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The NBA’s Next Generation With Wosny Lambre, Vaccine Hesitancy With Derek Thompson, and Sharon Stone’s First Appearance


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons is joined by Wosny Lambre to discuss the new generation of NBA stars, fans of teams vs. fans of players, favorite and least favorite NBA players, and more (2:45). Then Bill talks with The Atlantic’s Derek Thompson about the U.S. COVID-19 vaccine rollout, American vaccine hesitancy, returning to pre-COVID-19 normalcy, the CDC, and more (51:00). Finally Bill talks with legendary actress-producer Sharon Stone about her new book, 'The Beauty of Living Twice'; some of her past films including 'Basic Instinct,' 'Total Recall,' 'The Specialist,' and 'Casino'; working with Hollywood royalty like Sylvester Stallone, Robert De Niro, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Martin Scorsese, and Michael Douglas; making documentary films; and more (1:26:00).

Host: Bill Simmons

Guest: Sharon Stone, Wosny Lambre, Derek Thompson

Producer: Kyle Crichton

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For the need on the haystacks Ziprecruiter, the smartest wet iron right now you can try zip recruiter for free, had secured outcome such bs once again, member good as it could accomplish. Bs rest Reggie by the ringer dot com, as was the Ringer podcast network. New Ree watches, went up lethal weapon to new podcast launched We she Serano and jinx. Oh yeah, Shane, James branded Jenkins- God no skips there is breaking down some iconic hip, hop albums, one at a time download. It now go to Spotify download that baby and you'll get everyone as soon as it's coming. I went on sports cards, nonsense with go and Jesse on Monday and we broke down all the NBA cards and MBA playoffs and
how they intersect and best bargains and all that stuff. So you want to hear me talk about basketball cards for an hour. That's the place to do with sports cards. Nonsense. Our sports cards podcast, which is excellent. Coming up going to talk to big was wasting lambry about of basketball, we're going. I talk to Derek Thompson from the Atlantic about vaccination slow down, we'll call it and then Sharon Stone the goat she's coming on to what a
That's all next, first Pearl jam, all right. Big water was on lambry. He joined the ringer last week and he is a met jet fan, which is near and dear to a couple of people that we have here, but you're a basketball agnostic. This is you're saying this is like a generation. Thank you you've transcended teams, you root for excellence. You root for players, explain yourself. Well what We have been in this our hopes fanatic from basically five years old, six years old, right, and is because of Michael Jordan and Nike
gate. Arrayed in all of them, propagandizing us to believing that this guy was a God which he basically was on. A basketball court must first, Sports memory is the ninety. The finals. I was six years old and I remember my older brother and older sister being distraught and I remember being confused like how could anybody root against Michael Jordan and then I realized well they're miserable nicks fan so later on. I realized why they were so pissed off at but yeah. I was so obsessed with hoops from her. The age, and I wanted to be excellent at Hoofs and Jordan defined excellence right you know RON, Harper and Greg Anthony didn't really inspire that in me. As you know, in New York City Aspire, point God right yeah? I was a Jordan guy. I rode for Jordan, when Jordan retired I basically just started liking. Whatever I felt like was fun to watch and that was it. But everybody in my life are huge Nick sense,
Well, that was an amazing decision. I mean some would argue, that's probably your smartest decision, you think about all the nicks paid you avoid it like he would have been the last twenty years of your life would have sucked well I compounded that problem by becoming a Mets and a jets fan MIKE, be at Absolutely is responsible for me becoming a Mets fan, because I started watching, for the summer. We got MIKE Fox and I was obsessed with mighty artist, so it his fault that I'm a miserable MEDS van and each others look to you. The judge it was Kiehtan Johnson when he dropped the book any call Wake Rebecca jets. Mascot I was at home, this dude, I need to roof for this guy, and so I became a jets fan because of Keishan Johnson. Just give me the damn ball big tuna, the whole MEL O'Donald. It was right right as we're getting out of Nero Donna. We bought Vinny Testaverde old as in, and
killing. You know any testaverde is partly responsible for why we have is the reply. He rang. A Kubi sneak against the sea ox and it was his health. That went over the land, not a ball, and everybody was up in arms were year. Doubt that that was my that's when I became a judgment was Quichua Johnson. That era well this rooting for the player, not the team thing. I didn't really fully notice this and I was about basketball through two thousands, but when the bran went to miami- and I went to the first my South Ex game in Boston, which it was in either the first or sex Emma care member- and there are just two maybe he's fans there were in the branches, and I was like my dad and I were like what the fuck is going on, but where did Miami heat fans come from they've been in the league for twenty years? There's no pot and then we realized, like they were basically Lebron fans. Thank just fall into Miami, and I do feel like that is the biggest thing
they went out? The ramifications from the decision, that's kind of the underrated one that was the first time fans moved behind a prayer and followed that where to wherever, he was gonna, go and now just feel like that's the leagues. If you love the rant, you're falling when an I noticed, my son, my son, really likes lamella ball. He probably likes lamella ball. More than the Celtics I'm not going to get upset about it. He just gravitates toward the players, but you feel, like that's, your generation that started well be, gives our generation that really started at big with the The amount of video games that you can get, starting with the Le Bron generation, helps fuel that right. It's just NBA, on NBC on Sundays, where you get to watch the guy once you get to follow these dudes all round, and not just on the court with social media. All of that stuff, like can for myself right in two thousand to I
been a sophomore in high school when ESPN started, profit banding me about Lebron James, this kid from Akron who The junior could be the number one taken. The draft- and I myself was a high scooper, unlike all the kids that was six eight in high school could barely chew and walk, chew, gum and walk at the same time. Much less have handle, have hops, have court vision like it. Just you never Somebody like their swords, eyes, Cooper, She's gone like it can't be possible that somebody can this good and be a high school That's when I sort of fish into the Lebron thing right. So like as a kid I got propagandizing to Jordan, A teenager espionage is chosen, one all that stuff. I just fell right into images. You know started following the Bron from then yeah wonder soberly types of generational stuff but I wonder if you're just a ring,
seven year old right now who The easiest way to gravitate for their toward an that's one of the reasons we wanted to talk about. The generation staff were like between generations right now and you text like what do you want to talk about and like I want to talk about this new generation, that's basically about to grab the league by the balls. You can feel it potentially happen in this playoffs. But you think, like I wrote some names down like the Yokich, okay, Jason Tatum you're going down the line. These are Jason Tatum. Well I like too, because he's on my favorite team- I'm sorry I'm in here in the conference finals last year, but these twenty five and under guys they do feel like a distinctly different generation. Then, curry generation Moran whereas, like that, encourage generation. They feel like two different ones, but there's a lot of overlap with the two things, but this for the first time these playoffs.
We're about the head into them. I think you- and I both see this. This feels like the playoffs. That new generation may grabbed the season by the boss aware what fascinates you just about that concept won't first all you mentioned a decision and I'm not going to be the first one to make this point, but that's kind of like the big bang of this era of the NBA right, like everything that everything We're doing right now follows after the decision, whether it be what Katy did in Brooklyn by you know, with carry and getting James harden over there or just the sort of for our cycle, of MBA coverage. It like the NBA didn T, come this three sixty five sport until the decision right. I can remember myself being a sort of sports general is that was obsessed with college football. I was obsessed with college basketball. I was obsessed with MLB B Et Cetera, etc, etc. The decision happened. It was like no I'm not paying attention to anything else anymore
but the NBA is the only thing I can think about. I remember you know ESPN getting cloud for the heat index, but guess what they as for me. I was on that every day I was reading on evades wind whores while its have a show every single day. They'd that happening basically in Everything that we're doing now it so Leubronn has been the focus we have all the drama or the end. Big league, whether it be what he's doing in Miami with you know The road gains in Memphis, we're fans alike, kissed often is like how admit this balance is that look round like the story was so nuclear. It has field everything right and then goes back to Cleveland, of course, and it becomes the coming home blah blah blah gold is. What on fifteen and sixteen improbably comes back any you know the prodigal son. Returns in all. It is kind of stuff delivering and then, of course, he goes to allay, but in the meat
golden state. Was that thing they took it from me? You could sell abroad felt away about gold. Is they become the centre of the NBA Universe, but at anchor and encourage and hurry scares Gordon Liddy, curry specifically, but the same time goes day, and I know my warriors friends can be, madam you for saying this. They undercut themselves with the key thing. As the story became less compelling when it became the inevitability, the warriors right on they so like this so kind of got watered down and not that people didn't still watch because the Bay area is so in the warriors were still a story. You didn't have the juice that twenty sixteen got, nothing, recovering from that the fact that, even if you true or not, as people say well, that rocket series could have went any other way. Perception wise. Nobody ever thought the warriors we're gonna lose so is sucked The entry out of everything happening in the and now that we're out of that we're coming out of then were caught in the fog of like. What's
story now, and I think the story is whether Janius and the rest of these guys are going finally be able to tell K Kd step, I got step aside We are the ones that are doing this now yet since thing Is this probably happens last year if we don't have the pandemic right, it's Lebron, holding on to the throne basically and guys from his generation a tiny bit later. The new generation wasn't quite ready yet, but they are ready to at least make their appearance on the big stage. But I have some of these guys. You know that Murray thing hurts Denver something from a big picture. Standpoint LUCA feels like he could beat anybody for one round. That's it yeah This is the one I guess from Yanina bead from the new generation. If we're talking so the generation,
tat cause. It can go one or two ways. I try to sketch out trying to figure out if it was just easy to do like ten year chunks, but right. You know like like to me, like Coolby Iverson, Garnett, pier stunk in Tmac, Allan, Naster NASH, Dirt, that's a generation yeah, that's like within! four drafts. We have this new classes, people and then same thing. Like Lebron Wade, Carmelo YA, Howard CP, three, all within three drafts three and a half drafts of each other, including you and they are going to come in and it feels like our aid. The league starting a change was turning it away from those ninety guys. Didn't you have that Durrant row hard and curry love dare grows guess you could say is, could be part the brown generation- or you may say that the young generation they gotta, be more elaborate monks. This whole thing up by extending his freakin primed to eighteen years right leg. He rifles to be cook Pisa, to be Carmelo. Coming off the bench
not wade sitting on somebody's inside the NBA set now right, but he mucks up the entire conversation by having this ridiculous extended, prime, which, by the way, they even the brand new, he was going to still be able to be this good. This in his career, because when he went back to Cleveland the talk was listening, I'm getting along in the tube I'm going to pass it. The care x, Y and Z, like it felt like he genuinely thought that but then he's like still killing people and finals empty piece. You know two years after even signing with Cleveland changes the whole dynamic and, of course signing with the perfect complement to what he does in a d also helps extend their prime, but I think that's. The problem with the brown is, He defies sort of generations because he's been the focal point since two thousand and seven so is increasing. Karim was as I have another. Karim generation, which you
you can really call it an hour, cinder generation, cream generation, the sinner generation. Handsome back would ease the sender and it's him. Earl Monroe, Western sowed, Spencer, Heyward, tiny, Archibald, Elvin Haze like their distinct thing, but then the Karim generation is that criminals and its cream doc talons Bear ravage back do artist Gilmore Mcguinness in that kind of feels like a distinct thing and then, like Julius, has his group, where it's like Julius Moses Thompson, Gervin Walt and Westfall, Marcus Johnson, but you go down the to where we are now and I do feel like an bead Booker Mitchell. Luca immense train on ways and means we put in farming and thrown out the motto: cancer that I'll get him in tray on Tatum, YO, kids. They feel like a kind of up for that. Of a better word and extended class weblike o this feels like now
an me demand, even though bead was drafted in fourteen and was yoke like, I didn't, really become, but they became to the latter half of the decade, and now it feels like that's the generation it's going to this league for better and worse after the previous guys start to get old, one hundred percent, and I think this season is the proof of that. When Yoke It has been on the floor and indeed has been on the floor. These have been legitimate, envy p level seasons in unison, chat earlier and I don't want to throw Derek rose under the bus, but you ha season is not Derek rose and twenty eleven? This is legitimate and vp level play like disguise playing at a level of some of the greatest bigs in the game, thinking beat has actually even been better when he has been on the floor, he just just to to miss a bunch of games, so the proof is Putting these guys are playing at dominant Mvp. Level in you know yoke
I think people are talking about all. I want to see it in a play. I'm sorry, ass! All the players last year, you what the clippers up and down a damn court. Two years, a book of both policies is he's been awesome, his eye, twenty six and forty eight by us about that. So he's there, no Yokich is there, and you mentioned Maria it's unfortunate. What happened with the injury, because you know stay traded for Gordon. In the way that thing was Javelin Mouselike Wall yeah. This is gonna, be pretty fun. Can scaring the players, as in like they can legitimately beat the Lakers and the clippers out west. They can beat anybody they play in the finals. Now, Murray got hurt. A little bit of lustre has take off because they don't really have the perimeter one or one creation anymore, because annulled reported juniors at that level of play off one on one shot: creation, but yeah your kitchen and a one hundred percent is good and dominant. In the big spots, as anybody else and I think Janius, even though he is two thousand thirteen draft,
I think he gonna get shoehorn with this generation verses I beat the generation before was. Was anything Davis, Dame carry Clay, Hawaii Paul George Jimmy Butler, which is based like in three drafts you get all those guys goes is in that draft. I don't feel like he's in that. I feel like he's like I look at this and it's basically YO package LUCA Yon is leading the way and what are those for I am a common right. None of them are american players right they're, all kind of unicorn in their own way, and the only guy missing his poor Inge who had bad luck with injuries, but he would have been in there too. One hundred percent and TAT is why I think you gotta say you gotta. Stand him out. He was plain and why and see a league in Greece right leg, long developmental curve, even ragout draft that he was young and the level of petition. Just wasn't there, but his rise. You see
a single year is adding adding adding getting better and better. His body is getting more developed into where he is now. You know a diamond. Player in a league, but yeah would agree with you acted. Yon is even oh yeah Draft at the same time, is them is developmental sort of cod if you will start, is a little bit later, which you know, which is to be expected when he was plain against a bunch him again. Makes in Greece So I wonder at of that group who had the chance, the kind of own that generation so again go and beat in unison, yoga Jean Luc Eyes, like the kind of that the highest, and then you go next level would be the Booker Mitchell Tatum, all those dudes to remember, like we're, going to remember the the Marquis, the best guys, we're in remember, Leubronn and and Korea any bill Russell beyond his generation and gone down the line. I wonder, You bet on out of those. For that will look back ten years.
