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Mitchell Magic, Bucks-Nets, Rodgers Trades + Loki With Wosny Lambre, Peter Schrager and Mallory Rubin


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Wosny Lambre to discuss the Clippers' Game 2 loss to the Jazz, the Bucks' victory in a bizarre Game 3 vs. the Nets, the Hawks-76ers series, and more (3:00). Then Bill talks with Peter Schrager of Fox Sports and NFL Network about some NFL bandwagon teams for the 2021 season, as well as futures bets including: starting QBs, Aaron Rodgers landing spots, win totals, and more (53:45). Finally Bill talks with Mallory Rubin about the latest addition to the MCU, ‘Loki’ now streaming on Disney+ (1:34:00).

Host: Bill Simmons

Guests: Wosny Lambre, Peter Schrager, and Mallory Rubin

Producer: Kyle Crichton

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What, if the Lehne, biased story hosted by Jordan ridicule on is the ringers latest narrative podcast, you can find new episodes. we Wednesday on the book of basketball to point out feed here's a quick trailer, You ve heard his name blend bias. Ninety eighties feed on second, in the NBA draft and then cocaine tragedy one of the most shocking deaths in sports history. Thirty, five years later, biases legacy is still making an impact firms. I defy in the Ringer podcast network. This is what is the link? by a story, I'm Jordan hereupon I'd find those ports buggy have more than one shatters thing for the fences Emma be seasoned, vandal, letting you place. Your first bet risk free new users, get up to one thousand hours back and say credit if you first bet does, when analogous better from their theirs
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hundred eight thousand eight hundred and ninety nine seven hundred and eighty nine or visit one thousand eight hundred gambler net in Westford? whereas rather by the reared outcome, as well as the Ringer Podcast network, corporate check it out the ringer but How can they are reacting in real time through this location a job that matters gonna come and explain to us later? We have good package. We have big. Why come in right off tonight's by of games as well as Mallory Reuben talking quickly by the twelve game play off and then just explaining why somebody like me should watch cause? I don't know? What's going on the marble universe, then? Finally, our guy Peter, rigour. Who has throughout his one, the hosts of fine coach, which is due in season two right now with him in Sharm Mcveigh, Tucker, all kinds of coach, so he's gonna come on. We'll talk about a football staff, including are there some good ganley opportunities at their oh yeah,
by its outcome at first project. We're taking the site is forty. Seventh, I'm watching labour. You see a big words, what I mean? Yes, yes, where some I'm awake thousand exciting game bill with Ivy just watch between the clippers and the jets year was so worried that covers jazz first and then will go into the nets. Bucks game, which was the weirdest path, came to thousands when you went Utah clips Mitchell, thirty, seven His last thirteen games he's averaging almost thirty. Five. A game in the plan is less thirteen playing games with over fifty forty five,
Andy. Are there other sports and stuff, and it's funny. Dwayne Wade bought a piece of the jazz, because when you are Mitchell, there's a lad away to Buenos stuff go, and I know my kindly tonight he got to do his hole on the show. Thank than the cliffs tried to adjust the try to shut it down. You tat made twenty three
and they went but the Mitchell Wade thing. I was thinking about it a lot today. What do you say? Would you think of that comparison? You know, I think it's an app comparison, but the difference is that, while the way was a guy would live at the Frito languages that are, what does a Mitchell would progressed tube instead, he's gotten his efficiency better, but is becoming a knock down. Pull up three points. Shooter right, like in the first quarter, he's coming off the screens completely clean edges, rising fiery, and it's pure starting in such an Rhin de wait. Obviously was never that level is shooter but yea. He combines the ability to German pass some of the best players in the world, a world which is like why Leonard and Paul George, etc, etc. With a pure janshah, never thought he would it be able to get his jumped shots at this level, but you can't leave is due to open. I agree in the
Rather, the way things are getting is weighed comes up is in the two thousand. Three draft comes the prominence in the o five season second year and then ride through Windsor tied on his third year. In he's, like a twenty eight again guide that point get in the line a lot, but they weren't you three site that back then you know and in Europe. Already is when you were a guard and the two thousands were you're trying to get to the Basque you just trying to get good shots, and then he saw code and see back as a bad. Try to add the three tobacco is at it, but way just never added it, and it was as you look at the second half of his career. It's why the first half of his crew were so much better than that I can answer. Mr Mitchell was somebody that I always thought which is gonna, be like a feast or famine through point shooter. It seems like something has shifted with that were answered. I think it's going in when his shooting it. I didn't always feel that way. I always felt like he was. Moreover, he check three guidelines.
And if he adds this that incite outside game and the power in their letter says me: has the cookers basically had to play Beverly the second half of those desirable offered, simply just a child? I get some sort a handle on the Mitchell. Think better. yeah. I think the evolutionary way thing which eight zero people without good, but there for two years. You really feel Anna ended as if he's evolutionary wait. If that's like in motion right now that changes what I think about their ceiling as the title right cuz, you think I go, they don't have the superstar start, showing title what happens if they play the state? What happens if they go But in your mind, Diana I hate to have the happy sports stars. Conversation had he's not a superstar but he's kind of more than a star. Now he's right, he's like a tween or between those two worlds is where I have not yet higher. I think he's definitely knocking on the door.
That right- and I will say bill on my maiden voyage on the BS podcast. You ask me who the place where the watch garlands of these policies and I'm scared myself one that back so did the Albania Donovan Mitchell and I will say that, but you know to me the truth mark of any superstar. Is you see the tide flowing for another team? They get at CERN over a don't they, the three of us suddenly got seven points in a minute and a half, and you should start, does something to startle whether that staff pulling up from thirty or k Deja straight up rising in firing over anybody's, I'm going to get you to run right now, I'm going to stop this run by putting my head down getting to the lunch. Donovan Mitchell is becoming that kind of guy we're, like the tides for the shift against his team and he's like. I give you the balls and make something to happen and to me that's the truest mark of a superstar like you can just stop a tidal wave by yourself
and he did that tonight. He had, rather than the first game insurance and about later, when he had three the craziest shots and around coincide. and it was like. Oh my god, this is enterprise. Right now we re India and then Bruce Brands like Kiev will we'll get to that we'll get to that later, but so it oh six, Dwayne Wade was second theme on Ba. We did not think heading into like, as he was finishing at third season. We knew that we knew the heat regard, but it still kind of Like shacks theme, it was like it was kind of guy who is bad men whose Robin than the playoffs happen in Wade's. Just like throws it on his back and we re really sycamore unexpected. Without all these other guys are going to be in the in the in the title Game Coolby was killing in that year the sons were That was a really fun sons in that year,
and then I went that in the darkling to a whole nother level, and then Turkey can. The store is like. Oh, my god, they're just like this. The best scoring for Veces live right. There I'll send Wade was the guy and it happened so fast respecting. It is set up for Mitchell to do that. I dont know if he has a dinner, but it set up. You think, like a big get through this Cooper say there are great shaped gather up to then you go next round point the winner sons nuggets. Pretty pretty certain, I'm going to be this Sunday yeah and you look at the suns and don't tell throw subdued them, but it's going to be a good matchup for him. You know what that's worth some size of him, but ultimately, like Chris bought them Booker they're not going to be able to really shut him down, to throw bridges that and give some crowder those try to mix things up. So please don't, but this is set up for him and I think he's
dickie spells alone, but that's it sets I'm gettin through my tv set yeah. He has the look bill. Will he has the look? The way came out in the first quarter, jeez Hyper aggressive them was like. If I get an ounce of daylight am rising and fiery like like. There was no question tat. He he knew what he wanted to do, specifically because of zoo botch playing that extreme drop coverage. You like I route is that you know famously you talk, fans are no screen, assess and all that, but he is the best greener in the NBA right. So I knew my guys going to split this dude whoever's guarding me is Dewbauchee going to be all the way back there. I have the confidence that I can make the shot and he came out and he did that and also bill. I think, most importantly, it's not just that. He wants to do it and that he has a salad that this is not your daddy's, you charge as the amount of shooting it spacing bacon surrounding stood with around that Rudy pick. Your role is like none,
they're, not gonna, go down this year because they may break after break after brick by brick, like they did for so many poles seasons in a row. This team can score. They put the ball in the who is so the pieces fit around him off. We colleague can come back and give them some modicum of Aceh in very creators last ball, illusory Mitchell was wearing down at the ends again, because he's could be completely relied upon four per it is shot creation. I think just he wants it. You know when he first came in here. as one of those guys economy blinders, he wasn't much of a play make it, but now he finds guys. I just think everything is coming together: Fair met the right time their initial hybrid, seem right congolese out and with when commonly is out the light of the ball. moment a lot of stuff that makes them special all these different little things they just pick unrealistic run within them. The bomb moves fast break stuff. They lose that any kind of
a little more towards the hero boss. I write letters. Mitchell Clark sinking come in and take over for six minutes. I think when, when colonies back, that's when you see kind of the two worlds they can live and where they can do this, for Bob Movement thing and make twenty three in a game which it did tonight erectly. But then they could also have a clear out. This guy's got this and I have two of those guys and a kind of two and a half, as I feel it A garbage can somehow another Maria Martens right there with backed out of it. I don't understand it, but the rap on him. Armor buried the with South Ex that play officers couple years ago, two thousand seventeen, maybe when they did when the wise trader frame he was cut, is one of those guys, you think is terrible defence. But then you are like eyes that the body treasure in very at the moment has Lebaron you today. I think it's cool I apologize and it's like is this guy good at it France like what's gave a ruling what's the deal? Yes, yes, he's he's why,
good, ever see the very early because they say tat. It is a lawyer who can stay in front of people, and you know it is important that we do talk about Utah's defence, because our guy Rob Maroney treated at half time use like look. This is illustrated by the kind of defence that really can play even against perimeter base teams like one they were scared, shitless of going to the hoop against Rudy. We gotta give him this credit for that cause. I want with somebody, was sceptical about his ability to play a team like The clippers, like you, know, a brooklet potentially where they got guys who give fire off the durable from long range. Everybody is getting
