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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons calls up Joe House to make some ambitious NFL bets (2:58) before sitting down with director Jason Reitman to talk about the Gary Hart story and his new film, 'The Front Runner,' getting unique films made in Hollywood, sports movies, and more (34:45).

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Eating podcast. I am on their this. We talk about how to gain as much holiday weight as possible, as well as great green food and My ideal, attire restaurant that's happening, I think we're supporting the reaction was until next week we said to many pack ass. They re like nine nine, Ringer, podcast. Today, cow just broke the chair, so I think that's good. Be our early next week or run in the firm and then new Ringer Pike S is called winging it with Vince Carter, can't bays more any feedback that is happening right now to ringer pack. Ass were selected by apple as two of them. As of two thousand eighteen one of them. I am on the reactor balls, which had LE very dearly three watch was more than this package, which has many a minute summer. It's become my its Gibbs. Come my mistress, but now that now my heart's with the mistress, that's stature. I love that
went to add. I don't want you to think TAT. I love you both So anyway, the reward was one and then the Dave Chang show I want one as well and I am sure for apples best teeth as they did so thanks for spread the word for Thou art, but I do so. We had a bunch of pack ass this year there that could have clarified for thou in awesome year. Had the ringer, Podcast we're coming up here and pigs, and then I along station director Jason Reitman about his new movie. The front: and movies in general and sports movies and a whole bunch of stuff he's. He came on the BS report a few times back in the day and is one of my favorite guests to talk movies with so that is all coming up. First,
it's pie project week last week the million dollar picks finally took ahead. It happened because the bears of Chicago who could not finish off the giants. New York. They gave up a long past, the Oda becum they tied the game way went into o t? They were. Favoured in the lab bedding. They still somehow blew it so anyway, I lost one point: seven million dollars last week. The good news is, I'm still up five million about five point: zero, two million Joe s- and I have some Good news, I loved, week. Slate. And I'm where I'm ready money. Last week I didn't like it and if I learned a lesson last week, it was this just stay way. You like say, just stay away, hold
centier, six point: eight million dollar nest egg don't mess around. I do like this week. How do you like sweet. You just check that the slate there there there, a bunch of tasty morsels here last week, was a classic. You know that the dogs, their day and it felt like it was coming. You and I were together right around the Thanksgiving Slate and I thought we're coming on in connection with the Thanksgiving Slow, that in play up dogs ten and six last weekend, and I'm with you when you when you're a multi millionaire like you are bill servants. Sometimes it's ok to just sit. Let the interest journal, All right. I should just let the interest on the six point. Seven, eight compound interests, brow I the underdogs this week as well and we're gonna get to them we are in the same pigs, poor. I did the pigs. I think I picked like thirteen. Dogs, the sixteen it just really feels like an underdog economy, but that's not what I'm gone with tease.
I'm am waiting a million dollars on this tease, I'm putting one point: one million dollars to win a million already think I should put a little Kyle. We think sugar the first point is that we get a bit. You know what but a little bit Joe House, let's do Let's go. One point will do one point three three: to win one point: two halves. I work. How do I want one point, two million one point three to two: when one point: two million- and this tease the first p the compatriots there are only lengths, seven and a half on the tease them down to one and a half and hears way. My aim, has, is six and sixty six year first, Do you want to live in a world where Miami is seventy six ass? Does that make any sense to you? Does that world makes sense of work? not only does it not make sense, but I wonder if you have some of the stance that I've looked at in connection with the dolphins often last week
Well, I was I'm gonna, throw this area they ve it will have the six wins this year they ve beaten the jets twice. Congratulations the ten week one during a six, our web, delay. That was just bizarre. They beat greetings oaken reigners, they barely beat Buffalo We can, if you watch that gave Josh out of his passive got. Wilmore yard they win the game and then they the bears in a tea which is there one big when, but I want that game, I had money on the bears and sure biscuit. Touchdown to put them up. Fourteen got call back and apparently through pick. The next play was one of them. Best games ever less money on my point is my aim is that good they played three potential Plath teams. The bears were one day I got smoke by the patriots they had smoked by Houston. They are twenty first and dvd away. Knowing as AIDS, the only real case for them. Is that for
Never reason Tom Brady has been mediocre in Miami. He is seventy seven and eight in his career is actually Seventy nine, but there is one game where there was like weak seventeen. They took him out after quarter. I don't count that one but he's. Basically five hundred gb there. It is going to be a little humid. I think my aim is terrible. I would be shocked if new angle, didn't jump at the chance to Quench- they have ceased to. Them around a little bit. I liked the way they looked ass weak. As you know, I don't think there the greatest him, but they do have the guy. The weapons are healthy, they're gonna past. Hush. Now everyone's on the same page, the coaching has been spectacular beyond fear I have with this one. Is that bag is looming in a week and I wonder if they do the Milton earlier and just pull out years enough to win, which I hate when they do that, what you think ass well, ass, one and a half points that is just
to win, that's literally just enough to win. Yes, I have two stats for you. Related to Miami is often of performance last week, which was truly all fence of how many third it down conversions. Do you believe the Miami Dolphins achieved last week in their victory over the bills? How many the answer is to do they had at all of this planet over under game now to set over under one hundred and eighty five yards for the dolphins in total offensive yards gain for one scrimmage. If I told you the overall, one hundred and eighty five. What would you take God? I over. Well, you would be wrong, they say they amassed one hundred and seventy five yards total Miami Orphans is x is, is I am at a loss for an adjective for how bad it
have applied the patriots in this position, is? It is great here's where I got Miami faced, placer this week what might be done starting on your face, a team in the face of the class. Here's the answer. None of them there twenty second offensively deviated. Twenty second defensive may indeed be away there below average stamp their fifth and special teams diva. But that's fine. The patriots have great special teams our worried about this on pats when by three or more I'm putting them with the chief. Of Kansas City interest the chiefs are laying six and after the ravens. Yet her home, add a week to shake off the Obama. Cream had fiasco. To me, This comes down to that I like to use called math referred that word: ass, math man, How interesting is sometimes I like to look at number, some none to do that and people
to look at advanced metrics and I can give you the advanced metric chase like the chiefs are number one individual. There are very good for party. They need this football game They don't have a lot of margin Frere their home, but this comes down to math. Here. They are there last eight games, here's the amount of points, they've scored, thirty, forty five, forty thirty thirty, seven hundred and twenty six five thousand one hundred and forty the last day camp is Baltimore in their last eight games, nine slash twenty one, two thousand three hundred and twenty one, one thousand six hundred and twenty one, three thousand four hundred and twenty I'm not be noticed house, but the numbers in the chiefs column working Stanley higher than the prison the Ravens column high. Ok, I'm with higher. They can scan more points, then the ravens. Now here's here's another thing about the ravens.
The Lamar Jackson thing is adorable. They really is its adorable room. For me, too, I think he's, I think, he's I think he's there is give them low identity is given them a little fire he's, not Joe Flackered corpse. I get all of it. There there three big winds of Lamar baby. Bengals by three, the Bengals have no players left the Benghazi. The entire teams. I are, everyone's, except for Joe makes it the better The banks are gonna win another gained the season. Natalie ever heard you Jackson, debate, goodbye, seventeen, congratulations allowing Congrats, Congrats Baltimore, and then beat at Lana by TAT, in a game in Atlanta. In again, I actually fell like if you shit like Lamar myths throws a land has not been defined.
Way. Atlanta baltimores defense was able to handle them enough in the healthy, but I'm just not convinced Baltimore is the kind of team that can put up the third the plan that they need Lamar and the road. We have three weeks, a tape with them necessarily need this game. Throw this game. There said and six, but they still had the last three Tampa at the chargers home for Cleveland. It's a must. Limit. Its data must win, and it Actually, I must win for the chiefs. I think they need to get their shit together. They are. They barely one last week against the raiders, the raiders were like really in that game and move. In the ball and end the chiefs thou ten into the chargers Hannah linger in their weak away. They still have to play at Seattle. They need the win. I think they win by a point. Right. The mecca lose the Baltimore and Erhead. What do you think us all that that's exactly
I know your teasing, I'm down from six and a half all the way down to just a half a point near win by point. So you're you, you just need them the win and I think that that that would be a cause for concern or reason a tap the brakes would be trying to play Kansas City at the number, but you're not doing that. You're taken them down in this tease the the reason for concern the Chiefs, our thirty seconds, In the end, I fell in Russia. Defence, more than five yards per tat. Great and the ravens are gonna rush, the all the way they have the past three weeks averaging for two hundred yards on the ground each week that damn it. The effect of that for the purposes of Kansas City I mean, for the purposes of of of cancer, is often going up against the Baltimore defence, which is very good
That's a ball control kind of thing. For four Baltimore, I get it it's it's the giants pad Superbowl recipe, the debt, the ravens are based. Gonna try to keep the chiefs defence on the fifth and I actually believe in this, and I would think that run the bother and their throats. But the chiefs are actually ready for that. They're gonna make Lamar Jack. You have to make plays, and I just don't think he's quite ready yet I don't think he's ready, varied their milk, you're not run in the bar, make some plays and by the way, if you make some place, will just get the ball back and will score and now make plays again, then I, Let them run they're gonna stack it and I just they they win by at least three. I don't they. Is that a remark, Jackson for kids City to be the perfect tease candidate and you have put them into the perfect tease with knowing a patriot some I can't wait to convey on on the twitter on Sunday afternoon.