Now, because my bet would be LUCA just cause, I think, is the safest bed of the four, Yes all for me, if we're not count, injury luck in all of this because I think, obviously injury sort of always looms very large overture. Well in beads, you know what right, but I think that has the factor that decision. No, because your betting, I, who do, I think tat, now we're going to member the most and he's the least safe bet, because I don't know how many games he's going to play right but at the same time he's the only one one be dominant on both ends. Right on both ends, my one man, defence and one man, orphans he's the only one of that group will. You can actually say that about right. So I think if I wasn't The the I are definitely go and be because I just think he makes you top five in defense by showing up and offensive you cannot cover him with one guy period
Amy's now made his game efficient at all three levels, whether it be low, pose mid range and out at three right, so that to me that combination is the more special of of all of them because of what he does defensively. But that being said, LUCA has the friggin ball in his hand, all the time and its high For me, too, remember what he did to the clippers last year in a play on words like the two. Scare, his wing defenders in the NBA onward team LUCA is like give me the ball. They can't do shit with me right. Look, it's gonna be the one that ultimately stance name on the league in such a way. Because again you can't stop him from scoring and play, he's a generational, playmaker, yeah, it's funny, you know the guys compared to a bunch of different guys from the past
bird is one of them because of visibility to score. Do a play, make all the things I thought it was the hair. Well, maybe that from a personality. Standpoint he's very young burnish first five years bird was not exactly a stand up. Comedian and I would say LUCA that either the one who has the personality is indeed yeah is the one that you know it's funny that he wasn't born here, because he feels like the most american of all these nodes in the way he uses social media and his interview and the way he fucks with people like really Lesbian Shack like a lot of them. If he does and his dismissiveness with with rivals and their love, their certain people, he just hates the music amber destroy under german today, you gave us bothers me: that's the kind of shit jacket, so I think I'll be there.
I was fond if and became the guy, but I just I'm with you. I worry about the durability, stuff yeah, and you know and LUCA right now- I think one he does. It feel comfortable with English, as indeed clearly does right. Like indeed understand- American English, an american humor like he gets the top. Of a marriage really weird is there that it's insane, because you know like my hair, immigrants right like the immigrants from Haiti. So this is so haitian sense of humor and sensibility that I understand I grew up. Now, but I also you know in american pop culture that, like that's, what is more native to me right Joanna Beadlike Complete, the understands american humor American Culture Howard you're supposed to go at somebody in an online platform versus how you do it in front of a bunch of reporters in front of a crowd like he's is: has a facility with how to communicate there is this. You know nobody else can come
not just think LUCA. I don't think he felt comfortable in that role being the sort of holding court being the focal point of attention. I don't think he feels comfortable with his English here, but I think he might get their brain, like you said your well is he's he's got it all LUCA Turk. Was this way within here for dark for years in the dirt solely became? Might this kind of stuff funny guy that Yoke and saying that that one eye. I dont know why the passing has caught on and a more fun way, especially with the way social media works and justice, how brilliant he is as a passer did the demand a difference. For the season had which you mentioned earlier. Like it's been really weird to me, I don't understand why people don't aren't like bowing author of this crazy season is having inside their societies of the early very is
bring it back to like twenty fifteen twenty. Sixteen, when staff was getting all the praise right and I can tell you like as a black dude step is black, but the way in which the media was falling over staff. I don't know why made me feel uncomfortable, There is something like this. The times. I heard media members called Steph. Curry relatable made me we like white, do just like the guy you so reliable. Some relate Bilbil idea. Crystal was it reliable? You know, played the deuce before wasn't related. Will there was just something strange if something it just came people a weird feeling that think on four. Naturally this. Thing is happening with yoke huge. I people are suspicious of this idea of, like all big doughy white guy, who has all the fundamentals down pat and is a great pastor and play, and all of that I think people are suspicious of you know.
And I can admit of my own suspicions of yoke each. I used to call him joke each because I just to say his name right. I was like first of all, you better play some defense as a center before I start saying your name right, but you know I, I share all at once. I watched him in the play and you realize noble can guard this guy one or one. You literally can't put a single guy on him. Did you send to he's picking you up They disguise the most unstoppable weapon in weight to me crunch times specifically when the game is tight here, the best current in a league emerging in like Egon. Our view of how ever you want. You can do it from elbow if you want to try to switch some little puny. Little guard on him. He's gonna put em underneath the freakin basket. He has pick impalpability. He can they watch them. I Will you just takes due drop? The dribble does is low, spin moves on board shuffled like and then again
if you send help, he is going to pick your ass a part. This is the most lethal offensive where in the college that we have in today's game. I just think people honestly haven't watched it in the right spots. Even against the Lakers. There was that game where, Guardian down stretch and aid, is to me when he's on the best defender invalid. In the past we gotta Guard yoke is right. Because he's so long he's so quick. He can bother them in so many ways and you'll get yours like I'm, going to take my time, I'm going to freaking my body on the to back them up and gonna get my little jump. Look off right. I just think skeptical of the way the praise happen for yokes with all the passing in all the beautiful game, and you know a certain amount of people start getting behind, and other people start lifted eyebrows, like I think, step is still suffering nothing, why you see players dont grand towards giving stuff to love. I think he's getting it now. Finally, but when it was
happening in twenty fifteen. I think a lot of people. It felt like all the visa family may like this. The first family made. The first question is this: it will just so strange the use of praised, as does God forbid, his parents, come to the game exactly he's got periods of what light like there was nothing really that special about all the other stuff that wasn't how great he was on the court, but it kept coming up and people responded to be like men is fails. We base gain, is love now so was good and at the average will eventually to we think started out as a one hundred percent genuine thing, and I agree it probably when a little sideways format about a little brown fatigue to people just tryin to the jump on who the next sky was all that stuff. You made a good point with the oak. It's about the crunch time stuff. I think I trust him more in Croatia.
Then anyone with the possible exception of Durrant amateur judged by this way when he has the bar and they need a basket. I'm surprised when he doesn't get the basket baby. Is measured by that like who is the most rising when they don't come through. With fifty seconds left, he's number for me and I think the ranch number to three healthy you're in it's so crazy because he's their centre night. Used to watch and constant plays me call for sentence. But again this guy can attack from twenty five feet out not going to do it in the traditional way back, shaded back, you thou start from out, then again. If you try to send somebody he's gonna pick you apart and I watched him make so many clutch baskets in the last over the last three season. So the point where I'm just like this is just what he's going to do he's going to get big buckets in big moment ever. Single time is so you again
Playoffs. I think you know used to be a really really bad defender and now he's fine. You know usually around the rim he's alive, escape. He tries exactly. He has quick hands, that so he's not a complete, save but both sea in a play if the right team, argued him and make it a problem for Denver, we're gonna, take it break and then I want would ask you about your least favorite. It's I sms podcast, brought to you by zip recruiter. Great team started great talent, but finding the right people can be a challenge, if you're, a business owner whose hiring lack look fell right now margin the patriots trying to rebuild their crappy team They do. They spend a lot of money in free agency. They kept. Their draft picks. Try to do some lives there and tried to rebuild things on the fine. It's really heart. Well, when you posted jabbered, zip code, get Senator
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I spent so many years. Fighting ok see fans about us. And then just like the defence in all, it is in Russia and Russia in rats and brought the second was going. They were like. Now you was all bullshit, so uproar words were finally vindicating. All of us who were like yell, this guy is making people lose games. Man, I think the light bore for me went off the last three games and twenty sixteen guess golden state. He will Jess brutal he wasn't a hero of the quite Thompson game. Over quite opposite was brutally light Bob. When often because I was like you Know- governance, the series of like hell. You can't play dream on at the five. Would garlic Russ Attack in the basket? Vienne worries that, yes, we can we.
No problem switch. You dream on our onto him clay, town seeking guardian very adequately. We benefit. Let us do what he wants to do an affair When you talk to people around the team and the deed. Who covered the team. The worries plan with the let ruts cook, ok, see and that's it really what he did. So he was for that reason Prove me right. I think the guy that honestly rubs me the wrong. The most is Rudy GO, bear Oh, I like that's, ok, there's! Never let a really go. Bear conversation on this package so excited brought, when he cried about the damn all star game, then blame it on his mom and I got it all good authority that he talked to yeah statisticians. Yoda was a block that was it Stella he's that type of cap are undecided, Rudy may lay like that that whole I didn't make the Thirteen yet yet might seem thought enough for me to give me a max deal. Yet I'm still here crying. That's is wrong.
