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HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Cousin Sal to discuss the Jets' first win of the season (over the Cowboys), the 49ers coasting over the Rams to 5-0, Steelers-Chargers, Texans-Chiefs, Seahawks-Browns, and more (2:05). Then they guess the NFL lines for Week 7 (42:03). Finally, Bill talks with Kyle about the Season 2 Finale of HBO's 'Succession' (1:16:40).

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we're not tied to the cause about weak six Anna found little baseball plasma, the tail end a minute talk. I succession season finale. So there you go, let's bring our friends it for ok. I feel like we start the package like this one year time to fire the flapper the cause is on the line right now, Cousin South Cowboys killed us. Today we lost money, you lost your pride, you lost your dignity, you might allow us to plan spot. How long can you go
coach, I thought: what do you want one years as he added ass through because some fourteen, I don't get rid of him for a long time. I don't know he ruined Jerry's birthday. Now he ruined Jerry's birthday, that's like a whole new wrinkled at all thing, but a blue this game? But I told you this morning: you text them you I like that, like the cabin Like him against the spread of my gaze, that guarantee not able to get up for this game, it's a sandwich game between the Packers and the Eagles next Sunday night, which may be, though, get up four, but not this one. I said the win, but they won't cover and then into either. I thought it looked like the most obvious tease of our time, which is why, through the Seahawks, ended as the three tamer as it turned out the church.
There's last as well. You argue it wasn't. The cowboys Akashi point has actually happy the charge both were, but we could have at least on the steelers by six enough, but I saw the cowboys the jets come out. Donalds back his spleen is now fine, he's baleen fasting, my spleen casting spleen tat. They knew it comes out the it's that looking bad bad yet, but then you blow it deep in their territory and then they get an anti terror. Touchdown alcinous. Fourteen the three near the fourth into I was amongst the worse with the press. Gotcha rollin laughed against a defence which has proven itself to be faster than the cowboys vertically so well, and then you have Zeke Elliot to his laughed who he's kind of running ahead of socio? It is both a decoy but the defence for shaded to his side. Anyway.
I didn't understand their point. I think they ve got a hundred fifty yards to their left to work out this option play, but does indeed those out abounds line. At some point, I feel like we ve seen more aggressiveness and forth. In short, the last may be three four years as advanced magics has crept into the week in kind of commits he's got to be more brazen it. It actually probably started before then, with River Bob ran December writing about Thou. As agreed yeah and as the as the decades got on, we ve seen more and more of it in the place like they're, getting worse. If you notice that yeah sure wait like what whatever happened to them, place where it's like everybody, it's a play, action to the left and then the tight end leaks to the other side right there used to be more cleverness. Now it's it's. These qb draws on the same side backs on, or people throwing off their back foot.
Like that play that you end up losing the game on the two point: conversion. Yet where you are very vanilla, even Mahomet, last Sunday night, there's no just a run up the middle on Forthem one like this. There there's no inventive and I didn't go, Furthermore, for the wonderful thing, more missed short checks. We feel goals are extra points. We sat together with three missed extra points by eleven thirty Pacific. This morning, sir, it makes sense, but yet I was brutal, watch Lavoisier cowboys and then for them that there was a good drive that was boarded and then, like you said, I get ninety two yard touchdown passed by Donald, like Heath, plain centre field. Airily really is it shouldn't be a pro anymore, for they shut him down the second half, though they they tell them to feel, go, and then it was Jason. Garrets turned around thinks. So what happens? you are, I think I you know just the place and I can't blame for the play, calling cuz you're, not even doing that. I don't know what he's doing anymore, but I have a feeling he has something to do with the time out. Sandwich
The you want to do with the minutes. Wanting laughed when you're inside the twenty and three time out is keep those three time out. So if you get a first down at the aid or the seven don't burn a time out their down it because you don't you want for you, Wanna shot convert, but you don't want it to be that you point: conversion mess kills you right. So you want all three time ass. We have two time out and forty seconds left or fifty seconds left done. So I don't know why I knew and house, and everyone can see that but Jason Garrard can't it was awful it. He didn't get crucified enough for during the game. There's fifty seconds if they just gonna. First down they're inside the ten there in the airline, their Danny the time out. First of all,
black is kind of his friend in a weird way, because you have you for plays left even if they go to the wind take their time and they run a fade route in the corner and that's your first time play the clock stops of like twenty five twenty six seconds. If you still up your time out, but your goal should be to try to score without burning any the three time out and of course they just take the time out Now it's like I now we have to score to partner for the face of the gay rights issues, but I don't understand how we go through this every year, men, these coaches, can't figure out how harnesses well that's. What's getting, to me, I'm you might say the fourth one call em, but yeah, just just a coaching and general just done the little minutiae of every game. We saw what Quinn today and in that then in Atlanta. What did he do? Why didn't he on side? Kick only add to time out than a minute left why not on side kicking gather
but I do know even tonight I thought like I'm, not I'm not. Second guessing I swear to God. I called these before they don't like even Collins words that Michael set it there was a kick it deep net. You given the charges, a chance on forth and one from the thirty five to go for it, not that America's rivers to intercept anyway, but it really does you might there on the wrong side of just the book just plain by the book most of the time, and then Friday kitchens was added again. There is another and we'll get tat. Can I read your next five games? Yeah At that somebody here a Sunday night or gets Philly, which is Borderline loser leaves town match, but it's not, but a kind of has thy vibe of whoever comes out of that one will have more momentum and at what happens either to Daniel add at the giants. Yet your home for Minnesota, the possibly resurgent a
but I'm not ready to say that yet then you go at the trade at New England and you're in a division. I'm sorry in a conference where there's just too many good teams or too many decent teams you have. I said the Niners are probably a playoff team at this point. There's six now six dollars: five in five and five and up to five and I'll be with their schedule. It's hard to imagine: I'm not going ten and six or eleven and five, I would say, even if they play five hundred, saints are five are firing, one packers or foreign one. I think only one play often comes at a revision downward there and you three and three the their three and three. Then you go Carolinas foreign to Minnesota's foreign to Chicago story into the trade is to one in one and the rams are free and three almost looking like this might not happen for them. The shared I gotta say
shocked near cowboys around were three no three weeks ago and now they're looking at well, maybe one or neither these teams make the play us. I think it's worse for the rams, because they are not in the division that might see to ten times ahead of them. Did we did? We underestimate how good girl was the attic? Maybe we did, I think we did in Havana. We talk about this year's girly he'd implanted in. That was one of the reasons we understand how much gaff relies on him right, yeah guess as as a runner, Anna Pass catcher yeah. Was right to kill gaff, but now, like TAT, you know in the last two games. That's hard on! Ok! What's going on in these games, that's tough to come away with zero WS into games. Nine on Georgia we had one intercepting at Seattle. Now is intercepting at Seattle. Now is controversial Diana reviewing and I was on the turf, but wasn't but but boy this was. This was a terrible
I will showing I wish. I didn't love shown Mcveigh as much as I do, because I feel like he's making me bad them and do you feel the same way like more and more every week I don't wanna during wars and worse, he heard be the case for not overreact into that game. They scored the first such down of seven. Nothing matters come back, they scored matters come down again. They get pick. They go all the way down and then, for once vague its aggressive third insured. I don't get it forth in short, Adena how they didn't get it then I'll get it and I was on the Golan and they would have an up forty seven and after that, the wheels just kind of came off. But I felt, like you know, even in the in the third quarter, they had. The ball is still seven seven, the wheels just kind of came off for them as big as the thing when alarm, but I do wonder what happens if they can score and go up. Forty seven on ECHO lamp right- and I just can't believe I blew it. I just
I believe that in go into that, unlike just like, we put our foot on that road- not let this team was coming off a short weak. They won Monday night, you now they may be haven't inflated record because they played and by the way they were out to tackle two of their starting off of tackling out at San Francisco. So really on paper doesn't add up at. Like you said it was closed, so I don't know why they were unable to pull away. I point there is a moment the weekend when it seemed like the Niners might throw it again there miss about TAT cuz. Then it's in my it. My now play Many I got well they're. Not can we have full strength? Maybe who knows but eight coming out of that man? the running attack, especially when their up they can really protect. These leads, which I, like you Jimmy seems. I kissed. Gonna have the one terrible throw game and he had and today that weird fade passed, they got the act, those awful, but for the most part it just
seems like they ve stolen the rams, Mojo Waterways and what were at war. We have our array of Spain and the reason that I like them, that I believed than them up until today was I was felt like thirty eight or Down seven or need to go into yards and four minutes I felt like their receivers could get open. And they let let's see what we were talking about? What time are Cooper, copyright of, but first and foremost like that that guy can't get separation three times a game thou, raise you might get three. They had a couple really really It plays. One was of what one was to copyright. Clare was more than two, but those guys there are other ways to jailed ever. Do is awesome. Lastly, but it Jesse might those guys blanketed all over the field, and I don't really know whether the secret service has just been uncovered with the Mcveigh off answer what's going on, but I am I I'm going to throw this EU during like this,
Sean MC the end that sham alot of NFL Falco Insipid right? Let's hear it, two thousand seventeen break out of the sea and eleven five kind of his six sets the coups this. Who is this audacious bill Baker. It's really bring and sent the new to the table that used to this then last year, another good one, thirteen in three season unbreakable by Were you just like our man he's for real. This is happening ladder rip offs people start trying. Rip off are thing for him. Now is three and three this year. This feels like science, the worm is turned people have figured out. His style now he's gotta just share MILAN. It took him forever to. And then he, finally, the last few years, was able to get his mojo backed by the league figure mouth.
