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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons calls up Cousin Sal to celebrate the Supreme Court's ruling on sports gambling in America. They talk about why this is so important, wonder what form sports gambling will take at places like 7-Eleven, and speculate on who the first person involved with a sports gambling scandal will be (2:50). Then, Bill sits down with actor Ethan Hawke to talk about the pre-internet era, sports movies, working with Robin Williams and Denzel Washington, quitting smoking, falling in love on set, and Ethan's new film, 'First Reformed,' written and directed by Paul Schrader. Then Ethan talks about how he lost his Knicks tickets, the progressiveness of the NBA, and accepting LeBron's greatness (23:05).

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My L air FC season tickets had to sell some yesterday. It was super easy download the seeking gap cigarette to seek he d come what I'd say about our new music podcast. It's called on shuffle, it is hosted by my computers. We have spent years, trying to figure out what the rate music package would sound like. We finally figured it out it s, something for everybody: it's available for subscription right down on apple and spot a fire and sticker wherever you get your pack ass its launching this week, and we should mention cousins ass, coming up in a second cause of any sort of the greatest days of our lives, but, against all odds, has now taken a new form because it looks a gambling is gonna. Be legal at America. State by state will talk about that.
In a second will also talk to Ethan Hark who came in on Friday, and one of the most far back ass had done in a while. If you loved the before sunset movies, sunrise sunrises, the first before sunrise love that showed you delivery of reality. If you love Denzil, I mean this has something for everybody like movies. I would implore you to listen to this one cause. It's really good health but not least Zack low, and I are doing a home and home I'm on it, pack has today. So if you listen to the low post or veer subscriber it'll be in there today, if you're, not a subscriber go subscribed to sack those back ass, we're Talkin, Celts, calves, rackets, whereas in a whole bunch more. And then he's coming on my next Monday, so stay tuned for that come up cause it's out: Ethan, Hawke, but first part
a guy that I began the password for eleven years. Going back to the fall of two thousand seven european. We started playing, guess the lines and then the biased report than we. I did over the BS pack ass. He now hosts own ganley as on the ringer against all adds. He is introduced. The degenerate trifecta to the world. Together we have lost. I can't even fathom how much money and now we can lose money legally. Cousin saw what a day this is the greatest day of our lives.
At the wrong way. It's not how much money we blocked it! How much we are now going to lose because gambling I've been legalised by the Supreme Court? God bless them, so rob wearing geniuses, we like the Supreme Court so, this law really is. Is every state decide on their own, whether they want to legalise gambling or not, and they would be foolish not because of the taxes that they can get out of it. California did some. I did some quick region. Trade after this happen. California is, is the bill is out there like ready to roll on it I went to. It for the Olympics. In two thousand and twelve in there, his parlors all over the place, wavy hair and a cup utterance and and you just kind of walked in and out all the odds there and it did a betting slip. It was no different than lottery or Keno or any of the stuff. We see here at some of the convenience stores, and I remember tech,
you and being like. I can't believe you don't have this. Here are just walking in and bedding and friggin soccer and the hum guard dash. This is crazy. Why can't we do this I'm excited we're going to be able to run into a seven eleven grab a parlay card, I'm going to be able to call you and say hey what do you think of Joey Chestnut over? Seventy Dogs, with Roger treasurer, when the wind, but like the great no one will laugh at us where no we're not but an urge were no longer the outcasts where no I do worry that we're gonna lose a little more of our and look after the review It might like, like a financial planning for it, that's a good idea and is not a good idea. I don't think, though it is now that California, legalised marijuana, Snoop dog any higher than it was in two thousand. During her now
Yet the marijuana didn't bring down the state of California Mega Breadth and Africa, but it didn't bring them stay. California, here now he's here: he guy we had early pack yesterday see he's fine, the the So here's what I'm really but the did about excited about I'm worried about. So there's a guy The seven eleven probably two minutes for my house right is this can be those things were, I'm driving From work- and I just some light hair and seldom in the several ever parking lot, because our see what's gonna, that the February we actually have executed worried. Are we working of organ it first of all its it's? It's never lesson we have access. We do it over time, yeah, we do it legally. We do it sometimes illegal. My had ever weight with its that's. How better it's gonna be more than any of us. The same situation like we had yesterday, where I was texting, you in house saying this
six examples are off the the ad should be even for the series, and we should jump on this. Because south explorers is plus three eighty right for five years, and we have this huge calves where's bad that we made in like September. It's like plus one money, and you really know no were golden. Let's ride this! Any talk me out of it. Now, in fairness, you did point out all the other mistakes have made during the boy you're not allowed to give us seven straight. Will losers censure agrees that now and you didn't, let me take the South South out they go out. I didn't give you but straight losers. I gave some winners tailored above thirty billion five against Miami arrives. The one or the other, but failed to win? The east was possibly our heads against the cab, one thing and self excellent. Like look at it I gotta get right out right about I going to say with the silly thing, though, is
Hey watch in the calves yesterday and how easily the subjects were able to just do whatever they want and that game now that gas a little bit of an aberration, but it really did make me a priest how good Philly was the Celtics. At no point in ass for games even had a double digit lead. I don't think there Maybe they are obtained, but they had described. Jean Claude and then you go back and that seriously think like their dance me too, and game to day were down Five in overtime would like two minutes left in in game three and by the way, if the guy had stepped on the line, they lose the game in regulation right and then a game they're down for with ninety seconds left and of rhetoric the three with a minute left. They lose game, I'm sorry game five, so that is basically five plays. That decided three of the five games in the series. That's one them and My by point is, I think, Philly was really good and I bet fully was watching their game last. Thank on God. We would have killed the Cavaliers you now so
I don't know I can't you somethin, like you know, when the brambles of game on the web coming off game, one black seven times is one when the theories, but I will say I was a little surprised: cab still favoured to win the theory minus one. Fifty I think at worst discos, seven on both in such a good home team, no matter what you want to say about Leubronn, arriving from deadened, some re game Billina, what, if Often my plus one thirty going in a game? Seven, you could you could do it, we never do and hedge. I would think that any less than seven yeah. That was a bet that we discussed how we can, of course, never did anything with Betty was seven games as plus one ten, and it could go either way right. I think they can These are in a lot of trouble in the series and the reason that the are not reflecting the talent. The overall talent difference to the two teams is because Leubronn has now
turning to the cowboys the packers or some of the teams who see the end of our right, where the eid that something should be favoured. Now they have home here and there a boy now and they die. Many game when they should at least be like a one minus one. Fifty, but that's the power of Leubronn Pieper earlier Leubronn figured out oh, my god, I'm gonna get because their favorite and every game and other I get the requirement for your thereby point game too. Maybe it's not rational is my point. We ve seen as we did as a million times and waiting to be discussing legally now, but if ever as soon as California happens like that the books Vegas whoever's doing these spreads there. Is just to get an equal amount of money and if they perceive that the power of La Brown is so ingrained and people at this point that even if there staring at facts in the face there, still ignore ignored, because the bronze and the other team, I feel like that's where we are. You know it's a little like the Sunday they Patriots, Eagle, Superbowl
were that line was too I better. We are like this we point game where. Why are the where the patriots getting an extra whenever we discuss it was about Jack, Ambrady Brady, but that that line should have been three. These are all now get tat these conversations with you in a seven eleven. You feel egg. Is this a small victory lap for us? I love We myself credit when I deserve it, I'm trying to remember two thousand seven. You know now So a scarf impel gets credit for bad beats. We're doing bad beats last decade round exactly who else who s was there? Who is at the forefront, are real? We're George Washington, but we might be like Thomas Jefferson for this now right, we are on. I mean we're at least Chris Christie. Right I mean. Can I blast that fat bastard? He got this through I'm going to self. I need to send something. Descended arrangement. One seven and cover with chocolate is way because he is the man he could rule our state. He could walk
before I get outta me. What a that huge day is legendary ass, yet he stepped up and the biggest biggest way possible. Possible very thoroughly and have it back, I was in college. I was like peddling parlay tickets hood. I was like I had brass knuckles once I had a chase down a guy like this. This is crazy. Brings it all together, like this legitimate debate the thing we ve been talking about. Like you said for years my cry progress. We may I remember you Let me add September two thousand to try to try to hire me for the show the uneven our high and the office, and we we didn't know each other at all. The gear under the instructions from Jamie like just be nice to the summits, kid return trying envy you didn't even really need to, because within twenty seconds we're talking about whatever that football, whatever the weekends forborne parlay isn't teases and we just fell. Man love immediately of tat way. We would,
we shared in office with the legendary Tony Barbie area, a k, a bird and you and I had next to each other. I would I would be an weird emails and sites you honest and I look up you just be standing over behind me. Reading, whatever email I've sending, I would leave. My desk would walk aid and then send Eve assent. He methods to other people from prepared in baby. But we were just sit there and talk about gambling all the time we satellite Diana crowded? Do you remember Of course you remember this, but and this why it is so important, because people people are reluctant to gamble on these offshore accounts because God forbid what're, you gonna do a few when the money. What if you win twelve thousand fifteen thousand dollars and then you have the chase down, then you have to find out something about, this entity that you love that you may not want to know about it. You have to give up their what're, you gonna, do you gonna flight, Antigua and and and chase down. This goes company for fifteen grand.
