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The NBA’s Murky Future and Best Streaming TV/Movies With Ryen Russillo and Wesley Morris


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Ryen Russillo to discuss the looming start date for the 2020-21 NBA season, the possibility of rewriting the CBA, the upcoming NBA draft, and more (3:00). Then Bill talks with Wesley Morris of The New York Times about some new TV shows and movies, including Netflix’s ‘The Queen’s Gambit’; HBO’s ‘The Undoing,’ ‘On the Rocks’ starring Rashida Jones and Bill Murray, Aaron Sorkin’s ‘The Trial of the Chicago 7’; and Hulu’s horror-comedy ‘Bad Hair’ (1:10:00).

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and today with was more s neck at last for the next couple days on the Thursday pie, Casta Bedewed millionaire picks as well. as such, of election postscript by that time we should probably know who one so ago and by the way, put up a new we watch was unmended. Eight, the american president, did it with many Dobbins, then latent. The fifth anniversary that movie and its of ass in any real. I consider everything: that's happened, the last one If you listen listeners, overstay safe, I'm sending good vibes so go
let's bring in our friends from program right sellers here, take it ass. It is legally pacific time on Tuesday its election day. Obviously that is committing all the attention, but there This thing mba stuff going on in light of this timely. A lot of it is fluid alot of its emotion by the time you here this week, We even have some some things that have come out some things that have leaked whatever, but basically reseller it's hard to tell of the season. Danger or not. I have people telling me now. I know it's going to be fine they're going to work it out of other people, saying I don't know if the players understand woods actually
nine here, but the big conundrum is the owners as well. talk around this package for awhile want to start season in December twenty. Second, they wanna play their seventy or seventy two games. They want to get much of the season done as possible because they know they're, not gonna fans get to the playoffs, try to finish it by and the June early July at the latest, and keep that twenty one. we need to seize an intact, so they can get all there The new back and that's where they want in the prayers, have basically push back and said. This is too soon We can start to cease their fast. We had finals teams, you know playing in early October. That's crazy! We can't do this would have you know fit the game season. The owners like what we lose a shitload of money. If we did that, nominal at all other money. That said state first, but that is the conundrum and it looks like on Friday. They push this sea ba thing, four times and on Friday, is the new drop dead date to decide?
we do in this or not the owners Have a chance to invoke the force majeure clause, which would basically say because it, the panda, which was an unnatural event that we rode into this. The pandemic happened. We are now we're basically terminating the sea, Ba cause in trying to figure out a new financial agreement during this historic american world events that hasn't happened really four hundred years. So those the stakes We are you that the players don't understand. The gravity of this. Are the people representing the buyers. I should say I would even use or worried I'm convinced of it. I am convinced that they don't know, I think mean. I know it sounds verdict. but think about when you're, younger and you're like wait a minute. What's going on my paycheck and there's, unfortunately, I think a lot of There's, because if they hey, you know this is your slot. This is where you going make an
you see the headline and then once the taxes get taken out of it wants the asker gets taken out of it. Wants the agent takes his cut out of it, a lot of guys like I've, seen players. Are you going to last hour and I really make like now? We understand the math part of it, but this is so excessive specific to the escrow stuff, because may we could board ready to deadlock and stuff, but I just I don't oh that enough guys really understand, because my point threw out of all of this whether it goes back to the restart bill or whatever version of the season. It's gonna be. If the players don't wanna play if the players are cool Lou, all of this money, then why am I can argue with him right ragged if they I've set at the entire time that going back to last restart, I was way not all the players wanted to play, and we heard some people sayings of different things and Michel robbers get lost. oh wait. Maybe they don't wanna play and it comes back. The voters overwhelming players do want to play. Sometimes I worry about, like the voices were hearing representing truly foreign. Fifty Boswell players are just a couple. Guys are huge stars that bank, the town of money and that's another topic,
I want to get you a little bit later, but I'm I'm not where I'd convinced of it that I think it's actually very predictable that the players probably don't fully understand how bad this could get for their paycheck versa. They think they're supposed to make so I'm lay out are the math really quickly, and I think I could do no way that, if your listing right now, if you're in your car you're at the gym you're in your office, whatever I think I'll I'll be able to lay this out of weather people understand, as we near the seabed, clicked Barbie room. It's basically a fifty fifty split of all the revenue they may have caused. The players have caused the honors, so the two thousand eighteen nineteen season, the one before the pandemic. It was nine point two billion That was the revenue they split in half prayers, get four point: six last year dropped ten percent to eight point three billion. This is key for two reasons: one is eggs that had to be nine point: eight billion, almost ten billion, so instead of dropped, the eight point three billion.
it's a one point five billion dollars so that they just weren't. Expecting here's how that broke down there, estimated that China money this has been a multiple reports that the fiasco Darrow cost them at least two hundred million dollars they lost. It seems I between the last sixteen regular season games. Whatever the penny in the team plus the playoffs, they lost. Two hundred million in sponsorships, they sped onward two hundred million and the bubble and they lost two hundred million a gate receipts because of twenty set of the regular season, plus no play so one point: five billion dollar swing still so What's sustainable. Now they have to figure out all right. What's our cap this year, it's way less revenue. Does the cab drop there's ways to trick it where you can keep the cap art hey here's. The problem is next year. So, even if they do us indeed to game season, with no fans and seventy two, the key number, because that lack, in all the arrests and which, for
most teams, the rss feed lacking for the earth by seventy two gives there's couple times like the Lakers, no know that have like per game, basically It's almost like a card game by game they get paid for whatever gallows rate of seventy game numbers swatted know that it was specifically there's a couple or different couple, their different, so the extra twenty two games going from fifty to seventy two is worth five hundred million scenarios it into the pot there still losing with, though fans. Seventy two. it against whatever their losing four billion dollars and take a remnant so we're taking What should have their numbers should have been last year. No pandemic would have been nine point: eight billion it drops to eight point three billion, but now we're going into this. how many year we're at four billion coming out of the gate, so let's say we're starting at like I don't know five five and one slash two somewhere in there. You also have
a major job in season ticket renewals across the league, and they guard those numbers leg in Yvonne. You never know team by team what it is but think about it. Usually they do This is taken in euros in March April may they tie them to play off seats stuff like that or they try to sell. Go back in the summer. They try to get nobody's getting season tickets during a pandemic, so that hurts for two reasons: one it's guaranteed money serve reseller. Besides I'm getting Cooper Season tickets this year he pay. Is twelve grand in March. They put it in a account. They get the interest on it for seven months and then whatever goes that way, so you lose nine ten months interest on that. You also lose in stadiums sponsorships, cousin, no fence. You have all that When you gonna arena, you see the ads everywhere you lose all that you lose all the arena. Money from food merchandise drinks some of the other
on their arena sites. Yet everything so there's that so were now we're looking at somewhere four and a half billion total? but we're splitting there now and a half years. The other thing you may, the escrow fiascos actually easier to understand and size intimidating, as you think, it's basically, prayers are guaranteed between forty nine affect Europe, Senator coral basketball, related income? The NBA with ten percent of that because the goal is based. If we make so much money, you're not getting like more money you're getting. This is the cap right here. So we well, we'd out a little bit more at opinion, how he did, but then you're gonna get all your us grow back the end of the year. Yet discharge! Yes, yes by by has through the asker you than she goes through. The owners are saying hey about forty percent for this year, in the plaza like, because if you start doing, the Math and South Korea is a good example. As I think he makes forty.
is therefore, if that's out of forty percent in escrow and you're, probably not getting it he's making forties begged twenty five, and if your Pga Tucker. You aren't Megan eight anymore. You make it five and by the way, that's the number, especially in California, for Currie. It's like you're, almost half an hour The start taking money out of it and aid. Oh it, I've yeah, why it's almost like its twenty five percent of whatever the number says in your contract. It goes along the bottom line, while they get the younger guys like Sayer, some rookie Sayer, like Robert Waves in the south, Ex you're, making a two million here and now that One point three billion a year that say by Ricardo and Brookline you now, and you thought this is what I'm making I can afford their side. My financial guy said this. Does this back as well? If the Abuja invoked force majeure and said we're done.
Where were blown the sea be up? We can agree on this, and the owners are basically like whereat. The players are legal and where we were in the leg we pay for stuff or not do any more than that New C b. I could be anything of percentage rate, it could be fifty eight percent to the owners. Forty two percent suppliers. We could have a lock out, there's a lot of bad outcomes and Really here the attorneys get ready to get excited was so I really I've been so they could spread out. The asker losses so the prayers don't get crash frequencies and if you remember in the summer, two thousand sixteen when the cap's spite selected the rank on the workers and the feeling at the time was why didn't we kind dull this out over four years instead of in the cap jump thirty years into that? Sixteen it? Maybe it should jump ten million each year, and you know it just would have been air competitively. The players like fuck that gives us the downright away Michel Roberts, said fuck that ran. I dont think any the players
stood because John Wall, like you a lot of credit, she was agreement. What's goin on here, like ready, Jackson's making more than me, because he was up in the year that there was yet up- and I think of the players in there, It hey golden States can be able put Kevin Rant on the team right now. I don't think the players understood it. I think it was a simple as the owners offered it. The player said no way. What are you? doing. It was one of those deals, the k we want to be free. I screamed blackmail not which day You know that, while I was, it was a very typical player owner verses other Michel was at the head of it. What she thought it's time, I think I don't the declares understood. I really don't think the industry with the cap's bike was gonna, do what they definitely did understand the if you re too, that sixteen free aging you're holding a winning lottery ticket and that's what led to Mars Gough do all day absolutely Turner. on down the line, because right has no wonder. Was it a bad contract that you're just remember every time somebody that link Evan Turner was one of the worst deals,
seventy five million in every sector of the cap goes up and I get so mad about it on the radio show, because what we do in here just any time. Anybody as a deal now it's good because the crack went up, they put the fuck. Well, I I think at the time I was confused by a cause. I just that the cap at them it's it's gonna keep going. That was the end. It was a one time, but it was a way, I think that was it right they'll get anyone who have was anytime. I get mad about it. We'd have an analyse commando, it will write. The cap went up and look. I know I'm not the smartest guy in the room, but I know half went up and it was just as default thing. Where was I could do he's telling you about football ideas. Other Jimmy's Ngos, as you know, is that the extra those Jimmy's judge I got it. I got it, I got it for I had so they could spread out the ask our losses, which Is the opposite of how to use that word is two percent forty percent escrow withholding
Well, I'm just saying that at that is something that was in the papers the other day. I don't know what that number that Ireland right ago. She put. It is weird because eventually, like this bill becomes, do it's very fitting right now we talk about different stimulus. It is almost doubling the owners would have to artificially keep the cap up so that it is not this ridiculous I again or in others they cut to navigate our stuff and then to sail cable escrow hey by the way, even though you really getting thirty percent forty percent withheld it's only to be ten percent per year, but we're gonna carried out over three years, but as they will, what about the plan who's out of a league in two years, like there's a lot of parts that where it has to feel like its artificially propped up in that bill will come do at some point right year. Basically, it's like alone shark in some seed, you're ear kind of leg. A just. Can you run the you're like worm on the Chesterfield right? Hey? Can I take this six in just gimme that percent action over the other week, so they could spread out the Asker losses and try to
often it so that a one year, disaster day, this is ban, reported a multiple places too you start relaxing rules on certain things right like hard alcohol sponsors. They vote has been really careful about that. Maybe you let that happen. maybe you get casinos above a different teams? You movements, Instead, you make me, you go the whole way in your deal Adam and Eve Sex toys, inaccurate right! Who knows you just like your grab and revenue from wherever you can? You could do a plan, tournament see do the seventy or seventy two games. The plan tournaments been united everyone agrees- is success. Maybe you add six to ten more playing games that you could then sell as a package for another hundred million adena. But here's the big thing: let's do the math again, The owners are around four and a half to five billion. It looks like somewhere between foreign five would say they are expecting. Probably ten ten billion in revenue in a perfect world
nothing's going run on top of it. You have. Some of these owners got kind of crashed. the pandemic cause the businesses they had leg like four Tita on the rackets there's derelict a man. Can you let me out of my contract, and I won't tell you why is like cool good luck there, as in February, later you have you to claim an assistant, think about her again, there is a God has been assistant here that you have some owners who, got killed in the pandemic. You have other owners who were small market teams who relied on the Rev share, oh and relied on the Lakers and the warriors and all these teams that were over the tax, then they get a cut of that Evans could be terrified to go against the tax even unless you're like the warriors are fairly like your real work or bomber. For the most part, there's been a tax money. She gonna make up that four and a half billion expansion.
