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NBA Intrigue, Luka Mania, Jack Nicholson Stories, and 45 Years Courtside at Lakers Games With Jonathan Tjarks and Lou Adler | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 367)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons talks with Jonathan Tjarks about the Eastern and Western Conference finals and NBA draft lottery candidates including Luka Doncic, Deandre Ayton, and Miles Bridges (3:00), Then Bill sits down with music legend and 45-plus-year Lakers season-ticket holder Lou Adler to talk about witnessing NBA history, the Roxy, some incredible Jack Nicholson stories, and more (38:30).

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you know what we covered: the ringer dot com. I just hope: you're going there every day, we're trying to decide it a design, a site that would make you go there every day coming up we are going, talk. A little mba lottery left over staff as well as may be preview. What we think might happen coming up for the rest. The conference finals here, Barcelona increasingly fascinated, whereas racketeers that's with Jonathan jerks from the ringer and then the legendary and be a fan. The Laker fan, who has sat next to Jack Nicholson for the last forty five years or so Lou Adler. We went to his house in Malibu on Wednesday and taped a wide, ranging basketball conversation with him that the bottom line is just running out of people to talk basketball at that around my level after active drive, the random places to go meet people who meet been through awesome games, and I continue to challenge message for you. The list are for this free package that I hope you continue to listen to.
The rest, your lives coming up projects. We have taken this Thursday late afternoon LOS Angeles time. Why? Because there's no point Chancellor Jonathan. Shari sincere. I said that have still not saying you're right, I was going to say injecting sharks. There we go see it's like a sea, a machine age. Yes Jonathan sharks is here: hey you know what it is. I have that thing when you re something reads a certain way you pronounce it that way, regardless of its almost against. Jim peddling, I will get stuck in your head. The one way, disheartened out of that kind of that certain names I Make a meagre things like that. Like things that seem like they should be, so
was certain way, but the way by the main, Jim Mance, the met, the May MACE There's the names yeah exactly the May. May I want to say: may Maser Mimis Inachus means so in writing. Fr the ringer fur really, since we launched it and every time which I drew park. Hazardous observed, terrible, technological or now add those last Dr Barge my way, and here is that I'm getting on the spot, but we are on your rigour and be a show. Your valuable member that yeah your draft expert, your nimby expert, I hesitate. Teased word expert Charles Work always says only gods and expert. Well, you, you, bring a lotta expertise to the tailor. I will go with that or got that connoisseur. I said this tat out and Herman. I dont favours a tv regarding versa, tv connoisseur. I think guys can be a kind I sore here like to sample. You could do you. Can you can
damn pickin roles and crap. Might that be could also assess staff, and you have a big picture feel in the world, the basketball man's fun. How excited shall be Actually, no, you know what people are going get mad. That attack talk, the Celtics will save them for after How excited shabby a celtic fan that staff curried that look a hundred there. The Russian is cut cut a moment right now for the South Sea me limits but warriors, but now one of their best guys doesn't look right. I think to me it's like, if Houston drags, a series out my member entwine. Sixteen, when seventy seven games like give him like a five game: Syria, seven games here. That could be a big difference. I I should be rooting for Houston and allow say I shouldn't Pearson Houston, regardless of your. Why they're not, as does golden state, I may feel I want to be the Finals Europe, a huge snuggling sent out thank the southeast
play Houston well by the way. I have no idea if the Celtics going to make the finals, but I've allowed myself to even start contemplating it with a two hundred and eight, I always overreact. Whatever just happened, yeah ass a bad day for some reason have defended harden about as well as anybody and it's that for some reason x, I should say mark a smart he's. They get it entered and pay dollar zone work a smart. The s great by now. Houston's really good and they're gonna have home court, and I think that the key with this Boston team, these first three rounds, has just been there really get it on one thing I like it, I think what you said to expose the best like Amazon, Hoddan score forty, I'm going let Paul and and do some things and then like. Let's make a right Obama, TAT, talker, making create shots again. Testa like they were coming to and other around like make those guys get thrown off, and he is my favorite play and ran to coveted Thank you, put another think: what's really
Dad the warriors and would help the subjects or the calves makes the fires is mobility does in the great man he was psyche came like a lamp Rhine outside I am almost as though you know the hockey. Perhaps when you find out after the series that somebody's blame are like a broken Anko yeah. Somebody else is playing with a punctured long and bear these injuries that they head dates I'm, not gonna dunk anymore. Well, let's play not a good sign yeah and then they needed his is Nathan. Athleticism has shed Ford or a french head forward with say once benefit I like I could then hunted last night, which is great peaked. Antonia, like I asked six guys. I trust that's my guys, we're doin it I'll that and the plants- and I never understand they philly- was playing eleven guys in crucial point games around two. If you know who you're eight guys are by the ender raptor through you're in trouble and then especially when you of How many days there are for gas on my that asshole
I was talking to some about the Ricky, while in the play off some, whether it exists of our name, and they were saying there is no such things as while, because the adrenaline from these plants games is so profound if you're, tired, you don't even feel tired. You don't feel too, after the pass and Durrant said that to grant was just fly through last year's finals. They'd put all these games, then the moment had ended. He just crashed interesting and I I think, with with the six men line up, basically I think you can get away with that. As long as it's not like, game. Seven, where you ve been playing every other day for the last week and a half and your guys just don't have their legs yeah choice. I guess it smarts go to the breast six put up the minutes. Yet two hundred and forty minutes total for six guys. It's like all right the two minutes and then thirty, four, the other guy. Let's go, I guess the biggest thing is just like her plain David, alas, like how can you play David was always even do thou there's six through geyser Trojan play six or seven guys to I think they go Hamptons.
I've loony living semester, seven Maisie, whose five the Hamptons five star where's, the looney and living snatcher, seven guys, I think they did. No, I don't play loony. I mean the level basketball so high right now, you're gonna be good to stand before, like you just got this level of play just can raise, ever met. I agree with you and never remember, to play off, swear they're, just certain guys who actually are probably good, a basque biologist. You can't buy them. Greg Monroe filling offensively. If you, if you pay when I met you can bring them for three minutes, fifty per for several minutes like we're. Just were post you up and run the office through. Stu, printing java and on the other enemies. You can't hide him. Whereas wherever he is he's gonna end up with a smaller dude, I'm just gonna go buy em and that's it. You get taken up yet ass, a thing. What the plaza shapes Secondly, I, wherever you are attacking a right away at every minute as valuable. I mean you between sixteen with car and those that game seven playing
Thing bears out azalea, maybe right, there is a championship and we need the those eggs five minutes in game Seven and Harrison Barnes, the section eight at that point houses. I can't talk about Harry Barnes, he's maps, franchise player. Will you just for whatever reason, melted down in that series incurred for guys, and I call my fifteen and that's really why they last the potato. He'd just needed a fifth guy for like three minutes, violent and zeal is out there. Just given are poised to elaborate. The Celtics have I think seven and a half guys that address the get seven. That's nice semi in the re in a home, gay, maybe garden the four minutes, I'm fine with but it's semi guys it. I trust a clear when I think they have them run and love and then at this point Tristram, I guess you trust them ass. They like Greece is gonna have anywhere you want. Trust is very small but leg. George held Look beggar,
and gave him. I know a bit better gave three hours like they need. George, shell and broadening heard it like that, says it all right there. I think, richness how to play well. And how can you coffins exist? I kid it's I've been thinking a lot about game too, since it happened and Leubronn throwing one of the autumn haymakers in the first half, and then there are five and half time is such a bad sign for that team. Now I think game through your home. The subjects up and go on the road to you now at some cause brackets treated differently on there's a whole bunch of factors that will help them. How many possession A girl like butts on possessions Dick and ninety eighty five game as possible. Can they key boss in tow in half Gordo down that they don't get back Andy Day? Don't remove move Anti reminds me lad. There was a moment in the two thousand fourteen files. When I realized dispersal gonna win during game for- and I was just
sing the Miami on defense and as a ditches, the spurs are just a second and a half ahead of them on everything. Like their run faster than moving the ball. It's like this one her change? This could make it by a hundred times. I do wonder there's a piece of that with the south exercise where, where the calves are so slow and the offence they don't like to get back the bronze rest in their bodies all these like minus defensive prayers? And have good bomb movement and your pushed in the bar. Does that change it? I dont knife fix that. I mean they're just so many holes to attack. Yes, so many spots like they need. Corver that's the thing that means like Corver was like the big piece in Toronto, and he just can't be out here against spot that wherever he goes, is getting hit right and I
I could argue- he should play more minutes, because J R was again thirty plus minutes, and I add, if he's out there for that long, Craig S core valleys gives you often. Secondly, she nearly setting gave you that I just judged for myself. I'm scared when carvers out there, I think he's gonna score every time you do as they please she added he's a little different, but but he added you know, look I had a cure: first half, maybe chatty Osman, as the adjustment game theory that I was waiting for them, the plan he gives them energy. At least he tries to sixty five points. A broad and love and they lost by thirteen. They that's a terrible, so yeah, that's. I would use the third score thing, so I'm gonna give you two roads. Calves gets swept seventh. In Boston and it's one of those two things. What do you think is more likely I'm not going to bet against Lebron, I feel like he doesn't want to get off like Lebron at home. I just can't seem to accept that just I think, a bronze guy.
