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NBA Scuttlebutt, Trump's Rockiest Month, Yanks-Sox, and Teen Culture Watch | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 382)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Kevin O'Connor to talk NBA draft aftermath, Kawhi and LeBron speculation, possible opt-outs, Jaylen Brown's true value, and more (2:20). Then Bill calls up his buddy JackO to revisit the Yankees and Red Sox before their upcoming three-game series, talk rule changes, and discuss Donald Trump's interesting month (37:23). Finally, Bill's daughter Zoe talks about teenage pop culture, including Millie Bobby Brown, movies, teenagers on Instagram, and more (1:13:38).

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see game which was just incredible, modified, but a great stadium. I really had a good time very entertaining game fun crowd. They figured out how to manufacture like fun, crabs, enthusiasm at it at a blast, download the seeking gap or go right to seek dot. Com, don't forget about binge about Harry Potter, which is worrying into its third week of pack don't worry about. The Ringer NBA Show podcast, which is can be covering draft fallout average, see Lebron all that stuff. I have for Pakistan, since we have already watch, was coming on Thursday, delawares Parada with Amanda Juliet tomorrow, cousin in south a ways in New York, I am hosting again as for him tomorrow degenerate trifecta.
Posting it overnight for Wednesday. So against all odds me as the guest host for the cause presents our coming up whole bunch of stuff, first program. I come up a little bit better. I gotta talk Yankees, we'll politics my daughter's can give us the team pop culture update for June Kevin. Ok, I hear from the ringer fresh off a ninety our work week last week is get script, I'm really it was fun. Is controversial. Some pack, some controversial trades I value the Miami pick that Phoenix Scott Phoenix gave up way more than you'd. Our way more, I mean
I mean like we discuss that. Twenty one draft could be the year high schools are allowed in, but there is also a chance. It's not like they said. Twenty when you want at the earliest, maybe NBA makes a twenty twenty two twenty twenty three Commissioner Army could be good, but the lottery ticket, but that's a good part of it. So, just to two to follow up on that The word I've been hearing is the phrases double draft, so at some point next, gate, there's gonna be a double draft. An be twenty one of the earliest could be twenty two. It's can be twenty one, twenty two, twenty three they need to the teams at least a two year is that maybe even three in the reason we caught a double draft, is one of those draft high schoolers going to become eligible, so you're going to have all the Is that you thought were enemy in the draft anyway, and then entire Mcdonald's, all American high school class and. I say to you, I think, from what I've heard,
teams are really scared to give up twenty one. Twenty two, twenty three. Now it's one of the many reasons why the south eggs, via that Greece's picked so much. I think they ve that Greece's pick even more than the kings back. I mean that pick becomes unprotected, and twenty twenty one type, a top that which could be the double giraffe and so. I've we're times are ahead for the NBA yeah. I do feel like they're gonna, run the draft system a little, I think, spanish is a real possibility. Seattle yeah, I think I think they can go add two more teams authority, Valise loaded with lots of town and they need they need to figure out some of the cap stuff Phil silver alluded like the idea of a hard cap right it s almost like a preventive measure, so Katy the seventy three one team and almost from the files, never happens again in the future. I think a must state they made. This decade was
not staggering that two thousand and sixteen cap which they knew they knew that was going to be a problem. They talked about it. They try to get the players union to buy an poison in as always making their own decision at the Persian and over and over again screws up and that case, which is indefensible because Look at the market. This share and really nobody is cab space. You have these free agents that got hurt in his cancer was gonna. Potentially That is how we are to get an eighty million as Jerry it I want I I would thank for some of these guys. You want to lock in this year one you deal, maybe a one on one and then hit frequency next year with the many bump to around one away the shares going around one one, one or two get couldn't get it: from next, maybe you're paid more long term. So Atlanta has twenty million in cash based our says, like twenty five feet, He's gonna have around twenty six
Indiana might have potentially a lad of fat young lopsided, his contract, which he actually that may not be the worst idea if he did it he's at thirteen point seven, I thank you for him. It could end up being a mistake I guess it depends on what your priorities are. If you like a four year deal, eight per to get better Furthermore, for thirty two years, something that it feels like for some like fad young, you can get the next summer to there's some interest Not our guys, like I didn't realize. Milos might leave the clippers and maybe that was we were at the draft that configure where they took two guards. But then one of the reasons was Milos design for sex. They combine. For two in their very close, a luxury tax. There's a there's, some really fun free agents for dinner there. Marquis, free agents, but there's a lot of free agents in that Canada, Milos, Marcus smile, these guys that are like the fourth fifth starter, guys like even going Trevor Trevor yeah like that dared favours who goes ahead.
They have a labour force and violence, and now I would like him for a team of papers somethin like that at a big rotation, prayer names, based on those guys, there's a lot of guys who could play in a play off series for you. A team and then, like you, know, J areas of and balanced way beyond the lad and just the lad. I think, but I wanna money through now automobile which either that Indiana is going to make her run at Marcus Router air at Lena. Very available. Have everything I shared so one of the change that I think will it and ensure cloud was available. Was Schroeder fur on basically Bledsoe and ten central. Baker whatever but so expire. As is next year. Atlanta is trying to convey that shorter thing I still live Four Lando, though, by the way We argued about shrouded. I think I've changed my mind on him. Twenty times but leg
showed her is like twenty three years old. I value is better. Last year young, I had a conversation this week with somebody Emily again and he like I heard the pike answered whatever it was an shredder. When one of your team- it's like yeah, I wanted, but those like being made the counterpoint to look how young, yes think about a situation is still young. Put him a new environment he's on a bad do, necessarily, maybe he maturity situation may be having continuity on the roster, helps and may be having a proven head. Coach helps them and they entered a he's. Nineteen in six this year and he's had some impressive game's over his career in the NBA. So if your team, like Orlando right that needs a point garden, we need you gamble on for the next three years there is. I was messed around the change machine with it this weekend, where they could take back. Strayed beyond bow and either I have MAC or Terence Rasmussen. Marrying and put in Schroeder but then put in the the bad plainly make Orlando take that contract.
Basically what our guy, maybe yet like a conditional. First, like a high. Second are supplied that I I think. If I'm Orlando, I really want to get a decent point out, because I don't want to throw away from Obama's rookie season with Dj Augustine and Shovin MAC it. And for them, if I get a stabilizing roster, I just wonder if, if he's the guy, as someone who you'd almost wanting to hone back some of the scoring sometimes and develop more facilitating skills. I think when he came into the draft, that's almost what I expect the no more to be healed, Pierre compared him Toronto and watching Mercy's, that's the guy. Did Romania, not just as body but sometimes his game with past. First, you know mentality with a look hints of scoring yes kind of, leaped and, and who knows maybe having an era gordon in and more bomb all round him does China more into a passer in Orlando? I still I can cause he's competitive and I liked how he played against better tee. Again some good games against the South Excise year
remember, I don't know is this year or the year before that he had one game where he went at Cleveland. Really you like a man. Sir Gaming in Cleveland. If a big games like there's that upside I'd like to see him on a good team, I for not Orlando, but who are? You would be fine if they can get out Bledsoe and I don't know whatever ass, maybe be They can have one more Togo doesn't really told you know it is doing what out what I'll you look forward to its cause. We have July first is Friday. No sir. I sat on a Saturday or funder Sunday, but the the opt out dated June twenty nine for some of these. Yes, so that is Friday and then July first is in some sense and why gonna find out of the brain is opting out. I would guess the day before it is his dated June. Twenty. Ninth, so so
yeah. Then that means either a he staying with Cleveland or is going to the Chris Paul thing. I felt history absent means is getting traded. I mean it's always possibly could stay, but I am Are you still here in Cleveland and Lakers, and I mean, I think, there's a little hint of Philly Jennifer laugh honest about you and me the Ben Simmons enjoy be the fact they are like if they had Lebron James, they are east favours. I think that that still air- I something it's mostly between the Lakers and clever, so is there a chance? Nobody can't get us come up with them, because I didn't think there was a chance but now you read over the weekend say, may make reported that the spurs it just now can ensure quiet of the west, I dont a hundred percent. No. If I believe that I think it's interesting bargaining stance, sliver drearily ray, I think, ultimately to make the best trade you can make you can't just out fighting games. I agree but
but I think brain and Ingram. Why not say the Lakers put him on the table if you're the Santa as far as we are really going to let the fact that the Lakers run the West change the fact you're getting a twenty year old prospect, who is rising flashes, not just as scoring potential at last season about his passing. Yeah, the walls. Are you really know if they know that, though it turns twenty one? Twenty two, twenty years old this next, these twenty one. I prefer him over jailer brows prospect. So it's like you are you gonna. Do you think he is higher CHE via the jail in economic trade? Values, jails were proven and play off the chains birthing a prospect, long term yeah Ingram is, is such such so much more fluid the ball handler still rigid in her he jerky a little bit, but the reigning Irma with his passing skills, feel his length. I think long term. He could be the better player the problem, They would have to put things contract in the trade which I want, no part of with the there's another way, though, because they do have cap space.