That goes away now, remember all that nonsense. I forgot what that was begun. I remember it up and no harm and what it was, but we will mention which we won't mention which account above because now they knew their dinner there, those scumbags body, it was a basketball game, and instead of minus nine, they put plus nine for the favourite. So we pay. We bear whatever the max was on the plus nine yeah and then they switched it to the right line. So we bet the other team plus nine and we had, If we had known had only counted hedge, which of course, law wouldn't let the boy did the first back is they said it was a mistake, They didn't void the second bare and then the second bet lost, and we lost all this money when they made the mistake and then they will give us the money back, but this was two thousand and three and it was basically like that benefits like just in timber. Movie- was eleven, are doing,
now something didn't you. You had some other thing, though, where you took like to feel there was some kind of weird bet where you took the field and then they claim that no, this team, or than part of the field, because we ended up adding them in that you could be, I can arrive. No, I think it was. It was like a super bowl touchdown banner, something it was the field, but they are that they create. Yet it was something shady, but these days are over now get to argue with some random dude. And the counter several have understood. When for a jack, that's great So great is the greatest somebody who's morning, Who else was in there, though? In the end they early it were, I feel like it was us Hank, old Bird member Haeckel Hammer and Hank was just on there forever or some of them goods from the nineties. Does the stew finer are those terrible gambling shows as commercial Silas? All I'm at the greatest ass do finer, Jim fight to do another one. All those sterile in there and then you know,
is paean. People can't believe this thou, but I wanted to write a football when com for them every week and they wouldn't. Let me let me gambling at all and then eventually eyes scrapped and then, when I came back and oh for they would all media for the plants and then an o four. They allowed me to start doing it every week near by like no. We can't go near this this that we can't touch us or the ten for Paul and they ten years on sport centre give impacts. I was on sports. Men. They were just wanted. A debt there tell in the water, and I've told the story before, but I was then the two years. And I was like twelve three and one with my best bats into doubt and fourteen into doubt and fifteen out thirteen thirteen three and want yet they let me do an actual. And no one they were hiding. Make dated one aiming to do with. It is true of yeah yeah was writing stories about ok, you're, getting scoop by your own
here and there I called the door, may told it wasn't. You can wait till it was. We pay five billion dollars for the worst came in a week. We can Then we can have the NFL mad it as we have the kind of do this tongue and cheek and all I have to say, is not available, we have banned. That's it, that's a ship itself. I run a bigger and thanks things at one of us is Thomas J. For sin, the others an Quincy Adams? I don't know where we are, but I feel like where the founding fathers of Europe at present, I feel like me. I want you dry, cleaner than downtown the yard very high. Are you guys be remiss if we did give our top five Canada? the people who are involved in the first legalise gambling scandal number for me, is the long snapper them. The least amount of money that they need to do is fuck up to now,
spend swinging a game and they could have a hundred friends put on you now, fifteen hundred each unjust everybody each other's secrecy, the logs tapirs, the most dangerous right now right thought about this. This is really good. Now you thank you number two, I would say, is in in football team, the line jet that got the judges, but the line in his back, who could just call pass interference on every play? Basically that deck, I think the threat that mean the NFL referees, aren't even working full time, jobs right right there, hey, let's have half the time yet I may have to tighten up. That now and then I was there and then I think lefthanded relievers. I'm really worried about left hand to relieve the suffering. Left handed workers they make their is make the minimum. Come in their laughter, pitched too late, one or two banners and there
wreak havoc in the eighth ending of a game there, always in the high leverage Ino laid Innings guys and base digressing them down who asked you had any better. Let a guy that mopped up the sweat and in the NBA could maybe have an edge on something called the guy you could hear stuff, that's interesting, yeah, maybe a soccer referee are always us back. Is to assume their gambling games anyway. That even add the bride address this during their corrupt. That is an excellent thing to dive deeper inferior. The figure that says: don't don't count, don't China's out either. All your conversations with GM the day before the idea that the last regulating game, be able to watch how losing one fit and everybody That said, Edward Spike College, I think, is another dangerous. One Headed somebody's gonna. Go haywire college
they may may now have to pay somebody's college fires that the money might just be too much where they can't, even though they themselves the legs and she d Herblay can't even denied had. I not, but I know you and I both hey, hey paying taxes yap. If, if, if we had like a success, or two thousand eighteen nineteen, or whenever this starts, and it's like. Oh I've won. You know twelve thousand five hundred hours on sports game in the sheriff, Taxes on that that would be. I do. I do really pad yet be really proud. Violates these tell my term had been the sky like him, and I had a big year. We had a factor that active in your taxes, whatever the quotas for the twelve thousand five hundred eighteen. Ninety died for wow what a day, so I get That then forget it
we did a fifteen year odyssey for us, you're gonna, covering Grady Way, beleaguered running that take one percent. When you know a football for God's sakes fitted to pretend that gambling has an sparked interest than the sport and I'm gonna take one percent tightening up to such a position where it can be worth it to legalise gambling right. Don't do it. About the time to be greatly pleased and a more open for business, a fur for any new gambling site, that's legal in whatever state. If they want advertise on a pike ass, you umpire cascades, be about it, we're not savvy. Yes, you have good product or we're happy to be involved That's how take your victor lap, poor champagne on yourself and then against all odds on Wednesday, They do Maggie show, and maybe they have somebody who understands the law who, by the way,
someone explain why we should be this excited and maybe, if we should have done was to have someone thought about the Preakness Launcelot Falada good stuff the cars good good. Buddy, their aid before we get tee the knock. The cap will not rest until he has brought his adventurous spirit and Delicious ram to every corner of America. Original space, coconut Pineapple way, black grape, through whatever you want. The captain loves anyone who learns had a mix like a cap that who else can be the captain this week that Brad statements, the president, the man who figured out how to be more towns in Philadelphia, seventy six first him in five games, I stood on a how he did it pulled the ad bans plays and weird defensive
man, sand road, twenty year old dudes and did everything there was to do. Everyone went nuts that he didn't win this coach of the year award, which actually wasn't the real coach of the year word. It was just as random award that coaches Voltron. I actually think he is going to win the coach of the year and if he doesn't it's a travesty, that one is voted on by think a hundred twenty five media members, but then goes into this Cleveland series. He figures out how to do switches when you know I'll Cleveland tire. Fences libretto somebody sentient pick for the brine Leubronn getting a switch and then it's either mismatch or Leubronn can take the did and the Celts through this regular. Which Kevin Oconnor explained beautiful in the ringer today, where day, as soon as that switch happened, the guy, these smaller guy in the mismatch, would get somebody run over and they would do a switch rule before they can really set it up and it was just brilliant and then their attack in them they're running on everything,
building a to prevent Lebron to get to the basket and just had so many different adjustments tweaks. It was incredible to watch and it's been incredible am around. So a glowing eyes his pack yesterday. We we go into detail on the subjects and calves and all bunch of more, but I wanted to give my man Brad Stevens, the captain of the weak, because that, since thoroughly the isabella check, can I remember a coach swinging. You know the underdog thing that, like this, this should not be happening. This Celtics team is really talented, but they are just too young and to undermine to be doing this, and ah he says he doesn't want credit for what's goin on here, but he deserves it. Soda that sort of the a guy's or care in this team and plan their their asses off and the whole crowd has been incredible. The great to latch who knows the Mermaid final spread Stevens dear my captain of the weak come it appears in view. I did with even Ethan
as they were taken this on Friday, late afternoon may eleventh. Something tat is run and next week I've been waiting to do this with you. This is exciting. I said to you in I think I've, I've known you my whole life, almost wasted set posts. I was at one thousand nine hundred and eighty nine exactly that, and then you just continue to make movies that I enjoy, and now we're thirty years later, it's my job, but when I saw I was reading somewhere, it said I you daughters and can be a stranger things and I say where that makes me filled. There's an erection cause we're like a year part. It's it's just reality. Meanwhile, it eats and poor noise reminders of near the thought that the option, the alternative would be to not be alone. You can't like stay still write again like living formaldehyde,
I guess it's. My so I don't have a lot of these things are, so we were so my daughter at first day on stranger things in a day and and guess who is playing in the movie theater. In the background of her first day at work oak as they go backwards well known, it is, it is stir the movie theater. Was it the explorers? Why you for? It is indeed true that attention they must have here. I saw her. What are they, the car had shots, and I guess- stories like I just happened to deny these men who just they were the man, is great you're. A big piece of the night is well CUP color. The revision, because you know in go through some the movies, but is prepared in it. So any movie aim is pre internet well, but a movie that reality by its comes out- and I thought I was that a college and like singles unreality rights and kicking and screaming and before the first rank of a cow is getting mixed out there. But before that
This kind of movies oversight by others. People out there, who feel like I feel the eldest great, and now we have the internet, were you just everybody feels I can feel it. Finally, a message board or any room I was gonna have to do the little higher myself as we talk big yeah yeah, because I just saw some list of somebody doing the like best movies. Are the nineties they're doing to wrap up at night? Three? Did you really one of the three reality bites before sunrise Attica, really cool many people on the left, many movies, a hundred, fifty twenty five settings. Twenty five, that's gonna, proud of that- it is kind of become underrated. Has so many movies came out from ninety six to two thousand? It was like this boom and Yemen and sudden them rise. Well, it it slipped in the cracks of one of the last time periods were studios really making art films yeah in nowadays that system bona fide art films, what Gattaca, but it was released as a big.