I am worried. The league has figured out Mcveigh, which is a problem because he has fifteen different disciples. Coaching TB spread around the league. I do like I do, I might add, that maybe he's a maybe the sugar night Sham MILAN shift I was very, was all the rage back a memory. He was on chemical back and day and now, a couple of years later, you now he's been people in power once again. I want to touch him. You're gonna bet, this team emanates VIC, NED, late, Mcveigh, Applegarth thing has gotten so bad that I actually saw on Twitter. Somebody was talking about how much dead body it would cost of figures got rid of him after the year before an extension kicked out of my guide their. Let deftly not doing that now that I didn't do that,
but it is kind of I would argue, with the orphans bullet. Well, what about what I said like I know, they're playing from behind against hamper and Seattle was what it was, but he did have nine hundred yards pairs like wait. Philips could be blamed for some of these two. I always expect that defence score touchdown every three weeks or cope with five or six acts that hasn't happened either deep. So pretty good together they did play while they them blow it yeah. I was all gone, I guess if they their identity of the team that can always. Could play when they need, one which I don't just don't did their cannon I may be part of that is girly in how dangerous he was come now. The bag failed and catch balls and other stuff. He was gone through ten weeks after we were saying he was sparing the legs, and maybe they need Siege Anderson back things, we're ok with him to, whereas it can we get up,
Why is it that noble sorry if they call the pass interference in the super dumb, but I don't wanna make the saints excuses again as they blew there came a million times. Let you know that guy, if that place called correctly, and they don't make the Superbowl. Maybe this is all a surprising yeah. You know to me yet true, Mr Wynn, I just look at this team. I don't know it's like the charges deny to. I just don't expect them to go nine minute drives and get a feel, go or miss official going in all you. You just did you think you, their high power offices and maybe they're just maybe they're just now anymore? Will the charges camp lack, which is a problem that was bad and they win when we say they have no home filter vantage? Did you see the stuff and social from the game today? This is how to be the worst example that ever seen. Rather you ever hours, they weren't they
everywhere. There were no chargers, fans anywhere. We know the Steelers fans travel while they do a good job, but yeah I mean, like Michael said: it was. Eighty percent are out there look them whenever they should anyone. The crowd. Looked like more more stay or Spain, that's got infuriate them. What would be worse than being very thank with with thirty thousand damn shaken, although that broken. Imagine they worse damage had his kid there. Yet there will always be. There are other Pittsburgh. How are there this many Pittsburgh Steelers fans it away? I do have thirty thousand Stuart fancier they're, just waiting crawling out. I should add that locked out at the Heinz factory- and they do they just drove all the old one and above all you got people do you think, But now you are right that offensive loud bad may feel. Rivers could be used for his kids and would block better form. Today there is somebody shadow formalities future, outside the stadium limited like a right. I really
have been delayed. Getting in this man there's no way I can never figured NFL trades who can get shaded and he private. As wanting a trade, anyone is too many kids to leave Ella, but he's I wish I were just wish that it was like the NBA were guys were in play, as their season starts to fall apart in Algeria like full rivers on the bears would be really fun. I know it can happen, but. Pretty good. Now they should do it like, like Braun smack down there. They did a draft right I was wrong, we're after you take seven quarterbacks every three years and they're going to redraft them. They had a may my somewhere, where I taped that and we watched it, and it was very strange. Stephanie man came out just announced likes it six in a row, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to it. I like, when it's teams, as a team captain right that that's what we were saying to yeah some somehow rob Stone was in the fox. The fox group
I got a holistic he's really turned crazy. I love on the death, but when we we want the other night smack down. I was like ice. We saw that liner afterwards, I used it next stone cities embarrassing to sit next to you. I know you're kidding but yeah, it's crazy, but he put he actually Isabel if it, but I can't get at it well on fender. Today I got killed yet again, which gives me something in common with. The red the rest of my my weak but Cooper CUP, he was in their Byron. Pringle took a roll on him. Nothing happened: Malcolm Brown, zero amid a little daily fantasy slept, but that doesn't mean that people, canst thou, planting ads, you may in the trifecta offender. That does mean the winner can't fire to portray. Could be our official correspond offenders world fancy football championship, life on Us Gazette still happening all expenses paid for days were Debbie of F, F C events. Import Rico, including excuse,
beach after party with Harry, I know not Harriet the lab performance by ludicrous them. Go to find Oda com, slash ringer, to enter drafter weak. Seven fantasy came before the games kick off on Sunday, GAD I've. Lost my confidence I'll. Tell you what I did real quick on vandal, which do hundred thirty fifth, that of eight hundred thirty four good for ten dollars. Nice cha Elliot Mcclaren, Hooper, Broncos defence, all twenty portfolios day Jared gaff was Michael we are back at one point: one should when a thousand dollars for for placing so high regard golf as a quarter back. That's where you can play against me, sound the trafficked in the Ringer listener League on fanned, oh that's about. If you miss last weekend still could take on the top price vanderdyke com, sash ringer enter now that's aid. Ok, so you really want to talk about fine, the clapper
enjoy I'm not gonna. Just how many years are we gonna? Do that? I'd. Ask him about a jerry and he's like I'm not even close to talking about future that things like that in the future. So this I will say to his credit. Yeah. He hasn't lied about that. He's asked every single week. Using a losing weight for the last four or five years, and he says we're not thinking about it knows it seems like is not thinking about it. You should think about. I wish shall I wish we could go through all the old pack ass well For every conversation we had where we thought Garrett make it fired on Monday. That has to be at least six years upon us to this point. I know that the players are getting sick him until there's some me out their Jeff, about half of which is a clap actually of him looking too high for like four guys in a row and I'm just walk in my body. I saw the heavy heads he had his head his arms out, like years, China catch kids from a burning fingers yeah. He has never done it before Kyle
is really around this Jimmy G thing he's really starting to get focused on a path that are super bowl. His comrade after the latter's game as edge image, AEGIS, look great yeah. What other that guy look great guys were there this week for you because Funnymike, my fourteen year old, I asked him what Superbowl did you want? My pay? I need to give a choice for the apps and my patriots who is at San Francisco. We haven't seen Brady Breeze. We haven't seen Brady Rodgers. They don't care no wants to meet,
That's what I'm over the question. What are the quarterback? What are they know? What other you look great were their cause. I have three, I thought Russell Wilson yet again as he as it continues to put together his envy p campaign. There's a few of the Peking pains going on right now. There are twenty six, the browns earnest situation, especially with job who, I think has like relatively unstoppable, especially when they have a lead. You just think just read that did what's your twenty two six, you know early in the second quarter midway through second, it just feels like he should have thirty two Gary's right now now. That's that what happened? Actually there was a lot of bakers. Am laying ladder throwing in traffic. They had a pump flags bad pick. All the sudden Russell was issues. Climate he loses is tied in pretty early in the game. Desolate who you have in your fancy team, who I thought had really emerged as kind of his safety