So potentially they could offer just in charisma require and that's a vacuum in the spring. Would save thirteen million an enemy for, as you say, find someone else. The dumping on like that's. That's really right where you can do. I still think Philly is the best coercion. Possibilities. Philly mentioning stopped because Covington contract, which any like seventy million right now, but next week drops the ten. So exit easier for them? The trade him now, but they don't. You know Bayliss an experience that its half as much money as dang in its one last season. They have more assets, the kind of go in I have no idea what forces trade value is. I know was a GM. I would actually volume really high and try to travel litter, you and I are in the camp of Marco forts could stop, I sooner, I think the shots concerns still, but he showed everything else
last year, yes showed the passing vision. He showed the feel he showed the athlete. Susan. He showed the ability to get to the ram whenever he really wants to. He played pretty good defence. Both ass. You expect firmer. He point guard raided everything that made him a top prospects, except for the Jumper and that's a serious concern. However, if that gets fixed ending up, if you know we look back at this pulses rookie year. Thank all my colleagues, far he's come, yeah he's. Can we want the games best plank? Are so if your team, like San you, have thing. Maybe you feel good about him. Workin withdrew handling the summer. Hey I mean it. The good situation for him if you're disperse and obviously for the flip side of Philadelphia it dear doktor, Glass how's, the guy I went to when he was in New York, yeah deploy more confidence than any other team, can have an his his level of injury, proneness moving forward, not to mention you have the right assets to plug him in. To a trade easily and even coming to have seventeen million bill.
I do wonder I mean the UK new at this year. I right now before the five year turns of July. First, but their sources. Scent of the waiting to because then you have to put Bayliss in a trade like him no other choice the pending a highly hours yet better fulfil it had done the bare shore, you know, and you know, if you're spurs it maybe Be ok with again with waiting, as well as the need to have more time to get more offers to and set a rushing through things and the only place force could goes Cleveland if, if there ends up being brought into, I would love to see him on the spurs, because this creep have enough leverage for that, though, now and if the eighth, if it's their version of the Chris Paul trading area, you know the broad option and then the protagonists of molten sexting together, would be bizarre having fun via the thought. The thing with thoughts The speed that he had that he showed, even in that last month, the speed
control athleticism with power and five. Yeah. This is not like an Anthony Bennett thing where, when he was playing aegis, watch and go out, I know what that what position is, and he was out of shape, and just it was a disaster from the gecko faults, false speed was the in the high end, I thought one of the eight or nine fast disguising the weak and I really impressed is good. He would never one for good kind. I really think they made of mistake that kind some of those plants games. Would have done it in the home games because the crowd would ruin, for. I am a little surprised to its bright brown said if I think it was baby by perform play off. If I give you a few dino, if your risk are to be safe, one lean towards the risks. I likely be high upside of having some fault out there, but then again they put you Jim Economy, instead and he also provided that asylum and certain games. Well, remember remember: Legato played over benefits.
Writing a manner? The spurs could end up with faults and sarge in that Miami Peck and some ass? An viruses have so and then also done like the Paddy Mills contract. I think that's a home run for them. For this. I got here for guys gonna leave in a year who they clearly have to trade. I dont see who's top in that, I mean: is there a scenario where they can get and establish player for him in a trade? Maybe you don't know who that players you have a spurs. Would you rather, that established player would rather like a mixture of young guys, I'm with a my colleagues and I would to never mind the fact that you're, you might beginning, as I am Smith, and that twenty twenty twenty one and twenty Miami pick it's a blend of both, and I think that what a lot of San Antonio to remain competitive. They one forty seven gave Lester quietly playing nine per hate
adding a young core to that. That's really really appealing for the spurs. What if it was what, if I called and just said, will give you bill and I to thousands twenty one. First and that's, it said rather Philly package and they go into in the dead for theoretical, fully powdered river on the table. I rather that cause. The thing is, if they trade Why now have to figure out what your team is and why the markets are designed to? So that's almost eight that may be a two part If you check Hawaiian, and maybe it makes sense to us and then trade average would you would you take, around? If you the spurs would you know, ordered the pen, you're getting back cause. I've thought about this, as well as, if Kawaii Stealth beforehand, I first or an early for agency. I do wonder if they go for Kosovo blown up, moan and get rid of all the veterans or that, like you, know what we can win fifty games and have seen a hall of draft pegs young players come in developing and being assets for us to build back up. I I I
under. If that's, maybe the path to go in but alters older to yes some logic to traded him in when you just had an all season. The the. Factors, Hella Popeye's the coach, and that two thousand twenty olympic team that is going to do and seems like there's a feeling than the week that he does two more years in his swan song is the two thousand and twenty picked him, and this is why I just don't him going out just hand inquiry the Lakers, even if that's the best possible trade. I still feel like he's one. I've titles he's is a stubborn guy and obviously they feel really betrayed by this Kauai paid out, and you saw it at last share with them with Kevin. Friction. Paul George, where he passed up trade said people at the time forward. Better trades, nobody realizing how depots gonna turn into woody turn into, but many people are like
a spiteful trail, forgave unreal, decorate yeah. You want to get him out of the conference, these the Pope mentality. And they get the guy at the conferences. Bizarre to me said Molly. They have to seem twice a year cycle. So, instead of three like who cares, I understand it. If your team that has contending aspirations- rightly do you don't wanna, be Odin the conference, but I also think no. My philosophy of ours would like to take the best. I'm right! Well, just take the best deal, the matter where the players going. You need to worry about, where you're, taking in more so than what you're giving up and where he's going. You're taking a lesser deal when you know it's Sir deal on paper, I think you Jesus you're, just fooling yourself. If you do, where there is an underlying piece of this, which is if the spurs feel like the Lakers have been tampering care. The last year, which I the tampering buzz around the Lakers Ray the I never heard about team is convinced that their outbreak
light there, no rules and even if they get caught so well. Well, here's your, but here's a million dollar, fine, gay! It's like Rob Polenka had that comment last week. Reside people we know may not deal is totally paraphrasing because manners or because of a history all away, if we will, maybe it together ten zero. So I think I think they have a, the bad reputation, ass fer, you know they ve been pretty blatant about who they hang on. A lunch were then taken out. People on people's inner circles and just kind of thrown stuff out leaking stuff reporters and even like that we're Genie Bus tweet last week of do not underestimate. What is that was it mean? and I think, a great like always prayers and owners? Even an executive can treat things are like what does it mean My brain has been torn out the window ass for years. We talked about this on last year's park. Straight or an hour's. Just like the NBA.
Look, the other way pretty much on everything. I don't think they care you of the July. First comes around. Hey guys signed contracts within five minutes. So these guys we're talking now We talked about this? I think when the Chris Paul Trade Houston to Houston happened. How is he They know that Chris Pause, gonna opt in and how it is. They are the mechanics of that were crazy. You have this. They everybody's target, everybody transitional girl, more exciting. Help me boy, Korea. My bike ass. He said something: I thought when he said it was, was gonna, be a story. Nobody even noticed it. He was saying how the tampering starts at asked our weekend with the point? when there are together- and that's when he's I from that point on its on they that's interesting. That makes.
