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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons talks about a captivating NBA Playoffs first round (2:24) before sitting down with Viceland's Desus and Mero to discuss Yankees-Red Sox, Uber drivers, Kobe Bryant, The Knicks (of course), making TV shows, and getting to the bottom of the beef with The Breakfast Club's DJ Envy (18:50).

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dot com, if you, MR we launched westward the recapture boss, episode, one when I last night read after Wes World on HBO check that host David Shoemaker, Chris Ryan was on this one little Danny high fists. Breaking down everything that happened? I don't understand. Now goes. I must thank you for these people. Ringer NBA show Sunday add addition, Joe House, John Gonzalez, they broke down everything that happened in the NBA play check that out as well and over the check out the ring it icon this week. Special Monday morning, we should be breaking down a bunch of stuff that happened in the play ass in a whole bunch. Other things come up, I a long interview with our old friends days and marrow they ve been on before Yankee offence that are at talk about that early. We get that either way. A whole bunch other stuff. It's interview taped on Friday afternoon. It's pretty evergreen were
to them in a second I'm, an italian class right at the top, and then that any view, but first start France from Project It is late Sunday, night West Coast wanted to wait a little bit too soon in this weekend before we ran this scenario area? play ass, I watched for there was a lot of Basque, bothers weak weakened the be winners the fear of seventy six wholly macro man, they show us where we need to say unbelievers. Lay the smack down superfluous.
The gay? Miami is really good. They might be like the six best team in the play. Did a manner fully laid the smack down? Ben Timmins huge huge awesome, dunk hundred ninety nine, I think, with a minute left, comes and to any jam, was kind of a moment. He looks like Joe has cousin sound. I wee bet filial, seventy one when the east a few weeks ago and I think the odds are now drifting toward. I don't know one hundred and fifty something like if I had the bet my life on a team to make these, I think its fairly I've thought that way. This whole series just there there passing every checkpoint. We wanted to see from them pretty impressive. They the big winners. I think Indiana could bend the big winners boy. Did they blow the game tonight game for they had it? They did just could not arrive a terrible gamma, Victrola Debo five for twenty four him does brutal the calves. They had the weed their harmful minutes. I had him on the ropes and just cannot close it. I still feel that series is getting
seven, but I think that had blown their chance would ass. They could still when in Cleveland. I think cleaving can move any plan game at any point, but man that was our doubts. One that got away. They could above three one and it felt like if Cleveland that game. I do think there would have been some implosion potentials city too bad. On the one hand, if you wanted to see a cleaner path for how to get to the finals, but, on the other hand, looks like we're and have some games. There looks like we're and have some games Maki Boston increase welcome back by the SALT Lake City jail and Brown Jason Tina the combined age of forty one years old, and they just they rallied the subjects. Backlit they they're gonna win. They get a tough, I'm call in jail and brown stripped the forty seconds left and then I janius made a big by play for the winning rebound put back yard was great. It took Milwaukee, to sow games to realise which guys to play so
That was an advantage for Boston the other one is Utile excite their seizing. It show that ok, see, sir, is ok. Sieges is a mess that often so thoughtful he'd. They just looks like it might be a bad match up for them go bear takes where the jobs. The basket. I wonder why and it happened there. Some there balls in the air with the off season now cause you look at o k C and if they did, they lose in five or they lose insects are, however, plays out. Hard to imagine Paul George staying and that is it asked for ok, safer. All the obvious reasons. Then you look at Cleveland Indiana some override back and knock them off its to imagine the bronze stand there. It just seems like the latter things in the air, even more so than usual commonalities round when it really some some new teams common in small teams, I may begin pushed out and economic cannot the other point that I would say for Tibet. I found a re now probably been angolan state and chili would be. My pick. Bizarre
on states playing their great either. If you look at the west, the teams find the best or in New Orleans in Utah Houston. Sensibly seems: I d have taken a step back, they could say Mobility is not being there. Maybe that hurts a little bit, but it's just they dont. Look that crisp. The feds They haven't looked that good for about five weeks. They're golden state, curry, probably not come back to around three. They say that's a six week injury, and so you have the New Orleans. Gold state set up New Orleans, the only thing with them, as it may lose little momentum with which tat. We got them. Implants are well really peeking, it perfect time and now they don't get to play a game here for profits, weekend. And then other. Toronto washed and looks at that's going to with six or seven. This is a great great great first ran reminds me. I was tankers ran us across ran today. It reminds me of the ninety ninety three play off Sinhala away as the engine any three play off severe member was Jordan versus Barkley.
In the final US, but it had a lot of parallel what's gonna Marietta now young young teams and young guys that we were kind of counting on to take generation that decade that were We're just start no great, the future, the weak so back in Israel is Al J Alonzo Morning Charlotte you had. I came as in his prime David rabbits. It was almost than his prime. Those teams that kind of taken off Portland was starting to fade off the Lakers return of fate off the south takes the pistons There is a new blood that was coming in the way, given a team like New Jersey had their common uncanny Anderson, Cleveland was lookin, like shall juggernaut Orlando, the Airway Indiana, was probably your way. The rally next wherein there, but it was just this really as blend of guys that were in their primes and a bunch young guys that seem like thereabout, make the leap I think the bay one was Seattle that was the camp Peyton team that
for the first time really made around they took, they went all the way, the western finals they lost and seventy Phoenix by it. Is it just was a really special class, and this is what this is starting to feel like, as you have all these young guys, I've never really been a big spot before Lady Agnes any Davis Theatre guys one more whose of philadelphia- and and Ben Simmons and Embiid it's these are these guys are the future to leave, but then you have the old holdovers he have Lebron. You have Westbrook your pardon. You have Durant, curry and That's always when the NBA at my opinions as bets when you have the guys their prime, the guys at the tail end of their prime like Leubronn, and then This new way of deeds come in and everything just cannon kind of goes at it, and- and you know it's it's.
It's really has a chance to be a special plan, especially fillies for real, and I feel I can keep a gallon Philly LUX out next round they get the winner walk in Boston. I think they would be heavily favoured in either those serious. And then and then Toronto Cleveland have to play in, ran to and they're going skip one of those times. Toronto is now a great and I think, fit has to be the favour right now. It's amazing say that it's there so young who knows if they could stay here for a couple morons. But surely in the driver's seat in these that's incredible and they at home ev, I would say at top, three home court ran out so silly say you tyre and strangely New Orleans just cause no one has had such bad crowds, but finally, they had good crass, they sell out and it really seem to invigorate the the Balkans. I did the pelicans or for real to without Korea, That's gonna be can be quite his ears at other neurons could be called state, but
They might have the best point in the series you can say it today. This is the best player in the league right now told me that I will really be able to argue it so great series all the way around really looking forward to seeing how this point, That I think the biggest shocker for me is just how bad ok see is banned in these plants and the fact that they lie the virus last year, its look, light they could lose in five or six his share and then at that point you really have to are looking away I've, especially if passengers lives? I tweeted this weekend. Rob plank in May Johnson, I think, are the most excited about how this youth hussars is going other than other than outta fence cause. If this end badly Paul Georgia's seems like he's, gonna leave and Diaries common home is come into the Lakers, that's been rumoured for a year. The figures earn this weird position where you know them Paul George Collide Leonard Emma Bronze Jews from if the quite they possess a certain way. So we'll see amazing
so the lottery coming up this. This could be one of the modules three months, the three weeks stretches. We had an illegal or just a lot of balls in the air and it's hard to predict where things are going with the south exe. I've been so impressed by the young guys and energy, it's kind of like to play without money. At this point, as you lose your two best players, both Marcus fire and even having the chance to get Cerinthus incredible, but the strike The Brown and Tatum of made has been the silver lining the season, and then this Ricky class we have with citizens and Tatum and Mitchell, offer you more better than any Ricky. We had last year really great types at times for the week? I think people get a little self. Tori with the NBA these days. I think. That's all I've been a lot of twitter and a lot of journalism, stuff adaptability with some of that at the ringer, but it same time. It's really really really hard, not to be super duper excited about where the NBA is right. Now, if you love the weak, it's it's
star studded and his talent laden, we ve seen and sometimes even that a guy like Donovan Mitchell, who isn't even one of the best twenty five poison, a wig and as somebody is winning Plath gaps and drew out, has has been unwilling. Nine years nobody's really but having gerardo conversations now, he looks like a guy who should be should have been a third be a sob times are around a really exciting to see how how the other s of this we place out- and I am prepared for anything I did feel like, I got to say the broad. Even though he's been awesome in these four games, there does seem to be a little I guess the word would be detached. He's do his business he's in everything he needs doing on the core it I wouldn't He is doing a lot of leading say he's doing a lot of inspiring it's kind of like I'm gonna do all my apart. You guys better show up it. A guy leadership by intimidation but
