that caught up almost yeah the game time, because car turn the pitch to Jacobs, who is not in this body thought twenty yards backwards in the bears: gala momentum, the crowd those under games are as weird, I can ever told me the crowds cheering for, but you all the raiders tried to give there came a bunch of times than the bears are. No, no you take. It was one of those games. I I came out of the game. Losing a ladder, respect for the bears and not because of the chase, Dana thing, because another I I mention The related Antonia that your biscuit Pollux when it was there were the bears down. Seventy enough, nothing, the true biscuit came out Oh see what you get a cigarette
no doubt they are, I think I would still rather of J stand of job excuse that gave today. I think it's actually worse are now. Do you know about the wedding? I don't know what do you like about shaded, but where do you like your risky, thereby terrible? Listen? This is one knows that his throne five career touchdown passes look he's gonna make a hundred million dollars being drew breezes back up and then a few games here and told her briski comes back but in others I made an analogy. I said this is the guy who's working, the fryer at Mcdonald's for ten years he's just not going to be the manager. That's just how it is that you know after ten years that he just doesn't have what it takes so he's filling in for a reason: he's not going to be there. So you don't think Brad's ever get pay of Jimmy Camel. I didn't say that I just cities, Eichelberger manager, I think chasing I beg Chase Daniel at attributes care both backups balloon,
if the bears had an awesome defence, it wouldn't matter, and in that the the shocking thing about the game today now you could saves because the different didn't travel? And I wish you had shared odd, that statistical research and I don't have maggot. I told you that I made the red three eighty three hours for the game. I I'm does not show their defences decade. I actually think might have been overrating a little bit wet, whereas I think, like the patriots, have a legitimately. A minus two aid, a knot in a positive sense, but Being a defence I think, taken against any good team they can cover, they can rush, surpass all that stuff. I was I was kind of down on the bears after Thou and meanwhile the packers who we thought you know you could run all over them. Everybody had Zeke ally in their daily fantasy team this week. I'm sure- and
and they really stepped up, and that was a lot of the packers this year. That was, I thought, the best two and a half quarters they played and then in typical packers fashion, they let their foot off the gas. Where're? You come charging back in Dagestan, in a single handling. Again his one hundred forty million dollar contract extension that game you didn't happen you believe in their fellow bet. Well, believing in then I wasn't believing the problem would seek is that he would have run down their throats, but they got off to such a slow start. They had to throw that give due note down seventeen out that by right, thanks and I fell for given those two clunkers for the late afternoon set bolt seventeen out than at half. It was Joe Joe Sacco and Sack Prescott over and over and over. I couldn't stand at the half way on guy, but what I want to know about it when you left and see a stand for this year, we have to be ratings and all its other crap that no one cares about. Her who has the most celebrations when there's a flag behind them, who has like a bird, it doesn't have the score. Capua gets while the yard run and he star in the soup and as I can
flags behind it needed. A written statement does not want that. Stat who's got the most of those tat. Villain are our very own. The galleys is ahead and that game, but will you your team, those three now against really bad themes and then there's this whole argument about? Are they free? No because of the competition or the three know, because they're good never take sides because and then talk about all week, cuz, it's America's team and that's what we do They lose last week, curious game. They got out coached couple weird fourth ensure plays and there sure it's like stuff like that, we're just like I. Maybe it was one of those games who knows. Let's see this week now they've lost of the saints and packers. I thought I actually thought saints could beat them by more than Big Bridgewater play. Well, Africa. They actually paid one day and then this Packers game you now year, you heard what was it thirty one, two, three or four that game is over? What do we think
there was bad, but I do think the teams just mentioned the saints and packers to best in the annex Ii Nfc. I know it's hard to separate some this these, also. That would be totally the counter right if those dreams are one and two in the annex ii may Seattle. Three they could do. Could you still have the chance to be the fourth best him I personally, I'd, the Panthers aground army- they have on this thing is, is turning to. Beyond the one man show is. He is suddenly thrust himself into the empty p conversation which I wanna talk by later, but the Carolina, the advanced battery metric stats were little favor, both them their quarterbacks, not killing them, and you know we get to play games- are that division and two out of the annex Ii West, which would leave you and fairly fight For the end seas potentially near the hours-
At the last time we did the progress when we get the lion said Jackson Carolina. First of all, we should stay away at Lana, Houston and, I said, seemed divisions. Plan Jacksonville, Carolina, also stay away. That was a very entertaining game. Can guide us it awakens I what about them wrongly, but I'm much rather Watcher Alan and Menchu than who else do other than flak. Oh and rivers, right like we did not so much more compelling, thou, yeah! Well everything, especially compelling if you had Jacksonville, plus three and a half and then it was compelling fur by anus, but I actually think Carolina should have won that game. But double figures: it was interesting, Joey Slye, who was one of the five best players in the league for four weeks, just lights out, making everything and then somebody blacked his first feel, go today from my fingers like fifty six then that was eighty fell apart any that aid. Just kind of logic. The Lange ran. As you said,
Not only was a game incredibly entertaining Mccaffrey was the best part of the day to day, but mention had four Hale marries at around I've ever seen that before the right they kept in defence of penalties right. Yet in one of em too for now I guess I just don't understand pass interference review and I think that's if you're gonna make your headlines from the first. I will send you doing like the dopey, a sub part of the first five weeks as this pass interference or is doesn't it but there's any Reimer reason seems like they're, really afraid to overturn, but like the four net there I think it was the third Hale Mary through foreign at it for now was gonna catch it guy just one barreling term the damn it was. I bet cite the definition of passenger France. Emigrant vegetate inference standard further. The hell marries than there is every other play at the dash. We made a point of that, but you're right, you D get shot, but many we're doing some interesting things with they all Mary he had thrown.