That's not true love, I'd love to do alive, Ringer show for the expansion draft or have Kayo see right up. The Ford and thirty players should be protected. Why? Why do we need expansion? Here's let em relate affray, just because the what's a cash is hockey try to do that and it didn't work, and all I heard about was o hockey a new market southern markets, all its up. I used in the the movement of populations around the United States, their cities that probably more deserving- and that's probably here- answer to this, but I do know, I'm always very anti expansion, but I can remain a owner or yeah. I'm an owner. I get a huge check out of its awesome, wet saying that the names I heard and I keep hearing are seen authority. Seattle, vague as Hartford is that had tat, followed at her now offered and make it near do Haven, Hartford Wester that government Seattle, Vegas Shell, Vegas, ok,
They Seattle, tuna billion bomber, paid one point eight for the quips and was buying a little low consent what happened, the Whig Seattle. What's that you're, a rich dude and we've always said Seattle should be like one of the top six markets, cuz of all the tech. That's there. You can basically recreate what golden state has in San Francisco in the Bay area. In Seattle, so if they see out for two and a half, what's a Vegas for to have now got another four point: five that now replace them the thirty owners, they cut it. Fifty million message. Now I can survive this year and then going forward. We figured twenty one, twenty two things back and yeah I'm giving up my tv made all night digital share is now one hundred and thirty two. Instead of one hundred and thirty one 30th, one hundred and thirty, two
They? Can you really know this they're getting a bit his long term influx of captain? I just push back on this right now who yeah fuck is paying two point: five billion for a franchise, the middle of a pandemic. When the king of France, you figure it's not starting ferry. year. This is your chance to get in the NBA. This is aware that the franchises weren't available for a while, I would say to what say, what's a tube, let's eat Million for Seattle, one point: six four Vegas, you dont think two people would do that. I one hundred they bigger, especially in Seattle,. You think they are. Those that are like com yet to Seattle deserves Tina. There's no debate to any of that of I'm never understood the perspective eggs and then everybody just follows everybody else like crazy. That area primarily to stay there stadium, you just you write in, I just would wonder I'm the kind of guy that have cash and knew enough people to put together go ahead by when it seems like we vote, Minnesota's foresail now for a while, as people are circle in that I dont over. The long term thing is with the public
since they may stay there for a while, but Irving ownership groups like through four different groups, trend circle around that deal. Ah, I think deteriorate did traits in the mix Yes, I ve not arise even though that guy's a shitload of money, I would say that the least viable franchise anyway, right now they they don't have like a young, whatever they theirs his junior out on way like that. Look at our download thickest faced the franchise. They don't even have a top three pack, Blake Sir, and if you just say what's the worst roster with the shakiest fan, support combo, I would say to trade: Yeah, no argument that one, but I would, but you know I wait a minute I mentioned put Charlotte ahead of them only because, if you're looking at Lisbon, Detroit right, it still probably better than what the Charlotte Hornets are, Charlotte is a unique situation, because Jordan bought that franchise, basically for like five bucks in it, yeah for packet, backup
I gave her might the deal that I'm the only one here and so and he's here. about his legacy. There he's not gonna, move them and he's not gonna sell the team. He level you know he's his verses. There only black honour right now, and I think he has real sick, against behind the scenes down. I just don't see them moving, I would say Violence has Gale Benson, obviously, but you know they ve invested in that it's has been invested in em. They they ve invested in it GM. They spent money on a coach spent money on free agents last strata, I dont- think they'd necessarily operated as a small markets in, but I think there's they're inside another, to me is Phoenix intervening. he's gonna, have a big check come in another one. That's really struggled from attendance in season tickets last couple years, and it is when we talk about what our teams I could make a splashed me, that's a team that could potentially make a splash just because I don't think finance
lay the team is generally damage. Revenue yeah when they're right look at Phoenix as Warmer Detroit, though, because when it's right, it's a pretty great fan base in, so that I don't just don't think even home with you the excitement of the roster, although there is funny can't going up this more more teams, just kick in the tires and bleak written, but the contract is in such a position that any good team Tirana Adam is like it and we're gonna start browser redress. That was like hey. We actually like Blake Click meeting on it's gone, so bad for Blake Roof, and now that everybody's azured, like it's horrible, to have money team. This is not true, it just a challenging trade and, of course, the health part of it. But I think if you're gonna mentioned a true, to be fair, that fan base that has a much better track record than Charlotte, although if you wanna go way back to like Larry Johnson, so those attendants numbers for that Charlotte franchise were were just destroyed. Everybody else. I think I remember them being like north of twenty one thousand for those games, but when you're bad product stuff, my point- and I think it's a good one on the expansion- thinks a vicious circle back to it. Before we get to derail
Is that app, I'm the kind of guy that has access to that kind of cash? It's always wanted one of these franchises. I don't know that I want to cut you a check in, even if it say you don't own the team until everything is normal, but she feels like a huge assumption right now. If we're at. I wonder how many of these teams could become available. I think we can have a time or more teams become available in a very short window that we've had in a very long time coming out of the pandemic. He's the flip side to that you see these back said a ban being put together right where people are putting together all kinds of assessments they raise, like forge a million five hundred million, with the intend to either by small properties are buys pieces. Sports things And that's one thing that I think at least Ba has changed our opinion before we just could it could somebody minorities, stakes of multiple times in the past no way, and now If China relax the rule and that technically you and I could form- is back and we get by
minority interest in you know there is tense and the nuggets or whatever it is, so they're relaxing rules and that the thing with the sparks, though, is the rule. they're kind of place for people to put together a bunch of money, and you kid you could basically laughter. Majority shares of teams or even minority shares a team for a cash influx. I think I think this stuff, like the Wild West right now, and if the NBA was egg yet on Vegas are on the table. We want to get to this number who's interested I think it would get exciting and interesting, and I think it's conceivable because again this is the where there are points that might they could do apply, internment they could do. alcohol, its you're, not getting close to replacing foreign half billion dollars. Use not ya mean that this the Jack Daniels Sex swing parlay the week without read that Senate's
fight, they may go hard: alcohol, gambling, casinos, ok, I but you're right bill. That number- and I think it's illegal bringing up to of Michel Roberts? I'm I'm resisting some of the numbers that you just flooding with We were in need of the abyss, his aid in numbers or the numbers, and this is what it is, and this is a partnership the way, the inoffensive partnership. The way baseball is not a partnership with ownership and players, but. I'm always going to push back on I'm going to go if you find, but then the counter to that, if I'm in the ownership side of okay, we'll look whatever we can argue by decimal point or here are there, do you think we're actually making some money? They were not losing billions because early down ten percent based on last year's projection. So yet the to go back to the beginning, poor I'll ask you: do you think the players? I did. We agree. They may not fully understand all this stuff cuz, I'm not sure that I am fully understanding of all of it. Although you did a great job of laying it allow. Unlike ninety percent here Yoke,
it's got their size and precise like it's like, so if they get expansion fees, I dont think they have to share that with the prayers, which is another fun wrinkled to this, could I go just absolute anarchist, yet oh Roberts negotiating style, if you are in the room, could you say hey when you make a profit selling these teams? We don't see any of it so right. Why should you own the team, so you have to do the operating losses now that goes completely against what the entire CBS built on, because again back that partnership, a fifty fifty split member used to be fifty seven percent for players, and it's gotten whittled away every single time they were the bargaining table. I I dont know if the I understand the math. I think the players concerned, Having heard enough from them, I dont know that they understand the magnitude force majeure here and what this New Sea Ba would look like, because I think the owners would really go for it that, because I think there is a bit of resentment that it feels like the players is gonna took them.
over with everything going on this year and we know how owners work and I could see those get in a room, saying: ok, fine! They want blow this up. I don't wanna start December. Okay! Well, good luck enjoying this new CBS, because we can play the longer game and you or good luck, not having a season and we'll just taken. Some will write off a bunch of firm insurance and will bring the pandemic. I don't know how much like France is the british open not the british Open, the Wimbledon. When the baby what's happening? One of them was a cool when, within cancer this year, in their cached, a giant insurance jacket was like a hundred twenty million or whatever was because there they had made the arrangements. I dont know The NBA has the fight that, but I do know like they're, not play the season if the numbers are completely unfavourable, where it's like everybody's losing on the other side, there just happened to do it Have you ever their owners that don't want to play this year, I'll be
that question right after the break, let's take a break. The talk about soldiers morning set time for the rest of your day, and so does your first cup of coffee. So it's important have coffee, that's up to the task. Folders after so many varieties, whether you're looking for a smooth or rich cup. Coffee forgers has a roast. That will surprise you with delicious favour. You ve heard we talk about this on my back ass for the highlight of my day is my first giant cup of coffee in the morning. It's really all that, however, that I love making it I love bake. It shares the perfect temperature, half an hour fan we're a bit of sugar and it just gets me going it's like my fuel for the day. I love it folders.
available in a range of varieties, including dark, roast like black silk- and you are also this- is important- it's available in K Cup for Keurig. If you have a keurig, I don't know what to tell you. The best part of waking up is full it's in your cup. I reseller asked me if I heard their owners that did not want to play. I heard that yet, but I do under four headed toward You know like remember in the past when they had black ass, she would have little cluster of would develop fight, endeavoured thanks right again in when the whole lacquer things happened. Two thousand eleven. There was a small market side that is basically like. We have have revenue sharing, I'm in Oklahoma City. I can't compete with these like regard. The irony is that clear benefits ok
Oklahoma City, I can't compute the Lakers, that's where you were in Seattle, where you know what it's like the eight biggest city in America. Maybe you should stay there, you moron, but they were doing that whole thing. the cluster there, then you had the though the big market No like wait a second, why it Why do I have to share? You know I paid more for my team. Why do I have to share prophets of these guys and silver and stern get out at a massage it and make a coup, I don't know what happens this time if there's, like fear, foreigners, like weight. So I'm my teams that can make the playoffs with that would say it's a guy who who has no chance of making a point of Psych Cleveland. Take take your pick at the bottom tat YE had taken out of the greek Italian about these. This, let's say Cleveland, let's say dank overt says I'm not making the playoffs, and I have no fans- get crush this year, also out of pink ever love. Third, when will it here have other things like I, you know I e. If
don't have the season is here and I can write some stuff off awesome Samia for that, a key I'd have some is that I have not heard the I've. U ya think you, like, I always hear I didn't when baseball when they wanted restart me. Baseball's I can You ve only ship allow some of this stuff to happen in baseball when you have opening day rosters for the Cubs in two thousand nineteen at north, a two hundred and ten million, and then the razor paying fifty million like how are you even doing the same thing like how? How do you guys get to the cuz? You know all that revenue sharing it makes me think like I should have bought the rates fifteen years ago. I should have figured to do it bill agreement, all the other owners, the luxury tax there get his pay for my bills: cool Gimme, a team. I've heard there, some I've I've heard there, some ideas. It has more to do with the long term wanted to restructure what the sea looks like, because I do they won't theirs there is, I think, there's just resentment that it's like week. Where are we? right now. What do you guys do not want to play? They have you,
wanna play than fine. We won't play and then we'll see what it looks like. We all come back, and I do I'm going ask you with this way it maybe it's fair or maybe it's unfair, but I feel like the more recent culture of NBA players. been a culture of not really want to play games. We ve emphasised so much. your season. We had all load management staff, the resting thing in the NBA stepping in saying hey, you guys, mine, not sitting all of your best players on the third night Anti Games or the Saturday night. Yes, being gay, took a body preservation right I mean it would just so, but it was also really bat like it. It was bad for your partner There are plenty games you go in there, but why did you play the Friday game in Minnesota? There was on a regional network and then the Saturday primetime you couldn't get it was in the back to back, like do a better job being a better business partner, and I know that the players care his approach, like with whatever I've sign for twenty five million. I get my check I dont care. So when I go away, I now on that side, though the flip side of it I think the owners did a bad job of, making it easier on the prayers. Just there
figures of the travel schedule, and I think they really learn something from the bubble and that something over and over again, I'm sure you have to whatever version of the season we have there completely in their strategy. Would travel the Lakers GO to Denver. And their at Denver two times during the season there playing both of those guys in Denver when they're they're Del play their Friday Saturday Sunday morning, whatever it is, they're not gonna go back twice and I think they're going to condense things like that. So if you don't I don't know any Rogaine Jude Avenues, seventy two game seas and make its thirty six, but I don't know how many times you play. I guess you play one and a half times in Europe, France, one time and the other conference. I think they would make it so that lead as as little trips as possible. Basically, Your days its thirty six trips, now maybe it's twenty eight twenty seven, something that I put there's also link.
