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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to discuss the NBA roster changes this summer. They decide which teams got better, which teams got worse, and which teams are just treading water

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Asian begin again for families unexpectedly confronted by medical crisis. I all you have to do is go to Callaway Gulf, that calm click on one of the wedge is the optional come up. It expires on August. First, it's for a great cause, a vague esteem edged, sets a good luck, whereas ready by the Ringer com, where, if you go there right now, you can read it successions power, ranking Syria, succession, power rankings, peace, Sunday, night, Soda succession might have been my favorite moment of favorite tv episode in a couple years. It was a bachelor party that never left New York City and was just in some weird building and was one of the funniest shows, Joe. How assigned to talk about that episode at some point and both of us probably get fired. It was incredible It was so good anyway. Power rankings that shot fantasy ran about mission impossible, the franchise
he ranked the six movies. He loves the first movie. We didn't. We she was about that I was not on that reaction, but it's a sweet. Lady watch was on the first movie the one directive by brand upon a lot of me, impossible content. People love this movie Curtis wrote a feature by bodily Kevin Oconnor Jonathan sharks redraft in the two thousand ten after jogs came in hot hot, I almost wish I had seen a of first version of this because he was like a little to add the EU is like sweaty ray, they re d really took it literally. He redrafted the two thousand eighteen draft. I don't know if I agreed with the choices. Boroughs interesting read my Titus right about Jimfred at sack ramrod about why the Astor should trade for Brace Harper Nuke. Ass from the Ringer pack has now David change edge erratic three whatcha goals. We mention the watch. Quite we quite content weak, thank God for the NBA.
Thank God, for our main ran resellers can be on the package, but first pearl jam instead of Allay Ryan, Brian Reseller, you could raise a couple months. He just as a different via these he's. He look. Like, he sees fit you everyone, keep saying you look like you're in good shape. Now where's your ten yeah. I know I know I do these costs the EU there, like sunburned or your weight and there's no between Bulgaria. I can tell they live at you, weren't in L A see? Show you yeah, a crowd right. I can't believe how great that alley thing is an,
You know I remember going and my first USC my ten years ago and was all our views and whatever I'm like, you guys, put a stadium right here, yeah and then you go in and they then this is the first season. Ok, go in and that whole section where it's like their their crew, the train fans and the one that animal Rights Germany to land learn how to do it pan, who we both know. Hu Jia who's, the guy and I was like can't believe you already have this like Channing four hours before the thing even start and then nonstop the whole time and I and they get rid of the seat. So you have to stand and you want me to go there so, like I was a kind of just now and then ass, you gonna sing you like trained assassins. I got season tickets like a year ago and as and I have to friend, Nathan Herbert as do next to me, and we and we just kind of pass him back. I think I'm gonna get em they're phenomena. At my an hate soccer, never one point level and watch, brought on his it'll. Go the Serbs
and then we went he had a great time. The food was great, so yeah everybody who goes loves it. Say they have the best crowded in la just game to game. I intensity excited atmosphere. I couldn't believe, like I felt a little bags. I was asking some people with the club. I go, that's why they call on her at the club. May I go. I got I dont want assuming a jerk casino, but too late I go. How do they already care this much? It one of the great business stories they ve created history out of thin air in the span of fire my nephew Kyle they'd. They had to let the police had to pull him out. He where you want to stay for those reorient after smoke and drinking that's it do as they are, I will, after the game there like Sunday hang and I go. What are you talking about? I, like we stay open yeah. In the sun? Go down behind the Colosseum? I mean you're right there and you ll, see and then
I ended up making a real rookie mistake where I had a long day and then I did at ten EAST deal he so get out of the house, because I was gonna. Take trains as in Santa Monica Workin out, shouted to equal. Huge so every there by the way we may do. I feel like I'm selling a guy out a little bit, but if you want to do that later, that are now it's early you here office van or you know those guys on. That is not an atmosphere you're. Not on that. Against that I just never got caught into my own staff as the I have acquired through the related later separately, I'm hot today, more ready to go on coffee. You guys not drink coffee. I gotta, however, can become Lucida its home brood small batch. So when do you guys know Toby Right, Toby, full Anderson debt, I admire the diabetes is nemesis, okay and so on. That Equinox here you see some celebrity guys in there and I do a double taken like I'm sure you notice like if someone is checking you out you're like ok, these guys you looking at me, so I don't do that, don't be that guy, but
I don't even know. If carve we can look up with the actress, shows nobody gets Toby an imaginative like you're at the beach Tom Cruise showed up, shitless ah tags ready by beach via the world. Yet Daisy dukes started talking to your girl at the blank is again and you play will be viable and colleague. Shit you're really like this again. This is who you are that Toby was like it Equinox Brown sure dad shorts, Essex, no offence to the jail. You know tat, Reggie dark socks and he goes the inclines: wow Toby's gonna, go inclined bench, freeways like what we got here too, on each side, not nodded deep like just cutting the light work at yeah he's coming back from major, I could caught him on a high rep data, be there was looking around and it was Toby.
Was actually Toby from the office doing chest. You love Ella, and I couldn't pall labour standards, polish yeah, so that a policy and he did it get up. He did you put twenty five and ten and got a little. But I noticed you spend so much time a miracle, a Middle Connecticut, useless sightings are basically leg? Hey there's badly buddy. You show this map shows Missus James Idiot, while the doubt a gear dilated seen Toby from the office any worked out just like you, they told me to work out, and potentially You'll see regime Rhonda. Why you check your phone. I want to make sure that it attention on oil I'm this is my NBA free agents. The Knesset thing a cut in brainy notes. I don't know start light. I made a couple notes just so we didn't forget thing. Ok, I won't ahead at the notes why I wanted to hit cause. That's been a month re Santa July. Pretty much done at this point.
Really fascinating free agency, and I didn't want to really wait in big picture wise until the end of the month. I feel like most of the teams have gotten worse. Is that possible wow? I only like what a couple you have done, and I either fella govern us, either shredded water or you may get likely they d Gimme, like the ones. Jump out to you that you go what's the point. I'm inaugurating water teams. No because I do think there are a lot of what we'll get tonight explanations were detained like if you are talking to a team that acknowledge your missing the point we did it cause. It is this in theirs overtime like eyes and think about that, and then sometimes I'm just like. Why bother like why bar the bull? What's your body Parker deal about yet we can but I'd rather to play off teams first I'd. Rather go I what the most disappointed with Philly I dont know what they did. That wasn't Chandler thereof
have space they can't space to get somebody who is an impact anything what about Asia, but they just brought him back. They basically have last year's team with was jailer. You know it's weird about that deal is how, They were never even on the labyrinthine guy why I think Leubronn needed the stud team, the fit a bow team, because his Lakers thing, if it done I posted and twitter today, I want a character like fourteen months ago, when coward, for somebody thought the Brown was going, the coopers- and I just surgically picked them apart with Wrangler Lakers Odyssey was like a Tom Brady, second half against the Falcons type, farmers, and he is not invited me back sense- does it say, Don't blame emmets its Almost I'm amazed. He still has the show is that bad
use your amaze gallery he just what do you want? Just like? We re emphasise that. How do you? How do you get back on your finger? You another hated. You too, how talk radio, or indeed by but yeah, we'll get you back on the show, we're neighbors Sonata. I don't wanna go back out now. I walk off homer you like it Oh boy gives the decorously is no way around another. I bet against them, but yet been so I was so what's with the Lakers I dont get it. I don't congrats to them and, yes, you been on it and in others all the things that we can revisit, because if you look at all abroad, This right and this in February my thing was that I didn't think using to come here by himself and he did it and what I would say is I don't think he thought he was in a come here by himself. Ok, the pall. George thing I really really a tail and he was there were at least we're Paul George yeah, and then once that didn't happen which surprised everybody.