Had stamped memorabilia Thomas talking without hoffered gap when he sixteen all far, we can debate the people made big story about that and guess what it turned out: Orford sign with the South Ex their tamper censure. Would you be stunned of corresponding go back to the rabbits? cause there's been a little bus and I can tell her real it. You know I I wouldn't be floored by it rang The fabric asked, at the Abbe mildly, surprised. I think it's a great situation for him and that the entire France, by alongside James heartened by when it be like absolutely blown away, but but I would be a little surprised, would you be floored? If the south eggs, Data jail and brown and kings package for why, in the next like three days now, I think I should go for I think jail and Brown has become a tad overrated
it's funny, because he had at EU hurried in the race to be way under a random entering the draft. Also expressly Chris time. You know what one Jamal Murray and it's not drown, rather like an early athlete, lengthened scoring upside of a shot really really comes along, and it has. I do wonder, said earlier. He still doesn't he still not great ball hand learn made. Maybe I'm underwriting him now, but still haven't seen that progress as much as I would hope to in terms of fluid athleticism hunters are equipped quit teach me quick, putsch movements. Drive in the barn he's got. You have good player for a long time for a very, very long time, but I'm not sure I see that that path to quite level. I can see it Paul George level potential donors, as I suggest still really good player like I could see Paul George. I think he can be better Paul George. I really do think it can be a two point. O version of
But even George still somewhat more fluid with the ball, I mean I know as it after tonight now and Brown brows better now than George was then, and certainly the Argo, my favorite brown? Is he something game? Seventy it's the calves right, those is worse game of the plants and I do worry about, like the James harden in two thousand twelve, where Jane pardon who resisted that assassin and some of those plants series and then in the finest, had a shitty files and then got traded, and that was the last memory of people in our he did stuck in the past. Then he goes in the becomes James hired him. On that John Brown as good as James Hardened, but I dont like trading people after I wouldn't do anything I might have already on the record. I just think I like the team they have. I want to watch these guys together. I want I want to keep it Inkspec I want a roofer I like I like, I just like all the assets. I think the reason why you wouldn't trade, put him in a trade for Kawhi. It's because you don't know what the Hell
call you dont know if he's gonna health as well as state of mind, but if he fear adequately had now, I'm Uncle Denisov, my life yeah, of course, but if you fear actually were to agree, to a long term dale, and if you were to get assurances that he would be healthy. Let's say this is a theoretical possibility. Then put jail umbrella, trade or would you still rather, FBI, guy in all the right to informed with him and see him too badly. I would keep it and I did have a chance to win the title of this team anyway, and I think Davis is the ultimate prize Nike why I would keep my egg. Davis Basket, affair could run neurons and a copy is rather trade him to the east. That could be the. Where must from now. You know If you haven't happens, when I got better, I don't get better to the summer that its weight you soon after the season they had no way to trade. In the summer, Oh, I don't think there will be there, but I'm saying in February her
all of a sudden, there are fifteen day when he sat in his body. The summer bodies thriving with mavericks. You somethin, like that sure, there's some less teams you know if Dallas Science, Capello or the Andrei with did, might actually be pretty. Their shared, I'm like a fifty when team, but they might be a thirty seven when competitor The acres are gonna be better next year, I think the kings, the bag, it's gonna come in and when rookie the air put up a twenty three and thirteen, but they might be like a thirty seven. When team, they have no incentive the tank, as it did on em pick next year the sun's is another: one: bridges comes a bridges, I think, will be competent right away. A net least gives them You know, summits, lattices em in the bigger has gotten better each year, lookers got better there their whole supporting ass. They money to spend on afraid I feel so good to have friends and the fat fun strain marathons bandwagon.
Well, they violate that's our late pastime for next finally, yeah telling me about get in the car for years? I loved you and, of course, on put up a paw on twitter this morning would rather have the sun's young core or the Lakers core I'd rather has vastly It is a really good core. I mean the reality. Is they got bucket? Thirteen in retrospect, he'd be like the third or fourth kind. There ya think I'd just Jackson, which, I think is the red spot, maybe the higher for everyone. Maybe arguably I forget it was in the draft the town strata towns drafts posing as some would you take port port Booker had a poisonous one in a prison, says a blow tat day. He has actually I mean like that of even before that. I think the argument can be made discuss six. What six twenty five points for games of twenty one year old, pretty, and I run a red, the just Jackson Puff peace feature about how awesome is doing this sum and then I'll be really and on the sense.
I want to read the fair shots going to prove now and all he did was lock himself in the gym and shoot threes and he's obsessed with becoming awesome at threes and he's ready to be the best person that draft. I want to read that piece. I'm not positive, as at dickie, might When I read it like. I know that he last year, the year after jail- Rookie year, in the gin the next day he demand to go to summer leg and he worked on his game and was really passion about it, and so the just ass, the thing death of czech dev think some expiring that they could potentially makes a moves in February at Chandler, I believe, is expiring. Right. Dudley might be expiring as well as yet oddly Chandler expiring in the smaller contracted a toy Daniels type, but it's only three two million, but yet they may have some even bright a night. Only two years left how we ve forgotten about him right
and in a baby he comes back in solid. Who knows maybe maybe not, but if not- is only two years left the photo album We salute all history that trade, one of the worst rates by man- that traders fast at there was wild hey one. Other thing I heard was that one of the reasons Cleveland took sexting was cuz, they knew Charlotte like them and the broad does the site, the stair. They know they had the sexting Clarkson Fur Campbell Trade that that's right there make would have by the way. Is it a trade. I should really like tat showed for both Thebes, since it's a little too much for cleave umber wasted down Clarkson, it's interesting how Charlotte Daylight, both shale two thousand I began to draft then drag traded. The cleverest inconsequently put either about my. I thought, there's a chance like a month ago. Both those guys would be on the board polemic thick, no legal, just Alexander Rights granted or unable to keep him good too could deal for them. I want to go visit. The second spectrum guys on Friday, and you can basically tell them
put this in and see what comes out and one things was guy people at the top of the key whose successful examples? I why I couldn't same why the Celtics didn't put Tatum in Cleveland, says a thirty five of the basket the top clear out the old Paul, Pierce ideation distressing dribble drivel driven. Why don't I don't do that so as to whether Tatum stats in that- and they were. Father in this. Isn't he was I point. Seven five points per possession says that makes sense. Could seize apparently not good at it, but with that point seven, five. What's the context right? So the bad number, unlike the grand scheme, compared it cuts which, although they are the only sixty chances that oil by me like that, would like seven second Fatima, truth. Ideological might be, but might be your top options, maybe I still was said, then it the reason bring it up, is meter. They had like the top twelve and it was all the people. You would think further points per thus James Hard and Chris AIR Jordan Clarkson. Was the fourth?
and ass. I may be Jordan courses. Good Bilbil abroad was holding back Jordan, Jordan hawks them, they the top of last two months, though ass mother, so the seasons will play off. I like this sexting klaxons Kemba Trade is fine and I do think like lick, it Paul George, decides to stand, ok, see for one year for thirty, the one on one, Wait till next year, if co, its traded through the Sixers, and our lighten the bronze basic gonna Lakers put the young team. Maybe you opt in even for one more year, your family nicely away, and you just kind of back in two thousand, then Carmella's, then Carmel is afraid that plague bring him with you. You can How do you get a pot of summertime? Who knows right? the counter that, as I think all the stuff has been done for a long time pleasure shore had they budgets benevolent ear, so what what's your protection? Where
the ban right now with what is this June June? Twenty fifth where's, that the same protection as last summer layers, ok, where's, Paul George, by I think he could do the one along about ok OKC by Philippe towards Lakers. Here she had pig, don't you George. The broad and legislate is glad Sixers, where's, buggy cousins. Dallas does, I think, Houston point it is clear: Capello here you let him go carried out. I can tell us such a great centre is not battery cheerily, his passing past, does overseas he's gone much better. Passengers are great, but he's like good. Now, they're still more room for him to improve. I think you can let him go. So the South ex do nothing.
Spain, minor little things back into the roster, get I love, but but if we're not gonna, we think the Phoenix you know, I actually I'm intrigues. Then you are, then you have a eight love front court which is really dynamite offensively, but love obviously is just a regime. Cambodia eight, unlike is a lot of pressure on a young, big men, anchored defence right away, and I think that unfair to expect from any ongoing name, is even for someone that projects could defend your long term. It like you, you're too? That could be really troubling defensive front court? but you know what you're not you're gettin the guy for that that time, the right you're getting him for three four years from now on, when you are ready to make a push. I still like Heaven of I want to see me to every time we saw the flat
just right when I click on start running more offscreen off all actions for him. I think the brass really hard to play with area. I think when you play with somebody, is that great who has the ball? The time is always deciding what everyone else is doing. I think it's it's hard for some people to fit in with that any. If he was Love is more enabled almost it's. It's like. He wished Leubronn Ed, pulled a hammy hammer something for five weeks and we could. This Kevin loves team for a month what happens could be the Minnesota Kevin love again is like, couple years ago and Russell S forgot her and then Katy, leaner elsewhere, or vice versa. When Katy was out Russell Westbrook, elevated right, you would like to see that with the brine, lucid rate of aid for sure, but always elevated for rough. I think for the Roma he needs to wherever he goes. He needs. Come off. Ball is cutter. The region as a stranger in turn away
Regular season display remedies were fired at any in the play off that that's when you need for commit regular season. Who cares for him? My prediction for the brain is, I think, his son. Being this good, a basketball is Gunnar. Is guinea were really hurt? The bronze basketball? Here you know it's really find what you kids place for Sharia is my favorite. They, like eurobonds, could I e all he's gonna wanna do is watch his son play basketball, its guineas you take as our press would be bad for you, you're the NBA words in a year mean gal, you're gonna find out some scoop. I will see what we regard for before the chauffeur Yorkers try to find out some stuff checks, out, some shape forgot Zanna. Definitely people be haven't. That way, I don't. I, like the idea of an MBA word show, but I dont think it should be the slate after the season the thing that would make sense to me as if they did the entertain. You sell tournament, and you have
like ten days off between the regular season, the playoffs and you had a seventy game regular season instead of eighty and all that stuff, you could do it where the final four is at New York City. Now yet the two games, the two playing games in city and there's an award, show that night or something They find then you're Hany at the little right after I think the difficulty is seen as you see, with the fell, but the probable right to get out of the daily plight players and always come like the players in this war or whenever and the Indian Ocean you get as many players the cameras. Now, if I put him on Skype, take a week figures in L, a right in his speeches. Gonna stick tonight, James hardens, these guys. I think he good speeches simmer the hairs tabby interesting. Have he players? Skype in fact, Philip face type there you such media, Casey Come come tomorrow on the on the ringer and a whole bunch of more stuff. There fridge z
on work and the job that they can find. You a ringer, there's the nature and outrage that those three hours blue by thanking our two Dallas trade was really funny to me. Watch on the Paris with here comes in it's like he. Just when the latter, exactly ass, charts excited as author high five operate high. Five thanks go thank you, but I will bring a jack off first. I have some Good NEWS: borough has reinvented the luxury catch from status, shipping birds, but the time I thought and furniture bang. So you don't have to Customize your birth offered a personality by selecting the color, so as armored tight, that's perfect! For you. Super comfortable, adaptable severe space changes is the a jeweler design allows it to move and grow with you borough assemble. And assembles in just minutes. No tools required perfect, hereafter move with stain resistant fabric and a built in usb charger. Borough, has the durability and functionality to keep up with their hectic life. Ah borough furniture ship bag
shipping is free enjoyed. Thirty days of cosy borough risk free or try out Barone, one of their showrooms tit They may thus a couple of these catches. The ringer staff has been enjoying them, to say the least they get sloppy this both sodas on. It's all good said the borough, just other the storm for seventy five dollars. A few order: visibility, com, sash bs- that is be! U R, w dotcom sash As for seventy five dollars off your perch, Since we're here, don't forget, I am guess hosting against all odds for cousin saw this week. So you can we talk it's coming. Check that out. I would spring a jacket are on the line right now for the first time in a while, the long time frame, The failing New York, Yankees Jacko, how I go back for individual, failing, maybe that by TAT. I mean not ideal be the end of the season that probably all she wrote,
and will see in two thousand. I d take I actually wife says that I have now and now that the abbess over I am now in the hate yet hate watching the Yankees portion of by summer and I really enjoyed the last couple of weeks and I enjoyed our former by temper in the said this in the egg is an answers. Voice and right of it was really great. Since Last time we talked the Yankees heads step as juggernaut other. That was briefly interrupted this weekend.
