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The Oscars Race, 'Anchorman,’ 'SNL,' 'Step Brothers,' and 'Vice' With Adam McKay and Sean Fennessey | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep 466)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons is joined by Sean Fennessey to recap the Golden Globes and keep an eye on the Oscars race (2:14). Then Bill sits down with director and screenwriter Adam McKay to discuss his time at 'SNL,' comedic film eras, teaming up with Will Ferrell, Funny or Die, making 'Anchorman,' 'Step Brothers,' 'Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby,' 'The Big Short,' and 'Succession,' as well as his new film 'Vice' starring Christian Bale (26:30).

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with Cps, and he is the man see details at Turbo Tax, dachau ass, a bride by the ring and on the world's greatest website, as well as the Ringer Pakistan work, the world's greatest. Cast. Our words are movies today, but we also have a lot of sports on the re arena. Nba rear, NFL, fineness, finest, open talk about basketball. This week, I'm going over on the the low post was a close tomorrow and that's running on his podcast and he's going to come. Do mine a week from now so get ready for that as well. Come up sham fantasies, gonna break down the Oscars, and where we're heading after a bizarre, gonna gloves and then we're going to have a long conversation with the director of Vice Adam Mackay, who married then couple movies, you men heard of cuts that brothers, Ankara, a whole bunch of things disaster the first gas to ever lay down on my couch, like it was a therapy session. So that's all coming up this, a good pack. I said we go
I wouldn't get Yad, Mikhail Gorbachev, unnecessary. She fastened. Absurd aware, hosted the big picture. Yes, didn't go globes recap and send an eighth seems like every people, forget that we shouldn't take anything from the gun globes at. Are there so stupid There was less stupid, I don't know. I guess I get so worked up an excited about it too, and every year, like seriously, bohemian rhapsody is overdue, and this was, the bohemian rhapsodies, the worst movie. That's ever won the thing, but like I was taken my wife about it and my wife was like you. Ringer people here, always bring me
good movie, our whole family like there. Why couldn't that? When the golden go about my gear kind of right yeah, he was a very satisfying movie for like an incredible amount of people. Yes, it was a huge head. That's one reason why one it's definitely the worst. I would see the worst reviewed movie to have one long time yeah I mean I don't even know me. People happy, I think somebody posted the matter critics score. I think I was like forty nine, which is pretty rough yeah. I think people of queen, ok to love queen. It's ok to want to hear queen really loud in a room with a lot of people. People did that authorised the seventies. They went to go see queen perform. Those songs are incredible. That movie, is this really boilerplate and kind of like allied some of the truth? Freddie, Mercury's life. The facts are all wrong. There was a really good piece on the site by Stephen hiding a couple months The first came out about how many things they did that warrant true to queens real life yet, and there's a lot of problems of the movie. You know, that's the thing, even if even made a lot of people happy
still very enjoyable watch and the performance is really get wrong. Great and he won an here he's an interesting wrinkle in the best actor category really is it's it's not it's not unreasonable, but he could, when I think, christian bales gonna win proviso? We just talk to Adam on this episode he's coming up. We have intact, we talked him. Ok is coming up it's. It's bail, Coopering, Rami Moloch right now, that's the that's! The trio I was thinking like this happened, because the academy voters other we never know, but the breakdown theirs and all that stuff. But I was thinking. There is a little love. It's like the undergrad thought they know believes it s moving. Why can't this? When so, could could, at the very least they get nominated going your absolute yeah. I think it will
it's gonna get nominate prevail here and now he has to be the front runner. I feel like a so many people, like this movie from me molecule. Think in these asker voters are thereat. He's giving their Christmas there around other people who rely on that movie. Well, you gotta think about What's the breakdown of the academy right, the most voters, out of the eight thousand plus people are actors Jack. Really like Rami Moloch today, like him more than Christian I'll, probably not, but they really like him, so they'll nominate him. It was nominated. The PD is the producers guilt which are member, and So it's gonna be in that race and he's a front runner it's a front, but I think it's gonna definitely be in conversation for the next two months. For where the yeah worried what he voice was. Some really realize some, that's good,
They work and are now it's a little a touch of my Andrew, the giant grass roots are yeah. Rather it will have. Our christian bail is really get island. I still haven't seen every movie but either combating fraud. He was christian bail after only ten minutes, which is always a good way to judge and active form its. I really did feel like. He became too He actually gained the way he actually does the voice. He added with a thing ass, their I'd mouth, totally talking over the side of his mouth everything was an easy part. My taken the bail thing is the daily Louis is out of the picture. Now he's retired, and now we need like a best living actor person who accuse the number one guy who's got the belt and he's got. Oscar and the weighted corny him, as the second is by giving him a best across her Oscar. He's gonna win. What's I'll, be careful with this, while why a just. We ve learned our lesson of basketball. Don't don't you meeting MJ retired. This person has to be the go asked, and I say let's certainly greenhill pellets. What's
christian bill or know about ok, leaving Carter Now I minor now I think he's you know he's on a good pace. Ok, they, couple. More ok come more, a couple, more trophies now he's an amazing. Its he's been acting since he was thirteen. I users will require think he's grave, but it's just I Dana De Los is gone now. Here's the bout a now ready at I'm, not ready emotionally, where you are on newsy, is where you know that use them of a christian bills. First movie. I think I don't think I saw them he's a goal, but I don't need any day Louis's retiring by the way that, for a second aren't you gonna do: what's he gonna? They work in a coffee, shop, history, is the kind of guy who would earnestly sit down and write poetry just for extra years. Why not opens his journal looks at his thoughts. Maybe do some bear knuckle boxing I love know they lose. I think that I don't know the blue actually is
the best actor is a good question. I don't think we have. Then I think we have a lot of really really talented people right now, but I don't think I dont want to meet It has to be the respect from the other actors, I think before Phil huh, died. There was an understanding that he was right there in the conversation yeah. I don't know it's there's there's there's the actor and then there's a movie star and bail is both bail. Can open a movie vices than pretty well he's honestly been Batman. Plus you know in the fighter. He does a transformation in vice. He does a transformation like he he's great at that, Five thousand just be blind eye. Fellow bear from US crown the early two, thousands yeah things enraged, shaken our well, their great run and just seem pointed grab about now. Old about for a long period of time and then just went sideways. Can I make an observation? Are also grow there. He also went through a transformation for moving twenty eighteen schoolboy erased whose much smaller movie he D
gained by the same amount await the Christian builded ETA. They realize rural he's he's fucking huge, though in Bulgaria she looks like he's three hundred fifty pounds and when he is enormous, but I think it was sort of for the role, but also just sort of four waffle house. You know like it's hard to know why you got that big, the air, I love to read. Yeah so the Johnny Depp profiles is the highest, and Let's just spending forestry days with a crazy person. I love to find it Zack, it would happen. Russ cause they do an mba trade value for actors, yeah there was proud be around beautiful. My and a gladiator proof alive, sire. I ran all three. He had this run and we we always Asia right, that's the guy, and then it was just over and it seems like he's, that's some personal demons and made some weird choices, but I'd really like to know what happened from his perspective. I believe his next role
Roger Ales, I think he's playing Roger ales in a story about Fox NEWS cause, there's a chance its! He might have this whole Richard Dreyfus. Second John Void type of these. He had higher peaks in those you guys but Dreyfuss, maybe they're about that even but there's a chance. You Gonna enter this whole awesome character, actor stage. Yet more or less. What he's been doing? The last five or ten years has been taking smaller part supporting parts. He still a good actor. Like he's good boy arrays, that's all tough Roy plays a minister whose son is gay and he doesn't except his son, and you know it's a very special. The kind of issue oriented movie, but he gives a good performance is always a good. After his problems and insiders, one of my favorites, that's an awesome underrated. That you never suggested a reliable, because it's, the only Michael men will be that you don't like for some reason, a tiny.
The watchword again. I want to do proof alive. Chris Rana, that's gonna be of twenty four them. One for us now gave roles. I don't approve rueful affair, not credible, ending covers a great. He checked for Caruso Woodstock quickly about the three biggest plots. Somebody's head into the Oscars as restarting cause your covering other stuff from the big picture. Yeah, you do in the eye please raise your ran about in the website. You bunch be worried about the website. Actually usually right around now, is when movies targeting undermine, but it seems like this has already happened with the green book. He agreed book here. Yes, today, the green book, its green book, because you just u hidden- aid reset button thine front of every title now grandmother does that that comes along just Eurostat Grandpa Hotel, but that the green by love love the green book, so green back already is going through backlash and even I brought up at the gonna globes after they once a year. Complicated story, I am umbrella, in seeking to rehash the whole thing banana data that super cool. Just very quick
It's a story about he's issue, namely on surely and a man named Tony about a longer who became his chauffeur and driver in the sixties, maybe friends and colleagues and is based on a true story, Peter fairly, who people know from there's something I marry and king. And a bunch of companies from the nineties directed this movie. It's based on true story, the surely family. Has come forward and said some of the things in a movie or not truth. Specifically, the don, surely did never should this family. There thing did and also just that the movie kind of calls into that very complicated. You know, a magical black character teaches a white man about what the world should really be like, and I think that the filmmakers intentions are sincere and I wanted to make a movie about bringing people together and what can happen? What friendship is really like between people that might, you might think, are different, but are not different, but its evident
There are some things about this. The people really uncomfortable about the movie has not been a huge hit, so it usually movies like this get very successful and then there's a backlash. Resources through boards last year, where that movie made a lot of money and then back and then the backlash happened in this movie. Hasn't it it is well, but you know one on Sunday night and it went and now Peter Farrelly was just nominated for the directors Guild of America today, and you know that means it's going to be there at the Oscars and we're probably going to have six weeks of think pieces about green book, which I kind of dread, yo when I saw green book I liked it. That's like that is that you really like it. I liked it and I liked it because it's Vigo Mortensen immerse Lolly two of my favorite actors being awesome with a very fun script.
