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Savior Sam Darnold, New-Blood QBs, and AFC East Torch Passes With Kevin Clark and Sean Fennessey | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 402)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Kevin Clark of 'The Ringer NFL Show' to discuss his recent NFL training camp visits as America gears up for the NFL regular season (3:15). Then Ringer editor-in-chief Sean Fennessey stops by to revisit the history of New York Jets quarterbacks and what Sam Darnold means to Jets fans, before running through some good, bad, and sleeper teams (42:45).

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we'll drive sober or get pulled over those you to actions learn more at an aged. He s a dot, Gov Woodstock, but the reared outcome we had already back day. We is today sand. Darnel day it seemed Arnold. There had I to really ask had shown the website. This week we had a flag as fire data services is shown, fantasy, flax, there's a couple jets bands over there and having a great time this week, he's gonna be flexing too. Interceptions ass were attacked and later. Actually we are there, we have the latest batch of. Are we sure MBA this Gimmick were doing in August, cause there's nothing to read about in August. Are we sure Denmark has cousins, isn't gonna ruin the warriors. I'm not sure actually, who knows they'd such gifts, history last aegis, just never now speak. In other words, my staff, curry podcast, it drop Dilate Wednesday. Eight was good. One.
Really fun. To finally have a man, we went to open to talk to a whole bunch the stuff on the record. I can check it out a whole bunch of gray pack has check those out check out the ringer inefficient hosted by one of those is given Clark and will Stana C4 bar couple weeks ago, which is shocking good deed. Heifetz is like these eighteen years old you maybe the youngest cast us guy would out it vitally? One idea has nor I argued a fancy. Football we're can it be invited to match its aids? It they're just drop and they have this link already. There, like law, he's a cue ba right now to get to Kuba five about instant chemistry, the ads pretty good check that out its run and on wednesdays, and they have a lot of good tips. Rarity I've learned a lot danish upon the ringer fell, show clock amaze around their choice. We get em street, it is packed. We're heading the season when I talk about the season with Kevin Clark back from his big training camp trip alarmist,
fantasies contact by the history, the jets Q bees, but first our friends from programme so of driving to work in the past last. Yet another first round pick as always when and and a thorough investigations and try and trading down not a lot of production from first round pecks. This and was just a bad luck. Think, as I say, when often Suleiman, they drafted GIS Buses Achilles. If, in the second precision game, they lie best a first round pick with the, which was which was the biggest f job of this decade with football. I still can't believe the stewards decided,
waiting for putting an exhibition, nobody is swept into the rug within a nobody. Cares ever cares about footballs excited time. I woke up from that story. It had been resolved by the legal, no big deal lost two thousand. Eight lost a first round pick us. Spy gate in the path of traded, and a bunch of Times IDA. My math is little bit off just cuz, I'm doing the sub top man but I would say, over the last eleven years, I'm gonna throw in law, we're only two pussy. I ok just a path anything out of a first round pick as a borderline miracle and eighty eight their six hundred to India seized. Yet I keep looking at Patsy, so it's just I with them now gives Imo Gaston's because at the interrelation question we just pen, on the path of rear, for they have seized and for years and years has been the best bet. Do you into their training camps?
I want to hear that I wouldn't be. I went to the bills you with his bills. I went to the hills, training, camping, I'm happy to report, for you yeah, the Patriot story. When FC ok get cause, I look this I got one of these years. Their unity six and ten, it's gonna happen. This is the rule or the other of to mean. I don't think you can the story of the Patriots dynasty tell him the rest of the F C East Central Asia to hand I may I think that is the bills have just been in. Now completely irrelevant. The dolphins have had little specks of relevance, nothing really sustainable, I again if they got Andrew Breeze and next April and that those those two team up, it's completely different story over the past decade. It bigger one of journalists and lawyers. We hear that there are people all the time who say the number one thing with pitch dynasties bell check, number two or one be whatever you want to do is Brady Number three is
Chan Daily and Buddy Mix, yeah Todd bowls and all the people around who have conspired to Nazi sleep Braves and that in the in the the hand, the braves they were, Long and that division street by the fact that these in the Marlins, almost tombs, never put together a sustainable run on conceding of this battle. I just for before I keep on this. The jets fans They like to play the woes asgard they ve had a couple. Nice runs in their various has wonders, really. I am to stray ready rise early, really nice. It's I'd like to me. Compare then the bells it's no contest I've never had any difference the bills the highlight of their their entire time. For a century was winning that weak seventeen game. They got them in the play off said then. This barely lost its growth. Three points you jets- have actually had the New England in Fox borrowing to play like they like they made ABC Championship games like that. It's not a catastrophe judgments to settle down jets, Vince
I know I added. I agree with them that the bills are definitely the lowest wrong of agencies in the dollar. Bills are like yeah, the bills us for Straight Superboss, Phyllis force eight superboss they there, the music city. Where and nothing good, as happened for them. This entire censure and jailing Ramsay started his we back ran on Joshua. He, whose first choice he's like have a little cup, a gesture Without this said, every year we see to two teams they pencils n, o thou, may oh so here who you're top laughed inside these gases? Yes, and then something happens in this. My entire case to go against the raiders last year's inquiry, we put in the raiders in the air sea where or are we sure and my fear- pads Brady's forty one, there's no backup Kubi haven't love their drafts last couple years, dig deeper
Looked abysmal last year, I know it's a little better. The share by light the middle linebacker as a fifth round. My fifth round pick right now. Excited about with no. I do is be like a pass coverage, one of these, Is there going to sack so? Why can it be this year It can be. The shipments he's actually said. I'm looking at the first round picture. The last really relevant. Depending on how you view Baby Malcolm Brown- I don't know to hide our challenge Jones or twenty twelve. They ship Challenge Jones was great. They traded up for Jane the gentle yeah. I was a good pick. Your soldiers gone Devon Majority was twenty ten and then, before that, all those guys of us again Let us, therefore you know, there's something I therefore ladders yeah, I mean, The law. The NFL is every year with your first pick your getting a guaranteed starter and the paths are somehow batting, probably forty percent for the last twelve years, and it has an mattered at all. They ve always been able to sneak around in its there isn't a little theory about Bela check in the draft.
He listens to much these college coaches, who just sort of give him like the urban Myers and the next Sabin their life, and this I always heard this and I know not obviously there's somebody who's more weird rumours are combined in New England than any other team. Yeah theory, I always heard, is like the stout say, hey I like this guy, this guy, this guy and then kind of late in the draft process. Polish access allege talk to this. And he says this guy's gonna see even really likes this running back yeah private you, so you had to pick. Let's play this out. Ok, Brady background would please pay God this does nap happen. Brady gets hurt just a season from Hell, the paths diggers. Seventy nine her eight NATO guy who, if too bad, I'm one of the other three teams to they got a nine and seven ten, and since the agency's pick me the moment orphans only the first all they did they made up of two years ago
and who knows healthy again, they re backup, quarterback competition or an area from way with the beggar quarterback. I am it's incredible, brought us Weiler, Bryce Petty. And believe. Aren't we on the death chart, and may I mean it's amazing- the dolphins cut their best player for almost no reason endemic ensue. I got some tweets your days on chemistry, stuff for them, of course yeah, but it may, I think, the rams translating work drake their running back maybe they're best player. I don't know I'm a week. We must gain lies exceptionally sees get. We play this game here the day with Diana carrying Rhino haven't, I think it Danny was they became an awake customers, talented play which is natural, but the fact we're throwing their out, as is kind of weird, admitted, Did they have a couple of guys who, if they hit vat, that can be a nine ten one team and in a very we if, if it was a week after the east, without a good patriots tomb, that's it I between they can stay in the bill.