Time millionaire friend Bill Seven's has had put another providing whether military million into the kitty. I'm in a tone of back there? Is you scared me at the ravens ran again, there is a super I'm in a Acta one point: one million we'll just have one, and even though I wanna millionaires broken down the middle, I shall Erika Chiefs Pats, tease, aright. I am putting I love is a bunch of underdogs I like, and I'm gonna do something a little wacky like you, yeah. The Seahawks are playing on Monday night, the sea hogs are now celebrating their six straight year. Were they, when at least seven games from weak three two, we twelve about. That's that there are seven June. When the share every year for whatever reason. First, two weeks blah and then from about we three on a they round into what they are the plane. The vikings. They had a good look at the Vikings last week, watched every point
that long, look, I acknowledge, say I every play that game, because the motherfuckers Directv went into overtime with bears giants and the Pats red. Patsy their game. That channel was supposed to switch over to the l A, but the fox was in the bears game So what are they? Do they? Just black out the path said: miss the opening drive over seven minutes So what are you doing? How about how much money do have to pay? the package where I can see all the plays of my favorite him so there's a reason. I tell you this out here, so I watch Minnesota watched carefully decade stand on a very good football team. They really they they have allowed trouble blocking. I thought there play was atrocious ethic. They ran the Bob. Thirteen times had actually seem like they could run on us. For whatever reason dad? I they put the bunker cousin sands, the Pats really flustered,
They had him, you know just check down because the skies disguising the coverage is on them? We was ten ten and then That's just drove down the film and did whatever they want for to stray drives and unjust Impressed by them on their path to him, I think Seattle is apply after him. So they're minus one. Seventy just to win the game: ass, three and a half together, I like the miners when seven. I think they pull it out. So is it my dear. I owe money line yet parlay them with five different underdogs. This do so, my god Yemeni loses six way. It's it's I'm sprinkling them in five different small bets and I'm gonna try to go on yoga, who yeah much additive or when first one falcons too Diana this is where you, your castles, very important here,
can just do the underdog spreads and I get plus ninety, seven, Seattle minus one, seventy with any underdog spread. I want so, for instance, Falcons plus five at Green Bay. I really liked the Falcons back him. I think Green Bay. This Mccarthy thing has thrown people off the set of just how terrible Green Bay is grim in their entirety, France has been decimated their Daniel ate their ninety string, quarterbacks unsafe these there there mess, there we have been able to see them, get any stops. It's true. They can't get any stops. Offensive where they have like a couple weapons, the line, is too. I I think both of these teams sack. I am getting? Two extra points for some reason: the Falcons. I have no idea. Why is there? This is like a coin flip game, so I could either take the Falcons plus five and I get that part
the seahawks of bus, one hundred and ninety seven or I get a little frisky and bet them to win outright, and that is three hundred and seventy six house wow. I just wouldn't want to be in the position of asking Matty ICE. You know, say, say there within a feel goal in the fourth quarter. I'll do I do other spreads, and this is because this is two hundred each across bored plus one. Ninety seven, first one Falcons plus five. I think they can win the game ass. If the garage, I could see them losing by three, this in doing so near. My right now do do two hundred or two fifty It's your money here. The multi millionaire five billion. I do due to fifty on each one. Thus one ninety seven falcons, plus five you like that. One.
I'm right on the edge I worry Atlanta last week, look like a team has given up on the entire season this leaves a great deal about the gives. The give ups yeah great I'll. Take the five points. Next, one big. The extra couple points. Ok, five. This is oh bad of a bet that I love it. It's my favorite bad bad like a month and a half, and I have to put money at it: the safe SK afforded enters our home against the Denver brackets they're, getting four points. Danvers best cornerback broke his leg. Chris airs, Yes, Denver traded their second, as receiver in their best receiver Torres Achilles, practice is weak manual centres their landing women happens there now than it She did want to whom I couldn't believe was picked up and are fancy the ringer fantasy. They can't court Cortland
sudden Courtney sudden something an actor you sure yeah he was they picked up somehow and then the other guy, I didn't even know, is rueful a real football player until Sunday, so they have no real receivers. They really Philip Lindsey in that's about it, making the Ricky the IRAN, the Niners terrible, but Everybody has Denver in the playoffs. Please. Me out of this house. I am perfectly willing to jump off this, but Denver just losing three three kind of above which starters on top of the fact that it was a little bit of smoke and mirrors anyway, I don't know how their fate by four on the road against. Basically, anybody explain this to me Why? I don't have a theory for you as to how they're there favoured, although well, what's the what's the compelling
rationale for San Francisco. How San Francisco keep this game close? Let me flip it on you. Well, their quarterback through firmer four hundred yards. I say it again in a lot of garbage time, but they can at least move the ball. Would I guess would be the thing so, even if a few other down late, there are thirty, first and Debbie away Here's the case against his. Why am I am happy to back off. Therein kind of an arms race. Now, for the number unpack with the raiders, every last counts us. This is lay right, there's a transcendent talent at number one. That is not at this. Ok, so that so that the one the one or the two or both fine. So I looked at their schedule and they're not gonna win their last three, and I do the legs so there last year, basically home for Seattle Home for Chicago at the Rams,
probably losing all those. Unless the rams don't give a shit about weak seventeen, This is their last chance to avoid the ignominious too and fourteen finish that has like no silver linings at all. So they go and they win. That's why they feel good big speech George Cato the game Bow, and then you just get. I annihilated elastic Debbie the respite. I'm also really happy to avoid this game. When I get let's get back to the other, once the ones Philly Dallas, plus one sixty five to win out right. They are. Straight up, they are plus three and a half. There are so many people and this stars bandwagon ass. It is overflowing, it is PETE. They looked awesome against the saints people really seem to feel like they're like a stealth, superbowl container. I feel it
I've seen this play before house when Dallas gets everybody's hopes up then take nice big fat, the better defended the good, but why should I trust the clapper to basically run the slate in two thousand eighteen. Doesn't this feel like at least a three point game? I'm gonna have point you're gettin have point, a bore with you on this one. This one I am, I like quite a bit of feels like you're gettin. Some value here should be a two and a half it at most cowboys, as as as favorites, I wouldn't even given the full three. I think these teams are surprisingly more equal, then enough. Folks might imagine at first glance the eagles run a ton of play action. The Dallas defence is not very good against supply action. There they're kind of mediocre their nineteenth and twentieth in the league against the pie. Action there are boys
below average against tied ends this season Zachary caught fourteen balls, the first time they play now he's may not catch fourteen balls. This time around as well- but I mean I was gonna- be featured quite a bit in in this one, and I also think that first met between the Eagles in Dallas Dallas one. Game with really like the last drive of the game, the hold the whole game. It was even now they march down the Unscom touchdown and one by seven. I am absolutely with you on this. When I love the extra half a point here, I think there's are. You I walks. I came on and aid they figured out at ease gold tat. Finally, they figured out there This should be more of a play. Action team and use the running backs more is as far as ass decoys. Their screen passes things like that, just fight they found Ojo and I think the fact that cop Mccoy got hurt the sand as came in and was bad and Second, a kind of through people out the
The eagles kind of I don't know they didn't look like defending Superbowl champs, but they looked like the eagles Without a Roma summit at Plenary, the crap out of the Redskins said to fifty plus ninety seven, four, that the Eagles plus three enough with the sea ass, the next one, the courts of Indianapolis coming on, an atrocious game against Jacksonville. It happens, They were looking to Hell little bit, they they're read their plus clippings, be looking ahead to the next week. I get this big awesome game. They have in Houston and they just candlelight. They thereafter I have it happens now, the line has swung in a way that I feel like is extremely favourable. There there's allowed he's too buzz right now. It people- turn off the indecent mean while Indy this is their whole season. Is this game? If there's ever a kitchen sink at this? Is it the plus four and one slash two get the extra half point
you basically Houston's gotta by six or more nobody everyone's by five. So I feel like this is a total ban I, like luck in this game. Watson scares He had been burned by the Texans two weeks in a row, but I think these teams of pretty even I really do I like that. I respect this Texans team that their that comes in, Ass, russian Watson scarier that I respect of it, but I am not really live in a world were built, were bill, o Brien, whence I twelve straight games at some they can have a chick aim and I think it's it's either this week. Or there's a hint. Amid this week, I'm taken the foreign ass. I'm gone with Andrew Luck. Coming four shut out: let's see it Andrew I'm with you, I'm with you on this. Also. I think there is value here this one also. I think it's a single score kind of gay. I
a lot more comfortable with Houston as a two and a half or three point, three point: favorite, there's value in the extra one and a half years, there's a bunch of stat stuff out there with Andrew Luck. You know it is the rarest rare occasions that he doesn't throw for a touchstone he's banana, at least or for one touch down for a whole a bunch of games and he has a terrific bounced back number there. There is also a regression thing going on with Houston and this winning streak. At some point. They argue that that this winning streak is going to come to an end because math favours it. And I think this could be the one I like this one for you as well, You is that even top ten in deviate oyster there, twenty first offensive either six defensively. It's just not the tape attain that's gonna
that that shit on paper when, like nine or ten straight games, how many earlier to the ITER nine, I think yet they were Owen, three, another nine and three by them. When this one to get the jet at the jets next week, add fairly home for Jacksonville New Economic thirteen stray games say I believe, an angel luck. I just think that shit week last week and if anything, I appreciate it because it knocked the line to a place that I think there s a actually goodbye last one Browns home for Caroline again points like having a home dog eminent to probably drop the Niners and minors as they leave matters. You talk me now and yet the brands plus to actually like have they played last week at that they had some. They made some dumb turnovers which, friends and their young team, but for the most part I
They were kind of hanging around their game, gets used in and make but almost four hundred yards. Now, some of that was in garbage dump General was kind of a bad luck game. You know You start out with the with the diamond interception and she's kind cut kind of snowball on them. I still believe Nick job? I still believe in the talent they have. I like them at home They wanted. I bet they beat at land at home a couple weeks ago. They lost Casey at home and they think I killed by seeing the charges and home they be Baltimore Homer and they beat. The jets in Pittsburgh was attired home their defiling better down, so the two themes at what them in Homer bar to the best teams in the way and in Ireland, flip side, Carolina couple things going out than their defence camp
lately shit, the bed, the last four weeks to the point that they fired the defensive coordinator. Think and there's some milk is came new, nerd, stuff, goin out we'll Brinton wrote a big piece about it basically make the case. Definitely hurt is, is performance has gone in the towel and he is not accurate and it is now playing well and he was playing greater earlier in the season. I don't think he's healthy. I think this Panthers team is done. I think they know that they're not gonna make the glass and a kind of like this is like a feel Goodwin for the Brown or do they get this one? I love it. You, the Carolina Panthers. This is starting to me that they are now one and five on the road was
with with some real crappy teams, with losses to some really crappy teams along the way there. I don't have any explanation other than what you just offered for cams, really horrible performance, he hissed is Heath, beats, stinks stunk for three consecutive weeks. And you know it's funny early in the season. They look like I'm not only a division contender in that you know what with what might be a stack division with the saints and at least the falcons on paper? look pretty damn good. They were, then they start off foreign one year, but They were six and to actually they be tampon, weak nine. They put up thirty six and weak aid. They put up forty two week, nine three thirty six hours tomorrow more by the way and then a crater they lost. They think I killed in the Thursday I came in. I want a game. Actually thought came got her neck. You I thought
The game in general was very unfair, punishing game to them, because I think in it if it had been a Sunday game, they d have much better chance, but they lose that they lose to Detroit and days later in a game that their offence really was new and they in that game either. The thirteen point stone at the last DR lose to Seattle at home and then lose the Temple. Sweden, by way quarterbacks had been lighting them up, even JANUS, let them up last week. This feels like a bit like a view, Baker Mayfair on your fair city out actually start him this week. I thinking about that I'm with you on that one? I just say I this feels like the browns could win. It there's a world in which their brands, when this game, like thirty five to thirteen or basic wow, what's wrong with cam what the Hell then came goes on. I are like the next day, a guy
There is a world where that happens, but I just like in the points I like get near the post to now ass. I could also GIS bet them, instead of the post to bet the money line which has passed one ten and now that we set the plus two thirty four. Would you do? I would bet the money line on this would because I, like The home dog angle. I like the direction of of key when the free willing display, especially on fence. Gray Williams has taken the reins off gas, it the blind or having a baker? Yeah eggs, Greg debating the by the body. There we go. I forgot to mention the Panthers Vigo pickers is in like a freefall. Fuck said don't thank you. Now get out of this anti I'd, say you're. The best we have Chiefs pats, tease Chiefs No a half point paths to want an airplane, put one point: one million to win a million on that and then or two hundred and fifty thousand our bets, the Falcons
with Seattle, but both falcons plus five Seattle just to input one and seven eagles, plus three and a half with Seattle just to to win plus one ninety seven colts plus four and a half with Seattle, just to win one hundred Andy seven and then the Browns too in Seattle to win plus two thirty, four, I should mention. I really want to do the bears, but the line will not budge from three fifty three, if it was bears, get three and a half on Sunday NAD against the rams. Because I don't trust Jerry Graff at that game, but the three point I'm staying away any thoughts on that one and there still a possibility: a chaste, Daniel in quarterback right yeah. I learned my lesson last week. I had said last week: I'd never betting any lie. Many again. And now this week I'm saying I'm never betting on Chase Daniel again, so they ever play in a game. I promise you. I won't be better in that camp
Wait! Wait to go out on a limb. Has I really in China has a carbs discussion about especially about desserts, anytime, food and cream food, and I hope our people listen to that as well as the house of ah ha herbs buddy. I thought it was a good will present pictures abide korean me. I'm also gonna, find your chicken farm a picture of your delicious chicken palm from Fresco by Scott. Oh get there. That upon the ground at the House of cards, is our instagram check it out hungry homies? Alright, thanks ass, hey, if needed, place that helps you get stuff done, but it's also perfect when you want to catch up on some fun like streaming, live sports or checking on your fantasy team. I, like both, Thanks to get the latest member, the Microsoft Service family, the new surface, pro six just take keyboard ass usual.
