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Mike Francesa’s Week 17 NFL Picks, Kuzmania, The Rise of OKC, Chris Borland on the Dangers of Football, and Pacific Ocean Hoops (Ep. 307)


HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined again by New York radio legend Mike Francesa to recap last week’s NFL picks (2:23) and offer up picks for Week 17 (19:06). Then, The Ringer's Kevin O’Connor joins to discuss precocious NBA rookies (28:17) and the Oklahoma City Thunder trending upwards (31:28); former NFL linebacker Chris Borland and The Ringer’s Kevin Clark come on to debate the factors that hinder player safety in football (35:33); and The Ringer’s Mark Titus and Tate Frazier sit down to consider a hypothetical college basketball rivalry (43:39).

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The court were also brought. You buy a couple Pakistan a man this week for some reason, even though we have no idea if, if the audiences, bigger or smaller for Pakistan Holiday week, you could tell me there and I believe it, but I'm on the Ringer Falco a package that I taped with Kevin Clark and Chris Borderland, the retired linebacker. The forty banners retired early because afraid of of concussions in his is health. Fascinating conversation in the future and that a further on the Ringer Annabel show this week. I did a two part pie gas would mark Titus Anti Frazier on their part. Ass? The one shining podcast about of schools that should have better college basketball programmes and down and we made twelve suggestions and it's a good one and we're gonna run a little bit of it. At the end of this package, the other thing we did was on an show me and Kevin Oconnor broke down author themes. We had one take on each team, each two parts.
That's on the ringer. Nba show be playing something from there a little bit later. As well coming up make France ESA is gonna, do Samantha fell, picks with me. We did badly last week when do better the sick and then we're gonna run a bunch of stuff from the three podcast I just mentioned. First protein, I realise that the second straight weak hibernating New York radiology, make France S like we did not do our picks last week like. Why are you there? Listen you! You got a bag yearly survey. That was a real bad weak for me, but I want to apologize to you in the audience. But one thing I could not been more wrong about the Eagles Annie raiders I bought the raiders would play terribly
and they really did, try and I'll. Tell you something. I came away a game. I like one game them influence me but watch that quarter, and watch in that secondary. I would really be very concerned about the Eagles go into the play off. I didn't like anything I saw, and I'm telling you that quarterback look at him. Equal, miss any more receivers. Many myths that, with a dreadful, dreadful performance, then tell me this bill. Ok, how did the cowboys ever lose that game. I mean they gave up no yardage if they don't turn the ball over. They win that game by one thousand. Seven hundred and twenty points that way although ably bad, though, is a tough one, and I apologise for this. Eagles, God that was my worst deputy. I was dead wrong about that game. Didn't deserve push anywhere with that game. I didn't with the text, but I might have in another place, but I didn't deserve it. No way I deserved it was. You know that was that bear the game, and that would scare me I don't like one up at the bar
they go the applause, but I have to say I will be very concerned about the Eagles go into the blast. I felt the same: there are seven, nothing and Nick falls just had the daring, the headlights, slash, nervous, feed, slash every single thing: you don't want a few betting on that quarterback they're up, seven, nothing and you just fell, the raiders, could get back into something weird would happen which a dead end. Somehow we almost push in some places that one adds in some places during the week was eight and a half. I actually know once people I pushed on a game. I don't know anybody, you won t. I thought even a push something where you felt like you stole money, there's no bush, and yet they didn't kicked appear d, which was aware, which was home. If you don't know, one made a big deal about about was unbelievable. Can you imagine how he would have been Santa Claus to so many people in this year and if he had checked the php dyke, I was shocked at
It wasn't an overall. If back it was in the Europe, we would have been a grown in the spanish yeah, unbelievable they would have been growing. They would win chatting to kick the edge the point, the charge, the field- I don't about your bad about my pigs last week. Is that Eagles thing? You know you had to see how bad it falls was. It was also a new heading into it. Cowboy That's it cowboys the cowboys they didn't give any yardage from scrimmage and I lost the game. Although the level of aid through his hand, ass three times and put in their defence, could on the game by itself and anything, I will leave a bulwark made it. A very weird weaken this week is a strange a week, and I got a couple
things I like, but I'll tell you there's a couple of things where you have to wonder about coaches and their motivation about manipulating rolls and manipulating playoff past I've heard a lot of rumbling about that Malik and I'll. Tell you right now. We all know that the Rams run cuz Jimmy G it is not only gonna went again the ram want em to beat them so that I'm telling you run as fast as you can run before. It's mine is minus, be caused. The minors are winning their game. I agree right now the line is still four and a half and there are so many different ways- you can have fun with embedded straight up. You can throw its minus two hundred put it in Parlez. There's a parlay niner seahawks chargers is plus one thirty three. I think it's a gift, I'm with you. It seems like the rams. Natalie want, no part of winning that in their resting, Jerry Graff, the resting I eagerly, but it's actually has the thing they want. A beautiful Russia? They wanna play Carolina. They want to be the fork. Is they dont want to play,
about, because they want to beat a force. They can go to family. They don't want to go to Minnesota the next week. They to be the four four hundred reasons read they want they want to nick falls in round to again so that fairly secondary, who, which really it looks like in general on them when everyone, a mark, Hooper, was getting open, which is in a good, and they don't want anything to do with Minnesota, because Minnesota shuts down a running gay and a beat him twenty four to seven. They don't want a automated soda. So absolutely now I think you'll see some. Seems really go hot. I think Minnesota. I think them is. The type reminds me a little bit chosen that he'll never ever think about losing anything he'd when a went, so I think them awoke I really hard with his team, and I'm telling you this theme noted a well and I have to admit they burn before this year, but I think I go into the well with the falcons. I think Within followed them in their building, if they can't win this game they all.
