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The Ringer’s Lottery Mock Draft Party | The Bill Simmons Podcast (Ep. 379)


HBO and The Ringer's Bill Simmons brings in a slew of Ringer staffers for a special mock draft of the top 14 picks in the 2018 NBA draft.

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thinking there's this green circles everywhere, apparently nobody's gonna rats, axioms anywhere my letters. Check it out, download the seek apropos right. You see geek dotcom, monitor about binge about Harry Potter Large last week, huge success. I think they up to six episodes Adena. What the hell's going on Ottawa Chair powder, but it sounds fantastic, Mallory, an answer at the audience likes it check that out. Benjamin Harry Potter, also, the ring his exile obey a draft coverage. All week we haven't said we have the ringers MBA draft GAD presented by state farm and we will be They now MAC drafts, where we may do my draft every hour than just really just keep doing. I'm SAM No eight point nine point. Ten point out this can be achieved users can be trades. We will be there when there AIDS will have reactions. Kevin O, Connor, Jonathan Sharks, DNA Chow, Mark Titus, Hillyer Shaughnessy, Oliver obey deeds and ladys there already the ready role, we're ready for weirdness last, but not banalities
short sighted at the NBA violence on HBO, the financial. That I executive produced it's Tuesday. Nineteen, with a rear at eleven p M an age bia we'll talk about that there in the show to, but it dvr, cms basketball. This ambiguity to relieve the final send HBO is really good at what they do check this out. Tuesday night nine o clock court side I'm coming up we're going to read through a MAC draft a variety of ringer people, it's gonna, be fine first protein, I say for the Ringer Mega MAC lottery draft we are hitting the first fourteen picks whip.
But calling in as in the as if their the jams, their dinner, they're gonna pick. We did this yesterday, so we're car or they're gonna come in and walk into the office. Everybody has five minutes to explain their pick and choose the share with me. We have phoenix on the clock at number, one JANET sharks is gonna come on now we made him take Andrea and because one things I hate when people do this is they think for themselves all right now, I'm at yeah. I asked him to take Luka Doncic AIR, and then you end up with this whole draft that isn't actually how it's going to play out. This case we know waiting is going to go first of the sun's unless he robs a gas station or something in the next twenty four hours, which I don't think he will. I think he's going number one after that is that a good stuff and play. I love this draft because, first, while we have a bunch of dumb teams in the taps, top eight tat, nine Sacramento, they love to screw up at they just hired a new Gm Memphis is banned.
Is there a train wreck for the last ten years of transactions and in some ass succeeded despite themselves, Dallas really made a good move in six years. Orlando is, the NBA secret chain wreck Chicago's all over the map Cleveland who the hell knows that number, eight, whether there are picking for next year to compete or their picking, because they think Le Brands leaving then you have the next at nine. I mean there the next week, asking you say they took Frank nicolinka over that of the Mitchell Esther film. At ten there have a gm, their coaches running their draft, which is always a recipe for disaster, shut, it's at eleven. They have been one of the most competent teams for the last ten years. Many of the clippers at twelve and thirteen anything is possible there, the clippers they are, the most their tortured franchise. We probably have the earliest leagues black sheep and then finally, fourteen Denver pretty boring blah, though just take forever
The best one is left so when a car Jonathan sharks, first, he is going to talk the andreasen and then we're off the rare, smart Jeff. Here we go. Either here's Jonathan jugs underline he's picking for we made him, take the Andrea and because we agree, there's no way he's not going first right sounds like everyone seem to think it's an happen. Are you? Ok with this, with this. Are you ok with the andreasen going first? I mean wouldn't take him one, but I go there doing it like. I can very dominant fears that now will loving this guy, I'm using all the tools. Obviously the tool that he doesn't have seems to be consistent, hard work, which is a red flag and always makes me nervous right. I would say defensive. Iq is not always there like he's. The five and he has a long way to go in terms of protecting the rim, bringing the floor and dislike really putting an effort on defence in general.
What a pleasure to see remind you of what current MBA, where is there one boogie cousins? Wow? That's loaded, yeah For good and bad, like I feel like the Andrea like imagined, Andrei Drummond had opposed came at three point, shot the great player. But how is it going to work on a team? I don't know, So you take look advantage with this back. If I didn't take, look out Jack Jack started even care. I think he's better nation. But that's me that's like obviously I'm just herbs. Togae everybody likes aid and it could be really good use all the tools so Jane Jackson,. So he's that even nineteen it yeah, I think, is eighteen point: seven one of the things I like about this year and I don't know when it started, but everybody started using decimal points for age, which is pretty cool, I'd I am now apparently of forty eight point. Six, I'm fine but let s mindset it's. I remember when I was a kid
being half year old. I get that can have a big difference. So he's not even eighteen year jackson- and I do think- like I've been thinking about that observers and whether a maiden for them the trade up, it certainly seems like they want to get into the top for some out to get a chance at Dodge over the looking at. I think, after the top three, if the top three His eight and damage and Jackson in some order I don't think there's any one else. I would trade up those two picks for is there any other player you think is worth twelve and thirteen, especially when guys can drop down, not think so Bagley in the rights situation could be like if you have a mark assault and badly can play in an object, the ram and be the four and be the five on offence that he'd be great buyer them that, I don't think so. I think those three are kind of above and trading up. So you think, if the phoenix shocked everyone into Jackson Number one you'd be ok with that. I they won't do that, but I am
blogger. I am still my job on the lawn see why Jackson's very outdoor, forty and here I would say, like The main thing is like I want my five to be a great shooter and a great defensive player. I feel like that's what he has of the other. Fives worry Ike Aden, he's a postcard he's a great post score. That's great! I guess there's so much old school, they d today in this draft of take Take this tantalizing centre, who probably isn't gonna, make it we ve seen that guy I mean that night. It should say probably using and make it but probably gonna make it as the superstar. You think he's gonna be as their marine pick we ve seen. Sky before like there's a view of him? That's Jobbery Carol, forty years from forty years ago. Where's he's got other the tools. The only thing is that not sure about is defensive like you, art is gonna work and then I think it
Stu, thou in Phoenix playing with Jackson and Booker they'll, make his life lobbies yarn orphans. At least and there's a chance. You put him in a good situation, may be the side, for him is a little better than like what buggy had to deal with in Sacramento right. They give you put made yet it was a great spot form yeah sure Nineteen year old, buggy and this team- maybe it career goes, goes a little differently compared to hat. When do you feel, like you know, we we now think about that enough with lottery pigs where they go, and then when we say after like that, guy last year, I can't be they take their guy. A big part of it is where they go. They Tatum went to Boston. Last year there was the greatest past while situation, you could have ever gone into a few Jason Dana where you have yet people can she valued and take the efforts of all of you? You got all these play off rap site. That's like a hundred that of a wind verses were lines about to do with last year you having to be
the says what happens before four position, do play. Jost Jackson there, like a? U dumping christen bender, don't get like a better rapid help paper help eight now. I think who they get it for we very important for them this year and Well, maybe, where the leagues going Josh Jackson is, I wouldn't say it's or take a three and a half, but it seems that there's three. I have sat there now right. Yes, like you can like Minnesota, they brought in Tajikistan to help cat on defence back on her cat and often cause you Gibson can spread the floor. So can I find that guy huh, who makes aid and abet offensive player still gives them criminal offences score a last question before you go down at five, your team, you there who, who were you hoping jobs to number five? I'm hoping sharing dinosaur LUCA, but I pay is not going to happen yet seems like I'd, I'd, find
really surprised if the tab for was an eight damage. Jackson agri some order. Vs, I'm thinking too, and I think that the draft really falls off after that, which is like a man spammer when that now Netflix, no pages he likes. He likes barber he's out there for they J they forced fed the coup laid down. A stone is that those workers is ready. He's why labour, whereas there is one other thing, is. This. Why we love the Jeff Could totally take by Re Bagley at number two and then this hard than its whole chain. Events of just dad disaster were brilliant, but Thou Rally Mcafee right now, Chow, as always a pleasure radio and the Ringer and draft guide, and and listen to you on the Ringer NBA show you you come in and tell I write. You the end tomorrow array. Looking for me on I economically rally: Maggotty old Grantline team
original, ringer teammate. It's been the year Reilly the rams and lambs are gaining in the ribs are broken, The answer back, maybe maybe you're in the power seated number two yeah, we're in the sea rig it decide what happens at there s the draft, but this Part is year the seat where you get to decide what happens it? It's a sector where kids yeah, that's that part they felt giving the easier it seem like seeing suggest can make the choice for us, and now it's like. Oh no, right. Now, there's Marvin Bagley Rumours is Michael Porter. Rumors oh yeah, there's that two yeah, but There was an instagram photo with vexed son yeah. There was with aren't you choose the one? You are right, you won't answer. I want to encourage higher percentage, I'm taking dodge the two of its me, but he added oh, is from like June fifth or sixth, but he pulled up there recently. Em we just trying to learn how to advance well, we didn't
they had all met. We didn't know the volume the Vatican vacuum you had met in Spain at times announced I go, they got dinner together Get that under wraps. That's interesting. I He did yesterday. Somebody posted video, dad one another ceremony this weekend, yeah any Oughta game in Vienna. Tipp of did other stuff. He looks at least in the dna vicinity of hard and engineer way, some stuff it as he's tower so targets harder to yeah to compare the three those, but that's what who plays in his very Hershey Jerky and he's always in control and is already gray pass areas stepped back three. I think I would take him first, a hundred out of a hundred he's also like the kings, you think of him on the kings. They ve never really had. A great great pleasure like that accept foresee web buggy was set that's great, but he was in great now he was
yeah the valley. At times the buggy was putting up anti stats. I don't think that dog. Yes, that is special. He is just a play maker. He said creative he's so skilled and I get that site. Maybe the while factor of like athleticism quite there like it is with some of these other guys, will you just why him create, as like man, that age creates off it makes things happen as as a fan of the team that owns your pic next year. I don't want you to take if you are a city, like during Jackson or Michael poured. I really like a holder mega porter than he has like a her native disk, how God we have subjects, have it unless its number, one of them Philly gets it here, but if I do leave that have Dodge went there. I think he could be worth like twelve wins out about the Fox thing with him and Fox and who has the ball. I haven't seen enough of him in Europe to know if they like, they have a traditional point guard in that team too, and but it does seem like he could play anyway.
