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Mike Francesa on the NBA's Real MVP, Yanks-Sox, and Masters Lessons. Plus: the Facebook Crisis with Alyssa Bereznak | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 351)


HBO and The Ringer's BIll Simmons is joined by Mike Francesa to talk about present and past Masters winners, the Yankees' slow start, the Red Sox's hot streak, other AL teams, NBA MVPs, the NBA playoffs, and what the first couple of picks in this year's NFL draft might look like (5:50). Then The Ringer's Alyssa Bereznak connects to talk about the Facebook scandal, Mark Zuckerberg's comments, and how to regulate the internet (1:08:20).

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My dad was sending orgasm red Sox tweets from his eye Ophelia straight backed by ninety four and seven download the seek a gap or go right to seek dot com couple a couple of things to mention Andrei the giant prepared last night on age be out the documentary that we ve been working on for a long time here: Ringer foams, it see, might there sponsors great, I'm so glad people find they get the site Hey it's on HBO to tonight. I think at ten o clock and also, more importantly, its on HBO demand. Hbo go HBO. Now how do you get your HBO from a streaming standpoint? It is available, really way to see it. Really proud of this one, and it's been great that everybody was finally able to say it's been the worst part of this is the forty five months when you feel get ready to be seen, and then you just can't after weight. So this was cool,
thanks to everybody said, and they seem our tweet about appreciate it couple pie, cast things that are going on. I went on the ringer Emma be show yesterday talk about oh tiny envy campaign, as well as as the red Sox in the future. The red Sox decision with Michael but had been Limburg, so that happened? I went on house of cards today we did especial a house of cards, slash ringer and be a cross over that had a really fun gimmick and of After the fact realize, I should just taken it for the BS podcast and you guys could have enjoyed it may have to get to house of carbs. Listen house. Now, I'm just gonna. Go too has a carbs check that out, what we did was we took the sixteen, they play our cities and to figure out ranking them from sixteen to one who are bellies wanted to see in the idea. Fight us so I'm going to area may finals game? They share a problem and bring house to at least a couple of them.
And more per annum and bring houses stomach in his mouth We are trying to figure out what would be the best case scenario for the final just for us to gain seven pounds, so we pointed out one of the reasons we pointed out was we figured The cities that weren't ranked as well would get paid. And mail at all. We, I guess I can't we thought Cleveland Socks like they have the greatest push restaurant in downtown. Wherever please male us all. This may lead to us it tweeted house, he said, from these e on Twitter. He has the house for ass. A carbs instagram sent to us. We are barely sourcing. We did this part because it was a completely passionate, list that we did no research whatsoever, for we just followed our bellies their brains and we are prepared to have people yell at us. Cold ass be angry at us. That's all fine just tell us where to eat. If we did something wrong, correct us we're right here:
We're not gonna, take it personally, because if we get a good meal out of a great so that happen Check that out, it's actually a really really fun pike ass. There was wanna. What am I favour ones of there in a while? It's a good one that Son House of cards we s ran on the renovation of the other thing as I am hosting the Ringer MBA showed tonight, we're doing group chat Chris Ryan is in Philadelphia. So I taking over the house tonight we're going to tape after the Minnesota Denver game tonight. Which is gonna end around one o Clock EAST Coast time, ten, o Clock Pacific time, we're. Taking a shell with a bunch of a ring of friends, and that will up late late. They made tonight in for Europe Thursday morning drive you Thursday morning work out your Thursday morning. I don't have a job. This is I let my morning cause I'm not working whatever. Whatever you have whatever Fletcher boat you'll be available. We're gonna break down the Minnesota Dimmer Game, are the play of savings, other ramifications,
and go from there so check that out be ready for that. Come up. Make France, ESA, a friend the mystery man he's gonna talk about the masters. The yard The super bore the end. Files and BP all kinds of stuff, Yankees Reds acts, and then after him illicit bears neck from the Ringer was tat for us. Very good writer has a we went out by this facebook thing which we have not talked about really the package since it ballooned mushroomed, blown and blew up it. Something that I am really scared of confused about an I'm really worried that this is gonna. Get worse, not better. So we can talk about that with Alyssa lesser, but first, our friends,
a project, it s, promise the world's most interesting man. It's that second sky. Let's make France s egg he's been hibernating all two thousand eighty. Nobody knows what he's up to what are you up to my predecessor capability, you in a while, but we haven't spoken in a while. I know you without superabundant, be masters with some friends of mine, so who slid down there, so I did enjoy your experience, I enjoyed it. I love that it was maybe the greatest forty eight hours of my dad's life
it was ever everyone every day. You know what I think is that now I'm gonna that figure that your father's a weekend golfer any loves golf of you. I can't imagine if that's the case, anyone ever going to a place that Would even approach for the customers like because it is. It is so special from that regard. It is so different and so unique and it's it's an amazing place where any golfer has to go once and it's one of those things you keep hearing Special it is, and if you haven't Ghana, our right enough without gas than fine, I'm sure yeah, I'm sure it's great. But then, when you go, it's like all my god, they take your phone and the courses so much harder than I think, one can imagine it so much here, we're so might so many hills, and yet some of these are some of these tease. Were you you really have to lake threading, a needle tat, headed straight it burnt speech on the eighteenth on Sunday. Its
It was just great. It gave me all new perspective on the course and our hard look. So pretty it's almost fake. It looks almost like yeah we're gonna do doll up which we know they died of water and they bring in azaleas, and we that's fine, but they make it beautiful. I looked beautiful and it's a unique tournament and it has a mistake and that's why I'm one always as all put all of it on tv and change this in these guys are small enough, yeah and wealthy enough, but small enough that they know exactly what they have and they the mistake is what it's special and that's why everybody treats us so special because it is unique, it is a unique experience. It's a unique competition and the other thing that is an enormous advantage which no there's no other golf tournament can deal with. Is the people at home know the whole yeah? Everybody knows the place it's gonna be on Sunday and where you gotta hit the ball and all that stuff. If you watch it all the time, so it really gives the fan a tremendous. A bill
in our view it almost like a player where he doesn't get that weak the weak. You're. Like me, you appreciate true greatness and I thank Tiger at his peak was up there with Ali and Jordan and You know some of the other guy ask James, I'm on jagged from label held on the same level, but you're right about that. That's true greatness and Jack added target, as it we'll, never have it again, but he had it and you right, that's true, true down I'm sure glad that absolutely so way. So as you watching his grandfather now, people are so hopefully the masters and even hours there Thursday, and you know- people are following him like like out of a sports movie, half the people on the course were just following him from all the hall. We want this and so badly and The history of following sport says you know. He's probably Ali posts, Third Frazier Frayed- this is probably Jordan on the wizards. This probably Jack in the eighties other than the eighty six masters
Well, what are your hopes for tiger at this point? I think he can win again on on the tour. I think he might be able to steal a major steel. But actually he no longer is built for Augusta, because he can when, where his drivers gonna be a dominant club, he has to be able to hit his finger. He has to be able to hit that three. Would he can't keep the driver in a fair way, nor can fill still doesn't have the club speed, nor the ability to be consistent enough with the with the driver to play those courses against these younger eyes. These other guys are bigger and stronger, plus they headed Strader. Yet that's why those guys, even at their plan well, it's gonna be very hard for them to win against dustbin. John
or against a speed or against so many here, these guys but Thomas a foul or any other, because these guys a longer this strader and that's the difference tiger and filled up the same malady. They can't keep bid driver in the bay away. Read out is a big problem and tiger on Sunday, headed straight from everything he said. He said he had a great Britain, but well at they will usually puts well I'd is- is wage bother them for a while, but it's been good since he came back. He no longer, though, use the driver, and that's why I don't think I will never wanted a ghost there again. I think it could, when a major initiative still want, if he really play great don't think you're, one of the gospel. Do you see greatness from speak. I see that are not like tiger dominance, but he would speak as that's better than anybody else's Marriage, the game between, as he is better anybody out there. He is very, very
good night, they had just Thomas's close, they are very, very good and they play a very smart. They handle course management and speed once again the and that's why you saw him almost bring the I a tournament to its knees with a Sunday performance that was insane until we eighteenth, absolutely insane and the most amazing part about that- was that he hit the ball in a fair way. Yeah every all until eighteen, when he had the tree, because speed use sprays. His driver east, but great off. The pay that spanish strength is strengthened is amazing. Pouring, although this year has been had a little bit of a problem with a short but said aloud, people think he's got a little bit of a not yet for a little bit of a trick. Doin all right there with a short but but the bottom line, as we usually is not great off the pain he was was lights out on Sunday until he ate they put the ball. Drake
obviously call them any chance to both showed you somebody closed, but I think Fowler always plays better when he's chastened somebody and where people can begin when he has pressure on him. He doesn't seem to play well. He was in a perfect spot on Sunday to make a big run, because no one was watching them and then I don't know if he can lead and win, but I think he can come from behind win and I think he'll win soon he's the next one and that's the one that made you. I think he will and he's very popular. The amazing thing on Sunday to me was people didn't want when the air, they will wrote more than they were route for white bread. I, though I was gonna, ask you: where does he rang for you against Ivan Lando Larry homes in some of the other? Two crown just as what the gotta win champions League very when it came to a game like no one, no one to cheer me like I mean they will road and that we know their own for rookie year noted,
with a speed, they love those guys. They were rooted more for worry and worry at a really bad. He was back again a second time. The Annapolis Roy Camp POT bottom line is, we know, Rory gets red hot what he does not lay pottering when it'd make that eagle pot onto it changed his whole round? May that eagle, putty we're going up at a rate of he didn't do it? It's potter lets him down all the time and that's it Roy. I keep voice will be an really great. Is he just got a good potter who's? Your number one least likeable just for the fan standpoint champion. Is it Linda? I filling Lendal kind of killed, Tennyson the MID eighty stand where nobody was waiting was boring. I think he was why just don't like guys were pouring at Yale. You want guys with that's what people of Mickelson it's got personality you can win with them. You can lose with them even one. Got pressures and burns. It's it's interesting at you want you want! You want dominance, like you said a bimbo, true greatness.