Are the real, we'll arable been away. Turn stories after a suitable, because this team, as tons talent they happen. With all year is still right in front of them. They have to make the players would this game this week they have sung. We both picked them last week, I still don't feel I goes a bad picked. All logic was their gaining five. It was either or game division dorm day. You figured even if they didn't, when you love again the points and they did everything they could to shoot themselves in the foot from many have all year, yeah they have all year whenever they haven't done that they ve been good enough to win an agreed. I'm Goin back autumn dilwyn. I listen to. I think Caroline is going to try this reasons: the Carolina to try. They can move up. They know that they can get a home game. They can move around. Some teams that are going to now. I've always found that teams play
unbelievably hard to get into the play off. They play hard to get a week off. They usually don't play hard proceeded. That's one thing: gotta watch. We have a weak up like a patch, you know they're gonna win. I mean we know that the steel is they gonna win. The only question is by how many you know: they're gonna win the game and I'm not gonna, be when any seventeen point games. I just don't do that. I'm not gonna tell you to take the path minded seventeen. I might have to do that so I mean. But the point is that we all expect to happen. They also might be a Hackenberg citing and if there is well, I don't even know what to say about that of what we know. The amazing thing is to patch gonna. Look how many games we're gonna have one this year and Gimme the games. They were in precedent in this entire season. I saw four parts adders. They did a dvd o er the advance metric to measure. Often Stephen special teams. The pets are the number one, often in the number, thirty to defence
it actually makes sense, because I watch every pats game and I've never felt even for one quarter, good about their defence and they're gonna be a went all. I agree. It's amazing now that will be a favour to get to the Superbowl again and you know they're gonna make the place they have to make on off and all the time you can scare him what appears rush, especially if you can get some pressure up the middle. You know you can give em trouble otherwise you're not even have any trouble and again you know. Somehow they come up with the interception they have become up with or now James, our civil come up with the sack he has become up within the AIR Sea championship game I mean that's just people don't make the fact that stripped the ball from others Bergmann that that without a super boy up the week that everyone happy for me, will you see that when a mile away or or he'll get the unsportsmanlike penalty contacting tips DR alive and then we're gonna think spy I'm worried that like Tom and sent him to rule the path we don't know, do you think is a team that me
the wind get in and that's Baltimore bad Tennessee bad Atlanta. That will out right lose. I do actually one of my pigs Tennessee sucks, I'm just now, a believer. I read the modern and other courts this week from the teams that really don't have a lot to play for, but you can kind of tell from the coach is like the rams pretty quickly where we're saying we're out on that plane. These guys and they clearly air Moreau. Is doing the ballot check, slash parcels, move of some cough went through to save me. I went away. I bought yeas like this. A little game and they're gonna play hard. Their plan is posted there from the same court. Zimmer Kaplan, Barone there from the same course paid telling you I remember games where bill had nothing. The play foreign put up. Fifty noise
Ellen your he. He would lose a pre season game. They kept score in you, driveway he's gonna win the game, so I think that's true Jacksonville, I think, used its true of of a couple of things. So I agree with you. I think I think Jim is that way too. I think no more definite I'll. Tell you the other story, though there were gone. Will be met major major changes here, let's run about for a second, I guarantee a real, quick Detroit good chance. They're gonna be changing coaches, good chance. They're gonna, be changing coat. You gotta be changed, go to dinner, the Annapolis changes in Chicago, I think, also safe. Change the coach in Washington. Obviously they gonna change the guys we know about already, like I think you know Louis's out, you know, since it
he's out as a result, they might make him retire. Del Rio could be in trouble. I think than those gonna make a change. If the one year you could have ten coaching changes again this year could be a huge here. Again I don't be surprised about oak. Went don't be surprised about Detroit, I think there's a lot of places where you could end even hours, honor, I'm here, and so they could be retiring. So there could be a million changes this year. Indeed, imagine did you mentioned John Foxy Cargo. That's for sure what America is either Indianapolis Chicago scenario, automatic cylinder, absolute and doubtlessly stay at b that policeman gotta go anywhere. You spent unbelievably pulses, I think balls are spent. I saw on the continent on the old. I took my phone heritage stand to see the chiefs it with a jet light, I won't talk in the garden. He tell me he's gonna keep also. I think he is I'm gonna get border checks, if you wanted to bet on the chargers to make the place this week bottom we have to win
and ass. He would have to beat the Jack's that parlay as blessed was to sixty six, I kind of It is basically the team that needs to through the jagged and the key He would then was they got killed last week. I don't want to go into the playoffs, having lost two straight given up forty three weeks. Sixteen, I actually think they're gonna try the division rival, don't knock em out of go to bed at night. Have some momentum, and so of am I raise bus three aigrettes, my first back again We forgot, while the one you know well tat I think, is out there cut it out in temper, and I only that Romeo urinary good. I mean the golden rumours getting stronger and stronger in temper. I mean you keep here in that room. I don't know if it's true and there's always Gooden rumours, but he does with close by, and there has been talk of him talking about put the staff together. So, let's see maybe he is, but I think they're cut it out there, though he is rising.