don't guys and then of course like how they put things. Did the marked his cousin say today like it was ridiculous sleigh like guys, get down there and just want no part of him, and you could see it mostly. The ultimate respect as paid bill is, when he's out to gain Paul. Georgia's is going down hill, the insides others like shit, reside here and I'm gonna do whatever it takes to gives a basket, because otherwise I won't have an opportunity to do this is so I gotta give Rudy perhaps for just a level of defence that he's playing out the out universally. I wish he'd make labour to catch. The ball is now needed is to majority is right. Now you know the did you notice with two minutes. I have three minutes, really was in there. He did it the other he added. I got this
have any drugs that thing. Rudy wasn't in position and he just said: build Lil flip shot and it kind of hesitated of coordinates like those are the place where it's that doesn't count as a block, but it's kind of a block cuz. This guy had a three foot shot that he kind of over thought and then ended up fling in the good side of the rim. That was criticized they make find him the jasmine I'd better shape because a worse as urban, less energy, an employer MIKE during a game. land, one part where they showed that it was, they would say anything bid. You said: read sixty six seconds asylum It was in the best sound, but do we rather than in the broad in is vague as like. What is first, legacies like your brothers on the floor
pick him up. I have signed the guy's bacon, the folk like the broader just Rudy like you is obviously a guy doesn't have much to say it was like we ve liked, MIKE Myers today have a lot from Holloway he's just for the heavy briefly, I devils Asdfmovie make somebody else, that's getting better. I don't know if Rudy has a lot going up, yeah, it's just fun to it's fun, to tease him and make fun of him, and then the jazz fans react like sacraments, which is great. I love that too. I get it. I get it cuz. He took some ridiculous unfair criticism when the covert thing actin like really day was there was talk about like should we take this guy league like TAT was a factual they have been trading they were literally blaming this guy for global pandemic. Like Rudy GO be, it was ridiculous right there
staring around. It was ridiculous. I understand the protection of really go. Pierre become a man, the guy's been kind of indignant at times in the past, but I will say tonight: the first two games he's been great or defence and its work, don't forget in you know bill. I don't know if you seen this on the internet, there's a little bit of a Rudy Gobert Future Hall of Famer talk sprinkling around the internet, just about how dominant the guys been at defenses like if he continues on this path, we're going to have no choice but to put this guy in there. I would say that a lot of other religions, by that. I mean that a faint legislating already had now it's enforcing its. I give you. If you wait a couple hours there. James invasion of high dose. You get to be an anxious where we're
are we going with it? So I'm not surprised that people think he might be making it. I had so forego bear to be behalf famer. They have to make the files probably have to win, and then you can at least set up some sort of Ben. While a situation, thou didst, thou, be the path. I never thought him. Anyone who has put in they're, my pyramid fur. My book then, while as did not make the one hundred, I'm not even sure he made honourable mentioned for me now, he's in the hall of Fame go bear, I think, would have to win the fight us in I'm not learn to entertain this conversation. It is noted that road out there so just just see a teen you up there. So we can. We talk about the cliffs for a second to get absolutely. I d give fifty six from Jackson, Reggie Jackson, imposture snake. Why has twenty one and then nobody else shows up their debt to doubt too? Oh
second series in around two games come back and allay Saturday on Monday, and for some reason that scared for them. Yet I didn't like some of the lineups: they played idle really totally understand like once again Terrence and played wondering what's happening with that, I get there I thought we already learned our Terence man. You big, should lead him a good yeah Beverly. twenty one, I have no idea why cousins played at all he put eleven minutes. I'm not sure why he's out there, I think, venture in a settlement to small balls, the way to go, but they seem there. There is ten Luke cornered minutes again today. I dont really understand how they fell off the we know who our best seven guys are thing. I thought we left the Dallas series saying all right: we got it. These are seven guys, but now it seems like it's in flux again
yeah, I don't understand the Terence Man of it all Reggie Jackson erupting making me look like a complete do face for saying. Why is Reggie Jackson just in the last series, but I think the main problem for them bill is vote. They got back in gay, by into the zone and muddying it up, but the problem with that is their quince. Snyder is one of the best tactical coaches in the entire mba he's going to figure out how to Beecher Rinkitink Zone the again three: that's not something you're gonna be able to rely upon they're gonna find open shooters. That does not work. I think the main problems. I think they don't know what to do with spied a Mitchell. You know, that's that's what scares me for them now. If you tell me they're going to dedicate themselves to small ball and be like when our garden spider anyway, let's maximize our offensive output cause, this is our bit. The very best version of ourselves is put two or more reset the five
I think and again taboo. When push comes to shove, he always goes off its first Joe. I wouldn't be surprised if that's what we see them doing gave three, but I'm a little worried to the cliff is because I did take them before the series. I just didn't think they would have this much trouble with down of the Mitchell too. You know. Have we do a game? They begin cream than it's like artless plates resumes, which this thing up member when Paul Georgia is good at defence. Yes, I do. I thought I was kind of his calling card in the earlier as tens or we're like wow. This is for a crime. Sabena LAB to guard the Braun had similar Hawaii these lines you quota lives, yeah, make me, the stone amazing offender and now we have series in a row were the other team somebody who can be stopped and Paul Georgia's coach never seems to go. I propose that Paul Georgina, maybe podgy, urges the answer. I guess is he
that often supported out what happened at all. What, if he's just office, because at the he still good on health side, is stopped, but these shudder Bob these Jitterbugs Qana guys these, like you, know, super quick first, that kind of guys. I don't think he's good, adding some I lay down if it is used me like Jason, Tatum it's like I. I guess I can't stay in front of everybody and I just give a great contest: ok, cool, I'm good with that, but like keeping these little quit dude now I'll. Think, while George has that in many more or you know they specially, not somebody who combines the quickness with the strength Down of the Mitchell. Does I wonder? Who do you think their best line up would be ultimately against this jazzed, because I do not mean the last line of include Sgi Blocker, but he's hurt fellow you know, I think, because he would be the one be like I reviewed, like literally actually at the guard me out report range and so now my guys can get a friggin, clear, bat, Patsy the basket,
and defensively. We know what is thirty barking can do when he's around the Remy doesn't have the quick feed any more, but he still pretty good contesting around the room. They just don't have that right now. So I think that something that should be said. But as it stands to me, you gotta go with George with Man with why, with more and probably, but to like that to say robber ready for Reggie Jack's probably has to be at areas than a bachelor Morris. I shall I the more it out to me with Morris. Is this the celtic thing coming? nobody Boris. You know you know in the first hour you know if he hazard, I hated it had a friend I couldn't. I was surprised, he's out there in the fourth quarter. Citizen is other choices. I think they need man against Mitchell. I think man's actually built the guard Mitchell and Put- Billy out there for a variety of reasons. I don't like it didn't happen. A neighbor Beverly also has the capacity to get some sort of dumb flagrant,
the three he creates absurd incident like day at least much more wildcard forbade implants theirs. I don't trust him. I don't trust him to use good judgment. We said man he's gonna d up and you know is there any not like he's got like the fear. You know come into the season and even last season was that men can be a play off play costumes, which is completely sag. Often Germany be zero no offense, but he's made is open shots these policies and write like sure he has historically been the best shooters, but he's made a decent portion of shots. That would you know, Jim ITALY warrant him getting these big play off minutes, but I think we were gonna he's gonna, do it. He somebody who is, if anything, he's not in holes you will get into in the next agony, but, like he's, gonna try different stuffing game. Three axes worry that date. The Mitchell thing has given them problems, even though he is even a little bit hobbled. Now
I dont think they're done. I didn't we ve learned of these plants, especially don't overreact. I think with sons Nuggets, the porter piece of it were portages hasn't looked right. The whole series It clearly physically is having issues. I think, I'm not sure they could have been Phoenix anywhere, but a porters. One hundred percent that to me the Nuggets our across off because from a talent standpoint and it's funny in football. I always know better aid. If the team that looks good and round one against somebody's that the Good NEWS and now in round to our right either that you now playing a real team, why how they look and in basketball the Denver Portland Series it the real is, I dont, think either those things are ready to do very good now, file. and I agree with you Denver at you know. Basically there not full strength. They just got will throw back, and you know
the poor thing has to where you everybody liked to only recently they have Denver is because, as our homey John, how would you said he was working with Memphis at the time he said quote, Porto Junior had the worst medical I've ever seen. Yet that's what he said, the worse medical I've ever seen. So when he's playing the way he is- and you know I get- that the coach Michael malone- I guess he doesn't want to become my what's up with that bill out. I was there that we will call you. What we want, Michael Michael LAW becomes out says: he's back is fine, he's fine, which I think is always cottages. If you want, not any hating pad your back. Is that fine, the viewer himself? a game you overheating, Pat on the quarters, is shooting trees, you're, nothing That is why I would like that's probably sergeant me so you're only other change your one or one threat put sensual by the way. One on one threat is hobbled and they're. Just this is loading up one choky at this gear, like they're, just like
we're gonna, let the pits YOLO Composite, beat us from deep and and and that's it had taken him out of the city. So yeah, though, that the nuggets our shell of what they were supposed to be what we have vision when they first did the Gordon Trade and they looked like absolute, were beaten, and they to me with a second best team in the west after a healthy Lakers is tough to wash them against. Phoenix is given married. I taught myself under the nuggets just cause yoke. It was so great as I, unless he had reached the figure it out right. The thing that thing is the sunset enough to throw it in that. If porters than a hundred percent that's I'll get the clips, I do think could come back. Lydia they'll probably went game three. And then game for will be the showdown Monday night was what happens when you take a break. We talk about our networks.