Back of the endzone. He was purposely lofting it so that it was in the front of the end zone and was a chart like a something something guys in the front or Westbrook. I don't know what it was, but they're purposely setting up or what everybody else is waiting by the goalposts then almost worked. He doesn't. He is still probably the favorite. For offensive rookie of the year well, it was, it was still it was Daniel Jones going into this week, but it has a slight favorite and then Mary was to act when she was actually third I think benches legitimately get So when you say he's above average, I think the above average yeah here all these announces like the terrible like roughing the past, or call against the Steelers that caused in the game potentially, but while they do in it for a reason, you want to see your starting quarterbacks out there like now, I kind of like our determination to like so many guys out, and so that is why I think the old guys already there we talk at last week about if
mention it! It just keeps going, whether they were potentially trade falls, which I think we have some cap issues for them. I'll go the other way. What is worth it Menchu on the open market and false comes back no interest in the region, say. I mean he's so easy to trade. He's got like the cheapest possible contract. And there they came in men is available in you just saw like as high as humanly possible. Where is it? like Cincinnati or something Southern Germany about the bears were YO. What have they went through? The bear and they said will give you mention future biscuit right now, right now. They do not issue more than a lotta. The jams out there and people would make the decisions the year. I can't believe you're said the first Jabez. I don't care, I don't know. I suggest that I know it's easy to make him a punchline but chased Daniel. Is that better wait? A second? It was realizing something what you're too garlic, is that right, you are
These are all the science so now you're disparaged, Chase Daniel you're, saying he's that is bad is, as people seem to think he is, it seems, like every hope. Madam you won't trade of straight for gardener. Menchu, crazy, you're too risk all like. I can't believe it made it one of my twelve steps. What have to go through the whole added yourselves, the pod boots outlets they could break Google. A system is ready to help you get more than with just your voice in the car at home and every take your phone with the assisting can set reminders. Siena forget important things like hey, Google. Remember that my keys or on the top shelf and then later I can just say, Google. Where did I leave my case? Guess what Google will now little help hands? Free, just say: hey, Google! to get started. I wish my way Phidias TAT, Google wake me up, so I could get my plane from
Now I can see. Mr today. That's all other story check out a Google assistant just say: hey good, get started. Ok, I've tried to big questions for you. The first one is this: is there a single contender through five weeks that you feel good about when you mean like girl,. I'm cool, including your patriots, contender well yeah. I may give you I'm gonna, give you the noon, compatriots that nor and since the Green Bay Packers in Kansas City Chiefs, who I think are the top floor teams of we're doing a powerful right now, San Francisco and see cattle are probably right, underneath them and then, after that, it's just people go up and down opinion the weak. A hundred percent sought on any of those change. Your hats I'll play like this Is there anyone I'd, be shocked that didn't make the championship game? Ok, great
belittling answer that I said God I was looking for us as it. What do you get? Four chiefs Patriots Fc Championship is there's no way. That's on it. Now, I'm looking at the chiefs and unlike they're gonna, get some of going to run it three hundred fifty yards, sunny, Michel gonna, go crazy on them in January, and maybe someone before that, maybe more Jackson gets to interfere sure if they make it that far- and that is my homes- ankle gonna bathing every week, because I do not want to make that either like the announced like about change the gaming and then all experts for first down, so I'm not sure how real that is so right now, patriots are the only thing that would be shocked that didn't make it and make the championship game. I guess I have enough see one two three and four, but those are interchangeable. I think you're right see the patriots who I did. I did a quick powerful before we start the pod. According to my calculations, they ve played they put Pittsburgh the tone.
Fifth added thirty two? They played the jets, who have thirty washed and thirty one in Miami thirty, two whose other game against the did we buy the giants. The giants negatively the giants next week. I have them at twenty six and then the only good team we played was Buffalo, who had number nine and that's a cat that came to a most last there's some there's some concerns with this past team when they have a game like the game you play ticket today against Green Bay or even they've kind of game. Kansas city just played against Indianapolis, where the printer Dan eight Slash three thirteen Brady I've never seen him more uncomfortable in the pocket and yeah. This is right around the time every year, where the paths Van start worrying about Brady, but he just looks like ie. Really doesn't want to get ahead, or maybe he saved himself for January whatever. But if there is any,
sure I e that it doesn't seem like his moving around the same way and he's really dampen the ball, and you could see field, as we can that Buffalo Game and I think it's a concern, because you do not have Thailand vow by they used to have its peep the teams. Always now. It's gonna be wider. Adamant, Gordon as Ben. Decent this year. That's about it, but man from a weapon stamp. When you can see why they, they check the tire so hard and Antonia Brown this a team. I actually think they need to trade for a receiver. Well, I could see what you say, but here's a luxury you have the defects in the difference is great and as far as the offence in the offence of line, you have time to figure it out. You have that the vision wrapped up the matter. I don't care what the bills are. Gonna, be, don't you have a wrapped up so and you still have buncher teams that aren't good on the schedule right, yeah ions at jets it get in order now get
Second, half the season, it gets harder, but the offence of land we'll get. How through the offensive line, is that, as I really had some tough sound I mean it could work. It was weird thing like just like: through eight minutes of the first quarter, guys had already taken three sacks, maybe one of them than cap, but he was on his back three times and you didn't convert a fourth, and once I got boy, this isn't patriots football. But then you have to beat you guys. For four quarters in writing? Can do it that just how it is going out one they cover the spread. They cover the twenty one, plus they Brady had an old man moment today that almost gave me out attack when he tried to a slide and Oh yeah, I dont know what was going on, but he he was basically like. How can I every ligament of my knee at the same time and put his. Leg out and utterly like good side better. Now I just turn fifty any really seem like that was then he just blew out his name, but he has this giant leebrace. Now I guess that his head for a while, but
Everyone s lawyer, minded that he has his Jain eyebrows and I guess the negress weather the storm, but it was just like such an athlete act. Like old guy plastic man outsiders thing anyway now I now, but it just they did their these moments, where you're like a man. Forty two like this is Yet I am, I know, were pushing the limits of what we know in Berlin or now Jack? I is on a tweet Jacko, so upset about the Houston coming next round his doing all these our lander through its about other great pictures. History now berliners, the only one who's the area is getting better and his mid thirties. Everyone else, because the other way I are pushing the the the limits age up forty terrorist of forty Tirana. You can feel it sometimes in these games fine, but without an amateur. My complained that way you can be. Now you can be at least aid now go to Baltimore,
complaining, I think from a weapon standpoint. I think that this is there's going a certain style, they're gonna and a rhythm that they're gonna have to play with this shit. I worry about them In a shoot out, there began, but then you actually chiefs tonight at you. They couldn't stay out of their own way offence away after the first corn. I also, I also felt we gotta. We got a classic Jason Garrett Game and Classic Andy Red get oh yeah. Let's talk about that so yeah so it is our answer contenders thing just quickly and on the container thing they say you feel the best about the pats. Would you say New Orleans or Green Bay? For that you feel the best. A barren rock is breeze I'll, be back in a few weeks and I think the same state It has been really impressive. I bet arousing there you guys had a year the rams against the saints and that's a game that breeze went on maybe one that game them and they are solid. Their rocks I'll defensively
am I shall Lattimer Lee Hope here, like Evans, did nothing today and Cooper to nothing like he's really like the on Sanders. Ask in the in the shut down the parliament really as net six sacks. Really, I'm out enough. That's a lot! You know that takes it takes Teddy Bridgewater you're, not the past four three hundred yards. He did anyone He got into a groove Michael Thomas Jared Cook came alive. Thank you at any time and fantasy after five weeks, but yet team scares me a lot more monsieur le Michel Adam. Where is he? down my undefeated fantasy season, you be you're, gonna, be as weak and ethnic job. As forty points you need forty from you, got very mouthy, very Mount, sending email sending and allow a site and everything I'd I'd. I knew I could answer and so on our joy at the thing about fantasies you gonna have the weak make Evans just ten zero right and I'm going my governs in the third quarter like getting have enough to worry about is the bears adjust creating in London and MIKE Evans.
Just have the zero and I'm why in the game- and, unlike I swear, he's out there what's going on here, we're going home is that is he sacked bronchitis, what's happening now, totally outfit justice, give zero and then the other one. Help was Lamar and before it again and read. We should just talk quickly about I'm. Just it seems like the jury is out now and how to be Baltimore, and you just boots the living, how it all in my hearing and basically trying to force in their bad decisions, he was not good today was tough tough on that'll? Do you good? I apologized Mallory You to a lesser extent. I would trade him for Patrick what happens if I could. I also use talking about it if you now, if they feasts up against these giant defences, it's gonna, be it's gonna, be tough, but would you care for many years now Now, that's crazy! All do you want you under Jason Garrett? It why?
