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NBA Mount GOATmore and Best 21st-Century Teams With Zach Lowe, Plus Brady’s Brainfart and Million Dollar Picks


The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by ESPN's Zach Lowe to talk about the Heat-Lakers NBA Finals series and the upcoming Game 5, speculate about Finals MVP, perhaps end the NBA GOAT debate once and for all, and play out an eight-seed "21st-Century NBA Championship Team" tournament. Finally, Bill shares some thoughts on the Buccaneers' loss to the Bears in which Tom Brady forgot what down it was during the final drive and gives his Million Dollar Picks for NFL Week 5.

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Ross abroad through by the ringer dot com and the Ringer podcast. Now, where were we are still crank out all kinds of podcast? Don't forget about the art to see two package with ceased Anthea and Rain Rico they came on line. after a Yankee game this week. It's really fun here and see talk about the Yankees and getting frustrated about some is games and some of the moments and things like that, I'm starting to get it to the baseball playoffs, just in case you're wondering did Mookie Betts thing, I'm starting to get pulled in I'm really rooting for that guy. I love booty best man stuff. It's tough when your favorite players leave anyway,
Anglo covenant. Next, first, our friends from approaching mild brilliancy made Zack. Those here were taken. This is three o clock. Eastern time, one day before DM five, two thousand and twenty finals, I wrote that footnote title com like eight years ago, because I don't like asterisk for titles, but I do like footnotes. I think we have that sort of footnotes. Miami dry, get going down out of Bio missing two games. I feel like ultimately from what we ve seen with the size of the later I think they went anyway. In general. I don't. I don't see the giant footnote here, but I I
I always wonder what it would have been like if the healthy Miami team that we saw and round three what that could have look like, potentially, especially with Dragich. Where did you land on that question? This is the third finals in the last years were injuries have completely screwed up the series right like last year, called and said is by the end. First, quibbling Golden stayed series love and Kyrie are out for almost the entirety in Kyrese case in the entirety and loves case. I just like it's a fact of life. Men Who is it? If you really went back through every play off run ever you'd find an injury of some import. I do a guiding the heat are a great story and agree team, and I do wish we had it- is a bummer. After all this time, though, we haven't seen their real team, but I don't it's like you said not everything got a footnote, but I don't think this is how it works. One thing we didn't see from the heat knows: first, five games.
The thing that I thought made them so dangerous in the first three rounds, and especially against Boston, is they could be being up aid and then Robinson would head for three and a quarter or drugget should head to contested stepped back twenty footers. Or Tyler Heroin, either take over a quarter in the case of that one Boston, laughter, the entire game. Why You think that hasn't happened yet in any these five games. How did they lose that that kind of irrational confidence, heat check factor? Do you think it's nerves ers at something makers are doing. I don't know I mean, like Robinson, I feel like you're right here. As a game and series where he gets off, but I feel, like teams have done a good job. It's a he's. Gotta wear plasma, filling teams have done a good job containing him at his impact is still enormous because you just runs around so hard in such unpredictable ways that like if he takes four shots, he still in order
Lee impact for hero had the one random game right other than that he's been just decent and drivers is obviously heard it all. I guess you have to credit the Lakers. Primitive events right? I mean, I think they're guys are really good job chasing Robinson Euro both and would you The brown and eighty ready to switch out in whatever, like it's hard to do, baby instant. Maybe it's tomorrow, night maybe we still get one citizen over. Yet it was my favorite quality of that team in the most frustrating quality about them actually having my favorite team play them in a play off series, where you feel, like things are going rate gray, any look at you, you're, the carrying out of twenty oak, has Duncan Duncan Robinson made three and six minutes or oh man did those egg with dollar those. For three out of nowhere. What the fuck happened there in little moments that they would have? I thought they looked nervous game want again to date in look like themselves, and I know that injuries
in game, one that through them off and then game to. I just think I didn't look like themselves that thing that I was surprised by the they weren't one of those. Fifty fifties anymore. they weren't they won't get their hands on balls. Things like that. It even game theory was away but there was just unbelievable mean that was the reason they weren't game, for they actually looked like the heat and yet they lost an end. I dont oh, if I'm coming out of the game on my man, we We did everything we wanted in that game. What what is the next adjustment now? But it's funny, you say that cuz I have a preview I'm coming up tomorrow. They wanted me to preview game five and eyesight. Basically, that's what I wrote is. I feel, like every playoff series reaches a point where, like the equilibrium has been reached, like all the adjustments, are done, like you got little tweaks here and there, but, like all the big moves have been made, and it's just like my best and your best, and we all know, what's coming and yeah, I'm going to get no ads like fun,
was on top of this in that, but that we all know what it and I feel I gave for. Was that point in the series- and I dont know- I think they could have some adjustments like adjustments year, thereby barring a return for drivers which, like seems unlikely? I think I don't know that. There's a Swinger, but I agree with you at the game, for but the whole game, the heater distillers game. I just behaviour like their steel, steel and then Butler had that corner three. That would put him up late and again. Didn't go in and in case he beheld three and that was kind of the beginning of the end. But I thought credit to the heat that I bowl game. They were going to win. I think they thought they were going to win. That was the first time they really carry themselves like the heat and it was funny cuz Butler, missed at corner three and it was the same Ray Corner the core where he made the dagger three against the Celtics as the South expand I've just watch. This whole series gun really hero barrier now, you're gonna, miss that would really Robinson. Like I like why this
Why not around about so frustrating thing missed opportunity for the subjects this opportunity that he took it from them, but they did. I do think Would it given the Lakers, a good series and in the private, have have picked the Lakers win nicer? I think it would have been a good thing. it's funny. We were testing the other day. You know about that game for that we thought the heap of steel Can you imagine like that? I tell you. I think it's. The biggest gap in like posts, game narrative based on the result in it may seem, like the reason is really They give the heap win that damage to two. It's like death, cod, one like came about blow this. What is the need for a legacy he's not a goat and now it's. I call on the workers to control this year's he's. I felt like he says that maybe not the goat narrative part, but there a moment at third quarter resort. I talked about on Tuesday night when he got he had that. Look that real urge and look, not scared, urgent
and was really really holding everyone accountable? He took that long. Twenty eight foot that I felt like he felt like he had to make to swing them might have been the game and give his team little confidence, and I really like that, we play that was thinking a lot. I went back and read some of the stuff. I wrote about him in twenty ten eleven and you think about that Dallas Series. I thought Cuban had instant quote about it. Actually I think I read it today about how he was talking about the bronze basque by you and how its above the now in two thousand eleven. They were basically a but a break. His brain and a cup of tea, games were on there in the pandemic, hiatus when they're, just showing old basketball games- and you can- you can see him thinking, and it was like that in person to where he's just like. I can't solve this. I know what they're doing I dont have. The answer and what spanish thing the whole class, but especially the series they start out with the zone LE branches
ass. It then they they game for they figure. I had a Defend Davis there get not on the rope where's they're, letting certain gas that they want a shoe and the brine. You could see him in that second ethic right, here's what they're doing I'm solving it! How important thing to those eleven was to him, because I thought that was the pivotal two weeks of his career when we look at the totality of enough worthwhile. So, as luck would have it, I've spent much pandemic in much of the last month, watching all Jordan Games and all the Brown Games kind of because of the last dance I had a bunch of podcasts about Jordan and then the decision anniversary came, and I want to write about the heat teams yet, and you watch that two thousand and eleven series- and I watched a couple of the games at least added to the difference in spacing like
Anthony and has one out there together here in their like there's no space for the grant of you anything and you away from their thinking, man, if they had moved a bullshit centre, I'm that sure, like what the future that, like how many rings they get, and the brown in that series is the biggest difference between him and Jordan. Is that Jordan has the sheen of perfection and the brown has the huge black mark. I used correctly points and one those games when I ve been at it. Member that stat uses oh, it's usage, re lack of his career, not just plasma regular season in that game. For it s beginning at eight point, zero again and taught career low in an MBA finals gave us that's gonna, be like twenty one: twenty two languages, the issues totally now internally, importance to his career, I mean look, I guess he had two choices, which is either Sulkin. Let's get him
head forever right in every time. I get you a big stages in my head or just move on then read reinvent parts of my name you chose the latter, so I guess in that sense it's a turning point, but it historically it's still it's it's really weird. It's still really weird so the year before was weird to magic. Had that point right there after the eighty four finals, there condom tragic Johnson, and I was kind of a come to Jesus moment for him in it. And if you look at eighty five thirty nine days, basically the best part in the leg that all stretch, ironic Durkheim that after the we believe boys like never their quantity, Australian out back and grew a bearded, my contemplated life for a while it nobody knew where he was and then he came back stronger for its that's. What makes it fine that I see that might have been the worst example of it that actually almost broke him. I've been it took him. I would say a couple years to come: back from them. and then they had to fit the right team around over yet Dirk that was a four year odyssey to get to that point in blue
the court after they went crazy. He knows he's just gonna completely breakdown doesn't want to does want the cameras on, but yeah. I think a lot of grape where's went through that in the brand, the eleven finals and then the South x in two thousand twelve religious punched, him and and challenging his manner and other things that happen. Thereby altogether asked you about this now we have. Did you think the celtic Serbian, in that serious when they were up three too, I think you were at game six weren't you we have thought about that, gave it to you in your soul, feel like all these were actually going to do this, or did you think, I'm so scared of abroad is going to come out. and do what he added up doing. I one hundred percent that they're gonna win but in the building did to that was the most electric non finals crowd. I think I'd better n, since cite the bird era, cause
People really felt like we were breaking the he. You know they lose the year before and then in two thousand twelve there, the favorites again and the brown as an empty Pierre, but then the cell got three too, and they just seem tougher than them. They were really there talking so much shit and that team ads just swagger. You know that other team- it certainly was the best South exclaimed, but between the three in Rwanda who is officially Rhonda that point just real real macho swagger to them, and they felt they broke the broad and then he comes out for that game and annihilate them, and you knew pretty much. immediately you know, it a half hour. I don't get out of the bronze age it now. But that's what makes part of what makes his career so interesting is like an heat. So interesting is that every kind of dynamic it usually has a moment or a play off run where they just feel like totally unbeatable likeness unbeatable at the heat, never had them