That's the one argument I do see for not taking on churches that I think, if you take him, you want him to have the ball and if it has the ball minutes like what is dear and fox doing on this a guy who's, not shooter, and not like a true impact defender by It has already have the way it's like you just taken. So the guy right, like the kings, daughter of talent to be like overt and a draft for fit now use needed the best person in the area, but the fit with Fox indulge later. We saw cleave, and make this mistake in two thousand fourteen days the Cairo, Canadian, waiters in then the number and pack and they should have taken all depots the safest papers. I will we already, I and waiters, as I hear he's better in the end. Waiters maintain waiters, six man. I was saying this on tv and people you you're killing them as of now, there was better than dean. Waiter. Sorry dude didn't make that mistake over thinking Fit
First, they took all those centres that technological and then they took and beaten like the very extracts yeah it was like, but a first aid than they did ticket ochre Forthhere took over then medallion was a mistake by is like the idea of just taken The number one guy the best guy, regardless of position eventually waiting until he had a superstars, the right move, yeah, especially I've always wanted the intifada. Do this outjutting quarterback every year they ended up with a good yet other visitor manner. But Boston did this data MIKE? If the court four fit last year may not have been him, but their thinking was six. Eight guys in the perimeter. Interchangeable ovum can shoot there. In this case, I, like you too come you see if it works and of a dozen. I really liked airbags and I think he has trade by. I told you what I would do. I would him for the six pack yeah. I followed that Kevin Clark actually and he was like I'd rather have tray on and I was like, while I think, you're crazy Will Kevin's coming on later and unforeseen. It's going to be
the three greatest moments of his life as a magic fancies pen She hung in a MAC draft that so few dodge. He comes in this as an open the door now fur they kings to be leg. Wits were now what's another dumb free agent signing of a veteran guy who's going to be unhappy for months from now they're not going to do that right. Well, I don't know I mean I wouldn't be totally opposed to doing that, just because they don't have the twenty nineteen pic. So it's her like as long I'm getting them on crazy, long deals that are now look really bad. Twenty, it's like why not! We have no pick last year we might as well just done for the eight seen lose in, for the warriors, but at least that'll be fine series going back and forth and eighty, but that was the case to date for cooperation,
yeah, well, okay, but that's different cuz, then you're, giving up the number to pick and give me up like long term future assets we're just signing as the contracts in free agency, whatever who cares yeah, but I think I'm thinking I wouldn't do this by the way. I think this is absolutely idiotic, but if they traded to for Kauai yeah. They did the one year all in fire item and they still in short, like whatever is mass contracts episode. These may be good chain amount ever try talking to be in the star That's the reason I wouldn't do it is on that showed he wants to be the star at the king wants to be on a super. Where he doesn't have to deal with other being the star stuff is made, my random psycho psychological, take wouldn't do either, but I will do it because I think there's no way he resides, haven't you maybe on after one year and it's like. While why do we do I would ask you very tough question the kings could do that, though.
It would be very hangs, move to be like we ve got quite Leonard, it's great he's gonna recital, and then you shade the dodge pick then yeah I can nothing see them doing that I think you're a risk. I conceive of it. Like I could see the press coverage totally yeah. I mean we'd have one season where we have a true superstar violent or in thirty eight wait. He left tat I just take I judge. This is hard, I really isn't either I could then taking bag with, though he feels like a very kind of over the decades kind of kings player It is actually it's twenty eight points less there, but we lost I've tried so hard talk myself in a modern Bagley just mentally preparing for that pack, and I can't do it and, like I he's gonna, be a twenty and ten guy, but we're gonna win like thirty five names every year with them. Eric Kansas Titus loves him yeah. I know That being said, I came away as like I still can't get my mind.
Luke adages, where case scenarios Porter because he has the highest injury risk potential by far portrait too. His wild you have to. If you want border, you got a trade down and seeing us he's got a bad back yeah. Oh, I wonder what the trade down as the yeah, how to now I know it's available, but then still like man, you're passing on so many other guys we're healthy. Who can play basketball right now by one have taken, two to seven and then flip twelvemonth tea for several foot, seven twelve and thirteen to two twelve, maybe there's something where they end up with seven and thirteen for two yeah. I don't yeah I've ever so many fake trades. For this that I can't figure out without gonna. I love the fact sacramentos in the Paris either They are commonly standpoint, its magnificent, but If this works out, you have the rams as super favorite dodge anything. Going on sports wise for you. That's really it! Maybe those two here today, because I doing a thing right now, so just so people
the rally probably the most tortured sportsmen we have at the rear yeah lotta highlights the rams making the plan was your number one highlight. Since I've known you have been a fan, I'm sitting with the LOS Angeles Eliza two years now dealing safe, good luck with baggage. Thank you. I number Danny Chow. The rings number one Phooey as well as as the ass remaining that tax and fanny come on you don't really have Hoosier, I'm eighteen team that you don't really have I've. Never at you, ve been agnostic. Is that very well the envy atheists Titans church agnostic is probably that determine what we gave you at Lana for number three being as we needed to get you in this. My draft and member brand as a known about them and be a draft off the boy, is eight and indulge really think dodges with his fingers cross open the gates to listen to them and now Adam three Atlanta lunatic Jackson, Junior, think he should be. Then, in my opinion, in this draft I-
So there is a growing suspicion over the last we'll days. Then I think he might be. The best place in the draft like a b has real potential to be the best for the draft You look at this costume, which is kind of building itself, as this team of the future. You know they Travis Flank who's been with the warriors for forever yeah guy, who you know they credit as the guy who found dream on green, yet they got We pierce the defensive coordinator for the Sixers last year. This is, you get your three. Indeed, big man did the most. Rarest commodity in the NBA right now he's would you say, is horrified to point out I think he has got his tar ideas, that potential he's six eleven seven five wingspan can switch the perimeter he's, probably as good as at guarding guards as he is rampant, advent protection and, I think, he's the bathroom protector and this draft.
It does seem. My key translates the most of the Basque. By that we watch yak as well. When I got the finals, I'm always trying to figure out which players could be in the game on watch and he is somebody like this. No way, if you have somebody who can see three someone and guard bags and the other end- that's kind of kind of the jackpot. And it doesn't seem like eight and can do that eight and is as old school big ban that this separated those guys has been pretty hitter mass. So Aden has been talking up the fact that oh, he was playing out of position at Arizona. Pete played right next will centre to switch out on the primitive, but there wasn't a lot of space for him to actually do what he can do. Yeah hum by you solve Jackson, she kind of had the same situation. He was playing next will centre he's play to another in a lottery guy in MILES bridges, he found it make a work right, yeah
he's one of the youngest guys in the lottery he's eighteen point: seven years, artists, it's incredible how many what you're decimal point age I turn twenties having a November so you're. Twenty six point, six, some like that. Isaac what're, you I'm twenty three point: Evan! I love is the best thing we start entered into. Somebody is definitely a draft expressing we can take credit for it. Damn it really like it. There's only was on this for a while. Ok, it's aggravating Lena Jack Jack. Soon, danish router Who knows how long he's there who learn well age? in a plank Arta, makes eighteen by the air and every day as a pointer, etc, and then ah John counts job. Our answer. We like it's at an interesting front court very athletic journey, some kind of covers for a lot of what kind of like that. But I do that Africa, it's fun. It is exciting year
one thing with Jaren Jackson: you worry about his shot like he shot forty percent from three in college, but his form is a little bit wonky little bit another orthodox church. Colonies, the reps by From what I've seen his touches is awesome, so I'm not too worried about it, but if there's one thing can like really maybe poker hole in its like. While his shot was good for college. You don't know how it's going be in the pros, you're, the forty percent college sang I never get too carried away with that cuz. That's such a small sample size. You could be like forty one for one hundred and two meanwhile like. If you missed three shots, that's thirty! Eight yeah, but it then at least he makes em. I mean, You want to know he's in the vicinity and its like he's a good care together. If was picking when I dont know what I would do it fast Phoenix is. It really does seem like this is the kind of guy you want If you put the number one bowls Adam then it's I am, I gotta go
They took him one another's now. All these pressures in this scenario The best an air from regos to land is there. It is under the radar. There sat suck for three more years and I'll just gonna get his wraps talk to sons fans in there. Just like we're cursed this. This number pick its either. It's no brainer or to toss up- and I feel like in this year to toss up, but you take LUCA first romantically so our entire staff, with a look afresh there really there's every all of us Casey seems like he is probably most Polish and Jackson going first you're, probably number two really I thought chocks would have been. I feel I charge has been our during Jackson, zealot for for the entire EU farsighted taxes in onlooker, etc. But it is now it he said ass. He is he is in on Jackie, be ok with Jackson. We have been saying that Jackson would probably be the best big in the draft, since, like noted,
stood every here here. It does seem like after this pick a drops off. We have at the three things. Basically, IRAN was saying it was to the test there was a dodgy Jane in the top there, but ass his eye Jackson's. You entered into their top ten river three person yeah it's just. He fits so much with everything down there were seeing and everything that the word going to see in the next three years in the NBA really easy to project him as a guy who makes a huge difference on any team equal. Jackson Senior. I remember him from his spurs day sputter. So that's the nad right yeah. Yet kind of amazing up, I mean that's why I actually think his shot, my traveling does Jackson Senior. With the club schoemaker for the first yeah, so I also thy like that too. I, like the son of an athlete decreased over and over again, like I said I, without
Mitchell on the particle Boise about these guys that these kids are around locker rooms and they're, just kind of used to the life they're, not surprised by stuff. They have a parent telling them don't do this? Don't do that Steve just put things better. Give me a biggest food recommendation right now. Hu, I so yesterday, Father there, my brother me, An amazing tomahawk rabbi, chop oh Tom, I say your number one for Tomahawk their own, actually no hate he. So he had a rabbi cap, which is arguably a more beefy cut. And the Tom Tom OX really just yeah yeah show it's beautiful. It looks amazing. You can kind of wielded as an ax but yeah my brother had a couple stakes out. There was delicious surveyed, the Tomahawk Thomas, gaining steam, danish air,
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For seventy five dollars. At your order visit bird outcome, sash bs, that is be U R, R O W Dekom sash B. As for seventy five dollars off your purchase back to the my draft. I run a line from Memphis. Vernon he has the Tuesday MBA pact. So we have in the Ringer Ambitious Kevin O Pages Chris Vernon Memphis it looks like it's a top three draft and then Drops off amid this, as the fourth pick witty rooting for it to happen. As you look at this for more than Baggily to be available for ok. Explain yourself about, in the draft? Well, I dont know what to do. I don't know what people need to see. How would you like in twenty gives Virginia there's like key, but couldn't get thirty point against Virginia when we look at what point. Why have you ever watched
the ballgame game, the pitcher Marvin Bagley and did not think that's the best guy on the court that happen. He would like ten years old. If we have no idea what it buddy is watching wow. You came at heart. I like this, so rap on Bagley is can't play defence Hereupon Danger organ the rap on curry and the rap on like more Damien Willard. Unlike almost every autumn player in the Lee outside it Why, when or Jimmy Butler and a handful bother. I'm I'm I'm concerned with that. Then, by the way, more in my favor players of all time and a guy that is going to have a statue in Tirana. Fedex form is Jack Randolph. So please don't tell me about throwing you're gonna pick enroll like I could get me five and eighteen. I didn't live with back then I think honestly, you deepened did Miss Tebbs.