Whatever their words competitive. Where you go to serve you play Denver, you plan that we can in any, never see him again, the rest, the regular season, and here in the West, like that, seems weird. Like I love the other areas. That is like good say. That's the weak, Le Bron pulled this calf exactly and you have to play at them, Friday, sundayed no liberality their game. That's that's why they haven't done it that way, but I think you're gonna say bout. it's your losing either way so what's lose this in the players, over again the feedback they got were from the guys in them Oh, is that the no travel really helped us we'll know hand, but it's not happening report really helped by as it does with the two. Does it too big take away from the bubble, but this is the biggest point to make in this entire thing. Until we get to some of the issues of stuff. Is I'd like to hear from more players because the league is become la bronze voice,
then as much as I've gotten trouble this before I'm gonna do it again, and that is that I think people can be inherently selfish about a lot of decisions. They may not seeing every single decision you make a selfish, but when it comes to work. I don't care who you are or were you job is you're gonna find a way to complain about it and when you're superstar, you can't be almost like complaining about it, a little bit more, so full Braun. Yes, this is an incredibly quick turn around. He just won a title weeks ago. He made. You know, I don't know if it's over a billion dollars total with everything all calculated and to job back in your Christmas, for him feel ridiculous hearing that, in the end, the shop on Friday, the sand like disdain, agree. mention a ringer pike as that he thought the brow would take the first month of ethical bomber ass, the brought about The browser you just have a pretty Davis, carry us for that first month and come back.
That is, if I would be scared allows him to do that physically at age heading into my age, thirty six season was seventeen years to do another. dance season, when I'm trying to extend as much as I can. I I m in a push back on then he said, I think the reason we haven't heard the prayers bs vocal about this is, I think they had to get through. The alike and I think, a lot of them reason their capital socially and in a whole bunch. Otherwise the pushed the boat negative things I'd that I think when we get the Thursday as you get to twenty four hours away from this is could be a forest. Your situation. I think that's on the prayers. That's all I want to do this package now, because over these next three days. I think so, she's, gonna change and we're, gonna, hear voices and we're gonna hear arguments you asked about you know what owners have come out said: fuck does, let's do it. I think will probably here who a couple. Those guys are by like Thursday right.
Well. The ownership is tough they'll, because any time you speak out, unlike anything CBS related you get fine. I mean you just get absolutely hammered for it's. I don't know how vocal at What has it done, a really good job being alive, but your bag did the right thing. Yeah put back back a little abroad. As I understand the bronze concerns for Leubronn, but there's hundreds of players have played since March have played a game since March. There are hundreds of players debtor mid to lower class on the VA pay scale that are still worried about all the different people are supporting and we can get on their case for like living beyond, but whatever like you're a millionaire, you buy a nice house, you probably have mortgage Mitya word about all this stop if you're taking care some other people in your family, and I understand with every what's going on with the election it being the priority, but I'm still surprised at it's not like. You can only talk about the election.
you're a public figure, you can certainly mention some of these other things and it feels like everybody, looks at Lebron and goes man. That's a really quick to write. It is for Lebron and Jared Dudley who we love. Who came on this podcast was incredibles, two hey don't get mad if they start this and we start sitting out the game. Okay, but that's you guys who just went on this run more than half the league hasn't played since March. I would imagine what do the same thing of the restart boat browser You guys are going to come back and play. Oh, wait was like four hundred players go to the comeback to play. Okay, where are all of these guys, because that you would think is the more important part of it? But, as we know history with this lie, better. Go back to the nineties. Where was David Falk in those superstars? Maybe the superstars should always
maybe it should only be Lebruns Voice. I guess it just really surprised, because if I were a decent player make in less than ten million whose on a team that sucked I'd be like look, we want a savage twenty one. Twenty two. I want to figure this out. I want to come back and play basketball on site. I'm sorry! If some of the teams it when deepen the plants are gonna be tired in December January, I guess I don't think I would add to that is all this is happening so fast like even I was having trouble processing it. So the last forty eight hours- and I did like a big yeah talk- this people did a big deep dive this morning. Just like China understand all the facts. I think this is the weak when people are gonna really start to put that the jigsaw puzzle together can think of like two weeks ago was when we started talking about on this back as actually about hey. They might come back on Christmas and now they're just been trying to figure out how to do that. I think we're headed toward a stalemate and somebody's gonna
give and I dont know how plays out a really down. I'm I'm concerned, and I think there is a chance you know I don't think of. The game sees it makes sense for the owners. Has now you're losing even more money and I'm not saying I'm reading against that. I'm just saying at some point: there is there's you remove financial incentive to buy the season for the people that on the franchises and that's the part that concerns me. If I don't want to lose a basque buses, they anybody'd us if the players, if, if the majority the players, that hey we're cool losing money. We just want the extra rest. We want to play the fifty games, which anything anything that happens. Your bill. We both understand, has to allow the following season: a lineup right. What as the end of the season and how bad the ratings were. But again we had play off games in October, Goin up against any felt Andy. So it's not a shock that similar NBA rings were terrible and they definitely want to do that again and the election did not be the right, but the election
we pollyanna realizing average politics in general in destroying daytime cable and sports for years now I gotta go, back at ESPN. I remember: look at it. Of our dailies and was even like I was a simulcast show, but we expected a certain number and after a while MIKE what what is going on with our tv number and you'd have executives go. Look at all the ESPN. Any sb into line shows here in our midday feel like crushed we're getting crushed because the God it's an office where it take woman come back and do some okay so draft, we thank you is a couple weeks away or not to issue a Thursday. We think and I share with you what I do and I share the package we share with you today share with everyone that you're like that, deserves a couple teams,
that I've been talking to and they were. The draft is gonna get pushed back, which now most people think it's be, the eighteenth I'll be fine, but one one team was like. If this draft does get pushed back with a way Tyrell Terry's be talked about, Seven certain he'll, be the top five by an absolute majority is tat. They were, they were single handedly, you're the longer it goes before the draft happens. The way you've been talking about Terry, you have him as a top five pick in a couple months ago. I should have talked about how terrible I thought he was so excited for seeing had that kind of power we said no, but Yeah I mean we have. We have top three. Of Minnesota, then golden State and then Charlotte. Nobody knows who number and pictures The mellow seems like this artificial stock that she's being propped up by a couple people that now everybody's kind of do running the finances and be like wait. A second, I thought you said this generated night, billion revenue a year. I'm seeing that its minus ninety billion, I it seems like he has a chance to
fall out of there. Would you would you hearing about this. I'm just trying to net what was it was Sopranos Ruben I told you to push, would bear sticks. I think some team straight up thinking sucks yeah. I mean it's not think, I mean I've, I've heard it, and I was like look, I don't know I don't know how anybody watches historians that, because I I this this is great. Ah, if he has a lower floor them, will realize now. If you're gonna sit there in a room and say hey six, eight, you can really see the floor. We can fix a shot in this draft. Are you know, like all listen I'll? Listen, I don't wanna put a ton of stock and I don't want Australia like to single handedly like convince me that he sucks, but some team are our looking at it in a just. You know the more time you get with it. The waves explain to me the other day was well you're stock. Analogies, perfect legal he's been Putney
scenarios to just take a million shots and have massive production, and you just not great at play. Basketball right now is for understanding, the Vizir Maria love when Philly tried to win Ricky the air from it, a card away and during the first year the process and the whole off survive, their aunt em and he's put up a couple triple doubles pupil. I got this is interesting and if you're actually watching your like wait, a second sky can't really shoot. He has the barn incredible amount and if you actually trying to win, apply series the sky would not be the guy. You were feeding every time, the LE mellow thing There are so many red flags. I can't imagine how you take him in the top, the top three much less top five, because on top of it in others, theirs
How many times do we see? I have to see this over and over again, where the guys that actually make it in the league are just like Jim Rat, Slash, second, bad ass deeds who, from a personality, standpoint, are just home rats and over and over again you see it in you see legs from it. I got a mutually jobs that thirteen huge chip on his shoulder scan approval wrong is proven everyone wrong ever since she was a grand can't you day, the limit things kind of the opposite of that has been completely cater to buy. His family he's been artificially propped up higher than maybe he should have been four. Couple years, and then he goes to Australia and its basically like he's the sun coach and the little egg team who get suggests pitch every game and that clean up and every talks about a great Timmy is. I would be terrified to take him not to mention that that's the deepest position, the league. I E. I don't wanna take a point garden, tat. Five, and this, I know, is a home run
I have said this before too- and I remember asking the Lakers about it. I was like a house had the the Laval things, probably a little like overrated right now, like now, it sucks sector. sex to deal with. So I dont know if he's got on. First, take a walk in like manner macgregor- and go on our right lamellous when an VP and all the bullshit that none of us should have paid much attention to it is as before, but ill luck it was a better basketball player than LE was at this stage on did some really special thinks and Lamellous just taller. What is good and I'd? Ask you like what, if LE mellower Lazo, where would you take him in this draft we simply like a taller lines are right. Yeah right, enlarged was good this year and then I don't know what the hell happened in the time off, because he was for the worst players
there during the bubble, yemen- and I am not giving up on him at the bottom and I'm way the other was so bad for I'm with the it was bad, but at the regular season was good. The registered and await things are looking a little bit better here. Retirement improves shot if LE mellower as good as long as it was during the regular part, the regular season. I should think you have a nice player like a decent player there and that's the weird thing about this draft is. I think it is a two man race at this time between Edwards and Weizman I'll, leave myself and allowance that there could be a third guy to get into that top three. But I'd be surprised if it for Weizman Edwards are still available, actually be shocking. Certainly with efforts to we ve made some cool ringer videos on some of these guys. Edwards is just that's one, I don't think there's anybody who says: I know how this is going to play out as lying cuz. You watch some of those clips in you think that guy looks like Dwyane Wade. Dwyane Wade came back from a time machine in two thousand and three and you know it was three point shooter, two thousand twenty late, there's some waiters elements to him and he can also be
really pretty easily picked apart. I I really do like the guy's. More in that six to thirteen range, where eat out. Maybe the ceiling is in his high, but I know what I'm getting you know. I love how burn you know. I love throughout Terry at those? Are the guys to me? I just this is one of those Well, I just want to go with. Do you have scale. That translates to the Basque. By just watched the bubble reviewed, awesome rebound her. You good rim, runner, give three point rain Are you a really smart guard? Who can kind? fit in any situation in MIKE Halliburton. Further for the world which is too high to take him at too, but I do feel like. If you put him on that team, he could play with those guys. You know, and he could bring an interesting wrinkled of them where it's like now, curried as not the hand of the bar quite as much you can play him off and could do these different things and the same thing with throughout their you there I could take either. You know that's another shooter put the guy in the
corner and that's. It now have to worry about three shooters when I'm not there. So when I see them too, I don't. I just don't think the top three makes sense for them. They could take Edward, and crossed the fingers, but if they miss on that their basically blowing this one. Unbelievable ants to extend their contender ship, make it a twelve year round Instead of a seven year, run right, they can't miss the pick there. The team that can't miss they have to get somebody who can play thirty minutes a game in a blanket. Maybe this year could they missed the pic, though, and still be really good with a guy that totally doesn't work out for student could be really good for a couple years, but not long term. This is this: is there James worthy moment? You know like when the Lakers able to refuel with worthy and eighty two, and then Jamaal Wilkes gets old by eighty four and they have this awesome. Future Hall of Famer Plugin was plug in with speed and athleticism it's with the Celtics