like even the next season when they went again. Painters taken to seven like that and a pacers or stimulate was naked, Never the he'd never had their run when they looked unbeatable. Was that twenty third twelve thirteen season when they want twenty seven in a row? But then in the play off they had to slide. I just never adequately off from where it was like. Oh, this is inevitable. They're gonna kill everybody. I was gonna, say weirdly. This streak became the legacy that in that, because that streak was amazing, as it was happening there were killing teams. The spotlight was a modern spotlight right, social media employee at that point, the whole basketball internets and play the twenty four seven sports cultures and play in their killing teams, and I went back and read what I wrote about that me and I'd forgotten that there was the thirtieth game of that streak would have been spurs, send it at an mba tv in this part of the second best him and everybody was so focused on hold
they shed spurs. He he gone for thirty, that's gonna be the biggest regular, seizing game it. the ears and then Chicago really either well dang, Jimmy Butler Noah and Leubronn. I I wrote it. In a game. Leubronn went to a level that game on boat then said. I don't think I've ever seen before. Member he started guarding Heinrich was letting Heinrich go. Remember that he was letting Heinrich go by him, so he could black his laugh from behind which I had never seen you maybe like it. High school games are set they, but you talked about that when you wrote that heat peace recently, how many months ago that I don't have time, has lost all media September. I ran about decisions, almost evangelize, there's two things tat. He team that I think I've got lost historically. One was how incredible over to a part of the brown was at that point, where you know what I'm gonna do. This too, I would mentioned Pippin I'm
and quite probably egg without a third as greatest perimeter defenders, but I think Leubronn during that to your stretch when he could guard Tony Parker, he could guard Paul George. She could gardner the whisky like. He basically could guard every from six eleven to six feet and was an unbelievable help defender and I kind of, get that I gotta get to remember such remember that I watched them. I watched a couple of that. You doesn't thirteen finals games last week, he's everywhere laughing every Emily, that's like barely even an exact. I note that probably, but it's like barely hyperbole. He is all over the place, disrupting everything and when he really gets into twenty Parker it it's like. You feel bad for twenty Parker like what can you stick, this is meeting is being being do it right, it's a little like when Davis was guarded butler and some of these positions, we're going to FUCK Gb Butler. What do I do that taking ITALY Davis up the dribble way? What's what's my answer?
cute and open twenty four well Gunnar and Odin three I mean What are you gonna? How the guard arose that? Where he's asleep with absolutely refusing even look at the room, I don't understand why that happen now here, they had a mindset, it's gonna shit in this game, the other thing with abroad that year n I went to gain Excuse us due to be that year and I remember that fourth quarter, he played when they're down three to a game six and he plays. I think I think I have in mind at the time that the greatest nine minutes stretch a Basque by thing. I've ever seen an employee. He was literally every one. Let them lose finally ran out of steam near the end. Nobody is helping a misses, the big three and if the spurs get the rebound it's over, but I still feel like that streak probably took too much out of them, And I think the same thing happened with the word two thousand sixteen. I know it sounds like an excuse, but when you're playing basically hard core play off game stirred the regular season, they tat game after game with the bull s eye.
out in the energy of it and you ve gotta go out, I just that's not what the regular season is for, and I think it really her both of those teams. But this is the flip side of the Jordan being a bit of the. What if Jordan doesn't go play baseball thing is, I think her has thought about this last Steve Curly. Do they get the second three p yeah Michael because you see, even in the last stance, is worn out by the end of the second one. Do not only like it just takes such a toll on use everyone's like well, they could at seven and one in the files. Are you know in the finals, in all the people, on those bull teams who said yeah, I wouldn't like job through line that directly the ninety five without a beaten anybody could they didn't, have the rebounding at that point, that was the or were they didn't? Have the horrors grant right I've been Orlando, no edges, it wasn't happen in the other, The other thing about the two thousand, thirteen heat that I think I lost is theirs.
I think the narrative now, especially with thy casual basketball fans, are like medium casual best, buy offences that the warriors invented small ball and it Ben really had twenty first century evolution, Ray You can even go back to the early two thousands and those GMO brand subjects teams. Then there's a crazy here. There's a crazy bear Davis Year for the Hornets, where he shifts heck eight hundred threes. Then you have the warriors and mitya thousands. You had the O. Eight Celtic said that light up with posing house and Re Alan and Pierce when they could go small and their basically plain the way people by now the heat where the first team in two thousand thirteen, the first really good team. That was like this issue. We are when, when we do this, it opens above these thanks when bash plays the five. The broad has more space. When we
when we can play Miller and re out at the same time invent have weighed Rome in the basin and with the and Bosh its unstoppable nobody can figure out how to defend it. I think that's been lost, that they were kind of the first like truly successful small boats, small ball, the timeframe right You have the sun's right that had him all Red Center, when they would put Marion at four in the morning at five and people argue while they didn't win the championship, so you can't annoyed them, as is the quote successful one, but you know. as is when Miami had all four of partial abroad, Wade and bad here on the floor that everyone has mentioned, those four it'll be defensive players. Even Wade is his new start to go. Is so smart enough and can get up enough like when he has two at the rim is a really good defender and like that was always like. So many themes at one small sacrifice, defence to do it and they did not sacrificed events. Do it to remember
so bad at the final Zaire and he wasn't playing anywhere and, and he was past, but he it was basically like. Don't use this pest, and then he ended up. I thinking game. Seven came up matters, These sixty related, I think, maybe seven year they took about in the attic, but that's what happens with some of these some of these finals rounds and I'm sure we're gonna. Remember this Lakers thing assuming they win, where your leg. Man, member that Lakers team or leg Rondeau, it was came at a cobwebs and was so certainly baking. Impact crunch time plays in color While Pope, who we made far for three years, was this essential game for guide? That's what happens every year. now. We should always don't wind forward that average KGB. Again I made me somebody else, that's up like everything else, the same they need a real good Casey began to sneak. There came out so game game, five quickly, actual
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because I think that team has so much care there. That is not a we will roll over to him. I think I remember that good examples. The two thousand twelve finals when ok see was total with my Emmi, those first for games and really could have been up three one if like free, plays a gun differently, but by the time we got to game five. You know, I think over. I think of us felt that it was like you. Mr Shot- and I think in this one, I don't hundred percent feel that way because of how tough Miami is like TAT. This is the coroner coat he culture that's been Everyone's Berberian aggrandize, two weeks Savonarola team- I don't expect on a roll over, but that the support for me is what is Davis, have in store for this game, because after game too, I was really recalibrate. My pyramid thus trying to figure
I guess it's gonna tat forty now discuss this is what was dominant two way: performances by a big man. We ve seen the last thirty years and a player front and any disappears and gave three km. we came for at a really important. I thought defensive impact, but offer you a date unlocked You bet, I really watched most again for yesterday to break the skull and he was like even better on defence, and I remember from watching it in real time to the point that I think because of game, three people kind of ended, the finals and repeated April, because my anyone's who is premature and because lobby,
was so much better than the idea that game. I think it will see what happens and gave five guys. I think his defence on Butler was so essential to them squeaking our game. For that he still has a case. I that's where I was getting too. I think he is a case to I don't think you'll win, because this is the inner elaborate generation, and I also you know if you're the best born a team, I feel like you should win I know that they pay unless something dramatic happened at the O. Seven spurs to lessen sit right with me, but Duncombe is the best prepared the weak. that whole year Parker got hot for couple games against the terrible Cavs team and then that's how it goes down for the rest of eternity. But I think as important as Lebron was especially from the urgency standpoint, some of the stuff in the second half I still felt, like Davis, was the most important
That game. I watched the second have to even used everywhere with it was like a vintage car net after seven cups of coffee kind of defensive performance, and he just swallowed up everything and I've never seen a team passive them any labs. They had lamps. They were so nervous about him. It was like watching. You know, vintage too they met, tumble or something he's only six eleven. I was surprised you still need the broad orchestrate everything now yet I may still. You still need somebody get everyone in their places and run the sets in and out in IRAN way more than that. But you know the brain, like you were saying before how the broad sense like we did this game. There was a play with six minutes in the fourth quarter, where the Lakers headed defends, a breakdown use pissed about it, oh yeah, and they brought the ball up and he ran a pig. role at every donkey, Robertson's man, I think an he split- the head
so are like put his head doubtfully through the ball in front of almost and went up and like power through an end one. It was like angry the broad like reserving its energy for when he? But that was a moment where he was like this game is now at stake and I'm pissed at I'm fuckin scoring and the EU is like one of those vintage like he read it out back to twenty twelve was for just a bit. There was another plague coups by screwed up and they got a fast break lamp and the brown was furious and I think that caught a time out, our twenty second dead to stop it and he came back down and the ball went to coups men, the coroner coups but made it he made a three because in the fourth quarter it was one of those shots were. If I keep missed it, I'm not sure we ever
see him again. He might be in the woods like a Russian, the russian Sopranos, the covenant defensive breakdown in the mystery. That would have been that we never would have seen him again but actually came through. I do feel, like he's, been able to bring out better versions of some of these guys. I don't think Caldwell. Pope is a good service of a black bumper, but he's look like it in the finals. You know he's the kind wingman that that I'm not crazy about, but he's been it three added decent rate, anyplace really hard and at some point that's enough if you're with abroad, what I he's been really impressive, attacking off the durable when they run off when it by the Roma art and, like he had five assist like he's been taken place, the what I did not see coming like at all. In fact, I thought, like maybe he's washed up, is Marquis more asleep it. I've goes completely wrong. about market more, as did not see this kind. Where were you completely run at one point,
I was like. Maybe they should try Jared Dudley like in the first round as like, maybe doubly shared like embarking Morris's like I don't know what he said, dudes, making shots and bees in the right places defensively, and I kudos to rob Pelinka and it cuz. I did not see that one coming to fruition, I'm looking at his stats. I agree with you. I thought he was washed. The thing is it it's hard to assess every single three that somebody is taking is open by 5ft. You know, like seven, that game it felt like Maurice, was having a huge impact. He was two hundred and forty eight two thousand four hundred and seventy four, all seven trees are right open, but I think what I light would agree with you when I liked about it is he seemed confident and sometimes that's kind of all? Are you need for mere euro guys? I like that Celtics would have that issue, whereas they dip into their banks, which have spent seventy hundred first round pics on an they would just bring these deeds.