Otherwise you want interest. You want something, that's interesting, you want personality and that's why you get from four Mickelson, but it was Would it wasn't an unbelievable finish? It would have been if speed that continue to hear anyone. My early many states in the same way it would have been found the watch but regret it read in a one hour. And he stayed on leave the two days he took off. Every challenge. An ape did a good job. We gotta get credit for young people are like them and he's only before this Barnwell the right a company play. Well, he really the woods interesting as he does have a personality. He doesn't fit the normal princely naughty. When you see me like wind magazine, like his private life, which I could kill us about media, like that, I mean I don't care about- that, I'm a carefully Scotty. What do I care I dont want? If he wants to talk, I don't put it produced. He won the mouse with good them. Yet hoping embraces it. Let's go back
words Gazette tucked in complements the Yankees I mean, and a yank either often now, let's be efficient. This is now an officially slows. Thought I may appear was bad for a couple days. They have some injuries has been poorly cold as we, nobody knows what we call in Bosnia. So let us not use that as an excuse nor the injuries and excuse Yankee Alot of plays by a lousy. The Balkans been terrible to be all world. It owes us, then, as we strike out, I was out one game. You struck out five times. He also struck out five hundred. They left Norman on Base Sanchez. You know Knowest automatic, stupid. Thirty thick, you need, so any abortions been horrid, it just a bad thought and a red slots plant lights out and better back to be in bed where she had terrible year. Two years ago I was Brady, looks great again a lot better supply level and right now I've been attended to what a beautiful swing it's gonna be a one summer. I hope they get out to alleviate the egg beginning go Jason its
Good red, Sox, team and Bogart sues looking like an end bp, candidate and forced to get her, but you know they added. He was heard our last year. His wrist was messed up and he just couldn't get a gallon and now he's back and then they added J D Martinez and I before year endeavours been intended near to end the office just feels top to bottom, just really good and they have three closer light. Its price gonna be the oil price gonna be gabble, like you, usually as the Yankees, usually own price. Let's see what price, Those price has been an absolute failure. Philip money gets well me by these there. I show up good in the planning and he said to really good starts, and I am bazaars confident in practice. I can't explain it, but I agree with you. He needs during his own on those gas sake as they do all he needs to go out tonight, MBA leg. Actually you don't owe me watch this summit to throw a seven innings. Either it's a really good red Sox team. My questions with the Yankees were started bitching and just
Stanton in a big city with attention on them in the first time he goes to four hundred and twenty everybody writing about her all the time. How is he going to handle that and it look like it the makings of a year from Hell for them, because we We must point out that I prepared, but I think, there's a couple of things one. They have too much talent to. They have, too much. Young talent is what they have. They have the ability to go, get any picture. They want true. They had watching the pharmacist and that people want they have so many players in this form system that people are drooling over there. Go, get any picture. They want a better, raise any woman, a sum of money when they cannot rely on three things about you. I do not even know about Montgomery, yet tobacco,
ok, although is not durable. Seventeen o the real deal he's a real budget, but that didn't need a pitcher, there's no question, but they can get em. They can get him later in a season and they'll be ok, listen. They have a lot of guys that aren't even here yet that could have been saved us like laboratories, gospel, come up and have a big either here they have plenty of players. This day will be fine. I listen I'll be good somewhere. I think they'll run and though you know what the resolution, how fast what the egg is. Good Jason was somewhat before I like some like that end of the actual. Before I'm really excited about this American, they did these ebbs inflows season, his ease in width with the leagues and Secondly, you have this Yankees red Sox thing. I thing is you just can be great and they both teams will be in the Middle EAST, but then, on top of that we have with this asters team. That looks like what they look like the seventy five big red machine combined with. Awesome, pitching Anna team that napkin really when a hundred twenty games could see the and then on top of that, oh who is unlike,
any baseball poor. We ve had an in literally a hundred years, and it is now almost pitched a perfect game on Sunday already three homers and we did a ringer Emma be show pack essentially trying to figure out few as the BP this season? What would has stats after look like liquid, what if he went fifteen and six and had two hundred strike ads and a hundred seventy innings, but also had to Five homers at eighty five Batson good spirits Can we just never seen anything like this? Have you been excited by him? Well, here's the thing funny about a fuss about the austrian people ban, which was actually Michael last year and eddies thought as to when it primarily used daughters, William performance by Berlin, when it didn't even touch double that. Maybe I used a bull that I made. It was so bad so that that would concern me. They have a great line up, as we know great line up own guys in their prime too from that standpoint, and they will, when they visit easy number two a party, the Yankees, coveted again
they were curious areas about the way people, the moth, actually they were sent by. They wanted a mental worst wait. Now, after that oil hurdles,
training and I was down its went running all your. I was well, but he was I say, and we thought it was the greatest within and all of a sudden Kirshner made him look bad. They are embarrassed by amid the wonderful they should really thought of in the miners and also the seasons thoughts, and here we go again those Beirut again. So I mean here you heard about how great was then he heard in spring training that it was embarrassing. He had never hidden in a sea of authorities had three old Bronzy pitch great, so I can't wait till in await me comes here. I can't wait to see him. I really I'd know I like the reserve and opinions I see a guy, so I mean I'd really like to see just how good he is. I hope he plays when it comes to the local players and Bobby pitches on will be plays. So I can get a look at him, so I think it's it's Grady knows plan with the best plan, baseball enshrouded, where we is so it's a fascinating thing. I'm an angel have to rely on some young pitching that will see the current form over a long period. But just having those two guys on one thing could be so much point in the use of him. Is you know it
comical. Let me what are you gonna play him with his parents? We ve never seen something like this. I mean you know so it's gonna be fascinating to watch. It really is gonna, be very, be the one they about him, though he buried in. Oh, you don't see him enough. You know you their games too late doesn't respond to it. So that's: what's her trout traps almost an international player, a lot of the time upon he can be invisible player to out there. It's her car shot to West Coast, guys get hurt by not ever being part of the EAST coast, machine and baseball, so turn on this because I do think if he had gone to the egg. Is everything that's happening right now would be magnified by twenty Libya on anyone who turned out worse place, he could be for publicity idea, but on the other hand, the egg- get enough publicity anyway, and I think they're fund a watch and compelling enough as it is, and you look at him on the angels, a team I've been at it for fifteen years. When I came out here, they won the world Series and there is some angels momentum for a couple years and then at that entry
its ban here pretty much the whole decade and has been the best poor in the bay in baseball. By far and nobody really cares like eight. He is one of the biggest stars, even in L, a much less the country, a night in one of the things that make some special as also the thing when you go to games he's so suddenly good at so many things. It's almost it's almost like an Oscar Robertson type thing. Where he's just great, There isn't really jump off the field. Very. Much whereas, like tiny, you know watch. This highlights the perfect game issues like just really compelling boy came into play the Mets last year, and I took my son, the two or three games, because my youngest one has a sharp blows trout yet about free and now he's already begged me for a tiny jersey, ok, tiny now was wearing number seventy. I know that already because IRAN, he asked me to look of Joseph one. So the point is not I want show at city feel that was just unbelievable. I may just amazing over
nowadays, how good he was it. We ask mind boggling if you watch them with what he did and angels. You know that beyond the Mets a couple a games, they they will kill them on Sunday Enshroud. You know how to hormones and put on a show when we know how good he is an traddles stay there. Unless on how we can find a way to go to fill his gazettes, we was. The girl, you know, is a freak about going back to Philadelphia, enabling it to replace it up. A go. But I think I'll stay put but you're right and I don't think the attack anything if he wasn't a east if he was not just on the Yankees. If he was on the Red Sox, if he was in the east where he could be Parliament's gene and you get to see him it'll be a different thing. You just don't see the guys on the West Coast very rarely and if you're bad on the West coast of dominant theme, you can go
as far as that goes, the exploits no one gets to see the exploits little Shiva highlight fiddles games live so that really hurts so from that standpoint, but he is such an unusual palette that it's getting so much play he's actually here. I believe that my hands were morally. We get it here and it'll get a tremendous amount attention. I think another negative, remembered when Bounds Whaler Fernando Mania took out anything sat down and wait. I remember what it was like the way I can guys that it really was that way for Fernando was one vital was to lock the door.