You ve lost your thoughts on this Yankee team. Your favorite of the decade out you the way I got the absolute way now I'd. I love them. I love the kid and opposition to be innovative and their hair about these prospects and see them come up and actually perform clayburn and do our bit to Sally Pronounced. So it's great to see and lived. They have developed into an offensive juggernaut where there never out of games and and people throw back a tweet that I had an April. In the end they dug days of April, when things were looking third rate for the eggs they had blown like some, usually against stamp. I think they federal improbable tat by Brunos Tamper Toronto, but they bluely, like this team, has no heart. Now people regularly throw back in my face on Twitter, which is five because it means the Yankees are doing coming back from
the other day. There are losing five, do nothing to Seattle and came back to win with John Carlo stands. Big first gave you Mommy homer under when the game, so it out. They may have a lot of office now and their bullpen, as has been said, has deck, with the exception of chastened trees, but the rest of their bullpen has been lights out down, Matanzas to his old form. Mebby really is warm. He's been amazing, able phenomenal for the past month or so, and they have that kid Jonathan holder Ali. Does it come in and then save lead their keep the game right where it, as has been great, so between their light up and there are both pen, I mean it's really been magical and I saw a semi scary stab the other day when they were fifty in twenty two that the big gone they ve, one fifty gammoned and seventy two fifty winds and seventy,
games, seven times previously, at all seven times they won the world series. Ah, unless you cancel the plants and promote you send the trophy replanting, the parade exactly how they look good now they their starting pitching, is questionable. At best. They essentially have you. No one quality starter in the web server Reno, whose phenomenal they had all something about them and go on her mind. I would have said that last week, but not after yesterday's performance, because he has a crazy stats where he has the highest swing in Miss Percent, as you do the third highest swing in Miss percentage behind only shares or increase sales outlets, which is pretty phenomenon, but the newest really got lit up by the re, so maybe old off on the site and presentation four may go at this point I have in mind. I have a Mamma had keeper team and just really rough first living and after that, it usually it's better. But yesterday, didn't you
gas. I just like him. He seems like the kind of guy who's gonna be like two and a half Some now really good, but he right now, as the energy sector in recent years, have developed this organizational philosophy of getting pitchers that just throw repeat like yeah. I don't want to jump off. They brought up this kid lies a guy. You know he throws nosegays ending, so there their raw think they're, young and a blue eyes again. Some problems with the strike sound, but I like these guys, throw gas dislike throw by somebody, because, especially in today's game, everything do that our home runner strike out. So you, a guy that throws hard and potato hitters, can catch up with the fifth good, though area swing. Nowadays, that's good. I mean they could definitely use another starter without question because they were so that they have several renown and they cannot go. Who, unfortunately, pull both hamstring skill. He had a plan and actually
and run. They ve been doing the same, whom he put both aims: drinks I don't know if I knew their face, what that he put both of them The same time the I think. So I think both hamstring were Paul D was on third base. He had a tag up and run away. We have this conversation refer ever about our ridiculous. It is a pace bothers to different rules for two different leagues here, and it's more so now that we have entered the play and these these American League pitchers then have to do something that they probably haven't done since high school. It yeah hit and run the base it. You must get afraid when I definitely afraid when they were afghan base, because it essentially ruined Ching Ming want belongs career day, though he was never the same yet and they had to Knocker and in our guys, were murdering
Twitter, saying, while he's a professional athlete making noise while she should be able to run I'll grant you that? But it's not just running you know, you have to see it to decide whether to slide into the base or not. It's a knock his case. He had a tag up from third and got to catch her waiting for the throw from the outfield he's got to worry about slide or run into the catcher. Those are all things are not used to doing it's ridiculous and of course he got hurt people both hamster apple, which is ridiculous but think about a professional. Have they been get run ninety feet, but there's a lot more, that had been that, so it should just ridiculous. You we had who is on the shelf its head. That's when I was in an entirely game, but deity John Pharaoh He wasn't media will win the world series but turned into one Stephen Right pinch running in that guy, who, its day like a year and a half year pictures the base pass. It sir
you never know you may get. I person enjoy a guy you're, nationally player areas too, that it. I was probably practised in spring training near the american way they have. They do sliding drilled and things. But when I don't even know, do pictures participate a matter, they spend like ten minutes doing their mother and have to work on pitching, and it's only gonna come up and ensure league, but it s a man, they have to do for rules to differently. So you, these Amory nineteen, seventy three to placate people didn't want. It does made an error that there were still have old, timey baseball's, almost like a temporary provisional thing, and here we are forty. Five years later, we still have two different rules on twitter, yeah, you know changes good! You know it's a good role, intentional, walk row. Regulators hold up the forefingers like state in less than an extra yesterday, extremely vague, every unwelcome I next batter, and then the games, keeps going. I really want to get rid of pick after that's become my new obsession
it just put a lion and at each base, and you get to move. You know, sir, when feed off the bag. Baking over that line until the pitcher thrust, restart, storing the bar and ago, united with me now and now I have naturally You know that is its awaited, get the base run or to go back to the base busily in one way or the other you gotta pick off, but you ll have a pick off now depend it was the king that I really don't love a pick off. I'd be fine. If we never had another pay, a fine of recollection of the pickaxe throw my life had begun academic. I think guys with about your liquor, Ricky Henderson Type, and I really there's no more rigging Henderson types, but somebody who is basically threat outcomes kill all the bases if you didn't have to worry about. Our backing First can only a little if he can only be five feet off the bag. Doesn't that even it out, I wouldn't They should try than like double and seafarers out, Sir
he's better. Yes, he is actually pitched okay. Unease in our development aid, for Mention Independent EU development and anti pedant type produce ever fastball anymore. Really all you with our mangles in different speeds, in moving the ball up and down remained in oh he s a gamer, no question about any still out there. The other day you can strike out, but you know, he's a little up and down and engage definitely head above all so like if you have a good outing, unlike air procedure, but I just don't know. I don't like count on that. I dont bank
Please go out there and thrown a jam every time. What do you think more, but I don't bank, I would you bank, on from sending gray other than sadness and Jonathan Gary Becker, misery. Anger and the possibility that Albania, tv remote from throwing up against the wall so he's you least every again this year. I believe there is a new Tyler clipboard for made. Like many pages in I look at my phone in the morning. I am pleased with the schedule. Isn T is pitching and, like my whole body slump, shoulder I get to do so Awful, as is so often hit hard Awad she were, is really slow. They had unlike speeding up his delivery and when he did that he was actually good can be pretty, was thinking less yeah just throw in the bar and for some reason he just will not do that
and if my baby, no Michael K, L lighter Cornwall resume again that they treat them like a toddler like they're like as this stuff is too good to the ball. Just move too much in it by feed off the strikes dear. How my I don't think the problem is that a stop is too good You like to have it then it may be that it has been so much. You buddy become like a nibbler and nothing is in the strikes out and it almost afraid, afraid the pitch strikes out because it get paid, super frustrating the lodge and credibly frustrating and any gives area. The game like I felt great. Either things went well, except for this by runs. I gave up hundred pages and forwarding that not everything was great. Bear spin out of the red Sox hands again Palmer Is that hurt, but kind of the same? a guy. It's it through four innings in is that, like a hundred and twenty eight pitches had any That's to talk about her greatest stuff is, but eleven people have got now base and for innings answer,
It is just as I was so happy with the day I hated when he pitched and the relievers when guys are starting. The relievers must be like ironic as their use. Today there are still go out today: rotation of early bedtime exactly without the problem is that a burned through the bull tat every single time you pitches, because he can't get out of the further opening new problems about the period given that it doesn't go along at the game of any of the people in that like a bald head for a couple days, so three reading I'd much rather have you now. Obviously, San Marino is great, but even a guy like harmonious up and down the kid thrown ninety eight, ninety nine, if they hid it now, you took your cap is not afraid the challenge hitter. So so when stands, PD shipment came like five weeks ago, through its heard by drought Is he just shared with patents? Lcd share them beneath us. I think he was starting to share with Sanchez get, but them here solve yesterday about was wasted in Sudan.