Overrated paid with like five freshman they play. All the time people blame it because it will pay more than Bagley for him having to go down that goofy, replace the motor and he's gotta n n n you get a coach, they can catch him up. I dont think you an unwilling defender, and he certainly not it quickly deficient? I can pick that so we- swaths of fires outside to project these guys in the files. I just watched, I guess, When the calves right, he could have played it would have been, the other four with cavern love and the broad get points propagating Bernard Defensive, nobody s where it is play on the warriors. Could you see The Jordan Bell Spot. Oh sure, ok yeah, equally, either, because the other thing is the lifeline, a b granted. Why getting Rebound right, you gotta, stop you The worry bout and this guy
In fact, if you see if you can grab rebound everything go game that you play right. That's the other thing about the whole defensive knock. I dont think that even the world more back, we can't get better for work in Ireland. Your chiropractor and I would think it about get about back with the other day, because in a bid to back in a coach Kay, said he'd better, Duke thirty, eight years and I've had one Their guy, like like Bagley, and it was diary any older, The boy Yes, I do, I don't think. Ok, good name did at it at all manner of great joy, over the last couple of years. Even then he put his name to it So Titus loves him too. For us, Titus is coming up later due Cleveland. I in the camp of it, depends what team he goes to because
can see a scenario where his entire courageous to good stats for bad teams guy, but I like this Memphis Fit for him, especially always the next, the guitar I gotta thought stretched out to the three points. Oh yeah, I'm here to keep it. Listen if exactly what they had with people are so many here yet but by the little my advice there, all right, it's a dream. So I can, I can, I believe he will be, would be available, for that would be insane debate, but they are taken as, as we know with paper, so that their prone to do really dumb thanks. That's it it's the French! I had taken her sheep, the boy of her eye James Hearted and Russia Westbrook. That happened I was. There was the answer, with that national curry was the next year eight. Baby you're. Ok,
Oh you re worth waiting now is James. Our initiative very David took up and what that desperado yeah that happened the year before. What Brook ear yes some add Criswell as the guy who did both as they still has a job, which is only always been incredible. But as we ve down, we ve said this. I think you were the one who coin this. When the impact, happens, the only people that will be left are crucial is at hand, but let us in some plants and that's it, but in this case the grizzlies have had this just horrible run, but now, if they Get Casal and kindly healthy, which I am dubious- that I think those guys have allowed a thousand them bullets say they are what said they bring agri and he can produce right away. They bring tiring when's back. They have a couple rope, whereas the same one free agent. There is a case them to win some between forty and forty five games. I would thank right.
While the other thing is they get a thirty second pillar, which is a great big yeah? You gotta know about to break got a nail back. There is always someone available at thirty to the deck and that really helping a deep? Then why does somebody a forward looking at this, the other day get there ain't on trying to call them open to having before taking a badge almost every over the course of the past decade. There are you can go to the top three and we would redo them, the only one that you could argue is probably two years ago when it went when it went Ingram or what Seventh Ingram and J. What an idea, but by the way, everybody April I thought that this help it to do it. Taken J when three right they wanted Chris daughter, they want to drag it bent or whoever it quite a bit better whoever they are so the point is there is always some better than the top three available for you just happen: you gonna nail it yeah.
And the problem is with Memphis. I could totally survive taking Michael Porter and you having a connection and ex back ass with us, Let him know my my migrate fear is that they treat back a couple with spots, somebody that they say they really like and get another story. From another key to get off the partial contract the day you the most valuable asset that they had yet in order to make up for a former mistake, and then they justify it by saying we got to borders out of his breath yet It's a classic NBA thing. Where you make Horrible mistake in any way, up an asset to try to save the horrible mistakes. It ends up in the double horrible mistake I remember I remember my millinery did Mary. You want money, Annabel Network, you talking about Joe, we arrogant.
We are talking about at number when they took all those receivers over and over again, and he had. The mistake was in all the the receivers we never admitted the Joey Erika update and then we can try to make up, for we can create the joy arrogant, not good Chiquita than ever deeper. With always It's always a fool's errand to try to make up for a mistake that you've made last question which, which player would you be most excited if they fell to you out of the top three. Oh yeah stood out in item three daunted would be the next year yes, because there is an ordinary relaxed. What did you get here? turning it turn it in an article today. Actually, do you guys about guided back there's there, Then we'll go out. Maybe we should have seen it common you handle maybe we'd like a little motor or its jack than the only So maybe with like eight into motor or its Jackson, he only played twenty one minute, the gay or whatever it may be. But I
no scenario in which market back like a failure- and I see no scenario where dodge the failure at the too good a basketball Chris Vernon. Thank you. I Jason Gallagher is here? Yes, I ve creative purse behind the scenes in the video. Thank you ve seen and pensive videos. Occasionally I try to stay out of it. You did what party as you do and be a desktop press. Every week I made it to Russia, appearance and Friday desktop tiny harboured, we refer filming each other, just guy got very dark. I was viewed if all those here who filmmaking Gasogene they re really, whereas others like a Fellini, will slow down. And the clock had five yup crisper an injustice We have for the top three is what the top three years her cell, immediate number, five when you hang out with common o long enough, he starts to try
converting to his his belief system and he's essentially convince me that more bombers, the guy, ok, he's convinced me banana crusade two weeks ago, is pretty out on him, but he just been taxi me every day, little TED. Of more barbarism. Longest wingspan and combine history Jason. Did you know that finish round. The rim baseline he's he's defensive presents. You know but the upside is he's a cornerstone, and it's really gotten me bill and I'm I'm now have now converted at the church of mobile operators in and then he's gotten did care see. Take the Kool aid from the mobiles work adds that he poured over your head or leave here. Is it a drink it he? He sort of forced me at first and then start asking questions were about this or that and then you should watch interviews. Ok, so you so intelligent, yadda yadda, ass by mobile man. I'm on I'm on the island. Evans like judging me right now, is a massive into yeah. So Dirk and Mobile number, the you can't fact
dark in anymore. Why guy leaving dirt never leave, never leaving buddy. There is like Darrow Hamlet S, errand alive, he's gonna, be there until you make him got my everything on mouse logs as their alike, will we gotta stop thinking, life after dark and its leg the more years ago for average code, not now in the ass, though, that kind of shows you stay with Alice right now, yeah, I'm really bought into bought into mobile number. I have, I think, I think, TAT Day, everything cosy says, is very intriguing. I think that he's probably the most conservative of of the pact's like everyone has like this downside and for him it seems like at worst Just gonna be like a presence on defence, which is great there. They then scour attackers avenue and then I was really sad times for the man really really is in you know. Party wants to take tray young and once when he heard of me, but my materiality am Ben now, but if I'm faked e m j, I was just talking to you, make your about it tray on a totally kidding.
College in Oklahoma to gamble like every fuckin night, I would totally go for trade young, but does it bother that the mavericks have made a good move in six years. It does bother me thank you for asking, because I get a kind of opens the door for a ladder possibilities a pic five. It does so. Obviously the dream scenario is that Dodge false like for something and then you are able to trade five and Like Barnes Fur Parsons is terrible contract and four and hopefully get Dodge that's the goal, many people in Dallas don't want to do that. I've listened the Dallas forthrightly advantage fast. For yes, you flip Barnes. Is you take shandy back? Take him back. He in cues back out on the town. Let's go in the gorgeous Dodge tat. I would do then five Zack five. Second, what am I learned with air? There are so many people in Dallas that are like Barnes is a cornerstone. Don't touch getting the cornerstone of what a joy to say mania? Close he's he's a good guy to have, but not if you
far away at licked America far away. He is one of those frustrating guys that on the rate night, yet they are over the south explained in Dallas during the winning streak. Yes, and it was this kind of Barnes taking as our it's gonna, really competent, sometimes nearly why this guy Barnes he he's gonna, then the next came up three points. Now he is one of those guys like great leader. Gray presence can do some stuff, but he's not, oh my god, every tree. I would treat him so fast and go to sleep so heavy and easy. If I knew Trade Barnes and open minded potentias heartbeat. That's a really interesting trade. That's the one that's swirling probably see I grizzlies doing that. Yeah now totally cause you get Barnes AIR, then you get whenever you get it the fit.
Go to start is out of it any error, the person's contract. I would do that yeah anyway, I'm great trade, Great Faye Trade, hey guys a patriot, Drake Data. They think you so lives. Yet Barnes is great if anyone from Memphis Listening, Barnes Scary, Greg eleven Grey rope. Where is your best bet? Meditative pavia? Actually you could say who is the fourth aspire to cheap? It should be totally at times, maybe three have no fear gave separating the two that sixty five yeah yeah burglaries at from Emily Flag, all those on Youtube. Since I know how to do that now, so Obama, Doktor Whisky, Barnes where's, Matthies Dennis meant. We have no idea. If he's good or not.