I don't know, take your pact but that the slamming the red flag down and getting called for that I had the laugh, even though I knew meant the end of the game for us, but I had a laugh. I looked at Jason Gara moment and just play com self and then Andy Red others. Do real, quick I'll at a proper. Therefore, Then one call right, it was no. I know they're gonna, stop and right up the gun. You do play I know you dont want to roll them. Right is trouble with his deals and everything you to play action that you could probably score on on a lot of the options you're going to you're, going to throw their way really honestly, the run up the middle. The one thing you can't do. It was really bad It was a very Andy Red ask home collapse as big favor. We ve seen it a million times in the past. The crowd crowd super loud ready to go the whole thing Indianapolis his defence. You know that was my that the damn within this year too, and
in the bed on them today, as we did with through a token billion dollar picks parliament, but they do had so many injuries that defence, it seem to unrealistic events, do MAC and help them to get this go anew and even always playing other those to widen. Praising back all season on this pod. I really think he's one or like the fibers running maximally yeah so he's so spied there that one here that one great run near the end when he ran for the first time rages waiting waiting waiting, and they can put his hand on the blockers back and fell for three years. I haven't that has really get nature. Anyone around the ball killed them today. That road did. I do who ran to their does tackle, went out and achieves that was up, and the oil Wilkins had some good right. These good they let him up. I felt the third quarter- oh my god, my God, they ever three point lead and I'm text
You live lines, because I want to deal with the chief, the laugh at action. We didn't do it, but I won't wait. There were down three points and they were an underdog animals in the third quarter, like the because preset probably could pass for thirty yards arrest of the game and that when this they're just gettin gouged on the ground is amazing, we didn't talk about the clap or because they showed him a couple. I'm doing the clapper thing. I think they should weave in stock footage from different year. So we have the guess which, which year did when he when they do that, though you in there on thirty one three and they had a first and then she just cut to like a two thousand nine thing. A hymn. Clap and I'm gonna go it. That's it. I know you like this video game within the gave. Maybe they get sponsored yeah what year of the class Where was this classic clapper than I thought? I bet you dream? Guy wrapper. I bet you team got out coach. The last week so as an open, the air? While you know it's gonna, show you just
I never think they're gonna win anything with this coaching staff and I also like children more got a little too much credit. They beat up on those soft defences. As I go Callin more. This is a new did. Diversified often sounds like now soon, as someone throws something weird adjured defence why it's gonna be trouble. The one thing I really enjoyed when they're not playing and again that in at eight months, doing I was, I better be like a vast announcing patriots gave at the date the kicker he made it But there is a false start near the end, and then he missed
Thirty three areas, as is missing it triggers inside our. Now that he's you seek out very, let me set out the had stolen the peril holding them well he's either he's the whole family from the Cavaliers treatment. Hey we're teaming up with fanned or to give you the list out there. A chance by fantasy forbids me sound the traffic to the best part. The winner gets the fat boy. Rigour bear efficient correspondent for fenders world. Fantasy football championship LIVE finals and I don't think we can get Harry for this anymore. Cuz he's blowing up he's got this whole weird gambling either is hitting packs he's gotta. Partners now physic you're getting pushed out, I know what's going on, so is one cow zone away from blowing up yeas in London right now he was at that game on another. No, I have to talk to monitor what is still got a lot of stuff gown out. Well,
We have stopped gonna near you, get an all expense paid trip to enjoy four days worth Debbie. Above sea events- importantly concluding exclusive beach, aft party with lap forms by ludicrous good offended at cop sash ringer draft your weeks, expanded routine throat in that league for the Games kick off on Sunday. I M Grandcourt think I I was foreign and forty seventh of eight hundred thirty four. That gets me no money, but James White enough, I drafted guy I was like I want to have him in one, maybe two leagues and then to put em on daily fancy. What happened to the sky is used. It used to be the scarlet gangbusters that is Belgic mad at him because he saw the birth of a child, and I know he doesn't just get in anymore. He, I think it's one of those things: seems like when his end. They know we're gonna use. Em said the courtroom career apparent, Patterson Syndrome. Here
Cora Patterson, so they gave me. I got that their definite running service that matters anymore James, I made a whole career and I now I may well receptions again. I think the no grog thing I'd have we very, but I wonder if that's affected a little bit where really the only outlet other than Romania, but other thing on fanned all before you leave the Andrey Hopkins. I had him on my came job like I don't know My son's, like I have the honour Hopkins. I went up against well, fuller, Loggia, fancy sucks cry vanished fire, I'm five. Twenty one in our links. That was in great, I feel in rapid, said, but you know who killed me: Lamar Jackson, that's right! I forgive him. Love them rejects the Marge action. There would have been nice to have the shouts and five touchdowns. This is one of those weeks, though, that whoever had the shine Watson Mccaffrey was winning right right. It's over anyway. Remember you
play against me sow and the traffic than the Ringer Lister League on fanned does matter. If you miss last week, he can still take on the top prize. Could offended outcome slash ringer to enter right now lasting our mention. Four, we get to guess the lance. Who's, your VP right now, through five weeks. I know it's early. I know it's not even totally one third of the season, but we were we never actually bet on my homes to win them. They pay we thought of as a slammed on now. I would argue his third. He met him, be fourth, whose third MA homes now could Could you see worsen Mccaffrey being above him? I guess Mccaffrey moves up yeah I'll lose up I'll phone bustle had a great game. Can you forget how Grady is sometimes really and now came? Was spectacular? Deck aim was as close again rams. Hawks as you could possibly get em. It's him rolling left and hitting locket in the did. The v
every corner of the ends on there's no other place. That was very close gaff going for the two point. Your version almost Megan. It not Megan that was closed. Woods has his knee down. Does he not the end zone before us up before the elbow heads tablet and, of course the feel go goes over the if it was extend the goalposts. Yeah knows what I mean. That's every single part of that was close. He's crazy again, the thing you deaf, they notice it was in their share in the points made by ladder from people. He just seems like really locked in the bag but this is career year, Russell US and which is good for you cause he's your fancy. Kubi Ben I was talking to our Rousillon Ivan. Taxing about these sports media things that people say in, One of them is definitely there where people go paper on talk enough how good Russia Wilson is, then I think we do action. I think they thought Those who want a super bowl he's been really good for this entire decade, nobody's
leaping rustlers. There's nobody watching the Thursday game gun. I never rise. Russell Wilson was good scared right we ve now are we ve known his when he holding out or threatening to hold out last year leg, it was a big deal because people like holy shit, they're gonna blow of Brussels in the guise great he's excellent. These did because if they had ever, let him go, and you know it with where with them is day, ran more than any other team. The NFL around, like fifty eight percent of time, which is unheard of last year in that today's football, but I think p Carol to mention everything he has eight street in one point victory in one point games he's one aid straight like that's. How lucky do you can't be more lucky coming from a team now drawn interception from the one you're lying Superbowl, that aside, you don't get the other than that, rather than the worst last second class in supplies. To keep that in mind.