We should get the rest back and give it to you in the two great bird regular. Could you go out of? It has been so disappointing, yeah break. My heart is princess, as always singing his praises and set for years like he was the prospect. The egg is a bias Oxford. I guess I'll check some of it up to the fact that he is always injured and has been up and down in terms of injuries, but at an I really feel out of production has been flashes of like a monkey eight month last year in September. But. Every time they bring about peace should like under two hundred interests that grave I have. My mate has human. I came to- and I judge should I now have to like. Just the kind refer you go everywhere. Judge them it's kind of fun ever judge anytime. You knows fun avenue. Team Gregg Bird now isn't He strikes out port.
I urge every third time right up the thing that hardly ever Yankee Fan of ITALY. I deserve Balikh, I guess there, but fifty in twenty five now it ever afternoons whereby Tampa until recently stem hasn't been hitting finches has hit at all. Is that for now ones, but you didn't like a bug. Ninety Gregg Bird, I haven't done anything so get like no production from first base and catch her you're gettin some power, but you're not getting our high average. Instead, move is supposed to be a world leader are now starting to look like that, but for proportional decision he was not a world beaters, though the fact the pair they ve been is dominant as they have been. It is a good sign. Did you figure we need great bird but Sanchez Stanton. Well, we'll start. Today, what they're supposed to do? Will you play silly these next three games ran a day off and then yeah. For the Red Sox. Are it? Let's get It's like a fresh afraid.
They saw Bethia against red, rigorous, who you like about where I really parities It's about a don't know. What you're going to get in the Red Sox have a crazy record when Rodriguez pitches. Now you got beat the other day, but I think but he had a feeling that I felt some crazy stat we're like encryption before yesterday. Crystal start, they were like a historic may relate, went like fifteen and two or thirteen until or something on a rigorous Darth something I yes, he had eaten pitcher on the last game that fails to me Friday night, like alive and nine types lay ass? I could barely shiver and maybe somebody gets hit by a pigeon benches. Clear, nothing happens. Then. I'm really excited about Saturday's game, which is gonna, be on facts. It set a seven fifteen affair Chris sale got going against the man, the myths, sunny Grey I am really looking forward to it. I can't wait
of cleared out now Saturday gotta go, I'm gonna go out and not watch tv, The Senate, grape must take birthday table will be open. Lord will it ever got help us that's terrible match up. I don't like that at all. So I think you win Friday, we win Saturday and then the rubber match, unfortunately, a Sunday Louis several INA, whose Frere against that David, the Yankees only date press perfect so back right tunnel, but an actor propyloea knack of Withers Opaque Fortnight tournaments go on this way. They are living. That way. You Jaeger, batting right off me he's been really he's been any for how many this is their since twelve purple tunnel outbreak whenever they last played the Yankees and he had the terrible purple tunnel it wouldn't prohibit from pitching he's been. Ok since then right he's in pretty good aids. Sample size now has been really gaiety when he won
six of seven starts any last icy, but he's he's but Agatha sales pitch. Well, he once to start to go where his last speech was. I think, Ninety six, which was fired, sweet about the air, but he will ease pretty consistently mid nineties and looks pretty comfortable, but the my keys. Are there are the hump that he has not been able to get over as a red Sox play I just want to say how much I love her Daniel Martinez Boy Windsor, they can t shipments totally and called for it was decided to reciprocate. That's me, yeah he's been amazing
the Hamley Ramirez waving him and then immediately people started getting hurt and just bad guys were up and my dad is very upset about that failure. Know anymore bummed out than your father on Twitter, you every game springs up for him, a river of my really. There was a sort of a little break of that plan this weekend, but I guess now that's all been cleared up. I was condemned. Thought could give by that I mean they really did see my key got thrown under the bus by some friend for no reason whatsoever, but he had a twenty four hour span where people are like the Red Sox way, then, because whose energy use in major drug operation- and I now is it like- a Boston, Bob Polar Special we're like to many people know what Tito Frank or we can now- I love it started. I forget who first reported it, but the the facts were, basically rate it she's dead, though you know some for court awkward friend who has got started.
For whatever reason decided a face, tat, many and pretend mayor above, thereby I hardly tried. Many, I think many would deliver set out, but it really day day saying he's a friend, eminent Emily, Odin a friend my phone right there. He sees that, that's not afraid, medical Fred. You could not be called your friends have entered a police, stop not afraid, magnified this I e just now defend. Play my better. So that was weird, but the sack the weird thing going out this axis year, which I Just don't understand for life, for me is how bad Jackie badly is. They frame yesterday, but going yesterday's game, whose body one seventy nine in this area he played the whole season He was I mean Chris Davies is having the where season about I'm about to underwrite, but Bradley every time.
Deanna Line up like Vasquez, for some reason can hurrah the share it with you you get to the ladder up in their beds, keeps coming up with like nobody I base year for them, but the bad span, attendee Martinez, that it that late, the EU, the Red Sox, have scored more runs in the accusation. No, you at your word, I know. What's his name Jamie as twenty three home run right yeah. What is better have bets, has nineteen and missed You gonna have a week's. I guess I miss Morland. They waved Hanley part. The way in which parliament has been, I get this, isn't there the red Sox? Did I I actually like the team. I they need to figure out the Bradley thing, though, because I don't think you can go in the playoffs with two zeros at the bottom line up like just cinder automatic ass. Well,
Yet you certainly address at random you'd the Yankees have advantage there could there line up is so deep, even with it with great bird, not do much incentives in one idea. No undue Hard Torres had been grave about over the line up phenomenal, and you have guys I get AAA who are dying. I read that article about a couple them. Sure belay and there are pissed off their like waiting period, bread. Like Hell, do our was both a just come up for a little while and end when Jerry had his issues with with my grandson things in you played so well, they can't take him out of the lineup you know they went outside during the season. I really love that. Finally, we go. This is good I'll, be like that. They stop gap, that old bridge to bridge the gap rather too, to endure Sunday with some days now so unfortunate are stuck down its grim, but the it's good place to be a man. You got to many too many guys mode of divisions, riches and in our place to be
it's good. So in our some of them trade vapours starter. I don't know how many people are salivating, overran injury so away for that matter. Cider air, Tyler, Austin I don't know about. Tyler ago. That's ago, Joe Kelly kick disaster of the tower ass. Well, don't judge and that is life migrant wings like Joe Kelly's, my taken, ok, Joe Kelly, so for care or Joe Kelly Gimme a break so any about figure back your father's twitter fleet, and they remain yet my era. But might I found what our where he was saying that the Red Sox it sure Trade Blake's? Why heart for reliever? I will treat by the adoption of a trade market for Blake's. Why hard and is one forty, nine average speaking people? I don't think you are
elevate nowhere, people like boy for you just get. That's why hard away spirits final piece of the puzzle is two bucks. Fifty dia The problem with this wire thing is ever team. Has every team slash Fan Base says that one guy that they irrationally at every year year attacked prospect chain right, even when, even when they waved Hanley, I think Pretty much. All the I says like this is great swineherds. Finally get a chance. His his bed he's been lacking The egg is right. Now are posted twenty five to in the east The actors are two to one plus two hundred in the room. Sacks or plus three twenty five actually feel like a faith is approved. It adds for the asterisk you, the Yankees, have the though most ways I think
better, because you have so many prospects, you can change. The huge is gonna get a directive. As I would have said, this is a good thing before they upset by the rays, but they have one of the easier schedules and baseball another night. And yes, there are talking about their schedule. Maybe they basically really play the hard part of their schedule most, but in a play. Their attacks are remain more times, but they were there done what the asked rose and an independent, the angels and an so whatever their schedule. I, like the sixth easiest or whatever, which our neighbour would be great, except that part of that was also playing the raise three times the loose and the plan was natural history type so I gave her everything is good, but that that definitely help them through that their schedule easier than their attacks have so the astronauts twenty one in fifteen there another fit. Two and twenty seven year and they ve gotta hundred and sixty nine more rights than the other team at all stand by their only to do an favorites. I still feel like air
a near insurmountable mountain unless you can get home field which the he's or red Sox could potentially do just because of the the the crap teams in areas, but I would still my money would still be on the Astro said I'd be. Pitching staff is to dismantle their light up another, but their boat tat is their boat. If you close and singular yeah, but their them clearly made a trade for somewhat the royal down a bit in that out. I was the national there, the Mcewen, Peacock Combo, Bear think it so go, get a closer verbatim Roberto sooner could be available mid September. I'm kidding the seventy five gives suspension so interesting times with about was sober, trample. The quick, ok trump. Transfers. Jimmy found was the feud that I didn't know I needed on a Sunday. I noticed that I know that came from the clouds, Barrett
I came from. Does he went on a show like there was a long time ago ran away. He felt the need to like, while I mean every put, every lay my rose now is like super political yeah. Guess Balin is like the least political, so he probably feel the name. Yeah, like justifiably political, and I think you need a package where he talked about what a mistake to humanize tramp just kind of wandering around the world where westwards was what he says. This is a great day hockey enforcing this area. These tweets from Heaven I dislike dislike mystified about accused the previous days, and today you had some where girls from today about casinos, their centres, one addition, restaurant and I saw TAT he s and the trees. Then he liked murdered. The restaurant today said how, like their awnings, are dirty and the windows are dirty like yeah, you think, like being the president, I ve been. I never heard of the red hand before as this restaurant in Africa.