today was corporate shots and game for banana should say, but you know they need that second guy they don't have that carried a come in and take the burden of them. On the brown played the entire second after day care and a crazy workload. He's carrying a regular day in year, fifteen of somebody's MBA clear. We have just never seen we ve, never even fathoms. So some point. He's gonna need help from the guys on the team he got up from today from Corver Boat, when you're talkin about four rounds. Insights Well, they say they have a lot of those who have never really been in big games before and it's funny how They are relying a J Smith, who is one of the autumn secretary, guys and is one of the stranger look strangely reliable guys in this team. Even though the test way doesn't add up in there. I test its knowledge. Over the years with there's gotta, be a dominant basketball player, but you know at the globe. Iran is hitting this point where it's like. Who can? I trust? I trust
However, I just Kevin love. I trust you. Our Smith, and then everyone, us and our team is see. Just don't know what you're again so good times. Are around I still feel like Philly? Is the team to be and I've been knocked out by those guys and especially Simmons who we ve talked about a lot in this package last couple weeks, but really really seems like he has a chance. These special, like top twenty all time, special as the ceiling for, and now I think the stuff is doing as a rookie and the confidence he hasn t. A few edge that he as which has two because his Australia really unusual for iraqi he's. Just my he's trying to get in his head and he's just he's ready for it. He loves it. He doesn't care that whole thing. It just has a swagger to them that I think You really need an end. There's a cut throat attitudes, magic. We're gonna seeing gave five, because I think they're gonna close at my main game. Five. I think
Wade sees a twin way, complemented them after the game about how impressed is banned by their age and staff, which to me was in a way a little bit of a white flag like I think he sees the writing on the wall, but you look at the cutthroat miss. Daddy is even a word that they used in these play off camps, to a team golden state that clear something's wrong, and I don't really know what it is other than they don't. Way the smack down when they have to you now is a game where she scorned in a on and take care business you up. Each of the three best players on the court just take care business and they couldn't there behind the whole game and they just didn't look right. They They were just going all out that it didn't seem like they understood stakes of this would be great if we sweat them and then we would have all this time off and we'd have time to
think about New Orleans and figure out when current can come back on us of that after when a game firing in San Antonio, the laser then by forty. Two hours opens up injury risk for game five, it's a kind that that are really good team. Doesn't do you now Houston, I think, as a little bit less of an excuse. His Minnesota played really well again. Three onto don't saw that common, but I I use them as our own issues and defence, but the gaunt stating is just strange stayed they should be, they should sweep sand into sands. Ten times out of ten and they just did not take business, so the doors open this is this is a wide openly gray now and I don't think I think people keep awaiting further certainty. To turn off the honor switch I'd edges not see it happening wondering forget me, it is a happen will not rest until he has brought us ventures, spirit and delicious ram to every corner of America. Original space cocoanut, pineapple way. Black grapefruit
whatever you want. The captain loves anyone who learns to mix like a captain. What would you say? Africa roads pack. If you could have any captain, margarita is irregular. Captain rebels, absolutely no question tat the traditional guy. I'd probably do the air, the cocoanut Alec mixing Can I get into my Jake's eminence raw, but anyway we pick we're picking a captain of the weak there in the play. Have sent for me this week. Aids gotta be Benson ants The way he's running their team. The way was able to carry them without Joe I'm bead and then said: figure out how to have the same kind impact with them, be it in the lineup and be take shots, You know it. You got to worry about him, you got to get in the ball. I got to keep them happy and Siemens is running. The show he has figured out book on him, as always Ben you now play, I for one am shoe and that's a mistake because suggest he'll just
I'm cutters and now just fine, open deeds and then maybe The pressure that waiting game to that did not work is well over the over the game. Three game for any. They found his groove and he's really has a chance be once we talked about with house last week we talked about some of the things he needs to add to his game like to see matter more repose game. These have figure out when is flying through fast breakdown like twisting turning shouts and stuff like that she's to be alone since there are making them, but you know you picking apart at I'm. Picking by, I should say, somebody you in his first year, is so far ahead of the curve, and you know you just see the foundation of somebody. That's gonna be out of his mind in five years. I can't even imagine forget about ad in the three pornography just adds a jump in a little folder, and things like that. He's gonna be completely at supper, so he is captain this week, because he has came in on
Davis, obviously, whose already rob you're talkin about three guys who really a chance to be generational players. Guys that we remember twenty five years rather similar had talked about than the guys from nineteen. Eighty three Robinson a keen these guys. Chance to be Barkley Jerry Payment. Chuck had these guys have a chance to mean fur. These, next eight to ten years, with those guys meant to that ticket? So Ben Simmons, you are my captain. The weak
Do it, let's get to these Amira. We take this on Friday. I regard the Friday afternoon. Loss address these Amira back outside when you're inverse our last back at your show. Why do so with such beautiful circle le Trot? I use it by both. You guys ram the balls to come here and the Red Sox are sixteen into his eyes. The both of you for bringing up the record of the Red Sox may what was tat. They may be able to resolve as a mere fancy love April. Would you regularly record because Terminal Cabinet games left misusing the regions. Where are you now that we're not even a quarter of the way to the basement newcomer rapid load? Isn't he was going to her for biogas? As I know, what a good this year
the year by year, wet year, have you never heard a red Sox fancy? The rest, I said good night April, I am a very southwards extra in their attacks are good. This you're not sets of work because you are tweeting about the Yankees. This is even started. Was funded, make funding yeah like you might be more of us, the eggs and we gotta get shell. It worried about the stand thing, but then I was simply for three weeks of that. As worried. I mean you know, I hope, and it is good to soldiers, sports ain't. You least wards guy. You know that the age of people, just like data is like it does. I feel, struck out five times in one game and under like a lot like the idea that he came up to the plate. Five thousand game us think about that. This look at them.
Vocational training upon everyone here that Europe had suddenly like what happened with their people did obeys. The amount of aid is happening. It's this it we're we're old school were also baseball people, so we're looking we're looking the long term pitcher here bill, the Red Sox are get so we had to fight the Red Saxony. Exert oh yes, I, like you, I have your own after school did advantage when they fire was commonly colleagues about where everybody is on the basis of Mount. He would just a bulldozer move outside the seas even know. I thought that was a moment. You look arrests. I spent a year pal you that we are now in baseball you're the peoples on both the greatest rivalry where'd you get really roadside yankees ones as ninety four. No that's not arrive, really move by undermining the last time that we had an awesome run with Red X, Yankees under and then
That is not a trading players like a boy, traded elsewhere reads. It is also- and we want a couple years ago- and they are also- there was no babylonian newcomers. Picked up by potential building and loan was in fact that we are not once its own lenses. All that has not been shahrazad. Now we bought championships. Renewal is very close. Albania was dirty during the german presidency was now far away was. Therefore we can't I'm shot every Peter Gaeta. We reiterate with twitter known, I think what we have. We have just started Twitter Miller. Member. Allow me your one. Life newsprint has lifestyle and they are not, I think so. The motor boat
kind of how to make him yet trailing another year. China say if they are not on how to amount of time. We lose eighty four to know that was ninety forty women uneasily NATO's are yet to confirm its good fight, terrorism, There lies the man's led, the joke. I was at a Bruins play a game. I tell you another thing standing, oh, I feel like we're back. I can very fairly this immediate avid. Did they ve sixteen games. I have probably Plaza and ceases really like your father. I write. I love energy were like ours. I added we need this back. You don't owe me because, like what what's happening before was like the game, the games, or they would just mad long. There was attention. There was no weird more have our ability for our thirty two any gave us a Yankee fares. Arrests, I've forges being like. Ok, there's a right for hours. There is who has no moment originating Emma Jane Entire every page or was it? way out, you feel about speeding up the game. You feel
These new rules it on an empty thinking, motto is super lonely here would allow there now visits. How do you feel about those? I would The ever by rule about banning pick offers no taboo routes that banning technologies have align ogre like Many people, even over no feet over from first base the I can go there and that's it there's no pick after us. Will you think bow the pickle throws is more so like YO on watching you in other means all the evidence. What a game now slowly the game down and later. How often is a young six and went off? I mean those men. Some of the game is allowed to stand Balkans when they got really attention. Walk and just like we're walking, you go to first barrier those day like that excessive.