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non o, er the boy ass. He said that the Mitchell do There will have to bear. Sports sports? Be coach, it'll happen, I oh man. It's happening for that matter, so it wasn't happening. I know, for the nets are Buxton I gave three. I dont think the a rigs games, but if they were going to rig looks like the delicacy of the next shoot. Eight free thurifers, where they commit twenty two thousand bucks commit twelve. There is just a bizarre cause goody. The last two minutes yadda gets back by Griffin. and the ball hits yadda sad about no review Then we shall report areas, parasites, it's a pretty big call the bucks, a boxer The ball back on this. But the nets blew it. they are the outskirts, reducing the stats from this game
Joe Harris one for eleven played one of the worst games: yeah I've ever seen in my life and then in a blue, too defensive, the sun at the end, he led minutes ago back door on embryos. Eighty three, eighty bucks credit to one and drew out at last, Dr Harris's with them, and then just kind of stops. and then he says it had esteem went so he was terrible, Bruce frantic Seventeen your goals and including the idea that was where carry them. Feel goals in the last four and a half minutes the bucks, The non Janius Middleton production was eighteen points, Toro forever it s in the team, drew holiday, put forty six minutes and scored nine points. The bucks bench point forty minutes scored six points. And then, in the last three quarters, Yadda was seven four. Twenty increase Middleton was seven for eighteen in the box, one which makes sense of any that for me
It was an old school slobber, not it reminded me honestly of those old Miami HEAT New York, Knicks Series from the night Blate Navies early, two, thousands where games would routinely end in the seventies if you got a game in the mid eighties from those suiting. If you like, wholly Moby, lay our use them ass. They had a couple of drinks, yeah loved- I personally loved it on because it makes every single possession so intense because, again, like you, don't think any bodies ever going to score get enough. One quarter was just it was a slug. It was. It got there these two just one or one trying to figure it out. Obviously down this isn't the greatest one or one guy in the world have Middleton basically taken serves, I trying to see who can throw something up that might luckily land in the basket- and you don't see you Bruce Round point I want to say the books came out like gangbusters in the first,
water and they're, making him shot to getting the stars in the second quarter. Bruce Brown was making labs because Brook Lopez decided he couldn't leave from underneath the cylinder like he was. now you you can't make a wide open. Six foot Bruce Brow filled with the same floater over and over again over and over and over again it's in it. It was one of those things right deal to his credit is like in the second half. He moved up a little bit and it's ok. Just seventh with three you had the logs Harold. You can give good contest like you know the fact that he figured it out. almost like when dominoes came out, said yes, we ve been serving you shitty pizza forever. If we improved the recipes, I will you spent twenty is serving as crap and we give with tat you in the back from five given us a good product, but I loved, I would hasn't with that's right and would Brook Lopez though like in the second half he was legitimately great or defence ray. I was legitimate,
coming out a guy's, he finally was like ok, if Kate, if my guy setting a scream J d thirty feet away. I'm going to let him walk into a freaking three, so kudos to Brooklyn Lopez, replaying in sanely, good defeat. Everyone who has firm. Ever he was the centre left and the first step, they may have to just by Portas over him. It was like following orders everywhere now: no it was it was so lad and they would just in Brooklyn wishes. They aren't you she's gonna, let guys shoot wide open six foot is less keep doing, is so shots to the box, for actually you know they mate and the adjustments were like. I wouldn't let Blake Griffin shoot reporters we'll, let Bruce
catch the ball thirty feet out and not guard him so that we can help on two of the greatest one hundred and one offensive threats in the history of basketball, like obviously these a no brainer things to do, but they did it right. Finally, we saw competent defense from the box in this game, but I will say: build. I don't see how you can watch this team season offence. I think this is a championship form you cause. If I was stunned at first, I'm stun who is the guy? Who you know, has multiple seasons, worry average. Nineteen? Twenty points again. and they don't even run place forum and then, when he has the body as to do something and psyche forgot what to do, and it would seem like he's one of the big advantages they have in this area; they don't run any pigs for em, they're, really rising form and it seems like he's lost it now, he's just put off his eggs in the defence of bad he was awesome, guarding carry lavish. Actually I was
watching them and watching all the stuff holiday was doing it evil and kind. They scored. He was work in his ass. Often you know four five moves justly it open either out and that it was great, but yet they have two guys who can score one of those two guys can't shoot free throws and thinks he can make freezing can't, and there was one play like three: and it's love. Blake was guiding motto: whatever was spread out, a pianist was at the free for a line in Blake was still backing off and he just had a wide open, Fallon Shepherd. Their number, He travels backward, so he can get a running. Forty foot start lay almost like a little kid, and why am CS so? He can get like ahead of steam again and then goes back. That's a uterus passed up a fourteen footer. We You know in a one point game, so I was the totally honest package eyes. I still don't what to think about him were we're going out said it a million times. I just think he's shack. I don't blame him that he can't make a free
I think, he's a centre and they Milwaukee just tryin intently, but even that he's Leubronn, when it's just not is gonna, be, were caught summertide on, so they figure out. I think, he's center, but you should be around the rib yeah. I'm a magnetic it's hard to say in the shadows of finisher of possession sea should yes starting policies and possessions thirty feet from the basket and agony he's your franchise guy he's the best play you fat since Karim Abdul Jabbar was probably one of the three for best players ever down. So I get it. Then you can't just say: Janius stop taking fucking threes is the worst thing ever but, like you can only say, goddess, don't take trees with twenty seconds left one shot, clap pullup trees, when you three four hundred and thirty three in the whole postseason. Can you please not do that with five minutes with the season on the line? Don't do that thing? The other? MS praying you do pray Judging just a good rule and Basque about don't do the one thing their dying for you to do
yet another pieces, then with waken either some of the roll guys who rural Gaza Grated. On that sorrow, he had a one. See it maybe restating game for but outside in you'd. Have you bet on Brooklyn tonight, which are man made out of them? shoot NOS three on my ah, this is and go in it. You know to do roll guys commanded cigar these guys. I going do anything in you just start thinking carrying Katy have to do it. It looks like they're gonna fall apart. Katy. who just can put together a one minute sequence of plays that dont resemble anybody asked the league and he did it again and its limit their employed seem right there in a sweet them Emma. Marcie credit they made. Some plays their down three. It was not check time and they checked the rats limits a place and they can serious going and now we're going to a game for Friday night that they're gonna lose. I'm just tell you now,
they lose Friday to lose on Sunday, because the nets are way better. The fact that the net almost one, this game with all of the things that went wrong, the fact that their down twenty plus the first quarter, nobody in their team, can hit a sham Harris as the worst game of his life, all those things that happen they still almost one come on yeah, you know, look if it is for the positivity for the bug spans, while Katy did that sequence Katy made those three straight shot the to pull ups from two from mid range and then the pull up three where he was off balance and he looked like he shouted
We just nails it. That was incredible stuff, but I I want to give a game Walter PDA Tucker because he made it hard form. Rightly that's all you can ask the gotta: do ye gallic nobody's going to stop Kevin direct from doing anything, but you can make it more difficult than they did in the first two gains and he was in Katy right. I was sorry to a friend. He was like listen periods of his already got three thousand game for trust me because he was in case these business, the entire game, so kudos him for making a difficult and the same for drew out a only carry and write. These guys should be taking contested, tough long range tools. Ok, right, like you, can live with that, like yes, there, amongst the best ever at nailing those very tough shots, but if that's what Brooklands Office is going to subsist on as a block span? If you got to the point with that's what their offices
in that case de Party passes the Bruce Brown on the freaking move for alley, use and stuff. Ok, you can live with that and I think they found something finally tonight as far as who, their helping off of and who's gonna guard, who one or one right I don't know The way they had the will to switch is, I think, give geniuses. Guy said the streets Katy just which it and let it happen there what's happened Fiji down a fight over that screen. Katie's, given you know, he's giving airspace because back as the other guys that come up one, but I think it's your books, then you're happy with what they found defensively tonight. However, this crunch time orphans makes me want to die, is simple argument its yes, Actually, it's, it's actually painful. Will you re overuse the world painful, but it's actually painful to watch. It really is cigar
like I will say this tonight. I did because I was perfect, Do you wanna Bela? Maybe they can win without Hearted maybe they don T, learn and now you the here's, what I need it, because when you have your two guys were slightly off, that might happen, but all three guys I could be sightly off in the same game tonight was again They couldn't unlock the other two in hard and just would have done stuff for a quarter and also they would have been upset. That's that's why you need hard. I will say this and it's messed up to say I kind of don't want harden come back. I want to see Kevin Durant, sweat for the first postseason and five fucking years. Hello like I want to see this guy break a sweat in the playoffs right, like he hasn't. Had you just literally two thousand and sixteen that classic series against the warriors like. I want to see this guy break a sweat
whatever they got put in the mouth. You know he didn't shoot a great percentage today. I will see what comes back with a gain. For you know, I will say that this is one of the best players we ve ever seen. I wanna see him do this in the playoffs yeah. I will say this the end this would happen with the chief. So perhaps the last couple years where they're down. Ten. Nothing in the second quarter remain sound. How start text each other knowledge, but the cheese? they're? Coming back, I thought I wayward broken. Thirty two land house Hassler texting we're lecture with. I bet this sweet we have on this and we looked at. It was nets plus thirteen and a half and where they are, we then I'll send the game started lie back Gaza, but it was just one. There's a you know, they're coming back. This gave their backing to lose by twenty. This is gonna, be a game where's, they came back and they made it a game, and the light today was bucks. Three and a half since bucks didn't cover the half time line was nets by half. Point nets didn't cover, so it there is like
has a weird Vegas shake on and I I don't know I think we'd We need to examine Joe Harris what his role as the carriage I'm kidding jokes, but there is a lot of it. Was your classic really stupid game three, where the the negative went in five, because they are just now new and whereby our man they could sweat Burma that weird game and Bruce Brown took the last two shots. The fuck was that they also lost it. Game last round the Tatum taters. Fifty as in other words like are the subjects are never be? this team again unless Tatum Ass Fifty and these nine other things happen. So I think the nets are advancing. Do do you think Philly could give them anything yeah. I think I think Philly or Atlanta gives them a good series again without James Hardy rightly seems hard and is playing those teams and act in a make itself for them right. I don't think Fit
while they have some interesting wings right when it comes to whom they could throw out the defensively, we took our citizens to buys title. You know like they have some interesting things there, but your best players still Joel. Indeed, so you know I bet that is gonna beat you gonna live and die. Would your well and out the? I just don't think this is the series for him, especially on a bad misuse, and these you're gonna make you run around defensively. I just don't think you'll be long for net series. I think the hawks again with already now I think, I'm gonna- take the hawks- are gonna, be Really, that's a one. I just think there are so I do not. Then it's almost forgot her. Now I don't know what girl its title with them. Like fifty five forty five FED to bet my life on it, Dame seventeen Philly downloads,
if that doesn't sound like fifty five forty five sixers, but if Hunter was looking like he did a week ago, I I think that's fifty fifty Who knows maybe she'll? Do it the villain just big date the offence and we I dont think Philly like actually has answers for them are just all, and so I did they gonna be able like the last came, was tough, like you know, the home, the crowded with Billy finally made a couple of trees and his kind of snow Baldwin them it got out. They're gonna be like when they went down a bunch. Indigenous came right back. My Yoda hawks, not scared. At this t. The date they can get this stuff when they need to they get into their off it's pretty comfortably against them, and it's not like fillies gonna be able is he's gonna rain threes on them, because Doc, rivers teams does don't ever like trees. I so you know I like the hawks in that series. I just think this autumn's down James Harding James Harding comes back in these reasonably healthy.