Are things about that. Our rough there's, a fried chicken seen that has come under fire. That is complicated, that I can completely understand why people hate it. There's things about other people dont like, but it's too really charismatic people being great together for two hours, and I like that aspect of that being said, a fleet. If this movie, like hurt people That sucks like I know I just don't want that to be the case, and it will be interesting to see how voters handle it. You know, because Peter families been really successful for a long time and people like movies, and there are some people that really like this movie. The favoured, I know, has come under fire fur and are now being amazing. I really like right. It's really fine. I don't have a little more momentum. Yeah, I mean I've thought about this a little bit on the big picture, Fox searchlight. Studio they made them, is really good at Oscar campaigns. Yeah now they're they're, they're responsible for three billboards and the shape of water last year. They really know how to do this. Well, I could see
a very slow momentum. Building for over the next three strong female character area, then we saw Libya Common who's, the stark she plays the queen. On Sunday night. So you know, I don't think it's has a chance of US picture, but it's definitely in the in the act and categories. Fourteen one I had so green, as already under fire, are there, but I mean rhapsody at some point. If it gets dominated even bring up the brain singer thing I mean that's a whole. Another Hornets nest, only data that whole story is really complicated. He was fired or at left that film midway through production- and he still is the credited director belong. Another director, and if the movie winds he would get an Oscar. It's a very they see situation there, a daisy is one word it one! Thirty Some of this I'm reluctantly the same more about it. You know. Listen, just Google Brad singer in you understand why this is more than dice. Yeah yeah, that's a tricky tricky That's too really really controversial movies that are probably gonna be contending, and then
there's a bunch of movies that people really like that are contending too, which is nice. We don't always get that at the Oscars and this year we have it. You know. So, what's what didn't do very well. On Sunday the stars born stars born, I thought, the fact that I was a golden globes can now. I know I know me they sing in major stars. What does this go to gloves what someone explained to me on Monday that the folks who worked on You mean Rhapsody worked the Hollywood foreign Press, which is the group, the votes on the golden globes very hard there. They spent weeks, really really kiss him up when spending a lot of time, get alot of face time of those voters, that's a very small group of people and maybe Stars born didn't work as hearted that, maybe I honestly don't know. I was surprised. I thought that I thought Gaga would have one for sure. I thought astonishment was gonna win for best drama, not the case. We gotta, listen, she lost a glint close. Who else asked the center of the White likely be repeated at the ask movie, I haven't seen thumbs up forgone class. I look on close We both local she's out any and asks
here we go, I'm gonna go for life, gimme. To other supports any enthusiasm. I think the biggest thing right now is willing stars kind of bounced back. People have noted that its only movie that has been acknowledged by every major craft guild, so the producers, the directors, the the editors, the cinematography, you know the saga words. All of those groups are all all in on a star is born, so I don't think a star is born is down at any point, but I think the third thing, because third narrative, I'm trying to figure out a smart way to read about this, as I can remember them, ass time that best picture was so wide open, even from a gambling perspective, and we private asks how about this You know I thought for months and months it was gonna, be Roma versus the stars morning. I'll bet those lines going to moved a little bit after Sunday. You know about that now that green book- has a little bit more exposure. My guess is that more people see green book this week at that, in theatres, Bohemia actually getting into the conversation we haven't, really had a black panther conversation. That's plausible,
that happens, Oprah was out or we can a half ago kind of doing. Press on behalf of black Panther to get it exposed and Roma, which is Netflix, is huge bid to win an Oscar is the wide open race. So there's only five or six weeks to go. I like setting to talk about the voting it's also time for NBA all star voting this year, it's actually easier than ever for Vince to vote cuz. You can vote just by searching on Google search for your favorite player team. You can vote right in the search bar. You can also search on Google to stay up to date with live, scores and view upcoming game schedules. The all star game February, 17th voting, runs until January. 21St fans can vote for ten players a day, so go vote on Google, Ahmed Arango and vote on the ballot that they sent me beautiful. Double voting with. I asked How can you do know is that legal? I just made it on the Oscars ads.
So I we sound urban bearing on this for a few years, and populism was theirs I don't remember there, never being a minus favorite every ever yeah I'd right now is place, would have it would run them as the Roma's the quorum core favour, but its plus one forty submit a hundred hours when one for it ok, stars born, is to one green books plus four, fifty I'm with you? I think all the hullabaloo about is sukkot bohemian Rhapsody sixty one, that's not winning especially Bryan singer, Google, the favourite one thousand four hundred and one black panther, twenty thousand five hundred and twenty one blackkklansman twenty thousand five hundred and twenty one. If Beale Street could talk twenty five to one hundred and twenty five to one and then it starts going up and up is. My first question will be, let me say, over under eight movies, get nominating under over over you over nothing, you I we're going ten. So that means that they could split the vote in a way war. Bohemian rhapsody could get aid
percent of the vote and when there is such a complicated system, were actually working on a peace for the for the site and fur for you to break out about DE explaining how the voting specifically works as a kind of an obsession of me and amended Dobbins who caused the Oscars? with me, but preferential balloting essentially means that just because something is if, if a film has more third place votes than another from the has first place voted plausible, that it can creep up in the standing soon, and that is a very complicated system that they have created. So sometimes it's not your first choice or your second choice. It's your third choice that becomes your vote asylum, I'm wrong. So it's not like it's I know it sounds a little like MBA Vp. If third place is worth more than it should bear some. Yes, that's the case. I mean things when things start getting knocked off like if enough films don't have enough first place votes, they get knocked off and you go up to the next and the next on. It's complicated keep an eye on this. I will explain in a little bit more clearly, but that does mean that you're right, there's gonna be openings for movies like bohemian rhapsody that, like three months ago, I know
I would have thought I would add a chance to be nominated stars born Tudor. One still seems like the one for me in. I say that, knowing that Roma could absolutely be the shape of water of the share it. Just like it's it's the movie for people that make movies yeah. It isn't it isn't, though, because there is a lot of people who work in the movie business who are unhappy about what Netflix is doing so oh you ve got, you think, there's a little backfire back. I shall never know question because they're not held to the same standards that most people at work in the movie business are because they don't have to deal with box office for the most part. They don't really have release their metrics, though we have heard recently how much bird box was viewed recently. Phenomenon movie. I think that, should I don't agree with that, but you know it's it's it's a tricky thing because if, if you work for a traditional studio, only resent what Netflix gets to do and and and wish you could do it in some ways. You know there's a I think, there's a lot of desire to not have to deal with like oh wow
You know your movie bombed at the box office, your failure, like that's the best, the narrative we pitch every Monday about a movie that doesn't do well and they just never have to deal that who knows how many of you have seen Roma, probably more than if they had put it out in Theatre, with a studio there, but I, sure quarrel is considered. A master he's already won this award once before. He barely one reward him. Roma is beautiful and incredible. I dont think you ve seen it. Have you seen it a medicine. Emotion it's the two and a half hour black and white foreign film, too tough sell for some people. To watch whether also doing emails. I t that much year will that's the anxiety about a two right is like people use Netflix as like background noise, you know breadbox bourbon Yes, they re or as a second screening, happy head up. When you hear the weird sound, he can't do second screen with Roma. You have to look at it, not just cause. You have to read the dialogue, but you have to see it. You have to see what he composed and it's? A beautiful movie, I dont think everyone's gonna love it, I think a lot of on there's a lot of people were discussed.
Respond more emotionally to the traditional stars. Born thing I, like a star, is born to doing it in we think it's crazy. That is insane a prohibitive should, and I like the fact that the wouldn't threw wouldn't make a people off the on on other globes is insane and we should never take stock in the globes ever I wouldn't. I wouldn't make it Crazy bet on on bohemian rhapsody you're referring, but right now I don't. I don't think that that's the way to go there, ain't, so smart money, probably in putting a little money, sprang little money run on black panther and black clansmen, depending on health, go and away. Those campaigns are allowed, the next five or six weeks, one there's a spike leaf. MR, like spikes, never one he's, never investor ACT Emma viewers and get that I like them over them. If he wasn't gonna have to invest picture. He habitats, as you know, when we talk about the real watch, was all the time it doesn't matter. If it's like the right movie, you know you can't win for do the right thing or Malcolm X. Those were the ones he was most winfried on Scorsese. He didn't win for good fellows he one for the departed like this isn't honey. Ask me so we're lifelines knows that that apart it, no it's good.
