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The Unhappy NBA Star Era, 2020 New York Sports, and MTV’s 'The Challenge' With John Jastremski and Dave Jacoby


The Ringer’s Bill Simmons shares his thoughts on James Harden wanting out of Houston, as well as some history behind the unhappy NBA star era (2:30), before talking to John Jastremski from WFAN radio about the current state of New York pro sports (34:00). Finally Bill talks with his old pal David Jacoby about the new season of MTV’s 'The Challenge: Double Agents.' They break down the competitors into tiers as they gear up for the new season (1:24:30).

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Come on up the fall out from James Hard, allowing a trade from used in the state of the near sport scene in the challenge. The fifth major american professional sport. That's next, today's up so the bill in the past is broadly by chase freedom. Chase freedom flexes a new credit. From chase. Give you new ways to earn cash back. You're always get five cent. Cash back and travel purchase through chase in your answer and five percent on quarterly bonus categories like gas stations in department stores, learn. More add chased outcome, slash the ringer, quarterly bonus category, spinning limit supply, and you have to activate each quarter cards are issued by J P, Morgan Chaise Bank, any member if the icy restrictions and limitations apply offers subject to change. This absurdity
if you buy gator aid from fifty years later, it is viewed the best athletes to rise to the occasion during their biggest moments from young athletes, just starting to turn heads to some of the best athletes to ever play their games. Gatorade shows there the proven few of the best then now and forever. Nothing beats gateway we're, about you by the Ringer Pack Ass network, where I hot Don T be concierge. This weight to talk about a show cod, a teacher with malice ribbon, which has on F actually get on Hulu and it's a faster so we broke it down there. I also went on the new mismatched speed with Kevin O'Connor and Chris Vernon, and we talked about a bunch of NBA stuff heading into the new season that I think it's happening. I guess we'll find out coming up. I'm going to talk about harden and the legacy of unhappy superstars at the
top. They Janni strategy. Newark radio house is gonna. Come I read, you stayed in New York sports in twenty. Twenty has been quite a year for the near exports in I don't mean that as a compliment and then male pad Dave Jacobi. We have something very special plan, for the challenge is how to stay now, where we capping every episode on the ringer dish. Podcast will be going up right after the challenge on Wednesday nights red errs on MTV and will put the pot up. It would be an ringer dashed you comin Irene. We worked together way back when we're up, but that a whole lot more. Its inaction backpack asked
this programme? I want to start a fire ass, rather James harder than happy happy superstar. We seen this happen in the NBA bunch. At times this one is a little different because he's happy with the situation that he singly only created he single they cultivated. It seems like he bade most of the cause it didn't work out. He came close to a title in two thousand and eighteen and really close into does anything fell short I would point a lot of the blame at him and his plan performances. I would say the roster composition was probably
less to blame, but still he came and now he wants to jump out so anyway go to broken you, my good fellow he's, also handled it really really really really terribly goes to vague. spread as everybody's convening to start the precision just seems like he doesn't want to be there anymore. He's gonna try to force their hand, and you watched his from a fine. You think. Oh, why would Houston let him do? Why? Wouldn't they just say? No, I fuck you did We're not trading you you're the franchise superstar. We then everything we possibly could bring us, under for you and you're gonna stay we're not trading. Of course we know that We knew that we know he's gonna get traded. They got me thinking about all the different areas we ve had with unhappy superstars when it started how its evolved and words going because I think the last four years, something shifted and I've talked to a bunch of people. In my life, some people were for teams. Other people
just last week, all of whom are a little bit concerned where this is heading. What is what does this mean long term for a league? Were anybody is unhappy for a much can basically forced their way a franchise and should we care- and we ve- talked about player, empowerment and You know that the seaside shifted in a good way in a lot of ways toward the players wear for years and years, they're treated basically like property with the owners they had to fight for every man spent they ever had to make and at some point the balance of did, which is really dangerous, because this is a league, their relies on wealthier fan, bases, Estralla, generations of fans supporting basically laundry, ruining fur uniforms and running for the legacy the team, and, if your threatening that an it turns into a league of hired guns and fans. Just written for players are retained and Fans
wait, there's no loyalty to them and everything that they do and they support some delay. James hard of hearing Houston, you defend him, seven years as France from other teams, I beg had chosen the playoffs. You can't win with that guy he's too selfish if you're used and failure. I know he's our guy near you make it your cases at the gate of the best possible outcome, and this would have been Dallas over the course of the two thousands were Dirk. He wins BP. He makes a fires, they condemn clothes and then, at some point we are based they decide that meet us inhabited thinks he's is death by a great star, but he's not. Somebody could, when a title with and the Dallas fans are set in Aragon, none of this guy's grape discuss how badly, this guy's better than you think he is and then culminates in two thousand lemon they, when the title dirt.
Plays the Brown away on the biggest stage possible leads doubts the title and how much mavericks fans love dirt and love that taoist him and fell a part of it. It wasn't just what happen that euro is the twelve years I led up to it there being on the same team, and that's probably the last pure title anyone's everyone. You go you go through after that, its Leubronn jumped in Miami? He wins a couple. I guess there Antonio unseen authority is the last point that I should the more I think about it, just because it was it was Duncan Partridge nobody and they built around those dates, but for the most part, we're not going to see those anymore because, with the exception of some be like Steph Curry, most of these guys are going to jump around That is where we are the the peace guys being unhappy, I think you really have to look back at. History, because this is not a new thing. This is not the same
an epidemic of. Oh, my god. All these guys are jumpin teams is crazy. The unbusinesslike does the NBA actually has been like this for a long time for almost six decades, there's one wrinkled it different, which were going to get to, but I wanted to go quickly, give you a little history lesson about the week so who's. First guy ever demanded trade who says give me the fuck out of here is wilt Chamberlain, the most selfish player of all time. You can read book. I spent multiple chapters eviscerate in the myth that he was better than Bill Russell and that this is the guy that people unemployment as great as he was. He was a nice, of a t and was somebody that they won the tide on eighteen, sixty, seven, one of the best themes ever to them. point. Maybe the best him well your later. They lose to Boston he's mad about it does like the coach decides. He wants to live in a way and basically tells the team trade me and it turns into a staring said,
and they panic and they trade em in the trades terrible. It's like Darrell, M, half and Archie car can I can remember glasses in it. It's the classic. I dont. Even who three quarters for a dollar is more like three quarters for a ten dollar bill trade. It was just awful and then because the Lakers they make the violence the next time where's they. Finally, when in eighteen, seventy two and issues that disaster over trade, he was the first unhappy guy said on forcing our way out the next guy somebody that nobody really remembers Roman route Baltimore, they make the boy they made their finals in eighteen, seventy one he wants more money. The bullets kind of low bomb did staring contest. He demanded trade, and then I think three games into the season. They train them for the next, which was there big, gravel and the team. They beat the playoffs, they reunite didn't reunite. They unite them,
Frazier Monroe backward everybody loses their minds, but my road Earl Pearl Hour for forced his way out. Nineteen. Seventy five dream of those by this is the one I think people go to a lad. As a famous example, the first two famous examples. whipped cream, scream, one thousand nine hundred and seventy five fridge this coming in the areas in Milwaukee just want to live there anymore, it's too small for him. He wants that he wants to go to New York, the necks, of course fuck it up because there, the next any end up getting traded to the Lakers in a four quarters for a twenty dollars bill trade. They got a lot of young guys, look awesome on paper, one thousand nine hundred and seventy five, if you're the bucks, but they gave up one of the three best players of all time. The next year, the Abbe NBA Merger Rapids Julia serving his on the nets. He asked one. The files of them is the best wherein the ebbene he's the reason the mergers happening. He wants more money, Jean decides It's three million dollars for six years and the new,
Sir, like cool, we have no money. We did this merger. We had cleaned out. The nets, decide to sell him to fill it because they can't pay em, so you could say, is technically and unhappy superstar anyway, that's our first generation now move into the secondary. This is the fridge here. This is when free agency, as a tool for the prayers to basically say I'm happy, I'm going to leave unless you treated me first one's bill, what he actually signs with the coopers, but there's raging compensation, they have to train a whole bunch of stuff. It's a disaster and really paves the way for the workers to be offer, but Bill Wharton was the unhappy and actually sued the Portland medical staff so magic that happened in twenty twenty that happens later MA's. Blown wants to sign of rage and contract with Philly Houston as red or first refusal. Moses wants out he's tired carrying them. They ve.
Got a trader thing. It's called will Jones in number and pick, and he goes to fully and when the title and goes down as one of the best fifty employers ever that was not great. The eighties were pretty cool For the most part, the most funding happened in eighteen. Eighty, nine Danny Fairy is the number to pick the clippers is considered to be like a bill, Bradley Larry Bird TAT, guy translation, whose way doesn't want here the clippers, seized the son of a former prayers He knows what a disaster there is a gun that guy yet trade me said: Shaven Cleveland, they trade run our burner cop other things they get very and he turns out to be basically a bust, but that was Bobby Isla manner. He created the yellow man. Frailer manning things are still quiet, Edington said ninety ninety two. This is an important one who came a large one. They don't make the play ass. The ninety two rockets came as one of the best in the he's. No help he's played with basically nobody's since that, when you arrive, Samson was getting one thousand and eighty six,
now came as I get me out of here, and I remember I was in Boston that summer. That far. What I think is that far when they were really talk about the rock is my trade him and Debbie Debbie the Debbie. I was heard talk about whether their subject should trade Reggie lose Reggie. Louis Nicki Minaj when I loved regular Susan awesome players really get to guardians and I'll start I'm driver outgoing fucking kidding me. Of course we should treat regular Zverkov Eliza, as I personally use doesn't get an offer they like in. They keep em guess what happens came ripped off. Best three years in a row not only just of his career, but one of the best three or strikes any centres ever had they come closer. Ninety four a really good thing. They listened seven, I think to Seattle. Then they the files and ninety four ninety five minutes. A good example like if your superstars unhappy right it out so remember that when the other was Charles, Barkley who is miserable unfairly had some stuff going on,
the local media he's I get me out of their Philly stupidly, says: ok, they traded for Jeff, foreignness, Andrew Lange and temporary. That was done. He was Phoenix humans. Envy them has been obtained, the files and ninety three, Danny Manning, whose refusing to sign a free extension coopers, rightly circles there, the Coopers and is like I'm leaving after the air. They trade him to Atlanta so that those are all examples of a players using their fridge leverage to a hanging over the team set by our movements and third air, which is still too much too soon era, and this is the first time have players who are not of the stature of wilt, Chamberlain and cream and dark all those people. our young guys, who are just Icu I've leverage, I'm just gonna, use it first line. Chris Weber. Gold state is therefore a year. He has an opt out on trial, because they have no idea how to do this. Other cap scale that point Chris Weber says: hey trade me either fire the coach
showed me the owners I wanna firing, diagnose and retraining the train, the washstand for three first round pigs and Tom Juliana. You you can guess how that one turned out for motives, but paves the way for all these unhappy deeds force and there were lots of mourning and Charlotte gets trader. Miami Dennis shrouded in San Antonio get straight Ashikaga. Nineteen. Eighty six Jason kid his whole thing with which my MASH Britain, Jimmy Jackson, that falls apart, gets shaded Phoenix team, hard away super unhappy near the deadline in eighteen. Eighty six and gone stay gold states as core trades in Miami creates. This instinct container Miami nineteen seven. She kept furious tat, Jim back of it, made more money than M demands, a trade goods traded equivalent for VIN Baker. the only one who demanded a shade and getting a change was gaudy Pippin, as covered in the last stance during the ninety seven. Ninety eight is easily get me out here. I went out, they come pretty cool,