Their disorder, then stage one or two of a weird retooling. I think they might go with Josh out sooner rather than later, and then the jets I mean who the hell knows, I'm under their often line is good, We see this every year and every year it is an easy schedule. It's a couple Nicky winds early in some momentum and all of a sudden were look around go well, we're had this happen and it's got happened in the past. I dont think it'll be this year, but like Tumblr is We want an early team that is one day of sea side from the patriots, since two thousand to is the team that put their running back quarterback for like half so just think about it. That way. Bell and that's not gonna happen again, so the pets are still say, go and dolphins. Nine Owen Jets eleven alone bills twilight, got him gas more than the rest of us. So that's that's part of the case with dolphins rate they made the first two years ago, Adam cases a good coach. They clearly had come
three issues and got rid of some guys. Although watching I'm watching the Browns Hard knocks Travis measure just a town blessing everybody. I can understand why they had to trade and, finally, second, this guy's a lunatic file but was possible. Subversive. Two years ago I wrote a profile Jarvis Leisure, which he told me. He wears a headband because envisions himself on the field is Rambo, John Rambo, member that an eye I either that's a massive redfish. Or somebody one on your team is no m between an hour. Is one of those things are. You could see when they're watching, whatever the first sight, the inner squads? and he just getting open and catching everything and other guys are just turning round at each other girl that God, oh Jesus, They were turning round and a lot of, though you're turning round to see Gregg Worms taught everywhere. We punching each other, the entire brac, that's liberalising who's, the biggest losers, hard facts right now: Gregg Waves, TAT, Heller, huge acts it if you had to
through to episodes, probably you it's probably here, either taught Haley's kind of winning a kind of like TA daily I dont let me would be clear three of those guys are now completely unemployable. Scraggly, Certainly he waved seems like a road has no such thing. I like tat area. I think it is a good up its accorded and, I think, is a good. Is it good hard knocks present huge accident was sad. His mom died in the first episode, any kind of obscured a couple of the worst months. I've ever seen from a coach, and that show like when he did that All this is my dismay show and you guys have your own team you can make. Osborne. Now this is my team. When you're in this sea you'll understand like he he's based flexing with the people that he's relying on to succeed day in and day out, there's no way immediately after the meeting they didn't start to stage a coup, there's no immediately to starting to undermine urban. Soon, as the meeting was over, I mean obviously running
company right now that has ninety five people may have an inner circle. You want that You're circular, like you and feel somewhat empowered can't have a meeting with them and go home. Listen. I hear you're saying, but I don't care when you're in the sea. You understand this is my show. So what happening it's yours He just seems like a buffoon anyway, he wasn't great an episode to either. You just kind of waters around and seems crazy. You put this way. He will one and thirty one in two years, and it made sense after the first too hard to accept, says I so I agree with the second part of those who want and thirty one or two years, any somehow looks worse. Now, yonder wishes, you combine the one and thirty one with that and it's like. Ok, I could see how he's a good Kubi coach, the is clearly lagging connecting with tyrant in and big vereker as I book, but
This happens every earth, hard dogs, but watch in both of those guys. I got the bronze, maybe at some point so their ads Etsy North. Their tender one which has to be the lowest the bronze, have been some time through too weird. It's a weird relates in earth, steers minus two. Seventy five ravens plus four, fifty Bengals no one branch, genuine, not a fan of that division. The Steelers or we may. I just I feel like at some point its it becomes a video the levy on Belarus as new training camp anymore. I understand, is trying to save as binding Olaf, but if you really don't choke September first, why was it not a big deal? Well, what about the fact? They know he's not going to be in the team next year and they it just run under the ground, then his conscious of that very probably as people in his life. I him any thirty. Eight carries therefore, in a week, five blow at all time example those Demark Omar, who, by the way, just retired, reach twenty eight and twenty eight in the cab
in twenty four teen were like we're relating to bring them Argo, Maria back and they ran him he's the last year from way with the rule of three seventy which base we have all three hundred seventy times is one of the dumbest most arbitrary, but incredibly awesome rules. It is actually is really the only guy in the last decade who surpasses the rule three, seventy, nature, and it doesn't happen anymore. It does not happen. Togo is never on the ball threat, redundancies and probably never well. There's recently the Dallas. I always look to it and said this is for us it's better. Just Denmark Amours grew they they made the playoffs idea that was dead It goes into green ban and almost wins play a game for them, but but we get the catch cultural there. And they re Motorway wrote him to that. Ok, Murray. So this This might be thinking the same thing, that's most interesting thing and so is their internal, for and with a if he's touching about thirty five times every week I dunno did you gotta you until they were dead.
Roth Asperger's, another one y. We we have all these quarterbacks and it's gonna be over at thy good. The paint mainly thing a few years ago, when he had the resurgence of Denver envious, keep her. I would ever, beginning in and then one year, Pate Manning could from football anymore eating or no surgeries, Alias the Ex surgeries at that, and they were academic and his wife shipments and now is it, but these guys Once you get past, thirty five has done no wrath Asperger. I think you feel this way too will be the first to go. It just as no one that is so. Maybe he's gonna age news forties. He took a lad ahead span, I'd go, where he plays doesn't age, while it just doesn't age well and so I think the one thing for the one thing to be said for that generation quarterbacks. Obviously, there aging out of relevance at some point, the off off a cliff and I'm really intriguing. Sciatic goes, I ain't a new rules this year, the middle field is gonna, be so wide open? Because of the
rule and all that's done- the disk gonna, be it often explosion. It might actually tat. You're too, to those guys relevance, because I think it'll help allotted a crappy quarterbacks Purlieu really help and accurate thrower over mill. The feel no one. The number one thing I wrote my training camps or is that no one understands is new helmet rule, one of the things that every safety in the Lee Reverie Linebacker League is gonna, be half a step slow over the middle, and so you can hit those crossroads. Over and over your mercy. Orphans of explosion, like I don't think many people see come, and that is why one of the paths to trade for Jarvis Landry did you sit there. But I had a sad December, huge extension, the browns, check found out. He was away you wanna say he doesn't fit. Our plan, the sheer seven severed, wait receivers. I kid bill. This is even guess cows to catch up the past, since I last night now is our second best receiver. Succeeds like I catch of passengers and the reason why we resting places them. I text
