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HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by JackO to discuss the MLB trade deadline, Yankees–Red Sox, A-Rod's announcing, the 2020 election, and more (4:04). Then Bill sits down with owner of Fanatics and 76ers part-owner Michael Rubin to talk about sports team ownership, player empowerment, the 2019-20 76ers, sports apparel trends, counterfeit merchandise, streamlining production, and more (56:45).

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well as a whole bunch of pieces. I thought Susan, atrocious music air, but a lot of people love it because it was a great pop year and it a transformative Papuan a allowed ways, there's some good wrap up stuff as well. It was Lillian, abominable rock music, alternative misery gear and set the stage for the rent, So what happened in the ode to rage, except for clarification, but just a bizarre music. There were capturing all the pieces of it, so check that I have said as well. Jacko MIKE Reuben? First, our friends from protein?
I take this Tuesday morning, Sevenths family went to Hawaii further lasted six days. You like I stuck thereby memorize. I've got some really good at this. Now So are we ran the Costner and Bacon podcast last week, cost. I was one of my favorite one's ever an all time. High bacon was great to really enjoyed this week. Going to talk about the Yankees red sex. Is and a bunch of political stuff in a fund way. Now, whereas away with Jacko and then make a rubens gonna come on? Who is the owner fanatics? Who was a minotaur minor?
the owner of the Sixers and others of so yes, I was, I was away fur six days during one of the most dead content times I can remember the last four years who is really really nuts scanner soothing the way it was nice. I missed. Tarantino movie, I'm some behind an atom cod. And everything else. But I was really fun. It's fun when you kids get to an age when you can travel with them when they are not a complete pain in the ass and they're, actually fun to hang out with so good times all around Jack arena are right. It is the of July there is thing going on at all in sports fairly anything and pop culture, but we do have the baseball trade deadline. Which used to mean a hell of a lot and now still mean something, but I don't feel like it has the same fervour that used to engender. Unless you
Fan of the Red Sox in the Yankees, watching this whole thing Jacko on the land. How are you good, buddy area teams, just one added for forestry days at Boston, Masker potential, and then Chris sail the ace, our guy once again became sure, do you feel like the its own Chris sale. Now what you're feeling going into these procedures starts from a Yankee perspective, whilst body I was down at the front line. Have account is down to the beach and we're down the beach on Sunday, for the budget guys in the end, some of them are Yankee fans, and some of them are red Sox bands until we're talking about in our how hard the anxious had been- and I said you know we're talking about baseball game- and I personally so disgusted- I didn't know who is by New Armando spitting for the ideas but I haven't been. Attention was pushing for the red light.
And so one of my body said: outcry sales pitching outcome like oh and then I thought about a per second out like who accompanied I didn't get a couple years ago, I would have been like out at the last forget about it, but not so much anymore it's been a little shaky and that was borne out on Sunday. Night fell, but the fear of gotten me that I won't have you. This trade deadline and everybody wants the Red Sox to get you some closer. DE as is getting firm. Rather, I don't think that's realistic at all Shame, green. The mortal shame green is an x ray. I that sure that's that realistic either to me bigger issue is, is the wholesale thing, because. Eduardo Rodriguez's kind of turning into the ace of the Red Sox that really part of over part of our game plan. I fairly big and patched together. The bullpen and can, I hope and pray of all they can come back, but the same thing
just Flom expire, because when you why When you watch the any by inning start by start with him, it's like the shady guys in the lineup than in obtaining them. You know Romania is what does it actually but he's not a frontline supernatural after a line with deep the other night and he were really do you know that our show I had one third or shall I did something to eat too bombs in its its those are the guy. Keep getting on it's like. He can't sustain it through the whole light up. So you die it's weird, because this red Sox team, the off at the top for now this one two three four we have may be the best one, two three four river had just like it. It's like you The gauntlet endeavours is out of his mind now and you go through that. He is like how are we that? How are we not how retained comes back or nine gives back now. It's like eight gives bag but house. Even possible with these four guys.
And with it we had you'd be scared, gone through their gauntlet The Fernandes Alaska guys much as Chris Trysail did not put the affair of garden of Eden. Your final, absolutely and fur. Over many years, I've made fun of Paul Famer gender Bogart six. If a guy Soviet three last week in his like even might actually be one- and I would like to see my next week and he's been out of his mind and Janey. Martinez's phenomenal and Muky bets is now heated up so yeah I'd say it's the top half your line up at the end is very good and bad attending always tells me, I guess, for some reason, this sort of mediocre arrogance- everybody likes it up against the Yankees, which is the opposite of what our judged ads or he's pretty gotta get there. Buddy and avoidance their attack, though he had been entirely, had hit this point where all kind of looking at each other gone Wade. Is it's not gonna happen because we're talkin like
a year long sample size gone back to last summer and it was a hundred sixty games. He had nine homers distance, whom he had the power that it seem like. Who's. Gonna. Have you seen a fine player, but I was ready for this to be there redline to point out, and I was out or as is now happening, and I thank you just gotten his own head now Eastern come out of it, but that the the guy further red taxes is davers. I was here the big the last three months. His stats are basically as good as any red Sox hitter we ve had really since kitty, wherever I was a bit out a whole bunch of text shades trying to figure out if he's the best young red tax pair of my lifetime about that Janni. Why I carefully, throwing you're idle Fred Lynn under the by now. I, when I you know,
carried a Fred Laden Facebook. I still haven't. You may still to this day in your ear. Did your downgrading him for desperate refugees endeavours? davers is twenty. Two he stole I think one of the youngest everyday starters in league and a few like what he's done the last three months and not just like what the stats are. You know I could list all these stats for you at the at one of the things I think everybody hates about baseball thou such as becomes this keep route rearward like scientists like giving formula as well the stats tobacco products he's hidden, the shit out of the bar- and there was this one state aid, Do you like the mile and ours that where they took another tat care for him to me, yet very cow. How fast the bark observe somebody's back kind of enjoy that one I think it's informative endeavours has davers, I think, has the
as mountain our bar coming off the bat, whatever the fuck that status But is only twenty things like it's a new step, but you have nothing to base it against really like it. There's no historical perspective of like you know that are run was a hundred and thirteen miles. Nearly clouded toes pretty fast but, like I don't know, did Willie Mays it wouldn't routinely. On twenty five. I don't know you know you would signal good you're, hitting it hard. You know, that's that's good. They want that and when they do it on singles. Now too, in the eighties games were judge, hits a single at the middle there like through. That was the hardest hit single in two months. That's good! Now I guess good contact, your right, I think baseball's, just so boring now that everybody has to figure of his a hundred and twenty four miles an hour. Like ok, that's cool, said so: davers, listen, Johnny seventy nine games going back to April. Twenty fifth is heading three. Forty four, three? Eighty five islebay base six forty one slugging
twenty one arm or seventy seven Serbia that that's up a good just about any red sack streak we had sounds like think it is my dad and I texting about. I was a kid severs is. Is what's going on here. I thought this is the best young guy we ve ever had I withdraw the stats. Friedlin, I think, was twenty three Seventy five. No, my rob. They say he was a little bit all their but kind of in the bagpiper Muky bets, really you know eighty three years ago is when he really took off. He was twenty. Three Bogart is only twenty six now, but for What he's doing now My guess is, is this George brat so went back and I was like where the George Bread Stats front, this evidence and that's kind of who he reminds me. I like he might be our George Bread Johnny. He might be in your life for the next twenty years out be ready for what I hope is that George Breakfast or use the murder of a so as a social Democrat Select
machine, so it might be a pretty good back up to a dj limit your laboratories on me. I guess I think so because I was thinking about it- have a valuable bench role on the eggs, was thinking about. I think that's will resign. I'm not worried about that and bad seventy one of my truck contractor. My think, he's probably worth it what would I ve ever my truck contract on top of what you're paying price and sail and all the other countries in need just give you just give Bogart the big contract right? Do I have to pay for this? Well, no, but fan the buying tickets. And what have you didn't? Do we want more money to fence earning any melts without the stuff I don't know I'm loosely within secure Boogie bed sets in saying we want to do that. Nobody here to give a four hundred million dollars. I don't think he's getting it a hundred million dollars broadening Rogers you I'll bet, you haven't you once more.
The threat is negotiating it's funny The people are getting mad about him kind of you know, use the leverage, Eddie Asthma, GAD love to come back, but Babo, Bon Courage, What why does anyone are? You should care more about coming back, suckers playing the game idea back. Do you think so we, losing twenty six year old, free agent. Who is put out the resume his hair over the last four years is not good business in my There are many other things like you know. These guys can ask for what they want, but really they have a limited market like the Yankees aren't gonna bet on him. Could they have too many outfielders as it is, and to many big contracts, so they're not gonna, be the Martin report? my main at by the dodgers. You know where the big players, the Dodgers, the ideas of the angels, have any more money to throw it people into dailies. They deserve
the final extra three hundred million die so, like I don't know where he's gonna go to get his my truck contract. If the results are like kids, the number it out is: will give you a go, go find more. I don't know where he's going to find more, so I'm always worried about the Dumbass Mets with this stuff because they they're just like it's like the stands at thirty Spartans span I am of the highway, they can't see were awaiting there's no way that will pounders neighborhoods in my own country, who now wages they just traded firm, our Kostroma that nowhere right, even a contender, with this directive, the abbot that without the men about money, there's no way there lending money did just connotes contract last winter them the weather wars, contracts in the leg. I don't know that's true so because the because that GM forever representatives of agents,
he represents bet, they're, probably the unified. I can get them on the hook for a lot of money, that it did. You that trade they made this week where they traded for. Guy who is well PAN Sons, college remit, they measure down trade, air and then the guy they got back was ripped the thing with the sacks and I think the same goes for the egg, when in this new air of the robbery. Now where did there's, not the testing s. Funny, because the anniversary of the bear TAT, gay red fire was a couple days ago, and he saw that, a ride. Who I want to talk about. The second was talking in the broadcast about how you know there in that which was in that long ago, the guys it was so much less friendly in so much adversarial than it is now. But you know when you think about this with the Red Sox have with Davers bed spoke. It's all twenty six in under J these, I think, pixies. Third,
now and then in bed and ten day is the twenty six to and then on the Yankees side are the young guys they have, it does failing. Foundation is something but there's no bitterness state there's! No! No they it's just. Things missing, and basically what I'm I say as we need somebody to throw somebody to really get. The scope We need another like you, Gregg, metals Billy. There are many thunder like that, but there is no more than a game to these guys are all bodies off the field and there are just the other in other there's. Not the rivalry like I once was, except with cities, are badly in the race to receive the hate other than that had by subversive, but other matter does really seem to be any like bad blood generally in baseball I'd. So let's talk about a read his eye. This is very important, but national treasure I feel
Ninety nine percent of the time I get it just with anything, even even it's not something I like personally, I get it like if there's some movie, that's taking off a guy. I didn't really like the movie, but I understand why this has become successful or a tv show like this is us I don't watch this is us, but I get it right. Try I What's I know, I know why somebody like my wife would watch every episode of this is us and get into it. I dont personally like it this right thing is the one percent for me. I don't get it. I've, never really gotten it and now I We don't get it because I had to spend four. Hours of the month and it ain't here.