It's coming back because he's completely given up on how to broadcast Annetta again yesterday anywhere for three months delving. He says he loves everybody you know there's no. Turning back all I love back, you know. I love that I'm a bad guy, I'm a bad guy you're, actually really loves everybody. Anyone who believes that Italian and answers just praising everyone left around like he's done, games where the quarterbacks had been slow added churches and he's just kind of ignoring it, and that's why? I, once and answers at that point. They want to come back. I could tell Steve, occur his if cars last year nets and games, I and I know him too, so I could just tell something shifted where you could tell they they just! Don't want anybody to have any bulletin board material, and that's it I'm going to spend a minute and talk about Jimmy maybe maybe Germany as anybody ever I got ripped into Europe. What I said I would give up
number one. We him never met. The season. When somebody comments and how could I said, I will give you two noble ones for this guy. Legends of Jimmy G continues to grow this week with low help from the rams, but how about? But how about last week get some help? Them is good from bottles good. We bortles played like a total bomb. He heard Jimmy G put up. You know the jack's. It always not show up with Jimmy Jimmy had a hundred and fifty passengers in the fourth quarter against acts of the west, with no receivers than anybody can recognise these guys. Can you imagine this guy? Can you imagine what we all feel it's gonna be? I went to a warning team and one five straight games. It's it's, and is everyone in this week and
I was so mad that I didn't back and last week I got scared. It just seemed like too many people are excited about Jimmy GR. My I didn't either I might even senses were like stay away. Why? I thought Jackson thought which just so much better is soon as I got close and it got sixteen up and then bottle helped out by drawing a bet. You know you are in good shape. That was it wouldn t have been. You never know what bottled you again. You get the bottles and plan for Europe name or bottles whose point for European just never know what bottles you getting at this late. It is one weakens one and when we get to the other, there's a good bottles and they'll be wanting their borders, and I think that, as far as you can see is too and we had to the class if their Dan, ten plus it games basically over they can't there never come back. And the other team knows they have to throw that's when the bad stuff happens. And how many times last week that falls exposes tied ribs in one over the middle has visited through them if he went
Apple. What he wouldn't even talk. If the aim daddy left the building was furious, I mean sky, on how many receivers out the dry last week and they all my guide and then it was like basically a tie game. The fourth quarter in there just handing off when you know their hanging off when there's an ape man, light up legal crystal, describing anything I can't remember one seed with a worse quarterback actually went through. I went through the ten you wouldn't the march a wooden quarterbacks this year into the playoffs. It really is around the end of it. Who is there, of course, your beloved? this, the Brady I now with this group of ten soldiers. It is on believable what is going on and I somehow can see the smoke clearing and see a Minnesota, knowing when Superbowl S, talking about the impact of the impact of the unbelievable thought of case came in,
Brady. Sharing a super bowl stages. Gonna hurt anybody to actually digest the biggest in this house. The pats, these last six weeks has been dia. Louis has become like a top eight running back and is really the best all around running back they had, and in a few years maybe even Corey Ellen didn't catch balls out of the back for like this, I think he's the total layer great play a great I'll pay. It is the last drive in the Pittsburgh game. Was the single greatest performance in this in a cab. Or by a tight, and I have ever seen in my life. He D made a big people, one on one he made touches on the flat wrong. He took a ball office shoetops on the dead run that was thrown basin. What about waste is high and yet caught it? I made one in it and then quota to point convergent water. That was the point of view
we're gonna do it should accept the other show anything else. You want to stop the greatest by then the history just showed it could not be joining elzevir. Just that drive, which was all gone We need to show that you'll be joining Elzevir again, and then you got as to why he was never trouble covered once on the old drive, but at developing you discuss later. You know why they would never ever give anybody else on dry, especially with the other people thou around the field. I I just want drank to get through the season. I would I'm not even sure I plan, like we didn't talk about these costs. Whether it seems It's gonna be freezing freezing cold on Sunday and I would not play rock more a quarter. Why am I listen? You might not have been the second tat. You might not have about one should listen, you know, they're not losing their game. You know they went in the game. You know Pittsburgh, one in the game, they're gonna be the one to we all know that and then the funds thoughts with the rest and the sea
where there's going to be an upset in the apple card. So let me give you a couple pictures and we'll call it a day, all right, so I'm on with the land again one last time there are four point favoured an old against Carolina, I'm going to the well. They need the wind. I don't think they can do damage in the play off. I will be very bitterly disappointed now. Listen, I admit this only a couple times that she I've won on them too. I've been on a lot this year. They ve been asleep It's me all year, I'm going with them against Carolina. I think once Carolina get broken. If they do early in this game will realise that you know get ready. The policies and that'll happen in the second half. So I like the lander minus war we mention San Francisco, which I have right now, is a three and a half point. They would you know it's gonna go up. Take San Francisco either I am not trying. I think the rams want to lose this game. I think they prefer the route they want to take with. Was those saga, the legend of Jimmy
Jake continues to grow. So I go with that answers, but whatever the Leinen report, whatever whatever it is again, it's going. Ok, foreign aid, San Francisco is game bumper, too, and then we're game number three, I'm gonna go with Baltimore, my turning to have been more than Louis's landscape Cincinnati had a moment with weak bag Baltimore with their defence. They'll come a big, though probably we'll cover on it excess weight? I dont like the Ravens way intended to have, but they have to win the game that going back to the play off. That coach in big spots usually produces big, things from his specialists from his beef ban to them. What everything get out of love that those are. My three saw him go on with the ongoing with Atlanta minus four San Francisco minus worn. It happened, Baltimore minus ten and a half this week what he got. I have.