buy it. I don't. I don't think anybody in this draft is as good as either of those guys, but you think about the ability for a container to refuel is really rare. It's it's one of the rare as draft things you can have said. I you were gonna go with how Matt Geiger allowed the Sixers transition into the Ratliff but the knack Eiger allowed the six years to keep out Iverson in the summer of two thousand, because if he D, if he waved his trade tick, kicker. They would entail the Detroit the great. What, if phrases it it was, it was a rap who's going to fill a stack ass is gonNa Charlotte, the Lakers we get my getting mason and and back without waivers checker? If you go love that you're, honest, get drunk two million years, I know thanks. That was when you are at your pic. Thank you yeah early, two thousand slaves, whereas really frightened,
So what do you think the words do they stay? They trade down at the trade. The possibility, if I were, I was told last night it be shocking to see them stay too. So I feel sick words, but I don't. I was gone one. You know I think, the Charlotte stuff, the Cosy had that you guys talk about last week and the pie cast. You know you don't need my help to check anybody's math, but I think that that's a thing that's talked about. I don't think we'll mellow how about this first take theory: Would Jordan not drop Lamelo? Third, because his father said that he would beat them on first take one hundred and one hundred percent, even dressed them because of that yeah. I think yours is that crazy, but I don't need a point guard know they have. They have actually that's the one part of that roster. That's actually worked out a little bit here and in Charlotte, despite not liking that roster the the job coach Borregos done with that
spend incredible as far as how competitive they weren't games. They ended up losing all time, but ah I don't either golden state would like to move back pick up a piece whether to player or another pick, and it takes me out in the Halliburton thing He can play off. He can't Emmy. He did. It is freshman year where it confused the other guards. It were bigger, scores he was, he was more than happy to facilitate for them. He didn't want to take a ton of shots, shots a little we, looks like an old guys had injuries. Guess it's like this set shot and he doesn't. Not at all on it, but I think he goes is it it goes in. He hits a really good number and what Do you like about him, is Stephan Click and actually play off of the ball. If, if you try to do this with joy,
hard and where you're like hey, you're, gonna watch and aiming to do stuff for Westbrook in their belay women, even with Lily like Willard, is amazing, but Lily needs at the ball and Halliburton could, in theory, at three two seems to too high for Halliburton, but He does a lot of stuff off the ball that I really liked by kill, cut through hilts, it back screens and I'll come back and we'll get it and it'll initiate the offense, and he has some floaters like he's not going to cross you up, like Derrick rose that kind of stuff, but he's a really smart player I just anyway, I do guy the hire you thing for that team, I think, is even more imports. yeah. I just don't know somebody and who just kind of gets it yeah. What is the deal, though, because all I've heard so far bad golden it offers like every time. A year ago we gotta get the opening up. Let's say they like. Caliber, nor, let's say they legs, whoever somebody that they could get three to seven picks later linkages go backwards. You know to five with Cleveland, get foot picks with them,
up something I don't know not want to pick up another salary, but it could be that could be a good larry. Nance Junior spot for them take a flower him for two years. The twelve may fit him in your trade exception, maybe get some sort of like very, very, very protected pick swap for later years. Your guy city asmund, J Jerry. You got Jerry. Maybe that is in there who knows, and if you but if you're the Cavs move up to two and you take a crack at wise man, cuz you're out of two guards that does not make sense Detroit's another one. I had floated on tax podcast couple weeks ago, a deal with Wiggins and Blake. And flapped and seven four to something else. I uttered the words, wrote the dice wake, probably not it's probably risky. I think it's a great risk if you read the off season stuff for them. It seems like These are pretty good shape. Your only care in the contract for two years,
and here's an expiring, so that's a chance to He flipped that we might it not that long ago he looks great yeah. Do you like it away? Party arrived just in white, men had been Shouldn, t, shirts and white pants one of those yeah yeah. That's what it was. I think it's a half. so. What do you do if your Minnesota Woody? What would your dreams scenario? Not this draft it. So far, it's not Beale like nobody thinks. I should say that I should say nobody does not affect every single person. The Beale momentum, as of now doesn't feel very good, and we can I wanna. Do we have to do this about the east as it physic all these bad esteems think there one
away, and nor did beauty keeps getting brought up over and over and over again, who are the middling players that are available that make you better that somebody else wants to give up on an endless. the team that just completely falls in love, the wise men are Edwards in and then like the idea that their cheaper than the player that's going out, but here too by that with Atlanta, whose I think at six and has made no bones about being honest about they both to get a better and that to get a proven guy that want to compete for class by next year There's a season and care sea had that idea of trading the ex for eleven into rose in. But you look, I like those bigger salary, guys that they could get it's it's not a long list. It's like Gordon Heyward Stavros and it's the markets Algernon for one year, its Harrison Barnes its Otto Porter. You know it's, it's pretty slim pickens for those guys in that buddy healed, maybe it son.
Some pickens fairer guys in that kind of twenty two to twenty seven million dollar salary rage, so I dont know: could Atlanta try to flip picked go and state. I don't know where they work, because I think that helps them compete with the play us. Then you go seventy trait Detroit, the one that needs that's the most desperate team I think has just who ever they just stay at seven and take it that it is still not a good situation. They can actually use that pact had tried a patch together bunch assets. That's why I was opened the south expatriate up into that spot. So let me thought you this way, because this is the best way of ethics to me of anybody cause. I was like look where how where the names on the coup whose actually avail elect what's goin on I've heard Gordon Heyward does one out, but I dont know: if he's gonna get, the monies are opting out of that huge number unless he knows, is getting the deal so that could be in Atlanta solution, even though it does make us on a sense I can also understand Atlanta, saying a whatever we did have to give up anything. We used all this cap space will figure out which young players
Wanna play, but just Gordon Heyward not like the current situation, boss. Enough then want to go out and play which you can watch him shootin. Well, wait now cause people think it's crazy from not that about thirty four million our deal, but here's the thing if the salary cap is, way back next year and he could figure out some deal where he gets like for fur. Seventy eight right, and it's like twenty million nineteen million eighteen million seventeen months. I got my god. You took a forty mind. Our pick up. Well, actually, you didn't because thirty four million you're are making this share its art again be less money. If that seventy two game season, two fifty game season or they do that. Forty percent Asker thing it's even less year. You care more about the season. After locking down some contract, when there's can be less cap space more people in the space and suddenly it's unrealistic. You get twenty million so that their I'm sort of math version of it that had actually might make sense by the way that screw the Celtics if he added up, because
as usual. We worry about I'd rather have him as an expiring contracts. Slash hope that he's good this year, guy verses, you just lose the asset exact. I mean it's a problem. They should be worried about it, but it really comes down to like hey what what does he know? That's already gonna be available because I dont know what I believe I should think you were very early on this- and I know if you shared with a ton of people, but it was just kind of you and I talking about like hey. What are you here and on Heyward, because when I pushed back to we can go ahead and do more here. T money now than what the one year Thirty four million is for him and I was like I would say to that- is: what's not freak out and act like he's. Gonna get zero dollars offer to him at the end of this contract, but because of what You just said with whatever you're trying to figure out. If the cap is artificially at one or nine that it might make the most sense for him, you will all be injury history, but that means that hill have wanted out of Boston, bad enough to go to a bad team that has the cap's base, which I think
sometimes when that's brought up it's like wait a minute. Why would you want to go ahead and do that, but I think Gordon Heyward Sick of pets, moments raise look around gone on the fifth option right now for shooting at. This is a little snake bed without gone the first three years, yet the blaming the other guys. You re like good your heard all the time, any behind your back you're, not even back all the way, so yeah, sorry like we're not getting it to your tongue, but that's something Boston like what is it what's Goin Heyward was to do do then the favour not opt out so that he can be a traitor s hit later on and get traded routinely blocks to go to even less than a free age. A team signed with. So in a look at this- everybody should do whatever they want. He could opt out, they could sign to a new deal as a sign in trade. I thank and showed him the Indiana Return and May. Why do you always horizontal bad? Because I think
I need to get an asset for Heyward. They can't just let him leave and nothing happens because they not they're, not gonna have enough cab space to get an impact. I there is still too high yet so to just lose him, for nothing is a disaster for them or combat let's go back to the east that just because this is a valid undressing finish up on this. Go through a bad these this! So as I was asking about Hey Gimme names, Me who the names are of the people that are being thrown around as one of the main things I ask everybody that I talk to as like. Why
Why is there any aims? Why are there any names in a western conference team was was brilliant about this I mean. Obviously this is ingenious. Level stuff admit it's on a sense. There was a hey look if you play in the west, when you play the bad teams, you still have to bring its Minnesota too good players, the pelicans or good team, even though the records bat Sacramento has three really good players nets on including bag, because nobody knows what else going on the spurs are still competitive. Enough. Phoenix is get like. Memphis didn't make the playoffs technically based on standing. Obviously in Memphis, as as too maybe young studs. Now look at the bottom, the east. Now the top of the east stronger now with options than we ve had a recent years, which is nice that death at the top, the isa hey, wait but the pot. is so bad Cleveland, terrible it Lana was the second worst team record wise in the east, and I keep here stuff like if they don't make the playoffs that there's a mandate down there, that all sorts of things are going to change, which would also lead me believe they offer
hey we're wherever they want just to be able say they did something to trust, terrible. The next suck the bulls or sneaky, like could go either way we're its hey. Thirty five win something really happening here. Oh man or none of these play, journey good, the wizards even getting wall back, and I heard that thereon Weissmann in and if they like him, but I mean they should be a play off team if their healthy, but who beating. We ve been over Charlotte the fact that Charlotte's better, when percentage wise in all those other teams, is a credit to them being competitive. Orlando still isn't healthy, so the top seven all feel pretty good, but the bottom of the east, like it's awful, it's awful boy, dimension, Orlando and it's like or Linda, could suck texture there. they got him at the crossroads of what they are a team. I know the Bulls Maynard Management in coaching staff thing. There is due
it still, this young unknown roster the next it meets its newly on an interpreter in there, but there's a lot of teams. The way it was explained is it there's or buyers now than you normally would have, because its a lot of either looking to save their job, have some sort of artificial improvement to the Ross you're. Just by doing some kind of transaction that most, these tinkling get. These guys haven't get to do their job now and well over a year, but normally you should be able picks somebody off from these bad teams that no they suck. But a lot of these teams think that they're, just like this clause, a little tweak away from may be making the play off, and that's why we have kind of a weird lack of names in the trade market that mixer Well, then, you have teams that should be the names in the trade market like washed and who should who should be saying: let's get as much forbears, we can get there, so many teams tried to acquire a big. The guy we actually have won, and ultimately it's too
Gay by the time we have decent any, could leave and washing I done over, keep them so that guy he's just off the market and then you have I think part of the reason we don't have. The right names is just cause. The salaries got too high, which we talked about in previous back ass were Kevin love. If he's me eighteen million a year? You could talk yourself into that pretty fast when he's at thirty, you pop and you don't want to do it and that's a name like all. That would be fun if Atlanta could get Kevin, love they're not going to take that risk and they're not going to add another subpar defense support of their but I think so many those plus twenty five million salaries are so intimidating. Harrison Barnes make it twenty four million, You don't you got out the lion, it's like I, let's go get LAO it around us having a fire so he's making like thirty, three or whatever it is. It's really hard trades. I think it's the hardest.