Famous restaurant- that I can. Maybe it is, I don't know it. I have never heard of it, but, like he's, the president stated he could give up to date. Accounts would like how clean or dirty the red it is also. How does he know emphasised colors in a red hen, like you, ve tried by the remoter you'd make a note like what I read it: look terrible did seeking tell the secret service said I worker red head over to check it out but the delegating tweet to do. The other day I saw you was campaigning in Nevada fourteen hours, Republican Teneriffe Nevada is opponent. Is a woman named Jackie, something and so translate?
a nickname for self evident and a crowd? Of course morons is like a say: it say it like. I collar wacky, Jackie in the crowd, goes not slept like what do you like, like wacky jackie? It can't read your head around it and then you have Maxine waters, no side issues like any tab, Trump Cabinet official without they should be like a raft of the building like this is America. This is that, like in nineteen, thirty Germany, where light competing mob violence on the streets like now this country- it's like- I don't know- I think- has been too much time on twitter. So maybe it's worse on twitter than it is in real life like a real life. I don T, like people actually like screaming at each other baby girl. There I places but on Twitter, makes it seem like the country is light headed
like a civil war, we're just gonna break apart or something like. I can't. We just put politics aside and go to the Red Henry go to the movies or whatever add came again to me, just gonna therein endless any guy. He never dress me. Do you can't we just I'll get along the way towards a rat, I will say nobody should lies to speech. Did Iraqi forward of the russian then maybe seiners again in love. I will say this feels like the worst month. We ve had the the borders for the border situation, stuff really was too tired was really like. There is definitely yeah, it's to remember more of a rock bottom from just the human behavior standpoint banning or anything that we just like. We Karim from Like new story, a new story like
things that at one time would have been like the biggest story and had like flood the zone coverage as they say when it lasted for, like a week's worth of is like the Trump in North Korea summit. That was like two weeks ago, and it seems like it was about six months ago or a year ago and like here that he said month ago seemed like it happened. When I was in first grade, it's just crazy how fast everything moves and everybody is just loses their mind over the next thing. Fear, like you know not incorrectly or like this, is legally be crazy month. We tat true until we know the next one will be next, UNESCO in these went without atomic maternity month vanity. You did that the craziest monthly, when there is no sign of the first lady for twenty four days and she might have been dead for our we knew, but that wasn't even in the top. For I mean I feel bad for her because she had no idea. She was gonna, get involved in this when she had her wagon, the Trump figure Jesus, it's gonna be on Fifth avenue and it out every so often.
But what about sex with her and she kept regular checks in access to his credit card and live live in a penthouse? She had no, no idea. She was due to be the first lady, a note of why the snow part about you, just how lovely I am and want to be part of the first lady, yet things in whom I want to make it very clear for my second life like that, how to get away regret never run for president. Just have sex and never was rather be great yeah, the a I keep. I keep thinking, people are now kind of immune to the fact that our where this is like a letter I would say, is the energy the Yankees You just woke up in the manager. The Yankees was just attacking red head for no reason and attack, Jimmy foul and then just doing crazy stuff like trying to
I had to ban anyone who was an undocumented whatever from Company Yankee Stadium and just outer stuff, that he does we too weak. How we would just be flabbergasted by of it, but will yet with the presidency. It just seems like now Now I can in NAM, remembers comparison them ever. Did it so apt? Is that he's really like nineteen eighty there, a George Thy Brenner yeah? Already it is the complete loose cannon and you don't know what are you going to do in Egypt in our cars gains from women to women? Nobody has no tell anybody and his staff of what he's doing it is. Does it it all out of, like God and anger, and like not allowed for thought and it like. A farmer had twitter, basically in the
We could have been tweeting about rumours about day when fail, instead of hiring get out gamblers or whatever and privatized look into his private life, like all the crazy things he did, he can adjust expressed all that on Twitter, it it's just as balloon. It is just as much of a lunatic don't be a fun quiz fer to like a blog posts like who they dress. Was it Steinbrenner track, which quote? Is either clan you really are just three would have been so much different if the NFL just left Trump by the Buffalo bills right as he tried to a few years ago. Yeah, just whereby the Buffalo bells and near ages have this crazy eccentric doubt sterling ask owner any added value would be so different that having a crazy, Frederick, Donald Darling S, Press United States back to everything is Roger, does fought the matter
he's typing in summer, whenever Natalie long rip, you know, as a lifelong conservative republican like to see what the Republican Party has become words, this complete and total culprit personality is just in our trump said. The skies Gallo there be republic and spokesman like well, though it is yellow. If you look at CERN light, they would justify whatever as an entity, be dead that day, it's just it's crazy crazy were ETA, complete called them his party now and it's just depressing of hell, we're hasn't, whereas in anybody on the Republicans. Decided, TAT, just kind of go head to head with them.
When, in that personally, here are scared to death of a mere scared to death of his voters. I think for a while they were scared to death of of him. It always tweets another scared to death of a veto if they see if these rally, rallies and people are like screaming enchanting for space force is planned to have liquor in our army in outer space or whatever their course. Even brief. Anybody honour plant foreigners, no no space, forced organization whatsoever and their chanting space for a new look at that her leg. What do I want to get primary to lose a sky Mark Sandford and enter Carolina congressmen and conservative congressmen, and he got bigger challenge than that and Trump came out and endorse the opponent she beat him. I made a third like they're scared to death threats, transport
these people are alike, fact new, watch Fox news and, like the US, pay tv and they do it, he says a literally could say anything out his minions organ of alum. It's crazy! I mean desire Sulphur Donald Trump. I don't get it. I don't know. Maybe one thing if your worshipping ral, regular or even George Bush- but you know there are some other republican luminary of the past fifty years, but to do it for Donald J tribe. I just I will never ever understand that. Levers hid it in any way shape or form well in his defence space forces, a pretty good idea, but after the eyes followed me, I was younger. I could China perspective. Which it says I do here, we'll Smith movie that was in was in, meant member referred twelve years Express space force. The much maligned was Smith Project now. Has a director it is that is at his weirdest ideas since he's been president just came by to like what
feel, and I saw bits and pieces of israeli any like we're. Gonna die we're going back to space, we're going to space we're gonna dominates base. Okay Do you think it's like you or the user to dinner with with Bob Craft or something very carefully hey dad I'll give or take about space force goods that who did it obvious space would be great. Ok, there's the legs. Having got was wedded to America. To someone like you, the army there on the land they may be on the sea air forces in the air, but once it had better than me, liquid attire space. We need a space bores ready. God listen! There did that rigour tomorrow and cried out of space forces taken battles like space. What now or square my dream, radio aim would be sharp explaining space forest.