it's like other semi, usually from the corner. This isn't going in. This has no chance what I also probably shut forty plus per cent on court has reached this year and you son out no faith. The nobleman zero zilch wanna maker, although I will say as texted their friend had Thursday and I was like I think, I'd rather Bwana maker than Kendrick none. I think I finally found a play off back, appoint guard at least one over Wanna make eye contact lens. I, like others. I think railways has just to be a global player for a long time, and I think, like yourselves itself, Ion Linford liquor. We didn't see a lot of Amnesia Ba lobbying. I trust the guy's. Their higher might will see their hind leg until he gets traded with Gordon Heyward and all three first round picks for buddy held. Then they won't be as high as a you like that one right expire, Drag re first run pigs for, but now in county billion dollars is alive. Twenty four twenty four would have
whatever it is it alive now, but if you're talking Heyward lank furred and one of the three picks for body here, in Sacramento could get out of the Heyward contract in a year and they saw the buddy healed Bogdanov. It showed a bad. It's pretty interesting. When you see that story, the athletic by Jason, Jaws about old, buddy he'll does not returning big ones, text messages or something like that. Will. What are we gonna make of the twenty five game, winning streak that lukewarm presided over a comparison rest of his career as a coach tbd, because the Brown was out on him and like a minute and a half, I yeah- I gotta it. I think I got the buddy holster, I don't know will see. I mean I think the kings. Going to try to make the blades picture like it was Caesar whether they started outlay super slow, even though they have liked the fastest boycotted the NBA. That was what the garden then body came off. The ban should use
about it, but a kind of works like this thirty winning worms. Next year's gonna be telling for them. I did tat to pick between buddy in Baghdad image, but I'm still a Bagley supporter, even though them taking him over LUCA was one of the five dumbest things I could remember, and a draft until Atlanta then traded the pic. But member. You don't follow the stuff and I was texting you As the August was happening, I was a kid. This is a generation of disaster will obviously require thrusts all the draft x. I trust. In the media, with teams were, does all LUCA look alike, like all of them are good, like LUCA is going to be as it yesterday. Generational superstar, Marvin Back is good, like that, with the thing I do no good, like could be good, like Europe has played in the last year and a half, but it's so tough. I mean it's there
way to come back from its a documentary. You can make a documentary about that draft. I would love to know like Phoenix semi defensible because I do think eight and good and they have Booker and it seemed to had some inside and tell on LUCA from coach eager who, He had loved them, something funky was going on there and then the Sacramento thing. There is deeply some debouched stoppage no, no, no european, your mental thing there. There is some backstory with that. We'd. I think eager Cosgrove Lights, LUCA Dodge. I dont think there was any any negative until Friday. I don't miss. I don't think I don't think I don't think that's. I don't think that pic was about Ybor, it'll Luka and Booker together would be magnificent. I would really would have enjoyed that well. That would have been really fun. They sondra the theme of the Bible, says like we gotta go Geiger, you know what you did.
Sure ain't, no wonder, bubbling almost made the glass or this plan. Some cap space of cap space exists whenever the next season starts at sea, finally is still cannot open a bit. I think it should be. I think it should be I mean if aid migrate out game, fives close in eight years, like thirty five fifteen and five blocks and is the best where on the floor, I think I'd, probably vote format or have about, but I thought he had the edge after two games. He sunk and gave three, and I think they were kind of co, envy peace, a game for but lebruns abroad, and its can be heard. Takeaway do you feel like you must feel their says. A well known, basketball, voice dinner in a wilderness of annoying everything looks it is a little like be I'd, say where, if you say anything, that's not a hundred percent positive people just get so upset. There's high calibre hive, but there is also the first time
Billy, familiar with how the Piazza hive operates, jovial asset I do like the US is fine. I just met not really tweeting about the US here. I about her very often and like my regular life, but I also, I think it's interesting because there's also a pretty large corner of like the bronze sceptics, better, out there, like professional, the bronze. Get. There really is a steak. I dont know. That's about Jordan and like some wildly to Jordan or just the broncho finally- and I just its unforgivable their colours everything these people, a cover for these people are colors everything that happens afterwards, but Leubronn, yes, that what you talked about exists, but the Their side of it exists to, or if you praise laboratory, says the greatest or whatever all these other people coming
wow. This is just a lad. Let us stop again makes people mad, but the last ants per stuff was really fun. respect because it was it was almost like watching politics, everybody's just on their side. Don't want accept counter arguments. There's no discourse is people just yelling about they think is right, and that say and the reality is I mean I guess it depends on what you're qualification is for greater sooner Is it the peak of somebody that you watched or is it the career cuz? If it's career, it's him in Korean and if its peak, I still think it's Jordan. I don't think it's an r so the guidelines on what you value I've got an idea. I think it's gonna be an argument. Any peak is gonna, be an argument not well. You know, I mean Jordan's P, Was a little bit higher, but the bronze people, just like this endless peak,
did you guys, like you, look for the horizon and you're still seeing the peak like it's still there by there's gotta count for something it's a sustained pig, but you got a deal. images of their generation, half the factor into, and that's why I think like when you talk about the greatest prayers I have his texting about as there is it almost like. Did they get their generationally with? Whatever was out, not in that area like Russell, plays place, thirteen seasons, but using college for four years and their plans. In a time and they had none of their stuff and then Karim Missis for years, because easy lay but still manages to play. You know basically, two decades, which is in credit. He agreed what is going to find a baby yeah? Well, that's the thing is I had us trying to figure out something with the with the top three empty peace. Where you go through every year, four points
for actually this, let's thorough break as this is really get let's take, to talk about Hulu, guess what Hulu has lived sports, which means you can watch your favorite sports football basketball baseball. What everyone they're gonna! Have it baseball players right now go watch down there, there's some really good baseball games, even if people haven't been arguing about baseball the same way, they've been hearing about basketball, it's going to happen with Hulu plus LIVE Tv, get access to over sixty five live channels, plus the largest streaming tv library, including exclusive originals, and the hottest shows movies start your free trial today. So you don't miss a moment. Live tv plan required restrictions, apply, learn more at Hulu dot com. So I figured out something where, if you look at the top three Mvps since one thousand nine hundred and fifty five- and you give four points for a first place finish in two
It's for a second place. Finnish and one point for a third place finish in you add up all the points. Karim is the highest twenty eight Jordan's at twenty eight, the browser, twenty seven and Brussels at twenty six in those The top forgot there, obviously type Deanna like I was like that's cool because that should be the order and some order, re karim- had six envy peace. Second, a second into AIDS and Jordan had five first, for he had five. Every piece three seconds two thirds Leubronn was for foreign three and Russell was five two and three, and then nobody else is really close to them. If you extended to top for- and you make it eight points for first for for second, too, for third one for fourth Karim is sixty to Jordan. Has
these six points. The broad also is fifty six points and Russell has fifty four and those for stand out again. I think it matters when you're either as we look at this, that plan performance banners, but some matters like how many years where you one of the three best guys in the league and those for guys, were the three best guys in the league way more than anybody else here and there and that's it like it's the it's the case that the most dramatic against Toby Toby, only as nine points toto in that top three example. He lies. Could I say that there is going to irritate yeah yeah? Maybe I do he's on the contrary it, but I don't think actually I don't think really. Guy that I always kind of cape foreign. These discussions is well Chamberlain. So is what will Scot I think, foreign gps. It will look at it down you I'm points for forth every piece to second place through third
I'm just as I will be any goodwill, Chamberlain, biography unfastening by him. I've read the ball. I think your career, become underrated because of this perception that he was soft compared to Russell. I didn't care about winning as much in all this, which know better than I he there he was roused the loser. That's why he's exempt glues over the capital? I don't think that's fair. everyone from his generation said it. If you, or is he just not a winner on the level that we want the greatest pleasure, while I am to be here, I see you are selfish and nobody's Super Self Barcelona and I think, when you read out the accounts from other players in that area kind of like startling. How do you do when you whatever do want it? If you read call Chamberlain and a guy garden. You is like a sixty dude in flat shoes. You couldn't jump. I think I'll. Just I wish to put that I would I try to legally get assistance, because I could I dont know if you like what I do know the Lakers
you are aware, this kind of complicated too, with what happened in the sixty nine finals and all that. But I will tell you what I did all chapter about this. The biggest case against him is in his prime. He got traded twice and both times of teens relax, K, man will just take thirty cents, a dark, and you take they get Lebrun, never gets traded ever at any point in his prime. Neither does Jordan neither does Russell, and I think and even Karim on Karim got traded. It was because he put a gun to block is sad right. So that's. Why can't put him in there just that alone get traded twice? I just wanted to make you a little man says. Well, I tried to figure out the play, often Vps. I did this in a calm while back and have kept track of it. If you just voted for the envy p after every play offs in Brussels, still like nine or ten opinion, how you feel about sixty eight Jordan, six Leubronn, if you include this one- which I think we and we will not have them