News for you. The bottom line is now nine and a half, so you get a free point out that ok I'll take my those. By way of God, I also had the Niners foreign have just cause. I need a wind Boca and that I think that line is gonna, be seven and a half. I had the jagged plus three. I think they went out right and that a believer in Tennessee and broke out. You know Blake Borders. You can't tell me he's gonna play too terrible games await. You could totally tell me that by I just Tennessee Anna did there again and I think they're gonna blow it in its. I just feel like the charges you in the class have no explanation, for it is just as gut feeling that I think the jag when I read the Ravens win and I think the chargers win charges make it and yet the third I thought about the bangles plus eight and a half hour. Puss died and have I'm with you dusk. I did that games gonna be close, it's gonna be called. I dont think the ravens are very good at it. The Benghazi, keep that tape back on their I'm gone
with Miami at home. Plus two and a half against the bills? I just don't think the bills are good. I don't see it like you look at their their last since weak nine. They lost by thirteen their last by thirty seven. They lost by thirty, they lost by twenty in their last by twenty one, and beat Miami in weak. Sixteen in Buffalo did very good. I like this kid Drake on on Miami at that. I could see him having like this random, two hundred twenty yard, weak seventeen game and, and today knock em out one thing for us, here you are miss the NBA. Yet how many times you think Le Braungart found in the last two minutes at home again well What was crazy? He always gets cause I don't remember him back in cause You will leave how many times they got hacked by the Red One play I mean you must forget it, but think of times I mean: how does he not gold? How does he not
it worry bird had that happened to him. Nobody would have got out of the building stand by me. Could you imagine somebody of his stature, national the invasion Credit Christmas day does not get the car going down a path to go down the lane like that and get hammered as many of the seabed and weak because the faced by them, and I was unbelievable. Where do you stand on Ben Gunn ages? All the time now complaining about reference, referees and instantly play to the point that it doesn't even see my keys focused on the actual gave a newer. Why you know it's funny. I think he's board a job, but I know him very well and I think he and sport with the ideas of the whole idea of what it means to put in the coach again and what the put your family through culture, then, and all the travel and oil everything else, but I really think he needs Vienna guys, I think, he's doing again and I think he wants the coach again came very close by the coach the last two years. I really think you want
come back in a week and I think he needs, but just like you said about good, I think Jeff. They come back in a week now and I think he will come very close and I he's about ready to come back in a week. I wish him luck with the officials that he's been insulting year after year and grateful that they make up workers brainy, who I love and now of all times and is my neighbour. I mean brain is my neighbour. I play golf with him all the time and he never, we're not beneficial. So you know they're they're, pretty much balance with rainy loves the efforts to attain the Christmas day thing they got buried. Kiss everybody was so obsessed with that workers. Calves in the Leubronn nagging cause: ok, he's kind of common together and they figured I all its way aim. His show, everybody else is the sidekick and they had thirteen found a place in their very good defence away in their becoming interesting. You know I saw the bottom. I took my son Jack who is a huge Westbrook FED to the game to see them when they came to them
the last two weeks ago. I as a battle that was that with their bottom, they want though, a team that had big it was the Baker and Mcdermott Okay and Beazley getting birdie that night, and that was the bottom and the next game he's come out and westward become one look again yet at the other guys, as you said, and now all big players, and now it's westward triple double westward. Thirty shots westward leading the way and that the animals So I think we d have turned a corner. They have turned the corner and ve gone back to be the theme they were last year. I call a great in the thing they had with eyes tat in those two. As the tried hard in her problem linked to the best for guys, you could conceivably throw at him day day daddy, I team he wants to see in a play out, so you don't want the worst thing, but our team up they really
do one thing and I don't know if he's unselfish enough to do it, they need to put canola oil on the second unit. Their second unit can't score if they would put Carmelo on the second, you could become the terrific she could become the Vinnie Johnson and score a lot of points plan. Twenty two minutes a night in himself. Eighteen point: two game be the focal got to take all the shots on the second unit II, E210, not score a lick, and I think he's perfect for that. I hit Billy Donovan wants to do it. He hasn't agreed to do it, but that would be perfect for that. Then you should be here, for being the Saviour near Basque about five years ago, AEGIS compared and of Jackson. I didn't work off right now, Ella, where best there would be a compliment. Writer the way, the glad that ninety went, but still we went five for eighteen bill nightmare that night and got booed and on a way out of the arena, I was waiting for the players become through the whole way. With my son, he said
out of the line and came over and said my congratulations on a great career and walked away pretty nice. Thank now when he Commonwealth would a bad night where he had that got a night that was pretty nice with Moscow. Mobile is what was the feedback on your first past appearance last week you know what I've been in. So I have not been I've been out of the loop, so I can tell you that much you'll have to tell me I've been away. I've been traveling with my family on right now little nor the Palm Beach
about in a round of implant, gallop and I'll, be back in New York that do they have a better idea. So I haven't been around very much. The feedback is excellent and the the wanderings people seem to want is day. They want more movie reviews and more of your movie in tv thought so we're out of time, and then yes, he mourned over Seymour Holiday movies and stuff. I will this week I'm going to speak to a three. Be new units will be next week. Happy new year tactics. I beg you arrive, but thanks so much to make before we get to the other stuff. With over nineteen thousand stayed farm agents nationwide, you can get an agent that gets you as well as Chris Paul and James hard and get each other. That's the focus of the ringers first and Beer ships goals, video James hurting Chris Paul. I was surprised when the internet, together, but I'm more surprised that they just seem to love playing with each other in no ego at all, and it was