What if I think, whenever it is more likely to have them waiting game three game for issues Kevin loves his AIDS aid. Three, that'll, be the neurons course. Forty five, that's him with a close game if they get em? Three one is over at they get to two will along series I'd be my guest rackets warriors did game to change. How I thought there going to swept after game on and I loved overreact like LE gray eyes. Everybody other game too, I didn't know if the rackets would have the balls to do it. They did, which was his enough with the eye, so both that works and the rather season and actually like attack more and more slashing cake, and they wait a little more conventional aware doors. Are we ready for a game three Ass, a wondered I was like. I don't know if this where's team, once they prove how great there
the next game. It's a guy. We they don't have a they dont pay extra, like a first step on the throat thing it's a guy. We already beat them as they can be, got three more games. It's crazy game are and where they they used to be the dislike scrappy team. No one doubts us now like we're the chance we don't care, while women every feel. I approved it again like the best bet of the here is probably bidding against the warriors after they play Nah some game, idiotic? It's like one, the tighter psyche, yet we know you're awesome but haven't doing their names, their area thing ons resting on our laurels, our time I also wonder of if it's a lack of an alpha, Doug leg. There's gotta, be somebody in their team who, just you know and grand. Marcus Martyrs and one fifth of the player like The inquiry is like just from a ceiling standpoint, but he he there Games, or in he's just they were not losing. I'm not letting us do this tonight and he's the intensity and energy that he brings
is so over the top. It gets the cargo and it gets and the words don't have that guy I've always could have thought that the leader was probably a good dollar, but he's got a little now lay has I don't know if he's got a ring it like, I am using a utopian dream on. He just got the Craig Chris Paul bottoms craziness areas, or they just do some snouts crazy Chris Paul does seem like keys, hitting a tipping point of emotionally, where this series goes wrong. I create the greatest Flickr FAO. We ve ever see her. I think I'm one when he elbowed Katy and the backwards flopped after you oh yeah, I was most prices he Also he'll go in these modes he's to do this. The clippers to I was always again in seeing in person was so impressive warehouse has come like thirty thousand again at all. He starts found in the first quarter and then it's like you can't caught a foul, belatedly and he'll ale, just club, people in her eyes. I feel it with Chris Paul he's, like I'm trying my best and I
small and I still want to win. I must break the rules, the rules, my right at a small person, the break the rules as very little Napoleon, certain guys just set the tone early with than get aware that the coming ten. If I was like that in the six and was very like the Patriots, Denmark, a smart site, then it s like tackle people carcass months, I'm playing like this. The whole game soviet kind- I just- can keep going and then you can't but I am I they really miss Bubba. I'm with I do wonder if they could have one there, sir, is with him. I dance. I think there s the best part in the series aid Suddenly they don't have an answer and there's gonna be a moment in this series and hope the best guy, because a thing I noticed game to seem like gold instead lost the game. In the first half they played like two or three really bad lineups. They got Houston running. Use the running got. There are other guys shots again when the ball gonna reason shots talker shots if going states scoring
and back in the half poor, I think that really listen to me as clay Thompson. The risk in this point that's happening staff. We don't know it's really a clay Thomson serious, but the key is like a cat. You never known is gonna cop on your lap ye I mean just born where's guy only garage ran unaware. Is it's a heap of diesel vicious like some shots and game one, unlike the boss links the claims opens like. I wonder what will help us feeling like best going it forget it the but I think one of things that's weird about this series is usually there's like the sixth seventh eighth night. Man will swing at least one game in the series, its clearly just our top six Gilgad offsets, It's almost like a pickup came to me. I'm looking at, I think, Doran, hard Dugan theirs to me, I'm looking at clay and staff verse, Gordon Paul, which was our those two backward skin, just dominating basta key. So you do you have the butcher picnic
I ve had to pick a few who's. Your final right now, I'm gonna stay in Boston, ok, even assets so, Eve contributed, turned to her and be a draft god? That's fucking awesome. About an hour editors, and yet it is highly probable. It's one of the best things with them and then ass. I was the draft class Pakistan Friday with KFC, see chow do sir the eyes and eyes I stand as agree, but. When we see where the abbess gone, I don't understand how somebody like Mo Bomba can be considered a top five pick, because I just I'm Look at the serious guy look at look at you. I wish for teams left. Imagine mobile number in this serious imagine Obama in the series- and it's like imagine, Obama, and this cab celtic series, whose e easy playing five the answer now. He's not fears a thing like to me
go bear is a much better version of Bomba and Gilbert. Last two years, Goldstein Usin they just killed him that he can them and he's the bet he's the rich man's version, the mobile yeah and I, like I'm, a Texas guy, mows great off the court, but I get where you're coming from I just would be. I think I said this sun's acts. Biogas is this week. Ange, imbibe Myers and the words guys age of my examined, all the Boston, guys They realized about two years before everybody ass, like interchange of printer has with size who can create their shot and switch Andy ranging from sixty foot six six foot, nine yeah get his main these guys as possible and just at the positions, though manner- and I think you look at like Boston having these high draft picks and they like specifically targeted that type of player they said we're gonna get tat. I mean indian Tehran Brown like they are drafted, big, some point guards who would have they been
now. What do we want to a big wings which a ball even markets? As somebody who can guard for position yeah I mean like bedridden sex for the air he plays like ass examined, so neither we know this wire the guys in the six foot, sixty six foot- nine range- why don't? They have like a distorted value? All that It is. They went buzek, eyes, Zaire, Smith,. Gloves: ire he's like six to the OECD. I thought he was tired out at six, for which use loves Ireland, six for which use that kills. That theory, nobody mean he's great. My guys, a little a little mood. Do we bid Westbrook right just a kind of logic. I let it is. I think a buddy was irish methods. Believe so who are sixty sixty six when angry at me, the guy's MILES bridges, the Michigan stake? Yeah, that's my guy! I think he's been a really he's the guy, I think like hiding in plain sight in this year's draft? I think I feel like his foot.