stay almost trade him in the ninety seven draft, the celtic spur the third and sixth peck and a future number one. We should have been a catastrophe of trade for the Celtics, thank God that did not happen, because the paupers pick would have eventually banana trade, but he answered knocking traded so hold that thought. So right now we have two guys who demanded trade didn't actually happen. I came scattered Pippen next one in this area. The trust me while I count him he choked his coach. He was so unhappy. He actually saw that his coach, so maybe it wasn't necessarily a trade demand, but I'd like the considered choking your coach is a pretty effective way to get traded, so if they end up getting suspended for the whole year and traded to the next and then we have two more years to find Marbury Minnesota. Ninety ninety nine he's upset because they changed the sailor. Capstan Kevin Gardez Guenaud a hundred twenty million. hundreds is twenty six million for six years, Marbury, the most he can make it
six first, seventy one or six radiance about that he can handle, Demanded trading wants to be the guide, his own team, to have two trillion. New Jersey. in the ninety nine draft Steve Francis gets drafted by Vancouver, almost starts crying during the draft? It's it's a pretty incredible moment and refuses to report doesn't want to go to Canada at the end of train Houston to the fourth era, so that are from like ninety eight to two thousand and four. It was really hard for stars to say get me out of because the contracts were so big and so long either. You are to keep the guy to want to treat him. Two thousand four things shift. You ve, Shack and allay he's got a year. Left down is still there. Trading to Miami, because him and Kobe cannot coexist anymore. They pick Obi, they trade in timber, Guess what guess who, when the trade, the tin, they're gonna kill anew, that happens, Baron Dave who really hadn't, won anything in New Orleans but was but for the Hornets was not happy there Charlotte
Nora, though whatever wherever the Hornets or that year, who cares. But here on the hornets. Didn't wanna play there anymore. They trade him to go and stayed for speedy Claxton. Adele Davis Goodwin waited go, go instead, Vince Carter, hates Toronto, so much in his so mad. Is so unhappy. He basically tanks the season until they trade him, and it's pretty indefensible me I covered in my book- was not a good moment for the Vincent I actually went to a game during that era when he was unhappy and is pretty brutal, the ear was unhappy I'll leave it at that Diana betrayed into New Jersey in the worst three quarters for Dar Trade problems, history they had to take it lots of warnings, contract which I think they either had the the stair by ETA member better. It was so bad actually to take back a bad contract to give a guy who immediately went to New Jersey on average, twenty seven again so nice work there chase emigrate
same thing in Orlando he's unhappy: they can we They traded to Houston for France's Moby you're, not going to believe it, but the team that Jason greatly when that trade and then Rashid, while some poor Lynn there does. I reread the sky the game away for first or impact to Atlanta at the so a lot of chaos that year, but the narrative at that I was an oh, my god: the prayers Palermo they're ruining the in the leg is more like, while lotta unhappy guys what's going on here, shifted o seven Kobe Bryant. He looking at the end of his prime and he freaks out an is basically, I need out betrayed me, and they have a deal and placed the sentiment it a tray- and I asked them about this when it came in the ground, basketball. The with the story was true like it looked like it was gonna, be the trade and doktor boss came in off the top of the guy on the Lakers
one of the best owners about time was like we're. Not training Kobe cancel, so it was like repair Malta in packs. I forget who s in it, then of keeping Kobe they make the finals they gave us all. I should say they stole Gaza. I should say the league gave them Visa code He makes the fires wins too in a row, and everybody goes well. Member will remonstrated copyright so that that's another above an unhappy guy with a team wrote it out. So I ll just give you three examples of right: it out: Scotty, Pippin and ninety seven, ten appointed the title. I came a large one. They read it out. The inability to tatters, Kobe Bryant they write it out. They went through tat is the last from this airs Jason kid who is passed his prime New Jersey, this point. As for trade, they turned me down there, the fifth era, sons of the decision, so in two thousand and eleven. This is really word starts gulag. Modern times we have Carmelo in dumber Chris Paul in New Orleans,
the White House nor Lando, all of whom are super unhappy and they want trades, but now we're covering this. In time, in the way that we start covers, burst out twitters and place the whole rumour system. Twenty four seven sport psycho first take out all sports radio stations, its place Carmelo ends up basically bull. His weight in New York when encourages waded formats inside their cause. You wanted the extra year money so ends up depleting a bunch of their assets, so he could go, That was a really didn't, even though they still got the best by the trade, the cottages waited for months, but he fought them off. Let's be honest: they lost gown area, they last was Jan there. They less fell in the last couple, picks Chris Paul New world I don't blame him for wanting out the league had to take over the team, the NBA owned neurons. But he still wanted out and it turned into sweepstakes where the Lakers thought they had. Em clippers jumped in my second big item Stearns legacy was Turner's dollars a barrel s.
And White Howard, who wanted to get traded from Orlando, backed off last second the rumour was always that he looked at his twitter applies in his feelings. Were decided back, I've decided to read met and then end up getting traded anyway, two thousand twelve. That was the first sign that weird shit was stern happened here too, that twelve Dwight leaves the Lakers goes. The used as a frigid, two thousand fourteen Leubronn jumps from Miami to Cleveland really kind of blind sides them that's free Jesse. His entitled do that the markets address, go support in this Saint on your rage, but the unhappy guy during this stretches cabin love, a Minnesota whose put a big stats on bad teams and wants out the branches, the Cleveland, the doors open up, an odd sudden, Kevin Love is traded for the entire Wiggans pick and and we're off and then really the end of that errors. Disguise jump around fridge. Seed to direct goes to go and stayed here for goes to Boston, twin Wiggers, Chicago, etc. The sixth era starts four years ago
It is there that we all familiar with them. See it all laid out, it's kind of alarming, so you have two thousand and seventeen Hayward jumps from Utah to Boston as a free agent, but we have four and happy guys totally get me out of here Chris Paul on the clippers they can't. then there are. The coopers can pay Chris by way more than anybody else. Abridge see, but Chris Paul says I monoplane Houston, so the quicker. Smartly figure out a deal or they can get some assets back if they didn't do that, they could have fuck them over Christmas as they use them for a giant contract. You know that put high rearing in Cleveland. He decides he's unhappy, Still not totally show what do you say about play with the broad genes, but he decided he was unhappy. One thing leads to another: the team starts to get worse. that, if they don't treat him he's gonna get me surgery and screw them over four. Basically, it is half the season
They decide to trade in the Boston fur, the pupil platter, it's the eighth peck, it's a broken down the Thomas J, Jack Crowd or in some other stuff, Boston gets careering. At the same time, Paul Georgia's in Indiana and he's decided his unhappy, even though there is no trail whatsoever of somebody being a container of Paul Georgia's their best. Where I mean you could say, during the two the year they made the conference fires. Well, what about those like a right that was, you know they had they four or five, really good guys out of the Popular Party, Georgia, that your franchise guy dragging into the third round. He decides his unhappy and shocking. They get traded, ok, see which we did not see coming so you get with up with Westbrook, then the other one is Jimmy Butler Unhappy, a unhappy a agenda. Butter forces traded, Minnesota scissor for in for in a year. So we never had that two thousand broad eighteen from Cleveland from Cleveland US. We, the Quite leonards out, he's on it
He doesn't like San Antonio, he feels betrayed. We will never fully know what happened this one either he's the only person who's ever turned on Gregg Popovich dinner trade him to Toronto. At the same time, Jimmy Butler guess what he's also unhappy Minnesota? You get traded to Philadelphia. So now we have six in the Spanish, here's unhappy guys. Now you two thousand eighteen Anthony Davis signs a mega contract with New Orleans two and a half years in he's unhappy. Time for him to live a normal franchise prayer, but what I have they actually care the franchise fuck that only like. So he eventually get straight in the summer. Two thousand and eighteen, even though it almost seemed like it's going to happen in February two thousand and eighteen that same summer, Paul George. finds out. Kauai is going to the the clippers inquire once Paul George to join them. Paul just signed a mass of long term extension to stain, ok, see, and he said
cool yeah. That would be cool if we end up on the clippers together, I'm going to ask OKC Protrait no kisses like what we just made this huge group with you with what about the barbecue that Russ had stopped Churches in that trade he leaves, and then Westbrook five Paul George's name is. I will give me the fuck out of here and they trade him to Houston. So we have those three plus. We have butler jumps to Miami's a free agent score for the Phillies and Frazier three on chance to Brooklyn is a free agent. Kyrie Jensen broken as a free agent jumps from Charlotte to Boston as a Friesian, Salata turn over last year and then two thousand and twenty James harden. So what change? What is the difference with these with the last for where's compared to everything else. I think it's two things I think. First, the contracts are shorter, which the owners really push for because of that that
I mention from like one thousand nine hundred and ninety nine through two thousand and five, when you're signing these guys to six years. Seven years and it's just working out terribly for everybody, half the time, you're getting stuck with like this Ben Baker, type contracting, like oh, my god, to stink up so they did shorter contracts and they also act yes and all these options where it's like it's a five year deal, but the guys got an option after four years or sit three year deal, but after two years he can bounce so the tea. Is constantly walk and on eggshells with their best players so that peace at the same time, you also have players who I think are met, generation guises, much smarter, much more active their agents are much better. Mobilizing and they're. Just did Aims! Smart enough to know I wanna to keep my job of my best guys happy look at their on Houston. he's consulting with James hard and not everything Leubronn where he went there. Always you know they did. Superstars get treated differently.
somebody differently after a while, they think they can just are calling the shots and then, if things go wrong, they don't feel any an ability, it all see had that peace as well and the third pieces. I just think this spirit, the country is changed towards athletes, and you know workers in general, where I think there is much more comrade vary with the fans in the prayers that happened before so, a peace that is social media, the prayers you have direct access to them I think in general, fans are rooting for players more than teams ever before, and the stuff like, I grew up with where, if somebody just was doing with James Hard Amazon right now, the the press, what about merciless? they were a bench is destroying him. Eviscerated aim is in great is this: why all these self or superstars? That's the era sports? I grew up with where we treated where's his adversaries that they want a more money. They want to know it now completely opposite. Now: everyone, supportive of the players almost to a fault. It seems like the sea side
S, one hundred and twenty five, the other way- and I think those James harden thing- is the culmination of that, where you have this guy, who I think she used to- did write for the last eight years, never respect they try to put the best possible teams around him on that. Defending the new honour, because he seems like a Jack S, anyone who can't figure out keep Darrell. You know and I know him the heat signal. Think owner syndrome, all that stuff, the West bread for Paul, throwing in the two first pigs. That was insane that trade made no sense and they had no idea he was going to wear it was. It was basically hail Mary, so I'm not defending Houston. But it's weird to me that the players, Feel no obligation to do to the people that cheered them and supported
it just doesn't matter them anymore because they know there's that could be a backlash. There's no fair, it all to basically saying I'm a score of visit entire city. You even think about Chris Weber when he left go and state in ninety four, when he forced his way out. Every time he came back, where's game from that point on they boot him the entire game, and I was lucky enough. I went to a Sacramento, whereas game and ninety nine were they booed Weber. Every time you touch was five years after he left That was the era where fans acted like that. Dude fans were a lot more combative. I think with where's the same thing for Vince Carter. I got booed every time. He went back to Toronto for the rest of his career. There now there's we're back. I should like I. We got to embrace Vince Carter and all the great times we had in Toronto and people just kind of gloss over the part that he kind of quit on Toronto that last year he was there. So it just seems like we are giving these guys. more more leeway to do whatever they want- and my fear this stuff is just if word
is if the ambitious now tender and guys can jump every time there are unhappy with about anything. I dont know where this leaves: coaches and teams and just the infrastructure of how to build a successful team. I dont know what kind of lessons were learning from it. I dont know what like a thirteen year old kid watching. This is just cool, so the first time anything anything it's rough. There's any sort of rough patch I'll just bout so just go to another team- did that that's my and from this and the guy who saw this in two thousand fourteen. I talked about this and the book basque ballpark, as was peril, he saw this, however, are happening. He gave their press conference about three days before the brand jumped and I think he had a feeling of Brown was gonna jump and he made this whole. He gave this whole forty minutes. Forty minutes coffers in this awesome speeches as one of the best things everyday rages like this is hard.