Deserves ecological captured or those who produce within themselves away something from the cable you have at all for three balls, which a pair of watched it does not as easy as the scene for some pictures communist. You people trot intensely work. When you cannot do it, I can definitely veteran more than he had Little League pony lake now. Have you seen at a major that they Vladimir once it? I am want anything here shopping earlier than on April, and I already know I D baseball's on its way back. Not that I never went away but it, but it does feel like the personalities. Are there in the Yankees have an identity that share the rents, accelerated floating Ireland, Anaheim he's a thing since gonna win a hundred thirty gained nothing we're we're have back in it now, in fact, an american leak nationally or not, they need the Americans to be good. In my view, that is the least yeah. I know more about the results of the EIA least evade,
is a solid. Unlike ok, I'm into are you do we kicked the shit airborne Iraq to earlier family care, anything about the annual national legal to lost our game in an area that is literally a my whole playing in the reserves, the right that you get four, see what happens when you have kids. Is you have to start giving up stuff? Is a sportsman late? Expect you away like that, like carried out a little less as a college, football coach will burn there like a skyscraper. I go back to it like you, no one, both season. Is it? Isn't it slightly lower back further smart water tolls Tito's boy it all. I always use tat state verses, Virginia Slim College. You not, I mean it's like I'm sitting. The degenerate like watching it like ask him forward. The spread united me like, but then oh wait a minute. I should be spending time with my children and said so what you think of a baseball for each other
Now I love it gives a six and a half hours long, so you don't have to actually have the bank. You could just come back and forth Liberia and really let bases MAC is you can do other things why you actually baseball is true and I watch most of my tv now is of doing something ass best about. You really have to why judiciary game they just watch the fourth quarter for the last ten minutes well, I was saving the next for later, go about the way, lack of talk, more players and whenever we talk about the next it if they also this year, no near teams in the in the NBA plants, mainly urgent matters, are like a real Big York paper. You are there not the Brooklyn, patriotic library, early daisies and no allay teams ratings, nor the big cities and no Chicago by thy is the Lakers Emma makes like bitter relate than rarely been eclipsed tourism or the nets unanimity
this enables major market teams. Where is this? Is the season is really starting to look like? We don't need the clippers or nets in those citizens Bigger goes. A little son of the vaguest represent around they had the Chris Paul had Blake, and here the common everyone here still care, but the way you're dead letters were terrible number. The number they had cheesy lies in earlier became net fan all cagey, thereby I was upset and analyse their flight and geometry in the cities under new managed in a year later, a year later wanted a word games on tv was the Knicks versus the nets. The garbage balls Maharbal. They both had terrible regular and you just watched it twice. He's got their misery. Does anyone know any next? They only exceedingly knowledgeable. I really look like division through college boy. When nets move should be like what they did with Jesse. What like like other related rosier three, when the state should be going out and getting I like New York, duality like
you guys where they could give you like little I need presented him out anywhere broken nets. Hats on the these languages revalue uncharted become like the cruelty. Brooklyn cool the next hour cool, but because the owner just doesn't care, then does he have a manifest like this? The Knicks you're gonna be like they don't then, as little recoup isn't there title that I will have the New York. Other areas are not getting better. When I get worse and you still comes it against- let's, yes, worth saying that with the Lakers legacy, legged sis- I go no matter how much we suck where an institution we ve been around forever and you can. Subsidies Games years, Ireland, when it things better assets like nineteen, forty, six, all you, unlike somebody's green, great grandfather was gone there. That's that's a hard one! That's how you get New Orleans, what you think, kids! All I want to be a new family. No, your father's! When I went to this now, you're gonna, that's exactly why! So all for my children, Josiana cry with me. What watches game life is unfair
nobody's gonna want larger than like divers comes to. My husband is like it takes my kids Rivermouth, they got our voice. Wouldn't you watch this getting, I think brooklet the nets could come back when the when the subway officially falls apart, arranges trapped in Brussels having I gave the earliest Roddy unicycle go to negotiate with a barbarous those who go to college Eum from light that, under this large slowly I'll tell you what Europe's he's asking for bureaucrats in years, that's a brick! That's gonna, be with rain alive at the back. The centre is gonna, be late, that bracer snake Pushkin five, the university. I only see this whose work I ve. Never I haven't seen it anywhere else in Europe. Is those car to go,
things. Those like some of the many small cars would another I've never see that they are so proud of. Www word its absence. No invite millennials don't buy cars by their just borrow, owning a cars that such an antiquated thing by Europe pay for card. I gotta move it Satisfied street party that get a harsher as what now revealing that health insurance, arrogant avatar is that you are already you technically only meet issues on your car figure pulled over like that you none of it. We have a bunch of people here, no end they just that. I'm a car they arise during airs That is the best one cause. I hate the best one day, the best man I snapped on Twitter. I never do this. I got so mad at you. Were there to day. You feel the difference between them, though I think Ober
eyes, yeah liars. I learned about arrival time. Europe is like the car I'll be here in three minutes and you click on it and then it's a career in twelve. That three may go. You kids about right. Let me turn now. What does that have to do it? Because you it's whom it is? You want to run a house people last time. I was watching you about fifteen minutes. Well sweaty. I wonder whether we oughta useless the little man who wheels. I go down the wrong way on a wondering. Why are you make that decision before you actually open Abbe, like am I gonna, do goober? Am I going to live? Do Juno like alright, dedicated to this service. Are you going to call the aim of my brother? You sponsor biologists NASCAR, like the free agents, ratcheting, helps see they get the thing and they just go The sticker
I lived, there were good experiences of love. I will see what, if it goes through their head livers, rather Grumblingly kind of sound like though I found that Europe give this particular smelling olbers as of now gusting smell, less mon? You smell you the site. Well, why has? No one else complain about it who berry and I ran a very, very free, referring I found out. That's the snow have doesn't want those up an over and you have a cleaned up debts So every time you got one, you know you got a subways you that their terrible smell like broke yoga pads. That will the smell of a few people in an smell you re use. These women are the little trees like pose poop goobers. So what's what changing bad near grain as a city, I noticed it seems I get started to get around. It seems like they run out of places to put p
Oh, yes, yes, they never forgotten. I am over this new part of Brooklyn. I am like why. Yet there are far too quickly. Words is like on the mattresses Debbie Dragons here, including the world, is what it looks like. A bootleg would, you're playing a video game. Unlike you haven't discover that border the words is like unlock. Nobody organization is as a lot more people now and then the subways is falling apart and he's a car like we're, not the trains or from like an eighteen. Seventy three, they used to say, may use this way that we use for the Yankees like this all we want. What do you want from me? Why should they should we? We seek passages what we want to live, my dad says he is tv from two thousand for then he never change and He had a lot, it had a line down the right side of it and he was decided that tv
state of the art. When I got as a gay, you bought it in two thousand, for it said they have all these great tvs. Is this whole world, smart tv networks- and he was just going to ride this tv into the ground and that's it kind of fear about New York City. The subway system year sums wild in Abu. Now that line is gonna, start running down the screen soon and you haven't you ve, but I'm not. I will fix it little Kay little young too subtle tulips here and there like now to be someone is competition, that debt looted always innocent affixed because they re now. What's the view, although make us we'd better they're gonna like Oros, what worldwide unit one living so are you fares, goin out of IRAN must wasn't one now why and make him in some way could see Rachel Power of command of the bus, so subway, stubborn and tat you re waves issue, brow, you standing alike for private, assuming Giuliano sitting over agile changed their preferences. I would, as wives is bad, but I gotta know who isn't it true that that lay James DAWN?
it really needs and how it to depend station. You may need to Madison Square Garden, basically yeah James. I was like that sounds great fuck. You be a little like. Sooner or later we highlight your subway system of translation to across the street underneath the post office there. Because right now you know past you ve been a position. He had won its neck. It was in great forty years ago. He there now and better. I think about it all That's why I'm like So this sky is met. Waiting while urinating into a cup right in front of the pizza place like what I don't understand is having the pizza like as it is a pity please put in respect of name at the combination. Kfc toppled now, I'm not joking, where we're going are heading from or whatever, but we went into that combination Tackle bell, pizza can't see whatever, and it was. This is due to like a thousand your steer who just stood in front of us and hovered over us, the entire
meal Pham the entire, like Diana. Peace agreement and for which the citizens have you a is looking at. Is of whose turned on or Hungary or one I was like this is way and so on, because that's gonna jars aid that such an important part of Amerika the Eastern Corridor on Amtrak. Are you think, pencil It would be better and is this: are you having a congressmen going back to Dc China? This is I people sex offenders in running around when no shoes on insecurities as I Worley I've, whether one time- and there was a fire and a garbage right outside the station go inside, and I told one like the machine goes like the fire there's. Somebody must have run some non fire in get in the trash genocide because, as fire he's, I is it a big fire. I read your job dougall check that garbage can outside. I guess I've noticed guy said: there's a fuckin Fi Somerset out. Among I don't know who cares
the peace, a trash anyway? This is also why I wrote that organic saying. If you see something say something, it means something to a cops. You can feel embarrassed availability away from us. I won't have you telling me this before you have a gun get out of my face. Jfk was also case. It like left one attended and, as I it might also. When you go to down a sermon, maybe assets air conditioning place. It's almost like its own city value. You land in a plane and then his work de men and take it to baggage that hope in and you see someone to eat food somewhere, assigning a bag, and then you have to figure out her real again to her getting and that's another hour and of course it's like another.
Europe after the trap that this bonus tribute to worry. But if you think you have given have you flown out of the Guardia is imperative seems like it's funny, but more is Rikers I'll, look. What is regulated than way? Those acts, as when David correctness at the wheels offers us an urgency, the ground glass, the Guardia right out the Guardia this interminable, you land, you get your luggage and you have to get on a shuttle boss, you across the highway to select the window. I now you're honest you're on the bus, we're like celebrities, random people like someone sitting Frazier, like hey the guy from the shores a year. Kanzi is always present it would you want to remove it would only half an hour ago like I can't, is no longer an authority is I owe you are food, so borrows guy? That's it it's actually monopoly enjoyed some extra, nor cannot stop there.
The funding is when you go into an airport or per terminal. That's actually. Nice has in the Boston the jet blue. On yesterday I was nice, the restaurant actually rocking chair. There was a wall borders with wine beer accidentally or to have a talk with and not with the efforts of their annual everyone else you desire while bra. That matter Newark. Please may think what you said earlier is the reason, because New York has no competition Do you know competencies? Something is where the best like WWW Widower Euro Langwidere than leave. Therefore, just what you still knew about having a choice you have under the motto you don't want to get out. That's every corner was exactly what happened on Europe's corner, those less Angelos yeah, Santos is best. Interests is common as a say in by the ILO is
Some of you might say to both when I started Greenland and the beginning of the decade. It was really hard to get young people move at her. Now it's easy now, everyone everybody we know from New York permanently now. Yes, he realizes eighty degrees all the time, but you still where a hoodie yeah, it's like telling all our Amelia every olbers two dollars, lady, I could not be found among the Rotterdam. Allow you any more sirens being is Ella is gonna, get both you at some point after it's gonna be a guy away waiter we're doing as our common with sandals my shows my Tolstoy for any more derivatives girl. Did you see the light belated cricket match? Hey cricket people really make their on data before the hundred for a boy, the stuff from airline truly good. For you to Vegas, who is antlered froze yachting dear little shots Buddha because he is under another Doug issues. Are you quit break the talk about me, Andy's
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underwear. Real life had changed my life, it's time to. Let me and is changed yours mandates. Dhaka, Slash B back to the only two dates from the box that I've ever like? What's the future? For you guys? How long is your vice deal? I have no fucking who had noted is on the reporting about what you're futures corner. I don't even have don't use anything you beg now we know is forty. We haven't, we came into do device or at the end of food. That is doing. Should they will congrats the decision to it at all I would echo the gravity of the university a hundred relate like game thrones. I was literally, if you guys and tell us that we are beginning to season to just Eu Iran. We just keep going for ten years like the reader management. We could. It doesn't go trick to July twenty. Your deal that when you haven't got paid in my house and is being for closed on Iraqi.