Is very high and then, like maybe a ceiling, but six six, six, seven torrent, thirty pounds, Gregg, really good shooter, could feel for the game. I think he can play right now. What are these serious as the one guy it feels like position has become like the left tack on four bar, where they do the draft boards in the quarterback at the top and then and then Actually, the left tackle ends up going. Third or fourth, because you got through the draft and team number three we left tackle. That's the best tackled signal That's what bridges I think he's gonna be like that. Where he'll go five spots, than I am, and that is I will now the one thing there is not a big body, wings industry. I think there's a point: our glut on that cited about trade young, as I would have been fifteen years ago, as a draft pact, because every fuckin team as Appoint guard yeah, there's like how many Orlando Indiana viewed on the line. There may be five teams that could genuinely disappoint our earth, even like Kyle Lowry like
they want the move. Em. Who wants an old point? I let me or my colleague who must pay thirty five miles year from my com. They come enough to different injuries. I pay for three Maria and their thing to a drafting? A postcard like we see endows I like Dennis, but you draft Dennis. You know we're gonna be bad for a while. We go young flank. I would pick unrolls all game. It's it's gonna, take years from the figure it out could denisov. Neither of these fears. Are you get, for instance, often sky bad enough yoga. They trust a Monday, France, Poland. I honestly believe he probably who played the german car Clarkson spot prickly. Would where's demanded, then where's that's bought on the bench known game, one they d around no confidence. Instead, our fence getting lost a defensive, replace yeah yeah, but despite that, as yet not la longue swirl dinner. They so use the big big guy dilemma with this draft
every year we have to pity arising as each other. That's what we do with the immediate draft fishers look at dont Jake, they celebrate Don Shit, don't judge! That's another! One I can try re always named than ever say my Loudon Isaac always kills me from its financing them in the Andrea eight in the Senate, I'm Arizona I am and Team LUCA, I'm look all the way. All the way, and I just Understand why Phoenix would even deliberate on this. I mean, I think it s like in theory, athletic Lee and his size and skill. I get why you'd be interested Aden, but to me his defence is just such a question mark. I just worry about that. Would LUCA. I always love one pupil. I wore we're not positive both up. Let us admit in his speech that quite there in the sort of things and yeah first eyes, eighteen,
And then, second about we seen this over and over again, we just saw Download Mitchell last year when he was in college. You graduate college. All you do is trained to place. It's an you, get a little bit better at every three hours. I'll just hung a European Scott about this new. Tell me LUCA, has been playing ball for last eighteen months,. He's not in that. Wait room workin out, and these are like six, eight to thirty guess what he's not doing like he's, not in fucking beach running with a parachute strapped to his back. He just by Basque, like it. If you get em cut up a little bit, then maybe the lack of speed he just gonna punish duties, just huge jesting. I look on pillar, say toward thirty pounds at eighty he's, a big old do bustle, like the kind of upset, he's getting, and I really do believe in this and I think it heard Philadelphia in the play ass, like Benson Suzette, active Verde Academy. Whenever has wasted years jealousy takes last year off now, cities in the playoffs- and it's like I just info. He had the became wraps yummy.
Well, don't realize, like you're, only final affords a huge deal. My salutation he's playing against. Basically, though teams are what is good as I don't know Orlando yeah, I mean what I've been watching: Real Madrid all Lara good as dead beat the maps honestly provide a better than five aviators left us with a big match up and the final for tomorrow. It's Anthea Randall, for she enviously at the floor. Spiralling had there been any real research, it's all right. He can't you wanna come back the legs like Lucas, teammates, Jeff Taylor, former Hornets wing man. Really Fernand as Anthony Randall, stop, I'm like they're all form MBA players, nearly a language that I am thinking of press me, the most about as like disguise, eighteen, nineteen It is grown manner like Lucas. Your team go with it a year, so good risk unless you're out of resin. So that's a blue eye with him is seized their crunch time. Gravities also like it seems like he's the leader in the court, and they think
a prodigy. Funny thing is like a theme, if some guy Mr Cot, like Lucas, a hot Adele's customer yeah, he doesn't care it's weird like most Guy's an altar thank tee me think always a fresh from the varsity he's trying to get us. Everyone involved no Lukas, like I'm eighteen on the best plan, the Yankees on Europe and thus killing people. My whole life I don't care, I'm the man yeah and he's got christian time. Chaps he's got those step. Three already. I will use these guidelines time moves. His swag is phenomenal fear I mean the Bengal Tiger tattoo it's now, the big Rubio guy. I thought, Rubio I just now, He played in the two thousand and eight Olympics in the gold medal game. U seventeen he's playing against the greatest players we had in Beaumont and after I said I was like a minute and then he missed it. Two years. Comes and goes to Minnesota designer fucking, crazy came. They were million, failed lottery, packs and we're death, and then really
sorry to come together without Jefferson and then call fell. His leg here it is me, and then I was like more losing and adjust. Was the you just imperfect, sit perfect example of just wrong situation for the wrong guy, and if he goes to twenty other teams- and it goes completely differently, but you know not now he is what he is he's he's a had started on guard, but its disappointing. I think who is better than any one else, Lukas six eight to thirty and he's got a jump like the thing LUCA Wireless and see us like how good is that jumper cause there'll be games or he disclosed like seven, four nine from threatens had created shots, basically shootin thirty one percent this year I can use jumping to be wet for sure. That's where a seal, a couple considering he's fine years older than my daughter ev. I faith in amphibians he is so young yachting thing about. This is my case with Tatum. When you know the fact that it is now, seen from dairies theories twenty right now and the rhapsodies
in the playoffs- and it's like this- is the worst he's ever going to be yeah, He's going to do is get better every year from this spot or he's quenched time, guy anything that might make the file. You know the one thing watched Lou, like it's kind of a reverse, so at Madrid, is for a very much like to hear them. So he's a young. I am as all team up on this Anything like a serious that just ended so the first game. They like press LUCA, try, trap and get the bombs ends the Madrid just which is it up, and you look off the ball. They have hammering around screens and playing off ass, like the whole team. Had change like a snap they're very well coached bet I love their head. Coach is good there better and like next year LUCA. How about a young team without a culture around stubby adjustments like the reverse, the most NBA guys where they use like being the manner young team, was going to an old timbers he's one of men, ultimately hunting them they're coming community where I don't want him to go, but first this, hey have you heard about, Thus one blends great sound,
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They'll be for a limited time on. They cannot be combined with other discounts or promotions again, percent of one order of twenty five hundred dollars or less for any product and saw us that calm used promo code bill. Ten capital B, I L, L and then one zero bill, ten at sauna, stuck up to receive This offer This is very, is a very important topic for me and I now it's like this Celtics have had an embarrassment of riches and could breaks over the years, and I don't like a greedy, I don't want him to go to Sacramento. The sultan have sacramentos top on protected. I was really go with that. If they take aim Ensign he's not gonna, be an impact in action. Now he'll like some guys around the for her easy project, it was pretty much being passed, but for Sacramento to not vanish in the
top five of the lottery. If that's the pic, if LUCA comes over, scared, the one thing: why is this wing them by twelve? Whence I be curious to see how LUCA and Fox work out, because, like for he's got him and I read an article on Bogdan Baxter, actually friend, know each other and wait for these two guys, like we're euros, running onboard boss. Stuff is great so where it is Billina six one plank are, can shoot a Meda. I don't allow me in to see how that are both cut out LUCA and About criminals, as we in our stars, someday Luke has a chance to be like a top five m vapour, so that I did I even a competent I'd, be the big question is like: do they just move Fox already? Why think hands up in Phoenix? the stranger suddenly now with Aiden, are just what the hell coach. Yes, it does red flag, LUCA Booker,
Josh. I ask that I love that removing the power for twenty five billion dollars a year and then the seventeen for. They drafted over there and I think, going to not gonna go anywhere by Houston to keep him doesn't matter they often coonskin get twenty five million a year from Houston, but how they replace him. Now, I'm in a hurry Tony Blair Milliners year that right, a Czech hardens make it. Forty But I'd heirs to makes twenty anchored in my single Anderson's gonna think they dump him with pick somewhere can't dump makes twenty million space there's screwed there now. Everything I mind. My matters will take your bad contracts or pick so you re open for business gimme, some pixel tag, it is, the car allow, leaving them ass. I have heard whispers I mean it's weird, because they're gonna be bad for a long time. He's he's he's happy now he likes. How can I think he likes his kids been?