because I have, as the two thousand fifteen play off some bp. In other words, one I got more than that's fair right. I think I think you could have a word with you. Have him, I think in one of them Durrant Warriors Championship years. He probably would have had a case then as well, particularly Eighty about two thousand eighteen was yet like eight forty point games, a nap lay off and just like. Obviously I was watching. I was re watching gave one of the twenty eight in files. Today, maize is the line up they had on the floor around the world, at the beginning of the fourth quarter of his leg: Jordan, Clarkson Kyle, Corver, Jeff, Green Leubronn and Larry danced Junior. It's like how and the gate was closed with a house possible that was the best game. I've seen him play in person, cricket yeah, don't I was on the fence with that. Give that window Katy
I bet Le Progress, one, seventeen or eighteen- if I really dig deep into it, but maybe not Turkey is going to get out of this decade was fourteen, and who is these spurs Plath and BP, and I gave it the Duncan just cause of what he said: and he was like seventeen and nine, but I think one of the great things about that team was there, there wasn't an empty they. They were kind of built. A little like this. Me too. I'm right, you didn't know. Who's gonna be gave the game series for Series and they really play it really wow together. There would be a five minute stretch revealing the poorest fee, always like the key to this team. came all team or Bela Nellie would have a quarter like you would have like his verses sailor here, a corner. So yes, a player, family, peace, it's basically Russell Jordan, the Bron done
Getting Karim and Shack are the only ones that would have three. So do it with the with the generational goat thing I'd. I thought over them for the shock. I don't care, but maybe it's so we stop all fighting about that. Maybe we should just say about Rushmore as to his herded the broad Russell and Korea and Karim, and just be done with it. You have to have one why new I the best part ever seen in my life was Jordan. It still hasn't changed a matter. What the broad look at, but I you could tell me the Braun had a better career, but I've never seen anything like Jordan and that's why I was guide the last chance existed dinner. yeah I enjoyed. The less dense was great great, shoulder memory lane. For me, I don T like the rules are too indifferent, obviously like Jordan, would take way more threes now, because the game has been geared to taking more threes in the illegal defence rules were totally different, was much easier,
isolate in Jordan zero than it is now existence like it is that it is something we will look back if anything. The scrapping of the illegal defence rules has been an underplayed moment. It idea history like this, game is completely different. I was reading some old articles about all the commentary about that at the time from coaches from general managers, some people were wildly wrong about what would happen to the game like some of the most famous best more people in the world relate to store it. This is gonna destroy orphans. Scores will be at the centre the 80s cuz NBA teams will be so good at dawn and then other people are like this. Obviously this is going to open up the game. It's a game is totally different because of that, do you think LUCA has a chance to be as good as those four guys cuz. I do
That's it. I know it. I know that I have two things are put on somebody by heads a lot you look at the checkpoint said he's had so far, nuts irradiated rackets kind of unassailable that he is on track to be as good as those guys, barring seventeen different terrible things. Equity Well, I like the wrong he's gonna play all of his career in the three point: shooting knowing and checking era unless they change their was again except, unlike Leubronn he's coming in when it's like. I told you no more for you to shoot. Eight stepped back three, the game and like you'd like so, and you saw the numbers you put up in the plastic in his young, yet he stays healthy is the districts are probably going to be outraged the thing for him, the thing that really separated Karim first and then join on the brown was, how much time they spend on there.
body and how competitive they became about that cream as the first Green never got credit for that is Kramer's addict everybody. Nobody wants to give him credit for anything, but he was too yoga in all that stuff people were making fun of them at the time like what the fuck are. You doing here, Why are you doing this? Why are you watching what you eat all these things that nobody thought to do and I was on others in separate two decades I think of Lucca commits to his body. I certainly think he's it's out. That is those guys. I know that's occur. the thing to say, but I really believe it like what he did at age. Twenty one was never doubted, history. The league in aid could say, others are these rule changes that favoured other. they are right. Well, I don't eat the fact that he's gonna become a much better three point shooter on top of all the other things he could do already. He's has a chance. Well, the obvious differences we haven't thought about is all for those guys were
elite, defensive players, right players right in their the public applicant Korean is eleven. I'm all defensive team player in the other three get everybody knows the reputations and it feels like Lucas ceiling as a defender and it's weird put a ceiling on about was like above average, like I don't think he's ever gonna get over. Maybe I'm wrong, I don't know, but it feels like above average is like a good August ceiling for indefensible. That's a really good point as a two way guy how special they, even I think bird in the media is impaired was never like. You know a number of principles, but he made a couple of defects teams and was really dangerous sin. You know jump in passing lanes and the way he rebalancing, but that the fact that LUCA rebounds the way does is sure that's a pretty cool, Maybe I could he could he lockdown somebody the way LE branded know, which is why I think Luke as the best
chance of any. We have right now, but I feel like this. Those four guys are gonna be levitating above everybody else for awhile LUCA ain't, even if he averages thirty, v, one thousand and eleven. When are we going to have to re, evaluate all right where to take a break? And then we have a little gimmick we're gonna. Do let's take a rate talk about biller. As you know, the season has felt a little different. This share were not watching in stadiums and bars but from home, and if your court cutter, you don't have some special sports package, That means resorting to streaming for through some sketches, legal streaming save force. They more light had an idea. When the game Tavern get this way back and weak one nor light actually troll fans looking for illegal streams towards They came by creating a bunch of streaming look like sites that fool people into thinking there watching the actual gave me no they're watching an insane add for something called the
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who has got a where prohibited, see official role, that's more like antenna, dot, com for entry, instructions, prizes restrictions, etc. Ok, so I mailed this to you like an hour and a half before the park, as I don't wanna. Do it two days or a day before, because I know what a psycho you are, You wouldn't be able to handle it sprung it at you last minute New Iraqi was gonna be was first, was immediate panic and then ten minutes later be like this would be fine, I'm actually Gallagher you exactly what happened is literally the exact sequence of events it added so we're doing a little eighteen, twenty first century championship bracket, the one seat is going to be the two thousand seventeen warriors, the two seed is the open Lakers. The three c
the two thousand thirteen heat, the forsayd is the o eight celtics. The five state is that twenty twenty Lakers, because at a respected for the top two Succeed a team near here to your hearts. The two thousand fourteen spurs sack love them. Seventy two thousand nine Lakers in our eighteen. We can have a playing games try to boost ratings ratings are diverse. The ratings up, it's a playing game for the eight for between the o, four pistons. In the two thousand eleven maps the winner gets to play the toothache seventy warriors. I have the o four pistons as a minus. Three point: favorite in a single imitation play a game. Who is your peccary second overpriced. or eleven mass they gotta lotta deeds to throw dark gonna point that I'm the statistical data
it is similar. I did. I did spend twenty minutes going through the team metrics here just a better than this, but you know all of the pistol. Statistics are skewed negatively or security. Their birthday. They were better than their big picture statistics cuz of how late they got she'd, I'm going to go to two thousand and four piston. So I just think that was a monstrous defensive team that really found its groove in the playoffs off at Sibley. I love that team. I love the twenty eleven MAVS I just I don't I don't want any part of that you doesn't forecast and piston. That is not a fun team, yet I would have been a bad match up for the maps because they would like. I know if you, if you sculpted Dirk defender, you would get Anthony, diverse or cagey your she'd like when you ve blocked in might that's the kind of guy you want motorway did she get which really those three months were the only time then, the two thousand blazers, where we saw
I'm a hundred percent motivated and AEGIS Ina. You know the most frustrating players of our lifetime, but when he was at his best, it felt like he was as good as ever the court. I die if she'd never made, albeit in ITALY, I think there is not even one I think, there's link, not even one like. Oh, you was thirteen that year, but I'd have to double check that are so. That means we have the o four pistons, a team that we both enjoy a team that can't really be compared by normal numbers, because that the MBA was prehistoric, that you're the pace was so free could slow way I was the year we had what was that painters pistons game over sixty six, sixty four gather: some balance is sixty six day the patient prince black gap in the sixties Diana chain Being a ladder rules that summer it's kind of amazing, it took them seventy plus years not to realise that an offence a rebound should before
in second shock. Like a lot of that idea, thanks to that guy, that was that there was a huge role. Change said, all that bad, Somebody Ramsgate anyway. It's funny said exiles watching wanted these old games today at our number, which Ghana, Jordan Game and you really notice, how big a deal and offensive rebound his late and again, when you get to follow set like you you're, like all my gets sick there really to think walking back to have courtly right huge difference. Here I mean I was like the whole March action strategy in the late nineteenth right any time any any time he could peel twenty seconds off. The clock is doing it first round, two thousand seventeen words against the O four pistons unfortunate match up for the four percent. This is this is that they had a team that had trouble getting a hundred points playing the best off fence of team. We had this century in one of the best ones our time. I still think that two does. Seventy workers are
three or four time team for me and the terrain and curry together in the play, I saw the stuff they were doing in their clay and dream on supporting parts. There is never doubt there when, in the title was great to watch. I have them when, in this series in five you have? They were also the number two defensive theme that year aroused reason. Plus thirty was twelve point, nine points, broader possessions in a play assets the second best figure of all time to another team that sounded in our little bracken here.