Not only do I get it. I have a feeling I come, I'm taking crazy pills. I think he's an abomination is in an answer. I really do need to be issued about you and I talked about when he first was. I guess I think of especially when they resorted to accept my region. Or suspended, or whenever any started, doing posted and games on stock, and he was doing the studio, stuff yeah any was great and we talked about what naturally was in a new like we had a throw it to guys and sick ways in which capital again, he was like almost like a better. Like studio host guy that he was a biggest popularize good about as good as a prodigy at for some reason he is dead was like took back where he was like. I won't go, supersede natural, but he was a smooth at it and they put him in the booth and that I dont think as it stood any feels the need to but giving ridiculous strategy. Others can it.
Could fit earlier in the season. I think it was the Yankees Red Sox Game play baseball because they didn't somebody laid out a burnt in the situation where it was ridiculous to even think about contemplate a bunch. He went out and not about it for like two winning like Iraq, get off the bad thing, my god enough, I'm just stupefied right. I remember that first year, when he was good on the studio, I didn't think he was nearly as good as the second year, but the first year of felt like they had stumbled into something and there seemed to be something genuine about it again, second year. It seem like he was just really trained and polished and the fake laughter to open the mouth, and it was like our right now. I agree it now his. I guess he's playing the studio character. You can't play a character during a four hour baseball game, When you're hanging out with two other people, you know- and the funny thing is I'm not one of those people things.
Local announcers are better than the national answers, in fact, usually opposite, as as you find out with fear, Yankee Brok, but the Oh, I beg to differ on that. Linking answers are fine. Why would someone I o Neill and David Cone talking about ninety eight p m? I can't get enough that no when was sterling, ensues amendment that radio and input for the most part either. Red Sox, radio, guys it's pretty pretty rough, their tv guys, they have act in Remy in an o Brien altogether. They get sexually really good and informative, great ETA, and I learned stuff and then spending for hours with this crew. An error I just you know that site? They don't know what to do with them, so they make the Holbrooke broadcast about a rat. It's a hare rights here era, member that member. When that happened member
at a time when this happened. Hey you are you you. You must remember that, from afar and second hey, I don't want to think about Iraq anymore. It's like company played wherever I think about it. Now I didn't see very much of a game because, as I mentioned at the beach in that way, and I was driving home, so I only watch the very end of it, but I have perished in the sea, the awkward part where a rod and just though there were actually almost negotiating a trade for cinder guard yeah, because he's advisor to the Yankees achieving that buys into the Mets some other the bachelor spot broadcast document that achieve their players. But he's like talking about how the egg is conducive to guard and easily just when you gave a cinder guard and that she's like well what you gonna give me I'm like are they actually negotiating right now seem to have much of an understanding of who was on the Mets profit or the,
it gives raster. She couldn't like lift off players that she would want to have on the Mets, so anybody He may have got her off guard, but I thought maybe she say wide, what Torres or whatever, but she was like. What are you gonna give me, and it was like? Oh my god, this is so painful. It is never going to happen in a millionaire. So what are we waiting? Precious airtime even contemplating it will, I mean this- is their signature broadcast ray it's Sunday night? This is post with the best of the best there's all this baseball stuff going. I made the mark a storm and traded just happen. Which one of the most confusing trades in recent years because this is like one of the big chest pieces. This is the guy rumoured to guard the Yankees, wherein we ever for our game, where everybody takes twenty five to forty seconds between pitches, and there is now the talk about. I would have loved her like a real nuance conversation about hey what the fucker the Mets doing, but that happened.
I commend, as is irrational, romance why the fuck the booth, and then a ride whose advising the Yankees what is where's, he advised which, by the way they really calling era and be like a rag. Can you study some shame? Green tapes? The fuck is going on is out to dinner with jail. Look I gotta go to take. This call in Kashmir it just so forested, these three people that would never be together under any other circumstances, train of tuna. These conversations and then is if it's a bad enough, we come back from commercial and J low and his two daughters earned the booth with fire birthday cake that says have birthday, it does seem say right. They could even like find five extra seconds to a rat on it, and they have to do this fake, false thing, with a vague Iraq is fake, laughing and just super awkward and nobody can eat the cake, and then you gee going out. Nobody definitely nobody's eating their cake
one of them is going even try it and then three years later, PETE Abraham, who covers the red facts for one of the apis key tweets the picture uneven birthday cake, which was then eaten by other sports writers right. Why? The factor that have to happen well eyes- oh, I can presume, is that he is pen was hoping for Sunlike celebrity Cross over because of jail. Oh that that was gonna draw eyeballs too became. I don't think that was going to happen, and maybe they couldn't get a cake. That's it happy birthday Iraq, because therein Boston and they, to every big gray and they kept getting takes us and happy birthday asshole or something on it in all these little and leave the name off separately, as it should have been happy birthday. Two time cheater and liar who got suspended for a whole fucking year. Why are you threatening us and games, and why are you like America's sweetheart now? I don't understand that that Lance Armstrong get to come back now. We went to get a cake and it said steroids on it again, so we're going to try another day
word out in which there are now. But we are any luck wise, very bonds and ass all wait like this. Everybody gets come back now understand. Why me wasn't he isn't either batting coach for somebody or wasn't he Nobody likes bury bonds, every arrives in my life on Saturday and Sunday for four hours. The guy the guy is flagrant, is anybody we had with the whole cheating thing. I'm just so confused by this I really am. I address you, don't get it. I don't understand what happened with this I don't know it's with the weird thing: he's got a good Pierre skills. They came. A guy. You know celebrity, I will see in the game because at one point they came back from commercial. Maybe this is when they brought the cake. And they had video of a rides fiftieth birthday party, and it is just this, must have been twenty seconds of a rat in geological dancing in a nightclub, nice and.
And if they are manifest courtesy and who you know that that's another issue, but he's a hurry, rad still the move and Mendoza issues giggling, propagating text about Marcus German for the mainstream, and am I got the fuck? This isn't red x, average the sweep whereby watch this. Who is the Sahara? Well, here's the thing now see like you do not care for a ride as from the red light, perspective and I get all that and maybe just a general perspective, but I have. I am subjected to games on facts with John Smalt yeah, who is the most most ETA Yankee, biased anyone. I've ever seen the point disappoint remember when they play the actors in the play off and they called it. A ball Berlin. There's somebody actually groaned ass to the point where Joe, but would like all your groaning or something and he's like a picture. You really wanna get that one, how my bow!
a bank is, and I had a watch, the bike. Fourteen our game from London subjected to his fourteen. Our ran against the egg is so I can understand that being in love with the broadcasters, because I have a visceral reaction. That just smoke together. Do egg is game. Specimens reaction is blind. Hatred see. Other jets. Votes is great. Of course, he would you et Cetera jointly like what they play. The other two messages have the other manager might up did a play by black that'll. That would be about his fair, so I have no, I get your visceral reaction, I have no idea of men, doses get big, Apparently, she's really get in the college World Series and, as such whose Bennett TV situations where you can be with the run Casper, sometimes times like there's. No, you didn't you, you can't overcome it I have no idea if she's good, she might be she's, not
in these games with those guys in the crew is bad and I Just don't understand over and over again we get in these situations with the national attic team were, they think, entered in men has to be part of the package you now it's like yeah. I guess what I'm watching for the game. Sorry, but just just teach me stuff about about baseball. I dont need to see clips of a red fiftieth birthday party, sorry services. This is what they do. But every circumstance, though, because in my opinion, be a guy, but I watched a good portion of envy funnels and I've seen it up Drake shot to less my lifetime or like beyond. Jay Z, courtside, like a cat there at the game. That's good! I don't need to see their reaction like every ten minutes. So I think every media thing is like they try to get a celebrity connection because
in between the internet. In all the various ways you can consume media now, as they say there in others, limited market, so they're trying to expand it. I'm a guy cops behind us being around in jail in the booth. I listened em. A dog radio on the way home from work. I was listening yesterday and I didn't hear the call by some other collar react to it. A guy called up in. While jailer has. You know forty million followers on Instagram, so when she's ideas, Pierre, like maybe some of her followers tune into the game, is she's gonna, be in the booth and then stick with the game like I guess, if he had his banking on that jack. I mean that's honestly, the most ludicrous thing. I've ever heard, of course it is so some forty you're. A jailer fan in Kansas City is getting Billig hair jailer, my pop in the booth for the birthday cake morality to sit through five thinks of this red Sox Acres, What is going on
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Membership. Us includes access to be happy. Lounges high lama tables arrange a special services. The pen ass phone, including half limousine services and more my son, was really excited that their advertising on the package, as was I like dad? What do we get? experience the never ending universal multiplayer game play. Possibilities regret that our online in the latest free update, the diamond, casino and resort access it's free with every copy of grand theft. Five available now at rockstar games, all right, so we have to get you take on the democratic and political raise is big debate tonight. I think our think it's like a to night debate. They still have like twenty five
candidates to night debate who Windsor Unintentional Kommeni word so far throughout this whole democratic process, while he's out of it now, fortunately, but this guy Eric swell well who, with their progress made from California, maybe your kindness, but actually to know you think it represents part of I was just so bad at everything I did. I saw him, do not forget about viewpoint, justly smarmy, unlike like everything he does so force than Bacon Chris? literally was like. I can't believe this guy has ever been elected to anything any capacity. I understand it. A woman, we liberal district, but you can't tell me, there's that some more authentic liberal candidate, they could have beaten this guy. Who is just so so bad so easy.