Make France ESA. For the first time they Debbie a MIKE. This great idea, I think you get along it's wonderful, it's a wonderful idea and by what is it out This war is also Craig you the other day. I will briefly a guy called, and I missed part of it grows. Working out, I left work. I was listening to it. Some guy called up. It was almost like a statistical thing about. I don't even know how they were talking about, but you don't get it as it is. They might hung up on what those go boys. Somebody else you gotta my show, then the next guy piled up in Gaza might never be really in a back. I agree that the principles that are legion- review my show where they wait with the diet coke. If I ever did you kill him his collars and the guy. Like totally like the typical think the thick of it might be like. I was greatly ailment energy review by show complete toady. It might as well
the way you can make me out of his mind with the with the axe your twitter, to his. Has its managers dry by shootings of people into an area of marine, just murdering the matter as a minister dragged through the ground? Crazy, he's figured out everything on Twitter, except for feuding with other people? Let's go it's come, and I want him like when the next rating book comes out and Michael Cage eyes, temporary when every wives for might to get mad and then go Adam on Twitter. No question us definitely need case I dare say, he's winning the women spring ratings I don't know what he's looking at twitter force. Twitter forces spirits force force space for his great idea was met, and I like it, there were Psmith Jack. Jack. Pleasures always attacked ISA
but if I were going to bring in my daughter fur another, sort of for real zis, her team culture of death, but first, when he shop, Why do you suddenly turned into a tab? Horrider loading does and dozens of new tabs and your browser in search of a promo code, just one that works afraid. Close any of them fair missing at a deal. Well before you cry, She browser yet again, try honey honey. Is there we browser add on their over nine million people using every day to save money while they shop, I might add, honey too any browser for free and then Shap like you, normally do honey, scans and test millions of coupons and the background then automatically applies. The best coup by a checker time magazine calls honey, basically free money take for a fact. This works. Has our chaperone fur laptops resale need a new one, honey and end up getting me. Some cash off
top that I needed? There's no reason not to add hunted to your browser day is freed. Takes too quick to install, will save you a ton of money, get honey for free joy. I need a calm, slash Simmons two words join honey that come, sir, since the start saviour of hunting. I once once again that is join honey, dotcom, Slash, syn since my daughter's here she gives us the breakdown. Every month or so on, whatever is going on with the thirteen year, the team pop culture right now You said, Emily Bobby Brown is the most important topic. Not the most important, like one of the big lion was a most discussed here. Topics rain ass. She is from stranger thing, switch in totally now until the last time we did this segment, you got mad of any made fun of acres editor. That was, I don't watch stranger thinks he shed, Now you and mom or watch that Somalia
brown first, while she had to react active twitter. So explain what happened. There are basically What happened was people word making it seem like she didn't support gay people and that she thought that it was horrible that people had different earth like this ain't. Gender had feelings for each other, that thirty year olds were making fun of her and saying all these horrible things about her thirty year olds. Have nothing better to do than make fun of a thirteen year old, but she didn't she didn't say at the right now. The whole thing I literally made the whole thing, so they made whole thing up as like a character attack on her here. To try to bully here. Am I here just a bunch of different things? That was the only thing they urged completely attacking her in China, bring her down to their level but why? What did she do that? Would it would with about Milly Bobby Brand, triggered these random?
it's in the internet or Ladys whoever's. I guess it's kind of like they think if they try to bring her down, will bring them up almost or bring her down to their level cause she's like one, the really big influencers in the kid world right now it s, because it s your things and self ends. I guess she's really powerful and people like that. That, like a kid, is one of the more powerful people right now, instead of adults being more power, sir, tend to be superior in families, and things like that is a kind of run it your theory, we rule out just say leg, varens, tenderly superior but they ve probably are sacred. After a yeah there we don't need to prevent, were superior. I never everything, but excuse me like that. They don't really like that. Kid is kind of like one of the big people right now
so they both heard there are super mean to air and so mean that she actually got off social media. Yet you have been ceramic just twitter, just Twitter, that's where they were attacking you don't like Twitter, I don't get a twitter youth, that's really. You thing ran this celebrity now. You're out the rankings right now, Instagram one cent chat statutes to has like the two big ones. Are there anything else. You know really matter. Subject that much on the shouting for me, I don't ever use really get it. I mean, I think you get it when like eighth grade here is you can start sneaking around and that telling ass it? That's like you know it lie and he's going to do anything of that, so that apple and be good. For me, stature, we ll teach at a lie. Lying there other leg and our fear. We went to her son had seven years. Ben Seven's together took your lying and became a double edged. Sword.
Happens, Milly Bobby brand. Is that you are you worried about her Varela sanity standpoint Cosette, that's pretty rough of your thirteen of others. He eyed- and here I think, she's, thirteen or fourteen. I remember, but I'm gonna, look it up. As your talk, I think that that can be really difficult for her to deal with, especially because she so young that it's like can kind of. I guess, affect the way that she acts in the way that she thinks about things and she might be more, protect ever think a bit ass for TAT she puts out, and then she just turned fourteen. Why can only imagine how you would react? I know these people remain to know. He would take it personally here and there is also not only like this? The entire thing, the adults at hacking hurts like her and her boyfriend who cheated on heard now, they're back together and everyone's the boy from Jacob stories, then he's from nothing.
Musically person he's a musically person explained with Airbus musically. It's like the app where it it basically gives you back music and you like lip saying to or something that was like the huge thing and fifth grade and universally very terriers agreement grade a bunch of people, I've gotten famous off. I don't understand why, but he was one of them of amazement. Someone's wasn't one of them. You, David and Syrians, got whenever musically person, so he becomes semi famous from musically here and then he started doing you tube and all this stuff sense. He already had recognition from musically and then came back famous and then he dated Milly Bobby Brown, but he cheated on her hat, as everybody knows that it she did at her color that things were leaked like he snapped chatting. Someone oh stop chatting another girl how odyssey teen, oh my god, I'm in a drink ass. I
and then they got back together, but nobody likes him anywhere. Now not we'll know one line, Given the beginnings and no one really likes Jacob Notorious he's kind of a jerk enlivening. That's, how did they do their reconciliation on social media he had a bunch of posts with him before the break up and then deleted. All of them when they broke up area, they kind of, took a break. I guess it's now complete break up, but then they got back together and sorted posting picture scholar and everyone really upset everyone, meaning, although other girls in your name, like everyone just cause you're lookin out familiar by we re now I just didn't like Jacob Sartorius. Who do you want, Millie Babby ran a date fenwolf I'd whose at her cause size, stranger things that in play Why that's in player you just randomly put in the new vaccine play? Everyone wants him today.
Whose sourest Finn, I think he's I think, is older than her. Can you look it up? Look up! Look it up as we're talking. We move forward. Then we'll find so strange so in their money fifteen. She said, your listing stay away from my daughter, so stranger, things has more of an impact than there two reasons why it can two completely different messages. Yeah. It's him using wiser done. I hate it bothers me that you like that shows, for you know I like, like everything, I know I just watched five new movies and high costs. Thirteen reasons why the I watched the last episode with you. We knew that there is a bad scene in the episode de La Calais and made you leave, so we could fast forward it because I like to pretend I'm
I have friends talk about that seem like they talk about what happened knows. What's that smell? I now understand the point that show away had come back for a second season. I can't ever authorities in an pretty they left the last abhorrent cliffhanger. Do you think they? where's the envelope of some of those themes because it makes kids like you want to watch it cause. You know not supposed to watch it kind of smart yeah. I guess it's like knowing, I guess some people. I don't think I just like enjoy the shell. Because I enjoy just show that everyone, in your great watches it now Kids aren't allowed to watch it. Some gay We only allowed you to watch it if you watch the with us here, but some people only decided the watch, the last episode of the second season, because they knew that something bad happened, which I don't understand, link why, Anna I guess they wanted to see something bad yeah daily glitter.
Watch the last episode of both season Sissy, the worst things that happen in both seasons happen for no reason. I dont like that I know you, don't you ve told me multiple times that you don't mind radios where more defensible and it's all its also like a really good, chow, stranger things yeah. So now those two shows a dance or what you have just made. You think he's coming back now for a while now based started filming like two months ago or three months ago, and it's coming back late, thousand eighteen limits, the most popular thirty minute, generator thirty minute chow. People like graze, anatomy Tourism is our people, you friends or which graze anatomy here, five? All my friends watchwords Natalie what The new ones are the old ones off the Avery watched it like seven times really. They watch graze, anatomy. Pretty little liars what else why? What about younger at that time?
as one another in Ireland New bachelor, two of my other friends. We haven't group chat and we talk about bachelor on we ve got batches are born this year. That now I was on your party with Julia and Endless Kelly last week? Talking about is back to boring and we need the answer was yeah yeah. She felt sure issue boring, which is in a bad thing. I give you were on the bachelor. I would like you to be boring, you have it, that's not the point of the show I really need someone who's gonna be exciting, like I feel like you missing out crazy, like money would have been no longer have any good batch really want us here. We should have been the pack bachelor cause she's interesting, like she at least has background link backers, boring she's really have anything special about her. I describe two years as a little crazy the type who in the Netflix movie, is the one who breaks out. The wager board has everybody to know that, even though I know legs, the axe breaks up with her and then gets with some anew.
