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Paul Thomas Anderson on Pursuing Filmmaking, Loving Adam Sandler, and Making 'Boogie Nights' (Ep. 306)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by filmmaker Paul Thomas Anderson and Ringer editor-in-chief Sean Fennessey to discuss the changing landscape of selling movies (10:00), dropping out of college to pursue filmmaking dreams (20:00), working with Burt Reynolds (35:00), the art form of DVD commentary (45:00), the comedic genius of Adam Sandler (54:00), the intense setting while shooting 'The Master' (1:07:00), and writing scripts on Microsoft Word (1:18:00).

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fancy here as well. The ringer he's way more excited any seems suggested, play I'm playing a real cool he's, he's afraid of twice. He went to screening two weeks. And then I went on Monday and Shine was Aragon. You ran it back. I do nobody's seen this kind of hid it for awhile right. Well, we just finished it dear to the right two weeks ago, so it's been hidden until yeah. So when you say just finish it are you talkin about just cite the tail. Better was there actually real things. Your China facts know that the actual in terms of fixing anything we gave up on that like months ago, because we needed that you need to make decisions yeah what the films gonna be as you go into mixing it as you cut the night
the film, so those kind of choices have been made. You know, and in late August early September we kind of decided, but the actual proper, like just drudge of finishing it like yeah, mixing it and getting a thumb, prints and doing the color timing and all that kind of stuff, that's kind of occupied every space, all the volume of our day has been occupied with just like technically finishing the film. Until a couple days before we had our premiere, which I did that the arrow and young. I was the first night. Was it a mad dash? no, no! No it we knew we were going to make it and we scheduled it within an inch of his life. So ever so we kind of knew like would be all right. When did you reach the point where people just left you alone with these movies cuz? I know it was, you know, I'd, say you're, twenty seven at that point there there meddling other time, but when, when did the meddling step after right after that
yeah yeah. That was a success and I went to work again and with new Leinen might LUCA, whose but running studio at the time and they end Nino. They were like again just go ahead and do you workin in when they said that and when they were those a sort of feeling that you weren't going to get messed with. Somehow the collaboration became even more moors, wheat YO and you send interested in. You start looking for people's opinion. If you want to do right by air, the use of apple. You must see almost wish. Somebody had better more magnolia right. You have liked conflicted, that's after twelve hours, like exactly the first summit. Somebody says: ok go ahead and do what you want, and I think that there were two things work their number one. There was a rush to finish it, I was, I wasn't a skilled enough at that time to realise that. Ok, what I would do now is like: let's stop stop
a week. Don't do anything that has anything to do with this movie and come back and look at it and nine times out of ten. You look at it a even even after a few days, but it should be more should be like a week, and you can kind of sea it just like within a wider angle, and you start going my guy got when you're in the thick of it in a. U really can't find your way out. I think that happened a little bit Magnolia Montana. No, not really mean. I change anything, because you wanted to kind of be preserved from that time vision. But certainly I think you have three hours and fifty minutes is a tiny bit too ready Hannah like that to right. Sometimes you tell me well, sometimes when you're so deep into it. You just can't lose say everyone at my book was too long, probably longer the Magdal S into his seven hundred pages Ben you. I had a plant writing now and I was just into deep. I concede anymore and it was at this giant jigsaw puzzle that
I was the only knew what the pieces were yeah and they didn't. Even there certainly makes sense in some ways, but nobody else could have helped me with that gap and I'm sure Magnolia was probably like that war. There I spoke To certain extent I mean I examined. It was really my editor doing I together in their rooms there, and we have that we we we we had that relationship going and but also its power only serve its. It may be a bit of eager at the time. Were you just acknowledged, ass, precious or you're nervous? You you'd, like the stated in, and you get nervous about taking removing any piece of it for fear of false fear that are all may crumble. Yet that's just be that's like two precious and that I Dyson Car went away when we start to get into the next. Film was just a right. Okay. I think I realize some things that I did that we're good. Until I get bad, how come you just like shake it up? Make sure this doesn't that you just keep moving on, but
writing thing? I know that really really well and his pain for you know, you really want somebody to come. Throw your life preserver dice until you like to somebody rescue me from this by its Annette, becomes a healthy if that Addison they how I was the original Boogie nights. Tourism is like it was like couple. Maybe a hundred and sixty seventy pay to something like that, but I think it got down pretty quickly. How long was phantom threat not long, not I don't remember, hundred and ten hundred fifteen. It's your short film, alongside sure it sure is, was that it was a purposeful, no It means there wasn't enough there to support a longer movie. Was it's the stiffest, the shape of it was gonna gonna be like this should be like better ninety minutes in two hours and I unanimous was a bit of a stretch. Yeah cause other way. I thought something should play out
Two hours was what we were aiming at. I would just over that like to await or something like that, but I wanted to know nothing I, like your old, have you seen the trailer strategy movies? Is I don't know anything you want to sit down and I just wanted they take me. Were were I'm supposed to go but I knew data they Louis was in it, and I knew it was set in the past and that avoided everything is really good to net too. You that will dig. Is that strategy that you have borne out of just how much fucking blubbering information is coming yeah all the time safe conduct created, like we think about. If you go on a date for going first date with somebody the tricky first day movie Sonaput that chick and checking TAT day if you wanna date, Somebody told you, here's what's going to happen in the date and here's was going to happy at first hour, she's going to say this and
I don't know you lose something I really like a boy trailers. I hate trailers yeah edged. I China read reviews until after seeing the movie yeah- and I don't know what I have said are not enough right or wrong. Is that what you want is a filmmaker you're, pretty secretive? Well, I don't know for secretive unable to things for first, I can't how I really back there that can help, and thank you it's like you, you ve got as a great. I think what you doing, but it's like a natural reaction to too much in formation coming at you. You know maybe like a view. If I look at my here, like Gretta girl, wig, and direct in a movie and call Lady Bert I mean I don't get it, but that you know that's that's kind of, but on the other, side of that is how you gonna find those things that doesn't have her name to it. You have to count, I suppose, on somebody on coming across a trailer give to run your on multi media website entrust the people that re for it the new things
Exactly and that's the thing, I would very real advantages that lady bird, I stayed away errors. I guess it s like ok right, I thought creditor wig within it had no idea should just run directly. Instead, the cameras It was kind of thrilling watch. I had no idea. How can I still haven't seen it so badly? I won't tell me, I believe, would we sluices what But do you trotted air industry around I'm? It's a delicate thing, because you know there's like few, don't say anything about something that you are working on that can somehow be me? construed as mysterious where's, just really like. Do Disturb still under construction is actually the sign that on the door. I think going back to that there's too much. I kind of get others too much yapping about. Before there even done many times yeah well, next time, here it is oh
a trailer for the trailer yeah. Why, of it for the trailer for the trailer. I think it's psyche Tm Lyman team- I I don't know when it started, but it was that for the last twenty years of movies, where they give away seventy percent of it, they don't do it like with the movies you're making. I think, there's probably look different beauteous acrobatic action movies and restart apply. You must flagging, only met the sea it by the time saw the trail yeah, but I also think that that is that I think we feel I think, that's true, and we feel that way. But I don't think it's a new thing. If you watch any old trailers like going you to fund like there's a little going back, even further, go back to the thirties, go back to the fore They ve been selling you. The entire Damon Bradley trailers made here in this office on this lot, yeah leaving I was pretty much the same way for a long,
you know, I I hated you ve been involved in the trailers of your movies. That specifically, what's reveals what you still doing that yeah I mean I cause. I love trailers I'll. I grew up loving trailers loving the good ones. Certainly you know I'm like you know. Fish are not, I suppose I love my collect them wouldn't thinks the best trailer about that last week, with the last forty years. Was certainly the shining trailer with the blood coming out on the elevator is probably graven one one of the scariest, thirty second commercial. I think I was when I was probably ten when they move came out that summer. So it right around the same age and one that would come on over. I would like change a chance, so scared yeah, just Nicholson in the snow, limping with an ax right. What is this? I never want to see this blue rise. I sought immediately yeah
yeah, that's pray. I agree that it was a good one and chanting, but also great things as the great trailer conversation yet a bit of a lost art because there has to be, like you said, seven trailers very on, there's not. There is also not that one iconic one that you stick to their just like. Well, that was the best one, for that means something bigger still care about. Obviously, but it's not it's much more of an all out assault right right. Listen. I love it. I I know I know. Give him into the new Beverly Clinton's hair. He just eat, it has a great theater and he doesn't grain charm, and we even I think we share an affection for these things, and it's really fun to see trailers put put together with a certain car foam. You know I do my kids at home, was put together. Trailers that might excite Bouwman led into a film that we're gonna want something like that And yet there are some really should he shares, and this can be just as much fun as as the really good ones. You do. You think you
like trailers, because of what you dad did for living it could be, it could be it at school. It may contribute to it, but you realise the importance of data for kids in the seventies right, yeah, I've I've read, I wasn't guerrilla and guerrillas, another California. He was. I never knew that was your dad didn't and heat Oh me once we're talking about those things as otherwise the love those kids Charlie's get add the age there do these. Are they and then add, Vegas and he's like as pothouse areas dad. I was like what I was had a attack. Yet there are a lot of homework on Youtube their yeah, and they gave held the test of time here the outtakes and things like that. Have you heard those things that he does waterway well, be tat. He was serve no note. We really really really foul mouth and so on, but I knew I would go to work with him. It APC yeah watch it happen and then somebody
and an engineer that he worked with cut together a kind of compilation of his greatest hits. He would sure we can find that I need to decide the internet. Oh yeah. Oh, I try out there's our it's fantastic, its house shipboard caught Sutter via me, you cocksucker bought me the ended its dislike endless and it goes on goods whether greatly It goes on forty five, seconds longer than should so it just be actually kids arising funny. It has great was it so that was like his full time job. That was all he was. I was all he is here and there was like into other guys in as it yeah there was a kind of the more my dad did more tv spots, less movie trailers. He wasn't really a trailer guy, although he did do some of those I can really remember. He was made of the voice of a b c at that time was like that was the love boat.