What happens when you don't know any better, you can now you get totally taking immediate work like fun to That's all you know like there's a phone environment coming device, you get the hang him watch closely war. What is this that you go back home and is now lay at Andy, will grow we met other hosted delete. My shows a notice to cry was grind. How do you do it every day? Ok out annoyed at I with access when also require no, not really will not you. I found a good of the jury doubled up up up up. That's why, when they finish, everybody finishes away that show they grow beard read after very wicked Letterman's boy groaning and really, I must try to become a different. He will bear that I'm not doing anything about shaven and are giving up in the morning in my house and dine with their. I bade wedges dipping my body and water and so good for an hour at the isn't it
That's what you want to get too was appointed. They re all your talk show you. I get that Letterman thing we're what you doin twelve episode. Does it matter he said something of like twelve million each some stupid, how much fuck you money Letterman has but its it gave him ass if he could just like red, checked by the nets tomorrow or anybody like the Mercosur. We, why do people who have sports franchises or own teams and the families hits the owner the owner kind. I want to get rid of the team why dont more celebrity people are like people. Tunnel money like you, so they argue money set up and say: Hey I'm gonna, buy the Atlanta Hawks or whatever I was one of the FAO,
so whatever he knows I am. I got never, instead, simply always the money. If you don't know anything about running an organization, it seems like a lot of money to use money just to put together a group and J you could, but the chances of genuine spread she's on her all I wanted to travel. We can fix it. I'm dumb! Writing the czech authorities Area Fraid, not Newport. Tina here is a check. My college friends, I am having trouble mushroom. I arrive late, undermine Amato, who Costa Rica she's our kids like another. Whether worsted, though case, their booed happening G2 right veto like this unanimous approval guy in New York and within a year, people like fact that Guy people outside in your hero, getting a he's getting you lazy, ongoing legislative guy Stan
I believe that there is no collusion between the Yankee at its, what are you doing when they hold think it? When they came about that, you know he joined the group that was gonna buy the moment. I would like to urge you to go down to. Florida is against job Carlo stated here, because I totally support and do the same thing if I was like out China tat by the South American down and bought the Marlins, and was I hears We acknowledge that measure that would love. It is a matter of mirrors traded for rice, Harper, Debbie Livid. I didn't this has been bad for jeer as far as its image. Just in general, exigencies irish mark for the beauty of it is jitters, never cared about his image. How is he cares little bag? Nobody cares about, whereas I mean thing is then he cares about protectionism and she doesn't really care whether people think about his image. That's. Why does
answer thing about interviews. I feel the shore for certain events at GM should show afore, unlike of instrument, was it like opening a season, like some meeting. He too short, for he took no questions. If we were to saying is kind of aloofness, that's always always been even ass. I lay Eric at her and to be that I mean you gotta, be though, if you're gonna be like the head, because he was the cab and because of that there was a site. You know He came in the game, he did a stay and then he was ass. He was on be like.
You couldn't really dig up any dirt on dairy Juno Sub like the through basket stuff and Michael that others do we don't know, that's true evident even worse. We think they ve tape in areas agriculture, radio is ideal of delegated. Has given a chick, a basket. I you I've been, I repeat, is also agri over you not have, even though we ve job as I thought, you'd. Imagine. If I look at other players, I got an illegal act. I once Raffi forward into a rosy tenacity to Japan. Would turn around jumped thing about unnecessary jump to a local, and this is another man logo. Neither is confidence has been shaken. His DD gregarious is the best Yankee Shortstop, and this is the line that things do certain things we know are true, but you can see them all up later. Dd gregarious is better than the last I was there. Was this middle seven's guy to be fair, dodgy depleted two hours are due to now forty nine she payments or any of the kind of in what way does
Are we gonna do the? Are we gonna? Do the New York Sports fan thing to say their veto is the best steeds, very short, now, because his rings They let you renewed as it did, you really don't get away rings rings rings at first say: that's like Hope is best argument re, oh you and I I see that all amounts. I rang the Bell rings exactly how these rings for them, like you, got the Michael, and the broad conversation and then people always kind of life local being there
You know I mean, and then its is cut out like a crazy, we're gonna, but it's as either coolby or Coolby fans at all. They know exactly like. I would welcome welcome. We don't call me like the Jake Hall of the NBA, like you just Manu business. Also, what about what about Toby? We were like glaringly way go features wring its levels over your head. You understand it ray it's the most fascinating. That's happened, basque eyes, like two decades, the Kobe fans in his post trial and covers register in an incredible man, he for good reason and the said there is this government galvanizing force of like Laker fans and co before we're just say: no, I just started that was It was like us against them is really kind of amazing. A wider Harvey running about it I haven't heard. Is anyone like I think the only stands difficulty stands or be answered stance like it.
Stan Army, how to face all the epidemic would end social media Legatee dated, and nor can we be ass if our piazzi fans are worse are as on play with there's more than two hours earlier than the mourners copies mobile phones, Wolf, Wolf. Wool. Didn't I drive to mercury, MECCA, find the guy who are over Cobby days, giving on an issue that I know it's gotta be Asker. While that is that in many other places you happened, how many other players cover from work could be like a trial and all that stuff end just copyright. Now he freedom unless like we were, of course Firstly, we will bring up is a trawler anyhow. Roger bishops, z already regulates climate yo. A spam is whether these last game ever of all time, which is going up. And the other warriors possibly know shattering the record on aliens and arrogant is what you call me old. We drop sixty alike
when you present Shooting United Data, like everybody analysis, no dog on a technical, so there group hugging, am I Germany for the Roma is a nice whose musk mighty daddy had to retired numbers was classical that Korea Anthony like and I had a billion is cause a times three four two more that's amount of rings. I have written blouse miserly Saint outrages, Amory breaks down games. Is it I visited Kosovo a right as much as you will pay ride, a rise of excellent analyse. He was good on the various. Maybe somebody with a he's on be party to become executive will be Povey another her yacht discovery. Things are lucky, he does. It appears cover things it's like. He doesn't know. This already exist around the internet, where his is a break down. Please when people have a watch this
this guy who's gonna screen a watch. This guy over here he's gonna come over and then he uses the screen and like yet we the Baker, man they re daily of Lisbon is a he's pretty hilarious. I haven't ferryboat him. I think the fact that he was like raised abroad and migrant speaks multiple language is in his leg. About soccer and stuff like that, like that makes him more likeable. Like internationally, my worldly near is well worth leisurely, so culture copiously culture arriving at a rabble. Yeah, we donation, hamburger, It is one I just heard the Tiger Woods book. Our dreams, I'll do go so I just got the Tiger Woods Rabble rousing, I'm right now to take with them if they would ever ever. Hopefully, a Tiger Woods book was is it a telling me I gotta say it's really worth reading? Does my last back about it. Basically just puts too
they're all the stuff that happened in its edge? you you leave it on? Why how you feel about him after reading into to change your opinion on? Maybe the wonder why I like them so much as a come off when he sees you seem very likeable before we knew before the breakdown everyday you dislike. While he's a gun, whole player occurs. We will offer me Gluck Let's keep a monkey boy, I'm sure you're completely. No cannot always in annex two caliber since our asses adjacent other, it's a salad chopped by national or ethnic city. Do you always get into the tiger? Think back Nevertheless cause I don't know cause. I don't want to follow. Gough debt relief I'll go so much either, but when he did come in the game, I have an uncle by marriage who is superadds above and a tiger man he's like he's. The future Gulf is like Lee Nineties, yeah he's the Future Gulf Power grace finesse
can do everything on the on the course Balboa. Wasn't I don't like I may be. A watch is gonna like ours. Gulf is really boring to Y yeah. I got it was incredibly. Boards are what you will make obeys by look like my life. Don't lay off ceiling, Romania, who European who, as like the power, see right now that phthalates fur coolness talent at risk. Back from the outside world, Jean everything whose, like the number of Erin, Michael Beazley, other than that I could even children doubt is really famous particle busy. Who I was going to celebrate. Like Leubronn has moments of lake Cornelius economy like where society roylake isn't there alone early years in their early? I guess he's always a dad. Like someone like me, I look at my school. This is either it's definitely. Someone was a dad and envy the hammer stuff have that well rounded Image South Korea's wife, so cutlery
but I didn't even know that red light as Galicia, this you have to have the force, our gold. I think today's or like a bad basketball player out the club Joseph women, like really gone, for that, like look at Tristan Thompson, like oh yeah yeah, maybe he's out here psychology or how he still held there. He cheat on a catastrophe that Canadian Can any major Maiden Canadian Londonderry betrays the nice charter should only have a righteous noble people, the carnatic hook, audacity family on followed him after the white, like with today, of course, other Chloe unfollow right now, and let him it is funny when you make fun of how whoever data car dash in their career immediately falls apart. Media theirs is counter thing. I like an online rigour were white. Why do you have victim shame the card ashes and say I'm just pointing out
every errors, and they data immediately gets worse of their job. He their ratings Eliza. This like this is not yet to so many examples of men when they are when they are out of the car dashing phase it becomes harder, In other words, I am leg Emmy Elevator game through to the next level, bodyguard ashes, the Knicks yo wow. You gonna hurt somebody s league of our mellow, leaning on better as usual. I love you. I love you I'd. Miss momentum is not have you ever could Amelia now to quell the requirement that we could always as we are now. I see him on other teams like I just want you to get around here about the recipe by doesn't work, my back up, shocked by how ineffective he is for them does issue wide open threes. Any MRS, like almost all onawandah saint, like he's not like it's. Why, because he's supposed to be the second guy or I have a really really really good point guard yeah Blake, but him as thought
I like a member or they were when they were the first traded and when he first kids and next you will like your dinner when anymore restarted Meyer elbow Ping role, it's gonna be unstoppable out, that's our calls literary yo passing another twenty and mix cobra Gimme a break. I remember one of our. We start when you do five games, luridity poisoned with the views of the afternoon when I M p he had like ITALY. He was the Evian, the league after forty five games and his knees completely felt by all using cheese and tell me if this is: U sports? Is your life yeah? two thousand and twelve, the Knicks would have won the NBA. Bishop: were it not for Her blood number array of luck and mellow dunk and we'd over thirteen was others in here
you did good next in Nigeria, where five things like for decent Windsor might look them. I wasn t we all. I am. We losses There is, though, it is when the areas, because, for whatever reason, were Hibbert, Destroy returned to ninety eight unbelievable for for games. Emmon became truck. Like I'm awake at the time of staying home? My kid I took time off work to sell my kid we will wake up in the morning a watch like all the sports talk shows or whatever, and I go watch unlike forsaken. Whatever anybody say, like all neighbors, were the best big men in league and bubble vulnerable, that serious? He became the slope it was. I would like to reiterate our air. You go bear changes game. I defend we'll get J. J Smith got foul on Jason, Terry were in the Boston Series and lost all his. For some reason, descended and came back and just forget how to shoot said. I also was a big pointing out here, in our view, check a stock. It has the lines of how it did during the week.