Collins taken the State Agro Casey had a good? He went through the second spectrum stuff how they got to train young and game to end. It was basically they through similar sir table on fur like sixty place, which is what they should learn a game when you get it puts length, It makes it harder from issue, but it also leg. He does a lot of those weird curry passes. throws it over his head and you know in any adjust to target. when my own arms just makes him. It threw him off, little bit obvious to see how he had just that, but its easily the best series out of the four I really really really really enjoy six or socks. Look. I look at you. I think the highest level of challenge is in the user clipper series, but I just
love, this Atlanta loved. I love their attitude. I young just young, just like I'm here, to make a statement, I'm here, to put it put my name in the history books to put my name on the board as people in this you that you have and respect and Agis with, is embrace of that and put down a which I'm just I'm obsessed with the stood just like his. Not sack ratio is just off the frequent charts rights oh. I like worker, I'm a fan of word or I love his all the railway. They can do a little bit of everything he can shoot it. He can driblets he's a pretty competent defender, cause you so big. Any moves is free, I'm just a fan of this horse team. Overall, they probably my feet
she left in the policies I enjoy watching than the most as well utilised out Durant's by favour player in the process, and I just love watching threat, I'm so glad that he's back to where he was two years ago and I think he was playing the best he'd ever paid into does not aiming at her. I think he's a good now as it was then, and it will soon wait and defensively. You know it's one of those things were at sight to Christianity by people talk about Durant's defence clause. We do at issue, but he's really get the facts were you down any does a lot of good things, and I don't think you know I I think, as a two way pour out something people saw that common in the late you thousands when it seemed like, as I can this guy get it underpants you know. I know I was just wagon, but I Recital B, that I never thought I'd be the two egg I that is you know again, I mentioned swelling sixteen
That, to me, was Kevin Durant's coming out party as illegitimate elite defensive player. Cuz it gets golden state. This guy was everywhere. He was blocking shots at the rim. He was switching out on Steph, Curry and Klay have guarding them on an island one hundred and one he was rebounded. He was doing everything and I was like this- is insane I've. Never I didn't know Kevin directed, do all this stuff and then you realize the guys seven foot, quick as hell sneaky, tops like it's incredible. So you know he's first lasted to me for real, it's two thousand and sixteen, and one of the public as guess what Billy has to, whose is defensive back like Blake Griffin, Claxton, you know, I'm hook came allows you want. They are not, however, very so it's it's it's it's by necessity, he's doing all this and its oppressive. Well, if they They just a brave it aside, the adjured in two years ago
and always on the theme of everything. I guess he's is that's it he's just their body there Listen to me! Listen he's he's he's there on Charles Oakley criminal. Carry like the object. their guy. Like do you know it's like it's like a brotherhood with those three, so I get it, but you know another think risk the steed night. Like your thing, I thought he was gonna have to play Georgi because of all the kowtowing that everybody has to do to superstars and he's there boy, and I think he smartly this year gave the algae heavy minutes is like look. I am right he's not very good guys. You gotta say what I've seen right. You ve ever I'm over appear NASH has been growing in the EU. Like when they show either we don't learn time from them when the coaches get might, but when they show
ash get. Might I really enjoy, like his car, he's very Steve NASH? She had done a few pike ass with them. Obviously he's exactly what he's like when you're with them. It is very measured, very calm, very poised. Unlike that's the kind of coach I would want to play for. If I was you know, If we take a look at booed knows or on the other side, food and also looks like he just play thirty six halls and the last nine it out they were doing that's an he just let you six hid. His looks like he's, better, have a heart attack on the sidelines. Then you got another cited NASH. His leg perfectly composed he's been there, he played he's been in the biggest game. possible, he's not nervous at all. Like I don't know, I think that has the matter a tiny bit, I think so soon. I think his temperament is its biggest asset to this team. When you talk about the management of light, carries taken, Pete see all days during the regular season did alike.
Jesse without an eight year, like you know, like he's the one ass the manage their members. I forgot who put this out. They put out a study that said, Steve NASH was like one of the most emotionally intelligent is in the league, because one of the things that showed it was, he averaged most touches of his teammates of any NBA players. He was constantly like doing the human interaction shit like they're, wet good is everything okay. Now I just you know, just stay folk. You stay in the game, doing all that crazy leadership, qualities stuff. As it happens, the Brooklyn like look man We got an easy one. Kai Ree is you know he's? U,
crazy. Blonde x, you know where he is is tat. A Katy is tough. Harding is hardy right, like hardens, you know party with wrappers at strip clubs we know mask on at the start of training. Can rightly, this is it's tough and now he's just seamlessly done this and I think he deserves credit, obviously, as the most famine in the league. But not everybody can do what he's done this year, it's hard to manage famously what exactly do you know whether your director movie sat or whether a coach of tee my tears, I was, I was impressed with posture the way he ate was able to handle the Lebron Wade thing, especially when it look like they're going to snake them during the second year right member. When I got loyalty, yes, there's a lot of rumors you know he handed it, and the thing is: is part of the same kind of calmness, intelligence,
being able to read situations being able to connect with people, and the thing you mentioned about the touching remember rightness about Duncan a million years ago. You would see Duncan in person on the spurs it the way you, act with everybody in common at a time ass, he would have an arm around somebody. There we go over some bade slap, somebody in the ass and he was just connect. Others did then old school leaders. I think the rate has some of that. I didn't. I didn't. I didn't feel like he did the first. You know five six years of his career, but I think he's and I certainly didn't feel like he was. I bet on the workers and the words he was like a kind of like the these play round progress. Yet this that's team. I pilecki: has it absolutely and you could tell the guys like they fuck would like you could tell the guys, is not what you know. You know the story came out last year after the clippers had the meltdown were Gaza,
the Pall Georgia, China to delete a shipping in everybody's. Like you, I run it serious, you know, but we can t you could sell like these nets. Guys like no like these guys are leader, he's gonna, take that promise lab. We followed him out, we said: do you don't get enough credit for managing big egos? Like me The very idea, like you don't even have tried, and for that reason that we did we I have allowed egos We have a lot of good team where's, it's easy as easy at the ringer as I we it was you. You do anymore, apposite sake. What you plan on ice, be honored to group chat next Wednesday. Every Wednesday night we record and we dropped very early Thursday morning and I'm home know something crazy might happen in the playoffs while get the bat signal and have to come on. But yes tell the people to look for me. Future build you, a lovely, larger legions of oh, yes, M class. We lack
Farmers must be landed, some shakos down this weekend, I'm with you at the I hope the hawks make a fund this weekend Beatbox. I didn't talk, Sixers go seven. I think the sons handle the nuggets easily and jazz clippers to me is the wildcard series. I don't know what to expect. You could tell me the jazz are going to sweep them. You can tell me it's two two in seventy two hours I would believe either Big was good to see with those alright bs thanks, simply say visit award, winning Hobbs CARE to system say you know it's engineer with the latest. Technology want keep your family safe, but what really said simply safer part as its people highly trained security experts always there for you, when you need a most people who
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Sean Mcveigh. How many coaches are we have to tuna? We now for anything coaches and if you include make there, we ve got five. So we ve done Robert solid from the jets Matlock floor from the Packers Zack. Miller surprisingly great from the bangles cliff kings, very probably the best one year and then Sean's or five out of thirty to an or try to knock em. All outer bow looming as the white. Well, as you know, the kind so they have this package for ages. Pops in you just can't believe it. I ears my case for about a common on who loves Talkin football, more than Bilbao check. I know I know that it, nobody loves our conversation for twenty minutes about all the stuff, we did in the two thousand six week, eight random game against Texans. Totally, and I know the perfect bridge, like all Shaw needs to do, is come in and start talking about, Johnny Hacker, his punter and intelligent. We'll talk for like fifteen minutes about how good hacker is. The truth is this Mcveigh is costly.
this thing and if you listen to the flying coaches into this field, this is as I am. The way he's come out of the gate as a whole. These incredible he's he's candidates. filtered and He goes a long way and booking these gas, and I finally is the first one I started leaning on this week on my guy. We gotta start planning the seed for Bela check. We ve got five more to go the ten episode iran- and I am hoping that Bela check is one of them from here on out well Their piece of this is, you can be join me. on this package on Thursdays after the roaring. Ass, a milliner pacts which, by the way, has not transferred to my mba play off, picks I'm getting crashed, actually to shut it down, I'm waiting, maid and come back for football, as I just said that figured up. I have good for and you are all in on this bucks- Lakers pick of yours and adjust their text and made not to throw the bill
I'm in sir selections, nor did they should we not throat with Anthony Davis, is what they should be thrown european way for games that are our street clothes, yeah against. Anyway. We are going to be doing this every Thursday four million dollar pact There's a ladder, rumours that fund or might have a million dollar picks thing of their own that, where you know we're in a kind of people ring and will see how we can do, but I think you some gaming stuff here good teacher stuff now cuz? The draft is done all the major trades have done been done now, except for Aaron Rodgers, who we can talk about the second. But what are things that jumped out to me? They have starting dot qb bets, and like Bridgewater was plus one forty five to be Danvers Opening day starter. How is Bridgewater? Not the opening day starter for Denver, explain that to me. I think it's true lock. I think I like, I think they brought in Bridgewater as a competition for locked, but I think your luck has been started for two years, George, paying
New GM and we could talk about fanned you as the coach and his hair drew lock for two years. They don't give up March. They gave up a sixth around pick get Teddy Bridgewater, which tomato hey, there wasn't a market for Teddy Bridgewater and if not necessarily your number one first so you're lack is plus one forty five just for the record, I think you're. Is the guy in Denver. For now and Here's where it is when you look at the Broncos there's still this open door to two Rogers, but the g, signed a six year deal and if you, if you want the backstory George, in his like one of these guys was with the vikings for years, number two in the front office every year was like a number one. Gm Canada's George pay in any would pull his name out because he's got young they were happy in Minnesota agrees to go to Denver is being paid like a top GM any signed a six year deal so He is a no rush to like make a rash decision in order to solve any sought out the drafted in.