As is happy days, vantage, what's happening charter and ensure a mega fantasy. I look back Carter. Welcome back hotter. Did you have a lot of awareness of that as a kid really like? This is a big deal that my dad is this voice, or was it just normal, workaday stuff? It was normal, workaday stuff because he, wasn't like because it was such a behind the scenes. Kind of job it wasn't like you died was a famous actress in like that. You walk us through the kids at school, knew what your dad did and we're like. Oh yeah, that's it moreover, your house, it sets up their product, fuck off my emerging there friend when did come over and start using the phone and my dad said to say what you got to say and get the fuck off my phone, and it was always still quote that
Do you mind about my? He was also particular Burnett show to answer. They use the booth unanswered. The Carol Burnett show. How does he was best bodies with TIM cooing, those guys, and so you know I was kind of around those parties in our house. We, like temporarily, was there. Harvey Korman really funny guys, but more of that, all that all these kind of crazy, engineer's and directors- audio guy, sound guy stuff, like that work, Carol, Burnett Channel Short, ABC those guys I grew up with so you doing this if you grew up in Kansas City new dad was like a welder me, Prime Minister, I would think so yeah I mean I eat whom I know it's hard. A game, but I can imagine the way that I feel right about. My life- is that I am I why we can only do one thing and it was this. The obsessed with one thing, I was a child who is, it is still very and I made making the films of the smashing fire trucks exactly yeah yeah, but the
story about a book in AIDS became book unites the fact that you are working on that when you air, we like sixty India, you make in the dirt digger story yeah. What can a camera? Did you. Have we had terrible cameras in the eightys? It was a sony trying to remember the model number. If I looked it up online, I could tell you: it was in eight millimeter video, eight heavy, not too it was that time when it started to become a little bit more compact and actually their hold. The whole thing on your shoulder. You didn't have the side pack, I started out during the beta mammas want to side with the side pack, and that was really heavy and the camera on the continent. Ports were Haiti's or brutal I was I was at the camera and my group of friends, and it was the side pack. It was like twenty pounds of stuff, and so we need the ringleader who was light right. We're gonna make the movie, let's go in the high school college. I was always the guy who's deck has drunk. What's our filling them Rebate, forty minute moving, I scored. My guy we made apparent. That should the head Jaeger,
oh yeah yeah yeah yeah. That was my senior project, apparently hitches, using everyone in our school, but I quickly realized. I wasn't you know you, you realized, I'm sure you're, like a man to do this. I realized I was probably meant to do something because it was too because it was. It was just too intimate a pain in the ass, a cat get everybody going to do it or is it just wasn't a cool as call the thing in these coast? I think right here you have problem Role models for it and stuff right: there are you grown up, especially in the seventies, and you can be like. I will. I see this path, I'm reading about these other directors. That did it this way so I'll. Do it this way, yeah It was late that were yeah but yeah. That's exactly what it is, but then you I mean it takes a long time to realise that trying to follow somebody else's path is not going to work out an army and I'd kindly, coming a high schools. I, like ok, you gotta, go to film school. You gotta go to clearly there, U S ear and why you and
that your failure cause yet one other way could there be but when you don't get into those places, I write I still no. I want to do this, there's no, I'm not do this, so how can I do it? not going to happen to me like I've read in these magazines and here's how Steven Spielberg did than all these other people right. So you just for me was like galvanizing, was light, ok change course, and then. Then, you like twenty three- is already happening for you. So like a failure like, why isn't he recalling yeah I'm twenty three, You don't they know I should be thereby now did you ever consider thrown it and not not persona komio opportunity came. Shortly thereafter, right, yeah, wasn't long after that, I was able to make my first movie, but I never ever. Considered anything else, I mean sure panic and fear of of how this might go, but never did I have the thought light
I should really learn how to do. Something else was aside from stick with it. What would you have told your twenty three year old self settled down? You know just settle down. I'm still telling myself to settle down. We grew up in a weird generation Sean's younger than us. Our generation was like you, graduated college, there's no internet yet, and there were these just certain past that you followed it's like if you want to be right area to get a job at a newspaper weekly right. If you want to be a director, you have to go to film school and if you want to be an actor, you move to Hollywood and try to be an actor and it was like Wasn't the malleability that I think we have now not at all, but I will also were products of our parents as well in they were, they were handing off to us, perversely. The same thing has been handed them. Yes, suppose? Unless I mean I don't know you know there are. I you know people my age who my dad was older.
My mom with pre straight Midwest, MID West Qana gaol. So there was that kind of thing, but I people are age. Two's parents were complete fuckin pot, smoking hippies, who actually substantially You don't have to go to school, you don't have to go to college, but I know less of them than I do the other thing, but I think you and I had which is like right. You that's why I love kicking and screaming by the Noah backs that was like the movie that this I never saw out. One hundred idealistic what my life was, I agree things are supposed to happen ray and then six months passed near and the same by IRAN six months before, and I think now you know if you were twenty one years old thou trying to do there see he would have all these different ways tat. We have people, see what you were doing, yes for sure and when it was a year, twenty twenty three, you walk around your cassettes, given them to different people and open one person, Lasher here, probably yeah yeah
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submits, that's my name: equal housing lender licence, the NA fifty states, an M l S, consumer access, dot, org number, thirty, thirty, and now back the pall, Thomas Anderson and shot fantasy. What actually happened but allowed Hearty Tappan a series of events, that got me to the Sundance LAB and back that those series of events were, I think, making decision to not go to calling a hunt for stop like I have to leave college barely enrolled. In answer. They worked my ass off to get too and why you quickly realized. I don't wanna, be here the OIE I want to be doing is doing it. I can't I cannot sit in a classroom. I can actually, I can't take it so I need to I need to do what I've been doing on a larger scale and make up like a proper short film, which is
He too, because you know that, and that was kind of that was ice and care all right, but I was writing features. So I wasn't. I don't know I don't know what I'm gonna do some more research back in my own head of that and see what turns up but attacking making that short term attacking weren't. You it done and just feel. I right. Ok, I'm proud of this thing, and let me try and get it into film festivals. Let me get out there and let me try to sort of teachers keep moving and it was the first opportunity, a work of power, four actors. It was like you that thing of like getting your friends to do the hitch hiker- and I guess I was just like before then- and it's It hasn't changed at all. You you're, like this, like.