It's been a while on top of other financial concerns and nobody wants to go in the tax. Nobody, a you! U Betsy, people in the tax next year and then even the Knicks, who normally you'd do anything done actually, Might there there developed some sort of a plan and you know maybe not go too crazy so dear to cigarette teams that are desperate. Added contenders. It's really Milwaukee in the EAST Philly will wait here, dad they body or withdraw its Milwaukee in the east. I don't see any one in the west, I don't, I don't think one. Can Under as like, we gotta make a move, I think everybody is going to be pretty careful, though we think totally now. That's why thing feelings is maybe a little there's a lot of desperation to
desperation, glad they dedicated to add to it, but they gotta worry about the book or think is that the worst kept secret in the league is Booker already once out of there and if it's another bad season, I should think that could get ugly, but this is why our Globe City is actually align pretty well. Here I mean think about this. They still ended up with the fifth best record and tied actually with Houston, but then obviously was was the five c to suppose you hear me, the foreseen I've been told that that Paul is gonna, be vague if they're, not gonna, just say Chris Paul somewhere that sucks in rancorous populism started ill, have some exactly but think how valuable Chris Paul is on the trade market right now,
we ve mentioned that there is in the the pie. Chart of buyers were sellers is so heavily weighted towards buyers, because you have bad deems then all think they're buyers, because they think they're this close and on us increase Pumpkinhead upon one of those. But what? If we don't have enough of a market of potential trade male candidates as far as players? If we know, all is going to be traded and he still really good and it's only two years left and I know what the monster number and that might get back to your original point of like okay. But how many places can we actually land? I don't know if you start doing 3T, Mercier and move. Up around and somebody's taken on somebody else's contract with their own cap space. Although there just not a ton of calves space out there, I think Paul, it's funny Paul goes from me a bit of a jump for another. Massive contract and Westbrook, who allowed a bit of adopting the throw into first raptors. That wasn't up. Think about that. You had to give up to first riders to take on
West Brooks contract with the extra year, but now we know it happen, though we should have known what happened at the time who says now have a fire. You call you get the you touch: and they are Lana GM on the line together hey guys. I thought of a trade capella. In Atlanta Sex for Utah's pagan go! Bear you guys figured out and hang up now. Dick. I need a little bit more fun Utah, even though I'm here the daily getting six pack, you get the six pack capella do after him. I do have to send you a linked to this draft again. I think I would do it. I try to get out to go there. I worried about paying Aubert, I absolutely in its it
Because he's not when we look at our Denver Series, one more ill, I can I maxim now: can I maxim at half time and then, at the end of another day, me go away. This is why every doubt about this- and I worry about Capella without Harden Now I like that, I, like the thought of him. I knew tat this remedy runnin around not at some rim, runs the fight that right resellers, part cash. You can listen to guide us all in question yeah if Tyler Heroes in this draft. How many players you taken ahead of him. Knowing what we know now, last year's Bernard out you get now. I say but you know now I think he's a number back. I think you're right, I don't think it's crazy. I don't They get crazy, we're here, here's how we now go and they cause my
we re now says, I ll give you the number to pick for Tyler Hara. What is by a visa to hang up? What is Minnesota say if my if or what So to cause my aim, it says number and picked for hero is just cod in the Whig put his vanity to hang up. That's how sad this? after this or how amazing Tyler Heroes gets a little about what thing with Window Carter right, I think a guy both of us like who has not he's had some injuries. That in use in the right way it moves in the right areas, but they're not dates. Almost like they're trying to fuck him up. There is a real is that he might be good and if they can go and stay in said will give you wonder Carter for number to pack. I actually think on sale I have to do that. Cause I'd like him more than anyone in this draft it if they called Minnesota, said the same thing. I think I would do that if, as minister
that's right, I became more than anyone in this draft that I may push, but I think I'd like to see a little bit more of the Duke Window Carter, the NBA level before I'm ready, given everyone- form, because the other argument would be. Is there still gotta be somebody from the strap I've been? I dont think we're gonna. Have repeat of twenty years ago. There's a good she has a couple, guys would be pretty and probably going to be, is not top three guys. It's going to end up being like that two thousand and thirteen draft we're ten thirteen and fifteen we're like to keep X rite and without dressed like that recently I listen Ursela, the I ran reseller podcast and I'm sure will check in I'll, be the beyond your pack has real Burma on my before the draft which, hopefully, how redoing allow alive show for the first round or whatever, and I think we are assuming the draft Athens yet. But I promise you for the good to see you as us,
not that long ago, going out with friends with little too complicated used to worry about where you go, what you look like for you to buy it now getting together for a beer with your closest friends, not that complicated. Is it actually feel more like? You should be yourself with friend hop on assumed a little distance day. Maybe that's why it always should have been as the region I bear Miller. Lead, has always believed this. That's what nor time is all about. As you know, you ve heard me talk about. There's no relate my fee. beer dating back to the late eighties, its it is always better, my life they ve got involved with athletes, had some cool posters, whether you're toasting impaired, choosing from afar. Nor lead has always been about bringing you and your friends together, or Miller time, nor like great taste, with only ninety six collars and three point: two carbs, whoever you friends are GMO time. You can have the original late beard delivered by going to know or later come forward such bs and find the dough.
Reactions near you celebrate responsibly, Norbert Company, Walk Wisconsin, Ninety six calories and three point: two carbs per twelve hours I were taken as at one o clock Pacific time on election night. So this might be the last time was he wars is happy fur. months and months on end? I don't want to go there. We wanted to talk about movies and tv show because when we get through this election, assuming it turns out favourably fur alot of people and they move, for me in there, like. You know that time for me to start catching up on some stuff and there's been a lot of interesting stuff. That's come out Wesley Morris, my I'm a greatly colleague, Pulitzer Prize winner. Now the New York Times, including one of my favorite tv, shows of the last ten years and, in my opinion, the best limited tv series, I've ever seen, quite the
gambit Netflix, it's fuckin took the championship out for me. What did you think of that show a whole on? What's what gets by champions? belle yeah. So here the nominees you think on way way. Back so Monasteries Ray. I went straight back DV, that's how far back our right. So you have to do that. You have to do with what was the wonder, bad all. The HBO battleship generation kill the air. foreigners one? Then you go this gave the night of you. Do big little lies: you will all the british shows what was that show with the guy from Game thrones where he is he's trying to find a terrorist act? I was really get wherever that shows car Nikolai cost, her walled, our well known and the guy back the guy who died and sees the one. Per season to the guy in the red wedding, the sun. Everybody died in the red one.
I don't know, people are like war, would allow and it would appear that shall unit waiting under no, I thought this was the best seven episode show at everything if you wanna okay, this is a very good distinction among the the weak So there is a heavyweight there's, a welter, wait, etc, etc, etc. On seven episodes, I gotta think about what is seven episode. Many serious limited series is, but I mean watchman for me is, is the high water Mark Omnium says? Is that I believe I want to say eight or nine? I thought I was ten year lottery, so why so it's watchman's in there too, then for me. We now know for me to damn it. Yeah, I know a thing about this summer. I dont like. I don't like this show better than watch me. I do not, but I do Thank you. You want to tell me how you got me to watch it.
I'll, tell you how I got to watch had frightened. I look confronting a watch stuck in the house for their hundreds, they denied straight there whenever it is and just fuck through in this. those little previous Netflix rubber somebody wrote in the ringer about it and I heard a little buzz, but I watched a preview of of the little girl trying enter the chest. Tournament: I've always loved chess, I'm searching Bobby Fisher Guy say you say no, no, I I I run like this and we just got my wife and I and my daughter we just kind of world the dice. hours later still watching you lived with them. those areas. It was like crack. So that's how you got me to watch it, which was basically I was, I told you, I don't want to watch this
and I challenge do so just watch too and if you keep going to keep going yes, I said I will do this. You know I am. I am not a real big dingier rate like I can go to episode and then stop watch a bunch of other things do some reading Autonoe makes him phone calls cook for myself and then go back and watch the more a couple days later, I dont like ingesting things in one sitting, but there are a bunch of things that you wanted to talk about so I'd. I had a few days to watch them, so I wash this in pretty much day yeah and it's very good. The last three episodes are our fantasy. I mean it. It's the kind of show that you I would never. I don't like the way you got his took her out for season for So for all. But this is one of those shows where it's it's a live.
I understand that its limited, a kind of gives you a sense of of other proportion in two? of like what you can like, you should watch all think you just can't you can't quit after four episodes, if it's just gonna end forever after seven, that the thing that struck me so meticulous We done yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, it's just like so high level, the actings great every little piece of it and it's you know set in the nineteen fifteen nineteen sixties, but and there they have a wide shadow Mexico city. At one point you like how the fact that they do that, I remember the arches, often hassock, so you know I like your weight class thing. I don't feel like. I feel it man is almost like a super middleweight. It's a one sees it, but it's ten episode this- was like a middleweight. It's almost like different different, yet or maybe it is well to wait and watchman's bit. Awake is ten episode, spread
he had. No watchmen. Watchman is nine. So I guess you, if you do it by like the number of episodes like what I mean, because you know some someone serious and many serious. Only at that too, I think to be considered a many sir. So, what's rich and poor and routes that, like super, have you it's. I mean route, and what I rewire roots recently for this book and routes Shockingly, it still good, really there's things I like one thousand nine hundred and seventy six, seventy seven wow and there's some cheesy parts of it, but it's still hold up. As a like it moved me, I mean the end, still pisses you off you can't believe that there are no but nobody's gonna. With this white guy remedies in a whip
guy back, but if you also think about what that was for tv, there's, never gonna be in everything like routes where, like all of the sort of repair energy, in restorative justice that I did a television network can or production can put to work as it was a really ABC. It was more like the producers who got this thing mating cast. They took all of that energy and they used like twenty years of television history from the standpoint of white people two like make amends for like various injustices. we are ultimately were deciding to entertainment, but as optics in symbolism. Dear that you had twenty years of holy white people playing the worst white people in there,
history of America who were also elected officials. Although there is one bad senator yeah you ve just got up like you know MIKE Brady, for he was an editor and there s, but he's not even a bad guy the slave trader, he's he's a merchant who comes to realise these the slave trade and is an oh, oh. No, why mom? I'm have to remember its cause. I was like six are, so seventy seven there are seven or eight right and that this has on tv had that outsize importance, because we didn't have anything at Billina Video games at this point, so thirty million people were watching everything roots felt like the biggest thing, across everything for the two weeks it was on whatever it was. The only thing anyone talked about it was all over the place. Earlier, every magazine we had to talk about it in school, inches,
dominated your two weeks. Everybody watched it even like little kids. Hey there ever be a ministers at that, because I don't they day it was bigger and a super body and now you, if these sixty million people watching it as its being shown, it still I it's the number one is some technicalities in terms of where it is one to three but its deadly them, the biggest, I think the finale, Allie is still the number one highest raided television event in History of television and the serious itself. I think, as number three you know as well as aggressor collected group of of watched hours, a television. Why thank you saw this with the way classes thing, because there is a big difference: train for episode, seven episodes, nine episodes, thirteen episodes for what
you can candidate having technically the queen's gambit. Every episode was an hour even a little bit more than an hour. It's idiotic, I dance seven plus hours. I thought the lead actresses fantastic egg. I just wasn't expecting that is out of the lady from none, which is a summons family, favorite horrible, belated from the nuns and the greens have agreed, gave it what's happening. I'm there came a throne sky and there wasn't like an ostrich cast. Who was that kid on game roads. His face looked so familiar, but I could not figure out which character he right. You wanna say it's the end, but it wasn't. It was. I ask somebody who was like the UN's cousin. Yet Andrea was, but he did the very familiar because I looked up and mean again like people are gonna like throw their headphones across the room, because we can't member with his kid is, but a look I mean. I know it. Wasn't game authority look very familiar, but I couldn't he wasn't Jaffrey. He was like he was a busted Jaffrey
Well anyway, you took your Jeffreys brother. Can we talk about We talk about on you, Taylor, joy, the woman who please this character, the Yahoo character, because a k I need Taylor joy from me, none! Yes, and for me she wasn't. She also in on the Shah MILAN movie about a couple thanks here, the first, the first, the first of the second of the glass trilogy whenever anyone I really like her. There is a problem, though, from can I simultaneously kept me watching and distracted me, and is it now save as an additive. It's gonna blow your mind or make you or your eyes, but between the whigs and the eyes. All I saw in certain angles with Emma stole my boy said the same
I could not get my way asked me. If there were she made me, look it up to save their related, because she doesn't look that anything else in the shadow on movies? She isn't it. I got all now. I've seen the nine, so I will I'll put the list of things to remember to do. but in this on the show there was something about her that she has a star quality. That just reminded me of Emma stones, and I feel horrible feeling this way, because this woman is giving a great performance that I went in and out of, because I was thinking about what it would have meant for Emma Stone to do it, and then there were times when I just felt like I'm watching Emma Stone. I'm just going to have to accept that, because this thing is so good that I'm I'm just gonna have to move past it not fair, her. But what can you do? Well, I give it a. I give it a great of egg cells here and there a minus ranch.