Nobody, hence yesterday, whose already freaking out about the Patsy's in I was I Thirty nine week, one year, could be to receivers your chest. Chris Hogan and no one. I hope you have a big users if you'd year, data papa! Last week by new Favour park ass, they were talking. Chris Hogan was wide receiver. Twenty eight heading into the air and everywhere receiver died. Up there he actually was having an awesome season, lasted forget her after ever, Brady, essentially invented or with manning the craft of throwing them another. You saved method, Crusoe get sorted dead. We were there to sell these alternative, but here Did throwing over middle of you? That's the cheek code of modern and I felt like air and he's going to understand every single trend that has happened in the past ten years. Up until we break he's been happy season ahead. I was asked to say also favourable to Tom Brady, because the biggest in
What happened in the last twelve years was was basically turning in touch football for CBS and they didn't nobody at their legs anymore in any of that stuff, and that's why they're open their forty, I dont think Penrith. This is gonna, be able to put to him I D, be Roger, think Breeze, Kate. I think Rogers of How long you outside you see my reward, It's him one summer, just being like. I wanna, join the pigeon tour of this, retire, prefer metals and try to make the Detroit TIGERS did that happened it's a lost its loss as a fat on reliever. Opt out at like eighty miles Brower, they said no, eighty miles an hour bulgarian prizes, seventies, let's talk about Starbucks double shall start with a bold Starbucks coffee, its blended with milk for a smooth, creamy delicious flavour, its enhanced. Ginseng IRAN and be vitamins double shout available on six. The wishes favours mocha, vanilla hazelnut, which AGA Coffee Mexican Mocha. Energy coffee drink. Now it tastes good
gives you the energy to go from point a to point done always fun to open the fridge around five thirty bets, having Starbucks double shouts her better than going to their actual star? externally by our Starbucks double shot energy. To do that You actually do find it in your convenient surgeon had a couple Starbucks double shots on the train counter a lot of star Bulgaria was eighty percent Starbucks. Twenty percent pair of five percent gas station grab and go, What was the highlight? Gimme. Your three highlights from the tour Thou Jeez soon. Downturn, Rogers get and getting his opinion on the state of a because- and I was the same for Josh Norman as well, which posted this week. No one asked the players what they think That's the state of the league right now, like they don't care that they knew
competition committee and that's the conduit to the players and they don't ask the Nflpa anything to their passing. Kickoff rules are passing helmet rules all this stuff and nobody asks even the superstar players hey. What's his going to do the game and that's why we're going to find her One would de facto bay as soon as they passed, the biggest rule change the last ten years they decided to switch over a bunch of new referee servant. I have referred, you dont know what they're doing with incredible. Roderick self it'll be complete disaster for the first two months: Disease that separate now, Aaron Rodgers sitting down with him was was absolutely awesome. You know that the the number it that's number one I would say I had a good experience of reported, a story about How everything happens in the first two seconds of a play? Now I ask,
Graham about it, you're not going to want to hear that. So you can close your ears. I asked him what he did to get to Tom Brady Strip Sack and he stood me up and he gave me the move that you put on Jack Wright. I don't want to read that Georgiana, listen, let China here, but you know that you just literally Emmy, he said, he's all right of appeal roots had tell us in the office of line and he couldn't but they were be said they had massive tells in Athens wine and beer being poor men. Without doubt we for a fact they are to be bad after personnel, where that now And so he just sort of you utterly made me be Shack and I will he was Brannan. Graham obviously any put the move on Meda was spent, and then I would say you know I think, just generally there's the rookie quarterbacks are bring someone
statement of this week. I think that one of the things I keep harping on and I keep hearing it's easier than ever to play quarterback easier than ever in the history of football, but quarterback arpeggios like it six sixty eight percent completion percentage. If you can't past now you are so beyond bad, it's unbelievable, ok and so on. These guys were coming and now we're gonna play really well kind of in there You're in a way that people unexpected- and so I think that's I'm excited about that because for five years ago, who just too hard to quarterback talked well, I think tat are the teams that a fair basis that really does We wanted a quarterback example: you VE, Buffalo Cleveland, ended let's just out those three, fan bases have been dying. Would it would have like sacrifice small children to have a good we're back in their lives for ten years Baker is the exact were at quarter graphically. He wants to talk shit. He wants to put cleaving on his back.
There's a couple of guys miles. Garrett is well who's that offences the very sensitive miles Garrett then realize he was. Poetry, raw, oh yeah, I'm running a profile had a poet miles care, I'm running a profile them, but ornamented our com, but that's it read. Rush out have been so oppressed by prolonging area, might intervene where But one of the things that the he says and I really do believe us invest this brown steam takes pride in being carrying the torch Leubronn left I'm not saying they're gonna make the sensible, sir. No, no, you I mean did Leubronn left now hilarious, a hole in the Cleveland Sports in and my there will be filled by the idea that it I only regret that I don't know the answer this year. What could the Indians past we do if it's any aliens win the world Syria and
take your eyes when the AIR Sea North orders cleave unhappy about winning over. It's ok, I don't- I just don't know equivalent enough, but I will say to piggy back in your point. Even if the Brad's went ten SEC, someone the aid to North Korea, would be as as they were, fur like Leubronn when he came back right, yeah he's out of those. I think they just what the branch to be decent they dared enough is something there Harrison made the players for them and is members now really finally, and he's decade, which Davis yet was the coach you, India, they fatter. The battery and aid- that's been. It's really funny to me. Then in football League with parody that, specifically, signs of this can't happen. You have teams like the brands and bills who just can't succeed, I may I all the rules or their favorite like all of them. It's elegant basketball, ragged tank for four years, but you still need to get lucky with the ambitious draft and show that, like your father, routine, the Orlando MAGIC Tat. If Cyprus,
straight years and somehow I don't have a guaranteed all star in the roster, but in football it should. In your favour between the cap and the and now the real? the scale and other stuff? I gauge it's impossible to be bad for two decades era. When a man is thank, you is a couple of things number one. A thick ownership has a lot to do with their banana forum is sticking to a plan, is more poor thing? I really do think that John Dorsey will get for you and saw it hard tax for him. I give him like a bit like a beer, be minor. He recited Sears Authoritative, are not giving him enough runway Because John Dorothy is like a top five and I felt personality, Today, though, they Antonio Callow Philip, I would, if I would have done the same way with Nephew Kyle had at a similar incident happened in tell us for but this who sat down be like look man yet one chance of me, actually never problems. Why do I have to say that I see I'd? There were related right out of a car. I dont have listened to me as a delegate car you're. Now I get easier. Ok, no insurance!