Ringleaders. Just like right come on guys, don't we don't want to do this thing and some people do more than others, but just like endlessly talking people into stuff for like galvanized in the troops, but that was the first time I work with actors who had something and really deeply invested in it as well, who are starting out great, acting and Kirk Baltz and Philip Baker Hall, who was in the met? who's in the short and it was. It was like a proper collaboration. It wasn't just like talking of fuckin mates and like coming to help you out right, so that was kind of that became like a really important thing like this feel so good. This is like more than just scrounge ing, doing so in the gathering and were all wine to get around the world that was really exciting to sew, and then it went to Sundance it at the gate opened. The sentence from us was short and from there I was by women named Michelle Satter to join the Sundance Labs lambs and had written a scream play out. Just now that
getting on that road like? Where can I find the cash to do this? There was a really fun time to build up and coming filmmaker unite, just both rather than hitherto. She's again yeah matters like the heyday of people actually trying to find young filmmakers and work with them totally totally cause. There's always home video cash floating around in there was like, if you hadn't idea, pretty good cast, and you can make it four million bucks. It was there to be had here and it was a lie. Great filmmakers came out that time. Was it an intimidating or fraternal at that time, or was it like for you, because you're always defined as ever, like singular working force render director, but you make a lot of friends vault. You have like a whole cadre of people, you around at that time, Sundance well beyond the people that I met through. That process, were you know Philip and John Reilly
John and I became really close still incredibly close and that a collaboration that friendship was light born out of that and I knew his work and I want to find him the only kind access I had was actually through the Sundance LAB like right. There are legitimate and I'm not He's logic, these dancer movies so can to legit parties get to me you now and they introduce knickknacks, sent the script to him. And I was one of those crazy situations when you find somebody to begin like you, dont think there sing for you, but I know, and their way they are. You know, he's been in like he been in ten ten films. That point, which seemed like my coffee and ten movies he's like an old man has been around the block, but he
looking for parts you know he was looking for somebody to to write with to be with to do something with other than just being like a supporting player to Sean Penn, or something like that. So just the stars came our way for that that relationship to happening and we were running in our online China just get that worked on. I don T know I dont really member meeting other filmmakers at that time. Exactly. Yes, I watched this billboard documentary and it was at the forgotten. This are even now known it that those guys consider themselves like almost like a cloud. Slackened, college you're. Not so we were talking, I, that of the movie brats being pals, and then there's some association from people coming up between ninety in ninety five or something and resolve friends, but has always unclear for actually I don't think so I mean I became friends with Clinton and then
so I got to know James graze. Another director. I got to know around that time and he know there are more but like, but there are friendships that were formed. It wasn't like we were all part of a club or something like that, but where development had over those gets no, not at all. I think Windows He feels competitive a little bit me with you with media that he doesn't have anything. You don't have anything to worry about now, oh gee, I mean this is probably also, I think this or satellite the forces which so true like somebody does, nothing good its exciting is really exciting, especially when something is successful. Its exciting. You know, because it's just is, if it's good, it's another notch towards like right.
We feel somehow at any moment that somebody I put the handcuffs on you're right. We figured this all out, you're totally Felicia. You know you, as is he used his kind. That is going for a while that feeling is always kind of there and when something here. It's like I remember when the remnant was coming out there. I was and it was just talked about and how circles is light some way over budget shooting forever and this is potentially disaster, and I was like right how much comforted did you feel to some of your like I'm rooting for you? I want you know you all you want. Is the all that horseshit kind of stuff that you're having to read about this film you thinking about the filmmaker like he doesn't need to know that this is out there by you spell me fucking working his ass off and when it came out- and it was so amazing and it made so much money was such a success was like fucking, years? You know my right? Ok, because
the other side of that wanted, then something really horrible, which is my right you're not any more money or your budget away down. Everybody cool out is not new no is allowed to go out into the snow and make another movie for a long time in that that that cast off can that's funny. How that's a recurring theme in the history of value. It is people freaking out about some movie that's way over budgeting, oh my god, and then at the helm. Gets? Well, it's also. The godfather rabbits but I was John, it's great jaws. It's a lot of times it works out. Titanic was another, that's right. I was finally another, my god reimers maybe be over, became the biggest movie ever right, but I'd seen that probably there's a lot of people Rudy, and you or there's a lot of people too much time on their hands that wanna have you. How are you where you thought that now I mean our budgets? Never get. Our budgets are never big and we don't
it's another look at another advantage of not trying to be secretive, but just trying to quietly go about your own work. I mean you know I mean You finish a film. You want the entire world to know that exist. That's what I would hope for our new film. That literally everybody knows it, but I think there's something when you started from me personally ass, a finishing writing it and going out until one having to make it is under these very sick, and you want to try to keep as close to you for as long as you can hear. It just keeps it intimate somehow Are you still working through ideas that you are working on that when you it's unenslaved like? Are you making films that you are taking twenty thirty forty years to happen? I think I'm fresh out of ideas from that period of those that have been spent. I think there might few in old notebooks that I would find or go back to that, but I have a feeling all the good ones from that time were spent on Boogie, Knights and magnolia.
And and and a little bit into punch trunk love. You did hardy, that didn't make it Satisfying experience for your. Where did you learn that attacked the other movies? we need to change the name of that was Doc. That was just a nightmare scenario. The all time nightmare scenario. Somebody coming in and could taking your phone from you, you know case scenario worst case scenario when he said taking at what they do other than change the title day. For a time wish that, for instance, we shot the film and a white screen format. They came in and make sure to reformat every single shot so that it was actually moral box. So literally every frame is changed then so you know it's funny. It was one of those things that they don T choose. Just like you have ten weeks to try and
this movie together and see of all this bluster. All this thing we ve been talking about like right. I can make a movie, I can make a movie, I can make a movie and then you go and make a movie and there's something that should not ready for it like I've got all this footage of blood, my way into this, and now how do I cut this into a ninety minute movie? I was I fuck and have no idea how to get that. You, like twenty four twenty five taught yeah twenty five and, like my bluff had caught up with me, I think, and if I'd had at a time- maybe I could have figured it out, but I had you know ten weeks less, they soon came knocking at the door it about five weeks in loud, like scrambling, to figure out what to do. With this film. I knew I had good material, good performances, but I just did I do Have the wherewithal I didn't. I didn't have the I didn't, have the chops at the time to figure out how to get it done, so they get away from me just because I can see their point now, but actually I can't I thought them
but it was a trial by fire for Sir certainly lie right and then- and I think that the worst part about it is just feeling burned or feeling like this is what is going to be like to try. Make movies here. So I've got I've gotta put some armor on and I guess go back out and try and do it again and and for while I think it really just made me so defensive and so kind of blindly protective myself, I couldn't see that that was one off that that was a complete, unique experience yeah when the boy needs was ready at that point where almost almost ready- and it was the solution to the big question. I wish we will. I ever get this film back which eventually, I did to a certain extent, was able to complete the foam using Bergen. It's it's gonna collateral. I had to take some of the money that I made from Boogie Knights and pay to finish