Just three! Oh yes, my way I came out of nowhere and they were just freakish. Absolutely figures was probably the most bizarre of all them, but by a blow I remember the August. They when a Yankees with terrible bite, a blue filled, Yankee Stadium and John L, a hidden bases, loaded, double off about forty or fifty feet. Yankee stadium, going crazy because by the blue is almost considered to be unbeatable with a man, so yeah man, Fernando Mania, so you're right, I don't worry as an example. They usually pitchers that that cause this because they can so dominate the game but upon he now has both the, as is often an that ability as a pitcher. So it could be a very rare, very unique and I don't think it hurts in this day and age at all. That is America looking anything that is any more noble, Gideon nineteen. Seventy anything was I Dat Pedro,
Even though he had been around for a while when he really ascended and ninety nine and two thousand, I found a became a thing in it and when he was in your city, people go now and I think, a tiny, no hobby at a lower that when he first thought it Joe you actually today, the whole dark night thing for a little while the last very long. He was about a bill that little bit entry had ass good a year is low key area very different. Yankee was very good Yankee pain, but an ordinary want, but he just was his good day in and day out of the picture can be given free, as you said, and twenty five. The three cs, ladies, is leaving out Brianna Beach thing would upon you and if he's gonna play a lot on the other days, is gonna be the issue. We forget. How good and eighty five at the that's a great example that was. That was really
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control of irregular migrants all wet. I ordered it. He ordered the dollar, five guess what refundable, razors and free shipping and then every fourth order free, because I subscribe to right now you can get. Let performance delivered to your door, no more getting matters up because just got back from a grocery store and realize you ve got to buy blades subscribed. Today pick your favorite razor get every fourth order: free visage, I might add Gillette on demand that car. Ok, it's about get heeded. And be replaced by princess arena, the union, such as all year. I was thinking about that cause, I'm just thinking about the plans of the season everyday and obviously I think you and I think the NBA its such but saw year. I've thought with these things. There are teams that you're gonna go in and say how good a these days, how good as use the number one, how good it is fairly
it's amazing, even get out of your mouth and how the digital, so the old, because any difference between being number three in the west and being a baby at all. And they all equal. I think that our topic Cleveland with the Boston? Injuries are stupid, Cleveland at ease because we're brought has had a year that if they don't give me a village name one, that's how good he's been he by the most minute he's been the best Blair. By far I get it, it himself gave me, give it will abroad, but where leaders Amy was again use women, but I can't let this leubronn thing pass. You want every day, no, I'm not even voting firm in the top two he's a rethink. No, he doesn't do everything. It isn't play these nets at all gateway, weekly paper that I will well. What have we began? A you're gonna put out the amount that doesn't play replace was beef and veal projects. First of all, let me Hoddan Place depots
think. He'd tries lot harder than the brown, but now you don't really believe I do this year. I think you die they let alone is Leubronn has been the wants nothing I ve got to play once we have the rest on that ended. A corporate still went is designed and reinforce the offence been hard, never knowing your heart and art in his try to thanks. No this now I'm tellin you hard in his train Aida Wonderingly, thanks to the fact that you might even comedies even a little bit interested that if he is, I am what I have a nice word. Arable is worth the latter, a defensive, we're importantly, his ease. The best player on a team that is by far the best team and he's having transcended Transcendent Cleveland, be without Lebron James issue with wherewith heart. Where were the rockets people there? Aren't they the good players. Now they have the Chris Paul. Is there one really good pointed out when they have a lot of speaking players that can please to compare hardened? Please let us not get you can try to their heart and came to the broad James is game.
Oh absolutely this year. Yeah, oh, no, no, no, no windows hard and have to step up and do it when it's real. That points in your question I'm just joined low, the regular seed and Porto abroad. Credibility, as you know, what's real, either into its a regular season, a word for aid to gain, but I still be here and listen to me. He still so much the best player, it's not even worth discussing first him. Well, you re he's probably the best offensive Puerto he wants to be but hard and has been art and having one of the great guard seasons in history. The leak What then meaningless statistics literally doing in the fourth quarter, opening one twenty that eighty five crystalline scoring more points in the brain is yes, he is, I think, the same number of assess and the brides getting leg three more rebounds and its percentages are much better and hardly anyone way better and start the play us which play you starting the plaza this season,
you tell me why not let you drive pleasure dripping hot noble abroad in the piles, whoo hoo hoo us is on my team. Were Canada drafting it re players to start to win the championship this year, which at first player on the box it s a different argument? Now it's not that the debate now on its way out. There really play online games. He played out again, but he put the feds there together behind his parents again vegetal light the man rebounds like a monster articles, whatever the nature of the two went ever been, she listened. He should have been the VP every year.
In the last eight years. He should ever be everyone every on another, that much better at your courage, determination and learning and a gate himself. The push this time they should give. It all went out for a while, but I think they decide. I think they get to appoint they decide when I give alibi more regularly them now stoutly. When I first saw you act like he's carrying the west in general, they have the second highest payroll and the entire league, and whose only has a pale. I am here. That's his final report will be care bed, he put it without em. They put a terrible aimed, as you said, the who do, you think is responsible for them having to pay interest in terms of nineteen million dollars. We are second, I would, if it wasn't for general manager. That's one is talking about a general political player, James Heartedness and, like hey, what's been twenty million dollars on my personal journey, rejected my mother buddy, I'm trying to save you something here, here's what you gonna! Do you remember this and then you gonna watch Lebron play. As you know,
recently the pointless and Hoddan think again and the boy out and then you're gonna, say boy embarrassed myself with us or I'm gonna once Leubronn, and we basically delta bad hand with this team that he have you ever seen him not play brilliantly. In reply, I went about a rabbit the four times over the course of his career, where he quit back many men, and I don't like to go back and if these two players it's so, we are wasting our time with this one, two thousand ten he a bad and winning back any very limited in the last two games. That's I shall try to tell me that you would start the players with Hoddan rather abroad is aware.
You don't tell me you're about war man. If you want to make that decision, I dont, but that's that debt sent a criterion regulation using most viable deaths at the kind of criteria for the regular seasonably paying less, and we all know they're not going to give it to him because they stop giving me a term long ago, but this year he actually deserve that. That's my points will give it the hoddan. What's watch em all speak again, watching us think again and run away from a born a fourth quarter boy. He I just want to point out hearted when sixty six games- and I don't even know if my bride he had to fifty- hearted zero, we failed ever been. They took the second half of the season off. I would put Davis over libretto I've gone. Gone state took the second half of the season off well, but that's that
they're not part of the eurozone in his way out of a great, but I'm trying to help you from being about when Hoddan sites. Again, in the view of my other continent who deal this you or is this another day only Hoddan flame out with hard? It is the unanimous in VP, I'm not the one who's gonna be bears witness. What you're telling me as your because in the play should better watch and HANS Gonna think again and that just because they gave up because they want the games, there are the regular season. It's a mindless exercise. All they want sixty five or sixty six games, so he gets the envy pay and watching the boycott. As he does absolutely nothing, ok, where is the thing answer? The question? yes, it's another band, Tony Hoddan flame out, so the big- question with this rackets team is data. Like they're there by far The favour, a matter when the tighter they have been wrong. Three times they ve been a baseline, honest, atrophies in corners, Bakeries off around one gold state does look like the fire right now.
I is lined up purpose they for use in the east is a mass Philly is now looking like an actual potential final stage because Cleveland such a mass past enjoying backing you spin to win the championship. Oh, I think there I think, they're the prohibitive favourite and I have no idea of their actually gonna win because, as you mentioned, we haven't seen art and do for Florence, Chris Paul as had his own issues in the plants and seems to wear down as they go along the related to manages minutes and the antennae As had issues in the play, I saw that I asked you a question. I want your answer. Is this the year for use in order that another disappointment? I think this is the year for used in and if its not dead, Then it's never gonna happen, it'll, never believe yet on arrogantly. I fear he signals, as the second question is, is silly for real silliest absolutely one hundred percent for real and and here's? Why are you talking about finally real
the conference yeah. Leaving a mess. I could. Nobody is very clear what the urgent quibbles only gonna get that a final, because it's gonna be on the back of a one guy. Who knows what the don't applause that that's only way if he doesn't have a herculean play off? They're, not gonna, get that, while the problem with the Brown re now and he's been incredible offensive in the last couple months, he can put up forty ten contained in these games and they still lose by seven. I agree. What we had to go through the regular season and play this way. We know that at its the terrible season and from a GM standpoint, it's been a disaster. I totally agree with you on that and it made him half work is hard which he bought it and want to do either. But it did is the thing, though you now believe now Boston. What have been the I actually saying been Arusha. You gave me a full tilt, Boston, Rasta. This is the year they gonna beat learn, but there was a chance now I don't think so, no Manhattan, indeed
I felt I still don't believe and I dont think Toronto will ever. I think if they see, if they ever see Leubronn, they will know what to do with it Ok, they were intimidate those guys off the floor, the sand! That's the thing about Philly could feel we ever when stay down with him in. Long series terrain was problem, is Leubronn, owns them and they had a chance three or we can get away and physically and mentally or physically. They don't have anyone who can garden and anybody they put out. Who actually has a chance to maybe some down a little bit is zero offensively and he is due at every once, and he knows only no, no, I gotta mentally or physically onto its approval. But failing the question is: is one Billy. Can they are they ready with their youth first go round. Are they gonna be ready to do this? The first Gore out so that their history in the NBA would say young guys, don't play ass now by the counter. Would be they have to the bed.