The wrong way men. I just don't that debt mentality and attitude towards the game, and I want to sound like some freaking crotchety old man or whatever, but like that debt, rob me to run away his approach to all of you. Noticed something about Julia. I don't want to be like xenophobia can call it. The french thing. I've done that in the past that the spoke ass our judges have Rudy is somebody for me the wrong way- and you know I never be afraid to say the Cairo stuff. You know the freak no, the shock rose in the end, the friggin that the incense burner before a game in the soup intellectual quotes in Almaty Consider media in its flight yell Brown, though its high this? Don't you the deal I over the top end like trying. Your heart is to be some tightly
the visual low, whatever I'm an artist and all it s like lead it that's dove, whereas on might be because From New York and I've been around that kind of stuff but lie like there's, a huge culture of incense burning type of people in New York you know, but like cares act kind of wears me, then I'm not going to lie. Obviously he's a genius on the court. You know my man in actually a mine Hassan who's, my close home. He was like YO, we might be the most skilled player and then be a history when you'd. Well, his shooting his boy and illegal footwork like skill. There's never been any body with more skilled work inquiry as far as the craft is concerned. He should be commended for that for all stuff. Outside of that, just kills me dude. I his other than Jordan, who I think is the most cruel edit human being ever right
carry second I've, never seen a more coordinated vascular where other than Jordan, like the fact that his left body can replicate all the left side of his body can do we, the right side of his body, can do it is like a fucking alien, I really understand it. The way finishes at the cup, while being, one with no hops getting his shot up over trees at you? Never get blocked at the cup the evidence- is it credible on what he's able to do on the court. Obviously he's a browser You know all day all mumbo jumbo disputes on a grand, and you know I just care do such a thing as all of his teammates get Stockholm censure with them. Is there anyone the celtic sake? You know he basically com we created in Milwaukee Series like it's really bad by gets. You can go back and watch the clips. If you don't believe me, people create and play when it and then is
May I see him and there they couldn't be more excited a hug and damp up. The whole thing is a site that the greatest experience ever likely the team miserable there is. It was inquiries follows others took gonads. What other stuff you handle a rat superstar leader. At some point. We have two point: two with the best where the slash leader is then the stuff broken this year? We Joe Harris on CC spot and we ran the clip. And social. He told this story about carry like. What's it like the Pope. Carry any told this story which I think was meant to signify it's great to poke Tiree. But it's basically leg You know what come down with strategy and then sometimes Kai will be like fuck that I'm just going to take my guy off the dribble and we're like yeah you're right you're, the best and I'm thinking like
It's your Cairo glorious. Is he your restore? Haven't you he's just good, audible, so bad, but he's a great debate. I think he's the wild card of this whole place. He could single handedly submarine, Brooklyn Single highly, I think of James- plays at a relatively healthy pay like level. Focus he'll, be the one manning the ship in charge, James Hardened, as far as the table set it to do that and they carry. I would send it out like a Zack, lay on a lay a cat, his role in Cleveland will a Brown was perfect right. You have no other responsibility, but to give buckets now asked you to do a little. Anything else, but school when the ball is handed to you and that's his ideal role that now worthing players Of course, we specifically like elite guises, cause what we mentioned before he saw, skilled they watch him. They say I can't do that and players speck, nothing more than I can't do it. I wanted
Best people in the world at this thing in this guy does twenty things that I could. Never dream of doing, I think that's what the respect and the sort of good will that he engendered Jesse so Freaking skilled that the most skilled players in the world. Look at him! He's say: wow: how can one person be able to do all of those things so effectively? Yeah? That's it. I'm trying to think of other I'm in a really have to work on my list of random players who annoy me. The gaubert thing was great: I don't know why he annoys me so much, but even those watching you tackle and state last night- and you know he won't come out past a certain point for the guy who's, the defence of where the law allegedly only go like twenty two feet away from the basket re in Koreans. In the go ahead, bask in the game. When a bucket cause dream on as the ball, they run a little half step. He comes back. Let's can go, bears too far away from it,
It buries curry's guy with a devastating screen, come out of the way place have to come out. Sorry, this isn't going to look good for your defensive player of the year resume, but you're going to have to come out guard curry yeah, I agree, think he's he's probably annoying. I gotta say I love Chris BAR on Progress bar none he's had an amazing career but he's fucking annoying. Sometimes a without either the copper games. This jumping around thing the initiating when he throws he's driven the ball, but he's a yeah. I respect it because he's trying to set the tone, but at the same time a part of me wishes that he would turn their back by ten percent, but he is who is at? This point? Is an old been yeah, I mean you know. I respect Chris Paul and I love Chris Paul in Chris Paul, a bit of a Chris Paul trooper in certain respects.
I've also never had the work with the guy. Yes, oh here is one of those things where you know we get see all that stuff that he does is positive. As far as the task manager attention to detail. All of that kind of stuff we think Great causes lie while look at this guy who so up on his in his duties. But when doing it on a day to day basis season a season basis with him as a covert I can see that my great on some people on, but, oh you know, prevent we didn't talk about Griffin. I am probably griffins back to his back to the feeling like a fish and pretending he just got impaled by a bite. And he didn't kind of totally he's back to all his so trick. Bill. I had this thing that I used to call the was cape all stars where I withdrew. My cable
and start rooting for ensuring for guys who became like pariahs, yeah internet indisposed public like to name a few Harry bonds. A ride to why I tried with the why? How would he doesn't work? You did it? Lay you like that to do the contrarian thing, but he is just so freaking. Annoying like it just didn't. Work but Blake Riven with whom I had the Dodo cakewalk as people kept, calling him unskilled. Oh, The work on his game like this do add something every single year be the handle the jump shot that kept going out and went from seventeen to nineteen to three point range. The passing of MIKE this dude is a very skilled player, but he his rep, specifically on the internet, about being this unskilled? letting you know sort of brute, so I do want to cape for so just because I still had the cable form way back in fourteen thirty
fifteen, I'm still going to reserve the cake. Blake is still one of my guys, I'm not going to throw them out there like that. Alright who's, your most annoying coach right now. Do you have one there code that just bugs you. Pretty Carlo. Because he has s loss of humor you never ease. Never laughing love is falling. Why are you so miserable Ricardo Series leave right? You ever approaching Berkowitz kinda Lucco, with no overlap at all. Why you so it happened. I haven't a humor word he's, so damn serious all the time you know and ask that that that is not for me, the Syria, to oversee seriousness. I I can't I can't do it ended the homey and in in Indiana, who's the guy who
I'm worried about a guy discouragement ass. They neared the men some of the articles about that guy were pretty nuts How do you hire somebody just based on their offensive system without trying to find out if it? to interact with other human beings. I thought that was odd. You know what else would always gets Mason stood cause. I think so much. His course has been Thirdly, the nerves of one and not to say that I'm not wanted a nurse. I love the stats and analytics and all that in people that being right is enough. Bill. Your married young old Just cause. You're right doesn't mean get to walk your argument into your discussion with your wife like, but I'm right none and another. Nor does it go like that. It's a people, business there needs to be a level of effective communication. So you can have all the great systems and schemes and all If you want, if you can effectively communicate to the guys on your team, none of
matters right like that's. Why, I, like you, gotta, look at where money booms is doing. Cleat. Excuse me a phoenix achieve your captain, because those guys please with the ever level as far as execution of what their being asked scheme, on a night tonight bases so consistently you give it up to Monty Williams, he's effectively communicated to these guys what they need to do you're doing it right like the black does the classic examples like nobody, Saint David bled, doesn't understand basketball, but this guy can with such an eagle cause it did in Israel. Bro. This is not going to work for you here in the NBA like to not have that emotional intelligence and self awareness, that's way. Bigger part of the job is an NBA coach, then x in or yet spanish thing watching Stephen struggle at this. The past. I mean I've had decision.
For now and now it's finally, mercifully probably editor to stray play in losses, but it ever their seven guys their best. Seventy I get all that stuff, but I think, he's a really good coach, watching him. Not figure had approached his team and get in the play hard at first quarters, which seems like the most simple job of a co trade: hey guys, let's go they're not be done by twenty at the end of this quarter. Can we can pull that off and they well behind by twenty thirteen times already. Here, which is impossible and now MIKE, is any You could coach because Monny Williams was in when he was in New Orleans. I was like this guy's, not a good coach. Now I watch Monny Williams in Phoenix. I'm like this guy's such a good coach like right. So how do we even fix and whose good coach other than Erics bolster, I think Stevens thing is a little bit different in the sense that his best players have played in really big games. Lady. I understand why they don't get up for every
single regular season game right, they play In games that matter like their human beings, they know the difference between games that matter and games that dog There is a sort of you, no knowledge that they recruit over the years from all. It is time spent in the players and then sorry, Danny Ainge, you put together a shit roster. Sorry, the bench the back into this roster outside of the stars. Were terrific bill. You watch this team all season long, they freakin terrible, so It sounds like when you watching the Lakers, for instance early in the season before Lebron and ad sort of downright very playing full two, but there's actions at the game. We're danish router can just take over the orphans where monsters how you can run a bunch of picking roles, room and let him do what he does look. Cancun and not have to go one or one. Just orchestrated set guys up and you're getting eating up
machines without your best guys exerting themselves in you know ridiculous. Swings right in a regular sees again because the back in Your team makes sense and there are other guys they can step up when they have to if you were watching the Lakers at all early on this season and eighty was not China, they still on a friggin. Seventy five percent willing percentage pace because the roster built in such a way that it wasn't ad has to come out and do what he did to Phoenix last night everything I that's not me. These were Boston. They want to win Tatum Brow. Campbell have to be great every single day because Cities guys have done nothing The animals that, on you know doesnt Brad Stevens. I think this on. That comes from the top, Well, when Aaron Nee Smith becomes one of the most important players over the next few weeks, I'm gonna be eating. My words last question that we got to go best: media basketball, player right now.