you dont. Whenever year only wanting gets to win every year. You gonna have rough patches, Adam with the Lakers, and if you look back at Riley's teams in the eighties magic to me, be traded knights and eighty one they almost traded cream in nineteen. Eighty three demonstrated name's worthy in eighteen, eighty six, they held, onto that nuclear, the team that kind of road the waves of what it's like to compete as an athlete you're not going win every year, just not an I think we're losing that now and I think that's why so many for my life or worried about the NBA a word about it. For that reason that we are losing the piece of sometimes you gotta fight through it sometimes the seasons dark and work out the way. What sometimes you gonna A weird dynamic with a team instead of having issues China. from them. You have guys who, just at the first sign of dissension, trouble losing any
sort of bad anything there. Just like I'm out semi the next place and the fact that it works many Davis, anyone the Tehran aware for Jimmy Bother and it became the serum Miami. I think it's just getting accelerate all this. You know what what happens if only as that is Where is everyone thinks I'm gonna be in tray? Young looks at Ngos, our man I thought we'd be better, might have the might have to look elsewhere. The thing is, there's only so many good team, there's only so many desirable teams, together with the two teams it away. I guess we than does the nets. He would say the next Celtics Warriors mavericks like there is less than ten desirable teams, and I think we're with the fear for me we're gonna turn into this league where everybody just once get the same: seven teams and the competitive it's a shot and we don't get to actually refer the arc of a team No, maybe what happened with the warriors therewith read that
sure run they had is the last time we're gonna see a team even stay together for six years, give or take with three stars all this up the concern to me and everyone else who loves the league, and I think the way this hard and thing has been received. The last few days was really starting to make because first of all, they should have been they should find him the moment. He wasn't there the fact that he has so much control over the situation when he's signed a contract with their note to play for them more years, and if he got hurt tomorrow they would have to pay him for the next two years. They wouldn't be thy cool when paying you, though, the lack of an obligation that guy's feel when they see and these big deals with these teams and then they just feel like well now I got my contract do whatever I want. Anyway. It really worries for the long term future the wig- and I think it worries alot of people where, where are we going, is she's gonna be league? Were people
prepares in that teams in it. That's the case. You almost half the region better. Everything were seeing and watching you know it's too. That's all that's what it is. It's my son making his own to Kay character basically saying cool here's, my 2k character, I'm going to play in Dallas next year. I didn't really like out Dallas wanting to go to Houston and that's just what the NBA is going to be so anyway,. hard thing makes me nervous the Tldr that whole essay is the way this has been received and kind of the gall of him to just be. Like the rockets fans have heard of me for eight years, I'm just going to take a shit on him. I think it sucks So we'll take a break up back in one second Teresa,
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we bill, and now I can scratch you and my friends, ESA, off a bucket. Right now. So if you go on doing balking at least tat ass, you know twenty eighteen, it was like not twenty twenty years Let's go abroad. I love it man. Thank you. Yeah you invite you have these data show with them a few time we both have and its he gets. Although for so long it was fun to kind of unlock the two men game with him gives it was lurking inside there. You do the solo all the time or you have to be basically rely on the collars and do little five minute ran stuff like that, it's like it sounds I've never totally understand how people can do it now you the way and the biggest thing is bill having the collars to piggy back off of live cattle for five hours. I've had some overnight shows did where you know it's three in the morning and you wonder and cooling God's name is listening to you right now and you know guys drive and J F K, Cobb's fire fighters
Sorry, man, you know the bill. Nobody will cover a couple. People were few cocktails, maybe The latter bar made- maybe my neighborhood, maybe on the Upper EAST side, you'd ever dal erratic welcome. You know that Have you on because the New York sport scene has been really bizarre this year and we're heading toward the end of twenty twenty, which was a weird year in general, but I think especially for New York Sport, so I wanted to stay over near sports, with you and you're in their day to day you're on the urine, the battlefield you're on the lines bizarre Armitage figures that further it just suck south on vat, and I mean with big about New York and think about some of the other cities you guys experienced it with Boston allays experiencing it now, even it can really really I'd feel like give. At least you know they had the Eagles Sixers. The police have been a great over the last few years, but man I mean I've got a whole lot of crappy teams to talk about for the last time
his bill. Somehow we had an unbiased, sounds living there when it really hit rock bottom near the ended night late nineties, dairy cow had either wrote it He said it, thereby either. He dug Boston, loser bill, arabic, a thing it was. I we got to the point where we re Bork went to Colorado and he won the Stanley CUP We were all in bars like rooting for the avalanche, like that's how low and guy, and then the patriot and no one in everything flare new york- I don't I don't know of new York- is that rock bottom. Is the egg- is always relevant, they're going to spend a lot of money, but if you look at that, took tally of it and you figure the amount of money these teams have to spend. You have to change in its form, it's kind of unbelievable that none of them are like aim, lockdown championship contender. What big about away or a ship in New York is such a disaster for about three two teams: the Mets all issues with the wool ponds.
Now feels like it's, the dawning of a new age would call in common- and you know it's like having yeah- I saw out apparently on the team- would scares the living daylights enemies. Yankee fan will get out, I'm sure the Johnson's with the jets start and then your body I mean you're good friend, though, with the nice thing about these bill. I grew up, is a kid and like every light, April may was Ewing Spree while his lair Johnson. Now I look like my eighteen year old cousin, or even you know my sister. They don't know what that is like like for anybody who is like under the age of twenty. Four. All they know is the next being the biggest joke in all sward Sunday. Let's call like it if they have been the biggest joke. I think it's What the wife's seven years eight years and my crazy the sailor man I mean, there's so many candidates. I think that if you're talking twenty first century jokes, the fact that the browns now
laughter and any other rambling about tender years. Now you know ass him off what do I permit? Friends is call no entry beating yourself eggs, an end. Goin Ed. I remember that game. Six, the Knicks elegant thirty, five points. We need, and I I kid you not bill. I thought there were always again complex, more points, three points that might holy shit, they're gonna lose. Tat. I was doing tv that year every Brad they was full port folklore pressing Raymond fell, knew just kept given the bought us as they go back at prerogative in this go to jail. Gotta do some stupid. Humanity all war, those dopey black suits us. Never forget that game, five by think they all wore black, and then I had to face the music if they get their asses handed down by the Celtics, but that Series over Boston Baxter highlight four Nick fence over twenty years as crazy as well. You made the key point. it's an owners thing. It always comes back to the owners when you're failing for a more than
ten years or being disappointing. Whatever you got, start looking way above the players, the coaches, even there Am I look at the owner? You look at New York like the Mets. What that opportunity for them from an ownership standpoint. Now they find they have somebody who's gonna spend some money, but the Mets were basically leg. These small market, York team in a lot of ways trying to cut corners and take these weird rest, and now I'm interested to see what they're going to do. The Yankees were probably the most tradition New York TAT night, they spent money. They tried to do responsibly. They just have an ETA luck with title. Yet then he look at necks were programme in the nets like that, the damage of the programme, air of wow spend a ton of money and that all Sunnyside that we're not gonna spend money anymore. They, though, picks left out down the wind. It's been the owners, which is weird because you would think New York would have some of the best owners and it's the opposite Menaul, and I've basically, is why these teams have been in this position but
I'm telling you build the med fan over the last. I'm no more than two months has been on bearable. I mean urging the calls on now getting you know. A year ago, met fan had seen a winner meetings. Time cause a free agent red downs of reagent. They might entertain a why can't them at scientists guides like do they're not signing on debt it out of your head, don't even entertain the idea. Now I mean from Bower. Springer were may you which, by the way, if one may you sign with the Mets I'm going off the grid for like a week, I'm calling I'm using every vacation day known to man. Could I I don't think I could come into radio. If I gotta think that, may you who's, they might do with you, it is the last two years gets every big. It is one of the few guys on a team that thousands strike out every other back. We're not met uniform. All. I want to comment on one of on he's by far the most popular
Thank you now, right. I know my buddy Jacko, that's like his guy, we noted is he's got like that. Nine ease Yankee via to him. You know it's. Just a ballplayer east at the piglet that tobacco in the uniform is thirty grand, I think, a lot of Yankee fence. They get aggravated by the fact that all the team does strike out jar dressed like South Stand, don't get me started even though he had a good policies. It always strikes out our Sanchez Autonomy. So they have a guy who's kind of, like I'm, gonna use a Boston term here, a dirt Dodd yeah. I take a lotta yanking fans, David Borri, stab witwer. May you cause he's not like those other do, then I don't know how you sell the fan base on you getting better. If you were there, I go. But bill did not let him go on talking it out of me right now, there's no the way in a while the Yankees gotta be dominant. The do that's what I'm trying to think when in them,
Yankees rivalry when somebody's poach somebody from the other side, what's the most famous version that why would fade stockings All right, I know, is audio crazy circumstances with dark deal. One is demons, bear the with the demons, on reindeer, we're dealing with docks demons, dialogue, outdated, aiming at areas right like those met, bad start, those two guys we're gonna be whole famers. They would be at odds they one eighty six title and made good down a terrible passport. Then you gotta scheme with the ankle
going through all wanted, no hitter strawberry, big hormone after big home run and your report, but of a team that one for titles in five years see that's why I'm so spoil built, because you know the first year. I really got into watching baseball is like ninety four give rotate. Basically you not as bad as I've. Had it with the necks and is bad. Is I've had it with my team, the dolphins I may do the Yankees haven't had a losing seasons and, as you know, since I've been a fat during apply us every year, it's like you want to complain both a kind of makeshift put some things in perspective little ITALY's. So I've talked about this and the pod before there's the Knicks Yankees Giants is like the most traditional Yankee FED, and then you have the jets. Metz necks, they tortured. Those are the people that end up becoming serial killers in therapy, he's the his hat
have lauterburg and all that an angry said three o clock in the morning it all right, I walked the dog could greatly yeah. I will need that. You, it really smart cause you when you have Yankees necks, but then with football, your leg, you don't do the giants, you go counter, but you don't go counter with the jets, which had been a terrible move. You go dauphines nearby, be honest. I have actually probably brought more torture upon myself by being a doll. then I could add an easy bill. I mean I could add, to Superbowl championships ready, I sort of a dying man. I mean, and you know that two thousand and seventeen I hated that patriot, didn't. I was on a feeling I couldn't stand on. I thought it was a shoe. Never gonna win the Superbowl Tsar member watching a game with a bunch of Boston, guys, the boy
or not. Introduce me to you back. I was a freshman, so kind of comes awful circle, a bell they were, they were breakin bottles. They were, they were deep depression, nay, I had a like scurry out of the apartment. After ah, you know, Brady barely miss MOSS, your member on that, like seventy yard. Here, thirty two touchdown. I was spoken there and it was the farthest. I've ever seen a football go in my life and for like a second and a half, I thought it was to be the single greatest sportswoman in my life, and ass. It was like the running a three nine forty down. I turned the less. I ended with the patriots that yours they pulled so many games out of their ass. It is whenever the Eagle game, the raving game
Monday and I like big things, winning like I until I saw them actually lose. I couldn't entertain the idea that the patriots wondering when a super bowl, but basically you know that giant Superbowl Run is the highlight. That's the only reason why giant fence can't be like want been at ports should soul category. I don't care how bad it's been over the last seven years, the allowed those two superboss over the greatest roach and the greatest quarterback ever seen in my life. You never lacked the complaint. I'm sorry! You just never lacked the complaint and one here the air. They had some really good plan, for instance, that go into San Francisco going I get his aspect there there be for an Roger at land. While why young? The two points of bronze makes absolutely no sense, and it's amazing you. I never want to play off game outside of those. Two, but you know he's gone and all fan. I don't care if the numbers are there. You know what I know he's gonna be all of.
Sadly, I am aware of the Eli, never want to a game other than I had a break. About sensitive subject. I was in the house for both games and any Hanfro in the second Superbowl was of frozen rope that if it was an inch of laughter next to the right, they don't complete it and I think the pats when so I guess I don't think so long Damer aim in that. Second, in that second insuperable, the you poor boy on welfare or on Brady. I forget what you said on the pie: Many months ago now, operating under a bad worker was wide open. A bright air without yeah grew you is, I was actually where welcome caught. It was was close to where we're sitting so a really good angle on it and he was wide open. They forgot to cover ambrady just kind of miss them. I thought the O. Seven one doesn't bother me as much because I think the pats got out played and the giant rarely see our pride by that because it a perfect fee.