It just in fields they didn't take. Mac Johns, I feel like he's core of dialogue, is the we're back this year- that we can explore the off season or he wants to leave the door, confer Rogers or maybe even to shine, Watson, doing them pay Its cam is minus one. Eighty, five back Joneses plus one seventy outvoted came, I would think can and I think said all the reasons in the past about ok. He was good. The first two weeks gets cove. Has a long way back doesn't look, the same was thrown the playbook in July and the way bill. I call him build away. Bela Jack, it talks about, came new and it's like this is his guy. I don't think throw it all on MAC Jones from day one and on Thursday. They had a practice in camp, didn't play because of a hand. Issue and shared stem took the majority. The number one wraps, which tells me while it it's only June, but it tells me they're not going to be handing anything to Matt Jones from go and I'll be surprised. If he's the week, one starter Jared should have pushed nine hundred and fifty two be the least one starter Winston
minus two eighty four New Orleans and grapple is minus three. Twenty four, the Niners. We don't see any snare where those are the two starters or I think those are the two starters eventually San Francisco, but the Winston deal. I go back personal conversation, how with Sean pay in around the Superbowl, and I ike if these retires in Emily. Who is really just pitching? How good James has been this? here and I know he loves teaism and there can be a place for Tatum Hill, but I feel like this is James Winston team. There come back on this one year deal and the way patent so bullish, I think, there's also something approve like hey. No one else they are Jamie's out, but I'm sure on pay, and let me show you how good I can make this guy huh might be better than old drew breeze per day, for that, you have you have if you thought I could save a bullet through for fifty two hundred yards we're in half ago. It's got a better deal past who breeze did last year. That the stuff is enough. When the tamper time a James, like you, always broker
Oh, yes broke your hard, no matter where, like there was never that big moment where he came through for yourself. I know you did You bet against the bugs he came here, see really really enjoy Jamieson he's quite reliable. Then what let's talk with that ban wagons? feel the Cleveland Brands being wagon. I think it was built. I think it's like one ships and game of France that yours, I allowed an amazing, majestic ship that is Brad's bandwagon, to get a taste of it last year, really really got their beak wet. They'll come on back there does injuries and in that again they lost in the chiefs, and then you think, like oh man, if you know, think, go back and whose their backup quarterback She saw my blanket Chad. Annie Chad had imagined ten yards, maybe the brown through their and now I feel like there
be banned. Raggedy there do you know what they're when total as fur season whence seventy games. I'd say: nine and a half years ten and a half mile while I've at about the seventeen games when I was looking at these and others like my gosh instead and have that's like oh so they have to go eleven and six, which seems conceivable, but they do agree. that's easy bandwagon timbered. You have different two to I mean the grounds are all under talking about that of the coach you the year. First of all, fancy who I love everything others guy. It's not about him, he's totally low, but like everyone there says in it or of a year. They went from Canada loose around the Edges organization to everyone being buttoned up from top to Bottom Baker people are high on, but I just love what what they're all about is running the Borg offensive line the added stuff on the events in the second and they got the linebacker Notre Dame whose India, J O now use would be a first round pick something
James found a minor heart issue that they thought on their medical's. He fell down draft boards, the Brown over the moon that he felt they might have gotten their mental linebacker for the next decade and this guy in the second round. I think it's fair and it was a different coach say: ok, let's have disguise so grounded so measured like he will not let these guys we their own headlines in it trusting dynamic. It's him who is up graduate his father, he finds it rings, edged, SK the old GM of the nets in the Sixers say I grew up in a sports back. Our they understand this up and then you're bury whose Harvard guy and is one of us it is James. The league is under forty years, also vary. like smart, different group, that's leaving the brown something against the whole group is just that. It feels like they got right, combo now and their measured and rational and grounded two's They have seen that division potentially too has on its way, They could come down in them about more, unless you feel like ruthless burgers. Gonna have this this.
In a cab renaissance cap, cabernet, first half of the last any given Sunday game kind. A renaissance here knows everything. I know it's hard for me in good faith to say the Steelers gonna come out and was in the big differ them as they fired their offensive coordinator and brought in a new guy named MAC, Canada, everyone around the league. As I go he's innovative views, the quarterbacks coach, but like does the jet sweep does things we haven't seen from the Steelers but at the end of the day, bending look great agenda last season and we did the whole bends back. He looks fresh like the first three months and then it cannot. petered out it's hard for me to think over seventeen game season been wrought. Those workers gonna be as good as he once wasn't like that. Two thousand tense. Rams Arma candidate for days at Sea bandwagon team. Now this a tough on for us, because our our coworker shockwave, our colleague, but their bill to make the Superbowl Dave
traded, a hundred draft texts in their supposed to compete for a super bowl spot, the shared they improved their quarterback position, which they did it do and there's a lot of stuff break out buzz, and if it's gonna be a year in the next three, it should be this year. You're thinking there over under is also ten and a half there for the conference, are plus six fifty one thing the ramps I love it. I mean look at it again, all biases not even that they talk to shine every day. That's fine but first of all, it never heard him as exciting as he is about his team and they were to super bowl couple years ago and he's out giddy getting over safer and it's nothing against off. At this point, like Stafford, is the quarterback he was meant to have it feels The two of them speak, the same language, There is a similar age where they can talk it in its at a different level and just the stuff in eight etc, They ism- and I think you ve heard him say where is like its above the net
and I'm trying to his group in like voice whatever it is his above. The neck is just so amazing, unlike what is above the neck who talks like that is like it's just the stuff that he has upstairs, where he can see something and its containers and he can talk of a just call, I will I wouldn't be shocked if they go for wide a tonne would be shocked if Stafford strolled about fifty sixty times a game at some point like this is the They often she's always dreamed IRAN, whereas the quarterback as a coach on the field then they can swing it. They do go after who will in the end, I think they feel pretty confident with their receiving core. They love him acres who played injured most of last year and the defence they lose Brandon Stanley. As a defensive coordinator. Video really good job in this one here, but rather more is comes enters a former NFL head coach the good defensive coordinator. I don't wanna Mcveigh, specks best friend, so I feel like the rams. You add in this whole deal with the new stadium and fans and there being a suitable this year, and you may not think that's of matters there's like us
certain momentum. That goes with it words. Like our, I see your point. This is our year there's, an urgency. We knock on the door a few times. Let's get over it, in the end of sea, with the exception of the book. There is a sort of wide open finished They had thing hubs. I think, from a talent standpoint cause the boxer they're so loaded. They got to fuck around their draft, which I thought was really interesting. Where they did, they really have any major need It's right there, just like cool this guy. I'll always like this guy image is cut. How they went, who do you think, is the third most talented team in the intimacy, the Packers I guess right, but like it and asked her, I wouldn't put any money down on them in June cause. I could see Jordan love being the quarterback week, one the big unknown and affect anyone else. Native see north, like the Vikings, the lions and the bears like, I can't sign off on that. The saints earn a questionable mode, the Panthers and the falcons rebuilding you start stretching
don't look in your like? Aren't we gonna the old standby like? Is it see at all? I am going to say say who you want to say just go ahead: guy I'm gonna see a lack of safety Forty, nine or so I know you I gotta go. Find out. Who is do? Do you think the New York Giants are yours, Labour team in the annex ii that would have wanted yeah, let's hear it measuring is here, is the case for the giants in June Joe Joe Germany, Mulligan last year, as I will give every first year coach from last year. Cove, Season weird off season. How'd, you establish yourself when you're doing it over zooming move your whole led to a new market and they don't even get to go to New York City. It's his team. He was hard ass last year did plan and did not lose. The team got rid of some guys who might have been dissenting opinions in that room all in and then the off season they bring Leonard Williams, they get Gala day, was a solid wider. ever with what they got. Adorable, accident, I move that the pick of like Canary Estonia
not a fan from everybody, but pickets another great great draft. Him in our jewellery. Like I think that I answer going to be really good this year, I think they're the end of seas, team for man in oh you're, sorry, but the aggregated as and where we use it and our show good morning football bread, and I will call it big vaunted and what that means is like the NFL network or put you on Instagram. It be like Peter Schwaiger says: the giants. Are your end of sea EAST favorites me? I got shit here comes seven thousand p. on Twitter salmon, eighty eight, but on paper the I have it and I got to know Joe not a bit of God to know Daniel Jones. A bit like it's got feeling were it's all there. They just need to go out there and play upon. Oh yeah, even mention, maybe the best player in the game is coming back from an injury and he's right, a tear, the league up and say. Quite so, I'm saying the giants in a wide open enough sea could be a team. I can't believe it took you to
Thailand to mention sake, one it's almost I would get out. He would have been first sentence with nine. I think that's what is making me the ocean. I forgot about sacred, like I think the good and the fact that it almost goes against. The other things I'm saying, and it has an added bonus It could be a team that we're looking at come my January and we're like I'm a guy. What I want to come from nothing story, but they ve had all the pieces they just been building now. Finally, it all comes together, while the their thing in their favour. The indices, who do. I am thankfully, may be rebuilding for our failure. Who knows and why Who knows wash and really good on defence will see how Fitzpatrick is, but with with Dallas it's like they are. They bought on the events they bring in Dan Quinn, get a healthy dac back but like there a lot of youth on that defence? I dont know if they give a score forty points again. I won't be surprised, but I can tell you that I'm gonna give up forty one points for again young widow
get from Zeke. What do we have from Dac and his your back like a cigarette, the ads on Fender Dialysis, minus one. Fifty six to make the playoffs and I was like I could now's gone five and eleven early August, five and twelve six in six and eleven or so by that. I don't think there. How are they? more likely from a gaming standpoint for them to make the personnel and the answer is people of Dallas people. Alice Vague Vandalia. They bet on it that Dallas, I think, was the highest. Possibility of the best record in those best record adds last year before they got hurt, and so I look, a Dallas is minus one. Fifty six Then you get washed in their plus one. Fifty six can I another reason why people like Dallas this year and it's such a June thing but giant aerial giants- are plus two thirty, but Geier Giants giant your giants, plus two thirty made by God. What's your is obviously play at camp on a Thursday night to start the seas.