I know you. I know you, I know played against a few of them right, best media that I ask you. Both Islamic retains buzz for this question. There's I've never to regain times I've never played against Haines. I say this They dump him when he's not injured, is up there because he's in six, with eight and actually Do stands what's happening on a basketball court. So he's huge. Give me the size of Nate Duncan he's official and people this I'm a homer for this Burma buddies, Zack, Harper, still rage out to thirty feet. He will give you buckets on about. He bore cause. I'm gonna need donkey, emphasise as Zack Harper cause you still as the stretchability he's you still pulling up on full interesting, so
so. This is now Christine Oddy retains way. They felt like it felt like a dismissal of Christine Oddy on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on and on, and on an amendment from what I understand. Procedurally the do you want to do so. If you play, do you want to do to your serious basketball player on so that's no disrespect to him. Ok, equally Mason, even though you not media, no know more Beckley used to get busy basketball but yeah? I heard about HANS. I heard about HANS. I don't want no smoke because I know what's gonna happen. I know what you're trying to do right now. Phil he smoked with Chris and took some shots at him. There don't sleep on Dave Kobe, he's a little washed up now, these past forty, but he in his thirties, was really strong. I think should be a big three media leg and
to just be solved during one summer where it's just like a four day, elimination tournament? Everybody gets there three and three and we just go and we find out once and for all- I ever be compelling television. So so last thing on this: in like two thousand and sixteen damn I was, I was still in two hundred and thirty back then at the Sloan Conference woman attack athletics up and get the name would accompany Dale the media game, where they put a bunch alike, wearable technique, apology on you: whatever during the game you'll be shocked to learn his bill, but after the car competition? I was deemed the most athletic wow I believe, however, that I did so yeah play. I myself when it shares our big did. I can earn that award at thirty four bird year back and twenty
scene. I still had some some asked me where we live. Having at the ringer we could be, You see you in all kinds of ways: podcast some locker room staff and you'll be read for the website, a little bit, of course, and I and it's great to have a family To say bill is on a man. You know I've been on uses page too. Overweight Vanni years now need I'm SAM back when it was you Ralph, wily and arrested a comma got a guy rest in peace to the legend and yet bill. I'm telling you the first cat hammy dying on a consistent basis is laughing rightly shade, hovering sports in a way tat was like. Do we have to treat dislike the Pentagon papers that very thing sports and you know like that- she just resonated women. Obviously you achieved so much success, every single step of the way, but I think why you're, smart and you're funny and all that shit, but, like your passion, Bro is the passion, That's what's resonating with the people, you love this
for real and I think people connect with that man. I appreciate it, I it I will say I still have the passion basketball. I'm really excited for this plays out next five days. All that forward to keep avenue on all that stuff, but really serious to graduate board thanks for coming up. Yes, sir, this episode of bill. Simmons podcast is brought to you by Mccain, Quick Cook, fries, try not to flip out but New Mccain, quick Cook, fries, cooking, half the flippin time at traditional Mccain, fries, half guess what else? There's no flipping! You can, an entire foot, the bag, these Delicious crispy, one hundred percent, real potatoes and half the footman timers their traditional fries making mealtime less footman difficult its unfledged unbelievable. So please do yourself: a favor had to your favorite stores, freezer I'll grab yourself a bag of Mccain quickly,
they're fast, to prepare easy to share, and you flip and deserve that alright, Derek confidence here from the Atlantic. He was on here a couple of months ago and now he's back. We are now reach the cycle of the pandemic, where a lot of people are vaccinated and a fair share of people just do not want to get vaccinated and things basically from a back since they employ basely and marching into April? And now we have stalled and the numbers are going down you bit covering their Sunday Atlantic? What do we need to know? Well, where are we right now? It's as we had so the hotter months here we head into MID, may how does this play out? What happens? Well. First, the Good NEWS, the Good NEWS is reaction and millions of people a day million tens of millions of people a month, making a lot of Progress Colbert case new declining Corbett death are declining you're, seeing outdoor mass mandates being brought down.
It is getting back to normal. The downside is this: there is a block of vaccine hesitance out there. This will really really talk to crack. That block is disproportionately republican. It's mostly German issued in living. The last fifteen months often is if there wasn't much more endemic, were recently questioning the narratives that the pandemic was much everything to worry about that. You have a lot. People used are initiating vaccinated and that's an issue not just his they could get. Second, they could have serious health implications, but no we live with each other in this chain of transmission, and if a handful of people don't want to get this shop I don't want to get inoculated. Theirs is a risk that they couldn't verbal a bavarian genoese communities that could endanger the rest of us will they can get bomber. Mauler older, you, no compromise people sick, so it's really important, not just as a matter of individual help, but as a matter of social and public health, and we get as many things
vaccinated and we're just running up against that block right now, but it's not just a political thing right. It also we're talking about different ethnic groups and different classes and there's a lot more going on, and there seems like, at least in some circles a real distrust of wait a second in the past. It would take five years to approve a accident it'll take ten years to take fifteen years. These vaccines got approved in four or five months. People go online. They google this stuff. They go on the wrong conspiracy board, they become convinced bill gates is putting chips in their arms. And how do you combat that, with the amount of disinformation? That's out there to tell people and also is there the truth than any of those conspiracy terms at all. I think the first thing to say is that in fact, seen hesitancy isn't like one thing: it's not like one ideology, it's a name that we give to a host of ideologies to host
reasons to delay or wait on this vaccine. That differs depending activity or political ideology. So you have you, no black Americans spend. Americans native American, this country, the dont, want the vaccine because they don't trust public health authorities. They look back in american history and even a recent american history and say I dont asked what the government is selling right. Now, I'm gonna wait and see how this shot works before I actually get the arm do in my daughter from for those people, and then you have people who you know for the last eighteen months, I've just been on the trade side of this republic inside of death and said I dont think this pandemic is bad. Is the CDC and then Anthony Fauci are telling me I'm going to basically live a normal life. I'm going to go on vacation, I'm going to eat in restaurants, I'm going to hang out inside with friends and his resolved they're making this calculation like weight. If I basically survived- fifteen months. Why do I need like a pharmaceutical intervention to get me back
the life and I never stop living in the first place. So the cost benefit analysis for this group is really different engaged for someone like me who stayed inside, so my wedding cancel my honeymoon totally turn my life in order to not get this virus and pass it along to someone who is more vulnerable? So I think it's really important to start by just talking to people who are vaccine, hesitant, that's one of the things I did really recently how'd you like Twitter, I should look. I dont know how to take down. I want to write right and it's not graffiti. I wanna write. I ate a tea it explains the ideology of the vaccine, hesitant. And a bunch of people got in touch with me and I talked through the deep story of their vaccine skepticism and it basically came down to this two sentence, description of what's going on number one: they trust their sells more than they trust big, pharma they're.
Like. I got this myself darkness. I didn't I mean that's so my fair right. What it's it's! It's, certainly for someone using twenty four thirty use it, true this disease. Is it nearly as dangerous as it would be for someone who's your comment, who, in their sixty seventy savings. The good news, rapid vaccine is that either it's even better than your natural immune system right. So I sums compare this to like driving right. Lotta people accept the risk of driving every single day, but if I told you our aid for free, I'm going to turn your Toyota Camry into Bmw, ass, you ve with a frontal collision system with a suit up all airbag system, but totally protects you in the case of an accident when you say yeah I'll, take that Super Beemer in exchange for my for your camera,
what these vaccines! Do you turn your immune system from the tuna Camry into the ship, the Bmw ass you B and its free. So that's from telling people to focus on this is a better way to protect. You run uses, and a better image, but everyone arising and obviously I got the vaccine as fast as I possibly could. But I try to put myself in other people's shoes and it's like when they talk about the distrust of farm, on all the different things that have gone on over the years, it's kind of have to come up with like a like some good habits. Other then hey, you wanna die from the pin the Thatcher alternative, So I don't know it's it's a tough one. Let me give you a year, but I think I have a really good yet but the year by Israel So in January you had a lot of vaccine skeptics saying I'm not so sure that this vaccine is a successful as the pharmaceutical companies are telling us, Israel still hasn't seen
improvement in their the world leader in back seat, on January, fifteenth their daily carbon cases in Israel we're averaging. Ninety thousand right. Ninety thousand! You gotta case today in Israel, this Monday. Which is the latest day that we have data of. As of this week, there weren't nine thousand cases there weren't one thousand cases. There were forty eight forty eight in the entire country. There was one de Cases have declined in Israel, a world leader in vaccinations. By ninety nine point. Five percent and the economy is basically open and normal right. That is the that we want. That is the magic of the vaccines. They turn this that this pandemic from a terrible
thing that is shutting down the world that we know and love and they turn it into something that is killing one person in Israel every single day. That's it. So I think that's the outcome that we're rooting for is the outcome that we have seen exists in the world. If we accept that Take the vaccines is not just a formal. It's giving us these. Israel numbers its Israel, the numbers are real seems really really work and they are best path to opening up economy and getting back to a normal life. Well speaking of normal life, so we're taking this on Tuesday yesterday I went and did a rewatchable in our studio at the ringer, which I hadn't been in in fourteen months with Chris and Sean who were both also vaccinated in our producer, Craig, who was also vaccinated and Corey. Who did the video he was also vaccinated. She was great and it felt so normal and so good to be back
on a zoom and just chopping it up and talking about a movie. We loved and no match the whole thing, and then we went we got dinner after and it honestly feels like a weight being lifted. As you start going back to some of the whether it's like going to my daughter's soccer game or my son's basketball game or just being able to do work in a way, that's not you know from a technology standpoint. So to me, that's the best case is not having this constant fear. I hope this isn't a day. Hell somebody's cough and didn't realize it or right you don't just shut in that down. On the other hand, like that, this information thing is such a big piece of this, and, as always with the staff, there's been more desperate information than ever. What what's the most alarming thing you ve seen as you ve research, says from that something that seems like pizza people are absent,
believer yeah I'd, say some of the worst that I've seen there's this guy Alex Baron said, I don't know if you ve confronted, is online Visa huge Corbett, sceptic Cooper. A lot of bs on Twitter. It gets invited on Fox NEWS to downplay the vaccines This is a guy who, last month, I e mails him to me to be one of the more prominent vaccine skeptics I emailed him and said you know, give me your best case I wanted to do right by the flames. Give me your best case against the vaccines, and he gave me a by should foster viable peace. Today about the vaccines and I looked it up, and every single one of them was in fact false. Like every single thing, he said they could be fact check turned out fast. He was quoting signed. Who you know we're doing: research in Israel and Denmark and saying that their conclusions,
one thing, and then you know them and say: oh, let's total Porsche like it was like. Annie Hall when Marshall Mcluhan comes in and says you know nothing of my work using that moment over and over and over so you know just what you think you ve got one pieces of misinformation and he is that he spreads he suggested in early January that countries like Israel was offering from the early vaccine roll out. He said you know we're seeing death and passed among the vaccinated population of Israel, really grow like who are dying of this vaccine for no fast forward for months cases in Israel is declined by ninety nine point. Five percent daily death of cold and Israel have declined to one Clearly, this vaccine works again easier, is not the data set of Madeira or fear,
or Jan J, if you don't like those companies, if you don't like the profits that they get just put, that aside, just look at countries like is and the UK, the world leaders in vaccines there are achieving exactly the results we should want, which tells me these vaccines work. Frankly, exact is advertised there. The anti backs extremists are their products. Extreme ask as this is how it works. He usually go the furthest on each side, who are those people. What are they up to extremists. Maybe that's a new group. We need I'm not sure I came across here that I met my particular species. Become keep an eye out for the provac extremist. What I've seen honestly bill is- and maybe this Just my own selection bias
I've, seen a lot of liberal people who live on the coast. I live in washing DC, who are quite honest, too afraid of the world that the vaccines give us they still want to enforce outdoor mass mandates. They still want to keep indoor bars shut down. Still want to resist, travel or tell us that we're gonna have to wear masks around each other and maybe not have open their weddings for months. I think you have a lot of people who have sort of wrapped up their social identity in following the rules, and it's been really clear for them in the last fifteen months, what those covid rules were and they're changing, they're changing, because the vaccines change the rules as they should and what I see frankly, isn't isn't Both were overly products, but people who took the vaccine but are still living as it. It's a tender. Twenty twenty and not living,
If it's may twenty twenty one, it's a new world wish list, out there and normalized your lives and frankly, advocated for people to normalize there's, because if we play the benefits, vaccines. Then, whenever anyone's making a little cost benefit analysis, they gonna say: okay, the shots worth it. Do you think the fact that this CDC. We was a radical went. There are telling us we should and shouldn't do. Those first nine months says played into a mentality with certain people. Well, As of change your opinion over and over again, why the fuck should, I believe you know, so I tried to all these vaccinate people last week and it was interesting I said. No are you are you? Are you discouraging taken aback scenes because it would
people like south. She are saying right now, any answer they gave us really interesting. They said no, I dont care. Would fancy, says right now, because I stop listening to him six months ago, so that group is really to doubt the entire public health establishment. There thought is basically again. I got this myself darkness. I don't need a farmer do and my brains, darkness, I don't listen to liberal leads. Tell me what you think: I'm a do. My own research online on twitter right, that's their their attitude to then the public have been lost them now. It Furthermore, there is no one- even you know- maybe in a country and like this, sundered by political ideology, and political radiation in the trunk is present twenty twenty. There is no chance we were ever going to get to a sense of shared reality when it entered this virus, but the mistake that recital c and other public health officials made, I think,
he's not to arrive at a clearer understanding of what this virus actually is. A huge advocate, a sanction beginning. This is an indoor talking disease. It's an indoor talking he's so avoiding indoors, avoiding unventilated indoors avoid talking through that's when producers, those aerospace particles, the captain said and other exerted breathing like engines. Void the endures, avoid talking and otherwise live your life? If you want to go for a walk, do it you want to go to the beach, do it if you want to play soccer or go on a bike ride, do it avoid indoor talking and rather than take that message of yours is simple that contains a lot of nuance in it indoor talking, rather than take that approach, they took this sort of scatter shot approach where they seem to be all over the place at once. People got confused about masks, they got confused about you know just this virus spread on services or not by the way
Doesn't they got confused about whether dining outdoor restaurants was good or bad? I think if we had arrived at this mirror expertise a disease earlier on, we would have allowed people to fill in the nuance themselves, and that would have been a clear way to get people to really grasp what the viruses and have well. It's also the virus in the pandemic played on the more neurotic of a person you were in whatever respect either. And make you a hundred times more. I mean, I have friends that still get packages put them in the garage for three days before they catch the package and stuff like that people? I know people who are wiping down you, know, food delivery and all that stuff. Still happening. Even though I mean you read about this when, in January about this, is not a hygiene disease you're not injure lacking a counter. He added you that you're not touch
encounter and getting covered. This is that how you get it? You get it from being in a hotel conference, room, a twentieth people standing around spit, not each other for two hours, Basically, this is how you get it. Those people I just figured we're probably just going to be neurotic about a lot of different things right. The pandemic plays into it, but yeah right. The pandemic was in a way kind of like a steroid for our, she's right, yeah, I want to mention- arose a few bad. This was difficult to Jews, and I love you. I mean all the time look inferred conspiracies and stuff like this. Is the perfect conspiracy It's got everything. It has big pharmacies, it has bill gates, it has pharmacies competing against each other to see who can get their thing to market, it has the hyena, yet You have China, you have the vaccine might have been ready when tromp was president, we don't know, but they clearly all of a sudden. He lost then ah said they already like they have forty things they can grow.
