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RIP, David Stern—Plus Round 1’s Mega-Playoff Preview With Ryen Russillo, Seth Wickersham, Peter Schrager, and Joe House | The Bill Simmons Podcast


HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to remember the late David Stern (3:00). Then Ryen sticks around to call up ESPN senior writer Seth Wickersham to discuss the upcoming Patriots-Titans playoff game and the implications to the end of the Brady era in New England (33:45). Then Bill and Ryen talk with Fox Sports and NFL Network’s Peter Schrager to preview Round 1 of the NFL playoffs (1:01:15). Finally Bill and Russillo call up Joe House to make some NFL Million Dollar Picks (1:33:40).

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Today's. The observable summons podcast on the Ringer podcast Network, the first episode of two thousand and twenty. Is broadly by zip recruiter. It's a new year and you can keep drawn your team, we need the right tools can help keep your heart streamlined, inefficient. That's where presenting sponsors could accomplish. Bs comes in, they say your job to over one hundred of the webs leading aboard set us up there with their powerful matches acknowledges zip code askance. Thousands, Erasmus, find people, the right experience, invite them to apply to you job right now. My listers congested period for free for free recruited outcome, sash bs, zipper critter is the smartest way to hire meanwhile State Farm Just like football life can be unpredictable. That's why stay farm agents are there to help with overnight
thirteen thousand agents, a local stay for our major could be just around the back with you, Talkin person, by phone or through the upstate farm. Is there go with the one with coverage and agents? You can count on state far talk to an agent today Ross abroad to buy the ringer dot com or we are writing a lot about football and the start of two thousand I mean where the NBA storylines are going and pop culture in the Oscars are coming and whole bunch of stuff check it out com check out the Ringer Podcast Network, where we had an awesome, two thousand and eighteen, and it's going to be even better than two thousand and twenty. The rewatchables special guest Quintero no. We did Dunkirk this week. We have another one coming next week, I'm just gonna tell you what it is right now he picked it unstoppable. Kyle member, we watch us. I do and you were like what is this and then we're both riveted for an hour and a half on the way and yeah guaranteeing a loves. Unstoppable wanted to do a pie,
cast about it, and it's really a tony Skype, I guess but unstoppable too, but that is the idea the one we have coming next week, so my advice to you would be watch unstoppable before their past. Go and then the book a basketball to point. I was coming back next week as well, so we have that come up. We have a mega football. Podcast ran resellers here the whole time we want to make this would be like a radio show. So he is words are by David Stern at the top and then we're going to go into round one of the plants with some help from Southwick a sham peevish rigour Joe, how sober ass not drunk us but so rest we need a milliner picks as well. It is action, packed mademoiselle, glue, mba talent, it's all come out. First, our friend
from project, I witness ran out its close to one o clock. The time on Thursday ran Marcello, who just state designed packages. We thought it would be fine, a whole lot of ship on I'm in sports re now, plus the full bob lapse on us. If we want to treat this like a radio show do. That is we need teases. If you should have written amount, you sheriff right considerable time, there's one where you want to stand out the department like ten years ago. We, like you, know what that guy says for seven or eight minutes. Isn't that great, but pocket the teases arts,
special crate Jesus, so I wasn't very good at ease in the beginning, and I was told about my teases, where Isaac was never going to work out for me here. So it's tough like coming up, I'm going to tell you why the patriots might not be done right after right or my own. My fair ones is why an Ex Viking maybe be making his way back to New England and you're. Like oh, my random us again, like oh Jake, red jacket, the tough Jake reward and great. But I was even if our insightful upon a second davidson passed away yesterday. It was a terrible way to start the new year, fear a basketball fan and somebody who's been in our lives, pretty much the entire time we ve like the NBA at a complicated relationship and on which I don't we can talk about that little bit, but it struck me. A couple think struck me immediately one. I was surprised that he died and I mean In a way of working
this thing happen, and it seem really bad brain hemorrhage. Looking good he's not going any better like I'd still staring know, he's gonna make it it felt like there was this resiliency about that guy that I felt like even to the bitter end, he was going to beat whatever happened to him, but. He was really the dad of the NBA and I was reading a lot of the pieces that people wrote in a lot of them. Much different, thinner jurors, where everybody has like their personal story and that everything was centre and that now that part of that might be just that's where we are this It was a lot of it is narcissistic and through that lands, but he had such a powerful impact on people who passed. You know who Bristol, and I think he's one of those rare guys that the first time you First time you met him, you acts indelibly remember. I know I do I think, that all players on my first was when I was
to go, see him in his office, I'd probably met him for a handshake. Everybody actually did and he been magazine column about going. See him going to his office and sitting down and talking to intervene and miss prepackaged, two thousand sex, I remember everything about that day. It was a really big day. For me. I wasn't just because it was a good cause for me to have, but it was like a volume meeting, the abuse dad and so that was the first thing. He knew you, obviously, that boy become a voice. I had had a column and they knew is probably smart for him to give me some time and get it get in that way low bet, but that the point the adjoining. Into that, did you saw him attorney you dumb theories idle. I I openly made fun of em. About the add the ping pong ball said, the necks of my key was ready for any had like a stark eastern come back, but the the parallel point. Which I think is almost more important in a word way. He remembers We think that there are you remembered everything the thing that happened in the NBA
basically dating back to an old, late sixties cassettes when he started to get about this a lawyer. He was this resource, this encyclopedia for every relevant thing that happened after Bill Russell basically, You could go to him and he had Exxon recall. He was probably involved in whatever the situation was he probably interacted with whoever the player the coach he had. The idea of a merger. He did all the Kathy, all right about the last two days with when she took over one thousand nine hundred and eighty four, but he also was really running the league when Lawrence O'Brien was the commissioner and was a train wreck and his His fingers are just everywhere for sixty years, but more importantly member of it- and I don't know The person is now It was the last thinking now we're starting to see low Bob coups he's. Ninety Tommy hides is in his lady eighties, Oscar Bill Russell Elgin, this whole errors is, unfortunately, not gonna, be around ten years from now and
we're losing something- and I was in that state yesterday was that this was the guy who remembered everything. That's happened. I, for the first time I talked to him was ass, like the dumb question number of somebody died. How does it affect Sauer cap and he was like any answers that he says of the producer after was like. That was one of the dumbest things ever grain producers. He thinks you're. An idiot yeah has again ok and dinner honestly to be fair. I probably wasn't idiot back then, and not really knowing and improved upon it, but he he's never going to let you know. I know. Everybody's kind of like a contest was most profound thing. I can say after somebody passes yeah, and I also think that in not just me being older, but I dont think twenty four hours after is when you start saying, cares the seven things that, unlike about David stern me somebody just passed away. You know but he was able to do in his right arm about with mechanical bit in that anybody they become the commission of anything anymore. It's a title in your answering it
people like what are you really in charge of a guy? Don't I don't feel like Roderick Adele's in charge of the NFL. I need the owners for years have not care about public perception at all, and I think Adele's taken excuse from them a little bit on that they've they've become more reclusive igari. You don't like us, we're just sick of eating all the headlines, and I can also understand how you could do that. You guys going to write another bad story about the NFL. Okay, whatever will see you on Sunday, where is It felt like the owners, even though they are cutting his pay check. They still have answered him either word for you I think I just thought that way too. Oh, he generally felt that, and I just I find that to be impossible now for anybody. It becomes a commissioner of a conference and certainly a sports lake. I dont think this this group of own as with the money that they put in organ lets me now that takes the job. Without thirty forty years of equity, they're, not gonna, feel I they have answer them. More stern, and the last name is fitting. Is anybody in the public eye? He just he was gonna. Let you do something he thought was badly
even if you are paying a salary in that it is impossible to me to be repeated, use. Explain why his influence eroded road it over the course of last decade. Perfect yeah, because when he took over in the eighties. It's the owners are just a bunch of jackasses. For the most part, you might have three smart woods. You had the Doktor Jerry Bus, maybe to others Most of them are like TED, deep in thought. Sterling like they're, just dumb ass is who bought into a team, because it would seem like a good place to put their money. Eighty million he's gonna their trading first round pigs, he's gotta, put these rules in place, justice these areas from themselves and then, as it goes into this decade, maybe you think of the star. The decade lay think of the guys who, on the South ex before though it grows, backpack LUCA Combo was gas that outside there and he was terrible they would be glad to hear it out of the team was right. There was later cases the number you allowed to spend if you spend a dollar over its community or populated shouted at things, only prevent Baker who everybody knew as an alcoholic, because
save them a mind hours and the seller. Cabin got them under the luxury tax or whenever was n, it was just those were the owners, but I think over this last decade that this decade, molasses get your rises above. You wait arrived in the end. These new owners are leg. Fuck em, I listen to this guy and actually might be smarter than this guy I've made by many. This were made my money in TAT. I did whatever, and there is a real power balance. I thought swing back and forth those five years that he was there where they were just gonna like they are started gravitate towards Adam Adams. Younger Adam understood their world better. He just was just gotta and stern was more the while back. My day. This is how we did it. He mounted, little bit, but not enough. I don't feel like those less five six years. He also made some pretty big mistakes, the last five six years and adds a bad things on the red men. I think that coward, how people remembered the editor tenure he deftly
I'd, say that, but I thought bodies data gathered at such an impossible things to give up to exactly how many years in a row Zack that guy retiring and I think ceiling- is a terrible commissioner ceiling gave teams to guys that he liked no question in it when you really dig into some the subject of the idea that Frank Mccord could happen in baseball. Is really damning facility, you're silly says he's going to give the job, but remember how many years was going to give it up. Then you start to realize hey. Maybe he doesn't want to give up like fifteen million a year and he's a guy, that's in charge of baseball and the more you start looking into some of those transactions for ownership. The more I think it's disappointing about what Selig was stirring would have never done. Those things turn was going to let franchise transactions happen where he felt like it was a chance for the league to grow, and not only locally but internationally, then he always had he had the two blueprints for him were
how do we saw the mostly black player base to must avoid fence and they figured that out over the course of the eighties, where that became lesson of an issue. But that was the issue that he took over those with the networks or value. They were saying we we can't really saw your league, that's it doesn't appealed to the Broad Foundation Stearns. I know you're wrong, like fight the battle with any one. But then, as it, and into this decade last gate and then lady into this decade and he's just think in international international international. How do we get bigger? How do we grow with the digital? You go back and some of stuff. I didn't really with them, and sex he's really enamoured with Digital he's talk about then under the streaming in that steps coming, but they know that the world's gonna change- and this is there one advantage over the NFL. Is that their wired into this- and this is why Adams overs, due in the Tec Summit and
that's what's going on. Oh seven hundred and eight they're, just trying to think smarter than the NFL are measuring themselves against the NFL. How could we beat these guys? How do you beat him? Well, NFL's old school old money, old people trying to keep things the way they were. We can beat them by. The backs the problem as he's pretty ordered that point, and I think he probably lucked out a little bit have an atom. You know as like his lieutenant. What a great assistant commissioner, we ve seen him now is. The real commissioner has been amazing. But I think that the changing of the owners probably doom the last five six years for him, because I think that was the first class, a boner that came in those who say that intimidated by you can I just spent two billion yet you know, or I spent a billion euro area the employer S. Five five hundred men link up what would be penalised for you see everything we are right in everybody laughed at him out loud people laughed at work and his group when they bought their like you, pay
three hundred million for the Celtic sooner even on the building. What's wrong with you guys and in every single ivy station, every one of those guys is crushed it all away because again it's all live rights of states, not necessarily just about a player. It's not about a smart owner. It's not even about a commissioner. It's about technology changed the way people watch TV. What's important. Sports are important. I don't know Antonov that bubbles coming because, even though you It supports ratings declining you, ok, but if this is still the best option for my ad revenue, if everything's decline, meaning because of new media, then wouldn't still we valuable and all those things. So I don't just microphone. Here's the thing with that, whatever ready to use that same, whose team right now name innovating, that's like, notably for sale, the only one that I Cortland, maybe I think the pelican things. Something eventually will happen with the pelicans. Ok, I do, but I don't know when sets one and a half hours
thirty right and then, when the Sea ba comes up all the teams that are losing money, that art for sale at the smartest guys in the room or buying up these teams one because its it's that there was it. Was it Ratner with the nets originally who talked about owning a team site? You know, there's no price you can put on it because I have this team very young, yet it's the painting that you want already come your house and look at so what is it we rely on their money back I've, never gonna, right off everything. Ninety different ways. I think you know it took a while for people to realise that I think there was a moment in oh nine. Two thousand ten. There is problematic teams for sale on point was right after Seattle had fled to ok, see where the league was in Fox. I remember I wrote multiple coms about it, like something's happening here. It is going down there having trouble basis.