An honor you it was. It was a head and it was spikes first hit awhile and It's a movie that says something about the moment and playing one had black Panther would have Mormon awards moment. I felt we got closer. So just cause, it was such a significant movie in everybody, really like the two things working against it one. It was released in February of twenty eighteen long time ago to a comical movie but still being held against it. There's no doubt that's being held against ETA may sense. I like it, stars born to the one. I think. That's my railway surrender fur for six weeks. I've been saying stars born when I still think it will win and the Rami Malloch winning best actor, I think, is in play. But to me it's like, I would use bet Gaga Cooper, stars born. I did that before Sunday, man I got on my face. I have enough the globes event that, and that alone I know I know and then best
after I don't know why that was the one right that Cooper Wood, where nearly any agency double double. But now I just think that categories to load- it's really hard to say because it be what you're likely gonna have my guests in that category B, Spike Cooper, Mackay fairly and quorum, pretty loaded, no women again, you ve, got quarrel and whose only one is amazing Cooper who made a great movie that nobody likes spike has never been where did Mackay. This is the second consecutive nomination and fair We who you know like we set at the top like lots of people like movies, a special and of older voters. I think we're like that movie tough category Toffana pick anything but it is probably too polarizing as you Ozma case gonna to explain as one without them, and yet I mean I really liked it. I've talked about it. I talk to her about it too. I know why people like it, and I understand why I think that there is still strong sentiment for him in industry. Like he's, he's he's actually made out of six or seven films now, and there are good for different reasons. Multi speed
and good for different reasons, the relaunch of us with the godfather. Yes, we finally did it this week. I don't know how you subscribe to this back ass, not three watchful, since, among so is on the reward the godfather. We treated. It was almost like a game. Seven, I'm an mba find us Definitely I slept there from the night before as really made a little like Larry Burden game. Six. Eighty six, it was mine ass. It was my first double we watch before parquet you guys. I thought you'd tell that told me there to intimidate me. I didn't double relaunch and I read a book or an entire book to prepare for the Pike asked. So that's how committed I was. But you know when something is as good as the godfather gotta go all the way. I really felt like I bet, may game too, seven minutes. We did it literally over under was two hours, thirteen minutes or actually under. I think if we wanted to a buster, you being weird about Frank Sinatra for another ten minutes. We could have done that. History will show that not only was I not we're
I was in the right Janni find TAT. I should not have been Frank Sinatra. Ok, whatever you say he was like I said Andrews Uncle wasn't a successful. We still are not hearing each other about the point you are my that we thought Frank Sinatra wasn't cool, which is not something we ever said that you kind of insinuate. If you, if you love Frank Sinatra, you know better care of January container, I told you, I was a young Chris, like Frank Sinatra, beat in love him, I'm a huge fan. Let's will, at the audience, judged differently fancy subscribe to the big picture and rejoin the said to speak with the Oscars. I think you should reach out to sow as a resource get his take well. Me last year. He had me against all odds, to give him odds takes, but I'm like he should be the one giving them to media that share the general picture. Thanks though before we get to Adam barriers. Pretty
in one of the world's longest running distilleries. It is the world's finest all natural vodka is part of a six hundred year polish back making tradition it's made with non GMO polish rye, pure water. No additives is recognised for quality, including my ass Belvedere was named the icy Rebecca, pretty sir of the air in fifteen. Sixteen and seventeen enjoyed the wishes cocktails. Belvedere vodka today cow I want you to enjoy a delicious cocktail day. I wanted the house had. Do it right, a crack at open room or to always drink responsibly, areas advocate Adam K is here. We ve circled this podcast really, since that enough eighteen. Seventy eight, whenever we ready to each other, we talk about just never happen for some years been that's happening. It's happening. Revises out really use me four year. Your reward,
motion, I'm just in the circuit for you, that's it. I'm cranking you who for like hits and eyeballs. That's all that all this is about it. We ve we ve known each other, while I've used is a resource for sir digs over the years kind of in the Duma with weave our daughters have did soccer games against each other. We ve run into each other weird places, yes, which, but somehow never pack, a superior. I love it You came in here like it in the posters we retorted seventy sportsmen, the hell. I ran a fast break and fish had saved Pittsburgh, one I won and inside moves and inside move some some really great. Warriors footage back in the days when the where's are basically just the goodliest cocaine franchising, that's about it rather than I think that your fractions, don't you see Robert Parish can learn. I desire Jamal well takes yeah Also, I love that the guy who plays the star in inside
Moves counts of Esther shows up big. Why I'm impressed show up in vision, quest as the teacher who is like hanging out with Matthew Medea being like how is plain hoops kind of gets in with Karla Rebecca that aid is a little awkward so that guy he's in that he's in fast break. He plays they see day in fact, break really. Oh yeah and he's attracted swear shoe as rights, who is a woman, pretending to be a man and It's one of the many reasons vast break is the most politically incorrect Bush will be about. I have just a pc up article and then his eye sought after two gentlemen, he embezzler Red, that's right here with you now it's gotta be around. I don't know I mean I can six foot seven black. I have enough. There's a lot arose for him and regulated to David mess them up. In that aim alone, market correction- we're stuck There are the ringer package when there's market corrections, fur and active verses, an actor like Tom, illegal,
in Scotland. Probably I'm just take this you're happy, but Scotland in Urban. Guidelines Great Britain neck and neck with Tommy four leg for years there then I have you. Dillon the cowboys a reward. You know it's interesting. There's some domestic violence, Daphne ok, just watch the it's really weird: it's messed up, shocking domestic violence, stuff where it was the air at Sagamore right they worked it out right now. We re do would never fly now. Travolta hits her hits air and then we needed a movie. Now the audiences eg you eat, hundred Virginia you we matter revolt in one scene says I have to go to my k, K, K, meeting
I don't see anything else about it, but it's come like thrown away. It's a tricky military they'd, it's a tricky movie. The verdict has won my dad too, upon them and spoiler finds out that his girlfriend had been working for the other side, all alike punches earn a bar. I remember that in its horror, by the way that bar I used to hang out in that bar that seven b in the EAST village omega, and it was like right around the corner. My house, it's beautiful, barred. It's in like ten movies, you could see it all the time, It is funny how the same locations get used for different things over and over again. Fr Sports bar sets. Should each city bang, Bang? I think at one point there's a little violence in that having Dick Vandyke its ground the woman by the arm and like she's, like you, Bruce you're, hurting me less and eighties or violent and not politically correct and a leg over the last ten years, things of shit, but we talked that when you know
we ve done, we watch was Pakistan differ movies and even the comedy movies from even last decade, like some of the apple, movies, some of the language from the staff. Again, why anymore, so gay like yeah will, I think you guys did step brothers. We and there's one moment in there were granted its the villain, but he says the F word. Um yeah real level here and you're right like it's all this met him to be an awful guy, but like jumps out of the movie, whenever you're waiting see comedy in two thousand. Nineteen, as people are just more uptight than ever and it I feel, like I've asked this question on pods for the last couple years, but now we're at a point. You know I mean you fat of your whole career. Came out of the common road they do others have but part of the joint. Find a comedy is pushing the envelope pushing the line,
crossing over no place. You not really supposed to go, but you do it the re way and if everyone's tariffs to go near that line, Where are we going to end up? Who is doing it? I mean it's, my answer would be, no one is doing it right now, right, I'm in a kind of, seems like that. The risk or word is ad aware, John Mulvaney, a little bit. I felt like chapels to net specialists. He crossed some lines earlier in April, oh my god, do here which Chappelle ebbed he's he's reached this point now just as the celebrity in an artist and everything where he got a pass, a little bit it yeah yeah, there's not much out there right now comedy at his is really weird spot right now, like no one knows. What's going on, you look at the movies that are being put out to end everyone super confused, unlike the cut up buddy romance movies, don't we work, then you know that it seem like Melissa. Mccarthy was gonna, be the one and she's had couple.
Many moments but like who is the comedy started now Kevin heart I think like I can, even Thank you. It is like Stiller doesn't do it anymore. I guess Rogan is still in the game. A little bit right Ere. I wondered to me it's always cyclical, and last decade was just so strong between and where are the staff were there in the other? The task staff in Egypt was, I kind of that'll. Frat pack thing is because we're doing the hang over Anna on the real actual says researching, and that was, I think, o three entire Philips. The tumor sit down, were road trip and he had done their dad many about frat ass about cars, but she was really get which you know. The story about that right that they had their Sunday and sword taken away from them yeah because they faked several scenes in it yeah. He did it with a guy named Andrew Girlfriend who weave work with before a laugh.
In fact the most underrated movie we ever did at Sanchez. Is a movie called the virginity it? And it's How do we we see that it's actually really good? They marketed it as like a losing your virginity kind of movie. It was like one of those movies was like I going to lose my virginity bridge way more like nuanced and interesting than that, it's really good. No one sought by anyway, that's Todd, Philips old partner and fraud houses Annabelle, I love that movie. So when hang over started, it feels like that was I'd like the demarcation point, because after that, there's uses run for Next, you IDA airliner, Assyrian. What is it I fear he is the abbot that it was all about. The avid was em in that before that you d like hand cut your movies, like people forget like in the mid nineties, everyone hand they use that that would what's it called the camp. Where you have again,
and so every cut you did. You had to be like ok, would every one in the room and have to get together and go we're doing this cut? Are we sure? Yes, let's do it, and then they would have to do the cod and they would have to like bind its and they would have to see that put the cut in life. Envelope on a wall, so every single cut was so laborious then, when the avid came along was like boom boom, you can do it or you can. You can do twenty times the amount of work in one day and with how many, as you know, it's all about timing, so the second peoples like playing movies in front of crowds, and they have the added you're like out just shift this move this and also the comedy star like a role. Like they just got more, that's really interesting, yeah. Well, that's so the staff and other people that avert do you too bad. You love, keeping the cameras wrong ad Lib take forget about the thing we Just do your own taken, so you can really done that as well in the nineties one,
you. Could you could keep rowing, you could roll out, but the treatment is me hard. It added exactly you have all these like loose ends that you would have to go through and be like hand like physically you'd, have to say like hand me that route that chunk of film over there let's look at it, say, editor and basically they have a major cocaine problem just to have gone through that, which is all the same to you as well as that of an iron story. We are assisting editor on a couple of our movies Melissa, brother tat, and she worked on Heavens gate. So what it was called Miss flap yeah and I worry about it. Michael chiming, oh yeah, and they were really struggling. Obviously and chiming walked in one day and he said, take one frame of every shot in the movie and they were like. Excuse me take one frame out of every shuts it. They had to go to the end
your movie one frame and in the end it cut like you know forty five seconds Adam. It made no difference at all, so they had little envelopes everywhere. Would like the one frame in it all over the please but yeah. That's my theory is the avid is kind of whatever they get there in the air. I think I think it's a lot like the NBA with comedy were sometimes it's just sick like right on the NBA, receive a lot of talent for whatever reason, there's a lot of great. Eyes right now, and that makes the league better and it makes it more fun and comedies sometimes, as I dare to Regis, had these classes that show up and not just the people in front of the camera, but the people behind the camera to a blend of that. You asked role at this. Eight year ran. Why also think there was a thing where was like the last moments of that kind of in Ro Guy comedy leg,
it was the last breath of it and what was great about it was it was self aware here that we need What we were doing. We knew that it was ridiculous, see at the mix of like the avid you're, the mix of like movies blowing up cause. Now you have These and like the money was rolling yet and and then I think, you're right. I think like culturally. That was last moment. I mean why animal house now. I dont think you can like I'm here. Animal house. Now it is it's it's five or six really really tough, but its dicey. I mean it hits and for a while was the number one comedy of all time in that was like huge. So Not only was it the number one comedy of our time, but then Kadesh ACT were probably the two most quoted movies. Just in conversations I register, yeah graduates left and right power drawn their stripes has no idea what That was a weird air, though because egg nudity, the character and companies to entered always be leg gets.