Part two and that is already either you're right. I think right. It was a neurosis steroid, but it was really kind of a societal steroid, like whatever you were dealing with in January. Two thousand and twenty was going to be accentuated by the end of that year, whether it was neural just for the risk and spear seat near rising weather, is your some people's hatred of China are aged. Tromp, like everything was Joost, I think, by by the stress the pandemic also there to say on the issue of neuroscience. You everything a lot about like how you feel you see his message throughout this pandemic and I think they just consistently been slow. They saw tat, they were slow to update on surface transmission of the disease, which is just, I think they were slow to update on door transmission of the disease, which again, I think is incredibly rare. People are focused on you know, wearing mass outside wiping down packages. No. This is not how to spreads machine, seizing really started to keep on that, and the only
But I would say in moderate fairness, the CDC and it's not even that there is the cdc, is always gonna be or precocious. If we are honest with ourselves, if you google eggs, salmonella CDC. You will find a web page on CDC that girl it discourages. People from cooking eggs, have running your whether that soft boiled eggs your sunnyside bags, because it wants to keep people from getting salmonella now most time on pandemic. Here I don't go to CDC Gov in order to determine how she took my egg, but the CDC is out there telling people like be careful, how you cook your eggs. I think we're We're gonna go back to a world where we are going to rely on the CDC to figure out how to live wonder we should better restaurants, how we should grieve out side and what we should wear in her face were probably headed back that world of over the summer, and it might just be inevitable that a public health institution is going to be
let the cautious about how it oriented public through through any crisis, and- and I think that that unfortunately, it's been slow to recognise its role in the pandemic right, people are now going to CDC to determine how to live and the rotten get advice is, quite frankly, nine months were more behind the scientific consensus. You could What was it the last speaker the week before when they were like hey, if you vaccinated, need to mask outdoors anymore. It's like no fucking kidding, CDC thanks, but for some people that was a big, They go cool. I don't have to wear mask outdoors again. I was still a point of getting them see. I think we talked about this last semira from appear, say standpoint. I think they bought it, but in their defence, if we're looking at them like their sports team, like they're, like the Yankees their funding got completely annihilated over the last. You know four years with the president, and this is the repercussions that when,
cutting money from something that's basic at such a leg, the CDC in the way we react to basically a pandemic we're gonna then react badly during a pandemic, which I think we did unfortunate yeah I get surely fair. I think it is fair to say that the CDC failures are down stream of political decisions. Decisions over the last few decades, and also political decisions under the trumpet ministration, probably muzzled many of the very good scientist the CDC, I think, that's a totally fair interpretation. The only thing I would complicate just a little bit is that other countries, public health institutions, got it on the money really quickly. You have you look at your pan, Japan, which has dealt with one of our research before they dealt with Sars.
They dealt with merge the Middle Eastern respiratory syndrome. They had this rule that they came out with in April, called the three seeds closed spaces, crowded, places, close contact settings, they said avoid the three see and otherwise, how do you that is a fantastic member, The three fees were right. They were right from the beginning, and so I think audible, that you know we're running this randomized experiment around the world whose doing better facing the same biological, nemesis and Japan just did a really fantastic job, I think from the start with their public health officials? Getting on the horn and saying here that the disease is here's, how you fight it and hears help the wise you can read a relatively normal life. I had so What would you say was that a friend who it's thirteen year old daughter
that daughter this as of this week, is now allowed to be vaccinated in California, and that person says. I'm not giving the vaccine to my daughter, I dont, like some other stuff. I've read, I don't think she's in danger, even if she got it to her, it would be a cold. I just I don't really love the thought of vaccines. I don't think they've tested enough, I'm not going to get it for. So what's your counter to that yeah, my counter, that is twofold. First, it's alright, let's assess the risk to your daughter if she gets a vaccine and then second, let's assess the benefits. To the community. If she gets the fact in four first, the risk, the daughter, I am aware of a new evidence that children face any serious threats from getting this vaccine is one reason why the fires of actually was reason approved, apparently, natures Second, on the benefits, there is really really interesting study as a CDC published at it. It came out of Kentucky able even nurse
How was someone who wasn't vaccinated and was set with went into the nursing home and spread the disease throughout a otherwise the population of old people now because the vaccines by ninety percent affected ninety percent of these older people in them. Nursing on facility were protected and she were totally fine, but about ten percent of these people nursing homes that hadn't backdated got sick and a handsome. I believe, died. So what does this story tell us about the social benefits of the vaccine? It tells us that, even if you're help yourself really a thirteen year old girl, the faces, a very minimal and special risk, and as from this virus, if you get sick, you can still pass it on to a senior who's going to die of it. That's conceivable with a ninety percent, effective vaccine, because that scene, Gimme, the ten percent so the best way to protect society. Investment, protect your family, your grandparents, your grandparents, friends,
strangers were dining with you with the Mcdonald's or the shopping in it. It shows the best way to protect them is a good vaccinated. So that's the story that I would tell this friend. Maxine is minimally risky for your daughter, there's. Basically, no respite she's gonna get heard from it and the better. The community in which she lives and the family that is us in our family. And our older family friend the benefit. There is large enough that I would encourage teenagers to get the vaccination The whole thing is weird to me and now granted em naturally risky person on that of not the greatest person to talk about this, but sue she's risky, driving on the highway when it's a four lane highway and you're going sixty five miles an hour, that's risky, getting an airplane, that's risk venus a risky. What's risky. It's like you, there's a very small risk something bad could happen with basically
anything you do in life any view. If you're going nuts about that, the vaccine. Then you kind of have to do that with every other risk that you would have right, is it Ariston plug something into the wall, whether the socket my blow up in your hand? Thank you go crazy. Thinking about all the ramifications in this case. So they point to like the couple. Other people got the Johnson Johnson and she was dead two days later. It's like okay, Well, I was driving on the procedures we again and though this is a a story, but a balcony one of the houses collapsed and everything was shut down and you know like dozens of people got hurt or a dozen people, whatever it's like so Should nobody ever go in a balcony of a beach house again like? Where do we draw the line with this wrist stuff and have we lost our minds? Yeah, I you know, I think you're
that there's a way in which living through a healthcare like this forces you to confront the risks that you take every day right. You walk outside you cross the road, get into a car to drive sixty miles an hour down the highway. All of this is calculable. Risks the benefit of the vaccine. I would tell people is yes, we accept all sorts of risks in order to live a happy and relatively relatively free life. So rare and our like, they were offered the opportunity to ring our risk down. Essentially, does Europe right? That's really what it actually does the vaccine wave a magic wand, bill, your suv or were you friends you know shoes when they go you're running near a highway and says as long as you in this car. Never get injured and you'll never hurt another person on the highway. It waives a wand over they're, running gear and says, as long
you're wearing is running here. You will never get hit by a car. You will never get you know injured or nothing. Bad will happen too near your ankle when you run it's so rare in life the week. You Frank, the existence of a magic wand like this, and I'm not trying to do that, overly pro vaccine guy that you were referencing earlier, but the vaccines really arch spectacularly effective at reducing for most people be all Eddie relatively low risk that they face from this virus, and if, that magic wand in any other aspect of my life. I would take it yet. These vaccines offer so had of the next four months by up with whether it would have to do. We hit that kind of a stalemate, or do you think, are there Psas to more celebrity
that again involved like is, is there a way to get more people to change their minds? Yeah? I think only one way to think about how it actually president, are thinking about the vaccine is that it's a cost benefit analysis to them. They say the class. The pandemic is extremely high, and so the benefits of vaccine architects Mihai either and there's two ways to shift that calculation. You can raise the cost of the pandemic, were you raised the benefits the vaccine raise the cost of endemic. What does that mean? Well, you can tell people, look this isn't just about you. Thirty one year old sales executive, just about you twenty three year old finance here this is about the older in your community, where, if you ideally pass the disease to them, it could be really terrible for them right. That's raising the social costs of the pandemic, raising the benefits. You know you and I talked about this before were the list as long as you want to drive, give people a hundred dollars to get the vaccine
vaccines in the bar and give them a free shot of whiskey. Do the vaccine different States you would have laboratories of democracy thing going on in Oregon, could offer people a free, Pino, California could offer people a free glass of cab. Vermont could offer them free. I don't know maple syrup, you could have different states compete for different ways to incentivize this kind of thing Washington State could offer free dogecoin or something you could find different ways to incentivize people. Get the shot and matches raising the benefit of getting it? I don't wanna go. I'm new rightly raises in Eurasia Senor piece about those for Sunday without a bit about paying people get back, say biscuit yeah. How do we get back to the very thing idly West Virginia trying it out? One of the guys I talk to you, the I'd. I'd. I'd leave here, he's in North EAST, the metro, roads, GPS, be left anonymous. He said I want door dash for vaccines. I am, I don't really want to get this
I wanna take time out of my day to get the shots, but if I knew that I could press a button like uber or doordash, and a couple people with the vile. And the needle to come over to my house and sit me down in my chair and Boop needle in my arm. My arm give me a vaccine shot and then leave doordash vaccines. Brings me to yes, so I don't even really creative here. I think we should try everything for lucky that we have fifty states and one District Columbia where we can try out a bunch of different strategies and it's stale whatever it turns out work, but it's going to require something else to into this block of vaccine hesitancy last question: what do you say? The people who worry as you are well in piece of this, all think of that on tat tracing this person's vaccinate despair. In his answer, you wear, like I, don't know I ve been on your left arm and just ways that this could go
that remind people of an Orwell book on crazy yeah I, For people and how these are well any concerns, I tend not to share their politics but I do share their concerns. I am not sure how good it is for a country for some states to be essentially drawing a circle around various activities like going a baseball parks and going to bars and saying no people without their vaccine card can enter while other states probably like. Taxes in Florida. You know they're going to allow anybody of those bars anyone in those stadiums. So even from a political perspective, I worry he's a losing strategy because people are just going to move to less, restrict areas and if you're New York and you think, you're being clever about saying no one goes three Yankees or Mets game. Unless they have the vaccine card, I think you're gonna push a lot of people even more people to Austin in Miami and Phoenix
and you're going to lose their intelligence, going to lose their tax revenue and you're going to lose all of the networks, creativity to so I would rather experiment- with immediate rewards? Here's your shot, whisky! Here's your hundred dollars! Here's a dose, Dogecoin! Here's your theory! I'd rather give people. The immediate benefit, then start to create a network of vaccine passports. That has all of the orwellian implications that you're drawing out, because, even though I share the politics of people trying to put up those lines, I am worried about from the applications. It is weird. Cause. Pardon me just wants to walk around like on this bad ass vaccinated guy. In Sweden, four rooms and whatever, but there still that fear. When see, somebody that a mask and there's a roof, you just get you get the stink. I write like what where's and it's like I don't need a mass, but I don't know how we can intervene.