I mean they went sixteen and one in the playoffs I'll give the pistons the game, because their champions and they'll get their did probably find a way to get a game. But it's going to be interesting. If anybody can unseat the twenty seventeen warriors and this little gimmick we're doing cuz, I I fundit, I find air cases, the greatest team of modern NBA history to be almost air tight. I agree. I think that the two best, the three out of this century, the three teams for, in terms of stretches of basketball, we saw with the open Lakers the seventeen warriors and that he twenty seven game went straight, and I think that those were the pigs right. That's the weird the weird thing about the spurs they never had that year. That stretch we're just say: how is it that one team it was like that they
ever calibrate the Robinson Juno, be Parker Width Duncan thing where everybody was that kind of their peaks. They got ninety nine Robinson on the five spurs day. Maybe it would happen, but anyone guy save my reaction to that from what we get to the twenty fourth transverse, I will go there to see down the two thousand one Lakers tumultuous year for them lot of feuding, even in this fake bracket and and they really came together and put aside their differences and you still getting peak shack. You're getting blasphemy into a super duper star, Cobby you're, getting the team that complete eviscerated the kings either
down to around three. I can't remember where each game, either Shaq or Kobe, has some crazy game, daddy and Kobe. I think at 48th and the clincher doing this off top my head versus the two thousand and nine Lakers, which is fun, could Kobe gets to guard himself, which I think is probably a dream, come true for that decade, Kobe anyway, but you have guessed, saw and bind him leaning on shack from a role player standpoint. You have the Orissa older, Derek Fisher verses. When Lakers had early Fisher Hoary Rick facts are that those really good team, guy, I think they run him over and I think two thousand one shack wants to stick at the two thousand and Kobe in the search for some reason, I'm tempted a bigger sweep
two thousand one Lakers when fifteen it wanted to play us there. The team I met a hinted at before the best net rating and policies in history, I'm gonna undefeated day they lose it over. And I were centre or they sweep the playoffs which nobody's ever done ever. I just think Shack and call me were so dominant yeah that I just got noted all their coffee and pal plus by Non plus Odin plus you ever have any answers with. Eighteen We talk, footnote titles, the owner, footnote to big white guys covered covered cagey, goes to set all night something surveyed the oasis ethics, but then on the branches. Getting you know where we're just sit there waiting for the brown verse, Kobe, I still feel kind of cheated. That would have been amazing and then Orlando's Ike hold by beer. At all said there in the fire
ass. A matter for those gaps seemed terrible match up. Orlando is neither a match for the men are really getting. You got the nine Lakers by the way sixty five and seventy Billy, really good team, but I just think Shack brought them in this in the stakes years. Will you and I both of Gaza and that was a really good guess all they had the whole year, they really figured. how do you use em? He is perfect for the triangle and- yeah, but otherwise shot price shock. Just put everybody in the basket business. Nothing! You can do this every one of the basket. I read my pyramid in disarming the top hundred that that sounds totally possible attack probably made the top. Then he still here he still lurking next round. He two thousand thirteen, ironically playin, the two thousand,
Tina spurs, so the slightly infare version of the spurs the year before almost beat the two thousand thirteen he and should have set out. We have a say you'd, better version, since we saw the series are to take the two thousand fourteen spurs and in our first upset this a tough one because, like you said it the next season, the Tibetan fourteen spurs call the heat, but the heat were tired and would be here later they were getting old, are ready to break up. Lebron was about to leave them debates of the big dipper that says you get with the 14th spurs. Yet a healthy, Tony Parker member is hurting thirteen fires, you have co. Why? Who now has a couple years under his belt and further the already live here. For the first time, we started to look at why, as like, oh man, this guy's in just a rope where this is going to be the transition guy for Duncan and then just randomly Boris. There is, but one people
Two thousand forty. I get that I get healthier weighed in two thousand thirteen. Now you can and you get you get the last kind of important bad. A very slowly. The defence statistically their incredibly similar games, almost exact same regular seated narrating. spurs in the play. Ass were much more dominant, although they were dominated the twenty thirteen heat. Twenty fourteen spurs plus ten points for honour possession the players as third best all time but weirdly eighteen and seven, which is underwhelming because Dallas somehow took them to seven in the first round. Heat were also one thousand six hundred and seven and two thousand and thirteen attempted I'm tempted to just say I pick the team with love but I love that two thousand four fourteenth perceived so much and ages found your body for like up
They found Nirvana and I'm gonna. I've gotta go between seven and get it. I'm gonna go to twenty fourteen spurs GINO Leave you don't we buzzer bitter to win game. I think it's the right thing, because it's basically the same says we two thousand thirteen thirteen except you have. Why is twenty percent better and Parker or South India's a little bit better? So when you consider they came within one rebound of beating them into. Does there ten, you figure, those three things die. They wish is that as a bad match up fur Miami Alot away is right. It was a team that was plainly Bob Movement, small ball version of what they were. Doing anything that had as it turned out a generational defence appear to throw leubronn at others. work where low level levelling the level playing making up and down the roster was just outrageous. Just you know, data five really good pass was on the floor all at once. It just ran.
He rang in Siberia ATLAS reward those persons spurs in seven upset our first upset, I gotta say I feel bad for the two thousand fourteen spurs historically, because everyone was expecting Casey or the clippers, that was the ransom VP air. We were thinking about the Brown verses Durrant, the spurs miss their chance. They blew at the year before are they weren't gonna be able to make it back and all the sun there in the fire then it was likely Brown, the Brown, the ban them by the last game. So is, oh, my god. Could the brown leave and comes first and minimise the spurs, beat the shit out of them and those files? were we up? You know. Last three games are twenty in the second half of each game and the end, but that all case due to the series for them with the western conference finals were against oblong city. A back up is the first to Ganz. Yams Back Oklahoma City ties the series it too and if you like, but this is it for the spurs
don't get by these theories. This may be the last chance to get one more ring in the dock in your eye. They summon the enough to win the next two games, including overtime, arrow, busy and game. Six, I believe twenty Parker missed the second half of the game, with an injury corps that security Joseph Thumb right, and that was- and that was the first coming out of that series were kind of looking at the whispered thread thing like. where's this going. You love the westward there. I think you ve got a lot of knowledge at you. You love it at the time are formed by a match up. Oh eight celtics against the twenty twenty Lakers, whose some people are saying receded too high. In this I saw this. I saw this
I just wanted this match up eyes. I saw this as that bill is courting maximum internet anger by setting this measure, but it's a great one, so You have this. Oh it's out the same died over your pic and I dont your pic and now I'm willing to talk it out, because you have the KGB Ito not only defending the Davis but talking all kinds of shit to him all tat. You have a Perkins Dwight, Howard, probably a fistfight and game and both of them were suspended for the we have to factor that in or somebody how about and knocked unconscious I who knows you have it's a big Celtics team right. I think one of the things even as frustrating as the coaching was that year and in some of the lineups with that. Oh, it's, not the was they go small. They could go back, they were malleable. So if the Lakers
in their small light up with Davis, the South Ex could respond, with their small, add up with care, said the four and shooters and their supporting cast was better Pierce, as somebody that highlight a success against brought over the years from that saying, he was better than a but was tat when total. Go with him it away, and yet I was a young leubronn, but was better and that serious and in two thousand ten I thought did some good stuff and that serious to another He was always able at least slowing down and make them work, because he was so strong. and then the re on peace that tough one him run around screens with that in fear, deeds chasing him. I think a key battle as Rondeau against play off Rhonda O eight round oak heads. you're one raspberry piety arrived at it at the moment.