He has. He still has the best, the actions of any coach you pose again lives ass like on at length. The oddity misses the game when yoga nobody's better than Peter weapon. They had set off and sprinting on the field, all that stuff, but yet Russia worsens really get in the council has said today in during the game. He was raving about one of the court's guys in his like we don't talk about a two tier of beds. Elaborated enough now, that's a case, for it said you're, probably right through I was gonna led the package for the Interior Offensive Lavater decided against it. The whole. We don't talk about how good Russell worsted thing is. Is absurd. Now Mccaffrey is somebody that we talked about. As you know, a possible First guy drafted in fantasy. Stocks and praise he was, to be one of the best fantasy guys
but now we are seeing in football or about where he actually might be one of those guys. He certainly the biggest impact running back. This isn't what takes over games guide. That that's not so that it can do that last year, but it some it seems more right, your now and it doesn't really boy I hated crap on on CAM Lou but now they have been in our work right, yet it doesn't matter may remain Mccaffrey like sprinting for an eighty are. Down no one's within twelve yards of even touching em. Maybe it doesn't really matter, and then they get lucky this file, but His team has a little more and more vigorous, the matters amendment to make our afternoon cable tv point. This is crazy. Mccaffrey team now sow can you knew he had to go for this to happen now everybody knows. Is christian, Mccaffrey steam But it really is, I do think Newton Canada had to pushed out for a couple weeks and add three.
Calibrate what was going on and go oh yeah. This is one of the best players in the league. This our whole offense should revolve around him. What happens if he comes back? What did I do? I think I think I have some ass with that, because if, if they can continue to succeed, it will be a lot tougher to justify a great cam Newton's back, let's put them back in cuz, he looks so bad before he had taken out address by the way I have now so that their home for the box next week on arms. Are there not offer the bucks? That's a lending it. Ah you now that yeah for you yeah Leg Dan at San Francisco after by weak and then home for the Titans and are now that team protecting could be sixty two pretty easily
could be right now you just Wiki looked you can count any other. I am about to count at land out. A really am I I was gonna bring that up, but we know what to do with them that that that thought guys do with me that its worst Mccaffrey and MA homes now is our top three M Vp. I dont yet another favor. This yeah. I guess Mahomes takes a hit tonight, but I still think he's going to have monster numbers at the end of the year. If Seattle, like twelve for Wilson's Gonna win them. They pay you if he plays the way he did. Those first five right but Mccaffrey could have. The greatest fantasies and we ve had, since I vintage charm, that means that if they had got tenant six fur for him, no one ever pay near yellow. Probably like eleven and via red tenants. Excitedly I allowed through again I don't know, what's got what's gonna be another vision, Harun AL, you don't see that happening. I, like the saints, I still like to say that the top there, but if you want to talk Atlanta
I'm all ears yeah. Well, although one make everything he has a hundred and fifty nine point, six p p. I fancy points one. Twenty eight point: six non p, p, r, p p. I forgot you prepare its the fourth and fifth most by any running back through his teams. First, five games accredit, interesting cotton, while even even on pace with the Tomlinson Museum sister. He does it all I have were. You will try to do this now that we're through five weeks. I think we can cross fire him pretty easily many endeavoured across to sex cause. I'm I'm here across. Not Miami washed in the jets, the bangles, the Falcons Falcons are one and for their embarrassing, say brow just move their two weeks ago, Parleyed from the Falcons, I don't think he moved far away enough. I think he might have to get away Georgi Blount yeah Arizona I think, is across off.
I see a scenario where they go ten and running- and I say so we're We already have five teens. Oh, I'm sorry, sixties, extremes of Yugoslavia. I wanna give Atlanta one more weak, but on a low now you know I'm not often give Quinn Dank when one more week like they fired a defensive coordinator. He wanted to take overs deep sea too. Prove that is worthy of being a head coach. I don't know what that does and they got just slashed by used in who had Homelike had scored thirteen pointed or fifty it's such a weird division that a hundred sixty yards rushing between Hide Johnson. The Sharm Watson, so they have their home for the rams this week in home for Seattle. Next, we gave you don't think I can age in that I'm sorry add Arizona this week home for the Rams Humphrey out of those of their next three why do we may get Arizona? Loser leaves town for easy. Try to go one one cross our team per week,
some I'm fine keeping them so will cross Miami washed in jet, since he Arizona some. The giants have avoided the chopping buck, the ever their bad. I loved Minnesota You know one thereupon. Yet they went against Tampa Bay and Washington. They won those games. When tap is due at first while they should have been tap obey you. Could it made them feel, go at the end or any of the extra points, but it is the duchess now yet the giants are bad. This is why I am bad again. Why? Because I refused, but Minnesota tease cause. I don't want to bet on her cousins and then I bet unchaste Daniel right when the men Isn't there I was burning under now Hunter and and and cooked, have a good game and in cousins by action at a good game. Overthrown reacted to touch dance. You see the play when masonry I've got her. Yes, I did We you watching alive and I saw the Republic three seconds. I was watching alive. I asked
thought he there is a possibility? He was dead, yet you text again. Europe is up. He where he went down any, just completely lifeless, but not like concussion lifeless. He seemed dead, in somebody leaned over him, a kind of tat his chest and nothing was happy and he was just gonna, like all my God started waving people buy it now. That was bad Pittsburgh, one in four in they traded their first round pigs in the mink Fitzpatrick. Aid and in the NBA unilateral accident in Indiana found. These guys are dumb ass if they don't lottery protected, and that pick I mean They they can pass and see the jets washed her Miami, but that that pigs can probably be in the top ten. It's baby die violent. I thought it was a mistake. I find I thought about.