Alice. But I mean it's yeah, I'm! U turns out! Your kids can live anywhere. Yes. What every city has Andrew bottom line about balance by you know it. Kids are like Toronto. If I was a mouse I'd, try to add me: what's the point, they're gonna be bad for awhile would have come, Karla rig this and Cubans. I got the money. The first round pick out of this, that I lay at your contract and Mediterrano Ann like we want the dog still first round pick millennium out out to do that and if Thou art as animals at our ain't done- and then you hire Becky him and to change the culture behind the scenes of an Irish, that's bring her to Dallas thousands of mass man. We need a ready made, no open, westward ballast CAD, his icon, that is just not gone away right they haven't. Even
will they hired is lady, Cynthia Marsh Committee and tea and she's like restructuring by like it. Just from I understand the whole franchise, it's a super like half hazard, not really organised, well yeah, so it just as be. Then you start over base. Who do you dream coach. The of anybody out there. They, like I mean nothing, the players, and here the college has to come after gay, good players, coaches you're, a nice guy. Like you, know him and Denis Christ going together, like didn't than work like. I want to You gonna let a young guy growth through his mistakes, the problem with with Carlyle, who, I think is one of the best five or six coaches is. He's, not a malleable coach. No yeah Brad Siemens K, Jordan Crawford's your six manischewitz automaker work requires that's not my kind of guy yeah, It bothers me that he can figure out how to make neurons no on asset. Unless now, and so I ll Just- went off the deep and, behind this occasion, a yearly donors. What happened? Essentially, Sir Rex, like I want my centers tat role,
are the rim collapse, the defence and now my centres to understand our defensive responsibilities, nor lenses constantly freelancing in homeopathic you he won't approval, I get steals and blocks anyway. Like the ball on and Rex, like I'm, giving you the Bonn, often say you, ve earned the right by playing sound positional defence and so like that. Like neurons, like wants the ball and freelancers, so I reckon had no time for it and he's like. I don't care, I'm not going to play you and that's what what happens if Phoenix called San Antonio called Phoenix instead will give you cooperate number and taken. The draft would board Phoenix their you'd. Have the tactical wise people like what you want, I am who knows of clowns rude turn it down. I mean if quietly sang to play down, Games Lester, Gimme, the eighteen year old kid with I'm quite quiet. If he's like I'll come and stay, there is not a contract, I'd do it, but why would he do that? Cohesion, Josh actual a big thing? I think they're both elegance clients,
actually a fun trade rumor. Has it semi, conceivable you'll like why those big Malibran, Philip S, diving later I would put my money on Lebron, Paul, George and Koala letters. I love it could look at Kitchener, don't judge darkened stoppage and damn Booker yeah me. I think that the perfect be like a great you're. A thing like that can both be sought their separate off the ball, I think, would be fantastic map that have Devon buggers ever to be integrated, but I make is also another guy has so young added the abbot even count anything area if Ye Luca Bucker than you on defence, all around them, they're, both kind of average methodically suggest transactions are great for them. So bridges from bridges for machine state, does not count as a separate big sleeper. Ok is one. I love jaunty porter, I love Michael porters,
I'm your brother yeah there's been some buzz that he's the better porter. I think he, I think in terms of as a basketball players Daphne by pass me, doesn't the athletic ability, but estimates of this basket by it is for sure the better, but we don't want to know my dream. Is there the clippers take both porter importer, twelve and thirteen. The Porter brothers I really enjoyed when the Moors brothers run the same team, especially as you couldn't tell, who is safe, but they are not there to flee David and I'm afraid that there are not two minutes, but I just like one Others are the same thing I like family. A family atmosphere illegal use of our families. I, like I, like basque workings of brothers, Electron, Horace, Grand Harvey Grammar and the league playing each other a joint under undamaged airport. I dont. If the problem is that of Michael Porter Foster Twelve now, there's no way Jonathan Sharks, they go back to Texas, Texas Bass. Wasn't bad spot
rackets hitherto yeah. It is too early rough. I was pretty and the lottery like when your team is bad and you know when the lottery. It's like we're, never get out of the water this happened free. She hid her. We had that I'm I'm around. Reggie Regular, died, and we had all these contracts, and you just kind of looked at it. And everybody in Boston it the same realisation like weathers, there's, no path we're gonna be terrible. Now for four years did you see it and maybe even sex, like you, ve said about Harrison and he's like well. If you look at it, he could be like the martyr rose and maybe like this like the ceiling or sighing offence, we might have the martyr rows of flame I actually admired how the how he just fought tanking for so many years, just refused to do it in backed better yet I was just so just wouldn't buy, to bananas now is naturally I thought you were just impatient. He just doesn't like to charge sweaty read about this week,
I'm doing a big thing on LUCA for Friday, I got to go into the real Madrid tape, look at how is teams using them and how it's going to translate to them great checked out on the rare dot, thanks for coming to the ethics autonomy In fact, the Lou Adler in a second but first to be like men, are not so great a planning ahead have yet it is our friends at home How can it have an awesome app that helps you find? making hotel deals at the last minute, but next week, tonight, book next month tonight I'll take this tension, three taps and a swipe. No long endless list of a zillion hotel choices. Hotel tonight only shows you the best deals at the best hotels. Perfect whether a planner or late to leave thing, To the very last minute, I've used it for multiple use, sacra tournaments in various parts of southern California. I've used it baseball tournaments around him. No, I have yet oh yeah, I love hotels and with their hd,
its programme, the more you but the better deals get unlike other loyalty programmes. We ve trapped in a staying at boring chain. Hotel start scoring amazing deals. Incredible hotels, download the hotel tonight at now. I've told you about the Sab four year. Just listen to me. Hotel tonight and now the interview we did on Wednesday in Malaga California, in one of his many houses, music mobile labour fan, the weather We take this in Malaga California. Famous Lou. Add those here who I don't know, Jimmy Goldstein has now passed you with most courts, I'd appearances at Famous MBA games. I still feel you have the most that Jimmy go the same way. Ben to allow the last twenty five years, but you have like you go back to when you get your tickets for the workers
and seventy five, the latter part of seventy two and the beginning of seventy three. I was just. Random tickets, we could get is buy a ticket. They had nothing to do with sad season. Tickets are probably seventy. Four be seventy five. So between Western Karim. Rain came at noon. Seventy five years, like seven, have asked him saying here actually met? Graham when he was had you see I oh yeah user for four years, they wouldn't let him play the first year. Fresh here and there the no donkey rather's ladder obstacles gets cream. Running around seventy. Six yeah I so he shouted have talked about making the land wider, because the yard
so do you know, got a mask bow in their talk about changing the rules to try to temper stuffy running it at so Karim comes and the man It comes in seventy nine, but cream. Those teacher play off Dame stages. Couldn't get over that Yeah, if you know he didn't have it, you would think for what they gave up for grim in our whole team, actually get it for five fires. That there would be some kind of immediate impact because he had malarkey had brought him a championship. Threat should mediocre seasons. I mean they're, ok, better, results, Yeah then. I mean he really do now. The team around him that he needed, sir, we? U at so we will first file. When did you get courts? When were you next to the bench
oddly well, first ruin and when I say we its job yeah his first, we were next to the lake or burn chapter four Can we had two seats? Then he said to for the two year one each year and. Then, when, they move to stay pause. We went too far. And we decided we'd rather set by the visitors bench then by the liquor bench- Firstly, I love this. I love. I was never the conversation normal people get the have ever which which ban Should we Sidney, I will show you one of the visitors bench around to get a different culture. We gain yeah empires and get to know that
and now also the visiting pliers are always more forthcoming, yet learned the Lakers figures Thank I say: timer in Jack is No, you is very demolishes during those days gonna, say demand, but he was in the most famous actor in the world who's in the top three in the mid seventies? So I would the right of the reason that they served euro. We started a dry started to have kid. Could she was having had movies, we remove and always started at the top. Yeah has almost the exact same time. Re drank as you really. You start every success in the mid sixties and seventy year end
Famous here. So how do you decide to share one ticket each with the most famous movie star in the world? At that point? That is that I, as a conversation, even happened. Hu, I do you like at dinner when I get Lakers tickets, yet still are no soon, as we discovered or Laker found, were basque above hands and jam, and started going to the games in getting any ticket that we do we could there was no brain, or do you want to sit court side so you say there: when did wended staples wasn't for a while, so you had just the two for the entire form run: taking. I think so. I think you are right. I imagine I'm pretty sure and Jack is a crazy, funded that biogas. I lived in Boston during the my dad's at the best action for the eighty four finals and house in Connecticut Brass Going, the games and Jack came in for game five and said,
the air eighty four file name was residential design Firstly, you there then yeah, I didn't forever game, including my eldest son, sweeter Jack to calm down. You're gonna get us killed. No other person, a cage, they for us there. These cages ran out cross the top yeah I don't know what their little balcony boxes her there. Like little balcony boxes right than they were there were cages daily to think a shark. You can get anything through. Their started. Throwing below tat are found in those days earlier, and there was no respect at all for late. Those are a Laker fan. Who you were firing. Give giving the choke side everybody there. Probably he probably all yeoman he also folders his pants gave him an ass see you zoom in and zoom out.