Lastly, you gets get couple nude scenes in areas like my night out in eighteen, eighty one which says like nudity for no reason at all is it our active will that was back to when you could have a movie. There was like p e g would need it yeah that are airline yeah airplane. Had the, though, though heavens going nuts and this grudges jumps in friendly care. Ready, I get is jumping up and down. No one is the lack of have it makes airplane even more amazing, if you really at it like how do you make that movie without an avid. It's weird that culturally, that one didn't last, but some of the other ones did that I feel a cat shack is really lasted. Do I don't like airplane had hasn't filling in the when you're drunk we're around the same age growing up there is like them out, Rushmore and those without it. Sensitive yeah, I saw it like six times in a movie did try to with my daughters and like every joke did make sense. It was like hurry. Chris does tell
right at every thing, no longer make sense and their wise and they had elect fast forward to you know MRS Cleaver going excuse me, I speak jive and then they were into it. And then the cream Abdul Jabbar stuff held up pretty well. Well and also the though of the pilot Peter Graves Billy the bats, using a grown man again now that I would probably get in trouble ass? I got a job molestation this serious issue, but there are also areas like gladiator in these Billy, like with scraps rubs epidemic your leg, I love ass. Yet I was a different era and ethnic comedy represents whatever is going on in the air and I'll be relation to see where it goes. This error, because going forward you now, especially with the political situation we have analysed stuff like I've just really curious what are people in it? hackers who were there
There's gonna going to be the stars, the stars to tackle. Are they gonna go after the politics that on the stuff I have no idea? I mean the previous thing? I've seen in the last year was in written comedy. It was Donald Trump in that forest, with Gavin Newsome and Jerry Brown, explaining how you won't have forest. Hours. If you sweep the forest, the single craziest thing I've ever seen in my entire life like it that happened, in being there you'll be like guys, we gotta get that in turn their back. I believe, then, that it actually happened egg. So I don't know man what many Spencer for us and our aid, because. Now I an earlier stage our other trump stuff, but I feel like I'm just on a board of it? It's the second we get our Baldwin's tramp yeah. This is something that started when you were there where They would have Canada the political,
Would open the shell which they used to do the first twenty five years everyone's royal, but sometimes open the show that weird stuff forecasts, member stuff, the Wolverine. Be areas something weird like why whatever, but now it's like politics, every time and start out with Trump and it's like Hetty parity, something feels already like a parody. I have no idea you have Yet, when I was there I like occasionally, I would try and re openings that were like a little bit serious yeah, like I wrote one. It was like for the season opener after the loose ends. The scandal, yeah and the entire scene was silent and it was Hillary Clinton walking in the bedroom bills watching tv and he's like hey. That was only word the whole scene she ignores them, sits in the bed. They start flipping through. Was: every third channel is Lewinsky. The atlas flip flip. She turns it off, takes like a big heavy brass turns over turns off the light, long be
build turns off his light. Long be big. Heavy brass live from New York, exactly that boy did not work remember that they never unaware. Never, I convinced when I was like This'Ll, be amazing, This'Ll, be like blue country immediately tat stuff do you. What was your first year there ninety five through, I think or one cause you got that There are many such a great run for the shown on new cast, basically just somehow famers and they're, not but was also really fun time for calm anywhere. You look at some stuff, like those smuggle cartoons, now none of that stuff would run now no way away and especially that guy after partners in going after going after the networking Lucia stuff is shitty that, as like holy
even in the moment as like. Oh my god, I can put the running that I was I I did interview about an hour ago with a journalist talking. Poor you with somebody else with a journalist about that peace. Going after the network about the oh yeah classes at mediocrity, and it was like a schoolhouse rock peace yet about how the net works on the news, so there never gonna report against themselves. Yes, and I it with model, and we had g and they're, saying, like you know they own and see there. Never gonna, like report against building weapons are building stock. And so we God bless LAW, He added, but I guess the next morning. They had been BC. Camberwell was back then Bob right, I think, others, though by re hold Lorn, was like what the hell are. You doing and saw a friend of mine in the control room com egos, hey Mackay, their Poland, that peace that media
We offer the re ready for the reasons I was what he was rather trying not to let any one know, but there. And so I guess I can say it now. I liked it amazing. I called David Corn, who was a journal, still journals big journalist, a local tv guy, like three people and they put articles about it and then Five days later, I came in a work and everyone is look at me. We're nose like what's up like Lorn wants to, you are now and I was like really about what Lorn wants to see you and I were in the room and loan was like did you like tat the fact that we were cutting the media the peace Adam and I was like at this moment I was, I know, Why do you think? and you know NBC wants me to fire the person. The did that and No? It's you
I would like to know and to Lorens credit a little half wink and was like. Don't do that again and like? Let me go to the office, and that was it while you are here to important, showed, was fired. I don't know I mean, if NBC he needed me but NBC. What a fire me In addition, come as a surprise, grammar born, I get suspended it for me as pan, foregoing after good. There too. People reach out to me were you in Spargo by super excited about it. Since grade rowdy, we were really proud of you Philippic. We say that on this can as a good deals, the biggest moron creep ever. Where is second biggest, whose first, the tramp the Pope now would only boys find the book is both eyes. Fidel's, pretty bad,
we all live in the same category like James stolen who's. The guy wants the Washington football test. Data guide area like they're all in that same generates in their head, the Carolina about another good. While that statue, I wonder I wanna, buy that statue by the way of him outside that the path they didn't take it down here. I know he actually put it in the agreement when he saw the team, you can't run That is amazing that people have a factor that their you think it through them, and you have a weird statute and for your place I mean it's not as bad as the rich, the statue, you should leave that statue of you all big up like a jeweled up a microphone and at present exports and every year the typewriter just said that my colleagues that then it yet that does the crazy times Late night is who- and you had you guys were loaded on this
Joe behind the scenes and on camera. We then everything led to that two thousand, the election we have so much so much fodder. I still feel like that. The political paired at that point was still far because they didn't have the kind of destructive elements it had the world has now here, you didn't know in the early two, thousands that it was like, potentially the end of mankind's erased and smell. There was an innocent see as action Dave, which I think we can do for the relaunch of us with Kevin client in theirs. Oh yeah, there's a real innocence to it were its. I gather present. So is this easy and guy can just come in and make everything better. That's kind of how we thought about the presidency a little bit and I don't think we do a changing subjects for one second of yet Tinker Taylor soldiers by as a reliable. Now it's amazing me. I will give you a package of your real actual you good. I've watched that movie.
The old man, so good battle Riera talk about presidency. Was innocent- We knew W. Bush was messed up. We knew there trouble ahead, be news, a good character for the shallow field, as in Hell yeah, this guy? You pretend you as dumb as the perfect, but you didn't know he would like you'd viral rock, the foundations of light civilization, yeah. You weren't thinking that by the end, of course, they did but yeah beginning, you didn't think it Yeah, that was a blast like the late nineties. I remember when we out there and ninety five. We would like Gala Van around your city. We go down the like these village to be Pharaoh and myself and leg well, the writers on aghast ire would join us and we just go be idiots at that time. Everyone like hated as well because it was coming off the is the jail horses and exotic and
so we would go to bars, and I remember like one bar to a ANA Avenue, ay and second street we were, there were just be morons like they were lifting feral up in pressing him against the ceiling or something and the bartender was like wish were this funny on personnel. Are people hated the show, but it was kind of great, because no one haired who we were like. No one, they didn't really recognize Pharaoh, and so we are just like eating rogue ease and having the best time shooting pool, and incredible. I remember ass. I remember the first episode to him when he did get off the shed oh yeah, I was like one of those who's. This guy he receives just almost immediately a star, and then he was in another scheduled marrow Hemingway I typed when he was I talked about the seat of the one. He's the weird husband who needs excuses to get off. The phone begets energy, so clear he was a star, but then I just took it took America like it seem like half the year to come.
What did I tell you the story when he got hired? We all thought he was like the straight man. We thought like because we were all hanging out world do in bits, we're Chicago guys, wag Improv, like Dave CAT nearer Nancy, whilst him meadow all of us just do it bits. Clearly and fairly really quiet, can a normal. So in our head were like oh, he must be like the Brad Hall of this casts rag. So brought all but he's not the brand of all of this cashmere and then, from that moment, on it was like follow. Feral was incredible. We did when we had grantline. We did like a Saturday Rips lake nine sketches the womb is rocking and we're like, oh he's not the brought by the way God bless brought all, but he's not the broad all of this yeah and then, from that moment on it was like follow. Feral was incredible: we did when we're airline, we did like a Saturday alive, a freer, maybe was for the fortieth
fortieth, adjust. Rather, yes, actually we did a bracket of their character with a whole bunch of stuff, and I was taught him an area where they were the two best. Just because I am sure that any was kind overqualified beyond the show that you still impresses herbaline. It was like to famous almost Indiana and then fairer his bill. Do anything and then fell. Hartman was my other pages and then I think this debt, I think the Mccain in Crystal Meagre close, but those three They could literally do anything I withdraw accorded. There would like you, forget how good he was drew Goddard you know him tat covered in the woods. He does a game. Were you You and personnel draft oh, I have to draft you have touched on by the way, is an amazing I hear, and first picky says: every draft is either feral Eddie Murphy Hassle,
yeah yeah, I was pretty high on MIKE Myers. I don't make Myers was under waited on he's down historically under eight a customer yeah. Those couple years? Oh my god, in college for those, and it was just so far out there- the legs buck and spread the first bracket. There's like what is the him I'm on what has happened that kid in the bathtub, their name is Simon. Ever like everything he did you read to you are like. What's he up to and also the music was incredible back then, like doom like public enemy, my guy on their flavour, flavoured the witch had, and I can't trust it like. I just remember that I think that's the best cast. I think that, like early nineties as of now agreed that yeah, because there is a window where I think Myers had joined by car, we haven't left here, but Hartman was still Jane, hooks was there and then
and there's gonna, see anywhere just loaded and corner there. Mom strive, as he hosted I was there and I have never seen anyone ripper room like that. Guy, like he, rocked the studio leg, to get health issues when a la daddy advocates what stopped him from being, because that guy was incredible. Yes raising ya. Think he's on its Lorn would never do this, but if you gave a short list, I think he would probably yeah, the customers did you, I was. What about us and our with. Did he stumbled into the? I always wanted to be honoured me. I was a show, a grub why king and Chicago lineage is pretty resides. Why me really? What happened to me was we were doing the upright citizens brigade, so we were doing chosen.
Coffee houses in weird theaters, and it was going great like we definitely not a following, but we made no money and I have broke and they got auditions at second city. So I had to tell like Eusebio's that guys have no money like I got to do this, and that was the only place in town that paid, so I got in there and that's kind of what changed everything guys just kept doing you c b and the cool thing was by the time I got to ESA. Now, like a year later, you c B move there, so I was able to do improv with them and began. I was it, I mean I was is the thing I've known you the first time in my life, like my parents, stop bothering me he likes it without any political. Happily there. That's why you ve, I remember there's a few that you were on
the guy in the guy, in the crowd you and what you have, that kind of a stealth character I did. I did. I did it a couple times. I'm trend, remember was, it was more than a cut. Was it like? Four five tat will be Maguire, there were cut you're thinking knowing guy in the audience, is basically that was it yeah and a couple times, sketches I was in a couple of my short films. I did like an update peace. One time lag a little bit of, but by that time I was love I was loving being a writer that he has got interacting, making short films leg. That was clearly where I was gone. When did you click with fairer was the? Was there a tipping point moment, we could you gotta became his guy Europe, we all the Chicago group, just always was doing bets like day to day in an out were always doing a bit and feral just started like hanging out front of our doorway LE chaos. What's up yeah and when I came
what's up and then eventually he came into our office and started to embed with us and we're like all this guy's good yeah. And later he told me he was like a I wanted to hang out with you guys. Could Euro is don't be here? and he became one of the masters of course, and from that point on that, it was like when I was writing a scotch or he was writing when it became a k, but the first one I think we ever hit on was Neil Diamond storytellers. Yes sick. That was the first one. We ever road together and it was so easy and breezy that were like. Let's keep doing us he's, not over thinker, I'm not an overt like you know you want to correct it, make it work, but neither one of us are kind of ham ringers when it comes to stop so it was just really natural uncomfortable did you become had? Rather there you dead, right, I did my second year, I remember being visa in shock when they call me like. I was a staff writer for one year and there, like hey
I would like you to be had writer take my first response was no I was having so much fun, just biggest staff writer and a friend of ours, I know you you gotta say yes, if you dont say I shall never get hey. I've read a little pimp, a lot more better office, yup better he's got a bigger office, but a lot more ass rents and meetings run zealously egos asked. If you have to do when you make me every secretaries, helicopter I am allowed to carry a gun and airport astray. Gas adds us. It was good whose good times when did you know but it s stomach movies. It was asked for years I was head writer in like kind of had some ups and downs and was like always kind of arguing with Lauren. I knew there was a problem when one time I said hey, I want to talk to Lauren. I went in the room.