like a guy in a lot of ways. He goes. Doesn't matter guys guide Brown has touched at the news of this back calf always seems to make a prior to lock. It has. On upper level. Carson was really good at Alison, the sudden this HANS away, I'm here, I'm, u talk talk in all orphans in those guys are good, but you know yet you right when you said Baker, why is he taking over the game there and then, after the disease, pose game interview like blaming the referees again you'd force Ford, they forced for turnovers, you two three and sanctions you led the league with eleven interceptions shut the hell up already, who want to hear it Europe, twenty two six at home, stop with him in the raft at a block on all these interceptions. One end in touch downward, earn a non touch
our there, like the fourth and once a joint arm, I got off ready to freight Landry, it seemed like you is in he. Fumbled gags gets it in the end the untouched down, but now because you can't events, a formal freddy, it takes five minutes for him to figure out. What's going on, I think even use the time and then, after its explained, he decides he's gonna challenge it anyway, so there of that they were there. Now it is the other car was it's that touchdown. Then and everybody Nature urban to eleven people for the fourth down I'll. Tell you, however, that this Friday Chechen sees terrible? Well, I don't. Even there is a real coach. I honestly don't know who is the coach? I think it's an experiment the NFL is playing games. I done a nice job teacher keeping a secret now another he's a real guy. Did you drink draw drive a fork left there, something they put him in
and I gave you the other day. I will give you all these superstar players. You'll have Landry your bakers, guys, shotgun and beer, and hockey games is gonna, be a lot of fun and unity of job. Iran will give you a nice defence, let's see what you could do and yeah just went to wear the hat and wear it where the big guy with a big windbreaker, and then, let's see if you can pass you off as a coach and it it's all falling apart. I don't believe it yeah I've seen through it cuz, I'm not sure. Another. You look great for me Carolina in general, but I'd also like their defence. It's an opportunistic defence yeah that when you throw Mccaffrey, they have a couple receivers who can make play Samuel had to touch sense. Yeah, and you know that I'm sure there's a who knows when came comes back
they're going to do the hall of the ship can't get his job back, but you know, if he's healthy, I think he's going to get his job back, but I think that teams good I had them. I think I had them eights going into this weekend, and I d I didn't bet on the London Gay, because I just have decided of joy. I just give up on the London game after last. Bears raiders of that I'm done without events in London that wages But I doubt whether make what with especially the book, years- and I know you like them- go an end of the season. Everything. What about our good bad team Netteke, that's perfect for good bad team. Tampa back is that it causes still pull talk to more upsets and then lose like for game that they should when somewhere and their right, but they make. Young quarterbacks look great. They really do yeah, they lead Kyle and they may look great. They Meda, Daniel Jones. You know we can put men benched again, furniture
Feeding right, I know, but who also that they play I came in. I had written down just wait till they have Collar Murray with. If they get to play him, they share these guineas through four seven hundred yards yeah. It's bizarre! It's bizarre! Would you won't? Let me just make sure I have all these. They played Jimmy G, thirty, one, seventeen Jimmy G, look at against giants or why they gave up forty tonne rams that doesn't I'll, do even teddy to gloves had thirty one against them. You know what they mean they get out, he's out under all young quarterbacks. If you're thinking like start new third string, testing them out, make sure your temper Baron your schedule coup at a temp antennae hey who cause who about the Marietta Fur Winston Trade straight up, who makes the car and who thinks about a longer interesting,
Now I think wind. I think I, like Winston more, although I'll say this, when a guy has four interceptions, I get really excited. I really get really excited for that fit. Pick like like the lower excited than if, like staff as forty seven points yet is about the shoe to three. With less than thirty seconds laughed or like my trout had for home runs. I get right. Maybe it's the satanic pardon me, but I love the five picks. Do you get excited Ford, orbits woods crazy with him? Is that the anti degree difficulty because he has to awesome receivers? You could argue as to the best receivers yeah and in some, how can it still can't through to the other Evans, did screw him over one time today he had along, he may or may not be a my fancy teams I may or may not have taken this person, but like a fifty Ard bomb and Evans kind of didn't, do that jump up and grab a thing in the Micro Irving, gonna kill them yeah. I like to have my curve and do the game there he was born. Pay was
Yes, M is goes on laid out for the long ones, but you, I think you are God. When on your team- and I d be the number one receiver VIII stays in healthy like fantasy. Why, so another at another. The great is the column thing is, granted he's get gets Atlantis defence and anybody could put thirty five points up against Atlanta bet he's doing when you consider he's a rookie quarterback and what were we grew up with a rookie quarterbacks, how nervous every room was team play them in their first season right first year coach, I don't know, I'm just impressed. I remember when drew Bledsoe his first year and he was the franchise and the patriots without they're gonna, Saint Louis, then of staying, and then we had drew an even even it would always fight like he was
Baby dear and ice that first Jerry when his last five and were so excited that look competent for five games is a rookie now and then Tyler's run around, but that Atlanta defence what else has tablet the queen? Is it because he can't be the first coach fire there? Can fire Medina? Who report go back there Kyle? I think he distanced himself from the feel today for office of rookie. There are really did I'm nervous favoured, go in and Daniel and I'm sorry, I know everybody was given him a pass. I go. It's only gravy what he does against the patriots like now. You know that if you can a feast on the bad seems like Tampa Bay. You take your lumps of the patriot. Didn't look that good he's further back G Menchu. They gave out thirty thousand moustaches in the two hundred and ten degree heat everyone looked like an idiot and then this guy you know that they can really score touchdown. So that was bad. I think it's collars to win right now.
Gee was bad jihad there inside the tent. He had the tide and open on third and gone, miss them and he basin. For us, we love Jacksonville, dimly. We loved them today, We did. I got to say, though, how many times that would the saints defense before we just realize that it's a good defense, they're sitting up there, it's dad's been don't break their guys playing all over the place. They don't give up. Big plays the Pope tweet, about the same so that help and the Israeli really like drew breeze. Could the area you know one take a month off. Maybe if you need six weeks, that's fine to we're gonna, be there in January, Any other things that really super duper impressed me never, who touchdowns against the cowboys and jaguars into into wins too often touchdown. Why? Yes, we should talk. I used in case c, because I think the homes at you know
that that there are no longer allowed to be in that. I have seen championship game right and it has to do with that that defence and the office of line can protect the mostly I mean we saw him through that touchdown passed a hill like, oh, my God, tiree killers back. This is going to be a mess. They're gonna score in the fifties, every game no problem, but then you looking like a boy well, I guess that could have been intercepted and any through another interception and not really run in the ball and their given up a lot of running rushing yardstick. What he D put Houston over Casey right now, with the win back to back losses at home for Casey. Yet I could defence give up thirty five. First out: that's that's a problem.