after about parking. It ok, yeah crashing it the irrational nor crashing. A car but has a card likes to get hit by other cars. It's a hobby of Maria uniting. You leave the rigour that protection access to its tudor to do nothing at the across the board now ass, an ermine I thank God, silence I, like still counts still carrying ass cars. I've been here, get by Hereby cards by school by signing the Erika disaster, we, the ringer oral history, our training came out G, What was the most depressing train? A camp? You enter most depressed, one, we're psych wow, so there's a couple of training camps where you can just feel that the via businesslike Not that round thing going on here, nothing goin on here. I would say that
item example last year was the Baltimore Ravens, where you knew they had to draft a large action because it was just like one point: twelve Suggs was making fun of right now for being badge openly on the field. I was, it was the weirdest training camping. Maybe I've ever seen. That's like it. I think, there's some some definite we're, listen Buffalo right now, because it into that competition and Josh Alan makes better throws them Karen and Nathan Biederman, and they all make the same mistakes yet, and so you can just washing using the hell's going on here. So I don't really know going on in Detroit or now I wash their practice unjust, I'm all there for one day and these places, but I didn't. I wasn't ready to run through a brick wall. Lions practice tell Patricia, has like com I tell you that on the screen and he shows could corrects dies on on the field like real time. That's your arranging their lines practice, but I just think
in pencil them in for the lion season, nine to ten wins being soon any Bela check Assistant ever gone out to be a good head coach from China, whereas the brief fleeting Eric man. The air was certainly was fleeting gap Where's, the nine games adjusting Danielson dinner. I don't understand why they only have just its now at their complete disasters. They have just a little hint of success and then it is completely tank to Patricia thing was hilarious to me because we lost a super because we couldn't get one stop against eels for forestry quarters. Now we know stop them ever did whatever they wanted. Nick falls getting. Look out of the super bowl and enhance our thanks. It's our guy back purchase and here's a Kaliko. Isn't I mean the bell check? The book on Bela check is that he doesn't really reveal the entire master plan to us
That's why we're only getting very unlike air, only getting a fantasy Mary know what I'm really think it. I don't tell them. We getting a very narrow view of the belgian spirits and ours. That was the whole theory behind. Why Mcdaniel State Isabella Check is all Kara was hey I'll? Tell you everything which I wouldn't even believe at this point is probably not even allowed to tell I think out. Really simple, I think he's just do your job is any cut throat and he studies, tape and he's really conspire as ill. He remembers everything. Why are there personnel guys who come from his tree? Who have been better, but Thomas too, so that there are some that I think that's that's a virus Another team I would try to higher than the personnel people in his in history right. I wouldn't care about. The coaches are either the thoroughness there. There's things. He looks for that. Other teams haven't figured There is some sort of likely, even though this fifth round or Bentley, whose is
a star in complex of defense, he was like a three year. Captain add Purdue. He was downgraded cuz of like some speed, stuff and stuff like that, but just seems like a leader and a good that he looks over and over after these leader, tough guys and- and I think the big thing and one of his former lieutenant one told me this and I think about it all the time the one thing Belichick likes to do. Is he likes his scout, based on what guys can do or see what they can? and that's the whole, do your job mentality right, and I think so many jam sit there and say that guy's now fast that guy, cover that I cant do X, Y and Z and Belgic flips it around and says, wait if we got this guy in the fifth round. What is the one thing you could do? is the fifty three minutes, but nothing? That is the question that defines the personnel situation and pretty useful do you know about checks. Single biggest hole has banned there in the two is two decades as pats coach when he became the greatest football about. I've answer backs drafting a special
EC type of receiver that he's based on seven straight ass. Actually, so here here. Are the receivers in the history of the patriots franchise from the second through fourth round of pension, our text, but the sister now. I want you the whole thing I'll just go since ninety eight cuz. I include my man, Tony Simmons, Gazette Jersey, so second rounders. Ninety, four: Kevin O six chat Jackson, O three Bethel Jackson. Ninety, Tony Simmons, two thousand thirteen errand Dobson it's every sector under the passive spent on a receiver in the past twenty years. All those guys failed all right, don't even remember, Chad, Jackson or Aaron, Dobson and anything other than licentious training care, bad guys would I do like with Dobson. It was just like up he's, not gonna wrong. Mcdaniel, like a minute later, he was gone
I do remember Bethel Johnson actually on a football field, both Jackson and Jobs- and I don't remember anything other than like these guys are really struggling right Skype to run in with the force and then DM branch at the tail end in oh two was the one success, but then the third round, Brandon Tate, two thousand, all my God, Taylor Price, two thousand ten fourth round Josh boys, two thousand thrashing or Malcolm Mitchell- as sixty the path of gone one for aid. In the second report I ran on commercial rarity, gone he's got ass. She liked him. I think Just tell me, I couldn't get how gay he couldn't it concerned the fail, but the Steelers have drafted like how many guys Amity guys from
through fourth ravages enemies. I enjoy shame, is James Washing guys, gonna, be there really get it over and over again they veiled these guys and it seems like these are the easiest picks to make, and it's like the Baltic is one tiny blurs the theory. I remember hearing something couple of years ago from the scout someone man about just like you know it Bilbil check should do is just hire someone else just a vip, wider seat of address injuries and ten times not do anything Thompson. Aid on everybody, Jordi Nelson, Anti Adams just call TAT Tom, since it your job, look at receivers. Here's two abandon thousand, as there is some magic secrets ass with receivers. The one thing I would never do is just draft a quarter, Patterson Type fast guy will teach him had a reader fences and but he's got much overwhelming natural, like those guys, never seem to make it had. Always you see the courtiers you in
the EU and Vietnam. I incredible Cordero Patterson is now flashing hype for with this third team. That's very exciting! For you, I'm that bank in Ankara. No, you shouldn't. He also made up an anecdote about Bela check to see that those strange just it was so he said, Bella Check, said you're going be the player you meant to bear some like that, and then it gets training camp, and I asked about news. I battleship reset that might lace for working for balanced, don't make up ahead of Turkey S, don't make pouch again it as well? Did you see it out of other training camps? You went to. Did he see any team that Thats yourself, a little slippery and I was really this is not a sleeper I think. After seeing training. Can't my super bowl and I've seen him some sort of items. That's not. I just love, thereby I love, I loved everything about them and get a big piece
ass about how their use in India I got it for poverty of advanced match, and I have a cousins peace coming next week as well. I sat down with him for a long time, and and some shorting other cousin stock, that at that time, this weight into my peace, France, yeah banker, geez Are we sleeping on the falcons a little bit? They ve got an athletic defence, tat. You were not sleeping on the Indianapolis stage, change our sea, they not but I hear that they are in Annapolis, nor are they focused denies, although they do not yet know still Sark resource arc. The the Annapolis calls not impress me. No Andrew Luck, the annual luck story can't be told until I got Tober until he gets hit in the season game and outside of that they have been they didn't hit under on an Quincy Wilson. Their pick last
here I didn't, they missed a well gone back to what's his face, the awful GM they had for years rigs. Yet Gregson the highlight of his career was framing the patriots it was the second highlight of his career, not agreement area with make, as I work for you The second I live. His career was trading a first round pig for Trent Richardson, who is like, should have been left guard and stone. Autonomy is third and stolen use. Third, they just stay. MR too many peg at that. You can't bounce back from that. If you're, just blowing entire drafts for years and years say, thou excited, read the luck stuff. It seems I keys actually going back in our lives, you, above you like. He feels good feels good again so first vote, Jacobus percent is, did you see that, like Jim or say, says to cover sectors? Twenty quarterback reset overboard. Do
these people. You can comment on Gmos. Does I get headaches giving our goal is for glasses of wine. It says that the crazy you don't be sorry wouldn t, remember the weekly return afraid if it basically the two untouchable backup quarterbacks if our now, according to their teams, are Nick Fools, who won the Superbowl yet and then Jacobus reset, who led the NFL and people dropped passes. Last year we had our revenge, ethnic falls CUP of Asia, the Strip sack to show their have some of the ethnic, false Are you sure, they're real? How is that revenge game for now that it now never get over the super? So it can be an answer. America, butler, for being nothing other than to back, I'm willing to spend the rest of my life. That no would happen about Butler. I was ever see I was in Tennessee. Did you know that the Titans just never asked now can butler about what why you didn't buy and again the guy they put in for him. First of all, I dont think, is even in training camp