first I myself and I was finishing. I was preparing Boogie nights, while finishing first and where you live at this point unlimited, apartment right to hunger and more park sake. Fall like Swingers era. Everybody at her different requirements governing the same have risen cars. There's no Goober pneumonia None and now he DR needs JIVE drive home. You get away the you find a way. Keep one I closed and make it? What was your big bugging AIDS battle cause. I remember another member like was the one the verses, Magua Bird was a thing alone playwright, No, there was no. There was no religion, that's urban legit! There was no. We ve asked LEO vs Mark because LEO just didn't you didn't decided not to do the film. I say you just turn it down. He did but
it's an it. It's a one of the great would have movie hiding it's for the best. That's my take our Rwanda this week, housing while works. He's amazing, I think so too, for the best in the US led on earlier was dirty guards a little different yeah. I love LEO and I love him then it because I was obsessed with Gilbert Grape, which jar I was ass, great great movie, but backing up before that this boy's life was is amazing, thumb That's when that's when I bought on Molly S deck, I was in about a little during growing pains his great Caesar damage, as occurs this guy well so you're in on the ground ground. Our I was my blood bought my LEO stock on this point. Those boys lie use when totality nearer, I know, and so from that when I was obsessive human, but I think you're right. I think looking back, I mean it's impossible play this game. I hate plant a mark was great and he was right and I'd like to won't Leon. I worked together. One day
did happened right now, but it will come on LEO Barrette us was that always always the air For that it was a first idea and then I think it was, my dear that I was kind of some kind of, my memory, which is like a sewer dump is saying that thought of it and rethought in, and then I think at the time to try to. The appeal of the film to find answers tried to find who who would be a bigger name that could they could help support what we were asking for answers. The money now has heard of in the comeback era, lecture about that had come back with pop fiction and you bring the star. And by around had just great turning striptease with Demi more yes, so that Jack Nicholson seem like a really good idea, but we can never really get him to re. Read the script
and the other one is through discussed. I thought that would be it, maybe maybe might have overwhelmed and a bit and jack such a big presents. You need him to maybe be the the the thing movie I didn't have the porn and the seating. This would arrest resonated Jack Nicholson. I just said: how do we get to see them together? They departed, so we go. We knew there only on Jack now. Here was that, doesn't it there's always a story about you and by Reynolds, went at it on the set It was right there in the famous scene with Wahlberg Vs Burt Reynolds, which really seems like they're arguing, and you better look for it first and there was like an intensity like on the set for those two days. Is that true, or is that urban legend that's almost true. I think that one bird my kind of got into it. I dont it may have been the day before or the day after, but it was it was. It was a really and three days on the on the sets of buggy nights, which the other fifth,
Seven days were really fun and a lot, alas, but there are three ten days down the middle were mark, was fighting with bird or in the film yeah, and it was really in that kind of like and then and then I you looking back. It was really in delight. The nasty part of the movie too and really everything's is going wrong in the movie facts, the actual ass. I do, I absolutely do absolutely you. No one has the good times and everybody's got their soak. Disco pants on everything looks like its we're having a barge really fallen, but when it starts to get life co Cain glossy and hang over hers and lie should suffer New year's eve. There is all that there's blood instead is like it. It's like the fun of it all was wearing off and it was like. The middle of summer was really hot and it was just
and we were all stuck to get in the house for a long time, and things are just like they were already knows, is for us a right for like a year. I saw that and I think it just sold. I saw that on curve delay biggest dream for our offices to be operating. That house is raised. Eighty five, I got to be honest. I did. I did ways to say exactly how many miles it was away. Cuz I was like who make this the video audio help of the ringer, and it was too far it's just fifty minutes away, Phyllis twenty five, it is conceivable, but as I can, you imagine, were shooting like NFL previews by the book in exports. Way, out not a good idea that there is little karmic energy in a house to what's amazing. They didn't change. It didn't touch one thing it looks? Examples it looked at it from the pictures. It looks exactly the same to me as well. Have such foreign memories of that time of, and it was the really like right at the edge of theirs-
called the zone. Do you know the zone like with you? If you shoot outside of the zone, you have to pay people to travel there, you have to put them up and they all these times, union rules. That was right at the edge of where you can shoot, in LOS Angeles without incurring those kinds of cos, and. I did see that that houses for sale. I would love to go back there again. I wonder if she knows that the bad thing will happen, somebody's going to buy it and they're going to tear it down and they're going to do something you were going to buy it. I just figured it would do just take care of it, the market, even if I have that cash lying around, which I doubt whether Corina, which so far I think you're right. I mean that some, U soccer games in there was convened area. Is that it's that very Costello? Now, of course, I know you're go back and watch what unites. Or if their on yeah for sure, reflecting channels, if your fuckin channels to have that, I would have done this differently feeling
not really, I mean yeah for sure, but not not in any serious way, because that game is at a terrible game to play. I think I'm more more kind of hypnotize yourself into believing that you didn't even make it or you just sort of enjoy more of the memories of you now imagine I watched in horror movie where, like the scene that member chancy rarely threw up that day and then he found anyway. I think that's a better way of saying that you look at it more as a whole movie eve in UK, so that helps you kind of ignore any. Like obsessed, filmmaker flaws, bullshit that you might do cause, that's just that. Would Then your days ruined, and then you get worry about that all afternoon and that that no, I think it's more of a fun thing like. Boogie Nights, probably on more than other things. It's been a twenty year. Cable, we watch it.
Yeah, that's right. It's always in the max her vices, making a run on HBO these days and science. On a lot of that's good, to hear that's good, to hear that's a good move, right now see you're twenty seven. You make a buggy nights in Uganda. Fifty actors on the seller has basically yeah. I'm glad that gone from hardy too. That had to banish education. I would guess you managing all these different egos. You become like the dad of this gigantic family. He, you have made a move that many people tat many characters that your juggling over a short course time. Might that sense right? No woman magnolia had that same kind of sprawl and ensemble thing put. They always contain with different pieces right yet funny to look back I, never, I guess, you're right. I think I was coming out of that experience. Hardy.
It's like a lot of vinegar and a lot to prove the eye. So I was kind of light. Gonna get it right and on top of that that energy in that kind of eager that focus all that stuff? I was in a world that I really felt comfortable and I was in my back yard. You know Lois Convenient, but I was in the valley there. I was with people that were, close to my own age, I was would drop Riley and Marcie and cheat or again and all those guys so I felt at home. I was real. I right this is. This is gonna come to me. I think we always such such
Jeanne feeling like we're all kind of let loose a little bit and we were and was our shot. We walk in a blow at either. You know we were gonna come take our our opportunity and it was on offer so good to us at the time usage thing about when, after when it came out, it was right turn the arrow and dvds had deleted scenes, that's right, yeah, and it was one of the first What dvds came out. It was so primitive. Remember that good fellows to forbid halfway through through that's and then by about now the six ninety seven they started getting better and then eventually there are the pudding extra staff and, I remember think, like extra stuff, like I'm in Boston Embark, Dynamic there's scenes that word in the movie. Work like I'm just confused by in years came out. Obviously, there is a normal dvd and then a dvd that had a whole bunch.
Stuff. We I went online at similar. You bother the yeah, it's a very music, forty minutes, a content that could have been in the movie. Like my head, almost explode, it's a very important directors commentary for a lot of people too, yeah you're, very honest about, like I still this from tell me I didn't like that was like an education for people who didn't understand how movies actually worked right, but Did you skip did? Did laser discs skip you buy. Did that kind of knock at your way? I blew it unless there because that was where to me as I was unaware that started started through we all know and love now criterion we do in those days. It is an immense that too. Dvd, my member, Can I just coming out assigned to the guy from crime aren't you aren't you you aren't you gonna make dvds like that's, not gonna. Last was thick with laser desks. Gulp. I don't know. I think this dvd things.