Now I think, I'd. I think you have to go in on Dennis. Ok, you have to go in on a mid. Europe had asked whether sure, but I relate to an hour with anybody know in all seriousness, Dennis I we re now he played really he played really well last year. I think I think last year was like breaking This was an anomaly in any of the air. He would have had been brilliant. So if he I mean two years ago, who won rookie, which stem from the lucky Oh a dragon where you don't care, though I do have a saying Dennis Outta one Ricky their hands down that year. So mobile here your vote four you know that? It's a? U picking Obama by your rooting for thee, Barnes and five hundred, your parsons unfortunate, yet Jays Gallagher, which an Ex video project for us probably more NBA desktop I gotta think about it. Thank you base. Will
This is one of the greatest moments: a camera Clarks Life lifetime early A magic then gets to pay for magic, Unimak draft and pick the guy. He wants means they won't. I tried turning the card in early. You know where they just like you, don't even take the time when the clock bid is turning into they ve got thereby yeah tray on China you're right. I mean I'm in the period, between a lot of my dress between mobile number and tray on here. I don't think it's much of a decision because homo bombers are far more along with saying in a lot of situations that has been the decision and for me, once I saw a tray young was available. I jumped out, I think, he's he's what the man it allotted potential. Outside storm by. I just think what the magic need to get out of their sex. Tailspin is scoring excitement and superstar potential, and that's what trade on has Bomba would be just the nutrition pack for them. We already have to say
so I would say, might the most magical magic pick ever Inkyo sees draft guide. He calls Bomba a theoretical shooter, which is just the magic to lead the league and theoretical. She asked that we run had again drafted based Hu, the most theoretical shooter was Mario, is only was a real sure who became a theoretical shooter in Orlando, and so tray Young is a legitimate guy. Who can score? I just that he's I'm so glad he's there because he's exact with imaginary. So train goes to the magic. Let's say it happens. Most fun poor. You ve had since penny Hardway. We had, as more fun magic where, on paper, it is going to say this in and prolonged, I feel homework ever laughing are large hotel. Sure the heater Turkey was in fact in two thousand, not stare at sea. With their staring earned. He answered what everybody I mean. We had some issues on that too, but its time and of no one's no one,
Current semi oil was on heed. The basque brother, were founded and no one had less of a good time. Everybody loved distributor of baseball. Ok, the stairway there for the magic it was just as fun. He do that couple years, where AEGIS be the test the key, and they had sent him a pick, and he would do weird heed our things out and she d three no go and all the best was wont you might not have ended quickly. Jimmy? I wonder what how it's weird, how say nice guys has probably they tell off so It was the best part of that team was when Jim renouncing got hurt and he took it has handled the ball and clear the middle man just go to the top of the key, ensure three it was. It was a good time for me, so what its walking through tray on comes to the Maginot, that Isaac Jonathan Isaac Rooster It is in the team again. Guess I mean we ve been trying we're in year for trying to trade him. I guess he it'll be off the name. You showed up
Bianca your tears life. We have two years after beyond both my suggestion for routes is betrayed him to ninety ninety seven, when he would really valuable key player to a, get divers year time, Estonia, we just find someone ordinary, so we give it up. Turning back like figures, some shooter from they demanded semi was still very rapid alert. Maybe we reject grin rice, the church but you're gonna write on Rice Glenn. Ninety seven grown for straight up. Ok, so I guess contracts would manage up, but yeah at this point We had that your biggest problem of the time machine trade that there may be some project issues method is that's ever cheaper. Experts are bad or of other cap. The what the magic, don't have a lot of assets, and now it's amazing. You picked in the top, like eight furred, the entire decade avenue yeah a moves.
Starting in twenty starting the debate, our dearest. I am joining our depot, who was second over assesses you're sick straight year, picking and like the tops, seven I'm an as yet and not a whit apple. What their return we got back for Dwight were found its fruits multiplied. Trade was great for Orlando in retrospect yeah we want let ass. No one, sherry, nobody, one airline, nitrate ebony, but here was a winner was resembled were one so as I say it, always I'm so the matter I don't know, Ask me where they go from here yeah. The answer is, I don't know because I would assume at this point gordon- who I guess the match any offer- that's been the report. They will match any obstinately debt for air and Gordon I'm. Ok, It is because we need to keep anything. What's a talent, but we have ok in the United stand. If I was other teams- and I hear their Orlando says that I just me We back the offer sperm over. I dont have imagined it.
Help themselves mobility so get over. Here so you have Isaac whereby third games I do like as either we like eyes. Wada, he's he's clearly the leader in the club elsewhere off season puff pieces is putting on muscle in the GM products. We point out three point shot, I'm all in on the puppies circuit, therefore downturn Isaac. So I think we like Isaac, but again thirty games, besides, never know he's thousands of the primitive defender which I like I didn't Clifford can one of the reasons I tray young is. I think the quivered can scheme the defence into a point that it's ok, I, the fact these are omitted defender doesn't worry me. I think that active cover team can carry try young indifference, ok, J Young Jen Picture in the uniform. Its edges seem with a sad looking like a very ugly blue and black old score. Orlando uniform but to four thirty I am,
Definitely that's our worst case there, but best case there's. He becomes a star. It's our and now there's a Disney Ride Forum, yeah and I'm just trying to get through. He lives on an ice golf course. Somewhere, yes becomes The Tiger woods Tiger left Rwanda isn't Jupiter now Oh he's gonNa Orlando's greatest asset is left. He needs waste authority. You now Orlando's biggest celebrity fan the importer Ok here so many years bubble, action will congratulations. I hope this works out. Thank you. When I tell you about courts added the NBA fine, as it prepares do nineteenth nine p M on HBO We airs eleven p M Saint James. Age be also available in all the age, be platforms HBO onto band each be ago. All that stuff you'll, be there were right after the first of soap. As I was at the final Spheare Levin, had twelve days turn out to be but it was still
call the narratives are good. We wanted to create a show that resembles a little bit. The shows that grew up with the 1980s with you know. After the season ended in the entertainment would put out these awesome one hour, specials about the finals with whole bunch. A cool camera, shadds, music and inside it I saw that stuff. We had some work, this time round. These guys are super famous. Its heritage is put make sense, deaf a game, but but I like, where we landed and- and I think I think this shows corner- they- give you a basketball. I would definitely give this one a chance. Pushy miss basketball basket. But not for ten days, so check it out, courts out of the emir finals, jus, nineteenth, nine p, M Hbo and guess what the age for sports team is really really to add that they get the stuff. So there s back to the matter, I had on the right now: robber maize, from the Ringer Norway's afoot Ghana, Metallica Guy and he wrote a guest. At the more has those pretty gray last week, but is also balls fan the boss
the clock at seven spending up down history for them, you know who's off the board. At this point, who would you take for the boys at seven, I the goat Michael Porter Gender, just because the upside so handling It's hard to ignore the arbitrator rister there in several different ways, but we listened a team that is pretty much a blank slate in terms of their direction. They don't have many building blocks nodded jack, while he kind of overlaps with somebody else's skills that now I'm it their sole or to work with their. Then I think you did happen. For the guy. That could be the biggest factor and have the biggest impact that boy. I think that's him with the gathers the lock you compare, have studied em. If you bet, I knew to watch, you make a porter clubs like work with last year, because you watch me very how we are going to my alma mater. I would very I about it, and then we didn't get to watch employed for Africa. With them and have been for a while, and I do think that the weaknesses in the council
people feared his game you're the fact that the shop like some kind he's not a veritable header, basic things like that alternative cubic guys. Became dream from anywhere like you care with. Unlimited range is probably gonna have pre parable shot for action, though, that I don't why like, when he settled into the NBA those things look, our faith in my mind, is more so free stuff, unjust, just overall with personality if you'd be creating on people, but the game itself. Very excited about it? Seven, I think you'd be impossible to backup the personality. It seems like there's a fifty percent chance. He gets punch by Bobby Portas right then the right, secular, five percent that you're someone somewhere in the fifties. Fifty fifty I got fifty four per se. Ok, there's Six percent share to augur punch, the hat. Kind of glossed over the house stuff, but that's the biggest reason that he would be available, number seven aims
can't even see his medical's, we We we have. Really no idea. What's totally wrong with them. It seems like there's a back sure, but I haven't even really heard a perfect explanation for it of you. No, I haven't either it was kind of shrouded in mystery. When you let me do people know when he became a back. If you will be coming back, baby got back issues with another. More man, six eleven in Africa to stop it being I feel like I've gotta exciting, but I have heard back issue the nineteen that you have to support that. That worries me, but again I just feel like you're, the only guy remaining that you could take it seven and he could end up being the best player from this draft, but one quarter solid. I like him I'd like your mama basketball, but I do think if you're the boss You have so little going forward that it is the pillars of your franchise. You meet somebody that can be an offer do
do you see any scenario or porter and market after the two bigs A team. That's like in the third ran in the NBA play us. I don't think quarters, necessarily a big I think he's gotta can handle. The ball would have any outside it shoot. I think that's why you don't think players alongside them. I think you need a doctor. Don't got a lot better life. Even I think Kristen is the building block the point of view, but it gave her about events. First point guard somebody like that you ve really solid. You know people, may pair with those guys, but I think that the type of team can exist. Be excited about. It goes back to backward. Ok, I'm unless excited about that, the new. I'm just wondering. What's the work right now we have achieved, but not much I read about this branch. I'd like you to meet our right now. This is the best option. I beg accidentally, the bigger you wouldn't trade aperture down. Now I don't think so. I made a porter. There
but I think that would be a fairer than about doing would you trade? Would you trade back? like twelve and try to get Tobias Harris for seven. If the clippers were over the moon about somebody, not a porter, was there Rather, it must one or the other partner was he. He was the number one highschool per a year right. Yes, yes, and that I just don't feel it without that far removed from him. The guy that everyone love it The word the colonel from how well you shoot at that guy and he has the right of that work for them to be a good defend in the white situation. I just feel like there's too much there. The walk away from the Peter Rabbit step would yelling it back there. Would you do politeness within to build up his core so huge to reduce your assurance as back sure, that sounds great. I pray tat workin out again anyway. So if you want the copier, do you think you're? Actually he wouldn't you got yourself this doubt I am available. Would
taken this all cycle and six in the morning with a girlfriend, I don't go. I don't go to so cycle. Ok thought I called loud ideas both like what kind of weird I did. I'm not gonna get him with a particular group of my work outbreak in what if he would like to be a part of it, but I am more than willing so. This is a bonus for Macro porter, you hope you'll be work out, but you'll be like in France should be worked out, buddies sky If you want some help would like it. I didn't know Chicago wants me to shop around. That's fine, you know we're still any. A miracle off these and I've got to find. How would you what I would you scribe, your feelings about Gar form in John packs in one word, after all these years, complicated? Ok, I mean it seems like you might have won the Jimmy Butler Trade got on out. Wait, remedy emotions and Bob with that permit the command they get with clear victory that the hall, in effect a market, is actually turn into a useful player.