I think it was like. Ok will you just move these pieces require my my thing? What I would ask anybody there like a living out here now and that Leubronn came here, and I came here by himself right, because I never thought It was real. Cleveland knew they were gonna, get anybody else for whatever can I ask as they thought they had he's going about it this thing, like Le Bronze, just ready to retire, like people talking about here. Like he's forty, I'm not saying you are, but it's only wants to make tv shows and easy over these over. Unlike many thirty three thirty, four, the sheer like the dude, still to win a point. Eighty two games last year plus how many plants games like twenty eighth street years. It is now our miss the game, since I know- and I think he did that, because it gets sick about hearing. I was taken time off so I think the simplest way I can kind of put this all together is that once they knew the cleaving thing, wasn't gonna work really wasn't real care. What those guys say! I was never real Houston didn't fit the broom basketball standpoint, how he can like Chris Paul, but like man, three of us, yes or no
goes alright, we'll figure some other stuff out on LA. Do, you think, would magic showed up to Lebron's house when free agency started that night that his pitch was ok. Here's going do we're not going to trade for why Emory idea, Rondeau, who I know Leubronn likes Rondeau Edward. It Rondeau Lance Travail. You redo Paul because he's a clutch guy like it's a collection of due to the collection personalities that you would never really like. No one would ever say separable Braun, that putting these five personalities together on one basketball team makes any sense. So I'm I'm really sorry I see how this is played out since he agreed to come to ally. I look at it and I agree if the mindset, I just don't agree with the players they got, because if or smile abroad. A magic have an honest comes in every is making it seem like an app and Angela first a midnight. It probably happen over the course of the season multiple times with tax that couldn't you know, I'm sure they ve been talking only about what to do,
I think the Bahamas like no matter what we do and are being the worst year, more prominent beating the subjects with other guys that are coming back. I don't I don't know if it was him saying this or magic, but I think they probably looked at it and said Why are we giving away assets so we can just lose to the toothache. Nineteen, whereas anyway, let's have this weird year. Get out these when your deeds we can pass on Kauai February and if it doesn't work, where position for the next year in the cab space. Are these people you'll win fifty games? yourself anyway, will be relevant again, you'll be in allay you'll, get you get settled and we'll figure it and they left themselves flexibility, which I really respect, because looking back into does Tina, I never thought I would Can I read it to make sure I thought this way. I thought they should have tested out the Wiggans thing for a couple months before they did. The love to the left It was gonna, be there anyway made that trade in them I would like Braun, one or two blue young guys want to access l, because I think
from fourteen like don't make your team enjoy, which I really We will rather waded out there because it rather waded out then up an Englishman. Another piece for is what I'd her was Ingram. It is the starter than it was a thing I wouldn't worry about it. I would want to play with those guys. I think the biggest mistake these teams make in this subject His fur actually wait on Philly, don't judge what they did yet the biggest mistake. These teams make as it to make their team in July and August, and we know it, the illegals- everybody loves their team after summer that nobody wants to make a trade yet or train. Can't nobody wants to do anything and then by Thanksgiving Amazon factor I hate this guy. We're getting a barrier, has only alleys. How asked he now will you here? You have read the cells of summer time when I was out there and by the way, this summer league thing they give having gone did spectacular. It's it's so much better like granted. I'd always NBA its Vegas. Get there go a couple
You, like bad by italian, excuse Bovina, bring your kid you're in a similarly take over with so much fun. We loved. I can't believe how great it it's like. I drove out there through bar still, I stopped and bear no, are you lady? I was in it. It was fun to see you finally embraced the bars, though Baker, that Dr Ryan also late. That one stretch words like, should I get gas now or should I risk it? I stopped and Baker greek place to eat the mad greek alley, never dry! Emmy! You hear about Eastern California much that giant, fine, because now that we have pardoned some things like in the old days. The radio would go out reality. Have your cds or you're scared, but now and today eighteen, you have all these different devices, but so do you agree with the Lakers that why why do you have to have your team in July? I blame you away. Why can't you figure out December January February, maybe quiet miserable in Toronto, and you can get him for like com, by a gesture in a first round back in February, Maybe-
ok, maybe maybe, but would you have done the number to pick for Paul George to yours? or if she's me last season, two thousand seventeen. Now, ok, you do it now. I don't know you don't oh you, wouldn't trade Alonzo Phone lines at the lands of yet Alonzo pick me you'll get to like take Tatum bilaterally. I have a confession: what I'm sayin an online. So I don't think that's it's a minority. There is now a lot of us I stole It's ok he's a good kid. It's his dad. Problem. I just think it's heading for divorce with him in his dad. It's like a merry pierce situation. Where we met. Mary Pierce and she had to let her dad had to be banned from coming to the games. I think that's where we're heading with this. Italy's unplaited from different strokes suit his parents year. I think all these stories, I think that's where this is going eventually he's gonna realise. Like my dad. Make me persona non grata in the NBA. Nobody weaving trade, for maybe,
My dad, I have two separate from this guy. Gonna that this actually happens. I remember one was all going down before the draft and like a who cares especially in a light like it's magic. It's the Lakers like nobody's going to care, and then you you hear about stuff, but season later in the ocean, people be like in order sucks sucks economy as Ireland, Crazy Father, I just say in every day every week you don't know what's going to happen, and then when does something, does you know if it's acquire weak and some doesn't happen and then, when it does like everybody and and I've heard you know, I mean people can do whatever they want with it, but, like I think, its common sense, it starts to grind at a little bit and that's too bad. I do like the kid the kid in I would give look a lot occurred for this. Like every time I've seen his kids, they all seem to be like really enjoying being around him. Yell like. I think that part of the father had thing is pretty cool, and I want to turn this into a massive all right here What's the team itself bill One more thing up now
at the outset. I just like other one year deals. They gave our eyes I made a lot of. It was marked by twelve. Actually uneasy clutch thing yet, but you just gave him a ton. The year before she already paid him. You already overpaid him on the one year deal, but it's their China make it back for him because they screwed up his pistols contract. Okay, so that the agency think to me I don't know why became more within the share, but I feel like it was kind of the secret sauce of the Selfridge C C versus clash like Paul George, not go into the Lakers that seem to be a total age it and found it all. I like weird I've heard I don't know it's true or not, but I think what you ve heard is the same thing. I've heard and I believe in it and like them, Lenny Julius Randal, and I like Georgia's asian lot to dread of Julius, ran for nine millionaire tcp for twelve, like who the fuck would want Casey for more money. The joys ran over all these years. Gently strategies manner was eighteen and ten last year, for, like three months now
the US is that there is an urgent Leon, ten there's aversion to him and like a small ball league, where you go occasion, handily can drive on yet lignite and little to one dimensional, probably starting his career and buddies dies hired, but he does, and you know the other thing that was really cool and I think Luke deserves a lot of time. For this I got was always my Philly is that new young teams of nerve play together, usually stink on defence and fully was incredible, but the Lakers we're gonna sneaky good on defence, as it can have Ezida absolute. So so I didn't, I didn't love other actual signings. I think the mindset I agreed with, if you can't get anybody, keep your flexibility, and you have a ton of assets but really hated the Casey pithy now I just don't think he's good. Let me ask you this stuff: ok, in a Gm Tommy this a long time ago, and it still true today, yet Europe you're has to have to have that guys that no they're gonna play ten. That may be think they're gonna play and then three three or four guys that no there ever going to push. You hope that their veterans, Yet everybody that's on this Lakers roster is either a young guy that thinks he's awesome, yarn, old, guided
sees awesome and is waiting for the next contract with the one year deal like this is an easy, and that's kind of my whole point like if you think that this was the roster that was pitched, and this is what LE. I would imagine at some point if you're not on what happens of controlling get into that whole thing on paper outside of Braun. No one would go. I really like what this team did. They never would, but its glossed over begin. The best lonely, which I totally get the brow an Ingram Lazo, Josh, ART Kuchma, Rondeau. I like that sex lance, then a veiled attica, hazy page avail ants Intervale has to plague, is it'll, haven't a centre or its mall, and then I like that six. I really like Josh ART, I feel like you, don't need Casey. Pierre ran out last rather liquor fans. I knew where leg it's crazy, that he plays case. The average Asher it's fucking drives me not like every like his van kind of felt that way, but the thing is they could, by December they can package Casey
me and Lance the when you're deals for that with whatever and they anyways on any salary. One of those guys will have to work. I think it's just one of those deals where, on paper, it makes a lot of sense to be greedy and go whatever he's getting for free or whatever we're just get him for less, but it just happened to you that a whole approach will just get him. Free and Paul George. I mean it was partly responsible for this cuz he's the one that told everybody two years ago in this whole odyssey started when he was with the pacers I'm going to go to the Lakers two thousand and eighteen, and then he doesn't. It just happen to you. So if you could have had a piece that grabs a top five Why? Who still really young an awesome? I am the belief of instead of being toot about it. Just gimme the guy coming up. I'm gonna get your take on my favorite MBA conspiracy, theory of two thousand eighty: let's talk about Starbucks double Shat starts with Bold Starbucks, coffee blended with me for a smooth, creamy, delicious flavour
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So I have said this on my part of you heard it. What, if, Adam Sober and ok, see their phone calls back and flung off This is gonna, be getting ok, see was like allies. Tampering with Paul. George telling everybody he's coming to the team we have evidence, evidence be in evidence, see. We can either make a big think about this publicly or you can. To this end items like I got this any cause. The Lakers is like. I love you. I want you guys to succeed. I know lebruns coming. This is great for the weak hands off Paul George, I'm not going to come down and you guys you cannot sign it and then goes to the Paul George side and was like Paul. George you've talked to Lakers. It's inappropriate, I'm going to let it go
you cannot sign with them, neither of you sides are allowed to talk to one another, not inconceivable right. Eleven people draw stop and whose, like you know, it's a one percent chance. I don't think you're, one of your own way: vaguer on the morning percent share so much bigger than the conspiracy things, and I I should more down but like that, doesn't mean they're all wrong. Rice is this: year. Everyone on the leg or set aside while we're getting Paul George heeded. And take a meeting with him. Didn't even take a meeting where's that didn't take me and by the way is the ok see rattle wherever lag? Is that party like? Should We will be doing that for mid tier free agents. From now on, like a clam bake, if, if like It wants to leave next year, the first free agency, Marcus, smarten rosier, throw a clam bake in Weymouth or something I think Purina, Lameter problem to England, the prince. Actor really makes everyday low crazy? No,
on the Lakers Gazelle, and why don't you want me to say that I can't tell you what's wrong now, I'm afraid there I'm sure, there's way more businesses handle that way, because that's how it works in court. Why wouldn't why? When their bees, like, I don't believe in when stern, shot down the Paul trade. We know what happened there, the frozen novel of staying here like some of these conspiracy theories ago. You know they ve been, so long do you think Stern, suspended M J for gaming. I've heard a million times, but how come no one? How are we? What almost twenty five years removed from airports almost one of the current. How can no one? How could no one ever do the sixty minutes version of like here's, what happened cause, maybe two or three people. Now, if one of seven best players in the league failed the p test with the NBA, kick it under the table and pretended to happen. We'll tennis did it with accuracy. If you read his book.