But that format of material and commentary tracts of that was a laser disk. That was that was where that was where I was born Could you get all that information on? There was life. This is great and it was us the golden years, directors commentaries before people actually why is that these are going to be on the dvds for the rest of their lives? Yes, you know, there's Get three or window at say: hey to do this dvd covered their fur movie. Just talk moviegoers pupil, a great and then it's on the dvd. They pan African, the goodwill hunting one and he's like crazy and really funny, but I'm sure he would take back like half this stuff is, I think I aren't you know just had an idea just now, and obviously to maybe for next them is that it seems to me that do and a new way to do. A commentary would be like. In the editing like by the time you get to the finish of film, at least at this, where I am right now, the last thing you want to do
movie so many time right. I do not want to sit down and wants that movie again the artists like start snoring, but Monica have like a little needle. Just talk into your phone is your editing or something like this is pretty, and then you could chop it up, and so you can kind of track like a produce directors, have it there What do you mean that produce like? If you do, if you're talking little bite says it's gone along, somebody could strengthen, together, yeah, maybe a way to do so that year they got me Polish too, they got kind of like, There too, we want you to now come down to the studio and you and then it became like signing waivers so and then these big disclaimers at the beginning, like so he doesn't believe anything that this guy say on the commentary track was like the best ones are the ones that are more obsessed. We can hear the person, smoking and indirect oaths and, just being like I gotta, get on my jokes and now you know I got all my life. I've been thinking about this movie, but the book in US ones, particularly
you like excited about doing all that stuff back then about saying, like I've got whole slew of that you know, It seems that I want to show people for sure. Yeah. I mean we still. I still get excited about than that and gone away. I think, on that movie. They were actually pretty good scenes to that were caught. Lesson like more and more now highlight the bat like bad scenes get caught, and you- and at this point I am really very, but I deleted fur- is absolutely except the buggy. That's why there's a couple classics, but the scene. They you cut, that I'm still bitter about which was I which, when the second time Dirk Wincey words, then a good job that our phone, their number grenades showers, worried Almighty. You know it s, a email tissue Tommy Wednesday word. He just got up its is thank you and then they go said. The young, which I am assuming you did
pacing, but you film, the scene of him when, in the second time in you cut to everybody in here are reacting to end. Amazing cuz. It captures each character in wreck whatever their reaction, and it's like two and a half minutes long that should then the movie but yeah sure yeah reasons I just it awesome, divert it. You don't talk, I know exactly what you talking about and it came into my mind the other day I dont apropos of I don't know what. And I was remembering Don Cheat or sitting there with a wig. Eggs one, some outfit, I can't was trying to memory what outfit he was in. Maybe it was in earth when and fire kind outfit or something, and then. And when I saw him and then a further aware in that image came into my mind, driving around in my car and then, of course, the floodgates open. You start remembering everybody else started smiling. I wonder
I dont think I thought, or that should have been in there, but I just had that kind of vote. Warmth in memory of doing that definite bend, the commercial for the movie, they just gonna cut to everybody celebrating kiss it was really did capture each person's. True yeah did that Bilbil. What is in his way labelling is. Why can it somebody, member some she's she has she Sheikh? I think I remember in hers doesn't her Don't island get stuck together, we'll take a breath and talk about it we say for holidays could be a crazy time. You want to make sure that your home is protected through all of it, especially if you're goin away what better time to step in with than was simply save homes
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that come in now, more with pathos Anderson. So when did you feel like you had complete coming did the craft like fur, for where you I want to be where you can just be like I'm making a movie. I'm just good at this, and this is every detail, is going to be perfect and I know I'm just going to nail. It I mean if I admitted to feeling that with that, when that make me like psychotic I'm not saying like your pervert them just say like with big, with a baseball pitcher at some point here alone, which is like. I know what I'm doing had these four pitches. I know how to throw them, and I can do this confidence will cause funded, yeah confidence. Came for sure after Boogie Nights didn't endure during Boogie Nights, and during the editing of it, and feeling lie. Look looking at it and saying it like this is this is wool
in this way- and I'm kind of meant to do this- oh my god it were it worked. You know there is definitely a confidence boost from that big time is now known, and then you have did the two to not just to feel that way, but then turn around and have other people feel that way and have no sit in a big theater. I never ray. I never had an opportunity for my first film sit in a big theater. I watch people watch. A life I'm really get into it. As I right, ok, not only light, not only the confidence boost but more just a wider understanding of article k, so I think I got there I think- and I think I can do this, but let me figure out what more we can do with it. What else can I do and then I will magnolia words. I was just like too much confidence. Probably, but it's ok
my question is: if it was it to be a challenge for yourself. I thank you just a challenge it didn't, it would be a town. It was a challenge to write so personally and try to so nakedly about my life at the time and just light, throw it all up and put out there, but that seem like the right thing to do that time to similar, I had no other experiencing, sets up the one right in front of me, which it just happened or die, with the last couple years of my life and life in all just came out? Did you know crew said that ETA? Oh yeah? What movie made you think he added You know rain man for sure rain man they appear in men. That's my asker reduce Greece has way harder on rainment way harder
can he's an asshole, but I have the like him by the end of it. He's got so many. He has got so many more moves. He has the poor I get idler, always loved Tom Cruise, like Nobody else love Tom Cruise, but rain man. Man think I love Tom cruise more than anybody loves Tom Cruise and then born for the job I was amazing performance color money. I mean those three those were strong. You know so Frank, Dj Mackey in all three of those characters there something that Europe attracted to you he too near cruises. Funny just think about it. I mean crews when you see on screen,
name name anybody else that can do that right now the can do a cruise can do. Who can who, whether its in his action thumbs or whether to Dramatic stuff cruises the Falcon king, if you like, that back a little light right command games on its backing is what I'll watch in a mission impossible movies the body of work like it favours an athlete. We would be wondering what the hell is going on total risky business was naked. Eighty two right you now and he was he was a kid in the movie. There is probably a tiny bit all in that, but you know edge it tomorrow. It was a woman, I'm I'm glad you move the abalone immense boys analogy to I mean he. Could he key? No, as he gets older, if he loses his ability, you jump off buildings stuff like that. I'm not nervous about that at all, because he's got so many moves to fall back on
I wrote a big bag of tricks a couple months or maybe, a month ago I wrote about it. What cruises next move is cuz. He saw it like the great actors that we grew up with a Paul Newman when he made the verdict was an important moment for his career because he kind of aged, and it was a character that you don't really play when you're trying to be the a list. You know action, hero, actor, where, when you're moving into the next party or career and increases ready for women as a he's writing his verdict, You may in charge just right around the corner and see that can be yeah cruises dont, but don't bet against crews what made you will bid you under movie that centre, which has seen him Well, I particularly love big daddy. That was my number one. I mean Happy Gilmore, I suppose mm
and I like Billy Madison, I like Billy Madison, but one by time. I got to have Happy Gilmore in its statement. I enjoyed them Then I think our really graduated to obsession level with, like I say, with big daddy, what about big, daddy, that one ass little ass, the time materializes dad if there's any vanilla my kids think sailors like the greatest actor about that therein on anything in that they have great t. Yet they have I take you know, big daddy was true, I too was carved. It was a little bit more polished. It was tribes who seemed a little bit more able to kind of be sincere and in fact the crane.
You fuckin dirty shit, that satellites to do ass. He got the mix really right and I think he looked to me like he does looks like goofball Happy Gilmore by big daddy. You start to see like was actually kind of some guy in there you know. There's still, there still is. As a matter of fact, I haven't seen the morrow stories yet, but I've been seeing these pick, there's a lot of seamen. While we talk over time I'm a civilised Getting really is so good lookin. Now, as it gets older, that's not what people would normally say about him, but his face and even better as he gets older. I thought he was really good and funding yeah. Me too. I thought that was the one where it's like. If somebody's having it is saying there, how good actor is he argument the first hour of funny people, I think he's Excellent on, I am also not sure how many people could have that movie. If I may,
strewn, might serve. You see, you see rising alot of punch, shrunk, love, but he's a really good actor and denounced color. Cliche this pointing like, but he's a good actors. Have you seen punched on lover of seeing no one, was other movies, but he's he's really guns were forward. Sixty one thing Fascinates me value is, but you love me, Their runs like a format and movie for big time here that day hardy whose name Sidney which, he's gonna, be there inside baseball assure her it's a baseball. Love, Sandler Boogie Nights has so many like really genuinely funny hilarious moments in it get you, since then you ve never gone like full scale, Just try and make a funny movie like. Would you ever make been? They ran like that type a movie. Would you ever want to do that or pass that? Well, I, I'm, not passed anything, it's like the need you you can
even then- really work that way like I'm gonna make a midnight run type a movie. You know I mean an action a body action comedy on the road kind of do you know. Formula works, it sure dies, I love it, I haven't seen that done in a y all all wait. I must I did see some of central intelligence. I thought there was a pretty good stuff in that that actually was the ethic you're thinking about he studying all these different body covered in terms of the rock you know, think about it. I don't I love the rock. I love the rock, but I think the rock I think yeah he's booty bases simply a buddy movie in in a couple weird way with Brok and Chest yeah for your brain father since the very ragged whether Turkey Jack Corner, but right but Bracken Dirk like that's some of the most fun stuff. I began
you just went to nineteen? Are you trying to say that my movies aren't funny and they have been funny in awhile, Canada, Woody Allen thing like your verily or funny years? Eight and thirteen adds a really forty moments or chose that prepared for cars. It seems so serious in the beginning, as there are serious move becoming What are some laughs and it made me that is a problem that we ve had lately I mean I remember, watching the master. And feel it when we have a problem here, because I was there, I am. I am one of those people that if they start laughing they cannot. Was probably two types of the ILO world. There is a view. I can just laugh, that's it and then the people at once they start their crying and they get up. I'm in that on the latter, I found the master too, to be very, very, very funny, and I dont, but somewhere along the way. We didn't really get the last that I think, and I think it was that,
Maybe I find when somebody is so serious I find that I want somebody is so dedicated to what they believe. I find that funny so kind of every word that comes out of fills mouth. I find pretty funny MRS, your scoundrel all cracking up, and I once every last words somehow feels like absolute bullshit, and I find it may I somehow. I think there was there was a seriousness there was. There was an overall heaviness too that film anyway, because Watkins that somewhere, hopefully over time. Some of that human will re emerge to Non is something like that, but those this. Many things you know you make something anything cows funny to me and then it just fucking cricket. Very people are frank, as they are not sure of this post. The laugh. I felt that Washington, impaired people are like very serious work, but there's no doubt they lose his funny he's very far. But we have that same phenomena
we'll be blood a lot. You know where we we ve done some I've score they they pay me now in the lab, Orchestrion Johnnie Green would place an plays a comedy. I'm not kidding just the character is so. It is very well known now to these audiences and they know what's coming, and they know every last kind of look in question mark that lose behind his eyes ass. He looks at Eu Ire Howie, deals with him somehow knowing the foam and knowing where its headed it becomes. Comes LA funnier audiences release, the ones who know it can we moreover, nobody shines, rented, a nerd up honour and there will be, but how What what are you remember most about making it. Being in the desert B, in the desert with a great group of people in the desert, with
had a baby science like at that time may, in eight months old. Living in Marfa Taxes, and feeling like completely talk about going to West Cavaignac feeling, like you know you you're outside time. You ve got that we were in the middle of West taxes they now Wars, hours and hours away from anything. So We felt like I dont supervision world's greatest actor, a really good script, lights cameras. Is exciting. You know when we had that. Train coming down those tracks and sort of I go through all this work to get that train cumnors tracks you'd, like pinching yourself like this, dream come true. This is really like this, like fancy land stuff, and that was all kind of at the beginning and then as it went on my, these were of.