Are we all that stuff is exciting and I'm happy about it, but I still watch Jimmy Power play the pain in my chest because I miss him so much given. I think would have been unhappy in that whatever you could have gone forum would have just started to drop as the next two years. One alone would be my table. I wouldn't have been upset if it happened here before, just because I think that something drastic needed to go down that it came to get out of them back that it had been mired in and forget that should be your next ring. Earl history. Is this what the hell happened on the two thousand seventeen balls? The way, can you don't want to? I don't wanna know it's no internet doping into that. My own personal note, thank you, give me another time and I'll take it, but that's not what I'm awaited do willingly at all the over under a guy's, getting their job
and by a teammate was probably like two and a half see went under and that you'll aid one should have been great, couldn't railroad. The outward proverb is always a pleasure type. Decent I had the ringers my Titus online host of one shining pack ass, America's favorite College, Basque, ballpark, ass other. Now it's more gnats mourn the discourage best by you what what the order has been so far, I think even here there s this package, but I think you would have enjoyed the most of any moment during the pact, Chris Vernon passionate declaring Marvin Bagley the best part in the drafting being here in this that Memphis got him at so they're, so you a partner grandma that you're picking from Cleveland at eight You have two choices here. You can pick the player that you think they would take The brown was coming back or the boy think they would take if their hedging there.
That's for if the comes backer, if he leaves either way, though, be happy. So what did you decide? So, first of all, I think they have betrayed the pay great. Like a worry, if we're talking like the real tract of bitter trying to keep her by my day, they had to get more town, two players, the bribe agony, get excited about whoever they number eight the ass. If the average age taken care of love, I think they have does grave to try to keep a broad, but for the purposes of this exercise in my view, that fear like the attitude to pick a keep abroad or if their assuming the broad gone than you going way but article, namely that they can draft in them re. Basically, the lake ok now brought a stain, so I had to different thought. My first I was, I really thought tree on should be the guy I like it before broad leaves just sweep of the senses and take like the most tumor Claire, probably in the draft, but then may I think I can climb a tree honour. It took him
the boy for me? I start they are more with the other way. I would like you to Cleveland report a situation for broadly bad. These next five years are huge. I am very fearful of in Ohio and that the Cleveland, Cavaliers Cavaliers will never be relevant again. I think I just got to like basically stop the bleeding trees next five years and take the guy that makes the most sense the best player that probably available at this point to draft the best two way wing in the draft Mikal bridges that is my pick. I you know you did
my biggest fallen in Beijing and whenever we do these sort of anger, I would like the guys were good players now, which is why I'm also excitable borrow Bagley. I, like you, guys a dish like a few. I feel good. You are right now I need you: a mighty Mikhail bridges play ongoing over jail and Brunson one national player the year paid my retirement this honour by cast all year about how do them brunch and is not even the best where, on the theme of the Gale Britain was devastated, Esquire on a theme aware, all it can to stop everyday. I love everything about game. I beg you the best player at dinner, raised by signing up to the castle and would say by that pig is he works for either direction ran, leaves have him on the team and he could still do stuff what mba poet You compare him too. I don't want you to carry Kyoto, but I think we both want of another.
I heard your business is TAT Higgins and see. No one at all think it to me seem leg like a Ringer NBA Jive Guide. We had recovered in Eddie Jones Tony Snow, which you tone now, I think, is insulted, but could he me like a better version, a robber Covington. I actually think Can it be a rich man's radically absolutely, and how do I yeah? That's a great gonna have cause everybody in the Lee you need to. You need those multiple. Neither guidest Multiple scores and each time they certainly had that guy, as we witnessed in the air in the class so he's, definitely not the best player on a championship team. All that work at number. Eight. I think we're at that point where we really got it off the board right, so you have to start I don't know. I went to game the finals with you at the factory, sadness and it
get sat in the in the crowd in the fourth quarter but there was a feeling of of gloom that was looming. You got sad, you start talking, for just get super sad, and there wasn't was even like really that I thought there would be like big standing? Oh and Vp Chant and it was different? It was GIS. It just got together unlike area, there came another Bela broadly. This is like a cynical brown leaves it's not like. Ok, we'll call that was finally have a broad alice. Try to go get the next Great Blair. Figures is utter stated that when the broadly Cleveland, the calves because very well, maybe maybe relevant for the next two decades is no longer an that's. That's fucking plated, sir! Well, if you still on pace of winning a lottery every two and a half years That's heads basically, what's happened since our three right, you ve areas in Serbia,
for years, she's gotta, keep that pays for the rest. The decade. Do you think there is any chance? I'm trying to think what that would the trade would be. I think love would have to go in whatever China was actually think he's underrated It has taken about Indiana your other favorites. Him is air, a miles: Turner, cabin love, type, trade that would how about some cap space fur cleave, and then he yet Macao judges and you just kind of abroad on a younger team that he can grow into I like a trade for both teams. I dont think the broad life. You know the reason why my mama from abroad here either. I do I honestly goitre cuban abroad as if they find a way to get there. Did you get it they had like choir, I would like to have that caliber or Paul Georgia or something tat, the swing, villages and the problems they have no assets
that's free, because you need assets for trades. Usually you see how lurks yeah I've seen him, how them is enough to keep him like a port. And for certain said, hey cool trade. You see J for the eighth pack, which only did they wed and then the erratic the terrible Cleveland contracts back, I don't think that's enough I don't even have to get away and Really all you have his guilt. That's that's what you have to play this as an entire city. You just have to make him feel bad Parliament bears tray, unfolded Cleveland, a terrible for the first two or three years, and they keep they play, run a backward winning the lottery, those territories star, stay in and that's a Canada bat and then suddenly tree on figures it out, and unlike your five or six, that maybe that help of ever so once Annie Pack, ass Tuesday and the ring a bag has never guarantee. Frazier will be
doing I your last minute draft stuff, I'm looking forward to that. Thank you for coming up well my right to talk about Callaway. They been terrific partner since day one their new robe driver route, avenue delivers exceptional boss, been a real breakthrough in driver form, its check it out a Callaway Gulf that come in for the best in professional golf talk, add the shack ass black ass would show has enjoyed Shackelford. It is presented by Callaway on the ringer pack. Network. They broke down the: U S Open, as it was happening Sunday night had the big reaction of Brooks Captcha winning his second straight. U S open pretty. As I stated that kurdish strangers was realised that nobody now he's that the back to back. I now bricks, captcha bricks kept a hard thing to say Phil magazines. Complete meltdown on Saturday
dj not being able to get a gun. They talk about all that the shack ass check it out the shack ass Black Ass, presented by Callaway on the Ringer Packets network. I backed the my draft I had the next hour at the number. Nine will, if you ve noticed a recurring theme in this package, is that the ringer as a lot of sad, traumatized NBA fans, none more than this man Jason exception. It's been a tough hall low. These last fifteen to eighteen years many been more than any one. Nineteen years he might have been more than your last happy next him against it, as their team was fun for about six months now fun. You know, Lynn was great for three weeks, yes and then her fate, our mellow fight was awesome? I enjoy the carnatic islands. Oh man, Marty, Collins, let me say layer, Brown, love, Marty, Collins, yeah really did three well give them
dawn was fine, even though you're are the recipient there. I enjoy that quite a bit. I think you know he became a you know. The avatar all of us next fans in a moment, rough half century for next anti last year, the next took Frankie nicotine I we have been given up ban. There's no reason to give up on my eyes near the offence meets a camera, but he's already one of the elite dead, defensive players in the league on the perimeter his book shades of Movie Blaylock level Key Blaylock for the of programme before they were program right. So. I'm at the next is this It applies to Jeff, they take Frankie nicotine. We liked by students. Donovan Mitchell as a game. Changing young boy. That's the has become increasingly tougher in the rear view. Merits look at that pausing is blows at his knee bout, forty
send it through the season and then yeah. Somehow this all this doesn't transit to the next. Getting even a tap. Eight pick I learned a few nine. They didn't tank directly, I will say about my son Chris S, posing as recently photographed jumping off of the yacht into who believe the waters of the Mediterranean with a a beautiful young woman on on the deck of the ships. I think the healing is coming along nicely. Car and pleasing blow out your need: jumping off of the yacht, into the waters of the Mediterranean. How? How wacky do think he is on a scale when in time at least one of the most shameless do this out here on the social media streets that we ve seen its actually wild so you're picking night for us yet I know where the first aid pigs were. Yes, I know from from the EU about. I was singing the email older than I have I'm going to select Collins,
certain calm with two hours column with two Elles point Guard has been a position of need for the next since Roger. Brookland yeah, so love to get a guy who really competes at that position. Obviously there some downsides assuming you're picking at eight there's. You can't help it. I have to deal with not. Innovation picked put growth. Yes, there's that seem same Israeli. Not a great shooter, no question the ball of scoring skills does draw a lot of files which I like, but you know, really competes I'd I'd something you can have enough prison, offenders in the week like if ye, if he is a poor man I should Beverly, I like it. So this that competitiveness character picture you he's is very athletic. Super competitive yeah. That's what are those
as it comes through in a matters response to the crowd type, a guy's. Yes, any nineteen. So like there's, there's a lot of these latter integral there and I think also looking at his stats. If the relay he carried like all the loaded Alabama. Did everything so he talked shards because he was taking all the shots and he was the guy everybody keyed on. So I, bullish on him and, as I said, we need a point guard. Her Epps, you know like whose who's the point out of the future is at Frank Is it saxon? Is it media like Judy I lay there is needed. They need to take as many swings at at point guard as they can to mix the next, point guides over the last thirty years has been really spectacular, Mexico is a word for some. Some argue that half of the point guards who have ever played in the NBA