So after I read our actually, you know what red, although the Usanga stuff that happened with the? U S, teeth like we're sitting there. Ripping all these other former enemies he candidate, fails a pity test. Fathers other leagues. Other sports entities have done. It feels like we're again we're getting this guy. I don't I'll be I'd, be interested to know what would happen if that ever happened to bear. I want about? It? Ok see because this drove me crazy. As a basque boffin, I hate when teams are stupid, and this is a two part there. Were actually will start with Lana Atlanta could just take dodge at three and keep danish shredder. Instead, they trade Dodge for tray young who. I like them. I didn't like him at five really Major bus potential, like really could be out of the way. In six years, he had tray on. Das is two thousand eighteen. First, a shit first from ok, see
they eat twenty million hours of danish voters contract. Would you rather have judge and Schroeder or young. The DAS pick ok, see ship and you eat twenty million dollars who the fuck would want that with what that strategy. Yet, when he added all up, it's pretty tough that you could. I want the salary floor. Like I'm surprised, more teams just go hey. You know we're gonna do instead of playing paying the floor with some thing, I was gonna, get ready bonus, is that you have dual candidates to my payroll. Just everybody gets pay. Everybody gets paid a little bit more fairly. There's a story, I think was out of Portland were Portland for the move in their salary up to the floor and no one on the team knew it, except for one vat who came and it was like we're all gonna get checks for light. One point: seven million how the lens of adding organisation getting cat is now, but he checked it was like after we may. I think it was poorly like every May. This deal we got to the floors, and now this thing that we're gonna get like hanky had a few when they did the juvenile deal yeah lavish anybody in the sixties, like was it
was Thompson? Was gonna get a dragon squad. Who was sorry if they didn't get the bizarre floor, and that is not, however, a problem in ITALY, the Atlantic thing I hate when Atlanta dead, I hate it. Passionately than aiding I've hated. Any mba team is done. Last year's, I they tat trade. Can it be historically bad. No idea where they just punted antenna Schroeder, who is actually a good Basque about where I don't like him, is put up Tina gain or you re zone, shot yeah. But this is U S feeling you have to pay twenty million dollars here rid of omits, ally, keys. I can albatross, it's just makes us How great was a nobody wanted Schroeder how great where they, though, that they were just like. Ok, we're gonna, do all these other things we already know or dump and mellow like they knew it. But again you know well, that was what was so crazy like four weeks ago in it, and people like picked up traction people, although they might that Milosevic. The fact is that you there are paid freedom billion dollars of luxury that so you don't enjoy all the touch screens that we did it ESPN now David JANET
the luxury tax structures are remotely three and a million. I I'm really scared. The land think is a step that I'd heard about the tray young thing like Travis their GM com. I'm golden state which is really fun, two zero, like your reads. Definitely Travis ever said this, but It's amazing wants its own korea. Yea wants its own golden state like all. If I was it that easy, the gay facility gonna be GM the next year I warrant. What I want to do here is good, too sick shooting guard. I won't have the rice for shooters in the history of ask about, and then I want to five who can play all five position- Sudan, second round. So when I do that so so hired five. What is it like this guy's awesome, he's gonna create its own. Is golden Stay EAST is what we're doing, but the Atlantic thing, as you mentioned a cradle as I heard that pending on whose fluency, who, in the decision making there in this scares me, when I hear this about teams is ok, we have no boss right, we're a boring, ass team. We need a little boy.
Seven Grams- judge the archangel you may. We may be able to have the bosniak. Can we fuck it ass? A short term wins winning the press conference college football. Does this crap all the time? I almost feel like that's what Cleveland did a bit with the Kevin Love Extension alike? Let's have something positive input from some sheet rock put some hats on people and We get Kevin love back like I feel like it Lana unless stages a tray young but I'll. Never, unlike that thing, not only could it betray young being the problem but of Dodge to be a stud. That's gonna go as one of the things that you be doing this podcast years, I'm out of here, I'm saying a right now. I think that's one of the worst trades a decade and potentially is gonna, be one of the worst trades twenty first century and will really be There's man's there's gonna be some revisionist history because we're in the air of puff paste journalism with giving the puff peace feature about what GM was really thinking, and before it out there that will actually Atlanta one of the reasons that get rid of Schroeder's. They wanted to make sure they were bad to make sure that their two thousand and nineteen first was going to be terrible. Two
and now don't have that Dallas in their rebuilding and you gotta like what they're doing here. It's like. You know that have a baggage and by the, if you have training and then a shorter together, you still get us think it here pay twenty million hours to get rid of a guy who is the best back, a pointer and the weak. Now So, if I'm on another team on like well, ok he just shed a hundred million dollars and luxury tax and rid of mellow, who was fucking, offer them and now they have, point Guard who, if they could figure it out, could actually leg win game three of Uclaf, safe for them. For ok, Gimme Trade, getting sugar. I think it makes sense. I don't I don't history like him in there are behave, we're trying to develop training. Can you arrange zone shall never passes to amend all that kind of stuff. You could play him off. I mean I've, always fellow he was a late game. Kind of all. I think I like not exactly as bad as like the worst version. Reggie Jackson, but kind
some of those tendencies- a leather in a class ears. You need that a gear knew tat game for a new threatening. Go down three one comes in and gets hides horse. Twenty seven points like I want those guys in plasters. I think he'll be good for them. Look I like him for the thunder. I just don't surly like him. Overall, all, but our general like were in agreement here I mean like him as a starting point guard. I thought he was below average as a starting point out either he's one of the best two or three back upon cards in the league like coming off the bench. It's I came in rosier and I don't know gosh generate as I'm an appointment, Exxon contract, one of the most surprising of the dossier, and I felt like a gilt contract yeah, but anyway, ok see I like what they did. They brought their by Paul George back kudos to them. The unfinished business stuff I thought was hilarious because they want to play games at the same time the got rid mellow they overpaid three Jerry Maguire
back, but at least he's on the team. I thought I went from hating his game to certain allow regime. Where he's always who is bidding twenty seven million? Actually I think there are some teams that we're gonna come up. I know either from two teams that were like armed there, I'm relay October that scare them. Then I liked the no fly zone. I added a major kids about him and ninety different areas, Schroeder leg, I think that's a real, deep laughed in there. I would argue that I didn't using hours they definitely did a recent hours, the law, here's who the hell knows, but there are fifty one of the brown, but you could make it. You could make a case that ok sees the second best team in the West yeah. I went from last you're looking at the thunder go and I'm not sure a mature and then you'd watch him and depend on the week that you would catch him. But overall you know we ve done the rust topic. It did not seem so I am. I gonna do that again, but it was it is
This thing right, I wasn't as high on him and they lose the jazz and yeah like there's two versions of it. You're watching them celebrate unfinished business and be like did you guys lose to the jazz in the first round like what do you celebrate in August? Sixth right? But what you're doing here is your forgetting what is gone on emotionally with this fan base. Okay- and I would I would put like I was gonna- do this with with amp health. At some point, the pony s thanks a lot, you you're not a college football guy. So now that I would like to like, Over your course of your career, the fan base, is that were just the most insufferable doesn't mean you hate this team or hate the city or hate this fan base, but like which fan base. Have you gone you at peak, terrible, like jazz fans at times bear them.
Back in the daringly as means of pretty rough. It was brutal, it's not as bad now, but it was real. Bad back. Twitter is kind of mitigated them a little bit yeah. I guess not, isn't it. You know maybe more light pinterest when they do when they do bad shit. It's actually on twitter that window yell and appropriate things or whatever. So I would put thunder fans last couple years up there, but it's still opposed break up. You know freak out, so that celebration was about hey. No one thought Russ was going to stay here and he did and no one thought George was going to stay here and he did so. You guys can make all the jazz jokes that you want. So I I do appreciate like understand what that excitement is for thunder fans being like all you guys. He said all these things going had no one hour, sushi, sucks all the stuff and guess why against. Since we stand aside a gag screw you we needed a team, so I get that their super super trigger. On everything, but they are that they got fan base. Currently, for me, for the last year, plus has been pretty brutal. Western conference adds gonna stay
honesty, twenty rackets, five to one Lakers, eight to one o, K C. Thirty, two, you're right doesn't make any sense. As I was anxious to Leubronn betting, that's them setting a number S. Leubronn action has to be there to one is basically where banking on the bran trading for another guy before March. We also think it jamming in the West, with the team has yet but being in Vegas. Do you think they would just get more action on the Lakers it would be a right, but the ok, ok, see Thirty one is stupid, because the big thing for me is in you. This sounds like and we wrote about criminal contraband, the ringer. If Westbrook compliance by now, every every moment. His head playing off the bar words was at an aspect. Was its seven worries. Writing it. Older ones. Crazy, but you couldn't where national units than you envision him setting a screen in your head.