See and eleven. I grew you. You know the giants out point of a narrow, seven Superbowl, but like going into or seven, I think the giants and a chance in Hell. On the flip side, when employed the Superbowl four years later, I was convinced the Janjaweed and again I think there was any way you guys you're, gonna, win and as that day in point out, you write your point and for good majority it again Well, here's my case for so that, oh seven, that loss was the our time loss I never saw coming. I was just completely stunned. The what time, even at the end, when we took the lead with like two minutes left with by day Then we're like our man. That was scary. We think that we still think we're winning it, of course, until four down. Giant celebrating and we're like the games it the games. we're not gonna win. It was one of those I am saying over the course of the last ten years or so I looked back then, and might you know it
they kicked their ass like their front line dominated us, we couldn't run the ball, they had a great coaching plant, they slow the game down and we kind of panicked in the second super bowl. I thought we had a better team and I didn't think the giants played that well and we still lost out on that so that when I look at that, I might The fact that we lose a game drop was heard. There was some bad breaks. The rate could have given aware in her aunt S, remember Aaron her. As with all the field and at Game Ellison aid supply. Here way there I mean jive friends, don't like to acknowledge this bill. What in F, first game a Sunday Samuel I take six, in that you. I married him this time. The journal a boy we're not care. How could you lie in a giants in these crazy Superbowl runs if that happens, but I need for any of these teams championship teams, you know, would all foreign red Sox, this
bit? Tony court ball rising ground rhubarb, AIDS yeah? Does the Wolf Offensive Fenway? Don't get me started on that? You need that shit go your way if you're gonna win issues in all the way goes. Yeah, oh seven was definitely revenge for the O four Yankees Its actions within the near Boston did me that they may now good we're gonna take a break and when we come back, you're gonna, do your stated. The near exports and two thousand twenty power actions from went to light as a right of veto. Today's episode is brought to you. Bag spress expresses all knew all about you. The fresh assortment of casual, versatile and super comfortable styles. Guess what, for the last eight months, I've been in a casual, versatile and super comfortable style.
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an evaluation based on the following things: local interests, amount of fans. of a general feeling. You have from doing shows five days a week from work. Collars are interested in and I would say this is a key category appeal to people twenty in under, if you're, a fledgling near sports fan Where are you gravitating who you gravitating too? So? closer twenty twenty with those for a kind of categories, kind of guiding us who is number one right now, I've gotta be the Yankees I'll cut out to be the Yankees. I mean not only from a success level. You walk around town. What do you see the Yankee ass? You see, I judge shirts. She see Yankee jackets. Their attendance is through the roof and their good. You know, like they're gonna drive conversation because almost a year, fancied thing about how they can potentially go and went away
now. I think my number two choices propaganda. Surprise. You ll bet cement spill and I must tell you: what's the matter you unexpected there? Ok, you got it. You gotta hear me out on us. from what I do five days a week, passion, the interests level and just. emotions in all the creation is that methods bring to the table. I with it on the radio station all the time they make a dome trade I have jam lies. They have been kind it teetering on being superpower them, I need go right back in a tank. I mean they in the World Series five years. and when you are in a war series I mean the mess it would dominating. I mean Hornby Synagogue perishing and I think it speaks to the incompetence.
The next, because I'm telling you bill, I did radio, twenty thirty that you were talking about when the next finally want to play our series and it made in the second round if the Knicks were ever good, they'd be number one on the list, but because they have been so bad and light from a parking. when standpoint. What is there to say about? A lot of these caves I mean they're season is, let's be honest. Mba starts at what three weeks they season is over into it, This is in his over like this not to be meaningful. Second, had basketball like I'm, not gonna, be starting. This shows in March talking about like a Nick rack. The game nobody's gonna care is the team is terrible What about that Kentucky each thing it s a grey area where I get like Anthony Davis You know I am a better Europe Kevin nonsense. It I'm gonna, kick data going back ever first that I get the Kentucky
I saw what olbers I get the right jade they protect their J d body. Not I, though, you have Yankees one, the Mets too, I think, is an issue. We should talk about that quickly because you just saw the Dodgers win the world series when a lot of the step ass right in four page too in the two thousands, especially in early two thousand tat, was about torture, fans, tortured, fair basis. Was a big thing, two thousand for a million red Sox coms, and then we saw over the course basically from when the Red Sox one all the way through to the Cubs one. In sixteen of these fan bases. Are cities scratched off right, scratched off the torture even clue? Craven when's, the tired of your, like, oh my God, Cleveland when a title we never thought would see that in this new generation of torture, team cities kind of rose up and one of them was the bats, because the Mets from the eighty six world Series, the luckiest game, anyone
everyone. I know they made some of their own love to, but you watch that game in it's like a fuckin science fiction for fourteen pitches. That could ended it. From that moment on it's bad luck and heartbreak, and now we have do like fantasy, who works, who works for the ringer with me, and he is in his late thirties and has no positive its memory at all other than the times they made the world Series a couple times and lost this bed thing: can we officially call them tortured cause? I think we carry out one hundred percent and also take this into account fantasy and anybody who did not live eighty six Think about what you grew up with bill. You grew up as likely ugly stepsister as the Yankees cleaner and the irony and Morocco the winning all the titles. Like look at my face a scoop. You like,
Are you why you rooting for their land and all your born into way in all its a family thing? It's not like the Mets have success in a late nineties, but when you compare it to what they ve been up against, I think it only enhances that, like level of torture, I really, though so if they went in two thousand, That's a really interesting new. What a failure I worst nightmare because state about a bill eagerly! is one three out of four: you walk around the city and it would like feel how old we like right. They, like the one that actually matter with us, you only had a man like more likened. My worth dear actually was no six. Does two thousand no knock on those mad see at all The idea of Bob evaluating our way right didn't have a chance all six, the Yankees, an immense bob, had the best record and because the Yankee Pitching sought, I had a fear that the Mets we're gonna pull the Yankees win. The world series
and a measurement going to win the Yankees in the batting aping batting order. What Tory was thinking they lost. I blacked out I'll, never forget that was my freshman, your college. could hate Kenny, Rogers and Jeremy Bondwoman, and this one is like when my annexed with the Yankees was really building, because they had all four there had all five. They had a bunch of really bad coil losses in IRAN. I just was room a rise in aid and pounding bourbon. It was seconding. An immense late at night beat the Dodgers degree and Elsie ass. I was like it's happening, the winning the World Series just just just on it and when Marina hit the whole morning games seven against the corners. I think all of Syracuse bill could hear me. Alan and screaming and hope in HOLLAND and Belgium struck out worker with the ban on his shoulders. Events organised to hear that, but I was a eighteen year old. You know
die hard crazy there I was getting beyond so you met second and their real optimism now, because the avenue owners, leg, do this correctly all right amount of money, and I should tell the money they have a gm who now does it have handcuffs in all. They said they blew him back, but I mean it's a guy one world championship for them here developed the forest system they are going to be in on one of these big eyes off its spring are about or whoever they're gonna have a busy all season and remember. None of these teams want to spend money. Now you don't know that with the right such nobody wants to spend Collins like: let's go, let's go, let's get everything so kind. I knew all the power would be the most phone from India
radio contact standpoint cause he's a full, fledged lunatic fight. You wanna take values not at all key players in Europe. To be honest with, you know, like you, takin a boy you get taken out of the game and you're shock at the center field, maybe not news like zoom climate that we're living in, but it's not like twenty eight thirty reporters and probable. She is a different kind of cat. Now he's damn good. He knows that a market himself outfit he could never play with the Yankees, and no this he dare call can't stand one another each day whatever they want. Now they pigs that you see away, they hated each other's gas. Nineties ain't cited Bower bought. You put him on the med spell yet for my standpoint, at the awesome unwise,
I think, sprinters great I've always had some thirty, the bad guy. I've spoken myself that the red Sox we'll get him actually but they're not going to that bother you now, if the red sky so dominant, to wet looking bad scalp right, like a guy, can do everything not a baseball, feel they said. What are we going to sign him? What we wanted a penny pinching over the Boston figureheads us. I lie Springer. He is a stud, I mean you could add. Bedstead were already doing first tomorrow. I'm aware, I know you saw. No. I'm aware I am aware of the Warsaw I gotta tell you, follow him aware of the fact that the murky beds case there there's this whole alternative, Muky bets Trade going on right out the Red Sox, because big fan graphs did this thing about what somebody's value is compared to what their being paid and Vertigo Dieter down. The guy's got in a trade trade, their value way above what there were there. As I said so, red Sox fans are correct:
we did those prohibited to trade, was pretty good. It's not enough. We lost degenerous superstar betrayed still that good Whether we were banned well slide me in saying they draw me and said it was not likely Smith analytics. There's a pot of value in it. Managers needed for office is needed, They are not looking at it, they're not doing their job, but like the idea that going gonna try to make the argument to me from some stupid, dopey I'll bet, you're better off over the next five years. Poised play, I think the reality people have talked themselves into is it was an indefensible, awful trade. least. We got a couple good guys back, that's I'll get. I can't lose me with the at least, but for do go. I do think was a promising peace, but to lose a generational superstar, who also would have meant an incredible amount to Boston off the field over the last ten years is basically, you losing Jeter in, unlike dainty, ninety eight, now gotta go where they say no or Bernie going to your team, which almost happened. You know they almost signed Albert
how could you first of all, I am aware Earlier today we listen. You got all these titles, your guy birdie dictates, does big time I live here, we were hiding whereby drinks at drinks at the bar and he's again- and I may come home with you and then it's easy he's to go to the bathroom I'll be back and he was just gone. and then he recycling to prescribe via my junior year job sincerity. If everything is we're, Birdie I thought you was coming back. Cuz, I know he's actually going to side with the Yankees all right, so you have Yankees won Mets to who's three. This is so. This is tough because I was very tempted to put the Knicks here because of what it would mean like if, indeed there were ever good, but I can't because right now we're nowhere close to the Knicks being any good. Look away. I may say the next fans are almost like when you have a subscription that you decide not to reactivate I'm goin your apple in you, you say I'm that I'm that subscribing anymore, but you also,
You can go back and apple unjust, recent scribe whenever you want so whatever upper newspaper would ever that's the Knicks to their fans right now. Basically, yeah cell, from like talking point standpoint, we are listening to us, sees itself or maybe bear it actually works. Like a player, it's gonna be the giants in all its high Andy. First of all, there a better, more well run organization. Second of all, they got more pedigree and now, all of a sudden, you look at the guys their building towards something. Here. I was very sceptical when higher judge from the wing on cause, I'm like a cheese and other knowing when assistant, yams, Canna warming up pretty idea, though, after what I saw Florence do it. My team, and unlike our I worked or ballot jack, worked with say been in. Our pedigree bottom bill he's awesome: did everybody loves because he's not trying to be Bela Jack? You know that was Patricia Prom Patricia. Who is an embarrassment? I was actually Domino Tibet, the lines oversight
when's. Now I have issues I have a division. Bitter bet on them too. I feel european now is just superfluity Bob, no good at that. Guy should try to be better. Could not gonna work charge has a little bit more personality about him, but he's also problem solver Ben issue. Any offensive on often supply coach was caught. It said: hey I'm getting there! I'm fixing the problem, I'm bringing my own guy in just what the.
When someone over the last five weeks has been much better. So I think, for the first time since complement the giants, have ahead God. I don't know Daniel Joneses, any good, but we'll say, but when you have a coach, a kind of makes things, I think, as a whole lot easier to digest, and I think we can welcome the giant back to being an ETA felt it they warrant for the last five years there now back is an interval franchise. Something else were two other things have happened over the course of this day week, one is that it's an old school giants team Ray it's like the tough, no nonsense, coach and the good defence Jai families that their dad steadily. They grew up well, yeah Monday giant one poor cells. The warrants tail are, they still seems fan then a creative that sort of
well. They get annoyed. When I point primetime games, they get annoyed when the giants tolable fifty pounds status through the sixteen, a thirteen final type, a thing like that Seattle game that cited the Giants Van wet dream. They make worse, you look terrible. They do just enough to win, they pull it out its upset and day. I want my friends. I said on Sundays it was said he thought they could potentially have five proposals on defence are of that it could be that then I ain't that so little boy Think about the giant defence being really good. Like you know, four winds, Indiana fell. We seem all the time now.