b plus something about a minus, unlike b plus, we can talk about some things that did bugged me, but we don't spoil it were no. No! No! No. I mean, I think it's good enough to just keep going with. Let's talk about you not in such a fund bench to me like six. Seven episodes is the perfect, number for this and I gotta say like so much in their doing. At the same time, which we can talk about quickly, and waiting every week for the next episode. There's something funny about that. Right is like oh yeah. This is coming up at the same time. At the end, was available once I had already been done with it. I would have gone through the iron already. I can already tell you. You need, like a lot of paper, towels to wait. The grease off your hand, let a cough Kidman, who is just she has a way of basically, even if she's playing a character being able to summon some baggage for their character. That you can
while in the performance which I think is a really hard Singapore, the big little aspirin Mormons tat yeah season is one of the best performance is I've. Seen anybody in any medium ever did she when she won the Emmy for that Ray, I believe she won the idea. She resemble her bonnet and eight. This is a person who I would say I've. I would think that I thought I saw give. I thought I'd seen every great Nicole can improve that's an she gets too big little lies in. She finds yet something else, and I think that you know we don't there's a thorough couple. This couple things happening to make her eggs being a net like make this show. I know the show is gonna be hard for me to watch, because it's just now,
Can I have it for her and she's going to find it somehow and that's like psychology that is built into the work and then there's a psychology that she for the crates for these characters, and she is the great, are great psychological actress and you know, there's something a I still feel like she's kind of was underrated for so long that there's so much catching up that that you know are we talking about the industry? I don't know, do she need more? I think she didn't get enough at the beginning like she's out. She was a really good speech. Giver that days, the thunder speech that she gives Tom Cruise, you know that control in control speech. There is there's good there's a thunder the funders loaded to devolve Becker Rucker, like it's gotta gray cast, but she another, just something about her. She will you know it. How is busy what Rousseau's like, if she's an athlete cruiser torn Asia,
oh interesting: that's actually never MS crews, it's a much more interesting nineties fur she's doing, I think, there's a whole leg through her side of her that she would tapped into but you didn't and now ass. I thought she was good and now she's good, a man she's gonna miles, but that movie a sort of overshadowed by by Alec Baldwin's. That great speech out Baldwin gives I know I just out Baldwin go in for it for two hours. Yes, that was, I mean it so good in that movie also good in it. But I think that this is a great question like what happens to her. She doesn't mean Tom Cruise well that there is a cynical answer. But let's just stay in the industry, oriented nonsensical answer and I think fit. I dont know what movies they put her in as a star rate, because this is at a point where Julia Roberts is Julia Roberts.
Sandra Bullock, it sir I mean to be uncharitableness here. Maybe she's in she might be buggy nights in the Julian more power and taken swings. I that yeah she would have been too young. For that part, I mean, I don't know probably would have been a roller he was kind of between world or girl amber waves. Yeah I mean you have mother through our needs mothering, raise that. I think that Nicole kid been, it worked out for a cock him, because I think that there is, I dont know if she were put it this way like. I wonder if there was a hunger in herded to prove tat. She wasn't just this famous persons. She wasn't too wasn't this. She wasn't Tom cruise his wife bright. She wasn't like what what do the she's, not the meal ticket, but he's a meal ticket Would you do that? You did that bomb back where we do. That was another one that she
Gaza up yeah either, but I may that she's done this a few times with parts that she, these damage care. There's that seem to have it all together and then it falls apart. She's basically like the Michael Douglas of Others, Michael Douglas parts on it, seem like added together and unravelled, and she raving the feeble version that which she starts out. That way like she doesn't like she's. The damage is usually pretty clear, from the out. That's where you and you know it, did you see her in the human stain yeah, not a good movie, but an ardent, even though their performance works, but she gave it what about her? The invasion of the body snatchers there, the nineteenth sequel they made of that movie, is called lacking. Oh yeah, okay, to get an alibi that don't mind the the what is the Sydney Pollack movie with her and Sean PAN, the Isn t- it's not. I would cite the it's God. Man fashion? Yes,
doing, one of those yeah she's real, I'm just gonna. Look it up. There is a great seed where she gets on the bus and it's like it's late. It turns into a science fiction movie because they call gibbons, unlike like an empty, a bus like like that, whatever happened, or did happen? Nobody, nobody! I didn't get a new seller on technical came. It was on the bus, but I think she is good in all kinds of things. What is that movie? The island? Oh you're interpreter I like a movie. I think your big liberalized point is important. I thought that was an amazing performance and it was sold to everybody. Is this group effort with you know please, learn and and shaming were they in. She is like by far the best person than I reckon they undoing I recommend ok, so here's what I said. I ate overweight, overweight that quite look at him.
but still has that little charm you grant who might be stuff Thea Private schools have great you The new treaty and the first episode I really appreciate when nudity becomes a plot yeah I didn t. I that's, baby want to know where this movie, where this, where the show was going, but as far as Nicole Kim Ngos goes, can I just say real, quick shell. had an amazing to thousands. She had the best two thousand toes reactor, any actor in the movies. like she had a really good I'd, say from eyes wide shut. Is ninety nine, but she goes straight. that MILAN Rouge, the others birthday girl, she's, very good in the hours dog will dog veil being one of our top fact. Performances
the human stay in cold mountain. My my favorite document is a movie star performance, birth life. One of my top five favorite Nicole comment performed his period. The interpreter she's really good bewitched terrible movie, she's bad in it, not her fault Sir she's really interesting infer. I did say that one year you're the invasion Margo at the wedding, lady and I was the bomb back, one ostrello v, the second greatest a culture well actually Molen ruse is, there is number two I would say after I'm cold mountain. Australia not a great movie but she's amazing in it, she's nine she's, really getting rabbit whole she's, really good in that Adam Sandler movie, just go with. It were shaken Jennifer Jennifer Aniston just are in the same space at the same time and address the Arabs, dad movies, unbelievable that surely I kids favorite movies. If it is the sailor, it's a bad rap he's actually had a good ones. Just go that good movie. I stand by it. I disagree
it's terrible, but our great it's good terrible. But there is a location, there's weird crazy people in it and that that the singing scene is fantastic, ding, Ding ding! I was yes aid. That is one of my favorite scenes and an end. of your girls of quality, and I will just end this. We just let's leap forward three years after after you, go with her two years after just go with it and just say the paper boy. If you have not seen the paper boy which bill, have you seen this movie, whether a what when I came out, I haven't seen you since I mean that is just one of the all time. Great roller coaster right crazy did you ever gonna see and she is so committed to lead the angels craziness yum every in that movie is but a specially her Jesus Christ. She so good
So we recommend the end we're going to take out we're going to take a break and come back with some more day. Two thousand and twenty is changed. The world of sports. You seen some teams adapted made changes in their stadiums and arenas that let fans by virtual seats, In some cases. Those changes created demand for a wide range of unexpected rose from plexiglas mean and stars to video platform, support specialists, so whether have higher needs for new positions on these or positions already familiar with. There's only one place to go zipper creator right now he contrived for Fritz, hypocritical, SBS when you post a job on Ziprecruiter, it gets sent out to over one hundred top job sites, then zip recruiters matching technology finds the most qualified ones for your job and actively invite some to apply. It's no wonder four hundred and twenty five employers who post on Ziprecruiter get a quality candidate within the first day for bride of industry. Zip code. I can help you find the right people for your rose, even with the new rules, zip recruiter, hiring.