but was also one of those like why that goes on the field. This is the superpowers one of those moments, every slick each other like covering receivers. Here's the thing the very gossipy industry yet area, gossipy, nothing's, Ghana and the fact that there is not a stronger rumour that, when you have to beer, is a somewhat on the road they tell. You indicates to me that I think it just might be a performance. He it look like a rat. The latter west a further chemically speechless. I just don't understand both at age. You led by sparing ready for you to come up with something else. My favorite Dnc football moment, as them by saying injure luck was being drafted to loan the wig. In the weeks like he's right now, is to be 18in and Bobo. Wherever there saying that I join about him is. Can he stay healthy, economic yeah? That's exactly! The reason is be drafted to low. I love
pack, as only then can we manage them on power. Only allowing the only question is whether the guy, who last played a snap the same day, common capron, later snap, you can stay healthy. The ETA has had his shoulder operator twice and position where you land on your shoulder and it gets ironing Andrew Luck is put on three rare nfl shows with me. Since the last time you play football, today, this he won't be my fantasy TIM, I don't know, sir. I, if I'm drafting quarterback, I want to make sure the guys on the field if any views on the field grey and he's probably swing leagues of replace sixteen games better, sir, you have you have no sleepers fantasy sleeper on offer for oh gee? making our sleeper lies, but I just wanted to just point out that the earth there- nobody- you don't know shit a team that years ago, not on that were I mean everybody that a year, everybody seems fairly state oh I'm crossing of temper, our I am
I think the James thing is unrecoverable and that the Karma guy Day or in a just annihilate them wait. I have a new thought on this: why aren't the boxers training for Teddy Teddy Bridgewater think that's that's a popular twitter. I didn't see it, but then- and not just in general in and then just say this our guy going forward and let s go to? They should waive JANUS. They, which is clear. It is keep Miranda Wanna play with weak whatever to play, but and then the next year you can go sign and smoother. He can go sign in Arizona, Backup, Josh Rosen or whatever I don't know how do you feel about the chosen risen so began good bus, I've been getting it's like what we said. I mean it's Matthew Bear it was on this by gas last week and he had a twenty two good quarterbacks Nana fell. That's not because there are twenty two talented quarterbacks because again easy to play. Quarterback I think Josh rose and will be if he has to play this year. Once I can't believe literally, which are about the vice president, is a heartbeat away from
President Josh rose in his eye, SAM Bradford Injury away from starting and that's pretty likely silly he started quickly. Starting work was like them rams. Have the rams have replaced the pats as the biggest I'm locked in their division, oh just throw them in every part. I want, I want actually say a sleeper team, but I'm ruling out of agribusiness yeah. That's that's just wrap again. Now it's it's kind of common. Actually, I don't think they skips, in the same sort of like they tried to. They tried to take the same route as a lot of other teams with the office of coach young quarterback, all that stuff and skip to many steps. We didn't in twenty eight Spain. This me ran ass, minus one, fifty Niners plus two sixty Seattle plus for twenty five, who the ethics Seattle, winning the intimacy West in Arizona is eighteen o one week Seattle has is, is plus four fifty as I said the ridiculous ridiculous, they don't they don't even care about the season. Two seconds
rebuilding season for them and they will the first or pick they don't. I would make fun of them The paths we're getting amnesia there aren't you down are also Wilson for decisions that we doesn't die, the rams or minus one. Fifty I don't get. Why would then? Why? Wouldn't it like minus four hundred think of his schedule. I don't now. Also I mean it is a lot of new faces are here on Mcveigh, its conduct combustible where the rams, because the chemistry yeah so so is basically lighted the markets canal. No, no. I mean I do it just a lot of different guys different. I, like all these guys person, Marcus, Peters, keep to leave and Conseil. But you are just sort of building a defence on the fly were not used to that sort of supervising the rising salary cap, which has risen ten million every year for six years has led. Us to the place where you can get three quarter Veterans like that at one time and mould them all weren't its unprecedented. We Philips has a lot of pressure on them. Now he's fine wait, Forbes does, nor is the Panthers might be
becoming upshot. Fantasies gonna happen to talk about jets Cuba's in his large Adele. Can I have one more question? Similarly, newly amazing movie coming out the stop la movie, when the best hand, action, snowplow movies, I haven't finished my tab at its up, their due They are for fantasy sure there are lots of fancy. Apps fan do as an easy to use choice of more features for everyday where's, more waste when than ever before, like vandals new tool guru which up she makes smarter pigs can feel more confident go in and again day just start by pickin anywhere. If you pick a Kubi guru, wheeze ten did the affair strategies to recommend the best wider say resistance to pare with them. To mention these guys tell me that bending his coming sooner than you think in this season, fans even has a free weekly pick em contest, as well as the biggest free
and at first survivor League ever up to two hundred fifty dollars up grabs new prayers. Trifon do today get a twenty two hour bonus and make first posit just sign up and use promo code B, yes, fantasies here he assumed Arnold fever. He does a big it Eddie, it have same Darnel day. Thank you, China, jinx your own savior. I promise it was not my idea. Savior SAM, it wasn't set, as they say, Save your SAM just SAM this, the jets cabbies It's a staggering less that dates back to before I was born Joe name still the greatest jets Cuba about time. Correct finished with hundred seventy tedious two hundred fifteen interceptions and the last six years of his career were really abysmal. Yes, that's a fact and he's the best jets can be about time just going total yardage. Actually, let's go by Kubi record, so name. If is DE jets, when's later at sixty and sixty one cannot.
And following up at fifty is, I think, an o Brien is the best winning percentage. I was as somebody who's ruled against the jets. My whole life, which I start by first for buses- and I can remember anything- is like seventy four ten o Brien was problem. The most competent quarterback you had actually fell like he knew what he was doing and I was semi afraid of him I was raised on, cannot watching my dad get his hopes up through three quarters of care. Brian Games and they are destroyed in the eightys and the fourth quarter yeah. But how do you know, like hourly version of Philip Rivers yet very analyse very soon? very talented, big arm through a lot of touchdown. Then I couldn't get a fourth quarter distant, massive disaster, s rich Todd who took you to the eighty championship game and through some picks before my time, but yeah forty two, fifty one lifetime hundred and ten t, these hundred thirty eight interceptions. Arguably the third best jets quarterback, hundred and thirty eight interceptions in a hundred and two games, yeah as no different era, that's not good. So very
Has the VERDI you laugh. Thirty, five and twenty six. Seventy seventy, these fifty eight interceptions, maybe eight the title game, a game that, if you never watched on Youtube, which I may or out of them in the last five years was way close. Than people remember- and I remember that, just as I think I bet the jets weren't such a mess that state as jets fans that we now have to acknowledge that Vinnie is deeply underrated. He was like kind of a good quarterback the jets. Now it's a little bit skewed by the fact that bill parcels was his head coach and horses. One of the three best just in the history of sports, so with a little complicated but Vinnie. You know also, I have one island grew up around the corner from my father. Would we were really emotionally attached of any, but back story. You lot ourselves here, but I shall can save him he's. There wasn't good, I kind of feel like there's a spanish soccer team that only uses local players and they play in the top division and parts one after I kind of you
the jets should have pivoted and just how long island guys they would have there would have been on ornery. I think you were still at the british- are Ferguson and religious diversity in waiting for bad knows guys. I only those guys without any problem with them. The anthem either Very somehow to two platforms so marked sanction. To his highlight: was he Natalie beat the Patsy Foxfire about through three tedious and no packs of our member states? In fact, some kind of lights out in the game was also that's came back and looked at. It was like twenty one. Eighteen supply that and then Sanchez just that was at the shouldn't, be nasty or Zaire. Agri food has got off to a tough start. I mean both Pennington and Sanchez, probably should have overcome the Steelers and ABC Championship Games and didn't painful Pennington thirty, two and twenty nine eighty two tvs. Fifty five picture you make case for him as the best that can be tracked down: backfire. The year after that we go, epic cliff
boomer size in Fitzpatrick, Gina Smith, bright fire for a year New data has brought it to win games for my fear, whatever I'm a winner. We can win here President Arroyo under a leg you just years doing MIKE's voice. Now that's what it was by as my best friend Jeff Gallo, and we saw the press conference and for the next two years without brought it to win, gave when you went to one simple and through the demon. Somebody else, either to the everyday use out of the league in twenty four months anyway, dialogue. I would I just I don't even think this is we argued is the most talented jets qb about time. I think that's right here pedigree to be the Eba. Rather since your name, Yanina, obviously wrote about Donald today lit It and wrote about name is a little bit and I was having some fun in his expense, because his career numbers in the light of Aaron Rodgers is NFL. Terror.