For the games. Did you stay over you like out of there? I think both how'd you get out of there after games, because I was crazy, they would leave us out. There were careful with us because it eventually had got. Ok, they got more respect for the makers, yeah our respect for the files. That was tough in those we were in New York. Mostly we fly into boss for the games. We there eighty five when they won the title on. I was, I still haven't one hundred percent recovered from again. I was therefore to game winners via magic, but the sky juniors guy. We now is that the hunter I'd die still think we got home by the rest. When, when can I stop me mad about this has been the thirty one? you never Thompson went over Mchale's back I'll, give it to the dead guy.
And I'm over Mikhail turning around the stone. I guess so, Let's go backwards, the Seventys! We you at the criminal Ashton punching. Tom JANET, which can we try when Credit Cromer washed in punch, rooted Tom, TAT, John Image, you rather yeah I came out early from have have we used to go into it and they gave the little room without wicked sit at half time and I'm Jack actually came out late. He missed it MR yeah, but I had just got to the core when I saw one running a crash yeah the mind tat, out of its just turned at the wrong time is what happened. Rudy.
I mean he was running very quickly. I Washington show us that kind of impact, but how is devastating over you get here? He hid it in this area was almost Karen splat. It was wet, like hearing a watermelon had concrete or something sets a good driver. Petrodollars. Thank you. Is there There was war about now. Premier was so shocking. You just hold your breath for a very long time. You know, and then eventually you know I mean his face- caved in one slash, two inch sure and yes, he walked. I fear that use covered and towers and then realize like that, like his brain, was leaking fluid. Her, like a big, got super dangerous there for a few hours, a horrible for watching it wasn't a bad guy, you're good guy it was an emotional manner. I think,
fine, but it was only a tiamat. She think it was fine. It wasn't much as have thought that you got suspended for India I never is career was over. They change the Boston. So I was going to south against my dad and also criminal ashen showed up and All we know is like what we read in newspapers and sports Illustrated Anna Sports and her back then. So, yet this guy- and it's like you just you- think this guy's, like a lunatic It was like this nice guy. He was very who you know, I think Tom which is running at em in Kermit whirls around and phrases and she's sick. I just met yeah fist and face both guy a different direction: Shoe Karim Karim through a couple punches in his day think. It broke his hambone unconvincing, swung it somebody and hit the backward bear. He broke inventions, was one. I don't think that was in our either.
And then now I didn't have met him in the lock. I didn't see if it was Will you go in how many? What was the percentage of games? You're goin, headed into the magic air? Like thirty forty, three, beyond everything tat? Could you pretty busy due to this point? what was your one of the biggest music producers in the world than year? At that point, the Roxy was open at that point, right yeah we opened and seventy three here The seventies word european, really good. For me. I want to get into that in a second, but I have more Lakers questions for some magic shows up at what point do you know, this is gonna, be the best Laker out. I am I something was different. Wanted everyone there was there when Kareem head the wind basket. Magic jumped up on him and
The first gave you barely talk to green, let alone jump up and hugging rain. And it was therefore remains- gave a personality too to the team. At that point you know which- and and I made all the papers it was ill. It was a big change. Magic come not only from what happens later on as a basketball player, but a personality too, and I I mean to give doktor bus credit. I mean he had two choices at your draft Sidney, Moncrieff, yeah and harm and magic and me
concrete factually, would have been better fed because you're lying action, we appoint God, sir, but high he went with her magic. Thank goodness I mean there was such a strange time for the week. I was I say that I wrote a book like nine years gone ass, fascinated by that stretch, when cream was the best Ghana League, that latter cocaine use and though the ratings were a great. There are tabling some of the finals, games and stuff like that, and cream was kind of the face of it, and I remember you come to Boston which was really I like once a year he just wasn't inviting guy, but even as a little kid in the stand. You've got my God, there's Kareem and then just guys wearing goggles. He couldn't be less. Stayed in whoever's. There has varied attached in that the face in a week, and I think it was true. Like I said I met him.
While I, while it is, as you see She wasn t you understand it. Seven for two and yeah growing. I mean I'm not eleven, seven for two people around not basque, about in have what it later had as far as the individual's be not only basketball players but personalities, human beings, amid all those things that came later yeah You know what he's goin through I made. He was very paranoia very odd, extremely quiet and extremely to lecture very, very well read! Ah he somebody came to my house. He
it was sort of the phone cloud was, can I come over yeah come on by comes allows. Have anything to eat, said yeah I put out some stuff sir said the dining room table. Have anything else brought more food are ok. If I take a nap, ok, shorter, more a couch lay down got up thanks a lot of any left after he got up within acres, I was always as user as Lakers wow That's so what a weird story was a hare ground is a strange, dude mayors. For a long time I mean, as we became friends, good fruit, really good friends to this day.
And not only to me but to the world, he opened up a lot What I said then greenhouses speaking engagement. There was about five minutes Jimmy had the famous column interviewed his back once in the lack room could cream never talk to reporters Agreement If there was one, did you see- I am he protected- I'm in the guy and most of his bottlers, but especially Korea, immediate. Let them do a lot of it used cream was by least favoured basketball player because it was Lakers cell takes the box play the south, exceed the seventy four final. I my whole life I was against them and then, in the eighty four finals he threw well at the head of my favorite, where lay buried in came four and then a point. I hated. It gets more, they thing and then he killed us an eighty five firehouse any and eighty seven when he was pretty old
He was still kind of unstoppable, he kind of own perish. He gave whenever you I remember these centres are, could play. He played Julius Forty, oh yeah. He Plato through already diners, but a state one year to lump that's everyone does centres it could play in border guards Gooden right. Oh, it's crazy. Is I never expected thirty years later. Here is this guy, as you said, not only speak engagements, but spreading columns about pop culture and politics and He's only bill like show and things like that and is any great, and I just never sign that come at these are really interesting. Guy, his I'm stories are really good. Writer is good right, so smart, so the Lakers they went in eighty creams grew this game game for Spain's exactly comes back in and then
I can't go to game six magically I'd say he was out on the rocks during the Am I right before the end of the game? he came back here earlier yeah magic, squire, forty one type, something to stats that aren't brought up much: silk Wilkes had thirty seven there's always the second guy was some game in asking hand nor Maxineff minuses, oh yeah, see you in that title in eighty one. The subjects are really good said the Lakers. They just skip the final because they do yours. I think I'm eighty one and eighty six, when we had really good, sell their tears, the Lakers decided not to show up. We always showed up whether we had abandoned team or not the bio. You guys sometimes Lakers. I was when I did
The magic nowadays make fun of about eighty six. Eighty says I: where were you, whereas our best team were waiting for you man came in wrath, we can keep on, can keep em off the big fella. But so then eighty four, the Lee takes off then the next day the final becomes a seminal moment for the we agreed a buyer verses magic. I was saving a series game for the Mc Clothesline overtime all that stuff and its awesome see it's a baby. That's eels were already at the top of the steps Us1 one do you know get him out of here already euralia yeah sure were at the top of the steps at them However, there was one game where they gave us helmets. What still how much a jack must allow. That he loved the whole gave us in our jack. Is it
very few basketball fan and keys so this comes along and that team comes along for a Basque about Santa sit and now, let's get that kind of team through the eighties and they dominate the west for the whole decade. In the two biggest challengers, I would say where the rockets who fell apart in a year and then mavericks were really get and they re right. Those editing there really gave them China, but nobody did. I was so Celtics, wait and wait for the Celtic no matter what what's so as this is taken off in this super successful guy, Alain you're connected to music and sports and you are you here and now before time. At that point number your mouth at that point laid seventies,
close to nineteen. Seventy three. Ok! So what I know I heard that your house is like a famous house that a lot of people pass through that house, and there are a lot of stuff. You know or not. Something but the one time I open the garage and there's a lush pardon from my hand starting to unload the boss, Juno and they're. Coming in for the tour I mean they thought it does Did you like the Getty. Nowadays, it is everywhere they get it. It sends out, because, first of all, at one of them First, houses on carbon that was built later then fifty and sixty right,
and it's all rock has opposed to be. China's mostly be would so does stand. I'm from there I mean it was good and bad. I made the bus tour that didn't happen. People did drop notes, often say you know they like going by and say now. Summit was good and now for the listening. So I done know about that way. Malibu is on the stretch scale when they highway. That goes on forever and back then, the laws or allow different. They didn't have the diviners in the middle and the little things, and it was not tat bright and it was I've treacherous raise, a railroad, yet up boy and there's all kinds of stuff atmosphere. Amre these parties in the seventies, Well you stories, you saw him in part party.