there. The annexed nine opponents, the cowboys chargers The players eagles miss the play. Ass panthers miss the play off giants. Mr players, Patriots, MR players, Vikings, Mr Play asked Broncos. Mr players Falcons MR play ass. The NFL schedule make we're not unkind to Dallas out of the gates to maybe give them wait a second when it could go, go over those slowly and I'm in a calm and after each team hours. Him is what at Tampa Thursday. Let's say I was only at LOS Angeles chargers. Either charges are gonna, be good, ok, see you I want to. I have the marked down for a tat In seven nine and eight season, Z online, I gave you little line and eight is to make its own. I did. I said I I could see them all into after that home against Red Thankfully that's a win against Caroline. I, though, that could be they lose their own three and its leading first take on Monday morning,
Darwin hasn't even egg on a just gone crazy. Bad them being on let me give you a little tv morning- show Secret, win or lose every morning Monday morning, seven o clock. I am we're start with Alice cowboys. It works, so one Carolina Panthers at home, Dallas. I see Caroline rackets and been pretty good. This you're. Ok, you like a routine thirty one too. we are going to be great according to know when you click on it, the paid their play in the past, they point out New England? That's a loss, Ok, you had another and homeless the giants You love the giants. I love the giant, but I know the giants are going to walk into Dallas and Broncos. We both think the Broncos are pretty talented anyway. My point is Dallas. I just thought I'd think you might be honest. With the giants, I was Thinkin washed and could be the team and that they could be really with a little without whose a guy named Taylor, I get like full by Alzheimer's after that saves events when it cycle Tony's reverence
but I could let it happen. The play I'm going to tell her how to do me. I got Taylor Fitzpatrick. The quarterback not everything, tat. We gotta to your deal hoping in the minutes, but I think it's Fitzpatrick to take a break. a bar that today's absolutist Dubai, Millerlitesummer is in full swing, we're heading toward August. We got to make the most of it now that basketball is almost over we're heading for baseball trade deadline. Playoffs football is coming back while I go grab some cold Miller Lite and enjoy the next couple weeks of summer. You can enjoy the Olympic Games. You can enjoy baseball.
at side. I would highly recommend doing on the golf course haven't, or maybe, as you ran from the front, none the back then pop open and they saw ice cold. Nor lay put in it. You glue or changes constant in summer despair before you realize it be, can always depend on the greatest merlot when you enjoy the dog days of summer, cynics time, you're getting ready to enjoy cold ones. With your Krueger Miller, light that come forward such B S to find LE reactions near you or you can pick up summarily pretty much anywhere. They sell beards maritime, so Bay, responsibly, Miller, brewing company maki was constant. Ninety six galleries, three point: two carbs per twelve ounces are at this leads to a Rogers discussion. Just quick one cause it's it's that the horse has been beaten pretty severely. First of all, what do you make of the Instagram stuff? They I'd love your opinion, ukulele with mild seller and the third thing and Taylor Swift. It cringe worthy to you, or is it like this guy's livin, his best life go? Do you think
the data we watch apples about city slackers, that's running on Monday, Jack, but these guys go and have a mid life crisis at age. There did, I thought, I'd even recently, a mid life crisis. Don't don't they think more than thirty nine lady- and I see that you say MIKE Mid forties. They all have kids, you know like airlines like city slickers, doesn't date to allocate young parents is like you need to find your one thing, and it's ok Rogers what your one thing he is MIKE you're all over the map, and I still nobody has been explain to me. Why he's man at the packers? Is it just a hundred percent causing the Jordan love thing because other that they ve been really success? they put together good Organisation, they drafted. Well, they ve been competitive. Every year they had a chance to win the Superbowl last year, so it's either you just mad at you. Just been spiteful about the your love, or you hate Livin in Wisconsin. You want to live in the West Coast with your girlfriend, which is what I think the reason is which is which Brigman my point Vegas forty one to wonder when they say you think he is
Vegas is six and a half for their winter right now so figures, seven and ten. You win, I think Vegas as them, likely spot for Aaron Rodgers. If when he gets traded, not Denver you said that for GM secured deal he's. Doesn't the legs swing is prohibited and crossed his fingers and hope like he gets big move. Growth and, on the other hand, is you know, he's heading towards the middle of that gigantic awful deal. They signed him too. He doesn't care about. First, takes as much because he carefully draft that well, he can immediately talk of, say here, take three of our first round picks and an take car back. You can have him too, let's go. I bear Rogers, I could just seen do in it and then, if your Rogers you're an hour flight away from California, first point, I don't think they're gonna do any hang base. Our Aaron Rodgers wants to go after this whole affair I dont think the Packers organ
say well where it air and be happy, that's not their concern. At the moment, number two made after each trashed. Everybody who makes a decision on the team for months never came out. His mouth, we don't know if that's his words by a guy who hasn't been every bottle from Aaron Rodgers on any of it yet number to the vaguest thing it what's registering as cracked. I thought the same draft. We cannot make all he's, gonna, be a rate or no problem, and I got stuff back from people around the league. One source who who's really tied into the raiders. Like look, there's doubt and that new stadia like they are doing very well, they dont need his face on a billboard. It's not like they need anything else their bottom. Why, unlike the vaguest deal, whereas the rams in charge are figuring it out and lay still like. The vaguest thing is, is a whopping success as forest and tickets money Swedes, all that stuff, so we re great spot for the stadium is it. Why does no harm to downtown when you're on the highway, whether we, if you're driving like weeds
you're driving survey. You see it though, like it that Europe is on the right, ok and then the stadiums on the left, its gigantic Canada's beautiful really North rightly believing After all, not it's going I think the allay think it's all the press. like the raiders are gonna have a really cool deal and they got a nightclub demands on the whole deal anyway. I've got that the final piece it is now you're getting a little later in the season. It's gonna be John. I soon it's gonna be August like I'm, not of crude and just rips it all up and says years, three first round picks and his good as Aaron Rodgers is, I don't know M is like working those down ten toes down on on under a car here in like this, is our guy we're paying him and we're gonna write it out like this is our duty as they could have made a move. A thousand times started. Marianna last year they could drafted someone. Three stray dress, car ten years to put up big numbers, and yet they missed the play off every season. I would think Denver either
with the new GM and the whole deal. I think Denver makes more sense than LAS Vegas at them Is there a mystery team? You think could be in their adult in our one point: I was like obviously San Francisco before other stuff guy, even here in the Rogers rumour since March, and the San Francisco stuff, is interesting because before they even traded for trade lance you ve got the Jimmy girl. Blow situation, where he's going to the final year really next year of his contract, and then you ve got Rogers from Northern California, Rogers and John Lynch, those you know each other for years. There is a connection there and I just thought that always made sense, and yet they want. They just got the number three over I'll pick and took a quarterback across off San Francisco and in Miami. I thought my We would make a lot of sense. I thought Miami actually was really interested and I could tell you I have heard we will not in Miami but outside that there are the major leaders in addition, Watson stuff what they wanted Watson's whole deal blew up like a dead there.