Yeah, but you name, it won them. A super boys and iconic figure was now were shot yet language at my old five or six years ago, career the candle on everything to but am seems, probably the most talented jet ever issues like boring. You know during previous incurred as Martin. It doesn't mean it can be good, but the jets have had very few five pigs in their entire history. Among them like a keystone, Johnson, work, Sanchez and SAM is right up there with those guys. Here I would say so, I'm just the biggest don't do them the typical sort of Buffalo bill, staying where they dropped first round quarterback every couple years that they just haven't so that the tools you guys have not really existed. I think there are three points really freaking talented players on the jet and increase Jenkins is a good example of someone who, like no one talks about him anymore, but he was one of those athletic guys in football at a huge size, it eight years
totally but, like I guess, there's a difference here and the feet. The people to fix owners writing about it. We're just Cuba's drafted by the judgment of quality sleeve, came from the Panthers, had a great career and then came into a dominant team and made them that much better. They had a lot of it Players over the years. I guess I'm just thinking about players that they groomed and and and and put four. You know it's only limited less leaders have so many stops and starts and they ve never really committed or plan like there's. Not that's why I think distracting guy high with me, I guess Sanchez, but that was that was the overarching Rex Ryan Plan, which is petered out really quickly. And scheme of things. I think that in order to save them a keg and bowls airily had to disseminate this, go all in and just pray for the next thirty six months. My favorite part of this whole pack, ass was fantasies visions, history, that the jets never really have a tough. I pack was over, they didn't have it's off. I take it this time I can't you ve had twenty five top six pigs since the sixties include,
The problem is you just pick the run, Guys Vernon Goslin yeah yeah, Leonard waves edge of items were backpacks, but Mark Sanchez, the British. Ferguson, Dwayne Robinson, since our this year. Do you also had years. Where, member these years, because I'm old, Johnny LAB jones- was the second pinnated for I was like fourteen and now seem stupid to two fourteen, your other That's weird! Aren't there better guys familiar soon, as it has a argument to be one of the worst draft bricks in history, Billy's bad, a draft. Never the point I want to make is not that they have an attack. Five pictures. They haven't drafted very many talented players- I mean they took doing Robinson. Would they traded uptake? Wayne Robinson, I think from Kentucky at the number five pick They made a lot of huge mistakes. You know famously, I think, they're, probably their worst traffic, all time is KEN O'Brien, because you slighted three picks ahead of Dan Reno.
Jazeera lay there is bad, Marina stuff gone around them tat was in all time does now time does emerge aft. Spray. Wherever we did in learning the learning we talked about it, they would have taken into my whole immediately. So judges yeah how'd. He Jed's Billy Sims was the first big Johnny land was second pick the next to pigs. Anthony Munoz, Bruce clerk dear no unhappily Munoz Inner, but central, her men for twenty years of high production. After but they they did this over and over. You remember what was the Bertha monsieur, so those ninety ninety five Heaven with sea who would see who ass they could add that year. That was a hovel gesture Blair Thomas were first to paying iconic Cortez Kennedy three Keith MC it's for junior, say our five subject yourself. I'm kind of I feel fortunate to have not had Jeff George from being honest He also by the way he really emphasise the pre internet by a gesture
there's really something to behold unit within the York. Eighty, eighty eight they traded out of the eighteenth, Peck and nay passed on Rainy MOSS, who, in three weeks later there's a lot of us the jets about a lot of those over the years, but dont actually feels like. It was the right pack and I think, there's two things. One is that they might have franchise qb, Two is actually be the re pick for once the tough OPEC year, although this no, but ahead of the draft right before the bigger Mayfield moment and outside honour what cabin thirty six hours before the raft happened date. I think many people soon they were getting Baker and that Donald or Alan we're going one, and I was cut preppy myself I'm getting excited and all my kind of research Simon, was oriented around a Baker Mayfield near jets. Thing and then I don't know it's just somewhere along the way, Donald slipped in the mind of doors, or he was never really in play there in
legal and other there was. There was so much disinformation. This was a pretty when you have five first round quarterbacks and maybe six if you can't run off with Varas grades, go there were similar Peterkin reported like three months before the draft at the browns were absolutely good, Josh out over and then by draft night. It was out there tat the day before was oh they're gonna take Donald, and so I just wouldn't it. Is one of the rare events where you just cannot trust anybody leading up to no one is telling the truth, and I this can be a big moment cause. I rarely apologise in Minnesota and sort of my thing. Low. What's happened here, I there is wrong about Baker, may filth, I'm just kinda. Now, sometimes I'm wrong. We were you You were down on him. I just I thought he had allowed a bus potential and I wouldn't have taken him first and I think I was wrong. I think it actually seems like if you're the browns and you bring this super
a guy in his one in college, who kind of plays the way back should play now. Just try they amidst if there's something interesting with him and Darnel to wear it feels like both of these guys should just be playing now, but at one of them is problem don't play in one of them is probably not, and I am interested to see bakers makin, a black right big. I try to similar he's gonna play Donald oddly, the com nation is really moving towards heat start. Louis rhetoric on tv on sports and last night was just like it's ridiculous of Donald doesn't start for the jets, which is dress of a mountain range younger. Lately you there as we do that we literally did this with Blake Borders. One extra: where was he has a good literally the second preceding game and help goodnight hits open guys in these looking grated institution theories, and we say it is eight an abomination. If he doesn't star, we go on and there we Russian will look Easy value in? I guess not read. Shooting of rookie quarterback, but at least giving him five six games to sit through most talented quarterback. Under the
thirty, five or now is Aaron Rodgers and he sat for multiple seasons stirs something to them. He would not have been the same. I think they're GB, Tom Brady, sat for multiple he be safer when here of the murder in order back under age, forty two sat for multiple you're, so I dont see was it not what you know? I think that cities and you're not going to persecute sit for six seven weeks, learn by professional. There are not guys there are not enough practices to get good being and Ethel quarterback. It doesn't training camp is so watered down. Now there are eleven When and if I live on ass, you go in I killer. But you have to learn that you say a badge I haven't seen you this animated, since together now due to an open thirty minutes ago, never you, it was the most exciting have ever seen.