About him think about all the times you ve watched him and go Do I ever remember him sitting a screen? This was thing with our depot. Two years ago I wrote about it. When I wrote about rest, it was I dress would have would with this. Add seven poison around in the eighth play. Could be like I'd only depots, your turned very would just stand thirty five feet away. His guy would have the garden and deep Rebecca who could I get shoot this time. We're gonna, hear this September early October, Casey is really committed to teaching Ross how to play off the barn. Russia's always been setting screens sit. Screens and scrimmage by screen per forties spiked, but if he, if he becomes a to guard, I think that team is much more dangers. If, if shrewder can cure the body enough sure. But it's not gonna happen. It's not going happen. Shrewder Westbrook, Paul George Adams and Grant in crunch time,
In rest, playing of the bar running around screens and shit like that, I think, is the most and your sign a bad. I know people have remembered right. Wasn't there? The foreman last year with with George Adams was broken, was grant not including mellow. I forget was it with me. We say every land without mellow, yes with, thereby limiting hundred was was sick boy. I just think either those ads or skewed in after we finished his pack. Has. I think I'm in a better Houston a day. Loser recently lose mobility. Who is great for them in the regular season? Carmelo who doesn't pay defence? Ryanair senators employed the offence. I think today brings our green back. They did yet yet shorter, but he does by defence there I'd I do can affect their MR window and everywhere. You look back that Chris Papa and his hamstring as this seminal moment, rackets history, I dont see them being better this year. I think
even if they bring back he's gonna be pissed off its can be different as his fault, then, if he's pissed off I mean, is that like restricted freely? she should be renamed. I dont get an ipod if I it should be called. I dont understand how this works. Has none of these restrictive reagents get it's pretty simple accused in it, be it be long for them. I mean, unless you're Devon Booker unless you're one of those guys. And I don't blame you survive you like our. I go ahead and they want him to sign. It also shows that Smart yeah I saw that give any seventy million citizens personal. It's called restrictive, free agency near its really simple, and I don't I guess what has happened to you. It's a little bit different, but the capella thing him coming back. Pissed off, I mean that's, that's his own fault. If he's pissed off, because that means you just doesn't understand it. Been really good, for them has been a lot better than I thought it might hold. Nephew car go get another offer can they do so. May I add, of our family I could see him being difficult like every nine months now. His is now because the best I love just worry about his personal life,
it's gonna is allowed and get off again, but he's in is made twenties. It's that again off again relationship by waitresses, hostesses, substitutes, You agree that used to Mr Window, I totally rate because think that there is a risk that yeah well. I worry, I think emotionally you have to really factor that stuff in and to be that close and they kind of cargo. Safeguards as golden state without it would all of a sudden for two games in it blew my blew my mind when it happened in foreign five, where you go, I can understand again, but how for two games you guys like you, don't have any spacing and it's easy to clog you guys up Lange Loony in Bell together, like what Hell is going on well about, went nuts about, on my part, cast about how good the rackets wherein answers and how they completely
they miss twenty seven idly. The worrying about the three point: stats and MRS for Harden, and the team combined like that doesn't like you can sailed out on ever happening and that's not supposed to happen once what happened there so think, there's an emotional like hey. This is new, we're doing it. We ve got em we're good enough defensively were witching everything we have this debt. We have more depth and golden Stay Glenn states a little off. They were board all your long like this is a real. I think it's really hard to duplicate that emotional peak and I think what you have is a scared golden state that still one. And maybe the most in our our off chemistry, wise for reasons we stood on totally now, but the buggy thing as much as I would never do it. Ok, I get why they did it. They got to use a mid level that I'm not sure they could use unjust anybody, and I think there is a real and this is it. This is a similar thing here, but this is real. It's something to look forward to.
It's for them the nano. Yet hoard aids- let's see how this is gonna work there right it. Absolutely the tidings Frazier and chairs: hey it's Frazier, who he's a new character, so it almost feels like emotionally last year was the year to get golden state, and I don't know, I still think that eleven of shooting- I don't know, though, be good enough defensively. This Lakers team is just a big shrug and assiduous still tweet about Portland. They just don't have it poor, then I went from being like a dark horse in the west because the way they shall trees to everyone's just complete the outcome, the already monism rang out seriously. I just break these days up by Myers item I'm at the fires about this. About whether it is where there is a must to just run back last year because I you. This was a red, our back thing when this out they soon they kept when entitles in the sixties. Every year became
for this guy cruises retiring. We gotta wait for Koozie case Casey retire. We gotTa Winifred Casey, I'm retired. We gotta when one more for me in there was a a mission, the where's that have that guy and now their share with boogie. Unless he's a cop, cancer who runs lacquer. It's always like a book, never been here before, and you get energize from the new guy. I think you need at every year to make it a little fresh. I think it's it's the most challenging things about being great is that you still need to be a little different but you're talkin about sort of a legacy motivating factor, but I think there's a roster like. I think I think you need to be in there with with one thousand two hundred and fourteen guys, and it can't be the same as all the mad for awhile. Sometimes your wife just has dress up like a cop fry, copyright member. The Karolinska thing was incredibly word freebie year. I imagine
imagine the night. You would go out and have like this is the night, but here's the thing had gone state, our back on that no money from from October two February, Saint him bogey comes back, probably after the Astor break. He might come back before that. I did that's a mistake oh I'm just said, are more about you. Just if it happens, you heard your first repudiated committed sign in Florida. No! No! No! This is a source of Santa Claus. If your priorities, a sand stuff, do you I blew Slam magazine because they they screwed me on the Paul George thing where they do. They said I reported he was gone. They just totally took something the podcast in the lost and then I got killed, although I will give SAM Presti credit for this. I ran into him and I was like hey MIKE sorry. I had that wrong and he started laughing and he's like I heard what you said is I don't even worry about it, but he made a great point. He goes. I don't think I'll be up
sharing us, but he said we used to worry and from offices and players about you guys taking us out of context his egg. Now you guys just do it to each other left and right. Yeah he's like you guys, don't even care. Anymore, and I was like that's exactly you guys. It's only a couple parts of the internet that do that. Really, I feel like everybody does it now did say: I see them give you his favorite tribe, conquest side to capture the moment arena. He just like you ass. It uses right and I went yeah yeah reinstated areas and I could see our Massa conquered. He went to Amazon, yeah bodies, car conquered ass, shall hunger laterally masses. Now very nice there stood Nathan conquered. X and take over. Where are you from now? But those are the two: this place the Massachusetts I was just at home. He's pretty dress you wouldn't you. Like raised and chestnut he'll give two first thirteen years, flew must have been that must have. You must have lost your mind. My dad at we had season tickets. I had moved to Connecticut that, but I will come back the weekends we had Fliddy season tickets, Lester
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they were so. I don't know how you argue that their better reason was super super important for all of these things they did. Why after that date the mental toughness- and there is a couple James lashed errors. I get him out there and mobility in Tucker NHS Weather is evil Mr Andria three. They they hundred judges are tough tuckers garden centres. Anything said: ask him, you know, like you can't get deep autumn in, but there still gonna be really good. Love what they did with Paul and harden, but it's just hard for me to say: yeah, okay, don't be know that love when it this year in the area with Chris Paul, where there's going to be a drop off and how bad it is year to year, I'm not sure, but the history point guards, he's not somebody who's. I am crazy. Shea penny into the season guy he placed himself in the shape the hit
those guys as they get all these. What is a year fourteen now, I'm so palmed out for him. I really am because much like old and state I've defended Chris Paul forever. I hate the whole. You know it's one thing to not win its another thing to be incapable and he's been Putney incapable with a poem They fast and furious them, explaining that he was all of a sudden and forty forty plus minutes for game for a game. Five and his hamstring path. Did they read the car? All that is divinities when when the I watch one again, the other day when the Europeans are like at seven half in ages, gunny it that's all The Christian like to amend and every one of them people are always down onto. I think five you could make case is one of the best five movies of the century. Five years in the Brazil Ass five tat whole movie from start to finish, is just spectacular. I love Tokyo, drastic tat, their targets.
Time on the radio show- and I think it was with ample. I explained the plot of Tokyo travellers ahead. I was in the future new. Now you go back where no heed asked me if I ever been in Japan and I said, will now, but I said I had a body that action, his mom you're caustic of his shit yeah and she sent him out there and live with his dad. Military background and it was like real estate, there's brutal, like openings on top of each other, and he was going on local school there and he didn't fit in and then he's got the drift racing and crashing cars all the time. Is it going to start date? A local girl he's a dear friend did that and I just use its case- why you know it's a joke. It's that what I started doing just work again: where I just started like I was aware stretching radio show where I started describing plots of movies and in saying I know a guy who actually used to like camp out need hike by himself and then
we're tracking him and he was in this weird. Fitness mode was taking different supplements and then he blew up a wolf make thought he was dead and I like what radio for three hours a day base. Prettier Eddie, I'm surprised, you didn't, do it more so and you might go as well as the most you after van powder. Nor shall not much man can be very serious gap yeah, but we are both hotheads, so we Cotonou, but you sell me out you and I think that thing that Van PAL, He definitely didn't like it, but he had to take it is that when he first got onto twitter and he hated, he like he was There's no one! I've ever met that hate, something much as he does without experiencing it and then once he does, it is like, as is yet so he was like it is that these are going away in a tweet. I just had a sandwich he's a loser fast, you now and then once you got into it. He would he would
cage with anybody here J and I remember like before you get married. I looked at his feet and he was arguing with this kid and I sent an attack. God you realize you been arguing about Penn State with a high school kid for four hours like what are you doing over there he's a garage ideological lay like this is ridiculous. Kenny's argue that for turn lever. Twenty five I mean it was you for all that, so we started doing this deal where we would print out his twitter fights and we have our board up red like the role of the guy, it was the troll and then I would read Van pelts part. And we would do it on the airy. Wouldn't tell him like a thing. Would just go: We would like now another reenactment of Scott Man felt twitter fight and he would sit at any. There is no poker face and he would just he would. He would look at you You know that they wanted another guy for the shower. I have had to fight for them to be in the title. Woodstock Toronto
quite Drano Yoke either I've contradicted mice every time I go down one road and am convinced I can contradicted immediately that team. No, unlike strike no one their toughness to not get through the east or at least compete compete with Cleveland this year in the plants is embarrassing, are so I can say a quiet, secondary sign, idle digging, give up any assets. Ultimately, though, when you look at it in the fact that you'd have to resign arose in two years anyway, lay how many asses they really give up in the fact that the spurs even kicked in money on that deal too, like there's some smaller details in a dream that the worst thing in the world have either he did. Ninth man. Yes, so It will have to give about you. I really am start alike: yeah asthma. Cuz. I just don't like the idea of trading any kind of assets for the uncertainty cuz one years really quick right. Let me know, what's the old red thing when they drafted bird to like one, you was not very long time like yeah, I'm into that. I agree with that. But
Much as I say, don't give stuff away. What was the point to bring an atrocity back again. Do you just because all around on the east and then for San Antonio, its once l was out of it. You know, and once other teams were less willing, like, I think that's the Messiah move or he's like screw it, whatever I'll bring a top five player. I can say I brought Kawhi Leonard to Toronto, will see We do this. I also think there people that are looking at this in a post, Paul George thing of like hey. No one thought he was gonna stay there, which I think is a completely flawed approach, but I can also see how stuff works that everything, People say where they go. Well, you know they never thought. They're gonna keep this guy here. So since he buys of a certain situation working out and then comparing it to another situation, is always scary to me the around situation. There may be ten very, Is there an works out twice I I stay, it's really hasn't changed. I liked the trade for both teams. I liked the more for San Antonio. I will say this.