A backed off another guy too, as our guy. So I dont know many teams other than that. Can you go to the quarterback rooms? Everyone obviously would rather have Aaron Rodgers with it option of any Mohamed than their own quarterback, but when you start in our trading. Second, thirty: three for a first round pigs for Rogers we can make sense in the final part of it is, I think, removed wants to trade on like Chuck. Pagano was talking about Mcafee yesterday and I was listening to and I love Chuck talk, talk to him all the time. He's got just great insight and he's like If our Matlock floor, I would rather be dead and be the coach. You trades Aaron Rodgers and I think a lot of that is true up there in Green Bay at think. They rather too retire or does not play than watch. Him sit up for the Denver Broncos and take them to the Superbowl, so think they would rather than Andrew LAW. Situation, then get three first ramp export gosh. I don't know. I think I don't,
think they want to trade on. I don't think Goody Goody wants to have that on his resume, but if you're telling me in eight July. The Broncos or early August are offering three first round picks and you can have drew lock or in a bridgewater. It behoves Oji thanks. What about your team, the g Ben? I don't see that I think I like Daniel Jonesy had my card sit sub. Can the bartender cut them off place they give you, though, the positives on the Danube Jones Hype, train, smarter shit now tablets, shit ok and they say the ball? A mile unlikely respected there now look he's not he's not Johnny amethyst. Our personality, goes in all this up, like they think that this guy is a complete sponsored, the playbook, strong arm and his tongue, I played hurt last year so therein on him. Sorry, except for the part where he
Peter they gives the body the other team. That sounds great. Is he so going too far all at every big possession and over the course of a seventy gipsies and probably. Cut. The shit daily, Domenico, quarterback fumbles, cannot be fixed. I just Good bad on my you are, who you are that stuff if you're running back fumbles, some, I'm the guys can get better at it. But if a quarter Bacchus sloppy with the ball on fixable, it's a major problem, and I think this is obviously the seas and I'll tell you who also be watching Jason Garrett as the offence a coordinator, because last year, when say Kwan went down that orphans was they like what we do now and it did not innovative, and when you are, with king Berry and Mcveigh and Sean Pay and improves areas where they're doing all sorts of crazy jet sweeps like he can't be running. two thousand and twelve Arkell Marie Cowboys often are going to be something so laugh. If you want Freddie kitchens, as in that room, and he did a lot of that cool stuff with the browns he's, not the o c
but I know they lean on him a lot. Maybe forty kitchens unleashes something as ironic sounds in a young quarterback Indiana Jones, Broncos while the one in the conference, the odds, are still reflecting Europe you're feeling that in the latter, people out there that, if he does get traded, omitted number if he does yet, I think The king had a good like scenario and his article this week and I hadn't considered it, but in agreement I want to trade em. They desperately want him back. The floor on the record has been like, looks like a like: a guy who's losses, puppy talking about like how badly he wants Mcveigh, their economic, they rogers there, and I feel like the thing that Peter King proposed was our come back this year, I have to talk to our front office, you weren't even shake hands with Mark Murphy or whoever else just come back for one more seas and give us a full off season to explore traders today's bomb being dropped in lady where there is no suitors and its after free agency, whether rotten We agree too, that I don't know, but I'm
so certain he ever play for that team again would have so you think me, likely he doesn't play for them again or more likely does by from. I think it's fifty fifty and were in our heading towards July. At this point they may be have one more practice, and then they got a couple next week where it can be all the young guys, the veterans our could have expected to be there, and then we start any cabinets like you gotta, you gotta. Have a solution here, get us be waiting on someone out in Hawaii with a ukulele singing shake it off with the guy from top gun like you, we gotta, get go in here and George. I love that scenario like cam miles, teller is miles and Shea Lane, with they and their sitting around some tiki hot at ten thirty at night on their dreadful forever drink, and he might I in Rogers I'm just not happy guys and shaving. there's like just call your heard it before you hurt. You don't have to play. You don't need football he's just got all these people, as they were probably don't even better state what he does I have to.
Love Rogers, like he's, been really good. The good morning for partial becomes our thus his ease as unique accord back as it is, and I almost feel He would appreciate as like, smiling and grinning at this, like situation from afar, and not even mocking him, egg is lit. We playing he's got like the Jack Johnson Flake he's pointed unlike an acoustic guitar by the campfire, while he's like I'm not happy that looks pretty good, may duty at a pretty good deal over there and yet in this the most zen like situation like he's out there with the war fine. He goes on Kenny Main and he looks great he's got the tan and the hairs long. It is every beach bomb. Server. Do that you ve ever envied in your life for having at all any still that moment can't say like I'll be back don't worry, it allow work itself out. So if he that is absolute nonsense, stay then, like momentary, still, is unhappy, I'm not sure he's ever gonna, suddenly foot the switch and be like I am coming back and let's do the whole cheese
thing again. One warrior hate when athletes do this on the record. Everytime hearted, another where I'm sure he learned from the heart and stuff, but I just need a reason. They give the hardest thing made. A little more sense could see because he's like I was so cool. all those years but at the same time, was telling them what to do. They were making trades to make him happy and then, when it didn't work, is Alright, I'm out the Rogers thing still is weird to me that you would think they went like five and one thousand one hundred last year. They did there are thirteen in three. They said Anne and easily could have made the Superbowl. It's like. What are you mad at just be honest about it. The couple were clarified things, though the washed in football team. Ok, twenty seven, no wonder when the USA, that would that would assume Rams box the two most talented, teens teams by far
something weird happened with both yeah. Well, we moved into this holy shit. Did that he's gonna win, be the Superbowl. I personally think gotta, be rams or box, and I don't even like the idea of an annex ii sleeper, but You say washed in twenty seven one giants: thirty one to one through in the annex c latest gal, you I got one more and I were the launch Oh look I'll, leave its rams Box and then I'll put Seattle in their discuss. The quarterback, so darn good, and I know they always lose in awhile car round, but like I don't I feel like can get play off at you healthy items. You get here in our Jamal out of his held the mexican market. Obviously, can this to harass there, but you gonna play situation in its aright upstart, Washington home again see. Seattle. Winds are right. Now we ve got this. You know this fund team that whenever you pick it Arizona Ross
Those who knows how to play off game p counters how to play games. So I would say those are the three teams San Francisco had put in the neck it's because they were there two years ago and I get the whole defense back and I think they're going to be pretty good, but I had it's tough for me to say Washington's Gonna run the table in the annex ii Can I give you my luck so were taken as a gene tat. This is my luck. Future bet cow. I hope you sit down He treats plus one twenty six to make the class I like it gets. Making the plans to share the doing compatriots MIA inspire round this often way way way way way better than they were last year. Guess who's, not least in the past two years. Robot check your avatar talent and I think the most underrated story lie with the patriots that you'll appreciate was in out. They had a practice on Thursday and everyone's talking about MAC, Jones, Cotonou and guess who stepped on that
Dante High Tower stepped down there. I didn't notice and did it as the quarterback of the defence and everyone. I speak to renewing Gonna like deal idea, however that guy is Georgia. Do any idea outworn, all those opt outs were to our team, so it's the, ass they revamped with free agency and yes, the quarterbacks that are going to be a big step. but the fact that all those opt out on the offensive line and the lion backers, like, I think it's huge and Bela check I'm with you, he's not missing the past years and are certainly not a year after Tom Brady just want to Superbowl plus. tat, one twenty six. I love it. I also the the rounds at sixteen, a wonder: win the Superbowl, just like the US good odds, even very Bain wag. Any idea of what five teams have a real chance to win the Superbowl water about it. I went off I'll what are the Buffalo bills, Do we have that on hand? so we have cases
to our tempers past. Six, fifty buffalo twelve to one niner A genuine Baltimore fourteen one rams fourteen one brand, sixteen one and then start strap enough. Sri do a rams hills parlay right now on June. Tenth, like I feel like the bills for the conference championships For this they provide. Let's go added up here. I thought you'd have to bed. So bills is plus six hundred rams is plus six fit as a team parlay, I'm fan door plus fifty one. Fifty I'm betting hundred dollars. You could, when five thousand one hundred and fifty dollars, I so let s think about the bills. They knocked on the door. Last year, Josh heads gonna be an empty. candidate. He might win their bp this year and they get their fans back to get that incredible. Field advantage that they ve always use, especially in December and all these games and whose interesting the NFL protest Israel and elastic, costume and came out with you know like I watch
thirty minute documentary about the schedule makers. Did anyone else watch it? I did. I want and I loved it is incredible and I suggest you watch a billiard lava to its thirty minutes it in and out its fascinating. But in Software they do the whole machinations its we're. The saints have five points. Time games, I believe in some of the forty nine years, have five primetime games. They only gave the bills for I am time games with only one of them being home any think. Well, that's a major vantage, that's the leaks and another. That means the bills get. one o Clock EAST Coast games throughout the season as if their seven and nineteen know something that you know way below what they were. That's a real big age when you know your home confines and it's not like all day waiting for a game and you could roll out and play like? I think the bills are gonna be awesome. This year there you go, find coach, Emily upsets. We have left five got five more five, more
will we hope you'll be back on before the Bay area. My back on Thursdays million dollar pacts kit can I can. I just give him favorite story of flying coach so far, which ideology prisoners haven't done. It immediately the end of an hour and a half conversation with cliff kings, Berry and Sean Mcveigh says cliff. Can I tell the instant ram story and, unlike a hey, what does this mean and King very, like I go ahead, Sean says weak seven, in twenty nineteen season, the car, those have been eliminated. The rams have been eliminated. They both heard I just bad seasons. He gets a call from Clifton. very the morning of the game and they the game, as has already been baked in everything and Mcveigh, never here's from the opposing coach the day of, but these guys are friends for years, picks up a When I go what's up is like, I need to field passes immigration. I dont worry about taking the day at again. I'm certain, I worry about, feel passes. I've never gotten this request before cliff. You know, I will not ask you for two field passes if it isn't something at sea
Something that's important to me. So Sean goes to the highest levels of the Rams organization. He's asking Kevin if the president he's asking the number two guy we gotta get to feel pass as well. It's the last never in the Ella Colosseum, like I just hard at this point to just manufacture that it gotta go through processes. He calls a clear faeces could watch. Why is it so important? yeah. Ok, fine I'll, tell you. I met a girl on Instagram, a European Instagram model and I want to get on the field and I've got a downward emigres like I'll make it happen. They make it happen and of Joker. The vodka, which I love is like why using a different side of these coaches Mcveigh, says yeah. You know we want our game and unclear, says yeah, but I want the pre game and Mcveigh and they would probably their posts Oh my god. It's different that we're not talking about that force game. We're not talking about why the back of tight end made a special block. There's a lot of stuff or coaches. It's not quite the same five, as was the currency Karel DE last year, which was awesome, but it's a little bit
a side of these guys. Are you don't get anywhere else and address I'm so thrilled to be part of it? So I thank you for even given us the keys to do it. where we love, we love have near the ringer, and it's been aroused some progress to have good to see you firstly later in some great stuff, go joy, Molly Reuben it's here. She does a lot of things that the ringer we ve been working together for a long long long, fruitful time. I must add that did now hosting the ringer verse. Podcast or one of the house in that way before we get to what I wanted to talk to you about congratulations on the twelve game, twelve team play off for Cardiff about where you been for leading to your dream of eventually a sixty four team college football player, which I know you ve been hoping for. You now I'm a fan of the ever expanding policies and format I consider one of life, inevitabilities and eventualities? You know in Loki,
We learn that at the time lines are unpredictable, but in college football we know it always expect expansion. So I brought you wanna talk about Loki. As you know, I don't really nothing about the marble universe. I haven't even seen the adventures movies. I've just missed it. Might for my they aren't. You were watching all of them. You were doing an m c watch. I did very Red ran two thousand ten. We kind of fell off so I want you to come on come on. reverse Ugandan. you can download gain. We can get everything on the deep, deep, dives, deep cuts, everything This is further normal people like me, who don't know what's going on with these shows tried. Explain Loki! There's somebody like me to get me to watch who doesn't really know that much about the mark of the universe. Why would I watches coheres by issued them of the universe? Now, because all these things are connected and all these different ways ran, I feel disenfranchised. I just feel like
I can't watches Cosette another backstory, these other people and is it possible for somebody like made it just big. You know I'm fuckin, I'm unwatched Loki and actually know what's going on. Of course, it is it's never too late to hop. Afford them, see you express now. I will say that fees for which is why We are in them, see you right and were three Disney plus TV shows and we ve had one division falconer the winner soldier now Loki is the third show black. No is coming out in July, and that will be the first movie of face for the first revision of course, as you know, the infinity side I mean you're, always talking about the infinity stones, you're a big soul, stone head. We all know how you feel about Vermeer red skull.