really a relationship that was cemented overlap of texting. I think texting is really brought mba purse together more, I think I'll be shared. It a video in the rear that come the ringers Youtube GINO Youtube account such the ringer during his facebook or twitter, at ringer are we at rare, were re. Read every area I teammates on the court, a relationship with a state farm agents set you up for success off the court as well, go to state farmed icon to get an agent that gets you so the first thing we're in a play is from the aforementioned to part podcast. I did with Kevin Oconnor on their way. And the Asia this week were in a play too It's one is a conversation we had about the Lakers the other is a conversation we had about. Ok, see, let's get to those right now. Lakers, eleven and twenty one. But things dimension with them. I
been so encourages, whereas off from lines are the last week I know I hate the Lakers at every fibre, my body, but ass, a love basketball in its much more fun of ones. As good aggressive this that he showed a couple games the last couple weeks and how hard he was attacking and end just trying to do stuff. I thought was super encouraging, but that My my three may I'm just really impressed by customers. It offers a basketball poor he's here, really really advanced and polished at a position that it's hard to guys who have the array of skills that he has. I think there ROC had a waiting to see if this was gonna be a flash in the pan, or You know the summer leg carried into the first couple weeks and then he was gonna fade. Often I just started he's fading off. I think this issue, as I am really really really impressed by am, I think, is an excellent player on offsets. I don't know about the defence part yet, but
think he's really get. They gotta JAMA. Twenty seven congrats minds charisma to. I want to see them feed him the ball more. I want to see what he's really capable of my guest, the kings. I wanted to those young guys play more if you're the Lakers coups was already play for and when I want to see is get him more shots feed him more opportunity. Put him his and positions. Were you leaning on him to score. I mean last couple games eighteen shot Nineteen charts fifteen shot seventeen. Sixteen that's more like around the rains that I would like to see him even more so the rest of the season. I will see what this guy's really capable of twenty two year old, he twenty seven picking a draft already averaging eighteen. It's not ink inconceivable that, if as for real he's, a guy that can average and the low twenties for you the rest of the season. If you're feeding him the opportunity, I mean it work for his age and has is really experienced. Level is outstanding. I think I've cause. We deserve credit for transforming his game. This summer, because he's a different I mean people can say that the NBA missed on Kuchma. My deserve
wherever transforming his game, I'm he's elevated, came to another level, so thought necessarily. The teams missed nets that I think coups early, set himself apart from what he wants was I read a nation quote from that of the Mitchell when somebody asked him why he doing this he playing so well. Why is he better in the pros that he was in college and he was getting caught and he said well in college? I was taking five classes semester doing all these other things now. My whole job is to play basketball course. I should be better at it kind of kind of made said there was a weird quote that made me think, and I'm thinking like, This is all these guys do is play basketball. Some cases it's actually worse for them that they lose their structure, and you know they're on their own on stuff. Like that in other ways, in any case with somebody who is a really hard worker like nature or Kuchma, who this is how they're doing you know you see some benefits, ok, see. Nineteen. Fifty eight you now
thing for them, is Dave now figured out that it's not a big three, its Westbrook steam and Paul Georgia's issuing man and Carmelo is one of the other guys and it took them, paying for them. As Dave now figured out that it's not a big three, its Westbrook steam, Paul Georgia's issuing man and Carmelo is one of the other guys and it took them thirty how to get there, but they got there and that this is a team there, The more Westbrook takes control like he has better after going to be trying to split everything evenly between the three guys was a mistake and I think they really Now what you're one thing, what kind of one in two different from on their defence for real. I think you know considering act that we are almost the January now they have so many guys Madame De Floor, who can defend one on one who plays strong team defence, you play with effort. I think that defences absolutely for rail and kind of attached to that thought. If, if you who consider that their defences for real and it is versatile- can do so much on that if their off
continues making progress like it has this past week issue in a way work has really elevated his play both in terms of scoring efficiency. Making smart passes, good decisions play with more effort himself on the defensive end. What can they be? They can be They could be tremendous by April if their office continues building and continues making more and more progress because their defences their foundation it because it does allow them thrive. Thanks D, in games are often get him a level that do you need they could be a real threat, People are talking about Houston as a team. Maybe they can topical and state may by April. People are talking about local homer city as all could baby a threat to go and sick of global journey time of that at the moment. But by April we'll see they made the most progress these last ten days or so I really yesterday during the Christmas game- and I agree with what was said by the way in their defence- should begin because their Paul George and Stephen Atoms and Robber, Senator Platt, but
I realize yesterday watching them again seized him. That's kind of nightmare match up for Houston, assuming ok, see, can get their shit together. A hundred percent by by May, because they have to do to throw a and who were have to be too of the five best possible did that Damn right, Paul Georgian Robertson, Iverson robbers and what are we decide? But the latest divers Iverson. I just wanna call em robber sent over and over again, but they have to us. Guys to throw him then, on the other said, West always been a problem for Chris Paul always in this is when Chris Paul was a good athlete Isaac you know, did Christine Lagarde he did not like it. He was already at it. Didn't love at the. Of it ever loved hard sick, ran a boar preferred a Yo Yo see made their eyes. They got better clarify for Adam. It is kind of I don't know if they caught Houston and the right series. I think they're gonna be idea. I do think,