Two, it wasn't a reactionary thing and then you have still. As far as I know, what it was a matter is still can be better than a first round pick. We have next year long. I don't think so I don't think so either, but I guess there just counting on rude off or what's he gonna be thirty, seven. Thirty, eight year old, rob, was from back in them. He at large, when at top five protect it and if they don't get a rolls over, right leg in the NBA with nobody gives up unprotected first round impacts on their bad proposal being fired immediately. Know you could do that Nanda eye before we get to weeks six Are you following the sterile Morey versus China thing? I try How do I? I saw Clay Travis get involved, and am I right. I just have a draft I'm I've waited id, did I'm gonna, be there want to say too much because I had I was watching for body and I wasn't researching. All the nuances of it, but this is
most fascinating, a story in a couple years may be sent sterling where you have done China is so important to their business and not only wait like a franchise, eight, the rockets that since young was on the team. You know they ve had this huge for on China, but the end did you guys that have gone over there like cobia curry people that their having aims over there. There China show their games. Do these broadcasting, they just brought in Joe side too. The nets honour- and this was kind of the big economic you know windfall place for them that they had been looking at this in India, where the two two big places for them, but especially China, and with one tweet, this is turned into one of the craziest NBA stores. We ve had the emitting really say anything for thirty six hours and finally did a statement, and now people are comparing this day. That was an English versus the statement that
was in Chinese. That was translated, which is much harsher. There are no, and I asked thought he was getting fired this again, I thought I might still happen say I feel safe. I mean he's my friend, but I thought he was going to fire. So again because there were so. Much money at stake. Vantages becomes one of those things. You know once it gets involved than the and the tweet Batson, all that stuff and people star mobilizing. It goes to ah there level, but I shall be really this unit. Eight. They had these games there. Where people are travelling over there and- and you know, ESPN women, no writer from ESPN that I could find on their website even wrote about their so ESPN as their own economic incentives there. And this is it
Little Ackland W B had that paper view in South Africa, that became a big deal all right here and people or push. If then the pull out, and then they just didn't pull out, because it is too much money at stake. This China Ba thing is that a whole other level. So out, keep an eye on this day. I do want to say too much cause. I can't say I M, Phil informed enough about it to have like a deep, deep opinion, but I may attack on Tuesday Amateur research other stuff the next couple of days, but I still think, there's a you know, I don't I don't got a hundred percent safe with with that, with their I want to see how this place out, while hoping to lessen us out None of us should be on twitter, but none of us was all get off without good after where it really does. Did you you're, the one who said that there should be something that, if you're hired for job at it deletes all of your tweets from eighteen years from when you are eighteen years or younger yeah yeah yeah should be some kind of act that justice
for you. I took out a delete. All his tweets allowed a new directive on when I was going Can the producers equally tweets did not. It's on there and that going through their budgets jeered at just do what I might lead mine? I may just do it cuban ass, a map with hoods take breaking them. What do I science was talk about Pepsi they take all and, if thou sober since to the next level, whether it's a hail, married, touchdown, a defensive, stop and the goal or a Superbowl win when it's time to celebrate its time to crack open a Pepsi. I think the last time we talked about this, I can't member how extensive, where talked about Billy, what she's Johnson the Atlanta receiver that I came to love in the late seventies early eighties, because when he scored you'd wiggle his legs back and forth and do this all Ambrosch I'd never seen anybody celebrated touchdown and he made became my hero. I went on Youtube
to see. I assume there was. I get ten minute Billy. What use Johnson Touchdown celebration video? It does not exist. So weirdos on the internet who make stuff like this. Can you make me a Billy White shoes, Johnson Touchdown, celebration, video? I want to see it Pepsi. I don't know for whatever reason, I think of I think, a Pepsi when I think of touchdown celebration, my favorite one right now. What's your favorite and ran outta, I like the team celebrations, I'm a big fan of the team for celebrations, even the corny like rowboats or whatever, I'm just Airi. Anybody working together. A all do you like when the defence runs into the answer and does the whole posed or kind of agenda they never get to do it didn't met. They never know it. I enjoy their Pepsi, the officials serve the NFL, reminds you and me and Kyle to always celebrating, I guess the lines south. Can you guess the record
last night, Nata gets spread for road themes, issue. How many games can tell me I'm a seventy five when loss for road teams la spread, no spread win loss, the roads, Ms Forty, two and thirty three are you get? You should be added daily damage as our list, its forty three thirty, two ok you're, so hot teams just to win our eleven games under five hundred stupid season. Let's amber anywhere Thursday night. The doing the patriots are playing at home against the near for budgets This can be lady, lad chance daily dimes. We'll get excited about him. I think the last
has to be at least two touchdowns, I'm going to go patriots by fourteen and one slash two I went way high. I put another factor in that. I went eighteen and one slash two you're closer at sixteen. Now you factor in previous games. You know maybe history between the teams home field advantage, but I added, I think, three points to bill: Belichick hates his goddamn team and he wants to rip your head off the one by Ford doesn't care where, if he lies in the stadium, it's good enough for him, but apparently Vegas doesn't group will this is he lies last time in a giant uniform? Thank God. It's as their so well. I have a couple days to see shots of the diary catch. What would you have for the giants? Their entire team Any point say score versus the patriots. Defence would be the line for that. This is interesting because I have to do a prop on this for Fox Thou. Really, yes, so ok solved
spread of sixteen. We think the giants the spread for them would be what over under sixteen. In our point seventeen points, but they were you figure it out, because the now- and I think that many thirteen and fourteen, I think, they're, expecting it to be about thirty one fourteen. So it say the giants are fourteen have points would say the paths defences good fer, a touchdown, see it the entire giants, team versus the Pats defence giants, minus seven and half. Were you gonna come? What do? I think the patriots deviant scores? That's funny. I have this written down for something about. Do us any more. This is a really think that the two and here's an they don't. They want a lie in the game. They're gonna try no there's no more boundaries in football by Williams did away with. We can't do that anymore, but I think village executed weak link. Not At his defence said. I want to see you I manning in this game. Do it you have to do so here's my dreams at air for this game, Brady scrambles out on the giants
biogas, that a ban on a scramble and Eli hit some over the helm of the still chair and just a full scale bra, insist that they finally fight maybe that's how they do Dublin Bay. The eye have to Sunday Marquis game. So I think there are buncher go once budget bad ones. Do but would you like so let's go this one first, she Texans in Kansas City? The shot, gets my harms. There's no way. This won't be entertaining it's a shame. They can't faxes and put this honour and actually the men in a game and get this week. Green bidder I have Kansas City by seven against Euston, with exact what I had its eight demanded it. What do you think it used and still stay away? I feel very comfortable, just never wagering on them this year, I think, none of these aims you sell teams can when two games in a row right. I dont know how to make them wherever there were
so that a land again today when it acts? in Atlanta might come back and then at least is the offences side. Now, we'll get bigger rainy of another attached, Do you like you, look at Watson like, oh, my god, if he plays like, does not even every game but two or three like this when this division by for games right is a foreigner twenty six yards, if five touchdowns in the second a provisional Sunday Marquis because, if it really hedges out of the forty nine beat the Brown on Monday at which we don't know yet his retainers Senate, Rams at home against the forty nine. If the forded adders go into this game and defeated in the rams, ray into with Seattle Powders Bertha causing rough shape happened. Guile has caused
shape, you haven't even started the weekend at Sunday night. First, vile Kyle never made it to my has today for football and the Pats were up to against the Redskins late in the first half as furious, because any time is that here the bad stuff happens and abraded blow It is then that new brace thing and kind wasn't here I died out have been it does what it would have any new producer. We regret having additions child just sleep over Saturday night, why even chancing hi is causing rare form lately so rams. I have minus four against the forty nine hours boy. This is a shame that I should get fired for what I do for a living, because I said six and a half way high. Three and a half is right through and a half in that. If the forded enters a good on Monday. That old, I think that a good three or two and half what's a September line on this will lead to lower August liability was
like what I think was like nine and one slash two wow yeah, I just just the same as going to be Shawna short week. The rams we're going to lose three in a row. I think at the factory then Goths a fun. When did the people decide circles around gas there is a gulf is get got through four five hundred. It can't be that bad and then it's like they can't win with God and then God for ends up them down and put them in a position to have the game farewell which the guy MRS read and if they had made the fish or by is you say seems like is destined for as careers where we just change our minds a hundred thirty times. I love to know what Mcveigh really thinks about him. Now, modestly, at the guy he's fine, I can only say so much for they took him. Do super bowl and everything, but I think there are some Matthew Stafford types
I mention this would do just as well in that office. Would you rather hammer Jacobus reset the thing I think ass still count? I love Jacobus personnel. The man who does not Eliza preset can't do that. He does Paulina fifteen I am always impressed by am especially This is an is how commie is like they'll. Be this fourth one so change the play. Did it today in the Chiefs game change the play went over to talk to every person. There was like eight seconds, seven. Second, six seconds left on the on the on the forty second clock and he's just he's: got it you? Now you see these other qbs, they panic fit deer in the headlights, on the time out. One second left and he's just psyches on it really lays out, but I think Frank Reich also installs a lot of confidence and totally you really
we believe in their team in it, and I hope they don't passed the point of no return with injuries, but I have them in my top separate anyway the London game, its Carolina versus the bucks, and we saw this Thursday. Then we, a few weeks ago, did I watched it at a jet. Blue airplane can't say, was a great game. I'm going to see this, though this has to be up not a prime time, but a featured game wise underlines that year, that is a little where'd. They should check to this amount. I have a Sedona at six hundred and thirty in the morning West Coast least they're not burying it with the other ten games like they did the raiders bears. Today. I think the bucks are this year's, Jekyll and Hyde.