Studios, I find movie yeah because of that a bond you know cause it doesn't have a gun in it. It's not thrilling. You know, but as an actual work of art is Cinema as art, it's actually really valuable really proud of him in the movie. People have never doubted Alameda and I cant figure. You know I do a lot of plays, and so I can connect at its keep my foot in the water of what movies last because he always tell by which ones people want you to sign. They come in with their we mean sign like a blaze leg, a poster, an image dvd, some memorabilia of you get a sense of what films have are maintaining a place in the culture and which ones Africa at this is great cause. I'll just do this. Now the term, and then we can talk about sports, ok, negative. I know I know her, firstly made a sportsman me can die into. What
I was wrong with dieting and I've almost mailing, kindly mongers. Now fifty him, I'm telling you it's a look at this face. United start to say to me could have a basketball coach. Could it be no further with you re a ban would have been a basketball player, and now she ate heartily caught blocked me I was seen. Look at this faces is not look like the face of a basketball. Go could have been a spot of shooter again you couldn't you gonna play where words would be Goldberg come on you're, any those there screaming like like MIKE now, not there aren't very many great sports folks, it's a passer. By if I mean my dream is to get either supper or the gene Hagman Roland whose own they may shooters, yet till you wanna be shooter and mergers. The I want to be. I dont want, not literally, but just apart like that, those whose characters were so rich and
what are some of the other great sport. You know that when we might, if we are pretty now you're my ranking away, snag rate sports films of autumn, I love that stir hockey, one with current Russell love that America, which is actually getting better as the years pass, a good filmy gate, a man really fine actor per vessel in, and you can tell Jacques. You know me. Till he cares about sports in that radiates was the other one. I really will allow Denzil and remember the Titans. Ages kissing his s? Why people of these great now is here. Let me set out what would I like remembers dance I liked it would, I think, interesting became whisky me when you favours was so. You have these different areas right so like when we are grown up. Olives and rocky lodges. This whole beer in delivering their boxing lessons like even Nigeria and Burma that Ukraine, the soundtrack sparring in the living room, and they were all the way through and that like shy and fast break, which is the posters right behind you in
three like that. If they want forever exploratory and then a kind of Peter the natural and users and and then we kind of went into the kids movie, Rome and then we can today Disney. Remember the titans rookie are there now it's like the very kind of focused hyper. I'm not hyper hyper focus like I did you receive fight the fighter. Our fighter, but with Tom Hardy Azure ideas, those neighbours is no free written. That creed is a very strong creeds back. You know I did do one sports film that Nobody in the whole world has seen, but it's an excellent move him. Proud of his called the phenol. It's about a pitcher, and I please dad ok, I like two years ago, and I was I supposed to see that I'm tellin I'm proud of it yeah it's an excellent filming. It's a strange film because it's actually it's
but, like ordinary people, meets the natural or something you know it's not it's much more. She manatee than it is baseball yeah. But it's it's interesting about sports. In its a good well made. Really. You are one of my favorite characters. Every output sports power we, the most jealous of like somebody, same point of their career, like chairman I urge you see that one you like a man, I would have loved to have done the sports agents. Now you don't see Tom Cruise and think, oh I want do that it's a key so owns whatever parties play good points in the eye when discussing cocktail. I'm in you can't tell you further bottles idea is better use of its time. Let's see which ones did I wanna would I want to play member, you know a path, to my mind, as you said, is not really a sports film it they talk about football lot in it and in days and confused when I saw it views. I wanted Jason London's part so
badly and now I just I picked his performance apart for better no eight years, and then luckily I met Richard Link Letter Nostalgic London's parts after them, so that there was ninety three right. Let us consider was yet. I was right before you did the first one fissa you, you literally did still obvious. Now I didn't I I did other movies have them, but that was, I really am sure thing to some other other good ones that is kind of a sports movie. This outer sports. It has one unless a ritual sports, Missus Bates was where my favorite moments of movies. It captures that good game came to my whole life unit was gazing in you know, like you, just you plan whatever Matuschka whenever school I was playing whatever and you have to do is get gave me in your all your hate, each other, you can't look at each other in the eyes. You don't even care. You gave me again
I've been re that my son's ten, so we ve been basically ripping through the classics and most of them down at that great, but bad news bears a break in training if you're familiar that live gorse you that's Why so as to safeguard its like forty years old, but still really, silently ass rooms, great the baseball? The great as a good basis, Gypsy Boyhood movie. I and yet you herbs where I was ready to organise this is seen in boy. Had those were my favorite days filming, which is that link letter night we snuck in to their Astro stadium. You know if the cameras we bought routine seats Yahoo cruiser. Can we all just bought a little sections? You can afford to really shewed yarn thing like tat and until this is because link letters, a baseball player lives, breeze baseball in and he got a swede look in his eyes acute the Roma in looks like this guy he's gonna forget who is sketches
discuss like tat, you can he's gonna he's gonna nail us when we got to the end, he had run. We were filming in the camera, swings back and Edward drain and I are seeing their we're just x. You can never act that they actually at home run. We actually got it on film. Is my favorite days beds us and by the way he made a great baseball movie like two years ago that I think is gonna. As the is pass, is gonna come like what happened. There's been confused, why everyone saw definitely movie, I wouldn't really really too, was a quick it'll, be a good coach part in that one body. Frankie yea. He wants to leg ration reaction is Ethan. Hawk wagon he's got a dish of fuel Mackay Satellite meetings. Take care issues have to be humble I'd, so nineteen five explores what words which your life? like at that point. Where you going out there. Since what are you doing where you live, I'm leaving
West New Jersey, I just finished. You know the summer training camp was trying to make the JV football team a freshman get em. I asked him to me and I'll they were having these big open. Casting calls for this movie, and I had a friend who is to going to New York I'm additions and I went on some additions and I got a call back and a call called back, and I got a call back and eventually I d go and tell my coach that I was gonna. Go was gonna drop out of school? make a movie and users not really I'm not gonna be in school. On Monday, I am, is any It is not permitted to realize what a huge mistake you're making an I said what do you mean niggers if big, Gibby, Desir, yeah, ok, you're gonna, definitely be varsity your junior year, and if your varsity junior year, you can be kicking ass by senior year,
you don't get it. I don't care about. You really missing the larger, pointing out that that was really important to him and it wasn't really important me- and I was my life at that time. Now. Is it and then it was off That was you you. You know I was not at all I went in made this movie explores. It was a wild experience costs for the time of psychotherapy. In our movie with just really like a hundred million arm of some in people, thought it was supposed to be a big hit and it was a big flop and it was a kind of stating who was a flap, yet I know is I really felt like it was my fault that I clearly was because they took a big chance. I make is unknown kid from You know I school in New Jersey cast custom in this big would picture? And then the story was it. You know just where did work and I didn't know how I felt about it because I've been very excited about it, and it took
a long time to find my way back to it, not a long time, but it took me couple is to put myself back together in, and I I got into it I got good again my senior year of high school start doing it again and and I audition for theatre school, and that was my ticket to a good college and and then and then we can depart in dead poet, society and dropping out of car. Which was a monster movie with and that was the opposite of what the Irish have answered the explorers. So what's funny about it for me, and I think it was actually out. You know the Lord moves him serious ways. It was sexually really a blessing, because I didn't really believe this there s a dead poets society for five years. I just I was all the other, You guys were so aunt about movies gonna, be huge. Seven, as I guess, it's not gonna be yeah Every movie they say this is not gonna be in no ignored get really getting these don't worry. It's gonna be about not actually like it's not made for best picture. It's a bomb meta,
It actually should have one best picture far member currently used to drive Miss Daisy attics handed out. How do you remember that an I died at that dinner that Roma? Now no- and I ask your travis- these are big part of my life here. Well,. Now for some reason that a bigger drivers it came of it came up recently because we do this pact cavalry Watch was where we watch. We nearly dead poets, but a member for something about that year, who won that year, we looked it up when they travel, Miss Daisy was less time. Anyone at a combination of that were none any positive light nice and those might make fun of the move. Re big is it's not quite what it was pretending to be, we're dead poets as great as ouses rabble lambs from you know, more from ork from work days happy days. Not even yet you reasons and happy days, then Addison start the movies and run according to carbon. Never