all the other washed up guys from the night is made a cameo fail, did a start by getting march icing. That's it even ass. I got back Jack's about second valleys. Steve there's didn't have is one totally washed finishes cleared the nexus. Use this kind of like as leverage at one point like here. He did. You know that that's we need wake, Ard and everybody knows it. Everybody knows He you leverage in that led to the next citing Landry fields for three years for like twenty five billion, land I will remain as the national Andrey fields is one year should go up in there. As part of my ten Tony's like Hall of Fame, yeah case than sanity and major fields I represent. I had You don't you think, Frankie smokes and sexting complaining there, except for the part that the outside shooting has gone completely south right now. Not that important in today's leaves. I understand it
the shooting, as it is a huge concern, but but maybe you could get money with the shooting coach has the shooting coaches therewith, both them and same time I took a too for one Sexton shot like seven needs: six: seventy seven percent from Fredo inside field. Theirs. They have educates there's a good basis for him being at least an ok shooter. He shot like thirty three percent from three nights great, but also not total, abysmal, like I I've any nineteen again, I feel like with red the shooting can come around. Unlike would you have me smart on your team, yeah can't shoot at all. In guy for your team. I think there is a market smart, ass, buddies better. Is it much by creative yeah some clotted rebel guy. If Sexton can develop into that kind of impact defender on the Primmer, like that's a useful player, I am excited for the handshakes with him and eat his cancer in the chest bombs in the screaming after dunks by that
cancer is gonna, be concepts in Spain has been any draft pick that they take at eight is gonna, be and again to get me that person's biggest firm but you're sad factor the Knicks right now. Last questions one to ten mice. Had factor here I mean you, ve had Saturn yeah moment it is the next fan battalion is like a seven and a half. To put. It is six. Ok, I'm not totally sad! There's some glimmers of hope there but obviously a lot of work to do. I think Fidel is shown himself to be an elite culture guy. There is a week since he's been hired just in the way is presenting himself out of their adventures, culture, culture. We get to build the coffers or sextants culture. Guy colleague I hold your guy frank culture. Guy professionals, that's right like it! That's what we need are finished. A culture
it can change Yoda, aided that's the issue of Jesse. We will see a bid us tat this week. Assets like for more for the season, then we'll take a break s ambition, but Harry Potter, yeah promoter before hardest argument in show business. Thank you. Thank you I pick it the third after seventy six is the new GM food up to several sectors. Chris rank congratulation sakes bill. They were davenant assay over there waiting for you to know, I must be. Maybe there's could do a press conference or something I am not aware of yet, so we do this story in the GM adds up, leaving the team but, as I say, favorite team and NATO have a gm and, in your coaches running your draft, it takes a village yeah beer, coaches, in your draft that why, because there is no it'll, do their nasty, adversely Elden Bryn rip round there. We're gonna together Brown was watching college Basque muttered. The he's like
his prayer. I do on a draft for a browser you tube at three in the morning called sex that I like this guy. So who do you have Hooty? Who do you? than the take. Let's go there and made that pig, but then we can talk about who you, who you would hope faster them attend, yeah, sorry, in terms of you want me to draft within the with it, our draft or within by the mighty kept the Japs actually for the for the western submit a black that at some point I had so first pick charts jerk took out Andrea for Phoenix. Second pig look dad for. Second, from rally. Third, pig J J, into Atlanta from danger? Fourth, pick Marvin Bagley from afar, Chris Verne at nice. All in really wanted a fit Jason gathered, took mobile for Dallas and was was sad about it. That's enough at six tray on Kevin Clark to confer Linda, was excited about that seventh pick Michael,
porter from a very scared robber, mace. Eighth pick, Mikhail Bridges goes to Cleveland thanks to Mark Titus, ninth back concepts than to the next from jail, Serbia. Now you and the clock, ten with the Sixers. So after years of raw rolling my eyes at our effort and all of our efforts. Many advance analytics poets in, and be a media yet and then, after watching our effort be the best player on the floor for a lot of the eastern conference. Play offs especially six or serious. Yet I in a draft the next hour, Orford Dukes, Wendell Carter, this is I gotta say this was the one pig that shocked me yesterday, because of how many biggest Sixers have taken a draft. This is why wouldn't be lightly up you wouldn't be. Why would not be a good gm? My heart is so set on Mikhail bridges that I don't know do now. I dont have a plan b, so I've come but this one
which is essentially and insurance and a guy just a little thing. So Titus broke your hard to pigs, yes, yeah you bridges disease. I basically the rich man's Rebecca anybody, Sixers and Coolby Haldeman Break Applause six or plans were more trouble that I thought we were but yeah I basically really wanted a guy who is a slightly more mature three. D want to national titles. Don't over think this best player, the best team really just seems like you could just in playwright into the six or system, so I'm looking around and I'm thinking. Ok, Lonnie Walker gee. Ay Knox like these guys are all like in do differing levels, projects and I'm kind of post projects we because Iraq, Jackie. I wanted something. That's a little bit more of a sure thing. Sure thing has a lower ceiling. Can I make the case for Kevin acts? Go have so you you,
The six is with Tatum measure. Knacks is That could be as good Tatum, but does so the things that Tatum would have done. Hypothetically on that, sixty my share sixers it had em second chance in his young is, I think, the sex and youngest guy and this draft other than Jarrett Jackson and the top fourteen that even nineteen, yet six can create a shack. Can she threes wouldn't that make theories. He feel Kevin. I silver Jeff Green Navy was the fear is theirs, Tatum fumes, primarily stewards like he could be Tatum Minutes. I now actually Jason Tatum suggested yeah this other guys, as thousands Tatum and kind of she'd. Similarly Are you Kentucky guys are really hard to pick. You know that they have a certain amount of athleticism, but the wake
a party uses. Its duties in a category is really difficult to protect them into their mba selves, Yemen, Booker Wanna, being a pic, unroll guy towns wound up being this this stretch for, and that's not how to play a Kentucky yeah. I was never borne away watching knock, knock, sickens, Argos, Waymore, India, s J C, I don't know, lights are what I saw one Carter. I liked the lot whatever ran about Wendell Carter. I like a lot with, does seem I gotta. Are these guys available he's the one I could easily ass ago, like fifth yank, no kind of very convincing thing on the rare today about why Wendell Carter might be a better pick. The Martin badly right thinking about the six where you have indeed, these plans Nine. Thirty minutes, thirty game that eighty minutes when it beads that in there is crucial. And you had like a mere jackasses, dare Sarge by not a position and for
reason than ever played homes, which I never really understand, he's an energy guy, but I think he makes a lot of mistakes and cautious hit mistakes year. So comes in their jobs eighteen minutes right there, yes and you'll be protection because down again adverse gone. Absolutely no real trade may potentially to yeah, and if you get Benz into the cut into the basket zone, really nice to have caused Carter's, a really good, passing big man. So you start haven't Carter passing out of the off the nail too like a cutting Ben savings are cutting folder now or indeed backdoor. I think it's really like I like, He does immediately and also Irene you re about him, sets the screens good kid. Like does stuff is defensively like wave farther advanced than a lotta deeds in the industry. It seems like he was Dick got a sum. A raw deal, a duke yet all use plain behind Bagley I will. Naturally I hurt you look really good and endowed with came back. I think you talk me into this. Ok,
You would trade at the right in Europe it I don't. It seems like it's its true person draft to me in terms of like that. What are you want to give stuff up were also Are you mad, I'm pretty hot? by trading up. That's not like my favorite thing to here. Right now, for other than ever to serve. If you cardio said will do for four ten and false right now you can. And what's what am I getting for here, I'm back now, a modest like it would, if it cardio said, will do three for faults and ten you take Jackson. Ok, you get here. I think one requires more ready to play than ensuring Jackson shrank coming in hot. I that's for Billy. Thanks right, you got it. pick an eleven. Our old friend Tate Frazier good. We back your back here
graduated from us that you're, like a park has us some day. Everyone through, I can cut values whenever you want me to your picture your beloved Charlotte, warrants Hornets a number eleven, its uptake it's a tough time. I think it's a new era in general. As you know, a gag Mitch cub check who is come out said that he'd, my you're, not friends it, which is what is evident. You trying to say like basically like I'm, not gonna default to what Michael says, just because we have a pass friendship and even came out and was like. We don't even have that greater friendship. You know we knew each other tangentially, but yeah. It was born of the inspector yams. A business thing is that just cause you in a kind as a mere ganglion everything. So I think the interesting thing now is to see Jordan last year made the monk pic. I think that was his begging, Mitchell was who they wanted to say, and then and came in the last hour and was I'd know really signalling monk.
You think Charlotte Wanna take Mitchell without was the plan last year because they wanted to get the Kimber replacement. The get did the be at the point guard for the future. You bring a man, let a mature under Kimba and then monk on the table, so they go hey running off best player available Michael loves him, because he had forty its Carolina, Michael Jordan. Only. Why really like a basket? I do like mine. So that's what happened last year and I think this year, if a similar situation, what happened say Michael Borders, on the board of Michael but Michael Jordan says I want like a bird, I think Mitch Kupchak as no we take who we're gonna take. So What is a new time, which is nice Michael Jordan said? No, you hear me in the garden yeah wayward. This were actually doing. So you like ooh at one thousand one hundred and eleven. I like Kevin Knox. Okay, I think they're going to go back to back Wildcats with a Calipari kids and bring them in. I think, as you know, Michael Kidd Gilchrist number to pick hasn't quite no pan had some injuries and shoulder shore. He still don't have a jump shot than need a small ford, and I think not
is a guy that they all seem to like. They worked em out there a little worried about a shooting. I shall like thirty, four percent from three last year, but I do not say I think they buy into Kevin, knocking over the six nine guy and have more remoinds named cagey. Can a mature and make him make them grow up a little bit his virtue, I the case with Chris ran that this success should take ever knacks I'd, think they knew wing and I think it's either bridges are not re. That's communist threes can who the reason I say you happy with these three points. You know- and I think that's the biggest donor of Anna yeah worry is great. Mid range game. It just seems like the biggest thing is people say, doesn't have a motor lessened, the biggest now, which is tough, and then you know that three point thirty four percent is not great but there if he has to be that guy in his first year in Charlotte, is kinda shoots all the time, the fear it's like the Luikenaar thing that happened last year, where we had the sole sample size to watch. Somebody play basketball against other players.