He D, J R, Smith's thing for that for his career would just be learning allotted to you because of me. I guess this tactic: zero, zero survival, woods on five thousand percent as watching came to against the papers and he decided to play defence for like three minute there any extol the ball back or from all the depot did other stuff, and they keep clearly can do it sometimes does it feel the need is gonna have to like you pay. We need another hall of fame for guys. I came in he's. Gotta wait kurdish eyes, enigmatic superpower, the guys that ever got there, but we gotta love the very way. Will you may have to be redesigned? Frank is a great thing. Would they come back? three one and this sixteen files and you
why Jerry are in those game. That is, that he's not gonna, be afraid. You'll win a game. Seven on the road of his out. There's food from fifty feet was ass. You are, but I would ask those twenty eightth shooting of re well suited from out about right. If they went out- and you see the rough like, does it jails those issues and puts his wardrobes who back on its word, strategies, amazing. I ask somebody the other day I was talkin a fan is: is a next fan. Nix fan his you saying how many franchises vii of coaches flares in future draft picks how many franchises with the Knicks would trade places with Next, how many franchises gray like with the nets everything they had and be like. We. Granted have what the net the all the next day, the nets. I didn't the network for
three? We came up with nets, the pistons boys, the peasants. Cab situations better, the iron, the Charlotte Hornets, we thought. Maybe I was out there. I will jump out the window say Lana, because it's like this, so middling Berlin has got a top three back. Oh you gotta days like there's some hope that makes have pausing s recovery. From new surgery. Didn't don't come our yesterday as a force for peace that perception that coming back next season at all, now that was about what announcing that is duly no delay. You can combat the dialogue and not looking two thousand motivated protagonists due diligence and was adopted to save money instead of hiring when we're break to talk about my bodies have framed bridge, they make it supervision, affordable, custom premium, everything's from our prints and posters to the photos on your phone? I can't think of a better friend. Mothers. There. Your mother's day is coming up, go to framework that can upload your photo from your computer or
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now. He was his ankles woodfall, maybe a little side stupid way or you may be work Vanyusha down. I keep saying I was like the mixed got. A man like we're, gonna live far. Stuffed area is, after all, about its lending facility. More integrated, more say, like an old dog rose, not heard the first I would ever met. They were told him, it was trade talks. Should rumours well would do the Pakistan? I was like the mixing. They get Dogrose. Oh I'm gonna get arose rose I found out. You already knew that they're gonna get arose and for years a bottom all every ligament in his body has deteriorated and that's exactly every time. When a year ligaments tears you get more attractive to the next. It's funny how the next never get the right lottery pick, but they ve some. Almost all the lottery taxes have passed her. The next at some point, yeah, thank God, dared resin. And Beazley were one two and that drought and, if you had said ten years ago, these guys, you be then
for ten years. What are these guys about could be the negative, but you gotta business know. Maybe not you Basically, we are alone that three reminds us you minds of of ourselves and if we were playing basque war, I feel like I got money has it come on Russia, not yet we are becoming where the next door practice is at the same time is only film on us understand why this keeping them from common on right now by working on it all a lot of New York sports people want Communist yoke. They love it chrysanthemums. I show so definite China have these people do yeah. Luckily, through that, so and so I am I say, you're shows taken off for now. It seems that gets out even a better place move out or you are people hate you up saying. I want to come out here with why you get so like the first. I want to say, monthly show it's like people. We know that we can call our phones and be like hey. You do, a common due to show their Blake. I have no doubt and repose diagram like tonight scarce and there was a whole who we and now it's I even
as I already to the celebrity and notice I was just You sober gotta, get on in my contact, the Booker and Anti Beginning man Booker like we're book for a couple of weeks. We do you get out now. They re really ran into two short after, like some party music, ay ay, I watch I'll show every night man I gotta come up area conflict which arm real eyewash, show every night and those like You're too shy. Cecy was honest or the Yankees divided island. I finally long ago, Tracy Morgan's wild logo. It's out of control nuts who the other guy arm. Now it's a thing reaches while I even you are Katy on here, a Katy about us, like you, ve got it Well, guess I was like secretly alibi Joseph like me, I much number then you should have said: throw Gonna give advice, that's a good omen. Now yet another one outside man, ok, was written
because what happens is I think, which wants to show his absurd thing. It's about this package through to some degree, but like other people, when the public relations area make their less like all we ve got to be really good to go on this in this house. Are you guys are now and that less it's funny, though, because people put on Alice and common like these are the talking points and as I right now that we're doing better, not only how feel about ITALY is what it is very easy for. A politician is like If you hear hang with us you could you could talk who campaign like rhythm of looking row, staff were unable to light laugh at a joke about also I can't you I get seems caviar. Pristine schedule gradual, rather as an arrest me Eric holder, raising human dimension that an article about her that she came on our show. So other politicians like, oh, maybe I'll, need to come and am I
They want to take careful once decipher was several episodes. First then again, maybe this remark address. Have you had somebody end up on the show that clearly knew nothing about the shower? Nothing about. What's gonna happen, through these web as people sit in the other room and they watched the first bar. The shows that to get a feel foreigner desire or ok, all coming home, and you just like you you're just not be thy what's goin on wet whereas the questions were why we seem so close together, because Paula PAN came and was again, and she was kind of like get my back room restocking about and she was watching as we're taping. Unlike I thought she was going to be like you know, I'm home, What are they would actress? I bauble have no frame refer came- and she was mad fun here she was I I love this interview cause it's not like regular reviews and that the outgoing president, giving us an actual you guys, not gonna, hit me with gotcha questions like this, It is that you want people to feel confident. Wanna come on a show.
We want them to be able to take all these. Are my guys you're, not gonna. Put me in a if there's a controversial thing going you like we'll talk about, it has other like family. Otherwise we can talk about it. We're not gonna get messy whatever no gotcha stuff. When I set and people provide vets they go? You know they traffic. It like a letter and closed eyes, closed. Toss about shitting on glass table like you know that eleven I will Why do we want to come back on a show and do a shop was our remake of the Tracy Morgan? In that we allow represent your number one envious of archers word for it, like I wasn't really interview was kind of like hey we're, onscreen Tracy mortgage wage exhibiting images of organ it was, while I mean to me, like I was kind of like I don't know, did he army will be Goldberg out. We had a lot of. We had our fuckin holder on and he didn't want shame and ran away. Would it be like
Tracy wanted to is was never because I went to the same high school. We went to live in the same area like him a lot here. The Bronx and light He had a Jaguar with spinning rinse intuitive. Is created. Like you, you got a Jaguar spinning rooms, yeah, that's crazy. Like I aspire to be, you learn a lesson and is never been Tracy more air. We ve always gonna watching him watching his communist, often and after the accident, the warmer truck now to see. You're lucky still Tracy Morgan every now, and then, who have that moment he's I go, I must die, almost lost my best friend you can see an interview like those moments, comma he's a psych he's, just we words advice, I go, don't don't waste your life like you're sure about dating back to like the old Tracy Morgan by ever couple moments. The fact aim was died in an accident last. Therefore combat each side down tat even said he was. I give this all out to get my best friend back out of sight ass having a shit. We add Kimmel lodged in two thousand three January and
I was right for it and he would always tell me like chases the funniest guy, like everyone he's just forcing nature funny So we had this green room and it was like a baby was a kind of seeing the first year, and you know people I was in the bottom and was almost like a bar underneath the shell and rice or adequate job, unlike the third or fourth nature. Word was was run. The show- and I at some players is legal when he had no shared out I've. Just standing on a table. Look I gave them holding two drinks exactly when I thought about this traceability of when you are, if you hang with trees, Morgan who started around all the time as it even those peoples not use after, like turn it on, but he comes in, mortgage wafers ever the yard. Jealous of those people.