I'm saying in the seventies the seventies were crazy. There are good where they crazier than people like me, have heard less crazier as crazy. From your standpoint. Yeah there crazy, as you were thinking. Ok, what's so what typical Saturday night at Loo. Add their says. What what's the mix of there were? No typical everyone was different. That's what made it so good. Some people. How many people could you fit in there in my house? don't forget. I had on the rock, so that was an extension of my house that was what was depriving us of clever and why fifty him there, which was in also at that time. Seventy three, seventy four I still have my house in Bel AIR, so
the houses. So when you wanted to let this one night work, where was the house was the one on the water? Was it I'm already rebellion would be on the rocks and, secondly, it would probably be Bel AIR and had to do that much out here in Malaga. As far as those kinds of parties shown so who's. Your competition re. Now these parties number that the play I don't know you have their competition. Far as well, I don't know who s having gray parties, who is a new radar user, competitive guy I'd, have a big Christmas party colored, maybe one of the biggest House party but that was because who I might have been with at the time. The relationship that I was here as
individual i2, I didn't throw parties. I wasn't that kind of. Why are you you said five minutes ago that these were credible? He's crazy. He said there as crazy, as I heard I was so maybe your best, our thinking about the seventies, not yea Artie. Now the seventies August system in the report is the lead. Seventies were wild. You and I may they were here. I mean You know there are a lot more of drugs in the seventies and there had been in the sixties different kind of DR yeah There were everything that had started in the sixties was. Blossoming in the seventies. You know so none of the arm. Problem of aids came down in the eighties, So we were right in the middle and the seventy. She never did.
We learn to learn how to do it in the sixtys. It was able to do it in the seventies and stopped in the eighties from a second like an MBA career Ha Second MBA career. Yeah you're young in the sixties, and then you are in your prime in the seventies. Nicholson seems like one of the most fun people. Another way, One of them was fine people whose ever walked the planet. Sure- and here I am for these funds- I mean he's me: Jack is really Jack. In every confrontation of one used, the name. I talk about him. Saucer. Very, very smart, very funny sense of the word enjoys a sense of humour and harm single most that time. How did you manage?
well, we had a girlfriend for seventeen years, but ran still single, so Leah leaders at other. I know nobody can tie down there. Now you just can't keeps going to go So so, what's the matter, the black musicians, actors, comedian, celebrities, we're talkin like set, maintain seventy eight? What's when people are out like New York had there was tight, but still fifty four is this: the disco seen in Europe was the scene and ally, It was a mixture of all of the people that you just mentioned because Ear it was around NED met seventies, you know in the sixties, musicians for the most part of an artist were separate as a social clause.
Sure. Then then, the fellows actors and actresses that started to mouth come together. In the seventies and by seventy eight with just site. You went to whatever the spot was word. You know. Maybe it was a factory or the daisy or one of those clubs and was everyone. It was a famous actor sitting with a famous musician and artist I cannot comment on your guy. I spent time, their yeah the longest I ever was in New York? I think was three months longer at one time, but do you as one of the New York the models. Yet the axis
we had the actresses frame. Has had the sometimes in the seventies or late sixties. Actually, the music business? The music industry moved from New York? Tell I, but they are still have them all. So the l, the court's I'd, seen Make games Doris Day, always got credit as being late. The first celebrity who sat courts at night. Straight. I never saw her there, but if you Nicholson realise good friend, with her son Cherry Melcher, but I never saw it- stay there. It's in my! U nickel submitted a thing because in our sun and weighing in and there I, then it just kind of snow, but when we first started guy would jack and I first girl they were the only other celebrity
there I remember there was Bruce stamina Through stern, okay and the reason that I remember, because he and Jack add very similar senses of humor and my as far as state Sticks and memories in those kinds of things. Ah use a trade ban and they were we didn't set together. He sat totally different space and, after before we went courts idea and jacket, yell something A new jail, Durham Young, something back now and Durham was cutting and Madeira eyes she froze Lucius Allen at the fallen, far line when Lucius, I guess, was with countless me. I'm not wasn't Laker at the time scrubbing malarkey.
Where every wasn't he was at the far line just about to take the shot. Durned said: don't worry if you somethin to the effect. Point that he was making was said MIKE warm. From oh yeah, I had better statistics, then Lucius and decided not to play in the NBA, sir. Any froze declined to stop. Look around to find the voice. I miss that about the NBA. Is they play music? All the time now MBA that I grew up with an eye when you were gonna jangling in those days. You could really hear everything then they weren't play music during Gamester in time ass. There was Bush that started by started. I think he started used to leaders, man or lay her girls he started on Showtime was as much about Bless says it was about how they play. How'd you get along with him
I didn't know that. Well travel dinner. There's another two parties: yeah that's a different circle than I travelled hinge here. I ask magic matching announcement. Others hours together, cause you'd, you gotta, do the Ps Pancho you do. The pre game show and then only a double had her and you just be in this room for six hours and even their b seven games. I just jail James on his phone and I've got MAGIC Johnson next moves like while the fibers pours ever knew everybody, and you start asking questions, and I await the ILO Punchy and then I would ask him like a magic doktor bus in hue, half their going after the same girl on a Saturday night, you gets her anything out. Doktor bus, close doktor, busters. Nowhere Four has no chance doktor by sounded unbeliever
if they really were, like God, I don't even know how he would have played in the current era. Of how I don't play my honour and two thousand eighty people tell it an unlimited and quiet and that would have a magic was responsible for most of the will, certainly the championship parties and on the rocks. I was less because magic. What about the form club? That's where they might have seen every that? Senator George comes in and ninety one and steals the title from the Lakers and three guys yeah. But get changed to its one. No one was back for the Lakers two three two series and the in the bulls. Again all the games first one, they largely for one year and that's it Jordan for the point I did, he acknowledged you and Jack did, did
I acknowledge you and Jack shit. They're not so much during the flying time? Afterwards, he sat with us. A couple times Bird was the one that always talk to Jack during the game. Please tell me why he would watch this movie channel three or watch this, and you do something else. I mean he told Jack. What we about to happen and then usually back. If I had it when we were in Boston, we spent time at some bar that they all went to the bird told us about and said come on down. I forgot which one it was in fact I think behind the bar for Larry Raiders, behind the bar during the final side such reject,
the senator, oh, my God has thereby better Finally, we lost eighty five have look back and I don't know what I'd look back on. Check. Your record my mind. Of those years, they lost and then bird bad not to drink the next year, and I think he had like his bessys it heading. Would you like to have his beer, you like to hang out? When he was with Nicholson, they must have just been passed in each other's bars the entire time. Wherever there is tremendous respect both ways. That's the thing about them, fires said even on the opposite, Jane. He She knew how much of a basketball junkie and how much he knew hadn't respected jack. For who taught the machete you out of other visiting players who talked to most jack it. Both you guys.