The guy he dropped out he's got now so and the other thing I like you, I'm a pretty. I file politics. A lot like I have my whole life and I am pretty burst, and candidates and elected officials- and what have you been, they showed some pictures for this debate. I literally couldn't pick some of these people out of a lineup Guy, that's like you used to be the governor of Montana Attack. I walked in my office right now, billing I can help you who are you he went through. The president is not going to happen. I may come on later you many candidates and these people that do it. You know I mean I understand why you do it, because you can raise your profile and raise your speaking fees and everything else, and it now get your name on the news, but it's just is patently ridiculous that you're doing this, I need them. This thing has been the beta. The beta campaign My god, you talked about here, he's just a magnificent jail. Now, God is, it
I don't understand what happened with that, but I think it probably came from just America desperation to have some young home a person who is the complete opposite of what president was Well, it helped him when he was running into tat crews, who that have most Republicans don't like. In the end he looks like Bobby Kennedy and he had the rolled up. Shirt sleeves the Irish last name and early everybody was like swooning that it was the reincarnation Bobby Kennedy and Eve narrowly lost to TED Cruz. You did better than most Democrats would because he know he got a lot of press and favorable press, and you know that his tour of Texas and caught fire to some degree to only lose by two or three points, and so then somehow that was translated into this guy should run for president and they got the Vanity fair cover and he went out and ran into. They were like what do you think about
The change news like air. We really should think about that great. Why we're gonna be the president? What do you think they liked? What do you think I do. I think that I'm not woman President chapter about the mother at their cattle again get back here. I'm gonna be my skateboard people, religious practice. What we do here, Think of the video so where's that again with decent my bad, that's where the is Re Gauges head. He had no takes it, nothing to say you if they were better. If we don't know into somebody, is the next college coward many came out. It, has a baseball J deadline. Woe tree, crazy. It so why did you watch amid the debates like he just I e He seems like it's like the old envied. The secondary did the Abuja draft joke in this.
Bruno capacity or get taken in France for sharing said he was two years away from two years away. That's kind of I feel a beta it here. He's running for president. These, like face its added a kid name. One thing he stands for now: nobody care that was the problem and now he's gotten the complete opposite direction. Worries like now he's gonna be like the workers of the works is based America stocks, it not in our white everything's, went supremacy. It just everything's all followed like come on. Come on. Man come back to us. Well, he let out he had a document reanimates. I guess that he did not care how things can show that his kids anyhow, he lost his set it right at MIT. If you read his biography, you now he's up is invalid. Someone has always been. He comes from a lot of money and aid.
It gives some guilt about that you were the Columbia, he had no real direction and he's done like a million different things and upon Bandy was like a nanny for awhile handed out. He was in a hacker group. Is bees never really critical, had sort of a real job? His father was in politics. We kind of felt the need to go into politics. I, like it, a city council got elected to Congress and, like I said he could have made a splash ran against TED Cruz, but you know after he left TED Cruz. He went on this lake road trip around the country and was kind of like finding himself and sending out in a sort of philosophical tweets, that's like if he doesn't, he doesn't become president. I think what he would say he's not gonna, be I wonder what is going to do now is giving a backpack through Europe write a book. I gotta know what's next forum. I The ringers, possibly in this were ran about it ass, a totally unless further debates better. Would you, That means we would, you think I don't let her deep,
to date? I network that I guess every print it breaks down the best punk outcomes of the nineties. It's pretty good podcast! Actually! Well, I don't know, I don't know what's going on with no by other fabric rather favour gave, it is yet Mary had Williamson yeah. Also your neck of the woods, whose, like the famous she's like a guru, actually right so she's, like a guru where issues like a life coach but she's like the guru to the stars. So she has this philosophy of basically, preaching love in a straw the or whatever, and she wants to be president based, but never having been any kind of elective office. She did preside over by Elisabeth tailors seventh wedding at Neverland Ranch, though so that would would be interesting think were present. I like the fact that everybody was allowed to be in the debates.
How to meet certain threshold yet raised like sixty thousand calories? Fifty grand you gotta have so many individual donors, but you could state that by getting like, if I could pick, you pointed up, a doll for somebody that counted as a separate donor and a guy you torture goal. So none away did it now you needed ahead into arms into legs. Do that was the right thing very adamant about that. There is so many and then, about them were mad that their their makes were allegedly turned off here, which is a yeah? cuz. Nobody cares what you have to say. That's why you're my eyes turned off because we're all you're like the five people who might actually have a chance to be the president, the crazy thing that, like the poles or even coming out today that by as like way ahead You're not a second and warrants camel hair somehow fell. Yes,
had a big moment and I couldn't couldn't sustain the momentum and Elizabeth Worn has had sort of a moment to, but I she had Bernie Sanders. Gotta fight over the same gene pool voter, so they're kind of splitting that vote. I would think Somebody may need to attack Biden because of an image buttons gonna run away with, as it now is my inept as he is. He's gonna run away with it, because the vast majority of voters, I think the democratic butter, see him as the most elect a ball and out because the ties to Obama out are experiencing, like the papers choice, I think you know we. Usually it's gonna be the next. I lied and even a sky line from power, some epoch collapse or, or somebody really like, taking the reins and catch it. To mix metaphors. If it's gonna be Biden, Tromp has the napkin tucked into his neck, with fuckin stake, knives and forks and stake sauce and he's read it Aurora maniac. Ninety two
ways to go to be cruel and mean to Joe Biden. Probably I mean the interesting thing is you know, and I dont believe it treats about this, but in out by if you look at the very metric. The economy is doing pretty well it another's people left behind you, tweet me and etc, etc and didn't loan dead and healthcare. I know I'm just thing generically the economy is pretty strong, but the country I know restored Afghanistan, buttered in general, there's no major wars or conflict that the safety of those not not a major war but sort of a police action. At the moment, though, you talk about, like general peace and prosperity, be should be like rolling to re election. One would think.
With a super low unemployment rate, and he had here. We are because he's such a fucking more happen so full arising black people, people generally despise him that it wait. That's why it makes it an interesting horse racing. That's weathers, twenty five candidates who think they can see them. Even people that are barely recognised by their family without this place. What did you say? bless. America I feel like this is gonna get so ugly, and so I thought I heard yeah, it's gonna be ridiculous. Fat obey it's! It's almost that prepared for Firstly, you had to get a big trouble diary rarity and is already ratchet up seven matches and we're not even in August yet and once it becomes- thereby there's gonna be the guy. It's
he's gonna bring out the missiles in everything go red Adam it, while also do in all the other stuff he's been doing separate. It is very interesting thing to me- and I said this- the till I'm blue in the face of paragraph two of you- bet: I was really come in at Twilight Zone episode when I, when I like to think about, like the trump is actually considered by people to be like this heroic genius. I thought I was recently with her a group of guys and we started talking about things over and then and there smart guys, like smart, successful guys, I generally don't know what their politics are and we started talking about politics- and somebody was tired of this. This was like a couple weeks ago when Trump had his tweets about the squad has their called another for Congress, women and
I said you know we're talking sorted generically strategically, and I said you know, I think it's probably good to some degree for from trumps perspective, to tie the Democratic Party with some of their views that are below maybe outside the mainstream, and I said you know some happy somehow he sort of stumbled into these things, and these guys were like now now there's a big stumbles, because, time and time again he always comes out on top. It can't be stumbled and it's like there's actually people that are Spartans successful. That really think that he has some grand strategy that he follows, unlike that he's, like This master general like moving pieces on the map, to make everything voluntarily in the way he wants, and I'm just like, I might take a crazy something like what really so there are like saying people that it. I don't think these guys were full blown megabytes, but there are people who think like Lowery really don't knows what he's doing. Things are work it out and I'm just like what the crazy like a fire,
yeah that people actually think like he doesn't just sort of like a stumble over himself and like fall into some luck at that that people actually think like he's, you know he's had these grand plans and easily his master businessman strategist it whatever I like one. Like when he gets defended. You'd help is almost all the time he's going after minorities or whoever Douglas always bogeyman No, no he's terrible away, people too. Perhaps I am thinking here of a general yeah. I, for I didn't realize that it is I've. Never you, no conspiracy, bill loves, argue conspiracy, as we are to have a president who, wherever on the table with any possible conspiracy like I have a friend whose convinced that Trump manipulates the market when the stock markets doing really well, Trump will say something about gap.
I'm cutting off that trade deal with China and then the stock market or debt, because this Who is convinced that he's shorting it the other way and he's just basically controlling. This- is Yo Yo thing with the stock market and just making money both ways, and then he quiets down, and it starts going back up like lately. It's been good again and my friend watch this he's gonna say something crazy, he's doing Monica products from China, It does have the ability to do that. He can say nuts and the market will go down, and then he can state I, for one will go up and look it's a ludicrous The key is actually doing that, but, as my friend was the set as a year. Maybe he's doing that this, the present United States, what we do in this, I'm sure you do to make money, but the way he's making money is like, through his hotels and everything, were foreign government and curry favor by did out buying out the top ten rooms, its Trump Trump Hotel or whatever letting them know about
like you know that when he does fun razors and business at golf courses that he owns and now he takes the money from donors and put it in his pocket offence they so I'm sure there's a lot of skimmed gonna, but I am not sure about the market being because he he would probably prefer a high stock market now, maybe get manipulated to have an IRA by the time of the election? But he wanted to be as high as possible because that's one of his pocket, you ve been assembled. Creator derives its its its debt, but then rallies back Maybe that's his thing when you come back, I mean you know his is giving what it thinks that it can be properly should be doing better, except for his ass, a man. Tariffs that are just killing things in terms of trade
He keeps gleaming, while China's paying all this money will allow their night. The consumer that pay more for goods from other countries like China is not just could eat that money. They're gonna like pass it on to people so the as this, and that we have to subsidize farmers because they in other pang higher rates to sell their goods in China and that we kick in subsidies and he thinks it's all working out wonderfully. But So who do you think has the best means to beat him probably Biden. Honestly. How my I think I think, if you had a bad thing, if you had a Biden Harris Ticket, I think that that will be tough debate, because I How do I wish myths pronounce your first name, PAMELA Harris? I think she would appeal to the get out more woke brigade of the Democratic Party in and Joe would be seen as non threatening.