They found the perfect raw Willie. I love garb me, but I don't think it's considered to be not like. I know people like getting people were ready for him as a serious, arid and he really good Series airlines, you sector and indeed put society coda broke that spell and that enough it was the perfect movie for him, the right time in good morning. Vietnam had a lot to do with that too, because good morning, Vietnam, let him be a stand up here and have a few dramatic scenes yet prepared audiences to be ready to take him seriously as a high school professor how much ad Lib was he doing in those scholar classroom since a lock- and it seems you guys are like cracking up- is funny you knew everybody has been robins, been on people's minds, yeah ass, you know and enough, I think about those days, and I had a very funny reaction to him going off script alot, which has said it. I was trying very hard to be serious young actor. I loved Peter we're, and I was, I think, maybe because of the explorers I was friends at the River Phoenix
river, was a great actor. Yeah really wanted to be a great actor you doing you're eighteen year for this idealism, oh, what a great actor is, and what does that mean and in ravages comes at a sickly? Does a joke in the kids are laughing and I would never laugh and he would just zero He did his easy, like kind of like, Reggie Miller was spike. Leir Seattle, you know just zero in alignment ages. He would do anything we live in the more he tried the more inside myself. I retreated and it made him insane. You know, That was kind of weird they, your character to say, was my director and it worked, but maybe that's why you're trading will initially it's amazing experience is a call for even like make, as he would tease me mercilessly in and then the movie was over and I got this call from creative artists agency, LOS Angeles, California, the biggest holly
the agency in the world and is like yeah. I used to see the knock em like yeah, I'm in my college, dorm in a back college and in a single year, Robin Whims age around says: you're gonna be a great actor and that I should represent you. Really. You liked me sit here and I got to meet these guys in you know that guy still my agent Brian Lord cs in, but we met through rumblings, that's amazing, you some forever grateful to him for them. That was one the first movies that had the and somewhat ass, the young actors who clearly headed somewhere and then You saw that this farmers happen since a few times, but I do you feel that was the first. I remember leg That was one of the staggering things about you seen that movie in the theater later acting from the kids who so good Was it wasn't really a typical thing back? There was a great experience doing you know one thing that was fun for us.
Is. It is good as Robin was in the movie. He really had a supporting part right mean right. You know we, we all had big parts in the movie and Anna in foreign countries. Rob Williams was a famous because he's very difficult to translate yeah so quickly, his jokes or so nuanced, and so Curio and INA he's cross referencing. You know who make a joke about under the joint Mohammed Ali and Larry Bird in one sentence in one of those rare. Says are our people that in France they don't get? Yes, Robert Schuman, Leonard Josh, Charles, and that we would get invited to Japan or Con film festival, because I didn't really care much about Robin at that time. Later his ease international framework, but it was a good eat experience, yeah, remember rooting for everybody from the movie afterwards will flavour.
Wait! Fang here is tat. This guy, you do, is really about using this in you. When you know you said this worked in that you feel like you grew up with me whenever I remember thinking about my agent now for second, is it and then, when the script for white thing came up and in any serious action to dismiss gonna do a dog movie, I mean you, don't wanna be Montgomery, Cleft, yeah and autonomy. A dog movie in in in brains to misuse the thing man you're a teen nineteen years old and using some twelve year old kid watching way. Thing is a little kid so, but you don't understand in five minutes you can be thirty five and that kid gonna be thirty, two yeah, you know they're gonna, really like you, because you are that dog movie when they work it yeah intrinsic you're, probably right
he said so. Why don't you just isn T remember said: Elizabeth Taylor was in dog movie she's great actor. Go you know, so I thought our I don't go in here. I run we even have to be done with any good dog in anger the age right. I'm looking to fifty now right, and so I'm thinkin myself about teaching acting in what that would be likened. I've daughter go into acting. She was juilliard in us watching us as if I was teaching class about acting. How would I do you wanna? Do I bring some dogs into the the I learn more about acting from working with that wolf this year, because the thing about acting with the wolf is it. You can't act. If, if you act dig,
no sketchy and we're like we're talking to what sea like woozy turn and president talking to me. But if you actually be with the door with the war you to connect with the world and not pretend to connect yeah yeah, she have to connect and that's possible, and you have to do it. Nonverbal yeah, and if you can do it with a wolf, then you can do it with the worst actor in the planet, man, you know I mean this is this should be your acting school, but I think it is absolutely right in our kids are welcome. Everyone to Julia where's, the wolf hello could break the talk about our friends at Gillette. I've shaving? Now, I think for thirty years, maybe tried to shave a couple times in isolated.
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I wrote a really good piece about how the south contain the brand defensively game one, Seraglio wonders if the rackets can beat the words and the western conference finals. Jonathan sharks wrote about the warriors best role Clare. I won't tell you that as yet to read it with a whole bunch, other civilians killing eve. We must check that the Ringer Dhaka. Ok backed either knock reality by its needs and any for years So all of a sudden you're playing the guy that I hated in college, who is that but the guy. I am just a guy with long hair who's, the English major thought he was smiling. Everybody rather define irony, it didn't know in eating, want sports seated ever opinions about was gone. The red Sox either, but somehow. The girl that I like you. I think that a little bit of your anger might have resided in the fact that he was simply shining light on
wasting a lot of your time. Watch explored yeah yeah, but the good thing about the Ruby was there is, saw era. This was being captured, you graduate. What are you do? What you do? Where am I getting a job and that besides I was this hatching college down happens in its idea. You're gonna go work at eleven, really particularly felt for him. Mission acts whatever that for my generation we were of a large group of people whose parents had gone to college and we were expected to go to college. Wasn't some giant victory to have gone where's, my parents, I go away, went to college. I was really good and now we're supposed to go to college, and now what we can do with ourselves in Sudan caused in just get you a good job like it had used to. That was what was unique charge enriches. He had a whole. You don't a decade of these of all of us in our twenties slacker. That link letter from us the same thing, it is people hanging out wonder what they'll do themselves in
clerks was a little like that, the other those guys I don't know what the upside kings aiming to the kitchen and scream in Dallas. I always identified grow work is resist writer who want to rape and had no idea. But it was happening. Toy holler, pistol, lotta people. He really debt relief is the great care there was a great geared. What was funny about it for me, is for a long time. Couple years after that, people thought I was Troy, how're like ie and I kept I thought that you, but I you know I was. That means you did a good job. Yeah felt promise of about it because it was. It was a specific kind of character and it was the first really what it was. I had really found a character with taught incident at ports, a city and I'm really struggled to create another character, yeah and reality bites. It happened. I found a new voice in new energy and
and once you can unlock that in yourself, but gave us do you know what I think a lot of people can write. One good song or a lot of people could maybe even read a good novel why're. You know in a lot of people can be good at one movie in Vienna, professional actors figuring out how to let this stuff flow through you and really be different people again and again and again in that it's a different thing. It's it's why something had held that those two characters are so different. Who I was for me, even his layer, lignite day yard and ensure Troy in her way. Hey lose though my bike, hey, that's my bike thousand was my ban. That's so, just when you maybe this choice, our aid and then he sings the the Our firm soggy here in the boy knew was deliberately rise. Well known writer, inner Whitworth, really, businesspeople off about that character is he it is self centered, Jerk Annie's in a still gets the girl. In the end
and I think that's true of so many guys. Man realized she tells you to fuck off and then be hijacked. The river relaxing goes for the rich been Stiller Carrier for sure, but you know well what came out. Did you feel like a shadow from singles? If I give us your own area, a single speed, I think a year, but you know if I'm allowed to say now. Development singles is integration. And you knew as hype. Is it's really not in as I was concerned myself more of a single sky, banal, grad gravitating. If you really think about their, if you think about the writing of ammunition, to understand the steps? I am obviously the wrong person judge I mean I love singles too, and but singles was a cop onto this grunge movement. This thing that has happened in Seattle in what was really cool about Helen Childers script in reality, bites is, is really funny. Yeah I mean it's really funny in the characters. Are really vivid
it's really gonna Steve's zone is planned. This inner gay character and during raw flow is into his ethically funny. I'm in here you have this female protagonists that went on in supplying. That is a filmmaker and self possessed and making her are finding her own voices an artist in and you have been Stiller who, I think is a world class director. I mean he. He makes strange movies, yes movies. Our original in this is first film in its very watchful, my worst credibly me I'd. I spent years role in my eyes when people talk about reality by its, but I was at a wedding about seven years ago. In sleep and because I had to get away from the wedding and you're in a room again in North Carolina or something in it and I'll slay them inflict on the tv and reality bites came on, and I watched it. I thought you know what this is a really interesting film in a really holds up.