right away, Rondeau is a big wildcard. He'd have some weird require games. Then he'd come out and put up like a triple double like with the final clincher use outrageously good day here, what he's got, he was kind of unplayable half the time it was feast or famine. Their games You say you got to get them out of their play. Eddie Rabbitt, put in any house, yeah yeah, I'm going to. Let you pick this one cuz I'm by so you just outlined the case for the self x Ray, which is that, like pierce plus cagey equals the Brown plus a d, is better than anyone else on the Lakers blah blah blah. Would that the case would be? Could I d? Could I d be the best were in the series? I think that's how they went because actually think this ethics,
they would have thrown dudes at the brine Leubronn would have done what he always does in these areas. But what would a d have done in this area, especially with cagey whispering terrible things to him? Every game challenging his manhood Perkins hard fouling, everybody Perkins gets thrown out of at least two of these games. I gear thing: the Lakers bench has been pretty good in this way off, run better than expected and would do well chosen Ray Alan, if chased around the heaters, bring well ok here my thing with the two thousand and sell this. Yet I can take you if the hawks take. You seven in the first round and then surely is ended and then look run by himself with apologies to the residents one he doesn't. I can take you to seven in the second round. I just how I can hear the subjects as well. All four of our wines against Solana, we're blow out in all three of the losses were clear. How do you like,
hawks. Take you to set get sixteen intend in the placid. Worthwhile record of this whole group, sixty six in sixteen in the rain. Please. If they almost was more play off games than they did, regular season games not really well there last year that those first two rounds are alarming to me. I have to, and then I just like as the bronze. I am actually gonna pick the twenty twenty Lakers in his seven game. Bloodbath in the series I hate to say it, but I think it's They pick us because the away calves with the brine a and fairer version of him as great as he was. You know, as a twenty three year old and no supporting cast at all took these itself, six to seven, and I wonder why we re now getting Smart Leubronn, I'm getting Anthony Davis, getting a better supporting cast like it actually makes sense that they would beat them and also
we're all imagine these ridiculous counterfactual, like the twenty eight did thousand, doesn't Celtics defence. The Thibodaux defects like innovative in shrinking. Engine unfamiliar like was doing crazy stuff, while twenty two Leubronn and eighty heads like the complaint against that basic defence for ten years now, so the surprise factors and arrogant as a solid financial says, I'm taken out taken the broad, and I ask that HAWK series still bugs me to this day. but everything and you have to admit it game- seven cleveland- you were terrified of Leubronn terrified, I that was the most frustrating title season of any title. I've ever rooted foreign and enjoyed as about and then there is so many moments of uniquely Rebecca I'm like a crazy person in some of the key, I right, I just couldn't believe the lineups playing and I think they stump. Into the identity of the team halfway through that Detroit Series and from that point on there really get
And that last users- and it acquires doc, was just so enamoured with big ball basketball. and meanwhile they had one of the better small ball light up. She would ever what, with ad house, and re Alan and Pierce and cozy and cagey they were unbeatable, have no idea what the advance benchmarks wherefore that light up in the class, but it had been rejected. You can't let the Atlanta Hawks into Dunwoodie he just seven gains in advance in this victory, but you just eat. You can happen well that not to mention the broad by himself with the latin Wally Serbia and whoever us was on that fucking Sasha Pavlovitch, right, we're out of the next round, will go faster. The seventeen warriors in a one for match up against the two thousand and twenty. Unless you in weight way, we gotta figure that out
so we had succeeded bans that mean we received, or is it all right over no restating ahead of you, like the NBA, nourish yoga, I so seventeen words against the twenty Lakers sore, basically getting the same batch of Vienna. I felt this is it not. The warriors have an embarrassment of riches there actually all locked in for the entirety of the seas and that Europe is its their first year together with Katy Kd has been that mean: there's no answer for Lebron, but Katie's like the only winged who who can really consistently go toe to toe with him and sometimes I'll. Do him in playoff games,
why he certainly did in their final Cypriot better than I am and seventeen was it was closed, but he is better. He pulls up in his face and his two shot to win game. Three and canal series basically is hard to get the worthy boring, but that team is just absolutely ridiculous. That's I found the other serious is marching. What are we gonna forget its the open Lakers against the Cinderella story. Two thousand fourteen spurs not that interesting to me. Let's fund of o one workers I just want Lakers were so that is the greatest flip. The switch team at the history of officials, words when they decided to win Dave and specifically Shack decided. It was time to play. You were just you were just the add on the road when the steamroller is coming for you, it's too was just over shackles,
the best forty first, forty four minutes of a game flare of like the last forty years since Karim and the problem for him. As always, the last four minutes when you started value, may get nervous and crunch time all that stuff, but then they had Kobe, who is like red, totally ready to be any closer in any close game. I that that team was awesome. It's such a bummer that the e almost half the merge, the two thousand regular seasoned with two thousand one playoffs- is the best version of those two years, but that in time, a correctly, but when I was there my book trying to figure the greatest teams twelve years ago, that was the team that really jumped out to me. Historically, this run, they basically have fun. some come to Jesus Phil Jackson meeting through the last twenty five games, or so all the way through the plants there just annihilating everybody in the league, this pretty good that season. You look at the all MBA teams, it's it's see where better. It is peace,
see web as top five on the aid at your they destroyed him Duncan. I think I've heard that year. was it. You got hurt o one hour or to one of those years, but that was kind of either now Parker. Yet out of the dead. You know. The eighty there there that he's kind of an older spurs team cage didn't have to help yet, but but vague and general there's a lot of talent. I hear that was the Iverson Vince Carter Freedom and they just in your right there and there the one I ever seen game away from like true basketball immortality. If they, if they win that game, everybody instantly remembers them as baby the greatest play off team of all time. I dont think when's ever going to do that If anybody would look, there's we didn't think has sixteen. need a one another, sixteen to be the ones so maybe someday, but that's really really hard, and if the twenty seventeen warriors couldn't do it, because that that was the you know
they got almost all the way they right there were fifteen to know they could stay. It was right in front of them in and they lose game, for, I believe If they do it, I find it hard to believe anything will do it. I think. What's the reason I would say Nobody could do it. Now is the three point factor and how random these games are now there's this is no Reimer reason you can't even com, simulate the shit. How are you going to computer simulate like the one random warriors game, where the other team has twenty three 3s and goes twenty three four hundred and forty from three like that's what we can't factor in. I think it was a lot easier to do it with the two thousand and one Lakers alright. So we have the seventeen. What thanks to our Our fine are play off teams by the way that makes a parting gift for you. We have the two tat. Seventy warriors against the two thousand one Lakers. I feel like that
right match a diameter yeah. I didn't really actually think that art about who is gonna advance, but I feel, like we landed in the right place, those over the two best teams of the post, your dinner, So we later the right place that it's amazing, that a heat team is it one of them and like we, don't really feel super regrettable about this one thing about the he'd like its it: no brainer that these are the two teams. You end up with what the problem is. Michael Bronze, not already it seems the bronze. around team is not in is not in the final and if your spine We were doing stretches which would be another itching bracket, and then you could have like the two thousand. Sixteen were, the first twenty five games team in here and you can the the heat streak. You can have the first two months at the two thousand that South Ex, maybe that our next bracket
Sixteen warriors might have been the most fun like the current shot in Oklahoma City, like doubles fund regular seized at a moment, for everybody is not a thunder fan. that was like everybody remembers where they were when that should happen, it's more Finally, they went in sixteen in the calves when in two thousand seventeen and other stuff that happen from the broad happened with the seventeenth him. Well, that's the thing is like the terrain, signing immediate change, so many things, but the twenty seventeen finals, that's the best Evelyn team up of La Bronze Cleveland Career yet and they just go in there with no shot, because this team was because the salary caps Blake was just created by Thursday nothing you can do. They have for all NBA players at the same time, including arguably too, of the top.
the players in the NBA? Neither calves team is really good, worrier Lakers, so for in a play it out. The case for the Lakers is shacks. Esteem rose the warriors and puts up forty three and twenty every game. My question is: the where's are taking advantage of this modern Basque by world, where they get an extra seventeen points. It from three's social Shaq. Have your tubes we're just going to come back down here at three and we're putting and pick her up every time. I actually asked about this. I can't remember if I was on a podcast or off the record sofas off the record. Sorry speed, but he was just like we would put shack and pick and roll They are, however, you ever he's guarding would put him take a railway Edward China get either Durrant or Currie with Shack twenty feet from the basket and we're just gonna. Keep
not until you have to fill out something now, I think, that's easier for golden state to do then. The counter which is worse can oppose shack. I'm dreaming green fifty times, because fraud, they'll help and yeah that'll get some Lakers open pleased that it is harder to just give him the ball. Then it is to put him even if these guarding the dollar you just put it would all on a pig, I'll see what happens. There is one other reason I think the, whereas when I think Coolby, two thousand one Kirby either say it was a little off the reservation. I think he sees this series as like they're gonna, triple team shack, I've gotta when this for us and there you would have had that alpha dog thing resurfacing. Where is it these guys think they can shoot threes watch this and co because we saw that happened a couple playoff series where he would get thrown off for for basement the dynamics of the seers. So I actually did the warriors win this and five, but I think Jack has one game or he has like
fifty seven points I'm going to the Lakers to game. Just cause, but I've had five might be there. I call, but I just give the Lakers, I'm gonna, I'm going to a magical, each leg bestow upon them. Twenty twenty seventy levels of three point: shooting volume I do feel like the way they overload on Shaq. The Lakers will have a couple of games where they get really hot from three. So I'll give him a couple games, and but I think the warriors are the warriors playing back to the future time: machine peace so that if the Lakers are the two thousand one roster, but we ve now injected them with the knowledge of other stuff. They should be doing in basketball in two thousand and twenty, and one of these would be like yeah. have horseshoe like eight threes. These open just put him up Kobe, shed, shooting threes Fisher shoot five. You should get the thirty three is an that's gonna open, except for shack. That might actually
but ass I was not taken the where's, that's the guy that, incidentally, I hope that we get to see a team in our lifetimes where you ass. They think about whether you would take to twenty seventeen warriors or that team, because that will be a special specialty and I think the guys that team killed. I went to the shop. The special dream, like it didn't last: it lasted three seasons and the third one injuries derailed them completely the end- and you know, but that's all I was meant to last- I guess, but when they were locked in I mean there was this lake. I have said this before I remember game in Denver. I think it was a year later in the following year. Actually, The nuggets like hung with them for a quarter like, of course, have the crowd, endeavours warriors fence. We want to ensure long term where's fence agenda and in the second quarter? They put all their best where they put the deadline up in in like what seemed like a minute.