Tablet or snap it back on easy, like a laptop, let the thirteen and a half hours of battery life and the new eighth GEN Intel core processor is everything you love about the surface pro now even more powerful is the new This process, that is from Microsoft, surface and by the way you messed rather dvr this weekend, don't we had to say for momentum generation that sad, the new document from HBO sports about Kelly Slater and his whole band of ninety surfing, but is that revolutionise the sport is one of the best Man has ever been involved December. Eleventh HBO check it out loud friend, Jason Raymond is here. It's been a while. There you are like a poorly bs or poor parka way back. When there was room, it was you on a couple times the adding the way we met was I sent you a t, shirt of myself in a Laker, sir,
Lakers shirt and always Castro some shade toward Celtics appreciate an end. You at the time had come along here and I was a little like sash? Would you back and you did, that was your comment back and that was the birth of our friendship you have. I was her came back with Sasha, Who is a very, very beloved later at the time so well, and even that insulting yeah we're it would no matter what they would have to go on to think back to Europe or sound good career by thy five, six, seven years, even movie up near the front We have seen, and I really enjoyed- and I've been fascinated by the very hard thing forever we'll talk, but that protection and senior you and you ve done like all types of movies is A movie is my second movie this year, I Tully six months ago. I think the last had me came. I may I think was for young adults are possible maybe not that was kind of an interesting experience could have come off of Smoking Juno.
In the air at the time. Young. It always thought of kind of is amiss after three found that gonna miss at all. No Charlie's was sitting at seat that year right now well off right. I get it shone like on the rumours and by super we talked about that movie. Now, there's a ton of effect. That's what I was saying in and she was kind of first, why couldn't breathe Can you get nominated, for it flies she's egg, absolutely control and that it is also a bull performed. It really as things that, like almost no actor could possibly say and the writing niche dead. The obligate is really daring in it and a look of people found it after. The fact is, I know It's true, because it's on cable that
thing is when the cable channels are re, showing movies with frequency. That means people watch when directors come up to me, that's the found they bring up. Interestingly, that's the one area that respect here. I thought that was the best performance of her whole career. That would set a huge statement and she's had an insane career, but I didn't want to say to her because you never want to say that to somebody cause they get offended if they fill it with some. Yeah, but should be really tabby, Debbie a cool and bring up. I mean the obvious want to bring up a monster just because that's it began perform. I mean, I know it's really emotional its grey, where it is in that movie she's the most her, but she also playing a psycho, but I still feel like if you are really balls, you said today in the valley. She I think she like that will be properly sang out of an urban survey, get in there. What I like about it. Does it brought other things to the share these table? You know
she's, beautiful, she's, a great actress, she's funny she's a little legs the singing a weird way, and it is an different things you got. There's want to hide him in there that there is a tendency. Is an actor to put me in a prosthetic put me into the inner some weird make up a good, throw Castro wig on me. Let me do an axe and let me be anything but myself the trying to hide, and my job is to try to kind of like on earth the stuff underneath and find that connective tissue between the actor in the character ran. That's the thrill to thrill when you feel some come up, serves you away to second, that's them work and stuff out right now and on young it out. You can feel that shortly that was a good cast them over there. There was a great and patent was amazing and you really pulled it off and Patrick Wilson during early read out a letter, the Ladys at the rear, how you out, if I tried using no, he was a singer. Why things are big time. Syracuse pride where he did.
At or something- and I remember early during that young adult shoot he was going to be seeing the national anthem either city field. Yankee stated: so he got marry you nervous amigos now, you're gonna be all right said I mean, can you even sing hideously yeah, let affair the very broad. What are you doing item that I didn't really know any that partly I knew him as the guy who was a little children like. I knew him this actor, not as a musical star yeah I at his ease. Bennett is one of those guys she's been a lot of different things.
But he's not like any Lester ways affect everybody knows who he is using people like us off. I wonder fees to handsome cause, he's a character act or, at the end of the day, he's a really interesting, thoughtful character. Actor who happens to be just like were really good. Look at you. I can't all good looking, and sometimes I can be a bit turkey as an actor of like how do you get pair of men and women how'd. You get the path fact that, like Oakum, really pretty without so has been the pick another right. He's gonna die in some character actor about time and not just once there I found a way to make up the hill vacillate he'll do like the alias movie. You know is only later be like aware. Character would like a chip to throw its action to snatch year. How crazy is rising accents Jerome. Family works romance is amazing, but he underlines veiled closer. The do nothing about Does that not like, maybe that actually rapid, but with snatch its aims
he's an actor filled with actual british people directed by a british person that takes place in England, and he plays this gypsy an eye you buy it. Hundred percent rang weird Ass acts Andy's doing crazy and whoever sent watchful did you were J K Simmons at the young, though you didn't video I dead, he plays her agent says, is busy couple mullins, whereas they caught she's checking messages from her book Adrian, whose wondering where the last book is at its his voice cassettes one of my favorite things about you have you met any people their exactly? There are in the front runner you, you drag out a bunch enough, yeah, your crew yeah. We do. I like mood making movies both onscreen offscreen with the with the family
people might might my film crew autonomous all last night we had we're screening and it works. Is it was for, like the agency of my productions, item or customs items, cinematography, sound designer, sound mixing, they all these people that I've been working with from thinking or smoking. Even before that J K he was in here. He was on this gap she's on the couch, but yeah brought you up in your leg is: are you like he's gotta, you're famous here, like his guy Jake? How sick? I love that guy? I love twits wieners movies. I now and I mean that's the voice. I think it like if I, if I had to write like the first voice, I would naturally right is Jake. I know it. Jake is response, would be the most things like upon him in common any scene in a kind of right from there. I gotta be honest in the front runner. I wanted like two more J K since a feller robbed and what are those I told. The truth is that real person is the first summit made a movie about real people. We
had to really stick to the facts. I mean: what's the first movie, I d right, where the what is already taken care of people ready? No, the what now it's, why? How so? What was the biggest rebel I'm not here is a region which is more questions. I went in with questions and I came out with more questions. I'm in here is this moment. I really didn't know you and I was ten or eleven when it happened. I had heard the names, it didn't really know the store. I find out that there is a guy who is going to be the next present United States and there was a sex scandal in less than a week. You went from being the next press to leaving politics forever and at the top of which he went up in an alley way in the middle of the night. With these journalists in nobody note, do grant no one had ever been in their shoes before all that seemed insane to me and cinematic and very reflective of where we seem to be heading, in two thousand fifteen. When I wrote this, I always thought it was a top five documentary, one eyed. Now you can't do it
Yes monsieur you did the movie. Now I want to see documentary, but for years years. I was always like that would be, I would rather watch two hours. I was like a very hard about to become the president and a weak. It's over. You well end. Look frankly, I made it less because I was interested in Gary Heart, the man, although he is fascinating and brilliant and mortgage interested in the rest of us there. I look around like everyone else. I wake up in the morning. I like how the hell did you get here. I think about that every single day- and I think everyone thinks that doesn't mean you liberal conservative everyone. It looks at the system, we're ok, this is kind of broken. Now. How did we get here it seems a growing on worse when you try to look backwards and try to find the seeds. This felt like a moment a moment where, in a week, we made some decisions with out. Even
think about it. In his reaction, which you do in the movie low Tibet, where the air as before him, you cannot look the other way when the candidates, if there s anything- and that was his coming- I got visits not their business. It's my business and he wasn't realizing. Things were changing in that year, Bryce becoming everybody's, why That was the great irony right, as that is the guy who was prescient about everything I mean he saw the rise of islamic terror. He saw the birth of a computerized economy. All these things he knew were coming again a decade before everyone else right, and yet he couldn't see right in front of them. This kind of changing gossip era of journalism in which there is this kind of obsessive interest in the personal lives of public Paypal has seen it the I brought it to buy it. I mean I showed it to Donner ISIS showed a damage. Is Tom feeler
The the herald meant that it was the decent thing to do. You showed it to them, because you wanted Feedback Amazon. Now, I'm in If I made a movie about if I said bill, I'm gonna make a movie about your weak. Let me pick the worst week of your life, and I think the right thing to do would be to be like a bell. The movies done before ruin our seas. It, I think you have the observer.