They go, go look at their five games and try to figure out if any delay, since every you every year, but especially this year, their frequent drunk. Yet I have the Panthers by three enough. Now you got a wrong there. I had the box by two and a half its box by one and a half that stupid I mean they're tint their technically a haunting. The books are favoured by two and a half bunch of her by one by one and ass. It turned out, but yeah, I'm really a really confused by the Welsh. I want is a better record. Like I said, then this division also much idea of sea South nobody
Monster Games in a row. So we are go by that. But who do you think is better you renting? The bucks are better than the Panthers. This is a neutral site game. The Panthers started Carolina has the Lebron James got the best play their best player on the field. I think their defense is good to, even if, even if The games today were the other are driving down. They did some stuff, it wasn't like they were the eighty five bears, but they can get stops EDA. They, I don't know, I think they can get pressure and they get stops on after I had the watch apples Cleveland its home for Seattle. Did you Miss Philadelphia, Minnesota Cosette? a better way out at all. I have I came over the watchful eye of it as well. Sure I will get. It then attacked when do a first well, I do I don't know I think, gum dinner. This could be the vision, winners.
Kurt cousins can't get a Marquis slapped for me any tacit and he's gonna like that skip it were job Seattle gleam. Now I the weakening Vikings University. I haven't Minnesota by three overfishing, three, also in its three and a half games of Minnesota. Yet there we did. It have two very similar teams. Well, it's hard, because Philly didn't had to do nothing, really, nothing. When today, sir, do you want to learn more about a team? We couldn't what shall I once had fewer than two hundred yards dead like eighty five yards, rushing at ten sacks and full couldn't wait to give the ball. I had just been literally, was handing them the Eagles yeah, I saw a camera. I heard this at the beginning, the game. I read it right for the game, but they were saying how Darnel practiced all week and they threw this guy in the game is started. When I heard that as I well that's, that's sounds dumb
Then he made that three at the workplace, I've ever seen in my life tat. I knew not confident prompt want all better Yeah and alas, aimed at the Vikings eight by the giants are, but what do you make of it this isn't a loser leaves down Madge. But this is therefore a which will take one of these two things. Seriously after this gap and how to know which one could be there? Browns home against the Seattle, Seahawks and. Will learn more about the brass. Today I had either brands minus one. I had no idea withdrew. That's that's what I did to Brown minus one. Vegas pushed it to two and a half. This is a really fun game. I'm excited to watch Brad Seahawks. I think Seattle's fun to watch this. I like this to how much stock you put in the back of Cleveland's going to play a short week. Seattle have ten days to prepare, never know what to do with them The other watch about I'm just turn this in their because I love meant men shanty saying
on the road in Jacksonville, and I have the saints by two and enough either since by I got this rights since by one and a half, but I'll say this: I think we should bed bull teams, minus tenant, on an adjusted spread, he's gonna blow out the whole out again. Are you gonna? Get this way wrong? Some legally away wrong. Someone's gonna be like on the net. The worry about it. I think Jack Seville this point, I'm looking at her right now, so you have pats, five case in Buffalo form. One Texans, Ravens, raiders and culture are three in two Jack's gone too far would start to get tough for them to try to make to try to not just catch used. A bed sneak in as a wildcard feels like a must. When is below no Houston's, while we all lose this week there right now, two and four.
To enforce never where you want to be. If you try to meet the plants, because I think that ten insects, in seven a worse, so nine in seven wins the division or ties that you have to go seven in three, rest the way that a realistic it is for them. The barely whatcha balls I have to. The ravens, our home, against An increasingly awful Cincinnati team- and even I did what has often the raven said. The ravens by ten you're gonna hit that I I went way high some further down on this bangles team, that maybe you are it's. The spreads tend to have. I had thirteen. Who did you get that? I don't know. Why is it even tat was because it's a division game, I gotta admit, DOM. Had twenty two yards passing at half coming off that even worse Monday start against the Steelers Bottomest events is not good
That dude came off the bench and Pittsburgh. I had it on one of the small tvs. I never even found out what his name was. What was his name? Who came off the bench? The third string QB for Pittsburgh? Ah Hodge always urges the Hodges yeah yeah. I just you know I was a kid about anybody. I thought it was landed Jones for a little while I have no idea. It was never interesting enough. Switch over to the area, Activity and then I switched over four o t and Tomlin gives the coin toss Yea kicked in a year cake that away had so little confidence. It is Kubi is man, you suck so much. I'm gonna make history under the first person. I ever do this and kicked who fear that over tat rose in solar confidence and in a weird way work. But then it backfired because they fumbled in their own territory and then listen said yeah. There's a lot
go, and I'm in that lay that nothing the past or call is really really bad to sell gas about bad taste in my mouth, but baltimores, probably two touchdowns Boliden Cincinnati. Now I can't believe how bad I mean you're, a fan of a city of a team. I who can be less confident in their quarterback then bangles fans and Andy Dalton right now. You think there's a major green patriots potential interesting! I am glad of it. They can get a couple weeks back right that chair car. Can we keep him healthy for three months now? Now you think you just gets currently down dick teases s fair like four weeks and then like stress fraction, is left foot cause out. Man costs his bourbons I've already or from a brown to green. Do you gonna run the rainbow gamut, I'm speaking it again it your Denver Broncos finally the board with a when really impressive, Bradley Chow list when against in gets a chargers technically and the
but it seems that there are more brok. Us faint talk about a Ewing theory that tab rewrite Bradley job at a terrorist acl and began from the team for that VIC Banjos defences show up defence. Again, I have the the EU. Of course you probably embed on them is now it is the one we are stairway, unbeliever Brok us Minus four! At home over the titans. Now you and hi. I, when I also said three have Vegas, doesn't trust him as much two and a half is number well. We have to take a break in there I'm I'm so excited for carers. Poop ed this week let's talk about Palatine can't find a work out. The gives you engaged, you probably can't thrilling had found a worker. Keeps you gauge well felt that as an immersive cardio experience with real time features that will always keep you coming back. Accept the pale tango into doubt was watching the Packers Cowboys Game and the charges Broncos game at the same time is as
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maybe to get started? I come back when they become a games of the poop factor. Atlanta is in Arizona this. I Avonlea the rest of Billina schedule, but this might be the last time it land is favoured the seas and EVA Lana by three in Arizona. Would you have you yet it I did it hurt my head to think about this one. That really did I said pic I gave up. I know it's like giving a ten ten rounds boxing, but I said pick its new lands, the two point favorites yoga thou. Who did you have won in trouble J? I had triple g by a point in just four. There was very, very closely yeah. I had the other guy point, but it was One of them should have won by a point to the cards had trouble GI, one fifteen, one twelve, which at was absolutely ludicrous right, but
In that I was really taken a turn, the other guy jangle good. He comes out your wide and you know it's what decision Garcia, but you know a triple jeep. Does the girl? He looks old, and am I owe you actually We look sawyers gray, hair yeah, why they have gray hair. Will he took me he's dying. Is air like like a sports, I wanna bet. Finally, I grant that guy went. Whose body a few times early and it really buckler up, and it was like at this of his career rise. Get back by bodies shots? Is we supposed to be Zeb MID Thirty's later is, but we really do now could be. He could be forty eight for a winner. I just feel bad from the come out. Those Canelo fights without a win without draw whenever, like I just it did, did probably just jealous I think he's finally sign like four three hundred and fifty nine hours of behaviour is any thyself
I'll be the best guy right now for the taking a picture with somebody while having his fists up. I think he's still the champion of that right. Now in a word tat. The other proof fact a game cowboys were what a time to catch the jet. Right when same Donalds come back to save the season it's in New York or in New Jersey. I have the cowboys minus thirteen by J thirteen year. The I said ten were both sides at its eight now go see Darling now puts an out and out. This is a gesture of these same five team. Just gonna be awful awful awful doubled the Jew losses every week. I'm of that your failings letter car mark this spot practices, physical break out on twitter. Every year we had the good bad team. I think Dallas may be the good bad in this yourself. Are you talking about? I am, I told you he's gonna? U failing, she may be the good bad came out of the bad good too.