But, as you know, what kind of how you guys might be like that the business it like I was, I was gonna, say like that's. Why I admire him so much? I look up to him. So much cause he's. Not it's like Yes, you use the term on brand like he is Tracy more right. There is ray and ran riot man ran, like I mean like. I leave it to me than people haven't I too like that, but we know when to like calm down by we're, not just on a communist artagnan on wars and kissed. The Holy Father built out like that. That's gotta, There's not much of an attack on the wall and also sometimes Benin comedy. Sometimes you see people and their like that. You just like Do something wrong. They're, like you, shouldn't be funny or the time my bad now as the rabbit lambs Iranian Williams growing used always on on on I'm going. I always used to like feel so bad for Robin waves cause. I was I that's not how it works. As I know, I was like he's super funny, but he's not him You don't mind. I think that both to me the difference between those who guises like
we Morgan is like Tracy Morgan from Brooklyn in the Bronx and rubber witnesses like we're coming Its character and go into this cares and then go to this car demagogic character. To so much like I can They were both using their both using comedy, get do something because problem wheels or suffer from them. In order to start right, as all you know like these characters. You don't like he's just trying to keep you laughing in trying to keep himself laughing at you see it like damn. What are you going? like it, it was an apparent until he died, allow people to see that lying, but he would never get serious ideas because of you would last for two second exiled look over there and I want to make this guy allow the Magyar over there will load by giving oh wow look here. They go out about the genuine verses ripping. That's where there is a bit so fast, and it would do in the past with direct as we done like these five pack ass, an that's it. Years there's no there's no public having direct, there's, no private or, and he's just like that, and that's why he likes have format and forbid
where's like it, it's probably kind of crazy that we do these things and he just says anything. Nobody else does that what's funny is when we first were coming up at least always always to move, but we rag on I've always called Kevin arrests. Regulus Maggie. Usually you settle Bore, he saw he was lying by hanging on NBA whatever, because if you think of all the leagues like the NBA is the coolest Lee by now, are we now especially recently since he joined the warriors and like his persona, was like oh wow leg. You said that just covering the wreck. Haven't IRAN is not a guy with a sixty gold chains and worst he's running Dona Marshall. You know like an hour Maserati only they can revive guy. I think I'm allow these guys that they make decisions, and I don't think, he's eight this, but they make decisions based on. How does it to the arts exactly right and that debts It's not really. An issue in the Brok is adding the amazing them back that he came from where it came from.
And had all that shit thrown at him from age. Seventeen out in the ways handed it, I think, is amazing girl, but I was do feel egg there's calculation with him at all times. Yeah, especially. How is it that uninterrupted thing and now uses are his? shhh media breaks for say all of this will be the right thing. Maybe do now re n. I should handle this wake as this was, but I don't I to know what the real a bronze like. I don't think Gregg we now I'm sure things arose about it, but nobody is Israel's death. Leubronn. We don't know what that guy. I love you having undergone is like hoodies shit on a low like he Supra lay like I feel like it The real abroad is is, is now Menace everything that would he presents to us, but that's a part. He possesses, but the real actual coral abroad is Super duper hood. I lake accusations. I can feel it Macgyver they of Jordan. Was you know it
that Jordan add this other side dolly. We owe you without public Jordan, new story, the arrows IRA. Those things are about my book just randomly being next to him when he is playing Blu ray with a cup of his buddies, any turn in Jordan. Now everybody knew in the boy thing and laughing crack jokes, and, unlike ah that's you that, so I wonder who that Laboulaye, bronze version of battle of judges, of the broadest so calculating anything, would like, though, never a camel around when I look really brought comes out there, like you were never universe. Have that word momentum Braun, while neglecting the cowardly lion. I think he is careful or maybe it's by both a little bit about to get so as far as he's gotten, you can't be slept, yeah. You know exactly like, I think probably everything he's done since the announcement with the flames of everything. I don't think so.
Worked out exactly the way he wanted to get ever since then he has been playing chess like everything, he's measuring the pros and cons. I do this. I signed with cheer like thing about like Usanga, which here like who signs that she had. No one cares on actual he's Isaac here he is when you think your mind seems a break. Is my favorite when they lay for the breath yeah You know you very clearly leg which soda should I go in ways are the true, as you know this for a while, and I wonder why this new campaign now at the withdrawal period earlier varying and what is more spray lately I mean we totally wrong and uselessly boring leubronn dad we're gonna be like that. I think, is, I think, he's more kitty fun. I marry more competitive and more fun like I bury be fun to go to a casino earth if nobody knew who allow it man here sooner, almost Sancho, where he's playing cards is somebody undergoes a deputation survivors, remorse air and they will play cards was just there like. Acting is pretty good act by the way
it's a good actor in train roused lose approach which we have just seen on, and we will. I tell you a brain drain. We're gonna use like no Leubronn has actually much better the main trade round holes like well Ok. Now you ve got a Nazi turn. Also, your hands are massive by this reactor it's a widower reservoirs for southern remotely, westward scrape layer. She's amazing. I don't get a mention enough bank. Where are you much mentioned by mean like for he's pulling off that really to be like the breaking story. Every night. Would you want to play with them absolutely dependent. That boy play would only be honesty. Oh yeah devil. She just keep hasn't border w here. You know your Russ Ross but there was just I'll just be brought before the court of the citizens of Europe bringing up a corporate up. The court gives me up has back, but even in the New York powering
Now that France S as out of the way the roof. What happens now the way Europe is on the one that without its electronically Corleone died, they didn't. We could mega where one has jokes offer assessor this season. Welfare assesses paints no kidding I've, had a memo. Parker eventide them after that Reza Yankee, say you're here for its s. Only when you wanna hear for each one of your friends the yearning for us. Are you wanna hear him out what that opening. Evolving one to one twenty. We just goes on a rat and doesn't even do a W Effingham break him. Bring it back up at four o Clock ATLAS, move by the giant stages, actually live Sweeney on our legislative mad. He paid a barrier to leave. Gather lacks thing when you turn over giants at the second paragraph of my visit he's doing
Then he sat on a day to get an answer that was limited montraville in this something gray, but I think you believe me. We tired, because that was just tat- was such a New York icon when it was making a mad dog they even out with this, because I was away from home and I would ever come on like Directv on the yes network, so just leave you see, we ought in background for five hours, does yelling about stop people calling it first time longtime bananas, Why can we always make jokes about you know like you can always have the best tat, the best views we use entertaining. He was very data packets. Two weeks ago we started talking about whether, as to whether this there's were too young to make the final. So my case was egg. What did they say? Can I ask women with your review, ready, nay, just their fuckin, talented young? When did this happen like I'd Agonal S, three months of Ben Simmons? What's another level as they might be ready? What was my so? I was, and I was saying you know this has happened and half of the eighty six rackets happened, the ninety five magic. Seventy seven blazers is, I know now bill. One was four years college in and then
Can you remember in round one leonards did make their jumper the game three areas is on the spot where any attacks at every level of sports talk? Radio should be like one of those jobs. Are you have to die to quit? Yeah, you can't require hundred percent here, like you have to like to be able to not speak any mortal too to quit, that I go now think about uses the stool and is by unlike some cheese or whatever in my present might go to your room and eighty six in member the pigeon change in forty eight, who could tell us now, yeah you're, remember my way: trolley gathered here, cancer- supports a coup a ten Susan Glasgow near itself, I kind of guy for sports, and it seems that there is a vacuum. That guy is speech, one of filling the tone of force that what have they done. Macgregor guy no I'm, ok there,
Like other doll, you Don T seem eat away. He seems like it seems very France S a live issue. Exam raises: like you started, it seems like some twenty eight year old kid can give rise of the ranks and immediately on New York na I mean you, don't have any of you know somebody with town who comes in right now and right now, that's in could immediately after could. Where could I know you have to know your sports and is even about knowing the car is what you have to know lay at that they no longer backward like you, gotta get. Somebody was just on on point with the seventy seven blazes, like you, gotta, be you gotta be already ratified it all and we lay out what would have happened to keep our ear had thing. I don't get that reference you here. You cannot leave my biggest issues with those sport star, cultured as its first Mazzolata younger people. There are some people who don't go accords with staff. There you saw in the play. I swear. You hear this argument. You know after the first rounds in the play ask xenophobia is pretty gave you my best play ass ever
Yes, I like, let it go Maghreb presents some options. Can you even name three, the teams that were initially gimme? Ninety ninety there have been three teams that worrying but issues people they just wanted. Best ever greatest, ever knew a constantly, even like three I remember once these words before the member that ninety seven superbowl things packers patriots, housing, those an amazing suitable, aren't even old scores, but I just member watching it advocates, put people apply them own personal experiences with stuff in the end, just throw it out there and it's like the world Everyone me like now do like I don't enjoy that suitable nationals. Can't you see what basque one others let a Basque by celebration, as in Spain in the media, were, am I like greater labour best ever best players every eye like oh yeah, we all love ya, jihadist out the little boy he's great leg. Can we stop talking about inflict who seconds leg? People love wearing basketball players they loved. I think it's crazy. What's how popular basque most
yes, I remember tat. It was not this problem. When I was a kid I was there, I felt like I was kind of an eye. Ok, how much I love him, and now it's just and now it is it who do you think our own ass, you huh, you think, maybe that workers, in my opinion it was Allen Iverson, everybody says Michael Jordan, but to me was Allen Iverson. They made mask about cool like super like exe extra cool I muddled, automated cool fish for Jordan, medical for everybody, Iverson was deferred. Hip by ago, when I went to my two, my praise, you time and many others that that's gone and the night is currently where you have here perhaps taken off up the first the lady is, but really in the early years of mainstream and that had the wheat over. Ask learn some way and bled over Iverson with Canada, proxy gear were made. Davis turn changed. My life I see at that Kenny Anderson would have been another one, but when he got to the NBA, don't happen in another there's another universe. Where