That one over these next couple months, where we have more people, probably vaccinated than not especially in a where I live in LA I'm sure, that's the case, but yet there's enough non vaccinated people that there's this little general tug aware going on in just in general, like a distrust, it feels like you know, yeah. I do feel that and getting back to full normal, like getting back to for you walk into the city ass to the right aid without near mass gone and people. Don't look at you funny. I think in blue states there might be a while, and my feeling is it's mostly okay
huge opposition to have to wear Mascot CBS like what. What do I want to know the city? I say that I don't want to. Have you probably a benefit exactly, but I do think that when it comes to things like restaurants, basal parks, Disneyworld were again to a point where normal coming and people who are fighting it, I think, are you know, risk losing a political battle. We should be trying to accelerate vaccination as much as possible and connecting to get the promise of a falling on account Israel is done. It use your phone, you can do it we're getting vaccine by getting cover cases download it. I can't piper saying my feeling is: let's be Israel. My idea for California is to tell everybody if we can get to ninety percent vaccinated. Well, legalized, gambling. That's going Then you pray into everybody's gambling addiction. Including my own. I would be out there like a Jehovah's witness. Try to turn people we're getting Dawson
a door to door and is maybe a little girl turning yeah yeah yeah able to his vaccinated backslider like out, I'm ready, legalise gammon? Let's do it. Their tops and pleasures always continue, do really enjoy reading your stuff in the Atlantic and have learned a lot from me. Thank you, this it is brought to buy by roundup for lawns products. Roundup plans is great because it kills weeds without harming your lawn. It's got a ready to use formula that kills the toughest weeds down to the route and the one that extends to feed to reduce bending over. So instead of thinking about weeds- think about whatever you want to think about whether you could pull a mustache off like what are the twenty It demonstrates the self except ever made like what kind of personal, stories you tell late night talk show host, even though you might never get interviewed by late night. Talk shows could happen. The roundup brand think about what you, think about when you're, not thinking about weeds
always read and follow pesticide label directions, not all products are registered all states and may be subject to use restrictions. Alright, Sharon Stone is here. She is a book. That's out. I read the book I really enjoyed it. I've enjoyed your whole career, its fascinating to hear you talk about yourself, because the person I've done for the last forty years from afar was the super confident put out this air was, you know, culminating in basic announcing that was even in a couple of parts other parts to where you're, just like The most confident I think, a list actress who's been on the screen in forty years. Then the book you in your own head. Many different things. What made you want to write a book and what made you want to? Let somebody like me into your world
Well, I've always been a writer. I went to college on a rainy scholarship when I was fifteen. I am I write a lot of short stories. Some of them have been published I was on Mark Marin, pap podcast and then I started getting offers to write a book a great many more I decided to go for it then You know you started thinking like where am I began. I mean I've has such a big life and travel. Of the world and done so many interesting things? And then you start thinking about yourself and you think I thought do I really do I We fully understand myself. If I'm gonna write a book, I thought I should really take a look at me. Make an honest inventory before I start writing about my life? I should really be clear.
Myself, so I did that, and you know I been I've done a couple, a twelve step programmes. I am, and I mean Eskimo, it's called. Who brings it when you bring people in for the called people who don't want to get over, I'm not an myself, but I have had other issues that that I I've taken to the different kinds of programme, so I started doing this- and I realized it- was kind of like the first step. So I I started looking Out went on and on, and I sort of all that that look at what it means. To really do and invested. Look at yourself to really deal with your own stuff. I ask you and to allow the other people in their lives to also deal with their own stuff and to take us up
accounting of your own life, and I thought I should do that. I thought that would be a helpful. You know, honest thing to do the book as super on. Did you have people in your life who, like hot, how much material had did you have to be talked out of? What was there like? Fifteen percent? More that people, your life. For just said. You can't tell that story. You can't do that. One, that's gotta come out now no I mean I had I have lawyers, of course, look at my book yeah and there was very little that how to come out. Ok hum maybe honestly half a dozen sentences, but only because I have a couple confidentiality agreements in my life, so I just didn't want to say
on anybody's toes or do anything would make any one feel I had done anything inappropriate and so anything that I put it but we re on by everybody just two We send everything out. We we were clear on that everything was already public information. We were very thoughtful about what we What I did I didn't wanna, I don't wanna, be improved inappropriate with anyone well I'm a child of the eighties. I just felt, like you left a lot of eighty stuff off the table and I was upset. I you're in so many movies, and I just wanted. I wanted legs, actually Jackson, irreconcilable differences I know you have sigal stories like you're in a movie with Sega, but like I first so irreconcilable differences which there's no record of it, does not exist
its doesn't stream anywhere. It sat on cable. The only thing about Seagal is when you told me not to stand in his. She has never given what does that mean: mean. What's your cheek Irene honestly you there really is in anything else about him he's not really interesting. You know he's just kind of like that's about all, there is perhaps like don't stand and mighty like did. Who wants to get here to get that close to you. You know what I mean like stand in your own cheat and thanks for letting me know so, that's about it. Nobody wants stand, standing your chi thanks! It's crazy, see that so many everyone is basically cross pass them has some terrible cigar story. You really did say Mikey was the worse for like ten years there. That's it I'm not standing in your tea now, wait so go backwards so irreconcilable differences right, o Neil,
Shelly ALARM. Jus Barrymore as their child. They have such a bad marriage. She wants to be a man. She fast for emancipation, it's worse movie, as it should Of course, I love that, but you're in movie. You play this eight I haven't seen in forever vaguely remember, but you're like this aspiring actress round as a director for you, and that was why splashed and the scene, and you were great that movie and so for the next. I don't know six, seven there's a kind of had the Sharon Stone Season tickets kind of way for your moment and then it finally happened. It was until nineteen ninety one when it really happen. You and me I mean I had really hoped that some we notice, if my comedic chops, but you It's really taken a long time for people to think that I'm funny you that will was good. I really. Actually, I think it's weird that its there must be some sort of studio. You know
any time movies disappear. I was assumed studios or suing each other or somebody got left the movie in they can't whatever bite. You had a bug up their bum yeah, something like that, but from them when I hear you know you're in them for in the eighties. Your Papa Bureau is total recall, I think, was probably the most efficient use of you in like a Ghana movie, but you were there for nine years? I wasn't surprise a basic against depots, my ploughing trying I was really trying, but you know it's very hard to get through the door. It takes a lot of work to get through the door. If you're, really not from here at takes time was there be that you thought this was gonna, be it. Then it didn't happen Is there one that you latched onto? This will be the one. This is it after this I'm set. No, no. I really felt that if I got basic instinct, but that would be it so you didn't think until basic instinct
Who's gonna happen. No, I mean I really thought that total recall was gonna. Give me a lift a because you know with such a cool scrapped and with such a bad ass, and it was a great opportunity to work. Can a big movie and you know I. I did think that now he's gonna help me and Arnold was such a great help to me. I mean he really taught me how to do pr young, He was great at that, and you know I really really hard. I I put on twenty pounds a muscle you know I you know I on martial arts. I did everything I could do to be really good at it to really understand what was happening. You know, I really tried to get it to understand
to be my best and it really was the movie the broke me because it was the same director that yet it is again staked. So, ultimately it really was the movie that launched me. I didn't realize the Thai read the book that you did this all your basically like, like a baseball player, come back from the off season with twenty pounds of muscle Jude hit nomads. You had we you. What are you doing like protein powder was reusing, creating reusing were half hearted We steroids resonate. She h wait like where, where do you draw the line now I used Jeanne powered powder, and I went to a german I was dead, lifting and I was, I was went to this gym called Eaton's gym like was like a real muscle had Jim it wasn't a fancy jim at all. I had fans and fish tanks and old. You know crank eggs now and like modern bikes, and you know you
talk talking there. The guys would throw you out. It was like a really an old fashioned set up and now I do Karate three days a week. I just really worked hard. I did it old fashioned way. You know where you work really hard and make it happen. Was single arm. Curling. Thirty five pounds by this we shot, which was a lot of weight for me and I was dead listing. When I was working with a vest, Arnold stunt, guy on the crowding every single day, and we were in Mexico those city and now you know it was. It was the real, the real work where you're going. You know you going to have have scene where you have to fight somebody who's the most imposing biggest person in the world. Basically, at that point exactly and that's intimidating enough to get your butt to the gym and get you moving. I mean when you know you're going to have to be filmed fighting sort.