Well, that's not, as I've been so many is titles and all my sports. I left her Nigerians actually there's nobody. I just there are no more today's. It is just not enough literally not enough hours in the day to earn a poker back then level. Can I back and counter yes, first Games of the jet schedule, Detroit at the trade Monday night, seven, ten p m home for the dolphins at Cleveland as a first three, and then he got Jacksonville weak for ad Jacksonville Oh you don't want to go against the best offensive by doubt, but I, like those first three- they give. You were gonna start on those first three or like kind of a nice. Where do you think this is a good strategy actually to let him play against bad teams interim account of wolves? Whenever thirty I go, I'm terribly when I was when I was in college, I covered chosen. Seven dolphins and their whole thing was one was John
gonna play and they were the waiting maid through clearly trend, green and from green dot can cost almost immediately was we ended his career, then it through our clear lemon and the whole thing was what work defence are we going to start John back at turns out. Did matter turns out John Back socks John Back, like a second round pick, he was guess who I saw yesterday Cowboys Camp John back. He's a private quarterback, Would you do not want to learn from John back? Are we all fantasy, which one of those team scares you at Detroit Home from Miami at Cleveland? I think Detroit a little bit better than people think they are. So I'm not that important Casey, let's just at the trade trading, they always have town, I think Matthew Stafford will one day and hair at the earth from sort of upper generation of quarterbacks. I grew. I don't think it's gonna happen in twenty eight other guys inefficient happened, I'm excited for photo. I stared but when I was when I went for a walk with you in a lab that started it, but I said:
You met the Medina jets at the trick. Aim at four o clock west Custom made I mean I'm all the minute I saw Donald, throw one priests in touch on is like that sport around camp believed back yeah. I called Shine historic has had to talk to about a fairly urge word thing in his like can occur. Back in an hour and watching the jets I get it you ve never had a cubic with you. I was getting emotionally connected to my guy bills is needed to SAM care you at all gallant. Your dynasty is winding down who are soon to be removed from the Tom Brady belle check era, hopefully within the next ten years. Yes, are you afraid of sand? A yeah we were just talking about it, one of these years, Patrick area, six, ten and some I'm to take the division, the biggest reason nobody's, taking the division. What to reason that three reasons: quarterbacks jets, dolphins bills speaks for itself,
his next havens, really, the only really good coach. That's been There are other than like Rex for that one year, yet parcels go way back before Belgic and then bad owners have honours like Stephen Ross Irene we truly believe you wanna Jim harbour to go to Michigan overhearing them as dolphins courage. I really believe that I dont think keep cares that much about the dolphins We know the jets are disaster, high, positive jets theory yeah, one of the best thing that ever happened just Yes, yes, Donald Trump, getting elected president here's. Why would he Johnson is now the ambassador? England, which means he is no longer participating in the day to day activities of near jets, Woody Johnson. As far as I can tell them competent owner his brother, who was Nimbleheels Chris Recapture, has been too over data duties and I'm frankly impressed
Chris Johnson and every time he speaks and like this guy seems an odious talking about well we're gonna be a war with England. Somehow, if he's like y know our or they mine and they casualties are unbelievable, but I gotta tell ya: we got darnel You know that we make sacrifices in this country. I'll say anything thing about the pats now to help your jets cause yoga week, one home for Houston. We have no receivers. It's basically like double team crusoe again, chip on the line, and just like everyone else, be you and we might actually score thirteen point Chris Organs still seven eleven is that they do so climate that we're not going on. Ok, baby sojourns could have like thirteen catches and we want at Jacksonville. We too, that friends living f. Adam is not the end of Tom areas. Career that day. Can we, for that day, there's their slate slate, their slow slate owing to potential just slate tiny infant,
Then you go at the trade Sunday night NBC, weak three, so picture this with the. Two paths going in there. I've I've played this out mad repeatedly, especially after the orphans lineman. We, which is drafted Blue, the killers- and you start while others just some bad. You do about the season you go. That game or to now Michael's increase cause or they may now. I know it's, the patriots are no. You know I went to get scary it just if you're gonna be owed to with Eddie quarterback. They got the guy embraces like nurse at source shoulder their. Road map, for this Patsy's into go to hell. You said it not me, I I don't know about that. I just think if there was a road map for all the last fifteen seasons YO to help the year they lost Tom Brady, they want eleven games.
Castle told me. They lay calls a land where data through the ball randomly us ass, I was talking to casually- was I pick up. I was called Randy success. Readers give the border Randy yeah it could play. It has affected grape worked against the jets in their pets. In the past benefit- is it's yet another easy schedule I mean there is now a lot of blue chip resolve on the on the deck. I'm not banking, on a play off season for the jets. I'm not even black banking on seemed Arnold being good for two or three years. I think I'm I'm just excited about the fact that they have never had a guy like this. We were talking last night what we're watching the game in the office about Sanchez and if I had a similar feeling to this, as I did when Sanchez was drafted, as was also talk, I pick touted recruit, etc, etc, and I wasn't because Sanchez was, I think, reach five and most people said at the time people care or ripped is his leaving early. That's what I was going to college coach publicly. Rips you
not exactly like. I remember not being that afraid remarks as daylight, that physical reach there already, talking about him as a gay manage areas startled this like there's, though gay manager there's this guy relays genes. We also my branch on which he was up bottom tat offers, according to your receivers, it's not bad. It's Robbie Anderson, Germane, curse. The troubled Robbie and raise Robbie Anderson in the clear does believe he's been cleared of charges all of them. I believe so there were. There were some infraction some, not defend them. His forty a dashing down the ship is the bracelet on his ankle, but he's fine who s our boy, control is to make RO prior, where this is a hotchpotch whose on a one year deal seems very popular with extreme rates. By the way, I heard that I heard you in somebody was Talkin
there's no way we can thank, has as yet not out and also out of the guarantees. J Swearingin was basically pumpkin the entire time during our term practices, and then he basically said Jager and can protect. You now wouldn't go after you. So? Let's exciting, aren't you a guy in a locker job, since we last night curses purses, solid, negative, save a rabbi Anderson. Can kid stay in the field? he's said he was a monster last year. Is he has two nine hundred hundred yacht receiving seasons he's really fast. Modern offers an elite receiver, but he's a peace building block using the daily fantasy guy last year, there is like a six week straight, where his salary was way off. I'm I'm programme. Henderson on the field, everything else is caught up in the air with him, but I'm here, player for Darnel too, because Donalds Gonna need to just fling it. Sometimes in he's the kind of guy who and the brain the ball down when you just fling it, they I think this is gonna, be a really fun for bus.