Kenny Anderson be is the guy earlier where he goes to a different team he has his head ashtrays, not drink in an he's just like kind of how we feel about Benson render weird cause. We like the charity event of food with eyes what a Kosovo visitors other and, and you you know of us in who kids come through, say: hi, everybody David Terry was airy. I'm sure you hate him. I don't like it Morocco is there a universe loaded with those with nice makes people, and can it was there and we seem willing? Osha can add? Is it always like twelve zero kids? Like do you play ask your ball? dad would know you aren't me, there were major attacked. Him was a
say it like it is you. What are you doing besides we're Blazer now give it up for Jesse, bore feeble oil, gas and read it as India being now. These guys make it there's no there's no cautionary he'll stories, the guy who start doing conquer drink, to my got paid too, I d sooner, whenever wizards Rock, not, I could kill you like those there's, no there's, no cocaine equivalent chaldean we'd I've tried devising Activision Applin Basketball, The core labour is great for your mom. About an old saying per year by the multitude ideas about how we will proceed? I don't take the biofuels creativity with you all you all the ripples, and there are other. Oh, my god. I feel so good against, where I am
Three positive values do not give it closes, would be against like no shows anyone trunk a games now J J locally, as happened in the past are you crazy right, big issues that there's a bad was the nineties claimed allowed. Deeds were just believe you imagine, they obeyed outrages crossed off six guys and ran away. Now, actually Portland does the siege Emma column they'll just went through innovative illegal to be his fine. That's why they find out there. We have so much. Tat is a lot of time and it is people of blue they're more. Like me through the prism of Multi dimensional, lay at Washington, the nineties and watch and, like I do like Rick Smith's, could not play an mba today
hardly laughing at the rain echoed you know, I wonder you you're the points you do. You're the renowned you're, the review, this guy you're, that guy you're gonna comes in and gives a six thousand game you gotta may lie, and now, as I go, I'm the shooter rebound around the centre, Eli meddling. So you guys a coalition or tv like they do everything the broad like they do. Literally everything that's by baited disappointment Carmelo the shares. I was really excited for old Guy Carmelo, like the let from ages through. Four to forty ways, just a spot of three point shooter, but here thinks he's the best guy in the corridor, and I really thighs degraded that and he's basically in that situation, ok seen his neck, it I don't know I'm not giving up on amid the I'm, not I'm not because I gave him. I could. I call him like he has the pull Pierce game it's like. Do your attitude of bank able man land gay, I see again, you got that stepped back jumper. You gotta like a little couple move out when I got a bang dear, the triple threat United Mean set up and everything like that, like he'd, the fundamental basketball,
Guess he's good at that many other complaints. It was forty he's some eyewash, the sham, where I think it needs to here's. What I about him. I know I want to read the I'm in the best. For my life. I worked out The Navy seals the summer like to find out. We ve ever read that story about Dwayne Wade really ever Linda, get sick with Carmelo tween Wade went to my aim- and he actually got back in shape, there's all story about a Europe of Aimee had the worst body fed the team to hear professional athletes did and now he's like you're the fourth best guard of our time. Getting fucking shape is water for we would be turning. Around thirty five ass. We don't want to use data now those Carl I can see that it is actually for a mean, I'm rather just children. It is the riddles. Was one long, my hat some good last break to talk about my friends from seeking the best app for buying and selling tickets to sporting events. Cancers and more remember for twenty two hours I prefer seeking purchase
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check out, seek remember twenty hours after first seeking purchase. I have is download the e g gap or go right to seek dotcom twenty hours off unbelievable forbade you girl, Marlins game and you pay minus eighteen hours. Cosette did this tickets are due to ours and he went down there. The gap or go right to seek that. Come back to me but data boys I really like Charlemagne. What with is, is this you guys versus the breakfast club is this can be our Ross fire in the non? I love you. I love it. I have to pick up here. It's not leaving. Why pick you up now we go. We shall actually Charlemagne lives of a town over me all the time. It's good do is always good people, the army, which has already had us on common. And what a wonderful show empty veto and Cuba made sure we had these see black on their every week. We had a little farther.
The sick man, people's lechner, terrible sought having him on assignment was those my guys this all you ve got all day and we now and we will be back on breakfast, but one day we secured Can you give our lessons that thirty second cliff those version of what happened with this ok weapon with earlier? I want to bring suddenly promoting our five, but two or one show every nine, every burrow in New York City sought. We carried out. We great thank you. We go up there and dj envy was upset because we made a joke about here was a joke by his wife- is actually watched a clip. There was we, it wasn't about his wife and the way they played on the show they cut it off before the full joke was set, as we said at the end, just kidding just kidding, we don't know would have whatever they did, that huh knew it was a set up. He had cordial by unlike weeks earlier. Was I wait, I gotta for them. When they come up it was. It was it's hilarious. It's like if love and hip had no women in it casual. But of course you know the phone
this has on his pockets, like these are young and realise that if we didn't I went on, he calls me he's. I always ike oh to go down. I already there, and then I told them I loved apparently envy has something rural measures is me and my family, my there lay out ever like whatever. What's gonna go, thereby prescribe its matter in the morning lerigo we you know and others will be before, even do it. If you don't say anything like our hand would have a basic does at ten minutes in between, like we can make up, is mobility, so we get in there and he's. I warrant and is due to envy walk into the smoke is a broad scope we got yesterday we got ticket pussy today I would like oh ok. Now she was going. I see that he was like a policy dictated years regarding what very childish. Also you can get better better knows the collar. Can you give us that my son wouldn't even do that, is about to your nephew he's like apologize life and which was eight years ago? We thought you could
a job where we don't lose cool. But if you want, we apologise and he's you're mad for the five more minutes you sat, he walked out interview, Charlemagne, be Charlemagne. God bless him, he was. I got a few new five minutes outside, like we give. You could do that as I go, I got us. Banks are already go and live in old. We didn't like super quiet, it gets up and leaves, and then this autumn is all by God like This is why we have worked very hard to get to where we are in this industry and we had a tool to promote army the train and kicked in not contained in a very professional? That's great two! Here! That's what you do this you can. I propose that you gave up. People gets listen. I sat on the show. I'm not gonna mess up my bag because you are in your bag of feelings. You norms and like if I have a job to do and I get paid to do the job you wanna be emotional. Go. Do that, everybody ten lay two years ago. Maybe maybe not even for maybe because
you out if this were to use previous you guys two years ago, in this regard I have outlined by now, have no joke. We products have been in Joe. It depends on I'd like my mother, because two years ago we were two different. We were from abroad and it was never about going to Hollywood. We do in the park Hafela Complex, we're doing it was like this. Guessing is gonna work out right, box cutters at that are you I mean I feel like I'm totally dependent on the conversation, I would add with my wife them when I think about where you would have been positive, like Oda. Like ok, just about doesn't and dusty marrow, no, we walk into a radio both and the first. Are some mouth. Is someone calls me a decade and calls pussy security authorities on a brothel jumping over that working on all of us. Remember, ladies,
the need, for example, suited to the next level and got up and sat in his chair and was going to pretend to be for the rest of the interview year? I suppose that's gonna like beating the bear, and the thing is I now the problem is for ever gonna be linked with degeneracy like that Oh, please. I don't think so. No, we have any time we do. Any of you now is idea. We we go. We were in how many months ago, as this was his will a month ago, was along the gnome on them on the go. But what are we go place? No aid of it'll faded. No, because you have people who have never heard of us until this, so I wonder: where do they go fuck dj envy? But if and pulled out- was I would have seen you guys. Antium see you guys are the finest people overseen we get deems like that everyday expanded lino the honour to this. This is very unlikely that our mba people listen to Rebecca Scope. So it's like the breakfast is like the like pop culture. Urge radio show for, like everybody, was young and lake in the know, whatever
else. On Maritime Lima thousand view. Breast breakfast gov apparent sooner easily around again like that doesn't anyone out because, like got a lotta hits and Antium Z, found out about it. James, you get it, then you just do it. We got. Was it Have you tried to interview was about it in a J o K, people who don't know anything about as other than you'll you, the two guys arose to dj envy the they didn't, even though these are merely like your reality that from vice and cook dj envy, and I know that you learn or names, were immediately, whose own show Yoda was crazy outside areas age fifty years ago is the Gaza could dj envy and only guy coming will take a piss which sounds like you just handle your business and then he just left the show that elderly, or that literally and it was because it was like bro. You do this family, maybe maybe five days a week you come You talk spicy about everybody and everything and everybody relationship and everybody's life. We
one tiny a tiny immaculate sling and in society. He blew our promotion, that's what made me think like, but you know only one wife told you he was trying to organise. You definitely Annabelle years, because there have been other comedians over so far worse things far violating directly to his face about his wife. You never said anything, never question it, so he felt that we were pussy Are we willing to depress on air we're not the ones for you interesting treating arises rate. Tracer said, though, he says something that if anyone to you about your wife, what they're, Fucking Georgia Fisher low, basically like I could take your girls on my bare legged. Does a man how lonely, beware alike, outlying countries, songs? www. We listen what lies behind the area. The studio in your face, like you, don't owe me like a boy now is They say in New York, he doesn't energy, as long as it does it affected. Are our
shhh about me out. I was really and its articles. I can't really guys Charlemagne. They interviewed him posts the whole thing and we will now be coolly and we're gonna be thou about it, put on a chauffeur life. You know come on. You know what it's like. I don't, but I dont know what that situation relating to forgive you pay my way was that a reality showered thing it's like an US, commenting on pop culture when our show is got anything about Bobby culture. So you want, it's you. You went on tv to talk about this week.