most important thing is that they figured out that Carmelo, just as in the Carmelo from two thousand eighteen when they realise that they were in a better spot, India. You could argue he should be. I know we're not through in the conventional asked our game anymore, but you could argue. Is this You could argue he should be. I know we're not through in the conventional lost our game anymore, but you can he's the starting to guard and the austere game. A timid de Rossa who'd you pick of deeper I think I would to my hair by hair. I think he's better defensively about the age of benefits them. So that's been great, that's a win. We are happy keep apologizing Kevin Pritchard, trade, was awesome, and They said to see if they make one more move to to come a little bit more dangerous, complex, and what you one thing for them, besides, people in his development so as well- we I talked about this and I think your podcast a couple weeks ago, The ban, a new situation, new circumstances, not spotting up as much
play. More from the high post. Suborners has taken strides in his game as well, so that that's testament tat, his abilities and the culture Fatima him at him. In a position to succeed at the next we're in a play- use from the Ringer NFL Show, with Chris Borderland and Kevin Clark talking about treatment of NFL prayers. The teams, medical staff and some of the conflicts that are pretty much inherent in their relationship? This is it. This is a really good lively section. Erika Madame was a college. Football play he played narrowly seventies. He'd insert until high school. They played Ache games a year in Wisconsin on big heavy thick grass. With light, men, everybody was slower and smaller we played fifteen year when I was in high school he went out to stay to hit me off season. We had they college football in there season was two weeks before we had fifteen bore prep fifteen springboard practices So I think over the next twenty five to fifty years will see a generation generations of players that just hit their head.
Thousands more times than mine, generation. It makes me sad, but we the deal with it's not gonna, ignoring it's not going to do anything, such euro and they have two guys lined up a global race it's amazing natural still exists, yeah, bless you just change idea to concussion Go homer, sincere, say it's just like like here is a structure car crash next, however, but twenty years ago that was a ledge rose, I was finally move the men on this day in Poland, the ring and all of you as we need to do a trailer, Wisconsin called Badger or two guys with line up no yard and half from one another and try to drive one another, how we would start a practice that we wanted to be especially physical, yeah, it's a coach blow, the whistle after after work. Ups and says, badger drill becomes just two hundred guys, you stuff it. It doesn't make any better. Causes injuries improve that barbaric
rigid doesn't improve your run. Fits doesn't make you more physical edges causes injuries so that Barber Eric, senseless drills like the nutcracker and borne the ring and badger, I think we're seeing them phased out its past due honestly, sir, it's silly to do something that would make you better it at your sport to be tough, we're gonna, stop doing Emily office. The jails are out We can't stop Oklahoma S. Defence of good intentions. I rang would therefore run run it over there. Have you ever been at one of the practice where they ve done thus lay close up a minutes, it's its brutal. It's always the best hard ducks moment of whatever the first or second episode is the worst thing. I think it NFL practices, How cavalier they are about when a guy gets hurt and everybody pretends, like the guy, wasn't her Emma was a giant pacts couple years ago in its guy like clearly-
The blue eyed is mere. Whenever an who, just like time, we got in the way of the bed and it's like deck, ask you haven't Mozilla com under advocates a deck eyes like livelihood might be over for ever and yet the do more several years. We don't care there that we, talking to me like at the college and high school for kid got, hurt practice would stop. The train had come out in college was mooted fifteen up. Sometimes the plane offers a broken play with almost go back into. The guy was still there riding campaign torn Leggum here, yeah yeah. I mean it, Sir as you see the movie rather by haven't, became and they tell you so are seen what idea I'm an only child James can occur in whose, if in the future, we ve seen it? I wasn't there remake there are many other remaining on cable. We're not discuss the Merrimac James, its Basically, this future is export. That's like four bar and the guys is mine.
After kind of the roller derby before bar and there's guys on bikes n, just trying to get around in its violent, like footballers, eyes and starts getting more more valid and eventually, they just decide to get rid of the rules and its gall parallel. Basically there it's about its move, you at the NFL, but it's not and in the last thing it's I basically last may and standing winds and James Cards like the last guy, but like every he's dead so this is nineteen. Seventy four- and this is really to make this very powerful, barbarous that really about football. So obviously they knew in the seventies. Then you nor does forty. It's anything like Nick Nolte's, the lead character. This is one thousand nine hundred and seventy nine p I'm familiar with keys and he's base He based his character of about Frederick from the raiders and Dave cast browser tied at an you know, foreseen he's like barely can get out of bed pops like ten pills, huh,
drinking ever them teams crazy. So they knew this forty years ago by point. They knew that football is bad and they knew that geyser behaving radically in that was it game became more popular and I think in spite of the violence, but because of it yeah and other ways. We ve known four hundred years dementia pugilistic, which is the first cousin of sea tea, was discovered in boxers. Nineteen. Twenty eight Dick allowed to extrapolate repetitive head injury from the ring to the the gridiron. So I think we ve known on thy one to outline in favour of a nanny state. If you wanna play, I think he should you should absence, the opportunity and I don't I get being afraid, I feel the same way by the way. I don't think we have old players hands. I don't think we have to make decisions for people I do think formations still being manipulated. Fairly insidiously. I think players are intentionally kept in the dark.