game. Changer. That's why you needed to try for free right now. It's appeared that come such bs. Gotta, come such bs. Don't miss your chance, zip recruiter, the smartest away. all right, we're going about some movies that came out will start with on the rocks. I'm just gonna go on the record and say I always enjoy Sophia couple is movies, even when I dont think they're good. I, like her perspective, I, like the nuances she puts in I never imagined that I sat through the movie, whether I think it was. I say: are one I'd watch again, that's whatever, and the movie lasting, as I that was just iconic can't wait to do it on the remarkable someday I dont really I understand the point of this: the other. Then let's try to get Bill Moraine Oscar. I think she, went into that went through the thought they live. Many of get are in Asker start their read. This often find
I make my Father daughter movie. The parts can be awesome, and then they just kind of started filming. I don't understand the Soviet. I as a few everything you said about the vehicle I agree with I'm a supporter. I am all in item, but this is a flawed movie period, it's worse than a flawed movie its. It's like a it's like a non movie. I feel like all the beats come from television. All of this is not a. I don't know what I'm knocking here. I'm just saying that this is such a simple. This can be saw in twenty two minutes of television drain flake twenty two minutes of
nineteen nineties tv can solve this whole problem and that's not good when we find sitting there thinking this about about I'd like ninety six minute movie. I just didn't leave any of it. I didn't understand any of the relationships. there are shots in this movie. They make no sense to me and I feel like she has lost her nerves. Sophia Coppola, I feel like some thing I feel like she wants to be doing something that matters, but she is it quite sure she does not I don't know she's on twitter know what her social media relationship is, but I feel like she is. nervous about people misunderstanding with her
hence our internet sooner head something, I think something that had like there's there's this movie just lucky. We need to really just let's talk about the movie itself. First, this movie about a married couple, were air. A black married couple, Rashid Jones is the wife and demon wines is. Is that my sorry, Marlon way in mine, elastic and Marlon wines. You know, he's a busy guy, always gonna business trips and at some point she gets into her eye into her head she's. Not they got to they live in a really amazing laughed in Soho on Mr Street that they are. The apartment is department STAR, the movie, but anyway, insinuate gets right away because you keep getting these terrible establishing shots of the outside of the building. They tell you nothing about
what's going on inside, except we're about to go inside except you know. What about establishing shots that doesn't make any sense to me is Will you go right inside after you tell us your outside drive, you ve been somewhat as for other, while that makes sense, but the place the movie only has to settings yeah. Why when you re establishing shot, tell us we're in the apartment anyway, so the husbands going way business trips she gets it had the idea of it. He might be cheating on So I guess this is supposed to be like basically, female mid life crisis as for somebody who s kids is Why? I guess that's what she's gone for his leg, in my late thirty's, I'm that is on that spoke at heart, as I used to be add these two small kids and I'm worried that somebody's gonna steal my husband, yeah that angle of this movie, basically, the character. The rush you two Jones is playing is a writer who's got writers block
and their terrible outfits. My wife was fear what they doing this. What's up sweaters, who dresses like this, however, but had it interventions rub, my wife is furious. There is, but you know I don't know having this issue as your consuming all this of his visual culture like a special tv in movies. We're like people are out doing things, in the old way before the pandemic and your dad, like roused without a mask, said yes or like that's a hug. Oh my god. What is that? like Bittacy, were Marlon, wanes and enriching Jones go out to dinner, the woman who comes over like bring them their menu is the most glass where's person I have seen in a year and she- got this amazing flower dress on its tailored perfectly and also doing is dropping off menus net. I'm just like. I want to be in their restaurant, where that
is because that is missing from my life right now. I live in New York City, where this is. This can be a regular occurrence for me, like a Tuesday as one of the best things and lived in New York City. Not me or not anymore anyway. I don't, I didn't believe I did not believe this will be worse than that. I didn't care while you You assume it's gonna pay off at the end and spoiler doesn't really filling it does. I also look there's two days to answer to this question, I do know the answers. either Rashid Jones, cutting carry movie like this or the part was poorly written. And she didn't have a chance. in its one or the other, but Burma. They blowing off the screen and their scenes, and in general, like I, just didn't, have a feel. I must say I would say Rachel MC atoms is in this part. There was that we finish in our talking about. I could you put this movie that late tat just
would make it. You know basically like throwing a chainsaw ha taboo, just be totally different. Somebody like rich MC atoms Carry Washington Somebody, oh, I feel like would, would you deep, more I'd, be wondering eyes staring at them on the screen. What do they think What's going through their head, are they gonna snap, and I just was now really there with the receipt of jump scares. I don't know if it was her fault of the writing, and then you have these scene for, like Bill Murray, Getting the speeding ticket is an incredible five minute seen anything like our ways incredibly good way. We talk about the scene. I was in I was in on that same because you she just like basically Zack. I need for their Bomer Cook for four minutes. and he just did Bill Murray stuff around like the movies alive and then the movies not alive anywhere. We gotta talk about this saga, but we I want to answer a few to Jones question yet and I think part of the answer
in this in this in this scene, where they get pulled over in his speeding convertible by the Nypd, and we should just say just to make clear for, but he was now washes yet buildings. He is right. Outta Jones is Father in this film and she is basically confided to him, the chief instead, Marley Wade's is cheating here he takes it. Encounter runs with it. I don't know it's. A few is mining her own life. For this But I can imagine a more interesting movie in which Francis Board Coppola it's a couple. Right around the world trying to catch. Whoever is the vehicle is married to in infidelity, but in the meantime we get these two, and We say to answer your question about refuted Jones. The writing is not there for her. I've got that because what I do with movies like this, where you are still are gradually aware that that one of the people in this committee is not going to get to be
it's funny. As the other person you all advantages, she write a bitter laid on funny rate rate, but but you try to figure out as it is at the actors problem or is it the writing, and I owe my my two classic examples of this: are the solutions for them in their many? Let's just go through. Some examples were like the the is always the woman. It's never the man that has this problem. The men are all that they're always give our great comedians. Now have this problem with at least the material and the ability to survive, take material and in an sublimated into something greater than it probably is on the page. But women don't get to do that in its not because they So here are some examples in which women can, and this isn't quite sublimation. This is great writing, but let you go there Julie, Haggerty in loss in America, she's is funny,
He and she's got more surprises upper sleeve. Then he does. The writing is totally, there for her, and she, is there for the writing to to let her go regime needs to go Terry Gar in everything. Terry Gar is the great was you know, she's the greatest second banana, the eighties, had an emerald bonanza Windows heart for Letterman Guest, on top of it at the Essen BAR None orb bar three. I guess. Dana Davis in anything, were anybody. Let her be funny, notably quick change. A movie did not have to be funny in moving too. entirely work, but she is not cause. The writing is in there for her. She is, I want we do her career. Dont, even in which we had this argument. We did Fred three watch was, if you just switch the parts and make Gina Davis the lead, and you just me, Airbus is Underhill. The movies way better
I got so upset. Zayigo data word ecosystem that were emulate dockers. You know me Jim. There was a better moment sign in to see she's in touching for, like a no second there and she so good intercede. Also greater regard movie, also great Go Murray move right, Tutsi great american movie. You have not seen Tutsi? Oh, my god. I wish I could watch it next to you, but he did really well and now and then words and all that stuff that you're too, I was one of the Big movie Nathan. Eighteen, I don't ever watching allowed being shifted to see. If you know without uptight, everybody is two thousand twenty. If there were things in their that would make people upset. No I've watched you recently. It's it's. It hold. Is a perfect, perfect, perfect movie anyway, Russia, I love them only yeah. I I feel like shit not get a chance. This is this. What happened to carry Washington in that Chris Rock movie? I think, my wife, I just watch that like four weeks ago
and she's she's trying to put up forty seven points. Fifteen rebounds in seventeen assess Ed she's playing biology leaders, tough airborne, their air ball, I mean she's gone for it and I move either. Yes, yes, but she tries Abbot Gina Torres Gina Torres is the real victim in that movie. Writing was laid unitary, has no humor. Nothing to do. I hate movies, where you have a great comedian and the only person allowed to be funny is the great comedian. It's the Mariah. Carry music video win, fan problem, like everybody in a moray carry music. Video is leg like in all, like our funhouse, nearer and C is like looking slim and sexy whenever I else's leg tubby, not that will let you know it.
I love rikers outta, my theory, men beings, but she's a day, the strong rodeos. She data rigged the videos in her favour, like the old move of the people who have weddings, but they make sure there's no I've made who tops them better effect yeah. So I just feel like any time you ve got a good actor or an inn. Lasting person opposite one of our great comedians. I mean, is there a woman who is as funny is Eddie Murphy in a movie that he was also in? while my girl LISA, echoed backer whenever, Amazon. I was joined her couple seeds for she thought or it Eddie in the bed. oh god, oh yeah, yeah, acts of violence, no part of it on that did these items not it'll work is to learn and get it then Fred loved your letter. she d jones- I I don't know if, if, if you put like a major far and this part I think it's probably maybe it's like when resources Burne was in that James Halbrook, softball movie images.
he's. Gonna work could really get it done, but there's another one where the writing was there for her. I just was. The writing was good. Like all your hundred broadcasts news, another one, that's another. When does need to be money that Melanie Griffith Working girl. You can just go through all of these he's where I mean you know Harrison Forest on a great comedian. But so we recommend this movie other. Then it's always worth to watch a Sofia couple, a movie, but wait basically prepare to be so disappointed I did not like the last fifteen minutes, but I kind of couldn't believe the last fifty minutes. And my mom, I say that because I told my mom, like new sphere, copper movie, you know cause, she loves, lasted translation and surely furious after. Let's talk about the cops in real, quick, ok, so they get in the car, they go for a drive, the cops pull them. They could go for a crazy.
Because, like Bill, Murray is trying to chase yet Marlon wanes car because he thinks that they think that they're, like he's in a cab with the woman, this coworker these allegedly having an affair with what he said Two hundred thousand our nineteen sixty four Porsche gone through other New York City, potholes of ecstasy I don't know how that works. He discussed already. Isn't it must have another when some, where he can just throw that I'm gonna do it anyway. The police pull him over, they are very classic Nypd get at like just get like. You know, very aggressive. You know a ridge licence, patient please, and he is just proceeds to charm his way out of the ticket by conveniently knowing the father of the arresting officer or ITALY has not resting, and now this is his Oscar equip seen just so. You know, we'll you actually the Oscars on Zoom, and they will be showing this clip so be careful
watching the Oscars at that happened anyway. That is, this scene is supposed to be A charming funny ha seed were bill, Murray talk to the way out of a speeding ticket or whatever other ticket they're trying to give him I don't know how many things he's guilty of that scene, but maybe three anyway. He then the cop, is charmed by how much Bill Murray knows about the cops family he's very charming right, and so, when this ok and I'm on board with all of this right. Like I'm, I'm I don't. I don't like it, but I am curious to see us a vehicle handles right because you have to remember in the car of this hold encounter, is his black daughter who is sitting there, not saying anything. And when the scene is over. This is how you knew the writing is not, therefore, an actor. Like the writing, even know who the actor or the character is necessarily so
seen is over Bill, Murray's leg, you know giving like lights up as a movie star charms, this cop out of giving a ticket, if not worse and gets back into the car and parachuted Jones is only lied in response to all of this shenanigans is you must what a charmed life you must lead, or something like that. I must be nice having your life. This is a her fine. Seen rate this light. That's the end of the day. This is a man has been in her life, her in higher life. Will you are more or less like she should know what he's going to do and it gets the car. She knows I'm your father or or let's say this is set, and twenty twenty, or at least twenty like any time after two thousand fifteen would Would this be an opportunity to sort of like give your beer like obnoxious, super privilege, white dad stern talking, do I know? That's not a thing that, like like a light comedy is supposed to be doing, but
to remember this is also movie that is taking marriage somewhat seriously enough to have her in her dad equally pursue her husband, maybe having an affair with somebody he works with. So, if you're going throw this scene in your. Why not just give it everything you can throw at it, but she doesn't have anything to charm for her Sophia couple I mean is that you ve got this movie star, who can charm his way out of out of life with the police? Now, maybe we're supposed to into it from that that this is. This is what it's like this: how hard it is for white people to be pulled over by the police, I don't need data for that. I dont think they're going for that at all. Can I tell you my first rush ever was Rashid, Joneses Bomb tag he lived in Tahoe guys got. My first Her job and love of regulating yeah, the late great lay great pitiless regular. Yet we don't need to buy them of any more we get to But rushing to Jones, I wish the best for you, I I
I really like him. I just got it just wasn't a good part of that. Those her father. The writing about She money on black a she's, the only she's. The only thing I laughed at on that whole terrible ass show. Sorkin movie, we adds up I'd rather die on the rocks just quickly. You're sixty seconds on admission, I was seven, oh my dwell sixty seconds, I give you one. Why why I dont understand if. If you were to ask me what is the one subject that Erin Sorkin. How do I put this? what is the one american event that a pity Mises, these sort of liberal, the worst liberal impulses of Erin Sorkin in the the sort of least Alaska,
possible. Setting. I'm not sure this is making any sense, but, like now I gotta get event that is the most obviously Sorkin ask in its in its like corruption. Incompetence and court rules and immoral stakes a like via the courtroom, I would probably say the trial of the Chicago seven as an event, and I was, I have always been like quietly relieve the he never touch this, because You know they're, all these other aspects of american history and american life or like american subjects rate like the presidency, is a thing he returns to over and over again but here he does the most obvious thing you can do it makes this the and he doesn't seem have a real reason to have done it like don't know why this movie- I don't. I don't know what the
the sort of greater reason for him to attack the subject. I do mean attack. When you talk about or know why the people in the trousers Geiger seven were kids rate, they were old red. They were all young people, a couple of the lawyers and several but like Abbe, half and others too, but they were twenty five and under yeah yeah such bearing colonies. By answering all I hear, and then the guy from success I don't know how old he is, but he's at least forty Eddie Red. one and thirty, eight Eddied, the Eddie Redmain casting single handedly reduced the ceiling of this Before me, I thought he was completely overmatched. have no idea why he was in it, he's british he's too old and he a shady job in the movie. It's it's really. Second, her fact perfect storm. He hit a grand he hit for the triple crown of everything
why this movie? That part I have like Tom Tom, but also of complicated feelings for him, for this movie to work, though who is great, was Rhineland, says as we consider the lawyer. I'm never lets you do a nuance performance born partly with the right age of the guy right right, but I don't know it was felt it was a fresh, rightly movie, I'm glad I watch, but I left it like. Well, I mean Swedes, one of those movies were like nothing works. Everybody is it's like this is the worst version of this is this is the worst kind of I've seen like this since lines for lambs dreamer that their role How does a movie with Male Street and Tom Cruise is very, very important movie right, very weighty
one of the most embarrassing movies I've ever seen? That is also so it like part of the embarrassment is that it's such a liberal movie, he by a person we all know is a liberal, is like a right minded like right. Thinking like good quote, unquote good person, but the this sort of import of the material, is so it so important person making the movie that they can't see straight and so Redford is making a movie. That is all about. His is political. Ideology in many ways, and he can't.