I think what caused it really belongs to an actual era in a really significant way that when you think about the air you think about eating eating about. Albums, you think about some. Whatever tv show is going on and then a few movies it's one of the movies and single, as I agree with you and I became a crow agrees like I can never figure out how to put the movie together, just crashed it. He has a good pieces and it's a good idea and I like it and everything, but but it lacks what We know that is amazing. Around its a great performers in it was it was iconic. She found means even when it starts out that talking headstone were on will know where I'm like in it. Jettisoned you into that moment in Amerika. I think you're him keep believe. I'm selling that movie can't greatly wouldn't think whatever they want now to get me and then before press which
O Connor belong to that young people who were at a college trying to figure it out. If you made there criterion collection for those movies is deaf or be ire, and also for at that moment you had the director of slacker in that yeah ex post, your boy combined. To make so it was. It was really poised to be that, ironically, that film, unlike reality, bites is kind of time was mean I guess it's much more like an Eric were mere film. It's much more european film it it. We made a conscious effort in writing that movie not have any pop culture references to really not be able to tell what year it is. That was our goal. Is it should be kind of time? Listen! We're moving through Vienna, which is its ancient city in which it was regularly that has a character that yeah yeah? Definitely enough. The only thing that really deeds that movie now in a fascinating way, I think, is it? Is it
like the whole idea of Jesse Celine. Deciding never to not stay in touch is something that you could have done and ninety five but now it's just unheard of why you wouldn't get somebody's email and why wouldn't follow them on Instagram China would ruin, though I don't know if you know how you get around there, you you couldn't make the movie, because each you wouldn't believe you said to have a definite if, if, if the characters decided to do that, you would kind of not like them or something you would see, would then be trying too hard. In certainly the second movie, even having missed each other and wouldn't have you. You couldn't you in each other's ay and my dreams running later I think that was one of the reasons I liked the movie so much because. That was an era where you might meet somebody and something and then that was in writing. If we go back, the bar. I wonder if a seer and you will never see them again in something. Did you ever do? Sometimes you would do that when my daughter ass- the carriage- is this well, sometimes a member
get out of a movie at eleven thirty or something go well, I should like to hang out with some friends or maybe I'll just go to that boy where those cool people were hanging, Dylan and yeah. If there's still there in mostly they weren't phrase terms, they wouldn't hear you know. Sometimes somebody here, you know went to the masters and they take your phone ass? Well ass, my they do to take your phone so now back in they tonight is an event. Why did you take you for getting? They don't want? They want anything going off than a one flash photography anywhere at sea. It is used there in your you're on your own and if you have friends you bet I gas a year. We'll be around the seventeenth hobby of Nigeria to legislate, making any fun rate and when you run into them like a kind of mister and Missis colleges. I thank everyone for party I see there the need somebody lazily around that seem to appeared. I was run in the theater company and I dont know.
We got anybody to come to the shows right I mean you know we without a blast and cinema, and we too literally walked around times square handing out pamphlets right and it worked, is the greater the before sunrise he's moved that really holds up. Anybody who listened to this who's under twenty two could watch it right now and not I get came other than the cell phone thing, but he didn't even a minimum. Am I am really happy moment, my daughter's forum of acting in everything and since she said to me, you some of her, she decided sooner friends to sit and watch a movie and there are nineteen and in it was so immediate for them are so happy. They completely related the they loved it like they were jealous, they gotta get him jealous. They were that we didn't have cellphones wish. We didn't have some. It was really affecting when on the train at the edges in the theatre a billion years ago, scene it where its and its left open ended, like I wonder,
I wonder, began unanimity the sequel Nudo. Yet when we made the sequel before sunset, I want to bang out our three those because it's impossible not to talk about women are talking here is where it is you. I can't help it pimp a little bit. You know, criterion just put the three of amount is one set alight really want my it's so beautiful. That is, should be too for job with it in its so kind of interesting now to look at them as a whole, because you know they were each made specifically when we made the first, we d never thought we'd make two more. You know But then we you there's no way you could have thought there is Gimme, a sequel to that. You probably hoping anyone or even see it re, exactly immediate, never either the star wars, seek was not IFOR, sunrise ray. You know me whether we always without before summer, is the lowest crossing from of all time to ever engender a sickly, it's definitely the lowest grossing trilogy. When did you start thinking about doing the cyclone? What made you wanna do obviously act at that point. Your career,
you're in a less doktor you'd, better trained, Agar import refer are best for an actor last. Yes, what happened was really cool Winkler. Making this weird animated movie call waking life yeah and he called Julian up and said he This idea is this dream. Scape movie and I want Jesse and Celine to appear in the dream- is about five years after we done before sunrise and is don't Austin, and there was no script, and so the three of US satin room. We can. I came up with what these Jesse and Celine would be talking about in his dream. Scape in the was laughed so hard and we had some. For. We are so happy see each other again. Here has weed
out of each other's orbit and in we started cool guy. Well, what is it? What would seek will be? What would it what you know? How could it work in and we didn't know, but we, the idea popped up exude just sit, because it was so much fun to be together. Yes and then I published a book, and I was doing books signing in link litter, introduce me was in Austin in Winkler, interests me and he and await an hour. Why did a reading? And I did this whole son- he just sit there in the bookstore- you know watching me? Do the signing and came up to me- and he said I know- have a second film starts and if is can't because Jesse wrote a book about that night in its about her and she shows up at the signing and then I said, guess what did it say?
the whole of you, that's it we just its real time and ninety minutes. No, yes, it's that that is the movie, so we got in his pickup truck and we drove from Ostend Bastard and CALL Jewel So we should only issues are at home you gotta come we come to Paris and meet me. What will back out on the line- and we reckon I flew in a way we ve figured out tempered- we could do it, we flew to Paris and we stated Julius Apartment and it happened again I will try to write diesel outlines that somebody would find it's a movie. Can I little twenty page treatment in we stayed up. All night is only he was one of the things. We only have four nights because record to be somewhere Juliet, like whatever was we had like four nights in we stayed up, talking in a less so hard enjoy job, is one of the funniest people on the planet. I left sorted tears be streaming down my face in I. Do new. We had to make this second moving,
the any o thou on his own. My favorite earnings of a movie me too. It's just great lad. What is so, madam issues? You can agree with people when they give you a compliment only. I know you're right, you're right when she says thank you, but I love a member when Rick had the ideal yeah, you know who says Nina Samoan regime's playing an n n, n N Julie starts impersonating, yeah musicians, boy, you gonna, Miss airplane and injustices. I know shit about so I saw that at the on sunset that theatre there's near the chateau Mamma, and I was so worried that, as I am- Can I see there stood there in a mess up? They should have done this and then my friend, damage check when he's like you, gotta go it's like the characters because we are of the same age. The characters advance to wear their ass said the same age points and you just have to go and there was like there there's really knotted trilogy like ours.