What I'm like a nineteen o run in the game was over his like you just watching like I don't even know why you're supposed to do like it there's nothing. You can do Gary Paris, London around here Guard people like you, I'm sorry Second, it was our Gary Boyd, whereas the other thing that team is vague without whose door a pretty good point of his career and he's like the fifth guy. You know which that's why, when you start talk about historic stuff in the these teams, the leagues smaller. So you know you have teams that have like Dennis Johnson's their fifth best guy. You know right by Byron. Skype is the Lakers fiscal fifth most important guy and this team. As I wish you would have been like the third most important. I had a normal thing and I think they would all a thing that was you know there is a fun alternate universe where Katy goes to Boston and sixteen
and the league is just a lot more predictable from that point on right, because then you have little, it doesn't matter where he goes as long as it's obviously does everyone. You work in a way that he as long as it's not golden state, could then you have this Orient Leubronn EAST rivalry thing go in the West can opens up, and this really nice way we may be tackled by James Hearted differently. I don't see why this is a big
his wise much as he does it as much as I am sure you won't want to hear this. The peripheral and stuff is big for gaiety because I dont think I dont think fans are ever going to quote a quote count those two titles as her as as, as I don't think, they'll be waited the same for his personal legacy as he wishes them to be. I just don't think that will ever be the case. I felt it probably the fourth part I did with a couple weeks after they want that. at all, and I could see it like this kind of like what does that have to do. I just outweighed the brown, the final slow, you gotta get any credit for that. He can't take that away that you don't european. All that happened. I did. I think I'd like remember this guy before the Achilles heel,
You talk about them out, Rushmore. We started with those four guys like he was on a piece to get into that conversation like TAT the good. He is a two way player he just if he wants that will see how it looks when he comes back. What if he wants to you know continual unnatural he's, gonna need another ring in a different circumstance. I think that's a fair thing to say: what's which over under four years for Katy Inquiry together, don't answer that I won't get in trouble. No, I don't Here again, I shall save. If I think you said the over Emily, what is the NBA taught us in the last five years, like do not assume lunch? Every four, like hardly anything right, I mean you know, I think you said given that day.
Assigned and they haven't played together. Yet I think you said it like three point, five or four point five and you start to four point five. I you start taking under my own under three point. Five is a good is a good one. I'm worried about Katy Postage killers that day, he sat he's thirty Tunis he's been in the league since he was nineteen and he has miles out of you know- and we haven't seen anybody with that injury come back at eleven of that. I've really like yeah, also haven't seen a seven footer who can shoot and very often it's basically heavens, for that right out at the end of the third age, so well as because he could strike young, I can't remove them say more, but I will reign fire on you from all over the floor. The point you can listen to the low post pack asked you can read: Zack he's got a preview, come up a game five and then I'm sure some other fats
as related content, and I will see you could be in the we're doing a book, a basketball part together in a couple months. Barometer come on yours after the final stage I forgot about that, I saw. Is I always like those? Those put your basket? Was my brain going in a different direction and others I could see it thanks. he's going to see a body I'm taping million dollar pics right, picks right after that box bears whatever the hell that was its low past eight thirty here. Pacific time watching Brady and falls with the Superbowl rematch from a few years ago, it was like when Gray Leonard fought Roberta therein late late laid their careers They got a kind of looks like these guys, but they were not the same guys. I feel bad for Brady. Brady gave me two unbelievable decades. The football fan and now he's on this new team that commits ten. It is a game that gets no respect from the rafts. It doesn't seem like the
the team ain't even know each other and then to cap things off after you got the crap kicked out of him made it all the same kind of nervous quick throws when he gets press late in the game should have probably been picked on. The second, alas, drive and I M just going crowded beaten up bear any definite change. The way he was playing the game went along and then that last DR forgets. What down it is and now look eight years older than Brady. I will call my son by my daughter's name and vice versa, every once in awhile. It happens when you get older. When you hit your mid forties, I think we saw it braided tonight. So does he miss Palecek? Does he miss the Patriots because he missed the continuity? Does fans only. He knows, but you know switching. James this year, especially when you have I'm an artist spend with anybody she's, gotta, be weird for him,
a weird waiter, annual bugger. I never really understood it and everything I was really worth that. Certainly, would tell somebody the competitor like he is what they should do and what decisions they should make their career, but upside versus the downside, we'll say we'll see what this team looks like in two minds. I'll tell you one thing now, regardless of their cohesion thing in God, when coming back Evans Planet, a hundred percent all that stuff, it's still a barbarian team in itself, a sloppy team that that makes them place than was the case last year. I think Brady, Hudson
perception like this year tonight I felt like he could have had a couple pics there. I thought the bears defense looks really good and if it, if I was a box fan long term, regardless of the cohesion health factor, that a really good defense seems like it can give Tampa Bay problems, because I don't feel like their offensive line. Is that good? I would say it's below average, I don't think it's a disaster, but it certainly not good and they were just you know, get not push outbreak the whole time they even had more sacks than they are credited for cars. William acted the slammed Brady down through the tariff. Thank but yeah. It's weird! It's weird to watch upon another team. It's weird to watch him do old. Stuff, and I guess I enjoyed them much any better against the diagnostic.
You know what I am going to bed on. You know what I was thinking of doing. I was thinking of heading on week. Five million dollar picks yeah Fanduel didn't put me in charge of their sports book for a day and if the had I feel like, I would have come up with the same game parlez anyway, but these eyes were using are off from banjo and they give me the game and gift of so many different combinations you can do with with parlay declare Prob Point totals my lines. The best part vandals refund, the first same game parlay lose on any NFL game each week up to ten hours. That means you can give me a different parlay risk free every and if our week, all season long. That is like free money, so, for instance,.
If you want to do whatever you're saying game, parlay is maybe it's DAK Prescott thrown for at least three touchdowns with the Dallas money line, something like that. That would be good, but actually knock yourself out. You'll get ten bucks If you don't win your back, do it all season lawn mentioned to you also that Fanduel is the only sports book where you can play the same game. Pilots listen up set up with promo code bs. So then said. Even if we are to have an account you get to go, see him parlez risk free Aussies long on the fender sports book. Don't get these from a could be s when you sign up must be twenty one plus Present Jersey, Pennsylvania, Illinois, West Virginia Indiana, Colorado, Iowa refund issues, as now Withdrawal, say credit that expires in seven days. Max frequent and ours terms, apply gimme problem
your gambler was Virginia. It's an edge, a gambler net Indiana eight hundred then, where the Colorado eight hundred five two to forty seven hundred Iowa eight hundred bets off, ok milliner, picks here's what we're doing. First of all, the Courts they hurt. My feelings are weak one. They lost again through the jaguars, where this abounded Ponto again, I let my way I came back with them a couple times, including last week. I still feel like they are severely undervalued. I think they have. I don't know if they have the best defense in the league, but they have the defense, that's playing like the best defense in the week. Third and Davy away over our first offensively France has been a little spotty, the pre slow pace. The receivers have been healthy river This has been ok, not great, they can run the bother. Rookie towers, really get
just in general, there just a good kid good team deck and black protect rivers. And make a lot of things happened. The defence are playing Cleveland there, one unhappily favorites over the Brad's Cleveland, twelve tv away His work has I've seen a lot of Cleveland. They do not strike me as a top to obtain their plus six turnovers, which I think explain. Some of their success been three and one, which is by far the first four turnover differential. You don't have no job and, as we learned with the Carolina thing, don't overreact when running bags get hurt. heard, Antibes, ah maneuver, a little bit, because as much as I love cream high he's hurt to hear. His grey last weekend, believing that game. Their claim he's fine or that daddy may play that you know here it's pliable, but I don't know Screens especially leg during this point:
the season when it just seems like a lot of people upon this point, that there are a couple backups our fine That is, why bring that up? If there game, isn't lights out, Thatches means more Baker, Mayfield doing stuff and I just don't trust them. I don't think he's been very good. We haven't seen him play a really good Hence this year, and I can't believe the courts are giving three I I'm getting an extra point. The half here Cravens allow Cleveland Defect Stable out a hundred and seven first doubts which is third to last in the weak and for the courts. haven't really had an awesome offensive game. Yet this is the kind of defence you wanna play. I just think they're better and I'm getting a free, point two half, so I'm taken the court's brands and it's you gonna forward. So that's one game are taken, Carolina is or by one and a half over Lana Carolina burn me two weeks ago,
smartly stayed away. Lastly, because after our way they did errs on our car like what's going on at this time. their nineteenth interview, Atlantis, twenty seventh Elaine Isn t it people camp we them further. She had developed a hundred one first dancer banged up by defence, I I've given, by them, as the nine in seventeen that scores alive, points and is in quite a path to him, but his fun and frisky. Now that this is or that our Carolina. I really Like my room, I've been really impressed by the Panthers I I read all morning about a bunch of stuff is weak. Five is when you can really start apply. We learned from the first. weeks in the map. Rule thing is a real thing. He came and every year we see one new coach come in and bring like a new culture to attain its happen here I, like all his quotes like two weeks ago.