I think so without its probably stupid for us to say who's envy pay because there's ten games, but we can name now who's been the most fun poor in the leg through six games right and Sarah Roswell citizen. I think it's been Watson, I think Watson's Ben. You think, like the weak one game, the charges, It was really funny is fun last week against that land and then the chiefs, it's either him. Are you ready? It's probably Reza Wilson therein, the files, but Watson was really fun today and I loved the gone further forth and through I mean it was the right move that would have been like forty five yard field or something to to their up one or two. How many were they up there? At seven? It was thirty one thousand two hundred and forty five yeah
they could have gone for a field goal to ice the game, but if they miss it now they're giving the chiefs the ball back. You know on the on the forty great play Chiefs and the house, and really nice pipe and he's really get underway. We read about me a hundred and sixteen yards in the first or have they will see that again. Yet. I was aware that that was like an unofficial record people think that might have been a record yeah how I houses team gonna lose. This is nuts. I watched the entire at times shared as as watching the egg is asters, It was you that no going by the way, I don't know how you watch everything you watch asked me: did you see succession and not as a baseball? man I'm losing money on the charges, how we watch in succession. I now chemist succession can talk about a later. I Berman, I'm gonna, give you two names. You have to guess what they claim. He did
You might have sent me one of the clubs, but not I did. That was a different one night. I didn't you may mean shoe wreck you sneezing right, George Kiddo. What you think is that there was a teasing not in here it kills and bits. Now now George Bush and Papa Kiddo, What is that a Beverly obelisk reference I'd Unclear Piazza. This wasn't quite a nickname but Ricky seals Jones Carter pass in. He paused and said not seals and craft and rang Hark. Who is this cause? Could teach was out today? Re Clark was get at, there's no way rank like me, who sells Crawford of Gas, teachers like this model thing sounds good. Have manner by spleen, hurts the way.
You think I his they incur. Jamieson crowd was James in crowded well knowingly, I am proud of the first, so clubs well, is it men hasn't clam crowd are no Manhattan I claim crowded house you almost there, you ve thought about it for three by seconds you sorry Bomer. I let you down quickly. Am forty gaslights, the fan hatred scale. I was Jack down. Some numbers here was severe greed, the scale of what the ten, how much the fence hate their team right now. Will you think right, stance. How much do they hate the Rams right now when, at its head ten be nice,
Why do sometimes people go reverse? They say ones, the highest I'll say seven. I had seven and a half Nokia about the Eagles Well, they haven't really lost the now. It's gotta be lower, it's gotta be lower, but just because a divisions, kind of mess he saw say six. I went with three point now. I think that this fans are confident her dinner will play like that. I thought they were all on plus five side of now. There's there's no right answer the cowboys. I can only speak for myself. That's it's gotta, be an aid because of that schedule. You read after me and I knew that we needed to be six no or
and one day when I close to that, I had you down as a night, but aid is fine aids acceptable. Well, you know we have lost of own fourteen and twenty yourself, maybe maybe jumped up a little bit about the tamper Bay Bucks so at all those teams- that was the least the expectations were in a year or putting checks out five for that team, but I think there are five is probably good. These latter say when your team loses, when you wake up early for the further the London game on the West Coast and your team lose as yet. You have your actual cranky you're just are even old, like it was eight hours later so mad at the cab. I kept my streak alive of forgetting in the early early game was on. You do not going on you. I was sitting there like a dumb ass, Watchin Matthew, Berry's fancy show. I watched the beginning of the facts. Show that it like I'm shit there. I saw Jamieson trending and am I
What did he do something terrible get and then I actually he actually data just fortunately happening interceptions is unemployment do you want, for those of you want to save your marriage. Would ever man woman what every hour that just another Hanno thing right about this in my book, like I suggest like bedding First five endings of a baseball game. If you like to better on baseball just yeah, you could go to dinner later in the day via that Saturday, before a London game make sure your turned to the church. And I found that work and the volume is very low so that your one click away and you can watch waits everyone else up around you too great idea because fan hatred scouting think I land as attend Yeah, I think they are, I think, they're. The only ten right now right, I think they're fan base is just done from everything from the super boy, just just abject hatred of the team to sit
where he soon. You have missed opportunity. The windows thou closed now, at the start, thinking by the time, this foot around as Baron gonna be too old. All that stuff solid and I guess, unless you do, I mean to not, including the Dolphins and Bengal nodded and bears the others at this point. It's almost site there, tanking, ok and by bank. You too was then Flores foregoing for two, and bearing us the overtime. Oh, I had that. I was going to ask you if you thought they tank that I don't know I was just I looked at from that perspective, like he saving everybody from watching it any more of this terrible game. I think they sabotage them so well. He dropped the pass right. Even did you see the play therein? It was. It was like a running back screen, but there were no blockers. There were the three guys rate they're getting attack on their leg. I would say, with friend the play were: Kenyan Drake just gets a merely tackled. Guys I too ready break browns how hands on the first go to it. I have the brand
as an eight out of ten on the fan. Hatreds go because I dont think they can go higher than eight because they are to have so much self hatred for the last twenty years. Aid was like the max, and then the only when there was the chargers, but they don't have any and so I don't know what to do What we are referring to fill out, this ban hatred. They serve if they had advance if they had feared that they bear date what a messy team you know. I guess this Derwin James was better than everyone thought American thought it was good, but when he came back is that decamping Lufthansa? Let's take a break them we'll do guests on
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My listeners, get ten hours, I've the first seeking purchase, download the psyche gap and a promo code bs today, from a code bs ten hours off you first Seagate purchase seek life's an event. We have that gets four. We get to guess the lines I wanted to say something. I miss Ironside kicks yeah. Nobody can make him anywhere whenever they did with these rules. I guess to bake it safer. But now it's like you know the cowboys. Don't get the two point out so well. At least they have a chance to get. The answer. Cake is like they're not going to get this right. They have a better chance of getting hit by lightning Single one in a hundred chance there. So they can't stacked aside these be able to put ten on one side and then the kicker, and then it was just a free for all. Can't do that's gotta, be five five in the kicker right did. Did we get to vote on this? No, we didn't made, because if this had been held to an electorate vote. I would have voted no. I like on sidekicks lawyers. What I'll say about this.
Do you remember when you are writing a Jimmy come alive yeah and our body Daniel crazy with the budget and we had a free dinner every night yet and potatoes little game pack. It was Wolfgang Part right, but I thought that was about the same as a joke, but it was Wolfgang get really was, and we all we had a studio where we would all line up for dinner because we take laid them when tape like ninety five Anna and then the Wolfgang Porch went away and it was less and less and we complained and dug the Luke, a friend of ours who was lying predict. You know it's Rutten news to heed the being counter for us is how you know what Sunday gonna get peace, and then some day you gonna get nothing well someday. We got pizza and then weeks after we got nothing, it was cut out that's what we're gonna get the answer jack. We should maybe just be happy
five guys are allowed to line up because it's going to go away, they're going to try like one slash four and sixteen play, and that's going to be your on side chick. I really think it's moving towards that. I think you're right and you left at the Wolfgang Puck story, the funniest part of it was they change shafts from Wolfgang puck to somebody- he's good at our friend Tony was furious about it. He was like in Attica, Attica, Africa. Like really readier about who is so mad and within two months it was. You're gonna say a we're. Making jokes like this is Wolfgang schmuck authority was so bad This is terrible. I would say this to my dogs, guess what two months later his death it with the good I get a slice that will pay for ok, I guess the lines weak, seven, theirs
fantasy implications in the by weeks this week, like the box on a bye, there's couple ones that have allowed a fancy guys- and I know this because many of them are my team Box Brown, Steelers, Panthers, right, yeah, Panthers, Mccaffrey Chiefs are at Denver and Thursday night by were before. We start- and you talk about this all the time and bought a way that will not doing this underdogs or nine and three. Are you serious yet looking go on. Chiefs outbreak. Does your Broncos did you ever? Did you officially give up on the browser? Is the lack of clear your bag? Does tuned? Fourteen volta there you're fantasy defensive? Think what are we to catch? The chiefs
You got my home's hopping around to coming off two losses: the banged up- and I don't know if that's a nice spot. I have the chiefs favored by three and one slash: two: are you get this? I had this as well, it start a four and one slash two and went to three and a half. So Sunday is a key game. There some good games this week. God we decided this. Have you ever done the Bradley Job, Going very thing here because Danvers all of a sudden Prussia, pressuring the quarterback- this is big fan. Defenders is always never heard about. I'd find it was against Marianna and when was the last week that they be was there the chargers? Chechnya was a charge. The waiter was one of the two late afternoon said so.