You know like there's a today and it's coming in its coming for you and your beverage that Cuba has simply her was funny. I've been Hollywood, wasn't work in this way in the eighties, but if somebody even saw your performance in that it was so obvious that if we had movies. The way back to the way we have now, you clearly just would have immediately ban in some sort of superior movie play love super here movies yeah, you would have been the fee how bad ass I don't know widow whatever I would have been. I love action movies. I I still Let me like kids and I love action movies and I love martial arts is, I can't watch enough kung FU movies, You, MR calling, where were you living and allay as you're doing all these movies tv shows, because your pop and on the tv show stuff too, where are you in Hollywood? Are you just bounce around what you do it I had. I first came and I got of course, because
from Pennsylvania which, as you know, the snow in slush centre of the world in Mount here, you know anything about our way, so I got an apartment in the marina I thought. There's, a water and and there's you know both said it's also grow. But it does. I didn't really get the marina at that time. I thought this is it you know, and I didn't realize it was kind of like the transaction capital. Lay and use which their fireplace I, with a light switch. I didn't really quite exciting, really get in set was January, and I was on my my little in my bathing suit and everybody's like what is with her. Oh, my god. It's fifty eight. I can't believe it I'm getting a tan. You know I thought this is really lemon. So at first I moved to the up Then I moved to South Beverly Hills, which has really sweet very, very
and down because I could walk everywhere, and I felt very safe there and it was really nice for me in those old, older kind of you know your kind of lovely buildings, so we were you in that for tax, where it's like. This is gonna happen, fur It'll be interesting to see what role it is, but you couldn't see it, but other people could cause I'm just living on the EAST coast and there was like a couple of people. There's you there's Kelly Preston, there's a couple other ones where I was like. Why aren't these people bigger stars? I don't get it well. I didn't feel like anybody got it. I just kept. Try and trying and trying- and you no hope, and praying, and you know wishing and wanting- and you know it was- really hard- and I did you know. Basic instinct was my think. Thirteen eight-
movie, like I mean I'd, done so much stuff before this happened right and God I've done it. Hundred tv and You know I've been modeling in New York and when I came out here there wasn't modeling, you know. So I was modeling fur. The maid company, I was doing lingerie ads for the newspaper too pay my ranch and eat an You know there are a lot of weeks. When you know I was living off a low for bread and a dozen eggs, you know I ate a lotta scrambled eggs shambles. You know yeah you have in the mid eighties. You got like occur police occur before, but then you have the classic actually Jackson above the law back to back, which is, I think, two movies that have still held up as by as much as we ve turned on cigar. I think both Those are good ones, but then totally total recall was going alright. This is definitely going to happen. I remember making year of the gun, but then
seven ninety two basic instinct and it felt like you were the biggest donor in the world, is if it had happened, two years forward. Julia Roberts when she did pretty woman. Where was like this person, went from all I've seen her a couple things to do: that's alright, that's the biggest star in the world and it happens for you, the one part you didn't really have any, had some of it in your boat but leg. When did you actually realise that that was happening because you're in the middle of it. So it's kind of hard to like levitate above yourself and see like oh shit. This is allowed a plus listener basic. I'm out on a Friday and on a Tuesday I was driving up sunset Boulevard and I stopped at a stop site ah plight and people climbs all over my car, and I, my god, I couldn't see out and the light changed People started blowing the horn and I didn't know what I was supposed to do. Was I supposed to drive forward with people all over the house
of my car and my windshield- was I supposed to scream and cry was I supposed to do get out of my. I just didn't know what I was supposed to do when I realized this thing is really gone: bananas and that sort of when I started to recognise saying that this is really gone. Banana fame was different back there I think we had less stuff. You know now it's like air there. Everyone spread in a million different directions back then it was like movies, tv music, if you hit it hit in this way. That was you know. Thirty forty million people have felt like cell phones didn't take pictures up, so there were just paparazzi and people chasing you down the street and that's it trying to get you in US weekly or people
Ag Zeiner one of those spots. Did you know as you're, making the movie that it was gonna, be as big as a debt as it as it was because I still figures a classic. I I did. I really did I buy audition for it for eight months too, so I was pretty clear that they weren't messing around. We did. We did every watches on it, we have pack ask other, he watches were really Rach old movies. You do like break it down. These things little search on all that stuff. The one of the big points I was making was like it's one of those movies slash performance? Is it's hard to even a man Other people in it, you know I got my body, he with Catherine turnovers like this to rate where our yeah yeah you gay, and by the way you two could have flip those movies. At the points you your career and probably in no time
can you could have got back in ninety one and been body heat, one thousand nine hundred and eighty two and vice versa, but it's just so hard to think of that many performances words like I can't imagine anyone else out of the modern actresses. If you had to pick somebody who would you pick. After the added a new breed or is there nobody that you could say Cosette I might go to for this was always scarlet scarred Yahoo for years. But now I don't know if there's like a. Slightly younger Winslet could have played their part Hunter recital one of the greatest actresses alive yeah. I think so I don't I it's hard to say her name, source you're, see associate Ronan yeah. I think she's, just a genius and could could
probably do that, but there's It's a weird part. You have to have that sense of a sort of yeah. I think both of them could probably pull it off yet stuff cuz I have to like you. I have to be afraid of you. I've been tracked it to and you have written. There has to be that the actors has to have that understanding of the psychological element there has, as they have to have a certain kind of of the the french call it saying for its cold blooded, but there's this warmth, to it, there's a weird warmth to it: yeah also, you have Douglas who's that, like the peak of his powers at that point, this incredible six year run of is it just a monster yeah. Well, he has just done.
Monster performer- I mean he is still killing it in the he's doing right now. The Kaminski method I mean he knows exactly what is right for him at each point in his life, for you He had their say. Hidden Wyatt Wanted somebody bigger, I don't think it was specifically I never did personally, I just felt like he was you know literally putting his sought an ally and you now that's a big big move for a guy who's taking this kind of very new risk in cinema yeah. I am the real estate is unbelievable in that movie too. It's an underrated. If you're talking about the great real estate movie, it's about time, like some other throughout the house there She lives in removed. Apartment that he has like it's like you, ve, just very great Bay Area old school resell combat. Is that so, when you, when I mean you did this before the buggy road ban the boat, but you talked about how
The whole no underwear thing you didn t really know that's how I was gonna play out, seem like people were shocked to hear that, because that had been this iconic moment of the movie right where it was like, not only in the movie itself, but in the selling of the movie possesses the pre internet era, where you kind of rumors this. This is a piece of it. I remember the crying game another one like ours like there's a secret there's. This reveal You would have this buzz about that right and by crying, It was an amazing right. And I was shocked that we have ever seen, when anything else, J Davidson the knee a nominee for an Oscar to too, but with with years you revealed
yeah I actually did know. Why did it take you so long to set the truth about how that played out? I think that it took me so long. It's just that this was the last and final time I was going to talk about it, that's it well, you talked about it, I'm elated out. I got it got it out of my system was somehow response to view about the baby. Now, if you didn't, if you didn't totally appreciate how that scene went down. I guess that's the complicated part of this, because I still think it's a classic movie, but now I feel bad because there's that moment that you weren't happy to locate it life is complicated bill. That's fair you're just going to have to do you and I'm going to do me. Tell me you talk about sliver in the book.
It was after you have the giant over everything. Movie, there's always that next movie somebody can make when basically whatever they people are going to go, see right and so that that I actually think that will be would have been a better Tunisia o completely. It would have been much better. Netflix, shall write. I think I would have my eyes are one of sliver exactly a good Netflix show itself that when a good Netflix showed it could have been shot a little bit better. You know it could have been a good amount, Dan on different things. That could have been it just to me. It lacked a little bit of that kind of finance, that kind of shooting it in the technological way that it was. It now really shot in the arm in that demonstrative way. That showed the technology of what they were trying to say
if you do, it is a tv show. Each episode will be about somebody's apartment right, you'd. Go into that and be like lawyers for two or three apartments that had some kind story and intrigue among. Cells, you know all the different things that people did. It's a great idea for tv series, you're we're after base against they came out. We single. Ah, no cause you told a story about how you met you around one of the ethical was maybe was this sliver setters? others were you met the person you ended up with for the next couple years is like the assistant director. Yes, who you asked him out, we were afraid to ask you out after basic instinct, I don't know about that, but we weren't in in position
where women have an appropriate. I dont think for him to ask me out because of the you know that there is a system there's this awful class system right now. Probably wouldn't have been ok for him to head on me. I'm just saying a general like when you ran into people, Oh will. You fear like there is a fear of almost said that movie that character is so powerful that people were kind of like yeah, I don't know how to talk to her well yeah the people that did had some weird ideas about how to talk to me. You were the character, I think for for a long time thought I was the character. I think that I carried along baggage, because of that part, I think that people a long time thought that I was like and who who who in God's green earth is like that character. I mean, let's get real. This exists in somebody's imagination, and I hope to God
Nobody is actually like that character. An ice pick novels, murders, yeah yeah. Yeah. Let's hope, that's not, who you run into on your daily basis. Will you we? It was a little casino when I value shed that were people realize you were actually an actress now it's weird to say: thou ebbed cerise through you know I, oh my god, sharing somewhere that everybody was so surprised by it that reply this real character. I know they just must have accidentally picked up like a. I speak wielding sociopath of the stripping the subsidies but you by Captain Morgan. It doesn't matter what for you watch and so is exciting to see a backup come off the bench and really lighted up a fine substitute, makes the same game routine feel knew well. The same goes for drinks. If you want,
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accessible innovative. So whenever you're ready do something, awesome legalism is here to make it official legalism. Let's make an official, you had something in the book about Deniro you're talking about Nuances with how he gets involved with a character and just like what a psycho is about every little tiny detail. That's why he's such a great actor? Would you pick up from him that he's the most breathtakingly brilliant actor, and it's like watching I don't know, Michelangelo and I mean he's just a man. I am completely about you waited with them. I mean I just think he's absolutely hung the mayor and I think that watching him axis, I dont know like watching for russian Cough Day answer me in there just people who- and I have to say it was taking a parisian, a car just
going completely off topic when I got needed in France, Britain, a calf picked me up at one point: me up on the bar in this restaurant that had a very high bar and being picked up by Baryshnikov was akin to acting with well that moment where it's not like any other thing. It's just it's just so different that it's almost hard to put into words is just a skill set, an anything. That's so different, it's just so different. I mean acting with Bob, is so different, it's so beautiful it! So it's so it just makes you wanna, be so much
better and so much there's no time to be frantic about. Is it going to go or am I okay or do I have it? You just want to throw yourself at being the very best you ever could be. It's like when verison pick me up. I'm like I am light as a feather. I am. I am ballet? I am moving in this air is like there's just something that just the mere action. If it makes you better than the mere actually just being near him, makes you better. He made me much better. Then I ever could imagine that I would be for you. You could hang with him now decided that, yes, I could yes, I could as I would and yes I was gonna do here, because you can't it's almost like sports, You don't feel like you can match the other person you're gonna fail. I believe and I went to
on one point for the princess, Grace Foundation and women. Doing like a whole like a week of raising and all this stuff with a bunch of course, celebrities and one of the things we were going to do one day was baseball game. Steve guy he was there and the night before we were all in a cocktail party and unlike Steve, I wanna go down to the base the old right now and I want you to teach me how to get a baseball and he's like right now. Unlike. Tell me that if you were in the room with Brando right now, you wouldn't be telling him. I want you to tell me something about acting yet I go down to the base while field right now, and I want you to teach me how to get a ball. So tomorrow I'm amazing and he is like, let's go and we went down to the field and we're we're we're working out. Work were just warming up we're heading some balls and
taught me how to hit a ball, and we had a few balls and before it was over I hit a ball right out of the park really and yes because he really time. To me- and I really understood exactly what we sang- and we taught me my breathing. He taught me exactly how to hold the bat and then the latter thing he said is I know this is. The sounds stupid but be the bar, and I like that. Doesn't sound stupid to me at all, I'm an actor. I understand exactly what you mean and when he said be the ball man I hit that ball and the sound of that ball, hitting that bat was the most extraordinary crack. I hit that ball. It went right out of the park and I was like I don't think I'm going to be able to do without you standing next to me, but I really do get it and since then
I love nothing more than going to the bad in cages. I get in there, and I start you know I can help bizarre balls, Eddie markets like here a wet bag of sand. I can't take it I get in there and I start at like forty miles an hour and I work my way up. Fifty sixty seven day and I love hitting a baseball because He really got in there with me and explained to me in a way that made sense to me. Then it is it's like sports and to me, when I was preparing for basic instinct, you no magic was still playing basketball and I I was in obsessive magic Johnson, still Lamb fun and has no look pass. Was everything to me just under standing. What that nature of that pass was how it worked, how his team members worked with him, what he was actually doing, and so I based my
performance in basic instinct on the no look pass and so All the time when we were just reading the script around the table, time, when I was hanging out with Michael, I was just studying him and studying him and studying him, because I was like I'm Did you know, look past with Michael everything? gonna do with him, is gonna, be the no look past, because I am like a stalker on him and even when we did the scene. Where I was in the a lie. Detector thing on the ice was actually on that lie detector machine, which was a real thing and he was in a separate, on the same stage, but they were watching me live on the lie detector test, but it did matter, because I had studied him so hard by man but I knew exactly where he was in the other room, and I noticed
actually what he was doing, so I could do the light, attacks or tax and watch him. Why from the other room, because I had worked so hard on my notebook past, Michael that I literally could do the lie detector test and watch him simultaneously and it was all by studying magic on the floor did did freaking out now, not that I don't even know if he loved it, because I was just in it there I was in to do it and I'm sure he appreciated it, because he was badly singer even about anyone. Your work with casino you this for SAS, Deniro you're entering this and those guys that made at least five movies together. At that point, I can't exact number, but there had this whole shorthand one of the great partnerships about time.