And there was another producer. There was I I just wanna talks were not right, he could stay and we talked and talk, and I laughed- and I said to the producer like: why were you there and he's like? when's, afraid you get a yellow them a man by the way I was yelling. It was just being a future like we gotta do this. Why don't we do this and that So I was getting kind of like ici, unlike ready to move on villages that them about? Just out of curiosity at that point, it has become in the establishment yeah, I was a lot of it was sketch choices like after dress. Why are we doing this leg? Come on, isn't funny what about this like a lot of it was that and then it would be during the week. I would train institute kind of like frame framing devices for the show like hey, let's have a topical minute after before update, it seems to work like we would just
should we be talking about stuff, any is very resistant to change in the infrastructure that had been built exact. And by the way, now that I'm fifty, he should have been he created if one of the good, shows of all time right and theirs. There's talks about the secret. You basically created this plain that could and any whether yet and Jesse knew the plank. I gotta go down and it worked twenty nine year olds are coming and going you gonna change it. So now I looked back at a very differently, but it at that time. I thought like I, we got go crazy, and so eventually I was like I'm gonna quit and so I call my manager I was like, I think it's time to leave, and it goes you know if you're gonna leave make it unreasonable demand you might as well right, because what would it take treated? stay and I said well be a pay. Raise no production meetings I can, namely on credit, and I want to make short films. Let's try it and then, like our leaders, I guess you'll do it
so for my last two years at Essen, L, I was the coordinator of falconry those my title and forgot not declare falconry rain, they said name, Euro Grotto Marguerite could read, and I made short films which were amazing. I learned how to direct yeah and I could still right sketches. I didn't have to go to any meetings, but after two, of that. I realise the entire place, aided me because I was so much time and I ask you to say let this as bad politically. For you really bad, really bad, like even dear friends, were like You are so eventually I laughed, but he had a great time there's six years. It was amazing, he's a lorry. That's writers, produce sketches, put him to gather, give notes to actors like you get an incredible experience there. It seems like piracy, It is a success. Is he realizes and a wet
gear he realized, vespers, probably somewhere in the late nineteenth and early two thousand said, he's got old and that he has. The trust these really smart people to kind of tell What's funny, what's colonel, what's new some of that committee. As I find That situation about would like were added the grail in the rear, like I'm fucking, all when we have a lot of young people that work for us in this stuff they care about. I wouldn't care about, and if it was a site that was all the stuff that afforded bedroom person cared about, probably wouldn't be, you could say now, so you did that in Flex, and I think he I don't know what year was where he embraced that he was pretty good with that like when we came out here. LOS Angeles, our favorite executives. The ones who would say I don't know comedy I'll. Tell you a story, but you guys do the comedy and like any Pascal, it Sony was like that, like I don't know how many guys but I'll tell you
stories yeah I'll talk to you about that. But I know you guys again and I will write interferes area Maison run their, but whenever it executive, those like I do no funny danger and careful Worn was pretty good with that. I gotta say I think the key That shows the red. Through Wednesday is the red through and there's like a hundred and twenty people just packed and and you go through every sketch and a lot it's based on the room laughing and I think he reads that and I think he does still have a good sense of humor. I he still will laugh. You can get him to laugh. Does a snort laugh, which is the best right, but one time I really got him to laugh was I did a sketch called the whole Coggan talk show, and it was this regrettably long in truth, there was all about a whole call again and to the point where people in the room were like all right we gathered already and then it would the show, and it was well Ferrell going Hokosa. As on vacation, I'm your guest at any moment
and Lord actually did up now, as I all that's good, and so to his credit, he was still laughing. He still enjoyed it, but yeah he was good it. A kind of leaning on people like Tina became that Frahm and Sub Myers and certain people travelling. A key I mean his the ability to judged whose talented his creative is unassailable Everybody has a better should attack there. They even like him fighting for Conan to be a tv Hervey. This kind of incredible amazing If that happened now, there's no fuckin way out work. I mean list of talent evaluators in all time, history, if you like, they give visas, sports Gm Eulogists, Jerry, Wes Yea, be like dollar check. Crasser Jerry Wes he's incredibly cranky that I asked him about that once I was like how do you do this, because the peace Please hiring are not there's no one knocking on their door, yeah One was looking to hire me. No one wanted will feral Kristen Wig, like none of us, were being bothered by
one, and he told me, as your story always goes back to some family, This scenario is like. I was Spain with the name of supermodel, the intellectual and we were driving across these fields and they were melons everywhere. As far as the I could see, their watermelons and in the middle but there was a stand and there was a man selling watermelons, and I said I laughed and I said: Why are you smiling watermelons they're all around us, and he pointed he said because of my eye. Wow. I don't know if that's true or not, but it was a good story. He appreciates people who are just good at stuff I remember I went to visit my French Kobe Newark in his egg. We're gonna go, get super this place in. You can be free, Debbie how great the cash register? Lady is because he knows that I love stuff like this. I love and people just graded there, whether our tender waiter, any like. I can't wait to
the cash register lady. So we go away by the Serbs and the lines I twelve deep and just moving and she's a bagging step. Like one handbags, if the other things in and outside this, most incredible thing ever seen. I must wanted a videotape it and as such, should I take. Like now. No sugar freaked out, like you, don't think I did. We watch your dad. She banged out, like twelve customers and leg seventy seconds or eight seconds or something as in that. I say that if you understand how great that was, there was a maitre d in LOS Angeles. Have you ever heard of them is named now, let me tree and he works at the Tower bar, and it's incredible I mean he's like he's its art, just a nose everyone's name whatever Mr Mackay, our policy, been. I haven't seen him in four years. Whatever you
to go there once Meet Dmitri, in fact tell em out on the case that I have been blown up at the park as there is the eighty he's a credible tat, though, where show is now why my biggest complaint would be the the does. I cameos in playing second, audience reaction of leg. Oh my god, it's it's about this guy- it's like I just wish they'd, I don't understand who that's for I just don't know What I would do, I just always play the game of right now, I'm a writer. What would I do like this time. I just don't know what I would do like TAT man s Maybe that's. Why do more thus levy exactly lays drinking at the Shell, Yad, video things, open up staff and to his credit, like that, the somber, when those guys came in the lonely I as now something like never wanted to take the show out of the studio. You never take the odds as soon as you know,
everyone is short staff, but that this was a becoming one of the focal points. Show stuff that wasn't even a fillip doubts. The table, it really does have. Does work really? Well, if you listen to this ass, you buried. It figured out spar ways to spend your time here is another one, the near I'm crossword app, the crossword app is a fun clever ways. A sharp everyday new puzzle, a new opportunity to challenge tough and play, and now it's a mini cross for you can squeeze in a game in just a couple minutes. Each mini puzzle is stimulating quick, most important fun play by yourself or challenge your friends, then post your best times to share the satisfaction that comes from sobbing. Whenever you have some down time, discover word play everyday. It is time well spent check it out the New York Times crossword, since we're here I'll, give a quick plug to the rewatchables
couple times we did the godfather this week. We have old school coming up. That is next week and we are doing at every week every week throughout two thousand and nineteen, but the godfather was really the godfather of Pike. Us no pun intended should check that as well back at what was your first movie, that you would you I can remember first one I ever did add as scenario was none other first after O anchor. So now first one oh yeah you never gonna move for them. Now I done short, but I do not now like a major we're in charge of that. Did you barely make ate it because familiar would happen. We had a blast, we laughed I give us great morons the entire time, the only
that was kind of the speed bump was the first test screening we shouted to like everyone leg Katzenberg was there all of dream works. Everything was packed house Westwood. The movie plays a huge lapse after the screening, everyone's coming up Casper. I don't think Spielberg was there yet, but but they were all their shaken, my hunger, oh my god, you have made one of the funniest movies. They came out with the scores you know the score zero yeah one hundred and what you always at least want to get is like a sixty five or seventy. Like that's kind of respectable anything higher is great, and the woman reads Steve scores like that. You got two hundred and fifty everyone just froze and then the had a marketing walked up to me of this woman. I think her name was Terry Press and she said you idiots. You killed the dog. I was what
you killed his dog, I go there, but it looks so fake who kept you killed the dog fair. What I like all, of course, so we wouldn't did refutes and Baxter came back. That's when he pops out of the river and we went and tested it right to a seventy five. Like twenty five points, fucking incredible. You never heard over the area. That was it that was it in there. Terry Break if you had to cut out the whole where he dies in you lose the glass case Glasgow of abortion and the like in a valid now deciding on, but but we did a lame when he blows the horn or whatever you see, Baxter come out of the river and then it to my personal favorite scene in the entire movie, which is Baxter talking to the Bare tell joy when you're refugee status by a single favourable many entirely, because I can't be
We got away with. It happened, tat and I was it yeah. Fifty to seventy five I was but when the movie came out it did well, but if you had no idea what was going to happen we had this whole life. It is crazy movie him in there were lots of people, they hated the egg, and so it came out. The good made like ninety million eighty five have to sit back and like two thousand to two thousand. Three were plenty happy I think, like that reviews were you know, like sixty eight sixties percent somewhere around there, which once again, we were delighted- and that was be it in. I was gonna, become this I kind of carbon all with no idea, so we all moved on with our life. Here we got an italian aids. We are working on that enabled you to do all these other things and two things happen: one as my wife was driving around our Halloween and she called me inches ichor honey, you should know
seen. Seven people dressed as wrong burgundy. So far MIKE. What are you talking about she's, like listen to this RON burgundies like you're a voice in the distance like stay classy like that's weird and then the second thing was you You actually other column. You wrote a giant peace, a buyer, I crazy, or is this not the funniest mode? ever. I remember that enable eight or nine I did awards from it. It was incredible, and you know people note so that help so I would say it was like playing on cable and then you, column you with the very first person ever to go. There's someone here yeah, I remember I loved we watch ability of it and I and it had so many courts outside this is perfect for my NBA words gimmick that was it. I told told my editor, and I think I do When editor who like what an using anchor man quotes,
and then the other, whereas I e as it. This is perfect. This is exactly what I want a big, but I honestly that cause I had always done like big ass movies with the quotes ago, is the godfather and deep, but this was the first one that a kind of world the dice with as like. I just feel it. This is pre twitter to air, You feel like there has to be more than vague way or, as I was away. Oh no. I think it was like all three or four The movie came out and like oh two or three right- and you were the first person to like talk about it Does it seem like it had it? What channel was on that? It was on for like two straight years: you're gonna lose it Each be always are laying, and then it was TB ass or something, but it was on constantly, which is the best it was just over here. This were in a final. The year, which were is messy canyon attitude, my phone
I became an over a kind of you made. So many movies you can. You remember is definitely way wrong like four years after because it felt like it had occurred to us. Oh man, I think you were like two years after maybe maybe it was probably wrong? Cuz, I don't even know the release date of my removing the best was step brothers, two step brothers. We did kind of get bombed with r R reviews like we act like we got crappy reviews in care, because we love the movie and made a little bit of money fair on our just like a well that was a blast and like six months later, I'm walking down a street in New York City- and I hear two guys walk by me and one guy is going to be seen that step brothers You gotta watch it it's hilarious and then, like two hours later, I yours go. You know this house is a fuckin prison and then, like ours may arrive here like we are house of lords doctors and, unlike what
going on and then that one took off, but that will really surprised us waiting it out. One comes to step out, not at all. I have to say I didn't realize it for like seven years in there. I do this for living and I'm supposed to know what people, but that one it seem like generation and younger that kind of became their movie they drove it and then they adopt some kind of like I'll, give it a second whirl and manages to guff. That was always our fate, like where I that was the one that made us laughed the hardest, even real area? We love anchor ban, we loved how it would love mall, but or just raw like. I would go home after shooting that movie for the day, and I would be like my muscles would be sore my legs, that's all we did All we didn't give a shit. We were just like
the conversation I have with Will before Anna was they can or will we have like a fort Jochen? Is these elect grown men living with it? We're not gonna get good reviews and has even a chance. The box office is in greater you. Ok with that and felt like yeah knows I saw figures would add, or was it a that it was your him had the idea for the movie, just from me thought would be funny if two grown men were in bunk bed there there was it that was the entire proudly sitting around Riley Pharaoh. We had all these different ideas and I go guys. I just keep think of you guys in bunk beds, I don't believe that until they were crowded suddenly there there's somebody power. Yet I would add a little. I can remember, if you told me there Sir fell dead, but you feel again man too, in my two thousand twenty there's gonna, be it's gonna circle back.