About it in your matter. Us you're, not mad, like your booking agent or european, do was like Jago AIR, your dirty laundry with Lay Sherry, Shepard and whoever else's on that other lightness and other view shock area only love all Anti Roma as a leading part about another beer. That came out of this, because we cannot tell the difference between the view and the re real. The ratio is, but the red is pop. The right, as on other issues to be resolved is the real job to do. Guys on generic, but what's gonna happen. The bigger your profile gets the more people oriented search it with the only know all you has been here Lucy the way if you come back, that's great for them and if you don't say anything, then they're just getting free that's a long way away. He said if I shoot you I'm bring this. If you shoot me on famous what are your miss whereby so to do right, you can't win it zone this They also forget that we are New York City, public, high school graduates, and that is like me,
that is like maybe seal trade like you can in that any better than that, like that's like that, that's like a brush like Harvard for rare, like with one, have a game illegal under the past him some was lagging like how does not meet. How did you know? Look nutmeg back. I run in the room this it out is it about, as well as their city, public school movie. In your opinion, mercies, publish, remove juice, decreasing
two kids kiddos kittens waters rises while his eyes in kids as in age. I agree on the need to bridge that gap between the EU and Ninetys. Unlike the early autumn or whatever, like Emma Jane, I would lose going on at the time in negotiating body juice like six months ago and was shocked by how much I enjoyed it and how much it still, how that is almost up is, I was paid a photo things at the same time when I was I well I came on, is actually pretty decent, where you would think juice will hold up because again, one of the main problems and uses their buying vinyl records.
Whether shoplifting one worker knows no wages. Greater EU actions that go Ireland related story. I set a dangerous bides, is kind of help to the movie built around a Coolio Sargasso Pfeiffer level. Avoiding any further is truly over some five most of my life, I'm a guy. I let go movies. What about a lemon, the public school and things are common school, but then there's just one person they provide hope. So how is your movie, which might joke work? Of course worse. What does the MILAN? Don't wait? Shadows by favoured show grown moves the poverty of that movie, which are dangerous man. It was like a parody of all those like high school movie. It's a high school hours. I, while this is on the nose
One idea when there was no doubt when they move about going back to the Bronx and helping helplessly community. Now, yes, ever anything to announce before we got anything coming up, we always about. We got more towards he's gonna we two nights in a road. Last year's we'll brandy and you're on your own town gives a country like yeah right when you go and may forth of if their names
make sure to look. The schedule make sure there was in Boston sporting event wider than that. I'm comin out welcome an awful pinstripe with cleats and call you arousing interest still very dull, airborne yell I've got a flat them. I gotta have brought in a really has no more no ma am so ready for this rights. Actually, I think every more boss being thrown a people, we gonna happen how greatest still rivalry coming back here this morning I was reading a article and was breaking down how many red Sox pictures of him Yankee matters over the course of the hundred years sitting there in eight days did they have to do a lot more results, pictures of tuna Yankee. There- is in the weather- has been eleven deliverance blue analysing loud, and no one cares about this.
Yet you. If you put this about years beyond my now, you gotta give much angry trees like what the hell is stored. Ashes do great this year, when I was six years old. Panella slid into Fisk fighting on play. Make It is common in second punchy, everybody they separate them calms down and Billy, says Should the green meadows and Gregg nanosecond Jesse clock them and then, like body, seems a bit separate his shoulder and it was. It was the biggest taking any team ethic you'd gotten abroad. We gonna asses kid at six allows. Luckily these ought to say we were younger than it was lighted. So party was my own knowledge rivalry with go, I'm a Yankee, fabulous Ami egg event on knock. You out. That's not! Are you watch, but every every loss
when was the greatest win now, because you have you, ve seen enough seasons and you kind of like the bigger picture like aright respected sports. As I thought you know, it's gonna come in and get a rapid, but as yet, if I'd, though, is the order of five thousand are just about to say that your manner about, therefore, how says ass do than that strong, there's like six seven Lloyd, throb, sterile shrubbery did the scorpion for mortal combat flying pointed out like holy shit and also tore, because, like Obama or model beneath us is determined by the bureau. Unlike his face, cuz, like I'm not fucking around. Is it going to take me to head over a hundred miles an hour right temple and knock your block off, and I was like wow. This is countries inanimate many did in it than the whole Chapin Dominoes aside. While it is that this is a more aggressive than they have in Alaska Lodge like
say over their relative verse basement future auxiliary situation, not less traumatic jailers causes the whole backfire. Each year is now for the catch and attacking you want. You want what you did your movie. I wasn't bad, but what is it that about muzzle borderline? All he's, not a team guy blow my block ass. He walked away from the fight above sublime and he said afterwards is like yours, MBA noblest. Why am I like that like ours, I first I was like Evan also give the right moment you throw punch, is how we are going to make room. I think back in the day people had region, In the end, they also play a very recent house deftly we're reappears after punching resource worshiped, monopolized, multimillionaire, you're multimillionaire were fighting about. Why? What we ve thought about what we got a you that you bought me angrily like a body is rebound. I'm so go home, my fifty four million dollar. How much will coverage if, if I ran a base
team, I would have to pitchers relievers the hearth, wherever they resort clearly and firmly embedded gave me and give them a mermaid. Training because, if you, if you weren't baited, Mme Guy, think about it railway argued about you are right. He could decide to aside. Kick you go on earth. Did scrutiny would remove nobody like a death sentence. So if you had a joke Kelly had just trade with with the dynamic for six months, human factors, on that page or killing I wash them now We gotta do look. I got into the wars. Bore fight, overload, easel, glows being in Amerika about governs the thing in a couple: go ones in life than all night agony. We highlight the most popular its export who's that one of the best players, love jokingly do is Joe Kalis when he sure that's a birthday today, Jelly what's up with you What endeared him in the Boston was him with him.
Waving a man. You re like months ago, already fats he's several miles to the right It is above all about that. That's apart, it kills me. Yet, though, is not Neverland. You know about you're about to go and go not good enough. Would another grove ad and he too, the glove This is kind of like Europeans. Push me the very lives you gotta leather glove, you gotta, be that's been broken, and does it give weight always like doing they don't arousing bag play every day was, though we did so the bottom of the show. We talked about the fight that many had with who who through who, through many mania gonna fight he just he would wander toward the man you're holding back through overthrew at him. And he chose a mound and through like everything like that, had the helmet does it. Everything else is like Tor now's aside, man like you were dancing, but I don't know, I think
three year. That was again. I will also do an elegant, pitcher Martinez's like Margo, why didn't I had a stake in Pakistan's hammers? Ask for you! Why is this area defend Zimmer, although you? Seventy nine is already knew, they were thought he was thirty, or so he did ass. Second Roy, they ease that everyone down YO yeah, whose Wildwood moved like put like you I'll get. My kids are the way to prevent terrorism, good karma for its experts neck. Is he fucked that they did? Seventy us. We'll does a man. There is the guy who played confess like every day and ran him into the Grand Rayner pitching staff for the grand. That's why it was nice. I like that seven agro man role around the year two thousand like does our dog. Does it also? He wasn't always our guy. That's when the robberies like while so we
making our life and our Lucy to these guys are just go in between Malta mentalities raised, for that does it was just a faggot expostulatory right after that it was like we bought for ten times the brass now landowners in his next experts, the next collection, is only to be it's not gonna, be my Jackson and say that it is. You ve been here lacquer eyes his he's, not he's not gonna, to be home. My hearing, my Woodson Physics, is it really didn't have a treat other days at my wooden. Why They explained it like this. You have within that he was a? U S journey. I get a little earlier that now, from some Nick Blog was explained, it was like well what recently took the next to the furthest in play off and also, but I mean why was it? Would you live around here? We were in round to
he dropped below and when we want to game in railway companies there, or does that more sincere is, though we're Gyre Jeffreys had like the opportunity to win the game at the last second, and he the wide open layer yeah like that destroyed meal like I'm, watch and I am in like oh my thousand, was just like me, my uncle's, like that. I would like my four uncles at all superadds a basketball like there s, no we're like baseball guys and we watch a movie sites. So, unlike our hearts, were sucked out of a check out the site. All people to be standing under the basket to make it easy labyrinth, Jerry Jeffreys, outside Jeffries, the next Nick coach, not the next like mountain Does he care at all with the fans? Think I guess is a good question does include answers now, jet Jamestown he's never hear million urgent outnumber, then Don T He said not even in the running I May I made this case, I would out she's Becky him
from the UK, any pavlovitch disciple of the animal and of its disciple, and you get paid good year of just for the first time ever, villages rooting for her super along with this. This is a great thing for mask about. Nobody noticed in the shed a team of your eighty. A little real likes to say was that the next history will women is a little a better Eu Battle juvenile reduce, although would hire Buckingham and ever make as its armies had a basketball actions. Europe who could he would have hundreds of tightening up tat, is their fears they'll get, but I feel I keys get a union cigarettes. That's actually good, and how do they know Kenny's aunt, Theresa, guess what they do. What they think about is how much within it a coach ship, that's
I begged him, and then I mean I feel like every culture comes through their just like they're, just to cut their just yet guy I sent the different China be a trailblazer thing. Maybe you look out and she's awesome is either Norway, Sweden, with Switzerland Twitter account is the name of the country, and every month they pick a person from the country to run the twitter account. We also the Knicks needed. Just random new Yorker every week were just be coach or we're not that far away from that whipping homer. No, we don't do that without any whom you are right in the next room and buying FED up and just play in terms, So on the record and say that I enjoyed Eddie,
still enjoy any removing these alarming. It's got good next. Have it's got weird prayers for better adapted joy, doing great, although they were just like filmy during runic, gave us the aid for some reason thought it was a good idea to use our uniforms immigrate made amiable now they like also so you want to use actual mba logo. Oh yeah, more film in a minimal airs o place. Oh, oh, ok, oh yeah Michael earlier, but I guess Mr Collins refuses to participate with my vote. I found this out again, which is always out of it. Now we gotta get magnetic commoners next on issues of pleasure. Good luck as these, who the hell are dates, thanks to a nephew Kyle for comments on. To produce s thanks to these as a marrow. Don't forget that
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NFL draft. This is our time. This is we love this. This is our favorite content, Tammany array. Now, thanks for that and back with tumor this week, sweep the Bill Simmons Podcast. Until the way.
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