You just say sorry in reversing the view that team that beats up on the bad teams and then against again teams either something bans are, you didn't have ever yet occurred. Sharer man at this end by will be very careful because you have not point anyone yet, Mr Patriot, not one took a if Dallas isn't a good bad in this year than who's the good bad thing, because we have on every ears about two more cause: Baltimore Z, other candidate, the good bad team or the bad. Do what I now are. We call this the bad good too. Now it's a good bad team. It's too bad team. That's good! against, saw the other bad, nor. Why can it be the chargers? cause I don't even they they're good. There are a bad. You say there are bad team Zanu whose on first, this is what I have to say that. Boys are good when they play other bad there. They get badly
we do this. Every year the those scheduled been lopsided for a lot of these teams where they ve been down the front, ended bad games. I'll say But anyone out there you can email. I set the Bell back at the Ringer com if you think there's a better candidate for the good bad turn eminence downloads organ. I think you might be your team now. Next category new category just for this one had to remove it from the perfect out. This is a good one. Oh my god. Is what came? How did you know Washington into my airplane playing next week? it's in Miami amazingly Washington might be favoured, I have watched him by free. I think I have to be favoured. I you killed me here. I thought Miami I was like there's no difference between these James Miami's home. Make them favorite one to have Washington is favored by ninety three three and one slash two last, so I must it telling you this
you get that I'm telling you this week not allow its eight seven five six and I feel mentally. I feel like I'm telling you this probably are yeah. I don't know what to do with that game. Although then I looked at Miami Army addictive out denounced court. Eighty one nothing in the second half, so that's probably affair line. So if your diaper Dan Sadder do you, switch coaches now, knowing your probably going be Miami, and then people will credit the coaching change to the thing or do you just leak? Another terrible thing of J Grid, and that was a photo that's actually from night to have years ago what he D had. He I shall like it. You ve got you find another photo of him smoke, the derby value added said. Nay, even big data via the Photoshop capabilities. You get your crazy. The document pot anymore so you don't fire Jaeger, innkeeper, now Stephen to what happens to them
I don't know what you're gonna do quarterback. Why, like those damosel lost it call me Clovis drop him back to pass and there are two patriots right. There ready attack on I don't even know if we get out of his any get almost always ruin more than one might thanksgiving. So I know you can't: do you see Dad's ruin three called Mccoy ruin to one. Your senses, ruin one. Might ruined at least three. My son is the CALL Mccoy of by thanks, hitting he's ruined, at least is only eleven. His deftly run through thanks gimmicks Sunday night, the chargers, our home. If you can call home again stem the reeling gasping Pittsburgh Steelers
and I have the chargers favoured by seven rights. I am backing this now untied. I said six, that's five and a half. That's done the dummy through yeah we're tired, again and tied. Lastly, haggard eyed him well yeah! I don't know what to make of this autumn's where they get far good bad James. It's the chargers! Well, I'm waiting this week as I had this exactly letter. My did eight at Green Bay hosting the lines of the trade, and I tell you I'm a half a point also rely either packers. By six words exaggerate I had retired retired again she is excellent. Ass suck. We didn't talk, teaser, Juliana, Jesus there. So, if your teams gonna stay at eight and a half, we might have to jump on that now, because you have a good bad him well and let's, let's get the patriots at ten a m
they're not going to the real honestly do not gonna screw around dollar checked out. Consider that, alas, if they lose then I'll cover this, but she's really gonna, lose too in a row. I don't think so. I don't think the rams gonna keep losing. Your team is again tasty. Hackers. The lions that's funny map, Patricia we ve made so much fun. Map richer, January than he I'm afraid of both of them. Now add the raiders around the slate this week and even to Adam just terrify, there's your colds. The bears the bills. I think we could have a good week. Those attempts are usually tell me all right. I think it's time, there's a dime. It's time for the staff repair corner, but by car max buying he's car? It's a big deal. You want to find the right car for your family law
the little piece of mind Carmack says you covered, though I saw the best used cars every car in their carefully chosen inventory car MAC certified. They were left millions of cars with their voting process like only the best become Carmack sort of Carmack set your back with a worry free, limited, weren't, different entities or fourth asthma. Whichever comes first step by your local car max for written details and discover how easy carbine could be at car max sound, you have the floor or a lack of do good things, but that will want one good thing was when camping with a bunch of families fancy and one of those I don't want to name drop but Johnny Knoxville was there and my wife tells me. I asked where my son was my five year old. Should I go Knoxville teaching him how to ride a bike? I says that a good idea, I will not forget using a monitoring I project as I don't know about that. Should child protect observers
Just come right here right now, don't say that too loud, but he has seven of his teeth, love. So that's that's fine, but not much of a story, but I will say this early We went to smack down yet a fun. I'm sure we'll talk about in a minute, but I was on Friday on Monday night Raw, I'm sitting my five year old down. We watch and re mysterious in the ring and brought lesson them around. They keep cutting to re mysterious son, whose, unlike the second row, and I you know, I said to myself: my Harrison were probably Friday. Gonna sit a seat like that. Pretty close that'll be good. Writing a gaze excited brok. Lesser then decides after Easter. Drawing room stereo around like a rag doll comes out of the ring reaches into the crowd, grabs, re, mysterious, sun and peace of giving it sat up like ten minutes, and now my son hackers into is beside himself his leg up in
yours is biting his like knuckles. I am like that. Don't worry well we'll sit further backed up with that's gonna, be fine. They get it on him for life that my story, but then we weren't we had a good time. Yeah, I was going part of mine, was gonna, be how we sat next to each other. And it was your son. He was losing his wrestling virginity. Early live resting, show virginity any. And I was of my son, who is now six years older than him, who has a veteran of the process at this point, and it was really fun reliving That first show through your sign cause for twenty five minutes there, just catatonic yeah right, they basically look like the court has to come out and carry him. Take them off the field just dear in the headlights, can't believe it can't process any, hang Jeez glazed over and then about a half hour mark. They start to live it up and then- at an hour and a half in really start to get into a rose is funded. It hit those checkpoints again, it's like its ever
Can you do at home and everything you you can't do in school. You can travel for their allowing get right in front of our eyes. Guys are beaten how to each other and costumes and daddy and mommy, and daddy friend than subtler are enjoying the tools. Are there like a right that must be? This is interesting. I can't forget about that dynamic of it, but at the parent corner, really wanna towers, we're gonna get sued, my son last night, after he watches and through Madam President. Now that, as I don't know, I don't want car MAX get upset, but its is probably the best one. Firstly, throw me the best one. You ran up I'm here tax. The air, though not isolated, my firstly by That is that work, and so we can't even put the stars in the past anymore so I should say he D Watch sees the three big bath on Friday night. He got up at four. Thirty in the morning, the next morning to keep watching it anything