To swing voters in the MID West we that, but as the theory anyway, I think that would be a tough one. Word trumped beat. I think Biden can compete, as you know, good old TAT, Scranton Joe, unlike Pennsylvania in Michigan and in all places Wisconsin places that trump surprisingly one last time, which was the difference, Baker and the election, and you haven't seen it you out got a touching it out too far to the left. Do you think I'd and is going through to our sessions every day? Were their training him? Not put his arms around people, not a hundred bag the shock, cholera enemy they bring em like I did, have a twenty year old woman and he was bigger hunger and they said it appeared Z, Where is your green goods? Joe down Look there? There? You see
just bring these different grandkids in his bait just I'm not going over there right. I can't I shouldn't you just wave right beside call that where he's just like you know from the uncle Joe, like you know where he brings up this thing about like like nobody asked him. If he's just randomly brought up like working with how well he worked with segregation, that's in the 70s or whatever like If Europe is by their here, like never up dumping, that I've done it ass, you maybe a dead everybody heirs to hang like ok, people of extreme views. We have to get along for the good of the country, but, like don't bombed here that like to bring that up in today's climate, it out how wonderful lived segregationist Centre for Mississippi was don't do that you don't do that thing is he's in his mid seventies died out at me. You just like come on. We all have people in our lives were in their midst, seventies or other, and it's just a fucking. Other cuts to read
their Robert, the special special council robber Mauler testified last week, and here he was not great editor at the testimony and at times seemed looking laws to be couldn't hear anybody I thought Jake Tapir somebody common data and he was like you know. Well, he is like seventy four years old and I may be strongly once was I thought to myself Biden like seventy. Eight trump is overseas, like seventy, something like let's great. This guy is analyses that capable of testify poor characters, but what two, let guide to be president, are be in that age. Do fantastic and stuff. The patriot says what said eighty seven, nine year old Bob Craft whose elevated the ABC championship game by going to a weird spa in bright in wearing ECHO, Florida, Re Florida, gear, jouberts, hot, on a plane, celebrated the title game and You know it's like I did in his late seventies, but yet both people running
president right now are the same age as him right. Any excuse, Graham, is that guy he's old, give me a break come on is a widow, and yet here we are here we are every time a large areas it. Maybe we should just see, I think, there's did to be learned from bade us success. Given is a complete lack of credentials. People really want the next Jack Kennedy right. Absolutely so what we should do? is. We should find some like twenty seven year old right now, who wants to be an actor like, maybe that kid in the bachelor Tyler have bailiffs Tyler and the bachelor Actually, the bachelor better, that's right there is is contesting who made the two Tyler's former for Bob, where show. My coworkers are in love with him. Including badly Reuben and Juliet who did a whole pack asked about how much they loved them. Here,
guy he's got it he's got something we take that guy. We just put em the Bobby Kennedy, Jack Kennedy, training school? teach him had had a talk like just enjoy generalities any could probably you it'll be a governor and five years. There were absolutely no, no question dream. The cut the country now, there's like so much hyper partisanship that you now trumps. There's one thing on Monday: and yet the handle of the world and unfortunately a majority, the Republican based its like a right on, and then he changed his mind on Wednesday. And there like a right on everybody, thinks otherwise is nuts lakes. If it's just like ITALY, all Jerry Seinfeld thing, you're ruining for laundry so get out. If the guy had the reboot, the guy could be completely vacuous empty suit and news lively at the Right party idee next to him,
people are gonna, be like wow, so wise, it's a domain sharing candidate for exactly exactly that's been where we are now like. It's just I partisanship and at the end, to be more so they call negative partisanship was not even so much like. You love your guidance but you hate the other party. So much like, I can't let those socialist given their or I can't let those pashas get in there. So it's Now I got to vote for my guy and you know it cuz we got to beat the Nazis or we got to beat the commies. You know Trump's, gonna, win and I was bad money I would say proud? I mean right now, probably, but I don't know. I just find that I find that so hard to believe, but I find it hard to believe that he was even running and I find it hard to believe he's. The president and all those things are true. So innovations that stop believing I'm looking at the ads right now? Two thousand, is minus one. Ten is basically even.
I'd, inspiring one hair, sixty one. Bade us a hundred to one if you're staying put some that allowed, maybe maybe you ve gotta, come back and combat kid. NATO should. I bet I knew I don't know should do. Ask a question. Looking at the recent, let me think Only to that over four seconds. I think I was gonna win, and then I think it's going. We like a lab labelling. The broad junior thing where he starts in the groundwork for Don Junior to take over twenty four well. I think that sir, I think that the plan, to the extent that they have a grand plan that was almost more frightening, as in others, two schools of thought, is doing what happens with the Republicans after tromp like as there is there its trump like so branded the party now that there forever a Trump party or do they just pretend like a boy that was where and how that ever happened move like. Let's forget all about that. I just move forward to be like when Garth Brick said
author ago, about the acoustic ones and then has happened and then news that our aid, so that happened, that was his hand, are an entire presidential term. Yeah, I think I think Don you is it star knew were staring to think about it. Stand a plan I read somewhere and I I I think I didn't finish reading it, because I shuddered so much and it's a pike dot juniors like the most popular a year and the Republican Party, or something- and unlike now that can't be too please please be true, though he may Paul super high, who knows how they would saying, maybe should run, for it should run for governor against Cuomo or something so maybe they're, already, grooming him. The junior God help Us President than junior I figure after moved here now.
It doesn't seem like any other countries, are doing a lot better. Now worlds, unfired crazy, everything like them. You know media's off. All the politicians are awful everything's awful, Cancun starters. Nothing! I've gotten But at least we have sports God. Janni next time we talk. Can you can you catch up on the loudest voice? Because I really want to go deep diamond. I promise that I will watch it and one of my favorites as I also think that you need to Watch three episodes euphoria like your thoughts on that my homework I dont want at one with the kids around early learning or lurking in anyway. Fair enough. I think jars is a pleasure as always talk decent guitar. I Brigham make Reuben in a second first, we ve made some bad choices in life. I know I have GAD. What's my latest bad choice out or no sane, this
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this thing in somebody that feels two thousand eighteen, how he succeeded in the kind of people had. He is dealing with data that so here is my Michael Reuben Series apart Honour, the Sixers and he owns fanatics, which I would say is the biggest apparel boom of this decade. Self air were humble small, complicated, just getting started with you market shared again. Can we talk about the Sixers Pherson been an mba honour? What year did you guys form the ownership group? When you hear at the six years for two hundred eighty million dollars will we paid full value with the time yeah we bought the team. A group of us bought the team in five two thousand Levin. It was great timing powers? There is like ten French, as is for sale at that point, it was good time in the attic and racist or I think most people don't ask you notice so Ed Snyder, who started the fires, and only six years was my direct next door. Neighbor.
A good chunk of my life. Yes, oh, why sold my company GS? I commerce, to Ebay in March to dash eleven add carbon. But I one club and celebrate and he comes over with a bottle of wine, abolishing champagne that bought a killer cuz. He could drink a lot. And down he said hey. By the searchers. Unlike me, I know Jason is this team loses a ton of money. I can afford the losses and focus on my business and I have about it again. He's are you not Michael? He wasn't a basque He was all hockey seduce. I don't want you to buy the team. And then Josh hours and able to put together the deal by the team, and when I wrote economics and much different, and I had thought and then I Davis, Actually I'm in a word convinced me that you're going about that- the valley in gold state, where the two ridiculous once go. Instead, I think, was like four hundred something that yeah and it was just
It was a gigantic city that was growing in every conceivable way and add a ton of money and had great basket advance. Yet fruitless. Philly is an incredible sports market. It it s absolutely without question. You know one of the top few sports markets in the world and fill Evangel credible in that they believe they bleed for their further to him. So it s a great market. Those are two good purchases, and now you look at her, the two thousand and twenty. But what are the sectors where do even think about stuff? Like that? I don't I don't think about it. You think it's two billion per big black, a franchise. Now I would say, gathered at that fair, but I dont like look. I don't think you have worked for me. You know I'm a business builder there, whether its fanatics that you know about fanatics in today's eleven back me baby tuna, fifty billion our company Scooby over three billion dollars revenue next year. I dont think about like a might sit near thing,
thousand and think about what are you gonna do with each business and how you gonna build it, and then I think generally good things follow so you're, not like a real ownership group. Where people that are in their I'll independently, successful each other and always fast anyone. This happens in the NBA because, ultimately, one guys, the owner. Definitely an that seems like that's gone wrong, a lot of Times First in the NBA over the last twenty years, where somebody put in bunch of money, but they still don't really control anything and when their right to three here's their realizing like out a basically just have season tickets, and I own the equity in this team and that's about it yeah. I think there is a region in sport that one person is in charge, and that is the right structure yank. Without that you end up with the league. Having do can evolve in Africa fix. Fights the come up, so the structure of having one person is responsible is absolutely the right structure. That's Josh hours in our group has the president, but the deal together here
in charge for you used to be in a church yeah, but by? Why didn't we joke about all the time in my day, job, which is fanatics, rubella guilt and shop runner. I am in charge, but I also starts at something called the reform alliance, where myself cheesy rival, craft meat, milk, Dan Lobe MIKE Novogrod Pathologist, but the Brooklyn that John Clara Sigh and Robert Smith. I'm start this mass of criminal justice movement there my charge lady there, but I started it and I'm sorry push about. It said to me: you don't need to be in charge of something necessarily to have tremendous impact on it and I use the best apple, arbitrary, formalize, how, as ever manner, sixers situation where there is just like severe disagreement on a path for something. Trade or fridge Sonny you. What will first? At the end of the day, we have a great GM and out brand she's responsible for best operations, Ultimate Josh's responsible,
I think, generally speaking, my belief for ownership in sports in general. Is it the time that ownership should get involved is on the things that really move the needle I think off and on his going to Bob the things that they shouldn't? I think I forgot how to make a really positive impact on what matters and get out of wife everything else, and so you know in our group Josh and David Break collaborative. I happen if I believe the sports business. I've been sports, my entire adult life. So for me you know we bought the team in two thousand eleven and everybody in the you know round organization, legal people do business with racial that work new faces to me. So I think it's an airing very comfortable. Do you think that this decade there's been like three to four times Many rich guys who are just like I want a sports team like there's, been a trend because it seems like Especially when you think about how gone stay was available, and yet others people come valet who could about it in the lake of gets it and that's it
The crown jewels yeah of Silicon Valley Right is in charge of where everybody sitting at the warriors Games and who gets going A special club yeah, does seem like more and more is harder to find a team. I don't even think there's more than to embed themes for sale, renown, they're, not even really for sale. So I think the pace of teams are available or actually consistent or even higher than they ever been. By do think there are more buyers So, if you look in say the leaks keep a list of qualified buyers, so they know exactly death. If I'm not analyse yeah. No, I heard you were Now, I'm not I'll get their sub Debian that not there, I'm not the GM that qualify. The two hundred pack ass a week- and I think I can make it does He's got I mean I believe in you can do this necklaces, let's get motorway, let's make it happen, nothing's impossible, so each the leagues keep the will generally happens when someone is not familiar with sports industry, which most buyers aren't familiar with the leagues, the diner.