And have some sort of. We love that movie. We really mean that the problem is its. I've been an epochs for like three years. I need to get a different channel. I think the middle forty five fifty minutes, that movie is as good as anything we ve ever done and the other promises sequel and just sequels. It's not as fresh. It doesn't crackle as much, but I have a couple of friends who really love it, but will see, will see in others. A couple seek was out there. I was thought wanes world too, was pretty good. I thought like of the sequel, Ostrom Austin Powers to is pretty good life ass. The paths to is the best one of the three. Have you seen winged wings world to yeah. You know the first man made. My answer to this is always going to be yes cuz. This is what I do at one in the morning, as I watched watch weird movies, that Mary think it's funny. It's trapped in this culture era, that early nineties, that's true like there's a really sick. If again portion of its, I basically paired in the doors
he'll come two years earlier. It's true, but Thirty years later, you would have no idea what what's fuck is going out, the indian guy in that. Like a whole Jim Morris Empire in the G Morrison's in air, and that's all My eyes would be like way if I show the Mackenzie Blake. What is gonna get everything you just said it funniest bodyguard, yea it but Garth Algarve was Kabila exactly he is aged. Really that is really well yeah he's been one of the good ones, but that's it man. As far as I comedy sequels, that's a hard hard road to go, but yeah we like anchorman to it. We really do Did you know that power I was gonna? Have the country had cause when used on anchor man? He hadn't really light.
He had a really kind of snow, bad for him, yet wet hot american summer, I think, was one of his Lila slew lists. We the first time I ever met him. I just thought always like some handsome guy actor, and then we had the anchor man script. No one would make it and I got a call out are nowhere and it's ok. It's Paul run like had met once cells. Oh H, Paul, I'm running this Ackerman script and it's the best I've ever read. Will you meet me for coffee? No one would make it every. I said no, and I met read for coffee news like this. The funniest thing I've ever read. I like man, I'm sorry, no one make it he's like what they ever do. Please please consider me and then it actually ears was crazy for that role. It can down the rod and Bob Odin Kirk without our fans Hannah when Odin. Work was so funny. He was killing us and it was one of those like almost coin flip things where we really
we love, Odin Kurt, but and then rod was like crazy funny and ultimately, we I like Santana, had to be a bit of a playboy and right. Had that side of it here with him, but God damn like Odin Kirk like smoke that audition he was so funny. Did you Get to point, appoint the comedies reaches, knew who you're gonna bring in was a certain type of person. Now flourish in that all kind of we are good at figuring out like we love the dramatic actors who are also funny a shit chassis rally being the best of all time and Catherine HANS another one like just. These people that you know have shops, but when you have with a richer Jenkins is a great want to yeah. They just there's no walls, there not self serious there like, and do you from there s another, like the people that come on in host could sometimes be great house, thou, be surprising, re, that's interesting. I never thought of that. Yeah Julian more was an amazing ossed, steeple shamming,
incredible housed yeah, I remember Granteth Petros- really get. We therefore now the first time I was there. I can remember that show so well. In the end, I am always in when somebody surprises me like Christine Aguilar was thus once she did a can control personnel shoe serious as I had. This is amazing, but it's always the fun when the House surprises it's about with some Sarah with the USA. There was another. When I didn't realize hand was gonna, be a good host when he did and he was running it is our man that guy's great yeah and you know, HAM and Adam Scots and all those guys, like friends, the others at the earth, one of em to day rod ramrod scar, it's like a weird Midwest, Kansas City. Second, yes, to low Gross Yakima like the blues sailors blues alone, it's disgusting, tat,
The other thing that happened in two that wasn't funnier divers, o six or seven. Did you write in you fairer, just a sad, Hey this at this video thing seems like there's someone here. We should give it a really big, like seven early will. Even have that thought. We were doing no interest in the internet, and this guy approached our manager was like hey I'm from Silicon Valley. My son love stand up. Let's do a comedy say we will get added get law first and then we watched his son stand up and he was actually funny like really funny and we're like her that's interesting and then our manager was like look they're gonna, give you the money. There's no loss is not your own money like you, ve just shoot sketches, put him up, see what happens, and then we can. I thought, like others, could be cool exit
Galifianakis and ROD and all our friends can do sketches. So I went over to Carol's house when he was having like a birthday party for his son, and I brought pearl, and I was like hey she'll, say anything. I say to her: let's try! This and a friend of mine was like a masseuse who had a camera, and I was like a drupe. Shoot this, and we did it like thirty, five minutes, where I went up, we weren't even laughing when we're doing what I got great and then drew started, cutting it you'd. Like guys. I think this is like the funniest thing up safe and we will use our european standards we. I was I oh yeah, that's what are the forties things and they put it up, and that was it was just a media. Like you know, crash the servers. You know millions and millions Yet it was not our visit to try to be one of the people running. I that we are trying to do this whole move warrior awful. It seemed like
you are a little over one, therefore completely six months. I think it was where it was just me and Chris Henry who works for Sanchez and the two of us were basically running the company. There was no one else, and then eventually we hired people and got people how he would you get at the man, to get the peak. It was like a hundred and thirty one on the huge man. It was big big companies in a place like up north. We had like office in New York and it was John Ganem and then boom just like that. It was like Youtube and Facebook just dried everything up, and so it still around it still got. A bunch of tv shows still puts videos up a tangled there, but yes, but man that Youtube and Facebook just changed as they did. He ever Mama without thing really man. I wish we had done that differently and then this would have happened actually know, because I think there was anything we
but had done rather than maybe cell quicker, but that was never color, the vibe of it, the via it was always like. Let's have fun, let's do cool stuff and then, by the time like Facebook and Youtube like cornered us and just like shrivelled, every one object, Buzzfeed everyone just It was almost like Facebook very, like villains, almost await a duty, subverting democracy, the others. I got a bad people way to thank you, and I got rid of my facebook page and it has been the best so close, I you know they own Instagram known, I love Instagram. So it's like you do at the areas even there that their facebook goad since the grab here, but it's not the amount of information that Facebook has Instagram, just a picture in a comment like Facebook, Scott Lecture corporate I will see no, they ve sold everything every. Remove I've ever beta the internet. We sought to somebody, they could definitely clone you at this point. I've noticed from the ads, because it's all the ad centre,
feed are all things that are clearly somebody's, just studied all my behavior. Kay file, is socket soccer ball for your daughter that hasn't chippendale credit card down. It's. How do you know that I would even go I'm looking at the soccer bailing out. It is pretty cool, it's not tracking supercomputer. Every says. Clearly any of those analytics is always like suit jackets. That's it subject because I'm so big, I can never fine clothes that fit me. There was a big suit jackets there Is it in that happen to you as you name, your production costs? Gary sages productions, There is, however, a name I think I the egg is they get Sanchez makes the egg is and is pretty good as in the players every year, that was your production company and what are the odds of that other funding? Was our lawyer told us that, like Hague, I should be careful? There could be a Gary. So what are you talking bowed come on just do it.