pretty early on Saturday unclear. If he can read, but he finished, brig map ceases anther smack down It is, after all, things came home at night. He walked to that day and then got up early and banned at the rest. He just loves that you're. So much so my daughter, Friday, she has day with her boyfriend her she had were almost two months now. I've talked about him before his really nice kid. So I'm watching frightened at a much in the Dodger game, my wife's away and it's probably seven eight thinning and their upstairs watch a movie and then they come down watch the game, but I could tell she's I'm pissed off about it and says it. What's the scorn he just like really wonder what today is a huge dodger Van really went away, Actually, I'm also like one and hang out much again and my Water is doing the whole, not really excited about. She was having much more fun. You know in there
watching a movie that was choosing and finally he like leaves and goes to play the piano ditches em for like twenty minutes, then comes back can she still Gallo but of an attitude that goes upstairs for little bed and we had above it roused like an women If I'd like he's down my friend, if that's my daughter, I was just kind of had a moment. We had like a bonding moment for, like a half hour, watch the Dodger game kind of complaining about his girlfriend. Who happened to be my daughter so then, the next day we're driving a soccer game and I'm like a you know, you got to take one for the team every once in awhile I hate to give advice. I've had a lot of federalist relationships over the years, but you now he is he's a good kid he's when just wherever they want to do what I want to dodge again for half an hour he had taken for doing so now, she's frantic, she's she's, Sending a message is the games about like twenty minutes,
away from war, mobs and she's worried back, she bent upset should realise that their sort in this out am I I'm so final, man I should have told you and she's like you're right. You shouldn't have strategies that debate and the sack I'm scared. So I don't know, I got in there, sir. I don't let others plays out you love it. You had a bit, I'm going to tell everybody something like some. We had a chat at the end of Smackdown. I was like all right, so let's go backstage. We could maybe there is an area where you wait for your car and its with the wrestlers appeared. Lonely VIP was yet so, as I got through. That's always find your waiting. You know your dear side by side with triple age, he's waiting for his dinner tat hard to pick him up in your Wayne Viewer your Mazda three sixty but and you are now- I gotta go home. I don't know, I don't know who supervising my daughter and her boyfriend they, while one to get out of there, because it was my mom whose you know downstairs
watch him Bill MAR and I'd having like her seven. Glass a shared and God knows what's going on solves I got no way my mom is like you know, going up every twenty minutes to make shared the doors open. That enough. Got pair corners, really getting dark. It really. Really husband out. Kylie needs to come off college, ready, Sheezus parent, apparent corner. Like? I was a camp over this did to highlight four messing: was we walk by Becky Lynch back? You know backstage in the bottom and I realized tat. My son is completely in love with Becky Ledge Pissy turn like maroon his jaw, starting on nine different directions, and then our friend Cape views with us was oh, my god that was so adorable you love, a key word should usages Maroon Bay ashes cheese.
Look it now she's there, die enjoy. The way wrestled with my wife was going on and on about Charlotte Flair and that's what she did into the basically into world like three other wrestlers outside the ring yeah. I know Becky matches the most successful women's raspberry we've, but I think Charlotte flares the best one she's she's the best one It had right whose whose better than her the can You know, I can't even explained my children about what female wrestles we grew up with like they were just sailing. Had cafeteria lady. There were angry he was more than a fabulous ball ass. She was wearing the one piece in year, just kind of praying. Nothing came flying out the Pacific, Europe even castrated. The wrestling you just wanted the seat to stand. Those measures are three inhabitants. Long. You never know if she was eighty five or fifty Did we ever have a hand on her age? Now Noah, yet that's pretty
Where are we in a rough people, have a lot better now I would have to pay What do I have lock it in Monday, through Friday, at four hundred and thirty to five hundred and thirty east, and I just met the chiefs one. I would have been a champ fifth straight week, but they did not win go on what else out there's an Iphone. Oh I'll, have you know what I'm homage to Tom Brady? That's my sports comedy bet on that. There's an eight football pre game Fox! You better now wait a second wait, a second like this now I did said William. You know my lucky be twelve and hammer out, and I don't like it s now. It feels like you're makin, the goat. Now now I don't like this and be careful, be careful. The guy's got six rings I'll, see him evidence. It. I've never seen him where the six. By the way I never finish parent corner, we ve, got to say car MAX only says the best used cars that everybody
with a seven day, money back guarantee and anti vehicle for not completely satisfy bring back within seven days for full refund. No questions asked DR worry free for ninety days affords asthma, whichever comes first with the car, Maximilian warranties start. The search for your next car Carmack stuck up. People know that I want to make sure I want to remind them yeah? That's it you put you the Thursday night things going well, I think they're grammar ever fire me yet, but you know this week I might, I might take a shot at some of the in studio guy, so we'll see, and then you have to book. May it has for four against all odds for India futures. Yes, we have to do that. I think next week, right yeah, we're doing so. We I we have a whole plan for MBA adds. We have me. Some Marcello we're gonna do overlanders. One conference on my pack has Pakistan resellers. Then mean house are coming on. Your pack asked to do all the features,
but then you should also do some over and herself with the trifecta in USA, to replace Harry said, he's done better. Who knows Lebanese just found out these other but I do gambling media whether these random people, since the Aeneas somebody hateful trippy these sad coach fourteen hours to lie, then there was dues beside himself. It was like naked and wondered soccer stadiums or somethin. Hardly talk from Vietnam, her sir, as always good by a good job. I am next is executed and don't we had to go to secure dotcom such bs thanks to the rich? Watch was don't forget about remember the Titans on Tuesday morning, as was the last absurd. We watch bulls. One thousand nine hundred and ninety nine on luminary, which will be magnolia both of those are coming this week, thanks to Pepsi They can ever celebrations to the next level, whether it's a hell, Mary TV and offensive, stop in the gulf,
and are even a super bowl win when it's time to celebrate its anti crack open a Pepsi you can. One open, unthinkable, white shoes, jets of my favorite celebrated and of our history Pepsi, the official sponsored the NFL reminds you to always be celebrating we'll be back on Tuesday afternoon, when other pack asked where basketball came, close, there's been precincts, taco foul play for the South SAM Soviet excited whole bunch. You get stuff come in, I love October to them ways.
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