I was listening. I like us into the NBA genuine serious. I realized Just wanna listen a basket. I don't care about, listened to NFL until like two weeks for the season, but they are making the point that this court the best player in the east. As a no yeah. This is the best point. The eastern I was seeing. As I know quite the best present he eats Janius is going to be best player in the east and he's either. This will be the season to be next season, but Kauai Kauai ceiling is better. I don't know quest to be healthy, but they trade for a guy they won't go anywhere. She said I think they had run their course of their team and now they have quite Leonard and if they can get his head straight even its four year, it still gives them about. A chance to win the title than they had anyway? I let you make a case that they, have the best team in the east
boys. They have it if they have a shitty. Other Boston has some red flags for me like a depth that lack of it, no. I mean lighted up front now a brand name perimeter guys. I fear out minutes for my concern with this, then, is the hours everybody and be happy at the same time thing, which we talk a little bit about earlier. He about these guys, You think they should be playing last six minutes of again, and this is Stevens is harvesting the coach by far jail. Gonna sit Hetty. Well, these housing and hated that how jail and handle the whole summer of hearing how great Tatum it's gotta be entails, or economic cobia entails, a future may be in jail insight. I'm right here. I was as good as him in the playoffs house. I Regan handed the Tatum thing. How good is Tatum gonna be near to had his Heyward Fit into this How are you back irey about it Leaving here, I'm very focused any Anthony Davis.
I want to get to a world where the subjects have Tatum did he Davis For your, I figure at the rest of the guys in the team. I want those two guys in the same team. I still they they can make to finance team, but if Cairo Renee, why didn't they could? Then, I would say the most talent but the Toronto code. Quite thing: is they basically just six insurers and for a quiet, but she hears you to like you, knew pop depending on whatever the Ingram package was in all the stuff they want. If no Lakers night heard it was a lot, and so maybe I could speckly Regional started upon gas and, like our that's, why the Lakers to pass on similar to scan for free for two thousand. I teen Clay Thompson in here. Maybe, but I I think I was like you know all right, I got the Rosen Lamarcus Dejounte is going to be good. I like it. I want to compete. I want to make the playoffs want to be a top. Eighteen, now give what popped?
last year in winning forty seven games for thirty eight forty, eight that can sign shady games at Calais and a bunch of crap, and it was unbelievable pop did so, I think Papas Gimme the rose and he's pretty good and will make this work will be competitive, but I made it. The Rosen's better than pretty get ass. Taken priority answers. Are you never liked arouses like getting The rose in his superstar, but I think he was one of the best fit where's the legal entities top fifty and voted for Farm Ba Yeah, I mean he's out of it. You think of them is one of the fifteen like consistently I think that lists drops really fast windy. Yeah I looked is that last three years he's basically twenty five a game three straight years and the percent It is again. I thought he was good crunch time and I think rightfully people how to play off performance against them
should have he sat in the plans. Even on a bench in games. Are I mean, there's there's illicit arava? This isn't just one sample of that's that's. Why, like I expanded albumen, argue top twenty fine top thirty. Whatever, like I do like to row, he like I've, never send the top twenty, but yet to suck that many. I'm in the play out. We have multiple years of evidence of like whatever it is man, but you just miss shots. When you argument, I thought is interview that he did this week was lame. I thought was terrible. It's just like. First of all, get over it every Bambi its traded. Why don't we need? I say my remaining thirty million hours a year that shut up you signed the contract. They knew. What have they wear that even ass? Yet and by you I guess you're right, there's a girl. I signed a contract will know you signed the awesome contract here. That's why you stayed okay so and then you get traded but when I say over pay them when they signed them, you have it. Can one of those. If Europe, our union's atop top fifteen garlic, where's the leeway, But you know, like that's the argument for Kevin Love. I didn't mind. The Kevin love contract he's one of the thirty best players in the league.
This thirty telling you said awaited, though, like it already, teams that felt or like. Let's do some positive, as I said before, I think you could and on the capital of my lawyer, was always gonna get in the open market. It was aiming at that other version that we did. You have to spend thirty nine hours on somebody why dont minded as much if your claim and they go- spend money in these thirty injury history. I actually the love thing to me is different and, moreover, concussion history is what worries me. Love they know is I raise three he made it might have had four legs, that dude as one more likely Mandela retire thereof. And to me as I his ease, durable he's. In all star he played in. French time and they asked our game, even though I thought he was the one that stood out as I, while he's out there crunch time be still out there in crunch time, and now they have him an outrage. It's thirty team league and they too are big. Either you make the spurs are now like you figure, the rackets lose twelve wins the Lakers,
gained ten or twelve twelve losses. Twelve more losses, I'm just saying, Rhine, it's love- may lead to dip into the fifties. Mid fifties sang to be sixty five there. Actually, the injury luck that last year, either in the re their season see the neurosis thing the bother me in the interview, though, when he was like hey the only guy we lost, who was Leubronn and your like every year yeah, but he eat you ve been for anyway, you're too, for anybody to thinks Eddie for Eastern Conference thing couple years ago and was a six came series. It wasn't. I mean it Does that wasn't being competitive? There's no moment whatsoever in that series. We're you know. Toronto could do something here and you got swept you want a series there sure you're the one game one and it had a catastrophic impact on that suffers. But if they will, we enjoy a fluke with that were part of Mr Lap and by God, Damn shed argon hurdle perfect hid Mr rehab goes tea. They lose anyway. You knew their sears is over as one of those games as they can win now ripe
they won one you're getting. This is always an argument that I make and it's the two thousand seventeen MBA finals argument. Ok, because when Cleveland loss game three and it was close. Should have one day. They should one game three and then everybody just gives him for and that nobody goes all well. It was almost too to and you go ok, but if three goes Cleveland Way, you're getting it from golden staying game for the same way, and are you not getting different rafts? You track that stuff, but it gave game for gold. Stay was rough spot today. Seventy does one of those crazy, like ok, who's, the guy who was it you boy the game when are going to say that I think I know who you are talking about the game. What two thousand eighteen wraps was another one. As I owe Ed Malloy tony brothers, like that, I'm not saying skewed one where the others just like when you haven't company rafts.
A home game. It's good for the hunting. You're a more guy. Now I ask about an hour. I dont. What's the story within the law and they were like he's actually really degrades out whenever I think think I know a rough and I'll ask somebody a break of the sky great out there, I have a lot of good rests the prom, ok, but is that maybe they don't even have ten good so keep it. This is a little bit like the inner fell GM dry. Everybody thinks these guys are all morons because they will on fifty percent of their first rapporteur, backs and just ass. I went back and tract of Europe of twenty five years, of whatever its at least fifty percent bust rate and that's being four quarterback. So then we have this thing or we just girl, not saying you and I, but in general fans your buddies other media people, You say you're, smarter than every outside These guys are idiots
are they all idiots? Are they all idiots? Are there other thirty? Two people incapable tell me where the other group of really smart people, if they were NFL jams, would hit on quarterbacks a higher rate, or should we just say that's that position and that's reality of its own people should honour. I saw the time I'm always like does that mean that there's another version of this or a group of people? That would be better if it is just that tough twelve to thirteen years, you I just there are more good rationing, some guys retired couple guys got age. And had to retire. You hear about refugees la now, but it's tough ban, the run an epidemic. I feel the same way about NBA coaches, it half of emerges, stupid people think all of them are bad, and it actually does. The second tier of coaches is probably little underrated. Tis you have your three or four may talks about other time. But then you get too like the lukewarm level, either Luanda, good job, Lasher, totally Are you gonna be made? That was, he did a great job last year, one of the things
I'm really should see, is whether Leubronn embrace the same or whether they battle, I know for a fact watching the lake your games and in what my friends went, whether the aims, as does like he hated Casey, p heaves eight. They clearly did not get along analyses and so for him to come back is kind of a nephew Luke one because it was clearly somebody hidden like any one, So I'm a moderate in there. I think LUCA tough spot the guy that is undermined. Every coaches head he's just of the force of prison the three best parts of our time, and there is now gonna be a code that he's gonna see as an equal accelerated app. No he's, never gonna see anyone is alarming, and that is a big job. That's when you get to the top three, it's you don't. You can't be coach. Wonderful abroad would actually like see.
Forgotten Riley in his prime right say pop now, I'm just trying to think the bride was going to be different, because there's just an age thing that you just going to consume things differently from a guy is crazy. Stevens is just why does questioning his usage at a time at one point of this podcast history, which felt weird and when we do that, we were right. We were. They learn that series of Day overrated Stevens Cato the data as the three the dog over the it does attached a the in the last six minutes I may I only wish this game like three days ago have our rosier at the end of that. But every time I was I was happy. They brought back marks Mark, as I think that is a valley to a part of me, want to see the Sacramento kings just go crazy and pay Marcus markets on a money just to see what would happen because I'm on a team reads actually asked to be like a guy that would have been a a fund, a watch and primarily made this point on Twitter he's a guy who should be on good terms with at all
when he made it is one of my favorite twitter feeds. Ryan's twitter, like right leg out of nowhere comes into hot updates s on people who just died and then gets into with with Twitter Charles Dickie Bats, was the better almond Brothers guitar. I won't hear Dwayne again method Watch it Tony see in Fenway and sixty six, the love was a rip off of I'll show out of Madrid written by you and your dislike. I can't wait to get there and twenty years yet my entire twitter feed is good like wrath. Margie always underrated the cask inquired the I said something the other day I this is actually during the policies and where I just I'm very anti everybody bitching about the rest of the time I just go. This is getting people work, dismisses This is the worst thing being Andy's done to the league in the last six or seven years. Is the constant rep
Jane. I really, I think it's a real problem. Free has been island have you got it? he is so smart and as such a great mind, I don't wanna, hear talk about the raft, stop yeah I mean, but one is late in a game. He wants to go back and watch a cargo pity and then there's view, and he wants to go back to the hotel. I know he's pissed off. I like that. They have adopted this thing, though, like thing about it, The body is being game. I enjoy the fact in linking will make jokes about it that these guys have a pod cast going on during the broadcast, ensure, but like I'd rather have that I'd rather have a little bit more discussion, and I think you could actually broadcast these games in that way. You know, I actually like when they used you on a couple broadcasts and likely hasty, that's a good time to make this a little different matter to them are often they should Devils Who are especially like I see these January February yes and these games earlier in the week between we're both available a felony is us, but when they when they comply, The rest, in turn this whole thing, but I feel like it's almost like mormon examination of culture in that.