It's not a fluke win was not. It was day overload you better tea. They kicked the crap out of Wilson. Wilson was one of his life. You know everything about that game for the giant game plan. Coaching effort was better, they deserve to win, and now how crazy is it Giants in Washington to teams that we thought were embarrassing as of like six weeks ago, there come off wins against the sea hawks and still are four Barbara. Meanwhile, the funny thing is, you could have two emphases: Plath teams, it's not like you didn't like it. If someone said to you when you and sour due in part a month ago, I call in writing. I like Rony email, whatever I said yet you and sees pile. What odds which is even more said, did fifty two? Would I wouldn't even its wanting to want at least zero point, one at least on a crazy and now because the corners of fallen apart, the Niners dad smoked? Nobody trusts, Kirk cousins in a Vikings, if possible,
the Niners that that was, I had such good weaker than the diner share. What you want me, but that is the case that, to be honest, we are you haven't, got that we both- I haven't a bad weak on me, haven't a good week at an we're above hiding the Niners, yet always just that. I was to be the cherry and now have fudge Sunday of the gambling weak. I had an in depth analysis, getting annihilated defensively and dead answers are talking about, Albert. So I was gonna, have a pic of Hake, related jobs. All they're, giving up eleven yards play his head coach job. If funding we have a bill span and one of my group Chatsworth guys. I work with news to work and he walks Josh Alan and sound and I thought I consider spit on unwanted guy drafted, because I heard with an accurate, he's, been better, and I thought there was some stupid stuff from time to time. But, like he's talking, I went off the accuracy of my good I could rolled out of bed made here
those passages that I mean come on. Man knew what they were drop in his own. It was like things Beazley. There was nobody Nero why Never understand why they did have. I ate defensive backside there. They literally constipate I don't know what they were doing but anyway, one other thing in the giants. I talked about this and Sunday, but we got a mention it just cause. You know more than anybody there's a chance. It's you its Tampa in round one will not be funded. Trilogy the Brady versus the giants. Tat fell by audience. What would happen to the giants? Fence
they're, all my going up to the brain players them all. To be honest, we built from my standpoint it would become insufferable because any desire, the giants take on the patriots. Yeah take one Tom Brady, here's what I hear all the time we all the Pats rang. We all Brady we're going to win, even though the giant puts in teams on a field against knowing one of the last few years that had no chance. You hide a light to enter needed on a year because it's like you, know the kind I have a point. They didn't beat him into Superbowl games. Even though these teams,
whilst there is whatever or drastically drastically different, yes giant Defensive, its ball out your point well, and you see palmy boys struggle with that past summer, we sought in the ranch London again that cost me a few Bob's we side against the wall and that cost me a little bit more cause. I feel like I bet on the box, and I bet on the coals. Every single we yeah, the giant fan will actually be taken. We can stick it the Brady one last time and send impact insult. Someone like you might not be rooting for Brady this year. You then have no choice. I know you're getting back in the Brady Bandwagon for one more weaken, you can't move for the giant step, but there's no donor. Here's what I refer! The teams I picked. So even for your back. I have any try if, if its giants past seven and a half- and I talk myself into there in the plus two- ninety I'm just like- I'm all right- the giants. Upsetting Tampa, I will vote for it.
nor the ignore the giants beds. After all, it's crazy, I didn't think in annex ii. Steam would be position where they are and other dogged by less than a touchstone it's kind of get. At that point I mean Tampa. I need a big bounced back this week against Minnesota, but from the giant angle. Yes, I think if there's one seem the giant then would want to see in the play, because it is storyline its Tampa one would be of labour if it's too bad, they lost Barkley for a variety of reasons. Mainly he was so much freakin fund a watch, but it would have been. This is the type a team that would have been night: the dream, Barkley Team, railroads running defence coup coach. Why now I want to see what more we can do at this stage now Billy, I hated the pig when they made the pact that was like material terrible for me for like yours on radio. Now as it sound. I would have recommended day the same Donald from many are judged selection,
as we know, is that link into good right now. I just don't ever understand the idea of taking one back to when you don't have a complete t. Write like the giants were not o running back away from being all which apply our theme, superbowl contender as lab and screaming for years that governments should get fired and now a guy who's been roasting. Gentlemen, rightfully so now I kind of gotta eat all Croatia, Serbia every fourthly, mania seasons, letter worms, Martinez Red, vary from Carolina. We ve been stud yander body. Organ Ryan, Logan Ryan has really helping but nobody wanted assigned him. He was sitting there for weeks. Why, and I think it was like a money thing number one and I do think you wanted to play in New York because ideas, heresy, guy, went to rockers, so I'd feel like there was that tie in air thought he was gonna go to jets. Hands are gonna giants good. This is
bag decision I worried sick warmer break come back, will rush through. It gets grim with these next five paragraph, one the data beating sushi. In fact I just ate it. It happened. Sushi whole family left it always enjoyable actions around here now I there's just so much great food around me. I can get it all. I knew breeds withdrew breeds. You can pick from a ton of your favorite. Look: restaurant, You can also select from a range of zero down to a review. Restaurants every day order, your favourites to your door using bear its border with you breeds tonight. I were back with five teams left in the power rankings. far. You have Yankees one met two giants, dragging to be honest. I thought giants. We're gonna be two sides, I'm already surprised, as we are unfolding Hooty Avenant before number four I'm thrown in exile
ok! Well with it legacy legacy, pick its legacy pay and made this is like a little bit of wishful thinking on my part that, like it some point, my life they're gonna be relevant. I mean I never happen, but if indeed it does built no matter what these rankings maybe cross them off, get rid of all the next day good, they will be the number one team in town, and I agree that the goal, because data greenhouse thirsty then Nick like you to think about, hear me when light like Jeremy Lin was like methods, they know what to do with them. Selves data more for I have here and I'll, never forgive the next by the way that amnesty they should have given at the start of my or they couldn't had Chris Paul matters at him. When did it beat, will Bron, probably not what they ve already play,
so is for five years and while you figure now, it's way it's way more relevant, even you whoever they get instead of the ties, the jailer but they m. This develops All that was insane. I remember reading about at a time like this is insane. You can't do this unless your guaranteeing yourself the title which they had already been close to, but that's why they ve been the next for the last twenty years. How outboard we do have to be, unlike a Thursday night, show in March. To do the could yon has come to New York segment. Ah,
but with the near like a kid transplant like any realistic like like hand wave. That would be a hand way because I'm sick of it like how many times- and I even got suckered in this- is the last time for me. I got suckered in that the rat inquiry. Will I can't stand by the way. I did actually glad he's, not an egg here, the absolute worst. If it was planned for the next, he doesn't realise how bad it would be me. Forty million dollars knock, not talking in a media must be nice wish. I had that problem when I would Socrates into the idea that both those guys are gonna be nets, the minute they sign Brooklyn. I said: that's it! No more of this well. Will the next signs so and so and Bonn until I actually see it happen about yeah, it's Davis. I think they would have maybe had a chance. I'm the Lakers thing a guard badly just because of the Kentucky stuff because they can how does not just at the right level of wrong. Why would they Booker would be?
the other one, a watch but Phoenix has made all these moves to turn themselves in a contender, and that's probably happen either unless tat goes badly by Chris Paul gets hurt, Huda State there is a world in which Phoenix is super disappointing in the book or thing might open up and formats policy artsy get mixed for agreed that whose five dialogue jets five gotta means yet five and was never second football team. In town, not by much I mean- I think it's a pretty even fifty five, forty five people, split. The jet fan is very loud dull and they are very tortured and you won't come in to the neck fan. You want women to the method and therefore urges could potentially change in about a long if they find out. Olympic is theirs. Warrants is not at all easy analogies, style, dignity. idea of common New York, which you should be. I mean the Orange Jacksonville. Does it really make a difference? If you that
you gotta. Do it because I injuries stuff, you have to know you can't go back to school and I dont see employing like an eel. I manning John away power play. I feel like that. Never happens boy- and I, like everyone, said last year, Joe Borrowing, going to do that. It happened. So I didn't give Lawrence comes to the jets. They get the right coach, all the sudden, their future, which right now looks as bad as can be. The kind of change on a dime in the funniest thing is the jets fan to listen. That's going a
the number and pack it then Lawrence would be like I'm not coming or be lost by mining, rail pop any man or be he just gets hurt the first month and a half and as an injury played career, and it's like, oh, my god, why did this guy make it? Why can't afford them? Because that's what they ve seen their entire lives a year? On from that standpoint, am I gonna try talking out of it? Now he had some think is red Sox fans, which were, I think, tortured as budget just about anybody. We were always weirdly hopeful. That was the weird thing about red Sox fans. It was always like we would get kicked in the nuts iii go into curl into Ito into Ball no and stared Wofford two months and then come back, be like right. If we just get this guy, this could be the air and the authority on Body Everley s sake, I'll ever Jack Clark and allied jets fans have paid a point where they're just like we're facts, the worst is always gonna happen. There's no way out sake. It's like that
a maximum security prison. What about it too? They seem more success, then be they wanted bed yet well gently they weren't back tobacconists, entitled games, rank or cells got them. The relevance harm took them. It appoints a body like bill. I'm not see my team in my lifetime in an air sea paddle game, so I injected compliant. It's like I got is honestly it's bad, but you could have a worse pupils cause it's because our usually also next fans amidst inside the advocates ties into this allows its this web of torture. That's what it is so most fun thing would be if they got the number Peck and Lord said he didn't want to play there, but that eventually decided to play there. But you got two months out of fuck this guy. We don't why feeders wanna play reform and you get all your passport. You might get some of that already in it Well, I think, even though you have a guy's can't miss prospect, there's a portion of the audience
I want to believe it, even though they have a watch college football. You know they probably don't know a damn thing. About travel on the right answer, tied a hearing about these die. You ain't bad knows that I'd like to be a break through whose six, why six rangers? Ok, we could glass over them pay seven, so the nets are, the nets are seventh DES bill bid is second basketball team in town. I don't care if they had the red and orbiting like I'm thinking about it from my standpoint or face it, has the nets the way and orbiting or mega stores nationally, but I get this sense. Brooklyn has become far more they
National topic at a national story. Then they are a local story. Now I want to see they go when fifty five games. You know we get people back, Barclays, which is like a fifteen minute walk all the way from where I live saw I wouldn't mind if they're good cause- and I could go in all gulf around
water pipes or whatever I'm gonna games. I'd I'd like that, but I'm curious to see the dynamic of if the next or good robbing inviting for Jane budgets if they're gonna be able to grow that stood a fan base because right now the fan base, despite what people made value it still is always can be. Can I tell you: what's gonna happen with that, their whenever I grew that, even if they want to establish, if it were it bit the devolution of a net? It's the nets. I don't care if you in Brooklyn it stolen s you taken, because we have the exact same thing here with the Lakers and covers the coopers. They got hawaiian Paul George zero people transferred over does about. The only difference is the Lakers still have been far more of a successful brand. I know they're coming off like five or six miserable years. The end goal be all that stuff. It's totally I was a gate miserably
spit it didn't matter. The Laker fans were never going anywhere and I will never drive and share the Knicks fans or late that too, because it becomes the generation thing. It becomes fans from like seven years old to eighty and the nets are not committed. With that. It's impossible the nigger here that I hope that the nets hope is getting me. Thirteen fourteen fifteen year old kid you knows in their formative years their good. Their point games that matter your hope for grow in the fair base and a franchise statue me is the only way to deal with the here's here's my counter. I think those kids are rooting for players that teams yet, but those points it era. I'm an unfair, elaborate secures their Durrant Van Degen River during their legs they're gonna, have, I don't even think they think about rooting for franchise in the same way, which is the difference, would like somebody at the next or the Lakers like of your next fan. It's because your parents were neck fans. Are your dad's were Nick? They you? U inherit the next year,.
hair at the Lakers, you not inheriting the nets, you gonna route, you might roof the rare for God s sake. What happened here? The coopers would lab city cigar lab city, people and hats and say, was done in the year. Nobody cared and that's gonna, be the nets yeah. I get that. I want to see how points out that, with the younger families cause. The other problem you continue to have is the next if you want to Herod it, they sought and is bad as they have been and they have nowhere it. Well, that's the thing like there is no quick face like they're gonna be bad. They need to honestly they gonna walk into one of these days. rational guys and addressed. That's the only way we have about the job Maria pick. You will now in Gaza, but they also didn't get around no Moran and bear. It is ok, but he's that those two guys it's a problem and that's why life as a next Anville Sobs, south, so NED, seven in an islanders eight, when I always I dont care category destiny by destiny. Those are our power eggs. Tab
why you can listen to your show on the fair. I appreciate that so I'm on Monday to Friday in all eleven you'll like this. We do a half hour gambling, shell, from seven thirty an end. We let it read man, and hopefully it's gonna- be an interesting couple weeks in, I think from the giants in Jackson and all the stuff with the baseball will be rock and roll man. Did you talk yourself into the Let's get points, it gets. The rams us weaker now, chaotic, while behind yards. They always good to me, is any team I dont know about rams. I got a dive in advance and what are we? What are we putting on the line? Already looking ahead now, next week, your boys com, the Miami and that is when we put to bed in all the patriots for twenty twenty. I hope What oh, what are we put on a liner staked out next next time New York run out? I like that that should be. We should bet ya, think that's a dinner.