Fifteen guys in the leg like I'm boating, Simmonds Adam Bede, for what, for my IBM, Simmons they obtained the Atlantic summit is a terrific, so sentence IRAN Sentences got up a level the last six weeks. The analysis of the pace. His confidence is real. Crazy. I thought I don't love to overreact, this stuff, but What he did in then click on game with the that he was just completely unafraid abroad and dumping and staring at Leubronn after, like that, doesn't happened normally like nobody around only a little. Why, I really believe is the real deal. I agree with you. I think he's been incredibly impressive and hasn't gotten enough attention. Its now. He is good enough attention now, but there the I think, but I still think Cleveland get out of east because of what we just discussed throttles, never gonna, be the Boston is not equipped with the injuries It's too much to ask a Philly and there's nothing else. You know you know to get the back have,
get Wash in Miami Indiana to get it so you're. Looking at La Braun, you're telling me this young still he's ready to first go round to go to the finals. I don't buy it, so I don't think Cleveland's going to limp into the final one thing about Philly that I think warrants mention it cuz. I agreed they bury their best. Two players: Simmons- has been League one year and bead hasn't even played a hundred career games, but Bela Nellie has been huge and a guy who has played in a lot big games. Reddick is a guy who has been in big games for years and years dating back to Duke they do have guys that they can rely on like when they go Balin early, Riddick Syn and beat and sorry choose a bad ass who is planned in the Euro League when he was like seventeen. That's Eighteen, that's gonna, be young and afraid, like those guys, are all kind of over confidence, Simmons and indeed act like there are two of the best five poison. The league, it's great I don't think they re afraid, but they haven't been through this before true
man, it's a very, very asked them to do it. The first time is even against the we want came. The has the deficiencies that this team has, but you know what haven't guys that, if even been through this, you know they'll be games. Smith will show up. Global will show up, you know, they'll begin, Was I don't know either? because jails metallic games like that he will have given an awfully insensate will have games like you'll, have six three and a half years. He'll do those crazy things, love they need and which you know yet, but clocks in green hoard, peel bacon bait, there's enough there that with his brilliance they and enough time in between games for him, the ring Bright Egon I've thinks week has waited a file. Sunday wasn't what we talked about. Fillies youth. I would say this openly next year, yeah and Toronto. Forget it was his injuries,
I don't think there's any one else there. I really don't have two responses, one on Cleveland a team that is bad as poorly coaches, a ban as bad defensively as they ban as they ve been There's just no track record of their making the fine as it would have to, but I'm the best point. What that's I mean it would have to be the best sir, When we stretch of La Brad's entire career, I think he would have a guy in a way to get to the files. I think you I didn't. I only got title town and our dialogue will be what I think that first right I'll think it'll be that software. It's gonna be that tax it depends, play like it. They play Miami or they play washed in. I think they're in the 4c, but they could jumped to three today. India think would be a little easier for them, but I think by ETA B, where they want to play grandma. I got that bananas with a feeling of being the purser going fill in the hall to young thing,
we ve seen this happen before lay at it. The seventy seven blazers are good examples of them go back. Forty years by about that team had let's be honest, that team was perfectly built. It was brilliantly coach
It had a guy who was free trade zone employer I'm with you, but even when it is a guy with a guy humans is training within the guy played like an old world player. He was it. There was no such thing as a big game. The man at the men want to champion ships at eighty game in the rail moment the NBA sore healthy. You know that here and a Europe that, when you went fifty five, would him in the lineup before he got hurt again. Yet it was wonderful time, gray players, so that did that's not a fair and no longer she had towards it could steal yard gross on all. I know, but not only that that team was. It was a good thing, but all those guys were really young and none of them were any plan things not young in terms he was green. The guy had played the biggest games, his whole life, so he was, he was there was no such thing. It is being shrinking in a big game. Now been everybody us in a team was young and then SIRI Goin was by a new how to play a big aim to using twenty five, and, as you know, the amazing thing tat you might reply. I know you're one of offence. Why not remember in that year, in their plan at best the three gives the bulls and honest Gilmore and war
Lucas had already found out of the game and it was like, HOLLAND get three straight shots. He had actually propelled them the wind game. At best. A three serious, otherwise didn't get out of the first round and they almost lost, but it was loyal HOLLAND's that made the shots that actually propelled them through the first round, but young team People rode off and then they may define us eighty six. It is, but they were very gift. A team I owed by Jack, reunited admire adjectives, six thirsty might be there. I don't think they are on a level and I feel, like we don't know, that's too much. Eighty six rackets, another example, member that oh eight Six rockets. Oh yeah, oh the first time they made the plants and then they beat the Lakers amid the files and nobody saw again listen, don't you think I pay something? It's gonna, be the very new dynamic city and be a the fact that were even talking about the citizens. Think about that talking about fixes talking about guys like them is embed, who not never been discussed in India,
in this way before here and talk against them against will Bron James and the other one I was. There was the o. Seven calves with young Leubronn, where raising the calves are they're, not gonna, do anything and then on us, and they beat the persistence in there in the finer. How disappointing? If used it, doesn't make the violence. If they don't make the files that the way it set up for them right now. I just don't they'll I rather better chance in this. I deem it up the bottom sixteens. What can I do? Fear if I'm Houston for many say, what's up the sixteenth past, just like all the state which one of those deemed your bones had a good year. You that he thought a great finnish. You the guys we're on upon state obvious Lee. We note with teams that about a good, yet a beggar. Is there any team in the bottom six, and I hope it does much difference between three and six in that group. Now. Is there any team there that you fear, I think Portland
in the right match up could be really dangerous because the way they shoot threes- and I think Utah heads for whatever reason been a horrible match for go and state and a few times If you talk clinches the three seed, It's gone stay in round to encourage, not healthy, and they, They know they can be gone. Stayed there beaten the crap out of twice that. That's it! That's a ban, match up for gods day, I'm not saying they will lose, but Dangerous in Houston, in Portland have Had some war is the sheer Portland loves playing Houston there? I owe you she threes watch. This will show more and that's it Gonna come down the basic math and Some may they lowered is really hard for them. The guard, I think, Portland you're matches are pretty well against Golden State and Houston. I don't know if thou beat them, but probably my to my to watch out tremendous amount of pressure on their Tony Hoddan and poor, because their current so much baggage into the placid.
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be sure, to enter promo code bs in the referral backs at check out that's from a good bs. Special savings, only at Legalzoom backup that is legalism. Doc. We before we get back to make just want to mention the Andrade the giant documentary is available. If we add ons band HBO Hbo now check it out. Back to make before we go yet I still can't believe you think Le Bronzy VP adding realize your bag for your wife Is that cutting when she comes here? Congratulations actually had a really expend a lotta energy unless it like, I said you could have given him the empathy every year, even the best player we single year, all these years and they society as a whole, not big. Too many more this year. He had a participate. That's why I give it to well
Mabel! Listen, I don't care of Hoddan gets it and then hardening bows himself again the position, which is what we want so much if we say it again, that is a lot of baggage for Hoddan and for the authority of all who have never collectively dont anything of the bosses. I'll, be back in a sea of gold steak and scrap anything together, their rotation as ridiculous, because they have nothing on the second unit and they continue to play that way, which never made any less I don't have a lot. I hopes for them, and also I mean what are they doing? Firepower is one that I don't understand, what's happened again state this year and I've talked to a bunch of people that is permitted. But their team- and I dont know if they totally understand it either. The lack of their act like they one six titles and it
there. The ninety bulls, Lincoln and cynicism: what are these national in their programmes, sleep or tat? I think somebody, a guy's aboard a ready with winning and bored with, and that's a bad thing to do, because it's very law to keep winning and wanted things you must do, I think, is very important. I think it's important. What are you talking about New England? What are you talking about the Yankees in the late nineteenth with the Yankees that every year was they energized the core by bringing a couple of guys into a hungry who had never want each year? And I think that's very important do because otherwise you don't want your core to get bored with winning ever and dreams can get bored with linen, and I think you gotta energize your core by bringing guys in that at least our hungarian energized, the rest of the group
first of all, read our back created than I did at the agency can take credit for that. I'm sorry! Well, the angel men are very good at a two through the it has meant that I, like some credit, a casual celtics in history. So, let's be honest, just give us give run. I ran credit. History predates the sofa twinning so come on what the rent or about created, though, let's bring a guy in China when ring from him. That show- and I think that something that the anchors been allowed to lay brought guys in better and soon they bring a guy and in a way the seas in each year they bring again you know from the other league, they bring a guy in and say you know, let's bring this guy into the core, let him be the guy when this year, I think that's true. I think it's a great thing did, though, I think dynasties have done that. It's a very good thing too, though I see that down, I think, all as they might be a little bored. Why, though, the flood, what they did last summer, they bread they try to keep the team together and they kept extend and kept, they do thou for pretty big pressed eggs and it actually, I have been a better idea. Just bring in a couple of some new blood and some
freshness, and maybe that would have invigorated them. I don't know they don't have an alpha dog in the team. Who is obsessed with. I don't care efforts are third gay in four nights, like we gotta come on guys, let's go there, a guy like that they have. A bunch of a bunch, a really good players who don't seem to care. If they're, not the team, plain that, while they are, fine. I will get it back where the warriors like. That's really did a dangerous game to play when you the plants, let's go backwards last thing I want to talk about just because we have and talk since the Superbowl Brady three for five of five, false as an out of body experience Petersen, just as a watermelon size, said Abbas and an eye and one of the best coach, often super bowls. Remember Eagle steal one from the past, but they really did it because they beat the paths and they deserve to win a war.