Trinity? Given what does she like mail, a digital link? Now I like good, I sat on a plane. I went to Denver the whole campaign team flew in Denver from all around the country, I'd, firstly to screening with to them and hearts daughter, Andrea, like no pretty well through the process, but I have already talked automatic. I'm gonna know all of them, including Donna, yeah production, or should I was talking to all of them, but now I sat on a showed the film and then the next morning I did a screen disparate Gary, only heart the new made done. I think I just this hysteria years ago. I just remember the monkey business photo right. Is the years passed Eddied, that's one of the things that makes a movie cause is the years pass
some version of what you think happened becomes the version, but it's not would actually have that's exactly right, like that. Photographed, for example, was after were tat came out after he had already drop out rate. I found the race year that we remember it as the thing that somehow torpedoes career. So that's part of the question the movie is: why do we take on the gossip story and make it the real story? Why are we interested in this name of abode wiring didn't, a when little history, in peril hook? You don't want our when our futures are in the balance. The other lesson is: don't take a photo in front of a boat cod monkey business with them beautiful girl sitting in your lash rail and air guy. I ain't even avian that there are not enough. Doesn't authority movie above stupid human mistake,
I guess my powder sitting on the lap is almost even more stupid than a human. I'm sorry, I guess so. Our current I've heard stories of of how that photo came about, and it does feel a little bit like hey, go Syn no take this further Otto now yea commanders in the leg. Harrison you live together We do not find that, except for the sitting on the lap part, you never had a girl senior level. For a photo of former Mary Guide for an abode. Then I'm really from part like that's really stupid. Eight. It is stupid mistake Norway and Russia the residency. I completely agree that diminish our trouble than then a well. I want you to get it lad, but this is what I say was used to mistake. A hundred percent, so many regret hundred percent is its own. That would have been publicized any time before that nobody does. He have a reasonable presumption. It would not be published fair, fair, fair for totally and and so she was so breathtakingly because she was beautiful. Here's to choose the best, looking
Out of all those people ever got involved than a scandal of any sort of anything right. She was just like really really gorgeous. Yes, she was re. She was beautiful, issue could have probably gone out to do things but we we annihilated this guy before we solid photo. Yet you left pot, look that in that week in less than a week. It was different times, though, because every One was more judgmental back then, and that the judge, mental illness that's. A word of this was like how could this guy be so stupid? I would never trust him to run daddy came there. Holier than died is after the fact out of the fact that after the fact yeah, but I'm talking about that, is likely to come back and is not about comeback,
In a moment, he just should have been like fake news. I do know at this. Was now in the monitored, but that's what makes this a great litmus test for what we want, because in the moment he said, I'm talking about important things are now you want to talk about this. This weekend I had on a boat yeah, that's not porn and we, as a nation, said no no school at all the stuff we want to talk about the boat. Ass is a guy who, in the media, these were saying our addiction to oil is going take us into the Middle EAST, where we're getting counter islamic terrorism and not know how to fight it, because we have a militant, only knows how to bomb people. Yes, ECHO, Med, Steve Jobs and eighty one and came back to the Senate and said we need a computer and every classroom because the future economies be based on whether or not you know how to use a computer is a guy. Ninety nine who went continents it we're gonna, be attacked by air plants yeah, but he knew everything that was come.
And- and we made a decision in less than a week that yea all we want to talk about is this week and you have about now. I'm not saying either side is right. In the movie doesn't say I decided to write. The movie is a movie from twenty different points of view, its eating with huge Agnes, the leader go. He must be the hero of the film when the treaty is no heroes, is no villains. We throw the story out there and you have to make a decision for yourself. I thought it was weird when gave her became the wolverine at the one, our market, He was trying to sell the good guys trying to sell tickets already knows a superhero Maria as well get hurt yeah. You know. Eighty eight was eighty cents eighty eight was a really weird time in general, because that's right, I think it was right when, like more indebted junior restart the head,
what's your name is. I are those on current affair moment, tabloid journals and becomes tablet. Television, and that is why this story becomes a store even two years earlier. I think, he's good. I think he did. I think it's that a deal well and the question is again: it's not about him like he's what Guy, you know the history is filled with people who succeeded in didn't it's the rest of us. It's the last thirty years. It's the what gets us to a point where entertainment politics collide and we elect and entertainer as our president and entertain is kind of a cop and well I mean what everyone com look. To a point where we wake outside. He worked and entertainment. We have a new software, There is political articles that are better just sitting right next to articles about P, David scenario, Gandhi and they're, giving equal weight as though they are the same subject. I would say P David scenario: ground they should have greater weight.
It's really capture the nation village photos are your thing always is: exchanged, rabid, yeah, It's been a crazy thirty years and its what's really crazy. Soak heart was and eighty seven or was it actually. Eighty eight was eighty eight and eighty seven way with the eighty. Eight election was eight handling and eighty as may vary servants who talkin like seventeen years earlier Chappaquiddick and I would a little chap. I had already done the obsession thing over Chappaquiddick man. Then I saw the movie this summer and then I listen. The pie cast a kind of like deep dived it again to me. He ran for election after that. Think crashed his car we had drunk. He was left the girl in there for ten hours, then told people and like ran for office in eighteen. Seventy six, even when we talk about like how things changed in the Ladys and we re Waymore judgmental and sceptical on
It really that's not that long time, a time other for nine years. That's you know anything about it. Like Chappaquiddick gay hurts like seventeen yeah and with hard remember we didn't at the end of that a huge walked away yet heat it like you didn't come back. And he walked away inside. He had ass yet a brief moment later on that year, where he re entered the race, but I think that was come and non starter. The truth is that in a moment he said, look at this is what the questions are gonna be about. I'm not interested three hundred, simply that oh I'd die. Do unto percent believe that I think he has a very clear sense to this day of what he thinks is relevant and what he thinks he's irrelevant and agree on upset with it. But I think there's something interesting. You left the door open and the move in it's hard to say, but I mean he way. There is a chance. He was not a bit of a playboy, you know he is buried and that he might add more stuff out there. There is money to run from definitely a chance at
was a play boy. I'm not sure how much that's where some guy and that's the question. The question is: what is relevant? What do we care about and why do we care about what we do care about? O J K, Caroline? Can anybody literally leading up to it and we got the Jews I hastily of presidents were full around, but we have history of people who are fully yeah, that's what we are where human beings and we make mistakes and we're gonna be electing human beings who make mistakes. The question is what Mr Carlos mistakes: the time young and unless they are about some as mistakes. So do you think this? What is is due for the Gary her legacy Naturally, this beyond the theatres, but there are also these movies. Now have these three tiered runs? where they end up now, demand and then I don't know what it means and that ends up by Netflix like I think everybody will eventually see this move
so perhaps people under our age Wall action over the guts financing. I left the movie and I'm still not sure who, as I was one of the things that really movie were enemies, closest friends and family, still he's a Mr Medina. Who is an Enigma nets with some Frederick the movie, but up until the moment, I don't really know who we were. So perhaps people under our rage Wall action over the guts financing. I left the movie. Still not sure who, as I view as one of the things that really movie where I think his closest friends and family still he's a Mr Medina who isn't in mining, that's what some pride air about you Drachms performance, is that it's really really tricky to play Enigma. Who, if it wasn't you jack, then who is like the. Who is the man I do not have a list is whether you jack? Aren't you drag many said? Yes, you into the Wolverine,
you couldn't alkaline, he a lovelier human being. I mean they literally yard some major star sneer, Clooney yeah. Charlie's must be beautiful. Woman in the world, Hugh Jackman, now came out, Kate, Winslow, Braun Kate, whence it one was, I would say, when the five most famous ashes cousin titanic ground salmon, Adam SAM, so what are there? Is there any common thread? They're. All brilliant. I mean I'm the lucky one, they said yes and no. They continue to say from a personality trade standpoint zone thing any sir. A gene I mean I am I have is different and is my job to conduct, try to figure out their psychology and bring out the best in the minutes? That's my gig, and now I'm it's like an hour with a coach and a player. I mean TAT, you get every player, as you know, a different type of brilliance, matched with you know. Whatever in psychology data got going on in the coaches is thy. How do I get these pupils? You don't play together as such a diplomatic answer, your hidden really get it
As I said about diplomatic, I mean a university about ass, big ass. You do said what is the common thread between ten movie stars? I would serve the common it is you don't you really want to work with assholes using two gravitate towards banister. Here I have good using buys about. I, like I there's no life's too short. I really is eminently figure you're about to spend. Reminds making a movie and making movies really hard your things are more collaborative to you. What you were making tricky fell. Where it's not easy here is the very hero. Here's the villain. We were making a monster, budgets and look anytime. You gotta make a movie. You showed a place where no never done. We are trying to do right, yeah, throw up the tent like a circus and you're trying to accomplish this thing in a day of limit about a time limit amount of money and it's hard to you make mistakes because mistakes cuz
for the first time and you want allies who are with you or not try to make life harder. Without that said, George Colony is the coolest person you ve ever Brenner. Cloning is really cool guy without resigning, Charlie's gives them a run for as yet account she's an alien, and I don't even know if she's a human being and higher speed- I think you are sent from a different she's amazing. You did tally with her. Yea. I were now back. There were two for two. I wanna keep coincidence. I always get I'd like to make another movie with her as soon as possible. Her ankle she's amazing to their all they're, all great Clooney That's a dynamism precluding like will include a kind of Boeing outlay. He's car like he wants to do right now. He doesn't want to act, he wants direct. Do you take a person? Would actors wanted directly there on your territory now when there is good as years? I'm in my god he's a great director,
you take a little person now nearly six say weren't. You guys act and I did the direct now. I love it when they do allow yeah them chiefly because when you workin on once they have directed Day David, deeper respect Sir, what you do for a living and rational reselling. The process now understand and understand why you put the key where you are, and what you're trying to accomplish in any given shots Davis sense of time of how much time you have in a day and how much prep work is required, as it did a real respect, for that has been nothing but I'm so excited for this one. If you listen this back ass, he waited figured out smart ways to spend your time made Even while listen to this park if you were doing the near times, crossword app crossword app is a fun clever way to stay sharp. Each day, new puzzle, new opportunity to challenge itself and play, and now at the mini crossword can squeeze in a game and just couple minutes. Well, that's bad! For my dad. Each many puzzle is demanding quick and most born fund. By Alfred Challenge of friends. Then poster best times.