They go to see the commissioner. They go if you or is this a ham and arrested by the team and the legal stock qualifying is this person real is somewhat be owner, so I'd say my belief there's never been more qualified buyers, yeah sports teams than they are today, but I also think the pace of teams foresaw should pick up a bit You know that I value greatly when an empty names were up. Look. We just have the Panthers and then a foul, yet you obviously in Seattle is gonna, be so in the future. This questions of what will happen in Denver so mean there is still a team to himself It's I think the pace is picking up you that a lot older across sport in general I'll tell you something that I think is really interesting
smartest commissioners, they focus very much on making sure they pick the right owners going forward rapidly, as owners do have a big impact on not only the team but on the success. The sport long term, I think giving the right honours into each league supping. That is super strategic for. Commissioner, It's actually the core responsibility. The commissioner make sure they do that. I think that's one of the reasons the NBA has been so successful in so many different ways. This decade is because they put actual thought into who is coming into the lake with date, with a couple exceptions. For the most part. I think they were bringing a lot of younger smart Self Turban business people thought outside backs I've had an essential if any new all get together and some giant room when you, dear you're, owner meetings or whatever and there's actual good ideas and people pushed each other. I don't that's what the NFL missing right now It follows that all rich guys that on the weak and at some point
we need new blood and people that are thinking outside Basle. But more you don't agree, Wheeler backdrop alibi craft and you know what I could tell you, I think we agree on NBA. I think, as relates the NFL. I think the difference with the NFL is easier to honour our team because they make a lot more money One of the reasons you know so I've to sport. I love a love MBA. I love than about the after that. There's nothing that I'd like out. Have used passion about, and one of the reasons that I was so interested in and then by the path is even I felt was only do I forgot tat year above the man I want to be honest. I shoulda divers, you screwed up. Having had done what you mean you screwed up. The: U misery you miss, read it or, I think, was a poem. And you didn't go all in on the real. I say that I think first by then gave ten percent to be really good on a hill.
Bad idea. The idea in there I don't I shall I gave up over the Yankees believed them. I think he replaced as someone who need to bed legal yoga, like I look ajar riches and he was bad for that, a foul yeah yeah he would be in there are people look at and carries out these are free to speak. I write about current owners, but there are people I just cringe when when they speak in Jerry, Richardson was in that in that category, so I think they got rid of a really better. They put a good owner in place in Dave Tapir You know it was a shape that you know the process think otherwise I thought it was going to go out to the price of it paid, for it was very fair and appropriate, and something that I would have loved to get done at that value. So so, that process you. What is it it has your data like the three finally sad as ago are they tat. Are they keep you in the loop as there's some charge yeah that day arm. Not sure they charged down the day was Jerry Registered decision who to sell the team to
and I don't think I was the type owner who want to sell the team to digest the bottom line. Why were you the Tipp of her? I just think you know you're missing. A couple of things of the checklist I hear he, I don't think he desired selling them. It is that simple you have so who you dealing with China Banana Fatima Doom with get dollar you dealing with person who's in charge of like in any of these situations and there's a lot of people involved. Yeah at any time is different as well. You know you note what you might do with MBA might be different in what you do with Anna fell data that investment bank rude erode the job with it, Steve Green Burgle volume a bum Alan, accompanied by ETA. The banker had that's more, nor more than not sometimes that we would just get above help. Do you think you? I think you gotta get back in the Panthers yeah? I look Think for me haven't shoulder surgery on. I would have any of our generation. It was you know it's it's better market people understand and for me
when I started to about. I didn't finish. The thought was like for a guy like me who, by football team the I began all and financially to do it, it's a ton of money for me to do some, rare and so to buy. Team that that makes real money is sometimes very helpful, soon go back to the question you asked about difference in owners among sports leaves one of things in the Anna fell. These teams so profitable it's a it, may put less pressure on you to do other things, but the attack had flip over the next twenty years and if the air and at a link it, why? I think that I would say the NFL. You could argue it's at peak right now I stole a big believer in and NFL and I don't think it's the pig, but The reason that the average NFL team in the average NBA team have values are somewhat similar today is because the envious got such a great growth trajectory based on
Looking at me because he look at that, it's a truly global sports. I mean I can tell you that I travel with the team to China this past October for Preseason game and for me I've been trying for twenty five years. Last time I was, there was making shoes kid yeah. So I go there and dumb in this experience. Sources we may as well as expressing Joss at me. Hey, let's go them all so, unlike ok what are we to them all out and we're walking? The more I've been yell, hundreds of places which well and litter I've never seen more people chase and individual. Can being in the mall with you all in this luxury, MOSS, Wright, extra hotel. I tell you the story only for the fandom and shine. It is so incredible. I think we had fifty. In people watch our precision game in China. Fifty million people look. I know you think about that thing about for Bosnia, competing with us, I don't think maybe a couple hundred thousand people were much appreciate that and that of ours like that. So when you look at that,
and be a year of great global growth and China's Incredible market, where then beat dominates. I think the NBA been incredibly thoughtful on Roy supporting players to tit to speak on issues that are important to them. To make the world a better place, is actually helped the sport so lot. People were scared of that. I think Adam is ruined I think it's beyond that and that certainly obviously one on that's my mentality as well, so that were very light. That and dumb men. So I think this report is very well positioned and the players it is much more famous and I don't know how that translates to the successes of the two leagues flipping little bit but the reality is you know. Even somebody like Hawaii, who barely spoke for eight years is more famous than anywhere, except by for Papa is right. Now, that's right and looked again. I go back
and I found them be up there. Might you sports the sports? I love my dream situation. One day: wake up in our own nfl in the NBA Timor market have a kind of beet Nevada. For me, the Denver Step- and I don't Rocky sites out there ever saw saw sailor at their best Lahti. So like I'm in this has happened before. Were somebody was a minority owner ass Lego, yet where a team available they ve kind of invented. By being you know part on over another team and it just makes all process either to gravity Yankees Some of that for me to be honest that I don't think was ever those everyone issue because I've grown up. I mean, I know I know most owners and sport because now remember, finance yet large is reached on the water of life and sports. Marchandise united people talk about Nike, Adidas and finances three exciting companies within this fortunate.
I work and we were revolutionizing retail. We ve got this become commerce model that changing you know, reach on pretty significant way So the unfair advantage. I noticed you really, while the other that the never be known. Issue of you know what think about where we are with this league right now. Maybe we've had yet another summer where it just became NBA to Kate and others do switch seems, and I think we ve learned over the last couple years that even when somebody signs a new contract that does mean they're going to stay with the team that you guys send, it hasn't been summoned. Yet it's gonna happen, I'm about, he's not been signed, jeopardize the yes that will happen reset, it will happen. I would assume it would happen. It's a lot of money, but now- and then right, where he could sign that guy, section than a year from now be like idiots I really want to go here, and
the old days. It would have been Lego. Sorry, you decide to do that. But now it actually seems like the players are controlling where they want to go even when they have long contracts is, is a good thing. Well, I think, for us it is a good thing, because the right I think about it is it's the question of what an organization Eu Building- and you said something to me when I walked in here about culture and about how people work together and I believe, uniting teams fall pot or that all the time based on people, not you know, working together to me. I think that something if your organization works hard on, you can really. You know, make that strength versus the weakness, and it's easy that look. You have audible, superstars was very strong personalities, Yan getting jealousy is something that it takes works amongst the team attics, you know, Workin Organization so would have done This is, it does seem a little generational because some of the people I work for the rare species that people in their twenties are like this is great. The place should be able to do it over.