for they last Mccaffrey when he was just like, I might Davis is really good down her back this guy Dhaka. Don't Let us out, because just because we have my Davis NEWS right, I liked the weather in Bridgewater? They haven't made a bunch of big players yet compared to kind of what you would expect from a team. That's been moved, the bother had they been able to move the bar, but I think this is a classic just well. Coached grinders plays all six minutes doesn't beat themselves can attain against the Falcons team. That cannot play sixty minutes and those bits itself. So like that again appoint a half a part as we think they should be favoured in this game inside matters at its in Atlanta. So that's are that's our second one with a gun at Carolina plus one at the third one. I can't believe I'm doing this because I wrote them off three weeks ago. The vikings are past seven in Seattle and if you,
look back at Minnesota's first for games, it actually makes sense why it started out so bad. They who they lose too weak one way to get killed by Green Bay. now in none of us realize yet it was the Rogers Revival season and then they lose TAT Andy, who you know might be one of the three or four best teams in the leg is playing like that right now we three they lose. The Tennessee by point in again They easily could one there their in the fourth quarter. Then. Last week they beat Houston. Minister, not as bad as may be. We were fail and they were after we too in throw in the end the dove and cutting whose looked like the best running back in the leg, say when you, when you watch the games and other tvs every time he gets Bartha Jesus, so you know that they looked out would Jeff
send the Ricky Receiver being able to actually contribute and do some stuff. The place out of this week: Seattle, twenty fifth defensive db, away, they will add a hundred nine first ads and for games. They don't have Jamal items that have a pass rush, secondaries that that good either. And if there is ever game for Minnesota, put up like forty points. This is the game. Now I hate bedding Russia Wilson, but I feel like it line should be like Seattle. By for foreign half MAX Seattle beat Atlanta congratulations, they beat the Patriots and again If came Newton gets hit on that last play its. Alas, they beat Dallas congratulations and they beat Miami. You know we're training, Seattle, I get says container and it's really adder respect for us, but the defences in their yet and there.
backside their Carson's her. We don't know if he's playing this week or not his back up. Those hide he's hurt, in general, like they're running game wisely Wilson Look they're running all season. Wilson's like that. Running back on the team, at least the health. So you throw in that. This is in a vikings, don't wanna go one in four hours. You use you just billings, almost, must win game for them and and I like the fact that cousins doesn't have to worry about a pass rush or secondary and can actually Kirk cousins on the re game can look pretty good. I think the values can win this game. I love getting past seven with them, so we're doing them now. Those are the three I like the most courts, minus one in half Carolina plus one another vacant by seven I'm gonna go later on these next three games. First one is charges Poseidon, African Stuart. Once this is
Money again that might move moved, Indianapolis chargers beat since he, then they lose close games to Cancer Carolina temper. Their next five games are jets. Miami Jackson, Vegas Denver if they can somehow either poor for upset or keep a close and and get some momentum to to those that five games they're kind of a dark horse to make to make the plants, because her get he's just fight our good. It sucks. The typewriter or lost his job because you get stab by the doctor basically, but her words get and you have to plan you just have to do. Is we talked about em on Sundays bodies easily, it is exciting. In between between them. and the fact that I think their defences been pretty frisky nerve, its little banged up
an. I see them hanging around this game since the biggest thing for me, the saints twenty six defensive db away, when there are forty nine percent on third doubting as some in seven four eight on fourth down their defence just hasn't, played that well so with daddy and have even if either you raised as the whole thing rake puts a hundred short passes, knew how the fuck, as is working. It could still be situation the charges are down. Fourteen with three minutes left and Arbour gets Emma gets Emma Edith. time today. I just think it's too many points. I think the large b, seven, I'm getting free point- have marked out secular, jagged, plus five against Houston This is a weird one. This is Houston basically getting above because they fired their coach would would make sense if they didn't fire their coach and replace them with Romeo cradle.
Equally, we have another chance to bet against Romeo Coronel, twenty eight and fifty five for his career last. We saw him, he was the head coach of the two and fourteen two thousand twelve chiefs. I remember. I got a lotta jokes that year about that to him I grant land More importantly, seventy three! I wasn't it huge fan Romeo as a head coach when he was in his mid fifties but says the sixties. Now he seventy three he's old. My dad, so you know Bilbil abroad. as bad of a GM as he was and has many done things as he did the guy made for play off psych aid They refused the boy that he was a disaster as a coach. If, if with the plan for equity, as I think it was a great head coach, but I dont think you bad Romeo Pronounce has proven track record of not being a good head coach.
Probably guy. I don't love the jack's, but if you look at Houston they pay for games, they ve. Seventy two first doubts total seventy two legs. It to put that perspective, the jaguars have ninety four first out forty five percent on their down. I dont know why Houston's favoured by five I realize I don't think I don't any better where's the Jacksonville Cincinnati, all the Games in that kind of bracket, and it just seems like we're bump in them. for no real reason, so vague relating to three points- then the third one wanted to sprinkle a little bit lately on with dolphins, plus nine at San Francisco. I guess Garoppolo is probably playing a game on through last week, he's unplayable, but San Francisco. they beat that they be bought. New York aims and they lost Arizona and they lost Philly. I,
not sure they have earned. The right to be favoured by nine points over anyone. That's that the jets are the giants. My aim is also not not bad offensively, like they think they're forty seven percent on third dance, They can at least moved the bar. They can get garbage time. Stuff was killed them as their defence, the lad. Sixteen big players in for games and big place count as fifteen plus yard runs, or twenty five plus yard pass they blood. Sixteen of those are I or whose make a big place at San Francisco of if Mostar stop playing its really just kiddo. So at an hour. Could the dolphins keep because I think they could other matters that get in a mature here's the thing with the niners- and this is what really intrigues me about this game and liking betting at
their next seven games, Rams Patriots, Seattle, Green Bay, New Orleans by weak. Rams Buffalo and we ve seen this with the schedule over and over again the team that has gone that coming up the one seemingly easy game right before the garlic and they go down. Game they let up on that was the chiefs. And some charges, and we too, because they knew they had a huge again. The next week against Baltimore. I could see them at least below Well, we'll get this one, and then we have that gauntlet coming, maybe maybe you won't get this one. I'm intrigue by the dolphins plus nine. More importantly, Oh there's one more that I'm not gonna bet, but I just want to mention it Cincinnati Baltimore, since he's getting twelve and out points against Baltimore Joe Joe I'm a man. Joe Barrow has never not covered against to spread this year. I wanted to do it, especially as I think you get there
bridge tat team. Here's my abstained away, since we seven last year about Mars, twelve and one ten of those twelve minutes were by fourteen plus points so basically there, the king, a bit now out of bed to mediocre teams, something away. But I do want to mention my manager, borough iced. I think you have the garbage time team in TV in Eu Law shall parlay the wait before we get to what I'm doing gaily was so this is a rarity. I hit the launcher. Parlay. Last week, I've had to of four Last week we had on the Eagles embrowns, their plus nine forty four put thirty. Can that one one? Almost stranger kit? I haven't had a week other than week, one where am I had almost too many candidate For the love shall our week we had the jagged plus two hundred against his. Then we had the Viking
plus two sixty in Seattle with dolphins, plus three forty against San Francisco chargers, plus two. Ninety against. New Orleans, and then the giants are plus three ten at Dallas, who though left, tackle all right, tackle no land backers and has improved, and they could be anybody by three points. Eminem crossed the giants off because I watched him last week and their office. The nine point performance when they just were turning chickens out into shit over reengaged is awful. He's been awful forever there off, you know is frustrating, so am I just don't be fresh by them, because I do think that the potential of their winning the game in the fourth quarter and then somehow Dallas
at the end or whatever? You lose your money like that? But I do think games going to be closed and I do think people are going to be dumb enough to put Dallas and that he's like they're, a good team. shall parlay thing. I am going to put twenty thousand on the following six bets: ready: Viking, chargers parlay both have to win plus thirteen forty four votes, Jack, nine hundred and ninety five, my favorite one vikings dolphins, plus one thousand four hundred and eighty four jags chargers, plus one thousand and seventy Jags dolphins, plus one thousand two hundred and twenty dolphins chargers, one thousand six hundred and sixty I am putting 20k, On all of those, and if you hit one You went out the money back and then some and if he had to it, would be wonderful
you need. I just need to of Jack's vikings, dolphins and chargers, two way in some sort of combination and if three of those four, when even better I'd, say: here's what we're doing four million dollar picks out away from, the season I made you're twenty three thousand last week, I'm down five hundred and thirty. Four thousand for this These amounts with some bad but ass. I feel like I'm doing pretty well with his pigs, but the fact that our great luck anyway bring three hundred k: courts, minus one half over claimant, another three, your care, Carolina plus One and a half minutes Atlanta, another three educate, Vikings past seven over Seattle and then sprinkling a hundred cage and charges pussy in half annoyance, Jack's plus five in Houston, dolphins, plus nine San Francisco and then the long sharp earlier the weak
we're getting ambitious 20k each on bikes chargers, plus one thousand three hundred and forty four bikes, JAG plus nine hundred and ninety five bikes, dolphins, plus one thousand four hundred and eighty four jags chargers, plus one thousand and seventy Jags offense, one thousand two hundred and twenty dolphins chargers. Sixteen sixteen sergeant's you couldn't make the cut those are the billion dollar pics. For weak five. So I will see you on Sunday night man so far Who knows maybe a finals game six. I doubt it seems like it's gonna end tomorrow, night Lakers, in five waiting there while there may a title De Los Angeles Lakers? They have one eleven obey titles, This'Ll, be there twelve! Congratulations them in advance. Don't forget to check out we watch a buzz
on Monday. We ever really get pack ass, I get ready for Thou art and then then the bs coming back, listen to you I guess Spotify and I see Sunday one way.
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