I dont think equal fuss bright. Our present, not not rather shut, does not qualify for right. The judge is very weird: look number one or number two guy on their deep of Aimee Fanny Pack fancier had it takes them a couple weeks for their has figured out. Well, this is a fund. There is then again. Never they're, nice, jabbered, Thursday, NED Schedule, This'Ll be good I'll, be there lived this week, o you'd, be in Denver, we gave you I'll be in Denver area testing out the thin air, the safe its legitimate. I think it's legit. I don't think it is a myth. Gonna stay home Sunday Marquis. There are five possibilities, and this is just the one. I was the most excited about, Indianapolis at home against the Houston Texas, ABC South, on the line, the court's one of the few things I was right about the season it could be ending on Sunday.
Be feeling like? I was right about them. I've called by three. Are you killed me here? I want the wrong way. I got very excited about used and I said, use them by two. It's called by two, so you're close, I think TAT gets the three. Yeah, while they have the week off, you think let down for used in a mammoth cited as used in his do. You know emerge does like the only after south team that can went to games in a row, but maybe that goes away. This is a good one. Will learn a lot about both of these teams. This game preserves apply after they haven't played this year, so there this week and then they're playing in week in week, eleven so two times and next fireworks for this reason, I, like our surprise of word anyone on these two competing for the division comrade and I'm a little down on Jacksonville now bra because it cost me money. But I trust these two quarterbacks amongst Thou must have we Ajax.
A million dollar packs of his will. It was Jacksonville by one and a half, and then the land was at three by game time. That always makes me nervous. It's like our great the public spending Jacksonville that always work, separate, perfect, we're glad down game for New Orleans denuded name one anyway. My all reason for picking Jack's, though, was I didn't think the saints are going to be able to score and then end up with thirteen point so that right wasn't wrong issues. Jacksonville can do anything. Yet we said that sending into cowboys tuna got four whatcha balls. First, one is a fun one. Might that be his fine after bar nay, but for now it's fun in my head, because the two one in one lions are home taken. I hurt you like that cousins in the middle,
the Vikings rejuvenated defined digs rejuvenated your fantasy team this week, while he's the man I mean that has to happen that, for that often talked like it's nice, to see you and run around making great catches, but when those to connect, that's how you know the Viking. Your background. Why and more importantly, cousins actually was able to connect the past because he was but there is wide open twice and he actually caught him in straggly, let their mass in a secondary, Darby Maddox out fulfilling near you trouble, I have the lions favoured by two against Minnesota. We both called this wrong as of one and a half, and it's actually Minnesota favoured by one site than you in them, and closer Bookstore Minnesota favoured by one. So that's one of those if there, if the trade sucks tomorrow that can be administered by three printing, rarely next one speaking of a team that place tomorrow Green Bay, their home, I'm calling this right now. Don't let me
listen to at ease after I retired from gambling today, packers at home, against the raiders, the raiders are dying dying. The cost people more money there, like please put the packers in the tv, so we could screw you over. Who else can we call somebody? I have the packers by seven, and it is, it is in the teaser basket. We're gonna were now and I'll get it. I'm a basket. Take it out now we're both we're. Gonna share this at seven it six and a half Maybe we have to see to Morrow. I almost rather the backers lose two mile to select the Socrates right, maybe We should have a money under parlay basket yeah. Yes, I did I and three against the spread of Jesus. I just have very low self esteem. Again we read out at the bears. Raiders thing I'll never occur. From other, never get over. The ninety seven hour drive to knock my tease out unbelievable.
Ninety seven yards and like the three yards at a clever eggplant, I wanna do documentary about that game and is just about. May just one camera me like the Guy Fire Festival. Prozac has The guy your camera hung over the day that guy I just want to do that with one of the same dumb look as my faces. I talk about the men to severe drought. We should set a guy. Camel hung out because it may make people think that at the wheel has party I desolate This is yet another is true biscuit back. What's his he'll be back thanks? We agree. I think, sir. This is another tough one for job risky its bears at home against the New Orleans saints who have been taken out. Quarterbacks left in me
and now now our friend Mitch is in this. I have bears minus one and a half. I had three biggest hazard, three and a half. Again, another game for the mayors in need. I don't get that way. Then breeze isn't back right. When is he supposed to be back now? But why do? Why? Do they think the bears should be favored by three and one slash two, I don't get it. Coming off a bye New Orleans on the road. Again, that's the only thing I can think you could. I just say something as Tom Brady's staunchest defender that that he needs the fenders. Cuz he's won six super bowl rings and he's the best quarterback of all time. If Tom Brady got hurt and Teddy Bridgewater came in and won, four straight Games Everybody would be told it takes about it. Who would be the, however, my retirement, every non patriots, fab? Guess job out check our love
the ready, maybe system? who's that I guess it one tenant six. Would you guys mad mad castle that doing tat? He went forward pass for the cowboys ten and five. What was a way to make the class the biggest game here, that years sucked nobody seems terminal. As part of what we can. In fact, what we did was. We were We went eleven and five. They are easy schedule when he made the last. That's all you know. The page sheep were my castle nos ten and fibre eleven and thought I prefer to look at it as where five games worse than the year before I see we're minus five from the previous year, which is a pretty big drop off. Yes saying if Teddy Bridgewater, you saying the same thing, they should be more to say why these people should be shooting I'm breeze, because they do not Brady rating, maybe sure Fire Teddy Bridgewater comes in his foreign allies that our NATO
then other out by. That is that I want to praise Tom Brady AIR, but I'm not even in the least worried about it. By the way, a hundred to one odds that he scores to touchdowns. We should have been on that how's, our friend Daniel, that on that Brady runs for to touch you that unless we, you have heard me talk many many times about how much I love the Brady Kubi snake, it is my favorite play. Sports its unstoppable? It's the only sure thing. I have my life, it's the best you every time it works. I can remember the two times in the last twenty years ago stopped, and it was shocking and a lot of times, you don't try it on fort than one it's like. Where was up? What do I do that play? Do that won't hurt that we should look at that because of that
this can happen every week, but it was fifty to one that he called the first touchdown and a hundred to one that his course to I'll eat. Scored too. Since middle school, though, is the first time he ran for do, but the fun one hand should add the entire gamer just exchanging Sony, Michel tax for or against which, if we just don't get it We still get those signing. Michel it's been explained. There is a really good red thread about how, when he in the game. The reason I never throw it to him and they just run the ball straight- is because they're trying to jedi mind trick the other team It's a weather, definite running his ambit than that sets up the play action so he's like the sacrificial land for the play action. Basically right, it all sounds great, except he runs into the first sacra return so that less his mind to see hawks her home Against Lamar, then the raises the best game. I know you didn't right. It is, if you just want these together, but is the best one. So I thought about having this as the market game eating
should have been the marking, as is fun. What what are you you'd? I can take your eyes out these quarterbacks right. You know, I didn't put it and because I think the ravens are the good bad team at thy. Dallas was the good bad team it is bad you that even there's no good, I don't deserve the word good. Thank you, good. The Raven the good bad team against bad teams. They look great they great today. Lamar was awesome Let me add, a hundred and eleven rushing arms it in the first half in the first half it was crazy. Bangles return the kick and they didn't have a chance to win. This gave very turn the opening kick I have the Seahawks favoured by, for I had four, also its three and a half I just I know I'm going to go back on my word here. I just want to watch this. One can be found for foreign to against five and one.