Here's young love, you just believe in it idealistically. Then it's like you little burned in the second, and in may be the day you stuck on holding on in nobody ever woods ruined and everyone goes into the heathen things. If you get a member anew for midnight was gonna, be dangerous, the third one when we started shooting and we have seen in the scene, I'm talking about a book, I'm writing or something with some people and a young woman walks by an eye, a clock, this young woman, you know she's walks, buying bikini and I can give a glanced in the camera operator mix with each ass. He looked at me. You can't do them in which would mean a kid. You love silly chief body. I do love Celine, but a twenty two year old, bikini just walk by
and right grown man and in an you this is easy. You can't know this and assiduous he looked at his home of he's gonna be about red sky. Wake up. This is reality. Folks, yeah. Okay and in the real world, people don't just evaporate and go to Heaven when they kiss yeah right, you're going to have to stay in and work on it too bad out and really attract. People- are gonna, walk by wet and bikinis and dared swim trunks in Europe It's gonna noticed them, and so are you and you're still gonna have to try to work it out. You d, you know and in, and he was like- I, I don't know I can handle this. He remembered his enemy, it's kind of like finding out. I think he said it's like watching jack. You know Jack in Rome, clock. Other people he's ok, I can't handle this red like well. This is what before midnight gonna be. In an waterways, the channel- before midnight is, is the one that are most proud of, because that what Rick and I sit as to do it.
Could we make a romantic movie because the first two are really essentially they really deal a lot with And projection in autumn is what here and what we imagine might happen yeah what happened if we made a movie now will your ten years into our relationship in you really talk about what is with no romantic projecting. Could you make a movie that is deeply romantic and completely believes in love without one lie, without lying at all and that was our goal, and it was a really it was when the hardest writing that movie was on the most and almost I love acting right. So I can I go to a wrap party or something I'm usually with disappointed. I like making the movie when we were at before minute. I was exhausted, just spiritually, emotionally spent. When you like you, so you see her we're thinking the sequel like seeing an old girlfriend. You spent
The night was at ninety four. Ninety five, legitimacy such an intense movie. It's almost like you had a real relationship. Will we do have a real Listen to me, you know that I know what you mean, but it is its view. Cole right and act for EMU visa somebody once a decade for three decades it right Julian. I know each other really. Well now you know in the You just do the movie than you do the press tour you know, and then you get and fights with their family and in industry. You know each other so view. Finally, with the Netflix Slash, b o now these streaming things were. These movies are just another time: Amazon, Prime you hidden whole new, JANET. You said, like daughter, watch it, but to fight those in need. Innovation out there that just like. What's this, oh, I hope so miss for what I thought was so interesting that this cartoon collection of the three people buying is one entity read which it was like. The guy
other than we think it is it. Is it because it wasn't conceived that way, meaning I wanted to really work conceived ugly. Tat guy anyway, stand as as tenement in in the before Chill Jesus, but they really do function as a true G and if you do a commentary for you, we did So when you said you were riding at whose actually taping authorise the different times, I mean know it. We would. We would stay at we be in a room like this one and usually we would arrive in a room like this on all the singers of the bat, a two thousand two hundred and forty page script outline and then we would spend a month. Elliot each other listening to music walking through it, because the way She says, movies, dignity.
Such long takes eleven minutes. Take forty attic eight minute. Take four minute, take three minute take, but they take the do not made in the editing room when recommends to forge a minute. Take that means that does not gonna be alternate line. Readings, you can save it. So the rehearsal processes, Mattel, since almost like a play, its very much like a play, but a play that you're writing at the same time. And so it very elaborate and strange process that is, unlike any other eggs, in my life one more break to talk about one of the best sponsors that with her
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river fini so that he died like one night around the same time, and I ran right around the term for when you friends over eighty four Then he died in all union. That long explores. We were that he was my first seem partner man. Oh my guy, before the wolf was river. So what was it about him that, Jesse my head, such a profound effect on everybody across passive amours dying young, her Nobody has one of the rights of vacuum where you left it it it. It's it's like a hurricane touching ground or something it leaves wreckage. You know, in, but he also Adam pattern of innocent lives in me. People and they have a slight magical quality,
so much so that it almost didn't surprise me when it happened when his death happened? You know there was something a little otherworldly about. It really is a little and his eyes it was. I was I struggled very much with both really like. And being his friend and being really envious. He was, he was ahead of the curve on means force being an artist. Yeah he's a great musician and he really thought outside the EU. His family, was so interesting. You know they were so radical and made my family seem really boring, or that in it seem like the kind of family and great artist should come from. You know, eccentric and wild and political on. You know my father's a mathematician and my mother sold college textbooks United and then, as I felt, really boring, yeah, so account choices. Did you have after this to move as well but what you say I free like all kinds of stuff right
Action movies in comes in Whenever you, I did what happened to me, though tree day in before Sunset Ino happen, pretty close together, you know within a three years, something together in those are too. You know as well as at one another four year as an actor working within cell was a big like adult adult awakening mommy. It was like my first big Hollywood move. You I'm coastal. With a further out all famer. It is private, unlike his career Yunus Career Prime Union, it's like playing with Jordan. When he's thirty one rail a mean. It's it's he's right. Ninety three german beer in an instant I was that real was exciting moment as an actor and then like one of my best friends, Richard link letters committed to his own is an artist in and ask me too, you know
writing and acting in before sunset? Was it it felt like us becoming an adult? You know, and that was really exciting, but then I get divorced. Yet it was like tat getting kicked in the face of a just everything fell apart in everything bout who I thought I was in the dogmas later. No, that was like those right right after before sunset yeah was stirring it before me my marriage. It ended before before, since we start filming before sunset and- and so that was really, And so you having these positive experiences, but your inner world is cunning, chaotic and threw myself really bad See you're asking me was getting big offers. I might even get big offers. I wasn't thinking about them in one of the things it as always brought me. Peace is work yeah I like working and I like the theater and are really in though
My divorce really threw myself back at the theatre within it. Say as a career thing, it was a mistake, train. They just come out of the nominated two times and four years or something like that and like it was time to be working in the movies and being. I would instead in one place to the other and one weird, our film after another, weird our film and and I loved it yeah. You know- and I put myself back together- and I also allowed myself to heal my family and be apparent and for love again and can a bill, my life back up and so When you asked me those time periods, work became a little less important year in silk is in a way that that first decade, twenty to thirty, I was defined by my job yeah. How my life was going, was how my job
you know, and then you come to realize away, job is not reality. What kind of man? Oh my? What can a person be dead soon? You start, like you, know thirty five comes right out and you start you start to feel it's time to quit. Smoking is time to I. You know these things start happening in whence it. What did we ever decide when it is time to quit smoking? Sir, an age, different Africa, six illicit thing you did member. Had this this doctor give physicals fur Yankees in your eyes gonna when it is that when I had this doctor in a highly tell the story is very talks about being so, whereas about thirty, three and thirty, two thirty three get divorced miserable teen, smoking and and send this doctor. I know I'm gonna to quit. You said something you don't have to quit said he
smoke. Are you want? You didn't divorce ay and rather you smoke and getting fistfight in a bar. He I know he's like just smoke em. If you got impel have a good time and it was agreed, yeah, you are really depressed. He's like there's gonna, be a time to quit. Looking it's not right now. You know your young man re device. Yea sees a year, you gotta get Chirac together, okay, and when you get your act together, you quit smoking. Okay, so couple years go by, come back and on thirty six and use either like an don't, really get it. I get a gruff yeah yeah things gone well, good gave person wait back on yet. I used theme unhealthy. Okay, so it's time for this speech any busted out the graphs about, if you still smoking, forty in your chances of dying of it, years, you're gonna go by how many years you'll lose in the quality of your life and what you're gonna lose and any starts. He lily. Up these little army men like ten of them, he said if you, smoking at forty knocked over seven and he said
how sure you that you're, one of those three guys sake in an end in itself busy said so its time in walked out immediately at a cigarette that I am in depressed me and then couple months later, when they had just put him down now. Is it does it when you are in reality, bites where you spoken cause. Now they smoke fake cigarettes, responded cigarettes and they sat usually Melick sound. Actually they are, but I made this decision that choice and came on filters. Rikers guys actually always smoky. I failed to sell my I'd, be cheap. I've been doing, I be doing a take chain, silken came on filters and then they give you break and when you do, when you break you have is used to log into my brain. Is I but I wouldn't get home like cough up huge the prize, you did like a severe bronchitis like how do I get bronchitis day number ten, so training there.