It is so much easier. Make excuses about stuff right Jack. Those Gordon State using games and everybody was turning into like you can point again one, but ever we single night it was out rafts. Rest rest. Rest rest, I'm, like don't miss twenty seventh reason: row: that I was in Iceland use them as blaming the fans of blaming the Rapporteur bidding game, seven yeah. You do not deserve to a game. Seven Kyle's blames arrests with his relationship. Goddammit can't, you see now single this single after this weekend, minus one. Fifty yes Kyle! How about this game we have DM five girls on Instagram for Let's take a reg. Let's talk about proper cloud that come every guy knows that it's hard to find a gesture that fits car too tight sleeves too long, shirts too loose. I have some good is ordering accustomed fit it has never been easier thanks to proper cloth, create a custom shirts eyes in seconds by answering ten he's a question.
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We can t shirts we're in some really glad of people. Weren t shirts. I was shocked the blog boy. One seems to be the most popular just agar. If you want to follow the crowd or where they went for your own way, with a crazy isn t shirt, whatever Threerd outcome slash, they come back on one thing, forgot to mention with the brain dead. I want to throw you, HU, I went nuts about how this specific new, You said at around him either shooters Leubronn need shooters in this whole thing. I wish that's true. Why? Why Have we decided that Leubronn just needs to be surrounded by these guys? Who can just stand and one spot? Don't do anything else, and then he to do everything. The one thing I liked what they did and I wanted. They found the right guys, but the mentality of it was there going to be much better hence aware these debts, the intent and Rwanda.
Take some of the playmaking off of him and he'll help lay down a low post, where I was a kind of being on all that was like yeah. You should have a second playmaker. I like to inquiry. You took the pressure off him. Hence away in the brain, was able to none. The every single time I No, why we decided he should just be surrounded by shooters somebody surrounded by basketball players. I don't think he has the right basketball players, but I think that was an important point. There, trying to hammer home. Probably because I'm going back to their Detroit these windows, seven yeah and we started seeing flaws like. I still think that when people are trying to save this year's even team was worse. Those emphasizes that I was seventeen that such recently biased that team was terrible and I was shocked at Leubronn- deserves like a necklace or something not a ring, but something just for bringing a team against spurs. It was the lantern West. Eric snow, Ah, that's gonna partial ban was
dead body was in that they will. They did the Wally Ben Wallace endlessly did TIM is all they did a bunch of things were they kept bringing in a bad contract for the next bad contract to show that they were commit? I was an awesome game, actually remember where I watched a game. It was Leave. I remember where I was glad the broad he's here he's arrive yet, as has happened, a great song I didn't. We saw some flaws that team that maybe that's when it started, hey more shooters, more shooters and then it was it was booby Gibson accuses their forbid. I think a false narrative. I don't know should be shooters. Do think, should be such non shooters to the level of Alonzo Rondeau, who you clearly can't play together. I think it's it's. It's stymied some of that that makes him such a grey Basque about where he has these one Mentioned dudes I J Smith, who they just do one thing or Tristan Thompson, and now he has dude that might actually sent you know he's never played with somebody who gets above the rim
like Brennan Ingram, he might throw couple volumes to and things in traffic lads I was gonna have fast. Briggs were lines as running the fast breaking the bronze alluring, not counting variants junior from last year. As you know was that it was that it should have not done that They now and age. You sure, did they really play together that no, that was actually going to one of the things you lashers team or I'm like. How can they don't play this guy? He was there in that light in the finest. I would rather had him be dear and be active. He had no idea what used in defensive as another guy, but we right? There's he had sure there's pieces of leubronn that we have not seen unleashed, except for the first two years of Miami that came in Wade, in transition when we It really had athleticism, especially the first year, and there are moments Rick, oh my god, what is this, you know is like em. It was a man and worthy in the these iconic. Like fast
I do hope that was Lebron and got there and then it was gone and then he has an added, since even Kyrie is not one of those like transition. Let's go Bilbil. I want to see employee lines. I think it's can be really find ethic lances. Actually, the perfect I to play with him. She does need the bar great passer, great instincts, great vision and they'll, be good together, yet unfortunately tries hard. The lawns stuff, replace larger lads who gives a shit llanos, teen defence is incredible how smart he is where he knows where help is where he knows. You're help is supposed to be like when you really watch lazo there there's so many, of things about him and, I think, lost in all the fact that he couldn't shoot forever. Even though you know get ok he's there wasn't healthy. We know the free throw issues although he had already right when he was staring diploma right, the need thing and in an again and then it then it being a more significant injury other than people realised as is carried through into the odd season, but his vision. It you see allay like when you watch
and it was right, you're time s and he soon became a league, the guy that we saw in college. That's already one of the best vision, guys in the NBA So maybe that works, but I just it goes back to the whole thing of Harry splitting. These How is wrong, you're gonna feel on a one year deal if he's not closing games when he maybe it's the smarter, guided, close guiding, and was I mean for laws like there's, just some duplication with the Rostrum Arago, your writing. A lotta headaches here the broad and ran. I would say minus one, fifty two absolutely love each other brain surgery together and minus war, plus one thirty it's over and like November and they're just way do you think it's one of those guys he's? Always love is one of the item, but in Europe- our living together now, but I do think like Think abroad has been around a lot of brain surgeons from a basketball standpoint. These last fifteen years, It was now your Larsson way. Now it was incredibly spearhead.
I was really sophisticated basque well play at all Nobody really in during his cleaving days, I think, was on his level. I think Rondeau I was I was really impressed by him in their neurons, Biafra. I loved him incredible, but I mean you know, there's a reason why we have the nickname play off. Rondeau is because the regular seizing guy exist and that's the thing that I can't like Rhonda towards the end of Boston thing was a disaster. The even admitted it this isn't narrative. This is wrong or going at a really care. Thea can enter the absurd sense, a Laker centric. Can I give you one? Other wrinkled, I would imagine, get mad a countdown for doing this now, hey. I did at work because they were terrible disease. Can the Lakers made the places like now they can't they decided you in the middle of a countdown show, complain and say on the airline enable even want to do this anymore. I did. Did you have a total? They take me through that breakdown I had to mount. One was the one who has we were doing in cat down against a plan game we're a b c and it was the fourth quarter of a gum, anti european and we started, and
I was in sage said thereby than and went to me, and I was just like nobody's watching us. What are we doing at everybody? Kind of TAT We might as well be F S one right now. Wow and there went to commercial and they were laughing like the jail in love that with the commercial and they are like all God. That's can be a thing on viral. It wasn't because nobody was nobody was watching, we're gonna get supplant, came there, wasn't one person watching our show so that wanted then. The other time is the last thing we did every day it was. Like Lakers necks, I have this idea. What about leg, Anthony Dave? is blossoming into a superstar led the show that their packaging, what about? Can Lakers make the playoffs they can't their fifteen and thirty. Who can the Lakers trade for yeah? Ok deadline was last week. Should the Lakers extend Kobe, it's like. If we are to talk about this new yeah, that's that anything that night at Bristol mentality in the mid, but sometimes rather I always kind of it. I when I
Sportscenter is really the first time I started doing it regularly was last year, and you know you get an email the night before and I used to write out these like a lab rat like here's, something I want and here's the screen o give me a full screen of this and then I'd show up Neggar. Can we rescue warriors and how do you beat him? And I I simply get pissed at me because I didn t know so we call me aside and use it to buy for new headstone here I am there and energy the off season. By what moves in these five teams make too can be with words like all the seconds can suck as its euro. Yet there are local just come up something I'm elixir soon recover. Something is wrong and stupid, and I beg I had to tell some rousing hey. You ve asked me thirty warriors like three days in a row that sports enter its warriors every time, but that's the thing is like Azan are guys. I think we can always make the mistake of thinking that, because we're tired of something- and it is definitely have the radio all the time like the Brady stuff I was like. I don't want to do this today. My producers, like it's one of the few times where I ever went to the producer, went. I don't want to do this. I don't want to do it
and do it again today and is a goal as new breaking news. Is it you gotta, do it at three hours under flake eight, and that's the thing I was always ready to do three hours and to forget you'll, never get over to forget your. Are you a truth or a non below, or what would you be described? What he's talking about the way he didn T fight for us and we lost you, you thought he did nothing though right, like you, think, there's no allows in essence whatsoever. I think he did nothing. What about the two trainers? I think Hold them rational. I think he told them keep the footballs. Keep em keep him. A loose. I don't like him too, tight now. Is it innate there? probably practices were less sounds, were to re, write and use the full positive tat. A fuckin told you guys. I don't like to oppose the state, and that was it. I something happened and I remember Thinking like you guys, don't think anything happened, but the excessive nature of
punishment he had suspended for four guy. I know its. Not that part is nuts for games. Re rises to you, but if that's what the Sea Ba. That's riyos, absurd! You everything! I don't like that when people make the we judge will adopt more Davis, Briarley. Ok by how many times he lost the season, you mean, like people, do that again at seeing here going hate Fidel's my die, but, people are really. Annoyingly inconsistent about making fun of the nfl infamous punishment stuff when you go like this is what it is. Then this is what it is. The one thing it's been really hypocritical. I will pass up no chance rather than the NFL, this nasty, and something which It was an obvious clusterfuck from the gecko. You knew this was just gonna go out and Anna before they cannot. But today, we're doing this guess I was driving in June. Regions has told his players, they cannot stay in the locker and that the stand on the field for the anthem, it's a woe it did this all last season.