Obviously there are people who are you laughing at that right now. I do. I don't know what you're talking about just a guy you got. So there is a lot of him. She you can in history and in Loki in particular, because this is a character who is elemental to the first three phases of the absurd. You there's a lot of history, and a lot of through lines and, of course the viewing experience will be Ireland and enriched if you bring all of that to. However, there are also, as is true to the spirit of coming but storytelling plenty of on ramps and moments where you can start a new, so if you're sitting there saying what's all this fuss about Loki, looks like a phone How should I try? It is going to be too hard to keep up. There will be more
that's. Why you're watching where you're saying this seems like a lot track, lotta characters what's up with all these timelines, who were the timekeepers? Why is that person's face blue, etc? But yet a couple helpful Tosh, is and re caps in mere better, very effective shorthand to catch you up on Loki Journey. In particular, I would also recommend that you had to Disney plus, if you're interested in catching up very quickly. and checking out their legends, video recapture they do. You can watch it six, seven minute video and get the essence of the Loki experience, and I think you just have to make peace with the fact of your starting the issue journey now, they're gonna, be things that you have to decide. Basically, whether you want to learn more about thing is their allotted for waste watch tv shows and movies. Sometimes it's about a mercy yourself in every aspect of the mythology? Sometimes you just want to hang the thing.
I can tell you about Loki: isn't the vibes or great its awesome its, whose starve Loki Tom Edelstein plays Loki Thailand is. We need data all terror, swift flame, once upon a time near a celebrity couple, o and wealth New to them, see you our Loki, he said, Moebius end but I can t I that I won't get into too many plots missive despoilers from with mere, but I have to say that one of the most delightful things about the first instalment is there. a huge huge amount of the opposite way more than I was expecting just the Olsson Tom Edelstein Moebius Loki Sid murder table in the time, theatre, Talkin about the nature of life, choice, Ursus Destiny, free, will humanity the capacity for change good versus evil. It was like being in
loss if ye want a one class inside of mainstream pop culture experience, and I fucking love that it was great and I've actually you're starting to convince me There is also whose they actors, who I like from the morning, shows in this the more I shall not ashore I've seen ok, but is it Google, Google? I haven't seen the morning. Shall I watch the morning show no now probably shouldn't. I would probably skip it, but I, like you, do the Google plays, judge, ran flair and I did very intriguing character. Some very interesting possibilities about the cannon. What's can ultimately, on for about the tv, ay and the time keepers, and this idea of the sacred timeline. inside of the empty you. This is basically the other thing that I would I would throw out is a pitch for you
it's a genre show, and that's one of these is really fine about the aims you in general. You have these two lines and its consistent stories and characteristics. The builder really rewarding if you move movie showed a shell year to year after year by there's a lot of variance within them. See you because so many of the stories are crafted to fill a different genre and give you a different. so low key is going through p. They sign everything they had. Confide YE and Michael Waldron and Kate Heroin, and the marble team have said based on the trailers, is rosy in and for subsidy. like time hopping, spy, thriller action, adventure story in its also going to be in parallel in harmony with that story of the week. This like deeply moving an excess,
he'll examination of existence and human connection- and I think that you know the best fantasy stories can grip us fully, because they give you that sort of bland. Where you ask really profound questions about the choices we'll make in the way they lead and what that means with the ramifications are on their own life on other people's lives. Maybe on that line, maybe on the multi verse itself, Also you get to see in the premier, then it's in the like others, I dont concerns the spoiler Loki is Db Cooper, plain, I jack ice, great stuff like airport. How does that sound bite you I may watch the first one of my son, my son, finnish seventh grade today. So he's got plenty of time for your sake, Phil Psyches, congrats to be ready for yet congrats event. When do you think I ever see you again in person is the longest we haven't seen each other and they ten years,
Spain, for you to ask man, are you? Are you leaving your house yet I mean you are afraid of you are afraid of germs before them and you are wasting down door knobs and then come away like people, yet I would say exceptionally cautious, but now what happens? I would it be absolutely lighted, to see you as too. Action needed human beings at an outdoor location. of your choose when were you like, and what a screen the Loki Premier outside in your yard, this is in waits. I got a veto you're going through what every infinity stone dead or didn't. Do I'm there for you outdoors whenever you like, this is great I don't. I don't know how long the hugs going to be, but it'll be at least two minutes, but you'll be wearing a hazmat suit, so you won't care.
it's gonna, be a body were to see you again. I bade, maybe just like it astronaut would it wouldn't be dressed like you know, I have to be honest, one of the things that have completely lost to feel for us how to actually dressed beer and other people or do anything I've been wearing pajamas and slippers for fourteen and a half months. I might just continue doing that. I don't think the best I can do for going outside is joggers. That's like the most unwilling to commit. Do we take the good guys we watch balls- and I were like pants in his shirt and the whole time as Let me add, these pants really really invasive suggests. Always thinking about this bell and so then, when we did yesterday, I just where jogging pants and a t shirt, well, then I am India and it is wonderful and that's just kind of how I want a roll of life. I just what our jargon pits. I'm not prepared to commit to atone for the future.
but I can tell you with something approximating certainty that I will never wear anything without an elastic waistband again ever I've gotta with you. I ve heard about three times in the last year in every time, like what will well, why do we create is when we had this other alternative, the Ceta Universe with elastic waste beds, wonderful redoing, I'm with you this. Violence is being covered above teacher jogged pants. You know it's great at leisure, I will say one thing, I miss you know- and I am sure Kyle my my fellow sneaker enthusiast will agree. I do miss make it my way through my sneaker collection, those a big part of my life prepared, make sure you are well aware only warn my a deed slides and ultra boost during one
Can I switched a couple weeks ago to a pair of space hippy Force, Jim enjoying, but has been a very long time since I have gone through the sneaker rotation. So that'll be be fine. I look forward to seeing how Maya AIR Jordan ends and AIR Max mixed with my elastic waistband, pajama, pants, have doughnuts in coffee cups on them. I can't wait to test out public I'll. Tell you this. We then three we watch was in person. I think we ve talked ourselves in the zoo, mean good because it was kind of a lifesaver, especially for accompanying gars, as I gotta zoom, it's almost hidden just as good as like it's just not it's so much better to be in person it so much better to talk about work with two for better in the same room with, if a hum just to not be on us in the actual interact with other humans was really better delight. Yeah zoom has been incredible gift during this time, but I am going to look forward to being with you all again miss verily. I look Finally, we are
recycling. I look forward to having outdoor elastic, pants hug with you at some point for the first time we see each other in fifteen months valleys regarding, oh, don't forget the Ringer verse gas. schedule. Really quick for people out had yeah jellies depletion. The ring reverse. It is the nexus pike ass. You all nor culture and Vandam Robbie cigar heavy unlucky involve all right now we also had on star wars, all sorts of nor culture across that feed. Right now, the schedule is to look you shows per week, see you can check out the instant reaction Midnight boys show with Van lethal and Charles HOMES every Wednesday in instant reaction. Don't we can hear from them right away. It's like talking about the share with your friends, arguing about it with your friends right after you watch it. That's wednesdays, then come back on Fridays. I will be there with a deeper dive the themes, the theories that have emerged over the couple days since the episode aired answering your mail bag questions would do it all
the next week and hey if a new Marvel trailer drops where else happens in the nerve verse come back to the ring, of course, will be there for you, so we created this feed which has been successful in tissue. creating a world where these things are becoming fast and furious, which is feels like that's a couple months away from The sudden we lady Laura S. Another item laundering on on rigorous is so that's a ringer, the whirling reverse. I appeal investigators, it's it's! It's an interesting! It's an interesting case study by it, and I should I should say in the interest of full disclosure, I'm currently watching them. Movies for the first time ever, what an experience among a guess why we finally have met Han. My life is forever Third out the Jane James Bond of our generation, incredible stuff, the lot of the fantasy themes now, the family, you choose part of that story. Also, as I understand it
still catching up. They can't have become super. rose right. So there's a big phantom culture community around the movies, the midnight boys will be there were you? Will they drive a car from one building into another or off of a dark into a boat? Those are things that I am currently aware happened in those movies who can say tune in to find out. Follow us Spotify You are many. How many faster fiercer ether I watched took your drift last weekend, so I'm I'm early in my journey still thuggery I'll, be inserted after after So tell me when you when you're done, because I have some questions, I navigate saves eyes greatest eating. right. That's it for the package back Sunday night. With the reseller I dont know for due in part. One party gimmick was he had played games go but I will see you On Sunday night, either with a full part of the party, a party of the week
one way.
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