I think it did. Then I gotta go where they confident that gained. No, because I think by Amy I dont. Think too is ready to be like a really smart coach. It What about the working quarterback by how it can Newton complete passes against that dolphin defence? That's been bad ass. The king Canute peace worries me the fact that he cannot throw a pass on a straight line. guys and his team is a concern wine remember. He smoked the dolphins. The first came in here right and ran over hoped that Brian Flores can pull page out of its export their revenge game. Abu at all, you know film and work. I had a slow down now, being a good that'll, be a game with dolphins, say to you not scorn it up Well we're it! When I'm gonna have you do stupid shit and I'm Tellin ya their point achieves this week. They gotta let him open it up and throw second half against the basin confidence
He was like through our battle open it up and I checked out. Don't get me started, nobody needs to hear this, but please don't get me started. You know it's funny I'll leave you on this, though we talked about the giants fans in this weird. In a confidence they would have against two bucks that has no basis in reality other than this. These two games. He had somebody if the pats got the seven seed, Pittsburgh was the to cede. We ve gone Pittsburgh for like on my back. I tell you right now about the patriots. I don't we wanted We may have this weird confidence and our quarterback cannot throw a ball ten yards and we would save ass the stores we that's our team. We on what kind of like a competence I have with the dolphins in four against Turkey.
That one gets another one member this collar. I went down good. We gotTa Miami team. Storm come like there's no chance in a whirlwind and win through a couple. Bucks antimony wanna, said Scrooge. Why not? One in Rome color had a game of his life Brady Stunk and they were like a plus three. Seventy five money line when we had not a go, makes meant that you could do a documentary, other patriots, parlours and teachers that have died in Miami. like that. It sets up a minute, I'm J, J good to see you. Thank you. Bear my pleasure tat. Men are at my old friend Davy copious here we need to work together at ESPN. Their website called Grant Linda where'd. You Kobe ran videoed audio and wrote reality. Re caps and covered the bag. Quarterback lead and did a package of the gun in jail in rose was a long time ago, a long time ago God. I really thought that those days would last forever, like I thought I would be like in my seven, like still writing the
I got it back league and the reality show gone. I really thought that was gonna be just forever. I thought when we got there were made the ground Basque by our again and we got the chair. that giant, fake, oh yeah, championship share. I really thought we were out there. Life after we use the budget for a chair, a gold fare well Should we are completely shutdown grant lamps what we did invest. Nine hundred thousand that chair. We want that to be a sunken, except as a cost. It was the Lord's O, Brien Trophy chaired, some believe what and a waiting around here is actually for beetles reveal because the spurs when the championship on around, like like, like a he's Susan in the middle of a table in a chinese restaurant and she was, had the Lord's O Brien Trophy Chair Home Office. Farewell unaware that thing is now well, you can
you're Jacobus with that on the day when it could be showed his on television and its avail was passed as well. We have an announcement, Dave Jacobus and I are going to be re. Capping the challenge this year, just handled is we're doing we're doing the preview and the best part cast, but then what start. The new season starts on Wednesday night going to be moving over the ringer and we're just came doing twenty minute recap of each episode we're going to fly through. It can go fast. If, if one of us can't do an episode will bring a Juliet off the bench with no warm up just bring it right in throat hundred miles an hour, but where do they re just turn out time out? You're already soft committing you're already elevated soft committing to the project you announced it at the same time. You quit it like that.
Later you did. You hear like. I have an announcement to make that I may or may not do this thing, which we love you and I are doing it. I believe we have an awesome backup just in case anything weird had like them, and I await kudos coming suggest We did this with food news package. I think it should be like exactly twenty minutes like like a like. We re liquor buzzer, because those are the answer at the end. We cannot speak after twenty so way way. Back When I had the early years of the BS report, when you were just work, that was an ear. We believe European, a real entertainment right- and I used to have you come on. you're the Tsar reality, and we would I remember the best one we ever did was we watched the Jersey Shore Pilot and we put out a pike ass, the next day that is still on the best work I did
It was then people machine learning. The authorities have my bad. I think you're sure it's the modest impact, both piece of content, I've produced in two decades, this company she's great step, but we also did a lot of challenge and one of our thesis is was the challenge? Is the fifth major professional sport? So what happens they? Do they do this sad preview? that I see a commercial for the new challenge. The double agents deleted a running quotes like it's a movie, and it says the challenge should be the fifth professional sport sb nation. listen data listed at her. We were, we were slain the two thousand and seven that this was the fifth professional sport you empty there after a good start my love, the blue gray, I'm sure they're great people it has making. But you know it's it's it's who popular you and me. We know that people are no. No, the people who have been listening from the very beginning there,
We know what they are about. This is this is really born out of, like us being in Vegas, being surrounded by gambling and like night clubs and leg, attractive women. Just the two of us talking about reality be drunk like at a bar network like nothing else existed, but nothing else existed critically ignored Every single voice was at our fingertips and most like. No, let's talk about temptation now and for an hour and a half. I have said that suggested the data things back well, where we live GRAIL at it's funny could greatly there's this revision is history down like a long form sites the fact that you look at their first year. One of the things we tripled down on was the challenge in reality, tv and it led to us going to LAS Vegas an overwhelming a horse a further. land horse title fill me in actual video that t, J, Levin and Leroy were involved. Isn T J was the announcer I one it was the worst saucer of your career and then T J said that I killed it.
And he said that he a great job it adjusts was enough for you to have the signal by David Goby if were devastated, devastated, because who was behind the scenes? I miss to hued free throws that firstly, are greatly in one of the three month: retirement outside of staple centre, those terrible free. Doesn't it during the horse competition, you Charlotte, No behind the back down set out for this or that just the strait of free throw I am in a message that was re devastated, but then he called Leroy we want was living at big as at the time transit this season and then Leroy is involved. I remember meeting him. It was like it what people sitting outside me, Bill Clinton, Michael Jordan. I've got this magic mystique about them. No, not yet. This was a big shaking hands with God. Shall we Do we all wanted to be best friends with that they re within three minutes. He was, off the real World LAS Vegas season, which I think was. Months earlier. We love them from that season. We didn't realize he was going to become basically John- outweigh the challenge where oh, no
great Hall of Fame career, but can't get over the hub can only less superboss Eleven ceaselessly Roseman on. So I'm gonna start here. I am not shy and I'm not embarrass. We ve had a pandemic. The last nine months I may did you enjoy a couple times about it. I wasn't. Every challenge sees that was available since season eleven the pandemic, when there is no sports, was very concerned about well, there is those words and I like having stuff in the back I'm doing work. I just like everything. So I just kind of started watching challenges on PLUTO. And we re I forgot his best chance was the season with Hurricane dire and he really had a chance to win that year. They were probably the best team are one of the best two teams, but NEO is like try to drive that car with the bad tire words like, I think I can make it home and then it's a blow out the old over injury, but she freaked out- and that was the rise best sheds, we'll just want onawandah talk too long about just
what a psycho crazy person you are, but just be like you know, I'm a jumpstart season, one of the challenge and watch every single one of thirty six seasons. Every single episode is a very very a uniquely strange and twisted thing to do. I may gone to aside text with Juliet me like is bill. Ok behind, in the current United hit us all and unique ways, but I am very concerned about our mutual friend bill. Is he ok? It's you say I think he's all right. I hated dark spot in May and June. Without sports makin a lie. I miss sports and competition so much that it led me to twenty five seasons of the challenge. Lots of them. without sport has become the guy you're sports guy, again like it. When I have a guy and forty seconds, the guy,
without people competing for damn raises boards guy. Well, double ages is back. It was filmed during covered in Iceland. There three twists for this is one is no Johnny Bananas. The whilst iconic competitor in the history of the challenge coming off. Yet another title is got7 and he's not on this season and I'll be honest. It's something something's, not adding up with the. I don't know if it's a con dispute. I think its leverage ring good aging he's gotta show on after a certain live, which is a great time slot like us, but so you watch our life and is used, goes right, the job of it, it is not they overstep. Colleagues, I got three little kids, but he's the real jobs, doing real things. I think that, just as they just the timing and work out for him Maybe it was a leverage thing with bananas, an empty vague where they're, not just like you,
If that bananas for the challenges challenges like watch this cause, they stack, this season did Johnny. Bananas is other than my favorite. I think he's essential for essential for the show and to miss him, but they have a great shout so twist, one twist to only ten skulls since goals total to make the final so last year they did this weird thing where it was like you have there. Somebody asked the scholar basically forcing people to go into the inferno, whatever the dual, whatever his cup log on to share their tentacles tore. Also, it's almost like it's a table for ten. You gotta get a seat, and if you like that wriggle the skull, it's like the shock lock in the NBA. There, never gonna go back. It's it's a good rule. Have to earn your way into today's final heavy losses: tedious taken ownership over the file in the past. because in my via a run. My final, I love that he's taken ownership over the final. It's his personal contest, so
get into teachers? Yes, Mister Levin, your personal final. You have to have a skull I think they will never go back to grant an essay teachers at the peak of his powers written ok, we'll trailing years ago, I feel like we were the ones on my part cast as we were, like the only people with any sort of platform tat when the charge talking about how much we loved that I hated quitters. Yes, it had legally binding at Bay and he's leaned into it allowed. We only landlady he's really didn't. You left it for the point where you almost feel like there's a couple years where it feels like they paid off people to quit. During a chair, just for the movie reaction of disappointment. Anger, dismay he's really hit astride he's he's taken ownership. Is it possible that the good it's a lot? I Jeff probes supplies, but a supper the show from the house now, I can't imagine prisoners, Harrison referrals another like this year in an all three of them outside Jeff, is probably the most skilled at their job, but all three of them. There is no
nor bad. It is their synonymous with the program you can't you can't replace any of those people and now the respect of the competitors and the challenge have strategic. Yes, is the highest level It was ass, though the most emotional moment in the history reality. When teacher had the bike accident, it didn't seem like he was gonna, come back those to show that season and they did it reveal any came out on you still kind of banged up from the accident you he wasn't altogether. This is now a hill admitted. It was like Willis come out an amnesty for gave evidence people the contestants people cry It was, I was lying apples, that's like a guy great less room cells twisty twists three, and this is something they ve. Dabbled in in the rear, community. Where, though, grab people from other shows last year, they add a survivor competitor named J, who is actually really good and lasted workable challenges. Loaded
they went up a notch, dad and Natalie from survivor who pound for pound is probably the best female competitor in the history of survivor and could single handedly just win challenges and keep yourself alive for episodes at a time, and when you watched her on survivor supposed to last, you think that should be really good at the challenge and then the challenges that case should be and they pulled her in and now she favorite right. I it's hard for it to call a rookie, a favorite, because the way that sort of the values that will enable the politics and stuff that is its you can't be a favorite is rookie, but she won her survivor challenge her survivors season there came the second in the all star sees in which is wild, and they also got a guy from some show called out, like ultimate beast master. Was this the altar? yes master. What show is that what it is
could tell me that ultimate bees master has any format. It could be a few feet about anything until because lorries Mazur hours they eat food, ITALY House eats who knows what they dabbler I think one of the things they you look, they have one two three and W E ressler Redtail nine newcomers, and I think they made an attempt to upgrade basically try to make it not to not to athletic and a little more little more of a mix of me. Yeah. You know the kind of people that are attractive on a reality shows about other the athletes.
easy on the eyes. The newcomers very definitely as they males male and female new covers very easy on the eyes that I've got a couple. Favorites myself, it's like good ballot when, if ballot check has a bad defence for a year- and he just loads up online backers, indeed actually got about six trying to fix the difference. The challenge is clearly like we're trying to fix the looks on both sides there, so they did that end I got to say the castle. We're go through a separate mood. Is someone rookies worry, I repeat, we have Imagine the low Jones is low. Jones is technically. Challenge rookie, but she was on that like furs, weird season and if you didn't watch that sees and carefully it is hard to overstate just how crazy Lollo Jones is its very different jeez, extremely athletic and a wild card and every facet romantically politically physically fights everything she is just wild and I'm so excited for her to be a child. She took this
Oh, I did. Watch tat season was only when I watch shampoo verses Jos, whenever Jennifer's press sheet tat the shots, the most seriously in our capacity as anyone, I think, has ever been on an empty challenge. Show she, if somebody double cross or was an honest with their like. She was genuinely her in vengeful and just couldn't believe it. I don't think she realised that it was a reality, now that he's got going everywhere check at once, be she cried multiple times, but she was also an incredible athlete soldiers there adding to monster athlete, so the dubious Lola challenge remains Natalie and then there's two Amber's amber amber be an amber em. There's a Gabby there's a Joseph there's, a Leah there's a Mickey there's a norm in there's a live and now they're more attractive for the most part.