Which we would give me your wife, the first wave of the first organic. That's right yet was Jus. Laws is far far for each other and the federal always madly. In love on this, I'm always amazed that there have been needed to the first day of shooting everything. I've yeah. I don't think so. I'm always amazed. That doesn't happen all the time, because every they throughout the year in the raw nation, exactly as it SAM, it's not fair Can I ask you about you: can ask me anything: Now when you're married to somebody who is also famous and who does exactly do it seems Sometimes, unless both peoples years ago and great if somebody
since the others doing better than the other. It seems that that has its own challenges rightly makes life. He creates a geometry problem that makes it very hard to be your best self. You know, I'm not. I know people who do it, you know there's this actors that take care of each other and its it can make you very evolved in good person. Yeah, but it is uniquely challenging like, for example, its very challenging if you go in with your wife to screen test for the same movie that ever But he wants, and and only when you get it in- you go home, both like anxious voice, we gonna get a call back. We gonna get a call in the phone rings and in its and then she jumped for joy. I gotta go back and then your phone doesn't ring Your phone doesn't ring he like. Why didn't?
she deserves to somebody, take her out to dinner and celebrate ready for the comic instead you want to, but also you deserve, to be of the cry a little bit and that's when you get the came on filtered through. Lloyd to be the aid that is, it is very. It asks a lot of a person I'll, get imagined in Enough competitive with my way just over like who discovered that restaurant first five years ago, I met an argument about it, gave it to me we're both actors, but you know I have unfriendly how soon and Emily Mortimer we were both great actors and they really take care inspiration because they really taken each other they take care each other's art and there really encouraging of each other in it it. It can be done What who is you crowded and Jessica ready and they were like some linked together as actors for a hundred thirty area. Betsy like another recognised
become a attained, unlike Bacardi amenity era, exactly chain two thousand while Europe did. You know that my master doorway. Are you aunt? Jane is primeval Great square rescued the rector I read that script and you know you picture Denzil, the intersection of Denzil at that moment in his career with this great peace rewriting Antwerp. Folklore was really exciting young director at that point, and he was ready for that job here and I I want that part. So bad cause us a new. What a good film there could be an m. I met an swan and it came kind of clear to me that at one and then sell one but other people didn't want me. I was gonna, really have to jump through some hoops, an audition and is
Who is great moments in life where you're, like you know what cuz I was already being offered movies and things are going well, but that's if you know what I'm just going to do me to get this part humble pie and I'm going to go in and I'm going to get this part and I didn't was glad I did is that is that I'm trying to take what what movies had people come up to you and just throw line to you? That's got to be in the top three right. You know: J J you had the money in a guy got Nothin Army a meaningful people, say to me pretty much she's dead daily, pussy biggest force a personality. Actually you are to authors or somebody s bigger, forcing Denzil. She said dad enemies. He limited something if you heard of the expression alpha male yeah, right, yeah. Well, the.
If there was somebody who was bigger than Denzil, honest said, I wouldn't want to be there because that would be. He was friendly, Michael Jordan. I was wondering what happened when they hung out together that they didn't mean that can give me the keys amazingly confident man knows He knows who s room and he filled the room and he knows what he wants and he expects a lot from other people in our work. Again a magnificent some love working with tends to work with me, he's great at what he does if years, some shrinking violet, it's gonna, be a hard time for you and says a German. You know he's you can not excel at that level. For that law I mean it's. It's an unbelievable. Will accomplishment what he's done yet thirty years major internet, movie star right and a world class great actor,
I mean you know he's on Broadway right now do an iceman cometh his performance in flight is like anybody else. Does that mean flight. It's like a charming cut, a neat Indy movie right yeah. Denzil Washington in flight. That is an event. It is a man I mean he's, one of our finest actors and a genuine bona fide card carrying movie star yeah? You know, I mean, is it better actor than you mean when you think about other other generations like Clark Gable or you know when you Women he's he's on a par with Morland Brando, but he sustained it for thirty years and he's doing it carrying the burden of utopian african Americans country. Never to carry a lot of extra way yeah. You know as a role model as a leader in this community having to face racism have to fight through it. I just saw in Brooklyn near the day they did a anniversary, I'm screening of Malcolm X. I guess it's too
five years yeah, it's a towering achievement and if you see that movie in a crowded house in Brooklyn and on the big screen yeah. You know it's like a rock concert in makes us think about it? He should one. I've academy in its is so much better than most of the move? Performances a guy's win, Oscars WAR, I would say that was sports, where they envy Peter, if he should be different different way. Depending on how was it like? I love you too, for your kind, ass car here. It's it's a forty tonne ask it like a dollar when he went and be p Finally, we think they can like flying as it were. A town in VP hidden still can figure out how to give a duke. Is he going to want to give it a curry, but I didn't really deserve it, but I like it in and so ok will give it the guy who missed like eighty million free, throw that an end, and so, whereas truthfully elaborate wins if
They just push that two seven games that year Leubronn even losing wins that empty pay. He needed. To put you know he was by he had the most assist Ribeiro, most steals. Martin most points body in the series, and even winner repaying Ricky the insight that the shower Donovan Mitchell Ben summits are both so good. That's like a forty pan regrets that it a little extra bonus me. I give them bonus ones, while I'm glad you like Venza hey, I thought was really should movie. I just want to mention it yell of them. It's fucking weird. It is weird move it's dark! It's weird, is really people in a hotel room here, but you know it's a good cable movie if they are yet we made that movie thinking in or making this movie for Sunday. Sunday seeming to be allowed, you can't sleep They turned the sun in your minds, gonna be blown yeah. Can you wake up in the morning? Go wait what happened, what I love that moving. You know in all this kind of, as the sexual politics is kind of taken there
nation by storm. The dire you know like in that writing comes even more interesting. Seen in the light today. Yeah it's very interesting about its being a male relationship to sexual violence. Their tickets, I get a menu just walk into my from our group. Now no return man. I just had a couple of years. It s an item I like talking about her yet will sinister dead. There's this whole networks, I think, driven by now thanks, but just horror movies constantly, they're all over the place and its use is something wrong with the house or something around the kid organization of local police that way having bad things. And finish. There is one of the best one besmirch unrelated Scott. Derek sin is a great director and he really lead me through that performance and I'm really proud of that movie
Some you know I have this idea of habitual airy. You know that as a good movie for every man Would you want a genre? You know I want in sometimes, it's midnight. You got your friends sleeping over one watches scary movie, put on sinister, you be glad you did at airy its genuinely scary and and and got allow me to give a real performance inside a horror movie yet character, really. Interesting moment, my life as forty and it's my care in the movies really looking at his past and the successful past and really worried about what this future is, and here is the best days behind him and how much does he want to hold on to fame? And how much does he want to hold on to you? perception of power and money needed late at night watch. An old clips of himself on talk shows this fastening for me to get to explore that character and use myself like well. This is what is middle aged look like this is Gary
in. So I in any what I wanted to tell you about Scott was it he the same where he even confessed me washing is again. I can't see before sunset, because I like before I'm still mad at you guys from making before the purge. Yes, the perch. I let my son see this when he was like a seven months It gets worse. It gets worse. He wanted to go as the purge for Halloween, two thousand fifteen. We asked us approach to encourage three. The purge was one The best ideas for a movie of the past ten years really is phenomenal. It's such a good idea and I know they're bringing back. Does a tv show it's a great it's. Let's do it is situated
in in sea. Now, in the light of the present administration, just makes me imagine tribes and an idea, everybody it's gonna, be great. The greatest night out we're scare innocent people disappear and know that that dumb I had done assault on precinct. Thirteen with James Monaco, and I had a really like James got a brilliant mind and That's an old fashioned drive in movie, really is one of the things I love about. Genre movies is you can actually talk about? You know could include important topics in a way that isn't pretentious, because it's it's the future. Imagine a world in which reach people dont care. What happens to poor people write these in their communities and watch tv, whether on their treadmill and flip, by channel Are we curing the despise outside and re world where you
blackmail might be chased through the young was streets of suburbia and shot and killed. Can you imagine what in a way that is if you make a very well meaning movie about racial violence or something like that will get out. Another example: in the genius of get out. They really make you look at social politics now telling you a great story without without being pompous, unpretentious in that actually affects this? A member seem get out with the total mixed race audience when I M, like half the crown laugh and then turn it look is advocating a laugh. They would preserving and then everybody laugh again in emitted in a public we walked out. We were all friends and I love it. When movies can do that, bring people together. You know perches again moving in it was the last one I wanna talk about. It is tat, was one of the most fascinating movie experiments? How many you did well to abuse and when you
see the kid did you keep in touch with them between the thing you his name's ever call train is remarkably a man in We you know the whole movie follows the grid of is the only time Oliver lies a kind of the same first greatly to upgrade most of his will, list of us follow that pattern, you know where you kind of nowhere and it replaces applied with this idea of all right, we're going to go through. First, eight to twelve great yeah, and so we did it once we made a short film every year for twelve years and it turned into boyhood- saw some experts Are we talk about your new moving us doing whence it came out? May eighteenth first reformed new film by Post later probably hush trader American Gigolo Pastrana, exactly taxi driver, Paul, straightway, howl pulse raider. Yes, you know one of the writers of his generation and one of the best scripts I've ever read, and it is incendiary. It's it's like a Bergmann film. If Bert
when was rocking out to the remains the whole time he made a movie, which would you care to play a priest who is cancelling young men who is in a severe depression, about what's happening to our planet and to the environment, and he doesn't know whether he wants is girlfriend, is pregnant and need us enough. He wants to be a father and a world it's on fire and why would he bring a child fire in and what in he starts. You know really question me about: where is where is our leadership? Where are the grown ups wise? Nobody doing anything and particularly wires spirit. Class of this country? Why are we not being better stewards to gods earth and how could I go and pray every day and not do something about it, and it's very tough conversation in the movie goes on from.