Take a revenue and what they didn't realize was the internet was coming and screaming was going to. You know, do a whole bunch of stuff for them, but it was a league. I would say at the end of the last: get a crisis is too strong word, but its camera donnay. It's coming up, outgoing ok seeds declining attendance, who is you know the next wave coming out of that cobia cagey Duncan is there could be a next class to replace those guys was really just leubronn. That's it and then you think by two thousand eleven. It really started a flip. Once I made that deal with you, look at the position itself it's never gonna be in it. I get some point, Adam Silver, it the fact that has been this long. And this is a long honeymoon. Now we're talkin was almost five years now with silver. More yes, and half year actually having the title they'll be moments. The refusing a women is he not being as pro player? Now I mean silver is incredibly pro player. I think politically stew,
and was more aligned with the players, his beliefs on the way a country should be going, but he also had to be somebody of those that was punishing people all the time, and it was almost this combination of like fee and the fact that, after the donkey thing, he was so determined go this is isolated. Rogue incident or even bother looking into the rest of it right. The way he went at Seattle were really. It was kind of a middle finger to any future city. That's like if you're not gonna, help out. If you're not going to help, again some towards a new arena. That's good for the city to this is what's going to happen and you look like a walkie arena deal after the Seattle deal doesn't go through our Mehta. Oh my God, Sacramento tat like how hooked up they got so he had to be tough, he had to be confident some people regard era, and I don't know how you could do the position any other wake as it wasn't there to be done likeable, but even with Mister
it's impossible to not make mistakes along the way. I don't know that anybody would ever argue like. He was a you can't. I mean it's not debatable. He was great in this role. I think the first So the first fifteen years when you, commissioner, and then you date back to the five years before he became commissioner when he was really in the leg sore like eighty two, eighty three, eighty, like seventy nine to ninety nine he's unbelievable its honestly though when the most influential commissioner job anyone's dine at it. I don't know how to compare the results best twenty years, but I think in the area this case. Alot of that stuff is just naturally happening anyway. Wags people just love watching football. You know in undertaken events that I think it's I did a footballer this last decade with are those in the two thousands cause the officiating, which was a real power, for years and years and years and really wasn't until Donnay until the latter part of the decade that they fixed it. I think this
I don't think I've never got an adequate explanation on that, and I thought that the thing leading to a lock out and eleven and the fact that we almost lost that season coming off in autumn two thousand and eleven season tat would have been the worst thing for his legacy Betty. Through that in that's where he is answering to the owners right. This is a dizzily wars. DE seven percent of the revenue went to the players, DE seven, he won't needed to fifty in it out and he got it there and he got up to fifty and you don't wanna revenue share because the smaller markets- remember that I somehow five Casper them, which I only remember. I thought I would again like to buy the to them into those lemon and in one of them- did you mail it anymore Mary? No, I tried have in that. As a liberal, I asked them. You know why point revenue shadow, get it. Why not just put teams in the best cities that are most equipped to sport, basketball, team? Why why?
New York, LA and golden state in these cities have to pay for the Oklahoma Cities in Cleveland And he had a really alkaline answer to any really passionately believe like. We can't think that way. If we want, lot of in all these different cities and that's the same reason. They never really totally changed draft the draft award to mostly incompetent teams right most incompetent teams are using from smaller markets. And if you look at the draft over and over again, it's it's the small market teams that always end up with the Kevin Durant you know desire. Thy waves in New Orleans. I show that the Chadian three Davis small marketing their number pig. He was always very just worried for those markets which I think was admirable. I think that was a good quality. It doesn't explained the Seattle in there and that's the thing with when I look at his legacy, they're just things I just don't get it why he waited so long, Fixy officiating, I dont, get why care about the Seattle thing in little things like that, but that's nit picking, because the guy was so great. We held him so this higher standard
Fidel I'd. I just assume is gonna, be terrible right, we'll Gazelle inherited something that was already ready to go and honestly posts taboo where taboo God, I don't know how you get thirty two owners to agree to a deal. Were the players getting sixty percent, the revenues led her forehead, and so that's, why went Agri was, after all, fame. Stop people are saying, there's something owners. I hate him for force member was it Wilson, the owner of the bill now is there are getting. It will have been a member of their only hey. How do you feel about the new CBS? I gotta, even though we just did you like didn't you just vote on this year. I have no idea, we just said yeah, I guess- and I would never ever with stern and Adele comes in immediately and everybody liked him the beginning right. Central casting linebacker hearts, gravel background in turn. The office's you light will now I'm in his hand, getting down on people that have had an easy I've growing up a hard life, radically, always respect the people look at, but I'm gonna hold it against somebody if you're from Fairfield Count
like a shadow whatever and Adele is much like dammit, the president, the essay we're ok, so, no matter what I do. I just need a rift. I'm just gonna talk less than he is going to you let some stern never did that. I don't feel like he ever did now. It is available there. A lot of the stories. Last twenty four hours were just people who Howard back, like his second year work of daily Daily NEWS, the phone rings and tat and its David stern cause. He had asked for Madame and then Sturgis caused them stern was really. That was a big part of our part of my relationship with them. When we started, you know different media stuff. I felt like I could com I remember one time as working to my book and ours trying to figure out the cable tv stuff in early eighties. Burn stones, but very magnanimous about the hall. I didn't the NBA Bird a magic
ray they really safety. There was really cable tv is what saved it because nobody could see our games starting in eighty one. You could see it on USA, any European as I would say, the NBA, people being able to watch the NBA. That's the it's the actual answer, but I was trying to figure out the Mackay some other deals and they're just wasn't it. Info on it. So I emailed- and I said- egg I'm workin this basketball book, that I told you about I'd, love to just talk to you about it. I need to know about this early eighties, baby stuff and I want. I have a couple questions about. The abs merger in seventy six like two hours later and I'm in my back yard and I'm just pacing any Just tell me all the stuff. But he can remember everything Zoe now you know in USA they were paying us eleven point, one million we need to remember. The figures were But here it is rather off like he had in front of him, but the thing is it was in his head in
This goes to everything and he was like this resource and I say so calm and sea area just amazing. They get a call from him from somebody who's that smart and just remembered everything one. Times where I went, ok, there's there's just music measure. The NBA you gonna go in expecting to be impressed is ass. Funny when you go into some sort of thing in this person has a title and deny video. So they are, then you walk away going on my god. That was a very impressive gets, always blows my mind, yeah that when you come across some really like that that Catholic a big deal in Attica, billionaire Mary. What but stern remember very early on workers is p and it was the start of my or suspension stepping out into the core. You know that was the rule when snatched at his head cut open the bullshit play at the end of the play of game and
Dan Patrick have the afternoon slot of ESPN radio and he was kind of railing against all the rules, stupid and stern called in right, and it was, it was really cool because want it was David calls in. I don't know if he was, Dorothy heard something down. It's would call in rights. I generally think it was in there. Was going Adam and Dan would always be kind of funny Billig. Mr Commissioner, Mr Commissioner, you know right and though the goat, the thing I was that was good and you ve had. This too, is like when you get to a certain level as the guiding the interviewer like people want a share more with you, because I know you're a big deal right. I ask colleagues to Howard stern thing again. Dan and David Sternward. We're just disagree. You know the intent, what it is, what the rules mean, the grey area in all the stuff in Stearns, like you, are an appeal, in former Dan that why I am taking the time to come here and he was really combative, but it was a combative it was, just really impressive, that
was. I I'm calling you because I think you're wrong and because I think you're wrong and you have this you have this platform of his radio show I'm innocent, You straight. And that's the only reason I'm doing this right now, because I feel like your voice is almost like toxic and I felt like he was. He always felt like he was winning. That too, now is not to think he wanted every one of those interactions, even if one I disagree with them, and maybe just so good and. I think there is something to be learned from when you are in power and its really important, and you have to make sure like you're getting your message across. You almost have to be defiant. I did said five. I listen to the last when I did yesterday with them, because the first couple, pods Eddie rhythm, you use your defence ease them. Ass to his ear. This guy would have been one of the great attorneys about time. If you just kept doing that is set to become the big MR instead he's gonna whose every misstep against you every vocal whatever you just have to be its up your game and active
like, and I remember feeling that way when it happened, we did a widow. Was I've August to those eleven. Now I'm telling my own story, but David start, but is but it's it's. The bigger point is. It felt like. I shall allow I, when it really strong at my head. I'm gonna hit em on these three things: I'm not letting him off. You're like a really went into. It was either Chris things. You are illegally Chris well That was when he turned on me the Chris I decided it was his Waterloo this was in August and we're going back and forth- and I had I knew I guess how he would answer certain things and I had questions fir wood, where I thought his answer is gonna go and we we just kind of
box for an hour and I felt like I held Bionopsis so proud of myself out girls. I almost like a video game where you like. I just played the best person at this video game and I didn't like it my aspect because it at that point it seemed like the season was gonna get cancel, would add. I wrote a piece after he bit o the Chris Paul trade. That was probably too hard. I oughta. Hard at the time. I I think it's probably one of the five coms. I would do everything he never forgive me for it. We ve. Never the same. Did you talk we talk, but it was never the same. I think he felt like I went too far. Maybe I did. I went back and read it and you know he they were the league own, the New Orleans franchise, like that was insane that they did, that their trading with other teams, and they all the way that was handled was egregious. It was really bad. I
I believe the other owners just because the fear of others can be Dwight hours can be. Chris Paul can become like this is, but it's just I mean I think, I'm the owners are no different, fans. They really are like the early rising your vanity they're, getting it really nasty about, but the uniqueness, which I thought always seem to be lost historically on. That was that you right because they did collectively own it. Stern could go ahead and decided not do the deal so there. Up being really stupid, is that for years, every trade after the fact, during a veto this one too, I close, it was about of cats nets. Trade right shut up, you know, and then helicopters end up with the number one pick, and I remember Rome asking him being laid off the fixes in you know what he was doing it to get a reaction at a stern and sinister and came back heart, but I thought Stern was right. He should come back hard, but even if you thought that His stern giving and all the other owners, which I know you do believe the uniqueness-
the team being own that way allowed him to do something he can just randomly do a bunch of other times. I got it since I was doing the draft his last draft when is again the nets fans on and stuff yeah, I remember being in the building for it, and I saw him before then the draft yet and we can he had in has gone anyway, gave me that look like your dad would give you when you're in high school in your parents are going way for the night and they give you that. Look like you, ve been party. I'm an absolute kill, you I will come almost strangle, you became like is behave yourself. Telecast like one of those just kind of it Can a lady, like don't fuck with me on this topic as but didn't say that said, with a smile, and that was like this shit. He did. He was Like a larger than life guy, he really was in and I think we have them to such a high standard in Gaza
disappointed with him in certain things, because he was the best at this- you know he was the smartest guy cared about the way the most. He really did. I really feel like cared about the NBA more than anything, who owned it workfare? Whatever lucky really felt invested, he felt like you, save the leg he got. It The pointed society really cared about its well being so well, he got drunk with power, the last ten twelve years up for debate. I certainly wouldn't I wouldn't be against the argument, but I do think it came from a decent so I will take a break out to set workers more. Do you want it is for this year. I guess of their bill Simians and David Stern, but come up next summer, Bugger hills the biggest upsetting the history New England, but I, is going to happen in the wild card
and now it's for those states, farms safe, better the weak, the team. You can count on. That's right, I said if you're fumbling, with insurance Dave Farm agents, are here to help with over nineteen thousand agents, their local EU and available to help with you connect in person by phone or through the state. Our mobile app agents are here to help go the warmth coverage an agent's? You can count on. You know I count on in this football playoffs as we as we hadn't around one here, if they're not playing this weekend, I think the four there's a really really good. I've been impressed by them over and over and over again with the accent that. Weird outline, alas, where I think that there is some trap, some trap game potential for them because they had the rams in the Seahawks the last two weeks now at last, three times they love to see out on over time. In a game they easily could one they lost at Baltimore, weak thirteen
and a super weird, whether game that I didn't really learn a lot from, and I think that those two teams played again be a completely different. And then they lost the dumb Atlanta game. This. Atta game. I thought, and we seventeen point now and out the resilience that they show they're showing again again to thing with them, as they've been in a lot of playoff games and I just like their team, I think they're, the fastest team. I like their scope position, guys I didn't take him, throw on third down to multiple receivers. George carers. Not only the best had ended the league right now, but one of the most dangerous play makers we have, I like that they can rotate running backs in I, just like the team. So I'm looking at how do you profit this from this from a Benning standpoint? Well, they are right now to win the super bowl, their three hundred and fifty. Pretty appetising see figure the second round there.
Plain the winner, probably of Seahawks versus Eagles chalk, that up, When then, the next round New Orleans Green Bay would be the Prob ly than their better, the both of those times. I don't love the puss three fifty, which is why I am looking girl unconvincing, Here you can bet on the Superbowl, I'm VP right now. You can bet Jimmy G at ninety one, and you can bet on it Words kiddo. The new grog grog to point out a fair to calm, grant to point out three so my advice as a safe bet would be. If you like the Niners, I think they are the safest bet to win the super bowl, but I really like those two. I, like Garoppolo Diet when and kiddo at thirty one there going to be favored if they make the super bowl or they'll, be like three point underdogs. You can go against it but said they play ball tomorrow in the Super Bowl Bet Lamar.