You're a stand in the anthem for the games. That's it they just got taken care of, and they did it. It's no different than what the intervals doing so. You gonna get bad at the innovation for this. You also have to think about it. Adam silver, I think, if we didn't have like the NBA, didn't nothing immigrants, only right you're, so raw these guys are on the same page, the point as the NFL, not on the same day, the only thing with their player not ever, but even with the owners like any of those like the set worker sham pieces. When you go behind the curtain with these owners fighting with each other- and they have it a much harder time like most of their issues, of their own issues and not being able to get the same Pedro stuff well in there. Old, rich white guys were used to having their ways the the NBA adding one of the many advantages they have right now is my Irish Group is just younger and smarter, and a little more just to justice the guy, I won't be an old rich white. I won dagger, do old, rich people of other walks of Life act differently good plant. I don't have an answer
I just want to meet the these super rich built myself from the and up non white guy that super agreeable to shit. Maybe Here we never hear this was shod cod. Kinds of payment old pain in the ass. They re both because it is really men in power. Push I work for some girls on air that could be little tough to deal with I think it's very consistent that if you have a ton of cash- and you have a lot of power, you gonna see things. Your way just happens, be there's more white guys that have that role than others to great point Bob Craft, all rich one old, rich wake. I was at some sort of meat meal event. There is appeals and make it work can invent every picture. Now he looks at the weekend and burning guy he's just kind of propped up facing the wrong way and the picture you know you're really worried about by crowd. You know well, have you are like a few times. I know his son, more Jonathan, bad
a good hang like you run, atonement, a cocktail party. He shut he'll have the ring on yeah, yet to thank them. First when the patriots are not moving in the hardware, that's the same conversation them every rule. Yours, for, though, has been the same Harvard spent in a tough spot. It's the first by you lad. We humans, rising star you. You still have your body that lives there Jacko here excited. They made evident, Belle S team I told you that we will get an email s when I moved a Hartford, I think it was ten years almost ten years ago that add that checks and a lot of parking available. Still it's a one city that doesn't complain about parking options. Right so traffic. If you want an easy spot, you wanna get a city where traffic that are probably heard we got out of the traffic on the on the eighty four sucks dear, but I moved in How to have told you the story before, but the the listing agent in this building it was gonna go. It was going to not work out. It was like a luxury building in downtown Hartford. They languages read the sidewalk as if everything else was awesome, yeah and if
woke up. Unlike us anymore, you needed a gate. Arrayed you how to get on the highway. But when the lady was like, okay, here's the deal, here's the lease and she liked had to leave us like this whole maze in the lease is waiting for you at the end, like it's almost like a casino yeah. No, I can't leave unless I sign it. She isn't just to let you know we are getting the whalers back. Wife she's, like yeah, so these things are gonna fly, were connected to the exiles in years ago. Yet I went Getting the wheelers gas. It isn't she goes. I go. You just asked me what I did for living. I said I work at ESPN. That's why? I'm moving here I literally work and sports. The wheelers aren't coming back here. She's like they are You should read this do better. I finally, anyway, yeah Hartford, you go any new, tell the real or where you pay yeah site. I want first nine months free. Very announcing, allows on anything that has the suit
is being where their many mistakes a century was not buying a hockey to just putting it. There were bought a hockey team. I would put it in the european arena and then if embassy sports as the rights to hockey. They have to show like the european whalers or the Hartford whalers at the European Dome, and it just like a giant f you for me as paint everybody else. This is the height of the ESPN power and just spend money. And right and everything I drunkard sailors, tabby great and you can just put people like you- could just in just send our reality: Almah Jangle Leg We do godson like just a grass wider. We recently retired. You also get to season tickets to that for whalers and you have to go. You have to get you to go. Ted he's just stated their miserable this stance, bad that to regulate in years. When they did the indian Hollywood thing. I was in the meetings for that. Yet there was the first time they brought me in creative meetings in there.
Is three hour brainstorm for it, and I didn't say the first two hours and as this and everybody in Georgia should brownie and but to our agenda Like I get a sad and understand the show, see his pen, its Hollywood. Unlike a while ago ashes and it was there record scratch. Like would you want at it, and I was like a just one: sports instead, this so it's gonna be dare cheater at a red, Carper Premier, that's gonna, be your lead story, lady red carpet. The boy is there's a hockey games. I, the way to make this work as you, you do, the gossip staffing you know like at the time copies trial at their happened or is about to happen as I got here, you your lead story. Hobbes trial in their at what we can do that, Michael, what's the show, and they his wife
I was one of the issues they had. The title is Panada great title. It is a good title, great title They did the website page too, had a part that he has been Hollywood. So they had all that, but they didn't know it was an. They still doubt graven on two thousand eighteen. What is it he has been No, what is it not around anymore, but what book the original without, would even be now. I guess I'll be down, it was being easy, don't around. Actually, I think they should revamp the whole thing retro it they could do Nba alley deal little cat walk through the tunnel. I read if irony is paid out, make the jump like three hours. You know I did the jump yesterday for the first time did you just talk about like a mad acres. Now, though, is this story? This year was directed me to ask you to reinforce the outcome. We call him when it when he died. The I did- your fuckin podcast, Christiana. Somebody has to do analogies Alla time what Cd Maccallum is doing, but
when somebody then deciphers it and goes as little as possible, or you like. You think I would join a gang plot against them in my own house and kill my brother. You like he went you like really. I was kind of 18kt on that one though. It showed yet again that people have the NBA so much that it became a tutor? new story to death. Tat Katy on their podcast. Totally Macao that had no chance when the title which, by the way he doesn't who takes part in the coming days like I was so mad and cavies I'd. Why are you mad? Because we was a low series, I mean see, I'm that friends with Katy, but I've got an arm just for doing these Pakistan staff stuff is return. Your tax is, he ever tech areas extra mile return, texted with Katy, but he's what was genuinely curious guys, so I can totally seem Colombia like I was so mad when you got it and Katy gone there. Leg. Why? I don't understand? Why were you mad not even there being a deck like why? Because
You gotta, Boogie cousins, you're gonna win the west like wire. I don't understand When I like that, you know how I mean. What's, I should like to move in a highly gotta conversation with her eyes that that were trying to cover anything. Can I ask you because I know you probably rap inherent a bit: can we talk about Denzil yeah? do as I listen to the damsel pod yeah, riding a rodeo. It's like a huge get and I know of one of favorite is about doing the radio shows every now and then, when you get like somebody really famous the pitch from the people would be that this super famous guy loves you yet, and so that happened Poland a couple times- Mokanna, hey legitimately liked Van Pelt night, and he even when we say goodbye to him. He stopped us from saying goodbye and say I want to compliment you guys on something you did here like holy shit like Mokanna, hey, really, listen to it and then we again because of it, and they will enable the matter now was on. The flower is huge. Dual guy.
Kyle, you have a guy just straight. I can't do it as in all kinds of a guy, so we get Denzil and will you had then their weak? We got enzyme, but it's like a seven minute phone or whatever add stuff, and yet so tough. Scott Nigh- and you know that's what I was looking back like. We should just had different areas or one guy just played out the whole time properly management, preferably me, yet I gotta go to the kept here, come back and twenty, yeah, hey we're gonna, not tape, something that some not just very limited upon Macartney one. Yet so You better, like tens of the huge huge fan, so he talks about these gray's Denzel and then I see him like really shortly afterwards. Usc sideline and it was such a rookie move by me. Yeah and as a gay man he's like what in some guy comes over like what the like. What do you do? going up to Denzil Jerry. I was like that was I like one of those things that I've always check myself with the times are going there like a modest close with this guy, as you think you are so anyway. Does he
I know how You know about basketball, that's what like the first half of the park ass felt like they keys asking you stuff and he was tested me, we abbot, tell me something I mean I don't they Denzil knows anything because his His pr person was probably this guy love sports, used, media span and dances, armor promises on countdown or the draft Ojala Walter. Ask with them and then was tested? to see what I knew was about him. Was he and I get it? He was just like. I don't go backwards. That's what I want to bring that moving like anodyne, ok produce any doubts that he got game now here. That's the thing is, like you think, did he want, here, people do like. I think some people do that, like hey man, never regret any decisions like if you actually have a life where you ve, never regretted anything. You ve done like shut up. You know right and, and people are like, I just turn the page alive. Man, everything's and rearview mirror you know or whose the player Legato have a review America's. I never want to look backwards and all the shit and in
said, you know like now. One onto the next one, but you never sit back and think about appreciating like playing Malcolm X or you know like. I think that was at the thought. Like maybe it's totally true, maybe artist or just a little different, but I felt that was some That was weird, and I guess it. Maybe you just got me off on the wrong foot because he was a Yankees Lakers end next fan and apparently cowboys fan we had had in realise till after Anna Cowboys Fang, how he likes do can Alabama loudly and where do you live bandwidth for them, but when he started testing you want. I still like that'll happen to me. Like I'm, gonna L issue Bam again this year s address my favorite game of bad rouge than in all be their inability to games other dive into like twelve omen and some goblet. You know we're in dang ago cannot be like now if you like love Guard sixty do like a bucket. Congratulations man. You named a guard from sixty to its play, another game, Leghorn Hollandia like I know I always find it interesting that when you're a guy like you or
You know the big sports background that people like test- you maybe like what you think I do every day is probably basque above navigate at need to be really tested. Guy, that's my Denzil! Yet I was was that weird now I I think it's weird when, like I had the opposite, expensive economic Ethan, I was not only ready to go backwards, for we want Kenobi added two thousand eighteen perspective, all the movies he made in the nineties into thousands that does my favorite Pakistan than this this year was either. Is he was like a man to re, examine this movies? I did under the lens I have now, as is cool and then I was the opposite than, but he got game method. As I wanted to go on. He got me. I wanted to have at least one mama, whereas I learn something about some movie did and he got game was what he was great with and then finding out the truth. Grady almost had that raw psycho make had said good. What? If he really, really downplayed rounds acting
there is little moment in their grass get active for Basque. While he just started laughing not only raised very good. I've got back and watch it. At any rate, I mean look, it's tough using on these guys, her bed, he was to be an actor you know like in he had a million lives or was it like? You could hide him, but there's scenario like ok he's, not an actor. The blessed acting performances in sports. We ever by an mba player number on Bernard came fast break actually could have been nominated for an Oscar that year is a weak supporting actor really did you know you just look at me like a cream airplane. Great role on that you're, the acting was a great great come back, though, that kid Eddie has a couple kind of good acting perform. This is not a man. Is anybody we missing, they Germano man. Madame and I don't want to hear my shadow sallies, getting Eddie Rick Foxes, Gettin Eddie report.