I am when it when are the Niners, and when are we getting our seahawks, I'm genuinely excited for that one coming up. When is that? Is that soon hold on I'm looking at it? I'm on it all right? That's in four weeks, then, oh, they end the season against each other. That's fantastic right! That's right, may not mean anything. Maybe well! That's gonna! That's the best division! By far
but you have. The rams are now mediocre. You have Seattle in San Francisco at the top and you have the orphans of rookie year. Those can still couple games and Ford placement as red tape and this right now it is nine. Twenty six specific time the Yankee Game is still going on happening. Right now gets piastres. Let's just go, I can't even lives. It still tat our two days on base there, but it's not even when the Red Sox, barn in the playoffs, I feel like I have a team cuz. It's like whoever is playing the Yankees. I got genuinely care about the Yankees opponent and want them to do well and succeed. Do you have a SEC? I get to adopt this team for the week. I said yesterday
said listen, I know ruins busy with thy kids sports and liked planning on holiday staff, but we ve forgotten that the world's most important that we need to focus our attention on brooding hard against the Yankees existed. We don't want them around for another couple weeks right, while their fans yeah, did I mean you now look to the Boston. Feds are much better, but man when the Yankee fans had their chests puffed out. What's worse, what's I see? What's worse, you you hate both sides were whose worse, worse worse, when they're more up by their team boss, defends a Yankee events, Bosman, really over Yankee fence. Honestly, I really this is such a dumb glad. I can't it depends it the day really does Yankee fence at a party last date. Any Yankee Faint left me in the eye and said that he thought laboratories could cure cancer. If you wanted to rail, yeah he's right now, he's just gonna settle for being the best shortstop of our time, but in some
he's gonna look a cancer and it can cure it. That's happened thumbs barely while you know you, you know you align yourself with some lunatics you mentioned. One of em are ready on the show which one hand I just that Hanches one there's just so many. It really is like asking what what okay, what smells worse, horse, vomit or rabbit shit like I don't know, they're, both back you're, getting both away from me. The barely watch him as we have three rams at Atlanta man, this This seemed like such a fun games two months ago. There's no way you could better either these things now out of possible. I will say this: is the perfect elixir further struggling ribs offences? The attitude that the abominable landed defects- I have the rams favoured by two and a half in this. Once when I had. While we're
I'm at all these, it's three and one slash two by the way someone sent you and you got excited because it was a long email very, very long. Eight paragraph saying that I do the scoring wrong on guess the lines that I shouldn't be worth a point: each they should be worth a half a beat at each and I went off. As it. What does it matter if you one six games than I want for games and we tied sex you're, still gonna win I don't. I don't see how makes a difference. I need to explain to me: listen anytime, get an email about you, cheating amateur. The two of you love and I know it is annoying. That's all I could think about for the next hour that Lisbon, we may not a tutor. Danny dimes is against Kyler Mary. In that I e the you can argue that could a ban in the watch a boss, but I put in the barely read- I have giants by three, and I think this is a wonderful game. You get there
I said three and a half I gave it the other edge I thought Wes coming EAST might give it but you're right, I think, Murray's better, so that they knocked down the three. It's exactly three the thing with Murray and I think we have to watch out for Irma for this within the next two years, at least very dangerous, garbage time spread lustre, Kubi right down the cards. Getting thirteen and a half their down twenty in his scrambled around with a minute laughed against six defence backs is one of those guess carefully. I don't know why they could be three three and one day when this the right there, He didn't have anything in that. No Christian Kirk this week, David Johnson, was banged up almost in play, yet the other barely whatcha balls, and it's a shame because one seems and defeated is forty. Nine years I washed, and it's just I washed in it.
Can never be higher than barely watchful and no no sense of a trap here at all. Maybe where's companies, houses, team, Amigo you put in the cheetah, while I retired from Galaxy out every manager at the by nine and one slash two probably too low right on. I said eight I thought that was high. Now it's nine and one slash two exactly that goes up right, that'll go up to like eleven. I guess I don't know what to make of that Washington game. I guess they almost blew it. I was just stupid: let's, let's take one more brick forget to poop factor. Hey, let's face it, guys are terrible. Taking care of their house study shows seventy percent of guys experience. Erectile dysfunction don't get treated for it. That's bad the thing most people, don't as it is like a czech engine like for a man's body, it could be an indicator that there's something more serious
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the poor factors three deep this week. First, one is the bills at home against the dolphins. Do you see any scenario where the dolphins are in the perfect that the rest of the way as I now that have to be there? I forgot- I forgot the chair. I guess they go to touch on this. We got think they were out, scored. Eighty two, nothing in the second half games this year, the score I buffalo by twelve against dolphins. Ok, so I said thirteen and a half its sixteen and a half man now this is this. Cat was Jim Kelly ever fair by sixteen half overtake yeah he has been, but not since then for short for sure. Not since then, so the basic be five in one after next week. Yeah, that's good! That's gonna be the second best record. They have sages kiss your while crazy and they played my am again after this too.
Jags are at Cincinnati, not allowed to mention it out of Yankees just got out of a test. Now I feel bad cuz I may have we had Washington, you propose to to me cuz you put that pole up there right now, city- I can't get it. I wasn't gonna bet in the egg- is when I do about it, I ever better the anxious you proposed Washington, Yankees World Series, bad, I don't you know what the odds were. What were they? So the only reason I had that yesterday when I Texted you in the morning was, I didn't, think Frankie was going to come through. I don't trust him as a play Africa, so I thought the Yankees had a chance to steal game one, and it was heading with one hundred and fifty four washed in Houston and then why it was washed in the Yankees were one hundred and fifty wash
so his basely plus one twenty. So we did our now ahead, inviting Yankees I'd be more. I, like more than plus one fifty was it maybe, as plus the anchorage were minus the plus one fifty themselves to it. Paucity, twenty than yeah yeah yeah. I know I just hope I didn T talk yadda Yankees net. Now I could be your name. The time in your life. I bet in the egg is now I can't do it Jack's at bangles. Maybe this is the trap game. Jack's, I've, JAG minus three you're gonna get. It was three and a half and wanted three I went foreign have I was dominant, but how many dummies Cincinnati let down and fertile geometric Ganem around the body? What are we watching for without too many more dangles quietly and sex with weird as they could? They should have
in the sea off the first week. Yeah. The hottest steamer in football right now, I think you know I always say that- is that week, one game yeah that we look back, can rely? God? I was weird. I think that was the game. The sheer right now is it. They took it right through the Seahawks for the entire game. I guess titans. Forty, three browns thirteen is pretty weird retrospect, those another week. One game: oh, I forgot about the, whereas chargers, thirty called twenty four in overtime, So my word, the forty nine is thirty one box, seventeen that makes a lot more sense, now read and then raiders twenty four broncos. Sixteen felt like and upset back in the day, but I really anymore: what did the weight that without a team that ask about what it which won the Gaza last agreed,
Yeah that that was either bangles the finest score that one was twenty one when hundred and twenty yet and the synopsis is Seahawks hold off Dalton Bang was for twenty one: twenty. When I had him in a gigantic money, lying parlor, remember, hawks, I got so lucky. They might think they had like a hundred forty seven yards devolve answers and I was so impressed idle. I pick bangles the next week I forgave him bet on them in the Niners. I completely eviscerated. Every week after here last one chargers are at Tennessee probable, new quarterback for this one, for which do, I think, we're gonna get ten here, for this would be my get here. I have the charges by three in Tennessee. While I get this year, you should do my patter I've. Seventeen scribbles before I ended up
Peckham and its Tennessee minus one. I realized I made that gas before their chargers get killed today. Suddenly change allowed the articles Tennessee favoured against anybody who doesn't SEC is probably aggressive. Let's counties up the way I do it the right way to do it. Three: four: five, six and eight to one two: three.