Does I mean that the in the nineties it got a little boisterous. Some of those guys, the Iverson generation. Iverson, was friendly because in fact I went to a couple is over. I took a couple of my boys to Philip practices, because Larry Brown was a really good friend of my friend of ours. And so Iverson became a good team which always come over, say something here. Talk pretty much everyone? I'm the visiting teams were all friendly for the most part. We never that animosity Lakers during the games. Well, the eighties guys because wish off the
friendly nor mission, being one of my close range is really good friend your magic still Sty Cooper. So there was a kind of acknowledgement. All the time eventually got to a Laker teams that maybe because you were younger than us, yeah also there, a game face on Kobe. Never once acknowledged me again, never as much as he came up to these scores. Terra looked straight out: no recognition of forever For all the years, any Kirby not surprised that guy's, you any subtitles there. He gave us good the eye brother I take
titles and have them say a to be okay or out with me around Toby versus magic versus Karim versus Shack how'd, you write them great. Lakers! Oh I get some. I wouldn't write them as far as excitement its cobia. Imagine you know, as far as between Madge, can Kobe Kobe- has individual excitement. You know you can put on a documentary of his greatest shots and are magic. Was every
and magic also made his team and players better desert on said things said things about those guys, but that's a difference between on that's different feature. Interesting about Jordan was that he was, A better both yeah yeah. That's why I wrote. I revere the bird magic style because the rises made their everyone better. Neither I should think the weight, the red when he is not. Is doesn't always do this, but when he's really gone well, he can get all the points that he wants to get, but he's also making all the right place and his fun to play with him. He's got fifteen rebound here. Got tenor search. The brand can kind of go either way that positive. He makes other guys better. They can have to fit into what he was here. I don't know that Have the team that
hey man I did the closest was by him right when he had those guys- and he was the focal point and like that, twenty seven winning and now is like the best we ve seen with him fitting in with a team perfectly. I don't think he's headed the right team since to show all those talents are to take those players to another level. If you look at You know who he has covers, condition the three no matter who is worth but what s that's what he likes Gr Smith's, it's gonna be cherished my dear I chair and that's what he's got. That's wise persons beating he's it. They have a lot of other players, three point shooters and guys who can create their own shop. They had a guy was Kyrie, they traded
There is another different James's Bostonians some to golden state and in that three or four guys can bring the wallet. Yet he had three or four guys can start the play that's not true of Cleveland and a way it's not true of Houston, I mean obviously harden and Chris Paul can do it. But after that you know where is boss? That's why Boston's going to give golden state and really good cheer Oh yeah, you Jason, I know you're doing your jinx in the South X Y now They have to nothing in the in the series year to put us in the fine all year, lingered I graduated in earlier on in forging us. I can see it coming. The ones that I may have
Airbus is usin yeah. You know it that this ethics team, even other town, is totally different in this thousand different. They do remember my eye the best team that the Lakers had of all the teams was the eighty two team, which was when magic was like almost basically about, thereby Renee Nixon was the point guard. Wilkes was still at the peak of his powers. Mackadoo was there, they got that back season, his ease Karim and they would run in there this press out a combination of israeli yeah. There was a defensive where they can, they were energy Jabez them down they want something. Steamer rides reload little that the new one this set current south extent Let us, as in the damp, reminds me a little of eighty two layers tat. There might be even better than that. I mean day they don't have really don't have a magic, but they have a bunch of the other.
I said I had a really good level and look out for next year. I mean I get under my sister stones, Backbiter. What's it like been after you had this. Basically fifty year, Laker run and then Coolby ribs, his achilles, and now it's been five years or six years have just being do I shouldn't united typical paper, like a horrible time, to be honest, I went to eleven game slash this last year, part of that. Is the team part of it is a good part of it is used to take me thirty, two minutes to get to staples son, our twenty now and I get there and a code
the opposite team stands in front of a car. I won't go to Dallas care of it The Carlyle stand in front of me and Carlyle he's not always stands in front of you, but he's grudges jacket for some reason. So I take a picture of his back am I right on it? How is the game? This is what I saw. And I send a term so his sons, it back. He says, dead friend you'd. I, like all that you dave very early. The next gambie stance in front of me off, how many coaches do that who needs it almost all of ability, Pavlovitch doesn't do it Steve Car doesn't do it seems doesn't do it and I always said the other guys. I do you really have to stand
Jack stands up a leans over their shoulders on time, Sir said, but the choice. As you get the everything in the matter. I would trade, the seeds and on the other side, look loud and stands in front of us with a move would be to go across right. Then you're implying bidding, veneer, I mean it's different. From our seats, Sykes stopping at a playground sitting next to the court and hearing the guys talk, although that court talk is what's with the best argument, you ve heard, states between teammates, you must have heard of it- was probably Reggie Miller and Kobe Bryant I'll go
had to go and other right already begun the fire de Member, what they thought about nine. Something I mean they must have been trash talking. I can imagine that also meet the They say they were near each other very much yanza. But they fell right over my seat onto the scores to relax I'll how she gets a camera time. I try to pull him off. When did you start getting recognised as the Laker Guy eighties Through the eighties, I guess but It really showed up. After that I made. Pretty my child, the Lakers. Do I get that alive in what are the Lakers gonna? Do I mean if I'm
wherever I am from driving around or something I get. Those kinds of questions People have always Laker guy where's Jack. I get that allowed to people mistake you for other celebrities. If why did mistake you fur they think you're, another actor something gathered come down or something I was going to ask it it. I thought that the eighties I thought it was I condemn the website of their faces. Is it on our southern, are you out with you guys should have a picture together. You should take them to the sergeant. I have one we don't like them. I don't like you should take no gain approval matter, you know you don't look asylum Joe again quick right to talk about net sweet by Oracle, has your company outgrown quit bricks, our shared spreadsheets manual processes and legacy?
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again it's free and while we heard of Ruth check out the ringers NBA draft God, we talked about it with sharks. Earlier we are continuing to update that throughout these next five or six weeks, as we had This draft, which I think will get more and more the moment LUCA tells every Yeah me they're gonna Phoenix, I'm staying in Europe, and then it's really can be on anyway. Back to new friend Llewellyn, afraid to talk about when the Roxy took off suits you open the vaccine. Seventy three of the forty five years in September of two thousand eighteen. Neil Young opened, maybe he'll come back. New young open and seventy three here they opened and seventy three. When did it like every it happen right away. The only other club booking those kinds of act was a troop, a door and
people were try. Artists were tried to avoid the troop adore at that point. Where was the one the doors played out in the sixties were cub was at the wizard. I always get back here, so you had a weirdo whisky, Roxy and the Rainbow barrels trip and how many people could you fit in in the rocks in the seventies, in the Roxy here for Bob, while the clash at midnight yeah. Thirteen hundred once you ve got your spot. That was it yeah. You could move because a club really, I think, as for eighty years, would create vanishing Yeah, but they were one thousand three hundred bars people getting drinks or they're already taken care of before they show up. They were just standing yeah There was a midnight show
So what we are already had to show before that and then no we did a midnight. So what was the? What was the peak moment? What was the best show Hush Bob Marley early. The second show, maybe first or second shown in the United States to jog open, four, morally, their souls to those from maybe the two, maybe he's Springsteen has shown yes, Frank's place, he had a great parts, a problem and I think they had like ten size or something from when he Roxy, though That was a Springsteen thing grown up. His world player and may then I was, there was lu. Lu is there in that. What was it was the best
asked bugging you Ben too, just aghast best NBA best like your game one. I think the one in Boston probably was Oh and they won T title winded magic it to her? other other. I say there was the second one get up that someone there was so much. I think we were blown out really bad in the first game- is embarrassing. That guy and then Was eighty five was the memorial day massacre eighty salmon was too too comes back, Celtics win game, three and then the your sky game, you, eighty five, it's great Patrick just went out until under the basket shot
eighty seven was cool because I feel like magic and bird were both as good as they were ever you now, italian, to top five guys peak of their powers, bird I got this crowd guys. They were ass, game, sure fantastic. I would share yeah those serious or found tat. I may that Boston team have you had a better one. Eighty six is my favorite down when you has been shot you know you, we sent you an invitation to the files, you, U sweet, repeat yes and then just we're waiting Then came a came round for their regular. These guys had the courtesy of the same attached to the Kobe teams are not really Now, as far as cyber, not as far as the seller so friendly with the eighties TB out. Was like watching not only great Basque on a great basketball players but friends
I would see you later that night. You know at the club at the Roxy on the rocks. So now that was different, but you best Jack Nicholson story. Do you have one actually. As far as Basque about a there was a game, the tea I see he thought and shoving match. The dollar's coach at that time was in the eighties must have been the eightys and Ninetys it might have done Nelson known you wanna gotta now and oh Dick Dick Mata here did not a motto was not happy guy, not never doubt ambiguous had a mean phase out of all the time and she,
she and Jack. Somehow Jack stood up at the same time. That motto was walking by and there was a quick shoving match that would be free. But the one one game were. Lakers security actually came to me and said: if you dont quieted down quiet him down, we're gonna, take him out And I said that's something I'd like to see: I'm not going to quiet them down, they didn't come and get them, because that would have been something We see with you others at its peak down at the rafts gone. That's like one of those fan surges sit there and enjoying the year here, there was a period he was always at its peak
find me? There was a stretch where it was. What's he going to do next now and I need scream do y'all's, but she always just pick something out of the game yet that he can you know, and what do you like to yellow lot was by yourself he'd like to tell the guard guy guarding somebody that it's okay to stay right there, that he was by himself Yuna so yelled at a lot It's like a saying. Hidden knows: basketball, yeah really! Well, it's not just the schools fan are or are not noxious Fannys. Always it's about. Some that if you're gonna be a yellow, you should be yelling at that point, you know it's something that rough, ridge nearly went after a couple of on the private deserved it. Ah, they probably deserved it.