I know you're covered with all the envy peace and then you write it out. I think Jimmy would with Kiddo with Debo. And was sanders, he's got three guys that he knows he can go do and I think he can put up stats in all these plans gaps. So that is my stay for save better the weak, the team. I can count on its services, of forty nine or stay farm talk to an agency I want to talk pats. Nobody better talk about the at the big picture of the patriots. Sedgwick a sham senior, Senor writer, vs Pierre India was we. He wrote a piece to. Years ago after craft braided Grandpa trade, that I wrote it How to peace said I just thought it was wrong whatever and that's a mention coms. I regret earlier when we talked with David Stern, that's another when I regret cuz Seth was right. I take a huge l, and that was what was your take on that as I did
I just thought it was too far fetched that there is. But dissension and none of it had spilled out before but set was on it says set was wired in so I thought, oh, be funded. But the passing them set thou. I didn't leave a sailor. I appreciated your territory with a longer time. The time allotted the Patriot What you're, starting to realise twenty years a craft bow checked in craft. It's like what irish Catholic families, wherever he's fine on the surface, but then add the Yankee Swap on Christmas Eve. Just uncle came start screaming at Now, in a just, some shit starts Binational Coralie, her Yale, her God, where did this all come from and schuyler? How we feel in twenty years? In the reason we wanna talk to you, a reduced saint Malo, theirs it
This is it for Brady about act together on Saturday night. Do you feel like this could be it the air in the spine of my story back in two thousand and ten was about Tom feeling like that, you know. He'd they'd come off that incredible win over the falcon from a super bowl, and you know like that. He deserved a contract extension that in line with them, These want. You say that like drew breeze gap and that type of thing and whether from the patriots are somewhere out, he felt like that. He had done enough, but he deserved that and he wanted to be done with the patriot and he didn't get it and he didn't get it last year, any still haven't gotten. It and he did have another ankara around with it
contract every year and this year they gave him. You know a bit of a bomb, but they didn't give him that long term extension, and so I think I know I mean he set the thing up so that the confession that the patriot made was that they cannot be they free agent in March and unless something is done, I had a time he's free to go wherever he want, and that to me is fascinating. And it'll be amazing to see our played out. Ok, you know I'd like to do what kind of from there to now. What real and what is yea his eye. I could see it in I can also see him all coming back. You know I don't I don't know it's like. I want to be careful here in, like the amount of stuff that we have out, you can be less careful set, so feel free to be reckless okay, do you believe. I think bill, and I do that. The gravel of thing came down to Tom got sick of hearing about Europe. He went to craft in one of the few times in twenty years.
Crap overruled, Bela, check and said you know, get him out of here. And that's why bill trade in the way it did maybe not for as much as he did, but did it to hook up Jimmy and that's been start of a fracturing, maybe with bill Craft but Brady winning some sort of power play. Well, I ain't. No, I think you know Jimmy was billed guy and he drafted human two dozen fourteen for reason, and he was pretty transparent about it. You remember when, when Jimmy got traded member, they turn percent have been imprisoned entering the theatin with. However old Tom was at the time forty one, I think, ingenuous, backup and bill had told everybody, coaches. Anybody who wants to talk did he was not treating Jimmy,
and try to find him to an extension. It was weird because in a first about Jimmy, wanted to play, Tom had been playing bow and they share an agent, and so everything about it was odd, but you know: there's been some yo pushed back on earth and there has been some reporting that you know the patriot, didn't have a plan for Jimmy. They did have a plan. They didn't want to. Let him go. I don't think that Tom engineered this thing. I just think that, like at the end of the day, goes back into a corner and that's what you until he texted Carl Shady and one morning, and they helped on the phone? And you know he had a lot of respect for Kyle, not only because his dad MIKE was grey coach, who also stood up. Bill to Commissioner Roger get down in the middle spy gate and You know and offered him Jimmy for a second round her, and you know, within a day that deal was done and when, when Jimmy was treated me
You can go back and listen to the audio. You know Bill founded had, and it was a point that he didn't want apart ways with you about, like Jamie Count, them guys you who leave the patriot and they get kind of kicked on the way out I mean do went on and on and on about what a great person team player Jimmy was now happy. In that situation that I think we need Europe or came out with a report later the attacks to Jimmy after all, of the forty nine hours wing that yourself no special situation with him. I do think that, like begin with Tom, you know look if they won the Superbowl this year I think they're all going to come back, but Robert Kraft doesn't want Tom to play for another team, and I think Tom wants to really see what's out there. If they go early in the playoffs where he goes, I don't know, I think he has to go somewhere huge, and so I don't see him going to you know
So I see him going to be the only if you can consider would be places that are really big market. And were there's one there's one market that makes the most sense if he was actually going to leave, which I hope he doesn't but booby the allay chargers rate. They I mean, there's nothing really that they could do to be ready. In any way other than, signing Tom Brady for two years and making him the poster boy fur this move into the new stadium, and this comes down to what sports always comes down to. Sometimes you just worth a lot to one party, You know and if it's the chargers and there like, we can't sell seat licences, we have nobody who we have no jersey to sell nobody's by an Austin Edward Jerseys downtown allay. What can we do? What's the one move we can make, that would be a move. Tampa bays another one that you know. It's all conjectured. The question is: what are you getting at this point from what we seem from,
ok, so let me jump in there because I think, when I think about check we know is the greatest like any when you're that good, you, like all you ever get a good receivers like it. Doesn't that doesn't whinny the argument about Belichick being good or bad because they having drafted receivers but we also know that he's he's describes petty too, like massively those by some or some boiling in some fairly, the Niners traders, petty that I could got more for Jimmy was like you fuck. This get the second round of foreign. That's a and B Crass argument about the Jimmy Break up which I think is good but also conceals- maybe some of the other stars. I hey look. We couldn't afford both we can afford both the same position are like ok, well that on this if, as but that's just not what's been been roaming, and that's why? I think this whole conversations. Farmers like what do you think of all the things we ve heard, but do you think bill would be to the point where posts, Brady he'd want, approve some kind of point. In New England, or do you think the Brady garage
a thing and the fact that sounds like Antonio Brown is on the team anymore, because the craft in one among the team were bill was upset about it. Two ambrady was the idea about them are upsetting. You think that in plug in any holes, we think it could be off only the stuff that bill would motivated to try to prove something away from the crafts, because I don't I don't know how close, despite The twenty years of success with bill in the grass is, I don't know how much I love there is. There might be backed and adaptation for what they ve accomplished, but I dont think its is one big happy family either I'm gonna piggy back. For you at said, I think I'll check over and over again, as proven even though he is not considered this way because he's the guy who you know he sucks in every press conference and that's how people known they aid as a cabin Yes, he really does care about this stuff. There's been too belgic. Documentaries he's done. That, though, do job Series he'd participated data, films farm around. What five years ago, fur
behind the scenes for all year and then did this NFL top hundred show he's on there. Nine, our even HBO thing yeah he's here he's on the show is a studio guy for nine hours. It is amazing, I really think he does care about history, and then the question for me and my fear is a Pats van because I Brady is at the end of the line or close. I don't worry bout checks at the end of the line. I actually think he has You know, maybe eight nine years left. I would hate to see him. Look at this. You know I would be great for my legacy. If I took the giants to Super Bowl Dallas to a super bowl. If I took over the bears like the one of the two, Chronic teams can now be his last moved. You think, there's a world in which he leaves not after this year. I do think that there are committed to him
At the time when I was a story, you know there have been discussions at the highest levels about you know my things gotten so toxic that he was unsustainable and you know. I don't think that it's like that right now. I do think that in others there the vision that have to be made and that you know whether Tom was to resign or whether we want to go look around and in return you know, maybe come back. I just I don't know I think, with bill when it comes to his legacy I know that has been reported that he now as we want to prove that he could win without Tom and openly talked about it at something. I've never heard personally doesn't mean that a true, and I think that bill wants to walk. From the game, making sure that his two sons or set up well in the game in other both on the patriot staff- and I thank you so much pride in his work that he wants? The patriot set up long term to be successful,
when they go, you know like window Walter, tired and ensured C4 took over form. Bilbil was so pissed. He is. He really thought the Georgia, the bad coach and You know by turning things over to him. He thought they would fall off a cliff and then they went off and how they are the best gear that they had of that work. And he was so angry and bitter and upset the legacy had been lessened by George C4 success. I dont think politics exactly the same guy. Yeah. I never bought the whole succeed Brady thing. I think it's a fund there. I know I've talked about in this pod before and there sir, Ben moments? You know when, like couldn't Brady was suspended I think Belgic love the fact that even those games, I just think that dude one, when rinks any cares about the big picture of how he's gonna be remembered. Historically, that's
explanation for why is this? So I think that, though the point they're gonna hit with Brady is if he feels like Brady's done as a market quarterback. Would he be able to commence the crafts and move on dynamic so because I think Bob? Instead, you can speak to this. I think Bobby. Like I dont care terms, our guy. We can't you Tommy now, be it and then Then that becomes a staring at US how plays out and makes me nervous of this, makes me nervous, because the reason we, what have you in the first by stock- but this is because the tens are horrible match up for the patriots they're playing better. Stuff, they do is, is kryptonite toward the pats. Do they have a bunch of experts? kids, I e the recipe of how do the patriot, have a home upset is this game. Happening out or no, but the pattered. They look terrible,
The Miami game was embarrassing, Fitzpatrick had three. Seventy five year drives, Fitzpatrick goes down feel eighty yards down for four minutes left in Fox Bureau, like it's a farming, and I do I do wonder if this is this is gonna, be it weird. I mean it No, I mean I beat the game actually but suppose the snow. Would you like a weird cemetery in the very first class, Gabriel again the old Fox birthday, the Brady going out, he'll without worrying? In a word, a short? we ve just approved it like end of the cold war wasn't gonna get to urban. You know it's a beard again it just like a weird dynamic and I dont know I don't think they did, You know I think, can block the patriot, do their evaluation to their players and they are tough and people to want to believe them, but they believe that they are, they are hard their internal. Our delegation to players- are really hard on these guys, and you know I don't know,
How would like go to Robert and say you know? Tom is no one and I ll be player at this point. It doesn't matter to you no break you can leave. He they can offer him all the money in the world he can still. Yes, I do think that, like robert- and I think a lot of us goes back to the fire gave you remember in May, I think of twenty five ten was when, after the war, came out after the punishment was levied. You know people, angry and craft got up at the owners, meetings in and waved the white flag and except the penalty, yes, and that combined with the way the press conference held before the Superbowl were bill kind up at the thing and Tom slap you know it sure thing that in a combined with Jimmy in all those other, things came into play, and so you know, I think that when in Iraq
born Tom. He never want him to where another color the, but you know at the end of the day, getting him too the contract that they signed. He forfeited that the tray off was he forfeited the ability to keep him here, and I think Robert Kraft, you say what you want about him. I think that dude can close. I think it is hard to walk in his off and leave right, especially gonna, like the chargers yeah, you know, I'm go a deed span us, but then that I think it's it's almost importantly recap kind of all of this in that you can hear of millions. From things, and I think it's always important remind ourselves of this is that there can be something that can be free sure, but it doesn't mean that everybody these railway but I dont know if it is it's us trying to be in front of it. I don't know if it's feel like its fear that I'm still to pick knowing when at home in this game, but if they were home against Kansas City in the second round, I was gonna pick New England.