Here. The satisfaction that comes from sobbing, whenever we have some downtime discover where play everyday, it's time was spent. This is a nominal for my dad. Nobody loves cry in his mom and Dad Kyle now. But if you tell me when we shall nobody lives cry puzzles more than my dad. I can't wait to tell him about this download them. Our times crossword app at near times that calm, slash many its food for your brain. It actually makes part your brain work. Maybe you need to get my job, maybe maybe you and can the chair during the part. What happened there? I don't know, but you had other well, you just give a land, it's glancing size. I was broken. We get it check it out the New York Times Cross border bad near times that calm, slash, many a member, years ago. A framework doing, I think, we're having a mail or something you were you deep into the study of directors and careers, and how long the shelf life was for direct their how many years, I'm in a curious
how many years in a row was there's some common theme. I mean here: what did it do to their family life and you were their deep, deep, deep embedded into what is, is gonna mean for the rest of my life than I do there? Aren't you are equally accessories things emanating gave your counselling analyzing from kind of every perfect I might never hurt somebody worried they lemme. Do, though, our rapporteur is really interesting. Well, you know at the time I just gone through divorce or knows trying to figure out the hat and how that was gonna impact in all my daughter's life in my life and dna, my career and how they would have an effect on everything so yeah. I went out reached out to a few directors I knew in set, as eight could be to talk about life for a little bit. Would you like it to sacrifice? I mean that's just the truth of it. You know it's one of those jobs that right
We poles you away from things that are important, and so you have to make a decision on a dated eight year to your basis on our right. How much are we willing to sacrifice one for the other? Is that these no way to give each what it what it needs and what it requires The way I remember you explain it to me was, however long. It takes to make a movie with like three months, four months whatever, and you got how many people on the set that you were like dad for they become the dad near a hundred people has, I believe, dad personality manager ver these people that are in your life and then that, just as you life. There is no room for year will all child than itself. You're, also in your head about how to put this jigsaw. Puzzle gathered the scenes, what makes sense and where it did it fully occupies a brain. Yeah turreted put an entire movie in your head. It's like your fill in the ram in our and that's why you would you get down to the movies you empty? The computer
and then you start filling up with a new film and look. I mean there's these moments where you're trying to think about how all of these things interconnect. But then you also Your daughter in a school junior high say get big it about you. Think about that. Do you know I was wrong promoting front runner and might promotion schedule was wrapped around flying fact. Try to let go in school interviews, I like ear the discharge Anna, it China. Now I thought you know with the family life and near and your career like anybody, what it I would you do I'd say about others, oh about work, work and you get older late. That balance of when you're always especially when you have a new measure this deal, we don't talk about that. We talk about movies, we don't. We talk a lot more about movies and we do about family, rare yeah. That's how we character we connected really later. All we can do as I eighteen when I really started right
At that point, we were just really dove deep on storytelling and fell making an, and we talk about it a lot on a regular basis. I have something for you to talk about their dead hook. Here we go up, isn't appointed interview, everything else. Who is a german hoarding? Now you gotta go as our common area for twenty five years, twenty five years since the classic hold on. Let me try to figure this. Not for myself all right so figure out. Ninety three, ninety three retiring about Dave or return. Space, What are you guys? I am working on my hands you want, but they want me to repress my role from skin garden. Dave yeah is ready to come back as Netflix ears.
So that they be original. President has a strong later and look alike takes over. Here I mean for life, five seasons of that really Davis, too short babies, gray. I really wanted the chemical and presidency, and now we have this- you have the evil, terrible president replaced by the the normal human being. Just happens to look like a bigger, say, some great ideas that sixty episodes that Netflix just bought it. Sir. I care with large lucky with your day use nets, aided stud sixty episode, you're much stronger sense of what people want to see the night you Dave Tommy you'd watched. That Sea Tommy Ratchet Kyle Althea causes halfway. There is now as lie that a significant you seem Dave now, It's a travesty, when you re he was too young. How are you I was ninety three? So have I, people that work for the ringer now who
call them the at the twenty five and understood, and they make me so old. With the things you haven't seen near, oh no is, as we have less Kelly, who works for us, we Jeff and at the present during the railways, as can be seen that when you see now one if it site fits before two thousand for probably not, and then you just realized like out o the amount poured nineties movies you it's almost like. We should have a job and gleaming white and in PDA. Am I all these filmmakers, who made all this great work in the nineties that ninety three to two thousand, like almost on a sailor, the golden era really great. So many good once we're talking about the ninety nine, the twentyth anniversary is coming of ninety nine, which is right here. Movie, a killer ear, and you know now now we live in this all you ve never got sucked into it, but this whole comic book, Sash now superhero world that now, you feel about it. I despise it with every fibre. My body married
I even go to be like any of em. I won't go to most of now. I like black Panther. I thought that was really cool. I don't know if I would see it ten times, but I just like that they created the sole world and the diversity and those the store ed just that. I was really well done. A really well there's a great director who there's amazed and and and honestly that one of the great tartars parts of that movie was just being in a movie theater. Yeah in a movie theater and being with african american families and being with their kids, who were dressed up as the guy on screen and feeling the moment that they were having seeing that movie was exceptional. Had a football game on Monday and they do the lineups. At the beginning, there were, they say. Like the remember the USA, one guy goes, Burma is Russia come what kind of tech, I don't think they realised that it was really
guy there, and I was thinking like boycott gonna, live on for decades, ain't, no working Forever guys, I think a lot of these. Superhero movies at the very few of them will have legs. Like I think the dark night work lacks the second Darwin, that's all that's not a kind of darkness. Still a superhero. Maybe this around, but it is a criminal and masterpiece. You can watch the movie literally o thou one's gonna live. I think black panther or live on, and you know that two or three other but for the most part, that noble doctoral voices were a little more interesting Ragnarok Diana takeaway teaching? You get a director who is a really interesting funny, indeed, directorate this whole career to himself and then came in and brought that into that found and you'll get James Gun with during the galaxy is the same thing you get here. I had arranged and career, really esteem voice and found a way to get that you use that voice within the franchise you never got sucked in there I mean what comic book movie. Do you want to see from me
I'm just you must have gotten offers you never get caught Then too, m yes, but I'd. There was an early call about Justice League and giants avarice directing linking to Amelia. At this point, I don't know what action they drank a great lies in that area, though, in the interview a clearly was drawn to any created the voice it at a meaning. You look at iron man and that's the beginning of the voice. You look a bit. I didn't get iron man, he was like the guy from Swingers known and over. There was other folks before that. I may he had already kind of started in that direction in EL, yet already done, Alfie already done separate order, don't cowboys and alienate already done a missing one is another big movie in there He was moving their address for US spare time. Maybe you and the bigger picture in that direction. He wanted to clearly make large or films and, and then he just hooked it United Iron Man
and then the the jungle book was discovered, saint, I'm out and how the hell he directed that a new year, Jesus you're, all human, things that I mean that's what I'm obsessed with em. You got a kind of do you're obsessed with right The stories you wanna Tell- and they looked stores- are really hard to tell right now. Have you done I'm standing on the front lines of a kind of filmmaking that is given the shipping out of it is theirs. There is all the success in Netflix style. Television right now is a huge success and comic book style, filmmaking and cheaper movies but to make to make kind of small to medium sized movies about adults. There is little or no market for that right now and that Sir that's bad tricky tat looks like I get to name drop my Matt Damon pot. Again, I think this is the eighth time have named dropped it. He was talking about me. Just by the sea yeah, there gray pack has met them in there and how the fifteen,
two hundred and seventy nine movie is now gone and that if you want to make those you can but it's a fight and you have to fight for every dollar, and then you have no idea if people are going to say it or not and they were making Manchester by the sea and they knew it was great in a they re that buddy the film the final said they want and then be. They had no idea if anyone was gonna move, should one zero sensitive area really well behind it, maybe another they made it. I mean, I know it's a total gamble and you have no way oh unlock. The other thing is the world's brutal right. Now so yelled dont look they get it there now like there. It is much easier to us here. Captain America movie right now then have to think about what's happening every day and they see that's. What makes me mad because I think movies should reflect what's going on in the country, I agree, think you're the movies I we grub love in the seventies or that that we
Russia's watch forever and they there's this whole? run where you know everybody was so sorry our government and conspiracies Mariah, and that our blood into movies, and then you had like the Vietnam AIR after that right, where at sight, these vats coming back from Vietnam and then that lead to like eight years of movies about that theme. But why think we're doing that? And television set a former knowledge if you look at the success success of game, a throne for it now? Yes, that show, is incredible and well acted and has beautiful visuals and all that, but also it about the frightening a fight for power red is what we're seeing internationally. You look a game thrones. It completely reflect what's happening on an international scale. You look a house of cards in the success that they had their I think a lot of that is happening in television. Now, you? U dipped in the television. A bet ya, do shovel casual for those like that
yeah. It's a good show, I have to admit I dont understand telling I'm about to do in setting out the oblong are going to do a chauffeur HBO, so yeah yeah, that's it that. I said it's not I'm not breaking it. In your apology that has been announced but yeah. I was running a pilot and the director David Spade going to be the star of it. It's going to be great now we gotta get a reactionary society. Are you getting clear, ready, airway? Now, Spain? We finally at the young people back, but my issue tvs it. It just doesn't end like for me the whole point of stories how it ends you get it and story. You do the final punch, you push the audience out the door, Peter, and now they look at their lives through the lens of the movie that tv then desire. I come back next week. That's why like the bodyguard networks, this british series, six episodes and it was done after six episodes. They might try to bring it back for second seas, but it was just as arc and has basically said
our movie, I am watching people say I gotta watch it. I don't know, we buy deceitfully bag, a novel you have a lot of people who, like ours, Lee Bags, amazing, let's just absolutely beryl. I just can't figure out when a watch other stuff ass after watch sport so the icy to ask. When I watch a ladder basque bona fide like I don't have a tunnel time. She just been shows like I've been watching no escape from NATO for both our. How is the show time per year- I know I'm all and on our prison shows at all times, so I value the support you Finally, why is, I good sure, Glad Express from way back yard saw for the first time this last year. It's amazing! I can't believe it took me so long to watch the movie skid with that's cool thing now is. Is we now have like fifty years watchful movies? You basically start. We push the Sunday unscathed anything before that is probably too dated out an obvious.