The joy of watching Daniel work really like knowing that I was watching something front row that was pretty spectacular. I felt really confident about exports right. If you watch the brain has primacy lot net. We have MAC actor come to set one day had to do this cantation scene with Daniel Great Agnes. Were Chaskey, the guy in the scene when he says Daniel ends up saying one of these nights going to come in I'm going to cut your throat from wherever you live in Montague Expressway was actress, Dulce Mcdaniel all day back and forth back and forth back and forth. At the end of it, stood up in his- I just feel like. I want ten rounds with Federer and it was exactly that it was the worst things it was like just that
of the energy between him and other actors. That would come on fucking great to watch so like I could name the three great things tat ll abroad as a federal whatever. What are the three things that data they Louis does that make him the best legwork? What are the three things you would say? Three traits that he has a you. Just haven't really seen he every word that comes out of his mouth feels like it. Came out of his brain, and to his lips and out into the air you're, like a line that you ve written On the flip side of that, when he gets a good line, he can chew and like serve up as a fastball with someone Staying on the issues you lie its theatre. You know and the other thing is the physicality there as the way he can light. Hunches shoulders are moving the something or Archie.
One is lit or just seen him walk down the hallway it's her away, im using about bill, the butcher stuff thinking walking around our gangs in New York in some planting is foot and some peace physicality that he does really like nobody else would come up with that. Nobody and those defining moments that like right, now you settle any. I write much in a movie now in the like terminal lights down. This is a movie. At the same time, though, that that that can imply that it's the asker, which is good, but there's that balance that he can do this, stuff. Really really well and make it seem simple, when something we always talk about is like who will come across performance and that we like any, we ve, always how I can teach you how the fuck did you, how they make it look so simple, God, dammit we gotta keep workin it's like
those things that you it's not jealous time Josie earlier it is light you back had they do it, because crack can crack the code. They make it look so easy. We're trying to iron loosen up loosen up the earlier vanity was deafening like that, whereas watch in it, I thought it was great. The movie only you could have made, and it also felt like a movie only he could have been in You mean they ain't. Even imagine who else would have paid that? Well, wondering about that. As I saw you talk about the movie a little bit and you said that this was really collaborative with Daniel yeah, the new one. That there we blood, similar, where there is a lot of conversation about who this person was and new unlock new stuff from talking to him, yeah exactly like that. The only difference was: I had more written there'll be blood. And there was a book
but you didn't use much, but you know but in both instances there was a kind of hush. There was a thing to latch onto outside, of whatever emotional things were going to deal with, which is, the comforting to kind of occupy your day with like learn how to get oil out of the ground. What are the realities of these guys? Looking for oil, this just historical stuff, it you can spend your day dealing, even though you know I'm making a found the truly about that right, chickens your days learning how to so. We can spend your days learning about making, Since the nineteenth fifties bar the dialogue in the lingo per but we can't do gotta get all that stick down and make sure we don't look like fools Riah, but You know it's all that kind of work that he likes to do and I like to do of trying as deeply you can to get to live inside a real three d model of the thing you know and really Carlo can't look around,
at all signs of it and try and figure it out. And doing that with him is fun. I mean it's. It's elaborate as ever scare you it's described as being very intense know it and scare me It's only intense in that light. Its intense on set the level of concentration he has really severe its tops. I mean you know it's sports metaphors lie. Daniel there's no reliever when it comes on Daniels, pitching again he's going the phone. I mean: that's, u dont, even involvement as they come in that day there you know and that's it hence that level of concentrations intends casually, sometimes even the most intensive actors. I've worked with its like right. It's lunch. Let's just take a break, but has not, what's it say All day would tell you know that was come on when you did there'll be, but yeah you'd heard the stories of IDA
stories, but I did. I was trying to make up my mind, but we were clear with each other we'd just getting I know, each other, I'm working on it beforehand. You know you like rice not going to some drastically change, not like we're going to get on the road, and it's going to be wildly different. Is that more fun for you, or is it more fun to be like when the sets we're getting a balance. I mean I am getting a balance. It's fun to have fun, but you know it's. We do Have we were on our side? We do fuck around. We do have laughs and things like that. But it's not you know. Were there to work well, really where their work so, the way to do it, they can have a good time and carry out the work, but it depends so you know Daniel was when character when they will be blood that person.