All right. So I separated the six categories hours when it first one is the chance to come out to prep. but it press you all build worms, my heart, but why not with you? I don't think. I know that in Europe to think I'm an addition Finally, I too, out of reduced produce the best support for quite some time, and sometimes you didn't prep subjects, as you did Fred, sometimes you're, so gifted hereafter prep that's what I do, how they get it you're, not love. You re actually here, are over think you do don't get away you only. You know at Clint Eastwood. take move out of extra champs. There's four for real major champs, better come back, one is Wes in West is really a volley than to like mid thirties. Wes kind of looks like he should be an Yellowstone
I don't call Hauser season for a kind of a via his evil he's really like adjusted his game over the years and its evinced Carter way. You know we're eyes like, like I used to be sorted out, athlete blondie, wild, again fights and emotional. Now he just have saddles up next to the new people put his arm around some boy gave their trust and then eventually or does it have and in the end, to win, but here the aid the freedom that the physical Billy's used at all? There is one season: it's in there, two thousand ten eleven ranger and he's outnumbered coming out of the gate, and he just the same Some wreaking havoc cornered calling right to get there. It of bananas to punch me. It was the season when he did the screaming bananas face it made. It argues gonna head, but bananas, french, many like laugh, devoid of bananas, just call me over the horses and his mellowed, I think a lot since it you think yeah,
he's a mate and full fledged maniac. That's it. Yes, he absolutely was absolutely was in an hour now what was going through his head or his blood vessels at that time, but he was definitely very manic back then, and he is his chilled out we want a living there like about having Wes is West seems on the first episode that he's in control of the game are like those people who are like the game runs through me, I'll, be back in the cause and as as the years pass in these newcomers commanded they know it is light. There just say: hey the one thing we can do with West Control anything had. I could have legs out immediately, so he's here. Another great shall see tee speaker maniacs, who is another guy? Who is bellowed out a lot? Who has three titles, wonderingly,
during his career is, is putting together a bronze type, a career now totality it fits. The title came a little later. We gave up on him a couple times. He can't he won a watertight over the dad bad and he is over the course of this game, which has now lasted almost two decades. The guy everyone else us is afraid of that. Noble What's the scene, a challenge that they're trying to foist Emma found other people, so they can eliminate m. Nobody wants some area against some Nepal. because member last season he lost J early. I would J took about. Oh yes, you think J C, teen elimination, psychologist Jake, I too bad it's gonna be gone and there was. There was one of the biggest upsets illumination. I can remember, We do indeed one that I don't think So many little some to prove he looks like he's a good shape to
city is wavered in a sort of physical of well being allowed over the years TAT. I would say Little Chris Power Chris Power had they seasons raised, like oh he's, gonna play himself in the shape this year have corresponds plant based, I say, of city the other great shit they have. Sunday, rated champ in charge, history, the rail and guerrilla right. Well, he perceives ease The two thousand see on the two, thousands on the show. One foreign a row right didn't he never lost of mine was something he never lost a final he got killed. He had the hear beat the hell out of bread bubble. Brad was annulled? Bread, yeah yeah, that's a class of these a box, and I want to say that I think the rails got some little. Don't fight guys that fight! You know right, don't like eyes, intent bodies. We learning how to punch rang it then Brad tried to do the thing afterwards.
Now this giant circle swelling thing over my I wasn't from a punch. It was cuz. I hit a table on my way down or what it was like. It was the actual punch that got me throat punch them like ten times, you were the one that you do. That was his as we covered earlier. I watched all this is getting the pandemic will hold. A very direct you to row is heading for a sweep in the final slack he was. The right team. It was completely lopsided. He was going to win his fest and then Brad kind of messed it up and it didn't think about you watching all the challenges again that happy the outcome it was about the next champ, the last one who is, I consider like a champ champ, is Ashley no, now: she's very colonel she's, Danny Green, like any Greenwood back to back titles like you have nothing to do with you. Actually, no, listen. I like that. The competitor feisty in their feisty in the tools
knows: underrated, underrated, physical abilities. I like actually on the show I like ashes character, but, like they came up, it's like the skull. Basically, the actually rule like Dispensary would rule the schools. Are the actually rule that, basically, what it is while she took advantage of a strategy that was born on survivor, where I'm gonna Leyla. Nobody thinks I'm a threat and then I'll send. There's four people left and I may win in their child. T J T Data's imply that, Jesus, you gotta, go in if you're gonna win my final. How together He had to go early. You got to wait a couple challenges. She is a good competitor, though I will say even though she's she seems like she knows, she's not like super fiscal. Anything like that, but she's she's, tough though, I'm Pro Ashley, don't has as created an incredible amount of drama over the years. I follow her on Twitter, she's, active
This is I mean about a right now, because I want her to actually have to come after me, you're living on Pro S age. She, while she had a great shit, a great real world season to achieve flip. Oh shit, we're less. She flipped grand com, a great cod sees at you and me the carnatic cards broke it Jimmy prudently broke all these records per se. so those are for chance. Then, the next category, my favorite sentimental favorites Ah them easily right at the top of this. If we were not adopted and hang up the Zoom Corina, I've won a title fur. every one of my Boston themes. The only things I have left are for my daughter to play college on a good school. And, fourthly right when a challenge study, where lasted about sound liberal, hinder the challenge, he's hindered, in a relationship. What am I It's always hard to win a challenge in a relationship Jordan's done it it's hard adjust? It hid it. It holds you back it hold you back more than it helps I will
strategy session, when you do know, the right thing to do is to boat in like yours. In other, but you keep coming up with other ideas as well about sandy. We didn't events annually. Is it's hard to have that personal support is good? The connection is good. Confidant to discuss is good. Stability is good, but is just hurt in this game to have his sniffing another on the child. He had sat a coincidence that bananas went single and then, when the challenge again, right, so him in car Maria, I think, are the two out of every one over the years that the swimming thing was a real issue for them and especially when he got to the files there's always swimming, and I think you would really hurt lire and those final safer car, Maria both of them worked at a car. We actually got like pretty good at Women will lead, we re with better
if I worked at the pool and begged for like three years, the good now from the poles from around a little bit here, the area that so at least, I think he might be passable now- and that would be the big thing for him. But you know he's one of those there's been a couple times, one Camilla who should have been the show forever and whether she was mean to be right. That led me to who knows the maddest I've ever been watching a reality shows how dare you be mean to leave where I Leroy the king had ever done. so I guess your second sentimental favorite. I know it. You know nothing. Of course. Of course there are ways her face is like an old pair jeems. You mean like like her like getting a crush on somebody on the child's just so familiar, and yet warm and dismiss me so happy. It doesn't get old t shirt or something that just like a child. Blankets heard giving a crush on Somebody on a reality show against her will is just makes me feel holiday.
it's going to elaborate. A lot of people are repeated Other people over the years have gotten a crush on somebody. They should not have a reality. Tv show. This is one of the staples a reality tv Annie perfected. It yes, she's in a relationship right now. What are the chances during the course of this season? when, for nine weeks, isolated in a home with all these new attractive met, young men and women. What are the chances that she's on her, I'm assuming boy during the season. I follow earn Instagram, they seem pretty solid. I think I think maybe she make attempted causes. None and she not data they were not? Is she knows how to get herself in the parts you every season? She's, there's gonna be a couple moments. She knows that other some chaos over here I'm coming off the top rope. Yet I've got and I'll get my twenty minutes.
attention here, so I got through just because I didn't get a good Instagram Intel, but also to still be at least one episode where, during the credit, sternly open she s deposit in her boyfriend of signals, on the couch, she's, listen yet you go see something episode. Portugal, listen! You get us something that you knock em like right around the third segment. Ok, I just I you know that we were just. Looking around it was Is that not a big deal and then he's gonna have to eat it? Why watches it she's automatic? ever reality characters ever I loved when they had the bloodline season. She brought her MR and who is basically like a crazy aversion to her and and they just gotta wreaked havoc, the the other classic.