Come over there and get you just said. It was funny that he was a very and such a name that fairer was using at hotels. So I would call em in Bulgaria's answers. Please can we just started laughing? Unlike would get the name, Gary Sanchez is like our now, like, maybe that's the name of our companies, and that was it a grey. Name for a company, and then we may is now the name of a Yankee started catch started gadget. We came up with you have like creating the mythology around him that he was a place kicker for the Vikings and achieve cease from Paris way out to believe that until the last barefoot kicker exactly- and I didn't it every day. This interview with a Hollywood reporter This is right. After the company opened an early, so who is Gary Sanchez, unlike work areas kicker in the NFL for fourteen years, he was with the buccaneers and the Vikings made lot of money, but now he lives in Paraguay me sort of triple or, because a lot of different things o interesting and I thought the guy I knew I was kidding and then the next stages,
big article in Hollywood reported Gary Sanchez from Paraguay, I go home and tell my it's not true, and for like two years Hollywood reporter like hated us out an idea that is like a cardinal sin. It was bad yeah, that's not funny there. It was pretty so that was in it is the bags oh yeah we actually hired an actor to play. Gary Sanchez shows like pictures of and my agent was, I cannot even a pretty good run. Man ever really mean. Wendy you wanted to make a drama. You know I was never thinking drama. I was always
still more like a more serious difference which cause I was chasing a superhero movie for awhile. This book called the boys by Garth Innis. That's kind of a rated are superior or thing. I really wanted to make that I couldn't get a baby, and so I think we can all like a command to, and my agent was. I cannot Europe even a pretty good run. Man ever really missed on anything dead, probably try something crazy right now. What would you want to do? And I had read the Big short a year before and I was like- I read this book in one a wise and anyone making it knows well funny should ask and it turned out that script was stall than they were happy at me, come in and I think they were kind of humor me a little, but it was over it paramount. But then, like I wrote that script. That basically was the movie and there really was cut cool, but still even then they were like. Well, we don't know about casting and then we centred around in one week we got yeses from like Christian Bell, rang guzzling Brad Pitt and there are like, I guess, we're making it.
It was never seeking out. Anything that was in any of the big short has a lot of funny Snyder yeah. But It was just so cool that my favorite thing about it was that when you were tour around the movie, you actually got to talk about stuff and, like I would debate economist and I spoke at the Brookings Institute in like I was like this is cool yeah, it was really fun and then hearing people like really didn't know how the banking crisis worked. Go. If you don't come up to me and say that was amazing, I didn't know about that, and, and also was so much more relaxed than comedies to it was like some very european. We were in like New Orleans. We would end our days an hour early and just be I think that is sufficient. My camera has just very late. So yeah I loved it and don't you say word about wrecking somebody Christian bears one three four best actors? We have he's one of the guys I was most nervous about. I have no problem in some other bad notes. I mean pit right
Gosling corral, no problem, the guys you would have but bail, I was like what oh I do, and so I just talked on beforehand. I said: look like you know. Look I like to yell notes out or I'll have a microphone. Is that ok with UNICEF, and so I just checked with him on everything I just said: is it ok if, after four or five takes I come over and torture here and it was like tat and then by the end of the movie, we're like disguised the greatest guy ever and then I finally got up the nerve to do a bit with him, and it was like second or third last day, there's this big moment were Michael, bury the character he plays rights on a chalkboard plus twelve hundred. Ninety percent for his fun, like
one's been wrong. He was the only one who was right. He lost everything plus twelve hundred ninety percent, any walks away. It's dark in the autumn, the big big moment. So we did a like five times and it was perfect. He was amazing and I walked up to. I was I can now good Christian, but I had one f forget it and of course he bites on it, because I know not what am I? What if you just kind a turn, Cameron just kissed your fingers, it did a peace sign like peace out and there's like a long pause and Christians like I don't know. If that's really what my character would do- and I was like- I'm fuckin with union law and then bring that point on. All he did was bits. Would be turned out, he loved it. That's how I and on vice, do like he just bits all day long joking around he's like a goop, oh yeah, yeah, I think we we feel like the famous
Factors are normal people yet, but there are no people there have the pay and take tums eat food, and it's not like there alien species. It is actually a sweetheart like crazy about his family goofball. I think the only class of actor you gotta worry about a little bit like that. Sixty eight year old bail actor I've been in the older man. Actors can be tough like the gene, Hackmen Types Tommy Jones, like they scare the crap to me, the only guy that didn't scare me was Richard Jenkins, which is part of the reason we cast him in. It also is awesome, but he's the only one is not like a little crazy here doesn't Hopkins and nice guy to his person. Just one higher anybody over sixty five cents, a good plan yeah,
my dream I gotta go. I I'm trying to think of it's ok to say this. I hear that directly, equalizer three Rwanda, Mister Denzil, Adam Mackay, will never higher the elderly with that go with that set out under the public I know that the sad thing is older. Male actors are the funniest. When you get the right acted like a Fred will. I can totally see how that there would be completely intimidating there. You tell our patina what to do in a scene. A display apparently he's a good guy to everybody's got. Will you please Lattimer past? Oh, did you really? I don't think he knew it was happening for about twenty minutes. They keep that we're leg is Eric once you realize what it was, I could see the light bulb go and then he started tone stories in, but I dont think you totally gotta I've heard, should have explained a better I've heard his eyes were amazing. Will you please do by the way I've told you this before the greatest single thing you ve ever done in your entire career? Is the Charles openly pocket?
I thank you. You know that right now there s always in your bones. You know that it was one percent, May ninety nine percent Oakley. He wishes for the re podcast proxy forget the percentage. Is there and then I love like two months after that. I hear that, like he slapped guide a black cat like please do everything you can we? U do one week or like a month of podcast what people that scare me thou be I mean best thing with Oakley. Was you gotta be a little scared right well, but I think I am written about him once in he liked it. So I falling in with him based never now, and you never know they will. One question would like what happens. Ugly, doesn't like something, and now he just think I may. What do I do, because I had a bad these two guys in the room I wasn't the others it right here in the house in the other, now is in Cleveland
who would be the month of people that scare you you gotta do for them. I am with you. I think older people, though, other said my way: actors terminally Jones would be rough, yeah lad. So her Russell who is great yeah and he came in a ten in the morning swear leather jacket. Looked like her Russell tat a marble read out. I had it as I got this could be, but he was great by the elder guys their they'd probably look at all this. They, let you remember you get you won't know. Who's gonna, walk in the room, just the article on his together for scariest people, Jones is that his name asylum, where he was scary, he would not go. There was, Our initial jungle of any I'm sorry, you're, awesome, you're, amazing little scary. Let me book a month for you, people that will scare bills We had Gucci main resign whose add some issues in his life. He The answer is yes, by the end of it. He wanted to take me. There's a stir place in Atlanta,
however, they must be. I like you can easily when, thus that's good, so aren't, you were gonna vice via many years was the seventy zero live. Vice was definitely deep end. It was the research for it was raising. I made the incredibly done decision not to just by a book. Tat ran. So was there like the perfect Dick Cheney book there the cut it wasn't any opinion. No, no, let me be clear. There's amazing books about Dick Cheney, but they're all about chunks of his life, or they focus on one aspect and I wanted to do like the sweep, because I felt like it's not that points. I was basically thinking like the history books about to close on Dick Cheney, the attic this is it done the books have been written he's like I saw some teams iii, video of him laughing in his suv, would like literally with DMZ. From the term things help them to trump. Then it just feels like
moved on- and I was just thinking like while really we're gonna move on from that. Like that's just gone, yeah and so yeah. I just Doug into it and read every book that was out there. Every article he hired our own journalists to win around an interview, people that was the best and got tons alike good inside. Let it be like in the beginning, the movie, he basically nine eleven happening, and he makes it seem like the present, given the order to shoot down, an aircraft. That's true! So how do you get that tidbits cause? I don't know if I had known that pursue read everything. Then you there was actually congressional testimony. Zoah Bush and Cheney testified together and what you find is their story doesn't make sense that the timing is,
right on it, and that he's saying: oh yeah, five. Fifty two editors, I wait a minute. No, no, no, no and nine everything your readers are called they're lying. He clearly made the cock now, don't get me wrong. It's a crazy day. Like you know, I'm gonna get stuff like that, might happen, but you know, I'm not sure, is wrong. Well, gaily wrongs. Through the present from the airport waiting to her We tried so we just triangulated like crazy, because Cheney really is that secretive. So we had read everything talk to everyone. I was struck that watch, the movie, that. A little. I knew about him. This person, who is their impact last decade, but even at were at war like a the accident Agus unhappy acts for some people, just how he ascended in the seventies, which mainly because the next weight ass crazy. The next away as creators everybody's losing their job left and right, and he goes from being like a fucking in turn to the cheapest.
After many years any Republican was gold. I actually didn't put it in the movie, but they asked him to join. The campaign, the Reelect Richard Nixon, witches Reverend got busted out and for some reason he said no, we got very lucky on that and Rumsfeld had been exiled. That's how those two guys survived. There's adds actually true that the day that Ford was being swore in Cheney and Rumsfeld were driving from the airport. So, while Ford was saying our long national nightmares over change him, whose felt when traffic The White House yeah yeah, it's a creature these story because he's just I had this, thing is you. I just didn't know that much about him. I knew like he shot a guy in the face. I knew there, they call them Darth Vader. I knew he pulled some strings and I knew Valerie Plain story and kind of that. He was involved in the run up to our rack. And when I looked into it, I was just amazed at how calculated at all was like. You know exactly what he was doing and how brilliant he was a minute's cut.
Making, twelve years after getting to deal eyes, the guy's chief of staff in the White House Right well, and also you make this point at their side at some point. Flash across Africa with the exact wording is, but it's basically like that before a quiet. Yet those are the ones you gotta watch out for- and I was thinking like that, The move- and I am old enough now- that I've thou a different type of bosses and different people gone back to ease pain or ever, but the quiet people who you never came to know at their thinking those are always a dangerous one, so yeah they put them to keep a close to the vast and they may be Helen you in private or doing whatever you'll never know it's definitely like if you're playing game the movies to be quiet now jack, which his fucking nothing nothing.