It is the boy large and unless we talked about this for too long, the lines for the heads for they have should never be worthy thirty seconds outer package are so moving back. Did it to this orcan movie? I just think that thing. That's embarrassing about about this chick Argo. Seven movie is that there is no counter there's no countervailing force against Sorkin. His righteous anger, and I think that the reason that he can get away with some of these things, like the social network and and what's it like few good manner. The american president is this. You know Rob Reiner into those cases David ensure in another are there to essentially provide some some some zig to his that's great
like Reiner is working and generous in the first two movies, and you not because I dont think Sorkin is good at he's, not a good director for one. but he also need somebody to lake, contain the movie somehow rate like to put it in either the Box of the of the directors style rate. So you know. he needs a like, like an Elton John, his Bernie top it right. Somebody who can Amazing music with you know, pretty good lyrics, pretty good too, if not great lyrics it, but I don't that was the problem of this movie, though aid to beat, I think it was also badly directed. Why Who is it I eat? I would it then better if it was stupid, sober probably, but it to me, that's the whole point of the we as I this is revolution that is a sign of two people from this general, say new, wherein the protests and the doll thing like this. What a grub watching this thing to read and there's no youth in this,
movie that everything that was abandoned them in great point. That's a great voice, like a bunch of other actors, doing a stage play of the Chicago seven, whereas, like the idea of youth and energy, for this Cosette, But this whole thing was about. This is the culmination of this whole era. When you had all these, music bands and Crosby stills NASH and young and people like that and they're all wrapped up in this cause and and the judge represents. You know the old way of doing things and he's just a flat out racist and he sucks AIDS, is people deserve long hair frame Angela place them in the movie. Franco just pretty get here's the funny HBO made an awesome version of this in the in eighty seven. I think Oh yeah, it was one of the first great team, movies ever made, and when I was in high school, I watched a bunch of times. I just love that mainly Potemkin was was absent.
in an even though he is a little too out. He was awesome. Robert lawyer was consular pink Potemkin cancer consular progress in the council are concerned, but there's, there's really get it hairs, euins in it actors, and it just is it's just a more effective treatment. It stuck in the court room but still like, I got gotta safer, there's a whole generation that doesn't know about, like the Bobby Seale part. Well yeah. They basically mean that part was really affecting in that I dont mind that he tried to make the movie but a kind of she just written it. Let somebody else cast it. And maybe act it. I feel like the thing from I mean your point about the you think are even now to say about that. Accept your totally right eye.
hey. I there's something missing in this movie and it's like authenticity there's like there's. Like a real honest. It is not working for me and the idea that Joseph Gordon Levitt is maybe the youngest person in the cast. By far, I think I think maybe I abdomen teen is- is Is there the youngest people in them? So he's really good and then, though, his his his colleague who gets killed, which is a pretty famous black Panther death really get Google dive Kazakh outrageous when, in his shot that did yeah he's really good to hear the guy for Emma? Was it loose. or one of those other ones? What something that came out last year, which guy he's buddy, who gets killed, We have guy guy wasn't, but you know I watch this n. It really went out of my head. Is the other thing That guy valued accuracy yet
We hear of an heiress now was Calvin Hares and he's really good at them, Ovida out so much much worse, stated the Bobby Seale but Harrison side of this movie versus the people. I was supposed to be carrying about so anyone here. Let's talk about a movie, you, you loved. I think you love bad here yeah I did like this movie alive. This means that when we are- and on this I I I feel like I should say that it's on Hulu, by the way I feel on a jacket aids on Hulu here, the plot is british, is pretty simple, we're in nineteen eighty nine were at a corporate owned black entertainment, television, BT style Music programme network. and there are in the habit of Nepal, Abdul kind of music arrow. Yes, it's like the good queen of this era is Joe, are Jody
Lee and Jackson greater, I love this Sir one of my favorite, like periods in all of american Popular Music gal. Can we need to be addressed and the other side there's disobliged ongoing being guy is guys, like my fee, riband, appoint Teddy Riley's guy anyway, the thee The goings on behind the scenes of this network involve Vanessa Williams. We coming in in taking over the programming division of a company that is essentially owned by by Dawson Dawson's Creeks Vander, big yeah James Vanderbilt. Look great, he looks he looked yes, I agree with that
He stepped right after Dawson's Creek set Jesse rather Blazer men was it the movie. Looking look and fantastic. So is Vanessa volumes for that matter, even though she's got like a giant, I don't know what that is in her head. Were that's what the movies about. So at some point there is an executive assistant, there's indices, it there's a there's, a there's, a there's, a producer on this Network who is hoping for promotion? Vanessa Williams comes in and lay cleans house essentially, but gives this you know aspiring producer some advice, which is stop worrying your hair, natural you got to you got to get a look. That makes more sense for this, for the where this network is going and gives her some advice to like get her hair done and she goes the salon she goes to the salon to like get her to know. She's also got some residual hair trauma from getting her hair,
recent Nobel. I have to ask you: will let me finish supply, so she goes and gets her hair done. Basically in what that is, nineteen, eighty nine is getting a weave installed in your hair. You get somebody else's hair sown into your own here to get like long fancy expensive, looking locks that essentially are for our purposes white. or less black, but you know having a weave is itself a black experience. It is somehow like a Jason White Adjacent, but not at all white. It's the fast anything we can talk about a different show. So the hair is possessed and begins killing people. That's the movie it's hard to say one of these movies. That is creative, the set up. Weird you just watching a going. Twenty ministers. I had somebody think about this one
them said it in eighteen, eighty, nine there, these new wants to it that I was just really delighted by let it come up with this house stone did you have to be or how creative d have debated just met this out and explain that to whoever is paying for it. So here's by their its name today they died, I think be eighty type tv station. This lady has haired trauma from early in an hour hairs killing everyone. I can't Imagine how this got made, well I'd, really good. Somebody at some now I dont mean whoever at this is a Hulu thing just in Simeon, we should say, but I think he's got it out. This was this- was, I think, a movie that I think I'd like a citizen's measures and like that, I think, psoric and had the same issue. Where was that it was a movie for the big screen that got so to a streamer. I would have loved to have seen this movie with an audience
I really would have like. I was thinking. I hope I have the sort of our century and movie theater movie yeah. It would have been it would have, because I think that there's something just in Simeon is the writer and direct and the director he's the guy behind your white people, both the movie and vision show he is such a whit. He is such a good director he's a good writer, and I think that so for it for this movie, for like forty, two minutes? Is one of the smartest sat tires of american culture that I've ever seen? especially once you factor in the question like the issue of race and in class, and you know family essentially and beauty it. It also really understands the mill year of nineteen is music television rate. There is a look,
In order to have that, in order to be successful, you have to look like downtown Julie, Brown or Germany widely or pleasure principle era. Janet Jackson. our even thy J Pharaoh, who I thought I was pretty This file was like big data came his hair. Do is just perfect. It's like so night today that I loved it he's a he he's good and his costume in his great whoever did the hair and constantly on the show, Rob Oda. You are this movie. Bravo, you yeah, love that I like that the special effects, were kind of can't be and not like the conjuring You know where they spent like seven million hours and make it our hair kill. People is just a little more low budget, which I think of kind of fit in with the the movie yet mean. Essentially it Leah japanese horror movie set at be eating. Yeah so you have all these it. But you know it's funny because in the way that, like I, don't always understand why the horror is happening in in a Japanese,
Our south korean horror movie, I, holy understand what the horror, what the nature of the horror is in this film, but I own. I understand it because I am a blackberry We lived his entire life with black women, and I stand the cosmetics industry in relation to them, and so this is mystery. What the metaphor is for the hair and like why it's killing and like what it's about an the sort of ideological argument against the sort of like augmented beauty. The black women put themselves through. It is taking a stand on. What, in certain black household, is a controversial issue. You then I wonder like did you that way you watch this or was it like his mysterious? Do you guys I got it? I got there
like you don't need me to explain to you know I did. I is the same as a metaphor, but it was It was like a next level that, where he knew that we know is the metaphor, so he actually, when I thought deeper into it, I my biggest issue was the leader trust is fine. I lay yet let's talk about her. I kept watching this whole movie thinking this is the Ruby. I always wanted these arabian injuries day here you got here. I think that part was it there's a funny next to it, that I don't feel like she totally tapped into who beat you had to feel almost like. I was up it's a horror com, We should add enough. We said that the top right, you're right, it's very funny for forty two minutes- is very funny. I just thought I'd IVO. I still there's a the greatest array movie. That's gonna happen at some point.
What it is that I don't even know if it would have been this, but I do that kind of performance that I wanted. You don't think so I mean she just got a she's got to let her guard down her guard is up. They have got internet now. I don't I don't know what it is but like it is very frustrating to just see all these all these performers. Just let go like Vanessa, while in this movie like leader weight is, is this as a small part as one of the host on one of these shows and her Anders, meaning of who this character is just by the hair. She has is so great I really like to take. Can we talk before we go? Just give me twenty seconds on MAC. Everyone went nuts, venture to re, read it each year. Concur you little doubt it's really good! Ok, it's really!
I did not cure, I did not watch the movie wanting to see it like. I just didn't. None of it into. I mean the history. The Hollywood history interested me, but like I'd rather get that from a book in many ways that I've read all about this era. There are some good. I mean there's good reading to be done about it, but it is such like it is such a measurably, intelligent movie. And it's not Fincher, there's no to the east. There's ideology in this film. It is really about the difference between a writer and a director What a writer can do that a director cat in and what a director can who, in a writer can't the movie was written by finishers dad Joseph yeah and the screen play is Oh my god, it really makes you want. Screenwriter to return to the Centre of american moviemaking again it is such a great peace are right. it's so witty, and so well,
structured and not afraid to sort of take up the structure. A citizen Kane while also differ anybody's. There's a movie about Herman, make allowances. writing citizen, Kane and night than in the early nineties fortys and it jumps back and forth between the thirties. When he's yeah, you know sort of at the height of his powers and the nineteen forty three sort of like washed up and drunk on end in you know just burning. As bridges, I'm in pursuit of as he's writing, citizen Kane, one of the great movies ever made, and it just is not afraid to be his, The citizen Kane had some good if you wish it well. So you got that. I really want anything mark as I haven't seen yet. I don't want to know anything. I just what I will say I'll just say that I am a man to see freed as married Davies is.
Jesus Christ Amanda see Freed added. No, I'm a man to see from what the Hell Rio yeah, I feel like shortly. soon I could have a very long Amanda C4 conversation. so good in this movie, she's oh, so I waited as something yeah. I'd never ever saw my stock. I kept it for ever yeah. I mean I watch this movie and, like other, if you ve had this this year, but, like you, I've spent a lot of my movie writing at the paper. Writing about the past at all, and I in this movie is set in the past, but it's the first thing that I've seen since You know the pandemic started. An eminent batty hair does is a tiny bit but like in a much different and less powerful way, but it just order restores my face, in moviemaking.
It made me excited to go back to a movie that people like really worked hard to make from top to bottom, and all that work is apparent unlike the worrying I'm just the language that people get to speak to each other it is. It is such a pleasure to watch. Well, really, really is. I hope we get to hang out in person at some point. Who knows who knows when the country is a lot more normal that I was a guy say I If you ask, for your bill has never felt more true than a like. You know that song is, I know the reason trying to take people's might offer a basketball movies and tv for the last two hours. Good luck out. Their good luck to you in New York was good to see you as always- and I see it still, processing is the package that was on and he still for the New York Times as well. Do that we'll be back
there's, this path, ass with that knowing dollar, picks and hopefully on properly be nice, peaceful Thursday They say that their thanks from your mouth, the gods, ways.
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