Do the agreements now, but I mean, like the apartment, is not watchful with Kyle Watch. Others girlfriends got. Billy Weiler Department is amazing. I answer though another now is. We ve never seen it. Now. Aside, a million years, all members edgy it's about a guy who's. The apartment is basically uses a place where people at work and hook up with other women from their work like it's a really agent. Works in two thousand eighteen I know, but that's what makes it so edgy uninteresting end. There's this love story centre that normally would surely Maclean ended and Jack Climate. That's great! You gotta! That's a great movie. Move. It showed my daughter for the first time were broken away, that when his age nicely that's great I love you. I love those like them. The whole. The kids come from the rock sides at the track. Kids from cow is now in the quarry greatest Quaid too. You know I watch the movie Dennis Quaid needs
more movies worry wines he's whining through that whole film in it's perfect something about him being the quarterback. They didn't get picked and he's just cut a whining about the people who got to succeed. Any was after that. We try to make him to this. Like tough movie star, it's more when he's complaining and there's something about this vision, a guy kind of looked over whose complaining that so believable. Let's talk about that connective tissue there and that thing whatever that connected thing is in that movie works. I am ready for another great divorce movie. The great debate are, you? Are you pitching came versus Kramer's Aladdin Killer fell, pinnacle them, smokey yea eyes a heartbreak. We do we do this pack has caught. The reaction was that people really lacking in ethnic? It's the fortieth anniversary next year in the Caribbean, do Kramer versus Kramer. But it's gonna be me in shock, fantasy and amended diamonds of whose parents got divorced and just get hits, couldn't filling a five hour therapies. I wouldn't worry: Squid the whale farmer divorced
the classic her. If there's a divorce channel getaway black stars. You know those like you do in such a great divorce movie. Then no one thinks of his divorce movie. Eighty, I think that I can say that enforcement. You know more than my word. I never died that wasn't Hell. I was older, maybe even divorce myself. When I went all my God, it is a divorce movie. You knew at the time my parents got separated and I live with my dad in Boston for two years and my moved Connecticut. Now. The Kramer versus Kramer comes out now be get it. The same year Kramer Versus came out in my dad took without moving. We were living together and my mom is moving and it's like it was a popcorn, it's their divorce dealing miles on, and it's just that make it french tests that, like what the fuck is going on there areas in our parliament. As so that were found. Having always you knew favour movie notices
Superman now he was greatly MRS Marta Andreasen Nag nag at a better. When you know like this, where does ten is that we addressed a forest hollowing that you're the creator versus Kramer. Kid just said tat. His master grace prefer and I know she's been nominated for seventy five oscars, but that's a killer, TAT fire that movie she's humbly forward to the right now who's left on the list. Launder eleven aims list is here We do, however, is the main instrument, the greatest actor we have king, rare, pirated loved with her. I mean it's so many a Bend Mendelson, the guy who want to work with no him. Oh yeah, animal media he's amazing, I met day met aim is a guy. I know I actually pitched him an idea a couple years ago that I really like and I still really like, maybe one day I'll get to work with him. He's he's available. I think near
he's really tat. He makes a lot of money does any makes movies that make a lot of money which is great. I now I gotta get one of those ones where it takes less money you maybe one that set legged man. You gotta appeal to his Massachusetts this somehow giving so yeah something make whether it setting Cambridge or something where he would get huge at the live in Boston. While we make a move that take it back do you think it do you really want to see a movie for me, though. That's authentic Massachusetts doesn't that seem a little outside my wheel, ass, I don't know you you ve made dismayed Gary Hurt movie. That in your house I don't know- I mean I like when you challenge yourself. I guess I always feel more comfortable in the Midwest stunning. Those are my best movies that submit worse yet apply air young adult whenever you, but you know, as well as young adult was probably one of the five greatest Minnesota movies ever bade right, Juno's field. I mean I've made him all. I rang
except for far guy made of all the other ones. I I don't know I feel really comfortable limit When I landed Midwest, I'm really happy. Even play. I ate all my life. I m really comfortable here. It's like that. Almost Miss Viner their convincing wrestle him into come true, at the high school kids ass, a psychologist, pickup people mayor. How great is that movie? It's it's held up wonderfully. For that movie. If it's weird, though, is the kid in the movie, is now grown up and is in a whole bunch start your future guys. I got the idea in any years I have now I've read him before I gave em come in and it's kind of clear that it still him, but he's not like a dull days, like always missing that naivete that he had in that role. That was so perfect. They matter, actors that are in that movie lake Jimmy Fallon as managers and thousands of their elaborated philips you were Hoffman is- is just harbouring good, that's the one that got away they give if there was an actor. The that I could resurrect and work with
really all cinema history, Vienna, Humphrey, Bogart, anybody it would be Philips him or her. I had with government that a couple weeks ago- and I was gone back to find- I wanted to run pieces of a couple pack ass we did and when the ones we did was read after half and add which had forgotten the arena. And he was so upset about that. He felt like that was kind of one of the best living actors. We had got you that missions are you. Gonna do psyche, I kind of forgotten like what, alas hours There's really nobody like I'm in a nobody like going over here that a mad that gonna have you got ability to do that seen in buggy nights yeah shows off his new jack in his car. You most heartbreaking, vulnerable many have ever seen and then the ability to the opening seen a mission impossible. Three with Tom Cruise, when you say you got a wife, finder farming to kill
You know it's just that you ve only every boat in the audience was gonNa Tom cruise. You know he's being series dude he's going to kill your wife. River mentioned Freddy in TAT, Mr Ripley? that does not even is literally good. Everything in every rule is often represent over. It's funny that there's two types actors I feel like the the one suit their basically playing a version of themselves and every moving, and it could be like one or two different by turns out on my reactors ever there's really like three Denzil poison in her go between those three with whatever movies do it and then there's the type by Kaufman whose, like I'm just gonna, become a copy. For whom the driest movie right. Then, in this movie, I'm now completely different human being rise and the characters or must have no connection to one another at all, I don't know how he does. I mean that it is a shame shifter whose, like that yes shapes it through that's agreement, so who are the shape sifters there, a chicken,
citizens is a great act there, but I was feeling keys, Ludovic J K, Seven's in each year re. I think you know I mean that say. There was a moment in J K, summonses life when he was on OZ and doing guys and dolls on Broadway so, really, during the day they would like they would honest swastika when he was Cobb. The head of the Ariane nation? They get on state Sing luck, belated, a He has range and certainly adding, like I've worked upon with him on to films, Whiplash and Juno, where, like it just like gloomily it's hard to believe the same person can chew the family. I Juno and then be that maniacal yeah now instructor, so I guess when you can be in Erin Sera prison, rapist. We after them anything else after that yeah, maybe but I know you mean it's not a shape. Shifting thing, it's not like it!
I was already has also J K in their yea. I feel Seymour haven't felt the dna actually like converted inside his by air and That is a movie that only explained why you watch the movie in the last five minutes. I love movies that do that. Were you dont know why you're watching the movie and then a day in the last five minutes, but oh yeah, that's why I actually would it made me mad that it wasn't more appreciated. I went on ass, I twice the theatre in whatever the hell. I mean that's a film it. You know I love about. That movie is that that is a movie that only explained why you watch the movie in the last five minutes. I love movies that do that. Were you dont know why you're watching the movie and then a day in the last five majuba, oh yeah, that's why I mean honestly it is what we were trying to do with Tommy. I think that is the kind of the magic trick of jobless screenplay keeping it in Cuba you don't you know you're there. You think you're watching movie about a night nanny fur, the entire thing, and then you realize you're, not
hey. Let's talk about fanned or fantasy plants fast approaching at this point here there's still in your league or your long gone, and if you like, I find it once. You know, there's no shame in walking away when you could go right. The daily fantasy I play there. Famous every week, so there's no walking away from me, but offender, yet the excitement searching building a team each week, regardless of the outcome. Vinos there have been more fun or more easy to play. Chess me. I've tried other the affair sites before when you're ready for Start, come over the faint or get a five hour bonus and make first posit pick new faintest theme every week at our first starts need to get back to winning comply with me at Fanduel dot, sash he asked new users only bonus that available for withdrawal, state needs restrictions, apply for full eligibility rules in terms and conditions. Could offender that come in Deauville? Chica Baker may focus at these. Big wait to see. How is the front runner you, you said you were confused by the last couple weeks are not confused, but
ever like. What's what's gonna and has been receiving look, the front honours the most complicated movie. I've ever made yeah just from a purely technical filmmaking point of view. We emulated this nineteen. Seventy style with, like twenty main characters, all talking over each other and ask yeah and Michael Richie EM and is it? Is it really tricky moving to make and adding everyone who worked on it worked at the height of a game, including myself, including the actors. We wrote it during the Obama administration when we thought the future was going to be a little different and the world has become a more horrible place. It's become a much harder movie to promote, out there watch an end. We got it's funny, you know half the critics a really dig it and then the critics who don't like it. They dig the filmmaking they're upset at what they perceived the message to be a little visit. We had a film critic on their Wall Street Journal.
His review saying any said. These are really well made movie in any added. Me said this isn't helpful. Come. Mr savary me yeah. I messed up thing to say so. People wanted you to take this or that percent that make a move That's also trying to say something about two thousand eighteen lacking where they were It was me to take a stand and say: journalists are noble and, and he made a mistake and he deserved to go down in that it, and I don't make movies. I thought my movies are open at my movies or for I consider the relation between a direct and honest. We, like I hand you the baton, you run with that. You decide as I'm, I'm gonna tell you what to think yeah you now I don't know gearing heart. What do you think that's kind of movie dies, and I think there was a frustration that I didn't just say- journalists are noble, and that is We even had him on the boat checking Donna Race and the new cut to the wide shouted, a boat and she's Connally shaking
we don't know, I'm lifted ambiguous near Canada. What happened? We actually don't that's the crazy thing we ve! Actually don't. Let me why would she go from Florida awash to go? See him that's I agree just trying to put myself in gay arts agree, but if I made some woman out about in Florida and then she come to visit me washed. In them, China explain its cars crazy out right. My wife and I had I wonder for me: man, we didn't even receive it. Read in these waters that Anna wouldn't let your daddy jesus- I don't wanna, kill you. I think you can kill if she's pretty strong he had. I lose. The question is whether it's our business, whether there is such a thing as privacy and it ain't that a worthy conversation annulling that and I dont get an open showcase. I think that's worth one nourishment from that moment. I we