I have never once been invited by any football entity instead of delay, and I fell big turn anybody to speak about I learned- didn't you hear from exactly and if you were a confident assured organization and someone made a decision that was counter to what you're saying publicly. You would say, ok, come spitters tell us, we didn't learnt other players, informers biscuit leg of those cigarettes. Fifty years ago, road and Billy, hey this guy had lung cancer and quit. Now I want to talk to you about cigarettes. Exact know is that darkened Thea automatically? I completely understand Brahms, making the point that I still think inside the game players at all, One thing: that's not entirely true so you really scapegoating doctors designed to have you know How is the team paying its own doktor to farming Claire, I'm getting examined by somebody being paid by the team. It is in their interest for me to get me out their lack of their as fast as possible as a good for me. You know,
iqs running the blood bank. That's what we used to say. Sometimes in look at a dark in the team docks before the game. There depend on their pull over their putting on their cap. There Pompano they'll want to beat. You know they want to beat the other team tat. They love it. They cut the most guys, probably wish they were on the team or had played and then- they're in charge of your health aside, the financial due to pay by everything it's about winning at another. Any way to have independent docks truly Some juncture. You're gonna, be hired by somebody whose interest is football Some of my thing is broader, I think just in size, just telling everybody what the issue is, if we can, these tests and guys can play for three or four years at dinner. Dispositions, like linebacker, If you avoid a catastrophic injury, most eyes who played ashore appeared a time will likely be ok, we're we have sent em symptoms that are dramatic.
Hopefully we will now we are on the way to throw away the the baby with the bathwater. For Bosman. Great to me, any given Sunday doves. Another does twenty years ago, James. The team doktor legs like what you're talkin about their get him back on your machine at all. They care about is gaining the guys back on the field, I once it would have, in my hand, worked on and my wrist retailers and so is during after I'm and didn't have a third hand to take my other too our pill, so the dark opened it and put it in my mouth for me. Can I decided shit like that, sir? I'm piece of meat loaf but not least from the one shining pad with my Titus, Entail Frazier. We talked about twelve teams that just should be better college basketball, everything culminated with the best if a motion reverie that we really want to start and it made
start. But who knows where we did our best to drive started Le Maire amount Pepperdine to schools that should just be better a college basketball here we go This is as in the words of Bill Simmons. What should be Do Caroline of college basketball. We have saved what we're doing together, Pepperdine an oil and carrying should be Do you can Carolina in Louisville Kentucky have the Pacific ocean? Yes, would now be move to the West Coast. You Pepperdine beautiful Malibu, were there the battle network stars they shot. They were like. What's the most beautiful campus get shit the Bell Network, Pepperdine Pepperdine, it's unbelievable on a cliff! It's it's, you can't even give you been. There have not been, and I can't even believe it. You can't believe this exists in the world. This campus see at that. And then you have loyal America, we should say that's where all the NBA players over the summer, let you taught by the summer games they play an orange over my parents living car basis and now use the Pepperdine Jim and they they
carbon out were yet how yeah How do you know uses to your vote? Is everything but renewal. You, I think you can watch Leubronn James, Cairo, Irving, Kevin Terrain, Stephan, curry play Plato this summer, it's ok, I'll, hang around camp is going nowhere good to see you got that Pepperdine. Then you have lower in America who had the Hank gathers broken a team which is still my number one college bass where memory of our time the left hand of free through best moment for me, College Basketball, you've that history, its image, thou Ray it's on the water. It's under her eyes to the water did like if all the grasses and the nice is greatest place on the planet would be loyal, aware about threat there the re it's off of decided to cut off to beat path. Are there Silicon Valley, TAT money has gone down their empire stammering deleted on beach nels along its it's like one of the hardest errors in the country and now the last. As a Basque about him and their anger Zags conference either those goals could take the Gazelle corner right now. Here's my concern.
And what you described makes her to me a soft ask about him everyone, everyone, the MID West and on these girls knows cold weather, mixer tougher. He read their soft valley, These are soft, armor, weekly cow one house day and basically, that modest previous speeches like these measures after school privilege. I said at this hour. I have an extra caviar phrase. You know let's drink on the Pepperdine Campus, who now how to drink. But you ve already get noble, Malibu and come back to the Pepperdine you or you ran a little house and there being no drinking no parting on the Pepperdine Campus. It's like one. Of a higher religious than Woodhull aggressors, monsieur le Maire, Jesuit, but I think you can drink on the campus.