Six seven eight, including ties its eighty, a great I'm an eminent include eyes, it's for amid these last two exactly for all four own. For that cowboys home with clapper against the Philadelphia egos. I think Dasso be favoured by tuna points. You now that here and that now there, but it open to an app and went down the two after the Sunday night game. For some reason I went three so your closer to common another. Don't get this one! I'm I'm three points off I'll. Take that much you're gonna, probably when the weak Monday night, the patriots of New England, going as the near jets at the path by eight and a half while our man
thirteen and its ten. Now I get it, you get it. We won the weeks islands and you go ahead for the year to read it to the two dies: cows right to worry about that game. Not I don't do it yourself about this one You want to stay away. I tell you one thing about that: Justin him a lot of guys all over the place were drafted in the first round. More were former first renders for another team or whatever they do have a lot of deeds. Guesses Gudge, while Adams is good and mostly banged up when he comes back. That's a funding events watch where his mail,
How does not worry you worries me, love. It then lose his team anymore. I was like three four years ago. Those thousand fun thing, but are you aware of this whole groundswell of pats finds out there who want them to bring in turn your brand back I'd? I can always soom why? Why cause you don't have a receiver they touchdowns. What's the big deal, the fairy, as the theory goes they're paying him anyway, that hit there's been no criminal. Anything and we need it. We are paying under paying in full. I looks like that yeah here they it guaranteed bonus. They can't get out of it. I have your own bad. When you say groundswell, you mean you want him back in trying to get out there for that, there's no grand so that in the seventh s now, yet this is not a gradual Rico on some back guy. If they took him,
Kyle that the biggest proto he would show your shoulders. That's all you do I'll say this. Kyle's forgiving met second chances because world people make mistakes they deserve. Second. Third. Fourth, seventeen chances and Kyle's world. They make a lot of mistakes. Cattle on him back what the hell do you meet him caused the greatest credit card that things are grateful. Yeas downgrade nice. Ozma Ben Visas will ass, that's for sure were awaiting its time. Preparing coroner fund,
The red car for your family super important need room for the kids. Aggressors sports has has to fear budget to folks a car max make it easy to find the right car. There were fifty thousand Carmack certified vehicles. Bilbo Carmack Stockholm check out three hundred three photos: ratings reviews, vehicle history, reports book a test, DR set up a trade and appraisal start your financing off the comfort foam, discover how easy carbine could be when he said, Carmax dot com Carmax the way it should be you. I you take the floor. So I'll start mine isn't particularly good, but if you can't you could relate to this, I think so. I think it's similar to I think you're like me in that look, professional wrestling love that now it come back around the love it again, but when we ve grown up, we loved it when it was piper when it was hogging when it was Snooker o before may be back.
Then Ricky Steamboat a little bit, and then everybody started to love. It speaking a groundswell- and I backed off a little that that by me out a little bit right, that we are the same way. Yet What like a band when aid record in a garage near here in a minute there on top forty radio in you a guy? That's enough! Now that's what happened with the wrestling well, so that's kind of what has happened. What my son, my middle son, my older, so mob wrestling when added hard for a few years, then my middle son, Jack loved that went out at heart still going telling off a little bit but liking it, and then youngest son really is into it now. Just over the last few months, he got an undertaker costume fruit, the wind it doesn't fit? It all were like constantly cutting things down to the right size, the wig and the shoes, and the hat and everything else
and now the middle son, who does not like my younger son at all, is now done with wrestling he's like screw it. I don't want even compete in wrestling stone because my little brother likes it okay, the problem is. We have, and I think you have you you might be the only one who has more of these wrestling figures. Yeah. I think we have like two hundred you might have like, like one thousand two hundred I don't know, but you know and that there is no shortage of rings. There's ladders there's all kinds of things, and so you could have matches. I used to use star wars figures when I was a kid, but they lay down restless everyone. Now I have like two hundred these miles. Ones playing with them the middle ones like no, no, no, those are mine. These are off limits. A little one comes crying into my bed. I'm trying to watch the London game at six hundred and thirty in the morning, for God, sakes, give me give me some room crying says his youngest is older. Brother says they're off limits as it now. That's ridiculous. Those and even hit those are his brothers did not even has
Life is, like you know, I'd just by new ones a market by no one's is two hundred of these. The re that one of the damage they caused between between fifteen and fifty dollars right, I'm not doing it, I'm getting pressure to buying the new ones, buying them. I'm not looking for anyone to send them to me. I just need. I just need some advice: I'm crazy not to buy new ones right, you'd. Only five hundred these things lane around four. I was at a resting vote with their son nine days ago, the Middle one anywhere. He brought a giant championship bout and rife with holding Rovers head and screaming for two hours. So now he's out a wrestling well, he's out of Iraq, has eaters and want to make the little one look cool. So if the little one like something he wanted to be deemed babyish right. So he's got a kind of away from what I know is that a weird spot here he rose. So it sounds a little hypocritical sure said again, I thought the best thing about having a third son. Was you just got to take all the shit you bought for the other
just give it in the third kid. Don't like anything like how it should be a perk for me. Yes, I go. It's almost like half half the cost real son, because you they just have the old ship from the other sense? Yes, right now. I need your wife to call my wife or tax there and say your dear acting foolish here. Keep the wrestlers don't buy anymore. That's all it sounds like this. Is a nice place for Jack your mental son to prove and show that he can be bigger met really didn't have any of you can't get at MAGIC Umbrella, Jack. You could. You could be the bigger man here gave a mere your figures. Now he's a big area that conversation now. What anyone who wants to quit himself and not let anyone have his figures, what if you bought the figures from jail? and then replaced that asset with another asset, then you're not buying more figures were.
That would have been a nice plan about another cowboys, teaser, ending the charges on the tv set. However else, how are we so bad? A gay bigger reorder yesterday Saturday, via my parent corner You know my son was on my part. Ass David egg is Nick Crosshair, I loved it and it was the first time I've ever seen. Him nervous guide: the egg is just got hit now that second and first to out top of the eleven math size the first time, I'd really ever seen him nervous, which was just shocking. The good news. I think we found that on a Wednesday. He recovered, and Mose Yom Kippur went to France asked night, who has one of our friends, may mean my wife's, who also has two daughters who
the younger daughter and better in the same class and a bunch of her friends were there they're, just a bunch of girls have been was in his glory cuz. He just had all these sixth grade girls that he could like to do this thing with, so my wife decides she wants to leave and Ben is like I'm staying, so he hey somebody asked me a ride home, so he stay now. There's tourism to us. They one is it's it's he's got all these six rigorous. The other one is. The dodger game is on the claim that clean Kasza disaster Ben decides to try all the Dodger fans in the living room and is telling people that Croatia is getting choke they this whole thing any day and he is like see. I told you he's trash he's doing the tacky eleven year old, barely know anything about sports thing and is actually
point gasoline into the fire. With these poor dodger too just easier enjoying the game after Yom Kippur, then all hell is broken. I know nothing about this. I went to a party last night that had multiple dad's her at the thing in all of them separately separately. Brought it up to be said. Is that you the senior son trolling everywhere at this Yom Kippur egg about the Dodgers said. I have to talk to them about about how that's that's cool the troll people as their going through just one must horrible sports experience. In the end, a ban as a red Sox fan Patriots Van. How are you gonna do it? You should pay someone else s eyes. You can't do that. It's a good point idea. I made at the gate I like Abraham, Slovenia Crawl, the daughter talked about, but the reality is that he's doing the.