He's in the sense that there's a lot of new blood, which can I discussed earlier of newborn New York, has two new guys that are just going to be really fun to add to the weak, the browns being Alan Steinberg, the potential follow the Pats, the death follow using just to be clear. The only person in America talking over the visit attention down four have that this is part of my process calamity. This is what I do in MID August. I feel like I try I think of all the ways it can go wrong and then, at the end, September. Second, I bet on the paths to win their ceased, and then they d, my process. Who do you think is the worst team in the NFL. The season? Ok, good, I think has been potentially could be see out. A bit day, here's the problem- they have a top five quarterback, they ve top five receiver and dug Baldwin paved with Brown, is really good. Then everything else is the absolute worst rostrum Unifil and so
It is that word is at fault. I guess when in fact so many eyes and they blew their first round pick who's. That seems like he's, I mean a play and looked up. Out. One seems like one of those guys that if it's gone wrong, he's great he's right, not enough. It's gone wrong. He'll be smart enough to be leg. E, amateur and he's heard already to this programme to the heads of the add to the sidelines mean we're not gonna Seahawks right now, it's not a good sign all right, I'm not just gonna write players to be in articles for this then I guess they're going to have a monster in their division in the rams you have potentially too if the Niners come through this year. I think the Niners are your way. I think the Niners have a chance. I do it just it's really. All it takes now. Rookies haven't outsize influence in the now, and second, your guys have announced as too didn't used to be that way, and so, if a couple of guys and that events make the leap, it's a very recognized. I should think Douze could be really bad. I agree with
is anyone else, and I was a cab was kept the last few days. I felt nothing whose deck thrown the ball to play it easily. That is a chronic issuers downturns? Ok, entrances is a credible and if only I mean that wasn't, I was just me: factually, namely that it out- and I was in endorsing on her- they took a chance on someone else who is the other player that they signed? obviously is equally at the ball out right. I'm gonna give you the worse supervisory now the Buffalo bill, plus one forty, I guess that's like the receivers or better hundred. You win if we eyes not save on us and that we can only get it gonna, be like a gadget type right, yeah about at the bills are the worst. It looks like a hundred forty five to one jets are one twenty five to announce low, Tampa hundred one agreed that,
when you buy some bad, you do the thing that we're not talking didn't talk about with regard to Darnold is on the jets have a tough. I worst offensive line the NFL this year and I we brought eyebrow better programming, he'd, it's it's David cars, orphans of line like he's in trouble, and one of the wider should said. One of the cases for setting him is that he might just gettin I later that we needed under pressure in preceding years against third soaring defences. Immensely cap counterpoint Russia, Wilson, has been getting completely destroyed for five years, is still one of the best quarterbacks Nineveh you, Seattle, sixty to one which seems low the the ones that are in there. Maybe he's got terrible, adsense and anti errs on a car. I think she's demands. The CFO thing is in China me because they were the first team to figure out the sea. Ba after was signed, two thousand eleven and now the third done. We get to see the spur sort of life cycle of a team that figured out the seed. The annex ass was in China. Watch what that it's almost like. You used to talk about the guys who came in from high school in the NBA yeah. What are not they age differently.
Now we see like the life cycle of a really good team in the modern era and its end, their set five and a half years it straight or secondary, fell apart. So that's what I'm a guy on just about that, but that's it in all, but also you sign those guys to big contracts. Stuff starts log, damning and then all of a sudden you can't tell they knew this last year because they made a couple big short term bets right there. Other cat, knowing that they are going to be asked for this year, a golden generation in the secondary. How guys that we're like three or four hollow famers there and those guys aren't on the team one or two, if you had on third fourth and fifth round packs and become all pro geyser and win the Superbowl. But the reality is even forty. Five year run now the paths have been able to have for forty five year rancey, but tell me about it. Seattle stretch there's adds maybe five five years and I guess turnover allay unless you have a historical good coach was eleven. It employs. Sixty eleven sixteen year re or twelve to sixteen,
I was to eleven baby. Maids noise made the boy s also a six year round, which is more. You can ask for I I just that will only rather hers. One you're it was twelve, is twelve. Is the first year Have you read twelve zero? They dropped rustles and they were useless. Asher Wilson, that he's running for his life lasher. It's it's a football malpractice, my homes fever. By the way, little bit touch him home. I too, to the gene there. He said there actually so generally, I'm waiting and say he's doing livelier exceptions in practice and people say: Aaron Rodgers throws alive or exceptions in practice, but that's different Rogers is testing, is, is receivers a lot and he'll throw just to see if a guy can come down with it MA homes, if he's doing that, shouldn't be doing, he should be. A complete passes and practiced eye to eye doesn't he's throwing interception. So I think that they're gonna try to I think,
these are rookie quarterback needs on the cheap deal when they can build a team around him is a big selling point for them and I think that's gonna be a net win, because it's not like Alex Smith was so good that I think saving fourteen million dollars against the cap is really import. That position, I think the homes can be, can be really get an opportunity. This season might be. The chiefs might be a twenty nineteen team who has the best season, Kirk, cousins, Alex Smith or Patrick, will hold her cousins. I say, Psmith. I am outsmart- looked very competent, lessening. I haven't done all my homer get the ABC West is a canal, that's one of the ones. I can't MAX, is not gonna play and also leg. Why do we think John regions can be good coach? I think he's. I think that's could be a disaster agree, and then you look at Denver with with keen em.
Which is allegedly their rebuilding lobe of Athens. Canaan was good. Last year, axiom envy reneging on aid while John away chargers just every year, ten guys get her cross than they were re litigating. Why our capron? It is mainly, as you see, that's gonna screw with the NFL collusion case. Yes, but he's too all about his testimony or his is deposition. You Kelly, oh, I just get after it, but it's funny that If two hundred seventy five there were good last year, there there Ain T read every year, is reliable and the regular see how those I'd seen arriving not moved. I grant anyone's we're looking at, and that depends what else happens. Oakland they gave jungle and a hundred million dollars and they're not going to give clear MAC any money. The weird thing is. I don't know, there's so much legacy stuff like in the annexes, the Eagles or minus one. Fifty the cowboys plus three twenty five giants are pushed for. The Redskins hiding the giants will be better than the cowboy that's. Why, on who think Companies are going to be good. I don't see that I could
I think Jason Guard as a better chance to be first coach fired. Then, then, then they win. The division is whereupon I feel you could have said the exact same thing: the less three seasons, though the cowboys before we knew that the Dac in Secret and we good every year it sort of like a good. They always had a good. Often of wine. Must I've matters. Note, there's no telling ain't ever know their national to sum up, the odds are always all of its good, because it aren't you say no out. I got angry Sandia people more people better near so what your jets protection I be thrilled to six in time. If he, if he plays, games in place well said ear shot. I fix the asker sunshine. Thirty three last week I demanded, I haven't caught up with fixed it yeah business. A check is, I think, some regulations The most popular category, which was the dumbest idea ever and we actually made at work and made it so that you had to submit to one of the other of you- were out:
if you are either has great. If you wanted a comic book movies Year of choice, black Panther submitted for best movie or most popular, thus amid the best movie so cross their animals popular. I have no to address about another pod cast you day, which is it on Tuesday Danny and I did a pod cash. We mention William Hague that dolphins, defensive women, who believes many conspiracy theories, including that we did when on the moon, and then I realized. I started to make fun of this, and I realise that we have someone here at limit our com. This is their revisionist check out that observe back on the air. If you missed it bill, I believe we ran them now. I didn't say we I didn't say I didn't think we learn of the moon recent ninety ten percent in other, if I too, but my If I would bet we later, the moon, I'm just not a hundred percent or ninety persona cool, I think Jake
He was killed by multiple people. I do believe that a minor centre that were tried you good journalism here, the recipe We're gonna wrap it up. Here you want a plugin thing, No, what do you do this week that crazy, rich Asians director? I did John I'm too, which is a glimmering romantic comedy and people Second movie out and John- is a cool guy Casey! as well. We got round a foul shower Danny Kelly. Rhino Hamon got couple pieces coming next week: her cousins lifestyle, cousins feet or from you, I'm an idea to happens. To happens when, when you pick it we make the Superbowl gotta go all in on your pieces. That's gonna come back! I thanks Kevin thanks to shun taxes. Approval of good checked amounts, obtruded outcome. Such bs, thanks to Starbucks double shot, starts with a bold Starbucks coffee blended, with
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