decided that there was an pride William going around for a lot of things matter that dont really matter, and we spend then a lot of time talking about things that don't matter and when we do, we start talking about things that actually do matter yet so anyhow. So, but it's it's all kind of mixed up. So it look. You spend years making a movie and then there's this moment when it stops being yours and you kind of handed over and it could be delightful, it could be, frustrating could be harrowing, and this one is a confusing one, because I think this kind of a general agreement that it is a well may movie and there is a frustration with the times that we're living in and how reflects that. We should talk before you go about. You, ve mastered the getting people together to read movie tell her in front of it. I guess which you actually wrote me into doing. Let's have some Fine, it's great, isn't it you ve had some good
ones. How many be done legs, forty over forty overview indeed I work in a way: a New York Electronic Montreal. We did big Lebowski in Montreal with the cost of ex man. We had like fast spending, we're doing the Bedewed his favorite movie he'd. He was basically off. Book and read any we done and all African American, and reservoir dogs had done all female Glengarry. Ross next week, we're doing Casablanca all female cast, with an emphasis on energy boutique? The cast members Ellen Page wanted to do and I said yet: let's do it. We're raising money for a tickets available now go go come on, there's no theory, the ACE Data Town Thursday, the 13th through this gorgeous poster and we the killer, cast him that's going to be at hand,
that's why you know this huge Netflix, special yeah, she's gonna, be in it and see what you're you lack and offend. Anyone with his answer was the best one That is a very sincerely hard questions, One of them had to work the best one of them was the apartment movie. You should watch again, which we did my watch, that we did not receive Crown narrowly Portman, and while I was insane, we The princess bride, like three different plans, you done the princess bride where that scary always waylaid Wesley, and we have also done the princess piper Carry always played Humber, dank and Paul Red played Westley, and we ve done so. You don't bug unite, twice we did Book United Jesse iceberg. A yeah yeah with Josh Rollin and avert Reynolds role. We done there has been carrying out again. I wanna play one of the parts
although we do you want to do you, wanna do bug unites I've already we could the bug unites again. That's a great that's, a great big cac as a pretty good words. You are a little too delighted yourself. Thank you at any key. The word made, therefore, answer is Eve: how flat he said it that maybe edgy I could beat the guy with the girl that overdose pal, slapped around made by you tat. He had left my guard who who killed it in it. They can absolutely crazy. And one of those readings. Oh you know it's his anxiety hours, Courtney be Vance, was yeah, he's amazing that true youngest. It was my own script and it was the last time we were doing at lack Mamma, the kind of an odd emotional night for me so who do? Who is the best who killed at the most
I besides you. That's the answer. You are looking for a wheeler. Why now is absolutely no reason why we did an american beauty, a reed yes with Brian Crampton, in the lead our he must have been amazing, yeah and Christina Hendricks, Adam driver and May Whitman and tat was a that was a really may women another one here that special, I guess, she's amazing she's, just an amazing reader, amazing voice actor, even worker until your last movie, I've a more looking for an opportunity, although I do know that the role the two to five been best suited for- we want with those actress mallia from who is she's, just lay sick and they're all dead. Her! her scenes with Donner Rice by surpassed in our so my favorite scenes in the movie. You got J K there. The
saw the man he had. Only one J K hasn't been in so far as Tully and do just digits. Wasn't there wasn't a place, can have been a waiter. Well, I just want to ask me: gotta, be a little respect. All again, just Kennedy drag him out to do nothing who the one who is to put air starts in every way was no back. Oh, I don't know, I don't know this fact Eric starts was like his guy. In my like his for and amazing library would be back the future. Scrip extorts. Oh my god. When that the insane, why can't this be a pod, castor, video search or something? Could you climb in around, whereas I mean this one I mean the right to be a whole will be a whole mass, but also I like doing As for the audience, I like that this is just for the people in the room, this almost nothing on earth at this point, that is only for the people in the room in the library is one. That's a pretty good answer. What are you up to tax man sleep, I don't know. I just had to movies come out this year, I'm a little tired, united, do not rush
the next summit, to do him to do the same with the other when it is in breach, be oh, I'm writing something, and indeed the Netflix Series. Course were I've Cecily episodes opening up the writer S, store your dad it around the holidays, spraying my dad, he would the EU would identify. You would love that an acute if you he is now is space jammies, gonna, just pocket insane amounts occur. They they don't have one that produce that kind of for higher at Warner. Brothers side is known any little. Now that's one of the few things they did. You know he did not originate that dressed he came. Annie an amazing job on it I remembered that SAM those kind of crazy aid. They built humanist basketball court at Warner brothers in one of you knows domes. You see like that, like a tennis court being Lincoln inflated dome there, they built one of those inflated domes built a basket court inside it in a parking lot on the Warner Brothers Lot and
Over the course, the shoot which was in the off season just insane players colleges prose color, like I just play gas. While they were shooting the movie is insane. You should have warned you Bruce of its Jersey, forgotten in the eye to ask you: what movies did you watch too two shadow, how you wanna do the front. The big one is the candidate the majority that sadly and ask a little bit of the DNA. Yeah, I mean look clearly you have to watch all the movies go to watch the you know Nashville and then the player in, like in Rudy, get a feel for how Altman did that, but there's no electricity to the Ritchie Film Downhill racer, one of my favorite songs of all time. That's one of my favorite sports, Down a razor smile and the candidate as a trilogy, top of someone's career in their candidate Kyle
somehow guy, and I can assure you that I have never seen Dave you did you see the candidate countries, Jim Fast break over the holidays is really excited about. It gave cavern, which ones must bring they incur. Exports will be what I would actually dormer what is to happen as a coach in New York who's trying to get a job in college and ends up get in this job, with this Nevada College that he's basically language use this naked. Seventy that the posters are Beata gave but having a bar. So he goes and gets this hodgepodge group of people who really are to lead to point a visual college basketball and puts together the super team and it's fantastic. I've never done it. You know, maybe they're blue Zack I fell bootstraps us how that nicely? Yeah you, don't you for your kind of the cap and the director of data. We watch bizarre like two years ago and I was surprised how much.
Joy that, like how much it hated College, Basque, wasn't good filmmaking and that some dough? Yes, absolutely. You start major sports where we that is true, I've had it yes, I've had ideas. I worked honour. I worked on a baseball idea. Little bit over at HBO with a Nat, Faxon and Jim Rash, and we were really into that, but never quite got that together. As I can minions give me look at five Carter. Member in, like oh nine. I had that M J Document transit A hundred now that's becoming awesome in doing that. The coming like a ten, our documentary, that's enough, focusing my friend Jason here, who did Roger the giant maize directing it ray. I am not a month, but yet they took all that stuff from that deep, deep another blowing it out into the like, definitive Jordan TAT Ten, our document this is this- is about his period of life when it started.
Were so high that each is kind of didn't know how to read about every live as a human being, and they it's about everything. That was a thing that always interested me is the thing you talked about like how does Jordan go shopping so we How does he got it? I was Donald, you know the NBA, far Jordan for his last season. Ninety eight- and they had made this thing and then did nothing with it for ten years right and that's one. And I got we met with you and we do it. I don't know, I don't know how you would have done it is. Are we had was f footage and it was kind of dated and there wasn't enough memorably wasn't there like the concept is so good, but there's not enough. I mean what I love about. It was the idea of you know what is this guy's real life, yet like how does escaped the asked. Have this guy function. You know I had heard stories about doings Shall I heard stories about his poker game and how you would have got Mcdonald's, he would sometimes go to
Donald than a limo yeah, and then the driver would order the Mcdonald's and then they would bring up his window to the window. We actually pick up the food and right when they had the food ready, he lowered the window and at the last second Papas had Attica. Thank you, grab the food and then they would drive off and it is here the screams is, I just realized that only an instant to realise. Oh, my god, I was Michael Jordan yeah. I was that that was the craziest story. Many bodyguard driver told me that I think that's what his life was like, so I'm sure they're Dax Gonna get into that. Bear that he's about that too good. What, if not other rare morale, I wish I could be involved that its use any Netflix almost more than any person. I know someone who were these did not enough time in the day for everything you want to do, and I note a few people like that
No more than you. We have some really good documentary stuff. Coming that some things we have not yet some bigger projects Ben. I love that space more than ever, because I just really understand it after all these years, like I understand Anna help something what's this, Let's move, you wanna see sports movie. Well, it's interesting as a lot of them have been done already. You know like we ve had these adaptations of all the different sports in what would happen this decade is they become a lot more focused? You know like the moon is that I grew up with, which is really like underdog turns around there when the title in our like, and that in that just kind of road sports movies for about ten years out say, but I think document is really heard. Sports movies cause. If you look at like the late nineties through the mid to thousands of people,
A shitload of sportsmen is over time. It was probably like the most we ve ever made. Was that huge Disney run Disney found a formula for his very long, and then there is this whole other. There was a guy like a teen formula, whereas adverse the blues eye out wherever there's a lot of those and and then every ACT, Erika every great actor for some reason when Sabena Box and movies, so we always have that is interesting. I donno and directors love directing boxing for reasons that I dont totally understand. There isn't been a great referee movie, no forget ass was the only one in the air, and that was not great, and I have always thought that actually, there is room for a great cause: hoo hoo hoo, the two one to be a referee legally coup who, from a child dies the dream. One and I knew a guy. I know a guy who are then the child who had been around He'd been aligns men and got to the low.
For he was a minor in the eye in the Olympics, any that scouted- and I remember thinking that a crazy idea that any child- Came a scattered, do the other came the scout me. The came to watch me do again in the whole idea of with their scouts for rafts, and they and watch you the same way. They would scout players and they said to him we think you're. Almost ready. We think you need a couple more years and he at times like no I'm ready to go and the kind of left a bit this at that point- measures which directions and the idea that again like that the initial be like you're, almost their care, you're almost ready to be one of us. Not quite you need a couple more heaps of why you're like a rough in the Olympics and the one thing with sports movies that I think is sitting there, because we never be able do before as this
Fiji eyes so good now that you could cast any, but that you can? You could cast at an earlier Dicaprio and you could make him. You know you can get the obeys permission. It actually like put man the Chicago Bulls, as they make some Romania and Jesse James face on some six foot, three Do you want to? I should say that that's how now I don't know, but I'm surprised nobody's done that where they're like hey part of this gimmick is where do useful, just so realistic rise it as the whatever is. If we know that was superhero movies, we It was like yourself do care about the actual sports that happens in sports movies. I mean you're asking the wrong person. I want a former sports movie can in copenhagen- know that like do, you is they sort of them is that he is at the heart of the movie. You enjoy the most. Why thing from a real, watchful standpoint? Yes ma the last week in Bold Durham, one of my favorites, that's vitality, Hermes.