Outside, and here there is, there is a sort of team people that he worked worth and he had his space and cost. Often this, when we are all just like right on top of each other and bases, never any bigger than this in a very acting character noises where particular at that time thing over there would be like Maybe I can get rid of that. If no tell me, we should leave so bad we're caulking, so we're living inside that world. That was, that was the finance, the pain of it. For for three and a half for months, four months, I you got at it the master you're saying those pretty is, was funny and fun to do with filling and Joaquin was the said very intense, given them some of the exchanges in the movie or very intense, a yeah for sure absolutely. The days that are intense or intense or quiet there quiet you can hear, pin drop
and that's how those are always good days because everybody's on their game, you know no one's wandering everybody's focused too big, here, then the master that we shot for one day and that one walking comes back to see Phil a very long conversation at a table. I was one of the most Hence days, I've ever been a part of two just from dumping on the sense from the energy that both of them were giving off and Amy as well. Who is there? It was like that, The air was thick and the air you could and the smell said: don't fuck around and hear him it was good. It was really nice. It was Really, you know what happens here in this big room. It boils And probably like five or six crew members and the actors everybody else's outside and you just get on with it, and
what happens when it starts. As you just know like right, we started and we can't stop. We break this concentration, you know we didn't break for lunch, you don't you just get in and you do it and you do as quickly as swiftly as possible so that you can't you don't break concentration. One more right to talk about are good. Hence at square space. They have been our good friends out as this year. Three of my friendship with them make it easy to build beautiful websites who does that square space where they are planning to start a business change careers launch creator project. Now that two thousand seventeen is in the books, you should actually be oh you're, next move squares base widely used by all kinds of people and businesses they give the abyss. Create an online platform with which you can make your latest goals into a reality, whether you need a landing page, beautiful, Galleria professional log and all my thoughts are included in your square space website
add an arranged your content and features with the click of a mouse, nothing to install patch up great, ever square spaces award winning twenty four seven customer support will help you, no matter how hard or how easy your problem may be. Twenty four some customer support underrated by the way start. A free trial at square space that come use offer could be ass to get ten percent off your first purchase. What a deal again that square space that can offer code BS backed apologia, you became addictive. Philip similar often causes scent of woman right. You are silent in Euro. Just like I want to work with yeah yeah, my guy hello movies, you do with it. I don't know six it it with his aid. Ivo I've. I've only ever made one movie without him to move about six, so sex
what do you mean accountable everything everything here. What? How aware you of the conversation that is happening around your movies is thinking about this with there. We bought in the master. The conversation started to be. This is a movie master. This is like I've. Every movie now is an event that socks or something that's happening in that TMI world we were talking about before. Like are you aware of that stuff? Do people come up to you and I feel like you're, the greatest you're the best ever ever. Tell me how you do it. I get my get. People recognize me sure on you know, usually it's you Maybe you might know where my happen. You know if you go to the movies a in over and then happens, randomly places. You never expect something like that and that's always kind of that's great, really excited by what the fuck fuck do. You know who I am
its exciting. I mean I love the idea. I mean look what our situation. Could there be that if you you're gonna make a foam and go back? and people are anticipating and people are into it to making it so exciting but then you can also have that thing in reverse. If somebody comes up it's really scary, so it came up I think I was a valet guys, like my man, noise, my favorite movie of all time, I was a great wall, come see. The news, like you got new movie commoner work on our marketing. That's what you said. Agri confined
so yeah, where you were you do you think at all about the air, the peak levels of directors and how long a director can stay at a certain level, what the history that is cause there's always through. Sometimes some people feel like seven eight years and that's it that's when you have you run and then it's really hard to Put together coupled decades without our done well, thanks, that's great, I did, but it reminds me that I never saw this letter, but apparently I'm at defiance This is true or not that there was a there's, a kind of report that went to the directors Guild of America members, which really includes first, some directors and second assistant directors, and it was bad it was said, something to the extent of the average life expectancy for a dj member has fifty seven is thus GAD but make it like. I think, the assistant directors with all the stress they have brought brought,
the medium age way way way down for like in a premature heart attacks from scream that probably by producers and directors, but I think. It can take a lot out of you and I you see other filmmakers that you like whose best work. Is here or there in the middle or sometimes through the end. But you know. Gay become aware, like an acquaintance, so I'm making ten movies, and now I'm quitting. You know that guy thing, but I can never I don't know how you could say that or if he could take himself seriously when you say that, like this, is what I wanna do is longer than able to do it. I'm gonna keep doing it, and Think things can become peculiar. Maybe one directors don't act their age, maybe you know or seeing seeing them try
I too am keep up with the kids. Do something that you know maybe trying to be here for something like that that never, it is a good look. You don't age with their age right, so I don't know. I had a friend who is director say that he he became obsessed with is he was gone through a voice, saying saying I became obsessed with how hard on many directors got divorced and how many of them had whatever like card family staff, because when they made movies everyone and that movie became their family for nine ten minutes and you almost it's really hard to also juggle you're real family and be able to do is go back and forth between those two The name is like his eight people have no idea. This is nearly when it's done and you get a shuddered off and that's like I said about whom pungent twenty percent family there guy I've seen that happen. A lot to allow people have worked with.
I see I see it happen. A lot was soon photographers who really kind of go from film to film. Are we we joke they should be like a divorce funded the air Sea clubhouse. You know his because it's a kind of common thing. And divorce in that costs can be common. You see like really difficult films. I dunno I'm remember on avatar, theirs and people. I knew that worked and innovate, which went on for so long so long and there was like a long road of lie, really tat damage lives of peace. Really unable to balance the requirements that were being put on them. My job and their there. The fuckin real thing that their work for we have their family.
Yeah I would knock I knock would I could be failing miserably, but I'd I'd, I'd I'd China steer clear that problem. How many kids you now have for you for where the age range is twelve a six and for how long do I have a twelve in it great with twelve, the boy, a boy or a girl is girl. Three girls, one boy, twelve, your girls. I can be a second, I guess I do you have a girl. I told your girl yeah yeah, twelve twelve and a half that yeah it's it's interesting. I now get wise as long as I can stare hero for like another six months, some good, but I know it's gonna answer Well, I suppose you will ensue Mona, but then it'll come back right, Maggie, that's what they say. They come back at some point, but where Have you thought about you, you for care to be thought about at his outward for a movie potentially, or do you want, like a movie about four kids are way just about a family movie? family movie
yeah, I don't know, thank God, and I got in trouble today from my side I had to look at some time Marshall spots and I want my computer- is looking at this morning. Came over just at the very end said rated are come. I said it is not up to me, is not up to me. They they wanted. I said they made it. They made it. The motion Picture Association, Mayor Red Army visa. Why so there's a couple of years, a couple and the bad words in it there's a couple bad words so which as I said the F word and my for euros, that fuckin asshole yeah financial, veiled threats, radar for fur fucking asshole seriously You're fucking Fer, you can't, you can say one fuck, but you can't see to your intimately familiar with these evil out of it.
France with this. I would you have united together forty seconds those differences and seventeen. I'm gonna was forty seconds, but I know what I had to do with humping and talking at the same that was my memory of the conversation with the woman from the empty air. She says: look out of scene when Nina early is fucking this guy in the budget sitting on top them, though, Macy comes in red. Doing- and I came from the dialogue and we shot at this. Continues to up and down, and dialogue and ultimately she became very good she's. A look you can't you can have her keep fucking him, but she can't talk. Or you can have her stop fucking him and then talk cs. I decided on so we had to we felt we had. We re shoot it. She was available. She's available and she, so she's she's, humping away. She stopped
she says her line, dialogue to him. He closed join in. Continues to happen. We we shop that inserted that and that got us undetectable. That's what broke the Etsy seventeen that little thing. I would say that without amendment guess. There were other things along the way, though, that had that had been negotiated and taken out already were usually just they were usually just trams, quite honestly, on their work and was never. I've already render matter nerdy, redder question. We link fain of thread. I have no idea how you and come up with that and I'm sure it's like the seed of something, but at some point you staring at a final draft document that she is empty and you have to start to read it. What's your process for that you have an outline. Are you just? Are you unless people edges wings it? Well? I am oh I'm a winner for sure. At least initially lie and I dont use file draft. Ok, I
I I I need to use em. I mean, though, the all time wars programme, which is Microsoft word which to anybody who's. Ever did. I still use bagger satellites Asia can attest straight. I started to every time you re twenty two years with the thing padded Microsoft word is our generation, God bless you It is, as is the dumbest it make any sense in Microsoft. Word! That's really weird! I do it's very strange and it doesn't it doesn't it drives everybody man because they eventually have to transfer it over and final draft, when we do, our schedule adds a fuckin head ache and a half, but maybe that allows you to see this that I hate phonograph, maybe It is either I dont iphones gravity there. I think it does. I mean I do. I think, that's a great point, but I
always tried. I don't ever. I try to avoid that moment of like sitting down and looking at a blank piece of paper ever you know that part of that you have to put chips in something: so you never get to that spot and what I mean is I think that's funny I can just remembering this a pretty consistently somehow at the energy after I've finished, shooting a film has led me, you have this far. Kind of energy I've I've I've had a few times now, we don't lapse at the end of it. You actually feel like I could This again an end and what it is your stepping back into normal life, but you still firing on all these cylinders. Times now, I've gotten up gone to gone to the coffee, make sat down and really started to write? What I felt I wouldn't want to make next, even as they can bizarre unclear, as it was visible
story of a man and a woman. A relationship of this or that of this somehow the dialogues seat starts coming. Ok now,. Days later, you aren't you, the energy that you can spend making a film and the physical reality of what you ve been through you to serve collapse, yeah, that's really to happen to me a couple times now: I've got a lot of kind of residual energy absolutely to foothold into something that was, MR nagging at me or others. And on this one I think after inherent vice, I started to sir right a bunch things than straight away that it had occurred to me and that during the course of editing that film was daydreaming about what move. You would be an trying, to write he's down, but not trying to too much- and I think it was back to this in that we talk about Before-
Why do not get to a mess that I have been in before, which is writing six hundred pages yet and having to bring it down, so I had enough ideas on this or I felt by daydream and daydream and think about it and turned over in your mind and right. Little bit here and there, but never get to that spot where you ve overwritten it or you. You haven't, figured a few things out before you really jump. So desire. You started the next thing I have an idea and asked the sailor. That's a foam accommodated the axe very, very comedy. I have no When I had what I have. What I want, I will probably try to do next. Foolishly, is go back to that six hundred page thing that I have and try and see if there is anything to carve out of it, but again I would probably probably I'll start approaching it in the next couple months, in the same way that I just described, I think I would probably to daydream about what I know is in there and
I wonder how much I can get away with not looking at it and just right from from what I know that there is good, because when you back into the six hundred pages? It's a briar patches in it right. You start to see something. While this is not a bad idea- and I thought maybe I should follow that thread. The next thing you know hours later, you ve, really pissed the day away. I believe in the mornings used I read in the mornings. I do cup of coffee in your off yeah. You have your own place, I believe, I do have a little barn and I go to my next to our house. Ladder come into it. They come in. I can fly there. Oh yeah, but I don't go down there, not an effort, as I usually does it stay open the at the kitchen table. That's my spot right now, but I get up before anybody else gets up, so I can get some work on them. The integration I know when I come come, walk and gifted wake. You kids, for do they wake up narrated. My son is up ready. You have to make your daughter, rounding commerce and the sea
he enjoyed. I get. You read the stars by bagger. How gets up before thirty in the morning yeah? That's my son he's very started there he's just this powerful, almost as always, is powerful, represses he's my thank you, can't buy stocking so we needed there, we needed a fan of thread. You start out this idea. You have about guy in the fifties whose really great at making gestures are making clause whatever and his life is this routine and it's an obsession it he has, and then somebody comes in and approves it boy. I wish it was even that specific it was more like, and the initial thing was more like a man and woman. You know this kind of thing like You do not even nineteen fifty is now. I was we have anything to stay away from going back to another period, peace and we make other such a fucking payment me in their choice of the cars.