You take away as at the end of the Pats, Latvia, that I think the paths are going through some stuff and I think it can get to a point where they give awaits the war or or jettisoned too many good players at one time. I think it a day just like the due to act like you can only to any of us, and I think you gotta be careful of that and I think they're running that that risk, but that he would not Pont bad not turn the ball over in the first fifty five minutes, and that is core to back, would throw four five hundred yards and he would lose. I don't think you would think that it was only possible yeah. I think till we understood from the beginning that they couldn't stop them. They knew they couldn't stop them. They played the game as if they couldn't stop them and they had a mentality which you have to give the Eagle Coaching stamp and brain trust, tremendous credit, for they knew what they had to do to window
and I firmly fervently believe that if Brady had not tenable of what he did, the password won the game. I have not a doubt. I have medicines no doubt my mind that that would happen, but you know that The way it goes they made the play they had a make, it was a bizarre game in terms of how effective the defences were and be thing. That's insane, though, about that game is worth Bela check did in a secondary and the rest. He took yeah to make a point to the point where they were still Cochin, those of a kid, my understanding very late in the week to learn the cup judges and took out a player? Who was a mainstay for exactly what reason I still don't know, so I find the whole thing extremely puzzling. It's almost like biting off your nose, despite your face- and I just I still for this moment- dont understand that. But I think, if you dwell on that, you take away from me,
victory, and I think, as you said very rightly so as a bad man, they aren't, they did on it. They beat him at their offensive best. They beat them at their offensive game, but I still don't understand the deployment and, let's be honest, the people that Belichick put in place, but was a mainstay of his defence, got porch the nagging, yeah it Butler wasn't great this year, but he certainly was better than the guys are in there. I absolutely must they didn't, like me, what they were playing either. So it was such a it's almost like it's an unsolved mystery. What seemed to be a lot of unsolved mysteries around that aim right now, going back all the way back to the quarterback situation in the trade, with a Niners and too many of those leads, you down wrong path, the more in the bag that game and- and get pissed off about it. The thing that makes me the maddest is that they led the ego sad that long fourth quarter drive in that day in turn it into a region.
The witches gonna to you and if you score at least we get the ball back. The worst possible thing and the only thing that could have lost the game for them was haiku. It happen this nine minute. That's eight and one slash two minute drive without Brady gets the ball back with two hundred and twenty two left, and I'm with you. I thought he was gonna win the game. It turned out. Was probably one of three plays in his career that I think, when he's seventy five and is living in Costa Rica, with his still beautiful wife, he'll, be thing that three players over the course of his career one was two thousand six Indianapolis thither and three were him in tray Brown. I do is complete a third It is true brand and they win the Superbowl that year and it didn't happen the way, her pass in the second giants, game, which I thought he overheard Walker. I was there. I think that would have been an impossible catch for worker the past was in there and then the third play was him. Adding strip than that thing, which I don't you
it was his fault. He had a guy was wide open. Twenty five yards down the field, his eyes lit up. He was gone throw it and he didn't realize that his whole- It's out of the line had collapsed and just guy gets Guy an awesome, play it's his hand on the ball. There is really no way to avoid it, but I'm sure Brady's gonna spend off season going what could have done differently? What should I I've done. Should I have known this is gonna happen. I think it is the chain of events he just he saw this guy his eyes got wide and in that The second key kind of forgot about the Red Sand, a line and that I got in, and that was the entire game. They would add the bombing of shield melted in a lot of her wondering about what happened to his people, but if he was the one that has got look in the mirror, wonder exactly why you pull the plug on a guy who was number two when the team in terms of pleased that were played this year, and it also see the field. I just don't understand it. It's a puzzle,
well dad said it again, it was, it was fun game and falls performed brilliantly. I mean, let's be honest. We did with that said the princess, and the patriots was appallingly bad and probably did not deserve to the at investing and a half. Had after the eagles do you think I mean you're routine is in their division. Do you feel This is the start of a new sort of four year: run a little along the lines of like what the Seahawks add Billina Boom Norman, you think this is what I do I don't feel at all I do is- I think they are. I think football, I think is becoming credit for most aims included. Incredibly, yet it is incredibly area, but I think that that gap can be closed very quickly. I think they'll be competitive. I think they will be stressed. I do think you're going to see some changing of the guard and I think things are going to break in dorm asleep quickly for the Niners who were going to make a very quickly The rams at nine is gonna, be very big and the NFL in five years.
Last question. I know you have opinions on this. I mean hope for your opinion, as and to devalue their in this package with your Lebrun envy. Piquant paperwork were much, I'm eternity. How can you have even argue said so? Even fifty gave, let's give the opinion was comical o. My lord that's gave a chain want you to know better than I didn't want to see exposed to the place where the usual exit states left. I didn't I Are you a sea air clutch? I can't remember which eight, which is energy. Are you with a look rich path in the brand his agency No, no. I have nothing to do with upon run. No, he doesn't have ended in I've, never billet agency. I just have AIDS. I knew this relationship with both the aid by the state aid that an alibi now and I just have a new relationship with them that I'm working on, but that has nothing to do with the bronze I am deeply. I think you should have been an everyday every year in the last ten years. To be honest with you, I did
very important question rank the backs. For me, your teams, picking Second, The team that you have made fun of the most over the years and your share of the near jets is picking third Craven, Brad's delay, successful, awaking, unfamiliar away. I think they're gonna be pet, don't do both. I want rank EU for you. I know I am ready to do that. As far as my preference I have said all along anywhere wisdom- I shall knows this, but I said for two years that when Donald came out, he would be than the one in the draft I'm a big Donal, fanned I would it was always my not one quarter. Back of the group Alan transition quickly. I know he has a great arm. I think it's very close with the other two quarterbacks. So I think it's Donald One- and I think it's very close with rose in an island and to me the absolute while cod
I think it's a wild card in terms of every facet of the game on the field and off the field is obviously the Oklahoma quarterback and what he does is really going to make someone look very good. A very bad he's gone to be a high drastic, and I think, he's one quarterback that can either launch you want to a good career or finnish? You as an executive? He is guy that I think that real risk reward and could even be oh really bad as a performer and as a person, so I think he is be reelect back there and I think, he's also a high kid to really make a decision on their people. I know who love em and people. I know can't stand the same thing. What Alan some people think Alan just incredibly inaccurate, some people think he's gonna be wonderful. Grows in is a solid guy. I don't love them the only quarterback of before that. I personally think is one. That is
Miss Sand bottle. I think Donald will be a big time, quarterback interesting one, that if I was at the time the only one I would be supremely government about. So Let's say same darnel goes one who do you want the chance to take it to the job? It will not take a quarterback back. It too. I think they will try to trade out of the pic, and I think they would be very content if they wound up with the God without any question I think three players who are very high on the board and I'll pay. I think they be very happy trade down. No, they love Donald. I've heard that night from people. I trust, but then I think Cleveland Gonna take Donald. I think one thing we want to go. They Donald it'll be shocked if they dont, then I think the giants won't take the quarterback. I think they trade down. Although I don't ever predict that someone will trade down if they pick in that spot it'll be, but I think it will be very difficult for them to justify the big. The God number two. That's why I think they'd like the trade down and then I think, you're looking at them, making a decision,
in the past rush around the running back. I don't like that backs. I high, I dont believe in running back to that level. I dont, really, I prefer thick appeared. At that level, although he doesn't fit system exactly the way the giant, but I'm hearing want to play it. So that makes that a little tricky I dont give giants will take a quota back there. I really don't, unless it's Donald so, and I do that they could trade out of it are. The judge will definitely take a quarterback. Right now sitting here right this minute. I do not know the jets addressing a lot of people provide people, say Guaranteed two different players that just addressing I personally don't know who the just addressing the three. I admit that and I think the other quarterbacks to me a very close, very close. I have some things I like about them. I don't love about him. Donald guy has been from the beginning Wave- and on that I would take him. I think, he's the best of the group by a valid one.