Eight as as a baseball player in the end, but the baseball, it's the active rise by that. I don't care much about it, everything else and I'm sure to care about and in its the perfect setting- and I love that movie, but whether not oh you know I just met, I just meant bury Levinson, who did my dj screening a front runner in New York, Talk about the natural. He loves them and then moves great, so he can host he goes. We had no see g yeah, so we were moving like we had a few thousand, extra and we were moving them from sexual section of the other say I am, and and so they would do like you just do a shot. The holdings boarded hundreds of shots and you just do like a throw a throat a first. But if the throws a little left in the camera hast panel on the left to get to the glove that just cut the ball, you have missed the extras because they only had enough extra to fill the frame in any in time, re accuracy of every throw had to be dead on the mid, because if it goes left to laughter
running our right on the shot. We already seen we gotta go, guess empty seats, exactly gotta get to paint the man you gotta go again the first racket. As that, when they have close up so the guys in you, could just see how the empty seats early always gaining public. False data can be now our board able or in any other wide shots. They must have done the same thing when they put other people around the lower part of the ring, and then they had to cheat with the other stuff. Be I think I, if it's good, I think people People are always gonna, wanna, watch a sports worthy and were in the nest give them like the younger people that work for me like mighty docks, as I very sacred for them, Unlike some of those from that error, my generation and I have seen longest yard with Bernard. I never say much. Millions have never seen the longest yard in other. What actual add parity Alex? What railways greatest movie better than buggy nights. It
his eyes want to garner Akard, did not out of an organ. I'm not saying the movie itself, I'm saying his performed best performance he's he's the most Bert Reynolds in the way tat. I know you ve been asked a million times, but Gimme your top through sports movies changes current. Today I don't know, I don't have the last. I do. I can answer that question just throw away at ease, bigger ass to where you three favorite movies? Are you gonna be able to just answer shampoo shampoo? Still, I love them over. Its agreed have you asked us time you are. Having can wait. I've only watch that, if you don't I like it, I like having go Duma Gray found, but like a shampoo for me that they are ever awaits fund because the Rams win the Superbowl on it now
You tell me what I'm ok, I'm sorry, I'm not obligatory, because the real backed away inside that ain't there, but he comes basically back from the dead to become the quarterback, and I just saw I was in ITALY at a film the war, and I were to soccer game. You vent his game yeah. That was insane soccer movie, what's which the best soccer remain deaf victory. The vast better then better, like Becum. You'd better lie: Becum Ass, missus everything handling these occur, especially young. A movie like that is the lead. The leave girl Jesus was actually not a great sacrifice. Now what it's much soccer. So I can tell you now eating it I'd yet ladderlike closeups of that city, but victory the last twenty five minutes of victory in the years. I'll give you. This is a hard core appeared at the last one
five minutes and victory is the greatest section of any sports movie ever wait. Why its finance? First, what John Houston Everything leads to this game of their allies against the Germans in and its found they found it wide scream pay lies in its size alone is the goal. For some reason near the axiom, all these great players from that era NEA and they Werner Roth as the opposing cap in the german Templeton, and they found the deck He had the guy's play, so he went wide screen so for years it was able and they had to square so the game was impossible away ass. He these are and It has some of the best sequences. It's just so we watch what's amazing, HANS with a very few movies I bought. You saw how about my pants. I have bad twenty five minutes, air of victory and the airplane Healy Ere. I think I saw at once. Get. It barely remember what said again so get the last,
if I'm answer like the pinnacle, but I think I still think Rocky three might be my favorite sports movie right now, just start to finish real. It's kind of perfect here, let's go it hits the beats. It foreshadows every train. That's gonna happen with sports movies for the rest of mankind. It ass. I too, major mad at an embedded in slap. Such a little slow. Now such really. It's brilliant. So I'm just saying I I'm talking about re watching something for the three hundred there let in breaking away. That's a sportsman woogie. How is that not a sport It must be movie movie with sport, Are you saying that cycling sought a sport? No I'm just saying it's a movie with some cycling in it
hope you recycling there's a lot of a good start and end of year, because every good movie should it you gotta and recognise the difference between. You know your plot near location but the the whole and if it is a race, I have this Gunnar your feelings, but it's not even my favorite cycling mood. I am heart assemblage In the bird wait hold on. Let me try to figure out your favorite cycling, movie, classic silk strict silver. When I was called back and flowers and met. Haven't Kashmir, conflicts. It is in all tat is not better than itself by her come on. Bringing. Where is movie american fires, a better sports movie american fires is phenomenal. So good
JANET masses, the dad is listen. Sports movie, verses movie can be two different conversation. Stand is an interesting thought. Ok, ok, so best baseball movie is here's my issued bother. Ah, tell me it's it's a little too much of a wrong come for me. It's it The kind of movie that has been on the lifetime General Bull Durham is about everything that matters. It has TIM Robbins. Can't even get his arm over his head. It was to be a star pitcher, you're right, I'm never gonna know if he can patron a guy, it's outhouse and I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna, but that their movies, perfect. The script on the movie is perfect, feel too dreams, lovely, lovely and charming, but bolder gets into the real stuff, bad news
bears breaking training. The second one that is based is actually directed by Michael Richie. That I was talking to my earlier and I hereby swans why a door to put that site superbly dragged down early. I guess I myself lunged short such people to fuck. You cannot it's hard to imagine what they accomplish movie. They re made it like. Thirty years later, the Billy Bob far reaching link later directed at and they may they would. They made it the politically correct habit. The baseball movie richer, link later distracted. So that is a grateful that is a great foam. Its everybody so it is gaining steam. My staff work. And I feel I that's gonna it back- that movie at a single state. Amazingly, in some of the people movie now I gotta gland when power and then Zoe Zoe do it. He had so Deutsche. So how do I know? daughter of Howard, Doyle, gently Thompson right and then the gout, the mustache is gonna, be somebody I think, the guy who,
where is the best base Bob, where there's a whole bunch of people that they are all faster than movies so good in it kills me that it it. It came out at a weird moment for paramount when I was kind of regime change and they didn t they did not enough energy behind it and listen, don't shedding tears for link later his fine. I should plenty in tears for he's later. He sees one almost brilliant filmmakers. I often ignored we don't talk, we talk now we weren't any talk about. We don't talk about in the way we talk about countenance course easy, and he can. I suggest my heat look. This is that will give us slacker days and confuse you gave us the entire before Listen confused as God I mean that's part, his most famous above movies before sunrise for midnight or sunset. He gave his boyhood. He gave us the wording. That is thing I never met
like he's the one the best last may everybody knows this, never know that, and they don't talk about him. It like you to you ass young people, about what do you know who are the best directors and now they'll talk about Pierre funds. I say more stock arguments, whereas I people talk about Russell Wilson enough It's all right. Do you, president? I just want to see him get to do and I think that baseball moves. Amazing, Would you we're gonna? Do that before series very watch was this year there that do? We have to do three separate I guess we have the right he's gotta do three in a row Amanda Wanna tell you to do your business that but the there's a lot to be said. Although you end up intermingling, that's the only thing it s a hearing to be encouraged to learn. Can we talk about the next one? You know he's one of my favorite Bacchus ahead, the shoe who link the Ethan HAWK. I mean that guy's. Why He was in you. I say he's incredible. He was so ready to talk about everything.
He's toy evaluates. Thank you hire. You always met him to be like a kind of I don't know why, but I imagine him is kind of a kind of slight why sorry, dude and he's like a big day, his excellent work. Cool about him. A lot of times. Directors are different. Cuz. You put a lot of thought into what the product was after the fact that all that stuff and a lot of times were the actors, they don't want to really go back. They make the movie. That's it. They just move on to the one. It's right. They don't really care then, watch it? Why, when I last they add when they watch it, they pick Bart. Therefore, when I ask an actor, you know what they thought of film. The general response is the first time they watch a movie therein. All they look, it is their hair get the second time they want They didn't online scratch and their faith in IRAN has announced a third time where they actually watch the movie right. It takes them three times so woes
cool bed, Ethan Hawke? He had this whole perspective on the movies he's made like his pretty effective now how he felt at the time, but then he was hot. Ladies talking about, I think it was reality by news. I am just watching a recently an what really stuck out as I bet so cool. You watch your movements. They have totally by that but he really he really add opinion and the man who was just refreshing cosmos actors is go forward. Well, I mean, I would say, your life, for the movie kind, has three chapters right: yeah, there's the chapter where you're making it. And you have this idea in your head- you have this thing, you want to say been, nobody knows yet, then this second chapter where now the movie didn't belong to you now the audience has it they're, making their own opinions about it. And it's weird because you had this thing inside your head and it's been so personal and now someone else Talking about it and then there's this third chapter we're down the road- and this is only started to come to me where you watch it again and now
your balance, saying what you originally thought, which is harder to remember now what you remember people like saying in the way they talked about it and now you're trying to watch a clean, and it has this new weird mix. That's why they said that that's why they lets are gonna, be like a home movie to re it's like I'm member. We found that yeah there's a little better. That happen Europe through up on the candidates, meaning of up in the air where we had all the keys like onstage. In front of an audience as they show the movie. We all I'd MIKE's and we just told stories from the making of the movie as directors commentary yeah, but like live for an audience and end with more people like dirt commentary risk at the door. You know the and probably on about you know that I'm as I can the dvd, where they have other. I know you media like, but using that each country is just a director here we had like. We are Dolly grip. This is. Why are we had like people who are like yeah? That was the day when this happened your murmur and they would just tell stories. So what we watch was do want to do this. Just any the less I want to make it
yeah I mean I'm gonna presume that you ve done a lot of the ones. That would love the way. We know this pack ask as we separated by categories in its its get out. You I'm in your leg it. This is fine, was great sea, could sealed letter the movie vague? Well, how about that will say. Hopefully, people walked down the road towards citizens. Come on man. I think we're out how I think so yeah, that's how China happens. I dont use out an acute. He was phasing in the movie, and I think he should get recognise, and hopefully he will be, but that's how these things go any he had a little but realistic. And you got to know when to film connection when a film doesn't and- and it's not necessarily because the film was great or not right. You know that you did not connect; eventually, it did labor day will probably never connect. I think I have to kind of like put that one to bed. That's like that's how life goes and right now. I think we made a really special film
that look at that. I don't want to watch a political movie right now. I don't blame other people for not wanting to watch a political movie right now, but hopefully one day they will know see what we did. Even if labor day didn't connect. You still got to hang out couple months, aren't you know what and we were Massachusetts in the summer went swimming and wall. Then it was a great time. Would Berlin being good practice? Pakistan he's great, I mean sharp funny great memory in him. While we had him and he had to cancel ray. He's a child act or two. I wanna get international tuna stories. Any is fascinating and funny and spend time with so many people has been in so many rooms and is really smart. Is an artist photographer? I missed it. And guy. If he's single and Clun like justly weirdly elements of life. You wouldn't know if he's single, including single, then they're both going for the same girl in a bar who gets her I'm it depends on the garage- and that's like that. I'm your talk
about like do all tat have yet to be the ultimate of two types and outside depends on kind of you know what you want. The brilliance got very classic they're, both handsome and they both make a laugh and thereby, kind of mischievous in the right way. Already him and no country for old man, one of my favorite movies levels, ears, downloads, amazing, that movie, where you have any talk about, like I or other directors, when they really have their fastball right, where it's just like. I think directors and pictures are often like kids are in the same category of like canyon. Can you do exist, really what you want with the bar it now the and that's a moment where the Kohen brothers they are putting the ball were ever they want their make their thrown. It exists clear the way they want? There is so much casual confidence to the making of that movie. These sit. I you guys you guys genially what you want to do it's one of light. The best movies of this century? It might happen
phenomena, limousine other leg, no brain or any kind of terrorism, the humor, and then it turns into horrifying at that link and adjust their doing it so casually judges it their brilliant their airlines we're not shown at air, thereby have you ought to know nothing the buster Scruggs on Alex gotta watch it I mean there's so much. Dressed in wild escape me, those things to watch em again gotta work. My way so may I gotta go watch v and Rocky three victory. Is it you gotta watch, in about three: is it the victor is of historic? What do I think? It's called these urgent Vienna poster it's all their hands there, older arms or in the mote, in the position of a v, the other eye sized on classic J Ceramic. Thank you are always a pleasure.
I thanked his appeared of good, get as appeared outcome. Size be ass thanks to age, be I don't forget to set your deviate from a man of generation December. Eleven thanks to fanned or if not a fantasy, expert fender is the place to play at fan. Doing the examiner researching billiards him each week, regardless of the outcome can play with me at Vanderdyke Cobb such Bs five hour. Bonus make first posit vandals I'm sorry, bs new users only bonus that available for withdrawal, state needs restrictions, apply for full eligibility rules in terms of conditions could offended outcome and thanks to the near times, crossroad got two minutes but near tat. Many crow sort of to stay sharpening up busy. The sad Baxter savings. Endless we're play every day, thick break with the many it's time was and I'm going to make my dad do this and then I'm going to my dad's review, download the New York Times APP at New York Times, dot com mini we are back on Sunday night me in south action, packed weaken at Cambridge
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