They should they look? Everybody should bounce around what's wrong. With this way, we would for players that teams- and I think, that's one of the things that stuff was shifted- the last one years will certainly then be ape and what we see in our inner and our fanatics business, where you have put your fans of the players- and we see that so I gave my financial perspective are like this. The most exciting thing at play: you ve got all these great freedom, We managed driving business like crazy. He asked you had the it was the biggest phrensy move in the history of an mba. Now this you come back now move after movie of cabin crew Why me? Our jersey cells are just astronomical, so we love, but if you go back to the push you asking from from a best, what was right, The way I look at it is certainly El Ay and New York, a very popular free agent markets, very obvious progress, the easy to understand, filled off
It is in our attempt to train right thirty minute helicopter ride from New York City, the taxes vs three percent versus twelve percent. So when you're making to undermine country with contract with a lot of money to tax differentials, your eight points out to undermine our contract. I think you know Josh, and Blitzer and out have built a real winning organization, and I think I think you know I look that as if you thirty team in the league and, let's say half or not, going to like in half, will like it from my belief. I think these are things that you don't. I think we can, as an organization, come out on the right side of that you don't feel like the leg is sending some sort of crossroads, though I like right at it just from a cup
The second point: why listen? I don't fret first, while the way I think about is the goal of any sport urbanization weathered the pages just talking about the eagles. The sexes is to win its twin trapping ships. That's why you're there. I believe that the dynamics that earn sports today, I think that you know in general, as an owner in any sport, I'd like the dynamics of the weight sports. To swallow the continuity of something, maybe just as the matter tomorrow, maybe cause. I remember different areas where now, an eighty celtics 80s Lakers, the nineties balls, even what Duncan in this first had Duncan, could have left than two thousand. You did right are even look at but warriors for the last six years. If you replace Barnes with the right, It's basically the same nucleus of a team for six years, like watching them, and I was used to them and I think basketball depends at least a little bit and the continuity of the guys. Together now you could say what Toronto inquires their year ashore, but
I also remember last year, when the brand beat M J scoring Mark and he did in the and nobody cared. There was weird moment, and I do wonder like that connection, I feel it with a beaten in Philly, like film, loves. Indeed I could see him retiring there and if he was able to play twelve fifteen sixteen years and stay in the same place to make. Much more is he would make. I still feel like that's more meaningful, but other people disagree with me. But what? But, why I would say, is for a well run. Team Trevenna Salmon place right, and so I think, that's an opportunity, so I thank you. I think I would say they might stay in one place, because I think the Celtics are really will run to him less two guys and shouted guys and a really good friend of mine. They are really want well run organization, familiar depends on the player and then I think it's gonna look at chemistry. I think so much in business that when you ask me of this, amendment is quite yes, I like, when you got a high people, Peabody look for, and one of the three attribute I said was people play well,
team together here, I think you better led a team together the same thing in business or sports. If you take a bunch of great athletes and in business, and you can work together, you results can be shit. It's the same thing, it's the same thing. You know on the field on the court on the ice, so to me, chemistry, gay people play It's something that allowed lot of people attire. Look it's widely known. How close I was with Robert Robert Kraft in the Kraft, the probably the biggest thing I learned from him, and I said like almost bunch Mariah, barely matter Highschool, he hadn't oak and go to college. So all my learning from Heaven- smart people around me and from even a watch them, I think the biggest thing I learned from Robert Engines and craft- is they sweat every little detail of the business to keep together and not an accident. The dynasty they build its by if by leadership ray, you need to get luck and timing, but you he hire coach and had beside Tom Brady Tom Brady. These are you took the personnel.
The captain. We are working well together, so I think that is a. I think that I could go through and I would never do this, but I can go through and look at everyone reports and tell you. I can put the three categories of perennial winner in the Middle loser and easy easier use and does mean someone have good about runs within a long time, but it does start with ownership. But then The website that is you just have a team. Might the Lakers that's born on third basin is in a way it is one that is french. As we haven't connected strategic Bang forgot for six years, had stolen upload the brown and yet agreed yeah. So destructive the advantage that they haven't up. Other teams have, but I started by saying that if you're in New York listen, I believe in of you're in any great major market. You have a huge strategic advantage and that's just the two main, if you don't Would it then you're not doing Josie? I worry I don't know. I worry we're heading for a reckoning, because if nobody, you know with thirty three
So maybe we have too many. Maybe it's I, sir, but I guess I'll use any chance. We have to make him to. Think of anything I need is, I admit I am speaking on behalf of entrepreneur. Much begun. It may have the Sixers or the NBA. I think we have. I think there is demand for more teams. I think you know I think Adam could sell as May teams you want to Sell- and I think we could have done more to not only those history says- that's a bad idea, but I think they could. I do to when that's what if it would be logic, Seattle, Vegas, bigger yeah. I don't want the ambitious begun at, but I think you do what you're thinking about logical? yeah, but I mean anything take years. Because my things of red thirty, we might as well be a thirty two and have sixteen per conference. But I wonder there's a day, a reckoning down the road where maybe we have reservations that fight that and if you just completely incompetent for years and years of geyser fling your team, maybe there should be a price for that because in soccer words, yet I have personally love it
next to me again. I always think that I'm going to perform yeah so, but you know for the people that I got to split the league in half just give me half the hate that we have to love that. I don't think you know. EL, the best origin sports, the USA. Every loved idea delegation is keep pushing people out. There was the knots gotta be relegated. When it when the owners get together. What are the dynamics you always reach me. Rich, successful yeah, I would say to hide herself steam people and they're all in one place, and I think the right yet so. For me, it's actually interesting because I don't participate. As you know, Josh and David are the the owners that represent the Sixers, but I probably have the most owner interaction because of fanatics. It there's not a day by that I mean not deal with an owner airports, and so I look I've I have allowed you by learning, grow from and end and pig information from aid. There aren't look, there are getting owners, work together is you know, also it's it's a core responsibility, the pressure. I joy,
other little secret stories There are many around his fifty that you'd give me money. You need to come in with, like some great was buried under the secret stories. Come out you you gotta know be pretty well. I do maybe one story about a and b that would surprise people the story about Georgia would surprise people if he does not drink out on everyone thinks dusk he's got such a big personality here. I've seen and there were people think like? I don't think she drank some Joe, is I'm super close Joe I've seen consume alcohol twice in his life and I've been with him a hundred times. He does not drink alcohol, he hates it he's scared of it and, by the way, the two times Tuesday drink, which basic they re all, can obviously behaviour journals nor got caught me at that. Certainly yeah, that's a I dont eyes. I think a lot of you button or that surprised, you're, not its own, get some,
shaking s out of overcharging Fraga, whether hydrogens, but but fortunately Joe doesn't he wished. He used to love her sweet. Dollars please over that his eyes very focused on condition in here. What's is that a real thing now are we gonna get thirty five. His letter to elevate the heat Jos determinedly I've talked to Joe. He actually just have to me ass. I walked in here. Just got back from my vacation and he's a talked him a few days ago. He is he's on a mission. I think he's out a mission. I think this and I could tell you one thing jewel is. I look like I think, we're so fortunate. Would you all with Ben ah, but you ask me specifically about your shoe out- is a really smart and intelligent guy. Also, you know I think I'd people my underestimate his intellect when he went through what he went through last year, he's not just like shit. We lost less move on, he say: that's an drive him like crazy tete, a tete
to be better. I think he also knows he's gotta bodies got it well good care of. So I think I rode up I'm a huge believer that he's gotta that dumb just I think his condition would be the best ever I They think he's he's doing himself service if he doesn't think otherwise seemed likely was too heavy last year by either he yoga wherever he thinks the replacement. Oh he's very focused on unrefreshed you and he guys cute when your care and extra weight like. That is why I strongly support. My sobs of delegations, mixture right, wait now is deftly. It hurts me in every way, move my by four new takeovers sent for to guy there like a skies, paper you now new in the more weight you add the more stuffy a kid screwed up at I thought you guys every should it made around three last year and blood He kind had your number during the season.
Followed him, and it was clear that we share the work is not proper yeah yeah. It was a problem free area. I may I was it look. Here's the thing once you get the outcome like we had, you just need to move forward and say you know: what's next natty build a learning grow from that, but certainly it wasn't the ending that we should have had a solution in a better position started. We should have just you don't we should have been a strong position, not come down to a lucky shouted, I think all filled off. He will see for the next year. Imagine a shot, and until we get a fresh trophy restore offered from Us- and I found at enjoy that that makes me happy- I mean now that now I know you allow offers great. I did not Kirk Carry especially year two. I liked him your one What was happening? Inquiry go, but I loved our four. Won't you I am glad that the measure is coming away. He was a great Celtic and I look forward to the south skinny revenge. You, In fact, this ethics are now where you of that name,
but it s a media are broken team that their necks out. I have used respect for which, as an honour, I think is a really good honour. I did they built of a good argument: I think anyone anytime, you don't respect thumb personal boss at Boston, maybe the most of us I don't know that aims are and how many rings is Boston got you ve got the patriot. Have six salted have war? We have twelve. The century twelve, the centre right, so you're with four times as many as the Yankees. The censure here we dont think about last century with baseball. We just talk. The such, let me say this such so. We just had the the blues beat your hockey, seven, the idea and the cells were spectacular, be no wiper the bones of the blues for the blues yeah they respect there were spectacular, was that market Saint Louis hadn't, wanted shape, raise a fresh jeopardize. It was literally is big, as a hot markers we ve ever had four fanatics was the the blues. Hot market and by trial was incredibly painful. For me to watch was
Ass, a spectacular mean these two great hot markets for when you ever want to title anyone that first one spending at least some word. But how much money have somewhere between fifty and three hundred hours and t shirts, and that's right, Let loose hangover from us as well, which would yeah we join appreciate. I remember when the Pats one and one we hadn't when a title and sixteen fifteen years in Boston, and they want. I was just I got out of the oven What is the outside it s I set out by the had by the teacher, arguing ownership store that your lichen and this will resonate with you really well. So I was with I've, been with Robert at certainly last couple years of him winning the Fc Championship Games and I've been with other Jameson they one. You know that if the championship game and when you watch the patriot
When a situation should game, they don't care. If we don't even look at this issue that the like, ok, we don't care about those two, no celebration. You lose money when the path it when I was. I had now I'm gonna sports, but you don't understand the mentality of the Patriot witches like when I heard when eighty chatter we're here with when it when she bullets at period of the story but its and that's us about great ownership amidst the others, this data focused on what's that, would take a quick rates. Attack by Google FI doesn't feel like most phone plans, just weren't made with us. My between bad coverage, pay. Much more daddy, don't ever actually is and crazy roaming charges, Google fires of farmland Google made with features that people like you, I actually want features free international roaming, see never have to worry about calling up your provider to, let them know be travelling through networks in one single state back to wherever you are from your home to your office number in between Google FI works on your favorite smartphone, so you don't have to switch phones just to switch plans at five.