And I have a couple of players that I love, I think, is a couple of running back to close to Berkeley. I think there are three really good running backs in history of the other. Two were a lot closer to both of them. People think, and I also think, there's a couple of wonder players in this industry, including a tight who will dominate the game. The way you die, I didn't have dominated knowing what I think is another one. Commissioner, You tell us why the fuck did you. Homework is David. Your checking account He's a wonderful player. Let me ask you this wonderful, you think the giants can trade down, but if you actually go through the top ten, the only logical trade down partners, the Broncos at five. So do you think the giants? Could flip pics with the Broncos and get something the Broncos move up? Okay, where the fixated on another quarterback. I think I could definitely happen and I think the giants be very happy. They go to five and take the God and be thrilled with the player
it would be very, very happy with that and small premium picked living. They be very happy with that. One can ask you a few questions. Because in our pursuit, James for number two to do it if Tampa pulled it off me Jane S. For the second pick, JANUS Winston, I wouldn't do. I have on the giants. Ya know I wouldn't do that right now. What if they offer a genius in the seven for jobs number two and the giant. Second and third picks jargon. I am very content to play with life a couple of well. Yes, I don't know what's gonna happen, I now see that will see the giants, the one that really do want to stash. A young age. Under you heard of the island, a giant have decided they want to be. I dont think the beckoned thing was ever real or they will then a trade of I dont think it was ever that far along like people making it the day when a traitor,
I did the giants, feel they can be competitive this year. I think they feel like and rebuilding Iraq line and be competitive issue, especially things from two to five and pick up some others that I thought it was absolutely. I think they can be, and I think they realize states. I think they still believe they can get years at Eli ICE will think I like and play at a high level for a couple more years. I firmly believe that, but I still if Donald was available to, if Cleveland blink and on the giant, if it's me, I am absolutely one hundred percent changing my face. Bout. It completely and taking Donald to solve. Clement takes Josh on one, which is highly room, bottle the two upon the giant giants. What ok that will happen. I think Donal will go to Cleveland number at the Parana first back.
I know I don't think the Brown then to some screwy and analyse, and if the browser go the court about, they have to prove its brewery. They could be right and we could be wrong about a quarter back. That's happened many times in history, but I feel that the court of at that I feel confident with going forward for the next decade, is Donald myself. I've I have been a bit by bit. From the beginning. I think he's gonna be the real deal and that's the quarterback I want, if he's on the border to. I want the giants that what is it? success, failure rate over the years when you go out in where the quarterback from college, seventy, I say and eighty alive in pretty good, I think I usually don't like a lot of quarterbacks. You know a day is on my gun organs with guys say who, but I am against what guys, who like aren't you? Three billion look, look with the best quarterback come out ten years. I think. Look
What a great blaze of old time I have been on record is that I think is now I'm very worried about his career now me do. I dont know if he's even a little bit healthy right now. I haven't even a signal that he's a little bit healthy, but I think he was on the verge of being what a great players will die, for we go people miss. You are what, where you what's gonna. Can you tell us anything I can't yet but I would say we're moving in the right direction. They are something to say: a little while become together by working on it. Have you anything they'll summer September, what you think it before I say before: before the summer before Fulbright, say before the summer solstice. Absolutely oh wow Absolutely Sassoon I tabled I actually say maybe before I'd say well before that. Well
You have something to talk about when standard setting one ninety five with a hundred and thirty strike, I may have some father. I won't tell you loved the hate that one gave only a belt worse than get warm feeling. It goes right. We ve been attended, gets a couple lie drives in bed, puts went up in the porch and everybody's happy with the world. You got about your price than I had any low prices, a yankee uniform unusually notes on the moon, which united that usually does concern, I d say I love to hate you, you completely crap that James hard and who had one of the greatest guards. It is about time and were sailing hog. Do it when accounts one time before we put him on a level with Lebron James. I think it's a very fair request and fortune has nothing to do with the regular season. Still listen, if you just gotta bait
but you just just gonna base it on who wins the most games. Without you, you you the real what hands down. If you gonna tell me what guy, if I subtract them, the team would have been absolutely destroyed or could not have performed anyone near at the. Level, then its labelling or in Davis shooting. Anthony Davis, very close, what about my would have another twopenny he's. These rising up by all time ladder. China problem is the limitation down on a guy who plays that position, extreme now in basketball that they're almost unfair? Yes, I know it can be minimized, it's. It's almost unfair that the game is gone to such lengths. I mean look at how when overplayed
you know I love doing over, I thought they were going to win. I picked them to win. I am by its do. I have to admit I'm close to the coach, but I knew I had seen a team that could shoot the three at so many different positions, including their beds, that they were going to be impossible to defend and don't even came close to sending them to the tournament. Most and they basically copied the way golos they play. They had six guys a bit all should raise whose coup learning all well and they affect guys and even their guys, like possible and Spellman, could step out should raise Loyalist Chicago even had the way less talented version of that same cut off. Instead, here they did until they couldn't play the Bognor. They couldn't wait here at Wagner's, going I couldn't get career. It's gonna be a bit enabler awhile evolved a recommendation because he's gonna be able to step out and make a three and it's gonna be a very useful player approach. He actually well. It was great attacked.
I will gladly soon good luck with their whatever the new mystery venturist. Thank you. Well, ok, bye! I we're gonna talk to Alyssa bears neck about face. In everything going on there, but first the: U S, postal services, an important tool for any business, reaching every house on everyday stamps that com friends Briggs Ali Amazing Service and the? U S postal service right to your fingertips, buying print official. U S, postage with your! computer Brenner, printer stamps outcome, even censured, digital scale that automatic calculates exact postage and they are posted just can't you can't get at the Post office is the Eu S Postal service, read at your fingertips, any letter, any package, any class mail nor in control of all that very important right now, with food there's their mothers. They come in other mothers days for I should say that reverse, but you know stands that car I'll candy, my outgoing mail package's rates, my mail, lady. It's a male lady on my street wow
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a little bit about this saga. Facebook. I guess best were to be fiasco from with that. Therein, this bears neck. You ve been this. You ve been watching the hearings you ve been captivated by his electric personality is hence his testimony face. You try to some this whole thing up in less than a minute what this means for the future of Amerika. That's it, of question, but I'm giving it anyway, sir. I think them concerning thing about this event was it demonstrated how nor are law makers no and they're the ones in deregulating facebook. So in some the lawmakers know something is wrong. They just don't know what Facebook is. So it's gonna take a really long time for them to figure that out in order to make rules to regular Facebook and in the meantime, Zuckerberg is gonna, be self regulating and that might be bad for everyone who uses the platform
in the history of America's. Basically, when you build something that's gigantic and it becomes a monopoly and the rose, don't really apply. We usually fix this, and for the last four, news we have in common. Trying to fix this, and now I waited they they're trying to fix yeah, like Unlike the audio auto industry, it's like they started making cars and then there like. Oh, we need a seat belt because people are flying out of the windshields. Yes, but that's just such an easy visceral installation of of regulation, and in this case we would be like really having to pick through the algorithms which are super complicated and You know, if you're a sudden, the Earl congressmen, you might not really know what that entails right. I've seen as pointed out on Twitter, but it is for them to be blaming Zuckerberg for not knowing a lot of this stuff, a lot of people who were decide our laws. Don't read the laws, though, to end the homework of in his basically the same situation. I, but I live
afterwards, I think you know. A bottle is in office for eight years, during those eight years Facebook below into this content model at them by the time Obama left office in two thousand. Sixteen the Facebook feed was the number one way to distribute news and the one that all these different media outlets we're looking at is how can we get on the facebook algorithm people? doing advertising on their eyes. Something was happening politically and edges, not seem to be on the radar, for the entire above administration. This does he should he take more slack fur his role or lack of IRAN, the something I mean that such a great point. This is banned in old problem and I you know, like I joined Facebook in two thousand six and I've been watching since I was basically seventeen years old, but this
This product has manipulated my life in many different ways like it's, a very personal relationship with this platform. They they were having a great time because there wasn't any threat of trump. You know like no one really saw this. Insane in situ. A slight fake news. Dorm coming on and so and Obama. You know getting back to Cambridge analytical scandal, which is kind of but set off this whole testimony. In the first place, Cambridge Analytical was able to get access to millions of users data under old face, but policies Obama use similar psycho. Manipulative tactics in advertising to his constituents to when he was running for president yeah so it's not necessarily like. Oh the trump illustration came along and decided to like exploit the
for bad. It's it's more like we ve always been doing this, but once it through our world into chaos. That's when we started yeah. I mean if you, Google, Obama, two thousand a facebook, though the first few things come up are about and I think people free this out, like: U S, news, two thousand eight Obama and the Facebook election and the sub as the President Elect was far ahead online. The two writers ray and talks about how this was the first time somebody had run for president and used Facebook and Myspace restore still to a lesser degree, but what key strategies. Who is twenty four time. Chris use was Facebook, CO founder and its is. It was Hughes who masterminded the Obama campaigns highly effective, where blitzkrieg from social networking sites, the pie casting mobile messaging It's really strange to me that he did I also see the potential.