They re away, but I don't know I don't know if it's staring at us right now that this is over and the endings are never never good this way, unless it's Elway I was talking to my dad about on the phone this week. I said, and I hope on their own but it has the makings of the ninety ninety Celtics sorry to bring this to another Boston tea, but something next and eighty ninety, the big three it that great run in the eighties bird gets hurt hurts his back. He comes back there, still good they're, not quite as good. But everybody's Conaway for Firth kicking is it's the big three or they restock, However, we still have our guys they take the to nothing it's an x the next when the next to goes back to the garden for game. Five. All the signs are that the next hour younger- and you know that they have the matter in their favour using other stuff and despair. There was none. I wear the Celtics, we're fine we're in the garden they can't be. They can't beat us in the garden. And then they beat Us- and it was just
So when the bird era candid moved into something else- and I look at this game- and am I and is reminds me of that series where everyone is picking the pastor, picking it because of past performance and breeding. A check in twenty years of excellence. Nineteen years of excellence, whatever as nothing do what's up right now is this team that you know if at Joshua It's the title end in the back of the zone that games gone over time last week. They daily it lose to Miami who's got nothing to play, for. I still cannot believe you can get off the field, cutting it off the field that France like as anyone about energy at that point and then the other thing is, you know they really try to address this office and they spent, Sir I'm pick on Harry. They try the second round or for sinew they spend another
I ran out Sony Michel Satellite. They haven't tried to give em weapons. It is your mother, regular, they add, has really work. That part, though, like I, was reading different debates about the resources they have or haven't used in the receiving gay minutes ago. Cable they knew grog was leave. TAT when they were when they wanted. One that kills when he was threatening to retire, had been traded than you needed to come up with a better backup, planned and benefits and who I don't you think when it was peak, been Watson, IDA, he rated in trust him. The first I had I derived by rights, an aged thirty, eight two areas that I forget then walked and, like all its right, been Watson stolen, seems to theirs tight in these fields, a threat Devlin is lost but then you say: okay well, he's been a first round or an appeal harry. Will that felt like the first round were the Lee Dress, moron need than the NBA ever does yet sue was now. I don't know how you and of giving up a second round or for some new whose kind of nice agenda you'd better, get that guy who's, if you're not twelve tee fancy League for your land,
douse news available, daggers, that's a and then you go Gordon who it's not. Yeah, which is when he's gonna, get suspended and said there they tony around who you had just left: chaos behind yeah, twelve hours later Belgic signs. Actually a bad team deal on the brown contract based on the way the language was. So That's a lot of stuff, but everyone individually. Feel like this was the best you were going to come up for and on top of the fact that everyone around the league thinks that Brady has some sort of side deal, and so why is Brady? Have this group? Why is it always? Ok, we know really good and all these things, but that part of it was just amiss in and but they'd thing is they unlike o six words like Roget Caldwell on that whole crew and they just cheap doubt they actually did chiding. Use real assets to get him up and it didn't work. But they were all massive question, but did you learn as Adulator about em
suppose they there again Jared Cook, but then grog was holding them hostage. Then Jared Cook ended up signed with the saints and they had no. I mean it should be obvious to me in a debate on what they ve been so good at the past couple years. It's just having match a problem. I mean settlement is really you know, he's good ease, greater, creating space. Why, with a major problem and finally like drunk with like the biggest match, our problem in Vienna, felt and like Radie morphinists prime and you know any good block it now. You know they had all of ways to stay ahead of defensive and they did they don't have them any more. I mean now. That said, I mean there's still you, you still have to beat them and I mean I might be wrong with something like this weekend. It did they going to Kansas City. That means the hardest game. I think that would be harder than playing in Baltimore for them here, just because Kansas City so versatile, they can do so many different things. It's in Kansas at either
it is better ravens. I kind of like the playing a second year quarterback for this, in time and a year I don't know be recalled whether Lamar. What is it what's? Yours that's all right he's suck last year in the cold. Then the sherry, let me put upon him. I can only hope- and I would have liked the marshal for treatment already- would blow him up on every play so well. Is the feeling around the league Kaji. You ve been on the talks, the rich guy circles in the NFL. What is Feeling from afar watching it's going on and New England right now, because you know If you're gonna say man, this might be it it's like war, they its bingo, for twenty years. This is to have the same three people for two our decades will probably never happen again. Do not even just in football. We may that said I had ever happen in any other sport again. What is
feeling around the league watching him from afar, hoping that it's gonna blow up. I mean people like cautiously optimistic right. I mean you know the first, ten or so game of the year. I don't think anybody was soon back raid. The Baltimore game was obviously you know that the middle way yet? But you know the chief got out of it with a win. You know I mean people cautiously optimistic. I mean ethically defensible. Look if we come in We put a patriot and we play at our best. We can win and I don't think that's always been the case like I think there are with a k we gotta play our best Annie. I hope for three or four thing. Yet no Tom's off Rockets heard whatever it is, everyone's drop in the ball. You know, I think, there's a little better, that little flicker of hope, a bike. You know, I think you're right in Miami game of the different. What happened last week was different, like that, that's turban and moving them
so the Raven Semi Day amply I'd, not not like you said, couldn't couldn't get for Fitzpatrick off the field. He went right, build on and give more was really bad and again, oh, I think like that, gives people a little bit of a ray of hope. You know you look even I can give rams. I mean you know, weight felt who defend the patriot hard, but you know that you point: great the entire game until the last minute, and so can again. I think that people think they, the patriot, can be beaten, but in someone's gotta do it and I don't. I don't think it's gonna be Timothy. I like I like sets Aachen about the perils of the snow game. I got the snow game other people caught the tug Rogan, the snow man I gotta be called the stuck in my family, but the pair. That was also Saturday night.
Two thousand and nine. I think I was the lad, was Saturday December know all I think it was it I think it well, I don't you see there last Saturday in December there, Thursday, in your area but slutty loudly whatever was, I wasn't, Tretton and I remember just moved, but I but yes same thing and I say it tickets for that game. Snow was so bad. We decided to go and it's probably a number one sports fan ticket regret of my lifetime. Yes January nineteenth, two thousand and ten Oh, you know licences as he has a nine eleven and forget about that. You rent, so they did a cemetery their safe. You gonna, be writing about this. I don't know I mean not working on anything on the patriots about stir asking you know what you know: everyone I'm glad you came in New England. You know who knows, but in others nothing big that I'm working on Patriot wife question then, because your big franchise,
as guy owners movement. If their this, the end of Brady in, say: Bela check went somewhere else, would the patriots be back and play for Harvard too hard for it had dug tracks their backs? no more, they got Bruce Armstrong to them all Harvard Zurich Center. They d like a whole thing in a late. Ninety still ok like this is what this is. The first time I met Brady, it was carried out one we're both a year at a college? You know he appeared at that time. I think that, bill the starting job, it was posted. That's that brands law from blood. There was back and You don't do the story. I'm free of magazine, OECD out, meet at stake here and I never been a foxfire before I derive right, like. I didn't realize that was actually the stadia, the old hucks for a stadium. We need them like a talking shop and you know we're walking out and he looked at the time to what was on her
destruction and he looked at me was like manner how big it to play their one day and I'll. Never, for Well, can you imagine him saying hand I hope it's not. It says my my worst fears that two weeks from now, if they lose the Tennessee. Your writing your whole feature. Here's vibrate is leaving the patriots would be my worst case scenario to say you know if you're If you buy airlines on that I'll know, something went horribly wrong on Saturday night. Good luck, Thanks for coming out, it was a pleasure I studied at that. Have weaker sham. We have Peter Shredder, NFL networks catch the schedule coming up next, some rank him in the top three of best, looking people and good morning football, but before list A quick look at the scoreboard in California, Highschool basketball, ACE Charter taken on Harker were later tonight. Yep
solar, dad, got up against a sand, Lorenzo Valley, nice and Bobo off to a tough start bill to add I in turn over their foreign six, that's a six o clock, Tipp James lick! That's what she said taken Evergreen Valley, James Link afternoon. Seven start San Jose, hopefully not getting taken out beside the wood side. Tonight, Woodside after seven o star, said aunt em and get SAM a tale. Seven one gonna begets Oceana Oceana, Missin subdued from sources. I've talked do and then will finish off the night with wheat land at and show San Juan your eyes. Scores every twenty minutes right here on the bill, summits back ass, for a reason. Are the better on a great easy to use up when she, when up get swing. Jack said his I'm, but the best sports by the air enjoy the action and vandal sports bookmark as big as outlined sports book,
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gambler or in Indiana one eight hundred nine with it, and if you want Avalon, more gambling and said I would encourage you check out against all odds with Cousin South where they broke down the ladder. The football step this way too let's bring in Peter Schwaiger, I will talk about around one. We're gonna make Picks at the tail end of this package ran out Peters rigour from good morning football and he pops on all these different fox talk ass. Her you work in this regard. Now the army fell. Kick off, show the one before the actual brigades show. On Sunday How do you know I like better? I watch it Thank you. Here's a coward, and I both know him well counter, though drooping wanted for right He comes in the first ten minutes. She's gonna come in hot on something Everybody knows he's.
Want some sort of Anglo he's coming back, Heinz or alibi for what are you most excited about for around one go into. The tyrant. Patriot gave no much injury in this thing. And I did a on a couch and slipping and just watch our game for all. Grander, whether gold one When is the end of the dynasty or other way where it's like shut, everyone shut the hell up, we're not dead, yet I can't wait either way. What do you eat on so I did the sideline, weeks ago, chattered again build versus patriot on Thursday we got to sit with Bela check Ambrady for like an hour. Each and unfair production meeting and ask him any question and Brady was fantastic. Brady. Sadly, no we're not
you're never gonna knock at our meeting of fifteen round to grant the drag our bloody ass out of the ring to beat us, and, unlike writer, a wall and one thing he said I was like you know if we leave Miami let me do it by we get Europe. Then we the girl in a own game. Usual Saturday, night division around against anybody I'll take us all against anybody one game, elimination, somewhere else, and I trust, doesn't following our debate, you don't you Mola Grady is locked in a man we outlined that? I know you can sell, talked about for a long time. I'd like you to be most preposterous Your last time I have ever seen in my ear the watching over until now completely torn and others wording for the patriot alone. The go on GM having to go into Baltimore or into Gander city like you know, we'd love to write them. If they are not daddy, I can't move to an ill and the tight begin. Embowered we may have to go to both places.
May I don T, see them Baltimore and then, ironically end up in Miami, though Hausa hires firm forever. I interrupt herself. How does they stand? Hill thing happen because of you but the season have not Remember, tells the most accurate story, but I know that's, like he's been really good. The best he's ever played or the bessys overlook, even though you go back and look at just the raw stats from the Miami years. You'll look back at those who go ago. Was he better than I thought and then its like? I live in a moment. Remember how frustrating it was. The numbers are. These numbers are misleading that way. So what happened here with Anna Hell? That's given them kind of this. This balanced offsets. I go back his draft budget so long ago, and everyone and guide the next great anything backed by playing one season in college quarterback like scouts, we're doing, Joe Marine, can Eldred letter to determine outsmarting wasn t the Antonia did.
Basketball arrangement badger going to sour, though it all right, Genoa, Prima, like this, he had at all and that have been worked out. My army, but everything what are they nights ago in September October, they will lose with to the jaguars in the rain and one of the worst games propaganda. Replayed up what banana well, but on himself, which I always liked you ve got a pig in a one, you'd be or the kind of guy who I believe I can get a garden gate and then the most prepared call back in the buildings into got there, an old guy, the bully ring. I built a little play against achieved, worry armed over two guys in took it, and they wanted to end on a new spike in the border. Would like They know that APL issues. I am ready to jump over dude in risk at all and do that late on the line and Egypt them all believing it sometimes whether it be next balls arrange an ill or job I go in those years, it doesn't matter about the statutory demonstrated, in principle. I am a world leader give you more than I am I
the moment delivered and yet having their own born is weak. Seventeen when omega petrol back up a little bit out of proportion, areas under the title, better than it was. Then I am, I show you I again or that the board meeting you're gonna try and punish incredible dream yeah, but they walked to the shameful. We can only welcome the section three weeks ago, so I dont see them. I've seen that gonna make this miracle run. No there there can riband out, though in fifteen weak fifteen and sixteen That will be. The only counter I was stunned, I was doing my research trying to figure out who to bet on this again after weeks six, so we six were more than one third of the way through the season they were twenty nine. Indeed the away offensively, certainly Three teams worse off sensibly, Mario, was that bad. Whenever he is, he really, you watch games and you know against the browns, like they'd hit on a play where a lot of the yard was after the catch
an you gonna today they heard the forty one points in that week, one and they were so no one united right. Where do you think they finished? Forty sixth officer waited offensive deviant now they were sixty pensively a dvd and waited their fifth. So in eleven weeks he took them from twenty nine, the sex and then look at all the Baltimore Defensive numbers because they were bad writers, and then you look, I'm argues, Peters Trade and then you d think, like Derek, Rene, J Brown or the two best position guys in this game. By far right, you do fantasy draft javelins tolerate in tablets, Maybe you take Elandon Roberts. I don't know, I don't know Henry. You is probably healthy those scariest running back in the league other than sake. Why we re here That's very render bags right now for one play: a game, sugar.