Good let me monolingual act area. He was ass. We get in ass good well now the car that the package is ground to up and we need it and be afraid system. Zack Levine, we had everything re think Figures. Try now what's the next well, I might Toronto question for you, as is quite in the team in March. Because he is, I think, that's going to be a good team yeah. Means can be. I would think, if he's back to being peak, it's it's what three best players for best players, He was the second best. Where are you I was even months and see what happens and Nick nurse. I get to see if you know with the outcome in and adobe. You know how they look a year later, as I really started, a new man like really lock into Oji towards the end of the year, a sick man. This is a guy that was heard it Indiana had he not been her Yale he's do that
a lot higher and a draft, and I talked to Green who had him and it was like this guy's really really good and some maybe that's that Singapore of the problem and then you know, you think about Yonah not haven't pearl with a dab, like you, probably can't play unison certain match up like I'll, be watching the end. Some play games, so I think the thing, the lesson that I've I've Lars like how many times you had opinion about something it had zero experience with being from Boston, I hated New York City had never been started going after my buddies graduate from college was like actions, places awesome. I grew up thinking. Oh I sucked because I was just a shelter I wearing a Fuckin Lfc share your tan exit out. You workin out with we Flanders in working out how what's his name again Today we are seeing planning Chris Thompson's house, Bali bursting fighting off stalkers, so it happening the aid and about them. Now, the second I stayed out Malibu Chris S house. Ah, so
first night she was there, she left for work trip. The next day, I'm watching pelicans warriors. I drive down to Mastro's, grab a steak with live music Gretna Tuesday cruise back flip around where she lives and unfortunate is pretty easy access, the front part of all those areas and- were there any more by the way, and I walk in and there's motion lights in as soon as I'm walking to the gate, to like open the gate and then getting her front door. It's not like some gated communities, just a gay in the door. There's a dude five hundred and ten white late, 30s Hoodie like a dad had on genes. Dad shoes and a huge red suitcase and Lycosa was address, ran his He was in use quicker, I dont know immediately wasn't crests spires is too big and I were hay and he's like high. I go for you is here: guy, Miroslav Aggressor and, unlike oh now,
Here's thing which Jean I very close but everybody in our life and you never know like hey I'll We have some time of year and allay or like maybe she has some cousin, that's all messed up or something I can show you start from zombie. Friends. I told the story like why don't you just kick his ass immediately? Illegal life doesn't work that way like until you're in the moment, you're deciphering you're trying to figure this out trying to get through it. So I'm like you're staying with Carissa and he goes yep and I went anyway box a little bit like very matter of fact, full sentences. You know and You look like you know, was away box. A sorry, wait, I'm so I'm staying with Croatia and he's like ok You didn't tell me anything about you. What's. Your name is like my name's Todd Todd Pool and I went on I will is I call her up. Stones on this guy right. So I call her. She doesn't answer. I text her. She didn't get back to me cuz, I know she's flying
How do you like? How do you say, I'm here for a birthday in here to surprise on your stay? Is that your suitcase he said yeah, but I saw like a fresh baggage claim tag on its butt. Look like the plane. So I go. How are you talk in her? I heard you talking on the phone ego Well now we just message a lot and instagram and I got a catfish jellia catfish like ok, we'll. Let me ask you to have her contact in your phone. But now I go. Let me see your Instagram Macao and look at the dams stand. Help me out here, like well, we don't actually dm and I went, What are you talking about man like what messages he's I'd like you to tell the messages you post, that she's talking me: oh hi, radio, I oh look man ass, the bad news, for you is, and I get admit, maybe watch it lets you many movies. I starlike positioning myself to the site and pretend I had like a gun on you. I also like didn't want those like the kind of this little ledge walk way. I go if this slob charges me like just make sure. I'm not you know backed into something
Allow me to say where the growing up a Massachusetts really helped. I actually have me wanted him to charge me right, but then I was afraid like if you're too buyer you're holding the bare bottle now I note having case, did you have friends that used to hit people bottles? I never had one friend ever even think about any that might already giant with one of the bag. Everybody J bug we're at so is it Charlestown one eye and there's this guy, unlike you guys know nothing in bug, didn't like divide from this. And at one point I just some grabbed the bottle- which I knew was empty like he was drinking it, and I was like oh we're in a bad situation. Right now is like that stupid guy, but yeah Recital grab the mass or dna that's its day, let alone he saw something hidden like so you. So why are you? Did I pivoting? I start building and I'm off to my side over hey man, here's the bad news, I'm like I'm her boyfriend, animal cop. Now it is like. Ok, you don't like
thing is every answer he's like I'm supposed to stay here, call or up he's a guy, Instagram India and I go. What are you doing here? Is a man total shot the dark? I knew it was a birthday he's. Like you know, I I recognise the car, so I got off on the boss. I go, there's no boss, optimal who, from allay acts, were you just like pull a string? Unlike let me off here, I go. You to get out of here and if you ever come back here like it's going to a lot worse and I actually couple times like any to see your hands, I don't know you need to see. How could he kept stopping his hands in front of his hoodie, announcing, maybe has mace we ass has maze like maybe the whole plan was the mace these are then he walks down. I call the cops, but like all, he doesn't want to do with you, and I was like will now, but there, like you, know whatever then now gathered, don't you think like eyes walking down the street and with a suitcase that you should at least like guy violent report narrow, like nope. We don't care and I get where they coming from the crime happens. The guy was against crime line, the scariest
the part that socks- and it also reminds me a little bit of like you know we take a lot of stuff for granted as guys yeah like in that situation to be a woman. It put me in a situation. I had look, I've mom I've sisters and it's gonna stuff right it just it really. Pissed me off. Then I kind of regret it like not doing something about it. But then I was like. If I hit him and did stuff, then he could have just said. I was walking down the street in this guy, got out of the car and started beating the shit out of me. So I was like yeah, I'm glad that didn't happen, but He saw the video footage of the guy who got there before I came home and he was therefore like an hour and it was pulling on. The doors is pulling up the windows. He was pulling up flower pots. Looking for
he's, oh shit, so that part sucked agenda. She she's told the story before us. I don't I don't not saying anything that has been told, but she doesn't live there anymore. She did cheek, I stay with it for about a month or so and that's it and it sucks. Is this guy this? This guy, you know made somebody who are very close with feel uncomfortable, everyday shoe. Was there so she's out just another? I think you should go, Could you could you have thrown off the cliff? How far? How deep was the cliff? When people ask me like? How do you feel I was gonna win the fight right, so I didn't YO, unless it was some sort of Farley like fat, uninjured guy that I wasn't wasn't aware of Wasn't scary. He was no. The scariest thing about him was how matter of fact he was and how stone cold like the messages were talk, enemy is really strange. That is why I was it is in you know,
as I have argued some of my friends bug really want you to go. You dont get it. You don't get until you're. In that moment, you don't understand. I go, can have an open mind like given you Kind of I think human natures, like you, give people to benefit, as you think, most of us are wired that way right and so on I don't know if there's any kind of lesson in it, but it's just that it made me feel I care a lot about and it made me feel like a completely different, like I said, different kind of compassion. You know when the in the stuff that that girls, especially public figures, you don't have to deal with action pack, for months! For you know I I've got all sorts of stuff, but I am I want to use a all here. You say you save it, maybe knows what do you do for cod for buses I don't know yet these new for sports Entrance F. Am I am how many months left on the deal five weeks,
If we, so what was the day, I think to go back and look at the contracts to media video priority special. Maybe we shouldn't have every excise taxes. However, when I am, I know, thing is very like bought you now, so I can only go the clippers Lakers. I guess ran reseller. The pleasure is always thanks. Man, these games uprooted and for you to get his uprooted outcome. Slash bs thanks to Starbucks, Starbucks double Shat starts with Bold Starbucks coffee, blended, with milk for a smooth, creamy delicious flavour. Its enhanced with ginseng Guarana Joanna Ground Joanna Guarana and be vitamins. I love these things. I put them in my fridge. Little five collection gets me going again Starbucks Darbyshire energy to do things actually do find it in your local convenience store and thanks to proper
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