The season ads. Then we go to work out. We're like look round killed his work out yesterday He may ninety threat of a hundred families. I worry he have really worked advocates. Nobody and we do this every year and it seems at Kevin axes. Issues, work our guy and then in his young, and I, like getting young deeds alike, relate the fact that he is not even eighteen yet. On the other hand, that was the case for James Young when the subjects took him. He's, so young he got others. This are this became exe. It's already is maybe, and then it's like he does. The ability can even handle anything, absolutely nothing. The thing was not too is that a lot of people are worried about. What position is he gonna play can even play the three. Does he added the handles play a three or again to slim down to the fore? The hornets do need us a powerful, because Kaminski hasn't quite worked out, as you may remember that trade I did that my nitrate, yet it Michael Jordan, and want to do so that that's what's new era, so I think people worried about and I think there could be a role
the hornets wanna go to a power forward and they take a robber Williams and people freaked out because they can't believe they picked a guy. This high so yeah acts Michael Jordan, your favorite athlete ever. Yes, Europe, die with M J over the bran, like nobody and this ringers set for maybe me, but the tax of the joy that Michael Jordan brought. Is that he's a terrible and it's just You know we had to deal with it. We were happy to have Michael in Charlotte, it's nice. Unfortunately, let me know most of the time is in Nassau in the Bahamas. You know, but we taken when in town for a second and a crazy parent yeah. In my mind that had come over for fathers, they should ask to have no idea. Why was it available? That's my by Michael is not available to us. He's deathly, not emotionally available. He deftly doesn't talk to people that much does the fundraiser bit, but that's about it. I think right
how, though, with subjects being there he's gonna, listen subject, as he respects got a lot of people had he just sort of over road, all their decisions, and I think with CUP Jacko finally had to listen to him. I mean it dimension. Subject left the Lakers Kazi overpaid the empress, Maggie Scarf and completely destroyed their cap space and did such a job in a way that lay team that they couldn't even less and players who wanted to go there like Lamar, guess, I'll George and I'm not even sure covered their aunt met with them. Now I think that we have achieved a GM law and thence. I gave you may the jug old time that he wakes till twelve o clock and the frequency- and you know, plays it by the very old school as in the matter of fact way, but the good thing about. Surely no one's come in. There is a free agent, I mean, but to was the biggest thing, and that was because we gave him. You know a hundred twenty million dollars. Of course, he's going to come to Charlotte gonna be in the freedom game. I honestly the journalists, a shred money. He doesn't pay all these guys. Yes, you know you know, they're almost in the luxury tax could see them
Hagen that eleven pig may be drafting a guy like if my report on board or shake Doge Alexander, that people like around the league and trend, take that with the player shreds salary may change. They are those wants to trade. The pit was somebody's gonna far as it seems like the job goes ten deep and then drops yeah by some It always makes a mistake in the ten Mitchell damage was the thing that HANS a team. I think HANS, Michael Jordan, because I think he knows that Mitchell was a God s view that story yeah. I had known that at the next were very close to them. And then there was one other team the rate when its economic. I think that
things were fellow or can I guess we d you thank you so that work on the budget Turco Luria my men Mitchell at the fires and he was like such an impressive guy. Yes, it is like a thirty eight year old guy ready and you would think, like the whole rookie teacher thing, what kind of phase of Moldova when people are given the backlash. She was like Yom Slogan, aware, as I am a rookie sorry well they're taking graduation for making the case for carbon dioxide over those congratulations, we heard, but I do think it knocks comes in and they replace him did you with Knox is, as you have North Carolina basketball. That's right, yeah. He also said that, the next day. Frazier. Of course, thanks bill. Next, twelve and thirteen, the clippers it which picture they get four by Griffin, twelve or thirteen, twelve twelve. From Detroit Yes, twelve year, one of my favorite trades and aware the ground they dumped owners contracts they get Tobias Harris back where, like figure
a man who has become a ringer, our favorite and then on top of that they get the twelve pick witness the year. One more thing right did we get angry with rapidly and then he's Avery by raising abs, so we have eyes it is presented as back ass, a law tat could prevent K. I see the ringers draft girl, something sign in tat. Fourteen you could weaken it. Have you picture. We decided making you code for these two pics one of the pigs, obviously the other, because now that I've is so with the twelve peccary taken within miles bridges out of Michigan state. There is no debate between me and Isaac and over from the debate was the drastic. Now he's a sure fire pick he's not gonna be bed, you see him in college he's. Player here, he's not gonna, be a star necessarily but he'll be player. Maybe after bench you know, maybe a fifth started for a long time. In the least that can be bad enough. Baseline. He could become clearly really high level player if his office continues to develop because there are some things out and he got the show within Michigan safe system, but within
and in the NBA projecting ahead. Maybe he develops go to score abilities on top of what he already has a key. Lament athletic. Vienna bought up shooter, who attacks close out and do a little bit after Germany a lot of potential to say you have a ring Zambia, Giraffe God, presented by state farm. We compared him shades of their common, Tobias, Harris interesting fact. Because now this Tobias Harris's on clippers? Yes, she lack when there's like weird redundant with four it's your leg set up far too small, for what is that person, but then to them like I liked the Moors brothers played together in Phoenix in that it is effective, it will be interesting having both those guys in the same tankers, Tobias Harris, I feel like underwritten awakens like you hold these only getting me twenty six this year near average. Twenty points for game superficial he's gotten better over the years. I don't think I don't think we should discount him ass, being like a very simple,
player, I contending type a team- you wouldn't you wouldn't trade, Tobias Harris twelve and thirteen for number two, never wait, I judge she wouldn't do. They would have to be daunted out- have to know that a start of sand to ok. But you know said cause you and says will give you number two and here's where we went out everything back randolphs contract bags about to point out in MECCA yeah I mean I would. I would consider that- and I probably would end point actually we would say, look if that's ok, everything's out the window like take Tobias Harris, take whatever so you Look I e to you as a one hundred thirty cents on the dollar. Guy short: could airspace fairly paid? thoughts. I scare you do it in the guy's, a sure thing. The army light me charts and any I'll have Lucan number one end and having a number one in this year's class, which has a lot of really soon prospects. I think I think, is an indicator like this is the guy in the strap. Listen my heart a matter here
the guy that you're gonna trade up training for look in your feeling is that he goes on. Talk to that this smoke, I still think top three for him. No Eve, EVA Sacramento takes Michael Porter, her Marvin Bagley it too see how Atlanta pass on him at three hats: see I Phoenix shocked everyone into Jane Jackson- number one you in it for that it's a paradise already under aim yeah. I would I be super super shots and I think I'll be there. Aren't horse, ok, see you take, you, you still had the terror of eight indulge. In then drops is Jackson, Jackson and in Burma that whole group, where necessary Jackson is a sure thing. Taxes can be really really good. I'm emissions they fares, unbiased, but Jackson is like, I think, he's one he falls in those than those sure fire. Not going he's, not gonna be bad kind, just point something out the butcher and Jackson. He had more files per one, her processions, Marquise, Chris, more
Carl Anthony towns freshmen, unlike that air, but did you watch machine state Tommy's did not do a good job that he Shore but Jared Jackson. There there's no he's gonna, be a good player right, he's gonna, be a good player, but to be defender he's gonna have to cut down as small rate and other other great defenders have had high falls fall rates you're joking. No, it did John He did so chance. He goes down that path, but there's also a chance. He has. Difficulties are not binding upon fakes, not chasing every blocked. It's available, Karla towns, there's no no such thing as a guarantee, but bet on him going down the other main about disability rough package for GEO Jackson toss them up early. Now, that's foot down at a kiss aegis with occasional Mama opera. Is that have actually I'm in the process of like do. I want to have judged acts of the head of the sky, like, I don't think I'm preventable What's what can I really you
Bomba, overtaxed Harry! I'm sorry, I don't know. What's gonna happen either because could lead Gallagher begrudgingly take back five come on Thursdays and ensure that great about it, can I say the only reason he did. It was cause you with the glass and found the cooler than his failure suffer the idea of DNA Kool aid- and I read it through to do that, so you you're all in- and this is gonna- be the hill. They? U Diane this year, that bob, there's gonna be a really really good last year, so is Jason Tatum, which has a great how to get help was the year before. Sixteen see minutes, Brown Japan around that time. You know boss and sports media. I was gonna radio chosen, everybody sangi on grounds of Non shooter, and I was like now. Ben symbols is a non shooter jail. Brown considers this a matter of what Lovely reaches shooter see better data around the jailer Brown hell yeah. They kind of you now for the last two bad hill, Ura Soliloquy,
no, I mean I had ochre for at number two, which feel so dumb in hindsight but I'm not sure. How can I help about a really bad on? Have you met a having Blaine Ingram ahead of Ben Timmins, the lorry Martin ATLAS still have with my Lowry evaluation them, I'm happy with it. But now I love. It is a great idea plus whether in the moment Ruby was sitting airline in any the grade, and I was like a flask. The deal is bad, giving the sixteenth taken the draft. I still think that silly innovation in the F plus was a mistake. It should have been like a sea plus for the Tec announced earlier vegetables failed. I learn all the time before The thing elicit a lotta had ever sent on this bridges is he is he started for the clippers in the next two years. So yeah. You can start at the two next to Toby, Harris or Toby hairs out for an him at three, but I think those bridges projects to be kind of like a guy,
J prouder, maybe he's thick framed. He can the reason for that a good thing still took a planet. Like a Jake writer Jack Rabbit. Anita was pretty good at the absolutely and he had some moments of the South sheet they are seen our we're China whenever ability is overrated but but now he said, where the underrated so Harris Bridges Ban Bob the five. If you use the Andrews, I leaving he's saying you think you think
I don't need them is that everything is going off them at our day this year, but he lives in two years down the road equities in his there you're next, using his is he's again. Twenty four million are sound, no Asia, but no. This is something we need to see us when discussing, who ran a pack of vitamin d taken out and are we going to let that influence our decision and ultimately it was now we're not us. You have gala. We have gal over the thirty eight games so play her. He ever he gets a pointer for saying we have milos. We have paid back from any of those. Three will be healthy honestly, but your favorite, clever, ass, the rivers no common and ass, the greatest clipper like in this and then we'll have somebody out there is one other good run. Louis Hence he's crazy, asked him yeah, so that team I ve taken a thirteen. So it thirteen Isaac and debated this one for gods or good argument over the phone Isaac allotted Lonnie Walker, Miami Wing and I wanted to try Brown a wing from, or
and says that a tiny bit high for trade Brown re a little bit how people have the legs? Sixteen eighteen ridge, we ultimately what would for around you explain it was at a conference, my head, if, if a fragile, work out trade round. We have camps for him as Chris Middleton Evans. The Andrew Bembry, which isn't the most impressive group. However, Chris Benetton is I'd like to think about like the good qualities from some of those guys, Chris Middleton Evan Turner, Toy Brown is a versatile defensive player who can also handle the ball. So he's Turner in that sense, where he can do different things. For you, but shooter better shooter. I mean he shot only twenty nine percent from three last year, but seventy four percent from the line the process of making some tweaks it has can't accept senior how little a weird yeah it's on a great shot. However, he has Nothing else he has a play. Making is the vision he has the body to defend the positions. Out better and a guy, like Short Brown, and for the clippers with
highest character, guys and the draft for a quorum quote hardest, working guys in the draft and if I'm gonna bet on somebody to reach their potential, whatever it may be, better and a guy, like Short Brown, and for the clippers. With that pig. I think you're getting a guy who can plug into whatever type of system you're running moving forward, yes, versatility in, of his shot does start click which I think it can cause you're solid touch. Then get a really really really good play on your hands, like Middleton Turner, combo type. What I think is pretty damn good, yet we not to mention Harrow, who I really like going much as hell, yeah, she's good out of an energy, yeah really really get energy. Guy he's doesn't have the cat.