It's as easy as downloading the Epp, and you only have to pay for the day use plus with bill protection. If you ever do use the latter data. Your bill asked that a reasonable amount learn more at EF. I Dat googled outcome. That is, if I die googled outcomes which Google fry a phone plan by Google to make a ribbon. So this is a good question for you. I've always wondered what people do this. They make the extra t, shirts and hats they make for both sides that knowing how it's gonna go your identity, that loses. They have other staff in an extended to Africa, yet why can I buy that stuff? So that's the way I used to work. It doesn't work that way: Sweet Jesse, you know so fanatics, but I think, must be permanent. This has been the largest reach on the water voices puts Marchandise. In addition, the fanatic site we also operate NFL shop, then be a store. Then I shall store at them and will be shop,
Emma Store and three hundred individual cowed sites, so we make of the championship, Merchandise Indiana fell in hockey in baseball and a lot of it and in there the aid and so the way it works today is such a better experience. First, you know our business is really a. We know we kind of inventors category Vertical Commerce is colleague everything about like a LULU lemon awry agent, amorous Zora of dearly, please great vertical, rests primarily Bric, a mortar based yeah, you know primarily e commerce paste okay. So what that allows you to do is to let you know in sports this moment that happened in sports every single day and allow option merchandise run moment. So what we do for championship like the blues when the plane, seven against below Boston is we have printers, and both markets everything set up online and in the second day
when I say you have actually media it. Very few merchandise. That's made said only people we make merchandise for his very small quantities of merchandise, don't go stores for the first couple hours. Everything a line is not made until the second there's a winter, so that both the blues and and the raptors were major. You know me markets worse, so everything online the manufacturing starts the second they win and then for retail me, some very small orders. If it's a game, seven and that's the only merchandise that gets the shortest runway, been sixteen pines merchandise, not and media, but they just my blog about thousands- are hundreds of tissue Eliza, there's a general idea because it, but the internet is allowed. If you just think about this, the internet so efficient, like those too hot markets, were probably thirty million dollars and revenue over a short period of time online and so were able to really effectively make that much. This is resolved, gets the customer and not have that waste and access, and that's why fanatics suggestion business but as we
see these. These moments happened sports and the merchandise around him without having to waste cemetery. I get all up, but why can I buy legal like a lake in two thousand and eight MBA Champ legislative measure. But I would wear that around the office, because I hate the Lakers vs in February on radio interview by thought. Our problem get a legal out of some of the EU pit. The tea should the Eu Wide next chancellorship. I will send you the debt, the winning team of zero. What is it? I will do. Child. I will do that for you that allows us that eighty six with tat, I will not give you the pleasure of two thousand to the Superbowl February. We beat the rams in the Superdome and their selling stuff about James diseases before they fanatics error and I bought this shit beans, Rams Mug and T shirt and then I worthy aims teacher for like six years, and it was my favorite teacher causes. I thought those guys so I tell you this is that this should be a market for you here,
foreign affairs should be wearing gods. They workers to the naked eye sheriff shirts right now, just they heard the huge kick out, amongst others by four bastone. Here is the Good news we ve got some two hundred fifty million dollars into does lemon about, but the next backed over three billion. Next year and would just getting started this I can tell you go out. We got a lotta growth without focused on the wrong team that didn't went, decide they fight purchases. Yet a joint programme is work. We're not what I mean you're. Not We should have on your website. It should be spite purchases. Maybe we'll give your licence will let you run this part session. We have a real strain at the ringer. Absolute would have given him a Rams, Superbowl championship, Billig. Sorry, this is an idea. You ve got one year pert now you take me, get ya got four champions per year, yet one per year you tell me what it is. We will listen to him even torture. One point Let that we ever want to title and like six months it's tough, I mean I've. I feel bad for you wait heading in August be six months.
How will you be right? Over the past, seven Wanna title in five months been made to have an another Superbowl, but it still, you know you started The only thing I really want to happen is that I just don't want the pages and eagles to play against each other Cosette that that puts me in a very difficult situation as the one they are, well yeah. I thought I'd each him and went out any run over the pets they looked up right, I mean look to me, you know, if I you know so this day in my stake in the sixties one day and on another team, and they play the sector's amount rooting for the Simpson. We refer the demand Robert John, the craft literally the family, to me, so I dont have a just felt wrong. That's like attire I really hope that than ever played each again. The super. What's the most surprising apparel trend,
You don't understand, render the most surprising, pouch friend, that I don't understand right now, that's a rate question or maybe there's no trans. Now, there's lots of transfer. I understand the question to try to go one day. I'll understand it doesn't make sense to me even did the trends that are drive and business right now are logical. Trying to me for us, but if you go back to really how we ve grown so much as a company in the first thing is think about. You grew up in Boston yeah. Now you live here in LOS Angeles, he went out to buy a celtic juries year array, a boss, red Sox, Josie. You not only to find that so the first thing fanatics did was captured anybody who lived out a market whose
goodbye be able by that demonstrate in the new market. They live with a skewed, their schools and colleges yeah the proteins thousand they mark of Russia, just kind of fulfilling unmet demand and then the whole life an industry was always. Ah, you know, he's gonna think about. Nike, indeed, is under armed with Egypt rate performance brands. They really partner the leagues and teams because they want to elevate. You know their brand somewhere brand of foreign apparel, and so they didn't chased the business the license visit the way we do we wake up and go to bed everyday obsessed about. How do we maximize every cell in the license? Ports? Business, I think for us what's been incredible- is reproduced in so much growth through making merchandise. It wasn't previously available Babylon people that were at a market and then really you know just have whatever the fan desires and the way we.
But our supply chain is dear to really be able to in real time meet the demand of whatever moment gets created. So I don't wanna meet us who say they began to talk about quite calmly the clippers five years ago. You know that can be capitalize on now. That's can be an enormous number for us at the moment that the NBA proves you know each of these. These you know transactions we're out there. On their merchandise, soak awhile. He signed threat yeah someone can you have Jersey instruments today monsieur I am assuming that it. Some is livestock sergeant. It'll, look right now to a bike wide yours, yet but I'm Simonis it's all right. I mean what about a terrors year, Poorness Jersey, maybe not you don't rush order, thou and you know arts, outsiders, enraged, Indiana fell. The way used to work is Nike, May players Jersey for five dollars per team and we actually went to the league five years. Gos had look,
the seven hundred guys to play it s most given here we ve never like that. We want to saw seventeen hundred yeah, and so now we may call seventeen of it. So you gonna fell shop. Europe, without even by any player any time we do the same thing and ambiguity sampling hockey. So again, that's why you know finances Roy helped about assessed by fans. Booze fans want different there. And you ve gotta believe the fan whatever they want, the home model the way model there alternative model, man's woman's kids about my prayers get hot. Those we call somebody get injured and things change and sell the idea that the way used to work you bought an amateur a year in advance and guess who's gonna. You know what teams would be hot laplace we hot is an aim. Yeah. Not now I've used on a real time, you should start making the Westbrook teachers right now thought I might get him yeah, so he's more focus on getting. Can we get him that? Can we get him the OECD, the choir there? You like that now I there either on it
It's a really interesting time cause. I remember two years ago my son's name has been so he's been segments, love it and when He was excited for him to go to specify that events and they have met and there's a picture of them together, Guy and I dont think Tower Benson, it is short as shorter, but taught by them the good guy easier now is: usually he loves this fence so when he got after by the Sixers my Benjamin's was like I want. Imagine if I told Benjamin's, lest I was doing this, I told me she was. I was with him there. Last night. I was actually dragon interest to be funny, map and physical guy. You could out of you, could out of this morning when great yeah, so former Jane the me so May I saw about finance is eloquently, but my bed. Some is one and the same thing with ordered and it took like a couple weeks. It seems, are given in the last couple years get much better.
Fast. Yet, because, given the way works now is we bring blanks in of every team and then we keep them domestically. We print them on demand, the way I used to work as you might have to make the blank first now a blank jerseys here for each of the teams, and then you can print them as you go. What about the ones were teams make their work at people who make their own jerseys, but it's fuck you too, the team work you can make your insurance, your socks and yet a next year is a year. You have to let you in on a lot of things that you can't do it yet and simplicity of somebody who's who that's all that's nice
metallic knowledge and leave you words as well that you can't use, and then once every year you screw summing up any it screamed at and that's just part of the business people try to get through the sensors every day. Every day we had a guy, I should ever bring the cycle we have. This is great. We had a horrible situation with it. The tragic who is the are about the animal who pesterin zoo a couple years ago on the air, and so we we were what we're getting the witch league wise. We were, customers make an like crazy and then let us taken down and fans from crazy leagues had to put it back up and we, we people get you, we creating good social media banter when people Annapolis some things that that that we, the scrub or arm or the least, ask astute what about chinese jerseys yeah, I will we an mba. We do we do different very. The letters and so yeah
no certainly one big risks, big risks and our business. We things that we fight against very much is counterfeit and theirs it. This is a big problem with counterfeit enlightened sports business. That's actually unable to market places. The most kind of merchandise is sold through. You know Allie, barbers, Ebay's Amazon's. I think August place of work and clean it up right now, but it has been a big problem of caught a kind of illegal merchandise, not authorize not properly made that's having that often leagues, YO always want to make sure that were protecting fast from that. Do you think the Throwback Jersey,
thing, that's kind of tailed off now either I neither ethic it's gonna. Think life is actually gone gone through a very strong period. Now we see in a tremendous amount of in the business of warnings we think about actually is how do we grow the overall category because the global category of licence Butch about twenty five billion dollar category pals about a trillion dollar category? So when I think about is like sheriff closet, some looking around in this room are not I'll see any licence ports, merchandise. That area we have you. No six people no license ports. Merchandise should think about how to we assume. However, behind me no one's wearing it we gotta think about how do we keep? You know growing, assure closet? How do we get more for how we bring new cat? I'm gonna tell my closet as a lot of stuff. How do I get? It gets the cargo ladder freebies for me from Turkey. Either live habit and the best part when you hit your forties. It's a little harder to be like I'm nowhere, my red Sox Jersey today, friend Daniel, whose like in his fit, is now he's still work
red sectors, jerseys we make fun of them. I do feel like there's a point. Some people don't care, he asked aware mind about, I find that I never jerseys ever, but we're lots, licence, force, merchandise, our greater it's weird for us to web MBA, jerseys actor like age, but forty two I've never been one where judge myself, I'm just not that core football jerseys have stay a pretty cool from our support, but we What we saw, I mean we sell mergers daily in the world and all the sports. But our job again is to maximize each category merchandise. So we don't want to maximize tee shirts hoodies jerseys ahead. Where work. How to get new products into the marketplace. Hoodies have gone way up a bit, like five six years ago, my stomach nobody whereby it is yet a machine, generally wake up and go to bed in a hoodie as yet Amanda Character to the hoodie, sir. I would imagine that that blew up about eager keeping better hoodies elevate, hoodies, and I'm not some about it.