He was doing the cackling thing before now: Zayigo Mega cursor. Does this other tyres poured a Catalan inside adorable as mortified sir that's, that's the pair quarter for this excellent in Denver. I'm gonna damper, yeah, there's an eye for bomb on the pre game show I will be in Denver, given my pick live, yeah. That's going to be fun in locking in on the king against him, and I got another free futures bet, four hundred and thirty to five hundred and thirty eastern on Fs1, and that's that in an clay Travis there still letting in my tv after the China thing wasn't he seemed to be thrown himself into the child, a thing the Abuja chided thank those crazy. You would have thought you would have thought he said that we know what happened he does that make the point it is there going to be a more expensive tweet? I that's a good one. Clay Travis is like sat at Yom Kippur Dodge again, though MBA China schedule
he does not have since the tone for the I take that sir, I think another Roseanne, tweet. I was marked by another more expensive Gmbh, interesting. I took the funniest. What is the is trumpet turned all his anger towards Steve Curve. For some reason, oh yeah he's just seem like an easy target, but he did the classic. Transferring whatever perceive curtain do any tweets, wizened trump attacking There are worrying right, exactly yeah that twelve thousand really delayed reaction. I was like four days before Trump Waitin YO out of it. I have a feeling he just didn't. You know. Sometimes you write a tweet, like eight, you decide not to send it. He manages who is waiting for the perfect one tromp you couldn't get it then, and I think that's what he does that he carefully thinks. I do. I think he's very, very, very careful the especially at social media
so this is a pleasure as always good job by a good job. I hereby before we go on to talk about succession really quick great season. I love this is in their ends with a yacht, so amazed yeah shiny yacht. Didn't they they must be rented out for, like two weeks seem like they were filming all the scenes on it. Yeah. I was wondering if there's a couple scenes where I was like, is that a basilica screen? fine Branco, exact leg is green screen. You have I Logan worthy just a couple. The shots, maybe I dunno, but that was deaf layer- was so shy. I can stop looking at the waves reflecting the boat, I was worried. They were going to be able to bring this season home. Cuz. Last that I thought the last episode was a little up and down, and I still don't understand the whole room, and then Turkey and whatever the hell is going on over here, but they brought it back and they were setting up the Big Kendall Double cross. And candle really really brought us, and I thought that was the best Kendall episode by them. You're not later totally
gamut of emotions. Yeah. I was told to try to watch them just eat each year off the ground. It was Sunday you'd, like the last two minutes like where are we you add a couple of things cause you like tat and then you like to Tom. Far back only provided for by receiving aid the chicken he ain't invitation Logan, but some sunglasses that instead of dad takes Chicken Morgan that was crazy. There two great scenes one when they are all around the table. Train throw each other under the binding nicety way yeah. Well, I wouldn't make sense for me because as loyal as you have been so you should really it then the prince. They were thanks thanks for mentioning that Kyle, but I really think that was. Again and then the whole. I that the whole eyeglass last twelve minutes I cannot go into sea low again here. Remind the cheek it just seemed like he was completely broke. Your dropping out was grey.
And then and then he could feel. I wonder if you teach lacquered double crossing because he's paves atonement. This is from where the original double cross. You thought and then he did the bachelor ending. We do the, but the ass. A kind of you, everything everyone ever in a guy above are but a drop by night? Ok, here we go he s, but I was MIKE. I guess maybe I'd watch it through more times, but I thought, Logan smile at the end, was a combo of I was kind of secretly hoping he was gonna. Do this at the killer, move that if yeah he is kind of chow to do it and then, but the shareholders had told them early in the early in the episode he three him anyway yeah, but he Obviously, just didn't want to do them self, but was hoping one of his kids are doing it and that's how it played out. I thought as a great season, I'm really good
The show I now twenty year. Jesus really wish Caesar. So short authorities not to be so sure it's a year. It's I'm gonna come back until late next summer. Who is the envy peace initiative? Gregg? Is he still? Five Gregg is still find he came from doing absolutely They not unlike myself. If he's never do some dirt and he got a good, it totally been much skewer. He was the VP look at UN level must improve, maybe most Pavia, every p- I don't maybe Tom. Could he ate the Chicken Tom was really I've always loved I actually thought candle was. Was the envy appear? This? Isn't he started off in the lowest by key he was all over the place and to bring it home in an authentic way. But you know there absurd when patients Oliver himself so drugs, then the next steps
it is fine and their cardiac at em around finding love there, but they brought it back so them by the last subsidies. We will ask that mean Roman the comedy of VP oh yeah. He had fifty four. Then, if you hadn't waiting for you, Are you in your own share artist in your shit? Here is the Coveney, VP and shave she was I I think she was all over the map and not always the best way this year becoming super amicable, yeah she's she she cannot turned in your dad.
In a lot of ways of her without any real success, just sort of like a gimme sort away, just totally ruthless, and that really like a ball, and what does she really ever accomplish with any of that? You got like fired as you quit and she's like not in on the family and she's. Just like four owner has been re us in the dead later and she's playing her husband, and he just gonna tell her you like caught a grocer everything you didn't, she gets house, you fell really bad, so I don't think that anything good we set about Ireland she's, not sure, She went to the dark side when she coerce the witness in a very gentle way right, but then it seems that there are signs of a human being. With time when Tom was like a b and led by the booty, say I'll be more unhappy, not always said I'd be the sadness. I'd be less sad. If I didn't have you than I feel when I have you have to pay the dagger
kind of identifiable, though revised somebody rarely been there. Yes, your way I'm sorry, either way this plays out, but I'd be less add without you, the one thing I know for sure I'm actually miserable right now. If member states are one thing I know for sure, so that was gay, really get seas, and I had the biggest this point for me- is our friend Tommy. He hoped that pusher the guy. Who does the windows? I was gonna end and I was the perfect one end with the habits of the thicket of hip hop for the ending, but am I give the show signed in April? but I give it a solid. I foresees ensure I'm down it was better than see someone yeah, I thought the first eight episode probably better than the last for whatever like that are the last three or whatever How many others are that it had a first seven were better than the last three, my biggest grape was the highly hunter carriage. I never thought they figured that out. It was she supposed to be sexy.
She maybe just sensitive conniving, maybe I'll just be sexual, but she wasn't sexy there. I didn't really. I never got a handle on ahead character. I didn't think she had the charisma. I never bought that you're smarter than everybody. I say I just would have liked to have seen I think it was mostly highly hunters five, where things are good access, but I just never got that character. The assuming they pointed out how Hunter and they punted on Roman in Turkey or whenever was gonna just was like some filler. They just kind of special. There had to be a way for that not to work out for them, but still women really! Mrs schreyer, I think they have. Figured out a way. One of my favorite things about tv shows like this is when they figure out the big setting the rats. Both in their revenue. This law is different season when ended, the Scottish, where they receive the two ends on a yacht, throws weddings, funerals trips where they can get the main groups,
these different settings, and they do it over and over and over again I mean the showed the daily the New York re raise an outsider, never Newark right after that are always in like everywhere else, but the Earl s candles like smoking cigarettes. Stealing a pack of batteries, you know really see New York anywhere near bad side outside of those big things you I think legs private, isn't CASA turned to film the shock that really is in. Rooms talking ray. I remained there renting mentions, and yet outside of those things, sectors in rooms, you could be anywhere the cause toy. They had the whole thing. And was the slide and the, if a thousand, that you would bring that about You ever had that are held out to help out how country I now that traffic Sappho helicopters, good shadow helicopter silica turn that my daughter soccer games three hours in the five are you happy about that? Congratulations on on succession season till we really enjoyed it in check out Chris Ryan and Jane Concepts
and they're doing their number on boys. The last episode will be on Youtube, increases ass. It could be breaking down the watches, I made. I want to watch a couple more times. I might do something on Tuesday as well, but thanks to the cause, thanks to the asterisk, they just beat. The egg is careless. Korea walk of over go Castro's. You got this thanks as uprooted and get good as a good, slash. Bs, what about the re whatcha balls, where I think we have data thieves common this week as a really fun one but we did Mister mom and we did rumour the Titans last week and then den of thieves. So that is all happen more pack ass this week. Until then, ways?
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