You know I was there, he saw the goodness and exploited to his benefit, but that he also at no point there in those eight years that he didn't see await if this was in the wrong hands. This could be really bad, I think I really think he should take more shit for that year I mean re Obama's kind of an optimist too, and he his whole administration. He was embracing Silicon Valley like crazy, like so many people who worked in tech came to Washington and worked for him, and that was part of its strategy. He was able to recruit a lot of talent so he was close with them. For a reason, it's true, like both him and Mark Zuckerberg with we're just like insane optimists could end quote, and they too were unable to. The future coming by the way optimists about the internet, which is the most pessimistic place we have in that were broadly with ever created it kind of thoroughly it's hard for me to understand that someone who spends a lot of time on the internet- and I think that you know
facebook. For years and years I think I joined in like two thousand five, because my wife had a baby and One or two pictures of our kids on Facebook, for my friends to say, I'm leaving the Jensen in diameter, but for four years and years it was just a place for me. As far as for my friends, my family or for me too, get photos of my friends, my family, and that's really all I wanted from Facebook. And then over this decade you saw news outlets, can use it, and I remember we are putting together the ringer in though October. Remember December, two thousand fifteen, all the way through started. Sixteen you know We were really worried about the facebook algorithm and had so much power are deciding where I do. We create a website that, relies on that algorithm. What do we do we. We were really skeptical and Dubia so that all they have to do is change a couple things and all the sudden, if you put your business around that you're in trouble. At the same time,
We on we're innovating, the ringer, the grantline was with sports and tech, I'm in sports and pop Roger and we really wanted to have tat, is by the ringer because we felt like this was becoming as important as sports and politics and pop culture. This this was kind of the fourth vertical of life that materializing and now it seems like it's almost women passed all that stuff a really fit. This feels like the most important story that we have right now. Do you do you think, there's a more important story than this? I mean like Michael Cohen's that's being raided by the FBI is like way sexier for it, like I love that story, but I have to agree like me like, I said, I've been watching for fourteen years? In a really personal way idea I joined Facebook in high school. When I got my college email and
I was looking back at like the initial things that I posted at the very beginning, just to try and understand. Why are you still I get in it was too so innocent. It was like to me and my friends and an entire album of us hanging at a park in there no worry that Facebook might take that data. And manipulated and now every moment that I post on the website, I'm thinking about who might see this. What add will come later? whether or not ll get enough engagement, because that's a whole thing, even Zuckerberg when he was posting in Washington DC right before he went to the test him. Me. He included a photo of like the cherry, bosomed trees and a really nice picture of Capital Hill, and it was so I ran it gets like we ve been taught as humans to sort of play into the algorithm and he was performing it just as much right before he was going to testify about all the damaging things. Facebook
stunned to ascribe re. Why? I remember I'm old enough to remember when the internet really started going for the first time it is late nineties, I'm not sure. How would you on at that point, but it was the first time people started thinking right if I pay first stuff find mine. I put my credit card online. What happens this is five years after the net with Sandra Bullock, great, where its I give this fear of, like oh everyone's gonna steal my information and my then it will be gone, and if I put my credit card on a website. I don't know who get that credit cards. Many could charge a hundred thousand dollars to my credit card. I won't be able to stop it and there was real fear and panic about that, and it really kind of crippled some other stuff. You know it but the ability of newspapers to a ninja initially say: here's our content, pay for something as people who want to I think Amazon, Canada started aware people down over the four over the early part of the last decade.
People started getting used to it. Then Ebay pay PAL. And there is these little bump says it went along and then, by early, this decade, it was almost like we are caught, it start thinking about it, and they are yet fine, oh yeah, Now you find out over the last couple years. Oh yeah baby, but left and right or selling by information or doing it to them, and I don't know On the one hand, people are super, supported and I think, a little bit scared of doubts the potential of all this is, but on the other hand, I don't wanna say we we ourselves, but I can feel like we should have seen this coming a little bit. Am I wrong. No, I mean especially as someone who's been covering Facebook for so many years. It's just really interesting to see how they keep repeating these phrases like we made mistake. We need to do better, like that's literally kind of what soccer Zuckerberg said when he was a cause,
Harvard and make media hot or not. You know, like he's practised at this, so the fact that we ve just kept- forgive, hang over and over again the same way we may of cap forgiving, but credit card back. Credit card security online, it's its concern, because no one really understands what's going on are alarming there are so behind on the technology that there's just no way to keep up with the complex algorithms, unless they're, more transparent, but Zuckerberg is the king of this empire- I mean he has boating control of the board and he see YO and he thinks he's a basque I for the job and there's not much. We can do to stop it. I wonder you know. I've been Lord knows with Trump or probably not great answer but it almost seems like we need. This is like its own cab there, and I know they have these little cabinets with disguise in charge of the internet or whatever, but are the
its clarity, I'm sure sure that these little suppositions, but it almost seems like we need Azhar to step in and just completely redo the rules on how we do some of this stuff, but an empty that sounds great, but then you think about oh yeah. With guns, We can't even figure out how to keep our fifteen sad over here. The country. We were certainly not be able to figure out how to regulate the internet, and yet it seems like we are adding to the point need to regulate the internet. They did it with radio, they did with television to at least some degree, you can't you can a sexy on ABC at ten o clock. That's illegal, renewed there's, heavy fines for that. Why can't we head toward that with the internet. What are the obstacles that you see. Sure I mean I think part of it is that Trump wooden care enough, like he's, got his own stuff go and I drew, but
but a violent in the to be fair, Abominate cairn of either yeah. He did small stuff to start putting people in charge of tech related stuff, right in the United States. That did not make it a passion did not make it like. We have to fix this. I am really worried about how this is going to do. That would do that yeah, Binkie ever expected it to get this messed up, yeah, but yeah, we I would love Azhar like please bring. The tsar, I I read this interesting Bloomberg, Paul Ford peace that, where he kind of proposed an agency that just like the EPA sort of monitored data spells and then assigned fines and and things of that nature based on those spells and then like created laws, and I think I mean it's very clear that we need an organization of experts to handle this, and not just our lawmakers to recognise
what's wrong and Facebook work when they can't can't even figure out what Facebook is. I mean I barely know at Facebook, as you would, I guess, difference between what's happening as Google, William talk about an end to it. Obviously the France, I you mentioned automobiles earlier. We are needed automobiles, but at the same time there are very basic ways to change how they behaved. A band aid daisy ways to change. Yet you can't you Pump carbon monoxide that can kill anybody within twenty feet like we have yet to fixture exhaust pipes and you have to put seatbelts on end, If you have this engine and catches on fire, you have to fix this. It's a little for the tough Facebook and Google what to do, and especially Google it just as Lord only knows the kind of information they have on all of us. I can't I can't even fathom it's it's in an hour, damaging would be if it came out in
I'm sure they have like everybody search history forever, and I just think it's tougher. It's almost like you. I would of law makers, almost afraid to screw with them to some degree, because they're kind of broken the bare ray. Yeah. I mean one thing that kept coming up in the testimony that I thought was kind of a false idea that sucker were kept presenting was that users love when their ads art forget it like users, love seeing relevant ads, then click. Ok, Maybe you came over that dear idea, because you need to show ads and when you showed them adds of, I don't know like ugly, shoes they don't like. They were unhappy with them, based on your, like small research, but actually what users like is to know that their data is safe, and that is like the main issue that he's kind of dodging by saying, while we're just trying to serve user is relevant ads and its. I well actually the whole business structure, as fact
you need to consider what to do to make an alternative to this. Like add, base data based business model. So yeah. I mean it's, it's a lot to wrap your head around, but he won't even acknowledge that the business model is corrupt. I would say as a user. Think everybody would have the same like base priorities right, which is please, please don't let me get hacked, Please don't give my personal data that other people please protect me from People who are truly mean like a particularly vicious way like the basics, and then it goes into like. What's my user experience like oh this call like, but those things have to be there and if they're not there, you know
They feel like it. Facebook chat and bought in scram all those years ago, and I am not the only person to make this point but, like you just remove Instagram from the Facebook equation, which I know it's hard good was very smart, thereby Instagram one of the shortest things anybody did this decade, but it They didn't have Instagram marriages, Facebook on its own and lets a twitter had bought and scream I dont know what happens to Facebook, because at that point I think p We just beg you know I'm out, but it's on said the Instagram component, people love Instagram. I would say it's one of the most. I wanna be most popular platforms of a very am, I reckon number one just for the ease of it. How any age group can use it, and it's just the way by information getting staunch tissues, posting pictures and that's it if
hadn't done that. I really wonder how this would have played out what you think yeah I mean it's their escape plan. Basically, like I think that, like when the Cambridge Analytical story first broke, every one was saying: delete Facebook by it was ass, TAT King campaign, everything that and then they slowly realized. Oh, I can't move to Instagram because faced owns insecure alike and in terms of ad platform, its literally the same thing like all the the information from your facebook profile is shared to your instagram profile red and vice versa. They distort of me back and forth as this continuous data stream. So yeah I mean we're screwed there and then what's up is also own by Facebook, which is a highly popular messaging up. If you look at the top of six absent Appstore, three of them are owned by Facebook. So it's me it's true that, but this is their next step and a lot of investors have kind of been eyeing. Instagram
I was like okay, this is the future, but I don't want to give it up. I mean that I can't give up any social media cuz. It's like to clean my job to you said, but also really love Instagram. It's true like lots, a great stuff on there and the other thing I'm worried about is if people start moving on mass to Instagram peace, because a lot of Machine learning and ay I tools that analyzed images that can scrape data from image is as well, so they unidentified objects and all that- and that seems like the future for Facebook if they are still so data hungry, knew this vexed questions tough, a wishers Zuckerberg, so good. I'm just going backwards Firstly, a social network, I think, is one of the best more on my face, movies. It's come at last, ten years. Lead that movie guy wow. I don't think so. Coburg is a good guy. And now you look at everything- that's happened the last ten years
and the ways handle this, and even just watching him in the test them. If there is a great gift. Yes, twitter is just drinking the water like an alien, the responses he gives. But then his the kind of throw us off the sand is he just gives a ton of money to charity. I look I'm a good guy. I am, I am giving money to charity, but that sure he's a good guy. What is your opinion? I love that Zuckerberg president and thank you you should do that are often have to address the partners they won't. Do you really think I actually? So. I think that the social network was an interesting experiment, because I think that movie actually had to exaggerate a lot to make soccer Bergen interesting person. I think he's much blander than that actually and either that or he's a be tested by his vast communications team to be much.
