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'South Park,' Competing With 'SNL,' and the Future of Comedy With Matt Stone and Trey Parker

HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by 'South Park' cocreators Matt Stone and Trey Parker to discuss writing the show during the 2016 election (6:00), their show's similarities with 'SNL' (13:00), the NYT's 'Ghostbusters' review (19:00), the difference between humor and trolling (28:00), Bill Hader's increased involvement with the show (35:00), streaming 'South Park' (43:00), having creative free rein (47:00), the rivalry between Butters and Cartman (51:00), the sheer amount of powerful companies in the tech industry (55:00), beefing with Sean Penn (1:01:00), their desire to do another movie (1:06:00), and what's next on Season 21 of 'South Park.'

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