Passion there too, has done a few things at them, then you're, kind of crowding Murray as yea. While you you didn't, you gotta have to be brought into that loop. But what was that Scorsese Deniro? like I've always been fascinated cause other even leading to the Irishman recently, those guys have such an amazing history together. I had to elbow my way, and you know at first they would set up seeing sort of without me, and then I was like you know. I would just followed Marty around constantly like Marty, Marty money, money, Marty, Marty came already Marty and finally, he was like you're a chip like a terrier on my parent leg, what do you want? What do you want and then I was like you know I want. I want you coming my trailer the morning like you go, see Bob and Joey. You are talking about the scenes I want. So tell me what you want. I want you to push me till I break and he was like that's what you want. I'm like yeah. That's what I want. That's what I want Marty.
He's all right, you got it and that's what started happened, but it really took me, you know, shoving. My nose at him constantly get to realize that I wanted to be in it and that I had the guts to be throw myself out it as hard course as they did, and so my part went from five weeks to five the really good movie its I think in the relationship of the whole Scorsese Deniro Catalogue at such, like a fun thing, that they did that than five years after good fellows, and then you have the Irishman, certainly back all the way. They are the greatest team that I've had the luxury of working with you. No, I dont get cast a lot in these
but things I wish I did. But for me it was the greatest thing that ever happened. I just couldn't. I couldn't believe Good fortune, I felt really blast. I adore those guys. I shall really lucky. I knew it was amazing. It was a wonderful experience for me. You are so you did you didn't oversized alone. The specialists you did Schwarzenegger Stalone, Stallone and Steven Cigar. You had all three and Carl Weathers. I guess too, but a great Carl with yeah. Sky, we had an amazing time. You know he's She is certainly as tough as they come. You know when we did our three, did our own all of our own stunts, yeah everything. I mean we really blew up that building and we had twelve cameras around the building.
And we did all this stuff when the building was blowing and we did we think running through the fire of that building it, and so I was like we, you do This will you do this with me and I said- I have one caveat. I have to be barefoot because I have to be able to feel the floor. Have you the or where the blows the fire and everything are coming. I don't wanna be unsteady on my feet. And I want to be able to deal with fire and explosives are coming from and he's like. Ok, that makes sense. I get the rationale that no problem and he's like just hold my hand, an amateur pull you through it, and I was like ok, let's go if you're gonna do it, I'm gonna do it and they said the king, this review prey on three that explosives and entire building blowing, and it was really as I like that movie
yeah. I like it too, and we had a great time making it and we had best camera men and we had the best producer- are director pretty mistake. His trailer. I don't think he could handle handle it so key for us. We had the greatest cameraman who had shot so Astonishing movies and Jerry God are producer, God rest Amazing saw Jerry Weintraub how the legend the ledge, we called him uncle Jerry and it was amazing to work with Jerry. You know my heart is even breaking saying name and talking about him, because the loss of him is the greatest tragedy. Jerry.
During the kind of guy that the day my dad died. He called me and said honey anything anything Can I help you in any way I mean he's. I'm very many and were never. In fact. I can't think of us no other person in this town that was as loving and good as Jerry. I book the Stallone verses Arnold. This is, this is the defining. This is the defining argument. If you talk about sports like MAGIC versus bird salon, verses, Arnold was go in there for twelve years so I'm making you pick they're very different types of guys. Arnold is super level headed
You prefer super feet on the ground and. Even when I mean I really appreciate it, you know the way that he came back, this year and made that really beautiful eloquent speech and talk about where he came from and how he grew up and really explain himself so beautifully. I mean I, I really respected that he's a person. It goes away. Thanks talks when he has something to say he's a very level had a person.
Slide is an extraordinary businessman and he runs his franchise very intelligently. I don't think people really, I think they short change fly and I think that short changing her. I things because he really has brought billions of dollars to this industry and. I dont think people realize like recognize him for that. I dont think that they stop it was really good when he finally got nominated for an Oscar, because I think that. Add a little validation would go a long way with sly yea, even a movie like first blood, which turned into the room
buses that movies really good and he's really good in it. It's a really smart movie about Vietnam, war veterans, but nobody. It eventually became this all patriotic superhero. When I first movie, he doesn't like going to Florida right and I think that he's been kind of short changed in the credit department. And I think that's been a little bit rough for him, because I mean he has literally billions of dollars to this industry and I think little bit of. Like you know, some kind of like thank you from the industry might be, might be nice. You bought LEO Stock really early, like literally you bought stock. You gave up something salary to cast them in what are your movies by weight? So obviously you weren't surprised that he became a star, but when, as Titanic happening, what we watch- where were you thinking
I really believe in LEO. I think he is not just a great actor, but his super intelligent LEO. As a kid I mean we reach a for his birthday. Go cart. Writing I mean how long I've known LEO Leo is extraordinarily intelligent, like wow, you know, and it was so clear that he had this. Harry just kind of classy demeanor because of his credible intelligence and those kind of looks that he has that he was gonna, be able to make this kind of career that haddock He was very leading man very any had this kind of innate understanding being. Has tenderness and vulnerability to screen, he just
Now he is really had it. You now and so I always felt was the Richard Burton of his generation. It he had back kind of hyper masculinity, then that he would play you know big hero. I was not surprised at all when he started playing. You know like ship captains, and you know like that, because he's very he's like that. You know, and I could see that right off the bat when I first saw him, I saw my movie called rubber stamp replay skinhead, and how can you the waiters skin, and what does that mean? And it's like Joe the idea what it takes to pull off apart like that again- and that is a real hard part.
I like were really hot hers. Just come off like at it again like I just you know, Jake Flat, you know here is complex and What seems like it seems like you have such good eye for talent. You were ahead of your time. If you had been like everything happened, Twenty years later, you maybe they have a production company in New York and picking people making. Using your power, it just will really wasn't like that in the early nineties, studios and bring me and casting meetings to say like you think we should cast, but they all there were so many rigid boundaries that you know that cast anybody that was not completely straight bread and they couldn't
Has anybody was like this? Are? Wasn't bad or you know their heritage this, or that I mean it was just so absurd, their casting ideas. I just wasn't like I couldn't really think inside their box. A very well Yes, I think you're right and I wanted to directs when I was you now getting my success, and they thought I was Spirito a ridiculous and told me so But yes, I would have been had a production company I would have been directing and I would have picked a lot different talent than what was being picked for gave it. Even if it's like this Ten years later, you immediately have a production company you're doing Whatever you want your teeming with whatever directors you doing, documentaries, all that stuff, it was decided to produce a bunch of documentary, yet loses sight of it.
Can't get them on the air. What was your favorite one? I produced a short. One on the fifteen minute one about one of these guess living Holocaust survivors and its wine. My god. So many documentary film festivals, that is kind of crazy, and I just wanted to go on air during, like National Holocaust month. It's just very hard to get anybody to do anything, when you are a woman, you know luggage products, I mean this year. Finally, people are starting to allow women to work I mean I have really good ones. I have like you now, a dozen.
I have really. I have ones where we ask women from every walk of life all over the world the same twenty questions: women at work- bordello women that I see as we ve ask women from every possible new of life, the same twenty questions and super interesting. You know we just all kinds of great minds. I dont want to step on some of the steps you wrote about their health issues. In the book is that's a big part of it. But what are you doing these days? I'm awesome yeah yeah great cause, you add, you add ivy, said to brain tumor, but then you had some after effects from that, but now cause at one point having trouble speak aimed at you seem so if I now it was not a brain
it was. I you have to back right and these two arteries control. Basically your ability to walk and talk and everything tat. We of mine ruptured and I had a nine J, brain hemorrhage and a stroke on great. I'm doing great. I all systems functioning as far as I can tell. Of course, you'll never know. I think I'm doing good. I think I'm. On top, and they had no idea why that ruptured was there any sort of reason is totally random. You know it's really trusting when I went to the hospital nobody asked me and Nobody gave me a full exam. It's really funny how women get treated you now, Part of the reason I I humbly so long is because I didn't get a full exam and when they gave me my first exam
blood had pulled on one side of my head, but that was because I had had breast tumors removed and still healing and bandage from that and laying on one side and because they didn't know that they didn't know why the blood was on one side of my head. So it took them you now another week you're out that maybe they should give me another angiogram and before they said They just wanted to send me home. They thought I was faking it because most people take rain haemorrhages, I grant. So Are they gave me another angiogram and realised what was happening and I was nearly dead by that time and seven, our brain surgery? Will you that's a big their only part of the book. I did know a lot of that stuff in it was pretty harrowing you just for expressing my Jesus,
especially when you're getting misdiagnosed by doctors, some of the stuff that was going on with you, but you seem great now congrats on the book. What's what's the greatest part left for you to play the employee I'm the one that is the greatest part I haven't read: yes, I it is yet Maybe I like tat, you do like a season of billions or somethin where you're just like this, this kickass exercise like a kick ass billionaire, whose just playing chess everybody, I added others got me somethin you never made like. I sat a supersede steel magnolias tat movie. Do I have it's some sad movies. I made a really great movie: children's movie called freak the mighty about a man who had a kid who hand of physical disorder who becomes good friends with another boys
is made Rob Reigners daughter wrote this amazed, children's books that won a lot of awards, and I produced a kids movie, which was great with genome, in and Harry Bean Stanton and really nice somebody's gonna write you one where it's like you, the mob somebody's getting married and it's a wedding weekend, but then all hell breaks loose. It gets superseded one point something we're leg in control and there's a lot of people that you can kind of play with my vote. That's my vote for the screenwriters out there. Ok, that's it! They'll, be my premise. I have the premise yeah, I'm a huge fair though it's it's really are said to have you I really really have enjoyed allow them. You really respect really respect just that the path since you've had in a really weird place: Hollywood, where a lot of people don't speak up. A lot of people aren't really completely
percent, honest about stifled. I didn't. I just always appreciated tat. You navigated to people in high would an honest enough about it's great to me. You good luck with everything. It good luck with the book. Thank you so much I really appreciate the time I'd. That's it for the BS pack, ass. Don't forget about three watch, both lethal weapon. To don't forget about me and sports card nonsense. Bwana hear me talk about baseball cards, don't forget about no skips with Shea Surinam, Bryn Jenkins, O K. Jinx
lies first package launches on Thursday very excited for that one, and I ll see what there's this path.
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