The contract of free does, but does everything that free does based actually have too many guys if, if they do take my as bridges and he's a rotation guy, no, we don't have like, and we may irritation. We have a lot of guards. You have a lot of big. We will have a lot of wings. You two had the six seven year. We when we have grave doubts and tat first idea, yeah great degree to improve as a Johnson. So this could be the improvement shore Arbitrary Brown is: what's he six? Seventy six six seven, he has long wingspan, six, seven six settling spells out super Superman year. My thing is: he can play great sensory right, he hustles hard Hill play locked out defects in the perimeter. He he needs a little bit, but he can potentially defending the post but his biggest factors. Who knows if a shotgun develop you have coffin and k, I see that he shall will develop. I mean Charlotte's like a cat involved. We ve been down. The stairs were forward justice, Winslow and SAM Johnson along longest guys, who remember overshot, but I think, he's at a better starting point.
The stage and really just betting on like one about high players where the youngest guys it's gonna go in the first round when the highest character, guys in the half its betting on really him that the person as much it is clearly going to later sure that you guys are pretending. That line is not going to be the picture I, like my locker for the ongoing pretend you're the only one with the pretence. I said it's, my head of shortcomings, orca I'll, get him back down lily. Whacker Breathing I read out, concerns are the red flags. It is fair, so clever. For me it was a very high calibre triumphant clippers per year and with him like He just kind of looks like a player that the clippers need so. I can see that front office on paper. Lining papers. Guy can score from anywhere on the on the cord and he can he drives and he can score near the ram and all that stuff in the one thing that I brought up when we debated this pick was that you know
women s last year, yet he had multiple me and high schools. Well, more Viking! I'd! That's just there's something I'm amazed when I want to make that take we're we're not afraid of injuries. We have tat by the time we have again Mary, and I see we happily Griffin, enemy traded, em away and we have every rarely return has also injured. We have a lot of injuries on our team are effective, and that's where the reasons why I'd like a guy, you can feel comfortable The first question where we need takes air Psmith there, the he was our board and the USA Air. I think wanted somebody or a little bit more confidence and what he'll be here and the often cement for Zaire Psmith Elite athlete can become a really really high level defender. Not a ball, handling, bear the shooting. As a question mark. You also undersized and that's kind of a concern with we have allowed. Guards economic defend, an awesome just as much as I have you get that have a high level of these for us and it is, but he can be, can defend guards we need. We
events, that's what we need Robber Williams as their DJ a year from now replacement as an excellent you can't I wanted to get away from that Dj Moulder thank implies DJ, probably back a little bit of that year. If I'm gonna have a big guy who shoots fifty percent from the free Caroline I rather the guy who's proven that he can actually play defence. Robert Williams can be good. Today. Reminds me exactly of the Anti Jordan. I don't know if I want to sign up for a young earned yardage orderly Andrei thirty million dollars, billions of euros contracts. I wonder what Jerry West Pickers hears. You guys setting up the thing. That's the thing. We're out pretended international trade up, but I feel like they're going They try to get a star. I think it would be. Our choice! My order raving I've! It's worth my they'll get very clever spectre. If he's on the board at seven for the boys, would you trade, twelve and thirteen for seven anything else on the deal? Just twelve and thirteen are free, Bobby Portas, Milo,
before us, and I want to do it, but I am also not of high importer. Is the clippers might be I wanted to? If I'm, though it may seem, coopers want to come out of this draft with a start with the star Bhamo most STAR and in turn Jerry was also wants a star, and for me, as as a clippers fan I've seen too many like you know we ve drafted Gordon back in the day we drafted Bledsoe the year right after that, and we will try to get these like ball handling, guys who can potential, may be a star whatever and that's never worked out. So what that once they Griffin, but he was a sure fire pick. What's will to Denver here he was gonna, come in Helio Shaughnessy she's got strap, throve yeah, it's unfortunate. She was got the farmers are getting antibiotics outcome in anywhere. They, nobody wants you breathing I'll stand the office that is, your past mistakes down. We don't take it personally here, but its anticipates a huge today. She took
you'll, just Alexander from Kentucky we're. Ok with that. That's cool I mean what another not doesn't hurt at another guard. On top of everything else. Rarely have, I suppose I suppose, Jamal Murray, Gary ferris you're. Just Alexander DE feels, like a new Orleans with their three headed pink our monster that they had ass. She liked to fit for him there because he's not a shooter, but every there's a lot of shooting around, and you can get away the one guys that issue, but he is a defender of events at nice mix whereby the price that is is not great at creating for others. I mean, I think, impasse shake show you two thousand can pass. The boy is passing visually. It's really about. He doesn't have that elite first step. He doesn't have that bursts, so the shot creation in the half court- I'm not sure can be your only proclaimed acre court. You need others item, which is why not having Jamal Murray alongside him. Having a Gary having a Nicole yogurt, the best passing centre, a basketball, that's what I think,
A really really smart good fit for him. So I like Paley Spic. Can I tell you what I think I went? I wouldn't take a point this was a sure thing anymore, it there's too many points out. I would ease the jam. Her wings and all players that they're just darn enough of, I can get a point out. Every year I can get leave endeavouring just sign Shane Larkin for five million dollars a year and next year it will be as productive as this kid. What as far as your, unless you think, unless you acting somebody at point there. It can be an all star and I would just not take a placard ever, but she has an exception right. They transfer young six exception is its sheer sea could be really good. You can be a chance and in sugar potentially so I get that, but once we start drifting this and I'm still like in the tens I just want,
Why do tour? Unlike other guys, like I want wings? I would just keep rather rule the day, Suzanne Smith and hope you get. He is a little different as a window at six six living. There are seven foot wingspan that that makes him unique as a guard You said he he can't. You will do your point. Do. I need a and he's not like explosive first step, so it's a comma getting often enough Zayigo Barack Obama boredom been accept data. I like him a lot as a player because of his defence of ability, but, you you're, essentially centrally saying like yes, he's different for guarding sex veneer, seven but wingspan, but want to draft the actual wing. That's like six seven b. Muscular with the seven to wingspan. I say we had our eye. I agree with the logic of the hill. It back. I'm just saying me personally, wouldn't take point guards in drafts unless at that they make an austerity too easy to judges. Every year grab somebody every year around you Dennis shrewder. Probably right now from ladders,
May you probably offer Atlanta the fourteenth peck and something else and just get him instead, you now you think these guys are out there ass. She thought about earlier was just rosier buried on a bench forever yeah. She thought about floating SD as the clippers thirteenth pig. But then I I voted against it because he can't Mozilla Michael Carter Williams and might occur Williams is on the cusp of he is he added league is in the leak, still Harry snuck, less he's either forgettable player. Basically, it's like I do need to be able to shoot or get Cythera yeah rosier words. What pick you think they give Boston COD run around this area. I think maybe maybe see little bit low around. Maybe we're not drafted sixteenth but at Boston. Cod but that will be regime for fourteen at the Denver desert. Oh yeah and hardly likely answer really is with the guys around the table right now, I'd rather terrors year. You wouldn't, I think, dinner with the proven commodity, which takeovers
can that eight thirteen year out take em like less. We still have a long walk around the board. You talking about. You, know wings right golly lonely, Walker, a super athlete thank. You may rather have the years of that guy, whoever it might be it fourteen over from arising afraid years. Gonna want a big data, tears the next next summer. I mean really some of these restricted. So it's like you. But then you get a pan next summer, so maybe rather have the four years of a guy in a written contract Rosen the guy is supposed to be in the one thousand six hundred Sixteen seventy million, maybe more like twelve, I'm punting whence it The stars are gone in the draft. The land grab went out, but you know, but we
You dont know about what he saw a shot at doing really high on this draft. We talked about this yesterday. Have we? I don't think this is actually a very deep draft, but you think it is, I think, a jobs, I've, aftermaths Brigitte, says drop off around like that. The twelve or thirteen issue area there's a drop off, but then at that point in the drafts, if you are you asking me and be everybody agrees like from fifteen to forty like its flat, where I get some people going to have their fifteenth player. Another team fortieth people, rather thirty of Player and Albert he might have em twenty espresso. Is that type of draft where, if you are drafting at that spot and the guy that you have ranks tenth on your board at fourteen, I thank you. Other have that guy? He perceives the tenth Esquire orator there, here's the Ringer draft fee the Andrea in Sacramento, look dad Judge Atlanta, Jan Jackson, Memphis. My
Bag laid down some Obama Orlando Tree Young Chicago, make a Porter Cleveland, Mikhail Bridges, newer, account, Sexton, Philadelphia, Wendell Carter, Charlotte Kevin acts, Clippers MAO Bridges, Troy Brown and then Denver. What's it s now, I've made, you also sounds. I am headings for six months away from being able to say it gradually. I haven't got us they estuviere as J J J, perfect, that's it! So what we have gone this week. You we're gonna, be live on Thursday right on Wednesday as well. I think we're doing some type of fire going on a Tuesday draft preview podcast that will be up on Wednesday morning on the rigour and based on the ring amnesia and then during the draft, we're gonna be in our little chap or studio film and videos tape unpack ass are that's good, ass time. Thank you, Canada, Gunnar. Thank you. Ask that give thanks to other ringer people that their joint for this back ass. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Don't forget about court side.
HBO Tuesday, eight nine o clock thanks to the procurator check them out its hypocritical that come slash B. S on Wednesday, with another Bs Pakistan to their ways.
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