Air and it's it's you'll see it's very much the same work as a guy who were taxi driver. It's very power It's a mature work! It's not! You know, I'm in here as recently as a lawyer via housing around seventy one wow and it it's like here in an old lion, roar yeah, you know and he's. Let me know that this stuff to think about new stuff to pay attention to and it's really want the best characters. I've ever been given the opportunity to play. And you still down Broadway stuff, and I do love Marietta next year. I'm gonna do true West assume shepherds through s pardon, You knew Argyroneta Neeoka next who's, your team. I've been expand for a long time, but I got kicked out of it and well, they will and new they won't gimme ticket seem more. We talk about the serious I'm being dead serious. I I really was vocal on some
shows like this that I thought it was a huge mistake to. Let me go and you know I would bet on Might before I better mellow, and they didn't like downtown. I daresay you sided with the Antonio, my not over mellow, but over there was Something genuinely exciting the first thing that had been exciting since Jeff Gandhi left in the garden with the Knicks was we went. Was seventy nine saying it was incredibly was absolutely incredible in the way, that organization didn't fan the flames and let might do what he wanted to do and let s go run. Let them play ball and instead MIKE's on his way to western conference final in you know the nexus, the gardens empty, cookie cricket, and but I am been left homeless,
Simon, you can you can buy tickets and girls, we wanted you just going on it and I don't go around. I want it's going to be a fan replaced, it doesn't like you have a young person doesn't like you will personally, because I called at once- I believe there is still have been got since reality. Bites came at once. I was kind of I'll see you whenever you I wouldn't. I would call up hey can I get seriously girl. Welcome then, and sometimes you know in he knows and as it wouldn't have tickets, but they always me up and let me know maybe the seeds, where gray, maybe they were great depending on the night and in then I called one time and they said, that'll be seven thousand eight hundred eyes. Oh, oh, ah, in its way, The first time you guys are charging me in this. You should have thought of that before you went on. The Jimmy found. Show you know and as like wow, this is real in them. In
I've apologize publicly many times to try to get my seats again and seems to Us Jimmy found. Let you do that because he's we were those sitting cord side, we were both excited, but now I am exaggerating they did it. I don't think you're exaggerating army by failing to changed on as a spiteful man. The that the point is that happened, kind of around the same time, the next a little bit later than that labelling decided to go to Cleveland, and there was something tat has a fourteen. There was something about him. Going back to Cleveland, do so righteous, so cool, and it marked some transition in my work. Agnes to accept Lebruns, greatness emotionally and start enjoying his greatness, and I didn't have a team, and I have followed with dutiful phantom the wrong James
in its I'm in a period of ecstasy. Right now watching one of the greatest players to play the game have one of the greatest seasons Can I give you the cynical counter to well? I just heard it sounds like you dump their crappy tame and jumped on the bandwagon of the second. As part of our time did it. It doesn't sound it that just take away second, greater rigour. That is the only item over Jordan. I dont have over Jordan. I like what Barkley said the other day is kind of like there are areas can't really compare heiress Lebron James is been the greatest player of is time period and its bar none, the eighty. You know you think about like out a shack. Only has one envy p and inconsistent the images. Can it took him for granted. Yeah well, and I think that happens while the bronze and now people is getting old enough. Now, if, like always, actually this is pretty awesome and you're right, I just I just it was so,
been so much fun watching him plague on state and to see the level basketball is being played, surly exciting and I can't to watch the rocket single state, whereas I can't wait to see that would carry was healthy. That would be thrilling to see a healthy Celtics are they maintains gonna, be here be ok you and see. That is the future teams, bread Stevens. No, how person gets s smart? I wash these games, it is sometimes you can kiss, into thinking that coaching is really matter. It's all about me like no man. This is a fine coach in you know I mean. Obviously, Pavlovitch is a great in, I just want love, watch a basque of origin and Stevens Cardio and said I've master. Coaching I wanted direct and making the Cindy found the script I've been working for I want you to be in it and thereby give every yeah, maybe
it should be your sports will. Surely you play the Brad's David story? I'm already is. This is crazy, I'm already too old for bread, so he decided to play the part of it. The idea. Ellie rapidly in my internet and following how amazing what a leader part of which has been vocally about race in this country in sport, he's been having these courage and they ve been in Steve Khartoum to spin just so appreciate their honesty in their intelligence? You know too go to every NFL coach, like Amino wincing, slightly said that I really agrees. Else Branch Ricky. Now you know where there is somebody to say: hey you guys. Calling cabinet is good quarterback in and he would sell tickets yeah. Ok, this is business. Are he would sell tickets and it's the right thing to do. Do you know in a year dealing? The sports forces people in interracial community at a spot mean this. Is people were really it's? What you
military. Does it sports? We really see people working together in a where is branch Ricky now and I wish I wish one of these owners would really stepped forward and make a statement then be a leader. It seems- like the NBA so progressive, partly because it has to be but so because it is, China appeared everybody, whereas Vienna, I was also worried about their little package of their image, for people would go where Tom CAP Ronicky should stand up. And their worried about those people more than everybody, and that seems to be part of the issue Houston should assigned him last year when the shouting at her just go, get em Instead, it was like they were doing, roulette with others there, Our aim in so many places that that could use a good quarterback and that he would be very popular. What was the best thanks game? You it's just that occur as well.
When do you gonna fight games? Well, ok, I was therefore Van Gandhi holding. I wasn't evangelize their Wyndham, the win, the game. Five, when Reggie went off with spike, when spike was taunting Reggie and he went off and one that we made a thirty four thirty about their three, I thirty's amazing there it at that game. I was there. I saw a couple great Jordan deems I saw Patrick you score fifty once in a regular, seizing line. That was really Awesome. He had one of this one of his best knights, and I saw the game seven against India Unaware Patch Mr Finger role in dozens of. How will you tell me you at the game in any carry had eleven hot dogs and then went out and discord two points,
during giving other out whereby the gay would stay. Frances didn't pastor signal to me for foreign currency this hour that miss their research. You I was in my black ears. It's been a rough censure. You utter is: maybe they'll get ok you than us our has now There have been no well she's turnings one is turning. Seven one is turning. Ten one is turning twenty and one is sixteen that These are girl about ways other dangerous. My heart is in strange things. Twenty her, my daughter just turn thirteen. Well, what do I prepare for. Greatness. Ok, that's a great answer. You mean it's been, so you think you got a hand on life. Life presents you with a grown woman is a daughter, yeah, and you get to hear about dating from her point of view.
Get the whole world looks different she's not in. For me it's particular you need cuz she's going into acting as we have shared passions. You know and what the industry has changed so much. You know she's she's, Sub BBC production of little women, that's gonna air very soon on PBS and it's a great movie and she did a great job and it was very wild to be on set and watch her acting with all these young women, it looks so much like when I was her age, undead posts. I was young men, and so I just kind of inverted experience to see the industry now and see what it looks like coming into it. I don't thrilling, maybe can be an m after sunrise, when you do the second trilogy, don't cut and allow about old, oh you're, in a minute to your inner about, all your dad. You have kids now and it's like three more movies bang, while I'm into element to adjust again. The hotel flatter France make it happen with Dufresne Rick gotta do
doubt his apartment just ran lack the forty one. Second trilogies Donna forth my wits in new. That's it if it happens. That's what this is really and I'm glad we did that sector love with the movie. The thinking I'd tags, two cousins out thanks teeth in hock thanks to the Supreme Court. Thanks, It is to forget to go to zip recruited outcome. Such bs thanks to Gillette Gillette offers read if shaving products for every guy, regardless of his personal task and needs, are budget where they went. Three words are five than usual at three and five Gillette: five razors three and five hundred and twenty five three and five: have you covered under ten hours? High performance at a low price catch live forms, deliver Tudor Financial had five actual it on demand that calm subscribe today back after the latter. It maybe Tuesday night. Even who knows Tuesday Wednesday morning, GO sultans.
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