Isn't she meant to since I think she's messengers had. I want to say I want us issues like outside with Lawrence or something the other classic. She had that season when she was back together with bananas for axis minutes is a relationship. She knows this. She smell yet they get sent to a redemption, has dared to spend all this time together and at some point she just I gotta know it's gonna, be a bad. As is like that things going out he's got opera. Is that giving you Eddie sides at all then she's confused she's having drinks at bars and like bananas at an airing at him, yeah yeah PIG headed just like what are you doing? She is love daddy. I can't believe you never had a podcast, or does it also had a great, should agree college career to in her room. One season I got just hall of fame. Santa really has would really has without the challenge fame, fame, she's gotta be there that in her railroad season,
She got involved with the guy, who is probably the craziest roommate they ve ever had a that shows the guys they matter. Memory was without I'll. Kick your kicked out a challenge to oh yeah, the hard rock casino, your hardware Casino like this, like that it's like the epicenter of debouched, discussing behaviour from human beings, the hardware Cassio itself knocking the dorms bro you you're not allowed on this day. You have to live with it, so she loved ACCA, Noddy you're, the best we love you we're waiting for you. She also has never want to final Tansy There's no wins the other one. I have my third sentimental fairy, not, but you might have expect all. I know this one another's one who do you think it s not call the firefighter now I'll ever. I do like the call the fire fire when, second by them where were blowing away at a twenty minute limit with what's the preview some previous, we got. It really do this now. My third sentimental favorite is killer, can whom all year killer cam
just through a no head on her less her last season, start to finish everybody liked her. She was better and challenges and finals and stuff than I think people expected she was hilarious. I think maybe this single likeable female competitor in history, the chef dating Leroy, Cameron. Leroy aren't item great power couple Greece, our couple first about that, maybe I favour other than you and you have Joey. Maybe my favorite couple it's their heads, One beata know whose, when I won't be, but we were incurred, came they must had to be together because America needs to be a better happier
they get together. Twenty twenty. We needed them their day. They are trying to fight it until it was in the pandemic. Leave you got an entire species. That's depressed right now and inside let's just running out of that, they will have kids are Democrats will change the world's kill? It is the best, and you know this goes back to liberate thing. That's a real nice ally for him, because people like her and you now Unita navigate this all out anyway. There's our sentimental favorites threats these just threats to win newer threats, one the low Jones we talked about her now he's probably gonna, ran over the course of the seas, and I think she can baby to handle it right for nineteen weeks well. She gets what they are always take. A look at his who gets screen time and extend a trailer contaminated I should like, if you would like to ask why it is that if you keep down the first or second episode, you get too much screen time the trailer, but she appears in the trailer a few times. So I'm hoping- I might just you
checking this on the season that she stays around for a while a great the second one is fair Who are you on paper? Is the best challenge competitor we ve ever been given. He he has. He checks. recent box. He always in an argument always any argument. Gradually grandfather laugh, they form a product could have played in the ETA foul. Had some injuries man last year showed a one, and you know we could debate whether they rig some of the final challenge to suit bananas little bit better, but pheasy went into that challenge final as a primitive favorite. The endurance and kill them. You're completely fell part endurance, wise, which is a huge part of the challenge. If you should area, so I do not feel fix that, but if he fixed in their instinct, he asked to be the fees are threatened to threaten mean yeah. Remember you don't play teaches final. You dont compete in
It is by what you do bill. You run today's final you ran around here. Finally, you run his final say it's a Europe that is at least like six miles of jogging in there that you're gonna have to get through. So hopefully you down the trade modern pandemic. the other threaded survivor Natalie, who we covered it the only catch with her would be. Can she handed the politics? I would harking back to Evelyn, whose some people think was the best challenge competitor about time. What I personally think, no because she could not handle the politics. He was terrible attitude flipped out. She was too she would try to play chess, but everybody knew that game was happening and just really bad at the politics, but great at one on one stuff, any sort of head head was he with Natalie of whether she can do it? She was she did want. Survivors are maybe get used to the grounds,
besides, I think she can't, but also like, I think they know they ve got the scouting report like if I'm event- and we have our first little, like you, know, inner circle meeting. We are now at a here and she doesn't ram get alot of screen time in the trailer. If I remember correctly was, could she might be at our redemption? Has suit us three sleepers? One? Is the ravages survivor, jazz, really pressed by have loved him well season. We shades of autumn now, rather major thousands of light that worries small, unbelievable athlete. Guy Alton was like What was that movie split when that guy could like climb on the ceiling in member states as to how such often, what does the climbing I used to like amazing things that he could do other development possible. Yet I still can't believe when we talk about us. Half ain't gonna see he really mail. There
this? Is it he did he get out of my driver for him? He basically take that to get the hell out of your resume. We're doing a part of you said: Bilbil eject needed to draft alternately with a sigh of compliment, takes over a biologist, good draft images. You gotta figure out them people these two political when it athlete anyway survivor J. I do think he's raw. Next one is Casey who had a really nice run. Last year I look You mentioned the collar earlier Casey, the core. It's too apex predators move me like that. Get any woman. They want straight. Gay, bisexual, doesn't matter that they're getting em if they set their sites. I knew your so called over It's over, I don't buy it now, but now we have to them in the house. The question is: what happens if they looked at each other? Oh no, that's not a word. You know they gotta work ethic, Nicole, ethical.
Has it taken. I might be wrong about this, but just Nicholls also in a relationship I saw that too, but that doesn't matter to lend its eyes at an ethical that I didn't call Nicole likes a challenge that you say that the collective romantic Nicole, looked at Laurel and was like now Laura Climate. It up she's she's gay, bisexual out. Ok, I don't care, I make a bit of arid. She is that to be able to resist me and they did the same. They would carburetor carriers like I love guys she's, I don't care will say Could you hurry weeks? I love about a great job, so I think her in case the outer no day It could be a feud blotted out of their way. I hope it they sort of like team up, though that's my hope, my last sleepers, big tee, who I thought I thought had some moments. I love into the Olympic too big to buy not big at all, but I forgot the name but she's gonna great powers, now. This is extremely likeable cheek. She someone that you want around the house like there's a thing which I share with a big Tina
nations like probably strategically, but is such a good hang a grab. Vibe were living in a house we're stuck of Iceland. In this big, your fancy, barn, I'm keeping victory around old faces, their seven will start with Corey local Court Cory's the James Hard another challenge you could put up The stats he wants, but you know, is that when the final, its ever happening everywhere inside of them ever, I wanted for so bad. However, got kids now, of course, is to be guaranteed. Multiple hookups perceives it round guaranteed love triangle Corey? He ran the triangle, often in the challenge, and then the now is just like a regular do bananas, even though insult game. Bananas ever said about anyone and the challenges when he said something good Corey he's everywhere,
final, but if, if there was a contest for who could have the most hook up citizen he'd when that every year- and I think that's that's a cop of an end in itself to compliment sandwich. That's enough! So the thing with Koreas. He had the Nelson thing, where the two of them together is a ten m leading to last year. Nelson seeds is spot cause. He one United decides to go into the charge. Is Cor's got kids? Every challenge loves. Overrating somebody having kids at home. Yes, as I said there, some mouth have more value than anyone out there. The challenge of totally get a job due to your whom you shouldn T, J Spinal, should not be the way that you provide for your children. You know me like that He's got kids, I'm no! Let him go to the file and run five miles into a bunch of puzzles with no did not another. No, no. I'm sure that Corrie has other revenue streams in order to take care of his family to daughters. Cory's got that was Tony, who had two different kids with till dinner time,
the real world show that he was at the same time. Exactly in time, don't go. Have a look around the elimination of all. It is worth fifty percent the cast US kids on Korea is just missing that extra something to get over the hope. I don't see it. I see it happening because here out of these checks or the bosses stood he just what about me, with intangibles like what is missing here loses a lot he's had a lot of losses, take it from a guy who just watch twenty five challenges in May and June. I was surprised by how kind of not good Cory was another. One is Devon, who they need the bill in you. Had you lost some possible villains and it's going to be depending I don't know if Wes is going to be engaged as the villain. If he's not the floor, is wide open for Devin to just be huge. the day that the air and he's he's got that pitch and I think that they can put him in there, for you dig Castro government. It hasn't come across my my
This is like a congenial cast. I wonder if its first, and because of the world the world were living in now, and especially like the the cancer cultured. Some people have been retroactively, although the show real, if that happened in the way past, there's some faces that are missing, that I think it's from past behaviour, I'll leave it at that you're, so yeah they might want a little more congenial challenge that the nest, also congenial Cory's money. He is in this as well. Nelson he's one of those days like pound for power he's got everything. You'd want, add something missing. You mean you ve, I'm should I get to him later, but someone who can stirred up a lot is Josh right. I don't you think sir I'm a villain he's just fuckin annoying
It is evident that shall Sarge ash it's true today. He cried during arguments that other men like what's wrong with you. I cry very easily you're not acquire I'm a cry of alarm which actually got your back with other on the growing feeling, like a just so much work forever but in the shower I just I just want to go. I bitterly I do that. I just I don't like him as he had already like a human being, but as a journey I character. I dont, like he's he's up, stir and I think, does necessary vested with this kept that pots Thursday's crying in its next one is Kyle, who somebody made. I think you finish sex. place. Last year's love God under the radar love Kyle, I love cow so much, Ruined relationship last year, member that yeah Kyle he's he's built for reality. Television he's got this huge personalities got great accents tattoo. everywhere he eyed. I just think that he he is You need Kyle's in order to have an interesting reality. Television show and there's a lot
of horn. It s to him than at the yes and it was how's avail or ass. The island there about a positive climate dear bunk bed at three in the morning and have a quick dalliance causes not lead subtlety is not his love. Language subtlety is not caused, love language, but one thing with kind. I will mention this, yet they they are heavily american. This year, They decided, I think, aid they swung too far to the UK last year, and it was just like basically half UK, half America and added maybe the ratings were, hi that her what was going on, but but Kyle's, one of the only UK, we have on. This casts a sheer. So I join him as well. I like that, is open about his hair pugs does it does it might take it should about them to more Nicole, who was one of the best out of the last five or six years for the show she has a sexual inferno. She's amazing, infernal group,
great turn of phrase to choose a fire fighter. She's got ter, her accent is so thick tat sake. It's almost like a Disney character like it's gotta be fake, yet its road, right cause wrote out of the island Staten island status flags that allow us with our it's. Well, it's law Ireland, Staten Island Rota,. friends, I learned treasure a pollutant, every island she's a good competitor to their tears with some moments over the years when she had a chance, she had some some bad luck a couple times, so you got her than the last one is Teresa Aunt, Theresa, Oh, a really good combination, kind of our noddies corner hot loose cannon willing to say something really withering to somebody that is like about ten percent to mean, and on top of it like a good competitive, not good enough to kind of carriers
but solid. She saw it and I think that her nanny have a contentious history. Farmer, yes right workers. Ironic, There are each other's courtyard. It's a little like the low like like wait. A second I'm highlighting around here and had entered it yeah that they kind of is in some joining forces? They were, they were, there are forces against, other route. Maybe who knows the armature? Now she's got kids tuna, Edward TAT. She went way back with West. Oh well, believe you're out of your mind like when are we going to get the first. second generation that the stiff curry allow. But I've been wondering, rallies goods, re knowledge, Derek, had kids, Derek abuse, washed off twenty five seasons of Derek had kids a long time ago and is one of the mill names awesome like an awesome, is going to come on the challenge and the three seasons and take over. I would assume derail because he started having kids like bid, lay two thousand, so those
Kids are probably there getting four years away birthday. Maybe the kids challenge last one we dimension it. I have this in the Wash categories Anita, I came, based on the couch, and this was in the same real, her railroad cast with Cow Brandt, who works for who would force for them thus upsetting rigour here, not letting you that he's, like you know, he's like forty Anita is propagated, ended by let me put my producer, had on a need, is really good and the interviews and four storytelling she's. So it's like it work on the show you like we need in these two around, because she bridges stories and she's going to interview- and she says interesting things like you. Should she gets a lot of screen time but she shows up with no as of winning the file that, at this point, not leave if, if and always giving odds on this stuff. They should just be like a plus ten thousand for following the vile. I worry me into the war.
once she has done some work. Like I utter of you. Ve gone through the Wikipedia page said, as are the challenge Ed Stance- and this is what a lot of a gentle out every day by spot in the Show- challenge reference that come through even more haven, T J when T J, first praise around you, take it seriously and teaches like yeah you You say you want to go against our and the judge, sure do any that stuff. Now, she's, obviously Alderman and at this point who knows but beer, you do data for the tv side there I think she's finished as a could win the finals kind, a competitor. No, I don't think I've ever started as a good one unfinished business of thirteen Arabs. Final she's, music, big whomever big ease like that. What have you got? The bloodline? She came down. a real area, one with her with her cousin Jamie, who show your cousin cause cousin
The south african Maria meat. Is that not enough by about one of her paintings of a zero on Etsy from fifteen dollars, and I had to part with it. Sadly to be fair, you say eastward soft spot I would have. I would just gone with crash. but they never get home just tv crash, I went off that's worn off over time. They even have eleven. Really like yours, aids upon you, the gauze amazing. You hang out them all the time you to cigarettes, carriers that you sister to me. You know that That's great. You said the season when Avram in her had sex all over the house kind of guilt. For me, remember,
Is it over? You knew me they're. Just like your comrade Abrams open. We have sex all over the place all the time he has. I being college with that remain whose just having sex, gotcha average gross out by December. Are it so you and I are gonna- be re. Capping every episode on the Ringer Dish Pack asked where we're gonna confided to twenty minutes we're gonna blow through it will try to have real pace and we're just gonna watch the shows boom and we're gonna get screens from anti because their very nice about that, and when a tape them at a time. When then, when the show comes up, right after a ringer dish are twenty military caps, its Jacobus Simmons Reunion gun? I think I'm my cry. I told you a crazy, yet tell jail in jail in the magellan. Doesn't really care about the past is that a man about he's like might require his then hear talk about the past Battelle
On that working together the money they want to make a lot of an undertaking, watch one with me and then and then he'll join one time shall be fine good wrinkle blows. You, ve. No idea, obviously evaporated at the second segment Chekhov a great to see you. I look forward to talk to you after the first show good that can get you're my favorite by that's it for the pod dont forget I didn't knew we watch was the sweet broke down the programme. I think the greatest and most flawed for Burma. The ever ran research. Car brandt- that is the re watch was feed. We are probably an avenue book Basque, ballpark ass this week as well. Chica TV, concierge Spotify check out the mismatch. Cavenaugh guy Chris Vernon I'll, be back on the state on Thursday see them
one way.
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