Probably went well yeah Jake. I doubt they were. I think they were all arrogant again time. Jake was the most except for Dick Vera. Amid he was just a nice sweet guy. You know, but and fourth question What is the matter? Of course she liked it. Bavaria was the rattling and lay thousand two kings game six rocket shot like thirty Praetor, as the fourth quarter of surprise. Surprise, you take a bit later at here. What's your name we know that ahead of the umpires forces view is really Guerrero garrison. He was really arrogant and his son running try the beginning. When Denmark for em, the one we hated in Boston, was Jack, Madame screw it s over in, like the seventy three,
next series is legendary. Age is killed us in this game and the fans hated, and he would always sticking to the sounds because he was a lot of interesting about those guys like you have to go after tat. Oh yeah. They would have grudges and produce a crazy types now these guys for the most part they they try to do every in this room. You don't even know their whereby the other night, through I dont like either made some bad cause against Cleveland, which is now game too. What's the game to clear water tat think I didn't
is the risk that we are getting good laws so many more of their own to have much personality. There's a couple left over, but not really all the good ones had gone joy, fantastic James Cagney of the referees, oh yeah, he would talk to the people courts. I too, I talked ass, a law gay type, a lot of people now the guys are afraid. I kept in touch with him for a long time. What's the most somebody offered, you fear, for your seats for a game. Twenty five thousand thirty thousand like hers. Another he tried the godfather offer. You know because it you're, probably going in care at that point, not recorded against, didn't get a lot cheaper dovetails. Do you have to have yeah you deliver destined for. How do you have you? Have
back on the brain for next year. I think he's coming. You wanna, you wanna, make your pitch. Maybe my lesson. Regatta has generated a too has its size got three things in projects on me. It makes sense from United I mean I am. The only reason would be that he didn't is cause he's looking for a championship yeah and you go to fill it. Maybe, but I think, he's looking at a different time in his life, a different part of his life. He should come I'd. I'd love to see him I think I've been make in this case for a year since the last files, I think what what he's done when he changes there's always it's always about a narrative.
So now at Miami Army at sight, my new life in Miami I'm here to win a tight on my play with my frail and then it's like I'm going back to Cleveland and I gotta bring them a title now. What's up to me LA is like I like. I want for MAGIC Johnson and become a billionaire and become, and I want to own an mba team, and I want to bring the Lakers a title and then I want to become the guy, and I want to own my all maritime and become a billionaire businessmen. Who better to learn from the magic johnson- and I think that's the narrative and us they by the way, the team. I begin their thus conversation that decide for em magic at him yeah. I think they they have a good relationship. I would imagine, and respect will limit, throw this theory a sea of calf space to sign you guys, but you I saw some trade assets The scenario where you sign the bride, you sign Paul George.
And then you trade, Brandon, Ingram, charisma and new our dies conch. I felt an entire gecko why they have Calliope George and the brain. You keep line so well. They may be signed, but because it is item you have in the middle of their pop never wanted to trade. Anyone tell I no matter who is getting a bit if they co wise leaving in a year. While you wait, you wait Marriage is gone, but if he trades before it's gonna get a lot of good offers. Randy sides go Adele Saying I'm, I guess I didn't rise to use trade quite ally. You can do. Ingram and charisma, its deeper for power. Energy is a different kind of guy, I mean what I make that red, knowing that he's leaving a year if I Adam yeah,
I'd send a many where to get those two guys Kuchma's a visa player did the shape hides funny that I would do that trade, but with that something biases and of not having like we got the sultan gotta go now, no seven, the Lakers probably had a better offer their dead by NOME and Lamar Odom, and couple draft backs in danger. Age? A chemical or best friends are chemicals. We want to encourage you to Lakers the Boston now, really why he did it lasted trade was better. I think people remember, but Lamar, Odom and bottoms of pretty good guys. I train two thousand seven. You now european be interesting, just like screw those guys in that open them. Hannah. I know this is like that. He's route is greater, certainly one of the greatest ever came along and my guy. What he's cow always kept that franchise going and others
guys in San Antonio, so you ve seen all these dude since the seventy who'd, you have is number one number one way that best Basque about where you ever say: player yeah. Oh. At the same line up and minutes the five flyers, its burden, Jordan, MAGIC, then the other slouch open, cobia Nolan? the millennials are growing nazario. Should I made open yeah does aversion luck for me, Clovy, Leubronn, and who do you want with that team? knowing how those players fly. Yeah, who do you call the Earl the brown eyes
It's a bird bird, the brine, Michael and MAGIC have to before the five and then, after that you figure the fair weather, its Karim, we are examining Russell. How can a gun narco with Korea the greatest score of all time, the greatest shot? It's on, stop about! There's some Russell case ha there's a bill. Russell case for diesel yeah cause. I have all those guys are my team, and maybe I just want the best defence wherever the green cases. If I need to points, that's the number, a guy you do. Our overall opens our polish great for bird to have Karim yeah it have you pretty.
It took me a while to get there with the bran being in that conversation about five years ago, I got coma, he's gotta, be there. I think Duncan would be interesting to because you'd be so selfish. As the four thousand wish for yeah. I really- children still recovering that the south extended get him in the latter, but we ve had a lot of luck sensor. I think we covered everything we get Tommy operator, yeah right. This is great I hope our exit I'd know next year will make. There could be Lakers, try. You have Leubronn acquire Paul, George I'll, come back. If that happens on coming back redress equal There are forty two games, he begged River thanks so much
The procurator don't forget to check them out at a peculiar, sash bs, thanks to sound out, don't forget there Frank offering the listings, the bus summits back ass, ten percent of one- have twenty five hundred dollars or less for any product and saunas dotcom. This, for available for a limited time only cannot become and with other discounts, are promotions used a promo code bill ten that is built one zero at saunas that come to receive this offer an out highly when the Sun ass one, I don't worry about the rear and be a draft guide. Humphrey it about are awesome podcast rear NBA shows gonna happen Sunday night, by John Gonzalez. Come enough off Rockets warriors Game three and then the day before south calves, that if, this we copy checked out are the other package that we do on the speed and enjoy the weekend.
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