Their general number. One probably go dolphin coquetries healthy number, two, the reality marking a legal gap is all right. Mother, my theory, my would you pay if sake one was in the plan. Would you have him over three of those guys? how do you guys? I'm great big, Linda Mccaffrey, remain the camera pages. My guy frantic kitchens, the only guy who could start their job I'll kill. Anyone was suspended. The first four we misguide John Smith, didn't show up until about a year ago now tremendous please don't do anything like it. Automobiles and I don't know and all the coordinators in the cultural and intellectual tracking guy Arthur Smith and build Italian, like time regime as of today the wine coast and the tight and could not afford takes gig in Green Bay, and he gets elevated ever gonna like shrugging his shoulders. I really Arthur's letting you see him
Saturday night does not look like you didn't go after all young, often coordinated, four year old, guy or Thurston takes it doing things that are really creative energy guideline embody type. Normal for the internet. Can we should not be doing this and today than about that, but I do think that a throwback and, of course you, John John used, the back here like this we created and not in the Mcglade Kyle sharing and we're gonna go where they clearly jet motions. We wake creating about. You lack well and their Kafka match up again because they're, so big there's some technical, Social Aquatic near where you Buffalo Houston, or do you understand now, I'm die. I can't talk about the past stains game anymore, I'm so with it. I'm Wayne this waiting to the cabin and it never as well. I mean taught at least most of these things. That's the end. This isn't he
This was to end so many years ago. It's and it didn't its ready like ten years passed when it should ended. I we're doing the first lay ice love? Doing this segment, I still do it every now and then with MBA players. I ll give you an overly Chris Paul half array overall view of the right off one point I would like our we were due in two and a half organic. Right now. It's ease ass guy Leubronn the interesting it like one. Ok, I think we did it with Brady in two thousand and eleven like: will this be the early more than zero point? Five I am anymore Superboss will even get to after this giants won so what they it's the tray on over under half Jazeera, half half a Woodstock God, the other I for a second Texans bills. I hate this game, I dont I'm programme does not gambling on it because he's didn't we we'll versus used it without will for it's like it's a check on hide
you bet on Houston and you have wilful fuller for quarters and then it gets hurt and oh god, I'm fact that will follow and I just filled. The stairway which are taken this gap, Are the better to have any faith in the text and right when they be? HIV Aids alludes to the bronco that all are right when they beat the chief Kyle, Alan and the Panthers at home in a lost they're so so hard to the gate. What virgin you're gonna get and you I thought you might like attention Burger classic every Saturday wildcard weekend, you're getting a game. Here in autumn it. Well, around. I can't get mine actions in a big part, because so many times I haven't this doesn t they're not gonna. Let it be done, then I'm gonna be themselves you're gonna, be like the patriot incredible way that they want a game and even Josh Outer shouted, the unearthing all from the eight your life. I just don't even Buffalo dream being scared, and I got
and opened an early hour coach than this one. I think Buffalo greater will actually when we, Did Debbie Ursela Buffaloes, ninth she's since twenty third Usin stats, our tear like going into that New England game in looking the fact in New England move the football against a team. I think they ve got one of their corners back, but the air. Like I love. Whenever that happens, a team is terrible defensively. They get one corner. And have a good game in the guise of Brazil. Are you kidding Steve Jones Yak he's there he's there dime trailing. There really think that the best endeavours at twenty points again a fucking corner round. Sorry to be so like put it just how right every single week I still as is I'm I'm a little lost on this one, but I'm not when Josh are on the road so that the triggered Manifesto Alan he may and forever and listen to most of the time, taking Josh out in this game, violates the manifesto, and is this and then there would happen in New England right there
dead even with knowing, when you are on the sidelines, for that game triggered Josh Alan. He made that one incredible fertile brown for the touchstone, but game came down to that throat, Dawson Knox, any just sail, didn T like the Rogue one and he's gonna have a moment like that in this eastern thing, in my fear, you bet Buffalo, you take the two and a half like this. Is I think they can win and then at some point that three hours you're looking at it going I have just outlined, and I'm betting against shown Watson. This no way. Yeah diamond you just summed it up right there, the getting lot back, fuller game time, which means you probably is playing I would even say that kind of thing, but this about loving used. I liked buffaloes defence better used in evanescent yet available
I just worry about them being able to move bond then Josh out he has so they have had. They played five gate. Five good teams, five coral quote by of teams, ratified the pats twice they put Philly. They pretend to see the put Baltimore and the bills. Fourteen point points again so what's a realistic point or for them right it somewhere between fourteen and twenty, used in. They have a way of just that. You think that there are some that are the three play drive and they just scored debts They belong a higher degree of being under twenty for the game, Houston That's not a huge actually knows. Madam guy, this tree, why is incredible? Cancel out beyond her up in the Amazon had shown wanton with trafficking
the other part Josh out like we did their game and let me with empty when all this that I know em all drivers who spoke to Josh Alan installed, but yeah with one of those killed or like, like I grew up on a candle of farm in California. I went to Wyoming now mean that Britain and I felt, like it fade out. Then we face at some point two years on going to Pittsburgh playing renegade, like everyone go nuts with terrible gallop, drive them down. Eighty are discordant, auto shop, everyone, but I don't think p down your legs out. There were Josh Islanders because he this export done swinging big, all brown Dude whose come from a small town and already in the other guy like if Malaga she suddenly away do reliance baby, I'm on a Saturday night. I don't think it's kind. Unfortunately he is not that accurate yonder even talking about. I just want accuracy and apply Afghan just like, furthermore, whenever they don't want, I think it's a stay away. Intestine towards doing this game right,
factors into the line, a book ever about catalogues, because This Josh Alan knows his way around a cantaloupe like few guys in the leg spreading it is getting. That is how soon our food and I go to the bank Reich, come back and choose the Inverse Buffalo. Oh my god like I'd like quarter, or do we wait a little bit out a commercial like encoded, I still don't understand why they're not the oilers like what happened there? the tax havens and why they just didn't circle back and be like wait a second. What do we do it? The others in Houston Oilers is such a cool name, which is which go back I want to make similar uniform, yeah amazing. I taught me tat the oil industry, though Rockefeller Let us start in that Pennsylvania area which never is brought up. Historically, when you talk about domestic oil production, ETA, see said
Vikings, I'm still feels a little higher to me. It's eight points and cousins the whole primetime thing everybody throws out. I certainly don't love betting on him. A nationally televised games, but cookies back don't get some form of veal and right will be like seventy five. Eighty percent of violent they'll be out there they'll be able to move the ball. Sir, look at it. When I look at a line, that's over touchdown, I look at it too. Is one do I think you can win we like shocked of Minnesota one in it too. Could get a garbage tv late. When it be shy, if they're down fourteen and cousins got you know a touchdown with ninety seconds, left in the clock, or an ever more important leg, seats as a home play after him. I think we have this this sense of them. In our heads as this team I ordered the O. Nine run right, whereas I doubt nobody nobody could be
put it down, they just rob everybody there. Three home games. They lost the rams by three in the class they beat Philly by sex and they be Carolina by five. It's in the really having had a lotta home flash games. Even this decade, blood. Dad was forty five twenty eight overnight like seven years ago they lie two important alignment on the flip side there playing really well anything, out of people are just pencil in them in what's the case for the Vikings here Asian and Viking, Michael Cramer, known shanty into their own part, belgian staff in Dallas. This team, at being came two years ago and Odin Minneapolis Miracle, but the court making quarterback aside not go there and then not scared of down there not scared own drew rein, Maybe maybe God before shop? That's your arguments This could be one allows an guys come in
at one at one point five eastern on Sunday, but it couldn't be twenty one. And fainted away, we go before we can get out of bed. It could be one alone which for decades they show that place. So, wrapped up in a light the common in a drag, I'd or images. We shouldn't be a wildcard team Carl round came when thirteen three My my I wouldn't be shocked. Secondly, the wayward slugger or torn alone we're just a runaway train early. Would you think Risa? I hate to make this? simple again, but even though the stats, but if you want to cut off the beginning of the year and then go from cousins the rest of the way he was incredible. But the problem is, we saw the Green Bay Game a lot of assigning were watching the Seattle game. Another green begging was one of those games and you just go. You know what I'm not telling you socks, I just I don't. I don't really trust them. Trust him against New Orleans is Chris Long Trust think he's the last guy your treasure Chris Long, like some
he, like he's an unpleasant fry. He always comes up on your part in the vote. Feels like a little bit, though cuz it's something I touched on today with the bulls where, the Assisi love as pissed off summit other corners of the country that they're so sick of it when it still accurate the SEC conference, maybe not by the margins that we had no ten years ago, unlike it is, but now in the SSC team doesn't blow out the opponent said. I thought that this is the big bad conference acknowledges the best conference of other. France's yet doesn't it mean that everybody gets there asked every single time so now the reason I make that clear and here is that with cousins like there's a lot of pro cousins numbers, I've I've looked through all of the yes, but I still think on thirty nine in a close game, close Plath game and in factor and at New Orleans and there are really balanced team there, good their top. Ten, often such opt in defence, but I know I don't trust him whirl and second awaited db away right now. I guess there
support for Minnesota would be cooks cook again. The run of the bar controlling the clock, is short in the game. A little bit like the classic went on the road respite. I also What's Goin on Minnesota Secondary, sometimes like a look at the other stuff happens back their Peter and I don't know, if it's owners are the guy, you Paypal, putting Xavier Rhoda, might homage we're good well being eroded and the same guy anymore engine Harrison tomatoes, the best safety and okay, well, where within arm unrestrained number this year that the many b as a great flashes electing their fire. The new anti fraud by it's not what it was a couple years ago when that run, I'm actually fashion. To see what version of that unit we see, also because MIKE Mike, Mr Adam and Eve Mortgage backed this entire shaven and you know their game planning at you. Just you can make find a way to muster up enough strength back. You always keep us. A gamer unanswered
talking about my Thomas, do you know, people think you'd like to be a speed. Everyone's look for the next time we kill and here's a guy that just gets open here. Gets open, watch watch really does ear. He gets open, they love, love. The guys would like the four five forties yeah in itself as it being Lila, it's like a split, what's got into account. I never saw jurisdiction over by ran out. I love it. I just I just what are you you're so right to point that out cuz, then you want to be like you just are taking off for eight guys then yeah is that is that is that the speed doesn't matter anymore apparently, Lord or rather, I would say, marijuana slow again, Seahawks eagles this one makes about nine manifesto rules where I just love. She had to say this hogs look so obviously like a better pack. The Eagles
there are nine wins giants is washed in twice the jets Chicago Crappy die ass, they split with, and then they buy Buffalo and they beat Green Bay. Their seven losses at later, Detroit Miami Dallas and then Minnesota annoying when in Seattle you just like Harry and in the boy and then you have this weird Seattle team. There were nine into an once more Gibbs. Ninety your games, I big, had a half time led only five times rail sea always behind. I think they were behind in eleven and sixteen. If I look at it, but I think that their their savings, go game. Is everything about them and I dont think another player, a guiding the homes the desk automatically, but I dont know if there's obviously there's no player, I trust more and spot than Russia was either, it didn't work out. They got the delay of other key these right. Now everybody now I'm talking the entire league, position, wherever a go, guy
I think even would hunters I've never trusted banners. I think they were geography is around. You know they were all the gear in college as it is no longer ass. Unlike our yonder football created Billig, yes order Basically, crew punting there I never like those guy. Just in Tucker you, you don't trust as much as Wilson. I do trust joy entirely trust us there. I think everybody seems like a rough hang them. What are you it is a door. Cried the press, conferences, scale back scale, lack. Let's go! the programme is a good thing. Is accurate, Zol your same seahawks egos? What do you think's rigour as such are a place in replace for this version of illegal practices. One of the most fun thing the analyzer to be? Players can go anywhere. They want it's gotta agents. Just talk to the front office like I am of the same exact amount of yellow thirty one team. Would you in your practices there might be a chance again development.
Entire offered to practise what I've got up and our great big fortunes got. In great word is great and Josh part in those great, and none of these guys were started could be buried, dogmas things up. It's amazing, there's gotta be from psychological thing and maybe right, maybe you and current law about not into it. I dont know what Carson wind Once you got rid of all the starter became, Superman a better with you guys then would Aguilar in jeopardy and whoever ourselves oh right and I'm not in the EU barriers and are not doing their job? There's something about that girl. She doesn't know about the age of look like Mcveigh. Your shadow and why don't Peterson those guys right around two alone at home. Late afternoon, fairly crowd Gimme, the Eagle eye boot I would tell you, are I be able to know if, like Chris thought, certain things are fraudulent as yet hold me things that yeah just now, I can repeat they are never say. I know I can repeat this. Is that that group loves Peterson
and I remember seeing I forget peer. If it was one of you guys go morning, football, whoever was gonna presenting the theory Lego. How come whence has been better without but he's other guys are. I don't know that. I agree with that, just because I also remember the Miami came when they gave up a million points, but that wasn't there right now again, that's the defences that Jeffrey Regular being out of the game, but I think whence and how special he is, and I really like I've. Watched them was all for these games with the eagles going. I now. I know why people not just the Vp Almost year in two thousand seventeen, but there's a reason why, like the football people, they all twenty two's, the real breakdown guys like whence his talent is, there's not five guys more rayam throughout the stuff, even if at times he is a little frustrating, but the way he's adapted to be throwing it in the flat all the time and perfected that that Goddard, throw on third down last week was already on sale and then I think the better quarterback
No once everything's going off in your timings, gonna be off like they have did to me their speed up in whence did that? Probably as well as anybody where I look like I like Baker, once things got hot and little chaotic, he became worse because he said the anticipating chaos when it was even there. So worse is an understatement, but what Long is always kind of saying is like one that went to the real deal. So the point where it became an apologist for him, but Chris wouldn't say it unless you believed it and that of Petersen and his ease reminded me over and over again he owes you can do anything in the link is that you can do anything there. So, even if you think Seattle better, where there is some real, weird odd offensive holes in that team, he's he's just bizarre because he play their loved. Everybody loves a city, he's very compelling Edith its convincing. I would say when you start talking, do you hear the fine they were the eagles. I had, every I'm a fantasy, Jean Valjean He looked shot all season.
He could not get open, he couldn't jump, you try to train, he ally, trade and I jaded humans have in common for court. Certain than the Niners defect loud general trade, from the very trade for career. I was watching Jeffrey going God this guy's, like forty five years old. What happened is never a fast sky was always like a guy who's. Gonna win. Fifty jealously balls odious passes all right physically. He was too broken down and then You are? The eagle spends have been complaining about him for five years literally before he was so losing those two guys I'm sure it was bad thing for them We have other guys they're not could be worse and Anything else seems ridiculous that word Houston's quarterbacks, they're they're, not true. I receiver! It's like you called me, Myers. Being then reminder yeah, really bellicose, watches the tables like this fucking great. What I think, group do any of these guys are all how hard this is unworthy. I'd love to duplicate, that's one day
but I think it forced them to get away from forcing it to Jeffrey, forcing it to Aguilar Billy, I ledges thirty six yard out start that adds that has been the younger Burnett last country, Burnett made a beautiful catching you like That is what we re eleventh receiver back in August eleven, when tomato can the boycott the body to Perkins Josh Perkins how's, your guardian, aimed at work in knowing the thing that I've noticed is that you know the throne the flat to that we already at the wheel rule. Are you trying to hit a fifteen yards down we're Talkin, your basically thrown back to line scrimmage yet and hope in your guy can make a play for five yards and when you may that throw wrong and I'm just like a fraction off. You screw up the receiver, Is he hasn't make some sort of adjustment whence his perfected that he is the best
to evaluate a guy coming out. You know that a little just flat behind him. It doesn't come back inside it doesn't go down the field. It's just it's just honestly, like you know, you can run double flats if you wanted to, he throws it to both sides perfectly, probably because he's had to so many times all right last question: there's a definite case for Philly. Should the path manifesto. I think they can or would be, I'm fucking hate burying its Russell Wilson begins and that's what I hear taking Seattle is, you think I'm dead against Brussels, and I don't want to do this. I'm I'm up for with three minutes. Left and he's driving around his family's equal backs re now, Josh, Sean Watson, right hand, held Ambrady, Brady, Kirk, cousins, you're, Breeze, Russell Wilson Carson words, were thrown away. The past past performance everything stock about right now. How they're playing? Could you make it?