Under them, but I think that, maybe I mean ok, I know what is shared to me by the public and then or what he shares and public and then the small snippets we can gather from his past if he has an already deleted them off of his platform that he trials, and one of the things that came out among this Cambridge analytical scandal was chat conversation he had had it at Harvard with a friend about how he could access anyone's data and then the person s o how'd- you get a hold of this and he sets and they like, they left damn fucks and right and it's shaky reporting like it's not entirely sure, if that's true, but I totally believe it's too like a totally believe that he is a boy genius who thinks he's smarter than everyone else. What what did to the work of US twins, which has been well documented. That happened.
Why do they hired him to come up with this idea, and he realized somewhere along the line. Ask those guys are just keeps his myself it. That's, not the have a nice person, however, you want to Spanish is not an end a lot of the step that he's done over the last day at last decade, which we ran about at the ringer we ran about. This are weak and a month, and for the last few months sake he feels very coached. He felt very rehearse and all His seem to be decisions that were made after conferring with a bunch of people whether it's a minute I should give money this charity, or I should give this statement about about some of our issues we ve had an eye. Don't know what the real person is an issue. We were emailing about what to talk, whether there in this and you emailed me, you me that the mood bizarre thing about this. Is this person who is created the greatest communications platform we ve probably ever had other television is
The terrible are communicating it's true and even in the testimony, was fascinating. He had clearly latched onto these phrases, like Mr Senator and now I'm doing my Zuckerberg visitor, Senator Mr Sun and I'll go My team get back to you on that lot of I'll. Have my team get back to you on that? and there was a woman sitting behind him who I think that as part of its communications team- and she was furiously being on her phone. Who knows what she was saying, dislike, freaking out the entire time that she would look up and listen every time he was handed kind of a difficult quest, and you could see her eyebrows in her eye, shifting to like annulled whether or not he was hitting the talking point and then as soon as he did it, she would look back at her phone and it was just like is fascinating thing like a reminder that he has a giant arsenal of tools to approach the world and an yeah
he just never learned these skills as a person and and then that's when you start wondering okay so like what is his an like like, what's he like with his wife, because all we have is this really learned? Coached per Jenny somebody that doesn't, even though back a few years. You know at a better about person for a while, and I had a facebook and at some point they, switched what the privacy settings were and made everything a lot more public and they didn't really explain that to the users of tell them and I d e from a couple readers thy K and but he can go in your facebook and, like a picture of your wife and kids like what I thought, had done, although settings and I had to go in- and in we do the settings settings that had already done that already trusted Facebook that they have. But through for me, which out my Facebook page is now public and hundreds of picture,
my baby, my babies in my kids and my my wife, and I just thought that was really fucked and their apology for it, because it became kind of a thing that weak I go. Did you realize Facebook did this? apology was just really kind of impersonal, they were sorry, oh without we told you in that to be returned thing with them over and over again up sorry, oh, we didn't realize up. We had told you. Oh, we did. We didn't realize it was playing out their way. Oh, We knew that was happening, but we didn't know the scope of it and it in in this stuff adds up after, like the tenth time. I really, I don't trust facebook it on. I really thought about the waiting, my hope age have hundreds of photos there. And I'm not sure I don't wanna go to Facebook anymore. I'm really at at wits end I don't think, I'm alone with this. So I don't know this place out, and it does. Sounds like you know,
point of I mean I think we're just gonna. Be seeing this like this getting even worse before it gets better, yet I I'm not, I'm not quite sure if that, if congresses is gonna be able to get it together shall I am not sure if he definitely did a good job of convincing the world that he can represent Facebook after the first day his network went up, three billion dollars on tax, but I think there were a bunch of skeptical Congress. People like Koala Harris and even someone like Lindsey. Graham, he was asking a lot of questions about how their monopoly they they don't believe that he really takes seriously at and it's just matter of whether or not there can be continued momentum, and that depends on if people like us keep being angry and the problem everybody has so many things to be angry about these days. It's it's hard to pick and choose like you know, gone from one. Oh, my god, I'm so angry about this thing to the other, but I think this people's very
basic privacy has been completely compromised in a way that has not been explained promptly. Here's. My last question: if you had to bet men say you, Tibet bet Everything in your checking account and one of these two outcomes. One is that This gets better and Facebook does the red, stuff and figure. Our kind of a solution to lie. The issues we have and are genuinely how Jeddak about what happened and genuinely committed to fixedness. That's one outcome. The second outcome that this gets worse and there's a smoking gun that we don't know about yet and there three more stories. I bet Cambridge thing and their stuff they ve been hiding, and basically this is like Watergate. Forty plus years ago, before we found out that Nixon New and was on the tapes that there still this extra layer of horrible this. That is low. King and we haven't hit yet,
bet on one of those two outcomes will you bet. I should first profit the preface this with the fact that, what's in motion, account, isn't that much I do so care about. I would the latter I'm a little but a brow, the latter yeah. This is bad yeah, it's really bad! I'm I grew up in Silicon Valley. I've watched you evolve, you know like I've, we started with my space and I saw the like minor dramas. It caused in my high school and now I've just watch to evolve to a thing that affects the integrity of international elections. Sir, I guess I just haven't seen it slow down. So why would I by what I expect that now especially under a Trump administration. Can we figure out is there anyway, even conceivable figure out what the next step with the next looking gun would be what is like what is
possible worst case scenario? Will it give me one well so the same thing that came at Cambridge analytical Dead? A lot of different organisations could have done during the time that facebooks social graph allowed third party. Apps to enter into the system every time you use them to sign in that was when came, analytical. You know presented this up. I think it was called something like my my Europe. This is your digital life and an that's how people gave over their data, but not only that the EP had access to people's friends data. Thousands and thousands of apps during this period of time had access to these things. Who knows what's on their servers and
facebooks next steps are to look into what these upstairs with our data. I dont know how vigilant they were about record keeping. It seems like a huge task, he's given very little detail on the actual parameters of this audit, so I think that we could potential have like six more Cambridge Analytic, as maybe they didn't all helped the Trump campaign in the ten sixteen election, which were a lot of people. Angry about light, they could have used it for other nefarious reasons, and you know I wouldn't be surprised if there were state actors or even just partisan actors at it mixed in with all of that tad its turn of feeling powerful wealthy people might not have the best intentions other away. I've always known that for the last space, where the plot of their over there'll be blood and everybody under about any of this stuff, I think-
it's crazy, though Phinizy wrote about Sandra the central book, the net movie and it was just the so over the top cartoonist. Characters of oh here's, what the internet could do and ass? I grew actually here it's. I guess I did these places might have our data and no every single thing. There ever is to know about any of us in every sort of internet happy. We have other people. We know everyone we're friends with whether word checking to see our ex boyfriend girlfriends. It is it's just creepy please we don't know who has our social security numbers? I don't We can cover the story now, forts, I'm writing about it, a lot on the Ringer Alyssa Victor Lacquer said Molly Mchugh, Kate Nibs, We ve been trying to cover this as much as we can. We think it's the most For one thing going on right now, I'm in God bless the NBA play ass. God bless Unifil Giraffe draft, but this is really sky. Stuff, I'm really proud the stuff for writing Anna for common, analyse this. I this doesn't get worse.
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