I would now guessing its much money, a loyal America through they have a helicopter like when you drive a helicopter pad like as you drive into the school just in case, like any other alumni, went to pull up with their helicopter, so they went on air. So like went out, these disgrace: college basketball. Coaches come back like potatoes, gonna come back. Go pick some smaller school Standard rate are a little bit, but they never pick us. Like Loya Merrimac it's always some weird school or like some school in the middle of nowhere. Like S m, you like schools, they dont Fisher was Smart Fisher, went to sending your day so used like article eleven, my voice in coaches, India GO stay so there's a good example. Here said the estate language learning to who the fuck I, who had said state was then it gets. Kawhi and they're in that's very examined by the way, sending a state, as it is one of those. If we, then this pact has ten years ago, we
about as one of the then and by the way is anyway state when they got to determine employed, actual teams, authorship the hell kind of got a little salt, my theory, hitherto Sata. One word that I forgot to put on the board. We done with early man, I'm gonna have to be no. I forgot about. You see Santa Barbara, we right: I went there, they had a moment later couple vapours, they prison. That is three to four years. Theory. The weather's like weirdly, not that good in Santa Barbara, the sun never comes out to like two thirty, and since we now have all kinds of which it gonna downtown school what's like an hour and a half from LA that's another one that what conference are they in? Santa Barbara is, I think, the whack I think they are. I would like in the wagon everyone here knows that so much from the wax, the Mount West, all animal jump out one and then you see Irvine, which has turned into a really great academic school and his head
couple basque biogas over there that's another, and there should be two. What good California. Schools is my point so people smart and smarter. If I go, college. I should go where there is good weather right now, we will have that conversation. The eighty people modernizing and figure out his hawked other people, you are they going to add taking go. Watch videos beg us. People ring shorts, Silbury, that's one thing: the pitches solar Renzo Roma, as errs on her right now he's the number two gotta shall Miller in Arizona we don't know can afford them yeah. But whatever happens, or rather I would ask you to look at the Roma's get out there and he kosher Pepperdine before member out in a bunch of guys, and he is the king of nine Michael Porter, Marco folds. You know that goes on in all of these guys you brought into washed in so he goes to Pepperdine. That'll be the sign to point all of us that Pepperdine is not only back
bringing an MBA guys office. They all through Malibu, one bit of Pepperdine trivia there, the programme that killed by night they in two thousand the rebels, The two thousand term starts start. I used to play Pepperdine the video of night choking his blear surfaces. It becomes it they distraction I use and losers, and then I got fired. Not one word Pepperdine point, that's a good one or more Pepperdine point these. Those that have like these West CO schools where they have like the swim team in the valley Bob. In the tracking him it's always hang around. Other athletes Tina here they just Markham. Oh, that there were times their practising in August. Like over the holidays, and it's just like you know, you're West Coast it there's. The crap of athletes is a little more enticing throat That was why, out to Malibu or to privacy, to work out when you went to train for the NBA. All those people are always trainers and stuff around. Here
easy is easy. Access in the NBA thing is that they now that will happen every year like these guys are live here in the summer now and they play their society or Pepperdine. Or you say, like the other three spats, that they go to yeah, so pepper The you, I think is the it is right to railways goes out matters, but I I just really to get on what we have to do, but we should make it what about? Can we create its we're just making compresses now Patterson Conference? You have to be touching the pack ocean in the way of reducing Elam. You that's the big for that's for the best part. Ass. I wanted to thank a whole bunch of people for two thousand, seventeen we put up, add a pike ass. It's a big part of what we do is we ve had a huge impact on I feel like, and the network is growing. And becoming more force every year. You know but those who know about people hostage. I wanted to talk about the people behind the scenes, because
nowadays it hard to produce back ass, but they become for lack of a better word, the safety net, to make if anyone crosses align. If anyone says that the dumb for pack has just isn't good enough, we have a bunch. People that it is really good at deciding what the best possible version of a pack ass ship, Joe fight ass, has been met with me, since some The ground is Zack MAC. Next Kyle Car Creighton, who the year half ago I made a move here to work out. My tv shows a ph I'll, send his any major power cast, but he's really get at it more power, text. My wife happy sets probably my favorite higher the past years. Young Isaac, eyes ugly, red haired doing this park asked started out as an intern is worth all the way up and we ve given improbably way too much responsibility already Cunningham the STAR of top gun life? That's what it life, the Tom Gun, livelier town go live Somebody that's been with us, since the ground is keen and
in turn, who is super have for the last few months and then last but not least, to Frazier, who you know, has and my pack a since day one I think he's done the first one there's been a couple gas producers, but for the most part it's been me and Tate it's been a blast to watch, him also become a host, and now he does Current events show as well as one shining pike ass with Tee and Titus, which we just wait. A section of so anyway, it's a good thing We have allowed a good stuff in store for two thousand and eighteen that I'm excited about, because in well, you know what to do is just beyond the hamster. Won't keep doing the same thing when it him chances in two thousand and ten. We I even have Shea Sarah do apply cast will see if we can convince him he's been playin hard to get for two years, but it's been ray you're in the pact as front and for me personally the best year package that I've ever then the guess we ve had a been unbelievable and I don't even know how to rank the top twelve, but
Tommy I'll turn I, whose another person I should thank, whose Ben booking this podcast but doing more than that. He also helps produce in these count relations basically he's been awesome and has been a big asset it this package we have had by far the best list of guess that with a red and any I've had. I been doing this package since two thousand seven soon play. Conversations most recently won this week with Paul Thomas Anderson wish. I could have gone for like three to four hours, but it's been Funtik just keep working at this thing and try to get better and better at it. I feel, like our part, was just it was the best you have had an next. I want to do even more so thanks. Everybody out there and special day saw the sponsors that we have had over the course of the year. Who will pay for staff and also been really good work with specifically Seagate cool, Ben sponsoring this thing, since the gecko- and it's been funding SAM grows accompanied too. I feel like we ve paid a tiny part of it tiniest
infinitesimal. I don't know, but to watch them become an even bigger forest, They certainly were when we start to work with them. That's Banco and it's a after that I've used and continue to use. So thanks. Their thanks. Everyone at the ringer so proud everything we are able to accomplish in two thousand seventeen. Ninety two thousand, thanks for listening, thanks first spreading the word and look forward to talk new again in two thousand eighty ways.
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