is the radius seventh that eight that those guys here you can make it for that about the institutional knowledge and experience in the back with Britain Ambrady Saturday night over any of those guys go well, I know any. Believing in something that everyone else to dominate over, but I don't think he's idea if you know to call me and enter the cure and everyone at all. Well, these guys think there Do you like it much better than the rigour and ran thank where the game plan and exposed to prepare ready goodbye move gathered today on the case Brady is the game that you went to two weeks ago now, old, school entails. Rioting was awesome and there came a figure operating in this play a game. I think I think they can win
question- is as basic as the titans. Don't have like a monster pass for, assuring that the problem will be If it's one, those games were tendencies on the field, all the time. Where did Henry, and Seven minute drives. Do they run off three items with success all day, and then you know that's the thing like I never I never trusted anymore and Thirty- seven, the brave, but you could see the way he stepped into the like other guys- gonna be open our. He knows he has it like We have to see where the boy went right, uncle freeze for twenty years of you when I watch and this guy yeah you like, we can also tell, within the first quarter whether how act, any is on a scale of one to ten. Whereas this year was, did he just break his knee again throat running away for the baby game? He ease of terrible media lay in it with other diverse out of advise member for ever the Redskins game, yeah yeah. It's nothing so. Here's eighth by the way gesture The outcome is a giant,
is judging all these guys by down for with now I'm down forward three minutes left rank the quarterback Sk Josh shouted I would say that forty four, as its have on the genuine who general one What a shame! eager, weaken, why'd you on a good morning for borrowing can see. You are facts, as we can rats on everything goes guide. Not border workers never gonna measure. The two million are fixed with house, but first the spots that she doesn't tell you about, I wouldn't call house and one second wanna say about a whole bunch, a ringer pike, ass tat. You may know about it. You might not know about binge about star. Wars is still going bachelor party May I just can't down the most dramatic ceases, vile time even add Chris Harrison in there. So that up in the big picture is
in full swing. Now the Oscars in STAR wars and everything else. That's going on press box, is all over the media and politics landscape we had into one of we're. Hopefully is it the craziest ears in american history, but as a whole, to be in force. I ran reseller, the guy who's pack has re. Now he has his own pack asked where he's doing three a week, including with Chris long on Monday s own incredulous in that and then a dish. I've, restoring addition, twenty twenty, but there I believe, in a whole golden globes thing this weekend, so stay tuned for that fence. Carter's, though guy J J rhetoric is still go in. Very warm are still gonna David Chang I could go on and on that I really could not to mention Ringer NBA Ringer fell and the watch Chris Ryan still cranking out the watch still Cracklin at her who really
go check it out, go check out on Itunes the Ringer put, Searching and you'll find other stuff we're doing. I hope he had three watch was returned: Tino what we are doing unstoppable this week, that is common in the book, a Basque while back ass, theirs, Come on that as well. So that is your ringer package that work up day. Four January. I it's time to cause. I Joe Ass is joining us for a million dollar picks. He still owes Priscilla two hundred hours. That's right. Twenty twenty. It feels like there's a new morality there where to dollars paid off and twenty twenty feels like it might be there. The right move Why don't you just make a two hundred our bet for reseller this weekend and try their double it, or that said, it gets wiped out since I got an accident. That said, that's a loser this alone. Knows that the alarming that just you might as well like that on fire before haven't then away you just pay resellers two dollars
go for six hundred and is much more fun. Says it's I am now is a boar she's had been running on that a warm for gonna play their ten percent Jews with redid offered to put it up to charity. Warehouse Has drunk house is being spun off thou into a multimedia seriously? Ask is gonna, be rolling in their negotiating now making them Nedda, Leno offers and drunk ass, yet house this? Aid is tasty and scary. Are you bore? tasty or scared. It is the holiday season, which means there have been many many many delectable goodies in my in on my play on counter in the freezer? This late is not that tasty hid scares the budgets is out of.
To be eyes with the worry which came scares you, the most mine is Texans bills. Mine is fairly Seattle. We just broke down with thy young peach. Rigour and I did there's a lot of eagles case to be made, and then they now look at it as well, but if you bet on the Eagles you, after bet against Russia, Wilson, nobody wants to do that. That's the part of it! The scares me I like it. I like Philly here as well. Is Russell Wilson. The number one I don't feel good about bedding and this guy could right now I think a lot of you would say Lamar just because of what has been the recently by of I we have in own eye when feel great gone up against my homes, but just there's something of all the quarter. Except we talked about Armstrong's and one slash three and eight slash three and one slash three. What are you going to do on third and eighth and I would trust Russell Wilson more than Lamar right now,
Tell me what would sour Texans bells the Joe Taciturn, your classic Saturday. Sound, I called the shaky game, it put on early? It and to be weird in some way. Do you like Josh Alan and bills team that basically averages fourteen points: a gaming, its anybody good or do like Houston. Twenty third and waited DV away being held stage by weather, will followers gonna be good or not J J coming back, but seems limited, which ones stay studio. I like the Texans minus the two and a half. It's a modest lie. It's its right down the middle line. You mention the bills being mostly underwhelming that sees notwithstanding the tenant six record, their wanted
Organs play off teams the only when they had this entire season against a team with a winning record was a tenancy titans with Marcus Mary Yoda at quarterback. They had the either the second or third easiest strength schedule, depending on how your measuring it and that's not a knock on Buffalo Congrats to them, they went ten had sex and they all the crappy teams that the league put in front of them. They just didn't, beat any any other good teams and Josh out on you SK. I know a lot of Josh Alan on road against this defence with even if J J Wide only plays half the snaps, where they can bring to the able, in the way of subterfuge, huge- and you know, confusion for Josh Alan, I just two and a half feels like the right number to me for the tax and yes to have three
If you really dialed in, I know what that means a lot, but I just don't like Josh alone on the road in this spot, and I think Watson has a little bit that Russia will, since if there were target about air late, big possession, it didn't work out against the courts. The first time it played against him dead in play at the end of the regular season. They ve had some inexplicable having Baltimore house them the Denver game you like what the hell is going on here, but I still feel like, even if the Peter was talking about tray, why, sir some covered stuff their lives. We'll different that I don't think he's gonna shadow Hopkins the whole time and You're gonna win against Hopkins. Just because you you make a point of slowing down, I mean he's these. That good, I think, is right there like promise and I always feel accused in you over the years, and like other Lamar Miller. That would be on fantasy rankings. It ended up her all the time they actually run. Football really well. This year has been good
yeah. I was never hide guy at all. That's always one of those things with used in Regos, whose their running back again in Lamar was was always supposed together. Alfred Blue had a little run there, but they ve been good running of about one thing later overlooked or religion, Some of those stats, because I watch for by everyone and they have- and I can't trust myself at least a little bed at this point. I do care but the third down conversion percentage stuff, because I think that does that Israel election of who you are and what you can do gained a game. I also think it means your coordinator to by uniting us like the paths. Airships. The pets are thirty. Eight point three in third dances share in that's playing the east schedule the entire league? You know that feels right, may view that thirty five ranch use means your offences neck it, which is exactly where Buffalo as buffaloes. Thirty five point. Nine and that's it-
an easy schedule. Houston was forty three point: five and that passes the ITA, because I think one out of every eight times on thirty may be the one to six. There's that play where you have Watson sacked, and then he fucking does. Watson staff and he gets out of it and he Dr Weir you're just about to get them upon all the sun, their first down in the fifty new? happen. We just Adam, then they're go I don't wanna bet against sat in the play off sinner. I think, especially with this lie being under three. I don't love this Euston team, the Wolf or thing really scares me, but wanna bet on Josh on in that bet on those thirty nine with him. I just don't feel like he's gonna get him has so house, we were allied on Houston right, milestone, F B, I like it, I mean I'm a Texans also with some classy wins a beat the chiefs, the patriots and the tightens the sheer that's pretty good
pads Texans. That line is up to pass by five pats eleventh fence Debbie. I first defects which it doesn't feel like the first defence anymore after the fits drink disaster now and speaking of those third down numbers on the go ahead and and pull it up here again yeah, but. I was looking at New England on the upon its third down and they're number one in the league- and it was like twenty four percent- and it was ten percentage points better than everybody else in the league, and it's still the case yet so they're, twenty four percent against their down and Dallas politically? But that's the division, that's their schedule to yeah, I'm sending their renewing about when you're ten percentage points better than the number to defence against their down. But you read: it hasn't felt like that without that environment, activism, Cleveland game. When shoved started running on him,
Nixon ran autumn and that team's been a mess. Even though mixing is really good and then the end it with the year they made a play against Buffalo, so maybe like fine, but like some of the stuff. When you start looking at the defensive rankings, Hugo okay, how much of this is a carryover from the first eight weeks of an employee anybody and floor, as I thought figured out how to attack them, and maybe it was institutional knowledge because he was there, but you know Saigon bag, we can't be afraid Gilmore, we have to go out. It still seems we're that they want so many battles against Gilmore, that's kind of surprising killer with Alaska a week's hasn't seen like totally Gilmore like I do wonder if he's a little band up or something, but then they picked Patrick Chung to who, the guy that worries me in the secondary and then look at titans. You know if it seems like they're gonna run their putting titans out there? The patch can't do the five de back, sixty back saying, they're gonna have to put the site. In guy those kind of guys out there and then suddenly the defences and the difference anywhere. You know
first by yet with all that secondary depth yeah. This is brilliant only playing for of the secondary guys because they have to his. There can result there too tight ads and you gotta put bigger Gaza so that that by really worries me and then the titans comin out screenplay. Says, are, I think, they're a little or about speed on the outside. With the line backers eat the high tower, Like chasing Johnny's riots, all that stuff they're. All that worries me house Am I just doing the skies? Fine think as it's, the Patriots Adam reverse chasing it? Of course, this is a classic Matt today rival. This is the way that the New England Patriots are goin out. This is not the situation in which the Bill Bela Check and Tommy Brady marriage of a lifetime comes to a close there's. Just too. Much of this is the thing that I like. This is my lack of of the weekend. I believe the market has over corrected
further inconsistent I no England over the past handful of weeks, New England, by less than a touch down at home, is absent lately glorious they have nine straight. Hung play off when seven into against spread at home. Since two thousand and thirteen and I wouldn't worry about this game if the line was seven and a half, but at five, if you're giving me a less than than a touchstone and home New England, this version, even with the shaky orphans. I absolutely adore this one. This is my life Tennessee since going to TAT Daniell has gone three and one on the road they they law two Carolina Carolina, but then they beat Indianapolis Oakland and the Houston replacement tee. Those are not impressive road performances
and into New England on Saturday a wild card weekend, and I believe that there are going to have their asses handed to them. Why Alice ray, I don't even know other pats. Ass handing business anymore than Hylas caused the most energized. I think he's bed is fired up, may I deny rival, I think it's a, I think it's It reminds me the Buffalo game. I feel I gets down to the last five minutes ignoring on wins it and then every spends all we ve got a thought. They had one footnote gravely lose to Kansas City by twenty hours. I agree with that by the way, It's what's gonna it's gonna be a week of. I thought this team sought. Leg donors can be next we're going to do it. I'm leaning toward titans by five. With the thinking that is, money lying here would now attains, plus five, because I've tried think its last it's a game that was, I was like. Why are you begging on by five c? Viking saints minus eight
line seems high house, where you think how two percent agree. I like very much Minnesota in this position. It's it's on Fourchan for them that they drew nor lines in the first rank, as I think So this is is one of the five or six best teams. You know twelve teams in the play off. I think the right kind of in the middle, but its very unfortunate for them to get one of the top three teams is just the way the Thai breakers played out this year. There Minnesota's pretty comparable to England, on a bunch of the mean tab. Knowing new do New Orleans, the saints who'd add on a bunch of the advance metrics yards per play, not yards propensity. And Minnesota was only lost by more than seven points on the road. Once this year, so they don't go on the road and get their asses kicked. The difference between the teams. This is gonna, be,
very deep analytical sweet sauce for you here drew breezes bear than thank her cousins had help us of minus eight. While that that eight point is too many. Just went through it Minnesota. I disagree with the jury's, be don't they that's worth eight points now and now there I think, the saints are going to win. I dont know how and where I am by eight or more my cousins, that much either, but I would still today points is it just feels it just fist? Again to free once the abbot, that also could mean the aid is tell him you to say that Vegas, like we re tat, these two teams are close
New Orleans. Also, this is one of my favorite stats going through all the stuff. We gonna. How plus minus in turnover thing means everything these your teams that have the best her over differential in the NFL, knowing in New Orleans Green Bay, Seattle, Minnesota, Baltimore, Kansas City, so top seventy, the class then there's Pittsburgh and then the next two or Tennessee Buffalo, and then San Francisco and of the top eleven teams in turnover or in the play. His version, one that is in a new Orleans, gives the ball away less than anybody else there. Oh, I know their missing Davenport on the defensive line, but that defensive line has been really like. Neurons will have these sneaky defensive games or their dominant. And I was so cook- is limited. Then maybe this one does get ugly I've been in that building for a game. It is, unlike any other and a fellow experienced I've ever been into, and that's the people who is in a lot stuff- and it also
makes kind of like New England, their number one internal. There are one point, we're plus twenty for the second best team. They were the saints it plus fourteen, so they were ten. Better internal differential could be the thing and their ridiculously easy schedule, that's masked on it and mediocre. Knowing what team rarity wearily won over all that stuff there. So I'd still take the eight, but I don't need that just because a visit to many points Seahawks Eagles seahawks, nice story from the eagles. We all know this team is not that good and on account of their home ass, I live I'm taking the Eagles the Eagles V and o against the spread as playoff underdog the past two years, home dogs in general, one thousand six hundred and seventy one against the spread Seattle's been in,
regrettably, fortunate in terms of one score games this these in their point differential. I think, for the whole season, this plus seven somethin, like that reflective of of a team that's much closer to five hundred, then the record. Yeah. Well. Has I just like this run that fillies on and I obviously Russell Wilson's cares out of me, but I'm gonna go with the eagles at home. Yes, the explosive plus seven on on the year, but look here beat Dallas, who Dallas is a fraud team, I was the game where you go. How does Dallas lose that one, but you could just do all the stupid stuff that we do, that? Isn't that incite, followed division game we know the one they should have. One is the giant scam that the first month ineffable giants came the one with Eli. That was the one that was dead. I want a game and it you might the giants? Are they had to do it? you're, just not fuck up and they win the game, and now that flips everything right referred to
corners that they're on their fourth and fifth corner, getting the most snaps against the giants and that a game, yeah up until you know the very end, so I don't. I wonder, like nationally house of their certain anti like most glory had tied Dallas. Besides the massive fan base, they have right. So they talked about a little bit differently. It felt like nor many people are usually aunt. I cuz Phillies a fillies, a tough town, the same way that people ready in tiny winwin because in it like the people from the area, but they ve been incredibly successful, but Philly almost be this lovable fingers. It was the Anti Dallas. Last too, we ask, and I think it covered up for the fact EU this can't be sustainable, especially how d the sea is and how flat it feels like. I could make arguments for. A lot of these teams were. I think this play a field in general is as deep as I can remember, also, we just saw the Seahawks go absolute, I did so with the with the Niners who so, I think, is the best team in either conference along with them.