She comes back to the house or charges killing people. I don't want people, think we're great pack is. Would it take you to hereditary Teresa valets, Guide You loved our people, this some of my friends go to that yeah. It goes a little overrated like house, terrifying, scary movie, so as to be really scary- and I didn't think it s very. Like you or your immune to scary movies, cashmere, we watch some amateur ass. I give we watch set at home. It's not a movie that I would have turned off or have a look at. It That is like that with the Euro yeah, like we commemorate the unfriended, the first one. We had to turn that off those really scary here, those two score, but if you're, just like it was a year ago were as adapted. I guess not Allen was scary. I want I would we watch it now. You guys are kind of scared by that Amityville hormone.
That's on the new environmental cared about, then was scared of James. The chairs is forgetting regimes for the next week or so Here too, I kid kind of came in at the end sudden early, I get. The entire play a time we were set or movie about there's something around the house. I know that was originally Gary. We should just read a horrible way Will you move into the house and Ben goes into the attic and find some sort? that applies or something then he realized lines like you find some sort of box it s old, Polaroid Senate, and then he Vietnam's going back up there and keeps getting more and putting them up in his room and has legos. You know that lack, light, pencil and oh right over his room. Here we return on the landing on another black lights, and, rumour, like
bees play for nay and screaming tab with legs. Are we see that it is there that he his new thing right now is going on face with his friends and then, as on face time, pine fortnight and a video showing them how to play fortnight. His friend here, and I go to college, might not We did talk about the other relationship that bothers you, Lebanon does not bother me. The consumer where's the kissing, bookkeeper dating yeah, so were the kissing. That's dear, that's the number or hungry tat name, Jacob. Alarmingly, so in the kissing, both your favorite movie, Netflix eighteen, twenty times Avatar Guy, Veronica's Avenue movie. I netflix that I really like tired silent. It's called Jessica darlings at last yeah, it's about seventh grade and
This girl, whose like kind of a weirdo going in the seventh grade and has a list of rules that are popular sister, gave her that she used in seventh grade and she like uses them and try to change herself, but it doesn't really work and her best friend going into the new school like leaves her and she finds new friend group. It's really good! I like it. It's a movie, movie. It's like an hour in thirty minutes. You you, like movies, where there's either people have to follow a less horror. People make a pack everyone ever had a less than a pact than the same movie you like when people are supposed to, but one of them ends up like each other, forgiving with there'll be arguing you better get out of it. Oh god, bad comrades, any war. Will you have a couple? Male friends in here near class yeah Anita. Believe me. When I say that's, that's never. Gonna work out longer
somebody's you're, like somebody at some point back me up on your cigarette. Nobody's ever like? Oh here's, my very put close friend how many This pathetic female friends. Have you met in my life in the last twenty years? Ten, there's thirteen euro area Are you kidding? We birthing thirteen of whale anything. Yeah, I know someone has been learned. Oh yeah sure and Juliet and when I hear people let Ringer for the most part on Saint people that when when I was a I've known squirrel, since she was ten and worst still friends then maybe doesn't happen? what other movies There is one other movie you liked. Oh, his coat hashtag reality high, was the proud of that the same pot as the other we realise just mentioned. It was like about a girl who was kind of
I'm cool and then that there was an had a friend who is dating the most popular guy at school, but she kind of turn into a jerk, and she was like obsessed with her and scram she. Epic eight million follows for some reason and she was a bad friend to her and then the boy friend she wakes up at the boy had four fuzzy whose owed another you tumor, who they brought into the we need to make more money and over there she cast you to be asked as it has done. You two were smart to make more money, sir, but and then she, the kind of weird girl, starts dating her old boyfriend and then. The other freshness horrible, the other friends be friends her again and like apologizes ends. It's her on her instagram, live, show or whatever, and then embarrasses her and says that she's, like stalking, her or something a thriller. No, she like set lies.
And says in her, but that kind of changes the girl. So the boyfriend doesn't like that girls much anymore and then they all resolve and get you ve seen? So many these, maybe you could just come up with your own, my plan. I can honestly right my own. I know exactly what I want in a movie and I haven't really comply they found it yet who. Whether sir, I want like where I've talked to us in the first movie, like I'm, makes of the Kissing Ruth and Jessica darlings, lest I mean a mix of that and they haven't made via an relive. So it's a mix of abode Swedes caught it have to be like kind of risk the best friend for the brother yeah, but going through middle, school instead of high school, because I can relate to that more and like dealing with middle school and like having their chains of self with the lists would have to be a list and breaking the brothers rules are the best friends rules for the brother. So if I come
x. It all seemed kissing with your favorite thing was that she wasn't supposed to like the brother budget liking him yeah, and maybe you can do it like a neighbour Maybe it's like a next door. Neighbor. They made a pact that they had never died. I will, I would write a movie. I could do you, that you Barrymore movie, never been Kansas. Movie Noah it got creepy because the teacher was attracted to he hurried over hasty language, really gravy like yeah, I guess cause he didn't even know that use a teacher and he was attracted to her when it's weird but What about him? Netflix movie about a girl who gets talked into being the quarterback on the eighth grade fight for bottom? Oh, my god, where labour I explained to the audience way: you wouldn't be the fight for book. You be. Everyone's as to do? Why won't you do it? You understand? I don't want to,
we don't want to. I can give a cannon are because it does come here, you're Netflix, Mobutu case. Although re. That's me up on this and attack him on Twitter, because you won't leave me alone, he saw the rights to Netflix. What do you mean about the the fight for bug you be Ok, that very night a pact does it mean that I have to play flag for after the word receiver, that they were far list that has seen will giants. Maybe that'll make little giants. Have I seen that remain convinced that girls go little JANET What was there is one other move you wanted they liked other movie that there was a third movie. I only thing no, there was I watched. I didn't completely watch the movie, so I can't really talk
this, I can't remember rate review. I remember at the beginning of a movie and applauded the movie is like this girl and her best friend, whose gay. It was a guy, that's right and they had like a no kiss list is another language southern of who they couldn't day basically, and they kind of bull fall for the same person, a girl and boy fell for the same guy. That's a good wrinkle! I didn't finish your movie, but that I saw a free dressing, a little window that even Netflix suggest movies. Do you always have virtually impacts yeah? I say and hormone, is horror movies or something rather, it has suggested for me and then I found Jessica darlings. At last, I found like five movies that are looked really good, and then there are like three horror movies delivered
when a tug led industry himself, he culture there. Now I don't want to talk about that. Did you talk about the Israel post? I made you take tat. Now he betrayed me: was not ok. Everyone has to understand. That was not a bad picture. You made me mad a lot of these late. You man, I told you to delete it, and I said if you ever did their ghettos taking your phone began and I then do it again. Did I say it's boots? Summer but make us whether they would the girls had in eighth grade with these, like here in a bathing suit and here's I dont Geneva. Having see I'm not saying you it's a thing now. It's like I daresay grade like here check. Check me out, like I don't know I don't get it. If you like that, some of my friends in Sudan, you probably would not be happy, you acted
I haven't, let the your friends Instagram! Do you haven't? I do I go back on your phone and look at the people who, following I know I know you, do I think that if graters need to calm down on the instagram. As my advice to the case law, the kid Am I a school and really that bad the others are horrible. The boys don't do like you Nancy, like gave just like us, show a shortlist selfie picture you'd be surprised. If I were you, I'd kill me therefore, commissioner, we need to name the segment. What's it called time, teaching to watch We now now simply fireside trouser. Seventy five conjuncture teens it has to end with inside
I found what about for eels? Is I like that or you for real zis? Would that be on your podcast Well, I will say we will call for realises whoever did that good job nephew Kyle. I have a really embarrassing picture of him from when he was like a bright eyes. I saw that so. Do I put that twitter, the Ringer Twitter, which under idea puff that's too bad, if you have ever? How did you get the she's texted me the other day? It's of him with a bulky you had a poor guy at my purse is come. I believe, you're here cousin can I was the picture on your twitter of you. When you were a kid cause. I guarantee everyone would be surprised, it's that great care. What had I did ever? How can I find the bull ok, it was like a motorway enlarged ass. There are weak, oh yeah shattered the Boston Duncan. Don't I shudder
two year Zoe, as always a pleasure see you at the house all right. That's it. Thanks to Ziprecruiter, don't forget to go to ziprecruiter dot com. Vs, don't forget about against all odds with cousin Sal me to be on that this week and don't but the real watch. We did Forest Gump last week. People of that work, or sporadic coming up this week and then a week from this week July. Fourth, the one. I am most excited about the most they said, it had been since he fer a reaction was passed Jaws. Oh yeah me sheriff and sickness rhyme. This may bear three hours, matchless was I assume issue. She could dynamism anyway, back later but more bs pack ass. Until then
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