We can in Vegas. Someone taught me actually meet Mill said to me this week in ways that Michael, you don't do. Collaboration with all white and literally say I want to reach out to the guide, is the great idea that we should be doing off. White licence ports marchioness as they make it great idea, literally just like so that's an idea how to grow the market, so it's perfect example literally three clock and when he makes good sense performance, we're talking about fanatics in you don't make, is now known of lids, which were partners in together with him and arm, and also some at all frightened. I have thought about it, but here he thinks from you no kind of that kind of fashion, for you know perspective, what is the most popular hat read now style, most popular. How would definitely the new our fifty nine, fifty hat, which did you, did the classic haddest debased by add that suit our on
other than about half the time feel nets that still the number one at an that's been number of workable years. He's been known for a long time. It's it's been them, laugh along time, other fanatics stores, yes, our business sober. Usually you use satellite play. So it's interesting. We started only as any commerce, so yeah, so we started with fanatics and then animal shop MBA steps. And I shall store em I'll be stored and then what happens? Is the economist business have grown and grown owners will come and say hey. We need you to operate our values. We want to give an inner rid expressed her fan so that, if a fan walks into a stadium, they want to be able to buy online at least or pick it up in the stadium. I've been staying with esteems merchandise, you know how to use the online immaturity service that fan so this
we now have about fifty it we're about fifty individual values that we operate in San Francisco. We operate most most most of the teams in San Francisco an example here, and so that's it. It's a relatively it's about a veto, get extra will be over. They now it's about a change of mind, a piece of our business, but it is growing nice than I think is very cheap to best servicing the fan. We also a large investor and lids, which is the largest licence. Ports. Retailers, well, Have you noticed sake? What those little Amazon pop up stores I advocate have a on our way. Take these small speed, says, inversely order online, but they have a couple sample size. The I've been wondering where action, but I don't ride an interesting model enough, it works, but it's it's deftly noticeable. Yeah we spend enough time to answer. I can tell you for us. We want to make sure that that we make the merchandise of that that the fan wants available in whatever channel they were
whether they want to buy online with a want to buy mobile, where they want to buy an app where they want to buy it in the band you whether they want to buy it in a store where they want to buy it. You know the bookstore. Where they want to buy it. You know in whatever you, but that's your our job is to grow the market. For me, as you know, a reaction from the obvious cupboards our uncertainty about how we haven't three billion hours to ten billion dollars over the next decade. So the most important thing we need to do is keep growing cotton, get a bigger share of that joined. Our apparel market is Amazon, a competitor partner both both Amazon, dumb today is, is a competitor. They do so licence, porch merchandise, I'd, say most of the better products. You know you can't buy damage.
Yeah, I'm here the leaves want to sound through their own direct consumer business and through their kind of their strategic retailers. Sometimes, I do think is a big growth strategy for fanatics long term. We believe that every global marketplace, from Amazon to Alibaba, to Ebay, to warm or who just to deal with here in the U S, two coupon and Korea to rocket Tannen, N, N N in Japan and so on, each of these marketplaces overtime. If it you see fanatics, you know making a broad assortment available through these marketplaces, because we want to be with a customer is but needs to be. We think very much about our brand shown up in the right way and it needs to be brand right for us. I mean we're response Watch your property of the sportsman's, that's a huge responsibility and you need to make sure when you represent a brand. You do it in the right way. Have they thought of you know now that is just a merry go round with the NBA every year nobody's There's that staff curry
has been on the ambition, the longest, that of anyone in the leg in the annex, and I like it like eight. I do not see that yeah Clay Thompson's like third so somebody buys Jersey, by where's Katy Josie Subdued loves K days, spent two hundred hours on a jersey. And Katie's gone and three years is there any sort of eggs? change programme, though we think there is still so American Express gained us together, then being we created Jersey, Sharon's programme with them are that we started last year to his men. Incredibly success by the Gipsy Shack and commercials with the NBA America, Spress Jersey Assurance adds yet and down. That was something that we did together with envy aim with American Express. I think it's been a crevice successor programme at the eaves fans, extra comfort inside it
a really good program, so that Kyrie, the Brooklyn Kyrie Jersey. I would get that one ensure cuz, you know so that guy made a year and a half from now images. I've always liked Miami, and that said, he's gone. You're just smiling at make. You can't say anything: cuz you're in order Well I I just don't trust any of these guys. I didn't take it hot teams tomorrow. I think people can hop teams, but I think that you know it's an organization's responsibility to get out to do everything they can to create the right culture where we have people working well together, so or the guy just as people random and I'm not saying, but just anybody like you ve, seen it as I have the five six seven people around them? Where are they and you get more shots. Why are you the guy? I am some of the Oslo ties, something that I've been really impressed with me. This with complete sincerity, I think the NBA superstars or the most sophisticated and smart is everywhere to answer they ve ever been like one,
think about conversation that I have. There are so many envious superstars through hitting me up about business opportunities at having a really intelligent conversations with guys about this and people like you know, I'm even this weekend I was with workable bewildered and that they can deeply about business. So I love to see you at least in general assembly. Maybe it is people becoming really strong business people. I think it makes him better on the quarters, while because you have such a good, if, if, if you start to develop good business sense, I didn't help should be a better player as well, because you just learned took, took to win even that much more, but I think Danby superstars never been more sophisticated and more intelligent, and I Think I'm making really good decisions on the road. That is always special situations, but these did. This is market the guys. I think that's why Katy Inquiry went the Brooklyn, I think the business, because on the surface it makes no sense to pick the nets over the next
extra seventy year franchise with a hundred times as many fans playing in the most for the outcome was bought by John Clara sigh she's, a cloud Alibaba. Yes, someone it most important cohesion. China he's better there, my partner work patterns the court, and you just tell me down any people watched by them up there. My partner reformer lives that the major contributor even said, fifty million people watch shit. Yes, aim is about, and I went out to me. I believe any sport organization that I want to be involved with, I think, should always be on the right side. Of of that. That should be an advantage to us here. I think that was a huge asset for them and those go there and there are looking at it, not just as a basque about decision, but as notches alibi. But but also like rock nation, and now this that they're trying to do in there. I think really
aw them on a whole overall thing. Look rock nations and I got says- and I didn't want to buy rock nation until two years ago, without into force I dont, have you understand we hadn't or forced marriage, because you know meat meal was one of my closer friends and I sat next to a court the day when I thought you'd be gone from fifteen minute routine hearing and I watched him get sent to prison two to four years for not committing a crime against the recommendation of both the day probation officer said he should be sentenced and am I literally, they took him away to prison and bases. I started crying. He started the untiring up and I looked at him ass. I might have stopped. The prison was sitting right next to me, was this woman desert prize from rock nation runs rock nation and dashed on that? Stop into my crew. You who une? We rejoice forces and I got Thyssen going through what I went through with the past two years.
Rock nation. They stepped up for me in a way that I think most people would not step up or somebody, so I could tie it. You know it's people such as asthma, J, United, no by other than the major socially vii of five times my life before Yoda a year and a half ago watching the way they stand up for things that they believe in this world. Whether there is nothing to do with sports as they will win Jaycees. Suddenly he thinks isn't right. They're gonna go deal with that. I'm trying, once average, was improved, imprisoned in offer Bruno really for no reason you d went, and you just said, go fix it and got fixed. So it's interesting to see tat see the inside of Iraq nation, but I've gained so much respect for for a kind of the core values of how they think it is a weird time, as we had in next decade, your signing an mba where not just trying to entice them with organization in the city. Now,
You have to bring all these extra wanting to the table I feel like we have, which is in a bad too. I think what what I generally here from athletes start like from the best average forget about them. They just stars and sports is the first thing I want to think about. Is you know, are they gave you got an organisation worth with it? They can win championships. You know most drunk petard. They think that first yeah, ok to how's the chemistry gonna, be the people that they play with this guy. This is any sport. Three. How did you feel better organisation is winning organization? Ok, they're, smart thereabout, the same way, the same way, a sports him a I were to play a players evaluating the quality of the sports organisations, they're gonna play for for money, but there's a lot of people, money almost works itself, altruism, get multiple people and to do it and then but a city in say. Is this a good city to being working at additional business opportunities? What's going to be my endorsements? So I think that the and that's why said, I've never seen more sophisticated athletes and stars than they are today.
S not the right questions. You know the internet. Social media is educated people in a way that we didn't have ten or fifteen years ago. The world changed thought and when they enter the week. I think the league has done a good job of lookin out for them come now the gay in teaching them, yet my daughter, my daughter, the axis yesterday I mean you know she'll come after me. But I want to have the pushes July. She's got a name written two seconds: it's not like. She wasn't. Why, when we grew up to see you seem very often about the six yourself extent, I'm just gonna
She said I don't care about. You know I don't care. Services are my confidence, anything don't kind of summer confidence. I think my mentality, life in business personally and sports. It till you ve, accomplished Duvalier. Having done shit, I just might lead to ban to be a little bit and I did the same thing with which we can. I have actually we have ongoing bats IDA. I at last season everywhere supplies at it literally said the helicopter with how many she seeks to it. Doesn't she stakes because we're better cheese takes? I want a scotch, am I bet so amphibious we identified. She said Tom. What was at last always achieve stakes. Are we got laughs Rosa we one year, slabs arise, takes power raided and messages that the air, while he got the cheesacre said they were delicious to enhance thanks now, everyone Office in Jordan said like a meal Michael ribbons, your fingers warm she stakes because the successor to investigate societies.
Your. But as my pleasure, I thanks. The Zapruder forget: go to secure that calm, slash, bs, thanks to grin theft auto mine, where they die Casino resort, is now open the ones that destination for quality damn it and the high and living a range of experiences for our paths appears. There's gambling purchase a pen has become a vip member, can gain access to VIP lounges high lama tables in more experienced legs the diamond casino resort, the latest free a date to grant that thought. I might access free with every copy of grand theft, auto five available now at rockstar games, TAT, calm, call you ready for growth of thirty six. Yet, yes, what is it coming? I think only they now but I'll be by. Are they just gonna drop it and it's gonna be like a nuclear bomb in the video game industry have around the holiday season little dominate? This is games are running for seven years,
he was still get started. I will be back later in the week. Another pack ass, the two ways.
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