Altruistic within a luxury of their data? They came with a half of beating them twice. And I just can't imagine the eagles in a million years hanging with the Niners ever there's a way better. So here's what I'm thinking I've by rule of tamer, now to try to do. You know the annual quest to go eleven, no against spread after sprinkled down a little bit on each game right, but the one though those stuff I really like is t he's with the saints and tightens the times gone up to eleven the saints going down the two, because I think that Titans Pats game. I watch way too many patriots minutes a share. I think it's really hard for them to move the bar. I think about the trick plays they ve had to do this year. Have you ever seen a patriot same member when, in the Baltimore Game,
couple years ago, the thirty five to thirty one game in finally ran the annulment quarterback at the vote. Past, I M a dull and they got it and it was holy shit. That's how badly they needed this game. They had to pull that play. They ve been sitting out over nine years. It was like this is This is the emergency brake, the fire extinguisher, and I was probably my favorite paths, Non Superbowl when of this decade, whether our fourteen o twenty four tat, I actually think baltimores, probably better in their path It was just between Brady, embellish Jack and just did the infrastructure did just wouldn't the crowd was amazing and they just one. Let them lose their game and they ve had who plays I that over and over again this year, they ve had why Seeber passes passes- will act in a great city game there, like ivory other two and I'm thinking like this- is actually bad This is not a positive that the eastern we're outside rotate. They had to break the land and roberts fallback pass play,
In week, seventeen against dolphins, like that's a play that should have apply of play because it was all every time he came in he's blocking for back a really some point. They're gonna fired at I'll be wide open as they are we all it does is black. They it away I play in Miami so they ve had How many plays how many doping replace. We had this year like sex. The past would be like one, so that makes me think they're, just trying to scrape together like this is a game against attains or I could see them fake punting do an effect he'll go. Even when I'm Thinkin Flee Flickr every series dated three flickers this year. They did one. Why was a two weeks ago in the Buffalo game and if we flickr so me. That's a teen! That's knows it's a very good and when you I cite the replace of zag in it in this just innovative. What do you want to replace? It's like? Well, here's where Brady throw it away and it's like a dog
Heads wearing his defensive back the killer is running out about for some reason then lots in their native recovery. I'm crazy sacks, they weren't gonna go cigar. The foot of the their past James Way. They know that's coming so where's ago in and has been a shell for two weeks ease her he's heard, he's gonna and after the areas like a broken collarbone or something I would have been Aramis. Driven in surprise me. Could you have Danny EM and dollar dress up as men, and would anybody notice? Yes, people figured out the second ass. You know it out a switch on. How long could Amman dollar features were like hey, dude is yours? Here's jewels jersey. Just you know some shit out of the slot. Man So I like a saint anyone had still alive saint pads tease. Has anybody try to do the richer prior moving twins thing where you,
just to have somebody where somebody else's outfit, I always wanted, then do it the more as brothers cause with the south exquisite, both like Marquis, fuller, but more it's a little by little. Selfish? What if he's doing the Tennessee, tease, knowingly down We would now, would they saving if they did like him a little bit better cause range extends out well and also he doesn't. He doesn't hold the buffer nine seconds every time as it I am how's saints down a minus two titans plus eleven. Why don't I do that? I hate the Titans plus eleven. If you're gonna, tease, doing lieutenancy, tease knowingly down take to getting a point, because the you just articulated the entire rationale as to how it is that the patient, we'll have to go to extraordinary lengths to to win the game. They will do all those things and they will win the game. I can't sanction a tease up to eleven with Tennessee. When you know the defensive game plan is going to be to take away
Henry and DARE Ryan Tandy Hill to to beat the knowing the Patriots in New England in a play off game. I must. I don't think that that's a recipe for a seventeen point patriots. Do you think this pages seem could take away honestly. The only thing when I do this year that Henry is is just gonna. Straight at you, where it's not witnesses of the other guys like Nixon's shifty, your guy, I would say Chubbs, even if that shift your guy, but the way they have this Henry thing rolling I got back, I'm not anti Henry, but I I would imagine all the places that you want to attack New England running with a the edges a little bit. That's exactly what Henry does I'm sticking to my guns. I think Is the three point game? I think the patriots can win, but I think they, I think it's one of those. It's absolutely everything kitchen sink its fake point. Its double reverses quarterback. Would you rather have right now Brady Tina scary
ten has been really good for three months have receivers? Do you take from Tennessee before he taken? but the question is: if you do not go position, draft Henry is one in Asia Brad's too Brown. Eighty Randy isolated. No one talks about age around of Pakistan, but he attacked Adam. If he was ruining your fancy play sounds like you: but those are way better than you and the patriots. If IRAN, was healthy. I would think Anima verses. Brown is a good argument, but he's not he's not cool thought. Corey Davis was gonna, be these numbers are better last year which a shocking considering yet Marianna we ve had a minor offences I am teasing this here's, what we're doing familiar million dollar? listening to you. In fact, I voted against it. I feel comfortable because I've known you for thirty years and you lose money every year in the plan. So I feel great that you hate this. This is great I'm sorry did feelings known out, and I lose money in the pool our resources.
Where there is silence of its wording. Thirty disagree with that I'm doing knowing our I am one in point: eight nine, five million for the year who's gonna write about that- must be nice slot em, It's not a money, not real money. It's picks, I'm putting five. Fifty two, Five hundred and eight titans saints down to minus two tightens up two plus eleven tease I did the saints win by at least a field goal and I think the titans that's a close game. It's going to be hairy, going to be dramatic, it's to be fucking awesome and did the Patriots win by one point? How will probably have to be carried out a mass that almost sounds like free money? What's the druggist Africa's ever got at your house. Will the most nervous he's ever banned the Atlanta we watch the Atlantic Superbowl come back together and Kyle had to be wheeled out after the journeys have been. Your house was our party.
He added with a relatively ringer, how they parties back when how they purchased up nicely. Send seahawks minus two, I'm gonna go three thirty, two win three hundred allowing Seahawks modesty flat. A name that one also great- and I'm going to do a hundred a piece on Texan Span Texans by his tune, F, titans, plus five, and what are we decide? Vikings plus eight. Did everybody like like is foreseen anyway? Why am I so scared to do it now that that there were here, because I think all three of us relate, I point you can take it there's nothing there. Break down. There would, even though a dolphins gonna be cameo, This case scenario area dolphins, banged up cousin, used cars immediately cousins was at Razzoo's the night before
they're like cousin, somehow a huge jealous you think been here all week, has. Why am I afraid to actually take Minnesota Puss eight, because it feels like every smart guy in the country is doing it and we like to pretend that were smart guys, but I think it's the correctly and think it is too I'm NED begrudgingly take Minnesota pulsate Civilian, our picks five fifty on pats, saints tease through Thirty on the seahawks minus two and at a hundred cage on Texans minus two and half titans, plus five vikings, plus eight, and there we go. House. I love the fact that we disagree. That gives me strange comfort. One of us will be wrong. One of us. We maybe where'd. You get the best way Do you wanna bet resellers two hundred dollars on it? so then I soon the dead GAD,
that you're in LOS Angeles. I won't you doesn't make. You can walk right into your office with those giant guns at his in demand payment before you go. I would love to be enforcer you'd that's where I was watching Roadhouse two weeks ago. Thinking I view this could have been reseller. Some people arriving Donald Louis there's been some self Bay places, but I do want to pick up a ship. What would you do bill? Would it be bad for the ringer? If somebody like role, down the most support, can I get a flat bill like vans had on? I pick up smoking and understand. Ideas. And then you go hey? Can you can you come up and tape with me? I might actually too happy hour starts at six. It's late say we had an incident at the bar. We had a shift. I wasn't just just everybody understands. I gotta really fill out tools like twenty six, so, ah, by that point I was they were telling me to no longer be about
They're, like you're still living in your college, town, Yassum, aggressive issues and we'd like you to stop which bans? Are you the most afraid of the giant guy who's? Clearly about causes Jan Guy or like the five ten guy who looks like he might not be from this country Who has a shave, TED and images? staring around the bar with icing intensity does that guy, from a country that ends in the word stand. Thanks grim, Hagen IA, Russia me, I certainly has some of those made up a state, ends those Romania that chopped down trees with their bare hands, other video that girl do and that that looked like it may have been a balls a tree or something I don't know what the firmness of that would burst onto the
You know a huge, a huge huge guy. I I know the answer would be: oh, it's. You scared the other guy, but when it's a huge, huge guy that decides unites over this is nothing you can do. They want is the force behind. There's not could be. Any struggle is just it's over. Or goes I dont know admit defeat underweight our yet I'm just gonna say the conversation there though not believing. I know, he's he's been a great bench. Addition so far has been grateful. I know the stats immigrate said I've art, I know he's kind of ideal, further playing the bride and he's around his basket the sands up. I just refuse to be that? This is going to be somebody when we get to April May and June is gonna, be on the foreign big moments and plan Sears, I'm not ready, defeat, yet are you ready to admit defeat reseller? Well, I think it's a partial defeat, because where he was that you can't even think this was possible Ray
contributing member to arguably the best team in the NBA out of the box has a better record of even that it had on the Thursday, but the fan he is in a real rotational in the best teams in the league. I didn't, I didn't even know that was possible anymore, so that part I'm wrong about, but his life has never been easier. Cuz he's asked to do nothing. I think he's accepted kind of his lot in his NBA life, which was really hard for me to do when he was a star and then on the five teams after work. But every lob he's wide open, because you're always gonna help on the other guy, especially when its Le Braun so he's productive. Also because you Those guys- and I underestimated that, but I still find him really fuckin annoying- has he's the functional equivalent of of come on loony. Like will why why do we have to admit defeat he's in the very best is, though, is he's the luckiest centre. In the modern era he was absolutely properly written off for the for the we have.
A ten years worth of evidence that the hit reflects him as a bad teammate as a guy that takes things off the table all makes no contribution, and yet because He got him in shape and found through the flew through the basketball gods, good graces his way to a situation where any functional centre so alive? Can catch lobbies and grab rebounds because the attention of the other, unbelievable top five towns in the NBA, all of a sudden, worse posted to you no clear out the nearer and get down our Niels knees and do some some reverential. No sir, not me case against white is the fact that Travail Magee is also succeeding in this system and I still thinking they did this and I've been tracking it more, unlike they closed again when they have any Davis a tight spot and they just let him stay at the five, and I ask- and I
watch every single Lakers games when I have all the rotation stances so, but I We have to admit what he is now we still think was possible and that's that fair because it was so bad. So this is a win for him. And I'm on the right of a worried. All admit that I was wrong that I don't even think that consistently would be in rotation. It is fine and it appears, I think, there's a little brown factor here were even though people there and Lebron will argue, Lebron just sucks the air out of the room because he's just such an alpha and that's going to be all about him and it's not always the best time to be teammate of them. Well, sagged. That would be la browser like Deutz I'll fuckin, with Leubronn too, So it's the Dennis Ragman majority midnight is exactly why not beta he's a beta that's who Dwight is no response cut off
I'm very excited talk to NBA with you guys. I'm excited to get through these next four weeks of NFL, so we can get to all the awesome, NBA subplots that are happening right now, including I don't have a team that I think is gonna win the NBA title. Yet that outbreak bet my life and I feel it Papers are still a move away. The more I watch them. They need? One more guy. I thought it could be heartless says that, like One last long swing, man guy that allows you to switch indeed have way too many guess ran a score agencies. Does it show up some games not ultimately need to flip his contract into one more. That can help on the everybody out here. As I gave you Dolly dollar, I just trust they without. I don't know if you can stay healthy. I want out, if I'm that heartless spot and wood on an ad hoc
I know somebody that it gonna play twenty five minutes for a temporary weeks and I dont believe Ecuador's capable they would also slowing down at the latter, to hear these things. I'm not kidding around you, wouldn't still want, I'm in your rotation and dark would be really good with him and they need a ton out. I am offensive because they had some moments. Overgrown state rose far was ok. Can you initiate offence, shall I write do like yet seven years ago. Now what I ve been asked you for a long time, but I he's a buyer gotta me he here bought out you ever their name. Is anyone rest, but I actually admirer members is doing today, good I'll, think a little bit signal if all these teams are linked to him thinking. This is great wrong and be fighting over em. Yet why am I just wish to buy amount, not getting kind of acid back savings? That's minimal necessarily mean a thing: Elysium Ass, the problem but the NBA right now is this fucking crazy seat Lassie Ba is created this world, where everybody's either making twenty five to thirty million a year or five died, and no as these contracts to go get Andrea.