You everything and it's limiting? You know you can't just run down the street and start shooting. You got everything, so that becomes a headache. If anything, I was probably trying to avoid that. But you know you know when you've done enough. You do this, but right everything and just put a next to it. That kind of let you off the hook like man or woman sister, then you you still limitless possibilities, but you're writing your ideas down and then, when does like Daniel, they Louis become involved soon. Soon, like you know, shit. You you talk to him on the phone. I personally like yeah, here's the framework of what I'm thinkin yesterday, he starts modern and over. Yes, anybody ass, you could do that were foresee a unique animal, He is unique in that way and I am probably take longer than anybody else does to go over the material, but I would do that with.
Anybody else tat I had in mind crews, crews. Here you gotta re cruises, verdict for all ok this. Is it that's a challenge such a good idea, second, phase of crews and he their film thirty question. I know you have one you got one where I can feel it is there thing that you haven't been able to make the you still want to make you, we have been told him no in and also is it hard him make movies for you at this point because it what's going on industry dates I have never written something that I then tried to make that I couldn't get me. It was very hard to get the master made, but that then a being gray and worked out exactly right.
It depends on what the budget for the movies and depends on whose in it you know their. I dont have a blank cheque waiting for me in the next room at all. I think it's whose in it wants it, gonna cost mocha and those of those those are the three Those are the questions that I have to answer and how long is it they all know how long it is causing a bad reputation ones either this one's easy here. My last question is: was the greatest thing: there's enacted the Youngblood S, our he's gonna take his time cause it's an important, understandable,
feel happen in the master thou, be the greatest thing. I've ever seen an actor do that the entire performance year. Right alongside walking Phoenix in the master, that will be the greatest I ever got elevated, each other has become competitive, not competitive at all, like like partners. Crime that, yes, I was bringing it so they had absolutely absolutely last question shot last breathing I seen you know it's a plug for a really small movie that I really really enjoy, that no one seems to have seen and called track town about and I should get all the. Maybe you can help me with the info on this concerning murmur of the girls name, it's about a runner girl whose runner up in-
where's, try who wears Nike organ wrong and yeah and she it's into it's. Rachel draft has a small apartment. She plays the girls mom and I think the girls. Even co director of it. I see you over there typing in that computer, do have info that we pass legacy. Pappas she's is fantastic. Performance as a runner and the stream I I dont know I saw it on an airplane a couple weeks ago and I I I I love of watching people run track. I love watching I've been watching, girls run tracking particular I mean I just and this this yes, she's got is a great performance. Are you our are preventing. I'm the valid answers without limits here superior crude up, the great movie robber town without limits is, I think,
do you disagreeing nor, moreover, town persons, yeah yeah without limits is rising. The workings of the sports movement has some of the sports movement like the greatest of time. Some of them are now data, Will they. Why would I know what are the one one another's so fifteen years ago? It was whose use of the natural does there Ok yeah was one of those timid had to be one of those two and you kid I had accepted it's for both of them is a Hoosiers. I think, as the time has passed, I don't I don't think either people would have either of them in, and I think I don't even know what the does that mean you might have to go all the way back to Iraqi? Now the rockies I regained his it was so influenza, it's slow zoning problem, rocky slow. Rocky slur, sir, they could use like. I know it's, you know let it touched the movies, but
It could use a boost and I believe I mean I think everything has a different pays, but I'm surprised to hear that actually, but you know so much about the day that I haven't seen since it came out, was eight men out was that was any good, I don't remember it was John sales. Remember, isn't it isn't, Robert elsewhere Richardson it not always asking ressler. I want some way I wasted my sank is my son: is: could have been Barbara JUICE and national budgets and my sins ripping through every baseball movies. So we watch Ellen it's it's kind of timeless because it set in the past them The thing was crazy in it in its that it's not really dated. As already data when the main and House Major Lee hauled up or major legs them that the king, major legal, creating major links, the prince for my son
SAM Ladders, decay and never see? The light is most important for more dialogue. More than the bad news bear yeah banners, viruses, elevated, but bad, His bare says: good swear words in it that you that when you're a it's like you can't really Then his heirs has, I mean that Nina when he throws the beer and her face. I all that cause. That's us lie. Is that a sum this up as that age were but bad news There's a big man, I'll drink Mauro and others to Tony Curtis, one right when you go to Japan, that is, bears break in China. They still have the Ashraf other nicely. The debate is certainly in the vain play yesterday. I remember what's his name, not Linus, but you know the kid is being hampered by the Tanner Tanner tear I'm over ten or looking up. Isn't a camera and spin around. He asks that the late seven,
it was a nice little glory run a sportsman visa. Basically, the rocky momentum led thought is a bird The fast brave, ass, Drang, Passageways aid, Pittsburgh vis, you save peddlers luggage is year every year, Reconciliation at sea is causing would love winter winds. The officially come out. It comes up Miss Day in New York, in LOS Angeles and January twelve other places in Amerika. I think we're hold in this pact until you tell the world can see. It is an awesome movie there. I really enjoyed it that I really hope dinner. They lose doesn't retiring to talk him out of there. Give him a little time and then maybe I'll try talking we don't. We hundred censure he's going to tire economy, ginger stopping doing that. When he's that good at it, I can't but is not up to me and I am, but I could see it. I could see this sticking
I think we can resume, are like boxers, where they almost half and not be good ones too really officially retire. That's hard to it so hard to leave when you're at the top, with great athlete has done that you now and safety with it there's gonna be the issue on the sun. What it means is the noticing abilities these cooked. He should step were right but I am sure you are there. Is there an athlete who has ever done that umbrella? Jordan did it, but then it came back usually like the pride in the ego, make some come back then. In his case he really seems like peace, like he's done, lackeys doesn't one of the groups to gruelling firmer something just like he's done over for dinner
there. Now I don't know what the answer is, but she's khanate additives are, but another actor just walked away when they still had their fastball knowledge of nine off. But then I can think of run our rush hour debate. Fall us. If he said this is a pleasure. Thank you. Feel things like this. They are thanks guys thanks. So much unshod thanks to simply safe, no better time, you get scared them right now for the holidays. My friend said simply safer, giving you my listeners, an absolutely incredible offers, save two hundred hours on a special security package champion by me and she sensors motion, sensors glass, prick sensor s break sensors, it's got everything, goes,
simply save bs, that that is simply safe with two. I simply safe, bs Dotcom hurry offer ends January. Second, thanks to seeking don't forget, MBA tickets for first timers on seek twenty dollar off. We are coming back with another Bs Pakistan sick as make France S unless keep making Amanda picks at such a good time. I say with em we're going again so look forward to that. One one way.
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