An interview with Douglas Fight, worked work with Cheney and he actually said like when you talk to Cheney in the beginning, your voices about this active and, by the end, your voice just keeps going up and up and up because he gives you nothing you're trying to make up for the last like feeling in for the Gatt any said body start here and by the end, I'm kind of appear going so anyway. We're gonna do that and like this one, this guy's saying this and yes whole game. As I mean in Janey actually said. If you want to understand my husband, you have to know one thing he's a fisherman, so that's his whole game is like patience waited to bend the river. It ain't happening. That's ok like Fine would like pulling back in. Being a year like and just detail, detail detail. We incredible figure manner minutes he really
could argue. We changed America and the world as much as anyone in the last thirty forty years, it's not on, then you think you're doing a movie about this guy who clearly private. Unlike that much I would say it said to say: well I have. Are you trying to make him a human being, a human being which, Moreover, the movie is, if you make a move, that anybody amnesty rooting for them at some point area movie, cause you I just wish to escape data more other great stance it really is and if its long but it's it's worth it, and these were who herbal guys embody I'd like to see the capital of that money for their horrible. They were to go and killed people they escape, but it's just something about the movies tv they suck you in an assent with vice like that half of their land, the Cheney, Paul Paul, Thomas Anderson, came to a screening things like
We interviewed people said whoever Lynn Vincent Lynch Annie, what a chosen as her husband would have been president or vice president. I mean in a weird way. The story is kind of her yeah it really biggest criticism for the movie right. Only Annie was now sympathetic. Some people thought we humanised them too much feeling- was that if you dont humanism, it's a waste of time and we will then need turn him in a like Hannibal Lecter. Let s put a fuckin betel mass got really method that eleven meetings. Would watch that will be, but also what we found was tat. He was a regular small when he was in Wyoming is in sister brothers, like a plumber, everyone in Casper, we interviewed people said whoever Lynn Vincent Lynn Janni, what a chosen as her husband would have been president or vice versa. I mean in a weird way. The story is kind of her yeah. It really is like she has in this speech. In the beginning, ships like I have chosen here she's about it. Let me down by a friend of mine got called
I like about twenty years ago about something he said. I have never been yelled at by another grown up like I was just yelled at by Lynch Haiti like she's tall man and whipped, smart, so the fact that he started as a regular guy like that, the cup The used for the comparison with sudden Nancy here that I felt like it said, was just Such is the end ball bays player and he met Nancy. He loved her, but she happened to be a junkie, so you're gonna data junkie, let's get into it was, was bare like on the South Asia during her sons, Does this delay their twenty twenty four hours a day? air can step in and out of he's pretty cool with it in so as a ME and SAM Rock, while they all kind of do at what they do. Is they keep the voice, they keep the physicality, but you can talk to him as the themselves. So you'd never say comic Dick Cheney, so you be like, madam, I, u dont Adam, pretty good ass. The kids just dropped him off at school, so he would talk to you like christian bail, and this is actors
fucking, weird, I think aid so as to be able to do. That is really strange. I actually, I really respect their like. I don't understand how anybody can do that I might have to. I might ask people call me the character like I'm. Probably such a bad actor I would have to be like you gotta call me that, stay in it. Yeah yeah, so put on the waiting list from his set for me. Really, when I heard he is playing dick chain. I that's ridiculous. Like that. Can't see it, and then you watch movies I got first that it all clicks. You know we have this Academy award winning Make up Guy Gregg Cannon. We worked in more, it didn't work tat. He was putting on the way he was working on the character first day that it clicked raise in the suit the cups right he's, got all the moves in the psychology figured out. He goes hey Adam check it out you're, not the walk and he walks down the hallway any. Does the Cheney walk, and I know that
I get goosebumps allow arms and I was just like your not jokingly. I was again up playing him. Your summoning him, Dick Cheney is now in the room, and the whole movie was like that. He would walk by you and it felt like dick to it. It was it was here it was crazy, so I like getting people after the movie comes out. Khazar knave, you ve done the circuit already, I feel like you. Come out of it. The movies come out. The absolute can story, the yeah. What added the feedback has there been? One thing that surprise you oh yeah. You know, I mean we got crazy, divisive risks So, yes will be. They pay you weren't, expecting that we were expecting it. We knew. What was coming, we knew the right wing was gonna come after us, we knew some of the kind of professional journalist class would be like a get out of our backyard. We knew that was coming, but I didn't expect it to be that strong.
On both sides? I mean there are reviews that are like this, the greatest movie ever and there are views literally like does the worse, but we have ever seen. I've never experience it. That strong before usually like a love it. That's ok, couple bad ones, but this one is either. I love this dismal summit, which we just one some film festival yesterday, the caprice festival in the midst of me being told that we got another terrible review leg, so the whole process is kind of been like this, where it's like horrible review, great review, email from a friend I risk saying that the most amazing thing I've ever heard to turn on the radio guy hates it and we did expect divisiveness, but I didn't know it be at this level. At time. You kind of like that, the icon,
To be honest, I get anchor man. Do you love their people either were all enter. They were mad about her words in that was it. We did a show in Chicago called banana full of bees at second city that among second city heads they all know about it A very unusual shall we broke a lot of their forms and there were people that all loved it and hated it. Was the first show second city main station, like twenty or thirty years, the got no local Feeder award nominations, none like all the people who have helped whose software like no ahead but of all the things I did in Chicago? That's the one people still talk about stuff, so it feels really appropriate of course, the Europeans love it like. We re showing the yea and they go crazy for it, but I'm I think it's good keeps motoring. The only fear you have is that had just guy goes away, but it's not it's still out air there. Still these higher overworked season. I have no fear for what's gonna happen, no, not at all you pretty well, the glow
right here we gotta get tunnel nominations like six, and then we got a bunch for critics choice like eight I bank yeah it's the wildcard. This is a wild card. I mean, I would think that the least man you gotta, acknowledge these crazy performances of Christian and Amy atoms are like next next next level and that score is pretty incredible in the make up two's I would, I would hope at least that would get junk, but words you never know, and it is such a crazy fiery. You know cleaver splitting caught a movie will see what happens but yeah, it's better. It's been a bucking bronco. I was laughing with a friend the other day. I think I think the law, Ass time I was on a bucking. Bronco like this was step brothers, but I didn't care anything that was so yes interesting, where you are so you created the rigours favouring new, shouted ass. Seventeen you're involved in there in the whole thing with that, you and our strong god. I love that show success
and you guys you guys once again, I want to give you credit you about a couple days. Earlier than the rest, we are like four weeks are we that that was a good man, We, for our sake, is we can't have started a trust like we really like something just go out- and I was an if, if people on follow, that's ok, but we just following dishes really good. Something's gonna happened when I was watching each episode as it came in yes, I was loving it because I compared to like early Neil abuse, like it's got this hard age gap brilliantly funny like art. You know it's Jesse, Armstrong Ready. I can say that and so right away. I loved it, but then, when it got to that third and fourth episode, I was like we're on a rocket ship at this point and that's when my wife's started walking in when I would look at it to give it notes and she started watching it by me going: oh, my god,
and the third upsets the keen. I think that was one of the reasons the reviewers got thrown off I'll wash the first two. It also. Have my biggest issue and I watched a pilot. I was like a man just wish. With the Germans draw characters then Kendall, I a man I just wish. There is more famous Therefore, Kendall just wish that was a better part and then by upset several might have fuckin loved year. Mr Lange, well, you might are the key to the shout. We knew that Germany Strong is one of the best actors on the air like we were confident in that. So that seem He goes in the bathroom and freaks out is like one of my favorite scenes they're couple scenes in there when he confronts his dad in the dining room to I was like, I think, that's one of the best scenes ever shot lawyer or how many do direct just the pilot just apply, which is the funniest you get a cat out of finance, will get look. The finest was the bachelor party. I don't know nothin
honest, episodic descend, the finest of the hour of my life scratch opposed the best way to make. The pilot you get too has the aim of your was. It was fantastic bachelor party, oh my god. What was the one second to last oh good. The run out the one where he's trying to run the board meetings that episode five. I think that it was you, as the worthwhile. Oh, my god, that was good TAT was when I really became clear. It was Oh okay, so the so. This is not going where I thought it was going to go get the Bachelor party is when I fell in love. God bless additional fucking weird, and I love that a lower that thing about him. Swallowing now can I say the come yet. She spent in my mouth I don't have a dual use. How's it was hot in here was that there was eventually by the uneven, and he knows it was a year or you also did you were you, love and care?
in the sister, oh yeah, oh yeah cause that's a key role in this area that we were Francine. Maize. Later we went through every character is achieved, fantastic, amazing amazing what happens with her career. Well, Shaker Jimmy Leg, Julian more. Oh, but she's heavy duty, she's really like an alias actual array and she is and kind of was everyone knew that but she was gonna, be here and Francine mailers like you have to cast her and then she came in and red, whereas, like this over with my favorite is who plays Roman? What's his name of Coca Coca COLA, in wasn't supposed to read for that role. We asked him a red for, like Kendall, stupidly here and he showed up in New York, and he just went on tape which, usually, when you go on tape, what you're hoping for his come on in a red for us here and we will surely like that's it that's right, and then we just called we're like you got. It no one gets anything off of tape.
And then he showed up and it was like we were all so jacked on ourselves at that point was like. We knew that often tape and he was like perfect, like every single moment You have the first season sketch sadder multiple seasons, first season, but then Jesse kind of is thinking longer hours. I've read the first three outlines for the second season and I just got the first to scrap some kind of getting into that with no debate that doesn't sound like it's coming on two thousand eighteen, then, oh it is there Ok, how yet it is neither a royal were banking on Odo gonna use without being AIDS a we need. Without a doubt, a couple shells were carrying out their share. They're going to be writing while they're shooting I mean it's going to roll right into the thing it gets going in like a month. I think it's a good year for us cuz we have thrones, we got lands. We got big little eyes, we get succession man, that's a, I mean it's like
we like to show you just go out on a red. Is this? The last round her friends were trading like it's, the NBA play out of use mankind, Are we allowed to talk NBA Ba it? Let's do it? How much too much more time do you have. All right. We were aware of one quickly. What do you want to just come back and talk in Vienna couple months later tat only one thing that yeah Jonathan Isaac through Rolando, that's your what Jonathan Isaac, I'm lying it down. Your laying down on laying down. I think eighteen points a game, wow. Seven assist nine rebounds, three years- yeah yeah two three years- percolating their percolating they're, pretty that's your that's your bigger come. That's my big and will know I have a lot of whose your favorite team,
we're guy, because I grew up a self out on hard core Celtics fan and began our man, and then I moved to New York for a long time in the Knicks overtook me. Nix kind of fine love with like a terrible girlfriends. Pick a crack at it. I bet I moved out here and now. I'm like I don't care. I just watch. Every team eminent junk kids refer. The warriors and the clippers a little bit, but I my favorite team right now covers are so sad. I like the box right now really button Firstly, do commercials cause you guys I guess get paid for. Can I do on real, quick, yet do yeah burger king only one night it they're, probably that were in the latter. Like third said, they re looking at the top of her ever really nice stuff go on there that I kind of like the iron eaten kind of woke up lately to add a little bag aims at it. I trust it even if you
Can a mediocre legs see plus you never did sports booby they're, bringing it closer gauze dying to I wanted to do. They did at some pro- and I just didn't think that was the one and I will I will live. I look forward to that so glad we got to this is great good luck. I good luck in a word season. I know you Firstly, do commercials cause you guys, I guess get paid form. Can I do on real, quick, yet do yeah burger only one hundred and ninety nine for ten nugget pack, that's right, burger, King one hundred and ninety nine, with a drink for zero dollars and ninety nine cents at your local burger king Lastly, let me do that was greatly shit. I've would have given you a real read today go over the movie. Thank you. Thank you. So my man and great to see you thanks, disappeared. I've got to get us
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