Dollar. Four. Seventy million dead, like this ethics, can't do it Marcus borrowing, in the trade there not doing that, bigger on down the line like Philly can't do it either all Phyllis. Jack through their super, expensive, cheap and they don't have flexibility unless they put Josh Richardson in the due to even put together a package, who die, and you around underline the Lakers don't have. It did have to put down a green in the trade there at doing that. So I bet I guess they could do. Caldwell Pope my mistake. But then it's like what other ass you throwing any traded every first round pick you have view the Grizzly it's like, why would I'd take hardware? Put back I'm not doing that Sierra Leone faff any to get a picket leads to sell, even if it ends up being of headings be back at the guy. I went to the king subjects Game Friday last week, Thompson is absolute perfect for the Celtics Tristan Thompson accounts if they can somehow get him as a biogas, as they can trade for him but its best.
Watching them in person the big guy spot. It's just something that sir. Pick. Some rose the Basque with their arms up right in their hands, are up neither there get unlike the late pass off the screen or their hands, just for the rebound, the tip in whatever that's what Orford the dirty secretly others steamers their thereafter weirdly better off without Orford in a lot of ways. Cause warfare is a pick, a pop guy he's on the criminal there already like covered with primitive guys. They needed arms around the basket and Thompson. The one thing he's great at is absurd screen, I'm gonna the basket hard. My hands are up and he's better at that then dignity, ISIS, What I like about thomson- and I will Thompson really weird bags in today's league. Where into them. Sixty when the warriors lost Thompson was a huge problem,
like nobody box in the warriors, are really lazy about their box out brand of that series. You're going because you really lose this cuz. You can't pay attention that we were supposed to box out and Thompson crush them, and then the another series layer on words like you, gotta get Thompson off the floor and that I think, is like the challenge of being a coach these legal and I have a big- I really like play lotta minutes forest on the regular season, but is it gonna be a night worries exposed arisen? I mean it's not like the Hibbert Life overnight, Hilbert overnight. It's like can't play you anymore, they figured out how to use a guy with his Pacific's GO said and if look at the guys who could be the elbow trade deadline house. You can talk to this, though the wizards aren't training Burton's, No, no! No! No! You like anywhere you dollars. They want to keep. It is a cornerstone. Yet I think, as we heard no serious highlight, that when the other night against the labour times will be alone. I had no Bryant. It's such a likeable to him
Some good stories that year and they pass Cosette, did the hornets or light that to the hornets on any given night twenty grams Can someone like the three point attempt things are they would just real quick? Let me finish: interestin yank. The reason why bride Stevens would love em too, not just because some of the rebate, just a bigger body- I write ties thinking of him as a backup. I don't really like him. I think the Sixers, if the selfish, six years, despite up and downs and then beating who the Hell Ben Simmons is and some of the odd things that they do where to buy Sarah's his dad's. Looking at these numbers of the day, amazing efficiency driving the basketball team rots- began away. Their set up. There's so that, if the Celtics against them, though, with their front line like how could you pick the Celtics in that one, even though the Celtics been a better steadier team, all but Thompson is really good for a big I'd have noticed it that there are no watching all calves games this year, but something when Thompson was right is really good.
He gets which animal smaller guiding work is ass office in front of a truth and I've seen glimpses of that again, I don't know if I have that arborescent right is I've watched all brazilian right. You re like wait a minute. Tristan still moves really well, and I say that is which, on everything I d- that's perfect, I am, I just MRS Thyssen has abolished arbogad in on you, which is the others deny data, could create a good idea to congratulate, you guys for starting off twenty twenty this decade, exactly how we left the previous, aid, which is by starting and nba conversation on a bunch of fascinating storylines, including whereas Ecuador Legato end up and all of a sudden we just spent eight men is interesting Thompson to the Fucking Celtics. Congratulations for similar had it again nobody's I actually guys gonna like semi shot lately, have you noticed who what was your life is an I love. It know what I think Thompson had so much
times are really important trade, thereby peace for somebody. Because could you get like an officer of I am out, I think Lang, furred could git your guy back. I wouldn't like four four July life, let me think about it. They prefer to night. I wouldn't give you I wouldn't give you a blank for for a bottle abroad. I like length for like Fritz TAT. Maybe you like an army and, unlike for all my guy, that did what it even do anything, and now you might try to how they were now. I didn't miss it. Nobody holiday one eighties, our lengthy in the Irishman, I wanted it both of them no kidding, like the what what what happened with the Irishman like it now, I watched it a second time and I get it and I'm totally into it. You don't think it's too long ago. Now I m a wise and really really liked it. I think I needed to see it once bang out all this I e just kind of get used to. It is just the lack on it so rich so much history, adding you much, I think it overloaded my brain second time.
I get it sang. I'm not asking for Apology abuse, I think more surprised about the Romeo Lange for one eighty, he knows what to do. I will end and do nothing. No, no defence! I work out. Ok out here, doc and emerges think it's funny that from what see now you're in that work He knows what he's doing got fence away to be a while before they act. They have so many score, we're going to do so. They go. Let's run a Roma lack for play, only of combine Heyward and Jason Tatum. I know it just always ever getting attach it scares. We, the teacher brown thing, always scare me that GMO Brian was like you're not allowed to move outside of the three would box that they all but brands a great example in house- and I we always talk about this when that, like the I tested, people engage Brown, clear. He just had employed enough Basque in his life anyway. MRS run around had
where he was going and he's losing his guy and he's didn't really not how play basketball life it seems like he knows how to play basketball, which I, like I've taught myself into a house. Anything else for rigour and had no, I mean congratulations. We talk more about Romeo Lang furred in twenty. Twenty then bent than you guys Now, let's autonomous, o Brien Rapid ASEAN, Thomas O Brien yearning over him and am offset please please happy holidays ass, I'm so glad because the football games, this great Warburton Resellers, two hundred I can't believe you're not doing more in Garrison Matthews. He carefully Straight out of our shared, I knew the school. Now I don't remember it anymore. Paul to these lives. Come right. There Nashville, let there be no, it began with an l lives. Come you! Oh, we didn t.
Wake up the winter by MECCA, Porter Junior. Would you trade Lafer for my Michael Universe? Yes, like a border junior was when you saw him before he knew what he was doing. Ok like I get it, look at any the Missouri stuff when he came back after he's her, it was grossly just go through all the stuff out as mean anything about value and he has. He is the movement. I test Holy Shit guy, It's you need a five minutes over me Jesus absolutely a thousand present true. He is an I test. Fucking superstar, it's incredible! Seeing how big he is and how well he moved, let it what is. I don't even know what player. What's his camp taller tracing Grady. You pay me a man result or on a goddamn wavelength There are other than my own money. That's pretty get! I hate the player cop thing, but that
the one I think it's ours. While I got an even though a position now her sin is that's not being respectful enough immigration passing, you know, but the wait a minute. What do you like? A guard view that? Can you accidentally you not forcing it let it looks comfortable like all of this stuff, you're movement around. I was thrilled, Malone, playing the guy cuz before it was just scrap minutes. Would you read the stories he's a basically like? I can't keep em off the coordinator. Which is like I always love, seen that, coaches, aside clerk, because it was a part of our plan? But I can't fucking that play this guy he's killing practice. Now you know I'm not a huge nodded guy and I mean that on the raise expectations of theirs but themselves to believe this team could come out of the west gap. Is that's what I hear from people. Do you think they can keep mov the floor cause whose third best pleasure, They were actually they needed to have him on the four. Yet they have there's a drew holiday possible trade that they could
universities are not one. I love it. I just like that he's potentially available, but The porter thing was the most fascinating holiday wrinkle for MBA could have. As I got my god. This is like what they claimed was gonna happen. Then they happening when you re do that draft is in the top for right now, TAT was like fourteenth. How did you know him pass him pass on him a hundred percent, I, although it's unlikely we had the pic Ernie grandfathers in charge, yeah, you rightly traded pack yeah. There was some day. I was tired of the rights of the young athlete. Can you read other guys in front of him and then we'll go up. This is resellers, favour, content. Today as an eighteen. This is along the lines of all draft the Andrea, so it's Bally, LUCA Jackson, tray young Mo Bomba, Wendell Car.
HOLLAND, Sexton, Kevin Knox, Bridges, Shareholders, Alexander, who may be largely NBA when eleven Benjamin Robinson, which I was never what and then Michael. Junior outside their clippers, so they should have taken him, eleventh should have taken an eleventh or thirteenth, as he was still on the border. Thirteen. Yeah. I was talking to somebody this week about the collide trade if they Some have figured out a way to keep Estuviere and, I know is probably impossible, but now it's not like. I. I just find her way that same Presty NEWS can be that good, how it even scouted as J, but he's a movement guy. The first time some live. I went well yeah. It is guy has a he knows, what is there like skating yet around the core, and it is jumps out of you like that's the difference you watching
tv, watchman presence. There really has a chance to be one of the great MBA trades about time, for both sets the fact that Chris Paul trust Shea guilty Alexander this soon in his career and there's times were We also must cities. Closing numbers are incredible, yet are good team they're gonna be applied too? Has a? U action them Yale, I'd they there, actually what we kind of pride prognosticated when the three of us were last together to doing over, honours. We'd like the Opel, Homer City Thunder weep. We I think we bang there. Over pretty hard. We did what s interesting is their first round pic is won through twenty protected. So, if they, if there What are the top ten times the way they lose their picked a fairly soon actually have vested interest to just big. Ok cool will be the seven seed we gatekeeper pick. But when I watch them and you think how bad their wings are for the most part and naked flip You know they have Danvers. First gonna pick that'll, be like the twenty fifth pick: thicket foot the robbers and contract with that timber pick and get another one.
Guy, who can actually really help them in some way that that's a laughed, he might be kind of afraid applying. Guys? I just love that Paul is like you can close it Shea, which is not what you would think in Paul's good. I mean Paul still really good player but we know the deal there and there's times or he closet and he's not share in the fact that he's going this kid is the special like go ahead. Take over the closest thing: that's if you're ok see to get free, You would just rather have Chris Bottom Westbrook, regardless of how awful the contracts are. But then you also get the two first and crystal, he looks like crested, you see in the closing the other night yeah. He just re. Read it perfectly. Canada. Do this this time in the next time the big zigzag and you're not going recover. Ok, Does it mean that I'm sure there is there, five hundred would like basely in Ferguson is, as in the three in these now is after a bad start too, but they turn this thing right.
But like every every? Fourth that I did this last week on the Christmas one, but going to do it like the fourth quarter differential? It was Lakers, clippers, bucks, Celtics and then it was thunder and it was a huge gap between number five and number six, so they were right there with for the best team in the NBA it's funny view which I feel are covered tens gonna be available. Yeah, there's a Minnesota's can metallic has been the same name so could they steal maintain for like the twenty fifth peck, but that Denver, Peck and and expiring just bike will take him. I won't you heard him and now Neva crunch timeframe, the guy with the rest, the way you have I like their team. I really like, therefore, I like Adams, gown area Paul in Estonia. I think I really like those four want one window with them and I think they would be pretty get lying. I beg of you, you put him lag far off the benches six man. Would they trade five first rounders for land for anything, We have to go how late it could do. It has our take two four Burton's.
As we add nears nears they branch yesterday at this place lay pity Paris in downtown downtown, allay the crew Krugman Sewer. With the deja mustard inside, you sure it's they grow Hammond Cheese sandwich, but the French like to mix it out, but they take it with the cheese I was thinking. He asked. Bloody mare ivy, that nobody a better way to test our off the twenty twenty. Did you have a floater next to the body, Mary sat, Didn, T or floater trick Happy lot the twitter and likes that people have been enjoying the floater, the boy Mary floater happy twenty. Twenty thanks command Marcella! This is a pleasure, listen the ram! So back ass! He talked to Jack Maccallum about David said. Phronsie can hear that Thank you guys, I'd thanks. So much to Rhine, Masilo, Seth, wicker, sham puce, rigour,
sober Joe House nephew Kyle, go Patsy. I hope you win what I hope you have to sort it out, I have a feeling we will be a try to keep Kyle. RO the coherent and sober over the weekend, and we will see you on Sunday night, no matter what happens Because until now, ways.
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